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 LOCAL AND MINING NEWS FROM  ADJACENT   TOWNS   AND   CAMPS.  Spec al to The Tribune.  RogSLAND, May 13.���The work of transforming the Trail railroad into a broad  gauge is about half completed. The rails  are laid up to the bridge work at the  main switchback. It will be finished to  Rossland by J une 1 st or soon after.  The Centre Star is putting out ore now.  So far the Trail smelter is short, of ore  and has barely enough for one blast.  Le Roi stock is ��10 5s. which is a valuation of $10,200,000 on the mine. The  management claims it can pay $150,000 a  month. A body of ore fifty feet wide  and averaging $00 is reported on the 800-  foot level. Certainly the ore is running  higher in gold than'' before. The great  boom in Republic stocks have been of  advantage to Spokane in that quite a few  men interested both in Trail Creek and  Republic have now made Spokane their  headquarters. Rambler-Cariboo stock is  booming.on the local exchange. Whether  this is due to the appearance of the mine  or the appearance of some of the chief  OAvners is not known here.  Very good authority gives out that  Grand Forks has been successful in preventing the C. P. R. from giving the town  the go-by. A cricket club is being .organized in Rossland to humble the pride of  the Nelson cricketers.  ^'rni.i^^yijulv q'q  THE ENTERPRISE SALE A GOOD  THING   FOR   THE   SLOCAN.  SUNDAY MORNING," MAY 14,  1899.  PUBLISHED AT NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DAILY (BY MAIL) $5 A YEAR;  WEEKLY*, $2.  New Denver.  New Denver, May 13.���British inquiries for shares in the Queen Bess Proprietary Co. are becoming more frequent,  due to satisfactory reports from the mine  and by the recent payment of an interim  dividend of six pence per share. There  is little doubt but that, the Queen Bess  "will become one of the big properties of  the camp. In the'-No. 1 level there is four  feet of ore, while No 5 has mineral for  close to 200 feet, iu places as wide as  three feet, with every promise of permanency with .depth. P. Lindquist, Dan  McPhersou aiid Dan- McCuaig.have gone  down to Ten Mile to develop, a''group of  claims owned by them in the vicinity of  the Half Way. A crown grant is being  applied for by the Northwest Miuing Syndicate for the Bosun group of three  claims. ,  Petitions are being circulated for the  new postoffice at Enterprise, Ten Mile.  Kaslo.  Kaslo, May 18.���The True Blue mine  trouble will probably be brought up iu  the courts  soon.    Since the  Hall Mines  ' people stopped work,��� Stephenson and  Fraser, the owners, have been trying to  secure possession of the property, but the  Hall Mines refuse to return the bond, and  so the- property is-tied- up.. About,  eighteen tons of ore were brought "down  for shipment and were sent fco Nelson on  Friday morning by the  Hall  Mines,  but  ' Stephenson and Fraser have applied for  nn injunction restraining them froin using  it till the court decides who owns it.  When the Hall Mines* withdrew, from the  mine, they took away, everything that  was portable,-even to the windows in the  shack. Stephenson aud Fraser, through  McAnn & McKay, have entered action to  secure a return of the bond and for possession of the-mine, so that they can continue to work it, as tliey are confident  they have a mine.  J. C. Eaton, former owner of the Whitewater miue,'is in^ town accompanied by  liis Avife. Mr. Eaton is looking after some  of his properties which he still owns in  the Slocan. F. J. Hill, accountant of tlie  Whitewater Mines, was in town Friday  on his way to J-velsqn on a��� business trip.,  The Ktislo Comas club gave the last  dance Of the  season ��� at the  auditorium  -=Ia.stMnghtr=^The=att^udancenvas-fair^and=  a very enjoyable dance Was held.  Ymir.  Y'Miii, May 13.���Ed. Lind, of this town,  hiis Secured the contract for hauling the  Ore and concentrates from the Yahir mine  to the railway station. He is already oiit  securing morei horses,:and intends to put  on six: four-horse teahis, as the contract  stipulates for one carload of raw ore per  'diem as well as the concentrates, which  Avill mean about twenty-six tons in all  (twenty .tons ore aiid six tons concentrates). The tore is not suitable to be manipulated by the1 forty-stamp mill Which is  now running smoothly. The Ymir this  suniiner will give inost satisfactory returns to the shareholders, and the sooner  the news goes forth to the .London mining and financial papers the better it will  be for this camp.  A gang of men are busy working at the  reservoir of the waterworks company.  The full plant for the institution, consisting of pipes, hydrants, etc., is expected to  leave Chicago next week, and the system  will be in running order by the end of  June.  Charlie Davis of the! Rio Grande was in  this morning and reports steady drifting  work being carried on. Mr. and Mrs. Joe  Sturgeon of Nelson arrived in Ymir yesterday on a short visit. The Rev. H. Irwin, M.A., of Rossland (yclept "Father  Pat"), preaches in the Anglican church  tomorrow morning and evening. A. W.  Hayer, pastor of the First Presbyterian  church, holds service in the evening, but  owing to the absence of the Rev. James  Hicks at the conference, there are no services being held in the Methodist church.;  Stephen By water, a partner of Phil  White's in the Wilcox and By water mineral claims, arrived from Kalispell, Mon  tana, yesterday, to confer with Phil  White upon their mutual mining interests. Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Burne are expected in Ymir on Monday from Balfour,  where they have been spending their  hoi icy moon. Charles Dundee, president  of the Dundee Gold Mining Company, is  on a visit to the camp, accompanied by  Mrs. Dundee.  S. L. Long returned from 'the Porto  Rico mine this morning and says there is  still a lot of suoav up tliere; lie is going  to let a large wood contract, lie left for  Rossland by the noon train, but expects  to be back Avithin three Aveeks to.commence operations. J. W. Smith of the  Cosmopolitan hotel was in. Nelson yesterday, where he collected $50 toAvards the  Ymir sports. The Spokane Falls & Northern railway are issuing cheap fares for  the 24th May celebration' at the rate of  one fare for the round trip.  LIBERAL   LEADERS QUARRELING  .AN   OLD   SORE   RE-OPENED.  Rhodes is Playing the Game.  Special to The Tribune.  London, May 13.���The Rhodes interests are again engineering an agitation in  England for the oA'erthroAv of the Transvaal'', republic. Secrecy is the very essence of most conspiracies; but it  made more ��disastrous and ludicrous still  the fiasco of the Jameson raid. On  that account tlie mining magnates  have taken the British public  into their confidence this time.  It is the inethod of Cecil Rhodes to come  to the British government Avith a petition, ancl, .while it is under consideration,  to inspire anonymous alternative threats  iu as many papers as he can if the goA'ernment dares to deny him. It is not statesmanship, nor particularly clever; but it  is Rhode's Avay. ,...*. c   -  Rough on the   Hindoos,  Special to The Tribune.  ' Victoria. May 13.���The exasperating  way in which'.the American customs regulations are administered sometimes is  evinced by a case existing here. Two  Hindoos avIio are travelling around the  world, and who apparently are well supplied Avith money, Avished to go from  Victoria to Seattle. They found themselves put in the category of Chinese ancl  Japanese immigrants, Avho are entitled  to enter .only an Tuesdays and Fridays,  and by the ruling of the customs officers  on the steamer, notwithstanding that  theJJnited States consul here had assured them that tliere avouUI beYiib difficulty about the matter, they avcic obliged  to leave-the steamer.  Tramway Company Pays a Dividend.  Special to The Tribune.  Vancouver, May 13.