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 GROWS NEST GOAL ON TRIAL  BY   THE   BRITISH   NAVY.  Special to Tlio Tribune.  Victouia, April 7.-The statement was  again published yesterday that the  Crow's Nest Coal Company had secured a  contract, to supply tlie British squadron  at Fsquimalt with three thousand  ol" coal per month. .-inquiry elicits,  ever, that the story is premature.  Imperieuse on the homeward trip is  ing a test of the Crow's .Nest coal,  the result of which tlie possibility  contract will depend.  -X  /;,  " W/*->v*.-t,  tons  how-  The  mak-  upou  of a  SATURDAY MOKNINO,  APRIL S,   ISW)  PUBLISHED AT NELSON. BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DAILY (BY MAIL) $5 A YEAR;  -WEEKLY, $2.  Y..II1*.  glorious  melting,  Local Events at Ymir.  Special 10 The Tribune.  .April 7.-   Ymir is enjoying most  weather and the snow is rapidly  whieh   will   enable   the -miners  and prospectors to get out into  the hills.  The southbound train yesterday did not  leave here until .().���'-(. p.m. on   account of  the freight train hnving been derailed at  Beaver canyon. V'* .Jim " Hill   is reducing  the  stall'  of  men  till  along this section.  The   Ymir Literary  Society0helcl    their  usual   fortnightly   .meeting   last   night.  Merman   Zibler had   his phonograph, on  exhibition, whieh was much  appreciated,  especially by the juveniles.    The   instrumental   selections   by   \V. M. Coffey  and  Theo Desfresne were very   good.    A pronunciation   match   between  A. L, Knox,  supported   by the Misses   Keith, McLennan and Keefe and .John  Carroll   against  A. 'VV. Mayer, -Miss Green,   P.   J.   Gleay.er,  A.   B.  .Buckwort.h  and   J.   W. Laird resulted   in   a   win   for   the   former.    K.J.  Kelly acted as speller ofthe   words.    A.  L. Knox gave a, reading:   "Advice to the/  Young  Ladies  of   Ymir,"   to   make hay  whilst   the  sun   shone  aud  get married.  A.   B.  Buckworth   read a selection from  IMark  Twain:  "Forty  Liars  and   Other  Liars."    A.   Newbouncl   gave   a    topical  song which was much   appreciated.    The  critic's remarks were  the  feature of the  evening,   in   wliich   she  admonished   the  gods in tlie gallery i'or not observing better behavior whilst the proceedings were  going on.    This evening there is   to be a  meeting  of   property owners and others  interested in the formation  of a, lire brigade, which is most decidedly'required in  Yiniiv now that a system of   waterworks  is about to be installed.    There  are two  applications   for ...saloon   licenses,  David  Keefe for the Windsor hotel, and  Boyer  <fc Lovell on Second avenue.    If  granted,  . those will .ma.Ice^I,ten,#Jiotc'Jsj"iir^.Xniir.>'A  ��� sinuj^lej mlki&badly^.wttntgch ��.^w^".% -^  " '''"M'^^^ta^ia\foi^v^^. "��" -"v-"''" "  he says that great interest in British Columbia a-Hairs is taken iu 'Wales. "I  know." he says, ���'one Welsh millionaire  who takes a wonderful personal interest  in British Columbia's development, besides several other capitalists. If your  people can show them anything reasonable! they are favorably disposed towards  your province.  OLD POLITICAL CHESTNUTS  Doing Campaign Duty.  Special to The Tritium..  Bi.oci.vii.u., April 7.- -At the Conservative convention yesterday, in ..accepting the nomination for the Dominion vacancy, ex-speaker 'White, said that the  Liberals had stolen the. Conservative  party's trade policy. They had failed to  accoinplish anything at Washington.  They had raised a cry of extravagance  against the Conservative administration,  yet in the two and a half years they had  been in power they had increased the  country's debt by '.$7,000,000. The ex-  speaker charged the Liberals with not  having kept their pledges to the people  iu the matter of the prohibition plebiscite. Me accused minister Tarte, of an  attempt of bribing the electors of Brock-  Adlle with a proposal to build a, drill  shed. Me begged his supporters to bear  in mind it was his intention to contest  his old constituency of North Renfrew at  the next election. ~.  HOW THE TROUBLE COMMENCED  IN   SAMOA.  Advices re-  Mclnnes Don't Like Preachers.  Special to Tho Tribune.  Ottawa, April 7.���AY. AV. B. Mclnnes  has given notice in the house of commons  of a bill to amend the criminal code. He  wants to make it an offence for any  spiritual adviser.to attempt to influence  the electors. He also desires to make it  an offence for an employer Avithin a certain time before p'r-���'after- an election to  dismiss an employee because of the course  he pursued in regard to the election.  Mclnnes also gives notice of a. bill to provide for a. speedy appeal to.courts from  any official act ofthe gold cymmissioners  or -anypother mining officers in the Yukon.  ���# tvt" f. ��;^% <^$6p^^ "y^yy^y  ^'*s��-^��"..��^.r��s1s^^ ti'yy^; i^V  Hl5!'_3kerc)/i1finiH%tJi8\tniuki'-"��fM.etok\**��W*t]_eJ  ''San'g&iYrt^  tfF'ttfe ^wk^4vith',^_sklQ^!e .u��^e;���can=-"  'VassIngVve.fr fo*,&"-i5..e...... .Tlhe .committee,  Joint-  f)i*0-  r: j'.n.ieet-.,u.e!*\��%r��!S'iiU4>*a-iic.l* lire ' hufsviuf  n"  n ^ ��� �� D D_"n        ��*>���      mP n   U   I     _��� a "PrW   ��� B -n       . $   '  -  mi 1 ���   P.fltnn,��     ran   I  *  _*/���,, nv.vD 1  Z1 n      ,��n        oa�� ^rofl       ���        A fl (* DD ���" il n  ������    ���sji^h*fe��fj''iflt^ij.fy   .n>arr*\;ngjiig   the  !".-���_granjine. ,/AsS.(i'nihce^-f4*fnsns'is,it-Vi.icetl'roin  <V ,p tho 'puisii\b".ibwi^%kve1 h'&pn "given, .nlkl,  rf;':'fh^d'ift.y .d',r*\1\,b<ac;1c��pf-sight j>s -the* refusal  |���:��"^"t.hu(J*fe- lfi\ 'R.��� ?o^).r0j.h:in^n^L)c)itt nceqin-  - lficKJji^ibU'. oh  "bh.ea lake  for   the.  "exei-ir^  .siohist... �� The'sprfng uiflhx'ft'om 'Eastern,  Gap.uhi lias set,iii./and.Jiiy-.ny n&w citizens  haVe taken up.their abode here.  Soldiers in HardVLuck.,  SpelS'inl.tO0 TliO'Tribuiife.  Vi"c_*tor:ia, Apj'il'.7.���The officers of the  .Fifth regiiilent liere lt^i'Vcj been \\>et\ri.'ijg  AVhite linen ccsllai'S witlj serge jackets^ for  pi;ot0&tio|t, clfeahliness and comfoi-t. The  iujiOV.vbioi,.W-ts copied from London tthd  had official apiirovtil of colonel Peters,  \yho in tin ung.i,i,ardo_l:,���n.c.iuc,i.i,t traiisniitted  ^<_o__i3iyaA\:a___c_��.i__-;t:lic___=atLb;i^  (lUence was th.it the collars shared1 the  fate of. the chick suits which colonel  Peters eucquraged the Kootenay corps' to  enjoy iu anticipation. They have been  called in by general Mutton.  Dickering Over the Right-of-Way.  Special to Tlio1 Tribune.  OTTAWA, April 7.���-James Dunsmuir,  M.P.1'., of Victoria. Intel nil interview f;o-  i'chty with thu0 iiidiah <le);>artniGnt oflicials  in regard to his Wscpiinialt ifc XaniUiuo  railway, wliich runs through the Songllees  reserve, adjoining Victoria city, Mid for  which he has not yet paid for tlie right-  of-way. ._____-   Where the Emigrants Wont.  Speeial to Tlie Tribune;  London', April 7. ��� During the month  of -March the emigration to Canada comprised, 1.3-15 .Knglish, 102 Irish, 1.41) Scotch  ���And 11 f>S foreigners. The emigration to  Australia numbered 048, to the Cape  1238, and the United States 0751.  "harrow escape-frOifedetibh by vthes*fall[ing-  .c>f" a- wall, a lid the" Nia^avhf steeet'sscihcjol1,  -Uljc.n.iijg;1 tji^.ff.i;ptc.r^/"niU*^iVl/ eSctip^jl  clfe���snti-?i-ictio*;f'.V .-Tlie,. .fhcjfior^ Wa^; 'bjfrhedj  dc>w:ii f'j'Ve ye-trs^i^c-. "������"Theispi-e^clivt joks'is"  fxtlly 6ov6red.l^y���lu-siii\unufe.�� "��""y- "]""" "  CKeSp, 'Politicians ��� in Victoria,  Social toThc THI. I'.fto.  A^icJTORiA,  Apiil, /7,r-Retni*ning oilictgr  -MeSfillajj pubfishes' a stateiheflt toda;y c>f  the. candidates'  expenses ih  the- ritic.ent,  bye-electiOli-. which shows  tlntt the A*ric.  toi-ia  pOliticiajis, can give JS'elsou qandi-  dtites points oir politicctl economy.    (3oJo.  nel -Gi'egoi'y, wliO expected ti portfolio if  elected,;   squaildured    sixty-two   doll.trs,  but Turner defeated him \vith an in\rest-  pient of two clolltlrs.    The other four Ctiu-  didates   reported    that   their    expenses  ^were^nil..=^ ==~=>=^=  Assoeiiileil  Press.  Sax Fua.\ci.S(;o. April 7  ceived from Samoa state that the shelling of the -tlatnafa forces centiiiues daily  by the British and  American   warships,  and that there will be no let-up until the  representatives of the two nations have  heard from their governments.  Concerning the present difficulty the  Samoa dispatch says that when admiral  Kant/, of the United States navy arrived  on the Philadelphia, he spent two days in  making inquiries, and then called a. meeting of all the consuls and the senior officers of all the warships in the harbor.  As a result of the meeting a proclamation was issued by tlie American admiral  declaring that the so-called provincial  government under iMataafa should have  no legal status under the Berlin treaty,  and therefore could not be recognized by  the consular and naval representatives.  Mataafa and his supporters were ordered to quietly go to their homes ancl  respect the kiw as and the VBeHin treaty.  