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The Tribune Mar 22, 1899

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Array ^.-_
Was  in Too  Much   Haste   to   Serve
Railway' Company   and   is  Now
Called Upon to Recant.
Victoria.'-AIarch 22.—An interesting condition of a .Tail's exists here today. The
British Columbia board of trade has revolted against the domination of the Canadian Pacific Railway Company, and yesterday and today tho board has been
attempting to vomit forth a resolution
which was passed a year ago, protesting
against the granting of a charier (o tho
promoters of the Kettle llivor Valley
Two weeks ago the council of tho board
decided that the interests of Victoria demanded that a special meeting of the
V board should be held for the purpose of
taking up the question of the Kettle
River Valley charter. It is now generally
known, even here in Victoria, that there
is not the remotest chance of the Victoria,
Vaneou ver & Eastern rail way being built.
It is also known that the Canadian
Pacific Railway Company is building
into Boundary Creek. But it happens that the Canadian Pacific
line is going into the „ new district
from the east, and as there is' no hope of
the Vancouver, Victoria & Eastern being
built, the local merchants see that if they
are to get into Boundary at all it must be
over the road which a year ago the board
did" all iu its power to kill.
The meeting to consider the railway
question was .called yesterday, when a
motion was made to rescind the resolution passed a year ago, at the instance of
the Canadian Pacific Railway Company's'
• officials, in which the members of the Dominion house ; were urged to refuse a
charter tb the Kettle River Valley promoters. The Canadian Pacific railway's
forces were not prepared however to give
up without a fight, and an amendment
was introduced to the effect -that it
was not to the interests of Kootenay that
it should have railway connection with
the south. The odd thing in connection
with the amendment is that it is the first
time that the members of the Victoria
board of trade have been called upon to
pass any resolution or amendment iu the
interest of any other section of the Province than Victoria.
Those who are in; favor of the original
motion are confident that, they  will be
able to defeat the forces of the Cauadian
-Pacific, and get the board to- reverse its
V     position upon the question  of the Kettle
V vRty^
i5V. erjeditSwil l^be„'due"%)^A^^iNJB3tfjiy fish.*-
KD'V/He cliaiAPjQnedDtii^ caiise/otlrailway 6om-n
#?; ^ p^aptifiall y« a|6^ e^i ii=H i f ;fl g^b. g" =ni/„sj¥;' =¥ * »3 S;'
-"s?"election coutesfctrjalt was \continued* thi&
.'ft-.jjs..■„#ia>»y. *»'■;'■!}„■.?■•''> ■",&"".".„ -vr" -:.»•.",,* ■■«>.*.«;.■_< -"v
•,,* ™ inoripnj^v*ff be^
fl ^wltnfesfesy-f&"°p roveibBbo'ry^oV°rup'tion"
*■_»./■".".»_;".*.." v.'.s".;^,,':.- i»i«■■!"."!!?.■_?"".",- J_i''.cw,>1w',
'„. .-°f°anaantiiuidation,- biitslailed Vtoestabhsha:
prevails at Bristol and"* further trouble is
feared. Warrants have been issued
for general Walker and some of the other
parties. The contest, between Walker
and Rhea in the canvass last fall was one
of the bitterest that ever took place in
Virginia, pistols having been drawn several times between the candidates while
speaking to the voters. The contests,
during the taking of testimony for the
last sixty days, have been frequent and
each side has accused the other of fraudulent practices. Rhea's friends say that
Walker's shooting of Hamilton was uncalled for aud cowardly. Walker's friends
say that he was being bull-dozed as part
of a deep-laid scheme to get rid of him,
because he had made out a strong case of
fraud in the election last fall.
The Followers of General Ballington  Booth
Grossly Insulted by the Followers
of General William Booth.
The queen regent has signed the decree
giving Al*. Jules Cambon, French ambassador at Washington, full power to represent Spain at the exchange of the
ratification of the treaty of peace with
the United States.
"Kid" Harker knocked Jack Garrigout
in the eleventh round at Denver, Colorado, last night. The fight was a very
pretty one and neither had an advantage
until the sixth round, when Garrig received a cut over the left eye, the blood
interfering with his sight? In the eleventh
rouud Parker landed a left swing under
the left ear,* which put Garrig out.
The health authorities of Rochester,
New York, discovered late last night that
Augus McRae, late United States cavalryman, who came here from Alontana a few
days ago, was afflicted with smallpox. He
was removed to the hospital and the inmates of the housb were put under quarantine. No fear of any serious results
from this case is felt, as it was discovered
in time aud prompt action taken.
An Intercolonial, freight train was buried under an avalanche from a cliff overlooking Levis yesterday. The accident^
occurred close to the scene of several"
fatalities from the same cause four years
ago. While a large gang of men were at
work digging out the train, a second
smaller avalanche fell, burying a number
of men. All were dug out without loss of
life.'".'.   -. . ■ _;""..'■ ,v-,,V-,V,,'.'.v:-,,VV.:
Simeon Czuby, the Galician, was yesterday at Winnipeg found guilty of the murder of Bojeczke and his children Vat
S tiiar t hu r giAla n i to ba.
!»-_."   <h   _nD.._    D      .        J   o     "        *>,   '    D_nD--   .Jft       "LDD      n   n   D__ U  ll, __„   „
vsingle^cbarge.,.«_n The?. tj'ial«§is* practically^:
j£gains;d_)eaiie -siilr^^
\"tour.viMms.natternoout.argumeut>,will be.»
*nat"a^dul&^^ - ;"   *
■'"}"%.€nil6o^^A%rc#":22:^li^"N^tl. "~^k\&
,"• ple^ibiVpe^
„" dated..-V-Widef^^ . been
-       ...     'Joc-fiey: "Killed?"   .     • V
SairPranGigcOj Margh "2_-.^John Epper-
sOh^5 jockey and part owhev of the hoiSeS
$exarkaua:ahd Bes-fie Lee,  was stabbed
_to_deafch ^by^JamesVJ.-Gilligat-i.-a^bofse.
rubber. The tragedy occurred at a saloon
Opposite the Oakland track at Emory-
villej The. hieu. had been enemies lor a
long timei, When they met a quarrel en-
8uedV which] Soon led to a fight. Gilligan
was getting decidedly the worst of the
encounter, when he drew ft, pocket knife
and plunged the keen blade into the
-jockeys ."jugular vein, causing a Wound
which proved, fatal in a very short time.
(Jilligan was arrested as he was leaving
his mother'^ home; t He adihits he killed
Epppr-jon, but claims lie acted in self
defense. ..'..'...       -
Salvation Army Mayor.
Wichita, Kansas, March 22.—James W.
Tapp, a rich merchant and leader of tlie
local Salvation Army, has been nominated
by the Democrats as their candidate i'or
mayor. Air. Tapp promises this reform if
-elected: "Ten dollar., fine i'or any girl;
wearing Jbloomers on the street. Any
policeman^ heard swearing will be discharged and all will be required to carry
Bibles,, Religious services will be held
twice daily in the city building. Free
street car service will be given on Sunday
morning to all churchgoers. Sunday
theatres and baseball games will be forbidden. Spitting on the sidewalks will
be a finable offence."
Bloodshed.in Virginia.
Richmond, Alarch 22.—While taking depositions at Bristol last night in the Rhea-
Walker congress contest case, general
James A. Walker, republican, former congressman, became involved in a controversy with W. S. Hamilton, attorney for
democratic congressman William F.
Rhea. Hamilton, advauciug on general
Walker, was shot in the abdomen, the
wound probably being mortal. Walker
was shot twice in the right shoulder. The
wounds of general Walker are serious,
but not mortal. His wounds are supposed
to have been made by a pistol in the
hands of G. E. Davis, private secretary of
congressman   Rhea.      Great  excitement
- in t;o „ deep •; »water;. ^and v onl y> »0tlie*m am
■k trpng;li^ti^On*0bi:b .&%tiWiii^,-K^^\^
f ^hd:tCanadian\: lingij jj&atgppsia',!^va)s>'^;;
ported* tb."ha%f&eei°S'seetf:^
■nopn;"*one jni le .olfrAm
■iil.ahdsfjaminMVih.a'hekvMfloe "oB" pai'ckedF
^"boarclcheK ^nSherfhbw
si'gpa^kryf" .j^:-y;^
urtJ.11 ro^uiation/j0receivBed^ atD oToronto/says ■*
"sthat: vthe*^reatZN^^
„'nqr:lthe? ^.r„ancl-" TrunElias. atipb tihc^lfi ts.
programme^...w_ - _,-„ .^ »>,•>« •»■.•■ ,. .-.*.« .. ...
D °B A  i.Dc_ilLl   ■"   $   "    **        *   ton'" **?nD    <•" n°° °       *dp?™tt(°   B" d 'V^jfl'ftS i i D»    D
; .-At-thageneralisessions:in's>Tqronto"this:
moifnibg^ahfes ^prin^
W er e. sbnt en^ed ,^
wafe„s"enfenced_tq„"£hrfe y*3l;r| jin .the. «°p:e'n'if
■tentijar„y?" „      '■ J„."""     "'"yy-"" *''."..-"". "°
A geberal meeting of the^Tofpnto board
of; trade   today   ehdorsed,  the   proposed'
James Ray railway; and also aiproposition
to extendithesame throughout the«basins
oj the Mflc-keilzie and ^ulgon rivers. _vThe-
railway committee of the board recommended a railway north from "the Canadian Pacific to the mouth of Alorse river,
as the most available means of opening
communication   with  the country  north
and west at an early date.
R. S. Gallop of KaSlo'has returned; from
a trip to his old home in New Brunswick.,
Fl S. Andrews Of Nelson is at Kasio adjusting the insurance loss On the Great
Northern hotel.
S. S. fowler, engineer of the London &
Jjritish Oojuhibla Goldfields, is at the
Whitewater mine making the usual
monthly inspection.
A. AlacdonaldI of Winnipeg, head of the
wholesale firm of A. Macdonald «fc Co., is
in Nelson. Air.. Macdonald, who I,* an ex-
mayor of Winnipeg, reports the prairie
capital making a steady growth, both in
size and population, and that it is being
greatly benefited by the development of
the Kootenay trade. Nelson is no^w looked
on as the commercial centre of the Kootenays, and many of the eastern wholesale
firms find it to their .advantage tb transact their business direct from Nelson. He
is well satisfied with the business done by
the Nelson branch of his firm since his
last visit, and also with the outlook for
the future.
