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The Tribune Apr 12, 1899

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i Special to The Tribune.
Victoria,April 11.—Captain McCallum,
a retired officer of the Indian army, died
today at his much at Col wood. It would
be hard to erowd more trouble into the
same period than this genial old gentleman experienced in his twenty years residence in Hritish Columbia, due to a .sublime eonlidenoe in liis own ability to read
character which made him an easy mark
for (.very designing person who could
scrape up an iicqunintaiuee witli him.
Captain McCalluin acquired I lis greatest
fame by buying a supposed petrified man,
dug up from the Happy Valley ranch and
put on exhibition in Victoria. McCallum
bought the man for $2500 with a. view
of making a sale to the British museum.
Hardly had he secured it when the local
customs authorities seized the*, stone for
undervaluation, tbe San Francisco sharpers who sold it having entered it a few
weeks before, and buried it at the spot
Avhere the captain supposed it had lain
for centuries. McCalluin was later involved in the cause eelebre of Gray <fc
MoCalluin over the Ophir Bedrock Flume
Mining Company, and in much kindred
litigation was -wasted the modest competence with which he came to this province.
Ymir News in Brief.
Special lo The Tribune.
Ymm., April 11.—Snow has been falling
steadily all last night and all today. Old-
timers say it is  the  last of the 'season':
"Joe" Parkin is back again  .from Nelson,
having purchased a  carload   of, lath and
.materia] for chimneys there. - "Sam" Gibson has gone to  take  a position  at the
Ymir mill.    J. C.  Carrauthers  of Nelson
is here for a few days and   isv looking up
all   his  old   friends.      The   sale   of the
Windsor hotel   takes  places  on  Friday,'
the 14th instant, at noon, including furniture, etc.    Mesdames Matthews and J'or-
dan gave a very pleasant party last night
to quite _a■number of guests,  who all en-
-joyed-themselves immensely.** There were
games and also light refreshments during
the evening.    A few  more  of these  enjoyable parties  would  tend   to   improve
the social  life in   Ymir.    Hnsigu   Staiger
of   the   Salvation   Army   from   Spokane
intends to give magic lantern services in
the Presbyterian church in Ymir on   bhe
evening of the 20th and 21st of April.   It
will be quite a.  treat   for   the  juveniles.
Quite a considerable amount of building
operations are going on in the town, but
a good sawmill is sadly required.   .   Ymir
has a wealth of forest  whieh   cannot be
.  excelled anywhere.    The  Miners'; Union
■   hold regular meetings and are unanimous
M.hat'tho'eight-huur la wshould=b*> strictly
maintained.;    ,	
'   -, Montreal Mining Exchange Opened. ■
Special to The Tribune.
- Montrkat., April 11.—The Montreal
mining'exchange has opened for business.
There was trading in the following Slocaju
* stocks,,: Brandon, Golden Crown, Noble
Five, J.ambler andJ Payne. There was
also trading in Barley. Bullion, and
Decca,.in Ontario: Big Three, California.
Canadian Gold Fields, Evening Star, Iron
Bell, Iron Mask, Montreal Goldfields,
Monte Christo, Novelty, St. Elmo, Virginia; and "War Eagle, in Kossland: Cariboo hydraulic, in Cariboo: City of Paris,
Knob Hill, Montreal and London, Old
Ironsides, and Morrison, in Boundary;
Fern and Gold Fields, in Nelson: Bepub-
Iie and Summit, in Republic; and Virtue,
in the state of Oregon.
French .Canadians .Migrating.
Spcc'nl.to The Tribune.
authority for the statement tliat tlie
emigration of the Erench Canadians to
the United, States is very active just
iiOws, and that tlie record was broken a
few days ago, when 120 second-class passengers,, including men, women and children, ari'ived in Bangor, Maine, from
different sections of the province of
Quebec. The Conservativeorgan takes
this occasion to reproach the federal government for promoting the ininiigrntioi'l
of foreigners ttpd neglecting to 'keep our
own people hero.
Got Money and a Silver * Services
Special to The Tribune; <
Winnipeg. April 11.—F. W. Jones, avIio
for .the past ben years has occupied the
position of assistant to niahager'Whybe
of the Canadian Pacific, was presented oii
Saturday niglit Avith a cheek for a thousand dollar's and a silver service valued
at $300 by bis, fellow employees and
friends. Mr. Jones is leaving to take the
management of the British Columbia
Lumber Company at Golden, British Columbia.  -       *   v .   -	
Manitoba Thawing Gut.
Special to Tho Tribune.
Winnipeg,, April 11.—Tlie spring-like
weather has apparently come to Manitoba and the Northwest to stay. The
reading of the thermometer from
Calgary to Winnipeg shows the
temperature to be quite balmy.
Calgary is the warmest point with the
mercury at 8(5, and Regiua the coldest at
10 above zero.
A Popular Curler Fatally Injured.
Snecial to The Tribune.
Lindsav, Ontario, April 11.—A shocking accident occurred here at the Dundas
& Flavelle Milling Company's flour mill.
"Jack" Maemillan, an employee and
known    all   through   Canada   and   tlie
United States as a curler, was horribly
and fatally injured by being caught in a
belt and terribly eruslied before the
machinery could be stopped. One leg was
so badly mangled it had to be amputated
near the thigh, and lie received other injuries from which he died. Maemillan
will be remembered by curlers throughout Ontario and Manitoba as the popular
vice-skip of J. D. Flavelle's rink on all its
expeditions to Toronto and Winnipeg.
Canadian News in Brief.
Special I o The Tribune.
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company's earnings for the week ending
April 8th were $521,000. For the same
period last year they were $4-18,000.
At Dominion City, Manitoba, yesterday, a farmer named William Leask committed suicide. He placed the muzzle of
a gun to his heart and instant death followed the pulling of tlie trigger.
Dr. Armstrong Black of Birkenhead,
England, is spoken of in connection with
the vacancy in St. Andrews church, Toronto, caused by the departure of Rev.
Mr. McCanghan to Chicago. A call has
been sent to Mr. Black, but no response
has yet been received.
It is likely that that the .Hamilton
Blast ■Furnace and the Ontario Rolling
Mill Companies will be amalgamated. A
proposition has been under consideration
for some time by the directors, and will
likely go through. It is intended to still
carry on the rolling mills, smelting and
forge works, and in addition to establish
a steel plant. .    **-
Seventeen students of Queen's  univer-
'sity Kingston, leave  on  Wednesday for
different parts of Great Britain in the interests of a photographic company.
A new engine Aveighing ninty'tons .was
turned out of the locomotive works at
Kingston yesterday in the Canadian
Pacific railway shops. It is the largest
ever built there.
Editors Brierly and McKay of the
Montreal Herald Ave re acquitted last
evening of the charge of criminal libel laid
by chief of police Hughes. The jury after
being out an hour returned a verdict of
not guilty.
An inventory of the. estate", of the
late Hiram Walker'of Walkorville,filed
in the probate court, gives the -total of
the deceased's estate at $287,0(52.
'■ _.• George ..ZaA'it.., Ta M.C.R. brakemaii of
St. Thomas, fell off a train at loua station
early yesterday morning. He was injured
internally and remained unconscious for
twelve hours. His recovery is doubtful.
.William Cook, a street car conductor
of St. Thomas, was run into by a bicyclist
on yesterday and dangerously injured.
Senator Work, avIio is said to be the
oldest active legislator in the British
empire, lately attained his ninety-fourth
birthday, and was prevented attending
tlie opening of parliament through the
illness of his wife, avIio is in her ninety-
second year.
The fourth floor of the Hour and provision warehouse of Eli Benoit, on St.
Paul street. Montreal, gaA-o way yesterday
afternoon under the Aveight of its loa.d
and fell through to the cellar. The interior of the warehouse is a wreck.
Phi Hi]) Dubar, storenian, Avas carried
down A\*ith the Ayreck and is badly injured. " ,       ■
Arthur Fiset, notary Of MontraiL_has
plead ed=g nil ty'To'-elB-relpw^j^f^lgf-TOclT
ing. his company",, the York Loan .and
Savings, of large, amounts by forged
mortgages and .securities.
John Goon, an old respected   wholesale
Special to The Tribune.
'Victouia, April, 11.--The Nieiiol libel
case came before the assizes to-day for
its second trial, the jury on last occasion
having failed to decide Avhether or not
defendant, W. C. Nieliol of the ProA'inee,
libelled ex-premier Turner and C. E.
Pooley. in stating tlieir "unique" connection Avith certain mining companies.
Ex-premier Turner is in England, and C.
E. Pooley is ill, so their counsel asked for
an adjournment, Avhieh probably Avas a
welcome motion to judge Martin In fact
he intimated as much, and the case .was
sent OArer and Avill come before the chief
justice at a special assizes. Not only Avas
judge Martin once connected Avith the
Province neAvspaper, of Avhieh Nichol is.,
editor, but lie and Nichol are toAvnsmen:
and connected by marriage. V
Lucky Jim Mine Sold. ;
Special cto The Tribune. '  j
Kas.-O,  April 11.—A. R. BroAvne, the!
mining man who. has  been  in Kaslo for',
some  mouths  representing the  English,
capitalist avIio control tlie chemical pro-:'
cess  for  extracting  zinc from  ore,  hasv
purchased the Lucky Jim mine from'the.
BradenBrotliers of Helena, Montana, rep-"-;
resented by E. J. Matthews of Nelson.
