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Special to Tlie Tribune.
Ottawa,    April    5.—A     considerable
change in tho sentiment., of the house has
been wrought by  Sifton's  reply   to  sir
Hibbert   Tuppei-'s   arraignment   of   the
Yukon administration.    The   feeling, especially on the government side,  is that
.Sifton's answer was fairly complete, and
that the bottom is largely knocked out of
any statements made by Tupper.    Sifton
had many   letters  and   facts   to  submit,
which certainly went far to either  dissipate or minimize many of the statements
read by Tupper.    Sifton handled the case
very well.    Me   was   markedly  cool   and
defiant and made a favorable   impression
among  the   Liberals.    -He   hurled out a
bold defiance in his   concluding   remarks.
While almost all members on  both   sides
are    prepared    to     admit    that    there
was       sea 11a-waggery        and        scound-
relism   on   the   part   of   a   number   of
officials, and that there  must  have been
serious offences when there was so much
general  indignation   and   criticism,   still
the feeling seems to be that Tupper went
further than the facts   of   which he was
possessed would warrant.    There is much
talk about his attack  on   Walsh,   Wade
and M'aguiro, and many think the attack
on the former to be uncalled. The friends
of Walsh, and he has many, declare that
he is a man of proverbial sobriety; indeed
all seem to say that he  has always been
a. most abstemious man, if not a total abstainer.    Sifton  read   Walsh's  letter  of
denial with great  emphasis  and   it was
well received.    Sifton scored a   point   by
reading Tupper's   letter  giving Wade a
certilicatc of character.    Sifton admitted
it was a. mistaken policy to allow .officials
to stake claims, and ou his recommendation it had   been   rectified.    The   policy,,
however,    had   been  adopted under the
Conservative mining   regulations,   which
did not prevent the staking of claims by
All Canadian News.
Special to the Tribune.
E. C. Wright, station master at the
Bon a. venture depot, Montreal, died in
Montreal yesterday, aged fifty-two years.
lie was formerly a. conductor on the .Toronto express between Montreal and Kingston.
Marshall, Green & Co's large general
store at Orangcville, Ontario, was damaged by fire to the extent of $9000 yesterday. The building and contents wore
insured. .
-    Jlenry   Dclisle.   ;i   farmer living   near
Amherstburg. Ontario, was droAv'nod yesterday off Bar Point, by  the  cai_.sij.ing of
a.   rowboafc.    -A  companion,   one  of   his
brothers, was rescued. '
"   -Kingston has a   smallpox  scare.    Two
children of William Googhogan   of   Wel-
.Kington -afreet were found to be suffering
"from the disease and have been  isolated.
Miss l<_va JI. Brodliquc, formerly of the
London Advertiser" staff, and lately of
the Chicago Times-Herald, was married
yesterday to Leland Summers of Denver,
Colorado, at the house of lion. David
^lills"j,n .South Loudpn,, OatajAio.
tered an unanimous pr.-test, and it is
thought that this will fire the movement
to .join the Leeward and other islands
and to demand annexation to the United
States. Thus far, no sensational popular
demonstrations against the government's
attitude are reported.
5. ia iii
!    „ "f Its*Success is. Assured,"
Special to Tlie»Tribune.
* ? _^.i3\yrj';°"0ii;iv;v^R°,   j\rprij. •3.JLThe>
to\nc of .Ci'niyei/satiQii. jheiie* 'is- the
*bj._iiVg 1c,elebra:ti0i"i..jfthe: po.ubei. 's
.clay.  -In. o;pe-days%:c1utv.i^ ,
ra.i'sei^.ijj'.AA-arclS'Ofi^itiO iijieftsh, .thus1 as-
!"SuViug" sttcfiess" to the scheme. The -pr_v
gi'anime hits been, enlarged, so as to em-
bi'hee a'Substantial p.t_;se°_.i.r a hub:aud*-
hub race among thehos'e te.uns of West
Kootenay, Ayhich will bring a- big crowd.
tournament on the hospital court, open
to the district, alid with govod, prizes. A
drilling contest has also been, provided
for. These events, with the others already
arranged will make a- first class day's
sport, and tlie best yet given in the Slocan. The eLti'/ens, are A.'orking tooth and
nail for the success of the event.
A Thief  and   a   Forger.
Special to The Tribune; .    .
JNloxfl-KAi., April ;">.—Arthur Fiset, tlie
Montreal notary who was a-rested by detectives in Albany, New York, .some days
ago, appeared before tho police magistrate and pleaded guilty to one charge of
theft and forgery. Upwards of ton cases
"of forgery on the York Comity Loan &
Savings Company of Toronto have been
acknowledged by him, but only one, that
of H. J.eauclieniin, a Montreal policeman,
who had loaned Fiset $1500 to place for
him, was pushed.
A Girl Wins a Chess Game.
Special to The Tribune.
MoNTRKAf., Api'il 5.—A feature of todays proceedings at tlie tournament of
the Canadian chess association was the
Avinning by Miss Power; representing the
Montreal ladies' chess club, of the first
game in a series of three to decide the
intermediate championship of Canada.
Miss Powers' opponent was C. J. Dixon,
secretary of the St. Dennis chess club of
this city.
Annexation Scare from Jamaica.
Kingston, Jamaica, April »',—Sir
August Hemming, tho governor, and tlie
representatives in tlie legislature., have
failed to reach the hoped for compromise
on the critical issues that have been pending for seuera.l weeks. The governor declined to withdraw the additional official
members and tho tariff bill was forced
through.    The representatives  then  en-
i        Don't Like Yankee  Competition.
London, April o.— The fact that the
contract to build the bridge over the At-
ba-ra river, a branch of the Nile, has been
awarded to a. Philadelphia firm, continues
to create a- groat impression here, and the
Evening News today refers to the matter
as an "Egyptian Avar office scandal" and
characterizes the whole transaction as
The News declares that the specifications were altered in favor of the American contractors, adding: "It is .only explicable if one remembers the habitual
animosity shown by the khedive and his
government to tlieir habitual protectors.
If the bitter antipathy to British engineers revealed in the proceedings cannot
be traced to.the khedive, and is the result of foolish and unpatriotic prejudice
on the part of the English advisers, the
sooner those' advisers are brought to
book the better."
The same paper publishes an interview
with Dr. Westwood, of the linn of West-
wood & Rigby, the English contractors,
in reply to a cabled interview with'Mr.
Roberts, of the Pencoyd Bridge Works,
in which Mr. AVestwood declares that the
Egyptian war oflicc altered the design of
the Albara bridge to suit the Americans,
-while-it did not give the British firms
the same chance. The British tenders
Mr. Westwood explained were higher
because special girders Avere required,
Avhieh were dropped iu the case of the
Americans, avIio Avere allowed to supply a
pin bridge, which good English engineers
have discarded because it makes a weak
Chicago's New City Council.
Chicago, April 5.—-Carter If. Harrison
A\*as re-elected mayor of Chicago today
by a total, vote of l'-.0,9M. against 108,30-1
for Zina-Carter, the republican candidate,
and -15,-101 for John J'.' Altgeld, the independent-democratic candidate. JJai*-
rison's plurality,is 39,010. _Thc iicav city
council is composed'of thirty-four democrats." thirty-three" republicans and one
independent-republican, and is said to be
the best Chicago has. had " for a decade.
Of the sixty-eight members, *■ forty -seven
stand pledged for methods favored by the
reform organization, known" as tlie Municipal Voters'League. The returns settle
ihe question of establishing kindergartens
in the public schools. The A'ote "stood
87.072 in favor of-kindergartens to 15,878
against.. „„   - .   , ,■ „„ . 8j
He-Valued His Jcsb.
Ap/il .Arrffii Iter B,.,
„o     „„....... _.„„.._,. jl&ckson,,
bis A\*i;fe aaitt°-*Bli6ir.l;thr<.g» "yeiir. '"olcls ■ baby^
we're found de_idViu"be4vthiaindruii)g. "It
W_i$ evident that Jaeks^n" iii'st" shot his
■wife and child a'hd "tlien.hiiHsejf. .|acksoh
was as.yoiing jbusinesS man of highjstaud-
ing and married .T.tife.GqdAyini" a",leading
society girl a Uttle.over three years ago.
Until receiitiy lx& was cashior and bookkeeper for a AvarehOuse firm.- It is supposed he brooded 'over the, loss of his
self in a, fit Qf ins.uiity.
Nancy Has an Adjournment.
RriMGi-iroriT, Connection t, April a.—The'
trial of Dr. Nancy A. Guilford, tho midwife, on a charge of murder in the second
degree in causing the death of Eniina
Gill, which luisbcen in progress for nearly
three Weeks before .judge Wheeler, has
been adjourned till Tuesday morning
owing to the serious illness of one of the
juryitieu. The ailing juror is; George
Gregory, a farmer aged sixty, avIid Occupied seat No. I in the jur'ybox.
Burning the  Frenchmen Out.
St. .John, Newfoundland, April 5.—Tlio
news has reached here of" the burning of
a French lobster factory on St. .John's
island, off the West coast, the largest
French fishing center along the treaty
shore of Newfoundland; Besides the
factory eleven large boats and a lot of
fishing appliances Avere destroyed. It is
belieA'ed tliat the fire was the work of an
incendiary, and the circumstances may
serA'e to bring about a crisis regarding
tlie .French shore question.
Special lo The Tribune.
Montkj.ai., April 5.—A member of the
senate who is generally  supposed   to be
in the  secrets  of the  cabinet and av!io
holds (in important position in the councils of the Liberal party says it has been
decided  that,  in  the  course  of   a   few
months, Hon. Sidney Fisher, minister of
agriculture, Avill be replaced in the cabinet
by the Hon. H. T. Duffy, commissioner of
public Avorks in the Quebec cabinet.    Mr.
Fisher will, according to the story, go to
England at the close of the session to replace lord Strathcona, avIio is anxious to
retire from the high commissionership as
soon as the goA'ernment can relieAre him.
Toronto, April 5.—The Mail and Empire prints an  improbable story  of an
impending reorganization of the Ontario
cabinet,   according to which   treasurer
Harcourt - and   commissioner   of public
AArorks   Harty   are  to retire,  and   their
places be filled by Messrs. Stratton and
The Tribune.
The folloAving letter explains itself.
The Tribune, at present, is not doing a.
retracting business :
NELSON, April 5th, 1899.
