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 TRAMWAY COMPANY'S CHARTER  UNDER   ALDERMANIC   FIRE.  An adjourned meeting oi' the city council was held yesterday afternoon for the  purpose of considering the provisions of  the tramway bylaw, all the members of  the council being present save alderman  Fletcher.  When tlie question of the bylaw was  broached, mayor Neelands at once expressed the opinion that the council was  not prepared to go on. There were a  great many matters to be considered  which had not been brought up, and he  thought that the members of the council  would require more information before  they could safely proceed with the consideration of the tramway company's  franchise.  A. M. Johnson, who appealed for the  tramway company, said that the delay  of the council iu dealing with the matter,  Avas annoying, as so long as the question  of the company's franchise remained in  the present shape it would be impossible  ���- to inform the board of the London company whether there Avas any likelihood  of any satisfactory arrangement being  arrived at. So far as the application of  , the company was concerned, the essential  parts, of the tramway company's request  were well understood. As to the minor  details he said he was' prepared to concede anything the council desired.  Mayor Neelands, in reply, said that tlie  difficulty with respect to the council was  that.the council did not know .what it  did want.  Alderman McKillop asked what provisions there were with respect to the  streets over which the proposed tramway should operate its cars.  Tlie company's solicitor in reply said  that the company, did not contemplate  that it should be dictated to as to what  streets it should construct lines of railway on, and would uot consent to any  : such dictation.  ,.,< Alderman Beer expressed the opinion  that the council should reserve the right  to'compel the company to build lines of  railway to meet the wishes of the people  of the city.  The solicitor replied that no  tramway  company's  charter contained  any  such  provision.    If any such provision was inserted in the charter  tlie  board  of the  parent company avou Id simply drop  the  ��� scheme and the members of  the council  ���would be obliged to assume the responsibility for having the matter dropped.  Alderman Hillyer expressed  tlie opin-  iv^i^M^th^^Vi'tJip-"-CQiHpany should .not  be  ���ji.^obliggdA^oslJviildVAV'ri'ereA'er the council re-  ?'Ppfl'jPj.^      *'       p "SS" ��D.nJ,*S     aflia.        DDLt��Dnn.l      1��=P   p^n��� "11 II  t."����� "*quired"���!iF\tO'".buikl.jf -.The council should  Sv�� Y"e eoiitiMtAyithsttyingupon what streets  i-j^j-the.Jii'aMW i -,.��� ..-  i'*����*��rSS4^^feV^1*^?^^-^^^*"'^���WVi'J^^i11e< 1 that the  j*: %"!" c0u)ica^ Ihe tramway  ,*"i*jCoiiYpau^ efficient service for  ^\^lr*pj|tid^ It' should  rest  ^���*j%itlij.*il;hnq{(*d��iuc1l^to��%iy Avhere the  tram-  Y^fyeay^lfeuldvi'iin." V.- >:  riiYY^Aldernijih'HinyerY objected  to this as  ���s-fJ*jmi&**^ and the company's  f^YSoiicSitOr a'dYfed^thatsfsuch a charter Avould  ;.���"��;" yUotibe^Avot-th* the paper it avus written on.  il1  PUBLISHED AT: NELSON,  BRITISH COLUMBIA.  FIVE THOUSAND f,-?RE WANTED  FOR   A   CITY   HALL.  THURSDAY MORNING, MAY 4-,  1801  DAILY (BY MAIL) 55 A YEAR;  WEEKLY, $2.  T   n V-";-    'fk ""fl" "�� ��"U1'    ��     1*"        ���        -o -  ���vA]dcrniah��nBeer*tJien raised the question  Y;vasVxd���.A\5hat:��Service ."Should be stipulated  :-:.,lj^|lie ;cpimcih but aldermen Thomson  Y and Hillyer "tuaiiftaiued that the fre-  raYquen"cy^b^  fY*%QtilH'"i^ '.  -fiviaypi'" Neelands   fcheil . l-bpea'tqd' that  ;Y; the jC^uiicii -AVOiiid Pft be iibJe .tb ���do  auy-  ���?���  tliinp in the lnatteriuntilitlic*! city soliei-.  {,"��fcdtfMthgphe tlirbiigli tliedriift byhfw as',  ," ���" "sub^nut'ted to tli�� ponticlh-  "��� ���  "Aldei-hia'n Iliilyer expressed the opinion   that   the   cbuhcil    sliOidd    not   he  obliged1 to  daiice  attendance  "upon  the  city solicitor.    If the solicitorYwent aAvay  As the bylaw avus drawn, it Avas sfcipw-  lated that the company should forfeit its  charter in the case of failing to operate  the system for three months. This was  amended so that the operation of the  system must be maintained daily, and an  interruption of 2! hours iu the service to  forfeit the charter, save in the event of  accidents beyond the control of the company. The solicitor for the company  readily agreed to this. The hour for  commencing the serA'ieo was fixed at six  o'clock in the morning.  The company was permitted to maintain its maximum fare of ten cents, but  it was decided to make a reduction in the  fares to be charged for Avorkingmcn during certain hours.  The question of exemptions Avas passed,  over as agreeable to the council, and the  next obstacle was the proportion of the  cost to be borne by the company in  strengthening the city bridges and renewing the same for the safe conduct of  the company's cars. It was suggested  that the tramway company should bear  one-half the cost of such work, and a  clause embodying this Avill be drafted  and submitted to the council.  The remaining clauses in the byUuv  were then .passed and the committee rose  and reported progress.  DUNSMUIR'S   NEW   SCHEME.  Special to The Tribune.  Victoria, May 3.���A proposition more  attractive than the scheme to pay $-100,-  000 for  connection  with  Port Angeles,  avus  today made to  the  citizen's  committee.    The Dunsmuir interest offers a  fast rail and ferry'���'service .which  Avould  virtually make Victoria the  terminus of  the Canadian Pacific raihvay, as  passenger and freight cars Avould  be brought  here in three hours from Vancoirvei*. The  ferry Avould  start  from  the  vicinity, of  Chemainus, where already the nucleus of  a   town   is    apparent     in     connection  Avith    the     place     being     the     outlet  for       Dunsmuir's      Alexandria      mines  which are  being equipped  to  give  the  largest output on the island.   The details  of   the   Duusnniir   proposition   are not  made public, but there is a rumor to the*  effect that tlie subsidy to, be  asked - for  Avill be $500,000.    Victorians Avould prob-.  ably agree to,,paying  that much,  if a.s  suggested the C. P. II. parlor 'and sleeping  cars   would - actually   be'run  straight  through to this city from Montreal.  No  SIXTY RIOTERS UNDER ARREST  MINERS   BADLY   SCARED.  Associated I'ress.  Wardxkii, Idaho, May 8.���Sixty of the  rioters who were concerned in the disturbance of last Sunday at the Bunker Hill  <fc Sullivan mine have been arrested since  the arrival this afternoon of Company M  of the Twenty-fourth infantry. As soon  as the serving of the warrants began the  rioters scrambled over the hills in frantic  efforts to ' escape. About sixty Avero  caught and others will be pursued. Only  one tried to resist. lie was promptly  overpowered. The prisoners were  marched to tlie soldiers' camp. Nearly  all were Swedes or Italians.  Fifty-nine men of the Fourth cavalry  arrived here from Walla Walla today.  Coroner France has empanelled a jury,  and the inquest on the victims of the  mob began this afternoon. No more  rioting is feared until arrests begin on  Canyon creek, Avhere there are 1300  miners who are said to be fully armed.  LOCAL AND MINING NEWS FROM  ADJACENT   TOWNS   AND   CAMPS.  chief en-  railway.  hje should .leave a man Avho could  attend  to his duties.  Mayoi* Neelands in reply said tliat tlie  eity solicitor's partner Avas attend ing to  the city's legal business, biit the council  could not proceed without more' information.  Alderman iCirkpatrick sttid that the  whole difficultly was that traniAyay franchises Wol-e neAv totho acting city soliei-  tpr.    lie had JieVur drawn one before.  Aklprnuui Jlillyer retorted that the:  city was paying i'or the .services of a  city solicitor, ahd if tlie present arrltilge-  meiit did not ehsure the legal service  Avhieh tlie council required, the city had  better secure the services of a solicitor  who could attend to the business.  