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 RUSHED THE FOUR LOAN BY-LAWS  THROUGH   FIRST   STAGES.  At tlie meeting of the city council last  evening the four money by-laws were  given their first and second readings, so  that the chances are good for the citizens  being called upon to say whether they  shall increase the debenture debt of, the  city by $(55,000. There was evidently a  desire for haste on the part of the council, and when it came to tlie second reading of tlie bylaws the four were put  through their second reading together on  one resolution, which was moved by  alderman Thomson.  When   the  bylaws came  up  for consideration,   alderman   Fletcher  made   a  little speech upon the necessity for their  passage.     He said that when the present  council took  ollice  they  found  a  small  deiicit,   but   practically   $15,000 of  the  revenue  had already  been  disposed  of.  There were   $4000  in  outstanding  bills  and $10,000 for the electric light flume  construction out of an estimated revenue  of $55,000 leaving a balance of $40,000 to  meet all requirements.     Of this amount  $15,000   were  required  i'or running expenses for the year.     To  this  should be  added   $10,000   to   meet   payments   on  account of debentures, so that there remained but $15,000 for expenditures upou  public works,  and of this about $2000  were expended upou waterworks maintenance.    He then  went  over the four  bylaws and claimed that the amounts set  out in each were required.  Alderman Fletcher moved the first  reading of the sewers by-law for raising  $15,000. It was seconded by Alderman  Beer and carried.  Alderman Thomson moved the first  reading of the waterworks by-]aw for  $30,000, which was seconded by Alderman McKillop and carried.  Alderman Fletcher -moved the first  .reading pf the electric light by-law for  $15,000,* wliich was seconded by Alderman Kirkpatrick and carried.  When tlie bylaw for raising $5000 for  public buildings was brought ,up, alder-,  'man'Beer said that he didhiot consider it  advisable to pass the bylaw in its present  shape. He did uot consider that $5000  would be enough. If the bylaw called for  $15,000 lie would support it cheerfully.  Alderman Hillyer, who opposed all the  bylaws except that for sewage, expressed  the opinion tliat tlio matter of the public  buildings bylaw could very well go over  ���for tho present year.  '���   Alderman .Fletcher,  in  answer  to alderman Beer,-said  that-if the  electric  ~ light bylaw was passed the council could  -< supplement the $5000for.public buildings  '-' with $2500 but of the general revenue. If  it was' found"* tliat'-*thc. amount'" voted  would not be sufficient the  council  need  not~ issue   the   debentures   at   all.  , He  added that the  passage  of the bylaws'  would not increase the taxes for the present year one cent, but said  nothing of  what the increase would be next year.  Tlio public buildings bylaw Avas then  given its first reading."  Alderman Thomson  then moved, seconded by  Alderman  Fletcher,  that tlie'  V four by-laws bo read a second time.   This  was agreed  to, Alderman Hillyer alone  dissenting. *   *  -  The city clerk then 'read .the sewer bylaw. The date/for. payment-of interest  and sinking fund Avals blank, and thesugr  gestiou was .made that July 1st be insulted.       " **   =      ;  .-Alderman" Fletcher- objected to this as  it would make the interest fall due this  year. He asked how it would bo to make  it the 20th of July, so that the new council would havo   tlie   work of raising the  iMftney,. _s ; _=      ==^  ~to7Wd_July 2Gth was  >o,,  ^i^y^  TUESDAY MORNING, MAY 2,  181)0.  LOCAL AND MINING NEWS FROM  ADJAdENT   TOWNS   AND   CAMPS.  PUBLISHED AT.* NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DAILY (BY MAIL) $5 A YEAR;   WEEKLY. $2.  purpose required by the corporation, and  that it have an exclusive charter for  25 years.  Alderman Hillyer thought that the  question of the terms of the charter  should be referred to a committee.  Alderman'Beer said that the council  might pass upon the question of granting  the charter and the terms of the same  could be determined afterwards. He  asked Doolittle what ho would guarantee  in the way of coke works construction.  Doolittlosaid that hccould guarantee the  expenditure of $100,000 and-the company  would be willing to have twenty-live per  pointed to see what could be done'in the  way of .securing a title for some recreaA-  tion grounds in view of the Canadian  Pacific Railway Company having backed  out of its agreement with respect to tlie  present grounds.  Chief Thompson of the fire department  was given' two weeks leave of absence to  attend the Knights of Pythias meeting.  stock  subscribed  Was"!  inserted.  Alderman Fletcher then moved that  tjie four by-lftws be referred to the committee of $]ie whole at tlie next" meeting  of the Council, This was carried,  . ;Dr, fjlftolittlf*'addressedthocouhcil upon  his application for a franchise f or a ga$v  and: coke worJks> He talked like a real  estate* "agent upon tlie future possibilities  of Nelson. Tlie Chief essentials for the  fujl*ui;eV of Nelson he put down as I'apid  transit and good schools^ and hext to  these lie jsaid gas came in. If his company���'The Economical Gas Company���  Avetfe given a franchise ho said it would  be prepared within 00 days to conimenee  tlie erection of a coke and gas plaiit and  expend anything up to $200,000. The  coinpaiiy would, make a Specialty of tlie  manufacture of coke, sell such gas as it  could, and use its surplus gas in the manufacture of coke instead of using the coke  as fuel. A*".-, to the local consumption of  coke lie said that the Hall Mines smelter  used from 30 to 40 tons per day and if  his company secured a franchise this coke  could be manufactured iu Nelson and the  making of it and the gas would furnish  employment for about 25 men. The chief  use made of gas at present was for power  and heat purposes) and in order that the  gas company should not compete Avitli  the city's electric light plant, lie was prepared tliat the council should fix the rate  to be charged for illuminating purposes.  Tlie company would also be prepared to  supply the city with, power for generating electricity, Avhieh would absolutely  guarantee tlie efficiency of the. city's  lighting plant at a price which would  represent the actual cost of production of  the gas. He asked that the company  have two years in which to expend $25,-  000, that the company should supply gas  for lighting at $3 per thousand feet, at  $2 for power and heating, and $1 for any  cent of the  company's  by Nelson people.  Alderman Beer then asked alderman  Hillyer if he would incorporate in his  resolution for reference to a committee  tho words "whereas, it is desirable that  a coke and gas plant be established in  Nelson if details can be arranged with  Dr. Doolittle satisfactorily."  Alderman Hillyer replied--that' there'  was a standing offer which the council  had made to other parties which stipulated that the city should have a percentage of the profits and other things.  He had no objection to incorporating the  amendment suggested by alderman Beer  but he had the terms of the council's  former offer iu mind" and would not tie  his hand in any way.  Tlie resolution Avas then auoptod and  the mayor appointed 'alderman Fletcher,  Thomson, McKillop and Beer a committee  to consider the question of the terms of  the franchise.  A letter from Macdonald   & Johnson  was then read, enclosing a draft of a  bylaw which they said  were the  greatest  concessions wliich the projected, tramway  company was prepared to make from its  former application for a franchise.    The  bylaw wliich was read  set out that the  company should have an exclusive  right  to  run   tram  cars  on tiny  of the city  streets, that the overhead trolley system  should be used, that when a line was laid  upon an  unopened  street  the company  bear ono half tho expense of dealing that  .street, that except in case of accident the  company should not suspend   the operation' of its system  for  more  than   three'  months,, and    that    in    the  -event'  of  such, a     susixmsion     for<    over    three  .months .except under specified   circumC  sttinces,  the- company's   charter should  become   forfeited.    