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Hoxg Kong, April -I.—It is reported
that the Chinese have captured captain
Henry Francis May, superintendent of
the Hong Kong police. Two companies
of Welsh fusileers wont to Canton 'last
night on the torpedo boat destroyer sent
there to protect British interests, and the
torpedo destroyer Fame followed at daybreak this morning with two hundred
men. The J long Kong regiment is under
orders to proceed to Canton.
The Hong Kong correspondent of the
Daily Mail says: "Placards have been
posted in I vow Loon hinterland, inciting
the people to stop the British officials
from surveying there, and the officials
have returned to Hong Kong because of
the threatening attitude of the Chinese.*'
Atlin Booming.
Special to The Tribune.
Victoria, April 3.—News received last
night from the Atlin country is most encouraging. Moose creelc. Mo I vie creek
•and Warm gulch arc turning out well,
$2.'I.O to the pan being found. Building
is going on fast and the population of
Atlin City is now 1000. Gold commissioner Graham is doing good work'and
the business of his ollice is said to be
enormous. The townsite has been surveyed and everything is;'booming. Captain .John Irving is coming down on the
Danube with glowing accounts of the
country, and bringing nuggets 'washed
out by himself, ft is likely there will be
something amounting almost to a stampede from here within the next few
Fire in Montreal.
Special to The Tribune
Montreal, April""-..—Several firemen
received injuries yesterday afternoon
from the fall of a roof iii a big fire which
started about 3 o'clock in the dry goods
stores of Paquetto Brothers on St. Lawrence street, near St. Catherine street.
'When the brigade arrived the fire had
spread, throughout the four stories. The
adjoining buildings of Bovin.& Bissonette,
dry goods, and. Fogarty Brothers, boots
and shoes, also suffered. After the crash
fireman O. Champagne- •■was taken from
the ruins half .'.dead and his recovery is
doubtful. Paquetfce Brother's loss is estimated at $25,000,
June, has revived speculation regarding
prospective candidates. In Avell-informed
circles the impression prevails tliat Isaac
Campbell, Q.C, will be asked to stand in
the Liberal interests, and it is generally
thought that in the event of his 'accepting the nomination there woidd be no
contest. Mayor Andrews is the only
Conservative candidate talked of.
:       ;       Big Increase in Collections.    =
" *      " ""*""-"     itcfftl
Canadian News.
Special to the Tribune.
John Maule Mtiehar, Q.C, local  master
in chancery, died   at  Kingston,   Ontario,
this morning, aged about fifty-two.
Morley'sladies1 collegeand conservatory
of music at Huntsville, Ontario, was destroyed by lire on Saturday night. Loss
to the building and contents are $20,000,
insurance $0000. Cause of the fire is unknown.
Captain John Rankin, one of the old-
time navigators of the St. Lawrence, is
dead at Quebec.-, aged eighty.
Trail.ic receipts of the Canadian Pacific
for the week ending March "51st were
$(573,000; same week in .1808, $(341,000.
. An Easter Monday festival was held in
Masscy music hall last evening, when 750
children sang national and patriotic
songs, including a French-Canadian song
svggested by sir Wilfrid Laurier for the
occasion, called "The Festival of the
With But a Single Thought.
Chicago, April 3.—-Before his children,
aged eight and four years, Joseph Brown
was stabbed to death today by his wife
Clara. The. murder was.the outcome of
a family quarrel. Brown had beaten
and'kicked his wife, and threatened to
kill Iter with a.-.-butcher knife that -was
lying (.n the table. When Brown made
a move towards the knife Mrs. Brown
snatched it herself. Brown raised his
foot aiid kicked her, but in falling she
lunged forward with the knife, striking
him fairly in the stomach. Maddened
with fury and paiu, the two fought for
some minutes, the husband striking and
the wife plunging the knife into her hus-
V • "'day- 'Xh$k in" "tJie *^ftoiifhVs.'the4 e'Sle^tiojil*"
■• f$fa$j^$0it^$:* *- ■.- >'■ y:••- y -. y ■■
,"" °\/J    °,"l    »m Chess-^o^na-neiit}. „°" „■
_    ■■'. 'i, . °   Spfecilil'tOjTteTrifjiine,
. ' ■ s^t^viftJ'TC^ remit.
hi, ."tlie J&he§S' '"•s.sc)ei^iou.vd,i»Uipi'0nj.Jlfp.
Avtisflayed iodi'iy. TJujse whb are now
.''-" &*JStup of (Jifleisiiig"^^-nhals. a.i"e„"Keiit of
_\|biitre"-iJ".f\\;h0,"iXas,"3|;1|;ai)i;e,S'"to hiscredit:, j
DSniltb"of"-Wii.inipeg,: Ij'liick"' of Kingston,
Sii;Ti(|ei;s:0.f.ToVonto,- aiid Davies and Gold-
i_t<jin"Of Moutr^a 1, WitbV §l|r§e g-iiUes each;
"vvhi'te^t.ewtjL't b'f Ij-aifcaslrev antl 'Barry pi
j\l0hjreal,"^ie!lgt*.<)ve oi;'5riilia° and Short
•aiid. Muiih Of Mo"i"iti,*eal life probable.-
Sh&rt Itenis of Winnipeg News.
Special to The Tribune.	
Special to The Tribune.
Ottawa, April .'..--Major Walsh, when
asked today what lie had* to say about
the attack made, on him by sir Hibbert
Tupper, replied that he did not care to
say anything at present beyond character-
i/.ing the statements nia.de by sir Hibbert
Tupper as malicious and false, and that
there wasnot a word of truth in tiny-
thing he had said concerning him.
Victims of Santiago and Porto Eico.
Washington, April 3.—Arrangements
have been practically completed for the
funeral ceremonies on the occasion of the
re-interment, in Arlington cemetery tit.
two o'clock on Thursday afternnon, of
the remains of about 350 soldiers and
civilians who lost their lives either as a
result of wounds or disease at Santiago
and Porto Rico. The ceremonies will be
of the simplest character, being confined
to the'commitment services conducted by
by post chaplain Charles W. Freeland,
who has been summoned here from the
military post at Fort Monroe for that
purpose. Full military honors will be,
paid the memory of the dead, and all the
regular troops in this vicinity, the
district national guard, and a battalion of marines, Avill participate |
in the ceremonies at the cemetery;
Colonel Francis L. Guenther, of the Fourth
artillery, will-have command of the military escort and exercises. Tlie remains
of 150 heroes of the war have already
been deposited in tents near the spot
selected for their interment, and it is expected that the remaining Wo hundred
bodies will be brought on from Jersey
City tomorrow or next day. The president and inost of the .'officials of the administration in- theoeity will attend the
funeral services.
"Two Associations Part Company.
Api;ii,;3^B_4ta njeeting
Special to The Tribune
Victoria, April 3.—Ferguson, the alleged engineer from Toronto, who arrived
here on Thursday, having been engaged
by the city council to fill the position of
city.engineer now vacant owing to the
discharge of E. E. Wilmot, is now said to
havo no credentials as an engineer. He
says they have been destroyed in a fire.
He litis no instruments, and it is freely
asserted he has no'-knowledge to equip
him for the post. A private meeting of
the council oii Saturday refused to confirm tho appointment, He has the keys
of the office, but the mayor has instructed
the deputy engineer to take them from
him. Further developments are awaited
with interest.
Spain Will Not Repudiate.
London, April 1,—The Madrid correspondent of the Times, in the'course of a
favorable view of the financial prospects
of Spain says: I have it on high authority
that even partial repudiation is tlie last
solution that will be contemplated by the
government. The programme which will
probably be accepted by the.Sagasta
party as well as tlie ministerialists 2~""o-
yides for a suspension of the sinking
fund. There will be an increase of revenue from tobacco and other monopolies,
and tin increased import duty on colonial
produce, an income tax on securities, including the coupons of the public debt
and export duty on minerals. The coupons
of the exterior department, however, will
be paid fully and will not be taxed.
V Dr. Nancy's Trial on.
1 .'Bridgeport, Conn., April 3.—Today
marked the ninth day-in the trial of Dr.
Nancy Guilford for murder, iu causing
the death of Emma Gill, of Soiithington,
through a criminal operation. It is believed, hoAve ver, that today's proceedings
when he objects to the repetition of tin
entertainment by the Clan Macdonald,at
which tht; Highland fling was a much admired feature. Docs the secretary know
tliat the kilt has the highest official sanction, that to a Scotchman it is like the
dress-suit in which Paterson notabilities
appear.at great functions, and that eminent Scotchmen are-presented in kilts and
bare legs to the good queen Victoria?
