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The Tribune Mar 27, 1899

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 ���to  >*4  THE FILIPINO CAPITAL CAPTURED  "t&t  BY   THE   AMERICANS.  Aguinaldo "Was in Command   of the  Insurgents, Who Appear to Have Been  Defeated at Every Stand.  Manila, March 27���7:10 a.in.���The Americans have advanced along the line of  the Dagpan railroad, driving the Filipinos  from Malinta and Cycayan,  where there  were  3000   inhabitants.     Last night the  brigades of Otis and Hale encamped in  the  enemy's   trenches   at    Mas'cauyau.  Wheaton's   brigade   formed   a   junction  with the remaiuder of McArthur's division at Maliuta, and the latter, leaving  Wheaton there, marched along the railroad to Maycauyau.   This place was fortified,  and   for  300   yards   from   it   were  trenches on each side of the track.   These  were taken possession of by the American  troops.   The day's   work of the United  States troops consistedcin   storming the  successive treuehes.   The Filipinos occupying them were completely hidden.  The euemy-poured a strong fire from  every trench until tliey were disturbed  ' by flanking volleys, when they would disappear into the woods and jungle, only to  make a stand at the next line. The American-loss was remarkably small, seven  being reported killed and tweuty-five  wounded. It is known that the Filipinos  were so protected that they sufferedlittle.  No dead insurgeuts were found in the  trenches. Forty prisoners were taken by  the Americans and the estimated rebel  casualties numbered twenty. The insurgents broke their guns when compelled to  ��� abandon them. Cruiser Helena aud a  . gunboat shelled Malaban aud the country  beyond, While the Monadnock used all its  batteries on Parana que for two hours for  the purpose of destroying the military  stores there. A. great smoke was caused,  but as the insurgents are iu possession ot*  the town the results of the shelling are  not obtainable.  The  evacuation  of  Malabon  was picturesque;  thousands of men, women and  children,   loaded  down   with  household  goods���some with their dearest treasures,  fighting cocks, under their arms���poured  across the swamp in the early morning.  The    exploded   caisson at  the   railroad  bridge proved a bar to the Americans.  Ten   soldiers   of   the  Oregon   regiment,  while searching for two of those killed  early in the fighting, sueaked into thecity  in the morning and found the place in a  V   condition of. chaos.   The inhabitants see--  H ing  them,   fled" in   panic,   thinking the  ^Americanforces were in possession.   The!  :f Oregbnians shot several armed -natives,  V*wthe" Returnedstq^amp.^The^ Amei.ican;  "iBhrforcl3sydid,ndt: occu^  p&"concentratmg.itheiri"Strength���toDB���istrike%  ;n"����"JMalolo_i. ��*  = ���*��� pfi" n�� "j-���_���;��" "���?   �����  sSM�� *�� '"'��'4�� j" .��.".= .  ���;:%*rtrauUa\<March^  ya^Arthur's divisionspeift last night and;this,.  y-(vih isaVmbrm__'_^*?k#iM  _? .^station. beyoud";l- olojK'.ffAt t���eioreco���nuoiter-���  n ng'h isVf r oti t,��b"e���; pit she'd5.!IbngVthe railroads.  4V.'"Vrf_      "   ^ __  ."-_.,. nu.       ya-      nil,'     "m    -_o   ���flm"��Q   J_JIJ"i��L,_^'N'_i?nI:;   tl'n n0 J.   o. #w ..   (UP.,,* nrfnn n  MONDAY AFTERNOON, MARCH 27,  1899.  PUBLISHED AT NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DAILY (BY MAIL) $5 A YEAR; WEEKLY, $2.  also brought down that Canadian officials  are again seizing liquor being convoyed  by American customs officials beyond  White Pass.    Japan Taking the Lead.  Seattle, March 27.���Advices by the last  Jtipane.se steamer state that the government of Japan is seriously contemplating  the   nationalization   of railways, and  a  commission recently appointed to investigate   the   subject met at Yokohama ori  March 6th.   A bill has been introduced in  the  Japanese  house   of  representatives  granting special navigatiou subsidies for  a period of ten years  to steamship lines  plying between Japau and Europe, and  Japan and Seattle  and   San   Francisco.  The European line is to recieve annually  2,073,833 yens, the Seattle line 034,300 yens,  and the San Francisco line 1,013,880 yens.  The  conditions of  subsidies  are twelve  steamers of more than (3.000 tons and having a maximum speed of over 14 knots for  the European line, three steamers of more  than (5000 tons gross, and maximum speed  of 17 knots for the San Francisco line, and  three  steamers  of  more than 8000 tons  gross for the Seattle line, speed 15 knots.  The steamers for.Europe must sail 20 times  a year, San Francisco 14 times, and Seattle  13 times.   A'tea inspecting:house has been  established at Yokohama for the purpose  of thoroughly inspecting all teas before  being shipped out of the country. V -  TROUT LAKE DISTRICT MINES A BLUE MONDAY'S LOCAL CRIST  COMING   TO   THE   FRONT.  Two Promising Properties Preparing to Make  Trial Shipments of Ore to the  Trail Smelter.  the  the  The Americans Got the Contract.  Philadelphia, March 27.���An erecting  gang from the:Pencoyd Iron Works will  leave this city in a few days en route to  Africa, to build a bridge across the Atbara  river in the Soudan, near Khartoum. The  seven spans of the bridge, with a total  length of 1100 feet, have already been  shipped. The order was placed with the  Pencoyd Iron Works by the British war  office; less than six weeks ago, the company agreeingto build the structure it-  seven weeks. The Pencoyd company, it  is said, was given precedence over-the  English bridge builders, because the latter  had Stated that it would require seven  months to complete the structure;.'. The  British war office was anxious to have the  bridge completed before the fall, in Order  to facilitate future operations of general  Kitchener against*;theMahdi.;;��� :yy(,.:-������'  kihAsykiierndbhytbwkrds^  X��stnateWe1i����"^  \pir}n-'!p^nn''<ffn<' a ^-m-**,   ��� p ,-�� ���"_   "p^pm,   , uff ��� * dH'i��� "^"nn0 ^^.'.fu \-unyyi"? ��n,�� *  ^captured today(ares true, the/main "body of;;  ^W-    .    P��fl    .tp.S&lfll.   <A        .     ,,       .   ?    .Glflp"   *   .>*;n        " ..^n      T      ,. 0"t.   k   ���   .,    .    ,        a   Pp,     D"���'^ X  ��thefeuemVjhave retreated to:Malolos.A" i\  '^^asifi'-igtdn i rf%.*cJi*^^fSA^dabI^-di:^  ��";"Spatchw"hasj; beeuV*receivea;��%fr6m=" g;enerah  fl_-f_,1',"-f!'��*U^cJ*g     ."l   nmit��in fit  riM^I    W       n��n ai=<Hj?."nrfj!l     D-    _". ^J    , ." ��� ,   S,13   �� m "  ;^Otis saying that��a:batt{e'eont_nued-all day;  ^��nMafdh",27th^w4ieh:ai(|ssV6fS^  ^he^A'the^fcah^ s^ici'e^  ..willnit'a^sVtKfward'in^tiiejVm  > naj$q^;s%cpmmranm  "f "-piston.yyf,^  ��� ��e4��t";&V'"eve^uing"bfVM^nsd^y*(i&d^       "; ��y  ��"&.jpAnbl$epfdis^  "O^6is*skysvM��cAvthlie holdslMalorol^-fevere"  bghtmg^today: and'/our ��� casualtieSaiibout  n^ i'iu*~*~nP��    ��u-  yvCrn*   ��Hil^ *n     ������   "on-, rtta-    "0     * PjnS   1 u ���% n ���A     ^n   nl ��"d a0D      TrDl'1   |PW ��� **n * ,1        n   nR     un  tortyij *Theansurgentf:destKoyed plugged -,  '.wh^bhCim ji^dell ith��eu pro'gr^sl" pi, ��tlieyral:til-  ;:lery��i�� "^Our **troaonps^me���tj7t^ _  ;��ihsiiirgent?sfprjee^j ^pn}V\M"eV��flbni}tn;,6o_.q>��'li)i__;h���'  CQi.amanXle^:b^��A^ -.i'jfl jjjfersob, arid  ��.drove thein ���\yit?h cdnisigerable:'ilaufeh:,tner.  They"leffc"neai,ly;300"dfea.d��ou"i;he field, and  maiay 'prisqn!e"r-5-..syirp-. captured. The  column will presi? bniu themoruiug, but  -=therfe-at'e=uovmoi*ettre  " although over thirty villages, including  -the larger settlements of Balacau and  " Gliigaiito iritervdhe.  At every railroad station circulai's have  been posted, signed by Antonio 'Luna,, the  Filipino commander-in-chief, Ordering all  spies and bearers of news to the enemy to  fie shot without trial, and instructing  that all looters and ravishers be treated  in the same maunett. Further, all towns  abandoned by the Filipino troops are first  to.be burned. While deploring the existence pf vy���ur, then(iircutiir maintains the  the, undt-niabl-S r'ight sof the Filipinos to  defeud their homes, live-! and lands  against the uwould-be domitlators who,  will kill therii with their wives and  children," adding that this motive Ought  to impel all F_li_.i.-Qs to sacrifice everything.  Tne shelling Of Pkranaque was not pre-  uiediated. The tiU'ret ship Monadnock  was anchored off the town, and the insurgents, emboldened by the long silence of  the warship on guard duty, opened fire on  her with muskets, with the result that  one man was killed and three wounded.  The Monadnock then destroyed half of  the town, including the church.  The Washington regiment had an exciting experience and displayed much gallantry. The soldier., found a band of insurgents concealed in a stone house over  which a French flag was flying. A private volunteered to set fire to the building. The troops approached when the  building was burning and the Filipinos  hadapparently fbd, but they were greeted  with a sudden volley from a balcony of  the house. This resulted in the building  being cleared of the enemy, iii short order.  Steamer Ashore.  Seattle, March 27.