P. W. St. George, city surveyor of Montreal has resigned his office inconsequence
of interference by the aldermen. He says
that he is tired of their nagging; The
mayor has asked him to reconsider his
decision, but he refuses. His salary is
$5000 a year. _^	
Three Prominent Men.
London, Alarch 22.—The marquis of
Salisbury has started for the Riviera.
Lord Strathcona and Alount Royal, Canadian high commissioner, though confined
to his house with a slight attack of influenza, is not seriously ill. The doctors
have ordered a change, and he will go to
Folkestone. General manager Hays is
expected to attend the semi-annual meeting of the shareholders ofthe Grand
Trunk Railway Company at the Cannon
street* hotel here on the __9th.
Chicago, Alarch 22.—The recent clash
between the Salvation Army and the Volunteers during a street parade of the latter headed by general Ballington Booth
has resulted in a deal of trouble between
the two organizations. The showing by
a magic lantern of a death-bed picture of
Ballington Booth's mother at the moment
of his appearance before the Salvation-
Army headquarters has caused much bit-;
terhess, and at a council of the general
officers of the Volunteers the following
statementwas given out: :.    •
We, the undersigned staff and field
commanding officers, to the number of
seventy-seven, assembled in regimental
colors, desire to express our opinion that,
while it will be generally conceded by the
many friends and associates of the Volunteers that general and Mrs.. Ballington
Booth have acted with discretion in withholding from the press and the platform
their feelings respecting tbe recent actions of the Salvation Army, wishing to
avoid public controversy, yet, in justice
to the many Volunteers and their friends-
in and arouud'Chicago, aud in contradiction of certain statements, it is only right:
and fair we should express our admiration of the christian spirit ex-,
hibited by the Volunteers in the face of
the manifestations of an unchristian and
unamerican spirit on the part of the Salvationists yesterday. We were having a
peaceable parade, witnessed by hundreds
of people, when we were grieved and
shocked to witness the action of certain
officers of the Salvation Army. General
Booth's mother's picture was put on the
screen just as we■:passed the Salvation
Army headquarters purposely to create
the impression that she and he made
vows to the Salvation Army on her deathbed, when, as we all know, at the time of
her death he was in the United States.
Further, in the presence of. our leader,
.''."Hurrah- <for.SsAlaior5"sMoores 7armyA:,
(a/name.« associated -with'.a-rePuted sean-•
*? di^ljilattbtl^^yin eiijbeiv shb^te^'rjsh-i.fcing;
"^ h il e'plk y_li'I'i''d°/a %'h]'oV^a's!,"also>':'ahf o ffice^l'.
pbihtinvg^*t6V"..t-ye«""picture1s 6niJ»the«Isci'eJen,{
said;; cLoofe at^them^'m
^/he'liifybii Vfm ad'e^ *vOwsJ !a,tn" "yJoju'r;.mubth'rr|S)
fright jto*. demand 4a^public;apology"*from[
'|i'euten1tnt-„c0l6wnel ?Er^^^
ftin.cVJ|reach OBjH^
-as these,iWAich.i brought".„from.:Bthen balva2'
^6ibn"Army tbs" tllb^VSlun teers "*"durihg; fili*
last.'fewj weeks "§o "mahybldiSalyatiOnisI;^."
F|xrthe%j bre",>that^^^
The Nelson & Bedlington Railway Running
Powers Over Any Portion of the
Crow's Nest Pass Railway.
Rumors.have been in circulation for a
week to the effect that the railway committee of the privy council had granted
the application ofthe Nelson & Bedlington Railway Company for running powers
oyer the Crovv's Nest Pass railway for, a
short distance near the lower end of
Kootenay lake. A local paper printed
the rumor as a statement of fact on Friday. The Tribune wired Hewitt Bostock, Al. P., ait Ottawa, on Friday, for
definite information, and with his usual
promptness the answer was filed in the
Canadian Pacific telegraph office at
Ottawa. Although the answer was filed
on Saturday, it was not delivered to The
TbiBtrNE until today. The "following is
the reply:  ;
y Ottawa,  Alarch 18.—The Tribune, Nelson :' The application of the Nelson &
Bedlington railway for running powers
over the Crow's Nest Pass road for nine
miles is still before the railway committee,
no order having been passed. The depart-
'■ meut of.railvvays and canals has not yet
;;:been advised whether the two companies
have  cbmeotb any agreement, as   they
were asked to do.   The decision  of the
;CO_ntn ittee^ al though not f brnially - made,
"was that the application should hot be
granted ; but time was given both parties
to come to an agreement.:
hemmefl    in   by    the    fire.     He    went
across gully and ridge in his search, until at last he saw his  stock at some little
distance ahead.   He   was   more than astonished upou comiug up to the group to
find not only his cattle and colts, but a
deer, three wild  cats, a coyote and several rabbits, all alive,  and apparently in
no fear of   him.    They watched his approach   with   indifference,   the   timidity
gone from   the   big-eyed   deer, no   more
venom in the wild-cat's purr, and honesty
shining  in the gray  coyote's face.   The;
rabbits sat on their haunches, as meek as
the pets of children.   But the poor coyote
was in pain, and as the farmer came close
the erstwhile robber of the roost dragged
his helpless hindquarters toward the man
in   mute   supplication, v The legs  of the
animal had been frightfully burned.   The
rancher was in no mood to make friends
of such strange creatures,  and  at once
drove the stock through  the smoldering
brush, the deer going along with the cattle,   the   rabbits   hopping  along at  the
rancher's  heels,  the   wildcats   slouching
along behind, and  the coyote, unable to"
follow, whining a pathetic appeal for succor.   When the burning field  was passed I
the deer broke into a run for the distant
hills, the rabbits were away like a flash,
and  the old  defiance  and "snarling leer
came back to the wildcats^ who scorned
to  make a show of haste.   They walked
slowly out of sight.
Would Like if Possible to Arrange Matters
So That   They Would Own the  Property Instead of the Government.
;, The Stewart group on Four Alile is to
;be opened up at once.' A number of open
Jcuts and 120 feet of tunneling has already
been; done On the property, exposing a
; fine  ledge,: with  several   inches  of ore.
jTwO miles of trail have also been built to
I the claims; y yy.r ■■■ ':yy(..(iy:.'
j:-Affairs at the Comstock  mine onFour
MileV;are at a standstill, and it will be
jlsomq time^before fullVoperations are re-.-
deied to the associated press.
0     "'    .    _ 0      D UD _ "nft""      ft"" I'   n .   "     *^ „    ' ^    ft1       ° °     °~  '
; ■:'■".•.'. .;  "I^O^.OTTAWAt
The" RqdistributiM. of-;Seajbs; Will Not   Be;
a Gei^mctrideri "
Ottawa, Alarch 22i"-^Sir WiffridLLaurier
spoke for two hours, in i*eplying to sir
Charles Tupper^ yes.tiei.day afternoon. He
pose by its redistribution bill to make it a
gerryniauder act. As for the senate reform act, the latter wOuld be first introduced iii the senate. The consent of the
senate, to make it more perfect, was
heces.sary. He didnot 'believe in retaliation, but would propose to legislate for
Canada from within, aud not from
without. He did not agree with
sir Charles that the Washington
commission should have terminated, and
not adjourned. What his government
did -was to take the responsibility of
breaking the session of the coramission,
and to give tifneto the British and American governments to come to some amicable settlement.
Hon. Air. Foster followed, showing that
the government had not reduced the expenditures as nrorftised, and that the changes
in the tariff Were trivial.
Sir Richard Cartwright,after speaking
for a few minuted; moved the adjournment of the debate:**
■most, „r , .  ,
Ktain, .back^oEailyerton,:fSonJe4liJgh;ass
sthis.sekson'sJwork^i.C" expected stbjdeVelOpJ
f the eongoantO"aflividend-payer.*.«:«s;j'M  s°
shipments irom the l<our Mile- mines tor
"ai'6; getting *t bin gs5in
tresu m p,tibh;oB ;w^
: *.rflb4s;e|tim:atedf th:at/iOD\m.en_^iU#^„;;i|£ ^
>w6rk"i6fi; vt'he;>rvaridus» claims*, nekr-;"New
Denver by July 1st."   - -    - -
o ^Wiorkehfl8^b,e|!r4.".rjBsqn3ed/on"_.the;Nq:"|3;
;tu,bh'.eij bf>tlfe>bBpJ.iln."{m
De oh tin liedj |i*i thbii C fix rt her. (i nt^r r n p iio iiy
They-wip^ e'iln$I£eyNp42(,i"s% be.lng "|.ii n k "'ufopb:n. i
larirely. il^bfty tbnsVof ore»y|;iirb-)i;Sh*ipp§d
by«VSiinday,Vand i ihe"  regular5 monthly
shipinentbf^QCJ tons will" Me. maintained.
Shbul.bl" -the "hew eightrhour la'W - boT'put
, into effect, the  Bo^un  will, increase its
force, provided the hourly;rfttibTo'f thirty"*
five cents is accepted Ipy the men.	
At^the^Ciueen Bess, sixjy men are Stil 1"
a;t wOrk arid the ore shipments will be
kept at the hiaxi'Wi'u   until the roads
break up.
To Ottawa if He is Made the Delegate Upon Public Buildings;
At a special meeting of the city council
held this afternoon a communication was
read from W. A. Galliher, city solicitor,
stating that an effort was being made to
send him to Ottawa. He said that he
could not consent to go unless the council
gave him leave of absence. He thought
he would be absent for one month, and if
the council decided that he could have
the necessary leave of absence, the duties
of city solicitor conld be attended to by
his partner P. B. Wilson. On motion of
alderman Thomson, seconded by alderman
Kirkpatrick, the conncil decided to give
the: city solicitor the necessary leave of
absence, should he be selected as the dele-
:'gate.'y "yy'(~]y y ■(:"■-..■::
Tenders foi'ithe burial of paupers were
j received from VD. "McArthur & Company,
and frOjm.thej-NelspnjFurniture.Company:]
"s e^fc;th e" price^f ^i^a:^pugh>hgll?.at''$4''J5,*'.and'
if •|a*shroud ■"waslnecessary^ad.rallditiobal
charge vpf*$1.20A'The:Jch"eape^
Welnfyep^idti Silyertbriy" •both^connected
■ with*th%'"cpjupan^
Edit,h?group!»dn"^FbuivAlil^^^ .,.   a u.,,,....... .,.,.„....    .. ...    v   .... .     ■„-.  .
