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 UNION MINERS AGAIN RUN RIOT  IN   THE   CCEUE   D'ALENE.  Special to The Tribune.  Spokane, April 2!).���The trouble  between the union miners ancl  the operators of the Bunker Hill ancl  Sullivan mines at Wardner, Idaho, wliich  broke out last Monday because of the refusal of the mine operators to pay the  union scale for unskilled labor employed  underground resulted today in the most  disgraceful and deadly rioting this section of the country has seen since the  labor Avar of 1S92.  One union miner is dead and another  mortally wounded, as the result of a volley fired by the strikers. Mills of the  Bunker Hill and Sullivan have been  blown up by the strikers with giant  powder. The property loss will amount  to a quarter' of a million dollars. The  work of destruction was done by Wardner strikers and union .sympathizers from  the Canyon Creek mines, which are  about twenty miles from Wardner.  A mob of nearly 1000 men,  armed and  masked, seized a train  of nine box  ears  and one passenger car at Burke and immediately  started  for' .Wardner,  where  they   arrived   at   noon,   being   met   at  Wardner Junction, a mile and a half out  of  town,  by a   great  crowd   of   union  strikers.    Tlie miners from Canyon Creek  brought with them 3000 pounds of giant  powder.    After  a  parley of two hours,  140 masked  men, armed with Winchesters, Burke in the lead and Wardner fol-  lowiag, .started with yells for the Bunker  Hill and Sullivan  mill and other  buildings, a third of a  mile from the depot.  They sent pickets ahead, and one of these  pickets fired a shot as a  signal  that the  mill  was abandoned.    This, was-misunderstood by-the main body  of the mob,  who imagined that the non-unionminers  in the hills had opened lire on  them, and  they began firing on  their own pickets.  About 1000 shots were  thus exchanged  betAveen  the  rioters  and  their  pickets,  and .lack Smith, one  of the pickets, formerly of British  Columbia, and a noted  figure iu drilling contests, was shot dead.  The  fatal  error  was discovered after a  few seconds' firing, and   Smith's   body  was brought down from the hillside.    By  this time the strikers had  taken possession of tlie Bunker Hill and  Sullivan mill,  which they found deserted, tlie manager  having directed his employes  not to risk  their lives by battling with tlie mob.  Powder was called for, and sixty 50-  pound boxes were carried from the depot  to the mill. The heaviest charge was  placed among the machinery. .Another  large charge was placed under the brick,  office building. Other charges.were placed  around.-the. mill. .Then the .boarding  Jiousc, a frame structure, was fired. Fuses  leading to the charges AA'ere lighted, and  the strikers, carrying the dead body of  the picket, retired to asafe distance.  At 2:20 o'clock the first blast AA'ent off.  It shook the ground for miles, and buildings in AVardner, two miles away, trembled. At intervals of-about thirty seconds, four other charges went off, the  fifth, being the largest,"completely demolishing the mills.  The loss to the Bunker Hill and Sullivan  company is estimated at from $250,000 to  $300,000.  In a-feAV minutes the strikers went back  to the train, the whistle was blown for  the stragglers, and the mob soon climbed  aboard, and at 3 o'clock���just three hours  after its arrival���the train pulled out for  Canyon Creek.  During the fusilade from the guns of  the mob, "Jim " Chayne^ a Bunker Hill  ancl Sullivan man, was severely shot  through the liips. / It is reported that he  3A^s_cai'i;iedJofTTjy_tiie jstrik'ers.^and^his,  J"." J. Rogers,  ���P'Y.y,-  >;>>,"., j  SUNDAY MORNING, APRIL. :iU,  181)  PUBLISHED AT: NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DAILY (BY MAIL) $5 A YEAR;  WEEKLY, $2.  NELSON IS LACKING IN PUBLIC  SCHOOL   ACCOMMODATIONS. -  goA'ernment will make concessions so  that they Avill be able to obtain the  necessary fuel at a figure which will correspond someAvhat to tlie prices paid for  coal in the United States. Among those  interested in the project are James B.  Wilson of this city, prominently known  in the metal trade, E. Golf Penny, M. I\,  0. C. Colby of Stanstead, Quebec, R. (J.  Leckie of Sudbury, Ontario, J. J. Thompson of NeAV York, and Robert M. Thompson, avIio is managing director of-the  Orford Copper Company of New Jersey.  The plan is to form a company with a,  capital of $2,000,000, Avith power to increase to $5,000,000. The company will  put up the biggest refinery iu the Avorld,  and. Avill be also per pared, to treat the  raw copper ores of British Columbia.  The gentlemen above mentioned are  named as proA-isional directors.  AGREEMENT THAT KNOCKS OUT  THE   PACIFIC   CABLE   SCHEME.  LOCAL AND MINING NEWS FROM  ADJACENT   TOWNS   AND   CAMPS.  avouiIcI is pi-obiibly fatal, j. j. liogers, a  stenographer iu the employ of the company, was shot through the lip, but his  "wound is twyiaj.  This morn-nig the 230 non-union miners  at tlie Bunker Hill and Sullivan had  Wiirning of the coming of the mob, and  left tlie Mines and took to the hills.v TheVy  h*lrA-e hot been seen since. The union men  Working ill the lLast Chance mine left  there this morning, presumably to take  part in the riot.  The governor of Idaho called on president McKinley for 500 federal soldiers, to  be sent to the scene at Once,  The Dead-man Island Deal.  Special to The Tribune.  Victoria, April 29.���The provincial  government has in contemplation making  a claim for Deadman's Island at Vancou-  Arer, over which tlie Dominion authorities  claim control, as evidenced by the lease  made to Ludgate for his sawmill company. Premier Semlin said today that  the provincial goveanment had as late as  1895 assumed to have control of the isl-  lancl, and he did not know any reason for  a change of attitude. He intimated that  the question was uoav before the executive for definite action. This attitude;  of the provincial government gives importance to the issue raised at Vancouver  the other day, wheth r [attorney-general  Martin represents, in this connection, the  interests of the province or the interests  of Mr. Ludgate, his client, for whom he  has appeared; in every move.  Reduction and Refining Works.  Special to The Tribune.  Montreal, April 29.���-A syndicate of  of Canadian ancl American capitalists is  prepared to erect extensive reduction and  refining works  in  Canada, provided  the  Great Britain and Russia Partition China.  Associated Press:  London, April 29.���The annual banquet  of the Royal Academy AA'as held at Burlington-House this'evening. Replying-to  the toast, "Hermajestyand her.ministers,"  lord Salisbury said he did not AA'ish to  exaggerate the extent of the gratifying  agreement signed -with Russia, but in  vieAV of the relations AA'hich in the course  of the last half century had from time to  time preA'ailed betAveen the tAvo countries,  it AA'as a matter for congratulation that  they had come to an agreement  AA'ith respect to China, Avhieh to a certain  extent AA'ould preA'ent the likelihood of a  collision betAveen the interests and objects of tlie tAvo countries for the future.  Continuing the premier said: "We have  talked of alliances. In a certain sense  the phrase is a just one, but an alliance  in the sense that Avith any nation Ave AA'ill  go out to. Avar together and bear the cost  and danger together and for each other  can very rarely take place. The alliances  of which avc speak are alliances of good  feeling."  Referring to the international conference to be held shortly at The Hague,  lord Salisbury said : "Whether the peace  conference AA'ill effect any improvement  in tho relations of the nations avc do not  knoAV; but the .fact that such a conference has been summoned is^ a good omen  for future peace', and an augury on AA*hich  all aa'Iio value the interests of peace, civilization 'and Christianity may fitly  clAvell." '        _.  -        "     *  A Record-Breaking - Jump.  Associated Press.  Philadelphia, April 29.���Yale carried  off the honors at the annual carniA'a] of  relay races held under the .auspices of  the University of Pennsylvania on Franklin field today, rthe ' wearers of_ the  blue Aviuning the one-mile, tAA'o-mile'and  four-mile championship races. Although  Pennsylvania Avas disappointed in  the outcome of these oA'euts, she  is happy because one of her men now  holds the American broad jump record.  A. C. Kraenzeline, avIio is also the American champion hurdler, jumped 2-1 feet Bh-  inehes, breaking the American record of  23 feet 7 J inches, held by Meyer Princeton  of Syracuse Uiii\rersity.  Special lo The Tribune.  Ottaava,  April  29.���A bombshell has  .been hurled at the promoters  of   the Pacific cable scheme.    In   the senate  a private     agreement     made      away     back  in   ISO.'! "between   Great Britain  and the  Eastern   Extension   Cable Company was  brought  clown.      It   showed    that ; lord  Ripon on   October   17th,   ISO:', signed an  agreement  granting  a- monopoly  to the  Eastern Extension Cable Company binding Great Britain neither to lay nor assist  nor permit any one eJse to lay a cable to  Hong  Kong  or  Singapore.    A clause of  the  agreement  also  specifies  that  if   a  cable betAveen Canada and Australia mis'  uot laid in five  years  from the  date  of;  the agreement, then it Avould be deprived  of  any  connection   \vith  Hong Kong or  Singapore.    Five years  have,  of course,  expired  and  the  monopoly has become  permanent unless  Great  Britain buys it  out.    There is a provision in   the private  agreement that permits Great Britain to  buy it out for ��300,000 after a  year's notice has been given.  Sir Mackenzie BoAvell, on behalf of the  opposition, and Mr. Scott for tlie government, talked strongly against this document, which has just been unearthed, and  of its Avhereabouts all this time nobody  seems to be aAvare. V  Hon. Mr. Scott agreed Avith Avhat sir  Mackenzie BoavoII said. Great Britain  avus uoav'in faA*or of a subsidy and not of  a scheme of joint control. He could not  say that in '.1.887 it AA'as decided to be desirable that there should be joint OAvner-  ship. He referred to the agreement excluding Canada from its benefits as extraordinary. It bore out all that sir  Mackenzie Bowell said. He hoped Great  Britain avouIcI realize tlie efforts made to  check all-British cables. Unless the cable  Avas built now it avouIcI iiCA'er be built,  of that he Avas certain ; and uoav or never  meant that the monopoly would be  broken.  