The members of the council then decided to consider the byhvw of the company iii committee and alderman Beer  avJis voted to the chair.  The first stumbling block was over the  extent of supervision whicli the' council  should exercise AA'ith respect to the  streets to be traversed by the tramway  line. The matter Avas finally adjusted  by the acceptance of the suggestion of  alderman Hillyer, AA'hich, Avhile it does  not give: the council poAver to say. upou  what" streets the company shall be  obliged to build traimvay lines, gives the  council power to prevent the company  from building upon streets or portions of  streets where the tramway is not desired.  The next difficulty encountered A\ras  Avith respect to the amount of* the roatl-  Avay which the traimvay company should  keep in repair. Au attempt Avas made  to bind the company to keep its roadway  and two feet on the outside of all tracks  in repair, but this was eventually  changed, so that the company shall keep  in repair but eighteen inches of the road-  A\*ay outside its tracks and also the devil  strip in all cases of double tracking.  Information Given Out.  Speeial to Tlie Tribune.  Victoria,May 3.���Ludgate, the Chicago  saAvmill man, has arrived aver,from Vancouver to make a formal application for  Deadman's island to the provincial  authorities in case their claim to the  island, which is desired for a saAvmill  site, is established. Ludgate arriAred in  company Avith attorney-general Martin,  at Avhose suggestion" he is A'isiting the  ; eapi'tal, / " /" n" / ��,   '.,1'....    ,   "     '_.������"  Lifdgate sa-ysltluttonVoiip . sentSeT&iartiii  lias never been liis1 sblieitoi', Hot haying,  received aliy retaiiiej^ aiid behigVoiily one  of several laA\ty*el*s "wild" 'haVe* lieeii eolj"  SU.'lti*fd in abniieetioiV wlW the soSyihiil  project. He does n;ot Mioav Avhether oi\  not Martin Avill cOuthine to act its big  adviser.  The Turner Dismissal Again.  Special! to The Tribune.  ==OfWWATMffiy=3^5TJiei*e Wiiniikel^be^  a I'evival of the incidents connected Avith  the dismissal of the Turner governiiient  by lieutenant-governor Mclnnes. Colonel  "Prior has secured the passage of an order  of the house calling for Copies of all correspondence in connection Avith tlie dismissal of the late government as Avell as  the petition of the Members of  the Tiu'iier administration praying for  the appointinent of a commission of enquiry; The general impression here is  that W. W. Mclnnes is pretty Avell .mixed  up in the affair through intei'Views With  an emissary of tlie late gbA'criiinent,  which took place at Duncan station.  Shot Down by a Crank.  Associated I'ress.  Niiw YY>rk, May 3,~-Alexander Master-  ton, a director of the Fanner's Loan and  ���Trust Company, aged seventy-two, was  shot and killed this afternoon by Ja.nles  Neale Plumb, in the Burlington hotel on  West Thirtieth street. Masterton was  shot hVe times and died' within an hour  or tAvo. The murder Avas premediatated.  Plumb declared that Masterton had not  only ruined him financially, but had  attempted to alienate the affections of  his-wife and children and to cause his  social doAvnfall.  Independence Mooted for the Transvaal.  Associated Press.  London, May 3.���A movement is under  way to secure England's guarantee for  the independence of the TraiiSAraal, if  president Kruger will make concessions  to the Utlauders. This solution of the  Transvaal problem is put forth as a check  to the threatened crisis in Anglo-Boer  relations, by tliose who believe that  armed coercion on England's part to  secure the rights of English residents in  tho Transvaal/would react to. her detriment politically.       .  Dreyfus' -Chances  Improving.  Associated Press  Paris, May 3.���Slowly but steadily the  net is closing around the members of the  general staff in the Dreyfus revision inquiry. General-jMereior, Avho.Avas. minister of war at the time Dreyfus Avas condemned, on being called upon by M. De  Freycenet, the present minister of Avar,  to produce the report regarding the  secret dossier, Avhieh ���lieutenant-colonel  Du Paty de Clam testified he had sent to  Mercier, replied he had destroyed, it, and  he called general Gonse as a A\*ituess to  the truth of this statement. .Unfortunately for Mercier general Gonse had already testified before the court of cassation that although Mercier destroyed the  original, he.kept a copy.  Another anti-Dreyfus argument has received its death blow. General Zurliu-  clen, military gOA*ernor of Paris, and  others, Avhile testifying before the court  of cassation, attached great importance  to the closing sentence of the .bordereau :  "I am starting for the manceuvros," as  proving the guilt of Dreyfus and tho.  innocence of Estcrha/.y. It Avas con-'  tended tliat tho staff probationers were  .only .notified on August 20, that they.  "would" not be required to attend the  nianceuvros, but it lias since been proA'on  that this notification Avas actually dated  31 ay 17th. This being so, Dreyfus could  not haA'e Avritten : "1 am starting'1 for the  manoeuvres '" in the I'olIoAving August.  It is rumored that-it was lieutenant-  colonel Du Paty de Clam himself avIio  communicated to the Figaro the depositions made before the court of cassation.  The Journal today prints the evidence  of 31. De Crion, who was one of colonel  Henry's agents before the court of cassation. The avitn ess made the sensational  stiuteiiieijt .theft he .Ifei'cT forged several  documents against I^iSeyfus at. the order.  Of colonel Itfeni-y, and had brofcen" into",  llyie. Dreyfus' Jioille to Secure samples pf  heS husbauirs, hUnd'Avrittiiig'. ���  lyEu^'tig'.Promoter Arrested.  iSpet'ial to The Tribune.  ' Toronto, 3Iay 3.���W, 3Iiddleton Hall  Avas an'ested yestofday on a eliaifgeof:  t.akjii,g^a^JMbelJi's_n  Special to The Tribune.  Kasi.o, 3Iay 3. - J.   If.  Gray,  gineer of the  Kaslo   &  Slocan  leaves in the morning i'or the Lardo to bt  away a week or more.    31 r. Gray has had  a survey party in  there  for some  weeks  finishing up the .survey work on the proposed Kaslo <fc Slocaa route, and it is expected that active  work= of clearing the  right-of-way will  begin  as  soon   as  the  snow goes off'sufficiently to.allow uninterrupted-work.    At   present  the   Canadian Pacific gang are considerably hampered by the snow, and cannot make very  much   -headway   Avith   their   Avork    for  another two or three Aveeks yet. A'-10^',er  thing that   is   causing   both   companies  some bother is the lack of (laboring men.  There   will   be   so   much   railway  Avork  under way this summer that the demand  for labor at present rate of Avages cannot  be'supplied, and it is doubtful if they will  be able to keep A\ragcsdown to their present figure even by bringing in foreigners.  Hyde GoAvan, the banjo soloist of Vun-  coiiA'er, assisted by local  talent,  gave  a  very   enjoyable   entertainment    in'   the  Presbyterian church last-���evening..   The  attendance was fair and Avill   be  a great  deal larger if 3Ir. Gowan over ��avors<the  town with another concert.    He succeeds  in getting some remarkably sweet music  out of his banjo.  The steamer 3Iarion is doing a. good  business on her run between Kaslo and  Argenta.  Isaac. 2!)2. UridgctCoogan 2!)(i, Anna Kimono 200. .1. ll. Ilersblerger 100. Class II ���  Ollie .McLeod 312 out of a possible ii~>0,  I'atroliua Moiirgoine 317, Henry Klareno  313. I fa.rry K la rone 21 (i. Class I���George  Parker 3D-1. I)���vid Keefe 300, Alfred 11.  Clark 301. CIifiord Parker 337, 3Iyrtle  lioljson 277, Winnie Coogan 2(H, 3iabel  DesBrisay 235. Primary���1 Rex DesBrisay, 2 Ada Hobson.  Gardening appears to.be getting a lot  of attention all through tlie town and  even Irish lilies are not neglected. On  the Wilcox next Saturday Phil White  starts developifleut work and a five-stamp  mill is being arranged for. The money  is being supplied by private parties and  at present no shares will be placed on  the.market. At the Tamarac a. tramway  is proposed in tlie near future. .Prospectors and surveyors' outfits are among the  recent arrivals. The Big0Horn owners  are arranging.to start work at once. In  a word, ymir is beginning to Avake up  from tlie lethargy of the past winter.  