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Special to The Tribune.
Ottawa, April 21.—At a. meeting ol'
the railway committee of the privy coini-
eil held this morning, taking advantage
ol' the terms under which the Crow's
Nest .Pass road got its subsidy from parliament, the Nelson & Bedlington Hail-
way Company applied for running powers
over eight and a half miles of the Canadian Pacific railway line. The engineers
had agreed that the cost of paralleling
the Canadian Pacific railway tit (his
point would be $'■) 1.000 a mile.
.Judge Clarke, for the Canadian Pacific
railway, contended that, in lixing the
terms the Canadian Pacific railway did
not consider that the applicants should
be allowed to make use of this paying
stretch of their line without bearing a
proportion of the cost of the approaches
ou either side, passing through a less profitable part of the country.
Mr. Mulock—'Where would you consider your approaches began ?
Mr. Clarke—I could not definitely say.
Mr.   Mulock—Surely   they   would , not
extend either way.to the two oceans?
Mr. Blair considered this a. very dangerous principle to proceed on.
Mr. Clarke said it portion of the C.I.'.K.
between Winnipeg and Port Arthur,
which was served by a, long approach
around Lake Superior,, was in somewhat
the same situation, if calculating the
value of the running rights to another
road there.
The minister of railways did not seem
to favor this view at all, and expressed
his ignorance how it was to be ascertained whether certain portions of a, line
Avere particularly "remunerative or otherwise.
The decision of the committee was announced as unanimously in favor of.the
granting of the principle of the application. As to the matter .ol' the terms,
neither party was prepared to . make a
definite proposal. It was judged wisest
to give them .'--a. month to come to an
.Judge Clarke for the C. P. R. ga.ve his
assurance that his road would impose no
unnecessary delay.,.      -
the fanning constituency of North lie-
ginn, vigorously protested against the
elevator monopoly and the Canadian Pacific Railway Company, which, he said
was in league with the elevator men.
The elevators built ten years ago'were
for the good of the farmers, and the Canadian Pacilic railway acted iu the interests of the farmers. Today, however,
elevators were built in the interests of
the grain buyers, and could only handle
half the number of grades that the government said they should handle, lie
held that the farmers ought to be in a
position to do their business
having, their hands tied, and
robbed for the benefit of the
specula-tors. ___^
not be
Special to The Tribune.
'Kaslo, April 21.—G. A. Keefer, recently
resident engineer on the construction of
the .Nelson & Bedlington railway at Creston, is spending a few days in town ou
business.. ■.-'- y; :-'(: - v'-'/ ';" -;;-■■'-;"„ ''■'■_:: 'yy-.-y.(:,'
J% *JJ :;ifegray $iltha^l^^ :
,«^sa,nirpj.ing&„ •"^or.ksjM
'" ?fcVo'" "ASeeks? °Vislfo. fe^^hlca^go' "aficF°"ptli'<ji>"
_ . iyute;^ ■«!.""•";, „ °„
$ Bhickt},iiirecent,avxtvalillp^ • % •
,..?&. "lvaslo *iS at jjrespjttiestabhshing" na liiglr'
^ bi rth« i'a;teaoiii"fcself;;aud*« in„:thafe rqayeefe
„isq pi:obaTOymabea.d;oi"*an>yq-ow*n» "lii>.Koote-
Spocial to The Tribune.
Niow Dunvki*. April 21.—The owners
of the Mollie Hughes have.been cleatiing
up the dumps on tluit property this week,
and are sticking the ore .'preparatory to
making a carload shipment in a few days.
The ore comes.principally from the Real
Idea, and Pinto leads iind is expected to=
give good gold values. Assays have given
from $100 to $128 in gold.
Another connection has been made from
tlie No. 2 to the No. 1 tunnels on the
Bosun, it (fording much better 'ventilation,
its well as making easier the handling of
the,ore from tlio upper workings. The
Bosun will make its 100-ton shipment as
usual this month.
George Betty's dividend-payer, the
Monitor, tit Three Forks, has shipped' in
the neighborhood of 300 tons of ore this
Avi liter, and is looking Avell at present.
The galena from the Monitor carries gold
values .in excess of $8 per ton.
0. M. Rosendale, representative of the
McDowell sampling Avorks at Nelson, is
buying ore through the camp. He AA'as
looking after the Mollie Hughes ore today,
and has also given the Marion people a
rate for their mineral.
The contract' on the Enterprise is about
finished. The raise to the No..5 has been
completed, and but twenty-feet''more- remains to be driven in the No. 1. The
contractors have made good money.
wTlie'" A'iijfcQi^
Associated Prose.
Washington, April 21.—An unexpected  delay  has  occurred   in   the   negotiations   toward     the   Alaskan    boundary
modus vivendi. which makes   the   immediate   future   quite   problematical. •   Kx-
tended  conferences on   the subject were
held today, the result being far from  encouraging.      The     principal     difficulty
arises from the necessity of dealing with
Ottawa as  Avell  as  London.    This dual
negotiation causes great delay iind   complications.     At   the  outset  the   United
States proposed a modus viArendi  with a
temporary line along certain peaks.   The
British   ambassador forwarded, this   to
London iind Ottawa-.    The Canadian officials then proposed changes   in  the  line,
and after considerable delay the authorities in Loudon approved of  the  changes
proposed by  Canada.    It  is  not stilted
what  the  respective lines are, but they
are  sufficiently  apart  to make it quite,
unlikely that any  immediate agreement
can   be reached,  even  of   a   temporary
nature, as to the boundary.    -
1 *ifa*y?.V"' J3uVJ'hg°DtheV^asfeltlurtyi"stx °h'Ours
there haA'e been no, less than* seAren, births
.aTid,""all."dOing»"W4,ell:*i.-«'5 »„*,-,■. vv-v„v»: .'" -.-■ ■"■» -.
", ■M-i.'pjig ui%rtgen'Qrally.->th^!igiidiifi tlii'S"
di'sn£i'ict„:seeiii"rtO 'be Jtttisii*inds"'A!-j:'fck'"Vt°]'1i,e 'd-p^
"eisi'oil;*,*!.tlie, gQ\5ernineu%;iiot io.:enlor.ce".
"'tlfe^iglit-li^ijI/'lif^y^iifH      'imilitJctilvttS-fti-"
. fyui'ii, sal ^hQtigji, tliiji\e "Ay^Ijid.^ be still -?iuore
Shtisfiictipn"" if the goAiernnieiit Avould
come to a perniiiueijt" decision as to,
Avhetlier tlloy°eA*eis iutentl; tft eiiforee the
law oi' Whether they intend to rejiQitt, it,
^SiLtlnit jblleyjiAMiy J&\ OA\^forxsiu*e=\v'Jie"rti
they are at,
The Kaslo Board, of Trade is strongly
manoriali'/.iiig the prOA'jnciiil govei-nhielit
to take action to wards building a Avtlgou
roail to the head of tl'jd south fork -of
K.'isjo creek. TJieKlontlykeGiiiUHps d'Or
Miijihg Company of Piiri^,, r0])reS^nted
liei*<3 by "Miinsfield, Fleiitot t\b ]Mpi;iii, have
offered to build, the road, With thoir own
fluids nt (inee if the governnient will
giiiiriuHee'to liiakc tile usiiitl refund to
thenl in yqiirly "iippropriiitiohs. If the
njad is built the cohipany promises to
spend $2i")()jC)00 iji developing .thei'i-' prdr
j)ei'ty, the Joker groul>. It is to Ijo hoped
that the government will, see its Avay
clear to accept the proposition, which
would 1.1lean a .great detil to KaSloros it
Would tifford ineans of trtinsi*JOrtatioii to
' a good ihany promising 'claims wliich
would soon become shipping propositions.
Contractor Hanna lias a<-gang- of men
at. work 'finishing the grading of B
aA'enne, Avhieh Avork was stopped last fall
on account of cold Aveather.
;i J. S.'-T. Alexander Avent to Victoria to
be called to the bar of British Columbia
instead of to try for his preliminary examinations, as AAras inadvertently stated in
The 'T'riuL'XB a feAV days ago. Mr. Alexander had practised for several years in
the Northwest Territories before coming
to. this proAinCe.
' The Farmers and the C. P. R.
Special to The Tribune.
