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The First  Excursion  of the  Season  to
Channel Islands Meets With Disaster in a Fog.
wore carried
ity, and tlio
embarked   in
Southampton, March 3.1.—The Stella,
wliich   belongs to  the London   A. Southwestern   'Railway   Company., left Southampton    yesterday  conveying   the   Jirsfc
excursion   of the season   to the  Channel
Islands.    There   were about   IS5 passengers   on   boa ni  and  the crew  numbered
thirty-live men.    The weather was  foggy
but  all   went well   until   the afternoon,
when   tbe   fog   became most ■dense.    .At
four o'clock the Casnet rocks loomed   up
through tho  fog bank,  and  the  steamer
almost   immediately   afterwards  struck
amidships.  • The captain, seeing that the
Stella,   was fast sinking, ordered the lifeboats   to.be launched.    Mis instructions
out with the utmost celor-
women nnd  children   wove
the  boats.    Then  the captain ordered tho men  to look after themselves.    A  survivor  states   that he and
twenty-five others put off from the Stella
in a, small   boat.    When   this boat was a.
short distance away from the wreck, the
boilers  of the  Stella, burst  with terrific
explosion   and the   vessel disappeared  in
the  sea.     The  last  thing  the  survivor
saw was the figure of the captain standing  calmly on the bridge giving orders.
The survivor interviewed, added: "The
suction     was   so    tremendous   that   we
thought  our boat would be engulfed.    I
saw  five boats and  the collapsible  boat
besides our boat leave   the wreck.    They
contained altogether between, fifty and
1.00 -passengers.    Five of the boats  were
soon   lost  to view,   but Ave  took a  boat
filled with   women in  tow, and   the occupants of our boat  took the oars  in turn
and    rowed  all   night,  until   most   of us
dropped   asleep,   thoroughly- exhausted.
We sighted a small boat at six o'clock in
the   morning,   but   the   Great Western
Railway Company's steamer Lynx, from
'Weymouth, had meanwhile hove in sight
She  bore down on us and took us all on
board.     She   eventually    landed   us   at
The Great AArestern Railway Company's
steamer   from   Southampton   picked   up
■ "forty others of, the .survivors and, lauded™
V%?-v'V>       .     -*
■ m%i ■:.
They  Can   Do   as  Much Work   in   Eight
Hours as They Have Been Doing
in   Ten Hours.
frequently   heard   urging the  rowers to
pull for their lives.
The disaster is generally attributed to
the high speed at which the steamer was
travelling in the fog. The second mate
was the only officer of the Stella who was
saved. The captain and other officers,
most of the crew, and many of the passengers were lost.
Ciii.i.i.ouuc;, .March 31.- The tug Alar-
soulin has arrived here and reports having picked up a boat containing eight
passengers of the steamer Stella, which
was wrecked yesterday afternoon on the
Casuet rocks in a fog. All the rescued
passengers were suffering   from   injuries.
For   Fixing   up   the   Samoan   Difficulty  is
Receiving the Favorable Consideration of Three Governments.
Raise the Limit.
'Washington, March 81.—The delegates
from the Cuban assembly, Messrs. Villa-
lon and He via,, called informally at the
state department today, and had a long
conversation with secretary Hay. The
affairs in Cuba were freely discussed, and
the delegates presented the resolution of
the Cuban assembly. Secretary Hay
assured the delegates that the United
States government would not increase
the amount to pay the Cuban army above
the $3,000,000 already sent to Cuba. He
said that this matter could not be further
considered. He also informed them that
the president would not consent to any
scheme for raising money by the Cuban
assembly to pay the Cuban troops. Later
the secretary mentioned the call to presi-
dant McKinley, and the president informed him that there would be no other
or further answer to the delegation than
had already been given by the secretary.
Building Up Fernie.
• [Special to Tho Tribune.]
VFi_t.nii_, 'March 31.—Building opera-
tidns that have been smouldering all
winter have commenced to break out a
little    more    vigorously.      Tlie   Roman
ptiny." hoX.iffoi^;tfuM ^*feVej[lt^)a^-.h^^
^bei^iBVi^ caused;
c„ss^y^iitrL*iiuei*en;j   „ ■*,•      ..».*'
y:^ TIje5i*e/ yy.pj4" h\ixifp\?).ng, sceii(.|_i at 'fjliq.
", ybthckiof -tilibXp LoiidbW .<&  Soi'itbwestern
i^ry',a^h):^jf/afcj0op,Ulr^-la%e.*5.*\"   Many guernsey
f;^iuiiilu^f^g^j-efe^°yei;; ■   ■{•I'ujsjja-nd,-." kxd
%°"0"^i^ft'^*U"lW£li-^C4Cv*^VV^f8i^4^/B -*>■fvl"" "*\'$fe$' kvu.
\'°' k^ln^'i:dr-0i^\lhhiSkpds^  "Parents idrb
""^e0jci^".ije*.ys\'Orf*J"bst cliildfeu,  and cliil;
4-cliifeiXDarefJodkChg.d*0.il'3ifi-.-5unfgVpafe);tS. AH
a 1*!yieqlii-}?$;:a,re>h.ul'-_i}.aste«lb at St., Peter Le
""-li-Oi't; "f0.pntb Uobi} today 1()2 .passengers
ilmd.bt.eii   accounted -f<5r; tiiicliiding   J.
J?iiV]bQji,.'aji(;l. \\'fi!0.    Mr; Miii-fon "i$ manager
;^it.tli4#estejar«f_i.oi*i''froil office of tlie AmGri**
nti-ifi$&,io. Tii'e steamers Vera, and -F__on.ie.iu*
- arC cruising iu thy vicinity of tlie AVreek-
\ ..Late i\aec*bui its say that the. Stella had
_JnTt rAi? passengers on boai'd and, that Ju_r
ci'eVv   iruiubeX'ed   -12  pe.'Sons.      Another
stOiiliver of   the same   company,   which
==aii'!av:eiUat=tlie-igr.liul=oi-Cviernseiv-a (> ij()oi^=
reported having passed  many bodies  of
fire   victims  of the   disaster   about  the
Oaiiset rocks.
A survivor of the Stellii .named Bush,
say§ that the Speed of the 'vessel ill the
fog Wits not diminished though the log
whistle was sounded. Bush' adds that at
3:30 a. in. the engineer shoAved him in the
engine room a dial i'egistei'ing a Speed of
IHi knots, and that the vessel struck
.within twenty-five minutes afterwards.
V°Bush further asserts that two lifeboats
were suiik With tlie steamer, 'which after
resting on tlje rocks fbr ten or fifteen
minutes, split in two and disappeared, lie said that wheno the
Stella disappeared forty or fifty
passengers were discovered clinging to
pieces of the wreckage .or cabin furniture,
arid crying piteously for help. All the
passengers and crew had been provided
Avith life belts and there was little panic.
He first slipped into the Avatei* and then
swam to one of the boats into which he
was helped. The occupants of the boat
rowed supposedly in the 'direction of
Guernsey, but seven hours later found
themselves near the Wreck, and saw
dozens of passengers clinging to the
rocks. The boat from which Bush was a
passenger was afterwards picked up by
the Lynx.
The passengers all agree that perfect
order and discipline prevailed on board.
The vessel's entire company took their
stations Avheu the A'essel struck and
served out the life belts and loAvered the
boats. The scene at the moment of the
sinking of the vessel Avas heartrending.
AVomen were screaming and praying, anil
people were clinging to spars and-other
wreckage in -other directions. Those 'who.
had succeeded in... getting into the boats
had a iuutoav escape from the suction
caused by the sinking vessel. The A'oice
of captain Rooks  from tlie  bridge  was
S:ha'iUlsbii'ie^a:n"d:\ci<")niniolli'^uns ^edificfei'liji?!..'
lthJsn-¥">Vpj*^ ,
.<h.datia.„-.~-_-lp),~f? -i\%n^y&
'6hc.e."--.«",:T,htb :p°-*q.AfueinaJ„»g<r)vei:iini^ntt
T«_6°JkIiip':iCi*d.' oiTi,Bal"'%uidunlg.s' nViui'i\>rea.d;y
i'o'i1 ijse. An ap]li:opi'iatioii ■ has been
ijliS.de fbr the ,erec|.ibu of ix .four-UQoi.ied
"..-Sc°li;ppiBiOii;^,..'\\3nch"'If1ill hp 1|ni!| tit once.
iVJ'a-i?g!e°.atiyit.iouv. js "being" iimkte *f<>, the-
'Rpym.fl.Q„tj.I ^liaqDcscmt,i;an°C'il*.")_aS' /be^ji. ..let-
"tbja'y "2,d60":f(*et of^sideAJ-alk -on "\ri^rgbi-jn-.'
