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 ly-  ; --*W  CENTHAL AND NORTHERN KOOTENAY  Have more silver-lead mines and prosppcts  than any other mining country  in the world.  nne  SOUTHERN KOOTENAY AND YALE  Have  the  largest gold-copper rninrs  ever  discovered. an*i their output, will be  millions for years.  DAILY   EDITION:  FIRST YEAR���NO.  f>8.  NELSON,  B. C,  SATURDAY AFTERNOON,  MARCH  1809.  WEEKLY   EDITION:  SEVENTH YEAR���NO.  16  AN ASSOCIATED PRESS SPECIAL  CABLE   LETTER   FROM   LONDON.  The  English   Channel   Was   as   Smooth  as  Glass When the Queen Started on Her  Trip to the South of France.  London, March 11.���The maiquis of  Salisbury caught a bad cold while returning from Windsor castle on the occasion  of the formal presentation of the United  States ambassador, Mr. Choate, to the  queen, and he has been confined to his*  house ever since. The premier was unable  to preside at the cabinet meeting or to  hold the usual'reception of.members of  diplomatic circles. On-this account, Mr.  Choate has not yet called formally at the  foreign office. Mr. ancl Mrs. Choate have  beeu inundated with invitations to social  events which are about to take place! and  all the ambassadors have? left their cards.  t  The absence of the queen and the priuce  of Wales respectively from the opening  drawing room and levee of the season has  given rise to much criticism and a great  deal of grumbling among society people.  As one paper says : "This is one of the  duties belongiug to the throne and tho  heir, and the public who pay the piper  expect royal music."  Newspapers here still pay considerable  attention to the progress towards recovery made by Rudyard Kipling. The  Times on Friday printed prominently a  set of verses after the style of "The  Barrack Room Ballads," and supposed' to  be from Tommy Atkins to Kipling on his  illness.   The last verse ran :  ���Wc'*onrd Hint, you'were-lgliUnff'arcl,  Just as we know you would;  I.ul. wo'ardly'oped you'd turn hi.s Hank���   V  '  T'liey s-'uy you tirdly could. .-'-���-  But (lie news 'as conic lliismorning,'  -Alt'���I-'m writing'ore to-iiiy:  "There's no British sou more 'uppy  Than your friend, Thomas A."  The bill ot Harold James Reckett, Liberal, raising the flash point of petroleum  from 73 to 100 is the result of a bitter  campaign waged by certain evening  papers against the "deadly low flash." It  , .jcotnes��befoi*e;the.honb:eVoiV��c()inmoDS';nex<fc  .., h We d n esd a y,-.zr a n dt- w.i 11*-.. nieetf'- w 11 h. _ t ro n gi  with the movement here, and that its  members include colonel John Hay, secretary of state, bishop Potter and the presidents of Yale and Johns Hopkins universities. King Alfred being the founder  of Grpat Britain's maritime supremacy, a  naval display will be held, and the largest  armouied cruiser in the world, tn be  launc-in-d 1SJ01, will be christened "King  Alfred." Wolvpsley castle, the ancient  residence of the English kings near Winchester, will be secured as a memorial  museum. The sum of .��30,000 is asked for  to carry out the whole scheme.  Unless all signs fail, there will be important debates on official problems after  the chancellor of the exchequer lays his  budget before the commons. One ot these  signs is the ominous warning from sir  Michael Hicks-Beach that the balance of  revenue and expenditure may be on the  wrong side, and measures may bw le-  quired for meeting considerable deficits.  Another straw, which shows the direction the wind is. is Mr. More-  ley's protest against the alarming increase of national expenditures.' The most  remarkable indications, however, of the  transition stage in the national finances  is the candor of the leading English journals in recommending the reimposition  of the duties which were abolished when  free trade was established as the permanent fiscal policy of the United Kingdom.  That great orgau of English opinion, the  Times, has been publishing a series of important articles by an expert on finances  for the past twenty years, and this week  it virtually adopts his conclusion that  the time has come for considering and revising the entire system of taxation in a  bold aud comprehensive way.  Two Engines Collide.  Granger, Indiana,'March .11.���Two Chicago & Grand Trunk engines collided here  last night, aud the following persons were'  injured : Downey, engineer, badly hurt;  James Elliot, Erie, Pennsylvania, thought'  to be fatally hurt; Mrs. Fred W, Etnslie,  Toronto, injured, probably fatally; Henderson, a tramp, stealing a ride, fatally  hurt; Lynch, fireman,-''serious. The collision occurred near the intersection of the  Grand Trunk and Big Pour tracks. The  trains were a westbound passenger and  an eastbound freight. The freight having  a signal to take a side-track, the switch  was thrown ; but it seems to have been  tampered with.;-��At_tl_is.juncture., the'air**  rfyke.s-i-ef.used.tooperate;and tHe^-oJJiiiiqn.  |6lloIwW*^��i&i^  ^,���1 rit.Aw'-.��j;,-jSi 'S-,^.1^: ;���!,i  PORTO  RIOANS  DISCONTENTED  WITH   AMERICAN   RULE.  DISABLED   CUNARDER   DOCKED  They  Want    Local    Self-Government,  Which   They   are   Said  to  he  Entirely   Unfitted.  for  abeen��.��but'littie��'ftty6;iled*b  to.nowtfivnairayorvRussia at^.the  nofoAmenca:'w .���.>"��&,"_ .^*.V -  e-itp"^  expense  ^niiils.^.ThC#��xpV^  ;;:through��,jaud.nu%aopnt%threp.months time8  ������" ;the��4fyill.^  on" ithisS- side\*M;Hhe; "d-tla'iitjc; ;i"n���vbl,"vi.igi  "Y'_-pital td%-_fi'na1rioa'tftrpi:-iib"oi*itr$75'tOOQ.O()0;  '-."^TJj^i'de.i isilthat e^achlis "to.abandon coih-  ��� ".'peB'tfbpjs^nf't'hfe "^tfeel^s'^rqirnd''' micl come  "yto'M *-,vtorkin�� arfa'hgemeni regarding ,c,bn-  .fi^nejilal'6iisine-5s/ and et*j),ecia}Jy that of  " ^o!tth��nr,ii lllurdp06���in;��6i|;irt'nd:\fe1S^e"^k:6:'''Thne  ";oil "niijlin& industry  u^���re��� 4s" cop fined  to  ����i-liU^'__ji'v;_i7j'qoilifld'l^pi!d"o;h:,   Hull if* the  principal center,  but Eiverpjoo) has the  hirge.st^pjjcern���"of the kind i"o"fche world.  W. Fife,   Ji>,.the yacht designer, has  been to London frequently during the hist  few   weeks,   studying   the  lines,  of   the  -=ShamrOck--aSesbe_gi'Ows=iiYto=shape.=He-  has not modified his plans in the slightest  detail, so he is evidently as pleased with  the appearance of the actual boat as he  was with tho  designs.    Workmen have  Pow sueteeded in surmounting the worst  difficulties    iii   working  the   manganese  plates, several of which were ruined during the first attempt to dp so;  but the  work is  now   proceeding slow,  though  sure.   It is expected,  hOVvever, tliat the  yacht could be, ready if desired by the end  of May.   The name "Golden Rod", which  it is said wifl bue giveu to the Atuoricau  cup  dei'euder,    is   rather    startling   to  Englishmen,  most of whom never* heard  of a "May Flower."   The Yaeittiug World  says:   "No fault is to be found with fche  name; but, all the "same, it is unpleasaht-  J-y suggestive of a beating for sir'Thomas  Upton."   The owner of the Shamrock return!, from the B-iveria   on March  10th,  when the date of launching of the cup  challenger will be fixed.  The Daily Telegraph announces that it  will start a Sunday edition. It will be  only an experiment, and except for the  New York's Herald's experiment, the Telegraph will be the first London paper to  ha ve a seven-days issue.  Queen Victoria started for the continent today, the channel being unusually  calm. The princess of Wales, princess  Victoria of Wales, and priuce Charles of  Denmark also left England this morning  by way of Dover and Calais, on their way  to Paris, where they will spend two days.  They will then go to Marseilles and embark on the royal yacht Osborne fbr a  Mediterranean cruise.  The lord mayor of London, sir John  Moore, presided at a meeting held at the  Mansion House this week to further the  proposed national commemoration, in  1901, of the one thousandth anniversary  of the death of king Alfred, The queen  has given the movement her patronage,  and the memorial will take the form of a  bronze statue of king Alfred, lobe erected  in his royal city oi'. Winchester. The  secretary, who is a former mayor of  Winchester, announces that a committee  had been formed in America to co-operate  above were.  Temppr.ary.:sV':^i  _u 'Vrfi^i-l^a^H^  VGffn'&:],^Th"4" reafrangeitfenV^ofl^he^cabr-^^  ".:" wi ��,"..". =,_.j"-;";��". ��..-"d.j,����� y. .;���.  ������."/.��.���"���������""".*."""���*"*  n,nefca\Jiichjtook��p]ace^yesterday,*isoPwibgti"  ,>.".   S," u""'��ff. "�����.',����� w��- ."tu" ir-".u��= s.lJ.   "   ."'," "." ���'���"Iii  ".;.".*."��*  toxthe ,ad0vaucAng.-, yeai* .aira^appagent..  ��fe^br��jies��}^fCpr^mi^^  ,"t.'he;\vQrJe .of yih'e ���iafl���ds '"ahd^^iyoritsidiep^iie-",  ptfi en... Wfflf6 % him * jlp: qa:us ;s tan d'������;." Go ttdnfj  wh"o- 'is .avijaffd; "\yb'Mnei^slal^|iH^',in^a^Vlb  ;t'ibh\-ftO Vh���.Svoi*kT��"ndfJV*finan,peSmini^efc  3Tu:.iuJe".dgH,iVq|.iish^"s 0"t!hK:Rl'OYi;-ii'dna"lV:��eQ|s"-V;  |&yship,^wliich S'emJuilta^fce]3nf:'Hii-_)e^Aviiji.';  WFhis?" change1  Chicago, March 11.���The Tribune today  publishes a long letter from a staff correspondent in San Juan de Porto -Rico.  The correspondent'says that among the  natives there are continual mutterings  and the greatest evidence of discontent at  American rule. The war department at  Washington has asked general Henry  how many regular troops he can spare  from the island, and in an interview\ the  general is quoted as saying: _  "I need twice the number of troops I  have. Because of the easy victory pf our  troops here in the war, and the apparent  friendliness of the natives to An.erijqan  soldiers when they invaded the island, a  notion has prevailed in the United  States that there is little necessity  for a strong force to maintain Order in  the island. The idea is erroneous. The  conditions here are alarming. The people have been given every opportunity,  but they have thrown their advantages  aside and are clamoring for local self.gov-  ernment. They are no more fit for local  self-government than I am to run a locomotive. More troops will be needed on the  island. The seed of discontent, planted  by professional agitators, is rapidly growing and can be kept down onjy by 'a  stong military force. The feeling between the natives and the American  troops seems to grow stronger every day.  The American officers have to maintain  the greatest vigilance to prevent their  men from wreaking vengeance on the  natives, and especially on the native,  'police, for acts of violence they continually commit against the troops." ;  A.t Caguay, a small town on' the mill,  tary road, twenty-five miles from San  Juan, a soldier of the 147th New York  was murdered last Saturday night in a  manner that illustrates the treachery of-  the natives. Private Mitchell Burke of  Compainy L had entered the Porto Riean  literary club of Caguay, and was sitting  yata sin a 11 't abl e; ��� rea d i n g,.V w h e n; a^n a ti^e/  "slipWd":":"u'pvXbehPihsd :fl_i.