To the Editor of The Tribune:
Mr. M. S. Davys has instructed us to write J ou with
reapeel, to two articles which appeared in your issue of
(he 20th of February last. One of the articles in your
editorial column states that men had been discharged
from tho SilTerKing mine who aro known to havo voice!
for Mr. Hume at the late election, and suggesting that
the mine management had bettor be changed. Youthen
(to on to state that mine superintendents should understand that this is a free country, etc. Tho whole i fer-
encc to be p'ainly drawn from tho nrticlc is, that Mr;
Davys discharged men from the cmployine t of the Sil vor
King mine on account of their having voted for Mr.
Hume. Mr. Davys denies any such state of ailliirs, mid
feels that the remarks are calculated to hurt him in h's
position with respect to his employers, and af-k.s yon to
retract the statement, whieh, we trust, in all fairness,
you will do. He feels that he is also justified in finding
fault with a statement in your local news column as to a
petition being circulated with respect to tho taking away
of tho license of the hole] owned by Mr. Morice. However, as this does not refer to bin; pointedly, we do not
feel that lie would be as much injured through this as by
the article first mentioned. Wc would n_.k you to retract"
through the columns of your "paper "the statement contained in the first'article above referred to. yours truly,
Requires the Tuberculosis* Test.
Ai.uanv, N. Y., April 5.—Jn the senate
this afternoon the bill of senator Willis,
which provides that cattle brought into
this state shall be examined by inspectors
before being sold" in the state, created
quite an excitement. * The bill Avas opposed by senators McKay aud Humphrey
and the "sOli|lriAveSutern Noav ;3forlc, „ Avhp
asserted that,#2.5jO(30 head qf .cattle had
been brought into" Sviffalo Jtist  \yeek and,
. sold'.- to ^alki^i^.-iiir Western 0e\y X,or(k!
: "Where they had^been ,fat*te"necl ^aiul" prc.-
j pared-for *tlie marjeet. Thi.sw._is docjarfed
to be an iinportantand growing industry>
Senator Maiby* IfdVve*j*er, Veproseuting, an
agricultural district, d'efcJuded the bill.
He said the state had expended a great
deal of -ivoney in the exaniination of
tiibercufdSis iu cattle aiid had a right to
require that cattle should  be protected
to the state from Other localities. Aii
the Noav England states on the east, and
Canada oil the north, required the tuber-
coiosis test of Oattle imported into their
locality, and the result wfts that NoW
York m.trkcts hiid become the dumping
ground for all kind of cattle in the
State. The bill was finally progressed to
the Order of _in.U passage.
,,     Special to The Tribune.
Ottawa, April 5.—When the house
met today, two bills Avere introduced, one
by Mr. Fortin, to amend the winding up
act, and the other by Mr. Beatty, to
amend the act respecting the salo of rail-
A\*ay passenger tickets. They wore read
a second time. Mr. Borden, of Halifax,
proceeded to reply to minister Sifton on
the Yukon charges. He said that Avhile
the Nova Scotia and Ontario mining laAVS
preA*ented any official from being interested in mining claims, still Yukon officials
Avere privileged to deal in them. Iu regard
to the goA'ernment .having acted promptly
he denied that such Avas a fact. Commissioner Ogilvie, he maintained, Avas
not able to make a thorough, and .satis-'
factory inA*estigatioiii and he quoted an
article from the Toronto Globe which
said that the investigation might not end
Avith the Yukon commissioner,''as bearing
out his contentions. He said that there
were difficulties as great to contend with
in British Columbia,; Avhen gold Avas first
found there, as there were in the Yukon,
yet no scandals occurred in British Columbia. He maintained that the charges
of the member from Pictou—sir Charles
Hibbert Tupper—were supported by evidence, and that the correspondent of the
London Times had also given particulars
of the charges.
Von Baker Street,
A. E. Hodgins is preparing plans for
the neAV $25,000 brick building Avhieh P.
Burns & Co. intend erecting, on the site
of their present Baker street premises
this spring. The building Avill be tA\o
stories high and will have a frontage of
sixty foot Avith a depth of 100 feet. There
Avill be a cellar under the entire,
building and in it will be installed tho cold storage plant.' The ground
floor Avill be divided into two stores,-
one of .Avhieh will .be occupied by-
P. Burns & Co., and the other probably
by the Parsons Produce Company. There
Avillbe six offices'on the second floor, and
in the rear" will be'stoi'orooms" to bo occupied by the'tonants of" the ground flqoi*
stores as4cold storage r.ooms. L This building, will take the -place of the building
Avhich'P. Burns & Co. contemplated erecting on the C. I'. R. siding on Front street.
and if the J'arsons Produce Company
take premises in, the Burns building it
will also render unnecessary the building
which this company also contemplated on
IrCrpnt.street.. Burns ,& Co., will, put up a.
Warehouse on- the railSvay siding for the
storage of feed"ahd°other .supplies.
'/""„.'«=    \HOJEE/.^Rti^AL|,;   .      "
°°°*°'l *.""„, .>"  -. »s ..(TKlSM'o'NYiV„„     .. : n.-
JSj, K," "MbeSuley;.! Slopaii I. jbhii*Giohii,"Si-iutnoii
- 'Ci«;;.;n"   *   -    ""       '" -■'■■'■*"■*    -
H.iWIift'c; Sandon
H; \V°. Wejdi.itin, Slocan
O. H. I.urden, Pilot-Bay
.sanfuel JjCj-iiit1, Pilot .-..ay
,I"jne» Ryan". (Srahbrpok
H.M. MclJerihici, Spokane
Oeorgo Petty   and wif<3.
Three Forks.
E. Ii; PoftA-.TirrQc Forks
B. D. Dovle, AVinnipeg.
T. A." Pittoek, Drooklyn
Mrs. F. Herbert, 'Trail
_iG,_=Kearj__-Uam mond
The, MisScs Haiiunoud, San-
Gcorge McDonald, Sandon
George F. KuSs61, Yinir
II. 1_. HaAiltaiu, Sandon
.1 .=E: Jle'lHiijv-Ne w^Doii ycc-
'It-. XV. Hiiilon, Silver King
A. G. McKiiuSey, Toronto
peo. 11. Kiohardson, Gran-
AVilliam Kirby, Revelstoke
C. IT. Steeper,   Coiiticook,
P. Q
G. Osier, Win'nipC'g
A. Hill, Itosebery
AVilliam Koote", Vmir
W.IIliuin Thompson, Brooklyn
John    Mo'K'edfier,   Slociln
begun. The site for the concentrator is
being cleared and the ties for the tramway arc being made, .lamesCronin. manager and part owner of the mine, is now
in tho Slocan inspecting some of the concentrators and tramways in that district,
and Avill afterwards inspect those of the
Cceur d'AIene country. He will then go
to Spokane, where the final plans and
specifications Avill be drafted. 'Work on
the flume was started this morning.
A meeting of the board of license commissioners Avas held yesterday afternoon
in the city hall, at Avhieh there Avere present acting-mayor Fletcher, Messrs. Turner
and McKillop. The only business transacted was the granting of the application
of the chief of the fire brigade for a permit
to alloAV C. A. Waterman to sell beer at
the firemen's smoker in the fire "hall tonight.
The special committee of tlie South
Kootenay Board of Trade, which was
appointed to make'arrangements for the
advertising of Nelson by the issuance of
a map, field a meeting yesterday, afternoon at Avhieh H. B. Thomson, G. F. Beer,
J.'A. .Turner and Frank Fletcher we're
present. The committee decided to issue
a map 24x3(5 inches, taking in that portion of .the ..province-.south of Nakusp,
and from the eastern Boundary to the
Boundary Creek district. There Avill be
5000 of these maps published. -The committee is also inclined to favorably consider the publication of a 24-page folder
Avith suitable photogravures' and descriptions of Nelson, Slocan, Trail Creek
and Boundary districts. Another meeting for the consideration of the material
for the folder Avill be. held next week.
The members ofthe Nelson fire brigade
decided last eA-ening to send a team".to'
NeAV Denver on May 24th, in connection
Avith the NeAV Denver celebration, to
compete in the hub-and-hub race with
the Sandon hose team.
lu connection Aviih the  visit of .grand,
chancellor .JamesHaddon.toNelson^lpdge.i.
No'.-25, Knights" qf ^l,^h^^^^..^dgej
honors were coiiferretl;jippii;{i^.7."Sf{?lbi.4"„
Dr. G. A. B. Hall; AV. J|m_^n*^^r^f;f
Vanstone aud George J'dy'fv'^y'yy^zf*
SLOCAN J^A^^N0^S1^^10]
_.    • i .   .„i *.V",,V'4'"-"*':-__f'"-««^S>!ti'"°!s.
. .    Special to   Jho^Twbuiio.^. .f_iV."S.*^,""»..
. p." """""i ".°3 '■'i-'-'i.'.-*- Vf --°
Slides aro coming clo>\*if^.y^gi^9/^i3uTn\
bers aud   volume, niakiua^»._tnly„ei.iafeoi_l■>
the hills dangerous.      ■£. /„*.-„>-sV -/.* V "._i*
The steanier Slocan LJisCtoi^;iaid^ip°°
shortly tor a  general 'oy.ei.'nauhn^.-^.he:
Saiulon Avifl take her ]^abeyry(-"^}.;\:\"",%J
The ice at tho hea^.^f^tiffOa'^e^u^
broken up, and -Hill Bi'Stli^st^tiig*s£nd;
barge are moving Iui!_bei*- -fo. lidiiitgioh"*
the* lake.  ■  .-■ ■
Eiiste'r §crfie.ps  lipid? im. th;e  Angliuqan.w
^kb.^i^bytleii^ "XeA\*VVDok"V.
! yer Avere bip'gUtsaiicL^ve'li;ti:ttnendod.
OhaVlouda^^h'igj.t.tlie anjuitj(3 vestry
' nieotihg"bf tire °»St. SteiJlreii's ejiureh .wfts:
Jield inthS 4)iis"sioh: .ijooih}- New Denver.
Tt was1' dec1dend -to"- opciv'tb^ ,ne\V chftrch'
oil May 1'ltlb „ lje,v. Mr. l„lvtes5 the i'n-
eumbfcvit, is ab?u>\it to be transfoi-red to
tlie GreenAvoa/l mission.
Mi's. M. A. AYiisou and fahiily i-emoved
Wilson is eiigiiged in the   tailoring  business-
The snoAV is sloAvly disai])pearing along
the benches along the lake shore, there
being over a foot yet in many places.