°a,Af(_j,iue; tlie \\*Oi,'jc tb 'be,'°doiid'"ii.S5KlV.,ojE'
thii'ty dfiys- ibiterihl is arisi'viijg, spiis-
"-lioflicaliy for-tlie erectibi. qf tlie" loft ad*-
<liti<)l!al| j-oko -ovens, Aviijcli" the (.rmrt
^eSt Coa] "Cpmpaily liave let the contract to buijd this auiiniier. J_}evsel.op-
inentij. proceeding at tlie coja] mines to
enable tile.company fo Supply coal for
coking purposes for the e£tra :OArens,
SCA'eral fine SpCc,ini<Jus of galena have
been found in the nfiigliborliood of the
town. ]:    	
Rock Slide at Niagara.
morning about five o'clock a great mass
of rock, estimated to Weigh over 100,000
tons, fell from the cliff on the south side
of the Buttery whirlpool ritpids elevator,
and plunged down into tlie gorge and
road tracks, aiid the buildings at the foot
of tlie ulevator shaft. These buildings
had just been repaired, owing to tlie fall
■of an okl elevator Shaft a fe\y "weeks ago,
and this morning they were again wifeck-
ed. A portion <>f the lower part of the
elevator sh.'ift was also torn away. One
large boulder weighing many tons rests
on the gorge road tracks, while between
it and the cliff there is a mass of shale
torn from the cliff. At the top of the
bluir there is an immense rock gradually
breaking away froin the cliff and probably will fall before many hours, the
seam having opoued up about three
inches since early morning. This rock is
many feet wide, long and thick and
weighs hundreds of tons. AVhen it makes
the plunge it will fall on the gorge road
which is not iioav in operation. The cars
of the Buttery elevator are not running.
More Bones Recovered.
Ni-W* York, March 31.—Some bones of
a body were taken out of the ruins of the
Windsor hotel about one (.'clock today.
They were found near the bake shop, and
consisted of a, leg bone and. about ten
ribs, so small that some of them looked
like the bones of an animal, perhaps a
■sheep. However, the police were satisfied that the bones were those of a human
(body and they .Ave re. .put in a, coffinv and;
seiit*. to the.v ii.i()rgue.:' ;Tlie bodies found
last- niglit Vwere.-;.t<)day taken to. the',
inorgue and are boxed, being described as
having no means of identification.
Washington, March 31. -A modus Vivendi for the settlement of the Samoan
troubles has been -proposed, and is now
under favorable consideration by the
three governments concerned. It contemplates the creation of a joint high
commission, consisting of one member
from each country, to pass upon the recent clash of authority and resulting disorder. The proposition, it is understood,
Avas put forward- by Germany, and it is
the second one submitted for the settle,
ment of the entire question. The first
proposition AA*as that the United States
and Great Britain join with Germany in
removing all the officials uoav  serving in!
Samoa through  whom  the troubles had :
arisen.    To  this  the United States and;
Great Britain   replied that as  their re-;;
spective  officials  Avere not  regarded, as
having acted in the  wrong, it could  not;
be  conceded  that  they should be Withdrawn  and   thus  discredited.    Noaa- the
new  proposition   is  presented,  to lea.ve
the A\diole (piestion  to  high commissioners, one from each government, the higli
commission to have supreme authority iii
reaching a settlement.     This aa-ouIcI suspend, for the time being,  the  authority
of the present officials in Samoa, so far
as  the  recent difficulty was  concerned,
and lea,Are the settlement  to  an  entirely
neAV body, free from prejudice, and with
such a standing as to giA*e  added Aveight
to  its findings.    It would be temporary
in character, not suspending or  varying
the Berlin treaty, except for the special
■purpose,'and for that reason Avould come
under the general ..designation of a modus
. A'ivend i... «The .treaty.... itse If con ten i pi ates
l.this>n;spCcj;al":/narrange]ueiit,   as    it   pro-
#deilinis^io^:feaiiticle   VIII.,   tliat
fanyD... "Speciar . .^amendment      may     be
'nadq-^$ecl»vbS oi the  three
VpoAv^SywiJl^tli^ of Samba. Up
ttbipthew pyesieiit-stin i e:-. fio^fii i a I ' accep ta n cej
^    ■      u n    ^ 1*1'-l_P_l'?ir"U°_      ^       ^"n^5-1^!       Q c| n *
flia-S"VBeeu;',gj'veiTJ.fOitherj.B"b.>' the Un ited
"Skrf^-Qis.^eftfc^Bi/i't-iiiilobiit in view of
th^^WpnbleVitepqrte;(i :AV*it;hin the last few
0"aysj°all l3.yvtics' "Seeni iiiuch inclincd to
accept tjiis."as°ai|*0rding1ssoiiie i.rospect of
a sciliitibii; " "ThiiiCiWbbri% Out by today's
stable a'dv'i^tfs '±'6<In"i .Berlin referring to
the, fpvorkbteAicpeQtipice'ai the last pro-
* position; rrh^\!tSiBl^VgL|fp4 no hint of the
s^iecllAii'^pnpp^di^ohyhiitilit is on the lines
abovte Ihid down,
Imprisonment   of  Missionaries   the   Excuse
Offered for the Extension of What is
Called a Sphere of Influence.
Pkkix, March  32.—in   consequence  of
the  recent attack   by   natives    upon  a
German patrol, a  small  German  expedition is being landed at La  Chan, a   coast
town, a short distance from Kiau  Chou.
The presence of  nearly the Avhole of  the
German fleet at Kiau Chan, it is believed,
indicates the possibility of extensive operations, and the Chinese in consequence
are  seriously  alarmed.     The  Tsung  Li
Yamen,  in  order to sIioav a desire to remove all possible causes of friction, has
dismissed three magistrates  voluntarily,
although   the   German   minister,  baron
Von Heyking, has been constantly pressing for their disgrace.. Tlie fearful ravages of the Yellow river flood Inwe caused
terrible misery and    discontent  inV the
pmvince of Shan Tung, and the native officials haArebeen unable to maintain order.
The landing of the Germans is  intended
to show the Chinese that if they are un-c
able to control the populace  it  is  necessary for the foreigners  to "protect theni-
seh*es.   The imprisonment of the German
missionary  near  the  German 'sphere of
influence, about Kiau Chou, is difficult to
explain, as the place mentioned,is within,
easy inarch of a  German   outpost.    The
Chinese fear that the present operations
Avill expand the German administration.
Spanish Residents Leaving Cuba.
Havana, March 3.1.—The steamerMont-
serrat sailed this morning for Spain, Iuia*-
ing on board 2S0 Spanish passengers,
formerly residents of Cuba and mostly
small merchants. This exodus is noticeable because of the numbers. There
have recently been at least three authentic murders of Spaniards in the country,
and in some.cases men of property ha\'e
been killed. If it is known who the murderers are, the fact has not deA*eloped,
though there are men in Havana who
'gtiy there is evidence* pointing to Cuban
soldiers being the guilty parlies. In the
past general Gomez punished murderer.,
of this kind with death, but since his removal the Cubans have been taking advantage of the lack of discipline to retaliate upon their Avar enemies, who arc-
still on the island.
Bi2i".j_i_\T, Alarch 3|.—The Gei-niaii press
having strongly intiiii.uted that, Mr.
White -tiid the Aiiiferican goA'ci'hnieiit
shOAved bad faith when they recently assured.the German .gOA^rumtiut that Cofi,--
ciiljatoi'y insitructious had been .cabled to
adniiraf Utility,. Mr. AVhite, United. Suites
minister to Germany, has deemed it ad-
\*isable to denounce this as a libel aiid as
untrue.i adding that neither the Washington, authorities tior he kneM* anything
the German government.
Filipinos Will Be Made to Fight Filipinos.
VVASiMNtiTON, March <-!.—It is said at
the war department that with the capture of Malolos general Otis will not
make a, campaign during the rainy Season,
Uor is it believed that he will at present
chase the Filipinos into the mountain
fastnesses of Luzon. The officials consider it evident that all the fight tliat
was in Aguinaldo has been whipped out
of him, and it is believed that lie cannot
hold the Filipinos army together much
longer. A short rest will determine'
whether the Filipinos intend; to keep up
a guerilla warfare and if so a plan is
already maturing to meet any such conditions. Natives will be employed to fight
the guerrillas, and the government can
give them better pay and afford them
greater protection than Aguinaldo. There
is no doubt about the ability to employ
natives in this Avay. If there must be
guerrilla fighting during the rainy season,
Avhieh will soon be upon the Philippines,
the United States will not sacrifice its
troops in such warfare when the natives
can be obtained.
*    More of the Wreckage Found.
London. March 31.—A large aniounlof
wreckage has been washed up on the
1'enibrpkes.hire shore today. A ship's
, papers aiid a, lifeboat, bottom .up".va_rds,,
marked •'M£-i,echa|." Latineif," are among
the "Wreckage: "It is "believed .now that
the French bark Marecbftl 'Launer Avent
pn the Hat ami Biirfel i-qcks ne_ir Smajfs
Light. She av.is laden with 3000 tons of
coal, and was a new vessel of IJlJ tons,
She sailed from Swansea on March 28th
for Saii Francisco, it being practically
her first voyage. Her master Avas captain
Le I'etit.
Emperor Bill's Congratulations.
BadI-N, March 81.—-Emperor AVilliam
has telegraphed to the imperial chancellor, prince Hohenlohe, on the occasion of
the hitter's birthday, as follows: "May
God continue to vouchsafe health and
strength to you, so that your distinguished, services-may be long preserved
to me and to our country." His majesty*'
added his thanks to prince ,Hohenlolie\.iu
behalf, of the federal princes .and the.; .nation;for his' self-sacrificing'*' devotion Vain I
the brilliant example, set iii the., per for-,
mance of his duties.  .''-'-..
