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 KOOTENAY  Has Mines that are Paying Dividends and Hundreds of Properties that can be Made  Dividend Paying Mines.  KOOTENAY  Has   a   Mineral   Output   of Upwards   ot  One  Million    Dollars   Every   Month  In  The Year  DAILY   EDITION:  FIRST YEAR-NO. 44.  "4  NELSON,  BRITISH  COLUMBIA, HIURSDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 1899.  WEEKLY  EDITION:  SEVENTH YEAR-NO  11  \'<  COUNCIL BACKS AMD FILLS  Proceedings of a Special Meeting.  The members of the city uminuil held a  rather important session yesterday afternoon, when the consideration of the revised bylaws of the corporation was resumed. Several important changes were  decided upou, but as the greater number  of the important bylaws are still in the  committee stage, it is mere guess woi*k to  attempt to predict how they will look  when they are reported to the council.  /   The "Soj ers" Get the lUre Hall.  A communication was received from A.  E. Hodgin.", captain of (he local company  ���" of Kootenay Rifles, in which he asked for  the use of the fire hall for two evenings in  the week, for the purpose of drilling the  meii. He asked for the use of-the hall  until the fine weather set in, when the  men could be drilled in the open.  The members of the council were of the  opinion that the same objection did not  - attach to the letting of the hall for drill  purposes as i'or entertainments, and on  motion of alderman Beer, seconded by  alderman Hillyer, it was decided to comply with the request.  The Sewer Pipe Arrives.  11. J. Evans & Company had a  communication before the council  notifying the city that the sewer  pipe ordered for sewer extension had arrived at the Nelson & Fort Sheppard railway depot. The city engineer was instructed to inspect and take over the pipe.  In Committee on the Bylaws.  The council then went into eommitteee  of the whole to consider the revised bylaws of the corporation, alderman McKillop being in the chair. Several of the bylaws were discussed and amendments proposed, but with one exception they are  still with the committee. The couucil  then remained in committee of the whole  for over two hours.  To Enforce the Bread Bylaw.  The bylaw which the committee practically disponed of was that which deals  with the sale of, bread. -This bylaw provides that all bread sold in Nelson.shall  be iu loaves of the full weight (of one  pound, and no ordinary white biead shall  ..-be-_old"in 'loaves weighings less' titan "one  pound, provided that for bread baked  24 hours previously au allowance of one  ounce per loaf shall.be allowed. The bylaw further provides that the city shall  - have power to confiscate all bread found  to be of alight weight and advertise the  name of the person so offending iu a local  newspaper.   For breaches of the bylaw a  . penalty of $100 "and costs is provided, or  ��� in default ii term of imprisoninentfor. two  months. The council decided to have the  chief of police make a report upon the  bread offered for sale in the, city and report upon the same' at. regular intervals  hereafter.  '_'^_   Tax Comes Off Wholesalers.  While discussing the trades license bylaw, the council decided to recede from its  position of increasing the tax upon wholesale merchants doing business in this city.  The proposal was to increase the present  tax of $10 every six months to $25. The  members of the council ascertained that  the tax was not in the interests of the  city, and it will be allowed to remain as  |t|s. With respect to_the_i3rp_p_o_sed_tax_  of $2.5 every six  months   upon   express  from Ward s�� '/j.^Hall street, fixing  .the same as t'J 0 - y^f'/y '(i- ���'*> the railway  track at the southey 'fyy.ff }'���' .of Block 02  on Josephine street, an.; / ;��� Front street  be graded as soon as the _.,,;..st is out of the  ground.    HOW SOUP SHOULD BE MADE  Solicitor Gallihei'. Gets $1000.  The council decided,the matter of the  city solicitor's salary, but made a reference to the finance committee to determine what the solicitor should do to earn  it. It was moved by alderman Fletcher,  seconded by alderman Hillyer, ami carried, that the salary of.the city solicitor  be $1000 per year, and that it be referred  to the finance committee to report, as to  the service to be rendered in consideration of such salary. ''"''.-  A Double-Barreled Audit.  Towards the end of the meeting a resolution was passed authorizing the mayor  to arrange for the engagement of another  auditor.to assist the pesent auditor, Leonard Craig, in his work of auditing the accounts of the city. It is understood that  the present auditor considers- the job too  big to tackle single-handed. George Kydd  of the Merchants Bank of Halifax and J.  J. Campbell of the Hall Mines, Limited,  were mentioned as desirable men to have  on the auditing stall of the city. The  name of W. J. Goepel, the government  auditor, was not mentioned, because alderman Fletcher did not desire that he  should get the job. It will probably go  to Mr. Campbell.  A   LUCKY   ATLIN   MAN.   7..'-��-On  eora.panies and loan companies doing busi-  neess in the city, no complaiuts have yet  been received from those who are to pay  the tax, and consequently the council are  still firm in -heir intention to impose it.  To, Increase Saloons and Hotels.  While the bylaw regulating th<3 nuni^  ber of saloons and hotels in the city was  under discussion, it became evident that a  move will be made to increase the number  of hotels as-well as saloons. At present  there are 15 hotel, licenses and 5 saloon  licenses granted, and the bylaw limits the  number of lieeitf-es at this until the population Of the city reaches 5000 people.  In the discussion it cattle put'that alderman Fletcher considered that there was  i.bVenough booze in the' West ward. He  ''t'hought, that.the number of hotels should  be ine'reased to IS and that there should'  also 'be another saloon and hotel in the  West ward, west of Stanley street-  Mayor Neelands it is understood is in  favor of an increase in the number of  licenses, bub alderman Beer does nob want  any increase. '    ' -  The council spent a long time in endeavoring to decide what to .do in the  mitter, and in the end decided to do  nothing for the present, progress being  reported. -  Several Licenses Reduced.  The council decided, to reduce the  license collected from auctioneers from  $50 to $25 for every six months, and to impose a tax of $100 for every six months  upon persons bringing in goods to the  city and holding slaughter sales.  The tax upon pawnbrokers was reduced  from $125 to $50 for every six months.  The tax imposed upon garden hose was  reduced from $3 to $J.5() per annum.  ___________________ ���  The Front Street Orade.  In the matter of establishing the grade  of Front street a resolution was moved  by alderman Fletcher, seconded by alderman Hillyer, authorizing the city engineer to establish the grade of Front street  He   Was   Dead   Broke,   But  Had   a   College  Education.  Among the men who unluckily went to  the north hist year by way of the Ashcroft trail was James Edward Langford,  of Homily,  Cheshire,   England.    With a  careful bringing up in   the Old  Country  and a college education at Oxford,  the  young   man    was   hardly   prepared   for  roughing  it all   the  way in  the north,  nevertheless he got along fairly well, and,  was one of the first to go into the Atlin  district,   as  lie   was just passing   there  when   the first news of the excitement  was i.pread.   In a letter, to a Vancouver  friend, Mr.r Lang ford says :���"! have only  been in the country for a year, now,  having left England in February last. I heard  from a'prospeetqr at Tagish T,hao~he"kife'w"  that there weto some men taking out gol.d  from a creek on Atlin lake, as he saw one  of them  passing gold dust in Skaguay.  He was very reticent as to where he had  heard-this, however, but the word Atlin  was mentioned and my informant passed  the news to rue,"not believing it of much  account- himself.   I   was  on my way to  -Dawson and had a'rrived.at Tagish when  I heard the news, so making up my mind  tO( investigate the rumor, I left my stuff  and went across the couutry and' to .the  lake, which I was toId_was about 20 miles  across.   I began the journey at about '3  o'clock in the morning in the latter part  of July and travelled through a-t hick pine  forest for some hours, having as my only  guide my compass.   The travelling was  very rough as I had in many places a  quantity of heavy fallen  timber to get  over.   I continued, resting only once at  noon and of course again at night.   At 11  o'clock on the following day;I decided to  go back to Tagish and get an Iudian  to  show me  the trail.    I might here state  that the reason that I did nob get the Indian in the first place  was because I had  .not_the-money,-but-I���had-an-outfit-and-  I decided to give the Indian something for  accompanying me. I procured the services  of thenow famous Indian,Ttigish Jim, and  started  again   for   Atlin.     The   Indian  piloted me to the Shore that he told hie  ^vas Atlin and there I was left to my own,  devices.   I travelled up the lake for about  13 miles and there I found that ib terminated  in a river.   1 was confounded,  for  I knew  that according to the map,  the  lake was. between 80 and 90 miles long.  I travelled down the river for two days  and a. half -and then I found myself on the  shores Of the beautiful lake that I knew  then jtlust be Atlin.   I had i-jistak^ti the  small lake for it, bub I have learned since  that the Indian was right lor he piloted  me to the lesser, and the other lake is properly  called  Takti.    I  arrived at  Pine  creek just a few hours  before the first  rush of about 20 men came in from the  coast.   I was Itic.ky enough, to locate clos_  to discovery on j'ine creek, and two days  afterwards the .second creek  was located  and I got information from the discoverer  himself,  so I thereupon started for the  creek aud staked out No. i below discovery.   I have a little interest on some of  the other creeks,  but I think  that my  latest lecation on Mc'Gee creek will be the  richest,  its I have seen more gold taken  out. of the next claim than I have on any  claim in the district as yet.   I think the  Atlin country will certainly boom in the  spring and I have every faith iu the district.   