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Victoria, May 0.—Railway work of
immense imiiortance to Vancouver Island
was commenced this morning, when the
construction of tlie road to run from Al-
berni canal clear across the island to
(Jowichan Bay, was begun near Nanaimo.
The Times this evening has a sensational article concerning this enterprise,
warning \1ctorin that the scheme may
be to send the terminus of the Canadian
Pacilic to Alberni, and that the Dunsmuir ferry, which they are asked to
bonus, may be used as part of this alarming scheme.
Tlie Alberni-Cowichen road, however
is promoted with much simpler intention,
being designed to draw lumber from the
extensive limits wliich the Boboaygon
Lumber Company and its associates secured several years ago, in the part of
Vancouver Island to be traversed. If the
Canadian Pacific or other steamers do
ever find it worth while to call at Alberni
canal, this railroad would of course give
quickest connection with Vancouver, and
therefore may in time be part of transcontinental route.
Negroes Should Be Deported.
Special to The Tribune.
Chicago, May 0.—Rev. John H. Boyd,
pastor of tlie First .Presbyterian church,
Evanston, and moderator of the Chicago
presbytery, discussed the recent lynch-
ings in the south and proposed a solution
of the "negro problem." 0 His idea is to
send all-members-'of the negro race in
this country to the West Indies and to
let them "work out their destiny" there.
He said on this point:
"If we have millions to spend for Cuba
and millions for the Philippines, let us
spend a few other millions for the development of the negro, preparing him to
work out his destiny in some scimrated
place si way from white men. I look upon
the West Indies as the place where the
negro'may become dominant in society
and politics, and there, according to his
own instincts and eulightnieut, .may organize a society and conduct a government under the oversight and tutelage of
our great republic."
Dreyfus Blocks Legislation.
Special to Tho.Tribune.
Paris, May 0.—Those Avho hoped tliat
the deplorable Dreyfus affair would have
been settled so as to allow 'tlieY.'chamber
m°D'."li*yjtJ$Ljj.-V^'Yiv''5l"Y"-»i °^-.^*B»ji":'^\"7*-^:i.V.=.viY
s«tlie\depvitieSsto attend tO>the "grave, ques-,
vtjlis" :is
 _     ,'T|iQVK:eyiii§m
^y|illj fcpiiiiiiufe":;;° fh&' --.' $oyevn°-l
°mfedp°''-J^K6^ii]Jl^. Ywiji "yreitike,■". to *"re-
" Ply, id,. apjt.cn icisXion jcohceniing..the mat-"
." t^i,'b^jBreVtlVe''.cf).itr°fc'vshaiL hiilye" givpu its
deciSiOiU h-iicj yjjt," bpcanse "of the agi$a-
jlon aiid .exasperation of public; isenti-"
.ihent, it. -v\-ili...be. difficult,Sibr .parliament
to do aiiythiiig jlfsefuli,"un,ti'l:tlftift- stage is
ij^iclyai^ Th^iefqre"th.6s6 Ayhp havei.not
ti*fkeu sides, on. till}** cjnestioh especially
deplore the'delays.tliat stand iii tile's way
of its.Solution. „. ..      -
A Good Man Gone Wrong.
SpeciaUtO; EThe Tribune;
RosSLANn,:May G.rjrW.- 3. Jones, collector of inland revenue, is a defaulter
and has left tlie country. Inspector Miller and CBrill are here frOni Vancouver investigating the matter.    Jones  lias been
' absent from RosSlaud -for about a montli,
but it was understood  that he would re-
$1,000. Jones' whereabouts is not known
to the authorities. The investigation of
the Office's accounts, which is now proceeding, may show a much larger defalcation. The officers have received tAvo
telegrams;, one saying that lie had passed
through Spokane* Thomas & Greiger received the last check they gave Jones for
$#(HI back from Spokane on the first of
this.mouth. It is not'thought Jones Avill
be able to escape arrest.
Smelter Absorbed by the Trust.
Special to The Tribune;
Omaha, May (5.—The Omaha smelter,
late a part of the Omaha & Grant Smelting Company's property, how transferred
to the combine known as the American
Smelting and Refining Company, today
passed into the hands of its iioav owners.
Superintendent Page becomes manager
and chief clerk Cox auditor. President
Barton declines neAV honors and retires.
Mr. Nash, the secretary aud treasurer,
becomes president of the neAAr company,
with headquarters in New York city.
Dutchmen are Angry Now.
Special to The Tribune.
Brussels, May 6.—The ire of the.
Dutch is rising oyer the slight upon
Dutchmen in South Africa invoked in
the omission of president Kruger of the
Transvaal from the list of those invited
to participate iii the peace conference.
La Patriote's correspondent at The
Hague sends a dismal dispatch today regarding the outlook for the conference, regretting that even before the assembling of the delegates serious discord
should have been created; Not only are;
the Catholics dissatisfied, he says, that
the pope should not have been invited,
but even the Dutch, the host on the occasion of the conference, must be affront
ed in their sympathies by their own minister of foreign affairs. A numerously
signed petition has been presented to
Queen Wilhemina asking the removal of
this minister, M. de Beaufort, as unfit.
Inconvenient for Eloping Couples.
Special to The Tribune.
MiliWAUKKK, May (>.—The new marriage law will not go into ■ effect until May
10th, and the justices and ministers arc
expecting a rush during the next few
days. After the law takes effect there
cannot be a man-ago in this state for a
period of five days, as the laAV requires the
filing of a !i\re day's notice. It AA'as pointed
out by an enterprising justice of the peace
today that Chicago couples could be
spliced in this city by simply sending a
certified application up here five days in
advance. There is a general belief, Iioav-
eA-er, that the new law will break up the
excursion-marriage trade.   *
Cretans Have No Voice.
Special to The Tribune. ,
Athens, May (5.—The Cretan charter,
adopted Thursday by the admirals of
Great Britain, France, Italy and Russia,
charged Avith the administration of the
island, leaves the inhabitants no voice in
the election of officers of government. In
a note to the admirals Prince George of
Greece, the high commissioner, deprecates
this provision as calculated to engender
discontent in the island. The adminis--
trative council, Avhieh is to consist of four
Christians and one Moslem, is headed by
M. Sphakianakes.
Associated Press.
Berlin, May 0.—The belief has taken
complete possession of the public mind in
Germany that German interests in Samoa
have been brutally and ruthlessly disregarded by the English and the United
States officials. It seems that this ArieAv
is steadily gaining strength'with nearly
all classes. The press certainly reflects
the sentiment Avith increasing violence.-
The government, has done nothing during
■the past Aveek, either to fortify or to dispel  this  trend  of public  opinion..   The
The members of the Nelson Rugby
football team clinched their title to supremacy over Path or Pat's kickers yesterday afternoon, when they administered a second defeat to the Rossland
men. It was too much of a summer day
for football, but the players stood it well
and were 'frequently applauded. Although it was a return there, wore several
new men on the field who did not meet
in the former game at Rossland. In the
change it was apparent tliat Nelson
gained considerable over the visitors.
Rossland's chief loss Avas Ta.it, it star
three-quarter, but against this the A*isi-
tors had the advantage of the services of
Father Pat, avIio av.'is incapacitated when
the first game was played at Rossland.
The teams as they lined up Avere:
ROSSr-ANI).                                .                        NELSON.
II. Irwin                           Backs" o Tod
..] (* Williams
"' .-Three-Quarters■', 	
Ridout ..
Wilkie ...
Hopkins .
Ilecher ...
Stewart   .
Ovington .
Warren .
.'.'I Half
.. Lewis
.. Macrae
... Haines
- Forwards
"iaudj-mauy otheiMoimials* haSvejSSeizedYtllej"
1 occasion pfc sine""birthday <anniversary*ofr
pwa£g'Lv hhk ''/"KnT' ^li$t-Y^hejV*-~t$g le?
hist supTrie ""**disr"ega°rclE= "of : "Gei'mahysY
„" legitiliialbeYi ilterests in'SamOtiv „alxdillii§° falX
leg^'d'- sobsequi&oiisiless -*tOAvlliJrls tirfeat-
;.Biittt!in aiidVthje" Unitefd States. .„; " - .
„ The* matter of elainis fOr"' damage£,^oth
in Saiii'Qii aiitl  fJheDPjiilippiuesj  fr)r  Gei'-
Tinafl- "property destSbyed iir "i-eceut" ",Puy'
gageiiieuts',. has alsp „iiit.et\fectedi7 ijnlxeh*
bitfjerpessiiito the'press di^etiSsioji". "VT/ie
agi'ai.lanVCtetitcli^ Tii'ges ..2eitung "\u the
Goui-se' of a"re>:i"eAV.?§| °GejtMaii"y's at-titi]de
towards' "the ""I/nitOd States during- bhe
past .year, blames the■impermt foreign
office Avith "knuckling clown to the Aiilei*i-
j cans so '.as not to hurfc" the feelings. of
3iessjeufs Les American"' Tlie article
concludes as follows :
''Only by uqav shoAving a bold iind unyielding froiit canthe prestige of the empire, Avhicsh: has Suffered so Sei'iousiy latterly, be re-established." The same neAvS-
paper, andn, number Of otherSj blame the
emperor for showing too much flieiidli-
During the first half of the game neither side scored, but the Nelson meu
pressed the visitors close and had the
best of the play, the Rossland team being weakened by the loss of Sword, who'
receiA'ed a fractured collar bone.
