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The Tribune Mar 24, 1899

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 UNPARLIAMENTARY    LANGUAGE  USED   BY   A   MINISTER.  For Calling Sir Charles a Mischievous Demagogue Sir Richard is Called Down  by Sir James.  Ottawa,   March   24.���The   bottom   has  fallen out of the debate in reply to the  address, there being no speech of importance yesterday.   Sir Richard Cartwright  spoke.    He culled sir Charles Tupper'a  mischievous demagogue, and the speaker  Edgar   called   him    to   order   and   compelled him to withdraw the  phrase.    Sir  Richard dealt principally with  the  work  of the joint high commission.   He denied  that it had  been a failure, although the  negotiations had been beset with special  difficulties. The chief stumbling block to a  successful treaty was the fact that it had  to  be  approved   by   two-thirds  of  the  - American senate, which  was not representative of the American people.   Referring to the cry that Canada ought to retaliate, the minister said, "Let us not act  in   the   temper    of    school   boys.     Let  ns first see the issue of these negotiations.  Then it will be time to decide what course  to pursue.   I will never be one to counsel  an unworthy surrender of the rights of  Canada, nor will I be a party to silly bluster or any attempt to terminate prematurely the negotiations with  the United  States."  Hod, N. Clarke Wallace gave a review  of the trade question, dealing specially  with the Liberal tariff, showing that instead of favoring Great Britain it really  favored the United Slates in many  articles. Mr. Wallace said he anticipated,  the failure of the Washington negotiations.  The debate was continued by Messrs.  Casey, Taylor, Lemieux and Mouk.  Colonel Prior has a striug of questions  on the order paper in reference to the  position of P. C. Wade in the Yukon.  He will also ask if the government intends to introduce anti-Chinese  legislation this session. Colonel Prior has  also given notice that lie will ask the  prime minister if the statement of Mr.  Maxwell is correct, that $2S,000 has been  placed hi the pockets of Liberals in Vancouver since he represented them.  'Mr. Macdonald of Victoria gave an able  contribution to the debate in the senate  yesterday.  The absence of senator John Sutherland  of Manitoba for two consecutive sessions,  thereby vacating his seat, was reported,  and the matter was referred to the privileges committee to declare the seat  /vacant., V;,....:-; :' *��� V  -;The address;h.as passed -the senate.- ��� -  ^���01-;,  ^  '?*a;\-K  V*C*\  FRIDAY XFTERFOON, MARCH 24,  1899.  TWO IMPORTANT APPEAL CA&ES  A   JUDGMENT   UPHELD.  PUBLISHED AT NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DAILY (BY MAIL) $5 A YEAR;  WEEKLY,  have admitted that they could not stand  the Araericon shells and bayonet charges.  The escaped Spaniards corroborate the  stories told of food shortage among the  rebels., aud added that their hospital.*, are  short of supplies.  PREPARING  FOR   A   FIGHT.  Still Held  THE FRENCH SHORE QUESTION  Refugees Arrive From a Town  by the Filipinos.  Manila, March 24.���The enemy are extremely active in the vicinity of Malabon  in preparing defences, evidently anticipating an attack. They keep well under  cover. A small body, however, emerged  from the jungle on the extreme left yesterday and fired upon the Kansas troops  in the trenches, fatally wounding private  Cohen of company B and private Muser  of company F. The Oregon volunteers  and the 22nd regulars inarched to the  front yesterday. The 3rd and 17th regiments have disembarked from the transport Sherman. Geueral Otis's brigade  struck their tents this morning, and an  early move is probable.  Sixteen English refugees arrived here  yesterday on board the Saturnus from  Dagupan, the railroad, terminus. They  report that, the natives are generally  friendlyr aud the officers invariably courteous. ��� Mr. Higgins, manager of the railroad, and about a dozen unmarried men  in charge of various business interests  declined to take advantage of the opportunity to leave. Nothing has been heard  from the two American planters at Cal-  umpit since hostilities broke out. At Dagupan Filipino accounts were that a thousand Americans have been killed, the  fatalities being especially at Caloocan,  where the United States troops "rushed  Jike madmen against a storm of bullets."  IS   A   STAGE   PROPERTY  OUT-DOOR SPORTS IN ENGLAND  THE   GRAND   NATIONAL  Of  the   Politicians   of Newfoundland  and  Used as Occasion Requires, So Says  a St. Johns Merchant.  ��� T_ie���Wli-te .-population.Increasing. *��  Winui  U 4.     .u  U     nj-jrf,,. .       urtL-li^        HP JP   ���      n'MlVn .U     ���"        n ~      U- #    ! Xji ���   . ^n   n    ���  2bllege  ;~||bWenKin\the;:;fa  ^".cehtqry^^^  '4 \fi-i-��.t j Imr t<bfVt he" \cbuhtryf i ufjabin p&_]ii"ons  %witia*s tH^.^|nd||Cnjf "-a^^ailg^ree^f uf.  ..:"thei-vn>.hbeif^  frJast��yearibyi"qthea*vlondikeiuishJ*As a,rule,  '>the*; hall--^  I-"sfiaWie^Ctdi i v^  ^���:by;trapping .iaBuqn-nShiJng."S/!TshueB\(Shjn>te''''pK  ~yf>ne, cdifh fcrjfrf is���fm ii6hZih]pi sS)We;"VVs^tli'at^of(  ���Kthis di-itiifet/n��6uW  .��winter.".5.-Horsesre.ed" out; allx.ymter;* but1  'nca;t.thg-��D,ha.,vn<|��*��:ta ,-���be",^sheltered.vThe.re is-  |"fa;b��unda-ince#4fVWUoH^ -in'dswa^ei^/ah.d/^hei;  ��� land.is. adaptedvst^^wheats^"grPwihg.vRe-  "- gai'd in^thft moye^to^make - a* treaty: wj tji-  1 ^thVJrudi'afis/6% tBm A"thl^fca\ aiiq-.Jfeace*  :.(;Tiy^rXdistn'et>,^  . s thinks.the com m issioneri. juight meet, with-,  '^d i ificTiltiy ,4 n"; t r&ji tff. g;n��witli��sp the itrib"eSr�� as'"  "- "(j'liey^ .arb�� sVk��her��/ adyerse'^itb; t'lig**''vvlinft^-  *"yma"n*s:d^t��ru��s*i0nl3.."_"''��"^"��r^'f.V^ �� :.""" ��-' "     .������  . * ���' BicCpy .thd; Cho^r(ski Fi^ht Tonight.  Suh-FrjCucisco,"March 24.^The��question  of a "referee for- tdhigJht's fight has not  =been=fiually=settled7=^^ohiiT^Sulliyifflr  ywho is the choice of both fighterf*, has riot  been-heard,  from.    Unless   som0   reply  comes   from   Sullivan   by    iioori    today  another man will  be selected  to act as  ��� referee.   The  betting still   continues at  ten to six in McCoy's favor.   Iii the mn-  tuals, McCoy is. a tw6 to Sane favorite. The  National.  Club managers announce that  the sale of seats upi to last   night   wfts  $20,000.      Notwithstanding     the    rainy  weather, a crowd as  big as  that which  attended the Shiu:key;Fit5isiii\ni��)uns fight  ih the ctty in "1S9(! is "expefttfecli  A Speethi and Two Disasters.  Halifax, March 24.-^Prehiier Murray delivered the. budget speech today. He  estimates the probable revenue at $S80,J0G,  which is $29,100 more than last year and  the expenditure at $748,280. The Black  Diamond liner Coban, owned by the  Dominion Coal Company*, arrived here  today with a cargo of coal." Her boats  are badly damaged as a. result of being  jammed in the ice off the Cape Breton  coast. A cablegram reports the collision  off Buenos Ayres of Yarmouth barkentine  Madelaine Riss and a Norwegian barque.  The Yarmouth barque is owned by W. L.  Loot.   The crew is saved.  Doubts England's Friendship.  Berlin, March 24.���The newpapers here  aggressively discuss the Samoan question,  and a portion of the press maintains that  Germany must adequately protect German interests there. The semi-official  Post, referring to Germany's, proposal to  recall all the tripartite representatives in  Samoa, says : ''This is the wisest thing-all  rouud, as then new arrangements would be  ����� hiuchveasierf bi- alKcorieernechWiciFit does"  "/uofein,vol0v���e*the��humiliationlofeanybodyi''.  ^he;^Be*&hn*Arnziege^  ian^*the;nCuo4b^neX"Ga__etfe"^e  ttrreh,'^rTfh;'it?;i/either.^m^  *Brifain; 3s;��V>yilliug,*  ftoward'Gernvanyj ih}'t  $iii__ti��p6.s^  '*;U,nXtedVanS|at|��s^��i%*"n6fe;^^^  ffdmtHesem  /ca.se0ttbpcb*n_.es:iiecenssaT^  ''and^mpreVfevi^o^  f|Sdfo^s;-|*ta��^  '^QvlernmentridV.the^S^m^  singiilai;] fyai ^*fa"riahce^viEhf"rece%*an.d3  *6feeh"��?repea"ted"!a&^  ���Th3!:"re^o^al":"d4"thCT  ��AFSj"a>"^wh6s> int;wigu"el/��hSy'e>:occaWrieas;  the whole turmoil, is especially necessary  *beiore"*peace4ilcan"���� beJ��;re|estaibl���i��hed"tin  SambSSf "#h#Vc^^  ^^-rociateld1 IPress*l;earp��C.'fI.d___i ��� an aii"thdi>  _itttt}f>e:5"i^  :i,n��ten'dint6\re^p"v.ejHerl^R'bs'e,��jtKe Germ.Cn  ��� cpnsuhat :Apia,���unlf.ss^Great -Britain" and"  ;the":Uhit^  "SUlS.       ������   .   ��������������� ���s-=j ���   7, ���;;     ���   .,:r.^-    ���������_������"     ."  ���-. "������,] -Reje.ctedV:Her" Appli"^  ������ Parj^,- .Maiich^i.-^Iri ^he;cp���urt;!. of .* cassst-  "tion today B-vllet de Bi-iaCjiifepaire, president of the ciyil secBon p�� t.h'e court, bf  cassation, retid a ifepprt recdmrhending  then'ejection^of'the^applicatidh^of-Slmer  Dreyfus for the exclusion from the revi-  St. Johns, Newfoundland, March 24.���  James Murray, in an interview on  the  French shore question, treats it from the  standpoint of a residential merchant of  many years' experience in the trade pf  the colony, and also as a former member  of the legislature for one of the districts  on the treaty coast.    "The French shore  question," he said, "is merely a stage property of the politicians, brought out into^  prominence, or run back into obscurity,  just .as it suits, their schemes and needs;  There is just enough substantial basis for  the French grievance to swear by, but  barely    enough   to   keep   it   from'   be-:  coming   extinct   altogether.       Were   it  not  for  the  periodical  efforts  of. local  politicians to galvanize it into renewed  life, the French fishery question  would  have died out long ago.   