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 PROCEEDINGS OF CITY COUNCIL  IN   DETAIL.  'At tlie meeting of tlie city council last  evening six tenders were received for the  sewer construction work decided upon.  They were as follows: L. Peters <fc Co.  $I..'W8, Kd Frost $1500, Campbell & Deacon $1 105, Josias Thompson .$985, David  Morris $1232, and Jireokenridge iV: Lund  $1075.  Alderman Hillyer thought that the  council had better let the work go over  until it was ascertained whether tlie money necessary was forthcoming, but it  was decided to rcl'cr the Lenders to the  public works committee, with -power to  award the contract.  There were three- tenders received I'or  the supplying of cement*. ''The Vancouver Cement Works tendered at $28.(50 per  ton F. O. B. at Nelson; Turner, Beeton  iV, Co. at $(5.05 per barrel for less than  1.00 barrels and $0 for oyer 100; 11. .1.  Evans ifc Co. tendered at Sjw per barrel.  The last tender wis accepted.  The petition for the removal of certain  houses from East Bilker 'street, which  has been hanging fire for some time, wis  then taken up. The petitioners asked  that the council take sto/)s at once Tor  the removal of the n. foresaid houses. '  Alderman Hillyer was ) the first to  break the silence, lie thought'that the  council could not tackle the ^problem until some other place .was decided upon  for tlieir location, Otherw/'se the women  would be in every block in the city.  Alderman Thomson said that the people who were petitioning "as property  owners bought their property with their  eyes open. They bought there because  property was cheap, and Avere now petitioning thatthe women be '-.removed to  some other portion where they .would  annoy other people. ..  -  Alderman    McKillop    expressed    the  opinion tliat the question was the  most  difficult one which the  council had   been  "called upon to tackle.  ; "Scotty" Hepburn, who had   recently  bought   property   in   the neighborhood,  then addressed the council in   support'of  the -.petition..    The   matter   was  finally  disposed of by coiistituting-all  the single.  .members of the council a  specialconnnitj/  tee to deal   with the  matter and  report',.  The committee is composed of Aldermen  Thomson, Kirkpatricktind Hillyei'.    V '-./  V  P. R W i Isou 1 md a  con in ft i i i i e/ition before the council -upon   irregularly of the  council's  proceedings with respect to the  transfer of:the city's bank recount.    The  ppl ii i o'hjWiis^tl vatsKesfili iut ioi i/.! ���. iutlfp^iviiirg^  *tl.H|:tr^u|!��c^  'bHilnt��s'.-Bivhk".offfi7i.^^^  altlipuglttlfoahayol'^^^  j" ��.S ������'.�� : ;:.*Zflv ill,. ��� -isF* %=A' "��..* " "s?" ^," S " is. ,ff". ASF*!" iA  ^iituiwpsuiac^  - ..,/M^i��*p&^^^^  SKtJiev&Ouhqil^  fv  OV  ���ul*.  GANADAS MONUMENTAL OCTOPUS  CAUSES   ALARM.  TUESDAY MORNING, APRIL ->r>, 1S��)<��.  PUBLISHED AT NELSON, BltlTISH COLUMBIA.  DAILY (BY MAIL) $5 A YEAR;  WEEKLY, $2.  The city engineer's report on the  water supply was received and filed, ft  recommended a 14-inch pipe up Cottonwood creek, a distance of 10,000 feet, at  an expenditure of $2:3,000.  Hon. F. C. Cotton hail a communication before the council conveying the information that the lionnington Kills  company's grants for power could; he  seen in the government ofiice at Neh'on.  It was Hied.  An 'application for a sewer on Vernon  street between Cedar' and Hall streets  and for an 8-foot sidewalk on the same  street from Stanley to Railway street  was referred to the public works committee.  An application for a sidewalk on the  north side of Lake street, between Cedar  and Park streets, and for necessary grading on the {isame street was referred to  the city engineer.  Alderman Kirkpatrick was appointed  acting city, treasurer during the absence  of .alderman Beer from the city.  Tlie city clerk was voted an increase of  $20 pei'iiKinth,making his salary $120.  A COMPANY IS WILLING TO BUILO  STEEET   RAILWAYS   IN   NELSON.  LOCAL   NEWS   AND   GOSSIP.  AV. C. Cooper of Renfrew, Ontario, has"  taken a. position as bookkeeper at the  (irand Conbra I hotel. u  Sheriff Tuck is at Kaslo.  ���'Navigation on lake Superior is expected  to opbii tiboub May 7th.  Lt-'st liiglit the council very  wisely decided td: take no action'on a .-question that  . ..        i  ���   . /   ' '  Avill  right itself   if  not  stirred  up  tooc  much aiid too often. /  A McDonald & Co.'s lot and building  on the Southwest corner of Vernon aud  J osepli i nes treets have been sold for $ 11,500,  the deal being closed yesterday. It is  '.understood" that the; purchasers are the  Same/parties:who purchased the Clement  & Hillyer block on Saturday. The syndicate making these purchases has the  ���backing-of an old country! company that  has large capital. A. McDonald & Co.  will continue to occupy thepremises until  they can erect a building on their lots oh  the Avest side of Hall street, immediately  opposite Cray's mills.        y(  /fee'r^select'e^l^  ?]Jall;-!0u^sM^^^^  .'dha^tSr^itMe^odd) Jgi^idffiMdeft/ltev'i'  C. .AV."dipseigrand��eha,i  ft."  h  veto; alul liovO'pjnloiT. "Wits: jiiecessary llpoii  "%he" ;coVirici}'a.iicti0uV�����,ij1-it!6iisiderin"gn"the"  yMdy'-yy"Ly::"r". �����"'Xf- ��� "ry:"-3v:^V>, ;jl'-"'"(,���<  :. .^Aldermans"^  imunication����be."re:ceiyecLa:iid: spreadsnppu*  .���eii^jiflrfjit^lspk.*   ;��� v yy yy   y  '   fiVfaydr;-^a:6'la*i��fe lief ^said1"that��;J!thner��'  ��� JBanly -oof\ .fentreal's. ^qfTjer ���jwigf^fier-.eente.  -���-   ripouiad:\*'iih"^'ivncl|;,.tn  eeiyCV];pM"'Siuking;fu ;" ."f {"��� ''���'/'  *���;  ..' :'.Al^l6i,hui|i.!.'Fl^  ;*t^l*e^tf^if'l0\yan''eS Jippjji" tlie0- .���siTiJcnVg'* "ftfinfls"  "was-overlooked; before,- b^ut .it .afiij^ared,  ihiit live per Sent was, tli6 rate "dJlovVed  by the bank* upon the deposits iii" the.  baiik at the ehel 'pi, the current year. l$e  .said, tlnit thG djtt'ereuce be^veeii, the  figures of tlie iAfei'elihiits/Biluk of lialifax  ^"^lid^tluBrl^aiTlcTDfriN I^n-ln^al^VfoiiUt^^reiTe^  fore not exceed $12 upon tlie yearns business. This disposed of the bank accOitut  question for tlie present.  The' filial)ce eommittee reported reeoiiv-  "mending the payment of ti number of  accounts.,  The pijbljc works committee reported  embodying the findings of the committee  at the.meeting lield in the afternoon.  Tlie appliea'tipiL of tho residents iii the  Hiinie additioh askiijg.(ipx,_ ppfniissiph. to  eoun^ct with tlie city Water n.ulin avjis  T'eferired to the public Ayorkjs comiilittee  .With power to act, it being understood  that the 'meter rate Would be charged'i'or  the water consumed..  J. Bliiney asked. for- permission to  peddle 'Mark Twtiin's "l^oiloAving the  Eqiiator" Without taking out the peddlei'S  license of $50. The mayor Was authorized to treat AA'ith Mr. Blaiiey.  Mi'. Ctirtou the city pounclkeeperwrote  to say that he received about $1.00 Avorth  of abuse every month and unless the city  would', agree to pay him $$5 per month he  would turn OA"er the., abuse to .someone  else. The'mayor was authorized to compromise with Garton by.giv.ing him wor'ki  on the streets while the pound keeper's  business is dull.  Fell & Gregory, solicitors for the Nelson Land & Improvement Company,'  Avrote asking that the city, approach the  company with- a vieAv to settling the  difference OA'er the land expropriated for  the city reservoir. They termed the  city's offer of $750 ridiculous, and said if  the matter was not settled suit woidd be  commenced. The letter was referred, to  the public works committee.  Alfred Bunker asked for a sewer connection through tlie alleyway' in block. 94  and an additional 50 feet. It was referred to tlie public' works committee.  ,Chief orvqiGliQe^AlclviiiuoiiroirSunday:  ;sarrost.etl tAVostOAvaWays on,the���iCauadian  -I acme i'ailA\ra"y!!bai:ge.unoii"the .charge ol,  Stealjiyg \ a, 'Jii-dyh^ ^yvMchyki" -M-voOteiiay'  oEanitling: nS'They4gfl^e ���'tlij3ii^iia"*tueji;''ja'ir ���jj;..-"  Riivtop'j alid: ^opej;pli\��D^Hara.,"n"- "The ' witeiiV  Aj^i.'s/i^coA-'ilred". ^u.^'tiie-lijiicl'-'pi". tTie ."barge ]  ini.^Uiielivtlie^'iiiei^n.^  .fiaiidiiigj^ ��.-Th&" iheiif,live],held fhppii.-it.,  charge pf 'vagran6yypei\diiig the iirrival:,  of the"ofn^ceji-'*fi^])"i"^oot$n-^*y Litndhig.  ,��. R-Breniiier. of New l|euA"er arrived  in'N(2lsoh "yesterday, tfe says tliat there  are'tWo sides to the eight-liour question  and that the minister of mines appears  The most important business transacted  at tin; meeting of the city  council   last  evening   was   the   consideration of  the  applieation of the   British Klcctric  Traction Company of   London   for  a  charter  for a. tramway system in Nelson.    During  the  term  of  the   previous  council   this  matter was broached, by captain Duncan  anil C'S. Druiiiinoiid, and the council at  that  time passeil a resolution setting out  that no obstacles would be placed in the  way of the company securing a  charter.  Since then the matter has been taken up  by the British Electric Traction Company,  and VV. A. Macdonald, as the company's  solicitor, appeared at the council meeting  last evening and  asked  the  council  to  again pass in favor of the franchise.    He  explained that it was  the  desire of the  promoters     to     cable     to    the    directors    meeting    in     London     that     the  council        Avas        favorably       inclined  to the granting of the franchise and that  it  would  submit a by-law to "the ratepayers authorizing the  granting of the  charter.    