When play Avas resumed for the second half and before the game was finished Father Pat Avas disabled by a blow
in the eye. He Avas game to play the
match-out, iind■ .appeared on the field
with a bandage around his head, but the
other members thought he was sufficiently battered up .and prevailed upon
him to become a 'spectator. In tlie English game of football the disabling of a
man is treated as a part of the game and
the team so suffering is required to play
on shorthanded, but   with   Sword  and
Special to The Trihuuc.
Kaslo May 0.—-Kaslo's celebration   on
the 21 th of May will be as good as it ever
was in former years.    Tho committee  in
charge aro sparing neither pains nor  expense to make ita grand  success, and   in
spite of counter attractions  there will be
a. big crowd   in   Kaslo   for the day.    The
steainer Moyie has been chartered for an
excursion from Nelson and \vaypoints,and
the rate will be single fare for round trip.
The st.ea.mer Nelson will   run   from Bonner's  Ferry,  and   the  Spokane   Falls  &
Northern railway will offer single' fare
rate for round trip   good for   three days.
The trip on the lake is sure   to prove  an
attraction, and Kaslo Avill reap the benefit.     The  principal   eA-ents  on   the   programme will be the bicycle  races, a sailing race and canoe race,   baseball  match
between Bonner's Ferry and Kaslo, hose
reel race, Avet test, Sandon vs. Kaslo, pro-
b.ibly a foot  ball match  between  Trail
and Kaslo, all .kinds of Caledonian games,
besides numerous other attractions.    Tho
Kaslo rides also expect to be out in  then-
new uniforms  for the  occasion, and the
Kaslo  brass  band   will discourse  sweet
music during the day.    The proceedings
will Avinrl up Avith a grand ball.
The Nelson Miner gave a very exaggerated account of the raihvay operations in
the Lardo by saying the Hercules left
Kootenay Landing with 175 men and
supplies to commence work on the Great
Northern line to be built by the Kaslo &
Slocan company. The facts were stated
in The Tkihune that the Hercules left
Kaslo Avith tAventy-fivo men under contractor Carlson ; and at present that is
all the men that the Kaslo <fc Slocan people have in the'district,'.outside, of their
engineers. .3. ft. -.Gray and Mr. Carlson
returned last night, and it is reported that
there lias been some trouble tip there between the two companies, one gang tearing up.the other gang's stakes, and soon.
Your 'correspondent so far av.-is unable to
see either Mr. Gray or Mr. Carlson, and
lease. A meeting of the enthusiasts of
lawn tennis Avas hold on Thursday night
and tho club reorganized for the season.
The court has boon placed in excellent
condition. The potato famine has been
raised by the arrival of a carload of tubers this week. They sell at three cents.
The football club is practising daily in
anticipation of their match with Nelson
on the 21th. The citizens have cleared
off and graded a portion of the government square, making the contrast with
the other part most marked. Business is
incroariiig daily at the record office.
The C.P.R. Hampering Traffic.
F.  Schweitzer,  who  superintends  the
delivery of  ore and coke at the 'North-
port smeller, spent yesterday in   Nelson.
He was hero for  the purpose  of superintending   the. transfer   of,  1000 tons   of
Crow's   Nost  Pass coke  from  barges at
Five-mile point  to Great  Northern   cars
for use nt the  smelter.    Mr.   Schweitzer
reports   that  the  Northport  smelter   is
now running at its  full capacity, and   is
treating four hundred tons  per day, the
bulk  of Avhieh  is received  from  the Le
Roi mine, although  small shipments  are
received from Ymir and other camps along
the Nelson <fc Fort Sheppard and the Red
Mountain railways.    He claims that  the
smelter company loses $1 per ton on  the
value of the coke in the transfer through
the lumps being broken into  dust, Avhicli
cannot be used in their  furnaces, besides '
the cost  of transfer, Avhieh  amounts  to
25 cents per ton.    The cost of connecting
the tAvo railways at°Nelson- so"that  cars
could be transferred from,one line to the'
other, Avould be only about $200, and he
says the smelter company Avould Avilliug-
ly bear the, cost if allowed by the 'Canadian-Pacific to do'so.
lieSs towards-Anier'icaiis, and^they also
charge president McKinley Vitli'a gross
want of tact in not replying to.'the'German emperor's recent telegr-lm of congratulations, "thus Outraging all international courtesies."
'inl:«'i°"fg5\-;ya^^ gOalV^ignY
Sai^eairJ? 'bp£a|n^^
.cliargi'iig'tovfei- "tlie line,, sSorec! Ytbe -only.
; fey 6*rth-e3t\y.    The -.ptat-e*' lack, 't'fe goal"
aVIiS :entrusted  to Tods but VwaVuiisiic-
„ csesSfiiJi, . ; \.      „ .']■..''   yy
Pf;tjieYiildiyltlual. p1aynei^s,:J'i'atJlie-r,l*,at,„
tlie"'captain ".of tjie> yTsitiug /tOahij played.1
-his "lisiiai h^rct-gitftie/ until, ,h°e "\>sits i'e,ti'redi
Tire1 niolt coiispiciious "iftlfoug" the other
ijiembBi'S of the Rossland team Avere
G'Brien,.CoO'ke, Qvingtoii, CbAvper-Cowlefe
and Hopkins*.
'Fpr Kelson qaptaiu, Haines lit halfback
was as prominent as ever, .and"his partner, Wetmore, alsQ piifc-up a great game.
Among the backs Williams added to his
reputation, and, Jeffs, avIio has improA-red
immensely si'nfie his last game at Rossiand, made some very* brilliant playsv
LeAvjs and Maci'ae wPre also vel-y mtich
iu evidence.
In the Nelson jforwai'ds Stii'geairt^was
■has"Vplirqffiised> 'P." LlFi^ny^Jiiit^esfe.
vSlr; l^ii&Sicis>^*1j*u*ia^ *:-QB[f^ •■ tbday>"
'HUnJi:Sii^S"heyvllI .^etipyVJp^YiiriV'.jts. te.r36iul"
'.as tWbooni ponies"ftiojig,"    Deal's: are tajv-
Viiig ]bla:<Je"in iocal^stocks, ljotiibly  Tainal'-
VacS, MoilarriliS aiid-Big -"J-ioriis, i,a"t" sjien.dy :
prices. - Real, osteiten is   k^pln"^  up   jn ■
.plsiCe:.   Aij cij-clei* i;oj[- Ta^Jje^iWiiH";^ tiiii/bt/i''
for the 'Ceiiti'e St'ii"" tit ilpssjaiid "i's-beiiig'
executed 1 leve,    The°sijlo\v is intijkiii,g liiSt,
ft has'beeu A-eiy inJIrlalJ   day, bvit 'those
AVho know progaoStielite a' stOi'in.
The Eight-Hour Law Come to Stay.
James -M. Martin, M.P.P., bf Rossland,
Avaso in Nelson yestei'day. He reports
business in his'toAvn' very good, and that
there is not likely to be any disturbance
of business through the eiiforcemeht of
the eight-hour law. It has been on trial
for a ..mouth in tho mines at Rossland, and
ihcmSm. Ikme ^^ifi^viis^p^^num^lfe^:1
is; .large
yPn D,n«   n -»v
, p!»yecT.."„;„JrJi„ei'ate ■ofr.^kg^yi-^^nhh
'" ila^f^'if i!iach.ifi(|Ijnel3 ,ajid t|S.Si[)n'tSl«n\iic;k-
■ers.. -°M|« 'Slartiii: say^.thtte:"airUAVi'iShs1;aii'd's:-
iii g lilt i'"ep(3iits' th, ihp,,,csmtm$yth(k -ilpgis-V
'la troji;. AVii^aiJv'gd-lo^ by the'njeu'W^itl^iig"
King George Takes in a Partner.
Associated Press.
•San FiiANcjiSuo, May i>.—A letter from
the Tonga Friendly islands, dated Api-il
lltli, says that a treaty has been entered
into between. Great Britain and the
islands. Germany has made tl demand
far £25,000 for debts Contracted by Ton-
gaus to German traders. Groat Britain
offered to pay the claim and protect these
little islands that Germany is so eager to
acquire. It is not the intention of the
British at this time to annex the islands,
Which comprise the Vavau, Haspian and
Tonga groups. The British and King
George II. lnirve merely formed a treaty
of alliance, offence and defensive. The
German claims Avill be paid as presented,
and the islands virtually become a dependency of Great Britain.
The New Minister of War.
Associated Press
Paris, May 6.—M. Camille Krautz, the
neAV minister of war, said in the course
of an inteiwieAV today that he fully realized the difficulty surrounding the office
to which he lias been appointed, but ho
declared that he had a perfectly open
mind Avith regard to the Dreyfus case.
He neA'er had been connected with the
affair. It is understood that 31. Krautz
Avill cleanse his department of every one.
avIio was mixed in any Avay Avith Dreyfus.: M. Freycinet's; resignation Avas ,' a',
great surprise, to .French politicians, bitt;
it is the general impression that he Avasi
anxious to escape a probable disclosure in
iii the near future.
'far tincl away tlui-best forward on the
ground. Hepbni'ii also played well as
did, the tlie brothers Thomson, the alder-*
manic grip of the elder being considered,
final in most cases. Ill the scrimmages the
two teams AVere not so unevenly divided,
but Nelson having the heavier inon had
whatever advantage< there was. The
■passing Avas at times a little Avild, but
there was also some very pretty pieces of
play in this direction. There was also
tithes when Lewis had the ball when"had
.lie attempted some running, instead of
attempting to kick goal, the Score might
haA'e boon altered. While yesterday's
game could hardly be classed' as a brilliant exhibition of football, it was nevertheless a very creditable game, considering the fact that the men on the teams
had very little practice with  'eachother.
