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 LOCAL AND MINING NEWS FROM  ADJACENT   TOWNS   AND   CAMPS.  Special to Tho Tribune.  Slocan, May 11.���W. P. Seeley, malinger of tlie company owning tlie Alexandria, came in today. He reports a  good showing for tlie last two months'  Work. The ledge, at the bottom of the  shaft, is live feet wide, and an average  assay gave a value of $90 per ton. This  property is situated on the second north  fork of Lemon creek, and work will be  pushed as soon as the snow goes. J. C.  Gwillim of Slocan, who has been iu charge  of the mining school1 at Rossland for the  past three mouths, is here preparing for  the Atlin country. He goes to take  * charge of the Dominion geological survey  party wliich leaves Vancouver next  week. Messrs. Balderstone ami Fatter-  sale brothers, who have been Avorking  the Chapleau for sometime past, are preparing to ship a car of ore. The last car  proved 'very satisfactory to the owners  and the boys think this one Avill lie still  better.  Ymir.  Ymir, May 11.���The minister of mines  arrived in Ymir this 'morning, and this  afternoon is receiving a deputation from  tlie board of trade re trails and roads for  Ymir; for out of the $15,000 appropriated  for that purpose Yinir is entitled to a-  very large proportion. The school trustees are also interviewing him with'* regard to the $1000 appropriation for the  Ymir school house, which Avas Aroted by  the Turner administration last year. A  coiiA'ention of miners' unions Avill be held  in Nelson next Sunday, and no doubt a  deputation will Avait upon the minister  of mines re the eight-hour law. George  Kydd, JVelson manager of the Merchants  Bank of Halifax, is on a visit here today.  J. Roderick Robertson, general manager,  of the Ymir mine, is up on business connected with his company.  The following is the programme of  sports to be held in Ymir on the 24th of  May: Drilling contest, prizes $-10 and  $20; horse race, $12 and $S: packer's  race, $10 and $5; slow race, $5 and $2;  and suitable prizes Avill be given for the  following: 100 yards men's race (open to  all), prospectors' race, hurdle race, obstacle race, fat man's race, running  broad jump, running hop-step-and-jump,  catching greasy pig, climbing greasy pole,  quoit match,'baseball match, tug-of-war,  boys' and girls' races. Fred W. Burn is  the secretary, aud an excellent day's  sport is looked forward to. It literally  poured rain last night. Eight new mem-"  bers haA'e been elected to the "miners'  unio'nj Avhieh will soon be 100 strong.  -���-Sandon.���   -" "-'���-���  SANDOiV.May 11.���Tho discussion on1 the  eight-hour law by the outside and "uninterested ' papers is mwarranted. Although thelaw has Jbeen enforced, it has  as yet created at Sandon little or ho interest, nei ther the miners nor the mhie owners publicly defining any course of action.  The cause assigned for their inactivity  is that both parties believe that their  , differences maybe amicably settled to the  satisfaction of those interested. "But'the  light iu Avhieh a large number of -papers  picture this- question, one is led to believe that serious complications Avere going to arise from the passing of the eight-  hour, laAV, but if either party anticipated  any serious complications, no doubt they  Avould ere this luiAre decided upon some  line of action.  The "Wonderful has has shown of late  considerable activity in the Avay of development. Since the uncoA'ering of the  supposed cached ore they have remoA'cd  enough Of it toYexpcfse a well -defined vein  of sojne niagnitiide audjiay e jdVeady, in-L  "liumber of men to  A  '>;,.  PUBLISHED AT  'V  FRIDAY MORNING, MAY 12,  1891).  BISHOP PREACHES ANNEXATION  FOE   NEWFOUNDLAND.  -<��$  BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DAILY (BY MAIL) $5 A YEAR;   WEEKLY. $2.  O,  "J-  'O  instant. New stock will k. ssued to the  extent of 3,000,000 shares, par value one  dollar per share. Of this 2,;">00,000 shares  -will be issued to tlie old shareholders, on  the basis of 2-A shares to one. The remaining 300,000 remain as treasury stock.  At the present price of stock. $1 per  share, the new stock will be Avorth $1.(50  a share, placing the whole mine at a,  value of $-1,000,000.  Allan Bane and Johnny McDonald has  leased the White house, which has been  unoccupied i'or some time and will open  up tomorrow. Charles Walinslcy has  taken over the Kootenay hotel, which has  undergone extensive improA'ements.  Ainsworth.  Ainsworth, May 11.���D. F. Strobeck  and J. R.''Hurdy" have, opened up a fine  body of high-grade ore on the Laura M."  W. 13. Druminond and J. R. Hurdy luwe  been doing considerable . Avork ��� on tlie  mineral'claim North Branch, on Woodbury creek, and are showing up a fine body  of ore. AinsAVorth promises to be a lively camp this summer. Several companies  will be iu full blast next month. Thomas  McGovern, one of AinsAvorth's old-timers,  is back from a long visit to California  and is looking fine. The crosscut tunnel  on the Highlander will be 2000 feet long,  and Avill cut eight ledges at a depth of  froni 800 to 1000 feet.  KOOTENAY    WAS  BY   CANADA'S   COMMISSIONEES,  iFICED  "eFeasedlihe number of men to fourteen  They haye iilso started a lower tunnel to  tap this vein at it greater depth.  B. C; Ribletis in tlie Boundary Creek  country, Avhere he is drawing, plans for a  Company that is about to erect a smelter  sQiueAvlfere near Grand liYn-ks, This season^ operations \yill most likely see four  concentrators built near Sandon. TytfO  uiklpubtediy will be erected in the city  l'hnits-Hilie Ruth and lyahhoe-^the other  ��� two being the Selkirk and Wakefield.  Suitable sites are about to be surveyed  for them., They avIIJ be located Soine-  where on Teii-niile creek, across tlie  divide. The Stai* mill Was started up  again yesterday.  Miners appear to bo getting scarce, as  .nearly eA'ery day they are leaving Sandon ou prospecting trips and for tlieir  claims to do assessment A\*ork. 'Windermere aud the Lardeau are attracting the  greater number of prospectors.  During the course of running in their  long tunnel at the Selkirk mine they are'  coming across a great amount of rock  impregnated Avith gray copper, galena  and copper AA'hich Avill assay high. Some  specimens seen contained peacock copper.  Copper is practically imknoAvn in this  section. They Avill have to run about  145 feet farther to catch the ledge.  Football has infatuated several of the  boys here. They have - secured the vacant ground back of the Reco hotel, and  put in an hour or tAvo in the evening  practicing. They Avill most likely choose  a team and accept the invitation extended them by the Silvertonites, to play a  friendly game there on Sunday. One of  .squire Lovett's horses AA'as droAvned in  the creek the other day.  A meeting to ratify the recent sale of  the Payne mine to the Montreal Syndicate  Co.  Avill   be held   here  on  the 25th  New Denver.  Neav Denver, May 11.���H. C. Oswald,  one of the directors of the Nortlnvest  Mining Syndicate, accompanied by his  wife, arrived here from England ou  Monday, on an extended A'isit to W. H.  Saudi ford, the local manager of the company. Mr. OsAvald is also connected Avith  the important firm of Heatley & Co.,  London. The visitors inspected the  Bosun mine and Avere extremely gratified  at the excellent appearance of the property. There is ore in the breast of both  the No. 1 and No. 2 tunnels, aud eA-ery  stope and raise can show mineral. The  No. 3 tunnel is in about 140 feet through  tho Avash and Avill soon reach bedrock.  Twenty tons of ore Avere shipped this  Aveek from the mine.  ,So soon as the season will permit an inspection will bo. made of the Butte'group  on the north fork of Tenr mile creek Avith  a AieAv to purchase by American capital.  -The*property - is--owned- by-C. B.-Taylor-  aud J. Murphy.-, ltt Avas located tAvo or  three years ago and is regarded as a coming producer. Tlie ledge discloses*a fine  body of clean ore, giving returns *iu the  neighborhood- of 170 ounces of silver,  with concentrating .mineral alongside.  The owners last year went to a. great  deal of expense, and labor and built, a  pack trail from the ;n ain creek to the  claim, and also erected a cabin. * Merely  surface Avork has as yet been attempted,  but this lias been sufficient to demonstrate the continuity _ of tlie property.  SoAreral other promising claims are located on the north fork, Avhieh is a com-'  paratiA'ely new field, and the success of  the Butte Avill encourage other oavu ers to  push deArelopment of their oavu properties.  C. S. Rashdall has disposed- of the  Marie S. Fraction, in the Idaho basin, to  the Scottish Colonial Goldfields, Limited,  and George Hughes, tho latter getting one-  quarter, being the amount he oaviis in the  Idaho Mines and; concentrator, Tlie selling price AvaS $800. _^    .     ' __  Th^A\^T'lfOTYtire^J^^l^t^in0i:is weel  Associated I'resw.  AVashington, May II.���The statement  made in the press of London and Canada,  respecting the reasons for the recent  failure of the negotiations between tlie  United States and Canada have occasioned much surprise in official circles in  Washington. These .statements assume  that the Canadians made all the offers of  concessions, the United States commissioners standing  by existing  conditions.  The facts as understood here are directly contrary to this. There are certain  facts tending to 'contradict, the statements of the British press, Avhicli tlio Associated Press is iioav able to announce.  Take the question of trade Avith Canada  for example. It is positively known that,  the Americans offered absolute free trade  iii'mineral products, an enlargement of  the free list of forest products, and an  important concession in the duty on lumber aud most farm products. It is also  known that they offered liberal terms  for the adjustment of tlie Behring  sea question, and offered an amicable  method for the adjustment of the boundary question. They yielded to Canada's  A'ieAvs in respect to the alien labor legislation and to the lake fisheries, and offered reciprocal privileges. Indeed it is avcII  founded that nearly every offer of concession proceeded from tlie side of the  United States.  