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Have^more silver-lead mines and prospects
^nan any other mining country
in the world.
Have the largest goid-eopper mines ever
discovered, and their output will be
millions for years.
p.s. -
Policemen Suspected ol' a Crime.
New Voile, March 3.—Startling developments    were   promised    today  'in     (ho
mystery which surrounds the murder of
Henry   Knit us the  crippled  Harlem undertaker, who was found dead in his little
shop   at  2128   Broadway last   Saturday.
His skull was crushed in with some blunt
instrument, while his   watch dog,   close
by,   was dumb, and   his wile,   upstair.;,
claimed to have been  asleep and   heard
nothing.   It is now believed that ono or
more policemen may have had a hand in
it.    Several   men   are   under  suspicion.
They include one officer attached to chief
Devery's office, two men in. the bicycle
squad, and a roundsman attached to an
uptown   precinct,   but   not  the  one  in
which   the murder took place.   Some of
the suspects  are alleged   to have, latch
keys   to  the Knaus home,   so that   they
could  let themselves in   when the  coast
was  clear.   The  theory is   that one  of
these uniformed admirers of the undertaker's buxom wife was in the house on
Friday night, and that Knaus returned
unexpectedly.     The trapped caller,   the
police believe, fell ruthlessly on the cripple with his night stick and beat in his
skull.   That the big watch dog made no
alarm is explained by the fact that it had
become used to these visitors and did not
look on them as strangers.   Mrs. Knaus's
alleged part in the terrible tragedy is yet
to be explained.   She has denied that she
knows the men who admit they know her
well, and who have been frequent callers
at the house.   She has not been arrested,
but is kept constantly under polico surveillance. '' - c   '       .
Smallpox With the Hill Party.
St. Paul, March 3.-—J. H. Carter,
colored, was yesterday sent to the pest-
house, being discovered to have a clearly
developed case of smallpox. Carter is a
sleeping-car porter and just came from
Spokane. He was employed on a special
ou which president Hill and other officials
of the Great Northern railway, who are
now. making a tour of inspection of that
road. He was sick while with the Hill
party and continued at work( until the
close of -the week, when he was'apparently unable to continue at work, and from
Spok_me he came to'this city. As soon as
it was learned that Carter had the smallpox, a telegram was sent to president
Hill, and.his' private car was .fumigated
thoroughly,, and his; entire: party.vaccin-.
■ ated.      .-   ".         '.-. *   - '"    ,   .--","-,-   -
_.   '   Received Two .Shocks and Still Lived.
Walkerton, Ont., March 3.—About mid-
, "night Thomas Potter was reading a paper
in  the power house,  and  while leaning
, back in his chair his head came in contact
with a live'wire carrying 1010 volts. This,
under ordinary circumstauces, represents
power enough to kill a man. Potter was
knocked down, and was found about an
hour after lying six feet;, away from
where he had been sitting, and the chair
upon which he had been seated was found
about ten feet away in another direction.
His assistant thought Potter was dead,
but upon shaking him found life was still
present. He then ran for assistance, and
upon hisreturn found Potter in the icy
waters of the race. He had thus received
two shocks.        ....
Will; Be "a. Captain at'Thirty,
WashingfoVn, AlafchS;*—The; president':-,
flbminatioh of Richmond Pearson Hobscm
"on the list of assistant: naval constructors
is Skid by naval officers to constitut.. the
greatest material promotion, as a recognition of gallantry-, iii the history of tlie
naval service. It will make Hobson a
captain at the age of thirty. His ad-
vance".mene amounts to 250 numbers ih the
line of the uuVy, which 'is remarkable in
comparison with the single number secured by ildmiral Dewey, the eight number.1, by admiral Sampson, and from three
to live each secured by othej: officers during the war with Spain.
Trouble at a Colorado Mine.
Gunnison, Colorado, March .'.."-The.'e is
much anxiety felt here about the situation at the Vulcan mines, near here, as
the result of an effort of the company to
replace striking union miners with nonunion men. A non-union man named J.
O. Snow was killed last Monday in an altercation with some union miners. Warrants were issued for a number of men
implicated in the affair, and the sheriff
has started for Vulcan to make the arrests. It is rumored that governor
Thomas has been asked to have troops in
readiness, as resistance to the sheriff's authority is expected.
it is said, is making an effort
to control this branch of the paper
trade in the United States. The
company is capitalized I'or $150,000, and it
controls tlie English market, in this line.
It will remove all the machinery to Joyco
City, in this state, where ih will establish
a large factory. The Western Paper
Company is one of the .larjr««t manufacturers of lace paper, in  the  United States.
Improving and Out of Danger.
Rome, March .'j.—The following bulletin
was   issued   at  0 o'clock   this   morning:
"Tho Pope passed a quiet night, ho that
the patient was able to comply with the
desire of his physicians to not change his
position.    His natural functions are normal and  his general   condition  is good.
When the bandages.were removed it was
found  that the:wound was healing and
taking    its   regular   course.     The  Pope
takes food   easily and   digests   sufficient
nourishment. His temperature is 37 centigrade,    respiration   22,   and    pulse  70."
Dr.   Laponi,   in   an  interview  today,  is
quoted  as saying he thought operation
would  perhaps  be advantageous to the
Pope's health, and prolong his life beyond
tlie age he would have reached if   the
operation had not been performed.   Today is the anniversary of the Pcpe's coronation, which took place on March 3rd,
187S.   Elaborate ceremonies and fetes had
been planned for the occasion,  but as in
the case of the birthday festivities yesterday they b.ive been abandoned,  and the
day is marked with a general  feeling of
gloom and shspense over the Pope' condition.   The most cheerful man in Rome
is the pontiff himself.   He conversed almost in a cheerful vein with those at his
bedside.   .-.-.:.. :-..   - V : "■
Miscellaneous Canadian News.
Windsor!' Ontario, March 3.—A case of
smallpox has been discovered here.
Brantford, Ontario,  March 3.—A delegate to the Canadian Order of Foresters
convention here pulled the fire alarm for
a joke, and was fined $10 and costs.
Montreal, March 3.—The Montreal
health authorities, have written the provincial board of health- asking that a
quarantine be placed on the province of
Ontario for smallpox.
- St.  Thomas,,   Ontario,   March 3.—John
Dai ley and Bertha M. Johnson' were married here Weduesday.evening.   After the:
ceremony they started "to drive to London, but the team became frightened-and.
.ran away, throwing out the couple and
badly injuring them.     _ .   .;;   __„'._. ..".",
Quebei\"March 3.'—Martin"P.' "Connolly^
of thiacity has purchased  by. tender the
output    of .   binder   -twine , from    the.
Kingston, penitentiary   for   the   current'
year.   The Ontario Binder Twine Company will handle the output.
.  ■ Kipling Resting" "Easy.   .
New York, March 3.—Rudyard Kipling's
condition was so favorable last night that
it was not deemed "necessary for any of
his attending physicians to visit him after
midnight. Doctors Dunham and:Contand
remained in the hotel, however, to be
within calTin case they-should be needed
by either Mr.-"Kipling'or his little daughter, Elsie, who is ill- with pneumonia. P.
N. Doubleday, when he saw Mr. Kipling
at 7 o'clock this morning, said that he
had rested easily during the night.
,Bot--»»are .Regarded." ■ "
Washington, March 3. -± President 'Mc?
Kinley sent to the senate nominations of
rear-admiral George Dewey toJbe admiral-
The Pope's Condition Improving.
Rome, March .3;-—T.he Pope passed a
good night. He took a little soup and
brandy at midnight and then fell asleep.
The fever increased somewhat during the
night, but Dr. Lapponi says this is usually the case after: such an operation—removal of a cyst—and that sleep will do
the most to restore the patient's strength.
At 2:50 o'clock this afternoon the Pope's
condition is satisfactory.
An English Company Makes an Investment.
Milwaukee, March 3.—Manuel, Huntley
& Co. of London have purchased the lace
paper plant of the Western Paper Com-
pa ny of this city.   The London company,
of t lie navy under the act approved March
2nd, 1890, and brigadier-general El well W.
Otis, to be major-general by brevet* to
rank iYom February 4th, 1899, for military
skill and most distinguished services in
the Philippine Islauds.
First Case on Record.
Deadwood, South Dakota, .March 3.—
Shoots-at-bim, an Indian from the Rosebud agency, has commenced divorce proceedings in the United States eii'cuit court
iii this city from his wife Fanny. He
alleges desertion and infidelity as the
cause. This ifi the first case oh record of
au Indian applying for a divorce.        ;
What Canada Should be Doing.
Philadelphia, March 3.~Over 200 boxes,
containing 170-1 gold bricks, valued at
$10,120,()2i, were received at the mint iu
this city yesterday from the United States
assay office in New York. The gold will
be coined into $10 and $20 gold pieces.
Troops Sick on a Transport,'
Gibraltar, March 3.—The United States
transport Sheridan, which sailed' from
New York on February 19th, having on
board troops for Manila, has arrived here.
Owiug to sickness on the vessel, she" has
been quarantined.
Transfers of Mineral Claims.
The transfer of the following-mineral
claims were recorded today in the Nelson
office: Queen, Niagara, Lewiston, Burlington Fraction, situate above forks of
Sheep and Wolf creeks—John A. Turner
to William Waldie : B & M, Buckhorn, S.
J. M., on north fork of Wild Horse creek,
Purple Queen, 2 miles east of Hall creek,
Wild Horse, at Deer Park, Loyal Legion,
Annie Maud, on Wild Horse creek, Transvaal, A mile west of Silver Kiug mine,
Spot Cash, (> miles up Forty-Nine creek,
Tomahawk, i mile south of Silver King
mine—S. J. Mighton to Duncan McArthur
of Nelson.
Of Aguinaldo's Insurrection in the Philippines.
New York, March 3.—A despatch to the
Herald from Manilla says:   It is rumored
here that a steamed with 20,000 stand  of
arms and ammunition, wliich was bound
for the Philippines, has been seized in Jap-:
anese waters by the Japanese authorities.
Aguinaldo's army is disheartened at the
result of the recent actions.   Many companies of insurgents have retired because
their oflicers skulk and  won't lead  their
men.   The last news from Cebu is good.