I never did any mining before although I was for several years on  the  west coast of Africa.   The cold bothers  me very little now, although I suffered a  good deal from it when I first came here."  Will Not Stand Their Work.  Ottawa, Feb. 23.���At a meeting of the  railway committee of the privy council  today, a decision was unanimously given  against the Canadian Pacific railway and  Grand Truuk railway discriminating by  rates in favor of the Standard Oil Company as against local companies. The  railway companies will get a decision  from the committee, as to what are  through and what are not through rates,  at a future meeting.  Nelson Women Catching On.  Thatthe women of Nelson are anxious  to learn how to cook is evident from the  number who attended the cooking lecture  given by Miss Livingstone yesterday in  the hall over Neelands' shoe store. Yesterday's lecture was free, but commencing today the regular course of cooking  lectures will be given.  Ib is needless to say that Miss'Ltving-  stone is quite at her ease in giving her  cooking demonstrations, and as the.course  which she has mapped out contains many  dishes the preparation of jvhich is more  or less shrouded in mystery, the course of  lectures should lie well attended.  There were 200 women   present   when  Miss    Livingstone    took     up    her   remarks upon soups and foundation sauces.  Soup��,  she   explained,  admitted  of two  general classifications���soups made with  stock     and     soups ��   made       without.  .Soups made'with stock had for.their basis  either beef, mutton, veal, or poultry.  For  her practical demonstrations Miss Livingstone used a shin of beef.   The first thing  to do with such a piece of meat was to  have the bones well broken.   This, she explained, was necessary in order that the  nutritious part of the meat could be secured.   The next move was the removal  of the tough skin, which, if allowed to remain, gave the soup a strong flavor, and  rendered skimming necessary.   The skim-  miug-of soup was nob desirable, as the albuminous juices in the meat rose to the^  surface, and when the soup was skimmed  "the  same  were lost.   For a light  stock  there should be added one quart of water  for each pound of meat and bone, or if a  richer stock was desired one pint of water.  1 ii the so.xp  kettle  had  a  proper cover  there would bo little evaporation and uo  -'scape  of   flavor.   Of the   hundreds   of  '���arieties of soup there were five general  classes:   meat, * poultry, game,  fish   and  vegetable.    These  five  classes   of   soup  formed the foundations for all  the other  varieties, and when any one grasped the  principle of making the simple soup, it  could easily be applied to the making of  any soup, the chief difference being in the  matter of flavorings to be added.  Coming back to the shin up..n which  she was operating Miss Livingstone explained-that the meat should, bo cut as  fine as possible,-and a portion of the marrow should be utilized" in the frying of  the vegetables which were to go.into the  -soup.- When the.meat-was finely minced  and'the bones broken, the bones should-  be placed in the bottom of the pot and  the meat on top, the water should then  be added cold, and allowed to-remain' for-  two hours, in which ' time the  cold water would draw out the juices  ot the meat. There was an advantage in  , the use of. cold water over hot water, in  thab the lean part.of meat would toughen  with too much heat. For this reason  lean meat should -be cooked below the  boiling point." The bones in the soup materials should be .boiled first rfor'about  four hoursj after-which the meat should  be added and cooked for about two hours  .below the boiling point. At the end of  this time the soup- should be ready to  strain into an earthen vessel. The result would be a plain broth.  It was sometimes desired however to  have the stock flavored. For this purpose  vegetables come first, carrots, onions, turnips and celery being chiefly used, and  sweet herbs when they are handy. For  the seasoning of stock there should bes  added to each quart of stock one cup of  carrot, a cup of turnip, a cup of celery,  and-one-third-of-a-cup-of-sliced-onionsr  This would give a combination of flavors  without the taste of ono vegetable predominating. The vegetables should be  added one hour before the stock was  taken from the sfiove, and should, ib be desired to color the stock the vegetables  should be fried - until they were a golden  brown before being added to the stock.  If spices were also desired thoy should ��0  in with bhe vegetables in a piece of muslin, a desirable spice being half^a-do-.sh  cold peppercorns, two cloves and two allspice berries. If desired a small auiount  of mace, cinnamon and bay leaf wight be  added. When the stock had Cooked for  another hour, alter adding the vegetables  and spices, the result would be a good  plain soup,  As the making of this soup would take  too much time, Miss Livingstone proceeded with the making of a tomato souj).  For this she used a cup of cooked and  steamed tomatoes. In the cookiug of the  tomatoes she put in half-a-dozen cloves,  two slices of onion and a pinch of soda,  allowed it to simmer for ton minutes, and  then strained it. To this site added a pint  of stock, previously prepared and heated,  two tablespoons, of butter, three tablespoons flour, cooked four minutes, seasoned  with salt and pepper and the article was  ready for use. With respect to the use of  flour for thickening the soup Miss Livingstone explained that tapioca or rice could  be used, or if a clear soup was desired by  using li tablespoons full of cornstarch instead oi' the flour.  The preparation of soups without  stocks was then taken up, the lecturer explaining how  potato soup was made.    In  PROSPECTING  OLD  CASSiAR  Have a Concession of Ten Million Acres.,  Cassiar district became somewhat prominent duriug the summer of 1808 through  the efforts of the Cassiar Central Railway  Company, which has been systematically  exploring a large area in which it has the  right to select mineral blocks in consideration of building a railway from  Glenora  to Dease lake. The area known geographically as the Cassiar district is a-large unexplored region east of the coast strip of  Alaska and in the northwest corner of  tlie  province  adjoining   the   Northwest  .Territory. .Particular  interest attaches  to this district on account of its nearness  and similarity in  many respects to the  Klondike and also from the fact that several of the. practicable routes   to Dawson  lead through sonfe part of it.   During the  past   season, thousands /of persons have  entered the North west Territory by way  of Dyea,.Skaguay and Wraugel and have  attempted to cross  through most of the  known mountain passes leading from the  coast.   A large number came to Glenora,  at the head of steamer, navigation on the  Scickiue river, which flows to  tidewater  at   Wrangel.     Owing   to  the   difficulty  of reaching Teslin lake over the unbroken  (trail, many changed their plans and followed the old srovernmenb trail, built during the time of the Cassiar excitement, to  Dease lake.���' In this journey they passed  nearly diagonally across the Cassiar Central    Railway      Company's   concession.  Most of the parties, however, rarely left  the waterways aud passed on to the Liard  river aud other districts northeast, thus  leaving a territory that offers   quite as  ���many inducements to the prospector as  the more distant points   to  which  they  were bound.  The natural route to the Cassiar district  is by way of Wrangel.   The   first part of  the trip is up the'Stikine river about 150  miles to Glenora.   The river is large, generally Nswift, and navigable for steamers  150 feet in length, with a carrying capa-  .capacity of 75 to 100 tons of freight.   The  .river passes"through the coast mountains,  ���which continue"inland some 50 or (JO miles,  the steep banks and canyons exposing the  'granites and schists- of the-Coast range.  ���Since .the work of Dr. Dawson, who as-  ctended the river and went by Dease lake  apd'-'- river     *~ " *u-    ��''  y^'ars   ago  bfr of claims have been already staked  on quartz veins nnd pyritic ore bodies.  Duriug the last season the company has  worked energetically, establishing its  stores-, offices and warehouses, and alsoin  superinteudiug the work of a large party  of prospectors whom it engaged. The  company owns, and operates a river  steamer ou the Stiekiue, and has made  preliminary arrangements for actively  prosecuting its work of survey and exploration in the coming season. A railway survey has also been made of the  proposed route to Dease lake. Next sea-  Ron should see considerable activity in  Cassiar district.  TELEGRAPHIC NEWS BY WIRE  THB   WEIGHT   OF   BREAD   BYLAW.  It is to be Rigidly Enforced Hereafter by the -  �� Powers That be.  Iu August, 1897, the city council passed  a bylaw providing for? the.weight and  sale of bread. So long as they remained  in office, the bakers were strictly honest  and complied with the provisions of the  bylaw to the letter. But the council that  passed the bylaw have gone out of office,  and the bakers must have fallen into evil  ways, for they are suspected by the  present council of not dealing a square  game. The bylaw is to be rigidly enforced hereafter, and in order that bakers  Hurry and Joy and Chase may not plead  ignorance of the law, it is published in  full below:  ; CORPORATION   OF. THE   CITY   OF NELSON. ,  BVtAW NO. 17.    ;'"'  the course of her remarks under this head  Miss Livingstone digressed somewhat,  and the'TRUJUNE's representative got the  soup ingredients hopelessly mixed up  with some remarks concerning the cost of  the series of cooking lectures which Miss  Livingstone is to deliver for the purpose  of raising funds for the public library,  and with the free lecture which she will  deliver to the school children of thecity  on Saturday at 15 cents per head; so that  those who desire to learn how to build a  potato soup had better consult the lecturer personally.  to . the Pelly about ten  . little systematic'geological  w(n;k'-hris^beeh--doue--iu' the"Cassiar district.. Although Dr. Dawson's explorations were necessarily conducted hastily  on account of the great distance he trav/  ersed, his geographical and geological  outlines are considered authoritative and  have been the basis of-subsequonfr work  in more" restricted areas.