Reg'ina, April 21.—In the North Avest
assembly today a I'esolution avjis unanimously adopted calling on the federal
parliament to compel all raihvay companies to permit any one to build and
operate elevators,- Avareliouses or grain,
chutes at raihvay stations along their
line,    George W. Brown, who represents
:crt>c„j/n .y"y°".]",:J((].:".],.'.l y.'yl°C ° *"
n-   *      .**     P°n     n     A     "   "_" p nS   n.ff^—     n    n      . /n D.°   ° Sfl j"       f/f l±    ■'"P'*
;.   .: „,. A-.'Shp^t,iSi8ssip-a„a-b%0.tta'^ar
"". -.. ."   . ■'   ,",-   =^ppTBiijlA6°fl'!llq»Tf,ijbjxine.%4.,^'""°
,:sicl"es "the- ';i,nti'Oachiptipii"„ of tive*j^A\t--:*rjuiyate.
a,bill&: "°BUlir',n :.mtnisfer*" j*>.:f "I'a'ilsv'a^^jlaCve
jjbti\:e;;th'i):t"iie' AVQ.uKli°"n\p5*:e' 'On ■„Tii^ns'dily.
a>resol(iti0i| to ^
p06i)h-tii"3*"iTa,;i,i'Sv'ti>f, 'tihcl lilkSl'iilock didvtii,e*
saliiB thing jn. respect tbitliePkcilie^"cable.*
They-pi'duifsed sir ©liarjps" .Tupper,"•I'-Ow-
eyer] "nht to Vgo on .{vatli'Veiffifer'qn'M'ife.t'
'day,, as the leader* bf the Oppositiipiv Said
he Would uot be prese.iit.
j\ir."l',reldijig, in reply to Mi1. ^Foster,
said tlilit lie Avould probably be able on
M^ondiiy to--say when the estimates would
Special to the Tribune.
Ymir, April 21.—The Kentucky Star,
Gold Eagle, on the south fork of Wild
Horse, Brooklyn, Sampson, Hattie and
Anaconda, on the summit of the main
fork of Wild Horse, are properties OAvned
by Val Carson,'and some are situated immediately 'opposite the Ymir Belle, Good
Hope and other Avell 'knoAvn properties in
that vicinity. Enquiries are being made
■after these. The Monarch company has
disposed of 100,000 shares at a good
figure, and there is an enquiry for more
stock. At the mine development AArork
is being rapidly carried forward to the
satisfaction of the shareholders.
The Bunker Hill claim near' Waneta
has been sold for $50,000 to an enterprising firm of capitalists.
A neAV assayer is about to start business in the. town on the lookout for the
future business of the. coming afttiAdtydn.
'*tfli>pvppflp*.fl,   xi* "n"^-\D      w „ Vi'D   a '"I'fl.flj: -.oa «.,- * '^lA"^Sfl.'    U ^u    ii
«]noi;e""thau«eyer""thei.necessity»iQi.!. a:*goqd»
There have been rumors iu  circulation
for a month past that the Kettle   River
Valley Ibiilway charter  would  meet the
same treatment in  parliament  this year
that it   met   last  year,   that   is,   that;   it
would be defeated if the application was
pressed.     It    was    said    that" any   influence ■    that       the       Grand       Trunk
railway had would not be used, as it Avas
last year,   in   favor of  the  charter.    It
Avas also'said  that the Great Northern,
the raihvay tliat is now the owner of the
Corbin  roads, had   patched   up  a   truce
Avith the Canadian  Pacific, the terms of
the   truce   being  that  if  the  Canadian
.Pacific would keep out of Eastern  Washington   that the .Great-Northern Avould
keep out ot the Boundary Creek  section
of Southern   British  Columbia.     There
'Avas probably some truth in all these ru-
'niors.    The Great Northern  has decided
to  buikf into the  Republic district by
AA'ay of the  San   Poil route, and not by
way of .-Marcus  or  Northport.    Whether
this decision is caused by the result of an
agreement Avith the Canadian  Pacific or
from knowledge  that  parliament Avould
not grant the Kettle River charter is the
A gentleman who is undoubtedly
posted informed The Trhsune yesterday
"that Mr. Bostock, who.'has the bill in
charge, has atrvised-the parties interested
that it -Avill.be impossible to pass it
at this session of parliament.]
V The , mine OAvners and business men
ofthe Kettle River country Avill uoaa- get
a taste of doing business Avith one rail-
Avay, and the';,'taste' Avill be as bitter as
gall. No other, section of Canada has
been so unfairly: treated. And that it
has beenunfairly treated is oAving largely
to the action taken. last year by the
boards of trade of Vancouver"and Aric-
toria, backed up by the Ar6tes of the
members of ijarliament from the Coast.
From this time on the interior of British
Columbia should "knife"- the Coast and
eyery'mother's son that the Coast sets up
for office- ;; V ,-■._'"-' y] :y.yy(:„ y( yy;; v :(yy...-:;:- y ..yy.,
fc.v"\»/s«:Co*Qsirlers*it;*a ".Political »'M6ve."-sv"' "-*» ->
the tarilT here discriminating against
American trade, continue to exercise the
public, and are creating a feeling of genera! unrest in commercial and industrial
circles. In the legislature, Mr.
Burke, leader of the representatives, voiced this feeling, denouncing the
discrimination against America, and urging against ib that the threatened retaliation on the part of the United States
meant ruin. The Jamaican newspapers
express the hope that the. threat of
retaliation from Washington will compel
the-secretary of state for the colonies,
Mr. Joseph Chamberlain, to permit of negotiations for ii reciprocity treaty.
The figures for the nine Inonths ending
M'ar;ch 31st, show an .increase iii the ag^
gregate trade of tlie Dominion as compared with the corresponding nine
months in 1808, of .$12,105,270.
A Trip to Dawson Citys
Special to 'j'lio Tribiino.
TORoXffS, April Sil,.--J., if. Pluininei',
assistant general manager of the Bank of
Commerce, will leave for Dawson City in
ti few days to study the problem of btiiik-
iiig iu'lijio Yukon,, as Well as- inspect tlie
bank*"s branches there*., The biiuk will
probably ship out so vera! million dollars'
worth of gold dust this suifinler.
Victoria's Fireworks Display.
Special to The Tribune.
Victoria, April 2].-~l/'ireAvorks are to
be the crowning feature of this year's
queen's birthday celebration, such being
the decision of the committee appointed to
think up something. An immense display at Beacon Hill, on the eA'ening of
the 24th is promised.
An Allan Liner Disabled.
Associated Press.
St. Johns, NeAvfoundland, April 21.—
The Allan liner Manitoban, captain Buchanan, from Liverpool, April 1st for St.
Johns, Halifax iind Philadelphia, "was
sighted off Cape Race three flays ago,
apparently in distress. She is still adrift,
and it is belieA'ed her machinery is disabled.    Three steamers are  seeking  her.
Drowned Near Fort William.
Special to Tlie Tribune.
Winnipeg, April 21.—While crossing
the Ka'minisquia river, near Mission Bend,
Fort William, today, Harry Lariviere
AA'as. carried away by the current and
sNorthportst'foitwshinglestaud1 eAjeryiclay.
s.tnere*is s a." demand," iorrfuniberC" ol% .sonte*
* - "D&unnh^rsUire^ ".oiklafily ,oc:-';,
Ave]I wortliflooking;upiJuj v.:„•« z ■ '-,y t!s ■*': y...
;" ' -,An glefs ""kite Vbifey'^pi-Bblfi.'iu g.yidv'ilthe (■
.coining s.easoi-*,',4pr5they..say..thei'e.'is good'"
" "" ^x^^&^i^mf^^'fTdfXi "fpfi
Northport tKis/nioi^        -•"". ,-"." . -.
OBject t& "CapV'Garrisons.
-    ,   '.. *" ""*.„-    ;. "■*"■"- *"""""■ .