It was further ordered that the people  who had been ejected from their homes  should be returned, and the power of the  naval forces, it was stated, would be used  against all avIio disregarded the right-, of  the peaceably disposed people. The authority of the,, chief justice was upheld  by the proclamation, and the admiral  closed by saying that he trusted there  would be no occasion to use force. The  proclamation was signed by admiral  Kant/..  This proclamation was taken to Mataafa'and read to him by lieutenant Miller. It Avas receiAred in silence and no  answer was made. Mataafa and his chiefs  quietly left and Aventto the Avestern portion of the.municipality and seemed as if  they Avere about to obey the commands  and return to their homes. The German  consul however, issued a counter proclamation in .the  . "WaS-i distributed?  ' ."T'his�����pr6elan.a!tion*.ii"Qads:?as^follo>y,s  .^^��&sX;��.ii^<-_S^.��k#"fa.        =   "     ""'"  VICTORIA HAS ANOTHER CHANGE  TO   GIVE   A   BONUS.  Ass-'oeiatcd Press.  'Victouia. April 7. The promoters of  tlie Port .Angeles railway scheme have  had another interview with the rail-  Avay c nunittee of the citizens''committee  .of fifty, and have submitted fin application for a, cash subsidy from the city of  ��� Victoria, or a, guarantee of interest on  ithe company's bonds. Isaac: Atkinson,  (���vice-president and general manager of  the company, says that terminal facilities have been offered at Beechy Bay,  below Race Rocks ou Vancouver Island.  The selection of this bay for the British  Columbia terminus instead of Alctoria  would mean the shortening, of the distance to be traversed by ferry from  twelve to nine miles.  Hon. Robert Dunsmuir held 'a charter  at one time to connect Avith J'ort Angeles from Beechy Bay, but at his death  the scheme was allowed to lapse. Boston  Capital is behind the new project to give  Port Angeles connection Avith the transcontinental railways, and construction  has already commenced, fifty men ha/ving  been put to work this week.  carries from 1) to 15 per cent of copper  besides values in gold and silver. When  once the management have satisfied  themselves that a sufficient quantity of  ore is in sight they will construct a tramway to the lake's edge, ancl the cost of  transportation will be reduced to a minimum.  NELSON SHOULD HAVE SUITABLE  RECREATION   GROUNDS.  LOCAL   NEWS   AND   GOSSIP.  Winnipeg Man is Champion.  Special to The Tribune.  Monti?I5AI., April 7.���Smith, the Winnipeg representative at the chess tournament, Avon the championship- of Canada.  His score was 9-1 out of a possible 12.  Goldstein of Montreal stands next, with a,  score of 9.  Hanged Himself Among Chickens.  Special to The Tribune.  Nanaimo,  April  7.���Last night a  despondent coal miner  named John Lavey  hanged  himself  in   his mother's chicken  house.    Welshmen Stuck on British Columbia.,.;,.:  ..'���'���'������*.  'Special tp,The Tribune. ������_.���������'./  . Victoiua,April. :7.:r-The Victoria "board,  of.trade, has  received ..a. communication,  from Mr. Griffiths, the agent  of the Dominion government, at Cardiff in-which*  righting Has Eased Off,  Associated l'i-es...  Manila, April 7.���General McArthiir's  present operations consist iii, dally reconnoitring in various directions, keeping in  touch vv'ith the rebels and ascertainh\g  their movements. The Fourth cavalry  and two guns were out till morning in the  direction of Bn-irUsoin, a. little north of  Malolos. 'i'lie l/njted States double-tur-  reted monitor iMonaduock is patrolling  the ba.V ih the vicinity of Bakoor, dropping occasionally shells among the natives in response to tjitiir masked fire.  Bellairs Fell on His Head.  Associated Press.  Spokaxio, April 7.���Kenneth ffarington  Beliiiirs, an lOuglishinaii who has figured  conspicuously as a financial writer and  promoter in South Africa, and later as a  newspaper publisher in Rossland, fell  from a second story window, ancl lies riii-  scious from the effects of the fall. Me  came here recently from Rossland.  It Will be a Long Job.  Associated Pre_s.  AArASHiNC.TON% April 7.���Admiral DeAvey  has cabled the navy department asking  tliat six mouths' engineering supplies be  sent to him, at Manila. The admiral's request is taken as an indication of his belief that it will not be possible to materially diminish the American fleet iu the  Philippines in the near future.  Ottawa Man Got the Job.  Associated Press:  Victouia, April 7.���The city council  this .morning chose NeAvton J. Kerr, assistant city engineer, at.Ottawa, to be  '*city- engineer for Victoria.. -Mr. Kerr was  one' of.,, the thirty-two applicants, from  among .viiqiii.the-council first chose Mr.  Ferguson of Toronto. avIio did ,not take!  the oflicci.  ���'( .,  ui&lefi Ma^^ithWii^^^dwm&^^A  %iktih4%Iirepi^  V^|VDt-fl*ee;,\^  ^Vere" ���'uj/aih1nujm|i_ to" ^tp^j'jfoi-g-- r^Ggd*.^.  ^the^rbAfifehV-ial-'^cAK^.ihn^  l5jlvt.tttfiiV|��ud*ihS tliiri.e1?h, fihiefs/i" tlieYie--  fore" nialje. ;knOwii t"o- yjQU"thtit. this .pi'O-  ���c|iainati'pn: is ^luilre i'alse'."  L" they. Gerniai 1  cSMi^ul-g^enera'l^tc'^irtih ���thp-  pyp$\i$ip\uil"'gp)rern^  have _rftce"j veil .contrary iiistt-ucttons "froin  jny goVernliieut.  The ininiecljate result of tins..act Avas  that the rebels turhed. back,aiid prepared  for \Aiar; flechtrifig that they Avcnild hot  ob"ey thencbnirals (jftl(3,rs, ahd A\'*qulc1 pre-  vent any food -.iipiiliesbeiiig-brought into  Sitlnoa foi( thd Malietoa Metis The next  day Apia A\*as.sjirroiindecl by thp, Mataafas  A\*arriors. Forces from the Philadelphia;  anclvPorpcjjse were landed to protect "the  loyal natives. Everything lo(_ke<t ugly  and tlie British aiid Aiuei-icagi blue  jackets were landed in Apia to protect  =tii(J-c(jnsulii.tes=and=the=rebe!.s=were=fired=  upon from the vessels AvIienGver they  were. seen.  Lumbermen Meet in Toronto.  -Associated Press.  TohoXto, April 7.���A big deputation of  luhibernieh is gathering in Toronto today  to journey to Ottawa tonight to petition the government for a change' iu the  tariff regulations1 on lumber. Besides  numerous eastern htinberineij who will  go down "with the delegation, it is expected that representatives of the linn*  l.ering industry from British Columbia  and from the Bat Portagi-* lumber districts will be in Ottawa, and that they  will unitedly urge the imposition of a  duty on Jug-nbci. imported from the  United States into Canada equal to the  duty now imposed by the Dingley bill mi  Canadian lumber imported into the  United States. The Dingley tariff is $2  per thousand on lumber, 50 cents on  shingles, and 25 cents on laths, and the  lumbermen claim that to prevent the  Canadian market being swamped by  American lumber, when prices are low in  the United States, the same tariff should  be enforced at the Canadian border.  The regular monthly meeting of the  South Kootenay Board of 0 Trade -will be  held on Monday evening at 8 o'clock, at  Avhieh the report of the execut_A*e council  regarding the collection of a> mineral exhibit from the Nelson.mining division for  the Paris exposition in .15)00, Avill be received and discussed. The report in effect  'will be the details of the ihtervieAV between, the council and W. D. Scott, Dominion commissioner, as'reported in Ti-u.  Tfm.uNH.  ,, George C. Tunstall, Jr., returned last  night from a trip through the Slocan district, lie reports that all work at the  Comstock  mine  at   Sih'ertou  has  been  stopped and the manager discharged.������ It  thegin��,.:i<3$lpok<%^'^  *lik6tvfjarfifivk"c_*th^  ',flnn'''.  e"   . J&    *lD"n-��--     . ������^n'6--nr^m��    n ��^0nDD  * b,a   .-��B. ^      :.    .o^'a   *fl       .^'r"^  -i-_.-....��.._".- ���^]1~��    nJ.i���.>.-.i.*  .u.i*.-.,.-,.j,r..  '"      .       "n^VlM^^f   .        o-flftf*      ,P,i   "p^v-p   -p,*pnP   -".Vln-ic,   Ppli,P,  ..      -%flfl.  o  ;Ayc.ii;,l-ddjk;e,--tp; seefliini iu*:ii^Qr?Qj&^p,oKane,fl  ;"��for,|ihey";beiiCJA'c*. lip Ijii^stljtlXtJS'^ -Sl'Ji'ifl ''TlBe^f,,���i%���;,  ,'h"oh^t:"..y.��y��'"-y - ���''���.",   ",��� ��"���-.:;V"  c.��?Edvu;a��rdb".Tp^  ; 'f<H-*��t)^\f^4nj'>fi^i' "S'^tTBirdHiy ib*^����� nbW<ieiL  %ioinpshn^ ���T.bXld:\is��klippo^ejX' ",tb)"(Me, tltii"-  njaiv^yjip^h.is^c^eu.trigl^tei^ui^ ,  fM'ljowjIfg^ljeiii .'a*iid���^��i)C)S}ijga- dh". a��_)olice--  inaji">,�������     -    ���*��"�� ��� .      -. n        ������ "���," y a ' ���   "  TiTe  ���net   rec/eipt^"   bf   the    firfeiii:euu'��  sUi(3kc_i? cm-Shitrsclay'evening \Vtere within  a fa.\*jpc)ints" o���f .'^jl'SC-J," A"\/hic_k.show's, .tlraifc '  tJie"V|ire   boys "k'nOAv .how   to hiake   h  snfoker paj^.  M. 1%, ?Creascl.in.re is in _\Joiit|-eal aud  Js, A. Maira Avas in London last week. The  former will probably be in Nelson withji.  teh days, biit the hitter hasnotfintiniaitt.d  YMIR   MINING   NEWS.  Special to The Tribune.  In the Mammoth. Crystal group the  tunnel is in *..'_ feet and a crosscut across  the ledge, which is 10 feet Avicle at the  bottom and "showing up fine. Frank  Davey, M. E., considers it as line a showing as there is in the camp, with the  makings of a 'mine,'as'there is a' true  fissure vein between two perfect slate  walls. The owners are Dr. Keller of  Ymir; A. AVilliams, L. G. McPhillips,  both of Vancouver; sindF. S. Algiers, who  is at present developing the A'erniont  mineral claim on RoA*er creek.  