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 ' ^'O,  'Op  ����������.  CANNED ROAST BEEF A FRAUD  SAYS   A   CHICAGO   MAN  Who Was in the Packing Business, and Who  Supplied the British Army With  Compressed Beef.  f  Chicago, March 15.���William J. Wilson,  former   West'   Park   commissioner   and  founder of the Wilson Packing Company,  which  supplied  the   British  tinny   with  canned  beef during  the first Zulu  war,  where the temperature was  hotter than  in Cuba or Porto Rico, may go before the  war inquiry board  before ic leaves Chicago.   The Wilson company went out ot  existence.in 1-85, and it has no successor,  according to its founder.   It is said that  the firm was the first of the Chicago packing companies to go into the  business of  canning compressed beef.    "There never  was such an article as canned-roast beef  for    commercial    purposes,"   said    Mr.  Wilson   today.    "It is   possible   to   can  it, but too expensive to make it practicable.   Every bit of beef that is sold under  the label of canned  roast beef is nothing  but boiled meat. I don't hesitate to speak  plainly of it, for the reason that I believe  it will do the packing trade good to have  the matter stirred up.. When  the first  Zulu war broke out,I was supplying; the.  English   government with   canned compressed beef, not corned beef, but beef in  square cans   that had   been  packed   by  vacuum   pressure.   When   the   English  troops were defeated, the Zulus captured  over $.100,000 worth of this canned  beef*  and ate it, and I never heard of their being made sick by it either.   Out of thousands of dollars worth of canned beef supplied to the English army, in the hottest  country in-'.the.world, we never received  a protest from the English government  about beef spoiling.   Business is business,  but   the   lives   of  American   troops are  worth more than a few dollars, and I believe   the  war  inquiry   board   ought to  show up the facts.   It ought to give some  of these   people a  chance to tell   their  stories."           A Train Abandoned Until Spring.  Cheyenne, Wyoming, March 15.���The  snowbound train on the Cheyenne <fc  Northern railway at Wheatland has been  abaudoned by the company, and steps  will be taken to rescue the passengers by  means of sleds. The company has beeu  hopeful of rescuing the train this week by  means of rotary plows. One of these  machines was borrowed from the Union  ._ Pacillc main' line and more were expected.  _* The one secured moved ou. a mile of ice,  . and snow yesterday, butlias beeii recalled  owing-to another storm on the "Union  Pacific. This' inability to get plows  accounts for the failure of. the company*  ..to bring the train through.'- The only plows  availablearethoseof theUnioh Pacific, and  they have been .working constantly for tbe  - last month to keep the main line of-that,  transcontinental road open/ John Oakley  of Aberdeen, South Dakota, William  Petti grew of Douglass, Wyoming,' and  John' Owen of Wheatland, Wyoming,  three.bf the passengers, reached here last  -night., They walked ten miles un snow-  shoes to meet oue of the relief trains aud  '. came to this city on light engines. They  are in a'pitiful condition from the hardships they have endured aud from cold.  Oakley's feet were frozen while walking  put from the imprisoned train and will  probably have to be amputated. All the  men have swollen limbs and are weak and  ��� emaciated from tbe lack of proper food.  They report all passengers sick from the  meagre diet of the last two weeks aud are  weak and disheartened.  MORE ORE IN SIGHT THAN EVER  BEFORE   IN   THE   SLOCAN.  WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON,  MARCH  15,  18!)!>.  PUBLISHED AT NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DAILY (BY MAIL) $5 A YEAR: ���W_.-_._-.LY, $2.  Development Shows That all the Big Mines  Improve With Depth, and Capital is  Beginning to Find it Out.  Large Loss of Lives and Property.  New York, March 15.���It seems now almost certain that ten freight steamships  have been lost  on  tbe Atlautic  iu   the  recent storms. This Involves a lbss of  more "than 300 lives and $2,500,000 of capital. Qf course there y6t remaius a slim  enhance -that some of the crews may have  been picked up by slow-going "sailing  Vessels bound for distant ports, or that  one or two of the missing ships may still  be drifting, disabled, far'away from the  usual lanes of ocean travel, but the possibilities are heavily against the hope. AU,  perhaps, went down in the'fearful- hurri-  ca,ue oi' February 2nd.  Both Have Been Unlucky.  Davenport, Ebghujd, March lp.��� Tlie  British first-clJiss cruiser Terrible has  arrived from Malta, aud reports that a  boiler explosion killed a stoker, fatally  in jutted another man, and badly scalded  several others. Th.e Terrible is a sister  ship of the Powerful. The latter, which  is now in Manilla bay, has been most unfortunate, having experienced Continuous  serious accidents and breakdowns since  she was launched. The Terrible and  Powerful are steel sheathed, vessels of  14,200 tons displacement and are 500 feet  long. ���    -          Still Fighting Near Manila.  Washington, March 15.���The following  dispatch from general Otis was received  this morning from Manilla : "Three thousand insurgents moved down last night  to the towns of Pasig and PaterOs, on the  shore of Laguanda bay, fronting Wheat-  on's troops on Pasig river line. By heavy  fighting Wheaton dislodged them and  drove them back, taking 40,0 prisoners and  inflicting heavy loss in killed and  wounded. He reports his loss as very,  moderate. He now occupies these towns  with sufficient force to hold them."  News From the Far North.  Seattle, Washington, March 15.���A letter from captain Parker, master of the  barge Admiral, which is in winter quarters five miles off St. Michaels, says:  "Six men arrived from the North Ameri- I  can Transportation and Trading Company's steamer P. B. Weare, which is icebound in the Yukon river, near Holy Cross  Mission. The men do nob think she can  be saved in the spring. Seven men left  the steamer, but.one got lost coming  down, and the others think he was frozen  to death."        WIRED   BBEVITIES.  Eugene Carter broke the world's record  for high average at a three-cushion billiard tournament match last night at Chicago. The new figures are placed at 11.29.  Capron, his opponent, had scored only 13  wheu Carter ran out, in the 29th inning.  A tornado early this morning wrecked  a dozen or more dwelling houses, three  churches, and unroofed several factories  atAvondale and'Woodlawn, suburbs of  Birmingham, Alabama. No one injured,  as far as known. =  Premier Silvela, at Madrid today, spoke  in favor of the intervention of France for  the purpose of obtaining permission from  the United States for Spain to resume  direct negotiations for the release, of  Spanish prisoners held by the Philippine  rebels.  Rudyard Kipling passed a good night.  He continues to improve.  The drought which was threatening a  loss of;millions of dollars to the state of  California has been broken by a rain  storm which has lasted several days.  August Becker, the Chicago sausage  maker who has been under arrest for four  weeks on a charge of murdering his wife,  has made a full confession. He said thab  he cub his wife to pieces and burned the  remains in a stove. Becker when first  arrested admitted killing his wife, but  declared that he pushed her off the Randolph street viaduct into the lake, and  that she was drowned.  Chief of police Lees of San Francisco  declares he will continue to make daily  raids at the Iugleside race track, until  betting on events is stopped.  Mrs. Henry White, wife of the secretary  of the United States embassy, who has  been suffering from a severe attack of influenza, is slightly better today. Queen  Victoria has telegraphed from the south  of France expressing sympathy for Mrs.  White aud inquiring as to her condition.  General Lloyd Wheaton, commanding  the United States flying column at  Manilla, attacked and defeated a "force ofc  2000 Filipinos at Pasig yesterday afternoon, in ..citing heavy loss upon them.  The American loss was.slight. Tne Americans captured 350 Filipinos. Many of ths  bodies of the rebels killed in the engagement are floating down the river.  The petroleum bill-was -rejected in the  house of commons today by a vote of 244  to"159." - 'r  A large unknown steamer was stranded  about three o'clock bbis morniug abreast  of the Cape Henry life-saving station and  nearly a mile off shore. No further particulars were obtainable on account bf the  dense -og'pmyai.ling..iv����� =  >;-.���:���' -vsy ;��� . . ���  The American .stroops found UlOGrdeadv  ��lhpinos audijJOO-ipew'Krayes^ near^Pasi��i{  The prisonlei:s��t5]iIkeu:w^^  is presumed,'thp^fe^^ujfcga=i6hgi-!,a|l_^e%*t of*  throwing '*fK^i^''ab-M''sili|'6^h"e,,''|,iVe"ii>*"��   ��"  Kasib's,Assess_$e^ v  The assessment roll "of. tlie tiity of KaSlpl  for the current year has been "com**$lefed  and'deliveued tfotlfe��city, clerk?  ft] sliowj*  a total of S10".sej^ar^'tesass.e.ssmlBhts with"  owners located all the'way���i'fcbni Kingston,��  Ontario, ih�� they east, -.to "Victoria in, tlie  west.   The   assessed   value of   improvements  is $809>325.  arid of land $330,240,  maki.!-g-a-total-ofV$(*39;565r-==Last-year-t.he  assessed yalue of iiuprpvements was $293,-  850. and of land $325,670, makibg a total of  $(519,520.   The increased assessment of improvements does not, however, really represent   the  quantity of building done  during the past year, 'as the poles and  equipment of the Kootenay Electric Company have been brauSferred to the realty  colutnn, an d certain'al lowauces have been  made for depreciation.  The largest single  assessment is that of the Kootenay Lake  sawmill, amounting to $29,000,  with the  Kaslo ite'SIoton Railway "Con.parly a distant second at $19,000.   The smallest is $5,  oil a lot tilmost destroyed by freshet. The  erratic movements of Kaslo river at certain Seasons has entirely obliterated any  assessable value which some lots may have  had, and they have disappeared from the  roll. ___________  No Such People in Nelson.  