The natives are returning to the town.V
The coolies are now  willing to work at;
reasonable wages.   Under the native gov-1
ernment they asked double pay.   Vessels:
are now loading aud business has been resumed.   The  influential   natives   of thei*
islands of Mabat and Tico request generaL
Otis to send troops there.   They say that
two hundred men could easily subdue the
rebels.   The   inhabitants   are   peaceable
and are disgusted with the extortions of
three successive native governors/The
two islands contain S000 cattle, which eon-:
stitute the food supply of the rebel army
in the south.
Manila, March 3.—The gunboat Concord
has arrived here,  after a week's cruise
aloug the west coast  of  the  island of
Luzon.   The only incident of her trip was
the burning of a schooner, loaded "with
supplies for rebels, at Dagupan, the terminus of the railroad.   The natives fled
and abandoned the town^wheh  the gun-:.
boat anchored in the bay.?|: *;-
Washington, March 3.-^TheVfollowing
dispatch has been received by the secretary of war from general Otis, in answer
to  the secretary's inquiry   of yesterday:
respecting  the number of American prisoners  held   by  the  insurgents:   "Insurgents have not taken, nor do they hold, a
single prisoner of war.   They have three-
soldiers in Malolos picked up in January,
who,  without  permission,   went among"
them   near Cavite and Caloocan.   I am
looking :afterrthem and providing money.
Have-captured over 1500 insurgeuts since
Febiuaiy 4th, and hold the, majority as
prisoners   of war.   The detrimental; reports which reach the United 'States.are
manufactured . mostly  in    Hong. Kong.,
The troop-.'.here are in; a splendid condition;"'    .    \               ■ - ■ / :"       '    -   ■    '
The Drummer Knew About the Reunion and
Bet Accordingly. '
"If that drummer ever puts.up at this
house again,, I'll try. to make, his stay
interesting," said the clerk of a hotel in
one of. Michigan' liveliest towns, as he
scowled at a bellboy who was tryiughard
not to laugh.
"He came in here the other day, and,
after registering, turned the page back
and looked at the names of the day before.
'Say,' he said suddenly, 'I have discovered
a fuuuy thing in the last few days, and
that is that there are more persons registering under the name of Brown than
there are1 under the name; of Smith. I
don't know whether theBrOwn "family is
more numerous, or whether they travel
more than the Smiths. But it is .a fact,
to be foun(j on the botei registers than
there are Smiths.'
"That hash'c, been my experience,' I
answered, 'and you will'find that it isn't
true at this hotel, fbr there are six Smiths
registered here to one Brown.'
" 'Yon don't say,' he retorted. 'Now,
to prove what I say and make it more interesting, I will wager yoii that by the
time I'm ready to leave tomorrow there
will be more Browns on the register than
"I thought I had an easy mark, so I
took him up. He proposed that I should
buy him a 2o-(.eut cigar for every Brown
whose name Went down on the register,
and he would do the same forme when
the name was Smith.
"That was agreeable to me and I simply
chuckled to myself, for I knew- of at lease
two Smiths who were due, aud who
would undoubtedly be here before the
drummer left.
"Well, in less than ten minutes.it ber
gan to rain Browns. I never saw so
many Browns together in my life. The
hotel register began to look like a record
of the Brown family. Every few minutes
the drummer would call around, check up
the register and demand the cigars coming to him.
"The truth came out at last. That miserable drummer had discovered that there
was to be a reunion of the Brown family
in this city, and, learning that most of
them were going to put up here, he
sprung this scheme on me to gethissmoking for a month for uothing, and as if
that wasn't enough he has just sent me a
collect message reading, 'Done-up brown.'"
Ctot Three Months in Jail.
Provincial eanstable Wilson brought
two Italians to Nelson last night. Their
names are Frank Mendola and Nick
Tenollo, and their offence consisted in engaging in a scrap at Kusdonook, in. which
both drew revolvers and fired shots into
space. They were arraigned before George
Arthur Bigelow, J. P., who sentenced
them to three months in the provincial
Several Houses Already Established That Only
Sell to the Trade.
That Nelson is destined to be the wholesale center for the southern portion of the
interior of the province is a conviction
which is firmly fixed in the heads of the
men who are directing the affairs of the
half-dozen wholesale houses already doing
business in this city. They regard the
Boundary Creek country, the Slocan aud
East Kootenay as essentially their territory, aud they predict that the business
which they are doing iu it at present will
be doubled within the year.
Of the six wholesale houses doing business from Nelson that of Turner, Beeton-
& Co. is probably the oldest established.
The local house, which was opened in
November, 1S95, is a branch of the parent
house in Victoria, and in the few years it
has been established has scored no small
success iu securing the trade of the surrounding territory, each successive year
showing a doubling of the business of the
previous year. The local house carries on
the business of wholesale merchants, shippers and importers, and in drygoods is
without a local competitor.'.-....The other
UinesV carried include liquors, cigars and
tobaccos, and the territory covered by
the house includes that of Boundary
Creek, East Kootenay, Slocan and Trout
In the wholesale grocery business, A.
Macdonald & Co. at present have a monopoly,but in the grocery business the pre-
,seiit railway ia'es are rather against Nelson as a wholesale jobbing center. There
is, however, a prospect of at least two, and
probably three, other houses entering into the wholesale grocery business, when
it is expected that arrangements will be
made with the Canadian Pacific Railway
Company for concessions on local rates in
the distribution of goods carried into
Nelson over that company's lines which
'Will be equal to terminal rates. The new
houses which are likely to enter the
grocery business in Nelson are the Balfour Company of Hamilton, aud the Parsons Produce Company of Winnipeg.
Should they open in-Nelson, and the arrangements mentioned with the Canadian
Pacific Railway Company be made, the
Ulterior of the proviuce, from Greenwood
to Fort Steele, and from the international
boundary'north to Trout; Lake, will-be
directly tributary-'to Nelson. But until,
some such arrangements are made, Nelson .
cannot compete with the, Coast houses in
the grocery trade. The discrimination in
.the rates against Nelson,, as compared
Uwi.bh.the Coast' points,.enables-the Coast
houses'to lay goods down in interior
points more cheaply than the, same goods
can be laid down, from Nelson, and the
margin in the grocery business is so close,
that thisad vantage throws5the business
to the coast houses. - *
The firm of H. J. Evans & Co. is a rival-
of Turner, Beeton & Company's in the
liquor and cigar business,' and covers
much the same territory. ,The firm" are
also wholesale -commission merchants.
The firm reports a steady growth in business, and consider chat favorable railway
rates are all that is necessary to make
Nelson the wholesale center for the whole
of Southern Kootenay and Yale.
The CaliforniaWineCompanyis another
firm which is every day giving evidence
of the fact that Nelson is' the coming
wholesale center. In the distribution of
its goods, this company covers more
ground thau other wholesale house in
Nelson, adding to. the ground covered, by
the Others that of Cariboo." The firm
carries a: large stock of native wines,
which it imports in biilk and bottles for
The product business is divided between
the Parsons Produce Company, the: Brack-
man & lier Milling Company, J. Y. Griffin
& Co., F. R. Stewart, and the Kootenay
Supply Company. This business is not
hampered so much by unfavorable rates,
and by April l^t Nelson will be generally
recognized as the center for this trade.
On this date all the Kootenay business of
the Parson Prodi.ee Company will be centered here with brarich hoiis.es at Rossland, Greenwood, Revelstoke, atjd Orah?
From the wholesale merchant's point of
view, Southern Yale is looked upon as the
most proniising territory for business,
and the building 6f railways iii that section will increase it« trade with Nelson-
The district will probably be tapped from
two points. From the south by the Kettle
River Valley road, and from the east by
the Canadian Pacific. The business of
the Coast merchants into Southern Yale
will, therefore, be handled by an American road, and it will become an object
with the Canadian Pacific to foster Nelson's trade* iu Order to secure the business.
Transportation rates being equal, the advantage will be with Nelson merchants,
as goods can be received in two or three
days from Nelson to any point iu Southern
Yale, whereas it will take more than
double that time to receive goods from the
coast.       »
of Trade on the 21st instant passed
a strong resolution approving and supporting the passage of said bill.
And whereas, it appears to this council
that the matter of increasing railway
communication is of vital importance to
the province, inasmuch as districts now
inaccessable will by such means be opened
up, and lands possessing valuable mineral
and other resources will thereby be readily reached and consequently enhanced in
And whereas, the ultimate object of said
railway scheme is that the line shall be
projected to the coast and in all probability have a terminus in Victoria.
Therefore be it resolved, that this council hereby grants its hearty eudorsation
to this project, and trusts that the measure may receive the favorable consideration of parliament, and that a copy of
this resolution be forwarded to the honorable the minister of railways and canals.
Backs up the Action of the Board of Trade of
On Monday night the city council of
Victoria passed the following resolutions
Whereas, it appears from reports
in the public press that application
will be made at the present session of
the parliament of Canada for the passage
of the Kettle River Railway bill (otherwise known as the Corbin railway bill),
which was defeated at. the last session,
although no subsidy was asked by the
And   whereas,   the   Winnipeg   Board
A certificate of work has beeu issued to
the owners of the mineral claim Dora
in the Hot Springs camp upon the affidavit of Albert Stalberg as to amount.
John P. Redding of Kaslo has transferred td'Mrs. M. L. Martin of Spokane,
an undivided one-eighth interest in each
of the mineral claims Gold Reef, about
two miles from Crawford Bay on Gray's
creek, and the Gordon, about five miles
from the same bay.
The meetiug of the city council on
Wednesday was devoid of any great interest. An offer was read from the Kootenay Electric Company offering to furnish light to the city hall consisting of
•ordinary lights, 3 of 8-candle power, 3 of
10-candle power and 1 of 32-caudle power
for $14.25 per month, and 11 lights for occasional use,' from 8 to 32-candle power,
at the rate of 30 cents each per month,
with the usual 15 per cent discount for prompt payment. The
offer Was not accepted, but \vas
laid on the table for further consideration. Alderman Kane gave notice that
at the next meeting he would introduce a
bylaw amending the city's Electric Light
The council took time by the forelock,
and before the receipt of the amendments
to the Municipal Clauses Act, as finally
passed, recommended to the lieutenant-
governor ih council the appointment ot
alderman George T. Kane to the board of
police and license commissioners. '   •
Ex-mayor -McAnn has begun the erec- -
tion of a two-story office and store building-'on  Front    street,  west of   Fourth.
