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 FIGHTING IN THE COURTS FOR THE  DUNCAN   RIVER   PASS.  Special to The Tribune.  Kaslo, May 8.���Tlie railroad  building  in  the Lardo has already commenced to  cause  complications,   and  the  Kaslo   &  Slocan people seem to have the best of it.  The C.P.R. engineers surveyed their line,  as described before, entirely on the west  side of the Lardo river, while the K. & S.  surveyed on the east side.    But when the  C.P.R gang started to clear their right-of-  way they came to a  very big  rock bluff,  directly  in   tlieir  route, which meant a  heavy   expenditure either  in making  a  tunnel or   building several miles  around  it.    It was then decided to bridge across  the river and run along the east bank for  a   few miles,  and then   bridge the   river  again back to their own side, and so save  expenditure and   time.    These few  miles  happened   however to  be part of  the K.  &. S. route.    Hence the departure a few  days ago of John Hamilton Gray, chief  engineer, and Mr. Carlson, with a gangof  men, whom they at once put to  work to  grade this little piece  of  road, and   take  out the C.P.R. stakes.    The C.P.R. people  again put their stakes ou top of the K. &  S."grade, but the K. & S. gang kept going  right ahead with their work.    It is likely  that the outcome  will  be that  the K. &  S. will  build their short  piece  and give  the  C.P.R.   running  powers  over  it   on  condition   that   the   C.P.R.   give   them  running powers  over tho balance of the  line, wliich would save the K. & S. building four or five miles of road into Duncan  City.  Owing to the scarcity of" laborers at  present, the C.P.R. contractors tried to  hire Carlson's gang in the Lardo, but  Carlson reciprocated by engaging several  of the C.P.R. gang., Tlie K. & S. have  forty men at work now, and just as soon  as active construction commences they  will .put as many men to work as their  opponents have. This means that there  will be over two thousand men working  in that district this year.  The Canadian Pacific Restrained.  The trouble between the rival railway  companies cropped up in judge Form's  chambers yesterday morning, when the  Kaslo and Lardo-Duncan Railway Company ''made an application for an injunction restraining the Canadian Pacific  company froin trespassing upon their  right-of-way through Duncan City pass.  From the papers filed in support of the  application it would appear that the  Canadian Pacific company, Avhen it lias  any railway work in hand, considers itself ..iiboye^incQUA'enient!.^  #��  'c&Z  PUBLISHED AT NELSON, B.^1"  TUESDAY MORNING,  MAY 9,  189!  .1 COLUMBIA.  DAILY (BY MAIL) $5 A YEAR;  "WEEKLY, $2.  way would necessarily enter the said pass,  and could hud no trace of any survey  having been made, and in his belief the  defendant railway company has not made  a survey of the ground in that neighborhood except through the said puss.  Judge Korin granted an interim injunction restraining the Canadian Pacilic Kail-  way Company till May 30th' from  trespassing upon the plaintiff company's  right-of-way in the pass. The order is  subject, however, to be dissolved at any  time if the Canadian Pacilic company can  show that the statements contained in  the affidavits filed on behalf of the Kaslo  and Lardo-Duncan are incorrect. It may  be also varied or extended, but until it is  disposed of in some manner the Canadian  Pacific company will be unable to proceed  with the construction of its Kootenay  and Trout Lake branch as contemplated.  LOCAL AND MINING NEWS FROM  ADJACENT   TOWNS   AND CAMPS.  71;he;KasIo[&��� Sl^winGfllnpaiiyj ffljpd in the  ,.../olYiee ��)sf����%'h6,5;imiVlife|e"if-:V'of*������yaiiijv&y"^ at,���  ���"Ottkysykj a j?l'in,tbbqfc  6JT l^ferehceY.'aud  ;.prOfilfe of tlie  pXQpO^eclakil^vay up., the V  J;'4afifr sjdorbf the Lardo /iyer, ''anjl pi\(Feb-  Yisu^i^hS4'jbh��c0pileS"of;"fire  same; Avere "cle-  ,4 "^c)Iqm$^^  lyyfpr the ljttl^c^npahy^iiixtil tlie Can*  irdijin Pacific CMii-pahy; d'ecided tliat "it  . reCJ.ui.rqQl" to rUu it$ line, over the rOute  surveyed, hy the. KaslOiaiicl.Lai'do-Diiiicaii  Company. TJieii, thd -trouble connneneed,  wliich, resulted in,ah ajjplicajji&h being  ^nade "by tile Kftslo ^ancl Lardo-Duncan  fbr an innuucitioii ^Restraining the Canadian Pacific company 'froM trespassing  upon the Krtslo compaiiy'S i'ightrofr\vay  through the DnnctijuCity pass. The application was made by George E. Martin  Of lvaslo, and: AArJiS supported by several  affidavits.       '" ��� .  ==Tlre^a*fficli��vit"dfYJ"5]rn  chief engineer  Direct from the Scene.  II. J. Moore, avIio arrived from Duncan  City last night,  says  that  the Kaslo <fc  Slocan   and  Canadian  Pacific  workmen  were all mixed up at work in the Duncan  -.pass when lie left.    He  reports  the pass  about fifty feet wide  and  the  Kaslo  <fc  Slocan grade zigzags through it, so that  there is no room  left  for  the  Canadian  Pacific's grade. The gradingoutfitsreaclied  Duncan   City  the  same night,  but  the  Kaslo   <fc  Slocan  crowd   quietly slipped  away at three o'clock  in  the  morning,  leaving the Canadian Pacific men dreaming of the soft snap they had before them  in the morning of bucking a* narrow-gauge  outfit like  that led   by John  Hamilton  Gray.     Duncan  City is  described  as  a  nicely situated townsite, and will be the  headquarters for both parties.    The snow  is reported two to three feet deep in ,the  2>ass.     At present all freight for Duncan  City  is  lauded  at Argeuta,  and either  boated up the river  to  Duncan  City  or  packed over the trail.     By trail the rate  of freight is 2-i cents  a pound; by boat  the rate is li cents.     When tlie water is  high enough for the  small  steamers  to  run up the river,  the  rate  will  be  considerably lower.  The City's Financial Statement.  RECEIPTS'KOH AI'KIL.  ^f.& &>&���&���>&:������  Electric light . .���  Dok taxes .>..".,�����",.<#."... ."..."j.-  .".'Suppliessciltli. ", "��h��hJ.  ���" JMceiises^ Si Y<\7 i*Sffi  ^MiS(;cilaii'"oiis"r.��.,!"...ai":".Y-'  " Poilc(S"c6urt,fihcV.,.'yii.'7  KeaTciStatC; tdx*e!si,��^w."t*  Burial periMitsi'V-.v.. ".$?".."'  fa ��' ", s'i'pl|l.." k 4, '-y.^.W.-sifk?-*!. *, .",: '���;�����?; ��.'  ".-V" .; . " y,"ki3i}0iisipiii^f^v6ii.'&}ik,-  '��� FfreiiopA'rtm^nfc���/���....,'... y.... ./fy.i.��..."..:  Legiil "fcxpciisoa-.........,-. ., ��� ��� ������.. ..,..  "Misfcellaiieoiifi".. ,.a,.,. ?..:���,]............... t ,,  ^httibiTiSi'X'aiia' prrtitihg.  ��� ���  SaliiWeH".s .,���������[", �����i. ...���.'."������",. ...-���.".�����r.   Sowers ���IcoiistrUjcCionhn ....,,���,."...��.  ���Se>;e'rsiraaiii teuaiico)��.,, ��� ���..., .."...  ISidiyiyalks,..:,..;.  �� ..- .,.���...'..,.;..  Streets.".,...... ���,-.  ,, ��..".-..,.��.......��  ���.,..,  Klcctric .light, (inairiteruTiice) .,.  jBlectrib" liKlit (coiiStrilctibnj.-. ���.-.��� ���..,.���..  ���WJatbrworks (coiiSlnictibif) .���  ���,,,.,.  WHte^works^maii'iteniiiicc)',".. ...���..:,..". ..�����   liitcrc.strjandioxchaji'ge:., ,.,. ���..... �����   Pbl.ice dopiirtiiieTit.��."���,..,.��....,..."..,,   'l'otal ��� ���������.,.��......��. ." *,   HANK   ACCOUNT.  0vcrclraft, Mai'cli 31st, 1S99.��.   Checks issuoci iiir,jVl?H! ,    Intergsion Slarch account.,,s  s..  Amount depositdd iii April...  Balance [(overdraft) ... .  ...���,51,133 17  '��.:,.* "&-?*UMl  &3i:20'  ?iroo'oo��  75=281���.O0  Yiiyaotx  s.f..y.-�� 85.  *:*37.sS0j  "S'"G2'-*'88��  Y��.2832"B0f  "r.$"-7(yX2l,  .,     250/00  57 51  2T.S-2'  .     311 (i(j  ..     138> 11  .     "   2 00  .     331 22  ,  1.91!) 40  ,.     2I(! Bo,  .  1:537< 23  .   lj��10.��l(>  ., " Si!),i2n'  75  .    ,373.21  ......��7>9U 98  .. .,��11,947,09       7,911 98  .. ...       53;80  ��19,912 87  .    3,183 It  ,��10,429,4(3  IJamiltoh  Gnty/  for the Kaslo and Lardo-  Diuican Company, Avas the most important one filed in the case.   It i-ecited that  while the plaintiff company Was at work  oil tlie 4th instant v/ith about twenty  men, in what is coliimonly known as the  Duncan City pass, a force of about eighteen men   employed   by   tlie   Canadian  paiiific Company came Ppon the right-of-  way of the Kaslo and Lai'do-Duiican and  refusOd to lesaye when ordered  to  do so.  