Quite a sensation was created iii church  circles in Victoria ou Saturday when it  was announced that many members of  the Metropilitan Methodist choir had  resigned. A short time ago the official  board of the church brought in a strong  resolution compelling them to abstain  from theatre-going, amateur theatricals  and balls. A number of the members of  the choir had a quiet conference, and decided that their personal rights were  being infringed on. They claimed that  the board had no right to dictate to them  in such mabters and finally resigned. As  a result the congregation listened to a  very weak-voiced choir on Sunday.  Shipped 142 Tons Last Week.  The only town on the Crow's Nest Pass  railway that has not been given ordinary  facilities to do business continues to make  ore shipments. For the week ending last  Saturday the St. Eugene mine at Moyie,  in East Kootenay, shipped 121 tons and  the Lake Shore 21 tons. The ore went to  the Trail smelter, which is owned by the  railway company that refuses to give the  town of Moyie what it is fairly entitled to.  PUT THE CONCENTRATOR KEYS  IN   HIS   POCKET.  Contractor "Tom" Mitchell has Trouble with  an Old Country Slocan Lake Silver-  Lead Mining Company.  Affairs at the Comstock on Four Mile  creek, Slocan Lake, have reached a climax, and  the mill and  mine have beeu  shut dowu and the whole force discharged.  Saturday was the time fixed for turning  over the concentrator by T. Mitchell, the  contractor, but the company would not  accept.   The latter intended closing down  the mill at midnight, but Mitchell stole a  march   on    them    aud    locked    up   the  premises in the afternoon.   The mill cost  about $18,000,   and  two payments  have  been   made   on   the  contract.     Mitchell  guaranteed"a certain   treatment of the  ore and advances assays by assayer Wilson of Sandon on the tailings in support.  On the other hand,  the company asserts  that, the   mill   treatment  is not   up to  guarantee, and Howard West of New Denver, is now engaged making an exhaustive test of the tailings.   The ore of the  Comstock is galena,  in a granite formation. Much of the mineral sent to the-mill  is decomposed and flowers considerably,  thus accounting fbr loss in the waste.   It  is evident that the company has a white  elephant on its hands in the concentrator,  for which  the British shareholder must  pay.   The   company  has   pub  in   a fine  wagon road to the mine, and it costs $1  per ton to handle the ore, while a tramway could have handled the product for  10 cents or so.   A carload of ore and one  of concentrates was shipped last week to  Trail.   - -  ���'.���   -. ���'   '.-'    '-'      ���-���."���;���..'-.  KASLO   NEWS   IN , BRIEF.  R. M. Keynon has recorded the location  of the Delhi and C. A. Freeman that of  the De la Mar., Both are situate about  one an a half miles from the mouth of  Salisbury creek and are described as the  relocation of claims of which the names  and former locators are unknown.  V" Ex-mayor McAnn is confined to his  room by a severe attack of quinsy. Dr.  Rogers is the physician in attendance.  A certificate of work has been issued to  the owners of the Dream, upon the affidavit of Roderick McLeod, and another  to the owners of the Silver Fox, lipou the  affidavit of J. R. Hardie. - Both,are in the  Ainswortb" camp, the former" bordering  the north side of-the townsite.  As soon as the ore awaiting shipment is  cleaned up thesteamer Alberta will take  the International's run, and the latter  vessel will be hauled out for overhauling  and refitting, which will include tlie introduction of a few ..new staterooms.  When. ,th.ese,�� have. '-beens completed- ���the.  Alber,ttiMjvillip^^ sEjlJaijk;a3..  tfook,-\6ii^te,"/exbehding'Vthe trip" to1qBjinne,-.'s!5  (SPerr,yi.���3 soon a^theepuditi.on'ohbli^ri^er  Vwill/pei'^iili'f,. fcthe ^nterIfiatip^4r',,fepu|ii,i'-ig''  hei? rim" to* Nelson."" ���"   ��   " ���  A f'ew ofyihe* eldei?��feupijsr di] "tlie; dh bl iC  school, sj/udyiin^jJudej,' )ji_n_ip_!.l Hislop  With a view to the examination! for entrance ��tp bhe. High ���sehoOl,V Ifave',. witE. blie  con^sgnb of; tlxe /tVustees,^fitted up one oi  tlie Schoolrojoms,; where they may study  undisturbed" by the ^distractions Of the  more; Crowded apartj-Uerit,"  Green Brothers have secured a lease Of  the store in Keenan's build ffi&bu Front  street, near the corner of Fifth, and will  put h varied stockm |^ijgw^liremis.es_as_  sl)blr��sT_ibtedr^F0r"tliel_resent it will be  of their  A GREAT INJUSTICE RECTIFIED  BY   THE   CITY   COUNCIL  The People of the West Ward to be Provided With More Places at Which  to Wet Their Whistles.  "soorras ntteci.   J.'pr the pr  conducted as ariup-town branch  A avenue establishment;  The gold commissioner has given his  permission that the $500.worth pf work  done ou the Charleston minerai claim,  crown granted, should be transferred to  the Kingston for the piutpOse of enabling  application to be made for a certificate of  improvements and crown grant therefor; The necessary notice had been filed  at the proper time,  H. 1?. ijohnspn:, of Kaslo.has conveyod to  Qliui-lje'-. K Gold well ancl undivided one-  quarter inteiTeSt in the mineral claims  Monte Ci;rlo, Cariboo, tn,t&rnational,  Fractional Fraction, N. S. Fraction, North  Slopp, South Slope, EvebJiig Star and  Northern Light. AU these claims tire situated on Woodbury creek, somewhat  over two miles from its mouth.  A certificate Of work has been issued to  the owners of the Bear's Paw Fraction,  upon the affidavit of Dolph Johnson as to  amount. Tlie claim is on the south fork  of Kaslo creek.  John W.Sweeney has recorded the location of the mineral claim Fair Chance,  and R. H. Kemp that of the Bedouin.  Both are on the west side of Crawford  bay, about a mile southwest of the head  of the bay.  Mrs. Ellen Turner has located the Copper Star and E. L. Smith the Mollie. They  are adjoining claims, about a mile and a  half from the mouth of Salisbury creek on  Kootenay lake.  The Lodestar Gold Mining and Development Company will remove its head office  from Rossland to Kaslo, and gives notice  to this effect in the British Columbia  Gazette. Its properties are on Hall creek,  a tributary of the upper Duncan river,  and adjoins the Bannockburn group.  Base Ball Meeting Tonight.  Another opportunity will be given  those who favor the organization of a local baseball team to meet and make the  necessary arrangements. The meeting is  called for this evening at the Hume hotel  by'James Neelands.  Alderman Fletcher scored a victory at  ���the meeting of the city council last evening, when his proposal thatthe Westward  should have an additional saloon and  hotel was endorsed by the council*. As  mayor Neelands was absent alderman  Fletcher was in the chair, so the resolution thab bhe bylaw be so amended was  moved by alderman Hillyer. He said bhat  there was a feeling.that an injustice had  been done the people of the West ward in  not affording bhem sufficienb saloons and  "hotels.  Alderman McKillop objected to the  resolution. He said that the clause in the  bylaw regulating the number of saloons  and hotels should be passed by the committee of the whole before it was discussed  in the council.  iV Alderman Beer agreed  with this. ,He  said  that there were one or two other  amendments which he would like to move  to the bylaw in committee.  Alderman Fletcher explained  that the  ���council could settle upon the question  whether bhere shod Id be any more saloons  or hotels, and the bylaw could be passed  in accordance with the decision  arrived  at.*"'''-';.' '���"���'���    '" " '   . "��� -   -V-  Alderman McKillop wanted to know  what would be done in the matter of imposing a license upon the clubs in thecity.  V Alderman Hillyer replied that the council had not yet received the amendment  made to the Municipal Act in this respect,  but that as soon as it came to hand steps  .could be taken for the imposition of a license.  There was quite a wait before the resolution moved by alderman Hillyer received a - seconder. Finally alderman  Thomson came to his assistance.- He said  that while he was opposed to increasing  the number of saloons and hotels, he  would support the resolution* for the purpose of removing the injustice which the  people of the' West .ward complained of;  - Alderman ^McKillop moved.an amend-"  nient thab the matter be referred back to  theeommittee .and his' amendment-_was  seconded by alderman Beer. ���'"-*���*'   '"���  The amendment  was put first and received the support of aldermen McKillop, =  Beer and Kirkpatrick.' Aldermen Thorn-1  son and Hillyer voted in.the negative and-  aldermau   Fletcher   recording  his   vote  with them" declared bhe amendment lost.  Had the vote upon the main resolution  remained the same it would* have ,been-  jmj')ossible.i,J,boD cari;y���,J,tw^ut,���aldei;maiij,I  /Kirk p&trickiref rain^^  'fcn^res^IutiR^.nfc^  "_alqoni|v^ The  ���co)|)-'qil^.w_iy^  sued'by i-easOn ^olrthe^a^ehymenb" niust  be/for��,pre.mises "wfeSt" of*Sta;nl&ys!stree^." -  -    �� "       _.    . Tjt""      Q-D    "   "       "   ���      DUlJ   H"  -0        ��    DJ     .0 -O  V    "       ���''       n    .OL>     0,1"    .-        _,���'  the laud covered by the flume. The com-  Many was anxious to get water into  Bogustown and to secure the same would  make material concessions.  Minor Matters.  A communication was read from the  city solicitor in which he stated that the  attorney-general had declined to take any  action with respect to the burial of  paupers. It was suggested that all outside patients ;,who enter the Kootenay  Lake hospital for treatment should first  secure a certificate that they are not residents of the city, but nothing was done  and the communication was received and  filed.  W. A. Macdonald had a communication  before the council suggesting that the  city investigate the provisions of a recent  act of parliament, which confirms the  West Kootenay L'ghb & Power Company's title to certain water. It set out  that as the act does not become law until  proclaimed it might be well to see if the  city's interests were encroached upon.  The matter was .referred to the public  works committee.  H. E. Beasley and A. E. Hodgins had a  couple of communications before the  council, asking for the improvement of  Baker street between Kootenay and Railway streets. They desired sidewalks,  sewers and the grading of the street.  The communication went bo the public  works committee.  Theo. Madson's application for water  connection for lots 18 and 19 in block 100  was referred to the city engineer.  Mrs. J. R. ���.Stutter's complaint about  surface water was referred to the city  engineer.  