���The directors of  the British Columbia Electric RaihA*ay  Company, Limited, operating trannvays  in Vancouver, Victoria and Ncav Westminster. haA'e declared a diA'idend at the  rate of 5 per cent, per annum on the preference shares of the company. The profits of the company for the year ending  March 31st, 1899, after deducting, fixed  charges and the preference diA'idend,  amount, subject to final audit, to ��10,283  (say $81,400), and the directors recommend a diA'idend on * the ordinary shares  of the company of 4 per cent, per annum  free of income tax, absorbing ��8,275, carrying $8,008 to special and general reserves. ���       _ ,  Newfoundlanders are Pleased,  Associated~7Pi'ess.  St,. Johns, Newfoundland, May 12.���  The people of NeAvfoundlahd are enthusiastic over the complete vindication given  by the report of the royal commission to  tlifeii: agitation for the reinOA'al of French  fishing rights on the Avest coast. Tlie  ministry of the colony confidentially  anticipates important proposals' at an  early date for the settlement of the dispute from Joseph Chamberlain* Secretary  of state for the colonies.  Will Try 'Non-Union Men.  o     Associated PreHfc.  Cleveland, May 13.���The members of  the Lake Carriers Association's committee, WliO are at Buffalo trying to settle  the grain shovellers' strike, announce  that the association must fight the strikers, not so mueh to uphold Connors, the  contractor, as to maintain a principal,  and it AA'as rumored here today that nonunion men are being secured to take the  plaees of the strikers.  Costigan Quits the Conservatives.  Associated Press.  'Montreal, May 13.���Hon, John Costigan, ex-minister of marine and fisheries,  iu a published intervieAv Avith the Her  aid, publicly announces that he has left  the Conservative party, as he does not  agree Avith the leaders and is satisfied  Avith the Liberal tariff policy.  The Strikers Won the Fight.  Associated Press.  Buffalo, May 14.���At 1:30 o'clock this  (Sunday) morning it Avas announced that  the trouble betAveen the grain shovellers  and contractors had been settled, and  that the men Avould return to work Monday morning. The men got practically  all they struck for.  Associated Press.  London, May 13.���Lord Rosebery's  speech, before the London Liberal Club,  in which he expressed a wish for a. revival of the old Liberal spirit, has proved  an apple of discord of the first order. It  has elicited a virulent reply from Sir William Vernon Harcourt, in a speech before  fche Devonshire Club, which has been the  political sensation of the week. Sir William's speech bore witness to tlie bitterness of the due.I for the leadership of the  Liberal party betAveen himself and Lord  Rosebery, and to the pent up personal  feeling of the speaker against Lord Rosebery, avIio was responsible for his temporary elfacement.  The Liberal organs have taken up fche  cudgels in behalf of lord Rosebery and  talk to Harcourt A'ery straight. Tlie  speaker calls his interpretation of lord  Rosebery's Avords: "A most absurd''alid  malicious falsification of his meaning, and  the first example in recent years of "downright misrepresentation." The British  Weekly says: "Harcourt's words are  grossly unjust and. slanderous, aud only  to be accounted for by a rancor ofehat-  red amounting almost to madness."  Other mouthpieces of the Liberal party  insist that lord Rosebery, in urging a re-'  .turn of the Liberalism of 1SSG, did* not  mean a change of programme but a return to party discipline in the Halcyon  days of Liberalism.  Sir William Harcourt today announced  that he Avill speak to his constituents; on  May 24th. His utterances are aAvaited  with the keenest interest, and another  speech in his best fighting style is expected. Meanwhile the Conservative  press interprets Rosebery as Harcourt  does, and in some quarters the ppinioh*-is  expressed that Rosebery's utterances are  nothing less than a direct bid to Joseph  Chamberlain, and a prelude to Rosebery  identifying himself Avith the Liberal-  Unionists.        To Search for Andree.  Special to The Tribune.  Neav York, Tlie Times   special   from  'Rome' says':  The young, duke of Abruces,'  king ��� Humbert's   nepheAV,   has taken  a  tearful  faroAA'oll of his   royal - relatives  and started- A'ia NorAvay ' for the  polar  regions.1; He proposes- to-make straight  for Fran/, Josef Land'in.a "specially pre:'  pared" steamship, the Star of Italy, penetrate as far north as possible,.and  Avhen  frozenriu to make a rush for-the pole Avith  sleighs.     He promised 'his friends to be,  back  in  Rome* on June  1st,   1900, Avith  relics of Andree.  The duke is not rich as royal princes  go, and he had considerable trouble in  raising funds for the enterprise. He first  proposed to sell part of his landed property, but the king objected. The king  ami princes of the blood then made a  Avhip round, and although times are  rather hard in Italy they managed to  raise $200,000. The king, moreoA'er, ad-  A'anccd tho duke three years' civil list  salary, aud finally the duke obtained a  loan on the security of tliree years' rent.  Being a thoughtful young man, he made  a Avill before hawing Rome and handed  it to tlie king, avIio is his executor,  Hamilton People Caught .Smuggling.  '8 NEST NAVVY LUIGI DEI  WAS   NOT   A   MYTH.  : Associatcd'Prcss;;   Rochester, May 13.���The smuggling  case against Johnson, Mrs. Mary Oliver.,  and the latter daughter Qileeuie,  charged With smuggling leaf tobacco  over the Suspension bridge from  Cauada AA'as disposed of today. Mrs.  Oliver pleaded guilty alid Escaped with a  fine of $50, Johuson stood trial. Oil  beiug brought up for sentence, aftei' the  jury returned a A'erdiet of guilty, Johnson made a statoineiit adjmifctjLng that, ifc  was the second time that he had been  convicted of smuggling. He endeavored  to exculpate the woman, but it Avas too  lute, for she had already pleaded guilty.  He Avas sentenced totAvo years in Auburn  prison and Avas fined $50. The court dealt  leniently Avith Queenie Oliver on account  of her youth, and dismissed the indictment against her. All the parties were  residents of Hamilton, Ontario.  Baseball Games.  Pittsburg 2, Cleveland 8.  Cincinnati 2, St. Louis (5.  Chicago 1, LouisA'ille 5.  Noav York 1, Philadelphia 0.  Boston 0, Baltimore 1.  First game���Washington 1, Brooklyn, 2.  Second game���Washington 3, Brooklyn 3...    Getting Ready for Kruger.  Associated Press.  Paris, May 13.���The Eclair learns that  Lord Salisbury is sounding France aud  Germany Avith a A'iew to ascertaining if  they Avould abstain from intervention if  England.found it necessary.to take active  measures against the Transvaal...: The.  Eclair belieA'es that France Avill give the:  required guarantee and that the Kaiser  Avill also promise on behalf of Germany.  As the time set for the holding of the  Nelson assize court approaches, the curiosity of the public increases a.s to what  disposition Will bcniade of the charge of  murder wliich hangs ewer the head of the  Italian boy Antonio Bruno.  In August last an Italian navvy,  named Guisippe Poerio, Avas murdered on  the grade of the Crow's Nest railway,  some three miles this side of the town of  Moyie. The boy Bruno was the last  person seen in the murdered man's ���'company, and he Avas arrested and charged  with the crime. The case first came to  trial before Mr. justice Irving at the last  assizes. It resulted in a disagreement on  the part of the jurors. The case was re-  vie-Aved before a second-jury Avith a like  result, since Avhieh time Bruno has been  confined in the local jail aAvaiting the decision of the croAvn "officers as to Avhether  the charge against him should be further  proceeded Avith or the prisoner be allowed  his liberty.  'Upon the two occasions  AA'hen  Bruno  Avas tried for his life, the croAA'ii eudeaAdored to secure a conviction upon a chain  of    circumstantial   eA'idence   Avhieh   its  officers Avere able  to  Ave'ave  around  the  prisoner.    It Avas s1ioav.ivthat Bruno aiid  Poerio   left their   raihvay   construction  camp together on  the  Sunday  morning  when the murder Avas supposed  to have  been committed/  Their destination Avas  'another raihvay camp, and   their objeet  Avas to get rectified a .mistake wliich had  been"made.in a  time-check  of Poerio's.  