If such a resolution Avas passed  he  said  that the  company  .would  feel  warranted  in  undertaking a great deal!  of the preliminary Avork at  once, and soi  soon as the ratepayers consented', to the'  granting of the franchise Avork "'would be  proceeded'  with    vigorously,    and    cars.  Avould  be running ^as  soon  as possible  All that the company desired Avas a charter for 35. years and exemption from'taxation upon, its property.    Mr. .Macdonald  explained that, the British Electric Traction. Conip'aiiy'would be the parent company "of. the'Company .to be incorporated  in this province*.'. and  as  an  evklence of  its strength he said "that it  already controlled about forty   different  tramway!  lines in  Great -'Britain..and .other', countries.- ���*���"..  The council decided to comply with,  the request to submit a by-hiAv to the  ratepayers for their approA'al, upon the  understanding tliat the company should  give satisfactory eAridenee of its ability  to etirry l but the; work, and that VAvithin  tAvo�� uionthsi.after.fithe .grantiugiof.the:  "ehartei'^vthe^coinptviiy^shoidd.fcomuienee.  '"AV.oifouid'teoi.itinue the.saniQ.'Avithout. def*  DDrSoB��^^.-nnC^"^D f-~i��fl..".:i '.> y��p.^i. -".i ^b %s-���'*f,y.jp"y-<Bppu,9.flm.$pflp.  WANT TO THROW AWAY $65,000  IN   EXPERIMENTS.  , '-This ��Avas. satisfactory .to !the.prpmoter; s,  ^solicitor andiat��a;;future(���.iiieetiug�����.cletailsij  of *the:agre^nientJ"o:besinade ���betwenen they  company =anaithevcltyi;s.A\nll*bneai!gp.iiei��Jinjto-f1  .Hustling for, "a ��sWagori^Road:  , ..p, ,  -.��-* ^^w a ^tf   j^J.-^ DD.    A fl,p if% p^S   ppflUt  f ".���.".  .Spccial'iojilih'ciTfibtind*-^:^^.  to only want to hear one; kidK  Mr. iind Mrs. Jacob Dover retiirued to  Nelson on Sunday night after,spendnig  their honeymoon in the east. Mr. Do\-er  combined business with pleasure, and  States tha-t he purchased the finest line  of summer goods eyer brought to British  Coliunbifi, Avhieh he avi 11 display for sale  in a few days. lie also ordered his stock  of Christmas goods, whieh Will, be direct  importations from Switzerland, Austria,  and England. J-fq reports that Nelson is  At>ry ilinch talked, about iii the east, anil  wherever he went people Were- very  anxious for information regai'itiiig the  country.           Tlie Queen's Birthday at New Denver.  Special to Tho Tribune.  Nbav DKiWer, April 24.���A Avell-  attehded meeting was held in the Iv. of  P. hall for the purpose of perfecting  ���arrangements for the queen's birthday  celebration.. The Nelson lacrosse, baseball  and liose teams" ha\>*e. been secured, as  Avell as the baseball combination froin  Sandon. A letter A\-as also read' from  Nelson footballists, who Avish to get on a  game Avith NeAV DenA'er, and they Avill be  iiceonimodated. Rossland Avants to send  her hose reel te*ain to meet Nelson, and  they Avill be giA'en the priA'ilege. Inducements AA*ill be given to get a laerbsseteani  from Rossland as AVell. The subscribers!  to the list luwe offered to double their  donations if necessary, and the committee have been giAren power to make a  two-day celebration if the time is too  short for the eA'ents to be croAvded in the  first day. It promises to be the biggest  "spiel" yet held in the Slocan, and the  amount and. size of the prizes so far  offered.are phenomenal.. The hotels will  be taxed to the utmost to accommodate  the "crowds.  Ifflslo iCf'eekVjs iu��6etijig ityitlr!^ousic|e^able;E  app&Viti' iii Ivtislo- * -Tlie mayor'"Sailed8 tf��"  ipublic nieetiug-jtO'heaisr^hft.proposition*  '*!       u   ^yy        b,_r21' U  .     a "     ,(����� ^ ji   ,D   ^   " "   "        n rni   n��n "on    fl "^''n n ���Tid    D   &n  A meeting of the public works committee was held yesterday afternoon for  the purpose of discussing how the sum of  $($5,000 should be spent, which it is proposed to ask the . ratepayers to sanction  by a vote upon four money bylaws. There  were' present at. the meeting aldermen  Lfletehcr and Thomson and mayor  Neelands.  Upon   the  proposal   to spend  $30,000  upon the water  works  system, the  city  engineer stated that the chief expenditure  would be upon the pipe-line up Cotton-  avooiI  creek.    This  work he considered  necessary   as  the   supply   of   water  in  Anderson   creek   in  February hist  was  much   loAver  thaii  at any  time  in  the  preA'ious year. The loAvest stage of water  hist .-"year was  in  September. Avhen  the  flow of Avatei- was  estimated  at  125,000  gallons in the 24 hours, but in February  this supply decreased to 300,000 gallons.  In estimating a 'supply for the future of  Ne]son he'based his figures.upon a supply  of 100 gtil Ions per day for every head of  population.    This he said  Avas a liberal  allowance, since  in the large  cities  the  supply was estimated at froni thirty  to  fifty gallons per head.     For the pipe line  up  Cottonwood   creek  he  said   that  it  would rest Avith  the  council Avhether  a  12-inch or a 14-inch pipe should be used.  As nearly as he  could "judge  the  difference in the cost as between'"the" two sizes  of pipe Avould be but ten cents per foot.  His own  opinion  Avas  that the  smaller  pipe Avould  carry   an  ample  supply, of  .water for a popularion of from 10,000 to  12,000 people, as it Avbuld.give' something  OArer 900,000 gallons of water per day. Of  this  pipe   he   figured   that   10,000  feet  would be required, and  alloAving for an  increase of tAventy per cent in the cost of  pipe, the-cost .Avould.be" about  $2.25 per  foot or $22,500 for the entire length. For  the dam at the intake li e estimated a cost  of: $1000.    This brought the total up to  $23,000and the engineer aud members of  the" committee thought that there should  -be at least $5000^.additib,hali'proyided.:!-f6r'..  ,^teiisj.oiism-to.^he.|,system.y ^ This|cahie*;  ���:witfiiul$L5ft03%'wthe"}rbiiiid3  .the-conimittee as'sthe.amount required .so  siheii't^-autV-'-.e'xteiisibu  ��*yW,kek the qXiestioii^ofJseweriextensionsj  ^asreaehed^thejconimittee'also.consicler?  already something over $0000 to be provided by electric light debentures to  make good expenditures made.  .Alderman Fletcher then the city electrician's estimate for improvements at  $3000 and the expenditures already made  aud provided for at $0000. This gave-a  total of $0000. The Hume he said would  require at least $3000 to complete. This  brought the total up to $12,000, aud to  this there hail to be added $1000 for repairs to the electric light dam. There  was then the claim of the owners of the  Innis Addition for $2000 for some overflowed hinds, which, while it might be  cut down, would require some provision,  ���so. that with other necessary tinkering  the chairman of the committee thought  the $15,000 asked for would be bnrely  sufficient.  The members of the committee did not  appear to know very much about the  proposed expenditure of $5000 for the  addition to the city hall, but the opinion  Avas general, that the city oflicials re-  miired. "more room, so the $5000 for an  addition to the city hall Avas recommended- along with the other three  amounts, and the committee recommended that the council raise the whole  $05,000 by the stile of debentures.  .(!cit^,*i e1��gm  lexteiisious^  thejyconnnitteeihadpclecided..-upon," avouuI"  ��.*.,��  ,l>'-  B   ����� A.'" ��3p�� "li 1 'Hp %���  ^* ��".'fc/D^V^J D..D*i.   D��^fflp,^ l!,l��a^ *Pfl."&  ���amoiinKan? the<aggregote.4*o��sonletli tngv:  ���tbJc��il;AO(V^ee*ii&^i*u'fe*fl:I -.-.. ������  "/-,yy^  >".���i^vi;he#'seAyersJ,to.\��be.; p^yiqed ^yexp.j^qji.-  ^^o^tena^V^stre'eiS^  ?s*ijfeet;;^  V"fc^fi'leai;Vq��StalS  sslauoi"to 'iVIilltstreetj with, sewers, also  in  Little Matters Disposed Of.  The mayor avjis iiuthoi-izefl to adjust  the difference Avith A. McPhail over the  ,loose rock on Ward street.  AVith respect to the application of P.  Burns <fc Co., it was decided to make ti 12-  foot opening on Josephine street if the  company has a street entrance to its  Avarehouse, and a 0-foot opening if thei-e  is no entrance to the building from the  Josephine' street side:  VWith respect to the complaint about  squatters along the Avater front east of  Cedar street, the chief of police Avas instructed to see if the squatters Avere  upon the street crossings, and if so remove thenij and the city clerk Avas instructed to call the attention of the Columbia & Kootenay l'aihvay to the complaint of squatters being upon the company's '"'right-of-way.  E.G. Traves'! application for pe'rniis-  ,sion|to put.up a^cpmigated iron addition  (tb': thefBroken^Hill!\block, fronting on  ,Wa*rd:-s*ii:eet,1\yas ���'���Paused:  yylt������Ava's?decideirt6';pay the * 0-foot side-  Walk*t)iiVV.ernon1street, between Sttmley  |and,K^ north side, instead  "9fstli!te^HijDh*sicle^        street.  ��'lg^^6>-f6cffeitte\^afk^'A\'iis ordered  on Jo-  .^enhine^stree-^rpni. the -old   Catholic  id\^r|irrH��"MstIi^ and  the .3-plank  ^"sicfe^aljc?tal|^ ordered to bo hiid  sii5*Si��;fflt*|^,o"pj5f*ifeife��fek'l"e>'-?��bf Josephine street  and   aloAgf;.^inl ��5stifeet   tts    far   as    it  %w.6jjid%6r "n :��� "p'^y-y \ "��� Is ,    .'   '  " -"It"VAVds" ."deSdfed,iJt6"��'lay ti 3-plank side-  walk ou .Suica" street  from Uendryx to  w strge.t:.n>;"iB^;:���. ;������  news^6f> Slocan mines.  Specinl to The Tribune.  Toronto, April  21.