Harold Selous's communication asking  for a general fixing up of the roadways  and crossings in.the vicinity of the corner  of Stanley and Victoria streets was referred to the public works committee.  The communication of W. R. McLean  respecting the foreshore question was received and filed.  The report of A. W. Peck, the man employed to audit the city books, was received. The consideration of it was deferred for two weeks so that the aldermen may familiarize themselves with it.  The couucil declined to endorse the  application of O. M. Rosendale for the  position of provincial representative at  the Paris exposition. .* < ,  "The 'committee appointed, to report  upon the ,cost of a fire alarm sysbem ���  agreed to bring in a report upon the same  to sabisfy alderman Beer. r        ,.-���   -  ' -   NEW   DENVER   AND   VICINITY.    .  "yy;( - Fmance"CC.>in_fo^^  'Q.hne.���fQlidiviu_fg.ure'pnQrfc'.fit:o*ni', the. finance  com mittee. was repelypd dh(d adopted:  (f) Your cp_i>mittee recommend that  clause two of the cOmmittee.'s rejlqrt pf  _?ebru_u!y 2,7,th be atMended sp that in the  event oik Yaw suit going in fevorof the  city aiid the unsuccessful party* being unable topay costs, that the city soUcifipr  shall -be=entitIeci^to-receive=his^actualdis~  bui*sements. (2) With reference to the  claim of Gamble & O'Reilly for $00, the  charge of F. 0. Gamble for report as TO  drainage of the city's sewage into Kootenay lake, your committee having considered the correspondence in the matter,  recommend that the claim be paid. (3).  The third elause recommended tile pay-  mentof the current accounts.  Sunday Obsei-vancfe Movement.  A communication wAs read from the  Sunday Observance Society asking die  coUilcij tp enforce tlie statute for the  proper observance of Sunday. It was  signed by Charles A. McKay, .'president;  S. M. Brydges, secretary; W. .L Hatch,  and Thomas Parkinson. The president of  the society addressed the council in support oi! the communication. He said that  the society represented the great majority  of the people of Nelson, and all of the  christian churches with the exception of  the Roman Catholic church.  When president McKay had concluded  his remarks, alderman Hillyer said it was  too large a question to take up that evening and he would move that it be laid  over.  Alderman Beer said that while he agreed  with the prayer of the petition he would  support the motion to lay it over. lie  expressed the opinion that the sentiment  of the people is largely in favor of Sunday  closing.    Settlement Will Be Easy.  Alderman Thomson reported that while  in Victoria he had interviewed Joshua  Davies and the Nelson Laud & Improvement Company's solicitor with respect to  the dispute between the city and the land  company over the land used by the city  fdr its reservoir and over which the  waterworks flume run's. Alderman  Thomson said that he found Davies very  liberal bub the company's solicitor was  not so liberal. He said that he was convinced that, the city could secure whatever addibioual land was required, and  easily settle the dispute with respect to  T. Milne of Sandon,, met with an unfortunate accident here on Friday. In jumping off rhe sidewalk in front of the St.  James hotel, he twisted his left leg, breaking one bone and chipping anobher at the  ankle.. He is being cared for' at the Slocan'hospital. .      - r -  The St. Patrick's concert to be given by  .the b.aud,promises to.be a most successful  ��� fUhm^M^i-kn^ah^^ide'}i a New Eugland  ladlYaWi^ and have  t;^en{��ii|^;itieiK*sbnQdJe'^fin their residence  dvCTlOpking/.the-iCiieek: and lake. Their  wedding(:tpur.���nwasp.��xt.eusive, embracing  ajl Shesb^u^herntci^iessto San Francisco.  .Harry "��:��Ii^_(n; h��a_..rdturned from Nel-  Son,��Vwh"e_*e���!i^ up a cool $4000 on  Sqriie ;p1ifQpeifty���-He;;h_i- had there since  1S92. jr&e;��VCa��nMi|in" Pacific Railway  Company iyainfeci,,'i,.tf arid they had to foot  the oil 1 ija. good style.  There liave been a. number of bad mud  slides   On  the Nakusp <fc" Slpcan  railway  during   the  past; few days'.   The- Worst  _=spotfejs=in=the;canybn-easb=ot-the-tp\vut====  Mr. and Mrs. Hermann Oliver rtnd family returned to town yesterday, after  wintering in HouqIuIu, They received a  mpsb hearty welcome upon landing fronl  the boat. o  On Sunday, one of the employees on the  Slocan misplaced his watch, and when  the boat touched here crew and passengers, were liried up and searched. The  article was after wards found in the pvvm  er's bed. Nothing less than champagne  would s-itisfy the sudden thirst that fol>  lowed.  Oh Sunday next the Knights pf PytliiaS  of this trnyn and Sandon, aceo.npanied  by the t/nifprmed Itripk of Stlndon and  the band of this town, Wi}! attend divine  service in the Presbyterian church. Rev.  Brother Clelabd pf Saild-n will officiate.  The Sandon Miners' Onion have started  their hospital in opposition to the New  Denver institution. ��� Dr. Brouse has in  the latter the most extensive hospital and  equipments outside the coast cities.  Work on the new English church will  commence next week.  Hill Bros., at bhe head of the lake, have  gotten out about 1,000,000 feet of logs this  winter for their mill. They expect considerable business with the mines in the  summer.  Spring   weather   continues   in   all  warmth and welcome sunshine.  The astonishing number of new strikes  that have been made this winter and the  vast addition of ore reserves in the larger  properties has given the Slocan immense  impetus.    Several properties have been  raised to the rank of shippers, and it is a  moderate assertion to make that the ore  in sight today is greatly in excess of anything  reckoned   on   in   the  past.    Last  summer things looked somewhat gloomy,  as not a few of the mines were short on  ore, and the influence of the Noble Five  group had a depressing effect.   The statement was frequently made that the Slocan  ore chutes did not deepen, and were little  better than surface blowouts.    Extensive  development has proven this to be manifestly untrue, as witness the Dardanelles,  Noble Five, Rico, Rambler-Cariboo, Last  Chance, Ruth, Payne, Idaho, Queen Bess,  Slocan Star, etc.   On all these the ore has  been tapped at lower levels, and not only  do   the veins continue   with  unvarying  richness, but the chutes are invariably,  larger.   On the Slocan Star, in particular,  there never was a" better showing than  now.'  The result in the eyes of the mining  world has been astonishing, and the effect  is seen in the rise in stocks and the constant inquiries being made for favorable  openings for investing capital.  SLOCAN   CONCENTRATES.  Genelle's mill, Nakusp, is supplying the  Payne with mining timbers.  Ten Mile creek is once more coming to  the front, as the result of the strikes on  the Mabou and Neepawa. Two well  known mining operators will inspect the  Neepawa as soon as the snow permits,  with a view to bonding the group.  The Bondholder group, on the Ten Mile  summit, is to be again worked next spring  under the management of R. C. Campbell-  Johnson, recently of Nelson. At present  he is in England interesting capital in the  property, and has issued circulars inviting subscriptions to stock.  On the Mabou, above the Enterprise,  the ledge has widened this week, and copper is now becoming prominent in the  quartz.  There is a movement on foot for the  grouping of several  properties on Silver  mountain,   back   of   New   Denver,   and  stocking them in Spokane.   It would be a  paying proposition to the stockholders.  - Cory, Allen and Foster  have,  iu   the  past few days, made a magnificent strike  of clean ore on the Silverite, a claim they  own "on the Sandon slope, between the'  Miller creek and.Palmetto claims. = It has  the. Queen  Bess lead , running entirely  through,   it.   The    owners, "commenced  work last fall and have driven 125 feet in r '  all.   They cut the vein a few days ago,  and it shows twelve inches of good, shipping  ore in the   very middle   of ic.   The  vein is lying very flat where struck,  but  the ore   stands-up well.   The fortunate,  owners will work steadily on the Silverite ;  and develope the property into a shipper. .  Messrs. Allen and Cory own the hotel and/-  -.townsite of Vevey, a townsite command-1  ing-Twelve Mile creek, Slocan lake.  The   Northwest" .Syndicate    has   purchased the half interest of A. V. Smith in  the Broken Lock claim, in the vicinity of  the Bosun^group.  -Two .carloads .of ore '  were shipped from the Bosun on Sunday.-  going to the Selby "works'at San Francisco."  On the Convention, on Silver mountain,  the No. 2 tunnel has beeu driven through  forty feet of wash to bedrock. - Large  chunks of magnificent float have been"  encountered all the way in, and in the,  breast there are three stringers showing  good o'r6 in each. n   "- ; ��� " f"" ���/l '  -Dhe^Ma ry. i^u^Wm^oWg|gMj y^_^.e1sh^rJ-_.  "H'ick;s7o"_"-_iloT!tui^CibV^ anH adjoinibg; the] ��  Mollie Hujjhes, has closed down.   Thefte?  its  The Mines at Moyie.  [iUoylo Leader, March lltli.]  The sleighing is beginning to give out,  which is rendering it very  difficult  for  getting out ore for shipment.     But this  will only have the effect of hurrying up  the buildiug of the St. Eugene tramway,  so that ore can bo brought down from bhe  mine regardless of the condition of the  road or the weather.    Work on the Lake  Shore mine is progressing quitefavbrably.  The tunnel is now in about 100 feet and  there is a splendid body of ore in  sight.  Another tuutiel about 100 feet below the  present workings will soon be started and  drove in on the ledge.   This will create a  considerable increase in the working force.  is a fine streak pf pay oTC in the breasftOf.  the drift, ���   " If"  Several   parties   have been exanjiuinfcr.  the Galena mines " pf late,   the principal ��  capital interested  being a Mr;.  Cotmskey"  Of London, l5t.glai.dj  one of the largest  shareholders in the: pld CpinpaUy ftudiin  that Wliich purchased;the Tenderfoot pn  Four Mile.   It looks as if Gomiskey and  his  associates  wcKild secure the  -i-tlena  mines.    lie   Was  very prot'oiiTlMjt (jjt/lbp ���  meetings of the t\Vo cOmjittflies nained in  England.  Dorsey and Mooney have driven forty-*  two feet of a crosscut ofl the Frisco, ad*  joining the Fidelity, and have Cub the  first vein, and are how heading for the  contact.    A little.Ore Was eilCountert-Hl.  Work ou the Wakefield this summer  will be done by contract principally. V.  