",; '„    -°   n,As°3pciated°Pfesss"". ,y',°, .   ...    ■;■„■
■"fjOVbON:,/ "Allriif."Sis-^iii'""" tlie" -house' -of"
conlmons, tTn.s:eA'eiiiug, Ayhile n*bli^festinTsE'te!S
AVei'<|"iiiider coiisklerati^rr, ike.'kclyaircetl'
1'adicalk l'tiisecl " tlfe .djiiJj'Stiaii' Of the increase of the British troops at the Cape
from 3000 tOn 9000 n in two. ye^-s.'. ° fhpy
Suggested thiit this Avtls" intended to
coerce the TViiiiSA'jial, ai'id inoveda reduction in tht) A'ote. The comniittee rejected
=,the-nif>tion4( :>-rddnce=the-estiniateJ*)y=l 50-
against 30,
Sir Herbei't Campbell BanUerhUiti, the
opi*iosltifjn leftder, took the grouiid that
such a permanent' increase was^a grave
matter. ""
Sir Ai'tliur J. Jfoore, first lord of* the
treasury and governnient leader in tlie
house, appealed to the coiiiinittee not
to continue itn irrititting discussion4 Me
declared that the. idea of coercion Was too
extravagant to.dwell upon, and had'never;
entered the inind Of any responsible pfci1*
son. Tl'ie increase, he saifl, was due to
the necessity of protecting coaling
stations, and in part, to eonceiA*abIe
|)ossibilities tliat might, arise.
Time to Saileeze Paul.
Associated Pre.sS.
London, Api'il 22.--The Johannesburg
correspondent of the Times says: "The
imperial government's decision is anxiously awaited iu response to the petition
recently forwarded through Mr. Conyng-
hani Greelie, British agent and charge
d'affairs at Pretoria. Everything indicates that the TransA'aal Avould yield to
pressure on behalf of the petitioners,- but
if at present the opportunity is missed,
capitalists Avill almost certainly make
peace with the Boer goA'ernment at the
expense possibly-of imperial interests.''
The Prisoner Escaped.
Associated Press.
Bhrux, April 21.—Sergeant-major Al-
brecht of the 129th regiment, who
Avas arrested at -Bro.mbe.rg, Prussia, and
was being taken in chains, to Spanda-u,
nine miles from here Avhere the state
ison is situated, has escaped from his
guards, and has not yet been captured.
He was charged Avith high treason in ■disclosing to the Russian officers certain.
plans and other information.
„ hAassociated iPrc's's.V.
i y:.fl\i!,yy~flfli-flsiy„ flfXr,: "„,**:."»» yy^-C^. ,* - Vi* «*t «1S "■ f" i
■akjtSjD lre"!.n.'ai.„ulM)b Gp.AAjarcist.a.^AAiell^a-s'-th-f
n^n-ct* ,of.''"^ai hf 1 :A\-i th;° aVIS^c!'! l:."fej"\\?diC ill e-
.cl&i'ed ^jboM^e; nairkgd.""-
j,°y,y *T- -'Qftsy'.8'!Pmi>t^vVictbiy. %""y .
i.-*',.'i -■ -"- . = . Associiitedp- Prejs's;." "• ■ "■'.";»;
]'" ^Muxip^mid", , iii)*rijL.^-J.i.^-Iin^.'i^diUteiy
"pii- *re°"cemt""*!;pf*€'Iie^.°*]ibAvsT°°"0°f ■ e^'SfehatW
Hu.a;$j;Si? -iicquittal,* governor -Stone .iiu-
"nSuiiced "°toc?ay that." h;e »lmd, appointed,
fjiiity as Seiuitbr to, set ve until thci next
sdssioil of tlie legislature:, It is fnot 1 ikely
IiOAA'evei' that seiiatOi'" Quay Avill be
alloWTed to take his" seat in the United
StatfeS senate as thiit bpdy iuA*Aijably
"Held iigainst the seating' of members appointed by goA'ernoi's when tlie legislature failed to elect.
The men who make their livlihood nt
the tiiiloring trade in Nelson have a small
sized Avar on their -hands at present,
OAving to the competition Avhicli they
haA'e been subjected to by Stevens the
tailor. Oddly enough, the complaint
which, the local tailors make is that
Stevens.is not a tailor, biit a drummer
for cheap clothing houses in the east. The
complaint of the local tailors does not
rest here. They recogime.'that they Avill
always be subject to the competition of
eastern drummers, but, in Stevens the
tailor they say they hiwethe competition
of the cheap eastern houses under the
guise of the local merchant, and the
result is .that/people who do not believe
in sending outside the city for their
clothes, are doing so under the misapprehension that SteA'ens the tailor is, a
local tailor and manufactures his clothes
in Nelson.
To meet the condition of affairs, the
heads of the four local tailoring establishments have come together and decided to lay the-whole'.matter' before the
people of Nelson, so that they Avill know
Avhsit they are doing. They point out
that their four shops furnish employment
for fifteen men and three girls, and the
wages paid locally for the manufacture
of clothing amounts to something like
$1300 per month. On the top of this, the
four;establishments pay rent amounting
to oyer .$150 per month, .-which Avith
.charges■:^rnr|ueJiia»d^Jlgh„tV',b!i'mg their
ftoMftldte^^^ per
fnioiith."^Tbe.». „wh6le?_■ ofcir.tlns "money is
> Spent iirrsTelson/»spsthat-ftheccity-I profits
Sb^^^e#n^o:f^p|5v||i|6rs. To,
■Ip-^Axide-.vfol^^ local
|^.lprs"3n'ji^ peo-
;:thpirCctojiii[ng,^ the
";j*j|K^:^ local
>.%a;i:jb>'*§5jj.nis|in4igo, t^-^\r;hQi9.^?ti remai i is
$or^li$c^ better
n°;0iitso±t*lpaeaJ£6ircula,tion.**" „,.-/:.   .-". .5. ■
Tlfe^ei^esil'iiblifeli'rneri lail-
General Hutton's Reforms-
AsSpcinled Press.
XoNOON, Api'il 21.—The Times \\*l,iifch,
prints this morning extracts froni tlie
various criticisms of miijor-generii! lint-
Don on ihe condition of the O'tiuadian
ffU'ces says : "It is to be liojied that the
reforms suggested will assume practical
shape witliout delay. Patriotism
mauds fclje .siicrificedt'tailed.''
A New Rifle InVenteid.
Assotiiiltcd Press.
VriONNA, April 21. The military papers'announce the invention of it, I-Vbar-
relled quick-firing rifle, discharging fifteen cartridges at a timeand firing forty-
five per minute. The weapon-.has been
successfully tested at the imperial arsenal.	
Ball Games Yesterday.
Associated PiOSs.
Washington, ii; Boston, 7.
New York, 1; Baltimore, 0.
Louisville, 11; Cleveland, 4.
Cincinnati, 8; Chicago, (5.
Brooklyn, 0; Philadelphia, 1.
St. Louis, 0; Pittsburg, 5.
The Metal Market.
Associated Press.
Nkav York, April 21.—Copper firm:
brokers, $19.12i, exchange, $18.75; lead
easier, brokers .$1.10, exchange $<1..'*H) to
$4.32i; bar silver t39gc.; Mexican dolliirs
Jamaica Getting.. Scared.
Associated  Press.
Kingston* Jamaica,. April 21.—The ..dispatches' from  AVashington,' referring to
in{j""UV JikierJhiijiiJJjS'r;, ai"icl^Ils;RilW.if{iy. em-
,'l3lpyiYi'g*',*(^yo'"mg^.V" "„"*- ° °A ""'    '■'_ ""'
GroyrtM Nest Coke-in Biittei
.|?cfiiie J<*rcc Press.
The first shipinbiit of .coke by th6 Crow's
Nest Pass C)onal COiiipaiiy to Btitte,  Mou-
tanaf Avas niade this week-    ii;  the qucs-
=tiou^oLfLVti-anspOrtation^cari^be^sa Lis I a c--
torily solved, tin's is   the largest market
within roach, as the daily consumption in
the Smelting  ctipltal of tlie west   is  tit
least oOu to;us""-tho product of *}50 ovens.
It is ti niarvellous  thing  that American
coke  can   be  transported'  i'roiii  PQinisy-
Iviiiua, a.d.istiince Of at ieitst 2o00  miles,
and laid''down ui Butte at $10  |»er ton ;
but such is  tiiefiiOti anrj   wlitit   with $1
per ton -luty and tho diflictjlty and cost
of   transfers   from   standard   to  uarrovv-
gauge a ltd vice Versa tit Lethbridgu a fid
Ci'rertt Walls, it is as much Us  Kyrnio Coke
ctWi do to SquCe'/e in  at   the  same  price.