What of the picturesque would remain to
Scotland if the kilt were takcii
Where would the glory of the Black
Watch on dress parade be if the famous
regiment fell into lino in trousers? First
iu the hearts of the servant-girls of Great
Britain are the virile ..Highlanders of the
Forty-Second Foot. Their admirers have
never seen, anything improper in those
brawny legs. Battles1, have been won
and kingdoms conquered by the men 'who
'/wore the kilts. The secretary of the
Paterson Young Men's Christian Association may have won notoriety by seeking
to banish the kilt, but it Avill be the
national dress of Scotland after he has
been forgotten.
G. D. Curtis is calling' for tenders for
the erection of a brew house and fermenting cellars for Roisterer & Company. The
brew house will be a frame building four
stories high, 28x70 feet. The fermenting
cellar's will be built of stone and thoroughly up-to-date in every respect. The
contemplated improvements Avill cost the
company .-in the neighborhood of $15,000.
To the wife of Thomas Ford of this
city there Avas born a son   on  Saturday.
AndreAv Kelly, senior partner of the,
firm of Kelly ct Alexander, merchant millers, Brandon, Manitoba, is in Nelson en
route home from a A'isit to the.Koyal'.
Crown mine in theGreemvood district, in
which''he and other '■.prominent'-- Brandon
citizens arc interested.: -
iiitnYune - ■reghiieiiti B "Today - they "were
"'bl-puj^Mte^':tl\UUbJk&d, -up, : The ,^iVuv-?
pphp „estate ne'tjr j2qbre 'Uias Yisiicchvby.
.cjei'-'e^i Jbyigands^ 8.ud&.eL-5to""re_
phdve A\iai.!„t].i'Ji^h!;'in"g.- ("A regular "b"a,tRer
hoAVevtu', has |akei_r jflace near Holguiii"
between tlie bandits, and men ,q*f the
Sfecoiid hip-.line licg-bifeiit. T.VO, Qii^htws
and oj)e iSoU'lisr, MPl'bf, fulled: .^.Jrnijjiiier'
Serious trouble is anticipated: at Holguin
and Gtittiitanaiifo. "       :-;  -
~ WjiVNIPI'-G, Api*iT3.-~-Dr. Good of this
city, writing from Da.v'son tea Winnipeg
paper, says there will' be twice as much
gold taken out of the Klondike this year'
its last. Winnipeg ratepayers Will vote
on.Thursday on it bylaw to raise $20,000
for the establrsiiliient of a civic electric
lighting plant. Tlie general impression
is the bylaw Avill lie defeated. Lord
Staatheoua litis donated, $1.00 to the Winnipeg indtistj-ial, exhibition.
Joel Goes to London,
Special to The Tvibntio.
Ottawa, April #.-—William Joel, the
Dawson City jilan who expects to supply
Dawson City ajid the Kloiidiiko district
with coal next winter, left Ottawa this
afternoon for London, Avhere he will organize a company to work the coal mines
audcalso a number of placer claims which
lie' own... Joel has been here for some
time on business with the government.
He expects befoi'6 very long that the annual washup in the Klondike ay*ill amount
to $40,000,000.
Conservative Caucus Called.
Special to The Tribune:
Ottawa, April 3.—A Conservative
Caucus has been called for Thursday, at
which it is said sir Charles Tupper will
submit a proposal for a motion condemning the Laurier government's policy iu
connection Avith the administration of
the Yukon. Minister Sifton intended
speaking in Toronto tonight, but Avas not
able to do so, as lie has to resume the debate on tlie address in the house to-
morroAV.         -
The Winnipeg Bye-Election.
Special to Tho Tribune.
Winxipkg,   April   3.—The.■announce- I
ment that tlie Dominion government had
...completed arrangements   for   preparing
the voters' lists for Winnipeg,  and that J
possibly there would be an  election iu !
•TrojiBle in China.,
I_oXi)ON, 4?pril 8.-—According to a despatch to the Daily Mail from Hong
K<>n{|j serious disturbances have recently
occurred iu the "Vicinity of Canton, and a
British torpedo^toj^cfeg^-y^^jitig^:e_en
'-(and tjletaar. A". $yydlMials*W hold 1fohiS&
Innpef; ^1i©-ji^;. ^fife w^kff$]$wmg^
tit M*(Jnti>|sji.]; „„":"-..." .      _,"  .""'„■""**?■   '/|'m|;"|ii.bbei^\'TtSn^_X,"^^
|;;xbu,tl""fi°Q;t c-are to .^^■itnytJiln|j «a-*6: |5r.es^i*it,
sejit there to protect BrlBislI interests.
The destroyer Avill sot)h be fOlioAved by
other vessels carrying troops.
Italy Will Get Her Share.
LoXi.ON", Airril 3.-—The Roihe Coftres-
poudent of tlie Daily ChrOiiicle stiys he
iesii'iis in official circles that Italy and
Great Britain haArc arrived at an iigree-
ment wliich will result in the Italian occupation of Stin Moon Bay, province of
Che Kiting, China, before April 25th,
Will Raise Prices of Meat.
Special to The Tribune,
WixxlPi-Q, April 'J.—Beginning to-nior-
row thecity butchers Avill make an ad-
Vance in the prices of nearly all Staple
lines of meats*. The advance will vary
from one cent to one and a half cents por
pound tin beef, veal and mutton, and is
caused by the high price prevailing for
cattle. ^__	
Dr. MacKay Liberated.
Special to The Tribune.
Ottawa, April 3.—Dr. MacKay of Pap-
iueauville, avIio was sentenced last December in Hull, one year's imprisonment for
indecent assault, will be liberated this
week by judge LaA-ergne, who has received the necessary orders 'from the Quebec
goA'crnment, Dr. MacKay is in very poor
Eakin Will Be Speaker.
Special to Tho Tribune.
Wixnii'RG, April il.—W. Eakin, M.L.A.,
for Saltcoats, Avill be elected speaker of
the new legislative assembly of the North-
Avest wliich opens at Kegina tomorrow.
Vancouver Gets a Newspaperman.
Speciul to The Tribune.
Winxu'KG, April 3,-—E. R.   Hosking,, a
welf known   Winnipeg  newspaper mail,
left yesterday to take a  position  on the
Vancouver Province.
V „ ■•'..-•,Mptferb&j-Won„Again.
n fEaNbdis^^^AplMl^^.'^TliQ"^
'bi'l ijllkt jila^ftlij "bii5" evpii tevihs^ fef» % 8;d°0'Q!;
poiiits"lip, fbrs«_£IpO*:a.side aiid alHgate Ve*
ceiptSj between. .Joliu Roberts, for fourteen yeiia'S champion in the spot-barred
Vgt^rne of billiardSi^and" Cliai-le-. DaA\:soii, a."
yoiing Yorkshire ,player," resulted, jn, "°.i>
victoiy tlii.s eA-eiilng for Roberfe,, aa*]iO°
Scored the lSj000>points to, "the- ifJ.lSO*
points !_eeured -by DaA\*son. Play "began
at, Argyle Half oh March 20th." This A\*iis
the first .attempt in iiiany years to play
Roberts on eA-.en terms.
Entered a Protest.
;"b°ej?on d ■cliarti'cteri'j.i Fig^ 'Shc^stateni'eiits, of-
:-sir. J/Iiboert as .m&hcioiis^anal'utilse. .-VicL
that tliere ;\vtis „ijoU"a" word or triithin
"anything, that "he had saiicl concerning
ifiniv '"""■"   '""   .■■•  " ,
Michael O'Brien, it Avell
avIio is interested in  some
knoAvn niiner,
valuable'- pro-
jperties■■■■iii /the Eort.iSteele;;district',;', was
ities have made knoAvn to the British
consul at Tien-Tsui, tlie port of Pokin,
that tlie whole foreshore recently opened
at Port Ching-Wan-Tal is reserved for a
Chinese mining company. The British
legation has entered a protest, pointing
out that this act renders the opening of
the port nugatory. Friendly relations
continue between tlie Cerman legation
aud the Tsung Li Yamen, and China
offers to grant a railway eon cession if the
Gerniati ti'Of)|)s are withdrawn.
Sweden is Not Prepared.
Lo.VDOX, April 3.—The Dtiily Mail's correspondent at Gothenberg, reverting to
the warlike preparations of Norway,
says: "The only possible object of these
preparations is to attack Sweden, whose
defenses and armaments *ti'e inferior,
and whose infantry are armed with obsolete weapons. Should the Norwegian
fleet attack Gothenberg, the city must
inevitably fall.
The Pope Had a Fainting Fit.
London, April 4.—The Pope had ft
fainting fit yesterday, according to a dispatch to the Daily Telegraph from Rome,
which proved of the gravest character.
