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A Man this Morning at Port Arthur, Ontario,
Who Was Convicted for Murdering
Two of His Neighbors.
Port   Arthur,   Ontario,   March   17.—"I
submit, bub you are hanging an innocent
man; you are only doing your duty, but
J am innocent."   These words Oliver Provost spoke  to   ItadclilTe,  the   hangman,
when tlie latter requested him to hold out
his arms to bis pinioned   before the march
to   the   scaffold    this   morning,   c Oliver
Provost, condemned Lo death for the mur-
VIer    of  Rene    Duebin   ami    Ferdinand
Comer on tlie 10th of February, 1SSJ7, was
hanged  in the presence of about twenty-
five witnesses, including all the officials.
No demonstration marked the execution
other than the gathering of a crowd of
men and boys,  to the number of 150,  on
the street near the gaol.   The march  to
the scaffold began sharp at eight o'clock,
and  was led  by the* sheriff, followed  by
Provost,    dressed    iu    a    black    serge
suit,    supported    on    either    side    by
turnkey     Connor    and    Radcliffe    and
Rev. Father  Neault  and   gaol surgeon
Macdonald.   During the march Provost's
face bore a haggard, yellowish appearance; his lips moved  rapidly in  prayer,
but no sound came from them. The movement of the lips increased as the steps
to the  scaffold   were   reached   and  the
ascent began.   Arrived ou  the scaffold,
words at lirst low, but ever increasing in
volume aud vehemency, fell  from his lips
addressed to the Virgin Mary and Jesus,
■praying  for   mercy.   On   tlie march  he
walked with a step faltering, but not sufficient  to give those assisting him  any
trouble. .During the adjustment of the
black cap and noose there was no cessation of the prayer.   All  preparations at
the    scaffold    were    quickly    made   by
Radcliffe, and within a half minute from
the arrival vof the party on the scaffold
the   trap  was   sprung.   The   body  shot
down out of sight and instantly the rope
was taut.   Descending the steps and passing around to the side where a couple of
boards had beeu loosely nailed, Radcliffe
quickly went to  the iuclosure, followed
by two doctors, who four minutes after,
the   trap  had been sprung,  pronounced
life extinct,   the   pulse   having  stopped
beating.   The body was allowed to hang
for   thirty   minutes,  when it was taken
down and placed on a couple of boards
beside the machine that had taken his
life.   The neck was found to have been
:.broken and death was instantaneous.
-°    ._ n'DnUn."|    ...     rr,.      bo''" *.^    p Sna%,n$a..,±,..rippnpP,ft,P,p     ft_Vw       °l       *»M "   n      ^
„n„ .HurhediV^lfefte^
^Vb*,u°ried ^1ftM)"-j"a:ii°gl.e\;6i:iJlfC jJii]£ya„ifd*i by."
. .Jgehtlfeujat^ _
/";,5JrQS,epji's'V"" ".pa^ed-' - tk^yy'yeptlfey -.fflgh;'!;!
■ „- iug;"''"":\TO;^'V";h"iSs %,alij*' :V$lie.-." ^feli'gicjus"
■_. Vepu.s'Olap'ffu^-EEe.^Jiefe,, klibr,a]l:,-^The- "pxjh-
°>$)§. ")/rbkeitl^^ Theyekrl^
*■""" "o'clock* *t__isS .j^prniiig. "he jfjeiri'atjp^fic^qy'©!?.
. .{aqse.i't*p)i_ #hich;h6lv\v)i'ken^qVat live, flTnld
•irqii-i thatvtime on^spehfctKe^it-tieih medi-
„ »„tatipul .„ .Afe^o'cfip^fik .breakfast was.offered
v Bi]n,„ ib"nt»lie' dcsclihed^to "eat ahy^hihgV
TlfeV .execution wa"*3% a., .perfectpiece oi?
wjfrk, "Radclilte dpink "hissvvprlc quietly.
Tlaer following;; wofcds. "iii '3?.rt3__ncii were
fbuiid inVthe cell .vvhic-i'VProvost Occupied"
. and were written ."t'lijs" morning: -"Oliver
Provost;i„lWh"„ March;, Sentenced for a,
crime which he did hot commit; what is
discouraging is to think of" dying such
a death for which he is not culpable."
The crime for which Oiiver Provost, as
_-_-hji^g.__s.hi's__natoewvvas -hauged^this^mom-^
Pittsburg, Jack Had en of San .Jose, California, D. C. Cu-.liui.u_ and Dan Manard
of Meadville, Missouri. Passengers who
arrived from Copper River, Alaska, on
tho Itlxcelsior, state that the scurvy is reported to be present in all the camps in
the interior, and many miners are coming
to the coast either to escape it or recover
from its effects. At Copper Centre there
are twenty scurvy patients in the hospital. The last report from Dr. Tow.nsend
was to the effect that they were all improving and that he expected no further
Canadians are Bold, Bad Men.
Washington, March 17.—The hostile
collision between the American aud Canadian miners, reported from Vancouver,
is exactly what was apprehended by the
representatives of the United States government in the late Canadian conference.
It is said by one of these officials that
they were badly embarrassed in their
efforts to settle the Alaskan boundary
dispute by the British Columbia legislature, which, so far from endeavoring to
secure a peaceful adjustment of the boundary difficulty, had, by the passage of irritating legislation, done
much to retard an agreement. The officials here cannot, from the vague reports
brought by the Vancouver despatches,
tell just where the collision took place
between . the American and Canadian
miners, so it is impossible to tell who is at
fault. It is said, however, that the
Canadians have beeu particularly aggressive in this boundary matter right along;
that they have several times advanced
the lines of the boundary claimed by them,
and in each case this extension coincided
or followed very closely the discoveries of
new goldfields.
A New Steamship Line.
San Francisco, March   17.—The   Union
Iron  Works have  been   awarded a contract for two of the largest freight steamers ever built in the United States.   They
are for the  American   Hawaiian   Steam
Navigation Company, with headquarters
at New  irork, in which Dearborn & Co.
and Filbert & Co. are  interested.   The
company is to ply its craft between New
(York^Ijh i lad el phia,, V. S„an»fFranciscoV and
^lonoiiiLtijtaiid'the    "
ft h e* re ut e"'Wj 11 we
The Famous High-Grade Silver Property May
Pass into the Hands of the London &
B. C. Goldfields People.
Last fall it was rumored that the Enterprise   mine,   on Ten Mile Creek, Slocan
Lake   district,   owned    by. Finch    and
Campbell of Spokane, was likely to pass
into the hands of the Loudon & British
Columbia Goldfields, Limited.   An examination of the property was made, but the
deal was not closed.   Rumors are again
floating around that the deal will be consummated yet.   A Goldfields engineer has
taken another look at the property, so'it
is said, to ascertain if the showings hold
good in the ground opened by the work
done     during    the    winter. _    If    this
engineer's       report     is     favorable,     it
is   not unlikely negotiations   known   to:
be pending may be brought to a successful   close.   Last   winter a contract   was
given to drive 200 feet in No. 2 tunnel and
make a 100-foot raise.   It is claimed this
work shows that the ore body continues
large aiid carries good values.   If the deal
goes through the SlocH,n Lake section of
Kootenay will be fortunate, for the Loudon & British Columbia Gold Fields, Limited, is one of the strongest and most progressive of the old country corporations
operating in British Columbia.
To the Paris Exhibition It Will be as Pri-
■ ]   vate Citizens aiid at Their
Own Expense.
ing, was committed on the eye ofFebruary
lOthj 1897$ and consisted of the killing and
biiriiing of RenS Dilbiu and Ferdinand
Comer, two men who lived thirty-four
miles distant from Port .Arthur,, where
they kept a herd of pigs. They* had a
li,ttle money s^yed up, and according to
the evidence, this Provost cOveted. On
the evening named, he went to their Shack
and there shot them; Afterwards, with
the assistance of the vvomaii Gautier, who
lived, with hiHi as his wife, he robbed the
house and bodies. .On the following
morning he returned' and set fire to the
buildings, burning tlie bodies past all human resehib.aiiee. Suspicion pointed to Provost, biitiiLMVas'.-ilowed to leave town, taking the woman and children withjiiui. He
moved to Oliver township, leaving there
and going ettal a i'ew months later. They
were followed by detectives in their wanderings, and at Pembroke ProvOst was
arrested for larceny* and sentenced to
seven years im prisonment. He made a
confession, in which he charged the
woman Gaiutier with the crime. She was
arrested but turned queen's evidence, and
it was on her evidence that Provost was
convicted. Justice Armour presided, and
never were more scathing words addressed
to. a prisoner than those which he uttered
when sentencing Provost.
Railroading Under Difficulties.
Conio, Colorado, March 17.—The first
train from Denver since February 21st,
consisting of the rotary and four engines,
reached Como yesterday afternoon. The
train has been a week coming from Grant,
a distance of twenty-three miles. The
railroad people expect to reach Biecken-
ridge in about ten days and Leadville
within four or five weeks.
Died of Scurvy.
Seattle, March 17.—The Post-Iutelli-
gencer special from Valdes, Alaska, gives
the following list of those who have died
from scurvy in the Copper River district
this winter: S. Milligau of Los Angeles,
John Romera of Honolulu, Nick Urban of
,-.horse^powt-i::.^.^':,;_;; /■'„  „ ■ .  ;/    ■ ",::
^•° " \;'y. ^-^iic^^^^^^^'^X\'
• 'Cliieago'^Mrir^
at"tiieChi^igq Cpllegespi'Rental Surgery;
^may "ttfak,e\"Jna°m(e^T^:K^^
.-li) 0i,V#hViiiXallf4^
-"instiltp ".e.yfe.^ nYQLte»sei.iJ.us^
-the. a-^p|t«^I^iicflpi^l;^5T|i:^^^
.his ueck-areVipjuied-and, theidoljtoi'.sf'faink
he ■ has been.itfteifnallyVinjjilred." [-fybixnSih
tbe vil-tim Of th^",e"iisto|u oi ,l^a^sihgyu,p"
- wahich'„ cpnsists"".-of-^eizjng^a iiian ih' tlie
cl&gs •.;o:otpTan|lipa;s°^
"the seats. .He liap"beeniil,[and tjieiiazers;
^<ept it up uiitil lie fell uhconscioii.s toVtlie
il'OQiv The lacnityphky&^kken^hernatiEr""
xxv. "", ' . _   „„   „ '
The Outlook, Promising. '
San Frahcisc'o, March 1*7.—The rain1-
stortii which began on Tuesdaty has
reached the Southern; counties of . the
fartners of that section. Hay and grain
will now be plentiful and cattle men are
correspondingly happy. Minesi which
last year were closed down on accoutit of
lack of water* will be able to run the entire summer, as there is plenty of snow in
the mountains and the streams are full.
Fruit trees, also, have been greatly helped
by the storms.