-f?.^_'dMtli ���*- -' '-*  CHARGES   OF   COWARDICE  Made  Against Her Captain and   Chief  gineer by the Passengers Rescued  ; by a Portuguese Steamer.  En-  contract for the erection of the new block  at i he corner of Baker and Stanley streets  will he awarded and arrangements made  I'or start ing the work.  No conclu-'ion wax arrived attoday wilh  respect to the sa.it-pi ing works site, as  general manager Whyte has not yet  arrived.  AN INCREASE OF ORE RESERVES  IN   SLOCAN'S   BIG   MINES.  "ori If,,  tern porary," "as "no  ,bib"minister  of. mines  "i�� ibe-leVel'i3 to be-orily  ohe.iu.aji ts.equaLto, the. duties, ofVfinanpe  luinisiei: ajid eHi^f commiss1bnershii3}"of  lauds and works fbr ahyexteiitied:"tiifle,  Preparing..for.a General Advance?,  Jlauila, Mart:h l'l'*r$:15 p.in.��� Sxtens���i,y^  preparations are beingma'dei'Or. a g0n;6ral  advance of fche American forces. The  movemeiit will probably take place soou.  AH is quiet, however, along the lines.  At daylight the rebels were caught  -woi*kii)g=-on==an=enfllading=trehch=  at Oaloocan and were shelled by a battery.  Desultory firing also tpok place at San  Pedro aiid Mafati. The last batch of  Spanish soldiers, uninbel-ing SS5 men, except a few who are in the hospitals, were  embarked on the ti-ansport Buenos Ayres.  China Will Probably Yield,  Pekin, March 11,���-The Italian niinjster  here addressed ft, note to fche foreign office  yesterday, making a reqiiest to take back  the Italian despatch asking for a concession and notifying the foreign office to accept it as a demaild, addirig that he was  willing to enter into friendly negotiatiotis  as to the details, but. insistingonan answer  within four days. This note was couched  in courteous, terms, but the Chinese regard it iii the nature of an ultiniatum, to  which they will probably yield.  Want an Injunction.  Paris, March 11.���The old Hungarian  family of Esterhazey has decided to apply  to the Seine court for an injunction prohibiting major comte Esterhazey, who is  mixed up iu the Dreyfus affair, from  using the titleand arms of the Esterhazey  family, to which, it is said, he has no  legal right.      Lead Goes Up Again.  Nevv York, March 11.���Lead and silver  both advanced yesterday. Silver gained  one-eighth of a cent and stood at 59|c.  The brokers' price for lead was $4.40 @  $4.45, While the firm that fixes the price  for miners aud smelters quoted an advance  of ten cents, the quotation being $4.20.  Terrific Wind Storm.  Oklahama City, Oklahama, March 11.���  A terrific wiud storm visited this place  today, coming from the southwest. For  halt an hour it blew a perfect gale, while  the rain fell in sheets. Nearly a hundred  houses were blown down. The damage is  estimated at $50,000.   No lives were lost.  "PPP"  sjij^kejbffa'-ha^  g |$gVsTev1er��d;^  j.b'6'd"jfeahd]seifi ii "iSo 11 ihg ^across���(theZdaoi'l"^  [Another ^pldier��vha^eiiea;;in|^  ,s61h%::-.Ktimp"%%ft"eEw"ards%"Yahd^  dismembei'edV"tr.unk^f/4the��'dead'.%aian*  ti'tin^ th^hair^i;ths.tK^head^l|inK  ^pre-^i." 'mfi]$^%bj$jR; ^t$&$;gpi}t$  Rii-ans^were-slanding^quietlyar^oiiud^d  \eusi_.ng*tjiey-Hattjg^  /r_iit.haviu'gsKseehVtheJi__t^  -Suspicion"finally:fixedsupon oneJmanf-bnt  ^   In'   P    S       *   ^     .    :  P."   "B   n����^r,.n   *"u-^  .fp j^n", 0 ^n-   ��^   , .ft/' 'n��n^f"|"���r���^1  jr\yheni;a^provQSt,gpara"j\\;e,nt";tQ ari;est;hiin���  l^e-'K-id^fledf^n'^V^tiib'ji^  i-t^'^'^otindij'^^guEy^^^^ the  : m ji rd er er 'Me&Kp b_tj^��e,t" beeh *fp"u ii a'; ".,��� '.;/���";'  ^.Qhly1 foiiry high^ts"*beforej*ft^e killjng! of  "Bifrk;e,Vflie^Jbl9.1d*:bl^  au���l;t hie/^oi^ief-i "a8-?ertedat^elfiinVa",b*rutal"  assault on pB-fate vFitzpatrick/ The .native pbliceaiirested^itz^afcrickwithbi*Ct a  warrant,^| a;ri.d "wh|en lie; rje|iste_ beat, hini  ij-S^feiisU-tle."' I1--!!'��,tjPP.i'l_il��6'^wM^'0*^S��a-*^'' Eaye  be^eu duplicated at' almost "every place on"  -"the ilslaud.    ''.���.'.', ;',. -      " �� ���;.'   ���' "  :HEW   DENVER" "AND   VICINITY,  j Liverpool, March 11.���The Cunard line  steamer'Pa-vonia, captain  Atkins,  from  Liverpool, January 24th, disabled by the  British steamer Wolveston, returned hare  tiiis morning iii tow of two tugs from  Eonta Delgada, Azores Islands, February  27ih.    There was a remarkable demonstration on her arrival here.   Crowds of  . people    gathered    on     the   quays   and  cheered    her    lustily.        The    steamer  presented    a    very    battei'ed    appearance,     her    rails    being   cari'ied  a.way  or   twisted    and   her    topmast     being  gone.     There     were     affecting    scenes  between       the       crew        and        their  wives,    many    of  the   women   weeping  with joy.   The officials of the Cunard line  refused to allow reporters on  board the  steamer, on the grounds that the whole  cirenrasrances   of  the   Pavonia's   breakdown  would be instituted in due course.  The company, however,   denounced the  charges of cowardice said  to have been  .'brought against captain Atkins and chief  engineer Duncan by the passengers of the  Pavonia      who    reached     New    -York  on March 7th by the   Portuguese steamer    from    Porita    Delgada,     as     being  '{wicked, malignant and unfounded." The  officials of the company declare that  the  details of the bi'eakdown of-the Pavonia  as already known  sufficiently refute the  charges.  ��� '" : :      .��� -  KASLO   LOCAL   NEWS.  TROUT   LAKE   DISTRICT.  Mines   Are  Shipments  The gold commissionerhas issued a certificate of improvements to Mollie J. Fraser for the mineral claim Golden Gate,  situate, on Ly.le creek, and adjoining the  inuch'dissussed Ibex pi'operty.  O. G.iLabaree has paid $100 iu lieu of  assessment work   upon   the  Silver  Bell  fractional   claim, situated on the south  fork of Kaslo river.  ; J. B. Wilson, who for several years was  a(? prominent merchant at Kaslo and its.!  firs.t ppstmast.er, is atBo-.sb.in*g;3Vashing-,  tonfs,m akin g��a r ran gem e tff.tp^Jorgirei gh ti n^8;  :?"h is*s tbfik Srrf���geii,er'al^m^rcharfdise^-O^A'na^.f!  conda,- a !Boundary��CreekPtqwn; where,, he��.  'pro,pQses.to^op,enjup��busingS'S...='>����7V^s.ifs^  ^k'P'^uFRie'd'eJ >". y^id "fJY ifh iGusTKuSster^h"?!!";  ;built^up^large*groceryfe  ^neiis.vi ettfon; Fr id ay* m oi'n l ug'f or: h is ypp in el.  tfnJ��Ge|;m,a"riy;fha^in;g.V^^^  "'fiMfpa^ner.'^lVXiif,^  Being  Bonded, and  Are Being Made.  [Trout Lnko Topic, March 1th.)   .  One of the most promising properties iu  the camp is the St. Elmo.   This claim, together  with  the  Yankee, makes  up  the  St. Elmo group, which adjoins the Great  Northern  to the northeast.   During the  greater part of the winter Hugh McPher-  son.and Neil S win ton have been  engaged  doing development work and taking out  ore.   They  made a shipment some time  ago of five tons, and the returns to hand  give the satisfactory result of 113 ounces  silver, $2 SO gold and $17.09 lead,  making  a total value per ton of $85.18;   The work  done consists of  a tunnel   on   the vein  of forty-seven  feet and an open cut of  thirty feet.   At the end of this open cut  another tunnel  has been commenced to  crosscut the vein at a depth  of 125 feet,  and it is expected when this is completed  a very fine body of ore will  be available  for shipping purposes.   The width oi the  ore body from   which the five-ton  shipment was made is about eighteen inches,  and as far as present indications go gives  promise of increasing to bulk as the work  progresses.   It is   the  intention   of   Mr.  McPherson,' just as soon  as  possible, to  place this property in shape to  become a  steady shipper.   The ore, for the present,  will  be  taken out by way of the Great  Northern'trail.  Another property which will be adding  the product of a very large ore body  toward swelling the bulk of the shipments made from the Trout Lake district  this season is the Beatrice. Something  over 125 tons of high-grade ore are now on  the dump awaiting the completion of the  rawhide trail so that it can be moved to  the Landing for shipment. The great  difficulty with the Beatrice was the fact  that, it was almost impossible to get a  good trail down Fish creek, the only  route, last fall, considered feasible. But  since then.Hugh��McPherson looked over  jthe.i groiuid^aiid ^guoitedjajfiguj-eitg^lder^  4i.knsn^effir6i&^  XlieVf'O whe��i?S:"-|'" .'of I..^tHe"^.prope|'?fcyj��9|,I'6r"';  r,,     ..'/."..'..".If,,,...      ?o"-   aP'^DS,rt-   'ooinn_J'fln��'��    n-B-.V^rP"   1Ug..f.7^   Tt^p..    O.-  ;ha^hng^^the,K(pvpk^.^/,^;^pep^^vaateri.  via]]]^f.Gpdtly-r(pr^^  ~~*��"the *,"'*'3":',,   '���"������"i~^".��-*��  The   Last   Chance    Running   the   Famous  Payne a Good Second���The Bosun on  Velvet���Sampling Tailings,, Etc.  .Hpr'k*1  TJie Atliri count-y is attracting a few  men from this cahipja party of eight having lgft the Payne last week for the new  new goldfields. There will be no general  exodus, howeveri   R. F. Green, M.P.P., had the authority  Of his constituents in the amendment he  introduced to ..the Mineral Act re defaulting co-owners, arid it has been a source of  great disappointment that his suggestion  was not adopted. The present amendment is very loosely worded and will be  found hi)practicable.  Brakeman Killed.  H. A. Durkee, supeririteiidentof construction train service Ontbe Rbbsori-Pentietoi]  railway, brought to Nelson last night the  body of 0. F. Wilke, a brakeman, who  was killed yesterday forenoop at Crenelle  & Co.'s mill, about two and a half miles  up the river from llobson. While making  a coupling between two flat-cars, Wilke  slipped and fell across the rails, and two  wheels of the car passed over his body,  almost cutting it in two. The remains  will be shipped to his former home in  Barry, Illinois. -  Woollen Mill Damaged by Fire.  Marysville, California; March 11.-���The  Marysville woollen mill has been damaged  to the extent bf $150,000 by fire. The insurance amounts to $71,400. During the  progress of the fire Frank Peck of Yuba  City, a well known bicycle rider, entered  the building and was overcome by smoke  and burned to death. The burned mill  was probably the oldest of its kind in the  state, having operated continuously since  1807. It employed 75 hands and was capitalized at $200,000.  A Death Sentence May be Commuted.  New York, March 11.���Drs. Dana and  Polka, appointed by governor Roosevelt  as experts to examine Mrs. Martha Place,  who is under sentence of death, as to her  sanity, have completed their examination  and expect to send their report to the  governor without delay. The common  belief at Sing Sing prison is that the woman's death sentence will be commuted  to imprisonment for life.; I  :leg  ��� ������iV?'mlT.v___.  "B" "fl1'" ^h^.ij*  wilLnow^recruit,  ..j*"''mi'*""  ��  ��* ��, -V*i =     -V"��_'i �� * r��� "�����*".�� / ���"��� i!   "��*����*_* 9..W7''  s'iThesregii-trar or;..thet. county^ftm'tshas"  V"b*eeh;di"r.e;e��e.d b^  '  ��     .... , Pity p ..   ,"        P       U    -,",      P^.l   .   ^,f   .^.f       ^#P   n��'nn^'lno',.4'   fr   ";       "    ^"..^oOnO*^..  ;\  ioKlandssand/w.orskslto .send .in,- an&mven-:  tpryiofijthe tu/tniture��aond��fitutings^needed  '".for 'jffie*6q"ifnt'y���"Vco.iir[tIr"6ph$?Sh"d"��adj.^ceiitf.  ���.kpaiJtm,e>i'tsf,"aVd��;ni(_i^  "to *thej% ^tirl���y^���',��u.K"flnish'jn.gf. ./The^^apal-tv"  ���ments>are"y^ry;cpu>enienptlyLa  .fch-ir��'ihtetide"d-purpose,*and* are a'credit  to "the late city.cpiyic.il,  which provided  &he-i)y  ."''n.:o     ���"   ."fx(("y^ "       .  '"."      .. V" L :. a  ft As said/tha$VWiniam ".M6Ad;ajns.iOf .the  ^a;ystEeak"at��Sandpii \fill join the.Kbot'e-  naian staff'in thS.ithi_jediatefufc.ifrp,  i The stern wfaeel steamer Mftrioh is having stitne repairs made lipoh her machinery .preparatory to. being placed upon  Batiser lake and the Upper Duncan river  during the ensuing season.  '    Ore Receipts at K&slo.  p.f^ibuil.dihg*.��tfth��e7"rti?aiU.;'.was��  ; mence.d,vand��i^.is*expected^ tihat^it^wurbe  V-omp!eted..inj.t-i"e^c6uS  ���;^a,ry^BVh%Iit>,vfim|"li>.��d^M  ��."tp"nSSi'l],Hlia^re!.c-har^4f6fr  f^'d��.^pftiyi 9.|Qfi^i^:E^.y ill :^jo v^-'tliS-f^ OVet^bK*  -"slei.gh*"t"6'! tlie" laud iu^  " thefBeatri-.e,t6}tlreV ___pu?h."of!l.Gbat^"cree0  " "--     -       ���     " --    iv-"_;f_._."-'i^_..._.__"_?i;  iP##*��.  to^thej  :.ftbui .    ._  North>F6rk:v"Ifc-lis :t'he:.  ^r.,^eelSiK^|Flii|;;cSi#p^  '." ik$ ii lyj'ailw".tuii'��_f't*"{t he, >p[6 v e t,pm erj ^.1  jja-tCliiUicc ...  Whitewater.,... .  .Itiokson -.lines���  I'vunhdo  .  Uaiitblcr-C'tirlboo.  '] Although traffic on the Kaslo & Slocan  railway has been interrupted during* the  past week by siiOwslideSj the receipts of  ore at KaslO are about Up to the average.  The following figures show the shipments  for the week ending Mareh 10th:  Pounds  Vuyno , ������'���-,00.   ���_..U;(K.U    .......178,0151)    00,000        10.000  .,  :*;'),0O0  Making in all a total of 805,000 pound-*,  or 4-'.2A tons. The Payne Ore goes to the  Omaha and Grant smelter at Omaha ; fche  Last Chance divides* its Ore between San  Francisco, Aurora, Illinois, and the Piiget  Sound Reduction Works at Everett,  Washington; the Ivanhoe and Ran.bier  ore went to Aurora, while the output of  the Whitewater and Jackson mines is  passed through the sampler of the Kootenay Ore Company at Kaslo.  Transfers of Mineral Claims.  The transfer of the following mineral  claims were recorded today at the Nelson  office: Summit, on Wild Horse creek,  seven miles from the Nelson & Fort Sheppard railway���John A. Turner, C. W. Anderson, John Lindblad, John Bergman, to  W. A. Galliher; B & M, Buckhorn on Wild  Horse creek���Duncan McArfchur to W. A.  Galliher; Florida, on Wild Horse creek-  John Thilbert to Joseph Sturgeon ; Friday, Fort Sheppard, on north fork of  Salmon river���James Westgate to John  Reith, option to purchase; Joyful, on  Barret creek, one-sixth interest, Duncan,  on north fork of Salmon river, one-sixth  interest, Little Anna, on Hall creek, one-  third interest, Hawkesburg, on Rover  creek, one-sixth interest, Lillie, on Rover  creek, one-quarter iuterest, Mincie, on  Barrett creek, one-twelfth interest--  James Westgate to John Reith..  Two Small Items.  C. C. Chipman of Winnipeg, commissioner of the Hudson's Bay Company, is  expected in Nelson on Monday, when the  opiHion^.ofr  hj-Ljifc'ft  ���  ,a   . ���...... ���, . ... Jiourdl'  exftehcl^as"rtrai;l". dd.M u,Ay,.a"gou>,i;Qad;; "g"r.u_e_  frohiithe present, t.ei'njiniis .rif-jthe. .N,or;t1i  Fork wagon-rSacl to the mOuth of G0ac  _i?eekirfa.s>'i<^  afding the .d^velop^  giviu'gacc.e.-is^tb the nil lies, .w.Ol  help very ,  mageriaiiy* in"  shaping Vtlie   comjiaiiy's.;  pplieyVpi c^n?n���ectiojiVwith ftfture develop^  theb t-ppeKitious." "A,b, present, J list as spo'h"  as'ffi'_'raw:h'i'd,tS'."turai'l�� is   completed   and'  supplies can btegOt up to "the ruhie, a fOrtie:  of seven men will coiilment-e Work, and it  is expedted that their operations  will result in keeping the property On a shipping  basis.  ^^Quite^r-ecentlj-a^bobd-iWas-seciu'edkby^  James Dixon oh the Silver Queen, a property situated on the Great. Northern  ledge. 'Mr. XJixon represents Vancouver  parties, and secured control of the property from Jack Stauber at the following  figure-;: $500 down, $500 on the 1st of  June, ISO!), and $24,000 on the 1st Of Juno,  1900, making a total of $255(100, the amouixt  of the bond. The Silver Queen is a fine  property and is -very considerably developed, A crosscut tunnel of 170 feet in  length has been driven, showing up,  where the ye in was elicouutered, ten  inches of solid Ore besides a very lai'ge  body of concentrating ore. Mr. Dixon in-  tends commencing active operations on  the claim shortly, aiid it is confidently expected that another shipper will beadded  to the list before snoW flies ne.it fall,  It is the intention of the Lade brothers  to gO iti for an extensive development of  their gold properties on Gainer creek.  They will do the work on the new strike  made last summer. From assays of this  showing an average of $000 in gold was  obtained.        -  All the Silver Cup ore lying at Fergusou  has beeu moved to Billy Baty's, and it  will be only a short time now until it is  all ti*ansported to the Landing.  Smallpox in Southwestern Texas.  Austin,   Texas,    March    11.���Governor  Sayers has declared a quarantine against  the city of Laredo and county of Webb,  on account of the alarming prevalence of  smallpox there. About 500 cases of smallpox have been officially recorded in Laredo county since the outbreak of the disease some weeks ago. The quarantine  will not interfere with through freight  and passenger business from Mexico, if  trains carry clean bills of health.  . A Missouri Town Burning.  St.,Louis, March 11.���Mountain Grove, a  town on the Kansas City, Fort Scott &  Memphis railroad, sixty-eight miles southeast of Springfield, Missouri, is burning.  The business portion of the town is  doomed. ,  The  Slocan   is in   luck this season  by  reason of the numerous good strikes that  have  been made on working properties,  in addition to the increase of ore re.-erves  in the larger mines.   To this list is to be  added    the   Vult   and   Vulture    group,  situfited close to Cody, upon which a foot  of clean  ore was struck on  Wednesday.  In the  main tunnel  ore has been encountered ft oui-the surface,   but iu  bunches  only.     The new strike is in over 100 feet  and   the   chute   is   of   shipping quality.  This  property is operated by the Financial & Milling Trust of Canada, a Vancouver corporation.    In it are interested sir  Charles   Hibbert Tupper   and  Hon.   Mr.  Peters   of  Victoria.   The   company   has  several claims also on the north fork of  Carpenter   creek, a   large group   iu  the  Duncan country, and some copper prospects on   the Coast.   The re&ulc  of the  strike on the Vulture group will enhance  the  value of the stock, as  the company  will soon be in a position to *?hip or��.  Twenty-six men are now employed on  the Bosun and this force is to be increased  shortly to thirty. Work on the No. 3  tunnel has been temporarily stopped and  efforts directed towards the sinking of a  winze at the mouth of the No. 2 tunnel,  which is being sunk to test the dip aud  continuance of0the ore chute. Two carloads of ore are on a wharf at New Deu-  ver ready for shipment, makiug an  aggregate of 700 tons, which has nutted  the lucky owners over $40,000, more than  enough to place the mine on velvet. With  the purchase of the Lakeview group, it is  quite possible that the Bosuu will be  placed on the general stock market in  London," at ah increase of capital.  On the Mabou, just above the Enterprise mine, On Ten Mile, the full  width of  the  ledge   is. heavily mineralized.     The  contact with a second spur  will be made  .Shortl-y^and "aVfiheVbody of shipping oie-is  '�����Sxpec|e^fH'lIJli'e'*Neepawa vein, on  which  i��a-.\lfig^!s\^ike*\Wa'i''| made   recently,   runs  Cthrougli"*th^Mabb!u aud Ohio, and  it  will  f"berp|;6^eiiahrthe*spring. * The MabouVwill  ^be^surveyed IfbiSea crown  grant  in   the  !^u.mmer.\ ^ ,t"t:^*f      -  V;";f^o^.-^)i4a-*|.^Sprki��g  on. tlie   Queen  ^Gi^:grb4p/"sitjia;ted on the shore ot the  lJi^tfe'IaJi^*'abo''ye'*Nlew.Denver.   A second  ��^'liaftS^is^be^ngf^suuk   ou- the   vuin, from  ;a*^liicfi^e_xg_li^,h'ti1.^rc has  been  taken. P.1  AV>Eliistofi.T6i'Ont;6 recently bought into  ���"'th:i'S!"-gi;otjp.'~��:'"^;B* r   .  - ."AtlxheiAi'lingtoh, on  Springer, creek,  onetinan "onlMis. employed, in  the dual  ; thus  ....... _..,^..���..-.���    ...Bill  the  Ohibi.'ph.Teii-Mire*"; It has been snowing  Vhjeavilyf'ajl! Lft|b.uth and the general  depth On the ^jimiii.it is more' than=usual.  ."The��'Vsecbhfl ;croVscjit on" the .Ohio is in  vjfc|il'^^fiV84''8^t!''-Ri&sseveral stringers have '  :0b'^a"'e'ni&c5tini''���i_.redij.',"���rThe country rock has  changeel tp a har'dp granite, but the own-  '.er-il_elie\.e;Vt.he"y_ln*terpri8e vein-is within  .peach..,.",, ..-;��� ..n.o.   " .\ .    "  The, Lasji Chaiica mine is runningu the  Payfi-a close second ih the list of ship-  meutsV botii  being oyeg, 1.000 tons", since',  tlie first oi the y'eais. "   "    "  .   >D"  Howard W4esr, ah assayer pf New D.eti.:".  verj   has  been,   at   the   OpmHisfek"��t mine,  l-eHi'iy=afwee.rsi.tmplm  the tailings of the eohcehtrator.,   There,  are no new developments in the situation  at t hat propeity.  The Emily Kdith mine is being conne(.t-  ed with Silverton by telephone  Records at the New Denver office: As-1  sessmeut���RoVer, by iijitgustiZ-Milerson on  March 7.' Transfers���V.I 1. Behne foW.  Hunter, one-nintiiViii! Adirondlic-k, adjoining the Idaho mines,���on ftiarcb Oth, lo.' $1;  \V��� N'iven. to VV. Hunter of SilveVtqii,  one-|iinlh in Silver 13e.ll, in Idaho ba->in,  on '-iaj'-ji Slth, for $100Q- same to saiye,  one-tliird in Adii'oudack, oh March 0th,  for $ i,      \  The Money Paid Over.  Yesterday many Of the shareholders in  the Nelson I'llectric Light Company got  what they had been waitihg for since  August 1st Inst, the date on which the  city took over the plant of the company.  Out of the $.'.5,400 paid over, the shareholders got, or will get, $12 a share, on  surrendering their stock for cancellation.  All the shareholders, except three, either  reside in Nelson or are owners of property in Nelson. Hon. J. Fred Hume was  the largest individual shareholder, J. A.  Mara of Kamloops next, aud Charles 11.  Ink third. The smallest shareholder is II.  H. Avery, with three shares.  The Dardanelles Meeting.  The   shareholders   in   the  Dardanelles  Milling & Mining Company met in general  meeting ou  the Sth at  Victoria.   