Senator Mills said the document A\'as  considered very gra\x��. ItAvould appear  there - never- had been a more serious  attempt'for a hundred years to cripple  the commercial groAvth of Canada in tho  interests,of monopoly. '_    of  Protecting an Author.  Associated Press.,  Chicago, April 29.���A perpetual injiinc-  =tion=proteetiug=the -copyrightof^Rudyard-  Kipliug's poem, ''The White Man's Burden," AA'as grantee! today by judge Kohl-  saat in the circuit court against the publishing firm of F. B. Whipple & Co. of  this city. It was charged by Mr. Kipling  and his publishers that the defendant  had published and circulated his" poem in  a pamphlet Avithout pevinissipn. By order  of the court, tlie clefendant is obliged to  surrender as many copies of the book as  he can recover.  Want the Duty Reduced.  Associaled Pros,-,.  Ottaava, April 29.��� Rutherford, Oliver,  Douglas, Davis, Richardson, ' ,Mclsaac,  McMillan, Flint, Bostock. Morrison, Mc-  Tnnes and others, about tAventy in all,  Avaited on Mr. Fielding "and sir Henri  .Joly last evening and asked for a reduction of the duty on coal oil, Avilh theview  toMts ultimate removal, and also doing  aAvay Avith the A'exatious regulations. Mr.  Rutherford organized the delegation.  The delegates pointed out that the ground  taken by the oil men had now put  them entirely out of court. Two years  ago they Avanted protection to save them  from the Standard Oil Company, and  now they Avere found in arms Avith those  avIio they had preA'iousIy declared to be  their enemies. While the delegates had  oA*ery consideration for tho coal oil industry, tliey did not think it ivas fair to tlie  Whole dominion that tliey should, pay  taxes  Of 85  pet'  cent. Mesgrs._,Ruthei*^  ford, Davis, Oliver, Douglas alul Richardson spoke strongly against the oil duty.  A Society Wedding.  Associated Press,  Victoria, April 29.���The wedding of  J. S. H. Matson, the Avell-known insurance  agent* and Miss Ada Tere.sa Galley of this  city dreAV a fashionable throng to St.  John's church this af ternoou. They leave  by the Charmer tonight for VancouA'er,  en route to eastern Canada and the States,  for their honeymoon trip. The groom is  a son of Mr. Matson of Toronto.  A Strike Threatened in Toronto.  Associated Press.  Toronto, April 29.���Bricklayers and  laborers Avill go on strike on Monday  morning, May 1st, unless an agreement is  reached today Avith the bosses. -They ask  at present 37�� cents per hour, Avhile the  bosses offer only 36 cents. The men will  strike for 40 cents Monday morning unless 37i cents are granted by (5 o'clock  this evening.   Bringing Pressure to Bear.  Special to Tho Tribune  Vancouver, April 29.���The Trades and  Labor Council of Vancouver haA'e obtained from Tisdale and Macpherson, tAvo  members Of the legislature from this city,  a promise that they Avill urge the government to give a fair trial to the eight-hour  day in metalliferous mines.  The Prohibitionists Will Not Down.  Associated Press.  Ottawa, April 29.���The committee appointed by tlie Dominion Alliance to prepare for the bringing of the result of the  prohibition plebiscite before parliament  for recognition met tins morning and  agreed-, to a resolution, which will be introduced next AA'eek. it Avi 11 call oil the  government to pass a ItlAV prohibiting the  manufacture) importation alid sale of intoxicants throughout Canada,; providing,  however, it .shall only be operative in  such provinces as confirm its acceptance  by a .popular vote of the people. This is  an extension of the principle of the Scott  Act, which Avas discussed by the Alliance  last Aveek. It Will enable the Maritime  provinces to do a-Avay Avith the traffic and  at the same time guard against the coercion of Quebec. The members of the  committee think that they avi'11 have the  sanction of the government, and Avill, at  least, press for its assistance.  Special to The Tribune.  Kari.o,  April  29.���The   first gang  thirty   men, on   their   way  to commence  Avoiic in the, Lardo for the Canadian   Pacific, wore in town Thursday and left the  same night for the  scene  of operations.  This assurance that the .Canadian Pacific  is -commencing operations so early in the  season on this.much-needed piece of railroad   comes   as   a -.pleasant surprise  to  Kaslo.    While it Avas hoped   that  a railroad would be built in the Lardo-Duncan  couutry this  summer,  it   AA'as  expected  that  it: avou Id  be  built  by the Kaslo &  Slocan company, and that the  Canadian  Pacific would  build  later.    The line  located by the Canadian   Pacific  starts at  the townsite of Lardo, on  the  west side  of Kootenay lake, and   follows   the A\rest  side  of  Lardo  ri\'er, going   through the  pass near Duncan City, and then following tlie Lardo river to the end of imwiga-  tion on loAver end of Trout lake.    A spur  Avill be run to Duncan  City,  the  end of  navigation at the south end  of Duncau  lake,  so that they Avill haA'e   rail   and  steamboat communication AA'ith the Trout  lake and Howser lake districts,  containing the richest properties iu the country.  The Kaslo & Slocan proposed line  starts  from Argenta and folloAvs the east side of  Larcio river to Duncan City,  and   thence  to  Trout   lake,   almost   paralleling    the  Canadian   Pacific,  but  ou  the   opposite  side of the  river.    The  Kaslo & Slocan  liiay  change-'their..-route from   Duncan  City and run on the east side  of Duncan  lake and up Duncan river, so as  to haA'e  all-rail -communication  Avith Hall  creek  and other  rich  country up the Duncan  A^alley instead of the Lardo yalley.  The li'eAV Avlmrf Avhicli the-Canadian  Pacific has promised Kaslo for over a  year past will soon be an assured fact.  The iron AA'ork and most of the Avood  Avork is being made in Nelson, and Avhen  ready avi 11 be brought to lvaslo. Avhen the  new wharf Avill be built on a site a little  to the Avest of the present makeshift.  ' C. A. Stoess, P.L.S., has returned from  Cascade, Avhere he has beeu forL the past  six months.  Messrs. McAnn <fc McKay ha.A*e moved  iifto their noAv-offices in the building"re"-  cently erected by r"Mr. McAnn on. Front  street.  R. T. LoAvery, the sage of Ncav Denver,  is spending considerable time in Lvaslo  these days, lie may be playing against  Mr. Clifl'e of Sandon i'or the control of  the Prospector-neAvspaper plant.  Re\\ Mr. Menzies, of the Presbyterian  church hero. IcaA'es for the east next  Aveek on a visit of business combined  Avitli pleasure. He lias return tickets for  two.  hall last OA'cning. The ladies in charge  spared no efforts to rival tliat of their  predecessors, the bachelors, AA'hich it is  needless to say   tliey  did   in   the way of  Tho Lucky Jim is being put in shape  again after a long period of inactivity.  The new company Avill confine themselves  to developing the property for a-while at  least,  decoration.  The band has telegraphed for a uniform to Toronto, to have them in readiness for May 24th. The outfit, costing in  the neighborhood of $250, has been liberally donated by the citizens.  Mrs. Frink is now conducting the Balmoral cafe.  M. Callahan, a -.miner at the Payne, Avas  brought down this week to the hospital a  sufferer from pneumonia.  There is some talk of reopening the  Gomiquc.  The Payne Mining Company Avill hold a  general meeting of tlieir stockholders on i  Monday noon next in this city.  Ymir.  YiAiir,   April   29.���The   entertainment  last night  in  the  Forester's  hall whs u  success financially and socially.    The following programme  Avas  gone  through :  instrumental duet, AV.  M. Coffey and C.  Huntsman ; recitation, Miss W.  Adams ;  song,  Bev. James Hicks ; recitation, A.  W. Hagen ; song,   YV.   Delcher; charade,  "A Mistake;," four took part and ably.sustained their parts ; -'recitation, Mrs. Ross;  duet, W. Delahay and ReA\ James Hicks;  song, Miss Green; reading, A.   L.   Knox;  song, R.   McFarlane; Instrumental;, duet,  Miss Crowe and  C.  Huntsman; song, R.  McFarlane ; instrumental duet, C. Huntsman'-aud  W.  M.  Coffey;   recitation, P.  Burgoine.    After the  entertainment refreshments AA'ere served and ail   enjoyed  themseh'es   immensely.     The   proceeds,  acout $50, are in   aid   of   the  Methodist  church funds.    Rc\-. .Jas. Hicks leaves on  Monday   to   attend    the    conference   in  Nanaimo.    lie recently received a call to  come back to Ymir, Avhere  he  has made  himself A'ery popular.    A. W.   Boyd, the  manager of the Canadian King  property  at Eric, is in= ymii-today, having come in  from Kaslo,   where he   has been   buying  machinery/or his company,    lie intends  starting work at once  on   the  Canadian  , Lving.    Tonight Mrs. Koss gives  a  social  gathering in   honor "of the  approaching  departure of the Ltev. and Mrs;-1 licks.    ^  LOCAL   NEWS   AND   GOSSIP.  The  policy of the provincial government in neglecting  to furnish proper accommodation for the Nelson public school,  and at the same time refusing to allow  the citizens  to  take  over aiid maintain  the same, has   resulted  iu   the closing of  the two junior  divisions.    Nearly three  weeks  ago   the   Nelson   school   trustees  called attention to the fact that they required   two  additional   rooms  fitted up,  two additional teachers provided and an  increase of $125 in the grant for incidentals.    No attention  Avas  paid  to  this demand  and   no   acknowledgment  of tlie  same was recei\-ed from the department.  Accordingly the   members  of  the board  met last evening in the ollice of Dr. Arthur.    All  the cnieinbers   of   the  board  were present.    They talked the situation  over and  decided  that they  AA'ould not  be longer  ignored   by  the education department a.s so  many white checks, iind  since the  necessary accommodation and  , money Avere not forthcoming they unanimously decided  to close  the tAvo junior  rooms. ' The secretary avas instructed to  notify the education  department  of the  board's decision, Avhieh he did in the following letter approved by the board:;  '.