-^pr^ifi^ 1.-pl-bsp^t^niBeHftn
....'_«,*.  ,-..^...**:- ...■,-*r1.-.„£=... ^„..a.^. -..-„-.,?... qnoted^at^lijand slvroudsat;|3.-^Theiteh*
dersVdidnot include "grSve^Hi^gin"g>S-Si =°
j'coiVSu'd 6rabjelsurpr^
Mh^.Qi'tjt^forJpEeyious1^ burials" Jin""the;:ne:w,
"cemetery wasi>15iexclusive:ohthe;digging
:i*Thec]iie§tion„otthe Chinese washhotises.
w"e*.Ee|.:-"cnpm*pJai neud;'j"Qf<
Would Take" Away Its Conscience.
Toronto, Alarch 22.— The World, which
is edited by a member of parliament,
says: "Sir Wilfrid Laurier's propo*-ed
senate reform is a half-digested measure,
which will not stand critical examination
He proposes to make the senate the lift-
less thing it was during the Conservative
regime. He proposes to take away its
conscience, so that it will pass every
"nefarious" measure the politicians of the
house may bring forward. As between
unity aud independence between the
commons and the senate, the country
much prefers the latter."
The Metal Market.
New York, Alarch 22.—Silver was
stronger yesterday. The local quotation
was 59(»00c. Lead ou exchange was $4.40
@$4.50. The firm that fixes the selling
price for miners and smelters quoted lead
at $4.20 at the close.
The working force on the Ohio on Ten
Mile has been increased*
.Wprk/wga commenced last week on the
Alarch Bird, adjoining the Mollie Hughes
gr.pu/p, and owned by tValker, Baker and
AlcAlillaii of . New Denver. It has the
Pinto lead of the'Alollie Hughes group
fully exposed* and is a pi'oinising prospect.
J. Tingling of, Silverton bay returned
fromTacpma, whet'e he went pn busiiiess
in connection with the L II group on
ISight Mile. This property will be developed by a,company as spon as the show
goes off. It has high values in gold and
The Storm, adjoining the Noonday on
Galena Farm, is developing into a fine
propositions It is owned by.C. McNichoil
of Silverton and 1$. A.-Van Dorn of New
Denver. It has the Noonday lead running
through it, and a few days ago eighteen
inches of clem ore were exposed.
Now that the Arlington group on
Springer creek has passed into the hands
of a Boston Company, the road up the
creek will be pushed to completion.
Fewer properties in the camp have a better showing than the Arlington. It is a
shaft proposition and more or less water
has to be controlled, which will make a
pumping plant necessary. With the
working of the Arlington, the Speculator,
Lilly B, Regina, Portland aud other
claims in the neighborhood will be
brought into prominence.
their: touditibn".     WherT tliis" reportv-ts
■ „ (Thpi ^ujfeil*!tbei^
ing'tltem pn-tbstirereVil^ -  !"s = -
'.' ■■'    SLQCAN: LA^-E   LQjCAES. j   ;1  ;•
R. Sutherland employed; atl tlie- ^Vake-
fieldi a few-dflys\a"go ."iabbed aiCAridiestick
throflgh his left hahd,  it halving slipped;
from its. i n ten tied plac§.     11! niad e a; pai u-
^filLw.oiind. —~  ■".■—-■      —=.
Conrad Bill,  who rah a butcher
The Comradeship of Peril,
incident of the forest fires in the
of   the  Descanso   neighborhood
hills ot tbe JJescanso neiglioorliood in
Southern California illustrates the comradeship that common peril brings about
among beasts as well as among men.
After the flames had completed their
work of destruction and spread a pall
over the hills, a rancher welit forth
among the charred stumps and smoking
brush heaps to look for a number of cattle and colts, which he feared had bean
. ran a butcher shoii
at Nqw Denver andafterwards at Silyer-
ton, is going to Porto Rico.
Rev. Robert Frew pf Nelson is expected;
to preach at Neyv Denver ou Sunday next.
The impVovfemehts On the Nakusp &
SlOcau railway are to be effected priu-
cipally between Rosebery and ]STa_.ui.p, so
thttt trains nia-y make better time
The finding of John Evans' body in the
bay at llOsebe>y was un expected^ as it is
unusual for a body to 'i'in& in 31'oekii lake.
Dr. young, of Sandpiij" the newly appointed cProhpr fpr fche SJocan^ held the inquest.
Sunday last the New . Denver lodge
Knights of Pythias, accompanied by a
delegation from Sandon and the uniformed rank of that town, and led by the
New Denver band, paraded to the Presbyterian chui'ch, where Rev. Bm Cleland
preached their, anniversary sermon. The
parade was imposing;;
Rev. Air. Akehurst ot Nelson preached
at New Denver pn Sunday in the Anglican church.    .      *'
Edison's moving pictures were exhibit-'
ed at New Denver on Saturday night to a
small audience.
The St. Patrick's day concert and dance
given at New Denver by the band boys
Was a success, netting $Ji6 to the band
fund. The main feature of the programme was a two-act drama entitled
"Our Bachelor Boys," written for the occasion by W. Thomlinson.
Are Not Encouraged.
The advocates of more stringent Sunday observance regulations in Nelsou are
not meeting with any encouragement
from the business men of this city. Those
who have lived iu Nelsou any length of
time consider that Nelsou compares favorably with any other city in the proviuee,
and they deprecate any movement which
tends to advertise the fact that Nelsou is
anythiug but an orderly town. It is safe
to say that the Sunday observance movement will die a premature deatb, because
the people will not take it or its promoters
If  the people of Nelson will subscribe
something like $1000 for the building of a
drillshed and armory for the local company of Kootenay rifles, and do it at once
they may be able to secure for Nelson the
advantage   of  being  designated as   the
headquarters for the several companies of
rifles scattered throughout Kootenay.
-   The provincial government has already
signified   its   willingness   to  set aside a
couple of lots on Victoria street between
Stanley and Kootenay streets and an effort will now be made to put up a building 50x100  feet.   Just what  plan will be
adopted for raising the money has not yet
been decieed  upon.   If  the members of
the local  company receive aid from the
Dominion authorities it will not amount
to more than $300 at the outside and possibly not more than $250.   The difficulty    -
is, however, that if this assistance is accepted the Dominion authorities  will demand an absolute title to the land and
buildings, so that for its advance of possibly. $300 it would require a title to property worth about $2500.
In view of the small amount of the Dominion government's grant and the condition which must attach to it, it has occurred to some of the most enthusiastic
members of the company that the better
plan would be to organize a small stock
company, issuing stock to subscribers in'
proportion to   their  subscriptions.   The
company when organized could hold the
property  in   trust   for   the   local  company,   and   the   charges   in   connection
with      the      building     of     the     shed
and armory could be repaid out of the
company, funds and from the proceeds of
rentals  for concerts or dances.   The income of the company, consisting of the
pay of 42 men and three officers would
amount to $320 per annum.   The custom
in all militia companies is to fund this
money,- so that at the end of the year the
company would have available an amount
greater than the government grant which
could  be applied upon  the cost  of  the
; building and enable them to keep the title .    °
to the property vested in the company in-     ,
stead of in the Dominion government.
If something of this nature is done the
company would be in a much  better position than if it accepted the Dominion    ■
grant even if it is secured, and it is likely    - .
that the matter will be placed before the
citizens in this light.
^"■.^pw.-Railway Promoters Get Rich.
Jv Tile| business^ methods of Messrs.  Mc-
;K•^'-izi«^^'^vM^n!n  are  now   pretty  well
^nders^o^^;grhey take  no chances in
^the*_e;mat*t^*|:if.'Th^ build railways'with
ibth^^peopie^fmoney.V And after1 they-   <■: -
^a^jel-be^e^RHid; for building them they   *
;t-Jk^I^ssl||i^n*9f them.  .Their big profit
linttlle.jirpiSotion of such a scheme as this
^pJ^!B's^tbX°'".^*n^t*,le manipulation of the
;ns%pekiI;»The:s,t;pck is soaked with as much
)^at]f;r;a-im;it.can''*.be  made1 to'carry.    The
p Optarip"&:Rainy River railway will prob- '
*;ably*: SHy.. $10,000,000   worth" of - stock,    J
;w„hichf;*willr^gfaduaJly increase in- value    ,
luntfl.ilxefiehesspar, as. wo believe it-will
Lbefpre.m4ny%ears.     Or, a quicker profit
piaLy*be;n)ade^by»selIiug a majority of the
:^t^k.*t01i:Fig'^dsT9f a rival-line, such as the '"
s Canadian"H?a"cific railway, which is inter-
^ested.in.rfetainiug its monopoly. Doesn't
."it^edmiridiclilpu's for the country to hand
*py,er^-thisl^yalliable property to a few ''
1i(ndiyidpaJ5,.wh.pse interests in working it
"^Ye^idtrre^Htfa'lly opposed to those of. the
p^epp)e:v^hb.:h"av!B" supplied the funds for
buildiffg ■■it'fc",.Bj. ■_ • " • .
,    » Natives of .Negroes Giving Trouble.
New York, March 22.—The Herald dis-   '
patch  f.f?orn H^ijo   says:   A  scare is   re- - '
ppr„tedpnt,he island of Negros..    Upward- ^ ^ J
;ofsix;ty"  Si-anisli refugee   planters   have
arrived at, IliolO and state  that a native
tribe, twenty thousand strong, living on
Aloutezcos river,  twenty miles south of
Bacola, threatens to destroy the Hyacier-
das and  Crops.   They have few  firearms
but many are equipped with spears and
bows.     The  Spaniards   requested   arms
from general Aliljer with which to defend'
themselves and  their property.     There
is   up   change   in    the  situation'  hero.
The    wounded    men    Me    recOyeri-ig. . .. ™ ='
Reports of iightiug.on=th^ island of Ner- .    .-
Bros,    without " any    particular's,    have     -
reached Alaililla.   The transport. Indiana,
is leaving Alktiilltt npw fpr Negrps with
one battalion of theFirst CaliforniaYegir
ment under colpriel JDubose.    -    '
Experimeiits Resulted Seriously.