Tlie   rate   for " fares  should not exceed ton ccnts,=and not move  thaii double this amount for service after"  11 o'clock p. in, twelve tickets to be sold  for a dollar,-, school   children's tickets to  be sold six  for  25" cents, .children under  five'years to bo .carried  free, iind transfers .to be furnished for any point on tho  company's system for' a single fare. * Tho  company's.property to  be exempt from  taxation and the company free from aiiy  taxes or license for ten years.  That Avithin tAvo months after   the passage ofthe  by-hiAV the company td commence Avork of  construction and carry tlie same oil continuously  until   at   least tAvo   miles, of  tramway  is  completed.    That tlie company have an  exclusive  franchise for 35  years* that at the  end  of that time the  corporation have the right to purchase at  the end of any five  years thereafter by  giving one year's notice  and  paying the  value of the company's plant, exolusiA^e of  ^tJie-fraheliiSeratio!^prospecfciv0^prMtsT)f  five yeai's*.  The council gave the by-law as submitted its first and second; readings aiid  decided to consider it in coiiimittee at a  mooting to be held at 4 o'clock: tOmorroAV  afternoon.  Judge Forin, president of the Ivootenay  L;ike Genei'al Hospital Society, and F. tyT.  Swannell, secretary of the suine, appeared  before the council and asked for assistance. Judge Forin, in" an address to tlio  council, said tliat it Avas iie"cess.ary that  the hospital hiVve a Avomen's AYard. This  Avould require itn expenditure Of $2500.  The management had practised every  economy, but it aviis practically out of  funds and the provincial government's  grant had been virtually reduced by $1500  per year. He asked that the council ninko  a grant of $12 per Aveek tOAVard the maintenance of the hospital and a grant of  $500 conditional upon the society raising  $2000 for-the purpose of building a avo-  men's AArard. If the council did this the  society would make the hospital open to  the city's charity patients free of cost.  F. W. Swannell spoke in support of  this grant and sald*that the society had  already $000 subscribed toAA^ards the  Avoman's hospital Avard extension.  Alderman Beer moA^ed, after the matter  had been debated for some time, that the  council grant $500 conditional upon the  society raising $2000 for the A\ronian's  Avard and that a payment of $40 per  month be made for maintenance. This  AA*as seconded by alderman McKillop and  adopted.  Alderman McKillop AVas then appointed  as the representatiAre of the council upon  the hospital board and it Avas decided  that the city patients should be admitted  upon an order from the mayor and a  certificate from the hospital physician.  A committee composed of aldermen  Thomson,   Beer   and, McKillop  Avas ap-  Met Death on tho Teslin Trail.  James Mowat, avIio  lived  in Nelson for  several   years,  and    for   whom  inquiries  ,wero made recently through' Tn JO Titl-  m-Tr-JB, met death ou the trail between  Telegraph Creek and lake Teslin last  March. He and a companion named Boulter had got out about seventy miles from  Telegraph Creek. They were packing  their supplies in relays. One A'ery cold  night they failed to make camp, and the  result Avas tliat Mowat got both feet badly frozen, and received such a shock to  his system that ho died a Aveek: after-.  wards. His remains Avere taken back to.  Telegraph Creek and decently buried.  Strike in a Mine Opposite Kaslo.  Considerable excitement has been  caused in Kaslo over the unco\'crii*ig of  a 10-foot seam in the No. 2 tunnel of the  LeA'iathan mine, opposite that toAvn, as-;  says of Avhieh give A*alues of $13 per ton  in gold, silver and copper, or Avithin $2 of  Avhat is conceded to be pay ore. This is  considered A'ery encouraging, jis AArork on  the sinking contract ou tlie above seam'  has barely commenced, and with depth'  better results are assured. The Leviathan company has eleAren claims on Kaslo  mountain, and is an'iron-capped, proposition of enormous possibilities. ������[  Mclnnes' Sunday Trip.  Special to'Tho Tribune..'  Victoria, May 1.���Lieutenaiit-gOArer-;  nor Mclnnes has established another precedent, lurving gone on the Sabbath day  to call on the Arisiting Japanese,  admiral, and has been honored  with an artillery salute, called for  by his position ' as her majesty's  representative. It is rare indeed that  the Sunday stillness of Esquimalt is broken by the bbbni "of artillery, and of  course eA'eryone wanted to kiioAV the.  reason Avhy, so that the governor's, Sab-  .bath day journey ha'sbeen well a'd\rertised.  Enterprise Deal Reported .Closed.'"  "  .   t    * Special to The Tribune:-. , ,  Nhav "Dbnvkii, May 1.���George "Ayiard  and   Alexander." Ferguson  left  here  on  Saturday to measure, the  contract just'  finished on the Enterprise mine, on Ten-  mile creek.   .Ayiard, Avho is'ano.wner  in  the Enterprise,  says' the  deal -Avith the  London & B. C'Gold fields was''closed on.  Friday.    The Enterprise Avas  bonded by  its locators to .Finch- &- Campbell Von  a.=  Friday, in 1 SOS.    if the London   & B. C.  Goldfields people make as avoII put of the  property as Finch & Campbell have, they  Avill not rue their bargain.  Columbia Will be Incorporated.  Special to The Tribune.  Victouia, May 1.���Deputations for and  against tlie incorporation of the  city  of  Columbia, a neighbor and rival of Grand  Forks, Avere heard by tho prouincial ministers today.    Charles Hay appeared  for  -Coltn nbia.. ai i d ���niayoivMiViloy^n n d-ftfitflio^  A GARDNER'S INQUEST IS HELD  ON  A   SICK   HOSPITAL.  tary Smith, Ofthe Grand Forks Townsite  Company, for Grand Forks. The ministers, decided In favor Of the application  for incorporation.           Philippine Points to be Connected by Cable.  Associated Press,  Nmv York, May 1.���The United States"*  cable steainer Hooker p;isj*ed out of quarantine this afternoon bound fb'" Manila,  to connect by cable nil the mail) points in  the Philippines. The Booker was formerly the'Panama. one of bhe first prl/.es  eaptui'od in the Spanish war. Lieutenant  Jolm E. Mansfield is in command, ancl  with him goes a full detachment from tlie  signal corps.  A Big Cut in the Price of Gas.  Associated Press.  Niow York, May 1.���Tlie New* York  Mutual Gas Lighting Company today  gave notice that the price of gas to all  customers has been reduced, from $1.1.0 to  05 cents per thousand feet. The Consolidated Gas Company also announced a  similar reduction. At the Ollice of the  Mutual company no reason Avas given for1  the big cut. The reduction had been  entirely unexpected.  Made Swallow His Professions.  Associated Press.  Piui^AimLVuiA, May 1.���Right Rev.  Jolm Shanahan Avas today consecrated  bishop of Harrisburg at tho cathedral  here. The. bishop Avas required to profess his belief in the various articles that  he has particularly attacked, and especially the doctrine of tho incarnation.  The matter of the refusal of the Kootenay Lake General Hospital Society to admit Elizabeth AVaite into the hospital on  Saturday was the subject for a coroner's  inquest yesterday afternoon. A.s was  announced in Till-: Tiuiil'XK Sunday  morning, the woman was eventually admitted to the institution, but died before  she could   be   placed   upon   a  bed.r,    ''.  The woman Avas brought to'Nelson by a  physician, 'Dr. Thomas A. .Wilson,  Avho  attended   her  for a couple  of days   at  Kuskonook.     fie   was  treating   her  for  pneumonia, and on  Saturday decided to  bring hor to the Nolson hospital.    Tlie  arrangements   which,   he  made for  the  Avoman's remoAral Avill strike most people  'as being rather careless.    Tlie pneumonia  patient was removed in A*cry scant clothing.    It .consisted  of a piece  of flannel  around her chest, an  underArest aud a  nightshirt.    When, the  steainer arrived  at Nclson,'about 0:45 in the  evening, she  was Avrapped in some blankets and placed  in an express Avagon on a stretcher.    In  this condition' she Avas. brought  to  the  hospital accompanied by Dr. Wilson.   He  demanded! admittance for the patient,  Avhieh Avas   refused, as he had no order.  The matron telephoned to  Dr. Hall  asking -what should be done, and as the hospital physician did not kuo\v tlie  nature,  of the Avoman's disease, he said she could  not be admitted, especially as there Avas  'no room for her in  the  institution.    Dr.  jWilson,  strangely  enough, did  not  say  that hc Avas a  physician,  Avhieh  would  lni/ve   ensured    the   woman's  admission  temporarily, at any  rate, but droAre the  patient aAvay to the corner of Baker and  Josephine streets. A .messenger Avas then  sent to judge Forin, and he came doAvn to  the corner where the express Avagon  Avas.  standing.    Dr.  