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Have more silver-lead mines and prospects
than any other mining country
in the world.
Have  the  largest gold-eopper mines ever
discovered, and their output will be
millions for years.
Death Under Suspicious Circumstances.
New York, March 0.—Miss Magdalene
Doni, 20 years old, died last night in a
room occupied by James J. Connelly under
circumstances so suspicious that Connelly
was locked up in a police station pending
an investigation by the coroner. Connelly
called on Dr. Briekner and urged him to
accompany him at once to his room to
attend a j'oung woman, who he said had
fallen seriously ill while visiting him. Dr.
Briekner found Miss Dorn lying on the
bed dead, and gas was (lowing from two
gas jets. . Connelly seemed greatly agitated, and explained that the young woman
had been visiting him and was suddenly
taken ill. He left her to go i'or the doctor.
He says she must have turned on the gas
during his absence. Connelly said that he
and Miss Dorn were soon to have been
married, and he was showing her over his
undertaking establishment,' the rooms
overhead were to have been their home,
when she was taken ill as told above.
The New Cabinet at Madrid.
Madrid, March 0.—The new cabiuet has
been well received by the Conservatives
and business world, but the Democrats
and Republicans denounce.it as representing the most ultramontane reign of the
Conservatives. The Weylerites are violently opposed to the cabinet a.nd stormy
times are predicted. The election for
members of the cortes will take place in
April next. A number of repatriated
soldiers made a demonstration at Valfia
yesterdayevening. They marched through
the streets headed by a banner inscribed:
"Loug live the army" and "We are
hungry." The processionists were dispersed by the police without serious disorder. _
Gone on Her "Way to Manilla.
New York, March 0.—-A dispatch to the
World from Gibraltar says: The United
States transport Sheridan, which arrived
here on Friday and was put into strict
quarantine on account of. 'contagion, left
last night for Port Said without the quarantine having been raised.   SJie may go
division of the Chesapeake & Ohio
are suspended on account of land
slides. At Richmond, Virginia, the James
river was on the rampage last night, and
high-water mark was reached at 4:80 this
afternoon. At Columbia the water
reached thirty-two feet, being two IVet
higher than during the hood of 1808. The
lower part of the town is flooded, but
small damage is being done, as the residents were prepared.
"°ferred" 1 rpm-'We/"SubVfrett-iury;"»and »don.
; .hissaf.^ rbi»p<?rt,°tP'
""gue-ijet*|dj5r6.d'ker=,'\Doy;   ° '.   ,   .
j," ■ n ; """^DisftsJe-f'ln^Fran'ceV ° :
"Toiilpii, .March Gf-^Abput fxlyty corpses
Dhavabee.u?|^ucbv(3redVfro_p the scene pCvthe
>)6\VdVr mtigafiire ."thatSVe^plodQd yesterday mprping,, .between; La Seine and
Tpijlpn., Tbe^renlaihf.t Pf se'yeral: other
-vietjhi^ tire stilrbmsied in theivd.ei.pjs. It
is luimored that one of the Soldiers "who
thue past been the "victim of systematic
persecution uponthe part of a corporal,
aiidihad vowed to be avenged. This man
is suspected of having blown up the nitig-
Do Not Like It.
.New fork, Martsh 6.—A despatch to the
Herald from Montevideo, Uruguay, says:
The press condemns' the felicitations
■whi<3h the American minister, William it.
Finch, sent to president Guestas," considering"it as intferferiijg in the politics Of
the country. Ip his note minister Finch
say-8}-'among other things, '•yOu defeated
the spcret opposition of false friends and
the combinations of: foes without employing unrighteous means."
A Queen May Die.
Brussels, March 0.-—Queen Marie Henri-
ette of Belgium,  who is Suffering   from
bronchial   pneumonia,   passed   a   better
.fight.   She slept a little and the doctors
appear satisfied with her condition. .Later
in the day, however, they announce that
the queen's strength is much diminished
and that a fatal determination of her illness is feared. Physicians are in constant attendance upon her majesty.
Attempted to Capture the Waterworks.
New York, March (5.—A despatch from
Manila, dated 10 a. m. today, reports that
the Filipinos made an attempt to capture
the .waterworks, six miles from Manila.
The attack was repulsed with a loss to the
rebels of seventeen killed and many
wounded. The Second Oregon and First
Nebraska regiments were engaged. Two
Americans were wounded.
One of the Kipling. Children Dead.
New York, March 0.—Josephine Kipling,
the six-year-old    daughter of  Rudyard
Kipling, and, oldest of his three children,
died shortly after 0 o'clock this morning.
The child's death took place at the home
of  Miss  Julie  De   Forest,  in  this  city.
Bliss De Forest is  a friend   of  the  Kip-
lings, and Josephine   had   been taken to
her home, so   that  she  could   be  nursed
apart from her father.   The girl became
ill the day after Mr. Kipling took to his
bed,  and  the  doctors   soon   discovered
that "the    disease    was    the    same   as
that    which    had    brought,   her   father
to death's door. She had all the attention
and all the skill employed to save the life
of the author.     Dr. Conland, the Kipling
family   physician,   who has  known  the
child  from   her birth,  came down from
Battlehoro, Vermont, and with Dr. Janeway succeeding in  warding oil' the evil
effects of the disease until today ; but the
little   frame   was not strong enough to
withstand the onslaughts of the disease,
and while her father was slowly winning
his  wife  Josephine died.     Mrs.  Kipling
had paid daily visits  to the girl,  and  it
was for her in  this  multiplicity of her
sorrows   that   the   sympathy  of   many
friends was most earnestly expressed.   It
was generally believed that Mr. Kipling's
condition was such  that the  physicians
would  not  tell him .until he should   be
stronger of the loss he has sustained.
The Lake Shore Special Wrecked.
Buffalo,   March    0.—The    Lake • Shore
special, while running at a speed of sixty
miles an nour, struck a switch engine at
Westfield,,New York, last night, just before miduight.   Both engineers aud  firemen were so badly-injured that they may
die.   All   the -postal clerks and   several
passengers were.badly^shaken „up,v.b'ut.t_o't:i
senouslyrf]n_ured.:>T0he engines avemcoro,-00
pj etely^. wreck ed^rj^^
;J,£'(ijinki, g.y''^
Vof. the. iiij u r]e cf:°'j'-f.lames."^KirklStidi-f-rehiah^
VB n Hal o,=, .fsjv,e.re/.h ead/ :,i nj n i'|esu; s$ If ran k
.3.l8ga!i'il:"]3u itkXd$J.tJ ig'ht_^rreiw"busTalioncl.j»
•Tiy\!L_> Ri'ifhn,^postal*. leJerJj,?° v^Gieve-
E:iajiii?" J bacic^-i iljlirfed;;. J_aFi';
And He Has Been Superceded.