\Ve lltive   no  doubt,  however,  that tho
enterprise   of  the   company,    combined
with the splendid  quality  of their pro-.
dufct, will tiltiiilittely eiiptiH'C this market
Irish Version of Samoan Difficulty.
Associated Press.
Bkhun, Ajjri'l 21. Herr AVilhejin Lieb-
kiiecbt, the Sociiilist leiider, has received
a. letter from Michael. Dayitfc, nationalist
member of the British j>arliameiit for
South Mayo, in which the writer says he
is able to confirm from liLs own knowledge
the charges recently brought in London
Truth against the London- missionary
society by Lloyd Osborne, stepson of the
late Robert Louis Stevenson, who said religious antagonism was the whole cause
iif the quarrel i.u Samoa. Mr. Diivitt described chief justice Chambers as nominally itn American, but in reality an hhig-
lishuian, who is anxious to promote an
Anglo-American alliance. Diivitt ex-'
pressed his hatred of Hmgland and warned
the (icrniiins-against making the American 'nation answerable for the blame-,
worthy attitude of one or two persons.
All the trouble he says is due to English
intrigues. The United States he says
will settle matters honorably and fairly
when they know tlie origin of the riots.
It has been said that because the Canadian Pacilic had an interest in the town-
site of GreeiiAvood that the business men
there were afraid to place themselves on
record on the Kettle River Valley Railway question. On Friday night of last
week the Greenwood Mining and Commercial Association adopted the following resolutions, on motion of Mr. McRae
seconded by Air. Finucane :
Whereas, rail way competition is absolutely essential
to the speedy development of tlio Hnimclnvy Creek country: mid
Whereas, public sentiment, in Hie ilNtriet is iinniit-
moiisly in f.ivorof r.illivity competition; and|
Wlicrea-, nn itpplicution is bein< made lo tlie Dominion pnrliameiit for u charter for I lie construction of u
rallwuy tnive-flliiK :i portion of the lionnkiiry Creek
country, which will be called the Kettle River A'alley
railway; nnd
Whereas, the granting of such charter iind the construction of said raihvay would be of the utmost benefit
to the development, of Southern British Columbia, and is
absolutely necessary to gain the confidence of capital, lo
secure its rapid influx; and would insure the cstabli-h-
nientof the smelting ami mining industries under Ihe
m 1st favorable conditions; and
Wherca-j, the promoters of said railway ure'not asking
any money subsidy, land grant or other bonus;
Therefore be it resolved, that in the ouinion of the
Mining and Commercial Association of the city ot Green-
wood, it is not only desirable, but absolutely essential to
the development of the country that this railway should
be constructed, subject to government control of rates-,
and that tho people arc justly entitled to obtain tho railway competition asked for, and that in order to render
the accomplishment of this possible, the charter applied
for should be granted, thereby rendering an act of justice
to tho people of Southern Jlritish Columbia'.
Be it further resolved, that copies of this resolution be
sent to till members of the parliament of Canada. "
The secretary of the association Avas
instructed to hiiA'e 500 copies of the resolution printed for circulation. At a public meeting held on -Wednesday, Avith
mayor Hardy in the chair, it was decided
to send a delegsite to Ottawa to Avork in
the interest of competitive raihvay facilities for the Boundary Creek district, and
W. S. Keith was selected as delegate.
The adjourned meeting of the retail
merchants was held last night for tlie
purpose of "receiving the report of the
committee appointed, at the meeting held
on Monday night, to secure signatures to
the agreement to close all places of*business at seA'en o'clock each evening except
Saturdays, and the nights preceding holidays. The folloAving business firms were
represented at the meeting: Ficd Iiwine
& Co., II. Byers & Co., M. DesBrisay & Co.,
Kirkpatrick & AVilson, John A. Irving &
Co., A. G. ShiiAv, A. Pet-land ifc Co.,. J. F.
Weir, Thomson Stationery Co., Wallace
it Miller,"Martin O'Reilly cfc .Co., Lillie
Bros., Theo Madson, 11. M. Vincent, Hyde
cfc TitsAvorth, T. J. Scaulau, Nelson Furniture'Co. .
T. Morley Avas elected chairman, and
Fred liwinp secretary of the meeting.
The 'chairman reported -that-the signatures of all the retail merchants of .Nelson had been secured except those of tAvo
grocery firms, two harness firms, and the
'druggists. y     .    "„
Jj. Ilyde, representing the firm of Hyde
cfc Titsworth, who had refused'tosign the
agreement, explained the'position of his
firm ' iu regard to the matter. lie said
that they objected to the movement because they made a specialtyLof dealing in
fruits. The express - from . the south
reached their store between six and seA'en
o'clock, and the bulk of their fruit trade
Avas between seven and, ten .o'clock. He
suggested that his firm be alloAved to
keep their fruitL department' open after
seven o'clock and to take orders for
groceries to be delivered next morning."'
This propositi the grocery firms present
looked upon as being equivalent to selling groceries after seA'en o'clock -and
would not agree to it. it was finally decided- that—si— eoniinittec-made-up-of-M—
DesBrisay, John A. Irving and: T: J.
Sciiiililn   be  appointed   to interview tin)
■firms'Who have1 ijOt already .signed the
agreement and, iifcriAto a tiSQihe s-ijiisfactoi'y'
agreement aiidd report at il niCeting to beheld 'on Tuesday niglit, ApVfl 25th in the
boai'dof trade rooms.
The hardware, dry goods and boOtafid,
Shoe fintis have ali'eady jigreeid altnoitg
theiliscl ves that they willnd0|Jl>"theVejirly
closing, i1're.<{)ik-ti\"e of the ,iteticllJI ttjkiln
by the gfocei'S'.
Tlie dealers ill, groceries aijil provisions,
apparently, ii'i'ivtiVbeidictiitejil to in this
matter liy one firiTip^-iiyde ifc Titsworth.
This is a I'rcc country, to be sure,; but
where there is so general a' desire on the
part of both merchants and the pub lift to
conform to a usage that Avorks suct'ess-
ftilly in all other towns in;, the prOviiice,
it looks like nnilishiiess for one fi(*m to
stand- out Against tile etirly closing movement. •    ^_
The Output May be Doubled.
George "YV.   Hughes,  manager  of   the
Idaho mines, avIio was   iu Nelson  yesterday, is one of the best posted mine managers in the Slocan.    He says that if there
is no stoppage of  work   through  the enforcement   or   non-enforcement   of   the
eight-hour Ijiav, or no  disarrangement of
the present tariff  regulations the  mines
of the Slocan will double last year's output  this  year.    More,  that at  no  time
since he has been in the Slocan. has there
been more enquiries made by eastern and
old country parties for mines.    This coming from so consei'A'ative an   operator indicates  that  this part of  Kootenay will'
be   fairly   prosperous   this   year.      Mr.
