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 LOCAL AND MINING NEWS FROM  ADJACENT   TOWNS   AND CAMPS.  Sp jcial to The Tribune.  Kaslo, May 10.���It will be the steainer  International that will run , on the excursion between Nelson and Kaslo on the  24th, and not the Moyie as previously  stated. [The Moyie has been chartered  for the Knights of Pythias excursion.���  Editor Trikunb.] A. Whealler, barrister, of Whealler <fc Martin, returned to  Kaslo last night from England, where he  has been on a visit for several mouths.  Frank O'Brien, at one time a mining  broker here, but now of tho C. P. li. ollice  force at Cascade, is in town.  Messrs. Fleutot, Mansfield &,Morin, the  French mining men, have returned   from  Victoria,   where  they  went   with   li.  F.  Green, M.P.P., to ask  for  an  appropriation for tho South Fork wagon road. Mr.  Green also returned last night.    AVe  expect to hear the result  of their   mission  during the   week.    William   Simpson, of  Simpson brothers, who oavu the  Duncan  City townsite, is in town for the purpose  of arranging  with  the Kaslo  <fc  Slocan  '     company  re a  transfer  of part  of the  townsite in order to get it surveyed   into  lots and jjlaced on the market.    Both the  C. P. R. and Kaslo &  Slocan  gangs  are  rushing tlieir respective  grades  through  the pass at Duncan  City. c The Kaslo &  Slocan   established   their   grade  higher  than the C. P. It.,  and   in scraping  and  digging dumped the dirt on the  C. P. li.  grade, thus giying their opponents twice  as much work as  they would  otherwise  do.    However, as it appears, the Kaslo &  Slocan were successful iu obtaining their  injunction' restraining  the C. P. Ii. from  interfering on their right-of-way through  the pass, it is likely they will  give  the  C. P. li. running powers over  their line  through  this pass in exchange for other  concessions  ou  the  part  of the C. P. R.  Both   companies  are  rushing men, tools  and supplies into the district as fast as  possible.  Silverton.  Sii/VERTON, May 10.���A good strike AA'as  made yesterday on the Queen Fraction  claim, while doing assessment work. The  specunens off the surface of a lead unco vered showed considerable clean galena,  and although nothing has as yet been  done to show up the size or character of  the lodge, all things go to show that the  find is likely to prove a valuable one.  The claim lies below the Galena Mines on  the lake shore, about; ten minutes ~ walk  from   town. V  David   Mathesou   and  M.V  ';.?. Strielclandof "N|jWj Deuyer.areirthe owjiersY,  A:7TiielOdlt^  ,;Vndided,to noiri7the-Muiei'Svwnioi^.uittheii**.  v, excmg"^  Tjanc��"ndyi'c^^  Y^vhereyer the. Oddfellows  jAWft/ltythias, goYalso.���1^- About.v3o0*people  A^���-����-��^v>7��m#>;��"S#3> ���-������*-..* ������ i,..n."jSnJi,y^n"y....~t ?",  ^areiexpected tQ;0cqme��on7this��xcubrsion? ;������  ^Y.j|Gi;ant^^^  s"SlljiejFs)^n%n>tSpe)f t" ".to'day .inYtoAVli." ��� JETe",  {yednmlied-Sviih tlie" le'aderk^dfY^the locjal  y uiROivaucl lt^is^presiunetl-that, matters n  l"-fion^  3^discuss���e\1 .n n ��� ���W/4t.f ^  "^tlieY(^&na^  YYdoif^t^  k ;nii\i��7qj\yj^ w'J$h"  Y tlieir ��� jiien* "and:" tliat" k mlitually -satis-  *^factory: Scale"pT'^wa'ges-cith"be-secured by-  ;Yth/3se "interested, i the" nunei'S" and  mine  Yipw/herS iidoptin*^  The tNiew "Deliver - footbnll. club desires  "to ���r<?pmi*)e.t^V'*<xi't|.i�� the lo#al f.teah;r.    As a  ; game wit&Salicloii is^arra^iged for Sun-  day,, the^DeiivOiltes" "liiiist ^wait' until later  :for a game.   -Chester F. tee, Avho until a  feAyJnoiiths ago"Was a head official oi' the  Bunker Hill "and jSullivaii ifiiine at Wardner, Idaho, is iii town ih connection with  a jminiiig^ cleal Of Some iinpoi'tance, the  MINE OWNERS MEET IN SANDON  TAKE   CONCERTED   ACTION.  THURSDAY MORNING, MAY 11,  181)!)  PUBLISHED AT NELSON,  BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DAILY (BY MAIL) $5 A YEAR;   WEEKLY, $2.  Father Pat's own expression, " ho is walking round with the tail of his clerical  coat over his eye." Father Pat is a great  favorite in tho Ymir camp, being known  to all the boys. On Friday evening professor Herman Zibler gi'ves an exhibition  with his gramophone in tho Foresters'  hall and a dance after the musical programme is concluded.  The "Broach of Promise Case," which  was;to have been the principal feature of  a coming literary society entertainment,  has fallen through, but for what reason  deponent sayeth not, although the fair  plaintiff is credited with the onus of it.  The committee of the queen's birthday  sports have drawn up an excellent programme and contributions are coming in  fast. The miners' union lias been busy  recently drawing up resolutions re the  eight-hour law, which have been sent in  to the government and circulated  amongst the other unions. J. W. Smith,  the proprietor of the Cosmopolitan hotel,  is having a 'sidewalk erected at his  own expense from the corner of Fir street  aud First avenue to the raihvay station  platform, a distance of 127 feet. Other  sidewalks are badly needed in Ymir and  the citizens are anxiously waiting the  arrival of vice-president Shields of the  Spokane Falls &, Northern Railway Company to enquire into sidewalks, etc.  THE HALL MINES SHELTER IS  SHIPPING   LEAD   BULLION.  TRYING   TO   BRING   ABOUT   PEACE.  Associated Press.  Manila, May 10.���Reports received  from the insurgent line, which, however,  have not been confirmed, say that a  meeting of the.Filipino congress has been  held at Sanisidro. There Avas no quorum  present, but in spite of this fact some  business Avas transacted. The reports  add, that although those Avho attended  Avere mostly partisans of Aguinaldo, a  strong desire for peace Avas expressed.  General MacArthur Avill probably remain at San Fernanda until fresh troops  can be forwarded to him from this city,  to replace some of thevolunteers avIio  have become exhausted from the long  campaign. Filipino riflemen-to the number of 8000 are intrenched ou both sides  of-Bacoloi\ iT,he,Ainericaiis,-hoAvever,are.  .full^ahle*,tdi"MoldftheYcity  Tho first consignment of lead  bullion  to leavo Kootenay, since tho Pilot Bay  smelter  closed   down   some   three years  ago, wont out on the steamer Moyie yesterday morning.    There  Avero  four  carloads in tho shipment, Avhicli will be supplemented with   four additional cars on  the Moyie's trip on Friday morning. The  bullion is the product of the  Hall-Mines  smelter  and    is  being sent   to   Newark,  Now.Jersey, to be   refined.    In   the. two.  -shipments   there   will    bo   just   329,02^.  pounds,   which   is   valued  at $37,842.28.  The bullion contains 95 per cent lead, 203  ounces silver, and Avithin a small fraction  of    two    ounces ... gold   per   ton.      The  bulk       of      the       load       and      silver  were obtained from  tho  galena  ores  of  the Slocan, Avhieh were purchased by the  Hall Minos for treatment in conjunction  Avith**the Ioav  grade  ores  ofthe  Silver  King.    The shipment is especially Avorthy  of note, since it is the first iu custom leatl  smelting venture.    Tlie Pilot Bay sniel ter  made some purchases of lead ore, but the  bulk of their  ore  Avas  drawn  from the  Blue Bell mine, Avhicli was.oAyuecl by the  smelter 'company, and  very  little  effort  Avas made by the smelter 'management to  do custom smelting.  PATGHiNG  UP THE DIFFICULTY  OVER    THE   CITY   SCHOOL.  fl,     nUPJ^ fl.  ���% The; mhihppiuea��feoiiiinis.sion: .haswbeen8.  ^f^iaerii^&iiKVfiigial ��,i��tf8^titibuai:  ^foisNegi'osusUind^-Avhic.h^Ayas^W'^^^^  ^ai^i-v^nMeled^ o$  l{3;klifbhiiaii-(^yMl&^  "= poiiitsY" the-Y" fioiilJiii^ioh n"will   pi;61jably.  a*ecbmiliehtl;��rt\inifovni^  r%txe ,pi:bviixe^s>Y *Thfe "':cph^ti6ntiVnfpitY is:  "inteiuleil/.A|ill^iy|n7 pli& iia;tivt\s. ,^^^-7'  erhihent,. eo-opeiiiti'iigSvith the inililiujy  ���B   "' 1?  A  ''Faith'"-jCiire"l)cip1;fe^s?"iii Trouble.  ^ssocidtect'Press.  pai'tieTilars of ^wliich are not yet ready  f Oi* publication.  Ytiiir.  YmIr, May 10.���J. P. BlcDonald, superintendent of the Bullion group, Operated  by the Alf Gold Mining Cohlpany Of  Brantford, Ontario, is in town, aiid oper-  atioils on the property Avill be resumed  almost iinmediately. There is no truth  AvhateArer in the statement in yesterday's  Nelson 'Miller that the Blackcock iniile  has been soltl for $40,000 cash to A. J.  McMillan of Rossland, representing an  English syndicate. Mr. Audet, of Julian  aiid Audet, the OAvners of the Blackcock,  emphatically denies it. Work is to be  started Arery shortly again and shipping  resumed. The Monarch company are  calling for tenders for 200 feet of tunneling on their property, which is situated  betAveen the Fern and Porto Rico mines.  