Kennedy is"the builder'. '    '
' W. J. Twiss has also awarded a contract to George Whiteside for the erec-;
;tion of ah ornamental office building oh
the.same street east of Fourth street, r
Recent reports from the Swede group
and Pontiac, on the north fork of Woodbury, creek, are very favorable. The
former, which is under bond to a Rossland
syndicate, is showing a vein of high grade
ore,, and the latter, owned by Frank
Heap and partners of Ainswortb, is making regular shipments over the trail to
the mouth of Woodbury creek, with profitable results.' This is the property formerly under bond to L. A. Scowden.
The steamer International made an unusually quick run up thelake on Wednesday evening, although having to
discharge nearly 0000 feet of lumber
at Kokanee creek, she arrived
at Kaslo at S:10, some minutes ahead of
sch^dhle"°time. The International is now
in chargeof captain Reed, captain Hay-
ward having retired from the service.
^Superintendent Gopeland-of-the-Kaslo~&"
Slocan railway has built a new bridge of
a clear span of 100 feet upon the site of
the trestle near McGuigan, which was
carried away last winter, detaining travel
for seveii.br eight days at that time. The
old trestle was always troublesome in
winter, and there was always dafttfer
from slides. The new bridge will afford
a passage Ipr the slide Underneath it.
The Lucky Jim slide was. agaiu the
cause for detention on, Wednesday, but
the rotary, driven' by "two locomotives,
pushed ils way throdght it, and tile: down
train milled in Very neatly oh time.
0 Only One Dissatisfied.
Tin. Tr.i.i;^!': has been an independent
daily ne\v$paper for two months, and so
far has satisfied all its patrons except one
—the chairman of the public works Committee—who has ordered his advertisement discontinued. Till- TuiHUNi., no
doubt, will now receive an advertisement
from the chairman of the finance committee, merely to show that he appreciates the Correctness with which Tin-;
Ti-il.UNi!. reports all the proceedings of the
.city council.	
The Hearing Adjourned.
The investigation held today by captain
Gandon, of the Dominion marine and fisheries department, into the cause of the
Ainswortb disaster, did not disclose any
new matter in connection with the catastrophe. The investigation was adjourned
till Monday in order thatthe evidence of
captain Lean, who was master of the vessel, may be taken.
A First Carload Consignment.
The first full carload of oranges and
lemons ever consigned to Nelson will arrive over the Nelson & Fort Sheppard on
Monday evening. The shipment is direct
from Redlands, California, and is consigned to the Parsons Produce Company.
Business Mention.
Pianos tuned and violin bows re-haired.
Leave orden. at Art, & Music Company, linker street,
And Order Reporters From Their August
A special meeting of the city council
was held this afternoon at 2:30 o'clock
with mayor Neelands in the chair and
aldermen Fletcher, Beer, Hillyer and
Kirkpatrick present.
The first business transacted  was the
report of mayor Neelands upon the sewer
contract of W. P. McEacheran.   The report stated that there was owing on the
account $311.70, with au allowance of $80
for extras.    Upon the account $1*10.50 had
been paid.   It was recommended that the
balance owing be paid and the council decided to do .so.
. The rules and regulations for the volunteer fire brigade were considered, and the
chief of  the   brigade   was   requested to
amend section three and enlarge the limits
in which the call men may reside.
Alderman Fletcher moued that the city
engineer prepare plans and specifications ,
for the laying of pipe in Ward creek, -
from the west boundary of block 5 to the
south boundary of block 9, and that tenders be called for the work. This was
agreed to.
' On motion of aldermen Beer the mayor
and city engineer were authorized to
have the condition of the roadway to the
Nelson & Fort Sheppard railway depot
Alderman Fletcher called the attention
oi the council to the necessity for supplying the people of Addition A with water
as soon as possible. He thought that the
power should be placed in the hands of
the city- engineer and public works committee, so that the pipe could be laid at
once, or as soon as it arrives in the city.
This was agreed to, as it was understood
that the health of the residents of Addition A demanded that they be supplied
with water at once. c
Alderman Hillyer directed the attention of the council to the fact that several of the property owners ignored the
requirements of the council which called
for*, connection . with the Baker street
The city clerk informed the council that
all property owners had been, notified
that they had to connect with_the sewer,
but it was thought that it would be a
harsh measure to insist upon the making
of the connections while the frost was
An the ground. For,this reason the matter' of making the connection had not.
been insisted upou at the time.
The city clerk theaVproduced, the form
which had"' been- uabufiin^the- notices", sent''
out by the former council, and it was decided to notify all who have not connected
with the sewer that they must, do so when'
the frost is out of the ground and they
are so notified by the city engineer.
Alderman Fletcher brought up the mat- '•
ter of replacing the bridge over Cottonwood-Smith creek. He said that he understood that it was the/intentioirof the old
council to.bridge.the creek at Silica street.
A suitable bridge "could be put in for $150,
and he moved that the engineer prepare C
the necessary plans and that the mayor
be authorized to have the work done by
days labor. - J     -     .  .
On the motion of alderman Beer it was
decided that the water in Cottonwood
Smith creek should be gauged.  •
The council then went into committee
of the whole with alderman Beer in the'
chair for the consideration of the bylaws
of the corporation. Alderman Beer
called the attention of The T_u_iuni.'s -
representative to the fact that^ it
was    the    desire    of    the     committee
to    transact the business—which—was—
before it without the presence of reporters. He said that the windy members
of the council desired to talk as often as
they pleased and intimated that they did
not wish any restraint.
The reporter asked the chancellor of the
municipal exchequer if he was thereby"
requested "tq git," aud"recei"ving;afceply|'-i-„" „•
the aflirmativp he got; out, andvillpwed
the couucil tp transai-t {he city .bujjin-issi1:
with as much mystery as thtey elidse.
"Charlie" Ol6'0n of Ainsworth was iii
town today figuring Out how much he has
lost by not ..moving to Nels6n after the
fire that $wept away all Of AinswOrth'a
business houses.
Born* in Nelson, on the 2nd instant, to
the wife, of George Patterson, a son.
Born in Nelson, on the 3rd instant, to
the wife of Edward Ferguson, a son.
George White, who attempted to
drown himself yesterday at the government wharf, is reported all right this
Asa result of advertising in The Tri-
iiUjN'E, John A. Irving, the west-end grocer,
has found his business increasing So rapidly that he found it necessary to put on
a handsome new delivery wagon, which
made its first appearance on the streets
this morning.
G. R. G. O'DriscOll, a clerk in the mining
recorder's office at Nelson, will leave the
"service of the province on the lath to engage in other pursuits.
C. W. Busk of Kokanee Creek was in
Nelson today. He claims that there
should be a postoffice at that place.
A certificate of improvement was issued
today' for the mineral claim Nevada, to
Robert Charles Pollett.
Herr F. Steiner receives pupils in vocal
culture, piano and cello.   Address Art & Music Company. Baker Htroot, Nelson, THfe TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B. C, FRIDAY, MARCH 3, ISO...
THE DAILY TRIBUNK is published every afternoon
(except Sunday), ami will be delivered by carrier in
any town in Kootenay for twenty-live cents a week;
or will be mailed to .subscribers for live dollars a year.
TIIK WK1.KLY TKIBUNI. is published every Wednesday and Saturday, and will be mailed to .subscribers
for two dollars a year.
REGULAR ADV_.IIT1SJ__.II.NTS printed in both the
daily and weekly editions for §3 per inch per month.
Twolvo lines solid nonpariel to be counted as one inch.
lino for each insertion.
JOB PRINTING at fair rates. All accounts for job
printing and advertising payable on tho first of
ovory month; subscriptions payablo in advance.
ADDRESS all communications to
THE TRIBUNE, Nelson, B. C.
AH.  HOI-DICI.—Analytical Chemist and Arw.ycr.
•     Victoria street, Nelson.
«-* • — Mining Engineers and Analytical Chcinisls,
Slocan City, B. C.
NELSON LODGE, NO. 23, A. F. & A. M. Mcots
second Wednesday in oach month. SojourniiiK
brethren invited.
KNIGHTS  OF  PYTHIAS—Nelson    Lodge,   No,  2...
Knights of Pythias, meets in Castle hall, Mncdon-
ald block, corner of Josephine and Vernon streets, every
second and fourth Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock.   All
visiting Knights are cordially invited to attend.
R. G. Joy, C. C. G-:okgk Boss, K. of R. & S.
FRIDAY.. ......MARCH It, 1899
The members of the Liberal Association
are who disgruntled at The Tribune's
report of their annual meeting are trying
to get solace through the Miner by insinuating that the defeated candidate for the
presidency gave away the secrets of the
association. As a matter of fact, Dr.
Forin did not give The Tribune any information whatever, either directly or
indirectly. Some of the members of the
association are altogether too thin-skinned
to be politicians.
The mining districts in Southeastern
British Columbia now have one-third of
the white population of the province. To
supply this population from a common
center means the establishment of wholesale houses. Nelson is generally admitted
to be well situated for such a supply
point, and wholesale houses are
already located here and more are
inclined to come here. But there
is one disadvantage to be contended
against, that is, freight rates." The merchants of Nelson are at a disadvantage
Vwhen they come in competition with the
merchants of the Coast cities. The Coast
cities; have» aSterminal.rate son Vthrqugh
freight iromthe easc;;*-Nelspu|,has„.t,o:ipay;
thei Coast termi|iaKrate»_31usltheJ.ocal';rate
■from the Coasfcnefe956_JV5thF6ugh3freight
L|.        ■[_LJ - D-__flrftJ[ilL:iB:iJ_0_JJ,uqllllnrl       a       fl u°   a      Q   tr Pfj$_m ti, .    ° _° lj □   tL ndbJ^an11'.*
U'roih the east^vlf:l"Nelsbn;/w„°.£s};»gl.ven?'=the
"same rate a1s°Js*givemthaCbas§*°cities;" her"
f orVtllejr wa^^
.because 1 th%y^ar'e/iwithTn^twb^dayn-.*'dis-
:tance„ofsevery/camp.iana!;towinV; between
New Spring Goods
"TT7"E are opening out new goods daily and
can show you Ladies' New York Tailor
Made Venetian and American Duck Suits,
also a nice lot of Ladies' Wrappers. A full
line of Swiss dotted and plain Muslins. New
clothing and latest styles of Hats juit received
A. Ferland & Co.
Elliot lilnck, .Baker Street, Nelson, B.C.