The next that Avas  knoAvn   of the"'-men's  nioA'ements   was   the   re-appearance   of  Bruno at his oaa'ii camp about six o'clock  the same eA**ening.    The croAvn produced  Avitnesses to sIioav that .-when Bruno returned he appeared-agitated, and gaA'e an  unsatisfactory account, as  to .Avhat had  become of Poerio.    It Avas further shown  that Bruno remained  in   camp   for  tAvo  days foIloAving, and on the afternoon of  Tuesday ho packed up Poerio's belongings  and started out for Kuskonook as fast as  he could travel;     This  same  afternoon  Poerio's body Avas discovered on the road  about-two miles from the camp in a state  of general decomposition, Avith-the face  and head crushed in.    Stress Avas also laid  upon   the   fact   that when   Bruno Avas  arrested he had upon him the  identical*  time-check Avhieh he 'said* Poerio started"  out to have rectified Allien * the   tAvo left  the camp on tlie Sunday morning.   =   ^   ..  .R. M. Macdonald, avIio Avas-charged by  the court Avith  the  defence  of the prisoner, made the most of a case AvJiich appeared hopeless.    He  Avas forced to rely  almost Avholly  upon  the  prisoner's own  story.    Ifc Avas that Avhen lie started out  Avith   Poerio  lie   felt   sick.    When, two  miles from  camp   hc   and   Poerio met a  man,   whom  Bruno knew,  named Luigi  Dei, and another Italian whom neither of  them  knew.    After  meeting  these men  Bruno decided that   he  Avas boo sick to  continue  the journey,   and  told  Poerio  that he  would  return   to  camp.    As he  AA'as going  aAvay  Luigi   Dei  gave Bruno  his coat and   asked   him to keep it until  he   should    return.      Instead   of   going  straight to his  camp  Bruno   went on to  the engineer's  camp  to  cash  one of his  tinie-chec'ks, and  reached  liis own camp  about 6 o'clock  in  tlie  eA'cnhig,    Bruno  _sMcLthat 1 ifa remailli*tLin_Mn^  to work, till Tuesday! Avheii the stranger  Avhom he had left Avith Poerio and Luigi  Dei passed through the camp and told  liiin tliat Poerio had gone oil to Nelson  and to take his belongings and meet hini  there. He accordingly gathered up all  bhe papers belonging to Poerio, including  the time-cheek in question, Avhieh he said  he found in the pocket of a pair of trousers, aiid AVas on his way to Nelson when  arrested.  When arrested Bruno was Avearing the  coat which he said belonged to Poerio,  and iii the coat \\?ore "papers, made out hi  tlie name of Luigi Dei. Naturally the  test of the whole of Bruno's evidence  hinged upon whether there was any such  person as Luigi Dei, and whether he avjis  in the A'iciivity when Bruno said he left  him in company with Poernio, When  the case came to trial the officers of the  croAvn Avere unable to secure any trace of  any such person in any of tile construction camps along the Crow's Nest rait-  way, ��nd the suspicion Avas general that  Luigi Dei A\*as a myth.  Since tlie trial, hoAvever, some clever  work has been done by the officers of fche  drown and through the assistance of the  British consul at Florence, Italy, and the  police departments of tAvo Italian towns,  it has been ascertained beyond any question that Luigi Dei did exist, and that  about the time the murder was committed lie Avas employed on .the construction  of the Crow's Nest Pass railway. From  some of the papers found in the coat  which Bruno said belonged to Poerio, it  Avas found that a remittance of money  had been made through a. Philadelphia  bank to a woman in Quaratn, in  the ' province: 7 of' :.: Arcy;/,o,y. V.. Italy.;.  The nearest .British" consul :*to  Quarata      is*   -.stationed ... at..   Florence,  and this official Avas communicated Avith  in the hope that some clue could be obtained. The British consul at Florence  interested the Italian police. The result  of their researches established that the  woman in Italy was the wife of Luigi  Dei, that her husband had been employed  on the Crow'.-, Xcst construction, and that  since the date of the murder she had not  received any tidings as to his whereabouts. The Italian officers forwarded to  thc-Brili.-ih ron.-ul a photograph of Luigi  Dei, a specimen of his handwriting, and  a letter addre.x-ed to him at MacLeod by  his Avifo, which had been returned to Italy  through tho dead letter ofiice at Ottawa.  That Luigi Dei was not a myth was therefore established, though his whereabouts  is'���. unknown, and that he is the man  mixed up by Bruno in the murder of  Poerio i.-, equally certain, as the photograph was instantly recognized by Bruno  when it was shown to him in tlie jail. In  the searching out of the case there has  been "a lot of good work done, even  though it has not resulted in the conviction of anyone of the crime.  LOCAL   NEWS   AND   GOSSIP.  John F. Burne and Avife returned to-  ' clay from their honeymoon trip to Balfour, and Avill leave,this morning for  their home in Ymir.   .  The local corps of the Salvation Army  has purchased the Victoria street dwelling occupied by 11oa\ Robert View for  $1500. The property Avas OAvned by Harold Selous. It is understood that the  Army "will purchase some adjoining property and erect a barracks upon it. As  the chosen site Avill conic Avithin the fire  limits it will he necessary to erect a fireproof building, so that an expenditure  considerably iu excess of $3000 will doubtless be required before the army is comfortably housed in other quarters. Their  present quarters Avere sold for this sum,  the army neglecting to offer the amount  until the deal was closed Avith other parties.  W. J. DeA'itt, proA*incial constable at  Trail, arrived in Nelson last night in  charge of four prisoners for the provincial  jail. James A. Sinclair is committed for  trial on a charge of fraudulently con-  A'erfcing to hisoAvn use $200, .the property  of the Dominion lilxpress Company; Harry  Ross, a Chinaman, committed for trial on  a charge of defamatory libel; J. L.Sullivan, charged Avith assault, and theft on  Patrick Butler -y James Whigham/ sentenced to three, months in jail Avith hard  labor for assault on Elias 'George Murdy  and resisting arrest.  Hospital Directors Meeting. ' - ���  * A meeting of, the directors of the  Kootenay Lake general hospital Avasheld  yesterday * afternoon at the secretary's  office Avhen the question of engaging a  resident house surgeon Avas discussed. It  was decided to engage one at once and a  committee Avas appointed to correspond  Avith the A'arious Canadian medical" colleges. Dr. Hall Avill continue to act as  .surgeon until the iicaa- appointment is  made, and then act in conjunction Avith  the other doctors of the city on the consulting stall'. The directors report that  there is an increasing interest in the  hospital, and they hope at an early date  to secure by public subscriptions the  $2000 that Avill entitle them to the $500  granted conditionally by Lho city council  for the erection of the new addition.  ^J3very=olTort-is-being���made���to-establish-  the.hospital on a thoroughly efficient and  cosmopoli Ui n basis.  An Associated Press Dispatch.  The following  is   a fair sample of the  fragmentary way in  Avhieh  news is sent  to the daily   papers   in Kootenay.    Tlie  dispatch 1'c.fei's to an accident that took  place in Peiiiisylvaiiia yesterday morniug,  the details of whieh had been sent to the ,  afternoon papers.    Our readers can guess ���  at tlie details:.,  [Vollow WrceK 1 l'OTtfST0\vS, J'Ctinj-Jiivai'ia, May 13.*-  Jfdhii K. Bliolnor of Hanii^biii'lf. wlip wa��irt the sinOkiiiK  car, escaped practically nilliurt,, Mr, Slioliier Said to a  rcpot'ldr! "It wax positively tho most tcn'iblc scene t  lin.,-0 over looked upon. The wreck was iiHleKerjljunlo.  Human amis and limbs were sticking out of vViiidoWs,  yvith splintci'B of wood driven through them, The dead  bodice piled in aud around the wreckage made up a,sickening Right, The wdr.s't feature was that there was o.ily  one doctor on the train, thnt was Dr..!. K. Weaver, a-d  he did heroic service in relieving, temporarily at least,  the sud'erings of those who were injured."  