Paris, Alarch 2l.—According to, ani
official statement regarding the explosion
last evening in the laboratory attached to
the war department, the, ekplosibn occurred in the course Of experiments in
mixing gases intended to light i-ailway
cars. Another account says it was due to
experiments made for the purpose of as?
certaining the cause of the Toulon and
Boilrges explosions by mixing different
kinds of powders, and that the experiments show that the Toulon catastrophe
was the result of carelessness. Seven
persons were injured, three of them seriously, by last night's explosion.
The Race Meeting.
Alarch   22.—The   Brocklesby
racing of Lin-
was won by
up,   was
trial stakes at third day's
coin  spring meeting today
Hulcot.     Styria,   with   Sloane
second, and Crow Tenter third.
horses   ran.     The   betting   was  9   to 4;
against Styria.
The Demand Refused.
Rome, March 22.— It is understood that
the Chinese minister has informed the
Italian government that China absolutely
refuses the demand made by Italy for a
concession at San-Alun bay. THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B. C, WEDNESDAY, MARCH  22,  1800.  For the Ladies...  Just received a large stock of  Ladies' Capes, Skirts, Wrappers and Blouses  New goods arriving daily  Dry Goods, Clothing, Gents' Furnishings, Etc.  ...A. Ferland & Co  Elliott block,  Baker street,  Nelson,  B. C.  We are opening UP the largest stock, of English and Canadian, Tackje  o that Nelson, has ever seen.  More shipments due.    Don't outfit until you see our assortment.  UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT  The Nelson Hardware Go,  VICTORIA J3LOCK, BAKER STREET, NEI.SON.  J. Y. GRIFFIN & CO-  PORK PACKERS AND PROVISION MERCHANTS  WHOLESALE DEALERS IN  CHOICE CREAMERY AND DAIRY BUTTER, CHEESE AND EGGS  SPECIALTY:    "GRIFFIN BRAND" MILD CURED MEATS  NELSON, B.C  VANCOUVER, 13. G.  WINNIPEG, MANITOBA.  ROBERT ROBERTSON,  Manager  Nelson office and warehouse:   Corner Vernon and Josephine .streets.  |..v-.a;-,;" '�����  y I y  'y~-ya  We are now open and ready for business.   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Daily Editjon. ...  WkbklV* Edition.   Fikst Yeah, No. 67  . Seventh Ykak, No. 18  The Liberal Association of Nelson has  decided to send W. A. Galliher, the president of the association, to Ottawa as a  delegate to obtain from the Dominion  government an appropriation for a public  building at Nelson, and the members of  the South Kootenay Board of Trade are  asked to meet and endorse the action of the  political association. Mr. Galliher only  became a member of the board of trade a  week ago, so he cannot, in any sense, be  classed as either a representative or an  j tin' lien fcial ruetp ber ofthe board.   If the  There are politicians in Kootenay who  believe that if the Conservatives would  come out in favor of a Canadian mint,  Canadian smelting Of Canadian ores, an  export duty on logs and wood-pulp that  would be prohibitive, government ownership of all railways, and,no free list for  any manufactured products* that they,  would sweep the country at the next  election. ���         ,_  The opponents of the chairman of the  public works committee say he is too  much of a self-seeker to be a useful member of the council; that no public work is  looked on favorably unless it will enhance  the value of his own or his company's  real estate holdings. On the other hand,  his friends say he is the only member of  the council that knows what the city  needs, and that if he had been elected  mayor, instead of Mr. Neelands, there  would be fewer complaints heard of mismanagement and inactiveness. : '  Five Carloads Last Week*  [Moyie Leader, March. 18th.J  The ore shipments from the St. Eugene  mine last week were five carloads, or 10(i  tons. The road between the mine and  the siding is breaking up at a rapid rate  thus rendering the hauling of ore almost  impossible, aud it is likely that the shipments from that property will be light  until the roads are fit for wagoning, or  the tramway is put in. However, the  condition of the roads does not in any  way affect the Lake Shore, and shipments  from that property will continue as usual.  The owners will ship another carload the  first of next week.  THE  FRENCH  WOMAN'S   MAKE-UP.  Art of Applying Rouge so That its Use  Will Not Proclaim Itself.  "If women will insist on making up,  why don't they take the pains to do it  artistically ?" demanded the woman just  back from Paris. "Keally the most noticeable feature about the women one sees in  New York, after a trip abroad, is the  careless way they daub tlieir faces with  paint and powder. Now, the Parisian  woman learns the art, and applies it as  such."  "Do tell us about it," said one of her  friends.  "In the first place," replied the traveler,  "a woman who knows how the thing is  done gets the proper colors. She never  buys for day use a paint with a purple  tinge. If she is a brunette she gets powder and rouge for brunettes, while if she  is a blonde she buys blonde materials.  These come for both day and evening  use, and, of course, she must put  them on in the light in which  she is to appear. The first thing  she does after getting the proper materials is to wash her face with a tiny bit of  soap on the cloth, then rinse in clear water  and dry with a soft towel. If it is to be a  day appearance, let her go to the brightest window in the room and, with the assistance of her hand mirror, apply her  make-up. The rouge for day use is a  liquid and should be applied with a bit of  soft rag. All that is required is a little  dab on the upper part of the cheeks,  which is promptly rubbed down, and  blended with the fingers; Then several  little dabs are given on the lower part of  the cheek, on the jawbone, that must be  rubbed up and under. Never color, the  little spot immediately in front of the ear  or the centre of the cheek, for nature  never does. The next step is to fix the  lips, and the color for them is always different from that used on the cheeks and  is always liquid. This should be put on  very carefully and so as to appear darker  on the inner edge. Now comes the powder, which should be put on.-the forehead  and rubbed off until there is none to be  seen. Then the slightest suspicion is rubbed on the nose and around the mouth,  and as promptly rubbed off, as the object  is only to take off the shine.  "After this~you go to the brows and eyelashes, and, whatever else you do, don't  use a pencil for the daytime. You can  buy a little box with a/cunning littlemir-  ror in the top. and a cunning little brow  brush and a bar of what appears to be India ink in the bottom. That =isthe one  and only thing used by the French  woman. "The.brush is moistened, rubbed,  on the Ihdia-ink.looking stuff, and'then  applied- to the brow and lashes, but it  must be put on the hair'andvhot on the  skin.-    "-       ' V      *.       . ;   V'     .  "That is tHe.way the-French, woman  gets herself up for her appearance.dnring  the, day, or .when she is to appearamder.  the. electric light.   And she generally is  clever enough to wear a, hat which.shades  her face just a.bit at least. V Of course men;  can only surmise! they can never say positively that she paints:. .She keeps them,  guessing, and.they like that.".  " "But how. about the make-up for evening wear?"   asked her   two friends as she  stopped  speakiug and applied herself to,  the third course of her luncheon.  "Oh, well, almost any of these women  we see about us would pass muster in gas  or candle light. That is one reason tliey  look like caricatures. They made up in a  dark*room with the lights turned on, and  they are really now, all of them, looking  at the make-up of every other woman  -with disgust and- congratulating them^  selveson knowing jtist how the thing is  projperly done; Almost any rouge or  _^:oVwder--wilLdO-for -gas or^candle-light,  but itvis. best to apply it after the daylight fashion, only making it more intense.  But wben it comes- to electric lights thereV  must be no careless work. If you do, it is  a dead give away."  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OV   IUUTISII   COLUMIUA-  -���-lOHATK.  IN.  Bus meets all trains and boats.  Special attention given the transfer of baggage. Office and stables  on Vernon street, opposite The  Tribune office*    Telephone No. 35.  C. W.West&Go.  GENERAL TEAMSTERS  AGENTS VOVt  The Imperial Oil Co.   Standard Oil Co.  Washington Brick aqd Lin\e Co.  The H. W. WjcNiell Cd., Ltd., Canadian Aritfira-  c.ite Coal'- (Hard)  Dealers in.  STOVEWOOD  For further particulars apply to  "Wl^IR-ID BEOS.  ItEAL I.STA.I'E AGENTS.  .Vest Baker St., Nelson  EXPRESS and DRAYING  Having purchased tho express and drayine  business of J. W. Cowan, we arc prepared  to do all kinds bf work in this lino, and solicit tho patronage of the people of Nelson.  Orders loft at 1).. McArthur & Go's store,  northwest corner Baker and Ward streets,  will receive prompt attention.: Telephone 85  GOMER DAVIS & Co.  Trunks and valises delivered to any part Of  the city.  All kinds of draying done  at reasonable  rates.    Moving furniture a specialty.  Stand at corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  In the niatlor of the estate aiid o-lects of Charles Van  Ness, deceased, intestate.  Notice is hereby given tliat an order of this honourable  court dated the 25 li day of Eobruary, A. L>. 