The total  value  of the cod fish caught on the French shore  last year did not exceed $35,000, and the  lobster fishery $70,000.   The whole fishery  in value did not pay the cost of fitting  out the French fishing fleet.. The French  public   money  has   been  expended   like  water in bolstering up this claim.     They  have spent equal to $00,000,000 of public  money during the last fifty years in vamping, up this  almost  defunct  enterprisej  and this enormous expenditure has been  coucealed from the French people.   From  $30 to $40 per man for codfish is the aver>  age earning per man on the French shore,  and were it not for the lobsters their fishr  ery would have been abandoned   years  ago.   At fifty years' purchase; the total  value  of  the  catch   would   not  exceed  $2,000,000, and the utmost profit on that  would not exceed 10 per cent, or $200,000."   ������ '���'��� ��� -���- m"--A       ��� ���;?;  A Disastrous Fire at Clexreland.      M  Cleveland; March 24.���A fireV broke but  early today in the japanning department  of the Dangler Stove   &  Manufacturing  "Comp-$ny.>on"* Perkins��av  :.withstanding>the|;enormous�� quantity -ox  .���^aterjsppuredfintp.the. nuHding.by"fitteeni  .engihes^thejstr.uc^  ���� m'achin errandJargefqu^  Won by Manifesto, Ford of Fyne Second-  Result of the University  Field Events.  0.  London, March 24.���The Grand National  steeplechase was won by J. C. Bnllell's  aged horse Manifesto. This race is 2500  sovereigns, by subscription of 25 sovereigns each, 15 sovereigns forfeit: second  receives 300 sovereigns, and third 200 sovereigns; for five-year-olds and upwards  distance about four miles and 850 yards.  A trophy valued at 100 sovereigns is included in the value of the race,, or specie,  at the winner's option. Alajor Orr  Ewing's Ford of Fyne, aged, was second ;  and Audley Blyth's Bllinian, aged, finished; third. Nineteen horses started.  The betting was five, to one against Manifesto, forty to one against Ford of Fyne  and twenty to one against Elliman.  English Field Sports.  London, March:24.���There was a poor  attendance at the University field sports  held at Queen's Club todajv owing to the  bitter cold weather. The track, however,  was good but rather hard. A strong wind  up the track was much against the runners in distance races. Following were  the resulcs: One hundred yards dash-  Thomas, Oxford, 10^ seconds; half mile  run���Graham, Cambridge, 1 minute, 59 3.-5  seconds; 120 yards, hurdles���Paget Torn-  linson, Cambridge, l(j seconds; hammer  throwing���Greenshields, Oxford, 110 feet;  long jump���Wassal,,Oxford, 23 feet 3 inches; quarter-mile0 run���Mbllins, Oxford,  51 2-5 seconds;vOinile Vrun���Hunter, Cambridge, 4 minutes 35 seconds; putting the  weight���Clark; Cambridge, 34 feet; high  jump���Adair, 'Oxford, 5 . feet 8�� inches;  three-mile run���Workman. Cambridge, 15  minutes, 22.3-5 seconds. .       ������),  "TOM" MITCHELL'S   VERSION.      ;  lation," which was in his opinion  most urgently needed, if only  to check the "modus operandi" of  a number of very unscrupulous incoming  speculators from the other side of the international border. The captain adds,  however, that Mr. Graham, the recently  appointed provincial gold commissioner,  and Mr. Brownlee, the official surveyor  for Atlin, are proving fully equal to a  difficult occasion with the aid in each case  of a competent staff, as a result of which  order will gradually be evolved out.of  what before was little but chaos, due regard being paid to all thoroughly legitimate interests previously acquired.  Such testimony as the above���which we  have briefly summarized from an interview which was lately had with captain  Cadill in this city by the representative  of a strong Oppositionist journal, may be  taken as of special value in support of the  northern land and mining policies of the  Semlin administration, in that captain  Cadill's remarks are not only those of an  outside observer who has taken ho part in  British Columbia's political controversies,  but were actually elicted from him by a  journalistic interviewer who certainly  cannot be charged with bias in favor of  the provincial government.  The Attorney-General Will  be  Allowed  Appear Before the Privy Council on  Behalf of the Coal Miners.  to  LEAD   SMELTERS'   TRUST.  factured goods was practically destroyed, ^.uiiueaud "Tom Mitchell, the concentrator  Theiiighi?:wihas*iwhichip_^^  *-= ��_���___���_s��_*!___-!������ ^_s_ =. ,"_i"r.^_;"^��'4S-A^:,*i,__"^i.."-.rf��.v4-*>^U"��"*" iv*r.j*._'ii?i<:"Ar-ir<;__ ^���*i_--irf_;-��_:_XL'��_!"_.V'"i-'"ii&r-.ri&  "<;lie��.fire!Vtp ";���i"sprea<i*}tof ��the^la"h,t?>otj  Gle'yelahd^Ma.chine^S.cr^        "'"*"'   ibihiri^^th��Dahgle*f:rwot_ks  ���_'i_.��i_-si'-?..l.:.**t-___i...-.''j-,.i ' -"���������'������   -  alsp".tles���tro_/ed".":  the;:  .anyy adn  a*h"d'"li t'<li" was*  The loss ou the Dangler  Expecting a Decisive Battle.  Manila, March 24.^���Two Spanish prisoners, who escaped from Polo to the lines of  the Kansas regiment, report that the  Filipinos have concentrated their forces  at Malabon and Poloud. They say that  only Aguinaldo's body guard remains at  Malalos, and that the rebel leaders are  apparently staking their fortunes on the  fight at Malabon. There it was expected  that the engagement would take place  yesterday. If defeated, the rebels intend  to disperse to the swamps and mountains. The rebels . were putting tneir  bolos in front, believing the bolomen's  charges would divert the bullets. The  bolos of the Filipinos greatly outnumber  the rifles.   The rebels are further said to  sion inquiry of three judges, Petit, Crepon  and Lepelletier, who in the early stages  of the proceedings decided unfavorably  Pn a Dreyfus question. The public prose-  (.utor recommended that contrary action  be taken, and formally suppprted1 gratat-  ihg the application Pf madame Dreyfus,  After a long deliberation, the' court de"-  cided tp reject the application, and condemned uiadame Dreyfus to pay a, fine of  100 francs.   A Justifiable Killing.  Bluefields, West Virginia, March 24.���  While O. H. Skinner, a saloonkeeper* was  lying ill in an upper rpom pf his house  near Orliy, he and his wife were attacked  by a negro, who assaulted them and attempted robbery. Skinner managed to  get hold of his revolver, arid while the  brute was attacking" his wife shot him  three times in the head, killing him instantly. The negro proved to be F. M.  Scott, a notorious character. Skinner  was aquitted from all blame by the coroner's jury.   Luxton Gets a Job at St; Paul.  St. Paul, March 24.���It is understood  that W. F. Luxton of Winnipeg has been  offered and has accepted the business  management of the daily Globe, one of  the leading newspapers of Minnesota.  The changes in the Globe staff are caused  by the departure of Mr. Spinney, editor-  in-chief for New York. Mr. Gifford, for  many years attached to.the Globe, is the  new editor-in-chief, and Mr. Luxton takes  the position of business manager.  Prominent Society People.  Winnipeg, March 24,���Mrs. Mackintosh  of Vancouver, wife of ex-lieutenant-governor Mackintosh,' passed through here  yesterday, accompanied by her daughter.  They are going to Ottawa, where it is said  Miss Mackintosh will be married to  Charles Needham, a young lawyer well  known in British Columbia social circles. I  .wprksA as .conservatively>estimated-i;atBj  s"$��00-gp^q;and5Xhe^lev"eland;a%^  ;Cbmpany'sfplahtC$SO0O.^  i'ullyifdyered^by/iti^  ^l��ei^plarit"is^pshly��^^  ihoursj-lfler ��he��fife!fsta"re"d; "a?failing* walls  at the screw works lell  burying beueath  ,it;lieu,tenant.Rp.th.pijifare company;g��No,s/ps_  rt��"is^believtd^heiw.a  ��bpu3y;jh|i-i-'"npt^be^_i���recp^ -��"'x";��" ��� "���.    "  . .v..P����,���'"��-�����".jA"-Gall^Boy;disappears?f'" h:"'���".".i  '" :Gal^b)ii^f^a^;:'M^he"yery('  mysterious? disappearance- of .-Bert ,Shupe,,  ^heveighfeen-��y,e;aHq^^^^  SShupe of:.|his"'itdwn,:has; cretiteti al&rm.  i0.h''Mpndj^3_,.UtnjfPpn",th^'��yoiVri'g: mrthcauie,  home -to dinner, but- without" ^touching  Vany food and after packing tip hjs-over-"  coafc disappeared1 drfd has hot been" h.eaf d*  frbni sinces  . :��    " "'   " "    "���'���  The Comstock' Mine   Management   Wanted  _Mpre^ Than. They VBargained For. V  j"sThe*Silvertdn���Silver��t6i-iiah"ofVla8^  accused.THBiTBiatiNE -tot jspublishmgl mis^  ft-i. *'*'.>" V.  ..""li;^"."^^^"."^'"-^'^"^"."..^/.^!.    .!%"���"SS;,��'��-���1  statements fegarding:the."controv^rsyibe-?  ��" ��i# -*�������. *�����.;"���" %'���.-,. ."���   iV".��K'. '">W���">, ".,"'%""���' *'"'""',*."  tween the management of  the Comstock  ==^Liye4^0ne^Hjuidied_-ahd-_T*wo___years._==__-  Corhwall, Ontario, March 24.���Mrs.  (Catherine Barkley of Matilda township is  dead at the advanced age of 102. She was  the daughter Of an United Empire loyalist  settler. She wrts married eighty years  ago arid had twelve children, eight of  whom are still living.  New Brunswick "LegiSlatu_:e in Session.  St. John, March 24.���The New Brunswick legislature was opetiftd yesterday by  lieutenantgovernpr McClellan. Ge.Prge  F. Hi'll, member for Charlotte county,  was appointed speaker. A state dinner  wa3 given last night.  To be Promoted.  Paris, March 24.���The Journal this  morning says it learns that jJI. Jules Cani-  bon, French Ambassador to the United  States^ will sooii? be appointed a-ilbassa-  dor to Italy, to succeed M. Nisard, who is  about to resign.  Bruce Officeholder Dead.  Kincardine, Ontario, March 24.���Lieutenant-colonel Christopher R. Parker, for  many years division court clerk here and  prominent in many positions in the town  and the county, is dead* aged eighty-four.  Four People Burned to Death,  Memphis, Tennessee, March 24.