Berlin, March 0.—A high official of the
German navy department has confirmed
the correspondents here of the associated
press   that  the  appointment  of  prince
Henry- of   Prussia;   brother of emperor
William,   to  the command  of   the Bist
Asiatic squadron has been considered for
months   past,   and   was   finally decided
upon as being the best way in which the
emperor could show the American people
that he is thoroughly friendly to them,
knowing that prince Henry is popular in
the United States.     When the official referred to was asked whether the appointment was equivalent to the discharge of
admiral Von Diedrichs,  he said:   '"Not
exactly.   If admiral Von  Diedrichs had
shown  more   tact   last   summer   before
Manila, it would undoubtedly have been
productive of good results all round.   Our
government, uufortunately, was advised
too late of a .number  of  errors   before
Manilla, none of which were reallyimpor-
tant, but they   showed   grave   want  of
tact upon admiral Von Diedrichs's part.
The main trouble was that admiral Von
Diedrichs was insufficiently informed regarding international naval usages in such
delicate    situations.     Consequently,   he
continued  naval   movements, drill,   and
such light practice as if elsewhere than_at
a blockaded port, thus arousing distrust
upon the part of the Americans."   This is
important as being the first official admission that Germany was at fault in Manila
bay. -	
Will Put in a Compressor Plant.
The latest report received from the
Dundee mine, near Ymir, are of a highly
satisfactory nature. Since Frank Rob-
bins, the confidential engineer for Mann
& Mackenzie, made his elaborate report
on the mine several months ago, the development has been proceedintr steadily
and on an extensive scale. When Mr.
Bobbins made his report he stateda that
there were 24,000 tons of ore in sight on
the property. At that time the Dnudee
was not provided with a concentrator,
and-no eifoistVwas being,.made.t6,- -iiiue^thej,
.eonceacratou, oWiiichJi^s^ daiIVo capacity „
^ot';ti f t w'stpiis-iCh^sl been" "4 i.*,d n"iii iig[ ^steadily. ■
^tlie Ipiil l^a.b^ft%,fsa$^^ %V.
'r ail \vayV;\\|ioyi*t l^lto
'6re_iy'hiisy/treate°dVa'gVb_:.f»th:e;)Vsefc6ua ""
There is Nothing in the Job.
William P. Robinson has forwarded his
resignation as .sheriff of South  Kootenay
to the provincial government. His reasons
therefore are very explicitly stated in a
letter published below,  written in reply
to one from  the attorney-general asking
why he had  not appointed a deputy at
Kaslo.    Wheu made sheriff Mr. Robinson .
had to furnish bonds for $10,000, so there
must be some responsibility attached  to
the position.   If  there  is responsibility
there should be compensation. Last'month
Mr. Robinson by himself, or deput}*, was
in attendance at sessions of the supreme
court for eighteen days, and besides was
required to meet the judge at trains.  For
i this he did not receive one cent.   During
the month of February his foes for attendances at the county, court amounted to
seven dollars, all of which, and more, had
co be paid over to lawyers for legal advice. At the last session of the legislature,
provision was made for registrars of the
county court at Kaslo, New Denver and
Fort Steele, all of which places are within
the limits of the district over  which Mr.
Robinson is sheriff.   If he is required to
appoint a deputy for one of these places,
he will be required  to appoint deputies
for the''others.'   The sheriff is responsible
for the official acts of his deputies, and
Mr. Robinson does not care to assume the
responsibility.     And   he  is   right.    'Mr'i
Robinson has been an efficient and responsible, official.   The   correspondence  over
the matter is as follows:
this meeting and expressed to be made
between this compauy and its liquidator
of the one part, and the new company
of the other part aud identified by the
signature of the chairman, be, and the
same is hereby, approved, and that the
said liquidator be, and he is hereby, authorized, pursuant to the powers conferred by section 101 of the Companies
Act, 1S02, and the articles of the company,
or some of such powers, to enter into an
agreement with such new company, when
incorporated, in the terms of the said
draft, and to carry the same into effect,
with such (if any) modifications as he
may think expedieut."
These resolutions were agreed to, and
the proceedings then terminated.
Ore Shipments for the Weeek Pour
and Thirty-Nine Tons.
Kaslo, March 4.—The ore receipts at
Kaslo during the past week, while up to
the average for some time, show a falling
off from the returns for the preceding
week. The following are the receipts for
the week ending March 3rd :
Been .lelX'ivnl.o,uehe.d^
. nlentf1 of  ^the/jmrne. :is';=,beiug/»gr.pseeiited4"
ySJpAy^ slfp*w ey«er,?,th at ,thne' 4irjiU'ag6ha6iat^ikin,
a° p6"si ti b iKto isli i p. ifeifd va(h tdgebulsi y'-AVI i li™""
vt'he:coneentrate^i'rom the |UiJ];!.it*v?illjb^sf
tetopkte'nriar&e-tjnant'i^ *A^t&.n" now-'Ou*
"juffedj;:. H- :&.'"■Hubbard;- ^ag^agemYifi.f
Toledo; ©hjo," i'ight! ::ariii; iifjihiecl^ahll
"sevjei-e:nervohs.shock; JIeiu:y;Ki„"H.pS"reyj ,
pSsseiigjjr," ^e\\?,Y%r'kf;>l'fef°fr'MiiiKl''lbr"ii
i-j'atlr-^Ifeis, learn0d: ehXit/lh.e:m|in"""ColJiils
of the express wa;sq°;alsc. ibjj,ired| -and
died wdiile being take*-. "tP- Glevehtn^fpr
'Weatiu'ent* .'. „ ' ;  :   .   .
Wants Information, Merely.
Attorney General's Office,
Victoria, February 24th, 1899.
••-".W.'P. Robiusou,'Esq., Sheriif, Nelson,
B. C—Sir : Complaints have been made
to me that you have ho deputy at Kaslo.
Would you kindly let me know what is
the reason i'orthis. I am merely writing
for information. I have the honor to
be, sir, your obedient servaut,
Josi.PH Martin, Attorney General.
V The Information Given, .Lucidly.
'■(1- South Kootenay Sheriff's Office,
Vv,    v;i:-.\ [   NeiVson, February 27th, 1899.-
-Vr4i"a"""IIoiV6ra"6re theiA'£torriey? Gehei;al,>
'Viiitori.iT B^p.^Siir;: sjl^liavel you:iv:faY.or:
°~jtlieXelbei if§■*"n6^"d"epnti/ ■ &CKaslo.ST^ maysV
tC(.unsel\thli&'Ivhave..dnp, pqwejg^to9 appoint-;
j .depu tystq/residesthere.: :^,There,r,;are|.ptherr
Jireiifscyi'l/dv'a.illo'i's^bxi t„a'"s°h &Vt;di^pceVfr"qt__jn,
;!Ne-lsPliiaua*caii»;bo^/_i%;};meJideU^to^-by^'ih'e .{
■ ■■• *-'- mPre."«sati^lac'tipn„■ than,-.by..a^bian
I.nst Chance 	
Jackson mines ...