181)9, Alfred  John Marks and Decatur Downing have been appointed  administrators of the per-onul e&tate and ellccts of 'he  said deceased, who died on or about the 12th day of January, A. D. 1899.  AU persons liavin/_* claims .against the said deceased  ace required on or before "tho llrst day or'-April, A. D:  1899, t6.(5en"d tulf "particulars of such clFiims; diil/verifletl  _J)^tatutMy_a.��el_rfatjbn,ito^  ���son,- B: C.i with their ehi-istian and surnames, addresses  aiid j-escripticiis and tlidvalrib of the securities, it, any,'  bold by them.  And further take notice that after sfufih last mentioned  datCi tlie siiid.administrators will proceed to adhiinistoi'  the said estate and distribute thd proceeds thoreof  amongst the pavtios oh titled' thereto.'iraviiig- regard only  to the claifiis bf which thoy _hall tlieh, have" notice iind  will not bo.liablo for the.ft-isets or any part tlibroof to any  Ebrson or poi'sons of w'hoso claims notice shall not have  eon received by them at tlie date of Siich distribution.  K-I-li'IOT & lENNIE,  Solicitors for the Administrators.  Dated tlii-28th day of'Eebruary, A. D. 18!*9. "  Notice  bf Application  for  Certiflcate  of  Improvements.  i.__J.MN"I-325Il-Q. 1. EUMKKA I. :.255'0!'lf O. V. (?, KHACTION  "..32-4 O. lillHITAiVNIA_".'*253 0. l.GUANI. I..1S10O. l.MAC  Jh'KACTION ti,325C'0.1, MIKKItA.i CLAIMS, SlfUATE IN  TIIK NI.IJ.CiN MINING DIVISION OV \\'KST KOOTKNAY  DISTKfCT, AND LOCATED ON T&AD MbUNTAIN, ADJOIN  ING "TI.K HAl.l, MINKS.  Take" notice thitt I, Jbhii Hirsch.as agent for the Hall  IWiiios- Coiiipany, I_imited, free miners cbrtificato No.  255-A, intend, Sixty days frbni the d.ito hereof, to apply  to the mining recorder for a certificate of impfovenioiits,  for the purposo ofob tttiiiiiig a crown grant of tho abbvo  olaiins;-" And further tako notice that action, under section 37, niust bo cbmnibueed before the issuance of such  certiacttte of improvOiiibnts. JOHN HIRSOH.  vDAtea thifl 26th day of November, 1898. .    [Jaii 25]  Notice   of  Application   for  Certificate of  Improvements.  YELLOVt'STONK MINERAL CtAlM, SITUATE IN THK NKLSON  MININO DIVISION OP WEST KOOTEN.AY DISTRICT, AND  LOCATED SIX MILES EAST OF SALMON BIVEK, ON FOURS  OK WOLF AND SIIEEP CREEKS.  Take notico that I, J. M. II. I'airbairn, acting as agent  for Hugh M. Billings, free miner's certificate No. 21,789a,  and Thoinas Bonnet, free miuer's certificate No. 215_a,  intend, sixty days from the datehereof, to apply to the  mining recorder for a certificate of imprbveihents, for  the' purpose of obtaining a crown gr.ant of the above  cl-tim. And further take notice that action, under section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such  certificate of improvements.      J. M. It. FAIItBAIRN.  Dated tin's 28th day of February, 1899.  W. A. COSTELLO, PROPRIETOR  .Application for Liquor License.  Notice is hereby given that I will, thirty days from the  date of this notice, apply to tho government agent at  poison for a license to sell liquor at retail at my hotel at  J.iV'r-MiloPoiiit.to-bo known as the .Castle Hotel, in  "est Kootenay district, British Columbia.  Dated Ivlarch 11th, J899. II. A. HEYVVOOD.  Application for Liquor License.  Notice is hereby given that I, the undersigned, Austin  H. Clements, intend at tho first sitting of the board of  licensing commissioners of the City of Nelson, to be held  thirty (30) days after the publication of this notice, to apply-for a retail liquor saloon license for the premises  known as the corner store of tho Odd Fellows building,  on lot number ono (1) in block (12), being situated on tho  southeast corner of Baker and Kootenay streets in tlio  West ward of the said City Of Nelson.  AUSTIN IT. CLEMENTS.  Dated this 15th day of March, A.D. 1899.  Application for Liquor License.  Notice is hereby given that wo will, thirty days from  the date of thi'- notice, apply to the government agent at  Nelson for a license to sell liquor at retail at our hotel,  known as tho "Majestic Hotel, situate on the government  trail between Eagle and Forty-nine creeks, in West  Kootenay district, British Columbia.  ������������.".,..���    JOHN MILES,  Dated Mftrcli 1st, 1899. E. BARRETT.  ?%iH'i THE  TMBUKE:  NELSOS", B. C., WEDNESDAY, MARCH 22, 1899.  Capital,  all paid  up.     -  $12,000,000  6,000,000  LORD STRATHCONA AND   JIT. ROYAL, President  Hon. GEO. A. DRUMMOND Vice-President  K   S. CLOUSTON; General Manager  nsT-BXiSO-N* B-R-^isro-Ea:  N. W. Cor. Baker and Stanley Streets.  E BANK OF  OLUSlflBIA  NELSON       URANCnKS IN       LONDON   (England),   NEW YORK,   CHICAGO  and in the principal cities in Canada.  Huy and sell Sterling Exchange and Cable Transfers  (.RANT COMMEI.CIAL AND THAVI.L1.KHS' CREDITS,  available in any part of the world.  DHAKTS ISSURD    COLLECTIONS MADK; KTC.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CURRENT RATE OF INTEREST PAID  I didn't have  WRECKED   IN   A   DAY.  How Two Unpaid "Comps" Got Even With  a Pious Fraud.  "There    are   more   ways   than  one of.  wrecking a  respectable,  well-established  weekly newspaper, and I  was in at the  death  of  one which   was unique," said  Johnny-Flirusey at the regular meeting of  the Sun   Rise Club.     "I   was   knocking  around the mining towns of the West iu  'the-summer" of  '93   trying my  hand, at  prospecting when I   was . in  funds,   aud  when luck was against rue I published a  newspaper.   You see 1 started iu the business sticking typo and I could set up my  own   paper.     I  started  eight  different  papers that summer in as many towns,  and none of them ran for more than two  numbers.    When I balanced accounts late  in the fall I found that I had  two nearly  healed bullet wouuds and  titles to four  claims   which   might  have   been  worth  something, but they were not.    It struck  too that I was too delicate for that sort of  business.     My nerves were shattered and  I needed repose.   I thought longingly of  the quiet old shop in the East where I  learned to set type, to chronicle the movements of the hog market and the grain  and corn receipts and sales  thecal;  n.j$Mvay_pD  morningg.Cf uyBcJU e^to'vYJi'."^^^^'^^^^!^  gusEecf  ��.03oilei'towup \yasAthe strangest ,lhn<*nqJ:  "iri i"xtii.*e?of. jgobd,iatid;r ba*d��i?i;thpse!;d_iy^  thatIaeveosaw.^vVrt^had ..two.long1i-'t'-'eet--.'.  5s&eetihasfa1wiiysV��l_Ve^  ^alleyfw^nd":nQs..bo.o.m" 'town����� that.. -I*- lia.d;  ^Vtiiij^"^  ,Silo6n_vD 'gttii-lSling "��housg��� ]-��6x - minething?  *>worse..%It*wassupported.��by:the raen";\yhp'(  >^vor_ited iihrfhp. ^sv^n^df^^K^nllf  5Sat"uiTdaVVn.^  i*leastfotfpevskofttingt scr^.per.on���Baqk^ alley.  l;ysf i't'liv tlie"' instinct., ;pi(tHr&^l*a.m|5; - priu.t.e r,��  ���Vis.**s"pB,o.ri';as."I; "StTOC'kV%i;own^^I"aske.d': fbr a.  " fre;wspapei'" "qnice."���"" Tw'of" vyeelsl'y papers  "wereVlTi^  b">^He;y4^a|et%e^.auB!:I^  : "lgeft"wprktfe^  ;"_i��ipaper; deypted^to/VBtfck alltey,"Hand Isaw  "tlaalt13h.e. office * was. too ;btie,$t,y :ibr, me.  a.hev6fher ipapei. wasthe Bb_lei\��mv.n,ATdr  _��� yoeate" aifd ��Farmer_f (Juide,, aiidi a sub-  -_iead 'au__5i*��n'eed"tliat it-w_ts tile" of-idal  Organ of the Y. M. G. A. That* was what  X waslboking tor, and I found the editor,  Jiili Jackson, to be a reforinedgauJibler.  3_Te was yel:y sever$ on all his old cOmpan-  l^ibnsr*nd=Q^"wQliW^ohly-euiptoyi_^^  were member-; of the Y".,M> G. A.   I joined  that, Orgaiiiizatioh   aiid   became  '&". type-  " sticker and geneiL'al utility inan on the  Advocate.  "The'staff cohsisted of three men and  four boys, and one of the former proved  to be Red Kelly, Avhom I had met Vvest.  Iveily was good now, and no one in the  office knew of his career. He tipped me  a wink when 1 came into the shop, and  later, when he could explain without "be*-  ing Overheard, he told .iuethat he vya.s in  hard.luck and asked me not to 'give hinl  away. I *_oOh found that whilei Kelly was  very good in the Advocate office, ttll pf  his friends after dark were in Back alley.  He was a born gambler, but he took  mighty good care that the respectable  people in town .shouldn't know it. Jack"-  son was a* mean nian. He knew that I  was at his mercy, and he rubbed it into  me hard. His supporters were among the  good people in town, and he cautioned us  to keep everything'low out of the paper.  I wish that I had saved a file of that advocate. It would prove amusing. Jackr  son had a text on his tongue in answer to  every complaint that' I made, but as I  had no other choice I was forced to stay  in the office and make the best of it.  "I grubbed along for two uiOhths writing locals and sticking type, when one  day Kelly came to me and said : "Here's  where we get Jackson. I was playing  faro last night in the Red Eagle on Back  alley when a dapper little Chicago drummer came in to try his luck. We celebrated pur winnings later, and he told me  that he had seen Jackson occasionally in a  faro joint in Chicago. Now what do you  think of that after all his good talk?  Jackson's explanation that he went to  Chicago once a month to see his invalid  mother is a fake. He has no invalid  mother. He is afraid to play faro here,  and; when the itch gets him he goes to  Chicago for it. Just keep this up your  sleeve as a club.'  " 'I wasn't so much surprised as Kelly  was for I had been keeping tabs on Jackson.   I knew he  was a scamp at heart.  