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 WHAT WAS DONE IN PARLIAMENT  AT  OTTAWA  YESTERDAY.  Special to The Tribune.  Ottawa,-April 28.���Sir Wilfrid Laurier, replying to Mr. Poster iu the house  today, said that on Monday he would  make a .statement of the government's  legislation generally. Mr. Blair, minister  of railways, in answer to Mr. Foster, said  no arrangements had yet been made between the government and the Canadian  Pacific in regard to running trains between Halifax and St. John. The matter  had not yet readied that stage at which  lie could say an agreement was not  possible.  in the house this afternoon Rutherford  presented'a petition of policy holders,  representing $f>,()()().000, praying for certain amendments to the Canada Life  Act. More than a score of Other petitions  of a .similar effect were laid on the ctable.  Sir Hibbert Tupper proposed to continue the investigation of last session into Manitoba election frauds of 1890 in accordance Avith the understanding of last  year. The premier asked that the motion  stand till Monday.  A deputation representing the shirt,  collar and cuff manufacturers waited ou  the premier, sir Richard Cartwright and  honorable-Mr. Fielding, seeking a reduction on cottons. Another deputation  presented the case of the Canadian brewers, who ask for an increase of duty on  imported beers. Both Avere promised due  consideration.  The senate adjourned until May  17th.  A Physician's Bad Blunder.  Special to The Tribune.  Montreal,   April   28.���A  lamentable  mistake in  surgery  occurred  yesterday.  .Seven  years  a go Thomas  Stewart,  the  ten-year-old stepson of George P.Walker  of the  firm  of J. R. Walker & Co., commission merchants, met with  a serious  aud   painful    accident   at Beaconsfield,  where   the    family   was   spending   the  summer. A penknife was run into his left  eye and the sight destroyed.    Dr. Alexander Proudfoot, who was spending  the  summer in the  neighborhood, was r summoned   and   treated   the   ease,    ft wras  decided there was impossibility of thesight  being  restored,  and  the   eye  began  to  wither up.    The boy grew up and is now  a youth of seventeen  years.    Later the  injured eye.became inflamed, and it was  feared   tlie   other   eye    might   become  affected.     Dr.   Proudfoot's   professional  experience was again, sought, and he  advised . the -removal  of the useless eye as  .,the only sure way of preserving the other,  ." intact:;   This Avas agreed to, and the deli-  ' cato  task: entrusted, to. Dr." Proiulfoot,  =rwho~is assistant oculist and-aurist to the  General Hospital and oculist aiid auristto  the Western Hospital. The operation took  place at the family residence,.1273  Dorchester street,. Westinount, on  Wednesday afternoon, and  at" its, conclusion  it  , Avas  found  that a terrible mistake -had  been made.    The healthy  eye had  beeu  ' removed.    Oil recpA-ering from-the -.effect  of the anesthetic, the patient found himself blind.    Dr. Buller was at  once sent  for, and efforts haA'e since, been  made to  "save the sight of the injured  eye, but as  yet with only problematical "success.    At  best the sight can only, be  preserved  as  to ehablothc young niau  to  distinguish  light from darkness.  UTl��  ARRANGING THE TERMS OF THE  STREET  RAILWAY   FRANCHISE.  SATURDAY MORNING,  APRIL 29,  180?  PUBLISHED ATI NELSON, BBITISH COLUMBIA.  DAILY (BY MAIL) $5 A YEAR;  WEEKLY, $2.  that Canadians are holding tlieir properties at much too high a figure to enable  old country investors to take hold of  them. This refers particularly to partly  developed mining properties. Mr. Black-  stock bids Canadians, however, not to expect any such outpouring of unlimited  capital into Canada as occurred in the  case of South Africa and Australia. There  Avill, rather, be a steady development,  Avhicli is better. This Avould indicate  that Mr. Blackstoek and Mr. Good-'i'liam  did not iind anyone in England too anxious to buy War Eagle and Center  shares at present prices.  St  NEGLECT OF TRANSPORTATION  A   NATIONAL   VICE.  ar  Peace Believed to be in Sight.  Associated Press.  London, April 29.���All the morning  papers today Avill contain editorials congratulating the United States upon the  prospect of peace in the Philippines, and  complimenting the braA*cry and endurance of the American troops, Avho haA*e  brought about the .much desired result.  All insist that the United States cannot  treat Avith the rebel government. All  approve the demand of general Otis for  anj unconditional surrender, and urge  that he should be given full poAver and  not be hampered by instructions from  Washington.  The Daily Mail says: "General Otis  has to deal with Orientals, and his polioy  nmst be used accordingly."  The Morning Post, Avhieh emphasizes  the danger of treating Avith the rebels,  says : "The Avay may be long, but the  adoption of a conciliatory policy is not  the method best suited to get to the end  of it."  The Standard says: "The rebels are  proper objects for clemency, but they  cannot be dealt Avith as apolitical entity.  No real friend of the Islanders would  Avish to see them all at ouce charged Avith  the task of working out their oavu destiny  on lines of pure autonomy."   ���  The Daily News thinks that a natiA'o  administration under supreme American  control, and even a native army "fortified" by a compact American garrison,  avou Id be the best solution.  Victoria Has One Public Spirited Citizen.  Special to Tlio Tribune.  , Victouia, April 28.���The promoters of  tlio Port Angeles railway scheme tonight  made knoAvn the extent of the assistance  .a'e^iiirecljfrom Victoria/ for the dPubtful  boon" of feijry connection with the deadest  =tpu^iu-i&iie*i^  arid in return) promise to '"provide a passenger ferry tocross the stiraits in One  hour and a freight ferry to take forty-  foft r cars across at a trip. They assured th b  public nipotihg tonight that their .scheme  Avould adArance the value of Victoria real  estate 23 per cent, aiid so enthused postmaster Sliakespere tliat he offered to  givo SO per cent of his property to secure  the transcontinental connection if the  other   property   OAvners  AVOidd   do   the  "same. " The property owners present  Avere less enthusiastic, and the. meeting  adjourned with a request for further information. ;  The Canadian Pacific is Making Money,  Special to The Tritratio,  MoNTjtiOAL, Api'il 28.���Traffic receipts  of the Canadian Pacific for March show  gross earnings of $2,109,008 and Avorking  expenses of $1,280,772 ; net profits $828,*-  800, In March of last year the net profits  Avere $753,234. For the first three mouths  ending March 31st the figures are : * Gross  earnings $5,727,621, Avorking expenses  $3,681,492, net profits $2,046,121. Por the  three months ending March 31st last year  there Avas a net profit of $1,692,528. The  increase in net profit over thesaihe .period  last year is therefore: for March $75,062,"  and from January 1st to March 31st  $353,602.   Were They Over in England Trying to Unload?  Associated Proas.  Toronto, April 28.--T. G. Blackstoek  and George Gooderham have just returned from a trip to England. Discussing the question, of British capital coming for investment in Canadian mining  enterprises Mr. Bostock says there will  be plenty of it. The feeling is good towards Canada and the improvement in  Grand Trunk stock has impioved it. But  one point Avhieh should be impressed is,  ri    ������      Baseball Rules Changed: .  , * *'   Associated Press.   ���        ',   " -    "  Hartfokd, Connecticut, April 2S.���The  managers aiid umpires of, the Eastern  baseball league held a meeting today for  the, purpose^of "discussing the rules lor  the season of 1899. All the; teams were  represented except- Providence and, Rochester. Several of the .rules Avere discussed. In tlie rules where an umpire is  vested with poAver tbimpose fines; objec-  tioiiSAvere taken, and it Avas .votpd to use  their judgment iii such cases. The subject Avhicli occupied the most* time AA'as  Avith regard to balking. Rule 32, section  1, Avas changed tb read as 1'oIIoavs : " Any  motion made by the pitcher to deliA'er  the ball to the batter or to. first base  without deliA'ering it shall be a balk."  The last clause of the rule originally,  read : "Or to a base Avithout delivering it  shall be called a balk." It was also A'oted  that a pitcher should be guilty of making  a balk when he should motion to deliver  the ball to third base, should not deliArer  it, and then should throw it to either  first or second base.     ��� **���'  The Result of a Destructive Tornado.  Associated Preiss.  ICiRKSVTTjLE, Missouri, April 28.���As a  resiijt of the tornado, two hundred faini-  ^ies lire homeless and more than thirty  dead bodies and seA'enty injured people  haA*e been recoA^ered from the ruiusi Although the rescuers haAre been searching  iu the ruins ever since the storm spent  its fury, many are still missing. The  AVOrk of; rescue continues, but it may be  days before the total uuihber of victims  is known*      -���  ,    ��� .-   ,.       -:-  Want Coal Oil Placed on the Fre0 List.  Associated Press.  