-.NELSON, April 29th, 1899.' (.'..���_-  To tho Superintendent of Education.  Dear Sir: I am instructed to stale that no answer has  been received to my letter to the minister of education,  under date of tho 10th instant, asking for a:i additional,  grant of <125 for incidentals, the immediate flnisliiigof,  tho two rooms, upstairs in the new building, and tho '',-'"'  appointment of two additional tcacliTj. .During, the  laist,two weeks the two junior departments have had a  dally average attendance of over sixty pupils each, and  noV.*-pupils 'irc coining in at the rate of ton and more per  week. These rooms aro h.idly ventilated, and the health  of the pupils is endangered by overcrowding. The board  has therefore decided to close these two rooms on Mny  1st, and keep them closed until additional accommodation.  is provided. As no! ideation' of thecongested state of these  rooms was given in ample lime to correct it by May 1st,' .  the responsibility for closing the same must rest with the  'department. Mgnod) E. C. AftTH UR, Secretary.        .i  Baseball Games.  NeAV York 5, Philadelphia S.  Pittsburg 1, St. Louis 2.  Baltimore 3, Boston 1.  Chicago 0, Cincinnati 1.  Buffalo 4, Indianapolis 3.  St. Paul I, Kansas City 2-.  Minneapolis 5, Milwaukee 3.  Detroit 0, Columbus 5.  -  Washington 0, Brooklyn '!.  Toronto !). Hartford 4.  The Price of Silver.  ;.'.;.':"  .;.'.    V       Associated Press.  ���"'"N'kav  York,  April  29.��� Sih'er  eates 0*3 %.-(J.'iic. . Bar,sih-er (i2J,c.  can dollars -l'Jc.  certifir  Mexi-  Sandon.  Sandon. April 29.��� While our sister  towns are enjoying the o\'er-\vcleome  spring, Ave can lay no claims to a like  state. The snow seemingly intends to  stay Avith us, as we had a, fresh downfall  Wednesday and Thursday. Some six or  se\'on inches fell.  The "WhitoAyater Deep has made a very  important strike lately, Avliicii will neces*  sitate ttn increase in the working force.  ^ijcLal0iJg=AArlth-the=h'L;*egc^\\:O*d'yug^V*!r-ce-  of the WhiteAvater mine, no doubt the  tOAvn of Whitewater will present a lively  aspect this coining summer:'  P. J. Ilickey returned yesterday fVom  the Boundary country, where lie has  been spending the last AA*eck or two looking  after his: extensive niuujig intci-ests.  11. F. Green, M.P.P., Was in town Wednesday. While here the miners jield a  special Meeting, at* Which Mr. Green WM'tS  asked to speak. He stated, although . lie  AA-as ill favor Of the eight-hour laAV, lie  was not altogether in accord Avith the  manner in AA'hich the bill was legislated  through the house ; but as he wi\s on his  Avay to Victoria, he would lay their version of affairs before the government.  F. J. Donaldson is busily engaged at  present removing his stock of drugs next  door to his present stand, where he Avill  have ample room for his increasing business. It is remodelled' inside and will add  greatly to tlie appearance of tlie toAvn.  Captain Adams of the Canadian group  is in town again, after hawing' spent the  winter in the Old Country and eastern  Canada.  W. H. Brandon has .returned from the  east, AA'hore he has formed a- strong company to take over the Canadian group.  It is his intention to put a large force of  men to work the property on an extensive scale us soon as the roads tire in a  condition to allow the company to take  up supplies, it is also the intention ofthe company to erect a concentrator this  coming summer.  The Methodist social of Tuesday.avus a  great success in every detail. About  eighty people Avere in attendance.  The Slocan Star AVill add next week  ninety men if the supply of water caii'be  secured to operate the. mill.V .  The bachelor girls gave'a very successful and   entertaining  dance   in   Virginia  The committee in charge of the dedicatory ball in'Fraternity hall on Tuesday  CA'eniug had a meeting and completed all  arrangements for the same. Tickets for  the ball may��bc-seenred from any members of the^ committee, or at W. F. Teet-  zel clo Company's, the Canada drugstore,  or Thomson's stationery store. The  committee request all who intend to be  present to purchase tlieir tickets before  going to the hall.  The returns of the port of Nelson for  <he month of April have not been compiled yet, but the collections for tlie  month Avill be in the neighborhood of  $10,000.  There Avill be no school on Monday for  the two junior classes of the public school  presided oVei- by Mrs. Ptiarcy and Miss  Wyckhani.  "^lossiaucrbas oi'giiiviSSJlTimi^jinnJlnbr  and its malia.gor Avi'ites Nelson that the  team will be second to none in Jvooteilay.  The grounds in Rossland wilj be im-  prOA'cd by the expenditure of $500, which  lias been raised for tlio purpose.  The lips and Downs of JJife.  ���'Herb" Irvine rcttlrned last night f'rojfi,  a trip to Green Avood and other towns in  the Bmindaiy Creek c/'fintry, He reports  Greenwood lively, and says a. juunbyr of  former residents of Nelson ai'e prospering  there. The stages start IVofu Bossburg,  a town on the Spokane & Northei'Ti rail-  Way eighty-odd miles .smith of Nelson.  The road crosses Kettle river, which is a  good-sized stream,, and' Hall 'brothers- have  a-tolf-lnndge tljat is a mifit, as there are  over a hundred' teams freighting on the  road. The tariff of charges are fifty cents  for a two-horse- outfit alid seventy-five  cents for a team of four horses. The  Hails discovered the Silver lving mine,  and are supposed to own a big block of  stock in the Hall Mines, Limited.  The Hospital as Inadequate as the School.  Owing to the fact that the Kootenay  Lake General Hospital is not in shape to  reeeiA'e  patients,  a woman   in   the  last  stage of pneumonia Avas carried back and   "  forth in the rain  last night  seeking facl-V  mission,  Avith  the. result that she died  V  while being eventually  carried   into tlie V  institution.    The  iiiifortuuate Avomaiii ac  Miss \\raite, arrived from Kuskonook hist',>/  night.     Application   for Vher   aclniissionV-  iiito the hospital Avas made toJy(Dr.VjHall^...V  the hospitiiL-^physiciaiK Vfle: refused>lierViV  admissionibecause^th<^tAv<\;general wards V;  in tho, institutioii^vv^Gv^occupiecl by men; V:  and-in thein)ei'a& .*.'���  ti e n t wi i s^ivl read y^ ins tal I eel.y Appliea tipu; ;  for  adimssioViAV^  Form, pi-eSKlcmvphr-.tuo7^  lie  grantedJjin&pide^  ym(yy  ^  ]icopie o E".jS^J^M/^Ay^vh'jtl.ioV-^mjiprtliVic^Vpf ^ ������  having avh^ifitfr^^^  modatioii*t'*&f!aRe^iTi^ ***"  th  tn  H*'*.(.l'UlWirB,WnnD,-^V,>V-'     lli   nl-'U'uloYln,-'���I,uhL'0'' n - mf3A-y��� 1-*'���  U?U11,U.   nDD  .here ar<?81-m]3^;ftnffi  -a 1 ��� but i.t-wa"^S^1$\'MX$ef��"$"iJ''ftsS^'fj'w*."A-.^!fji  ex  . Stocks.  Assouiiited 'I'refls.  MoxTiiEAL, Apnl 29.���War Eagle;  dividend, $3.78 asked, $3.7'i bid. Payne,  ex dividend, $'1.05 asked, $1 bid. Montreal iNi London, 80c asked, 70c bid.  Sales : War Eagle, '1300 shares at $3.70 :  500 at $3.<i0j : 500 at $3.09 ; -J500 lit $3.75;  1000 at $3.7(1. Payne. 500 at $-1.05; 2250  at $1.03. Republic, 30,000 at $l.-ll; 5000  at $ 1 .'11,',; 3500 at $ 1 .'111: 13,500  at $ I A. 1.  Both Belong to the Province.  Associated l'rcs.-s.  Vi('Toiiia, April. 29.r:liober.t Beaven,  .who.Avas chief commissioner; for several  years, stated today there was no question  that both Stanley park and Deadmau  island belong to the prOA'iuce,  was roquitfpd .tp be kejl(t ipypydtirk, a'OOm.*..,  In   the  d*yV^;w^^  tients. and-in" tu'evVghuilLsop^^  \va�� a lemaie pai^icuv.; �����. �� .. ���   ���.:���';. ��.$<&;;?.,,"y?.  Silver. A|y|i*Sc'ii]gfH*ui';j'^^e/q��sa ����V * ".^i^'sv.  The ailA-a:nee*3.AA'iiTi'h\lijrAfe1jQt^  the price of silvei* 4([tiQ6-ltl(e -first' of ��!Api*iJ;V"s,:7  aviII gi\'c the Iia;ll Mnies,jALnjjted^anVapT������ -. ���  p'l'ociablc gain P0U 'the galenai 'Orea'AvIii^lV ��E*  it has purchased' durhjg:tlu*v nipiitlh,   'As-: -���*���  *Surnlng^hsll"HJte=oi'je^j>\*'"et^  to the ton, vyhich   Will probably Jjc beloAV  the mark, the ad\*nutjc in (Jie inai'ket c;iJ,l��"'  tations fcfi' silver Avill give the Hid I Miufis  a profit of soi*i0thing over: $1.80 pc'r ton.  AV'lien a filrnafce is  treating  fifty tons Of  snch ore per clay tiie seeniiiigly small advance -.SUM! runs   into nipney.    The present ontiook is  for  an advancing niarkcSt,  due it is said to the actiOii of tin^sinlilter  trust in ke^jiuig tlie supply of silver level  Avith the demand'.  Canadian Coke for Unitfed Stat6s Sin-Jltersi  The first coiisigiiuiecitof'coke, from the  coke ovens at Feriiie3 'for the Le Roi  smelter at iVoi'thport aririyed in Nelson  yesterday oh the Canadian Pacific barges.  There were, six carloads in the Initial  shipment. The circumstance that United  States smelters find it iii'Ofitable to draw  tlieii" coke supjilics froni British 'Columbia  coke ovens, is important in that it shows  that in the item of fuel the Kootenay  smelters are on aii ecpial, if hot a better^  footing than the smelters across the line.  Cheap fuel is Avhat the local smelters  have been demanding as tlie one essential to profitable Smelting.  Outside Tender liower Than Local Tenders.  The tenders for the construction of the  Bank of  Montreal   building in  this* city  were   opened- yesterday. ,    There   were  tliree tenders from local   builders and at  least one other   from   a Victoria  firm of  contractors.    A  wire  from Victoria announced .'-that the   Victoria tender  avus  several thousand dollars lo>ver  than any  of  the  local tenders.    The local tenders  have been forAvarded to Vancouver.    As  tho bank is in favor of giving the -Work  to local Men, they have still  a chance of  securing the job, as the margin  betAveen  the tenders indicates a mistake on the  part of some one. 2
To clear a few lines at half the usual price, all in
dress lengths of 7 yards each, no two pieces alike
8 pieces figured dress goods at 40 cents, regular price, 75 cents
7 pieces figured dress goods at 65 cents, regular price, $1.25
10 pieces figured dress goods at $1, regular price, $1.75
The balance of our spring capes and jackets at wholesale price
Baker Street,
Garden  Tool^s
Nelson Hardware Co.