The purchase price is not g_Aren,*but it is
likely a good round sum.   The property,
also includes a  good  Avorking tramwayv
and  compressor,   and   has   considerable
Avork done on it.    E. C. Ward, formerly-
of the WhiteAvater, has.  been placed in
charge and is iioav  engaging  a force of
men to start Avork at once.    Mr. BroAAiie
eA-idently  intends   to  take  hold   of  the.
property in earnest aiid  thoroughly develop it.    It is a zinc proposition.
A Kecess Taking for Farming.
Special to Tho Tribune.
Winnipeg, April 11.—It is altogether
likely that the proA'incial legislature Avill
adjourn on Thursday or Friday oA*er the
seeding time, probably till Jpne. The
reason for this is that a number of tlie
members are anxious to get out. to their
farms to superintend the Avork'of getting,
in the crop,and to look after their busi:    tion bill as.he_did, they Avould.be prepar
ness, which in many cases is tlie heaAriest}  ed'to become summer residents of OttaAva
Bum.in,, April .11.—Dr. JohnnhesRaffel-
att, the former German president of the
municipal council at Apia, at Samoa, has
arrived here, and has had several long
conferences Avith the oflicials of the German foreign ollice. He is quoted assaying
that the decision of chief justice Chambers, in favor of the Tanii, Avas partly
due to tlie fact that Mataafa is a Catholic,
Avhile Tanu is a .proselyte of tlie English
missionaries. Mataafa, he says, is the
only kind the Samoans Avill tolerate.
A.foreign office official said to-night to
the correspondent of the Associated Press,
in energetic language, tliat Germany before engaging iu an iirvestigation of the
commission's Avork, must insist upon the
American and British goArernments unmistakably disaA'OAving the flagrant A*iola-
tions committed by admiral Kautz and
.captain Sturde. In the absence of a dis-
aA-oAval, for Germany to join the commission would be a mere farce. When the
commission starts it must start on the
status quo, and not on a status created
by tne illegal acts of subordinates in
Samoa. ''
More energetic still is the semi-official
announcement of the Hamburg correspondent who declared that if England
and America do not heed the diplomatic
remonstrances made in London and
Washington, the remonstrances Avill be
The tone of the German press during
the lastlew days has been most bitter.
Enquiries made by the correspondent of
the Associated Press at the foreign office
ha.A*e elicited the statement tliat nothing
is knoAvn of the alleged British" annexation of the Tonga Islands.
Don't Like the Eedistribution Bill.
Associated Press.
Ottaava, April 11.—Speaking at a Conservative meeting in this city last evening, Mr. Bennett. M.P. for East' Simcoe,
said that if tlie Conservative members'of,
the house of commons held the same
opinions on the go.vernment's "rodistribiv
not feel justified iu accepting the position
here; A special meeting of the city council has been summoned for tomorrow to
make a iioav selection.
drygoods merchant of London is dead
The political campaign in BrockVille is
greAving hot. There is a demand being
made for speakers on both sides. For the
Liberals Sit*toll, Paterson and Flfserhave
the caih Others have been specially
asked for, and have promised to take a
hand in the fight.
The Paris Exhibit. '
Spcciiil tq The THbuiiO;'■'
Victoria, April ll.—Hoii! J. Fred,
Hume and .mineralogist' Robertson are
giving* "much attention to the work of
seeing that British Columbia's mines are
creditably represented at the Paris exposition. Director Dawson of the -geological department lias notified the provincial
government that the mineral specimens
must not be larger than from six to
tAvelve inches cube, or equivalent, and he
suggests that the mines send ore from
their loAver levels Avith a statement of
the depth attained. Mineralogist Robertson is anxious to obtain photographs of
■.mining scenes, from Avhieh the department
Avill reproduce large vieAVs, representati ve
of all the mining districts of the province.
Winnipeg Club's New Officers.
Special to The Tribnne.
Winnipeg, April 11.—At the annual
meeting of the Winnipeg rawing club
to-night E. L. DreAvry Avas elected president; Hugh John Macdonald, A'ico president; George F. Gait, captain ; and B. P.
DeAvar, secretary. The annual regatta
of the Minnesota and Winnipeg roAving
association ■will be held here during
August, and it is intended, to make it a
big event. Crews from Victoria and
Vancouver are expected.
in the' spring. '- Besides this Hon.'Mr.
Cameron Avill be aAvay for some flays, and
Hon. Mr. Mickle is sufferingr from, an
attack of sciatica,' Avhieh "will possibly
necessitate his taking a rest. In the in-
terA-al tAvo of the ministers, probably the
premier and the provincial treasurer, will
proceed to OttaAva to press the claims of
the proA-ince to the school lands.
He Will Wear Old Clothes.
Special to The Tribune.
Toronto, April 11.—Tlie customs department this morning received $01.05
conscience money from a. man avIio cheated
the department to that extent last year,
in connection with the importation of
some clothes, and aa'Iio since then became
religious. The contributor stated in
making the payment that it would prevent his buying a new suit of clothes for
some time.
They Want $100,000 Damages,
___  !§pecnialJ^oJ;ho_irri_bune.__     _j_.	
Ottawa, April 11.—Tlie folloAving case
conies up at the assizes here : The Alberta Goal -tnd Raihvay Company vs
Mackenzie & Mann, an action for $100,00.0
for bi-each of' contract to purchase rails
from tlie plaintiffs. Mackenzie & Mann
refused- to fulfill tlie agreement Avhen
they failed in getting the contract for tlie
construction of the Yukon failu'ay.
Fbster Opens the Campaign.
Special to The Tribune.
BiiQciyViiii;!., April 11,*—-Hon. G. IS1.
hYister opened the Tory campaign here
last uight,'dealing with .what lie termed
the Grit extravagances, tlie plebiscite
question and tlie Yukon scandals. He
said the liberal party had given the prohibition and temperance cause a setback
for 25 years.	
Wants tb Raise Chinese Poll Tax.
Special to the Tribune.
Ottawa, April 11.—Maxwell of Vancouver has introduced a bill in the house
regarding Chinese immigration. He proposes to increase the poll tax from $50 to
$500, Avhieh means tliat it aviLI exclude
them altogether if adopted.
Tailors and Bricklayers Strike.
Special to The Tribune.
Victoria, April 11.—Trades and Labor
Council of this  city  has  Avarned   tailors
and bricklayers to keep aAvay -from  Vancouver, where strike is on in these trades.
He Bought a Money-Maker.
Associated Press.
London, April II.—C. F. Dwyer, a son
of Richard Croker's racing partner, has
purchased the Miss Nelly lilly, tho winner
of the long course trial plate, for 588
sovereigns. According to the newspapers,
Mr. Dwyer Avon heaAdly on the race capr
tured by the filly, one of his successful
bets being $10,000 to $500.
for tho purpose of lighting to a finish
'an iniquitous measure. He said there
never Avas a more abominable bill proposed. Jn his- opinion the proposed
measure Avould be so unfair, that if car-
Jried out, the Conservative.-party^ Avould
not-only be practically wiped out of existence, but the interests of the country
Avon Id be seriously imperilled.
■ The Grits Are'in Line.,   '
Associated Press.
Ottawa, April 11.—The first goA'ernment caucus of the session was held today. There was a large attendance at
the caucus, 0\"er -which Mr. Julius presided. The subjects Avhieh came up for
consideration Avere the Pacific cable, the
extension of the Intercolonial railway to
Montreal, the redistribution bill and
the proposal for senate reform. The
meeting was unanimously in favor of
supporting the 'government's progtunmie
AV_th respect to all these matters.
Mills Avere the principal speaker's. At
■a meeting of tlie Quebec members recently it was decided to appoint Mr.
Savard whip.
The Widow Became ih!_ane.
Associated Press.
Bnantpord, Ontario, April 11 .—Mrs.
Mclutee, tlie wife of the storekeeper \vlio
was 'found (lead in bed .■eccntly, beciuiie
insane yesterday Av'hen ilifoi'ined that an
inquest had been jiekl on the body of lnji'
husband. She )ias been ill and Was ignorant Of the susliicions. that vVere set afloat
in connection With her husband's death
llev life as well as he.' reasiyi is in dauger.
Defeated Candidate Migrating.
Associated Press.
Toronto, April 11.—William Richert,
once mayor of Detroit, and a defeated
candidate for the state senate, was in the
city this morning at the head of a party
of 125 Miehiganders avIio are inoA'ing to
the Canadian North-West. They will
found a colony near Alameda, in Assini-
boia, 185 miles Avest of Winnipeg, where
they will engage in ranching.
Success Makes Rebels Patriots.
Associated Press.
Bui-Nos Ayres, April 11.—Advices just
received here confirm the report that the
Bolivian revolutionists have won a signal
victory. General Pando the leader of
the reArolutionists, has entered Oruro,.
president Alonza's former headquarters,
and the president has fled.
This Engineer Declines.
Associated Press.
Victoria, April 11. Newton J. Kerr,
the gentleman recently selected by the
Victoria city council for the position of
city engineer, telegraphed today saying
that owing to the city council of Ottawa
having raised his salary by  $800, he did
A meeting of the retail grocers of Nelson Avas held last night in the board of
trade rooms, at which there Avere present
M. DesBrisay, John A. Kirkratrick, John
A. Irving, J. Donley, J. 31orrison, A. G.
Shaw, and Geo. S. Kellawny of the Hudson's Bay Company. The meeting Avas
called for.,the purpose of discussing the
early closing movement, and the general
sentiment expressed Avas that if all the
grocers of the city would agree to close
at seven o'clock, each evening, it Avould
be to the 'advantage of both the merchants and their patrons. After an informal discussion it was decided to adjourn until Wednesday evening, April
17th, and to invite every retail merchant
doing business in the city to meet and
discuss tlie question.