Ottaava, April 28.���It is not improbable that united action may be taken  by western Liberal members to press on  the goA^ernment the desirability of doing  something on the coal oil duty. The  government realizes that a A'ery strong  element in its oavu party is strongly opposed to a continuance of the duty, and  the question is sure to come up several  times before the house rises.  Manitohans Engaged at a Favorite Pursuit.  Special to The Tribune.  Winnipeg, April 28.���George Steele  Avas nominated today by tlie Conservatives to contest Cypress at the approaching provincial elections.. ConservatiAre  conventions will be held tomorroAV at  Killarney and Lakeside. Hon. Robert  Watson addressed a Liberal meeting at  Portage la Prairie this evening.  Both to be Protested.  *  Associated Press  Toronto, April 28.���The ConservatiAres  have decided to enter protests iu both  West Huron and BrockAnlle. Iii the  latter, it is boastfully claimed, there is  ground for criminal action. The Liberals  ridicule any possibility of upsetting the  elections.  Special to The Tribune.  Tokonto, April 28.���President Kemp of  the board of trade this afternoon   entertained at luncheon at  the National Club  a. number of prominent citizens and members of the government who   were passing through the city to   Brantford.    The  members-of parliament were  Messrs. Sifton   and  Tarte  and   D.   C.   Fraser. ' Mr.  Kemp  explained   that  lie  had   brought  them together to discuss 'transportation,  and then at some  length  advocated the  construction of the Georgian Bay air line  as a means  of . diverting, to  Canada the  trade -iioav.. going  to  the.United States.  Messrs.  Hugh Blain, Robert Jaffray, G.  W. Plavelle, R. Kilgour and others spoke  on  the  same line.    Mr.   Sifton,   in   the  course of his remarks, reiterated his opinion,  Avhieh  he  said  had been expressed j  publicly on many occasions, that the two'  greatest problems before the country was  the development / of the north Avest  and  concentration  of trade  therefrom.    Referring to British Columbia, he impressed  upon his hearers the  importance of the  mineral'wealth of that country.    There  was no doubt that Avith proper development they  might look to Kootenay district alone for an annual aA**erage production of minerals  of from  $50,000,000 to  $60,000,000.     With* such immense Avealth  everything should be done,to.-deyelpp.the  Avest and keep its trade for the Dominion.  Neglect of transportation Avas one of the  national ATices of Canada.    There ;Avas too  much jealousy between tlie vai'ious cities  aud sections, and as long as  that spirit  Ava-s. manifestedprogressAvouldiiecessarily  be sIoav.    Tliey could-not get along unless  they realized that the prosperity of one  city ���-���oi*" of one  section  of Canada  Avas  good for cA'ery other section or city.  Bankers  Do Not Want a Mint in Canada.  ���AssociHtcd Press. V ":'.*���-,������.-  Montreal, April 28.���At a meeting  held yesterday of the couucil of the Canadian Bankers' Association the question  as to the establishment ofta aniut-iusCan-  ada for. the coinage'of gord"was;disciissed>  and it was-resolved that/thjs ^poiincn"n"disj%  approve of the. proi)Opai^fpr}tiieiiollbAViug".  1    L . J^ J- ?������    flit?   ^    "   .  fl,&.    UB".W. llfllfl"t?...Pp,  reasons:      ,- * %^yy��"M�� *l5v"��'"f".K  , ]' 1. Because the*operaW"ng"jSf^ui!it^Il��  result "in -loss cither tftitli^mlV^lii^t^  the goA'ernment, accr��,diiil^'',a.s0^wonsQffpiJ  the. other is'made to bfctfet^-te^^ilfsQ*^":  tlie coinage. ."   ��� 'l.y ���y B","��� ��� .%**';  C> -       n     a����n fl     "     n    ��gp   "    ^   %       *  2. Because a better ��",hia1rkct'Vf0;ii  bullion is provided'by theVbltirK^itriauscau  be supplied by a, mint. *V^!"���*��= yyy-'yy ��� v^r  * 3, Because the- intriitSiSwalu&'oi^tlie,  metal is not enhanced- bywits" fipnA^rsip0!?  into coin, bullion being ipj'^feVablefb��.��tlf(3^  purpose of Interiiatibh.a^l^qKSlfaiige^aiYd  settlement. -c. -'^'S^������-y ' �� �� -��,"  1. Because experieiiQe!;^ has "JlMiiion?-  stratcd that paper is preferred to,gpldj  coin as a circulating liietthiiii^ucthu'liioii  ininted in Canada Avill nPt^bg retainfucl^ in  the country. i   vVw'v"   ������",;" �� �� . ".'  5. Because the coinage^ or ���g^M/^puld  introduce an element of- uncertainty and  disturbance iu the systeiii prejudiyiM to  the commercial and industrial iiltei'esfcs of  the country.      _^_ '_   LOCAL AND MINING NEWS FROM  ADJACENT   TOWNS   AND   CAMPS.  Special to The Tribune.  Kaslo, -April 28.���Martin McAndrew,  who recently returned from Cripple  Creek, Colorado, is fitting up the Ottawa  house, until recently managed by Desmond & Muiehison, and will open a  saloon iu the premises. This will make  two new saloons to start up withiu the  next few days; one of the signs of returning prosperity.  The Kokanee is expected to resume her  run on Monday next. She has been  thoroughly overhauled and reifovated  and will be in���better condition to take  her run than she ever avjis.  Last night the three boats, International, Nelson and Alberta, all made their  laudingVat Kaslo Avithin a few minutes.  The Nelson had a long start from Pilot  Bay, but tlie .International., easily. oA*er-  ' hauled, her. ���.'���..-'"'.'���.  Miss.Ott, AA'ho has been A'isiting Avith  Mrs. W. B. Hodder for the past two  years, returned to her home in Seattle on  Tuesday.  James Chisliolm, the grocer, Avho has  been critically ill for some months, Avas  remoA'ed to Nelsou for the- purpose of  having   an   operation .������'performed.  E. C. Hughes of Seattle is in toAvn on  business in connection Avith the Montezuma mine.. Mr. Hughes has been sup-,  plying the money to heep the mine going  since the trouble a year ago. From reports received the Montezuma is loolcing  very A\*ell. The upraise, from tlie loAver  tunnel has broken through, into the  Avinze froin the Tipper Avorkiiigs and has  opened up a fine shoAving of ore. .'���;..;'  Silverton.  ;.'.,���;��� SiLiVKRTON, April 2Sl���Wednesday .was  celebrated here as arbor day, the citizens  plantTngci'OAVs of ti'ees along Lake aA'enue.  It is expected that these Avill add considerably to the looks of the toAvn on our  annual celebration'day.    .  Robert F. Green, M. P. P., spent yesterday-.'.iu. this part of his Coustituency.   His  ^present dll-he.altlii-has ,pue'yen*ted his'.' .visit-^  *ingvthepakjJs|ppii|ii"r^  !*"the"Cba"sf}.yvf,iyy/y^' (y pfy *" -<y%' s^y^y-  -^��lie;'���cy$,s^  ���tli^NBoiiclily^reaehed tli|" Pre>hufe/rA\n^|  ���.'���"*",���-�����������,��"���y,"..y my-y��'i ���������^���ift. .?.;�����; -!��.'**������ ^-.*>!��."��w*v  men afctlns��pi'operty>.haye��-beeuviiniiiiig,*  No Show for the Blacks in the, South.  =====A ssoeidted^Ercss^  GniSENViiJ-K, South Carol iini-, April 28.���  The trial of the famotis conspiracy case  grOA\*1ng out of the Phcenix eTectioii riot  and lynching in GreeiiAVOod county last  November ended in the federal court here  today Avitli a verdict of not guilty. The  juty, composed entirely of Avhite men,  ancl half of them Greenwood county  meils Avas out less than fifteen minutes.  The defendants AA'ere proniineiit G'reen-  Avood county men, who at the tinle of the  Phoenix riot SerVed resoliitipiis upon  James W. To'bert, the republican assistant postmaster at McC'oriiiick, advisiiig  hlin to leave, and telling him that they  Avould be resiJonsible for his lifbj though  they would protect him for thirty-six  hours. Six houi's after lie left a mob  rode into McCorinick to kill him.  Immigration Returns Flattering  to Canada.  Associated Press.  LoNbON, April 28.���The British Board  of Trade emigration returns for the first  three months of tlie current year are  Arery flattering to Canada. The number  of people leaA'ing the United Kingdom  ports for Canada sIioav An increase of 24  per cent OA*er the corresponding period of  1898, Avhile the emigration to the United  States sIioavs a decrease of .15 per cent.  That of other British Colonies, including  South Africa, has practically remained  stationary, or sIioav a slight falling off.  Opposed to Submarine Boats.  Associated Press.  London, April "28.���J. P. Holland, the  hrventor of the Holland submarine boat,  sailed for NeAV York yesterday, on board  the steamship Etruria. His negotiation's  Avith the admiralty for the sale of: his in-  A'ention to the British government failed  completely, the goA'ernment objecting .to  the principle of submarine boats and not  against Mr. Holland's specific system.  rfejpplug��the^�� ground?;k&&I}he * ore "ni^thP  ^WQst*stri]le'afe.iA^:s^aHc^e^t^  SiuiKps^yjI^a^M'pe  ^ zfii"q? "'s^plgjitiful/^  ,shaA^ii.gcbeen*���replac��d',b*y^leadG. :�����*.* -;��� ��� ���-..���%  ���^lel|fii^/tte"tittiVin^^J^HM  rtlKla^oX^tlieoOiilyodate onovwJxLcJ\a,a3vex?  .    . ^Kh tTClrP*'       ft (I  Pifl U     n n   C,V D    D la    n ^m   *    ^  ft"  �� D      **      nP" n �� ^ "  "eb��ra*ti.pii^,aoul'd,']-)P a.-suecess^C"""0- ��  '."'' ;Wj*HiBrandon";^u,iyelMi|*bei'M       ,of $H [  ���CaTTadii>ir=grpn,Pj".��is lia^jing; tliey upstair-  ';fl*)prtipii"pf:f%ej;I3ri^ -up  ��� lis-'tifllwelliiTg-ijUiCp;^ "'��� ��' y y( $",�� "s- y[ ���   ��"  "    ' ,'.