��� -Tlie "railway  concession takes in about 10,000,000 acres.  During the summer of lSOS the .Cassiar  Central Railway Company, had a force of  prohpectors in the country west of Dease  lake and ' established headquarters at  Glenora and an assay office at Laketon.  The engineer aud manager of the company is Edward D. Self, formerly a consulting mining engineer in Johannesburg,  in the-Trausvaal. A general outline of  the geology,of a very large area was determined by Mr. Self in- an extended trip  from MeDame's creek to' Teslin lake, and  then'from Teslin lake to Dease lake, by  way of Defot mountain. In general the  country was found to be composed of a  series of schistose rocks, dipping nearly  vertically.  In iS73'7i gold was discovered in large  quantities near Pealse l&ke^ and for sev^r;  =al=y.ear.s-ovei'^$500;QOOFper^  out. For the last 5_0 years* during which  time work has been confine*! chiefly to re-  washingthe same creeksj tlie annual production has greatly decreased. The total  gold taken out and reported up" to 1805  amounts to about $4,775,000, which is no  doubt less than the actual production.  Fpr some years past the re washing of old  dumps has been carried on by Chiqamen,  who have remained in the country  throughout the year. Estimating the'  total length of the efceeks worked roughly  at SO miles, the yield'has been about. $100,-  000 per mile.. There are still Considerable  distances On these creeks that have not  been worked owing to the depth of gravel  to bedrock. Hydraulic washing on a  large scale has been tried iu only a few  places, where the results were apparently  not altogether satisfat'tory, probably on  account of the mistaken view as to the  source of the gold and ��the manner of its  distribution. Large*preparations were  made to hydraulic banks on the assumption of an even distribution of gold in the  gravel. Had the glacial transportation  theory been abandoned, and bedrock pay  streaks of such moderate size as could be  expected from the degradation of small  rich veins crossed by. the creeks been  alone worked, the preparations for washing would have been more commensurate  with the amount and value of the gravel  to be treated.  The Cassiar Central Railway Company  has secured the privilege of making designations of mineral blocks in the area  which extends from the 58th to the (50th  degree north latitude and from the 128th  to 131s.t degree west longitude. From  within this district the company has the  right to designate 70 blocks of land in consideration of building a railway from  Glenora to Dease Jake, a distance of about  100 miles. The terms of this mineral land  grant are drawn in such a way that independent prospectors or miners retain considerable rights, notwithstanding the advantages which are gained by the company after making the designations to  which it is entitled. Ground, however,  not designated by the company within  the above area is freely opened to miners  under our mining laws, and a large mim-  A bylaw to provide for tho weight and sale of bread.  The municipal council ot the Corporation of the City  of Nelson enacts at. follows: .    -  1. That all bread bold or ottered for sale within tho  City of Nelson, each loaf shall be of the full weight of  one pound, and no loaf of bread shall be sold under that,  weight.  _.   The term "broad" shall mean and include not only  ordinary white  bread,   but all fancy bread in  which  yeast is used; provided, always, that for   bread made  ��� twenty-four hours and ovor, one ounce light weight shall  bo allowed for eacli loaf weighing one pound.   "  :.. Noihing i.i the last, preceding.section contained  shall bo oon..tnicd or ext ended to prevent bakers or other  persons from .selling biscuits, buns."rolls, crackers, muf-  lins or other fancy cakes commonly, made in the trade.  ,4. Tho blnef of police shall from time to time, (and at  least once m every sixty days, and attcr reporting, to tho  city council) examie .he baker-��' shops and cards, shall;  conflscace all loaves which may be found of light woight,'  and shall dispose of the same under the discretion of the  mayor, and ho shall ad\erLise iiuaiiy howspaper pub-��  lishocl in the ciLy the name or names ���of any, person or  persons so oiiending. 6-'"v-��v'f-;''��"w;^'^"j*"..''l'  5.   Any person eon victod of a broach of any3o5 the pro-"  visions of tfiis bylaw  beforo' the ��� police��hiagistrftte,-6r  any two justices of the peace having jurisdiction within  tho city of Nelson, shall foifeit and pay��fpr��each offence,  such sum not exceeding one hundred dolla.'8.(��l00i00) arid  costs, together with the costs of tho proseciitiOnj "aalto  tho police magistrate or other, convic-iiiR-justices shall  seem nght,~and in default of payaient,otthe?said-p'enalty/  and.eosts, or penalty or costs only ,^the"s"aid._)enalty and-  costs,- or penalty or costs only mayH���be" levied��� by .distress"'  and sale of the gojds and chaitolH%bf,utlic"����oirender^br*  olt'enders; and iu case of there being ,rib.distres's found;  out of which the said penalty arid1 cost*;.or; penalty or,"  costs only, can be levied, the police.'inagistrato'or'btheri  convicting justices of the peace, Sihay.'urider'hislhand,''  and s< al, is.uc a warrant coninuttingfSuch'.drfender'iOr,  orlenders to the common gaol   or���"'any"vlock-up;>,liou"_fo  within the limit, of'the city for any8���"p"cri(.p"iio"t exceed-,  ing two'months, with or without ,liaiJd|labor,",unle8s"tliV  said.penalty and co.-ts.or penalty ofiCoSta.b6"sooher'paift.  (i.   This bylaw may .��      . ���.   ���    ...  "Weight of 13read 13yla  "  Read iirst, second and ���   __eeoii*ider��!d and finally adoptedWri._;"pass6-ithc����18__.  day of August, 1897.     . '       ~t* ��� ^Vp.xV-/.:^i1- ��  Iskaj_.] '   -       J01_N^.HOUSTON��Mayo?.��i  O11.AK-.-.S.E. Sealev, City OJcrlu"��,_�����,_��*"���-"."  ���r{-D",f��.,";  Made a Oood Shdwib'g.i .y-."."��" "���.:." ."\  The dividends of the T_^atl!-5Laai^fMi,^i^ifi*i-,,;  companies for 1S9S make a:v,e*r*yigpo(^��lip^  ing and correspond better. .wi.��h'/���fcire.^6,lU��"'  0 ... X"B .��U.'��..   �� ^JV^.  fl t  production of the district, than, in.-some"  previous    years.     The    fqjlb>yin*g   tab^e  shows the total amount of these diVidends  paid by the gold  mining and other companies:      - .  Wikwat6rsrand ,,. ....���.., ,.,. :S_3,525,-52  JDtlierudjytryjfcs.-,.! ..__.���..._..,. -,.__-*._-..._.- ..__u.:._^w==7:i!),ci5o  Exciting Time In th�� Legislature.  Victoria, Feb. 23.���Yesterday was the  most exciting day of the session.   In the  first place, Turner's motion calling into  question the constitutionality of the lieutenant-governor's action dismissing   the  Turner ministry was on the order paiper,  and it proved a drawing card, for the galleries Avere  crowded.     It   stood   over,  however,   by -agreement.      All   supply  votes were passed without amehdmenr,  then came a long debate over the bill allowing "prospectors the same rights  on  lands within Esquimalt & Nanaimo railway belt as within crown lands;   The at- ;  -orney-general plainly intimated tha.t it  was the intention of the government to*  get  after  the .Dunsmuirs,  but  member  Dunsmuir, was hot in his seat.   He has hot  opened his mouth during this session;    ;.?-  Cotton said in the course of the debate  that it was only a question of time when  the government would take up the question of allowing large tracts of land to re-:-  m_tin untaxed, because'originally granted  those conditions. ;       -   ���_'-      ^    -.  A bill enabling the city of Rossland to.  borrow  $150,000  for   water and   electric;:  purposes was introduced by consent and  received a first reading.   Then came the  fight    of   the  day.' 'Martin  introduced-;  a   bill   repealing    subsidies    to   various ;  railways in the province.   As introduced;  the bill would affect the British Columbia  Southern, constructed under the charter,:  of the Crow's Nest road, but Martin ex-"  plained this mistake.   The bill is really  aimed at the Victoria, Vancouver & Eastern and the Teslin Lake road of Macken-   ���  ziei & Mann.   Helmcken   sprung; a-^sur-%  prise.   He  had asked   weeks ago for: a;  return   of  the  correspondence   between ���  the government and Mackenzie & Mahh^SV  .but: it  haid   not   been   brought   downJl?  He ^produced printed  copies, of the cor- ^  respondence supplied by them, and read-;  it  all.; It showed- that the contractors  '  were bound only, providing the Dominion' ;  ^government suppleimehted the provincial(y  subsidy,   v Helmcken  tried >t6;make-the Hv  ���point: that the contracts werer binding*?;.;  but failed, as Cotton afterwards; showed'!?-  that the bill   does not touch; the subsidy;?;  ;;tb the rail way now; building frpmRohsohP  jto^the Boundary Creek country^ _.i^vthat i  the"lieutenant-governor still has pojwer to ��+  ehteiv^hto a contract with reliable part  ^forthe; cqh^riie^oh of^hei; remaining 10O;1  '.miles"��� 'from?Midway;^ tb^Pentietohi; the*;,  ,i;bonns''not"tS;exceed; $400])'mile.:;* t? %(_y..:;jjj!*&-  iv-Thd opplfeitibirfbugh^the bin^bitterly^*  fc'h'arafitSriz^  _;%Hijjfg-bs_fin^  ^of^tfieL'deb'at^  "day";��j?The:lc)bbies;^were crowded* All even-*  ��Btjng"byirajlway.men aud;lawyers interest-,  s.ed litilfthe'charte^^  ICdttohta^stt-on^  "���in^general^  *&_;.^!_all<ft^  ;Tli"e.^:vgeneraI^:���:%^  ��Wei ls?{^ahd;";^Ma^  ^lK^olt^ndf^liis^^  fro'^er.n m eh t ,,,c^^  fL��ast["ni|rh^^^  i|esssibn,fandVthe���tensi|).nii_^q"u  .|lat6��affteijnb<\n>^  }?($h$^go%��fnni enV"^.annpju,hnce/^that:,they^  ;iutehcl:getfcihg4t^  xtsseenis,,, to ._dp_ so ��� they^will "have^to sit  contmuQi-  i>'.���.V I  i,;���'i_--S��  ..$'-1,205,107  -.    7'.B1S,'348  ..     . ���3U,1'20  Total dividends of gold .iujiids.... ���  ���Piu-'n'ce and laitflL-d.npu.iies.....,,,..   Coal iiiining* companies' dividefids...   Total dividends,..,,..,...., ., f:��2;,-j3,573  In the Witwatersrand mines 32 per cent  of all the gold won was! paid in dividends,  but in the other districts only 15.0 per  cent. The proportion fbr the whole Transvaal v^as 31 per dent, The dividends  Credited to the finance and land companies cpme, of course, almost eutifely from  gold mining profits.; but so mahy df thfitn  are based upon flotation of new companies  and upon dividends received on stocks  owned that to include them in the gold  mining dividends proper would necessarily involve a good dj.al of duplication. The  gold niiniug 'dividends alone, however,  cover ail amount far exceeding that reported any previous year.  .     i,  n    n���. m   Perished From Exposure.  Lethbridge, Feb. 23.���The body of an  unknown man was found by Canadian  Pacific railway section men near here today. A certificate of character from Archie McPhail & Co., Vancouver, was  found on the body. He was evidently a  laborer and perished from exposure.  bled of Small Pox.  Cornwall, Feb. 23.���James Whiting died  at Farrau'.s Point of small pox, at the age  of 50. It was in the Whiting family that  the disease first broke out in this county,  four weeks ago. There were in all ten  cases iu his house,  this being the first to  prove fatal. ________^   Lucky Young Man.  Kingston, Feb. 23.���W. W. Moore, a  young man taking the science course at  Queen's university, was notified this  afternoon that, by the death of au aunt  at Kamloops, British Columbia, he has  fallen heir to one-third of $750,000.  Mail Robber Sentenced. ;  London, Feb. 23.���William J. Mcliaig,  the mail clerk convicted of robbing the;  mails, was sentenced today to three years!  in the Kingston penitentiary. He smiled  when sentenced.  .-..(..  .���������... A Bank Manager���s,.Opinipn.?��"n=*��n���1.-"^.D���"��f  �� :;TorOritp,"���FeJbV��^l^^fii^0fi'eria^m^agerj^��.  of the Canadiah;B!th-&rpl^  interview sa'ys:;   ��� 'Kfeept,wpuld,!,be*"e,tt��er Is  tip haive�� no  treaty<:than,��Jo_y���t^  jmt-lediat-iadvatatag^  -a'n^a'iStib.stahtial'a'aiv^  to come.   It would   have ":beens.-_i grrind"  thing if the commissioners had^^ cpihe-bajck .  with Skagvvay.   I wOhld be fufa'vor" (of  taking the entrance ofXyrin canal. fbr.setr":  .lenient of the Alaska seal qiiest.ion,*l?ut"  Canada is now in suchJi position that she  can afford to wait.   Ibelieve that th^re-*  ���Suit, of the negotiations will be..foi; "the  benefit of Cafiad^.   It   will  inake. E.ng^  lan;d     understand   the,   |b���-cal!e8 Augle-  .-imerican   alliance,   and   if   Am���erjgafi_"  really value it, or haVe d^casibu in tue.l'u^,  ture to vahie it, they will be more likely  to   listen'   to  Our  argument;.-.,     ^Nojjiing,  could bt. better thrill for the United States;  to see ��hat, in any Jreaty, it .v'ill  be GatY-  ada that will make 16 and England that  will sign it.   The average American has  had; a belief chat Canada would have to  agree to any arrangement England might  make from an imperial point of view.    If  they will  now tinderiitand it is we who  .shall make the treaty, there is nothing  that would  make; better state relations  between the United States and Canada."  Tried to Burn Manilla.  Washington, Feb. 23.���General Otis has  cabled the war.department from  Manilla  as follows:   "Determined endeavors were  made to burn the city last night.   Build1*  ings were fired in three different .sections  of the city.   The fires, were eoiitrOlled by  theAroops after severe labor.   A.consich  erable number of the incendiaries were  shot and a few ��oldiers were wounded.  Early this morning a large body of the in- ���  surgents  made a demonstration on   Mc-  Arthnr's front, near Caloocan, and were  repulsed.   The   loss of   property by;, the  fire last night was probably half a million  dollars." ______ "-'���������  Ourlii-R at Sandon.  Sandon, Feb. 23.-[Speeial to The Tribune.]���In the Bostock competition���first  draw���Hall of Kaslo defeated Smith of  Rossland. In the Harris competition���,  semi-finals���Crawford of Saudon defeated  McCallum of Slocan City. In the Merchants competition���semi-finals���Hall' of  Kaslo defeated Crawford of Sandon,.  - ��� *  l_Sii THE  TRIBUNE:   NELSON B.C.   THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 1899.  Ill  u  m\  PUBLISHERS' NOTICE.  ifi  Ifi'  ill  r&ii  m  THE DAILY TRIBUNE i-. published every afternoon  (-Ssspt Suiiilay), and will be delivered by carrier in  any town in Kootenay for twenty-five cents a week;  or will be mailed to subscribers for live dollars a year.  THE WEEKLY TRIBUNE is published every Wednesday and Saturday, and will be mailed to subscribers  for two dollars a year.  REGULAR ADVERTISEMENTS printed iu both the  daily and weekly editions for $3 per inch per month.  Twelve lines solid nonparicl to be counted as one inch.  LOCAL OR READING MATTER NOTICES 20 cents a  line for each insertion.  JOB PRINTING at fair rates. All accounts for job  printing and advertising payablo on the first of  every month; subscriptions payablo in advance  ADDRESS all communications to  THE TRIBUNE. Nelson. B. C.  PROFESSIONAL   CARDS.  AH. HOLDICH���Analytical Chemist and Aiwuycr.  ���     Victoria street. Nelson.  T C. GWILLIM, B.A.Sc. & W. 8. JOHNSON, B.A.Sc.  **��. ���Mining Engineers and Analytical Chemists.  Slocan City, if. C.  Look out for...  A. FERLAND & GO'S  New advertisement tomorrow  New goods just being opened and marked off  LODGE   MEETINGS.  NELSON LODGE, NO. 23, A. V. & A. M. Meets  second Wednesday in each month. Sojourning  brethren invited.  KNIGHTS  OV PYTHIAS���Nelson   Lodge,  No,  25,  Knights of Pythias, meets in Castle hall, Macdonald block, corner of Josophine and Vernon streets, every  second and fourth Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock.   All  visiting Knights are cordially invited to attend.  R. G. Joy, C. C. George Ross, K. of R. & S.  THURSDAY .. ;..:...   .FEBRUARY 23, 1899  There  is  evidently a mistake   somewhere.   The Tribune stated yesterday  that the government intended to increase  the tax on the output of metalliferous  mines from 1 per cent to 2 per cent.   This  statement was based on telegrams received from Victoria.   The coast papers are  a. hand containing a summary of minister Cotton's budget speech. The following  extract is the only reference made to the  mineral tax.   Mr. Cotton said the mineral  tax was a disappointing one,  but it was  hoped that it would  produce $60,000 this  year as against $45,000 expected last year,  thiugh only $36,000 bad been paid. It was  calculated that the property would have  produced $140,000 instead  of $30;000 if it  had  been assessed   as   real   or, personal  property, but it was hoped that with  the  increased opportunities for smelting and  lower  freight  rates .the output  wiirin-  -: crease.'   The tax had been wrongly named,  Mr.   Cotton   thought.    It  was   really a  revenue for privileges, rather than a tax.  Farmers and other -land holders have to  : pay their taxes whether tlieir property  produces or not; but the mine owner does  not have to pay unless his mine is making  But, then, the old city council was no  good, anyway, and was replaced by one  that is strictly up-to-date in every respect,  Carelessness After Marriage.  Why is it that many women suddenly,  cease to take an  interest in their clothes  after they are married?   I know one girl  in particular who before her wedding was  held up as a model of neatness for all to  follow.   She could not afford expensive  gowns, but her   wardrobe  was tasteful  and exquisitely neat.   She reminds one of  the French girls who pay the closest at-:  tention to the little things Of toilet.  Hair  and neck wear were points to be admired  each day, and.'in simple morning attire;  the girl was perfection.   She married the;  man she loved, set up housekeeping;, and  had become well settled in her new life  before I used my privilege as an old friend  to make an informal morning call;   What  a falling from   grace was   there.   When  I entered the room  my astonished eyes  took in in one  hasty glance; the   whole;  picture of  soiled,   worn morning frock,  shoes down at the heel, and hair just put  up anyhow to get it out of the iway.   In  that condition she had breakfasted with  the man  whose admiration she had .ex"  cited in the first place by her winsome  "We hold aT~  Vaster Empire  appearance. This girl had not reached  her twenty-second birthday, yet had laid  aside, apparently for ever, everything  that women most admire, and when I  summoned courage to tell her how  changed she was she simply turned my  remark -aside into a few good-natured  words, embodying the meaning that because she was married the innocent little  vanities of life were no longer necessary.  There are so many illusions lost in the  commonplace of married life that it seems  as if we might keep up that of neatness  in our personal appearance. Of course,  the husband comes first, but there are  other people in the world who are entitled to consideration. If he does hot care  whether your dress is clean, whole, dirty  or ragged, your friends may, and is it  wise to go against their prejudices ? The  admiration of a friend or relation is  worth having;, and you may be sure that  there was never a man, husband or sweetheart, who did not admire a dainty,  appearance.  A Painful Symptom.  .Toronto Telegram, February IGth.] (1  Siftonian Grits who have been loudly  predicting the early and sudden death of  Joseph Martin, must accept the result of  the Nelson, British Columbia, election as  a painful symptom of Mr. Martin's good  health.  mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm&mm&mm  B  1   'J  Have just received a complete line of  SWISS HAMBURGS  0  # These goods are direct from Switzerland and comprise all the newest  ^ designs for the coming season.  # Fine Swiss edging with insertion to match; new allovers and Flo'tinc-  gings;-fine and medium spotted Swiss muslin in white and colors.  fa  m  WE HAVE OPENED  A beautiful line of blouse silks in pattern lengths of four and a half  yards in each. These goods comprise checks, stripes, and fine figures in  all the newest colorings. New black brocade silks and morie velure in  black and navy blue.  MTCH OUR ADVERTISEMENT FOR fEW GOODS ARRIVING DAILY  w  B,  a return.  -nA  m  ���t't- ���'������ ������.  mm  I-���;'���'���''"���.:' "*i  .J..'V#j';*..  '"'-v'iffif:-  111%  ...     ������<&'    a��a  �����; ^"**  .  .    Neither sentiment^nor.y'eligious.intol-*  iterance :^Iiould|f^ri^^  r era!iHospital xSociety^ha^iin6tJ--_fetFtti,e:r:e>^  ;<s���quirements.,pfcthoseij*whQ?ilook��to Nelson*  ^��;��or "hospital ca^e,*^  'S 'ffi "'htftin^dW^d^^  ���*|"^|o4ciet'_rSmakes��|^  .��'/|^t_^  'f(0.f"ihfsi society^C-'iiosmtal'"M ex^epi^ith'ofee'fFoni-  Hv.t: the%ityor*NeIson.���;,The33uestion"mights  ���*'<-fb���e:.teked;tti^  P  'D Jin '���    Ra  i   in   '"���"      nVn n "ar'�� 'D '     �� HI'S" Rl   * f    "    " '     n* DLJ   _    ''D ���cn��n    [f U'n [f'n    ^    Vn    ��/"        D <n    '  =>j "patients ^  ?