Tlie line of tlio Kaslo aiid Lardo-Duncan  railway, lieiir station (58(5, enters a narrow  gorge, known as the Duncan  City pass,  ���wliich- is  not more than froni thirty  to  fifty feet wide, and continues for about  1S,00(J feet, the sides rising iDrecipitously.  The   chief engineer  of   the   Kaslo  and  Lardo-Duncan railway had been through  the pass a number of times, but until his  recent visit he had not seen stakes there  other than those of the  plaintiff's  rail-  *way.    He was informed by Christy Mack,  ���assistant engineer ou  said  work  of the  plaintiff,   that a party  of engineers  in  the employ of tlie Canadian  Pacific had  left Duncan City about May 1st, and proceeded to said Duncau  City pass, and  from the appearance of the stakes of the  defendant's uoav in the ground, and the  felling of trees necessary to the survey of  a railway line, he believed that the survey by the defendant in the said pass  had been quite  recently made.    He followed the liue  of the  intended location  by the defendant company for about GOO  feet beyond the lowest end of the pass,  and found that there were  no  stakes  of  the defendant's beyond that  point,  and  tlie clearing of the trees necessary for the  work of survey there ceased entirely. He  also examined the  ground  east  bf  said  Duncan City pass, by which a line of rail-  ' Dunsmuir Asks for $7O0,.O0d.  Spocial to The Tribiine.  yiCToruA, May &������James Dunsmuir's  offer to tlio citizen's committee fbr quick  connection with   the   Canadian   Pacific^  "railway from Vancouver was made public today- On behalf of the Esquimalt  & Nanaimo Railway Company he asks  for a Gash subsidy of $700,000 and exemption from civic taxation for fifteen years,  in return for which he Avould  gi\re rail and Avater connection Avith Vancouver in three and it half hours, twice a  day, six days a Aveek. lie would, bridge  the harbor fi-om the Indian reseiwo to  the outer wharf, and give the 'company's  present bridge and station"'property to  thecity. The members of the citizens  dbmmittee had an iiitorvieA\r with Dunsmuir today, but they Jnwe not made  known the result of tlieir conference.  Special to Tho Tribune.  Nkw DI'.xvku, May 8.���The Arlington  is to havo new hoisting machinery installed. A force of eight or ten men will  lie employed at lirsl", to be increased  afterwards to a largei   number.  Saturday evening aiiot'lntr public meeting was held in the Iv. of P. hall upon tho  affairs in  connection   with   the  2-ith  of  May   celebration.      The  executive, committee handed iu their report of the progress   of  events,   which   afforded   much  satisfaction    to    the    large    number   of  citizens present.  Much -enthusiasm avjis  evoked and the subscribers to the prize  list promised to double  their  donations.  The big drawing events Avill be the hub-  and-hub    race  of  Nelson   a*s.   Rossland;  baseball    match,    Sandon    vs.    Nelson;  lacrosse match, New Demrer a's. Nelson;,  football contest, Nelson Ars. New  Denver.  ���with a host of smaller attractions. Preparations   are , being    made   for   every  possible contingency, and the big crowd  attending the Slocan lake jubilee may be  assurred  of a  good  time aud   healthy,  clean sport.     The indications point to an  attendance of a thousand outsiders.  Ofeorge Aylwin is making arrangements to re-opeu his hotel at Aylwin on  Ten-mile creek. W. C. E. Koch has the  contract from the new Enterprise company to haul the supplies to the^ mine  to the lake, as soon as operations commence. A neAA* scavenger has been engaged for NeAV Denver, indicating that  the dry earth farm Avill be continued.  C. B. Taylor has re-opened his hotel at  Enterprise, the toAvusite at the mouth of  Ten-mile. At least live temporary lunch  rooms Avill be opened to accommodate the  croAvds on May 24th. W. F. DuBois, the  neAV manager at the Arlington, is in  toAvn AvhilingaAvay time for a couple of  weeks to enable the suoav to get off the  Springer creek trail, there being about  two feet of it yet.  Ncav Denver has challenged Silverton  to  a "match  game  of   football  here ou  Saturday next.    Large quantities of hay  and geiieral feed -have been unloaded here  vdnriu"g>�� th^pastY'fbays :du��"y^I"{J.:SDlle1.?Ae\\^'  f^ighcau^elm  Vou|>JSuhda'*yj\e^^  ot^.the" money - "-being7��couti)ibutetl?:^by*,  ���^etidgio'f-'S^  'ilShkl. ^"^|e���rsfcaliuiie1i^.imi SlifeSlo^tu'".  \vills.'be aTi7a.dprumiejjgb,';Ql: the <3d���ijice..,n   -, -  Kiaslb." :  Kas^'o, May 8.-*-Tlie, fSbbtentiian uliflej."'  it$ new .iiifruageiucmt 7is a" deddqd ini-  pro*\!6iiient oft; Avhat it has "been dui?jng  the, past; fe\Y ,months��Y' .Biisiftegs .alicl  tJiiygs in geftel-al" tare gftjdil.lllj'" - picking  up agaiii .in" this district.- D.uring, -tbe"  past qonplecof aveeks, quliie .it, "nliiubec of  old tiiiiers 1'ikve retiivned to' town, aii.d  the prospectors, avIio llave "been pinning  tlieir faith on the* Lardo district are coming ill ��ifom dlffetfejit,parts of the country.  Pi'oni all .indications Ave expect a fairly  good summer. %\ TV Kelly of the Ileco  mine at Sandon aiid T. il. Lend mm of  Ainsworth, are two mining nieii avIio  Avere in town Jasti Aveek. T. L. Mitchell  the concentrator man "\\>as a visitor in  toAvn ou Saturday.  What might have been a vesry serious,  calamity to Kaslo, occurred on Saturday.  At about  nine  o*falock_Buchaiiian's_saA\7  luffl"  men arc at Cody engaged in constructing  a da.m, from which source the Ruth concentrator will get its supply of water.  The   residents  of  Cody  avenue    have  asked the council by petition  to  build a  sidewalk up fche  gulch.    II. P.  Brown  is  relieving  S.   Campbell   at   the   Kaslo   ��.V  Slocan   station.    Mr.   Campbell  is iu the  east.    AVilliam Todd, who has been visiting   in   the  east   the   most   part  of   the  winter, is  at   his old post with II. Byers  it Co.    Folliofcfc A; McMillan arc enlarging  their workshop   preparatory   to   putting  in a water wheel to drive their machinery.  A small   party  of   friends   assembled at  the residence of the Rev. Mr. Cleland   on  Friday night for the purpose of   presenting chief of police T. Dpolan with a slight  memento in the Avay of a green   emerald  silk handkerchief, in the centre of which  Avas a harp of Ireland, Avhile  around  the  border avus artistically worked a  Avreafch  of shamrocks.    Miss Beamis has returend  from  Astoria,   Oregon,  AA'hcrc    she   has  been attending school  all   winter.    J. C.  Maloney,   formerly   bookkeeper  for   the  Ruth  Mining   Company, is  now in  the  Kaslo & Slocan office at lvaslo.    Bev. Mr.  Beei's of Kaslo now holds  Episcopal  services in the Virginia hall every alternate  Aveek.    Though not as  largely  attended  as former ones, the firemen's dance Avas a  success   in  every A\ray.      The  hall  Avas  tastefully decorated Avith some  of  their  accoutrements.     Supper  was  served  in  .the hall.  GAS  FRANCHISE   AGREED  BY   THE   CITY   COUNCIL.  TO  7 Ymir.  YiiiR, May S.���It has been raining  steadily all day, and the Quartz creek and  Salmon' river are Arery much higher in  consequence. The rain "will tend to  soften and considerably dispel the suoav.  The old sage says,'"Happy is the Bride the  Sun Shines on," but all Fmir hopes that  the rain today does not augur anything  but happiness -to John F. Biirue, the  Tmir barrister avIio is beiug married this  afternoon in Nelson to a young lady from  Alberta. The seiwice of song last night  at the Presbyterian church AA'as a complete success under the leadership of J.  W. Laird Avith 11, McRoberts at the organ.  The anthems were by the choir, the trio  by Mesdames Campbell and Mathers and  The*  fire  started  di-  machiiiery  and   avus  Constitutional Objection Eaised  Special to The Tribune.  Victoria, May 8.���A constitutional  point has beeu raised in connection Avith  the provincial government's offer to invest one million dollars in the Pacific  cable enterprise. It is uoav contended  that it would be ultra-vires of provincial  authority to engage iu such undertaking  beyond the limits of the province.  Metal Quotations.  Associated Press.  New York, May 8.���Bar silver, 61fc;  Mexican dollars, 48|c; silver certificates j  60ic@02c. Pig iron, southern, quiet,  $14.50@$10.25; northern, . $14.50@16.75;  copper, dull; brokers, $19 ; exchange, $11);  lead, quiet but firm; brokers, $1.25 ; exchange, $4.45@$1.50.  .Work to be Besumed.  