A crowded and au enthusiastic house
greeted the first annual concert of the
Nelson Musical Society at the opera house
last evening. The programme consisted
entirely of high class selections, and it
speaks well for the musical taste of Nelson, that such a concert should hin-e
attracted the numbers and created the
enthusiasm that it did. The choruses
and other concerted pieces were conducted
under the baton of Mr. Brougham, and
exhibited the result of patient and persistent practice.
Theopening piece was an orchestral selection the March Hongroise, from Berlio/.'s
"Damnation of Faust," and in spite of its
technical difficulties was played with
great success. Then foIloA\-ed a double
epiartette "The Sands of Dee" rendered
by Mesdanies Campbell, Macdonald, Goe-
pel and Brougham and Messrs. Lee, Macdonald, Shaw and Akehurst.
Mr. Oliver of Rossland sang tAvo selections, "Songs iny Mother Taught me" by
DA'orak, and "Star Vjcino a I be! Idol" by
Salvator Rosa, his A'ery fine baritone being hoard to great adA'antage in both
.pieces. The audience demanding an
encore he sang "The Yeoman's Wedding
song" with great -spirit.
The next number was a cellosolo by
Herr Steiner. Ho played- Schiibert's
"Litanie" and followed ..with a "Reverie"
by Dunkler, each of Avhieh numbers he
played with great feeling, and the execution shoAved him to be a.master of the
technique of his instrument. Sehubert's
"A.A*e Maria" as an encore Avas. much appreciated.
Then the "Pilgrinis Chorus" from Tann-
haiiser by the inusical society and solo
by Mr. Macdonald  received applause.
The trying arm, "All Mon .fils" froni
Meyerbeer's Prophete, Avas rendered Avith
exquisite feeling by Mrs. Brougham,
avIio in L'esponse to an encore, which
Avould admit of no refusal, gaAre the -
charming little niorceau "When Thy :
Sweet Eyes I Gaze Upon" by Schumann.
The second part of the progi-anune Avas
opened by Jackson's part song "Lord
Ullin's Daughter," Avhieh gaA-e renewed
eA'idence of the careful training AA-hich the
chorus have received from their conductor, avIio from first to last had his !baiid:,;V
'and chorus.welLiu.h--hd--..-^..;:.--^V;K-;v;>:.^VV£:'vV
3rr. Kydd, avIio A\-as in excellent AroiceV
then sang-"So :^are>TheeiWeik'^
i.:tisnualsf..ulfcless sfcyleJ and "."iii".-"response-to -
Bishop O'Connor Made Archbishop.
Special to The Tribune.
Toronto, April 5.—Bishop O'Connor,
ofthe London, Ontario diocese, has been
appointed archbishop of Toronto, succeeding archbishop Walsh avIio died last
year. Bishop O'Connor succeeded archbishop Walsh as bishop of London, upon
the hitter's elevation to . the archbishopric. 	
Boxing Bouts Prohibited.
Special to The Tribune.  .
Toronto,' April'5.-~Tho city council has
passed a resolution prohibiting.Saturday ;
night   boxing   entertainments   in    halls
owned by the city. The action Avas taken
at tho request of the clergy.
The Spmers Comes as Freight.
FA-r.j.fbtJ'ri-1,"  England,    April    a.
United States torpedo boat
which was bought at Elbing, West Prussia, in March of last year, and which
nearly drowned two American crews in
■an effort to ei'oss the Atlantic just before
War was declared with Spain, Avas towed
to Plymouth this afternoon, preparatory
to being shipped to tho United States in
a vessel that will leave on April 10th.
All Canada Should Oppose It.
Tokonto, April 5.—The following is a
special cable to the Evening Telegram
from London : "The Daily Telegraph today, editorially referring to the proposed
cutting up of the site of Wolfe's A-ictory
at Quebec into building lots, says till
Canada should take measures to preA'ont
the destructions of the Plains of Abraham,
and adds England Avould surely help if it
was a question of money."
Casualties in the Philippines.
Washington, April 5.—The casualties
in the Philippines from February 4th to
April 4th, 180!) inclusive, as reported to
the adjutant general are : killed. JS4 ;
Avoundad, 97(5:'total, 11(50.
Dlr. Pope's Successor. Appointed. V...
Wictoi.ia, April 5.--'AIexaiide.r;"' Robinson, principal of the high school .'.at'.^Vancouver, has been appointed superintendent of education, in succession to Dr.
Pope, resigned.
AV. K. Qavi(l..on, Toronto
W„ C. Ditniars, Vancouver
G. H. Williams, Spokane
H. .1. Collins, Spokane
AV. Ii.Oliii.Sloknne
Miss Steon, itosslaml
AVilliain C-irlili, llossjand
S. Sampson, Spokane
A. I.. Suckling, Vancouver
Geo; Wilkinson, Trail
S. B. Slater. lJ0rt!kn(l
F. 1j. Christie, Sandon
AVilliiml Sdtl,, Winnipeg
11. J,, UhrisLie, A'nnejjuvor
CliHs llrowiilee, Itosstmiit'
W..J, While, ltossland
Ggorge llui.kin, Montreal
XV. A. \Vil.uiott, Cninbrook
G. Crozier, Pembroke
W. S. Watt, Winnipeg
15. A. Ouvi'lson, Okanobk
_.lra. J:  Feii(lerga.s_,  Kdmi-
W. ,N.- Brayton, Craubr6ok
B, Harrison, Uliuthani, Out,
Lee Graham, Ymir
Geo. N. Hussel, A'mir
S, Undray, Ymir -
JiiincH Watts, Sandon
110 V At..
John O'Meara, Kob,son I D. I*, l.awrenee, Spokane
IX S. I'rieo, Spokane [ I). VV. Green less, Cranbrook
S-._V..1_ KING.
D. It. -Mai-tin, Vmir
R.   C.     Wilson,   Halcyon
Samniuel Cassidy, Halcyon
P. Morrison, Ainsworth
A. K. Ball.'lrd, Vancouver
Willi nn Wallace, Sainton
Hugh GilliSi Sandon
to  the
Ore Shipments from Moyie.
Moyie Leader, April 1st.
During the month of March
shipped twenty carloads of ore
smelter at Trail. This is in tho neighborhood of 412 tons of a. gross value of $32,-
9(50, and a not profit to tho mine owners
of nearly $10,000. The St. Bugone shipped 870 tons and the Lake Shore made
up the balance of 42 tons. Since the first
of February, 1,800, Moyie has shipped 822
tons of ore ol" a total value of over $0;"),-
000. A.s there wore 28.days iii February
and 'ill days in March, »{) days, in all, it
Avill be seen that-. Moyie's ore shipments
have averaged' considerably over $1000
per day for that time. Thereisiio longer
any doubt about the building-'of tho St.
Eugene concentrator, flume and tramway,
for preliminary operations having already
Want a Wagon Itoad.
The fifty-odd settlers along the north
shol-e of the outlet, 'between _STelsoli and
Kokanee Crock, do not take kindly to the
raise in r.ites by the two companies operating .steamboats oii the lake. They
chum tluVt four coats a mile for steamboat travel is not in proportion to the
rates charged on railways. Tlie settlers
aro willing to build a good AA'agoli road
through ■tlieir own lands if tlie government Will build the road through
the crown lands. Tllcy estimate that a
good road can be built from fvokaiiee
Crook to Nelson, a. distance of twelve
miles, by the expenditure of $>'J00 a mile
on the part of the government. At Nelson a ferry would have to be put in, but
the settlers claim that would bo done
once there was traffic enough to justify it.
What Silverton Has at its Eack.
Silverton has a coming bonanza at its
back in the Noonday, now being developed by Stewart Brothers and Bonedum
under lease. It Avill prove the salvation of the Galena Farm and the
vicinity. A.s development progresses
the vein steadily improves. There is
three foot of ore, ten inches of which will
ship without sorting and it is very high
grade, it has been demonstrated that
the vein runs -more cast and west than
expected, following the course of the
creek towards the lake, and bringing into
prominence a number of other claims.
alcLgGooi)et.»andw-»rqugha]u,5 antt;"Messl'S-"-*
£Lee.: ']\_7a<. d on "al d °° iSlimv aifid: Akehi i rst,'who > V.
-■all.aeqiutted!Bth.em-ielA*es"»A\;.ell.'- -:" :i4.   '^Jyyy
; f ^Aiare.\treat3A:as„giyen ,;by j?Mrs. ^ Broug- "isv.
".ham|.ii.i«s"hei'.°. r„enaei-iHg>„'ofj,£"SiebeIts'!«-"oug. f fc
^.rom'Favistyf'Wheii,rAll;Wfa_3?XouiH?-.-into xr.-
^p ?,fi,.a^^,n- » pp i %®flt .\^„"n   u*ap^fl-n Yr   . o .*>   ,nfl.ypli p„ . ,a » fflD fl'p^'fl \ll .   oD^°^
i.which;,Vshe muxusedythe Kinpsts.thorough-3;'..
»gii.Aro niost«ieel]ngIy'.tJi&Scotcli\an;,!P'"L;och»
:pTrK;^,\y^y°y>y*p:Cfl"p*y° -   ""■ ■"" °™""	
A Wells' Managed £ Company^
'■. _-.■■>"""   "°l*"-4 ■*:^y^y"°-"»yfy"A"SLy^.yj'»:*--" vs.
-   Arrairsatthe .fSqsiin;"mn)e/a;re.i^
ticithi-iiy T)r0^p°^rpiiS'oC^nal.tib/
Pkd the aiflsfii'S' of4lie'^eojii'iftnyi:iii"wfi-„ sv>
healthy Condition.-*; The.e"4feeJ"of :"",the' ■b1|$="*j\*"
o:ro chute was, en'cbu'iittjre^'.ini.vth'e °-ST6;.V2? ^j$
tunnel on  S'LoiTdliy* '$"-<_,, ynlne'riU' -bfeirii; k/. "°".f
eieaii galeija.   jjia^Jgjnji'fe time  it jS bxt.
';.  Champion Checker Player Bead.
(iLAsumv, Aj>ril 5,—.lames Willie, the
former champion amateur checker player,
is dead.
■jiecteirto open* up to tlie^full: "avjcith of:
four feet. At the "No. & Avater is" seeping
through considerably, as tjie "Vv^rkings ■
are draining the upper drifts. Fifty-
eight feet has i).eeu driven iii No. ii in the
past fortnight. During March 160 tons
of ore Avas shiipped, mostly1 from the No.