Murderer Kennedy Sentenced.
IvMW   YoilK, March  31.—This  evening
Sahiiiel  J.   Kennedy  Avas  brought   into
Court and sentenced to be electrocuted
during the Week beginning May 22ijd.
Justice Williams, vvho pronounced sentence on the prisoner, denied a notice for
a new trial. Kennedy Was found guilty
pf murder in the first degree, lie was
accused of having killed Doily Reynolds
at the Grand, hotel in this city early on
the morning of August 10th.
Pope's Resignation aiid Nelson Assizes.
[Spoviul to The Tribune.)
A'ictohia, March 31.--—Although superintendent of education Pope's resignation
takes effect today, no appointment has
yet been made/and premier Semlin says
none will be made for sonic time.
Nelson assizes are set for May 30th.
under  bond   to   Mr. KIjsIoav   of   London,
The Nettie L never looked better than
it does at present. A few days ago the
richest ore yet struck was encountered
in the drift. Ifc is heavily charged Avith
gray copper and will run over 1000
ounces to the ton in silver. This strike,
which is about three inches, in thickness,
is embedded in the other ore with which
the breast of the tunnel fairly glistens.
Billy Glenn is raAvhiding the ore down
from the property and is making good
The work of rawhidhig the Beatrice
ore down to Ferguson is not progressing
as favorably as it might, but it is expected that when Hugh McPhersou puts.-on
his fresh relay of horses at the upper end,
the work Avill proceed more rapidly.
Some seven horses are now at .work at
the Ferguson end and last night they
hauled in about four tons.
By the time the shoav is off the ground,
it is expected that work avi'11 be commenced on the Black Diamond at; the
head of the north fork aiid the Little
Robert and AVestfall groups located in
the saine.A'icinity.
The American and Morning Star Avill
be developed as soon as the season is
sufficiently advanced and the John L.
group near the former claim -will receive
a great deal of attention during the coin
ing summer. The former tAAro claims are
bonded to Rossland parties.
Many enquiries are being made regarding the tonnage, past, present^ and future
bf this district, and a vastly increased interest shoAvn in.the mining, development
of this section.
IiV" the Beatrice tunnel and shaft there
is a splendid showing of ore. From the
very grass roots this property has paid
and when supplies' are packed up and the
"men gel to work, ore will be made rapidly
with the present body.
Against Eight-Hour Law.
A meeting of the representatives of the
several   mining  companies  operating   in
the vicinity--of Nelson was  held in the
Nelson Club yesterday afternoon for the
purpose  of taking  joint action- Avith respect  to the  enforcement of  the eight-
hour law.    The general opiniou'expressod-
at the meeting was that tlie operation of
the amendment would work disastrously
to both the miners and mine owners/and
it was unanimously  resolved  to send a
couple   of delegates to   Victoria fbr  the
purpose of-urging the government tp suspend  the operation  ofthe amendment.
The  delegates  appointed   by "the^mine-
owners  wore J.J.  Campbell  ofthe Hall
Mines  ami captain   Duncan of the  Duncan Alines.    They   will take with them a i
petfthin- signed   tyy all tlio mining coirir
panies. "Operaitiiing"Ui tliis"A-ieif.'ity ancl jVS-■"
SurancpS of the.coTopeiyitipn.oftheniii/nig
coinpajiie&bf the SJoca-n andRpssljiud.   -
Tlie   citizens bf   Nelson   Avilj   also  be
asked to petition tbegWchiment Apj.ostV
poiie the eiifoifcenient of the amendment,
and   it hits been suggested  that mayor
Neelands should accompany the delegates
of  the mine owners  as a delbg'fcte  from
the  citizens.   As  the delegates will rev
ciuire_to_get-tO—Vi(.t_oi_ia_--as--;speed i !y=as,
possible,   an   attempt will   be made  to
Secure sufficient signatures to the petition
to enable the delegates  to start on Sunday morning.
[Trout I.nko Topic, Murcli A5.J
Recently Dave Cowan secured the contract of running an 80-foot tunnel on the
Silver Queen, a very -promising property
situated on Great Northern mountain
and recently bonded-'-to James Dixon of
Vancouver. On Thursday last Dave,
accompanied by J. Hickman, Steve
Woods, Fred Johnson and George Spinles,
left the lake to commence work on the
property. These operations, it is expected, will open this promising little
property and put it in shape to commence
On the Lucky Foiir, a claim located on
Boulder creek, about five miles from
Thompson's ..Landing and within a short
distance of the*; main:, wagon road, the
chances are excellent for the commencement of a I.50-foot tuniiej .(.hiring, tlie
early part of June. This "property, is
owned by   Cowan and -Hickman,  and  is
Rank Treasons
An Australian writing of British Co*-
luiiibia says : "The folders of the C.P.K,
tell you there are thousands of hands
employed in the canning, fishing, lumbering nnd other industries- of- British CpJ-
Iunibia< but they take good care to omit
to mention that all the employees are
Chinese and Japanese, who will sopn
swarm thy. country like locusts, starving
out tlie whites aiid making the country
an Asiatic settlement. Fngland is quite
indifferent so long as she obtains her own
selfish ends by halving an open door. She
has driven her own sons out of England
and is now seeking to drive them from
her colonies to make room for alien
races, who have nothing to offer in return,
but swarm the colonies with their pauper populations, so that a few nianufac-
urcrs anfl speculators may increase their
A Band Gets a Surplus.
I KooLciiaiim, March ,'JOth.l
Tlie ladies of the Kaslo school of cookery wound up their affairs yesterday, and
by dint of hard labor made tbe affair a
success. The surplus was donated to the
city baud, and below is their financial
Twenty-live liulios' sub.s-X.ii_.oii!- lit §'!	
N'metcun single subscriptions nt, $1	
('amp cookery lecture mid door receipts	
Three single lecture fees nt ;*KJ cunts.. ..*..........
. Total.......'..'.. .:.....-.:....'...( :,....
Payment to lecturer ,:.	
Lecturer's expense at Kaslo hotel.....:	
Janitor for el.nniiiK..-.';..... — '.,■■.	
Ticket printing-1-'-'. ;	
Balance to Kaslo band	
-.   Total '. •fllftfiO
J.  J. .Campbell,   assistant manager  of
the Hall -Mines. Limited, and Al. S. Davys,
mine superintendent of the same  company, returned   from .Kossland last evening,  where they  Avere on   business  connected with  the movement for an eight-
hour day   for   miners  employed   underground.    Air. Davys, in an interview with
Tiik Titim-xi--. said that the mine.owners
of Rossland had not accepted the changed
condition so cheerfully as many supposed.
In the ease of the British  American Corporation,  Avhieh is operating the  Le Roi
and other properties, the eight-hour day
is  merely   being  given   a month's   trial.
The miners have stated that they could
do  as much work  in an  eight-hour shift
as in ten hours, and Air. Carlyle, who is in
charge for the company, has merely consented  to ascertain whether this is so or
not.    He proposes to Avork the properties
of the B. A.  C. on the eight-hour basis
for one month, and if at the end'of the
month it can be shoAvn that its labor has
not cost the mine any more than formerly, all will be Avell; but in the OArent of it
being  shown   that  the  change  has   increased  the cost  of labor,   the Avages  of
the _uen AA'ill be reduced or the property
"will- be shut down.
J. B. Hastings, themanogerof the AVar
Eagle Company's properties, has also consented to the change, but he will act in
conjunction Avith the other mine owners
throughout the country, and should they
decide to make reductions in the Avages
of miners the War Fagle company will
folloAV suit.
Air.-Davys found at Rossland that the
goA-ernment inspector of mines was already taking steps to enforce the pro\ds-
ions ofthe act with respect to the eight-
hour day. Instead of the government
waiting for some pronouncement upon the
question from the mining sections, he
found that the inspector had recei\red a
communication from the minister of
mines in which his attention Avas called
to the amendment'made to the inspection of mines act, and he Avas instructed
to enforce it. AVhile iu Rossland the in- 5
spector' notified'the representatives bf ,
the Hall Alines that-the company would
be required to comply with the eight-hour
hnv, and it is thought that within a...
Aveekhe will take-steps ."to enforce, compliance.  _. '"-'"■.--'-"'-
With   respect  to  the statement  that"
the miners ompIoyed*at the; Silver- King
were dissatisfied, or more poorly paid than  ;,
the miners in any other part ofthe coun-    '
try, Air.-Davys said that it   was not correct.    Over 70 per cent of the miner., employed by the coinpaiiyweVe on contract*  =
work.    This   work   was  let "so that  the.
men faking it could inake'Vfroni   $3.50, to.
$,4»pei\rlajy,aiid (luring the month  of Fe-
"bikftVj^y ",tlie°ineii   enipJoyed'on - contract "
work La]v0ra ged $1.10 per day.  "Just what,
action the Vllall  Alines  Avill take in the
"event bf  yhb  eight-hour hnv   being  enforced   Avill "probably depend  upon  the
Conclusion, arrived  at by the other mining companies  throughout  the  district.