Wilson did not  disclose  to   judge     Forin      tliat     he     Avas   a  ���physician.    He said the Avoman Avas suffering   from  pneumonia.     AVhile judge  ���Forin and   he Avere talking,  Dr.   Forin  came'upoii-thc scene.  =He was -consulted  .and advised that the Avoman'be taken tp  -some shelter out qf the rain,,as .he said  the patient   avou Id   collapse, "Avheii   she  .came out from the effects of--the  stimu-  "��� hints.    The resultwas, that" judge-Forin  -issued"an   Order'- for. "'admission   to  the  ���matron ofthe hospital."-  This was about  S o'clock, or' it might have "'been -after 8  o'clock, ras   juilge   Forin   could-hot  say  positively.    ThoAVonian Avas then -taken  to the hospital and djed before she.could  be" placed'upon a bed.    / ' -  There "would, probably-havc'boon'no in-  A-cstigation but for the circumstance that  Dr. Wilson wired the fact of the' refusal  of admittance-to attorney-general Martin,  who instructed Dr. Arthur to hold an inquest. The jurors Avpro AV. AV. Beer,  foreman. A. II. Clements, ��� .1. F. Weir.  Horace Hume, James Wallace and Duncan McDonald. Tho chief evidence  brought out so far as the hospital authorities are concerned was the testimony of  Dr. Hall, to the elfcot that lie Avas not  informed of the dying condition of the  Avoman; that he did not know, she Avas  accompanied by a physician, and therefore could not tell what the nature of  Jior^iU'sease^vas.J=anc]^*Hj.e=tei5tinion5feo-f=  judge Foriii that .the order for1 the  Avoman's admission was given merely to  provide �����. shelter for her to die in.  The jury's verdict Avas that the  Woman's death AVas due to pneumonia',  and that the refusal of admittance Avas  due to tlie fact tba;t there is oo women's  Avard in the KoOfcoiiny Lake general hospital, and they strongly urged the Jiro-  vtuciaJ goYei'inliQiit to make a .special  grant sufficient to provide such a ward.  dared at the department that the proclamation issued by the Philippine commission just before the beginning of last  campaign presents the maximum concessions tliat will be made. The United  States government is willing to accord to  tho natives an opportunity to test tlieir  abilities, for the Philippine coin-  mission proposes to allow them . complete control of their local affairs. The  experiment is already in progress at some  points in the."Philippines outside the  island of Luzon. So far as the reports  indicate, these experiments are working  well, and promise to have a good influence in shaping, the attitude towards  the'United States of a considerable element among the-Philippines wliich has  been suspicious of our intentions.   ���  WAS   "JOE"   MARTIN   WORSTED?  Special to The Tribune.  New DenvkRj May 1.���Snow has been  falling in the hills daily and the season is  groAving more backward. Prospectors  are anxious to get up the creeks to do  issessmenb work, but the snow prevents.  *").!��� ;  Tho chances for a big flood are certain.  Speo'al tD The Tribune.     .-���'-.  Victoria, May-1.���The provincial government today" gave effect to their  announced determination to claim Dead-  man's Island, timber inspector Skinner  taking formal inspection on their behalf.  It is pointedly announced that this action  is taken upon the advice_of chief commissioner of lands and ~ works Cotton.  The fact that the .executivehas not acted  upon the advice of the attorney-general,  avIio. has been fighting to uphold the  Dominion ownership on behalf of his  private client Ludgate,'.seems'to. indicate  an embarrassing position- of affairs, of  which the opposition are endeavoring to  make the most. The Colonist insists that  the circumstances are such that premier  Semlin or the lieutenant-governor should  demand Martin's resignation.  The action of the provincial--govern-',  ment in taking possession of ���the Island  is intended to.place upon the Dominion  the burden of proving OAvnership.  Indians Make Trouble in Alaska.  As-ocintcd Press    ���       ::  Victoria, May 1.���Tho news of an exciting encounter betAA'eeu whites and Indians, on the trail to KlukAvau and Boulder Creek, in Alaska-,Vis reported '������.by .the:,  steamer Danube. 'TheSp'arf^^  . thc. Haines- "tra i lrVeOnhnltteea^vlib?had-j  raised funds, located'-camps,"and started  to open a suniinuri^Jra|l^p��J��liiKWan^'aiuls���  . thence ;uto  ]3oii]dei^Gr^]S.-r��^rii^��5fat^  took exception ��� to^tlie^^ihtrusiohtof -the-  02;] C  The Price of the Metals.  Associated Press.  Nmw York, May 1.���Bar silver  Mexican dollars 10c Copper,- ...quiet;  broker's 10^@I 0|; exchange 10@25c. .Lead,  firmer; broker's $1.10, exchange. .$1.''1Z(��'  $4.37i. *      '*  Trying to Exchange Prisoners.  Assbci.itcd Press.  MANiiiA, iMay 2.���General lAIcArtliUi'  has seiit oflicefs' to general Antoniofiiina,  tlio Filipino cominander, liudel' a Mag of  truce, carrying money arid provisions' fbl*  tho American prisoners in his baud's, end  asking for an exchange of prisoners  aiitl tlie names of such as he  may have. It is reported tliat the insurgents have two officers and sixteen  others, and it is supposed that among  these are lieutenant J. C. Glimore and  eleven men of the crew of the gunboat  Yorktown, avIio fell into tho handsof the  Filipinos last month. Major Bell, with a  squad of scouts, has captured the town of  Maeabebe, twenty-four miles southwest  of Cahunpit, the people ringing bells and  shouting "Vivas."  The Terms Offered the Filipinos.  Associated Press.  AVasiiinc'Tox, May 1.���Tlie state department lias received a long, report by  cable from president Schurman of. the  Philippine commission of the conference  that was held- at Manilla on Saturday  betAveen the members of tho commission  and* the "representatives of Aguinaldo.  The text of the-'dispatch' ..was -iiot-ihacle  public, but it av/is stated.������ that. Mr.-'Sliiii;'--  man's report-agreed-.precisely., with-the  statement.of the proceedings.in the"cou-V  forenco as cabled from Manilla..    It is do-.  ���   ..,.-��� $s<r-~w Jsio'u-'S'rrThp"  United States auffi&ite^v^aiiypeliled?  to, with -the rcsul^ifii^'tli^^iVS^lJ  several bucks are -]ibo?vvVj^*i^iei?^;E��Hajue,sy  Britain Makes.f'a-^Move:? s.. ��sk .>>,  -,      "B-r,v,V-,"�� '��ly:'y-sfl""pa"s': "��$.���.":y  -      ���       , -Assoeiatcjipr^eas.inV.", ��� ,.\t. .&����*����. ,  Ukiimn, May J '.-gfchp*:lMh��mi^c%&yi��  timg pujjlish.es a di|]:)a)tchi'*trqni^"J:|ugcltVd,',(:  Asiastic   Turkey,^^sfer^ili^'lsrut^  Britain has alreatly tuX-en.'s.'tep^to, cduiit-i''  eract the efforts of .tliexltttss'idn jexpedil*  tion   and  .recently^^coinple^eclfa; "siiVvjjy"/.  i'or the extension o^tlie'TffAs ".[iiitl^lfiii.^'  railro.ad, from,a   |jpiil-t*oli^'tii��QViPI^bld����^?'kq*;  ri ver, northeast o"[sl3a^dad,*."to;'the��"Pe^  gulf.    According tqVtlieJ'VaTd\.';i:ce.s"��'i'iC ques-^  tion, a British guiiboftfclifts been ��<hit ,t6  tlie Persian  gulf, pi'OSuhiab'ly Avith  t'hO  oljjoct of taking jjossessiqii of tlie jrtouths  of the rivers Euphi?aJ?es and Tigris.  An optimistic aud sanguiiio feeling is pervading the camp and the outlook for the  season continues to brighten. Now that  several big deals have gone through,  claim-holders are mightily encouiagtd  and good times "are prophesi/.od.  The Queen Bess Proprietary Company  has. gladdened the hearts of its shareholders by declaring aii interim clivideiitT-  of (id per share. At the present time the  Queen Bess group is looking Avell,and the  contemplated developments this season  AA'ill add greatly to the ore reserves, iioav  already large. It is these dividends that  helps out the camp so much.  Groat preparations are being made t6  -accommodate- and   feed   the   expectautV  crowds on,May,24th.-   There will be three  large dining-rooms in  full  blast alLday .  and a number of refreshments booths, the  largest of --which will be that conducted;  by the ladies  of the Anglican Vchureh,'  Avho Avill occupy the old club building on  Slocan avenue. 'They.will serve a tAvo-bit  lunch all day, tho fund to go to painting *  the'neAvchurch. y--V   V  , ,W.,;P. Ea-iuis left here on Sunday-to /  assume charge of the Kootenaian at*:  Kaslo^'- 'y.':'"',���:.���;(. V������:.-',��� *.��� '��� i:.;  The proposed waterworks scheme for V  '; the-town has Aranished into thin air.   V  v  .-A.-Brindle has located a, claim  on  the  Three ^Forks Avagon road,- to  the Avest of  ���It. C.   Canipbell-.Johustpn's   group,   and  ,  Avithin .the  townsite.   The disCoArery is:y  on the edge of the road, with Wo feet of  quartz in sight in a well-defined ledge.; Ifc  carries small bunches of galena and gray  copper.     ' ���' ':.;.'-        y(y('"](  On the Turris group caiiital headway  is being made in the crosscut and sinking-y(  will soon be begun on the ore bodyi The���((((  ledge" and paystreak are. holding ;their  width well. Sixteen sacks of ore were /V  put up on Saturday i morning, having ;���  been taken from the breast of the cufc'?V i  The sanitary question has become,:as':-���:  great a nuisance as the system.c In :tlieV V  mean time tlie /inconvenience as exasper^t*  ating. v. V "V/V''V: ���((^:''(;][y]'/]yy:'(':(yyy;yyy  The - steamer   Sloean   Avill V continue;//-  :rummig,till after May-2A^yyy(yyy(yyy:��p  ^(^icenuoreVaiVpotat^  ^dw}*dV��THe same prevails in o^^  {ljj i"es.my. V* "is^y^j^Ji*s'*4 yy^^" yy"'(y]-]���:]yyy(]y(y\:(  ^l;^*"#^^i^;^^K^ip.:^^^,���'!^; (y,y--:yy  |.|lKiska|j\f^^  9^ie^wnmi ig^^ for^:  ^h|)rej]|e*A\y.lol*t*fyja^  ;.tiin$ln^ ����* ^"^mi W^^(y0  fyMr/Evap s,>A\%q��' Ijas.. been, on'&li ej Ledge, Xy.  ;-3taJh-at^TeAVADeuver ,iox sometimeyar-yy  n$ve��inyl��k^  .Qf'XiiVlCo^^^  The C.R.Pi,."%teaj;n^r.Moyie,4)jissed^uQrmth.��::  yesfferday-in^:iiibj^��}\5i'd|^^  ===Ger**tfany^W*Jnt'HHer^^  Assftciatod Press.,  Bl'iRLiX, May 1.���It i.s tlio belief in  political circles' hero that now tliat Great  Britain lias reliuqiiis'liecf. the opon-dogf-  policy in Oliina, and given huv adhes'ioU  to the sphere of influence policy there,  Germany must folloAv suit. The Tagels*-  bhttt today says : "The first coiiseffiience  of theAnglo^llussian agj-eehiei-.it Jiius't be  that Germany, too, .must ded'arc the  lioang-llo valley to -.bo .\\0r sphere, ft  would be a far-reaching eiTor A\*ere Germany to confine herself to the j3i'oViuce  of Shangliai-Tungi"  China's Two Protectors.  Associated press.  St. PkTKUSiHuui. May 1,��� Tlie Anglo-  ���ftussiaii agreement, with reference to  spheres of iijllnouce iii China," is not in  the form o| a convention, but is set  forth in ,a note, duplicates of  wliich liave been exchanged between  tlie Russian minister for foreign  a Hairs, iind the British ambassador to  Russia. The preamble states that both  countries agree to uphold the integrity  and independence of the Chinese empire.  Peace in Prospect for Argentine.  Associated  Press.  Burcxos Avuiis, May 1.���The congress  ofthe Argentine Republic opened today.  In his message President Itocas said that  ji settlement is in prospect for the territorial question, under Avliich peace will be.  assured, and the government will be enabled to develop the resources of the  country and promote the colonization of  Patagonia. .   ��� Baseball Games.  /-���Baltimore 1, Boston'0.'  ]. New York 8, Philadelphia S.  ..Pittsburg 5, St. Louis 7.  .-AVashington. (5, Brooklyn 7.  '; Cleveland 1, Louisville 0.  -Oii'riifg fqr d#r^iigJi^AV|lt^i\i" V".  ���     -   ^'lTmir.v ��     ���'.      '   .yy^y.  YSiin, %fwy 1.^yiiji&��ip&,M'Mdfi "pffp^d'  *-iip=snoA\-i'iTg=lrardrl'mtr^^^^  S'tiii is sliiuiiig sbfpng again.   No doiibt,it  is, the  last. SXlowStorJ-ii    gf    t'h,&  seii*l6ii,  Papering iind painting, seems to be the  order of the daythroughout1 Y^mir, alhibSfe  every house going iji for a spring  cleiiu-  ing.    Last iiiglit" the  |lCv.  James  I^icks  pi'eached, it niosj] iiijjJressjLveDsorinOn Iii the,  lAa'Csters hallj taking for his text the  "Life of ;ftchoboiuii/"   He leaveg by  tins  evening's  train,    ticcompaiyied   by   Mrs.  j licks, to atteud'thoMiithodistcoufereuce.  At NanabflOj and expects  to   be  nw'ay  three Si ui days.   It is just possible that  hirf lociiin teuens lor next Sunday Aveek  Avill be the lie v. 1). 1% Bit'lfS of RosslaUd,  Two -stock brokers are Opening in   Ymir,  and possibly a. third.    There  haVe beCil  ���considerable   Jdealings   in   Ymir   stocks  lately, nokibly Tamai'acs and  Monarclis.  A. force  of  men  are  being employed at  the Dundee mine  getting everything iii  order preparatory to commencing operations at an early date.    The shipment of  supplies for the installation of the Avater-  works system leaves Chicago next  AVeek.  The company has started a gang of  meu  preparing   for   the    excavating   of   tlie  drains for the pipes.    The ihusicale con-  A'crsazione given on  Saturday  night, by  Mrs. Ross was a success, although the Inclement   weather  prevented  some from  putting in an appearance. Tonight Albert  Newbouud will entertain his  friends   of  both  sexes  n't a social' gathering at his  residence.         Captain Rockefeller Missing.  ���   Associated Press.  AV as 111 N"GT<) .v, May 1.���General Otis reports from Manila .that Captain Rockefeller of the Niuth infantry, lias been  missing since April 28fch. On that day  he avivs commanding a batallion near  Caloocan. He ��� visited the outposts at  9:30 at night and has not beeu seen siuce.  It is belieA'ed that he lost his bearings  aud Avas captured by the rebels. THE TRIBUTE:  NELSON,   B. C, TUESDAY,   MAY 2,  181)9.  Special Dress  To clear a few lines at half the usual price, all in  dress lengths of 7 yards each, no two pieces alike  8 pieces figured dress goods at 40 cents, regular price, 75 cents  7 pieces figured dress goods at 65 cents, regular price, $1.25  10 pieces figured dress goods at $1, regular price, $1.75  The balance of our spring capes and jackets at wholesale price  Baker Street,  NELSON  A. FERLAND & CO.  Garden Tools  A COMPLETE LINE JUST ARRIVED  "FROM EASTERN MARKETS  Nelson Hardware Co  Baker Street, Nelson.  could be produced at" two cents a gallon  in any part of the United States, and if  sold at live cents a gallon avou Id bring an  immense profit.  15 S A.  SAY  kLJt ���.!>���*  INCORPORATED 1670.  Have You  a Sweet  Tooth?  Sweaters and Underwear  AVe have succeeded this season in getting the FRENCH HEALTH UNDERWEAR for spring and summer wear. This is the finest and best made  on the market. Balbriggans at all prices. Our silk and wool sweaters are  admired by all and acknowledged.to be the finest yet shown in Nelson.  See these goods and get prices. -..'������  J. F. WEIR  Sign of the Big Red Hat  P. O. Box 103, Nelson, B. C.  Tl?  SO  COME  AND  SKK  OUR  ASSORTMENT  OF  S HAT  B  MEN'S      tm  CHILDREN'S am  AND LADIES' ;&  BOOTS B  AND SHOES   B  HAVE JUST RECEIVED THEIR SPRING IMPORTATION OF  W  Portieres and Lace Curtains  $ White Muslin Curtains with frilled edge; Aplique Curtains in cream f!  |jjj and white, whieh for richness and durability cannot be equalled;; Not-f  g ting-ham Lace Curtains in pretty designs and colorings of ecru and ||  H white; Colored Coin Spot Muslins for door, sash and window curtains; ��  ^ White Coin Spot Muslins in all sizes of spots. B  Christie's  Fancy  ��tte f&tibxmz.  Daily Edition. .........  Weekly Edition.......  ....First Year, No. 101  .Sbvkntu Ykab,No. 21  THE DAILY TRIBUNE is publisher!   every  morning  (except Monday), and will be mailed (o .subscribers  in Canada or the Uniied States for ��5 a year, and to  subscribers in Great Britain for ?8 a jear; or it will  be.delivered to subscribers in Nelson for 25 cents a  week, $1 a" month, $2.50 for three months, ?5 for six  months, or 810 for one year.   Payable in advance.  THE WEEKLY TRIBUNE is published every Wednesday and Saturday, and will be mailed to subscribers  anywhere for ��2 a year, payablo in advance.  REGULAR ADVERTISEMENTS printed in both the  --":  daily and weekly, editions for ?1 por inch per month.  LOCAL OR READING MATTER NOTICES 25 cents a  .   line for each insertion.  ���: SOB"PRINTING at fair rates. ��� Accounts for job print-  ^ ing.and advertising arc payable'on, tho first of every  !������ month. ���*BAddress��� '. -"-..' '      -  y0y. '��� ^^yj ���- '- '- THK TRIBUNE. Nelson, B. C.   -  *i?Let,us suppose that "some one had "suggested to the  jBpeOple^of, Victoria, a few years ago, when the balaiiceof  ^power in-provincial affairs was held here, that any ono  sin Koolenay.Vswho ventured to oppose, anything upon  ^wtiicji^a^cqnsiScrable number of people here had set'  Vtheir riiipds.Vshould be "knifed,"'what would The Tri-  ��. BUNKana.its"neighbors have"said1 - "r       '  able by. death, but they will escape  punishment. The Standard Oil magnates  purchase immunity Avith money; the  Occur d'Aleue miners, with ballots. Both  disgrace the country in Avhieh they 1 ivc.  The Times and The Globe, Victoria's  tAvo evening papers, although both of the  Liberal persuasion, haA'e been unable, so  far, to agree on but ono question, that is,  that The Tribunk is a traitor to the best  interests of British Columbia. Tije Tribune is not taking lessons, in patriotism  from either The Times or-The Globe.       *  OVER FORTY VARIETIES  CHOICE AND FRESH  CHENILLE   AND  TAPESTRY PORTIERES  B  iyi  Scroll designs in Tapestry and Chenille, also in, plain colorings, goods that are B  moderate in price, an,d something th,at will give the best of satisfaction     B  Standard Oil Profits.  t .$p-.;the ^eoplft;of Hm%^W^p^^3t,  v^co^Mryv-tol^  ^a*%y,��"*%y��py u:y'a ^: ����.f>'puay**<!.$..".^^ ��\i '"��ty p^^p....^^ $.  "w^po^ticiai^  r^it^*"��Val^  ?���.�����ta"tn^lthat/.:%enV",biiildmg^^. of.'rail ways {'.in.  ^Rbunxla"^ cits1  n According to "the Standard.Oil Com-  'paiiy's . sworn statement -in the hands of  the.attorney-general of.Ohio.Ui barrel of  refined oil costs that "concern just tweiity  cents^ or two-fifths of a .cent' a gallon.^  In, that cost is . included ~ raw material,  .;ti'eatment���rtand.sthe:��:expense. of. l'efining  ���|Moik:!Moin^  Hudson's Bay Stores  AVcst Baker Street.      Telephone 13.  is  AND   WILL  BRING  "WITH  IT  A  DEMAND  FOR  g "VELVET   TABLE   COYEES '..'���*  ���^ Something  very  rich  and  handsome  in  g-reen  and  blue bordered, in $  # scroll patterns of gold and red; art velvets for cushions and draperies.^  W:  Chenille Table Covers in 4, .6,: 8, and 10 Quarter Sizes jjg  CURTAIN POLES   AT  ALL   PRICES M  Something special in Oak inch and half poles, wood trimmings, all complete, for 50 cents. MAY DELINEATOR NOW IN B  G  T3TT  ^PJWU  iax/'  co's��tsu ^bjit;.  ���tiitifacture;  i>'\^tlivgac]rfgallqu'th.fe ^cojigum^er tWI-l' TQV.  '.tlihflihahsifndtnvpi ��:'p^%:a"^hdirPh   Thd" "tm  '^siiduld^^^tfe^-fei?^" ho ihVrC^thau'tthfSl'  >jpgb'ple*VoF5%^/;iute^  ���^A^tli^Vmatters1 .;��%.a% ktohp .cducerii' ".the  ,-in    c fiat!1 i%n  n    U���D n ^^^n i^n41    ��P nfii n u d      lir   \ . n u .       n  ^]"*j6��bpleVdf"the?>3Coasti" lyiiat Avcjiilfl "$he  1 0 D "nn       ^'anP':'l!tl        ����   <? lifyp"6"    " "  ��     �� *'   ' b       " "a   ' ��n       n    t>" ��        ��  ff xJeppje'QJf Wc"fcdr:ia say AA^ere tlie people of  yNMs'oh������ -to"  iiiiee"t   ahd   pass    "t'<JsoI\iti,phs'  "ypdvosing t)i6 pt-oposed ferr*y qojijigctiOn  I"^tlSetiveen " Victoria   and   Port   Angeles?  ���- ^TJiat   Avoilld the people oi V��anc6uVer  " ��� "��k$ A^.re the peqple of Rosslaiicl to ineet  ".and. pass resolutiong opposing the pro-  pdsed extension of the Great: Northern  "/railway into VanGouA^er?    Tliey aVouIc!  "tpll the people of Nelson  and Kosslahd  ���� --'^b-3ilijii,d. '*bjji.��ir .o\vn  business, and AvOuld  . ���;b"����dbing rigjit in doing so.     AVli'at right  . .theii"ha��".the board of trade  of Victoria  "ailct fthe/board of trade of Vancouver to  tako. action, on, a question thab alone con-  cei'iis the people of an  iiltei'iof district,  hundreds of miles distant?    What right  has Mr, Eai'le of Victoria aud Mr. Prior  Of   Victoria,  aud Mr.  Maxwell of Vancouver,  all inem-bers   of   the   house of  comiiion$, to buck a measure that alone  concerns the AVelfareof the district rep resented iri parliament by Mr. Bostock of  Ducks ? Until the people of the Coast  learn that they are only a fraction of the  people of the proAdnce, and act accordingly,   The   Tribute Avill   continue to  advocate "knifing" them at every opportunity.    This may be sectionalism, but it  is the only method that AAdll kill the  sectionalism that has so long dominated  this province.   The OAvners of the Bunker Hill and  Sullivan mines (the Standard Oil Company) have been guilty of eArery crime  that is punishable by huv, yet they occupy  high positions in the social and business  Avorid. The miners Avho Avrecked the  Blinker Hill and Sullivan mill on Saturday committed crimes that are punish-  SHQ1  FOR  GENTS   WEAR  pvine & Co  B  'Ma  O.  -:."   -''������ =        .-:��� viCTOEiA^look:,. :es^^^eie, stebet,. isrE-Lsoiq*," b.  ^^^ T^r^r^T^^-^v^^fBfB^B^B^B^B^B^B^B^B^B  B  m  mmm^mm^mmmmm^mmmmmm^  w  ] ^^^^s0^m^ige  .- -',      for tM;ru��h*0  AVK AilE'm'r'&hvimmiXG  This   season;, it  is  not  necessary, everybody  knows that our  Stock is Larg'er  and Prices Lower  Than Other Dealers.  ePOMB? AND  SEE . OXTR  LINES  . " .     NOW ON  DISPLA*3f  Charles A^ Waterman & Co.;  ; CUSTOMS BROKERS  ;   '"J.���������������"1^^J^r;5^,tree^������^'ls(3p,'. '���', %\("���"  line  ing  �� We liii*i;o "a-fiifc'aMorl.itieiit.'of Svooloii^ alwrtysj - -". ,  .,oiv iliancl, (3uaq<l!; lVjjjXfeFpin^tlid^hoijtest-pciM," "���"".  .sjpleinoiic|;.D" A��'bycO'0il%r"iskept."aiul niiidb'..* . i  ��� on: ,the4)TOnii^c;g,..^.atisfaclbibn%i8|'.assui'c"dxV?!f,��: ' ."  . EH<ST,P00ij !WESiBi��, p: �����^|u3Ji_____  flirfilg; Sfee^ fit  Siiortsnien   want  the  best   and  get it at  can   always  Thomson's Stationery Go,, IS  If you  PIANO  ORGAN  VIOLIN  GUITAR  MANDOLIN  BANJO   .  AUTOHABP  AOCORDEON  VIOLIN BOW  STRINGS  or MUSIC  Call at our Store and we "will do the rest."  SNAPS IN HOUSES AND LOTS'  IN ALL ���pAin'S' 0^ THE qiTY  Money to Loan  J. L. VANSTONE,      h H. 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Shop:   (jail Street, between Baker and Vernon, Nelson  $5500  Will buy 24 horses. 12 wagons,-2  wagonettes, 1 fouffgy, 10 sets of  sleighs, and a complete outfit ot" harness, saddles, blankets, etc., and a going business of  $30,000 a year.   Terms.  .'Sjinnn Will buy two lots and improve  ��p��rjv/vc\7 ments on north side of Vernon  street, between Ward and Josephine streets.  Terms.  Will buy 80 by 120 feet on the  south  side  of  Baker street,  between Stanley and Kootenay streets.  Cash. .'.-.  <ft-f O OHO WOl buy 50 by 120 feet on the  ��pAV-fjVfV^V/  northeast corner of Baker and  Co., Ltd., Canadian Ai**ih,ra-  cite Coal (Hard)  STOVE WOOD  $4500  A Business  The undersigned will sell the following real estato  and personal property, at a bargain:  Nine-room house and ten lots set out in orchard  Pour-room cottage and five lots.  Two lots and improvements.  Fifty-two head of cows.  Fifty milk cans.  Two horses.  Wagons, sleighs,, harness, and everything in  connection with Hurry's milk ranch;  WAEDBEOS.  HEAL ESTATE AGENTS, West Baker St., Nelson  Josephine streets.  P. O. Box 57  Cash.   J0HW HOUSTON,  Vernon street, Nelson  Nelson Saw ft Planing Mills  NOTICE  AH..accounts owing the Nelson Pining Mills, contracted since the 17th day of September, 1838, are duo  and payable to tho undersigned, payment of which is ro  quired at once. HARRY HOUSTON, Secretary,  Nelson. Saw & Planing Mills.  ���  Nelson, H. C, April 25th, ISO!).  INSPECTION OF STOCK JNVITEl  Mrs.   E.   M c La ugh I in  JOSKPH1NE STJ-fWjit, NEtSON  Crow's lest Pass Coal Co.  PAYMENT MUST ACCOMPANY  ALL ORDERS  Charles   St.   Barbe,   Agent.  Nelson Iron Works  MANUFACTURERS OF  ���ENGINES, BOILERS, SHAFTING, IRON AND  BRASS CASTINGS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION  Repairs promptly attended to.    . P. p. Box 173.  Vienna Restaurant  ' Baker street," between Josephine and  Hall strcots, Nolson.  MEALS AT ALL HOURS, PAY OR NIGHT  .   BAKERY IN CONNECTION  FAMILY AND PASTRY COOKING A SPECIALTY  ONLY WHITE HELP EMPLOYED  ���R-      ECXT-R-R-ST.,      ���E3*R03P^SI**elX'03Bl  BOARD AND ROOM  First-class board and room, Todd's old .stand, corner  Ward and Carbonate streets, in rear of English church.  Heated by steam. Table board ��1, room and board $5  and 55.50.  A. collection of lino Belgium Canaries for sale.  j       J. V. O'LAUGHLIN. THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B.C., TUESDAY, MAY 2,   1899.
Bank ofIontbeal
all paid
up,     -
lion. GEO. A. DRUMMOND Vico-Presidont
K   S. CLOUSTON..V. Gonoral Manager
nelson* BR^-israia:
NV W. Cor. Baker and Stanley Streets.
     BRANCHES IN    	
LONDON   (Enffland).   NEW YORK.   CHICAGO
and in Uu: principal cities In Canada.
Huy and soil SLerlintf Kxclumgo and Cablu Trans/«rs
available in any part of tho world.
"It lias always seemed tome tliat about
the  slickest thing  in the  way of trunk
juggling  that I  oversaw,"  said  an  old
. railroad  man,   "was   something that   a
baggage man named Billy Skaggly used
to do at a place called Prairie  Junction
on the M. N. andT. road.    Billy was running then  on the old G. X. & Q., Avhieh
was at that time an independent line, but
practically a branch of the M. jV. & T.,
coming in at Prairie  .Junction,  running
along back of the station at an angle and
striking  the M. N. track a hundred feet
or more to the west.    This inclosed a sort
of a V-shaped  open space, like a V lying
down on its side, between their track on
one side  aud the  station and  the M. N.
track on the other, the widest part being
back   of   the   station.     This   part   Avas
planked over, from the station to the G.