���News that the  steamer Tees, which runs, between Victoria and Skaguay, was ashore on Thoru-  burne island, on the Alaskan coast, was  brought here early this morning by the  steamer Humbuldt from Skaguay. The  Tees was resting easily, and her captain  declined assistance, saying he. could get  off with the next tide.   The report was  f.^Jife' The^Elder ��� Bowell iBrQtKerpea* 4^/^  fjBug^MwtaJa^^  ^weili-the^elder^pf" the*;Bidwells{ brothers,^  twho; with; several c\conreaei'ates *-g_iined��  2fa'meiby^defrSuditfg-t  ^f^5;tiOQ;00()3th^ugb^9i^;^u^  "iii ejpyth is;m*o I'll1 p .gj^i:,)jneuiAIdiila{Dat'tei_f|'^��p!:'  ?V��en'ek&^ illness^I��/rhi'V��ea"*t^  T��Ah3�� tin1h,pr t^.t hri'eeSw'e'e k��s :a*"g6}.vy_ii ^greatV  ��; b lo>*vjt p^h]Tpaij:a ft d^  "d4Vs^��a��teb/th'e}fyf(_iungVrlv^  "BOttobodie:s^. a!i:^at��|thieT-'p^dertiiKecVrptlitf.'i  ^vvVaiting.buriaJ, qkudl;it^^  ^will,:.be"|u t��erped"^b>r^  "iVvAppeali i_-gaihst^  W >'��MLll.*.���'��VUr       no ^-jiSi-nr^ Wffiffl, : "     ���" nft - "hi rtf   ��    nhn   If oj_ "fill    _    nAj"-i  inf l*^i;c;tbri.C^M^rfe|i^  {tft*ibu&J"-;The��eleeti  ^heTOt^p^^^^cIpiy^meyb^r^^  AI ber h iV came "up ��f b r ^h ear i rig* this .nio fii-  ing before Mr. justice Irving aud  was dis-  missed, there beme absolutely no grounds  ��� op^0^d$r^^^^};^F^ %;"'  " ' ��y. ��� (A ���Sealer^,Cruise.^:\���;v>', "���  V "ISan iRraricist'b," Sra!rcS^27&TKe*.!Briti8H  seahng^schooner- Geneva,^ tyhich^tor the  Ihsft sixVweekshas>b;een "'^��iulf.i^ng/��6fi.;n:th'e  Calif or nia coast, has. 'putiihjfo* Fort Ross  foi\\yatfJr. As a1 ressult of lae^ cruise she  has i2l3sealskiris on aboard. ���  The Principal Gppper Supplies;  The followinginterestirigtablehas been  compiled by a well known EhjEflish concern, showing   Where   the copper came  frbm for the past three years ih long tori-i:  [Trout Lake Topic, March 18th.]  Today the first load of ore from  Nettie L arrived in Ferguson.   It is  first bf a carload shipment which will be  sent to the smelter just as soon as the ice  breaks up on the Arm.   For the last ten  days the force of men who will be employed at the mine taking out ore and developing it have been building a rawhide trail  and putting  up   cabins,   and yesterday  this work was completed and everything  was in readiness to commence the series of  shipments contemplated by the company^  From everyone yet who has seen the new  strike and the amount of ore in sight, the  verdict has been obtained that the Nettie  L is one of the best of Trout Lake's developed prospects.   From recent assays received the Ore can be said,  without exaggeration, to be the x'ichest ori the average of any yet exposed in the district;  Billy Poole has been given a free hand  as     far     as   the   development   of V'the  property is' concerned, and he is going. tbV  thoroughly develop the mine during the**  coming season, employing as many rrieri,  from time to time, as the progress of the*  work justifies, in order to have the property on a  sound   shipping basis  by the  time snow flies nextafall.   Mr. Poolerwill  make an energetic manager and it is the,  universal belief that the Nettie L will, be  a very heavy shipper at- tho' end Of the;  nexthalf yearV   V     V o '���y-y.yyyyy  The work of rawhidiug the Beatrice ore^  commenced   today.    The trail has   beenV  completedVto    the  mine,   and  Malcolm;  Beaton wili have fourteen horses taking.  out; ore during the next few days. V .To'*'  demonstrate   the    practicability   of  the'  route a small load was taken down last,  night   by   HughL McPherson: and  J.. T. \  Lauthers.   Alder man Beer of Nelson wil 1V  arrive  tomorrow,    accompanied   by.  his'  mine foreman, and it is his avowed (inteii-;:  tion��4:o;put on.a l^ge^wprking^fprce andL?  ^cpmmence'on athbrbug^  ��Vb|Jme_it;bwJthja*yieJ^^^^  ertjr bo a���permarie^nts  ^A^schemels'noy^iinder^  'the^manager_JeritTbf8jtlie.^Sdnshine  pany--tbVmbvb the'-cb^  iL-tnark"^ in i ii���s,*��near:'V��Illeci 11 i wae;tjCanduJ4set;  ^tupiati.i^me pm^  ^oiredpcejjhb^cbnc^  a;t<theVSil y^er^QiVpffl Q v;er:-1000^bn*s,�� of eohf,  ceritr_Jti^ngjpl''e^'.'fphT;t^  ^rnountlis'^ta'nditfg; in^jtfi^"j*tiijiinql#.^T_fi|  is��a,mbst*i mportaht ";ma��te)uXF��:-:'or/theVdiss  trict�����asu this^ facilityrPipr;;r1edjicing..ore,��inJ  its;" preserit estate "^upiBti4^ar.*^sHi^.^n!^_  IwilFy^ryVm^  /whichfwill-l*eavte;therm  Ahopixevg th1 rig;���wh ic li; wii 11/pl ay�� an'imp]pp t-��  :Snt^tiaKt^ihVthe:devlTopmentVbf(thisls^p  d ifl.pr o per,ty&ios'th^  shifie:tupn^  It;is'altjbg^ther|li__;el^;uth^^  bercbrn^^iSe'nced thistseason^-Cbdrwherivitfisji  corripleted". the;-Silver *Gup-n-ilrffiaVe-an*  enormous amount*or ore blockedf��;out. and  OF   INTERESTING   NEWS.  Society Hall���P. Burns Interviewed���Kas  "lo Board of Trade Meeting���The  Athabasca's Cleanups, Etc.  A meeting of representatives from the  different societies who will occupy  the  new Knights of Pythias hall in the Oddfellows'   block, at the   corner  of Baker  and Kootenay streets, was held on Saturday night to make preliminary arrangements for the formal opening and dedication of the hall.   The following societies  were  represented ���' Knights  oi -Pythias,  Independent Order of Oddfellows, Independent   Order: of   Foresters, Canadian  Order of Foresters, Loyal Orange Associa-'  tion and the Knights of Maccabees.   John  J. Malone was elected chairman,* Fred J.  Squire, secretary,  and Alexander Carrie  treasurer of  the committee.   After discussion it was decided to hold a joint dedicatory cerefnony, to be participated in  by;all the societies meeting in the hall,  suitable selections from the ritual of .each,  society to be selected  by the committee.  The  Knight's of  Pythias -will open the  programme and the Independent Order of  Oddfellows will close, the other societies  coming in order.   After the ceremony, an  opening dance will be held in the hall and  refreshments served in the rooms on the  secoud floor,  the net proceeds of which  will be divided equally between the general   hospital   and    the    Nelson   public  library.   The following* committees have  been appointed to complete the necessary  arrangements: Refreshments���J.   J.  Malone, John A. Irving, T. J. Sims; printing  John Toye, F. J. Squire, O.M. Rosendale ;  music and invitations���M. Brydges, Ti J.  Sims, F. J. Squire.   It is expected that  the hall will be ready for opening about  the end of April.   V   v  ton which was received from the Hall  Mines smelter for 300 tons shipped before  the mill was operated. The milling of  country rock which carries small values  is responsible for the, difference between  mill and smelter returns per ton.  STAMPEDING TO A GOLD FiND  NORTH   OF   DONALD.  Parties   Are  Outfitting at  Edmonton  Calgary and Other Points on the  Canadian Pacific Railway.  and  slyinDgall:rpadyf|or}|tOping:!" ��� _  The Vwoi-klfinlthe :lf%Xj"ki the hekd^oi  ,t'bfi"_N$i.fctij*^  erty in a very .satisfactory rnahneitanpi'i't  is expected by the erid* of nbxt^easpu, that  1 a large ,ambuniLO"f Ore f*will be lyfngi On* tjie  duriap ready |pr:ship__-neriti .  The Tbwuserf, lying near the Gup, will  also. diiririg-theVnext-Season.-be in a=posi_-  1808  1897  1896  ���AlKQi'ia ,,..��.. .-������         50  ArgcntiiiiV ������         125  200  1C0  Aii.stml.-ia...,  18,000  17,000  11,000  Aus .rla...,..,.    l.UO  1,210  2,2(K)  W<o  B liviii-Goro.oi'o...,    2,050  2,000  GaiiiKla .     8;0M  5i!)05  4,000  Cliili,,. �����������.. 2I;85()  2l,fl00'  23,500  C'iipo ot, Pood Jlopg���Cupc Co,.   J.lHiO  5.290  5,470,  Nmmiqiui.....    WOO  2,150  1,980  KutiTand ��.       ufitj  555  555  Guriiniiiy'-ManslicUl.  18,045  17,960  18v!.65  Other Ounniti.,    2,010  2,105  1,800  Hungary (including Bo_miiiaiid  .-oi-via     .130.  445  210  Itay. ,    3,4*J5���  3,480  3,40t)  Jiitmn..... ....25,175'  211,000  21,000  Jlexico���IJolco.    l*,4'}5  10,170  9,910  Other'Mexican :...,   1,000  ; 1,200  1,210  WcwfOiiirclland��� Uctt_ Cove ...     300  Tilt t-'ovo....;......-......'    1,800  1,800  i.800  Norwny'���Vigsnaes   Ither Norwegian .���   3,615  3,450  2,500  Peru    3,0.0  1,000  740  Kus-ia   ���  ������������������   li.OOO  6,025  5,100  Swcdun       4S0  515  500  Spain and PortugoI���ltibTjnto. 33,705  Thar-ia  12,000  .-3,900  33,(100  12,000  12,000  Milton and Barry    3,600  4.300  3,900  Sovilla ������       800  810  1,025  Uiiited   Slates���Calumet, and  Hecla  JO.iftO  40,352  40,383  Other Lake  30,002  24,301  24,286  Anaconda   -17.863  58,697  55,603  Other Montana. 49,537  44,831  37,673  Arizona ���'  _8,359  35,979  31,518  Other states  18,050  ���   11,900  397,790  14,400  Total 424,126  373,363  Average of prices of G. M  . B.'son the  1st of each month: 1S98, ��51,  7s. lOd.  1897,  ��49, 10d.; 1896, ��47, 4s. 8d.  Should Have a PostofB.ce.  Kokanee Creek is landing on the outlet,  12�� miles northeast of Nelson. There are  a number of people in the neighborhood  and it is the landing place for the Mollie  Gibson and other Kokanee creek mines.  Steamboats pass each way daily. The  people living there have asked for a post-  office, but their prayers have been refused. The people have offered to pay all  expenses, but their offer has been spurned.  