The Governor Denounces the Outrage.
o Atlanta, March 17.—Governor Chandler
is very bitter in his denunciation of the
Palmetto affair. He attributes the
trouble to the fact that negro regiments
and soldiers have been- passing through
the country aud the, "sight of them has
placed in the mind of the negro a spirit of
boldness. "Until recently," said he,
"there, was no race friction in. the state.
The Georgia negro is not naturally vicious
nor predisposed to the commission of any;
serious crimes. This was demonstrated
during a hundred years of slavery. The
Georgia., .white; mantis, »_iot his3>eupmy,ras.;
*%;h%s jMtfd ."an*abllh
-■ "sol enV-fcd iui;nkenSi e^^
,fSo^uth'^./*jverd»,j .°qu^
'Ithere*^P^'tH'e. ;f;|s
''aMy"8b 6t\negrq.-tSoldlers; fafi"lidpjb in'.-Tamf,
'■spai 'ahd; pVlu-agued^wQ__ier_i,,",.in*' ,^qa"d";Bday .f
:'b:p"hds/i;n ;Ml«.onf.de.M
tlie* ;p5'lic!"e3/'(Ifpf-jikymg%ih'yat^pi^er'.r(e°g>\
terrorized „«ph i*ck^m^uga,„^e^
Word was received in Nelson last evening to the effect that Edward Custer
Arthur need not expect the honor of a<
provincial  appointment    in    connection
with the mineral exhibit of the Province
-i -i
at.the Paris exhibition. Equally unsuccessful will be the efforts of Otto Martin
Rosendale, of Jeremie Robilliard, and of
AglH. Holdich, because there will not be
;a.Hprovincial exhibit at the Paris show,
and there is therefore no excuse for appointing a representative.
■', This information reached Nelson last
evening in a letter from Hon. J. Fred
Etutne, and directed to F. W. Swannell,
secretary of the South Kootenay Board
of Trade. The chief difficulty appears to
be that the space allotted to
Canada is insufficient to permit
of separate exhibits being made by
the several provinces, and the Dominion
authorities have therefore decided to
take the whole responsibility for the Can-'.,
adiau exhibit in- their own hands and
make one Dominion exhibit, instead of
allowing a number of distinctive provincial exhibits. ■.";:. V-".". .-.-. .
;The entire space allotted to the British
empire comprises but 350,000 square feet,
and although the Dominion of Canada
secured about one-eighth of the whole, it
has all told but 39,100 feet. A preliminary
division of this space has been made,
with the result that 3000 square feet are
set aside for mines and mining; 0000
square feet for agriculture in all its
branches; 2000 square feet .-for forestry,
including hunting and fishing; and 4500
square feet for farinaceous products, •including preserved meats and fish.       -
The allotment of space for the mineral
exhibit   is   miserably   small,   compared
with, the 12,000 feet  which the province
had individually at the World's Fair at
„Chicagp.„bu| it.is^the, most which the JDp-*
Then he rose to argue the matter and Said
one sentence, but got no farther.   He had
met Gladstone's gaze and seen his outer
eyelids   widened   to their  fullness in   a
steady  glare, and   his tougue stumbled
and he sank back into his chair in confusion.   The writer  concludes:    "Go  to
the  Zoo   for   it.    Take   your   umbrella.
Make your way to the place where the
eagles,  vultures," falcons,  and   such like
creatures blink on their perches.   Select
a bird.   Stare at him with insult, and you
will see the outer, lids expand as Mr. Gladstone's did.   Poke at him with your umbrella;   the filmy   vertical lids   through
which he looks at the sun and opens to
paralyze his prey will part, and then you
will see whatBIackie saw and understand
his feelings."
This   Means   That   Nelson   is   one   of
Most Important Freight Points in
British Columbia.
Will   Do
'lite* 'Pnill'""*jf  l.r^H°**3#',l<!i.Hi* d* » rP*°   °tv,.# ld3_i|_p .  ft, s rD'i'_n„»tIIJ -'d.P Tin- i   'Tp   ** t_ i_b i * K q
;otjthe soape^
|.M-"fch&£ pi'6 vj uce'^as^
i say ".nothing*.ot ».the^„Gtufhn"=.episode;and
_ L,-n_*,-     DDD-   Hn-U-ji-ITiVUQiL   Jlr.BI,[1_        _.i_'B --LJ_nl__.^LJ      Li ..        n ° _. T.-     _ ^ n _     "n%-L"n.rli      c
High Water and Ice. Doing Damage.
OnilY.ru, Miu-cli 17.—Se\-eti spans of .the
bridge at Ivearney, Nebraska, were carried away yesterday by high water in the
Platte river. A large force is at work
trying to protect the rest of the structure,
which is J500 feet long, A heavy ice gorge
has formed at 151m creek, sixteen miles
west of Ivearney, and threatens the bridge
at that point. Much property at Fremont
is threatened with destruction. Dynamite is beiug used to blast out the ice.
Hostilities May Soon End.
Washington, March 17.—Advices have
been received from Mauilla which indicate that the climax may occur at any
hour. The officials here are very well
pleased with the condition of affairs, but
will not at present discuss details of the
dispatches. The indications are that hostilities may end within a very short tinie.
It Still Goes To Northport.
The Second Relief mine near Erie sent
out another large shipment to the North-
port smelter this week. The ore was entered at the outport of Waneta and consisted of 81 tons, with a valuation of $3409.
The ore carries two ounces gold and one
ounce silver to the ton.
.tifc'-ijeij 4jjuiltf"i*'.""P„fcc\i^
beVescoV'tedlthrpugn every^ fedutueruVcity
jbhro.uglr- which,." they^passed. after they
■vyere discharged by-, .the- ppl icf.VtO" pre vent'-
t'f-SfJ. 1ppting^VthefsioresBI:|ajid; terrorii-ing
the. peopl e> ^he" Leesh dpgpiiftrage Viid^the
,P^;lmett"p(1b|iri_ihg; and
^i-iiSl^cpm^ittea^inR Georgia; by 'n"eg|:oes
!4urij3tg/tBe.Tas^e^Bi_btynt"_i,g are*aiie; to thg
;bane|ul" iiifluence'.and exImpieVpf-these
^lavyle^s rowdies, who" disgrSced.""th°e ii"ni-
i'orni they wOjfe.-, Thjs is- tlie prijtqaivy
CsCtise of ail these trtfubles. Still this does
not justify the bloody and^ barhWouS re-
taliaition of Leesbuijg and Palmetto. The
guiilary dramas are as unjustifiable in
their conduct as the negroes they lynched.
Both were a disgrace to our civilization
and a reproach to our state, and all the
power of the state shall be used to prevent a recurrence of such crimes aiid to
punish the perpetrators,"
The.Metal Market.
New-York, March 17.—Silver was stationary yesterday at 59.:/c. The brokers'
quotation for lead was $4.45 @ $4.47i.
The price for miners and smelters was
quoted at $4.20 at the close.
John Healey, who, ten years ago, was
known as a great baseball pitcher and
familiarly designated, as "Long John"'
Healey, is dead in St. Louis of consumption, lu 1SS7 he was one of the American
players vvho made the trip around the
world aiid played in Europe, Asia and
The second game of the series of five
between Showalter and Janowski was
played at t he Manhattan Chess Club last
night. Jauowski^elected the Sicilian defence. After a fine contest, lasting till
1 o'clock this morning, Janowski won.
Fifty-five moves were made. Score: Janowski 2, Shovvalter 0. The third game
will be played this evening.
The i'emaius of James Cook Kingsley,
son of the contractor whose most conspicuous work was the construction of the
Brooklyn bridge, arrived at San Francisco
from San Salvador, en route to the Kings-
ley home in Brooklyn, New York. Young
Kingsley, duriug a recent visit to the
colony of San Salvador, committed suicide
at his hotel by shooting himself. He left
a will* and instructions that his body
should be sent home. No cause is known
for his act.-
A fire started in the Windsor hotel,
New York, this afternoon. A number of
guests were seen to jump from some of
the windows. A general call for ambulances has been sent in.
The Shaking-up Worked Well.
The shaking-up of the editorial staff of
the Rossland Miner had a good effect, for the nevv men are getting out
a good paper for a' small town
like Rossland—but the same man still
edits the overdraft column, as no one
could be found to take his place.
„ ^hp?,niii_'eralSex_iibiiefbf^hMDomitiion"
Dav^s^on," whp.ha^-appointedcW^j^D^ScoJit*
ast;av!t;riivei i ii g^.YcomffiiMid'her^O-i^K'itis-il
.•British GpIn,mJ[)j.av^,^-nd.ao»a8nV.irna.ej'Stppdt,
t 'gd^ej-ri'm'en&vill'sbe* sfJen^i.n* asgis^ti n"g>hirmn;!
wjill'be.a-.creditetofthe. province.    .-
" °     ° .        ..^t*.*"   * ."■ -° ■-   ,"'B'>".." » ■■;     °       °    " ■
"!       .Terry's1; Latest, Effusion." .
. "-."." Nlkso^Marq^
" To"" the editor* of tlie'Tribune: %h "my"'
su^iectipntfihi" the Miner' a^f e,jv .day agO?I
.forgot- to ehdbi'.se Mi;.. V'Rosdiidel claiiii.
soijxephe told rne I PverlObk. beeauSe "he is"
a German. J •tyan^t the public to under-
,stand" that is hot my .disposition. The
geutleman is a "good man. f believe he
has all the qualifications' require""to fill
the position to representBritissh i^plufnbia
at Paris exap:ositipn. I will leave it to
the piiblic to see to it; is it possible that
som e_=pn Pi=-thi nk=I=ani=not=li bjeralr^Lsay
yes ladies and gentlemen, I am willihg to
giv^e all the help to Mr. Rosandel as Dr.
Arther or auybody that will havg the
honenr to have the appointment. Still I
don't want to dropfe it inyself.
Ji-RKiVtiB RoiurJ.AKP.
Bank of British North  America
Business in a Tent.
[Vancouver Province, Maroh l_th.]
The announcement made in these
columns yesterday that both the Bank of
British North America and the Canadian.
Bank of Commerce are about to open
branches iu Atlin, in addition to the
branch of the Merchants' Bank of Halifax,
already established, is looked upon as a
good omen, as it is generally conceded
that these financial institutions have faith
in the new goldfields, and are no doubt
possessed of much valuable information
which has not been made public.
A significant fact is that in the Bank of
British North America party, which is
sailing by the steamer City of Seattle today, is an assayer. Mr. Pender will
occupy this position in the branch at
Atlin. Those who are going north with
him are D. Simpson, J. Anderson, W. D.
Bent, Mr. Trimeii and a cook. The party
outfitted here and are well supplied in
every way. As soon as Atlin is reached
a big tent will be pitched and opened for
business. The party will push through
with aslittle delay as possible, and it is
expected that the Bank of B. N. A. will
be doing business in about two weeks.