���In a  fire which broke out in the boarding  house of Mrs. Nolan, at 104 Court street,  at 2:30 this morning, four people lost their  lives and several were seriously injured.  .   Is Still Alive.  Santiago de Cuba, March 24.���John Sherman   has   bean safely moved  from   the  the  the  American   line   steamer   Paris    to  quarters prepared for him  on  board  United States cruiser Chicago.  Will Again Wear the Yellow Jacket.  Pekin, March 24.���It is learned on good  authority that Li Hung Chang is again  upon the point of returning to power.  He.issreported" in; thet-KoPtenaian: as .say  >/";We!l,"_I*suppo��e^^  i:j*ge:tft.!-\��o!uth^  "^thariShefeWh trac^^^  ^spme^hat^inchnedstp .pla.y<bear:;���.��� J,, ha.v^  ;��ubuilt<'niheTnSw:mills^  $lH?dne��''itft,hW^  iptricts.aTpd-Mis isjthe./nrsJ-trouble^Ixhaye��  fhald.inrmaki-fgja^settl^m  ��tjh*efplan^  '^uccpssf.ulj'^ fpr-Thirt^  a:*brBak\o&jar}n.Eyer^^  as;"crdck-tygrk1;"f Thpi-dughly^Vcdtiype^nt-  DaSsaye_;|iC;_iec-jed���f|^Ttl^V.o and1*"  "de.mb}as&rate"dvth*ajt"' thet��inill:j��was"��� .savSngj  4$|.��jpei{/;;^ nle*a'(lu����"i"nj {tne* nd;re,^"  aUnd "'thisr. is ".considered':-close nSilling.  yly ..wai^^iprced " Vtp���: ^ clpae ,���o;pwn the  plaht":ih prdet: lp obt^inva.lefctlenifent- with  the elo^rbahy's-ageht .on" ^ng third payment.����As sobn as -this, was comiDleted "I  "iturncd'thKkey^d^er'to him. The "dispute  w��-tsvi.n"additibb to the lOQO feet of pen-  sfcoc^k specified in the1 (.ontract I was to  furnish 420 feet more and also 200 feet of  flumerwhich-appareritly>they=expeet^.ne  tP donate to the company. I have not  consented to any alteratipna and additions to the Cbntriact, nor d.o^l intend to  unless I receive at fair remuneration for  ��h*em.. The fpurth and last payment is  "still due ou the property. It is closed for  the present, but bad roads'are responsible  for that, and the mill will begin work as  soon as it is possible tb haul ore and concentrates, ,  Independent; Testimony.  [Viincou vor Xows-A.il vorXism:, ilarch 2"-.il(l-1,  Some interesting and Valuable testimony in regard to the provincial ^Pver.n-  ment's policy cpncerninp; Atlin has just  been afforded by an intelligent English  Pbserver and investor in that district in  the person of captain Cadill of London,  England* who is, as it may be well to add,  unconnected with either of oiir British  GblUmbian political parties and therefore  speaks from an independent standpoint.  Captain Cadill, after stating that iu his  opinion the Atlin region is a good placer  gold country for a comparatively poor  man, correctly and significantly adds that  the provincial royalty of one per cent is a  "rational" levy, which does not err on the  wrong side as regards the hardworking miner. He also points  out from personal observation made  on the spot, that the anti-alien policy of the Placer Mines Act is amply justified by the previous condition of things at  Atlin,which equally justified theadoption  by the Semlin administration of a land  policy, directed especially against the  "grabbing" of crown lands in the new  gold field, alike to the detriment of the  province and the general public of Atlin.  Captain Cadill states that before the recent sending of strong provincial officials  to Atlin, attempts were there being made  ���largely by alien speculators���to record  fictitious or doubtful land and mining  claims, as a result of which things have  become "very, badly mixed." ; In fact  "the fictitious claims have but tp be seen  and counted," says captain Cadill, ,"to  realize the necessity for the recent legia-  Stock( Eagerly Sought For and. Subscriptions  Were Refused;   V  -, ��� [Engineering and Mining Journal, March 18th.]    -  The floating of the stock of the American Smelting and Refining Company���the  smelters' combination���this week, has  been a very successful operation. The  stock of the new corporation was largely  over-subscribed, and many applicants  were rejected altogether, or had allotments reduced from the amount asked for.  The subscription price, as stated last  week, was $1000 for 10 shares of preferred  stock and seven of.common stock, and  rights, or accepted subscriptions, are  already selling at from 115 to 125. The  present issue of-stock includes $27,000,000  in preferred and $18,.)00,000 iu common  stock to subscribers,' with $8,100,000 in  common stock- to the underwriters. The  latter receive as their compensation for  floating and financing the company 30 per  cent of sthe-cdmh3on;8tbck���and hot 30���per  4.    n  ��� D__/Pn'-I�� nVl'   Dol&?#       **    '__.������ "B-tP?     -'       '���-LD'il  __rtD-    A.��f-    1%"^"     nlP     (T     -  rf**-V  -cent of ..the;^^ entire capital,(s.tpck,^as ^was  Tstat6,.d.ih'��.np^  .yfKTheVcom pariy (?.re taihsSih "*, the ��!'treasury.''  E$ii;()0o,ooovdf;ritsv^tdci^$5;5oo,0()o^p^  . f erred; and-$5,500;000^cpm  ^'.pr^future'M  \ h iis'i n e^$ j"<-*Ini7ajSqu^*'a^iyea^irppy;(pp^iil^i  i-will-h^  ^l^OWiWO^b^ndsV^dn^"^  $Kd nsas /City^-Sm el.ting-i&.lKefihingiCdmH:  *pany,^ w���hi%4wilirm1.t^^  "This**wilI"]br6bab"ly*b��ddhe��;bysan'J  stpck.^��>3.^>jc���v^.i."ff-��-^ y% >Xif^u��"f'��*Zv>i'  .jfVWe^are^info>medVth^  'various JconipAhi es��Sih"H*th*ejV66mbin_-tidh5i  show net earnings amounting to $..,200,000  "iiC'lSOS.iiiThiasum^rP'videdit  - should*, be^eat^ned AinVthe . current ����year;.-  iWpul.d;proyides$MO,0(wj;interBesnt^  iwhichV*has:'to,"hbe::pr.6vrdedI�� and. jbay jEper."  cent "Von "the^preterrcq stock issued^and*  "^wpuldj leaveva^bala^  icdmmotf stock1, oh enough: td^::pay about 4V*  peK*cent'pfdiy��ideijds.��   The^wprking^caDital.'  "proyiHe^I'drVthe'InewTco  b^.'suffisferit^tq^carry 'o^n'its',.,-)i/-ime-J8,'wit_iifn.  ��� Pu1,^ any. charges "foi*fcm:rerit i"at{*��esfe!- ".".|{:  * We����_ir^:VnoG Vyet ."advilfled; as tpf.what/  ciiapges"In!: iQari^gempnt j6��,"iJief��� yaridiis  ,wpr|t will. be;made."  Doilb'tIessn tkereVwill-"  be some adjustctjeht as to "ore shipments  .andlthedivisipnrpf, work at the various  plants, b4t w&at fhese will be is hot an-"  :nounced,-an4^  ranged.  It is reported that Mr. Nash, of the  Omdha &> Grant. Cpmpahy, will jbe president of the new company; and this would  be on excellent selection.  It is to he hoped that the company will  be irep from every common tendency Pf  combinatj.Pns and will not hesitate to  make imprdyements where needed, The  disposition ib be satisfied with present  plants and to avfiid exiienditures for better onej. i���s a decided "vveakne^s of the  modern cpmbine^  The dombiSatioh, as \Ve have before  stated, is essentially one of snielters of  lead and the precibui. nictate. It dpes not  include the eopper smelters and Will produce some copper only as a by-iiroducfc. It  does not include any of the Missouri lead  smelters, who treat ores carrying no silver. Neither does it include the eastern  plants, which treat mainly imported ores  and bullion brought by sea from Mexico  and elsewhere. "  The company will be by far the largest  silver producer in the world, and will be  able to exercise almost a controlling influence on the market for that metal, by  withholding supplies at the proper time.  Our Neighbors Are Prosperous.  A. McBdde, head of the hardware firm  of McBride & Co., Calgary and Rossland,  arrived in Nelson last night via Crow's  Nest Pass road.   This is his first visit to  Nelson,   and   although he   had heard   a  great deal about the town, he did not expect to see so large and prosperous a place,  lie reports busiuess good in Calgary, Owing   to   the   removal   of  the   Canadian  Pacific shops to that place.   The farmers  of Alberta, as a whole, are iu  a better  condition than  ever  before, and  the development of East and West  Kootenay  has made a home marketfor their surplus  products.   While it would not be of any  direct benefit to the people of Alberta,  public sentiment is strongly in favor of  the granting of the charter to the Kettle  River Valley railway, as the people of Alberta know what it is to be without railway competition.  The full court has sustained  Mr. justice  Irving's judgment in the Spencer vs. Harris Sandon  towusite litigation, and John  M. Harris is now iii undisputed possession  of all the surface ground of the London  mineral claim, which he had cut up into  town lots.   After hearing Mr. Cassidy on  behalf of Spencer, the court said it was  unnecessary to hear the attorney-general,  who appeared for Harris.  : One of the cases now before the privy  council in London is entitled the Union  Colliery Company et al. vs. Bryden.   The  respondent, who is a director of the Union  Colliery Company  of British   Columbia  (Limited),   brought an,action in the supreme court of British Columbia against  the company and other persons, the ap-  pellautsVih which he asked for a declara-.  tion that the appellants had no power, or  lawful right to employ Chiuamen  underground^ and for an injunction to restrain  the appellants from so employing them.  It was stated   that   the    action   was  a  friendly one,   it   being   brought for the  purpose  of  raising the question of thej  validity of the Coal Mines Regulation Act  of British Columbia,  which forbids the:  employment underground of Chinamen.  The appellants contended that that enactment prohibiting the employment of  Chinamen below ground in British Colum-:  bia was unconstitutional arid ultra vires  of the provincial legislature, as-being an  interference   with the  subject of aliens  'and with the natural civil rights of aliens  heyoridthe power of the local legislature, v  The action was heard  before Mr. justice  Drake,   who gave judgment for the re- :  spondent,   granting the declaration and  injunction and upholding the^validity of  the enactment.   The appellants appealed  from Mr. justice Drake's decision  to the  full court of British Columbia.   