��;..-$-jvffad;f^^  ip^lJso^  i|��i���tagam^t;hefei^u^  j"��%built"'largel#���py^tfiefmen;:.w_io"^  S.;:..-f^--o.in*_;Qf}ise���"^o>reeeiy���e''^harity'_ipatie,Qt8'  ?^^rom^et^n"^.^t;i^ipTtal^run^  s^���.:erant"���J_:rotestant,"chuii-hmen���iis no.imore  ,! v=S>vP^I;^Kipfcsupj.)ort?th^ .byf bigptr  "> fj.fed>OkthpIic^{cliurch"\Yonjnen."' . "^-liat%*tj_iS&:  . *^"! pepp]e��wa^  ^f^f ands��;iti j ur epHyi'll ���beit'reat.eds,at;eiCh^r;.their'  ^p^ff^Kithelpu hllkex pen se>a nxl=wh"eres=n q  V"cha"rijjy patient will be denied-tdmissibh  _b*eeau8e;o��.his.or her place of residence or  religious "belief,  - The city council has appointed two  faudi4tpfsi to do what has already been  "!dpne;by",the city clerk-and hU.'k's'sistefit%  >anj-ift--:ere��Ei8 iilcely to be a fhird atiditor  "appointed. The liejutenant-goVetiinor has  "pplvvfr to- appQin't at? auditor,-under -seer  "tio"n$J: oi: the; Municipal ClauseR A'dt. lie  ���^iliv��PPQ��"h& W�� J. Gfjepel, "provincial  auditoKaridl r.ecpgnized expert, tprio the  >york, and, then, there will be nothihg^for  the pther -two to do except drayif their  stlpendsi         .  The real business men of Nelson are  getting just a trifle tired of the present  city council, and there is talk Of getting  up a petition praying them to resign.  When the poet wrote these lines  and Postmaster Muloek had them  endorsed oh the, new stamp^ they  could have referred pn^y to the  l���A..>ev,.  SOLD BY. Si  0     ������"_,,    u    nn   .r,n.^_���6B  .Vy."-:%\**  s <n��� ���|b1utl'Ki an g.vgackages.;  fWe^sell^at-^a'steVn,,  Acataiaffue-pneesi  'ii��ISDMifiKiiii|  r-'g-^pdrnel^BaVcr.-iii^ * *  'ri-B.h)om'<-ot-��^."-.?A^.^jV.3:-;....\r.''.��.  .A-Rodni,House ���..-. WvftVS."...,v,l��.<\j".*��...  VHous4"ahd��lbt, Victorlii"'nl.reej'��."4_.:t.w ���".  ^Hduse. arictjlOt^SiIica���i=treet'fi.,.v.��. .*...,   >H6u86���B_nd lot^Silica^streetX.-.. .,..,.....,  jHdiise" anddo_;;Mines ��i;oa-P...".,,.,..-.....-.  ;C6rner�����]ot;, iVorhon^streotCT.. ."....,.,"......  Twd'.lots.tSilioaistreet.^,...!", ......  MONEY  :",SU00,  ;.��� 1300;;  ..^2800;  y "'.7oo��  eg,' 2700��.  a  ;800.;  TO   LOAN;  ;(S_Heeln''tlievAtoePti'ene-l Block, ^elslasn.  J-  ';^fc��TrunksSuid."vahsessdelivered" to .any" part *ofrf  "the'crty..;.    . .   ��- .- ���:*;-**���'��� "/���.���.���"..���*    " .": ��������::'���  . ��".*S_-lr��kihd-i����� 6p dfayirig' *ddne; i"a"fc; l'ea'son^hle"/  rates:;/^Md"v.ingifui^mture .dispe'cial^   . *'*  .. Stand;I*ftt cQi-ner "Baker aiid" Josephine- $ts.f  jfrKijc$lm^  Residential Lots  _?OE 8^,XiE in, the original town_ite on easy  terms.. Also lots fbr sale in .Grimd Jtorks  ancl Caiica-.e City. ,  Apply  FRANK FLETCHER,  P.L.S;,  Land Agenty  Corner Bafcdr and; KootCiiay Streets^     Nelson, B.C.  - A-jL the directors of the Kootenay Lake  General Hospital Society, except two,  prayed at night and worked in the day  for the- defeat of the old city council.  Their prayers probably were not effective, but their work was, and the old council got the bounce. It is t^y.said that all  the directors of the same society, except  two, are praying uight and day for the  wilful men whom they helped place in  office, This world is a queer cine, and not  at all satisfactory to the average Christian���in or out of office.  The present city council is in favor of  allowing cheap-john auctioneers to do  bttsine88 in Nelson on payment of $100.  The old city council passed a by-law requiring all such dealers to lirst get a per-  niit'frbni the mayor before a license could  be iscued by the collector. It is needless  totayth&t no such permit was granted.  FOB   BJLXjJE}  GENERAL TEAMSTERS  ^SV^y' ��J^-(r_ "VV^f u^^^d^^VtT'P?^*   ^I'Q" o    ��     J"' ^nd,D?,%'S^,,-u4:'  %'|n��   '-'(fi*    *?:.^ o     '    .�� p"H fl ^ ^n"��� ��   D od   ��d     ;d ��        ��     --Vn        / Q�� ��    '��� l"^*0  * -^  B^_^S^i#N:^ai^  '.TT'I"**?" .��^"|w.l"'"!'",I-V' _K"j_I^.":**^i"*.''fe**'*l^l"&����'^;.'"-"��F."_i" '"'=����^T'/^.i'v*"��'���S  Pateo n ize H o mfe In fl ustey  -'    ^Mtp(E uidl rtpl CliS(RS    f  ^MH^^Qu;;1gg|nlE  UK*  ���ii.  OUft SP��0IiV_TY  AGENTS FOR  the Imperial Oil Co.   Standard Oil Co.  Washington Brick arjd Liirje Go.  The Hi W. 'IVJcNiell Co., Lid., Canadian Ar}th,ra=  cite Coal (Hard)  Dealers iq  STOVEWOOIJ  Dairy Ranch, on Kootenay Lake near  Nelson   ................ $5000  House and two lots on Mill street (snap) 1100  House and two lots on Vernon street 1600  House and lot ori Victoria street . . . 2100  House and lot on Victoria street . . . 1650  House and lot on Victoria street . . . 1900  House and two lots On Carbonate Sfc   1800  ALEX   STEWART,    Mining   Broker.  Office:   Turner & Boockh block; Baker and  Ward streets Nelson.  Charles A. Waterman & Co.  CUSTOMS BROKERS  AUCTIONEERS  BEAL ESTATE anfl GENEBAL AGENTS  Baker Street, Nelson  Wilson & Harsh;  DRAYING and  EXPRESS  Bus meets all trains and boats.  Special attention given the transfer of baggage. Office and stables  on Vernon street, opposite The  Tribune office.    Telephone No. 35.  EXPRESS and DRAYING  MANUFA-TUI.BD BY THE  Kootenay Cigar  Wmiifkeiuring Co.  BLACKSMITHING  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  PLAYBG ��AmM  Remember you can got theu. from  & Ii IM!ON  Abcnlecn Biock, Nelson, B. C.  Assessmehtj'Act ^  WEST KOOTENAY PISTRlCT, KeISON, DIVISION.  Wfttfon repairing proinptly atlerdedto by a fii-st-class  wheelwright.  Special attention givn to a'l kinds of repairing and  custom work from outside points.  Having purchased the express and drayine  business of .J. \V. Cowan, we are prepared  to do all kinds of work in tiiis line, and solicit the pntronag'c of tho people of Nelson.  Orders left at I). McArthur & Co's storo,  northwest corner Baker aud Ward streets  will receive prompt attention.   Telephone 8a  SHOP:   H,all Street, between. Baker and Vornori, Nelson  R. REISTERER & CO.  BREWERS AND BOTTLERS OF  Fine Lager Beer  Ale and Porter  Coal  Wood Dealer  BEST DRY WOOD  Delivered to any part of, the city.  Full measurement guaranteed.  Prompt, nnd regular  delivery to the t.radc.  Brewery at Nelson.  STEIN WAY  The Standard Piano of  the World.  NORDHEIMER  Tho Mtistiu Piano  o. ( aiada  fIRST DOOR WEST BANK a C. BVlWWG,  G0MER DAVIS & Go.)  Art and Music Co., Nelson, Agents,  Office at Corner Baker and Ward Streets.  Notice  of Application  for  Certificate  of  Improvements.  BERLIN I. 3251 G. 1, EUREKA L 3255 Q. 1, O. V. G. FKACTION  I. 62oi G. l.UUITANNIA L 3253 o; J, GKAND L. 1810 G. 1, MAC  FRACTION L. 3256 G. 1, MINEKAL CLAIMS, SITUATE IN  THE NKLSON MINING DIVISION OF W.3T KOOTENAY  DISTKICT, AND LOCATED ON TOAD MOUNTAIN; ADJOINING THE HALL MINES.  _l'ake notice that I, John Hirsoh, as agent for tlie Hal]  Mines Company, Limited, free miner's certificate No.  \-iooi\, intend, sixty days from tho date hereof, to apply  to the mining recorder for a certiflcate of imiirovenients.  for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above  claims. And further take notice that action, under section .!/, must be commenced before the issuance of such  certificate of improvements. JOHN HIRSCH.  Dated this 2(ith day of November. 18f)8. [Jan 25]  Application for Liquor License.  Notice is hereby given that I will, thirty days from the  date of this notice, apply to tho government "gent at  Nelson for a licenso to sell liquor at retail at my hotel,  known as the Florenco Hotel, situate three miles east of  Nelson, on the outlet of Kootenay lake, in Webt Kootenay district, Briti_h Columbia.  ~ ,  , _ . WILLIAM ROBERTS.  Dated February 3rd, 1803.  The Tribune will buy Old Rags  And Sell Old Newspapers,  Notice isn'herebyngiyeiYinJacc6rdunc��c>with the statutes,  that" provincial revenue lax' and'all taxeB levied guilder  ttlic Jls-Cssmoiit Act, arc now dVitf for-tho j;earr1899.. All  the��ab6vc-nan.e_l tax6s c6ilectrt()lc wittiyi the' West  Kootenay district, Nelson division, are payable at my  oflicc, Kaslo. ' '    .  Ass0-sment tuxes are collectable at tlie following  rates'; viz.: ���  If paid on or before Juno 30th, 1899.  Threeriflflhs of one per cent oii real property.  Two and one-half"poi; cent on iissessed Va.luis ot wild  Wid-       ���       '"  One-half of one percentsdn personal property;  0dn so iiiuch On the income of any person as exceeds  ono thousand dollars, the following races, namely: upon  such excess of; incoiiio when tho same is not niore than  ten thousand;dollars, one per cent; when such excess is  over'(en thousand dollar, and not more than twenty  thousand dollars, one and one-quarter of Olio per cent;  .���when such excess is over twenty thousand dollars, one  and one-half of one ptireoiit.        -..  If paid on or after 1st July, 1899.   -  Four-tlfths of one per cent on real property.  3!hrce per cent on tho asiSessed value of wild .and.  Threoifdurths of one per cent on personal property.  On so much on the income of any person as exceeds one  thousand dollars, tho following rates, namely: upon such  excess when the same is hot. niofe than ten thousand  dollari., one and one-quarter of oiip Dor cont;! when.  Sil-h excess is over ten thousand dollars and noi'mOre .  than twenty thousand dollars, one and ono half of one  per cent; whon such excoss is over twenty thousand dollars, one and three-quarters of pno"percent.:  Provihcial revenue tax, ��3 per capita. .......  JOHN KEEN, Assessor and Collector."'  Kaslo, B. C, 23rd January, 1899.       '.'. - '���-'���-.  asroTio-E. -;  ,��j?SP��T?L?i0�����B0A th�� .shareholders of. the-Nelson  of eleven o'i-iok in tlie forenooiiT  Such meeting is called.for r.he purpose of:  ��� l... Kati-yiiiKnnd sanctioning the action of-.hnriiiw-'  tors with respect to the sale of the Ncl.on Eloctrio Light  CitTo"l?el8on!      ' ��f their Plant and ^arichise to the  I-   5aH^jn��and8anctiotiing such sale.  3    Ratifying and authorizinx the execution of iU nee-  essary conveyances to cany out such sale.  suVe^^'ord^  Dated Febr^&.N&n El6Ctri�� Li*ht ����W' THE TKIBU-NE:  NELSOJM, B.C. THURSDAY FEBRUARY 23, 1899.  3  JANK OF MONTBEAL  all paid  up,     -  Best,  $12,000,000  6,000,000  LORD STRATHCONA AND  MT. ROYAL, President  Hon. GEO. A. DRUMMOND Vice-President  K   S. CLOUSTON General Manager  -isrEir-SOTsr -B_R_A_asro-F3:  ti. W. Cop. Baker and Stanley Streets.  THZIE. B^lsTIEC  OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA  NELSON  '         BRANCHES IN   LONDON  (Bngland).   