���The World  in  a  leading-editorial on the  "Great  Railway  Combine"    says:   . "The . second .'transcontinental Canadian line maybe divided  into three parts,- the  New  Ontario., the  Prairie aud the Mountain sections.     The  Canadian Pacific Imsaiready built ji large  portion of the Mountain section, and it is  going ahead with the balance as  fast as  it can lay the  rails.     The  New  Ontario  section will be completed  within   two or  three years. The Prairiesection is alone uncovered.    It would be an easy mutter to  build this gap and thereby unite the two  other sections and   form   another   transcontinental route.     What we say is this :  That the government   recognizing   these  great facts, should have built  these  sections itself, and thereby have established  a national highway from   Lake  Superior  to  Vancouver.   . The  Canadian  Pacific's  tentacles are reaching  out  further,  and  its grip has become tighter.    Corbin was  anxious to have a  franchise  for  a  competitive line, but the  Canadian  Pacific,  which has a monopoly on  the  northern  transcontinental route, intends to haA'e a  monopoly  of the  southern    route   also,  and    all     intruders   tire    Avarned    off.  Noav   it  is  the  combined forces  of the'  Canadian Pacfic and the Grand Trunk, a  combination that is  most  powerful  and  has the people of Canada entirely  at its  mercy.    A revolution will uoav  be necessary to slmke off this  monumental  octopus.    It cannot be done otherwise.  g; peoXT_. nn,���n>_^���_���bni_i;i.,_���....���_. . s.n��� ,  ... .-..��� vnai*r yaikl Dr,?L-iE '���"SfoQ'ng ."^Qctettar^l  Mr. Mansfield, in hisVexpiau"at��i,y'.. sj^ejclV,"  stated tliat the S^cels'i&iVj'Mlu'i'tig.^Gojiii-  pany, Avhieh lie and Mr; Fieirfcot i-fe^re-"  senttSdj OAvned the Joker group,.a" ve'iy.  promising proposition right at the Jieaxl  Lpf���'tlie-sbnthi-foi'Jca-aud-Ahat���th'ey���liad.  $200,000 Avhicli tliey would spend at Oiice  in developing the same,   li tit tliey would  have  to  have a  wagon road built froin  the  Moiltezuiiui  mill  to  tlieir own .property in  order to  get their machinery  and Supplies in.    This  road  avouM cost  $10;000,  and  the  company  avou Id build  the rOtid at once if tliey cotikLget a guarantee  from  tlie provincial government^  tlie city or some  other .corporation that  the money Avould  be  paid back in one,  two or three years.   The company avou Id  erect   a  fifteen  stamp,  'mill:   and   pfclier  ���machinery- to quickly develop their mine.  A number of  citizens  Spoke iii fa\-or' of  the proposition.    On Saturday afternoon  a "joint committee meeting was held, and  on Saturday night another mass meeting,  and it was decided  to  send 11. F. Greeii,  M.P.P., to   Victoria  to  ask   the  government for an  appropriation  or a guarantee..   Thecity Avill  pay  Mr. Green's osr  pe'hses.    The building of this road avouIcI  mean a great deal to Kaslo, as  it would,  open, up  one  of the  richest districts in  the province,  and   it  is all  tributary to  Kaslo, so that Kaslo Avould directly reap  tlie benefits.    It is said   that*Mr. Fleutot  has   purchased   the  residence of  J.  A.  Whittier for the sum of $3,000, and will  take up his residence his Kaslo.  The Nephew Hits Back at the Uncle.  NELSON, April 24tti, 188!).  To the Kditor of The Tribune.  To an article in Sunday's Tkibune, rofcrriiiK to tho  indecision of Nelson's athletic clubs, as to whore they  intended celebrating the queen's birthday, I have this to  say:  At a joint meeting of representatives from the fire department, base ball club and lacrosse club, held in the  flro hall April 16th, 1890. it was unanimously decided to  accept New Denver's oiI*er for May 24th.  Since then, there has been no indecision, excepting in  the minds of blundering newspaper men.  '  H. HOUSTON,  .Secretary of Are department and base ball club.  On''Silicgi^"Irfi^txtrbifis-^rat'd t0   H'Qiid ry  ^���yKP^tl^*hl*:ifiJ*ie"=iQ.llejrWst;^ between Silica  tiild*"G^^ frbm; Josephine to  ���p6<ljtr* ] Hrpph r'?tf" thd' alley way between  ���Carb^iiate..'ai")d3''MJ.]| streets, frOm Ward  to C-r3d&js"ti^i���^iu..ti^ alleyway betAveeli  Millaitd��Mtiiiier' strejgts froni Ward to  ��edarns-treetsti^ull^ oh Lati nTCF^StreeVr  frOm the brewery to Cedar street. The  SeAfers.whicji Should be provided in Addition A hltd not been decided upon  by the engineer,, but he figured tliat  thqi-e Avould b,0 about 8000 feet of seAver  required.   - "     '  As to the cost of the se>vei's the engineer stated that the laying of 8-inch  pipe had cost the -cprpoj-ation about $1  pei' foot. Ho thought it Safe to estimate  . fcyfb-tlijrd'*-*, of���the��� sewers to bo put hi tit  this figure* iliid th<* liaianee tit $1.25 to  make ^lloAVahc'e for boulders to be encountered. In round ntiiiibers the eiv  gineer estimated the sewers to be laid' in  die original toWj.isi.te tit '$12,000, which  with the seAvers to be provitlfd in Addition A would bring the total up to  $15,000. This total will bo expected to  proAlde for tlie expenditures upon the  pipe for tlie outlet and for the pipe in  -Ward creek.  The proposed expenditure of $15,000  upon the electric light plant was. arrived  at by a series of estimates aud guesses.  In the first place, there was an estimate  from the city electrician tliat by an expenditure of $2500 the capacity of the  city's plant could be increased to (iOOO  lights. This expenditure would provide  among other things two additional 500-  light dynamoes, another water Avheel and  necessary alterations to the foundation  of the  present Avheels.  Alderman Fletcher observed that the  cost of laying the electric light flume  Avould cost about 20 per cent more than  the engineer's estimate.  The city engineer replied that if the  city had already paid out $8100 upon  construction account such would be the.  case.  City clerk Strachan reminded tlie council that as the  account "stood, there   was  ��� . Special lo The Tribune.  Much' sat��faction Is expressed at the  news that>;fche .Mountain Chief has been-  bonded."' Its "jv'Oijkiiig, will have a most  beneficial effect "upon New Denver, as  the .mule .is" but ;;two.and a half miles distant, .ancl hjis .a godd, wagon road right  up tg it. An impetus will be given the  OAvnei's Of 'adjoining properties to proceed With general development, making  the west slopO of Silver mountain a busy  camp.  Yesterday a deal Was concluded whereby ti large block of shores in the Prescott  Mining Company, whose property is on  Four Mile, has been placed Under optioii  to C. A. Marriner, an American mine  Operator. The shares belonged "mostly to  the estate of W. C. MeKinnon, formerly  of Silverton, Who Was drowned last year  in the Atlin country. The Prescott is a  promising galena proposition alul will  well repay dovo-lopriiont.  Outside capital, has been inspecting the  ,\'oonday, On the Galena Form, this week.  Ore shipments from the Slocan are  averaging close to 100.0 tons pei* Week.  The assertion is advanced that the ea.ni},)  will, have a record of 00,000. for 1800,  valued at fully $5,000,000, tind the country is only in its infancy, ft is gratifying  to'learn of the host of inquiries being  made for property and the number of  deals now being negotiated. From a  mining view, this season Will be the most  progressive and prosperous the Slocan  lias yet seen.    Bested the Canadian Pacific.  In the county court today theadjouni-  ed cases of John Grant and .Jolm F.  Kennedy against the Canadian Pacific  railway company came up for hearing.  The cases involved .claims for Avages.- The  men claimed $210 each as. being due them  for four months' work at $00 per month  The company paid into court $91 for  each man, which 'they held avjis all the  money they owed. Some of the evidence  was very contradictory. The plaintiffs  established their case and secured a verdict, Gfitnt,being awarded $191 and costs  and Kennedy $15.0 and costs. Mjicdonald  ifc Johnson'"of Nelson-appeared for the  plain'tifl's jind W. F. Gurd of Cranbrook  represented the'rail way company.  The Charter Not Abandoned.  Special to The Tribune.  Winnipeg, April 24.���The Free Press  publishes the folloAving Ottawa despatch,  djited April 23: There is some misapprehension in connection with the Kettle  River vtilley raihvay bill. The report  that the bill has been AvithdrtiAvn is incorrect. The bill was not introduced  this session, so that it could not be with-  dniAvn. Mr. Bostock is also made to appear in a report in ji Toronto neAvspaper  as if he avjis acting as the sponsor of a  bill, Avhieh some raihvay companies* hiwe  been sible to induce him to abandon.' The  truth of the Avhole matter is that Mr.  Corbin, A\iio avjis promoting the bill last  year, could not come to OttJiwji in time,  this session to look after it, jis he is ��� engaged in" a lawsuit at Kossland, and therefore luis decided to leji\re the nnitter  silone until next year. As for Mr. Bostock, he has not abandoned or withdraAvn  anything. . ,     '  An Independent Comniission Wanted.  '* * * Special to The Tribune.  '    Toronto.' April  2l;^rThc Globe says:,;,  "Rvcry'other question tluit crops up presents one more reason Avhyau  independ- *  ent raihvay commission should  be cretit-  ed.   'In the Kettle River VjiI ley road'"ease,  it   would   have  been ' a  useful   andriu-  (luentijil,thing ifptirlijinient  had   before  it, ji  report   from   such   a   body,   gh-ing  = reasons whether a clnirter to such' a line  its the Kettle   Valley  raihvay  should or  should not be granted.    