The New Victor has shipped six-, tons  of crude ore and the Dundee 3(5 tons .of  concentrates to the .Northport smelter.  On the Blye mineral claim, Avhieh is up  AVild Morse creek, joining the Ymir mine  on the south and the Randall on the  Avest, about $8000 Avorth of cleA'elopment  Avork has been done in shafts and tunnels, and an ap])lication for a crown  grant is being made. The ledge is nine  feet wide and assays from $10 to $22.10  iii gold. It is a concentrating proposition and would be from 20 to 25 into 1.  The owners are C. E. AArynn Johnson of  '.'Dawson ������City, Dr. Keller and F. S.Algiers.  The boys are all ���.preparing to' go out.  to do. development work on their claims  as soon as" the sjioav melts.  On the Rising Star, adjoining the  Porto Rico mine, another shift has been  put on. The-shaft' is iioav cIoavii OS feet  Avith a ledge four feet in A\idth.  On the Ymir Belle a strike has been  made of three feet of pay ore of cpiarty.  arid iron and is-a-free milling;proposition;  .:-#!%f ^.n^SE', ^Mnii! |S&mi|i^^n!^J  YQOiJiiiVgjVahulble-Jriiries,,  "tlie" "Tftiifarati. n���" ]  A Victoria Printer Dies.  Assoeiated Press.  Victoria, April 7.���Joseph Davies, an  old time resident of Victoria, died suddenly this morning. It is supposed that  death resulted from heart failure. Me  was about 50 years of age, and came herefrom England when ti young man. Me  was a printer by trade, and latterly was  employed in, the government printing  ofiice. The deceased was a cousin of  Joshua Davies.  ������  The Silver Market; : y^^yy^  ,... '       ���  -  "        As.soeialcd Press. ... V .  . V :.WV  ��� S'l.w "Yohk-, April 7.-T--Sil ver certificates-  00f-(i0.',c; bar silver JiOjjc; Mexican dollars  47irc. ". V .*.   ."^-.vv .'" ;,,-'���;    ..: ���;���/.  when lie will leave England, for British'  Columbia.  The physical culture class, assisted by  J___&iJ_J;a!_a.>.t,J^  the building fund of the Methodist  church, in the'-Nelson opera house, on  Thursday oven ing, April Kith, The programme will consist of exhibitions of  drill, bard-ell's, clubs and dumb-bells. The  orchestra will be under the leadership of  ilerrSte trier.  The largest barge of lumber ever  brought to Nelson was received yesterday at CO. Buchanan's lumberyard. It  carried I-10.000 feet of lunVberaii'd 100,000  shingles and wits towed down the fake by  the Hercules.  The Thorpe Manufacturing Company  are extending the business of their Nelson branch throughout the Kootonay.  \V. 11, McLean, manager of the Nelson  branch, returned last night from Rosslnml  and Trail, where he reports satisfactory  sales alid the prospects for future business good.  N"o.\* postofliccs have been established  at Christina. MeRae Landing and, Gladstone, along the Robsoii-Pentictoii railroad.  Tui- TitiiiU.v.. comes high by carrier  but Ioav by mail. It will be mailed to  subseribers for three months for $1.25,  six months for $2.50, and one year for $5.  It is therefore the cheapest high-priced  daily paper in British Columbia.  .-��� -* .���'^q^^^^s_S^S^^��^^''H"i  ������ .." E?p���ecial,��Dt,CS. Tlie. Tribuii^.".    "n     ��"   V"  n'  1': ���S-ti��'a.t'fcjr|'|f^>iie"  .rf ��^lie  crmtwi'.ctloljs;"1  fi-Q i y = tl i.cj.. En t|r'pr iV v ��ji n e'dpw n"y,ixfn n" ^116 -  property to. Reyv". J_)0ii\*er. qii. (phirscla'jw."  Th:e.e<aJi-tra,ct��^Villv.b'fi.lJ!Viinsli>cl;b>^^^^^  "itii.e''incn)Jhi,���.tl\e*-raise' tcitlicj ,_��n6...5, tnn'V^1'  being AVithih a, foot "or" ad of eoinpletion".  There-reihaiji^ljbojiV'SXJi^ptofllriiiuigydi '  tobedoiiein th^'dll.ttiijtj'eJk TheghovN'iug  of ore c'on.tinues gc?od  thrciiigliout.   ��Sjx  men a re ��yt ,])f 6sei 11 ein ployecl.  Both the Ajaix and Woudepful haA*e i.n-  crettsed their forces.  The   te{ljjis^jjmi)k*iyed.   in   lianliiitr_orb:  An effort has been made for two years  past to secure title to the  block  of land  lying  to  the  east  of Hall street, below  Vernon,      known     as     the    ���'recreation  ground,"     but    for    some   reason   title  cannot be .secured.    The Canadian Pacific-  agreed to dec?d the block for the purpose1,  provided    the   government   deeded  'tin.  company land at the west end  of Baker  street in lieu.    The government reserved  the land tit the west end of'Jin ker street  for the exchange, but when the Canadian  Pacific officials  were asked   to  complete  the  trade  they  "crawfished,"  and said  their land had  becotrie  too valuable to  giveaway.    So it is not  likely that the.  people of Nelson will ever secure  title to  the   Mall    street    ���'recreation    ground,"  and     the     ground     cannot     well     be  '���made     suitable     for     outdoor     sports  until   a   title   is   secured,     o The    people of Nelson take an interest in  outdoor  sports, and  there should  be grounds on  which all could enjoy the sport in which.  they take an interest.    JMttuy of the old  country   people    were   cricket    players  at school and  college   in   their  boyhood  days, and take no great interest in any  other game now.'   The people from Eastern Canada are all either players  or ad-    ]  mirers of lacrosse or baseball, and see no  fun   in   watching   a   game    of   cricket.  Americans  are   inclined  to  tennis,  and  are troubled because of tlieir inability to  secure enough ground on wliicli to make  a court.    Last  year  the council had under consideration the purchase of a  plot  of ground near the cemetery, intending  to   make   it  a  recreation   ground;   but  the-election last January knocked their  plans sky high. There is a. plot of ground   "  lying between the Hall Mines road and    ^  the tramway,distant about a mile from  the postoffice,'that is said to be in" e.very:'"  Avay  suitable for such purposes.      The  laud should be acquired by the city, but  if the council  do not  Ariew  the project  favorably, then let the people''tlieniselves  organize  and acquire;-an area sufficient  fdr; all  outdoor   sports,  including horse'  hieing:' .���.Twenty acres  would  be ample  for it half-mile track, a base ball  field, a" V  lacrosse field, .. cricket field, a h_ilf-do._e_i  tennis courts, and  a  golf link,  the ���admirers of each particular sport:-i_hpi,T6vingyy,  jth.eir.'qAjy.i^'field's^,but, the grounds}tp]l he . 1;.;  ;jicFd?^in^$^^  |f&1#*mflf&l8cffli^  .ijiltiat^ye^the cit^  H^I^^^^^^^^-^i^ou^S^- -*!ffe  (^M(T^P^'^dmpf^  ��AfefSst��-,tin.g".tha-t the.��Dpi'iKe'jiforC".the:"lnibS  ""--.'.aFI    'i*'-0"*'1   -DD- -QD      -"P    ��� D"n     '"^       &Dnfl    D     ������."-no* ^2-0-iBjn'-tfn   "aSS  DnD    fi   fl'DW'  thd  j. vcci j\-:teleg|a-y ^|i��c^  eV ��];l>$r^.)i\�� .����celej^  on  h\.m--iii!ile, have  Ca Igary.    _\Tft ijager*  .left  for A^ancoiiver  The True Blue a Producer.  Kaslo Kootcnainn. At>ril flth.  The True Blue, a claim under bond to  the Hall Alines, Limited, of Nelson, is  now a. steady producer, and ore is being  pitched down to tlie wagon road as fast as  possible. Over.700 sacks have been sent  down to date.anil there still remains  about the same amount oy the dump.  The. winze is;how. down thirty-six feet.at;  the end of.-.the.tunnel,."and "the';.ore. body;  still retains its. width,'...about..three feetv  ;This.is.regarded Vis a'-very .good���'������'showing,.  which if it holds out will certainly make  a   promising   copper  .mine,   as   the  ore  "from tlie Comstock,  been sent back to  Thomas ahd family  ou AVedriesday.  The Idaho mines uncovered, a, new  ehute of ofe a few days ago, and big shipments will follow at onee.  The ow-neks of the Mollie MtJghes inspected their property this week, to de-"  tcrntine the vantage points for the coiii-  .u-.ucfmcMi.) of gcmeral development..  All Canadian Newrs.  AHSoclnted   Press.  Gartli it Co.'s big foundry at Montreal  was burned down Thursday night, Loss  $7;).000'..  By the explosion of fi toy cannon at  Gantinociue, VVilliain Heiiderson. a boy of  12 may lose his sight.  Montreal licensed viefualers have  passed strong resolutions against lotteries  and other forms of gambling, which they  declare is rife in the city.  Hubert J'. AVhite, of George AVhite: &  Sons Company, died on Thursday, aged  thirty-eight, at London.  John Moringhain committed suicide n't  Kingston on Thursday night by hanging.  Until recently he lived on a farm near  Jones Fails. He had neglected his family,  as"a result of which they were almost  starving, and yesterday his wife deserted  him, taking her three children   Avith her.  " cieiVed frotn the"."Sai|c/on"cl.iib:|s'" "*tq$vb|i:e' I- fj  -/they .would prefer ."���'the] *. iiia^!_cli'"-;t^>l]ic|;��V";"  ��-flayed,,itnd tii/tjl tti'j^.iaf recne-tVec|��.ifc5��".de-'"."*".*  .cisiiOiij will be arriA-ti-jb at :eitlier b^:th.e" ���* ���"  , lire brigade or by  tlie  ba'sieball   trdain, as -���  both teainS liave clee!idned t"o cejebt'^te the" '.  day in the same town. _,  The Captain Was at Fault.  .Associated Press.  I.o.vi)o.v, April- 7.