1 tunnel. Mi*. Ross, representative of the
Manchester (ISngland) Shiolting Doin-
paity, was at Ne\V X)ehvet' making over*
tares to "purdiO'se the /.ihe ores of tho
Bosun, but the-,hitter company are aiv
ranging to" ship to Antvverj., Belgiiiin,
whore better treatment is .issuredf Diir-
iltg tlieir ineuiuboncy, the Noi'tliwost
Mining Syndicate bas expended $i.0,000.
most of it in No^v Denver. No Sunday
work is carried on, extia work being em-»
played instead d'ujiiig tho week. The
London Fiua-iTCial Times of March 18th,
received by last mail, contains the announcement that tlie syndicate has declared a dividend of four shillings per
share, payable April 1st, This is equal
to 20 ]jer cent on the capital, but 50 per
cent could easily have been l«<id as there
is a good surplus on hatul. The capital
of the syndicate is .£20,000, of which only
_£750() lias been called up. Tho shares
are in demand in, London and are at present quoted at £8 for £.1 shares, a pre-
uiinm of £2 gained since Christmas. The
syndicate's low .capital has much to do
with its excellent position,' added to
wliich is the fact that the London ofiice
has no salaried officials.
Meat and Mines.
P. Burns, Kootenay*s meat king, was
in New Denver last  Aveek  sifting  up bis
assets in that vicinity.   He stated he wn-s.
making   arrangements  to open   up the
California, in Avhieh lie is a three-eighths
OAvner, at  an  early  date.    Mr. Burns is
also  endeavoring  to  control the  Mollie
Hughes group, which he  is  confident he
can stock in Montreal in two mouths, so
excellent aro its shoAvings and record. THE TMBUtfE:  KELSON, B.C., THUBSDAY, APRIL fi,  1899.  For the Ladies...  Just received a large stock of  Ladies' Capes, Skirts, Wrappers and Blouses  New goods arriving daily  Dry Goods, Clothing, Gents' Furnishings, Etc.  ...A. Ferland & Co.  Elliott block;  Baker street,  Nelson,  B. C.  356 FISHING RODS  AND MORE COMING  English ancl Canadian make of Bamboo (whole and split)  Steel, Lancewood and Greenheart. The largest assortment  in Kootenay.    Mail orders promptly attended to.  Nelson Hardware Co.  Baker Street, Nelson.  Waterproof Coats aqd Umbrellas  No,w that the wet season is approaching, you will want  something to keep you dry. We have just received something special in Waterproof Coats with Velvet Collars to  sell at $8.    See our Umbrellas, from ,$1.25 up.  Sign of the Big1 Red Hat  P. O. Box 103; Nelson, B.  J. _F. WEIR  EAILWAY TIME - TABLES.  CANADIAN PACIFIC.  (DEPOT FOOT OK HAILWAY STKEET)  Passenger and mail (daily), for Nakusp   Leave.    Arrive.  and Revelstoke and mainline points.(i.150 a.m. 8.20 p.m.  Passenger and mail (daily), for Slocan  City, Silverton, New Denver, Three  Forks and Sandon G.30 a.m.   8.20 p.m.  Passenger and mail (daily) for Robson,  Trail and ltossland fi._0 p.m. 10.30 p.m.  NELSON AND FORT SHEPPARD.  (DEPOT EAST END WAT1.K STREET,  I-OGU8TOWN.  Passenger and mail (daily), for Spo-    Leave.    Arrive.  kane 9.40 a.m.   5.30 p.m.  Passenger and mail (daily), for Ymir,  Salmo, AVaneta and Rossiand 9.10 a.m.   5.30 p.m.  (Trains leave Mountain Siding, east end Robson street,  forty minutes later than from Nelson station.)  -   ,-������-,' KASLO AND SLOCAN.   .*  Passenger and-niail (daily except Sun-   Leave.    Arrive.1  ��� days), from Kaslo for Whitewater,  McGuigan,  Three   Forks,   Sandon  " and Cody... "..*..* 8.00 a.m. -3.55 p.m.  Passenger and mail (daily except Sunday), from Sandon for Kaslo 1.15 p.m. 10.40 a.m.  STEAMBOAT TIME-TABLES.  =-   *    , ���    CANADIAN PACIFIC.  (BOATS LEAVE HALL-STREET WIIA-tK)  Steamer Kokanee (daily except Sun-   Leave. - Arrive.  days), for Kokanee Creek, Balfour,  .Pilot-Bay. Ainsworth and Kaslo  4,00 p.m. 11.30 a.m.  Steamer   Moyie   (leaves    Mondays,  -   Wednesdays." Fridays and arrives  Tuesdays', _ Thursdays, Saturdays),  forMCootcriay Landing, where con-  . nection is made with Crow's* Nest  ,". Pass railway ... 1 ��� 8.00 a.m.   G.50 p.m.  KOOTENAY RAILWAY AND NAVIGATION CO.  '  - (UOATS LEAVE HALL-STREET WHARF)  Steamer International (daily except   Leave.    Arrive.  Sundays), for, Kokanee Creek, Bal-    -  four, - Pilot  Bay, Ainsworth   and  Kaslo ....... ...4.30p.m. 10.30a.m.  ."Daily. Edition  First Year, No. 79  .Weekly Edition Seventh Year, No. 20  news, something the people of Kootenay  wanted, but insisted on furnishing American and European iicavs reports almost  exclusiA-ely. The Tribune to be up to  date had to have Canadian news, and  gets it, although it comes a trifle high,  The .New York Engineering and Mining Journal of last Saturday prints two  illustrations: one a picture of the 10-  stamp battery at tho Athabasca mill  near Nelson, and the -other a picture of  tho 20-stamp battery, at the Alameda  mine, in California: No mining country  is better advertised "through foreign  neAvspapcrs than Kootenay.  THE DAILY TRIBUNE is published  every morning  (except Monday), and will be mailed to subscribers  -   in Canada or the United States for $.'> a year, and to  subscribers in Great Britain for $8 a year; or it will  =bc delivered  to subscribers in Nelson for 25 cents a  week, ��l"a" month, $2.50 for three months, ?5 for six  months, or ��10 for one year.   Payable, jn adyanee.  THE WEEKLY '^RIBUNE is published every Wcdifes-  -*day and Saturday, and will be mailed "to subscribers  ' anywhere for 82 a year; payablcJniadyiuYce._  REGULAR ADVERTISEMENTS printed in both tlie  daily and weekly editions for ?4 per inch,per moiith.  LOCAL OR READING MATTER NOTICES 25 cents a  line for each insertion.  JOB PRINTING at fair rates. Accoiinta for job printing and advertising are payable on the first of every  month.   Address��� ..."  THE TRIBUNE. Nelson. B. C.  At the next meeting of the city, couiir  t_.il the aldermen should make ah effort to  dispose of the. question of the scavenger  syste.ii of tlie city.   The members of the  dc.fn|eil Juisve received  the ileitort of the  ���medijgal health 'officer, in Avhieh he stated  th.it  the. lliannei*  in  Avhieh the work is  done at pi-es0.it is a menace to the health  of the city.    The desirability of having  th��_ corporation tkke Over the "work has  been discussed  both iu the council and  iu Committees of the council, but nothing  save talk has resulted therefrom.    Meanwhile the menace wliich the  health officer referred to still continues. The  council should either have   the work done  under its supervision or form some regulations for the manner in Avhieh it shall  be done by others.  The London Times notes favorably the  suggestions of a contributor to the  Toronto papers, avIio advocates a training  school for lady colonists to the Canadian  northwest. The northAvest has still to  suffer evidently.  The Tribune is the only paper in  British Columbia that has a special telegraphic service. Its manageni.cnt found  thatthe Canadian Pacific Telegraph Company, which controls the associated press  iu Canada, would uot furnish Canadian  The Canadian Pacific controls; the  Avater front at .Nelson,1 and business men  are beginning to chafe over it. They do  not like to erect expensive warehouses*  and be at the mercy of the railway-company. Somehow;, people do ��� not take  kindly to railways that want to control  everything in sight.  Notwithstanding-the efforts of the  Economist of Nelson, "Joe" IVIartin is  likely to remain a factor iu British Columbia politics for some time to come.  Eossland's" Civic Revenue.  Por the three  months  ending March  31st, the receipts and expenditures of the  corporation of Rossland Avere:  Receipts���  ���  Corporation scaL .....  Scavehgihg.foes .,..-. , ,   Street"Supplies. W. B. Drtvey;.-   Police court fines ..__---- -...'-.  ...$���  Pound fees ���  Municipal taxes -..  Liquor lic^en^es  ,.  Traders lioeiiseB    Total.   Disbvirscmohts^-  Totalfor three months...  3 00  990.75  91 75  ,=-2,t*-3=00  2 50,  56!) 39  9,200 00  404 75  .....$12,G0i 74  ... .?i0,63!) 01  "Of poking many books  there is no end/'  Neither is there any end to the variety  on sale at  -Thomson's  We have all, the newest books by well-  known authors. Our stock of fine correspondence.  Stationery  Is a leading feature of our business. We  have all the neAvest tints and shapes with  envelopes to match.    When inviting  Company,  Use our dainty invitation note. Do you  know we carry "At Home" Cards, Visiting  Cards and Dance Programs.   Our stock is not  Limited  We can meet all demands made upon it,  we supply goods to the confines of British  Columbia as well as to  Nelson  STEINWAY  The  Standard   Piano  of the World. .  NORDHEIMER  The Artistic Piano of  Canada.  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ROGERS, General Manager  Manager for Western British Columbia,  JOHN PARSONS; Vancouver4  Manager for Yukon District^  CHAS. MILNE. Dawson  Manager for Southern British Columbia,  P. J. RUSSBI/I., Nelson  W  y(j   LADIES'SAILOR  # HATS  ��   HAVE ARRIVED  B !l  All our stock of  #  Men's fa  Hats are opened   B  HAVE RECEIVED THEIR SPRING STOCK OF  CARPETS AND LINOLEUMS  Comprising Tapestry, Brussels, and ipton's in all qualities.  _ fa  I Milton Squares I  $ '"       - fa  �� They are something handsome and come iq a good quality.   For persons de- ��  jjjjj siring something nice, these are tl]e correct thing. %  ll Oilcloths 1 yard, 1.1-2 yards and 2 yards wide, in tile and carpet designs.      ��  ^ 12-foot Linoleums in mediuni and good qualities. 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Eraser, Mamiger..  NELSON���P. J. Russell, Manager.  Stocks carried at Victoria, Rossland, Crari-  brook. Greenwood and Revelstoke.  The largest handlers of Butter and Eggs In  the Canadian Northwest.  The only hotel in NclsOn that lias! remained under one  .management since 1890,  The bed-rooms are well furmslied and  lighted by  electricity,  The diningrroom is hot Second to any in Kootenay.  The bar is always Blocked by tho beat domestic and  liiiportfid liquors and cigars:  THOMAS MADDEN, Proprietor.  Two and a half miles up tho Outlet from Nelson.  H- 0. I{UME, Manager.  The finest hotel in the Interior.  Largo sample rooms.   Steam, heat and electric light.  corner ok Ward and vernon JSTk, nelson  Vienna Restaurant  Baker street, between Josephine aud  Hall streets, Nelnon.  Wilson & Harshaw  DRAYING and  EXPRESS  Bus meets all   trains and boats:,-  Special  attention   given the   trans-"  fer of bag*g*age.    Office and stables;  on   Vernon   street,   opposite   The-  Tribune office.    Telephone No. 35."  C. W. West &K  GENERAL TEAMSTERS  AGENTS FOR  Thi-rlmplrialvOirCSi-Staqdard Oil Co.  Washington Jrick arid time Co.  The H. W. iVlcNiell Co.* Lid., Canadian Anthracite Coal (Hard)  Dealers \n  STOVEWOOD  EXPRESS and DRAYING  Q'Dflfll A T rPTriQ.     sPrin�� Chickens, Frest] Creartij  OJrJ_JUiALllJ_JI-..     Pure Milk, Fresh-Laid Eggs.  All of wliich are from the ranch belonging to the hotel  ABT AND MUSIC CO., Jelson, Agents.  INSPECTION OF STOCK INVITED  Mrs.   E.   McLaughlin  JOSEPHINE STREET, NELSON  Tenders Wanted for Heal Estate  Tenders will be received by tho undersigned until 12  o'clock noon on Saturday, April loth, 181)0, for the pur-,  chase of the following described real eatate:  LOT 24 BLOCK 60  and improvements thereon, situate at Ihe northeast corner of IIfi.Il and Lake streets, Nelson. Terms cash. Tho  highest or any tender not necessarily accepted.  A. J. MARKS.  Administrator estate of Charles Van Ness, deceased,.  Nelson, April 3rd, 1899.  A pleasant place to spend afternoons, evenings and  enjoy delicacies that cannot be obtained in hotels or  restaurants at Nelson. Good stabling. Open day and  nicht.   Can be reached bv eithfr road or water.  WI1_]_IAM ROBERTS, Proprietor.  Largo arid well lighted Heated by hot air  Reasonable rates Sample rooms  Electric bells and light in every room  Renovated and refurnished throughout  HOTEL.   VICTORIA  J. V. PERKS, Proprietor  Free bus meets all trains  Hourly street car to station  MEALS AT ALL HOURS, DAY OR NIGHT  BAKERY IN CONNECTION  FAMILY AND PASTRY COOKING A SPECIALTY  ONLY WHITE HELP EMPLOYED  R. HURRY, Prop.  BON TON MSTAUMNT.  OPEN DAY AND NIGHT  Having purchased1 tho express and draying  business of J. \V. Cowan, wo are prepared  tb do all kinds Of work in this lino, and solicit the patronage of the people of Nelson.  Qrders left at D. MCArthlir & Co's storct  northwest corner Raker and Ward streets^  will receive prompt attention.   Telephone 85  GOMER DAVIS & Co.  R. REISTERER & CO.  BREWERS AND BOTTLERS OF  Fine Lager Beer,  Ale arid Porter  Revelstoke, B.C.  The IV|anhattan  IS THE ONLY HOUSE) IN TOWN  WHERE YOU CAN BUY  Blue gibbon Beer  25 CENTS PER BOTTLE  The only restaurant in the city  employing only white cooks.  JMerchants'lunch from 12 to 2  o'clock, 25 cents. Dinner from 5  to 8.    Short orders   at   all   hours.  Application for Liquor License.  Notice is hereby given that I, the undersigned, Austin  H. Clements, intend at the first sitting of the board of  licensing commissioners of the City of Nelson, to be held  thirty (;,0) days after tho publication of this notice, to apply for a retail liquor saloon license for tho premises  known as tho corner store of the Odd Fellows building,  on lot number ono (1) in block (12), being situated on the  southeast corner of Baker and Kootenay streets in the  West ward of the said City of Nelson.  AUSTIN H. CLEMENTS.  Dulicd this 15cb day of March, A.D. 18i��.  ^Slte/ffttrade.     Brewery at Nelson.  Nelson Electric Light Company, Limited  NQTICE  All persons having accounts agninst the  company will present them at once to tlie  manager, and all persons indebted to the  company are required to settle tlie same immediately.    JOHN HOUSTON, Manage!-.  Nelson, March 10th, 1899.  "  Applieation for Liquor License.  Notice is heroby given that I will, thirty days from the  date of this notice, apply to the government agent at  Nelson for a license to sell liquor at retail at .my hotel at  Five-Mile Point, to bo known as the Castle Hotel, in  West Kootenay district, British Columbia.     ��� < ��� - *  Dated March llth, 1899. Ik A. HEY WOOD. THE TRIBUNE: NELSON, B. C, THURSDAY, APRIL 0, 1899.  0  o  Capital,  Rest,  all paid  up.     -  $12,000,000  6,000,000  I.O.tl.  STRATHCONA AND   MT. ROYAL, Presidont  Hon. GKO. A. nitUMMONI) Vice-President  10   S. CLOUSTON Gonoral Manager  THE BANK OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA  NELSON  __>T-E_t--SO-_Sr   _B_Ru-__-CSrC_E-C  N. W. Cop. Baken and Stanley Streets.        ni.ANClIKS IN        LONDON  (Engrland),   NEW  YORK.   CHICAGO  and in tho principal cities in Canada.  liny and soil Sterling Exchange and Cable Transfers  M  OKANT COMMERCIAL AND TKAVKLLKHS' CKKDIT8,  available in any part of the world.  DRAFTS IS80KD    COLLECTIONS HADE; ETC.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CURRENT RATE OK INTEREST PAID  RUSSIA   THREATENING   INDIA  From Central Asia.  A most interesting trip wliich I took  some time ago with a party of 'English  people in Central Asia furnished an opportunity to observe Russian plans and  methods. It was an undertaking of  Woolrych Perowne, a young man who is  just now doing more than any other  Englishman to introduce Russia to his  countrymen, who, up to that time, was  the only person that had succeeded- in  persuading the Russians to permit him to  conduct a -party of tourists through the  Trans-Caspian provinces. These provinces are under the management of the war  department at St. Petersburg, and the  law is that no foreigner is to be allowed  in them without the special permission ofthe minister of war. The reason of this  regulation, according to the Russians, is  that the provinces are in such a transition  state that it -would not be ad visible to  allow strangers to wauder through them  at will, but the English have thought  thatthe regulation pertained mainly to  them, and .that tlie Russians do not  want them to find out what they are doing there.  Whatever the real -explanation may be,  Mr. Perowne, with tlie help of influence  at St.  Petersburg, got an Otkritki List,  _ au<J;  .au  Is t]ow prepared to issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on Skaguay, U. S., Atlin,, B. C, and  Dawson Citv, Yul^oq District.  his control, and it was an opportunity to  study Russian management of conquered  territory such as none of us will probably  ever have again. We talked politics from  the beginning of the trip to the end, and  Ave were free to put any questions to our  hosts that Ave liked. They did not always answer us as fully as we hoped they  Avould, but they let us roam about without any hindrance Avhatever, and took us  Avithin 'thirty-six hours' journey of Afghanistan anjl within forty iniles of the  Persian frontier. We .were consequently in a position to observe pretty carefully the lines on which they are likely  to expand when the right moment comes,  and Ave Avere allowed to see with considerable mineuteness their machinery for  expansion.  Their entertainment of us Avas a matter of wonder to every member of the  party. From the moment we arm*ed at  lirasnovodok until we sailed away from  it back to the Caucasus Ave were treated  practically as a political embassy from  England, and I hear that more could not  be done if the queen herself visited the  country. We were wined, dined, entertained with sham battles, talked to,  preached about in the churches, and  toasted as if Ave 'were Russia's fondest  admirers, and at. the last big function  toasts to an alliance of England with  Russia formed a climax. Of course, the  Russians, as Avell as Ave,-realized that Ave  were all simply having a splendid holiday, but there Avas such a display about  the treatment'we .received, aud it was so  impressive to be saluted as .'powerful  potentates by mighty .generals when we  rode past them after the, sham battles,  and the toasts were so pregnant Avith  political suggestions, that for the moment  some of us actually thought, as my companion in the sleeping car said, that "Ave  were really making history," t ;  fpublic;'*tb��stim6n  ._._'.'