That your food may by properly cooked, you must have good utensils.
We carry a full stock of everything required.   Call and inspect
The Nelson Hardware Go.
Nelson olllce and warehouse:   Corner Vernon ancl Josephine streets.
ingly pure waters, and produce identically the effect of the use of distilled
water. It is not true that the coldness of
the water is harmful, except that the cold
possibly disguises its unfitness for use.
'^,'..the.Rpckies:and$fclie eascade8r^T;!«„!"e^
!,<r«lJ?tpsraess .men would«r„eiuse»»ipatr-on-
,-,•■'age to at^nemnt.„advertis^ng^fa
s °iwdtird»:He*£_nd"nev^"in" pockety .and ; if Vlcfcal
i*tor these fakirs ffiey^wojild;„be„ mpn'g^in',
S^-°v: fi■Sj.&'&.'f.y'.*!.<'.£"■:■■: ■ '.'V'-v• *.»V -<?   r
$f%W* ^/-y * 'X^-fP-ecuiiar' and Bei;tlnent.a * y°: =„s;;v»; •*»s/
•p.y J>4Tiie*^-£st^ tj.;ea"d m ill%°af ailap;^eafeqif^p:m'/
-W-lEnglisli"pnl6_feA\$Vjdc'k<S" * l"}"kffiy •"" *.V
^sTnelnewJord; mayor.of'Belfastrireland,-
tfis a Germanylpw., "."■• , '. .-.-" ■'. ?' .- ~<S
^o.*°V;Exploslve?.biillets"nwei:e ;first»s uf ed "ih sin-.:
^tdia.jor".huntin'j?jtrgei^s»handi"eJepnants.." -
,t°":Esetu4lefl;iii"afcasli«^^^^ «li"aa>.been"
71""shiRped_i'^m ilie"°= United States 'tov_-.on-
y°-r\hn"""***"""       "  "**"- ». '"- .   ■  •        • ■   "■
>     ."rfS.UUIJ.Jo        o n   n       n n      -°        n
ahjdjchi|fc{ns.   Ifrisa deep, rich red, wit.b
np»'t6nes of crushed, strawberry or terra
„ cpttaitfife    '   „
i - "wThe"tpa^^ion flowfer, which grows in the
«.ftV.Sbu|:h :AfriQiin forests, can only be enjoyed \wlfere it grpiWS, as it fades almpsit
Ss'so'pii.as it is picked, . . . ..
^*v ^Javvsrecently ;passed in Norway makes
^girl§ ineligible^or hlatrimony unless tljey
q.»ca"n°&h|)w,certjfica£s skill in cooking,.
."finiPingoI' spinning.
„ Bab^!s tbptb "set1 in a ring is ihe latest
r.JthiugJi^troduc-plJii.to Nevy T^rji society
" "by the^ptipg a°nd"e„7CclU-iive young ipo^th-
ersSflthjeViiiitirt set.   ^The first 6ne is con-
sider'ld top precious tp thrpw away.
Gpld dolmr pieces, the coinage of ^'liieh
feedSed in ISOO, now sell as high as $1.80
apiecie. They are in demand for decpra-'
tive purpose.', birthday gii'tSj etc.
A Berliner has asked the permissioh of
tlip local authorities to establish a public
cemetery fpr p6t anitnals. He believes it
would nieet a, long felt want.
(A resident of Moran, Kansas, has placed
in the local paper an advertisement in
which he challenges anybody to meet
him in debate and contest his claim that
"everybody but Baptists are doomed to
Senator Mason of  Illinois enjoys  the
■ unique distincton of having been one of
the most aggressive in   bringing  on the
war with Spain* and ohe of the most violent in opposing its logical results.
Pure Water Absolutely Dangerous.
Give us pure water, is one of the cries
of the day—yet Dr. Koppe, a distin-
tinguished German physician, assures us
that .chemically pure water is actually
poisonous, on account of its action as a
solvent of the salts from the animal tissues. Physicians, we are told, who prescribe distilled water for their patients
are doing them a serious injury/whereas
those who give mineral waters are guided
by correct principles, since these contain
so many salts that they can absorb no
more. Snow, glacier and mountain brook
waters are all declared by Dr. Koppe to
be dangerous, because they are exceed-
The Conditions Under Which Naval Engineers
Now Do Duty.
During   the dozen   or   more   years   in"
which fighting vessels have been changing
into   the present forms, much has been
said about the dangers.and responsibilities that the development" has/brought to
the engineering staff.  In even the largest
of the older types of warships tlie post of
engineerwas on" a working platform over =
the horizontal cylinders, and  nearly, if;
. not quite, as high>s thelevel of the berth
deck. ' Above him  was a. large hatch or
ti;unk,, wide  open-to    the    spar   deck,
through which he could see the ^sky^and
hear all that was doing in the management:
of the ship. It also supplied him wich fresh
air,   sometimes too\hberally when sails
.overhead. w^re;.set, as tthetvv^iter„;recalJs.;.
on^"„tari»venginue:s,*i;Qpm q waich^V-8fp;^water:»
tigntfsbulkhpa'ds pfc^air lojclisTintei.ru^ted".-
.they'lln ityi or „ the °^psp ^erJpJ.antjE'the^en^iuV''"
feef "frpm hi^station
istriictedf yie wi'of ■ '6iieG^e?rborfi,^a"slwe!ll!ssJSr'
obyth^eenginesl^anaVihe.cpuld; reachi/auy,
^-irb'ifopms "wasi Gq1iic,)_;ly/1itfd'%i8ily.%aae'
by/Iaddersxextenaing.tp Jhe uppersdecks."
"m:ml 1 this 'has-beeris changed;;. :W ateiKt'i gfifc
placeyc)j|"duty into; ai^u^be^-J'Stfeekplli^
'al^o^'-islitfaciclefjsiblg^ pne^'frpm Xh;o$liner,V
asjh^r|gh:^|.he|f"were in different tp)vu-
»Ships.; ■""Inlte'adVpf bhe ,big Engine, rbo'ni,
"there/are^twH thr.ee, arideveu four, each
VinVj!RS*bwriVwa ahd
vtheJbig-^streetrlikel-i re-room..intP-which.
: the sunlight uSedto shinie,lias given place
to as mlanyas eight harrow bl'at'k holes,
caspd in from all the world.
Byeh the lpng shalt.alley that was the
comfortable hpthe of the grizzled old-
i'ashipped fireman, whose passing we regret, has become two or three steel-locked
dungebnSj into wliich pne cannot enter
without instinctively making sure that
rapid escape is possible. The engineer ho
longer has his duties, under ePntrpl of his
Own eye and voice, but must fret his
nervous System by depending iipon tlie
action of s°ub'prdiuate_j," whom h& can
direet in an imperfeet manner, only
through a system of communication as
complieated aS a Pity telephone exchange,
and much more liable to derangement.;
FIELD and-
It is now coming on the time when we begin to beautify our homes
for the coming summer months. Recover your lounge or easy chair
with nice creton or sateen, which we can give you in very pretty
patterns at low prices. We are also showing cretons in double width
both sides the same in pattern. These goods are suitable for inexpensive hangings, or to hide some corner that has always been an
eye-sore to you. If you want something better, such as chenille or
tapestry portiers, we have them, an endless variety, in colors and quality
SHADE   ROLLERS   ™s is a new department, and we can
zzzzi_-___z;_-jzzr'     —-—---—■.   do them right.   We have them in green,
terra cotta, and light fawn, which we can furnish with or without fringe
SILEOLENE 0R ART muslin-something, new--we have
Jn bulk and packages.
We selLat eastern
catalogue prices. .
Victoria: Block,   Baker  Streetv IN^l-SOn,     B.C.;
^-2» »_S&-« ^ • te .^. -C7N • ^_i .
B^B^ ^B^B^B fB^BfB fB^B-
6 6
? ;"a°*"°*p°i'1J°c.r ■ll^Hc^°.al1^!l^lfl!l^K;rStrcVfe|,fj^eJs0i).nl
V^rTinihlcs-aM^yaliSkwcleH^'fefed.to"any pact ,6f
Jlie-i^;"'-*:* ;■'.'.*'''•".;'.".'..■ /"'•.':■"• ■' '     ■."
AU kinds" of draying  dpjie  a.i\ felis'onable
rates.-    Moving fumifcu re a f-.pje_.ial fcy» "
.    Stand at cornei' Bal_ev and tT'osepliine Sts.
_A-C3--E_-_Sra?-  _ETO_R   r, - '
DARLING BROS,, Montreal,
...   Elevators rand Machine; Specialties,
■<r *""*»* y-:"J"°T"t/™ i°"": °M..">" i!.°.""'t °°d°nBB/iS"_rn*,«^Tri» iV', :'".'"'or     " _. •        .       °   ° ■„
' ■".."" ■ "■■ "•".".W^L-.e:
ra'u.l ic SteeI   Pipe
O^^AapflRON: W0RKS^. OkMaM? C^lilprfliai
fr.' ^;\lte6;'M%0iYie^v^nH::^i^^lF^^     i^heelg,-
Write; fer :@$i4@gu&^0&it&& ■" v^N^te'|v^fcG.
the Imperial Oil Co.   Standard Oil Co.
Washitigton Brick aijd Lirrje Co.