A report in favor  Of the line coming from ji well   informed  and independent source would, Ave *think  be practically conclusive to parliament."  Board of Trade Organized at Ymir.  Ymir, April 21.���On Saturday night  there was a large juhI influential meeting  of the citizens of Ymir to consider the.  advisability of forming ji board of trade  for Ymir. After some discussion it'avjis  unjininionsly resolved "that ti board of  trade be formed in Ymir. The following  oflicers and members of the executive  committee were appointed : S. DesBrisay,  president; J. W. Boss, vice-president; A.  B. Buckworth, secretary; K. K. Mackenzie, treasurer; C. F. Mathers, W. Delahey  aud J.  Wi Laird.    The .membership fee  Was fixed at $:-> per iiunuin and thq see>'0-  tiiry was "instructed to write tothe board.*"*  of trade at Nelson iiiuj: RossiaiKJ -for  copies of bylaws. The ineeting theii ajrh  jonmed ���until Monday-. May Hth, at- eight  p: ni. to enable the Q^e^iiti'Xte "comiilittee  to hand1 .in tiiOh' repQi't., "  Cliange of Venue GraLnted.  Special to TheTHbtine.  Victoria,April2-L���$he Union Colliery  Couipany" Were successful1 today nt Ob-  tjliiiing a chtinge of venue, in tlie suit  instituted against theni for criminal  negligence in causing the Trent bridge  disaster. Tliey declared that tliey eoUld  not expect a fair trial by a NaniiiniO jury,  and accordingly tlie case was. put on the  list for the Victoria .assizes. The difficulty is considered here jis the outcome  of the rivalry of tlie two coal concerns,  the New Vancouver C*OVnip��ny domiuatihg  Njiniamo, while the Dunsmuirs, chiefly  interested in the Union Comptuiy operate  also the mines at Wellington and Alex-  andriji, near Nanjiimo, Avhieh comes into  more active conflict Avith Nauiamo's  interests.  Budget Speech on Monday.  . Special to the Tribune.  Winni'pkg, April 24.���The duty on cojil  oil avjis the chief subject of debate in the  commons today.     The debiito was asked  to be postponed nt  the  request  of  Mr.  Field ing till after the budget was brought.  (Ioavu, but the opposition insisted on a  vote,-the'result was that the govei'nmeht  was sustained by a large majority.     Mr.  Fielding promised the budget speech for  Monday next. THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B.C., TUESDAY, APRIL 2o,  1899.  Special Dress Goods Sale!  To clear a few lines at half the usual price, all in  dress lengths of 7 yards each, no two pieces alike  8 pieces figured dress goods at 40 cents, regular price, 75 cents  7 pieces figured dress goods at 65 cents, regular price, $1.25  ��� 10 pieces figured dress goods at $1, regular price, $1.75  The balance of our spring capes and jackets at wholesale price  Baker Street,  NELSON  A. FERLAND & CO.  Garden Tools  A COMPLETE LINE JUST ARRIVED  FROM EASTERN MARKETS  Nelson Hardware Co  Baker Street, Nelson.  Sweaters and Underwear   COif ^  We   have succeeded   this   season in getting the   FRENCH   HEALTH TJN-  ter of A. Brock Buchanan of Montreal to  Arthur H. Buchanan, manager of the  Bunk of Montreal. Nelson, British Columbia, which took place Jit :*5 o'clock, ltev.  Dr. Norton 'officiating. Owing to the  family ol* the bride being in mourning,  no invitations were sent out, and the  function was necessarily of a quiet nature. The bride, who was given away  by her fjithcr, wore si handsome gown of  white (luchesse satin, a tulle veil and carried a bouquet of violets jind white roses.  Miss Violet Clouston, the bridesmaid,  wore a pretty gown of pink and white  grenadine over pink silk, and a hat of  chiffon and roses. Her bouquet was of  pink roses. Alexander Buchanan, brother  ofthe groom, acted ;is best man. The  bride's going-iiway gown wjis of grey  tweed with mauve blouse and a toe pie of  violets. Mr. ami Mrs. Buchanan took the  Delaware <fc Hudson evening train for  New York en route for Kurope. Mrs. (!.  Lnder Pemberton of Toronto, sister of  the groom, and her daughter, Miss Helen  Pemberton, are the guests of Airs. A.  Brock Buchanan, 20 St. Famille street,  having come down for the wedding. Mr.  A. Brock BucliJinan's many friends will  be pleased to know tluit he had sufficiently recovered from his recent severe  illness to be present Jit the ceremony.  HUDSON'S BAY  W  MEN'S  HATS  rvine  $&'  B  MEN'S       fa  CHILDREN'S  jrfc  AND LADIES' &  BOOTS .W  AND SHOES B  HAVE JUST RECEIVED THEIR SPRING IMPORTATION OF  Portieres and Lace Curtains  B  fa  fa  B  | White Muslin Curtains with frilled edge; Aplique Curtains in cream |  | and white, which for richness and durability cannot be equalled; Not-1  �� tingham Lace Curtains in pretty designs and colorings of ecru and ff  | white; Colored Coin Spot Muslins for door, sash and window curtains; Jf  f White Coin Spot Muslins in all sizes of spots. f  B  CHENILLE   AND   TAPESTRY PORTIERES  DERWEAIt for spring and summer wear,  on the market.    Balbriggans at all  prices,  admired   by'all..'and   acknowledged to be  See these goods and get prices.  This is the finest and best made  Our silk  and wool   sweaters Jire  the   finest   yet   shown iii   Nelson.  Sign of the Big Red Hat  P. O. Box 103, Nelson, B.  J. F. WEIR  MAILS   WILL   CLOSE   AT  NELSON  24th,    1S99,  ON   AND   AFTER    MONDAY.   APRIL  AS   FOLLOWS:  For'Kuskonook,   Creston,    Moyie,  Cranbrook.  JFort Steele, Fernie, and all points on Crow's  Nest Kiss railway on Sundays, Tuesdays and  Thursdays at  .8:00 a.m.  For Slocan City. Silverton, New Denver, Rosebery, Alamo, Three Forks and Sandon, al ���8:'!0 a.m.  For all points on Nelson & Fori Sheppard railway, Kossland. Spokane, Victoria, Vancouver,  Winnipeg, and all points in tho United States  and ICastcrn Canada at 8:45 a.m.  For Kokanee, Balfour, Pilot  nay,1' Ainsworth,  and Kaslo at 4:00 p.m.  For ltobson, Trail, Rossland, Nakusp, Revelstoke, Vancouver, Winnipeg, and all points  east and west on the Canadian Pacillc railway at  ��� v '"'CO P-m-  ,".'     *    ���     ��� ''OFFICE*. HOURS.       11-���  '._���-'.  '-   Thepostofllce is open from 7 a.m. till 10 p"!m. every diy..  The general delivery-wickets are open from 8a.m..till S  ���  p.m. every day except Sundays. The registration wicket  is open from 8:30 a.m. till 7.p.m.= The money order and  - savings bank" wicket is open from 9 a.m. until J p.m. -"  y-r *-������ .. J. A. GILKER. Postmaster.  ��tte : JStUxftne*-  Daily Edition..; "  Wkeklv Edition:.:.V.  .... First -Yeah,-No. 95  . Seventh Ye.ah, No. 23  THE DAILY 'TRIBUNE is published every morning  (except Monday), and" will be mailed to subscribers  in Canada or the-Uuilcd States for -?5 a'year,1 and to  subscribers in Great Britain for ��8 a year;orit will-  be delivered to subscribers in- Nelson for 25 cents a  week, ��1 a month, ��2.60.'for three months, 35, for six*  months, or ��10 for one year/ Payable in advance.  THE-WEEKLY. TRIBUNE is publishcd'cvery Wednesday and Saturday, and-will be mailed.to subscribers  anywhere for $'i a' year, .payable in advance.  REGULAR ADVERTISEMENTS, printed in both the  daily and weekly editions for ��4 per inch per month.  "LOCAL OR READING MATTER NOTICES 25* cents a  J line for each insertion,  JOB' PRINTING at fair rates.,., Accounts.for job printing and advertising are payablo on the first- of every  - month: -Address���  THE TRIBUNE, Nelsou, B. C.  " ;1n the rivalry between towns to celebrate the queen's birthday in such a way  as ta���a"ttrjvct the .crowds imiclrtli.eSa.ine  iiietliodg are being'used jis are used by  the people  who  interest theniselves in  pu^ttiirticlHVo^  fight before the club that hangs up the  lafgest purse. II' Nelson celebrates, Gpin-  inipii day this year, the managers of the  alTaii' should take a stand against offering  prizes fpr any athletic ganie or sport. If  Outside clubs and 'tennis will not content  "���for. suitajjlc trophies, then let tHeiii Stay  awjiy.   If towns axe not sitfli'eiejitly "ptib*  , lie 'Spirited Co pay the expenses indui-ycc!  "by their local athletic associations in  attending heighbodng towns to contest  for trophies,  then  sucli towns are not  ��� worthy of having tennis, and if'theInem-  bers of teams will only enter eon tests for  money priy.es, then they are not true  spoi'tsnieu. Let there be lio more money  prizifis offered for athletic contests in any  town in liootenay.  .'The city is not under  obligations to  supply.'Water to anyone outside the city  limits, but-there is no law to prevent the  city from doing so.    But conimon sense  should be used in making  any such  extensions.    If there is a sufficient number  of consumers in the Hume addition or in  Bogustown to justify the expenditure of  laying mains, then the city should undertake the   work; but   under  no  circumstances should' the city enter into partnership .-.vith any one individual so as to  allow that individual a partnership interest in; the undertaking..   The city has had  experience in   that   direction   with  the  Kootenay.Lake General Hospital Society,  and it was an experience that should not  be   repeated.    The   city   does  not need  ^partners in any of the public utilities it  owns, and it does c not  need  to transact  business through middlemen.  An applieation was  made  to the  city  council   hist   year   for   a   franchise'"to  operate a street railway in Nelson.     