Nevertheless, Kokanee Greek should be a  postoffice.  tion to commence steady shipments. The  ore body at present is not very large, running from two to eight inches in thickness, but it i-* very high grade and gives  indications Of incre-Xsing in bulk as depth  is gained*  What Wet Sundays Cost.  The consequences Of a wet Sunday are  deeper and more far-reaching than would  appear to the casual ob->erverV Many a  staunch optimist" has degenerated into  the mOst pessimistic of mortals, many a  life romance has been snapped, and a multitude of crimes enacted through the  titter wretchedness engendered by sucli a  day.  A rainy week-day the normal man can  live through witliont an excessive display  Of spleen, but a rainy Sabbath is apt to  make the most affectionate of husbands,  fathers and sons the very incarnation of  grumpiness.>��vVith the gentler sex, atmospheric dampness^has more effect on their  vanity than on their spirits. The new  dress or hat which had been expected to  put all rivals in the shade, roust be admired privately; its public appearance  must be postponed till a fine Sunday  comes along���an event which happens  occasionally.  Eminent statisticians, whose hair has  entirely disappeared or turned grey  through laborious hours spent amid  figures, estimate that on a wet Sunday  three-quarters of a million London fathers,  happy and otherwise, nurse a similar  number of babies. If the latter were  placed in a straight line, head to heels,  they would reach from Loudon to Liverpool, a distance of 201 miles.  Furthermore, on a wet Sunday people  spend most of the day in doors, and more  food is eaten than during any twenty-four  hours in the preceding week. The consequences are indigestiou, attacks of  "nerves" and visits to doctors or chemists.  To these two professions a rainy Sabbath  in the metropolis means ah increase of  fees varrying in the aggregate from ��1000  to ��1500.  ..,;V---'---;'.^,':V;P.53^  Vf. P. Burns returned last night from a  month's visit to Winnipeg'; Toronto, Montreal and other Eastern Canadian points.  HeTepbrts.vbusihess'gbbd in,the east and  *great}intere"st'bem  ";nfent?bf. the";, mines 'of ^BritishS"Colurnoia.!"���  ]."n'"<^-L-��"-"--"t"^h ��"������' .>"&���' *"*.P" T'^.ycV:"-"?-"?***   S  iEronting^by".their -experience^oft a couple  ��*pf^yertrj��]^  ^e^tbi^^^^eivery^auHSuSi; ibu.t/stbcksvin!  companies; iwith" goodf Showings �����f-ind�� a  ^ady>al^��^ra^fac5..5^aid^Mis:puy  'heard-moi^eVltbou t;Kqbteriay^mines��ih^t,��vb��  i'days^m^Tqrbnt^^  sNelsbn" "ihl.nthreb"v months."^lThe!����<iny8st-;"  ! ments ��oi.^the.���Gppderhani-BIackstp.ck.d_q\$.  15wing"��in thefWpkr^Edgle:and:CenfcrevStar}  minqs./^ha^^dire.cted^sthe^jatt^  Tpron torfc"api talists^^  Jatn umber .bf^bther^  organized fib;" bRerato]/.^  Ci\lrlr3ift'ps^"ex"pects ItHatJtSfet.Qpi-jing.'sum-s"  "'mer will*be.the^ .o-^tfii�� thei��hist"oryroKthe>  Kpptena;y��%na.will:^  iyeLbfpmen't-'Of^the���^  "'thknVankgrgyip^^  f��*i$HipK_%#s^^^  ih&; .'their'sShefce/VSfeppe  Un    "n     n      t��   . U# .IUSn��    .     &P.r.      ^-      "       P 'rV(i     I.       n.      #" r_m,^ P, ��    , ���V.     pi D   A* ffl     p     ,n D  made?arrange|nentj3/iQr;jregularsshipmenls'.  b_-p:JiVe;s��t<i<|K^  ��� Atlihrlake��".country.^""zAl 'liirget ab'balbir"  ; "4hd;;coTd stpra|rer\ya-jelib\is^  a^t Galgary; {ijad'thj^.c'ob'trac.t^'j^i:Jh^k*brd^;  storage.- w.ai'e.npuse.aji Slfelsbn��� ��vvn.i]'l"'b'e Jet  sHor'tly:. ;Mr. "���BX\rbsVwas} gteiitlyVamuSed  at the statements of "a young reporter  who int^viewed him�� ih Toronto, and in-  hisL-repbrt referred:��o_-him as_ithe^greatk  est.o.vnerof live stock oh the continent of  America."  Want a Duty on Lumber.  A meeting of the council of the Kaslo  Board of Trade was held on Friday evening to consider various matters affecting  the district. A circular letter was read  by president Buchanan urging the _3o-  minion government to impose a reciprocal  duty wpon sawn lumber and shingles imported into Cauadaf similar to that imposed by the Uuited States upon like articles going into that: country. After considerable criscUV-siOn it was resolved upon  the motion Of 11. F. Green, M. T. P., to  memorialize the government aloilg the  lines asked in the letter. It was also re-  Solved to presentsanew to the government  the reasons why lead manufacturers  Should be subjected to duty, with the adj  ditional request that bonding priviliges  be secured froiu the United States, so that  lead ore shipped to that Country may be  returned to Canada for manufacture here,  without the additional cost of the United  States duty. On Monday another meeting of the council will beheld to take into  consideration the advisability of memor-  alizing the local government to construct  a wagon road up Ball creek from the  Upper Duncan. It is alleged that thi��  road will give an outlet for.several large  mines which must otherwise remain undeveloped.   A Better Monthly Yield Expected.  Although the former clean-ups at the  Athabasca have been disappointing to  those who thought that the company's  mill was running all the time on high-  grade ore, it is likely that the clean-up  for March will be much better than those  of any former month. During the past  month the average value of the ore milled  has been a great deal higher, and there  has not been so much country rock put  through. In former months the average  valuo of the material put through tlie  mill was iu the neighborhood Of $20 to  the ton, as against an average of $90 per  LOCAL   NEWS   AND   GOSSIP.  "Bob" Nelson has completed the contract of running an additional 50 feet of  tunnel on the Princess mineral claim,  which is owned by mayor Neelands. The  extra work did not tap the ledge as was  expected, and a contract for another fifty  feet will be let. It is thought that the  ledge will be encountered within half this  distance, and the balance of the work can  be done in drifting along it.  JY K. Strachan will have the assessment  roll of the city ready to lay before the  city council on Monday, April 10th. The  new roll will show a considerable increase  in land values as wellas a big advance in  the value of improvements, as it will include nearly all the building which took  place last summer. When the former roll  was made up, nearly all the new buildings  were in course of erection and.no attempt  was made to take the , value of the improvements into account. For the same  reason, the buildings which are now going  up will not appear until the roll for 1900 is  made up. V  " The v Sal mo sawmill has completed the,  order placed by the city council for the  lumber necessary for the completion of  the electric light flume. The lumber is  now on thecars ready for shipment. It  will be distributed along the line of the  proposed flume while the snow is on the  ground, and when the frost is out of the  ground the.flume will be carried; through  to completion without further delay.  In answer to an inquiry made by himself, mayor Neelands has been informed  by the deputy proyincial secretary that  the board of license commissioners for the  city is now complete, the third member of  the board being John A. Turner, government agent. The board of license commissioners is therefore composed of mayor  Neelands,; alderman McKillop and John  A. Tjirner. 'The first open .court of the  commissioners;is.setffor the second Wednesday in June, and on this date they will  decide the license question which is: vexing the residents of the West ward, as to  whether  there shall be Va saloon in the;  Oddf eiio w's ^bipck dr(nptyyyyyiy^yyy '^  y On Vthe^Ci;oAv���'sVNestSPass:frairway�� theV  change from MpuhtaitftbPacific "standard  time;will��be made at- Cranrbrbok.~V J  dell, formerly trainmaster ahd-locpmbtiye  ^foreman.aX^^nibVeii1ha8 beehajppointed  :, a^siltkh t% mas ter ^Vm echanic V "{f ro in IS w if t'  ��Current. to^Laggan^^ion^the^mainslipe'^ahd  jfro"i^Medicihe;ilittt ;tb .Kootenay^Lanairig;  "���;bn*t'_\e^  ^^���^3x".'!_Be.ernshajs. p urchasedjslpts.^ll^and'  ?^f55ihS��bl6c���k';2'6,;;��frbn;tin"g."r  y$ t rjbe t;^a n d;th alqtlp^%il^io10e^:d^pdfi  j:boukte'and.'Jpsephihe���is��it%et  '"QcetVpiefl;"J��bn^J^pn"a��;tp^^  ! keeper^ *:The ."nenw��� bwner^wjlherepti��[fd well?;  fin"g:_ibiises^pn":nth��.rp^  'f'��i?'v$k^eff&ibBe"a��^  ".Iot"srl5and:__i"nvbrb;cke^2;for;$2o00;s^  iTkem&^kmdnlthe-m^^^  ^alj|.stfeeii^iid^ili^5heia:b^thei  chas^r=;!fofc"|he^  jBaketv street ipi:noperty:"Dis:expfected";tbiy|S.ke  $MPsdtih"gW"^y>:<y"<  ^W-^-.'S trach_tnf(iicit_-| jcj.er^^lfatf^receiyed;  .for m*a l^no tipe^f rp���m*"th  jseOretaryf^^e ��aVpoin@ent,o;f?;ardgi!u_n^ri;9  .Hi 1 if.'erias, a ,niemhe rldii th p bbarH,of-police-  ���comhSissiQuers,.for. the7, city:* ^TJie";iibojirqu������  ha,-."noiy "k "Cju6i��j&tpXiu"ayb;rV��eelanHs being ;  a-memberby v^irtiiP"of;hi����bffi^"ej" khd "prp-  yi'ded; the; ���mf��yqp and J.Mqiwnah" HilLyJer  agrie tfpbn^^h"8(,t^shall��be MdnecahVtrans^  -acf^blisiness^-Qthelv.vise;^there^w|ll^  deadipek until the third member "is ap-'  pointed.  Last November T. J. Simj? purchased  the busiheSspf the Kootenay Cigar j\Ian-  ufactijring Obmpany at Nelson. His sales  for the mohth of Novfeuibei* were not  large, but how he has twenty-0ne men  and boy$ employed, fourteen of whom are  cigarmakers", and he finds that he will  have.to increase: this number next month.  