Work upon the California is to be. resinned at once. II. C. Campbell-Johnson  will, it is said, have charge of the deA'el-  opmeut for Hugh Sutherland avIio has  the bond upon it...  caught fire,  rectly   under   tlie  caused by sparks blowing., iu from the  AA'as to pile fire. Had it got about live  minutes more start nothing could have  saved the mill. As it Avas the {lames  burst out at the end, but the mill hands  quickly got their hose from the steam  pump ait Avork and hi a few minutes had'  the fire under control. The town brigade  avjis .quickly on hand and finished extinguishing the lire by the bucket brjgjiduy  jis there were no hydrants near the mill.  The diimage done avjis light.  Sandon,  SaxoOjV, May 8.���Chvi'ng to tile fact  tluit only mines Avith tramways shipped  ore from Sjindon hist avocIc���tho tz-iiils  being impassiible���ore shipments Avere  small last Aveek. The Payne shipped 170  tous and the LJist Chance SO. From  WliiteAVJiter station the shipments were  lOlA tons, S(')!j tons from theWhiteAvater  and 15 from the Jackson basin mines.  Work is progressing steadily on both the  Pahnita Jind Sih'erite. The ore body on  the hitter has widened to scA'enteen  inches. The lower tunnel on the Pjilmita  is nearing the vein.  As the suoav has about left the lower  readies of the hills, tlie Ruth, people are  taking advantage of this  Jind   have, the  necessjiry sills brought for the foundation  of   their 'concentrator.      Although  the  squatters   luive   not  all   changed   their  phice of abode, they Jire  moving  slowly.  St. Keverne stock  luis  been  of Ijtte  in  grejtt demand, as it is reported tluit J. A.  Finch find associates luwe secured a controlling interest.    This  property  is supposed to have the fanions Payne A*ein aiid.  Avill.be  extensively worked after  lying'  .idlo..fo.^a/..long.'$m^^^^  u^->Hay.er,njast0,^  ran" IchiU'clfY ^rejbiirnfecl }f fiOnt: .-I^skfon -ihis.'  .niol'U��iiVg> hjtA"-:hig. ,V^J>,efi.'piiirfc iii kite- .foot  biill ;g,aine ott. Siitur.daj*" 'and ocgupie��ct the  pulpit 'for the JR.'eAY"Rbber& .Frail in, Kel-  scuj Oji Slindt��iyL.   .irej.siquitejubila.ut QA-er  the* spccess, of th:6 district teayi,.  - "MisS Mjithei'S returned  yesterday frOm  Gshge, Kausjis,  where she has Ixeep,nt-  tending college, since last fall.    There jip^  P0ars to be ji. lot of strjtn;gei)s iu the toAt'n.  Spiu'e  conic AVlth  the deadly* kodjdc jind  and' others turn Up with sijijiU bjtgs of  rock.   -A meeting'of. tho  b.Qjtrd  of trade  tfjkes  phice   this evening,  also  the ad-  .io.uriied generjil meeting for tjie queen's  bli^tjidjiy sports,,   S. 11, SeiiUeyat pi'cSeut  of Nelson  is on  jellying  trip  to his  old  hoinej i^inir.  "Phil" White lc'aves tomonioAv with ji  force of twelve men to resume woj'k on the  Wilcox. Tlie intention is to extend the  tunnel in another 400 feet and to put in  ji ditch lliiuie 000 feet long. A teiv-stamp  mill Avill be et'ectcd jis soon Jis the road  can bo graded. Eugene Grotejiu also  rgoes^to-^tiiM.'lrworlc-onH*!^^^  up Wild Morse creek. The surveyors  are still busy surveying the Bruce group,  to be operated at once by the Rossljiiid-  Ymir Mining jmd "Milling Conipjuiy,  Limited. Professor Gorvin, M. I'J. ;ind  geologist, liJisjust made an excellent report upon the properties?. Some of tlie  treasiu-y shares ofthe couipjiny 'arcs to Ije  oifei-ed in London, Bugljind, to provide  the necessary working capitjil. X. F.  Towusend, P. L. S. is, here on ;i profes-  sioUjil n\'isit.  ^_  A Five-root Vein bi Ore.  Liist week tho Bxchoquor company encountered iu the drift Itoiii: theniJlin tunnel the chute of oi'e upon Avhieh the  shaft has been sunk. The appojiranco of  the bresist of the drift constitutes the  linest showing that the company has had  .since it commenced operations. The  ledge lias Avidencd out to fivefeet.and there  is fully two Jind a half feet of high-  grade ore showing. Just what this ore  Avill run cannot be ascertained definitely  until ji trial, shipment h;iS been made,  but from the assays made, as each five  feet Avere sunk in the shaft, the avernge  should be ewer rather tluui under $75  per ton. It is likely that ji shipment  Avill be made Avith thirty days, when the  property Avill probably be sufficiently developed to nuike regular shipments.  Bought the Silent Friend.  Tho gold claim known as the Silent  Friend, which had quite a sonsationsil  career some years' jigo when locjited by  Messrs. Tjiifc Jind 'VV'jilker, has been turned,  over to iin Bnglishman. for $000, by ���  Messrs. I\lcRiie, Murphy iind ���Keeley. The  claim is located- on the line of the Col urn-  IjiJi & Kootemty, ;i little'over ji mile fnin).  :Nels<)ii:. V. ������. V:: 7'7: ��� VYYYYV ���-'. ���.Y/,YY-Y-..7:7Y .VV...-  At the meeting of the city council last  evening tin* chief business transacted was  the consideration of the report of the  spechil committee appointed to submit  ji draft; of the terms upon which the  council should lay ji by-law before the  ratepayers for the granting of ji franchise  to the gjis jind coke company, promoted  by Dr. Doolittle!' By wjiy of report the  committee submitted a draft of jt by-hvw  which had been agreed upon by the members of the committee and the promoter.  The report was received,'and the by-hiAv  res id first and second time.  The by-ljiw* provided   that a  franchise  be granted to \V. 11. Pearson, W. II. Pearson,  .junior,  L.  L.   Merrifield   and 'J.. TV  Wcstcott.    That Avithin sixty, days  from  the passage of the by-law to be submitted  to   the  ratepayers   the company  should  commence the establishment of coke and  gjis Avorks, and buildings  adequate'tq the  supply of gas Avithin the  limits of the  city,  and Avithin six months' should proceed  Avith  due  diligence  to lay  the requisite length of mains, and supply therewith the gas required,   and   Avithin tAvo  years after the passage of the byhiAv expend  upou the construction of the said,gas and  coke Avorks, and  the  laying of mains,'a  sum not less than $100,000, or forfeit their  rights secured under the franchise.    The  proA-ision   inserted  for the  protection of  the city's  business   in  the supplying   of  light recited  that hi  no  case shall the  gas company  charge, less for the gjis supplied for private lighting' purpose's  tlnin  $3 per thousand cubic feet, Avithout the  consent of the city council, Jind gas for  lighting thestreets within the city limits  nt a price not exceeding  $2, and  gjis for  supplying the corporation Avith power at  ji price not to  exceed .$1 per  thousand'  feet.    It AA'as also provided that the  citjK  shall haAre the right at the  expiry of ten  yejirs from the -passing of the by-hiAv to  take OA-er and oavu   the company's  plant  Jit a price to be determined by a board of  arbitration, such A'jilue to be based on the  ���value of the -plant as a  going concern  biitjio .vtiIue..shjill������bedeterininecl;Jis;lennrT  .-l-l-lVi.    D^-^i��fllt-1, i-i   ��yA'.^f.-,{^i^Z-iVfl l-.i.Vi.rtn%/.��B     ^4-'\D.-��l^i ..  n '^l-jjgj.b^aw'AVillYbe^'ephsid^r^%in"c��>m'  lUitBfee Anil put tlirouglVits; tlyrti i'efiding  at aii jid:|q(ili'p<lY,]juie:eti.'!.iig'.of' the 'c.Olulcil.  t'O beheici "oii TllTirsday jifteriiobn, .A\'iien  DI', DoolliStle Avill be. x6q,uir;ecl! to-deposl't  jt,check for;$2Q"0 as jv" gUJiraiiiee,of^ goocl  fijithj   "   -   ".     ';       '���:"]",���" ��"  TJio report pi "ph&, fimince cjoniniittee  avjis rc^jid,"i;*|).&Onimejiding.:tlie.^Ji^nuent Of  , jiCeOiinfc'-* agg.regiiting $5J.4B,14. The pjiy-  rOllsX'jlllod for $217.50 on sidewjilks, $50  on sewers, and $50S.S0 on sj-i'eets. Among  the Othei' items Avere .$"302.05 to Tupper,  Petei'S'-ifc Potts for revising.tlie bylaws,  and $1G00;03 to If. J., F;v{tus & Co, for  water Avoi'ks supplies.  The public works committee gave, Hid  committee's findings with refipeei to the  sewer couti'iict,.and tlie dispute with, the  Nelson Laud & Improvement Company as  reported in Till!! TuiiUTXE,  The committee Jippointed to look  into,  the matter ofthe title to the, recreation.  :gt'ound.s-rep<)i*tedreiic]osing^thcdetter-=c")f-  I.-J. Marpole, <jf the Cj\nadiai;i Pacific Rail-  wily Conqmny,   to  Hon.  .1.   Fred   Hume  under  dato of January*  'Itli,   which  sip-  pejired in-a former issue of TiiK"TiiUiGxio,  jind in Avhicli the  superiivtondent of the  rjiilwjiy company .said thitt thoinntter of  tlie   desired  transfer  of   lots had   been  definitely" jilTjUigcd between   tbe railway  company find, tlie chief couiniissioikfi" of  Ijiiids    jind    works   hist   .summer.  ..arrangement il will -be  rclnehibc'rcd  tli'JiL the C. P. li, should deed over to tha  (���Qi'jioration of kelson  half  of block   Xo.  6h\ iind, luilf of block Xo. 00, less lot 21,  wliich had boon already sold, iu exchange  for which Jam! the provincial government  agreed to give tlie C. P. li, lots elsewhere.  The committee reported   that according  to Mr. Marpole's letter a definite arrangement was come to between tho provincial  government and the C. P. li, They therefore   recommended   that  a  copy  of the  letter be given   to  lion.   .1.   Fred  Hume  with, ji request that  he   urge  upon   the  C. P. R, the necessity of carrying out the  jiri'jingeiuont.and that ji copy of the same  letter be forwarded  to  Mr.  Marpole  requesting him to use his  best efforts  to  bring the transaction to ji   prompt  conclusion.     The   report  was   received  and  adopted.  The contract for supplying the city  with one ton of pig lead was jiAvarded to  Turner, Beeton '& Co. at .$105. There  were three other tenders received.,' from  the LaAvrence Hardwjire, 11. Byers ifc Co.  and the Nelson ifardwju'e Compjiny which  were uniform at $1.10.  The petition requesting the city council  to submit a-  by-law for.  the''expenditure  of $10,000 for. ji   new. city hall  avjis read,.  and   the  by-law   received   its.first   and  second rear ling.., 7 ;.  ���������.'���7An y'appl iciiti(>ii':',Avas.'-7i;e'cei ved  from G.  M. McDowell of the sampling works asking for AVJiter connection jmd the opening  of Poplar street. The city engineer reported that compliance Avith the request  Avould cost the city about $800, and on  motion of alderman Thomson the mayor  avjis authorized to interview the sampling Avorks people and ascertain Avhat  prop'orfciou of the cost they are prepared  to ach-jince.  The application of T. W. T. Snowden  for a sidewalk on Robson street from  Josephine to Ward street avjis referred to  the public works committee.  Alderman Beer introduced a by-hiAv regulating bicycles which received its first  and second reading. It fixes the speed jit  S miles an hour with a maximum speed  of li miles on all street intersections. It  requires all bicycles to lui\'e a bell attached, with ji lamp for night riding.  Bicycle riders are requested to give  pedestrians right-of-way and pass all  vehicles on their left hand side by turning out to the right.  Alderman Beer also moved that the  council place on record its readiness to  assist in the building of a bicycle track  by" contributing $300 conditional upon  the bicycle riders contributing $150, the  offer to remain open for two weeks.  This was seconded by alderman  Kirkpatrick and carried. A meeting of tliose interested in the making of the track will be arranged  Avhen a site for the same may be agreed  upon.  Alderman Beer asked   what had  been  done in the matter of purclmsing a scjtvr.  enger outfit for the city. He aa-jis informed  .that nothing had been done.  Alderman Beer asked what had been  node-ih the matter-of erecting the city  weigh scales. He avjis. informed that nothing had been done.  With .respectto the Avash house nuisance, the mayor -appointed aldermen  Beer, Kirkpatrick and.Thomson a committee to dejil Avith the question.  Alderman Beer asked if anything had  been received jis to the cost of rock  crushers and avjis answered by mayor  Neelands, who informed him that the  .Vancouver crusher had cost $2000.  The council decided  to  lay a  six-foot'  sidewalk   on1 the north   side   of   Silica  street from Josephine to llendryx street,  Avitli  a crossing  to    the  south  side jit  Hendryx street.  The consideration of the traimvay company's franchise; went OArer till the next  meeting owing to the absence of aldermen Fletcher and Hillyer.  LOCAL   NEWS   AND   GOSSIP.  The  AVJIS  ^yUd.ejrn'.-iap^'HiH^or - left for   the Coast  ya|-t*iDeye^iiig��Va5i^/.j*jxpects to be gone a  !?AvecpM<^"t^'^dasfs^ The. trip.is strictly  %iV]$-js^ 7    ..     '���'';   y  ^*kriie^vtes^?lMn6jrenay'Brick  ifc   Lime  "fempaiyy brick at their Nel-"  ����^oTn^tiyi"*:]'0fv?iflr7pJ��P�����Q.0_{a.b.tlieir Balfour yard "  ' x^dy.'^/^��%^\i^:lYi��to kilns for burning.  "Tlf-tHvovk"ft*f/^ ihe Jciliv at.the  Nelson syjil'dlwill'liev commenced today if  the wchtherfS-faV.Oi'Jible. The company  hjive*thirty nien.iiiVtheii' .employ, eleven  i" jjcfc Jfejso,!*).; twelve'"at" "Balfour ancl seveiY  jit�� tho iihiO'^nA^-j^jThey^AviJI commence  the;slilp|nenC"of;7irmd to/ltossland as:soou  as the gauge 9f .tluyiCohunbui. Yfc Western  railway-as AvidgiiedY" "' '   ' '.-,.   '- '  Hon. J��i Fred lluyie has Jigreed to give"  the city ji Ijnioh Jack 35' by 18 feet in  si^dj-Bntitll^e-i^lTt-striifg *to the offer as  Ythelliig is not" tq b"b used until thecity  secures title.-to H\e,."recreation gnmnds  and, erects n< suitable pole thereon.  At:t meeting of the finance committee  held this afternoon, the city clerk was  instructed to negotiate Avith Wilson  ���Smith of Montr&al, Hanson Brothers,  Osier, Hammond <fc Nan ton, Geoi'go A.  Stiiisoii and EmbleniBrOthersof T*&ronto,  iUicLcaptJiuuDaLUCJiiufoiMthe���SJilb=of=c;ity-=  debentures, and also to insert an jid.A'er-  tisement Avith respect to the Stiine ih the  Toronto Globe unci the Montreal Sta-r.  Tho eonuuittoe also decided* to rec'Onj-  mend for payment the account for II. D.  Beck's hospi till fcreafcment. It avjis* also  decided to give Beck as* cjireiakur enipIoy-��  ment iu the building of the ceiUOtory  fence.  Contract Let for Hudson's Bay Building.  Hillyer & Co. signed the contract yesterday for the construction of tlie Hudson's May Conipiiny's building Oft the  corner of Maker and Stanley streets* and  work upon bhe same AVill be commenced  this morning. The plans cjiII for ;i building sixty by ninety feet, tAvo stories high,  with pressed brick fronts on Baker and  Stanley streets. The cost of the same  completed is estimated at $30,000. There  is to be a- basement under the entire  building wliich Avill bo used by the company jis a storeroom for groceries and  also as a bottling-room for the liquor department. On the ground floor will be  the grocery and dry goods departments,  the entrance to the former being on Baker  street and for the latter at the corner of  Bilker Jind Stanley streets.. The second  door will be used by the company for its  dressmaking, niillinery and carpet de-  pjirtments, so tliat the company AA'hich  aviis organized to swap Avith the Indians  in 1,070 will be quite up to the requirements of the trade of the leading city of  Kootenay. The building Avill be rushed  through to completion as rapidly * as  possible.  A Telegram That Explains Itself.  UOSSLA.ND. May 8th, 1999.  Kov. H. Irwin. Nelson.  Emphatically deny lack of hospitality on part of Nelson, in name o�� Uossland Football Team.  ... SPENCER OVINGTON.  \ THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B. C,.TUESDAY, MAY 9,  1899.  Watch this space for  A. Ferland & Co.'s announcement  tomorrow  A COMPLETE LINE JUST ARRIVED  PROM EASTERN MARKETS  elson Hardware Co.  Baker Street, Nelson.  ODSON'S BAY  COMPANY.  INCORPORATED 1670.  Have You  a Sweet  Tooth?  IV  so  COMIC  AND  SKIS  OUR  ASSORTMENT  Ol'1  "We   have succeeded   this  season in getting the  FRENCH HEALTH UNDERWEAR for spring and summer wear. 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The electric light  plant-has not been added to since the  city took it over; the A\'ater Avorks system  =hhsfheen=fehiult=atxf  Diu'higTthe month of April the rdceipts  from electric light rates AArere $1133.17,  aind the expenses of operation $210.65,  leayrag the ciity a profit of $91(3.52. For  the same month, the receipts frpm Avater  ���mtp& A\-ei*e $622.88, find' the expenses of  oper^tiph $319.20, whiqli leaves tire city a  proht of $303.59. The electric light pjaijt  eai-ned at the rate of 29 per cent rt yeflr  ��� ��� ~n% 0 am*-   f. ' ��� ���       H n    *  On the capital ilivestecl, and the Abater  AAT&rks system at the rate of 8i per cent.  TRADE  '~)MARk  GREY FEDORAS, FAWN FEDORAS, BLAOK FEDORAS, X  BROWN AND BLAOK DERBYS.  Natural Wool, Balbriggaq, and Silk aqd Wool Underwear  Top Shirts in Light and Heavy Weight.  White Shirts, Regatta Shirts  With and without collars attached.  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AshcFoft  J pyn%'inpnlvn'&hsn--- -n  {fife   E.   