X. track, making a broad platform there,
and when trains came iu on  the G. X. '&
Q. a man  used to roll  a  baggage  truck
across this platform to the baggage car,
aiid they'd get the baggage out on it, and
then  he'd roll  it back  across the broad
.•platform.to tlie station.    That's the way
they Avere doing  there before Billy came
—the way they do it under like circumstances everywhere;  but Billy said that
was all a waste of time, labor aud trouble,
and he. soon put into  operation, here a
transfer system  of his own byvwhich he
Is now prepared to issue Drafts and Letters
of Credit on Skaguay, U. S., Atlin,, B. C, and
Dawson City, Yul^on, District.
gage to.sser, but that that one mishap
had cost 'em in one way and another
more than the hire of a man to carry
the baggage across would cost them for
"five years, and the lirsfc thing I knew the
bouncing pad had been taken up and the
man was back with the baggage truck,
rolled up in front of the baggage ear
door iii the old familiar way."
The position of employers in regard to
trades unions, as a rule, is not so much
that of antagonism as it is of apprehension. The right to organize no sane person can seriously dispute. That much is
conceded beyond controversy. The object of the association of interests is the
kernel of Avh'sit.-difficulty there may be.
It is purely protective as against possible abuse. The only one to apprehend
danger is the man who is disposed to that
kind of mischief. The employer who is
fair and square in his dealings AA'ith his
workmen, and has nothing in his methods
to provoke resentment, is no more appre-
ev rear."door spi'..the; station, "y-Itoiu,the .■ door;
v„oifthe statioutoitlierdoor^otithe car-Avass
y may^e^fl f tyx ieet.i *,BlllyV* qould/.tlii'OAV^iV,
:^tr,u^iBas:V.far/as*s^a^iySQther.vnian ?1 „;ev/er •
Hl''bji^i^^ild^S"tiii:PAvi: alloiid^^-atotap
'y tha;tofustahce,;.and»»A^hat„he!"iised.toydQ,
&. Avas to",bonnd •„ em-ov.er.s Vile made fastin»
„"^re*t^ife?lett*i'j*ie|i. hd}% 1°3 d<$zpl'iisil "Ibr-h^v
liaveVhatl: "af 0Xi..^6niP^li^e'^efij^lpi '^jfere'
to'iueet this'situation and then practiced
°jiit» tli„f| inark/ but Cer^aiirit is! that he
.sqqulcK-siband^ iii .ihe doqir-Vof his JbaVggage
" -car ai*(4iD,thrOA\r ■•^.■ti*Yi*a'fc° jit^ucli li; mauneiV
j*hat:it AA-ould iand" >vith* oiie  corner "ou
* tlie°b(kii°i^iii.g pact aud" boVind up knd <jn
pTumb tiii'OugJi the baolv door" of the
station! eVefry time. I was running then
oil the M. ■ N. :6n- a train that stopped at
Prairie Jijhctiou, and Aye used to meet
Lilly's train On_thejjranch, and oftenJive,
looked out down back of the station^
where" the branch qaine in, to see Billy
bouncing the trunks. After he'd got 'em
started he'd keep two in the air all the
time; starting oiie oil its' arched course
through the air from the car door to the
pild before tlie trunk ahead had disappeared through the '.door of tlie baggage
1-001)1. And this AVeut along just as nice
aiid comfortable ns could be till, as usual,
souiethiiig happened,
:"Billy pulled down fi-oni the stack in
tije. car One clay, and rolled along on its
end to the car doOr,a big,.-massive trunk,
marked 'Snakes; Handle with Care.'
Billy had seen tlio words 'halidlo Avith
care' before, and he had also heard of
trunks being marked 'Snakes,' 'Dynamite'
and that sort of thing, and so the marks
on this massive trunk did not impress
him strongly. He hustled it along to the
doorway, seized it by the handle, lifted it
and launched it through the air. Very
likely this Avas the first trunk that Billy
ever missed the mark Avith, and I don't
suppose he'd have missed. Avith this one
if the handle hadn't broken just as he let
go of it; but it missed the pad by about
an inch and a half and came doAvn on the
hard platform A\rith a bang that busted
the corner Avide open. EA^eii as it was,
the trunk, bounded Avell up into the air.
It had rubber knobs on its corners to protect it and the plank it struck on Avas
Avas springy; but it didn't bound toAvard
the station door; it Avas deflected at
another angle; and as it rose snakes began dropping out of its busted loAver
corner. A man Avho could easily have
got out ofthe Avay, but for the fact that
he :A\ras sort of fascinated by the sight of
the falling snakes, Avas knocked clown by
the flying trunk and had his leg broken.
This accident broke up Billy's transfer
system at Prairie Junction. The super
said they Avere proud of Billy as a bag-
and Others
/viW'ho ^.use-'picks/ shovels, etc.,
'should not fail to look at our line
bf^gpods, which for qualities .and
material.cannot be beat...
hensive of trades   unionism  tinman honest man  is  of   the   police.    It has come
about, however, that organized bodies of
employers   in some   instances   have lost
sight of  the   primal   idea,  of  right, and
have adopted methods and measures that
haAre made them uiirua.sona.blo and dictatorial.    When this  point  of demoralization has been   reached   the power of mischief becomes a force adverse to tlie common good.    This  has   never been  so emphasized anywhere as   in  Great Britain.
Here   trades   unions   have  matured  into
historic and   powerful  bodies.    They arc
the evolution  of centuries and are part
and parcel  of industrial  life.    They are
not    mushrooms    to    be   crushed     with
boot  or  hoof,   nor  reeds  shaken   in the
wind, or fails  that are  in fashion today
and out of it  tomorrow.    It is :i block of
granite   in   the   industrial   structure not
easily moved, overlooked, or to be treatud
with impunity.    It docs not follow, however, that the 'completeness of an organization is a   guarantee  of the intelligence
or common sense of its constituents.   The
body may be symmetrical, but the spirit
therein   goblin-like.    Sometimes   a   fool
straddles    a    Clydesdale,     and     a   demented   engineer   handles   the   throttle
of a Baldwin, -and   iii   either  case  the
danger of a fall or a collision is increased.
It is precisely the same Avi than organized
body of employers Avhen sound sense and
good   reason  are not  in " control.     It is
true  that  the  labor   unions    of   Great
Britain haA'e produced some grand types
of men,, masterful, heroic and  dignified
figures; statesmen of industry and champions  of justice.     Tliey  held fractiosu
factions in leech, and the most clogged and
resolute of men, Avho against real or imaginary  Avrongs  Avould  struggle to the
bitter end.    Such leaders led the Avay to
higher  ideals,  and  Avere  benefactors of
their race in giA'ing to labor a  more intelligent   conception  of  the .mutual interests    of the  employed, and  the  employer.    It seems, hoAvevor, of late years,
there has been a fractious and semi-insane
breaking   away   from   intelligence   and
good sense on the part of  the  employer.
They have  been  pigheaded, obtuse and
self-stultidying.    It is this kind of block-
headed stupidity that  has  dm-en  labor
and capital iu Great Britain into hostile
camps.    It may be that each Avill respect
the power of {he.other, and between the
liring lines industrial pence may lie assured. One thing, however, is certain,
that when gunpowder is lying around
loose a stray match might cause an explosion, and so it is in regard to the
eight-hour bill. It Avould be well if the
Employers Federation did a. little thinking over this matter and notactso hasty.
Nelson, May 1st, ISO!).     11. K. B.UKX.s.
Wc. Mio mulcr.-iigncd retail incrclinnts of llio cil.y of
Nolson, hci'dby iiffi'co to close our respective plixcios of
bii.sincKs ut,.«evcn o'clockciich evening. oxcc|il Suinnlny
nights anil Ihe nights jircccctliiij,' statutory anil civic
holiilajs. ami nl*u to keep our plnees of business closcil
on .'■iiiiilaj-sanil on all Iok'ivI holiday*. This agreement,
to fake oll'cct from May 1st,. I8!K).
I'. iUJliXS & CO
.1. A. (JIMCKR
a. o. i toss
.!. I''.  WRI I'll. AleAltTIIUU & CO
.1. .). WAUCKI1 '■
A. KKIiliAM) & CO
AVA1.I/AC10 & Mll.LKU
J. -It. WRAY
The Tremont Hotel
'C—'rz^'r^3-r=>-^3.^3.^3.^3-S>'i^3'c^ ' C3'!&• C3^c5-r.
:rp37t3"'^SV''^\S>'^T^T^.(^ :~^j.e3-(^l <c=2-c3-(=> '&
Headqiicipteps for Miners and Prospectors
%Spouvep Hardwape Co.* M
" '"".    Jniporlcrs of Shelf and Heavy Hardware.
',..'. "?."^M&^m:iKMy{-A ■
Liquors and Cigars
One of t he best and most popular hotels,, in Nelspn. .,"■
«ave money
lurnber fftjtfj M
M eatedl \wJt h* M$* %i%ip$Pfk
■ y ^gr\ t£dI hf. 0.e]ci0eityy. '
1st Prize* 2nd Prize
Free-foT-ftlj .......... .$200   $100
Slocan race     75        25
Pony race, *.,;'   50 ,      25
Caledonian   Sports
Gold Medal for Best AU-Round Aihelete
JjafgpvcQrnfort'at)ic,, ibo'fli-.oonjs  ajid  llrst-Class iclining,
rpQtu." Jjaraple rooms for ^onimcrcial.nieiii
^ Di HUM, Man-ager,
For Further Particulars Apply to Secretary, Silverton, B.C.