Neither dogs nor horses accompany this
"party, and the outfits will.be packed over
the pass.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce party
vintendto [eave.op(Thursday.v.The n'a.uieSj
^tfempdrSl^quarters^^f "&y°}BHi)itf« v-'f
gy There *\vas, a4 ru m oi> on .th e,,S t i;ee. t s. tpd a y^
^t.hat^%. a%o therjbfe.kl'm^
l*nesS(i&lAtl in:^^
ytkf/plde3if&nk% ;.elif-abjjflifey&h^ef igs";
"ana-anfexpeditionS^may", besdecicfed .upon
MfeweekrVS^ "&&*'-k ^.'iF^SVilv
j Opened an Up--Town Office.
Tire Great Northern railway people
claim they dp not get their share of the
business' at Nelson. There is but one way
that tliey can got more, and that is by
giving the pebple better facilities to do
business. A raoye is being made in that
direction. The Great Northern Express
Company has opened ah tip-town office at
the cortier of Baker and Ward streets,
and a regular agent lias been appointed to
htindle the business. The next move
should be the appointment of a district
freight agent at Nelson. This move would
knock out Frank Peters' eye occasionally,
and end ih a rate war that would hurt
no one but the milways.
Fighting Over a Liquor License.
The people of the West ward, who are
most directly interested in the granting
of a saloon license for the Oddfellows
block, are not giving very strong evidence
of their desire for additional saloon facilities. . Those who wish to secure the
Hcense are out with a petition in favor of
the granting of the license, but there are
also those vvho oppose the granting of the
license, and they also have a petition.
Both petitions are being freely signed,
and it begins to look as if this license will
be as celebrated a case as the one in which
Abe Johnseu figured not long ago.
Gladstone Had an Eagle Eye.
■ There is an anecdote in a recent number
of Blackwood's of Gladstone and professor Blackie, which confirms the story of
the stateman's eagle-like eyes. At a dinner the two men were opposite, and when
Gladstone gave in a forcible way his idea
that Homer was no longer recited but
chanted, the professor cried out: "Mr.
Gladstone, I don't believe a word of it!"
^ i^^PrfSo^
iroutage,v.fwas,sold tOi"C."S.."Moore,<,"aj.new.
arrival^, .vyho, .has. alj-ea.cly.-;qnommencpd;
t b er.e reetioirof- ■ a" af inim e *c6"t"tage^"tlre_*ebrir
: fjlnxoni^bf-ihe' •:GanMas0i\d0^.^dbk
Cpmpiauyi;,ajid*upts?3,,4 and o;in block..9,
■withVa°i|rp.n%1ig;l'|.°bn i^b^
sold ;cb" %" S) Moore^ These"lots "are" improved, having a six-ropm" epttagy there-
Ph°. " ' .,-.-   '   *      °
" Martin O'Reilly Spent St, Patrick's day
in ope'niiig up thehtrge stOckof drygdodS
which he"has secured for his Opening On.
Saturday. . -
While the frost is hot yet pu^o.|_tlie_
gin cleaning tip the "debris accumulated
ih back yards during tlie winter.
Nelson's banking business is Second only
to Victoria's and Vaocoiiver's, find crowds
that of the latter place closely.
Just one year ago today, fvfarch 17th,
1898, the. Hume hotel was Opened to the
public. During the past twelve months,
nearly five thousand guests registered at
the hotel,        .  ^
Thirteen Candidates.
On Wedijesdaiy liexfr tfip electors Of
Revelstoke will decide Who shall manage
the business affairs of their town for tlie
remainder of the year. Two candidates
Were hotninated for mayor, and the
issue seems to be Salary or np
salary. F. McC.irty is the no-salary candidate and T. L. Hhig the salary man.
Eleven candidates were nominated for aldermen and six will be elected. The Can;
didates are: Lewis, Ivilkpatrick, H, Af
Brown, W. M. Brown, Abrahamson,
Wells, Crage, Graham, Lee, Nettle and
McKechnie.     .	
Farwell Not a. Party to It.
[Hos.sland Record, March lGth.]
A. S. Farwell, opposing candidate of
minister Hume at the recent bye-election
in the Nelson riding, came in yesterday
on business. Mr. Farwell has many friends
and acquaintances in Rossland. In reference to the charges preferred against Mr.
Hume's campaign methods, Mr. Farwell
said he had nothing whatever to do with
them, and that it was some of Mr* Hume's
recent friends who were making the
. Location of Mineral Claims.
The location of the following mineral
claims were recorded today at the Nelson
office: Orolino, situate on Wild Horse
creek, Bessie R. No. 1, Florence II. No. I,
on the north fork of Wild Horse creek—
Hugh Henderson ; Avonton No. 1, Othello
No. 1, on north fork of Wild Horse creek
—A. Hackett; Florence B. No. 1, Arminit.
No. 1, Marmion No. 1, on north fork of
Wild Horse creek—li. Mcintosh.
Just what keeps Nelson going is a question which more than one visitor lias
asked. It is not a mining town. It has
the Silver King mine and the smelter, the
Athabasca, the Duncan company's mines,
the Poorman, and several other lesser
properties, but all of these would fail to
keep up a much smaller town than Nelson. It is manifest, therefore, that Nelson
must have interests other than mining,
and interests which in themselves are the
equal in importance with mining.. In
casting about to ascertain what these interests are few people give Nelson's transportation business that prominence which
it should have.
Everyone knows that Nelson has two •
railway systems serving it, and most people know that there are six steamers
which call regularly at the city wharves,
but few have any idea that the handling .
of the goods which arrive in Nelson and
depart from it gives employment to over
200 men, or that there is handled daily
over one thousand tons ot freight. Such
is the case however.
With its several branch lines centering
in Nelson, and its ferry connection with
the Crow's Nest branch, the Canadian
Pacific railway is of course the largest
employer of labor. Week in week out
the Canadian Pacific moves in and out of
Nelson some 250 carloads of merchandise
and general freight, and ih the movingof it
furnishes employment for 132 men. Reduced to a daily basis these figures mean
that averaging the days through the week
there is moved ou the Canadian Pacific-
railway at Nelson 42 carloads each day.
Of this number 38 carloads represent the
incoming business and 4 carloads the local
outgoing. Of the 3S cars which are hauled
into Nelson 24 cars remain here, and the
remainder is what is classed as through
freight, going through to Rossland and
other points in southern Kootenay. The
few cars which are mentioned as outgoing
local represents merely a portion of the
trade which the merchants of Nelson do
with the retail traders in other parts of
the province.
In the company's employ in this service
there are, including the men in  the uptown  office,   something  like  sixty-four,
while in the steamboat service in connection  with  the railway there are  sixty-
height men.   The   steamboat  service   includes the steamer Moyie and  a crew of
("twenty,* the steamers Kokanee and Nelson
iwith .crews of  eighteen, each,   and   the
gSteani tug Yniir with a crew of seven, all
^of 'which are" used for the    purpose  of
ffgeding freight to the railway and receiving, freight from. it.   There, is also to be
.ihcluded the men  employed'in  the local
Shipyard,  who at present number about
."4t.eu.   They are"employed solely in  work
nipon   the company's boats, anddiiring
l-tne winter while the' new steamers were
/Jbiiilding,   numbered   close    upon   sixty,
5(Vv;ith a^ayrpll-of $4000 per month.   This
-..accounts for 132 men  employed   by .the
/company in the moving <of freight.
.."?.,Then there is the Nelson it Fort Shep-.
^pard railway to be dealt with.   It is not
SO large a concern as the Canadian Pacific,
]'db it has^but one line-into Nelson,  while
.the Canadian Pacific has virtually three.
STii   connection    with   it,    however,   the
Steamers Internationa]  and Alberta  are
operated,' tind  collectively they furnish
employment for 48'men.   On the' railway
proper at Nelson  there are employed in
the handling of freight 12 men,  and the
average number of carloads handled each"
vveek   is   03.    This    business, is/equally
divided between incoming aud outgoing'
freight.   The incoming is made up chiefly
of merchandise and tlie outgoing ofrore
from the Slocau. /rhe_ULe_r_ehants_of_Nel_,
Son are doing a considerable jobbing trade
over the Nelsou <fe Fort Sheppard, however, and it is a trade which
appears to be growing. Ou each
freight which is pulled out of Nelsou
there is made up a carload of small shipments from the wholesale houses in Nelson to points along the line between Nelson and the boundary, and jfor so,n_e tithe
past the railway coiiipany lias averaged
three carloads pet' Week of merchandise
consigned from Nelson to points ifi Bo.un**
dary Creek.
In Addition to the tdunage which the
steamers touching rtt NeOsbn 'Veugjve,'
direct ir,Om the two railway epmpaiiies,
there is also a Considerable local tputiage
froin Nelson to pPihts along Kopteuay
lake, Wliich averages fi'oit. t.venty-iive to
thirty tons per day.
ThCr-e is also another class of men who
receive employment through the handling of tii.is freight tonnage in addition to
the. 180 men so employed upon the f&ilr
Ways and steamers, and tttese are th»
teamsters who move the freight to
and from the railway freight sheds and
steamboat Wharves. There are just
twenty of therti in Nelson, They make ati
even 200 employed in the local handling
of freight entering into and departing
from Nelson. They are more in evidence,
however, than the other 180, aud with
their teams give that evidence of business
life which outsiders, not knowing the volume of Nelson's business, cannot understand. _^	
Want to Get Away From the Whites,
The history of the American Indian will
add a new chapter soon.   Ten thousand
Indians, belonging to the Cherokee, Creek,
and Delaware tribes, and dissatisfied with
the conditions  prevailing  at  their  old
reservations in the Indian Territory, have
emigrated  in a body into Mexico, and,
with a joint capital of $425,000, will establish a union reservation on a large,tract
of land near Guadalajara.    The self-expatriated Indians declared that they were
tired of having white people come into
their  country   and dictating how  they
should live, and that no whites would be
permitted on their uew reservation.