Vancouver Lawyer's Bright Scheme.  C. W. Sawers, a Vancou\rer barrister,  will leave for Atliii in a day or two. lie  will practice his profession there and his  principal intention is to defeat the working of the alien laAv.- He proposes to get  around the law on a technical point and  said that his opinion Avas backed up by  the legal advice of N. F, f-Iagcl, Q. C,  Brad burn & In lies and sir Hibbert Tupper.  lie AA'ill contract with Americans to  arrange legally that they may work  claims for say SO per cent of the gross  proceeds.  Hagelman Won the Race.  Associated  Press.  Niow Yokk, May Pi���Peter Hiigoli.nan'  won the,72-hour'go;as-you-pleaso race at  the Grand-Central palace. He made 407  miles, Avhieh fails to break the record.  Special to The Td&'jie.  New Denver, May 13.���Private ad-  A*iees received last eA**ening from London  testify to the satisfaction felt there at',  the purchase of the Enterprise mine by  the London & British Columbia Gold-  fields ancl the .Ncav Zealand Minerals  Company. Tlie Enterprise is regarded  as a .valuable property and will proA'e an  important addition to the British Columbia market in London. So much so, indeed, that these single mine companies do  much to attract and hold the attention  of iiiA-cstors. The Enterprise, ib is  thought, may some day proA-e a more  profitable property even than the Payne.  The mine Avas sold to the present holders  on a strictly cash basis, the price, as  giAren out in London, is .��100,000  The reports of the engineers who examined the property on behalf of the purchasers luwe been made public in London.  They state that of the 1500 tons of ore  shipped from the mine, the smelter returns ran from 137 to 220 ounces silver  and 18 to 22 per cent lead to the ton.  With the ordinary methods of Avork, the  annual output is placed at 10,000 tons,  which can be maintained for some years.  The net profit is figured at ��11 per ton,  ���pr ��110,000 a "year. The development of  the mine is spoken of as extensive.  ATHABASCA   MINE'S   RECORD.  At the. first annual meeting of the  British Columbia and NeAV Find Gold-  fields Corporation, Limited, Avhieh was  held in London on April 25th, Arthur  Fell, the chairman of the board of  directors, Avho retired was re-elected.  In his .report, the chairman gave some  interesting information concerning the  Athabasca property which'.the' company  is operating. Concerning the company's  milling operations since October last he  said : "In October, Avhieh Avas a broken  month, it crushed 400 tons, of the value  of $1901 or $-1.90 per ton. That Ave considered disappointing. The next month's  crushing Avas 728 tons, Avhicli produced  $7500 or an an average of $10.39 per ton.  In December it crushed 695 tons, AA'hich  produced $0-100, of $9.22 per ton. In  January it crushed 713 tons, Avhieh produced $5190, or $7.29 per ton. In February the manager pursued a different  method. The ore Avas getting so very  much richer that he put more frue  A'annors on, and ran the battery more  slowly. Four hundred and twenty-four  tons were crushed, and produced $7988,-  or $18.93 per ton. In March 465 tons  were crushed, Avhieh produced $9050, .or  over $20.75 per ton.  " "Although Ave are only getting 20.75  ciwt. per ton the ore is really running  someAvhereaboub tAvo- ounces, and' it is  manifest-that the balance is. lost in the  tailings. We have had specimens taken  CA'ery day for a month, and these haA'e  been shipped to ^Vancouver ' where they  Avi 11 be tested Avith cyanide, and avc are  aAvaiting* the opinions of experts-there  as to Avhetlicr the cyanide plant would  be the best method of extracting the one  ounce lost in the.tailings. Another'plan  is to put up four more A*aimers and collect a larger amount bf concentrates ancb  send them to the -Hall Mines smelting  works, Avhicli are quite, near. Of course, -  ' avc shall Avait for fche report of the cyanide plant before avc decide what course is  to be adopted."  Concerning   the   great   difference  between the assay values of the Athabasca  ledge and the  results  at  the company's  mill the chairman said:    "Of course, with-  the A*ein  ten   inches   Avide,  you have to  take out three times that Avidth, so that,  roughly speaking, the ore sent to the mill-  is about two ounces to the ton.    We are  getting with  our   present battery about  "oluTouiice, aiKr^wit"lT~Y"500~Yfcons  a month  you see what a difference it makes.    Five  hundred   tons   Avould   produce  ��2,000 a  month, ancl avc are losing another ��2,000.  That we must stop, for it Avill make a difference  between   paying A'ery handsome  and very moderate profits. The New Find   s  Company has 50,100 shares in til6 Atlia--    "  basea and   they ��� are.   put  down  atcosfe  price, ��7,,5.7L but they ai'e quoted in the  papers  at  1  to   14-10,  and  have been  pretty  steady  at   that   price for ,some ��� .  weeks.    We lire not driven to��� rei'alise*}^because we believe it will ini prove steadily:,..,.  but we 'can realise portions fi'om timeVto  time, and having  other  very .good business beforeKs avc shall   do so Avlieu occasion arises in the Course of the next suin-  mer."  The only reference made by the chair-  mail to the deal AVhich Avas then pending  of the bonding of the Dandy and other  groups of properties on Toad mountain,  wliich has since been carried through,  was contained in the foIloAving Avords:  "Wc have offered us in the neighborhood  a large unclweloped property Avhich we  can deA'elop on A'ery easy terms,, and hav-,  ing our own manager on the spot it may  very Avell suit us to take it up." "K *  Harvard Wins the Cup.  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Rut as fche Siberian railroad has pushed through new regions, and thousands of Russian families  have followed its advance and made new  homes, - it begins to look as though the  writers Avho held pessimistic views concerning Siberian agriculture were mistaken. In fche Altai mining district, last  year, over .'300,000 tons of surplus wheat  were produced and only five per cent-of  the available agricultural lands have yet  bcon brought into cultivation. In the  fertile .steppe country opened up by the  western section of the railroad, (31,500  tons of wheat were raised for export  where until recently it was necessary to  import wheat every year for local consumption.  Tools  A COMPLETE LINE JUST ARRIVED  FROM EASTERN MARKETS  Nelson Hardware  Baker Street, Nelson.  Co.  FOR THE WARM WEATHER  INCORPORATED 1670,  We have a most complete line of Summer Coats and Vests in fine  Serge, Blue   and    Grey, no   lining, every  seam   covered.    Separate  Coats in light and dark colors.  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The nunK 6>vh;6f;su��6lst|iea go^anjivre^'te?$  ported to ���lilt*\|e"\toi'iiie���cl ^f.doinlififiltlroii 4o%  be asked, ifTthS-owijili'I "of" nriiies  in" "'the'  "��� Sloean finxlYiti;toY^heik{aclyaiit"a,-ge to.pyy  gahize Pr^t^fLy:^Y ^��go'fiia$'pus, ., ^Vlry."  slioulcl the"���lnmersyiQl^M^e "SlcJcah; "be: de^  it is uiiderjjniSx^ .tlie"  mine  ownat:s:f|Qf>th"^: Sj'pcau "allop't" ������ ih,��(.  methods o|;"_th'e")Yf;ilit��a,i��v" sati^aJps Wsho. are  now ruling tfeCosui^d'Alei^e^, they niay;?  find;, that th;4i;e���4'^a��feiw i^1  Canada, iihai,  will protee^Cana^lTaii" u?uOi'kingnreii s&tdih:  the tyrami-j^Qf the* ajien iniue owner's"��>tL  the SlocanY" Tt is' not "so long ago that  most of the.purse-pi-Oud initio owners and .  managers ttow  Opentting in  the Slocaij  ���were   jumping  sideways to get enough  money   to posy tlieij?  grocery Bills, aiid  ���rt-iiow-they���tvant=to=dietate=^\fih()=;shall=  work for wages in the country that has  sheltered thenl  appointment to office men 'who were  never in sympathy with the opposition  when out of office, and are only iu  sympathy with it now that it is in office  in-order to get office. It is safe to say  that three-fourths of the gentlemen  whose names were placed on the Hume  Campaign Committee last February are  disgusted with a majority of the appointment that have,been- made, or that will  be made, since that famous election.  