Rcco. .... .......
Rambler-Cariboo ,
v Pounds.
.... 00,000
;... :io,ooo
Southern Rivers Getting a Trifle. High.
Charleston, West Virginia, March C —
The city is still nearly half submerged,
but the river is steadily falling at the rate
of two inches an hour, having receded
three feet already. It is estimated that
5000 people have been driven from their
homes, and will not be able to return for
several days. All trains on the Big Sandy
Both -Fa'ther -£hd, Daughter Impr.oving.-
New YOrk, March G:--Brudyard, Kipling
(3oi-tiritie-i to iiiiprpYe, having, slept naturally the greater part of fast night.   He
week before lie is able to do so. He is
siil.sisting on beef extract, milk and other
flhjd'.nutrients. Elsie; his three-year-old'
daughter, passed a good night.
Mother of a Vice-President bead.
Bloomingtcn, Illinois^ March 0.— Mrs.
Sarah Stevensjon, mother of A. SteVensop,
who >yas vicje-president of the United
States during president Cleveland's
second teriji, difed this morning after an
illness of several weeks. She was' 80 year's
of age; „   ■„   •'"
New York, March 0.—Daniel Joyce, signal and telegraph operator at Melrose station on the New York Central railway,
Was run over and partially beheaded this
morning "while attempting to board a
Central'train at the 1.25th street Station
in this city.        ■
Death of One of Kiplit-g's Children.
New York, March G.— Josephine Kipling, eldest child of Mr. and Mrs. Rudyard
Kipling, died at 0.30 o'clock this morning
of pneumonia at the home of Miss De
Forest, 121 East Thirtieth street. •
No Damage, as Yet.
Pittsburg, March (5.—The Monongahela
and Allegheny rivers are rising rapidly
this morning. The marks showed 19$feet
of water, and the low lands are submerged.
No serious damage has resulted,, however,
as the cold wave will check the Hoods.
Heavy Bains Adding to the Floods.
Portsmouth, Ohio, March G.—The Ohio
river has swept over the lower part of
the city, and residents have lied to high
ground. The rise last night was rapid,
and the heavy rains are adding to the
floods. •         .
Mother and Children Drowned.
- Cincinnati, March G.—At Owsley, on the
Kentucky river, John Hutchison and family were trying to cross the stream, when
their vehicle was capsized. Mrs. Hutchison and two children were drowned.
vig„wj" The. -eompaiiyha'? arrivedji at" She
coHclusibri'tliat, ifc° woufdbe irtjad iefoijs. tp
CJip ii ti ii j i e -J.V V^iX** B '^■^i0'?10 Pi'^-^ ^ P ^a'x ^' a ^K?1
lias decided "to at'ouce," it%"tall imatiliineify
sul'-icient to operate a!t leftst ten drills.,
Eikejyjtq ;be;JRe"t>ulit:
The NVtlreifn Pacllie^^
:will likely rebiiild the Hdtel Manitpbil at,
Winnipeg." reeently destroye.d' by fife.
The president of the railway compariy
was iii Winnipeg last Week, and when
there he instructed ~ local architect to
^i'MpaTevpl awim'Tar bui 1 dingy" but^l i mi ted"
the cost. The exterioi- design and internal
arraiigeiilents have been left entirely in
the hands of the architect, bub two of the
most distinctive features of the destroyed
hotel will be iireseiwed, namely, tlie
rptu nd'a aiul t jle rI i iii ng-rooin. The ex terior
style pf' architecture will of necessity be
materially changed, but nevertlieless will
be substantial and attractive. The architect will put forth his best, efforts to pfP-
duce a plan that.will combine all necessary commercial features without detracting from artistic beauty. Ills limit as to
cost, however, render., his task an
exceedingly difficult one, but he hopes to
succeed. - ..
Will Absolutely Control the Copper Market.
['.iiUe Miulin. World, Mui-Ob llli.|
We have it upon the most reliable authority that terms have filially been
■agreed'upon' whereby the Anaconda Copper Company will enter the great copper
combine. This virtually settles all doubts
as to the completion of the greatest combine the world has ever known. Other
interests and copper producers must now
of necessity join in, and it will now be
but a short time before the American
Copper Company, as the combine will be
known, will absolutely control this great
industry. What influence this will have
upon Butte, which produces about half
the copper of the world, remains to be
seen. These large interests have combined certainly for no loss, but on the
other hand for gain. So we may naturally expect copper to keep up in price. This
must revert to the benefit of the community.	
Order of United Workmen Meet.
Syracuse, March 0.—A large number of
delegates to the grand lodge of Order of
United Workmen have arrived here today. Four hundred and forty delegates
are expected, and some important changes
in the constitution are to be considered.
The grand lodge of the Degree of Honor,
the woman's organization, ——f" u"'"i
during the convention.
meets   here
entirely. Jihnecesusai?y even VilV \ *ha;d :th;e
. .sheriff- ;^'enueiially,.' "I", jtijly"" ;%iy " tlfat
under" .present iirwi"i!i|>e°ti_ents it ■ is'
ah„ °n Pffice "jhvolving, .expense ftnd;
wpi'k tbaj;.fiats' hP,"pMusulIicieut^remuneration. Here" I arii •keeping constantly an
office operi, withjis. dlerk.-andS get .notli-
iing either fpr my owp itttendance at th6
off ice, or'for the cferk^ |hat by htw I" must
have constantly therre; and as matters
stand at the present,! a:m npfevmaking
anything like a fail' rem line ration ior_
=ti tffe^p"elit~~I~iflliy~sa7y"th"at"i .:_^r"aTjl;te"rs~.on~"
tiiluo as at the present I shall certainly
not continue in the office. It appears to
nle, that as the government gets my services of constant attendance at the Ol-ii'O
in .the fulfilnt|?nt of my duties, that such
service as well as the cost of a clerk and
my attendance at Su].reme and county
colirts, and'.the disbui'setnerits fbr assist'
ants, should alfhavefair remuneration.
. I would like for you to take these matters into considei'atipn, and at -your convenience let rtie have your answer. I am,
yours very respectfnilv,
W. P.VitoiUNf.otv,, Sheriff.
The" Resignation.
South Koof us a y .Sin-ntiFF's Ofkiui_,
N..I.HOX, MnrchOlh, fSffiJ.