Baker Street, Nelson.
Have You
a Sweet
A N I)
Sweaters and Underwear
Wc liiive succeeded this season in
DHRWEAIt for spring and .summer wear,
on the market. Halbriggans at all prices
admired by all and acknowledged to be
See these goods and get prices.
This is the finest and best made
Our silk   and  wool   sweaters arc
the   finest   yet   shown in   Nelson.
Lace Curtains
Sign of the Big Red Hat
P. O. Box 103, Nelson, B.
©to ©tiimne*
Daii.v Kdition       Fiust Vk.\r, Nn. 100
Wkkkly Edition Seventh Ykak, No. 21
THE DAILY TRIHUNEi- published every morning
(except Monday), and will be mailed lo subscribers
in Canada or (lie United Stales for Jo a year, and to
subscribers in Great Britain for $8 a year; or'it will
be delivered to subscribers in Nelson for 25 cents a
week. §1 a month, $2.50 for three monllis, S3 for six
months, or §10 for one year.   Payable iu advance.
THE WKKKLY TRIUUNE is published every Wednesday and Saturday, and will be mailed lo subscribers
anywhere for §2 a year, payable in advance.
REGULAR ADVERTISEMENTS printed in both the
daily and weekly editions for ?1 per inch per month.
line for each insertion.
JOH PRINTING at fair rates.    Accounts for job print-
■ ing and advertising aro, payable on the first of every
month. .Addro-s—  -       * ;'--•. , -
-  . *       THE TRIBUNE. Nelson. B. C.
If insfceiid of trying'to  induce the peo-
. pie to borrow five thousand dollars to be
■expended on additions to the cifcy offices,
the council were to 'submit a-by-htw asking the property "owners to  go' "in  debt
. that, many s thousand   dollars  to  make
additions to  tho ,public "school and the.
"general    hospital,'the   members  of the
"council would show that theyrJnicl ytlie-
"best 'intevcsts-'oiL Nelson at he^trtF*ZQ,pbd)n
-'schools  ahd^godd  hospitalSj^pVi't^il^hi
their  usefulness,  do    much    td "ygi,ye\. a
*" "toAvn a good  reputation; while magnifi.-
" cent   city buildings  often  db"% jitsj}." the,
reverse. ';* "'"
The application of the City olP Rpsslrtnd:
for water rights from Rock aiidVbther
creeks is being opposed by the Ganadirtti
Pacific. It seems water rights from tlie
creeks that Rossland could draw^On for a
water supply were acquired several years
to the Cauadiaii Pacific, and they are
held for the future requirements ofthe
coifipany. The Jaw hi this respect is defective. Water rights should only be
granted on condition that they be utilized. Rosglalid needs water, and a supply tluit could be utilized is allowed to
goto waste because, a railway company,
tluit has licYiui i/ed waiter rights on spec*,
liiay use it at sonic future tiiiie.
the 25th instant its managers, made a
statement of the receipts and disbursements. Of the '$208.85 disbursed, only
$0.95 were paid for magazines, papers,
etc.    The statement is as follows:
Collected at church service, Doc. 2, '97  §12 85
Benefit. I'rivote Secretary, January, '98  7 50
Curling inalcli. January, 'IIS  5 00
J'rofils from Old Fashioned Tea, Sl.li March, '!)3.... 75 75
iUid-summer concert, July, 'OS §51 01)
Less I ickets     1 00 50 00
Miss Terry's entertainment, November, OS...§11 70
Less paid Miss Terry    15 00 2(i 70
Donations  01 00
Hudson's Bay Stores
AVest Baker Street.      Telephone- 13.   <■
White Muslin Curtains with frilled edge; Aplique Curtains in cream
and white, which for richness ancl durability cannot be equalled; Nottingham Lace Curtains in pretty designs and colorings of ecru and
white; Colored Coin Spot Muslins for door, sash and window curtains;
White Coin Spot Muslins in all sizes of spots.
Scroll designs in Tapestry and Chenille, also In, plain colorings, goods tfjat are
moderate in price, arjcl something that will give the best of satisfaction
§208 SO
 S 27 15
 - _. ^	
:.: 112 50
Fuel, lights, etc...
..-....."  2(i 70-
 .;'...; ,-?..
..."    CM 00
.Magazines, papers.
etc..;.' '.......'.....
......;-   f, (B
.; ._ .•	
1 i.i
Balance on hand..
.'   "-.' ;FOR gents wear     '■.-.
Something-  very  rich  and   handsome  in  green   and   blue bordered, in
scroll patterns of gold and red; art velvets for cushions and draperies.
Chenille Table Covers in 4, 6, 8, and 10 Quarter Sizes
Something special in Oak inch and half poles, wood trimmings, all complete, for 50 cents. MAY DELINEATOR NOW IN
They are all the, rage
this summer
and we are getting ready
for the rush
This-'season,- it* is  not  necessai-y, eiwerybdHy-
kno\ys" that" oUr  » „
  _   IS
and Prides Lower
Than Other- ^Dealers.
Charles A. Watepman & Go.
FJaker "SfHeeif,V^elspn
Sportsmen   want
the  best   and
get It at
can  always
stationery Go., UL
WHat a Wisconsin Man Wants to fcnow.
JANICSVlLLE, flock Couiitj", Wisconsin,
A iirll Kfi-d, 18'Jl).
Postmaster, Kelson, Rritlijli Columbia' — Dear Sir:
!*l(!(uAi Hund, ine n cow pf n Nelson pup f mid any infor-
mill ion in regard to a lively nnd (thriving mining: caini)
Hour Nelson* on or near Hits line of Ihe projected Cnim-
(IInn PdcSnY railway. What ii there in prospect at Nelson? Do you expect Uio railroad in town soon ? Will
you be thti end of the line, or will it jjo onward to tlie
Coast soon ?   Yours truly,
William will be surprised when lie receives, in reply to his letter', a 12-pagc
weekly paper, chock full of news oi Kelson aud all the mining towns and camps
in southern Ivootenay reached o'y.a half-
dozen railway and .steamboat lines centering at Nelson.
Kaslo's Free Reading Room.
Kaslo, like Nelson,  lias a free reading
room.    It is more  or less  of a fad.    On
Nelson Saw & Pianjng Mills
All accounts owing tho Nelson' 'Pining Mills, contracted sinco the 17th day,of September, 18!)8, are due
and payable to the undersigned, payment of which is re
ciuiredatoiice. 1IA.UKY HOUSTON,.Secretary,
. Nelson Saw & l'laning Mills.
Nelson, li, C, April 25th, 1800.
3STBX.SC3DN-,   S. C.
If you need a
Call at our Store and we "will do the rest.'
l"W*ill buy ^ 24 horses. 12 -wjagons, 2
wagonettes, 1 jbuggy, 10, sets of
sleifehs,: and a- conrpleta outfit. Of harness, saddles,, "blankets, etc., and a* going business of
$30,000'a* year.   Terms. " ,. "  ■"",.