The -prdihoters' of the tramway scheme  "oi"  '$  iw."T?.i "�����>-"S- yj-c.^-"^i>..jy "h"s''","yy��"^  liugjiip.- "��>Ikis "���nOw%Yevjident ��.nJjieE'eUAvas  ,-y.y.��f:y���~ -y^p ".-y,\.,"'b:as,,y.t.- Y.<!*"S"^Y#,V��> ^  ^^^"pthm'gf^nlqXgfYni .ithe���/jscheiiferf tJjM"  u il"d i n aajiid-^p^a^  ''!���: ^'Sif^ils" jpLett".  ������ �� ��A<f^Y 3feiirS'na��^b���So;ii'ie of thfe" best "\V[rife'  eifg-l oii- lilie. Yl^n.-Wuibii" enipiroj "ii^chrdiij'g  fj3'ifh*fce�� "jSriipotkiUj -"beiioved- - thai" ih"e<  (iSylje&i-iktoUkping .capabilities -of- Siberia/  "OlatV -^fetit^nutSi: 'overrated, and .tliat 'th.eV  ceOiiiitry ."WiQiild. u eveii be kble to prdduCe i  '"mifpJi.m'Ore' of 4hnen.c"tjl:ijnal,',th.a"h���.i,t"uneeds 'for  Have You  a Sweet  Tooth?  IV  so  COME  AND  SEE _���   .    ���  OUH  ASSORTMENT  OK  Christie's  Fancy  Biscuits  OVER FORTY VARIETIES  CHOICE AND FRESH  GREY FEDORAS, FAWN FEDORAS, BLACK FEDORAS, m  BROWN AND BLACK DERBYS.  Natural Woo!, Balbriggan,, and Silk aqd Wool Underwear  Top Shirts in Light and Heavy Weight.  ite Shirts, Regatta Shirts  With and without collars attached.  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Ilereafter all arrests  1   in  Moil tana  must  be  made by the civil  f "authorities   by   due    process    of   law.  | "The Spokane Review will pronounce this  l  a conspiracy to enable guilty men to es-  {Ycape.; The Review hates  union  men as  j* rabidly as the devil is supposed to hate  t  Jioly water, and it has done more to keep  alive   the   bitter   feeling   in  the   Coeur  d'Alenes   than   have   the   several   bull-  headed managers an d super) nten den ts of  the  Bunker   Hill   and   .Sullivan Mining  Company.     J_ ^_  The Hume Campaign Committee have  many sins of omission and commission to  answer for. One is that the committee  has not met since the February election;  another is that one or two members have  arrogated to themselves the powers of  the full committee: and still another is  that the one or two members who have  r' arrogated to them.sel ves the full powers  of tlie committee, have recommended for  HS#E^)-iMi;isi(2  WM .Mill N0"T ^VpvySRTISJNG,  Sportsmen   want  the   best   and  get it at  can   always  ThomsonStationeryCo., ."Ifi  a  PIANO  ORGAN  VIOLIN  GUITAR  MANDOLIN  BANJO  AUTOHARP  ACCORDEON  VIOLIN BOW  STRINGS  or MUSIC  . Call at our Store and we "will do the rest.".  your acquaintance  and introduce  you to our  SHOES  ABKUMiliX HLOCK.  Subscribe for shares in Pleasant  ley Mines, Limitecl, Cap boo.  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Hurt of Dal his, Texas, tells  a story on a : couple of members of the  Dallas legal profession which goes in this  wise: '  They were on a hunting and fishing  j- expedition to Wynne's lake. On the day  of tlieir arrival one of the heroes of the  story, who was at that time a district  judge, found a canoe that had been buried in the mud.. He extwvated it and  found it to be in pretty good shape. He  i washed off all the nmd and calked a few  holes in the bottom, and it was a good  boat. Jt was a long, narrow affair and  was evidently neArer intended to be built  for two.  However, when the judge started out  to fish in his canoe, his lawyer friend insisted on going Avith him. Tlie judge  was sitting in the end toward the lake,  where the water AAras about six inches  deep and the mud about four feet.  "Now, keep out of this boat," exclaimed  the judge.    "You  Avill  turn it over,  sure, if you try to get iirit."  -  "That's all right," said tlie lawyer.    "I  am an old boatman and have fished in a  dugout many a. time, and you know a  .man has to sit mighty level in a dugout."  With  that he stepped  into the canoe,  and  it  capsized instantly.    The lawyer  saved  himself by a  quick spring for the,  bank,   but the   judge, whoi Avas about  fifteen feet oil shore, was thrown in tlie,  bsliallow'iv^i^  llliKe;anrold7JiogBconiing��0vit1of its��sAA*airoAV,*  |" and "AvJien'SliCTi'���eached^thei���ibank'he/deliy-  ered.'-hisropmiont;ob the ��� lawyer^in^any  ���B,   >"ibn  "     o*  D���-.Vfli     "��.D"U^VD.   .fl^P^^P.I      Wpp.^^-"'"   ~' Sn"   -o'Cuft   1��*,..   fl   "���  to tell you here and now that it was intentional, preinediatod and done witii express malice aforethought."  A Whist Problem.  The lvaslo Whist Club has been  trying  to solve it for a year.  tain amount of cordiality with each other  Avhen they meet, proving the truth cf  Bobbie Burns' statement that "A man's  a man for a' that, and a' that." With  the old-tinier, enthusiasm has oozed out  and gone years ago. His early experience here knocked all sentiment out of  him, and he takes things in a matter-of-  fact, go-as-you-please way. There is  more or less cynicism in the composition  of all pioneers. They enjoy a game of  "seveni up" or "crib," and their daily tipple a.s a matter of habit, and as for the  rest, it is a case of "sufficient' unto the  day is the evil thereof." No one ever  saw one of them excited. Well, Kani-  loops is a sort of centre of that influence,  and J cannot define the effect on the town  in any better Avay.  I have the greatest respect and admiration for tlie old-tinier, and hope, therefore, that no remarks in the foregoing  may be construed as uncomplimentary.  lie is a type of man settled doAvn to  plain, practical living, after years of contact with the hard side of life, and who  is totally devoid of cant or affectation,  and I have beeu trying in the foregoing,  without prejudice, to paint him as he appears to me principally to be.  FULL LINE OF  A. AV. Kvllnp. Montreal  J. H. Stevenson, Sun Francisco  f tci'h n Uywnter, Ymir  William Dclnlmy and wife,  Yinir  HOTEL   ARRIVALS.  II UiAlH.  W. ,(. Hughes, Ymir  11. Stout. Itosslii'id  James Wilkie. Rossland  1{. McGuirc, Molly Gibson  Mine  PHATIi.  K. .1. Mathews. Pilot Bay  11. S. Kingsbury, Sandon  A. V.. Doiicet, Litr.loiui  ('. Iv Perry, Vancouver  K. A. I'atui'noii. Silverton  Thomas 11. Allice, Victoria  Charles Dundee and wile,  ltossland  .lolm F.  Uourno and  wife,  Ymir  SILVKit ICING  T. 1\ Mclntyro,  Winnipeg  It. U. ICoks. Victoria  .1. (J. Suiithorson, Trail  Tho 'as Miller, Greenwood  II. G, Middleton. Winnipeg  John Jordan, .-'pokane  II. Findley, Victoria  if. Iliingoi'ford.l'ollen.Kiig.  T. Ilungerl'ord.l'olleii, ling.  J. 1$. Strong, Iiosslniiil  Win. Houston,.Molly G bson  A. I'liislmliii, Molly Giiison  A. K. Looden, Rossland  I).   A.   McDonald.   Silver  Kint,'Mine  Dan Johnston, Athabasca  TRKMONT.  Joseph Werner, Goat Creek I V. Zuillcr, Kootenay Land-  John  Falconer. Cranbrook    . ing  J. I'. 0"IIara, Kossland |  MADDEN.  B  B  B  B  B  c=?'e3-is>-e=}-  mmmm  ��&  i*^**-  %  In  B  Thomas Waller, Ymir  Grant Cox, Sandon  W. A. Fletcher, Sirdar  QUIZ ION'S  Weir, Walkei'villc,  1(. llanimell. Winnipeg  J. I.iidwig, Mall Mine  .1. Waddinglon, Kossland  Robert  Out.  A. Miiidock. Cascade  .1. C. Blandy, Kuskonook  J. C. Pitts, Donald  W. 11. Wilcox. Cascade  The Cadets Defeated.  Associated Press.  Annapolis, May 13.���The boat race betAveen Columbia uiiiA'ei'sity and the cadets  today Avas Avon by Columbia by half a  length.    Time 12.48.  seeping with the growing- demand, for new and stylish  goods, we have just received a complete range of Dress Goods,  Chiffons, Dress Trimmings, Blouse Silks, Silk Blouses, Swiss  Muslins, etc.     These  goods  are   new and   up-to-date,  and   we  have   them   at   prices to suit all.     No   trouble  to  show goods.  m  Hearts are trumps, IsT is to lead, and  with S for a partner to get seven tricks  out of eight, E and W doing their best to  prevent them.  OLD-TIMEBS AND OLD-TIMERS' TOWNS,  R. B. Gosncll in Victoria Colonist.  Kamloops is, of all places in the interior, the best expression of old-time influences, if Ave except, perhaps, Ashcroft,  aud points on the Cariboo stage line.  What I mean by that is that there is an  atmosphere of the past, a great many of  the������pJdThajidswb  idimj^iil-fc^  :iii*^&iuiugS;Biit"^  jQOvintry^AA"iUS>uneierstand: !