<> THE TRIBUNE: KELSON, B. C, FRIDAY, MARCH 1., 1899,  .  I  If-  if-'  !.-  PUBLISHERS' NOTlC__i.  THE DAILY TKIBUNK i-> published every afternoon  (except Sunday), and will be delivered by carrier in  any town in Kootenay for twenty-five cents a week;  or will bo mailed to subscribers for live dollars a year.  THK "WKKKIA" TUIHUXK is published every Wednesday and Saturday, and will be mailed to subscribers  for two dollars a year.  REGULAR ADVERTISEMENTS printed in both the  daily and weekly editions for $.'i per inch pur month.  Twelve lines solid nonpariel to be counted as one inch.  LOCAL OR READING MATTER NOTICES 2(J cents a  line for each insertion.  JOB PRINTING at fair rates. All accounts for job  printing and advertising payable on tho first of  ovary month; subscriptions payable in advance  ADDRESS all communications to  THE TRIBUNE.. Nelson. B. C.  PROFESSIONAL   CARDS.  JC. GWILLIM, B.A.Sc. & W. S. JOHNSON, H.A.Sc.  ���     ���Mining   Engineers   and   Analytical   Chemists,  Slocan City, 11. C.    II.  HOLDICH���Analytical Chemist and Aoouyor.  Victoria streot, Nelson.  LODGE   MEETINGS.  A.  NELSON LODGE, NO. 23, A. F. & A. M. Meets  second Wednesday in each month. Sojourning  brothron invited.  KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS���Nelson Lodge, No, ��>,  Knights of Pythias, meets in I. O. 0. F. Hall.corner  Baker and Kootenay streets, every Tuesday evening at  8 o'clock.   All visiting Knights aro cordially invited to  attend. ���   C. Fit-ixc'ii, C. C. Gkorge Ross, K. of R. & S.  ��to ��ribmte*  Sewing Machine Sale  As we are short of floor space, we are selling- the balance of  our New Williams Sewing Machines at the following* prices:  3-Drawer Improved, $2S, 5-Drawer Improved, $30, 5-Drawer  Improved, Drop Head, $35. There are only a few machines  left.    Drop in and get a bargain before it is too late.  (V  A. Ferland & C?  Elliott block,  Baker street,  Nelson,  B. C.  DaII.V T-DITIO-.���  WKKK-.V  i-DITIOX.    Finst Yeah, No. 08   Seventh Yeah, No. 13  At the last municipal election a number  of people who had lived in Brandon, Manitoba, before coming to Nelson took a  very active part in turning out the rascals who had managed Nelson's civic  business. These men from Brandon were  all lout-mouthed in. proclaiming what  should be done���done as "we did it in Brandon." Brandon has defaulted on the interest on its bonded indebtedness, and  when the bondholders asked for reasons,  they were cooly told that it was inconvenient to pay.    V-  TnB railways are disposed to treat Nelson fairly, but they need proding. At  the same time, the merchants of Nelson  must get out and rustle. They have one  advantage that cannot be overcome by  any of their competitors. They are close  to the people with whom they must do  business. This advantage should offset a  few cents a hundred on freight. - The  _. m erchants of Nelson can surely get as  good bank accommodations as is given  the merchants of either Victoria or Vancouver; but unless they have enterprise  they will not be in it, no matter what advantages they may have.   .'    V  Yesterday' reference was made to the  organization by the wholesale grocers of  - Victoria and Vancouver of an association  to further the interests of those engaged  in that line of business. The association  wants to get the .trade of Kootenay, and  is using * all its influence to induce the  Canadian Pacific" to lower, the rates on  < freight from Victoria and Vancouver to  points in Kootenay. Nelson has a number  of wholesale houses that must either do  business in Kootenayor quit. - What are  the managers of these houses doing to induce the* Canadian Pacific and Great  Northern railways to give them better  rates on both freight from the east and to  points within 200 miles of Nelson? It-is  the, survival of the fittest, and if the  wholesale* merchants of Nelson do. not  look out they will not survive.  | i D. W. Sample of Dawson City, business  manager of the Klondike Nugget, is en  route, to Ottawa to formally present  charges against /;;eirjg'pldvic"ojm'^rspsi.d.n'"el��'  Fawcett. - His missioniis-th.eVoutconTejdf a:  J Persistent- and _iinc^mpr6-hiM^Pg-_-_a.t<iack^  upon the methods: and practitfes of'the  office from which Fawcett was recently  removed. Fawcett is stilt chief of surf ey,-  however, at Dawson, and his removal  from that* position" wiirbeaskfed; The"demand-will also be iiiad&. for Faw^ett'.sf  prosecution on a number of charges of  alleged official misconduct. There has��s  been no cause for cbh-fplaint since thegold  commissioner's office Was turned;over to  commissioner Senkleiv  Anonymous writers are trying to force  the city council to take immediate actjofl  on the removal of the houses of joy from  E ast Baker street to sOiue other, -locality^ j  These houses happened to have been built  on East Baker street long before the  anonymous letter writers decided to build  alongside them. The social evil may be a  nuisance, but Nelson has sevferal nuisr  ances that will have to be put up with.  On e of these is the class of people who are  always throwing stinkpots.  Keep Them in the House.  [Iknbcl in Toronto News.]  One of the most unwise things parents  can do is to allow their children to play  upon the streets in the evenings and loaf  around street corners.   I suppose they do  it because they have been told so often  by people with motives that Toronto is  the best city in the world, that inspector  Archibald is the best man in it, that the  policemen who are all like him, only better,   have charge of the streets, in fact  that the town is one huge incorporated  morality department, that they have concluded that the streets are the best place  for the children. This belief has its advantages in the fact that the youngsters are  not in the way  when   tlieir mother enjoys a'gossip with Mrs. X. regarding the  new neighbors, the amount and quality  of their furniture, what the head of the  Tr|Y OUR PRICES ON PAINTS AND OILS  A carload just received. Another carload about due.  UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT  The Nelson Hardware Go.  VICTORIA BLOCK, BAKER STREET, NELSON.  ���J. Y. GRIFFIN & CO.  PORK PACKERS AND PROVISION MERCHANTS  WHOLESALE DEALERS IN  CHOICE CREAMERY AND DAIRY BUTTER, CHEESE AND EGGS  SPECIALTY:    ''GRIFFIN BRAND" MILD CURED MEATS  NELSON, B.C.  VANCOUVER, B. 0.  WINNIPEG. MANITOBA.  ROBERT ROBERTSON, Manager  Nelson ollicc and warehouse:   Corner Vernon iind Josephine streets.  New Gash Store  Doors Open at 7 a.m.  Having leased premises in Bank of British' -Columbia building,  .lately occupied by Lillie Bros.-, we will open on Monday,'March 26th;  ���with'the most" complete stock of/dry goods ever, shown in the, City. -  'Our stock consists of "staple and - fancy Dry1 Goods and .Gents'  Furnishings. Special attention paid.to Dress Goods .and Waist Silks  as both lines are fully assorted.. Also a full line of Laces, - Muslins,  Ribbons,-Prints, Ginghams (in all. the, latest patterns,) Flannellettes,  Towellings and Table Napkins.^ - No'; effort will be wanting on our  part to.deserve the patronage of the people of Nelson.  Terms Strictly Cash  family does and hp-vy* much lie earnfs, ip--  "getiier with othfpr such important mat**  ters.   Meanwhile the children are outside  fqregatherjng;  promii-ciiousty  with nondescript companions, becoming familiar  with the vice <of the streets, and seeing,  Hearing and doing things which lead to  "Misery and degradation.   Then some day  they display this knowledge to their wondering parents and the. latter can't make  but .where -Mary or Wille picked up such  awful .things.   And the father of the family "straightway   thrashes  the offending  youngsters aftd drives them all out into"  the streets again, while he sits dowd, and,  wjth his tongue in his cheek, laboriously  -indites   a   letter    to    the   press  in  ���which     he      viciously       attacks     the  Uon.    G.   W.    Ross,   inspector   Hughes  and the  school  system in general;  declared that   the  children   pick   up   bad  things* at schools that they are not taught  good manners, and hints that the teachers    are   permeated    with   wickedness,  which they propagate among the scholars.     He  signs  the , epistle  "Old  Subscriber," "Constant Reader," "leather of  a Family," "Pro Bono Publico," or some  such other popular and entirely .original  noiii de plume, and being satisfied that be  deserves well of his generation, goes off  to the saloon or the corner store to discuss  the matter with the bartender or grocery-  man, whose children are playing in the  street with his.   But neither he nor his  wife think of gathering the little ones,  around them in the evening and making  the home happy and attractive to them.  There are a few such people in Toronto.  At the Le Roi Smelter.  [Northport News, March 15th.]  Between forty and fifty men are employed in and about the smelter. The  crusher is kept running and men are employed in putting the new machinery in  place, repairing the Old furnaces, finishing  the new boiler building, roasting ores and  making general preparations for resuming active smelting.    As near as can  be  learned,No. 1 furnace will be "blowed in"  on the 20th and j&o., 2 in; about one week  thereafter"; Ore shipments continue at  the rate of 300 to 350 tons per day;  Sleep If You Want to Live. ���  - Tesla advocates sleep as conducive to  longevity. He says: "I believe that a  n_ah;might live two hundred years if be  would sleep mdst of the tittle, That is the  way-negroejs live) to such ah advanced age  ���because they sleep so niuch."  "Of making many books  there is no end."  Neither is there any end to the variety  on sale at .;  Thomson's  \We have all the newest books by well-  known authors. Our stock of fine correspondence.  Stationery  Is a leading feature of our business. We  have all the newest tints and shapes with  enveloi.es to match.    