The Honorable the Attorney-General,
Victoria, B. C—Sir: I have the honor to
tender iUy resignation as sher-ilf
for South Kootenay, to take effect
as soon as my successor can be
appointed, which I trust, will be
not later than the end of the present
month. I have the honor to be, sir, your
obedient servant.
W. P. HoiunsOjV, Sheriff.
In all making a total of 878,000 "pounds
or 430 tons. Of these shipments the. output of the Payne goes to the Omaha and
Graut smelter at Omaha; the Rambler ore
goes to Aurora, Illinois.; while the Reco
divides its shipments between San Francisco and Aurora. The other ores, are
passed through the sampling works of the
Kootenay Ore Company at Kaslo.
Charles F. Caldwell has acquired from
Andrew Olson an undivided one:quarter
interest in the mineralclaims Monte Carlo,
International, Fractional Fraction, N. S.
Fraction, North Slope, South Slope, Cariboo, Evening Star, and Morning Light, all
situated on Cariboo creek; At the same
time he has deeded to D. M. Liunard an
undivided sixteenth in the Monte Carlo,
International, North Slope, and South
Slope, and an undivided one-eighth in the
Fractional Fraction, N.S. Fraction, Evening Star and Morning Light. ",C"".' ' VV
„ tA .merry .■ party^ was", taken down. the
lake^;6njFrid,ay:eveniu°g„td^thi.f "steamship
'Alberta, uow.ou ihejvdysc)i,th^lidbtendy
they^e"re"en£°ertainedby captain. Hovi/itt
%in^'wasuudulged in"by the?hiCppy„tlir6n"gf
/and a";delightful4tiiiie=;had.|„Th
'.mqnfewrtsVoue ;pf^the;i'¥^ie§/^f^th^vjGpm.g;|[-
.sOlub'.^" ^Th'e1. f affcyHrass^iiarFybf\ the1 si'ine
^1 iib;haS*b1i"eutpottpdhe
-;Lenten ^easo„ij.j-^r." *-:*■■ f^:^>^„"'"*ft ...t^"^ f-,.
^r lie"-"!-n^>yf:trus|"!^pid
n ear HltiGu igah"?s"tkti"oh",^
hi       S     "no,,    i°     „rf.".',n     XJ ^o1fln     ^n~     .mP..'^a$p..    ^°"      *ffl'r_H_*^j.°flU     .       ^1
^Fridfiy^" ihbrriihg^^qiks^edvover^it .fpi'^tlie
• _lu^:st^ln^"^»^C"*-fr""V""VV":"^»v.^■■ ^jx^>- y .>:::
- T_(."Vl3.»|-\rcBl^^^
re>Sen"i.l yld i-Sp^6se&8fet"heTrdnfeer6Hts\ih\°"£-i4h
gPnej;to?the*Bpnud.ar1y: „Creek-"CPuunti;y",,„tp
seek .pa^*a^Bjaiveig0;ji-'i)it; »^l;eY'in;ye'4tmen|?b"16_!:
Vtlfei■»"»"tf^wly lacquiyedv.Wealth "increifienli*
Neils- 3^cJ^adqenv-"an,6|lier-„-or\ynejp" an- "th,
The Company to be Reconstructed.
Tub TRiliUNE on Saturday published
part of the proceedings of a meeting of
the shareholders of the London & British
Columbia Gold Fields, Limited, held in
London last month. The object of the
meeting is given below:
The . chairman proposed the following resolutions: (1) "That.it is desirable
to reconstruct the company, and, accordingly, that the company be wound up voluntarily, and that E. B. Tasman be, and
he is hereby, appointed liquidator for the
purposes oi'such winding up." (2) "That
the said liquidator be,'and he is hereby,
authorized to consent to the registration
of a new company bearing the same name
as tho present company, with a memorandum and articles of association in the
form of the draft submitted to this meeting, and identified by the signature of
the chairman of the said meeting." (•'})
"That the draft agreement submitted to
satii'S, grPuijJ;hast;g;ffhe'
health -Vee King lipi p.-
tdViGaJlifornia. on ;a
. "'Steve".Baile'y's'-ljaSbest Venture. T
S. S. Bkiley,""whos:old a "half "inters.s:|"iti"
the Payne mine t.wo j/ears agp f 'ox $75;0Q0;
and which has $ineo paid, a milliPU ddljaips
iii dividend5, is making p. venture in
^egluboatingi ThejjnxcJiine,L'y_J!pj^^The_
Bailey," which is tp be the name Pf
"Steve's'' boat and which will be built at
Benuett City, wasshlppednorth OuvSatur-
day last. Mr. Bailey went along and will
have tlieisteaiiler put tpgethel' "jiist as soon
as the ice breaks. He took witl^hitti 17
men, iiiQluding 1,1 .carpenters and jive m^h
for the crow Of the ste.imei". Captain J.
B. Sanborn, whpoperated on Stikine rivet'
lasfcsuniiner fur the Canadian Pacific, and
who is known in East KPotenay, Will be
master pf the vessel, She will run between
Bennett C'(f,y and Atlin City where it
joins Lake Bennett, A* there will.be no
bther boat on the Atlin route Mr, Bailey
■expects, to.'lh'ul a large business. "The
Bailey" will x;o$t when finished at Lake
.Bennett $30,000. She will be 110 feet long,
22 feet ■beam and 4k feet lipid. Light she
will draw 10 inches of water, and 'loaded
.1, feet» Her cylinders are JOxJ.. inches.
She will carry 1.00 tons Pf freight and 200
passengers. _______
A Promising Mining Proposition.
(Silverton. Silvoi'toniun. ->fi.r.:li 2ncl.)
Five miles from Slocan City, up Springer
creek, is situated the Evening Star,  one
of the most promising mining propositions
in the Slocan.   This,property is equipped
with   a complete hoisting  plant,  steam
pumps,   machine   drills   and   everything
that is necessary for the  proper developing of a mine.   At present the main working shaft is down 100 feet and sinking is
in progress night and day.   A station was
cut and a drift driven on the ledge a distance of 50 feet, at the 100 foot level.    The
vein   averages   two   feet   in   width   and
varies but little in width from the surface
to the bottom of the shaft.   Fifteen  men
are at present employed at the  mine and
more will be added as  room  is  made for
them.   The character of the quartz is a
dry sulphide ore carrying high  values in
both gold and silver, averaging 200 ouuees
in silver and s?80 iu gold per ton. The veiu
is a true fissure in a granite formation,
the strike being north and south  with a
din of GO degrees to the east. This property is a stocked"proposition and the stock
is mostly held by eastern Canadians  and
listed on the Toronto exchange.
New Definition of an Amateur.
The special meeting of the Amateur
Athletic Association of Canada was held
at the Queen,'s ■ hotel, Toronto, last week.