*   :    ���.  'New Denver/   -  n .JSfj3Ay."to\s^vVjr,,Api%& "Grcitjn,,  M,-.��X-s" P.V"AY:tsViii; toAvn; "yesterfhuy oh lii'S  ^*ayvto Yi^tOJ'ia, toV iiitt\rvieAV tli.d gov(jrn-  lueiit iof assistance in liuij'din^, a wagon  road up* the south fork ,oi' Kaslo, creek to  the, Joker mine. At the same time he is  ^akiug-iii-the-A*al;iOus=Sloetiu--,ca,inps=and=  eliciting the feeling of his coilstitiients  upon the eight-hour law. Almost to a  man he found the inine owners and business men opposed' to it, Avith a majority  of the Avorking classes, particularly  should it result in a reduction of Wages.  A gOvei'iiWent caucus is to be hekl in  Van con ver Jon the subject, and Mi'. Green  was charging himself with, the neeetinSiry  data.  Ferguson alid Stratford have finished  tlieir contract on 'the Enterprise, having  driven an upraise 100 feet and the No: 1  tunnel 200 feet. Clean ore is exposed  throughout the new workings. The contractors were favored with good luck and  made money. The men arrived iu town  yesterday.  Assessment work has just been completed on the Angeloj located about a  mile and a half: from Rosebery, on Wilson creek. The claim is owned by Thoin-  linson brothers,, Marino brothers and .1.  Lind of New DeiiA*er. Crosscutting developed a ucav lead, about seventy-five  feet below the old Avorkings. This has  been stripped 150 feet, showing a vein  five feet in width, iu Avhieh there is a  paystreak of eight inches of good, clean  galena. This is exposed in several  places, though somewhat irregular in  thickness. The old workings on the No.  1 lead consist of an incline shaft, down  twenty-five feet, Avith a fair shoAving.  The OAvners had great difficulty in going  up the creek, tlie suoav being to their  AVaists on the leA7el.  'Work is to be commenced on the Arlington, Springer creek, so soon as the  snow permits," supplies to be packed up;  from Slocan City.  The Bosun yesterday made a shipment  of twenty tons of zinc ore to'London,  England. This has.been sent as a test,  and if satisfactory more Avill  folloAV.    It  carries zinc in excess of 30 per cent and  70 ounces silver.  Dr. Voting's removal from Sandon Avill  once more open the coronership of the  Slocan.  Trappers in the Wilson Creek country  have done well this winter, the furs being in splendid condition. A beaver dam  exists at the headwaters anil eight pelts  were obtained, besides otter and Avood  wolves. One of the men came down the  creek this Aveek and was followed by  avo1a*cs most of the distance but hot attacked.  There has beeu another --heavy'suoav-  storm in the hills, and a foot of the  beautiful has fallen. The 'thaw, so far  has been slight.  A telegram was receiA'ed yesterday  ���from ltossland stating their hose team  Avould meet Nelsou here oh May 24th.  They will be accompanied by a big croAvd.  The action of ltossland ensures the entire  success of the celebration, and the committee are uoav arranging the programme  for publication. Rossland is determined  to carry off the prize for the hub-and-  hub, as is Sandon in the baseball, so  Nelson Avill have to bestir itself. The  grounds here are being put in fine shape.  Slocan City.  Slogan City, April 28.���Charles Moss,  C. E., leaves today for Argeiita to join  the engineering stall engaged on the  Lardo-Duuean railway survey. Frank  Provost commenced Avork yesterday on  the Twin Sisters, a property situate on  ���the" north fork of Lemon creek. Swan'  and Glough will begin tlieir big contract  on the tlie Highland Light oii May 1st.  James Robinson, Slocan's pioneer bandsman, was in town yesterday on his Avay  to Warren, Idaho, .where he has accepted  a position as a stationary engineer. The  rich strike on the Black Prince aiid the  likelihood of the Arlington beginning  work seem to have given a new lease of  life to this camp." "'." .(..(��� ���'((���'���"<���  -:-.-���'        Ymir. '* ���.������.:"-i.'.;-:y  Y^inij April::'2S.^���At the preliminary  meeting   held ; last   night Vat - the. Ross  fflio^is^;tp|dis0cuss^h<j.^p���fel'eb  riiupenSs-.^  Ip6int|c0|tp|:,eoiie,ct^  *po"rt"jat* a?iheetiugVA\%icli is called  4Mond^a*y;nijght..in^ tlieVRpssJhouse:atieightdi*  There Avas no meeting ofthe eity council last evening. It aviis decided to hold  a session for the purpose of arranging  the details of the agreement betAveen the  corporation and the proposed tramway  companjr, but as several of the aldermen  had discussed the matter till midnight on  the previous evening they decided to  take a night's rest.  So far, there is  every  prospect of an  arrangement; being  arrived   at  with the  company Avhicli will result in the speedy  construction of the traniAvay.    The only  point upon Avhieh there is any difference  of opinion is withrespecttothetermsupon  Avhieh   the   corporation  should  be  per-  mittedto purchase the company's plant  and  franchise  should it   be   considered  desirable to do so.   The company's representatives are Avilling that tlie corporation shall haA'e an option, to  purchase at  the expiration of fifteen years, but they  contend that the corporation in the eA'ent  of such purchase should pay not only the  appraised value.of. the company's plant, -  but tt reasonable rate of interest upon  the company's investment, from the time -  of its  inception, so   that   the ���"company.;^  would not suffer for operating the train- V  way at a loss during the first few years.;,;  A special  meeting of  the council will V  be held, this eAreuiug Avhen the terms  up-VJ  on Avhieh the city may purchase V and Sail  other inatters connected Avitli the :grant- ;:  ing of the franchise will  be..determihed. V  The represen tatiA*es of the traniAvay company say that they Avill be prepared to  commence actual construction Avork Avith-;  in  sixty  days  from  the passing of tliefe  necessaiy bylaAN'^ and to expend $125,000.  LOCAL   NEWS   AND   GOSSIP.     vvV  claiiii'Battiesh]pfj\lainiei*.A��.largQ;number  Kob MOilarDcli�� shares thaVe* beem eJianging;  .himidpcldtelyjtind: -thevpnees**hayeHi-d%  llp&eiearM(J(iii^pri  TJieEente^i'taiuiiieui  foVward^   Vrnlgue Iperkilmoni Jon .theS. Crb���W;S^ Ne^st ?,ass-D  Paii^rg^i^;'6A7\t]h^f*��w6^  - ��   ^v,.i* im:;-fi.f's5�� "���*r - ��� "-- -"��� * "-**-1" **""-   "  ,niiQm&\Vliat ^siovvly a 1 piSfr�� about 'tlil'Ce ;br  Vfpur ni'ildsie'ast'p&^itclidheij wJieli�����pupJpf  the ft'efpieiit Sl'i>ppan,ge�� OcCiiri'Ocl'tP" Avhieh  the passeiigers. jiad bex-ojne accristpmOd1  eA'eli to Aveiiriifess. The detention h^-  =eoi-riiiig,"^jijofci���'aebedrtw^n"ves'ti!igaftioir^"\H'ia^!  made to. deterjiinie the" cause pf the long  delay, whejl jt was discOA-ered that one of  the box freight cafs had left the track in  a manner unifjUe aiid almost impi'ccC-  delited. The train consisted of fifteen  fTCJght cars, a baggage and a A-ery ancient combined plissengei' anil smoking  coach. From about the Center of tins  train a boxcar, laden with coke* had left  the rails, mid niter running about fifty  yards on the til's, hail jumped the track  altogether, aiid turned completely over,  and Was "lying on its top dhigonnHy down  the side of the embankment. T4i,0 body  of the cai' was apparently very little injured. The triii'ks were entirely clear of  the track, and whole, but the supporting  truss and air brake Machinery were ijom-  plet ly demolished. Tlie car before and  tliat behind the erratic car were not disturbed from their usual position, and not  a passenger realized that an accident had  occurred, Avhieh might, under other circumstances, have been so serious in its  results. In its present condition traveling on the Crow's Nest Pass railway is  not a A'ery hvviting pastime.  . Anyone having copies ofthe WeeklyTJiT-;V  bunk issued in June: of last year and the:    V  issue of .December lOtli last can make aj v  clean-up by; calling at this office. -V  O. T. Stone, one of Kaslo's ; solid mien,   V  yiewedVNclson yesterday as  a  disinter--  ested sightseer and marveled at the nuin-;  ber of steps in  some -of- oiir hew side-:Vy  Avalks.     :-.;.:' ������':  :(('.-..(.' ,' <:y:y:(..-'J':i^:y:(yyy.y(y  Jolm Keen of Kaslo, assessor and col-;;V  lector of the, proA;ince for the sputhernvV(y  half "of West Kootenay district, was ;;m3^Vf  Nelson ���yesterday. V '::���']. ��� (.'y y yy.yyj^Xytt  Tlie official pouudkeeper's receiptsijyvere^^t.  swelled^yesterday bytlie, impoiindm  . eight stray coavs. V <��� ;:i-':V-.V;-''.- .y^yi^^^^^^y^^^  ''/a^lur'addir^ssW^rxu^  ou^the:main liiiepf the"; Cani^iiivnsfi^i^^  Ti-iulAvay:sixteenjyears agd^is v*wanted;|pyV ��� >  ^sY^ray^Achtei^ieed Sfc  VScptland^" -y^y yy y( yy. y- 'yyy: '���'(. \'i (yyyyyy  "i'fjbr iffl.^5^:niistrphg^ anhbiiiifees^lia^iie  ^*i.:-i.iy..,,,;u.y.aiyi.J..'^s:.^i.Jj D..iv-w'--'iri'lj.:.?.;.-.w^^r:'.j.'^"*^li'o:���*���.��� -;  1^1.1 .fl.;fl$Bfr,;,'."' hp* ���%", ,Pn.i_*.    ~.��p Pp $~.p~eflp~p~.  ��--��-" .. .'uu i .fl.. - ������-.-   .- ���;:  :dosS'oi aijoeketecasavoff.surgical: iiisti'u-  .Jh^utsV;afi;d;���yest"erdjiy"'^  Sii'Tssiii-g^m'tic'le^aiV^bn  ���iyJx.-.^yy.4h/k-Vi'iyv^-.:C.''-Ay^iiVflp%.i,.. *w*:���'t,i.i"."^:"���"':,''-s,".  A? nieeti n g ".oj>fcheV snieinb,ers5 ofxthe^firp ���  iSr i^pdty ^i^-fKeM Ja^^iTiugt'';f^"the^  iii--boys "AverellhJtfj;t}ipVpn  team; tl"ii1it''b"ither'i;bp(dus���"pr'^rtvi-h^ini^hl^j,.