The  Jipplicants were informed that a  by-hvw  granting  the   franchise   would  be  submitted to the  people as soon jis  the Jipplicants would make a definite proposition  to the council.    The proposition was not  made; but  the same people  jire now renewing the application; and if they .mean  business, the council should not lose time  in  submitting  the required-by-law.    As  long "as the interests of the,= city are safe-,  'guarded, ho factious, opposition should be  .made  to such Vand  undertaking, .for the  building and operation of street railways.'  in ji town" of Nelson's  size "can have but  one effect, that is enhancing the value of  real estate.    "        : = V,   . ...  Wedded.  Montreal Star.' ^  Christ, Church  cathedral  was prettily  decorated   Saturday afternoon, for  the  marriage of Miss Lily Buchanan, "daiighr  THOMSON'S  WE ARE NOT ADVERTISING  INCORPORATED 1670.  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Acting under instructions from Mr. F. S. Andrews,  barrister, who  is about leaving the city, wc shall on  Wednesday, April 26th, 1899, at 2 p. m,  sell by public auction, absolutely without reserve, the  entire contents of his residence, third house from Stanley  street on Carbonate street, next door west of mayor  Nceland's residence, consisting of large extension oak  dining table, oak book-case and desk, magnificent oak  sideboard, set of dining-room chairs in solid oak, oak hall  rack, drawing-room chairs, sofas and bric-a-brac, two  lino solid oak bed-room sets, four extra line Wilton rugs,  hall and stair carpets, lace curtains, kitchen and heating  stoves, linoleum, oath, refrigerator, patent kitchen table  and many other household articles too numerous to  mention. . . ��� ' ,    ���    . V .  All these articles are in excellent condition, being in  use less than one year. This is an excellent opportunity  to get good furniture at your own prices, as Mr. Andrews  has put no reserve on anything mid the quality of the  O. D. J.  GENERAL* BROKER.  A 7-BOOM HOUSE TO LET  A 4-BQOM HOUSE TO LET  FOR SALE  A 2-16t, corner   Afl-rooin hdusc.....  ���?' 800  .  1/JOO  Hous.cs and Jots in, all parts of tho city.  MONEY TO LOAN INSURANOE  FOR  SALE  Two lots and house with fourteen rooms on Silica  street, between Josephine and Hall streets. Icrms-  $1500 cash, balance to bo arranged. $3,500  Lot and house on Latimer street, near Josephine  street.   Terms?500cash, balance on mortgage... 1,000  Lot and store on Baker street.   Good location  8,000  Lot on Baker street, near corner of Cedar street...    800  J. R. Wray & Co.  NUI-SOS'S Ul'-TO-DATK TAILOHS.  Fine OrM Clothing  We have a fiiio tesortinont of Svobloiite al*iyays  oil hand. Obods>inado' np.at the, shortest possible notico. 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Wagons, sleighs, harness, and everything in  connection with Hurry's mlllc ranch.  if you want' h'WidSy.. sfylisli suit of clothes for  spring aiid summers 1 .lwv.o ��vpr 500 ditler-  onfc patterns of Scotch and ICnglish  tweeds,,  which I will make to your order At the low  price of ���,.,,.,...,....,....,. ............ .��'-.*>  ijlaek Venetians nuiko a nice snit, C6r sum-  infer wear at ...,..��� ��� ?���=;'  Blilck serge suits in sack orinorning eoat.-S-*!  A heavy  Scotch  t^'ced,  nigo  inltteniS lor  business suit...�� ���> ���������>>��� ��� ��� �������� ��� -?\��'  Troiiser.s at eriuully low pricesi I>ilaml /Inish  no better in Canada. Ladies' tine tailoring a  specialty.   Uleiiioht block, Raker strdot.  SteveqSj l\\e   R. REISTERER & OO.  BREWERS AND BOTTLERS OF  Fine Lager Beer,  Ale and Porter  the Imperial Oil Co.   Standard Oil Co.  ^WaShi^on=B|rjck=andILiine^Pp;=  the H. W. N|cNiell Co., Ltd., Canadian Arith,ra-  cite Goal (Hard)  Dealers in.  STOVEWOO��  BHMSH COLUMBIA EOTTEBY CO., M  a MANt-KACTUKKHS OK  PRKSSKD ,nftICK?S     KIRK BRICKS      FIRE G1AY  VlTitlFXEIJ SALT GCAZED. SEU'ER, YIl^KS  All kindij of sanitary tlttiiigs, agrieiilturai drain tile,  flower pots; terra coltit, chiiilney jiipe aud Hue lining,  chimney tops, lire brick, lire clay, all kind* of lire clay  goods, assayors' furnaces etc., made to order.  Ornamental   Garden Border Tiles, Vases,  Etc.  Coinont, plaster of paris, lime, aiid all kinds of  ornamental plaster work.  Prompt and regular  delivery to the trade.  Brewery at Nelson.  WAEDBEOS.  REAL MSTATE AGENTS, West Baker St., Nelson  TENDERS   WANTED  FOR   REAL   ESTATE.  Tondcrs will be received by the undersigned until 12  o'clock noon on Monday, May 1st, 189!), for the purchase  of tho following described real estate situate in Nelson:  Lots 7 and 8 Block 10 and improvements (the Silver  King Hotel), together with furniture and fixtures in the  building. ,        , .,  Terms cash. The highest or any tender not necessarily  accepted. CAROLINE THELIN,  Administratrix estato John Johnson, deceased.  Nelson, B. C, April 10th. 1899.   ~~: FOR   SALE.  FOR SALE���A teaming outfit consisting of one team,  wagon and harness. Will he_ sold cheap for cash.  Reason for veiling, owner has mineral claims to look  after.. Apply to J. V. Jacobson, feed merchant, Vernon  street, Nclsiou, 11. V.  pnn,  INSPECTION OF STOCK, INVITED  Mrt.   E.   McLaughlin  JOSEPHINE STREET, NELSON  Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co.  PAYMENT MUST ACCOMPANY  ALL ORDERS  Charles   St.   Barbe,   Agent.  Nelson Iron Works  MANUKACTUKKRS OF  ���ENGINES, BOILERS. SHAFTINO, IRON AND  BRASS CASTINGS OP EVERY DESCRIPTION  ���Repairs promptly attended to.      P. O. Box 173.  tern  I  31 THE  TRIBUNE  NELSON, B. 0., TUESDAY, APRIL 2b, 1899.  ANK OF  Capital,  Best,  all paid  up,     -  $12,000,000  6,000,000  I .OR I) STUATHCONA AND   MT. ROYAL, President  tion. GKO. A. DRUMMOND Vice-Presidont  V.   S. CLOUSTON General Manager  OlTELSOISr   *BIi-A.3SrOHC  N. W. Cop. Baker and Stanley Streets.  THE BANK OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA  NELSON       RKA.VCIIK8 IN       LONDON  (Etiffland),   NEW YORK.   OHICACrO  and in Ihe principal cities in U'Uiniln.  Huy and sell Sterling  Kxchungo and Cable Transfers  OltANT COMMUKCIAI, AND TK.WKr.l.KHS' RKKIXT8.  available in any part of the world.  DKAKT8 I8SUED    COLLECTIONS MADE; KTO.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CURRENT RATK OF INTEREST PAID  MINTING   CANADIAN   GOLD.  Toronto tilobe.  TJie all-impoi'tjaufc <|iies6ion  of a  market is   felt by the  gold miner  as well as  by  the farmer and  every, one who contributes toward the production of surplus  , commodities   for -export.-   The establishment  of a  Canadian   mint,  as has been  urged in Victoria  and Vancouuer, is not  regarded   as a settlement  of the matter,  for the,,gold would still have to be absorbed in the leading .commercial and industrial   nations of the world,'chiefly in  Britain   and   the   United   States.      The  business of buying the gold of the Yukon  lias naturally moved from anywhere mid  everywhere along the coast, and is tending  to centre  in  Dawson City, but the  gold     reaches   the    commercial   centres  through   the   American    mints   at   San  Francisco," Seattle, Philadelphia and elsewhere.   A large quantity is brought out  to escape the  royalty, and  this is generally taken  by the  miners  direct  to the  luiut at San  Francisco.    The rivalry of  coast cities for the Yukon trade has been  active  in every  line,  and both Victoria  and Vancouver'have looked withein*y on  the passing of the trade attendant on the  sale of the gold for currency.    One result  of this feeling has been the agitation for  a Canadian mint,  where the miner could  have  the assurance of an  official assay  and   the  actual   worth   of   his   gold  in  money. < To  the coast  cities a mint has  all V the attractiveness ;rf a locjttl  public.  Is now prepared to issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on Skaguay, U. S., Atlin;, B. C, and  Dawson City, Yul^on, District.  of once, and   the cost  would   fall either  on the whole  people through'generosity  in the   purchase of gold   at the   mint  or  on the miners who  sold in Canada.    The  loss   would be added to   the rate  of exchange between New York and Canadian  cities.    Early Australian  coinage experienced the same difficulty.    There was no  opening   for   the   Australian   sovereign,  and it was sold in Now York and London  for inciting, of course at a, discount.    At  present the Australian mint is  a. branch'  of the Royal Mint, and its product has in  consequence  a market in London.    Such  an establishment is prevented in Canada  by our decimal currency.    The  tendency  of miners to  have  greater faith   in   the  official assay of San Francisco than iii the  private ' assay of  the  Canadian  bankers  and other purchasers might be allayed by  an official  assay office,  either Federal or  Provincial',. Avhicli Avould  certify  weight  and purity, leaving  price to be decided  by   competition.      The   crude    business  methods that led  to the loudest   complaints seeni to be passing away.  THE    RIVALRY    OF    THREE    TOWNS.  verton precints by either of three routes.  The least dangerous is to proceed straight  up the mountain sides and strike for Sandon. This involves considerable risk  from snowslides, but as the next best  route takes one through New Denver and  the other necessitates a swim of eight  miles to Rosebery j the first is the most  preferable route. Some people have even  waited for the return boat without expiring from ennui.  