The object of the meeting was the revision of the bylaws and constitution. The
principal change decided upon was the
adoption of the new definition of an amateur. The name of the association was
changed'to the Canadian Amateur Athletic Union. The following is the definition
of an amateur adopted, it being much
stricter than the former-one:
"An amateur is a person who has not
competed in any competition for a staked
bet, moneys private or public, or gate
receipts, or competed with or against a
professional for a prize; who has never at
any period of:nis life taught or assisted in
the pursuit of'any exercise as a means of ,
livelihood; who has never, directly or indirectly, received any bonus or payment
in lieu of lossSof time while playing as a
member of any club, or any money consideration'for any services rendered uS a
player, except his actual travelling and
hotel expenses."
It was also decided that, for all championship events, a watch examiner should
be appointed by the president, and all
watches used in such events must be certified to by said examiner. Henceforth,
any athletic record made on Sunday will
not stand!. The membership will be enlarged, asthe union will now be open to
all athletic associations, unions or leagues.
River Bank Protection at Revelstoke.
[Itcvcls.okc Muil, March Itli.J
The river bank protection  work is now
iu full swing, though the absence of the
wire ordered in the east has caused a temporary delay.   The new mattress is being
placed in a. substantial manner.   It is laid
on a framerof sawn  timbers 5xS in size,
which are grooved and bolted with three- -
quarter-inch bolts and on top the timbers
are SxlO with brush between packed close
for a depth of three feet.   The whole will
be solidly, marled down  with  wire and
ballasted with rock  wheu complete.    On
the portion between where work stopped
last year and the old smelter point, a distance of about 1300 feet,  it is estimated
there are about 3000 loads of brush packed,
and all is in readiness, in fact waiting, for
the wire to finish off with  timbers and
rock. .  Over   the , work   done "last year
the   new   mattress    will'   also    extend
to - tho    ■ point -   of      commencement
opposite       the     Methodist     parsonage,
but "   it     .will     not      be ,.'quite    . fO
thick   there  being   some two and a  half
feet through.   This new mattress will be
throughout- some 100   feet wide,   that is .
from side to side, and 75 feet of. that will
be in the the river.   The whole will  be
ballasted, some 3000 yards of rock.being  „
put on  it.   At the break on "Third street
the mattress may be made wider and improvements there   might reasonably   be
.expected   to   include   the-cribbing  and
restoring of the street to nearly its original width.   This month the average number of men  employed  is  believed  to   be
about- one hundred and ninety all told,
and  it is   expected. that  inside   of two
months it will  all be finished.   This protection  should give'confidence to property holders in the vicinity, greatly help in
restoring property values, and aid in encouragement of building-enterprise.     " -
Minister of Mines' Annual Report.        _
[Victoria Coloniril. March 3rd.]
 TJie_government printiug__oili_ce_js_just
at present experiencing a rush: pfvwprk;   b
that is unusual at the;close of the session*   „„
the   delayed   l'epprt . pf  the  minister of "•"
, wines being chiefly responsible;for theEex?■■.]
ceptional activity..   It is  cfU-.tomary tor
this important resume of the year's min-»
ihfSf'tQ be iJi'e.sent^d to parliament during    d
the Session, bftt IlPn. Mr. ICijtiife's forced'„,„
visit to his constituency aYld llis return .
onjy in the last days of the session mjidie.
this  impossible.   %t will indeed be some, .„.-
weeks—perhaps a month yet—eri. t>hp re-'•'"'
port reaqhei. the piVblic.    ft will cdntain "
little more reading .Hatter thai"! Mr. Car-
lyle's comprehensive repoft of last year,
although   as it   is "leaded" this   year  it
will appear larger, and the more nunier-
pus illustrations will also go a Considerable way in   filling   up.   Mr.   ltoberf_ton
has taken up the work  Where Mr.   Car-
lyle left it. and with perhaps less advantageous .matter  t'O work   upon, has prepared a very interesting Synopsis of the
present conditions and average prospects
of the various provincial miuing centres.
Unfortunately the .mineralogist  has not
yet had the opportunity of visiting the
Atlin aud neighboring gold fields, and all
that the report will contain from these
new and  much discussed mining districts
will be gleaned irom the necessarilj' brief
statements of the resident commissioners
and recorders.
Prisoner Jumped from Moving Train.
Albany, N.lr., March 0.—A prisoner in
charge of a deputy sheriff, who  boarded
the fast mail at Poughkeepsie, jumped
from the window and it is believed was
killed.   The train  was stopped  to allow
the officer to go back in search of the tnah,
but proceeded to this city without -awaiting his return.   A special from  Pough-   .
keepsie says that the prisoner was arrested in that city in the guise of a peddler.
The police believed him to be a crook who
was sentenced to six months in Albany
penitentiary.    A   special from  Hudson's
says that the body of a man, supposed to
be the prisoner, has been found floating iu
the river  in front of that city. 2
IS ,'"':■'
THK DAILY TIlIBUNl. is published every afternoon
(except Sunday), ami will be delivered by carrier in
any town in Kootenay for twenty-live cents a week;
or will be mailed to subscribers for five dollars a year.
THE WEEKLY T1UHUNK is published every Wednesday and Saturday, and will be mailed to subscribers
for two dollars a year.
REGULAR ADVERTISEMENTS' printed in botli tlio
daily and weekly editions for §3 per inch per month.
Twelve lines solid nonpariel to bo counted as one inch.
lino for each insertion.
JOB PRINTING at fair rates. All accounts for job
printing and advertising payable on the first of
every mouth; subscriptions payable in advance.
ADDRESS all communications to
THE TRIBUNE. Nelson, B. C.
•     —Mining   Engineers   and   Analytical
Slocan City, B. C.
NELSON LODGE, NO. 23, A. F. & A. M. Meets
second Wednesday in each month. Sojourning
brethren invited.
New Spring Goods
"TTTE are opening out new goods daily and
vv can show you Ladies' New York Tailor
Made Venetian and American Duck Suits,
also a nice lot of Ladies' Wrappers. A full
line of Swiss dotted and plain Muslins. New
clothing and latest styles of Hats juit received
A. Ferland & Co.
Elliot Block, Baker Street, Nelson, B.C.
■NIGHTS  OF PYTHIAS—Nelson   Lodge,   No,   2o,
-   Knights of Pythias, meets in I.'O. O. F. Hall,corner
Bakor and Kootenay streets, every Tuesday evening at
8 o'clock.   All visiting Knights are cordially invited to
attend. .- ._,__„
C. French, C. C. George Ross, K. of B. & S.
.MARCH 6, 1899
Extending the fire limits in one direction and contracting the limits in another
direction is on a line with raising the
license, fee on wholesale dealers and allowing insurance companies to do business
; without paying a license fee. The council
wants to extend the fire limits along both
sides of Baker street from Kootenay street
to Falls street and from 'Hall street to
Hendryx street; and it wants to contract
the limits in another direction. The present fire limits take in the block bounded
by Baker, Stanley, Victoria and Kootenay streets. The south half bf this block
is to be taken out of the limits. For what
reason? The chairman of the public
v-work's committee knows, but he also
knows enough to keep the reasons to himself. The present fire limits take in all the
business "portion of the town. There has
been no petition presented-to the couucil
praying for the limits to be extended.