Thk Tillijuxi-wotild like to see him manufacture every cigai; sdld^ in Nelson and  the tow.nstributary  cigars hie not made.  to Nelson in which  KASLO   LOCAL   NEWS.  It vvfts told on the streets on Saturday  that the Imperial Bank of Canada had  been making enquiries with a view to  opening a bi-anch of that inHtitution in  this city, but the rumor could not be  traced to any authentic source.  Good skating'at the rink, baseball upon  the old grounds on Nob hill, bicycling in  the streets, and boating on the lake were  the amusements enjoyed by the youths of  Kaslo on Sunday. The day was charming��  To relieve the congestion of accumulated ore in the Kaslo yard.H the Alberta  made an extra trip to Five Mile Point on  Sunday.   ���   The Vanity of Man. '���'  I was visiting a friend the other evening,  when   the door bell .rang, aud   the  maid   brought  in  a  card.      My  friend  glanced at it and said :   "Show Mr. ���   into the drawing room, and light the big  chandelier." Tome she said, "Now, we  can chat for an hour. He will stand in  front of the big looking-glass, and pose to  his heart's coutent. He is never so happy  as when looking at himself. That is his  sole object in coming here. We always  leave him to himself for some time, and  he tells everybody that he enjoys his  visits here more than to any other house.  And yet men contend that women are  vain, and they are not. I am sure no girl  is so possessed of vanity as the gentleman  I have mentioned.  Anyone who has lived along the main  lice of the Canadian Pacific in the  mountains of this province is aware how  easy it is to raise a stampede over a  reported discovery of placer gold. Such  a discovery was reported last fall, and  now in every town from Laggan to Revelstoke parties are outfitting for the newel  dorado. The following regarding the  reported discovery is' from the Golden  Era of the 24th :  The placer strike recently, made on the  tributaries of the Fraser river in the vicinity of Tete Jaunne Cache appears to be  creating a lot of attention at Edmonton,  and it is reported  that 500 people will-  shortly leave Edmonton for the new field,  going in by the Yellowhead pass.    Another party is said to be outfitting at Cal-'  gary for.the supposed el dorado.   People  are also arranging to go iu from Golden  and Donald.   Among others from Donald  archdeacon McKay and  "Chan" Rattan -  talk of going to Tete Jaune Cache instead  of Atlin, as at first they intended.  One of  the best means of access will be by water,,  goingfrom Beaver by the Columbia river,  running  or   portaging  Surprise  rapids,  twenty miles north of Beaver, and thence  by  boat to the Big, Bend, where Canoe  rivervcomes  in,   which is said to afford  good facilities for boating for over forty  miles beyond the Big Jam.   This jam affords in itself no difficulty, as boats have  been taken over it by cutting away some'  of the overlying timber.  Reports  reach Golden that fifty men  started  last   week   from Edmonton  for',  Tete Jaune Cache.   The Edmonton Bulletin publishes a letter, received  from one  of the prospectors at Tete Jaune Cache,  by name'Jackson.    It appears that Jackson went in there last year and  was the  first to find gold on Swift Current, having  picked Up a piece of quartz showing the  precious metal.   This he communicated to  Holliday and party from Golden,and who  went ;in there last season.    They pros-   ;  pected  Swift Current  and* found   good   ,  prospects at rim-rock,   came   to Golden  and outfitted, returning in the fall when  the present strike was made. Inhis letter  to his wife Jackson says that there was a "_  dispute as to who should stake the dis-" -  cove'ry claim, and a meeting of the pros-  pectors from^Golden wasahe.ldi^w:fifl'iTf.itp''ft'  was decided that as JacksOhiwasthe fi  to drawa;ttentiohtb thecgrbund;heshould^.,  "stake ;the^claimfahdfthe.5pthers  af terv hi_hl.V"iJ-icksoh "states -thatthe ?lmBV v  sunk/a shaft to bedrock andj'has:/pa.yfdii.ii;;;  .runnin'g(fif tyVcehts.tovthe panV and.that Ja.S  __uauvcan-rnakeV$4pVa day."rHp, describes. V;  ftheVtripj^ w���hieh'he��had;iri" frpm 'Fdmonton V  fa'fs^Cver^.hkm/  Vnv"iThere$"ife  'DbiVald;6ver the rie\v.fihd,i"arid on"Mbnday^:..  arid ^Tuesday" things ���VwerequiteV lively^ iti   "  Jtlie:\pldltovvnii="���ny/hem ten of the residents  fpVrned^  lleiidT. "to'Isend 'ou t. ������ a" party_,bf prospectors^vv  itibjlbcate'grpuBdiffbr^  bpenitelegraphed"tbB|p^:tbbaggahs and itV v  uUi ffiutended'tb'getWpmVdbgs���together" if V  5postiblp;:=��:The*parr.y"intend tb'start;froni.*'���;.;���  lBeaye"iiouJ.Mpnday,Vfpli^  ; ;bj,iaii:i^er^ran"d!ljshpttld '"reaph?the;lejg'^gpld";"nnK  '��ne!l,d'sf.ihfithe"course pf��alfP��rtnign'tw,." ���>{4.t^."';'  ���. jlFif ty;��� "lbaded;pack��<ppnies;lef  ;��t'giY*ilen"^d;&^  ;da_4'��� aiidv��tombrrow-sbm  ^iea^"��St*"|Alb"er"t".{bbunWrf^^^^^^^  ���TH"ead Pass".rold"find '��*'"-"��"*""���?'��� ���*��� ���"."��*//"*������"?  Mail's^, 1-i-iiu-is.nty.^to^Man.  statioiij .abputV eights'milesweastjo&Bhere; -,  where a man named Moore was burned to  ~d��ath   a;bout  a^-nl9tftH��^agd���.���./���;FQjS���8^rnf  reasou or other the remsHns" of'"the, lifafbr- ^  tvinate man were left in the i'uIn"s*of the0"^.  building for abqlit two weeks; a;n*d during  this   time  dogs- or. wolyes  ate  of apdj  dragged  around  the bones and flesh, Of  the hLilian iiody.,  .TpaCcessOf \yhet!e.ah arhi:.  or a leg had. been dragged |tway cbuld  p!aii]ly be seen on" the fspOw, aha it ytafy-  not until after the greater portion of the  body had disappeared in this way that  aiiy one vi-as, Sent to Iodic aft,��r��� it- ..And,  even  when a pretense Of buriali was per-"  fbrnied, a Shalloxy hole was jtist scraped��in  the ground wliei.e thebody (Ikyand "un-  ceieiuoniOusly dumped]'m and Covered up.  We don't kbONV   who is supposed tp look  after such matteipfii butsohiephe cei'tainly  should, and sij^'ply���h0ctilufe the man was  unknown is i_o" reason why.dogs and wild  beasts should be allowed to feed Op his  body- ... ���   '. ���   ������ .,.  'Would You Live Long*  We are all becoming younger'; that is  to say  the   human   face  is.   Years  are  cotihtingless and less, Science and hygiene  gain ground.  An eminent physician lecturing on  longevity, has given such excellent rules  for self-preservation that- everybody  should possess them. They are eight  hours'sleep, sleep on your right side, keep  your bedroom window open all night,  have a mat to your bedroom door, do not  have your bed against the wall, no cold  tub in the morning, but a bath at the  temperature of the body ; exercise before  breakfast, eat little meat, and see that it  is well cooked.  For adults���Drink no milk, eat pleiiity of ;  fat to feed the cells which are attacked  by disease germs ;avdide in toxical, ts,  which destroy those cells; allow no pet  animals about your living rooms, (they are  apt to carry disease); live in the country  if you can; watch the three D's,drinking  water, damp and drains; make changes  of occupation, take frequent and short  holidays, limit your ambition, and keep  your temper. 2  THE TRIBUKE: NELSON, B. C, MONDAY, MARCH 21, 1899.  For the Ladies...  Just received a large stock of  Ladies' Capes, Skirts, Wrappers and Blouses  New goods arriving daily  Dry Goods, Clothing, Gents' Furnishings, Etc.  ...A. Ferland & Co.  Elliott block,  Baker street,   Nelson,   B. C.  ���We are openirjg up the largest stock, of English and Canadian Tackje  that Nelson has ever seen.  More shipments due.    Don't outfit until you see our assortment.  UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT  The Nelson Hardware Go.  VICTORIA BLOCK, BAKER STREET,- NELSON.     .  J, Y. GRIFFIN & CO-  PORK PACKERS AND PROVISION MERCHANTS  WHOLESALE DEALERS IN  CHOICE CREAMERY AND DAIRY BUTTER, CHEESE AND EGGS  SPECIALTY:    "GRIFFIN BRAND" MILD CURED MEATS  NELSON, B.C.  -VANCOUVER, B. O.  WINNIPEG, MANITOBA.  ROBERT ROBERTSON  Nelson oflleo and warehouse  ,  Manager  Corner Vernon and Josephine .streets.  EAILWAY  TIME-TABLES.  CANADIAN PACIFIC.  (DEPOT FOOT OF UAH-WAY STKEKT)  Passenger and mail (daily), for Nakusp   Leave.    Arrive.  and Revelstoke and main lino points.li.'iO a.m. 8.20 p.m.  Passenger and mail (daily), for Slocan  City, Silverton, New Denver, Three  Forks and Sandon..;.;��� .���'.' G.30 a.m.   8.20 p.m.  Passenger and mail (daily) for Robson,  Trail and Rossland.., ...������.������...G._L0 p.m. 10.30 p.m.  NELSON AND FOIIT SHEPPARD.  (DEI'OT EAST END WATEIt STHKET,  llOOUSTOWN)  Passenger and mail (daily), for Spo-    Leave.    Arrivo.  kane ........''...:   ..��� 9.10a.m.   a.SOp.m.  Passenger and mail (daily), for Ymir,  Salmo, Wanetaand Rossland.. .0.10 a.m.   5.30 p.m.  (Trains leave Mountain Siding, ea.st end Robson street,  forty minutes later than from Nelson station.)   KASLO AND SLOCAN.  Passenger and mail (daily except Sun-   Leave.    Arrivo.  days), from Kaslo for Whitewater,  McGuigan,  Three   Forks,' Sandon   '  and Cody 8.00 a.m.   3.55 p.m.  Passenger and mail (daily except Sunday), from Sandon for Kaslo .1.15 p.m. 10.40 a.m.  STEAMBOAT- TIME-TABLES.  '<   CANADIAN PACIFIC.  (BOATS LEAVE __AI-r_.ST__I_._T' WHARF)  Steamer Kokanee (daily except Sun-   Leave.    Arrive.  days), for Kokanee Creek. Balfour, ^  Pilot Bay. Ainsworth and Kaslo  1.00 p.m. 11.30 a.m.  Steamer    Moyie   (leaves    Mondays," ,  .  Wednesdays.   Fridays and arrives  '' Tuesdays,   Thursdays,  Saturdays),  for Kootenay Landing, where con- - ~  nection is made with Crow's Nest  Pass railway 8.00a.m.   (i.50 p.m.  KOOTENAV RAILWAY AND NAVIGATION CO.  (I)OATS LEAVE ItALL-S'J'l.EET VIIAKF)  Steamer International (daily except' Leavo. ' Arrive.  Sundays), for ICokance Creek, Balfour,   Pilot  Bay, Ainsworth   and  Kaslo 4.30 p.m. 10.30 a.m.  \ .  ~  Da-J.v Edition  .*. Fikst Yeah, No. 71  ,-Wkki.lv Edition .Seventh Yi.ak, No. 19  a town in which the people must, in a measure, do as the mahagers of the coal company would have them do.  THE = DAILY TRIBUNE is published every afternoon  (except Sunday), and will.be delivered by carrier in  r ' any town in Kootenay for twenty-live cents a week;  or will be mailed to subscribers for live dollars a year.  THE WEEKLY TRIBUNE is published every Wednesday and Saturday, and will bo*mailcd to subscribers  for two dollars a year.  REGULAR ADVERTISEMENTS printed in both the  ���   daily and weekly editions for $3 per inch per month.  Twelve lines solid nonpariel to be counted as one inch.  LOCAL 0_R_READING_MATTER NOTICES_20_cc!its a  - lino for each insertion.  JOB PRINTING at fair rates. AH accounts for job  printing and advertising payablo on  tho first of  .    every'month; subscriptions payable in advance.  ADDRESS��� THE TRIBUNE. Nelson. B. C.  ���   The business men of Fernie have organized a board of trade, with the following-  named as officers: H. JBentley, president;  J. VV. Nay, vice-president; G. G. Henderson, secretary; GeorgeLevassenr,G. Cody,  H. J. Johnson, A. Joyce, A. B. Trites and  W.    W.    Tuttle,   executive   committee.  Fernie is the Crow's Nest Pass railway  coal town, and the manager of the Crow's  Nest Coal Company was present at the  meeting at which the board of trade was  organized.   He is reported as saying that  the formation .Of a board of trade was a  naatter of interest to the town and would  have the hearty support of himself personally and Of  the company  he  represented, if conducted on proper lines.     It  was   considered   undesirable    that    the  company should have any official connection with the board* as the latter would  be   more   unfettered   in   their  action if  independent, but as long as they confined  themselves    to    promoting     the    commercial   success   of the  town   his  sympathy would be with them.   They should  avoid  interfering   with  public   matters  which  did not properly  fall within the  scope of such an institution, notably town  management and   control, which should  be exercised in friendly cooperation with  the inhabitants���-by the company until incorporation became necessary, when such  matters would pass into the hands of the  municipal council. With this reservation,  and on this distinct understanding, the  board of trade could count on tbe support  of  the  company, and  he wished  them  every success.   Evidently, Fernie is to be  The attention of the city engineer is respectfully called to the time that is taken  to repair leaks in the water main.:, and  also to the number of consumers who are  shut off every time a leak is repaired.  Today every consumer of water on Vernon  street was put to inconvenience because  of a leak in the main on Ward street. A  few valves on the mains would prevent  these oft-occurring annoyance1?.   .  The Conservatives of Revelstoke have  organized an association, the'officers of  which are: Dr^ Jeffs, president; W.-E.  AIcLauchlin, first vice-president; J.* McLeod, second vice-president; J. I). Sibbald,  secretary and treasurer; W.'M. Brown, J.  G." Allen, W. Cowan, A.1 Johnson,.,W.  Newman, T.r J. Grahame, J. M. Scott,-A.  McDonald, A. AIcNab, W. G( Birney, Dr.  McKechnie, and G. S. McCarter, executive  committee.   _. '   \  J. C. McLagan, editor of the Vancouver  World, is at his old tricks. He was sent  tb Ottawa as a delegate by those opposed  to the Deadman Island lease, and while  there on that mission, which is.on'e that  concerns .Vancouver alone, he loses no opportunity to get ih a word against the  Kettle River Valley railway charter.  McLagan was one of the bitter opponents  of the building of the Nelson & Fort Sheppard railway.  Tub Canadian Pacific give it out that  an addition will be made to the Hotel  -Vancouver-this-year-that-will-r*nake-that"  hotel the equal in size of the Palace hotel  in San Francisco. It has not yet been  hinted that before commencing the work  a taxation-exemption bylaw will have  to be passed by the ratepayers of Vancouver.  Tiirc mail facilities in Kootenay were  never good, for some reason. It takes  letters eight days to go from Nelson to  Kokanee Creek, a distance of 12A miles.  Is Arbitration a Fad?  The chief point of difference between  the Canadian and the American commiss-  "Of making many books  there is no end."  Neithor is there any end to the., variety  On sale at  Thomson's  We have all the newest books by well-  known authors. Our stock of fine correspondence.  Stationery  Is a leading feature of our business. We  have all fche newest tints and shapes with  envelopes to match.    When inviting  Company,  Use our dainty invitation note. Do you  know we carry "At Home" Cards, Visiting  Cards and Dance Programs.   Our stock is not  ioners was the matter of an Alaskan sea-  pottfpr the Dominion. They fin ally agreed  to arbitration, but split on the question of  choosing an umpire, and all their negotiations came to naught. This is one more  instance of failure proving the absurdity  of international arbitration. An agree-  meent to arbitrate a question pushes aside  the question and raises a number of  others, which in most instances are as  delicate and difficult as the original one,  and require tbe same righteousness, courtesy and forbearance. If the Anglo-American Commission had attempted to arrange  the details lor submitting the choice of an  arbitrator to arbitration it would have  been in loyal and logical harmony with  the spirit of this modern fad. International arbitration proposes to lay a  demon by raising a devil.  Hudson's  Bay Company  Incorporated. 1867.  Teatley's  the  best  in  market  and  the  only  Packet  handled  by  the  Hudson's  Company  HUDSON'S BAY STORES  West Baker Street, Nelson.  Shoes  With  Rubber  Soles and Heels  Have you seen them  If not you should come in and  havG a look at them. Thev  arc just the proper footwear  for this sort of weather. Do  away with rubbers and make  walking" easy.  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Sadly they turned their course to the sterile  shores of St. Mary's bay, where they settled, midway between Yarmouth and  Digby, Nova Scotia.  Though comprising the bulk of the  population of the region, here and there  may be found families of New England  origin, with their peculiarities of dialect  and custom.  Little villages of frame cottages line the  road i'or twenty miles���very small, humble homes, indicating the narrowest mar:  gin of living, hue neat, often bright with  flowering .plants which fill windows and"  doorways, aud quite -free from au air ot  poverty. It was, however,, a strange  neighborhood for a large stone church!  As a long ascent was  before us, we dis-  'mounted,  trundling'our cycles.   Presently we overtook a farmer riding in his cart,,  "r-drawn by.asmall ox between the" shafts,  which were secured to its head by a rope  bound and fastened to the horns,-a device,  which  every true Nova Scotian declares  .  to be the only humane and   efficient way  - of attaching beast to-cart.     .     *  Such incidental acquaintances usually  afford'opport unities for securing information, and often entertainment; no wise  person will miss them. We hastened to  the social feast.  "That seems to be a fine church up on  the-hill."  "Yis; I guess it's about the finest church  in Nova Scotia."  "Well, that's surprising. The people  don't seem wealthy."  "No,   they  ain't.   1 don't suppose the  people in any part of the province have to  work so durned. hard  for a living; but  ..the,  church,   that's  all   owing to lather  Cote."' -.   '   " >    *'   ���     " "  "^And who is father Gpte?"  '���Oh, he's .Out5' priest. He's a rhighty  ^knoAviug^man.=^He=vvas=at-Ool!ege at-Que-  btic, and learned all they r?oitld teach in  every line: and then I've heerd lie studied  abroad. He's a great than, anyhow, father  Cote is. Why, he planned the church and  built it, top!"  "Before he came here we were a-going  to get up some sort.of a cheap church, and  i*aise���;u_otiey lor it by picuics and fairs,  lots of 'em ; but when he came he just put  his foot down, father Gpte did, put it  down real hard, too, iind said : "We won't  dishonour Godr_> cause in that way. We'll  \yprk, afld we'll bcig for it first, .aud let  people everywhere that will have a chance  to give to thi. Lord's house; You, Franqois-*,  go o-i'-jbo' the fishing villages and see what  you can get; and ypu, Aiphonse, go over  to the mines and get what you can there."  