���avamloopSi*and'  .��*.��� ���'.v'sfK*..n��-'ii��"i*������flp'.^f-,".."^'p��sm-p'yyi. ��� yy- ��� xx<&  Aaemity.slias-not yet.beeuanadefamenableV  ,<k&L    AJllfll    A.    '  al ll ���"      ��  ^''fl.   &>  l^'.n   1��   'off       ��   ^fljflfl^if^   gnj1   ,"   A*��!    nil       flD   ��� fl".  fcto ;the ijinueiices/AYhrclLcontrols the, neAA'er,'  : tpAvns.f ��5cmong .the ��� old\tuuei:s :thefeis "a*  "ailqlSgized" ipi:pfu��ely " "a^Ktsassflredf the  Jfjiidge tli^t^fchei'*? was' notlliu'giilf^eii*ti(T����nal  labdivfit -.tliat it iv,asy purelly* Mi accident,"  Yantl,'t6\ slioA\^that "lie,���AV{i,s -siiigei'e;.'1|%fdx-  \sfidfd Avdiat ;clbthiu*g"���lie;;, had - A\nth���the  njidgeiiCiidiielpetff Ayjislfhis \fetaijdxhhd:--  IjlAjlsuifc* -Petice..i>y-ft-s"Ythe'i>eby-"poA*B6lietl-',"pj1  |lin'cFi|llYAv^iit Avell."  :"At'"ihe"neki"'term-xif "court"the 'fawyei*  Jha,(|a casjl in  Ayliiph Iiq yvixs very iifticli,  I interested   to   come   lip   iti: tihe judge's  Icpiiift., . lie  Avoislc'jd on it Yefyiirti:d and  pliOuglit hp had it perfected:, "  All dul'ing  Ithp trvi;tl.he sjit upiiighttS stiidyihgqAn-ei'y  Ipdirit.   VEte Made a "1'ohg1 and A^ery  ex-  IliattstiYe  ai'guiuent and thought to hini-  l^eYf... that he had a sure thing,  but  the  iiidge decicted iii favOr  of the other fel-  |Ow^    It Avas a great disappointiuelit to  she laAA'yer, ahcl after court had adjourn-  i;d  he called the judge tooiie side and  jiaicl::    --= ��� ���������^���'  "I toltliypu, out at Wynne's lake that I  [umed that boat aceidentallyj but I Avant  bpnd���.oE ���felloAvsJiip;, assort Or masonry,.  = ana���th{it spint.'of abjiudou aiul�� intliffer- ���  ���aejiGeJ.lfdYco^ive'*^  fo"up"distinctly," "'' "������" '�� u '   "" ^" y':  ";   Tli;ej'if3" Is tlie .peculiarity; ajSout >|li..eiii  tliat tliey lia^fe. apparently -di! liiiiplif.ciori-  tejnpt fpr eajsh, other A�� ^ppssiblle.. " EnevSr  \ypt kpdke to" an early Bfi*biSlx Coliiiiiblan"  ,��abOiit: soine miier!Ayell^%vn:|)ioi^  I Avas. inforiiieclVtliat ���"lien\s, the- biggest"  liilr in ;BiatiSli Columbia*,".and j^et tliey  all (have a cpiiniipii coiitenipt -for the jie;w-  Comer, or "cjiechaco,"^ ancl express a-cer-  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  i , local and coast.  Flooring  locnl and coast.  Newel Posts  Sfcair Rail  Mouldings  Shingles  . Rough and  Dressed Lumber  of ill kinds.  If what yon want is not in stock wo will make it for yon  CALL AND .GIST PRICES.  The Tremont Motel  IVJALOfUE & TREGILLUS  PROPRIETORS  MARTIN O'REILLY & CO.  BANK  OP  B. C.   BUILDING,  NELSON.  TEEMS   CASH  #  #  1. c3.(^.G3.  m  ^.^^%yX  '&.&.C  ^���5=:^!  #  P. Burns & Co.  Headquarters for Miners and Prospectors  THE BEST BRANDS OF  Liquors and Cigars  WHOLESALE   AND   RETAIL  Meat Merchants  ALWAYS ON HAND  One  of the best and most popular hotels in Nelson.  Wholesale Markets at /telson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.  RETAIL STORES AT  Nelson,   Trail, Ymir, Kaslo, New Denver,  Sandon, Silverton, Cascade  City,  Grand Forks,  Midway, Greenwood and Sirdar.  ORDERS BY MAIL  PROMPTLY FORWARDED  Head Office, Nelson, B.C.  , ���HALLiANDJ'LAKE" STREETSYNEIiSON'  (���M^T(Lv]S'"Iip(jLXiViR,"  ",.    "     lJiiESlDi5NT "  IfAiilRjjiY 4o���hst6n> '  ��jia^3^n?E!lE)7  I  'JIANUHiVC'rUKKI'iSj OF i\h'D  �� -DkAcbus in:  gUEE^S HOTEL  f/Mflf      ���    baicerstreetYnelson.  -  7-   '"1!  i;Heated with Hot Air and  t Lighted by Electricity  West Kootenay Butcher Cot.  ALL KINDS OF FRESH AND SALTED MEATS:  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  Large  comfortable  bedrooms and   first-class  dining  room.   Sample rooms for commercial men.  ORATES   !B2   I?ER   3Dl&-~5T  WILL BVi HELD AT  iLVERTQN, M  MAY  11750:  We have a fine assortment Of, woolens ahvays  oii hand. Goods made up at,the shortest possible notice. As everything is kept and made  on the premises*, satisfaction is assured.  BAKER STREET WEST, NELSON  IN: PRIZES.  ABRIDGED PROGRAMME  HORSE  rree:-for-*ill .....  ��locan race.......  'ony race..  RACES  1st Prize 2nd Prize  ...... .$200;     $IOO  ���������������    75        25   ..... 50       25  laledonian   Sports  PURSES   AMOTTNT  TO   $500:  Gold Medal for Best Ail-Round Athelete  IRI LUNG CONTEST FOR $300  MATCH GAME OF BASE BALL  HOSE REEL RACE  If 3 ou want a natty, stylish suit of clothes for  spring and summer, I have ovor 300 dill'er-  cnt patterns of Scotch and English t\yceds,  which I will make to your, order at the low  price of .,  S25  J31ack Venetians mako a nice suit, for stinir  inor wear ttt ,. ��� ,........ .$21  Black Serge suits in sack ormornihgcoitt. .8*21  A heavy  Scotch  tweed,  nico  pattcrbs  fpr  business suit ��� 818  Trousers at equally low jiriccs. Fit and finish  no better in Canada. Ladies' line tailoring a  specialty.   Clement block, Baker sfci-eot.  Stevei|s, Tl|e Tailor  jGtion  Sale  OF WAGONS  On Tuesday, May 16th, 1899  AT 2 O'CLOCK P. M.  "feugli arid 'I)n^ssed jLprnbe^r  MfuTdmgs  Doors and; Sash  Fence lasts and Pickets  Office; and: Store Fittings  FACTOUV WOKIv, DQSK TO QKDEIJ,  Sl/CH' AS  Scroll Sawing'  Band Sawing  Wardrobes and  General Joinery Work  IN STOCK  Ehtc of 'tho. Royal Hotel, CiilgSry,  "Glass of all Sizes and Kinds  Sawmill on Government wharf.  Factory and ollice, corner Hall street, and C.P.R. track  WILL DO WELL TO  BUY THEIR LUMBER  AT  G. 0. BUCHANAN'S  OaRer Street, Nelson   E. G. TRAVES, Manager   ORDERS BY aiAIL RECEIVE;CAREF*6l AND PROMPT ATTENTION.       *  LONDON AND BRITISH COLUMBIA GOLDFIELDS, Ltd.  All cpmmunicatipris relating  td British, 6dlu"i*rifeia; ftUsihg'sis Jo  505, l^elsoni ���British Golumbia  Be-addressed to P. O. Drawer. '  RODERICK ROBERTSON,,.General Manager V ...*.   ^^i":  S FOWLER, .E.'Nli, Mining Engineer - f NEIlS@N:  B.G,  r[. D. HUME, Manager.  Tho finest hotel in the interior.  Large sample rooms.   Steam heat and electric'light.  CORNIER OK1 WARD AND VERNON STS,, NJ5LSON  Madden House  BAKKK xVND WARD STRKBTS, NfcLSON  W.-.A.THUftWAM  SMOKERS' HEADQUARTERS  =��� Keeps^ar-t^uirilne^df ^���^���    =  ROYAL SEAL AI^D KOOTEilAY BELLE CI&ARS  And all, other brands of the  AT li-ACTOItV PRICISS  O^NELSOlcr,   B^O.  A large stock of flrst-clsiss dry material on liantl, also  a full litlo of sash, doors, mouldings, turned work, etc.  FACTORY WORK A SPECIALTY  or Further Particulars Apply to Secretary, Silverton, B.C.  The undersigned has instructions to offer  for sale at public auction: Twelve Wagons  (brand new and never used), from 2| to 3|  inch axles, and a miscellaneous lot of neck  yokes, whipple-trees, boxes, spring seats, ash  poles in the rough, oak reaches all lengths,  etc. Sale to take place in front of H. D.  Ashcroft's blacksmith shop on Hall street,  Nelson.    Terms Cash.  0. A. WATERMAN....& CO., Auctioneers.  Will buy 125 by 120 feet at the  southwest corner of Vernon  and Park streets with im  provements. One of the best  residences in Nelson.. Terms;  ' 82500 cash; balance in six and  twelve months. Apply to .John  Houston, Vernon St., Nelson.  Yard:   Foot of Hendryx street. Nelson  Telephone, 91 Jofall    Rae,   Ag^Ilt  PETER GENELLE & CO.  Headquarters for  FIRST-CLASS BUILDING MATERIAL  The only hotel in Nolson that has remained under one  management since 1890.  The bedri'ooms arts  well furnished  and   lighted by  electricity.  The dlning-roonl is not second to any in Kootenay.  Tho bar is ahvays stocked by the best domestic nnd  imported liquors and cigars.  THOMAS MADDEN, Proprietor.  Two and a half miles up the Outlet 'frdm Nelson.  Nelson Tent and Awning lannfaetopy  u&XiX; ^szx'ams: t>'-#i,  CANVAS GOODS,  TENTS,  AWNINGS AND  FANCY STRIPED CURTAINS FOR  VERANDAHS AND WINDOWS  ALL SV/iF.5 OF TJCNTS IN STOCK mT*1 CTfr~\, TV /T    A    1���\ /���>l ,^-S. -tw-t-  Utilccr street, opposite postoillco, Nelson    _J_    r~i     M li_J |VI     /\    |   )^%C_)   lS{  Spring Chickens, Fresh, Cream,  Pure Milk, Fresh-Laid Eggs.  