Lade, W. Welch, M. Dwyer _ij_d J. Mcintosh will sink a 200-fbot Winze in the No.  2 tunnel and drive 200 feet in the No* 3  tunnel.  On the Noonday, on the Galena Farm,  work is developing that property into a  big proposition. The ore body is increasing, and what is taken out is being  sacked ready for shipment.  Records at the Now Denver office:  Transfers���A. E. Fauquier to E. Pitt,  manager of Bank of Montreal, ^ interest  in the Baltimore Fraction, Iron Mask  Fraction, Iron Mask, Sultana and Condor,  and ;} interest in the Ashurst. Beacon,  Forget-me-not, Old Town, Zoroaster,  Vanon and Romola, on Four Mile, on  March 11, for $��:_5. A. V. Smith to Northwest Mining Syndicate, 4 interest in  Broken Lock, on Fidelity hill, on March  11th, for $1. B. M. Walton to G. H. Winter, near Sandon, on March 13th, for $1.  The Metal Market.  New York, March 15.���Bar silver was  quoted yesterday at 59|c. The brokers'  price for lead was$4.42�� @ $4.45.- The firm  that fixe3 the selliug price for miners and  smelters quoted lead at $4.30 at the close.  This would mean an advance of ten cents  over the quotations of tiae previous day.  nnn<r THE TRIBUNE:  NELSOK, B. C, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 15,  1899.  PUBLISHERS' NOTICE.  THE DAILY TRIBUNE i- nublisluM every afternoon  (except Sunday), and will be delivered by currier in  any town in Kootenay for twenty-live cents a week;  or will bo mailed to subscribers for li ve dollars a year.  THE WEEKLY TRIBUNE is published every Wednesday and Saturday, and will be mailed to subscribers  for two dollars a. year.  REGULAR ADVERTISEMENTS printed in both tlie  daily and weekly editions for S'i per inch per month.  Twelve lines solid nonpariel lo be counted as one inch.  LOCAL OR READING .MATTER NOTICES 2U cents a  line for each insertion.  JOB PRINTING at fair rates. All accounts for job  printing and advertising payable on tlio first of  ovory month; subscriptions payable in advance.  ADDRESS all communications to  THE TRIBUNE. Nelson. B. C.  PROFESSIONAL   CARDS.  Sewing Machine Sale  JC. GWILLIM, B.A.SC. & W. S. JOHNSON, B.A.Sc.  ���     ��� Mining   Engineers   and   Analytical   Chemists,  Slocan City, B. C.   H.  HOLDICH���Analytical Chemist and Awuyer.  ���     Victoria street, Nelson.  LODGE   MEETINGS.  NELSON LODGE, NO. 23, A. V. & A. M. Meets  second Wednesday in each month. Sojourning  brethren invited.  KNIGHTS  OF PYTHIAS���Nelson   Lodge.   No,  25,  Knights of Pythias, meets in I. O. 0. F. Hall,corner  Baker and Kootenay streets, every Tuesday evening'at  8 o'clock.   All visiting Knights are cordially invited to  attend.  C. French, C. C. George Ross, K. of R. & S.  ��to ��fctimm*  As we are short of floor space, we are selling* the balance of  our New Williams Sewing Machines at the following* prices:  3-Drawer Improved, $28, 5-Drawer Improved, $30, 5-Drawer  Improved, Drop Head, $35. There are only a few machines  left.     Drop in and get a bargain before it is too late.  A. Ferland & C?  Elliott .block,  Baker street,   Nelson,  B. C.  Daily Edition   Weekly Edition     Fihst Yeah, No. 61  ....Seventh Yeah, No. 17  This Canadian Pacific Railway Company  gets what it wants from governments.' It  has always fought charter mongers, on  the ground that they did not build railways, but only obtained charters'to sell  to people who did. At the last session of  the legislature, legislation was passed that  knocked out several of these charter-nion-  gering schemes ; and now it is beginning  to be hinted that the Canadian Pacific  pulled the strings that brought about the  legislation. Railway companies always  prefer to do business direct with governments ; and, somehow, governments always like to do business direct with railway companies. At the present time, the  government of British Columbia is centered at Vancouver, wliich happens to be  the town at which the Canadian Pacific's  interests in British Columbia are centered.  The reform element in Nelson is split  V into factions.   The faction out of office  want  a bylaw   passed  that  will   make  people observe Sunday as it is observed iu  Eastern Canada, and the faction in office  VVwaht a bylaw amended so that the num-  ;.._.;berlqf saloons can be increased.  !:���(���(])y..iNiWeeariy days, the people of Nelson  VlV.didas.they pleased as long as they in no  ; -  way Interfered with each others - rights.  - ��� .����Nonvv;it?fs^differeut.l The Jdhnhie-couie-  *���''-";;-*.atflies'ips.ist-that the people.must do as  \ * they :cip.^The,old-tirners had better move  ���^'farlher^west.^ .-'   "-"     -.-*'���  ^CTHE^'meh    whom - the    city = council  A"'_?��*_ffi_VO^��"*uJs"._; " ,*       '���'  '���-   _,._���'   -,. --,,  -     ���".,    ,   -���  ;#;?.appointed to make an audit or the, city s.  ^fbqoks^OTVthe year 189Shaye submitted Fa  tf*;;re^6rt};;and; the couucil are now disposed;  Sst*o;Vappoihts;other men to make a. report,  i^explainingytne report submitted.  ^.IriNELgpN-iias ;the, reputation ������of- being,  '^.original' ;8���she4 does-SnotVcopyj-or��imitated;  ;fc * other^owns. =*��� .The,��city����� cquncils. o��;o tneiw  ^���to.wnsuookiuponliquor-selling, asja^trafhc  'K^Lif It"u"*-"Av ����� ���_/."F-*>:k"-T,yf^k. .'���"vy-'ir":yyy"^  ^thatqshpu.]^  ^record-as .saying-'that an-innustice has  A.">peeB ��dqpe> the people, - of one .section-qt  A* tne��townn��q6caiise~there'is only ^one.place,  .V at:whichJiqupras.s.old for every one hun-  r *�� dred. and*fifty-of the population;  TRY OUR PRICES ON PAINTS AND OILS  A carload just received. Another carload about due.  UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT  The Nelson Hardware Go.  VICTORIA BLOCK, BAKER STREET, NEI.SON.  J. Y. GRIFFIN & CO.    ~  PORK PACKERS AND PROVISION MERCHANTS  WHOLESALE DEALERS IN  CHOICE CREAMERY AND DAIRY BUTTER, CHEESE AND EGGS  SPECIALTY:    "GRIFFIN BRAND" MILD CURED MEATS  NELSON, B.C.  VANCOUVER, B. O.  WINNIPEG, MANITOBA.  w m  ummer  ��  LADIES' SHIRT WAISTS  Have arrived ancl we are showing* an unlimited variety, in the addition on Josephine  street. In the same place you will find our  new wrappers, and ladies' white underwear.  NEW BLACK DRESS GOODS $  ;-���=���������-������ m  Comprising*   figures,   stripes,   and* fine   cords. B  These goods are nice  for separate  skirts or a B  full dress.    They  are   equal   to silk  in   finish, jjb  and their wearing qualities are unequaled. jm  #  #  LADIES' BELTS  In elastic webb, pique and leather, in all colors  and pretty designs. Beaded and washing belts,  an  immense variety of these goods on display.  CHILDREN'S BOOTS  We believe we have just what you want in  this line, a shoe that will wear and look well  in one,  try them.  fa  ROBERT ROBERTSON,  Manager  Nelson oflicc and warehouse:   Corner Vernon and Josephine streets.  train robbery hear that place. The dramatic moment of the trial came when Mrs.  Zerelcla Samuels, grandmother of the boy,  Jesse James, Jr., took the stand and was  asked to take the oath. She could not put  up her right hand, for that had been  blown off years ago, when detectives surrounded her house and demanded the surrender of her son, Jesse James, Sr., and,  on her refusal, blew up the house with  dynamite. When she took the oath the  old woman���she is seventy.four���held up  what remained of her right arm. She  made a weird, almost uncanny, picture in  the courtroom, and profound silence prevailed while the oath was administered.  ',:]      A;Veteran Railway Employee.  A. G. Allison of Belleville retired from  the service of the Grand -Trunk railway,  on March 1st, lifter nearly thirty-five  years of service as a train despatpher and  thirty-nine = years of total service.1 -In  point of years.of service.he is believed .to  "Of making many books  there is no; end."  . '.Neither* is  011-sale at  there   any. end to  the variety  :mi''"'*v-*-V^%^>:-'->W,',V,  J'W'b have Sil"  3cn6ijSn. -��'liuthors."  "the" ���neSveit Wpl^s1 ���By ^y%\Y-"'  , .Our. s.tbcjv  -f .-fine ����� p"brrev  ���������"J'r%��f aGanaHian and .European Wdrkmehi  ���^f;��!|ji. ^has;��beeia- 'the uniform experience of  ^pSn^if-ufengiheersi wli^li^averHiii oceds^  ;." d'olo to" employ Enropea;n wdrknien, that  "ibh& European is: totally at a. loss if he ha_  to tkckle any problem forwhieh he has  ���" hot^been trained, or that deviates to any  extent   from  his-   routine   work.     The  "'boaitell" superiority of thorough Engiish  "��W9"riimftnship is a iiiyth.   The thorough  sne-js fjoivwliiCh the German is phenomenal,*  Ah  -bn_e  respecvt?,   -iurely does  n0thold  good-as. far.a-i mechanical Operative! are  .:���conperned.; A  Canadian engineeri  Writ-  ilig to Jt Sew Y]��Xk mechanical jOurHdl,  sa3*_:   "I" have hud eohfeiderable experis  eiiee  with all classes of Eltropeati  work-  nieh���eavpeutfers,   ulasOns,   fOundrymen,  ���qiac.hiuii.tb'���ahd J njust say that  there  'ign a  cpnspifcuous    lack   of appreciation  oi?  gootj   work  among  thfem,   aiid  that  the use of primitive tools and methods  is    cduimou.     These     deficiencies    are  largely due to bad supervision and Want  of intelligent niauagement.   Corresponding classes of workmen, under more favorable conditions and better management,  forrq a liarge part of the best mechanics in  Canada.   It is a fact verified by statistics  and the statements of  many Canadian  iilakers of machinery who have successfully introduced    their   machines   into  European countries,   that,  under  European conditions  and   when handled by  European workmen, Canadian labor-saving and automatic machinery turns out  from 30 to 50 per cent less than is produced by the same machinery in Canada.  Profound Silence Prevailed.  A few years ago the James and Younger  boys terrorized Missouri. They were train  and   bank   robbers.    The  Youngers are  now serving life sentences  in the state  penitentiary of Minnesota for killing the  cashier of a bank that they attempted to  rob in that state.   One of the James boys  was killed at St. Joseph,  Missouri,  by a  former member of his owngang, who was  in the pay of the authorities of the state.  His son was recently arrested and tried at  Kansas City for  being  implicated in a  eiiee..  ."V "   ���vJU- " " ���*" -"  ���"���"".    ..   " ���        .]    '..      , , >  ���. = Ts a"'leading feature.of. our bjisiriess.    We,  have kit (tih"6 liefest "tints lancl   shape's witli  ' <_hy'felope3* ,ig jiiatfchi   "When inviting  Company,  J?seyjw_d_&int.