If plans have been made for the erection
of large business blocks on Baker street
west of Kootenay street, then let the fire
limits be extended in that direction;' but
.why extend the limits east of Hall, where
no such buildings are likely to be'erected ?
•If.the owners of,.unimproved|lots in*thei
. south:halJ^f^lm-k^^^shouldrbe/fi^en^ai
':'■■■ chance to ereet*"f rameVbui 1dmgs. #by- con .*
> tractirig D tJiecpresent ^jn-re /linJits;iTOiyt
V5 should, not t§e_^^^^
«»„ hmnh'erfe^Thel' ef. %hoaXa%,e]t] n 6\f ayori tism|
-% shbwhy.everiii^ihe chairmanfbf,tlie/publicv
lljand: deals "ttf-carr^^^
i*«-AlWATHElifpathetic^ "although; -truthful;*
%x wail*from-- the»Silverton::SiI\jertonian; ns\
"K,-s"V."-.?''s"»>S^uA>M"'ilB'"°"-",mi"""""fV"8,'£:».™ A'.   _.**!-," •-
V" printed telsewhere*.-The. '-subject <of ys%he
;»sthe^:„mining ;„distriQts.»-^There«:is3!.no good
X:reasbh; jvhy*°newspapersishould^be depriy-"
"fl eh
;"!* distriet"|hKuld^bei"pnb^ .i'n. ?a tfhtewa-
paper in that district, and all newspapers
woxsa..district should, be-kept'on file umthei
;-.;.m4ining;.„i;ecorder's ofhees in; the diftrict!;
°^ombimn^aj!nj|mber  of "cla'ihis a'n»Qhe»'
fijnotice8;]wheh;/,ai^^^^ is madp1 for
^certifie^te^^/bfVa'mprOvemebts' was dbne
((jih/£:ihp',pJ,iini'ere8"ta.abf     the    provihcijtf
That your food may by properly cooked, you must have good utensils.
We carry a full stock of everything required.    Call and inspect
The Nelson Hardware Co.
J. Y. GRIFFIN & CO.   /~
„ .(^.'fS-jf-!:^: A&±&z (£j&-&\ &\&\&± A.^.^. ^.<Ai&± ^lSS-gLl &•&•&• ^^^^^i^<^&-^^^r^^^^.^.^.e>.(£>.<s-r~-.
It is now coming on the time when we begin to beautify our homes
for the coming summer months." Recover your lounge or easy chair
with nice creton or sateen, which we can give you in very pretty
patterns at low prices. We are also showing cretons in double width
both sides the same in pattern. These goods are suitable for inexpensive hangings, or to hide some corner that has always been an
eye-sore to you. If you want something better, such as chenille or
tapestry portiers, we have them, an endless variety, in colors and quality
Nelson oflicc and warehouse:   Corner Vernon and Josephine streets.
fff^larid)siirvey6rs,° \~hoj as a, rule* ephtract
/- td.lsecurjB'icrdwQ.graiitsfor fuifiefal elaiins
V °avsp:miuch per efaipi; but provincial lapid1
" suryiybX5--, like fav^yers^ have rights and
'pri;yil§ges*D|;hat are inalienable, and with
„„-which ;£he>p/eSs mnst not interfere. The
- "indifference with which the mettabers' oi
>: "th^e*h-i(nin|j cdramittee treat all sensible
suggestions Regarding the advertising-out
;„ 4|  QO-'owiier6 who  refuse  to   jjay  their
„ "sliaftsf pt.'the, cost, of .making tile .annual
f as|e|S;meats l'd-iiiilied' by law need nob be
V wjandered .af. The avpriage niember of a
legi-ilative body resents suggestions, and
"particularly when the Suggestion corties
Irptn. a Newspaper., But, then, newspapers should be less worldly.
[Silverton Silvertoniari, Jlnrch 2nd.]
The -lets of the present local legislature,
both vyhile in opposition aiid since securing power, have been discouraging in the
extrenie to the press of the province. British Columbia has been complimented and
has prided itself on the number and excellence of the newspapers published within
"its borders. Much of the present advancement of the province is due to its newspapers.   This admits of no contradiction.
It would seem, therefore, that the government of the province would endeavor, in
a legitimate way, to encourage the newspapers.   On the other hand, what is their
record of the last two sessions at Victoria?
In the last session in which the present
government held the opposition benches
we find them springing an amendment
to   the   Mineral    Act,     by    which    the
advertising  of  two   or more claims for
certificate of improvements, could be condensed into one notice.   Thus doing away
with one of the sources of revenue of the
newspapers in miuing districts, and which
amendment was never asked for by the
miners.   After securing power, they were
asked that some easy method of advertising out a defaulting co-owner should be
introduced.   This would -have benefited
the prospectors and incidentally helped
the newspapers. The mining committee,
however, in their report, which was acted
upon, gave the mining press another setback. Not con ten c with these measures,
towards the close of the session they cut
off another source of revenue from the
press, by an alteration iu the License Act.
Why should the present government have
any friends ih the ranks of the press?
They ignore the press, subscribe for no
papers, and rather than submit to their
criticisms, they ^eud out circulars from
the," provincial ^secretary's office,, asking
th^t no copies^be^mailed to any govern-,
mg'i|_offi;ce>''|"'^$i • '"'-  -        .;'     ".,'  /r
t"TftM' ^••^y^fpdsitor the People. .     -
p*.. "u-ISfr'ati&rd".d_itiir.o) Beacon, February 28th.]
d □i   IJ'  n .    h nrwT'       "l.^ift    -nn      DLB   Un      | ■ ■
K"*prudge^a^man.^by his acts. Hon. Mr.
4Blair.'iB°s^ou:n&|y^4,^us"d" by his political
"ehemiev"#hophahim a*hard man to beat,
fbutrtKSlpebple have, reason,to "applaud
him.";..;He is-jthejonly minister of .railways
p^pada'i-ta^yet^Eatd that has stood slip for
thelpebiDieagainsVthe great railway in ter-
ie'st^rSAt1 the {meeting of the railway com-
.mittee.ofs,the° privy coxincil the other, day,
,he,gaye;it"!iprp.t<.y*plainly to be understood
;th.a|;jhK^ould.™|bQt permit, .collusion, between Vth^fiTail^a-^S and the.Standard Oil
p'iSmp^a^moqo.^p.ly- to continue, and the
s6lici.tors»ifor^hese companies at once
jilted.'/,. As^dng^aBj-Mr. Blair stands for
JbBeIfp.epj3!|e*."Jtie*unieeU not care about" the
aBuse*"(.flfihis• enemies.