Charles Conan, tlie nine year old son of
"Harry" Conan of this city, Avas operated
on for appendicitis yesterday by doctors
LaBau and Forin, assisted by Dr. Doolittle
of Toronto. Tlie operation Avas successful and the patient showed good pluck.
Bruce White and IT. D. Hume returned
on -the Moyie last evening from Duck
creek, Avhere they were looking over the
Wisconsin group of claims Avhieh they,
together Avith Ed Murphy, JiaA'e under
bond. A couple of prospecting shafts,
thirty and tAventy-five feet respectively,
haA*e been sunk upon the ledge and about
fifty tons of ore have been taken out.
Who Knows Him?
■-"■■',. VICTOrUA.-April 7th, 1899.
To the Editor of The Tribune :
Can yon give me any information as to the whereabouts of a Norwegian named Johan Albort Skallerd, or
as he has been called in Americn, John Skallcrudc? My
government asks me for news concerning this man, who,
I am ad. iscd, has lived in British Columbia since the
year 1895, and had employment as cook at Kaslo, Bear
Lake, New Denver and Nelson. The last two letters he
sent home lo Norway were from Nelson, and dated
March 28th and June 1st, 1898.   Yours faithfully,
AV. A. AVARD, Vico-Consul.
Dundeej Concentrates Go to .Northport. .
The   Dundee _ concentrates  luwe 'commenced to go to the  Northport,, smelter.
This  Aveek  a ' shipment  of tAventy . tons -
Avas made Avhieh contained thirty ounces'
-gold and -100 ounces'j-ih'or,   the value .of
the shipment being entered at $840.
No Sympathy for Poor Dancers.
A curious case Avas tried at Vienna last
Aveek. - A young lady asked  hoaA-y com-*-
ponsation from a young man with  whom'
'she recently danced at a masquerade balh
and who .i,]lowed her  to   fall   so  heavily'
that she sustained severe internal injury.
•The defendant declared tliat his partner
Avas it poo'r dancer, audit Avas difficult to
guide   her .through   the  crowded   room.
She rejoined that tlie defendant had attempted  some new  steps Avhieh lie had
seen in the opera ballet  and   desired' to
imitate.    "He flung his  legs about, and
Avent  through   some  kind   of a Russiiin
bent-knee dance, in the execution whereof
he tripped me, and avo both fell heavily."
The judge decided  that a  man   couldn't
be held responsible for the  safety of his
partneiyaiicl the case was dismissed.
Som^ of-Madagascar's Taxes.	
Since January ti tax of 25 francs has
been ■ leAded Upon unmarried natives of
Madagascar. Women of .'.1 years of ago
who ai"*e not'mothers of children tire taxed
I.o fralics. Eiich legitimate child is subject to a taic of 7 francs, and for every
illegitiluate child a tax of 50 .francs is re-
Reorganizing the United States Army.
AWjOciatcd  Press,
WaSMI-WTONvD. C, Aprill I.-—An order
has been prepared at the Avar department
for a reorganiziitiofi of the ai'my on a
peace basis,and it probably \vjllbe issued
tomorrow. Most of tho general officers
of the v'oltinteer establishment will be
mustered out* and a radical change will
be made jn the"staff departments of the
same, including' tho discharge of about
sixty paymasters. With the exception
of generals Otis, Shafter, LaAvton and
MacArthur, all the volunteer niajor-gou
orals will bo discharged.,
Kidnappers an Attraction.
Associated Press. .
Gl-.l-.AGOj April .1:1.—John Collins and
Mrs. Ann Ingersoll, who are under indictment for the kidnapping of little Gerald
Lapiner on decoration clay, wore released
on bonds of $10,000 each today. The
alleged abductors will be placed on exhibition in a local dime museum.
„ The Bank's New Governor.
. Associated Press.
London, April. II.—At today's mooting
of the Bank of. England S. S. Gladstone
and Augustus Provost wore ..appointed
governor and deputy-governor respectively of that institution.
European News in Brief.
Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal,
Canadian high commissioner, is at present visiting Knebworth in Hertfordshire.
The court of revision which Avill be
held on June 1st, for the purpose of re-
A'ising the assessment roll as prepared by
J. K. Strachan, city assessor, Avill probably
be the most liA-ely court of its kind eA-er'
held in Nelson.
This   year   it   Avould   seem   that  the
attempt has been made  to  make  people
rich by increasing  the  assessed   value of
their property, and   incidentally  rendering them liable for increased  taxes, even
should the rate struck by the council this
year be as Ioav as   that  of  the  previous
year,    lb may be that the  champions of
the present city council will "point Avith
pride " to the big advance in the assessed
Aaluejof Nelson realty as an   evidence of
the statecraft of  the  green  hands  avIio
make up the council, but it may also happen that the patient taxpayer ••will A'ieAV
Avith alarm"  the  possibilities  Avhieh   his
increased assessment holds for  increased
tiixes and for additional debenture debts.
As a rule the men who have made real
estate investments in  Nelson  look  upon
the same as  likely to  produce a  profit
through advancing A-alue's, but  it  is- not
probable that there is a sane man in Nelson   who  Avill  gravely assert   tliat tlie
average   adAance  in  real  estate values
throughout the entire city has  exceeded
forty-five per ceiit over tiic values of the
previous year.   ' Y"et this is Avlnit the city
assessor's roll means if it means anything..
For the year 1898 the same  assessor returned the A-alue of the realty in tlie city
at   $800,870,   and   this   year   the  same
property is given a A*a I nation of $1,17] ,090.
The  explanation  offered  by. the city
assessor is that an amendment lias beeu-
made to the Municipal Clauses Act Avhieh
recites that for the purposes of taxation
the land within the city shall be assessed
tit its actual   cash   value.    Formerly the .
land was required to  be assessed at the
actual A-alue at  Avhieh   it  Avould  be appraised in payment of a  just  debt by a
solvent  debtor.     This  difference  in the
reading of Section 113 of the Municipal
Act. according to the  A'ieAvs  of the  city
assessor, taken in conjunction Avith such
advance as there has beeu in  real estate
\ralues, accounts for an increase of forty-
five per cent in the assessed A-alue of real
estate'for 1S99 over 1898.
As an illustration of the advance Avhich-
has been made in the assessment of Baker
street property it may be mentioned that,
the lot on the nortlnvest corner of Baker
and Ward streets, Avhieh has a fifty-foot
frontage on Baker street, OAvi.ed by
Harold Scions, is assessed this year tit
$10,000. ' Last year. the same property
Avas assessed at $6000. The lot on the
soutliAvest corner of the same streets,
Avhieh-"*i_as * a * thirty-foot-'frontage on -."
Baker street, .and for Avhieh the Bank of
Montreal was reported' to have paid
'$10,000,* is assessed at $7000.. Taken
in connection with ''this the lot on the
northeast corner of Baker and Josephine
streets, which has a 50-foot frontage on
Baker street, and Avhieh .the Bank of
Montreal refused to take at a lowerfigure
than that paid for the Baker and Ward
corner, is this year assessed at $7500, or
aii ad\'ancc of $500 oA-er the corner chosen
by the bank.
Another property Avhieh has come in
for a good boost is the Clements & Hillyer lot on the north Avest corner of Baker
and Josephine streets. Last year it Avas
assessed at $0000. This year it goes up
to $10,000. Across from this Jot tire the
tAvo 30-foot lots on the southwest corner
of Bilker and Josephine streets. Last
year they were assessed at $8000. This
year they are entered at $11,250.
These advances Avill strike the casual
under the aA'erage advance made upon
the realty of the entire city. For big advances, of close upon one hundred per
cent , the residential property of the city
must be turned to. These things point
Lo the conclusion that there A\'i 11 be softer
snaps going than serving on the court of
revision in June,,
Tijo Kaslo & Slofan .trajn encountered
the Lucky Jini slide again on Monday,
and■ .aid to return to lvaslo for the rOtrtrj'
which went iip and opened, the road. The
train did not get thrOu^Ji to Sandon, until'
yesterday inoriiing, aiill arrived in lvaslo
almost ouu time.
Tho C.F.ll. Company has engineers at
Work tying in the private property1 wlii'oli,
adjoins the railway right of way opposite
Tho steamer Nelson is temperaril}* taking the run of the Kokanee, between
Nelson and Kaslo. The Kokanee has
been hauled up on the Avays of the International Steamship Navigation Company
at lvaslo for repairs, and will receive a
fresh coat of paint.
School Trustees Send a Bequest.
