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 ���<���������:���*��  ^  A VERY TAME SESSION SO FAR  IN   THE   COMMONS.  The   Salisbury   Government    Has    Accomplished Nothing to Boast of and There  Appears to be Trouble in  Store.  Loxnox, April 1.���The first .section of  tlie parliamentary session terminated  with the adjournment for tho Master recess, mi id up to now the ministers can  not boast of any remarkable achievements. The chief event was the reading  of tlie London local government bill for  tho second time, but as tlio bill will receive most attention when it enters the  committee-stage, the government has no  reason for self-congratulation, especially  as its supporters as well as the opposition  are demanding important modifications.  The bill of the secretary of state for the  colonies, lion. Joseph Chamberlain, to  fsi.eilit.ito the acquirement of dwellings by  workmen has fallen flat, a.s everything  depends on the permission of the landlords.  The first matter of importance on the  commons reassembling will be the budget,  which lias been fixed for Thursday week.  The marquis of Salisbury, although  officially holidaying on the Riviera, is  keeping in close touch with the foreign  ofiice. "There has been a continual exchange of telegrams on the subject ofthe  recent developments in Samoa., and the  negotiations between the three interested  [lowers, which have been keeping his  hands full. In addition, messenges leave  London every other day with foreign  office despatches for the premier and minister of foreign affairs.  The Samoan blaze has been the leading  political topic of the week, and the drift  of the press comments litis been that the  matter was settled amicably between the  powers.  A American  Competitor Building.  New Youk, April 1.���The Sun says:  Au eastern boat that will be a. prominent  competitor in tlie trial races for tho-honor,  of regaining the international cup, tliat  ������������ was won by the Canada for three years, is  being built by Hanley of Cape Cod. She  will.be ready during the latter, part of  May, aiid .will be towed through the Erie  canal to Buffalo, from which place she  avi'II be sailed to Chicago where the trials  will take place. They will begin on July  1st. The Hanle,y boat is already iu -frame,*'  4"--.*r-rand" V1 .erS^  fe��i*h��i|fe  PUBLISHED AT NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  SUNDAY MOKNTOG,  APRIL t  181)1  DAILY (BY MAIL) $5 A YEAR:  WEEKLY, $2.  cessfully aided the government in checking the Carlist intrigues. Consequently,  all the Madrid churches yesterday Avere  visited by thousands, all traffic Avas suspended, and all the women Avore mantillas. At Seville yesterday while a procession was carrying the famous image ofthe virgin, dressed in the most expensive  silks and velvet, wearing ]50,000 pesetas  worth of jewels, the image caught fire  and was completely destroyed. Most of  the jewels were recovered.  .^ou*H*hib^- ...."aV^ilF 'vkce\ a^i'likt" "tlie.  ; .inds't-speedy- boat���i3u��{t can .be" "pro'duce'd  noi*'th���;p:f the-S.t. T_/ayvreiiee.river. -  �� I-��y��^_-'^^J^?��^^i��l^'^r_P "^t ��&W YorkJ ��  "'-. iS-lM*. york,^\i'j_yil���.L.r^ThS,as��plHbly com-  ,' .initte.e"^pp'(.)niteO'",to investigirte. tho several .iejfartijlents ..p,f:j;his..ejty is expected  "to '"bei'ih AVqY'Iv next" Wednesday. The  "police department will bo til-keni fii,'S*b.  Chiiii'nuiii Ma'/ot is reported in an interview' as sayings: "1 have received a great  iilairy* letters from )joJicemen,; \vlio tell of  the .enf0irced' contributions which they  have been eoiupelled to make to secret  funds, flnvveali these -ready to be Presented to the committee, Xif these Tetters  the pQlieemeti fcell of the sums: of money  tji"ey hafye been forced to give up, and;to  whom tliey paid its Soine of the policemen who give their names ,$li.o\y a great  reluctance to go oil the wituess stand.  hut others express a. Avilli'tig'i.iog��_J:a__tej.L  EVIDENCE   AGAINST   ESTERHAZY  Made Public.  : Paris, April 1.���The Figaro publishes  the official record of the military court  wliich tried major Esterhazy iu August  last. It appears from it that Esterhas-y  was,accused of sending three threatening  letters to president Faure. General Pel-  lieux testifier! that Esterha/.y told him  tliat he had received an offer of 000,000  francs from Jews, through the medium  of an English journalist, if he Avould confess that he * was the author of the  Bordereau.  Lieutenant Colonel-Paty du Clam testified that he heard that Esterhay.y intended Avriting to the German emperor,  and that he suggested to Esterha/.y to  write to president Fanre instead. Esterhay.y affirmed that the letters addresed to  president Faure Avere dictated by Paty  du Clam. This the hitter at first denied,  but when pressed by the president ofthe  court he admitted that he had drafted a  skeleton-of the letters.  Testimony by genera] De Boisdeffre  and (.titers proved that Esterhazy acted  as agent to the general staff, communicating infornmtion to the Libre Parole and  other neAVspapers. He violated tlie confidence .reposed in him and the staff  abandoned him.  At the close of the eA'idence the president of tlie court put three issues to his  colleagues, as- follows : First���Should  Esterhazy be retired, for habitual misbehaviour?   Second���Was he guilty of a  hst  *-  s.,  'at  issue iA.theaPuynatinre,i.?"to_-2."���:TJfe;set;onfl  a     jffn       ^    n AHJ      n     ��# ^      u    ^      Ch   nail    f - fya   ~ u       "^^n1 rJu1^ m Wa��n  ^nu      -fi, u u  :&"���(  "]��� ;issiie"qva*s>u hio _i���i ubusl:>$frej e^ttlci,?" "a'i i d^the  ���Ml they know.  British Ascendency in Abyssinia.  LoxdoX, April 1.���-The a veil- known  French painter, Aline Nicolas Mo rot, who  has just .returned to France from  Abyssinia, tells a pitiful tale of the manner ill Avhieh lie was treated by the  Abyssiiiians, and his disappointment over  the loss of French prestige. lie says a  vyry Wrong idea obtains' in France regarding the influence1 enjoyed by French*-  men in Abyssinia.. He says Frenchmen  are contemptuously- looked down upon,  and life regarded as less than nothing,  while the British, on the contrary,, are  feared and respected. "From- what I have  seen," he says, I am persuaded, to believe  that the English-will soon become masters  ,df Abyssinia, just as they have of Egypt.  This is inevitable."  Av  :    Resemblance Cost Eim His Life.  Paris,.April 1.���Ozouf, the man avIio  assassinated M. Touret in the Bois de  Boulogne yesterday evening, mistaking  him for president Loubet, Avhom he resembles strikingly, is au electrical engineer avIio lost his fortune in the Panama  smash. It is suggested that the mention  of Panama scandals in connection with  M. Loubet's election is responsible for  the man's idea of assassinating the president. The assassin fired two bullets at  M. Touret, avIio expired immediately  afterwards. Os_ouf Avas promptly arrested.  Religious Ceremonies in Unhappy Spain.  Lo.nt.ox, April 1.���Holy Aveek in Spain  avus celebrated with more than tho usual  religious splendor. At Toledo and Seville  there were more, visitors than usual. -At  Madrid the celebrations wore numerously attended, the queen regent, who  is ultra Catholic, and the cabinet giving  fresh proof of their desire to conciliate  the Vatican. and  the prelates who sue-"  *agii;in!_t '"Vlfet&rliaz^-   antl urging,  :��������� pr|TjXs]4>'5^5a-ii-1i.";*     "������i": -";, V"> ''���������"���.'.- 1 y"��i ":��� ������  Tlie���"'���p,u''6'l.ica*tic3ii; ,of*ftlie. "record >"h.^"s  . .caiisisd" -a, "sensation",, TtfySth'Siliej.'d 'is��"mueh  specvdatloii as to liolf F'i|ai'o,rob;fai.��iendcit.  TliejsSiie 6f",there[X6r*^waS lifrtiteU'.,  ..," A  copy AvaS sul^;)lied��t0,Ibach miQn(lje��t* ofibhe  t*oui'%olf ca^satioy:,>inf! to i)y$ "i-linisteCsV  anti nb other "dories "*?vere to be"h��ad.    I'he  governnieUt lias  Ordered   iin  inqliiry  to  learn wlio has been guilty of a. breach of  faith,* .'���     :_;������������' "  A War Picture From Manilla:  ���Si��_vrrr.B;, April L,���The Tiiues priiits a  letter from a A-olunteer afM.tnilla,, Avhieh  was Avritten luvder date of FebriuiryjLSth  as follows: "The native .women" ancl children in our neighborhood and beyond, as  Aveli as tlie old men and sidk, are absolutely starving to death. Their husbands  -ain.d^'a-tiie-r.s__=ha_,_e___-either=jbeeii-=killecl5=  Avounded, captured or driven' baek to  Malolos, their houses burned to the  ground Avith .all their earthly possessions,  and they are left Avith no means of subsistence. They attempt to cOme into the  American, lines by thousands, but liaVe  to be turned  them."  b.tck.   -We   cannot  feed  Has Quit the. C.P.R-  WlN.x.ii'i.o, April 1.