THI  CITY COUNCIL  CONSIDER  THE   TRAMWAY   BY-LAW.  has resulted in materially proving the  value of the property. The drift is in 47  feet and duriug the last shift Or so lias  been pushing through a' treacherous1 slip.  This has been passed through and the  ledge lias Avidened out, Avith an inch pf  solid Ore on one Avail. Small _ kidneys of  Ore are also scattered through the lead.  The government has ii Irtrge gang of  men employed' clearing up the r0c0rcl  office reserve. It is, to be plowed up;  harrowed and seeded Avith gi'assj making  a public square well Avorthy tills town  and its citizens. O. Ostby of Tliree  Forks Avas before stipendiary magistrate  Sproat to ansAver to a charge of perjury  preferred by ��� W. Garvey, .also of the  Forks, The defendant is accused of false  testimony at a recent case of assault in  whicjt the plaintiff figured. The case  Avas a lengthy one, resulting in Ostby  being committed for trial at the Nelson  assizes on May 30th. C. F. Nelsoii is  attending the meeting of the grand lodge  K. of P. at Victoria as a delegate from  NeAV Denver lodge.   .... Provincial Appointments.  Associated Press.  Victoria, May 11.���The official gazette  today contains-notice of the ��� following  appointments: Thomas L. Haig of ReA'el-  stoke to be ijolice magistrate of that "city;  Charles A. It. Lamley of FairvieAv to be  registrar of the county court of Yale at  FairvieAv; Thomas It.. Davey of Trout  Lake to be a notary public Avithin and  for the comity of Kootenay; Thomas  Parker of Rossland to be a notary public  for the mainland of British Columbia.  The Metal Market.  New   York,   May .11.���Copper, -dull;  brokers $i9, exchange $19.   Lead, steady;  brokers $4.25, exchange $4.42.}�� $4.47-.].Y  SEMLIN   IN   A   QUANDARY.  Special to The Tribune.  Victoria, May 11.���Premier Semlin  promises.to have some difficulty ahead  in'holding the balance betAveen his colleagues Martin and Cotton OArer the Dead-  man's Island affair. These tAvo ministers'  opinions are directly at variance, according to Martin's frank admission, and  Avhereas Cotton has advised the mayor of  AraucouA*er in the name of the piwincial  exocutiA'c. Martin seems to have established his contention  that  his  colleague  'had not authority to speak for  tlie government. Yesterday the  premier   ��� Avas -   quoted"    as    .backing  ^Cotton, _while . tonight, after Martin's  return froin Vancouver. ** Seiiiliii  states that Cotton had misunderstood  tho decision arriA'ed at+ by the executive,  which Avas, to lay the matter OArcr for  tlie present.  Companies Licensed and Incorporated.  Special Lo The Tribune.  Victouia, May 11.���Aniong the new  companies adA'crtised in this week's official gazette aro the foIloAving-London organizations that haA'e beeu grau tedproA*in-  eial licenses: Kootenay Goldfields Syndicate, capita] =��20,000, local office Rossland,  D. B. Bogle, attorney. Kootenay Railway  and Navigation Company, ",��50,000,  local ofiice, Kaslo, George Alexander  attorney; London and British Columbia  Goldfields, ��200,000, local ofiice, Nelson,  J. It. Robertson, attorney: Trail Creek  Mining Company, capital ��120,000, local  office Rossland, D. B. Bogle attorney.  Thirty Days' Notice Given.  Associated l-"res;>   VrcT.Qii'iA^Ma-yYy.=JCheJ3i;itish^Coliiin;-^  bia Oazettc today contains formal notice  of the enforcement of the eight-hour Iiiav  asfollows: Mine OAvners' agents, managers of mines and lessees are notified  that thirty days from date the inspector  of mines will enforce section four of the  Metalliferous Mines- Inspection Act,  which roads1 as follows: (13) No person  shall be employed underground in any  metalliferous mine for more than eight  hours in any twenty-four hours. .  The members of the city council  sp.-nt  four and a  half hours   yesterday   iu  discussing  the   provisions  of  the tramway  by-law.    The by-law a.s originally., drawn  fills nine  pages of   type-written foolscap,  and   to   this the  city  solicitor   had   five  type-written pages of amendments.    The  council went into  committee'on  the bylaw   with   alderman   Beer   in   the chair.  The first wrangle came   over the   first  enacting section of  the by-law, which as  ii;   was   drawn give  the   company the  power to run  the tramway upon  Avhat-  ever streets'it pleased.    The objection to  this was that by the exercise of its option  hi  this   respect  the  tramway  company  could put the corporation to a great deal  of expense in  fixing up   streets  which  otherwise Avould  not require  immediate  expenditure   upon   them.      The section  was finally agreed to, but a rider was inserted at the suggestion ofthe city solicitor Avhicli   recited  that   the   applicants  before entering upon any. street to construct any line of raihvay should  make  application to the city for  permission so  to do, naming the street or streets across  or along   Avhieh  they   desire to  operate  their Avorks, and  before in any. way proceeding Avith the  work shall receive the  approA-al  of   the  city couucil.     It .was  ��� further proAdded that construction could  not be commenced until'the plan of the'  same had been approved  by the city engineer, and provided such approval ofthe  city coi in cil for the' .laying of tracks  was  not followed up  by construction   Avithin  tAvelve months the approval should have  no force or effect.  The provision in the by-laAV with respect to the service to be given by the.  company sets out that the trannvay'  should bo operated daily, but it Avas  amended so that should the tramway  cease to be operated at any time  for a period of three months iu any  oiie year the company should lose all  priA'ileges conferred by the by-laAv, sa\'e  in certain contingencies.  .The council inserted another amendment Avith respect to fares by providing  that workingmen should be permitted to  purchase twenty fares for one dollar,  .���.snr-h fares to be used only before eight  o'clock in the morning.and between six  and half-past seven O'clock in the eA-en-  ing. The solicitors,for the tramway company agreed to this provided the tickets  could only be demanded at the company's  offices, and by bona hde Avorkiiigmoii,  An attempt,was also made to insert a  proA'ision that Avhen bhe city reaches a  population of 12.000 that a uniform fare  of five cents should bo charged, Avith a  fare of 21 cents for school children. /This  Avas thrown out and an effort Avas then  made to secure eight tickets for twenty-  five cents 'for school children, but this  Avas ,also objected to and dropped, the  couucil being content to modify the  clause so that the company should not  charge more than twenty-five cents for  six school children's fares.  The section with respect to the service  to bo given by the company was amplified by a provision to the effect that the  company should commence its service at  (5.30 o'clock in the morning and continue  till If. o'clock iii the ^enhfg;    AVlten_t3ie_  eil could refuse permission to the tramway company to cross any bridge except  upon terms. Accordingly, alderman  Fletcher moved, seconded by alderman  .McKillop, that the proposed amendment  be struck oui.  The city solicitor had another amendment which provided for the extension  of the tramway system. It provided  that whenever there were :100 residents  above the age of five years within a quarter-mile area and one-eighth of a mile  distant from any tramway line, the company should be prepared to construct  such extension Avithin twelve ' months  from notice so to do. This means that  whenever there are 500 such residents  in'four continuous blocks on either side  of the proposed extension, who are two  blocks away from the nearest trauiAvay  line they may demand and secure an extension.  The city solicitor's proposed' amend:  ment that the tramway company post a  guarantee of $5000 as security against  any damage to the public streets in the  eArent of the company not- completing its  construction work, Avas further amended.  The amount of the security Avas cut doAvn  to $2000 upon the understanding that  only so much should be forfeited as represented the damage done to the city's  streets. In return for this guarantee the  council gaA**e the company a'further extension of tAvo months in Avhieh to commence operations after the final passage  of the bylaAvi This gives the company  four-months in 'which to commence.  Sweeping amendments Avere made to  the sections of, the bylaw dealing..With'  the mannerju Avhicli the "tramway shall  be laid upon ungraded streets, and as the  matter stands the company is made subject to the ruling of the city engineer.  What he says must go or the company  may take an appeal as provided-for. The  same disposition was made Avith respect  to the clearing and ditching to be done  upon unopened streets. The amount of  work to be done at the joint expense of  the com2mny and tlie corporation is also  left to the city engineer.  The council reported the byhnv complete, Avith amendments, and the same  Avill come up for its final  reading  today.  Dead.  Horse Racer and Banker  AssOelatccl Pre*".  LoNlKhX, May 11.���Henry Louis Itaph-  ael, banker and race horse owner, died  suddenly at .'i o'clock this morning, at  NeAvmarket. Raphael\s Avas the leading  firm in the arbitrage business, dealing  betAveen London and New York He  was a generous philanthropist and recently gaA-e $100,000 to* Guy's hospital.  He owned .a large stud of horses, and was  Avorth between $15,000,000 and $20,000,-  000.    Yesterday's Ball Games.  Associated Pnsss.  Detroit 5, Buffalo 4.  St. Paul 10, Minneapolis.9.  Indianapolis 6, Columbus 5. '  Milwaukee 7, Kansas City 1.  CleA^eland 0, St. Louis 8.  Chicago 4, Louisville 5.  Pittsburg 0, Cincinnati 1.  Boston 4, Baltimore 1.  The Province Within its Powers.  Special to The Tribune.  Victoria, May 11.���The right of tlie  proA-ince to iriA'est in the Pacific cstble enterprise is still a subject of discussion  The Globe of this city, has, obtained an  opinion fronr Bourinot tliat it. is' quite  -within-' the power, of the legislature to  vote money for such a purpose.  