Silverton.  ��� Sit, v E it ton, 3fay 3.���SilA^ertbn Avill have  no lack of music-on' the eArening of the  24th. Besides the Sandon brass band,  engaged some time ago, the Slocan City  band has justedltefed into.an agreement  to play here. As "the celebration day  draAvs nearer, the committee are in a  position to feel more and more satisfied  in the results of their labors and look  foi-AV.-ird to seeing the largest croAvcl ever  gathered in the Slocan assembled here.  The. Sandon 3[inors' Union have made  arrangements to run an excursion-here  for Uie celebration, and the Silverton  Union, whose guests* they -Avi 11 bo, aro  making great preparations to meet'and  entertain* them. Tho drilling contest has  been turned .over to the Union", who will  see that the event Avill be ;i successful  one,  challenge froin  council iii i 892, for life vote pud Influence  in connection with 'the awarding'of the  street railway franchise. Hall's guilt  came out at a judicial investigation held  in 1 .SOS's but he skipped the country before he could, be arrested. A few days  ago lie returned to float a ruining company and his arrest followed.  Kitchener's Envoy Returns.  Ass'-iciuted iVes.-i'.  Caiko, ,l��)gy|)t,VMay 3.���ibraham Aii,  whom general Kitchener sent upon a  mission to I bra haiti\s uncle, (lie sultan of"  DiU'four, lias returiied to Cairo. Ibruhani  All found upou reaching Dai'f'our tlnit  JUs uncle had been 'dethroned by AM  Dinar. Tlie latter, on the appearance of  Ibraham Aii, turned, out With his troops  and roll ted the escort of general Kitchener's envoy, numbering 1;"5(), of whom 1.20  Avere killed.  .   Toronto Strikes Still On.  Special to The Tribune.  Toiionto, May 3.���There is no change  yet in the strike made by the workers in  several of tlie trades. The strike in each  instance Avas made for higher wages and  a compromise is expected by the end of  the week at the latest. The strikers who  are out number the foIloAving : 3I'oulders,  * Tlie committee are in receipt of a  the Trail football club,  which is desirous of playing the local  sphere chasers. The'Sih-erton club has  been putting iu sonic good practices and  are anxious for a game. If the arrangements can bo poi-footod.-our visitors Avill  seo the Trail and Slocan teams arranged  against each other for football honors. A  return game will be played in Trail on  Dominion day.  Considerajjle bi-isi'ness"ias being 'done in  the!resjdeiiee portion Of tlie tq'Wiii. Spring  yard cleaning is the order of the day and  our city is already assuming "t holiday  appearance. SeveTal bicycles have made  thejr appearance in town and a bicycle  race may be'a novelty (in, the Slocan) in-  'ti'odiiced! by the celeb ration coniliiittee.  F, J, O'liielly lias just completed the  'survey of tlie Burnsicle claim, one of the  Wakefield   group.   _Ivt^lies_jn the^creek.  bottom and will be used tor the millsite  and tramway terminus of the Wakefield  company.  An election for school trustees will be  held here next Saturday. It is probable  that the present school board will be re-  elected Without opposition. Although  some extensive cribbing has been done  along the banks of Four-mile creek, our  citiy.''its are feeling .some anxiety over  the expected rush of Water Avhicli must  soon conic down tlie canyon. As soon1 as  (.lie spring freshets commence to conic  down watchers Will be stationed along  the creek to .prevent any possible cutting  away of tho banks.  175 ; bricklayers, 275; cigarmakcrs,  and stone masons 00.  10  National League Games Yesterday.  Associated Press.  New York 3, Philadelphia 7.  Washington 1, Brooklyn 2.  Pittsburg 7, ���Louisville (i.  Boston 4, Baltimore 3.  Cincinnati I. St. Louis !).  ..    :'...,   '; The Metal Market.  Associated J'rfjss. ���  -N>:\v   VoiJK, May. 3.���Bar  silver,   (iOc:  Mexican'   dollars,    IS.|c;    copper . cftiic-tl.j  Slocan City.  Si.ocax  CiTA'i   May   3.-  U'lid "Charlie" Brand have  from   their  property,  the  Tweive-mile creek, where tllei  exposed an eight-Inch  A'ein of  ".Jim,"  Smitli  just  returned  Carnation,, on  work, has  clean ore.  11. O. Hicks and "Tom" Tobin left with a  pack train of supplies for the .'Rainbow  this morning. Tliey intend getting out  another shipment as soon as the trails  are iii a fit condition. The annual parade  of the local .lodge, I.O.OvrY, took place  here on Sunday last, after whieh all  attended service in, the 3Iusie hall. Bcv.  A*. Sanford, B.A., of Sandon addressed :*v  f u 11 house. John Dill shipped a. carload  of dairy stock from 3Iulvey's ranch here  to Fernie today.  Ymir.  The following is the school report for  the month of April, as. given by the  teacher, Miss 10. M. Green : Class Y���  Xellie Keefe 753 out of u ' possible' 1050.  Class    I'V���Constance Adams   029.    Lily  New Denver.  VNrBW D������:>,-ver, 3Iay 3.���Work has commenced on the Jeanettegroup, one of the  leading properties on Wilson creek.    The  successful stocking of the SoA-ereign mine  in iMontreal is  but  another-- eA-ldence  of  how the Slocan is rising iu  the favor of  capital.    It is a, good property and should  net   its   shareholders   many substantial  dividends. The Sovereign Avas once under  bond to J. A. Finch, avIio spent considerable money In deA'eloping it.    He after-'  Avards threw up tho bond, and the OAvners  then Avent to work  and  struck  the ore  chute in a very I'cav feet!    Finch also had  the   Wonderful  and  Arlington  bonded,  but dropped money on both, though they  ���noAAr bid fair to become permanent mines.  Finch   was  unfortunate  in  the Slocan,  dropping   $100,000   before   he   got   the  Enterprise, Avhieh has placed him on velvet With- a  big  surplus." Work'on  the  Ncpawa,  Ten-mile, is to bo commenced in  a few flays.  The Emma, a likely prospect  in the neighborhood of the Turris group  on Goat mountain, and   owned   by   local  parties, is to be Avorked in' a few days.  It  has several1 inches of oreina bjg, strong,  lead.     The Bosun has ten inches of solid  ore in the breast of its  No.- 2  Avorkings.  Ore is coining in'in  larger bodies-in the  Avorkings of tlie 31arioii, on-Silver mountain.    One'hundred and thirty-live men  are at,present employed on   the  Payne.  Last week's  ore  shipments  Avere  small,  the Payne leading the list Avith 250 -tons.  W.  G.   E.   Koch has  sent a  team, to  Lenion crook to haul logs i'or the sawmill  there.    He will open up tho rOad on Ten  Slile so soon as practicable.    Ten 3Iile is  expected to boom-this season, and  there  Avill be a big* traffic in consequence.    The  several hotels are preparing for the rush,  particularly C. B. Taylor's at the landing.  An effort is being made   (o   have a  post-  office and store located at Enterprise, the  townsite   at   the  mouth,   of Ten   3fj:te*  There is already a) gOod  liotel, feed stag  b'ies  c'pid  bl?t(;!csi,nitlt sliop   there.   *-The  go\-eisijimeut haVe apiitortibned fifncls, for  needed, repaji'S  to:  the Avagon   rpad- up  'Oji'i'-penter  creek.      Tlie  Working of the  sMoiiii tain Chief Will ueeessitate  this iin*  prov'cment.    The  prospectors.  \Afho have  wintered'   here   al'e  gradually   thiuuiiig  out, follOAviiig ii.p the suoav line  or doing  _a,s:s_esSnient__.AVoi'k As^Jikti^gjltlL^ap^  proaches    the   excitemeiit    aniong    tlie  sportdoA*ing pn'bl'ic increases.  Born to the. wife of Rev. ll. N. Powell,  Methodist clergyman, in New Denver,-on  May 2nd, a. son.  Bislio-p Charged With Slander.  As.*cilited j'l'Css  London, May 3.���A dispatch from  Lagos, West Ajriea, says that the Europeans there are vary indignant at bhe  state) net it made by the Rev. Herbert  TligWell, Anglican bishop of Equatorial  Africa, in a letter to the London Thi'ios  on .Mal'Ch 2.7th to the ��licet that seventy-  live per cent of the deaths of Europeans  on the coast of Africa was' due to drunk-  eness. A Writ for slander has been issued  against Ttigwell, which Avill be served  upon him when he arrives at Lagos, on  his way to England.  