The full  court ordered the appeal to be dismissed   ���  with costs.   From the judgment of the  full court the appellants appealed to theV  judicial committee of the privy council, V  and the attorney-general for British Col-��  iimbia now ask tineirlordships for leaves  to intervene in the appeal!   Leave'-was;V  granted;Vv'((���' .wv :.::y 'v.V-;'-V'V>-V:Vv-v,V.V,v.>'V'V':-  ;      LOCAL   NEWS   AJSrijr>o6^&^WSM  The first annual concert of the Nelson; V  Musical Society will;be held:ihctheV:opera:?V  "libuse'jbri _Wednesday^' April:.5tH.v VThe'?������ v  Vsdlpists-iwill ibe' Mrs.   Brougham, Fra,nk*V  Vpiiyer and George^Kydd^-ahd.they'will be %l  :Va"ssisted;byTa,?fhi 1 cfioir^anti brchestra; in-V;;  ."eluding;'sixty^perfdrmers/^r  ^wiirmakeVhis^ first ?ap pearahce ��� before a  ^Nelsqh^audi^^^qtf. tiusVyatejrgivihg a V ;  "sblo:^  ^u-iis1^d.^eJyerar49Ganchj^iIti%s 4ihd&is ��de-��� ���si  7serving'oIi_h"e��:rty^  '.-.>;...>: v* jfl '"."..",��." / ,"��s_ j��* Bfl"*,";��". %-\i�� 4'. ."i>.-**_'S��".s"  r "^hile,delivering' bread^ofthersteamer^  "JIdy ieV- =Jhis*"{Lmnprning;v;l^.: sIlu.rryVleft';-hi8":f'  ;hprb:esand^ig^stauding^  ah i rii aii; bebamtfrestless./Audt bacliedf o ver' j. '���������_  othe��side;D"ihtd""."the|wjate^  (pi ace^wasV a b��p u DyweJvej.jfeqt'^'de^pVPflThef*:.--'  rshdrleVl^anraiidTtwaded !tb :/"sHbrte,!?'_i6thih.R*1^*;'  i^he^woi^e^fdrjiisfcqld^^  inVYhViyagbhiwk.?. thdroughly.sdaked.r88^^"'  %-^y^\ ��� #'* s?�� ^>- -^ "y^-^yyyyy^ y  'SG^us/rhomas^has^commenced "the��jjerecr".^  "'tidnSf^a" residence* dn4he0o"t;receh*tly��pur-i"8��'  :.t>ha|ed].,by^|i;nn:9nYVler^  ;"(, A "���.:Carlo-idL'piy|S tl��i!Gi_a'rles vcream^l^cdnS.'V  *t anil n g��o20.ca|es,,direct, from vthe*? factory#s  i^fcVGfiaVleS^Jllih^M^rnv^-^  :spn'��<S1..Fpi;tf|��hgppaf.d^'de  , fdr'distributidri amdhV��Nelsdh" grocers.".":"8���-"ii  " &:j&t#y y.:yyi-ixT^^- yy.-.^y -^yy^  Pj Burns w*as mV ancou-ver pn;Tuesqay:."?*sv*  ��� HJ3:,,i's ,��repqrtpd��>as*nVi_aying.Sh'aGhis'ifirm;,'#  would send*" cattle .i9tq^b^M":^Minii4n4C"]:fe  ��awsou nearly*this-spring. " Mr".;inBtfrhSs|i8i;:����  expected in^Nelspnlftpmgh.tj". "���" *���("' !]]y��.". V��1��"^'  ^R7Si Kinghoijn, manager'qf theNelsb-J"  branch of the Vancoiiv.fc?r Bard ware' Gom/  pany, rettirheci last night;frpm" aVvi^ifc/tp"  the Coast. While in VaucPuver���"��� he:,  attended the annual general meetingp.of.  the sliarehplders. of the epiiipany, dp  March lOth, at which Very "satisfactory"  stateiijents were.retteived of tlie: btisihess  done during, the "pastVyear. Mi*, Kiiigl-prn  reports businessiively in Vancouver and  the city makihg rapid progress. IlefPiinid  the merchants qf the CpaSt Cities Vqry*  anxious to extehel their busiiiess thrpu^li  the Roptenays.        " ......  W. J. Goepei, inspector ot' provincial  goverhment offices, lias been in New  \Ve.stniii*fSt.er for a week,8aiid expected to  be through with that office by tomprrowj  Output of Two Mines.  During the mouth pf February 2445: tond  of ore were run through the Whitewater  cpncentratqr, lirPduc!kg 270 tons of cPn-  centrates. The shipments were 285 tons,  and the returns; f roni 242 tons amounted  to $ 12,590. The approximate profit on the  month's working was $4250. For the  eighteen days ending March 3rd, the following were the results of operations at  the Hall Mines smelter : 2458 tons of Silver King ore and six totis of purchased  ore were smelted; containing* approximately, Silver King ore 54 tons copper,  3G,S90 ounces silver; purchased ore, etc.,  one ton copper, 130 ounces silver, seven  ounces gold.   Nelson the Headquarters.   .  The Standard Oil Company, which has  absorbed   the Imperial Oil Company of  Canada, has decided to erect a large "warehouse in the Canadian Pacific yard here  for the storage of its products.   The oil  received over the Canadian Pacific will  come in in barrels instead of oil tanks as  it comes over the Nelson & Fort Sheppard.  While there is a considerable saving in  freight charges by the transportation of  oil in tank cars, there is also a great waste  by leakage, and also more or less inconvenience in local handling. THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B. C, FRIDAY, MARCH 24, 1899.
For the Ladies...
Just received a large stock of
Ladies' Capes, Skirts, Wrappers and Blouses
New goods arriving daily
Dry Goods, Clothing, Gents' Furnishings, Etc.
...A. Ferland & Co.
Elliott block,  Baker street,   Nelson,  B. C.
We are opening* up -the largest stocl^ of English .and Canadian, Tackle
that Nelson, has ever seen.
More shipments due.    Don't outfit until you see our assortment.
The Nelson Hardware Co.
J. Y. GRIFFIN &-CO,    ~
VANCOUVER, B.-0. ■-...:
Nelson.oflleo and warehouse:   Corner Vernon and Josephine streets.
THE DAILY TRIBUNE is published every afternoon
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ADDRESS all communications to
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°"'lV'    ■^,"°".s,fr6m--Nels6nuustatidn.u)1*»,"«.X"\^ym™V;v.°u:°J.r„"' ""•■'f-'.^ 'v
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y.sJ "..;.»Passenger.iai_d'mail„(daiI.v except Sun? ,__eaye."„ yArnycf
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sition, but the government evidently
thought that the chairmanship of the
public works committee was honor sufficient for the alderman from the West
ward. '     	
Every pound of produce consumed in
the mining camps in Kootenay and Yale
should be from tlie farms of British Columbia and-Alberta. The farmers of this
province and of the neighboring territory
ca.n raise the produce, but the trouble is
jbbeVjCianadian,.^Pacific always adjusts
its'fi'eight7ratp|,s6 - that =the farmer gets.
%6>litfle.%f^}^_ii:'|:]''{ibbr-that he quits labor-
piigVand tkke"s".tb.politics, and the produce
corisumed.i byvVour   people   is   raised   by
."jfarmei.sJin^Washington, Oregon and Cal-':
niorma. ■*.: -\ •„■ & •.
;i»';RoSSi.AND.»has!a. Idfelegftte .at* Ottawa^
"lEbbrihg' f o_"¥ffifappXbpriatiio_i i' oriteplibiicj
.."b.uildingVfQr *th.at*t,ownyanJ it is.;sate to/
..'say ^thaat gaisjnqt:^
pVbple ..Of. *the :Bj5ui-rdaj.;y" ©reek ■"■ Bisfrict *
getting what they want—railway compe-
titiofn™.™.; °.    . V ..... . n,..VV_"„„. °-   -°..."-./»" .;..".
tee ©irtto^t^
' DAiEV'"Ebn;i"o>r	
..... FiiisT Year, No. C!)
.Skventh Year, No. 19
:- The Canadian Pacifii. has seen to it that
thevdelegate from Nelson who goes to Ot-
.. \tayraa ;to demand An appropriation for »
.JpuBlic building is all right on the Kettle
■( Siver ^tilley Railway question.   As the
■ delegate is:endorsed by the Liberal asso-
Vciatibrirand"the city council and the board
" pf "trade, the fact will be heralded all Over
Canada that Nelson is strongly bppOsed
to the Boundary Creek section of the
province getting what she has gots-^eomr
petitive railway facilities. But, then,
consistency arid fair play are not consid-
- ered when politicians and railway men
have axes to grind. But who would have
thought the board of trade would willingly step in and help do the grinding?
. The legal is the only business reported
as not'keepihg up to the average at Nelson. The country can stand a little further shrinkage in that line.
There are said to be two aspirants for
the position of sheriff of South Kootenay
—one a Grit, the other a Toryi Have
party lines been drawn so soon ?
Sir Charles Tupper spoke for over
four hours in making a speech in reply
to the address. It is no wonder the
rank* and file of the Conservatives want
to change leaders.
Alderman Charles Hillyer has been
appointed and gazetted a member of the
board of police commissioners of Nelson.
The third member has not yet been
named. The mayor wanted his friend
alderman Fletcher appointed to the po-
;«."i9.HE"hea°d ofetl-'eCTanaHiaiiPabific liters
t;e|li.aQle^, reports, .of" ■pljoHc^ppinipn'^OBi'. the."
Kpt^tle "(Bivjer   galley   Railway.. char„ter
'ques^ibn'.1"" ' ' V., -      ■ ■-■;'. ""^    ''. ''
..   .The*"Golbnel, 'vFE.ntsi a Cbmmissio-r. "   ■
CoiofiellvPrior;; M. P., "is ^moving for 'it";
"cbi^hiissibnf" of enquiry into tine action of,
lieuiehant-goYerndi' Mclnnes in;rbm;bv.ing
ih e*Tur h er "^pyeEri in en t.   The tiikiker vrlas-
alla settled at the late session of tBerlegisr
latu-fe,; but if a cpmttiissioh will make the
colonel orhis Turhefite friends feel any
better it would be a "shame to deprive
working, might also enquire "what right
colonel Prior had as a niem ber PJ_ parliament to head a  Victoria mpb'*that at-
tempted to coerce the legislature during
the session.    *-....	
She Made the Rules.
The late empress Elizabeth of Austria
did many things which appalled the for?
malists by whom she was surrounded.
A_t the first state dinnei* after her marriage she horrified the court ladies by taking olf her gloves. One of them remonstrated because it was a deviation froh_
the rules, But the empress promptly -Settled thai objection by saying that the deviation should   henceforth   be the rule.
"Of making many books
there is no end."
Neither is  there   .my  end to  fche vfiriefcy
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We have all
known authors,
Is a leading feature of our business,
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Cards and Dance Programs.   Our stock is not
We can meet
vvov supply
the  newest  books  by well-
Our   stock   of  fine   corre-
The court ladies had another blow when
the empress insisted on wearing a pair of
boots a month or more. The rules had required an empress to wear her shoes only
once. "Just think," feelingly exclaimed
an English girl, "of being always in a
state of breaking in a new pair of shoes !
No wonder the poor lady rebelled."
Father and Nine Sons Run a Bank.
Over in Tokyo, Japan, there is a bank
with a capital of $5,000,000 and a reserve
fund of $3,230,000, which advertises the
following board oi* directors :
Baron II. Mitsui.