TSp^latioTFof"tlie city reaches 12,000 the  service shall be commenced at 0 o'clock  in the morning' and be maintained at  such intervals as .the city council may de-  terinine till 11 o'clock in the evening.  When the section gOArern.ing the com-  lUeneement of operation by the company  was reached an attempt Avas made to insert a provision thatthe 'tramway coin*  pan-y should at its own expense, protect,  strengthen and maintain all bjidges over  which their tram cars were'operated.  This was' resented by the tramway promoters,; who assuf'ed the coiiiK-il that iii  fche event of such a provision being inserted the tramway scheme would bo  dropped. AV, A. Mac-donald. Aviio had  charge of the by-law for the promoters,  said that his clients did not consider that  it was unreasonable to ask the city to put  its bridges in such a state as would poiv  mit the running of cars over them.  Alderman, Fletcher expressed tlie opinion that it was idle to ask tlie city council to build bridges for the accommodation of tlie tramway company. Bridges  which Avere equal to all requirements  would lnUre to be strengthened merely to  accommodate tlie proposed tra.ni way  company if such an arrangement were  consented to.  F. ~W. Peters, in explanation, said that  if the period was not too long the tramway company would agree to be content  with crossing the tliree bridges over  Ward creek, and Avould agree that the  Baker street bridge only would be crossed  for the next two years.  The promoters and the solicitors with-  droAV to consider this proposal, and Avhile  they Avere absent the members of the  council came to. the conclusion that the  city's interests, Avould. be -protected, by  the provision:Avhieh requires the consciit  of the council before any street can be entered upon.     I'lider this clause the coun-  - Dreyfus Revision Assured.  Associated Press. ,  - London, 'May-11-.���The Paris ** correspondent of tlie Daily News says that the  conversion of the judgcs.of the court of  cassation to a revision of the Dreyfus  case has been rapid, and that a-majority  of ten is now in favor of revision.'  M. Ballot-Beaupre, president ,of. the  civil chamber of the, court of cassation,  has announced . that his report' on  Madame'Dreyfus' demand for a revision,  of her husbandVcase will be ready even  earlier than .Juno 1st, namely on May 25th  or 20th. Accordingly the public sittings  of the united court have been fixed to  begin on May 29th.  Alargeand enthusiastic meeting was  held last niglit in the Grand Orient hall  to demand the release of colonel Picquart. So great was the crowd that the  hall was filled to its utmost capacity,and  an overflow meeting, attended by thousands. Avas held in the courtyard. Resolutions were adopted calling on the government to immediately liberate Picquart, Avho has declared��� hijnself JtObe  ^Ijo^^ictinr^f^JriHloW^fVthe truth, and  of a conspiracy among the high ariSiy  officials. The streets AVere giuti'ded by a  strong force of police.  Associated Press.  Marshall,  Michigan, May   11.���Rev.  Bishop Hawley of St. Johns,  NeAvfound-  land, in an interview given to  the  press  today said : The sentiment of NeAvfouudland is more  in  favor of annexation to  the United States than of confederation  with   the   Dominion   of   Canada.    This  feeling has been accentuated by the fact  that the country  has  been   recently betrayed and drawn into a most shameful  raihvay  contract by a Canadian sj'iuli-  cate and local politicians.*   It amounts to  a virtual swindling of the country out of  a $13,000,000 railway  and  all our  coal,  minerals, forest and  agricultural  lands.  A desperate fight for our freedom is now  imminent.    The  local  parliament opens  today, and it is believed the government  Avill be defeated, and the contract broken.  I do not believe there is any immediate  prospect of the settlement of the French  shore question.    The complication  arises  not from any difficulty in   the  case,  but  because   politicians   have   always  dealt  with it rather as a means of exploiting  their own ''popularity, than  to  relieving  tlie country of the grave burden  of the  French aggression.  Sloan Made Tliree Wins.  Associated  Press.  London," May 11.���Sloan opened today's  sport at Newmarket Avith a sequence'  of tliree >vins. His victory on Florio, in  the race for the Flying Handicap, aviis  tlie most creditable Avin of the day.  Florio Rubattino was one of R. McCall-  mount's castolf lot, having hitherto been  a very disappointing animal, but today,  after appearing hopelessly beaten at the  bushes, Sloan injected new life into the  creature, and Florio dashed up and  snatched the race by a head. Vain  Duchess "Avas regarded as a sure Avinner  in the contest for the Breeder's Plate,  and Sloan got home Avithout au effort.  The American contigeut plunged ou Vain  Duchess. The Evening Sun's race reporter says one man Avagered ��2,000 and  that he saAv the American backer Gran-  nan lay ��6,750 to Avin ��4,000. There Avas  no big betting on Gaiman, the AAdnner of  the Payne Stakes, in view of the price,.  Gaiman avou in a canter. The third Avel- '  tor handicap of 100 sovereigns was avou-  by Sir Tatton Sykes'- My Boy. There  were tAventy-one starters. ,    :.  Oddfellows Lodge   Organised at, Cranbrobli:.  A. ;E. Lott, A. It. .Clements, Fred J.  Squire and James Neelands returned last  night oi) the Steamer Sloyle from 'Cranbrook, Avhere tliey instituted fy lodge -of  the Independent Order of Oddfellows, to  lie known as Kuy City Lodge, No. :12.  The ceremonies Avere conducted by A. IS.  Lott, district deputy grain! master, and  the new lodge starts out with a membership of thirty-eight and fifteen applications i'or initiation, The officers elected  wcro Its li. Beattie, N, G.; II. Simpson,  vice grand ; Fl'ed llazen, secretary. The  party Avere very much pleased with their  trip, and speak in high terms of' the hospitality of the people of Cranbrook. They  report that the town is building tq-)  rapidly ami that business in all lines is  good, Ou Wednesday they visited Fort  Steele. On their return trip they ran  into three mudslides and the engine ran  off the track once.  The Athabasca's Monthly Report.  The manager  of the Athabasca mine  and mill doesAvhat every'manager  of a  company that has shares on the  market,  should do, that is, takes the  public  into  his confidence by letting   it   know   what  the actual output of his company's mine  is each month.    For the month   of April  the   returns    from    the   Athabasca   mill  were :  S'uiiil'C!'of days run '.-.2(1 days. 11 hours  Xttnil'ur of tons crushed  :......! II'J  ApiH'oximale value of bullion recovered $7,5$��' 111.  ("loss value of eoncun I rates -...-     2:2 IS 52  Total value recovered    ��9,751 13  Value of bullion recovered per ton of ore crushed. .$18 28  Value of  concentrates recovered per ton of oro  crushed  ;���.   ......    5 38  A Serious   Charge Against Boys.  There are boys iii Nelson avIio need  looking after. For some time past Mills  & Lott have* been missing fruit and confectionery from their cellar, but could  form .no opinion asi toAvherc it was going.  Ycstow<iiy - af teraobn Mr. Mills" had - occasion to go to the cellar for fruit, and  discovered three boys, of about tAvelve  years of age, trying to escape with their  "caps "and pockets full of confectionery  and fruit. He succeeded in capturing  two of them, but* the leader' Avastoo  nimble and escaped. The other two Avere  taken up'stairs and kept iu a room for an  hour and then* let go Avith a warning;  The young rascals Jiad crawled under the  building from the Ward .street side, and  entered the cellar through ahole about  twelve inches square.  A Good Strike Near, New ^Denver.  A strike has been made oh the Home*  Run group of three claims, just' east of  the Mountain Chief group, and adjoining  the Anglo-Saxon property. Two of the  owners are James Moran and Charles  Green ley. and they Avere engaged cross-  cutting on the surfoce Avhen the discov- ,  cry Avas made, .though seA'eral Aveeks'  AvojiR liist_seasou faiIe_d_to_locate_it The���  ledge is ten feet across, with a full width  of quarts. Cutting this are two seams  of ore, one eight and the other ten incheH  wide. These cany galena in which gray  Copper is mixed, ami give assays of 102  and ITS ownces in silver. The owners  feel highly elated over tlie strike find  they purpose thoroughly developing it at  once.  Issue to be Taken at Once.  Advices from Victoria- lii'e to the effect  that Thursday's issue of fehe officii,I  gazette, contained the formal notice of  the government's intention to^t'iforCe'tlic,  eight-hour law iii tlieinctallifei/oiisUihies.  The publieation of ' this notice will precipitate matters in the Slocan, as tlie  Lead- Miner's Protective Association hay  decided to take action upon the first intimation of the government's intention  to enforce the law. Tliey will issue a  statement to the miners and the general  public giving* the scale of Avages which  they have agreed to pay. This it is  understood' will be in the nature of an  ultima turn. Their terms must be aceppt-  ee or the mines Will be closed doAvn.  Total values recovered per ton o�� ore crushed.!^! OG  Land Eegistry Office Building.  Hon. J. "Fred Hume  sent to the-attorney-general's department yesterday for,  approval the plans for the land registry '  ollice to be built at Nelson.    If the plans,  as  drawn  by Ewart &  Carrie, are ap-.  proved- the  building  will   be  erected at  the corner of Vernon and Stanley streets  on the government property.    It Avill be  52 by 12 feet, one story Avith. basement,  and will be strictly fireproof throughout.  The   walls   AVill   be  of  either brick or  stone and the floors of either cement Or  tile.   The  first floor Avill be subdivided  into one large, main ofiice and four private offices.    The basement  will contain  furnace and fuel rooms, lavatory, etc. -THE TRIBUNE:   NELSON, B. C., FRIDAY,  MAY   12,   1890.