^.  bo us"ed'���; ai^idvtliaj t)wj;sta5;tuer*^  oF the race'$h"pnld'$)ii��ic\ek^  May Even Visit British Columbia.  Associated  Press.  Ottawa, April 28.���It is the present  intention of sir Wilfrid and lady Laurier  to pay a visit to the Northwest of considerable length shortly after the house  rises. They will make an extensive tour  through the Territories, and may even go  as far as British Columbia.  The Price of the Metals.  Associated Press.  Niiw Yohk, Api'il 28.���Bar silver  Mexican  dollars -40c.  broker's      18j;@M)^c.; .  Lead,  firmer; broker's  $4.35i@$4.35.  03Jc.  Copper, steady;  exchange 19-|c.  $4.10;   exchange  mittee Conip&s^d^f one "frPjjLVeacirjcom|  lieting team* The conditionsAv^reiifccepjb^  able to the Nelson brigade^ and��,:]th"e  signature of George "W. Steele wa|"fufixed  thereto in apprpA-ait ���' Nclspii'k^fiipsi*  i'oriiiidable conlpetitoP hi tlie i'itcewlll he"  the Rossland team, . ������A:^  J. 11. AVilson, wlio for tlie past#oye��:  ycai's hiisbefin in tlSPg;r<*>t?ery liusinfi^hi  f&islo,. passed throfigli Nuelsoji yestijrliiiy'  on his wa.V to AiiiVci)lida", a town: hi "tlio  l-Joundnry Creek eOfuiti'y," Avhere- he, swill  again embark in 'business'. A carlo'idCof  Menchainline is all t4iatiu.T. By lii&to,  show for his seven years: Jufl'd work, lit,  fvopteimy. He made barrels of moiiijy in  Kaslo in the early days of that town's  history, but sunk a great deal of it in tlie  depression which follOWedraud j.ft commercial ventures at Nakusp, at Throe  Fbrlis and at Duncan City. He expects to  iiKkke another cleanup iii the Boundary  district.  Alfred Bunker has taken up forming,  and today lie started for his ranch, opposite Grohman creek, with a plow- and  iiarroAV. He proposes to set out 200 fruit  trees and plant three acres in potatoes  and other vegetables.  Another Divorce in the Vanderbilt Family.  Associated Press.  Nrcw YohK, April 28.���Justice Stover  in the  supreme  court today  granted  a  decree wliich   established  a divorce  between   Henry   T.  Sloane  and  his  Avife.  Rumors  that   this   Avealthy    and   Avell-  known society couple were about to disV  solve  their  marriage  by  means of taw'  have   been   frequently    circulated  and  denied of late.    Mrs. Sloane is a sister of  the   Vanderbilt   Avhose    diA'oreed   Avife  married Oliver Belmont, and it is rumored  that Mrs. Sloane avIH marry Belmont's  ! brother Perry iu due time. 2  THE TRIBUTE:  NELSON, B. G, SATURDAY, APRIL 29,  1899.  Special Dress        To clear a few lines at half the usual price, all in  dress lengths of 7 yards each, no two pieces alike  8 pieces figured dress goods at 40 cents, regular price, 75 cents  7 pieces figured dress goods at 65 cents, regular price, $1.25  10 pieces figured dress goods at $1, regular price, $1.75  The balance of our spring capes and jackets at wholesale price  A.  FERLAND &CO.  HUDSON'S BAY  COMPANY.  Baker Street,  NELSON  Garden  Tools  A COMPLETE LINE JUST ARRIVED  FROM EASTERN MARKETS  Nelson Hardware Co.  Baker Street, Nelson.  Sweaters and Underwear  INCORPORATED 1670.  Have You  a Sweet  Tooth?  Wc have succeeded this season in getting the FRENCH HEALTH UNDERWEAR; for spring and summer wear. This is the finest and best made  on the market. Balbriggans at all prices. Our silk and wool sweaters are  admired byr'all and acknowledged to be; the finest yet shown in Nelson.  See these goods and get prices.  IK  so  COMK  AND  SHE  OUil  ASSORTMENT  OF  Christie's  Fancy  Biscuits  m  %  f^fZzfFUeZifZzf^ PZitZ-fZi fS^e^; fZifZzf^ ?Zi<?Z�����Z��?2-?Z-^  ?.^  ^S  ^^���^��eee^gg^grgjggsgggggsgggggfegggggg  s  HAT  MEN'S  CHILDREN'S  AND LADIES'  BOOTS  AND SHOES  B  w.  HAVE JUST RECEIVED THEIR SPRING IMPORTATION OF  B  Wi  ��  Portieres and Lace Curtains  White Muslin Curtains with frilled edge; Aplique Curtains in cream  and white, which for richness and durability cannot be equalled; Nottingham Lace Curtains in pretty designs and colorings of ecru and  white; Colored Coin Spot Muslins for door, sash and window curtains;  White Coin Spot Muslins in all sizes of spots.  B  B  B  OVER FORTY VARIETIES  CHOICE AND FRESH  Sign ofthe Big- Red Hat  P. O. Box 103, Nelson, B. C.  J.J.WMH  ��Jt�� f&xxbmxz.  Daily Edition First Year, No. 09  Weekly Edition ..........Seventh Year, No. 21  ���THE DAILY TRIBUNE is published every morning  (except Monday), and will-be'mailed to subscribers  in Canada or the United States for $5 a year, and to  subscribers in Great Britain for ?8 a year; or it will  be delivered to subscribers in Nelson for 25 cents a  week. 91 a month, $2.50 for three months, $5 for six  months, or ?10 for one year.   Payable in advance.  THE WEEKLY TRIBUNE is published every Wednesday and Saturday, and will bo mailed to subscribers  anywhere for $2'a year, payable in advance.  REGULAR ADVERTISEMENTS printed in both the  daily and weekly editions for ?1 per inch per month.  LOCAL OR READING MATTER NOTICES 25 cents a  line for each insertion.  JOB PRINTING at fair rates.    Accounts for job print-  ' ing and advertising aro payable ou the first"of evory  month.   Addrets��� -    -  THE TRIBUNE..Nelson, B. C. =i  The people pf Kootenay havo .favored  tlie establishment of a mint  iu  Canada,  biit they were not aware that  by doing;  '    so they were doing .something that would  introduce an  element, of aincertainty in  ' - the monetary system- of the; country of  " which we" are ** all so   proud.    That' all  comes  of - people asking for  that Svliiclr  " they do not understand.    The bankers of  * Canada, however, know that if Canada;  ���    -coined the product of her gold and silver,  mines, the profits of-the. banks' would be  diminished; that the people might possibly hoard five-dollar gold coins instead of  the'five-dollar paper bills issued by the.  -    .bailiCS.     -     .  _ ' ''"*���',,��: �����>-..y�� ��������� , ���jjs.w jfe^m  -����  yj'^-p'.-y". ~-y��y^."y^fy.���&,  It is almost as difficiiltlto^explaiu^vhT"  3 "    D      D7        *J .     ...      Qs    l'    D''4"n'n    flp     fl..^     *5n&"  the'Kettle River Ilaijw^y ��chartg)a**jv|^^on^  * be applied'for at this:sse|si6iiu" of.parlia-;  , merit as it is to explain ���wjry" tl|e��"&iu��ei*s  'and prospectors iii th6 ^ilkp|i;��.Islibultl;  .-_ haye.raised. so_inuch=fusg^when?Mall=tJi6;  government   officials at   Baws&h    xfeyp  such paragons.  ' ��� " There is another ojueSt'ion thrtt is now  a tfjflp htlrd to Qxpl��*\in away.    Tlig ques*-  ���   tion does not concern Canada, however.  : " Jttjspvliy was there so limcji tension between tlie^mericftJi and C��erman naval iOr-  c!e4iffl ^llinilla harbor, if the Germans Were  m ���a��'friendly* "id,ihe Ahiericaus as tliey mm  &;|r|lie:y "wejre? AdmiffU ��)ewe*y* lhu'dc  biit ope mistake in Manila harbor.   He  , shbiiid have demolished Von Dicdi-jch'3  Vessels as he did those of Montijo.  As the Standard  Oil Company of the  United States now Owns all the producing oil "Wells and oil refineries in Canada,  the Liberal members of parliament from  the   west can no   longer see any good  reason why coal oil should not be jjlaced  on the free list.    But, then the Liberal  members of parliament from the Avest are  always so unpatriotic when the interests  of Eastern Canada are in any way endangered. -���     ; *  The Strike That Failed,  Toronto Telegram.  J It Avas no great mistake for the freight  handlers at the Grand Trunk freight sheds  to quit work when their Avages Avere down  So Ioav that their position could not well  be changed for the worse. The strike  failed, as. all strikes of unskilled labor  must fail. It was useless for the freight  handlers to appeal to the management's  sense of justice. Tho Grand, Trunk is  governed by a cold-hearted Yankee  meanness in its treatment of the ordinary  laborers on the systenvAvhieh the Canadian Pacific, with all its faults, neA-er  practised, saAre on the construction Work  on the Crow's Nest Pass. The freight  handlers were not to blame for striking if  they saAv a chance to get more than .$1.15  per day for the hardest kind of hard  work. The Grand Trunk avus too strong.  The men conducted themselves like law-  abiding Canadians. They can take comfort in their failure from the thought  that they are not likely to find a more  exacting or niggardly employer than the  Grand Trunk raihvay.  *S  *.*_    V^-WE ARE NOT ADVERTISING'    -   '---   ���  FISHING TAGKtE  This   season, it  is/ not tnecessary, everybody.  _=   ,    - knows that our.  Stock is Larger  and Prices Lower  Than Other Dealers.  Hudson's Bay Stores  West Baker Slrect.      Telephone 13.  SUMMER IS GOMING  AND  WILL BRING  WITH IT  A  DEMAND  FOR  OUT  iSIEEL C3 HiS  CHENILLE   AND  TAPESTRY PORTIERES  B.  B  Scroll designs in Tapestry and Chenille, also iq plain colorings, goods th,at are  moderate in price, and something tliat will give the best of satisfaction  B  "VELVET- TABLE   CO"VEBS  Something' very  rich  and  handsome  in  green  and  blue bordered, in  scroll patterns of gold and red; art velvets for cushions and draperies.  