Gennosuke Mitsui, E=q.
Geneymon Mitsui, E.q.
Takayasu Mitsui, E-*q.
Hachirojiro Mitsui, Esq.
Saburosuke Mitsui, Esq.
Fukutaro Mitsui, E-q.
Morinosuke Mitsui, E-q.
Takenosuke Mitsui, E-q.
Tokuvemon Mitsui, Esq.
The first named is the father and the
others are his sons. Every share of stock
belongs to the family, and it is announced
that they assume an unlimited responsibility tor all the liabilities of the bank.
Price is one thing, quality
another; when you can
get the highest quality at
a fair price, that is where
you will be justified in
doing your business.
Linen and Duck
We Ijave rqucl] pleasure in -throwing open
our store to the public for inspection on
We have rnuch pleasure in throwing open
our store to -the public for inspection, on
March 27th and 28th
When we will. have on display as fine a stock of millinery as could
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Blouse   and   Shirt   NVaists
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| We have placed on our counters an immense assortment of Ladies'
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Irvine & Co
_rsro P-air-DS
.Victoria" Bloek, Baker Street, Ne'son, C. B.
^^ :^f§SSfSfS^^
^^^^^^^V^^S"'^^ -~&.
«2i .^3, .___^ • ^ • *=_* «_S__ • *=\ * ta.
""^^ ^-r3 *^—__-! -
;^E___iE-E:*I3CJOo3Sr,El va.3
^0§^nGe: |<fe for ^^le!
;_-.usiif(i^|f\c.o"i'BeV°°6iv°^0toid    -street ..  ,,
■Hdus^»aiid.rl<)t''b.ii* ^icit'eirik sVrjjgt^ netir "^"
^i•eJ3bytel•idnn'^Sllurcl0i;°(s_ftl•d)n°. ,s8 ^ . . . -_,8°00^
1&"Hpys^fn"a'\lQ|iVoh "Vi'c!i;Q_;i{*!,l.|p*e§&,>^.v,!.il=6^0,i
,°.sHb.uset''°a4y I'ot'oif ^i'fcferia,"street. -.". -.."il'OO^G-
° Hou%.;a^ S'ti* f§.O0"
.D/tiry" 'Kanpir," dnVKSdt.enily" Lake "near.    „
" Nelson, offer-! rfecei^e'd)
' HpuS.e stb rent on Stanley St. §10 .per month
\Vantcd^im_i_ng shai'CSwNolson, Vniir and Ejlocai 1.
° Mbuaeyftp*:lqai'.na_.ld\vdst;T!ytcPts'
ALEX   S^E^aMt,; Mining   Broker.
"     OillSo:   Xlurnei-'&JBo.cckKVl.idck,"Baker and
■     :   . V\5ard; streets IJelspi).
Have you seen them
If not you should come in and
have a look at them. They
are just the proper footwear
for this soft of weather
away with rubbers and
walk ing easy.
Colors Tan ar]d Black
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Full measurement "guaranteed;"-
AVagoifi-eijairiiig proinptlyattcrtlcd to by a flri-tjcias?
Whe.elJvnKli't:" -"" ""■"     " ■   " °"   ; Is   ■'"
Special "[attention givpfi to: all kinds, of repairing..and
custom'work from Eoutsidij'ijoihtss     °  ..''   „"
Baker Street, Nelson
Aberdeen Blocl^
Lillie Bros,
all   demands made upon it,
to the  confines of British
well as*to:'■'../■.;■■.■■;..-"■'... ■''■
E'O.B   £3^.X4_ED
J-Koom House, Mines'Koad  S 750
i l.oom House and 2 Lots, Victoria St 1200
FOE   -RIEr-Sri"
Three and Four l.ooin Houses
Office in Aberdeen block, Baker St., Nolson
Two lql's tine, lioiiso with fourtcen.rooins on Silica
street, between Josephine and Hall Ktrcots. Toriii.')
S1500 casli, balance to be arranged ,  .^t.SOO
Lot and lionftc on Ijatimei"' street, nuav Josephino
streol.   TerniK 3500 cllMli, balanco on iiiortgago... 1,000
Lot and store; On Baker street.   Good location...... 8,000
Lot oti Baker street, near corner of (Jedar street...    800
Ojffice &t Corner Ilaker and Ward streets
Wilson & fjarshaw
Will buy 24 horses, 12 wagons, 2
wagonettes, 1 buggy, 10  sets of
sleighs, and a complete outfit of harness, saddles, blankets, etc., and a going business of
1,000 a year.   Terms.
Will buy two lots, and Improvements   on  north   side of Vernon
street, between Ward and Josephine streets.
d_10 0Q0   Will buy 50 by 120 feet on the
<pXV)l/yv   northeast corner of Baker and
Josephine streets.   Cash.   JOHN HOUSTON.
P. p. Box 57 Vernon street, Nelson
Tho British Columbia Loan and Savings Company,
who give tho most reasonable ternW to borrowers; allow
ing principal to be paid oil'at any time without charging
any bonus.
A Business Chance
The undersigned will sell the following real estate
and personal property at a bargain:
Nine-room house and ten lots set out in orchard
Four-room cottage and Ave lots.
Two lots and improvements.
Fifty-two head of cows.
Fifty milk cows.
Two horses. . • ■
Wagons, sleighs, harness, and everything in
connection with Hurry's milk ranch.
■w"^:r:d bbos.
REAL ESTATE AGENTS, West Baker St., Nelson  •
Bus meets all trains and boats.
Special attention given the transfer of baggage. Office and! stables
oil Vernon street, opposite The
Tribune office.    Telephone No^ 35.
SHOf:   'Hall Street; Between Baker aiid Var*iJj{i;"LHelson;
The Imperial Oil Go.   Standard Oil Go.
Washington Brick and Little Co.
The H. W. NjcNiell Co., Lid., Canadian Aqifjra-
cite Goaf (Hard)
Dealers it-
The   Standard    Piano
of the World.
The Artistic Piano of
■ '■ ■; Canada. ;
ART AND MUSIC CO., Nelson,: Agents.
Gostello's Express
Trunks and valises delivered to any part of
the city. ;
All kinds of draying done at reasonable
rates.    Moving furniture a specialty.
Stand at corner Baker and Josephine Sts.
Opera House Bloc.*,, fielson
Fine Lager Beer,
Ale and Porter
Prdnipt and regular
delivery to tho trade.
Brewery at Nelson.
Nelsqn Electric Light Company, Limited
Having purchased the express and draying
business of J. W. Cowan, we aro prepared
to do all kinds of work in this line, and solicit the patronage of tho people of Nelson.
Orders left .it.__. McArthur & Co's store,
northVydst corner Baker and Ward, streets,
will receive prompt attention.   Telephone 85
All persons having accounts against the
company will present them at once to the
manager, and all persons indebted to the
company are required to settle the same immediately-    JOHN HOUSTON, Manager.
Nelson, March 10th, 1899.
Application for Liquor License.
Notice is hereby given that I, tho undersigned, Austin
H. Clements, intend at the first sitting of the board i4
licensing commissioners of the City of Nolson, to be held
thirty 00) days after the publication of this notice, to apply for a retail liquor saloon license for tho promises
known as the corner store of the Odd Fellows building,
on lot number one (1) in block (12), being situated 011 the
southeast corner of Baker and Kootenay streets in the
West waul of the said City of Nelson.
Dated this loth day of March, A.D. 1899.
Application for Liquor License.
Notice is hereby given tliat we will, thirty days from
tho dato of this notice, apply to the government agent at
Nelson for a license to sell liquor at retail at our hotel,
known as the Majestic Hotel, situate on tho government
trail between Eagle and Forty-nine creeks, in West
Kootenay district, British Columbia.
Dated March 1st, 1899. E. BARRETT.
Application for Liquor License.
: Notice is hereby given that I will, thirty days from the
datco-.lliis notice, apply to the government agent at
Nelson for a license to soli liquor at retail at my hotel nt
Five-Mile Point, to bo known as tho Castle Hotel, in
West Kootenay district, British Columbia.
Dated March-nth, im.