���The board of inquiry  investigating the loss  of  the   Dominion  line steamer Labrador,   captain   Krskinc,  ���which fan  ashore and   became  a   total  Avreck about four.miles from   Sjerryvore,  Lon; the/ northeast; coast  of ��� tl ic  island  of  .Mill, Scotland, ..aiid, on '-.March   1st, while  running from ,StV..John, N. B. for.  Liverpool, has found'the'captain of the steamer  iu default, and has suspended his  certificate for three months.  The Maccabees Install Officers.  Thursday night at Knights of P-ythja?  half AV. A. I);i v ies of Jva'sio/, depi i ty stXpfdiiiP  eomiilailder of the Iviiigbtsof Macetdieesy  installed, the ofljeers qf Jvootenay Tent  No. 7 of Nelson. Dn Grant delivered an  address that was highly 'appreciated by  the Knights present. including those  admitted on Thursday jiiglitftheTeiit has  tAveuty-seven members iind is in ,gf>oci  condition. There is a. ladies Hive at  Ivaslo. and steps in.rO being taken toc)rgiin-  \y.c il Hive at Nelson., The o'flicei's oi the  Tent of Nelson are IL J. Steele, com-  mandeivancl F. if. Squire, reeord keeper.  The Maccabees is a fraternal insurance  soi'feCy, paying death claiijis at old ageqr  on total disability. Members are allowed  to take as high as $-3000 insurance, but no  policy is taken for Jess thali $s300.  Rossl_t_id's Paid Fire Department  I-.osrf.aud may nofy own  its  own  water  and light plants, like 'cities  like  Nelson,  but   it  has a paid   fire   department, as  follows:  Donald Guthrie, chief  .        $125  Charles Collins, assistant chief..  SO  Dan McDonald, driver  70  Win  Lloyd, driver  (!0  F. I.. French, llroman  (JO  .���'red Wilson, fireman  (JO  Frank f_eynior, firemen  CO  Joe Martin, llreniiin...  (10  A Tea   Party of Nations.  Associated Press  Tmio flAciUi., April 7.���The invitations  to the peace conference, which were consigned to the Dutch government for  distribution, have been issued.    The following.- governments     received   invitations  through   their      representatives    here:  Great Britain, Russia, Germany, Austria,  Prance,  Turkey,  Spain,   Portugal,   Denmark, Sweden, Luxemberg> Servia,  Ron-  mania, Montenegro, Greece,  Switzerland,  the United States of America, Siaiu, Per-,  sia, China and Japan. THE TRIBUNE:  KELSON, B. C, SATURDAY, APRIL 8,  1899.  ii ri_aii.**^*--i****ri_ii i - ��������� ��������� -  For the Ladies...  Just received a large stock of  Ladies' Capes, Skirts, Wrappers and Blouses  New goods arriving daily ���  Dry Goods, Clothing, Gents' Furnishings, Etc.  ...A. Ferland & Co.  Elliott block,  Baker street,   Nelson,  B*. C.  356 FISHING RODS  AND MORE COMING  English and Canadian make of Bamboo (whole and split)  Steel, Lancewood and Greenheart. The largest assortment  in Kootenay.     Mail orders promptly attended to.  Nelson Hardware Co  Baker Street, Nelson.  Waterproof Goats and Umbrellas  Now that the wet season is approaching, you will want  something to.keep you dry. We have just received something special in Waterproof Coats with Velvet Collars to  sell at $8.    See our Umbrellas,  from $1.25 up.  Sign of the Big Red Hat  P. O. Box 103, Nelson, B.  j. F. WEIR  RAILWAY  TIME.TABLES.  CANADIAN PACIFIC.  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Arrive,  day*), from Kaslo._or."ft\V"hitew���a_cr,  McGuigaD,��/fl-rener��Forks,u���"Sarid6n ,*v =  and Cody . .-^.ftV"feSs.?^*.'��'*;. ;8.00 a.m. L.3.35 p.m.  Passenger and .mail.(daily,except" Sun-' . - .   .  day), from ���Sandpii;fp4Kaslo.���.;."���.u".ssl*.-. 1.15 p.m: 10.40 a.m.  STEAMB6^.T����TIME. TABLES.   .    V  :yiGM"AT>TAN.nflp��GJPIC. ���-     *. '      *    "  (BOXTSsJtiKAVB*UALI_-glTRl_ET WHARF)     " .' -"  Steamer Kokanee.(daily;, except? Sun-   Leave.    Arrive.  days), for Kokanee" CreekjfBalf our,  ' ,   '      ^   --  Pilot Bay, Ains.wo^th.anaKKaslo.1*.".. .4.00 p.m. 11.30 a.m.  Steamer    MoyjoVfleaYes^Moiidays, - :     -  -'  -  Wednesdays," Fridays arid sn*rr_\;es ;  Tuesdays,,��Thursdays, ^Saturda'ys).    -    '       -���-.'.-  for Kootei)ay;l.ahding,\whrerocon-*  ncction is mculeVwith Grdw.'s.'Nest   . "  -  Pass rail way **!'���������?. *:���." y.i. ;.g��g ,?��'.. '8.00 a.m.' C.50 p.m. ���  KOOTENA^RS-J\^Y.A^_}fNavigation co.  (HOAXSl X'EX VERl'I iVnI-i/STREET WI IA KV)  Steamer InterhationaKldaily-JeXoept   Leave.  Sundays), for; Kokanee Ci-Qek.SBai- '  four,  Pilot-J-Bay: vAinswortK.Y.ahd  TT-nnlA iflflp    .I'M    X..D,S(.'   n   d   on.'   fl* ".J.  Arrive.  Kaslo .  4.30 p.m. -0.30 a.m.  Daily Edition.^V/:.^. J".V;��kXo."'First Year, No. 81  Weekly Edition!;.;.  .-.SeVenth Year, No. 21  THE DAILY! .TRlRUNBjs piibliShfcd, ��e\;c��ry����_nbrnii.g#  (except LMqndaj-)J��ynd";\ViJlil_^ mailed .>to: subscribers?  months, or piolfof'ohe yean   Payable ihadvande.  - THE WEI.liIjYDTRIB0iSTE is"published eyery Wednesday and Sati-rdSy, aiid- will be/nailed to subscribers  anywherefor;?2ayestr, payablein advance.  REGULAR ApyERTISEiViENTS pr.hted, m both, the  daily and Weekly" editions for gj per inch per month;  -__OCALOR-RBA-DINGTWATTER"NOTlCESf25^'fe"^r  line for each insertion.  JOB PRINTING .at fair rates.    Accounts for job printing and Advertising are payable on the flret of every  month.   Address���  THE TRIBUNE. Nelson, B. C.  party lines were to be brought into the  fight. In that case, when the fight is  commenced in Nelson, the Corbin forces  will have a walkover, I'or the Tory leaders are all so poor in trying to keep tlie  Miner afloat that they have not enough  money left to pay tlieir annual membership fees to the board of trade, or to join  it if they are not already members.  Tins Ivaslo Kootcnai.an says that S. P.  Tuck, who lias been appointed sheriff of  South Kootenay, litis beou. .iptecl for .the  assiduous attention Avhieh he has'given  to the chase-after public office.. Probably  .there are others in Kaslo who have been  just as assiduous in the chase" as Mr.  Tuck, but have not been quite as success-,  ful. Probably there are..off ice-seekers, in  .Kaslo who sometimes amused themselves  Avith the peh and got worsted iii their  bouts with Mr. .Tuck: The wounds have  healed, but the scars remain."  V It is-not at all likely that thecity council A.-ill' fall, into line'with the recommendations of the public works committee.  Tlio chairman of that committee is not  trusted "to any great extent by even the  members of,his own 'committee, and the  ^fih#_i(_$?q$_'_n^ .^-?~-*i  of being all thing.. Bto"alj .men, and itlie  "iiiotivesofaiiela so endowed kre always^  qXiestioifcdV   It is  safe "to "sky that "tliP  chaiii_--iii Of "the public works  eonphittee  will not have the ilrlyilege of spending  The British, Columbia RevieAVj a mining papol: published in London, EuglaiH^  says thft-fc Mr. Carter Cotton of the Vair-  (.ouvqi* -News*- Advertiser has i.enned  false and scrtrriloiif. word's about it, that  had tliey been printecj in the ojd fcountj'y  he AV'Oiild h.irvehad an opportunity of contrasting his treatment in ���iii JjJugl.sl.  prison 'with tliat wliicli he it fesw years  ago received in a British Columbia gaol.  Wo arc uiulei' the belief that the ihiliister  of iiiianee of British Columbia spent a  few of the most contented days of his  life sojourning in the provincial gaol at  New Westminster, and Would not be  averse to spending his summer's vacation  there were it not for the fact that by doing so he might incur the displeasure Of  the people of Victoria, who imagine their  town the only pleasure resort in the  province.         The   Rossland   Board   of   Trade has  passed resolutions in favor of Corbin getting a charter for his Kettle River Valley  road.    The meeting at which the  resolutions -were passed  was  not  largely  attended, but only two of those in attendance voted "nay" on the   passage of the  resolutions.    Tlie two voting.'Muiy" Avere  Thomas    Mayne    Daly,    at   -one    time  minister   of   the    interior,    and   J.   A.  Kirk,'   a     pro'vincial     surveyor.     Both  live  Conservatives,  and  it looks as   if  ^thltt^liirty^tTJousalld^lollars Oil Avater  AVQrks extensions no more than the eh-  joynlent of throwng away fifteen thousv  and dollars on the electKc light plant.  The scAvers will probably be extended  "Of making m&ny books  there is no end*"  Neither is there,. .liiy end to the; variety  oil sale, at  Thomson's  We have all the newest hooks by Well-  known authors. Our stock of fine correspondence.  Stationery  Is a leading feature of our business. We  have all the newest tints and shapes with  envelopes to match.    When inviting  Company,  Use our dainty invitation note. .Do you  know we carry "At Home" Cards, Visiting  Cards and Dance Programs.   Our stock is not  Limited  We can meet all demands made upon it,  we supply goods to the confines of .British  Columbia as well as to  Nelson  STEINWAY  The  Standard   Piano  of tho World.      . .  NORDHEIMER  The Artistic Piano of  Canada.  with current revenue, even if the city is  a few dollars behind at the end of the  year.  HUDSON'S BAY  COMPANY.  INCORPORATED 1670.  