Reports    were    received     from    manager  Tretheway and also from the treasurer,  and   were declared   to be   most satisfactory.   Messrs. McLean aud Adams retifed  from the board of directors, and Were replaced   by   captain   Campbell   and J. J.  Shallcross of Victoria.   It is proposed to  work extensively on the property during  the coming summer.   Already the shaft  is down to the 500-foot level, aud drifting  has been commenced east and west.   The  Dardanelles is a Sloeahi mine. 2  THE TRIBUTE:  _NTELSOK, B.C., .SATURDAY, MARCH ti,  1899.  PUBLISHERS' NOTICE.  THK DAILY TRIBUNK. is published every afternoon  (oxcept Sunday), and will be delivered by carrier in  any town in Kootenay for twenty-live cents a week;  or will be mailed to subscribers for live dollars a year.  THE WEEKLY TRIBUNE is published every Wednesday and Saturday, and will be mailed to subscribers  for two dollars a year.  REGULAR ADVERTISEMENTS printed in both the  daily and weekly editions for S3 per inch per month.  Twelve lines solid nonpariel to be counted as one inch.  LOCAL OR READING MATTER NOTICES 20 cent, a  lino for each insertion.  JOB PRINTING at fair rates. All accounts for job  printing and advertising payablo on tho first of  every month; subscriptions payable in advance  ADDRESS all communications to  THE TRIBUNE. Nelson. B. C.  PROFESSIONAL   CARDS.  T C. GWILLIM. B.A.SC & W. S. JOHNSON, B.A.Sc.  ** ��� ���Mining Engineers and Analytical Chemists,  Slocan City,  ���if. <r  Sewing Machine Sale  A.  H.  HOLDICH���Analytical Chemist and Ao.-nyer.  Victoria street, Nelson.  LODGE   MEETINGS.  K1  NELSON LODGE, NO. 23, A. V. & A. M. Meets  socond Wednesday in each month. Sojourning  brethren invited.  'NIGHTS OF PYTHIAS���Nelson Lodge, No, 23,  ���>- Knights of Pythias, meets in 1. 0. 0. F. Hall.corner  Baker and Kootenay streets, every Tuesday evening at  8 o'clock. All visiting Knights aro cordially invited to  attend.  C. Fkencii, C. C. Geoboe Ross, K. of R. & S.  SATURDAY MARCH 11, 1890  The city of Nelson is now in undisputed  possession of electric light works of its  own. It also owns the water works.  These two properties have cost tlie city  $85,000,   which    was   borrowed   and   on  "  which the city pays 5 per cent interest.  . The interest aud sinking fund charges on  the $85,000 will be $7300.. annually. The  cost of maintaining and operating the  two systems should not be above $7200  annually. The receipts from the two  systems should be in the neighborhood of  $25,000 this year. This would leave the  city $10,000 with which to extend the  water mains and make additions to the  electric light plant���a sum amply sufficient for the purpose.  The revenue of the City of Nelson for  the current year, exclusive of electric  light and water rates, will be $30,000,  which should be ample for all street improvements that are required to be made,  all salaries, all additions to fire-fighting  apparatus, all sewer extensions, and all  miscellaneous expenses. Seeing that the  receipts  from   electric  light  and  water  V rates' provide the interest and sinking  fund charges on $S5,000 of the debentures  ^n sissued,;therew  </Mebenturnenndeb,tedness.^hi���s;will^require*  5'purpos.e.sS:s%pecihed,%"ab���Qave. ^hp^rate^Qi-,;  f%a^at:ionlsh6.uldino  M?T he _best^way!:to . art v ertiseftNelson>is^ to i  t";��;i",��u."��ssw,_"i"c��� ��� 'tf"$;-$������ ".jyyu..".ys.-^f-l"p^,' . 'wfs.'i.l ass--".."y  ^Iqwe.-jtw^ ���;, f.j,; y.-\  .s^^Sife \,  }."iiii.^!iio|ej i rohf ^Mqfetg^^e^jen^^fh^sf.  "ireport.recommending.the," opening. otsthe��  w!i"-a-*' \v->.,>"��.��� 5".^ '��;>.f��,*i>i1,,.'r'T ".���>"������.  Indian V mints,^^"���.but^tha^it/.wrill'"propose*  As we are short of floor space, we are selling* the balance of  our New Williams Sewing* Machines at the following" prices:  3-Drawer Improved, $28, 5-Drawer Improved, $30, 5-Drawer  Improved, Drop Head, $35. There are only a few machines  left.     Drop in and g*et a barg-ain before it is too late.  A. Ferland & C?  Elliott block,   Baker street,   Nelson,   B. C.  COOKING LESSONS  w  w  ummer  B  B  B  ARE   IN   ORDER  That your food may by properly cooked, you must have good utensils.  We carry a full stock of everything required.   Call and inspect-  UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT  The Nelson Hardware Go.  VICTORIA BLOCK, BAKER STREET, NELSON.  J. Y. GRIFFIN & CO.    =  ��    PORK PACKERS AND PROVISION MERCHANTS  WHOLESALE DEALERS IN  CHOICE CREAMERY AND DAIRY BUTTER, CHEESE AND EGGS  SPECIALTY:    "GRIFFIN BRAND" MILD CURED MEATS  NELSON, B.C. ROBERT ROBERTSON,  Manager  Nelson office and warehouse:   Corner Vernon and Josephine streets.  g LADIES' SHIRT WAISTS  W 7- ������ ���  W Have arrived   and we are  showing  an  unlim-  W ited   variety,    in   the   addition   on    Josephine  ���yv? street.   -In   the  same   place  you will   find our  ^k, new wrappers,  and ladies' white underwear.  NEW BLACK DRESS GOODS  Comprising figures, stripes, and fine cords.  These goods are nice for separate skirts or a  full dress. They are equal to silk in finish,  and their wearing qualities are imequaled.  LADIES' BELTS  In elastic webb, pique and leather, in all colors  ancl pretty designs. Beaded and washing belts,  an  immense variety of these goods on display.  CHILDREN'S BOOTS  We believe we have just what you want in  this line, a shoe that will wear and look well  in one,  try them.  GENTS' UNDERWEAR  balbriggan,  merino  VANCOUVER, B. C.  WINNIPEG, MANITOBA.  ;#.iusp?as;tbne^  ,TOo'__Tne_fcibifit>y<oMh8��silve_ dollar.; bvssus-,  "* penm.ng,^tbe further :poxnag�� ���pr. jsuver^sp/  * tt_Te" fsuggistifin^fif:"jt.be ��e��p|__lni$>l6nf "in^Jt'b.e0"  .^retJortatbTbe.^a^  .s.alm^at'jj_aaintaiiji.ng a, - bigb'������gxcbange-i  riyaliie^i'b.fc' 4|Kni��:"!sil y��*S.;nr.u'p,ee^" '"M"r,�� Pr efKgn"*  *a"d��d-i"fc-i"at:-. "Had it"been possible to*ob^f  i;jtainvnfro-iif Wasbingtpp; a proposal to  5r!tep|)ienjyb"ur���mibts rifel to __2 6n cqridjtion!  I -Ipbaj-Vtbe "Ibdiaf h min;ts were si ni ul tan^pusly  rfljapg^ide open tbv tbe free coinage Of  ^rufjees;"in' ���61.1_.ef words, to restore silver-  ipeJople on. condition that you restored bi-  nietaliinj, we ti-igbt under tbose condi^-  tijBnns have advanced an all-important step  on "the road to tbe qomplete restoration pf  sit-fter as a m(.ney metai. But no support  could be obtained fpr any sueb proposal,  and "at. tbe present moment, silver is  .meVely drifting, and drifthigdangerously.''  He ad.(ls, bpwever, that he hears the  commission has' been attracted "by a ]3ro-  position to open, the India mints to free  coinage, and to place a tariff of sixpence  an b;uri^e Hn.allvsilver im {.or ted into Xbdia.  I\Ir: Frewen thinks the electidb of M.  Loubet, president of I^ritnee, is encburag-  ing, As he sva$ Ipx some years president of  the B>i-netallic League of France. It is a  clear dase that it lias been possible for the  government of the United States for  some months to have restored silver at the  rate of $1 per ounce, bij't there was nO  one to push it. It is the sin of the century  that it is so;  A   BEITISH   OFFICEE'S   OPINION,  opportunity to make sharpshooters effective. Aguinaldo is a man who will do a  lot of getting Out of the way and he has a  lot of meiy behind him. He is ambitious  and will yet cause a lot of trouble.  "I dined with admiral Dewey prior to  leaving for Hong Kong.   He is in poor  health and certainly should  be ordered  home.   I believe he has aged much,  and  certainly his hair is very white.   He is an  unassuming man,  and I should  think a  born commander. = The strain  which he  has undergone and is undergoing must be  great, and incidentally I learned that it  was de.em.ed��necessary_for more fshipsiand  'an^i^^de1iy^liS_l- fehi^Si^'iV1^ \Fffi  ^:''X)id -fny-flgh^ibg'6cp^rifirhii\��ijy:6,d^yi^e'  Sin Manilla..?" wa-laske'di'.":!** '>'*? S��"C"���v*^ *: -  ��> .:4_No;,= ���tne>captain.Tephedps"beyond8^a%  "few���"skiKmisli|s;put.i-i^  ?th e.situation lis.eri'fc^^^  ���mu-bCimVortance"umaylbe^lao  '#_ne.;"i��T_%A^^  jthecli niatelexceedi i) gly wiel 1 r:BiU!o__fJt!<)xirse>'  4^eh%"b$e^mdh%Mn^^^  �� .��*tDjd ,admiral��I3ewey^sneak. ofcreturning"  ;to|theIJnited States!?,'%".. . ;.  .  /. r.yyi.,;*'.  "X>?,^%noUcare; tq/a^  -i.pri^yate. COriveKsatibn,?!  was the-rebly,",  4Vtc Iji ^hin M "'th&Olyskwoiftby $��x\iier)  shquld;certainly'b'S��r.ehejyed.iJ     ;.:������. v />n-  :"6M:  ^���EH} iOhD rtZtfBM.  Of the Banking Officer in the United States  Land and Naval Forces.  A distinguished passenger to arrive at  Vancouver on the Empress of India  was  captain Fraser of Loudon, England, late  of the imperial forces, a man of means  holding many interests in different parts  of the world.   He has spent some time in  the Orient, where he is interested commercially.   He visited Manila before sailing on the India for the American continent, and made a careful study of the conditions, and had the honor of dining with  admiral  Dewey   of  the    United   States  navy in Manila.  Interviewed before leaving for England,  captain Fraser said: "I think that it will  take some time for the Americans to  down the Filipinos, possibly two years.  They are close to Manila, and knowing  the surrounding country well, they are  hard to pursue. They carry on an irri-  tating jvarfare, taking advantage of every  Where "Manyf^Melfl are; :"t_ief Happiest "-Men  -.    i.v.--.'".." ��� "Alive.       " ��� -  '���'"JSu^;i8^'^i^iclaja|"j0c*e'%> cra*wl��.iti3,qtf��the;  ippfi|icai "Stu��mp."*.a;ndV' hqWjl.. "abqiit ithei  ��'"dp'AJnf|ifp;dden^"&  lth'e lije";bf |he\farm^M  sthat^at.'tin-es. ttBe- farmer hihisierf "jb-0ns"  tq^hlnkthat.he is.baying, "a hai-d row- of  stdtn^s.to.hoe, and that perhaiSs  hfthad  better move to the city." The fact of the  ,'ti)'ati.e-. is;'tlie farmer is. a king and be  i oug|ht to be the happiest man alive. Aii  Iowa papgr ���oiRecent date priirted an in-.  ventory of the^prqduce marked during  the pa.st year by W. S. Ashbaugh, who  lives on a 200-acre farm oust west of'Sac  City, in that state. This inventory fol-  Ows:  Corn, 5000 buFfiols at 25 cunts   Oats, 850 bushels at 22 cent!. ,.,i..  \V'l.cat, 188 bushels iit at) cents   Buckwheat, 10 byshels at 80 ceilts   . Kl.tx, -.fbu^hols at 71 cents.... ������.   lidaiiH, l_ bushels at ��1..........,   Potatoes, 100 bushels at :K) cents   -May; GO tons rt't $1   I'aStiire ritiil other ground ,.   One stack 'whbat straw    One stuck oat straw   100 acres cornstalks ��.�����   The Inspiration in a Name.  [Salt Lake Tribune, March 7th.]  There is an inspiration in some names.  Hereafter when the ocean is. in a rage  and it is hard to hold the plunging ship  up into the storm;When the battle is sore  and fighting ships amfnriously exchanging their messages of death; the vision of  Dewey on the bridge of the "Olympia"  calmly watching the storm out of which  he emerged with his immortality assured;  will calm the turbulent hearts" of the  fired mariners, and with new resolution  ^wijlje'lb.ey^turn back' to make their.1 battle.  