Kaslo is the next station past South  Fork on the K. <fc S. It has been situated  in the same place for several years and  can be niscovered by proceeding carefully  along the west shore of Kootenay lake.  Its principal features of interest are its  city council, the Hood and fire which it  had six yeai's ago anil the boom which it  will have "in the spring." It has a  closed Comique, a wide-open license law  and red curtains enough to shock the  modesty of a sphinx, its inhabitants, of  whieh there are quite a number, are  lineal descendents of Don Quixote and  Colonel Sellers.  _  D   ^^   o"   -.   nV      ���  ���' 'V     "-"frl      n      riiii   ,    inn-i     ofl ' nn"l    ^V '  ' n   '      1 ��a  ��n    r �� H     nrftf1   , I  m f" fl -f    ��j  "    Vn~   "lm       ff��-     ��ua"o(.      ^"d.iTc, D      IS ^     Dmo   **n      ff  '  "n  /ton**  ���'.rf."      Bu T^ "^ ^'."      (u\    ,n'|)  "..'  r.f'^^entftin% ���,'.piidb. ]'���'-T)}& ^p/^Ilf-C$fif  ^"Jit-vi ul i i ig�� ��� 6f.il.. ygp 1 i\.feb itiftg^^Sra^il s.o? sl*e j  ^.^ere,"lS"A i^M^bf-jifc^je^^^  ?&fi|;anf\iilcl itjbn ,"&"& l$\eypxp$tfsTiyand?y  " .M^asWddis.  '   jfc"jg��'heuecf|d-^-'tJie  difffctilty df'hh(fl^g a  ��� ��� s".mai'k&t:" %:byl\%.n:%sdm\tedi'i-ii.-t'lie.An'ier.--  ����.yiedn. niint 'ajn,d. reacliQS. ifew Yor���k,P the  -. ..yejitre- of/Anierieati  a.iict .Cainidiaii  e^  " ye&pyi.   Iti^ei'^e&iu'tiiiiW  tts; hankaud" government reVeiTefe, aiid ak  '��� lUQiRjy fox- the- adtjiistjheut of intern^-  tiojiai trade, -Until h f]bw years, ago> the  cost of exchange hi adjusting ;intevna=  tibnal  tjiilliilces' was Augmented by the  ^cost^Of3nelting:_atid^rfecoiniugltlie_gokL  shipped between New York and Loudon1.  American eagles were incited 5n reaching  'London and coined into sovereigns, and  the British gold was handled in the salue  way oh tliis side of the Atlautie. Now a  Jess expensive .means lias been found by  the financial institutions -which hold  British gold in the United States and  Arnerican gold in London* awaiting the  (leinaiid of a shipment. The great com-  jnerce between the two Countries and  the concentration of exchanges in Loiir  dofi make openings for the ii.se of the  coinage of both nations. But tinder existing conditions, there would be difficulty iii securing a use Or a market for  Canadian gold coinage. The amount  needed in the Dominion is small; and not  likely under existing Uiavs to expand, and  the market must be Britain and the  United States, If our neighbors would  make a .Canadian $10 coin legal tender  the same as tlieir "eagle," the matter  would be solved and the Canadian mint  could handle all tlie gold of the Yukon.  Such a law'would entail no 'loss*, on the  United States, and would give Canada  whatever satisfaction* attnTclies to the  ownership of a gold coinage. But it is  questionable if, in the most friendly  time, such legislation would be enacted,  even though supported by the supposition that it Avould secure tlie much-coveted "British gold." Canada has'made the  American "eagle" a legal tender, but in  that there is a decided advantage. We  have large.imports to pay for, and the  Anierican gold is used for the purpose,  but the Americans have no reciprocal  need of Canadian.gold in coins. If sent  there in large quantities-from a Canadian  mint it would be melted and recoined into "eagles," and the cost of that would  put it at a discount. The work of coining would have to be done twice instead  Sandon faystreak.  Although queen Victoria has not yet  been notified of the fact and is entirely  ignorant of the disturbance thatthe celebration of lieruatal day is causing, iii the  Slocan, three toAvns will celebrate her  ���birthday���each one in spite of the other.  These are. .Now Denver, Silverton and  Kaslo.  New Denver,-as will be seen by referring to the. latest C. P. R. map, is situated at the mouth of;Carpenter creek,  five miles below .Three Forks. - It is opposite the LoAvery glacier and adjoining  the cemetery. It has an undertaker who  will do a lively business when the inhabitants can be brought to recognize that  they have been dead since the summer of  'Ul. Rip Van Winkle is mayor of the  town, It can^ hardly be'..avoided via the  -Naktisp:&, .Slgcajip.aud.^a-sliqrt walk down  ;;|lfer��pl5l^|pijiitaii'^ or "by' the  Wagon *ro"aKbf ronit'Tliree""'Forks'.    It"is also  ^.inipossible*tb;.nus^sthe*tp4)\-n���"Via Roaebery  ^a^l^^l^^Th^j^iif^ 'offers' the  distihet'advlirifo^^ that  PhfSilpiMKt^ve^^  ;Ji-itQf*'a'P^ti,'a'c1aess."^)i;0o|ls.,ift^ lrot.ar-  iDf&i��tQ^i g\dtxN��%bdk '(yy-^y^y^  "-/���SnAte^tb.ny/.ibe!t;te.r4:.k'ii0W;n;^as^^^  ris\&i\d,"t6"^  *.:Penv.t?i^,V��aE*l3l\oi%hn,L*fjS]��seeiiis"|i^iniirkti.bl'e '  -"tliat*p"'t]re,l1ten��fltli."��inifpe^tpiv  ;tiieSe���*f^A*b��.s"dttl^mbi"itl.fe  '��    (Pl#P��     nn     [Pn     n ^ n.^rJn ". j^"      "    ""n,.0*     ��L������     '""AV*      ���    g      ***    T      "Vita^VV1  -.clpse pi-'oxj 11 utA^ oo JL to mas - iour^ sa l<5dns ?n��th"  iai'cfe amqunt/pi-.yitanzedsV.air .and^-some;:  Jeigh'thnlay sports. Avithout >\*Jiisker.sLffts'.  riSiimciptu ��indu,sjbuy is^vattjug- ioi- g.u��iiiess���;  V^&���ll&K"'��tip a^iid.Jgay.hig-'.'at thlj'-scleiiei,^'  Tjie,sojourner. niayse��cape,'fr���qni tlie Sil-  i W(t m: ]if; w ?fi$M  AVe", tlie inKlei*��jgneij,'bJg:'rto liotify'fhb" piibli.e.tha&we.  arb' the "only p.oi' 'piif- (tb/iiif 'biisinesS" a& mo.ScJi.aiit tailors  in Kelsoii, iia\'irit^ all oui; work, cfqiio on. tiie" prbmiijes  anjl paying wes'tern prices for simvo. Aj��0 that we are  prepared to, give as good sajisfactioh as can. be secured  aiiyAvhore, and defy conipetitioii, evqn ihotigh pfiginat-  iug from persons", ca'rryhnJ samples 'only and. having  tlieir wdi'k done in Eastern Canada.    =^=  ' fiWd~jt^o:otr:k,  It. m. vjSceni\  p. 0. ROSS,  Noli-oii, Api'ji'sfitli, ISM.  J. IX. W1UV.  OPEN DAY AND NIGHT  city  The only restaurant  in   the  employing only white cooks.  Merchants'lunch from 12 to 2  o'clock, 25 cents. Dinner from 5  to 8.    Short orders   at  all   hours.  dJCCCirsr^ Will buy 24 horses, 12 waRons, 2  %p*yt*j\*\J -wagohettes, 1 buggy, 10 sets of  slelgbs, and a complete outfit of harness, saddles, blankets, etc., and a going business of  $30,000 a year.  Terms.  tfcQAOfl Will buy two lots and Improve-  Cpa\s*-r\J ments on north side of Vernon  street, between Ward and Josephine streets.  Terms.  dJ/LBCfin Will buy 80 by 120 feet on the  *pg1fij\J\J south side of Baker street, between fctanley and Kootenay streets.   Cash.  <��4n nnr\  Will buy 60 by 120 feet on the  <px\J9\/\J\J  northeast cornel- of Baker and  Josephine streets.  Cash.   jqhN HOUSTON,  P.O. Box 57 ' I-     Vernon street. Nelson  LODGE  MEETINGS.  KNIGHTS  Ol1 PYTHIAS���Nolson   Lodge,  No,   25,  Knights of Pythias, meets in I. O. 0. F. Hall.corner  Baker and Kootenay streets, every Tuesday evening at  8 o'clock.   Visiting Knights cordially invited to attend.  C. FRENCH, C. C. G. EOSS, K. of R. & S.  NKLSON LODGE, NO. 23, A. F. & A. M. Meets  second AVednesdaF In oach month. Sojourning  brethren invited.  ~ WANTED.  WANTED���General servant and small girl to care for  child.   Apply Mrs. Ferguson, Siliea street.  PROFESSIONAL   CARDS..  AH. HOLDICH���Analytical Chemist and Assayer.  Victoria street. Nelson.  WAKT & CARKI**>-Architects.   Rooms 7 and 8 Aberdeen block, Baker street, Nelson.  H.  CANE���Architect and artist-  next door to Nelson library.  Brbkenhill   Block,  HIGH SPEED  ON FRENCH  RAILWAYS.  The compound loeomotiA'e is Avinning  laurels for itself just now by its remark-0  able work in hauling express trains on  some of the French railways. We haAre  not been accustomed to look to France  for record high speed performances, the  .trains in this country and in England  having been up to a -few years ago easily  first in this respect; Of late year-?, Iioav-  ever, a few of the French railroads, notably the Chemin de Per du Nord, haA'e  been paying particular attention to their  express train serA'ice, with the result that  the last named iioav holds the leading  place, running seAreral of its crack trains  at an aA*erage speed, including stops, of  over 54.5 miles jier hour.  Of the tAveuty-five expresses that are  booked to run at a speed of OA'er fifty  miles an hour, theie are six, including  one between Amiens and Calais Ville,  102i- miles, Avith a speed of betAveen 50  and 50.9 miles an hour; seven between  51.1 and 51.8 miles an hour; seA'en be-  tAveen 52.0 and 52.7 miles an hour; and  fiA'e haATing respective speeds of 54.5, 54.8,  55.3, 5G.3, and 57.7 miles an hour, including stops; the last named run.is made be-  Paris and Amiens, 81|-.v miles, AArhile the  average of 50.3 is maintained on a continuous run, Avithout stop, betAveen Paris  and St. Quentiu, a distance of 95*f miles.  What a splendid serA'ice this is Avill be  understood Avhen we bear in mind the  fact that the five fastest trains exceed  the speed of our oavu Empire State express, AA'hich is timed to run. from New-  York to Albany at the rate of 53.58 miles:-  an hour, thohgh they do not equal the  Atlantic City flier-on the Philadelphia  and Reading railroad. The trains are  not soVheaA*y as the Empire-State express, ���-. although .some remarkable Avork  has been done Avith trains of between 300  and 400  tons, running at speeds of from  40 to 50 miles an hour.  