And so he set one and another to work,  and worked himself the hardest of. auy,  until nine thousand dollars were raised !  Nine thousand dollars ! Just think of ait  ���wasn't that a monstrous sum ?, All the  rest was labor aud material that our folks  gave.  "Then he just bossed everything all the  ���way through. Why, he'd take the commonest sort of a man, and in a little while  break him in so he could do anything he  wanted of him. Yis, sir, and he didn't  mind time and again taking off his coat  and working with the rest of us; there  wasn't anything stuck up about him.  But wasu't he wise, though?  "In the beginning, when they were set  to build of wood, he said: '1 see you've  got lots of stone ou your land. It's very  bad for the farms, you ought to get rid  of it.',  " 'But what can we do with 'em? No-  boby don't want 'em, as far as ever we've  heerd.'  " 'Haul them all over to the church  grounds; they will be out of your way  there, and I can dispose of them.'  "So the people cleared up their farms,  and great piles of stone rose on the  church grounds, until everybody began to  be frightened, and were saying: 'What  will he do with 'em? . What will he do  with 'em ? Alas! alas ! it's ruining the  place !'  "Then he began to say :    'What a pity  Are   now  prepared   to issue  Drafts and Letters of Credit on  Dawson City, Yukon District-  not to build a stone church, now the stone  is all here!'  " 'Before long we all saw how kuowin'  he was. He'd got our farms cleared of  stone so we got bigger crops, and at the  same time he'd got all the stone right  handy for a new church���and, of all  things, a stone church !  "More and more the people were glad  to work under such a man ; and they did  it with a will. Aud just think���he planned  it all, even the great trusses that carry  the roof ! The carpenters were afraid  they wouldn't hold it up, and the whole  business would be down ou the top of  their heads ; they'd never seen anything  like 'em. But he said : 'I'll be responsible ;  go ahead.' And they stood as solid as a  rock!   Oh, he's a wonderful man !"  "I suppose the people are very proud of  their church?"  "Yis, they love that church, they've put  so much hard work into it."  "Does father Cote get much time to look  after his people, aud know them ?" ..  "Tell ye he does. There are seven or  eight hundred of us, and he even knows  the names of all our children. Seems as  though he's always looking out in some  way for the good of the families, big and  little."  We now approached the church, which  we were curious to investigate, and,- bidding goodbye to the enthusiastic and sociable farmer, we made our way to the interesting building.  It was a large structure of the native  grey stone, very simple aud plain in its  exterior appearance, but solid and dignified.   .  Its frout doors being locked, we proceeded to the rear, where we found men  and teams preparing the foundations for  a considerable annex to the main building.  Presently one seemed to be directing  their efforts���a dignified and very courteous man���stepped forward and invited  us into the church. Accepting his guidance, we entered what proved to be a remarkably effective building, capable of  accommodating some eight hundred or a  thousand people, and possessing in an unusual degree qualities not ofteu found in  conjunction���dignity and cheerfulness.  Us walls, built of the rough stone.that  came from the farms, as well as by very  common labor had re.quiied unusual thickness tor stability,-and this gave deep interior jumbs (some two or three ��� ieet)\to  the lolty windows. It was. surprising'how  greatly this expression, of mass and  strength contributed a feeling of grandeur  to the whole interior.. .   *    V    *.  A handsome barrel ceiling crowned the  .nave, its form and lightness contrasting  agreeably with the plain, sturdy walls.  The style was in the manner of the French  Kenaissance, simply treated; the coloring  was light, relieved sparingly, by gilding.  . The altar, which arose nearly to the  height of the lofty ceiling, was the culminating point,of effect, and while _no  costly materials orraro workmanship en.  tered into its composition, it was very impressive, partly from proportion . and  mass,,aud in no small degree from the  manner in which it was lighted���in part  by concealed windows whose sole purpose  was to give emphasis to some portions of  the picturesque structure.  As we remained in the church we ielfc  more and more its charm, and were led to  make inquiries of our guide (who proved  to be'fatner Cote himself) as to the history  of this building,* which wpuld" in most  places have,(-Osb, thirty or forty thousand  dollars.  j-ki_jjiinj3 thpiysaM-JlQU-i_gs_jjl money, her  infprmed us, hadrbeen raised and expended;,beyond that all had been accomplished  by ���t_ie labor of the p-trish,, which,.had  bfee'n most freely and generously given.  "Why," stud he, "each man noVy gives  twenty days' work iu the year for the  church and its needs !"  On leaving we accepted an invitation to  rest a while in his study���a sunny room  in the plain little manse hard by. ���This.  gave .opportunity for further inquiry:, regard i tig the details of the work, especially  how it was1 possible that tlitSlGast* fertile  region of Nova ScStia c.oiifd buifd the  finest chtirchPf all tlie country districts.  "More than anything else," he replied.  "I think it is because the people have  taken it up as a matter of service to God.  That has ennobled the whole thing���the  made self-denial sweet, has made has  work the great desire of the hearts.  "A very usual way here, if akichurch is  to be built���I do not kuow if it is so in the  States���is to have a succession of fairs and  festivals, and to raise the most of the  money, I have never believed in it. In  many country places where the fairs continue several days there is a great deal of  intemperance, and it has seemed as  though the evil quite outbalanced the  good. But, aside from th.it I do believe  it is the right way to obtain money for  the Lord's service. So I have told my  people that they must work for the  Lord's house; save for it; give and beg  for it; they must do it as au offering to  Him, and lie would forward the undertaking, own it, and bless the House to  them. They have done so, and He has  favored them beyond all expectation.  More than that, their efforts have made  them a very different people; they love  and respect their religion more, are more  faithful and devoted. Is it not always  true that that which we struggle and  deny ourselves for, gains imperceptibly a  strong hold upon our* hearts ? It is, I am  sure, a great mistake to eliminate self-  denial from God's service; we lose the best  means of developing Christian character."  We were greatly impressed, not only  with the views which had wrought such  admirable results  in   the  Salmon   river  Capital, Paid  Reserve  Up  $2,000,000  1,200,000  HEAD  OFFICE, TORONTO  D.  R.  WILKIE, General Manager  NELSON BRANCH  A general banking business transacted.  Savings bank department.  Deposits of ��1  and  upwards received  and interest  allowed.  J. M. LAY, Manager.  parish, but with the gentle dignity, ability and noble spirit of the man who would  have made his mark in any walk of life,  but who had been content to come to the  poorest population of the province, cast  his lot for life with them, and, elevating  their'lives, do great and lasting service.  While the large, substantial church was  tbe conspicuous symbol of what had been  accomplished, of infinitely greater value  was the change wrought in the community ; the training in giving and doing "as  unto the Lord."  Bidding good-by to our new friend, we  passed around the church to get bur  bicycles, and in so doing met one of the  carpenters who was working out his share  of labor on the annex.  "You give very much to the church,"  we said.  "Yes, we have all of us given a good  deal, right straight along, for the last six  or seven years ; but one thing J am certain  of���and I've thought it over a good deal���  we are each one of us today every bit as  well oft' in pocket as weshould have been  if we had not given at all. Not a man,  woman, or child.is anything poorer for  whit they have done! I know that's so."  Was it strange that in our dreams there  and in our waking since, a personality of  great dignity arid force has been much  before ih; that of one who with fine  talents and endowments, gladly accepted  a lowly lot, buried himself in its duties  and interests, and upon high principles  wrought a noble work?  African Eailroads.  It is expected that within the next ten  years Africa will have not only completed  the railroad from Cario to the Cape,_but  that there will be two or three cross-railroads.   The North road is completed to  Omdiirman and the South road has crept  up to Fort Salisbury.   A railroad from  Beira on the east coast to Port Salisbury  is almost completed; the Uganda road in  British  East Africa is  under way.  and  a   third road   to   run   west   from Zanzibar.   Old   Kruger   is   the   only obstacle  in   the way of the  road  from   Delagoa  bay to the Cape Town Buluwayo road.  