Ladies' White  Duck Skirts.
Ladies' White Duck Suits.
Ladies'Shirt Waists.,at 50c,   75c,  $1  and  $1.25.
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A  nice line of Ladies' Crash Bicycle suiting*.
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We have a most complete line of Summer Coats and Vests in fine
Serge, Blue and Grey, no lining, every seam covered. Separate
Cdc-its in light and dark colors. Lightweight underwear and Socks.
Canvass Hats arid Light Caps. Everything to add to your comfort
in hot weather.
and Avorks, both of VancoiiA-er, over the
Deadman's Island controversy. A house
divided against itself shall not stand.
Vancouver has one too many brainy men
in the Semlin government, and the old
man had better let ono of them out.
In* discussing- the tramway by-law alderman Fletcher took the right stand,
when he maintained that the city should
not be re<|uired to strengthen bridges
merely to accomodate the proposed tramway company. If the bridges are not
strong enough to carry the tram cars,
then the men who operate the train cars
should bear all the expense of strengthening them. A tram line may be a necessity, yet it is not such a necessity tliat
the city cannot get along without for a
while. The council should insist on a
five- cent commutation ticket, for everyone, good for every hour in the day.
There aro but few men in Nelson who are
not bona fide workingmen, and all of
them do not have the same working
hours. The members of the council
should not let a lawyer like W. A. Macdonald, who is Avorking for a fee, bulldoze them from doing their duty to the
We are now showing a complete line in
Gents' Furnishings consisting of
New Ties, Shirts,
Gloves, Hats,
Boots and Shoes   front
Si-frn of the Big- Red Hat
P. O; Box 103, Nelson, B. C.
Daily, Edition.	
Wkkkly Edition ......
...... First Year, No. 110
 Seventh Year/No. 25
THE DAILY TRIBUNE is published  every morning
(except Monday), and will be mailed to subscribers
in Canada or the United- States for $5 a year, and to
subscribers in Great Britain for §8 a year; or it will
be delivered to subscribers in Nelson'for 25 cents a
week. $1 a month, §2.50 for three months, §5 for six
months, or §10 for one. year. ^Payable in advance.
THE WEEKLY TRIBUNE is published every "Wednesday and Saturday, and will be mailed to subscribers
anywhere for §2 a year, payable in advance/
.REGULAR ADVERTISEMENTS ■iprintojUn both .the
'v daily and weekly editions for §4 per inch per month.
„nBneforneachinsertion. .„„„..; a, ,;-■",'' „„„•„•„ .„.„,„„■-„■
', J0B""PR*jrNTlNG° a?fairfrates.;Y»Aceount8»f6rfj6bpri°nt>|
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,>Ji»mbnth.7n=SA.*d'drei;S^-7„„,nf5;«"» VnC>"""=Y/"VK> -" sL"Y°"-n*<f;
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ythe} Inforfcenign^Ofi^he" eigh^o^^ ,
j^l^li'ej^ tiiiife ■., "^Niheii
$y ^tjieiiiiniisteijtox^
Teinpleman of the Victoria Times is always found ou the right side. The men
of the press are in touch with, tlie'-people'
whilst lawyers like Auley Morrison of
New Westminster and merchants '■ like
Thomas Earle and E. G. Prior of Victoria
aud political-pastors like George R. Max-,
well of Vancouver are not. They are only
in touch. Avith the 'party heelers.
There   seems to   be a   little friction
between the honorable  attorney-general.
.%%t"&.,"*"""«,"'!.«>flf,yyjm,~'.y..flf...y. .c&'jf,!ti";.wJ!w. c>^yi
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fpf, y^th§"^Ace"-hikSid.pni: .fori" -!Burit*ishs \C6nuiilSui
uj    %Do'&nn "otuoij,    D     ud7T   n** ji    opb   n°WB     ** "^ ■   n * o ■       °a"    'D D ■    ?
%Z° "°Ztlie;-;B6iftinioni d Mk°D^ilkeS" app'^rti'cd'" ph
YiYs^tlieVpratfoi'ihv fh. NelsOn. aloifg with the ;
n   -ftB" *     -BJ  " Dn ^ 4v,  u     iff °J      lJ°n n     "U  dUj d b " •-' nnri      u
'.f" ^i^inister^-Of^mmes   i^nd   pthe^-     In a
B °■^=Y™'°B°')|'s7Tfe?*■trad^.n&f>d.-laboriGpiie\"ej3s'°lias ius[ructfeR, its rep'ro-.
i&J ^sem£tif.c^}n'ui\S''fiT0inqi^t^ secure,' II poSsiHie, iv refluc-
»"=** ^tionfifi^th'e' Eours.qfJaborfor 'tlie ineii .employed \inder-.
iV"^"7groii:U(l*In.ptlic hiine^. in the,mines In this proviiilce pifcii
1*7' °\4*iK^0r^R^t'?n"^°4w#dfl>Viiay'iii SVnd.daj' out", a7c"<>ij-
:&:• L.^iiiph°Qtaff&\^ivh^r&o6&nh^sxlB^'ia aiiy.pther cpiin-
"mY* .'try. "As"tpe" i;eprbsei)tat'iveof orgaili/.ed labor, I.dan. as-
°y ° Sure-ypu .that the ipfcsQut ujis.ali!%etory coilditioii "will
'. be" changed; and (Shaiiiicd by the, Seinlin gpVesmnenl, I
, "° liavo^tliemopt positive assurances from tlie feemlin atl-
iaiaMrewlijcii ^illniako,it illegalto compel men to.be
Idngpr ifiidcrKi'Oiiiul than eight hours* Koi- this roaspii, I
;cion8ider„lani but doitiginyduty a.sthe representative of
the national congress of labor in making the niostdf my
position to indude the friends of organized labor tPsup-
V prt the "g6v<jriufie"iit,caiidiilate, J. Kred Hu'frio.
The men who belie\'e in the minister of
iuines   do   not   helievo that   he   would
truckle to retain  it seat in the Seinlin
government.    If he Avas present dtiri'ng
the delh'ery of tlie above Avords  by Mr.
Wilkes ailci allowed thoiji to go t(iH:l,ue&'i
tioiied, and   hoaV   takes  the   stand   his
fjf-iehds say lie takes, then the honorable
. minister of i"uines°iifiqiiestionablyobtained
Office under false jiretenees, and is today
holding office in a governinent with Avliich
he Is  not in .sympathy.    TiiVi Trujune
supported S. Fred Hume in 189-1, again in
1898,; and again  ill  1899 because of his
knoAvn  StraightforAvardness.   It lias  no
reason  iioav  to believe that his friends
have any authority to accredit him with
being opposed, or eA'en lukewarm, to the
: enforcement   of   a   laAAr   passed by the
party Avhieh has highly honored  him—a
,   laAV that he has sWorn to enforce.
season,...it'.is.o .ri'dtj neceSstfry, e^erybbasj"
■""'-Vknows^.tiiaf'our.     " °'"*.'"
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The'only independent member of the
house of commons, on all questions in
Avhieh the public interest conflicts with
the interests of the Canadian Pacific Rail-
Avay Company,' somehoAV are men connected with neAvspapers, Editor Robertson of the Toronto Telegram, .editor
Richardson of the Winnipeg Tribune,
editor Oliver of the Edmonton Bulletin,
HeAvitt Bostock, owner of'several, 'papers'
in British Columbia, are ahvays on tlie
side of the people.    In tlie  senate, editor
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wlie.olwright. y ,, ." „    f,=y.   '».7„;.-.   7."  ., '\.    '■■•.-■«■
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* '"'^fli^iyy', THE  TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B.C., FRIDAY,  MAY  12,  1899.