���F. W. Jones, assistant to managei' Wllyte, of thoG.P.K.,  lias resigned his position. Mr. Jones has  accepted the appointment of secretary  a nd treasurer of the Cohimbia Ri ver Lumber Company, of winch Mr. AVilliam Mackenzie is president, with headquarters at  Golden, British Columbia.. The company  is one of the largest in British 'Columbia,  having mills at Golden, Moberly, Beaver,  Tappen Siding and Gait. Mr, Jones is  succeeded here by Mr. Osborne of Montreal, who takes the title of general superintendent.   Porter Brothers Stable Burned.  Victoria, April 1.���The stable on Fis-  guard street, of R. Porter & Sons, butchers, Avas burned at an early hour this  morning. Two of the ten horses kept  there were burned to death, the others  being got out with considerable difficulty,  as the fire had a good start before discovered.           Turkey Has a War Scare.  . Loxnox, April L���A. dispatch to the  Exchange Telegraph Company, from Bucharest, says there is a general impression  there that Turkey, is actively preparing  for war with Bulgaria. Trains laden  with war material are constantly running, from Constantinople to Adrianoplo.  Ni.w  Mexican -dollars  00 to ()().',  . * The Silver Market.  York, April  I.���Bar  -17.1,;. silver  silvei  certificate  QUEEN VICTORIA WAS ANNOYED  BY   CRAZY   FRENCHMEN.  Sailors   From    the    Royal   Yacht   Osborne  Driven From a Quay and Injured  by a Volley of Stones.  Londox, 'April 1.���There Avas a decidedly unpleasant incident in connection  Avith the queen's A*isit to Rivera. A boat  from the royal yacht Osborne Avas sent  ashore at Ville Franche. and three of her  creAv entered a cafe full of ..Frenchmen,'  who set upon them. The sailors "retreated .to the quay amid A-olleys of stones,  and Avere obliged to swim to their boat  Several of the boats creAv Avere injured.  The captain of the queen's guardship  complained to the commander ofthe  Freuch squadron, avIio apologized, but the  affair has left bad blood between the  sailors ofthe two squadrons, and has extremely annoyed the queen.  WERE AVENGING DEAD SAILORS  AT   SAMOA.  Despatch   of  Rear-Admiral   Kautz   to   the  Authorities at Washington puts the  German Consul in a Bad Light.  Collided in the Harbor.  New   York,   April   1.���Nine  Avere  severely   injured  persons  and it is feared  that two were drowned in a collision between an ocean-going tug and ono of the  Brooklyn ferry boats tonight. The  ferry boat Pierpont, captain  John E. Williamson, of Brooklyn.  A\*as struck in mid-stream by the tug  Argus, captain Atkins Paine, of Maiden,  Massachusetts, and was so badly damaged that it Avas Avith difficulty she  reached her Brooklyn slip. The tug Avas  uninjured. The accident occurred during  the rush hours, Avhen the ferry  boat was crowded and is believed to  luirve been caused by a misunderstanding of signals, and a largo amount  of traffic in the stream. The Argus  crashed into the ferry boat, penetrating  the side of the Pierpont five feet forward  of the entrance to the Avoman's cabins.  There was almost a panic aboard, and in  the rush_two girls and a woman wore  thrown into'the water. The woman was*  rescued, but as" yet nothing has been  soon of the girls, who Avere.unknown.  Washington, April. I.���The folloAving  Avas given out at the state department  this afternoon : "The secretary of state  has received from the secretary of the  inwy a telegram addressed to him by  rear-admiral Kautz, relatiA-e to Samoan  matters.  The telegram is dated NeAAX-astle,  N. S. AV., and reads as folloAvs : "Mataa-  fan people obeyed orders to leave the  government reservations. Since then  they have become agressive, killing pri-  A-ate HolIoAvay of the United States forces  and three British sailors. Oui* man Avas  killed Avhile guarding the American consulate.  The German consul-general issued an  incendiary proclamation saying that my  proclamation Avas untrue, and that he  should uphold the proA-isional government. The British forces act in concert  with the United States, shelling rebels  when they can'be reached." A copy was  sent to the German ambassador.  while tho removal of  and   bar   gives    tho  brighter appearance,  her   run   on   Monday  more   comfortable  eA*er before.  tho purser's room  forward saloon a  When she resumes  next,  she   will   be  for  passengers  than  SLOCAN   LAKE   MINING   NOTES.  Going Home Sad,  Washixotoai, April 1.���Scnors Villa Ion  and Hcvia, the representatives of the  Cuban assembly, who came here in an  effort to secure more funds to be distributed to the Cuban army Avhen disbanded,  left Washington today for the south,  presumably en route for HaA'ana. They  expressed themselves as disappointed  with the result of their A'isit. and stated  that having cabled to Havana tho flat refusal of the administration to increase  the sum intended for the army, they  would not be surprised at the early dissolution of the assembly and the disbanding of the Cuban army.  Chicago's Municipal Campaign.  Chicago, April 1.-���The milnicipal cam-  piligii Avas practically closed tonight, both  parties holding large meetings iu all parts  of the city. Both the Democrat and Re-  imblicans a>re^conflclent____oL.i.th-e_--Outconie.  but at the same time the practical in both,  parties admit that it is exceedingly diffi*-  cult to forecast correctly the result of the  A*ote on, Tuesday. The imkiiOAvn quantity is the \rote to be polled by the inde-  pendentdemocratic candidate cx-governor  Altgeld. Mayor Harrison is tho straight  Democratic candidate and Carter, the  Republican. ^        ,  Seven Victims Accounted for.  Chicago, April 1.���Two more bodies  were found today in the ruins of the Armour Felt and Curled Ij'a'ir Works, which  were destroyed by fire last Monday.  They have been identified as John White  and William Gillen, who were employed  in the works. This swells the number of  A'ict-iins to seAron and there are still two  more employees missing.  No Damage to German Property.  Bi_ri_ix, April ].���Ail official despatch  from Apia says the only damages done to  German property during the recent bombardment by the British and American  gunboats, was a mis-shot which broke  some crockery in the German consulate,  and the destruction of a house belonging  to some German planters named   Vaitelo.  The Pope in Good Spirits,  Ro.\ri3, April 1.���Doctors Mazzoni and  Lapponi this evening removed a fragment of dead skin from the pope's wound,  Avhieh had almost completely healed.  When the bandages 'were removed the  pope did not suffer the least pain and he  afterwards conversed with his entourage.  Fire-Trap Owner 111.  -Nkw York, April 1. --Warren F.'Leland, proprietor of the Windsor, hotel,  which was burned with the. loss of I;-)  lives, was this afternoon opera fed'.'upon  for appendicitis. Mr. Leland's condition  tonight was as good as could bo'expected  i under the circumstances. *.'���. -.'    ���'"  I  .Special Lo The Tribune.]  A certificate of improvements has  been granted -by gold commissioner  Sproat to the Kaslo, Alma and Oro  claims in this camp, and owned by D. K.  Sprague and J. S. Parker of Kaslo.  George Long and Nat Tucker of Ncav  Denver haA*e gi\*en an option on the Silver Leaf, a claim owned by them adjoining tho Arlington group, with Springer  creek on the south. The property has  the same lead at tho Arlington, but has  had no Avork done on it beyond assessments. The option is for $-1000, of wliich  $250 was paid doAvn, and the balance  falls due on May 1. A. Bohn'e, acting for  the new Arlington management, Avas the  party securing the option. J-  ' Manager Sandi ford has again increased  the force on the Bosun and he'expects  shortly to further add to the Avorking  force. In the No. 2 tunnel the pa.ystrcak  has widened out and and the test Avinzo  at its mouth has dcA'eloped a four-foot  ledge, Avhieh promises great things. The  ground above the No. 1 and the No. 2  tunnels is to be stopecl. and when the  necessary openings are made there will  be a good-sized force employed. Another  carload of ore is sacked ready for shipment, making up the regular monthly  compliment of 100 tons.  James Wigginton of New DeiiA*er has  purchased from N. McMillan a half interest iu the Nancy Lee and Stanley,  two promising properties on Silver  mountain, and adjoining tho Eclipse.  The ore shipments from the Slocan wore  unusually heavy last week,, aggregating,  11.00 tons. Of this amount the Payne  shipped '170 tons, breaking all previous  records, as did also the Queen Bess with  220 tons.  ^==Sb=80on=a;s=a;ii=ihciiease"=of^A*iite1i'^willL  permit, the concentrators of the Noble  Fi\*e and Slocan Star Avill be started up  and the forces largely increased.  KASLO   LOCAL   NEWS.  The sheriff of South Kootenay has recorded the notice of sale of the interest  of F. P. Sherwood iii the San .Juan, Humming Bird Fraction and Monterey, taken  under execution in the suit of J. 0. McLean, Ds'McBeath'. John Bell and others  against Sherwood and others.  