Perhaps the most interesting feature  of this express sei'A'ice is the fact that it  is Avorked by compound locomotives of  the four cylinder type. These engines  haA'e generous grate surface; a large total  heating surface, in some cases approaching 2000 square feet; and employ steam  pressure as high as 227 pounds to the  'square inch. The high pressure cylinders  are Avithin the frames, beneath the smoke  box, and a.re coupled to the forward pair  of driA'ers, Avhile the low pressure cylinders are outside the frames and connect  to the rear pair of drivers.  M. De Glenn, the designer of the locomotives, says that he adopted the compound system because, within the limits  of weight imposed, he can secure a more  powerful engine than is possible with the  simple system. This is due to the superior economy of compounding, Avhieh he  has found enables the same Aveight of  boiler to supply an engine of from 15 to  20 per  cent greater  poAver than it could  ; if the simple high pressure system Avere  I used.  i ^ *^ ir"* ISj vSa vSa vSs ���  mmm<  IB!-*  gnizin  B  An Incentive to Travel.  An eminent Irish judge AA'as once called  on to interpret the laAV forbidding, the  sale of liquor on Sundays to any one not  "a bona fide traveler." The ruling of  this learned judge ran in the Avords:  "Any one .with a bona fide thirst is a bona  fide traA'elei' Avithin the meaning ofthe  act."  The Tremont Hotel  The growing demand for ready made ladies' wear, we have  purchased from one of the largest Canadian manufacturers  an immense stock of ladies' skirts, which we are selling at  prices to suit everybody. Ladies' black,- plain lustre skirts,  velvet bound, all sizes at $5 each. Ladies' black plain lustre  skirts, ribbon trimmed, all sizes for $6. Ladies' black brocaded skirts, all sizes at $5, special value. Ladies'black  brocaded Ripp skirts, extra fine quality, at $10. Ladies'  black brocaded Crepons, our very best, well made and well  trimmed, all sizes for $12.50.   These goods are going fast.   ��� ��� ..  ���j _ _ ������  MARTIN O'REILLY & CO.  #  Wk.  BANK  OP  B. O.  BUILDING.  NELSON.  3.p3.(Z>.<^.(Z).C3.C=>.t=>.c3.(2> ���[=>.!=>.���  te-r-ms  C-A.SI3:  #  ipLOfJE & TREGILLUS  PROPHIETORS  Headquarters for Miners and Prospectors  THE BEST BRANDS OF  Liquors and Cigars  P. Burns c�� Co.  AV1IOLKSALK   AND   RETAIL  Meat Merchants  Wholesale Markets at poison, Rossland, Sandon and Creenwood.  RETAIL  STORES AT  Nelson,  Trail, Ymir, Kaslo, New Denver, Sandon, Silverton; Cascade  City,  Grand Forks,   Midway, Greenwood and Sirdar.  ORDERS BY MAIL  PROMPTLY FORWARDED  Head Office, Nelson, B.C.  ALAA'AYS ON HANI)  One of The best and most pbp-  ".-' ular hotels in Nelson.  S HOTEL  - ��� sbAiciSrVst^;kt. *5E^onv"���  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  ALjL KINDS OF FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  V-   WHOLESALE AND RETAIL "  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  All   ���  kinds  in  stock  You cari save money  by purGhasiqg your  r froni me  ���ltlBted?^i&^^^fi^a^.cl::  ������  rCargo. comfortajJle "bedrooms tiiid ifif^tfolh^1. dinijig  room.   Siini|)le,*'rooins for* commercial men"."  ;*R*^.a?*E!*3   $2..EEK,. E>:A:*3Z;  e. c;  i  faile/ot" the Rpyiil Hotel, Calgary,  m$m* nelson E. C; TRAVES, Manager  ���[   ���   "    -��� ",.l��.;l.y% ORhVRS BY MAIL KKCKIVK CAnEFUL AND PROMPT ATTENTION.   ' . "     .  LONDON AND BRITISH COLUMBIA GOLDFIELDS, Ltd.  ..���*���*."-������-..���.'���  head office,.London, England.  All cpmmunicatrohs relating to British Columbia  business to be addressed to P. O. Drawer  505, Nelson, British Columbia  J. RG-DERICK ROBERTSON, General Manager i   .lc.,   0/-\iu     o   r\  S: S ROLLER, e.M., Mining Engineer '   NtLOiJlN,   D. O..  r\. D. l-fUME, Manager.  J. A  HAlX AND UAKK STKKJfiTS. NKLSClN  AVILL DO WELL TO  BUY THEIR LUMBER  AT  G. 0. BUCHANAN'S  A large stock of flrst-class' dry material on hand, also  a fiill line of sash, doors, mouldings, turned work, etc.  FACTORY WORK A SPECIALTY  Yard:   Foot of Hendryx street. Nelson  Telephone, 91 Johll    Rae,   AgCflt  BOARD AND ROOM  Kirst-class board and room. Todd's old stand, corner  Ward and Carbonate*streets, in rear of English church.  Heated by steam. Table board $1, room and board &>  and S.*i.50.  A collection of fine Belgium Canaries for sale,  J. V. O'LAUGHLIN.  The finest hotel in the intorior.  Largo sample rooms,   Steiini heat and eleetrie light.  CQ1WKK OF AVAUD ANl) VKUNON S'I'S., NKLSON  HAKKIt AND WAUD STIIKKTS, NKLSON  The only1 hotel in Nelson that has remained under one  managehicnt since 18SK).  Thd bed-rooma aro well funiished and lighted by  electricity.  Tho dihing'l'oom is not second to any in Kootenay.  The bar is always stocked by the best domestic and  imported liquor* and cigars.  THOMAS MADDEN, Proprietor.  HOTEL  Two arid a half miles up the Outlet from Nelson.  Spring Chickens, Fresh, Cream,  Pure Milk, Fresh-Laid Eggs.'  All of which aro from the ranch belonging to the hotel  SPECIALTIES:  A pleasant place to spend afternoons, evenings and  enjoy delicacies that cannot be obtained in hotels or  restaurants at Nelson. Good stabling. Open day and  night.   Can be reached by cither road Or water.  AVILLIAM ROBERTS, Proprietor.  Largo and well lighted Heated by hot air  Reasonable rates Sample rooms  Electric bolls and light in every room  Renovated and refurnished throughout  HOTEL  VICTORIA  J. V. PERKS, Proprietor  Free bus meets air trains  Hourly street car to station  Revelstoke, B. C.  ARE NOT EASTERN IMITATIONS  but are Made uy  oop isrteijsoa^r, el a.  Your House Needs Refupni$hinj*,  D. McArthur & Co.  Can supply you with all kinds of  Fine Furniture, Carpets arid Linoleum  At reasonable prices  C0-'tBI1^^n^M UNDERTAKING IN CONNECTION  H. D. Ashcroft  BLACKSMITHING  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  AVagon repairing promptly attended to by a first-class  wheelwright.  Special attention given to all kinds of repairing and  custom work from outside points.  SEWER AND WATER CONNECTIONS  JOBBING A SPECIALTY  St\op:   Hall Street, between Baker and Vernon, Kelson  Strachan Bros.  ������      Plumbers, etc., Opera.House Block, Nelson. THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B. C, TUESDAY, APBTL 2o,  1899  Do You ll/isl^to Dye?  If so, remembep we can supply you  with the necessary material and full  instructions how to make a clean job  of it. We carry a full line of Diamond   Dyes   and  Maypole Soap   Dyes  U/. p. Jeetzel 9 Qp.  CORNER BAKER AND JOSEPHINE STREETS, NELSON  Neck Dressings  LOCAL   NEWS   AND   GOSSIP.  i i -.  ���'TV  f  Are the most important part of man's spring* "get up."  His whole attire depends upon beauty and quality of his  NECKWEAR  Our line of Puff Knots, Four-in-  Hand and Bows, elicited a full measure  of praise from all who have seen them.  The designs are remarkably beautiful,  rich, and so varied that no man is  likely to meet his duplicate.  Fine Shirts, white and colored, and  all   other  fixings  at   moderate   prices at  OA       r^ll   If EZD    THE UP-TO-DATE  .    M.     ulLMln       FURNISHER, NELSON  .1. Roderick Robertson, manager of the  London anil British Columbia Gold Fields,  returned on Saturday night from a. two  months' visit to the old country. He  states that business in Knghind is good  in every line, the shipbuilding and iron  industries being especially active and  operated to their fullest capacity. Interest iu Kootenay mining development  is increasing in London and so soon as  some of tlie mines of the Nelson and  Trail Creek districts become dividend  payers there will be no dearth of British'  capital for investment in Kootenay mining propositions.  An operation was performed yesterday  afternoon at the Kootenay .Lake general  hospital by Di's. Ball, Arthur and Doolittle. About two months ago an Italian  named Antonio Greco had his hand crush  ed by a rock while working on the I{ob-  son-l'entictoii railway. lie has since  been under treatment in the hospital and  yesterday it was decided to amputate  the hand at therA\*rist.  J. C. Dillon, secretary of the Nelson lacrosse club, received a letter yesterday  from W. C. Brown, secretary of the  British Columbia, intermediate lacrosse  association, 'requesting the views ofthe  Nelson club in regard to the formation  of district championship'matches for the  intermediate league of British Columbia.  It is proposed to divide the province into  three districts, the first to include Vancouver island, the second the clubs on the  loAver Fraser, and the third Nelson, Ross-'  land, Kaslo and Sandon. The annual  meeting of the league Avill beheld in New  Westminster on April 29th.  It is currently reported in Kaslo that  a contract has been let for tlie ties for  the La.rdo-Dnnca.il railway.  J. Hardy and J. Irving have leased the  second store in the opera house block and  Avill open a fruit and grocery store next  week.  T. Simpson, wlio has had charge, of the  city circulation of the Miner, leaves this  morning for Greemvood to take a rjosi-^  tion on the Boundary Creek Times, re^  cently purchased by R. E. Gosnell. '  Ii. D. Ashcroft has commenced the  erection of a 24 by '10 foot building, with  store front, on Hall street, between Baker  aiid Vernon streets.  R. E. Lemon left last night for a A'isit  to Halcyon springs. Mr. Lemon has been  in poor health lately.  HOTEL   ARRIVALS.  QUEEN'S.  V. McQnistqn, Urmliruok  ,lai:ob Dover unci wife  .1 oil ti sharpies, Calgary  Oliver Hurge, Cranbrook ..  HUME.  0. H. 