Every effort is being made by cardinal
Rainpolla, papal secretary of state, to
conceal the real condition of the supreme
pontiff, his object being to prevent the
powers from Avorking for the next conclave. '	
Fatal Accident in Missouri.
Joplin, Missouri, April 3.—PiA'e men
Avorking in a deep narroAV ditch here today lost their lives by .a cave-in that
caught them from both sides. Kour men
wereVburied under: eighteen feet of dirt
aiid rock. One named.Neighbarger died
from his injuries before he could be dug
out. The names of the others are not
known.   '   , ■        -■-.-'
of 'Tope"__a A*shbr&
ViCTOR1A, April _.*-Wo}*ti litis, been re-
."e<|ivecl>tJhere' °fi*o_.f the. .steamer Danube,
whleJi" called1 at Union "today oij the way
from the North, that the Pacific 'Coast
Steamship Company's 'Steamer, City of
Topeka is ashore on the south ledge of
Wmngel narrows -ami is .making Water.
It is expected that she can be flouted.
 The^English—Commercial School Opened._____
Lima,. Peru, April 3.—Senor Canadtuno,
president of the Lima chamber of commerce, yesterday formally opened the
English (.onifnereial school founded by
Di". Wood. The school is supplied; with
.competent masters and is under tlie auspices of the commei'cud body.
Promoting Sport in Colorado.
DbnVki., April 3.—A bill to pronlote
athletic entertainments, which legalizes,
boxing Contests ill this slate, passed the
senate today by a vote of eighteen to
lliilo. It had previously passed'1»the
house. It is said, that the governor approves the ticti
Will Prosecute the Figaro;
Paw is, April 3.—it is announced that
the Figaro, which is publishing daily the
evidence given before the criminal chamber of the court of cassation in the Dreyfus affair; will be prosecuted.
The Price of Metals.
Ni_\v York, April 3.—Bar silver 50Je;
Mexican dollars 47ic; copper .steady and
strong, brokers 18|c; exchange  18c;   lead
domestic brokers  $4.59,  exchange
Pneumonia Has Agoneillo.
London, April 3.-—A dispatch to the
Morning Leader, from Paris, says that
Agoneillo, the Filipino representative, is
seriously ill with pneumonia.
Sullivan Bested Kirwin.
Niovv  Yohk, April   3.—Spike   Sullivan
knocked out George Kirwin   in   the  seventh   round:.'at- the  Greenwood Athletic.
Club  tonight.
a Scotchman's Legs Indecent?
really  the  question   raised
This is really the question raised .by
the secretary of the Young -Men's Christian Association of Paterson, New Jei-sey,
(, „"> . "' - ^6ins.:ttee^G^pperyComSin6/,y*" *r.°.|j:f.i
'■:"  ''"^^(iTM^i^^^rxt^ti^-""^
"dAs:oiiidVoOifiV-tIie*',c?m"iblii'e:""birt^^^ iKpb-
cx^je6"tendjiiii*t.il..j"fhe„ ■li'tigiitiaA "UQ.V; pijiid.-
iiig .against tiverSostOii1. ■■aiid "Mon'tip-nil "by!
tjie Montttnal Oi:e Pnrcliasing CQn1p"tpiiy;
■had.-*"°bee)i" " Ke^tled,™ "that ■ "th0">AhticOndtii
Avould join'" in. tlie; fgL'e;atest eoppei" cohi-
bine th.O" ^v'orld. haf. "ever Jvi'iOAvn, Qr.Ayill
e\"er "know, for tliat matter.. So "far" lilje
I'teinkes seOni, to havep the best of the
fight, but of late it h.is been apparOnt
tjiat the Anaconda had joined with, the
Boston and Montana, as tlie Anaconda
lti-vvyers htive appetired against the
Heijizes oil behalf of the Bostoit and Mon-
lors foi" the Anaeolida t-onipiiny for tlio
past fcA\* years, have attended to that
company's legal business exclusively,
thus it jiiay be inferred that by their
entering into the legal complications
against the Hoin/.es that it is the desire
of the Anaconda company to have these
matters settled if p. It is Certain that
the combine would have been made some
months ago hadVtho Boston and Mouttinfi
been . ele.w of Iitigfition, However, the
fight bids fair to be a long and merry
one. with no jninieditife termination
New York, April 3.—Arrangements
have been completed for the international cable chess match between Columbia,
Harvard, Yale and Princeton, and the
British universities of Oxford and' Cambridge, which will be played on April'21st
and 22nd.
The house committee of the Knickerbocker Athletic Club of New York lias invited the American team to play their
side of the match at their club house.
The team that.. will represent the
English universities has been inA-ited to
play at the British Chess Club, of which sir
George Newnes is president. Baron Albert De Rothschild-of-Vienna will act as
referee, and will; settle all differences
which cannot be adjusted by the umpires.
John H. Hca'ton, M. P., avIio has been
actiA"o in furthering cable matches''be-.
tAveen. tlie legislative bodies of the two
countries, Avill act as umpire for the Am-
ericans at the British chess club. The
British umpire has not yet been named.
The teams for Great Britain are: Oxford—G. E. Ellis, Lincoln College; A. H.
W. George, NeAV College, and A. P. Lacy,
Hulburt, Keble College; Cambridge, L. A.
McLean, Kings College; M. G. SoftloAv,
Trinity Hall, and C. E. C. Tattersall,/
Trinity Hall.
The United States representatives are :
Kaufman G. Falk, Columbia; Arthur S.
Meyer, Columbia; Charles P. C. Arenberg,
Harvard; Waddill Catchiiigs, Harvard;
Louis A. Cook, Yale; Wm. AV. Young,
on the Yellowstone Bond-
Messrs. Beniiet & Billings, the principal
owners  in   the  YolloAvstone mine   near
Salmo, arrived.in Nelson Sunday evening
for the purpose of cashing checks  representing  of their share in  the ijaymeiit
of  $13,500, which   Messrs.    McLaren  <fc '
Fulford made ..'upon thebond Avliich they
hold upon the  YelloAvstone.     This  payment makes $17,500 Avhieh the owners of y
the YelloAvstone .have received under'the
present bond,  which    calls  for  $50,000:   .'
Another   payment falls due  iii   ninety  V
days    from     April     (5th,     and     there -
is      not    'the:   slightest    doubt-vbut-:,
that   it   and     the     other  ''remaining
payments Avill be niiide, as the holclers'of   V
the bond are quite satisfied with the property.:    ^"hey   have   made  all  arrange- -V
i^Aldrmgg^whOrf'.instalJed the' lnachinei-y „.
■"fjitt^h^^nii'iiti '°n'
fiiOA\iS0,nift»-.e3nployed«_in biuldiiig cabins,.**
_ assayspmeeSAblacksinith- shoi)i.,v„etc;; au<r «■;
i wh(_n:.phe>.iiud\vas.quai'ters ■/{ire^„coinplete(l;«*»..:
- p^ibi,|:^ Wi-?¥§^*teffi.i$¥^ii!^il
Forty Miles of BookrShelves.
The library of the British museum lias
been estimated to contain about forty
miles of book-shelves, anil the provision,
of more space is a daily necessity. Perhaps there is no library as great, but
there are many libraries in most civilized
countries which number their contents
by hundreds of thousands. These vast
bulks of materia! require not only the
storage and attention necessary for their
preservation, but must be arranged in tin
accessible form. No doubt much of this
accumulation of books is useless, but it is
not the theory of the modern librarian
that he should decide and distinguish
between the Avheat and the chaff. Much
of our most valuable knowledge of the
past has been gained from books which
had been preserved by chance iu spite of
an apparently justified contempt by the
contemporary standard of criticism. The
librarian litis to preserve and provide
means of ready access to all that comes
his way, Avhatever may be his opinion as
to relative merits. From such reasons
have sprung, the modern', arts-of bibliography and of indexing. Those who
tire familiar'only with the. clumsy catalogues, of 'older institutions could best
reali/.e the precision aiid: convenience of
modern, inventions.
lid'e^maii. ^il^^^$i^i% l^^s^
i'Shed <m'his-'t-etiVr/i^
tliat the City ■&§ jSneli§qij,n3^
traet> iij. whilc,h>h(Hi|HCr/^
He1 lost no. tii|ie»i,irVg(_,t,"tiiig,ii' nd""= .q| °ij£>* |4y/°r
legiiig Avhen lie Was :Ubib^*siiJi°0°°" K°4"4 hot "   "
autlroriv.ecl anyone tos'igiif his jiilt-iiie"' for-   -
tiily suCli, purptise.     On. i;hve_jjijga"fih)g the
■matte)'',, he found tjiafi aldci'if-aii Eietclier
was in soiYte_\Vify concei-necmi^the^deal.-
Aldermait 'Fletcl'ier is. acting nU'tyor iufehe
iibsence of mayor Neelands on a Avilt}-
go.ose chase to, Victoria, jtild as acting
mayor issued instructions that alderman
Hillyoi' be;notified that he could no longer
sit As tin aldefuia-n, as he aWis interested
in a contract with the city. When informed that alderman Hillyer had
dlsiiyovvod all coniieation, with the con-
trtuit, tilderintiii EleteheL"' tlieh iiitiiuat'etl
that alderman TUIlycr \tt\s distpurlilied
aiiyAvtiy. httving sold his interest iu the
Cloiueirtf--HiJlye.' IjloCk, and tlnit he
should be so notified. AlderiiMin .llillyei'
is still an, aiduri'nau, timl is lil.ely to rev
in-tin tin Jildi-i-iiiau to tlie cikI of Ills term,
lie was recently appointed, a police commissioner, a position that mayor Veelanils
wanted for alderman 'Fletcher., hence the
attempt to oust .Hillyer from the council,
as the one position goes with the other.