Purity  For family trade we carry  a complete stock of Wines  and Liquors in wood, which  we bottle on our premises,  thus you are able to get the  best quality in these lines  at a lower price than you  would have to pay for the  same goods if imported in  bottles.  40mmmmm  w  Fred Irvine & Co.  fa  it%  Men's  ��     Women's  $ and  $     Children's  AIND  Men's  Women's  and  Children's  B  B  fa  fa  fa  fa  B  These makers'goods are carried by us  JUST ARRIVED A CAR OF  SCHLITZ   MILWAUKEE   BEER.  #  Ames, Holden & Co.  J. and T. Bell  J. D. King & Co.  No better makers of Boots and Shoes known  0 *  B  fa  B  Hudson's Bay Stores  West Baker Sti-cet.      Telephone 13.  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Aberdeen Bloc.;, Baker Street.  ���ESTABLISHED 1879.  T-wenty years old. arid still growing-.  parso^ produce (^o.  WHOLESALE  j��� .* "   .:'"   "NEr/EiON'a^vr-W-D^iV-TAif.ORS: "y   fy ���  V w,E,CANssyppLt-yBu ���  A LffiE OF  JtJST ARRIVE��  H. D. Ashcroft  ��i--: '^Bfc^^^SMI^B.I:N^:^r:^  ���������; ���. ��� vWiffiE8^&i&<$*<-4&  . :,r       *��� y;>; ":__sii?i��__-_.;/n;': ��� "^^"v.:��?:'  ".Wagon, 'rcliai^ingVpi-oiiip tly a!tte^Se-l'it"o,lby,ki'flrsfcclassk  -rt-Keel.w.rikht.       *    "-"-. ���.":  ���. '..i-'������ r;."v*   ��� �� . ffj  ,'gpecial uattorition given^tS all.'kinds .of Tepiili-irig^aii'd -  ' custorii.'Work f_-oi.i'��"ovitside"p6in_s. "   ���' "��� "    ".������ ���'. .f"-;'  '���'������;        n ���*      . _j____ '    '"'"    '   ���     ���""  \SH0f>.   .HalKStreetj between B'-.Ker^ndVarhori.Nefson*  PD"n- T      ��nL*n .   ���     n"    ^U   n" "     ,-n n    ' E��      n j. |."       ��    %    "<b rW ^ n �� ti ���  �� B      ���  m ^Xn'1 ��V^ ��      nD    ��'  Wilson & Harshaw  ��� ItBus-vrnfeetS" jail Vtauns". andsboats. -  �� ��� D ��n       -m    ���   n���_o__.[iv,D   - Pa    *���       "*     n -   " " '       D n   _*"' V     ,_  ^ta    "   ��^    '  MERCHANTS  GOLD STORAGE WAREHOUSEMEN  AND JOBBERS OF GREEN FRUITS  HEAD OFFICE, WINNIPEG  J. A. ROGERS, General Manager  Manager for Western BWtisU Obluaibla,  JOHN _?AKSONS, Vancouver  Manager fbr Yukon District,  GHAS. MILNB, Dawson  Manager fbr Southern JBritish Columbia.  P. J. RUSSBIili, Nelson  H. M. VINCENT  BAKER STREET WEST, NELSON  Young Men  It you vaiit, n nobliy suit or a stylish pah'  of ptwUf tor spring, wear Call at rboii.s 5 and  11 OJcmOiits blocki I will show y6n spinp  hifco fcloth" aiid .Samples, iind will, sbnd siuiSo  to your ollleo or room where your meatfifro  caii l.o Wikon. Will, fit y'ou as you wore  never fitted before.  LADIES* TAILOn MA1XK SUITS  A Sl'-i-CIAMY  Steveris, Tlje Tailor  AND AI.L OTHKR fl-DAiBlXG  DONK 11V  -B_R_A_-N*OS:E3S  VANCOUVEH���A, F. Ralph, Manager.  PAWBON CITY���A. G. Cunninglian, Manager.  ATLIN CITY���J. A. Fraser, Manager.  NKLSON���P. J. Russell, Manager.  Stocks carried at Victoria, Rossland, Cranbrook, Greenwood and Revelstoke.  The largest handlers bf Butter and Eggs In  the Canadian Northwest.  BBITISH COLUMBIA POTTEBY CO., Ltd  VICTORIA,   B. C.  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STOVEWQO��  EXPRESS and DRAYIN&  .Bulbs, llosesj Hollies, Rhododendi-otiSj  l^ancy Evergreens, etc. Thousands in'e  growing on my own grounds. Most  'complete stock in the province. Bees  find bee supplies, agricultural implements, spray pumps, and cut flowers.  ]NTew catalogue now ready.  I  INSPECTION OF STOCK INVITED  Mrs.   -E.   McLaughlin  JOSEPHINE STREET, NELSON-  Tenders Wanted for Beal Estate  Tenders will lie received by the undersigned until 12  o'clock noon on Saturday. April loth, 18!)!', for the purchase of tho following described real eatate:  LOT 24 BLOCK 60  and improvements thereon, situate at flic northeast corner of Hall and Lake streets, Nelson. . Terms cash. The  hiirhost or any tender not necessarily accepted.  A. J. MARKS.  Administrator estato of Charles Van Ness, deceased.  Nclxoii, April 3rd, 18SU.  3VC. JV SZE-NTE-T  601 Westminster Road, Vancouver, B, C.  Kootenay Lake General Hospital  TENDERS WANTED.  Tenders will be received by the undersigned up till  April loth, for supplying the Kootenay I_ake General  ..Hospital for a period of six months with the following  goods:  Meat, milk, bread, dnif.8, firewood, and groceries.  Tenders for the grocery supply must be accompanied  by price lis s.  The lowest or any tender'not necessarily accepted.    _<**. W. SWANNELL, Secretary.  Application fop Liquor License.  Notice is hereby given that I, the undersigned, Austin  H. Clements; intend at the first sitting of the board of  licensing commissioners of the City of Nelson, to be held  thirty (30) days after the publication of this notice, to apply for a retail liquor saloon license for the premises  known as tho corner store of the Odd Fellows building,  on lot number one (1) in block (12), being situated on the  southeast corner or Uakor and Kootenay streets in tho  West ward of tho said City of Nelson.  AUSTIN H. CLEMENTS.  . Dated this 15th day of March, A.D. ISiiO.  Having purchased the express and draying  bTisinoHs ot J. "W, Cowan, we are protfared  - to do all kinds, of work in this line, and so-  llfelfc the patromige of the peoplo of. Nelson.  Orders left lit 1). McArthur & Cb!% store,  northwest corner Raker and Ward -iStreetSi  Will receive prompt attention.  Tclophono 85  GOMER DAVIS & Oo.  R. REISTERER & CO.  BREWERS AND BOTTLERS OF  Fine Lager Beer,  Ale and Poster  Prompt and regular  delivery to the trade.  Brewery at Nelson.  Nelson Eleetrie Light Company, Limited  NOTICE  All persons having accounts against tlie  company will present them at once to the  manager, and all persons indebted to the  company are required to settle the same immediately.    JOHN HOUSTON, Manager.  Nelson, March 10th, 1899.    Application for Liquor License.  Notice is hereby given that I will, thirty days from the  date of this notice, apply to the government agent at  Nelson for a license to sell liquor at retail at my hotel at  Eivo-Milo Point, to be known as the Castle Hotel, ih  West Kootenay district. British Columbia.  Dated March 11th, 1899. H. A. HEYWOOD.  \J  :&��. THD  TRIBUNE: KELSOtf, B. C, SATURDAY, APRIL 8, 1899.  3  BankofMontbeal  Capital,  Rest,  all paid  up,     -  $12,000,000  6,000,000  I.OI.I) STRATHCONA AND   MT.  ROYAL, -'resident  Won. GKO. A. DKUMMOND Vice-President  K   S. OI.OUSTON General Manager  IST-BI-SO-tSr   BBANCH  M. W. Cop. Bakor and Stanley Streets.  THE BANK OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA  NELSON        IIKA.NC.IK8  IN   LONDON   .England),   NSW YORK.   CHICAGO  and in tho principal cities in Canada.  Rny and sell Sterling Exchange and Cable Transfers  GRANT COMMKI-CIAI. AND TKAVK-XKUS' CKKDITS,  available in any part of the world.  DKAKTS ISSUKD    COM.KCTIONS MADEi KTC.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CURRENT RATE OF INTEREST PAID  A   CONTEST   IN   WHICH   SCIENCE  Had No Show.  There wore five of us in fche party���six,  counting Long Tom, the guide. After  two ��� days' hard -climbing, whieh the  burros endured with exemplary fortitude,  Ase arrived at the little valley high up in  the mountains, through Avliich threaded  the troufc-streain.  "Jest you all go over into tlie cabin  there and make yourself eoinf'ble, while 1  'tend to gefctin' this stulf unpacked," said  Long Tom ; "there ain't no one there. i\Iy  pardiier, he's down below."  "The cabin appears to be two cabins,"  said the colonel,as Ave approached.it.  "That is for economy in ridge-poles,"  said the doctor;��� '���.sleeping apparfcmeuts  on one side and kitchen on the other. In  the space between, you keep your fishing-  tackle and worms."  We entered the right-hand section of  the twin cabin, which proved to be the  kitchen side. There was not much furniture���a table of hewn.Jogs, a. chair of bent  saplings, and a rough bench.  However, Ave did not notice suck furniture as there was, for each member of  the. party, as he stepped over the high  threshold, had his'attention instantly attracted by the stove, and a brief roundelay of ejaculations went a long the group.  '. ��t��^ell|VV-tl-a.t^ta%gers>T ffle.". ^saitj* ��tho>  v stoe'ks-brokor.v.E. �����;���*.�� -,,"?*.. ����>'*���?.���''.., sB*;.-'?.,  Is now prepared to issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on Skaguay, U. S., Atlin, B. C, and  Dawson City, Yutyorj District.  to stoop down low when he whirled a  (liijj-jackor spearedti rasher of bacon. .\ow  he can .stand up and do it tit ease. Your  draught theory'is no good; the longer  the pipe, if it is straight, the better the  lire will burn."  '���Professor,", remarked the colonel, "I  regret to have to tell you that your  money is gone. Long Tom told me, on  the way up. that his-partner did all the  cooking, and he is a. man of rather short  stature." Tho colonel then paid his com-  l-limei-fc-. to the jack-pot, and continued:  "Now, my idea is that the stove heats  the. room better there than on the floor.  It is 'only'a- cooking-stove, to be sure, but  Avhen the winter is cold it makes this  room comfortable. Being up in the middle of the space it heats it all equally  Avell, which it could not do if it Avere  down below."  * The doctor greeted this theory Avith a  loud laugh. '���Colonel," he said, "you are  wild���'way off the mark. Hot air rises,  of course, and the only way to disseminate it is to have your stove as low as  .possible. According to your idea, it  Avould be a. good plan to put the furnace  in the attic of a house instead of in the  basement." " '  "I think." said the colonel, "that i  could appreciate your argument better if  you would ante."  "The pot is mine," said the doctor, as  he deposited his coin ; "you will all adopt  my idea  the  moment you  hear it,  ancl  stQck'-br  ff^:S']fi��aSh^  im^^w^^^^^J^^ tew  ���Jyb& ab:-,  A Business Chance  The iindersiBned will sell the following real estate  and pergonal property at a bargain:  Nine-room house and ten lots set out In orchard  Four-room cottage and five lots.  Two lota and improvements.  Fifty-two head of cows.  pF^fts^ilk" pans.     - . -  -    .      =      ���      - =   _= -  :(j��w.fi koviosi; .    y   ���    *   ' _    -  >Waeons;��*^ielghs,  harness, and' everything in  icqnneetipn with-Hurry's milk ranch.  -  h.^4*foitfifi'cljby>^^  4_uicl.'X;#a^ai-a^i^^D|;b  ^^"fefij tlie" ?|it.sts���'they 3ve?e.'_ij:nf'dftrl ��  i_Qiid,t"sb owhig -that1 tlie" rivygterfoifs" ar-  ii iVtlie ,roubf IhrOti^h wjii<_h the .stove/plpe*  .Vauislfed."-" ".= ��"��" -       ",'���"���":  "  :$udcjenly" the st6(.lc-^b��rdkn0i'  burst out  into"a. ht/ugh". :  "Qh,J understaiK. it now,'"' said he.  "Fnctdrstand \vhat ?s* asked the colonel,  sharply.  "Why fknig^TcAu_ lias his stove hoisted.  yxp so lliglrfi'om tlicTflooi;,"  "So do I," said the doetO,r,; "hut I siis-  pecljjthat iny expiainitioYi is. not fche same  that any One else would Oiler.  "Well, 1 will bet that t inn rights" said  the stockbroker, "aiid put up the money."  "I artl in this," said the judge ; "I have  a eleaf idea about that stove and.', wiII  back it,"  "Miike it a jack-pot," said tlie colonel;  "I want to take ti haiid."  The stocjk-broker drew a small yellow  coin out of his pocket tvhd dropped it on  the table.  "He has the stove up there," he .said,  to get a better'draught, hi this ra relied  mountiiin air there is Only a small  amount of oxygen to the cubic' inch, and  combustion is more difficult to secure  than In the lower .latitudes. 1 have  heard tliat if you get high, enough .up,  you can't book an egg���that is, I mean  water Avon't boil���or something like  that," he continued, thrown into sudden  confusion by the discovery that tlie professor's eye Avas fixed upon him with a  sarcastic gaze.  "Is that supposed to be science ?" demanded the professor.  "Well," said the stock-broker', doggedly, "never mind the seasons. Experience  is probably good enough for Long Tom.  He finds that lie gets a. better draught for  his stove by having it up in mid-air, so  he has it there."  "The right explanation," began the  professor, "is the simplest. My idea is  that "  "Excuse nie," interrupted the stockbroker, tapping the table; "are you in  this pot?"  The professor ma.de a deposit and proceeded : .       *   .     ���  '"Have you noticed that our host, is a  very tall man? Like most men of his  height, lie hates to bend over. If the  stove wore near the floor, he would have  ���"*^A_ll>EBSTkTK AGKNTS,. Wesi. .Baker Si,., Nelson  |||^^STEWART-  REAL ESTATE AGENT  Long Tom, avIio wilklse-here in a minute,  will bear me out. This room is very  small; it has but little floor-space, and  none of it goes to waste. -Vow, if he had  ���put the stove doAvn Avhere Ave expected to  find it, Long Tom could not have made  use of the area underneath, as you see he  has done. On all sides of the supporting  posts you Avill notice there are hooks, on  which he hangs his pans and. skillets.  Underneath there is a kitchen-closet for  pots and cooking utensils of A'arious sorts.  What could be more convenient? Under  your ordinary stove there is room only  for a poker and a few cockroaches."  The judge, who had been listening to  the opinions offered by the others with  the same grim smile that occasionally ornamented his face when he announced  that au objection wus overruled, now  stepped forward and dropped a coin on  the table. He then rendered his decision  as follows:  "It appears that none of you have  noticed the forest of hooks in the roof  just over the stove. They are not in use  at present, but they are there for some  purpose. I imagine that during the winter months huge pieces of venison and  bear's-meat dangle over the stove,  and are dried for use later. Now, if the  stoA*e were on the floor, it Avould be too  far from the roof to be of service in this  Avay."  "Here conies old Tom," shouted the  colonel, avIio had stepped to the door  while the judge was speaking.  The old trapper put down the various  articles of baggage with Avhieh his arms  were loaded and came into the kitchen-  cabin where we all stood. He glanced at  the group and then at the stilted stove  iii our midst.  ��� "I see  you air all  adniirin' my stove,"  said he, "and I'll bet -you've been a-won-  deriu' why it is up so high."  : "Yes,  Ave have,"  said   the professor  LUMBER  SHINGLES  All  kinds  in  stock  SASH  DOORS  MOLDINGS  .Money*3d>laanV��qrvbul^  ;p..Min|ng, shade's".for-sale." ^i"}"? .T.^ ",,: '"���  ' ". DundeewM$n__-fchV^  puyiitfand/Oam^ 'McKinffeyttoch-s;'  also Re  investment .of a  .    fly^a     .*   pppW  *. _o     .%. aS,^ ���     ���  make you thousands.  fe_w :;hundred3/dollanrns^maK"  Jjo'^s for sale in .all ,l>airts|v,of''-thjeiolt3r:o  Houses,to�����rueri��ti .. �����  C3*  SB's  <  O  o  a  GA.HApA:. Ulfg ASSURANCE. 'CQ:.  -" ���""���. "i;|6aBgA'LE.��� ='.,"  ..'.-;    ''*  7:Ro6.t.i��lvousc on darbonato Street.,:;.., 92a()0  5-lloom liouffc oDni-VIili'iti-eet_..��...":_.".....  l!)#'  216t_f on�� Carbonate Street1,. .\...:.,... i..  "���SOO":  2;iQtgbn���Hairstr(i*ot. '.".1....... ....,..,.    'oOO-  FOR RENT.  7-Room, Jiouse anil a 3-rooni1 house on Car1  bonate street.  ^nDndHRiiSTiir  ^GKiVKRAL RttOKER  Ofliqe iii Aberdeen block, Baker St.���l<relson  FFRllNSURANeErREAL ESTATE  cr  You caq save money  by purchasing your  "HALL ��� ANp��L A ^iE," STREETS,", 'NJpLSO-i.  diaries A. Watepman & Go.  CUStOMa BROKERS  AUGTIONEERS  '���WILH-DO WELEtO  BUY f HEIR  G. 0, BUCHANAN'S  A large stock of flrst-class dry material oii Hand, also  a full liner of sashi doors, nionldings, turned Avork, etc.  FACTORY WORK A SPECIALTY  HEAL ESTATE and GENERAL AGENTS  Baker Street, Nelson  FIRST POOR WEST BANK B. C. BUILDING.  FOR  SALE  Two lots and house with fourteen rooms on Silica  street, between Josephine and Hall streets. Terms  $irm cash, balance to be arranged $3,500  Lot and house on Latimer street, near Josephine  street.   Terms ��500 cash, balance 011 mortgage... 1,000  Lot and store on Baker street.   Good location .. 8,000  Lot on Baker street, near corner of Cedar street...    800  Tho British Columbia Loan and Savings Company,  who give the most reasonable terms to borrowers, allowing principal to be paid oil'at any time without charging  any bonus.  GAMBLE &  O'REILLY, Agents,  ��i_ei Kf\C% Will buy 24 horses. 12 wa��ons, 2  9UUV/V wagonettes, 1 buggy, 10 sets of  sleighs, and a complete outfit of harness, saddles, blankets, etc., and a going business of  $30,000 a year.   Terms.  t-JQetrfli"! Will buy two lots and improve-  <])(j(-ivV ments on north side of Vernon  street, between Ward and Josephine streets.  Terms.  Cfc/L CZnf\ Will buy 80 by 120 feet on the  cpl.cJV/vJ' south side of Baker street, between Stanley and Kootenay streets.   Cash.  <-5-__~_ nnn   Will buy 50 by 120 feet on the  vpX1_/jV/W   northeast corner of Baker and  Josephine streets.  Cash,   john HOUSTON.  F. O. Box 57   ' Vernon street. Nelson  Yard:   Foot of Hcnclryx street,, Nqlsdii  Telephon ,91 Johll    R^   AgGHt  Vienna Restaurant  Baker street, bctweoii Jdsepliine and  Hall streets} ,Nelsoii.  I.IEALS AT ALL HOURS, DAY OR NIGHT  BAKERY IN CONNECTION  FAMILY AND PASTRY COOKING A SPECIALTY  ONLY WHITE HELP EMPLOYED  R. HURRY, Prop.  BON TON BESTAURANT.  OPEN DAY AND NIGHT  The only restaurant in the city  employing" only white cooks.  Merchants'lunch from 12 to 2  o'clock, 25 cents. Dinner from 5  to 8.    Short orders   at   all   hours.  Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co.  'PAYMENT MUST ACCOMPANY  :������������-.;.��� ALL ORDERS  Charles   St.   Barbe,   Agent.  "how did you knoAY it?"  "People most alius generally jest as  soon as they come into the place begin to  ask me about it���that's how I knoAved."  "Well, why is it up so high?" demanded the stock-broker, impatiently, Avith a  side glance at the well-developed jackpot on the table.  "The reason's simple enough," said  Long Tom, with a grin that showed his  bicuspids; "you see we had to pack all  this stuff up here from down beloAV on  burros. Originally there was fourj'ints  of that stove-pipe, hub the cinch wasn't  drnwed tight enough on the burro that  was carryin' them, and two of Via slipped  out and rolled down the mountain.  When we got hero we found that there  Avtisn't but two pieces left, I reckoned  that I Avould have to kinder h'st the  stove to make it fit the pipe���so I jest in  and iristed her. And thai- she is. Say,  AvhatXidl this here money on the table  foi-r ,  There was a deep silence, wliich. lasted  so long that Tom A-entured to repeat his  question about the money.  "It is a. jack-pot," said, bhe doctor, sadly, "and as near as 1 can make out it belongs to you."  Corbin to be Thrown Down.  The neAVS < ones from Toronto, on what  is stated to be good authority, .that the  Grand Trunk railway lias agreed not to  oppose the Canadian Pacific in its fight  against the Corbin .charter for the Kettle  Iti ver Valley road into the Boundary  Creek district, and that as a result the  application Avill be "throAvn down." Ib is  to be hoped that the report is not true,  in spite of its .reputed good authority.  Apparently the Avishes of the people living in the district affected are least to be  considered, and by denying them transportation competition the clutch of the  Canadian Pacific mouopoly in British  Columbia Avill be stronger than eA*er.  m Tremont Hotel  <4^17ts' pur^isl?.^��  Neglige Shirts  in Ceylon Flannel, SilK Stripes,  English  Oxfords, at]d Fancy Ginghams, from 65c to $1.25 each.  White Shirts  Comfortable fitting', short  bossoms, extra value, running* from 65e to $1.25.  UNDERWEAR  Men's Balbrig-gans at 90c per suit.  Men's Balbrig-g-ans at $1.50 per suit.  Men's Merino at $1.50 per suit.  Men's Natural Wool Cashmere, plated at $2 per suit,  'worth more money.  Men's Natural Wool at $2.50, $3 and $3.25 per suit,  special values.  T-E-R-k-CS   O-A-S-BC  Martin O'Reilly & Co.  Bank of B. C. building, West Baker street, Nelson, B. C.  P. Burns & Co.  IV1AL0J.E & TRECILLUS  PROPRIETORS  WIIOI.ESALK   AND   I.ETAIL  Meat Merchants  Wholesale Markets at /.elson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.  Headquarters for Miners and Prospectors  TIIE.R_.ST BRANDS OF  Liquors and Cigars  ALWAYS.ON HAND  One'of the best.^aridmosj popr.  ' I3AKER STREET.".'JJKI-Sdlif..  RETAIL  STORES AT  Nelson,   Trail,  Ymir, Kaslo,  New Denver,  Sandon, Silverton, Cascade  City,  Grand Forks,   Midway, Greenwood and Sirdar."  ORDERS BY MAIL  PROMPTLY FORWARDED  Head Office, Nelson, B.C.  West Kootenay Butcher Co^  ALI^RINDS OF FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  ,:y yy^ WHOLESALE AND RETAIL "\  'MM$$SE AND -POULTRY "IN SEASON   ' '   -  ���  bigti/tea by; Eiectricity  Iiargd  QonifortablcV bc-froonis .anil; fii-s.t-oln.BK  dtiijn'g-  'rooni.   Sanipte\ro"o!iis for cohiii.erq.fil ni.eii.  -R_A.-T-_-.S ���  aP-B-B   _-_>^-3_-TT  Mr^r-iEr-(^fiytKl^r-Pr0p;  Late of the Koyal Hotisl; Calgary,  BskHil*-.Nelson _ E. C. TRAVES. Manager  ���"���""��� I     PRACTIGAL  I ELECTRICIAN  Will icpn|rac| to isuppjy; and install afty l^ind of ejectrijgf rnaLpliinery-  Will wire "buildings fori etOcdric lighting, electric. _k3]p, | Wi|l -cj.dntraet 16 ij*^lrill,Jrej^nn_s*-fl^WiJ^  wireanci^llxlurc.. on .uuld.  If. D. HUME, Manager.  The flhcStr hotel in thfiinterior.  I^argo sample i-oom.s.   Steam heal and electric light.  COItNKK OK WARD AN'I. VlfRNON STS., XK'1'.SON  1.AKKK AND WAHD STUKKTS, NKLSON  The only hotel in Ncltion that has remained under one  management since 1890.  The bed-rooms  arc  well furnished  and   lighted by  electricity.  The dining-rOom is not second to any in Kootenay.  The bar is always stocked by tho best domestic and  imported liquors and cigars.  THOMAS MADDEN, Proprietor.  Two and a half miles up the Outlet.from Nelson.  CDT?PTATWT1?C. t     Spring Chickens, Fresh, Cream,  OrJ-iUlALlll-iOt     Pure Milk, Fresh-Laid Eggs.  All of which aro from the ranch belonging to the hotel  A pleasant place to spend afternoons, evenings and  onjoy delicacies that cannot, be obtained in hotels or  restaurants at Nelson.   Good stabling.   Open day and  d i  night.  Can bo reached bv cither road or water.  WILLIAM UOHl-RTS, Proprietor.  Large and well lighted Heated by hot air  Reasonable rates Sample rooms  Klectrie bolls and light in every room  Kenovated and refurnished throughout .  HOTEL  VICTORIA  J. V. PKRKS, Proprietor    :  Revelstoke, B. C.  J-'rec bus meets all trains .  Hourly street car lo station.  _,electric=bui-gU.ir-alafniff,=BlQC|,ricmniiuneialprsif 1* citioBr^FiillT.iogk oi  WRITE F0J{ Pf{JCES.    Office and Storeroom:   Josephirje/Street, Helso.nj  LONDON AND BRITISH COLUMBIA GOLDFIELDS, Ltd.  HEAtl OFFICE,r LONDON,  ENGLAND.  AN communications relating  to  British  Columbia  business (o_ be addressed ^to^P. 6.* Drawer  605, Nelson, British Columbis*  J. Rt)DERICK ROBERTSON, General Manager f ,viei   o/-\__.     i-_    r\  S. S FOWLER, E.M., Mining Engineer '   INtLoyiN,   D. L/.  Coat River Lumber  GjRESTOJlST.  s.  Situate on the Crow's Nest Railway is prepared to deliver lumber of any description in any quantity at any place within the  district  of Kootenay.   Tenders Solicited  GOAT  RIVER  LUMBER  COMPANY,  G.  A.  BIGELOW, Manager  Nelson  Planing MiUli  FLOORING, LINING, MOULDINGS, DOORS,  AND SASHES IN STOCK.  EVERYgDESCRIPTION OF JOINERY, DOORS AND WINDOWS  MADE TO ORDER.  Office and Mills Corner Hall and Front Streets, Nelson THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B.C., SATURDAY, APRIL 8,  1809.  See that your  prescriptions are  filled by us.  TT7"E carry the most complete line  of drug" sundries in Kootenay  ancl the quality of our goods is the  best that money can buy. Our prices  are no higher than our competitors  charge for inferior goods.  We use none but the best quality of drugs ancl chemicals  Special attention given to their compounding  W. F. Teetzel & Co.  CORNER BAKER AND JOSEPHINE STREETS, NEI.SON  Be We  resse  In addition to a new spring suit you need a new hat and tie.  See our window for samples of our stock of ties in all the latest  shapes and colors.  We have just received and opened up a large stock of hard and  soft hats, including Stetson's, Fedora's, Christie's, Roelof's and Carter's for spring and summer wear.  James A. Gilker  P. 0. Store, Baker Street, Nelson.   Branch Store at Ymir.  Stearics Bicycles  '     . First -consignment -just  received.    They are  Beauties, and if you  are goingvtb; Jbuy a .Bicycle, -BUY THE BEST.  I   havV a ' few .. 1897 wheels   which'will   be   sold   cheap for  cash.  Those just received are Xadies',, Gentlemen's and  Boy's 1899 models.  Remember our, great* cash sale, and the'big discount of 25 per cent/  V  Jt  IELS0I Ml anfl MBiKSfflll*  ALL  KINDS  Canvas: Gdbds^ Terfts* Awntag^  ST5 and Fancy Striped Curtatlris far  Verandaljs and Windows  LOCAL   NEWS   AND   GOSSIP.  A blundering oompositoi-and a slumbering i>i*(.o_Ven.lt.r made Ti-te Tribune of  yesterday say that William Austin Jowett  had celebrated his seventl .-.sixth birthday  when it should havo been his twenty-  sixth.  Herr Steiner has organized an orchestra, in which he has all the best musical  talent iii Nelson. Hereafter there Avill be  no necessity to send to London ancl other  distant cities for music for ultra-fashionable social events. r  The owner of a lot at the corner of  Latimer and .Josephine streets, through  which a small creek runs, turned the  water on to .Josephine street yesterday  afternoon, causing more or less damage,  and he will probably be more or less damaged himself this morning in the police  court.  W. P. Dickson, R. H. H. Applcwhaite,  and .James McPhee have formed si copartnership under the firm name of the  Kootenay .Electric Supply ��fc Construction  Company. It is the intention of the firm  to carry a full stock of electrical supplies  of all kinds, and as two of the members  of the firm are practical electricians aud  the other a capitalist and business man,  it is not likely that any of the Coast  houses in the same line will hereafter do  much business in either Kootenay or  Yale.  John Ayton Gibson = is in Spokane on  "mining business, and not business matrimonial :i.sthe Miner would have it appear.  Alderman. McKillop and W. J. Goepel  are contemplating the erection of two  residences on Stanley street, between  HooA*er and Observatory streets. A  start will be made ou the buildings this  spring.  Sam Kee the Kuskonook Chinaman  arrested Thursday evening upon the  strength of a telegram from the pi-cmn-'  eial constable at that place, was brought  before magistrate Crease yesterday morning upon a charge of carrying concealed  weapons. The prisoner "was remanded  upon this charge till Monday in order  that the charge of theft may be laid by <"  the Kuskonook officer.  The Fernie Free Press is authority for  the statement that "Jim" Trodden has  resigned his position as roadniaster on  the Crow's JSTest Pass line and gone north  to the Y'ukou.  Rev. .J. .Robson ancl family moved yesterday into the handsome new Methodist  parsonage on the east side of .Josephine  street, south of Silica.  y Last evening the members of the iVel-  son company of the Kootenay rifles put  iu their thirteenth drill since their rifles  arrived on February 23rd. At last" evening's drill sergeant Beer'read* the following orders dealing Avith promotions in the  company: Lance-sergeant* "Day to be  sergeant; corporal Dixon to be lance-  sergeant during" the absence of sergeant  Brown ; lance-corporal G. W. Steele to be  corporal; pte JN*. F. McLeod to be corporal ; and pte C. IS. Beasley to be lance-  corporal.  