Alderman Beer has succeeded in inducing the city council to double the amount  of the public buildings bylaw.' He thinks  that $5000 would not go far enough. He  has in mind the construction of a brick  or stone building 45 x 72 feet, at an estimated cost of $10,000, At the meeting  of thecity council yesterday afternoon  he urged that the council circulate a ucav  petition among the assessed owners so  that the council could submit a bylaw for  $10,000 instead of $5000, as proposed.  The propo>ul to increase  the cityV de-"  benture indebtedne.-s by $70,000   instead  of $05,000  was warmly  approved  of by  alderman Thomson.  -Mayor Neelands also said that he considered the council -avouId be making a  great mistake in spending but $5000. If  the council could not spend $10,000, the  question of public buildings might as  Avell go over for another year.  Alderman Jlillyer Avas the only member of the council who opppserl the proposition. He thought the council Avas  making a mistake in deciding to spend so  much money in one year.  -Alderman Thomson seconded the motion for the submission of another petition, and it was carried.  The council decided to purchase 1200  copies of the 3Iinei-'s Avrite-up at a cost of  $120. Alderman Hillyer was the only  member of the council avIio was not  sweet upon the proposal.  LOCAL   NEWS   AND   GOSSIP.  W. A. Galliher is expected to return to  Nelson on 3Jonday and resume his duties  as city solicitor.  City engineer 31cCuIloch has been instructed to prepare a statement for the  probable cost of putting the government  wharf in repair with a view to the taking  over of the wharf by the city. The  wharf is sadly iu need of repair, and as  the provincial goA'ernment intimates that  it would lease the wharf to private individuals rather than make the expenditures necessary, tho city authorities luive  decided to make a move.  The Dominion  Gazette  announces the ���  foIloAving appointments to the permanent  staff iii the customs, to date from  April  17th :    S. P. SIuiav, clerk, Nelson;^ W. M.  Jameson, preventive officer, Nelson ; D. B. "'  StcA'cns, sub-collector, Trail; Ross,  preventive officer, Rossland.^The customs -.  offices in East Kootenay are to be rearranged." 'At present there are offices at  Fort Steele, Phillipps' ranch on Tobacco  Plains, and au officer between Fernie and  ,Cranbrook. The East1 Kootenay offices  are now attached to Nelson.  -Sheriff.Tuck, left for Kaslo yesterday  afternoon for ah e purpose of lending dignity to the ceremonies in.connection Avith  the opening of the new court house in  that city today. Judge ForinJs to hold  a' session of the county court and the .  members of the local bar lutve been  requested to attend in all their trimmings.  CUSTOM   HOUSE "RETURNS.  The following are the' returns of, the  Nelson and Rossland custom' houses, for  the month of April.. The returns from  :th��P. outports of Waneta and'Rykert's  are included in those from Nelson; and  the returns ���from the outports of Trail "  .ajid'.'Sheep Creek are included in those  from Rossland :  NKI.SON.  fnijiorth��� A'aiue  ,1'ijtiablu .S.T2.715  Ki'eo     1,842  Keefe 027. Maggie Co'ugaii 5SI:    C!  Senior���-I-firdie Shrun (117 out of  ��� sibie 750. Mabel .McLeod 525. Jean  500, John   II   Glark   321:   .junior'.  iss  fi I  CI  Bv  II  ���*ie  Baseball Umpire Killed.  Associated Prcsn.  BuminghaM', Alabama-, 3Iay 3.���During a game of baseball yesterday at  Lowndesboro. Samuel Powell, who officiated as umpire, was struck on the head  with a bat by Frank McCoy, one of the  players, and died almost immediately.  McCoy had made what he considered a.  home run, and when tin; umpire declared'  Tptji.l   I)u,t>y colteut-cd   .KxDorts  ==Tllcs=ininu^(;oJvO-7'2-t,onS=  "     "       ore :��ll   "  Total the min ���... ......  ThcTorcsJ- ... ..........  AniniiUs and their prod uc:<;.  Atf'io'ilU'i'al i>rt)fliit:ts��   .,  MnnufhcUircs ���   t,..mis��'  . .$'j,-uii  Value  Tracer  .   ISvlOG.  'I'otnl e.\-|jortn,.  Imports���  D'tuiiihlu - ..   Free   Total...   Duty collected   fcxppru  ore  ,  HQSfjIiA.VI"':   SlSMfifi   .,.,       50           CO  ....... no  ..  .....    2,02(5  , .$'_'1.2fS  V'alnc  ........��ir.(*oa       (!,��!)"  the hit a foul  above result.  a  quarrel   arose  McCoy escaped.  Avith the  ... $r.i.(*d<;  ��������� ���...*?r_v��:f.��s  Value  ....���������������,  $&fM%  Both. Roads Have Men at Work.  .!����� I']. 1,'oupoi'o, of the firm that lias tlie  contract, for holding the fort for the  Canadian J'aeific in the Lardo country,  was in Nelson yesterday. He says that  the other crowd (meaning the Great  Northern) hits sixty moil working right  alongside the fneu his Company has employed. This Avould indicate that, after  all, there may be raihvays actually constructed in tlio Lardo country tin's year.  When the Canadian Pacific alid the  Circat Northern begin bucking each  other, something will fly besides buttons  off the vests of "Jim "Hill and "old Van.'  Baptism Queered the Annuity.  Associated Pre,-��.  ViKN.VA, May 3.���The Volks Zeitung,  says that prince Ferdinand of Bulgaria  has commenced suit against his father-in-  law, the duke of Farina, for refusing,  since (he death of princess Marie, wife.of  prince. Ferdinand. Lo pay tliu.aniiu.ity. in  the marriage contrac  that prince Ferdinand  News Paragraphs Wired.  Associated 1 'ress.  The supremo court met yesterday at  Otta.wa. All the judges Avere present except Mr. justice Sedgewiek, avIio Avas reported to be seriously ill.  The Uganda railway in Africa has  reached, the 300-mile post of the total  distance to Lake Victoria Nvanza.  Spokane's New Mayor.  Special to The Tribune.  Si'OKAXi:,   May   3.���The   Republicans  carried all the municipal offices  on'Tues-  bn-Ytho "'ground:   day.    The  official   figures of the voting  Kid  violated the | for mayor Avere J'. M. Comstock, Republi-  Clark 35S. Richard Keefe 320, Loriiig Me  contract by having prince Boris, his son, I can, 2185; Huber llosher, Democrat, 1S0B;  baptized into the orthodox church. | H. L. Weed, People's party, 3S2. THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, JiC, THURSDAY, MAY 4,   1899.  'T**'��nVrf  P ���$*" $%  Special Dress Goods Sale I  To clear a few lines at half the usual price, all in  dress lengths of 7 yards each, no two pieces alike  8 pieces figured dress goods at 40 cents, regular price, 75 cents  7 pieces figured dress goods at 65 cents, regular price, $1.25  10 pieces figured dress goods at $1, regular price, $1.75  The balance of our spring capes and jackets at wholesale price  Baker Street,  NELSON  A. FERLAND & CO.  Garden  Tools  . A COMPLETE LINE JUST ARRIVED  FROM EASTERN MARKETS  Nelson Hardware Co.  Baker Street, Nelson.  Sweaters and Underwear  We have succeeded this season in getting the FRENCH HEALTH UNDERWEAR for spring and summer wear. This is the finest and best made  on the market. Balbriggans at all prices. Our silk and wool sAveaters are  admired by all and acknowledged to be the finest yet sIioavii in Nelson.  See these goods and get prices.  J. F. WEIR  Sign off the Big Red Hat  P. O. Box 103, Nelson, B. C.  ��Jte Mxxbnnz+  Daily Edition.  Weekly Edition.   Fjkst Ykar, No. 103   Sevkntii Ykab, No. 21  THE DAILY TRIBUNE is published   every  morning  (except Monday), and will be mailed to subscribers  ��� in Canada or the United States for $5 a year, and to  .-.���.':. subscribers in Great Britain for ��8 a year; or it will  be delivered to subscribers in Nelson for 25 cents a  '���    week, 31 a month, $2.50 for three months, ��5 for six  months, or $10 for one year.   Payable in advance.  V   THE WEEKLY TRIBUNE is published every Wedncs-  . day and Saturday, and will be mailed to subscribers  anywhere for ?2 a year, payable in advance.  REGULAR ADVERTISEMENTS printed in both the  7 daily and weekly editions for ��1 per inch per month.  .-���������'��� :IiOOAIi OR READING MATTER NOTICES 25 cents a  ���4yjt'line for.each.insertionr , ...  i-yjOU ;PRINTING��kt?ia!ir���Yates.'" Accounts for job print-  a�� "S-lng" and" advertislng'.are payable on tho first of every  Wy ...month.^Addfefs^'.C'"' " ' -'-���-' ." "*  fefYt;^i.Y-r^J.jVt;*l;7.JHE TRIBUNE,- Nelson*, B. C.  I1"    *'-^   "fl^    ^  ^P^  ^��n^��n i^Bn^nn^Pfl��C'^ *���*��� _" ^  '.y^it ^ff^vjU^pit'unei'hiiongh' to ci'iticisc tho  ,- V "traimfa^&iiiclliise:bylaw when a com;  '^'^let^'i^p^w^fC.WC^is before the council;  *��>)*>li|j$^^^ to  the people  if$pv rdti'hdkiipiirii' should be siibmittecl by  :',��"$M.& eityilhf^&vwer' di recognized abil-  iTlii'g-lisviiofciiiteiKlecl as a  reflection  Put'jjPnn  ttm^      .a    *��ntf4    ff[p    n^o    ffl  y.kciingi .city solicitor, aa'Iio is not'  |":-.withS\it0lil,l5ility^}i,b,nt he has not had to-  ^tl&l^!Mtlf*|Ticl^iemefetiQusn since lie .-began ���  ^���practiciiig "la^AV. ...rJDhe�� pM,tiesI".a|s]viiig..for  7.��^the,|l"fa!i(|liis6SliQiikl, be: 'i-eQpiiedf"^ ..pay -  ll^all'Mietex^eps^s"uifgid6nh.feto^he "rguaiitih gx,  "4,pi((plie" ,fi'aiicliis.ej., tliei-^l'qVcS tlie'pity^lipula*,";  rt^pl/bllijhd^ *,t;ii-y*tex|WseV lit"  ��r.j?ettmgY all   the   legal  papei's Diu  "good.  '"^sKfiCpej not. only for the prote^tjou ,of' the  ^eit*^,"Jjut"for the pi'Otccjtiou of tlie traiii-  ��..Y|y^y%oiiipaijy its well.  .   The: Owen  Soniicl Sun says thkb the   Jesson^oiYthejAilifil^^  ���"�����.", *."j.��s'��.  ..i. 7.011s"  raihvay more business than all the other  toAvns 'put. together between Coal Creek  and Nelson for twelve months or more to  come.  The A**ery purpose of building the rail -  way, of course, was to afford such places  the indispensable boon of railway facilities. Noav, Avhat do avc find? In January, 1S9S, the Canadian Pacific railway  agent arrived in the place and demanded  of 311'. Campbell, the OAvner ofthe site,  250 feet wide of right of Avay through the  town site, and also half of all the unsold  lots, as the price for putting a.station- in  Moyie. "Mr. Campbell' was" iiinvilling-to  give this, but ofToVcd ten "acres"of-*land  immediately .adjoining." that already surveyed, free right of. -Avay - and station  grounds, concessions which are valued ;>at  $20,000. It.is H absolutely of iip importr  ancein tlie case, hoAvever; what the value  of these concessions AA'ere, I'or Mi\ Campbell is mirier no obligation to give .any  part of liis property to tlie raihvay com-"  l>any. " :     \  The oiler Avas refused, and as a consequence-no depot or .siding has been provided for Moyie", although tlie raihvay  jpasscs"right through^ it, A ti'avellpr.go-  dngj thei*te7J.s"t'i"ti3i.'i��ed^tAvo' aiid a half iniles.i  ���furtliei;: oii to J, "stTttibji Called Moyelle",^  which" the doijrpany lias set up in Qppds'i-v  T/'  tAA'een Grit hypocrisy aiid Tory incom-  petfiiieje the country finds itself between  the devil and the deep sea. It says that  the only hope of the country is that  going strong, intelligent, clean and courageous leader will aviso who will place  ���country befbi'c party. The Sun is laboring under a delusion. The people are  .governed by men like themselves; men  neither better nor worse than the aVci>  age voter. The trouble is, the ���average  voter is a self-seeking tinie-scrver, and  ahvays will be. Where one man can be  found avIiO is above .self, a dozen can be  found who tliink of self first and their  country afterwards.  A   TOWN   HELD   UP.  Toronto Globe.  A petition has recently been filed with  the minister of railways narrating a set  of facts that call for particular attention.  Moyie City is a community situated on  the line of the Crow's Nest raihvay.    It  was  a town  site" and Settlement  before  the railway was begun.   It oavcs its existence  to the  fact that three shipping  mines are Avithin a mile of it.   A steamboat also plies on the lake, bringing tlie  town into  contact Avith aii points along  the shore.    At the time the petition Avas  drafted   there  Avere   in   the   place  five  hotels,  three   stores,  a   church,   school,  neAVspaper,  saw mill,  breAvery, customs  office,  real   estate  office,   besides   other  businesses such as  baker, butcher, blacksmith,  laundry, feed  stable, cigar store,  billiard saloon, barber shop, and, in addition,   about a. dozen   private   residences.  This constitutes, the. nucleus of;.a considerable place  iii'a new  country, ancl it is  stated, in fact, that Moyie  will offer tlie  WE ARE NOT' Al)VEKTJSlN&  This  Season, it  Is  not  necessary, everybody  knows that our  Stock is Larger  and Prices Lower  Than Other Dealers.  Sportsmen   want  the  best   and   can. always  o    get it at  Thomson's Stationery Co., M   JSTEZ^SOJSr.,   *B. c.  If you need a  PIANO  ORGAN  VIOLIN  GUITAR  MANDOLIN  BANJO  AUTOHARP  AOOORDEON  VIOLIN BOW  STRINGS  or MUSIC  Call at our Store and we "will do the rest,'  tion to Moyie, and he has to get back to  the latter place the best Avay'ho can over  tlie railway tics, there being no wagon  road betAveen the two places and no  prospect of one owing to tlie natural  difficulties of construction.  This is a'particularly gross example of  a species of coercion that has been too  much practised in the past. If the facts  are correctly stated in the petition, there  is no good reason why a station and siding, and every other reasonable facility,  should not be afforded JMoyie, and we  feel sure that Mr. Blair will use every  power that the law puts in his hands to  compel the railway company to do its  duty ami frustrate this high-handed attempt on the part of a powerful corporation to ''hold up" a. community.  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Terms.  <Jj*3Arin Will buy two lots and improve-  *po\J\J\/ ments on north side of Vernon  street, between Ward and Josephine streets.-  Terms.  *ktdi^%nf\ Will buy 80 by 120 feet on the"  <P"*��JW south side of Baker street, between Stanley and Kootenay streets.  Cash.  QiiCl f\f\f\   Will buy 50 by 120 feet on the  %px\J9%J\J\J   northeast corner of Baker and  Josephine streets.   Cash.   jQjJlf HOUSTON  P. O. Bos* 57 Vernon street. Nelson  Nelson Saw & Planing Mills  All accounts owing tho Nolson Pining Mills, contracted since the 17th day of September, 1898, aro due  and payable lo the undersigned, payment of wliich is re  quired at once. IIARI1Y HOUSTON, Secretary,  Nelson Saw & Planing Mills.  ' Nelson, 11. C, April 23th, lSK).  PAYMENT MUST ACCOMPANY .  ALL ORDERS  Charles   St.   Barbe,   Agent*  Nelson Iron Works  {     MAXUFACTUKERS OF  ENGINES, BOILERSV SHAFTING, IRON AND  BRASS CASTINGS 'OF EVER/*?* DESCRIPTION  Repairs promptly; attended to.       P. 0. Box 173.'  R. 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Hon. GEO. A. DRUMMOND Vice-President
K   S. OLOUSTON General Manager
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N. W. Cop. Baker and Stanley Streets.
     BRANCHKK IN     -	
and in Llio principal cities in Canada.
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Tlie Edmonton Bulletin gives the following additional details of the double
tragedy tit:that place last Aveek, in which
AV. P. Rowland and Lottie Brunette, his
-affianced Avife, committed suicide by taking strychnine:
"No inquest   aviis  held,  as numerous
letters written by the two explained the
reason and proved that the deed was pre-
niediated.    She    Avas a   Catholic,   he   a
Protestant,  and  strong  objections   had
apparently been made to tlieir marriage.
In ■ their last letters they refer to ' these
objections and stiite that if they cannot
live together they  Avill die together.    In
the  afternoon  Rowland had  taken* the*
blanket  and  canvass-, ■'sheet out  to  the
bluff and after that they Avere  seen,.on
the street together seemingly happy and
in  the best of spirits. . He  Avas   about
tAventy-two and she twenty-one years of
age.    Both  Avere  Avell kiioAvn" here.    He
had  been on  several trips  through the
north .with the jiolice patrols as a special.