This action is not tit all creditable to
.alderman Fletcher.
A Fairly Good Clean-Up.
The Athabasca company completed, the
March clean-up on Saturday. It is stated
that the return to the company on the
month's operations will bein the lieigh-
boi'hood of $1,2,000, including the gold
saved upon the plates and in the concentrates. During the month the company
milled a great deal of porphyry Avhieh
conies in tit the sides of the ledge, and
carries small values in gold. It is estimated that there is enough high-grade
ore blocked out iu tlie Athabasca to keep
the ten stamps going for tAVo years.
A postoffice is to be established at tbe
Alamo concentrator, below Three Forks,
and it is to be named Alamo.
A petition is being circulated at New
Denver to have the provincial, police
stationed at that town instead of at
Three Forks. THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B. C, TUESDAY, APRIL -i, 1899.  For the Ladies...  Just received a large stock of  Ladies' Capes, Skirts, Wrappers and Blouses  New goods arriving daily  Dry Goods, Clothing, Gents' Furnishings, Etc.  ...A. Ferland & Co.  Elliott block,  Baker street,   Nelson,  B. C.  356 FISHING RODS  AND MORE COMING  English and Canadian make of Bamboo (whole and split)  Steel, Lancewood and Greenheart. The largest assortment  in Kootenay.    Mail orders promptly attended to.  Nelson Hardware Co  Baker Street, Nelson.  in  When visiting the markets in the east during the winter, avc Avet-e lucky  enough to get special bargains by clearing out lines for cash, so avo are hoav  able to offer the public about 100 suits at original wholesale cost. A special  line of pure Lama avooI shirts (shrunk before made) at one-half their value.  Sign of the Bis Red Hat  P. O. Box 103, Nelson, B. C.  J. F. WEIR  RAILWAY TIME-TABLES.  CANADIAN PACIFIC.  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Tub   Ottawa   correspondent    Of    the  Toronto Telograi.1 says that Ifeifitt  Bo-  stpcjc i.vij.1 Jutve a district carved out for*  Jiirti in th.i�� province : it district in which  lie Avilll.iJ.ivo nfi trouble  to be returned*  The i-orrespoiidentlias it that Mr. Bostock  AVOijHl Ji.ive tronjjly to be returned  front  l^ale-Cju'lboo, "us   the district stretches  "' _io;>i'tli\N'ard from the Kootenay -Seven or  " eight hundred wiles. Tlie northern half,  " sparsely    settled,     offers   Ho   serious  " obstacles  to a candidate Avho  has tlie  " necessary means to cover a territory of  " such Yiist extent.   It is the southern  "- portion, the Kootenay people  that Bo-  "' stock fears."    All of Avhieh goes to show  tliat  tJie  OttaAVa correspondailt of the  Toronto Telegram is talking through his  hat,    Mr. Bostock's district now embraces  East aud West Kootenay, Yale. Lillooet,  and Cariboo.    Bast and West Kootenay  make what is  known  as the  county of  Kootenay and are situate  in  the southeast   corner   of   tlie province.     Yale is  knoAvn as the county of Yale and adjoins  Kootenay on the Avest.    Lillooet adjoins  Yale on the north, and   Cariboo lies immediately   north   of   Lillooet.       If   the  .  county of Kootenay Avas made a Dominion electoral district, it Avould simply, be  a natural division, whose people  are dependent almost solely on  the   milling industry,    The jJopulation is in the.neigh  borhood of 30,000, or less than one to the  srjuare mile of area. If Yale, Lillooet  and Cariboo are made an electoral district, it "would be a natural division, about  200 miles Avide and extending north from  the international boundary line about  500 miles. Its population is obout 25,000,  20,000 of Avhom live iu Yale, Avhieh has  about the same area as Kootenay. It  ���would not be a gerrymander to divide  Mr. Bostock's district as outlined aboAre,  and Mr, Bostock could not carry the  Yale-Lillooet-Cariboo district ' -without  making a hard light, even if he could  carry it all. If the Laurier goA'criiincnt,  in .their re-distribution scheme, "gerrymander'.,' all "the districts" in' Canada as  fairly as the two outlined above, the  peojjle Avill have no cause for just complaint.  Tii-DRi'- is likely to be a hot time at  Winnipeg at the coming bye-election.  Jt. L. Richardson, manager of the Winnipeg Tribune, is a member of the house of  ^commons for ..a .Manitoba. cojistitiieucy.,.*  jSeis not ��jtikect"]jyi;l-e i?ifton ei^Ayd^aiift.  ,A>;as turned*doAvii fis-jthe AVesteiai Liberal.  A\?liip at"k" hieeth.u/ held  at" Bif ton's -priV  ; ijhite X'esi$eWe at Ottawa. Tlie, Siffcony  faction: of : "the Libei-al Jpai"^,' would  like to "nominate, Isaac Campbell, the  laAvyfir, as the Liberal candidate in  Winnipeg ;, but Campbell knows, that ifOie*  accepted tlie iioniination at the hands of  the Sifton wing of the party tliat ihe  _aiitirSii'tou-w_ing=-Avoiild=i_iiife=hini=at=the^  li oils, and surely defeat him. popular as  he is. Were aii election to be pulled oif  this summer, Sifton alone could not 'Parry  a constituency iv^est of lake Superior.  Without ciuestion,  he  is the most cor-  "0f making many books  there is no end."  Neither is there any Ci\d to the variety  oil stile at  Thomson's  We li.'ive all tlio neAvest hooka by well-  known authors; Our stock of fine correspondence.  Is a leading feature of our business. We  have all the newest tints and shapes with  envelopes to match.    When inviting  Company,  Use our dainty invitation note. Bo you  know Ave carry "At Home" Cards, Visiting  Cards and Dance Programs.   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The system is in vogue on the South  African gold fields, where natives are employed under white supervision,and Avhy  should it not prove a success in the Kootenays, where some of the best miners in  the world are engaged in building up the  great future of this wonderful mineral  country.    Let the kick cease.  HUDSON'S BAY STORES  West Baker Street, Nelson,.   Telephone 13.  Easter  Eggs  Twenty-  five cents  per dozen  Hazelwood  Creamery  Butter  The Best  on the  Market  HUDSON'S BAY STORES  West Baker Street, f.elson,   Telephone 13.  Shoes  With  you seen  If not you Should come in and  jhay_e___-a__Jo-0^  are just the proper footwear  for this soft of weather. Do  away with rubbers and make  .ing* easy.  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One of the best and moist pop^  ular hotels in Nelson.  BAKER ANI5 WAKD STIIEETS, NELSON  ���BSTABT-ISHBD 1879.  Twenty years old and still grcwlng.  parson produce Qo.  WHOLESALE  PROVISION  MERCHANTS  COLD STORAGE WAREHOUSEMEN  AND JOBBERS OF GREEN FRUITS  HEAD OFFICE, WINNIPEG  J. A. ROGERS, General Manager  Manager for Western British Columbia,  JOHN PARSONS, Vancouver'  Manager for Yukon District,  CHAS. MILNE, Dawson  Manager for Southern British Columbia,  P. J. BUSSBLL, Nelson  The only hotel in tfclsoii that has remained under one  imuiagcinoiil tiineo 1890,   "  The bed-rooms aro well furnished and  lighted by  electricity.    _,      .     ���  TKe diiiing-i-oonj is not hcooikI tb ahy in Kootenay.  Thbbaf is ahvayw stocked by the bCst domestic and  ihiportcd liquorti and cigars.        ���  THOMAS MADDEN, Proprietor.  Two and a half miles up tho Outlet from Nelson.  ODPfTAT'TTPC!*     Spring Chickens, Fresh Cream,  DOblALllJ-JO.     Pure Milk, Fresh-Laid Eggs.  