Hughes  also  confirmed the report, pub-,
lished  in THR Tribune on Wednesday,'
that   the    Mountain   Chief    had    been
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(C/Jftiada jill0*vVr the same t'ate Of interest  .   pu����siuking fuuds as they eharge on over-  ";f:draftgi" '"'Seeing tliat the council liaVtj got  '"��� Into?=a��sguabbl6 ov^r a niiittei' that shoiild  ��� ^haye]feen adjiisted AVifcliout itjiy frietlOit  "^V'hatevei'j Uhe ratepayers of NelSToii now  " ^li-siFfc tliat the bank that gets  the olty  , "afjcjQuht'iiiust pay the'saine rate of interest on tho sinking fluid as the city pays  on  its overdr'aftj and tliat the rate of  .interest   shall   not   exceed   5 per   eeiit.  Biisiiiess is business, and religion  should  not be .allowed��to have anything  to do  ���with the hiatter at issue, even if jjoli'ticul  pai-sOijs are taking a hand in the light.  Tho cMicerful idiot \vho prepares tho Associated Prcsn  di.spatcliofl for the palate of Canadian readers hag been  having some more spasms.    He has been loading up the  wires witli a pointless story about the Tammany investigation in New York city.   It is possible that some people  back in Montreal or Toronto may have a passing interest  in Mr. Croker'S doings, but speaking for "Vancouver it is  doubtful if there is a solitary individual who cares a jot  if the Tammany boss steals tho whole of New York frotu  Harlem to the Battery.    What Mr. Moss said to Mr.  Croker or what Mr. CrokCr replied to Mr. Moss is as interesting to people in Vancouver as it is to any dead tnao  I  at the bottom of the inlet with his ears full of seaweed.  The above is from the Province of Vancouver. It is true. The associated jire'ss  dispatches furnished daily papers in British Columbia are made up in Montreal, a  city that is not in touch with, the news  Centers of Ontario, the Maritime provinces, or the west; hence the lack of  Canadian news. As au instance, the fol-  Jowiug is giveu:   Thursday an  election  "BBVBIiATIONS". IN  h" >, -  ���i'West .BakerunStre"ot.. ����� - ? Telephoife". 13".^ .  IT DOMT  FAY  ^���'.^-" p:'fl-^>*3^*-^Z.:-*-'n'"'>*-��� sj^s*'-!*: "  % TO'^KSp.fBAST i5a.lt CLCCI'1.115!^  ."   ���n   V"   "  ��jnQiir"si;ock fconipnses.;ali,"tlb"%,};nesKpatt:ebiS' iii'ijhpejrtecl:,;  "tweedy, mid} >\;<5i,s[oe%jaftd^br (.he. nipnUi^cffcVjvpVi^jyc.  FIRST *DQ0R 'fSJKEST BANKiB. C. jBUJLDING.  ANb  WILL? BRINQ  WITH .IT  ���A DEMAND1. FOR  PRICES LOWER THAN EVEr|  QUALITY BETTER  THE LEADING WALL PAPER HOUSE  l> THE KOOTENAYS  G X-X J~  E3IOEI  lij-Njiif Shafts  S250Q, Wal; "Cloud,  "food; Bryan and Sewell  pXqfibb Little Cariboo  SSOO'PboiedDuncJee    *  ^000 iltleii  500 AtiiaW-isca"  1000 Pooled1 Tamarac ���  &' K. Weky W0M  . igistso^s uiSflcQ-riA^Bi Tivi&Rs".,""* s��b�����"�� ���'(  ���b^nJan   -ftaj   .mon"i    ^ *iB ft ^       3 fl���] o "  ��     **       "^S       faF  '��^';gleBJti!^^  ^l^^l^nnti^ifcg%c|r|:f jje >$t'��nsi t-  TRpfbiin^omce.; ������y%eiep;h��d���nfe��.  CALL AND SEE ME FOR SNAPS  Wo.lia.vo a fine assortment' of "woolens always  "on: hand. 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The highest or any tender not necessarily  accepted. ���;,,���' ��� A- J- MARKS,  Administrator estate Charles Van Ness, deceased.  Nelson, April Sf.li. 18i��. .  .y *  ll  1  Ml  i'l  "I  1  ~^~\9&trTISatKIS^Bi^,TliiAi  t^rM^K^Sl M-JM-JSIuftC^^S JOSi��Uirj.-b^ ^Ktf^fcfcto-t 4  - THE  TRIBUNE KELSON, B.C., SATURDAY, APRIL 22, 1899.  Capital,  Rest,  all paid  up,     -  $12,000,000  6,000,000  LOUD STRATHCONA AND  Hon. GEO. A. DRUMMOND,  K   S. CLOUSTON   MT.  ROYAL. President   Vico-President  ...floncral Manager  3sr*BX,soisr dbr^.itotj  N. W. Cor. Baker and Stanley Streets.       ItKAN'CIIKS IN   LONDON  (England).   NEW YORK.   CHICAOO  and In the principal cities in (.Hnaila.  Huy and sell Sterling Exchange and Cable Transfers  GltANT COMHKKCIAl AND TKAVKLr.KHS' CKKIIIT.S,  available iu any part of the world.  DKAKT8 IS8UKD    COLLECTIONS MADK" KTC.  THE BANK OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA  NELSON  Is qow prepared -to issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on Skaguay, U. S., Atliq, B. C, and  Dawson City, Yul^on, District.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CURRENT RATK OK INTEREST RAH)  FAKE   MINING   COMPANIES.  'engineering and Mining Joirnal.  The promoter ol' bubble i-onipanics wo  have ahvays with us. This ingenious and  veracious gentleman, it is true, never  leaves us entirely, and a long familiarity  with his ways ami works has convinced  us that the light against him which the  Engineering and Mining .Journal has so  long maintained, can never be given up  entirely. So long a.s human nature is  credulous and the prospect of making  money without labor tin attractive one,  the fake company will.find victims, who  will not take warning. In times like  these, the promoter of doubtful schemes  is especially in evidence, aiid while the  spirit of speculation is strong, and money  for investment .abundant, he is able to  ���'secure attention from many whom ho  could not reach in ordinary times. This  class includes a number who tire reasonable and ordinarily cautious men, and  who ������may be benefitted by _a timely  warning.  ���Just at present the rapid increase in  the price of copper and in the prevailing  boom, in-copper shares,' in the Boston a-nd  in the foreign markets have made copper  stocks ti favorite investment, find especially attractive to buyers of mining  shares, and the copper vein is being  worked accordingly. It is not possible  to go at length into all the statements of  the prospectuses and advertisements  Avhieh crowd our-desks. . These all have a  certain family resemblance: references to  the prosperity and heavy dividends of  the Calumet <fc Hecla, the United Verde  and,a few other noted copper companies  constitute the bulk of the'document", fol-  ,lowed .by a A-ery little vag'uo information  ���or misinformation���about- the special  "company in q.uestion, and often by claims  Avhieh to the mining men are so evidently ridiculous as to establish" tlieir falsity  without further investigation. But these  documents are not intended for tho man  avIio knows anything of mining ; they are  for that section of the public Avhieh is  not informed, and the less that readers  know,, the better" for the purposes of  those who write and issue the documents.  A favorite plan is to aA'oid all accurate  description of the property itself, aud to  base its claims upon its neighborhood to  some Avell-known mine, wliich, if is assumed, will assure the A'alue-of the new  property.  Some of these iioav companies,, whose  stocks are being": unloaded "on aeohfidihg  .ptiblie-si*): all so'rtfr of 'prifjeis,Varc known, to  be AvOi'tliless. Others of: which tlie sftine  assertion cannot be niade with certainty,  are .atleast extremely dpfibtftil, and will  Tf'B^trWriipn^TexpeTiX!i'ttire of money to  prove theli' valine���-if they have any"���and  there are few o*rJuone havhrg sufficient  iinportance td iiidnce any mining man of  ordinary pi'udence to expend, any considerable Sum to develop and prove them.  Tho fact is that scarcely any copper'  properties Af known vrilue are oil the  mai'kjet; the few Avhieh Avere obtainable,  lilivc been taken up by eonlpanieS' Or individuals, who are in the business aiid!  are disposed to hold them, for tlieir own  ad .vantage. Copper properties do not go  begging nowadays, and we huiy >'����k assured, that if the stocks Of coijper coiii-  pitilies are olTered Hi out-of-the-AVay  places, and at all sorts of prices, they are  so offered because they haVe no A-alue,  and the owners are only anxious to unload them upon too confiding buyers. "  We have hardly space here to give a  list .of- all tlie companies of doubtful  A*alue, which are now before the public;  but it may be Avell to mention a few conspicuous instances, and to refer to a feAV  prospectuses which need criticism, to say  the least. Perhaps the most conspicuous  offender in the list is the Spenazuma  Gold Mining and Milling Company of  Arizona, Avhich,Ave are informed, is disposing of stock through its agents among  Connecticut farmers, iii the towns along  the Hudson river and in other places,  wliich are not likely to contain parties  having information about mines.. This  company's prospectus claims "a A'ein one-  half mile in width, and two miles in  length, every foot of which is in gold,  copper and silver"; and elsewhere a vein  which, "opened at a depth of seven feet,  ores running $4000 in gold per ton,  eighty-four pel' cent copper, and' 200  ounces in silver',���statements Avhieh are  absolute nonsense, and manifestly intended to deceive.    