Baseball Games.
Pittsburg 10, Louisville 5.
Brooklyn 12, Boston 10.
Chicago 10, CIe\-oland 5.
. NeAV York 3, Washington 2.
Philadelphia 3, Baltimore 1.1.
Providence (3, Toronto 3.
Springfield 2, Montreal 4.
Worcester .10, Rochester 10.
: Hartford 9, Syracuse 3.
Cincinnati .1.1, St. Louis 0.
Minneapolis 7, Mihvaukee I.
Buffalo 3, Columbus 2.
Detroit (5, Indianapolis 1.
St. Paul 0, Kansas City 7.
Venezuelan Revolution Over.
Associated Press.
CaRACCAS, Vene/.Uela, May (>.—Peace is
now re-established in Venezuela. General Ramon Guerra, f()rniorly.,Ve.i.ie./.H.oliiii
nn.inster of 'war-aiid .marine, 'wJip "started
the -revolution last ■■'February, (and was
finally severely defeated'by the government troops, has escaped* into -Colombia.
.New Denvrer.
Niaw Di'iNylOR;, May 0..—■The- announcement that the gbvei'nn'fejit would enforce
tlie eight-hour law was Received here
AVitll surprise, a« it: had'been confidently
believed the dangers and perils of tliat
legislation had been [successfully delayed
for a Season, If not permanently sidetracked, ft is believed an, amicable ar-
rongemoiit Will be a,rriAr0d at bot\veeij_tho
"owners and woi'kn)eli,~fhe Miner's   "
of Sandon being the principal, deciding
party; Judgment and tact will successfully weather the impending storm
and bring the labor question in the Slocan to a safe and permanent harbor.
An ISuglish corporation is seeking to
obtain control of the Bondholder- group
oil Ten Mile. This property has had a
chequered career, and has had a Jot of
money expended oij it. The future will
prove tlie group to bo as good one, as it is
believed, to havo the Fnierpriso vein Upon the ground, as well as otilei's. There
is high-grade ore showing in a niiinber of
James Black, an old-liinor of Now Denver, but now in the hotel business at
Trout Lake City, was hero last niglit on
business. He has been engaged to pilot
a party of Nelson people into the Cariboo
country for gold property. Black spent
many years in the north. W. P. DuBois,
who, up till February, was employed as
assayer and bookkeeper at the Km tor-
prise, has returned from a visit to Michigan. He has assumed charge of the
operations at the Arlington, on Springer
creek, Avhieh is opening up   in full swing.
The outlook for the hike country is improving   Aveekly.    The   Mabon,   on  Ten
Mile, is again Avorking   with a full force.
With the  conclusion   of  the   Enterprise
rleal seA'eral embryo propositions are taking definite shape, and   it is quite probable that not a few deals Avill be concluded
shortly.    The extra, depth of snow on the
hills is acting as a great deterrent to surface inspection, but   it is only a question
of time for this   to be remedied.    Extern
sive operations on the Enterprise will set
things..iii,motion. ..,-.......'...:_-.-. ...    .... ■-:-.-7,-0-Y
■:  The hike isVrisi.iig'.stcad
about throe   ihehosYdaiiy.;'. P.-AYMuiiro
has taken o\*ei   the'dray and livery business of J. C. Ifarri.-
hyvp,. dbi^|ledvtln;t,-Wigj%\\-; btfeiif oi^l;
Inferring to? the efforts being" 1 fta.de :pt,
Rossland, i'or uninieTpar 'flwi"i,6ffe'iiiup" Ipf.
AVater arid light systems, Mr. ftfttf-tiu saul
the city "Wofdd undoubtedly *p;ii>" iii \ts,
; own, Aviyte'r system, bemuse tiro c6ninf|*yiy
owning the present .system, asked" "ipdiyk
for it than jt was worth. ""...•
Th,e' Lardo^Duiican Railways.*
II. IS.. Beasley i;oturne,d on Friday night
Pro in tho scene of construction AVDrk oij
tlie Lardo-Dirncaii branch, for* Avhieh
Poupore & McVeigh havo* the contract.,
_M.r.JJeaSJC^ j^oports: that therp. are iioav
"fl'fiiy^five men clearing and grading the
riglit-of-way tlirough the Duncan pass,
abouteigliteojimiles fj'onj Lardo, and forty
men are working at Lardo. A force of
one hundred men from ,!>he Crow's Nest
pass raihvay will roach Kaslo tonight,
and will be taken up to Lard: to-
morrOAV by tlio steaniCr' Nelson, arid placed at "Work at once. The wol'k of construction will bo considerably delaye.rl
until tlsc water rises owing to
the -difficulty in gottiiig in supplies and
material. Mr. Rcaslcy says that the
Great Northern llailw.'iy Compaiiy Jiav't.-
only (iftoon nieniit work and these arc
fiinpj-oyed in cutting and slashing tlifotigl)
tlio pass, in order to got in before the
Canadian i'aciflcj but the engineers report that there is plenty of room through
tlio pass I'or thruo railways.
The first gold bricks from the Ymir
companys mine arrived in Nelson yesterday and were turned over to the Bank of
Montreal to be forward to the United
States assay office at Helena. They were
valued at .$10,000 and represent the gold
sjiA'crl upon the plates in Avhat AA'as
virtually a fifteen days run. In addition
to the values saved upon the plates the
company has about $-J,000 in the concentrates, so that the output of the mill for
tho first fifteen days' operation was
virtually $1,000 per day. These figures
show that when in operation the Ymir
mill can be counted upon te turn out
$30,000 per month.
The clean up at the Athabasca mill for
April was not  up  to expectations.    The
trouble wliich the company had with its
miners over the eight-hour law is responsible for the shortage in the output.    Instead of an output of elose upon $20,000,
which was the limit  set by- the management, it foil  off to $9,500, including the
-gold saved on   the  plates and the values
retained   in   the   concentrates.    With  a
steady run this   month   the  limit set for
April should be reached, which, added to
the  expected output of  the Ymir mill,
gives the two  gold   mines of the Nelsou
district a  prospective  output  of $50,000
per month.
In computing the possible output for
the summer account must be taken.of
the Duncan mines. The development
'which has been going on in this company's
properties for the past year has opened
up ore bodies sufficient to keep a 20
stamp mill running for some time, and
when the projected mill is in operation it
may be counted upon turning out another $20,0000 in a short time,
Then there remains also the Poorman
and Fern properties to be considered,
.which, when . operated, Avould have a
very considerable output, so that there is
every prospect before the Avinter that
the free golrl properties in the vicinity of
Nelson will Ikia-o a monthly output of
$100,000. Those figures carried on over
a year's operations Avould giA-c an output
from the five properties of OA'er $1,000,-
000, something Avhieh is nearer realization than most people of Nelson imagine.
To Investigate Combines.
Special to Tlie Tribune.
Washington, May 0. — The United
States industrial commission, wliich has
j'lield no public meetings for the past ten
Relays, has mapped out its proceedings for
•s-ihe current* month. /Hie' early part of
t'tlie month Avill be given- to representati-
5y„es of various Industrial organizations
;*and state factory inspectors and labor
.'commissioners**' ' .      •. .r   '
"<jOn   May'llth   trust  investigation will   -
*J5e taken up, and state senator J. W. Lee
f'-^f Pittsburg avi'11  speak on the Standard
'■tbil trust,   On May loth general John Mc-
, Abulia of Ohio Avilf testify as to the whis-
,fey trust, and'on   the  19th Martin Cook,
;pf   Cook,    Bernhcimer   &   Co. „ of   New-
*)|ork   wili   talk   on   the   same   subject. *
.Homy  O.  llavoihcyer of  the American   -
Sugar   Hefining ■ -Company, has promised"   -
to appear some time  betAveen   May loth
and 20th. .    '    '   ■ "     "'   *
f-°. Reform "Cranks Run Riot.
Associated "Press.
London, May 0.—During a meeting
'ofthe Prc\-ontive and Reformatory. Institute for Females., held at Exeter-hall,-
Rev. Mr. Mole said : "Wo are living inan
age when Christian Avork is largely counterbalanced by indecent pictures and
publications. The literature of the day
is as bar! as it possibly could be, but  the
^advertisements—arc—Avorse. They—aro-
positively indecent, it is deeply to be
regretted tliat tlie stage, in., tlie
matter of indecelit advertisements, is th<5"
worst offender.' Its pictures are' horribly
suggestive and, indecent, and include fast
living, yet Christian men and Avomen
patrouij'.o tlie stagy: fn, fact, Mr. JVloAvle
went on, he foijnd that tlio bishops „of
the church of England wore roeo)uuiO;nd-
ing tlieir clergy to go to the theatre, and
he.Was bound i'O Say that ho felt the ncied
for  reformation.
New Tenders Will be Called Tor.
The Bank of Montreal has decided
call for now tenders for the erection
tho buildiug on the corner of Baker and
Kootenay streets. Of the tenders received in the first instance, one from a
Victoria contractor was about $0000
lower than the loAves't of the local ton-
dors, but the tenderer refused the contract at his own figures when it Avas
offered to him. With this contractor out
of the race, the contract will doubtless
be secured by local men. Tho tenders
will require to bo in by May lOfch.