agai��n,40rthe_storm or the foe. As in his  yBbujthj��An the ecstasy* of battle Dewey  caug__;t.:.:'glimpses ; of the flashings of  _^arrrfg"u-'s soul,' and was no more afraid,  sq���hereaft*er the light thrown off by that  obse^fn'Manila bay will be a signal light  Jffqr thejejrouth of America.. The.impress  *>yhieh",rorfe great soul makes upon the  wbrldffs-a-Vadiance for all.time.  fpfe-'holda.-.'  For this time ofyear, when it is too early for  of   medium  price and just  season.    We   can   also  for'  we   have  They are not  for   the   present  show you a fine range  summer.-�� The stock is  weight,  right  high  in  in  lighter  weights  and we can  give  you  stock is complete now  the size you want.  CENTS' TIES  A new lot just in, comprising bows, mude-up  knots, four-in-hand, and the Ascot tie, that  you tie yourself. We have something new in  light summer ties; they are four-in-hand, very  pretty colors, and they will wash. They are  so low in price that you can afford to buy  them by the box.  B  Black Cashmere Socks, Black Cotton Socks, Black Lisle Socks, Natural  Wool Socks (something new.)   We have them any way you want them  Fred Irvine & Co.  B  39  %  ���VICTOEIA   _B_C_OC_-__,   B-^KBR   STREET   Z-JTEXiSOINV _B- O-  mmmmmmmmmmm1'.  ���_ss ���__& '__a ���__& ��� *==> ���__& '.Si -^Si ���  O -=S <3 <C3 <3 <3 <^ >=3 ^  i_a^ia  ^^^ _3_9iS3 _a^iSI_S^^:  ' - ������'��� ���' 'M  y'tyhen ||ie;ip^t^'cdte!''tfi'ese1Ii_iQsn  arid Poktmaster.:Mui^  .eMqrseii "dp .the .ne^Vtamp,4hey,  epuldhave refe^ed bfdf to the   $1,250 00        187 0��  .  ........       01 00  80H         39 70    150  30 00        210 00         8$',7;->          -.'00  is (xr   ,      20 00  Total , , S1,!)S101  That is simply the inventory of the  surplus products which Mr. Ashbaugh  sold, so this Iowa farmer really has $2000  cash to lay away for a rainy day. The  farm brought him a good living for himself and family, he raised considerable  fine stock that has increased his assets  materially, he has no rent to pay, no  butcher to pay, and now he has a nice  little deposit of $2000 to put in the bank.  The farmer may be "down-trodden," but  just the same this farmer near Sac City���  and every energetic farmer in the land  Could make the same report if he has been  doing his work as he should���has made  more out of. farming during the past year  than three-fourths of the business men in  any town in the West. We feel like the  man who some time ago wrote the poem  "Reconciled."   It runs like this :  I u*od to kind o' think I'd sort 6' like to settle down  An' niebbe quit this farmin' an' enjoy a house in town  An' clean forgib the atmosphere of worry and of toil  That seems to settle round you when you're tillin' of tho  soil.  I've tried it, an' I'm satisfied.   I'm goin' home agin,  Compared to all them snowdrifts, country mud is slick  an' thin.  An' when the fuel's fjcttin' low 'twill do my feelin's good  To know the axe is handy for to chop a load o' wood.  I'm goin' home agin ; out where there isn't any law  To keep a man from sittin' down an waitin' fur a thaw,  I used, to think 'twas hard to spade the ground; but I  diinno.  It's easier diggin' garden than it is so shovel show.  I'm goin' back to where the.pantry's alius full o' pic  An' the bacon from the rafter a-hangin', not too high ;  \\ hero all you've got to do is lift your rations from the  peg  An tho hens don t want a niclu!l every time they lay An  V   .ckk..-: ���;'*.-���������,-��������� '.���;.���.:���/      ������-   ..  SOtoEY  Thomson Stationery Co., Li.  -CST-Ei-soisr  CALL AND SEE It  '    _-__<3-__lsrT- FOE  DARLING BROS., Montreal,  Elevators and Machine Specialties.  DRJUMMOND; McCALL CO., Mohtreal,  Bar Iron,.Tool Steel, and Water Works Supplies.  .SADDLER^&sHAWpRTlHi: Montreal,  ^"^;j;."Hi^h'-fradJ-"V"B :    "-"��� "  n_.n'>"D o^     ��        ^ _S?n!ldD_0U'P 8>1J��6hD'ff   UD��n   D��D   "'   "   "        n n     "^    '        '^''Sd0 n  - J'. �� 'n*  ij-J'-k _-C)ixBI^SG?S%0N^ C^, ISan #pandsco;  SEECIALTIES:  Hydraulic Steel  Pipe  Flexible   Steel   Hose   Armour  ! "^ "     Ice" Mac}iine-fy arid .Xutthill?*Water Wheels.  Write>fbr S#tlogues and Frieesy     ^AHGOiJ^Eff, BflJl  &WS  Refiners of Gold and Silver Bars, Gold Dust, Ete  BXJTEES   O-P  3TEINWAT  The   Standard  of the World.  Piano  NORDHEIMER  The Artistic  Canada.  Piano of  ABT AND MUSIC CO., Nelson, Agents,  Patronize Home Industry  SMOKE UNION MADE CIGARS  &oM, Silver1, Lead and Goppep Ores, Bold Concentrates, Lead Bullion, Gyanide Product, Etc  OBCE  -A-I-TIO  BlD"X_Jl,l01sr  A8SA1TE:  Wbrlis at Vallejo Junction, Cialifornia  Office, 416, Montgomery Street, Sah Francisco, California  C. F. ETT  and  Dealer  a  OUR SPECIALTY'  H  MANUFACTUKKD BY THE  Kootenay Cigar  Manufacturing Co.  BEST DRY WOOD  Delivered to any part of tho city.  Full measurement' guaranteed.  H. D. Ashcroft  BLAOKSMITHlNG  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  Wagon repairing promptly attorded to by a flri_t-clas.-  wlicclviTight.  Special attention givt n to all kinds of rcjpaiiing and  Custom work from outside points.  Notice   of Application   for  Certificate   of  Improvement-;.  1JKET.IN-1.3251 0.1," KUItKin. LS255G. I, O. V.  0,  KHACTION  i, 32*>_ g. 1, iikitannU hl&W& 1, g"hani. r��� 1810o. 1, macj  KHAfrl'IOiN I. :W5(> O. 1, MINKKAI. CLAIMS, .SITUATK IN  niK N--I,BOr. MINING DIVISION O'lf WKST KOOTKNAY  MSTIUUT. AND LOCATKI. ON TOA1) MOUNTAIN, AlWOIN  ING Till. HA III. MINKS.  Take notice that I, Johii Hii-sdli, as agent for tlio Hall  Mines Company, I-ituitod, free miiiBFs certilicato No.  255.a, intend, sixty days from the date hereof, to apply  ��� to I he mining recorder for a certificate of improvemonts,  for tho purpose of obtaining a qroVvn grant of the "above  claims. And further take notico tliat action, under section 37, must be commenced before tho issuance of such  C-rtiflcatc of improvements. JOHN HIliSCH.  '* Dated this 2(ith day of November, 1898.; " [Jaii 25!  Office at Corner Baker and Ward Streets  LAKE OF THE WOODS MILLING GO'S  HUNGARIAN BRAND  BEST PATENT  FLOUR  On sale at-  -S**'  Hi_j-DQUA_tTi_l.S, March 1st, 1809.  NELSON   COMPANY  KOOTENAY   RIFLES.  The company will parade on Tuesdays and Saturdays  at tho Armory, at 7:15 p. m., until further orders. - By  order, ..    . AHTHUJt K. HODGINS, Captain.  ATLANTIC   STEAMSHIP   TICKETS.  To and from Kuropcan points via Canadian and American lines. Apply for sailing dates, rates, tickets, and  full inf orznat-on to any Canadian Pacific railway agent or  C. P. R. City Agent, Nelson.  WILLIAM STITT. General ii S. Agent, Winnipeg.  J. A. IRVING & CO.'S,  Corner Itakor and Kootenay Streets.  KIRKPATRICK & WILSON'S,  Baker Street, near Ward.  M. DES BRISAY & CO.'S,  Aberdeen Block, Baker Street.  Application for Liquor License.  Notice is hereby given that we will, thirty days from  the date of thij notice, apply to the government agent at  Nelson for a license to sell liquor at retail at our.hotel,  known its tho Majestic Hotel, situate on the government  trail between Kaglc and Forty-nine creeks, in West  Kootenay district, British Columbia.  JOHN MILES,  Dated March 1st, 1899. : E. BABUK'n'.  SHOP:   Hall Street, between. Baker and Vornon, Nelson  ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE.  IN   THE   SUI'KI.ME   COURT   OV   BKITISII   COL0MHIA ���IN  PMOHATB.  In tho matter of the estate and erects of Charles Van  Ness, deceased, intestate. .  Notice is hereby given tliat aii order of this honourable  court dated tho 25 h day of February, A. D. IS'9, Alfred  John Marks and Decatur Downing havo been appointed  administrators of the per onal estato and effects of 'ho  said deceased, who died on or about tho 12th day of January, A. D. 1899.  All persons having claims against the said deceased  arc required on or bofore the first day of April, A. D.  1S99, to send full particulars of such clainis. duly verified  by statutory declaration, to Alfred Jolm Marks, of Nelson, B. C. with their christian and surnames, addresses  and (Icscripticns and the value of the securities, if any,  held by them.  ���'     .  And further take notice that after such last mentioned  date, the said administrators will proceed to administer  the said estate and distribute the proceeds thereof  amongst tho parties entitled/thereto, having regard only  to the claims of wliich they shall then havo notice and  will not be liable for the assets or any part thereof to any  person or persons of whose claims notice shall not have  been rcciivcd by them at the date of such distribution.  ELLIOT & LKNNIE,  Solicitors for the Administrators.  J)atcd i,his 28th day of February. A. V. 1890. i  Notice   Of  Application   for  Improvements.  Certiflcate  of  VELLOWSTOjNK Mlifl.UAL CIjAIM, SITUATE IN TJIK NKLSON  MINING DIVISION OV WEST KOOTENAY DISTKICT, AND  LOCATED SIX MILES EAST OK SALMON IUVER, ON KOKKS  OK WOLK AND SHEEP CKI-EKS.  Take notice that I. J. M. It.' Fairbairn. aclingiis agent  for Hugh M. Biliings, free miner'i. certificate No. 21,789a,  and, Thomas Bonnet, free miner's certificate No. 1*j,G25a,  intend, sixty days from,the datehereof, to apply to tho'  mining recorder for a certificate of improvements, for  the i urposc f f obtaining a crown grant of the above  claim. And further tako notice that action, under section 37, must bo con menccd before the issuance of such  certificate of improvements.      J. M. It. FAIRBAIKN.  Dated this 28th day of February, 1899.  KOOTENAY LAKE GENERAL HOSPITAL  The annual meeting of tho Kootenay Lake General  ���Hospital Society will be held on Tuesf'av, the Mth day of  March, 1899, at 3 p. m., in the court house.  There will be a meeting of the directors at 2:30 p. ni.  The membership fee is 810 per annum, and entitles tho  member to hospital benefits for one year.  Any person subscribing $1 a month will bo entitled to  the benefits of the hospital for that period.  Subscriptions aro solicited and a full attendance of  members and those desirous of becoming members is requested. A full statement of receipts and expenditures  will be submitted and other important business will be  transacted. F. W. SWANNKLL, Secretary.  WILL HUY  OLD  BAGS  THE TBIBUNE  WILL SELL  OLD    '  PAPERS  Oflleo:  Vernon street, Nelson, B. C.  :.JTl  .V^^'^^^*-'^.,*M^^^L.^^n^irLft'*-*-r THE   TRIBUNE:   NELSON, B. 0.,. SATURDAY,  MARCH  11,  1899.  Capital,  Rest,  all paid  up.     -  $12,000,000  6,000,000  LOR!. STRATIICONA AND  'Ion. GKO. A. DRUMMOND.  K   S. CIjOUSTON   MT  ROYAL, Prosident   Vice-President   General Manager  "-Sr-EH-SO-NT  33K.____isrc_3:  N.W. Cor. Baker and Stanley Streets.        I.KAN'C.IKf. IN       I.ONDON   (Kngland),   NEW YORK.  and in tho principal nitii  CHICAGO  iu Canada.  