.!-(!_i.-.,.,-_i-iV'*i,:i  p���;ppei>v._}ie*\n-(.Bihe!e��us,����� -.iuid> lety/hed ��.inTst  ^slbQ^frn^^Mh^fe-tl^yvftidin., pegtiid to;  "MAU/at'the JRvi^ssiitns stre" dojjiig ;is Ceiitrj-jr  ��; "Asia.**Jfiid'VvvKa^'tlie^'do*A,p: the" ]  '" ipR_l��d(T-.9& kpt fts fninigtei*:,  "of Wars "fte v-a's^Skob'eleiFs ���-jnglltr-haiicf''  pilin in the bitttle and Slaughter at Geok  ���". Teke .tudr'a wa_rMi�� M"<_iid* of 'tlie f anions '  AiyiericJiii AvaivcorrespOntfentj Ma^Giihaii.  "Knpwhig: "that %S\au'tTi'.'Mac|-|tiiha.n lntd'  been quite intimate, 1 asked him due dky  ior" an anecdote about. njjr jcouutrynutu,  but he merely Icipkt'd"h, little mOre serious  than .usualand said: "When MacGalntu  and I- were together the times were not  conducive to remembering anecdotes, biit  " I am* glad to hear yon spestk liis name."  The  general is today about fifty-two  __yg3*j'jj__c)jidj:^*ad^it^_^he_soldiet' all over  SfiAV liihT^Baiid absolutely still for one  solid hour during a religioiis service in  the open air on St. George'-* day, and he  remained at --"attehtion" iu front of the  orthjiating priest during the entire proceeding. It Avas a feat which impressed  us Anglo'-Saxoiis as milch its. anything  else we saw, and it was qiU- conviction,  tliat a man who could go through such an  ordeal was not likely to flinch much in  battle. Ivourapptkiu has not the inspiring influence over soldiers that Skobeloff  had, but he has a coolness and ability to  calculate closely which SkobelelT lacked,  alid lie svlppleuiented SkobelefFs dash 'admirably. Today lie is pretty generally  accepted as the leading general in the  Bussian army, alid he knows Asia and  the I'oads to India better, perhaps, than  any other soldier.  He is also a superb entertainer, and he  made our stay in his "provinces most delightful, besides giving it a cute political  significance which immensely amused me  and considerably flattered the English.  We were seventeen days travelling from  Krasnovodsk to Samarkand and back,  and lived the entire time in a special  train which Kourapotkin put at oui* disposal. We had three baggage cars, a  hospital car, a dining car, three sleepers,  three salon carriages and an observation  c.ir. As guides Ave had a gentleman from  the foreign office at St. Petersburg and a  colonel of tlie railway regiment which  looks after the interests of the Traus-Cas-  piau railroad. We saw the usual things  of interest along the route, and coidd not  possibly have seen Merv, Bokhara and  Samarkand under .more auspicious circumstances, but.entertaining as all this  sightseeing was, what interested me  most was the significance Avhicli the Rus-.  sians gave to our visit. Kourapotkin  really wanted us. to see, and, if avo were  Avilling, to appreciate, what he had done  toward regenerating the provinces under  ;liiin��elf. ^tff^lie": fteipton ("dMlyfldt  pm;p'oi**.es to"t;u.[seJiifc^^  ^lii'c-'li-  fGljt1  ;hiiu''dl_j���thei���igelfMoi},^olls,  ;A'/G"'old���eticlaic*,j " "^yasjnngtQn; "farmer^  seveiiiy%v^: years 0ld, does" aU^ie work  ;qn nXt eiglityi-_lci:e3-aiaii. besides qaring"��f or  I'ps stock and d,oijigiiis,QAArh:"cooking* and,  hoiisqfceQping^      y���y ���",��",��.,y:'" __"__."��'"" '  ��  A ;lia.._d��*na**iV'beal'iug ilafe' pf��.($.6JZQ\ was  dug tijy -tfeeently at -North East,. Pehnsyh  yania.. .    ,    ' ��� ,_,  An Indi.uiawoh.au intirried .her four  teenth husband the other day. She* was  fifteen years old when she married first  and has averaged about one marriage  every two years since. Nine of her husbands haA-e been lost' by divorce. She  has had six children.  Two rival sweethearts of a Washington (state) young lady had a row and  one cut the other's tongue out. He will  not be able to talk unless the calf's  tongue, AA'hich has been grafted on to the  stub, takes hold and groAVS.  Five hundred Boston society people  lurve petitioned the mayor, also a society  person, to exterminate the "odious,, dirty,  quarrelsome English sparrows" Avhieh  add to the discomfort of livingin Boston.  An Indiana youth of nineteen has lost  his third Avife by divorce. At fourteen  he married a girl of twelve by parental  consent and treated her so badly that the  marriage Avas annulled. His treatment  of the next tAA'o Avas no better,'1 and for  the third time he is a grass AvidoAver.  A NeAA-foimdland dog was killed by  lightning in Passaic, Ncav Jersey, last  AA-eek. The bolt came dcrwn the chimney,  set the house on fire, passed on to the  back yard, AAdiere it melted the steel  chain by whieh the. dog Avas fastened and  killed him.  A Missouri paper announces that a  woman- caunot get into society in Kansas  City unless the decollete of her goAvn extends down'to the third knob oh her  backbone, Avhile she is not admitted in  NeAV York society unless it extends to  the sixth knob. This is important if true.  The three daughters of a Pittsburg  undertaker receiA^ed a package of poAvder  by mail AArith instructions to lise for; their  complexions. Examination proved j it to  be Paris green.  A Lebanon, Pennsylvania,-woman .died  last AA*eek . after suffering for tAArenty-fiA'e  years from a pin Avhieh she had |SAAral-  lOAA^ed. . . "  A Kentucky woman has secured a  judgment of $700 from a man AArho kissed  her A\iien she didn't Avant him to.  Eggs sold as high as sixty cents a  dozen in Indianapolis during the last cold  snap, which''froze the hen fruit in the bud.  A Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, man  gave a boy a cent for returning to him a  lost pocketbook containing $300.  TAvehty thousand people AA'ere vaccinated ih LouisAdlle, Kentucky, during the  A\eek of the smallpox scare.  The Los  Angeles, 'California, chamber  of commerce is trying to raise  $8000 to  payaan artificial rainmaker  to   coax a  *spiaukle frpniithe'sky-* #*..'��   ���>  !r MQ^^^P-jh^P^^^dk^jOSiipieinber ot the  ]lWst ^_-efilib1cViit-.��_<aim^ ' E\*anston,  ijilmpi^ hearing  ^pe&uliaKjnm^&as^elr^ac-iecl the door, he  ^eekec^fin^the'.livi^ the pas  tor's hopeful son Avith a number of his  student comjmnions playing poker for  money.    The ]_ast(jr was not at home.  A SaA'annah, Georgia, egg dealer has  shipped 1000 dozen eggs to Havana at  $1.(50. a dozen.  An hiA'cntory of stock in Boston sIioavs  thatthe city owns 102.'. horses and 07(5  A*ehicles.  Electric Avires got mixed up in the  fashionable residence portion of New Orleans recently and thirty-five houses  were set on fire.    Two were destroyed.  A Greenville, Mississippi, billiard saloon  thus advertises itself: "Mr. Ira Scott  has attached to his beautiful billiard hall  a lunch counter, a telephone, etc. When  a man is not there he is not in toAvn.  WILL DO WBI.LTQ  BUY fUEIR LUMBER  .     A_3  PIAND-  ^$M��"'-".  (rfriTAR  MANDOLIN  BANJO  AMOMMON  ^JOiilN BOW  SIBIN^S  _QrvMHSIC  A largo stock of first-class dry lnatorial oh hand, also  a fall Hue of sash, doors, mouldings, turned, work, etc.  FACTORY WORK A SPECIALTY  Yard':   Foot of Hcndryx street, Nel .on  TelepHone 01 Jphp    R&6,   AgBIlt  H. D. Ashcroft  BLACKSMITHING  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  AVa(?ou repairing promptly atterded to by a first-class  Avheehvright.  Special attention given to all kinds of repairing and  custom work from outside points.  SHOP:   ({all Street, between, Baker and Varnon, Nelson  EWER AND WATER  oojNrisrEOTionsrs  AM) ALL OTHER PLUMBING  DONE 1_Y  Strachan Bros.  Opera House Block, Nelson.  Nelson Iron Works  jAIANUKACTUHEItS OK  ENGINES, BOILERS, SHAFTING, IRON AND  BRASS CASTINGS OFBA7ERY DESCRIPTION  Repairs promptly attended to.       p. O. llox 173. *  Call at our Store and we "will do the rest."  Camilla Drug aM look Co.,  Iji:iveit_-___d.  Corner Baker and Stanley Streets, Nelson.  BRITISH COLUMBIA POTTEBY CO., Ltd  VlOTO-RXA.,   33- O.  . . , ...  MANUttACTUKEKS' OK  PRESSED BRlCycS     FrRE BRICKS      FIRE CLAY  VITRIFIED SALT GLAZED SEAVEIl PIPES  All kinds of sanitary fittings, agricultural drai|i tile,  flower pots, terra cotta, cliimnoy pipe and Hue linings  cliiinney tpi)s. Are brick, (Ire clay, all kinds of fire clay  goods, assayers' furnaces etc., niade to order;  Ornamental   Carden  Border Tiles,  Vases,   Etc.  Cement, plaster of pads, lime, and all kinds of  ornamental plaster work.  Fruit and Ornamental Trees  Bulbs, Roses, Hollies, Rhododendrons,  Fancy Evergreens, etc. Thousands are  growing on my own grounds. Most  complete stock in the province. Bees  and bee supplies, agricultural implements, spray pumps, and cut flowers.  7>7ew catalogue noAv ready.  Dye. j\ ttiJEiisrttir  604 AVesUnitistor Road, Vancouver, B.C.  Kootenay Lake General Hospital  TENDERS "WANTED.  Tenders will be received by tlio undersigned up till  April 10th, for. supplying tbe Kootenay Lake (.eiieral  Hospital for a period of six montbs with tbe following  goods: .*' .. - '���'-'-:     ���- '���-...