*f.M^  ���At H6nie" Card's, Visiting  Our stock is not  know "toe carry  Cards and Dance Prograilis,  Iiimited  We can meet all demands made upon it,  wfe, .".upply goods to. the confines of J3t*itish  Coluiiibia a*, well as to  be the oldest railroad  employee on  the  continent.   His history as an employee of  that corporation has been most honorable,  and in the many years iu which the safety  of the lives and limbs of the  passengers  and   employees   were   practically in his  charge   during   his ' working   hours   he  never had an accident   which could   in  the slightest way be attributed to any  carelessness   ou  his   part.     Mr.   Allison  entered the service as an operator and  clerk at Napanee in I860 and  was transferred later to the Don station, Toronto,  and      thence      to      Cobourg.        When  the   despatchers'    offices    were    opened  at     Bay    .street,     Toronto,   -"in,-180-1,  he   was' sent. thereVand  worked= under  James,Stephenson,, who  will be.remem-*  beredas being.at one time agent. at'B'elle-  yille,   and  afterwards  general,  superintendent, of. the-road. , Mr.   Allison   was.  continuously employed  as.a despatched  until Decern ber last, when he was notified  that a reduction of staff and salary would  necessitate his removal, but he was afterwards employed, temporarily, and,at the  end of February resigned.        ...   .   - " _"  t  Mr. Allison is an ardent Oddfellow, and  has held all the.?offices in Canada lodge,  .Toronto.   In point of years of service as  despatcher Mr. Allison holds the distinction of being the oldest1 despatcher  in  America. . -      ; /       "  ":  Residence Lots: for Sale!  "B.u-ihe.ss. .comer pit VerrionVstreet,". ."��� $1000"'  ^"B^ouse^and^ol .Oo_x���Yictoriai;SJ;reet? lie.ar  *'V��:lEfee;soD^��^ii4a_.-e;huVQlj>"('sniipi)   ���.   .-   ,.   ,  'H,puse""a_iH" ulcJt���on,1 ^idtdvia str.ee.t . .- -.  'Hftuse'and; lot oil iHc'tpria" street ��� ��� ���  Hpu��*e and t>vo lots :oii Carbonate, 'St.,  ��I.aii,fy Ilanch, on, Kdoteriay Lake, near  -    Nelson^ offers: received.  Hou-ie to rent on Stanley St. ��10 per month  Wanted ..lining shares NelSQiii Yhiir and Slocan  ^===Mone}^to-loftn=!i_-lo.vesrr-ratesr=^====  GENTS' UNDERWEAR  are  this time of yea_*f when it is too early for  have  not  season. We can also  in lighter weights for  stock is complete noAv  For  we  They  for   the   present  you a fine range  summer.    The stock is  balbriggan,  weight,  right  show  a   merino   of    medium  in price and just  high  and  we can  give  you  the  size you want.  CENTS' TIES  Aj_new  knots,  you tie  lot just in, comprising bows,  four-in-hand, and the Ascot  yourself.  made-up  tie,   that  light  pretty  so low  them  summer ties;  We  have  they are  colors, and   they will  in   price   that,  you  by the box.  something new in  four-in-hand, very  wash.     They are  can   afford   to   buy  Black Cashmere Socks, Black Cotton Socks, Black Lisle Socks, Natural  Wool Socks (something new.)   We have them any way you want them  ^  'VICTORIA   BLOC^-BAKEB   STREET   -CSTELSO-tST,   33. C.  m^mmmmmmmmmmm^  .��&;_-�� iSS vSs _S^ jSs ���  ~B'BTZ3'-B'B-e3-  B-  M  mo  16:5(7  1900  Nelsoii  GARDEN  FIELD and  FLOWER SEEDS  pesh  ALEX   STEWART,    Mining   Broker.  Office:; Turner & Boeckh lilbck, Baker and  Ward streets Nelson.  Chaples A, Watepnian & Go.  CUSTOMS BROKERS  AUCTIONEERS  .>.'=. -    " ^lGE-STT   foe  DARLING BROS., Montreal,  ���   ��� Elevators and Machine Specialties.  DRUMMOND, McCALL CO., Montreal,  V.Bar "Iron, Tool;Steel; and Water Works Supplies.  SADDLER & HAW0RTH, Montreal,  ;.:r:Y^High\^ ������������"    ��� : "���  SPECIALTIES:  Hydraulic Sieel   Pipe   [  Flexible   Steel   Hose. Armour  O^P^NDimto #0RgSrOakland^ iEaiiBpfiiik,  "    "     ��|ce MlLcMnery alid TuttMlf" Waten Wheels.  lyVxkb fei: ^ata;lpgue& an:d;vf i.j��c^s.������ ; YANCjOUVt^ByC^  imm  BfefiiiePs of Gold and Silver Bars, Gold Bust, Etd  AGENTS  Baker Street, Nelsdn  BT-TTEES   0_ET  fiold, Site, Lead and Copper Ores, Hold Concentrates, Lead Bullion, Cyanide Product, Etc  OEE -A-IsTID  3XJXiX,_:0-*>r -A.SS__T_-B@  Works at Vailejo Junction, dalifornia  0ffiee,*4-16, Montgomery Street, San Fraircisco, California  C. F. ETT  FIRST BOOK "VV-.ST BANK C. C .1UII-DING.  In bulk and packages.  We sell at eastern  catalogue prices.  _E  CANADA   LIFE ASSURANCE CO.  -FODR  S_A.I_,E  ���1-I-oom House, JVIines Iioiul  �� 7,*i0  ���_ Itooin House mid 2 IiOts, Victoria St 1200  _ETO_S.   -S.-B-N"/!?  Throe and Four Room Houses  C. J.  D.  CHRISTIE  GJ_NKftAl_ UllOKKU  '��� Oflleo in Aberdeen block. Baker St., Nelson  FIRE INSURANCE, REAL ESTATE  Canada Drag and Book Co.,  LiavriTEi--  Corner Baker and Stanley Streets, Nelson.  STEINWAY  The  Standard  of the World.  Piano  NORDHEIMER  The Artistic Piano of  Canada.  ABT AND MUSIC CO., Nelson, Agents.  EXPRESS and DRAYING  and  Wood Dealer  BEST DRY WOOD  ED  BLAOKSM .THING  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  Delivered to any part of tho city.  Full mcasurdmci.t guaranteed.  Office at Corner Baker and Ward Streets  LAKE OF THE WOODS MILLING CO'S  HUNGARIAN BRAND  Wagon repairing promptly attorded to by a fli-st'cliifti.  wheelwright.  Special attention given to all kinds of repairing and  custom work from outside points.  SHOP:   Ha" Street, betweer*/ Baker and Varno.it, Nelson  ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE.  IN   THE   SUPHKME  express and draying  ared  Having purchased the  business of J. \V. Cowan, we aro prepi  to do all kinds of work in this line, nnd so  licit the patronage of the people of Nelson.  Orders left at D. McArthur & Co's store,  northwest corner Baker and Ward streets,  will receive prompt attention.   Telephone 85  GOMER DAVIS & Co.  Applieation for Liquor License.  Notice is hereby given that I will, thirty days from tlie  date of this notice, apply to the government agent at  Nelson for n license to sell liquor at retail at my hotel at  Kivc-Milo Point, to bo known as (he Castle Hole], in  West, ICootenuy district.. Itritish Columbia.  Dated March Mth, 1S1UI. II. A. IIKYWOOU.-  FLOUR  On sale at���  J. A. IRVING- & CO.'S,  Corner Baker and Kootenay Scrocts.  KIRKPATEICK & WILSON'S,  Baker Street, near Ward.  M. DES BRISAY & OO.'S,  Aberdeen Block, Baker Street.  Application for Liquor License.  Notice is hereby given that wo will, thirty days from  the dato of this notice, apply to the government agent at  Nelson for aiicenso to sell liquor at rotnil at our hotel,  known as the Majestic Hotel, situate on the government  trail between Kagle and Forty-nine creeks, in West  kootenay district, British Columbia.  JOITN MILKS,  Duted March 1st. ISM. .    E. BAWtKTT.  COiriiT   OF    BRITISH   COI.UMUIA���IN  ri.OBATE.  In the matter of tlie estate and eiFects of Charles Van  Ness, deceased, intestate.  Notico is herebv given tliat an ordcrof this honourable  court dated the 25; h day of February, A. D. 18i)9, Alfred  John Marks and Decatur Downing nave been appointed  administrators of the pergonal estate and eiFects of 'he  said deceased, who died on or about the 12th day of January, A. D. 1S9!).  All persons having claims against the said deceased  are required on or before tlie tirst day of April, A. D.  18!)!), to send full particulars of such claims, duly verified  by statutory declaration, to Alfred John Marks, of Nelson, B. C.. with their christian and surnames, addresses  and descriptions and tho valuo of tho 'securities, if any,  held by them.  And further take notice that after such last mentioned  date, the said administrators will procoed to administer  the said estate and distribute the proceeds thereof  amongst the parties entitled thereto, having regard only  to the claims of which they shall then have notice and  will not bo liablo for the assets or any part thereof to any  person or persons of whoso clnims notico shall not havo  been received by them at tho dato of such distribution.  KLI-IOT & LENNIJC,  Solicitors for tho Administrators.  .   Dated this 28th day of February, A. D. 18!(9.  Notice  of Application  for  Certificate  of  Improvements.  iSKi_M?r_. :.2i. 1 g. 1, iiuHKicA t. :i2.r)5 a. "l, o. v. 0. fraction  I. 3231 O. 1, UHlTANNIA !.3-&'. li. 1,11 RANI)X. 1810 fi. ], MAC  i'KACTIi.N   I, '.'igfiji'.Q. I, Ml.VI.KAl.  {.liAlMS, SlVi/ATK  IN  tin. i��i.i_s6n .MiNlNti i>_vi��iQ~N ov WK8T ic6oTi..N,yV  DISTRTiJT. ANP I.OCATI..) 6N  T0AI"> Mdt/N'VAIN, A.UOIN  iNOTIli. IIAIil.SIINKfl.  Take notice that 1, John _Iirsehf as agent f6r l\w Hal)  Milled Conipiiny,. Iiiniitgdi free lilinorV certillcatb No;  2fl5lA, Intend, sixty days from the date hereof, 16 apply  to the milling recorder for a certillqato of in.pi.vu.i.m.tK.  for the purpose of obtninlilj; a croWn grant of tho above  claims. And further take notico that netipn, under section .'17, must be commenced before the issuance of such  certilicato of improvements. JOHN HIBSCH.  Dated this 20th day of November, _808. [Jan 25]  Notice   of  Application   for  Certificate  of  Improvements.*  YKIJ-OWSTONI. MINKHAL CLAIM, SITUATE IN TIIK NKLSON  MINING DIVISION OK WEST KOOTENAY DISTRICT, AND  LOCATED SIX MII.I-S EAST OK SALMON RIVER, ON FORKS  OF WOLF AND H1II.I.I' CREEKS.  Take notice that I. J. M. H. Fairbairn, acting as agent  for Hugh M. Billings, free miner's certificate No. 21,7S!)a,  and Thomas Bonnet, free miner's certificate No. l.'*,(i25A,  intend, sixty days from the datehereof, to apply to the  mining recorder far a certificate of improvements, for  the purpose of obtaining a crown fcrant of tlie above  claim. And further take notice that action, under section 37, must be connienced before the issuance of such  certificate of improvements.      J. M. It. FAlItBAlKN.  Dated tiiis 2Sth day of February, 189!).  KOOTENAY LAKE GENERAL HOSPITAL  The annual meeting of the Kootenay Lake General  Hospital Society will be hold on Tucsciny, tho 11th day of  March, 18!)!), at 3 p. in., in t)io court house.  There will bo a meeting of the directors at 2:K0 p. m.  Tlie membership feo is 810 per annum, and entitles the  member to hospital benefits for one year.  Any person subscribing $1 a month will bo entitled to  tho benefits of the hosspil al for that period.  Subscriptions aro solicited and a full attendance of  -members and those desirous of becoming members is requested. A full statement of receipts and expenditures  will be submitted and other important business will be  transacted. F. W. SVV ANNKLL, Secretary.  WILL huy  OLD  HAGS  THE TRIBUNE  WILL SELL  OLD  PAPERS  >jl  41  Olllce:   Vernon street, Nelson, B. C. THE  TRIBUNE:  KELSON, B. 0.,* WEDNESDAY, MARCH 15,  1899.  -3  AM OP W ONTREAL  Capital,  Rest,  all paid  up,     -  $12,000,000  6,000,000  LORD STIIATIIOONA AND   11T.  ROYAL, President  .Ion. OKO. A. DRUMMOND Vice-President  I.   S. OLOUSTON (5onnr.il Manager  3sr*E__-_so_sr *-3*R__._sroEC  fj. W. Cor. Baker and Stanley Streets.        I1UANC1IKS IN       LONDON (England), NEW YORK. CHICAGO  and in tho principal cities In Canada.  Huy and sell Sterling Exchange and Cable Transfers  01.ANT COMMERCIAL AND T11AVELLEIIS' CKEDITB,  available in any part of tho world.  DRAFTS ISSUED    COLLECTIONS MADE; ETC.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CURR1.NT RATE OK INTEREST PATD  THE   SUNNY   SOUTH  south before  The south of  aristocratic  Was Much Wealthier Before the War Than  the North.  There are two souths���the  the war and the new south,  ante-bellum days was an  south, without any recognized titled nobility, feudal in its splendor and patriarchal in its simplicity. The spirit of its  people was chivalrous, high bred, generous and hospitable. Its classes were  made up of master and slave. The code  duello settled all disputes.  Iu the old south was bred much of the  genius that has shed lustre on the great  republic of the Stars and Stripes. It was  the old south that furnished the republic  its president for fifty-two years during  the first sixty-four years of its existeuce.  It was the old south, too, that demanded  the war of lS12aud won through its general Jackson the decisive battle of New,  Orleans over the commander of the British forces, general Packeuhan*. It Was  southern statesmanship that added to  the American union Louisiana, Florida  and Texas, and it was "away down south  in Dixie" that were born Audubon, the  naturalist, Maury, the geographer, and  Drs. Sims and McDonald, two of the  world's greatest surgeons.  /moit's^ii-imelifew  ;/StJi.e;s6.ut^  S1i._-i;ue&^  v-^lalti'riotf.^^^^  ^v'tfiMeTi^vBi^  ^nitl$iU^  & ;au��ii-Stiti-^^  s\f _ a ys^yfi^M fdb if B fe 1 a ve r-y. ��� Dcani_ot:s ib^-ntf- ���  \Wn'dedr%y.adf i uf ti tfir tibp< iSx^Iie^ioitth^i h"  vjkh'fe-hill'uni" da0:" ^dpu6fesla'*v;8#/ca:fi,-;  '":^not\bBrd'e);eif(&l "a����ans.iks.tj'tiiti|)hl;;n! yet its;  r"; ad mi ii is tiSajtioJij, \y tisl^o I#ar 1 y /per f ec fc��* i n.,  Vtf-_i"6;-ffi��j!ji^^  ��>jlf.itgeCa��i.d;hoTds;the  ,�� "ntihdeUcritic of bifrflay." "-  '��- ^"Bub.the old south Has,spas.-__.Taway���the  - jsoath .6t>.jxh;ich"H;ehryVW. (^fady .said-: "Th"  " .ijfsfehgaging,graced .In. thfe/ic,hiyiilry���" that:  ��� ,,t^*iS��pSrej9''e.Veh'"tjui;xojt:i;stp' with dignity,  in;theipiety that.tiaj/ed,masj-e-j and Slave  "��-alilie, -i.i.th*e"c_ftrity $h"k]f boasted /not. iii  " "the" honor" li^ld; above ^stk;te."iriu; the IrdSpii-  - .ali-y  that    neither    condeseeiided   noi*  " fringed, iis f i-anknes-! and heartiness mud  whdlesoaie comrades!,ip, ih the" Wtyerenc'e  p_iM "to* womanhood and thSihviolahle re-  s;pe*ct in which woman's uame .y*a-* held,  the; .ciyilfaJction of the old1 sl.ivve regime in  __-_.the^ou��h=h-.s^,uo:t.been?-!iu'-passed=a nd-per;--  haps will not be equalled aihong men."  The nevv south has caught tip in its life  something of the atmosphere of the north,  whilestilT'retaining much' of the spirit  and character of the old south. It was  in the winter of J.S.JG that I found myself  on board an Illinois pentral train, hurry-5  iug into, the bosOh. of the new south, hjy  objective point being in the old historic  city of New Ori en us, where was ib he  held the famous Mardi GcaB .cel.epi<^tl-u.  The mOinehfc you touch Jientucky soil  yoii reali/.p that tho vWld litis changed  around you*��� that you have reached the  Vst&.- noted for fine hoises, handsome  women and good' whi**l_ey. I doubt; if  prohibition \v1!l ever gain niucii headway"  iu old Kentucky. The major part of its  people is made up ol the descendants ot  the Cavailjei-and the Scottish Covetmn-  terKi aiid both have ii thorough .ipprecia-  tio'ii of Bourbon whiskey, which is soft  and seduetive^-so Seductive that John  Burroughs, the American naturalist, cautions all travelers to beware how they  suck any iced preparation of it through  a straw on a hot day, for it is not half so  innocent as ic tastes.  It is said that in addition to the ordinary college training there are three  essentials to the complete education of a  Kentucky gentleman : (1) Proper appreciation and respect for two men; (2)  thorough knowledge of horseflesh ; (3) the  ability to decide without hesitation the  qualities of Bourbon whiskey. One glass  of Bourbon whiskey is warranted "to  make a dead man's whiskers curl, while  two will pull him clean on his feet."  Yet the connoisseurs of whiskey everywhere feel and realize that prohibitionists  are making it year by year more difficult  for them to enjoy their fiery beverage.  Not long ago a United States appreciator  of the beverage thus feelingly alluded to  this growing difficulty: "The total abstainers are daily making it harder for  the man who likes to take a drink in moderation. In Missouri a'nian cannot have  a drink unless he stands up to take it. It-  Massachusetts he is not allowed to have  any refreshment unless he sits down. In  Maine  he   must  get  down   a cellar,   or  THE B-A-ISTIK:  OF  RITISH COLUMBIA  NELSON  Are now prepared to issue  Drafts and Letters of Credit on  Dawson City, Yukon District.  climb up into a cock-loft, and be fed in  tlio dark from a flask whipped out, of the  pistol pocket of the bar-keeper. In Kansas he must swear that ho has glanders or  some such disease. In Iowa he must commit perjury and endanger his soul for the  sake of the spirit; and in Nebraska, although he can get a drink by himself',' it  is penitentiary offence to treat his neighbor. If this sort of goes much further,  there will be no fun at all left in takinga  drink."  The first intimation you have when  travelling south that you have struck the  southern belt is the division of coaches  into two departments���one for white passengers and one for colored passengers.  The same division or discrimination is  noticeable at the railroad stations, where  there are waiting rooms for, whites and  blacks. As you pull into Tennessee and  Mississippi the little darkey shack or  cabin greeks your eye at every point, and  you realize that ,you are indeed "away  down south in Dixie"���"away down south  in the land of cotton, cinnamon seed and  sandy bottom," for sandy and barren  assuredly is the soil of Tennessee. "I  wouldn't take a farm down here as a free  grant," said a fellow-passenger in the  coach.' "Why the soil is so unproductive  you couldn't raise au umbrella on it!"  Marriages Between Cousins.  In an effort to compare one hundred  cases of marriage between cousins-german  with one hundred average marriages  where no relation existed, the author of a  recent paper, Dr. John Inglis, took by lot  from a physician's case-book, who had  practised in a town of fifteen hundred inhabitants for thirty years and knew their  family histories well, the names of one  hundred.families, and had this physician  give him the record of these oue hundred  marriages with regard to sterility,  pulmonary, mental, and congenital diseases. These were then  compared with the marriages of  cousins. The latter showed a lower percentage of sterile marriages and a slightly  lower percentage of: mental diseases..  In  fl^nM^^00i\shry-  ���^.?��    "> = ���.��"����"-.���"��������    .   .V,ill���    = B> "*%"��* = �����     .p.'.p-��"p���.Y -     ���  IMPERIAL  OF CANADA  BRITISH COLUMBIA POTTERY CO., Ltd  VICTOE1A.   B- O.  Capital, Paid Up  Reserve     -    -  $2,000,000  1,200,000  HEAD  OFFICE, TORONTO  D.  R.  WILKIE, General Manager  NELSON BRANCH  A general liaiikli-t. husincss transacted.  Savings bank department.  Deposits of ��1  uiiel  upwards  received and interest  allowed.  J. M. LAY, Manager.  i-l\.:��- *Z]f��^>'0$$p��pH^T& :��  ^fejJ'l IM:K:>'  DP      *D  n yJ- " * *'  _ l._dp .  pulmonary and congenital diseases there  was about the same percentage of difference in favor of the former. In all other  particulars the difference amounted to as  little as any such comparisons can. In  the one hundred cases of those not related, seventeen per cent were sterile;  in the cousins-german, fourteen and a half  per cent. These figures agree very nearly  with Huth's investigations.  Two Wedding Anniversaries.  Here is a story of a Milwaukee couple  vvho agreed to separate after fifteen years  of married life. They continued to reside  within a block of each other and to pass  the time of day impersonally when they  met. When the silver anniversary of  the wedding came on, both celebrated it,  although separately. Two church ceremonies were performed in the church  where they were wedded twenty-five  years before, the husband's ceremony being at 8 o'clock in the morning and the  wife's at 9 o'clock. That evening each  gave a reception at their residences at the  same hour, and the same friends called to  pay their respects, successively going from  one house to the other.  The Tretnont Hotel  H/.AL0J.E & TRECILLUS  PROPKIETOKS  Headquarters for; Miners and Prospectors  THE J3EST.=B11AXDS OF  Liquors and Cigars  .Kootenay. .Cigar ;. *��� ^  Manufacturing^:C���o;:  ���   '^^ymJ ���0^>'_wi  PftAtIN�� and  Bps me��t- all  trains arid boats.  Special  attention   given the   transfer ,df baggage.    Office and stables  ���on^Veriran^str^^  Tribune dffiCe.    Telephone No.. 35,  Q. W. West & Go.  GENERAL TEAMSTERS  AGENTS FOIt  - The Imperial Oil Co.   Statidard Oil (lo.  ,   Washington Brick, arjd Litrie Co.  The H. W. WlpNiell Go., L-td., Canadian Anthracite Coal (Hard)  :A_--\VA4rso on;,haj.1); .;  '^ej(Of--0ej.,'h]BS% land^inost,  :      4ilaif\hotels^ iifcSeisqiri;  n n-ffli nn '    l,��  ]_ A'KER STREET-, 1>TELS(_ N.  fHeafed with H6t Air arid  Lighted by Electricity:  Large comfortable bedrdpnis and   first-class diiting;  T6o_m.___&_ijini3le-_ro^in^foj_^^  R_-5_.'��'_---S   S2   -P3BI-   __>__-"_T  Mrs. E. C.   CLARKE, Prop.  L(.(.o of the Jtoynl Hotdl. Oaltrnry,  Doalers  5 STOVEWOOD  Gostello's Express  Trunks and valises delivered to any part of  the city.    All kinds of draying done  at  reasonable  rates.    Moving furniture a specialty.  Stand at corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  W. A. COSTELLO, PROPRIETOR  Nelson Electric Light Company, Limited  NOTICE  All persons having accounts against the  company will present them at once to the  manager, and all persons indebted to tlie  company are* required-to settle the same immediately.    