IVldLaugWIin.  JOSK^M-rNK STRKK.T, >fKLS"ON^  T  Goal Go^  PIANO  ORGAN  VIOLIN  aUITAB  MANDOLIN  BANJO  AUTOHAKP  AOCORDEON  VIOLIN BOW  STRINGS  or MUSIC  Call at our Store and we "will do the rest.'  A 7-ROOM HOUSE TO LET  A 4-ROOM BOUSE TO LET  FOR SALE  A 2:Jot corner.���  A 5-room house...  .$ m  . 1500  Houscis and lots in all parts of tho city.  MONJflY TO LOAN INSUHANCB  BLACKSMITH ING  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  Wagon repairing promptly attended to by a flrat-class  wheel wriKht.  Special attention given to all kiiids bf repairing and  custom work from outside points.  Although the Innes & Haniber syndicate  lots in Addition "A" are withdrawn from  sale, we still have a large list of residential  lots on our  list.    Lots  in   Hume Addition.  Canada Drug and Book Co.,  LIMITIEXX  Corner Baker and Stanley Streets, Nelson.  Large and well lighted Heated by hot ai  Reasonable ratos ��� Sample rooms  Klcctric bells and light in every room  Renovated and refurnished throughout  HOTEL,  VICTORIA  J. V. PERKS, Proprietor  Free bus meets all trains  Hourly street car to station  Revelstoke, B. C.  GAMBLE & 0-pLLY, Agents  Bakor Street West, Nelson, B. O.  FOR BAZM  SNAPS IN HOUSES AND LOTS  IN ALL PARTS OF THE CITY  Money to Loan  J. L. VANSTONE,      R.H. WILLIAMS,  Wines and Mining Stocks . Customs Broker  REAL ESTATK AND GENERAL AGENTS  Shop:   r|all Street, between Baker and Vernon, Nelson  Will buy 24 horses, 12 waffons, 2  , .  , wagonettes, 1 buggy,  10' sets of  sleighs, and a complete outfit of harness, saddles, blankets, etc., and a going business of  $30,000 a year.  Terms.  $5500  sleighs, and  dies, blanki  $30,000 a ye  *l*^nnn W111 t��uy two lots and improve-  tp*j\sys\s ments on north. side of Vernon  street, between Ward and Josephine streets.  Terms.    5ft4ieinO Will buy 30 by 120 feet on the  <p*����JWl/ south side of Baker street, between Stanley and Kootenay streets.  Cash.  5JHO ndCi   Will buy. 50 by 120 feet on the  <px\J9\s\s\j   northeast corner of Baker and  Josephine streets.   Cash.   jnjj|j HOUSTON  P. O. Box 57 Vernon street. Nelson  Nelson Saw & Planing Mills  USTOTIOIE  PAYMENT MUST ACCOMPANY  ALL ORDERS  Charles   ,gt.  Bgrbe,   Agent.  iN���fI^on Iron Woi��ks  MANUFACTlIllEnSi OK  .BNaiNHS, BOILERS, SHAFTING; IRON^ND  BRASS CASTINGS OP EVERY bBSORIPTION  Repairs prqntptly attondod to.       P. 0. Box 173.  5REWKRS AND BOTTLERS OF  Fine Lagep Beer,  l*ronipt and regular  delivery to the trade.  at Nelson.  FOE   SALE.  HOUSE and three lots, Nos. 5, (i, and 7, Block 40, Mill  street, Nelson. B. C.   For full, particulars.apply to  At: Manson, Grove Hotel, near Fort Sheppard station.  FOR SALE���An old Store front.  Madson, Baker street, Nelson.  Apply to Theodore  All accounts owing the Nelson Pining Mills, .contracted since the 17th clay of September, 1898, are duo  and payable to the undersigned,'payment of which is re  quired at once. HARRY* HOUSTON, Secretary,  Nelsoii Saw & Planing Mills.    .  Nelson, 11. C, April 25th, 1899.  LODGE   MEETINGS.  OF PYTHIAS- Nels<  Knights of Pythias.meets in I.  KNIGHTS  OF PYTHIAS- Nelsoii   Lodge,  No,  25,  Knights of Pythias,meets in I. O. O. F. Hall, Corner  Bakor and Kootenay streets, every Tuesday. evening at  8 o'clock.   Visiting Knights cordially invited to attend.  C. FRENCH, C. C. G. ROSS, K. of R. & S.  NELSON LODGE, NO. 23, A. F. & A. M. Meets  second "Wednesday in each month. "Sojourning  brethren, invited'.    PEOFESSIONAL   CARDS.  AH. HOLDICH���Analytical Chemist and ABsayer.  ���    Victoria street, Nelson.  WART & CARRIE-Architects.   Rooms 7 and 8 Ab-  crdeen block, Baker street, Nelsoii. ���  H   CANE-Architect and artist.   Brokenhill  Block,  .   noict door to Nelson, library.. . .���".'".  |sfe THE  TBIBUKE:  NELSON, B. C, TUESDAY, MAY 9,  1899.  ANK OF  Capital,  Heist,  all paid  upr,    -  $12,000,000  (],000(000  LORJ> STRATHCONA AND  Hon. GEO. A. DRUMMOND,  K   S. CLOUSTON ,  MT. ROYAL, President  ..'... Vice-President   General Manager  THE BANK OF  NELSON  ���n-elsoiisj- br^.3stch:  N. W. Cop. BaKer and Stanley Streets.       BRANCHES IN       LONDON;.(Bnpland),   NEW YORK,   CHICAGO  and in the principal cities in Canada.  Huy and sell Sterling Exchange and Cable Transfers  HKANT COJWMKRCIAI, AND TKAVKLLKKS' CKKDITS,  available in any part of the world.  DRAFTS ISSUED    COLLECTIONS MADE* KTO.  -SAVINGS* BANK BRANCH:  CURRENT RATK-OK INTEREST PAID  ATLIN   CITY   AS   IT   IS.  The site is, a niaguificent one for a city,  gently sjojiiug up.frqm the lake and containing  area enough to build a modern  ��� NeAV York.    When it is needed and the.  situation wamuits-it, everything pertain-,  ing  to  good  sanitation  can  readily  be  executed.    Hundreds  of men���I  do not  think the population is less than  2500,  probably 3000���are simply waiting the  going of the snow to get but amongst the  creeks.    It is.quite , a sight to see them  ploughing around amongst the mud, for  the streets are: perfectly devoid of 'Sndxv'i  with y.ery serious faces, wond.ei'ingwliat  three mouths will unfold, for it is not by  any means certain that there is the.niak-*  ing of a great mining camp here, though:  some of the widest aiid.*' best informed  " have no hesitation in expressing the.utmost confidence in the future of the district.    ; Discovery,   distant Yfrom   Atliii  seven and a half hiilesyvis.quitea town,  and will do a ripping commercial business,  this summer.  ""New strikes are reported on  a couple  of tributaries, Moose and * McKee creeks.  One, man, whose name is not giyen, but  who is' vouched for by tliose who know,  came  in and  reported one and one-half  ounces  of gold to  the pan,  recorded his  claims,  and slipped away again, no one,  knowing where he  went, or Avho he was,  but the report, is bona ,fide.    Of course,-  it  cannot be kept a secret' long, and lie  cannot take up the whole creek.   -Americans who took out licenses and recorded  -their claims are daily renewing them; aud,  of courseare protected in Avhtit they do by  the Alien Act.    The' others who failed, to  do this, and* are, "therefore, out ofr their  cliance,  are kicking * themselves, and aro  prepared to   kick,the   government and  every Canadian Avho has any right.that  they cannot secure.    Tall swearing, wild  Avords, aud a few threats are the order of  the day.   But, wisely  for   them,   they  pause there.   There *\vill be no violence  or shotgun holding down of claims.  , Here L may say, Atlin is a very orderly and law-abiding toAvn.   Though there  aiieYni^  1arid .J"UQi*e "id ffpJljSAfeaiia an'udh lushing.,  stagj-r^ r&X'ej   aiitf"  cnuWJ'S"'p*t*Ji6t/icallyjiui." "At !1'0 p:m.��� the.  streets are ra"s"q^  yar0.j The ��oniy*. gam^blinj^; ^ei;i4jtted���ih  toAVU-is'the "HieJejtnSilcael^Qii^"*It is a'  grea't eOiitras.t from "Skagway; where the  iowiHs wide open, auif beats anything,!;  hav0 eVer seen. YM'r. ^vah^iim, gQld coln-  misstohe>*�� and Mr. BrpAvhlee, the" suiwey-  or, are1 thd cocks of tlie Avails h;eX'e,./aiid  have, by* their unflinching fidelity to  straight lines, Avon'gqlde.iiYppiniOus^n all  _sides. Of. coiti'sei, there;ate7sOuieu,g��umbz^  ~lers^jis?is�� always thei cas^,��buii if 'this be-  eoiiies a city of grojnhieiice and Allin dis-i  tri'ct a 'gi'eat Hiiiiiig caihp, the Stamp of  these two men will remain upon it risjyhe  result of their'wise procedure iir its very  inception. Mr. BroAvnlee has prepared  topographical plans of the townsite, a  large sepia dtawing of the town, together  with font' dOjjen photographs, which he  Ws forwarded to the government; so  thai tJiey are, in a position to give all required information in this respect. Ileal  estate is moving quietly, but firmly.  This, of course, is all iii squatters' rights..  All that lias been written.'re the gold  commissioner giving squatters no rights,  is false. They have the ssame right of  purchase as others, and, if anyone buys  oArer tlieir heads, lie' Will have to pay for  the improvements made ?by the squatter.  The men in business are all doing an excellent trade, seemingly. There is a  splendid opportunity here for a good  dentist, aiid a plumber and tinsmith,  there:being neither in,town.  Mad Millionaires.  "Mad Millionaires" would be an excellent title for a book dealing with, the'  eccentricities of very rich men. A paragraph appeared in the newspapers the  other day concerning a millionaire Avho  imagines tliat he. is:the prince of Wales.  