The H. W. IVJcNiell Co., Ltd., Canadian Ar\t|]ra-
ci-te Coal (Hard)
JgjBffjieKS of Gold arid .Silver Bars., Go>M Dust^ Etc
-BTrr-sr-E-ESs o_et
Hold, Silver, Lead and Copper Ores, Gold Concentrates, Lead Bullion, Oyanide Product, Ete
Cms ji-isriD __3Tjrxj.Xiioisr as§ayi.bs
Wopksat Vallejo Junetipn, palifornta
Oflice, 416, iVipntg'omepy Strefet, San Ffcahclseo, California
H. B. Aslieroft
Dealers \r\
k Harsiiaw
When the poet wrote these lines
and Postmaster Mulock had. them
endorsed on the new stamp, they
could have referred only to the
Bus meets all  trains
Special  attention
fer of baggage.
and boats.
the  trans-
and stables
on   Vernon    street,   opposite   The
Tribune office.    Telephone No. 35.
Wagon i-cpniring promptly aUdrdtiil to by a tlrst-cluss
wlicdlwriKht. ..... . .
Special attention grvrn to all kinds or repairing and
custom work from outside points.
SHOP:   H^ll Street, between Baker and Vornon, Nelson
Thomson Stationery Co., Ltd,
. _DTEJ.--_SO_lSr..      .
Having purchased the express and draying
business of J. W. Cowan, wo are prepared
to do all kinds of work in this line, and solicit the patronage of tho pcoplo of Nelson.
Orders left at IJ. McArthur & Go's store,
northwest corner Baker and Ward street",
will receive prompt attention.   Telephone 85
In the matter bf tho estate and circets of Charles
NeSS, deceased, intestate.
Notice is hereby given that, an order of ill's honourable
court dated the 23' h day of February, A. _;. 18!)!), Alfred
John Marks and Decatur Downing nave been appointed
administrators of tho per onal estate and o.l'octs of ho
said deceased, who died on or about tho l'2th day of Jan-
.u.rv, A.D. lSiW.
All persons having claims against the said deceased
are required on or before I he lirst day of April, A. D.
1890, to send full particulars of such claims, duly verified
by statutory declaration, to Alfred John Marks, of Nelson, B. C. with their chi'isiian and surnames, addresses
and descriptions and the value of the securities, if any,
held by them.
And further take notice that after such last mentioned
date, the said administrators will proceed to administer
the said estate and distribute the proceeds thereof
amongst the parties entitled thereto, having regard only
to the claims of which they shall then have notice and
will not be liable for the assets or any part thereof to any
person or persons of whose claims notice shall not have
been received by them at the date of such distribution.
Solicitors for the Administrators.
. Doted this 28th d iy of February, A. V. 18!H).
Bulks, Kftj.es, Hollies, KliQ.lnclcnd'WiS,
Ftuicy Everg!'(;<_n.s, etc.
Thousand.; ftj'o
C(inl])l..t(. .stock in tiifj pecrvinqe. JJous
stud hoc sii])|)lio.M, agricultural implements, spray pumps, and cut flowers.
Now Catalogue now ready.
G01 Westminster Road, Vancouver, B. C.
The   Standard
of the World.
The Artistic Piano of
ABT AND MUSIC CO., Nelson, Agents.
meeting of the shareholders of the Nelson
Agcneral    _, _„    	
Klcctric Light Company, Limited, will be held at the
company's ollicc on Vernon, street, in the City of Nelson,
on Saturday, the fourth day of March, 18!)!), at tho hour
of eleven o'clock in the forenoon.
Such meeting is called for the purpose of:
1. Ratifying and sanctioning tho action of the directors with respect to the sale of the Nelson Klcctric Light
Company, Limited, of their plant and franchise to the
City of Nelson.
2. Ratifying and sanctioning such sale.
a.   Ratifying and authorising the execution of fill necessary conveyances to carry out such sale.
• _.   Transaction of all other necessary business to eflect
such sale.   By order. J. II. MATHKSON,
Secretary Nelson Klcctric Light Company.
Dated February 16th, 1899.
The Tribune will buy Old Rags
Notice  of  Applieation   for   Certificate   of
ni-KMN' I, !(2^1 P. 1,..KinO-lt.. hMtKiG. 1. O. Vi  0. KIMQT.QN
i, :«5i (ii l, iiui'I'annia i,;<i.U(i. l.oi.ANOii. 1810cf. l, ma*.
I*KACTU).N' Ii 3-SU .0.1, .MINKKAI. CI.Af.M_f, Sn'tJATK IJf
TIIK NI-:IiSO.\ .\1(jSl.V(! l}IVI-!TON »K WKHT KOO'. 1_.\'A\
'llilkC. notice that I, John llirsch, lis agent for the Hall
Mines Company, Limited, free millers certilicato No.
2..5IA, intend, six'ty days from tho date hereof, to apply
to the mining recorder for it Certificate of improvements,
for tlie purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above
chtiins. Ami further take notico that action^ under section :S7, mtlst be commenced before the issuance of such
ci-lt ideate of 'Improvements. JOHN VHIRSClL
Dated tliiri 2lith day of November, 18)8. [Jan 25]
Notice   of  Application   for   Certiflcate  of
Take notice Hint 1, J. M. R. Fiiirbairn. acting as agent
for Hugh M. Billings, free minor's certificate No. 21,7S!)a,
and Tiioma . Uciuiet, free miner's certificate No. 1,1,C25a,
intend, sixty doys from tho datelvereof, to apply to tho
mining recorder f- r a certiflcate of Improvements, for
the i urpose rf obtaining a crown grant of the above
cl.im. And further take notice that action, uiidcr section 37, must bo con .menced before the issuance of such
oerti ficato of im provemonts.      J. M. R. FAIRUAlltN.
Urtted this 28th day of February, 189!).
Application for Liquor License.
■Notice is hereby given that I will, thirty days from the
date of this notice, apply to tho government agent afc
Nelson for a license to Sell liquor at retail at my hotel,
known as the Florence Hotel, situate three miles east of
Nelson, on tho outlet of Kootenay lako, in West Kootenay district, British Columbia.
Dated February 3rd, 18!)!).
Application for Liquor License.
Notice is hereby given that wo will, thirty days from
the date of thi* notice, apply to the government agent at
Nelson for a license to sell liquor at retail at our hotel, .
known as tho Majestic Hotel, situate on -tho government
trail between Kuglo nnd Forty-nine creeks, in West
Kootenay district, British Columbia. .
JOHN MILES,      .
Dated March 1st, 1899. . E. BARRE'lT.
M THE  TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B. C, EMBAY, MARCH 3,  1899.  o  o  ���-"  'Hi,  F*v  iANK OF  Capital,  Best,  all paid  up,     -  $12,000,000  6,000,000  LORD STRATIICONA AND   MT. ROYAL, President  lion. GKO. A. DRUMMOND V.cc-Prosidont  K   S. CLOUSTON General Manager  THE B^l.2sTSZ  OF  ITISH COLUMBIA  NELSON  _DT_-__X-,soasr bb-a.itch:  MV W. Coi\ Baker and Stanley Streets.       HK.YNCIIKH  IN       LONDON   (-Unjcrland).   NEW YORK,   CHICAGO  aud iu the principal cities in Canada.  Huy and soil Sterling Exchange and Cablo Transfers  ORANT COMM-CKCIA.. j\NI) TUAVI_I.-jK.KH' ckkdith,  available iu any part of tho world.  DRAFTS IS8UKD    C0I.I.K0TI0.N8 MADK; KTC.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CURItBNT RATIO OF INTEREST PAID  KEELEY   THE   FRAUD.  One of tho Greatest Humbugs of the Century-  Made a Good Living for Years.  [New York Herald, February 2;Uh.J  Death has claimed the arch-charlatan  John Ernest Worrell Keeley, but what of  treasure chest, stocked again and again  in the last quarter of a century ? Keeley  had been an artificer in wood and iron  aud brass, an Indian fighter, a head  waiter, a first violin in an orchestra, a circus performer and a professor of legerdemain. He combined the skill of all these  trades and professions, invented the  Keeley motor and wheedled millions from  his fellow men.  "Here yon are, ladies aud gentlemen,"  he might have said, "Here is the great  Keeley motor ; now you see it move and  now you don't. Thanks. Observe, I  place it in the motor, so.. You'd like it  back? Stand right on that spot until I  improve the motor so that- it will work  and I'll declare a dividend."  Here is a list of some of the investments  to be charged to the. account of this charlatan of the nineteenth century :  Advanced by New York capitalists (1874).........? ' 10.000  Expended in perfecting the motor        00,000  Given by Mrs i_!ooin Meld Moore      100,(100  Stock of the Keeley Motor Co.  5,000,000  Total  .-r.So.^Q.OW  . Not tliatjthis by any means represents  all the money which has been .swallowed  up in the swiftly revolving motor. It  may be six millions, it may be ten millions ; for in the twenty-live years in which  " the new force which was'to be evolved  was exploited before the public-this magician of mechanics found thousands wjio  believed iu him and-backed their'faith by  greenbacks. , He never lacked for funds  ' with" which to carry,6n his weird experiments. The fiuaucial operations of the  Keely motor were involved in a.s much  secrecy as the mechanism itself. Hundreds have invested'in it and "have kept  Kthediivestmeui secret,, A-The exact.ampunt  s���nfe^ep-b\'dVfiM^ '". "T.^  ' ��^��jyelh��adiOperabeq an.erfgine* by"laeaA'p .'of*���  VcOin^lelssed'airiorce"thropgl-V thin tubes '  . fromfn��doncealed�����ta.nk;:-Hbihjid��a\^wsdhderj  ;r��fuT''i'nnY��en^ 'oi?\fi  " violin'aud'"ihTe^pons-l"to i"h6;t*6"ssiug of a���  rgillrof #wa;ter*mt;o its. mechanism, set uj3, a  V:tei'riffi;^ 'jd'iy^u'rW.n^f^Ri^ideicll. "the coriV  '" d^Qsj-SU^.^aii- "pipje's" \y<��f-.6.. "ilght and *n"6V in-,  giiisitlye inaiyidual ��� inovecli ihe "machine  abput the floor."   .    "  o'0n'e.f6^t'ke.!i-ifl3>;reaiai:Jiij.'_.li9" tthihgs co.n-  cfernihg fhis juggler with Scieiiee was that  he did not leave more Mioney thaivhe did.  He bequeathed to" his family $J$S0, '"15  ^pieceS-ioLexperimeutal^appa-'afcus^unxUa^j  certain right of unkiiowii valuation in  certain Uncompleted aiid unpatented inventions."-   ';..-..  Mrs. Bloomfield IVioore, a brilliant  woman, fahied for" her learning And culture, gave the man from $250 to $8-10 a  mouth to aid iii his researches. She made  a codicil in her Will, sighed iu the dingy  little shop in Fhiladelphia, whereby she  directed that a part of her estate go to a  fund for perfecting the Keeley motor.  