-^5---_!-S^^V*»i_*5'»W« THE  TRIBUNE:  NELSON,  B.C., FRIDAY, MARCH 24, 1899.  Capital,  Rest,  all paid  up,     -  $12,000,000  6,000,000  LOUD STRATI-CONA AND  MT. ROYAL, President  Hon. GEO. A. DRUMMOND Vico-Prosident  ���10   S. CLOUSTON General Manager  _n-_e_--__so:n" -B-b-a__cstc_e_c  N. W. Cop. Baker and Stanley Streets.  THE BANK OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA  NELSON  OF CANADA  Are now prepared to issue  Drafts and Letters of Credit on  Dawson City, Yukon District.        UltANOUKH IIP      LONDON   (England),   NEW YORK,   CHICAGO  and in the principal cities in Canada.  Buy and sell Sterling Exchango and Cablo Transfers  ORANT COMMKRCIAl. AND TKAVEL-.KItS' CRKDITS,  available in any part of tho world.  DRAFTS ISSUED    COI-LKOTIOKS MADK; F.TC.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH  CURRENT RATE OK INTEREST PAID  WINTER   DEFIES   WEALTH.  Frost Comes and Furnaces Fail and Water-  Pipes Burst.  It is strange what inconveniences people  ��� will put up with'for years,  and even accept as inevitable,  scorning the idea of  others doing differently elsewhere. Going  the hardest way to work gets to be "the  custom of the.country," and those vvho do  things in any other manner excite only  amusement.   The peasant of France, who  wears wooden sabots to keep his feet dry,  could not be   persuaded   to   try rubber  boots or "arctics," even if they were to be  had for the same money.   In Belgium the  people are used to big, square, solid seats,  and would not know how to  take their  ease iu rocking-chairs.   ..In-England and  the Colonies the dumb-waiter is a luxury  ouly for grand houses,  and  unknown in  humble lodgings and tenements where it  would save the time, health, and temper  of. thousands of "people.-'...The".elevator.is  only seen in the new big houses and hotels  of Paris ; in  that city  where flats were  invented the poor inhabitants toil up six  or eight flights of   waxed and  slippery  stairs.   Iu Spain,  where the weather is  of ten bitterly cold, the only way of getting warmisto hoveroverapanfulof coals.  ::'��� '-���_; A friend, wrote from _bld.Madi._d: ,���"We  ��* .:*R9#pffi$ffe j!B��a$ cif ul ��to&_ ti��d^;.f ke^cl;  *gbtfpbJsSiles'd*ivfth 'chaTfcbal fii"in es t?_id��I_djfy  r��eVei**y����klha .^^^^  *   ifinls,   ,". b-In?, ** .%f,     ���',A,,_-.-[r       Vuucl ? a" *lF -   &'&    *n      u n'^ -V *���> ft (bTn-   "^K'n       n^.      "8     :���  to     -  "��� - ^mH  :^4Ktiglau-ir,is^tbaracpiuv^i>yDfcp>;draughbts^in-  ."itheir 'beautiJ.til oldf houses; "[wliereo���t.he npgsm.  "'rpaiy'inyilie(~.ehithh4y l"<fdd[ -the* 'company"���  .Vgtittliers. a'bbut.ifstbe" bpkp firepXace,V Jijtle"  ,��� ahil!yvgust���s1���6in=wind��drift, in, it*om  under.  f-tlie'dpors ;. \yii."dbw;s failfo n'kgep��-6ub the :  s;d'cy drafughf��, a"���hd  the" T^ajl^tays- lire "like  "!:the.arnoJ_ip;Tegibns."��� J'oiet^an Englishmaii  ���*-o!hi-?e_i"ii?��jj(^  1 ."thttt Vhi��Coi_l^V*r^aso^_i;"i'6r*";��lea"vi      . his '  Vc'buutrSr^diVrihg.'ilhe winter was id e^frape  theidrfjlights, _' . ��� .  ^he'Ehglish"kifp"*w lidv? to' an?an^e for  stheniselves and^theTr'guests that ''eindless  -English comfort" \vji|eh Iiipling speaks  ofrput it is at the" expense*'df ;t__ian_/ ser-  vaptsand aninerfedible" aiiiount' of work.  Stefim heat or hot ,kiv wotrldj relieye the  maids ofcarrying heavy Scuttles of coal  lid.every roOin; hot and cold water-pipes  jvonld obviate the necessity Of eudless  trips in preparing the morning bath; and  the work of .comfortably entertaining a  number of guests made possible with  fewer servants..    ���  Imagine, for instance* a house full of  guests* jatfh oneexpectiug^au -individual  mofning~bat_I. TFis a most complicated  affair, and so clumsily and comfortably  b British that it deserves attention. First  a maid appears and jays on the floor an  embroidered blanket. Then from downstairs somewhere���for their is nocupboard  or place in the room to put Such a thing���  she brings a large, rpuud, flat tub, in  ���.hape something like a huge shallow* tin  plate, A sponge the size of a* cabbage  and a few towels are (irtistically displayed  upon tlie blanket. After several more  trips she brings hot Water in a beautiful  brass jug, with a nahie or the faiuily crest  engraved upon it. The whol<? Outfit is  troublegouie and inctmvenient, and cannot compare to aii Aliieriean bath-tub,  with hot and cold water and a showtir,  but it is British.  After the bath, when you are dressed,  you leave the maid to cope With the tub.  I always wondered how she emptied it,  but had not the Courage to ask. She  could not tilt it to one side Or the water  would splash over; she could not scoop it  out with a jug���the tub is too shallow ; it  is too heavy and ungainly a thing to lift  bodily ; and the only solution is that she  dips the water out with a soup-ladle into  a bucket, and so gives herself a few more  trips up and down the stairs.  Necessity is the mother of invention ;  but love of ease and luxury has goaded  people on to as many inventions as ever  necessity was responsible for. Americans  wanted morning baths, warm rooms, easy  chairs and comfortable lives, and to our  forbears, who had to do the work themselves or go without, we owe every labor-  saving contrivance of modern times. To  our grandfather, who turned out of bed  when the thermometer was below zero to  make the fire himself, we owe the steam-  heater; to the times when Wrestle-With-  The-Lord had to carry his own jug of hot  water-or go without a warm bath,  we owe the hot water pipes and stationary wash-stands ; to the old Dutch dames  who carried the dinner from the kitchen  with their .own fair hands, while Johann  struggled up from the cellar with an arm-  ,-Jt*iiI of wood, we owe our dumb-waiter.  The English, more aristocratic, have  never had to. do these things for tliem-  selves. Their ancestors took tea in bed,  and waited for the maid to lay out tlie  tub paraphernalia exactly as it is done  now; if they had been forced to wait upon  themselves, as our hardy forefathers did,  they would have things more conveniently  arranged in their little island today.  I had never seen the steam-heater till I  came to New York;  but  I studied  the  queer looking row of pipes that occupy  a corner of nearly every room in a New  York flat with the deepest interest.   Of  course it is decorated  in a _*tyle  to put  your teeth on edge, and gilded.   There is  a little wheel at one end to regulate the  heat.   In  the bitterest   winter weather,  when the thermometer is below zero, one  wakes in a pleasant temperature, and the  halls and bath-room are warm.   It has its  drawbacks.   It is insidious, and with the  windows down the air gets dry and  the  temper unaccountably irritable.     When  one begins to differ on every topic with  one's   nearest  and  dearest it is time to  turn   off   the   steam-heat  aud open   the  window.   The icy blast that is admitted  gives a fearful idea of what one's plight  would be without this aggravating thing.  The steam-heater in New York is not a  fashionable thing by any means.   Hot air  is in the best houses, which is let into the  room by means of an  unobtrusive little  grating, that can be shut off and on, and  admits of one having a big open fire for  looks and warm air for comfort.  But, alas I Withuall the care, trouble  aud expense needed by the New York  people to make themselves comfortable,  they never know when a blizzard may  not swoop down upon them. The water-  pipes freeze and burst, the steam heater  gets out of order, the gas is shut off at the  meter, and snow piles up ou the sidewalks  aud banks against the windows. The city  recently experienced >a blizzard of three  days' duration. At a friends house, when  we were all sitting cheerfully about the  blaziug fire after dinner, the lights suddenly went out, and if it had not beeu for  the candles, brought in from the dining  room, the house would have been in darkness. At another place the hostess wore  a strained smile that ill concealed her  : anxiety^.: She .cou.tidpi��_, toVtUsSafterward  "VthVt^sh^lh^ of  ;��,'theX\yat"e_*^ de-  MugiffgHhe-6ellar,"swl-i]e>��helcbn.pany en-  ;tuei;taingd.themusglve>;>y.ith "agreeable con-  ; v&i-s'a'Cfo-i'iti'tir^  ^vAjBemcanSj.jyho'havaproved themselves  *:sd,.ap��t;'in���^ fiud-  Vitfg.^c.QmiQKtable'.way*-out: or." the incon-  ��lyg.fife"ncesK^ 'helpless  ���; befdre.!} Iii3ay.y".fa;l.l=Spf :sjqq% -.There has  "ibeen no vyayyptAij.ventgd."^ the  street^- of 'their^blanket .pfj.wX'ire other  i^Aii"h:y'lib&'b1d^ne^hQd*.ot'u diggiiig it up  ."%it.h^,a^si.bvfe]jV4Jiiii:r(gF.ii't "intp. cai'ts, and  ;d\yi*i)uing���"41>4intb," the":"sea.;,.:^hen' you  realizp'the"siz|. qt;^e;>v��Y^brlsr,|;he width  ;o_i"th;e;s1;r^^ snovy-  d rifts,) it isah^  tl_,e,\voi.k eutaired-inlcle-iringiitailFawa^y;,.  a shovelful at a time." D0uring the Slcu'h-,  when thd. inp'xr was" eoh-ing ddwri like  haEnds-ful:,piy rifie thrown at a brid-ilpaVty,  and the sti:ee.t;s wSre���cbye_'���ed a fob.tacJjeep,  it vi*as pathetic" to .see "tore a^nd" there a  Solitary muffis.d creature, -sprinkled iri  White."like, a" GhristaiasVtree decoration,  trying to ladle off a little of the snow  froni the frontof his house.  Siiow, to We��tei.n ears, h.Cs a romantic,  cheerful, sleigh-bell -.p'u'iid, but luiagine if  it were ashes-^a_ihes two feet thick, Or  ev0n three, settling steadily and qiiietly  down all over the city, and each particle  Vhad^o^ie=fe.moyed-:f=ft,om==isidevvalkfrv  streets, bridges, roofs,  wihdOw-$ills,  and  over-hanging balconies; and some idea  can be hftd of the magnitude of the work  involved.  The time is coming when Americans will  discover some plan. They will heat the  streets while the snow is falliilg so that it  will melt and run off in rivulets ; or they  will charge the air with electricity���or do  Something to minimize the work, I have  great faith in the inyentive powers of my  couhtiymei-. But England will go on with  her inconveniences so long as the Union  Jack floats over the biggest nation On  earth���and the pig-headedeSt;  THE   COMPANY   DIEEOTOE.  Capital, Paid Up  Reserve  $2,000,000  1,200,000  HEAD OFFICE, TORONTO  D. R. WILKIE, General Manager  NELSON BRANCH  A general bunking business transuded.  Savings bank department.  Deposits of $1 and  upwards received  and interest  allowed.  J. M. LAY, Manager.  takes great care to thoroughly investigate the good faith of the company before  he will assume a directorship. Such men,  knowing their responsibilities, would resent further restrictions on their individualities. The other classes of directors���  those ignorant of business, and the scamps  would not be controlled any more efficiently by severer laws. The present  laws are strong enough to deal with  swindlers; the only trouble is that the  public prosecutor and the police are not  sharp enough.  