The members  of  the  board  of school
trustees have sent in  a  request  to the
education department at  Victoria  that
the two extra rooms   in  the  neAV school
building be fitted up for use "and that tAvo
extra teachers  be supplied.    There ai*e  "
now five teachers in the  school  and tilie,, V;
actual attendance has reached a tofetof%V
275 and is increasing Uniformly  lit. the
rate of a new pupil each day, so that by
the time school   reopens   in September
there Avill be an actual attendance of 375
pupils.    The school trustees  have also
asked that the government appropriation
for incidentals be increased from $300 to
$425 per annum. THE TRIBUNE: KELSON, B. C, WEDNESDAY, APRIL \% 1899.  _.... ,_...,-.^._  Special Dress Goods Sale!  To clear a few lines at half the usual price, all in  dress lengths of 7 yards each, no two pieces alike  8 pieces figured dress goods at 40 cents, regular price, 75 cents  7 pieces figured dress goods at 65 cents, regular price, $1.25  10 pieces figured dress goods at $1, regular price, $1.75  The balance of our spring capes and jackets at wholesale price  A. FERLAND & CO.  Baker Street,  NELSON  356 FISHING RODS  AND MORE COMING  English and Canadian make of Bamboo (whole and split)  Steel, Lancewood and Greenheart. The largest assortment  in Kootenay.    Mail orders promptly attended to.  Nelson Hardware Co  Baker Street, Nelson.  Waterproof Goats and Umbrellas  Now that the wet season is approaching, you will want  something to keep you dry. We have just received something special in Waterproof Coats with Velvet Collars to  sell at $8.    See our Umbrellas,  from $i.2c5 up.  fiasco, Avas severely wounded and lost one  of'his legs. Like the rest of the rank and  file lie believed that the leaders Avere  ���waging legitimate Avarfare, and had the  British government behind theni. He  has learned differently since, and in consequence brought a suit against Rhodes  and Jainieson for compensation for his injuries. Tho defendants lntve come into  court with what they call a "demurrer "  to stay the suit in its initial stages, on  the ground that a man who lias shared  iu a criminal act with another can have  no redress for anything that has happened to him arising from his guilty conduct. The numerous fervent supporters  of tho '���empire builder" in the press are  evidently ashamed of such low juggling  with words, for they have hushed up the  case as as far as fchey can iu their  columns. lint as the Times is the ollicial  law reporter it could not avoid printing  at length "the judgment on the point  raised. .Justice (iranthain, avIio .presided  in the queen's bench court Avhere the case  Avas heard dismissed the demurrer Avith  costs.  HUDSON'S BAY  COMPANY.  Sign of the Big- Red Hat  P. O. Box 103, Nelson, B. C.  j. F. WEIR  RAILWAY TIME-TABLES.  CANADIAN PACIFIC.  (DKPOT FOOT OK RAILWAY STREET)  Passenger and mail (daily), for Nakusp   Leave.    Arrive.  and Revelstoke and mam lino points.C.30 a.m. 8.20 p.m.  Passenger and mail (daily), for Slocan  City, Silverton, New Denver, Three  Forks and Sandon 0.30 a.m.   8.20 p.m.  Passenger and mail (daily) for Robson,  Trail and Kossland 6._0 p.m. 10.30 p.m.  NKLSON AND FORT SHEPPARD.  (DKPOT EAST END WATEU STREET,  BOGUSTOWN)  Passenger and mail (daily), for Spo-    Leavo.    Arrive.  ���kane 9.40 a.m.   5.30 p.m.  Passenger and mail (daily), for Ymir,  Salmo, Waneta and Rossland  9.40 a.m.   5.30 p.m.  (Trains leave Mountain Siding, east end Robson street,  forty minutes later than from Nelson station.)  KASLO AND SLOCAN.  Passenger and mail (daily except Sun-   Leave.    Arrive,  days), from Kaslo for Whitewater,     '  - *  McGuigan, ��� Three   Forks,  Sandon  and Cody '. 8.00 a.m.   3.55 p.m.  Passenger and mail (daily except Sunday), from Sandon for Kaslo. 1.15 p.m. 10.40 a.m.  STEAMBOAT TIME-TABLES.    ~  .   -  ,        CANADIAN PACIFIC ' -      '  (BOATS LEAVE HAI-L-STREET AVHARF)  Steamer Kokanee (daily except Sun-   Leave.    Arrive,  days), for Kokanee Creek, Ralfour,  Pilot Bay, Ainsworth and Kaslo 4.00 p.m. 11.30 a.m.  'Steamer- Moyie (leaves .Mondays,  Wednesdays. Fridays and arrives  Tuesdays, Thm-adays, Saturdays),"  for Kootenay Landing, where connection is made with Crow's Nest  Passrailway 8.00a.m.   0.50p.m.  KOOTENAY RAILAVAY AND NAVIGATION CO.  "��� *    (1-0AT8 LEAVE HALL-STREET WHARF)   *  Steamer International (daily except   Leave.    Arrive.  *   Sundays),ffor Kokanee Creek, Balfour,  Pilot  Bay,  Ainsworth   and - ,  Kaslo '.  4.30 p.m. 10.30 a.m.  Dailv Ed.t_on First Year, No. 84  "Weekly Edition...., Seventh Year, No. 21  to ask for the terminal rate, for Nelson ;  but it only seems reasonable that the  raihvay companies should give Nelson a  through rate and a distributing rate to  points in Kootenay that Avould not be  more than the coast terminal rate and  distributing rate to points in Kootenay,  seeing that they Avould have to haul the  freight a much shorter distance.  INCORPORATED 1670.  Purity  THE DAILY TRIBUNE is published every morning  , (except Monday), and will be mailed to subscribers  . in Canada or the United States for $5 a year, and to  subscribers in Great' Britain for ��8 a year;,or it will  be delivered to subscribers in Nelsons/or 25"*cents; a  week, ��1 a month, ��2.50 for threeR;inbhthSj?$5.for six  months, or $10 for one year.   Payable in advancfe:,  - THE AVEEKLY TRIBUNE is published every Wedncs-  ' day and Saturday, and will be mailed .'to subscribers  ���    anywhere for ��2 a year, payable in advance:  REGULAR ADVERTISEMENTS printed in .both tho_  .������daily-and-weekly-editions for ��4!per;iiich"per month.  LOCAL OR READING MATTER NOTICES 25 cents, a  line for each insertion.  JOB PRINTING at fair rates.    AccountsforJob print-  ���    in_? and advertising are payable oh tho'flrst of every  month.   Addre.s���  p_ THE TRIBUNE. Nelson, B.C  ^he freightrrate resolution -passed by  ihbbb'dxd oi ���trade the night, before last  is Avitliiii i?.ea_jou. If the railway c'ojn-  pahies    make   a   rate   011    merchandise  - shjiij-ecl fi-Ojn tlie cast ,.to Nel.sou .and a  "di^trjbSifiing rate from Nelson  to points  AvitliiiJ 200 niiJes which Would be e.lUal to  ��� the rate oil inercliaiidiso shipped froih the  Past to Vancouver and  tlie distributing  rate ^i'fliii Vaiieouvei' to points in Koote-  na,y,-wherein would they be any the loser?  They would be the gaine.'. As an illustra-  . fciou: Suppose a Nelson wholesaleinerehant  brings in a carload of canned goods from  Toronto, on Avhieh he pays a freight rate  of $1.50 per hundred,  and  distributes it  froiii Kelson  in  small   lots   to retailers  throughout Kootenay, they paying the  local rate of 35  celits a'hundred.    The  raihvay 'Companies   Avould receive $1.85  a  hundred  for  hauling   the ������ freight an  average distance of 2800 miles.    The Vancouver wholesale merchant brings in the  same class of goods from the same place,  on which.be pays 90 cents a hundred, and  distributes them in small lots to points in  Kootenay at a rate of 95 cents a hundred.  The railroads got  $1.85  a hundred ancl  haul the freight on an average 3G00 miles.  To the average mind this does not seem  to be tlie A\*ay to make  money.    It certainly costs something to haul the freight  the extra 800 "miles.   It wouhl be useless  The attempt made to change the city  account from the Bank of Montreal to  the Bank of Halifax Avas ill-adA'ised and  smacked a little of sharp practice. . The  city has' had fair treatment--from the  Bank of Montreal, and no good reason  could be advanced for making the change.  Business men do not change their  accounts from one bank to another without reason; no more should a city. The  debentures issued by tho city arc payable  at the Bank of Montreal, and as long as  the city receives fair treatment, the city  -account should be kept there. The Tribune is-of opinion that the city council  did not make* the change legally at its  meeting on Monday night, hence there  Avill be no change. Mayor Neelands made  a mistake in not counting all the members of the council present as voting;  had he done so, the resolution making  the change Avould have fallen, for three is  not a majority of seveji. The may01* cap  ?0to the-resolution at the next .ineetiilg  of the council, and in the meantime the  city account -will remain AVhere it has  been^since-thocity^A^snlicorporatedr^^^  For family trade we carry  ���,' a complete stock of Wines  and Liquors in wood, which  we bottle on our premises,  thus you are able to get the  best quality in these lines  at a lower price than you  would have to pay for the  same goods if imported in  bottles.     ,  JUST ARRIVED A CAR OF .-      ^  SCHLITZ    MILWAUKEE    BEER. j  Bhodes Plays a Mean Part,  A ease iioav before the courts in Lou-*  don, arising out of the Jameson raid, discloses Mr. Cecil Rhodes in au amazingly  mean-spirited attitude. A trooper named  BurroWs, Avbo took part in the disastrous  W.  