Chenille Table Covers in 4, 6, 8, and 10 Quarter Sizes  CURTAIN POLES   AT  ALL   PRICES  Something special in Oak inch and half poles, wood trimmings, all complete, for 50 cents. MAY DELINEATOR NOW IN  B  B  B  FOR GENTS   WEAR  Fred Irvine & Co,  :      ,    "... VICTORIA   BLOCK:,   B-A.KI*E1*R   STEEEi;   J^EL'SOIISJ",   B. G.      *������'    -     .       ''���'".'*  m  mmm mm mmm mmmmmmmmm  c3_ ���r=>'^-e=3.  #"  .  They are all the rage,  .this summer V     :  and we are getting ready  for the rush  Sportsmen' n want.  the :best   and .  !geti���:ltnVat"��"  can Dal;w*ays,  ��  ��  ^m^  COME. AND  SEE .OUR LINES  NOW  ON  DISPLAY*   .  Charles A. Watepman & Co.  CUSTOMS BROKERS  AUCTIONEERS;  BBAL ESTATE and MEBAL  Baker Street, Nelson  IT VDON-T PAY  TO SKND KAST KOR Cr.OI'JlKS -  Wc wHi lo in form the" gciiUcnicli of Xo1po]v'| liixfc wo have  "opened up a slrictly. flr��l;c];i$8 tailoring cstnblisln'iicni  in (ho store-formerly occupied by Emory" & Walloy."  Our- stockcoiiipri'h'e.s'iill the latest "paUerhs" in' imported  tweeds and worsteds, and for" Lite inoiith of April _\vo  will,sell at, greatly reduced p'rices.-in order"to introduce  our superior style and workmanship. No fit-no pay, and;  satisfaction guaranteed.   ��� -,  35g*BIiS02Sr,   B. GJ.  PIANO  OE^AlSr  VIOLIN  O0ITAR  MA3SFEH3LIN  BANJO  AUTOHARP  ACCORDBON  VIOLIN BOW  STRINGS  or MUSIC  Call at btir Store and we "will do the rest."  *^iflllj tra y^feliorses, ��12��i,'waBons;. 2,  .  . ��� ���,  ���     ,waigbnettesj.!l^bug|ry,''"10o1*;setsfbf  sleighs, and a complete outfit bf harness, sad-  dies, blankets, "fete, ;aria,:;a^golrig>bursliiess' bf'  ��� $30,C^'a; year;��� ��Terms. ;      �����"'*:".���,   "      ���   .  *^"^f!13rft?i��m ((WIH b"y two,, lots and improve^"  ���rS ,*>;". 'inents-- on  north  side of; Vernon  ���street, "tbetTW-eeh. "Ward -and1 Josephine .streets, i  Terms.-. ," "."*"        .     ��� " " .  " *���  . ���" ".  ,=^ill=b*ay^f^Vby5y4ao=fe"et^'bn*=the-  ,   .     south  side "of  Baker  street,  between Stanley, "and Kootenay streets.   Cash.  i  "Will buy 50 by 120 feet on the  ���>yv.T   northeast cbrher pf Baker aiid  Josephine streets.  Cash.   jQWNf jjhUSTON-  P. b. Box. 5*7 Vernon street, Nelson,  FIRST DOOR "VVEST BANK ��:C. BUILDING.  Mining Shares for Sale  "2500-^ar Cloud*    "  1004 BryJan;aijd Sewell  .10,000 ^LittletCariboo  SSOOPboled Dundee  ���7000 Utica;  .500 Athabasca  XOOO." Pooled. Tamarac  J. R. Wray & Co.  TfKISON'S Ul'-TO-BATJJ TAIT.OKS.  CALL AND SEE WE FOR SNAES  Turner & Bocckh block, Nelsoi's B. C.  Wc havo it fine assortment of, woolens,always  on hand. tJopds ruado lip at .the^hortest possible, notico. As.every thing, is, kept arid"made  on the premises,- satisfliccioii is nssifrcd.  Canada Drag and Book Co.,  LI'-MIII'-EID..  Corner Baker and Stanley Streets, Nelson.  Nelson Saw & Planing  NOTICE  SftAPS IN HOUSES AND!LOTS  IN ALL PAWS Ol!' a^HK CITY  Money to Loan  J, L. VANSTONE,      R- H. WILLIAMS,  Mines and Mining StQCks Cusioins Broker  RKAL KSTATIi AN)) O'KWJR'AL AGENTS  ABE Yfll gOINGr TO ATLIN  OR DAWSON GITY?  C. D. J.  GENERAL BR0KEJ?.  A 7-BOOJH HOPSB TO LET  A  ^ROOM HdtrSE TO L*E3T  FOR SALE  A 2-16t fibHVoi'...  A o-rooin house.  .'�� 501)  . iisoo  BAKER STREET WEST, S'ELSON  All accounts owing the Nelson Pining Mills, contracted since the 17th day of September, 1898, aro diic  and payable to the undersigned, payment of which is re  quired at onco. HAKKY HOUSTON, Secretary,  Nelson Saw & Planing Mills.  Nelson, II. C, April 25th, 1809.  BOARD ANB ROOM  First-class board and room. Todd's old stand, corner  Ward and Carbonate streets, in rear of Knglish church.  Heated by steam. Table board ��1, room and board $5  and $5.50.  A collection of flno Belgium Canaries for sale.  J. V. O'LAUGHLIN.  If you are, call and get posted  on the White Pass and Yukon  route, which is the best, safest  and cheapest possible.  A. R. SHERWOOD  Baker street West. Nelson, B. C.  TENDERS   WANTED  FOR   REAL   ESTATE.  Tenders will bo received by the undersigned until 12  o'clock noon on Monday, May 1st, 189!), for tho purchase  of the following described real estate situate in Nelson:  Lots 7 and S Block 10 and improvements' (the Silver  King Hotel), together with furniture and fixtures in the  building.  Terms cash. The highest or any tender not necessarily  accepted. CA110LINK TIIKLIN,  Adniinistratrixcstate John Johnson, deceased.  Nelson. B.C, April 10th. 1899. :  Houses and lols in all parts of tho city.  JHOXMV TO LOAN INSUHANGI8  Notice  All Syndicate Lots in Addition  "A" will be withdrawn from  sale after 1st May. Now is the  time to buy.  Gamble & O'Reilly, Agents  A Business Chance  The undersigned will sell the following real estato  and personal property at a bargain:  Nine-room bouse and ton lots set out In orchard  Four-room cottage and five lots.  Two lots and improvements.  Fifty-two head of cows.  Fifty milk cans,  Two horses.  Wagons, sleighs, harness, and everything In  connection with Hurry's milk ranch,  I f ypu, want a .natty, si ylisli suit of clothes for  spring and summer: l havo over 500 dfU'ov-  cut patterns of Scotch aiffl Khglish tweeds*,  which I will make to your order at tlio low  pricO of ..���..,! ...,; .V ���.?25  lilitck Venetians .uiiiko a nice .suit for sliiiV  mer Wear at ...'....,.��.: ,y 821  Blacks6i'go,suits i|i Sack oriii0i'iifiigc('at..S2l  A heavy  Scotch   tweed,   nico  imttoriis  for  business suit ,.., '.,...... .8(8  TrousersUtequally io\v']>rlcui{. Vitninl llii{sh  (10 better in Canada, ^atliofl' lliio tailoHng^  specialty,   Clcmot)t block, leaker.streot.  Stevens, Th;e Tailor  R. REISTERER & 00.  BRIOWKKS AND BOTTLKHS OF  Fine Lagep Beep,  Ale and Porter  & Harsfjaw  GRAYING/and /'  .express ],y"--,  . Bus meets all .trains and boats.  Special attention given the transfer of baggage.. "Office ancLstables  on Vernon street,, opposite= The  Tribune, office.1   Telephone No. 35.  y. ���' -I.'.. - '���   .    y. "?���- ���_. "s:   ,���'    ���  ������" y  ''     AGENTS FOR. "  ==JfeimpjHakdilkeo.^Sta*idaird=OiUC^  W(ashi|lfi^on Brick at\d titi\e Co.  The ���H, W. W|cNie!l Co., Lt��J.,��� Canadian An.tf|ra..  cite Coal (Hard)  Dealers ii)  SfO��EWOO��  P0TTBB.Y CO., W  iHANUFACTimKItS "OP"  PltKSSED B��ICI^S     FIREBRICKS      FIIIK Cl/AY  YITRlFlEfi SAM' G'LAZKI) SEWKR PlWiS  lo,  i*!B*  Ornamental   Carden Border files, Va$es,  ftp,  Cement, piaster of paris, limo, and all kinds of  onianiental plaster workj  Pi'oiiipt and regular  delivery to tho trade.  Brewery at Nelson.  H. D. Ashcroft  INSPECTION OF STOCK INVITED  Mrs.   E.   McLaughlin  ..JOSEPHINE STREET, NELSON  "W^-A-IR-ID BEOS.  REAL ESTATE AGENTS, West Baker St., Nolson  BLACKSMITHING  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  Wagon repairing promptly attended to by a. first-class  wheelwright;  Special attention given to all kinds of.repairing and  oustom work from outside points.  Sf-op:   (jail Street, between Baker and Vernon, Nelson  Gpow'sfest Pass Coal Co.  PAYMENT MUST ACCOMPANY  ALL ORDERS  Charles   St.   Barbe,   Agent.  Nelson Iron Works  MANUFACTURERS OF  ���ENGINES, BOILERS, SHAFTING, IRON AND  BRASS CASTINGS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION  Repairs promptly attended to.      P. O. Box 173. THE TRIBUTE:  NELSON, B.C., SATURDAY, APRIL 29,  1899.  lANK OF  Capital.  all paid  up.  $12,000,000  6,000.000  l.oitl) sTKATHCONA AND  MT. KOYAL, President  Hun. OKO. A. DltUMMON'n Vico-Pro.sident  K   H. CLOUSTON  .General Manager  THE BANK OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA  NELSON  -JSr-ELSOTsT   *B^-A.3STOI3:  N.W. Cor. Bakerand Stanley StneetB.   I1RANC1CKS  IN   LOW HON   -Bn-rtiwirl)    NBVtf  YORK.   OHIOAQO  mi'I ill i.ln- iii'iih'.lnal nilliw lis Caiutilu.  Ituy   in'l  mil Si.i>rliiiir   KkcIiiiiiKi-   tn>l  Onhli�� Transfers  (j'kANT COM'IKIH.'I U.   IMJ THAI KI.I.MCS   CKKIIITN.  avuilalilH in any |>arr. of tho world.  DltAFTS ISPl-'KH    GOM.KCTIONH MA.OK; KTO.  Is now prepared to issue Drafts and Letters  ot Credit on Skaguay, U. S., Atlin,, B. C, and  Dawson City, YuKon, District.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CURRENT RATE OK INTEREST PAID  A. SKELTON   IN  A   CLOSET.  "Morning, colonel." "Morning, sir,"  replied the man who was leaning over  the fence.  He Avas a short, thickset man, with a  clear and piercing eye, his face shaved  "smooth, Avith not the suggestion of a  wrinkle; yet his hair Avas as Avhite as  snow. He had a slight Southern accent,  and his hearty manner of inviting the  ���visitors iu and his cordial hospitality  were wholly Southern. One of the visitors knew him, and had told the other  that here was a. man with a bona-fide  skeleton in his closet and that the skeleton had a story. It did not require any  persuasion to obtain a glimpse of the  skeleton. The owner presently led the  Avay to aii outhouse, and, opening'the  door, displayed the skeleton of a man,  badly fastened together, and hanging to  the Avail by the neck. The Missourian  did not  object to telling the story.  "That fellow," he said, motioning with  his thumb to the skeleton, "was onoe an  acquaintance of mine, and 1 liked him so  Avell"���this Avith a laugh���"that 1 havo  kept him by me ever since, so that 1 can  come out and stir him up whenever 1 feel  disposed," and he gave the skeleton a dig  in the ribs. "It Avas this way,", ho continued, closing the door on his acquaintance. "During tlie Avar I lived iu one of  the Southern states Avhere I avjis about  the only Northern man.