They will take joint  action and   make a
uniform   reply   to   the  demands  of   the
-The =First-of~the=Seasonr
The first ball game of the season Avas
played yesterday afternoon between,
scratch teams captained Respectively by
James ancl Sam -S.eelands. The first teain
was made up of J. Nee.lands2b., O. Clarke
p., H. Houstonc, A. Alljls lb., J. tiqsi.ell
3b., II. AIcBeath !.f„ Froliek s.s.. J. Tier-
ney c.f. and Johnson r.f. The .opposing
team was made up of S. Neelands p., ll.
Fmersoii lb,, W. D. Smith c. James
Smith 2b., A, Whittet 3b., W,. Hrnst C\f„
VanKtoJft. s.s.. Aloatc Cl'., alid Levy r,f.
Neither side scorer! fbr the first two iu-
iiiugs, but in their half of the third inning the team captained, by James Neelands rolled up a total oi five runs, with
three in the fourth and 'another run in
the sixth and last inning* Sam scored
olie in the fourth, four in the fifth and
one in the sixth inning, losing the game
by a score of 9 to (i. Those who Avit-
nessed the game say that it Avas a first-
class exhibition of amateur ball. Thomas
AV. Cray acted as official scorer.
The Appeal Dismissed.
The full judgment of justice Alartin in
the   American   Boy   litigation   in   which
the appeal of William Braden   from the
decision   of Hon.   G- B.   Alartin  as chief
commissioner  of   lands  and   Avorks   was
dismissed, has  been   published.    The decision of justice Alartin   was  based upon
section   3"/   of   the   Alineral  Act.     Justice     Alartin     held     that     taken     as
a      Avhole,       section       37      may       be
regarded  as a proA'ision ofthe same nature as the statutes of limitation, pro-
A'ided that in case any one has a claim to
the ground applied for, lie must substantiate such claim within a prescribed time,
oi* be forever, barred, except in case  of
fraud  on  tbe  part of the  adA*erse  applicant* THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON   B. C, SATURDAY, APRIL 1, 1899.  For the Ladies...  Just received a large stock of  Ladies' Capes, Skirts, Wrappers and Blouses  New goods arriving daily  Dry Goods, Clothing, Gents' Furnishings, Etc.  ...A. Ferland & Co.  Elliott block,   Baker street,   Nelson,   B. C.  356 FISHING RODS  AND MORE COMING  English and Canadian make of Bamboo (whole and split)  Steel, Lancewood and Greenheart. 'The largest assortment  in  Kootenay.     Mail orders promptly attended to.  Nelson Hardware Co  Baker Street, Nelson.  A  in  When -visiting the markets in the east during the winter, Ave were lucky  enough to get special bargains by clearing out. lines-for.cash,-so Ave are now  able to offer the public about 100 suits at original wholesale cost. A special  line of pure Lama wool-shirts, (shrunk before made) at one-half their value.  Sign of the Big- Red Hat  P. O. Box 103, Nelson, B. C.  J. F. WEIR  Arrive.  8 20 p.m.  8.20 p.m.  RAILWAY. TIME - TABLES.  CANADIAN PACIFIC.  (DEPOT FOOT OF RAILWAV STKEET)  Passenger and mail (daily), for Nakusp   Leave.  and Kevelstokeand main Jinepoints.0.30 a.m.  Passenger and mail (daily), for Slocan  City, Silverton, New Denver, Three  Forks and Sandon  ��� 0.30 a.m.  Passenger and mail (daily) for Robson,  Trail and Rossland 0.40 p.m. 10.30 p.m.  NKLSON AND FORT SHEPPARD.  (DEPOT EAST END ��� WATER STREET, HOOUSTOWN)  Passenger and mail (daily), for Spo-    Leave.    Arrive.  kanc  9.40 a.iu.   5.30 p.m.  Passenger arid mail (daily), for Ymir,  Salmo. YVanetaand Rossland. 0.40 a.m.   o.30 p.m.  (Trains leave Mountain Siding, east end Robson street,  forty minutes later than from-Nelson station.)   STEAMBOATV TIME - TABLES.     _  r    -   "-   *=       CANADIAN-PACIFIC.   * *     ..",���  ,.    (IIOATS __K'AVEV__7lL*-,-STRKKT.WI_AUK)   .-,"  Steamer Kokanee (daily.���except. Sun-r Leave.    Arrive,  -days), for ICokance" Creek, Balfour;  Pilot Bay, Ainswbrth'alid Kaslo 1.00 p.m. "11.30 a.m.  Steamer    Moyie   (leayes>"Mondays, ���     * .  . --Wednesdays,  F-_days����andsarrives   "_  - Tuesdays,   Thursdays.fSaturdays)..    .".,.;,  ��� for Kootenay La"ndinga,where eon-. - _    - -  nection is made with: Crow's ��������Nest" ,   .  Pass railway ^.y.yyy.yy 8.00 a.m;   0.50 p.m,_  '' KOOTENAY RAitM'AMA^T) NAVIGATION CO.*  (I.OATS"l-EAyE"i_A--E-SuTREETAVl_ARF)   -        :  Steamer International Jdaily except   Leave;    Arrive.  Sundays), for Kbkaii'eeVGreek,", Bal-   ' '      "  ' 'fa^.,^ff^�����?.J.80p._n. 10.30a.m..  ��� Daij.y 'Edition. ."..,  Weekly Edition'.  : lt:i\iTi.: First-Year, No.-75  ".'.s. sV-^SEVENTir-YEAR, NO..20  tion, and when a letter from Thomas F.  Attrill of Peterboro, strongly advocating  the mint, was read, the board, without a  dissenting voice, acquiesced in that gentleman's suggestion. Mr. Attrill in his  letter gave the board a. great mass of information bearing on the subject. He  pointed out that there were iioav three  mints in Australia, and that the one at  Melbourne, Victoria, has saved that colony the sum of ��0000 annually since its  establishment. He suggested that application be made to the home gcwerninent  through the office of the Canadian high  commissioner for information as to the  amount that Avould be saved to Canada  by coining its oavh gold, copper and silver. A peculiar feature of the letter  was that the Avriter advocated an export  duty on gold in its raw, smelted or bullion state, if exported to a foreign conn-  try. The pro!it of a Canadian mint, lie  said, should be, roughly speaking, $250,-  000 per annum, and this he considered a  very conservative estimate.  "Of making many books  there is no end."  Neither is there .any end to the variety  on sale at r,  Thomson's  We have all the neAvest books by well-  known authors. 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" �����   ,  ������  REGULAR ADVERTISEMENTS; printea in^gth^hQ  ���  daily and weekly edi.ions^fdrSlperinch'permonth,,  LOCAL OR BEADING MATTER NbTICE8/25.cen_#a  lineforeach inse_tid.ii." ........ ���  JOB PRINTING at fair rates. Accouhtsfor job printing, and advertising aro payable on the firstof.every  month.   Addre s-^ "  THE TRIBUNE; Nelson. B. G.  mffltet'  THE value of the exports from Kootenay for the year endihg ,Tim<_ 30tli, 189B,  was $8,258,402, as agahjst a total of $8,-  6(.l,2,*?o for the renutiiider of the province.  So it will be seen that the gold and silver  auct lead and copper mined in Kootenay  is wdrfcll niore thai! all the coal Wined on  Vahcouvrer Island, And all the salmon  qann<)d on the Fiaser aud Bkedia and  Stlfeirie rivers, and all the timber and  hnilbej. cut at Vancouver and New Westminster. Yet Kootenay has no influence  at either Ottawa or Victoria when legislation affecting its industries is sought  for. Kootenay bears the white man's  burden. __^   According to the Miner, the waterworks at Nelson is wretched, the electric  light plant at Nelson  is  wretched, the  city officials Of Nelson are a lot  of careless Avretches, and Nelson is a wretched  2.lace generally.   Newcomers in all lands  and in all communities are always dissatisfied   with  existing   conditions,  aud the  newcomers in Nelson are  not an exception.    The Miner is controlled by new-  comers,    hence    the   wailings   of    that  paper.    As a matter of fact, the water-  works system at  Nelson is not perfect;  but where can a perfect system he found ?  The system at Nelson cost in  the  neighborhood of $45,000, $42,000 of which was  expended for  pipe and pipe laying, for  building a reservoir,   and  for hydrants.  The balance ($3000) was expended in*con-:  structing a wooden flume 7000 feet. long.  The pipe and hydrants and 'valve*,   are  the best made in America, and were purchased by tender, so it is safe to  assume that the. city has got full .value  for the money expended in their purchase.  The reservoir cost about $1000 and was  built by contract, the lowest tender being  awarded the work. The contractors built  it according to the specifications furnished  by the city, and it is worth the,money it  cost. The flume between the reservoir  and the creek from which = the������ water  supply. :is taken is as. good as wooden-  iluines.aro-generally*; L The water1 supply  niay heinadequate in unusual "seasons.���  as -tli is 'winter has proved to be; but' it  was /the- only supply 0obtaiuiib]e..'at the  time. The same may be--S.ud of the electric light system. Thecity has got full  A'alue for every dollar expended, in,its  purchase. With regard to the city  council, the Miner was very much dissatisfied with the old couucil and exulted,  over their defeat. But it uoav says that,  ,the new is worse than the old���Avhieh is  pjrpbaj.ly._a. statementof fact.  " "THEVproVincj. of British..Columbia.coix-  faibxites "more cujstorii's = .peve_ate- tp" tHe  ���'Dqmih^Sn of Crtnacht than N<_w _Bruns'-  Avick, Manitoba,". _PHii fee o Edward ���Islantt;  aild-the NprtljAVfest T^rritoi:i^ eombine��,d?  