Particulars can be obtained from R. W.  McFarlane, Ymir. The annual report of  the minister of mines, just issued, is a  miserable failure as far as ad\rertising  the mines of British Columbia is concerned. Ymir is not even mentioned, and  the minister of mines happens to be our  representative.  . The Hon. J. Fred Hume, minister of  miues, is expected iu Ymir tomorroAV.  Miss Cummins of.J8alfour has arrived to  stay Avith Mrs. Dr. Kellar. Mr. and Mrs.  J. F. Burne are expected in Ymir on Saturday from tlieir honeymoon. The neAV  furniture is lying at the raihvay station.  H. M. T. Pym has returned from a trip  up Kootenay lake and reports everything  dull all over the country, but it is expected to improve before the end of this  month. He Avas present at J. F. Burne's  Avedding and says eA'erything went, off  SAvimmingly. He states that ReA'. H.  Irwin is a sight to  behold, for  lie Avould  uncertainty   regarding   the  attitude, of  play in the football match, and  to quote    Great Britain  NEW York, May l,0Y~Oif Behalf of tlxe  healtlypffi'ce/1^ 0ounr  s rAYaish appeared! in Mie��-polipcikcbuft in  Brooklyn: today with'Ml*, and" Mrs; feer-  hard Schneider "of Wllji&hi^bilrg, for the  purpose of having the couple inform  magistrate Bremii:er of What knoAYledge  tliey had of an alleged faith cure pr'ac'-  ticed by k MrsYMarie Miller of this oity  "upon Mrs.. Schneider's tAA'elve-yeal'-okl  daughter, Whose subsequent sufferings  =from-gaugreue=could=only-=be-allevi*a,ted-  by the amputation of her leg. Mr.  Schneider testified that the "faith cure"  Avoman came to them unasked, and stipulated that no doctors should be permitted  to attend their daughter. . She put sah-e  on the afflicted limb and mixed a certain  kind of tea for the child to drink. Mrs.  Schneider testified that she paid $51 for  this faith Cure treatment. Mrs. $t.huei-  der signed an affidaAit, on Avhieh magis-  tfate Brenner issued a VvarraUt for the  arrest of Mi's. Miller on "the 'Charge of  practicing medicine illegally.  Wrangling Over Confederate Graves.  0 Associaled Press.  Charleston, May 10.���The annual" reunion of the confederate veterans began  in this 'city today After a monster  parade a business meeting -was hold in  the neAV auditorium, at which fully 7500  AA'ere present. The chief topic of discussion AA'as the suggestion recently made'  by president McKinley. that the federal  goA'ernment should take charge of the  cemeteries where'confederate dead are  buried, and care for them as is done iu  the north. A motion that the suggestion  be accepted metr Avith. heated and at  times most bitter opposition. J. M.  .Bushee of North Carolina,.made a> spirited speech in wliich, lie declared that ihe  ji ne, Avas7indelihly. .drawn - jbetove���en ithe,  ^graves,,- *ofi*the.*?Jirort3i?ajid. tho.se>^of-���the���  {���f'a-y.y". -mT.*jS,v��.',i-��" =��**"��. "s^"!��"r��-"#.^v8i��y-��.0". '  .South: "*Tlie"federal:.'government".iconldft  sdecOi'.ate 4th���e7grayes] oKthe - nor th, "but vhe  ;5a\a: rthe^gi'aA^es - o��s�������the southei'"c��heroes*  '-���A^se^iilpieS^)^  ,*mu; .���<��-,,yy.-=yy^-^p,it.y ".yy.-..- ��>"**">< -,. yyfl,.y���  !mnen,dinjtmt"3i'tluiWth6=:ma^tt.er  %d .tl&; committee 8mon," ^i'4iphi!tiona *"\^ras*��.'  ffn,aTl^"ivdop%q(.]-;;"Y���Y:."'' :lyy,yy '^.l'^ ��� ";-���;"  "   Instt^c,tipn|* "to"; Britam's ;Dele^a*bes.  , "'      JAsociafed PresSY    .���   "����� Y.  . JLONriox;, ]\lay "1^1 WliiCJB^ilSf^Hra'fJhi'c  stfys it vii|d(3ri*jtaiid^ thata7th4 Biiti��hidt)lef  gates to tli^jdf-iS&r]^ Will  Newfoundland's Legislature Meets.  Associated Press.  St. John's, NeAvfouudland, May 10.���  The colonial legislature- will be opened  toniQiTOA\'. The speech from the throne  will reAieAV the Avork of the joint high  commission for tlie settlement of the  questions in dispute betAveen Canada and  the United States, on which, the colony  AA'as represented by the premier, sir James  Winter., It AA'ill also treat of the .work  of the royal commission that recently  inquired into the rights of the French  fishermen on the treaty shore, and Avill  announce legislation to assist the imperial  government in bringing about a settlement of the difficulty. An extensiA'e programme of local measures is promised.  ��benusti*het<3d tt'Oaha'ke^fl'ortS;.;tO ���pjjbhiO.fce/  tl ��� perhfaneufc "sehenie" fpv "international  .arbitration Avitliilx tlie limits"justified by  past eSpeiieuee. ILord "Balisbifry takes  the vieAv that,althougli it Wovild be inir  possible to* agi:e"0 to, aiibltrate all iilter-  natifHial: disputes, it may be possible to  .base a general treaty Oii the principle of  the precedents laMvdOwhin inauy treaties  Avhicli haA'e beeiLcondluded. by the various  States during the last feAV years.  Hon. .1. Fred   Hume had  a   conference  Avith nieinbers of the Nelson school hoard  yesterday afternoon, Avhen   the difficulty  between the board and the education department, which   resulted   in   a    partial  closing of the school, Avas gone into.   Tlie  school trustees impressed the_ minister of  mines  Avith   the reasonableness of their  demands, and .should tho  department at  Victoria show that It is Avilling to  meet  tlio trustees in the  matter, a temporary  rearrangement Avill be made in the school,  so that all pupils Avill be able to attend  at least half a day. The trustees, as a result of the conference, AA'ill make a request  to the department that they be alloAved  to expend in conjunction Avith  the  government's local architect the $2000 voted  for the completion of the two  unfinished  rooms.    If  this  is  done, they  say  that  tliey could have the tAvo rooms ready for  occupancy  in fifteen  days, and   the furnishing of the  two additional teachers  and the supplementing of the  incidental  grant by $150 avou Id wipe out all differences.    Supported as they expect to be  by the minister of   mines, the  trustees  think  that  their  request Avill  be  com-,  plied Avith at once.  The desirability of the city taking over  the management of the school avjis also  discussed, the members of the board  being unanimous in-the'opinion that under municipal control much greater efficiency in the schools could be secured.  As legislation is required to transfer the  school from provincial to municipal control; the-matter will be allowed to remain  in abeyance 'until the next annual meeting of the school board, when'the project  Avill be laid before the electors. As there  can scarcely be tAVo opinions upon the  desirability of the change, it may be predicted that the city-Avill obtain control of  the school at the beginning of the first  fiscal year after the next meeting of the  legislature. '-���'",;������'  the neighborhood of Apia are still  strongly occupied by Tanus warriors.  Tanu lodged a complaint Avith the  superior court against the administration of the treasury which is now  controlled by the consuls of Great Britain,  Germany and tin* United States ponding  Dr. Sells assumption of the duties. Tanu  demanded that ho be paid a monthly  salary of $150 which is the amount paid  to Malietoa. Lapucua. The United States  consul. Luther W. Osborn, the United  States general, acting as cashier of the  treasury, refused to pay the money demanded, but the chief justice, Mr. Chambers, gave judgment in favor of Tanu for  the amount claimed: .  7   , Baseball Games Yesterday.  '#,TndfeLtrai*^li&.S?jBjins-*^lBf:M^  ij.,^I%%d5(|%|^Sfc5P&  Ls ��'*:0^rdit^^Cqlitmbilsf .S.^-j,:""*"^-."-Y^k"'  s -V0hic%,O*"0,-TJofiisAli11e^itf*,*i -fhy.  ,.;-Ke^ ^g;^,^ll|i|elp^iaY45v -..  -... ''B^OOklyiv"9j" 'Wdsliin gt'odS.- -  " 4^^^^���-Syi^u$^^-'.    *���  ��^al^in&1^-'5;lBbstoh1,|9> - ��  " .ejeAielftiid % "St." LOuis J. 2, "���  ���". Proviclencei ��ly Rocli ester 2.  ": (Hkrtidril:\ Montreal 8.   * ���  ���' Tproiltor'Qy,.Woifi-psiexf..  ": "-  LOCAL   NEWS   AND   GOSSIP.  A billiard tournament at the Hume  hotel billiard room avi'II commence tonight at nine o'clock. The" prize for  English billiards Yvill be a handsome  billiard cue and for American billiards a  box of cigars.  Work"' Avas commenced yesterday" by  Messrs. Hillyer & Co. on the Hudson's  Bay Company's building on the corner of  Baker and Stanley streets. As the contractors are under oi heaA'y penalty if the  building is not convicted Avithin a specified time, work upon it Avill be rushed.  Born, in Nelson, on Wednesday even  ing, to the wife of George Hall  of Gore  street, a son.  The ..Tribune has the best, equipped  job printing plant in the province outside  of Victoria and Vancouver.  At the annual meeting in New Westminster of the British Columbia Fire Underwriters'Association, the old association Yvas dissolved, and the organization  of a neAV one decided upon, Avith" a constitution A\Thich abolishes the ''Westminster.  