���������     '���       ��� -   ,,  Meat, milk, bread, drugs', firewood; ahd.grocerics'  Tenders for the grocery supply must be accompanied  by price li.s .   ��� .,'        ���   ���,"  .. The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted. -  ��� ������:��. \V.SAVANNELL,..Seicretary.���  All  kinds  in  stock  SASH  You caq save money  by purchasing your  lumber froiT] me  J. A. Sayward  HALL AND LAKE STREETS, NELSON  ALEX STEWART  MINING BROKER  AND  REAL ESTATE AGENT  Turner & Boeckh block, Nelson, B. C.  Money to loan for building purposes.  . Mining shai'es for sale.   , ^ -  Dundee, Monarch, Utica, Fairmont; also Republic and Camp McKinney.stocks. '  Investment of a few hundred dollars may  make you thousands.  ������ : '       -    '  J-iots for sale in all parts of the city.  Houses to rent:  o  z  a.  CANADA   LIFE ASSURANCE  CO.  FOR SALE.  7-Room house ou Carbonate street S2500  o-Itoom house on Mill si root   1'ICX)  2 lots on Carbonate (street     500  2 lots on Hall street     500  FOR RUNT.  7-Room house and a ..-room house on Carbonate street.'  C. J. D. CHRISTIE  GENERAL BROKER  Oflicc in Aberdeen block. Baker St., Nelson  fTre insurancITreal estate  CO  3D  o  o  A Business Chance  The undersigned will sell Ihe following real estate  and personal property at a bargain:  Nine-room hou&e and ten lots set out in orchard  Four-rooni cottage and five lots.  Two lots and improvements^  _B"ifty-two heattj of cows.  =Plf��y-.-_iilk-cans.-^= '^^^^  Two horses.  Wagons, sleig-bs,  harness, and everythlnjsr in  connection with Htirry's milk ranchi  SW.J&JE12D BEOS.  REAL ESTATE AGENTS, West Baker St., Nclsoh,  Two lots and house with jfouiiCen rooms on Silica  street, between JOScphinc and Hall streets. Terms  $15fl0 cash, balance to be arranged................ .$,'',500  LOt rtnd: house oil Latimer street, near Josephine  .Street.   Terms ?500 cash, balance o;ii mortgage...  1,000  LOt and store on Bakdr street.   Good location ,. 8.000  Lot oil Baker street, near corner of Cedar street...    {>00  The British Columbia Loaii and Savings Company,  who'give tho most reasonable terms to borrowers, allowing principal to be paid oil*nt liny Lime without charging  any bonus.  GAMBLE  &   O'REILLY, Agents.  Charles A. Waterman & Co.  CUSTOMS BROKERS  AUCTIONEERS  REAL ESTATE and GENEBAL AGENTS  Baker Street, Nelson  FIRST DOOR WEST BANK B. C. BUILDING.  <J��_s;e-;r\f\ Will buy 24 horses. 12 waKons, 2  <p*J<-��**'*>s wagonettes, 1 buggy, 10 sets of  sleighs, and a complete outfit of harness, saddles, blankets, etc., and a going business of  $30,000 a year.   Terms.  ^tl'^E-if.fl wiH buy two lots and improve-  <po<-*ys\s ments on north side of Vernon  street, between Ward and Josephine streets.  Terms.  <Ji__L C?r_r_ W*11 buy 30 by 120 feet on the  <p*_P<_��V>"*-/ south side of Baker street, between Stanley and-Kootenay. streets.,...Cash.  $io  OOO   WI!1- buy.SOVby 120_ feet on the  northeast corner of Baker and  Josephine streets.   Cash,   jqjjji HOUSTON  ���  P. O...BOX 67- -.      - -Vernon street, Nelsou  New Dress Goods, New Swiss IV|uslins,  New Organdi Muslins  New Ginghams in Checks and Plaids  <���>���  New Prints from 8c to 15c per yard.  New Linen Crash from 15c up.  New Lawns from 15c to 30c per yard.  New Checked Muslins at 8c, 10c, 12 l-2c, 15c and 20c per-yard.  New Gloves, Hosiery, Silk and Valenciennes Lace.  New Ribbons, Dress Trimmings, Embroideries, etc.  Inspection Invited.    TERMS STBICTLY CASH.    No Trouble to Show Goods.  Martin O'Reilly & io  Bank of B. C. building*, West Baker street, Nelson, B. C.  WHOLESALE  AND   RE'lAIJ-  Meat Mepe_han.ts  Wholesale Markets at kelson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.  RETAIL STORES AT  Nelson,   Trail,  Ymir, Kaslo,  New Denver, Sandon," Silverton, Cascade  City, Grand Forks,   Midway, Greenwood and Sirdar.  ORDERS BY MAIL  PROMPTLY FORWARDED  Head Office, Nelson, B.C.  West Kootenay Butcher Co  ALL KINDS OF FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLESALE AND" RETAIL   - �� i j  _ ���*  l  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  BaKer street, jneison E. C. TRAVES, Manager  OltDKRS BY _vl__l]_ HI-.CKIVK CAHEKUL AND PHOMPT ATTENTION.  PRACTICAL  ELECTRICIAN  Will contract to supply and install any l^ind of electrical :macl|inery  JWnL\vJro_jI^iJtH]]gK_,fOr^elec'.ri(__lJKliii*i_ri-u^^  electric burglar .tlaring,, eluctric atitninoiiitorK. |       cities.   Full slock ot wire afiU��lbdiiresh on Kami.  WfJITE F0f) PRICES.    Office and Storeroom:   ,JosephjiievStreet,^j|!son.  LONDON AND BRITISH COLUMBIA GOLDFIELDS, Lid.  HEAD  OFFICE,   LONDON,  EINIGLANE?.  All communications relating to British Columbia business tb Be aiddressed \ to, p. 0.',Prnwf r  605, Nelson, British dolumbia  J. RODERICK ROBERTSON, General Manager V" .. ���,   n**..    ���    ~.  S. S FOWL__R, E.M., Mining Engineer f   IN tLbUN-,   D. O.  iver  CEESTOJST,   -B. O.  Situate on the Crow's Nest Railway is prepared to deliver lumber of any description in any quantity at any place within the  district of Kootenay.      Tenders Solicited  GOAT RIVER  LUMBER  COMPANY,  G.  A.  BIGELOW,  Manager  Nelson  Planing  Mills  FLOORING, LINING, MOULDINGS, DOORS,  AND SASHES IN STOCK.  EVERY DESCRIPTION OF JOINERY, DOORS AND WINDOWS  MADE TO ORDER.  Office and Mills Corner Hall and Front Streets, Nelson THE TMB1JNE: NELSON, B. (1, THUii&DAY, APRIL (>, 1899.  Druggists' Sundries  See that your  prescriptions ape  "TX7"E carry the most complete line  of drug* sundries in Kootenay  ancl the quality of our g*oods is the  best that money can buy. Our prices  are no higher than our competitors  charge for inferior snoods.  We use iKMic lint tlie best quality of drugs mid .chemicals  Special attention given to their compounding  filled by us.  W. F. Teetzel & Co.  GORNJ-H UAKKR AND JOSEPHINE STREETS, NKLSON  esse  In addition to a new spring* suit you need a new hat and tie.  See our window for samples of our stock of ties in all the latest  shapes and colors.  We have just received and opened up a larg*e stock of hard and  soft hats, including* Stetson's, Fedora's, Christie's, Roelof's ancl Carter's for spring and summer wear.  James A. Gilker  P.O. Store, Baker Street, Nelson.   Branch Store at Ymir.  First' consignmeht"���"|usF"redfeivedv l IPhay "are Re'autiesj fa'n*d if yoii;:  )ing* "to 'buy a mttfiti^B^p^i^$Wm}," "��� ''���*'-.: h. },��� r.  - I have a1 few tfSjip| ^f ft^  ThoseJ iust feceived ai'ijef -Ladies!/���(_zLeiitleiifieh^s; a?ncl _ JB(3y 's ;iSod ��� models. *  -. Remember our preat -caslj "s,al;e::ah;dl���t'he!.bi^* .discount of <2< pet:cejift-  .gfofj.'fV -"fl0 yg ��"nB[  LOCAL   NEWS   AND _G0SSIP.  II. 11. l.ellaniy left this morning for  Kumloops to examine a number of mining  properties in the vicinity of Kaniloops  for a California syndicate.  VV. II. (Jrant is at Ainsworth on a business trip.  There was no quorum at the South  Kootenay Board of Trade rooms last  evening, and consequently there "was no  meeting of the council ofthe hoard.  .Jnines H.yan, proprietor of the Cranbrook hotel, at Cranbrook. is in Nelson  purehasing supplies.  The West Kootenay Brick ��fc- Lime  Company has completed its organization  by electing ollicers. AV. AV. Beer has  been made -president and chairman of the  board of directors, and T. G. Proctor  managing director, and secretary and  treasurer. In addition to the above the  directors.to is made up of AV. II. Dowsing,  11. G. Neelands and AV. A. lAIacdonald.  The company will commence the manufacture of brick within the next week,  operating two yards in Nelson and one  in Balfour.  David J. Hamilton Avas before magistrate Crease yesterday morning on a  charge of having stolen $10 from "Mike"  Egan. The evidence taken did not support the charge and the case was dismissed. Hamilton, and Egan liAre in the  same shack. There was aVten dollar bill  on the table in the shack, and Hamilton  asked Egan for it, at the same time putting it in his "pocket. There was some  joking about tlie matter, and Hamilton  reminded .Egan that he owed him ton  dollars for services rendered iu ejecting a  non-desirable inmate from Eagan's shack.  Later on, while still joking, Egan said  that Hamilton could have the money if  he would sign the payroll for it. Hamilton then went off with the money and  Egan afterwards laid an information  against him for stealing it.  Nelson has now the most energetic  poundkeeper it has had since the city Avas  incorporated. Complaint. Avas laid at  noon yesterday that a bunch of cows  Avere running at large at the east end of  Silica street. Au hour later the pound-  keeper had four coavs on the way to the  pound.  EclAvard Fulton /was arrested yesterday  afternoon for carrying concealed weapons.  He will come before'the police magistrate  this morning.     ,  The collections of the inland revenue  department at Nelson for the month of  JVIarQ]*-*,, amounted >to $37104.9pnV Of ..this ���  S^��$^5*tp^  MINING   BECOBDS.  