■ AVas, a 'Smart,.- good-looking,   splendidly
built young felloAv, sober and industrious
•and oven  at the time  of committing tlie
7 rash and fatal act his Avagons AA'ere loaded with freight for the Lauding, and he
Avas to start out the next day.    He leaA'os
a mother and seA'eral brothers and sisters
all-in Edmonton; Y*Miss  Brunette Avas an
„s'„ Y„iinusu^*yYgp girl,
°y.p. haying •^ery^'cllirJcY'^ She
pfl-.p fl^p.,,^ °dbd. du     flhfl^nflfl-i , ~s™-p .&\,a-.\a.. * ,s,TB4wHfitfr>      ri,   "■ ii. n
.„»,- »St.;Aibert",e,aird«a'sister.-Ym^ssYYY --   -   -
yVsyw""W--"' J&p:-Ito}vlan.d'fi "truii&ral-gtppk • place
v^&trfejBddA^te bv
; ^""yfeJajigestii.uiiiQervot :^iends>prf;the alilicted
r-v" i-faniily^td iAVJiqih thefsijicc'rejsympatliy ofb
fYi7the*?coiiiniiinity is .extended." >«Y3Ii:s; »Roav„-.
y •^m^m.bm^
'. Y?%jieYtei'u&^^
: ) ""dfi^i'ipy R$A\iaji^
° ,4a?i¥iUi\'SOjtlIiite^
■   ••,■/.<",•"i."   ','.-:;-»'.iiV- "■■■%■• »»:. •»"".",H»'k";» t „,fl;y. .."".Ji*" .
i s $,p.t***4<e>liinii'in"Chai]ge^toLp.reyent5linii. do*-*,
» „ ang .damage^ to JiiniseJf.     TJie; body poi>
- Lottie *Brunette :Avas uiterred^vt Sq. A1-'
"• Wb^i\*$^ ""  -■■ '"" ,;
. .   ; '/The, sc§iie\pf tlifet .tragedy, a^sAviiinpys
** Avil loWijbluff: abbutja: mile .nbiitheaSt. from?-
-    toAviij on iJie, JJOAvlalicl propYu-ty, Avas yes-
ierd||y visited*Jby^httiidre'cls, of   p^c»i*jie.
The. spot"is "kit VunfSiqiieiitedYOne, "and
soil bf thp year.,
"Auinqhest. A\-ouldi have Aeen held pns
the reihains of Lottie Briinette to iiscer-
to'in inore fiilly the  liialnftir in which she
met   her"death  aiid""the nature  of the
.Sire the bpdyiYdisturbed. As the ends of
justice fioiiid libt iii.any aa^ have been
furthered? both 'of the parties ihiplieated
being xleadj'the authorities let.the:matter
drop, but the department at OttaAva
haAre been advised: of; all the facts as
kuoAVii, aiid if they tsohsidef aii inqiiest
ad visible Avill telegraph instructions,
Avhen the body will be disinterredrtnd a
post mortem examination made."
Is now prepared io issue Drafts and Letters
of Credit on Skaguay, U. S., Atliq, B. C, and
Dawson City, Yul^on, District.
There have been in all over 1900 miles of
railway  sur\reyed  in.the  AVest African
colonies, while 220 miles of railway, constructed or being constructed, have been
put in hand   by 31 r.   Chamberlain during
the last three years.    Every effort is being made to develop these important colonies by the construction of railways and
harbors,  Avhile the  bad climate  is being
combated in every possible Avay, and with,
considerable success, by'the'improvement
of the Avater  supply and  sanitation  of
such  large toAvns as Accra,,  Lagos, and
Freetown.    It is probable that the climate of AVest Africa Avill shortly be considered no  Avorse.than that of our other
tropical     possessions.      The     health   of
Europeans at Sierra Leone and on the Gold
Coast,  lam 'informed, has   been phenomenally good, for the  last six 'months.    I
tni/velled from -Sekondi   to  Kuinasi, A'ia
TarkAva,oby • a hitherto unexplored route,
and discovered  a fairly easy route for a
raihvay skirting the formidable Adansi
Hills.    Gold is abundant along this route,
and some extraordinary assays havo been
made  at several  places, eAren   in this almost unknoAvn territory, Avhere the Avhite
man  is still  a great  curiosity.    Perfect
order and contentment preA*ail under the
equitable rule of the colonial government.
I imiioi'ted fi'oiii Sierra Leone to Sekondi
the Avholeof my carriers for the journey,
and the ease Avitli  Avhieh such  an operation can  beelfected  sei'ves to  illustrate
the? harmonious  co-operation Avhieh exists among the AVest African colonies under the present ci-oavii colony system.
An: Officer's Heroic-Death.
A shocking fate has befallen lieutenant
Maurice Bell, a young officer seizing in
the Belgian ranks in the Congo. He was
ordered to proceed aga'ufst rebel natives
Avith  forty  black  soldiers.    The   uatiAre
i'-ffti" *'" "W6<^°J1T'- :""S.  Y""7"7>^
Who u„se7piGks,„" shovels, yptc,
should not fSil" (tb"fl§y)k at rqur %n$
of. "goods, which "f&r ° qualitils and j
material can not be beat.
y *4-
Importers ot'Shelf arid-'Heavy Hardware.
Railway Development in West Africa.
Glasgow Mail*
Renter's Ljvei'pool representative had
an jntei'vieAV on AVedhesday Avith Frederic Shelfordj Avho has just arriA'ed front
'■'"West AfrieaY Mr. lShelford,:Avho is a'isOu
of the contractor who is making all the
AVest African railways, had been• up to
KuniaSi practically surveying land fbr a
railway to the Ashanti capital. Mr.
Shelford Said the progress Avith AVest
African railways continues to be faA^or-
able. The SieiTa Leone raihvay is now
available   for    traffic   to   Songo   Town.
On Tuesday, May 16th, 1899
The undersigned   has instructions   to offer
for sale at p'ublio auction: Twelve Wagons
(brand neAV and never used), from 2-f to 3 J
inch axles, and a miscellaneous lot of neck
yokes, whipple-trees, boxes, spring seats, ash
poles in the ..rough, oak reaches all lengths,
etc. Sale to take place iii.^ front of H. D.;
■Ashcroft's' blacksmith shop on Hall street,'
Nelson.    Tonus Cash.
C. A. AVATERMAN & CO., Auctioneers'.
horsb races
1st Prize 2nd Prize
Free-for-all $200    $100
Slocan race      75        25
Pony race............    50        25
soldiers fled when the rebels attacked,
leaA'ingthe lieutenant and a. brave native
corporal to face them. Protected by the
thick bush, they kept up a. deadly (ire on
their assailants. Mr. Roll shot eleA*en of
them, but was finally disabled by a spear
wound in the shoulder. As he fell, he
Avas caught inthe arms ofthe corporal,
Avho dragged him from the bush into the
(>pen and tried to escape. Both, how-
CA'er, were overpowered by numbers and
killed. As soon as the news of tlie disaster reached the Free State authorities a
large force was sent out to punish the
natiAres. It Avas found that the bodies of
the two brave men had been eaten by
the natiA'es, pieces having been sent
round as trophies to villages as far distant as twenty miles from the 'place
whore they fell.
Half a Wife Better Than None.
Judgment Avas delivered at  Cincinnati
on Saturday iu the remarkable action for
divorce brought by Charles lv.ra.11s against
his wife Katharine,    lie alleged that she
had a glass eye and a false leg, and that,
as  these  imperfections   did not become
knoAvn to  him until  after the marriage,
deception was practised upon him, which
entitled him to a divorce.    He contended
also  that as he  had not  married a complete woman,  as.he had   hoped to do, he
should be released from his obligations.
Judge DaAds, before  whom the case was
heard, decided  in favor  of the wife and
dismissed  the  petition.    In giving judgment he said his Avife  had   neArer  been
asked before  marriage whether  she had
any physical  defects,  and consequently
there could be no positive deceit.    Dealing Avith the legal aspect of the case he
said:    "It is not imlaAvful for Avoman to
attract mankind Avith devices and attachments used to improA'e the work of nature.    OtherAvise Avhy should  not false
hair "iind   other    falsities- peculiar   to
females be made a ground of divorce."
hundred soldiers who were discharged
from the United Stales army three weeks
ago, are a-Avaiting transportation home.
They are without funds, and are becoming much exasperated oA'er tlie delay.
These men are a source of great care to
the military and police, who fear that
unless they are soon provided Avith transportation to the United States, their demoralisation will affect the city. Major-
general Henry has authorized them to
sleep and eat in the military barracks.
Many of the men are Avithout a cent.
L. K. Ituell. A'iclor'a     ~
O. G. Dixon, Spokane
11. II. Williams, Spokane
.lames Croiii'n. Spokane
.1- P. Haslet, London,  Kng
11. .1. Patterson, Portland
A. .1. Sanders, Sandon
Itobcrt Murker, lte.velsloke
,\Vv\-<-\:*,i,li"1' T,'aiI ' 'I'- O. llalley, Spokane
!. \\. Reddin, Pilot Bay I W. (i. (Jushiiij?,  Wimiiiieir
I'.. .1. l-ield. ICaslo j A. .1. Khodos. New York
. L,. '..my, Nakusp ! .lames     Be vendue,    -Vtxn-
•'• '; Pauley, Hamilton eouver
K N. llodd. Spokane ! XV.  II. Langridge,   Rcvcl-
b. Monarity, Spokane stoke ^
New iiatterns  at  10, 12J,.
and 20 cents per yaid.
latest shades
All-wool Pepper,
at $1 each.