When, lie died she survived ppiy a few  ditys. ' JJer soUj seeiued to be bouiid up in  tilie: success Of the invention,  Ffof^ssors of science -Studied Keeley's  machines and listened tp his hybrid jargon., Once a savant gravely proponed |  that Keeley, Who murdered our Wnglish  speech with every other breath, should  have a home among the elect of the LTni-  v(.rsity of Jj^eniisylvahia.  Now that the personality of Keeley has  gone out from this "world it seems one of  the most astounding occurrences of history that men should have witnessed in  sober earnest the sober antics of this zany  of scieuce. He "played horse," as the college boys would put it, with scientific  momenclature. He put up strange gods in  his Philadelphia laboratory . which mankind worshiped after the weird ritual  Composed by the high priests of fraud.  Wealth made sacrifices of millions, too,  at those shrines, and men thought that  they were on the road to fortune on a way  made straight by the great Keeley motor.  They believed that if it once started  there could be no stopping the revolutions in earthly; affairs which would follow in i|s train. It was only a year or  two ago that the manager of the Manhattan Elevated /railroad inspected the  motor aq;d said that it was worth careful  examination. Officials of the Metropolitan Traction Company made a similar examination. Col. John Jacob Astor,  whose attention was attracted to the  apparatus by Keely/s friend, champion  and. agent, Mrs. Bloomfield Moore, seriously considered-the ad visibility of forming a syndicate to bring the invention before the world. None of the gentlemen  whom I have mentioned was finally convinced Keeley had discovered anything of  Are now prepared to issue  Drafts and Letters of Credit on  Dawson City, Yukon District.  value. It goes to show Keeley had the  faculty of securing the artention ol* the  ke<-.i. and practical man of affairs.  Ordnance experts have satin the Keeley  laboratory in Philadelphia and watched  experiments with a wonderful cannon,  which was in reality nothing but a big  popgun.  Experts last week dissected the building in which the charlatan carried on his  experiments. They laid barn the pipes  which conveyer! the compressed air from  a buried steel tank. They found that the  strange force which came at the twanging of a fiddle bow or the dropping of a  little water was after all only atmosphere  condensed. Thern was nothing new.  They found that the machines were operated oii principles discovered centuries  ago.  Yet the Keeley motor had been denounced years before that. The Herald  had nine years before showed the workings of Keeley models and pointed out that  the force which made the motor whirl  was compressed air. For all that Keeley  was able to organize a company, not an  officer of which had been taken into the  confidence of the inventor. Not a man  knew what'was supposed to make the  water "mote." Keeley died without revealing the means by which he attained his  results. Even the courts could not compel him to tell. '...������������"  Keeley's success lay in his faculty for  simulating earnestuess. He affected a  virtue, if he had it not. He acted as one  who believed he had made a great discovery. He was a consummate actor.  There was a stormy scene in his laboratory once when a man accused him of  using copper pipe from the transmitter  and defied Keeley to cut it. Mrs. Bloomfield Moore offered the inventor $1,000 if  he would cut the supposed wire and thus  fling back the aspersion of the critic.  Keeley would not listen to such a thing.  The spectators were hurried from the  room, and a few minutes later Keeley summoned two witnesses and cub the supposed copper pipe. Jt proved to be wire.  Now the pus-zle is to find when the change  took place, for there was no doubt iu the  world that the wire was copper' pipe not  five miuutes before: Yet through all this  .stormy scene Keeley boiled with righteous  indignation* aud scorn. Could it - have  been that he persuaded Keeley the inventor to belieye in Keeley the charlatan.  It .'almost seems incredible that one  should listen without laughing-at some  gf the Munchausen-like statements "made  by Keeley. It was the grave face, the  earnest-eyes the enthusiastic manner of  the man which carried conviction.  "Within six months," he said years ago,  "a train of cars may be run between here  and Philadelphia at the rate of a mile a  minute by taking the power out of so  much water as will rest in the palm of my  ���hand.. .W_-y,athei-ea!5 sufficient, power Jn  ���JvS p ck etsfoiK wff tefe$o4uu' ayte"a_ner*sotfas"t"  thatshe: vvill split-in���tvvQ./J ��� ���;... \  r%dyn4_i&;a^  make'clie-farmer" believe that it's an ealv;  thi-}jf��to:iind"u;u^  'resting?  ���0hly ky nlnhyoi\t"he "s^tqwrnVn"iin&  itinctf 'fiud *the"ne;>j!er ���"f-uljn"g nerve'.bf  Keeley" qould hlive'talked\sutj|i;^onHeiise4"  nonsense'with so sereiiefVa "face.   X'ii -to'plf^  tlie" coolness of a .nfaii .'wji-.d�� "cohldjug-gle  knives ip keep the;"public at  bay year  after year with the.promisethat hi^great  inyention would sooh be.cQmpleted*. " fiis  tactics were always those of the presticli-  gatateuiv, If lie wished, to keep his motors  from too close  scrutiny  hja   twanged a  luhiug=fork,==;scraped=a=A:'iolih=bovv=and=  always kept up a patter of pseudo seien-  tiiicterm.s.   Imagine.a scientist plaj'ing  "Home, Sweet Home" on a harmotiiea for  the   purpose   of   disintegrating   a  fQi.ce ]  Sufficient to split a steamship in two.  BMiGfLAND'S   NEW   PRINCIPALITY".  MPERSAL BANK  OF CANADA  Capital, Paid Up  Reserve  $2,000,000  1,200,000  HEAD  OFFICE, TORONTO  D.  R. WILKIE. General Manager  NELSON BRANCH  A Koiicriil bunking buslnuss trunsaclcil.  Savings bunk (lu]iiii-|.iiiont.  Dopusils of 11  and   upwards  received  and iiitorosl.  allowed.  J. M. LAY, Manager.  erued from Cairo, some 2000 miles away,  where    the   wishes,    ideas   and  circumstances of the Soudanese were imperfectly understood, and whence orders and decisions could only be secured at the cost  of interminable delay.    The other  proposed solution of the problem  was that  the status of the eastern Soudan should  be assimilated to that of a British crown  colony and that the country should  be  administered by officials directly responsible to the colonial office in the British  metropolis.   This   alternative-plan   had  many  advocates,   and   it would   be  undoubtedly better for the Soudanese to be  governed from London than from Cairo,  notwithstanding the greater distance of  the former city on the map. After mature  consideration of thesubjecthowever, in the  course of  which due heed   was paid to  the concurrent views of the general lord  Kitchener, the conqueror of the Khalifa,  and of lord Cromer., the fiscal redeemer of  Egypt, the Salisbury cabinet decided  to  institute in the Soudan an eutirely new  scheme   of   government,    the   principal  features of which  were defined in a proclamation lately issued to the inhabitants  of the recovered territory.    The cardinal  feature of the plan is the declaration that  the whole region south of Wady Haifa is,  hereafter,  to be governed  neither from  Cairo nor from London,  but exclusively  from Khartoum.    General lord Kitchener,  the governor,  is to   be   invested   'with  powers absolutely autocratic, with which  The Tremont Hotel  n/|AL0|.E & TREGILLUS  PnOPItlETOKS  Headqui-rters fop Miners and Prospectors  It Comprises an Area of Upwards1 pf a Million  Square Miles.  Oi" recent political iubidents, the most  striking and' the one most likely to draw  a sharp line of cleavage between the British political parties is the erection of a  huge principality on the ruins of the  Malidist empire.  Tlie territory which general lord Kitchener, by his victory at Oindlirman a.nd by  subsequent military operations^ may be  said to have reclaimed, actually Or prospectively, for civilization, stretches from  the lied sea to the western border of Dar-  fbur and from Wady Half.), which still  remaiuw the southern outpost of Egypt,  to the source of the Nile. This tract comprises an area of upward of 1,200,000  square miles, and, before the waste of life  resulting from the wars and misrule of  the Mahdi and his successor, Khalifa Abdullah, was computed to contain more  than 15,000,000 inhabitants. Under a wise  and firm government, which should give  encouragement to agriculture, it could be  made to support a population of 50,-  000,000.  Two modes of administration were, in  the first instance, suggested, each of  which was ultimately discarded. The  first of these was a recurrence to the system which had been followed throughout  the eastern Soudan up to the advent of  Mahdism, a system which placed the  country under a governor-genera), residing at Khartoum, who was not only  appointed by the khedive, but incessantly  received instructions, from the khedive's  ministers. . Under this system the inhabitants of a vast region, while nomiually  controlled by a viceroy dwelling among  them and supposed to be acquainted  with local conditions, were really  gov-  TIIK BEST BRANDS OF  Liquors and Cigars  n0       ffn    n     *     nn        o n ��  One] of itie, ibest Mft iftdsf pqith  ' "        " 0     n      np no l"'^"        n"*       D   m'    n "iff, "       ��   *�� �� n    ��     |Xq'   "        *    .  xuat hotels iii Nplson*'.  bak_-U strki-t; nelson.  H eat ed ^w i t h=H ot=A i r^an &  Lighted by Electricity  Ijurge conifoi'table  bedrooms nwl   tirst-clasS  diniDg  room.   Slunplo roonis tor commercial 111c.11.  BATES   .��___   -_?ZBI5   3DA.-3T  E. C.  Lute of tllp ftbyul Hotel, Ci.lj.urj',  r|. D. HUME, Manager,  Tlio finest hotel in the interior.  Large sample rooms.   Steam beat and eleetrie light.  