The last council meeting was the quietest of the year. Almost the only businessdone'\\ras the passing of a- few accounts and advancing the laundry bylaw  a stage. The reverends Beer and Wood  asked for an electric 'lamp, to be placed  between their churches, which was tabled  for the present.  Tlie steamer Red Star wus floated from  the shore Avhere she has laid for some  time on Friday, and will resume work on  the lake almost at once.  Efforts are being made by lieutenant  Twiss and some of the privates -of the  rifle company, to induce the merchants  to inaugurate an early closing movement,  in order that time and opportunity for  company drill may be afforded the young-  men.  The Kootenay Lake saAVinill started up  after several months of idleness on Friday, and Avill be occupied for a short  time in saAVing mining plant and some  squared lumber for the slip ways at  Mirror lake.  Good Friday Avas spent very discreetly.  The stores closed at  noon, and there was  a solemn and <|uiot'.air about   the   town *  that it does.not usually assume.  The-stcanier International* wits out on  the lake Friday morning. In lier.'h.ew.  dress of paint she looks very' bright and  neat. -The* hew rooms which have boon  added   give .'increased'., accommodation,  GOVERNMENT   STANDS   PAT  - On the Eight-Hour Law.  Alderman Charles Hillyer has returned  from a two weeks' visit to Victoria,  Avhere he was successful in his efforts to  straighten out matters in connection  with his purchase of the assets of the estate of Thomas W. Gray. He does" not  anticipate any further trouble aiid. steps  will be taken at once to secure the incorporation of a limited liability company Avith a vieAv to the" immediate resumption of work.  While in Victoria alderman Hillyer  had aii interview Avith attorney-general  .Martin upon the-subject of the eight-  hour laAv. He says there is no hedging  on the part of the attorney-general. He  says that the government inserted the  amendment to the act for the inspection  of Metalliferous mines, and if it is the  Avish of the miners that the amendment  shall be enforced they Avill have-their request complied with. The attorney-general says that the Avhole thing rests with  the miners themselves. If they make a  demand for eight hours the government  will see that they get it.  Alderman Hillyer docs not think that  any delegation of mine-owners will have  any success iu attempting to change the  goverment's policy in the face of anything like a general demand from the  working minors.  The Eight Hour Law.  FA.__.10, April 1st, ISO!).  To the Editor of-The Tribune :���_  Advice me if there io a penally of 3100 for viola i"g  -lies-hour law. w. TBE a])   ES.  Section 20 of the "Inspection of Metalliferous Mines Act" ��� reads as follows:  EA'ery person who is guilty of any offence  against this act shall be liable to a penalty not exceeding,, if he is an owner,  agent, manager or lessee, one hundred  dollars,' and'if ho is any other person, ten  , dollars, for each ollencc, then'in case of  an oAvner, agent, manager or lessee, to a  further penalty not exceeding, one hundred dollars aud -not less than ten dollars for. every day after such notice that  such offence continues to'be committed.  and in case of other persons, to a further  penalty not exceeding five dollars for'  every day after such notice that such  offence continues to bo committed.  Section 34 reads : No prosecution shall  be instituted against the owner, agent,  manager or lessee of a mine,to which this  act applies for any offence under this act  Avhieh can be prosecuted before a court of  summary jurisdiction except by an inspector, or with the consent in writing of  the minister of mines.  Kaslo Ore Receipts.  Owing probably to tho bad condition  of the rawhide trails, shipments over the  Kaslo & Slocan railway show ,a considerable falling off during tlie week, being  little more than; half the average anjouut.  The following are the receipts at the  Kaslo station for the Aveek ending 81st  ff-Vlarch": "~  SAYWARD GETS THE CONTRACT  FOR    CITY   LUMBER.  One of the Local Breweries Does Not Like  the Wholesale Liquor License Which  the Council Has Imposed.  Pay no   ijiujt Chance   Treasure A'ault,.  Rtuiil-ler.   Jackson -.lines,..  Pounds.  ....J17,000  ....280,000  .... :i6.ooo  .... .���������..ooo  .... '32.000.  A total of 398J| tons. Tlie Payne Ore  and that from the Treasure Vault is sent  to the Omaha and Grant smelter at  Omaha ; that from the Rambler-, and one-  half of the shipment from the Last  Chance go to Aurora, HI.; while the remainder of the ]>ist- Chance ore is sent  to the Sol by Lead Works at San I'-ran-  eiseo. The output of the Jackson Mines  is passed through the sampler works of  the Kootenay Ore Company at Kaslo.  Declined a Liberal Offer.  Shannon and MeGillivray, th principal  owners of the Neepawa. group, on Ten-  ���mile creek. Slocan lake, have declined  overtures made this Aveek for the control  of their property. Toronto capitalists  were at the back of the scheme, and tlieir  proposal Avas embraced in three different  ways, covering a. period of eighteen  months. The highest cash offered was  $25,000, with .30,000 $1 shares in addition.  Tho bonders offered to keep not less than  four miners at work continuously. The  bonds wore sent all ready for signing, but  were rejected, as the value placed on the  property is in excess of the figures offered. The bonders never saw the Neepawa,.  but made the offer on the strength of the  recent strike of clean oro thereon.  A special (-meeting of the city council  Avas held yesterday morning, at Avhieh  mayor Neelands and aldermen Fletcher,  Thomson and Kirkpatrick were present.  The first business transacted was the  passing of a resolution granting the  mayor leave of absence for the -purpose  of going to Victoria, as a delegate in opposition to the enforcement of the eight-  hour law for miners employed underground. During his absence alderman  Fletcher will be acting mayor and acting  license and police commissioner.  Don't Like the Tax.  Messrs. Macdonald ��fc Johnson had a  communication before the council in  Avhieh, as the agents for Reisterer & Company, they protested against the Avhole-  sale liquor dealer's tax, wliich the council has decided to impose upon  breAveries, instead of the wholesale  trader's tax. The former license calls  for the payment of $50 every six months,  A\-hile the wholesale traders' tax -was but  $10. The solicitqii- stated that their  clients were manufacturers and paid a  large sum to the Dominion government  for the privilege of manufacturing beer,  and for this reason they objected to.paying" any-other license beyond the ordinary 'wholesale trader's license. The solicitors said that the present Avas the first  year in Avhichan attempt Avas made to  collect any such license from breweries,  and they thought that before entering  upon expensive litigation it Avould be  well for the council to have a written  opinion from the city solicitor upon the  question. As a starter the lawyers said  they did not mind referring the members  of the council to the case of Severn a\s.  llegina. in Avhieh a similar question Avas  raised in the province of Ontario. In  this case the supremo court held that  such a license was a restriction upon  trade and commerce, and not like ordinary municipal licenses, a matter of police. For this reason it was hold that  the tax imposed Avas beyond the powers  of the legislature of the province.  The council decided to  turn the letter  over to the city solicitor.  A "communication Avas read from H. D.  Ashcroft, stating that he had raised his  premises on Hall street to grade, and  asking that the street be filled to grade. '  The letter Avas referred to the city engineer, Avith, instructions to - have the  sideAvalk raised to grade.  PUBLIC   WORKS   COMMITTEE    *  Lets Contracts.  A meeting of. the public works com-'  mittee was held after the 'council adjourned, when the tenders for supplying  the city with rough lumber and for erecting the poles necessary for extending the  electric light service wore opened.  For the supplying of the city with  rough lumber there Averejust six tenders.  P. Genolle & Company tendered- at $9.50  per thousand at the C. P. li. siding at  Nelson : the Goat River Lumber Company  at $0 f. o. b. at Creston; F. Lavin $9 at'  Mountain Siding; the Nelson Planing  Mills at $10: J. A, Say ward at $9j and  Shook & Arnotof Sioean, Cltf "at $10" at-  Slocan City. 'The tender of J. A. "Sa^-  Avard Avas the lOAVest but that from the  Nels&n Planing Mill S6tj otlt that the price  -tenderednvtrWQU idvbe"good^  to lengths. The committee decided to  give.J, A. Sayward the cOutraot for .supplying lumber not required to be cut to  lengths, and all length stuff required will  be secured from the local sawmill.  There were eight tenders in for the job  of erecting soine-17 poles Avhieh the council requires for tlie electric light service.  