JOHN HOUSTON, Manager.  Nelson, March  10th, 1899.   .  r|. D. HUME> Manager.  The finest hotel in Mid interior.  Large sam)ilu rooms.   Steam heat and electric light.  COltNWU Oh" WARD AND V-.l.NON STS., N-SLSON  Madden House  BAKER AND WARD STREETS, NELSON  The only hotel in Nolson that has remained under one  management since 1890. .,.,,.,.  Tho bed-rooms  arc  well furnished  and   lighted b/  electricity. . .  Tlio dining-room is not .second.xo any in Kootenay.  The bar is always stocked by tlie best domestic and  imported liquors and cigars.  THOMAS MADDEN, Proprietor.  Large and well lighted Heated by hot air  Reasonable rates Sample rooms  Electric bells and light in every room  Renovated and refurnished throughout  HOTEL  VICTORIA  J. V. PERKS, Proprietor.  Erec bus meets all trains  Hourly street car to station  MAXUHACTUI-.-HS OK  PRESSED BRICKS      FIRE BRICKS      FIRE CLAY  VITRIFIED SALT GLAZKD SEWER PIPES  All kinds of sanitary fittings, agricultural drain tile,  flower pots, terra cotta, chimney pipe and flue lining,  chimney tops, fire brick, fire clay, all kinds of fire clay  goods, ussaj ers' furnaces etc., made to order.  P. Burns c�� Co.  ���WHOLESALE   AND   RETAIL  Ornamental   Carden Border Tiles, Vases,   Etc.  Cement, plaster of puris, lime, and nil kind., of  ornamental plaster work.  Fruit and Ornamental Trees  Revelstoke, B. C.  ATLANTIC   STEAMSHIP   TICKETS.  To and from European points via Canadian and American lines. Apply for.sailing dates, rates, tickets, and  full information to any Canadian Paciflo railway agent or  C. P. R. City Agont, Nolson.  WILLIAM STITT, GonoraJ 8. 8. Agont, Winnipeg.  .Bulbs, Roses, Hollies, Rhododendrons,  Fancy Evergreens, etc. Thousands aro  growing 'on my own grounds. Most  complete stock in the province. Bees  and bee supplies, agricultural implements, spray pumps, and cut flowers.  New catalogue now ready.  Meat Merchants  Wholesale Markets at /.elson, Rossland, Sandon and Creenwood.  RETAIL  STORES AT  Nelson,   Trail,  Ymir, Kaslo,  New Denver,  Sandon, Silverton,  Cascade  City,  Grand Forks,   Midway, Greenwood and Sirdar.  ORDERS BY MAIL  PROMPTLY FORWARDED  Head Office, Nelson, B.C.  G01 Westminster Road, Vancouver, B. C.  R. REISTERER& CO.  BREWERS AND BOTTLERS OF  Fine Lager Beer,  Ale and Porter  West Kootenay Butcher Go.  ALL KINDS OF FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  Prompt and.regular  delivery to the trade.  Brewery at Nelson.  Vienna Restaurant  Baker street, between Josephine and  Hall streets, Nelson.  MEALS AT ALL HOURS, DAY OR NIGHT .  BAKERY IN CONNECTION  FAJIILY AND PASTRY COOKING A SPECIALTY  ONLY WHITE HELP EMPLOYED  R. HURRY, Prop.  BON TON RESTAURANT.  OPEN DAY AND NIGHT  The. only restaurant in the city  employing* sonly white cooks.-.H .v '  y' Merchahts'vluhch. from 12' to, 2  o'clock, 25 Scents. * Dinner from .'-5  to 8. .- Short���'. orders   at  all   hours:  AND SOO LINE  VFasfe and/iShqrS^  .   ;-'"'V/. -'IfCbotenayV-.'O^untFVs-l'Vvr"*'' ..v.-  First-class^V_iiid��� ji'irris_��jS-ceperg. Opcratcd^frorif.- ������!  [J ST.���*'_PA^pi*l��fffi |?I>^TJG"S* .*   ;".*.      V  ," s 'V ���i ...n-_'ieknot��'ls-rfi^-fvt^n)ii(jh.'a_!a*bdeg^     "���- ���"  ."  ","'     cHepked ntp��"destinatioti.; " .Jp ."    n ��  Rossland, Traji and Robsoil.        ���  Leave: "���    ���    ��     ..       ���.DAILY" ���   Arriyo;  ',ti:_0 p..m. j, .y,, - .NELSON:,.:...-.....��..,.���.,-. 10:80,5. m.  Main Lifie an��!\lnVrmedia'i6VPoirits yja. Slocani Lake;  Leave"   "      : D^ILY   "      " Arrive.  G:30 aVm....-...,...: , NELSON ..:. .*...= ��... ,.,8:30 p: in.  Kootenay Lakej-Kasjo f{ou.e��Steattier Kokanee.  Lfeave. Daily Except Sunday Af-rive  _:00 pi.ni.,.,... ......... .NELSON............... .11:00 a. ni.  Kpolerjay Fjiver Route-Steamer Moyie.  Mon., Wed., Fri. . 3*ucS., Thti>s., Sat.  8:00a. m. Leave ,..N_*LSON., Arrive G:50 p. iii.  Makes coiincctioii at Pilot Bay with steamer Kokanee  jii,bo.tli_direct,ionS.  Baker Street, Nelson   E. G_ TRAVES; ManageP  ORDERS BY MAIL RECEIVE CAREFUL AND PROMPT A1TENTION.  PRACTICAL  ELECTRICIAN  contract to supply, and install any l^lnd of electrical machinery  Will wire buildings for electric lichting, electric bells, I Will contract to install fire alarm systems in (owns an  electric burglar alarms, electric annunciators. |       cities.' Full stock ot wire and iixtures on hand.  WRITE FOR PRICES.   Office and Storeroom:   Josephine Street, ffolson.  LONDON AND BRITISH COLUMBIA GOLDFIELDS* Lid.  HEAD  OFFICE,   LONDON,   ENGLAND.  All communications relating to British Columbia  business to be addressed  to P.O. Drawer  ----.- - .505, Nelson,, British Columbia/. .     .       f r ,  J. RODERICK ROBERTSON,"General Manager r vlt-i   o_-vm     r_ ~_V        .  S: S FOWLER, E.M., Mining Engineer ..,   .     .    \ TM cLoUIN,   B.C.  Sjtua*tev��_>rK the ;"Gpow/s^Nest4*Railwayrf:is>preparedpip {deliver, lum-  ber :of any description in9.any;.quantity ������ at /any- place's within the  n " n ��      " , q" ��n �� - ��       " 1.'   u        B     #   " 1B'J��'���, ^ '      - B'_'_]       'iP     "   n j_"    "  B "   "(J    ^^O,1' "n     -D ��� - ,  distrfiet of(~*KodiencCyl'        "    '..���;.. ��  .. ��-;'�� �� '��     - '���    " -""���* ^^ *"*"  -itcamers on their respective routes call at principal  landing*-' in both directions, arid at other points when  signalled.  Ascertain Rates and full information by addressing  nearest local agciifc or  C. E. BE/\SLEY, City TicKet Agent, \ ^^   B c  R. W. DREW, Ageqt. j >    ���   ���  W. Ii*. AN'DKltsoN, TrilVeliiig Passenger Agent* Nelson.  IS. J. GpYi.B, Dis't Passongpr Agent, Vancouver.  Spokane Palls &  Nelson & Fort Sheppapd>  Bed Mountain Railways:  Tlje only all rail route without change of cars  between Nelson an,d Rossland, and  Spokane aqd Rosslaqd.  DAILY   TRAINS.  l<eavo Arrive  !l:lua.ni.-. NKLSON ,..5:��0 p.m.  11:55a. 111  ROSS__A.NI) .:i:10 p. m.  8:.*��) a. m SPOKAN] 6:10 p. 111.  The train that leaves Nelson at 0:20 n. 111., makes close  connections at bpokane with trains for all Pacific Cosist  points.  Passengers for Kettle River alid Boundary Creek con  hCct at Marcus with stage daily.  C. G. DIXON, Q. P. & T. A.  Kootenay Railway & Navigation Co.  STR. INTERNATIONAL  Daily except Sunday.      Pacific standard time  KASLO TO NKLSON  Tender.* SolimM     ^^r^e^^^beb^��mf>any,,;  I CUUCI&   OUISUILCU ���,a. A. .BIGEIlpW,  Manager,  FLO0MNG., LINING., MOULDINGS, DOORSi  mb sMfiEiS In stDgk:       l  ^Ml:SH)ESefflPTlO^0MO_N^^^  MADE TO ORDER.  Olfiee and Mills Corner Hall and Front Streets,,Nels^  Lumber   Lumber   Lumber  Kootenay L,ake Sawmill, G; 0���. Buchanan, Prop.  First   Gkiss   lu ruber   at   rig*ht   prices     Also   a   full   line   of  Sash,.  Doors, Turned Work,  etc.,  Constantly on hand.  Yard:   Foot Hendryx Street.       JOHN RAE? Agent.  For Miners, Pit Sinkers, Quarrymen and Contractors  South  bound  Leavo  Due  Due  Due  Due  Read  down  KiM) a.m...  7:30    t, ..  8:00    ��� *..  8:15    n ..  0:15    n ..  Read  up  ..8:30 p.m.  ..7:10    .,  ..G-.m    ���   0:00    ���  North  bound  Arrive  Due  Due  Due  Duo  Leave     Kaslo  ..  .. Ainsworth  ..  Pilot Ray   Balfour..  Five-mile Point���5:10  Arrive 10:''0    i Nelson  I:.'i0  Connects with N. & Vt. S. Ry. train for Spokane, leaving Five-mile Point at 10:05 a.m.  Steamers leave Kaslo City wharf at foot of Third street  ROHK1.T IRVING, Manager.  f^aslo & Slocan Railway  OOINO WKST  Leave    8.00 a. m.  Arrive 10.10.   ��  DAtl.V  Kaslo  ..Sandon  GOI.Vfl KAST  Arrive H.55 p. in.  I_c(tve.l;15..." .  '-'"������ ,  CODY   BltANCIL-  : .  Lciivo ' ll.OOn.'m.' Sandon Arrive 11.10 a. m  Arrive   11.15    " Cody Leave 11.25    "  O. K. COI'KJiANI), Sulierinlondont.  ONTARIO POWDER WORKS, Kingston, Oiit,  MANUKACTUUKKS ANB  DKAF.KItS IN  Eleetrie Blasting Apparatus, Fuse, Caps, Etc.  "WEI'TE   FOE   PBIOE   LISTS  GEO. CRA.D0CK & CO.  WAKEF1ELD, ENGLAND.  Original Manufacturers and Introducers of Lang's Patent  "'- ISOLE   ^.GS-B-TSTTS   _ETO_R   C-A.3ST_A_33_A4 THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON,  B. C, WEDNESDAY, MARCH  18,  1899.  undries  yksp**  "TT7"E carry the most  complete  line  of drug sundries in  Kootenay  and  the  quality of our goods   is  the  best that money can  buy.    Our prices  higher than   our   competitors  for inferior  are   no  THE   GENERAL   HOSPITAL  charge  goods.  See that your  prescriptions are  filled by us.  We use none but tlie best quality of drugs and chemicals  Special attention given to tlieir compounding  W. F. Teetzel & Co.  CORNER BAKER AND JOSEPHINE STREETS, NELSON  Special this WeeK  Box Calf,  Heavy Goodyear Welt,  Chrome Tanned,  Leather Lined Shoes  Will be Continued to be Run as It Has  Been.  The directors of the Kootenay Lake  General Hospital Society met yesterday  afternoon at the close of the meeting of  the subscribers and elected officers for  the ensuing year. J. A. Forin was made  president; W. A. Jowett, vice-president;  P. W. Swannell, secretary; and W. W.  Beer, treasurer. As the result of the election yesterday there is practically no  change in the board, save that Mrs. J.  Roderick Robertson and Mrs. J. L. Stocks  were given places ou the directorate.  For the office of directors for two years,  there were seventeen nominations made  for six places and three ballots were taken  to elect. The balloting resulted as follows :  First Second        Third  A. -''crland  iu  J. A. I'*orin  1*.  E. A. Crease 12  W.W.Ucer 11  Mrs. J. It. Robertson 10 8  Mrs. J. L. Stocks  9 7  W. Irvine  7 7  F. "VV. Swannell .7 3  Theo Madson.... '..."fl 1  Thos. Madden  2  C.E.Miller 10 7  R. S. -viiishorn .....10 G  Thomas Parkinson  7  E. C. Ti fives  7 3  Charles Hillyer  7 3  C.J. Wilson :  3 2  E. Cordiugly  2 1  10  Just  arrived,  a  stock  of  the  celebrated  Our price, $4.50  Regular price, $5.00  18 and 20, Baker Street,  (Postoffice Store) Nelson  Branch Store at YMIR.  James A. Gilker  CAPITAL $50;000, DIVIDED INTO 50,000 SHARES OF $1 EACH  .W^BBERiSElq^^elsoni BlC.  \^mA^ISQWAimy:q"M^'eison,. B.C.  -. i'>lii*.,>.'' ::>.. ,J. ��,.'*. MM; ���*SJ-_XWJxJi-��:',��  W.   H.   DOWSING,  H. G.   NEELANDS,  Esq.,  Nelson, B.C.  Esq.,  Esq.,  Nelson,  Nelson,  B.C.  B.C.  S^ilsriKIEIRS  fSE^B^R^OP* BRITISH COLUMBIA, NELSON, B.C.  B.C.      PROCTER'S BUILDING,  Raker St.,  Nelsoii, B.C.  l".-VX: - ::so.Xi3r;oiTjO'B!;S  f-MESSRS^ACL^ALK .&* "BRQUGH^-U*), Nelson  ^^1* i,���lsny^_3*���P_fs^'3PP^i^'0';'ul^3.?