.1. A. Kmcr?on, Albert Can
W. Sntlioi land, Albert Canyon
W. L. Callahan, New Den
T. Stevenson, ltossland
A. Emerson, Albert Canyon
L. XV. Hendriek, Ymir
John Davis, A\'hite,water
V. E. Copeland. Mexico
l<\ II. Hutton,-Trail
At   12i.  ]',. 20, and   30  cents
per yard.
At 3") cents  per yard, Avorth
•"50 cents.
At $4 a dress pattern, no two
Fast colors at 7
cents per-yard.
12.1 and 1
5   $
Soldiers Turned Adrift.
Assoeii ted Press.
San Juan, Porto Rico, May 3
.lames Tarry, 1 livers view
.lamps Skene, We.stHobsnn
It. ICowo. Okanagan >'
A. Maher, Toronto
L. A. Snyder. Ymir
Airs. ICeefe, Ymir
J. Campbell and wife, Erie
R. McLean. Revelstoke
W. Howe, Revelstoke
P. Grant, Kamloops
At 20 cents per yard.
At :J0 cents per yard."        B
At IS and 3~> cents per yard.
R. Lawrence, Kuskonook
John Caldwell, Brooklyn
J. D. Mcintosh. Brooklyn
etS a»d
When Advertised
Headquarters for Miners and Prospectors
Liquors and Cigars
One of the best
lilar hotels
and most pop-
iri Nelson.
y.'„Yha;icer s;ai®Ki^" *nmcls0n.»
4 Am Sapard
■ bound 'to.-.'sell wt|ile
they remain the patterns
of the seasoi]. We prefer to mark them down;
rjow, an,d let our regular
custodiers have the advantage of -th,e cut, rattier th.an, have a slaughter
sale some months later
to m.ake room for new
good:9. Our display of
Rugs -and . Art Squares
is the finest ever seen;
in = Kootenay. = Tqeyare
received direct from the
.eastern importers so that
in;, biiying= from us you
are virtually 7 reaching
lieadquapters, .§., ,„„a„ jj,^,
At "Auction Prices" slionld be left alone.'", An
auction price means the highest price Avliich the
purchaser can be induced to pay.
New Spring Designs
In Axmiiistcrs oi' tlie best quality, Avith or Avithout
borders. British and  Canadian makes.
Brussels and Velvet Pile
Suitable for dra.Aving-rooins, dining-rooms, halls or
stairs, Avith or Avithout borders.
Tapestry and Patent Tapestry,
Union   art   squares,  Japanese
Smyrna and Tecmnseh rugs.
squares   and  rugs,
40 Different Styles
Of   baby carriages   and ~go-carts  to   select "from.
l*?attan chairs and rockers.Y   ,
^IpJJAc^L alljKinds^      r,
"*"*.**•     ** -r y     ~        "" ' l
Is advanping. and   notice to   this  effect .has been
sent   to   the   trailo   by   all   large   liianufacturers.
,!! IJaA'ing a, large stock on hand A\or AA'ill be'able to
continue Lo quote better  figures than any of our
competitors.    „ \V'e. Inu^e   also   three   carloads   of
y.»        fui'iiiture 611 the u*ay.
Lai:gcn comfdrtablo  l)J;drp6nis  and 'flfsl^c.Ja6s dining
room."  Sainple i;ooiiis for coniinerciaPiii^n.
fflfs.  L C.   GL/VRICE, Prop.
Late of tlio Royal Hotel, palgary,
A largo stock of first-class dry material: on hand, also
a full line of sasjli, doors, mouldings*, ttirncd work, etc.
Yard:   Foot of Nondryx street, Nelson
Telephone, 91        Job'H  * Rae^   AgBnt
■*"°   V       Gogne*^"'Baker and Ward Streets, Nelson. _      . Y
mums <£CM.
^Wholesale^Marifets at ^elson, Rossland, Sandon and CreeMood.
Trail,  Ymir, Ka§]
H.. D, fjUME, Manager.
The finest hotel in the Interior.
]>argo sample rooms.   Steam heat and eleetrie light.
All sizes of dimension timber and all kinds of lumber
out to order, and shipped to Nelson in carload lots.
AVritc for prices.
Caledonian   Sports
Gold Medal for Best AU-Round Athelete
For Further Particulars Apply to Secretary, Silverton, B.C.
The only restaurant in the city
employing only \vhite cooks.
Merchants' lunch from 12 to 2
o'clock, 25 cents. Dinner from 5
to 8.    Short orders   at   all   hours.
"board and room
First-class board and room. Toild's,old staiidrcoriKir
AVard and Carbonate streets, in rear of English chni'Ch.'
^Heated-by.sfeain. Table hoard §1, room and board ?:"i
and ?f>.50.    *  * *
A collection of lino I3clgimii Canaries for sale.
The only hotel in Nelson th.1t has remained under one
management since 1S!XJ.
Tlie bed-rooms arc well furnished and lighted by
The dining-room is not second to any in Kootenay.
The bar is aHvays stocked by the best domestic and
imported liquors and cigars.
THOMAS MADDEN, Proprietor.
Two and a half miles up the Outlet from Nelson.
City,  Grand
New Denver,  SandonV *Silvert0Dr|,
Midway,, Greenwood and Sirdar.
Head Office, Nelson, B.C.
West Kootenay But^^F©©
fia^er Street, Nelson
QDWlTArWTttQ.     Spring Chickens, Fresh. Cream,
OrMlALlilJQOt     Pure Milk, Fresh-Laid Eggs.
All of which arc from the ranch belonging to the hotel
A pleasant place to spend afternoons, evenings and
enjoy delicacies that cannot be obtained in holds or
restaurants at Nelson. Good stabling. Open day and
night.   Can bo reached by either road or water.
WILLIAM UOmCUTS, Proprietor.
Large and well lighted Heated by hot air
Reasonable rates Sample rooms
Klcctric bells and light in every room
. Konovatcd and refurnished throughput
J. V. PKRICS,"Proprietor
Free bus meets all trains
Hourly strcot car to station
Revelstoke, B. C.
Just Received
Big Carload
Also New Picture at|d Room Mouldings, New Curtain Materials in Silk, Damask, etc.
fiew Uph,olstry Coveriqgs-a Large Variety, /Jew Carpets, 0ilcloth,s, etc.
Only Address, Applewhalte Block, Balcer Street West. Cbrner'Kootenay
For Undertaking at\d* Enfoaln\ing the * Leading Establishnierit in -Kootenay, THE TRIBUTE:  NELSON,  B. C,  THURSDAY,  MAY 4,   1899.
Do You U/ish to Dye?
If so, remember we ean supply you
with the necessary material and full
instructions how to make a clean job
of it. We carry a full line of Diamond   Dyes   and  Maypole Soap   Dyes
U/. p. Jeetzel & Qo.
Neek Dressings
Are the most important part of man's spring "get up."
His whole attire depends upon beauty and quality of his
Our line of Puff Knots, Four-in-
Hand, and Bows, elicited a full measure
of praise from all who have seen them.
The designs are remarkably beautiful,
rich, and so varied that no man is
likely to meet his duplicate.
Fine Shirts, white ancl colored, and
all   other  fixings  at   moderate'  prices at
I        A       OII    \S U D    THE UP-TO-DATE
U.    M.     \Ji I L l\ C. ri       FURNISHER, NELSON
Y-yTVTFORE than half the people = in. Nelson live tp the east of,Josephine
«^^^^K^treet, ^nd all Ave want is that" one-half of, them purchase'their
U|^P^s; and -fruits atTthe .EAST "-E-ND GROCERY,/ If they: will,-
^Si^f?pa|^ cash/ they - will save . money" ih two ..ways,}, namely, .25 per
k^iiit<oh)Mhe price of the/goods  they purchase' and 25 pcr= cent on the
^^ear^arrd_, tear of shoe leather. -      "■-
."West; Bloclt, Baker Street East,= Nelson, B. O.
Nelson Tent and Awning Manufactory
;Y     TENTS,
; awnings and
m-ncy striped curtains for
Verandahs and windows
fABii*siz"jEs»oif,tfESTs:iNstock :°X: I'hi'iy'L-i'* "i-i,'/:r~\.   "TV-A" A.
y, .Baker-stfeet,7ppp6§it(jVpoStofllcc, Nelson*" it'JTI;', F/jVLaJi.    ' JLJ/I     A*^L
The Api'il number of the Kootemiy
JMiniiiL** .StaiidiU'd, published sit Rossl'ind,
is a creditable publication, both as to the
reading matter and the typography.
The -Miner announces a special edition,
,,to be issued sometime in June. Ifc
fails, however, to announce where it Avill
be printed. Ifc will probably be printed
in Calgary or in Winnipeg, fche Miner
merely lending its name.