The only restaurant in the city
employing* only white cooks.
Merchants' lunch  from   12   to  2
o'clock,  25 cents.    Dinner from 5
to 8.    Short orders   at  all   hours.
___ .    ___________
LOST—A stoplnddor.   The finder will ho suitably rewarded'on returning it to XV. .1. Herring.
A teaming outllt consisting of ono team,
wagon and harness.   "Will bo sold cheap for cash.
Reason for selling, owner has mineral claims to look
to J. !•'
after.   Apply
street, Nelson, B
.lacobson, feed merchant, Vernon
A largo RtqCk of first-cltiss dry material on hand, also
a full lino of sash, doors, iSiQiildings, ttirlicd worlt, elc.
Yard:   Foot of Hendryx street, Nolson
Telephone, 91 JollI!    Rae,   AgCllt
All sizes of dimension timber and all kinds of lumber
out lo order, and shipped to Nelson in oarload lots.
Write for prices.
Strachan Bros.
.-  TlumberH, o.tc.', Opera House Block-, Nolson.  .
The finest hotel in tho interior.
Large sample rooms.   Steam heat and eleetrie light.
The only hotel in Nelson that has i:erhained under one
management since 1SU0.
Tho bed-rooma aro woll furnished and lighted by
The dining-room is not second to any in JCootenay.
Tho bar is always stocked by the best domestic and
imported liquors and cigars.
THOMAS MADDEN, Proprietor.
Two and a half miles up the Outlet from Nelson.
New  patterns  at   10, 12J
and 20 cents per yard.
At  12i, 15. 20, and   30  cents
per yard.
per yard
At 35 cents
50 cents.
At $<1 a dress pattern, no two
All-wool Popper, latest shades
at,.$4 each.
Fast colors
cents per y
at 7
i rd.
12i and  1
At 20 cents 'per yard.
At 30 cents per yard.
At 18 and 35 cents per
5   %
urns cfr Co.
QDWTAT WTLiOV.     Spring Chickens, Fresf) Cream,
OrJClUlAHlriO.     Pure Milk, Fresh-Laid Eggs.
All of which arc from the ranch belonging to the hotel
A pleasant place to spend afternoons, evenings and
enjoy delicacies thnt cannot bo obtained in hotels or
restaurants at Nolson. Good stabling. Open day and
night.   Can be reached by either road or water.
Large and well lighted Heated by hot air
Reasonable rates Sample rooms
Electric bolls and light in every room
Renovated and refurnished throughout .
■I. V. I'lORJCS, Proprietor        '   ■-
Krce bus meets all.trains -
Hourly street car. to station
Revelstoke, B. C.
Meat Merchants
y    '■   *   - -Kl
Wholesale Markets at Jdelson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.
Nelson,   Trail, Ymir, Kaslo,  New Denver, Sandon, Silverton, Cascade
City,  Grand Forks,   Midway, Greenwood and Sirdar.
Head Office, Nelson, p.
West Kootenay Butcher €o.
all kinds of fresh and salted meats
wholesale and retail
Fish and poultry in season
BaRer streetj!el$6nE.C. MV^S, Manager
THESE;#0DS =iwe,ane
Jbourtd "toV.sell"-\y]\i\"e
they remain, tlie! pa'tten*(s
of the seasbfi. We prefer, to mark them down,
How, Eirid let our regular
vantage of th;e cut, rather t\t\2u\ have a slaughter
sale some months later
to make room for ijew
goods. Our display of
Rugs and Art Squares
is the finest ever seen
in Kdotei-jayi They are
received djl*ect from the
eastern importers so"that
in buying from us you
are virtually reaching
Whpn Advertised
'■',.j,AIi  "Auction   Prices'', should  be , loft -alone. *   An
° ".tfiiction   price menus the  highestJtprice'which the
pufchiiser can be induced tbpay.
New Spring Designs
In Axniiiislcrs of tlie best quality, *\vith or without
borders. British and Canadian makes.'
Brussels and Velvet Pile,
-====^Sui"fcable-for--di;a\ni ^
stairs, with or without boi'del'S.
Tapestry and Patent t&P$stry?
fills oi-
b'nion   art
Smyrna and
scfuares,  JiipaneSe
Tccuiliseh rugs.
sqnitres   and   l'Ugs?
40 Different Styles
Of baby cai'i'i.'ige.s and gO-d-arts to select fi'Oin;.
Rattan cliairs aiid rockoi'H. d
Furniture of all Kinds
Is adv.'iJieing. and notice to bid's elfecC has been
sent to the trade by all large luanufiicturers.
Having a large stock oil hand we will be able to
continue to quote bettor figiires than any of our
competitors. We have also three carloads of
■furniture on the way.
•   Corner Baker and Ward StreetiSy Nelson.	
Just Received
Big Carload
Also New Picture aqd Room Mouldings, New Curtain IVJaterials in Silk, Damask, etc.
|lew lipljolstry Goverin,gs-a Large Variety, flew Carpets, OilclotljS, etc.
Only Address, App.lewhalte.Block, Baker Street "West. Corner Kootenay
Nelson Furniture  Qo,
For Undertaking at\d Enbalrnjng the Leading Establishment in Kootenay.    ' THE "TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B.C., TUESDAY, MAY 2,  1899.  Do You U/isl? to Dye?  If so, remember we ean supply you  with the necessary material and full  instructions how to make a clean job  of it. We carry a full line of Diamond   Dyes   and Maypole Soap  Dyes  U/. p. Jeetzel & Qo.  CORNER BAKER AND JOSEPHINE STREETS, NELSON    Neck Dressings  Are the most important part of man's spring "get up."  His "whole attire depends upon beauty and quality of his  NECKWEAR  Our line of Puff Knots, Four-in-  Hand and Bows, elicited a full measure  of praise from all who have seen them.  The designs are remarkably obeautiful,  rich, and so varied that no man is  likely to meet his duplicate.  Fine Shirts, white ancl colored, and  all   other  fixings  at  moderate   prices at  J       A       f* 11    l/CD   THE UP-TO-DATE  .    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The government is probably sndowcd much like the philanthropic old gentleman who established the  blue-eoat school in lihigland; the boys  who arc admitted to it wear blue coats  and go bare-headed. Captain Hodgins'  sojers will wear green coats and go bareheaded.  James Neelands is back from Halcyon  hot springs better, and -reports Robert IL Lemon as fettle as an eighteen-  year-old-iiiaiden.  The factory part of Gray's mills has  been running several days under the  foreiiianship of Thomas Spi'Oat,-one of  the best workers in wood in this country.  The sawmill will be started up in a day  or two.  James Lawrence. Martin O'Reilly and  AV. J. Caldwell, three of Nelson's merchants, left yesterday afternoon, A'ia the  Canadian Pacific, for wholesale centers in  Eastern Canada. G. O. Ross also left on  the same train, bound for Scotland.  Philip White of Ymir and Stephen  By water of Montana are in towu ou business connected with the stocking of the  Wilcox group, near Ymir, to be known as  the Broken Hill Mining Company. A  strong company has been formed and the  stock will be on the market ih about ten  days. ������       o  New Denver is a peculiar town. It  holds to high prices, which have obtained  from its birth. Especially is this so in  breadstuil's, resulting in living being  ���much more-., expensive' there than in the  neighboring toAvns. The departmental  stores of the east get a large percentage  of the ready cash of tlie place, while the  local business houses secure the credit  list.  Yesterday the tramway syndicate purchased the Victoria hotel, on Victoria  street, from D. A. McDonald. The price  paid was $4500.  F. J. Farley of Spokane is back in Nelson, wishing ho hadn't left it so soon.  Snow on May 1st in Nelson astonished  even historian Collins, who has been in  the country since 1S0S.  A payment of- $1000 was made today  on the Venus bond. .  Mrs. Morden, wife of Rev. G.ILMorden  of Rossland, is spending'a few days, in  "Nelson =:as the guesfc\of Mrs. John A.  Turner..' =       "'     .   J  .' W. G.\Giilett has secured the contract,  for the erection of H. Goodeve's  on Silica street;" -   . ' ���  which carry a certain amount of /inc.  The success of tlie English concern's venture will place the Slocan on a more profitable basis for the investment of capital,  as in the past American smelters have  held this camp's ores liable to penalty  because of the zinc. To secure returns  from reduction works for this mineral  will add to the net profits of the exports  from the mines, and less waste will be  incurred on the sorting dumps. The  Chief is expected to commence operations  shortly.  