In  this  case,  more-  j-eady '-said, do not as a rule, attempt  mUcll to appeal to that clasSi "They seek  rather to get money from the fal-iner, the  clerk with a little saved, and others, who'  limy be disposed to speculate in; a small  Avay Avith tlie hope. o�� a Ikrgb return. To  these people we can only say that if they  A LETTER TO THE PUBLIC  We, the. undersigned, ���'"���K to notify tho public that wo  are the only per uns doing- business as merchant luilorij  in Nelson, having; all our work dOno on the premise?  and paying western prices for same. Also that, wo are  prepared to gh'gns good satisfaction as can, be secured  auj'whoro, and defy competition, oven though originating from persons currying samples Only and having  tlieir work done in Kastorn Canada;  FRKP i. SQUIRE,  tf. M. VINOKNT,  G. 0. ROSS.  Nelson, April 20th. 18ft). J. R. Wit'AY.  OPEN DAY AND NIGHT  city  The only restaurant  in   the  employing only white cooks.  Merchants' lunch from 12 to 2  o'clock, 25 cents. Dinner from 5  to 8.    Short orders   at   all   hours.  Notice   of Applieation   for  Certificate   of  Improvements.  YOSEMITK MtN'EUAL CLAIM, SITUATE IN THK NKLSON MINING DIVISION OV WEST KOOTENAY DISTKICT, AND  I.OCATKD ONE IIAI.1'' MILE EAST OV THE KOKKB OK  SHEEP AND WOI.I'' ''KEEKS, ADJOINING THE YELLOWSTONE ON EAST SIDE.  Take notico that I, J. M. R. Fairbairn. acting as agont  for H. M. Billings, free miner's certificate No. 21.789a  and Thomas Bennett, free miner's certificate No. 2151a|  intend, sixty days from the dato hereof, to apply  to the mining recorder for a certificate of improvements  for tho purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above  claim. And further take-notice that action, under section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such  certificate of improvements.  * , ��� . , J- M. R. FAIRBAIRN.  Dated this 21st day of April, 1899. '  ' April 22]  over, wo Iind   these assertions supported  liy   the   signatures  of   "well-known   exports,"  of whoso   names, in   a somewhat  extended    experience,    we     have   never  heard, and witli whom   wo axe unable to  correspond,   bec.-uise letters   to their  addresses are   returned with the post-of'lice  mark "not found.'"    A   letter from   ji   reliable correspondent which will be found  in   another  column,-   describes a   recent  visit to this property, and from his statements it is quite evident that there is no  demonstrated value iu the property, and  most probably none at all.    The building  of a worthless mill is  evidently intended  only to impress stockholders iind to make  a. show before those   whom the. company  has   invited   as   representative   men    to  visit it.    We may'mention,  by the way,  that the company .-has sent two' or three  parties  of A'isitors   to impress   intending  buyers, but has  apparently taken  A'ery  good care that   there shall be no experts  among them.  Just at present, Arizona, seems td be a  favorite ground for these Avi Id-cat companies, and especially for that class Avhieh  are trading on the reputation of established mines. One conspicuous offender  of this class is the Copper King of  Arizona, AvJiich has advertised extensh'e-  ly and has scattered prospectuses and  circulars all over the country. This company is trading on its similarity in name  and the neighborhood of its claims to the  Copper Queen mine, although the oAvners  of that and other properties had long ago  prospected the district thoroughly, and  would certainly have taken up any claims  of ''value had they existed there. This  company not only trades dn the similarity of names, but illustrates its circulars  with A-iews of the extensive buildings of  the Copper.Queen, thus attempting a deliberate fraud upon the readers.  We Iind other instances of trading on  name and proximity, Avithout going outside of Arizona, and although in these  cases avo have not been able as yet to  make the necessary investigation, to  prove their worthlcssnessV they are at  least destitute of all proven or developed  values, and at the A'ery best offer to the  buyers ; of their' stock gambles bj* the  wildest kind. There* is also the presumption that the neighboring companies  which are operating on a large scale  would not leave A'aluable properties  which they couUMima'o easily secured for  themselves at*the slight expense of,locating and a little exploration and assessment Avork. In this class, Ave have the  Arizona, Copper Syndicate, Avhieh has  claims *at Clifton near the property of  the well-known Arizona Copper Company: and a whole group���the United  Verde, Jr., the United Verde Extension  and the Val Verde���avIioso only distinction is that they are near W. A. Clarice's  well-known United Verde mines.  Space forbids us to continue the list  longer at present, although avc hope to  return to the subject Avith still more detail hereafter. Actual investors, with  mouVey to put" into property, aiid some  Jvhowledge kikl experience of mining iii:-.  A'estnients Avill not I^qiiire inuch fui'ther  caution against the wildcats. These  J:^^.k-e^cdlhpa!^ies,=hoA\*e;vel���,=a,'5-\ve=have==al^=  are disposed to gamble and are Aviiling to  run the risk, instead of putting their  money into fake stocks, Avhere they are  sure to lose in the end, they had much  better use it in betting on horse races,  playing poker, or bucking against a faro  bank, where they will tit least get some  excitement and "fun" for their money,  with a better chance for getting it back ;  though Ave wish it to be understood that  we are A'ery far from recommending these  demoralizing investments.  A   WONDERFUL   NECKLACE.  What  is considered by jewelers to be  perhaps   the  most   remarkable diamond  necklace iu the world,  and a triumph of  the diamond setters art, says a New York  paper,   has just   been   completed   iu this  city   by  Charles F.  Wood ifc Co., wholesale diamond   dealers of   1 Maiden   lane.  It is asserted that   there is   not only not  such "-mother in the world, but that if an  attempt were made to duplicate its perfection it would require fifteen or twenty  years' time iu which   to do so.    It is not  the abnormal   size, weight  or number of  the stones that constitute this necklace's  peculiar A-alue and  beauty, for there are  many necklaces which excel it in each of  these particulars, but it is  the fact that  eA'ery stone is a, gem of the choicest quality and  absolutely  matches every other  one.    The necklace, as it rests in its case  encircles closely a center piece, six inches  in   diameter,  and  the   diameter   of the  necklace itself, at the  center line of the  stones,  is Of  inches.    It contains forty-  seven  stones, Avliich vary in   size  from  front to back in perfect graduation, from  diameters of 7-10 inch, Avith Aveights of  7 carats,  to diameters of 5-16 inch and  weights  of  2]-  carats.'   The   necklace is  worth   at  retail   between $125,000   and  $150,000.  About tAveh-e years ago the largest  handler in the Avorld of diamonds in the  rough Avas instructed to begin the collection of stones for this necklace. This  dealer is iu London, and nowhere else  could any one be found through whose  hands enough diamouds "would pass in a  generation from which to make such a  collection. The instructions to the dealer Avere that every stone must be of the  grade known in the trade as a gem, that  the color must be, blue-white and each  one capable of being cut into the perfect  LUMBER  form to develop brilliancy and fire. The  collection of the stones was begun at  once and it Avas not until six months ago  that the last stone of the lot was picked  out in the rough. Then the Avhole lot  Avere sent here, where they Avere cut and  mounted. Although there Avas no requirement that this should be so, every  stone,as it happens, came from the same  African mine, and this, no doubt, helps  to give them the evenness of effect which  is one of tlie most remarkable traits of  the necklace. This is assured also by the  cutting of the stones, for iu each the  same angles are found, with the same  number of facets, the same comparative  sizes of girdle ancl table and heights from  girdle to table and point.  