When inviting  Company,  Use our dainty invitation note. Do you  know wo carry "At Home" Cards, Visiting  Cards and Dance Programs.   Our stock is not  Limited  We can meet all demands made upon it,  we supply goods to the confines of .Jirifcish  Columbia as well as to ...  Nelson  J-?!  ^���S=T  ^�����:��^  W  ummer  LADIES' SHIRT WAISTS  Have arrived and we are showing an unlimited variety, in the addition on Josephine  street. In the same place you will find our  new wrappers,  and ladies' white underwear.  NEW BLACK DRESS GOODS  Comprising figures, stripes, and fine cords.  These goods are nice for separate skirts or a  full dress. They are equal to silk in finish,  and their wearing qualities are unequaled.  B  fa  fa  fa  fa  B  m  LADIES' BELTS  In elastic webb, pique and leather, in all colors  and pretty designs. Beaded and washing belts,  an immense variety of these goods.on display.  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IN" TIIK   SUI'JtRMK 'COU11T   OK   HK1TISH   COLUMBIA���IN'  ,   1'HO HAT-.,  In (he matt or of the estate and clfecls of Charles Van  Ness, deceased, intestate."  ��� Notice is hereby a\ven that an ordcrof this honourable  court dated the '__.h day of February, VA. I>. 18(19, -Alfred  John Marks and JJecatur Downing have been appointed  BEST DRY WOOD  Delivered to any part of the city.  Full measurement guaranteed.  BEE ESTATE and &JSMBAL AGENTS  Baker Street, Nelson  FIRST DOOR WKST BANK B. C. .BtilLDING.  _E  -E  o  CANADA LIEE ASSURANCE CO.  ���FOR   SiA.ll._i3  J-ftoom,jTouso,.M!iic��.,Roiid,.,��.  ? 750,  ���i-Room Houso and 2'Lots, Vii!toi*ia St 1200  Three ond Four Room ilousoa  O. J. D. CHRISTIE  PK^KRAL RROKKR  t).ncfe Iii Aberdeen blpe.k, I_c.korS_., Nelson  FIBE INSURANCE, REAL ESTATE  3.  -5  ,"5.  5  Office at Corner Baker and Ward Streets  Wilson & Harshaw  Bus meets all"'trains ahd-bdats.  Special attention gii'vfcn the transfer of baggage.. Office and stables  on Vernon street, opposite The  Tribune office.    Telephone No.. 3.5.  0. W. West & Co.  GENERAL TEAIVflSTERS  administrators of the pei'-omil estate and ollccls of 'he  said deceased, who died on or about the 12lh day of January, A. IV1S99.  ��� All persons having claims against the said deceased  aro required on jor before (he llrst day of April,' A. D.  18!)i), to ��.end full particulars of such claims, duly rcrillcd  by statutory declaration, to Alfred John Marks, of Nelson," Ti. C with their christian and surnames, addresses  and descriptions and the value of the securities, if any,  held by them. r  And further take notice that after such last mentioned  date,*'the said administrators will,proceed to administer  the said, estate-and distribute the. proceeds thereof  amongst the parties entitled thereto, having regard only  to the claims of which they shall then have notice and  will not be liable for the assets or any part thereof to any  person or persons of whose claims notice shall not have  been received by them at the dato of such distribution.  KLLIOT & Ll-NNIJ.,  Solicitors for tho Administrators.  'Dated this 28th day of February, A. D. 18JJ9.  Notice   of Application* forVCeritifleate"  ��� a|mprgvemerits.i    ���      --^  of  EXPRESS and DRAYING  .'*���'���  Having purchased the express and drayihe  business of J. W. Cowan, we are prepared  to do all kinds of work in this line, and solicit tho patronage of the people of Nelson.  Orders left at 1). McArthur & Go's store,;  northwest corner Baker and Ward streets,  will receive prompt attention.   Telephone 85  GOMER DAVIS & Go.  E. D. Ashcroft  AGENTS For  The Imperial Oil Co.   Standard Oii Co.  Washington Brick at|d Lin\e Co.  The H. W. iVJcNiell Co., Ltd., Canadian Anth.ra-  cite Coal (Hard)  Dealers in  STOVEWOOD  S  BLAGKSIvllTHING  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  Wagon repairing promptly attocded to by a first-class  wheolwright.   .  Special attention given to all kinds of repairing and  custom work from outside points.  SHOP;   Ha" Street, between. Baker and Varnon, Kelson  Trunks and valises delivered to any part of  the city. ���    -  All kinds of draying done  at reasonable  rates.    Moving furniture a specialty.  Stand at corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  W. A. CQSTELLO, PROPRIETOR  Application for Liquor License.  Notice is hereby given that I will, thirty days from tho  date of this notice, apply to the government agent at  Nelson for a license to sell liquor at retail at my hotel at  Five-Mile Point, to be known as the Castle Hotel, in  West Kootenay district. British Columbia.  Dated March nth, im. H. A. HEYVVOOD.  ION'  AC  --,r-,-    -,r���      ���    .       ���. ,-    ��� ..-....-- .������, .-��_, .���   IN  THK NEtSON" MINING JilXJBlOX OF WEST KOOTKN-IV  . DiS'I'l-ICST, .AND, LOCATED ON  ^OAD MOUNTAIN, AWOJ-N  iN- the iiaIjL mines., , ;       n.  , .   .  .,  ��,Talco��notico;t(liat!l-,"-!bhn Hirsqli; ajj agent for the J}a\Y  Mines" ediripany,, Jjimitcdi free iniiicrls certificate No.  255.A, intend, sixtydays froni .the dato hereof to apply .  ,touthb riUniiigrecbrder fdrLaovC.ertificato;bf1imprn6vemciits,  fo^ihe purpose pfcobtaininga prowiigrant of: tlfb abovb"  Claims. rAndfurthor.KvKbjibticb that action, under^seis-  tion 37, mnsfc'be c6-i.mci.ced before the issliaiiee ofjsueh"  certiflcate.of.im*pV6Veiiien_,.; JOHN HIRSCH.  Dated thi?26th day of Novoiribor, ,1898." IJan"25]  Noticb  of .Applicatidri, for ��� Cefetiifieate of  I_iiprove:mentis.   ���"  VKLKOW'STONE MINl-HAl*.. OI.AIM, SITUATE IN TUB NELSON  MININh BIVjIBION'W W*EST tlCGOTliNAV DISTRICT,%.NI)  In,0-!ATMnD: _!IX MILKS KAST'OV SALMON J{IVEKVON KOI.ICS  ok wqlk ANi)8iiEi-ii ^nKKKs.  Take notice that I; J. M. R. Fifirbairn,.Acting ns agoiit  fot; Hugh M. Hillings, "free nilnor's cbrliflcato No. 21,789-.,,  and TlioiniM i_oii.)o.l,, free miner's certificate No. 215.a,  intend, sixty diiys from tho dateliereof," tb apply to the,  mining rebbrxlcr fvr a certificate o( improveincilts. for  thc.purp68o of obtaining a crown graiit bf thb dboVo  claim.. And further tako notice that action, under section 37, must be cou.iuciiccd before -hb,issi-an(-0 of such  certiflcate of iiiiprbvgments.      J. M. it. FAIKBAIKN.  Dated this 28th day of February, 1803.  KOOTENAY LAKE GENERAL HOSPITAL  The annual meeting of the Kootenay Lake General  Hospital Society will be hold on Tuesfiay, the 14th day of  March, 1809, at 3 p. m., in the court house.  There will bo a meeting of tho directors at 2:30 p. m.  The membership fee is" 810 per aiiiiumi and entities tho  member to hospital bcheiits for ono year.  Any person subscribing $1 a month will be entitled to  the benefits of the liospil ail {or'that period.  Subscriptions aro solicited arid a full attendance of  members and those desirous of becoming members is r<r  quested. "A full statement of receipts and exporiditurc.-i  will bo submitted and other important business will bo  transacted: F. W. SWANNKIiL, Secretary.  Application for Liquor License.  of  ..�����........-, - ���- .v _._ _.���._���.., w u��� ..old  thirty (30) days after the publication of this notice, to ap-.  ply for a retail liquor saloon license for the prcmist'..  Kno\vn as the corner store of the Odd Fellows building,  on lot number one (1) in block (12), being situated on the  southeast corner of J_aker and Kootenay streets in tho  West ward of the said City of Nelson.  AUSTIN H. CLEMENTS.  Dated this loth day of March, A.D. 1S99.  Application for Liquor License.  Notice is hereby jjiven that we will, thirty days from  tho date of this notice, apply to the government agent at  Nelson for a license to sell liquor at retail at our hotel,  known as the Majestic Hotel, situate on the government  trail between Eagle and Forty-nine creeks, in West  Kootenay district, British Columbia.  ���.   ���'.. ���. JOHN MILKS,  Dated March 1st, 1899. E. BAIUtETT.  .^K  flj^^^jfrA^y^^^  k^^>-fc*^i^__.v^it^#w THE ������ TRIBUNE:  KELSON, B.C, .FRIDAY, MARCH 17, 1899.  3  Capital,  Rest,  all paid  up.     -  ONTBEAL  $12,000,000  6,000,000  LOUD STRATHCONA AND   MT. ROYAL, President  Hon. GEO. A. DRUMMOND ....Vico-Prcsident  !.   S. CLOUSTON. General Manager  asr-E-C-SoiT -B_R-_v*-src____c  N. W. Cop. Baker and Stanley Streets.       1IKANOIIKS IN       LONDON   (England),   NEW YORK,   CHICAGO  and in the principal cities in Canada.   ,  liny and sell Sterling Exchange and Cable Transfers  GRANT COMMEKCIAIi AND TI_AVI.M_1.RS' 0KK1-IT8,  . available in any part of tho world.  DRAFTS ISSUED    COLLECTIONS MAI>K; KTO.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CURRENT KATE OK INTEREST PAID  THE   SILENT   MASS.  A Mysterious Story of a Meeting of the  ; . Shades.  Catherine Fontaine was an old spinster.  V It would not be at all surprising.if in the  'country-side "there may not still be as  many as three old men who have heard  her spoken of, for she was widely known  and well thought of, though poor. She  lived on the corner of the street of the  Nuns, iu the little turret, still to be seen.  It belongs to a half-torn-dowu old house,  that backs up against the garden of the  Ursulines. On the turret you can-* barely-  make put faces and a half-effaced inscription. The late curate of St. Eulalie, M.  Lerasseur, said that what is carved there  is Latin, and it reads that "Love is  Stronger than Death." "It relates," he  added, "to divine love."  Catherine Fontaine lived alone in this  little tower. She was a lace-maker by  trade.. The lace of the province used to  be famous and soughtafter. She was not  known to have any kin nor any friends.  People used to tell that when she was  eighteen she had loved the young squire,  D'Auuiout-Clery, to whom she had been  secretly betrothed, J3ut sensible folk  ���ys,*vvou-d not hear of it, and declared it was  if'a .tale invented because Catherine Fon-  .'jjlfc-iine looked more like' a lady than a  ^working woman, kept traces of great  *^��beauty, Avhite-haired as she was; always  ^looked sad, and wore on the third finger  !:lof;!her left hand one of those rings on  ^.wliich the' goldsmith _ had carved two  "}Ycfa]_ped hands, that iu old days used to be  "jgiven as betrothal .rings. ',  %��?