'Jackson must have had hard luck at faro,  for he ran behind in his bills for the next  Are now prepared to issue  Drafts and Letters of Credit on  Dawson City, Yukon District.  two months, and because he didn't attend to it his advertising fell off. Kelly  and I had been staving off our board bills  until we were ashamed to go home. Jack-  sou came in on Tuesday and announced  that his mother was worse and that he  must leave at once. We went to press on  Friday.  " 'See here, Mr. Jackson, said Kelly,  'Flimsey and I haven't been paid for so  long that we don't know how money  looks. Now, unless you give uS something  on account we won't get your paper out.'  "'But I have only enough money to  pay my expenses to Chicago and back,'  said Jackson.  - " 'Then give us a benefit in your paper,'  said Kelly, and I wondered what his game  was.  " 'What do you mean ?' asked Jackson.  " 'Just give us a document assigning,to  Flimsey and me all the money that we  may get for new advertising in the next  number as a benefit to two esteemed employees.'  "There didn't seem to be much in such  a proposition for us, and Jackson was so  anxious to get at his faro bank that he  yielded and left town.  " 'You act as if you had struck it rich  Kelly.' said I when he got the document,  'but the lecture course has ended, and I  don't believe that you can scare up $2 of  new advertising.'     '  " 'My boy you are slow. Back alley is  full of friend's of mine who not only would  like to help me along, but who would be  mighty pleased to get an "ad" in the  Advocate.  I saw his scheme, and I laughed for the  first time in four months. We started  right in to canvass Back alley for ads.  Kelly's friends came up handsomely at  triple our usual rates, and I may confess  that I found au old -acquaintance/ or two  willing to have their names printed in so  respectable a paper. We were forced to  put in two extra sheets when we printed  the Advocate, and we ran off double the  usual edition. Our money had been collected in advance, and when we had sent  out the paper we went to our boarding  house and awaited results. The effect of  that number otV.the.paperwin,VBQ.!���f>rt0*vn  'Imade?SkyMypaxnite��ilexplosion�� abbk*"���lujke*  ^hii^t^^^eli^^S-'^^^^^1^6  .���rtDwi_y*fpij7--^  ���Dsa.5bi--"_ind; ffiusib'*!l3iill;^P''..Bi^k.5--;]TSy^was  {^lp^:neselvted:^b5C5..^n :ad.^��;.an;dta^;i;eading'  lubtidfey "vi't waSVlSvely'  Capital,  Reserve  Paid Up  $2,000,000  1,200,000  HEAD  OFFICE, TORONTO  D.   R.  WILKIE, General Manager  NELSON BRANCH  A general banking business transacted.  Savings bank department.  Deposits of ^1 and upwards received and interest  allowed.  J. M. LAY, Manager.  Dishonest Bookkeeping;  Neither Great Britain nor the United  States does what Canada does, namely,  maiutain a fictitious bookkeeping system:  If Britain or the United States spends  more than current revenue the extra  amount is stated plainly to be a deficit.  If Canada spends more than current rev-.  enue (and she has done so in nine out of  every ten years 'since confederation) it is  not called a deficit. The loss is put down  to a funny thing called capital account,  which is then calmly retired into the  background, while the politicians come  out with the rest of the figures and shout  "surplus ! " Thus it comes that despite a  large amount of alleged surplus during  bur national life, our net public debt has  reached two hundred and sixty million  dollars.  The Tremont Hotel  Seeds  GARDEN  FIELD and  FLOWER SEEDS  P. Burns * Co.  WHOLESALE   AND   RETAIL  Meat Merchants  Wholesale Markets at jfelson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.  In bulk and packages.  We sell at eastern  prices.  catalogue  RETAIL  STORES AT  Nelson,   Trail,  Ymir, Kaslo,  New Denver,  Sandon, Silverton, Cascade  City,  Grand Forks,   Midway, Greenwood and Sirdar.  Canada Drug and Book Co.,  Corner Baker and Stanley Streets. Nelson.  Vienna Restaurant  Baker street, between Josephine and r  Hall streets, Nelson.  ORDERS BY MAIL  PROMPTLY FORWARDED  Head Office, Nelson, B.G.  IV|AL(P & TREGILLUS  PROPIUETORS  Headquarters for Miners and Prospectors  -MEALS AT ALT. HOURS, PAY OR NIGHT.  BAKERY IN CONNECTION  FAMILY AND PASTRY COOKING A SPECIALTY  ONLY WHITE HELP EMPLOYED  West Kpotenay Butcher Co.  ALL KINDS OF FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  K. HURRY, Prop.  BON TON BESTAURANT.  OPEN DAY AND NIGHT  Raker street, Nelson E. C. TRAVES, Manager  ORDERS BY MAIL RECErVE CAREFUL AND PROMPT ATTENTION.  $5500  THE BEST BRANDS OF  Liquors and Cigars  ALWAYS ON HAND.  .61\ihishi��d^ th*anRtliei; Vpjirt^pp*We���ffiSper  .i_aid.: " 'It*��i'sASiuf-prea"sant��dlCty^^toSe^;t^riid"  .%.*,__..".   ..-,��� i.i.!;1*r,i_.*'__4_is1-.-.-.rf^ -jjfcHigglScgSie  a'ri H'6ndi\��'ta.it;ben tpy��n$  .   1*118 u-ii-uc halIs;anS."\B&&sd)bb^  tised;tBm^  had gpod;��rfea;d_Dg iio.tices.- ;.Ijiiadd)tionjjve  printed" ft"5(JQlyain" off ���BAck.*��ftii��ejr;sb��(iie,]by  notes. Iielly��-tildj; stayVd^ajbVHoWeV.bn  Slitni'divy" "and dividiea four'" pYofltSi �� 'W'e  came to the eonclusioli 9thats��� oiii', 'u^eful-  riess ln"BoileKtO\yirhad :cease3i:J}u'6 we?de-  cided to wait iv.ntiLJ.a<-k"s6nb r^eturned jwslb  rfcb See wha..t. he thbu^lit, ofr Kis"papeiiV  Every minister in tOwii preachfed oh the  Advocate on Sunday moVning, and at a  iuass meeting held in the eyeuing it Was  decided to give Jackson a Warin reception  vyhpulre turned up.-Jacksonescaped-tiiat,-  because, liaviug lost all his money, he  came back on a i'ast freight, reaching  Bo-lerto\vn at four o'clock in the morning.  He came to our boarding house to get a  report of the Avfeek, and he looked; rocky  when he woke us up.  " 'Well, boys,' he said, 'I suppose that  your benefit netted ahandsome sum.'  "He smiled as he said it, for he knew  well Enough that legitimate ad". weriB  hard to get'.  " 'We cleared up $175 apiece, said  Kelly.  ,e -Nousen-ie,' said Jackson.  " 'Oh yea, we did,' said vK.elly, 'and we  had to iacrease the size of the paper to  carry the advertising. Here's the last  Advocate.   What do you think.of it?'  "It was still dark and JacksOn took the  paper over to the lamp to look at it. lie  opened at the Back alley advertisements,  looked at them for a moment aiid then  looked back to see if he had hot made  some mistake ih the paper. It was his  paper all right enough. He had no texts  ,now with which to express his opinion of  ' us. He talked for five minutes. ' He said  unkind things.   Then Kelly took his turn.  " 'Jackson.' said he, 'you're a miserable  fraud. You pretend to be pious and you  are a scamp. I know all about your  Chicago visits. Now let me tell you something. You had no intention of paying  us, but we have got our money. The  people of Boilertown, in mass-meeting  assembled, voted last night to tar and  feather you. We are going to leave town  at daybreak and I should advise you to  do the same.   Now get out of this room;  dig!'  "Jackson's hand was called and he got  out. I heard him later dealing in a Chicago faro bank. Kelly aud I moved East,  and the next news about the Advocate  was that the plant had been sold to pay  Jackson's debts. The paper went out in  a blaze of glory, however, and its last  edition sold better than any of its predecessors. That was the only newspaper  benefit that I ever heard of, and my only  apology for my share in it was that the  proceeds permitted me to get back to respectability and the East."  Onei of the best and most popular hotels in Nelson.  The, only restaurant  in   the city  employing only white cooks.  . Merchants'lunch from 12 to 2  o'clock, 25 cents. Dinner from 5  to 8.    Short orders   at  all   hours.  Contractors and Builders  ,   . - ,       WILL DO,WELL TO,-,  BUY THEIR LUMBER  VG. 0.; BUCHANAN'S  BAKER STREET, NELSON.  'He^��cJv^itl>MfeAiil a^Q  .a f ���  Li gloMdJflbw: Eject riCjfY  A.large stock of'-irst-claks dry nmtcritil-on hand, also'  a full line of sash, doors,, mouldings, turned work, etc.  FACTORY WORK A SPECIALTY  Yard:   Foot of Hendryx street,-Nelson-  "Telephpne,��!'91 ;.  ', ���, ��� Large comfortable  Bedrooms'  j��foom.   Sample rooms for commercial men,-  and "first-class "dining  -Eji-AitDDBS.. ^aV^BR" ICJ-A.-Sr  Mrs.  E.  G,  L  Late of the Royal Hi_tcl, Calgary,  H. P. HUME, Manager.  The finest hotel in the interior.  Large sample rooms.   Stccnn heat and electric light.  CORNER OF WARD ANI) VERNON STS., NELSON  Will buy 24 horses, 12 wagons, 2 wagonettes, 1 bug-gy, 1Q sets sleighs, and a  complete outfit of harness, saddles, blankets, etc.,  and a going business of $30,000 a year.   Terms.  Will  buy two  lots and  improvements  on north side of Vernon street, between  Ward and Josephine streets.   Terms.  Will buy 30 by 120 feet on the south  side of Baker street, between Stanley  and Kootenay streets.   Cash.  Will buy 50 by 120 feet on the northeast corner of Baker and Josephine  $3500  $4500  $10,000  streets.   Cash.  P. O. Box 587.  JOHN HOUSTON,  Vernon Street, Nelson .  James McPhoe I electrician  .Will contract to supply and install any l^irid of electrical macf|inery  Will -wire-buildings for.electric lighting, electric bells,  i"$pl Qleetric^bUrglnrssalaniiB^ electric;annunciators.  ;���V:*f'^f|viiffi^^C_|.    Office and Storeroom:  Will contract to install fire alarm systems in towns an  cities.   >'ull slock ot wire and fixtures on hand.'  