<frQnf^lfl   Will bjiy two. lots and inaprove-
*P^fV"V  ments- on  north "side of Vernon
street, "between; Ward and Josephine; streets. ■
<tZA,Kf\n Will buy 30 by 120 feet on the
t\»reen Stanley and Kootenay streets.   Cash.
d*M O IIOO Will buy 50 by 120 feet on the
H,AVjV>''-?   northeast corner of Baker and
"     JGfHN HOUSTON.   .'
Vernon street. Nelson
;FjIKS3.' UO0R \YMSlllBANI? B. ^., JBUfLJ>IN&
^\rc wish lo inform (he gentlemen of Nelson that wc have
opened up a strictly first-class tailoring establishment
in ihe store formerly occupied by Kniory & *\Valley.
Our slock comprisos nil the latest patterns=in imported
tweeds and worsteds, and for the.month of April we
"will-selHit KVOaMy'reducOd^m'IclcsViii^
satis'factiion,g.uanrnt'Sed'..'   -■  .■■(•■(."     ■    -.■„  """"",",
& Ha^shaw
■Mining ShireS
,-J. Rv Wpa*y;::&.'."ei6*
NfetSCj^'^'Vrl.^TO,-urfAT.I5 •1'AI.I.bKSi    '-.      °"
2500 War Cloud
1000 Bryan and SeweU
10,000.X-ittie, Cariboo
3500 Pooled ibiindee
•7000 Utica
500 Athabasca   "
1000 Podleld Tan>ai:ae
Josephine streets.   Cash.
P. O: Box 57
Canada Drug and Book Co,,
Corner Baker ancl Stanley Streets, Nelson.
Money to Loan
"Mines alid Minium Slocks Customs Broker
Turner & ISocokh block, Nelson, Ii. C.
Wc have; a fine assortment of woolens always
ou hai'icl. CJood^ intulo ;ujj .at, tli,e sliortu^t possible 'notice. As evfcrythihi? is liept and made
.ou the .premises, (satisfaccioii ife, assumed.
.trai r\ sya ndshpats
Kjn"   ,•      fln    -yf      H     no | n      I
= gi"ven; fh,e
C« Tj» «J*
A "Hot eoriier...
A flji'oom house.
.§ 500
.   lrilK)
The only restaurant in the city
employing only white cooks.
Merchants' lunch from 12 to 2
o'clock, 25 cents. Dinner from 5
to 8..   Short orders  at   all   hours.
If you are, call and get posted
on the White Pass and Yukon
route, whieh is the best, safest
and cheapest possible.
Baker street West, Nelson, B. C.
Houses and "oks In all parts 6f tlio city.
If you want, 11 .unity, slyli.sh Suit of clothes for
spring* nnd suniimr, 1 have over Sot) dill'er-
giit, prtttei'iiS of Scotch and Knljlisli tweecls,
which I will make to your ord^r at tho lew
price of .,  ..,.,„..,  .,...$25
Black VQi'eUans make a nie.,0 s.uit for sum-
mei' wear ,at V  —Sil
Black serge siiiIh in sack or iiiorn.itijf coat..,?21
A   heavy Scotch   twfied,   nice .patterns .for
hiisinc.-f)' suit f, »...,,.,., —§18
Trousers til e<|1ially ]o\y prices. Fit and llnish
no better in (Jauada. Liidics'lino tailoriii^a
Mjieciully.   Clehient block, Maker street.
Tenders will bo received by the undersigned until 12
o'clock noon on Monday, May 1st, ISOll, for the purchase
of the following described real estate situate in Nelson:
Lots 7 and 8 Block 10 and improvements (the Silver
King Hotel), together with furniture and fixtures in the
Terms cash. The highest or any tender not.necessarily
accepted. OA HOI/INI"* THiaiN,
Administratrix estate John Johnson, deceased.
Nelson, U. 0., April 10th. IX!*.
All Syndicate Lots in Addition
"A" will be withdrawn from
sale after 1st May. Now is the
time to buy.
Gamble & O'Reilly, Agents
A Business Chance
The •undersigned will sell the following real estate
and personal property at a bargain:
Nine-room house and ten lots set out in orchard
Pour-room cottage and Ave lots.
Two lots and improvements.
Fifty-two head of cows.
Fifty milk cans. ...■■■
Two horses.
Wagons, sleighs,  harness, and everything in
connection with Hurry's milk ranch.
Bus; .me.ets;„*all
E>*6ciaj" attention
#*Tb%^%|.'='" Qffic§: $n#Sgbl|£
onv ■ \?fe!iilSorK. 'street,' "b'fposiii." 'fElfe
Tribune office, „„  telephone" Nq.jvgS;,
General te^si-bbs;
a;gk?\"i!s koIi    ■
ffie Imperial Oil. Co.   S-taridaed OilCo.
The H. W. rVjcNiell Co., Lid.*, Canadian At[H\ra-
cite Coal (Hard)
Dealers iq
wtkssKD ninCivS   u'iue Biudvs.    rfi^E qlay
.viTiUKini) SAiyr dLAzjip skvvkh pipms'
All Minis of sanitflry fittings, ngrloiiltural drain tile,
flowerpots, territ cotta, chimney pipe aiid Hue lining,,
cliihihoy tops, lire hrick, lire clay, ail kinds of lire clay
good«, assayers'furnaces etc., made to order.
Fine Lager Beep,
Ale and Porter
Prompt ancl regular
delivery to tho trade.
Brewery at Nelson.
Ornamental   Garden  Border Tiles,  Vases,   Etc.
Comeiit, plaster of pads, linio, and all kinds ot
ornamental piaster work.
H. D. Ashcroft
11KAL KSTATK AGENTS, West Haker St.. Nelson
Mrs.   E.   McLaughlin
(jpow's Nest Pass Coal Co.
Charles   St.   Barbe,    Agent.
Wagon repairing promptly attended to by a first-class
Special attention given to all kinds of repairing and
custom work from outside points.
Si-op:   rjail Street, between Baker and Vernon, Nelson
Nelson Iron Works
.   Repairs promptly attended to.       P. O. Box 173.
>«*T-^..ft.T..*..''fra6—rt«.».-.™?ii THE TRIBUTE:  NELSON, B. C,  SUNDAY, APRIL 30,  1890.  3  Capital,  Best,  all paid  up.     ���  $12,000,000  6,000,000  I.'iKI) STHATIICONA  AND   MT. ROYAL, President  Hon. GEO. A. DRUMMOND Vice-President  H   S. CLOUSTON General Manager  asrmLSOTsr *BH-A.nsrai3:  N. W. Cor. Baker and Stanley Streets.  THE BANK OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA  NELSON  Is qow propared -to issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on Skaguay, U. S., Atlin, B. C, and  Dawson City, Yul^on, District.        RK4NRITKP  IN   LONDON .-(ttntflnnct).    NMW   VORR.   CHTOAOO  and in tin? nriiu'liial citiim In (.'tiiiada.  liny and -oil Stcirlinif  Exchange and Uahle Transf(M-a  I1KANT CUMMKKCIAI. A.VIi TKAVKI.I.KHH' riKKIHTS,  available in any part of the world.  DRAFTS ISSUED    COM.KOTION8 MADK; KTO.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  . CURRENT RATE OK INTEREST PAID  A   FIVE   FRANC   PIECE.  If you happen to have in your possession tlie particular French coin knoAvn as  a live franc piece, you may unwittingly  be a millionaire.  Such, at least, is the belief shared by  hundreds upon thousands of credulous  Frenchmen and Frenchwoman, many of  whom spend most of their spare time destroying* quantities of five franc pieces in  the hope of realizing a fortune.  Dr. Marco-Leonardo Nardez',' the well-  known numismatist and one of the recognized authorities on coin lore, speaking  of this curious condition of affairs said:  "It is quite true that half France still  believes in the existence of great wealth  hidden in a five franc piece, although  many numismatists hold that the fortune in question was long ago discovered  and appropriated-by one of tlie Rothschild family. t c  "The story of the strange five franc  fortune legend may be briefly told. A  five franc piece, to begin with, is a silver  coin, and is worth about 4s. 2d. Napoleon I was A'ery anxious to make the  coin a popular one, and with this end in  view he caused it to be circulated everywhere throughout France that he had  inserted in one of the silver pieces before  it left the hunt* a bank note or order for  5,000,000 of these same five francs���  roughly, about ��200,000. Whether he  . really did this or not I cannot say for  certain, but the weight of evidence  would seem to show-that it was done.  -"In  tlie   manuscript memoirs  of   the  war, it  isoxpressly stated that. the :enir  pcror.-. inclosed^ a nota ,oii  the Bank of  France, duly "signed .by tlie governors of  ���      that  institution,   in," a   split  five, franc  1 ��*��� ;t'bgem5,",pVarth^  f. dows: " IiK=this AviayiifeAYasf impossible: to  ike"ep/track"���"ofi!��|ie iii'eky;."Cdiir.l^"V*"l���;.  ,! .,, v'.'=rrhe":j,iieAA*iS of * tJliig-odd^btt'er-j***' .spread  nD    TJ   rfi    "& u      "m     u du"J' QU Q.,u-Tn-Jn        Lb^T]    n n  q��    u iu n'   u  u ��/j " ,��^    u h "      " "       r  "fai:*;anjl widel aiidVtlie J(fiv^"��:&ajl(3 pi^e'e ;  "ISeeh ^  ,....- ��� .-,..���.,.���.  .Belgiinii; aiid everywhere. . Byei'-y  "year  " tlie1 JJaitk"6f~Eraricei-*i recj-iiestetl to Make  good  scores   of pieces" split, in  a- v/alu  searVch foi' the 5jO0O,OftO fi-anc biilik note.  ''There are niany stories ��� dealing Hyith,  , reputed finds of" the fortune. Indeed  ["^whBir^Jumv^b^^^  France it is comiuou' to hear people whisper, 'He inust have found Napoleon's  famous coin.'  "Some assert that tlie enlpel'Or kept  the coin himself, but this hardly agrees  With Napoleon's ��� character. Still it is a  current, theory tliat soine of tile mqney  which enabled Napoleon III to reach the  imperial throne was found in the lucky  silver pifice, which his mother, queen  Hqrtense, had wheedled out ol her  brothc'r^n-law.  "It was also common talk tliat general  IJoiilanger had acquired the famcius coin  until the discovery that his money supplies dame from the duchess d'Uzes set  tliat belief at rest.  * ''The most likely explanation as to why  the five franc piece fails to turn up is  that baron Ferdinand de Rothschild, a  French member 'of the great Jewish  banking house, secured it. This account  states that baron de Rothschild, haying  Vienna Restaurant  Baker.street, between Josephine and  Hall streets, Nelson,  MEALS AT ALL HOURS, DAY OR NIGHT  BAKERY IN CONNECTION  FAMILY AND PASTRY COOKING A SPECIALTY  ONLY WHITE HELP EMPLOYED  R-  *BCXT*RE"5r:l     E'SOFRIBTOR  LOST.  LOST���A stepladder.   The finder will be suitably rewarded on returning ifc to W. J. Herring.  FOR   SALE.  TOUSE and three lots, Nos. 5, 0, and 7, Block 10. Mill  ������L street, Nelson. B. C. For full narticu'ars apply to  A. Manson. Grove Hotel, near Fort Sheppard station  Hc  F  IOR SALE���An old store front.   Apply to Theodore  Madson, Baker street, Nelson.  FOB   SALE.  FOR' SALE���A teaming outfit consisting of one team,  wagon and harness. Will be sold cheap for cash.  Reason for pellinK,.owner has mineral claims to look  after. Apply to J. F. Jacobson, feed merchant, Vernon  atresl, Nelsou, li. C.  investigated the tradition and found  sufficient proof of its truth, deliberately  set to work to locate the note.  "He quietly bought in and collected  e\'ery five franc piece hc could gel;, and  his agents were notified to preserve'and  forward to Paris every five franc piece  which reached them in l��uropc, .Asia,  Africa and America. In his office tlie  baron kept three trusty men hard at  work bisecting the coins.  "Some say tliat he had invented a plan  for welding them together again, so as to  defy detection ; others maintain that he  melted down the silver and sold it to the  government en bloc. The Avork was  colossal, but in the end the baron's system is said to have conquered.  "He found the note for 5,000,000 francs,  having spent nearly 1,000,000 to obtain  it. The order aviis duly presented at the  Bunk of France and cashed by that institution.  "Plausible as this narration may seem,  the great mass of- Frenchmen refuse to  credit it, and go on, year after year,  splitting open tlieir five franc pieces to  look for Napoleon's note. It is certainly  a tantalizing though that somewhere in  the world a check for ��200,000 is knocking about hidden in an ordinary silver  coin worth less than fh'e shillings.  Good Story of the Sirdar.  T. P. O'Connor relates aii amusing  story of the Sirdar. When lord Kitchener was starting his list for the ��100,000  for the Gordon college, he xvks advised  that the best step he could take Avas to  attend a lunch in the city Avhieh lord  Rothschild would give. The lunch Avas  duly ordered. In the middle there A\*as  an awkward pause. Lord Rothschild  Avas observed to leave lord Kitchener,  after a short conversation, and as lord  ���   Whp"   vise; * ���pfckjs,V sH&Y'els,"  el;G* *,-  shpulci4(ntifc Tail- fq Id&k ..at.���,o^,iih"e~  of ��gQ@;ds; .w|fieli:.fGir ^ualifjies.rarid".  ���fri;aterial p.ann.0t be beat.  'f   JLi ���  linportcrs of, Shelf and Heavy Hardware.  o -  MARA & BARNARD BL0CK.,BAKE1J ST.. NISLSON  WILL Bfe HELD AT  SILVERf 0i, B JJ  MAY 24th, 1899  IN   PRIZES  ABRIDGED PROGRAMME  HORSE   RACES  1st Prize 2nd Prize  Free-for-all .$200   $100  Slocan race     75        25  Pony race. .......'";'....    50        25  Caledonian   Spopts  PURSES   AMOUNT   TO   $500  Gold Medal for Best All-Bound Athelete  DRILLING CONTEST FOR $300  MATCH GAME OF BASE BALL  HOSE REEL RACE  ORAIND.  BALL  Rothsehild's face Avas sonieAvhat flushed  and his eye shone brightly, it Ava.s easily  seen that the great banker was not  pleased ���and he Avas not. For \\rhat had  happened was this: Lord Kitchener,  "with that shrewd sense he has -especially where mouey is concerned -saw* that  the amount of the subscriptions of others  AA'onld largely depend on the amount  Avith which lord Rothschild would start  the list, lbs lixed tliat amount in his  own mind at ��*")()00. 'When lord Rothschild came up to him, Kitchener asked  Avitli characteristic bluntness Avhat  amount hcAvished to subscribe. ".��1000,"  replied lord Rothschild, a little taken  aback. "I want ifiiJOOO," said Kitchener,  "and moreover, unless 1 get it I shan't  stay to lunch." The news spread through  the room; surprise! and horror were oh  every face: and several of the distinguished guests went up to Kitchener to  remonstrate, Wolseley at the head. They  might as well have talked to the  Egyptian Sphinx. "cfiiJOOO or I go!" said  Kitchener, lie got the ��~>Q()(), with the  result lie had anticipated���four 'other  niulti-millionaires had to follow lord  Rothschild's example, and Avhen the  lunch Avas over the subscription for the  Gordon hospital Avas well ^started with  .��25,000.  '  Another Lie Nailed.  Toronto Telegram.  Journals Avhieh have denounced sir  Wilfrid Laurier for his cowardly indifference to Canadians in the Kettle River valley are placed in a false position by the  Globe's statement that:  Although the proposition (the Kettle River Valley'  Railway bill) did not muster enough votes, it received  'substantial support. The premier and most of his colleagues supported it.  The answer to the Globe's statement is  to be found in the Hansard, Avhicli sIioavs  that the house of commons diA'ided on the  Kettle River Valley Railway bill on April  15th, 1898. The Globe says sir Wilfrid  Laurier supported the Kettle RiArer Valley Raihvay bill. The Hansard sIioavs  that sir Wilfrid Laurier did not support  the Kettle Rh'er Valley Raihvay bill.  Neither by AArord nor vote did sir Wilfrid  Laurier support air appeal for the simple  "justice'of allowing the Kettle Rhrer Valley raihvay to be built Avithout expense  to the country. Liberals accept as truth  the Globe's utterly false statement that  LUMBER  the *��� premier supported " tlie Kettle  River charter. In all its controversies  the Globe is prone to assume that everything that is useful to its argument is  necessarily true. The Globe's statement  that sir Wilfrid Laurier supported the  demand for justice from the people of  the .Kettle River valley is useful, but the  record of tin; vote shows that the (!lobe's  assertion is absolutely untrue.  EAELY   CLOSING   NOTICE.  Wc. tho undersigned retail merchants of the city of  Nelson, hereby agree to close our reapedivo places of  business at seven o'clock each evening, except. Sal up lay  nights aud tho nights proceeding statutory mid civic  holidajs. and also to keep our places of business closed  on ' umlaysancl on a'l legal holidays. This agreement,  to take ell'eel, from May 1st, ISli).  I'. HURNS & CO  WKST KOOTENAY  HUTCHKI! CO  .1   A. GIUsKIt  O. O. I toss  II. M. HENOIilCKPO.V  .1. V.  WEIR  If. "MoARTI-MJR & CO  .1. .1. WALKER  EREI) .1. SQUIRE  A. EERIiAND & CO  NELSON FURNITURE CO  (JEO. F. "MOTION  V. II. LOVERING  RATKNAUDE HROS  A. G. SHAW  HYDE, TITSWORTH & CO  THEO. MADSON  ���'"���RED IRVINE & CO  MARTIN O'REILLY & CO ,  EMORY & WALLEY  WALLACE & MILLER  IL M. VINCENT  .1. A..IRVING & CO  KIRKPATRICK & WILSON  M. DksHIUSAY & CO  MORRISON & CALDWELL  LILLIE BROS ���'  THOMSON STATIONERY CO. Ltd  NEELANDS SHOE EMPORIUM..  J. R. W'RAY  T. J. SCAN LAN  HUDSON'S RAY CO  JACOR DOVER        '  The Tremoiit Hotel  ipLOflE & TRECILLUS  PROPRIETORS:  Headquarters fop liners and Prospectors  THE REST BRANDS OF  All  kinds.  "ih::"(yy  vs'took*  SASH  -j_W-i- is, y  by p^ohasujl? ^Mry  j, A  =HALIflANI>iKWC3BiSTRIi!EfSrN^^  AVILL DO WELL TO  BUY THEIR LUMBER  at  G. 0. BUCHANAN'S  A large stock of first-class dry material, on hand, also  a full liiie of sash, doors; mouldings, turned work, etc.  FACTORY WORK A SPECIALTY  For Further Particulars Apply to Secretary, Silverton, B.C.  