CORNEIt OF WARD Ai\YD VERNON STS., NEI.SON  Madden House  BAKER AND WARD STREETS, NELSON  The only hotel in Nelson that lias remained under one  management since 1890.  The  bod-room-,  are  well furnished and   lighted by  electricity.  The dining-room is not second to any in Kootenay.  The bar is always stocked by the best domOsLic and  imported liquors and cigars.  THOMAS MADDEN, Proprietor.  Large and well lighted Heated by hot air  Reasonable rates Sample rooms  "-'���Eleetrie.bells and light in every room        ....   .  Renovated and refurnished throughout.;   '.-"���' ���;  hotel Victoria:  J. V..PKRICS, Proprietor  Free bus meets all trains  Hourly, street air. to station  Revelstoke, B. C.  neither the Khedive's  ministers nor  the  members of  the British Cabinet are,  in  any wisp, to interfere.    He is authorized  to establish a benevolent despotism, the  only   form   of   government   which   the  Soudanese can comprehend, or for which,  at their present stage of political  evolution, they are suited.   They are Mohammedans   to  a man, and  a   fundamental  constituent   of   the   organic   law    proclaimed   to   them   is    the   promise   that  no attempt shall ever be made to meddle  with  any of the regulations, religious or  social,    that  are   prescribed   by  Islam.  Slavery alone will be forbidden,.so far a.s  (he open slave market is concerned, but  the slave trade is an institution  which  was rather tolerated than enjoined by the  Mohammedan.   The pledge? of course, implies,    and    the    implication   has   been  acknowledged by general Kitchener, that  the   practice of   polygamy   will be   permitted,   and   that  neither   Catholic nor  Prostestant missionaries will  be suffered  to enter tho country.   It is well known  that Gordon,  when governor-general  of  the   Soudan,    expressed   the   conviction  that no European rule could  be acceptable   to Mohammedans,  so   long as   the  traditional   plurality  of   wives   was inhibited.   Under the government which is  now to be founded, Mohammedanism is  not  merely tolerated, but is, practically,  made the religion of the State, since the  propagation of other creeds is forbidden.  Two Claimants.  A singular confusion of identity is said  to have arisen in connection with the late  baron Nathaniel de Rothschild's will,  which contains a bequest of twenty-five  thousand dollars to a Herbert Wilson. A  gentleman of that name, the ,son of a  Liverpool ship-owner, who happened, as  it is said, to have saved the baron from a  nasty fall at a Kempton Park race meeting, at once made a claim for the legacy,  only to be told that this was really intended for a Herbert Wilson of the Travelers'  Club. But the Liverpool Herbert Wilson  appears to have his doubts on the subject/'  and intends to demand the fullest proofs.  Vienna Restaurant  Baker street, between Josephine and  Hall streets, Nelson. V  MEALS AT ALL HOURS, DAY OR NIHHT  BAKERY IN CONNECTION  FAMILY AND PASTRY COOKING A SPECIALTY  ONLY WHITE HELP .EMPLOYED  R. HURRY, Prop.  BON TON RESTAURANT.  OPEN. DAY AND NIGHT  The only restaurant in the city  employing only white cooks.  Merchants' lunch from 12 to 2  o'clock, 25-cents. Dinner from 5  to 8.^   Short orders   at   all   hours.  :F��  ] BREXERSv4.NH B.OTTtERS, 0;F  F  *_**���  Prompt and regular   deliveryJto-tlig-lradc;  Brewery at Nelson.  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Buchanan^ Prop-  First  class   lumber   at   right   prices     Also   a  full   line   of   Sash,  Doors, Turned Work,  etc., constantly on hand.  Yard:  Foot Hendryx Street.       JOHN RAE, Agent.  Kootenay Railway & Navigation Co.  STK. INTKItNATIONAL  Daily except Sunday.      Pacific suindard time  KASLO TO NELSON  Head      North  up       bound  ���   Kaslo-   .;8:!i0 p.m. Arrive  .. Ainsworll. ..... ;7:10    ��� Duo  ;. Pilot. Hay ......0-.S0    .. Due  .... llalfolir (S:00    i, Due  I'ive-milo Point 5:10    u Due  ... ....Nelson  -;,.'.4:S0    m     Leave  Connect., with N. & Ft. S. Ky. train for Spokano, leaving Five-mile Point at 10:05 a.m.  StcamcrH leavo Kaslo city wharf at foot of Third street  ROBERT IRVING. Manager.  So ii tli  Ilea  d  bound  do��  ���ii  Leave  (!::��) a.m..  duo .���:.���������-  -7:30  ��� H   ��� ���'.  ;i)uo:  ���������8:00'  It   ���  .  Due .  8:15  ��� II  Dm. .  !):15  II    .'>  Arrive 10:30  ���  II ' '.  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Gilker  Sewing IV|achines  Prices as low up same can be obtained in Canada.  - THE RAYMOND   .   -  Cabinet, Drop Head and Seven  t' Drawer is finished in Black  Walnut,  and  which   is   not  surpassed in tho market. *  WHEELER &V WILSON  Cabinet, Mirror Cabinet, Library Cabinet, Drop Head   and  7-Drawer is finished in Oak,  Rotary Shuttle, Ball Bearing  THE DOMESTIC, WHITE AND ZENITH ,  "-Drawer, furnished in'Quartered Oak and Walnut  *    If you are thinking about buying a machine call and see  them and be convinced that I mean what I say.   .    -  There is no necessity of sending out of Nelson when you can  can see what you are buying and get it for the same money. -  THE  JEWELER  JACOB DOVER  THE  JEWELER  NELSON TENT and AWNM MANUFACTOBY  THE    X__A._RGr.EST    I-EsT    BEITISH    COLUMBIA  All Kinds of C^hyaJs Glods Refr^.e  and ^/gt^oh Covers  Tents and Awnings  THllO.    ^Cj^IDrBO'DSsT  PBQPEIET.OE  Baker Street, Opposite  Postoffice  ajTS-kSOCKF,    B-. O-  fijesidence Lots for Sale!  ��airy" Raiichj on Kootenay Lake near  ,;  |?eij..o.f . , . . ... .  . r . SoOOO  "  ijou^e-ancl Wo lots on Mill street ($il.ip).   1100  l������/|ious��^ anil two lots on Vernon street 1 G.0O  fJIidusQ and lot on Victoria street * . ����� 21,00  fEtmse and lbfc on Victoria street , , . _t&5Q  - ^fquse and lot Oh Victoria street . ., . 1900  House and two lpts on Caroohato St.   1800  Mining   Bfpkesr,  Baker and  ALEX   STEWART,  Ofllco  Chaples A. Waterman & Co.  CUSTOMS  AUCTIONEERS  Turner & Hocclth block.  Ward streets Nelson.  C. F. ETTER  arid  Wood Dealer  BEAL ESTATE and (JENEBAL AGENTS  Baker Street, Nelson  BEST DRY WOOD  Delivered to any part of the city.  Full measurement guaranteed.  Office at Corner' .Baker and Ward Streets.  HELP   WANTED,  general store.   MiiHt  be good  store trimming.   State  Gilpin, Cranbrook, li. C.  CLERK ���I'or  Roods and  Hlon.  H.  e g  reii  on dry  erencpH.   G.  POR   SALE.  CORNER LOT���Northeast corner liuker ancl Josephine  streets. Nelson. 50 by 120, with all improvements.  Price ��10,0W cash.   Apply lo John Houston.  TNTEREST IN A TOW'NSITE-Kor further partieu-  ���*���   lurs apply at The Tribune ollieo, Vernon street.  ~~ FURNISHED   ROOMS. ~~  XTICB, newly furnished  rooms for rent, .with  bath,  electric light, and furnace heat,  b fcrect, opposite Ejigli-li church.  Apply on Silica  FIRST DOOR WKST BANK B. G. BUILDING!.  CANADA  LIFE ASSURANCE CO.  FOE   S-A.3__E  i-Roolti House, Mines Roud  8 7n0  1 Room House and 2 Lots, Victoria St 1200  FOE   _R_E_N"T  Three and Four Room Houses  a  J. D.  CHRISTIE  GENERAL BROKER  Oflicc in Aberdeen block, Baker St., Nelson  FIRE INSURANCE, REAL ESTATE  NELSON  Headquartkks, March 1st, 1899.  COMPANY  KOOTENAY   RIFLES.  The company will parade von Tuesdays and Saturdays  at the Armory, at 7:15 p. in., until further orders. By  order,   .    .-        .   ARTHUR E. HODGINS, Captain.  The Tribune will buy Old Rags  ACCEPTED THE PROPOSITION  Gray's Mills to be Operated by a Limited Liability Company.  The creditors ot* the estate of Thomas  W. Gray had a protracted meeting iu the  Hotel Hume last evening, when the unsecured creditors were asked to vote upon  the proposition to sell the estate, with the  exception ot the book debts, to Charles  Hillyer for $J 1,000.  John A. Turner presided at the ^meeting  and It. S. Lennie acted as secretary.  When the chairman had stated the object  for which the meeting had beeu called,  W. A. Macdonald entered an objection on  behalf of tho Merchants Bank of Halifax  and other creditors against the discussion  of the proposed sale, contending that  proper notice of the same had not b< en  given. He also referred to the manner in  which John Houston had taken possession  of and held the property, intimating that  he (Houston) was in collusion with the  parties who were trying to engineer the  deal for a sale.  S. S. Taylor, Q.C, who appeared on behalf of the intending purchaser, took up  this issue with Mr. Macdonald, and was  followed by the legal representatives of  the other creditors, ...with the result that  nearly every lawyer in Nelson was heard,  from before the decision was brought to  a close.  Matters were brought to a head by W.  J. Wilson, who moved that the offer of  Charles Hillyer for the purchase of the  assets at .$11,(300, exclusive of the book-  debts, be accepted. This was seconded  by H. D. Ashcroft.  W. A. Macdonald, as the representative  ot* the Kootenay Supply Company, moved  an amendment that an adjournment be  taken for two weeks, when the present  offer and any other offers to purchase  might be considered. This was seconded  by the representative of Braden Brothers.  The vote being taken upon the amendment showed that there were 24 votes in  favor and 52 against. The original motion  accepting the offer of alderman Hillyer  was then put and carried, the vote being  52 in favor and 17 against.  A motion was then carried authorising  the chairman to appoint a committee to  make the necessary arrangements to complete the purchase, and the chairman in  accordance with the same appointed as  such committee C. W. McAnn, Q. C, J. A.  Kirkpatrick and H. D. Ashcroft.  The assignee was authorized to make  proper application to the court for confirmation of the sale.  If the sale is made, the business will be  run by a limited liability company. The  operation of both mills means the employment of forty men and the disbursement  of $3000 a month in wages.  