Josephine Street, fielson.  Promptsand regulais  delivery ,t6>thef trade.  Brewery at Nelson.  AND S(30 LINE  Fast  and  $hbrt  Route to arid  Kootenay Country.  From  Fira_-cia.& and Tourist Sleepers Operated from  PACIFIC TO ATLANTIC  Tickets issued through and baggage  checked to destination,  CO-tST-DTECT-COaSfS  Arrh'Q.  ,10::.O p. in.  se  BAKER AND WARD STREETS, NELSON  The only hotel in Ndlson that has remained under, one  management since 1890. . -���.������'  The bed-rooms are well furnished and lighted by  electricity. . ' .  The dining-room is not second to any in Kootenay.  The bar is always stocked bythe best domestic and  imported liquors and ci(  'OMAS MADDEN,.Proprietor.  FLORENCE PARK  HOTEL  Two and a half miles up the Outlet from Nelson.  ODPHTATfTTUQ.     sPrin�� ChiokenS< Fres|l Crearni  OfHillALlllil-).      Pure Milk, Fresh-Laid Eggs.  All of which aro from the ranch belonging to the hotel  A pleasant place to spend afternoons, evenings and  enjoy delicacies that cannot be obtained iu hotels or  restaurants at Nelson. Good stabling. Open day and  night.   Can be reached by cither road or water.  h WILLIAM ROBERTS, Proprietor.  Large and well lighted Heated by hot air  Reasonable rates Sample rooms  . Electric bells and light, in every room  ".-���' Renovated and refurnished throughout  HOTEL   VICTORIA  ���'. J. V. PERICS,.Proprietor  Free bus meets'all trains  Hourly street car to station  Revelstoke, B. G.  Rossland, Trail arid Robsoq.  Leave. DAIL*V*  (i:l(|p. m... .........NELSON   Main Lin,e and Intermediate Points via Slocan Lake;  Leave. DAILY Arrive.  C:30a.m  NEI.SON 8::Wp. m.  Kootenay Lake--K,aslo fjoute--Stearner Kokanee;  Leave. Daily Except'Sunday Arriv6  4:00 p. m  -NELSON. ���,  .11:00 a. in.  "^ooteqay Fjiver Route-Steamer Moyie.  Mon., Wed.. Fri. A TiiC8.,,THurs., Sat.  8:00 a. m.- I_eave NELSON. ��� ...Arrive 6:50 p.m.  Makes connection at Pilot Bay with steamer Kokanee  in both directions.  Steamers ori' their respective routes call at principal  landings in both directions, and at other points wheh  signalled.  Ascertain Rates and' full information by addressing  nearest local agent or  C. E. BE_\SLEY, City Ticket Agent,  R. W. DREW, Agent.  W. F. ANDEitsoN', Traveling Passenger Agont, Nelson.  E. J. Coyi.e, Dis't Passenger Agent, Vancouver.  Spokane Falls & Northern,  Nelson & Fort Sheppard,  Bed Mountain Railways.  Tfje only all rail route without change of cars  between Nelson aqd Rossland, ar*d  Spokane aqd Rossland.  LONDON AND BRITISH COLUMBIA COLDFIELDS, Ltd  V"  -" yi^6?:OFFICE;   LONDON,   ENGLAND. J  All comrounicajtons relating to British  Columbia  business to be addressed* to P. O.  505, Nelson, British Columbia  Drawer  J. RODERICK ROBERTSON, General Manager  S. S FOWLER, E.M;,^Mining Engineer  { NELSON, B.C.  Situate  ber qf  district  on  the Crow's  any description  of Kbotenay.  Nest Railway i$  any quantity  in  prepared to  at any  platie  deliver lum-  WitHin the  ''}  Nelson, B. C.  DAILY   TRAINS.  T_cavo  9:4ii a.'in.  11 :,..*i a. in  8:150 a.m.   NELSON    ROSSLAND ........  ..." SPOKANE   The train that leaves Nelson at (i:20a.m  connections at bpokano with trains for all  points. ���    ������        ������'"������;������  - Passengers for Kottle River and Boundary Creek con  nect at Marcus with stage daily. __   ���      _   .  C. G. DIXON, G. 1��. & T. A.  Arrivo  J.... .5::��) p.m.  ...... '*:10 p.m.   0:10 p.m.  , makes closo  Pacific. Coast  Tenders Solicited  GOAT  RIVER  LUMBER  COMPANY,  G, A-  BIGeLOWj  IVIanager  FLOORING, LINING, MOULDINGS, DOORS,  AND SASHES IN STOCK.  EVERY DESCRIPTION OF JOINERY, DOORS AND WINDOWS  MADE TO ORDER.  Office and Mills Corner Hall and Front Streets, Nelsot  Kootenay  fiailway & Navigation Co.  STU. INTKI.NATIONAL  Daily except Sunday.      Pacific standard time  KASLO TO NKLSON  l^aslo & Slocan tyailwayt  South  Head  bound  down  Ixjavo  0:1*0 a.m  Duo   ..  7:30    t..  Due  8:00    ii  Duo  . 8:15    ii  Due  11:15    n     KaKlo      Ainsworth ...  ....   Pilot Bay  ..   Balfour   ..Five-mile Point  Arrive 10:SO    i Nolson       .  .Connects with N. & Ft. S. Ky. train for Spokane, leav  ing Five-milo Point at 10:05 a.m.  Steamers leavo Kaslo city wharf  ROBKBT  Head  up  ..8::�� p.m.  ...7:10    ���  ...0::��    ���  .. .0:00    ii  ...5:10    ���  .-.���1:30  North  hound  Arrive  Due  Due  Duo  Duo  Leave  f-OIMJ  AVKST  Leave    8.00 a. in.  Arrive 10.10    "  GOING KABT  Arrive 3.55 p.m.  Leave 1U5    ��  Leave  Arrive  ll.OOa.  11.15  in  DAII.V  Kaslo  Sandon  CODY   BUANCH.  Sairidoti Arrive Vli40 a. m.  Cody I/oavo 11.25    "  G. F. COPELAND, Supol-inteudent.  ATLANTIC   STEAMSHIP   TICKETS.  To and from European points via Canadian ami American lines. Apply for sailing dates, rates, tickets, and  full information to any Canadian Pacific railway afte  full information to any Canadian Pacific railway aftentor  at foot of Third street C. P. R. City Agent, Nelson.  IRVING, Manager. Wll-LIAM STITT, General 8. 8. Agent, Winntpog, THE Tlt_BTOE: NELSON, B. G��� WEDNESDAY, MARCH i% 1899.  m  :i$mssmm  '��fir^^^~^^&At^>!:ihy^i^:  vTfi'.-'V;. .*���_".���'.*���5if fe-HftflES<s>'.v. 5,  TTTE carry the most complete line  o of drug sundries in Kootenay  and the quality of our g*oods is the  best that money can buy. Our prices  are no higher than our competitors  charge for inferior goods.  See that your  prescriptions are  Wc use none but (ho best quality of drugs and chemicals  Special attention given to their compounding  filled by us.  W. F. Teetzel & Co.  CORNER BAKER AND JOSEPHINE STREETS, NELSON  resse  In addition to a new spring suit you need a new hat and tie.  See our window for samples of our stock of ties in all the latest  shapes and colors.  We have just received and opened up a large stock of hard ancl  soft hats, including Stetson's, Fedora's, Christie's, Roelof's and Carter's for spring and summer wear.  P. 0. Store, Baker Street, Nelson.   Branch Store at Ymir.  fte^elery, Watches, Clocks,  Silverware;1 Pianos,  Sewing Machines, Bicycles.  rP DD     0      .fH, ^n  !CSnVaalCbfi��:11ntsi iAMiilgs,  ���       ��� -     'ft,*,, "n    ��d��      "     �� u    n   "a n *_     "^ % ^     %f       '" 0    ** tt*^0'o_''  of^ and:F^n^Stdpgy Clinta!irig for  ^era-rrdaH-s; and "INlifiipWS  TUTSIZESDf-  TENTS IN STOCK  PROPRIETOR       Bnker St. opposite uog.officei JsfolSon  t W WM CO., .ML  !_A_3-_iEl   -_-_._CT_D   *RgEi3'_C_A.I��-  G-J&JkJJ^ST,   WMMI3,   ETC-  ���V^_-3_0__^-BSiA_--_aEl   ^JlsTJD   qRgE'I'-A.IL  Write for quotations pn car, lots.  ,-STELSO__T.   B. CU  Ffiuit and Ornamental frees  J.ulbs, Roses, Hollies, llhododendron-.,  Fancy Evergreens, etc. Thousands are  growing on niy o*n grounds. Most  complete stock in the province. Bees  and bee supplies^ agricultural imple-  irfents, spray pumps, and cut flowers.  Hew catalogue now ready.  Patronize Home Industry  SMOKE UNION MADE CIGARS  OUR SPECIALTY  60- Wcstft-insfcr Roacl, Vancouver, B. C.  BB1TISH COLUMBIA POTTEBT CO., Ltd  VICTOBIA.   B- O-  MANUJMCTUKKHS OV  1'I.KSST.I. I.R.OKS     KIRK BRICKS     FIRE CLAY  VITUIKIKIJ SALT GI.AZKD SKVVKR PIPES  "ROYAL SEAL" CIGARS  MANUFACTURED BY THE  Kootenay Cigar      Mln^rfcn  Manufacturing Co.    NiBSOn  H. D. Ashcroft  LOCAL   NEWS   AND   GOSSIP.  C. C. Cl.ipn.an, commissioner of the  Hudson'-! Bay Company, left this morning* for Winnipeg via the Crow's Ne-t  Pass railway. While here he made several changes in the plans ofthe company's  proposed new block, and got estimates of  the probable cost of the changes from  local contractors. These will be submitted to the company's architect in Winnipeg for approval, after which the plans  will be finally adopted and returned to  Nelson. Although the contract is not  .inally awarded, Mr. Chipman stated that  Nelson contractors would do the work.  John Nicholson was sentenced to one  months' imprisonment by magistrate  Crease this morning, on the charge of  stealing a sack of shores from J. F. Jacob-  son's feed store. The chief evidence  against Nicholson was that he was found  in the vicinity of the stolen sack and that  there was considerable shorts on the coat  which he wore when arrested. The information against Nicholson was laid by  policeman Jarvis.  Itufus A. Kimpton, a political boss over  in h.ast Kootenay, has secured the contract for carrying the mails between  Golden and Windermere.  John Gorton, the official pound-keeper,  reports pound receipts as having fallen  below the zero point. He is longing for  the spring with its inducements for horses  and cattle to run at large in order that  the pound receipts may increase sufficiently to make it worth his while tb remain in the service of the corporation.  A patent drill was put to work today iu  the face of the rock bluff on Victoria  street. It was operated by novices, however, and iu over an hour's drilling they  did not succeed in driving over two  inches. Oil and experience are as necessary for power drills as for other machines, a circumstance which appeared to be  overlooked today.  Kenneth Beaton, who has been employed on the Miner for about four  months, will leave Nelson on Friday for  Minneapolis, where he will take a position on The Tribune. Prior to his departure he will be made the recipient of a  present from the friends he has made in  Nelson.        -"��� ' -  One hundred and two names have been  added to the provincial voters'list for the  Nelson riding since the late bye-election...  