All of which are from the ranch belonging to the hotel  SPECIALTIES:  We make a specialty of  Sljiplap aqd Double Dressed IVJaterial  Good Dry Rustic and Flooring  Office and yard near C.P.R. depot   K. G. BKKK, Agent.  COAT RIVER LUMBER CO.  CRESTON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  All sizes of.dimcnsioii timber and all kinds of lumber  out to order, and shipped to Nelson in carload lots.  Write for prices. -.   .  A pleasant place to spend afternoons, evenings and  enjoy delicacies that cannot be obtained in hotels or  restaurants at Nelson. Good stabling. Open day and  night.   Can bo reached by either road or water.  WILUAM ROBKKTS, Proprietor.  COSMOPOLITAN  HOTEL  Kverything first-class  Choice brands of Wines, Liquors and Cigars  Kates ��1.50 and ��2 per day.  .1. W. SMITH, Proprietor.  Large and well lighted ....   ...Heated by hot ai  Reasonable rates Sample rooms  .��� Klcctric bells1 and. light in every,,room   .Renovated and refurnished throughout' .  HOTEL,  VICTORIA  -,-���.'    J. V. PERKS, Proprietor .-   ":; .��� ' ������'.  Free bus meets all trains Rovalo-rrilfa    R   fi  Hourly, utrcot car to station ntJVtJIS��lUI*.��s  O. U.  W. P. DICKSON  B. H. H. APPLBWHAITB  J. McPHBH'  Supply and Ccnstpuetion Co.  ELECTRIC SUPPLIES  Complete Electric Equipments for Electric Power Transmission and Lighting for Mines; Towns  Electric Fixtures, Lamps, Bells, Telephones, Annunciators, Etc.  P. O. Box 606.  Josephine Street, Nelson, B. O.  $5500  Will buy 24 horses, 12 wagons, 2  wagonettes, 1 buggy, 10 sets of  sleighs, and a complete outfit of harness, saddles, blankets, etc., and a going business of  $30,000 a year.   Terms.  djQOOO Will-buy two lots and . improve-  ���PPvVy. ments on..north side ol'7Vernon  street/between Ward and Josephine streots.  Terms..-  <6zLI=inn Will buy 30 by 120 feet on the  q>'*��JV^v^ south side of Baker street, between Stanley and Kootonay streets.   Cash.  4M n nnn WiU ��uy s�� *>y 12��feet ��n tne  H'AV-'jV'v^v^- northeast corner of Baker and  Josephine streets.  P. O. Box 57  Cash.  JOHN HOUSTON,  Vernon street. Nelson I  FOB STYLISH MILLINERY  and Fancy Dress Goods  Blouses and Dress Skirts  CALL ON  Mrs.   E.   McLaughlin  JOSEPHINE STRRKT, NKLSON THE TRIBUNE:   NELSON,  B.C.,  SUNDAY,  MAY   14-,  1899.  1*30.  tl. ���  *�����.'  Y^Y  ii^jfe"*  ttv'S,  I M"  ll*  f-  A-  A large stock of ladies' and gentlemen's  purees and pocketbooks in genuine  seal and monkey skins, of all shades of  color and bound in gold and silver, just  received, These are the finest goods in  their line ever brought to> Nelson. Complete line of drug sundries of the best  quality constantly on hand. Special attention  to  compounding   perscriptions.  CORNER BAKKlt AND JOSEPHINE STREETS, NELSON  Postof  BOOTS  BOOTS  BOOTS  WE HAVE NOW A PULL ASSORTMENT, .OP SPRING AND SUMMER  GOODS PROM AMES, HOLDEN & CO.,  J. D. KING* & CO., M'CREADY AND  OTHER MAKERS. CALL AND SEE  OUR SPECIALS IN TAN AND CHOC-  LATE.   CALL AND GET OUR PRICES  J. A.  LK  aSTEZSlT   POSTOFFICE,   BAKEE   STREET,   ISTELS03ST  and  THESE COODS we are  ��� bound, to "sell wljile  they remain the. patterns  of the season,. We prefer to mark" them down,  rmw, ar-d let our regular  custoirjers ,haye the advantage of th,e cut, rattier t\\dt\ have a slaughter  sale some months later  to n\ake room for r*ew  goods. Our display of  Rugs and Art Squares  is ihe finest ever seen  jn . Kooten*ay. Th,ey are  f=recei-i/ed=direoMro!n7=theL  eastern importers so that  iri buying from Us you  are virtually reaching  headquarters.  When Advertised   t  At. "Auction  Prices"   should   bo  leffc  alone.     An  - auctioii jirice means the  highest  price which,the  purchaser can bo induced to pay.  New Spring Designs  *    In Axiiiinstors of - the best quality, Avith or Avithout  borders? British and Canadian makes.  Brussels and Velvet Pile  Suitable for drawing-rooms, dining-rooms, halls or  .stairs, with or without borders.  Tapestry and Patent Tapestry,  Union   art   squares,  Japanese   squares   and  rugs,  Smyrna and Tecumseh rugs.  40 Different Styles  Of   baby carriages   and   go-carls  to   select   from.  Kattiin chaii's and, rockers.  Furniture of all^Kmds  Is advranciilg, and notice to this effect has boon  sent to the trade by all large manufacturers.  Baying a largo stock on hand Ave will be able to  continue to quote better figures than any Of our  competitors, We have also three carloads of  furniture on the way.  B. McARTHTJR & OCX  Corner Baker and Ward Streets, Nelson.  A large consignment of fresh 'Strawberries,  Spinach, Onions, Radishes, Rhubarb, Fresh  Oysters direct for today's trade. Our stock of  Fruit and Groceries is all fresh and up-to-  date.    You will   save   money by buying  your  goods from' us.  F. B. MORSE,  B. J. ROYAL.  LOCAL   NEWS   AND   GOSSIP.  All the railway and steamboat lines  operating in Southern .Kootenay announce a single fare for the round trip  from all points on their lines to Ymir,  Kaslo, Silverton and New Denver on account of tlie queen's birthday celebrations  at these towns. Tickets will be on sale  on the 22nd, 23rd, and 2-1 th, and will be  good to return until the 2(ith, inclusive.  The revenue of the provincial government from liquor licenses, in the district  formerly administered by tlie government agent at Nelson amounted tosonie-  thing over .$20,!'S{). In this district there  are all fold II!) provincial licenses for the  sale of liquor. Of this number 8(j licenses  were issued for places of more than fifty  inhabitants, and a charge of $200 each  was imposed, while U-'i were wayside  licenses for which the charge was but  $li0. Under the new act which came into (.'11'ect ou 3Ia.y 1st, the charge for wayside licenses is increased to $100, so that  upon last year's basis the increase in the  government's revenue would be $2520.  Sheriff Tuck has seized a team of  horses and a set of double harness, the  property of John Kavanagh of Ymir, in  satisfaction of a''judgment in favor of  D. Campbell for $40.50 and costs. The  horses and harness will be sold at Ymir  on Thursday.  Tliree additions have been made to the  criminal docket for the approaching assize court, liegina vs. Ross is a Trail  case in which a Chinaman is charged  Avitli defamatory libel; Hegina vs. Osby  is a case from Three Forks in Avhieh the  prisoner is charged with" perjury; and  Regina vs. Sullivan is another case from  Trail in Avhicli the prisoner Avill be tried  for theft.  The crowd that hung around the corner  of Baker and Stanley streets yesterday indicated that there Avere either, many idle  men in Nelson or that the contractors  who are excavating the Hudson's Bay  Company building cellar have adopted a  novel plan for ..removing the excavated  material.  James McPhee docs not look it, but ho  is the father of a daughter that As*as nine  years old yesterday, and Miss .Katie jMc-  Phcc gave her little girl and boy friends  a tea party in the afternoon. There were  present: Nina Hopkins, Bernadine Bosquet, Gladys Bosquet, Mattie McCardia,  Mildred Week, Lillie Munson, Pauline  Tosca, Volma Ironside, Klla Lougheed,  Mabel Jvnudson, Alma. Demars, Lillie Mc-  Mahon, Maudio Holbrook, Bessie Scoley,  Winn if red Cumin, Maggie McPhee, Pauh  Bard, Raymond -Bard, Willie "McCardia.,  "Charlie Pearcy, and Gordon McPhee. (-/__  -CE. Perry, one of the best known  "civil cugincersin the province,'is in Nelson for a f cav-' days.    .'        %"   - ���>     ,y.  ��� A. IX McGinty of -SandonYwas brought  before judge Form yesterday for electioif  upoii-thc charge of unlawfully assembling  in connection Avith the anti-Chinese out-  breakMn the Sloean somc-monthsago.-' hie-'  Ginty eletced trial by jury and'judge Forin  made an order for bail. , Ju the event of  McGinty furnishing satisfactory sureties  he Avill regain.his liberty .until the assize-  court sits.    Williams, the man who was,  mixed, up   with 'McGinty   in  the  anti-  Chinese disturbances., elected speedy trial"  before judge Forih  some  time  ago  and  was sentenced to  one  Aveek's imprisonment.  