He Applied Business PrihcipleSi
A.fii'QelfMod I'resHi
London, May '6.—A trunk containing
tile body of a man Avas found yesterday
at King's Crossing freight depot, in a pile
of baggage marked1' '•Theatrical Property," It was believed a murder had
■boon committed, but iiiA-cstlgation
showed that the body was that of Jimmy
Green, a music hall artist, who had been
on the road with a troupe. Green died
while on the road, and the manager, in
order to economise, sent the body home
as freight, paying ten shillings for the
transportation, whereas ft would have
cost £11 to liaA'-e it sent home as a corpse.
The Pope Makes a Bull.
Associated I'ros.s.
London, May 7.---A. special despatch
from Rome announces that tlio pope has
signed, a bull proclaiming . a saci-od year
of.iui.iversa 1 jubilee, beginning. December
2n;th; noxt.■. 11 is. 1 ioliness accords plenary
indulgence to pilgrims to Rome and other-
recognized.shrines of tlio church through-
in  this town under a   .out the world during 1900.
Giving: Back the Spoils.
Associated Press.
M Aim id, 3[ay 0.—General Rios, Spain's
principal commander in the Philippines,
telegraphs tliat general Otis has returned
the Spanish artillery and money captured in Manilla by the Americans.
Exporting Nelson Gold.
The Bank of Montreal yesterday exported to the United States assay office
at Helena, Montana, live gold bricks,
wliich were entered as being worth $17,-
4(50. The bricks Avere from the mills of a
couple of mining properties in the A-icin-
ity of Nelson. THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B.C., SUNDAY,  MAY 7,   1890.  pi---'  tl-.  Special  Dress Goods Sale!  To clear a few lines at half the usual price, all in  dress lengths of 7 yards each, no two pieces alike  8 pieces figured dress goods at 40 cents, regular price, 75 cents  7 pieces figured dress goods at 65 cents, regular price, $1.25  10 pieces figured dress goods at $1, regular price, $1.75  The balance of our spring capes and jackets at wholesale price  ^gV~A-" FERLAND & CO.  Garden Tools  A COMPLETE LINE JUST ARRIVED  FROM EASTERN MARKETS  Nelson Hardware Co.  Baker Street, Nelson.  Sweaters and Underwear  'We. have succeeded this season in getting tlie FRENCH HEALTH UN-  DEB/WEAR for .spring and siunnior Avear. This is tlie finest'and best made  on tlie market. Balbriggans at all prices. Oui- silk and wool sweaters are  admired by all and ncknoAvlcdged to be the finest yet shown in Nelson.  See these goods and get prices. -  Sign of the Big Red Hat  P. O. Box 103, Nelson, B.. C.  J. F. WEIR  ffitte ffifetbun**  DAir.y Edition   .Weekly. Edition.  .. .First Ykak, No. I (Ifi  .Skvknth Ykak, No. 21  THE DAILY TRIBUNE is published   every  morning  (except Monday), and will bo mailed to subscribers  ..in Canada or tlie United States for ��5 a year, and to  subscribers in Great Britain for ��8 a year; or it will  be delivered to subscribers in Nolson for 25 cents a  week, 51 a month, ��2.50 for three months, ��5 for six  months, or SJ10 for one year.   Payable in advance.  THE WEEKLY TRIBUNE is published every Wednesday and Saturday, and will be mailed to subscriber-!  anywhere for ��2 a year, payable in advance.  REGULAR ADVERTISEMENTS printed in both the  ���"���: daily and weekly editions for ��1 per inch per month.  LOCAL OR READING MATTER NOTICES 25 cents a  -lino for each insertion.  JOB sPRINTING at fair rates.-   Accounts for job .print-  .-��-ing and advertising are payable on- tho first of.cvery  ., month;. Addrcts��� ��� ;*   ' =   -��� --   -  ����*.����� ' '    ��� THE TRIBUNE, Nelson, B. C.  ���>  7%-Jh.h mehibers of tho .several Minors'  jtTiiidiis iii Kootenay" have iioav ;f chance  ^to-tprove that .they are not enemies of tlie  ^jcomitry in which they live. They can  Jprove by--eoiJserS*ativc -action, that tliey  anen?  -Igainikl by  ^i'eY'as. Avdrthy of beiiig, fcriistccli as tlio  who manage- mines.. They have  legislation.^- concession tliat  Y^nlanii of their felloAV workers have been  VSiiriable to gain by'.agitation and appeals  "yto JeihployW|y ���"#q$" ^ljiVe pfeain^nckSfhe^  ,^���et*^*s��-r^ *S*fcl*i-^^-^�� a-jp|ft��*Vi l.x ^- 'ga'hfetl," 'thai *goiv-"  ^��e��^ in\ iSjirj-; ��� cgu^fde:  >ASO-t^e*dhiiirg.^"!|v""':-"����  " "."'"("."Hi" *  tbe building trade.    There is  a prospect  of a very  prosperous  season  before the  builders of this city, Avhicliwill be turned  into  a  totally dilferent  channel nnless  the threatened strikes are  settled amicably and  promptly.    There  neA'er was a  time when arbitration Avas  so  distinctly  in the interests of masters and men as it  is in the present case.    Neither side haA'e  been making so much  money during the  past L'cav years that they can   afford to  dissipate their resources in a.quarrel over  a cent or tA\*o an hour.   Both sides should  be ready to submit their dispute to arbitration, so as to.avoid a prolonged strike,  which cannot'i'esultother than   unfavorably  to *both.   :Tho- Noavs  sympathizes  with both masters and" iiien.    "With the  former because tlio lean years  they have  gone-:, through = have' brought. !many= of  'tiiem.to tbe verge of. ruin,  and Avith stbe  latter because, even   at ��� the -wages  tliey  flemaud;" with their "long-periods, of "enforced   idleness, their  remuneration cannot be regarded *as oxcessive.    Lt is niani-  fcst,,boAvever., thatthe best  interest  of  both-maslers and men is to make mutual  coucessionsYand avoid  a strike that will  bo expensive to both of them.  i(fi  y'yNOyvyiJikp: the IZptilP IXAver BajWky]  ]-bhar��er vsih'cL the   Moyie   Statiofi-'xhife^-*  "Y7��p.v">s!"��"���"  if"   "������   ' ' -. y  -  I- tiohSY'bave   Jbeeu,   Sidetracked   without  j7afcr^lai'atioii o�� opinion froin  the  S'&ufih  l^^OteiSdyiMdard of Trade, an effort Avill  ^b^niJifie."on jVIOiUlay night to JiaYfe the  "Jajws that the city Council are so anxious  f to}.kavp  the ratepayers  approve.   Th<3  .   board  of   trade  Jiad  better Ioa:vo that  VV qiieftioh severely alone.  /.-".fJiA-ME^ M. Martin, who represents the  *��Ro��|]a*ad. riding of  \v"est Ivooteuay and  -���"-Yuife iM tjie provincial legislatiife, is in  ] "Nelsoh-    Ml'.' Martin  is a business man,  7 :a*udBOt a politician.   When asked why  " 4he eight-hO\it iaiVwos1 passed Vvithout  ��� "i|s'hjeiiig, asked for by tlio miners, he replied   that   the   miners  of 'hjs  district  asked for' its passage.    Mad  he been a  politician he Avould have replied that the  la*w was passed  in  the interest of humanity.   THE eiglit-hOur laAV has come to stay.  It has'been ott trial for months in the  coal mines on Vancouver Island, and  works well. The rate of wages can be  ���adjusted-without any great disturbance  to the business of the country, if only the  mine managers ������will meet the miuei's half  way.    It takes two to make a trade.  There are almost as many casualties  in a clean game of football, as it is played  iu Nelson, as there ai-e in a battle in the  Philippines.  Arbitration Should be Resorted to.  Toronto News.  Tlie general good of this city requires a  prompt settlement of the labor disputes  which are now pending. Lt is most unfortunate that .just as. times are beginning to improve these strikes should  occur.    Particularly-is this tlie case with  - " - -" ' y "3ns- " ." "  ��� "During "��hcV season- Ave (will de-V  oJlFi-^F"-jbo Htnpri\,pa.��en rcsideiices  Jin^busiiiespboiisc.s'-dailyjn "aifaj  dlSijircd" qyalititiv at eiisoju'itble^  prjee-'. 7 " "  DRAYING arid  Merchandise hauled to and from depots; ,b'ijg  inuets fill trains and boats. Special attention  given to the transfer of baggage. Oftlcc and  .stables on Vernon street, opposite Tlio Tribune*  Wilson & Harshaw  THOMSONS  WVi ARE NOT ADVERTISING  HUDSON'S BAY  INCORPORATED T670.  Have You  a Sweet  Tooth?  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As ever.vthiiiK is kept and.made  on the premises, siilisfaecion is assured..' -  BAREk^STRE^T WES^?NEL,SONf":*:  '^      -  n- .