This and other hallucinations, together  AA'ith certain oddities of conduct, have  rendered.it necessary to hold aii inquiry  into his state of mind, and the commissioner in lunacy decided that he was incapable of looking after himself and of  managing his affairs. It is difficult to  decide when eccentricity merges into  madness. Some-thirty years ago one of  the richest and most prominent men in  England always went round the recep-  ,ls qow prepared to issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on Skaguay, ll. S., Atliq, B. C, and  Dawson City, Yuk,on, District.  tion  rooms after an entertainment had  been  given in  his house, and  carefully  gathered the ends of candles so tliat they  might be preserved for use on a future  occasion.    Another very well known man  imagined  that he was a squirrel and refused to eat anything but'nuts.    A third,  Avhose income must have been well oyer  ififty --thousand  a  year, proAvled around  the clubs picking up the ends of cigars,  and these he smoked.    They Avere all of  .them, however,   very   shreAvd   business  men,  and  it  was  never suggested that  they   should   be   placed  under  control.  One who died a year or two ago, and  whose will was piwed at over tAvo millions,  denied    himself   many    comforts  Avhieh  he   could  well -"afford  to   enjoy.  One Avinter, the weather being  bitterly  cold, his children clubbed together to buy  him  a handsome  sable  coat, for which  they  paid  OA'er a hundred pounds.   In  order to persuade .him to accept it they  had to pretend  that it had  been bought  at a bargain; indeed,  they even declared  that the coat had cost; them only thirty  pounds.    The following day at dinner he  said:    "I did a splendid'bit of business  this morning.    I sold the coat for which  you  gave thirty pounds to a friend  of  mine for.forty!"  AN   ATTORNEY'S   LIEN   CASE.  It will be remembered by some of the  people pf Nelson, that a city solicitor  took $750 of the city's money deposited  in court for a specific purpose, and deposited it to his own credit ih the bank, saying nothing about the transaction to-Tiis-  official superiors, and when called -.oh, to  pay it back to the city fell back on his  attorney's lien right���and he holds possession of the money today. OA'er iu  Utah the courts hold that if even a party  to a suit commenced should settle Avithout the consent of his attorney, the other  party -will be held liable. The foIloAving  is a recent decision by the supreme court  of Utah:  An opinion- has been handed down by  the supreme court in the case of Josepli  F. Potter vs. the Ajax Mining Company,  appellant,'reversing the judgment of the  lower court, aiid remanding the case AA'ith  instructions to grant a neAV trial. The*  opinion was written by justice Miner and.  concurred in by chief justice Bartch, justice Baskin dissenting aiid holding that  tlie action should have been dismissed altogether.  Totter sued the company for damages  in the sum of $15,000, his attorneys to  get half of the sum recovered, but before  the case came to trial Potter settled for  $'1100 without the ^knowledge of his at-  "tQrii.ey^. Vffiliey'"'t&eii secured tlie ""Ifin-"  staiemeiifr oil the" case; baiid jsegui-eqT ji v.Gi>.  dVCfQi*,^^  sttuctgd .that the ��'S0$tl6meutf.;.be^\v^en:'  Potter "aiicl ilie cpinpaii^ was"In&dmg as6  ;;t]p^*fc|ifei*Q,'��'liuXttljta% tliefattoi-neyis were" eii-'���  titled to fifty per cent of whatever  ���amount thej** found the phiintiif would?  have otherwise) been entitled.to reeoVey.  The opiuipn llplcis. that the statute gly-;  ing the attorneys a lien became Operative  on January 1st, 1808. The contraetwas  entered into July 23rd, 1897, and the  statute not being retractive cannot apply, although the settfeiuent and dismissal Avas collusive, fraudulent and prejudicial to the rights of the attorneys for  the plaintiff.  The reversal Avas granted on the theory  that the judge erred in instructing the  jury that the attorneyys' lien statute applied, but the opinion intimated that the  attorneys have a common law remedy.  Justice Baskin in disenting held that  such a contract betAveen client and attorneys avus against public* policy, and Avhile  not approving the action of plaintiff and  defendant in the settlement, held that  the action should be dismissed.  HOTEL   ARRIVALS.  HUME.  C'ho.stcr K\ Leo. Spokane  "Mrs. ICleisor, Toronto  Hank N'oll, I'orto Rico  M. H. Gilliam, Er.'o  D. McLeod, Cascade  A 11. Cramer, St. Paul  (Jlare    Laurence,  Lyceum  Company  W. A. Dewar, Toronto  F. t'orrifTi-ui. Montreal  1-1. II. Kamler, Kansas  F. S. Millard, Montreal  IT. Ii. Potter, Montreal  A. Mclvillop,   Montreal  Thomas Norman, ToJonto  J. McVicar, Ymir  Monlaeiie  niiiKtuii Mann  Bird,  or  I). A   l.'us-i. Greenwood  Ii. Jehu, Kllcsmcrc  T. llansor. Montreal  1'. II I'hillips. Philiulclphia  U. F. Green. lvaslo  'I'. Hilliard, Kossland  PHAIll.  Can-  John Lavin, Trail  ry  Playing the C.P.R. Game.  Toronto Telegram.  There may  be  truth   in. this   theory  that the Laurier government is fattening  a  conipetetitor for the C.P.R.    when it  feeds  Mackeu/.ie  & Mann   with   advantages   wliich should be reserved for the  benefit of the country.    There may also  be  truth  in  the   opposite  theory   that  Mackenzie & Mann are mere hands into  Avhieh the Laurier goArernment pours such  advantages as it may he afraid to opeuly  confer  upon  the  C.P.R.    Liberals   Avho  cannot  see Iioav their party is to solve  the  transportation jirobleni by building  railways   for   Mackenzie ---&   Mann . are  amused  Avith ghost stories to the effect  these  gentlemen are the chosen instruments for the Avorking out of a Arast design to supply Canada Avith a competing  transcontinental  line.   Money and land,  Avhieh might help to solve the transportation  problem to the country's advantage,  are  the  immediate   sacrifices   for  Avhieh the country is not compensated by  the hope that the recipients of all this  money and land AA'ill ultimately supply  the   blessings   of   raihvay   competition.  There  seems to be nothing in the Mackenzie & Mann schemes Avhieh promise  trouble to the C.P.R. or relief to the country.    There  is eArery reason  to fear, that  the  Ontario government,  the Dominion  goA'ernmeut and Manitoba   gOArernment  luwe delivered  to these gentlemen and  to the C.P.R. adArantages AA'hich should  lui/ve gone to the country through building  up of a genuine competing line between AVinnipeg and Lake Superior.  .J. Luihvig, Hall Mines  II. T. Suiiderlaml, Knuland  .1. A. Klelelier. Port Per  C. .1. Henley, Sandon  IIiiK'li Martin, Trail  Al Cox, Trail  .1. 10. Poupore, Nakusp  G. K. Martin, Kaslo  K. Maxwell & Sons, lloston  J. II. Metteznar, San Francisco  John Blank, Hosslaud  Geo. Tl. Moir, Toronto  Kit. 0. Beer, Hobson  M ADORN.  T. McGovern. Ainsworth  W. McCallum. Nakusp  J. G. Devlin, Nakusp  John Tliouias, Ymir  James Itogers, Salmon Arm  TUKMONT.  I W. IT. Darby. Coirec Creek  I O. Cameron, Summit  CLAltKIO.  Thos. Houston, Silver Ivintf | J. A. MeNTeill. Victoria  in ne I W. O'Brien, Kingston  F. Klynii, Silver King mine |  QUKKN'S. , :  IT. II. Brown, ICaslo  J. I!. Cameron, Kaslo  J. ii. Pitts. Donald  J. J. McMillan, Ymir  GRAND  Alf. Iddles, Arrowhead  J. B. Stroii};;, Sandon  J. Cannell, Krie  J. A. McLean, AVinnipcK  J. Jones. Vancouver  L. K. Waters, ltossland  Miss Randall, Rossland  CENTRAL.  I P. L. Bannerman. Krie  J. K. McGuiro, A'mir  I A.Aldcii, Wilton, N. B  fHALOflE & TREGILLUS  PROPRIETORS  Headquarters for Miners and Prospectors  THE BEST BRAiNDS OF  All  kinds1  in  stock  SASH  DOORS  MOLDINGS  Liquors and Cigars  ALAVAYS ON HAND  One of the best and most popular hotels in Nelson.  QUEER'S HOTEL  "; *   BAKER STREET. NELSON.   *       * **  Heated with Hot Air and  Lighted by Electricity  You car], save mpney  fty punbirasiljg: f^bjtir  isi* tern me  Large  comfortable  bedrooms and   first-class dining  room.   Sample rooms for commeroialinen. "  BATES1  ��2   I'EIBJ   TZASST  ���mr*  Contractors  Who use picks, shovels, etc.,  should not fail to look at our line  of goods, which for qualities and  material cannot be beat.  lanwep Hardware Co., IM  Importers of Shelf and Heavy Hardware.  MARA & BARNARD BLOCKi. BAKER ST., NELSON  "PLUMBIC  SBWEB AND WATER COMEpTIONS  JOBBING A SPECIALTY  Straehan Bros.  