Of making many hooks  is no  Neither is thefce any end to tlio variety  on sale at  Thomson's  We have all the newest' books by well-  known authors. Our stock of fino correspondence.  Hudson's Bay Stores  West Baker Street.      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McArthur & Go's store,  northwest- corner I3aker and Ward strcots,  will receivo prompt attention.  Tclephono 85  SEWER AND WATER  AND ALL OTHER PLUMBING  DONE BY  Strachan Bros.  Opera House Block, Nelson.  Tenders Wanted for Beal Estate  Tenders will be received by the undorsigncd until 12  o'clock noon on Saturday, April 15th, 18!��), for the purchase of the following described real eatato:  LOT 24 BLOCK 60  and improvements'thereon, situate at the northeast corner of Hall and Lake strcots, Nelson.. Terms cash. Tho  highest or any tender not necessarily accepted.  A. J. MARKS.  Administrator estate of Charles Van Ness, deceased.  Nelson. April 3rd, IWfi.  G0_ Westminster Road, Vancouver, B. C.  TENDERS   WANTED  FOR  REAL ESTATE  Tondcrs will be received by the tmdersiKiied until 12  o'clock noon on Saturday, April 22nd, 18M", for the pur  chnse of the following described real estate situate in  Nolson:  Twenty-two and-i half feet of Lots 2 and 3 BlorkT,  with improvements, now renting for ��30 perironth.  Lot i Block (i, which is ground leased for ��30 per month.  The lease has one year to run, and the lessee has the  option of renewal for two years at a monthly rental of  ��40.  Terms cash. Tho highest or any tender not nccossanly  accepted. A. J. MARKS,  Administrator estate Charles Van Ness, deceased.  No'son, April 8th, I8!)9.   Application for Liquor Lieense.  Notice is hereby Riven that I, the undersigned, Austin  H. Clements, intend at the first sitting of the board of  licensing commissioners of the City of Nelson, to be held  thirty (30) days after the publication of this notice, toap-  ply for a retail liquor saloon liconse for tho premises  known as the corner store of tho Odd Fellows building,  on lot number one'(l) in block (12), being situated oai the  southeast corner of Baker and Kootenay streets in the  West ward of thosaid City of Nelson. ��� ������  AUSTIN H. CLEMENTS.  .  Dated this loth day of March, A.D. 18D3.  GOMER DAVIS & Co.  R. REISTERER & CO.  BREWERS AND BOTTLERS OF  Fine Lager Beer,  Ale and Porter  Prompt and regular  delivery to the trade.  Brewery at Nelson.  Nelson Eleetrie Light Company, Limited  NOTICE  All persons having accounts against the  company will present them at once to the  manager, and all persons indebted to the  company are required, to settle the same immediately,    JOHN HOUSTON, Manager.  Nelson, March 10th, 1899.         Applieation fop Liquor Lieense.  Notice is hereby given that I will, thirty days from the  dato of this notice, apply to tho government agent at  Nelson for a lieense to sell liquor at retail at my hotel at  Five-Mile Point, to bo known as the Cattle Hotel, in  West Kootenay district, British Columbia.  Dated .March lltb, 1899. H. A. HEY WOOD,   ��_��ii*wi>�����i ,  ���-  ���*J5_-'��*��*~. - THE TRIBUNE: KELSON, B.C., WEDNESDAY, APEtL 12, 1899.  lAHK OF  Capital,  all paid  up,     -  $12,000,000  6,000,000  LORD STRATHCONA AND   JIT. ROYAL, President  lion. OKO. A. DRUMMOND Vico-Prosidont  K   S. OLO I'STON Onneral Manager  isTHiXjSOisr _B-_a-A.3sro-_a:  N. W. Cop. Baker and Stanley Streets.        IIHANCIIKH  IN       LONDON  (Bnsland),   NI3W YORK,   OHIOAOO  anil in tlio principal cities in ('���iniulii.  THE BANK OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA  NELSON  not more than sixteen feet. There is  reason to believe that the scheme is being earnestly coniineu.Ie.1 to tlie Dominion government.  Is r|��w prepared to issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on Skaguay, U. S., Atlirj, B. C, and  Dawson City, Yu^oi] District.  Huy and sell Sterling  t-xoliango and Cable Transfers  OKANT COMJ1KKOMJ. AND TRAVK1.I.KK8' CKKIHT8.  available in any part of tho world.  I.KAKT8 lR<��l(IKr>    C0I.T.KCT1ON8 MADE; K'l'C.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CURRENT RATH OK INTEREST PAID  OPPOSED   TO   MILLIONAIRES  Domineering the Colony.  Cape Colony is preparing for another  general election, -consequent on the passage of the bill for the redistribution of  seats brought forward by the Sehreiner  government. Candidates are stumping  the country, and both sides in politics,  the Progressives or Illiodesites and the  Afrikander Bond, are putting forward all  their strength to assure success.  Recent developments in   South Africa  have brought new questions to the surface  and   raised   new issues.    Mr.   liof-  meyr, the leader of the Afrikander party  in the Cape  Colony, in a speech he made  lately indicated considerable uncertainty  as   to   the  outlook   in   the  colony.    The  Afrikanders, he protested, were thoroughly loyal  to the British crown, but they  "wore strenuously opposed to millionaires  domineering over the colony.    The immediate outlook,  he believed to  be as critical as   the late past; and   in the event of  the elections going against the Bond,-the  future would become darker still.    This  speech made a considerable sensation and  recalled that made by Mr. To  Water at  the time  of the   last general election, in  which   he  said  that   the  affirmation  of  British  supremacy,   inserted by  sir Gordon Sprigg,  in the  platform of the gov-  ' eminent  was   wicked.-   ill-advised,   mis-  chievious  and   shameful,  and   he   chal-  langed  any one to assert that the'Bond  desired  other than   British   supremacy.  But they wished to retain -what they enjoyed, for they had privileges  under re-  _ sponsible government, ' and   would,   not  _. brook interference from Downing street.  Mr.  To   Water  is  a   member   of   Mr.  Schroiner's  cabinet and  has  not   made  any  public; change  in the  views he expressed   in August   of   last '.year.    The  "Bond members." therefore, are going into  the  campaign with  a very - well-defined  policy., which is. loyalty, to the British  crown,  but no Rhodes domination.    The  result of the-coining elections ha ve, therefore, quite as much as imperial as a colonial interest.  As regards the two republics, a commission nominated by the Transvaal and  Orange Free State is studying the administrative systems of each with the object  ofp.bringing them into hai'iuony, and it is,  �� geuei-nUy understood tliat IvheneVer tlie  ppiitj(.��.l situation" permits - of it the two  stated will federate under ope gQvern-  ���tnent. A eOnimtesioh Of delegates from  the British colonies and,the two j.Klei.eu-  il-gutjtates isjjlso coijgjd'firjug___coi_mii__aL  Ti^ti^n .iga;ins��~the importation of plague  from India by immigrants from that  eountry, audsonle effort \vill be made id  harmonize the tariffs on the different  lilies Of railway wfiieh at present are  obstacles rather than facilities for trade.  The successful termimition of tile two  Kaf-h' risings has relievedVfche Tr.UisVaal  gflvernmeiit of iminediate anxiety about  internal tranquillity, and tlie relaxation  obsei'V-ible in the ivgijbafcioil, among the  Uitlanders of .it-haunesburg has given  the government fciihe to attend to the redress of Some of the more pressing of tlie  grievances complained, of. The outlook,  on the whole, so far its the Boer states  are concerned, is move peacefuj than for  Some time past. v  ���.In Jlhodesiaagitation is going on"'tor:  thennchiSioli of the territory- iiithe imperial penny postal union nuclei* mole  liberal administration of its affairs than  is possible Under a board of directors sitting in London. Great liabilities are being incurred for the construction of railways without eorresponding development of population and trade, and  English capital is not flowing into the  country in the way expected. It is hoped  tluit Mr. B-hodes's mission to Europe may  have some substantial results, otherwise  tho outlook will not be brilliant.  "Crammed" Scholars Make a Poor Showing."  Last month Mrs. Lew Wallace, wife of  tlie celebrated author of "Ben Hur," had  a. fine article in one of the leading American Magazines ou the question of mind-  stuffing versus rational education. She  most severely arraigned the craze for increase of the subjects taught, and painted a rattier fearsome picture of what tlie  over-taught children Avere-coming to.. It*  is an undisputed fact that the "crammed"  scholar makes a miserable showing'in'the  business and Avorking world as compared  with the plainly educated boy or girl,  who docs not know so many things passably  wcsll but  a   few   thoroughly.    