- ��� t     n"n^nn     3d   "',",     ���������       "^    -  y��*#*y   n" '   '   '   nU >Y  " ".-n 1  Y"  n �� ,.��  1 f ,yo��u '-��\*tOit a natjtyi,sfyiish* Siti^of"clothes fbV   ., V  spring and"sUh)ihei:, 1 "hayp "ovSi^^JOl/liU'et:-     s"  cut pfltiternspOf Scotch naird KiiglisliVt\ve*c-ds,  " .    '  which I williiiako tb your order afctlie" low-  ])i'ice.of .,..��..,,.., ,.'....��...,..." ,,��."$2S���  JJIack vdiietia.1113 iiiake a nice* Suit foi: suiii-  mor uMor at  ....V.S'il  Black serge suits iii sack or morning tioJtt.",��21  A heavy .Scotch tweed,   nico pattern's for  business, suit; ,...,  .Sl��  U.;r0l^^crs.ate(iually4pw;priceSi^J'-it="ftiid-finish=^==^  no belter iti jfjaundik   Ladies' line ^tailoringp, ,   --'-*"--    Cleiiieht block, Bakci; street.  C. W. West* jGo.  GENERAL TEAMSTERS  no  specialty.  AGENTS FOK  i      The Imperial Oil Co.   Standard Oil Co.   ,'  '   Washiriffton Brick aqd Litrje Co.   .  fc ���H.,vW.= :l^cNiell .CQ,l?tjtd., Canadian-Anthra-  i '>������"��� '.-���- Yvci^^bal^Hara);;��^-L^'^  [Deaiersootf!n''n  Pn     n "n".;   "Y, *Pa.  msmsm^s  iN$PEqiroN;QF: fTOciijpitEp  GENERAL  BROKER.  A  ^ROOM HOUSE TO LET  A 4tROOM HOUSE TO BET  FOR SALE  A 2-lbt corner   A 5-room house..  .5 500  . law  Houses and lots in all parts of tho city.  MONEY TO LOAN iNSUjtANCK  H, B, Asli��r0ft  BLACKSiyilTHING  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  Wagoii repairing promptly attended to by a llrst-Class  wheelwi'ight.  Special attention gi'ye'u to all kinds of ropairing; and'  custom work froin outeide points;  Canada Drug and Book Co..    LIMITED.    Corner Baker and Stanley Streets, Nelson.  Large and well lighted Heated by hot ai  Reasonable rates Sample rooms  Electric bells and light in every room  Renovated and refurnished throughout  HOTEL   VICTORIA  J. "V. PK11KS, Proprietor  Free bus meets all trains RpvakJ'nl(A    R   C  Hourly street car to station nB��B!*>lUlVO|  U. v.  Although the Innes & Hamber syndicate  lots in Addition "A" are -withdrawn from  sale, we still have a large list of residential  lots on our  list.    Lots   in   Hume Addition.  GAMBLE & O'FjEILLY, Agents  Bakor Street West, Nelson, B. 0.  FOR SALE  SNAPS IN HOUSES AND LOTS  IN ALL PARTS OF THE CITY  Money to Loan  Sh.op:   l{ali Street, between. Baker and Vernon, Nelson  <JvK?>nn Will buy 24 horses, 12 waffons, 2  ��|juwwv/ wagonettes, 1 buggy, 10 sets of  sleighs, and a complete out&t of harness, saddles, blankets, etc., and a going business of  $30,000 a year.  Terms.  ���fiJWlftn Will buy two lots and improve-  <j}wvv/v ments on north side of Vernon  street, between Ward and Josephine streets.  Terms.  ^iidLKnn W111 buy SO by 120 feet on the  tp-xnjV/V/ south side of Baker street, between StaUley and Kootenay streets.   Cash.  <fc*in f\f\f\ Will buy 50 by 120 feet on the  91W5VWV;   northeast corner of Baker and  IGpow's lest lass ,Goalv Gov  ! PAYMENT (VlUST AG!D<3MPANV  ! ALL ORDERS  Charlea   St.   BarbBj   Agent.  Nelson Ipoii Works  BNG-INHS, BOILERS, SHAFTING-," IRON AND  BRASS castings; OF EVERY DESCRIPTION  Repairs prbhjptly attended to.      P. O. Box 173.  R. REISTERER & 00.  BKBWKRS AND BOTTLERS OF  Ale and Portep  ftTettydffgthBartrado.     Brewery -at Nelson.  FOE   SALE.  HOUSE and three lots,, Nos. 5, 0, fthd 7, Block 10. Mill  street, Nelson. B. C.   For full particu'ars apply to  A. Manson. Grove Hotel, near Fort Sheppard station.  Josephine streets.  P. O. Box 57  a&sh-   JOHN HOUSTON,  Vernon street. Nelson  J.  L. VANSTONE,      R. H. WILLIAMS,  Alines and Mining Stocks ���    Customs Broker  . KKAL 1CSTATK AND OENKItAL AGKNTS  Nelson Saw & Planing  IsTOTICE  All accounts owing the Nelson Pining Mills, contracted since the 17th day of September, 1808, are duo  and payable to the undersigned, payment of whieh is re  quired at once. HARRY HOUSTON, Secretary,  Nelson Saw & Planing Mills.  Nelson, B. C., April 25th, ISM.  FOR SALE���An old store .front*.  Madson, Bakcr'*street, Nelson.  Apply to Theodore  LODGE   MEETINGS.  XT NIGHTS OF PYTHIAS-Nelson Lodge, No, 25,  J-��- Knights of Pythias, meets in I. O. 0. F. Hall, corner  Bakor and Kootenay streets, every Tuesday evening at  8 o'clock. Visiting Knights cordially invited to attend.  C. FRENCH, C. C.  . G. ROSS, K. of R. & S.  NELSON LODGE, NO. 23, A. F. & A. M. Meets  second Wednesday in each month. Sojourning  brethren invited.  PROFESSIONAL   CAEDS. "  AH. HOLDICH���Analytical Chemist and Assayer.  ���     Victoria street, Nolson.  WART & CARRIE-Architects.   Rooms 7 and 8 Ab-  . crdcon block, Baker street, Nelson.  H.  CANE���Architect and  artist,  noxt door to Nelson library.  Brokenlnll  Block,  .����-*:JCltt94M��u ,mU>��^s^.u^    �� .  t'vi^Si'O..OWt*tf��M^i   ,nj^.^nnr��r^*"ft.^..'^.'.'..��Brf^c��. THE   TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B. C, SUNDAY, MAY 7,  1899.  3  BankofMontbeal  Capital,  Best,  all paid  up,    -  $12,000,000  6,000,000  LORD STRATIICONA AND  (Ion. GEO. A. DRUMMOND,  R   S. CLOUSTON   MT. ROYAL, President   Vico-Presidont   General Manager  N. W. Cop. Baker and Stanley Streets.  THE BANK OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA  NELSON       BHANCHKSIN       LONDON  (England),   NEW YORK,   OHIO AGO  and in the principal cities in Canada.  Huy and sell Sterling Exchango and Cable Transfers  (1HANT COMMKKCIAL AND THAVKI.1.EK8' CKK.PITB,  available in any part of the world.  DRAKT8 ISSUKI)    COIXKCTIONS MADK; KTC.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CURRKNT RATB.OF INTERKST PAID  A   TOUGH   MINING   CAMP.  The following stoiy is going the rounds  of the press. The reader is led to believe that Lac-la-Hache is a modern mining town, and the incidents recited occurred last April. The incidents probably occurred in April, 1801 or'02, during  the Hush days of Cariboo. There is no  such town in British Columbia today,  and the toughest town in the province  is probably the one in which J. C.  McLagan's paper is published:  A special from Seattle to the San  Francisco Chronicle says: Up in the  mountains of British Columbia a new  "tough town" has sprung up which is in  a fair way to bear a worse reputation,  than Dodge City, Kas., or Tombstone, A.  T., ever did. The town in question is  Lac-la-Hache, ;md it has for inhabitants  less that 1000 miners. The strange part  about it is that Lac-la-Hache won its re-.,  putation for downright roughness in one  night, just as the miners gained the  wealth they are now recklessly spending  in one big lucky strike.  There is a premium on everything of a  sporting nature, and nothing is too bad  for the miners. The town has the only  dozen fighting turkey gobblers in the  country, and nearly every miner has a  pri/.e bulldog or game cock. Gambling  runs wide open all the time and saloons  never close. =  Sunday, April 10th, was a day of fame  for Lac-la-Hache. One. of the most terrible; and bloody, prize-fights in.the history of the ring Avas fought oii the green  turf thai* afternoon for a purse of $2000.  It lasted lifty rounds, and at the end of  four .hours'   fighting   the   ground , was  running with-human blood.    "Tar Flat".  : Br6\\3rofi;Sau:Fr  1 V.e'ty o��,isQ&r-fi} ?���*���&&  Is rjow prepared to issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on Skaguay, U. S., Atlir*, B. C, and  Dawson City, Yul^on, District.  - miners and   their  friends  drank out of  pint cups.  It was not long at this rate till the  dance became an orgy. The crashing of  glasses, the shrill cries of excited women  and the sound of shooting only added to  the excitement. The fighting gobblers  were called in, and in a terrible contest  gored each other to death. Two bulldogs,  the pride of the camp, were pitted, and  the crowd looked on. Fights over women  were numerous. No one went home  sober. The champagne held out, and before morning the floor of Somerset hall  was covered with drunken sleepers entirely overcome by wine and excitement.  