Yard:   Foot of Hcndryx street, Nelson   '  Telephone, oi   John Rae, Agent  GOAT RIVER LUMBER CO.  CRESTON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  * All sizes of dimension timber and all kinds of lumber  out lo order, and shipped to Nelson in carload lots.  AV rite for prices.  PLUMBING  SEWER AND WATER CONNECTIONS  JOBBING- A SPECIALTY  Liquors and Cigars  ALAVAYS ON HAND  One of the best and most popular lrotfils in Nfilsofi.,    *.  E^'S HOTEL  ] ��� (.^'p^yyip^p^ '"���s'Mi^HTi^Eii'pONSj;  ����|"v�������� ��� V = ��"��"*f5,B��"��n*"'.Ji''i*, ������r ���j" "A���� "�����!,li''.Ai<��S'*i '  |Jafge*c6mfqrtitblc  bedrboiiis jintf, n gt^t-olas*")  dinin'g'  'ooinr*Saniple%oViiis"X^ f'".'   "*���"" "  e; -c.  i"  Latq, of th"c Ifoyal, Hotel, Calgfiry, -  r|. D. HUME, Manager.  y Tlie finest liptcl jn tlie interior.  Ijai'jgfi sample rgonis.   Steam heat itngl electric jfghI.  CORNER OJfl.WAltD Ai*s'D VERN'ON SSI'S.-. Js'ELSOX  "liAjlmi and Ward streets* nei^on  Strachan Bros.  I'liunbers, eic, Opera House Block, Nelson  The only hotel in Nelson that lias remained under one  management since 1890.  The "bed-rooms are well furnished aiid   lighted by  oleetrieity.  The dining-room is not second to any in Kootenay.  The bar is ahvays stocked by the best domestic and  imported liquors and Cigars.  THOMAS MADDEN, Proprietor.  FLORENCE PARK HOTEL  Two and a half miles up the Outlet from Nelson.  QDWTATWT"G1C!.     sPrin�� Chickens, Fresh Cream,  IjriJUlALllIiO.     Pure Milk, Fresh-Laid Eggs.  All of which arc froin the ranch belonging to the hotel  A pleasant place to spend afternoons, evenings and  i.ioy delicacies that cannot be obtained in  hotels or  .estaurants at Nelson.   Good stabling.   Open day and  night.   Can be reached by cither road or water.  AVILLIAM ROBERTS, Proprietor.  en.ioy  resf  Largo and well lighted. Heated by hot air  Reasonable rates ���  . ' Sample rooms  Electric bells and light iii every room  Renovated and refurnished throughout  HOTEL  VICTORIA  ���   .k 3. V. PERKS, Proprietor  Erec bus moots all trains  Hourly street car to station  Revelstoke, B. C.  M  B  B  CIAL VALUES  B We have just placed in stock a splendid assortment of Ladies' Whitewear, ���  B which we are selling at prices that defy competition. ^  B  B  B. .  LADIES' NICHT DRESSES ^]yivUnnwUiai){) ���<*.*i..������ $1.25  g LADIES'NICHT DRESSES ^^ S  * LADIES' NIGHT DRESSES l%?���Z���W���n^ ^  iV\n .  _.      ..       ('Mill   .S|)t!Ulill    ML   JpI.I.J   tllUI   >T)i   OilC'll. ...  B ��� %  B LADIES'UNDERSKIRTS E"1,b,i(le,y t,i,muetl' " s,Vcf" at $1-50 v  B   v;"v -=���--:���--.-:���----  each.  g LADIES'UNDERSKIRTS ^r���1 w:th to,'d,on ,ilco'!lt ^L75 n,,d ?  $2 oaeli  B   I flniFQ' nHFMIQF    -Kxtra  Miinlity  cambric, nicely  trimmed Avith em-   ^  B   t-ftUiLU    UIILIHIOL    broidery and insertion at $1.25, $1.50, $1.75 and $2   r$j  B    ��� --;���--���~--~-^-- %  S MARTIN O'REILLY & CO. m  BANK  OPB.O,   BUILDING,   NELSON  a?*E*E��]yEs o^^s-Ea:  Burns & Co.  WIIOLESALK   AND   RETAIL  Meat Merchants  ���Q-  '        .     ���       .  .     .���"������ -  '    Wholesale Markets at /kelson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.  RETAIL  STORES AT  Nelson,   Trail,  Ymir, Kaslo,  New Denver,  Sandon, Silverton, Cascade  City,  Grand Forks,   Midway, Greenwood and Sirdar.  promptly^orwarded )\q^A Office, Nelson, B.C.  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  ALL KINDS OF FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  fish and; POULTRY; INSEASON  BaRer Street, {telsbn   t. U.  I KAVtS, Manager  OKWCItS BY "MAIL riKCKIVK'CAJlKFUIj AND PROMPT ATTENTION.  T|hES| ^GOSdS^weMairfe  bound; to* ^el^'wnile i  {Key remaiin the pktterns.  of the season. We "pre-  'fe.tr to sffoack" inem' dd^n,".,  n,ow, ar\d let-qur regular  c*Jstpir\ers have the ad-  vantage of tlie cut, rath,-  er tha,V nave a slaugfjter  sale some months later  to m,ake room for n,ew  good?. Our display of  Rugs and Art Squares  is the finest ever seen  in Koofei**ay. Th,ey sire  received direct from the  eastern importers so that  in buying, from us you  are virtually reaching  headquarters.  'Wheiii "A dvertised  "���    "���-   At "-Auction  Prices'"   .should   be  left  alone.     Ah  "���.'������   "  {motion   price ineaiiK tin;   highest  price.-which the  .= ���     ,]1|;u:clisusei' rcau" be induced to pay.     . ������   .  i$(eiW Spring Designs  "   "        In"Axiniiistorp of the bcfjt quality, -with or without  boi'dci's. JJriiihh and  Canadian makes. '    '.  Brussels and Velvet Pile  Biiitable for drawing-i-ooins, dining-rooms, halls or  ~" st'airS)���u ith-oi���without-boi-dors:   Tapestry and Patent Tapestry,  Union art Sn.uai'dSj. .TapaheSe . sqrtai-es Jiijd rugs^  Sjnyi'iia and Tuciunseh, rugs.,  4o Different Styles  Of baby caiTiagcft aiid go-earts to sehfet irpih-  "Battiin (,'liaii's and Vockct'ss.  Fdfniture of all Kinds  J��. advanciilf,'", .'HkI iibtice to this efTcct has been  sent to the tirade liy all li��i:ge inamifacturei'S.  .Having a large stock on hand \vo will be fible to  continue to qiioto better ijgm*Q.s tliau any of our  eoiniietitois. We Jiafe alto three carloads 'pi  fui'ilitui'C on the way.  D. McARTHUR & CO  Corner Bake***? and Ward Streets, Nelson.  Just Received  Big Carload  OIF ^l.X.3L iKzinsnos  Also New Picture ai\d Room Mouldings, New Curtain Materials in Silk, Daqask, etc.  |��iew Uph,olstry Coveriqgs--a Large Variety, ^lew Carpets, OilclotJ\s, etc.  QDFHIA8TIPQ-   UPHOLSTERING,   PICTURE  FRAMING,   AND   REPAIR  WORK  UrkUlf-lLI  IB-Ui ALL   BY   SKlLtED   LABOR  INSPECTION INVITED      POPULAR PRICES  Only Address, Applewhalte Block, Baker Street West. Corner Kootenay  Nelson Furniture  Co.  For Undertaking an,d Enba!m.ing the Leading Establishn*ien,t in Kootenay. THE TRTBUNE:   NELSON,  B.C.,  SUNDAY,  APRIL 30,  1809.  DoYo  u  v:!  If so, pemember we can supply you  with the necessary material and full  instructions how to make a clean job  of it. We carry a full line of Diamond   Dyes   and  Maypole Soap   Dyes  hi  LOCAL   NEWS   AND   GOSSIP.  CORNER BAKKR AND JOSEPHINE STRKETS. NELSON  Neck Dressings  Ui  Are the most important part of man's spring "get up."  His whole attire depends upon beauty and quality of his  NECKWEAR  Our line of Puff Knots, Four-in-  Hand and Bows, elicited a full measure  of praise from all who have seen them.  The designs are remarkably beautiful,  rich, and so varied that no man is  likely to meet his duplicate.  Fine Shirts, white and colored, and  all   other  fixings   at   moderate   prices at  J       A       f^ I I    I/CD    THE UP-TO-DATE  _^_ f\���     \Ji I L T\ Q li       FURNISHER, NELSON  llll^ed by Express  of||reih fislj, live and dressed turkeys arjd -chickens, dressed duci^s, onions,  radishes, lettuce, rhubarb, asparagus, and baqaqas.,--.     "=-. ��- * -  STEAWBEEEIES    -"".-  F. B. MORSE,  B. J. ROYAL.  ...     "EAST end'gr'ocery store'  :^:We^pfi}��S^' Baker Street East, .Nelson. B,  Tlie land transactions of the Columbia  <fc Kootenay land department, in Nelson  town lots, during' the present month, have  been greater than those during any corresponding month in the history of Nelson. The demand for residential property started much earlier this year than  formerly, but so far there has been no  abatement. During April the company  sold Ml lots, of an aggregate value of  $li),000, and as the lots were all sold with  liberal rebates for building, it may be assumed that in nearly every instance the  purchaser will take advantage of this condition by building.  D. \V. Moore, ore buyer for the Trail  smelter, was in Nelson yesterday. The  Trail smelter has not; yet commenced the  treatment of lead ores, but it has a large  reserve ou hand and a, start will be made  within the next few (lays.  As an evidence of the stiffening of the  values in suburban property around Nelson, it may be noted that the Nelson  Land <fc Improvement Company yesterday refused an offer of $2000 cash'for 22  lots in one block in Jiogustown. The  company prefers to sell alternate lots  rather than solid blocks.  