All of which aro from the ranch belonging to tlie hotel  ABT AND MUSIC C0f, Mson, Ageflk  -B_b^_--._n*C-E3:bs  VANCOUVKR���A, F. Ralph, Manager.  DAWSON CITY���A. 0. Cuniiiiighuii, Manager.  ATI-IN CITY���J. A. Fraser, Manager.  NKLSON���P. J. I.ussoll, Manager.  Stocks carried at Victoria, Rossland, Crah:  brook, Greenwood and Revelstoke. ���������������--  The largest handlers of Butter and Eggs in  tbe Canadian Northwest,  A pleasant place to spend afternoons, evenings and  enjoy delicacies that cannot be obtained in hotels or  restaurants at Nelson. Good stabling. Open day and  night.   Can bo reached by either road Or water.  WILLIAM ROBERTS, Proprietor.  Large and well lighted Heated by hot air  Reasonable rates Sample rooms  Electric bells and light in every room  Renovated and.refurnished throughout  HOTEL  VICTORIA  J. V. PERKS, Proprietor  Revelstoke, B. C.  Tho finest liotel in tho Interior.  Lai-gq, sainple rooms.   Steam heat and eleetrie light.  CONNER Oij- WAIU) ANB VERNON STS.-, NELSON  Vienna Restaurant  Hakc'r strcGt, botw'ecn Joscphino aud  Hull streets, Nolson,  J1KALS AT ALL HOURS, DAY OR NIGHT  BAKERY IN CONNECTION  FAMILY .AND PASTliY COOKING A SPECIALTY  ONLY WHITE HELP EMPLOYED  Free bus meets all trains  Hourly street car to sUition  The fVJanhattan  IS THE ONLY HOUSE IN TOWN  WHERE YOU CAN BUY  Pabst Blue Ribbon  25 CENTS PER BOTTLE  R. HURRY, Prop.  BON TOI RESTAUflMT.  OPEN DAY AND NIGHT  GENERAL TE#MSref?S  AGENTS ii'On  =The=Jmpepiah0jl=Cpr=St_urd|ird'V0il CoT  Washifigtoh Brick arjd���Linr]e Co.  Th^ H. W. IVjcNiel. Go., ltd-. .Canadian Antljrc.-  cke Coal (Hard)  Dealers in.  STOVEWOOD  EXPRESS and MAYING  Having-purchascd -the, oxprcss"and drnyinfir  business of J. AV. Cowaii, wa are prepared  to, do all kinds of ft-orlc iii this line, ,aii'd solicit tho pntronngo of tlio people of Nelson.  Ordors left at, 1). McArthur &" Co's store,  northwest, cori.(5r Haker and Ward street-i,  will receive prompt attontion.   Telephone 85  The only restaurant in the; city  employing only white cooks.  Merchants' lunch from 12 to 2  o'clock, 25 cents. Dinner from 5  to 8.    Short orders   at  all   hours.  Applieation for Liquor License.  Notice is hereby Kivcn that I, the undersigned, Austin  H. Clements, intend at the first sitting of the board of  licensing commissioners of the City of Nelson, to be held  thirty (30) days after the publication of this notico, to apply for a retail liquor saloon license for tho premises  known as the corner store of the Odd Fellows building,  on lot number, ono (I) in block (12),being situated on tho  southeast corner of Baker and Kootenay streets in the  West ward of the said City of Nelson.  AUSTIN H. CLEMENTS.  Dal cd this 15th day of March. A.D. 18il9.  GOMER DAVIS & Oo.  R. REISTERER & CO.  BREWERS AND BOTTLERS OF  Fine  Ale  and Porter  Prompt and regular  delivery to the trade.  Brewery at Nelson.  Nelson Elect��� Light Company, Limited  NOTICE  All persons having accounts .against tlie  company will present them at once to the  manager, and all persons indebted to tlie  company are required to settle the.same immediately.    JOHN HOUSTON, Manager,  Nelson, March 10th, 1899.  Application for Liquor License.  Notice is hereby given that I will, thirty days from tho  dato of this notice, apply to tho government agent at  Nolson for a license to sell liquor at retail at my hotel at".  Five-Mile Point, to be known as the Castle Hotel, in  West Kootenay district, British Columbia."  -  Dated March 11th, 1819. H. A. HKY.WOOD.  ������������^���'���4-S-��j.v_,,-,wUv.'- .��� THE  TMBUKE: KELSON, B.C., TUESDAY, APRIL 4, 1899.
all paid
t      up,     -
ROYAL, President
.. .General Manager
NT. W. Cop. Baker and Stanley Streets.
      H..ANCHI.R IN    	
LONDON  (England),   NEW YORK
and in tho principal cities in
liny and soil Sterling Exchange and Cablo Transfers
available in any part of tho world.
Regulated by Fashion.
So apparently simple a thing as holding up tlie dress skirt in crossing a muddy, pavement is regulated by fashion. In
the days of the great hoopskirts, when
every woman looked liked a monster beehive walking about, the proper way of
avoiding the mud and the dust of the
street Avas to raise the skirt daintily
about an inch, directly in front, using
both hands and taking the greatest care
lest the space between the gown and
pavement shauld be more than an inch.
Our grandmothers tripped daintily
about in this way, with the mincing gait
that aceonipanied the excessive modesty
and fashions of those days.
When the long, heavily trimmed princess gowns came into style a new way of
keeping them out of the dust was'.in-
vented. It took Avbmo.n of great physical
strength to wear such clothes as "were
then hi vogue, and lifting the clumsy
long trai us was equal to an ordinary day's
labor. The fashions of Avbinen's clothes
thirty years ago have probably never
been equalled for ugliness and disregard
of hygiene. Every line of grace in the
figure was spoiled. The waists. Avere
made short, the neck Avas loaded with
: trimmings, and the sleevefc  and  bodices
Are now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit on
Dawson City, Yukon District.
remark   about
plant  back   of
haying   a
the cigar
iual.s Avere placed "before the firing party
in full view of thousands of spectators,
who were kept back by troops. The man
broke down and howled for mercy, but
the woman was cool and cynical and re
marked :
had died
people  would
"See how
i simple
famous we are !    If I
priest's wife not ten
have followed me to the
firing   party had   raised
their rifles and Avere awaiting the final
orders to shoot, Avhen a messenger on
horseback broke through tlie croAvd and
handed the commanding officer a sealed
letter. The condemned man and woman
embraced each other anil shed tears of
joy at tlieir supposed reprieve, but it
soon transpired that only the man Avas
pardoned, while the Avoman had to undergo the extreme penalty. As her lover
Avas led away the Avoman clung to him,
begging for one more look and one more
word from him, but he repulsed her pitilessly, and went away without even
glancing at her. After this affecting
scene the death sentence was carried out.
** rf*-_fl!f  ^Q.     j"?!?.     &*    I   ".   '_,    #1   D     °  o*  ^        ■■*■■¥"'£,      "DP1:     f*1\    nn      9l    «■ B_J   fi^nr, Pf^n^S
, ,„--^,~ vSiual^-^llHflitiis" "c^illfed >aviski'rt„
v lit fcik^y-is •$ iivei itedi ^diTe^t^tli'e.-eijjel--"
f^^r^i^Kt'll^-i y^ W0'$vope<,
_. Vt^feJd^gSsiski j'j.. aun„ "tl\p »pth~sr <to'""f*J_e,„ inifn
"• "(iiidiiat^qk ..waj*"' 'i*j*i^ed:-:"ir^ii„?tlle- ■ ground'
■°. ^intUtlie 4veiti;e"rs cAuld^:get°i\Ubu;g:\\jiith. coii=,
V"sl||i|dily „" •d>ereasOcl::°* (tfse'gUifo-uV   'Tnjj-
-. T4i6  sfclilfc ;liftei^s. Wefiftr-'iiiad'e*  in   black
. ■.en/hnelj. l|i:aS^ ,%u\ kdyexy. , n"§ilSjer....oii^s*
VwSre^""thf.hgJ.it"very, fiTiOI:and-distinctive.  "
Aftpv:.a fbxy.^yejirs: 'fih"is!fdsjii'pn. was
n nrOdified,VaiHt Avh*_n  tlik  skirts bficmne
liipre: rational tli'Q liftefs wereabandoned.
The skirts Were then3>°raasfid  at the, si'd'e
andVbrOiighfc towawivfelie1" Ji*o_it".     Jn a
'*1_~saclifcsJ &\tid«__° to Perfect Dqcoruh-"  of
"tliat time is"set fortli" fcliB; proper .node of
pr_pc<-<Ui_'e.i(.' tjie ctjse of plip lady aiid the ■
rmiddy pavement.     "A.lady," says thfe
guide, "should hesitate  upon  reaching a
crossing.      Then,  carefullj' but lightlyj
With an English Tourist.