This is a new department, and we can
® •. ■   - '.       ~~"~   -——^-——^   do them right/  We have them in green,
^ terra cotta, and light fawn, which we can furnish with or without fringe
I SILKOLENE 0R ART muslin-something new--we have
In^bulk andf packag*es.
We sell, at eastern
catalogue, prices.
Canada Drug and Book Co.,
..     =      LIZR-TIT-E-D- * .'
- Corner Baker unci Stanley Strcets,;Xelson.
Yictoria   Block,   Baker  Street,     ;    JSJ©l-SOri9     B, C
Wm®& 'Empire
j.ii.v' ■ ,y(\"  "lV"?....  V    -/   . ■  . .      '«"$'
^__^   ■____«.^____^-Dr-^______ph      .■__-_k   __P^___*«_r        .■_____>.   __p^.   '__*^.'■ '-*.__._____.     '  *
When the poet Wrote these lines
and Postmaster Muloek h&A them
endorsed on the hew stampj they
could have referred only to the
Trunks and valises delivered to any part of
the city.
All kinds of draying  done  at  reasonable
rates.    -Moving furniture a specialty.
-  "$fc.and at coMfir iBakej; .thd ^oseplune Sts.
DARLING BROS,, Montreal, v.    '." .
- ' Elevators and.Machine Specialties. "
; .Bar Iron^ Tool Steel, and Water. Works Supplies.
- High-grade Leather Belting.
J. A. ROEBLING'S SONS CO., San Francisco,
Wire Rope.
OAKLAND JRQN WORKS, Oakland, California,
Ice Machinery and Tutth.i.ll Water Wheels.
Hydraulic Steel   Pipe     ;
Flexible   Steel   Hose   Armour
322 Cambie Street,
f - -    ., -
Write for Catalogues and Prices.      VANCOUVER, B.C.
• ?
6.DT-U I3Y
Thomson Stationepy Co., Ltd.
Patronize Home Industry
The Imperial Oil Co.    Standard Oil Co.
Wasliit]gton Brick arid Liir-e Co.
The H. W. IVJcNiell Co,, Lid., Canadian Aqtfira-
cite Coal (Hard)
Dealers \t\
Wilson k Harshaw
'Reffi-e->S ~Sf Gold: and Silyep Ba_i§7TG>->lcl Du$*, Etc
Gold, Silver Lead and Copper Ores, Bold Coneentpates* Lead Bullion, Cyanide Product, fits'
Works at Vallejp Junction, California
Office, 416, Montgomery Street, Sail ITpaneisco, California
Wood Dealer
Kootenay Cigar
Manufacturing Co.
The annual meeting of *>he Kootenay Lake General
Hospital Society will be held on Tuesday, the Mth clfty of
March, 1809, at li p. m., in the court house.
There will be a meetiiiK of the directors at 2:.'"0 p. ni.
The membership fee is S10 per annum, and ontitleH tho
member to hospital benefits for one year.
Any person subscribing SI a month will be entitled to
the ..client-, of the hospital for that, period.
Subscriptions are solicited and a fullattcndancc of
members and those desirous o£ becoming members is requested.   A full statement of receipts and expenditure.
Bus meets all trains and.boats.
Special attention given the transfer of baggage.. Office and stables
on Vernon street, opposite The
Tribune office.    Telephone No. 35.
J.clivcrort to any part of the city.
Full measurement guaranteed.
Having purchased the express and draying
business of J.. W. Cowan, wo are prepared
to do all kinds Of work in this line, and solicit tho patronage of tlio people of Nelson.
Orders left at 1). McArthur & Co's store,
northwest corner Baker and Ward streets,
will receivo prompt attention.   Telephone So
Office at Corner Baker and "Ward Streets
fruit and Ornamental Trees
Bulbs, looses, Hollies, Rhododendrons,
Fancy Evergreens, etc. Thousands are
growing on my own grounds. Most
complete stock in the province. Bees
and bee supplies, agricultural implements, spray pumps, and cut flowers.
New catalogue now ready.
Wagon repairing promptly attended to by a first-class
Special attention givpn to all kinds of repairing and
custom work from outsidopoints.
IM... J". HZ-EUvTK"^"
(iOl Westminster Road, Vancouver, B. C.
SHOP:   JJall Street, between Baker and Varnon, Nelson
The   Standard
of the World.
The Artistic Piano of
will be submitted and other important businosH will be
. . *;. W. S.vyANNELI-, Secretary.
GOMER DAVlS & Go   ABT AND MUSIC CO., Nelson, Agents.
In tho matter of the estate and effects of Charles Van
Ness, deceased, intestate.
Notice is hereby Kiven tliat an order of this honourable
court dated the .oh day of February, A.'U. 1890, Alfred
John Marks and Decatur Downing have been appointed
administrators of the peronal estate and effect., of 'ho
said deceased, who died on or about the 12th clay of January, A. D. IS!)!).
All persons having claims against the said deceased
are required on or before the lirst day of April, A. D.
IS!)!), to send full particulars of such claims, duly verified
by statutory declaration, to Alfred John Marks, of Nelson, B.'C., with their ehi'istian and surnames, addresses
and descriptions and the value of the securities, if any,
held by them.
And further take notice that after such last mentioned
date, the said administrators will proceed to administer
the said estate and distribute the proceeds thereof
.amongst the.parties entitled thereto, having regard only
to the claims of wliich they shall then havo notice and
will not bii liable for the assets or any part thereof to any
person or persons.o(! whoso Claims notice shall not havo
been received by them at the date of such distribut'on.
■■■"'■■;.'■■ ELLIOT & .WON NIK,
. Solicitors for the Administrators.
Dated this 28th d«y of February, A. D, 18U9.
Notice   of Application   for  Certificate   of
HI.K.,t?J ri 3251 0; 1,■_SUKJ.K.I I, 3255 q. 1, O. V. 0. i.'_bc.'I<->N
1,3251 O; 1, BUITANNIA l^.*i253o. If-GlaSn. L.ij.10,0.1, jM;.c
*'H.\C'1'10jV I, .'*2..b O. 1, .M.,\'I..1_<VIj CJiAfM-l, Sl.'UATJ. IN
U'fll. NIj-LSG.V _i!,INIX(. m-MSlON OK WK8T KO(J*K.N'AY
Takq notice thiitj, John Hirsch, as agent for the Hall
Mines C'dmpaiiy, Limited, free miner's certilicato No.