Insurance Board and places the control  of all the Mainland fire insurance business in the hands of an executiA'e board  atWaucouvei', a similar board at Victoria  controlling tlie Island business. This is  done, osten'siA'oljvto cut down! expenses.  At al 1 oA'ents A. W. Ross, the resident  inspector at NeAV Westminster, Avill probably be; -require'd��� to,nialce his.-.'headquar-.  thu^ykiMdi^^  fJUapaneseYEetahatiqn^  Y.Spc%Yal4to^'li"o/rr]B.uiU!V!^.Y.V  His Property  Looted.  Associated Press.  Neav York, May 10.���Dr. P, F. Cham-.  ^bers^of^thiS^city-tOdafy^recelved^aHetter  from his brother, chief'justice Chambers  of Samoa, dated at Apia, April 20th,  Avhicli states that the rebels under 'Chief  Mataafa looted justice Chambers' house  on April 0th, during the height of the  present troubles. The chief-justice lost  about $10,000 Worth of property.  ". A. SpQcial^Commit^ee Meets.        o ���  "',."'    ^sSbeliit.dd.j-'i'ffi-s."  'Ot'p^A,"May 10.���The gpeeial conia'uit-  teep iijjjJOinted to consider "the Douglas  eleVjator bill, entitled ail lict, to regulate  the grain tratlieY iii Manitoba and the  NoE%liAvest Territoiieg,, sat "this morning.  Mi!m. Bain pi-e^ided!. ^Ministers Sil ton aiid  Fishel' and other.lnenibers of the commit"-  tee Avere present. Vice-president Shangh-  uessy and judge Cla"4*ke AA'ere present fbr  the Canadian Pacific. A large delegation Avas in .attendance' from Winnipeg  and points west, .representing theolevatoi;  aneii.=^G.=Magee-aud-=A.=Burn=of=tho-Bank=  of OttaWa Avei'O also in attendance.  Easier Feeling in the Transvaal.  Associated Press.  Johannesburg, May 10.���While popular anxiety here is sonicAvhat allayed in  consequence of the expected conference  betAveen president Kruger and sir Alfred  MilnerJ governor of Cape Colony and  high commissioner of South Africa, the  continued tension is having a bad effect  upon trade, and is accentuated by the  regarding   the  attitude.  Defaulting Teller Gets Five Years.  Associated Press.  WnYMiXGTOx, DohiAVare. May 10. William N. Boggs, the defaulting teller of  the Dover National Bank, A\*as today  Sentenced in the United States district  Court to five years in the Trenton penitentiary, beginning today and, to pay a  fine of $0500. '  A New Machine Gun.  Associated Press.  London, May 11.���-The Spanish goA'ern-  nieut lias ordered tAventy samples of a  neAV Spanish invented rapid fire gun,  Which, it is said, pierces sixteen centimetres of Harveyizod steel at a distance  of 2000 yards.   Kipling on the Mend,  Associated Press.  Lakkwood, NeAV Jersey, May 10.���Rudyard Kipling and party left yesterday  for MorristOAvn. Kipling Avalks briskly  and has gained fifteen pounds during his  three Aveeks' stay among the pines.  Stock Exchange Seats Advance.  Associated Press.  Nkw YoiMv, May 10.���A seat on the  stock exchange was sold today for  $10,000, the highest sum ever paid.  Silver.  ��� ; yyy'. y- Associated l"rcss7     7       -".'V-Y'--<'-'������������.;  ,'��� Ni<3W York, Mayi 0..���Sil ver- certificates  01 ���','(��02\c; liar silvoi' (il^c. Mexican'  dollars IS'.-o.  Little Faith in Russia.  Associated Press.  ' BeumNj May 11.���The Freuzz Zeitulig  says, regarding the peace conference:  "Every impulse toward increased armaments during the present ceiltiU'y has  coine from Russia and France;, and there  can bo no sincere talk of disarmament by  RnSsia, A\'ho would bo tlie last power, to  civil a congress in the interest of Innnaii-  ity and to cast the false mask awa.y.  She Knew Her Friends.  Associated Press.  Madkid, May  10.���The  queen  .islation Lofi1j3"u|SgJi=-0t)lyinS'hi?a��fi[ij^'*Jj =3.TKt]JiV";  Would "retaliate".     A& tO tlfp "pueseiit jjosi"*-*  ���tion ��� of liiattOr,^ sl"^^ ��^it;ic|i:; ��"-���CCJ-i^r 1?i'i^i'^'r  gOAieiHjnfei.it'.' linct, "aISbuY. Ttlie" "vSoTulinon''  apthOiMipy -'.'a!sDe ��,"flp,o\\i * ;ncOjiyitIenr"i)igf/:;tfijL'  ! iiia^ter;Sincl":sQ:fa/.(,l^'I��"hni^;e'" "g}.iiffcj:gd' in  LoitdOji,"*%iy*"spl'"0.vii]CJillY,p&ilticia .iii"  British COlTiinbia" Wj-ll naA'e'to; isOeedeirom  theii' position, if that turns out" to be  cori'eet "it Avill. eiul the matter, and  Canada., aiid Japan " wjll ,reuialii?  as friendly -as possible in tlieiir  A'aiious relations ai?d tholr :cOifi\heV'Ui>i  intercourse Will not be imp.edecU I-f^lidw**'  ever, the British Colulnbia legislation is  allowed by tJje Dominion goA^ernnieut  the feeling in Japan Avill be very had,  retaliation will nhnOst certainly bo suggested by tluj ncwspapoi-s ancl politieifl  agitatoi-s, and a goyei.^i_iiient is sometiine.s^  regent  has conferred upon the Austrian minister  of Avar and the German minister of the  navy the grand cross of inilitary merit.  It is generally siqiposed that the decorations have been bestowed in recognition  of the friendly attitude of Austria and  Germany towards Spain during the recent  Avar Avith the United States.  Equitable Life's New Officers.  Associated Press.  New Youk, May 10.���At a meeting of  the board of directors of the Equitable  Life Assurance Society, held hero today,"  James AV. Alexander Avas elected president in place of Henry B. Hyde, who died  recently. James Hyde was elected vice-  president.' Gage E. Tarbell, second vice-  president; George T. Wilson, third vice-  president.  Samoa Becoming Quieter.  Associated Press.  Apia, Samoa, May l���via. Berlin, May  10.���Tho difference which arose regarding the lino-outsido. which sllio-Mataaf.'ins  agreed Lo withdra w has Th'-cir; arIjli'sted.;'  and work lias-boon resumed oil the plnh-  lations near Vallde.    All, tin;   houses in  lmpeilcd~hy tho consecjnont agitation  Which springs up to shape its policy accordingly.  Companies Have Not Amalgamated.  Associated Press.  London, May 10.���Regarding the reported amalgamation of the Fiirness,  Wjthey & Co. steamship line and the  Haiubtiig-Auioiici'h Steamship Company,  it is announced, tluit the companies' haA-o  decided to run a. joint line of cargo-stealn-  ers potween Hamburg, Antwerp and Quo-  bee. Color was lent to the reported  amalgamation by the recent purchase by  tlie llanibprgrAinerican line of six of  Furiiess, Withej' Si Company's* freight  steamers, which have been placed ou the  now lino already in operation.  United States Delegates Reach London.  Associated Press.  London, May 1.0.���Citptain A. Alfred T.  Malum, U. S. N. retired, and Sotli Low,  president of the Columbia university,  New York, delegates of the United States  to the disarmament congress, which  begins in The Hague on May ISth,  reached this city today, with their assistants. They Avill start for tho Hague on  Tuesday of next Aveek. The United  Spates ambassador, Joseph 10. Choate,  will give a luncheon in their honor on,  Friday.  Want  Moral Support.  Associated Press.  London, May 11.���The Berlin correspondent of the Times says: "A manifesto has been issued, signed by an influential, commmittee of members of  roichstag aiid the Prussian diet, professors and authors, urging that public  lnretiiigs'lK! 'hg!d;throughout:;Lho.;--oi.npire'  ;io;*siui'tain*tholialitis (if-the German com-  inissionors at The Hague, and to insure  the/success of their efforts."  A meeting of the Lead Miners' Protective Association AA'as held at Sandon on  Monday evening for the purpose of determining what action should be token by  the mine managers in the eA'ent of the  enforcement of the eight-hour laAV being  accompanied by a demand from the  miners for a continuance of the $3.50  scale, Avhicli is at present paid by the  mines for a ten-hour day. The meeting  was held Avith closed doors, but from a  reliable source Thk Tnibunk learns that  it was decided to meet any demand for a  scale of $o.50 by closing down the mines.  It is not the intention of the mine OAvners  of tho Slocan to wait for the date set for  the enforcement of the laA\\ So soon as  notice of the government's intention to  enforce the law appears in the Official  Gazette the mine OAvners of the Slocan  avIio make up the Lead Miners' Protective  Association will issue a statement of  what wages they are prepared to pay  under the eight-hour laAV, and if they  are not found acceptable to sufficient  miners to render the economical Avorking  of tho mines possible the mines will be  closed down.  The opinion proA'ails that the mine  OAvners Avill be willing to pay $3 per day  to miners as a minimum scale, and that  they Avill not ask any one to AA'ork in the  mines for less than $2.50 per day, bub  Avhether they would be Avilling to pay a  uniform rate of $3 for all the men employed underground could not be learned.  The mine owners profess to be apprehen-  siA-c of trouble, but as the working  miners are not any more communicative  than the mine OAvners, it is impossible to  determine Avhether the mine owners'  fears aro avoII grounded or not.  