- They took nearly everything that I liad, as time Avent  ou; killed my stock, killed some of my  people, and  finally announced  that tliey  * Avere going to^ kill me. Nearly all the  country avjis terrorized at tluit time"by a.  good-for-nothing chap Avhom avc Avill call  Jini Connor: that Avas not his name, but'  it -will do���one name is as good as another  iioav. *  ".When the Avar broke out he started in  as a sort of independent guerrilla and be-  -gaii a system of looting aud killing. J  kncAyhim well, and he sent me A\*ord that  he was coming my Avay.and was going to  burn my'house and lning mo'to tho'trees  iii. the.Jyard.^.���1,, senyt ��� wp.rd back that.J  "Avafrfeidy^bifdiiit^ .We-liejirdVOf liini . itlF.  ^���dnigf^imn" shot,liig^ "Jilted;" hdyises]  ��'bilfriidd^|b*;t^ia1i,(ihe;" iiain(^.ba^Jim $o*uii<3r s  " flj^j^iievii&.-Sliiiig'.'' .jfcp*; ���si2lsi*y.^filiil,Ql��tfei-i}. hot; to-  slJertk o�� nieu., ��i a\*ji"sV alSyjtys'trying to;  h.elp'f^rth^%4tie)i^ahd^qn& tim^^lK-isl two  ".���p"r fliipp witK |^*jpjissiif0M��jeinVQJ^tC��n.o^-":  v'^sjofi offered,,   T had' hot heai'd  from-  Gouuer'or his raids fpivsojne weeks* "Vyheii  Oiie djfiy he rode AhtO thj| yardtind s)voreH  that lie Avas  goiug tq ���bui*ii  the house. ,  We:.hjtd no iii6\iiis of protecting ourselves  exc^i3;tO)**^usiug:j:t^^^  trjed to pick him oft" from the top story;  biit he had picked up One of my friends  who hadbeeix iu thd held, and they put  him on ahorse iind stood 'behind hiiii aiid  shot at, trite A\iod.oA\��s of the house,, at the  same  time gathering brush with WliiqU  they said to burn tlie house.  "Hilt i'iq one dared to approach the  house, jis I Was a' sure .shot. {supposed  that they would \fiiit uiitil flight and  then creep, up itnd burn  ilie Out.    I kept  Vienna Restaurant  - Uakor streets bot\i'oen ib^opliine and  Hall streets, Nelson.  MEALS AT ALL HOURS,. DA.V Qlt NIGHT  1,1   "   BAKEIlY IN CONNECTION    *  FAMILY ANH l'ASTKY COOKING 'A SPECIALTY  1 * * * *'' 1 QNLf WH-(TE HEbp EMPLQYEn,  3B^     *ECrrK3R-ST,     PBGPBIETOB  WANTED.  WANTED���General servant and small girl to care for  cliild.   Apply Mr?. Ferguson, Silica street.   out of sight, tind could   not believe tliat  they would   murder a man in cold blood.  But hearing a shout, 1 glanced through a  bullet hole in the  shutter and saw them  driving my friend's horse up to a tree���a  fine old tree that I had planted as a boy.  One of tlie limbs crossed the drive and to  this   they fastened   the rope anil   drove  away, leaving my friend dangling there,  and  I   watching .the   operation  totally  helpless,  Avhile   they  were  looking   on.  Some United States  troops finally came  along jind drove them off and cut the  body down, and we  joined in the chase.  I hunted tho gang for weeks; then gave  it  up, as it was  evident that they  had  given us the slip.    After the Avar I moved  to  California-and   came   here.    1   soon  heard of a curious diameter who. lived  up in one of tlie ejinons the life of a hermit.   I neA'er connected his name Avith  Connor,  it being more or less common ;  but when he died one day the story avjis  tluit he had had a bad rocord back iu  Missouri���that ho had  been a murderer,  &e.���and it occurred to-me tluit it might  be my old enemy,  tlie man I had been  jifter for so many years.  "I can't say tluit I'have a particularly  revengeful disposition," said tlie skeleton  OAvner, "but he had murdered my friend,  and I had never given up the hope of  finding him'and Avas always on the lookout. Tlie old felloAV died Jilone and'home-  less, itseems, Avith no friends, and they had  buried him by the side of his hut. I  hejird of it a feAV days later and employ  ed some men to aid me in tlie investigation. Connor had a bad sabre wound  across the face, by Avhieh no one could  ever tail to recognize him, and when we  opened the grave there wjis the man,  while pjipers Avhicli lie left showed tluit  he was Connor. I had found him too  late to turn him over to the law, so 1  proposed to luing him where I could keep  tin eye on him for the rest of my life, and  iu my will 1 propose to leave instructions  that he shall be left hanging, dangling in  the wind, just jis he hung my friend. 1  luid his-skeleton prepared, jis no one  claimed him, and hung him upas a warning to any of his seed that might follow  in his footsteps."  The Platform Won the Tight.  The victory of nniyor Jones at the recent election in Toledo, Ohio, is more remarkable than at first appeared. Not  only did mayor Jones receive ji larger  vote than the Republican jmd Democratic candidates combines, but he received  more than double their combined vote.  The nuiyor Avhom the Republican convention, Jit the dietJition of tlie moneyed interests back of the machine, refused to  renominate, receiAred the Arotes of more  than tAVo-thirds of the Republicjins, and  ���more surprising still���of more than  tAvo-thirds of his old party opponents,  though they, too, had ji reguhir candidate  in the field.��� The total vote polled avjis  unprecedented]y large. In a city of little  more than a hundred thousand people,  OA'er tAventy-fiA-e thousand Azotes were  polled, of which the Republicjin and  Democratic candidates together received  7700 -votes,--.and   nniyor   Jones,   17,700.  LUMBER  Tho iiifire itial papers of the city Avere, of  course, against him, though he had the  indiA'idual iillcguiuce of most of the writers. One of the employees on the Blade  is said to lnive renuirked during the eain-  ptiign: "The Blade is Republican, but it  is the only thing in the ofiice that is, jind  it can't A'ote." The platform upon which  he ran comprehended the municipal ownership of municipal franchises.  EARLY   CLOSING  NOTICE.  SHINGLES  ���&&-  Contractors  and Others  Who use picks, shovels, etc.,  should not fail to look.at our line  of goods, which! for qualities and  material; canhotAjBffe  ��� ";��� importers of Shelf anp %oo,yy, Hardware.  MARA ;#.J��>VKNAR-tii BIi(3p|C MKER���DST..;NtECSp^  AU  kinds  in  stock  SASH  DOORS  MOLDINGS  You cat] save money  by purchasing your  lumber froif] me  J. A. Sayward  HALL-AND LAKE STREETS, NELSON  WILL'1)0 AVELL WO  Biff 11MB VMttER  . " ��� ���    ���% B  AT  G, 0. BSCSAEAN'S  AVILL BE HELD AT  w  ANTED���A Scrrant girl.   Apply to Mrs. C. H. Ink,  northwest corner Victoria and Ward streets.  LOST.  LOST���A stcpladder.   The finder will be suitably rewarded on returning it to AV. J. Herring. ... - .  ~      ~~      FOE   SALE.  .  HOUSE and three lots, Nos. 5,0, and 7, Block JO. Mill  street, Nelson, B. C.   For full particn'ars apply to  A. Manson. Grove Hotel, near Fort Sheppard atation.  FOR SALE���An old store front.   Apply to Theodore  Madson, Baker street, Nelson.  PROFESSIONAL   CARDS,   .j  AH.  HOLDICH���Aualytical Chemist and A&suyer.  .     Victoria street. Nelson.           EWART & CARRIE���Architects.   Rooms 7 and 8 Ab-  erdoen block. Baker street, Nelson.   HCANE-Architect nnd  artist,   Brofcenhill 'Block,  ���   next door to Nelson library.  LODGE   MEETINGS.  KNIGHTS  OF PYTHIAS-Nelson   Lodge,  No,  25,  Knights of Pythias, meets in I. O. O. V. Hall, comer  Baker and Kootenay streets, every Tuesday evening at  8 o'clock.   Visiting Knights cordially invited toattend.  C. FRENCH, C. C.   G. ROSS. K. of R. fe S.  NELSON LODGE, NO. 23, A. F. & A. M. Meets  second Wednesday in each month. Sojourning  brofchron invited.  i B.C  IN   PRIZES  ABRIDGED I'ROGRAMME  HORSE  Free^fo.r-��vll ....,  ��locan race.,s..  Poiiy race......  1st Prize Sfid PriVxi  M$20Q     ��l(ti��  ��� -.    75       25  Caledonian   Spopts  PUBSBS  AMOUNT  TO   $500  Gold Medal for Best All-Round Athelete  DRILLING CONTEST FOR $300  MATCH GAME OF BASE BALL  HOSE REEL RACE  GRAND    BALL  For Further Particulars Apply to Secretary, Silverton, B.C.  TO CONTRACTORS.  Tenders will be received by tho undersigned for the  various works requisite in the erection of a bank at Nelson, in pressed brick and terra cotta, for the Bank of  Montreal. .  Plans and specifications by F.'M. Rattcnbury, archie  tect, Victoria, can be seen at niy oflleo.'  Tenders to bo sont in on or before April 30th. The  lowest orany tender not necessarily accepted.  ������������-. A. E. HODGINS, Architect.  OHlcc: West Raker utreet, Nelson, U. C.  A large stock of first-class drj' material on hand, al.��o  a full line of sasli, door?), mouldings, turned, work, etc;  FACTORY WORK A SPECIALTY  Yard:   Foot-of Hcndryx street. Nelson  Telbpholie, 91  John Rae, Agent  GOAT RIVER LU1EER CO.  CRESTON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  All sizes of ("linicui-'ion tiiiibor and all kinds pflnmbei;  Out to order,''uiid shiliped 1,0 Nelson in carload lbts,  AVi'itu for prices.  SEWER AND WATER CONNECTIONS  JOBBING A SPECIALTY  Plumbers, etc.. Opera House Block, Nelson  M. TON MSTAUBANT.  OPEN DAY AND NIGHT  The only restaurant in the city  employing* only white cooks.  Merchants'lunch from 12 to 2  o'clock, 25 cents. Dinner from 5  to 8.    Short orders   at  all   hours..  