"Talk about getting tired of the sunny
South gag!" said the cigar stand man in
an uptown hotel. "It Avas nothing at all
to one I had to put up up Avith while the
cold wave was waving. Y'see, there's
very little room back here, and I have to
keep the <>cash register on top of the
steam radiator. While the bli-.zarcl
lasted the heat Avas on all the time, day
and night, and the i-egister naturally got
hot.      .
"So  I  proceeded  to dish out specially
Avarmed specie for change, and with that
my troubles began.    A  customer would'
pick up a. coin, look surprised and then
wink the other eye.   ..'
„ -." .'Just Jim de»„it, „eh#.•he,, AwouUWask.ft
some playful
"After the jest had been bandied to
and fro some 500 or (500 times it began to
get slightly stale, but each fel I oav thought
it was brand neAv, and when I failed to
grin he set me cIoavii as a stupid ass. At
last I got desperate and concluded I'd anticipate the bloAV. A big Englishman
sauntered up, and, feeling certain he'd
spring the joke, I got ahead of him.
"I just made this," 1 said, handing him
a nickel that fairly siz-ded. He looked
" 'Ah—part of your- er profits, 1 presume ?' he replied.
'• 'Xo,' says I, determined to make him
see the point or perish in the attempt, 'I
made it- stamped it out on my little machine.    Hoav d'ye like it?'
"He frowned and pushed it quickly
away. 'I beg pardon,' he said, 'but
really I'll have to ask you to give me
something else. I couldn't be a party to
anything like that, donclierknoAV.'
"I tried to make him understand that
it Avas a joke, for I didn't knoAV Iioav soon
he might go to the police about it. But,
pshRAv!    It was a hopeless job.
" 'I caAvn't see anything comic in the
plain statement that one is engaged in
counterfeiting,'he insisted.
"Neither can I,' I replied, 'and that's
exactly why I made it.' That happened
to be the actual truth, but it gaA'e a final
tAvist to the situation that floored the
Englishman completely.
"'Then you consider it comic to get
off something comic because it isn't
actually comic in the least,'he repeated
in great bewilderment. 'Pon me word,'
says he, 'this American humor is too deep
for me.'
"I restrained myself and allowed him
to escape alive, but I'm going to have
the gore of the next man that starts a
continuous performance joke in this
hotel! "	
He Did a Great Work.
Toronto Telegram.
All the facts of history combine to disprove   sir Wilfrid  Laurier's    statement
that   sir    Charles    Tupper     served   iu
Turner & Bocckh block, Nolson, 11. G.
the work of building  confederation as a
junior partner in the firm   of  wliich "sir
John   A.   Macdonald    contributed    the
brains and sir Charles Tupper the Avind."
It is not disparaging to sir John A. Macdonald to say that he Avas carried  along
in the  Avork  Of founding  confederation
by the necessity of finding some way out
of the deadlock between the old   provin-
ces of Upper and LoAver Canada. He had
the public sentiment of Upper Canada to
aid him, and he had the powerful help of
George Brown.    It Avas easy to  get   Upper Canada into a federation scheme, but
it was  harder  to  reconcile  Quebec, and
harder still to carry.Nova  Scotia, a   province Avhieh was entirely  free from the
troubles   which  drove  the  statesmen of
Upper and LoAver Canada, into  work for
federal union of British  North  America.
There Avas not among all the founders of
confederation a more heroic  figure than
that of sir Charles Tupper.    The  Arision
of a British North American nation  ap-
pealed  to him   and    he  brought NoAra
Scotia  into  confederation  by   the only
meaiis which could hn-ve done the work.
Wilfrid Laurier's services to the  Dominion in these later years have not been inconsiderable, and his.-opponents lmwe not
giAreu him due credit for the work he has
done.    Yet sir Wilfrid Laurier is more
unjust  to  sir  Charles  Tupper  than  sir
Wilfrid's opponents are to him  Avhen he
seeks to deprive air aged-adversary of his
glory, which he won by playing the part
of a hero and a giant in the founding of
this Canadian nation.
New Dress Goods, New Swiss D/|uslins,
New Organdi Muslins
New Ginghams in Checks and Plaids
New Prints from 8c to 15c per yard.
New Linen Crash from 15c up.
New Lawns from 15c to 30c per yard.
New Checked Muslins at 8c, 10c, 12 l-2c, 15c and 20c per yard.
New Gloves, Hosiery, Silk and Valenciennes Lace.
New Ribbons, Dress Trimmings, Embroideries, etc.
Inspection Invited.    TEBMS STBICTLY CASH.    No Trouble to Show Goods.
Martin O'Reilly & Go.
Bank of B. C. building, West Baker street, Nelson, B. C.
~gl':iTsprTi_poi'.ti'ii_)tt' of~~her skiFt"
well towards the back, elevate it modestly
to % distance Of between one ancl one-half
inches, di'aw At gradefujly to the right'
tOAVard the front and trip daintly across
the street." It was altogether a grave
and thoughtful occasion.
With the introduction of untrimmed
skirts, Which were at first cut rather
long in the back, came the fashion pf
holding them up directly in tlie back, and
the women with the longest and best-
developed aj'Sus a\iis the mosc suet-essfid
in performing tho feat. The fashion xviiS
absurdly ungraceful. To see a Wonia'i
clutching her skirts all in a. bunch and
holding them up in the peculiarly vicious
manner of five years ago created a first
impression that they were trying to get
away from her and she must hold them
by main force.
The gtly silk petticoats are no doubt
responsible for tlie present fashion of
raising skirts. It is no longer a question
of modesty or convenience. The manner
of getting your skirt out of the street
depends entirely upon the kind of petticoat your Avear. If it is neAV, bright colored aud of silk you may prepare for a
stage turn in skirt lifting, the object apparently being not to let anybody say of
your silk skirt that it was born to blush
unseen. The usual method is to grasp
both hands full of skirt from either side
and then hold it laboriously. This has
the effect of making eA*ery AVomon look
like a AA*asherwonian Avith her skh*ts
tucked around her Avaist Avading about
the kitchen floor.. If she wears-, a jacket
the effect is exaggerated.
A Strange and Dramatic Story.
A Greek priest had been murdered in a
Servian Tillage.   -The "wife of the. priest..
and her.loA-er Avere condemned "to de.i.th
by shooting for the crime.    The hour of
the execution arrived, and the two eriin-
]fl^t^"y': " ,
t>v„ ■,"/'"j,.."-_.i. **",r".""".■•%„„••■:■
j*»Mohejr to.loaajfor building purposes.   *_
5;„MinlnK|BX*^es^forJ;saie.   - '    - -*
."-iundeetyMpn^ch^^tica;' Fairmont; "also Re:
publiVa44,'P*'I^P^^^inlley' stoc"13- -   ■
'•:,."iny:e8l;iken€,iof",a".Xevr hundred, .dollars -may
•^ii-i-a__»inyou'.^-iouiMJ~l-C.;   ''"      --~ " ~: - -"
XotsVfpr^OTl^iii-Ui^garts of the city.,
,HoSles^6"Ere_it>"j»*«r"rJ'-V-   _:-"-" -    s
P. Burns * Co.
Meat Merchants
Wholesale Markets at flelson, Rossland, Sandon and Creenwood.
You car] save money
by purchasing your
lumber frorri me
Call at our Store and -wje> "will do the restif
■'n"",Y.vr"" ~: \tiolxsli?ky .", y-""'"° .]\ ■
'JiRobtii 'hou^o; ou.Oaf boiiaie.Stir.3ot" - ■V?25(10 ■
. SrKoohVliciuSc noi.'"Mill,strcl!t.,."^ ."..^v... .-lflOO,
„j2ilots"oi) Gai-l)6"iu\"tes.t-:e(._:... i.»v..;.»j. «50.0;"
.32.1btl.oii>Hal]'stre"e,t*!V.f.„..;; :\.:.,.-. £.,» . ,nQ(J«
.. -" „■■■"., jra?B4«^.'. :-; ,„, „.,
" ::■ ««*|""4»."d „ ■■boiiatoj|trneot".„"fu;*"°  *'""": £. '
OlficDln "Aberdeen !bioclcni*Bal.cr»Sfc",-Nelson
'■zln?*t:8fey ^Q-"01fIAIO ^ifl!
, nrHAi_L-„-*to»t^ ■"
Nelson,   Trail,  Ymir, Kaslo,  New Denver,  Sandon, Silverton, Cascade
City,  Grand Forks,   Midway, Greenwood and Sirdar.
Head Office, Nelson, B.C.