Great  Britain   is   repeating  in    Africa  what our railroad men did between 1885  .and 1890 in our great west.   It was in our  country that the fact was discovered that  there is no other agent to compare with  the locomotive in the settlement of-a new  country.   When it raises its voice in the  wilderness announcing the coming of an  epoch; when it leads the way, then wild  beast and  wild man alike flee before it;  the frontier itself vanished and alongits  steel trail," on unsoiled sandals, civilization  follows, and with all their stately accompaniments peace and industry begin  to  build their temples.  Africa waited a long  time for the working of the great miracle,  but at last it is being performed, and with  a swiftness,  too,  which  makes the lion  tremble in his lair and the slave-hunter  quake as the thunder of the tread of the  new evangel shakes the earth.  m Tremont Hotel  We are now open and ready for business.   Stock fully  assorted.   We wish to draw attention to the following:  IS THE ONLY HOUSE IN TOWN  1      WHBB1TOU CAN BUY  Pabst Blue gibbon Beer  25 CENTS PER BOTTLE  Fruit and Ornamental Trees  Bulbs, Hoses, Hollies, Rhododendrons,  Fancy Evergreens, etc. Thousands are  growing on my" own grounds. Most  complete stock in the province. Bees  and bee supplies,' agricultural implements, spray pumps, and cut flowers.  New catalogue now ready.  tyALOI-E & TRECILLUS  PROPIIIET011S  Headquarters for Miners and Prospectors  THE BKST BRANDS OF  Liquors and Cigars  ALWAYS ON HAND  im:. er. szEnsTR^r  110-1 Westmin&ter Hoad, Vancouver, B. C.  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MANXJJ?ACTUI(l-RS ��� OF  PRKSSED BRICKS     FIRE BRICKS      FIRE CLAY  VIT1UFIED SALT GLAZED SKWKR PIPES  All kinds of sanitary fittings, agricultural drain tile,  flower pots, terra eotta, chimney pipe and due lining,  chimney tops, fire brick, lire clay, all kinds of fire clay  goods, assay ers'furnaces etc., made to. order.  Ornamental   Garden  Border Tiles, Vases,   Etc.  ��� Cement, plaster of paris, lime, and all kinds of  ornamental plaster work.  ATLANTIC   STEAMSHIP   TICKETS.  - To and from European points via Canadian and American lines.   Apply for sailing dates, rates, tickets, and  full information to any Canadian Pacific railway'agentor  C. P. It. City Agent, Nelson.  WILLIAM 8TITT, General S. S. Agent, Winnipeg.  |j. D. ]\\lUli Manager.  Tlio finest, hotel in tlio interior.  Large sample ropms.   ��tcanf heat and electric light.  CORNKR QF WARD A^D VKRNQN STS., NKLSON  Madden House  BAKEfl AND WARD STREETS, NKLSON.  The only hotel in Nolsoti that has remained under one  management since 1890.  The bed-rooms  arc  well furnished  and   lighted by  electricity.  Tho dining-room is not second to any in ICooteiiay.  Tho bar is always stocked by the best domestic and  imported liquors and cigars.  THOMAS MADDEN, Proprietor.  FLORENCE PARK  HOTEL  Two arid A half miles up the Outlet from Nelson.  0B1?PT A T TIUQ .     SPHnfi Chickens, Fresh, Cream,  Of MjIALIIJ-IO.     Pure Milk, Fresh-Laid Eggs.  All of which aro from the ranch belonging to the hotel  A pleasant place to spend afternoons, evenings and  enjoy delicacies thftt cannot bo obtained in hotels or  restaurants at Nolson.   Good sUlbling.   Open day  niglit.   Can bo reached by either road or water.  WILLIAM RORERTS, Proprietor.  and  Large and well lighted Heated by hot air  Reasonable rates * Sample rooms  Electric bells and light in every room  .Renovated and refurnished throughout  HOTEL*   VICTORIA  J. V. PERKS, Proprietor  Krce bus moot., all trains R_>valc4*__l_A    R   fi  Uourly strceL car to station ���nB��BIMURB|  B. U.  Ladies' Blouses in Prints, Muslins and Pipes  PBICES   ZETRODVC   50   OJEHSTTS   TXUP  Fancy waist sill^s, prices from 50 cents per yard up to  $1.50 per yard, all t\\e very latest patterns. Faqcy  dress goods all the newest shades aqd latest styles  Martin O'Reilly & Co.   Bank of B. C. building, West Baker street, Nelson, B. C.  P. Burns c�� Co.  WHOLESALE   AND   EETAIL  Meat Merchants  Wholesale Markets at flelson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.  RETAIL  STORES AT  Nelson,   Trail,. Ymir, Kaslo,  New Denver, Sandon, Silverton, Cascade  City,  Grand Forks,   Midway, Greenwood and Sirdar.  ORDERS BY MAIL  PROMPTLY FORWARDED  tfead Office, Nelson, B.C.  West Kootenay Butcher Co.   ;;  I  ALL KINDS OF FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  .     ~, WH0LESALE_AND RETAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON   '  Baker street,jieison E. C. TRAVES, Manager  OrtDERS BY MAIL RECEIVE CAREFUL AND PR02V1PT ATTENTION.  James McPhee I ELECTSi^iN  Will contract.to supply and install any t^ind of electrical machinery  Will wire buildings for electric lighting, eleetrie bells,  eleetrie burglnr alarms, eleetrie unmineiaton..  Wi  11 oontract lo install fire alarm systems in towns an  eities.   Full stoek ot wire "and llstiires on hand.  -WH.TE-FGR.-PAIGES Qffice-and -Storeroom:���Josephiria-Straet.-fielson.-  LONDON AND BRITISH COLUMBIA GOLDFIELDS, Ltd.  HEAP  OFFICE,   LONDON,   ENGLAND. '.���'..'.  All cprnmufiicatiorjs Kelatiog to British  Columbia  business to be, .dddpessed -to P; O. drawer  505j Nelson, British: Columbia     " "       .        ,.      ..  S.  RODERICK RQBERtSON, General Manager  S FOWLER, E-VM*, Mining Engineer  { N ELSdN:, _B. 0.  er  CEESTOH  Situate on the Crow's  ber of any description  district of Kootenay,  Tenders Solicited  Nest Railway is  in any quantity  prepared to deliver I  at any place within  um-  fhe  GOAT RIVER  LUMBER  COMPANY,  G.  A.  BIGELOW.  Manager  Nelson  Planing  Mills  FLOORING, LINING, MOULDINGS, DOORS,  AND SASHES IN STOCK.  EVERY DESCRIPTION OF JOINERY, DOORS AND WINDOWS  MADE TO ORDER.  Office and Mills Corner Hall and Front Streets, Nelson THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B.C., MONDAY, MARCH 2f, im  Druggists' Sundries  See that your  prescriptions are  filled by us.  TT7"E carry the most complete line  of drug* sundries in Kootenay  ancl the quality of our goods is the  best that money can buy. Our prices  are no higher than our competitors  charge for inferior goods.  Wo use none but tlie best quality of drugs and chemicals  Special attention given lo their compounding  W. F. Teetzel & Go.  CORNKIl BAKER AND JOSEPHINE STJtKKTS, NKLSON  Be Well Dresse  In addition to a new spring suit you need a new hat and tie.  See our window for samples of our stock of ties in all the latest  shapes and colors.  - We have just received and opened up a large stock of hard ancl  soft hats, including Stetson's, Fedora's, Christie's, Roelof's and Carter's for spring and summer wear.  James A. Gilker  P. 0. Store, Baker Street, Nelson.   Branch Store at Ymir.  GREAT CASH SALE  Jewelery, Watches, Clocks,  Silverware, Pianos,    7  Sewing Machines, -Bicycles.  EVERYTHING GOES  JACOB DOVER, The Jeweler  r -   V t __  NELSON TENT and AWIM MANUFACTORY  ALL   Canvas Goods, Tents, Awnings,  kofds arid Fancy Striped Curtains for  Verandahs and Windows  THEO. MADSON  ALL SIZES OF  TENTS IN STOCK  PROPRIETOR       Baker; St. opposite postoffice, Nelson,  THE BBACKMAN & KEB MILLM CO., M  *V5r-EE_;Or_____S_A.I-_E!   -A_-_ST_D   _R-E-_0?-A_I____  Write for quotations on cur lots. INIEjOSO-N",   _B_ O-  Contractors and Builders  WILL DO WELL TO  BUY tIeIR  Seeds  AT  (J. 0. BUCHANAN'S  A large stock of flrst-clas.'* dry material on hand, also  a lull line of sash; doors, mouldings, turned work, etc.  FACTORY WORK A SPECIALTY  .  Yard:  Foot of Hcnctryx street. Nelson  Telephone, 91 JollI!    R^, AgOTit  GAEDEN  FIELD and  FLOWER SEEDS  Fresh  I respectfully invite the ladies of JSFelson to  my spring opening of French, English and  American pattern hats, bonnets and fine millinery novelties, on Wednesday and Thursday,  March 29th and "30th. Inspection of stock  invited. MRS. E. McLAUGHLIN  .-.Josepliine street, Nelson.  In bulk and packages.  We sell at eastern  catalogue prices.  Canada Drug and Book Co.,  LI-MriT-E-D..  ...Corner Baker and Stanley Streets, Nelson.  LOCAL   NEWS   AND   GOSSIP.  Mrs. H. D. IJimie returned last night  from a month's visit to Victoria, where  she underwent a successful operation for  ear trouble. She is now full restored to  health.  C. 10. Davis, locomotive engineer on the  main line of the Canadian Pacific railway  between Revelstoke and Field, is in Nelson, looking after some mining properties  in this vicinity in which he is interested.  A warrant has been issued for the arrest of Jacksou Radcliil'e, who is charged  with having assaulted a woman named  Frank ie Pullen, the proprietress of a  restaurant on Baker street just west of  the Tremont hotel. The assault for which  lladclifl'e is wanted took place last night,  but the accused has not since been seen.  D. McArthur & Co. have secured the  contract for the driving of the piles necessary for the foundation for the buildings  ofthe ore sampling works to be erected  by the Slocan Ore Purchasing Company.  S. P. Tuck of Kaslo will succeed W. P.  Robinson of Nelson as sheriff of South  Kootenay.  