y.y,:- y'^ :.FOR;-SALE.-:'"':V- '���'���'���''���y'y.  FOR SALB���A toamiiig outfit, oonslsttnjr of one team,  wiifon aud harness. Will bo sold cheap for cash.  Reason for polling, owner has mineral claims to,look  after.- Apply to J. V, Jncobson, feed merchant, Vonioir  street, Nelson, Jt. C..    .  We. the undersigned retail merchants of tho city of  Nelson, hereby nfree to close our respective place" of  business at seven o'clock each evening, except Ha'unlay  n'Klils and Ihu��� nights prececding statutory and civic  holidays', and also lo keep our places of business dosed  on Mindaysand on all legal holidays. This agreement  to take- ell'ect from May 1st, I8M0.  I\ ItURNS & CO  WKST KOOTENAY  RUTC'llElt CO  .1. A. OILKKR  G. O. ROSS  II. N. HK.VDRICKSON  .1. V. WKIlt  I). McAUTirUIt & CO  .1. .1. WALKRIi  FRED .I. SQUIRE���  A. KKRLAN1) & CO  NKLSON KURNITURE CO  OKO. V. MOTION  F.-H. LOVERING  PATFNAUUE BROS  A. G. SHAAV  IIYDIO. TITSWORTH & CO  THEO. MADSON  FRED IRVINE & CO  MARTIN O'REILLY & CO  EMORY & AV ALLEY  WALLACE & MILLER  H. M. VINCENT  J. A. IRVING & CO  KIRKPATRICK-& WILSON  M. nK9ltRISAV & CO  MORRISON & CAH)AVELL  LILLIE BROS  THOMSON STATIONERY CO. Ltd  NEELANDS SHOE EMPORIUM  J. R. WRAY  T.-J. SCANLAX  HUDSON'S BAY CO  JACOB DOArKR  The Tremoflt Hotel  mmmi  B  B  IV|At0NE & TREGILLUS  PROPRIETORS  Headquarters for Miners and Prospectors  THE BEST BRANDS OF  Liquors and Cigars  ALWAYS ON HANO  One of the best and most popular hotels,in Nelson.r/'  'S HOTEL  'BAKER STREET, NELSON.  Heated with Hot Air and  Lighted by Electricity  .. Large;*omfbr't'ablp ��� bedrooms aiid lii'sticlass 3'i\dng  room. -. Sample' rooms for. commprcjal ��i!.\en,,  E. G.  Late of the Royal, Hotel, Calgary,  r\. D. rj-JME, Manager.  The finest hotel in tho interior.  Largo saifiplg foOiiis.   Stearin hc'at and electric light,  CORNER OE WARD AND VERNON STS., NKLSON  Madden House  BAKER AND AYARD STREKTS, NELSON  The only hotel in Nelson that has remained wider one  management since 18U0.  The bed-rooms arc well furnished and lighted by  electricity.  The dining-room is not second to any in Kootenay.  The bar is ahvays stocked by tho best domestic and  imported liquors and cigars.  THOMAS MADDEN, Proprietor.  FLORENCE  HOTEL  Two aiid a half miles up the Outlet from Nelson.  CDWTATWTI7G.     sPri"S Chickens, Fresh Cream,  OrjWiUu lwij.     Pure Milk, Fresh-Laid Eggs.  AU of which arc from the ranch belonging to the hotel  A pleasant place to spend afternoons, evenings and  enjoy delicacies that cannot, be obtained in hotels or  restaurants at Nelson. Good ^tabling. Open day and  night.   Can be reached by cither road or water.  AVILLIAM ROBERTS, Proprietor.  Largo and well lighted Heated by hot. air  Reasonable rates        ........ Sample rooms  Klcctric bells and light in every room  Renovated and refurnished throughout.  HOTEL   VICTORIA  J. V. PERKS, Proprietor  Free bus meets all trains  '"'���  Hourly street car to station  Revelstoke, B.C.  B  B  m  SPECIAL VALUES  We have just placed in stock a splendid assortment of ladies' Whitewear,  which we are selling at prices that defy competition.  LADIES' WIGHT DRESSES  LADIES' NICHT DRESSES  LADIES' WIGHT DRESSES  LADIES'. UNDERSKIRTS  LADIES' UNDERSKIRTS  Nicely triininctl, at 90 cents. $1, and $1.25  each.  Embroidery trimmed, extra  fine cambric,  at Jpl.-IO and $2 each.  f.nce  trimmed, finest quality of cambric,  extra special at .$1.7s5 and $2 each.  Embroidery  each.  trimmed,   all    sizes,   at    $1.50  Trimmed  $2 each.  with   torchon   lace, at  $1.75  and  LADIES' CHEMISE    Extr��-  <l��ality  cambric, nicely  trimmed with em-   w broidery and insertion at $1.25, $1.50,- $1.75 and $2  MARTIN O'REILLY & CO.  ^  BANK OP B. O. BUILDING, NELSON.  TEEMS   CASH  >m  .e?.c=>.c  mt  #  P. Burns c�� Co.  WHOLESALE   AND   RETAIL  Meat Merchants  Wholesale Markets at flelson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.  RETAIL  STORES AT  Nelson,   Trail,  Ymir, Kaslo,  New Denver, Sandon, Silverton, Cascade  City,  Grand Forks,   Midway, Greenwood and Sirdar.  phompstlyyforawarded ffeacf Office, Nelson, B.C.  West Kootenay Butcher Go.  ALL KINDS OF FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  Baker Street, Nelson   E. C. TRAVES, Manager  ORDERS BY MAIL KKCEIVB CAUKKUL AND PROMPT ATTENTION.  '  .* ,  and  THESE C00DS we are  .'' bound to sell wh.ile  ihey remain the patterns  0} the season. We prefer to mark them down,  TlTwTaali'letVminrepiaF  customers have the advantage of i\\e cut, rkO\-  er iliaii-'haVe a -slaughter  sale some months later  to n^ake room for n,ew  goods; Our display of  Rugs and Art Squares  is the firiest ever seen  in Kooteijsty, Th,ey are  received direct from the  eastern importers so that  in buying from us you  are Virtually reaching  headquarters.  When Advertised  At "Auction Prices" should* be left- alone. Ait  auction price means the highest price which the  purchaser can be induced-to pay. " -, -  New Spring Designs  In Axniinsters of tlie best quality, with or withonfi  borders. Uriti.sh and Canadian makes.  Brussels a:ndyYyelyeiyPiLe(^^^^^^^^^^yy  Suitable for di'iuvfiig-vpoms, diiiTog-i'Oomsv halls oi*  stairs^ with or witliou't borders.  Tapestry and Patent Tapestry, ^  p'nioji   art   Squares,   JapanW   squares   arid   rugs,  Suiyi'iia and Tec-fmi.seh rugs.  40 Different Styles  Of   brtbv CarriitKes  "Hattaii cliaii>* i'wid  ami  gn-cal'Cs U)  rocker.-*.  sejuot   froni.  Furniture of all Kinds  this  effect has beer*'  arge   nianufactiircrs.  Is .���idvaiicilif,'. M'ld   notice to  sent   to   the   trade   by   all  Having a livrge stoc)< on halul we will  be alJle to  continue to quote better   (igfires- thiln any of oirf  ���coi u 1 ic ti tors..      VVe   hav-o   a l-ric*    tliree   carloads   of  tiixiiitiire on the way.  D. MeARTHUR & CO.  Corner* Baker and "Ward Streets, Nelson.  Just Received  Big Carload  New Furniture  on? all iKzmsrios  Also New Picture an,d Room Mouldings, New Curtain Ivjaterials in Silk, Damask, etc,  Jfew Upfjolstry Coverin,gs��a Large Variety, flew Carpets, Oilcloth^, etc.  AND  LABOR  REPAIR  WORK  CDCOIAflTIPQ-   UPHOLSTERING,   PICTURE  FRAMING,  QrEulHLI ICO. ALL   BY   SKILLED   I  INSPECTION INVITED      POPULAR PRICES  Only Address. Applewhaite Block, Baker Street West. Corner Kootenay  Nelson Furniture  Co.  For Undertaking and Enbalm,ing the Leading Establishm.en.t in Kootenay. THE TRIBUNE:   NELSON,. B. C.,n SATURDAY, APRIL 29,  IS9��.  Do You  If so, remember we can supply you  with the necessary material and full  instructions how to make a clean job  of it. We carry a full line of Diamond   Dyes   and  Maypole Soap   Dyes  LOCAL   NEWS   AND   GOSSIP.  U/. p. Jeetzel & Qo.  CORNER BAKER AND JOSKPIIINK STREETS. NELSON  Neck  Are the most important part of man's spring "get up."  His whole attire depends upon beauty and quality of his  NECKWEAR  Our line of Puff Knots,,y Four-in-  Hand and Bows, elicited a full measure  of praise from all who have seen them.  The designs are remarkably beautiful,  rich, and so varied that no man is  likely to meet his duplicate.  Fine Shirts, white and colored, ancl  all   other  fixings   at  moderate   prices at  J        A       r^ll    IS n D   THE UP-TO-DATE  .    A.    VJI I L W L. ll       FURNISHER, NELSON  Received by Express   ^  Forrtoday's trade we received,last;night by express a Jarge consignment      =v  of fresh fish,, live and dressed turkeys ai\d chickens, dressed ducl^s, oqions,  spinach, radishes,| lettuce, rhubarb, asparagus,.and baqarjas.  F. B. MORSE,  B. J, ROYAL.  ' EAST END GROCERY STORE .-.  West Block, Baker Street East, Kelson, B. C.  Nelson fentand. Awning.. Manufactory:  -A-LX-,   ZECIIsr-DS   or  CANVAS GOODS,  TENTS,  AWNINGS AND  FANCY STRIPED CURTAINS FOR  VERANDAHS AND WINDOWS  ALL SIZES OF TENTS IN STOCK  .Bakerstreet, opposite postollicc, Nelson  THIEO-  IVC-A.IDSOJN'  *W. P. DICKSON  -ErH.~H.-APPLEWHAITE-  -JrMoPHBB-  Kootenay Eleetrie Supply and Construction Co,  ELECTRIC SUPPLIES  Complete Electric Equipments for Electric Power Transmission and Lighting for Mines, Towns  Electric Fixtures; liamps, Bells, Telephones, Ann*dnciators,/Bte.  Josephine Street, Nelson, B. 01  P, O. Box1 606.  The regular mooting of tho ladies hospital aid will bo hold in the Presbyterian  church on Monday afternoon at 8:30.  11. D. Ashcroft was approached recently  by tlio representatives of the tramway  company and asked to name a price for  the fifty-foot lot on the northeast corner  of Jiaker and Mall streets, upon which  several frame structures havo boon  erected. The price was given a.s $10,;H)(),  and is being considered by tho intending  purchasers.  "Tom " Houston and his associates in  the Crystal rink have made a deal for  tlie sale of the rink property which will  give them a neat margin upon their venture. The price paid for tho property  could not be learned definitely, but it is  reported to have been in the neighborhood of'$5000. The rink building, which  is 01 by I :"50 feet, covers six lots at the  corner of Stanley and Houston streets.  The purchase is supposed to be mixed up  in some, way with the tramway scheme,  but whether the building is to be used  by the tramway company or utilized as  some kind of a resort is not known.  