The people of eastern Canada must  have a very fair idea of the demand for  residences in Nelson. Yesterday ex-slur-  ilf Robinson received a telegram from  Montreal in which the sender said that  she-had learned that he had a house to  rent, and requested him to telegraph a  description of the same and the amount  of rent required. The idea of renting a  dwelling house over 2500 miles distant  by telegraph is rather novel for even so  lively a city as Nelson. There is a chance  here for liouse agents to do a stroke of  business by communicating Avith OS St.  Urbain street, Montreal.  The members of the ladies aid society  of the Catholic church announce that as  the result of their social in the Queen's  hotel on Thursday evening the society  netted an even $100. The proceeds of  the entertainment will be devoted to the  furnishing of the new church.  Rev. Father Folchi of Spokane has arrived in Nelson for the purpose of holding religious services in Italian for the  benefit of the Italians employed in and  around Nelson.  Work A\*as commenced yesterday on  the laying of the water main on Victoria  street- Two blocks-arc to be laid on Victoria, street from Stanley street west.  The other streets upon wliich mains are  to be laid at once arc Gore street, from  Josephine to- Kootenay; Stanley street,  two blocks s6u!'1l from Gore., -and * on.  Houston-street, from Stanley-to Ward  street.'. The work is being done by day's  . A...E. -Hodgins has* another franchise  application today before the members of  the city-cbuncil. If'NeLson is to become  the'big place which everyone ."thinks it-  will he would like to have a charter for  an underground railway. Tic does not  contemphite immediate construction, but  preached by Rev. Mr. Rose in tho Baptist church. The services of the smelter  band have been secured for the church  parade.  All those who intend being present at  the dedication of Fraternity hall on Tuesday next are requested by the committee  having the matter in charge to come not  later than S o'clock.  F. W. Peters left for the coast last  evening ou business connected with the  adjustment of freight rates in Nelson's  sphere of influence, and incidentally to  pick ui> real estate bargains for the train-  way syndicate.  :���.  There was no meeting of the city council last evening, it being decided to let  the meeting go over till Monday evening.  The chief business of the council will be  the passing upon the applications for  franchises from the proposed tramway  and gas companies. Tlie probabilities are  thatli satisfactory arrangement will be  arrived at with respect to the tramway  company's application, and that with respect to the latter no amendment will be  made to the gas franchise which the  council has offered to two other projected  companies.  In competition with St. Louis and San  Francisco firms, W. F. Tcet/el & Co. of  Nelson'secured the order for the entire  assay outfit and supplies for the McDowell  sampling works at Nelson. This linn is.  tho only one in British. Columbia that  handles such goods iu large quantities,  and that it successfully competes with  firms in the large cities of the United  States shows that its management is wide  awake to the commercial interests of  Nelson.  NELSON, B. C.  KASLO, B. C.  SANDON, B. C.  DEALERS IN  and Heavy Hardware  of Kootenay:  Up to May ist I will sell the  following lines in watches:  17-Jewel Nickel "Cres-  cnt Street'' and ."5-oz.  Silver Wiiltihiun Case  Dust Proof  SOLE AGENTS FOR  Giant Powder  TR'UAX  ORB  OARS  Canton Drill Steel  CARRY IN STOCK;  Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal  Pipes, and Fittings  G-iant, Caps and Fuse  Tools, Cutlery, Tin  and Woodenware  Stoves, Ranges,  Iron, Steel,   Sheet  Iron, T-Rails  Paints, Oils, Glass  NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:  Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.  A Goat of Paint  WILL  ADD  A  SHABBY  TO   THE   SELLING   VALUE   OF  LOOKING  HOUSE  you  make up your mind to use a little Paint,  in mind that we  carry- a complete   stock   of all  ain is,    Oils,   Varnishes,  ancl   Stains,   also  Kalsomines, Kalsomine Brushes ancl Painters Brushes  THE LAWRENCE HARDWARE CO.  "^���Qla0; "dCKii^r-iDSVVo^,  ^e^^s;!"SM)MM$SM  IaITl !SIZES*;di",*TlN'TS'"IN STOCK".'  TBBakef*J,street,/opposil,e*postome6, Nelson"'  'dfltlVe lioles-':iue"e��iugSiii*-fiJib "-compauy  ^tnfinQlk"     "���..,"��   .������":"   '"���."'".,,       ."  ' "f|tfeilj,eildj^^^ of the'  ''.^'Mdepelfdppt (Qm-ev ."of J0���<1��cl|bllo^S' mil,  $neeAat the Io4g^-too)n .this^alteruioOn at  $2J3Q*fojuiiW^ "ofVaffcpndiVg. dTviCie���  '^"������|pVi'c���Q^  !|��nrii^e'vs;��ryVof .tlie'H)i*gaiiizati0ii.. of the ���  'bwjeiv ��"iTline  ainlivefsary "Spipiioii will'Bj*s  Our Specialties  .Teas* alwatys Iph *h"and.  ,"": WF*Se.��^s:*Sa;n||Lq>n "'mW^'i^&hwd^MocU^  n W?n S rP��B<  g  K vn����1  AND ROOM  ���^irsli-CliVHS"be;inrrt'a!i(l;fooiii8/a'o"iian's ol("i:,ptnhtl���.coYiYe"r  \YSU'<1 find ,C'"iruqnalo street", Iii l-ear-onfingliKW cliureii.  "Hoiitert by jstcuin. Tabic, U.oard $4���<rbo*)n 'aiid"'boa*rcl!'nS5  Jind ��o.5(). ..'������'        "      '  ���Arcollodt'dn-df fine Belgium .(Saji'ijfies for snlq.  .and:  - -:;'9h*}��tl��-B���r.pw^ya"h"d.0kt0,k^ ^]  ^;pP**$^^��:��$^  "tylnpmalaftksj, "jBmsJeic.   "  ��� : "'pkhiipplieySk. 'Ga.ii'diri'*Sheii" Pe'as,  Mtishi!o1p*ms:,:...; y- ,-.. ��� y y ,-"l-y"  V" '^M^':s'^P&ys* $p^k? �����&*:'I"   ". '���'��� ���- ��* ��"���"���"  ("���A:":c^i>'.df"g^hcrdfr  Mlxed'-Gpocer^efs^ ' .":."���"-.*;",""  ".   Tw9'C^ayoxSrqo1kj��Fp-oh.iHppb^d^ ���'   ' �� ���  A tri^i ord^r sdlieited.   PijiceW right.  Baker street West, Nelson  Worth, of - ��ill  Edge  Soap goes further,  lasts longer,  and does "Its work  easier and better than any other soap  say so and the ladies  least  the*' washei-s  all  See that your Royal Seal Cigars  ARE NOT EASTERN IMITATIONS  BUT ARE MADE BY  THE KOOTENAY CMS MAMFACTUBIM COMPANY  Builders and contractors can now secure  the best lime on the market at  Twenty years old and still growing.  parson produce Qo.  WHOLESALE  PROVISION  MERCHANTS  COLD STORAGE WAREHOUSEMEN  AND JOBBERS OF GREEN FRUITS  Another Thing  In its favor, when you get through  _     with   your   washing   you   can   go  straight* to the bread pan and turn out a beautiful batch of nice, clean,  sweet,  light   bread,  but  you   must  remember and   have   by   your side  before you commence,  a sack of the celebrated  3-STAE  ^HiOTTE  CALL   AND   INSPECT  o:f isrEjesoasri, e.g.  THE BB1CKIAN & MIILLIM CO., M  The West l^ootenay Brick & Lime Co., Ltd.  Baker Street.        T. G. PROCTOR, Manager  HEAD OFFICE, WINNIPEG  J. A. ROGERS, Genera! Manager  Manager for Western British Columbia,  JOHN PARSONS, Vancouver  Manager for Yukon District,  OHAS. MILNE, Dawson  Manager for Southern British Columbia.  P. J. RUSSELL, Nelson  ABERDEEN BLOCK  NELSON, B.C.  Sodas  'W*E3:o*L*ElS^.*Il1*El   A.3srr>   EETAIL  .WriU) for quotations ou car lots.  ETC.  STEINWAY  The Standard  of the World.  Piano  NORDHEIMER  The Artistic Piano of  Canada.  jesrELsoasr, b_  AST Mfl MUSIC CO., Mod, Agents.  BDR^.*ISrOI3:ES  lUVKR-A, F. Ralph, Malinger.  )N CITY���A. G.. Cunningluui, Manage  CITY���J. A. fraser, Manager. .  VANCOUVKR-  DAWSON I  ATLIN CITi���w. a. rraser, Manager.  NKLSON���P. J. Uussoll, Manager.  Stocks carried at Victoria, Rossland, Cranbrook, Greenwood and Revelstoke.  The largest handlers of Butter and Eggs in  the Canadian North-west. j  WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED  A fresh consignment of Maple Leaf Cream Sotlas received  direct from the factory, put up in 3-pound boxes. Also  a full line of I ho Toronto Biscuit and Confectionery  Company's Sweet Biscuifs. Don't forgot that wo handle  Blilo JUbbpn Teu.  .      JOHN A. MM & CO.  Baker Street "West, Nolson, B. C.  SPECIAL ATTEITM  Have just received a consignment of Harris home  made tweeds from Talbot Harris, Scotland.  FflED J. SQUIBE, Baker St. Mm,  The supply is limited, so call early aud examine this stock.  ��^:*!ff/'ffij'te>i'Ri^^V S'Vi*.! .* >;.���**  ; ^fedSW-WJ-KfiftA-*^  -ifa��*u*a*s*i#;srti'i.u w rvenfft, t iiwutn i ���.  ���������B.lri^W.l..,  ���.


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