Lac-la-Hache will never forget that  Sunday. They are already planning for  more good times and purpose raising a"  magnificent purse for two eastern fighters of Avorld-drawing reputation. If the  gold in Lac-la-Hache placer beds holds  out the camp will soon be known as the  toughest place in all the world.  Plea of the Nickel Monopolists.  Hamilton Herald.  Naturally, the Canadian Copper Company, and the Orford Copper Company  don't want an,, export duty imposed on  nickel ore and matte. The Canadian  Copper Company, -wliich has got control  of the producing nickel mines in Sudbury,  is an American concern, and the Orford  Copper Company is the same concern under another name.- Under the name of  the Canadian Copper Company certain  Standard Oil magnates hold a monopoly  of Canadian nickel, mine it in quantities  to suit their own purposes, ship it to  New Jersey, where the Orford company  refines it. Under this arrangement the  minimum of benefit from the industry is  received by Canadian workmen, and the  maximum of benefit goes to American  workmen.  An export duty would change all that.  It Avould eomiK.il the refining ofthe nickel  in Canada. The tremendous advantage  yt,o Canada to be derived from from an export duty on raw nickel is now so well  understood, that the Canadian people are  practically a unit in its favor. So strong  is the feeling on the subject that tlie  Yankee monopolists have taken alarm,  and have deputed Ii. ti-. Leckio, the manager ofthe Orford Copper Company to  make out the best possible case for the  monopoly and get ib published. He has  done so, and got it published in the Toronto Globe.  ��� Probably he has made out the best case  possible for the great monopoly, but it is  a A'ery  Aveak case  all the same.    He has  the impudence to declare-that an export  duty   would   injure   Canada   because   it  would restrict tins production of nickel���  that  the   United  States   avou Id   in that  event get its supply from New Caledonia.  He presumes too much on the ignorance  of-��� the'Canadian    people.      He   assumes  that Canadians don't know, or have forgotten, that the monopolists with  whom  lie is associated gave testimony at Washington   that the   nickel refining industry  ���iu the United  States was wholly dependent  upon   the Sudbury  mines for   raw  material.    This  testimony  they gave to  prevent the imposition of an import duty  on raw nickel.. Either they made a false  statement  then, or  Mr. Leckie  makes a  false statement in his letter to the Globe.  The  known   facts are   in favor  of  bhe  Washington statement.  But the best answer  to Mr.oLeckie is  this  cold  fact:    The Nickel Steel  Com  pany of Canada has offered to enter into  an agreement 'with the Canadian Copper  Company to take the total product of its  mines for three years at present market  prices in case an export duty on nickel  ore and matte is imposed. The Nickel  Steel Company has .$20,000,000 behind it.  There is no doubt of its ability bo carry  out its proposed agreement. In the  teeth of that oiler, what can be thought  of bhe pica of Mr. Leckie that an export  duty would restrict the production of  nickel at Sudbury? It is simply an impudent bluff.  HOTEL   ARRIVALS.  I'HAIK.  John Idiiillaiv, Toronto  .1. K. Poupore, Nakusp  R. <'. Hue. Alamo  If.   JI.    C'amiMier.s,   New  York  Ki'iU (.'ii-kc.'l, Spokane  A. K. Clii'i-aril, Toad Mountain  A. Anderson, lvaslo  Grant   'I hornbiirn.   Silver-  |Ol)  W. W. Old. Silverton  A. .1. Linden, Omaha  GRAND  CKNTRAI,,  M. IT. All ice, I Victoria  Dr. C'orsan, Trail  tl. II. I.eishman. Victoria  T. I'. Peterson, Vancouver  A.U. Peterson, Vancouver  Mrs. Samuel mill daughter,  Vancouver  C. .MoSwoouoy, Montreal  IHJMK.. '=.  Win. McMillan. Trail  A. II. Cromer, St. Paul  J. Kred Hume, Victoria  A. ii. Urcmee, London  mmmmmmt  ADE  Mrs. Suinan, Spokane  C. K. Walford, St. Paul  R. G. ICmard, Spokane  G. H. Jlui'hard, Spokane  J. Rile}, Erie  SILVER   KING.  Wm. 13. White, Silver lving I William  mine mine  G. O. Cassils, Silver King   B. Win  mine |  TRKMONT.  R. MeRae, Nino Mile Point  Trevor,  .Sandon  Granite  B  B  B  B  B  DRESS GOODS  PLAID GINGHAMS  New  patterns  at   10,  12.1. 15,  and 20 cents per yard.  SWISS SPOT MUSLIN  At   121., Io. 20, and   30  cents  per yard.  FANCY DRESS GOODS  At 35 cents  per yard, worth  ���~>Q cents.  BROCADE DRESS GOODS  At $4 a dress pattern, no tAvo  alike.  DRESS PATTERNS  at $1 each  All-wool Pepper, latest shades   W  and 15   $J  PRINTS  Past colors at 7  cents per yard.  12.1  PLAID DRESS GOODS  At 20 cents pei- yard.  ALL-WOOL SERGE  At 30 cents per yard.  WHITE PIQUE  At IS and 35 cents per yard.  #  #  Mai k Hyat, ISrooklvn  Charles O'Connor, Robson  ���. Mahor, Toronto  OharlfiS Cameron, Summit  T. Connors, Green wood  matehed^and JJaa-m^HaeJie Iias.no." news?  1 cpuid^dd.ithe-figlit^  *cii'j"ne. -pffrATi'frie i  njtterTtmie the;jfieir��s*\\:erej>alr. but -knoelied'  ^'OutV, *AYttol&,f W^  Yjhard lyjt: :a/��;bIoAV;��� ��sti;uck, *Ywhile/#ieYineii"  ���^refcyYiip^  ��;Jihe����B Sftu��.I^Vancis^o^uail'Js/'i'j^v'randvtli'e''  ����"tiirhr,���-ivji��tff��vfii'-     "rPliASiifli^>r.n f-.m-e thnlrprlwi.ri,  hpPi  f^x^tl{^-miikr6��^z��y ������?.���"�����"yi-v-"Y}"�� :.-����\ *  I --��� ��^L.lmSdliJtjittliJiii,. 'd^ii^j.^Qllo^fe'flY wliiqlV"  t{riyjtlfe��?aiiythiiig in jiisfjory.   jMen ;an��d��  "Wom^n^;^retckles��n^ith wine, Avpiit to every  Vext'reine; ��"k lnaflder �� sceiTeAvas li^vei'* s.eeii  [ bgftjre.   Tlidiisitiid-S Of dbUars were t0 be  *��pe;i)tYJn ofie  mail liigljt of digsjpa'ti'oi,i._  |^lief^upAydrgat]|gF^lieta^rro^ ipsve soon,  gBjy-fy ^hiphng- o;iit *tfie- ineivsureS   of a  dan&j.j.   iGiijtnipagiie ��� fljowed   from   the  StBli't.     Tiibs   Avere   pladecl   arouutf the"  room to save the *<vaitcrs trouble.    The  'Tenders will be .received up To  Thursday,* May 11 th, .'for ,the fol-^  lowino*  g*oods , ht .Sandon.   in   the.  esi��m^��kkxtfaim84��w^m,^m  All  kinds  in  stock  SASH  DOORS  MOLDINGS  QUKKN'S.        c".   ���  K. C. Martin, Robson ) J.  G.   McLean,   Brooklyn,  .Iiimes Jones. Vancouver B.C..  R. K. Strong, Trail C. C Brown, ltossland  T.  A.   Poilocli,   Brooklyn, |  Tlle ffemont Hotel  MARTIN O'REILLY & CO.  BANK  OP  B. O.  BUILDINC5,  NELSON.  <^��:^��:��:^^&:^^:^:��St^^  m  TEEMS   C^A-SKC  -:��  #  and  Rugs  When Advertised  ��  IPLOJIE & TREGILLUS  PROPRIKTORS  Headquarters for Miners and Prospectors  TIIK BKST BRANDS OF  You can save money  by purchasing your  lumber frorrj; me  ���ocenes.  vfopo'  iGpbasY,  ^CloihiTig-"*  yy��si".   ��� O"*  *siirnishino-s*j  Mo��.-  "ji^rdVa^-^n^-;jS^pck|rA/'  .  .^The above,:stG,ok; fs^HTi  #0od���  di:tio;h;; mu'cli*0f %s|Lme - bexS  iodp]  tppr  *s"ea"sonnjl��7  : "    ,;{%< &0(JB0HJ^,; l^^tee",  ;Sand0n,  S.= C.^  May 2nd, i  n  OF WAGONS  On Tuesday, May 16tb, 1899  AT 2 O'CLOCK P. M.  Liquors and Cigars  ALWAYS ON HAND  One of the best and most pop-  -. /'-   ular hotels in Nelson. . \' '  '"Y ^S^pA^^i^'^nSs^^^isffkL^M'! - -  ���". .       :.    . - - a't' ���n ������������=1''   -7 ;  ������feCfflBteAS'S-'  THESE C00DS we are  " bound to sell wljile  they remain the patterns  of the season,. We prefer to mark them down,  r-ow, ar\d let our regular  custon]ers have the advantage of th,e cut, rather th,an, have a slaughter  sale some months later  to m,ake room for n,ew  goods. Our display of  Rugs and Art Squares  is the -finest ever seen  in. Kooten;ay. Jh,ey 'are-  received direct from the  eastern importers so.that  in buying from us you.  are virtually reaching"  headquarters.     '������;."' ,*,  At "Auction Prices" should be left alone. An  auction price means tlie highest price which tlie  purchaser can be induced to pay,  New Spring Designs  In Axmilisters of the best quality, wilh or without  ��� borders. .British and  Qinadian makes.  Brussels and Velvet Pile  Suitable for draAviug-rooms, dining-rooms, halls oi*  stairs, with or Avithout borders.  