Plumbers, etc., Opera House Block, Nelson  AVILL DO WELL  BUY THEIR LUMBER  AT  G. 0. BUCHANAN'S  A largo stock of (li'st-class dry material on hand, also  a full line of sash; dpor.-', mouldings, turned work, old.  FACTORY WORK A SPECIALTY  Yard:   Foot of Hondryx strgeti Nelson  Telephone, 9l  Tenders will be received up to  Thursday, May ilth, for the following goods at Sandon in the  estate of Crawford & McMillan:    $2000  2300  Groceries   Dry Goods ,  Clothing  500  Gents' Furnishings  800  Boots and Shoes. ;.....,  800  Wall Paper  50  Hardware and Crockery .... 1000  The above stock is in good condition, much of.same being new  season's goods.  T.  LEO PEEL, Trustee.  Sandon,  B. C,  May 2nd, 1899.7;  r|UME, Manager.  The flncist hotel iri the interior.  Large sample rooms.   Steam heat and electric light.  CORNER 'OF WARD AND VERNON STS., NELSON  Madden House  "BAKKR AND" WARD STREETS, NTKLSO^  The .only hotel in Nelson that juts remained undoi' one  mariageinonbsince J890.  The bed-roqms are well furnished and  lighted l>y  electricity.  The diningrrodm is not second to any in Kootenay.  Tho htlr is always stocked by tlie host domestic and  imported liquors and cigars.  THOMAS MADDEN, I^oprieUlr.  FLORENCE PARK HOTEL  Two and a half miles up the Outlet from Nolson.  CDIirTATTtT?C.     sPri"S Cnickens. Fresll Cream>  OrM/lALlliaO.     Pure Milk, Fresh-Laid Eggs.  All of which arc from the ranch belonging1 to the hotel  night.  A pleasant place to spend afternoons, evenings and  enjoy delicacies that cannot be obtained in hotels or  restaurants at Nelson.   Good stabling.   Open day and  Can be reached by either road or water.  AVILLIAM ROBERTS, Proprietor.  Will buy 125 by 120 feet al. the  southwest corner of Vernon  and Park streets wilh im  provements. One of the best  residences in Nelson. Terms:  S250() cash : balance in six and  twelve'months. Apply to John  Houston, Arernpn St., Nelson.  BOARD AND ROOM  First-class board and room. Todd's old stand, corner  Ward and Carbonate streets, in rear of English church.  Heated by steam.   Table  board SI, room and board. ��.i;  and S5.50.  A collection of fine Belgium Canaries for sale. .;  J. V. O'LAUGHLIN.  new   and   stylish  a complete range of Dress Goods,  B  Blouse Silks,  Silk Blouses,  Swiss  are   iicav and   up-to-date,  and   we  SILVER   KING.  Harry Williams, Ymir       . I W. K. Truran, Royal Can-  J.Richards, Rossland adian mine  S. Sniithormnm, Rossland    I T. Maliouey, Moose Jaw  VV. Harvey, Rossland           |  * fremont lotel  Keeping   with  goods, avc have just received  Chiffons,   Dress Trimmings,  Muslins, etc.     These  goods  have   them   at   prices to suit all.     No   trouble  to  show goods.  MARTIN O'REILLY & CO.  W  Mil  BUILDING-,  NELSON.  TEBMS   O-A-SIH  tZ0.<^.C=).c3.e3.  *.��:l|:ll-:l  ���Jf  and  Rugs  When Advertised  THESE C00DS we are  ��� bound to sell wf]ile  they remain the patterns  of the season. We prefer to mark them down,  rjow, at\d let our regular  ��� customers have the advantage of th,e cut, rather th,an have a slaughter  sale some months later  to m,ake room for new  goods. Our display of  Rugs and Art Squares  is the finest ever seen  in Kooten'ay. Tljey r are  received direct from the  eastern importers so that  in buying from' us you  are virtually reaching,  headquarters.  At  "Auction  auction   price  purchaser can  Prices"   should  be  means tlie  highesfc  to pay.  be induced  New Spring Designs  left alone.    "An  price Avhieh tlie  In Axminsiers of the best quality, Avith or without  borders. British and Canadian makes.  Brussels and Velvet Pile  Suitable i'or draAving-rooms, dining-rooms, 'halls or  stairs, Avith or Avithout borders.  Tapestry and Patent Tapestry,  Union   art   squares,  Japanese  Smyrna and Tccumseh rugs.  squares "and  rugs,  40 Different Styles  Of   baby carriages jxnd  go-carts * to - select   from.  -Rattan chairs and rockers.  Furniture of all Kinds  Is ad\-ai icing, and" notice to this effect has been  -sent to the trade, by all large manufacturers..  Having a large stock on" liand Ave Avill be able to  continue do quote better, figures than any ofour  competitor. AVe have also three - carloads'-of  furniture on the Avay.      '       ' *���  ���  D. Me ARTHUR & ��Q  Corner Baker and Ward Streets/Nelson.  ���IBmrms&  "\yilOrjfcSALB   AND   RETAIL  Wholesale Markets at jtalson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.  Nelson,  Trail,  Ymir, Kaslo, Hew Denver, Sandon, Silverton, Cascade  City,  Grand  Forks,   Midway, Greenwood and Sirdar.  ORDERS BY MAIL  PROMPTLY FORWARDED  fjeacl Office, Nelson, B.C.  West Kootenay Bufoher���)io,  ALL KINDS OF FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  Baker Street, Nelson   ��. C. TRA��ESf JWaiiager  OHDKHS BY MAIL IlKCKIVK CAUKI'UI, AND PROMPT ATTKNTION.  To Appive 15tii May  200 Pairs Lace Curtains  Brass Rods, Screens,  Easels, and Towel Rings  PRICES RIGHT  SEE THEM  The newest thing in PICTURES, with or without frames.  Another big car furniture on the way.  ���Tl  ���PY  Nelsoii Furnitiire  Go,  YB^.KE3DR strbbt^west,  nelson THE TRIBUTE:  KELSON, B.C.,  TUESDAY, MAY 9,   1899.  DoVou U/isJ? to Dye?  If so, remember we can supply you  with the necessary material and full  instructions how to make a clean job  of it. We carry a full line of Diamond   Dyes   and  Maypole Soap   Dyes  eetzel & Qp.  LOCAL   NEWS   AND   GOSSIP.  CORNER BAKKR AND JOSEPHINE STREETS. NELSON  Neck Dressing's  Are the most important part of man's spring* "get up."  His whole attire depends upon beauty and quality of his  NECKWEAR  Our line of Puff Knots, Four-in-  Hand and Bows, elicited a full measure  of praise from all who have seen them.  The designs are remarkably beautiful,  rich, and so varied that no man is  likely to meet his duplicate.  Fine Shirts, white and colored, and  all   other  fixings  at  moderate  prices at  Gl I    If U D   THE UP-TO-DATE  I L l\ EL IT       FURNISHER, NELSON  TVyrORE than half the people in Nelson live to the east of Josephine  v.:--'���:;���;   street, and all we want is that onerhalf of thenr purcliasieVXheiri  tg^rjIslSf^  Two pa-tients from Ymir named Pierce  Ivearns and .1. J.-'yr.AVere received at the  Kootenay Luke* general hospital on Sunday evening. Kesirn.��, who is a miner,  was going up to work on a claim on  Quart/, creek, with a pack on his back,  when the pack overbalanced him and he  fell, badly fracturing his left arm near  the shoulder. P.yr slipped on the street  at Ymir and split his knee cap.  There was no quorum for the regular  meet'tig of the South Kootenay Board of  Trade, the only members present being  F. W. Swannell, W. A. Jowett, A. .1.  .Marks, .James IJannerman. il. M. Vincent,  A. Ferland, A. II. Kelly, .1. F. Weir and  I'. Chapman. The secretary explained  that he understood that there wore some  very important matters to be taken up at  tho meeting and had sent notices to  every member on Saturday, and ascribed  the lack of a quorum to the numerous attractions in Nelson on this particular  night. After waiting until nine o'clock  tliose present dispersed.  The fancy di\~ss ball held at the  residence of Mi*, and Mrs.' Brougham  last night by the members of the Nelson  Musical Society and their friends was  largely attended. During the evening  Mi*. Brougham avjis presented with a  handsome baton mounted in ivory and  ebony with a silver band engraved "W.  F. Brougham, 1S99," in recognition of his  untiring efforts to advance the interests  of the society.  The sporting editor of the Hosslaud  Miner insinuates that the members of the  Rossland football team were not hospitably treated at Nelson. Well, it took  some of the boys until four o'clock Sunday morning to find it out.  Word was received in Nelson on Sunday of the death at the insane asylum at  New Westminster of William Hodson.  For 'several weeks past the patient was  declining both mentally and physically,  ending in his death on Sunday. The  body will be returned to Nelsoii and  buried by Kootenay Lodge No. .10,  1. O. O. F., in which the deceased was a  past grand.  The funeral of .John Villevvaux, a  native of St. Francis, Quebec, who died  on Saturday evening in the Brooklyn  hospital, took place yesterday afternoon  from-the undertaking establishment of  D. McArthur & Co. to the Nelson cemetery.  The deceased, who was.'