Dy"et BidtiSh Co]u-__bi_i. has no representa-  ti\fe in thfe cabinet and is. without ink  flflence on the floor of the* house.  Tjm Sejhliu administration have made  arinistaiceVi n^l'etaini n^ih^of1ic1_=OfTiBiHls  Who "knife" them at every opportunity..  All such ���officials should have been politely  requested to resign, and if they refused'  to take the hint, tlxei'e successors should  have been named immediately. It is hot  yet too late. It is not a question of  .spoils; it is a Question of good government. No government will be a success  whose subordinate officials are not in  sympathy with its responsible; heilds; no  more than a, railway of other corporation  can be whose employees a-1'e continually  plotting to thwart the aims of the men  entrusted with its management.  Till- chairman of the public works committee must feel real pi'oud over the  utterances of his organ. The organ condemns the city "water works, yet at the  time it was built the present chairman of  the public works committee was chairman of the committee on public works,  and the .recommendations made by his  committee were carried out by the city  council. ^   Thb salary of the mayor of Nelson was  cut down from $2000 a year- to $1200.  The question might be asked, why pay a  mayor any salary at all, if he does not  earn it?   The East Becoming Interested.  The council of the board of trade of  Toronto has expressed itself as being  unanimously in favor of a national mint  for Canada. The members of the council  did 'hot spend "a- great deal of time upon  a consicleratioii of the question,.biit the Aberdeen Block,  ���matter had been brought to their jitteii-  We can meet all demands made upon it,  we ^supply goods to the confines of British  Columbia as Avell as to  Nelson  HUDSON'S BAY STORES  West Baker Street, Nelson..   Telephone .13.  five cents  per dozen  ���fczelppoii  *  B  %  We have about one-third of our  seasonable Paris trimmed hats left  over, which we are now offering  at greatly reduced prices.  B  B  %  B  Victoria Block, BaKer Street, Nelson, B. C  FOR SALE  Two lots and house with fourteen rooms on Silica  street; between Josephincund Hall streets. Terms  ��1500 cash, balance to be arranged  .'?.'1,500  . Lot and house on iJatimer street, near Josephine -'  street. Terms ��500 cash, balance on mortgage.. 1,000  Lot and store on Baker street.. Good location"��� '.., 8,000  Lot on Baker street; near corner of Cedar street...    800  THe British��� Columbia "Loan, anc.-'Savings .Cpippaiiy-, *  s^whogiveithemosttreasoiiable, ternis'to"Sorrowers, _illdrw-  in&dprinc.pal��to_bcJ_)aia ofl'at anjr^tinie/without charging  ,ahyjb6nusJI" "f- -"���" '���'.,".���   ".-" J"'"' " ���   ���   " ������     8"-".V  mMiMfm 0'HEII_lE��� Agents;  aU-MT^MS.;6:eCiPe*EfiS.**  AUGTI0NEERS  Youp Ho^s<B?M(e^S)fi_^fttpn_^^  ;CannfaUppiyvybuv!wi^h?^  H, a'   o-      Do��fl   n     ^  Corner; bf Baker nnid AVard streets  ���'������������   ��� NEKSafcX'C.* "������.-  ���ilBSR3_i-ii^��:.6^  B1AL ESTATE and BEBEBAt AGENTS  Baker Street, Nelson  West Baker Street, flelsoh,   Telephone 13.  With  Soles and Heels  Have you seen them  FIRST DOOR WEST BANK B. C. BUILDING.  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Terms.  djQir/'W**") Will buy two lots and improve-  q>��_><_-)��-/V/  mentB  on  north   side of Vernon  street, between Ward and Josephine streets.  Terms.  {tjA er**-|**") Will buy SO by 120. feet on the  q>_i��J_��V south side of Baker street, between Stanley and Kootenay streets.   Cash.  ^���V/9v#V/v/  jj0rtheast corner of Baker and  Josephine streets.  Cash.   JOHN HOUSTON,  P. O. Box 57 Vernon street'. Kelson  Application for Liquor License.  Notice is hereby Riven that I, tho undersigned, Austin  H. Clements, intend at the first sitting of the board of  licensing commissioners of tho City.of Nelson, to be held  thirty (30> days after the publication of this notice, to apply for a retail liquor saloon license for tho premises:  known as the corner store of tho Odd Follows building,  on lot number ono (1) in block (12), being situated on tho  southeast comer of Baker and Kootenay streets in the  West ward of the said City of Nelson.  AUSTIN H. CLEMENTS.  Dated this 15th day of March, A.D. !_.��.  H. D, Ashcfoft  BLAOKSMITHING  AND EXPERT  ���HORSESHOEING  Wagon repairing promptly;attended to by a first-class  wheelwright.  Spocial attention giA'on to all kinds of repairing and  custom work from outside points.  SHOP:   ((all Street, between. Baker and Varnon, Nelson  Nelson Electric Light Company, Limited  NOTICE  All persons having accounts against the  company will present them at once to the  manager, and all persons indebted to the  company are required to settle the same immediately.    JOHN HOUSTON, Manager.  Nelson, March 10th, 1899.  EXPRESS and DRAYING  Wilson & ljarsf]aw  DRAY ING and  Having purchased the express and draying  business of J. W. Cowan, we aro prepared  to do all kinds of work in this line, and solicit tho patronage of the people of Nelson.  Ordors left at U. MoArthur & Co's store,  northwest corner Baker and. Ward streets,  will receive prompt attention.   Telephone 85  Bus meets all trains and boats.  Special attention given the transfer of bagg*age. Office and stabiles  on Vernon street, opposite The  Tribune office.    Telephone No. 35.  G.W_West&Go.  GENERAL TEAMSTERS  AGENTS FOR  The Imperial Oil Co.   Standard Oil Go.  Washington Brick arjd Lirne Co.  The H. W. fycNiell Co., Ud., Canadian Anthracite Coal (Hard)  Dealers In,  GOMER DAVIS & Co.  STOVEWOOD  Applieation for Liquor License.  Notico is hereby given that wo will, thirty days from  the dato of this notice, apply to the government agent at  Nelson for a license to sell liquor at retail at our hotel,  known as the Majestic Hotel, situate on the government  trail between Kagle and Forty-nino creeks, in West,  Kootenay district, British Columbia.  JOHN MILES,  Dated. Mivrch 1st, 1899. E. BARRKTT. THE  TRIBUNE:  KELSON, B. C, SATURDAY, APRIL t, 1899.
all paid
up,     -
Hon. GEO. A. URU11MONI) Vico-Prosident
K   3. OLOUSTON General Manager
_tsr-___i_iSoasr B-Bj^.3src__
NT..W. Cop. Baker and Stanley Streets.
and in tho principal cities in Canada.
parso.75 produce Qo.
Are now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit on
Dawson City, Yukon District.
Buy and sell Sterling Exchange and Cable Transfers
available in any part of tho world.
Favors Kettle River Road.
The board of trade of Grand Forks, in
the Boundary Creek country, held a
meeting and passed tlie following resolutions in favor of the building of the
Kettle Hi ver Valley railway under a
Dominion charter, notwithstanding tlie
fact that the Canadian Pacific. AVaut that
country as a preserve:
Whereas, railway competition is essential for the development, of the mineral
and "-other, resources of the Boundary
country; and
.Whereas, tlie Canadian Pacific railway
extension, subsidized at the rate of $4000
a mile by tlie government of British
Columbia, is seeking to secure a monopoly
of raiUvay transportation in the Boundary district; and
Whereas, such a contingency would
involve the imposition of excessive rates
so injurious to a new country"; and
Whereas, it would retard public and
private enterprise; and .y
Whereas, it would crush private smelters to the advantage of smelters controlled by certain officials of the Canadian Pacific railway; and <V
dustrial !iori/.on is steadily brightening.
Only a few weeks ago one of our largest
manufacturing roiic'-rn.s voluntarily increased ,,, wages, aud since then many
others have quietly'followed tin; example.
Tlie volume of deposits in the banks,
both active and passive, was never larger;
failures are few and unimportant, and it
is generally recognized that we are ou
the threshold of better times. Evidently
then, the balance of trade theories are
founded upon premises which, although
correct  in   themselves, are   liable   to   be
nullified by outside conditions.
The reason that our exports show a
decrease in value is due to three facts.
In the first place the price of wheat is
lower than it was a year ago. In the
second place our farmers are prosperous
enough to hold their wheat in the hope
of better prices later on, and hence have
not shipped it as yet; although it still
remains as a potential factor in the
wealth of the country.'-And, in the third
ease, Ave are consuming more of our agricultural and fishery products within our
own borders, and hence require to send
less abroad. In other words,, we have
simply exchanged one market for another. We are selling our goods in the
home instead of in the foreign
market,' because it is more profitable to do so. And with the
increase in wealth thus accumulated Ave
can afford to buy more freely of the
.things Ave do not produce. Hence the
increase of our imports, which balance of
trade faddists predict means national
insolvency. It does nothing of the kind.