Tapestry and Patent Tapestry,  Union   art   squares,  Japanese  Smyrna ancl Tecuniseh rugs.  squares   and  rugs,  40 Different Styles  Oi .baby, "carriages   and* go-carls  to   select   from,  ..-   7  -Italian chairs ?and :rocl\_ors. r '       - =  .  Furniture of all Kinds  Iri.advanciiig,-and" notice to  sent ;to   Ihev-trado   by  all  "a\f.|Mtf^ we Avill  ^��^;\cp;iVfti.i;uii)Yltf'r|j:'|M^^ than  �� ^tgm^-^^Miciif -���������  A large stopK of 'flrS&fela.sS .dry liiitleritiLon hand, alsjo  a fiill iin6 oi sagli, doors, inSuldiiigSi, fi'irfiod wbrlc, otoi  FACTORY WORK; A ^REClAlIf  The undersigned has ihsfcruetions to offfev  for sale at 'public- auction: Twelve Wagons  (brand new and never used), frdiii 2| to 3f  inch axles, and a miscellaneous lot of neck  yokes, whipple-tree*s,. boxes, spring seats, ash  poles in fche rough, oak reaches all lengths,  etc. Sale to take place in front of H. D.  Ashcroft's blacksmith shop on Hall street,  Nelson.    Terms * Cash.  C. A. WATE&MAN & CO., Auctioneers.  BON M BISTAlfBANT.  OPEN DAY ANDMGiT   '-^iy     .. a .. ���*.��� ,  The only restaurant in the city  employing only white cooks.  Merchants' lunch from 12 to 2  o'clock, 25 cents. Dinner from 5  to 8.    Short; orders  at all   hours.  Kirst-class board and room, Todd's old stand, corner  Ward and Carbonate streets, in rear of English church.  Heated by steam. Table board $1, room and board $5  nnd **55.50. .������,.���        .     .  A collection of fine Belgium Canaries for sale.  J. V. O'LAtfGHUN.  and Oth  Who Use picks, shovels, etc.,  should not fail to look at our line  of goods, which for qualities and  material cannot be beat.  Yard:   Foot of Heiifli-j-x slrocl, Nelson  RaeT  Telephone, 01  j^ifrNTj^JLs  E  WILL HlSlTKLl) AT  SltVERTON, BM.  "laai'ge* 'conifortable'. bedrooms ran(l   fir,^t-filas.s�� tlijiing  ropnc* '*|itip|5fb.i'd^ins^focxi)mjiiCToial^iieiio.  Ife. ��  &  y  LoXo, of ithc Rbynl JI6tel��� Calgary,  llii.s  elfect  has been  large   manufacturers.  be able to*  any of our  "Yj^Ycll^ three   carloads   of  - �� -syi I'^J^Af:"��"](-.�� ""!-"s"f"��"s" \1lurmiuf,<i"^p^ ,        --    h    -  '���" �� '���*iy"Si""-Wi"iGop^^ -        '    'y  -'  H. 0. HUME, Manager,  IN   PHIZES  Vaneouver Hardware Co., H*  Importers of Shelf and Heavy Hardware.  MARA & BARNARD BLOCK. BARliiR ST., NELSON  PLUMBING  SEWEB AND WATER CONNECTIONS  JOBBING A SPECIALTY  ���  Strachan Bros,  Plumbers, etc., Opera House Block, Nelson :  ABKIDGKD I'ROGltAAIME  HORSE   RACES  1st Prize 2nd Prize  Free-for-all $200    $100  Slocan race     75        25  Pony race.  50  Caledonian   Sports  ��� PURSES   AMOUNT   TO   $500  Gold Medal for Best All-Bound Athelete  DRILLING CONTEST FOR $300  MATCH GAME OF BASE BALL  HOSK RKBL RACK  GRAND    BALL  The driest hotel in ilie interior,  lifirtic saui]lle rop'iiis.   Steiini heat aiid plectric HKht,  COUNJSJt OF WAR!) AND VKRNON STS.,. NMLSON  Wholesale Marl^et^atK^oii, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.  RETAIL "STORES AT  ,,  Ymir, Kaslo,  New Denver, Sandon, Silverron, Cascade  Grand Forks,   Midway, Greenwood and Sirdars  ORDERS BY MAIL  PROMPTLY FORWARDED  JJAICKR AND WARD- STREETS, NKLSON  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  ALL KINDS OF FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  Tlio oiil}- hole] in Nelson that has remained under ono  management .since 18!>0.  The bed-rooniB aro well furnished and lighted by  electricity.  The dining-room is not second to any |in Kootenay.  Tlio bar is always stocked by the best domestic and  imported liquors and cigars.  THOMAS MADDEN, Proprietor.  Two and a half miles up the Outlet from Nelson.  C!TJUf<TATWTI?Q.     sPrin�� Cnickens- Fl"estl Cream>  OlJciUlALllHiO.     Pure Milk, Fresh-Laid Eggs.  All of which arc from tlie ranch belonging to the hotol  A. pleasant place to spend afternoons, evenings and  enjoy delicacies that cannot bo oblainod in hotels or  restaurants at Nelson. Good .stabling. Open day and  Can be readied by either road or water.  night.  For Further Particulars Apply to Secretary, Silverton, B.C.  WILMAM ROBERTS. Proprietor.  Will buy I2;*i by 120.feel at I ho  southwest corner of Vernon  and Park streets with im  provements. One of the best  residences in Nelson. . Terms;  SSiJOO cash : balance in six and  twelvemonths. Apply to John  ��� Houston, Vernon St., Nelson.  Baker Street, Nelson   E. 0. TRAVES, Mftflftgi  ORDERS BY MAIL RKCKIVIjI CAHEFUIj AND PROMPT ATTENTION.  200 Pairs Lace Curtains  Brass Rods, Screens,  Easels, and Towel Rings  PRICES RIGHT  SEE THEM  The newest thing in PICTURES, with or without frames.  Another big car furniture on the way.  Nelson '.Furniture  Qq.  :   B-A-KIEiK,  STREET,   WEST,   NELSON '  ���i^y THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B.C.,  SUNDAY, MAY ?,  1890.  Do You  to  If so, remember we can supply you  with the necessary material and full  instructions how to make a clean job  of it. We carry a full line of Diamond   Dyes   and  Maypole Soap   Dyes  U/. p. feetzel & Qo.  CORNKR BAKKR AND JOSEPHINE STRKKTS, NJXSON   Neck Dressings  LOCAL   NEWS   AND   GOSSIP.  ���'-.  Are the most important part of man's spring  "get up."  His whole attire depends upon beauty and quality of his  NECKWEAR  Our line of Puff Knots, 'Four-i ill-land and Bows, elicited a full measure  of praise from all who have seen them.  The designs are remarkably beautiful,  rich, and so varied that no man is  likely, to meet his duplicate.  Fine Shirts, white and colored, and  all   other  fixings  at   moderate  prices at  J       A    "���O I I    IZC D    THE UP-TO-DATE  .    A���'.-    VJI I Li\ EL rl ...' FURNISHER, NELSON  is^e|il|:.andYieasr;" of. shoe l��at;h.ejr. ,^  i**^,���5C;���^ -. -��� "  fewest" ^Blqcks!Baker "Street, EaSt."����Nelspn. B.*0".  Gamblo <fc O'Roilly report tlie I'ollow-  iii!4' sales ol! roa-1 estate in Addition A  (luring the past week : Lots 1, 2, o and 1  in Ijloek It), to Alexander Mimro, price  $575; lots I!) ami 20 in block ry,, to .1. K.  Striielian, ))rice $200: lot 17 in block :]<).  to .John Richardson, [irice $150; lot 0 in  block .'JI, to 11. O. .Keel'er, price $150.  W. .1. Thonipson, chief of the Nelson  lire department, left last night to represent Nelson lodge Knights of Pythias at  the grand lodge meeting, whieh will open  in Vancouver on Wednesday next.  Tom Kee. a Chinaman,laid a complaint  before magistrate Crease last evening  against another Chinaman named Lum.  Tin; complainant charged Lum with having assaulted him with an axe. He lioj-e  marks of the assault, but as he could ,lot,  speak Knglish the ease was enlarged ,m_  til Monday.  James Weymack, the waif who has  been a. charge upon the charitably disposed people of Nelson for the past six  months, left on Saturday for the reformatory at Victoria. J.'olice magistrate  Crease decided that as the boy was incorrigible the reformatory for the next two  years would, be the best place for him.  He was accordingly given in charge of  chief Thompson, who is on a, holiday trip  to AHctoria.  A meeting of the Nelson Miner's Union  was held last evening in the Oddfellow's  hall, when the question of the eight-  hour law and the scale of wages to be  demanded under it was discussed.  A business man who is pretty well  posted on the ins and outs of things said  yesterday that the city council were going blind on everything; that they asked  for $30,000 for water works extensions,  and $5,000 for additions to public buildings without having any data at hand ou  which to make estimates. He said he  knew for a certainty that the electric  light plant was, at present time, generating twice as much current as was paid  for.  There was a well-authenticated report  in circulation last night that Beer 'Brothers had sold the Victoria block to the  street railway syndicate. The Victoria,  block is considered tlie best situated and  best paying property in Nelson.  