.a bridge "-carpenter, was employed by Porter Bros., and fell  off a trestle, sustaining internal injuries  which resulted in death'two days after-.  wards.    So -far as can be  learned  he;has  .^b'lieh^  ��friBnIdsYui:^  '"hi-ij'lqaltl.i.^  Saviour church, Nelson, llev. Mr. Akehurst olliciatiug. T. Greensill of MacLeod acted as groomsman and Miss Margo  Whitney as bridesmaid. After the ceremony Mr. and Mrs. Burn left on the  steainer Kokanee for Balfour, where tliey  will spend a short honeymoon in T. G.  Procter's house, after which they will  take up their residence in their nc.AV home  at Ymir.  Read this  for your own  benefit..  yyyy.i^ti^i  ym.<s<i.$-y -..'���a^:  Pry;  ?r-^\f<$i?'lj-yt?W-  WWWm'y  You will Unci   a   hiindivd   dillercnt  Watches and Jewelry, tlie  in .British  Columbia.    You  can get a ladies'  14-Carat   gold    watch,, nicely  engraved for   lines   in  argest assortment  $23.75  Gentlemen's watches, Crescent St. movement,  17 Jewel, with a Waltliam 3-oz.  silver case, dust, proof for . . .  $22.50  ^^j*0u.*W'll��r5Tr"*S>,  &%^yy&.y:!&^?*��y\  eSAT'4sSSm'.?^j :/.  P. S, Bartlctt, 17 Jewel, with tho same case mentioned  for ��12.50 You can yet watches and tlio latest .jewelry  cheaper, here thnii hi Montreal or Toronto. I have  bought my goods direct from the manufacturers and I  am here to sell as cheap a.s I bought, them. Don'i forgot,  to call and examine.  Will guarantee repairing the finest watches made.  Send by mail or express.  5D0VER, The Jeweler  ��.V.^��GASl\JflN��7GI'?o;GBRSlSJ^aEB7/"Y���. ��� ������   ���  WestYBldekL Balier.-St^eet^Eastir^Nelspn.lBLfO;;  ';s"j*5u  F. B. MORSE,  B. J. ROYAL.  -4-tf.-  ALL, sziasriDsYOBi  ���GAJSTmS GQ0DS,  fMc^: smfemmSms for  ^nfia    a,  Sjj   d��bd a     n��  nn Dn " n oo ^  ^Y^t^SWESVQ?=TENf'SViN��STbCK',    ���    : -I pl.'ft'-T'Tt1 ""  V��      TBakerrstreefc, bjtfposite postoffice;" Nelson, �� 2L.i^_L_J_Ll  '.���=������;�����, ���-��������������������y-��f, .- yyy:y-    *���..''    -    ���*.    : ���������-  ������,     ,.   -���   ,  :w; P. DIQKSON  E. H. Hi APPIiEWJHAlTE  J. McPHEE  ioDlefla^leeMeJ^  ELE0TRIC SUPPLIES  Coiriplete Electric Eauipments for Electric Power Transmission ana Lighting for Mines, Towns  Electric Fixtures, Lamps; Bells, Telephones, Annunciators, Etc.  P. O.Box 606. Josephine Street, Nelson, B.C.,  ;^M<m&m  Wc hijvoVbeori' appoifi Icdvsolea-fj-ents.in NelSon, for-  I \ii�� celebrated lee/CreaTri,viifd Sire, now prepared.  toicator loathe p'ubliCsijt="0U> ice' ei'baiTT parlors.  . which Wc, hav.c .fitted: up���-.iit" first-class fftjle.' Call,  inJaifd liave7adish oT;.Uhis, .delieious.ci'eam. Other"  , Other dealers' supplied. , "  ��� "   ���'   Tropical Fsuit Depot';,   .  uCorno'i" dfcsBalcer anU Ay^d^streets, Nolson   ���     ���  y'"'"��    AJFJ 2' OICLOGK'"P. M.  : y^hQa'u'nd,e\'��igned Jias ii'f.'sCjurctiqns   to pfijef  iEdrvsalte ifb "i\ubjt��Q aT^ctiohf^^^clVc, A\%gdns,  (brand new aiixl 7iie,ye:r'��'Used), "frojil "2-Jtd. 3|Y  iucli; ftxilOSj "arid "a i*nisc���elii(n'eq'us lot of-" nefek��  ; yo^s, wjii-ptple-trees, boxes, sgrhyg,'geatia, ash  poles in the  rough, -dak i-eache*-* a|l Jengtlis,,  "etc.    Sttle td, take jjlac-e, in��fj:oat ��"f H.I),  Y^'fjlicvpfti's"' 'ljlacksnmitl*   shop on, ij'all afcreot,,  .ISTefsojt    Serins Cash. >*��       ' '  ���������fiJs A". WAT-BKMAH cfe CD",, AucS.oneev^  OUR MAMMOTH STOCK OF  LONDON AND BRITISH COLUMBIA GOLDFIELDS, Ltd,  HEAD  OFFICE,   LONDON,  ENGLAND.  All coiTimunications  relating to British Columbia business to be addressed to P. O. Driiwer  505, Nelson, British Columbia  J. RODERICK ROBERTSON, General Manager i   Mcrj   oom     B   O  S. S FOWLER, E.M., Mining Engineer .,   '   IN CLOU IN,   D. Kj.  W. A. THURMAN  SMOKERS' HEADQUARTERS  Keeps a full line of  ROYAL, SEAL AND KOOTENAY BELLE CIGARS  . And all other brands of the  Kootenay Cigar Manufacturing Company  EVERYTHING IN THE SH.0E LINE  J  NELSON, B. C  KASLO, B. C  SANDON, B. C.  DEALERS IN  Shelf and Heavy Hardware  SOLE AGENTS FOR  Giant Powder  TRUAX  ORB  OARS  Canton Drill Steel  CARRY IN STOCK;  Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal  Pipes, and Fittings  Giant, Caps and Fuse  Tools, Cutlery, Tin  ���sp*3p  and Woodenware  Stoves, Eanges,  Iron, Steel,  Sheet  Iron, T-Rails  Paints, Oils, Q-lass  NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:  Corner Baker and Josephine Sits.  NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.  A Goat of Paint  ^#  WILL ADD TO THE SELLING VALUE  A SHABBY LOOKING HOUSE  OF  When you make up your mind to use a little Paint,,  bear in mind that we carry a complete stock of all  kinds of Paints, : Oils, .Varnishes, and Stains, also'  Kalsomines, Kalsomine Brushes and Painters Brushes.  Shelf and Heavy Hardware  Mining* Supplies T Rails  THE LAWRENCE HARDWARE CO.  by jmuBSEs wifm'(Mmmm mmm  Two   carloads; of  choice   Griifocerfe  a.nfl" Ctoekeiiy" ���ha.y.ev/iust bferf-  received   by us, \yhi:dh will'   be? ssltlY aj7"-pj;ice^  equalled in Nelson. AhiE)ng* o\ir specialties, ate; Crosse; s& iBlackiwelts";  "Marnialades, Jams, etc.; Cfr&slB^;,^.\-S"snfj3jG),t'it'is- pure |^va ���ciri;d. Bfoclia:*  Coffee; Christie E'ro-Wn and Batl'erson's Biscuits; 'Rani" Laf apd> Shilr.,  ling's Teas.    A trial order solicited. "        ."'"������'. *  Telephone 10.  Box K & W.      Baker street West, Nelson  2G AND 28 WKST BAKKR STUKK'Pl NKLSON  Builders and contractors can now secure  the best lime on the market at  70 Cents per 100 Lbs  CALL   AND   INSPECT  at Factory pricks  ob1 osrELSonsr, b.o.  THS BBACKMAN i M MILLIM CO., Ltd.  JLJ   X3-   -X~   -,  "WHOLESA-LB   ^A-ISTHD   EETAIL  G-3R^TJSr,   FEBI  FOR SALE  UUS1NKSS AND RKSIDKNTIAL  VROPKRTY  The West [(ootenay Brick & Lime Co., Ltd.  Bakor Stroot.        T. G. PROCTOR, Manager  30 by  120, 'Baker street, butwceii  .rosupliino  iind  Wanl streoi.s ��S0<jti  50 by 120, Bilker streei, between Josephine and Hall  streets   -1500  50 by 120, Baker street, between Josephine and Hall  streets, corner  �� ,',,.  30 by 120, 'wist, linker st reel    S00  2S'by 120 with Improvements, south side of Vernon  street ,  5000  50 by 120 witli improvements, south side of Vernon  streei... ,. .,   ('000  2 lots and large house beautifully furnished (snnr).. J000  2J lots with cottage rented ul, ��15 per month, Victoria  street.,  ;j500  1 lot with cottage rented at ��15 per month, Victoria  street   2500  2 lots with cottage rented at ��20 per month, Stanley  street  3000  (ilotei in block III), all Cleared and fenced in  2500  O-room liouso and 10 lols set out in orchard  J100  2 lots and improvements, 52 head of cows, 2 horses,  wagons, sleighs, harness, and everything in connection with Hurry's milk ranch    5500  For general information oh real estate and for 'further  particulars on above property apply to  A Ham Free  From anything" that is objectionable is a great treat to the  citizens of Nelson. Although we have been selling ffom  this car of   .   . ���       "  Harris and Bacon  But a few days, we have received numerous congratulations  of the highest nature as to the quality and cure of these  Canadian meats. They are, without exception, the finest  meats that have ever been brought into Nelson, -being lean,  sweet,  and very mild cure.    The price is down.  ���>%  STEINWAY  Write for quotations.on car lots.  ISTELSON*,   B.  C.  ETC.  The  Standard   Piano  of the World. :  NORDHEIMER  The Artistic Piano of  Canada.  ABT AND MUSIC CO., Nelson, Agents,  ���w~-A.:raD beos.  Real Estate and General Agents, Bakor St., Nelson  Vienna Restaurant  Raker street., between Josephine and  Halt streets, Nelson.  MKALS AT ALL HOURS, DAY OR NIGHT  BAKKIW IN.CONNECTION  FAMILY AND PASTRY COOKING-A' SPECIALTY  . - OxN'LY WHITE IIKLP EMPLOYKI.)'  R.     HUEET,     PEOPEIETOE  ABERDEEN BLOCK  NELSON, B. O.  . DesBrisay & Go.  Cream  WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED  A fresh consignment of Maple Leaf Cream Sodas received  direct from the factory, put up in. 3-pound boxes. Also  a full lino of the Toronto Biscuit aiid Confectionery  Company's Sweet Biscuits. Don't forgot tbat wo handle  Blue Ribbon Ten.  JOHN A. IRVING & CO.  Baker Street West, Nolson, B, C.  SPECIAL  Have just received a consignment of Harris homemade tweeds from Talbot HarriB, Scotland.  FBBD J. SQUIRE, Eaker St. Nelson*  Tho Hupply Is limited, bo call early and examine this Btook.


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