The number of Avorking miners a\1io  would be effected by the closing down of  the mines in the Slocan is variously estimated at from 700 to 1000, and it is conceded that they are virtually all members of the union. So far as can be  learned, no action lias been decided upon  by tho union, and the general opinion is  that no announcement Avill be made by  the miners until conferences are arranged  between tlie other unions throughout the  district.  The Shortage Made Good.  AVilliam  Gill,  inspector  of inland revenue for the province, spent yesterday  in Nelson checking up the books   of the.  local collector, and leaA'es  this  morning  on the steamer Moyie for Cranbrook.   He  roportsiuvviug found everything  in connection with the Nelson office in'a A'ery  satisfactory condition  and the  revenue  increasing, , Yesterday Mr. Gill received  , a.telcgrriuii-J!roni,_J-^'E.'M.iller; collector of  _inlaiid'rc\renue,* who is in   Spokane; st'at'-,  ing  that W. S. Jones, the Rossland col-, r  leqtoiyAvho' had  loft a shortage of $1242 ,J  hi his accounts, A\'ould return to Rossland  today,  as  the  charge  of embezzlement .  had  been   withdraAvn..    The   Dominion  government had   no  intention of prosecuting' Jones, but  .simply looked" to his :  bondsmen, A. RoA'sbach and Louis  Blue,  to make up tho shortage, which they did.  Mr. Gill has been in   the  inland   revenue,  service for   the past, twelve years, and  paid his first visit to Nolson seA'en years : "  ago, before the railway reached the place.  It was then a mere -hamletand  he  had  little expectation that iu so short a space  of time it Avould groAv into so large, and  prosperous a town.  Is the Agreement Violated? .  A meeting of the retail merchants of  Nelson was held in the board of trade'  rooms last night at Avhicli there Avere-  present Fred Irvine, J. Morrison, A. G.  Shaw, II. B. Good, T.J. Scanlon, J. IL  Walliu^rfnTrMiuTtin~0'ReilIy7 IfAvas reported at IjIio meeting that F. B. Morse  and J.J. J, Royal, of the Fast Knd Grocery.,  were violating the early" closing agrlJe?  incut, and a committee consisting of M.  DesBrisay, T. J. Scanlon, M. O'Reilly, J.,  Morrison, A. FerUtnd and Fred Irvine  was .appointed to Avait on the member'"}  Of the fii'iu in regai'd! to the matter, and  report at a meeting to be held On Friday  evening, Tlio Same committee were.alSo  authorized to interview thofruit dealers  and barbers in reference to closing their  places ofbuSiness oii Sundays.  French Doctor's Sensational Suicide,  Associated Press.  Palms, May 1,0.���The Suicide at Ghoisy  le Roi, six miles south of Paris, of .Dr. La  Forest* a prominent and wealthy doctor,  has caused a sensation Dr. La Forest  Was accused of disgraceful conduct, and  his arrest was impending. He discussed  tlie position with his Avife and they concluded that, whether he was acquitted or  convicted, he would be ruined financially.  The doctor then resoh't'd to kill himself.  He made his Avill and bidding fareAA'ell to  his wife, shot himself in his bedroom. He  papered, the cracks in the door and window, and then turned on gas. For tAvo * *  hotirs he conversed Avith his Avife through  the closed door, and his voice became  'feebler until he could not be heard. Mine.  La. Forest then informed the police who,  upon entering the room, found him dead.  Wales Gets the Britannia Again.  Associated Press.  London",  May   10.���The yacht  Britannia,  formerly  owned  by  the prince  Of  Wales, Avhieh, recently disposed of at pri-  A*.ato sale, is uoav the property, it appears,  of Mr. .Jameson, former  helmsman to the  prince of Wales, and it is  rumored that  the yacht Avill again sail under the flag of  the prince. ���o  THE TRIBUNE:   NELSON,  B.C., THURSDAY, MAY  11,  1890.  :r>ro"W" msr  T  k:  a  FULL  LINE  OF  Ladies' White Duck  Ladies' While Duck-  Ladies' Shirt  Waists  A few   Spring   Capes  A  nice line of Ladies  Skirts.    .  Suits.  at 5oc> 75C,  eft, which  Crash  !j)i  and $1.25.  Avill   be sold  at cost.  Bicycle suiting*.  One  New Williams Sewing* Machine,  $28.  A. FERLAND & CO.  Kliolt. Mock. Milker Street. Nelson  Tool^s  A COMPLETE LINE JUST ARRIVED  FROM EASTERN MARKETS  Nelson Hardware  Baker Street, Nelson.  FOR THE WARM WEATHER  Co.  We have  Serge, Blue   and   Grey, no  a'most complete line of Summer Coats and Vests in fine  ling,. CA'ery seam covered. Separate  Coats in light and dark colors. Light weight underwear and Socks.  Canvass Plats and-Light Capos. Everything-to add to your comfort  in hot Aveather.  Sign of the Big- Red Hat  :P.O. Box 103, Nelson, B.  C.  <J. F* ^iV^JSIR  ��te WxxinxTiz.  Dailv Edition ���.  Wkkklv Edition     First Year, No. 109  .... Skvbntii Ykak, No. 2T>  THK DAILY TRIBUNK is published every 'morning  (except TMonday), and will be mailed to subscribers  in Canada or tbe United States for ��5 a year, and. to  subscribers in Great Britain for ?8 a year; or it. will  be delivered.to subscribers in Nelson for 25 cents a  week, ��1 a month, ��2.50 for three -mouths'* ��5 for six  months''or $10. for one year;   Payable.in advance.  THE WEEKLY TRIBUNE is published every Wediics-  ' day and Saturday, arid will be mailed to'subscribers  anywhere for $2 a year, payable in advance.  REGULAR ADVERTISEMENTS printed in both the  daily and'weekly editions for ?4 per inch per month.  LOCAL OR READING MATTER NOTICES 25 conts a  line for eaeh insertion. : -..'���������--.  ^ JOB7PRINjTINGVat fair rates: "TAccojints forp'o.bprinJY  li-"'ing" -and 7adycrCisiug#ire7payablo;on' the.fir^tjpt'd'^eryj;  ^E^month*.">Adatue7'!3^"*,7" ��".���>'."��������.�� \ ��� n-f^.^yy .,'���,. "v  L^��s;^?9-"��r*-"x--^"tf��':THE TRIBUNE,, Nelson/B/C.H;  jflffi   rf^nfl-    nn rfHf,     ^na' Y5  o"^"    n(?   d -iVJJ?   '^   *?"'- a "J"  n^��.   Q   **��� <S D H   .      D0 D   u     "   $1 "      J     "������ '"  .THEiMiiiev 'is.-llie^dffi^lip^dV'B^ife^^  1 ntfl,     B,*  JX"<    J-' noV'o'-;-D'Bn��  d'-B'B      [T     "Hn-f      n n .{P   n n ��^ *   ffl n n ���  n       J"*  ���n       Jk   n   Oi n        ^      Dn anHD 0*? "M0"    ft I1 n "     D   ril    rf61      ���"'4l u      uu^     ��/ .    WD   n "       J  Yjiis^olld-wei^ shipAy-lf^i'fthg";:  '      -    "���-'  "S.J   nl^        *"6B      nafl\��     ^ �� '    "a o'-nih"    ^ - "nn        ft    . b   ���  Rl o * ��� - n n **       n   ' *    n a ��� n  n  ^l^OOlW'lic^ du��� excS^s*idf=�� the'  f��reveidieicolle(ifeaytk& mpxvtiipkiee.idirly]  ' ^i^tli's."! ^I^'atfemraiirg "jbo "rdf ii*fc��e �� fstcts-Yil;,'  ���   ' 5��7",*%ifrs**V-"^7|���V''"'"""���".*�� "   " "���'"lif'fl>"-aK.yt t ���  ?YY���<iua'Kes���:aDsiU'a:statemelrts. wOne*oFitsVab-?  ���VD    'j    '[p'q?u   di "'*    D    '"   So��oD-i^��I:ta Dlff,D"n nn"      "n;     "* d  (Jf   �� ^ ^ 4 D n D"'     ****     "S^Yf^      ^       ,alb    d    ^ '  Add to that sum the .annual-sinking fund  and interest charges and Ave have a total  of $-1,014, AA'hich leaves a profit of $2512.25  for the year, or $200.85 a lnouth on an  investment of $40,00.0." Make the iiiA'cst-  mei.it $76,000, which, the city couucil pro-,  poses to do, and the loss would haA'e been  the difference betAveen tiie veceijrfcs from  rates ($7426.25) and the amount charged  to maintenance account ($064.08), the  amount required for interest ($3800),"and'  the amount that must be placed in  the  ^fil,���390;/tlie^  I^J^^^Qjiii^- "ratte -(for * fiyd;sfi/o^6hs-)  sfj^$��CQQ'*��I<j|)\�� ^aiicl .from all other", ��mtif&&&  ^.;$7:lSi��0BY"So���nsteaclof being -the 'chief  YYsour;ce:;of revenue, the Teal estate taxes  ^w|r^:only'2-3 jier'-Cent of the totalV "An-  y O'tligr abSu\U:cl sta,temeht is that the cl.ee-  ^ta"teio4|'glit;pl{tut is' a losing concern to tlie  "'luile-of nearly $J,000 a month.  wmmm  "WE"ARE NOT APy-ERTI��iN6  Thiis   season.  Xi  is :not "necpfjsaS'y, everyVpdy  knows" tliat" our" "''      ��    "*"  and Ppiees &iw&r  Tliari dtKer'DealerSi  TiliE city took Over the electric light  ���plant oiX August 1st, 1S9S, paying there-  foi* $35,400.   -Sin.ee that date tlie city has  collected electric light rates for the eight,  ���months ending &Jarch 31st amounting to  $8030.07 (April rates not being payable  until after May 1st);    Duriug; the eight  inphths for" Avhieh  lates liave been  col-  ;lpbtue"fl,. thb city spent $2806,71 for opqr-  atiiug and ma,i.uttiih.'iug the plant.    Add  to this tlie,. iutorOst fbi' eight months on  t)ie $40,000 electric light debeutu res issued  aiid.-the amount that should bo set apart  for the sinking fund and Ave ha\*e a total  of    $5140.04,    Which    leaves    the    city  $2899.03  to   the   good,   or   a   profit  of  $362.37 a month instead of a loss of $1000  a monthi   "It may be said that aa'c liaA^e  not  alloAved  anything  for 'depreciation.