It is simply an object lesson of the futility of basing estimates.of national prosperity upon comparisons of" the export
and import trade, .without taking into
consideration the domestic market. Did
Ave sell only in the foreign market the
figures _.\;ould„ jbg.»of»Hv.<hie>.„ ..Bjit.^^clq-
We have been appointed sole agents foe. Kootenay for Swift & Co., South Omaha, and will
carry a full stock of meats of tlieir manufacture at Nelson.
Mail orders will be filled at prices ruling on
day order is received.-
Branches at Vancouver, Victoria, Nelson, Boss-
land, Atlin Lake, Tagish Lake, Greenwood,
B. O , and Dawson Olty, N. W. T.
&4 IWa&i.e^uMicM
"' :AVAiy,"coiBpetitsipir'ttu -: th> .-Jfiqund.ary dxs-.
D"Dd   £"    yT>X^aS'?aa    ^Sl° ^   °"       *">   n    ■      °     " .00%       n*     Q
.■ti-idtj iand,
B,"'tric.t*;,n'^ud**    1.". "•• °.°\":"» °.,\ *. V""'. ="-";    .*.'  „
\-7"lJ^ifd^t't)i^;.cSbiitei<J&c&x ;«f 'the! §ki&
„ °osi|u.tkn"(ii'n .Sriti'sIi"'C&U%l?hi/fei;^tiii& edinr
°pe|iitio"ti' fQr'i'ailAvay traffic^ and
. •. ;\^]_4|rea'S, „it -urojulfl, ^n^ur.e., tlie .develop-
i Jiiient (pi" tlie s^iieEer a^liiiiuiug uidus-
,. tries jiivder the." hxd&t .jfaVorrtble. eftneii-
"■ tions-,; 'and,        ' (  ' ■ °
Wliei'eas,  it   would develop, interna-
tj"dnal'trad'e:t0Vtlie^iuifinal ijlc^vaiitage of
both Cajiada and the.'Tainted _ States ; be i
it there!, .re
Resolv^di that the boaaxl of trade of
(Irand 1%i.ks hertiby expresses the earnest Jiope that the Dominion parliament
■will grant the raihvay charter -.ought by
justice to the people of southern British.
"Ancl that a copy of this resolution be
sent to eArel'y meiiiber of the senate aiid
house of commons, asking their support
in favor of the said proposed charter.
The resolutions were endorsed by the
city council, and copies have been for-
Avarded to the board of trade at Nelson
and to the city council, avit'll the request
tliat like action be taken. The city council A*vi 11 not pass any such resolutions, because an oflieial of the Canadian Pacillc
railway dominates it, and it is not likely
tliat the board of trade will do so either,
for has not the C, P. K. seen to it that a
majority of the board's membership is
made up : of professional and semi-pilo-
;fessioualinen, who look down upon i'uere
.".traders^' ...     .
n porta
Receives a Rude Shock.
The theory of the balance of trade, as
propounded by i_oliticiaus and magazine
writers, has received a someAvliat rude
shock so far as Canada is concerned, by
the publication of the trade returns for
the eight months ended on February
2Sth last. They sliow~tl_..t the exports
of Canadian produce for the period cov-
ered decreased $7,128,335 in value from
those of the corresponding period of
1897, Avhile the imports for the eight
months of 1898-99 Avere $1(5,592,005 more
than those of the parallel months of
Theoretically, then, avo ought to be
shrouded in a period of commercial
gloom. For, under the balance of trade
theories, aii excess of'exports, over imports -is a necessary condition of prosperity. Yet we all know we are not. . On
the other hand, the  commercial  and  in-
"i.iati0n>it ;."prosi..0yit-K8«^vnd"* oii<*AvJnch'j\is-:
»*cpju)tr«y ex-plilncl^aiull;(jpiisohdatei3^i$si.;i)„T-!„«
#du-9tries. ■• „n..*-s yyyi. * y°',y,"l ""     "     *■ ^ ."...-
.       Ty"_ikht-HoiiTV^ay:>      ;":"W
V  '  ..   ..-, °„[ydncfp,ii1v^_viJfo°v^n^_i,|S^ajwi-^ '"."•.
■   *-Iii$$]\G- e!5jKlitiqrt!s'..of "|iftf. -whi^i* pr^vail^
•Jii* a:ijeiv .ailct rfcli/cquiitry s'iidli;as British
"foV" "tlio objee'fii'o^nSi' iwhi<?ll abtiliu" iii-. ^the.
=cr,Q\vjc.led:°ejist°to'the .idOj|>tip°ufot aii^eigflit-.
:.li,6tii; woi<kffing;*pa'y^
tidns the eastcfi-ii Avage'eai'iiei-'" luife fptigiit ■
Pfoi' yc-arS,; in spni|* cjasej." guecesfefully but
"in tlie main without result. TI_e|;e is this
to* betSaicl fpr thesdight-lipur days 'thiyb
' Avlrere it lias - hddh fairly tried" betteir
A\*Ork lias resulted. .The Avqrkers haying^
XnO"r<_ tune fpx' re^t and reBrea°tio-i„""are
Ijetter aiieiTp]iysicail.y andmentitl]^ AA/lien
they go about their daily tasks. Thp
consequence is "tliat thpy ean adcomplisii
niorO Av"-ith tess expenfliture of effort
than they could tinder longer hortrs.
Of course it is argued iu many cjiiar-
who syiiipathize with the eight-hour
movenient, but as a matter of fact
many large employers oi' labor who:
have at one tune or another been opposed
to the idea have, as the result of experiments, been converted to it. The organized carpenters of this city ai'e endeiiA^oi'-
iug to have .eight hours constitute a day's
Avork in their trade, and it. is said that
their employers are practically unanimous in desiring to see it. This would
seen! tOvsettle the question at Once, but
the fact is that there are many carpenters here Avhoilo npt belong to the local
organization, and as a consequence are
not working in sympathy with them. If
there is a possibility of making the experiment here on a large scale: It seems a
pity that it is not carried into.effect, seeing that a test would .soon settle the
ciuestlon one A\ay or the other. If better
results can be achieved by Working eight
hours a day instead of nine hours, Avhy
should not the shorter day prevail?
Pabst Blue gibbon Bear
Fine ILager Beep,
Ale and Porter
Prompt and regular
"   delivery to the trade.;
Brewery at Nelson.
P. J. RUSSELL, Manager
 3STEXiSO--~-   B- O-	
Tumor & Boeckli block, Nelson, B. C.
Money to loan for building purposes.
Mining shares for sale.
Dundee, Monarch, Utica, Fairmont; also Republic and Camp McKinney stocks.
Investment of a few hundred dollars may
make you thousands.
Lots for sale in all parts of the city.
Houses to rent.
7-Room house ou Carbonate street.... 82500
u-Itoom house on Mill street  1900
2 lots on Carbonate street    500
2 lots on Hall street    500
"-Room house and a 3-room house on Car-"
. bonate street.
Oflleo hi Aberdeen block, Baker St., Nelson
You can save money
by purchasing your
lumber froft] me
" o
J. A. Say ward
TheTremont Motel
flew Dress Goods, New Swiss IVJuslins,
JVew Organdi Muslins
flew Ginghams in Checks and Plaids
New Prints from 8c to 15c per yard.
New Linen Crash from 15c up. "
New Lawns from 15c to 30c per yard.
New Checked Muslins at 8c, 10c, 12 l-2c, 15c and 20c.per yard.
New Gloves, Hosiery, Silk and Valenciennes Lace.
New Ribbons, Dress Trimmings, Embroideries, etc.
Inspection Invited.    TEBMS STBICTLY CASH.    No Trouble to Show Goods.
All kinds of sanitary flttini^s, agricultural drain tile,
flower pots, terra eotta, chimney pine and flue lining,
chimney tops, lire brick, Arc clay, all kinds of fire clay
goods, assay ers' furnaces etc., made to order.
.Ornamental   Garden. .Border Tiles,  Vases,. Etc.
i6^".' °"t!bmei_ t; spli»__'Eci§^°o'C*.°.IJiiris." lime, and all .kinds of   I
^"""cW^"^^"".'^".--  ■        "^"^   ~~-v"
S      ikD "DD^ pn-%* *      nUna.QH    nnuu_^3   ;'     ^ ;
y~y"^V^akorKsirectV.Bct.veen Joscpliino'nnd   * •'
■ .#■"'    " BHai°ltstree.s,"Nelhan. ;
Headquarters for Miners and Prospectors
Martin O'Reily & Co.
Bank of B. C. building*, West Baker street, Nelson, B. C.
Meat Merchants
Liquors and Cigars
"M>.X_iS^T3-4ilI>5lOUKS, DIVjOR Sll.HT     I
.. .    „;":BAfeERY^,INoVqpNNEOTIO'N,^' n
, FAM^yVaw/ MgrR¥-'^Cn^OKiNg4A. -.SPI?CIAI.'r^;'
.. °5'; "pscjr i^-fi'fe^jji-p'isMl^^Kij'    °   ■"
One of the best and mostpop-
r    vular hotels in Nelson.;
"kighted; by: ;Ele<§*rJGifc\r
Wholesale Markets at /.elson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.