$XJ3atherine Fontaine lived as piously'as  \*a "saint. She al ways went to hear six  ^o'clock mass at Sai_.te-I_.nl.ilie, no-matter  l^.iyJiKt the weather was. - One bitter night  t"���V"iu";pecethber she was sleeping soundly in  ���.'.hfejf. little chamber, when a sound of bells  f^iypke her; never doubting but that they  '"j w^ere ringing ior early mass, the faithful  Vie^eatiire rose, dressed and went out into  C^tue, street. The night was so black that  F^dife could not make out the nearest house;  V'no.t a star was to be seen in the pall-like  ^"ii'kj^ And in. the -midst of this darkness  *"4|*uch a silence reigned that one felt cut  ,.��� .pff'Vfrom all the" rest of the world; not  $>.#"$$__ the bark of-a dog could be heard far  V4orbaiear. But Catherine Fontaine, who  ij"fk.ne\v every cobble that she set her foot  ^f.qnpand who could have found her way to  i. church'with her eyes shut, reached with-  Vj?6iintj! trouble the corner.of the Street of the  ��� "Nuns.aln!dtt-i&.Street .bf ��tli�� -Parish   .y here  * stand,*? "the iwoodenV hduse   tliat' has the  treapf, -Jessie carv'ed'ona big* feeatii.  ==^Yhen=��l_e=g.qfet;o4TM  the chilrch .&oo_*->, Vere;standing operiVand  that a bright light strSatned ixQip tbe  candTes? $he "drew hearei\ and having  p&ssed uijder .;t_e "huge "lirqlifed portal,  hniudi hei?|elf"in the nlidst of a throng  that filled the nave. She did not.recognize a single face among all those she saw  about her, and she was .surprised to ob-  _.ervekthai all these people were clad" in  velvet, and b'rotiade, with great plumes iii  their hat's and swords at their Side*, in the  old-time fashipn, Ther�� stood nobl.eniep  Leaning on tall,-.. gqld-heudgd canes, and  ladies with lace headedfeSSeS, fastened  with diamqhd Ooilrbs. Knight.1. Of Saint  Louis offered their arms to dames who  Concealed their painted faces behind  sparkling fans, so that One could make,  out only a powdered temple and a patch  at the corner of the mouth. One and all  took their places silently, and when they  walked one heard neither the sound of  footsteps on the stone floor, nor the rustle  of silks.  The aisles were filled with young workmen,- in brown "jackets*; homespun  breeches, and blue stockings, who had  their arms around pretty, fresh young  girls with downcast eyes. Near the holy-  water basins, peasant maids, in i*-ed skirts  and laced bodices, sat on the pavement in  the ruminating attitudes of domestic animals, while young lads behind them stood  * with wide-open eyes, turning their hats  between their fingers. And on all these  silent faces seemed imprinted the same  gentle, sad, eternal thought.  Kneeling in her accustomed place,  Catherine Fontaine saw the priest advance toward the altar, preceded by two  acolytes. She recognized neither priest  nor clerks. The mass commenced. It was  a silent mass; neither the murmur of praying lips nor the tinkling of the vainly  rung bell was to be heard. Gradually  Catherine felt herself enveloped in the  gaze and in the magnetic influence of her  mysterious neighbor, and having looked  at him, hardly turning her head, she  recognized the young squire of Aumont-  Clery, who had loved her and who had  died forty-five years before. He wore the  same red, gold-braided hunting-suit that  he had on the day he met her in Saint-  THE B_A_jtsr_KZ  QF  BRITISH COLUMBIA  NELSON  Are now prepared to issue  Drafts and Letters of Credit on  Dawson City, Yukon District.  Leonard's Wood, asked for a drink aud  stole a kiss. He had kept his youth and  his good looks. His smile still showed his  even, white teeth. Catherine said to him  in a low tone :  "My lord, who used to be my friend,  and to whom, years ago, I gave what a  maiden holds dearest, may God's grace go  with you. May He inspire me with sorrow for the siu that I was guilty of with  you ; for true it is that, white-haired and  on the briuk of the grave as I am, I do  not yet repent of haviug loved you. But  my friend, my noble lord, tell me who  these people of the olden time are whom  I see listening to the silent mass."  The squire of Aumont-Clery replied in  a yoice fainter than a breath and yet  clearer than crystal: "Catherine, these  men and women are souls from purgatory  who offended God by sinning a.s we did  out of love of the flesh, but who are not  cut off from God, since their sin, like ours,  was without malice. While, separated  from those they loved on earth they are  becoming purified in the lustral fires of  purgatory, they suffer the pangs of absence; this suffering is the most cruel that  they could endure. They are so wretched  that an angel from heaven takes pity on  their woe. With God's permission, once  a year for one hour in the night, he reunites the lovers in their parish church,  where they are allowed to hear a silent  mass and hold each other's hand. Such is  the truth. If it has been granted me,  Catherine, to see you before your death,  it is a favor that God has bestowed on us."  Aud Catherine Fontaine answered him:  "I would be glad to die to become once  more as beautiful as on that day, my dear  lord, when I gave you a drink in the  forest."  While they were exchanging these  words in a low tone a very old canon was  collecting money for the. poor; he presented a huge copper alms-basin to the  congregation who, one by one dropped in  old coins long since gone out of circulation; crown pieces of three francs, florins,  ducats and doubloons, jacobuses and  pistols, and the offerings dropped silently into the plate. When it came to the  "squire's turn, he let fall a louis-d'or that  gave forth no more sound than the other  gold and silver'pieces.'  Theu the old canon 'stopped before  Catherine Fontaine, who searched in her  pocket without finding a sou. Not wishing to* refuse .to make an offering, she"  slipped from her' finger the ring that the  squire had given her the day before his  death, and dropped "it into the' basin.  The golden circlet as it fc.l rang out like  a heavy bell-clapper, and at the echoes it  aroused the squire," the canon, the priest,  the clerks,'the ladies, the knights, the entire assemblage- vanquished ; the candles  went out, and-Catherine Fontaine was,  left alone in the darkness.  On the morning after this strange night.  Catherine Fontaine was found dead inner  room.   In the alms-basin  the beadle discovered a gold ring bearing the emblem  of two clasped hands.- *  Drinking Habits of Society Women.  Strange are the tales .the newspapers  sometimes tell of the drinking habits of  society women. They may generally be'  set down as evolved from the inner consciousness of the imaginative space-  writer, but occasionally they, contain a,  modicum, of truth. Such a "tale isn ibid in.  the New York Press. Its basis is j pro-  bablyf^the^f aCt^thatrtlief^society"  IMPERIAL BANK  OF CANADA  BRITISH COLUMBIA POTTERY CO., Ltd  VICTOEIA,   23. 0.  ���\IANUFACTUHKH8 OK  PRESSED BRICKS     FIRE BRICKS      KIRK CLAY  VJTRIFIK1) SALT-GLAZED SEWER.PIPES  Capital, Paid Up  Reserve  $2,000,000  1,200,000  HEAD  OFFICE, TORONTO  D.  R. WILKIE, General Manager  NELSON BRANCH  A general bunking husinoss transacted.  Savings bank department.  Deposits of $1  and  upward.* received and interest  allowed.  J. M. LAY, Manager.  is no longer the innocent young thing of  sweet sixteen.   She   may   be, and   very  often is, Balzac's   ideal, the   woman   of  thirty, and the taste,.of vermouth is not  unknowrfto her.   The girl of whom the  Press tells arrived at a friend's  house,  flushed and exhilarated.   "Do I look any  the worse for wear?" said she; "such a  day!    Got  in   town   this   morning  and  lunched with a man at the Savarin.   Always been dying to go there, and I never  lunched alone with a man before in my  life.   Wouldn't mamma have spasnis   if  she knew I   I shook ray man after lunch,  took a hansom  up to the Astoria, where  I-telephoned-six different men to come  there to see me.   Been holding a regular-  reception, one ata time, you know.   Told  the first man to meet me at 2:15 in the  Moorish Room and the next at 2:45 in the  palm-garden, and I fixed the time and the  place so cleverly that not one of them  kneWthe other had   been  there.   Each  thought himself the only one, and I told  them all I couldn't give them but half an  hour, because I was on the fly, and you  were waiting for me up here.   That was  time enough to give any man and to drink  a cocktail.  Had one with each as he came  along���I had to be sociable, you know,  and of course, I couldn't explain that I'd  one before.   One before luncheon and six  at the Astoria���lucky I had a different  waiter every time, wasn't I ?   I managed  that.   Seven at a stretch breaks my record, arid I haven't turned a hair."  The Tremont Hotel  All kinds of sanitary fillings, agricultural drain tile,  flower pots, terra eottii, chimney pipe and flue lining,  chimney lops, tiro brick, lire clay, all kinds of fire clay  goods, assayers' furnaces etc., made to order.  Ornamental   Garden  Border Tiles,  Vases,   Etc.  Cement, plaster of p:u-is, lime, and all kinds of  ornamental plaster work.  Fruit and Ornamental Trees  P. Burns c�� Co.  WIIOLESALK   AND   RETAIL  (VJALOfJE & TRECILLUS  PROPRIETORS  Headquarters fop Miners and Prospectors  THK BEST BRANDS OF  Liquors and Cigars  ALWAYS ON HAND  GARDEN  FIELD and ;  FLOWER SEEDS  Iii bulk and packages.  We sell at eastern  catalogue prices.  One of the best and most popular hotels in Nelson.  QUEERS HOTEL  BAKER STREET, NELSON.  H eateduw i t h=:H bt^A i r=an d=  Lighted by Electricity  Large  comfortable  bedrooms arid   first-class dining  room.   Saihple rooms for commercial men.  BATES {$2   PEB  -b.A_**_r  Mrs.  L  0.  ���i:  Late of the Royal Hotels Calgary,  Canada Drag and Book Co.,  X-.I-MTII'-EIII-).  Corner Baker and Stanley Streets, Nelson.  