The contract was awarded to IS. Wiiicume  at $2.95 Per pole. The 6ther tenders  were Stutter k Seaman, $7 : G- .Beaumout-  $3.75; Ivelly & McDonald. $4^5..' C,  Mathcson, $B.50; S. MoRae, $'3.25: David  Dart/., $1.50; dud Thomas Dempster,  $5.75.  The application of the Slocan Ore Purchasing Company for the opening up of  Poplar street to the proposed ore.srtmpler  on the lake front Avas referred to the city  engineer to furnish a statement of the  cost.  FIFTY   THOUSAND   IN   BANK  Knights of Pythias Banquet.  The   _Vew   Denver   lodge    Knights  of  Pythias * mot   in -.special   ���meeting    last  'Wednesday to receive grand' chancellor  lladdow.    After a most interesting mooting, ��.complimentary  banquet was   held  lit  the Newmarket hotel,  at   which   the  usual   list  of  toasts   was   honored.    On  Thursday evening* the  Knights hold  an  "At Home," and entertained the entire  town    with    music,,   refreshments    and  .dancing. .  For Development Work.  The outlook in mining circles round the  Slocan Lake camps has improved' a great  deal of late aud  the chances  are  favorable for a good and lively summer's operations.   Toronto and Montreal parties are  seeking bonds on a number of properties  and  Spokane   operators  are  once  more  turning their  attention   this   way.    The  Ten   Mile,   Springer   Creek  and Lemon  Creek camps, in   particular,  are  passing  out of the gloom that has oA*crshado\ved  them for the  past  two  years.    Much of  this is due to the change in the affairs of  the  Arlington,  on  Springer  creek.     A.  Betune, writing from Spokane, states that  tho    new    Arlington    management   has  $50,000 in the bank for development purposes.     This should place the group in a  position to pay regular dividends.     The  effect of tho deal on the camp is encouraging to those Avho have been holding on  so long.    Coupled   Avith   this   are other  movements indicating that a reaction for  tho better, has set in. THE TBTBUKE:  NELSON, B. C, SUNDAY, APRIL '>, 1899.  For the Ladies...  Just received a large stock of  Ladies' Capes, Skirts, Wrappers and Blouses  New goods arriving daily  Dry Goods, Clothing, Gents' Furnishings, Etc.  ...A. Ferland & Co  Elliott block,   Baker street,   Nelson,   B. C.  356 FISHING RODS  AND MORE COMING  English and Canadian make of Bamboo (whole and split)  Steel, Lancewood and Greenheart. The largest assortment  in  Kootenay.    Mail orders promptly attended to.  Nelson Hardware Co.  Baker Street, Nelson.  petent, and his members of the council  have not shoAvn that they are possessed  of capacity for aught except to split  hairs.  HUDSON'S BAY STORES  West Baker Street, Nelson.   Telephone 13.  Easter  Eggs  Twenty-  five cents  per dozen  in  When visiting  the markets  in the   east  during  the winter, vr�� were  lucky  enough to get special bargains by clearing out lines for cash, so Ave are nOAv  able to offer the public about 100 suits at original wholesale cost. A special  line of pure-Lama wool shirts (shrunk before made) at one-half their value.  Hazelwood  Creamery  Butter  ig  >&&fc=-��__y  w  %  m  m  m  1.C=>.(=>.C=>.��3.C3.tS>'C=>.c3.cS>.  %  B  %  Sign of the Big1 Red Hat  P. O. Box 103, Nelson, B.  J. F. WEIR  RAILWAY  TIME-TABLES.  CANADIAN PACIFIC.  (DEPOT KOOT OK ltAII.WAV STKEET)  passenger ancl mail (daily), for Nakusp   Leave.    Arrive.  and Revelstoke and main line points.0.30 a.m. 8 20 p.m.  Passenger and mail (daily), for Slocan  City, Silverton, New Denver, Three  Forks and Sandon 0.30 a.m.   8.20 p.m.  Passenger and mail (daily) for Robson,  Trail and Kossland G._0 p.m. 10.30 p.m.  NKLSON AND FORT SHEPPAItD.  (i-El'OT EAST KND WATEK STKEKT,  HOGUSTOW.V)  Passenger and mail (daily), for Spo-    Leave.    Arrive.  kane 9.10 a.m.   5.30 p.m.  Passenger and mail (daily), for Ymir,  Salmo, Wanetaand Uo.ssland  9.40a.m.   5.30 p.m.  (Trains leave Mountain Siding, east end Robson street,  forty minutes later than from Nelson station.)   KASLO AND SLOCAN.' _-'_,-*  Passenger and mail (daily except Sun-   Leave.r ' Arrive.  jdays), fronrKaslo for Whitewater,' '.-  McGuigan,- Three   Forks,   Sandon -  and Cody .'-.._; ���8.00 a.m. _ 3.5.5 p.m.  Passenger and mail (daily except Sun-  day), from Sandon for Kaslo  1.15 p.ni". -10.10 a.m.  STEAMBOAT TIME-TABLES.  J      CANADIAN PACIFIC.  (BOATS -.HAVE irALL-STKEBT WHARF)  Steamer Kokanee (daily except Sun-   Leave.    Arrive,  days), for Kokanee Creek, Balfour,  " ��� Pilot Bay, Ainsworth and Kaslo 1.00 p.m. 11.30 a._n.-  Stcamcr   Moyie   (leaves    Mondays, .  Wednesdays,   Fridays and arrives1"       ���""���"���    "  rTuesdays,   Thursdays, Saturdays)," "     " "     :,  for Kootenay Landing, where con. . ���        _        ���,'  ,   nection is made with Crow's Nest ���n . ��   ���  Pass railway ....'. %.8j00>;m.^ ftoOJpiny.  ~KOOTENAY RAILWAY AND^A^IG^TIONVcd."."  (I-O-STS LEAVE IIALL-STKEET.WlIAIiK)* ."''   C.,J  Steamer International (daily except; ��L"cave."�� Arrive.,  Sundays), for Kokanee'Creek, Bal-" "'"."     "  "" "  ^Jfour,  Pilot  Bay,  Ainsworth   and," ;.���. "��� .��� _    �����������.*'  Kaslo ..._. ��. /.i;30 p,m. .10.30 asm.  trial; then if it is found to Avork a hardship, on mine owners, their side of the  case will only be that much the stronger.  There is not a more prosperous city  in Americ-t today than Butte, Montana.  The men who work for wages make up  75 per cent of its adult male -population,  and most of them work in tho mines. The  leading mine owners and mine managers  have never had any difficulty in, arranging the wagequcstipn with, the "men who  work. for..wages. Suppose, the leading  mine owners and , mine'. managers' in  .Kootenay send a delegation to Butte,  Montana, to,, study the situation *- there  before sending delegates .to Victoria to  discuss the situation with men who were  never in a mine in their lives ? Anyway,  , theVcjro|> ^qfinine owners: ancl ��� mine;" nian-  ageH i�� iilirays e?cGeedingly large "ok,("0ci  casioii. '       ���' ��� ...--���;.-  The Best  on the  Market  'S BAY  West Baker Street, fielson,   Telephone 13,  STORES  Shoes  We have about one-third of our  seasonable Paris trimmed hats left  over, which we are now offering  at greatly reduced prices.  B  B  B  B  fa  fa  fa  fa  fa  B  m  With  Daily Edition   Weekly __d_tion*���   jFfiiST YEAR* No. 76   S-.VENTjl*Y_-Ai8,��"No. 20:  THE DAILY TRIBUNE is published, every morning  O (except Monday), and will be mailed to" subscribers  in' Canada or the United States fbr $5- a ^yea'r.and tb  subscribers in Great Britain for.��8- a year;.or it will  be delivered to subscribers in Nelson fbr 25 cents a  week, ?1 a month, S2.50 for three mo"hth8^?5 for six  months, or ��l(i for one year.   Payable in advance!1  THE, *W,EEKr_Y TUIBUis'E iSpublishcid every VVcdnes--  day and Saturday, and will be mailed to subscribers  " anywhere for $-2"a year, payable inyadvaiice.   *Tt__&ljL"__:ft^<*-DV^  " ���" daily and weekly editions' for?I per inch per mouth.  fiOGAl, OR HEADING MATTER NOTICES 25 cents a  'lipoifor each insertion.  JOB PRINTING at fair rates.    Accounts for Job printing __nd advertising are payable on the first of every  month.   Address*���  THE TRIBUNE. Nelson, B. C.  At Dawson, after the plaintiffs ih the  Fawcett investigation withdraw on the  grounds that they were not permitted to  go bflck far enough in making their  charges agflinst that official, conunis-  sioiier Ogilve pronounced Fawcett innocent, the charges against him not being  proven. During the course of tlie investigation evidence was brought out showing that major Walsh was retained by  the Young Conservative club of Ottawa  to secure information for them regarding  alleged crookedness of government officials in tile Yukon.    AV.is Walsh a spy ?  Tub Semlin govoi'iimeut have committed themselves on the eight-hour amendment to the Inspection of Metalliferous  Mines Act, and it is not likely they will  recede from their position. Were they  to recede it would show a weakness, and  even their opponents will not charge  them with being Aveaklings. The law  will be enforced, and the sooner mine  owners are made to realize that fact the  better it will be for the country. There  was no crying demand for the amendment, as both miners and mine owners  appeared to be* satisfied v>*itli existing  conditions. The mine owners of Rossland  have acted both fairly and- wisely in giving the law a working trial before .send-.  ing delegates to the government demand-'  ing its suspension.   Give the' kiwk fair.  MAyDR- ^jEl3npi:Nbs says that ���;wi^hih"  the ntixt t>\VO week��, .a statement willVbe  laid-before-the Council giving an estimate"  Of the sums  of money  required by tlie*  council for *>vatef  works,  electric light,  and sewer extensions, as well  lis  for tilie  "i-iiprovesments of the streets and the laying, pf sidewalks.    ^Wifcli respect ip" tlie  amount-, required for tlie first three items,  the ratepayers Will be recfuested to pass  bylaws authorizing the stile of debentureSj  as they are public works that earn revenue.    The amounts required for the im-  15~rt!'vlffllnt^f^  of sidewalks Avill be taken from the current revenue of the corporation. It is  not likely that the taxpayers will vote  mayor Neelands and his council any very  large sums to expend on anything, Mayor  Neelands has shown that he is an incoin-  "Of making many books  there is no end."  Soles and Heels  Have you seen them  If-not you should* eom> in and=  H        " -        V/ '" tig-   UPlf n     n- 4j_JnmnB;    �����      u     n  hatfe  a slo��>E at' ^helii^   ThSy  -the- -prober /footgear  Victoria Block, BaKer Street, Nelson, B. C.  m  "'S-T.Sai".'^ .r^=i".!l2f ���"___�� ���"<=-?��� _=__���� ��a ��� _S?"_s_-i'.'=_\ ��. *_& i_s'*<  \e^\i^,^��^.%^A^'^fyf?llif?y^.r^yF3^<^'Fi��.^^  |.��S_!_5_i,.',4;'  -?s-<3-**3':  m  le?4.&;.  ��i��  mm,  M:  are  ���fpf /ihis^OEtvpf-,;.,iv  afvay '\\ath.- *uBb"ers  _ingf���,easy.  er,  ��    rrvf; ������  nia.ke  Aberdeen B.ock,  �����">?  MALOfJE & TREGILLUS  aAK.BR:,S:rREEi;"NEi;'30N;  proprietors:  f eadiquaFtaFS ^fdr liniefe arillp()sp^ops  THE BEST BRANDS OF  BSTAl-JtlSHteD 1879.  Twenty years old and still growing,   >  parson produce Q6.  PROVISION  MERCfiANTS  COLCD STORAGE WAREHOUSEMEN  AND JOBBERS OF GREEN FRUITS  ALWAYS ON HAftD  i<l,.,!2,      "���      ;, " >_.ii-.,   ���iwV.    j?_��'p"���.J   ","���...   ii  n;egttecg. Wtit:b n.otf'wryamd  ' Liight^d by vEle&triQity  targe comforlaijle bedrooins ��� find .'flret-ciriss  dining^  room.-,  gdrnpic robins .iorrifednimercialmdi..  ,ea:t_-1S  ��il^i��:;at*��f  One of the best and most popular hotels In Nelson.  Madden House  BAKER AND WARD STREETS, NELSON  Neither is  On sale at  there  any  end to   tlie variety  Thomson's  ���VVe have all  known authors,  spondence.  tlie  newest  books  by well^  Our  stock   of   fine   corre-  Stationery  Is a leading feature of our business. We  have all the newest tints and shapes with  envelopes to match.    When inviting  Company,  Use our dainty invitation note. Do you  know we carry "At Home" Cards, Visiting  Cards and Dance Programs,   Our stock is not  Limited  We can meet all 'demands made upon it,  we supply goods to the confines of British  Columbia as well as to  Nelson  HEAD OFFI0E, WINNIPEG  J. A. ROGERS, General Manager  Manager for "Western British Columbia,  JOHN PARSONS, Vancouver  Manager for Yukon District,  CHAS. MILNE, Dawson  Manager for Southern British Columbia.  P, J. RUSSELL, Nelson  _B-R-A._-SrC__H_:BS  VANCOUVER���A, V. Ralph, Manager.  DAWSON OITY-A. G. Cu.i--tng_.un, Mutifigcr.  ATLIN CITY���.1. A. Fraser, Manager.  NELSON���P. J. Russell, Manager.  Stocks carried, at Victoria, Rossland, Cranbrook, Greenwood and Revelstoke.  The largest handlers of Butter and Eggs in  the Canadian Northwest.  Strachan Bros.  PLUMBERS, Etc.  Tfic only* hotol in Nelson tliat has remained under ono  management 6ii.ee 1890;  The bed-rooms aro, well furnished and   lighted by  plcc-ripity.  Tlio* dining-room is not sfecbnd to any in Kootenay.  Tho bar is always stocked by tho best domiSslib and  imported liquors and eigars.  THOMAS MA DDKN, Proprietor.  FLORENCE PARK HOTEL  Two and a half miles up the Outlet from Nelson.  - 'Bjis ;:me"ets" jail- trains "and: "fo^ats.  fSpefei-li/aBerilib^  givel- Itift "trahs-  ;|ei;.of^^igje^ ..��ffece.and"stables"  ton   ^ernon/ slr^etj.   opposite;   The  Tribune office*" Telephone "No. �� 35.  .iiwiiiii:  Ert^L, TE^IVIBT^BS  ^^^---AGENJS-JOR -=  The imperial Oil Co.   Standard Oil Co.  Washington Brick ai^d Lirtje Co.  The H. W. fVJcNtell Co., Lid., Canadian An.th.ra-  cite Coal (Hard)  C!Dl?f'TATTTl?Q.     Spring Chickens, Fresi] Cream,  OrJCiUlALllJJJO.     Pure Milk, Fresh-Laid Eggs.  All of which are from the ranch belonging to the hotel  STEINWAY  The  Standard   Piano  of the World.  NORDHEIMER  The Artistic  Piano of  Canada. .  m m IMC; CO^ Agents.  Opera House BlocK, fe's��n  Nelson Iron Works  MAJfU-i'ACTUKEIlS OI'' ;        ''���''���"(���  BNGiNElS, BOILBBS. SHAFTING, IRON AND  BRASS CASTINGS OF BVERY DESCRIPTION  :/���.   Repairs.promptly.attended to. < ���. P. O., Box 173,.,.���.."..  A pleasant place to spend afternoons, evenings and  enjoy delicacies that cannot, be obtained in hotels'or  restaurants at Nelson. Good stabling. Open day and  night.   Can bo reached by either road or water.  WILLIAM ROBERTS, Proprietor.  Large and well lighted Heated by hot air  Reasonable rates Sample rooms  Electric bells and light in every room  Renovated and refurnished throughout  HOTEL  VICTORIA  J. V. PERKS, Proprietor  Revelstoke, B. C.  rj. D. HMME, Manager.  Tho finest hotel in tho interior.  Large Bamplo rooms.  Steam heat and electric light.  CORNER pjb*1 AVARD A^DXERKON STS., J<fKLSpx\  Vienna Restaurant  Baker street, between Josephine and  Hall streets, Nelson.  ST0VEWQOD  MEALS AT ALL HOURS, DAY OR NIGHT  BAKERY IN CONNECTION  FAMILY AND PASTRY COOKING A SPECIALTY  ONLY WHITE HELP EMPLOYED  R. HURRY, Prop.  Free bus meets all trains  Hourly street car to station  The -VJanhattar.  IS THE ONLY HOTJSB IN TOWN  WHERE YOU CAN BUY  Pabst Blue gibbon Beer  v    25 CENTS PER BOTTLE  fiON TON  OPEN DAY AND NIGHT  EXPRESS and BRAYING  Having purchased the express arid draying  business bf J. W. Cowan, wo aro prepared M  to do all kinds of work iii this lino;, and sor  licit the patronage, of tlie people of NelSon.  Orders left at IT. McArthur & Go'k store,  .northwest corner Bakerand Ward streets,  will receive prompt attention.   Telephone 85  GOMER DAVIS & Go.  R. REISTERER & CO.  BREWERS AND BOTTLERS OF  Fine Lager Beer9  city  The only restaurant   in   the  employing* only white cooks.  Merchants'lunch from 12 to 2  o'clock, 25 cents. Dinner from 5  to 8.    Short orders   at   all   hours.  Application for Liquor License.  Notice is hereby given that I, the undersigned, Austin  H. Clements, intend at the first sitting of tho board of  licensing commissioner., of the City of Nelson, to be held  thirty (30) days after the publication of this notice, to apply for a retail liquor saloon licenso for the premises  known as the corner store of the Odd Follows building,  on lot number one (1) in block (12), being situated on the  southeast corner of Baker and Kootenay streets in the  West ward of the said City of Nelson. .    .   _ '  '*;���������-,-������.   v: ������-..������,.-,:-.       .  .   AUSTIN H. CLEMENTS. .  . Pated,this,15th day. of March. A.D. 1KW.  fa  B  fa  y 1  Pr0��&Sryd t^Thftrade.     Brewery at Nelson.  Nelson Eleetrie Light Company, Limited  NOTICE  All persons having accounts against the  company will present them at once to the  manager, and all persons indebted to the  company are required to settle the same immediately.    JOHN HOUSTON, Manager.  Nelson, March 10th, 1899.  .        Application for Liquor License.  Notice is hereby given that I will, thirty days from tho  dato of this notice, apply to tho government agent at    ���  Nolson for a license to sell liquor at retail at my hotel at  Five-Mile Point; to be known as ..the Castle Hotel, in.  West Kootenay district, British Columbia.  ..Dated Marc}. 11th, 1899.       ,-.   H. A. HEYWWD.-   W T  THE TRIBUNE. -NELSON, B. 0.,-SUNDAY, APRIL 2,-1899.  v  Bank of J  Capital,  Rest,  all paid  up,     -  $12,000,000  6,000,000  LORD STRATHCONTA AND  Hon. GKO. A. l.UUMMOND.  B   8. CLOUSTON   MT.  ROYAL, President   Vice-President  .. .General Managor  ISTEJLSO-tsr   -B_R-��L.JSrO-63:  N. W. Cop. Baker and Stanley Streets.  THE BANK OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA  NELSON       liKANOH-.S IN       LONDON  (England),   NEW YORK.   CHICAGO  and in tho principal cities in Canada.  Hay and soil Sterling Exchange and Cable Transfers  (.KANT COMMKKCIAL AND TKAVKM-EltS' CR-.UIT8,  available in any part, of the world.  DRAKT8 1SSUKD    COI--.KCTION8 MADE; ETC.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CURRENT RATE OK INTEREST PAID  THE   FLOWER   OF   DEATH.  Are now prepared to issue  Drafts and Letters of Credit on  Dawson City, Yukon District.  A Night of Despair.  "You are as good as dead," said tlio  doctor, looking steadily at Anatole.  Anatole staggered. He had come to  pass a cheerful evening' with his old  friend, Dr. Bard.iis,' the savant .whose  works on poisonous substances are so  well and favorably known, but one Avhose  excellence of heart and almost fatherly  kindness Anatole had been able to appreciate more than any one. And now all  of a sudden, without regard for-his feelings, without being prepared to hear it,  the-terrible prognostic is uttered'by so  great an authority.  "Unfortunate fellow," continued the  doctor, "what 'have ���'you done?"  "Nothing that I know of," stammered  Anatole, greatly troubled.  "Try to recollect. Tell me ' what you  have drank, what you have eaten and  ���what you have breathed;".  