NKLSON MINING   DIVISION���KliCOIlD OKPIUE  AT  NKLSON.  Tuesday,April ..���Transfers ��� An undivided one-quarter  interest' in the Free Silver. Royal, Galena, Fair View,  1-iil.y. silualo on lteil mountain, between Houlder and  Quui'tx creeks ; Albert Wells to IT. VV. Billings; consideration, $1.  Wednesday, April 5.���Trail, fere.���An undivided one-  quarter interest, in the Sunset, situate one-quarter mile  south of Quartz creek, two miles west of the Nelson &  Fort Sheppard railway; consideration, $10. An undivided  one-half interest in the Sunset; IC. I_. Hopkins to W. F.  Hopkins; conside iilion, ��1.  Locutions ��� Orinico, si tunic on Queen Victoria hill,  above Canadinn I'aeillc railway track: Jtl. Egan, locator. Xinas, .situate one and one-half miles northwest from  Jnclc Wilson's cabin on Salmon river: C. M. Wilson,  locator. Great ICaslern, situate ou Morning mountain,  about two milussoulhof Nelson ; Arthur Fowler, locator.  NELSON, B. C.  KASLO, B. C.  SANDON, B. C.  W  WANTED.  ANTI-.D���A good  waitress.    Apply at once Silver   King hotel, linker street. Kelson.   FOE "SALE.  FOll SA I_l_���On easy terins a sinallsawmill, planer and  shiiiKle mill.    Address "Sawmill,"' Tribune olllce,  Nelson, If. C.  A DRAYING business, well established, .*!  ���"��� horses, stable and complete outfit. Apply  Costcllo, Nelson. ].. C.  A.  F  OH SAI.K-J.ots 1 to 12 b'ock 100, Nelson.  No agents.   Hex nVi, Nelson.  Price $3000.  POU SA I.F���J.ots :>, 0 and 7 block 18, Nelson, wii h dwelling  house.     Price  $1000.   No agents.     Box  a?!.  Nelson.        ,   TENANTS   WANTED  *I*pO_l four stores, lliree basements, and ono seeond-  ���*��� story wareroom. The stores and basements will be  'ii by 100 feet, the second-story wareroom 100 by 100 feet,  all in a brick building, with stone ba'-cnient, having a  southern frontage on Uakor street. Occupation given  July 1st, inquire of John Houston, Vernon street, Nelson.  PROFESSIONAL   CARDS.  AH. HOLDICH���Analytical Chemist and A-oayer.  ���     Victoria street, Nelson.   T C. UW ll.J_J.iH, It.A.Sc. & VV. S. JOHNSON, B.A.Sc.  u' ���Mining Knginecrs and Analytical Chemists,  Slocan City. H. C.   WART & CA1M.. E���Architects.   Kooms 7 and S Aberdeen block, linker street, Nelson.  B  H.  CANK���Architect Mid  artist,  next door to Nelson lib.ary.  Hrok.nliill  Jilock,  LODGE   MEETINGS.  KNIGHTS OF I'YTIIIAS���Nolson Lodge, No, 2n,  Knights of Pylliias, meets in I. O. 0. F.Ilall,corner  linker and Kootenay streets, every Tuesday ovening al  8 o'clock.   Visiting Knights cordially invited to attend.  C. FRENCH, C. C.  G. UOSS. K. of H. &S.  NKLSON LODGE, NO. 23, A. F. & A. M. Meets  second Wednesday in each month. Sojourning  brethren invited.  are go  ��� 111 I .!_   '���  ���mlfatn  V*.T6$���^M&h��G S^  :i:^ie^'6]V��tfif^te>iiXe^sji% J$P.ojb���erf-C^n:  llikP A\r��Vii)l"'iii|6' ^l|eC.%jand->4the��� ���fluff 'hP '  DEALERS IN  Shelf and Heavy Hardware  SOLE AGENTS FOR  Giant Powder  TRUAX  ORB  CARS  Canton Brill Steel  CARRY IN STOCK  Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal  Pipes, and Fittings  Giant, Caps and Fuse  Tools, Cutlery, Tin  ,_y       ������ \ �� ��� 4/   7 ~   ||||  and Woodenware  B?     Stoves, Ranges,  Iron, Steel,  Sheet  Iron, T-Rails  Paints, Oils, Glass  "<%m~  Go p tractors  ers  alL  Canvas  ^ and Fancy  Verandahs and Windows  ALL SIZES OF  TENTS IN STOCK  PROI?ltIETDU       Baker St. opposito pbsitoflico, kelson  *A7ir__3:o-EJE.S-A:_r__-E3 ^.i^rx? -R_E-a?-A.-ir_  3S_A-"S?;-   GrJEt^.X^T,   JP^SE1X>3' mT<3.  WHlc for quotfttioris on qSvr lots.  3Sr-_-_LJ-30-N*,   B. Q.  gars  Jdj6ligli(?d:" Ttlijs "HLxeS .i"ke .efui'i'g^s. for  "passenger  ^varvel Oh, Koo*Ceii;ay lake- a_t���.  "f^n^fifitS'^ei^milliV ���]"*'���.. ���������     "��� \[ ".'.    ���'"���  ; " r^K^"ei.tjr^$qiMG<i_ii��^i!V�� ".eoiillHeneed" the-  :^��oia'k ofV_i\alcin|:\-a"l]'o��d "biLi Silica ,stt,'e,^t.'  "frotii .Jl.seybineVl'O' I^tk  strfcefc    '-���IJilA-e"  .McB.etitli lias eliau'gerof *lie^woi'k, aiid lie :  lias iVte-ial. adozefi men' uu;dei? Mm.,   He  -\\_fil;-fclii*OAV ".the xypgon xpixd as neair tlie  "Seilteni*-:of"tl*!(3^|i'eei. rt4 po$ai'ote, aiM while ���  "hb'a'iieihpt \rnll be Wade kb gnxdlpg tll&  Btreet,,ilte i'ojid- will bdinade .comparatively "easy to; tea)**. 0\^er.  A*"go6<I progvamnie lias been a.jTauged  for the fii-oJinen-s 'S_nokei' iii the opei*a  'house tliis evening. Tliei-e \vill he half a  dozen seleetions by an orehestniy led by  I.'faiik Hiii'Ij_ei_*_jijiulnher_gif ehoriises_Jby  'i:'^JVJXq^jSise picks, shovels,... etc.,  |li"6&"lj-li>npt fail to look at "our line  fSf^fg^q9Sv which for qualities and  matei-ial;:cannot be beat.  ,0'  NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:  Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.  the lawrencThardware m  Will   be  found  in  their  new  premises  on   Baker Street  with  a  complete  stock  of  Shelf and  Heavy  Heavy  and Shelf  ALL KINDS OF MINING SUPPLIES  You  will find it lo youi' advantage to- consult us  -   \    before placing your, eixlc.rs.-   -   .  Tiiismithing* aqd Pluttibitjg a Specialty  Estimates Cheerfully Furnisljed  gains in  w  ��� Iniportei's .oft Shells an'a -_3cavj^Hiirdwatjo;"    :  MAita* s_ MXJi:S^linn3^.��.s_iA'icIii' s_t��� 'Nici-aoN  IT PO^t 'PAS  to'sbni) "eaSx*'C��Kj���cnQ;niK*s  the iiiusicaJ nieuihei-s of tlie briga.de,  songs,, cornet Solos, recitations, club  swinging''exhibitions, boxing bouts aud1  Jaj)_(nese Avrestlingi Among those AVho  Avill take part iii the evening's entertain-  nient Avill be.). Hodge, T. J. Scanlan, .J.  Jones,, G. Davis, A. G. Siiiipsoii, .J. Cald-  Ave'Il, Rcl. Irviiig, A, Perrier, M. AVorthing-  ton. T. i^orix'stei:', J. Ness, C. Frossei', J.  OJiaiiibei*.1., G. Partridge iind J. Mcjvay.  W'e wifelvfoyuforiW thegentferabiiof Ndls-bn flintAv6jiav'o  ppejiQcl tip a strictly Jli'St/cla.s, tailoniiig lestablisliiileiit  in tlie store fonnorly occupiea by Ijriiorjk & AVallgy.  Orir stock cdirtpriseg, all tlie latest patterns in imported  twCeds. and' wdrs.;e&s, and fpr tho nibntli of April we  will sell at grpatly reduced pocfis iii order to introduce  our superior.stj'lp and workmunsiii].. 'No fit no pay, and  satisfaction guaranteed.  NELSON'S Ul'-TO-DA'I'!. TAH,6l-S.  Crow's lest Pass Coal Co.  PAVlVlENT MUST ACCOMPANY  ALL ORDERS  Charles   St.   Barbe,   Agent,  Having" gone over our immense stock and finding'  thafc.wg can .do -business where: Q^he^jS^gLre .tjr^ing^  n -Batr" ��� ,^nnr,,.LJ ,c~n "n.rP^1!,11 u       L   ��   ���   ��     ��    ��   "^    " a   y��     d1* -"Pa ���   n"       ^   ^ du    -n^rrt^ o "VPn-rfxi" a uLnD  in Groceries" and ^ro'dH��i^r.^&:b--#o0fe--'.t)f- wMck|s  ^-wafy'S '^li,63..*-,,witJB- ^^^^^^-ffc���?_i0:|p:^^fei��BV     " "y '-'������    .-..  We have Shiliiiig's celebrated ^ava and Mocha  Ooff00s and Teas. Mining orders promptly filled  and carefully packed.   Prices right.  ARE NOT EASTERN IMITATIONS  BUT ARE MADK BY  THE KOOTENAY CffiAH MAMFACTUMG COMPANY  OIB*   nSTE-LSO-N*,   B.C.  Youp House Needs Refurnishing'  D. McArthur & Co.  Can supply you with all kinds of  Fine Furniture, Carpets ai)d Linoleum  :s.;��'ATVreASONABLE .PRICES'     r  UNDERTAKING IN CONNECTION  Telephone 1G.   P. O. Box K 6c W.      Baker street West, Nelson  Another Shipment of Fancy Groceries Has Just Arrived  I.-SJ-OLXTXJi-N-G}-  OUR MAMMOTH STOCK OF  BOOTS AND SHOES  EVERYTHING IN THE S1{0E LINE  Neelands' Shoe Emporium  20 AND 28 WEST UAKKR STREET, NELSON  Van Camps' Macaroni and Cheese,  Pork and Beans and Sweet Potatoes  Just added another brand of tea to our already large assortment. It is impossible to buy tea from us and be dissatisfied.  We carry the choicest brands only.  3-Star Flour is Selling* Fast  ABERDEEN BLOOK  NELSON, B. C.  JVL DesBrisay & Go,  If you want a JMobby Suit  WE CAN SUPPLY YOU  A LINE OF  FRENCH SUITINGS  JUST ARRIVED  Cormr ot Baker and Ward streets  NELSON, li. C  H. M. VINCENT  BAKER STREET WEST, NELSON ���;  Young Men  If, you want a nobby suit or a stylish pair  of panta for spring wear call at rooms 5 and  fl -.laments block. I will show yon somo  nice cloth and. samples, and will send saino  to your oilico or room where your measure  can bo taken. Will fit you as you were  never fitted before.  LADIES' TAILOR MADE SUITS  A SPECIALTY  The Best on the Market  Just received a carload of  the  Lake of  tlie Woods  Milling  Company's  celebrated Hungarian brands of  Flour, which will   be sold at the same   .  price as the dnferior  grades on the market.    Try it and   be  convinced.  Family orders a specialty ancl free daily delivery  Mail and telephone order., promptly attended to  Baker Street West, opposite Oddfellows' Block  JOHN A. IBVIM & CO.  SPECIAL ATTMTJOI  Have just received a consignment of Harris home  made tweeds from Talbot Harris,.Scotland.  FEED J. SQUIBE, Baker St. Nelson  The supply is limited, so call early aud examine this stock.


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