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Hon. GEO. A. DRUMMOND Vice-Prosidont
R   S. CLOUSTON General Manager
N.W. Cor. Baker and Stanley Streets.
     BltANCHKB  IN    	
LONDON   (Ens-land),   NEW YORK,   CHICAGO
nnd iu r.hi) principal cities in Canada.
Is now prepared to issue Drafts and Letters
of Credit on Skaguay, U. S., Atlin;, B. C, and
Dawson City, Yu^o*-* District.
Huy and roll Sterling Exchange and Cable Transfers
available iu any part of tho world.
Tlio responsibilities of pivrents seem to
be increasing. Formerly when a child
was born with a pug nose and grew up
with the same style of nasal appendage
the father and mother were sorry if the
nose "didn't please, but their conscience
Avas easy. Likewise if tlieir young hopeful's ears were of the aspect which is
delicately called alert they were grieved
but not remorseful.
It is no such easy going for parents today. Moulding character is .someAvhat
out of date in these days of new-fangled'
child culture, but 'moulding noses has
supplied a new outlet for parental energy. "A tiny little nose," says one
authority, "maybe changed and much
improved in shape. It can be enlarged
by gentle but persistent massage. It can
also be lengthened by a series of gentle
pulls, steadily aiid contiiiuoiisly applied;"
This authority, however; admits tliat lie
should hesitate at the nose-pulling in the
case of bbysVas they generally get plenty
of it sooner or later. ,, "A nose too generous in size," lie continues, "may be compressed by means of an ingenious little
instrument a good d'eiil like aclothespiii. If
properly applied it cannot injure the
nose, as it acts simply by diminishing the
Uoav of blood to the nose."
Of  course; the  ear (juestion is  settled
iioav.    If a peVsoii groAA'sViip in tliis day
■. h""*^»\i ""■»    &i.S ,X.I-i.fl"Piw ."•'"Sin!  »°" •   ."-.   Sf.if''   .*,« r  i ;:8 jf *»'•'
?„" "pother ;pojutito7Ayhich;painstaKing„parents •
jS:7»fc7=„"...°*4.°.ts'-i'i.sS.-■=■*'-°-4"'■■*"nii ■'•"■ ...-**- Ar.*. "!>•- y?*.y=,i, ■..'
?*^are\invitea;to„giA'e;theirj attention'i?f the:
»Y ",§ ckye§ of tliey eyebroAN^.". ^A, juclici^us^ancl":
f*. 7 Ju'clrj.Avliei'e^fiiele"* cigsirivblg^it'efn"§7sli"o*ild"*
]] * grow i*s:"kud,';:*06^v6i^;'nvpiiddrsf> As cliilr.
,a dren; °-dp not iioav t-AAjeau^lpng^aud; .heavy.
„y bangS; another piech -of; advice^ i§; per-
," - ^hap*s^, npfe 'liecessar*^. jiist.' at}p„psehtY ibut"
; "Yi$*iiiay be sto.Wed'aAvayr.fbi^future -Vilifer*-1
-" , ;e*iice."n" "It is giAieii" '0.^'th^saMtlibriyy of. auY
V o°ol4vfanilly"db*ctpr, Md, •thpp'gfi-Ai £omfdsv
»"'■ a 'g'bod :d&al;jirfe "iafgfViie'
'"• 7Voiidhet|:;foj'dfe - H^;av|is present.One .day.
" Avh^ii iijiiitle "girl" eariip hi. J iferygolden
hairAtf-as hangilig,.dh  ^heAyay.sAMhibh lias
been eelebratecl in spttg ipxtf story, down
" 'herjback: ; Alsp;ii heaAry b%ug»Avas hatig*
nig over her "forejieivd, r^aclyng almost to
iheir eyesf Y^pav, the dPctbr .dechired.tluit
if .the bang wiis allowed to. hang oyer her
PyebroAys it would be at tjie tJost of tlie"
latter, because,   as   he said,  "hair eats
•■'1101?.'"'   IVfaybe this is the- splution of the
problem of baldness.
HoAvevpr that may be- thea fact remains
tliat few persons .Seem tip have any Idea
receive e§jpe'cial bare. The iise of viCseline
is goods, fbr-'blie eyelashes as* AArell as for
'trhe eyebrows, alid Avhen it is .judiciously
applied it .will have a Very perceptible
effect On theni, making., then) less likely
to fall,- out or . be rubbed out. It is the
reckless Way in which, people.rub their
eyes which is to a great extent responsible for the scarcity Pf lashes. It is al-
hiost ahvays the loAyer Ud AA'liieh bears
tlifi brunt of this cubbing, and the result
is apparent iii the much snutller quota of
lashes Avhieh the lower lid always has.
This is another direciipn iii AVhich parents lire expected tP look out fbr the
physical well being pf their children.
There aviis a tinie Avheii eAreii cross-eyed
people did hot dream of reproaching their
parents for negligence. Those were
palmy days for parents. In future, Av.heii
young people come of age they will be
counting tlieir eyelashes and taking a
Avhole Bertillon system of measurements
of their ears and noses to find out
Avhether .their ; parents have done the
square thing by..them'.;.:'„.,
This is the day of the anti-spank movement. Advanced jnotliiers talk learnedly
of alloAAriug a chiM to develop spohtaii:
eously, of not cheeking stud controlling
him, but of letting his individuality come
up as a,floAVer, without iiitei'ference.
Some mothers are trying to liAre up to
these beautiful theories, even though
their children seem to come up more like
a volcano than like a floAver. To this
variety of mothers the nose culture is es-.
pecially recommended. If their small
imp of a boy, developing his oaati ego a la
the lily (theoretically), groAvs too obstreperous, they can take him by the
nose and pull him "steadily and continuously" around the room. If he protests,
oi- if any apostle of the neAV child culture
surprises her in  the act,  she can  scout
the idea, of having punished the boy.
She has been simply doing her duty in
the line of nose culture. So Avitli the
clothespin method.
In fact, this physical training may
readily be made to supersede old-fashioned forms of punishment even with
mothers who stand by tlie old theories.
Instead of sending a child supporless to
bed, he could be condemned to wear a
clothespin on his nose for an hour, instead of giving him a foolish spanking he
could be required to undergo fifteen minutes of liosepulling, and so on. This
method Avould have the ad\rantage of
combining practical and beneficial results
Avith moral discipline, and could be definitely extended to include such faults of
physique as flopping ears, pigeon toes,
round shoulders, stubby nails.and so on.
The Flight of Time.
New Denver Ledge.
Time is A^ery energetic.    It never stops
and  a  few  years of it  will sIioav many
changes in some localities.    Look at Nelson for  instance.    Not long ago  a man
Avas lucky if he could  ride  through the
toAArn on a mule, and now they are talking about street cars.,   Not long ago most
of the ladies carried their money in their
stockings,  but now several banks  hold
the Avealth.    Not long ago there  Avas no
butter  in  the ■ town,  but iioav  it is  on
every table.    Not long ago John Houston
edited a little Aveekly paper that he distributed around toAvn  himself.    Noav he
edits a morning daily and has  plenty to
eat.    Not  long ago  Tom Ward   melted
glue  in  the  Gtuepot.    Noav  lie is in the
insurance business-and the  sunshine of
prosperity is ever around him.    Not long
ago many of the people AA'ere broke ; uoav
they belong to the 400 and  drink  S & S
but of long glaAvses, dpneher kuoA\r!    Not
long ago NeSv Denver Avas two days frpiu
Nelson, but now  it  is  only four hours.
ISTpt long ago Nelsoii said thej-* Avould all
"' U<JW'
draught board is called in Scotland. He
Avas at once challenged by the Herd Laddie to play, aud consented, Avhile the
game AA'as attentively watched by the
third man, a person of rugged aspect.
Time after time "VVyllie sAvept the board;
Avhile the vanquished farmer fumed,
swore, and fairly lost his temper. Suddenly the third party broke silence, Avith
the foIloAving Avaruing to his companion:
"Stop, stop; leave off, man! Can't you
see that you are either playing Avith
Satan himself or the Herd Laddie?"
AVyllie .smilingly acknowledged his identity ; a jorum of punch A\*as ordered, anil
the trio had an amicable chat, although
the farmer said no more about his prowess with the checkers. Hut at the first
opportunity he took Wyllie aside and
whispered: "That duel's a relation of
mine, and as big a man as you are in
some things. Maybe you've heard of
him up in London. That's Thomas
J. Fleishman, A'uncouver
H.   H.    KaniHler,    Kuiim
W. K. Cochrane. Calgary
C. "Magff-s. Cranbrook
A'. C. Itticklill*. Creston
\. C. I'urr.iii.
K. L. Thviuus. WinnipeK
11. Trudel, Montreal
R. AnnifOiel, Toronto
II. J. McPhue, Trail
. I'cll, Athabasca
.1. K.