Nelson,   Trail,  Ymir, Kaslo,  New Denver,  Sandon, Silverton, Cascade
City,  Grand Forks,   Midway, Greenwood and Sirdar.
tyead Office, Nelson, B.C.
West Kootenay Butcher Go;
The only restaurant jn the city
employing brily white cooks..
Merchants' lunch frorii 12 to 2
o'clock, 25 cents. Dinner from 5
*""""'I_argen":cpnif_rrlA-iidVbc(lrop-ri°s aiicl,"" first-dlas's diiiing
■ room..  Siihiplc rooms'for 'con.mercial-ni'e;].
V_£_^!n_-E!S. -Jte21'»_E>-E_R   -£->A*5r
Mrs. tie G.
Iiiitc ot Uiff l-qyal Ifptel, (Jiijgary,
Bulbs, Roses, Hollies, lllioclodendrons.
Pancy Evergreens, etc. Thousands fire
growing on my Own grounds. Most
complete stock in the province. IJees
and bee supplies, iigricultum] iniplc-
ments, spray puinpsi and out flowers,
Kew catalogue..now ready.,  :
001 Westminster Jtoad, Vancouver, H. C.
The  8taridard   Piano
of the World.
Tho Artistic Piano of
ABT ADD MUSIC CO., Nelson, Agents.
Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co.
Charles   St.   Barbe,    Agent.
Strachan Bros.
Opera House BlocK, Nelson
Nelson Iron Works
..-""_ Repairs promptly ntteiidcd lo.       J\ O. Hox-173. V
"WH.I ^contract to supply and Install any Jl\ind of electrical m|cljinery
H. D. HUME, Manager.
The finest hotel iii. the interior.
l_iUT{6 siunplo rdbnis.   Steam heat arid electric light.
Madden House
Tho only liotpj ill NoIhoii that has remained under one
rnniiHilotnontKlncc 1890.
The bed-rooniH  are  well fiirnished  and   lighted hj*
'I*lio (HiHiiK'TOoni in not Second to. any in Kootenay.
Tlio bn.1 Is alvvayM Hlocked by the best domestic and
imported liquors und oi_far.s.
THOMAS MADDEN, Proprietor.
Two and a half miles up tlie Outlet from Nelson.
Spring Chickens, Fresh, Cream,
Pure Milk, Fresh-Laid Eggs.
All of which are froin the ranch belonging to the hotel
A ploiixJin'L place 10 spend afternoons, evenings and
Cnjoy delicacies that cannot be ohlained in hotels or
restaurants at NiilHon.   Good stabling.   Open day and
Can be reached by either road or water.
WILLIAM I.OHKItTS, Proprietor.
Large and well lighted Heated by hot air
Reasonable rales Sample rooms
Klcctric bells and light in every room
Renovated and refurnished throughout
J. V. PERKS, Proprietor
Krcc bus meets nil trains Ravnkfnlrn   R  C
Hourly street car to station    ,     neVBIStOKB,  D. U.
Application for Liquor License.'
Notice is hereby given that. I will, thirty days from'tho
date of this notice, apply to the government agent at
Nelson for a license to sell Ho,nor at retail at my hotel at
Five-Mile Point, to be. known as the Castle Hotel, in
West Kootenay district, Rrilish Columbia.
. ->atcil March 11th, 189U.       ...     II. A. IIKYWOOIJ., .
Will conjrrtcj; to instalfflrtfalijrm ^ystciiji..in iowiis'aii
dlie.ft.   Kull wtbcK qt *iv;iro and li-itui'es oliJiahds
'Wall'wfre buildiirgsT*or eloctric lighting. Cle?tri|? bells, j
eleetrie burglar alnrnis, electric aiinjinciators. j
W({!TE FOfJ PfJICES.    OfHce and Storeroom:   Josephine Street, JJeison.
All communications relating to British  Columbia  business lo be addressed  to Ps 0, Drawer
505, Nelson, British Columbia """"
S. S FOWLER, E.M., Mining Engineer
Cnelson, b, c.
Situate on the Crow's Nest Railway is prepared to deliver lumber of any description in any quantity at any place within the
district of Kootenay.    ^	
Tenders Solicited
G. A.  BIGELOW,  Manager
Nelson Plaaaimg
Office and Mills Corner Hall and Front Streets, Nelson THE TRIBUTE: KELSON   B.C.   SATURDAY, APRIL J, 18  f  -inane:  "VX7"E  carry the most   complete line  of drug sundries in  Kootenay  and  the   quality of our  goods   is   the  best that money can  buy.     Our prices  higher than   our   competitors  ire   no  charge for  infe  nor  goods.  See that your  prescriptions are  filled by us.  Wc use none but tho best quality of drugs and chemicals  Special iittention given to their compounding t^fil  W. F. Teetzel & Co.  CORNER BAKER AND JOSEPHINE STREETS, NELSON  In addition to a new spring suit you need a new hat and tie.  See our window for samples of our stock of ties in all the latest  shapes and colors.  We have just received and opened up a large stock of hard and  soft hats, including Stetson's, Fedora's, Christie's, Roelof's and Carter's for spring and summer wear.  LOCAL   NEWS   AND   GOSSIP.  The license to .sell liquor at retail at  David IMoriee's hotel tit Fredericton, on  Toad mountain, has been reissued, not-  .vithstandiiii-,* that efforts were made by  interested parties to have it cancelled.  IMr. Morice, who has been in the hospital  at Nelson I'or two months, expects to be  able to get back up on the mountain in a  day or two.  Tlie societies that are arrangin.-*,* to  dedicate the new hall in the Odd Fellows  block have decided to postpone the event  until IMay 2nd, when the committees  having the matter in charge hope to pull  it oil' successfully. Tickets to the ball  and supper are to be $2 each, ladies  free.  Chief IMcKinnon gathered in a Chi milium yesterday afternoon upon a. charge  of discharging an air gun within the city  limits. He was target shooting in the  rear of the lion Ton restaurant and a  stray bullet found its way into the  kitchen and made cause for compla-int.  The air gun was confiscated and the  Chinaman pleaded guilty to the charge  against him. He left $25 on deposit with  the chief and will probably be fined that  amount today.  A special Easter service will be held on  Sunday morning at the Roman  Catholic church. Special music has been  prepared by the choir, and the church  will be tastefully decorated for the occasion.  AV. A. Galliher will leave tomorrow  morning for Ottawa as the accredited  delegate of tlie Nelson board of trade and  the city council, to urge upon the Dominion government the necessity of erecting a  government building in Nelson, to be  used as a post ofiice, customs office, inland revenue office, etc.  A meeting of those interested in the  organization of a local lacrosse team will  be held in the lire hall this evening.  Word has been received from Rossland  that a team has been organized in. that  city, and with another team in Sandon  some good lacrosse may be expected this  summer. There are several new players  in both Nelson and Rossland, so that considerable improvement may be expected  over the play of the past season. _  The local musicians .have organized an  orchestra to previde music for the firemen's smoking concert on Thursday  evening.    Frank Harper wi 11 be leader.  J. C. Crome, who has charge of the  Toronto Type Foundry's western, business, registered at the .Hume', hotel last  eyeniijg.;--y '. v'g. .����> .=:r "W"��_*.#<fciw^vry%  }mo6ii^h^\M��t^i^pmlM  ALL  KINDS  Of  Ganvas iiodds. Tents, Awnings,  and Fanoy Striped Gurtaiqs for  Veranda[]s=and=W]ndows���  I'RO^RIKTOR  ALL SIZES OF  TENTS IM STOCK  Bilker St. opposite postoffice, Nelson  4  *V7*-E_01-a���:SiA.LE3   __3-.-ISr_D   -Eft-ET-A,!!..  J  ^lalTst, -&MMJasry w^mm, etc.  Write .ot1 quotations pit car lots. -STEtSOH,   B. Q.  ��� ii,<$^hj]0,&p,,,mltthp-^clji'-e 'A6j.i���iu'ties  ��io ��f sh&}w?ymK^xori'g7fli\yi$li, igopfl ��� ivalh&si  The ��iiip\ifiy h_vs^^ti'*i.l^ift tT-^tfilTie]",,  andfthe- ijel.l���0\*al op Waste in-"the^dri\:h_g  Qf-fifie tlriii* Off..the !iiiai.Uiptui*f;n"e;I;.;igVf%*iii:-  t.rt^d���"%. theals&of" a <_4_.., '��� 0_.l-.is- drift IjLite.;  (inf feetfui'15ifei*��.t0 go fopibvp ii.wS'H he *i*iih,  ' dqr tji,e's.h'af.