Boys who will make names for themselves in athletic sports ten years from
now were around yesterday raising money
to be used iu purchasing a pigskin and a
lacrosse outfifc. The crowd that want to
play football were? headed by a little redheaded boy recently from Scotland, and
the embryo lacrosse players had for a
leader a boy from Woodstock, Ontario.
T. .1. Lendruin of Ainsworth is back
from a winter's sojourn in southern California and Arizona. He looks as if fche
climate had agreed with him. Mr. Lendruin has gone to tlie old country on a two-
months' A'isit.
AVilliain Gallop, 0. '.P. li. operator at
Ainsworth, was in Nelson yesterday, and
casually remarked that Baker street Avas
almost as lively as Front street, Ainsworth.
A writ oi* summons lias been issued in
the case of Kerr vs. Beer. This is tin
action in the county court brought by
Robert A. Kerr against W. W. Beer and
alderman G. F. Beer, to recoArer a balance
of $135 alleged to be due upon the. contract for the erection of tlie Josephine
street addition to the Victoria block.
TJie players Avho Avill represent Nolson
in the football game on Saturday are: S.
Tod, back; F.B.Lewis, H. Williams, P.
A. Macrae, and A. Jell's, three-quarter,
backs ; II. B. Haines and J. A. Wefcniore,
half backs; W. G. Hepburn, G. Sfcilhvell,
H. Sargeant, H. B. Thomson, E. V. Thomson, G. Taite, E. G. Lee and C. B. Winter,
forAvards ; A. W. Hare and F. H. Forbes,
reserves: and C. W. Rose, referee. All
the Nelsom men are requested to Avear
bine'jerseys, and to be on the ground so
that play can commence at three o'clock.
In the evening a smoker Avill be held in
the hall of fche hotel Hume.
Messrs. Macdonald & Johnson haA'c
receiA*ed Avord from Victoria that tlie full
court has alloAved their appeal from the
.judgment of "justice Martin in the interpleader ease of McArthur vs. Cordiugly.
In this case "justice Martin decided that
Mrs. Cordiugly Avas entitled to certain
furniture sold under execution by D. McArthur & Co. From "this, judgment Mc-
Arfchur & Co. ajjpealed,, and Avere successful, securing costs of the court of appeal
.as* well as .the costs of. the trial.;/ * * • ._y
A The inland revenue collections for-Nelson for'the month 6f.Apr.il amounted to
$30 L5.22. Th is sum, A\*as made, .up as fol-
- lows: ' Spirits,** $22"S:'),.07V; malt, <. "$24T.-.05;
tobacco, $100.50: raw leaf tobacco,
$00.80: cigars, $1S4.S0: and petroleum
$17.     -,;-•-_-
. .Silencer's hall, the property of George
M." Spencer.of Sandon; \\*as seized by the
sheriff onJTuo,sday to satisfy a judgment
for rent and legal .costs  iii the  action of
=    " wanted!    '
WANTED—Good general survunt for family of three,
no children, at Ymir.   Apply al, residence ol" R. I!.
Hcdjcy, Nelson,_1J._(J. .	
Do You Know
If you don't you should see
the complete line which I have
just received direct from 1he
manufacturers of the east. If
you want to keep up with the
fashion you will bear this in
mind. There are TORTOISE
COMBS the like of v/hich have
never been seen before in this
in the latest designs and materials; BELTS of all kinds;
every description, and bracelets
in silver, gold and plate.
SANDON,   r». C.
and Heavy Hardware
Giant Powder
Canton Drill Steel
Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal
Pipes, and Fittings
Giant, Caps and Fuse
Tools, Cutlery, Tin
Hi  and Woodenware
Stoves, Ranges,
Iron,  Steel,   Sheet
Iron, T-Rails
Paints, Oils, G-lass
NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:  Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.
NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.
A Coat of Paint
"ANTKD—A .Servant girl.   Apply lo   "Mrs. Drew,
Vernon si reel.
'OO'SE and three lots, Nos. 5, (i, iind 7, "mode 10. "Mill
■   si reel, Nolson. 11. O.   For full particu'ars apply to
A. Manson. Grove Hoi el.-near Fort Sheppard station.
OK SAIjW—An old store front.   Apply to Theodore
Madson, Baker street, Nelson.
^Tenders will be received" up to"
Thursday,": May i rth,. for* the- fol-'
lowing""-Vdods at Saiido'n in the
estate, of Crawford & McMillan:-
Groceries , $2000
.   2300
.   -Soo
.     800
•     . 5°'
..   1000
Dry Goods.,
Gents' Furnishings .; .. .
Boots and Shoes	
Wall  Paper ".-....
Hardware and Crockery
When you make up your mind to use a little Paint,
bear in mind that we carry a complete stock of all
kinds of Paints, Oils, Varnishes, and Stains, also
Kalsomines, Kalsominc Brushes ancl Painters Brushes
Shelf and Heavy Hardware
Mining- Supplies T' Rails
The above stock is in g-ood condition, much of same being- new
season's goods.
T.  LEO PEEL,  Trustee.
Sandon,   B. C,  May 2nd, 1899.
M 10.
•Complete Electric Equipments for Electric Power "Transmission and Lighting for Mines, Towns
Electric Fixtures, Lamps, Eells; Telephones, Annunciators, Etc.
-   P. r6.-&oz;60p. Josephine Streei, Nelson, B. O.
Our Specialties
Damon,  Ram Lai's  and   Shilling's   Best
Teas always on hand.-, '        ;      .    ;
Chase & Sanlborn pure Java and, Mocha
Coffees;     / . -. Y-
Christie-Brown and Paterson Biscuits.
Crosse &  Black-well,'Upton and  Keiller
Marmalades, Jams, etc.
Dandicolle & Gandin  French Peas  and
Pickles, Sauces, Spices, etc.
A car of Ashcroft Potatoes and a car of
Mixed Groceries just in.
.      Twocars ofi$nofi]£ex>y; onthe rfoad. •
A triial order solicited.  .Prices i?ig*ht.
All communications relating to British Columbia business to be addressed to P. O. Drawer
505, Nelson, British Columbia0
J. RODERICK ROBERTSON, General Manager v   me-i  cam     d   r\
S. S FOWLER, E.M., Mining Engineer '   INE.L.OU1N,   D. L/.
ee that your Royal Seal Cigars
Telephone 10.   P. p. Box K & W.      Baker street West, Nelson
Builders and contractors can now secure
the best lime on the market at
70 Cents per 100 Lbs
OF   ItTELSOasr,   jB.O.
:s:^-"y,  o-jR^izisr, ^eed,  etc.
WriUs for quotations on car IoIh. ITEJ'lljSO'ISr     B_ C_
The West i^ootenay Brick & Lime Co., Ltd.
Baker Street.       T. G. PROCTOR, Manager
The  Standard   Piano
of the World.
The Artistic Piano of
Canada.   "
HO by  120, Biikor street, between  Josephine  and
Wurft' streei s , §S0W)
SO by 120, Brtker street, between Josephine and Hall
streets ,  „  J500
50 by 120. Baker street, between Josephine and Hall
streets, corner ,.,	
30 by 120, Ka.st Baker street. ■     SOO
in by 120 with improveiiionls, south side of. Vernon
struct -,   5000
50 by 120 with improvements, south side of Vernon
street, , , ,.   I!000
2 lots and large house beautifully furnished (sna-r,)..  3500
2 lots with cottage rented at §15 per month, Victoria
street ;   3500
1 lot with cottage rented at §15 per month, Victoria
Street      2500
2 lots With cottage rented at §20 per month, f tanloy
street ;.;  3000
(i lots in block Ml), all cleared and fonccd in   2500
Just Unloaded
a Car of
Quality away up
Priees below the lowest
DesBrisay h Go,
0-room house and 10 lots set out in orchard   1100
2 lots and improvement!*, 52 head of Cows, 2 horses,
wagons, sleighs, harnoss.'nml everything in connection with Hurry's milk ranch      5500
For general information on teal estate and for further
particulars on above property apply to
ART MD MUSIC. CO., Nelson, Agents.
Real Kstato and General Agents, Baker St., Nelson
Vienna Restaurant
Baker street, between Josephine and   ' ', ■ .
. Hall streets, Nelson.
A fresh consignment of Maplo.Lcaf Cream Sodas received
direct from the factory, put up in 3-pound boxes. Also
a full lino of the Toronto Biscuit and Confectionery
Company's Sweet Biscuits. Don't forget that wc handle
Blue Kibbon Tea.
Baker Street West, Nelson, B. C.
Have just received a consignment of Harris home
made tweeds from Talbot Harris, Scotland.
FEED J. SQUIBE, Baker St. Mson
The supply la limited, ro call early and cxamino this stock.


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