There will be a "game of Hug-by football this afternoon at 3 o'clock, when  all who put in an appearance ^vill be  given a chance to play. '  .    .  The fruit ranchers and vegetable gardeners along Kootenay lake are getting  rather anxious about tlie backward  spring, a.s it increases the chance of high  water. There are upwards of a do/,en  ranches betAveen Nolson and Balfour, and.  should they be flooded out the loss would  aggregate as many thousand dollars.  Those "who are engineering the real  estate branch of the projected tramway  company's business Avill leave shortly* for  Victoria, where it is expected they will  endeaA'or to purchase a large slice of  Bogustown and other outside property.  ��� W. P. Tierney & Company will commence Avork on Monday on the job of  straightening out the Columbia, &,Koote-  nay line between Nelson and Robson  Avhen they will start a gang of thirty  men. The scale of wages upon tlie work  Avill be $2 per day, and board Avill be  supplied at $1 per Aveek. Tho number of  men will be increased so soon as the  work is laid out. J). O. LoAvis will be the  engineer in charge of tho "work. As the  work will require to be done so as not to  interfere Avith tho train service, it is difficult to say how long it Avill take to complete the contract.  . -Sheriff Tuck.- returned yesterday from  a,=ti'ip".to Cranbrook,"where  he.'sold, the  ��� general merchandise stock of Thomas���A.  " Kennedy.    Tlio goods/wore spkVtb satisfy,  a'judgment for $900, ancfthesale realized  ,$ioo..'- -��� --/ .-y--.    ���,     :-..' - V \ ',v  JT. D. Ashcroft-is putting up another  frame building onthe-Hall street frontage  of tho northeast corner of Baker and  Hall streets. Jt will be.2-1 by ,-J.O feet and  Avill be used as a furniture store". It avou Id  appear that Ashcroft can frame buildings  quicker than the city council can frame  'amendments to the lire limits bylaAv.  Charles Leduc, -who AA'as brought in  "froni Robson on "Wednesday by provincial constable DesBrisay, was adjudged  insane by the medical men who examined  him, and afterwards committed to the  asylum at New Westminster by stipendiary magistrate Crease. Constable DesBrisay Avas sent to Westminster with the  prisoner, and to defray the expenses of  the trip was obliged to put up his oavu  money, there apparently  being  no  pro  vision by the provincial government for  advancing the moneyrequisito. Constable  DesBrisay will get the money back Avhen  he sends in his vouchors to the government. But what would happen in such a  case if the provincial constable commissioned for such a trip were not a  capitalist?  II. G'oodeve has decided io erect a six-  room cottage on Silica, street, between  .Hall and llendryx. II; will have a frontage of twenty-one feet with a depth of  thirty-eight, and aviII be built for rental.  11. Ji. Walkem, a, member of the Canadian Pacific's engineering stall", arrived  in Nelson Thursday evening on his way  to Lardo, where lie will have charge of  such construction work as the Canadian  Pacific' decides to do upon the proposed  line from Lardo to Trout Lake.  .Judge Forin Avill hold a session of the  county court at Kaslo on  Thursday next.  HOTEL   AERIVALS.  THKMONT.  A. K. Oiidiloek,  Winnipeg | Thomas O'N'cilt, Sloeiui  QUKKN'S.  A. I'!. Walls, Liverpool I Rev.   Father  Kclchi.  Spo-  K. J. McMahon, Moyie kane  ���Al. K. Murphy,  Vancouver   It.AY". Hood, Calgary  ltev.  Katlior Folkey,   Sj>o-   J. Uruilliwailu, Montreal  kane |  HUMK.  .1. J. McMullan, Porto Rico  mine  A. H. Cramer. St. Paul  T J. Stephens,  Vancouver  0. U. Allan, Vancouver  .1. F. Mcintosh, Kaslo  Git AND  CENTRAL."  .1. W. Johns, Ymir I J. A. McLean, Brooklyn  Robert. Shaw, Spokane '       |  phair.  G. A. Carlson, Kaslo  Julia Marshall, St. Paul  T. 10. Hohingswcirth, llutto  It. McGuirc, Molly Oihson  mine  T. .Schweitzer. Northport  AY'. Ilargrcavos.  Winnipeg  F. A. Heap, Ainsworth  J. S. Lcschiimps, Kossland  A. li. Ferguson, Vancouver  J. If. Graham, Kaslo  Miss A. Stead.  Kort Steele  Base Ball Games.  Hartford .1, Toronto .3.  Pittsburg 1, St. Louis 5.  Boston 0, Philadelphia (5.  Washington 12, New York 8.  Baltimore    12,   Brooklyn   1.1.  Kansas City 14, St. Paul 5.  To the People  01  Up to May ist  I  will .sell the  following lines in watches:  17-Jewcl "Nickel "Ores- ,  cut,Street!' and 3-oz'."  'Silver."Walth-nii Case  Dust Proof .........  17:Je\vcl     Gilt   "P. . S.  T3aH,let," in same case ,  ��0.50  ;1200  Will also sell the neatest up-to-date goods  for, the. same"prices in proportion.  T in a prepared to deal wholesale and  retail.  Send for prices.  JEWELEE  Clements & Hillyer Block, Baker St., Nelson  CALUND INSPECT  OUR MAMMOTH STOCK OF  BOOTS AND SHOES  GOLDFIELDS, Lid.  HEAD OFFICE,   LONDON, ENGLAND.  All communications relating to British  Columbia business to be addressed to P. O. Drawer  605, Nelson, British Columbia  J. RODERICK ROBERTSON, General Manager!   ,.,,-.   cr.M     p   ^  S. S FQWLER, E.M., Mining Engineer f  INCLOUIN,   D. O.  a! Seal Cigars  EVERYTHING IN THE SHOE LINE  f  20 AND 28 WKST IlA-lCtiU STHKKT, NKLSON  ARE NOT EASTERN IMITATIONS  BUT ARE MADE BY  THE KOOTENAY CIGAB MANUFACTURING COMPANY  OF   3ST-BLS03ST;,   B. O-  THE BBACKIAF& KER IILLM CO,, M  ���VraOLBSALB   A.2&TD, *B*Eli:^.IIJ . ���  -RT A''r*T3    G-S-A_XIsr,   FEED;   ETC.  Write tor quotations on car lots. aSTELSOaST;,   B.C.  Builders and contractors -can now secure  the best lime on the market at  70 Cents per 100 Lbs  CALL   AND   INSPECT  ���ESTABLISHED 1879.  Twenty years old and still growing.  parson produce Qo.  WHOLESALE  PROVISION  MERCHANTS  COLD STORAGE WAREHOUSEMEN  AND JOBBERS OF GREEN FRUITS  NELSON, B. C.  KASLO, B. C.  SANDON, B. C.  DEALERS IN  eavy Hardware  SOLE AGENTS FOR  Giant Powder  TRUA'X  ORB  CARS  Canton Drill Steel  CARRY IN STOCK;  Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal  Pipes, and Fittings  Giant, Caps and Ftfse  Tools, Cutlery, Tin  and Wooden ware  Stoves, Ranges,  WOODEN    m    Iron,  Steel   Sheet  MATERIAL     \fc> _ lv���, ��-Raite  Paints, Oils, Glass  NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:  Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.  u    " " ���      ���  '        ��� ���   A Coat of Paint  ^8  #  "WILL   ADD   TO   THE   SELLING   VALUE   OF  A  SHABBY  LOOKING   HOUSE  When you make up your mind-to use a little Paint,  bear in mind that we carry a complete stock of all  kinds of Paints, Oils, Varnishes, ancl Stains, also  Kalsomines, Kalsomine Brushes and Painters Brushes  Shelf and Heavy Hardware  Mining- Supplies T Rails  THE LAWRENCE HARDWARE GO.  and  Crockery  Our 'Specialties--  Damon,  Ram  Lai's  and   Shilling's   Best  Teas always on hand. "r - -  ,  Chase & Sanborn pure Jaya,and Mocha  Coffees;  Christie-Br-own and Paterson Biscuits.  Crosse &  Blackwell, Upton and Keiller  Marmalades, Jams, etc.  _ Dandieolle & Gandin  French Peas  and  Mushrooms.  Pickles, Sauces, Spices, etc.  A car of Asherolt Potatoes and a car of  Mixed Grcee'ries just in..  Two cars of Crockery on the road.  A trial order solicited.   Prices right.  The West l^ooteriay Brick & Lime Co., Ltd.  13nker Street.  T. Q. PROCTOR, A'anager  STEINWAY  The Standard   Piano  of the World.  NORDHEIMER  The Artistic Piano of  Canada.."   ���: .  HEAD OFFICE, WINNIPEG  J. A. ROGERS, General Manager  Manager for Western British Columbia,  JOHN PARSONS. Vancouver  Manager for Yukon District,  CHAS. MILNE, Dawson  Manager for Southern British Columbia,  P. J. RUSSELL, Nelson  Telephone 10.  P. O. Box K & W.      Baker street West, Nelson  Worth of Gilt Edge Soap goes further;, lasts longer, aiid does its work  ^_^ easier and better than any other soap  on the market today;   at   least the washers  all   say so and the ladies  are delighted with it.  A rtn+h^f   Thinrr   In its favGr�� when you ^et thro^h  J^IIiJLaAL^M A AAAAAg* with your washing yoii can go  straight to th.e bread pan and turn out a beautiful batch of nice, clean,  sweet, light bread, but you must remember and have by your side  before you commence,  a sack of the celebrated  3-BTAE   FLOTJB  ABERDEEN BLOCK  NELSON, B. 0.  DesBrisay & Go.  ART AND MUSIC GO., Nelson, Agents.  *B*R,^.3SrC*HCES * ;  VANCOUVKU���A, F. Ral|ih, Manager.  DAWSON C:\TV���A. G. (JumiiiiKhan, Manager.  ATLTN CITY���J. A. Fmscr, Manager.  NKLSON���IJ. J. Jlusscll, Manager.  Stocks carried at Victoria, Rossland, Cranbrook, Greenwood and Revelstoke.  .���  The largest handlers of Butter and Eggs in  the Canadian Northwest.  Sodas  SPECIAL ATTENTION  WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED  A fresh consignment of Maple Leaf Cream Sodas rocoived  direct from the factory, put. up in 3-pound boxes. Also  a full line of the Toronto Biscuit and Confectionery  Company':' Sweet Biscuits. Don't forget that we handle  Blue Ribbon Tea.  JOHN A. IHVIM & CO.  Baker Street West, Nelson, B. C.  Have just received a consignment of Harris home,  made tweeds from Talbot Harris, Scotland.  FRED J. SQUIBE, Baker St. Nelson  Tho supply is limited, so call early and exainino this stock.  Wgs$&$^^ fflliAJ^.!  r4Ji.*��.^^Ei.^X-


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