-  If a plant is maintained iu iirst-class condition, all sums so. expended are charged  to  operation  and  maintenance account,  therefore there is no depreciation that is  'not covered by  the  sinking  fund.    The  electric light plant is the best -asset' the  city lias today, notwithstanding- Its purchase Avas bitterly opposed by the Miner  and tlie city officials avIio use that, paper  for a mouthpiece.  Now let us see how the Avater works  has been paying, and Iioav it would pay  Avitli $30,000 more added to its cost. Oil  January 1st last the Avater Avorks had  cost about $40,000. Last year the Avater  rates amounted to $7-120.25. The amount  charged    to    maintenance   was., $961.08.  Sportsmen   want  best   and  -it^at^   cai-i   always,  Co., m  isr.EnLSQisr, *b_ c.  ]jro|)o.sed, by a long Ava-ys. These are  facts for the owners of property to consider. The property owner pays the  piper in the end. His property is mortgaged to pay the principal and interest of  all debenture debt of the city.  Judging from reports received from  the different mines aud camps in Kootenay, there will be no trouble on .Junel2th  between the men who work for Avages  and the men who pay the wages oA'er  the enforcement of the eight-hour law.  The country will not go to smash merely  to make good the predictions of a few  loud-mouthed share brokers.  'S BAY  &;&&&;&��;&&  ^������^  :&  SS-fS  :&*5  W  ~* f^>' >������>" fc--^ O" S>" f-^ C^^o.  m  m  m  #  w  We are now showing a complete line in  Gents' Furnishings consisting of  New Ties, Shirts,  Gloves, Hats,  Boots and Shoes  B  ELGRAVE.  HEIGHTS  Boots and  Shoes  LADIES', MEN'S,  AND  CHILDRENS,  FRONT  .2!  BACK  2i  ��  The Latest in Men's Hats  INCORPORATED 1670.  Have You  a Sweet  Tooth?  IV  so  COMR  AND  SKIS  OUR  ASSORTMENT  OF  Christie's  FULL  0PEM BACK.  DRESS  AND FRONT  OVER FORTY VARIETIES  CHOICE AND FRESH  w  GREY FEDORAS, FAWN FEDORAS, BLACK FEDORAS,  BROWN AND BLACK DERBYS.  TRADE  Natural Wool, Balbriggarj, and Silk aqd Wool Uqderwear  Top Shirts in Light and Heavy Weight.  White Shirts, Regatta Shirts  With and without collars attached.  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Season we will deliver ice ft private resideiicoi*  ami business houses daily in any  desired .quantity at oasonrablo.  prices.  Will buy 125 by 120 feet, iit.tho  Koiitlnvest. corner of Vornon  and I'ark sti'eels with im  |)rov(iincnts. One of ihe best  residences in Nelson. Terms:  S'J.ilX) cash; balance iu six and  I wolve months. Apply to .lohn  llouston, Vernon St.. Nelson.  GAMBLE & O'REILLY, Agents  Bakor Street AVcat, Nelson, B. C. '  FOR SALE  SNAPS IN HOUSES AND LOTS  IN ALL PARTS OF THE CITY  DRAYING and  EXPRESS  Nelson If on Wpplcs  MANUKACTUliKjis OV  ENGINES. fOI^BKS," SHA^TINQ-, .IRON AND  BiiASS 'OASJ^INO'S OI^TByBR-i-.pBSCR"Ut?,TiOlir  Repairs promptly attended to.       P.O. Box 173.  &  GENERAL TEAMSTERS  Merchandise hauled lo and.from depots; bus  meets all trains and boats. , Special attention  given ts tlio transfer of. baggage. Office, and  stables on Vernon street, opposite The Tribune.  J.  Money to Loan  L. VANSTONE,      R. H. WILLIAMS,  Jlincs and Miniate Stocks Customs, Broker  HEAL KSTATK AND OMNKItAL AGENTS  arsnaw  AGENTS FOR  ,  The Imperial Oil Co.   Staridard QilvCo.  Washingfton Brick ar^d Lirne Co.  The H. W. l^cNieil Co., Ltd., Cariadiari AntHra-  cite Coal (Hard)  Dealers in.  STOVE WOOD  BON TON RESTAUflANT.  OPEN DAY AND NIGHT  The only restaurant in the city-  employing only white cooks.  Merchants' lunch from 12 to 2  o'clock, 25 cents. Dinner from 5  to, 8.    Short orders   at   all   hours.  Crow's Nest Pass Goal l!o,  PAYMENT MUST/ACCOMPANY  ALL ORDERS  1 -..-...���  Charles   St.   Barbe,    Agent.  R. REISTERER & CO.  BREWERS AND BOTTLERS OF  Fine Lager Beep,  Ale and Porter  Prompt aiid regular  ...  delivery to tho trade.  Brewery at Nelson.  'yy  yyy.' THE  TRIBUNE:  KELSON, B.C., THURSDAY, MAY 11, 1809.  3  Capital,  Rest,  all paid  up,   *-  $12,000,000  6,000,000  1,1)111) STRATHCONA AND  MT. ROYAL, President  Hon. GEO. A. DRUMMOND Vico-Presldont  K   S. CLOUSTON General Manager  THE BANK OF  NELSON  *N*ELSO*KT   B-R-A.3STCI3:  ti. W. Cop. Baker and Stanley Streets.       BKANCUKB  IN       LONDON  (BnKland),   NEW TOBK,   OHIO AGO  and in Miu principal cities In (Juim.ltt.  Buy and soil Sterling  Exchange and Cable Transfer,*  CIKANT COMMKRCIAI, AND TKAVKI.I.KKO' r'KKllITS,  available in any part of the world,  DRAFTS  ISSUKD    COLLECTIONS MADK; ETC.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CURRENT RATE OF INTEREST.PAID  FETCHY   IfECKTIES   FOB   WOMEN.  Of course  everybody .wears   neckties  nowadays,  and the .variety  of  tliem is  something    remarkable.      Some   of   the  neckties Avorn are exceedingly pretty and  some of the most fetching ones are made  by   thewearers   themselves,   and their  greatest charm to beauty lies in the fact  that fchey are uot skimpy, but have a generous  lot  of lace,  or  muslin,  or  gauze  forming them.    It  does uot require any  great amount of cleverness to .make one  of these neckties, only a little skill Avith  the needle, and a kuoAArledge; of plain sewing.    The necktie should  be long enough  to pass about the  throat tAvice and then  tie in a long boAVin. front.    There are a  number  of very  pretty  ideas  for  new  neckties.    One of the simplest is for dotted gauze.    Tlie dots are mere speckles  and  are sometimes  white,.but  as  often  black, wliich  is a  novelty.    The necktie  is made about half a yard wide and long  enough  to pass twice around tlie neck  and  tie Au a  soft, '.fluffy,- bow iu  front,  Avith ends the same length as. the boAvs.  About the bottom is a-full flounce knife  plaited and trimmed with lace.   When  this flounce'is. set  on a beading of.lace is  used.   AVhen the necktie is tied the knot  should be drawn tight, so that the center  is small and close.    This makes the bows  look much smarter when tliey are pulled  outtlian afrthe knot: was tied doose and ^  Yuiicertain.���YAnotheiYQharniiugadea:fpr.7  .necktief Avhieh ...anyone-.eaii^earivy out* is %  yythatgypi: ,]ilai ii^of tr; tuHe5s;.��wi th��flo weysvi u.��  .7i hlqfe^apjplied."''YTlie^tnU  rY^er$c|6ftVlindv^^  jYqreani color^Oi^ecritt^iTJiis.is.hemined.all;*  ".���jarpuud saUQl .has'V^he^euds^cutli'Qunded-i  h  ��� ^V��i:7.'.^T*,'f.tf.,^ft%V"J'.ii'7''*!��.s.W^u;,V-."J'*".";�� �����>i"'**����."! f  s;^ymXia:y.phs$edyh ty lis ^surrqimdiugi; i��� Above;  'j^thfesfi:flliin/tlietjefe  " ;ai:eM*&niig9 :*tlieYfi6*tve*rs: CofYlatik' cui.-.dii��  -irqin aliy"pretty4aee7pti|tter*tisior pnrchas-  Vfed"idistniqtj" JBut'Yiiij ihisfi fciise ��:*tjijey are  Is f|ow prepared -to issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on Skaguay, U. S., Atlin;, B. C, and  Dawson City, Yul^or* District.  ing into crime from  the system of secret  commissions.    But the thing that was so  disgusting  in this  country  was  to Iind  men belonging to the learned professions  taking   these secret  commissions,  .solicitors���though not   in  a. gross  form���and  medical men.    Was   it not intolerable to  be  told that  a medical   practitioner��� lie  was not attacking these professional men  as a Avhole,  these cases Avere the  exceptions��� would  Avrite a   prescription  and  ���have   a   secret   arrangement    that   the  druggist should ghre him twenty-five per  cent on the amount  ofthe drugs?   Was  it not  disgusting  to be  told,  as  a fact,  that if a doctor recommended a particular undertaker  he got  a slice  of the undertaker's  business?   Any one who had  taken the trouble to look into tlie'matter.  would know that these were facts.    They  Avere exceptions���he hoped  rare exceptions���but  Avhere this  moral corruption  existed it blunted the sense of honor and  of honesty. , Not  only  Avas   it  morally  detrimental to those who took part in it  ���demoralizing   to   individuals   and,   in  part, to the community���but it. was unjust and unfair to men avIio maintained a  high standard of probity and of honor.  If lord Russell gets his bill passed into  hv\v there AA*ill still be enormous difficulty  in operating it, for, obviously, where the  giving" and receiving are both made  crimes, the motives for secrecy are  strengthened tenfold, and the likelihood  of detection, diminished as much.  the smoke difficulty, the residual products proved to be of great coiumerci-il  value. In another case the steam produced by the process of destruction was  utilized for tlie driving of electric lighting machinery and other power purposes.  