One of the chief expenses in producing  the circlet lay in the cutting of the gems  to the exact sizes required. The largest  stones were, of course, all cut to the  largest size that they would afford, but  as the required size graded down it was  not uncommon for a stone that if used  separately "'might haA'e cut 5i or 0 carats,  to be cut clown to 5 carats. It is estimated that Avhile the dealer Avas gathering the stones in the rough he handled  from $10,000,000 to $12,000,000 Avorth of  diamonds from the same mine and that  he handled altogether about* $33,000,000  of diamonds, allot' Avhieh Avere scanned  for stones for this one necklace.  The Tremont Hotel  J0  B  ���ff^rg.-^-gjrg-"-  grilling  B  B  The growing demand for ready made ladies' wear, we have  purchased from one of the largest Canadian manufacturers  an immense stock of ladies' skirts, which we are selling at  prices to suit everybody. Ladies' black, plain lustre skirts,  velvet bound, all sizes at $5 each. Ladies' black plain lustre  skirts, ribbon trimmed, all sizes for $6. Ladies' black brocaded skirts, all sizes at $5, special value. Ladies' black  brocaded Ripp skirts, extra fine quality, at $10. Ladies'  black brocaded Crepons, our very best, well made and well  trimmed, all sizes for $12.50.   These goods are going fast.  MARTIN  O'REILLY & CO.  ^  HSi  #  tiL  BANK  OF  B. C.  BUILDING,  NELSON.  TEEMS   C^.S*E3:  '���^���&.&'t=3.C3.c=>.,  .��3.c=).  ��� C=>.c3.c  WIALOJilE & TRECILLUS  mmm  P. Burns & Co.  WH0r.KSAMC   AND   RETAIL  PROPRIETORS  Headquarters ftp Miners and Prospectors  THE BEST BRANDS OF  Liquors and Cigars  ALWAYS ON HAND  Meat Merchants  Wholesale Markets at /telson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.  RETAIL  STORES AT  Nelson,  Trail, Ymir, Kaslo, New Denver, Sandon, Silverton, Cascade  City,  Orrand Forks,  Midway, Greenwood and Sirdar.  ORDERS BY MAIL  PROMPTLY FORWARDED  Head Office, Nelson, B.C.  All  kinds  In  stock  SASH  DOORS  MOLDINGS  One of the best and most pop-  ular hotels in Nelson.  QUEEJil'S HOTEL  BAKER STREET, NELSON.  Heated with-Hot Air. and.  Lighted by Electricity  West Kootenay Butcher Co.*  ALL KINDS OF FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL .  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  You can save money  by purchasing y��ur  lim*|ber from, me  Largo  comfortable  bedrooms and   first-class  dining  room.   Sample rooms,for commercial men.,  BATES   &2   FEB   rXAVST  Mrs.  E. 0.   CLARKE, Prop.  . ,   Late of tlie Royal Hotel, Calgary,  Contpaete and Builders  WILL r>Q WELL TO  BUY THEIR LUMBER  AT  G. 0. BUCHANAN'S  A largo stock of flrc't-class dry matorinl oii hand, also  a full lino of Sash, doors, mouldings, turned work, etc.  FACTORY WORK A SPECIALTY  Yard:   Foot of Hcndryx street, Nelson  Telephone, 91  John Rae, Agent  AUCTION SALE  OF  Household Furniture and Personal Effects.  Acting under instructions from Mr. F. S. Andrews,  barrister, who  is about leaving the eity, vve shall on  Wednesday, April 26th, 1899, at 2 p. m,  sell by pnblio auction, absolutely without reserve, the  entire contents of his residence, third houscfroni Stanley  street on Carbonate street, next door west of mayor  Neeland's residence, consisting of large extension oak-  dining table, oak book-ease and desk, magnificent oak  sideboard, set of dining-room chairs in solid oak, oak hall  rack, drawing-room chairs, sofas and bric-a-brac, two  fine solid oak bed-room sets, four extra fine Wilton rugs,  hall and stair carpets, lace curtains, kitchen and heating  stoves, linoleum, bath, refrigerator, patent kitchen table  and many other houselr Id articles too numerous to  mention.  All these articles are in excellent condition, being in  use less than ono year. This is an excellent opportunity  to get good furniture at your own prices, as Mr. Andrews  has put no i-esorvo on anything and the quality of the  goods is ahead of anything we.havc ever ottered "for sale  here. Goods on view afternoon prior to and on, morning  of sale.   Sale at 2 o'clock sharp.   Terms cash.  V. A. WATftUMAN &; CO., Auctioneers.  \\. D. HUME, Manager.  The finest hotel in the interior.  Largo sample rooms.   Steam heat and electric light.  tJORNKR Off WARD AND VEltNOJ? STS.i NELSON  Madden House  BAKKIt AND \VA1U) STREET^, SELSON.  Baker Street, Nelson   E. C. TRAVES, Manager  ORDERS BY MAIL RECEIVE CAREFUL AND PROMPT ATTENTION.'  LONDON AND BRITISH COLUMBIA GOLDFIELDS, Ltd.  HEAD  OFFICE,   LONDON,   ENGLAND.  All communications relating to ^British Columbia business to be addressed to P. O. Drawer  505, Nelson, British Columbia        '     "    V . . '*  Ji,sROPEBICK ROBERTSON, General Manager i   �����,-.   o/~mCi     r��   /-*  S;JS "FOWLER, E.M., Mining Engineer '   NLLoUlN,   t>. O.  ARE NOT EASTERN IMITATIONS.  The only Jtdtel iii Nelsdii that has remained under one  management since 1890.  Tlio be^roonis  aro  well furnished  and   lighted by  electricity.  Thd dliting-room is not Sccond'to any in Kootenay.  Tho bar is always stocked b}' (.ho best domestic and  imported liquors and clgarH;  THOMAS MADDKN, Proprietor.  FLORENCE  Two ���iind a half miles up tho Outlet from Nelson.  Spring Chickens, Fresh, Cream,  Pure Milk, Fresh-Laid Eggs.  All of which are from the ranch belonging to the hotel  SPECIALTIES:  A pleasant place to spend afternoons, evenings and  enjoy delicacies that cannot be obtained in hotels or  restaurants at Nolson. Good stabling. Opon day and  night.   Can be reached by either road or water.  WILLIAM ROBERTS, Proprietor.  Largo and well lighted Heated by hot air  Reasonable rates Sample rooms  Electric bells and light in every room  Renovated and refurnished throughout  HOTEL   VICTORIA  J. V. PERKS, Proprietor  Free bus meets all trains  Hourly street car to Rtation  Revelstoke, B. G.  BOARD AND ROOM  First-class board and room. -Todd's old stand, corner  Ward and Carbonate streets, in rear of Knglish church.  Heated by steam.   Table board $4, room and board So  and $,r>.5('.  . A collection of lino Belgium Canaries for sale.  J. V. O'LAliGJILIX.  BUT ARK MADE RY  of isr-ELSQisn, b. a.  Your House Needs Refupnishing,  D. McArthur & Co.  Can supply you with all kinds of?  1  li  j  s a  Corner of Baker and \Vard streets  NELSON, B. C.  AT REASONABLE PRICES  UNDERTAKING IN CONNECTION  H. D. Ashcroft  BLACKSMITHING  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  . Wagon repairing promptly attended to by a first-class  wheelwright.  Special attention given to all kinds of repairing and  custom work from outside points.  PLUMBING  SEWER AND WATER CONNEGTIONS  JOBBING A SPECIALTY  Shop:   hfall Street, between Baker and Vernon, Nelson  Strachan Bros.  Plumbers, etc., Opera House Block, Nelson, THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B.C., SATURDAY,-APRIL 22,  1899.
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T. G. Piocter of tlie West Kootenay
Bi'ic-lc <fc Lime Company denies the rumor
that the company intends to Avork a cor-
nei" in bricks this summer. He assures
Tins TmiiUNM tliat the price quoted by
his company for brick shall be but
slightly in advance of the price quoted
Inst summer', and shall not in any event
exceed $12 per thousand.
Costs have been taxed in the appeal of
Larsen &, Co. vs. Potter at $70.8:5. In
tliis case a workingman named Potter
sought to recover $21 wages from the
contractors of tlie Nelson & Bedlington
railway instead of from the man who
hired him. Tlie case was tried at Creston
before .). Bull, J. P., avIio gave Potter
judgment for the amount. An appeal
was taken by the contractors. County
court judge Forin allowed tlie same and
costs Avere given against Potter. His
attempt to collect $21 in wages therefore
cost him $70.85.
In view of the prospect of Elko being
tapped by the branch of the Great
Northern railway from Kalispel, the
Kootenay 'Valleys Company, which owns
one-half of the townsite, has taken ail
its lots off the market. The Canadian
Pacific Kail way Company which owns
the remaining half of E'llco will probably
foIIoav suit.
In view of the approaching football
match betAveen Nelson and ltossland, a
practice game will be played on the Hall
street recreation grounds this afternoon,
starting at 3 p.m. Nelson has already
Avon the first game, beating ltossland by
eighteen points to seven, and in order to
be able to put a. good team on the ground
in the coming match, so as to score, if
possible, another Avin, all players ai'e requested to be on the ground this afternoon at the above stated time. * It is
hoped to be able to have two full teams
practicing. V
The Ladies' Aid Society of the Nelsou
Catholic Church. Avill hold a social entertainment at the Queen's hotel ou Wednesday evening,- April 20th, for AA'hich a
good programme of A^oeal and instrumental music is being prepared. The
•programme''"will be followed by a dance
iu the dining room of the hotel.