The Last Shot in the Hospital Fight.  Ni_i_SONy_\Iarcli 2nd, 1S99.  To, the Editor of The Tribune: The  -cloud lias, burst; the sky is clear; and we  are all in the light. - Before replying to  Dr. Form's letter of the 1st instant, I  wish to state to the public, that had the  admitting of patients into the hospital  been dealt within the same general way  as the other things in "Civis's" letter, I  should not have paid any attention to it;  but when the main shoe was lired at me,  I felt justified in clearing myself of false  charges., ���  r Professional etiquette forbids any discussion, between fellow practitioners, of  this, nature; and now that I know who  my opponent is, I will refrain from criticising, Dr. Form's letter, and proceed to  prove that my statements were correct,  which I promised to do as soon as "Civis"  came out and.showed himself to the public There is just one feature, however, I  wish to bring to notice, that is, Dr. Forin  pulled in.his $50 before writing over his  signature."  _" Qase^l-^Mi?. Cooper* .who died on April  20th, lSOg, at "Kir: Teet._el:'-i .drug, store : :  Alec^lqKinnon,iheonly wituessBr. Form  hasf {on the. ease, states that the night  J?elore^th.ev2j)t.hj-if ApriLhe called at mv_  r;esidence, asked me to go and see Sir.  Cooper, and that I refused. The facts are  as follows : The night of the 20Gb, I was  not at home any part of the night, and  . never saw Alec McKinnon. I wits engaged  professionally at David Curtis'.., who was  then living in A. MaeDonald &Co.'s block.  I remained there all night. This I can  prove by Alexander Poole, who is noVy in  Nanaimo ; by David Curtis, who is at  present in Victoria, and by Di*. Hawkey  of this city, tiis true that Alee McKinnon called at my house on that night, but  he iyas informed by Mr. Poole that I was  not at home, and he was directed to Dr.  Hawkey, who was then niy partner. He  saw Dr. Hawkey and said he  wanted  to  ��et Mr. Codper in the hospital; but as Dr.  lawkey had no authority to admit him,.  he did not respond. Dr. Hawkey yesterday corroborated this statenieat; the  office books also show ah entry debiting  fttr. Curtis1 for services for that same date;  Mr. McKinnon, also, yesterday morning  would not deny this before witnestes,  when the matter was brought to his  memory and he was showed the entry in  the book.  Case 2���The man at the Victoria hotel:  I was called to see a man named Hazel-  wood at the Victoria hotel in December,  1897.    On entering the room the odor was  something horrible.   I enquired from the  patient how long he had been there.   He  replied, "two weeks,"   I remarked, surely  you have not been here all that time and  not had medical   attendance.   "No," he  said, "Dr..Forin has  been attending  me,  but has not called to see me for four or  five days.   I sent a person for him on two  occasions, but he was not at his office; the  message was left, but the doctor did not  come."   I asked the patient if he had discharged Dr.  Forin.   He answered, "No."  I then asked if Dr. Forin had said he was  not coming any more, and he again replied, "No."    Well,  I said,  you are still,  Dr. Form's patient, and I cannot take you,  as I left the room (and it was as bad as  any dissecting room that I ever was in).  The man had.not been   out  of bed   for  three or four days, and had not received  any attention, so one will not have to draw  on his imagination very much to judge  the state of affairs. Mrs. Goodwin met  me at the door and asked if the man could  not he taken to the hospital, and the only  reply I gave her was, "I will see what can  be done." I did not say I could not take  him because he was going to die. Notwithstanding tho fact that Mrs. Goodwin  is a very amiable and intellectual  lady, I have not any doubt the public  will give me credit for having as good a  memory as she. I went downstairs and  saw Air. Goodwin, the proprietor, and I  told him 1 could not take Air. l!n/.lewood,  as ho was a patient of Dr. Forin'-.; furthermore, it-was not fair to the patient,  in hi* critical condition, u> change his  physician, a.s what little chance there was  i'or the man's recovery would besaciiliced  by so doing. The physician in attendance was the proper person to carry out  the treatment, and that he had better  send for Dr. Forin. I can prove by Mr.  Rutherford, by Air. James AlcDonald and  others, taking Dr. Forin's own diagnosis,  that in this instance the disease came under that class which the hospital rules refuse admittance, therefore I did not refuse the man because I thought he was  going to die. I often admit such persons-*,  which the hospital records will show, and  they are open to the public for inspection.  I could not have admitted the man in  question to the hospital,' no matter how  much I so .desired, without breaking the  rules of the institution.  The whole trouble has arisen by Dr.  Forin making the charges ou old women's  gossip and second-hand information,  which in this case, the same as in all  others, does not stand the test. There is  too much of this kind of thing in Nelson,  and I sincerely ihope this will serve as a  good lesson for the future. Thanking  you, Mr. Editor, for thesoace you have  allowed me, I retire from further discussion on this subject.    Yours respectfully.  Geo. A. B. Hall.  NELSON, B. C.  KASLO, B. C.  SANDON, B. C.  DEALERS IN  Shelf and Heavy Hardware  SOLE AGENTS FOR  Giant Powder Jm  Our weather here is uncertain and  you should always be ready for cold  snaps. We have a full line of coal  stoves and' heaters on hand and in-  . vitc an inspection of our stock.  TRUAX  ORB  CARS  Canton Drill Steel  CARRY IN STOCK  Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal  Pipes, and Fittings  Giant, Caps and Fuse  Tools, Cutlery, Tin  and Woodenware  Stoves, Ranges,  Iron, Steel,   Sheet  Iron, T-Rails  Paints, Oils, Glass,  NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:   Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf*  1FHE LAWRENCE HARD WARE COL  Will   be found   in, their  new premises on   Baker Street  with  a  complete  stock  of  Shelf and  Heavy  Heavy  and Shelf  ALL KINDS OF MINING SUPPLIES  Vancouver  Hardware  Company, Ltd.  You  will find ib io your arlvantage to consult us  before placing your orders  Tinsmith ing* ar\d Plurrjbing' a Specialty  Estimates; Cheerfully Furnish.ec.  PROSPECTORS, LOOK OUTF  _UARAJ& HARNARD I {LOOK,  13AKi.lt ST., NELSON  The BBACKMAN & KER MILLING CO.,  _i__i_M:i,-r__--i->.  GRAIN, HAY,  FEED, Etc.  Wholesale and Retail  iWr|{brfornqu6tatio"nis"on_car  ai-ibts^-flELSONj^B.^C,  As the snow is fast leaving* ancl  spring* is at  hand,, a little advice on'  the question of buying- your outfits may ,be of advantage.    It will pay  you to   see   the quality of our  goods   and   get   our quotations   before,-  purchasing elsewhere.    We wish to  inform families coming to Nelson  that our  chief aim is   to   keep up   our well - established   family trade,=.<-  which is now the largest in  the city.    When a family once deals with  us they remain   our   customers   and   advise   their  friends to   deal with  Patronize Home Industry  SMOKE UNION MADE CIGARS  ii  OUR SPEGIAtTY  ft  -VrANU'FACTUR-.D BY THE  Kootenay Cigar  Manufacturing Co.  Does the Eastern Tailor  SPEfiD HIS IV|0PEV If. PELSOfi?  No; then buy your clothes from a Nelson tailor  Who docs: Wo beg to announce that wo have  cut our prices so close this season that you will  find no difference between them and any reputable house in the east. Then, all being equal,  surely you will favor homo industry. Our cloth  big is made in Nelson.   All we as)  BAKER STREET WEST, NELSON, B. C  BAKER STREET WEST,  ask is a trial.  NELSON, R. C.  WK HAVE NO AGI-XTS  H. M. VINCENT  MERCHANT TAILOR  LOTS OF MEN...  THAT YOU ARE USING TEA THAT DOESN'T SUIT YOU?  Indeed we feel sorry for you when we know perfectly wpll we caij suit yoii in any  line of Ten,; ib niattei-.s not what kind, Grceiij Black, Young Hyson. Gunpowder, etc., etc.  AVe have the largest and best assorted stock of teas in .Nelson.  The very best indications that our teas are giving satisfaction is the fact that our  sales are increasing daily. :  Kindly bear in iriincl vrhen we sell you a pound of tea we sell it tp give satisfaction  and if it dfiesn'b suit you don't keep it, for we are satisfied we can please you. "We'h.we  pleased the most fastidious. "---���.. ^ '.-_-.  Our stock of groceries is tlie largest in tlie city���always buying in car lots.  ABERDEEN BLOCK  NELSON, B.C.  nevor have a moment to spare. Others never  think of ordering clothes until they actually  need them. Don't put it off. Take a look  at my new samples. If you can't call yourself send a messenger boy to rooms fl and (i,  in the Clement block, or drop a line to 1'. O.  box 391, and receive samples, and have your  measure taken at your house or olllce. Get  your black suit-made now. Our samples for  this suit are Knglish bell warps. Fit and  workmanship guaranteed.  Steverjs, Tl]e Tailor  John A. Irving' & Co.  IIAVJ-VlUST 1.KC1-IVKD A CO.VSIG.VMKNT OK _ .. ���".*-���*  YANKEE HILL'S PURE MAPLE SYRUP  IN GALLON AND ONE-HALF GALLON TINS AND BOTTLES   :y  Family orders a specialty and free daily delivery  Mail and telephone orders promptly attended to  Haker Street West, opposito Oddfellows' Flock  THY IT AND BE CONVINCED      '        ,    .:���'  THE 1'TNEST ON THE MAUKET ���  .JUST THE THING FOR HOT OAKES  SPECIAL ATTENTION  Have just, received a consignment of Harris home  made tweeds from Talbot Harr.'s, Scotland.  FEED J, SQUIBE, Baker St. Nelson  The supply is Umited, so caU early and examine this stock.  >V


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