West Kootenay Butcher Go
A Business
Canada Dpug and Eook- Co.,
Goi'tier nrtker and Stanley Street?, Nolsori.
Mrs*   E.   McLaughlin
Fruit and Ornamental Trees
Bulbs, Roses, Hollies, Rhododendrons,
Fancy Evergreens, etc. Thousands are
■growing on my own grounds. Most
complete stock in the province. Bees
and bee supplies, agricultural implements, spray pumps, and cut flowers.
"NTew catalogue now ready.
The undersigned willVscll tlie "following" real estate
and personal property at a bargain:
Nine-room house and ten lots set out in orchard
Kour-rdoiii cottage .ana flye lotSs.
Two lots.and improvements.
Fifty-two head of cowa;
Two horses;
Wagons, sleighs,  harness, and 'everything In
Connection with Hurry's, milk ranch.
J^.1E11D SIR-OS.
RKAL ESTATE AGIONTS, West Baker St.. Nelson
Two lots nnd hwiso with fourteen rooms on Silica
street, between JoScpliiiicaiKlHfiHi-t.rcuts. Terms
§1500 cash, balftuCe td bo arranged,..". §S;_00
Lot and house on LulSiner street, nenr Josephine
street.   Terms §500 cnuli, balance on inortfeuge...  1,000
liot and store on llakofc Street.   Go6d loeatibii  8,000
Lot on l.nkerstreet, iicar corner of C«dar street....    800
■AT .
e. §. fflfSiiifs
A large stock of, firsii-clrts.. dry niatpria! on hand, alsoj
a.full line of sasbf door.., niouldings, turned work, etc,
■&:4mfflBB!lZmwiD RETAIL -"'■-
Will contract to supply and instill any lynd of electrical macf|inery
The Britis-'li Columbia Loan and Savings Company,
who give the most reasonable terms to borrowers, allowing principal LO be paidnoH"at any time without charging
any bonus.
Charles A. Watepman & Co.
JVC. J"- SZElsTK.-'Sr
604 Westminster Road, Vancouver, B. C.
All kinds of sanitary fittings, agricultural drain tile,
flower pots, term colta, chimney pipe and flue lining,
chimney tops, Are brick, fireclay; all kinds of fire clay
goods, assayer..' furnaces otc.nmdo to order. .
Ornamental   Carden  Border: Tiles,  Vases,   Etc.
Cement, plaster of paris, lime, and all kinds of   "
ornamental plaster work.  ' **
Baker Street, Nelson
<t_ t^ Et-f"_fl Will huy 24 horses. 12 waflrons, 2
tpiJCfKJKJ wagonettes, 1 buggy, 10 sets of
sleighs, and a complete outfit of harness, saddles, blankets, etc., and a going business of
$80,000 a year.   Terms.
•StJQCil^ri Will huy two lots and improve-
^«_><J^_/*-» merits on north side of Vernon
street, between Ward and Josephine streets.
<tlA.Kf\f\ Will buy 30 by 120 feet on the
ip^iftJ\J\J. south side of Baiter street, between Stanley- and Kootenay streets.   Cash.
dHO nOr. -Will buy 60,by 120 feet on the
«pAvjv/Vf»_*  northeast corner of Baker ana.
Josephine streets.   Cash.   jQHN HOUSTON, •
P. O. Box 57' Vernon street. Nelson
Yard:   Foot of Hcndryx street Nelson
Telephone, 91
H. D. Ashcroft
Wngou rcpaifinK proiiiptlyattcurtcd to by a flrstrchifts
Special attention given to all kinds of repairing and
custom work from outside points;
\Vill_wirc buiIdi'ngs_for_e_ccU'i___iig)t^
*—^clegtT-ic.b"Gi^a:_^laT!T_{s, electric annunciators. |       cities.   Full stcJCk, ot ^",'irb alid IJ^tiiriJs oil" hififd.
WQITE F0lt PfJIClES.    Office and Storeroom:   Josephiije Street, H-s',stJn';.
All communications relating
to British Columbia business to be addressed *to P. O;
505, Nelson^ British Columbia "~
Draw* r.
SHOP:   Hall Street, between Baker and Vornon, Nelson
Strachan Bros.
Opera House Mock, Nelson.
Nelson Iron Works
Repairs promptly attended to.       J'. O. Box 173.
Cpow'svW Pass Coal Co.
Charles   St.. Barbe,   Agent.
d. RODERICK ROBERTSON, General Manager l   ,M_.   r^rsKl     D lr^
S. S FOWLER, E.M., Mining Engineer '   IN tLOlJIN,   D. L/.
Situate on the Crow's Nest Railway is prepared to deliver lumber of any description in any quantity at any place within the
district of Kootenay.	
Tenders Solicited
G.  A.  BIGELOW,  Manager
Nelson  Planing  Mills
■:.-vvv--v..-■>■; MADE TO ORDER.
Office and Mills Corner Hall and Front Streets, Nelson THE TMBUKE:  NELSON, B.C., TUESDAY, APRIL i,   1899.
—-**d     *■■ t.   '   _■*■" ■*     ■- —***  if£-i;?-'^'"'---** "iff*-"*.
TX7"E carry the most complete line
of drug* sundries in Kootenay
and the quality of our goods is the
best that money can buy. Our prices
are no higher than our competitors
for inferior
See that your
prescriptions are
filled by us.
Wo use none liuL the best quality of drugs and chemicals
Special attention given to their compounding
W. F. Teetzel & Co.
In addition to a new spring suit you need a new hat and tie.
See our window for samples of our stock of ties in all the latest
shapes and colors.
We have just received and opened up a large stock of hard and
soft hats, including Stetson's, Fedora's, Christie's, Roelofs and Carter's for spring and summer wear.
P. 0. Store, Baker Street, Nelson.   Branch Store at Ymir.
are   beauties,   and- if you
First consignment just   received; * They
are .going to .buy. a bicycle, buy tlie best. ~  _       .
I   have  kyfew] 1897 wheels* which will   be   sold   cheap for   cash.
Those just received are -Ladies',  Geiitlemeh's" and  Boy's  1899 models.
Remember, our g_:eabAca|h^a^g>^I^d^"th'^:;big;,BdisepunX.-o£ "&§ per,.eetiu
Grand <.-lmn.et.lloi- Jiaddim* of the
Knights of Pythias is expected to arrive
in Nelson this evening on an official visit
to Nelson lodge No. 2;*..
Charles C. McLaughlin and Catherine
.Jane SJcRae were married yesterday
afternoon at the residence of John Grant,
011 Water street, by .Rev. Robert Fit. aw
Both of the contracting parties hail
from Slocan City.
The members of the lire brigade had a
meeting this evening, when the programme of the brigade's smoker on
Thursday evening was arranged.
.1. R. Wray has opened a tailoring establishment on Raker street, next door
west of Mills <fc 1 o.t's fruit store, in the
premises recently vacated by Kmorv &
\ Valley.
Miss I'.. Green, teacher of the Ymir
public school, who spent her Easter holidays in Nelson a.s the guest of Mrs. J. 13.
Amiable, returned to her duties by this
morning's train.
W. W. Bradley of the Nelson post-
office received a letter yesterday from
Orangeville, Ontario, inquiring as to the
whereabouts of .j. Chipchase, who left
that town a few -years ago for Nelson,
and has not since been heard of by his
At the last special meeting of the
South Kootenay Board of Trade, a special
committee "was appointed for the purpose
of drafting a memorial to the provincial
government upon the eight-hour amendment, but for some reason ■ the members
of the committee have never been called
together, It begins to look as if the
matter was not important enough to
Avarrant the calling of the members of
the committee together, or else the men
'appointed, upon the committee "were not
acceptable to those who desired to. use
the eight-hour amendment, for political
advantage. -   .. .
'•Bob" Nelson has taken the contract
for driving another 50 feet of tunnel on
the Princess mineral claim. ;.   ,
S. P. Tuck, '.who' will- succeed W. P.
Robinson on Wednesday as sheriff of
South Kootenay, arrived in town yesterday from Kaslo.
A Canadian Pacific railway engineering
party passed through Nelson yesterday
bound for the head of Kootenay lake for
the purpose of locating tho proposed railway which is to run thence to Arrowhead.
There wore eighteen men in the party
and they were under A. li. Doucet and
G. II. Gordon of Montreal. Some time
ago the "preliminary line.for'this, railway
.was ruh"-and the action of the company,
in sending,out*a locating party is taken
to mean that-the proposed I'oad-will be
"built,sooner thau.was contemplated.'-.