As for the idea that members of a government should not be directors of companies, no fixed rule could possibly be  made. No man can assume the duties of  a member of tbe government and continue in active direction of a business,  and no one ever does so in England. But  they often keep such positions where the  duties are nominal or in the nature of  trusteeships, and many examples of such  can be quoted. Land, insurance and railway companies claim a number of members of the present government as direc-.  tors, and no reasonable person can possibly object to such a state of things.   It is,  The IVjanhattan  IS THE ONLY HOUSE IN* TOWN  0 WHERE YOU* OAN BUY  Pabst Blue fybbon Beer  25 CENTS PER BOTTLE      Vienna Restaurant  Baker street, between Josephine and  Hall streets, Nelson.  of course, tbe reverse of probable that  any prime minister would nominate tbe  director of a wildcat to a political position.  Taking the question in a broader sense,  the resolution that members of the government should not be directors of public  companies, does not go far enough. If it  is carried to its logical conclusion the result is absurdity. A man may resign his  directorship, but may still hold a very  large stake or controlling interest in a  public company. Or, go further, and say  that a man may part with all such shareholding when he assumes a government  position. The step from this to the professional politician is a very short one.  and nobody in England except the aspirant to such position will wish it ever to  be taken.   A Good Law.  Governor Gage of California, has attached his signature to the Morehouse bill, requiring all articles published in the newspapers aud periodicals of California referring to individuals to have the true name  of the   writer  affixed.   Telegraphic dispatches are, by special provision, exempt.  In brief the object of the Morehouse bill  is to compel the signing of all articles containing such reference to an individual as  would degrade him, subject him to ridicule or make birn an object of contempt,  irrespective ofthe truth or falsity of such  publication.   The   bill   will   not   become  operative for thirty days, and meantime  the publishers will arrange a concerted  plan of action.   It has already been decided to disregard the law when it shall  go into effect and to make a test case on  the plea that it is unconstitutional.  The Tremont Hotel  We are now open and ready for business.   Stock fully  assorted.   We wish to draw attention to the following:  Ladies' Blouses in Prints, Muslins and Piques  ^-Rioejs __f__ro:m: so oeitts tjp  Farley waist silf\s, prices from 50 cents per yard up to  $1.50 per yard, all tfje very latest patterns. Faqcy  dress goods all  the newest  shades aqd  latest styles  Martin O'Reilly & Co.  Bank of B. C. building, West Baker street, Nelson, B. C.  MALONE & TREGILLUS  PROPRIETORS  Headquarters for Miners and Prospectors  THE BEST BRANDS OF  P. Burns * Co.  .VIIOI.E8A-.E   AND   RETAII.  Meat Merchants  Wholesale Markets at /.elson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.  MEALS AT ALL HOURS, DAY Oii NIGHT   - '  BAKERY IN CONNECTION     . '  '  FAMILY'AND PASTRY COOKING A SPECIALLY  ONLY WHITE HELP EMPLOYED  Liquors and Cigars  ALWAYS ON HAND  R. HURRY, Prop.  BON TON RESTAUBANT.  OPEN? DAY AND NIGHT;  Tfee only "restaurant in the city  employing; only white fGooks.  Merchants'iunch "froirr 12 to 2  o'clock, 25 cents. Dinner from 5  to 8.    Short orders:  at  all   hours."  Patronize Home Inxfiistry  ^^SMOKE^NION^MADE^CIGARS  One of the best and most popular hotels in Nelson.  QIIEEP HOTEL  BAKER STREET, NELSON.  RETAIL  STORES AT  Nelson,   Trail,  Ymir, Kaslo,  New Denver,  Sandon, Silverton, Cascade  City,  Grand Forks,  Midway, Greenwood and Sirdar.  ORDERS BY MAIL  PROMPTLY FORWARDED  Head Office, Nelson, B.C.  Heated with Hot Air and  ,   Lighted by ElectriciV   ���  ii  OUR SPECIALTY  Largo 'comfortable; bcflrboms arid "flrst-clrtss.  dining  room. ��Sfini_>lo"'*o6iifif for* ic'prinfiercial .ifen.,  V .'.      -R_A,q?___]S   ��#2. -B-E-R   XDiAi^T  West Koote nay B utc h e r Co.  ALL KINDS OF FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL ,  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON   ,  BaKer Street, Nelson   E. C. TRAVES, Manager  ORDERS BY MAIL RECEIVE CAREFUL AND PROMPT ATTENTION. '-.   ;.,   -  Mrs.  E. G,  y  LatjO of the Rdyal Hotel. Calgary,  MANUFACTURED BY THE  The Present Agitation Against Him a Trifle  Absurd.  The profession of company director is  not greatly in repute at present in England, chiefly as a result of the Hooley  revelations. In November last the lord  chief justice advised the lord mayor to  have as little to do with promoters and  directors of public companies as possible,  arid he has since spoken several times in  favor of making the company laws more  stringent. The other day, also, a resolution was presented in parliament that no  member of the government should occupy  a position as director of a public company.  All this agitation savors of the unbalanced mind which tends to run to extremes. Half of the business of England  is transacted by joint stock companies,  and of these 95 per cent are conducted on  sound business principles. Because 5 per  cent are promoted aud controlled by  scamps it does not follow that we should  look with suspicion on a system which has  many obvious advantages. We do not  retrain from going out of doors because  people occasionally meet with accidents  in the streets.  The company laws are strict enough at  present as regards the responsibility of  directors, and every solid business man  Kootfenay Cigar  Manufacturing Co.  Fruit and Ofnaiental Trees  Bulbs, Ilo5.Cs, Hollies, Biiododendrons,  _F;inCy JSvergreens, etc. Thousfiiids are  growing on my own grounds. Most  contpleto stock in the province. Bees  and bee supplies, agricultur_vl implements, spray pumps, and cut flowers.  New catalogue now re_idy.  601 Westminster Road, Vancouver, B. C.  BRITISH COLUMBIA POTTERY CO., Ltd  VIOTOEIA,   _B_ CL  MANUF_.CTUK._RS Ol''  PRESSED RRIOKS     EIRE BRICKS      FIRE CLAY  VITRIFIED SALT GLAZED SEWER PIPES  All kinds of sanitary fittings, agricultural drain tile,  flower nots, terra cotta, chimney pipe and flue lining,  chimney tops, fire brick, fire clay, all kinds of fire clay,  goods, assayers furnaces etc., made to order.  Ornamental   Garden  Border Tiles,  Vases,   Etc.  Cement, plaster of paris, lime, and all kinds of  ornamental plaster work.     ".       . :-\ :  ATLANTIC   STEAMSHIP   TICKETS.  ���-. To and frorii European points via Canadian and American lines.   Apply for sailing dates, rates, tickets, aiid  full information to any Canadian Pacific railway agentor  C. P. K. City Agont, Nolson.  WILLIAM 8TITT, General S. 8. Agont, Winnipeg. _"  James McPhee I ^MS8��g&  Will contract to supply and install any l^ind of electrical machinery  Will wire building1*' for electric lighting, electric bells,   electric burglar alarms, ulectiie_aniiui).ii>tors.   Will contract (o install lire alarm systems in towns an   cities Full-stock-of-v ire and fixUirc-t.-on-hii.iie_,   W-tlTE FOR PRICES.    Office and Storeroom:   Josephine Street, ftalson.  LOUDON AND BRITISH COLUMBIA GOLDFIELDS, Ud.  i\. D. HUME, Manager.  TIiq finest hotel iii the interior.  Largo sample rOoms.   Steam Jioitt and electric Jight,  CORNER 5'tf WARf) ANI. VERNON" STS,, NKI.SON  BAKER AND WARD STRKKTS, NEl_SON  The only hotel in Nelson that has remained under one  l-ianagomcntsince IgiW.  The bed-rooms arc well furnished  and   lighted by  electricity.  Tho dining-room is not second to any in Kootenay.  Tho bar is always stocked by the best domestic and  imported liquors and cigars.  THOMAS MADDEN, Proprietor.  Two and a half miles up the Outlet from Nelson.  QDliTTATTTTiiC't     Spring Chickens, Fres^ Cream,  OrriHAJjlli-lO:     Pure Milk, Fresh-Laid Eggs.  All of which aro from the ranch belonging to tho hotel  A pleasant place to spend afternoons, evenings and  enjoy delicacies that cannot be obtained in hotels or  restaurants at Nelson. Good stabling. Open day and  niglit.   Can be reached by eithpr road or water.  WILLIAM ROHKRTS. Proprietor.  Largo and well lighted Heated by hot air  Reasonable rates Sample rooms  . Electric bells and light in every room  Renovated and refurnished throughput   ...  HOTEL;  VICTORIA  J. V. PERKS, Proprietor ..*:;V.    :: V.  Free bus meets all trains Roualcfnlra    R   H  Hourly street car to station   . .  . nBYOISHURBj  ����� U.  The Tribune will buy Old Rags  HEAD OFFICE,  LONDON,  ENGLAND.  &���-���:.' IS  AM dorrjrhuhications relating to  British  Columbia  business to be -.ddressetf to Pi Q. Drawer  605, Nelson, British Columbia c  RODERICK ROBERTSON, General Manager  S FOWLER,, E,M., Mining Engineer  {NELSON, B.C.  CEESTOJST  Situate on the Crow's  ber of any description  district  of Kootenay.  Tenders Solicited  Nest Railway is prepared to deliver lum-  in  any quantity at any  place  within the  GOAT  RIVER   LUMBER  COMPANY,  G.  A.  BIGELOW,  Manager  Nelson  Planing  MMjs  FLOORING, LINING, MOULDINGS, DOORS,  AND SASHES IN STOCK.  EVERY DESCRIPTION OF JOINERY, DOORS AND WINDOWS  MADE TO ORDER.  Office and Mills Corner Hall and Front Streets, Netsoi. THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B.C., FRIDAY   MARCH. te, 1899.  See that your  prescriptions are  filled by us.  "TT7"E carry the most complete line  of drug* sundries in Kootenay  and the quality of our goods is the  best that money can buy. Our prices  are no higher than our competitors  charge for inferior goods.  Wc use none but. the best quality of drugs nnd chemicals  Special attention giveu to their compounding  W. R Teetzel & Co.  CORNER BAKER AND JOSEPHINE STREETS, NELSON  e Well Dressed  In addition to a new spring suit1 you need a new hat and tie.  See our window for samples of our stock of ties in all the latest  shapes and colors.  We have just received and opened up a large stock of hard and  soft hats, including Stetson's, Fedora's, Christie's, Roelofs and Carter's for spring and summer wear.  James A. Gilker  P. 0. Store, Baker Street, Nelson.   Branch Store at Yrrir.  Jewelery, Watchqs," Clocks,  ,. Silverware, Pianos, ,  Sewing Machines, Bicycles.  EVERYTHING GOES  JACOB DOVER, The Jeweler  NELSON TENT wtifipi^  KlSP fritf Ikn^StrijiicI Gyrtaiiis for  Verandahs and Windows  PROPRIETOR  ALL SIZES OF  TENTS IN STOCK  Baker St. opposite postoffice, Nolson  m-wsmt  n��   "a"  TV_-3COllV___3S^-l-iE3  ^.TfTlD   _R-B'_C_-3_.IIJ  WH to for quotations on car lots. NlBLSO]^.   