No coal or coke Avhatever avus employed,  and in this instance also there was an  entire absence of smoke. Lord Kelvin's  report demonstrates that our public  bodies have no longer any excuse for  referring to "waste products," but haA'e  Avithin their reach the means of burning  the most unpromising kinds of refuse to a  highly profitably account.  Gave the  Show a Leg Up.  London, May 9.���The prince of Wales  offended English Puritans by naniing liis  neAV yearling racehorse "Lord Quex,"  after Pinero's play, which has  shocked the good people, especially  those who have not seen it,  more than anything else in tho theatre  for a decade. The resulC is that the play  "will certainly have a record run. Mr.  Hare has cancelled all his autumn- tours,  OAving to the phenomeiuil booking.  .1. II. Alexander. A'in r  .1. Skojeski, Sirdar  Ii. Monzies, Brooklyn  HOTEL   AREIVALS  GRAND  f'KNTRAIi. _  Donald, Brooklyn  11. Sharp, Grand Korks  .1. Gili-'on, Nova Scotia  Dr. ICdiv.-i ds, Kuskonoot  T. M-'    ....    .  W.  .Ilurri.-on.   Camp   Jlc-  Kinney  CLUB.  K. Lyons, Ifo.-sslnnd  K. Oran, Rossland  HUME.  A. II. Cramer, St. Paul  T. .1. Stephens, Va"renvoi'  Kr.i��k ?.I. O'Brien, Kaslo  W. .1. iCirby. Vancouver  .1. C. (.'Diilin, Victoria  Gui Howell, Vernon  K. Dobercr, Vernon  PHAIR.  Norman GoWin, Hnntsvillc  .lack Goldie, Huutsvillc  W .I.McMasler, Vancouver  R. Bullock, Revelstoke  O. R. Allen. Vancouver  A. Marshall, Vancouver  Jolm C. Smithson, Spokane  S. Fi llnell, Victoria  T. K. Jackson, Cranbrook  E. MeSwecney, IWcIj- od  1.. jAIarks, Victoria  G. 0. liiicliiiimn, Kaslo  JamcsA. MoDonalil, Greenwood  T. li. Dobel), "Monti'f-al  W. S. Deacon, I'os.land  Cy Sommr, .' P'-kane  II. J. Hnrrows, Spokane  QUKEN'S.'  J. J. Price. \rnnconvor I Colin (.:. Hrown. Rossi ind  It. Al. I'etlit, Kaslo | Henry Hewor, Ingorsoll  TRKMON'T.  Thos. Slevenson,  Republic I Thomas  "M��eken/.ie.   Itoss-  Joseph Jackson, Trail laud  James Jlcltao Hrandon        |  MADDEN.      .  J.  E. Davoust,  Vancouver  AV. Murnir, Spokane  m  B  B  B  B  B  ���t=j-e3'c3-c=3-e3>.  ?��� &��� t=3TG3T&r&  In  B  D. V. McArthur, Siioknno  James Smith. Slocan City  A. M. Clark, Cossburg   -  W. H. Turner, Nakusp  J. P. Cameron, Yniir  A. Clarke. Salmo  Charles Hamilton, Sandon  The Tremont Hotel  keeping*3with   the .growing"   demand   for  goods, Ave have just received  Chiffons,   Dress Trimmings,  Muslins,  etc.     These  goods  have   them   at  prices to suit  new   and   stylish  a complete range of Dress Goods,  Blouse Silks, Silk Blouses, Swiss  are new and up-to-date, and we  all.     No   trouble  to  show goods.  All  kinds  ���in  stock  SASH  DOORS  MOLDINGS  IPLOJIE & TRECILLUS  MAHTIN O'REILLY & CO.  BANK  OP  B. O.   BUILDING,   NELSON.  fl  TEDaa^ES   O-A.SS  .(=>.��=>.(=).��3.c  mm  M  PROPRIETORS  Headquarters for Miners aud Prospectors  The Scotch Dislike Sqldienng.  A number  of recruiting  sergeants for  the  British army  Avere told oily a- iexv  months ago, to beat np a district in a remote   part   of   the   Scottish Highlands,  Avhere  crofters  earn a  precarious livelihood    and   the    population   is    sparse.  When,   after    three   months'   energetic  Avork, they returned to the depot to rer  ���poi't;'-. progress, one, luckier' than his colleagues, brought along withV him a raw-  b'qnejd ;Hig|il^nderj/i^^^^  "��4i!;A"*;6iyed4Wi-brinng*in^  the foldi.exceeded" ���two.�� Jimidj.'ed',mon iidk.  You can save money  by purchasing your  lumber fro��T] me  ets ���<i flugs  THK BKST BRANDS OV  Liquors a��d Cigars  ALWAYS ON HAND  J. A.|apard  HALL AND LAKE STREETS, NELSON     -.'���  One of the best and most popular hotels in Nelson.  When Advertised  BAKER STREET, NELSON.  CHARLES HILLYER',.  I'liESrDKNT ���'���-   .".';���'  HARRY HOUSTON,  ���*���   SHCUKTAKY  ^ScHfsil��Sii  i?li6Ydislif 0 to s6Id%riug is oii,��1)lie i-tiel'e.as.el*  ;n*niueh. m.Qre' exp^i^  '. "phtkrii: saiisikiitory^ dpiypi^." fox',, ailpl lear  %Is"���tO". Ib"qlc,^1iv\ioiig1.^Khfi.%"Rice  "tion  in "tliti.  '"^"shopsjsplioo^iiig1. $l^spkhii"e.ees':- that �� IniA^e  1 ;ilF*Jrgueldistinct: llpwers:. ;leay<Js or designs;.  ���^fqu^'TOi' -or. .half yard* aviIIs ���*w sunicient  I...\g>"(|btitiii tlig"jflOAA^ers,*AAJhij3h��� al:e"darefiilly  . c"ii t oui and", apjjl fed^ withD.^  ylddfltfppgat ��th,fe".[e^|ge���s,' ;:Tjit(jYe|fect $S ���y��ry  Y-decoi'iitive.   ^Sillc"' gauze Yi'ni :ci-eaiii,   or  - "A\yiitj6,A\l$h��� ;frilis.,or .rudiles at; ���tlieaeiids,  -. :ihSkesvyeif^ charaniiig neckties, especially  ��� if itisitlie satiny-iobking gauze wliich is  : so luminous.    Blacjc tulle tife?,- with iio-w-  yers In cf^tuu pi", ecru applied tire a decided  ���   iioyelty, aiid" are  very* pretty tp Avear  Avith f u rs or coats-    Wliite tulle ties Avith  the ends7completely/ coyereol witli -little  ^luicheS'Of^thdtuUe-are^tl^n^  of alLthS designs^ and tlieyVgive a Avpinau  such. "*i iroslff  ileat ai*>peal"ance.   ;Tliese  are, a$lba8y/ig.ma%ey-.as<an:y. descL;i|*).ed, as  the H'uches ai'6 iU6rely double pieces of  tulle gathered in the liiiddje.  The Secret Trade Commission Abuse.  Lord Russell of Killowen, in spite of  the sneers of solicitors and "the city," is  pressing on his bills to cheek  the abuses  of the Co*inp|\nies ^ets. aiid t]ie gh ing of  secret trade conlftiissioiis.    H[e intrOdtices  his bill lnaking the giving or receiving of  Secret commissions in trade bargains a  liiisdemgaiidr, punisl^abje Avith, two, years'  imprisonment,   into  the 'house Of lords  next Aveek.    It Avas discussed by the Lon-  dorl chamber of, commerce this Aveek and  generally approyed.   The recent deA:elpp-  ments in the life of the country, of whieh  it is a part, Avere criticised interestingly.  Lord  Russell,  aa^Iio AAras at the meeting,  said the London  chamber had a right to  be proud of the stand it had taken ou  secret commissions.   There AA-as no reason  in the Avorld AVhy men should.not stipulate for any manned of compensation or  commission they might choose, piwided,  ahvays,   that   it ,\yas open   and   above  board.   Therefore, let no.one for a moment think that the provisions of his bill  Avere of.so drastic aikind that.they could  possibly  act  .with; .undue   severity   or  harshness   upon  any   outspoken  honest  men.   The bill would probably receive a  first and second reading  iu the house of  lords.   It .avouId! ; then   probably be  referred to a( committee of that house, and  doubtless     be     considerably    improved  there.   But in order to carry the bill  through both ]ipuses:into laAV, they Avant-  ed the strong pressure of public opinion in  favor of its passing.    His interest in the  question dated far back in his professional career, and he had knoAvn eA'ils branch-  '">-"""  -Refuse-  Destruction.  The Avell^uoAArirscientis;t; "lord vivejvir^  Bifcr aud^Vliiniself " iu Edinburgh", "iBfad-  ^brd^n4/n0H4aia,v^" |heYJ.^|?,"jffit7 "<)f;jtthp"  ; deBSJbrxiCtiph{p|,; feAV'n"re��use.��; -""Thfe'/rellOilt;  i$ "altogeth^  , it is npt only:���of �� ���gi"nCat ailtergsfr to "local  aiithpi;"itiea;bijJ'to"tji:e*geiierai public.   "Ill*;  fbuC ifiSfyiuqjej flie ^���xp'e^ini^Uted' "Oin.dii'i)!!?;1  asli^it   i-efiise'i   coutainihg  a'lai'gd pro?'  ?p.ortion,-.Of^ nightspil aiid A^Cgetiible inatter  from liiiirkets and liiops.    TliisYvvas cqii-  suiiied   without   tlie ".slightestVti'ape  ���pf.  smoke.   In addition tp ;tliis sOliition of  We have a fine assortment of woolens always  on hand. Gpods madeup at the shortest" possible notice'. : AS everything is kept andinade  on the preiniges, satisfaceioil; is assured.  BAKER STREET WEST, NELSON  ���yyy. ���> ��. \ V'wy<k���Riii&4Sj<%rtn  .."���} 1  ��� Y-">- -"��� ..;" ?."Dl!,^Eljts -I* ." '; '  ��� "*":"Ko1|gS"^6t3^e^se^rrl^^  ��. .,{$pu^g$yijyi^  y :^'ooj^.;Mn$,"S"ash.[  ��� "���Fe"p'b;e��: -P||||s, aM^'Pi^kefs;  '-. .' .Office^'^H^St^r'Fi'tSn&s.'  ..  .    y yr-;. ." y">;sy frf^x '���;*-" *"  l''ACrORA'.'AVOKK' ���l)uON*K" 'I'O "OlilJUU*.  ��Y "...    ":   ������"y"'iiioii"-,<sft*-",'"^'.yy .  tS.0foSI��a^ifigY   " ��" ��  ..������',  "Ba'ffd.^SaL^mg.:": '��� ...",'    .������  ;|i^^tebes;��� ajM  ',..,..  ,  ^fenei?al "lolnepy Work  of ^U Size^ Md Kinds  ���* yLi ghte^t Dy(vEI ect trie i ty.Y ���l  THESE  CO.ODS we are  ���     bound to sell wljile.  they remain the patterns  :.of the season,.   We pre-  ; fer to mark them down.  How, arjd let our regular  customers have the advantage of -tqe cut, rath,-  er th,an, have a slaughter  sale some months later  ;to m,ake room for n,ew  goods.    Our display   of  -Rugs  and  Art   Squares  ys^tle |^iiestl!''SveV^een  : in .vKootenaycftThey��nnare,  receiyed ;s direct; Tcom^he  Eastern jmportersrsWthat  7^i-|1��7Vf.bs;����^"-'r",��-";Yslw,,��C,!'��"    r  in vbuyingYfrom jus*��� you  are:. 0vii*xually,>ireaching  headguarlers.*;;.;."..;, ���.."