K.' N
.1. K  Clarke. Samlon
V. V.. Mil.-hell. Spokane
V. S. Korvst, Spokane
Whitewater | O. H. Prescott, - pokano
.lames Slavin, Spokane
Kd. Mallitndaiiu!. Creston
C. A. Ilea, lirnndon
.1. J. Taylor, ltossland
I). McLean, Cnltfarj j L. Webber, Trail
F. A, Heap, Ainsworth F. McQiiinslon, Cranbrook
Mrs. Keefe, Ymir O. A. Hui'ko, Cranbrook
M. Hipstciin, Winnipeg        | A. IC. Mattie, Kuskonook
I. Ham, I'icto'i
Sam Cassidy, Athabasca
H. Uambridtfo. Athabasca
J..I. Ititchiv, Picton
T. Archer. .San Krancisco
li. K. Smith, Toronto
.Miss Hansen, Kaslo
W.   Harrison,    Camp Mo
.I.Swanson. l'obson
II. McDonald. Kuskonook
W. A'. Urailshaw, Kaslo
.1. P. O'llara, Now  London
tins   lIciniiiKlon,   Ponner's
T. Stevenson, Republic
AVilliam Carefool,   Sandon
Thomas' Litstoe, Kaslo
John  Anderson,   Silverton
Geo. Peterson, Ymir
H. IT. Macomber, Rossland
Thos. Smerle, Sllossland
J. Jackson, ltossland
Front Doors
Inside Doors
Screen Doors
Inside Finish
loc.il and coast.
local and coast. "
•   Newel Posts
Stair Rail
Rough and
Dressed Lumber
of 'ill kinds.
If what you want is not in stock wo will make it for you
The Tremont Hotel
keeping*   with   the   growing   demand   for   new   and   stylish
goods, we have just received a complete range of Dress Goods,
Dress Trimmings,  Blouse Silks,  Silk Blouses,  Swiss
_ >ods are   new ancl   up-to-date,  and   we
to suit all.     No   trouble to  show goods.
Muslins,  etc.
have   them   at   prices
1.Gl.&.lS3'e3.<^.c=3.t^.{Z>.&.C3.C=>.{=3. C3.C3.CS>. C3.C3,
Headquarters for Miners and Prospectors
Liquors and Cigars
When Advertised
. „  .,.     . i" w>°   r        .        .  ..,_       .....    .
Carlyle and the Checker Player.
a;-Irttlej; T°bad|ide7;iii]T
VS"'#o'ji,',u.;ni:''*«;'.*"'sil?,*n1»       i-. .!.=..*."i "*4f %   = i?';!;".:^;.
■Spoiii'nTtfiiJ'Jval'tt.he xyas npmetl™by^^acOupte
, ibf BtraugeifSi, fife] .yoiftigpr" .SfJ*.'wlioiji,]• a
^u^y^JkijniSs, .bWgaff, tp]: ((hoa^ydbppt l"hjk
Iproiieiehey] on"  tfo "?!"c!iMRlji(od",'"Y,"aS" tfefe
J. A. Savward
. •tiI3VEI'UE3X3:
Wo have a fine aisSoi'tment of pwodlenls, (iliviiys,
oii]tiiina.-l Goods iiVilde ,up7at7tlie"sliortnos'^ fpos-n"
sible" iibtiqc.   As eVoi'ytliiii'g iff "kept tind made
on" the-premises, BatisfiCcdion is asgured.
m. E f iHcilf
°- ■„.*.„ .".*"% :s. .»".jEV.XKWACT;pib':Ks"»5i',.tAr->*Ou"„:M'"4i^..Yj
i"'»"     „™ °°'.   V,    ".Y^ "Y'pto^i'XifejiN Y "■   ." 7""»Y"S
]MQul&mgSy",y,- "yyyy-yy! ■"••
Office ^nffAM^re'^iMh&Si
," j   -y /■""""":     ". -". ^      , ■   ■*■.
"li'VCTonv! Av6ui\ Do.vfe.'i:0 oKpftii,    ■
.n.:n    ".=; yyy    "siain-Af     ,."'"'"[
;ScrolliRawing.  " '"..■       " "'"" "
Baifa JS^yffrig
Wardi?bb|il and _-.'Y      ;
\Ge|iei?al Jlsin^iiy ^orfe
'ijj. hxefpie
(Grlass of ail Sizes arid Kiiids
One of the best and most popular hotels in Nelson.
"#Y",.i»Y'" j:". "7-3 yf yy.-..". A"i"".*^.*y.7.»'.yta!"*
".(M,"™'..     . " a°n rnA'" Dn „ °   P,     !'* *?0 S    °**    *m 1       D ^     <V   °       IP    D° **     .1$ °   °   f    °    W °        r
^tlnlJ-A1      ^^        nD      C'-Y.-a   rh" "Dm      u     ""|B     Lja.    uu-"     JjOj.^uL^n     "0. JJ   D^T    Ul       ^"Vr    "r"Jun 7*^ Da.kl'Wij 'l
.rppjn..^Saniple..roonis'I£or cpniniercial;nfen.; „° »v; *,-./
' bound to sell wljile
they remain the patterns
': of-the.season,. We prefer to mark them down,
rjow, an,d let our regular
custotr|ers have the advantage of tl*ie cut, rath,-
er tljan, have a slaughter
sale some months later
to n^ake "room for n,ew
goods. Our display of
Rugs  and  Art   Squares
js;7 the^finestfj ^eyerYseen ,
•,j * w & .let*, %yy.'y"y.. \ "7*«f">7
.in:»Kootenay.>*"They* are,.
received;" direct'".Dfr^in>tKe;B
"eastern; impb"*^
fl.iy^ y.psi'^.^yypa^^^p ^aud ° *£.o"qd
■ inl=ibuy ing# f rorn^ us -you y
„'are*"tyirtually v.reachihg-"
i-I   n   • ,   "D     0   'D      ° ^jD dj.ii ,. J a   n j   n "■ n  f"    ^   ocO„*t. c
Keadquarters.Y/""7-°: "
At "Auction Prices" should be
auction price means tho highest
puvcli'iser can be induced to pay.
left  alone.     An-
price Avhieh the
New Spring Designs
Jn Axniinstei'.s of the best quality, Avith or without*
borders. British and Canadian makes.
Brussels and Velvet Pile
Suitable for draAA'ing-rooms, dining-rooms, halls or
stairs, Avith 01* Avithout borders.
Tapestry and Patent Tapestry,
Union   art   squares,  Japanese   squares   and  rugs,
Smyrna and Tecumseh rugs.
40 Different Styles
-fyly  Of  baby-carriages' and   go-carts
'($"&"(    Rattan chairs and rockers. •"
furniture of all Kinds
to'  select   from.
-and   notice to  this ■ eirect  has been
trade   by   all   large   manufiictii^e^s.
Is advancing,
sent -to '.the
JTaving a large stock oil hand we" will  be aMe to*
continue to. quote  better  figures thaivany of^our
competitors.      We   haAre   also "three   cstrloads   of
furniture on the way. -
Sawmill on Government wliarfi
J\(ctory and Ollice, cOrncr Hall street and- OvP.R. track
If you ^nt;a natty, stylisK sjuit of clothes;for
spring and suriinier; I liavo Over 500 diirer-
enfc patterns of Scotch and English tweeds;
which I will make to your order at the low
SricO of i $25
lack yenctians make a nice suit for summer wear at...., ,., .?2J
Black serge suits in sack or morning coat.. §21
A heavy Scotch  tweed,   nice  patterns  for
business suit ,. , —  §18
Trousorsat equally low prices. Fit 'arid finish
no better iu Canada. Ladies' fine tailoring a
specialty.   Clement block, Baker street.
All sizes of dimension timber and all kinds of lumber
out to order, and shipped to Nelson in carload lots.
AVrito for prices.
<feE-iE5ir.fi Will buy 24 horses, 12 "wUKoria, 2
q»*J*J\J\J wagonettes, 1 buggy, 10 sets of
sleighs, and a complete outfit of harness, saddles, blankets, etc., and a going business of
$80,000 a year.   Terms.
Will buy two lots and improvements   on   north  side of Vernon
street, between Ward and Josephine streets.
«. D. HUME, Manager.
The Ilncsfc hotel in the interior.
A largo stock of first-class dry material on hand, also
a foil lino of sasli, doore, lflouldings, turned work, file.
Yard:   Foot of ITcndryx strcgt, Nolson
Telephone, 91 Jofafl    Ra6,   Agent
<feA Etfirk wm buy' so fey 12° feet °° the
<pi!<juu south side of. Baker street, between Stanley and Koptenay streets.   Cash.
<tM iri ClftfS W1U buy 50 by J2° feet on the
q>X\J)\J\J\s  northeast corner of Baker and
Vernon street. Nelson
Madden House
Wholesale Markets at .Nelson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.
The only hotel in Nolson that has remained under OnO
management since 1800.
The* bod-rooms ard well furnished and, lighted by
The dining-room is not second to any in Kootenay.
The bar is ftlwiiys stocked by the best domestic and
imported liquors and cigars, n
THOAtAS ^VDpEN, Proprietor.