NHW YORK,   CHICAGO  and in the principal citios in Canada.  Buy and sell Sterling Exchange and Cable Transfers  QKANT COMMERCIAL AND TRAVELLERS' CREDITS,  available in any part of the world.  .    DRASTS ISSUED    COLLECTIONS MADE; ETC.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  ���iCURRENT RATE OF INTEREST PAID  A   FALSE   MASCOT.  How It Betrayed a Man's Trust and a Woman's  Fears. ���  - King was giving a dinner in honor of his  promotion. He was a first; lieutenant now  and had a fair chance of paying off some  of his debts. Not that he was a young  man of particularly extravagant habits ;  but a second lieutenant, be he married or  single, is always more or less in debt. He  is expected and forced by an unwritten  law to make quite as good a showing as  . his colonel, aud to keep up quite as much  of an appearance.  Thedinner was a little unique. All the  officers were to leave at one-o'clock that  morning on a scout. They were in their  field clothes, at King's .request, and had  already the rough unshaven look of men  able and willing to do or dare anything.'  In-the-hall of King's bachelor quarters  their felt scouting hats hung on the rack;-  on the porches of their own houses their  mess kits, ready packed stood waiting to  be strapped upon the mules; their clothing  and bedding, wrapped in shelter tents and  ponchos, were beside the chests.  Here in the dining room���Mghted by a  lamp which King had admired while on  leave, and had gone a month into debt to  buy, and another which, in a fit of economy, he had obtained from the quartermaster, and which hung in uncompromising ugliness over the table���sat a company  of twelve. Women in evening gowns,  'strangely beautiful and modish in contrast to their surrorindings, and men in  uniforms very shiny at the seams, blue'  flanne,l shirts and top boots; they were  bavalrymen and belonged to Kings-regiment. _ Their gayety was not that of prisoners just before, execution,- although  there was the, chance that any one, or  possibly all of them, might never come  back alive ; but when one has become  used to going off every spring, and some-"  times every autumu to chase���how often  in vain���the wily red man, one.ceases .to  consider the possibilities of the outcome,  and besides it'is not often that offi ersar.e  killed in Indian fights; there is frequently  a.pretty animated exchanged" bullets, but  the death list is not heavy. -~    '  . Howbeit,  there are  exceptions to  the  rule.���_So  these   men, each one under  a  possible   seutence  of  death,   and   these  women, each one, perchance, to say gbod-  ��� bye forever to the man at her side,J talked  and-laughed in utter carelessness, finding  only ati added zest in  the.rough clothing  of-the men, and a little deeper interest in  the  plans   thej[   were   laying .for   their  camps and their discussions of the con-  tents}ofrtheXm"e��s;,phestsp���3 "������?",' . n _, ;,"'   ��� ~-  ���    The, dinner didinbt�� ^p.o'ff^withoat a?  "hitqh";.that* wa^fratWy to ^eexpeeted'*i_r  this;far :dff..paft"of \th6 y opijcli 'a htin^red;  =o'irmore=;Mi-es^  dependent on,a conimisary;" depafttmeut  and a _utlee'sfpisits^lp^ljes';.biitudthing  liiattered and'ttptfiiiig was'pbtic'edf  Af tier a time i_hey. all" rose and went out  on the porch, where the men smoked  their cigars. They had uot��"-stayed at the  table itnd sent the wbnieu into the parlor  this time. Thejr Avere army officers and  preferred their feminine friehdsto their  tobacco, and each one Was glad to jgnbre  a custom Which tnade it the proper thing  to deprive himself of the wOmeu<for even"  so sli^ort a time; they we^e glad of the excuse >vhich (he coming parting gave them  of making the most of the few remaining  hours.  The night was dully dark, the;outlines  of the foothills and tjm mountains beyond  them could not be sejeu, but a flicker Of  light in the distance, from some Indian  signal fires, told where they were.  Coyotes were howling up by tlie graveyard, there was a sound of preparation iu  the barracks, and occasionally the neigh  of a horse at the stables.  Tlie sergeant of the guard called out  "ten o'clock," and the officers made a  movement to get their hats; there was  Still much, to be done before the...night  march commenced. King sat on the railing of the porch, talking-to a woman who  leaned'agaiii-it a post. He could not see  her, but knew that-her beautiful face was  thpre close' to his.  That was enough. He was asking for a  promise before he should start off into  the heavy darkness across the' plains.  But the woman had no wish to promise;  she enjoj'ed King's uncertainty far too  iuneb; it would have been commonplace  to be engaged���she had discovered that  ou previous occasions���but to have him  for a suitor would not be so bad; he was  handsome, manly* brave and her abject  slave. Besides, if she \vere to bind herself, she felt that this time, with this  man, she would have to keep her word.  She laughed slowly as he continued to  beg the promise. "I'll tell you what I'll  do; I will give you the next best thing to  me���a picture of myself; I am always a  mascot; my picture will be more of one.  I will give it to you when you start; of  Are now prepared to issue  Drafts and Letters of Credit on  Dawson City, Yukon District.  course we'll all be there to see you off.  Now remember," she went on, waxing  eloquent as the charm of her new idea  grew upon her, speakiug with conviction;  "remember that wherever you may go'  in whatever peril you may be, whoever  shall threaten or warn you, you need  have no fear. If I were there in person, I  would be exempt from danger; so my picture���my other me���will also be, and if it  is with you no harm can come near."  And King had to be content. There  was no time to say any more, lor the men  were leaving and orderlies passing backward and forward. ���-'''.  -Through the sightless darkness King  walked home with the girl and caught no  glimpse of the face he kissed so tenderly  at parting. Out of the blackness a hand  he could not see rested in hi��; up from the  gulf of the night two lips were raisedcto  his; then he turned and walked back to  his quarters, lit a cigar, and gave his  striker orders concerning the disposal of  the scouting outfit.  In the silence of midnight the troops  rode awny. The tramp of their horses,  the muffled clankiug of their accoutre^  ments could be heard, but. not a thing  seen save the burning points of light  from the officers'cigarettes. The signal  fires of the Indians flashed and went out  on the mountains. There were no bugle  calls, no loud orders even, for the enemy  had its spies lurking behind, every mes-  quitebush, gliding beside every trail.  In front of the commanding officer's the  officers halted before they started off,;  the women, still in their evening gowns,  crowded around them to say good-bye.  They could recognize faces only vyhen the  light from the commander's windows fell  upon them���beyond that all was dark,  : King waited for the mascot that had  been promised him. arid was despairing,  when he felt something hard slipped between his fiugers and heard a voice, which  seemed to come out Of the inky air, murmur : "Adios."  "Adios," he answered, and followed the  sound of the hoofs of his captain's horse.  In the midst of the chaparral, trotting  slowly along with the column, he struck  a match'and looked at the bit of pasteboard in hishand.'- The light was uncertain, but he could make out a head and  neck and the eyes seemed to glitter. Then  a gust of wind blew outjfthe match, and a  coyote yelped near by.'  The rations were almostout and orders  were to return to the post "for "fresh "supplies. King was happy at the prospect,  naturally. He drew out his mascot from  time to time and looded at the beautiful  face (hereon, the lips halt parted, the  eyes glancing from under heavy lids : it  was only a head with masses of fluffy hair  fading into the shaded background, but it  was beautiful, perfect.   =       - ;' *  The twilight came on. They had  marched all afternoon; they were weary  of chasing phantoms, of following useless  trails. They passed through" a pine forest  and the darkness- deepened. -      ' ��  A creek at the bottom of a gully flowed  along in the shadow of the pine?. The  column went down to it, listening to the  sound.of the rippling water. -All else was  quiet. No one,spoke. The black wings  of the pines,* like a shadow of doom,lay  over the troops.  A crack, "a his<��, a bullet striking through  flesh, a startled murmur, orders ringing  on the air in the midst of the shots, then  the soldiers j;etariiedsthe��"fir,e; of" jtheir uir-  seeri"foes. On" all: tides fhejs wey-e siir-  rounded, but the gully'/was wide .enough  IMPERIAL BANK  OF CANADA  Capital,  Reserve  Paid Up  $2,000,000  1,200,000  HEAD  OFFICE, TORONTO  D.   R.  WILKIE, General Manager  NELSON BRANCH  A gencnir banking busiiictw transacted.  Savings bank tlupartinent.  Deposits ot $1  unci  upwards  received and interest  allowed.  J. M. LAY, Manager.  for a little manoeuvring; the men got  under the shelter of the abrupt rising of  the bank, and had only to defend themselves from three sides.  They were badly frightened���not as  cowards, but as men who are fond of life  and mean to sell it dearly. It was an  ugly position, and not.a few fell face  downward in the dancing stream. The  only person who seemed to completely;  ignore the clanger was KiDg. A cigarette  between his teeth, he strolled, with apparently utter carelessness, up and down  under cover of his men and in full range  of the Indians hidden up above behind  the tree trunks. ' ��� r.  Some way the thought of the mascot  under his coat gave him a sense of security. He heard again the sound of the |  voice which said to him from the darkness : "If my picture is with you no harm  cau come near." He felt again the touch  of that phantom-like hand, the warmth  of the lips he could not see.  There was a sharp pain in his breast.  He gave a little cry and fell, his fair head  half buried in the pine needles.  , The girl, when she heard of it from the  dust-stained courier, grew uneasy. She  was afraid that her picture might be  found on the body, and that the man she  had promised to marry���the middle-aged  colonel���who had great ideas" of her constancy���might hear of it.  But he did not. There, was a photograph found iu King's pocket, but the  bullet had plowed right through the face,  and it was so smeared with blood as to be  unrecognizable. It was sent back east to  his family.  