Under the new act the time duriug which  the names have to be posted before being  placed on the list has been reduced to two  weeks.  Provincial constable Wilson brought iu  a prisoner from Creston last night. He  was sentenced to pay a fine of $25 and  spend two months in jail for using indecent language on the streets of Creston.  The prisoner paid the fine which will  about pay for hie keep during his imprisonment.  ;. A special.meeting of the South Kootenay Board "of Trade will beheld on Friday  evening at eight o'clock, for the purpose  of*pauthorizing W. A. Galliher to represent, the board in supporting the city's request for a public building..       '=-  A' Good Summer in Sight..      '.; '   -,  During the summer of 1899 Nevv Denver  will  be able to boast of .more permanent:  -n^'n0- j*1'"''��      "5_n��a**fO,o nqJbdtfJ     li'*JL"V   �� ��� n fl�� n <r   .1 ��'   _T* Tin #__��� ' OPtf ���fif 'W���d d   n .,     air^ ~^y Pq,ffn1i^ha   ,  ^interests at'its1:back;"thanever*berore,��and1i  theieehug^isfgaimngs"ground that-aVsub,-"  i stantiaL ���payr���oll/will"be ,behind;.the,(tto wn;>  "Apar.ctiromUheioperatipns orlthe.jNoi'th-:  vw%es*p_l_ning"���!_^  ��B6^���u_iV��*gr6iip,5:^  JJ.ieeuMfcy^C^  rMaXioaj.'Meri^m ac^^Con yeixtioniWndiqther1  iS'ilvte m 6i.ih.fTai n\. ^opei'iie^alirdexelopT,  �� in gi a .stesoon' Jas^h e fen qw*p. el .ts,vvv h 1 c-h wi 11���.  f^ffprd^employment.tq, a"larS;e*number*of.  p���meh;.���=The:-,MoUi'e;^Hughes^Jind, ..aidjaeeint.,  -ala��im*svloh"G6��aS:^ the*  developmeutof'the/towns*weltare, binng-  jing^mpre^iamilijeSjautothe^^^^  np^"-^^.^^^^^...^^" a.":ch���aflce; to   sell  ���gp6lcls^t'j|YinVpriWens.*�� *  '���" Leaye the ;Fire Limits &s They Are.  At the theeting of the city* council this  afternoon a-proteTst will probably be entered a gaifast the inclugion of the flake!.  street half of block SO in the Ji^e liipits^  The- pr^erey^o^vners^f "thB^Jial f 7b!ock  which has been taken into the fire limits  have come to the conclusion that that the  n&\y limits were framed to facilitate the  gale of the lots owned by the Golunibia,  & Koptenay Railway Company. If the  idea of th0 foriper coiiPcil had been oai>  ried out, and the fire area;s observed,  there wortld hot haVe been sp much coins  pla|nt, but it happens that the half blocks  included are ovi'ned largely by private individual-., while in the half blocks e_c-  cluded the railway company is Supposed  to still have the unsold lots.  A Bond and Sale.  The Great Britain group of claitris in  the Lardo-Duncan district have been  bqnded to J. G. Moody by Robert McLean. The terms of the bond are $o00Q  cash, or $:-500() in installipent.s and $12,000  worth of stock. A half interest in the  Hector clainjj situated north of Munn  creek near Ainsworth, has been sold to  S. H. Nichols of Oak Park, Illinois, for  $2500, H. Sr Gillette of Chicago making  the sale.  MINING   RECORDS.  ST.OCAN    MINING    DIVISION ��� KECOHD   OFFICE    AT    NEW  DENVKI-.  Friday; March 17.���Certifieate of Improvements���For  Slocan fcoverei_cn to Slocan Mines Exploration & Development Company of Sandon. '"'  .Monday. March 20.���Locations���Madie, on Four-mile  creek two miles from Silverton; 1). Hrandon. locator.  Roe, adjoiniiiK the Madio; W. II. Hrandon, locator, lice  Kxten.sion, adjoining the Rce; Joseph Brandon, locator.  Assessments���on the Danial, Donnelly, Crawford, Gait  and Gordon, all work heini< done on the Danial by 31.  Donnelly.  AIN'SWOUTII     MIXING      DIVISIO.V��� HI-CORO      OFFICE    AT  ICAS..O.  March 21.��� Assessments���On tho Milford. Lone Star,  Last Chance, and Bunker Hill, fituate on Milford creek  near head of Kootenay lake; by Adams brothers of  ICaslo.   BUSINESS   MENTION.  Mrs.  E. McLaughlin  has received  her  new stock of i-prinR millinery and will hold her regular  spring opening on Monday ami Tuesday, March 27th and  ���-Slh. Miss i\lcl)ermott of Winnipeg arrived in Nelson  last night to tako charge of tho millinery department. ��.'  REWARD.  LOST���On Monday afternoon, the 20lh instant, a liver  colored Irish spaniel bitch, with white throat; and  had on brown collar. Reward will be paid for her return to W. A. Ward, Vernon street, Nelson.  FOR   SALE.  HOUSKIIOLD  GOODS���Must be sold at once.   Bargains.   Apply first house west of St. Paul's church,  Victoria street, Nelson.  TO   LEST.  FROM or about April 1st., an eight-room houso; fnr-  nished. bath room,electric light;, piano, workshop  and largo garden. Corner of Falls and Hoover streets.  Apply li. P. Wullcy, Nelson, B. C..  4  >..; III  pi?  !fe  Contractors  and Others  NELSON, B,C.  KASLO, B. C.  SANDON, B. C.  DEALERS IN  helf and Heavy Hardware  SOLE AGENTS FOR  Giant Powder  TRUAX  ORB  OARS  Canton Mil Steel  CARRY IN STOCK  Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal  Pipes, and Fittings  Giant, Caps and Fuse  Tools, Cutlery, Tin  ���-ll  and Woodenware  a?'" Stoves, Ranges,  Iron, Steel,  Sheet  Iron, T-Rails  Paints, Oils, G-lass  ������Who use picks, shovels, etc.,  should not fail to look at our line  of goods, which for qualities and  material cannot be beat.  Vancouver Hardware Co., W  - ' Importers of Shelf and Heavy Hardware;   "-  MA1.A & BARNARD BLO,CK,-BAKKl*..S'r.. NKLSON'  Easter iis almost h  =; .Tlie Indies.of .Nelson will (i)l="hii.;e - .  ��� -"���"' tlieir.new.Spring bonnets and your  ."��:" oldV Riiifc' will= look .'.shabby., Call1  '".��� \ around iind let us. make you look  '":""! ncjv in-a noVv- Spring Suit. A full  ���J ���"'��� Hue" of spring' and summer goods  y'l" just received.  :.v      H. M. Vincent, Merchant Tailor  ".   - " .. "BAKKH ST. WEST; NELSON,' B. C.  fouiig Men  It, yon want a nobby suit; or a stylish pair  of pants for spring wear eall at rooms 5 and  !) I'lomcnts block. 1 will.show you some  nice cloth and samples, and will send .sumo  to your oflleo or room where your measure  can be taken. Will lit you as you were  nuver fitted before.  I-ADH-S' TAILOR MADE SUITS  ^-^^rsftEeiAETX"  NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:   Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.  THE LAWRENCE HARDWARE CO.  Will   be found   in  their  new  premises  on   Baker Street  with  a complete stock  of  HARDWARE  Shelf and  Heavy  Heavy  and Shelf  ALL KINDS OF MINING SUPPLIES  You will find it to your advantage, to consult us.,  -���   before.placing your orders -v  Tirismithing* arid Plurribirig. a Specialty  Estimates Cheerfully Furnished-  ARE  YOU  STOCKED J  FOR PROVISIONS?  We do not claim; to have the largest store in Nelson, but. we  do claim "to carry a stock of * goods, "which for quality, and price  cannot  be  beaten. ' -  Our coffees and teas hardly need an advertisement. Schil.ling-'s  brands of coffee and. famous Ram Lai's teas have become the  favorite   family   beverages   in   Nelson.  A   carload   of fine   Ashcroft   potatoes just  arrived.  Steveijs, Tl|e Tailor  I  1 respoctEiilly invite the ladies of jN"fels;on to  iny, ���.pring opt-hing, of French, English and  Afnfcrican pattern hats; bonnets and fine '__._.-  liiiery iiiovclfcies,, oii Monday and Tuesday,  March 27th aiid  2Stli.    Inj-peetion of stoclc  in^ted.       mrss e. Mclaughlin  Josephine street, .Nelson.  ��. BAKER STREET WEST, NELSON, B. C.  g  STEINWAY  The  Standard   Piano  of the World.  NORDHEIMER  The Artistic Piano of  Canada.  ABT AND MUSIC CO., Nelson, Agents.  Largest Warehouse and Storerooms  Therefore it stands to reason that we can sell you goods for less  money than other dealers buy them for.  The celebrated "Three Star" Flour is giving entire satisfaction.  Fleischman's Yeast arriving every two.^dayS fresh from factory.  Headquarters for Teas.    We carry^the best lines only.  To  All kinds of wuiitary (UtiiiKi*. agricultural drain tile,  flower ]ioUt, lurni col.tn, chimney iii.iO and flue lining,  ..liiinney l.op��. lire brick, iirU clay, all kinds of fire clay  KOoiIh, aHHiiyera' furnaces etc., made to order.  Ornamenial   Garden  Border Tiles,  Vases,   Etc.  Cement, ploHler of iniris, lime, and all kindH of  ornamental planter work.  Th��   TribUlie  Will  buy  Old   RagS    SHOP:   Hall Street, between, Baker and Varnon, Mefson  BLACKSMITHtNG  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  .   Wagon, repairing promptly attended to by a first-class  wheelwright. .  Special attention (jivnn to all kinds of ropairing and  custom.work from outside points.  A NICE PAIR OF SHOES  Is as  necessary  as  a  new suit of clothes  and  a  nice  hat  Our stock  of spring and  summer footwear is  now complete  ALL SHAPES, ALL STYLES, ALL SIZES AND /\LL LASTS  Neelands' Shoe Emporium  ABERDEEN BLOCK  NELSON, B.C.  The Best on the Market  Just received a carload of the Lake of the Woods Milling Company's  celebrated Hungarian brands of Flour, which will be sold at the same  price as the  inferior  grades on the market.    Try it and   be  convinced.  2�� AND 28 WKST BAK-.U STJtKKT, NKLSON  pr  Family orders a specialty and free daily delivery  Mail and telephone orders promptly attended to  Baker Street West, opposite Oddfellows' Block  JOHN A. IRVING & CO.  Have just recoived a consignment of Harris homo  made tweeds from Talbot Harris, Scotland.  FEED J. SQUIBE, Baker St. Nelson  The supply Ja limited, so call early and examine this slock.  SPECIAL ATTENTION


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