Patronize Home Industry  SMOKE UNION MADE CIGARS  OUR SPECIALTY  "ROYAL SEAL" CI&ABS  MANUFACTURED BY THE  Kootenay Cigar      MoS^^w  Manufacturing Co.   IlBlSun  (j. D. HUME, Manager.  Tho finest hotel in tho interior.  Largo sample rooms.   Steam heat and electric light.  CORNER OF WARD AND VERNON STS,, NELSON  BAKER AND WARD STREETS, NELSON  The only hotel in Nelson that has remained under one  management since 1890.  The bed-rooms aro vvoll furnished and  lighted by  electricity.  The dining-room is not second to any in Kootenay.  The bar is always stocked by the best domestic and  imported liquors and cigars. ���              THOMAS MADDPTn. Proprietor.  Large and.well lighted Heated by hot air  Reasonable rates Samplo rooms  Electric bolls and light in every room  Renovated and.refurnished throughout  HOTEL  VICTORIA  :������ J. V. PERKS, Proprietor  Free bus meets all trains  Hourly street car to station  Bulbs, Hoses, Hollies, Rhododendrons,  Fancy Evergreens, etc. Thoiis.iiids are  growing on my own grounds. Most  complete stock in the province. Bees  and bee supplies, agricultural implements, spray pumps, and cut (lowers.  New catalogue now ready.  Meat Merchants  Wholesale Markets at ffelson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.  RETAIL  STORES AT  Nelson,   Trail, Ymir, Kaslo,  New Denver,  Sandon, Silverton, Cascade'  City,  Grand Forks,   Midway, Greenwood and Sirdar.  JVC. J-.  JEUBHS^lElir  KM .Westminster Road, Vancouver, B. C.  R. REISTERER & CO.  BREWERS AND BOTTLERS OF  Fine Lager Beer,  Ale and Porter  ORDERS BY MAIL  PROMPTLY FORWARDED  jjead Office, Nelson, B.C.  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  ALL KINDS OF FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  Prompt and regular  delivery to tho t rade.  Brewery at Nelson.  Vienna Restaurant  Baker street, between Josephine and  Hall streets, Nelson.  MEALS AT ALL HOURS, DAY OR NIGHT  BAKERY IN CONNECTION  FAMILY AND PASTRY COOKING A SPECIALTY  ONLY WHITE HELP EMPLOYED.  BaRer Street, Nelson  E. C. TRAVES, MaMpP  ORDERS BY MAIL RECEIVE CAREFUL AND PROMPT A'l TENTION.  $5500  R. HURRY, Prop.  BON TON RESTAURANT.  OPEN DAY AND NIGHT  :   The only restaurant  in 'the'city  employing- only white cooks. '  Merchants' lunch from 12 tp 2  o'clock, 25 cents. "Dinner from 5  to 8.   .Short orders .at   all- hours.  CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAY  AND SOO LINE  Fast and  Short  Route to and   From  Kootenay Country.  First-class and Tourist Sleepers Operated from  PACIB-IC: TO ATLANTIC  Tickets issued through1 and. baggage    ���  checked to destination.  CO-^-tST-EiaTIO-NS     ,  Rossland, Trail and  Robson,.  Leavo.                              DAILY Arrive.'  (i:_0p. m NELSON 10:30 p. in.  Main Lin,e and Intermediate Poir-ts via Slocan Lake.  Leave.                                 DAILY Arrive.  (i:30 a. m NELSON 8:'.0 p. in.  Kootenai1 Lake-^aslo  R.oute--Steam,er Kokanee.  Leave.                Daily Except Sunday Arrive  _:00 p. mi NELSON 11:00 a. in.  Kooten.ay River Route-Steamer Moyie.  Mon., Wed., Fri.                                      Tues.. Thurs., Sat.  8:00=a. in. Leavo NELSON Arrive C:50 p. in.  Will buy 24< horses, 12 wagons, 2 wagonettes, 1 buggy, 10 sets sleighs, and a  complete outfit of harness, saddles, blankets, etc.,  and a going business of $30,000 a year.   Terms.  Will  buy two lots and improvements  on north side of Vernon street, between  Ward and Josephine streets.   Terms.  Will buy 30 by 120 feet on the south  side of Baker street, between Stanley  and Kootenay streets.   Cash.  Will buy SO by 120 feet on the north-  r  east corner of Baker and Josephine  JOHN HOUSTON,  P. O. Box 587. ,.   Vernon Street, Nelson  practicalT  $3500  $4500  $10,000  streets.   Cash.  "Makesconnection atPilotBay .vith steamer Kokanee  iii both directions.  Steamers on their respective routes call at principal  landings in both directions, and at other points when  signalled.  Ascertain: Rates and full information by addressing"  nearest lo'cal agent or  C, E. BEASLEY, City TicKet Agent; *i   ^,        -   .  R/W,DREWrAger,t. J* Nelson, B. C.  "SV. F. Andkhso-C, T**av<.ling Passenger Agent, Nelson.  Ki J;, CbyuKj Dis't Passenger Agont; Vancouver!  Spokane falls & Wliepn,  Nelsprt. k fori SjieppM,  Bed Mountain Railways.  Tlie only all rail route without change of cars  between Nelson arid Rossland, ar]d  Spokan,o an.d Rosslarjd.  DAILY   TRAINS.  Leavo Arrivo  (1:10 a. m , NKLSON 5::��l p.m.  11:55a. m ....ROSSLAND :.:l0p. in.  8:;!0a.m.  ......SPOKANE.. ....G:10p.m,  Tho train that leaves Nelson at C:20a. ni.. makes close  conhectioiis at fapokana with trains for all PaciflO Cbast  points.  Passenfeers for Kottle River arid Boundary Crook con  nect at Marcus with stasro daily. -  C. O. DIXON, G. P. & T. A.  Kootenay Bailway & Navigation Co,  STR. INTERNATIONAL  James McPhee I elIctriclan  Will., contract to supply and install any fy'nd of electrical macljinery  Will wire buildings for electric lighting, electric bells, I "Will contract lo install fire alarm syslcmsin towns an  electric burglar alaiins, electric annunciator:**.      *    I       cities.   Full stock ot wire and lixtures on hand.  Wf}ITE FOR PRICES.    Office and Storeroom:   Josephine Street, Nelson.  LONDON AND BRITISH COLUMBIA GOLDFIELDS, Ltd.  HEAD  OFFICE,  LONDON,  ENGLAND.  All communications relating: to  British  Columbia   business tQ_be_addrcssed--to.-P. O.-Drawer  505, Nelson, British Columbia  J. RODERICK ROBERTSON, General Manager;  H[--|   aa>!..������'": r_���� ��w  S. S FOWLER, E;M., Mining Engih|er I  IN tLpUIN,. P& V-  Situates on the Crow's Nest Raily/ay is preparejd to.1 deliver lurn-  ber of any description in any quantity at any place within the  district of Kootenay.   GOAT  RIVER  LUMBER. COMPANY  G.  A.  BIGELOW,  Manager  Daily except Sunday.      Pacific standard time  South  bound  Leavo  Duo  Due  Duo  Due  Read  down  6:30 a.m  7:30 ���  8:00 ���  8:15 ,i  9:45  KASLO TO NELSON  Read  North  up  bound  Arrive  Duo  Due   Balfour 0:00    n  Due   Five-milo Point 5:10    i.  Duo  Leave  Arrive 10:30  Connects with N. &Ft. S. Ry. train for Spokane, leaving Five-milo Point at 10:03a.m.  Steamers leavo Kaslo city wharf at foot of Third street  ROBERT IRVING. Manager.  f^aslo & Slocan Railway  GOING WKST  Leave    8.00 a. m.  Arrive 10.40    ".  I.Ail.V  Kaslo  Sandon  f-OINCi BAST  Arrive 'S.ftft ]>. in..  Leave  1:15     '.'  Revelstoke, B. G. 1  CODY .BRANCH. V    .  Leavo    11.00 a. in.       \ Sandon .   .. ������ -Arrive 11.10 a. in  Arrivo   11.15    " Cody Leave 11.25    "  . G. K COPKLAND. Superintendent.  Neli  FLOORING, LINING, MOULDINGS, DOORS,  AND SASHES.IN STOCK,  EVERY DESCRIPTION OF JOINERY, DOORS AND WINDOWS  MADE TO ORDER.  Office and Mills Corner Hall and Front Streets, Nelsoi-  Lumber   L u m be r   Lu mfoer  Kootenay Lake Sawmill, G. O. Buchanan, Prop.  First   class  lumber  at   right  prices     Also  a ��� full  line   of   Sash,  Doors, Turned Work, etc., constantly on.hand.  Yard:  Foot Hendryx Street.       JOHN ME, Agent. THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON,  B.C., FKIDAY, MARCH J?,  1899.  ���-  Druggists'  See that your  prescriptions are  filled by us.  TT7"E carry the most complete line  of drug** sundries; in Kootenay  and the quality of our goods is the  best that money can buy. Our prices  are no higher than our competitors  charge for inferior goods.  Wo use none but tlio best quality of drugs and chemicals  Special allenlion given lo their con.po'ii.di��K  W. F. Teetzel & Co.  CORNER BAKER AND JOSEPHINE STREETS, NELSON  Special this Weel-v  Box Calf,  Heavy Goodyear Welt,  Chrome Tanned,  Leather Lined Shoes  THEY  ASKED   MANY   QUESTIONS  Just  arrived,  a  stock  or  the  celebrated  And. Seemed Disposed to Invest in British  Columbia Mines.  Captain T. J. Duncan, manager of the  Duncan Mines, Limited, who returned on  Tuesday night from a long visit to England and Scotland, reports that interest  in British Columbia is increasing among  old country capitalists. He was over the  greater portion of the United Kingdom,  and wherever he went he was besieged  with questions as to the mineral resources  ofthe province and the chances for profitable investment. He anticipates that  during the coming summer there will be a  gteaterainountoi* British capital invested  in the mines of Kootenay than iu any  previous year. The extensive operations  of the British American Corporation and  the large dividends paid by the leading  Slocan mines have given the people a confidence in the country, which is sure to be  productive of good results. During his  visit to London, he attended several  meetings of the directors ofthe Duncan  Mines, and at each, the fullest satisfaction  was expressed with the progress made in  the development of the company's properties on Eagle creek. The annual statutory meeting of the company will be  held next month, when the different official reports will be considered and. plans  for the further development of the property and improvements for treating the  output of the ore decided upon. Captain  Duncan visited the Granite mine yester-  day, and reports that development work  is proceeding satisfactorily.  LOCAL   NEWS   AND   GOSSIP.  satisfactory sureties, and it is understood  that he is desirous, of delaying election  until he cau ascertain whether or not he  can secure bondsmen. The charge against  him is theft.  At (he Nelson hotel today Samuel Eger-  ton Cou I ton of Ymir was married to Miss  Edna McDaniel of Hall Siding. ��� The ceremony was performed by Rev. Robert  Frew.  ..  BUSINESS   MENTION.  William   Irvine,  of  the   firm of Fred  Irvine & Co., has arrived homo after an extensive business trip to Toronto, Montreal, Now York, and Oliiciigo,  where he has purchased one of the finest stocks of staple  and fancy dry jjoods, millinory, etc., ever brought into  the Kootcnays. While in Montreal, Mr. Irvine secured  the services of Miss l.va Piirvi.ni, one of the lending  French milliners of that city, who from a largo experience! is a. thorough artiste in her business. Messrs. Irvine  Brothers expect to hold their millinory ouotiinK on or  alioiit the 271 h of tho month, when tho ladies of Nelson  will have the privilege of inspecting tho latest French  and American styles of spring millinery.  