B. Q-  WILL 1)0 WELL TO  BUm; THEIR LUMBER  . AT  G. 0. BUCHANAN'S  Seeds  A large stock of flri.t-c.asH dry material on hand, also  a "full line of sash, doors, mouldings, turned work, etc;  FACTORY WORK A SPECIALTY  Yard:   Foot of Hciidryx street. Nelson  Telephone, 91 Joh__l    R^   AgCIlt  GARDEN  FIELD and  FLOWER SEEDS  Fresh  I respectfully, invite the liidies of Nelson to  my spring opening of French, English and  American pattern hats, bonnets'and fine millinery novelties, on Wednesday and Thursday,  March 29th and 30th. Inspection of stock  invited. MRS. E. McLAUGHLIN  Josephine street-Nelson.  In bulk and packages.  We sell at eastern  catalogue prices.  Canada Drag and Book Co.,  -LIMITED.'..  - Corner Baker and Stanley Streets, Nelson.  LOCAL   NEWS   AND   GOSSIP.  G. C. Hodge, district superintendent of  all telephone lines in southeastern British  Columbia, will leave Nelsou i'or Boundary  Creek poiuts, via Rossland, this.eveuiug.  He has more mileage of lines to look after  than any other telephone expert on the  Coast.  Archie Jar-dine has retnred to Kaslo  from Republic;, Washington. Wheu questioned concerning it he said, "Yes, it will  no doubt be a good mining camp, but  there is no chance for prospectors, as the  reservation has been staked from one end  to the other."  The members of the fire department  will give another smoking concert in the  fireball on Thursday evening, April Oth.  A. good programme is being arranged and  an effort will be made to run the entertainment as a smoker should be run.  The bank of -Montreal today exported  by the Dominion Express Company $2000  worth of erold dust. It went to the United  States assay oflice at Helena.  Mayor Neelands was at the city hall  this morning, and relieved aldermain  Fletcher from the discharge of the duties  pertaining to the. office of chief magistrate.  The members of the fire department  have decided to purchase uniforms for  themselves and pay for them without the  assistance of the city council. The suits  will be of blue serge with silver buttons.  It is reported that James Bannerman of  the Vancouver Hardware Company has  applied for the office of sheriff of South  Kootenay, which will be vacated as soon  as the resignation of sheriff Robinson is  accepted. The name of S. P. Tuck of  Kaslo is also mentioned in connection  with the office, but what foundation there  is for the reports could not be ascertained  this afternoon.  Bullock-Webster, chief of the ;,provin-  cial police is of the opinion that Southern  Kootenay is the most orderly section of  the province that he has resided in. Even  the railway navvies have a respect for  the observance of the law, and with hundreds of foreigners scattered along the  line of the Nelson & Bedlington the police  do nob average one case per month.  A drummer for a Toronto soap manufacturing firm was in Nelson recently. Oh  the quiet he said he was very much opposed to the Kettle River Valley railway,  and said that his firm were doing all they  could, in a quiet way, to defeat the  charter. That firm's soap should be boycotted in every mining camp in southeastern British Columbia.  "Blake" Wilson expects to make a trip  over to the Boundary Creek country the  fore part of next week. At Brooklyn he  will pick up eighty-five head of beef cattle and drive them over the "tote" road  to Greenwood, where they will be slaughtered. The distance from Brooklyn tp  .Gree'riwood-is eighty-five miles, and he.  expects.to make it.in. six days. Feed has  been put in.alongtheroad at intervals of  =fif teen "miles.- /  Nelson Iron Works  ��� -*, '   * ^     "MAMUKACTI/KI.HS'OIO ''"'/     ,   ,) ,  ENG.IN.ES, BOILERS, SHAFTING-,. IRON AND  BRASS CASTINGS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION  Repairs promptly attended ro.    ' P, 0.__Jox, 173.   '  AUCTION SALE OF HOUSEHOLD GOODS  We-will sell, at auction on the premises*,on  ���Thursday, March SOth, afc 2. o'clock-p. m. all the  contents of a well furnished, house.  *"' Sale,'without;,reserve, terms cash.  .   Come   to   Observatory street,  second  house  ���west of Stanley.  V  c. A. WATERMAN. & CO, Auctioneers..  MINING   BECORPS.  XEI.SOX MINING   DIVISION���RECORD OPKICK AT   NKLSON.  Thursday, March 2'..���Transfers���Onix, C & K, Free-  li-Oii., Hum holt, situate nenr Forty-nine creek; Michael  Kealy. Joseph H. Chipman, John 11. Baxter, Alexander  Macdonald to Robert Scott Lonnie ; consideration, ��1.  Fridiy,' March 24.���One-quarter interest in the Uluo  Grouse, Uullender. Now England, situato on Hear creek:  near Ymir; John Gillies of Itosslui.-l to James Tyner of  Ymir; consideration, SI. One-third interest in tho Surprise, on north fork of Salmon river six miles from Erie;  Alexander Gozetlo of Erie to Kdiiiuiid Dufour of Columbia ; consideration, ��1. IJellinnhum, Little Giant, Golden  Hod, situate on Erie mountain, three miles northwest of  Erie; William Keensy to K. McEvoy; consideration.  ��.m   BUSINESS   MENTION.  W. F. Collins, the manufacturer of the  (."���yxiti. razor preparation, has made arrangements with  \\\ K. Teeixul & Co. whereby they li-ConieUiesoloaKcnts  for Nelson for the onyxito preparation. It is guaranteed  lo sharpen tliejlullest razor, and give perfect satisfaction.  The   Tribune  job   plant   is   the   most  complete in Kootenay, and the printers employed are  among I he best in tho province. Therefore, the work  turned out is always llr.-t-class; no cheap or shoddy  work done.  FOR   SALE.  CHEAP��� Ten-stamp mill, with concentrators complete;  good condition.   Address, Mill, Tribune olllce. Nelson, K. C.  HOUSEHOLD  GOODS-Must he sold at: once.   Har-  gains.   Apply first house west of St. Paul's church,  Victoria street, Nelson.  TO   LET.  FUOM or about April 1st., im eight-room house; furnished, bath room, electric light, piano, workshop  and large garden. Corner of Falls and Hoover streets.  Apply K. P. Whalley, Nelson, U. C.  REWARD.  LOST���Un Monday afternoon, the 20th instant, a liver  colored Irish spaniel bitch,'with white throat; and  had on brown colla'. Reward will bo paid for her return to W. A. Ward, Vernon street, Nelson. i  PROFESSIONAL   CARDS.  A H. HOLDICH���Analytical Chemist and Asoayer.  -C3->     Victoria street, Nelson.  T C.*G\VILLIM, B.A.Sc. & XV. S. JOHNSON, B.A.Sc.  �� ��� ���Mining Engineers and Analytical Chemists,  Slocan City, fi. C. 0  LODGE   MEETINGS.  NKLSON LODGE, NO. 23, A. F. & A. M. Meets  second.Wednesday in each month. Sojourning  brethren iuvited.  KNIGHTS  OF PYTHIAS-Nelson   Lodge,   No,  25,  Knights of Pythias, meets in I. 0. O. F. Hall,corner  Baker and Kootenay streets, every Tuesday evening at  8 o'clock.   Visiting Knights cordially invited to attend.  C. FRENCH, C. C. G. ROSS, K. of R. & S.  NELSON, B.C.  KASLO, B. C.  SANDON, B. C.  DEALERS IN  Shelf and Heavy Hardware  SOLE AGENTS FOR  Giant Powder Jm  TRUAX  ORB  OARS  K2I  Canton Drill Steel# material  CARRY IN STOCK  Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal  Pipes, and Fittings  Giant, Caps and Fuse  Tools, Cutlery, Tin  ^^  and Woodenware  Stoves, Eanges,  Iron, Steel," Sheet  Iron, T-Rails  Paints, Oils, G-lass  NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:   Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.  THE LAWRENCE HARDWARE CO  ���"'     Will  be found  in  their new  premises  on   Baker Street  with  a complete stock  of  HARDWARE  Shelf and  Heavy  Heavy  and Shelf  Contractors  and Others  -Who,- use picks, shovels,, etc.,  should riot faiT to. look *at our line  of goods, which for qualities arid  material-cannot be beat. '   -";"- y  Vancouver Hardware; Co., M  Importers of-Shelf and Heavy Hardware.  MA11A & BAUXAlir. BLOCK; l.AKKR ST.", NKLSON  ALL KINDS OF MINING SUPPLIES  You. will find it io .your advantage to. consult us  before placing your orders-      - ���  Tirismithing and Plumbing a Specialty  = Estimates Cheerfully Furnisqed   *  ARE YOU  FOR PRO VISIONS ?  e pa i r of Shoes:  rIs ks  ftecWsary as a new/ suit, of clothes and a nice haf  Gur stock  of spring and  summer footwear is  noyy  complete  ALL SHAPES, ALL* STYLES, ALL SIZES AND /\LL LASTS  We do   not  claim   to :have   the*��largest  store- in- Nelson,-but-we  do  claim    to   carry  a   stock   of. "goods   which "-"for--"quality  and"-; price'  cannot  be   beaiem -   - - - "_ - -   .     -   -J * ���_"'. -   . -  Our coffees and teas hardly need, an advertisement. ��� Schilling's  brands of coffee and famous Rain Lai's teas have become the  favQiiite   family  beverages   in   I^qlson..       .,���    ���.      0  .���->,  . . ������.:���-.'.,  A   carload!' of _ fiii eh "Ash'croft:  potatoes-jiKstvli'rnved."      -    "    *  :��-  2(i AND28 WKSTJiAlilOR ST11K.ST, NELSON  ART  &  MUSIC  CO.  Agents,  West  Balder  Street,  Nelson.  ARE PRODUCTIONS OF THE HIGHEST GRADE.  pONSTRUCTED FROM ONrAr BEST MATERIALS, BY  V THE MOST PERFECT WORKMANSHIP, BASED ON  PURELY SCIENTIFIC AND ACOUSTICAL PRINCIPLES,  COUPLED WITH MATURE EXPERIENCE AND AMPLE  MEANS, THEY PRODUCE 3?HE HIGHEST IDEAL OF REFINEMENT AND CHARACTER IN TONE.  Warcrooms and Factory-KING STREET EAST, TORONTO.  ILLUSTUATED BOOK LIST UPON APPLICATION.  ART  &  MUSIC  CO.,  Agents,  West  Baker  Street,  Nelson  BAKER STREET WEST,  NELSON,  B. C  largest Warehouse and Storerooms  Therefore it stands to reason that \ve can sell you goods for less  money than other dealers buy them; tor. .  The celebrated "Three Star" Flour is giving entire satisfaction.  Fleischman's Yeast arriving every two days fresh from factory:;  Headquarters for Teas.    We carry the best lines only.  ABERDEEN BLOCK  KELSON, B.C.  IVi- DesBrisay & Go,  Easter is almost here  Tlie ladies of Nelson will all have  tlieir new Spring bonnets and your  old suit will look shabby. Call  around and let us make you look  new in a new Spring Suit. A full  line of spring and summer goods  just received.  H, 1. Vincent, Merchant Tailor  BAKER ST. WEST, NELSON, B.C.  Young Men  It you.want a nol>by suit or a stylish pair  of pants'-for spring wear call at rooms 5 and  9 Clements block. I will show you some  nice cloth and samples, and will send same  to your ofllce or room where your measure  can be taken. Will fit you as you were  never .fitted before.  LADIES' TAILOR MADE SUITS  .A SPECIALTY  Stevens, Tl|e Tailor  The Best on the Market  Just received a carload of the Lake of the Woods Milling Company's  celebrated Hungarian brands of Flour, which will be sold at the same  price as the  inferior  grades on,the market.    Try it and   be  convinced.  Family orders a specialty and free daily delivery  Mail and telephone orders promptly attended to  Baker Street West, opposite Oddfellows' Block  JOHN A. IBVING & CO.  SPECIAL  The supply is limited, so call early and examine this stock.  Have just received, a consignment of Harris homo  made tweeds from Talbot Harris, Scotland.  FBEDJ. STOE. Mer St. Mm   c-;  zZ'fyJS?'^ ^sggtsiii


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