I'ransfors  Uuy and sell Sterling Exchaugo and Cable  GKANT COMMKKCIAI, AND TUAVKLLERS' CHKDITR.  available in any part of the world.  DRAFTS ISSUED    COLLECTIONS MADE; KTC.  THIIE] :b_a_.:_>j":kz  OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA  NELSON  IMPERIAL BANK  OF CANADA  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CURRENT RATE OF INTEREST PAID  PATRIOTISM   NOT   GOOD   FORM,  te  ll! Spite of the  Shining  Example  of Great  Britian's  Sons.  [Pan Francisco Argonaut, March Cth.]  We Americans have had for many years  the reputation of being a bragging nation. We talked, in Dickeu's time, most  pompously of our "institootions," and in  travellers' tales we are described as boasting that we can "lick creation." .Our  countrymen, travelling abroad for the  first time, were naturally surprised to  find iu many instances that we had superior attractions in. various parts of  America to the more famous and written-  about scenery'.of" the Old World; and I  aril afraid they loudly impressed that fact  upon all they met. In lauds where very  little was,known about America', where it  was regarded as a half-civilized place of  importance, it was difficult not to..uphold  our country, our improvements, in fact  our "institootions."  That is all  changed now.    A  reaction  has set iu.  The travelling Americans, and  those who live on the eastern side of the  continent,   where    constant   intercourse  with Europe is kept up, having assumed a  deprecating  attitude.     It   is now   good  form to belittle the affairs of our native  land.   The Americans,  always.a humor-  ,   ous people, ha've= turned the satire against  themselves.'  Far from upholding our gov.  ernraeut,-the "favorite jest is that, directed  against thahonesty of those iu highoQice.  Even our heroes are not free.  J-Javal and  ' military volunteers who wrote'their. war  experiences are jeered'and  jibed at, and  gallant Hobsc...; who is ppwerlesVtb' reply  or defend .himself, is made   the -butt of  veiT unpatriotic jests'.. This.is not alto:  fgether   because   New York' is a "disloyal  state, but the better class of people are so  afraid"of  appearing, "spread-eagle" that  they err on tho other side.  -\VhiI- we on this side the Atlantic.are  --learning our lesson of humility, England,  ]  on  the other   hand,   lias   beeir growing  more and more outspoken in her patriotism..  Several causes have led to this : the  queen's,great jubilee, the most soul-stirring event of the ceu.t,ut*.Vi; the- mobilisation .ofjthe .white.fi.Get in English, ;watei. s ;  ".��� andlfiotleasf,^o'.stlr the"hj^alrts.Vof;I3ri;tk|il  " ^olpatiyotit*fervor,- the srongsi pi Kipling.  Englishhien ":t6,da;y affe not  ashamed   to  tdikfdr"hoursjip^praise of their counfcry :  they" willdejemhe tb^-jr tfavj/j tihe largest  in.^heAyoMld.';��� ,'tlhe.ir "pp'ggessioins Oii .whi.h  the" sun"'ney$-[sets;_ and ,th"e (ioiuit. prtper  could,not.live^i\i"!i_i_^laua that w_uld cast  onegibe^at Kitcbeiieri  Jn Bngtahd, during our late war, all the  enthusiasm aiid congratulations came  _f roniou -���___. ugl is h_f rien d s_; Jth e y^ciro wded  about our photographs of ��ewey ancl  Hobson with genuine admiration and  interesjb.; ThSarniy and navy officers we  know openly envied us su6h a good fight,  aud all declared, with superb naivete that  we owed our fighting qualities to the good  old Anglo-Saxon blood.. But the Arrieri-  eiins resident in England were very reserved, Oui' uucprtc;ealed pride in' the  bravest ancl best disciplined iiavy in the  world shocked th-tSi. Tliey listened in-  credniOns to tales of Cities that {.uttered  at every housetop, at every public building and humble "window, with American  flips; of Streets Mned with cheering multitudes as oui' brave men men inarched  out to war; and that pfofane hutforcible  toast expressive of America's feelings toward Spain filled them with horrid dismay. One'young1 man, whose sentiments  were more than usually disloyal, defended  himself by sa,ving: "I do not consider  myself au American���I am a New  Yorker."       .  If the American boy were influenced b.y  the opinions of what is called "Society"  and of the New York papers that are exclusively high class; lie would learn the  following lesson : If this country got into  another war, to stay out of it; if he were  forced to go, and by, chance became a  hero, to sneak home in disguise, lest his  countrywomen in all innocence, or the  public press with malice, should conspire  to make him ridiculous ; if he were poor,  and the magazines offered him large sums  of money to write his* experiences, to  refuse promptly, regardless of the needs  of his family. Above all things, he would  learn that he should come home quickly*  while the subject was still warm: if  typhoid or wounds delay, he should not  expect recognition on his return. His  countrymen will be "sick of the war" by  that time ; and the sight, of a pale soldier,  with his arm in a sling, will only bore his  friends, they have "seen so many!"  But our country is not made up of  traveling New Yorkers who spend much  of their time in the Old World and imbibe their, opinions there. The great mass  of the people care very little for the  criticisms of England   or Europe, and  Are now prepared to issue  Drafts and Letters of Credit on  Dawson City, Yukon District.  when, during the war, one stirring event  followed another, and roused (hem to enthusiasm, brag is but a feeble word to express their glowing praise of victoiiou--  commanders of their men.  New York is too near England and  Europe to be truly patriotic. .New Yorkers are deprecating and uncertain before  the bold front of England. When our  cousins patronize * and explain the  universe, the visiting Americans may  rage inwardly, but they are impressed  none the less. The lofty .manner that  Britain assumes, the conceit so collossal  that it takes on the proportions of a virtue, impels their admiration, and any attempt to defend themselves, or uphold  their country only brings them into collision with tliose who can brag bigger and  louder than any nation on earth.  The West, the South, in fact all our immense country goes- on cheerfully oblivious to the opinions of the outside  world. Each little town is the centre of  the universe to the inhabitants, each  county better governed than any other,  ancl every State plumes itself upon being  the most important in the Union, and  there is no opposing voice. We are altogether, bar a slice of land on the eastern  coast, a solid, patriotic, truly Republican  country, with a "gude conceit o' oursel's."  Which is as it should be. No man ever  made a success who doubled his own ability and no nation can rank high in this  world t hat does not believe in and-uphold  its institutions.  Capital, Paid Up  Reserve  $2,000,000  1,200,000  HEAD OFFICE, TORONTO  D.   R.  WILKIE, General Manager  ANDREE   AND   HIS   JOURNEY  Several  Messages Said to Have Been  Received From Him.  The reported finding of Andree's balloon and the bodies of its occupants in  Siberia has again given rise to much  gossip iu scientific circles concerning the  explorer.  The Swedish aeronaut, professor Andree, in 1805 announced his intention to  make an attempt to reach the north pole  by balloou. He explained his views at a  sitting of the. academy of Science in  Stockholm. He expressed thebelief that  a balloon could make the voyage from  Spiti-bergen in about, thirty days, and  that the cost of the enterprise would Lnot  exceed 130,000" krpners "(about. $3G,000)".>  Andree said he.hcped tobe carried due  north from Spitsbergen to the pole.- The'  academy* approved theproject, and king  Oscar 61 Sweden subscribed . 30,000 kron-  ers. ' .        .-_'-'  A balloon, ultimately christened the  "Eagle," was built and prepared for the  novel voyage at Tromsoe,.Norway. Supplies for four months were stored- in the =  airship, and scientific instruments, a  sledge, a canvas boat, arms; ammunition,  bajlast, etc., added, the total weight being about 0000 pounds. The material of  the,balloon was so close thai, the waste of  gas was reduced, to a minimum, while tlie  ���eXr ck.hsisieci pi t>|o stories," cOntai-iing Jan.  bedroom, store" -Upbo'ard-I. "dpd a��� dark-;  X'Q.nn_ for photogijafehic. purposes.      �� ;  ,Ev6i'ytMng     btjing"    rfead'y, :  Andree  started* with...two* {cQtnpaqipnSj ]_).r. j_>.-.T...  St.iiindbeig and Heln-FiVnlcel^from-Dane's.  island1 ornJui^lIth, 1B-7.- -The ascent"���vya.s  Under-favorable cifccni'ustaiices^amid the,  cheers of a large crowd that .had. gathered,  to bjd the daring tra;ve.er�� farewell, tihd  the "Eagle" paSscjd away, traveling in a  north-northerly direction,   l^vajb was, the  last seen of AndreS and his oojuyjaujonSi. _  Thfee^clays-later a selvhiWtel^tTT'the  west of. Phipps  island, north  of  Spilz-  bergeii, killed a carrier pigeon, which had  Residenee Lots for Sale!  Business corner on Vernon street . . ��4000  House and lob on Victoria street, near  _?roshyfcei'ia;i church (.Snap) . . . .,.. 1800  House, aiid lot* on Victoria street . . . 1(550  House and lot on Victoria street . . . 1900  House and two lots on Carbonate St. 1S00  jD.'iiry K��...ol*, on Ivootfinay Lake hear  kelson, ofVei'sreceived.  House to rent on Stanley St. $10 per niohth  5l,on oy to loan ut lowest, nitos.  ALEX   STEWART,    Mining   Broker,  Otlico:   Turner & Itocekli block, Baker and  VV'iiril stroots Nolson.  NELSON BRANCH  A general banking business tr.insiu.tc_.  Savings bank department.  Deposits of $1  and  upwards received  and interest  allowed.  J. M. LAY, Manager.  come from Andree's balloon. Prom the  pigeon this message was taken :  1 "July 13, 12:30 o'clock, noon, latitude  82 deg. 2 min., longitude 15 deg. 5 min.  east���Good speed toward the east; 10 degrees to south. All well on board. This  is the third pigeon that we have sent out.  (Signed) Andree."  This dispatch indicated that the balloon  had only travelled a fifth,of the distance  separating Spitzbergen from the pole,  and that it was no longer going toward  the north, but toward the east. On J,uly  20th a carrier pigeOn was said to have  been caught near Soevde, in Rifylke, near;  Tromwe island, north of Norway, with a  silver ring in one claw and the following  message:  "North pole, 142 west 47.62."  On July 22nd a message from Copenhagen to London reported that stamped  on the wing of a carrier'pigeon caught  near Tromose island was this:  '.North pole passed.   Fifteenth."  Biluch. doubt was expressed as to the  anthenticity of these messages and their  having cOme from Andree. In this connection Mr. Scott Keltie, secretary of the  Royal Geographical Society, said : "It  cannot be doubted that Andree will first  be heard from on the extreme north of  America or the Siberian coast.'  General A. W. Greely, Arctic explorer,  at the same time said that Andree had  admitted the possibility of his landing  on the Siberian coast.  