The steamer Trail of the Columbia  river fleet is now making regular trips  with freight between Arrowhead and  Robson. The Rossland is making round  trips daily with passengers between  Nakusp and Arrowhead, and the Miuto is  tied up at Nakusp, being fitted up for  passenger service between Arrowhead  and Robson. It is expected that next  week the Rossland and Minto will commence a regular service ou the Columbia,  when the old schedule time-table will be  resumed and the connection with the  main line via Slocan lake aud Nakusp will  be abandoned.  Tenders are being called for the excavation and masonry for the foundation of  the new Bank of Montreal block at the  corner of Baker and Kootenay streets.*.  Tenders must be sent to A. E. Hodgins before Wednesday noon.  Born at Nelson on Sunday morning to  the wife of Charles Leqeister, a son.  FOR   SALE  Two lots and house with fourteen rooms on Silica  street, bel ween Josephine and Hall streets. Terms  ��1500 cash, balance to be arranged $*',5_0  Lot and house on Latimer street, near Josephine  street.   Terms' ?,.00 cash, balance on mortgage...  1,000  Lot and store on Baker street.   Good location   8,000  Lot on Baker street., near corner of Cedar street...    S00  MINIMA  RECOUPS.  XEI.SON* MIXING   DIVISION���I-KCOK-.  OFFICE AT   N1.I-30N.  Monday, March 27���Locations ��� I.Inck Cock, situate  one-half mile north of tho S'elson SKort Slieppiinl water  tank at the mountain station; John MeAliiian locator.  Transfers���Lookout Fraction, stiuato on Tamarac  mountain, one-half milo north of Wild Horse creek, adjoining the A.iax: James McCreath of tirocuwood to  Kiehard Oreene of Ymir; consideration SnOO.  .U.NSWOKTU     MINIMI       DIVISION��� KKL'OKD      OFFICE    AT  KASI.O.  Saturday, March 2...���Transfers���One-eighth interest  in the Alonte Carlo, International, Fractional Fraction  U.S. Fraction, Uariboo, North Slope, South Slope, ..veiling Star, and Northern Light, all situate about ten mill's  un Woodbury creek ; Charles F. Caldwell of Kaslo to I).  M. Linnai'd of Rossland.  Assessments���On the Colorado Fraction, situate half a  mile south of Ainsworth; on atlldavit of O. K. Hailing  for owners.  FOR   SALE.  A   DRAYING   business,  well  established,  horses, stable and complete out.tl.  Cost olio. Nelson. It. U.  '{  rigs, 5  Apply  \v. A.  C II I.A1'���Ten-stump mill, with concentrators complete:  good condition.   Address, Mill, Tribune olllce. Nel-  soii. 1). .'.       __  HOb'i-KIIOLD  COOIIS-Must be sold at once.   Bargains.   Apply lirst house west of St. Paul's church,  Victoria streel. -Nelson.   TENANTS   WANTED '  FOR four stores, three basements, and ono second-  story warcroom. The stores anil basements will be  24 by 100 feet, tho second-story wardroom 100 by Hit) feet,  all in a brick building, with stono basement, having a  southern frontage on Baker street. Occupation given  July 1st. Inquire of Jolr.i Houston, Vernon street. Nelson.  TO   LET.  FROM or about April 1st., an eight-room house; furnished, bath room, electric liglu, piano, workshop  and large garden. Comer of Kails and Hoover streets.  Apply J-*. P. VV.i_il.ey, Nelson, li. C.   WANTED.  W ANTE-.���The postollice address or any information  of Archie Wilson or Richard Wilson, brothers;  aged 23 and 27 years, respectively; Scotch; low set and  dark con p oxion. Mrs. Christina Wilson, 1507 Congress  ���street, Chicago. Illinois.   PROFESSIONAL   CARDS.  II.  HOLDICH���Analytical Chemist and Aoouyer.  Victoria street, Nolson. - _^  A.  The British Columbia Loan and Savings Company,  who give the most reasonable terms to borrowers, allowing principal to be paid oll'ut any tunc without charging  any bonus.  GAMBLE &  O'REILLY. Agents.  Crow'sJesLPass Coal Co.  .    PAYMENT. MUST ACCOMPANY  . ALL ORDERS    * ..;*."',  Charles;  St.   Barbe,    Agent.  T C. GWILLIM, B.A.SC. & W. S. JOHNSON, B.A.Sc.  " ��� ���Alining Engineers and Analytical Chemists,  Slocan City, B. C.   LODGE   MEETINGS.*  KNIGHTS  OF PYTHIAS-Nelson   Lodge,  No,  2..,  Knights of Pythias, meets in I. O. O. I'. Hull,corner  Baker and Kootenay streets, every Tuesday evening at  8 o'clock.   Visiting Knights cordially invited to attend.  C. FRENCH, C. C. G. ROSS. K. of K. & a.  NELSON LODGE, NO. 23, A. F. & A. M.   Meets  second Wednesday in each month.   Sojourning  v brethren invited.  ��p^r~  STEINWAY  "The"  Standard   Piano  of the World.  N0RDHEIMER  The Artistic.Piano.of  Canada. - ���-   .  ABT AND MUSIC: CO.; Nelson, Agents;;  *     '    NOTICE   TO   CONTRACTORS.  . Sealed Tenders will be, re'eoieved' by ���thc undersigned  tip to Wednesday noon, March 2!)th, .for, the excavation,  and masonry on I lie foundation of the'Bank of. Montreal,  building on the S. "\V7 corner "of Kootenay and Baker  streets. The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted. Plans and spec* ("cations may be seen at my olllce. r  ARTHUR iVl. HODGINS, Architect.   -  Contractors  and Others  '' Who . use picks, ,L shovels,, etc.,.  should not fail to look at our line  of goods,.* which -for qualities and  material cannot be* beat.  Vancouver Hardware Co., M  . Importers of,Shelf and Heavy Hardware.-  MAP-A StBAKNARD-BLOCK, BAKER ST., NELSON  To Be  A< NICE PA! R OF SHOES  Js^-as^jiec^ssACy^as^a-ij e_w___s uit=df=c!otheSr-and=a=hic^=hat-  Our stock  of spring; and  summer footwear is  now   complete  ALL SHAPES, ALL STYLES, ALL SIZES AM ALL LASTS,  ?  NELSON, B. C.  KASLO, B. C.  SANDON, B. C.  DEALERS IN  Shelf and Heavy Hardware  SOLE AGENTS FOR  Giant Powder  TRUAX  ORB  GARS  Canton Drill Steel  CARRY IN STOCK  Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal  Pipes, and Fittings  Giant, Caps and Fuse  Tools, Cutlery, Tin  and Woodenware  Stoves, Ranges,  Iron, Steel,  Sheet  Iron, T-Rails  Paints, Oils, Glass  i  -"I  NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:  Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.  THE LAWRENCE HARDWARE GO.  Will   be found  in  their new premises on   Baker Street  with  a  complete  stock  of  HARDWARE  Shelf and  Heavy  Heavy  and Shelf  ALL KINDS OF MINING SUPPLIES  You will find it to your' ad vantage to consult us  ' before'placing your orders-    -  Tinsmithing arjd Plumbing* a Specialty.  .' Estimates. Cheerfully Furnished v  ains in  Having gone, over our '-'immense.!.stock and finding  that we can do business .where others are vtryirig,  we find it proper for our 'customers, .^hd otliers to  Come and Get ."Bargains-.;  in Groceries and Crockery, the ;stock of which is  always, filled.with the latest novelties,        _:'"'-  Ashcroft  Potatoes  We have Shilling's celebrated Java and Mocha  Coffees and Teas. Mining orders promptly filled  and-earefullv. Dackfed*   -Briees tu  20 AND 2S WEST BAKER STRKKT, NELSON  imer  THE EMINENT PIANO MANUFACTURES  have been attaining1 enormous success recently with their new scale cabinet pianos. In Ontario and Quebec provinces especially, recently many  leading- families have purchased these high-grade pianofortes, in preference to those of any other Canadian maker. The trade associations which  the Messrs. Nbrdheimer have enjoyed for over fifty years in connection  with their representation, for the Dominion of Canada, of the world-,  renowned Steihway, Chiekering, and Dunham Pianos, have given the  house the true ideal as to what a strictly first-class musical instrument  should be. It is gratifying* to note the success that is now rewarding:  their efforts in the production of the upWg-ht pianos of their manufacture.  P. J. PAINTON   IS  REPRESENTATIVE FOR NELSON  Telephone 10.   F. O. Box _K & W.     Baker street Wesfy Nelson  Falls.on Sunday this season, on this  account thei-e will be a big- deuxand^for  Come direct to us as we will be well .supplied. We have also made arrangements  with the Nelson hens to keep us supplied wi.th new laid eggs until after the feast, if  you don't have boiled egfgs for breakfast d4n!t blame us.  Something* choice in Easter hamis and breakfast baeon, and a pound of our Tea will  complete the bill of fare. .  3-Star Flour Makes Good Bread.  THE RUSH  Has been so great we were  compelled to order more goods  which have just arrived. First  come first choice.  Young Men  If, you want a nobby suit or a stylish pair  of pants for spring wear call at rooms 5 and  0 Clements block. I will show you some  nice cloth and samples, and will send same  to your olllce or room where your measure  can bo taken. Will lit you as you wero  never fitted before.  LADIES' TAILOR MADE SUITS  A SPKCIALTY  ABERDEEN BLOCK  NELSON, B. O.  The Best on the Market  H. M. Vincent      Stevens, The Tailor  UAKJCK ST. WEST, NKLSON, ��. C. 1 WWBWHWJ       ll|V       I UIIVI   j  Just received a carload of tlio Lake of the Woods Milling Company's'  celebrated Hungarian brands of Flour, which will, be-sold at the same  price as the  inferior  grades on the market.    Try it and  be  convinced.  Family orders a specialty and free daily delivery  Mail and telephone orders promptly attended to  Baker Street West, opposite Oddfellows' Block.  JOHN A. IBVM & CO.  SPECIAL ATTMTM  Have just received a consignment of Harris home  made tweeds from Talbot Harris, Scotland.  FEED J. SQUIBE, Bafcer St. Men  ���  Tho supply is limited, so call early and examine this Btock.  '5!<&M_^s-��a_JiYvrf J.  fe^arSafea-as-'J-;;'--^:


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