The Programme Announced.  Associated Press.  Ottawa, May 1.���It is reported today  that there will be no reduction in coal  duty, but that some regulations will be  changed so as to meet to some extent the  views of those who have boon pressing  tho government for a change in tho regulations, as well a.s for a reduction in the  duties, in the interests of^consiiiuer.s. Tho  premier stated iu the house today that  the only new ^business to be introduced  in the house was the senate reform resolutions, a redistribution-bill, the railway  subsidy resolutions, and the supplementary estimates. There would bo some  other minor matters, but all avou Id be  brought down before the business now  before the Jiousc would be completed.  HOTEL   ARRIVALS.  MADDEN.  R. Maxwell, Nakusp I A, AV. Hieslnnd, Enrterby  .1. F. AVclIs, Kamloops F.C.1M out comer y, ltossland  It. Drowsier, Trail |  QUEEN'S.  W. IT. McKco, Creston        I 0. JH*. Belcy, Oro  H. M. Sanders, Rossland      | Charles Fiuv, Creston  PHAIR.  A. Fonwick. Bolivar, Mo.  D. Mincar, Glasgow  1). C. Johnson, Kvorofc.  NELSON, B. C.  KASLO, B. C.  SANDON, B. C.  DEALERS IN  Shelf and Heavy Hardware  15. D. Muckay, Vancouver  Mr. unci Mrs. Webster,Vancouver  HUME.  W. li. AVoolfc, Rorlm  G. Sohumer, Berlin  W. Hullinworth, Toronto  D. Palmer, Toronto  K. C. Davidson, Toronto '  R. 35. Lyons, Ottawa  G. Buscombc, Vancouver  J. Henry, Ainsworth  IT. G. Brace, Buffalo  15. Rammelmoyor, Silverton  D. Simpson, Vancouver ,  Gil AND CENTRAL.     .    ._  w. e. Davis, Oro I C. B. Archibald," Ymir  Wi T. Beadles. .Salmo W. IT. Fisher, Gro  C. Connor. Greenwood \L. Levescme, Robson  P. W, Irving, Cranbrook     |  To the People  of Kootenay:  SOLE AGENTS FOR  Giant Powder  TRUAX  ORB  CARS  Canton Drill Steel  CARRY IN STOCK;  Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal  Pipes, and Fittings  Giant, Caps and Fuse  Tools, Cutlery, Tin  and Woodenware  Stoves, Ranges,  WOODEN    ^>V  Iron>  Steel,  Sheet  MATERIAL   /% ^ lr��n> Trails  Paints, Oils, Glass  NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:  Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.  A Coat of Paint  Up to  May i st I  lines in  will sell the  watches:  cofcfcagp  -ALL' ikhhst-ds ozet  . CANVAS GOODS,  TENTS,  AWNINGS AND  FANCY STRIPED CURTAINS FOR  VERANDAHS AND WINDOWS  fesiissis-i  ALL SIZES OF TENTS IN STOCK r  Baker street, opposite postollico, Nelson  , _  HEO. DVC-^OB03ST  .Bonded tovan English * Company/  J  The company wliich* has secured, tlie  bond on the. Mountain Chief .group, near  JNrc\v-"Denver, is the Manchester Smelting.  -"Company,"-whoso, representative" in. this:  i-coimtry. is Jt. A".-Browne* of Kaslo.    This'  concern makes  a  specialty- of reducing  ylnc ores, hence its purchase of the Lucky.  Jim mine, at Bear hike, soine' time- since,,  and now more lately .the Mountain Chief.  J36th properties carry a high' percentage  bf zinc in their ore, wliich has acted'inore  or loss-as a deterrent to shipments iu the  past.    In  the  treatment  of th 6 ore, the  .company have faith in a, profitable business being worked up with  tlio Slocan  camps,  many-mines  and   prospects   in  following  17-Jewel JNTickcl "Ci-csy  .  ' cut Street" and.'3-6z.-  Silver. Will Lliuni'���Case  "' -DusVProof ;"..-.'.:-.-:.*.  17-Jewel"  ..Gilt-"P."-S.'  Bai'tlet," in same case .-  Will also sell =thc neatest up-lo-datc"goods'  for the same .prices -in- proportion.  I   am   prepared   to   deal   wliolesale   and  retail.  Send for prices.,-__-_ ...'--���  $20.50  .00  ^8  #  WILL ADD  TO  THE   SELLING VALUE  OF  A  SHABBY   LOOKING   HOUSE  When you make up your mind to use a little Paint,  bear in mind that we cany a complete stock of all  kinds of. Paints, Oils, Varnishes, and Stains, also  Kalsomines, Kalsomine Brushes and Painters Brushes  Shelf and Heavy Hardware  Mining" Supplies T Rails  THE LAWRENCE HARDWARE GO.  J1TWE1E*-;  Clements & Hillyer Block, Baker St., Nelson  and  *W\ P. DICKSON  B. H. H. APPLEWHAITE  J. MoPHEH  Kootenay-Eleetrie Supply andConstaiorto;  ELECTRIC SUPPLIES  Complete Electric Equipments for Electric Power Transmission and "Lighting forVMines, Towns  Electric Fixtures, Lamps, Bells, Telephones, Annunciators, Etc.  P. O. Box 606. Josephine Street, Kelson, B. C.  LONDON AND BRITISH COLUMBIA GOLDFIELDS, Ltd.  HEAD OFR��E,  LONDON,  ENGLAND.  OUR MAMMOTH STOCK OF  EVERYTHING IN THE SHOE LINE  J  Our Specialties  .Damon,: Ram Lai's  and  Shilling's   Best  Teas always on. hand. '   v,  1 ** Chase,& SanbornJpure.Java and Mocha  Coffees,     ,        -       -  Christie-Brown and Faterson Biscuits.  Crosse &  Blaekwell, Upton and Keiller.  Marnialades, Jams, etc., '-        V   ' - -'"-'  Dandieolle;& Garidin French Peas and >  Mushrooms. .' -     " .-=.  Pickles, Sauces, Spices, etc. ;. =  A ear of Ashcroft Potatoes and a ear of.  Mixed. Groceries just-in. y'y  Two ears of Crockery on the &oad.      .., .���".. V ~  Telephone 1Q.   P. Q. Box K & W.      Baker street West, Nelson  All communications relating to British Columbia business to be addressed to P.O. Drawer  505, Nelson, British Columbia  d. RODERICK ROBERTSON, General Manager i   M-..   orYM     D   rs  S. S FOWLER, E.M., Mining Engineer I  IMC.L.OUIN,   CJ, U.  See that your Royal Seal Cigars  ARE NOT EASTERN IMITATIONS  BUT ABE MADE BY  THE KOOTENAY CI&AB IANIIFACOTIM COMPANY  OF   3STBLS03ST,   33. O.  2(5 AND 28 WKST BAKKR STREK*. NKLSON  THE BBACKIM1KEBIIILM CO., M  -V?r*H:oXJ*E3S^.IJ*E!   J^JSTJD   RETAIL  JELJ^SlTn    Gb^-A-IIN",   FEED,    IETCL  Write for, quotations on car lots. .*N"E3IjS03Sr     DB_ C  Builders and contractors can now secure  the best lime on the market at  70 Cents per 100 Lbs  CALL   AND   INSPECT  ESTABLISHED 1879.  Twenty years old aiid still growing,  pafsoi?5 produce Qo.  WHOLESALE  PROVISION  MERCHANTS  COLD STORAGE WAREHOUSEMEN  AND JOBBERS OF GREEN FRUITS  The West j^ootenay Brick & lime Co., Ltd.  Baker Street.  T. G. PROCTOR, Manager  STEINWAY  The  Standard   Piano  of the World.  NORDHEIMER  The Artistic Piano of  Canada.  HEAD OFFICE, WINNIPEG  J. A. ROGERS, General Manager  Manager fpr Western British Columbia,  JOHN PARSONS, Vancouver  Manager for Yukon District,  OHAS. MILNE, Dawson  Manager for Southern British Columbia,  P. J. RUSSELL, Nelson  Worth of Qik Edge, Soap gpes^fur^  titer, lasts loog-erj and does its wbrk  easier and better, than any; other "$oap  on the market today;   at  least   the washers  aii   say SO; and the "ladies  are delighted with it.  A nrith^i* Thina* tn. ,lts favo,i' wh0" you #et thto^  jyxRR%y^M.M%^E A .M.M.,M.:M..M.'g W'lth your washing you can go  straight to the bread pan and turn out a beautiful batch of nice, clean,  sweet, light bread, but you must remember and have by your side  before you commence, a sack, of the celebrated  3-ST^,B  FXiOIIB  ABERDEEN BLOCK  NELSON, B. C.  ABT AID MUSIC CO., lelson, Agents.  VANCOUVEU���A, F. Ralph, Manager.  DAWSON CITY���A. 0. Cunninghnn, Manngor.  ATLIN CITY-J. A. Fraser, Manager.  NELSON���P. J. Itussell, Manager.  Stocks carried at Victoria, Rossland, Cranbrook, Greenwood and Revelstoke.  The largest handlers of Butter and Eggs in  tho Canadian Northwest.  Cream  Sodas  WE RAVE JUST RECEIVED  A fresh consignment of Maple Leaf Creani Sodas received  fH,./,>��f. frfim, f.nn   f��f��'.nmr .lliif. nn in  !{.nnliiiH   Hrtvfla     . A ten  direct  a full  0  Blue  from the factory, ��� put up in 3-ponnd boxes.  Also   .  i tun 'line of  tho  Toronto Biscuit and Confectionery  I'ompaiiy's Sweet Biscuits.   Don't forget that wc haudlo  31uc Ribbon Ten.  JOHN A. IRVING & CO.  Baker Street West, Nelson, B. C.  SPECIAL ATTEMON  Have just received a consignment of Harris homo  made tweeds from Talbot Harris, Scotland.  FEED J. SQUIBB, Baker St. Mm  Tho supply is limited, so call early and examine this stock.  5Sffi;*ffi'ftl>--


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