Oup price, $4.50  Regular price, $5.00  18 and 20, Baker Street,  (Postoffice Store) Nelson  Branch Store at YMIR.  James A. Gilker  West Kootenay Briek & Lime Go  (LIMXTED)  CAPITAL $50,000, DIVIDED INTO 50,000 SHARES OF $1 EACH  DIBECTOBS ; :.  W.  W. BEER, Esq.. Nelson, B.C. W. * H.   DOWSING,  Esq., Nelson, B.C.  W; A. MACDONALD, Q.C., Nelson, B.C.*   H.  G.   NEELANDS;  Esq.,  Nelson; B.C.  ���  ���    -   :        , _ T. G. .PROCTER, Esq., Nelson, B.C.  .     THE BANK OF BRITISH COLUMBIA, NELSON, B.C.  ' SOLIOITOES OFFICE  -MESSRS. MACDONALD & BROUGHAM, Nelson, -3.0/'   PROCTER'S BUILDING,  Baker St.,  Nolson, B.C.  Revelstoke Herald, loth : J. V. Perks of  the Victoria is building a kitchen addition  to the hotel and otherwise improving the  building. When the work is completed  the Victoria will be one of the most comfortable and up-to-date hotels, in the  Kootenay.  W. G. Robinson, yesterday, sold lots 22,  23 and 24 in block 36, fronting on Mill  street, east of Hendryx street, to W.  Cookson, for $050 cash.  John R. Costigan of Cranbrook spent  last night in Nelson, en route to Victoria  to pass his examination for the practice of  law in British Columbia. Mr. Costigan  has only been in the province about three  months and is the first barrister to take  advantage of theamendments to the Legal  Act, passed at the last session of the legislature, doing away with the six months'  residence requirements.  The attendance at the opera house last  night was very small, but was larger than  the merits of the play or the performers  deserved. A number of those present  left before the play ivas half over, and  the managers of the opera'house should  now be convinced that the theatre-goers of *  Nelson will noV longer patronizQ. compan-  7r     ff.tf   n>.^��="Y*��>-"-Aift'.'-",.lm-fl^a_  ..   ^i   ' '      ._     -  .es!thtft*pw���ould,nQt b^ftUo^vyed^jtq^lay.ata-  variety|.th"eantre("fc";����" " ���^W^cVVr:1L�� '  . Aibeneht.inV^td'olJithevHall 'Mines sm.elr  teb��'-Kn_.?w.ili*beigivenidhtSSturday night =  at ,th^rystaJsihk>^^^>:^4 J$   " .   *.  Th.e*validity.;of��byIaHv.��No:^of. the City .  of 'Nell&h^Wfts/dispufedfiirthe'ijqlicec'oi-trc  tM*_.��i'terug(^  in ��le��se^iji8wHic_pt-��e^  *use"6f"��profahie.la'uguagesaua"fighting/on a  strtfefc^itfihi'^^  police^m^  tions'againstdihd, hylkwMhd^hhe'd^thd'tip  cu&tit SSalft^d-il.*vW._��*;.,?._��.".* ._."��� U i'..;X.  ?P?r~  Contractors  and Others  Who   use   picks,   shovels,  should not fail to look at. our  of g*oods,  which   for qualities  material cannot be beat.  etc.,  line  and,  NELSON,. B. C-  KASLO, B. CX  SANDON, B. C.  DEALERS IN  Shelf and Heavy Hardware  ��� SOLE AGENTS FOR;  Giant Powder  TRUAX  ORB  CARS  Canton Drill Steel  CARRY IN STOCK  Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal  Pipes, and Fittings  Giant, Caps and Fuse  Tools, Cutlery, Tin  ^     and "Wbodenware  JP-**     Stoves, Ranges,  WOODEN    %   IroTn'  St��ek Sheet  MATERIAL    ^,      Iron, T-Rails  Paints, Oils, Glass  Vancouver Hardware Co., __/__!  Importers of Shelf mid Heavy Hurclwarc.  MARA & BARNARD BLOCK. BAKKIt ST., NEI.SON  Easter is almost here  The ladies of Nelson will  sill  tlieir new Spring bun nets sind  old    sui(<   will    look   shabby,  around  and   lot us  make   yoii  new. in* a new .Spring* Suit. . 'A  = liue,  ..just  Lof spring  received.  have  your  Call  look  full  and   summer   -roods  * ' Issue of 5C0O (10 per cent guaranteed) preference shares and 7500 ordinary shares  bf $1 each, payable as "follows: twenty-live cents on application, twen ty-five cents ou  allotment, and the balance when called for. No call to be made until three months  after 22nd February, 1899.  *"- " The subscription list ���for this issue will open at 10 a.m. on Monday, March 13th,  and close at 3 p.m. on Friday, March 31st, 1899.  Applications for shares, accompanied with the amount payable on applieation,  should be roadeto the bankers of the company (where prospectuses aud forms of application can'be obtained) or at the office of_tn_e_company..  "Copies of the memorandum and articles ot association of the company may be in  spected-at the office of tho company's solicitors.  i  I T.  I'T  hi  Hi..  Im.  ^   ^k*. m m  BY BUYING YC.QR WATCH FROM  i 1    Up lappet stmk in Kootenay  ���Soldi (Sold Filled, Silver and Nickel Cases  ijny grade movement from 7 to 21 Jewels  All guaranteed.    Repairing a specialty  -P.   O.   330_25-*   34  3srEx.so.isr, b. c.  ALL  KINDS  OF  and mm IANUMCTOK  Canvas Goods, Tents, Awnings,  and Fancy Striped Curtails for  Verandahs and Windows  .MADSON   TENTS IN STOCK  PROPRIETOR       Bnkor St. opposite posiofllco. Nelson  th e? Mi n a eapol is  the1westvtorJc./;oti"Bai!Ee���t���t^CKeek, from ii::  W.'$ae1^ti;-to,J%n?_^  cor��eait6^1ay;V��c^p*.si(iefa ;      (������  A��<&.tSher^op"dJd:hd"ikimly. have gohe:  to ^iqtpria!���fcJ|.^a tw"Q-��w,eekslvis.it.;  .-  'Wal'ipv^'. J-^k^ieflNelson^i-hi  ingD4l:6itlB&undaryJ'Gi'Sel-*,��D "wh'erevhe jyill;  probablj-f/locate."      ..   -   -    -   y  Otto{My"R6senyai6jA id:  go -tbl^krfk,.���Se.-li^s"'secured"emp'loymenl*"  vvitli "^hevSlQcan jQre} Purchasing  Com?  pany,; pi Vwhlcli'"'��:.; M/'McBoWen is Wan^  ager;   The stitni3litfg" works of the company are now being erected in Nelson.  A���t\^elve-d"fbot sidewalk is jtlc) be laid to  grstde along the south sicie_of^ Veri-toti  -streetr^bet%veen"^JosWphine and^Ward  streetis, and a sewei* is to be built along  Carbonate street east from Ward street.  Who can now say that the aldermen  from the East ward are entirely without  influehee ?  The owners of the Manhattan saloon  building oil Josephine street are Spending  "a portion of their incO-he in paint.  Joseph Quinldn\ formerly Of St, JohO,  New JBrunswick, lias arrived iu Nelsou  afid intends making his' home here. ,,  JOseph I. Henager, the Rossland man,  who is in pai) upon a; charge of incest, Was  brought before judge Foi-in this morning  to elect. lie eleeted trial by jury aud the  case was set for the next" assizes, the date  of which has not yet been fixed.  Every merchant and business man of  any particular standing in Nelson, that  advertises at all, is advertising in Tin,'  Triijune���because it pays.  W. D. Brewster, the former Canadian  Pacific railway employee at Trail, was  not ready to elect this morning how his  case should be tried. Brewster has secured  an order for bail, but has not yet secured  H; I. Vincent, Merchant Tailor  ;     J.AKKK ST. WK-3T,J NELSON, It. C." "  NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:  Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.  THE LAWRENCE HARDWARE CO.  Will   be found   in  their new  premises  on   Baker Street  with  a complete stock of  HARDWARE  Shelf and  Heavy  Heavy  and Shelf  ALL KINDS OF MINING SUPPLIES  You will find it, io your .advantage to consult .us   I - Tir;sm.thing* aqd Pfuit]biqg*/a Specialty  .before placing'your orders ' j Estimates Cheerfully Furnisljed   =s  For a Nice Breakfest Try Olir  " "lt.'!_��^i4wAii/?jfi'���n*oljbj}:8iiiJ o-^fft^ty-i^iPJiiE:'.".*��  ��� jo����.])aii(4/or' spi*iiig1^'en.rvacalls,at,a;i,oO]iH."'3 ,uniiflm" ���" ������".  . !?"ui��QldiJilBnu(i-yU6c_K.i/r*^l.!Slio>vn.".^ =.-*  ���' n�� nico.'clotli'&jftlisrimp'lcf^aiid'Vwill' ^erifl san.6 "�����" ��� "*���  "Vtb~ypTn;?6ulllce.oi-/",rb6i!i \vhei;e*.;y6ur,S-iineasui;ei"'"  .���eaiiTsl)eV"tal.eini*.,.'";\yill 'fl."y6u'"iisi".j;o"'u( V'ero ��� '"\  .  iiov(jr".-ll.-i!d".bof6rej1 "��'"4��vj ���p. .- " ���"'"    ��� " "��� ,  ;BADIESl"a,AILrOR,-V_-lDEi;se'iTS_  J^ESH^GGS  - ^APE-iCOI^ CRANBERRIES  MOfie:!'  ===A-n-pei\Son.s^-.avi_fg=_wc^^  conipany will present   thein at  oiice to the  ijiana;ge.r,   and   all. persons, indebted   to  tiii.  conipahy are l'ecjuii-ed to settle the same iiii-  inediate'ly. ' JOHN- HOUSTON, Manager.  Nelson, IVItirch lObh,, 18991  ftraehaB Bpos.  PLUIVieiRS, Etc.  Opera House Bloc!-;, jlelsoq  .and IV, _fe..Tp|%RY ;& "-��&$���  "Fre_jfi ��arden and Flower  BAKER STREET WEST, NELSON, B. C  STEINWAY  The  Standard   Piano  Of the World.  NORDHEIMR  The Artistic  Canada.  Piano of  AST AND MUSIC CO., Nelson, Agents.  .Broad and pitstery Inakers lire   rejoicing oyer   the  good   iiows   tliat   DosBriSay it Go.  lutve that wonderful (lour, called  It makes nice .ylii.e bread and We have.put the price below liny flour of its kind  'for a short time.    The quality is guaranteed: or money refunded.    *  VVe are still leading the trade in groceries, others try to follow- but havo to give up.  the chase;   they have to admit our stock is too  large for them to coSipete against.  "VVe have struck it lucky in Teas, everybody is drinking our brands.  THE BSACKMAN & KEBIILLM CO., Ltd.  ���VT**s:or.--__s-A.iJ_E3 u-_-_tsri-) _r*E-*i,.__i__  slAtst,  (3-_e-A.i3sr- _f_e______ii-),  etc.  FIT ALL KINDS OF PEOPLE  We have them in the latest styles and lasts-A to EE  Ladies' Gents' and Children's  ABERDEEN BLOCK  NELSON, B.C.  DesBrisay & Co  John A. Irving & Co.  HAVE JUST RECEIVED A CONSIGNMENT ���OP  YANKEE HILL'S PURE MAPLE SYRUP  *     IN GALLON AND ONE-HALF GALLON TINS AND I_OTTI.ES  Write /or fjuoUilions on car _o_n,::  __sr_E__c_so_N-, B. O.  Neelands' Shoe Emporium  2(1 AND 28 WKST BAKKE STKKET, NKLSON  Family, orders a specialty and free daily delivery  Mail and telephone orders promptly attended to  .   Baker Street West, opposito Oddfellows' Block  TRY IT AND BE CONVINCED  TIIK FINEST ON THE MARKET  JUST THE THING FOR HOT CAKES  SPECIAL ATTENTION  Have' just received a consignment of Harris home  made tweeds from Talbot Harris, Scotland.  FEED J. SQUIBE, Baker St. JSTelsoo  The supply is limited, bo call early and examine this stock.


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