-"(  At  "Auction  Prices  auction   price-  purchaser can  should be  means the highest  be induced to pay.  left  alone.     Au  price Avhieh the  New Spring Designs  In Axminsters of the best quality, Avith or Avithout  borders. British and Canadian makes.  Brussels and Velvet Pile  Suitable for  stairs, Avith  d raAvin g-rooms, d in in g-  or Avithout borders.  ���oonis, halls or  Tapestry and Patent Tapestry,  Union   art   squares,  Japanese  Smyrna and Tecumseh rugs.  squares   and  rugs,  40 Different Styles  Of baby carriages and go-carts to select from.  Ratlan chairs and rockers.  Furniture, of all Kinds  Ts ^idA-ancing, and notice to this effect has been  sent Lo the trade by all .large manufacturers.  JiaA'ing a large stock on hand we will be able to  continue to quote  better  figures than any of our  three   carloads   of  ��a.)vmill 011 Governiiieiit wharf.  tfiibtory and cilice, cornef Hall street aiid C.P.R. track  AVILL DO AVELL TO  BUY THEIR LUMBER  AT  G. 0. BUCHANAN'S  If 3011 want a natty, stylish suit of clothes for  spring and Sumnief, 1 have over 500 dill'cr*  Cilt patterns of Scotch and Knglish tweeds,  which I will make to your order at tho low  price of .....,   , .?2,">  Black Venetians make a nice suit for summer wear, at 321  Black serge suits in sack or morning coat., 821  A heavy  Scotch  twocd,   nice patterns  for  business suit $IS  Trousers at equally low prices. Fit and finish  no better ih Canada^ Ladies' lino tailoring a  specialty.   Clement block, Baker street.  Stevens, Tfie Tailor  COAT RiVER LUMBER GO.  CRESTON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  All sizes of dimension timber and all kinds of lumber  out to order, and shipped, to Nelson in carload lots.  Write for prices. '  ' LODGE   MEETINGS. ^~  KNIGHTS  OF PYTHIAS-Nelson   Lodge,  No,  25,  Knights of Pythias, meets in I. 0. O. F. Hall, corner  Baker and Kootenay streets, every Tuesday evening at:  8 o'clock.   Visiting Knights cordially invited to attend.  C. FRENCH, C. C. G. ROSS, K. of It. & S.  NELSON LODGE, NO. 23, A. F. & A. M. Meets  second Wednesday in each mouth. Sojourning  brethren invited.  PROFESSIONAL   CARDS.  AH. HOLDICH���Analytical Chemist and Ascaiyer.  ��     Victoria street, Nelson.     -  EWART & CARRI3S���Architects.-. Rooms 7 and 8 Aberdeen block, Baker street, Nelson.   ���...       ������..���������  A largo stock of first-class dry matcrjal on hand, also  a full line of siI^H, doors, mouldings, turned work, ofc.  FACTORY WORK A SPECIALTY  Yard:   Foot of Hondryjc street, Nolson  Tclophonc, 91  John Rae, Agent  Madden House  BAKKR AND AVARD STRJ5RTS, NKLSON  Tho only hotel in Nelson that has remained under one  management since 1800.  The bed-rooms arc wc"l furnished and lighted by  electricity.  The diniiig-rooui is not sccolid to any in I^ootenay.  Tho bar is uhvayg stocked by the best doniostic and  inilJorted liquors and Cigars.  THOMAS 'MADDFiX, Proprietor.  Two and a half miles up tho Outlet from Nolson.  Meat Merchants  Wholesale Markets at Nglsdn,_Rj)Ss[and. Sandon and Greenwood.  N  el son  RETAIL STORES AT  Trail5 Ymir^ Kaslo,  New Denver, Saridon,^$ilverton, Cascade  City, Grand Fdrks,  Midway, Greenwood arid*Sirdar. /"  ORDERS BY MAIL  PROMPTLY FORWARDED  ffead Office, Nelson, B.C.  QDl?flTA THHTflQ.     Spring Chiokehs, Frosri Cream,  OriiulAlJllfilO.     Pure Milk, Fresh-Laid Eggs.  All of which arc from the ranch bclongiilK lo the liolpl  West Kaotenay Butcher Oo.  ALL KINDS OF FRESH AND SALT ED MIATS  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  H.  CANE���Architect and' artist.  next door to Nelson library.  Brokonhill   Block,  Tenders will be received up to  Thursday, May nth, for the following goods at Sandon in the  estate of Crawford & McMillan:  Groceries.  .$2000  Dry Goods.  2300  Clothing  500  Gents' Furnishings  800  Boots and Shoes  800  Wall Paper  50  Hardware and Crockery .... 1000  The above stock is in good condition, much of same being, new  season's goods. .,.7,7  'yy���:y. y((Ty"LEO PEEL,*-'Trustee?  Sandon,  B.C.,  May 2nd, 1899. '..  A pleasant place to spend afternoon's, evciiintfs and  enjoy delicacies that cannot be obtained in hotels or  restaurants at Nelson. Good stabling. Open day aud  night.   Caii be reached by either road or water.  WIJJjIAM ROBKRTS, Proprietor.  Large and well lighted Heated by hot ai  Reasonable rates Sample rooms  Klcctric bells and light in every room  Ronovatcd and refurnished throughout  HOTEL  VICTORIA  J. V. PERKS, Proprietor  Free bus meets all trains Rouolc-rnka    R   fl  Hourly street car to station nUVBISlURe,  D. U.  BOARD AND ROOM  First-class board and room. Todd's old stand, corner  Ward and Carbonate streets, in rear of Knglish church.  Heated by steam. Table board $1, room and board ��5  and So.50.  A collection of fine Belgium Canaries for sale.  J. V. O'LAUGHLIN.  HOUSI-j and three lot'  street, Nelson. H..C.  A; jMiuison. Grove Hotel.  FOR   SALE.  :, Nos. ,*i,-li, and 7, Hloek Hi. Mill  Kor full partion 'a rs apply to  near Kort Sheppard station.  *P>OR SAIjIC  .-*-     Madson,  --An old store front.  Baker street, Nelson..  Apply lo Theodore  Baker Street, Kelson   E. C. TRAVES, Manager  ORDERS BY "MAIL HKCKrVK CARKFUL AND PROMPT ATTENTION'.-  To Arrive 15tii May  PRICES RIGHT  SEE THEM  200 Pairs Lace Curtains  Brass Rods, Screens,  Easels, and Towel Rings  The newest thing in PICTURES, with or without frames.  Another big car furniture on the way.  Nelson Furniture  Go,  re-A^EIi   STEEBT,   "WEST,   NELSON THE TRIBUNE:   NELSON,  B.C.,  THURSDAY,   MAY   II,   1899.  Purs  LOCAL   NEWS   AND   GOSSIP.  A large stock of ladies' and gentlemen's  purees ancl pocketbooks in genuine  seal and monkey skins, of all shades of  color and bound in gold and silver, just  received. These are the finest goods in  their line ever brought to Nelson. Complete line of drug sundries of the best  quality constantly on hand. Special attention  to  compounding   perscriptions.  W. F.  CORNER BAKKR AND JOSEPHINE STREETS. NELSON  BOOTS  BOOTS  BOOTS  we have now a eull assortment op spring and summer  goods from ames, holden &co.,  j: d. king & co., m'cready and  other makers. call and see  our specials in tan and choc-  late, call and get our prices  *N*E3^T   POSTOFFICE,   B^-KIEE.   STREET,   !TELSO*N*  A large consignment of fresh Strawberries,  Spinach,- Onions, ���* Radishes,., Rhubarb,* Fresh  Oysters." direct fortoclay's trade: ' Our stock of  Fruit and *- Groceries, is all fresh-and up-to-  date. . Ypu' will' save"-money;" by buying*  your  goods from us. -      .  F. B. MORSE,  B..J. ROYAL.  &.Vi/".��?"/*B'4fea*ffinN;blpROii3BRY STORE- "      " "  ��*West^BldpkV��"Bal��erf'iStreet Bast, Nelson, B. C.  Nelson Tent; and Awning Manufactopy  -ATLIj   KU3NTXDS   OF-;  &4<  CANVAS GOODS,  TENTS,  AWNINGS AND  mmm ;St#iped curtains for  :#}RAllDiilS AND WINDOWS  ^AiiU  "QF TENTS IN STOCK  Bajtpj "street, 'oppdsito postbflloc, Nelson  CEH^EJO- 3yC_A.JDSODST  E.^H^Ht=AFPlJEiWHAlTE-  =J;=McPH*BE=  Supply and Gonstpiietk Go.  Fred Rites, one of Tin*: Timisltne's old  sta-ml-bys, who has been for a year past  at work in the i'mir mine, eii-ino in last  night ironi that gi'eat property, wliicli he  says looks fine. Fred will probably do a  little prospeeting over in the Boundary  country this suinmer.  11. I?. Bellamy returned on Tuesday  niglit from the Kamloops district, where  he spent the past five weeks examining  properties I'or Colorado and California  syndicates. .He reports that in the vicinity of Kamloops there are a. number of  prospects with good copper .showings,  but there has not been enough development work done to prove them to be  mines. The showings, however, indicate  that it will turn out to be a rich copper  camp. In his opinion the owners of  claims are retarding the development of  the cam]) by asking excessive prices for  mere prospects without any development.  S. .1. Mighton has settled with his creditors, all of them having accepted the  olTer he made of 35 cents on the dollar.  Arthur IrC. Hodgins will be appointed a  member of the licensing board of thecity  of Nelson, on recommendation of the  Hume campaign committee. The board  will then be made up of mayor Neelands,  alderman Miilvillop and Mr. Hodgins.  it is current rumor tliat tlie Hume  campaign committee have recommended  that, hereafter, all provincial notices requiring publication be, inserted in the  Economist and the Miner.  That the volume  of business  handled  by the merchants of Nelson is on   the increase is shown by the incoming and outgoing freight handled  by the Canadian  Pacific railway.'   The  incoming freight  for the  local   merchants  averages   four  carloads per  day,  and  the ��� outgoing' is  close upon  tliree carloads.    The growth  in the  outward,  freight  is A'ery-marked.  