The lust word spokou by the doctor  was a ray of light to Anatole. That very  morning he had received a letter from  one of li is friends who was traveling in  India. In this letter had been a (lower  plucked on the shores of the Ganges by  the traA'eler���a llowor, red, warped and  of bizarre shape, the odor of which, lie  remembered well now, had seemed to  him strangely penetrating. Anatole  searched in his pocket-book and .took  - therefrom tho letter and flower in ques-  * lion, wliich he showed to the savant.  "Without doubt," exclaimed   tlie doctor, "it is the. Pyramenensis  Indica���the  fatal (lower, tho flower of death." "  "Do you really think so?"  "L am sure of it."  "But it is not possible. L am only  twenty-live years old. -1 feel myself full  of life and health."  "When did you open that fatal letter?"  "At nine "o'clock this morning."  "Well, tomorrow morning at the same  hour,  indeed at  the same moment, you  will  feel  a  sharp  anguish at the heart,  . audit "\Vull be all bvpr -��wi;th, you."  "And do ytali dnot JcuO^ any remedy,  ��� auyniekus 0f������'���y ''..-' ...'    ; V ���  "Koiie;" said M<_Vdoc��of, and[hiding "his  face -ill his haiids lie sank .backward iii aii  jii*_n-ehair, clicked W'itlJ. (grief.  From the emotion''cfi&pjfayecl by his old  friend,* _4nat6Te:. realized" that there WUS  " nq'liOPe. jfffe Idepitrited iii a dazed maimer.  With beads Of pdld perspiration on his  brow and his" thoughts confused. Anatole  moved along unconscious of *what was  =-passii'ig--ai'oiind7=hihir'Viid=llot=even=isus-  Ijecting that the streets were becoming  deserted. He wandered a long time  thus ; but at length, coining to & bench,  he sat down. ���  The rest did him good. Until theu 'lie'  had been like a man who has been struck  on, the head with a ehib, The effects of  the shock were disappearing, and he began now to collect his vagrant thoughts.  "My plight," thought he, "is that of a  pe.*son condemned to death. "Yet I can  still h0pe for mercy. By the way, how  much longer have I to live?"  He looked at his watch.  "It lacks three hours of morning. It  is time: I was in bed. I go to bed, indeed!  To devote the last Sad hours of my life  to sleep! No. I cah certainly do better  than that. But, what ? Farbleu! I  have it. I Avill draw up my last will and  testament."  A restaurant which remained open all  night was near by. Anatole entered and  sat down.  "Waiter, a bottle of champagne and a  bottle of ink."  He drank a glass and looked at his  writing-paper, reflecting: "To whom  shall I leave my six thousand francs income? I'have neither father nor mother  ���a fact whieh is lucky for them. And  among the persons who interest me I  can think only of one���Nieette."  Nicette was one of his forty-second  cousins, a charming young girl of  eighteen years, with fair tresses and  black eyes. Like himself she was an  orphan, and this community of fate had  long ago established a bond of sympathy  between them. His will Avas speedily  draAvn up. He left everything to Nicette.  When it was finished he drank a second  glass.'of champagne.  "Poor Nicette," thought he. "Her  guardian avIio knoAvs little of the world  except his class, which he teaches to play  on brass instruments at the-��� conserva-  And now that  - my  answer, I  polite.    But I  am tenacious,1  at your  tory, has bethought himself to promise  her hand to a brute, a sort of bully, whom  shoTletosts, because she loves another, as  she has avowed to me, although with reticence and an embarrassed air. Who is  this happy mortal? But he must be  worthy of her, since she has fixed her  affection on him. Good, gentle, coniely  and affectionate Nicette deserves an ideal  husband.' Ah, how Avell Avould she have  suited me for a Avife. It is an infamous'  tyranny to spoil her life by-giving her to  a brute. But why should I not be  Nicette's champion ? I have said it now,  and tomorrow morning I will begin, to  act. But tomorroAV morning Avill be too  late. Noav is the time to begin, if at all.  The hour is a little mal a propOs to see  people, but as I shall be dead in five hours  I don't care a sou for couveiitioiialities.  Yes, I'll do it���my life for Nicette."  It was four o'clock -in the morning  Avhen Anatole rang the bell at the house  of Nicette's guardian, M. Bousard. Badly  frightened and wearing his night-cap he  answered the door. .  "Is the house on fire?"  "No, my dear M. Bousard," replied Anatole, "I have conie for a chat."  "At this hour ?"  "I am at all hours pleased to see ypu ;  but you are not dressed, M. Bousard. Are  you going back to bed again ?"  "That's Avhat I'm going to do. But���  I suppose, monsieur, that to disturb me  in-this manner you must ha\re something  very important to say to me."  "Very important, M. Bousard. ft is  necessary that you give up your plan of  marrying my cousin Nicette to Al. Capen-  diac."  "Never, monsieur, never."  "But 1 say, yes."  "Monsieur, my resolution is taken. The  marriage Avill take place."  ���'[twill not."'    ' L      '     '  "We'll sec about that,  you,are acquainted with  will not detain you longer  "That is not altogether  am as good-humored" as 1  Al. Bousard. I am"not offended  proceedure, and i Avill remain."  "Remain if you like.    I consider you as *  gone, and Avill not converse further,, avjth  you."  And Af. Bousard turned toAvard the  Avall,.grumbliug, "Did one ever see tho  like; to disturb a peaceful man, to rouse  him from his sleep, for the purpose of  of listening to such1 nonsense."  Suddenly AL Bousard made a bound  from his bed.,  Apatolg had ta'kgn, up One of the trombones  of ��the ;prbf(Jssoi',  into wlhicli'lie  VbleAV witji jhiglit and: main, madly niby-  iiig the slide.    Infernal -.ouiids Avere iniit-3  ���ted bj*Vth��i instr,im\eilt,  "Aly cherished tronibdnej given: me by-.  Any pupils!    Leave the instrumeuti alone,  monsieur."  "Monsieur," said Anatole, "you consider  me" as departed.   1 cioiisider  you  as absent,  aiid   I  am  amusing  myself Avliiie  -waitingrfoi^yourn'etitrnr^UinspaM^Uinpa:!'  What duclet melody!"  "You will cause me to receive notice'to  leave the house. i\Iy neighbors will hot  tolerate the trombone after midnight."  "Then all I can say is,  they have no  loA-e   of   music in   their souls.    Z-i.-5.-z!  Wo\v! Tootle-too! Um-pa! U.ln-pa!"  "Stop, for mercy's sake."  "Do you consent, theu?"  "To what?"  "To give up the marriage."  ���._���������_  "But monsieur, I can't do it."  "Then, um-pa!"  "Al. Capendac  is a terrible man.    Ifi  affront him thus lie will kill me."  "Does that reason influence you?"  " Yes, and others besides."  "In that  cast* leave all to me.    Only  swear to me that if I obtain the consent  of Al. GapeudaC to the breaking of the  match, my cousin shall be free."  "Yes, monsieur, she shall be free."  "Bravo.    I have your Avord.   Permit  me to retire.  But Avhere does this Capdn-  dac live?"  "Number 100, Hue des Deux-Epees."  "I will go there.    Good-by."  "As for you,"   thought   Al.  Bousard,  "you are putting your head in the  lion's  mouth, and you will be  taught a lesson  that you deserve to learn."  Meanwhile   Anatole   hastened   to. the  address   indicated.      When   he   arrived  there it Avas six o'clock iu the morning.  "Ting-a-ling-ling."  "Who is there," said a deep voice from  within.  "Open. I am the bearer of a very important message from Af. Bousard."  He heard the noise of a safety chain  being displaced, and of a key with Avhieh  three locks were success_Arely opened.  "Here is a man well defended," thought  Anatole.  Finally the door A\*as opened. Anatole  found himself in the presence of a gentleman .with a larife, curled mustache,  aa*1io wore a fencing costume as his night  dress.  "Always ready, you see.    It is  my  in-,  vention."  The Avails of the ante-chamber Avere  hidden by suits of armor. In the little  parlor in Avhieh Gapendac conducted his  visitor, he saAV only weapons galore;  ataghaiis, poisoned arrows, sabres, one  and'two-handed SAA'ords, pistols, lances;  there was plenty there to make a timid  heart quail.  "Bah," thought Anatole, "what do 1  risk iioav? Two hours and a half at the  most.    Here goes."  "Alonsieur," said Anatole, "you are going to marry Mile Nicette?"  "Yes, monsieur."  "Alonsieur, you shall not marry her."  "Blood and thunder, and who will hinder me?"  "I will."  Gapendac looked askance at Anatole,  avIio was not a, large man, but Vvho  seemed very determined.  "Ah, young limn," said he, at length,  "you are lucky to find me in a pleasant  humor. Profit by it. Do you know that  I lnwe fought twenty duels, in which-J,  had the misfortune to slay five of my  adversaries and to wound the other! fifteen ? Once more I warn you to_ retire."  "I see," replied Anatole, "that you ;are  an adversary Avorthy of my steel, and  my desire increases to measure swords  -with* a man so redoubtable. Let us see.  