QUEERS HOTEL  ftAKJ.K STREKT. NELSON.  Heated with Hot Air and  Lighted by Electricity  J-ai'gc comfortable  bedrooms and   first-class  dining  room.   Sample rooms for commercial men.  _R-___T_E3S ,��8.2   PER   -D-A/ST  Mrs. E.  C.   CLARKE, Prop.  Late of the Royal Hotel, Calgary,  ^rfr=HUMErManagerr  NJAIQJ.E & TRECILLUS  PROPRIETORS  Headquarters for Miners and Prospectors  till. 01-ST 1.RANI.S OK  and Cigars  ALWAYS ON HAND  One  of the best arfmost popular hotels in Nelson.  Madden House  BAKER AND WARD STREETS, NELSON  The only hotel in Nelson that has remained under one  management since 1890.  The bod-rooms are  well furnished and   lighted by  electricity.  The dining-room is not second to any in Kootenay.  The bar is always stocked by the best domestic  imported liquors and cigars.  THOMAS MADDEN, Propr.'ct'.r.  aud  Large and well lighted Healed by hot nir  Reasonable rates Samp*lc rooms  Electric bells and light in every room  Renovated.and refurnished throughout  HOTEL  VICTORIA  J. V. PERKS, Proprietor  Free bus meets all trains    ���  Hourly street car to station.  Revelstoke, B. C.  TJie .finest^hotel in the interior.,  Large sample' rdoms.   Steam heatund electric light*  corner of Ward and vEitypN sts., nelson  Vienna l^mtaurant  Raker Street, between Josephine and  Hall streets, tfolsori.  rJIK.U.S> AT ALL ildl/RS, QAV OR NK.HT  BAKKllY IN' CONNECT-ON  FAM1LV AND PASTRY cyOfelNQ A SPECIALTY  ONLY WHITE HELP 1-JMPI.OVEl)  R. HURRY, Prop.  BON TON  OPEN DAY AND NIGHT  city  The only restaurant   in   the  employing- only white cooks.  Merchants' lunch   from   12   to   2  o'clock,  25 cents.    Dinner from 5  to 8.    Short orders   at   all   hours.  nsroTiC-E.  Thore will bo a meeting of the Liberal Association of  Nelson, at tho Hotel Hume, on Wednesday evening,  March 1st,  All members are requested to be present.  Those desirous of joining should send in their names  at once to tho secretary.  GEO. C. TUNSTALL, JR., Secretary.  Nelson, February 22nd, 1899.  ATLANTIC   STEAMSHIP   TICKETS.  To and from European pointR via Canadian and American lines.   Apply for sailing dates, rates, tickets,  and  ��u_i information "to any Canadian Pacific railway agent or  G. P. R. City Agent. Nelson.  WILLIAM STITT, General S, 8. Agent, Winnipeg.  m  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  ...v-Bvft^^iS&i*^ -S^^^-��usv-B__5-s -_s_Sft_��-.___t--S _-& -_&_-& :__-___�� _s _��_-a _��_a ^5 _-B_a_a_fe_a_a__s_a_a _��_��_=_ _��__��__.  #  Bar Glassware...  We are now carrying a most complete line of Bar Supplies, including  all the latest styles of Whisky, Wine  and Beer glasses. Our prices are low  and the quality the best procurable  W. F. TEETZEL & CO  ti  Hi  ti  Hi  Hi  ti  ib  Hi  Hi  ib  ib  ib  Hi  ib  Hi  Hi  ib  Hi  Hi  ib  ti  Hi  Hi  ib  Hi  Hi  ib  Hi  Hi  ib  Hi  ib  ti  ib  Hi  Hi  ib  ib  ib  ib  ib  Hi  Hi  ti  m  CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAY  AND SOO LINE .  Fast and  Short  Route to and   From  Kootenay Country.  First-class and Tourist Sleepers Operated from  -   ; '      PACIFIC TO ATLANTIC'  Tickets issued through aiid baggage  checked'to destination. -  co-tsrasr-BC-bioisrs  Rossland, Trail and  Robsor).  Leave.                              DAILY-    ; Arrive.  0:10 p. m NELSON 10:30 p. m.  Main Line and Intermediate Points via Slocan Lake.  Leave.   "                          DAILY Arrive.  0:30 a. m NELSON 8::�� p. m.  Kootenay Lake--K.aslo  f|oute--Stearr|er Kokanee.  Leave.                Daily Except Sunday Arrive  !:00p.m NELSON - -. ..11:00a.m.  K.ooten,ay fji.er Route-Steamer Moyie.  Jflon., Wed., Fri. Tues.. Thurs., Sat.  8:00 a. in. Leave NELSON Arrive .:50 p.m.  Makes connection at Pilot Bay with steamer Kokanee  iih-both directions��� ; ���   ," Steamers on their respective routes'eall at principal  landings in both directions; and at other point- when  Bigrialled.,  Ascertain Kates and full information by addressing  nearest local rigent or  C, E. BE/\SLEY, City TicKet Agent,  R. W. DREW, Agerjt.  W. F. ANDKitsotf, Traveling Passenger Agent, Ndlson.  ,E; J> Coyi.is; Dis't Passenger A'gcntj, Vancouver,  James MePhee I ELioTRiofiN  Will contract to supply and install any kind of electrical machinery  Will wire buildings for-.elcctric lighting, electric bells,  electric burglar alarms, electric annunciators. - ���  Will contract to install fire alarm s}_tc.ns in towns and  cities.   Kull stock ot wire and fixtures ou hand.  .WRITE FOR, PRICES.    Office and Storeroom:   Josephiqe Street, jtalson.  LONDON AND BRITISH COLUMBIA GOLDFIELDS, Ltd.  HEAD  OFFICE,   LONDON,   ENGLAND;     ' - ^  Nelson, B. C.  Nelson & Fort  Bed Mountain Railways.  Tjje only all rail route without change of cars  between Nelson an,d Rossland, and  Spokarje aqd Rosslaqcl.  DAILY   TRAINS,  LoaVO Arrive  a:*a.m NKLSON ...,..,....S:.'K| p.m.  11 :S5a. m  KOSSLAND .3:10 p. m.  8:H0 a. m   SPOKANK, C: 10 p. iii.  Tho train that leaves Nelson at 6:20 a. ___., makes close  connections at Spokane with trains for all Pacific Coast  points.  Passengers for Kettle Itivcr and Boundary Creek con  ncctat Marcus with stage daily.  G. G. DIXON, G, P. & T. A.  I^aslo & Slocan Railway  GOING EAST  Arrive 3.55 p. in.  Leave  1.15    "Z.  GOING WEST DAILV  Leave    8.00 a. m. Kaslo  Arrive 10.10    " Sandon  CODY   BRANCH.  Leave    11.00 a.m. Sandon Arrive 11.40 a. m  Arrive   11.15    " Cody Leave 11.25    "  G. F. COPELAND, Superintendent.  Kootenay Bailway & Navigation Co.  LAKE  AND  RIVER   DIVISION  STR. INTERNATIONAL  Daily oxcopt Sunday.      Pacific standard time  KASLO TO NELSON  South      Read Read      North  bound     down up       bound  Leave    6:30a.rn...   Kaslo   8:30 p.m. Arrive  Duo-     7:30    h    Ainsworth 7:10    .. Due  Duo       8:00    ,.      Pilot Bay ......6:30   .. Due  Duo    '   8:15    ii    ..Balfour.. ..6:00 -it Due  Due        0:45    ,,   ....Five-mile Point....5:10    n Duo  Arrive 10:30    ,,     Nelson  4:30    n     Lieavo  Connects with N. & Ft. S. Ry. train for Spokane, leaving Five-mile Point at 10:05 a.m.  Steamers leave Kaslo city wharf at foot of Third street  ROBERT IRVING. Manager.  All communications relating to  British Columbia  business to be addressed  to P.O. Drawer  505, Nelson, British Columbia  "  J.  S.  RODERICK ROBERTSON, General  S FOWLER, E.IVl,, ft/lining Engineer  Manager /  NELSON, B,0.  Situate  ber of  district  the Crow's  any description  of Kootenay.  Nest Railway is  any quantity  in  prepared -to deli-yef Umv  at any  place within thd  Tenders Solicited  GOAT  RIVER   LUMBER  COMPANY,  G.  A.  BIGELOW,  MANAGER  FLOORING, LINING, MOULDINGS, DOORS,  AND SASHES IN STOCK.  EVERY DESCRIPTION OF JOINERY, DOORS AND WINDOWS  MADE TO ORDER.  Office and Mills Corner Hall and Front Streets, Nelson  Lumber   Lumber   Lumber  Kootenay Lake Sawmill, G. O. Buchanan, Prop.  First  Sash,  class   lumber  at   right  prices     Also  a  full  line   of  Doors, Turned Work, etc., constantly on hand.  Yard:  Foot Hendryx Street       JOHN RAE, Agent THE TBIBUNE:   NELSON B.C.   THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 1899  |!-P:'  m  mi  P  .a  If  Is I  ..������.I  '!!���<  Isi ..-  _?_}  mil  I.  ii;  ��� h  I*.  Ill  ��� in  III I  rik  ii -  After the Excitement  ��������  Of the holiday season ancl the elections  Keep warm...  and preserve health  by wearing-  Chamois Vests and  Chest and Lung Protectors  -Uafgre -stock: just  received  W. F. Teetze! & Co.  Special this Week,  Just  arrived,  a  stock  of  the  celebrated  Box Galf,  Heavy Goodyear Welt,  Chrome Tanned,  Leather Lined Shoes  Our price, $4.50  Regular price, $5.00  18 and 20, Baker, Street,  (Postoffice Store) Nelson  Branch Store at YMIR.  James A. Gilker  P. Burns & Co.  ���WHOLESALE,"AND   RETAIL  Meat Merchants  Wholesale Markets at fielson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.  RETAIL  STORES AT  Nelson,   Trail, Ymir, Kaslo,  New Denver," Sandon, Silverton, Cascade  _    City, .Grand Forks,   Midway, Greenwood and Sirdar.  ORDERS BY MAIL ���  PROMPTLY FORWARDED  Head Office, Nelson, B.C.  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  ALL KINDS OF FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLESALE AND IETAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  $l^m^tf Nelson E* & TiA^ Manager  ; Ol-DKfl-. 'JiV "MAlh UKCKlVfl CARKKUV ANO -'KOMl-W 4*1 Tl'iN'I'ION.  I'rices us low nc Same emi be obtained in C'an.-.ila.  w_i,i.i.i.i.it Si. WILSON  THK liAVMOXI)  (Jhlifnet, Drnp tfond find. Seven  Mrawor I* fliiWl:c<l Ih Mark  VV'.liVtit. nii'l wliieli is not  sorpiisst'cl in the market.  Cabinet. Mirror Cabinet, l.ibra^  ry Cabinet, Drop Hum. and  7'l)rAwor is finished in Oak.  l.otary Shuttle, Hall J-cnrinj.  TIM. DOMESTIC,   .VUITK -VJS'D J.KNITH  7-Drawor. furnished in Quartered Oak and Walnut  If .von are thinking abrtnt buying a niaebiile cull an! see  tlniiti and be convinced that I mean what. I ally.  There is no necessity bf sending oui of N'cUon when you can  can bog what you arc buying and got It for I he same monev.  THE  JEWELER  THE  JEWELER  Nelson   Opera   House  TWO NIGHTS ONLY  Friday and Saturday,  February 24th, 25th.  Metropolitan Opera Co.  The best company ever visiting- Nelson.    Thirty people.  Special scenery, good singing,  new costumes,  pretty faces.  Special matinee Saturday afternoon.  Seats on sale at the Canada Drug and Book Company's store.  LOCAL   NEWS   AP   GOSSIP  New Advertisements Today.  A. Kerland & Co,, Nelson���Announcement.  -Music & Art Co.. Nelson���I'ianos.  J:V. I'crks, Kevelstoke -Change iu advertisement;  Robert J lurry, Nelson��� Kcslaur.ini. and bakery.  Will Not Stand Two Per Cent.  A meeting of the Nelson branch of the  Kootenay Mining Protective Association  was held today for the purpose of protesting against the rumored intention of the  Semlin government to increase the present  tax upon the output of the metalliferous  mines from 1 to *__ per cent of its value  at the mine.  The announcement in Till- Thiuune of  last evening that such un increase would  be made was the first intimation that the  members of the association had of any  probable change in the rate of taxation,  and arrangements were at once made for  the calling of meetings in this city, in.  Rossland, in Kaslo, and in Sandon.  