".A telegram \vas received yesterday, by
.Taines Neclancls' from, the secretary of"tho-
■ Now-Deliver" queen's birthday celebration,
committee stating ""that a "first*-prize." of
$100 will be offered for a match 'between'
the Nelson .in d Sand oii ball teams, to be
played at New Denver on May 2-1 th, the
losing .team, to be given $25.
development, it is generally uudei'stood
that there was no cash payment under
the bond, the holders merely securing the
right to develop the property for two
months and purchase at a given price
The progressive men who control
municipal affairs in Nelson still keep
men employed iu picking away at the
frozen ground in front of the city offices.
There are many streets upon which this
out-door relief work could be expended
to advantage, but the public works committee has not its work well in hand, and
when it becomes necessary to put a man
at work for charitable reasons, the only
avenue open is the frozen cut on Victoria
.|-_illyer«fc Go.brokeground yesterday for
two (tight-roomed dwellings which they are
erecting on lots __'*" and 21 in block 2!), for
"Larry" Peters. The houses will have a
frontage on Silica street.
"Dave" McBeath is putting up a 12-
room house on Silica street with a frontage on Ward street. "Dave" is bossing
the job in person.
FOR SA1..E—On easy terms u small sawmill, planer and
shingle mill.    Address "Sawmill," Tribune oliico,
Nolson, ii. C.
A  DRAYING   business,   well   established,  :i  rigs, 5
horses, stable and complete outllt.   Apply  \V. A.
Costello, Nelson, 11. 0. 	
FOIl SA..1'-—Lots 1 to 12 b o'ck 100, Nelson.   Price S'SUtK).
Xo agents.   Box ni'i. Nelson.	
FOlt SAJ-K—Lots 5, (jand 7 block 18, Nelson, wiih dwelling   house.     Price  §1000.   No  agent!..     Box  572,
Nelson.  '	
FOR four stores, three basements, and one second-
story wareroom. Tbe stures and biusemonls will bo
21 by 100 I'eet, t he second-story wareroom 100 by 100 feet,
all in a brick building, with stone basement, having a
southern frontage on Baker street. Occupation given
■I uly 1st. Inquire of Joli;-. Houston, Vernon street, Nelson.
AH.  HOI.UICH—Analytical Chemist and Anr-ayer.
■     Victoria street, Nelson. ■	
JC. GVV1__,1_1_V_, B.A.Sc. & W. S. JOHNSON, B.A.Sc.
•     —Mining   Engineers   and   Analytical   Chemists,
Slocan City, B. C.	
Br, kcnhill  Block,
CANK—Architect i nd  artist.
next door to Nelson Ubiary.
WANTED—A good waitress.    Apply at once Silver
 King hotel, Baker street. Nelson.	
KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS—Nelson Lodge. No, 2o,
Knights of Pythias, meets in I. 0. 0. F. Hall,corner
Baker and Kootenay streets, every Tuesday evening at
8 o'clock.   Visiting Knights cordially invited to attend.
o. ri.-.NOH, a. a.    g. kqss. k. of-it:-**•**.
NKLSON" LODGE, NO. 23, A. F. & A. M. Meets
second Wednesday in each month. Sojourning
brethren invited.
>helf and Heavy Hardware
Giant Powder
Canton Drill Steel
Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal
, Pipes, and Fittings
Giant, Caps and Fuse
Tools, Cutlery, Tin
ffflBmS&sk  and Woodenware
Stoves, Ranges,
won DEN    Y&   Iron> Sfceel>  Sheet
IATPRIAL    \^v      Iron, T-Rails
IATLRIAL     \\fc paint     Qil    alass
and Fancy Stripeil Gurtaifis for
Verandahs and Windows
Baker St. opposite postpffice,, Nelson
"V^H;OI-,_E-£3^A_Ij-E3   .A._N"-D   _B-E3T_A.IX-
Si_&,wSr,    G-S,_A-I35T:,   -ETEEZD,   ETC.
WriCo for qtiotnt.loliR on clir lots.
isrEiXjiso-Cir, b. o.
.S.;.\lc(-.a.i*$ofi.^^ ■■" •    -      -.;
„" T^te iJjrin^ip-ilVof'viji^^-.pi^ie' _.<&ocfl. kt}:
-Sillsdnris-tfe "ifoot-"
'bhjXy, SQVsiriai.r-_iiijjnd(_cl u$ t0.plftj»iVt\'6i.:itesi
/ili.gi'i'i.ugfout ^lniq,:liiq-|^lil^;r(3p'bi,*<. pf -tile-
Ijsqliboj:0"\-er "\v*lVicli„li(3"]i*.ls"JpJi-k'ge.    - ;
I\"Xa.mnpn"t7 rebvlriifedlasi. nig]i*b- from a
i-msm<-s$ yiSifc to' Revielstioke.
■ j\Ii'S. Gi'iiig of, Slocan Gity, avIio Spent
tlae faster liol'it]ays n^ith Ixtsr cousin l\0ss
Dqs Brisay, left for* Jiome yesterday
George Doylfe rettu-ned hist niglit from
Jeer's branch store during the illness of
Prod Burn.
The syndicate represented by Pi*. Do-
little has colilnieiiced *.v*oi\k ou the \renu.s
group. rJ!liis group, AVhic-h is oWitud by
Messrs. Hcddle, PJiilllps and Stjwnford,
lies close tO the Atliabasca. Very little
; worlc lifts beeli done on it, and its value
lies ehielly in the resttlt of tiie Atliabasca.
NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:   Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.
NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.
Will   be  found   in  their  new  premises  on   Baker Street
with  a  complete  stock  of
Shelf and
and Shelf
you  will Iind it to your fid vantage to consult us
1 =--. ■' "before" "placing your orders..   =
Tiqsmithing* aqd Pluinbitig a Specialty
Estifqates. Cheerfully Furnisljed
apgains in
;ifsg  ^ptefev   shpvels, ° etc",,,,
^HjQT-tid;„i\bt fajlv to- 3°Q©k "at" out: line"
oil "„&6odsv» \vhich .».£of "qualities and
;°,riat-Lt"e"aal canhot Ijq beat."   """""■""
[Ihiporters of Shelf and Heavy .Hanlwarei
Haying gone oyer oiir,immense stock and .flriding
that we can do business .where others are. trying,
we Arid it proper for our customers and others to
in C^roe^e^ j±id""6
^Iw^ysr&^ mM t&e'l&fesf n^^ltfes.
Tenders Wandcd for Beal Estate
Tenders will be received by the undersigned until, 12
o'clock nooii oh Saturday, April loth, 189!), for the purchase of the following described real eatntot:
LOT  24  BLOCK 60
and in.i)roveineiits.tliore6n, gitnate at the iiorthcasb corner of; Hail nndVLaKu streets, Nelson. Terms cash. The
hiurhest or itiiy jteiider li&t hecessafily aecepled.
■        A. .l! MATtltS.
Adniinistrator OStjile.of Chai-les "Van Ness, deceased-.
NfSlson, Allril 3rd, 1SD!J.
0 We have Shiiiing's celebrated Ja^va asnd ^befe^,
Coffees and Seas. Mining orders $rop?ipfciy - Mfed
and carefully packed,   Mce^ right.
Your House Needs Refupnishing1
D. MeArthur & Co.
Can supply you with all kinds of
Fine Furniture, Carpets and Linoleum
Neelands' Shoe
Telephone 10.   P. Q. Bqx K & W.      Baker street West, Nelson
Falls on  Sunday this season,  oil litis
account there will be a big: demancl for
. Has been so great we were
compelled to order more goods
which have just arrived. First
come first choice.
H. M. Vincent
Young Men
It you want a nobby suit or a stylish pair
of pants for spring wear call at rooms 5 and
!) Clements block. I will show you some
nico cloth and samples, and will send same
to your office or room where your measure
can bo taken. Will fit yoxi as you were
never fitted before.
Stevens, Tfje Tailor
Come direct to us as we will be well supplied. We have also made arpang'ements
with the Nelson hens to keep us supplied with hew laid eg*gs until after the least if
you don't have boiled eggs for breakfast don't blame us. '
Something choice in Easter hams and breakfast baeon, and a pound of our Tea will
complete the bill bf fare.
3-Star Flour Makes Good Bread.
M. DesBrisay & Go.
The Best on the Market
•Just received a carloud of tlie Lake of the Woods Milling Company's
celebrated Hungarian brands of Flour, which will be sold at the same
price as the  inferior  grades on tlie market.    Try it and   be  convinced.
Family orders a specialty and free daily delivery
Mail and telephone orders promptly attended to
Baker Street West, opposite Oddfellows'E lock
Havo just received a consignment of Harris home
made tweeds from Talbot Harris, Scotland.
FEED J. SQUIBB, Baker St. JVelsoD
Tho supply is limited, so call early and examine this wtock.


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