Otto M. Rosendale is uoav in the Slocan
purchasing ore for the Slocan Ore Purchasing Company's sampler at this city.
lie is meeting with success and is already credited Avith JniA-ing secured the
ore from the Emily Edith and the Molly
Hughes properties in the Slocan Lake
section. - .
W. _-H7 Dowsing returned from* Elko
yesterday. He reports tliat the engineers of the "Great Northern- Raihvay
Company are making every = haste*; in
. their .work of sui'A-cying the branch Jine
Avhieh is projected from Kalispel ouL .tlie
, G reat Northern to G olden = Ou the Caiiar
dian Pacific -In? the' vicinity. of Elko,
which "*>\"ill be on tlie line of railway,*1
there are oyer a dozen engineers at.wprk..
-'; Kokanee has been "made a postoffice,
and C. W. Busk has. been sworn, in as
postmaster. ^ It avill probably 'have mail,
service every.* other day,, .although
steamers call daily. The -distance from'
NelsoiV is,  -by. .actual .^measurement,,. 12!,-,
■smiles*.- -.      „ . •«, .■:..■"■:■". * . ■     . „ .
Alfred Anderson, Chicago
J. K Cleaton, Spokane
W. K. Cleuton, Spokane
O. 11. Kinneve, Spokane
Alex. McKcnzie, Winnipeg
Philip White, Ymir
.1. T. Scot.l, Halls
J. O'Donnell, Salmo
K. McKinnon, H-iluyon
Neil Geilln'ng, Slocan City
Geo. Long, N w Denver
Al. O'Brien, Okanogan
Charles W. Husk, Kokanee
O. II. Taylor. Montreal
K C. Davids- ii. T ail
Miss K. II. Harris, St. John
N. H.
W. H. Kttlding, JtnsMiinrt
T. K. Van (Jilder, Cape.Aluy
N. Y.
Mrs. A  Hremner, Han 11'
W. J. Tiuifo, Vancouver
J. A.Tepooiicn, Vancouver
James A. McDonell, Montreal
.1. K. I'oupore, Nakusp
■I. Howes, Silverton
A. Ltiliult, Sloean
West Superior,
.1. M. Anderson, lvaslo
Ca'lyle Ellis, Vancouver
1.1. A. Heals
I     Wis.
■   QL'KKN'S.
.1. li. McLean, Seallle I Charles V. Mellardy. Clin-
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ufggeS*j^r^tlitl*b "ti'iej;j\ier(5ii^nts .Bftnk of
fialifajSbe;gi'Vfeh. thev ;sin.klh*i"„ funds ahd
tt*4e!l|atilc>6f4i6^\'ea1=*Jai6 oA^erciraft."'. .;■
Vancouvep Hardware Co., Ili
Importers of Shelf and Heavy Hardware.
snaps in houses and lots
in All parts of the city
Money to Loan
Shelf and Heavy Hardware
Giant Powder
Canton Drill Steel
Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal
Pipes, and Fittings
Giant, Caps and Fuse
Tools, Cutlery, Tin
and Woodenware
Stoves, Ranges,
Iron, Steel,   Sheet (
Iron, T-Rails
Paints, Oils, Glass
NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:   Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.
NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.
Will   be found  in  their  new  premises  on
with  a complete  stock  of
Baker Street
Shelf and
J. L VAiNSTONE,      R.
Minesjind Mining Stoeks
.   *   Customs Broker
If you are, call and get posted
■iphl*-$fe Jtl^t&^^"^~*:yjiK*c}^
;rgij|^;^K3^:i5; &^gpt,^§af|si
Bakci-'strce't West,, J^a'sori,, BTC.     '.
and Shelf
You will find it to your .idv-inlage to consult us
before pl:icing your orders
Tii**smithing aqd P!un]birig- a Specialty
Estimates Cheerfully Furnished
"West Block, Baker Street East, Nelson, B. C.
Mson Tent and Awning laniifactey
all Ktiisrris OF
/A 1 ■:  - ■" *-
Qup Specialties
Damon,  Ram Lai's   and   ShiUing-'s   Best
Teas always on hand.
Chase &o Sanborn pure Java and -Mocha
1  ■ *%*^"^% df^ ■<%■ ^1% iC%   -
^.Coffees..       ,a      '       /.,,                              .'
Christie-Brc-wnand Paterson Biscuits!, .
„:-**fl ..l^«-s^,W"^j|, t- ;,■ =%^.1bP v ,
y.y "■'■■&frossey&ym&c\w.^
apD                   c^         •&           °      S,      \°        & ' "n°                Dm             u                -°        ■L11JninLJ*oBlo          "            -CJ'bnuD       u"       ~   -, o   ■    m  n
",   ,,■,:■.     y, /"„„.„;,;,'■/  s-*. ■"      ° y, """
3110 v  * ■■■-■
*Mar,m*aladesv;:Jams,-. 'etc/*-.s ■ * ..:■■..■ .-^y) .• «..V; - yyy
n                              n   ^    .        ^                              D           "    "     ^          d^
f'MusHlooims:;;".'". .- 'y[ 'T "■'*"" ....^V. (■'■-. "* .". -"-V*"?;"
.""„". ^;:j>ic;kie;s/Sa*ucensr„Sp^^                  °:   ,.;-y'y", "'•
■AwftfeK&ffW--- ■■ ■■■
■;a "^"^ca*r^of"»;Ashcrbrt                   'arid' &fckr>$,6t
JJrJ. ■.p.i?#iJS«Jft J
'• ^^p^GpqoeFiesiiu^piiii    o                       '■' .■"■  °
Two earslof Grdckei?y °on theVroaS.     °°
;"_"   \A;t^iai;brdef solicited.   Prices "pfghii,   . ."
■  "tl
" .1
" Baker street, opposite poslolllcc, Nelson
Telephone 10.   P. O. Box K & W*      Baker street "West, Nelson
Complete Electric Equipments for Electric Power Transmissibn anfl Lighting for Mines, Towns
Electric Fixtures, Lamps, Bells, Telephones, Annunciators, Etc.
P. O. Box 608. Josephine Street, Nelson, B. O.
HZ^-IT,    GhJR-A-IE2s]\   ~WJdTEnD,   ETC.
Write for quotations on car lots.
Vienna Restaurant
Baker street, between Josephine and
Hall streets. Nelson.
Builders and contractors can now secure
Ihe best lime on the market at
The West l^ootenay Brick & Lime Co,, Ltd.
Bnker Street.        T. G. PROCTOR, JVanager
Twenty7 years old and still growing.
par80p5 produce Qo<
J. A. ROGER8, General Manager
Manager for Western British Columbia,
Manager for Yukon District,
Manager for Southern British Columbia.
P. J. RUSSELL, Nelson
Rain Makes Mud!
Mud Makes Dirt!
Dirt Makes Soap Necessary!
A necessary article is an article that every housekeeper
should have, that article is
Because it does the work easier and Is free from any injurious chemicals, thereby rendering- it perfectly harmless to the softest hands, and
warranted not to injure "the'finest fabric.  Only at
M. DesBrisay S Co.
All sizeH of dimeneioii timber and nil kinds of lumber
?.r •...orde.1'- '""d shipped to Nelson in carload lots.
Write for priuoa. " .     .
The  Standard
of the World.
The Artistic Piano of
ABT AND MUSIC CO., Mson, Agents.
VANCOUVEU-A, F. Ralph, Manager.
DAWSON CITY—A. G. Cunninghan, Manager.
ATLIN CITY-J. A. Fraser, Manager.
NELSON-iP. J. Russell, Manager.
Stocks carried at Victoria, Rossland, Cranbrook, Greenwood and Revelstoke.
The largest handlers of Butter and Eggs In
the Canadian Northwest.
A fresh consignment of Maple Leaf Cream Sodas direct
direi t from the factory, put up in .'"-pound boxes. Also
a full line of the Toronto Biscuit and Confectionery
Company's Sweet Biscuits. Don't forget that we handle
Blue Ribbon Tec
Baker Street West, Nelson, B. C.
Have just received a consignment of Harris home
■ made tweeds from Talbot Harris, Scotland.
FEED J. SQUIBE, Baker St. Won
Tho supply ia limited, so call early and examine this stock.      -


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