_;, ceiit.:g.ji^.Eanteed) preference shares and 7500 ordinary shares  *��o_f;$l^e���^ cents on application, twenty-five cents ont  ��-al]otment," DabB���fcEeVbala_ice^wl-en"called for.' No call to be made until three.months  gartpi-^d^B'-^i^r.^Kte: "   V", "   ... "". ..:".', '..  f^^JTh^ iwillvopen at 1,0 si.m. on Monday, March J$thf  f:uan(3, clbs&at. '^p^m, eod-PHday, MareH. ^ts.'f,, ISO?.", ''    .     -  ":$.. ^.Applications for shares. Sccdmpghied with the arciouht payable on application,  ^1 8p(pul.d^be*made."tp the bankers of |i_e company (whef.e prospectuses and. forms of ap-  -Copies.pftjie/memorandum and articles of association Of the company may be in-  ��&pe'cted'at the office of the company's solicitors.  BY BUYING YOUR WATQH FROM  largest stocS^  GoM, Gold Filled, Silver and Nickel Oases  Any grade movement from 7 to 21 Jewels  AU guaranteed.    Repairing a specialty  There was but one ballot necessary to  elect two directors to serve on the board  for one year. There were nine nominations  made aud the ballot resulted as follows:  F. W. Swannell 18  C. E. Miller 10  "W. Irvine   9  R. S. Kingliorn  3  C. F. Wilson ���.....'   Thomas Parkinson , -���-  Theo, Madson.   1  Chas. Hillyer ���  E. C. Traves   1  There are now twelve directors on the  board and the provincial government has  the right to appoint three others. The  government has not heretofore made any  appointments, and none will be made  this year. .'  Missionary Work in Stocks.  It  is    announced  that    the  Rev.    R.  Trotter, lately minister to the Calvary  Baptist church of Victoria, is about to devote his attention to the Boundary Creek  country, in a missionary capacity.   The  modus operandi of his mission is to be as  follows:   After satisfying himself by personal inspection that the merits of their  properties as claimed  by the owners of  various mines are exactly as they are represented to be, he is to travel through  Eastern Canada and England disposing of  the stock of such mines upon commission,  all sums netted from such commissions to  be used for Baptist niissioharyr work in  the Boundary Creek district. - Now allowing  that a satisfactory- personal, inspection,   by .Mr... Trotter  is    a ..j-pruaran tee  of.   genuine    merit,   .which     is    hard:  ly . to   .be,   expected,     as:   before, bey  coming a Baptist   minister . Mr. Trotter  was, according to his own statement, a  drummer.   AVhat kind of property can it  be.which finds it necessary to.allow its  stock to be"peddled around.the country  by a minister, under the guise of religion ��  If they are reduced to this' extremity by  impecuniosity,   pitiable indeed  must be  tbe financial status, present and. future,  of  its unfortunate, owners.,  . As to the  value of .Mr. Trotter's personal guarantee  of merit, those confiding inve'stors'in the  East, whosseveral years ago on his, recommendation purchased stock in the Ivanhoe  mine, Fairview, at twenty-five cents per  share, and for which they cannot now get  six'cents, will doubtless give an unbiased  opinion.   When the peddling of mining  stocks and the booming of mining properties has reached the theatrical stage of  pseudo-religion, it���is time for legitimate  operators to call a halt;  Transfers and Locations ofj Mineral Claims.  The transfer of the following mineral  j-lai-ii8_were recorded today, at the Nelson  Office : Franeis Bs Fraction, situate near  Salmon river j adjoining Tamarac���-iR. W.  Bacom to L; A. Snyder, one=half interest;  October Fraction, on Tamarac mountain  ���Thomas Mayne Daly to the Kenneth  Mining & Development Company; Lizzie  Ci on east fork of north fork of Salmon  river=���C J. Ditter to John Reith, one-half  interest. Certificate .Of improvement was  issued to John Elliot, and Arthur II.  Buchanan for the Money Market mineral  claim. The location of the Pompeii min-  erai;61aim, "situate on Hume creek, east of  Nelson, wtis -.ecorded today by Arthur  W  refreshmenss, and also to the press, and  managers of the rink. The treasurer was  authorized to pay accounts amounting to  about $50. During the month the  matron of the hospital received IS spreads,  curtains, linen, etc., cutlery, chair, window shades, and two dozen table napkins.  LOCAL   NEWS   AND   GOSSIP.  Two miles up the outlet from Nelson is  a little spot of arable land that is locally  known as Florence park. William  Roberts has built a comfortable hotel  there, and the hotel is now open for those  who like such delicacies as spring chickens, milk that is not watered, genuine  cream, and fresh-laid eggs. There is a  fairly-good road along the water's edge  from Nelson as well a.s the finest stretch  of boating and sailing water in Kootenay.  The most artistic, sign in Nelson is now  over the front of Fred Irvine <& Co.'s dry  goods store on Baker street. Miller &  Skatbo did the work.  J. F. Weir returned last night from a  three-months' visit to Toronto and other  eastern Canadian and Americau cities.  Mr. Weir today let the contract for the  erection of a residence on Water street,  and will bring his family to Nelson in the  near future. While east he purchased a  large stock of spring and summer goods  and reports that among thex wholesale  firms Nelson is looked upon as the best  point for business in the Kootenays.  James McPhee has gone over to Okan-  agon lake to install an electric-light plant  on. one of the Canadian Pacific boats.  **��  So far this year the city has spent $10,-  000 more than it has taken in, and all that  it has to show for it is a starter for a  Hume.  The additions to the boxes at the post-  office make the total number 44S.  The hook and ladder truck for the fire  brigade from the Waterous Engine  Works ot Brantford, Ontario, was received today. The apparatus consists of  seventy-five feet of ladders, two Bab-  cocks, six buckets and other appliances.  BUSINESS   MENTION.  For the convenience of-packers to the  mines, Br..cl.innn& J_>rarc carryincr a stock of pressed  hay, put up in i-cventy-llvi! pound bales, a sample bale of  which may be seen in Desl.risay & Co.'s window.  NELSON, B. C.  KASLO, B. C.  SANDON, B. C.  DEALERS IN  Shelf and Heavy Hardware  SOLE AGENTS FOR  Giant Powder  TRUAX  ORB  GARS  Canton Drill Steel  CARRY IN STOCK  Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal  Pipes, and Fittings  Giant, Caps and Fuse  Tools, Cutlery, Tin  and Woodenware  Stoves, Ranges,  Iron,  Steel,  Sheet  Iron, T-Rails  Paints, Oils, Glass  NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:   Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.  THE LAWRENCE HARDWARE GO.  Will   be  found  in  their new  premises  on  with  a complete  stock  of  Baker Street  ritractors  and Others  Shelf and  Heavy  HARDWARE  Heavy  and Shelf  ALL KINDS OF MINING SUPPLIES  You "will find it io your advantage to consult us  - ,     before placing.your orders.  Titismithing- ar-d- Plui-n.bin.g' a Specialty  :   Estimates Cheerfully Furnished  a Nice Breakfast Try Our  .WhOd. use   picks,   shovels,  should not fail to look at  of goods,  which   for qualities  material cannot be beat.  etc.,  our line  and  _-?. o. box a*      __sr_-__i-so_isr- _b. o.  IELS0I TMT and  ALL  KINDS  OF  MM lAMFlCTOBI  Canvas Goods, Tents, Awnings,  and Fancy Striped Curtains for  Verandahs and Windows  Ladies' Hospital Aid Society.  At the regular monthly meeting of the  Ladies Hospital Aid [held on Monday  considerable, business was transacted; The  report of the committee on the carnival  was received and was very pleasing,  .seventy-four dollars being the amoubt  cleared. The thanks of the ladies of the  Aid is due to the friends who helped so  kindly by donations of prizes, free busse_*,  Vancouver Hardware Co., fri  Importers of Shelf nnd Heavy Hardware.'  MARA & BAItNARD BLOCK, BAKER ST., NKLSON  Eastep is almost  The ladies, of Itfe.son will all have.  .tlieir new Bpyin^Jboniiets_and your   151c] suit will look shabby. Gall,  around and jet us .make yoii look  new in a. new Spring Suit. A full  line of spring and suninier goods  just received.  H. I. Vincent, Merchant Tailor  BAKKft ST. WKST, NELSON, I.; C.  Pigs  erel,  Feet in  i  Labrador  pound tins, 20 pound kits and half barrels/  Herring   and   Salmoii   Belly   in.  kits and.  Salt Mack-,  half"" barrels'.  FRESH EGGS      CAPE COD CRANBERRIES  Just received  shipment of  STEELE, BRIGGS  &  CO'S  and D. M. FERRY &v CD'S  Fre.sh Garden- and Flower  s  It yon wiinl a nobby suit, or a stylish pair  eif jj'initJ. for spriiiff wear cnll at rooilis S and  <) GlumSntH block. I Vvjll show you soino  nice cloth and samples, and will send same  to youir olllce or room where your measure  can be taken. Will fit you as you were  ii-ivcr lltted before.  LADIES' TAILOR MADE-SUITS  A SPECIALTY  Steverjs, J\\e Tailor  BAKER STREET WEST, NELSON, B, C.  Bread and p.astery milkers are  ���have that wonderful Hour, called  rejoicing over   the  good   news   that   IDesliM.say &, Co;  MADSON  ALL SIZES OF  TENTS IN STOCK  PROPRIETOR       Baker St. opposite postoffice, Nelson  TBE BBACEM & KEfi HUM CO., ltd.  *w*__a:ox.Eis^_--.i_,___- _A__cq-x5 *r*eit_a.ii__  HI-A.~_Z"-    G-_B-A.I_._T,   __r_E]-E-I->,  VETO.  FIT ALL KINDS OF PEOPLE  We have them in the latest styles and lasts���A to EE  Ladies' Gents' and Children's  for  the  It innkdH nice white 'bread   and we   have put the   price   below any Hour of  its kind  a short time.    The quality is guaranteed  or money refunded. . "  We are still leading the trade in groceries, others try to follow but have to g  chase; they have to admit Our stock is too large for them to compete against.  We have struck it llicky hi Teas, everybody is drinking our brands.  up  ABERDEEN BLOCK  NELSON, B.C.  M. DesBrisay & Co,  Write for quotations on car lots.  3SI-E.X_��0_N",   -B. C  Neelands' Shoe Emporium  .   2(i AND 28 WEST BAKER STREET, NELSON , -  John A. Irving & Co.  HAVE JUST KHCE-VED A CONSIGNMENT OF  YANKEE HILL'S PURE MAPLE SYRUP  IN GALLON AND ONE-HALE GALLON TINS AND ROTTLES  Family orders a specialty and free daily delivery  Mail and telephono orders promptly attended to  Baker Street "West, opposite Oddfellows'Block  TRY IT AND BE CONVINCED  THE FINEST ON THE MARKET  JUST THE THING FOR HOT CAKES  SPECIAL ATTEMOI  Have just received a consignment of Harris homo  mado tweeds from Talbot Harris, Scotland.  FEED J. SQUIBE, Baker St.. ��od  _J��r*i  The supply is limited, so call early and examine this stock.  S ���  -  n.T  s *  '.nfp"i* V


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