A. Ferland ��fc Co. received word last  evening tliat their tender for the purchase of the stock of CraAvford & McMillan  of Sandon had been accepted.    The  stock whieh Avas advertised for sale in  Tn 10 Tnir.uxi*: consisted of: Groceries  $2000, drygoods $2:300, clothing $500,  gents' furnishings $800. boots and shoes,  $80, harthvare and crockery, $1000, and  other goods bringing the value up to  $7-150.  A convention of the several miners'  unions throughout the district will be  held in this city on Monday afternoon,  when a scale of wages to be demanded  under the eight-hour law will be fixed.  Nearly all tlie delegates arrived in the  city last evening, so that the convention  will be representative of the whole district,  NELSON, B. C.  KASLO, B. C.  SANDON, B. C,  en  C3  UJ  as  22  UJ  ��2  CO  <C  *���  GO  uu  It  you  Vv  ri-i  CO  CO  Vi  o  ���31  fS3  CO  o  lh  goods  pays us to deal squarely  and to represent" our  and methods just as they are. It  pays us to, strive for excellence in  quality and price, always aiming  to place in the hands of customers  the best goods at the smallest  figures. On this basis we invite  your inspection of our. lines.  The latest. and neatest stock in  Sash Clasps, Belts in all patterns,  Blouse Sets, Skirt Pins, Shopping  Bags, Ladies' Lorgnette Chains in  patterns.  A specialty of Diamond Jewelry  of all kinds and descriptions.  We want your watch repairing  ancl we employ only expert watchmakers, VSend your watches as we.  can saye -you" money on your.. rc-  pair work.  JACOB DOVER, The Jeweler  IMPORTANT NOTICE  HIS DUNCAN CITY LOTS  DEALERS IN  ardware  SOLE AGENTS FOR  Giant Powder  TRUAX  ORE  OARS  Canton Brill Steel  WOODEN  MATERIAL  CARRY IN STOCK";  Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal  Pipes, and Fittings  Giant, Caps and Fuse  Tools, Cutlery, Tin  and Woodenware  Stoves, Ranges,  Iron,  Steel,   Sheet  Iron, T-Rails  Paints, Oils, Glass  NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:   Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.  A Coat of Paint  iiv  ^  WILL  ADD   TO   THE   SELLING  VALUE   OF  A  SHABBY  LOOKING   HOUSE  When you make up your mind to use a little Paint,  bear in mind that we carry a complete stock of all  kinds of Paints, Oils, Varnishes, and Stains, also  Kalsomines, Kalsomine Brushes and Painters Brushes  Shelf and Heavy Hardware  Mining- Supplies T Rails  THE LAWRENCE HARDWARE GO.  ICASI.O, V. C, May 12lh,"lS!)3.  Notice N hereby given to :ill whom it may concorn, that  I have boon appointed sole ayont- for completing <(.l 1 the  sales made by Messrs. Simpson Bros. & Keeling of lols at  Duncan City, Houscr Lake, West Kootenay. U. C, u>dcr  contract for deeds thereto. All such purebaser.sni-e hereby required to notify too of their addrevj. iind present  holdings, that the roll may he corrected in accordance  therowith. The second "overdue payments must bo forwarded to me on or before the I51.li d.iy of June, proximo,  when appointments will be inado for the completion.  WILLIAM J. TWISS,  Sole agent Simpson Bros. & Keeling.  _____ _ ___  LOST���A bivad .silver brooch, on Monday night.   The  Under will bo suitably rewarded by returning it to  Mrs. George SIcplic-nson. Water streei, Nelson.  Remember the Name  rB"5T  ���   EAST KND GROCERY STORE  West Block, Baker Street East, Kelson. B. C.  AND  Ice Cream  Ice Cream Soda  (HA54LEWOOD)  /\T CENTRAL FRUIT STOflE  Fresh Fruit received daily  Next door to Nelson Wine Co.  Telephone �����. HUMPHREYS' & PITTOCK  TO   LET.  A N 8-room ho\ise; furnished; bath-room, electric light,  ���"��� piano, workshop, and large garden. Cornel' of    ' Whalley,  ...           rge   gar  Falls  and   Hoover, btruets.   Apply lo   I'  Nelson, 1.1. C,  THE Olympic Hotel, Kaslo.   Twenty rooms; fund-lied  complete; bowling alley.   Apply to Richard (lallop,  on tlie premises. ... ^  Hazle wood  lee Cream  We have been appointed sole agents in Nelson for  this celebrated lee Cream, and are now prepared  to cater to the public nt our ice cream parlors,  which we have fitted up in lirst-clnss style. Call  inland have a dish of this delicious cream, Other  dealers supplied.  Mills &  Tropical Fruit Depot, -  Corner of Raker and Ward streets, Nelson    .  NEELANDS'  SHOE  EMPORIU  1  It will be to your adviintago to see Our large  itnd complete ijtocfc of, Boots and Shoes. We  caVry the following lines: J. <fe��� T. Belly J,  1). King &. Co., IJoi'tli Star .Shoe Co., foots,  ���Suhnlt/. & Go., Stratford .Shoe Co., Ames, Ho)-  deli it Co., iyul other leading makers.  BY DEALING WITH RELIABLE FIRMS  Two carloads.of choice Grocerje'and Crockery have just:been  received by us, which will be sold -at prices -which have never, been  equalled in Nelson. Among our specialties arc Crosse & 'Blackwell's  Marmalades, Jams, etc.; Chase & Sanbbrnjs pure Java and 'Mocha '  Coffee; Christie Brown and. Patterson's Biscuits; Ram Lai and Shil-  A trial order solicited.  ling's Teas  20 AND 28 WEST BAKER STHBK'XV NKLSON  Builders and contractors can now secure  the best lime on the market at  70 Gents per 100 Lbs  CALL   AND   INSPECT  FOR SALE  BDSIN'KSS AN;D KESIOKNTrAL  pitoFknTy  FOR SALE.  -JjiOH SALK���An old store front.   Apply to Theodore  ������-     Miulson. liaker street, Nelson.  The West l^ootenay Brick & lime Co., Ltd.  Baker Street.        T. G. PROCTOR, Manager  BOARD AND ROOM  First-class hoard and room. Todd's.old stand, corner  Ward and Carhonato streets, in rear of Knglish church.  Heated by steam.. Table board ��1, room and board ��o  and S5.50. ,   .     . ,  A collection of fine Belgium 'Canaries for sale.... ,  J. V. O'LAUGHLIN.  ,S0 by 120, Baker streei, between Josophiiio and  Ward strde1 s ��S0O()  50 by J20, Bakor .street, between Josephine aud Hall  streets       ,..,.,   laoo  00 by 120, Baker street, hi Iwouil Josephine and Hall  streets, corner s   SO by 120, Kust Baker street     800  25 by 120 with improvements, south side of: Vernon  street   5000  50 by 120 with improvements, south side Of Vernon  street .,    G00O  2 lots and large house beautifully iiirni.shcd (snat-).. 1000  2^1018 withcottage rented at ��15 por month, Victoria  street ,  35OO  1 lot with cottage rented at $15 per month, Victoria  street   2500  2 lots with cottage rented at ��20 per month, Ftanlcy  street  3000  G lots in block UD, all cleared and fenced in.',...... 2500  !)-room house and 10 lots set out in orchard   1100  2 lots and improvements, 52 head of cows, 2 horses,  wagons, sleighs, harness, and everything in connection with Hurry's milk ranch     5500  For general information on real estate and for further  particulars on above property apply to  Telephone 10.   P. O. Box K So W.     Bafeer street VlTest, Nelson  A Ham p*ree  From avnythingf that {s objectionable is��a g-reafe treat to the  citizens of Nelson. Although! we have, been .selling from,  this car of " ���  But a few days, we have received numerous congratulations  of the highest nature as to the quality and cure of these  Canadian meats. They are, without exception, the finest  meats that have ever been brought into Nelson, being lean,  sweet, and very mild cure.    The price is down.  ABERDEEN BLOCK  NELSON, B.C.  DesBrisay & Go,  "WYA^IRID BEOS.  Real Estato and General Agents, Baker St., Nelson  Vienna Restaurant  Baker street, between Josephino and  Hall streets, Nelson.  MEALS AT ALL.HOURS, DAY OR NIGHT   ,  BAKERY IN CONNECTION  FAMILY AND PASTRY COOKING A SPECIALTY  ONLY WHITE HKLP EMPLOYED  OR-     -HTTHEY/   PEOPEIETOB  Sodas  WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED  A fresh consignment of Maple Leaf Cream Sodas received    ���  direct from the factory, put up in 3-pound boxes.   Also-  a  full line Of  the Toronto  Biscuit and Confectionery  Company's Sweet Biscuits.   Don't forget that we handle  Blue Ribbon Tea.  JOHN A. IPINB -ft CO.  1 Baker Street West, Nolson, B.-C.  Havo just received a consignment of Harris home  made tweeds from Talbot Harris, Scotland.  FEED J. SQUIBE, Baker St. lelsoo  The supply ta limited, so call early and examine this stock.  PECIAL ATTENTION


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