% ���and"���Dt,hi;s' ^voi^, 'Will��� jlrpb.a*-:  ��� bly.lM coi^plet^.d, wd'thiii. the )iext.bth|rty;  f$itys.. R���"BefW(_;*ei- "the. depth ,-fnb- piiegevift &%-���  ;taii".ft_d' "\vitli  tlie "shaft   and  the  tunnel  level tliere is a di___e_.eiice o;f  '12 feet, but  ! aS' tlie Avork  of nutjiing the eoiuieetion ;  [chhfl be aclvaiiieed fvoin  both ends when\  .the drflt fe pushed under the shaft jt Is.  expected th.tt the connection will be  ���il'iacfe: ih k jtevv" . days ttfter the drift is  ] driven, the  reeiuii-ed  length,    The num-  jlgemeut expects that by May 10th at  s the latent, the property Avtfl be in sliaj.e  to eommence stoping, when a number of ���  trial shipmeiits a vill be made.  Oitizeii Soldiers Without: Uniforms;  ure of the militia department to provide  uniforms is sapping their enthusiasm,  iind it is openly hinted that if the uniforms tire not within reach by IMay 21th  that the company Avill disband. While  tho authorities have so far failed to provide uniforms, they have decided that  the uniform of the rifles will not be as  distinctive a.s Avas at first proposed.  Captain Hodgins has received instructions from the assistant adjutant-general  of artillery to the effect that the uniform  ofthe regiment will be the same as tlie  other rifle regiments of the Dominion,  save that a frock will be worn instead of  the close-fitting tunic. The men will be  provided .villi two frocks aud one pair of  trousers of ride green serge. The officers  will be required to furnish "Sam Brown"  belts, field service caps, wliich will be  worn pending authority for the wearing  of a special hat, a. sword, iind gloves.  Customs Receipts at Rossland.  The returns for  the  month   of  March  from the Rossland customs house (which  includes the receipts at Trail  and Sheep  Creek) are as follows :  Imports���  J.uliable S 52,.*��S OO  Froc   -     i-v'ST 00  Total   . S *S0,7*-5 00  Amount of duty collected $ l-.O'S*. 3!)  Export-��� Tons Value  Ore  a-UB $250,410 1.0  All other          3,**l!l 00  Total S2(iS,7C5 00  PORT SALE?  A  DRAYING  business,   well   established,  3  rigs,  5  horses, stable and complete outlit.   Apply  \v. A.  Costello, Nelson. 11. 0.   FOH SAL!-���hots 1 to 12 b ook 100, Nelson.' I'ri.o $3000.  No agents.   Box 572, Nelson,   FOR SA r.E��� Lots 5, (i and 7 block 18, Nelson, wiili dwelling  house.     Price  S1000.   No agent..     Box f>72.  Nelson.   CHKAP���Ten-stamp mill, with concentrators complete;  good condition.   Address, Mill, Tribune otllee, Nel-  son, li. C. .   WANTED.  WANTi.D���A  chambermaid  and  dining-room  girl.   Apply at once to Hotel Hmiio.   TENANTS   WANTED  POR tour stores, three basements, and one second-  story wareroom. The stores and bartomeiits will be  21 by 100 feet, the second-story waivrooin 100 by 100 feet,  all in a brick building, with stono basement, having u  southern frontage on Baker street. Occupation given  July 1st, inquire of Joh.. Houston, Ver.non street, Nelson.  PROFESSIONAL   CARDS.  AIT. HOLDICH���Analytical Chemist and A=,_uyer.  ��     Arietoria street, Nelson.    * ���'���'������   T 0. G Wll-LIM, B.A.Sc. & W. S. JOHNSON, B.A.Sc.  " ��� ���Mining .Engineers and Analytical Chemist*,  Slocan City, b. C.         '.   ���.   HCANE���Architect i nd  artist.   Bivktnliill  Block,  ���    next door to Nelson library. ������.;'..  LODGE   MEETINGS.  JTNlGHTS  O.P_PYTHIAS��� Nelson   I_odgo,, No,  2,%  '";NELSd_^ "EOrDGE,?_<(J: 23fAyFM-AMi, Meets.":  r'Secbrid Wednesday iih/eaoh Dirioi)th."SdjoYu,uihg^  ^*^b^eth^enVih^vitea.;i"-:^"   '.rt.tf1'5f ">**?" *"V" " .'.?  "TV^joPgeliejiar"Sutton, the officer eom-  hlitnding the militia of Canada, is expected to arriA*e in kelson during tlie  first half of the i)resent month, When it  is likely that something Avill be done in  the matter of proA'iding uniforms for the  several, companies of the Kootenay rifles  whieh have been organized., The men.  hi tlie 'local company have giA-en eonsid-  able iittention to their drill, but the fail-  NELSON, B. C  KASLO, B. C.  SANDOffeB. C.  DEALERS IN  ardware  SOLE AGENTS FOR  Giant  TRUAX  ORE  OARS  Canton Drill Steel  CARRY IN STOCK  Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal  Pipes, and Fittings  Giant, Caps and Fuse  ^   Tools, Cutlery, Tin  |{|  and "Woodenware  p     Stoves, Ranges,  Iron,  Steel,   Sheet  Iron, T-Rails  Paints, Oils, Glass  NELSON ST0EE AND OFFICE:   Corner Eaker and Josephine Sts.  NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.  THE LAWRENCE HARDWARE GO.  Will   be  found   in  their  new "premises * on   Baker Street  with   a  complete  stock  of  Shelf and  Heavy  Heavy  and Shelf  ALL KINDS OF MINING SUPPLIES  ^.^^itHi^l^^u^i^^^eSial^:  ^���^^i^^^-Wy-Jk^*]*^^^  -."���jI  Ha^Mg g&he\ W#, "kur ���|i|ime���riset siboijk, aJrtd;'#iioIiii'g  tha;t we dan;*d'd feusjness where ���oth"6i?_3vare* trying,  we iind, itv pr$-)p:er for; ojdrv;euS'toin^rs and 6M6fs-&  g  Coiitractofs  o use picks, shovel s,_=___etc..,_  should not fail to look at our line  of goods, which for qualities and  material cannot be beat.  in Groceries and "Groe%ery," the" st|3|;k; of whiGli is  always Mled wi^^  We have Shilling's celebrated Jaya and Mocha  Coffees and Teas. Mining orders promptly filled  and carefully packed.   Prices right.  VaneouY er Sapflware Co,  Importer., of Shelf ancl Heavy Hardware.  MARA & BAHNARD ULOClv, UAKKR ST., NELSON  r  xvtUi no w Ki.ii to  BUY THEIR LUMBER  AT  G. 0. BUCHANAN'S  A large stock of first-class dry material on hand, also  a full line of sash, doors, mouldings, turned work, etc.  FACTORY WORK A SPECIALTY  Yard:   Foot of Hendryx street, Nelson  Telephone, 91 JoM    R&Q,   Ageiit  Spring Millinery  INSPECTION OF STOCK INVITED  Mrs.    E.   McLaughlin  JOSI.PHINK STREET, NKLSON   v .    .."������;,  piaisto  ORGAN  VIOLIN  GUITAR  MANDOLIN  BANJO  AUTOHARP  ACCORDEON  VIOLIN BOW  STRINGS  or MUSIC  Call at our Store and we "will do tbe rest.'  Canada Drug: and Eook Co;,  ..:'.: :'���'������, y. V.-V" ���   .- '.LIMITED.        ,...:- ..';���' '".[(]'  '.;.: Corner.Baker aiid Stanley.'Stroets, Nelson.  OUR MAMMOTH STOCK OF  BOOTS AND SHOES  EVERYTHING IN THE SHOE LINE  Neelands' Shoe Emporium  2�� AND 28 WEST BAKER STREET, NELSON  Telephone 10.   P. O. Box K & W.      Baker street West, Nelson  Falls on  Sunday this season^  on this  account there will be a big'demand for  SH EGGS  Come .direct to us as we will be well supplied. We have also made arrangements  with the ���felson hens to keep us supplied with new laid eg*gs until after the feast, if  you don't have boiled eggs for breakfast don't blame us.  Something choice in Easter hams and breakfast bacon, and a pound.of our Tea will  complete the bill of fare.  3<-Star Flour Makes Good Bread.  THE RUSH  Has been so great we were  compelled to order more goods  whieh have just arrived. First  come first choice.  H. M. Yineent  V-.VV-V-'--- . UAICER.8TVWEST, NELSON, I_,q..;Vy..  Young Men  It yon want a nobby suit or a stylish pair  of pants for spring wear call at rooms 5 and  !l Clements block. I will show you some  nice cloth and samples, and will send same  to your office or room where your measure  can-he taken. Will (It you as you were  never.fitted before.  LADIES' TAILOR MADE SUITS  A SPECIALTY,      V ;:.-���....'  Stevens, Tfie Tailor  ABERDEEN BLOCK  NELSON, B. C.  esBrisay & Go,  The Best on the Market  Just received a carloncl of  the   Lake of  the Woods  Milling  Company's  -celebrated Hungarian brands of Flour,.'which will   be sold, at the same  price as the  inferior  grades on the, market.    Try it and   be  convinced.  Family orders a specialty and free daily delivery  Mail and telephone orders promptly attended to  Baker Street West, opposite Oddfellows' Block  JOHN A. IRVING & CO.  FECIAL ATTENTION  Have just received a consignment of Harris home  made tweeds from Talbot Harris, Scotland.  FBED X SQUIBE, Baker sCMsod  The supply Is limited, so call early and examine this stock.


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