It is consigned to Rossland, Trail, Slocan  points, Revelstoke aiid all points south.  C. E. Perry, a member of the Canadian  Pacific Railway" Company's  engineering  stall', left-for- Kaslo yesterday after an  absence of fifteen months. ���-.'During this  interval  he made an extended prospecting trip  through  the  Omineca   country  for the  St.  Anthony  Mining Company,  which is composed of California  capitalists, Avhieh resulted   in the location and  purchase of large  hydraulicing areas on  Germansen and other creeks.    The  company has plenty of capital and Mr. Perry  expects to  make quite a cleanup when  the   ground  is   in    shape   for   working.  Prom the Omineca Mr. Perry expects as  good returns as any   that have "been received .from-.the   Yukon.    On" .Manson  .creek", about seven miles from Gornianseu  .creek, the Porty-Third.Mining  Company  is operating oil a large scale. --It is an Ottawa - company called after" -the   Forty-  Third' regiment. "It has  expended oyer*  ;$100,000 in ^preparatory  work, and  will  make a "cleanup, this season*.  -  - -"'Messrs."McMillan & Hamilton aro .maIcing   arrangements   for- the removal   of*  their stock, of goods froin Nakusp to Nelson.    They ,' are   wholesale   jobbers  and  two or three years a go=located in Nakusp  as   the   most   central   point   lor"  their  "Kootenay business.    Since .then  Nelson  has asserted  its  supremacy as  the commercial centre of. Kootenay and "thpy arc  coming to Nelson to dpr business'.  Ah effort .is being made by those who  take an interested in cycling to buy up  the opera house for Saturday evening.  It is thought that a satisfactory arrangement can be made with the management  of the Lyceum Theatre Company, by  which with a good house a considerable  rake off could be secured for'the bicycle  track fund, which would put the cyclists  in a fair way of raising $l~>0, the amount  set by the city council as necessary to  secure the $:*>0() grant from the city. The  bill for .Saturday evening will be Romeo  and Juliet. Dr. Doolittle, the gas works  promoter, is taking the lead on behalf of  the cyclists.  The members of the city council will  wrestle with the question of the tramway company's franchise this afternoon,  when the amendments suggested by the  city solicitor will be considered.  ^ead^this  for your own  benefit...  NELSON, B. C.  KASLO, B. C.  SANDON, B. C.  DEALERS IN  elf and Heavy Hardware  You will find a hundred different lines in  Watches and Jewelry, the .largest assort meat  in British .Columbia.' You can get a ladies  L-1-Carat gold ������watch, nicely  engraved for   $23.75  SOLE AGENTS FOR  Giant Powder  TRUAX  ORB  CARS  Canton Drill Steel  CARRY IN STOCK:  Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal  Pipes, and Fittings  Giant, Caps and Fuse  Tools, Cutlery, Tin  and Woodenware  Stoves, Eanges,  Iron,  Steel,  Sheet  Iron," T-Rails  Paints, Oils, Glass  NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:  Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Whar:  ?f.  A Coat of Paint  Gentlemen's watches, Crescent St. movement,  17 Jewel, with a Walthani 3-oz. (Dftift Kfl  silver case, dust proof for..-. .. . Q/i-A����tJU  *#  WILL,  ADD   TO   THE   SELLING  VALUE  A  SHABBY   LOOKING   HOUSE  OF  When you make up your mind to. use a little Paint,  bear in mind that wc carry a complete stock of all  kinds of Paints, Oils, Varnishes, and Stains, also  Kalsomincs, Kalsomine Brushes ancl Painters Brushes  Shelf and Heavy Hardware  Mining" Supplies T Rails  THE LAWRENCE HARDWARE GO.  ]'. P, UiirlloltYlT'JewuVtvith the s.uiio case mentioned  for ��I2.."'0.' 'You can kcl, wiitcliuauiid the" liiCcil." jewelry  .cheaper'-hero-'lliiin in. "Montreal or ..Toronto.". I havo  boiiKlit my-goo'ds direct.from ^the mnnutactiirorh nnd V  am here lb soil as cheap a:, 1 bought, thorn. Do.n't forget  lo call-iind examine.    ��� -*,-'--      ,"',-"-  na  Will, guarantee repairing -lite ii nest watches  made.  'Send by mail or .express. ... ,.  JACOB DOVER, The Jeweler  Hazlewbpd  lee Crbarii  Wo have been appointed solo agents in Nelsoii for  this celebrated Ice Cream, and are now prepared  lo eater to the public at. our" ice cream parlors',  which we have lilted up in lii\-.l-cl.i.ss slylu. -Call  inland have a di-h of this delicious cream. Olhcr  dealers supplied. .  IV|iSls & Lot*  Tropical Krnit. Depot.,  Corner of Hakcr and Ward street**, .N'olson  BY DEALING WITH RELIABLE FIRMS  CbiniJlete Electric EQiiipinents for Electric Power Transmission and -Lighting for Mines, Towns  Electric Fixtures, Lamps, �� ells. Telephones, Annunciators; Etc.  P.O. Box '606. Josephine Street, Nelson, B. 0.  iff.  (���/������  COLUMBIA GOLDFIELDS, Ltd.  HEAD OFFICE,   LONDON,   ENGLAND-  All communications relating to  British  Columbia   business to be addressed  to P.O. Drawer  605, Nelson, British Columbia  J. RODERICK ROBERTSON, General Manager  S. S FOWLER, E.M., Mining Engineer  I NELSON, B. C.  W.  A. THURMAN  SMOKERS' HEADQUARTERS  Keeps a full line of  ROYAL SEAL AND KOOTENAY BELLE CIGARS  And all other brands of the  Kootenay Cigar Manufacturing Company  OUR MAMMOTH STOCK OF  BOOTS AND SHOES  EVERYTHING IN THE SI-JOE LINE  J  Two carloads of ��� choice Grocerie rind Crockery, have just* been  received by us, which will be sold at prices which have- never been  equalled in Nelson. Among our specialties are Crosse & Blackwell's  Marmalades, Jams, etc.; Chase & Sanborn's pure Java and Mocha  Coffee; Christie Brown and Patterson's Biscuits; Ram Lai and Shilling's Teas.    A trial order solicited.  Telephone 10*  Box K & W.      Baker street, West, Nelson  IrrOrn anything* that is objectionable is a great treat to the  2(1 AND 28 WKST BAITER STKKKT, NELSON  Builders and contractors can now secure  the best lime on the market at  70 Cents per 100 Lbs  CALL   AND   INSPECT  BUSINESS AND UKSIDIONTIAL  PltQf-'KllTY  'AT FACTORY PRICKS  OF   "TTEILSOlSr,   B.O.  THE BHMIM & KER IILLIIG CO,  L, Ltd.  ..   ���VsTECOLaESueai.E ���-A.3STX3   RETAIL.    ���      "iY ������'���-;'"'"':;  ������'��� :'  ELA-"Y",    Gh^^IIISr,   FEED,   ETC.  The West l^ootenay Brick & Lime Co., Ltd.  Bftkcr Street;.        T. G. PROCTOR, Manager  STEINWAY  The  Standard   Piano  Of the World.  NORDHEIMER  The Artistic Piano of  Canada.  Writo tor quotations on.car lots.'.  JSTTEILSO-IT,  IB. C-  ABT AND MUSIC CO., Nelson, Agents.  30 by  120, Baker struct, between  .losopliino and  Ward Strec's  ...  ��8000  50 by ,120, Baker .street, between Josephine and Hall  streets  ,     1500  50 by 120, Baker street, bitwoen Josephine at:d Hall  streets, corner    30 by 120, Kast Baker street.,      800  25 by 120 with improvements, south side of! Vernon  ���street   5000  50 by 120 with improvements, south side of Arornon  street ,  G000  2 lots and largo house beautifully furnished (shai-).. 4000  2} lots with cottage rented at ��15por month, victoria  street ���  3500  1 lot with cottage rented at ��15 per month, Victoria  street  .....-'   2500  2 lots with cottage rented at ��20 per month, Ftanloy'  street-.  3000  fi lots in block IID, all cleared and fenced in........ 2500  flhroom house and 10 lots set out in orchard   1100  2 lots atld improvements, 52 head Of cows, 2 horses,  wagons, sleighs, harness, and everything in connection with Hurry's milk ranch : ,.    5500  For general information on real estate and for further  particulars on abovo property apply to  Real Kstate and General Agents, Baker St., Nelson  Vienna Restaurant  Baker street, between Josephine and  Hall streets, Nelson.  MEALS AT AU/ HOURS. DAY OR NIGHT.    Y  BAKKRY IN -CONNECTION  FAMILY AND PASTRY COOKING A SPECIALTY  ONLY WHITE II1CLP KMPLOYKD . .  r.    ia:xj*E��Kir,   peopeietoe I  '���&��� *-"u  ���-' ~**v ������ '" ,v &'  citizens  of  Nelson,    Although   we  have been  selling*  froin  this car of  But a few days, we have received numerous congratulations  Of the highest nature as to the quality and cure of these  Canadian meats. They are, without exception, the finest  meats that have ever been brought into Nelson, being lean,  sweet, and very mild cure.    The price is down.  ABERDEEN BLOCK  NELSON, B. O.1  Brisay & Go,  Sodas  WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED  A fresh consignment'of Maple Leaf Cream Sodas received  direct from the factory, put up in 3-pound boxes; Also  a full line of the Toronto Biscuit and Confectionery  Company's Sweet Biscuits. Don't forget that we handle  Blue Ribbon Tea.  JOHN A. IRVING & CO.  Baker Street West, Nelson, B. C.  SPECIAL ATTENTION  Have just received a consignment of Harris homo  made tweeds from Talbot Harris, Scotland.  FEED J. SQUIRE, Baker St. Nelson  Tho supply is limited, eo call early and examine this stock. ;


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