The people of Nelson who intend to  celebrate the queen's birthday in neighboring towns will have the choice of tAvo  excursions. The Oddfellows will run an  excursion, to New.Den ver and the. Knights  o��;���..!��y���t].ih^  was assisted into Stanley's bookstore,  where he remained unconscious for half  an hour. On regaining consciousness he;  complained of severe pains iu the back of  his head, and was taken to his room at  the Koyal hotel.  If Scions is preparing his annual advertisement of Nelson- the best kept  garden and orchard in any town in  Kootenay.  The smoker given by tin; members of  the Nelson Rugby football club in the  hall of the Hotel liunie last evening  proved a very enjoyable affair. It was a  smoker in which every one present took  part, and was therefore enjoyable.  Orange V. Holt was master of ceremonies.  A change has be made in the location  of two of the members of the provincial  police force. L. F. Forbes, who has had  his headquarters at Three Forks has been  moved to New Denver and constable .Mc-  Rae of Revelstoke has been ordered to  Fernie.  lion, .J. Fred liunie arrived in Nelson  last evening from Victoria. Me will remain in Nelson   for several days.  George Luther Lemox is on his way to  Ontario. He is following in the footsteps  of a score of eorstwhile bachelors.  \@ &$&,%.'��� J  ��� mf- J!,.    ." ,  TALliii ZEC'iigrips:" ��op*  '-..��� ��� iEifts,- '*  Swings Am  ��Mc& SIRIlPED gurtaS�� for  ^-ANDAHS Mix wiSbis  ;:��EB.SizKS'OF tftt&TS 1$ STOCK  D   KaUer titrgftt, opposite 'poStqilieG, 2velgoi\  THEO, H&^k  .   4pf\ppruitepc\ejtt 'Jei;*knni��vo��;fflie���Ca,,ira-��D;  pO'iiuJ'S'libUie:-Tel"cgri^}x Qonipliny',> wliose;t  ]ffeiwlcfir.'t^ef's "krp fa '.t^ii.nriife&Iiiici; who^e  ; ��|ln.i.i5.di,el)i,ofi..exiiai,ulH a^-faij7 \Vrest &8 Kppti  "ehay Lanxljifgi is'.'xiu I^elSoh:.,* -fie claims  Yi4i,SratrOi��is :couni,p'.r.iri*jr i>;giyiwg the .peoplp of  l13j'itis]ij*'Go(ini!;ibi'a. bettor Seiwiee thao tlie"  ,aVnienri;ej!i(itJifiefe'are ^iiving, the ,peh]-sle oi  tt\hi%hlh"gt"oh,,"Id'Ahpyo,r-MpXdiiiia,       "     ���  "    Ti?aek i,s .iiy\v beiiig hl)d jftu" i'Jj&.swj'talir  lJa.c?k$.oil the suin;nii"t Ife^ond"l-Jr.Qoklyn on,  : the :CoTumbuv<fe AAfesteT-i) extension,   Tlie:.  switchback will hiiVP siXVlegs  and 11 per  ; cept &r;iYle.,    ft Will" be na^O  lYiYtii' the-  S6"()()-foot tnnhel  At  the sjiipioit is enu>  ELECTRIC SUPPLIES  Complete Electric Equipments tor Electric Power tfransmission and Lighting for Mines, Towns  EJlectrlc "Fixtures, Lamps, "Eells, Telephones, Annunciators, Etc.  P. o. Box 608. Josephine Street, Nelson, B. 0.  LONDON AND BRITISH  GOLDFIELDS'Lid,  HEAD  OFFICE,   LONDON,   ENGLAND.  David Booth Met with a serious acei-  dent ktst night on Baher street by h$$g].  kfiocketl dowri! by H Weyjjle ricler.,   He  What  Summer  Jewelry  Embraces?  If you don't you should see  the complete line which I have  just received direct from the  manufacturers of the east. If  you want to keep up with the  fashion you will bear this in  mind. There are TORTOISE  COMBS the like of which have  never^been *seen jjoeforewinathis!  >e6l^:^fetif^'^ .iilju'^ds;,;,.  ..��lf����u|Ev;iij.TTBN; ",'��.ET$Vof.  eS/y&y d^scKiptit>���n,and".Br.aeeJ^-ts  inYsil^elV gpJd^ and plate.  ^0^Mlt^$'  :'&mnihot' * ��� ���  Mr  OUR MAMMOTH STOCK OF  BOOTS AND SHOE  EVERYTHING IN THE SHOE LINE  ?  orium  20 AND 28, WKST liAlflSR S'l'&KE'r, NKLSON  All communications relating to  British  Columbia  business to be addressed to P.O. Drawer  606, Nelson, British Columbia  d. RODERICK ROBERTSON, Genera! Manager i   Wc,  orvM     R   O  S. S FOWLER, E.M., Mining Engineer <   INCLOUIx,   D. O.  See that your Royal Seal Cigars  ARE NOT EASTERN IMITATIONS  BUT ARK MADE BY  THE KOOTENAY ClfiAB MANUFACTURING COMPANY  Builders and contractors can now secure  the best lime on the market at  70 Cents pep 100 Lbs  CALI.   AND   INSPECT  FOR SALE  BUSIXHSS AND KKSlttlWTIAr,  PKOPKIITY  HO by   120; Baker street, between  .Josephine  and  Ward streets SSOOO  ;")() by 120, HiiUer street, between J'o.soplnno and Hall  streets    1500  SO by 120, linker street, between Josephine Ar.d Hull  streets, corner. .*   30 by 120, iOast liaker si reel, ��� .-....,...   800  2.*> by 120 with iniprovomonts, south side of Vernon  street  5000  50 by 120 with improvements, south side of Vernon  street    0000  2 lots and large house beautifully furnished (sua:).. 3500  2 lots with cottage rented at ��15 per month, Victoria  street  'io00  1 lot with cottage rented at ��15 per month, Victoria  street;   2500  .2 lots .with cottage rented at ��20 per month, Hanley  street,.  3000  TBI WSSXm:* KER MILLM CO., Ltd.  WHOLESALE Y��>.*ETXD   EETAIL  ZHLAuTST,   G-K^-iisr; jpeeid,   etc.  Write for quotalioiui on car lots.    .       3STEIL,S03sr     B_ O-.  The West l^ootenay Brick & Lime Co., Ltd.  Baker Street.        T. G-. PROCTOR, Manager  STEINWAY  NORDHEIMER  The  Standard   Piano Tho Artistic  Piano of  of the World. Canada;  ABT. AND MUSIC CO,, Nelson, Agents.  G lots in block III), all cleared and fenced in �� 2500  fl-room house and 10 lots set out in orchard ...  J100  2 lots and improvements, 52 head of cows, 2 horses,  wagons, sleighs, harness, and everything in con-  neui.ion with Hurry's," milk ranch     5500  I'or general information on real estate nnd for further  particulars on above property apply to  -w"-A.:r,:d bbos.  Heal Kstate and General Agents, Baker St., Nelson  Vienna Restaurant  Baker street, between Josephine and  :   Hall.streets, Nelson.  .  MKALS AT ALL HOURS, DAY OR NIGHT  HAKRItY-IN'CONNECTION     ;-  FAMILY AND PASTRY COOKING A SPECIALTY  ONLY WHITE HKU* K.MPLOYKD    ' j  as.    lEarTj-R-R-s-r.,    peopeibtoe |  NELSON, B. C.  KASLO, B. C.  SANDON, B. C.  DEALERS IN  Heavy Hardware  SOLE AGENTS FOR  Giant Powder  TRUAX  ORE  CARS  Canton Drill Steel  WOODEN  MATERIAL  CARRY IN STOCK;  Jessop's Steel, Iron, Goal  Pipes, and Fittings  Giant, Gaps and Fuse  Tools, Cutlery, Tin  and Woodenware  Stoves, Ranges,  Iron, Steel,   Sheet  Iron, T-Rails  Paints, Oils, Glass  NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:   Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.  A Coat of Paint  WILL ADD TO THE SELLING VALUE OP  A SHABBY LOOKING HOUSE  When you m.'ike up your mind to use a little Paint,  bear in mind that we carry a complete stock of all  kinds of Paints, . Oils, Varnishes, and Stains, also  Kalsomines, Kalsomine Brushes and Painters Brushes  Shelf and Heavy Hardware  Mining- Supplies T Rails  THE LAWRENCE HARDWARE CO,  .Dami%\;??ja}n*w "SK;ilIitijB*,*s. "Best;-'  ���^���^-Ul^ay^4qn'-h'aii^:    . : .-..        ' ��� ���    ".-'.   ."Y"-*'  ^10^^& &''B^in%hy^py:jp-vifyie Jiava anTd -BTuOGli"a��"  ����"C&ffeife''"�� �� ��""�� ���* ��   v"* "."��%�����* """ "���" "��� ��� "'.":��� �� "���"."" '.���"y--:J  - "'.rC.^,J*>Jlt*tT^^ ;:ys  .GrdssPi .��&y Brac'k>well, .Upjton. an4' :K:eil|er'  Mar|rial^des, Jams, etc.  Y   pah'dieblie & "GanBin"French; "EeasVsand  Mushrooms. ���   "'  Pickles; S���auees, Spices, etc.  A ckr of Ashcroft Potatoes and- a cap of.  M ixed Grpeeries jus.t in.  Two ears pf Orpckery on the road.  A trial order solicited.   Prices right*  Telephone 10.   P. O. Box K &��� W.      Baker street West* Nelson  \'  Just Unloaded  a Car of  Quality away up  Prices below the lowest  CANADIAN CURE  ABERDEEN BLOCK  NELSON, B. C.  DesBrisay & Go,  Sodas  WE HAVE JUST- RECEIVED  A fresh consignment of Mnplo Loaf Cream Sodas received  direct from the factory, ]>ut up in.'i-pound boxes. Also  ii full line of tlio Toronto Biscuit and Confectionery  Company's Sweet Biscuits. Don't forget Hint *��vo handle  Blue Ribbon Ten.  JOHN A. IRVING & CO.  Bakor Street West, Nelson, B. C.  SPECIAL ATTENTION  Have just received a consignment of Harris homo  made tweeds from Talbot Harris, Scotland.  FEED J. SQUIRE, Baker St. Nelson-  Tho supply is limited, so call early and examine this stock.


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