At the meeting of 1 h�� local branch  which was held at noon today a resolution  was unanaimously passed, in which it was  set out that in tho opinion of the members  of the association the proposed increase in:  the tax upou the mine output from 1 to:  per cent would inflict a great injury  to the district, probably causing mines;  working on a small margin to close down.'  It was also recited that the association  had protested against a 2 per cent tax:  in 1897, and had received the support of.  the legislature. The arguments which j  were urged against the tax in 1S97 were'  stronger today, in the opinion of the-  association, than they were then, and the ;  association prayed that no legislation.  affecting the mining interests be hurried >  through the legislature without an opportunity for local consideration.  A copy of the resolution was wired to  Hon. J. Fred Hume, minister of mines.  Changes on the Main Line.  Some changes have beeu-made on the  main line of the Cauadiau Pacific, in East  Kootenay. A siding is being put in about  two miles up the Kicking Horse from  Golden. The siding is to 'accommodate  bridge gangs, who, it is said, will replace  the present wooden bridges along the  Kicking Horse with steel bridges. That  part of the line from a mile and a half  west of Field to L-iggan, ISi miles, is now  operated as a yard, iu charge of a conductor and crew. The new arrangement is  reported as working well.  Is to Have a Public School.  An appropriation has been made for a  public school teacher at Moyie, and for  the incidental expenses of maintaining a  school. The teacher's wage is fixed at $50  per month.    Miscellaneous Gossip.  An inquiry into" the causes that led to  the loss of the�� steamer .AinS)worth .on  Kootenay Jake will be' held at the court  house in Nelson" a week from tomorrow.,  Mr. Gaudin of Victoria.-, agent of tho, de.  partment,' of. murine and fisheries, .will  hold the enquiry. It Js .not likely that  anything not already - known" aiid published will be "ascertained.    ,  Aslieville, North .Carolina, is noted for  being the birthplace of one of Nelson's  historians, but it is alisp^ftJ^t^fvinlie^Te-'  sortfor wealthy peopleirpi^lMon^reM^apdi  Toron to. Ad vices f jE^��p^��^tbere V'sa.yfs t'h'afc;  the thermometer regi��j^r:,e^i^[pfi,0gi^ifbP-t  low zero on the nighJ?M^tl_^^l\h���'jnsfajnf.'';  The play tomorro^nj.gh^j^ijlk^y^^lso'fl]"  opera house by the;=;Mfe"trppolit^nr(-)pei:"a"  Company will  be ^Jtfev��@J-i_Jn��pi, pf Nor--  maudy." ���    ,-"��������� ������  W. H. Dowsing returned%fgtfm^  last evening, where he $xpi\6 t6��vSuirrl-tise���;  some repressing machiherny:fo*r" the We'sii:  Kootenay Brick & "-liim^QVCt.'ilipan^,"  Th'e ;  machinery will be lorAvatded-atonce. d  The transfer of one-tliird!ihJ;er#t In tlie  Wellington mineral claim, pnf^jViId 'Horse  creek, from Walter Blanch field ofISfmir  to Ronald C. Ferguson of Kaslo Wits re  corded today.  ���Th.epdoi,e--Mad.spn,^v1r6^1aiimsTo^-iaYe  the largest tent, and awning factory in  British Columbia right here in, _Se.so._j  has gone to Victoria on business connected with his factory.  H. J. Evans is off on a business trip  through the richest silver-lead mining  country on .earth.  W. J. Goepel, provincial- auditor; is  down at the Coast seeing tliat. the books  in the different provincial oflices afe as  thpy should be.,  The cuirling match last night at (lie  Crystal rinky between the rinks .skipped  by Norman T. Mat-Leod and 'Frank Thin-  blyn, was keenly contested ami rmsultcri  in rt victory for t lie latter by a score of 15  to 14 points. MacLeod's rinlc led from  the start up to Tarnblyn's lastslinf, which  cut his opponent out of two points and  scored.  J. Roderick Robertson, general manager  of the London and British Columbia Gold-  fields. Limited, leaves tomorrow for London, England, to attend a "meeting of the  directors of the company.  A Great Sea Captain. . .  Captain'Walter McLean, who was senior aide on admiral Dewey's staff at Man-,  ila, arrived in San Francisco on the steamship Coptic recently. He said the admiral's health was in such a condition that  he should come home at once. "Admiral  Dewey is an indefatigable" worker," said  the captain; "and I am sure he is of such  a disposition that he will never ask leave  from the fleet so long as conditions remain unsettled and there is work to do.  Nevertheless he should come home. The  climate and the never-ending round of his  duties are beginning to tell on him seriously. He can not be said to be broken  down, but the results of the strain are  becoming manifest. , . . . . It is a  fact not generally known that the  admiral was once afflicted with cirrhosis  of the liver, and Jjad a part of his liver re  moved by the sure-eons. He seemingly  recovered from the di*eise,bntl am afraid  that the lint and depressing climate of  tlie Phillipin.'s has revived it. < . . Mv  opinion is lint admiral l)<-wi<y could live  anil do his work in the Phillippines for  another year, but that he omdit to return  to America within the month, lie said  nothing about returning when f lefr, and  1 do not think he has made any plans to return. He is a remarkable man iu  a thousand different ways, and iu no  way is he more renmrk.tl.l_ thin in his  habit of nwvfr quitting a ta-k until he  has thoroughly accomplished it." Another story was told by lieutenant C. P.  Rees, executive Hlicer of 'lie .miser  Olyiupia. .\ lin nn iv. d in San i'Yancisco  last week, lie said that admiral Dewey's  health was excellent when ho lefr, i lie  Philippines, anil tiiatso lung as there was  any work for liim to do, his strong constitution and will would bear him up.  Lieutenant Iters declares that admiral  Dewey is one of tho greatest naval commanders l lie world has ever known.  Wants an Improved Farm.  Some   rather  queer inquiries  reach   a  newspaper  office.      The  following  is  a  sample :  Salt I_..k.:, Utah, Kebnurv loth  To the Kditor of Tho Tribune : What are your best  inducements to food ICastorn faniilio-, looking for.good  improved farms, and what is such lands worth in cash?  Give all itude and aiiiiuul rainfall. Is tho water soft, or  hard . What is common board by week in private family?  How is l lie besr. way to get there from hero? What is tlie  railroad faro from there liore and bv wh.itr..u_o? Yours  truly, -^ LISTON D. GARY.  r   HELP   WANTED.  OKRVANT n'irl wanted. Apply to G. C. Hodge, Stan-  *->   ley street, bet\vci n Mill and Latimer streets.  SCHOOL T-SACHKH WANTKD-Apply to Secretary  Board of Trustees, Moyie, ��. C.  T50Y wanted to learn the printing: trade. Must be over  J-J   Ifi years of age.   Call at The Tribune olllce, Vernon  NELSON, B. C.  KASLO, B. C  SANDON, B. C.  DEALERS IN  Shelf and Heavy Hardware  street.  FOB   SALE.  /"���JORNER LOT���Northeast corner linker and Josephine  ^ streets, Nelson, 50 by 120. with all improvements.  Price ��10,000 cash.   Applv to John Housion.  o  LD PAIM.RS���in bundles of 100 at 50o por bundle.  Call at The Tribune oflicc, Vernon slreet.  TXrEREST IN A TOWNdlTE-For further parlicu-  -1-   lars apply at The Tribune oflicc, Vernon street.  FURNISHED   ROOMS.  fvTICE, newly furnished rooms for rent, with bath,  -L,) electric light, and furnace heal. "Apply on Silica  street, opposite English church.  w  MISOE-_.��iANEOtTS   WANTS.  ANTED ��� A. White   Leghorn   rooster.   Apply   at  southeast corner of Hall and Carbon ito streets.  SOLE AGENTS FOR  Giant Powder  TRUAX  ORB  CARS  Canton Drill Steel  CARRY IN STOCK  Jessop's Steel; Iron, Coal  Pipes, and Fittings  Giant, Caps and Fuse  Tools, Cutlery, Tin  and Wooden ware  Stoves, Ranges,  Iron, Steel,   Sheet  Iron, T-Rails  Paints, Oils, Glass  NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:   Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.  THE LAWRENCE HARDWARE Go.  Will  be found  in  their new premises  on  with  a complete stock  of  Baker Street  Shelf and  Heavy  Heavy  and Shelf  Our  weather -here :is   uncei'ltiin   nnd  you ��� should*- always>1_G;sreudy='for 'Cold  .aj&p&f"�� ^|"";havn^iif:."��u]JJ:jih% $j_* icdalj  *stav4_s;*iin]:ll|_h^  vi'te\<ai-^in^p^-|ipiin'bf'"'QVif���sfcodkv-' -,"1"/  ALL KINDS OF MINING SUPPLIES  You  will find it, to your advantage to consult us  ',-  .j  hefpi'o placing "your order.s * =���'   ...  Tiqsmithing' and Plumbing a Specialty  Estirrjates Cheerfully Furnished'"_. -  IE  MAR.-i, & B ARNARP BLbCK,  "BiVKI_R ST.," NT_<-I>'0Ny.  ^ u -_._jj.u__ _    ^ _ ^ _ o-ij,   n _ ��� �� %S n      u      ���_���     tfo u u   _  Having purchased the stock aiid business  of the above company, we aro selling oil' the  goods on hand at tho Jo\Ve.st prices to ni(ike  rooji) for our complete spring, stock of Shelf  and Household HardwarOj Wood and Coal  Cook Stoves below "Cost.  The linn name will remain iiiicliaiig(.d,  (J1.0. ti.  fiicicK,  E. <J. SmvtiJ.  Nelson, February 9th,  189.9.  Mail Orders  Promptly Attended to  Baker Street, NelsOU,   B.C.  SOU- AC.'1'..VTS K0R  Monsoon and Blue Ribbon.  T  SOJ_f. AQBNTS i'OR  Monsoon and Blue gibbon  There I_ ntfCliliiK j-o r<S.tUHhIii(. na ii cup of  ���AT'-  take  of .thanking, my  numerous  this   opportunity  friends for their past patronage.  All outstanding accounts must lie paid to  Mv. Robert Wilson at the ollice of the  Nelson Hardware Co. within ten days.  W.II.LIAM   W..HO.VK.  Nelson, February 9th, 1899.  Fruit and Ornamental Trees  This von e:.n ha\-e by going to headquarters, where you have a selection of brands  to choose from. We carry three' celebrated brands MONSOON, BLUE RIBBON AND  SALADA, the only reliablo package tea in the market. We can also supply you with  bulk teas, including Japan, Gunpowder, Hyson and-.Black.  ABERDEEN BLOCK  NELSON, B.C.  DesBrisay & Co.  Bulbs, Roses, Hollies, Rhododendrons,  Fancy Evergreens, etc. Thousands are  growing on i.uy own grounds. Most  complete stock in the province. Bees  and bee supplies, agricultural implements, spray pumps, ancl cut flowers.  New catalogue now ready.  .  J. A. Irving' & Co.  GROCERS AND PROVISION MERCHANTS  Family orders a specialty and free daily delivery  Mail and telephone orders promptly attended to  Baker Street West, opposite Oddfellows' Plod.  NELSON, B. C.  _MI. JY _S_E_-_SJ"-R~-r  00.. Wwpninslcr Road, y��.��cpi��m, B, 0,  SPECIAL ATTENTION  Have just received a consignment of Harris homo  made tweeds from Talbot Harris, Scotland.  FBED J. SQUIBE,.Baker St Nelson  The supply is limited, so call early and examine this stock.  b  J**  -X  ��r


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