MIUING  RECORDS.  NKI.SON.MI.VIXO DIVISION*���HECORD OKKICE   AT  NKI.SOX.  Thursday, April (>.���Transfers���Anglo-Ante, ican, situate on the divide between the eiu-t fork of Cottonwood  crefl* and Aiuleivson creek; Leonard .iuynhiiin to William .Viildie; consideration SI.  Friday, April 7.���Certificate of improvement for No. 2  to l.dninnd Cornelius Traves, George Hobcrt Garnett  OT'r.scoll ami George Henry Hamilton Symonds.  SLOCAN'    MINING    1)1 VISION ��� UKCOIU)   OKFICK    AT    NI.\\'  1>I.NVKR.  Tuesday, April I.��� Assessments-On the Isis, by Hobcrt Williams. On tho Amy fur two years, by A. 0. Ostby.  Transfers���One-half interest in the Capital, on Silver  mountain: by Amos Thompson to W. S. Taylor; consideration $1. One-half intoiest in the Amy. on Howson  creek: by George Monson to A. O. Ostby: consideration  SI. One-fourth ntercst in the Stockholm and Alma and  ono-e'glilh interest in the Charlotte and Norway, ne��r  Three Forks; by A.O. Ostby to J. i-iishieon.iderationSl.  One-fourth interest in the Slif.0 Fraction, on Goat Mountain: by W. 1). Mitchell to X. F. MeN'auglit: consideration SI. One-fourth interest in t.he Wallace, adjoining  the Sligo Fraction: by Amos Tliotnpson lo N. F. _lc-  N'aught: consideration ��1. One-third interest in the  Dewey and one-fourth interest in Tun-is and Capeila. on  Goat mountain; by I., liremner to X. F. jUcNanght; con-  sidenuion 31.  Wednesday,    April  a Assessments���On   Treasure  Vau't. by F. l.angford.  Ce't'lleale of improvements���On Shoo Swap, owned by  1'atrick S. Byrne of Kaslo.  HOTEL   ARRIVALS.  TJIKMONT.  NELSON, B. C.  KASLO, B. C.  SANDON, B. C.  DEALERS IN  .1. liathgcn. Gem, Idaho  Thomas Itock. Jvokanee  Creek  Fred Guiltier, Sandon  Joseph I". .Faulkner,  ltossland  W. Mayhall, Sandon  William Hill, Sandon  H. Lenker. Gent, luaho  QUEEN'S.  F. Vollcck, Brooklyn I J..). McMillan, Ymir  A. R Ulandy, lvaslo | J. K. JcJI'cotf, Nakusp  HUME.  It. JMcl-ean, .Casio  A. G. McKonney, Toronto  .1. K. i-iiuhkii'ii. Toronto  A. Bticltiinitn. Toronto  H. G. Stevenson, ltossland  G. J.lulii, Chicago  W. Hall, Colville  Miss J. Hall, Colville  It. W. Willey, i'ine Village,  MADDEN. .  J. AV. Ham, Salmo I S. Hunter, ICaslo  Tajlor Aitliouse, Oregon     | F. Terry, kevelstoke  1-HAlIt.  Indiana  1).   1_. _vl ndis,   Versailles,  Indiana **-  li. S. Wil-on, Spokane  Charles Culver, Sandon  W. A. Suutt.on, Windsor  Ij. Gavin. Vancouver  II. A. Small  Vancouver  A. K. lim d and wife. New  Westminster  W. It. Dickson, ICaslo  Mrs. A. i_. Wickers  R. S. 1-earce  H. It. James, Vancouver  JamesA.Macdonald.Green-  wood  CLARKE.  Mrs. 11. Clark. Montreal  Josepli F. i-'rame, Halifax  Mii-s Steen, 1.05.sland  H. 11. Franklin. Montreal  H. J. Adams, Sandon  J. Whitmore, IV.rtland  A. D. Jones, San Francisco  T. U. Perry and wife, W.n-  nipeg  George Hunter, Cranbrook  Mrs. Jennings, Wardner  K. Martin, S ancouver  S. Walley, Creston '  SILVEH KING.  W llinni Brnsli, Oro I IS. Trunin, Royal Canadian  It. Page, Silver King mine |  GRAND CENTKAI..  Cornelius Harvey," New-  York  K. Irwin, Ainsworth  li. J. Daniels, Sii.iiFrancisco  John Wynn, Northport  L. I.evesque, Kobson  H. B. Dauies, Brooklyn  Frank Haggart.y, Itobson  WANTED.  ANTED���A good waitress.    Apply-'at once Silver  w  King hotel, Baker street, Nelson.  w  ,��� VNTI'-D���Twelve boys at, S3 a week. Apply today to  Kootenay Cigar Manufacturing Company.  PROFESSIONAL   CARDS.  A�� ���.Hi*HOLDIGH���Analytical Qhemigt and Anoayer,  fr^l- VVJctoriaVstrdet,*NelSoh. .     ":"���.".���   .   ".    ."  ^*fvC?&wl__*M^^^  ��W.,n". ���Minings, .Engineers? and " Analj*ticalu Chemists,  fSlocah'C-tyrBjC."   * "��      ".---���  E" " \yAiif'& GAUn'C|-4if61i^ecra.-  R'oqinSVaniV^Ab-  v. y. ,eracenn;b��lock,"BakeV���.street, rNelsijii.  IX-f �� dAKK-TArchitect snd  artist.   Bi-ckf niiill  Block,  ���-r3r��*   inJcStijdob't.'to*"K6l80iJiilibVitnr}'._  WANTKD���Three good  boys  to  .ell  The Tribune.  Must be able to get around by (i o'clock in the  morning.  FOR   SALE.  POU SALE���A pho ograph with thirty-six records, in  good condition.    Apply to Frank Villencuro, Bon  Ton barber shop, Nelson, B. C.   FOU SALE���On easy terms a small sawmill, planer and  shingle mill. * Address "Sawmill," Tribune otlice,  Nelson, B. C. ~ , ,  AV GRAYING but-iness, well established,!, 3r rigs, 5  **���' horses, stable nndJ complete outfit. Apply \\~. A.  Costello, Nelson, B.C.  Heavy Hardware  SOLE AGENTS FOR  Giant Pow  TRUAX  ORB  OARS  Canton Drill Steel  CARRY INcSTOCK  Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal  Pipes, and Fittings  G-iant, Caps and Fuse  Tools, Cutlery, Tin  ^^  and Woodenware  Js5#     Stoves, Ranges,  Iron,  Steel,   Sheet  Iron, T-Rails  Paints, Oils, Glass  NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:   Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.  THE LAWRENCE HARDWARE CO.  Will   be  found   in  their  new  premises  on   Baker Street  with  a complete stock  of  Shelf and  Heavy  Heavy  and Shelf  ALL KINDS OF MINING SUPPLIES  F  OH SALI.���Lots 1 to 12 b ockJUO, Nelson.  No .igriits.   Box j7'i, Nelson.   t-rKcSHOOO.  a  THEO. MADSON ��&-  PROPRIE'I'OK       Bf-kfer St. opposito postoffice, Nglspii  WHOLESALE   -A-OST-D   __S-E!a?iA.irj  c^r_A.^rs &rj^jtw, :f:e]_e:d,  etc  Write for QtioWions on�� car lots.  -DT_E__^SO-N",   B. O.  ^Mtfe-  FOB SAIjH"���l-otso, (land 7 lilook 48.Nolson, wi.li ilvvel-  ling  liousc.     1'rioo $1000.   No agents.     Box  572,  Nelson. *  TENANTS   WANTED  FOlt four bloi-os, three basements, and one second-  story w.ireroom. The stores and basements will be  24. by 100 root, the second-story wareroom 100 by 100 feet,  all in a brick building, with stone basenienl, having a  southern lVonla_fo on liaker Mroct. Occupation given  July 1st. Inquire of Job;. Houston, yornon street. Nelson.  LODGE   MEETINGS.  KNIGHTS, OF P.YTIHAS���Nekon Lodge, No, 25,  _ /"Kriightsjdf'.Pythias, tifeet^iftl.'O. O. IT.yiall^cornci:  BrtkbK-.nd'KtfoieiiayMi-eetBj" every "Tueliday .evening .lit  8 o'clock* u.*Visiting,Ufltights cordlall*/' invited, to iiU'^di.  ��� - c.��i?,&EN(oBeP.;g&! y. yy:Gt.-RossiK:-.ot!ii.;&^.  NELSON,Ldb6K,���uN6r23, A. If:'.�� A. "lk. fleets  "seconds>V"edpesd_i"y��ih."each;ntphth". Sojourning,  "brethren.invited;" ������"���"    "  ".'" ���";" ���    " >  You  will  fititl it to your -..lv,-int--_*e to consult us  - '      before ]>1,-icing your orders  Tirjsmithing and Plurrjbiqg a Specialty  " Estirtiates Cheerfully Furnisfjec.  GROCERIES and CROCKERY  We  ARE  EASTERN IMITATIONS  BUT ARE MADE BY  o_E?* nsT-BX-Soasr, -B.o.  Your House Needs Refurnishing'  ORGAN  VIOLIN  GUITAR  MANDOLIN  BANJO  AUTOHARP  AO0OBDEON  VIOLIN BOW  STRINGS  or MUSIC  Call at our Store arid we "will do the rest."  We dont   claim   to supply everybody,  but we do  claim   to carry a stock   that'  cant be beaten in. Kootenay.  Dont be deceived.by what other deal-  fy.-.ens: -.may*  say^  but :come-  and. ��be -con-  0 0,0�� DB D    o �� ^ fl     ti  ' ' �� 0 ��� �� o �� ^  Vineficl^haji .fth'jS'-' quatJity rro'f  our" ffobds-  Vand^p��rrces?..ire ;ri��"h��tiv*V" ��������.-.���������.  " 'We (tent adBVf3rtfeb any foolish prices,  but our rifdtto is -'Fiill/ We?g*ht. and  Good Goods."  A shipment of  first-cjj.3s   apples just.  arrived.  Canada Drug and Book Co..  LI-IVtITE-D.  Corner Baker and Stanley Streets, Nelson.  rS3r-  n tractors  d Others  Who use picks, shovels, etc.,  should not fail to look at our line  of goods, which for qualities and  material cannot be beat.  Telephone 10.   P. O. Box K &�� W.     Baker street West, Nelson  Another Shipment of Fancy Groceries Has Just Arrived  I-C^CSr-XTIP-C-N-Gh  Vancouver -Hardware Co., Lif.  Intporters of Shelf and Heavy Hardware.  MARA & I3AKNARD BLOCK, BAKHll. ST.. NELSON  D. McArthup & Co.  Can supply you with all kinds of  Fine -Furniture, Carpets and Linoleum  AT REASONABLE  PRICES  Comer of Bake^^^treeta     UNDERTAKING    IN    CONNECTION  SPECT  OUR MAMMOTH STOCK OF  BOOTS AND SHOES  Van Camps'Macaroiii and Cheese,  Pork and Beans and Sweet Potatoes  Just added another brand of tea to pur already large assortment. It is impossible to buy tea from us and be dissatisfied.  We carry the choicest brands only.  3-Star Flour is Selling1 Fast  ABERDEEN BLOCK  NELSON, B. C.  S  The Best on the Market  Just received a carload of the Lake of the Woods Milling Company's  celebrated Hungarian brands of Flour, which will- be sold at the same  price as the  inferior grades on the market.    Try it and   be  convinced.  EVERYTHING IN THE SHOE LINE  Neelands' Shoe Emporium  ���������'-  20 AND 2S WEST BAKKB STREET, NELSON     ..-.' *  Family orders a specialty and free daily delivery  Mail and telephone, orders promptly attended to  Baker Street West, opposite Oddfellows'Block  JOIN A. IBYffle & CO.  SPECIAL ATTEMM  Have just received a consignment of Harris home  made Uvccd.s from Talbot Harris, Scotland.  PEED J. SQUIBE, Bafcep St. Mod     -i  Tho supply is lim-tod. 60 call early and examine this stock.


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