Suppose Ave. fight with those tAvo swords  by the chimney, or these cavalry sabres,  or these���or Avhat do you say to these  curA'ed ataghaiis ? You don't decide ?  Why do you hesitate ?"  "I  AA'as  thinking  of your mother and;  the grief your death would cause her."  "I am an orphan. Do you prefer the  carbine, the pistol or the reArolver ?"  "Young mail, do not fool Avith these  firearms." ������[."���  "Are you afraid ?    You tremble."  "I tremble ?   Nonsense, it is the cold."  "Then  either   fight  or   renounce   the  hand of Nicette."  "I like your pluck. The braAre should  always be in harmony Ayitli each other.  Do you Avish me to confess something to  you?"  "Out Avith it."  "For some time past I luwe Avished to  free myself from this betrothal. But I  did not knoAv Iioaa- 'to go to Avork about  it. I Avould consent Arery Avillingly to  Avhat you desire of me, but you must understand that I, Capendac, can not have  the air of yielding to threats. Noaa* you  have menaced me."    -  If you need a  relin-  you  PIANO  ORGAN  VIOLIN  GUITAR  MANDOLIN  BANJO  "I AvithdraAV the menace."  "Then it is agreed."  "Will  you  write and sign your  quishment of Nicette?"  "I haA'e  so  much  sympathy for  that I can refuse you nothing."  Furnished Avith the precious paper,  Anatole hurried back to the residence of  Al. Bousard. He reached his door at  eight o'clock.  "Ting-a-ling-a-ling."  "Who is there?"  "Anatole."  "Be off" to bed," cried the professor,  Avrathfully.  "I have the consent of Al.   Gapendac.  Open, or I Avill have to break the door."  Al. Bousard opened it.  Anatole showed  him the paper, and going to  the  door of  Nicette's room called out:  "Cousin, rise, dress yourself quickly and  come doAvu."  Some minutes after, Nicette, fresh  as  the dawn, came into the little parlor.  "What is the matter?" she inquired.  "The matter is," aiiSAvered Al. Bousard,  "that your cousin is crazy."  "If that be so there is, at any rate,  method in my madness," exclaimed Ana-  tolh. "This very night, niy dear cousin,  I lnwe achieA'ed tAA'o things. Af. Capendac  has renounced his claim to your hand, and  your excellent guardian consents that  you shall marry Avhom you please."  "Really and truly, my guardian, am I  free to marry Anatole ?" ..  "Ha!" exclaimed Anatole.  "Then, I love you, my cousin."  At that moment Anatole felt his heart  beat rapidly. Was it by reason ofthe  pleasure Avhieh the unexpected aAwval of  Nicette had caused him? Was it the  pang predicted by Dr. Cardais? Was it  death?  "Wretch that I am!" exclaimed the  poor felloAV. "The cup of .happiness is  at my lips, and I am going to die without  tasting it."  Then feArerishly taking Nicette's hand  he told her all: Iioav he..had'received the  letter 'which contained the floAver, A\rhose  fragrance he had inhaled; and of the  prognostic of Dr. Bardais; Iioav he had  made his "will in her fa/yor, the steps he  had subsequently taken, and the success  Avith Avhieh his efforts had been eroAvned.  "And iioav," sighed he, "I must die."  "But it is impossible," said Nicette;  "the doctor is deceiA'ed.    Who is he?"  "A man avIio is neA'er Avrong in his diagnosis, Nicette���Dr. Bardais."  "Bardais,  Bardais !" cried Al.  Bousard,  -suddenly, bursting out laughing.    "Hear  what the morning paper says :  " "Clio learned Doctor Bardais has just been suddenly  stricken with mental alienation. Thc-mania from .-which  .he suffers is of a scientific character. It ib well known  that the doctor made a special study- of -poisonous substance:.. Ho believes now that all whom he meets are  poisoned, and endeavors to pcrsaadc them that such is  the case. He was removed at midnight lo the big white  house'"  ALEX STEWART  MINING BROKER  AND  REAL ESTATE AGENT  Turner & Bocckh block. Nelson, B."G\  Money to loan for building purposes.  Mining shares for sale.  Dundee, Monarch, Utlca, Fairmont; also Republic and Oamp McEinney stocks.  Investment of a few hundred dollars may  make you thousands. "  Lots for sale in all parts of the city.  Houses to rent:  CANADA  LIFE ASSURANCE  CO.  FOlt SALIC.  7-Hoom house ou Carbonate street  ?2_00  5-Room hou��eon -Mill htrect       WOO  2 lots on Carbonate street     500  2 lot.s on Hall street     500  FOR U1-NT.  "-Room house and a :.-ruoni house on Carbonate street.  J. D. CHRISTIE  GKNKRAL BROKER  Ofllce in Aberdeen block. Baker St., Ncl=on  FOR SAM  Two lots and house with fourteen rooms on Silica  street-, between Josephine and Hall street*. Terms  $1500 cash, balance to be arranged  .$3,500  Lot and house on Latimer street, near Josephine  street.   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The   young  other's arms,' i  couple  iikI were  rushed,  locked  into  in a  each  fond  embrace.  -  RETAIL   STORES AT  Nelson,   Trail,  Ymir, Kaslo,  New Denver,  Sandon, Silverton, Cascade  City, Grand Forks,   Midway, Greenwood and Sirdar.  ORDERS BY MAIL  PROMPTLY FORWARDED  Head Office, Nelson, B.C.  LUMBER  '���������  ��feSF.:ipw��  Or MPSICJ  ���Cair-'at'LOuVstorVland we, '-!w;ill do the rest;"  Oaoada Drug and Book Co.,  ��J"��--ycia:-___r).  Corner Baker' and Stanley Streets, Nelson.  INSPECTION OF STOCK INVITED  All  kinds  in  stock  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  ALL KINDS OF FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  "  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  l^f��0peison E. G. TRAVES, Manager  *: ; "..  O^WP By MAIL RECEIVE CAREFUL AND PROMPT ATTENTION.  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All comrrjunications relating  to British Columbia business to be addressed_to, P.O.  505, Nelson, British Columbia  Drawer  J. RODERICK ROBERTSON, General Manager  S. S FOWLER, E.M.j Mining Engineer  {:neuson, b. c.  iver  CEBSTON",   -B. O.  Situate on the Crow's Nest Railway is prepared to deliver lumber of any description in any quantity at any place within the  district of Kootenay.      Tenders Solicited  GOAT  RIVER  LUMBER COMPANY,  G.  A.  BIGELOW,  Manager  Nelson  Planing  Mills  FLOORING, LINING, MOULDINGS, DOORS,  AND SASHES IN STOCK.  EVERY DESCRIPTION OF JOINERY, DOORS AND WINDOWS  MADE TO ORDER.  Office and Mills Corner Hall and Front Streets, Nelson THE TRIBUTE: NELSON, B.C., SUNDAY, APRIL % 1899.  undue:  See that your  prescriptions are  filled by us.  TT7"E carry the most complete line  of drug* sundries in Kootenay  and the quality of our goods is the  best that money can buy. Our prices  are no higher than our competitors  charge for inferior goods.  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EVERYTHING GOES  ti       ^.nta ^  V*,    n   n n      ft "ri-'n  ���"**      Jff D       __      J|'1    **     D a "      ���un     (J        u        u      __i ^*a     '_      '  all   Gteyas fetid?, Tenls, Awnings,  :ofds and Fancy Striped Gurtairts far  is  The delegates who Avill go from Nelson  to Victoria to protest against the enforcement of the eight-hour law havo  not yet decided whether they Avill be  able to get aAvay this morning. The  chances are that they will start on -Monday. Mayor Neelands, who Avill represent tlie citizens on the delegation, has  received word from the minister of mines  that he will be in Victoria all next week.  The printers employed on the two  local newspapers have decided to organize a branch of the International Typographical Union in this city and expect  to have the organization perfected within a short'* time.  A. II. Buchanan, manager of the Bank  oi .Montreal, leaves' for the east this  morning, to be gone until July. When'  he returns, his resilience on Carbonate  street will be completed, and among the  bric-a-brae that will be on display in tlie  drawing-room will be a family bible, in  which there Avill probably be two names  entered, and blank . spaces for several  more.  ".I. W. Cowan leases Nelson this morning for his old home in Minneapolis,  where he was for several years a member  of the fire department. His friends wish  him good luck.  The resignation of sheriff -Robinson  has been accepted, to date from next  Wednesday. S. P. Tuck of Kaslo has  been appointed his successor.  The Nelson (B. C.) Syndicate, with a.  registered capital of .��20,000, in _��1  shares, lias been registered at Somerset  House, London, England.  Police magistrate Crease iurposed a fine  of $25 yesterday, upou the Chinaman Tay  for discharging firearms' Avitliin the city  limits. The rifle with which the offence  was committed Avas impounded.  Dr. J. A. Armstrong found, upon making a trip to Hill Brothers', mill on Slocan  lake, that the reported outbreak of glanders among horses at that place was unfounded.  