It   is  not necessary to advocate a return to the  idyllic  simplicity of an  age which found  "readin', 'ritin', an' 'rithmetic" sufficient  for all   the requirements  of the time���it  is always  best "to avoid extremes in any  direction, even in reforming an abuse-  but that some radical treatment is called  for  in "the settlement of the education  question, as we know it in this province,  is  quite    evident.      Children   are' now  taught a. number of  things  that   will  never be of the slightest use to them; the  selection  of the  subjects  here, as elsewhere, is  not Avise; the juvenile mind is  not  only  over-burdened,  it   is  actually  paralyzed with the heterogeneous mass of  general   knowledge that  a mistaken system  attempts to crowd into it.    Again,  the present system gives the teacher no  chance'to do first-class work, he or she  cannot hope to turn out from their classrooms boys and girls avIio are to be described as clear-headed, efficient workers,  able for any of the duties of the office or  the store.    On the contrary, the children  now leaving the schools of America'have  had  tlieir minds  muddled; they know a  great deal they Avould be much better not  to knoAV, because it is mere useless lumber, hampering their minds and obscuring the natural common sense with which  they have beeu gifted.  THE   PEOPOSED   GEORGIAN   BAY  .. Ship Canal.  The idea of connecting Montreal with  the upper great lakes by means of a canal  is again urgently advocated by McLeod  Stewart, a son of the Canadian politician  by whom the scheme Avas first brought  forward some fifty years ago. The proposed canal Avould run from the mouth  of the French river at the northern end  of Georgian Bay, the, northeastern angle  of Lake Huron, to 'Montreal on the St.  Lawrence by a line as nearly straight as  any stretch of inland navigation can bo  expected .to follow. . Jts ad vocates maintain not only that it would shorten the  distance between Chicago and Liverpool  materially and do away with the delay  and expense incident tor transshipments,  but also that, OAving to .the configuration  oi the country traversed, it could be constructed at a relatively small cost. Of  these assertions the former at all cA*onts  seems to be borne out by facts. The distance between Georgian Bayand -Montreal is -130 miles; the length of the  Avhole route from Chicago to Liverpool  by way of the projected canal avouIcI be  3780 miles, while by way of Buffalo, the  Erie canal' and Hudson river to New  York, and thence to Liverpool, the distance is -149.) miles, or via the Welland  and St. Lawrence canals 41-IS miles.  Now, as regards the cost of construction. It appears a from the report^of the  surveyo'i's. nuide lialfaf een^ury ago!." jjlifij.  of the 13Q miles betweeii GleOi:giari Bay  arid Montre.il only "d(hpi\i fifty-eight  would need to be canalized. The rest Of  the Avaterway is provided by nature in  theforj-i^of a__clluiin-_-0��Jakes^ancl=idArers  The French river,itself is a Series of small  connected lakes, after which, as you proceed eastward, eoiiles lake Nipissiiig,  forty miles in length; next are encountered Trout Lake, Turtle Lake, Talon  Lake, Aiguilles Lake aiid Chant Lake.  The confluence of tlie Mattawa'n and  Ottawa rivers is then, reached, and tlie  latter watervvay is followed to its junction with the St. LaAVreiice. It Was  doubtless owing to the fact, that so little  portage was required oil this routethat  Chitmplain Avas led to adopt it in 1015 on  his way to the great inland seas of the  continent; for.the same reason it formed  for many years the principal channel for  carrying on the business of the Hudson's  Bay Company.  Tlie cost originally computed by goA'ernment engineers was $25,000,000, but  this Avas for a canal only ten feet deep  and fromolOO to sixty feet Avide. It remains to be seen how -much, this figure  Avould have to be increased for a canal  possessing depth and width enough to  admit vessels of the .modern type proceeding directly from Liverpool to .Chicago. As the present tendency of deep  sea cargo ships is toAvard enormoits  dimensions, beyond the possibility of accommodation, in canal locks, of Avhieh  there Avould be many on tlie proposed  route, it may be deemed wise to contemplate a single transshipment at Montreal  and to construct a canal of moderate size,  from fifteen to sixteen feet in depth, suit  able for lake steamers. The objection to  the projected waterway is the number of  locks tliat would be required. Even'  though the level of the summit lakes  should be loAVered,.as Ave are told it might  be, the highest point Of the canal Avould.  be (524 feet above. Montreal and eighty-  three feet above. Georgian. Bay. . There  are no mechanical obstacles, however,  that might not be surmounted,'provided  the canal be designed for vessels drawing  Wire Net Snow Sheds-  General McGlashan, of Truckee, Cali-  ifornia, has completed his test of substituting structures of Avire netting for the  wooden sheds, on the line of the Central  Pacific railroad across the Sierra suoav  belt, with satisfactory results, and Avill  submit to the Southern Pacific company  a proposition to adopt that method of  keeping their roadbeds clear of snow during the winter. The tests made shoAved  that scarcely any suoav sifted through  the interstices of the Avire netting during  the heaviest storm of this winter.. The  inventor claims that by the use of Avire  netting not only will the annual loss  from fire be averted, but its substitution  will enable tourists to obtain an unobstructed view of the "fine scenery Avhile  crossing the Sierras. The building of a  mile of wooden snoAvsheds  costs $78,000,  LUMBER  SHINGLES  and  tlieir  construction"  Avould be much cheaper.  of Avire netting  Advice and Suggestions.  Toronto Star;  Canadians living in the United States,  and approaching the United States government Avith advice ami suggestions for  changes in the republic's laws, would receive a scant hearing. The same sort of  treatment should be accorded the United  States people who are now at OttaAva to  tell the government how to manage the  Yukon.  All  kinds  in  stock  You can save money  by purchasing your  lumber fron] me  J. A. Say ward  HALL AND LAKE. STREETS, NELSON  Contractors and Builders  ' WILL DO WELL TO  BUY THEIR LUMBER  AT  G. 0. BUCHANAN'S  A largo stock of first-class dry material on' hand, also  a full line of sash, doors, mouldings, turned work, etc.  FACTORY WORK A SPECIALTY  Yard:   Foot of Hcntlryx street, Nelson  Telephone, 91  John Rae, Agent  OPEN PAY AND NIGHT  The_onjy restaurant in_-th:e__,c. 1  employing* only white cooks.  Merchants' lunch from 1,2 to 2  o'clock, 25 cents. Dinner from 5  tp 8.    Short orders   at   ail   hours.  PHYSICAL CULTURE CONCERT  IN AID OFTHE MJ.TH0Di._t CllORCl-".  NELSON OPERA HOUSE  Thursday, April 13,1899  ."���ROOKAMMK.  l'AKT  I.  Dunl' hells ....��,.   Clubswingin'K���(fire) .    For All l.tcrnity���Ma clierono..  Duett .. ��� ���   Barbells..... .  ���  PART II.  Cosmopolitan Drill...   By tho class    Mr. Morrison  . ..Mrs. Melville i'nrry  f Mr. Rex Macdonald  I,Mrs. Campbell   By the class  ^elected   Club swinging.  Tableaux    By the class  .. . Master and Misrt Emerson  ... Mrs. J.rougham   \V. D. Korstcr    Harold Cameron   Canada  Mrs. Parry. Mrs. Brougham, Mrs. Campbell, Mr. Hex  Macdonald, Miss Zello Emerson, Masters Harold Cameron and Bulo Emerson.  I'lIYS-CA...  Miss Yates. Miss Lillic, Miss Harvey, Miss Sullivan,  Miss Hogg, Miss Love, Miss Gillies, Miss Miiltby, Miss  Ebbs, Miss McMillan, Miss Hatch, Miss Jameson, Miss  McLean, Miss Cot well. Miss Harry, Miss Sihip��o", Miss  Manhardt. Miss Kenny, Miss Tay.or, Miss Manhardt,  Mrs. Mobson.  Orchestra under the leadership of Herr Steiner.  TENDERS   WANTED  FOR   REAL   ESTATE.  Tenders will be received by the undersigned until 12  o'clock noon on Monday, May 1st. I89II, for tlie purchase  of the following described real estate situate iii. Nelson:'���  : Lots.7 aiid 8 Block'10 and improvements (the Silver.  King Hotel), togetber with furniture .ami fixtures .in the  building. .     '":  Terms cash. The highest or any tender not necessarily  accepted. CAROLINK TH..I.I.V, . .'  ���Administratrix estate John Johnson, deceased.  Nelson. B. C April lOl.h. 1899.  SASH  DOORS  MOLDINGS  If you need a  PIANO  ORGAN  VIOLIN  GUITAR  MANDOLIN  BANJO  AUTOHARP  ��� ACCORDEON  VIOLIN BOWSTRINGS  or MUSIC  Call at our Store and we "will do the rest.'  A Business Chance  The undersigned will sell the following real estate  and personal property at a bargain:  Nine-room house and ten lots set out In orchard  Four-room cottage and Ave lots.  Two lots and improvements.  Fifty-two head of cows.  Fifty milk cans.  Two horses.  Wagons, sleighs,  harness, and  everything in  connection with Hurry's milk ranch.  "WAED BEOS.  