'Jngrtinui and  wife,  Cranbrook  C. Dillinan, "Milwaukee  AVilliam Henderson, Victoria  It. II. Ilnralofsky, Fort  Steele  C. W. MoArlliur, Spokane  George  Lennox  anil wife,  Winnipeg  D. Levi, Montreal  ]'. McMi Ian, Toronto  W. .1. Wilson, Winnipeg  ���ainu 1 Vela, llainil.on  MADDEN.  William Foote, Ymir  Geo. H. Kaerett, Revelstoke  (JKAND CENTRAL  Robert Morris,  Revelstoke  John Boyd, Slocan City  .1. Mack, Silver King Mine  I). lAlclvonzie, Vmir  11. Ilagarty, Kobson  G. T. I'aiibnry, Hobson  Daviil Heauregarcl,Moaner's  Furry  I'M AI It.  0. V.  llaiminglon, Ottawa  E. .1. Alilvliell, I'incher  ("rot'k o  A.J. Gemini, Toad Mountain  Max Carter, ltovclstoko  John A. Kirk. Kossland  SILVKit KINO  F. It. Hodge. 1'ortland  N. liCW'N, Montreal  .!.!!. Murray, Knghind  E.  llarrop and wife,  Kng-  land  It. li. Nixon, Minneapolis  V. N. Harper, Wallace. Idaho  S. llackaday, Ymir  Thomas Mahonoy, Moose-  j;iw  A. McGill, Lancaster, Onl.  1>. McDonald, Safiuo  James Andrews, Sandon  Alex Galhrailh.^Mo.ve le  A lex Morrison, Macleod  ���g?*2r-*  Contractors  and Others  Who use picks, shovels, etc.'  should not fail to look at our line  of goods, which for qualities and  material cannot be beat.  MINING   RECORDS.  SEE WINDOW  DISPLAY AT  '��mmmmm!%- w^mmm.  NKLSON* MINING   DIVISION���34KCOHI) OFFICIO   AT   NKLSON.  Saturday," April 22.���Locations���Mascot, situate .three  miles from Deer Park.-on the east side of lower Arrow  "lake, formerly Kangaroo; 1).- J. Slarwcll locator. Li-  metal, .situate two miles from Deer Park, - formerly part  nMhc Bum aiid part of the Queen ;. E. '���*; Lowe locator/  Standard; .situate on Toad mountaiuVonoJialf mile* from.  Fern mill; Charles Lindemaii locator. ��� Superior, situate -  'nn Toad mountain, adjoii-ing Last - Chance group; Utto  Stilling locator.        ' -' ,r  Transfers���An undivided one-fourth interest, in the,  Orinoco, situate on Cottonwood creek, two and one-half  miles south of Nelson ; Thomas Cottroll Collins to 11/li.  C. W'albey: consideration ��100. An.undivided one-half  interest in Nugget Fraction, situate three miles south of  Nolson ;.R It. C. Walboy to Thomas. Cottrc 11 Collins ;  consideration ��1. An undivided one-quarter intores", in  the New York, Mackinaw, =Maria, situate on I lour  creek; an undivided one-quarter interest in the Queen,  .situate on Clearwater creek'; K. L.-Page and.T.-H-. Camp-  hell to-William Coffey and F. J:Kennedy ; consideration  ��500.  Ali.nday, April 24.���An undivided one-twelfth intere-t  in the "independence and Independence No. 2, situate on  Ipgfli^X  B6   " d  IFjortoday's trade we received last night by express a large consignment  of fresh fist], live and dressed turkeys aqd chickens, dressed ductus, orjions,  spiqach, radishes, lettuce, rhubarb, asparagus, and banan,as.  STEAWBEEfitES  otioti tSLV'Aif'undivided ithfegu:e!gli'ithsn'in��eni'c��t jn ?thc;  ���Grjsszlv licaiYSitu ate oiiejlialfmilefoutlr of Slicffp creek ;<,  .���Rraflk'Ainaiiteato James' Mackjand Jaines. Andrews ;s  consideration .$500;   Ah undivided ;ono-half interest in  Vtlic;Eld6ra"db} faction, situate: onlfU'on. m"ourn taiilj three.  "milesorist of '.Salmon" river: i"*rankVVma'iVtea tb Jaines  .MaSkfindSlaiifes/A^idrews.jrc'dnsjiafrratipn".$509?  An Sin-.  divided one-third; interest in" jthe, Idaho and Montana, '  situate oiiit'Bo west,fork" oOQiiarfecreCVj-Abram .Cliigv  holm to'J.VJ. d-AYilsoh*; consideration 1. .An,undivided  oiiE'itliird, interest.Jn "the. "Montana andiTdaho; Abram  <*)Iii��h61m to"N. ChusholinNp consideration ����!��� '       ���""'���  Vancouver Hardware Co., I/i  Importers of Shelf and Heavy Hardware.  MARA & BARNARD BLOCK. BAKER ST.. NKLSON  FOR SALE  ���     SNAPS IN ITOUSFS AND LOTS  ���:.'    -       IN ALL PARTS -Oil'- THE CITY  Money to Loan  J. L VANSTONE,      R. H. WILLIAMS,  "Mines "and Mining Stocks Customs Broker  REAL ICSTATE AND GENERAL AGENTS  ARE YOU GOINGTOATLIN  OR DAWSON CITY?  Tt'.yiM.;;#ie, ^M^iti^'iget BPQSt*ed;  01% \ke;" #hite Pass aM Ytfeti  route^ wfti^li is the best,, safest"  and cheapesl phssiW4  ' �� % " Baker street A^est, No'son, .B.C.,  "~      ZKAST^ND"GROCKRA~'3T01lE'="^���=   WeSt Bloefe, Baker Street East, Nelson. B. C;  B. J. ROYAL.  Tent and Awning Manufactopy  OUR MAMMOTH STOCK OF  ^.ll osriisriis ope-  GANYAS GOODS,  TENTS  AWNINGS AND  FANCY STRIPED CURTAINS FOR  VERANDAHS AND WINDOWS  ALL SJZKS OF TEN*S "IN STOCK,               t-TTTj     Lin        TV/T   A   T"*l Gi/���\~t*<T"  Baker strctSt, opposite postolllce, Nelson    J- JEj   -QjiK^J -     -IVI-^./A L���' {O K-J JLN  W. P. DIOKSON  B. H. H. AFPIiBWHAITB  J. McPHBB  trie Supply and  ELECTRIC SUPPLIES  Complete Electric Equipments for Electric Power Transmission and. "Lighting for Mines, Towns  Electric Fixtures, Lamps, Bells, Telephones,.Annunciators, Etc.  P. O. Box 606. Josephine Street, Nelson, B. O.  mm co., m.  ���WHOLESALE   A32T3D   RETAIL  ttjs^rsr,    GhJR-A-IIN-,   IFIEIEID,   ETC.  Write for quotations on car lote. ISTELSOISJ",   B. O.    Vienna Restaurant  . Bakor street, between Josephine and  Hall streets, Nelson.  MEALS AT ALL HOURS, BAY OR NIGHT  BAKERY IN CONNECTION  FAMILY AND PASTRY COOKING A SPECIALTY  ONLY WHITE HELP EMPLOYED  ���R.     H:*C7RR"Sr,     PBOPEIETOB  GOAT RIVER LUMBER GO.  CRESTON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  BOOTS AND SHOES  EVERYTHING IN THE SHOE LINE  i-  NELSON, B. C.  KASLO, B. C.  SANDON, B. C.  DEALERS IN  Shelf and Heavy Hardware  SOLE AGENTS FOR  Giant Powder  TRUAX  ORE  OARS  Canton Drill Steel  CARRY IN STOCK;  Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal  Pipes, and Fittings  Giant, Caps and Fuse  Tools, Cutlery, Tin  and Woodenwafe  Stoves, Ranges,  Iron, Steel,  Sheet  Iron, T-Rails  Paints, Oils, Glass  NELSON STOKE AND OFFICE:  Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Whari  rf.  THE LAWRENCE HARDWARE GO.  Will   be found   in  their  new  premises  on   Baker  Street  with  a complete  stock  of  ARDWARE  Shelf and  Heavy  Heavy  and Shelf  ALL KINDS OF MINING SUPPLIES  You  will find it to your ;idvantage to consult us  before placing your orders'  Tii*|smithing ar\d PluiTjbirjg a Specialty  ,  Estimates Cheerfully Furnislied  . v" .�����. ���?"" . "'��� ��� "jif .."sS"  -   p]a.mpp,fl }&&'&������ ��jkrs:^*na; "JBh*fl|i*ng^-s^ejsib"'p  ��� 3!'ifas ,al*w;a*ys; ,drnn;"hua:nd".i<l1,    ' - ^ ?'��� 'y ."; '"; rl"yy"i(f,"  ��.  . t3ria^eV=&^B"*a��nb^^^  n n B n IJnnD TT13' - n  n   n     * i    !������ ff*> "  fl "ft    "  Mf" * ^^  :���'Ci>ffees. = y, ; ->-   .-,  -. n   .   ���-���.���... ���;���:-.���": ��������j-^-   ,y,  "  ^ ���leiiPistlerBifoyvn;a"*nd'*jl?a.*terisn.6;ii:"'Blsjeifijs|���'"���":'  ":^|3poW|eV;& :BIaJisg^l\,^ptp"*ft-;^  "Bi^ijm^alia'd^s, J.a:ms^etc.u   ���   ^      ,       .       (���"'  n p.andie,oiie,. & "df^iidin. nI^i?eJieh. ^eafyahd''  MusHpooriis,;I y    y       :    '   ��   '    .       '; '������ �����V   "  =    "Picklesj Sauene;4^S'p;ices,".e^c.".  ���JA osirof "AsKer��o'*ft^:EQlt"a���tq(BS,' ^ahd a�� ���QfLV"6x,  Mixed Groeepies ju-^t Inc,' :  T*wo ears of "Cyrdptoepy^oh the road.   .  A tHal.order, solicited.   Prtfees right.  Telephone iO.   P. 6. Box K & W.     fiaker street West, Nelson  2(i AND 28 WEST BAKKR STREET, NELSON  ESTABLISHED  1879.  Builders and contractors can now secure  thie; best lime on the market at  70 Cents pep 100 Lbs  CALL   AND   INSPECT ���  Twenty years old and still growing.  parsoi)$ produce Qo.  WHOLESALE  PROVISION  MERCHANTS  COLD STORAGE WAREHOUSEMEN  AND JOBBERS OF GREEN FRUITS  Makes Mud!  Mud Makes Dirt!  Dirt Makes Soap  A necessary article is ah article that every housekeeper  should have* that article is  GILT EDGE SOAP  Because it does the work easier and is free from any injurious chemicals, thereby rendering it perfectly harmless to the softest hands, and  warranted not to injure the finest fabric.   Only at  The West Kootenay Brick & Lime Co., Ltd.  Baker Street.        T. G. PROCTOR, IVanager  All Rizes of dimension Umber and all kinds of lumber  out to order, and shipped to Nelson in carload lotu.  Write for prices.  STEINWAY  The 8tandard   Piano  of the World.  NORDHEIMER  The Artistic Piano of  Canada.  HEAD OFFICE, WINNIPEG  J. A. ROGERS, General Manager  Manager for Western British Columbia,  JOHN PARSONS, Vancouver  Manager for Yukon District,  CHAS. MILNE, Dawson  Manager for Southern British Columbia.  ���  P. J. RUSSELL, Nelson  ABERDEEN BLOCK  NELSON, B. O.  DesBrisay & Go.  ABT AND MDSIC CO., Nelson, Agents.  VANCOUVER���A, F. Ralph, Manager.  DAWSON OITY���A. O. Cuiininghan, Manager.  ATLIN CITY���J. A. Fraser, Manager.  NELSON���P. J. Russell, Manager. .     .  Stocks carried at Victoria, Rossland, Cranbrook, Greenwood and Revelstoke.  The largest handlers of Butter and Eggs in  the Canadian Northwest.  Cream  Sodas  WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED  A fresh consignment of Maple Leaf Crenni Sodas received  direct from the factory, put up in "-pound boxes. Also  a full line of (he Toronto Biscuit and Confectionery  Company's Sweet Biscuits. Don't forget that we handle  Blue Ribbon Ten.  JOHN A. IRVING & CO.  Baker Street West, Nelson, B. C.  SPECIAL ATTEITM  Have just received a consignment of Harris homo  made tweeds from Talbot Harris, Scotland..  FBED J. SQUIBE, Baker St. Nelson  The supply.is limited, ho call early and examine this stock.  ���*��<K'|j*$ljg'��'��*^ ..,._.,. ..,/_.


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