In August, 1897,  the Vossiche Zeitung  The Tremont Hotel  published a dispatch from llammerfesr,  Norw.-y, which -et. forth that one of the  .seH'rchi'f-i for Andree met* the sealing  vf^e! "Alk����n" almur. July 22>id of that  y-a , ��nd l< arned fiora It r i-ajitain that  One of tlie crew hud ��hr>t a pigeon lietween  North cape n.iwl Seven inlands, ou the  north i'<>'i~t of Lipland, benrintj a mess-  Hfn ..H'l-fx-sed to the At'tenbladet, Stockholm.   Ic read :  "Eghty-two degrees passed. Good  jouriiev.    Northward.    Andree."  In Yeneseik, Siberia, sixty-two days  after Andree's start, it was reported that  a balloon had been seen passing there. It-  is in this province that the bodies have  been discovered.  In April, 1S9S, headed by Dr. Otto  Nordenskjold, a party made an unsucces-.  ful search for Andreu. In the following  August M. Varich ancl Dr. Terwange,  French scientist", and six companions  planned a voyage to the north pole in a  balloon. They intended to go from Skagway to Dawson, in the Klondike, landing  four of their number, while theremaining  four searched for Andree.  .  The expedition of Theodore Lerner,  which started in May, found no trace of  the missing aeronaut. The expedition  reached 81 degrees north.  In January last a despatch from Copenhagen set forth that a traveler named  Daniel Brunn was organizing a party to  search for Andree in eastern Greenland  during the coming summer.  Sweedish papers recently published a  story of a Norwegian sailing master  which it was thought might throw some  light ou'VA.ndree's whereabouts. Several  of his crew, he said, while in a .seal boat  between Iceland and Greenland, in 00 de-  . grees 30 seconds north latitude and 28 degrees longitude, west of Greenwich, saw  on a mass of ice a heap which looked like  a bundle of steel wires.  Vienna Restaurant  P. Burns & Co.  WHOLESAI...   AND   RETAIL*  Meat Merchants  Wholesale Markets at J-lelson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood,  RETAIL   STORES  AT  Nelson,   Trail,  Ymir, Kaslo,  New Denver,  Sandon, Silverton, Cascade  (        City, Grand Forks,   Midway, Greenwood and Sirdar.  ORDERS BY MAIL  PROMPTLY FORWARDED  fjead Office, Nelson, B.C.  *��������  Baker street, between Josephine and  Hall streets, Nelson.  -UKALS AT ALL HOURS, DAY OR NK.HT  BAKERY IN' CONNECTION  FAMILY AND PASTRY COOKING A SPECIALTY  ONLY WHITE HELP EMPLOYED  IV1AL0J.E & TRECILLUS  -PROPRIETORS .  Headquarters for liners and. Prospectors  R. HURRY,  Prop,  BON TON RESTAURANT.  OPEN DAY AND NIGHT  THE RI_ST, BRANDS OP  Liquors and Cigars  ALWAYS ON HANI)  One of the best and most popular hotelsi in Nelson.  The only restaurant  in   the city  employing- only white cooks.  ,' Mercliahts' lunch   from   12- to   2  o'clock, ^25 =cents..   Dinner'from 5  ;to. 8. , Short orders   at  all -hours.  CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAY  AND SQOLINE    "       -  Fast  BAKER STREET; NELSON.  3E  <  CANADA   LIFE ASSURANCE CO.  -ETO-S-   S__._C.-E--  .-lloon. House, -Mines Rond ...�� 750  1 Room House and 2 Lots, Victoria St 1200  _ETO_=J   -B-El-CSTT  Tln-co and Four Room Houses  J.  D.  CHRISTIE  GENERAL BROKER  Oflicc in Aberdeen block. Baker St., Nelson  FIRE INSURANCE, REAL ESTATE  c.  o  -C  S3  O  >  C-  o  Heated with Hot Mr and  Lighted by Electricity  Large comfortable  bedrooms  and   first-class dining  room.   Sample rooms for commercial mem  _B_A.O?-__-S  &2  _?_n_a  _d__v__-  Mrs.  . i'Ci.   PLARKE, Prop.  Late of the Ro'yal Hotgl*  'I  Calgary,  Charles A. Watepman & Co.  CUSTOMS BROKERS  AUCTIONEERS  REAL ESTATE and GENERAL AGENTS  Baker Street, Nelson  FIRST DOOR WKST BANK B. C. BUILDING.  \\. D. HUME, Manager.  The finest hotel in tho interior.  Largo sample rooms.   Steam heat and electric light.  CORNKR OF WARD AND VERNON STS., NKLSON  Madden House  BAKER AND WARD STREETS, NELSON  and  Short  Route.to and   From  Kootenay Country.   ,  "First-class" and Tourist Sleepers Operated from  '  - PACIFIC TO ATLANTIC  -   Tickets issued through and baggage  checked to .destination.  ,  COIT__Sr*H10'-I?IO__TS  Rossland, Trail  and Robsorj-  Vl_ea,ve. "    ���       DAILY Arrive.  -:10;plDliiV."..... .��� :....... NELSON -0:*'0 p. in.  Main Lir\o and Intermediate Poin,.s via Slocan Lake.  ���Lca/vc. "��� ���    " DAILY Arrive.  ��:3o:a.m:.... ��� ��� .�����. ./*.<�������.. NELSOjV 8:30 p. in.  Kootenay Lake.-Xaslo :f5oute--Stearner Kokanee.  Lcayci.          ".      Daily Except Sunday    ��� Arrive  4:Q0;p."iri...t... ...j.:...NELSON 11:00a.m.  K.ootei)ay River Route-Steamer Moyie.  Hoi.., Wed., Fri.                                    Tues., Thurs., Sat.  8:00 a. fn. l_ea*-c.,..... .NELSON Arrive 0:50 p. in.  Makegconnectioii at Pilot Bay w.ith steamer Kokanee i  in bo-h-directions.  ____StcaTllci���fi__6l^^thcir__r.cspect^.\:e_r6utCR_icalLat���.pl���Jllcipivl=  landings iii both directions, and at other points vt-heii  signalledij  Ascertain Rates and, full information by addressing  nearest local'agent or  C. E. BEASLEY, City Ticket Agent,  R. tf. DREW, Agefit.  W. E. A.VDKRS6.V,,Traveling Passenger Agent, Nelson.  E. J. CoyIjE, Dis't Passenger Agont, Vancouver.  }  Nelson, B. C.  The only hotel in Nelson that has remained under one  management since 1890. ,,.,,,,  The bed-rooms  are  well furnished and   lighted by  electricity. .,  The dining-room is not second to any in Kootenay.  Tlio bar is always stocked by the best domestic and  imported liquors and cigars.       -.'���'���  1 THOMAS-MADDEN, Proprietor.  Largo and well lighted Heated by hot air  Reasonable rates Sample.rooms  Electric bells and light m every room  .  Renovated and refurnished throughout  ;  HOTEL  VICTORIA  V     ,-J. V. PERKS, Proprietor   .   .'  Free bus meets all trains  Hourly street car to station  Revelstoke, B.C.  Spokane Falls & Northern,  Nelson & Fort Sheppard,  Red Mountain Railways.  Tl|e only all rail route vyithout charfge of cars  between Nelson an,d Rossland, an.d  Spokar*e and Rosslarjd.  DAILY   TRAINS.  Leavo _ Arrive  !):l(i a. m NELSON  fl.-SO p.m.  11:55a. in  ROSSLAND  .:.:10 p. m.  8:30 a. in .......SPOKANE.... .(i:lOp.m.  Tlie train thati-Oftves Nelson at 0:20a. in., makes close  comicctioiiS at Spokane with trains for all Pacific Coast  points.  Passengers for Kettle River and Roundary Creek con  nect at Marcus with stage daily.  C. G. DIXON, G. P. & '{'��� A.  Kootenay Railway & Navigation Co.  STR. INTERNATI< )NAL  Daily except Sunday.      Pacific standard time  KASLO TO NELSON  South      Read Read      North  hound      down up        bound  Leave    (.-SO a.m    Kaslo    ..8:30 p.m. Arrive  Due        7:30    i Ainsworlh 7:10    ,, Duo  Due       8:00   i.      Pilot Buy  0:30    " Duo  Duo        8:15    ,i Balfour 0:00    n ���      Due  Due        9:45    m   ....Five-mile Point....5:10    m Due  Arrive 10:30    n     Nelson  4:30    n      Leave  Connects with N. & Ft. S. Ry. train for Spokane, leaving Five-mile Point at 10:05 a.m.  Steamers leave Kaslo city wharf at foot of Third street  ROBERT IRVING. Manager.  l(aslo & Slocan Railway  OOING WKST PAK.V OOINO   KAST  Leave    8.00 a.m. Kaslo Arrive 3.53 i). .in.,.  Arrivo 10.40    " Sandon Leave  1.15    "  CODY   BRAjVCH.  Leavo    11.00 a.m. .Saiidon. Arrivo 11.40 a. in  Arrive   11.15    " Cmly Ixsavo 11.25    "  G. F. COPKLANI). Superintendent.  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  ALL KINDS OF FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  Baker Street, Nelson   E. C. TRAVES, Manager  ORDERS BY MAIL RECEIVE CAREFUL AND PROMPT ATTENTION.  James McPhee  PRACTICAL  ELECTRICIAN  Will contract to supply and install any l^ind of electrical machinery  Will wire buildings for eleetrie lighting, electric bells,  electric burglar alarms, electric annunciators.  Will contract to install fire alarm systems in towns an  cities.   Full stock ot wire and 11-t.tures on hand.  WRJTE F0H PRICES.    Office and Storeroom:   Josephine Street, {.elson.  LONDON AND BRITISH COLUMBIA GOLDFIELDS, Ltd.  HEAD  OFFICE,   LONDON,   ENGLAND.  All communications relating to  British  Columbia business to be addressed  to P.O. Drawer  505, Nelson, British Columbia  J. RODERICK ROBERTSON, Genera! Manager t   Kir-i   ��_>/-*x��.i     _-��   r-\  S. S FOWLER, E.M., Mining Engineer \  INtLbUN,   D. U.  Goat River Lumber Company  CEESTOlsr,   _B. C.  Situate on  the  Crow's uNest Railway is prepared to  deliver lumber of any  description in  any quantity  at  any  place  within the      x  .  district  of Kootenay.     ;  -     - , ^  *T. z  TpnrlprQ SfilipifpH       G0AT RIVER LU^^ER company,  lUIIUCrd   OUI It, I Lt!U G   A   bIGELOW,  Manager  Nelson  Planing  FLOORING, LINING, MOULDINGS, DOORS,  AND SASHES IN STOCK.,  EVERY DESCMPTIONJOOOIJM  MADE TO ORDER  Office and Mills Corner Hall and Front Streets, Nelson  Lumber   Lumber   Lutnb&f  Kootenay Lake Sawmill, G. O. Buchanan, Prop.  First   class   lumber  at   right   prices    Also  a   full   line   Of   Sash,  Doors, Turned Work, etc., constantly or) hand:i  Yard:  Foot Hendryx Street.       JOHN R_VE, Agent.  s  For Miners, Pit Sinkers, Quarrymen and Contractors  ONTARIO POWDER WORKS, Kingston, Ont.  .MA.VOKj.CrOllEtiS .\N*I)  DHAI.teHS IN  IB  ing Apparatus, Fuse, Gaps, le.  ���w-'rit-E: foe -?eiob lists  GEO. CRADOCK & CO;  WAKEFIELD, ENGLAND.  Origrinal Manufacturers and Introducers of Lang's Patent  sole -A-GE-crrrs foe o.A-isr-___D_-- 4  THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B.C., SATURDAY, MARCH 11, 1899,  LOCAL   NEWS   AND   GOSSIP.  See that your  prescriptions are  filled by us.  TT7"E carry the most complete line  of drug sundries in Kootenay  and the quality of our goods is the  best that money can buy. Our prices  are no higher than our competitors  charge for inferior goods.  Wc use none but I lie best, quality of drugs and chemical!.  Special nUcnlion given, to their compounding  W. F. Teetzel & Co.  CORNER BAKER AND JOSEPHINE STItEETS, NKLSON  Special this Weely  Box Calf,  Heavy Goodyear Welt,  Chrome Tanned,  Leather Lined Shoes  Hotel arrivals i'or the week ending last  night: Tremont 29, Queen's 51, Hnine 59,  Madden 25, Phair (33, Grand Central 51,  Clarke 32, Royal 35, Club 40, Silver King  35, Sherbrooke 25, Klondyke 65; or an  average of over 70 a day.  A game of curling, probably the last of  the season, was played last night at the  Crystal rink. The opposing rinks were  composed ot* Dr. Hall, A. Carrie, J. H.  Wallace, P. Tamblyn (skip), and C.Archibald, J. P. Thompson, T. W. Houston, W.  R'chardson(skip). Twelveends were played  the score being 13 points to 9 iu favor of  Tatnblyn's rink.  S. J. Mighton, who has carried on an  extensive business as a tobacconist aud  smoker's sundries, has assigned to Hugh  R. Cameron for the benefitof his creditors.  The firms of Tuckett & Son and Buntiu,  Gillis & Company of Hamilton are said to  be the principal creditors.  