REAL ESTATE AGKNTS, West Baker St., Nelson  ALEX STEWART  MINING BROKER  AND  REAL ESTATE AGENT  Turner & Bocckh block, Nelson, B. C.  GKaries A. Waterman & Co*  CUSTOMS BROKERS  AUCTIONEERS  BEAL ESTATE and GENEBAL AGENTS  Baker Street, Nelson  Canada Drug and Book Co.,  LIIT-v-CIT-EID-  Corner Baker and Stanley Streets, Nelson.  The Tremont Hotel  Money to loan for building purposes.  Mining shares for sale.  Dundee, Monarch, TJtica, Fairmont; also Republic and Camp McKlnney stocks.  Investment of a few hundred dollars may  make you thousands.  Lots for sale in all parts of the city.  Houses to rent.  CANADA  LIFE ASSURANCE CO.  FOR SALK.  7-I.oom house on Carbonate street ��2500  5-Koom house on Mill street  l'KJO  2 lots on Carbonate street     500  2 lots on Hall street    fxX)  TOR RKNT.  "-Room house and a .'{-room house on Carbonate street.  C. J. D.  CHRISTIE  GKNERAL BROKER  Ofllce in Aberdeen block. Baker St., Nelson  FIRE INSURANCE, REAL ESTATE  FIRST DOOR WEST BANK B. C. BUILDING.  FOR  SALE  Two lots and house with fourteen rooms on Silica  street, between JoscphineandHallstreets. Terms  81500 cash, balance to be arranged $3,500  Lot and house on Latimer street, near Josephine  street.   Terms$500cash, balance on mortgage...  1,000  Lot and store on Baker street.   Good location  8,000  Lot on Baker street, near corner of Cedar street...    800  3>  e.  so  _��  Tho British Columbia Loan and Savings Company,  who give tlie most reasonable terms to borrowers, allowing principal to be paid oil'at any time without charging  any bonus.  GAMBLE &  O'REILLY, Agents.  jftSKOO WI11 buy 2i horses. 12 wagons, 2  <pu%j\j\j  wag0netteg( j buggy,  10  sets of  sleighs, and a complete outfit of harness, saddles, blankets, etc., and a going business of  $30,000 a year.  Terms.  Will buy two lots and improvements   on   north   side  of Vernon  street, between Ward and Josephine streets.  Terms.  Will buy 80 by 120 feet on the  south  side  of Baker  street,  between Stanley and Kootenay streets.   Cash.  <fc"f O flrtn wnl buy 6�� fey J20 feet on the  <piV)VV/v northeast corner of Baker and  Josephine streets.   Cash.  P. O. Box 57  $3500  street, betw  Terms.  $4500  JOHN HOUSTON,  Vernon street, Nelson  NjALOflE & TREGILLUS  PROPRIETORS  Headquarters for Miners and Prospectors  P. Burns c�� Co.  WHOLESALE   AND   RETAIL  Meat Merchants  Wholesale Markets at /.elson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood."  THK BAST BRANDS OF  Liquors and Cigars  ALWAYS ON HAND  One of the best and most popular hotels in Nelson.  QUEER'S HOTEL  BAKER STREET. NELSON.  Nelson,  RETAIL  STORES AT  Trail,  Ymir, Kaslo,  New Denver, Sandon, Silverton,  City,  Grand Forks,  Midway, Greenwood and Sirdar.  Cascade  ORDERS BY MAIL  PROMPTLY FORWARDED  Head Office, Nelson, B.C.  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  ALL KINDS OF FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  ?WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  Heated with Hot Air and  Lighted by Electricity  Lntgc ;co'nifprtal)IC bqdrcftiJn's ancl. flrsC-olass .dining"  room.   Sample rooms fift' con.mermal i.nen.  -B^5_.'___,E1S   ��2   -P-EIE--   E)_i__-i3*r  Iftrsr^Er^C^  j  Laic of tho Royal Hotel, Calgary,  If. D. HUME, Manager.  Tho fltici-t Hotel in tlio interior.  Largo sample rooms.   Steam hoftt and eleetrie light.  coiiNteu of ward' and vkrnon sts., n'elson  Baker street, ).eison E. C. TRAVES, Manager  ORDERS BY MAIL JtECEIVK CAREFUL AND PROMPT ATTENTION.    *    ,  "r  James McPhee I electric^n  Will contract to supply and install any l^ind of electrical machinery _^ ^  Will wire buildings for electric lighting, electric b(Jlls,  eleetrie burglar alarm..-,, Eileotric ahminciator-f.  Will''Contract 10 install, life alarm Kvstcn\s in tbwiis<aii  cities:.   Full stopje olt wife and tntti/eS oii'lianil.,  WfJITE FOR, PfJICES.   Office and Storeroom:   Josephine Street, JJelson.  COLUMBIA GOLDFIELDS, Ltd.  HEAD OFFICE,   LONDON,   ENGLAND,  BAKP_R AND WARD STRKKTS, NKLSON  The only hotel in Nelson that has roniained under one  management since 1890.  The bed-rooms  are  well furnished  and   lighted by  electricity.  The dining-room is not second to any in Kootenay.  The bar is always stocked by the best domestic and  imported liquors and cigars.  THOMAS MADDEN, Proprietor.  FLORENCE PARK HOTEL  Two and a half miles up the Outlet from Nelson.  OBflflTATTTPC!.     Spring Chickens, Fresh, Cream,  (3ri-il.lALlI_-.lJ.     Pure Milk, Fresh-Laid Eggs.  All of whieh aro from the ranch belonging to the hotel  A pleasant place to spend afternoons, evenings and  enjoy delicacies that cannot be obtained in hotels or  restaurants at Nelson. Good stabling. Open day and  night.   Can be reached by cither road or water. ������-  WILLIAM ROBERTS, Proprietor.. .  Largo and well lighted Heated by-hot air  Iteasonable rates ��� ���   . Sample rooms  Klcctric bells and light in every roorn  Renovated and refurnished throughout  HOTEL  VICTORIA  J. V. PERKS, Proprietor    .  Free bus meets all trains ___.v__leJ--.l_a   R  fi  Hourly streot car to station      ,   nB��OJSXU>WJ| u. U.  All communications relating to British  Columbia business to be addressed jt.oj P. O.' pr.-iv-.gr  605, Nelson, British Columbia      '      ""     ~" "  RODERICK ROBERTSON, General Manager!   -, ���.,   cr^ft,     n   r\  S FOWLER, E.M., Mining Engineer '   IN CLOU IN,   D. L/.,  OBESTOIsr,   B, O.  Situate on the Crow's Nest Railway is prepared to deliver lumber of any description in any quantity at any place within the  district of Kootenay.    '    Tenders Solicited  GOAT RIVER  LUMBER  COMPANY,  G.  A.  BIGELOW,  Manager  Nelson  Planing  FLOORING, LINING, MOULDINGS, DOORS,  AND SASHES IN STOCK.  EVERYpESCRIPTION OF JOINERY, DOORS AND WINDOWS  MADE TO ORDER.  Office and Mills Corner Hall and Front Streets, Nelson THE TRIBUNE: NELSON, B.C., WEDNESDAY, APRIL 12,  1899.  Spring Medicines  and Blood Purifiers  WE HAVE  A   LARGE  STOCK OF THE FOLLOWING  WELL KNOWN AND EXCELLENT REMEDIES:  LOCAL   NEWS   AND   GOSSIP.  Lyman's Beef Iron and Wine     Paine's Celery Compound  Spring's Sarsaparilla     Hood's Sarsaparilla  gyre's Sarsaparilla  Kennedy's Njedical Discovery    Pierce's IVjedical Diccovery  AND ALL THK OTHER LEADING PREPARATIONS  THESE   GOODS   ARE   ALL   FRESH,   HAVING - JUST  ARRIVED  DIRECT FROM THE  MANUFACTURES  W. F. TEETZEL & GO.  CORNER BAKER AND JOSEPHINE STREETS, NELSON  Neck Dressings  Are the most important part of man's spring* "get up."  His whole attire depends upon beauty and quality of his  NECKWEAR  line   of   Puff   Knots,  Tlie drygoods stores of Nelson are the  equal of those in towns ten times its size  in tlie east. And what is true of the dry  goods stores is true of the grocery stores,  drugstores, and hardware stores. Nelson is up-to-date in everything.  Richard Irvine, who several years ago  was prominent in mining circles at Ainsworth as superintendent of the Tain  * O'Shanter mine, but who has been in Colorado for the past two years, is back again  iu Ainsworth.  whi(  is ten  up of  J. A  GILKER  Our line of Puff Knots, Four-in  Hand and Bows, elicited a full measure  of praise from all who have seen them*;  The designs are remarkably beautiful,  rich, and so varied that no man is  likely to meet his duplicate.  Fine   Shirts,   white   and   colored,   and  all   other  fixings  at  moderate -prices at  THE UP-TO-DATE  FURNISHER, NELSON  iNflWEEK MORE  ilpiclMiliiplfe  ;^':.y.j,...  :*|l.v^^V.^��XJ'|f"!$:;-ssvy *>*-. ���K"*yx��'"z���".���" *  pages; eight} ol wliich ai*e made  good, healthy reading matter, and the  other two of��� .sixty-odd live advertisements that appear in the .Daily Ti~.iiu.ni_.  Till. Ti.iiH'Xi. is now by long odds the  best paper in Nelson. Copies ready for  mailing can be had on Saturdays at the  publication ofiice or at the leading newsdealers.  W. F. Teet/.el & Co. iu yesterday's  Titihunk called attention, by advertisement, to the fact that they had a full  stock of medicines that people imagine  they must take every spring. By night  the entire stock was cleaned out exc  what  was in  tlie show Avindows.  There is a scarcity of eggs in Kootenay  at present. , During a year hundreds of  thousands of dozens of eggs are shipped  to Kootenay from Ontario, Manitoba, and  the Northwest. Dealers have even to  draw on Iowa. Kansas, Nebraska, and  Oregon, and one of the leading wholesale  dealers is now rounding up all the eggs in  Utah.  ".Jack" Nolan the customs officer at  Waneta underwent an operation for  appendicitis in St. Michael's hospital,  Toronto, hist Aveek. "Jack" had tlie same  quarters and tlie same physician as Harry  Wright avIio underwent a similar operation a short time ago.  -The first shipment of lime from the  West Kootemiy Brick and Lime Company's kilns, opiiosite Kaslo, 'will .arrive  today at Nelson. The lime Avill be the  best on the market. _  The case against George Holbrook, Avho  was before' magistrate Crease yesterday  upon a charge of damaging the public  street by diA'erting a. stream of "water  upon it, developed a conflict of evidence  which was most emphatic. For the prosecution alderman Fletcher gave evidence  to the effect that that natural channel of  the stream which Holbrook diverted was  across Holbrook's lots, and Holbrook producer! David Morris who testified that  the natural,channel 'was', not across the;  Holbrook'lots,-but that the"- .stream had,  been diverted over tho lots;.- . .In viov*.**- of.  this conflict the magistrate decided to  take a,look at.the:ground-and..brush* up,  his-structural geology! Mis - decision in.  tho case may be expected "today.  : The caps for "the members of the fire  brigade wore on exhibition yesterday; ii>V  the show Avindows ofVJ. A. Gilker.  HOTEL   ARRIVALS.  .Tamos Ifiiywnrd  W in. fisher, Kokaneo  .1. W. Smith, Cranbrook  M  Geiu-rman, Tacoma  TREMONT.  Chai-ies Sehcvtiieman,  coma  Haiti. Kggcrs, Tacoma  Ta  li. Linklalcr, Salmo  It. llclmc, Toronto  QUE.. NTS.  10. X. Scott. Toronlo  I A. .'orresler, Brooklyn  HUME:  Cliarlos I'. Rice, Montreal  Cliarlcs Lainlon, Montreal  1). U. Stevens, Toronto  .1. .1. Doran, Montreal  A. 10. Suckling, Va- eotiver  W. K. Hnuhvin, Toronto  James Cullu._l.aii, Trail  W. McMillan, Trail  .lohn Hell, Creston  .1.   Frank  C'allnm, Welles-  ley, Mass.  T. I). Walley, Boston  William  l.ryilson, Toronto  II. ,1. Wilson, London. Kng.  W. I'. Hooper, Sandon  .1. F. Arii-sli'ong.Fort Steele  "MADDEN.  ltobert Jrroinc. Keinplville  Samuel Itoiiey.IICemptville  .1. I_. Itally, C'omaplix  Mrs. Angus McJIarlin.Asli  Cl'llft  lv. McK'niion, Kossland  T Jerome, lvum.i'.visle  I'lfAIIi.  Colonel Baker, Cranbrook I Mobl. Evans and wife. Me-  V. Hyde linker, Cranbrook       l_eod  K. G. Hicks, Winnipeg *'*. F. Fletl, ltossland  .1. Whitinoi'e, Kobson | Geo. Ashwell. ltossland  Cil'tANl.   CENTRAL.  Alex. -VlcPhaden, Sandon  S. Brooks, lvaslo  It. A. Snyder, Ymir  ���CLARK II  I'. K. Seelye, Spokane  M. C. McLeod, Spokane  .1. Currie, Creston  A. MeConnell, Peinbrock  John Mclvernan, Fernio  ���1. Poison, Sirdar  J. Leonard and wife, Cranbrook  NOTICE   OF   MEETING.  A MEETING of tlio retail merchants of Nelson \v 11 be  held in the Board of Trade rooms, on Monday evening, April 17th, to discuss the early closing question and  other business of importance. BV ORDER.  ~ WANTED.  WANTED���Twelve boys at $'.1 a week. Apply today to  Kootenay Cigar Manufacturing Company.  WANT1.D���Three  good  hoys  to  soil  The Tribune.  Must be able to get around by (> o'clock i"-1 he  morning. _^_^__ _^^  WANTI-D���A first-class man lo work <-n ladies'waists  ancl jackets.    Stevens,  Tailor,  Rooms 5 and 9,  Clements Block.  ' FOR   SALE.*  FOR SALIC���Lots S. 6 and 7 block -18. Nelson, with dwelling  house.     Price  ��1000.   No  agents.     Box  572,  Nelson.  -   A  DRAYING  business,  well  established,  3 rigs,  5  horses, stable and compli-to outfit.   Apply W. A.  Costello. Nelson, B. 0.   LOST.  LOST���Locket,; oval shaped, with Masonic emblem on  ono side and monogram on other.   Reward.   Leave  at Hotel Hume. __ ^  LODGE   MEETINGS.  KNIGHTS  OF PYTHIAS��� Nelson   Lodge,   No,  25,  Knights of Pythias, meets in I. 0. 0. F. Ifall,corner  Baker and Kopteuay streets, every Tuesday evening at  8 o'clock.   Visiting Knights cordially invited to attend.  C. FRENCH, C. C. :���'     G. ROSS, K. of K. & S.  NELSON LODGE, NO. 23, A. F. & A. M. Meets  second Wednosday in each month. Sojourning  brethren invited.  NELSON, B. C.  KASLO, B. C  SANDON, B. C.  DEALERS IN  Shelf and Heavy Hardware  SOLE AGENTS FOR  Giant Powder  TRUAX  ORB  GARS  Canton Brill Steel  CARRY IN STOCK  Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal  Pipes, and Fittings  Giant, Caps and Fuse  Tools, Cutlery, Tin  and Woodenware  Stoves, Eanges,  Iron,  Steel,  Sheet  Iron, T-Rails  Paints, Oils, G-lass  NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:   Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.  THE LAWRENGE HARDWARE GO.  Will  be found  in  their new premises  on  with  a complete  stock  of  Baker Street  Shelf and  Heavy  HARDWARE  Heavy  and Shelf  ALL KINDS OF MINING SUPPLIES  You  will  find it, to your advantage to-consult.us  .before "placing your-orders' .-  Tinsrnithingand Plurnbiqg-ra Specialty  Estimates Cheerfully Furnisljed =    .,.  -^3rr.  MINING -- EECOEDS.  ALL  KINDS  OF  Gariva^ Goods, Tents, Awnings  and taricy Striped Gurlaiiis fop  Verandahs anid Windovvs  PROPRIETOR  ALL SIZES OF   .  TENTS IN STOCK  Baker St. opposite po__0-f.ee, Nelson  NELSON MIX ING  DIVISION���Itl-COHI) OKHCK AT  _tl__-.pN.  Tucsday,' April 11.���TrariS-crs.-^An un-ivided ono-  .- quarter interest in tlie Equador arid Rio Grande, bituate  on south fork of Wild Horse creek ; 11. I.. Gillespie to  "Ros. Tliomiison; consideration ��100.50, An undivided  one-half interest in the Republic, .situate .-.even miles  s-outhwest of Nelson, bein.; an extension of Life Paradise; Arthur Parry** to Joseph Dnh.-inol; oonsidcr-  alion $1.  WAMEfi AT DIE I  EXPERIENCED DRESSMAKERS  GpntraGtors  and Others  ��� -Who use picks, shovels, etc.,  should not "fail to-look at our line  of goods, which for qualities and  material cannot be beat.  Vancouver Hardware Co., I/i  Importers of Shelf "and Heavy Hardware.  MARA- & BARNARP.BLQ0K.-I3A-_:ER"S3:,. NKLSON  m mmm i m mm tit, m.  "\?V-H:0I^E3SiA.3--E3   ^k__isro   RETAIL  y^j^lT^   &M-S^^T^   FEUP,   ETC,  "Write for quotations on car lota.  -N:_E__---_-30-_Sr,  See that your Royal Seat Cigars  ARE NOT EASTERN iffllTATIONS  BUT ARK MADE BY  THE KOOTENAY CIGAB MANPACMIM COMPANY  o_f 3sr_E.X-SO0->r, b. o.  Your House Needs Refupnishing  OUR MAMMOTH STOCK OF  BOOTS AND SHOES  EVERYTHING IN THE SHOE LINE  We dont claim to supply everybody,  but we do claim to .carry a stock that  cant-be beaten in Kootenay...  - Dont be deceived by what other dealers may sayj but come and be convinced that the quality of our goods  and prices are right.  We dont advertise any foolish prices,  but our motto is -'Full Weight and  Good Goods."  A shipment of first-class apples: just  arrived.  20 AND 28 WEST BAKER STREET, NKLSON  ESTABLISHED  1879.  D. Me Arthur & Co.  Can supply you with all kinds of  Fine Furniture, Carpets and Linoleum  AT REASONABLE PRICES  UNDERTAKING IN CONNECTION  Builders and contractors can now secure  the best lime on the market at  70 Cents pep 100 Lte  CALL   AND   INSPECT  Twenty years old and still growing.  parson produce Qo.  WHOLESALE  PROVISION  MERCHANTS  COLD STORAGE WAREHOUSEMEN  AND JOBBERS OF GREEN FRUITS  Telephone 10.   P.. O. Box K & W.      Baker street West, Nelson  Another Bhipment of Fancy Groceries Has Jds. Arrived  I  n  liroi-XJi-iiisrG-  Van Camps'Maearoni and Cheesy  Pork and Beans and Sweet Potatoes  Just added another brand of tea to our already large assortment. It is impossible to buy tea from us and be dissatisfied.  We carry the choicest brands only.  3-Star FIoup is Selling' Fast  ABERDEEN BLOCK  NELSON, B. C.  M. DesBrisay & Co  Corner ot Baker and Waril streets  JViSLSON, B. C.  The West ^ootenay Brick & Lime Co., Ltd.  Bakor Street.        T. G. PROCTOR, Manager  Vienna Restaurant  Baker street, between Josepliino and  Hall streets, Nelson.       .   - .  MKALS AT ALL HOURS. DAY OH NIRHT  BAKERY IN CONNECTION  FAMILY AND PASTRY COOKING A SPECIALTY  .   ONLY WHITJ-HJ-LP EMPLOYKD      .  _R-     HURET,     -tP_RG-_?0RI_ETO_B  HEAD OFFICE, WINNIPEG  J. A. ROGERS, General Manager  Manager for Western British Columbia,  JOHN PARSONS, Vancouver  Manager for Yukon District,  CHAH. MILNB, Dawson  Manager for Southern British Columbia, '  P. J. RUSSBLL, Nelson  The Best on the Market  s  Company's  Just received a carload of  the  Lake of  the Woods  Mill...  celebrated Hungarian brands of  Flour, which will, be sold at the same  price as the  inferior  grades on the market.    Try it and   be  convinced.  _B_BJe-.3src._a:-___s  VANCOUVER���A, F. Ralph, Manager.  DAWSON- CITY���A. G. Cunninglian, Manager.  ATLIN CITY���J. A. Fraser, Manager.  NKLSON���P. J. Russell, Manager.  Stocks carried at Victoria, Rossland, Cranbrook, Greenwood and Revelstoke.  The largest handlers of Butter and Eggs in  the Canadian Northwest.  Family ordors a specialty and free daily delivery  Mail and telephone orders promptly attended to  Baker Street West, opposite Oddfellows' Block  JOHN A. IRVING & CO.  -vL  .(Si  .tV  Hi  .t>i  !:,r  SPECIAL ATTENTION  Have just received a consignment of Harris home  made tweeds from Talbot Harris, Scotland.  FRED J. SQUIBE, Baker St. Nelson  Tho supply is limited, so call early and examine this stonk.  -n  ^ftmm.'V? **.?*���**'w '���Mfr,',*>*^^'^**'*w"Mii.i����iiH..wit��!.  ^U-Art


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