Mayor Neelands and alderman Thomson spent the greater part of yesterday  in securing signatures to a petition requesting the shelving of the eight-hour  amendment by the provincial" administration. The preamble of the 'petition  set out that the enforcing of the amendment Avould mean disaster to the commercial interests of Nelson, that ib would  be an interference with the right of free  contract, and would have a tendency to  "frighten away 'capital. Those .Svho'had  charge'of-the .petition say. that it Avas  freely signed by tho.mcrchants and property owners of the city,    y  J. IM. Liidwig has.purchased J. B. Tut-*  .tic's harness-aiid saddlery.business, and,  'has removed the" stock to-Hall "-street, between Baker and Vernon streets, whore,  he will be pleased -to meet customers. ���  /- Thomas Brown, sergeant ��� and instructor in the Nelson company of the Kootenay Rifles-Avas_ presented last night-with  a. "Savage rille" ou the eve of.his departure fdr- Spokane. j Tliepresentatiqn'took  place at the Clarke hotel. .  ^        Customs Eptiirts;;_Boit�� "of"1 Nelson."  Thdioljo'wihg 'alef^Jife^l^^.^ thb',  : custom housie" of s^elspiu/AYJ-l'c^i.'An'cludes  p     on       ... ** **    Un0u    "nn--PnnW ��  �����      Ufl-n.4"'onn       ^-n B    V.    P UW*        .ifi-."'-'"*        -*_      ���n*     n '.��� .   D  . the" ^ekiiih-s" :bi ��.fh& *dfttil0i*��J>f^^aiiet^)'  for the mouiith"oI-March'.  ExlloBTg'.'  president, Norman AleLeod: vice-presi-  dents, John Houston, H. G. Neelands;  secretary, J. C. Dillon ; treasurer, II. Irving; executive committee, W. A. Ualli-  her. James Lawrence, S. P. Shaw, J. AIc-  Phee, W. A. Alacdonald, D. Al. Carley, P.  Lainont, ii. S. Lennie, Chas. Ink, II.  Byers; captain, A. Jeffs; manager, H.  Wright; field captain, li- S. Lennie;  referee, W. A. Calliher; timekeepers,  Jacob Dover and J. O. Patenaude. A  committee consisting of the president,  secretary and captain was appointed to  confer with a committee of the baseball  club in regard to having the athletic  ground fenced and to arrange for practice games.  FOE   SALE.  AI)H.VYING   business,   well   established,  ."I rigs,  ..  horses, stable and complete outfit,.   .Apply  W. A.  CostuMo, Nelson, H. U.    FOIl SAL I.  Xo agents,  Lots 1 Lo 12 bock 100. Nelson.  Box ii7"i, Nelson.  l'ri..eS:��)W).  I poll S.M.Ii���Lots 5, (i and 7 block IS, Nulso.i, with dwelling   house.      i'ricc   ��1000.    ��\o   iiKenls.     JJox  .*i72,  Nelson. -   OIII.AP���Ten-stamp mill, Willi concentrators complete;  good condition.   Address, -Will, Tribune ollice, Nelson, li. 0.   FOR SALE���On easy terms a small sawmill, jil.incri.nd  shingle mill.    Addnss "Sawmill,"' Triuuuu ollice,  Nelson, 1_. 0.    WANTED.  WANTED���A- chambermaid  and  dining-room  girl.   Apply at once to Hotel mime.   TENANTS   WANTED  FOll four stores, threo basements, and one second-  story wareroom. The stores and basements will be  _M by 100 feet, the second-story waivroom 100 by 100 loot,  all in a brick building, with stone bioement, having a  southern frontage on Baker street. Occupation given  July 1st. Inquire of John Houston', Vernon street, Nelson.  PROFESSIONAL   CARDS.  AH.  HuLDIUII���-Analytical Chemist and Ai��u.ycr.  �� ��  Victoria street, Nelson.        s* ���  T C. G WILLIM, J...A.Sc. & VV. S. JOHNSON, B.A.Sc.  ������� ��� ���Mining Engineers and Analytical (Jheinists,  Slocan City, li. C.              ^^_^  H.  CAN].���Architect :��� iitl  arti.t.  next door to Nelson libiary.  .-i-.kcii-.ill  Block,  LODGE  XtTNIGHTS  OFJfYTHIAS-  MEETINGS.      -_.        Nelson   Lodge,   No,  2..,  Knights of Pythias, meets in I.' O. O. F. Hall,corner  Baker ana Kootenay streets, every Tuesday evening al  8 o'clock.   Visiting Knights cordially invited to attend.  C. FilENCH, C. C.     G. ROSS, K. of 11. Ac 6.  NELSON LODGE, NO. 23, A. F. & A. M. Meets  second Weduesday in each month. Sojourning  brethren invited.  _.*y  r^cr  <mr~  Contractors  and Others  Who   use   picks,   .->h'Q���vefe ^etb":,/,  , ��� -   r-  X. ' a,   H        n��fl"nn"   a ' Q 'n"^"     &  should not. fail to lobjc'.afei o^Jiifk  of .gpods,: ^yjiich   fpr^^ultljliesps-'aifd!  ALL SIZES OF  TENTS IN STOCK  PIlOPKlETOll       Baker St. pppoi-itc postofflgo, Nolson  -W'-taCOLES-A-riE   .A-IST-D   3R3SCE,iA.I-nj  h:_a_"^%  Gt^^lxist^ FiiiD, mjoo  Write, for quqUvUons on cilr lotH.  _r_<rE3ijso_[sr, b,  3  4��1G0.1oiSr o'rS'ir..�� ...A., ���  C'6pp-di.bnuIIi6ni���,,.;. _.���....,...... ���,.  Ahiihalsfaiidstlici^produp-���,..  ' As?' icu tiifaLprodUcts". .."......*.  MstoilfadturcriS...."...:,.".,.��...,.,.  Total....?.  Dutiable goods  IMI'OK't'S  go  J^ree goods  . Y'fluo.  ...��....SI3.3a2t)0  ;.. , _9jSG_?'O0,  ......        G2 00  ��.,.=.       228 00      l,2Sll op  ..,...r,��Gl,7��_,6o  Val e  ..,...��30,130 00      3,183 00  Total .,..  Duty collected ���   $33,313 00   �� 8J808 51  The Labrosse Men Meet.  A 'meeting o| tho$o intoi-ostctl in Iti-  croasc: was held liist niglit, at the "life JuiII,  tit -which there Was a goc-cl tittellflanoe.  R,. S. Lennie *was a]>|>oiuteri cfhaiTiiian  and G. Archibald Sucrettijy ol' the ineet-  iug.  Mon  The foUywiilg oliicers Were elected :  president,  .1  Fred   ifiinie,  -M.I.M*.;  Jmporfers of ShcltDand Heavy Hardware.  ��� ,      n       ' "        " ���    n "'" E.  SlARA &, BAHNAJID BSo0k,"pisEER ST., NlSLS'oN  BbAe^sivii^HiNa^  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  \VWon repairing1 prbinptly attfecded to by a, flrst-clus-i  Wheelwright.  .=  Special attbntion ,given to all kinds of, rcfiairihg and  custom work from outside pbinttj.  SHOP:   Hall Street;, betwoer] Baker and Varnon, Nelson  ars  ARE NOT EASTERN IMITATIONS  BUT AKE MAbE BY  TIE KOOTENAY CIM MANUPACTlfRINO COMPANY  O-f __sr_E3i_so_r>r, b.o.  Youp House Needs Refupnishing'  D. Me Arthur & Co.  Can supply you with all kinds of ���;  Fine Furniture/ Carpets ar|d Linoleum  AT REASONABLE PRICES  UNDERTAKING IN CONNECTION  OUR MAMMOTH STOCK OF  BOOTS AND SHOES  EVERYTHING IN THE SHOE LINE  Nee Sands' Shoe Emporium  NELSON, B. C.  KASLO, B. C.  SANDON, B. C.  DEALERS IN  Shelf and Heavy Hardware  SOLE AGENTS FOR  Giant Powder  TRUAX  ORB  CARS  Canton Drill Steele  CARRY IN STOCK  Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal  Pipes, and Fittings  Giant, Caps and Fuse  Tools, Cutlery, Tin  g^)  and Wooden ware  Stoves, Ranges,  Iron,  Steel,   Sheet  Iron, T-Rails  Paints, Oils, Glass  NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:   Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.  THE LAWRENCE HARDWARE GO.  Will  be found   in  their  new  premises  on   Baker Street  with  a complete  stock  of  Shelf and  Heavy  Heavy  and Shelf  ALL KINDS OF MINING SUPPLIES  You  wiil'fiiKp.i/io -your .idv-intiigc- to~coi.siilti.-us  before placing'your orders       'y  _Tiqsm_th|ngf arjd Plurrjbitig a Specialty  Estimates Cheerfully Furnished .  Bargains in Groceries  . Having gone over our immense stock and finding  ;' ���.���;_  ";"i^i)^���|f;pi^|^;:^^r.��  '.Ch��Stt���^-a^*.:��^V��to^ ������������' ,vr"  . ��� y ���. ������ ������;'���_��� .; ������ .; ���'... i.-.-.,*-.-'*.- �����.. ��� ���.'���. ���  :��� *' "  in Grocerjes; and pr0iel|���er^,, We" ftoefe ��� of i^Bieli Is.  ������������.;������������ "a.lXv%s:JSll^o!"yil&��;i^ :,.'.���,.���!.'-������>.���  We hay0 Shiilin^'s cetebMt>e$ ��I^,va aiid Mp*efta  Coffees and Teas. Mining ordferjs promptly filled  and carefMly packed.   Prices right.  Telephone id.   P. O. Box 1^ & W.      Balker street West, Nelson  Palls pn  Sunday this season,, on this  account there' will be a big demand for  C6me direct to us as we will be well supplied. We have also made arrangements  with the Nelson hens to keep us supplied with new laid esrgs until after the feast, if  you don't have boiled eggs for breakfast don't blame us.  Something choice in Easter hams and breakfast bacon, and a pound of our Tea will  complete the bill of fare.  3-Star Flour Makes Good Bread.  2G AND 28 WEST BAKER STREET, NELSON  Corner of Baker and Ward streets  NELSON, B.C.  THE RUSH  Has been so great we were  compelled to order more goods  whieh have just arrived. First  come first choice.  H. M. Vincent  BAKER ST. WEST. NELSON, B. C.  Young Men  ABERDEEN BLOCK  NELSON, B. O.  DesBrisay & Go,  The Best on the Market  It you want a nobby suit, or a stylish pair  of pants for spring wbnr call at rooms 5 and  !) Civil-Cuts block... I will show you somo  nice cloth and samples, and will send samo  (o your oflicc or room where your measure  can bo taken. Will lit you as you were  never lltted before.  LADIES'TAILOR MADE SUITS  A SPICCIALTY  Stevens, Tlje Tailor  Just received a carlo-id of the Lake of the Woods Milling Company's  celebrated Hungarian brands of Flour, which will be sold at the same  price as the  inferior  grades on the market.    Try it and   he  convinced.  Family orders a specialty and free daily delivery  Mail and telophono orders promptly attended to  Baker Street West, opposite Oddfellows' Block  JOHN A. IBVING & CO.  SPECIAL ATTENTION  Have just received a consignment of Harris home  made tweeds from Talbot Harris, Scotland.    .  FBED J. SQUIBE, Bafeer St, ��od  The supply is limited, so call early and examine this stock.


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