Sheriff Robinson is considering the advisability oi. entering the lists in the contest for the position of provincial representative at the Paris exposition.  A meeting of those interested in the organization of a baseball club will be held  iu the Hume hall this evening at eight-  o'clock. James Neelands says that au effort will be made this season to get together a team that can play baseball, and  all those who are interested in the game  are requested to attend the meeting this  evening.  A meeting of the finance committee was  held this afternoon for the purpose of going over the current accounts for submission to the council at its meeting Monday evening.  ���??>*r~  Contractors  and Others  Who use picks, shovels, etc.,  should not fail to look at our line  of goods, which for qualities and  material cannot be beat.  NELSON, B.'C.  KASLO, B. C.  SANDON, B. C.  DEALERS  IN  Shelf and Heavy Hardware  Vancouver Hardware Co., L__  Importers of Shelf and Heavy Hardware.  MARA & BARNARD BLOCK, BAKER ST., NELSON  . who has a piece of  & Bedlington road,  He says that there  of road under con-  Just  arrived,  a  stock  of  the  celebrated  Our price, $4.50  Regular price, $5.00  18 and 20, Baker Street,  v (Postoffice Store) Nelson  Branch Store at YMIR.  James A. Gilker  *^^^t |S?5,*^gD^iBEp INTO 2500 SHARES OF $10 EACH  -���^l^ljicOT^ Act .to. take -over  ttlie^^ and   conduct,j a  general  $]3nja^ .       -�� /   -  '^Sf?^pS^0^^^i^^^^^x&s, will, be:issued to the former  fdwiief s s:dS��*eV.'fei^u__B^a_dd \ 400. .offered,, to., the -public? for  subscription; the remaining-  1500 will remain in the treas-  xur&ikb.The procee^s^of ithe. 400^shares offered:.i:to the public  .-, #u     ���_..�����.��/ D"   oo      fP.u    o        .   ^JT,a;-nnApDVD=    D._P.   J-,, D*o^-��    %o     mBJf^l"^^    - o -o"' _"   . " n"-    o    D��o %   rf.*V    Vo    S       - _ .    -D,, n  Du_ n'n      ��� *     �� n     �� o JET*-     A     0 *H_ o o*      ��  will be used in purchasing additional plant.   The subscnp-  |a|:f *l]ji^0m&kCpM��� Shh: &&��pMMmii^ oW. T&r:noii %^��$t,/ NeisonV  ^erm|^/'^!nerf6ir^!_i;��� art ^^senfring^ o^^ 80 d^s;:;��  Man&gfer The Tribufie Association^; Limited.  John Breckenridge  work on the Nelson  was in Nelson today,  are forty-five miles  struction and that 2500 men are strung  along the work. He expects that the  grade will be finished about July 1st and  that trains will be running over it .a  mouth later. The sub-contractors will'  not make much out of the Nelson & Bedlington. What there is to make will be  secured by, the chief contractors, Foley  Brothers, Larson & Hilverson.  William Irvine will arrive home tonight  from New York, where he has spent the  past month selecting goods for his firm's  store in Nelson.  W. A. Costello has opened an office on  Baker street, one door west of the Nelson  laundry, where anyone needing an express wagon should drop in.  Alderman Thomson returned last night  from a two-weeks' trip to Victoria.  There are several applicants for the  office of chief of police, which it is expected will be declared vacant when the board  of police commissioners is completed and  a meeting can be held. Robert Ince, formerly in the provincial government's  service, is among the applicanes, and he is  "said to; have the support' of.two. of the  commissioners, despite"the fact, that,-'so.  far as known, there is but one commissioner at present. '      .  BUSINESS   MENTION. ; * -.*''". "--  , Pianos tuned and violin bows re-haired.',  Leave orders at Art. & Music Con.pany,"Bakcr street,"  Nelson.  ��  %     ' ' ��� . .-- ��� ,        . "l    ���-"- -  Herr F. Steiner receives pupils in vocal  culture, piano ami. cello.   Address Art & Music'Company, Baker street," Nel&on,    .'-   -;���-' -       -    .  .  A very fine line,of- spring footwear has  ���been received at Nccland's-Shoc Emporium.'. Watch for  advertisement in Monday's TniBUNK.',fl ;    .  .." .  G.W.West4Gb.  ^JGEINERAL.TEAiyiSXEBa  GARDEN  FIELD and  FLOWER SEEDS  Fresh  SOLE AGENTS FOR  Giant Powder  TRUAX  ORB  GARS  Canton Drill Steel  - CARRY IN STOCK  Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal  Pipes, and Fittings  G-iant, Caps .and Fuse  Tools, Cutlery, Tin  and Woodenware  Stoves, Ranges,  Iron, Steel,  Sheet  Iron, T-Rails  Paints,. Oils, Glass  In bulk and packages.  We sell at eastern  catalogue prices.  Canada Drug and Book Co.,  LIMITED. 0  Corner Baker and Stanley Streets, Nelson..  h   .       "    ' . .      - . ,  Does the Eastern Tailor  ";    SPE.ND HIS' IMlbflEY\lfi"  No; then "buy your clothes from a Nelson tailor  who docs. W'c bef. "to announce that we have  out our prices .so c-lo.c this -.eason that you will ,  And,no difference between them and any.reputable house in tho cast. Then, all bcin_r equal,  .surely you willffavor homo industry. Our cloth-  iiiir ig.imidu in-Nelson. All-we ask is a trial.  BAKEi- STl.EKT WEST, NELSON, B. .C.  WE.HAVE NO-AGENTS r"   j  H. M. VINbENT  MERCHANT TAILOR-  NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:   Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.  THE LAWRENCE HARDWARTcO.  Will   be found   in  their  new  premises  on   Baker Street  with  a  complete  stock  of  HARDWARE  Shelf and  Heavy  Heavy  and Shelf  ALL KINDS OF MINING SUPPLIES  You  will find it to your jidvantagc to consult us  before placing your orders "  Tirismithing arid Plurt]birigf a Specialty  Estimates Cheerfully Furn.sh,ed  For a Nice Breakfast try iOur  i��- -.\ ���*".���Wa^h|ri^on^B%k".^d^ ���..,  ���%e:k������^||NiiillS^^dakadi-in ^fq%a-  ���   '���'"' Jbitfe:C|ir(Ha%.V:-    -7;   ""-'"  Dealers ir)  mw&VMwoBm  ��>\. "vfrt"* n��. ��� y./y^y =�� ������. .'",;,���, �����;,-" �� y,.: "��� ��,-,$���'  \ . It -yoxi*iYant,'a*".ncd.bj^.suit��or1".'fii: stylish".pair;  ��"  ofS-rtnteif&rftprine'.woiU'^ail.atVrooinsSo'^  _��!>���,(|;l,criTenrt<"bl6ok.*��r.^Hr=shQ\v�� ybu^'soine..'  . " n"ic^'���clbttf?,ai\d^samplesti aiid8 will ���send'-famc"  " ib. youi*' b-lfc.e*orVrooni iyvjicy-e' your" 'incasjire  ���'   can. ,bohd��1take.i."D1WiIl -it"���"ybU'.as��yo_Li "were  " ��� hover" _lft��d'"b6fore/",u ������"    ..       '_.       *"'  ."  'Ladies'a^iEORMABEsijm:-.  �� ,A'SPE'GIALtY\'  Pigs Feet in i pound tins, 20 pound kits and half barrels.,   Salt Mackerel, .Labrador   Herring*., and   Salmon   Belly   in   kits and.half, barrels.  FRESH. EGGS     -*CA��BE1 COD CRANBERRIES  ,���-dd* ��  a v i  a ^hi!pjnie^%*oit '^:-^i'P'S'fl\  '  '%^WM$ ������*B R;M(|S����'Gf&'S y  ��� ;an4 ^0;-��^^:^qo^  ��� ~   "Fj-sh>^ardSa  BY BUYING YOUR WATGH FROM  Th,e largest stock, in Kootenay  Cadld, d0ld Filled, Silver and Nickel Cases  Any grade movement from 7 to 21 Jewels  All guaranteed.    Repairing'a specialty  Jacob Dover, The Jeweler  _?.   O.   BOX   34 _N"_E!--_.SOISra   33^ O.  TEET and IWIINfr MAIUFACTOBY  Canvas Goods, Tents, Awnings,  and Fancy Striped Curtains for  Verandahs and Windows  lilson 81 IJ&PS-taw  DRAYING and  Bus meets all trains and boats.  Special attention given the transfer of baggage. Office and stables  on Vernon street, opposite The  Tribune office.    Telephone No. 35.  EXPRESS and DRAYING  s^ing^  BRITISH GOLUlEfi WTERy CO:, Ltd  V"-CC^CD_S.i^-3   -B- OL  M,\XUKjVCTUJII-HS 01''  ���^'nmSSJ-D BRICKS     JJTRE BK1GKS      FIRE OLAY  .VjITRJI.JED SALfl' GJ_AKE.D SlflWKIl PIPES  ALL  KINDS  OF  Having purchased the express and draying  business of .1. W. Cowan, wc are preparet.  to elo all kinds of work in this line, and solicit tho patronage of Hie people of Nelson.  Orders left at I). McAi-tlim- & Go's store,  northwest corner Baker and Ward streets,  will rccoiv.o prompt attention.   Telcphono 85  All kinds of' sanitary iittintrs. agricultural drain tile.  i!o>Vcr pots, (crra cotta, cltiinncy pipq ni.d (life lining  cliiiiiric.v* i,opS, fire brick, ifiro clay, all kinds of fire clay  KOOdB, f-..sa"j'ei;-i' i.uniacfes e^tg., nnide to order.  Ornamental   Garden  Border Tiles,  Vases,   Etc.  .Cement, plaster of paris, liiiici and all kinds of  y y       ornairtehlJil plaster w_trk.  Frait and -Omental' Trees  BAKER STREET WEST, NELSON, B, C  THEO. MADSON  PROPRIETOR  ALL SIZES OF  TENTS-IN STOCK  Baker St. opposite postofllcc, Nelson  THE BB1GHM k KEB MILLIM CO., M  WHOLESALE   _A.I*Tr)   *R*E3T^_II_i  TT A ~3T-    GrJ-l-j-_.I_tSr- ^_T-E1_E]3Z>,   ETC.  OOMER DAVIS & Co.  R. REISTERER & CO.  BREWERS AND BOTTLERS OF  Fine Lager Beep,  Ale and Porter  Bulbs, Hoses, Hollies, Rhododendrons,  . Fiiiicy Evergreens, etc. Thousands are  growii.g on my own grounds, Most  'complete'stock in the province. Bees  ���ind bee supplies, agricultural implements, spray pumps, and cut flowers.  New catalogue now ready.  THAT YOU ARE USING TEA THAT DOESN'T SUIT YOU?  Indeed wo foe! .sorry for you when we l..iioW perfectly/ well we cat., suit you in any  line of Tea,, it, matters not what kind, Oreen, Black, Young -Hyson, Gunpowder, etc., et.��.  Wo (have the largest: and best assorted stock of tc*ts jn -Nelson.  Tlie very best indications that our tea.1, are giving satisfaction is the fact that our  sales are increasing daily.  Kindly bear in mind w]icn wc sell you a pound-of tea wo sell, it to give satisfaction  and if it doesn't suit you don't keep it, for we are satisfied we can please yotl. We have  pleased the most fastidious.  Our stock of groceries is the largest in the city���always buying in car lots.  Prompt and regular  delivery to tho trade.  Brewery at Nelson.  Write for quotation- ou car loin.  -N-EX-JSOXT-,   33.  .J.  C  Application for Liquor License.  Notice is hereby given that I will, thirty days from the  date of this notice, apply lo the government agent at  Nelson for a license to sell liquor at retail at my hotel at  Five-AlJle Point, to bo known as the Castle Hotel, in  West Kootenay district, British Columbia.  l>fltcd -Vforeh Ulb, WD. H. A. HBYWOOI).  60- Westminster Road, Vancouver, B. C.  Gostello's Express  Trunks and valises delivered to any part of  the city.  ;__  All kinds of draying  done  at  reasonable  rates.    Moving furniture a specialty.  Stand at corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  ABERDEEN BLOCK  NELSON, B.C.  DesBrisay & Go  John A. Irving & Co.  JIjU'E JUST I-l-C-IVl-D A CONSIGNMENT OK  YANKEE HILL'S PURE MAPLE SYRUP  IN GALLON AND ONE-HALF GALLON TINS AND UOTTLKS  I W. A. COSTELLO, PROPRIETOR  Family orders a specialty and free daily dolivcry  ���Mail aiid telephone orders promptly attended to  Baker Street West, opposite Oddfellows' Block  TRY IT AND BE CONVINCED  THE FINEST ON THE MARKET  .1UST THE THING FOR HOT CAKES  SPECIAL ATTEMOI  Have just received a consignment of Harris home  made tweeds from Talbot Harris, Scotland.  FEED J. SQUIBE, Baker St. lelsoo  >-,  '1  ���xt  Tho supply is limited, so coll early and examine this stock.  "ya^tfW^P ���'  ��� egg, n-J-��  .  ���  ^..**-'Y',^.)wi*:'W-***^  ''^^^^^^^'^V^,


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