Two and a half miles up Ihe Outlet from Nelson.
Nelson,   Trail,  Ymir, Kaslo,  New Denver,  Sandon^ Silveftcin;, Cascacle
City, Grand Forks,   Midway, Greehwood and 'Sirdar.
Nelson, B.C.
Josephine streets. .Cash.
P. O. Box B7
KNIGHTS  OF PYTHIAS—Nelson   Lodge,  No,  25,
Knights of Pythias, meets in I; O, O. F. Hall,comer
Bakor and Kootenay streets, every. Tuesday :evening at
8 o'clock.   Visiting Knights cordially invited to attend.
C. FRENCH, C. C. G. ROSS, K. of R. & S.
NELSON LODGE, NO. 23, A. F. & A. M. Meets
second Wednesday in each month. Sojourning
brethren invited.
AH. HOLDICH—Analytical Chemist and As«iyor.
»     Victoria street, Nelson.        .
EAVART & CARRIE—Architects.   Rooms 7 and 8 Aberdeen block. Raker street, Nelsoii.
H   CANE—Architect and artist.
•   next door to Nelsoii library.
Rrokcnhill   Rlock,
Tenders will be received up to
Thursday, May nth, for the following goods at Sandon in the
estate of Crawford & McMillan:
Groceries.  .$2000
Dry Goods  2300
Clothing  500
Gents' Furnishings ......... Soo
Boots and Shoes........... 800
Wall Paper  . 50
Hardware and Crockery .... 1000
The above stock is in good condition, much of same being new
season's goods., y(
v'.'-.- -    T.  LEO PEEL,v Trustee..
Sandon," B. C,   May 2nd, ,1899.   .
Spring Chickens, Fresh, Cream,
Pure Milk, Fresh-Laid Eggs.
All of which are froin the ranch belonging to tho hotel
A pleasant place to spend afternoons, evenings and
enjoy delicacies that cannot bo obtained in hotels or
restaurants at Nelson. Good stabling. Open day nnd
night.   Can bo reached by cither road or water.
Large and well lighted Heated by hot ai
Reasonable rates— Sample rooms
Electric bells and light in every room
Renovated and refurnished throughout
J. V. PERKS, Proprietor
Free bus meets all trains
Hourly street car to station
BaKer Street, Kelson   E. C. TRAVESj Manager
To Arrive 15th
Revelstoke, B. C.
First-class hoard and room. Todd's old stand, corner
AVard and Carbonate streets, in. rear of Knglish church.
Heated by steam. Tabic board S4, room and board $••)
and SJo.50.
A collection of fine Belgium Canaries for sale.
~ " FOR   SALE.
HOUSE and three lots, Xos. 5, (J, and 7, Block 10. Mill
■ street. Nelson. U. C For full particulars apply to*
A. Manson. Orove Hotel, near Fort Sheppard station.
POR SAUO-An old store front.
Madson, Baker street. Nelson.
Apply to Theodore.
200 Pairs Lace Curtains
Brass Rods, Screens,
Easels, and Towel Ring's
The newest thing in PICTURES, with
Another big car furniture on the way.
or without frames.
B^.BCE-E-*',  STBBET,   WEST,   IJTElLSOasr THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B.C., FRIDAY, MAY  12,   1891).  Purses a  Pocke  A large stock of ladies' and gentlemen's  purees and pocket-books in genuine  seal-and monkey'skins, of all shades of  color and bound in gold and silver, just  received. These are the finest goods in  their line ever brought to Nelson. Complete line of drug sundries of the best  quality constantly on hand. Special attention   to  compounding   perscriptions.  W. F.  CORNER BAKKR AND JOSEPHINE STREETS,, NKLSON  Postoffice Clothing.  BOOTS  BOOTS  BOOTS  WE HAVE NOW A FULL ASSORTMENT OF SPRING AND SUMMER  GOODS FROM AMES, HOLDEN & CO.,  J. D. KING & CO., M'CREADY AND  PTHER MAKERS. CALL AND SEE  OUR SPECIALS IN TAN AND CHOC-  LATE.   CALL AND GET OUR PRICES  J. A  ITEXT   POSTOFFICE,   BAKEE   STEBET, .1TELSOW  A   large   consignment   of.  fresh   Strawberries,  >'�������� ��� a a A''jJit-' ..rf-r*"8 "���"��" I.'SfriW TO- ��. * ���  "i*'<iT:��'il.7i ff/ ������.*'���, ,45, JYi' 7���*s��, $,"������ "��� ��5^Lm,w s��:"��  r GIV G U w y��yy< f^\��.:k:^^ "���->:<  ^.���A^'V'iV""".^^^.8*^? Y3'i i *"mV ,"��:Y "^'dAYY'YiV^'K '" sYpY "'���'" "*';"���"�����"'''  7cK >sudate. * ;^ou,7jA^iii7";savef ntoney by-buyins'-.your  LOCAL   NEWS   AND   GOSSIP.  Tho attention ot' mayor Xcclands, uh'iir-  niaii   oi    tlie   pnblk:   Avorks   committee  Fletcher, city  engineer   JMcCnllocli,  and  city clerk Strachan is called to the stream  of drainage  Avater that  is (lowing  down  lleiidryx and   acro.ss  Baker street.     The  damage  already  done   can  be   repaired,  but a damage'   suit   caused   by a   broken  leg or   neck   might   necessitate the  .submission to the  people ol' another money  bylaw���and   that  avou Id be  disasterous.  It  is an   ill   wind    that blows  nobody  good.      For days   "Jim"   McDonald    has  been trying to get captain Troup to   tow  a pile driver and barges from the G. I\ lt.  wharf   to   the   government   wharf,   but  Wednesday   night tlie  wind took the,job  oil' the  captain's   hands  and  blew   them  over, saving ".Mm" the cost of the towing.  The smelter band is making  good progress under the leadership   of Angus ,Va-  jorsen and are practicing regularly twice  each   week.     Yesterday    they   received  tlieir caps iind   lamps   from   Toronto and  expect in a short time to be able   to procure uniforms.    The band intends   to accompany the Nelson excursionists to Ncav  Denver on JMay 24th, and are   practicing  suitable music for'the occasion.  The funeral of the late William Hodson  Avas hekl yesterday afternoon to the Nelson cemetery. About fifty members of  the Independent Order of Oddfellows ancl  Independent Order of Foresters folloAved  the remains to the grave, Avhere the religious services Avere conducted by Rev.  John Kobson.  The Dominion 'Express Company lias  opened au office at Kuskonook.  The four money byhvws, by wliich the  city council proposes to increase the debenture debt of the corporation by  $70,000, Avere reported complete from  committee yesterday afternoon. It is  understood that an effort Avill be made to  take the vote upon the byhvws. on the  25th or 2(5th instant.  The local cyclists have completed  arrangements Avith the Lyceum Theatre.  Company for the purchase of the theatre  for tomorrow evening. Everyone avIio  purchases a ticket for Saturday evening's  performance Avill be contributing to the  bicycle track fund.  VV. J. McKay, avIio Avas formerly connected with This Triuune, is in theneAvs-  paper business on his own account once  more.���������'���In company Avith Harry Cowan,  a well knoAvn Coast printer, lie is publishing a paper at Atlin City, the first  issue of which appeared tliree weeks ago.  Prosser defeated II. Brown 50 to 43; D.  L. Beauregrand defeated A. D. Sykes  50 to 1(5; AV. J. McNichtel defeated  II. E. Good, 50 to 40. Tonight J.  Dufresne will play T. J. Sims; I). L.  Beauregrand will play It. \V. 11.  Moore in the first round on the English  billiard table. Ollio Clarke will play JI.  F. Parse, anil K. Graham will play 11.  Howden on the American   billiard   table.  f��ead this  for your own  benefit..  NELSON, B. C.  KASLO, B. C.  SANDON, B. C.  DEALERS IN  Heavy Hardware  ffihk  You will find a hundred different linos in  Watches and .Jewelry, the largest assortment  in British Columbia. You cm.get a ladies'  14-Carat gold Avutch, nicely  engraved for   $23.75  SOLE AGENTS FOR  Giant Powder  TRUAX  ORB  OARS  Canton Drill Steel  CARRY IN STOCK;  Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal  Pipes, and Fittings  Giant, Caps and Fuse  Tools, Cutlery, Tin  and Woodenware  Stoves, Ranges,  Iron,  Steel,   Sheet  Iron, T-Rails  Paints, Oils, Glass  Gentlemen's watches, Crescent ��St. movement,  17 Jewel, with a Waltham 3-oz.  silver case, dust proof for . . .  $22.50  The Billiard Tournament.  Jte?1  3!  us:  y-'fm.ysyy .y^y-.yp.-yf^- ������ *y '-yyyy* ��� ���   y  ��� ���>$}) 77^;/A*"&AS*ifttNi*^ .*-..>:  *West.Bloel*Y "BakefelStreiBtYBastS NelSOn^BYCC  m  .^DiL   S:;i3Sf3DS .Q^t:  ��� !'"!..  -ypflf,j0$M "  ^NB^s^fii^i) mm tiws for  Wmkmms anb wfitffiSws  ^VALL^SIZEaftFTEiSfa'S IN STOCK I 111-  I     I... l/*-~y        m/T'   ,A.   T^VCS t^it^T  i k -y "*�� Baker.^treeXr .opposite* postoflicc, Nelson    _L   r~l     Pit    J..      f[ y.|    ./-\   , I    J j^> V^ -L>1  3��W. P., DICKSON  E. H. H. AFPLBWHAIO'B  J. McBHBB  IBenay leetrie Siply m fiisfilioii IK  ELECTRIC SUPPLIES  "wing is .the result of tlio" play  i'niti*Fe^fife��b'rouu(ijn the billiard tounui-  ln^ntf:��A\i;hich commenced last night'at the  |t^l|riSi!ie^ '.: hhigl.ish billiards^-P.. B.  /"ije^ig' cl dfe'at ei I" J I. JioVcJ ci i," 100 ** pom ts -; to  ^2:piitii^��fjS'eelancls defeated F. Tamblyn  F|ao!mOO;.R. Steele defeated'IL EYGood-  -���6"Q'��]ibK(j"Sy"y}l. J. "Wilson defeated A. D.  ;$5fJcesf lQP'���=tp 39.    Anierlcan billiards ���G.  vftazfewood  *'. ;;Y ."hvoVliay.iJ.been .appoiiitcd koIc'iirciiIs in Xelsoii for  =. ���,".."' tlilj?'.fcplcljraLctl Ice Cruuni, mill arc now prepared  . ����" Tri! cater" td tlio pnljliciiL our ico orcani piirlors.  ,��.:. j. A\lhTcli��"\y8Mia\o fitLod up in llrst-cliis^ stylo. Gall  f" ' .iiiJiliHl.liH.vo a dis-h of tlii.-. delicious cream. Oilier  .fl(jaloi'.s* supplied.  P;M# jv|j!is & Lott  ��� Tropical b'ruit Depot,  OoriiQr of Haker and, AVmil -htreetij, Nelson  I1. P. Riirt.lel.l, 17 Jewel, wil.li |,he satno case mentioned  for ��12.50 You ean Kct watches,mil the latent jewelry  clie.iper here thnn in Montreal or Toronto. I have  boiiKlil. my {foods direct from (lie manufacturers and 1  am lii'ro to sell,as cheap as I IioukIiI, lliom. Don't forget  to rail and examine.  Will K"arantee repairing Ihe finest watches made.  Send by mail or express. - '��� -_." '  JACOB DOVER, The jeweler  Auction  Sale  OF WAGONS  On Tuesday, May 16th, 1899  AT 2 O'CLOCK P. M.  NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:   Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.  A Coat of Paint  ^S  #  WILL  ADD   TO  THE   SELLING  VALUE   OF  A  SHABBY LOOKING   HOUSE  When you  make. up. your' mind , to use a little Paint,  bear iii  mind .that we   carry a.-complete   stock   of all  kinds   of  Paints,    Oils,   Varnishes,  and   Stains,   also',  Kalsomincs, Kalsomine.Brushes and Painters Brushes  Shelf and Heavy Hardware  Mining- Supplies T Rails  The undersigned _h;is instructions to oiler  for,.sale at public- iiuction: Twelve W.-igons  (brand new and neve.r used), from '2'j to. 3.-J  incli .'ixles, and a miscellnneous lot of neck  yokes, whipple-trces, boxes, spring seats, ash  poles in the rough, oak reaches all lengths,  etc. Sale to tako place in front of Ji. D.  Ash croft's blacksmith .shop on Hall street,  Nelson.    Terms Cash.  C. A. AVATEiaiAN & CO., Auctioneers.  THE LAWRENCE HARDWARE GO.  BY DEALING WITH RELIABLE FIRMS  OUR MAMMOTH STOCK OF  -Complete.Electric Equipments for Electric Power Transmission and Lighting for Mines, Towns  '   ���    " Electric Fixtures, Lamps, Bells, Telephones, Annunciators, Etc.  P. Pi-Box 606. Josephine Street, Nelson, B. O.  LONDON AND BRITISH COLUMBIA GOLDFIELDS, Lid.  HEAD  OFFICE,   LONDON,   ENGLAND.  AH communications relating to British   Columbia  business to be addressed  to P.O. Drawer  505, Nelson, British Columbia  J. RODERICK ROBERTSON, General Manager >   ,.,._.,.   0/~K,     D    ��  S. S FOWLER, E.M., Mining Engineer (   IN'fcLoU.IM,   ti. O.  W. A. THURMAN  SMOKERS' HEADQUARTERS  ���"���������". ���-;"' r   '^ ; ' '-'  Keeps a full line of  ROYAL SEAL. AND KQOTENAY BELLE CIGARS  And all other brands of the  Kootenay Cigar Manufaetaring Company  BOOTS AND SHOES  EVERYTHING IN THE SHOE LINE  J  E  Tavo carloads of choice Grocerie and Crockery have Just been  received by us, which will . be sold- alv prices which have never been  equalled in Nelson. Among- our specialties are Crosse & BlackweM's-  Marmalades, Jams, etc.; Chase & Sanborn's- pure Java and Mocha  Coffee; Christie Brown and Patterson's Biscuits;. Ram Lai and Shil-*.  ling's Teas.    A trial order solicited..  Telephone 10.   P. 6. Box K & W.      Baker street West*' Nelson  A Ham Free  20 AJ?D 28 WFSf BAlaSll S'lMtKK'J*, NKLSON  Builders and contractors can now secure  the best lime on the market at  per 100 Lis  FOR SALE  BUSIXKSS AND JtKSinitlN'TlAL  I'ROI'KUTY  HO by   120, I3ukor street, boltt'ucil  .los'upbinu  and  Wnrd SLrcois ..-,., ,.  .SS000  ai by 120; *Biikqi' strcol, bcUvcon Jo^ciilmie and Hall  .strcots ,    1500  :~>0 by 120, Hakcr SI rod, between Josopbinc and Hull  streets, corner   30 by 120, Mist, Baker street     SOti  2;i by 120 with improvements, .south side of Vernon  street  , ��� .- 5000  50 by 120 with improvements, south side of Vernon  street.   GOOO  2 lots and large house beautifully furnished (snar).. 4000  21 lobs with cottagerehted at Sloper jiionth, Victoria  ���street  3500  1 lot with cottage rented at ��15 per mont,b, Victoria  Street   2500  2 lots with cottage rented at ��20 per month, Ftanlcy  street .".  3000  (J lots in block UI1, all cleared and'fenced iu. ....... 2500  From anythiligi that is objectionable is a great treat to the  citizens  of  Nelson.    Althoup-h   we  this car Of  have been  selliny  from  Harries and  But a few clays, we have received numerous congratulations  of the   highest   nature as to   the quality and   cure of;-these  Canadian   meats.    They  are,   without  exception,  the   finest:  meats that have ever been brought into Nelson, being lean'  sweet,  and very mild cure.    The price is down.    .  CALL   AND   INSPECT  AT FACTORY PRICKS  OOF"   3STELS03ST,   B. O,  THE MCKMAH & KEBIILLIM CO., Ltd.  ���WHOLESALE   J^ttJD   EETAIL  Hi^^'^r,   Ghs^^iisr, -^bep,. etc.  Write for quotations on car lots.  The West i^ootenay Brick & Lime Co,, Ltd.  Baker "Street..      T. (5. FROOTOR, Manager    "  STEINWAY  of the World.  NORDHEIMER  The  Standard   Piano Tho Artistic  Piano of  Canada.  ABT AND MUSIC CO.,' Won, Agents.  O-room house rind 10 lots set out in orchard   -1100  2 lots aud improvements. 52 head of cows, 2 horses,  wagons, sleighs, harness, and everything in con-'  nectioii with Hurry's milk ranch....'.     5500  For general information on real estate and for further  particulars on above property apply to  WAEDBEOS.  Real Kfital.e and General Agents, Baker St., Nelson  Vienna Restaurant  Baker street, between Josephine and  Hull streets, Nelson.  MEALS AT ALL HOURS, DAY OR NIGHT  BAKERY IN CONNECTION  FAMILY AND PASTRY COOKING A SPECIALTY  ONLY WHITK HELP EMPLOYED  ���R.     *E3r-CTRE"5r,     PEOPEIETOE i  ABERDEEN BLOCK  NELSON", B.C  S  Go.  Sodas  WE HAVE OUST RECEIVED  A fresh consignment of Maple Leaf .Cream Sodas received  direct from tho factory, put up in 3-pound boxes. Also  full  line of the  Toronto ��� Biscuit and Confectionery  Company's Sweet. Biscuits.  Blue Ribbon Teu.  Don't forget that we handle  JOHN A. IRVING & CO.  Baker Street West, Nelson, B. C  FECIAL ATTENTION  Have just received a consignment of Harris home  made tweeds from Talbot Harris, Scotland.  iFBED J. SqUIBE, Baker St. Mod  Tho supply is limited, so call early and examine this stock.


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