2551A, intend, sixty days from the date hOnjof, tb apjily
to the* ii.ini.nf? recorder fbr a cortiiflcate bf iinprovenients,
for tho purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above
claims. And further take notice that action, under section 37, must be commenced before the issuaiieo cif such
- ccr'Uflcato of improvements.. JOHN HIRSCH.  -
Dated this 26th day of November, 18!'8. [Jaii 25]
Notice   of . Application   for   Certiflcate  of
Take notice that I, J. M. It. Fairbairn, acting as agent
for Hugh jVI. Hillings, free miner's certificate No. 21,7S!)a,
and I'll omas Bonnet, free miner's certificate. No. 1:.,«25a,
intend, sixty days from the datchereof, to apply ..to tho
mining recorder f"r a certilicato of iniprovomchts, for
thd purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above
cliim. And fui ther take notice that action, under section 37, must be coii'mencod b.foro the issuance of such
certificate of iiiiprovomciits.      J. M. It. FAlltBAIKN.
Dated this 2Sth day of February, 1S99.
Application for Liquor License.
Notice is hereby given that.I will, thirty days from tho
date ot this notice, apply to the government agent at
Nelson for a license to sell liquor at retail at lay hotoi,
known as the Florence Hotel, situate three miles en,st of
Nelson, on the outlet of Kootenay lake, in West Eoote-
nay district, British Columbia.
.,     „  , , „ „ WILLIAM ROBERTS.
Dated February 3rd, 180!).
Application for Liquor License.
Notice is hereby {jiven that wo will, thirty days from
the date of this notice, apply, to tho government agent at
Nelson for a license to sclHi(]uor at retail at our hotel,
known as the Majestic Hotel, situato on the government
trail between -.agio and Forty-nine creeks, in West
Kootenay district, British Columbia.
Dated March 1st, 1899,
E. BARRETT. THE   TRIBUNE:  NELSON, 13. C., MONDAY, MARCH 6,  1899.  \y  amofIontbeal  Capital,  Best,  all paid  up,    -  $12.(11)0,01)0  6,000,000  LORD STRATHCONA AND   MT. ROYAL, I?r08idoiit  Hon. GEO. A. DRUMMOND Vice-President  E   S. CLOUSTON....". General Manager  N. W. Cop. Baker and Stanley Streets.       I1BAN0HK8 IN       LONDON  (England),   NEW YORK,   CHICAGO  and In tho principal oitios in Canada.  THE B-^-TsTK:  OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA  NELSON  IMPERIAL BANK  OF CANADA  Buy and sell Sterling Exchango and Cablo Transfers  GRANT COMMKROIAIj AND TRAVEIj_,KRS' CREDITS,  available in any part of the world.  DRAFTS ISSUED    COM-KOTIONS MADK; ETC.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CURRENT RATH OF INTEREST PAID  NO   SNEEZING-   THERE.  Why You Cannot Catch Cold in the Land  of  - the Midnight Sun.  Though the long-suffering and sneezing  and sniffling may not believe it, yet there  are places in this big wide world where  colds can't be caught simply because there  are no colds to catch. Nansen and his  men say that it is impossible to catch  cold in the Arctic region?, no matter how  severe the exposure may be. During the  three years they were in search of the  North Pole not one of them suffered with  a cold, but they all proceeded to have bad  colds just as soon as they returned to  civilization.  This interesting fact was related by Dr.  Egbert Guernsey, one of the most prominent.New York physicians. He says, in  a word, that colds area result of microbes,  similar to the grip germ, which attack the  body.wheu it is in a depressed conditiou.  The microbe that makes colds has thus  far eluded detection. It hasn't had its  photograph taken and putin the scientist's  rogues' gallery, as has been done with tlie  wicked germs of bubonic plague, yellow  fever, typhoid fever and the grip. But  Dr. Guernsey believes that the "cold"  microbe exists, because colds have been  found to be contagious.  This microbe theory of colds offers a  solution.of one of the��most curious inci-  .. deuts.of epidemics of colds ever, recorded.  On the rocky, lonely island  of ,St. Kikht,  lying  some forty miles beyond the. West  Hebrides, to the northwest of Scotland,  there are nigh upon a hundred inhabi-  V'tants,'who keep a few sheep, and. cows,  cultivate some forty acres.and collect the-  eggs; feathers and young of the numerous  . sea fowl. = Their., coasb is so precipitous  and their seas, so stormy-that for eight  .. months out of the twelve they, are, prac-  ��� jtically inaccessible... Formerly they were  . visited only, once a year ".by- a ship from  J- the   mainland.   Now-several   call, there  during the summer,  including excursion  _ steamers   from   Liverpool   aud Glasgow.  The curious.point is that whenever a ship  reaches the island allthe inhabitants, including the very infants at the breast, are  seized with a cold. V     H  This fact has beeu known for nearly  two .hundred years, and greatly interested. Dr. Johnson, when he and-Bos well  were making their famous 'tour of the  Hebrides. The probleui of this St. Kilda  cold long puzzled learned men, who seem  never to have suspected, the simple explanation of the mystery: One solution  suggested was that the steward always  brought whiskey with him, and that it  was the intemperance and jollity which  took place on the occasion which caused  the epidemic. Another explanation was  -that-a-ship -could-only reach���the-island  from the mainland when the wind was  from the northeasts "T'he wind, not the  strangiers. "caused the cold."  Winter Sport at St. Petersburg:  The cold Weather in western Russia  makes possible the various winter amusements that Oanadians associate with St.  . Petersburg���Sleigijing, skating,, ice^hilling  and the like; In thd Canadian imagination, howeye'i% these are son.ewhat  idealized, The sleigliiflg isT0n_y fai1' dtid  cannot be compared with that of a  Canadian city. It is a splendid sight to  see the teams of magnificent black Orloff  stallions dash up and-down the Neveski  Prospect, and along the quays late in the  afternoon when the beauty, wealth and  fashion of the empire are taking the drive  required by custom, seated in extremely  low sleighs, covered with furs, with an  enormously fat .coachman in the tiny box  in front and a tall footman balanciug on  a shelf behind. There is no law here  against fast driving���no one who can  drive fast does anything else. As soon  as a - snowstorm begins thousands  upon thousands of workmen are out  shovelling, sweeping and carting, until  there .is scarcely enough snow left to help  thejWuriners over the cobblestone pavement. It takes only a change of the wind  and a warm sea brPeze to turn it all into  slush and mud. Skating, also, is not  what is geuerally supposed. When the  dirty canals have frozen over, enterprising contractors clear spaces on the ice,  fence them in, build temporary shelters  and for a consideration allow people to  glide about the enclosure. The skating is  never very good, even after the rink has  been flooded, for this cannot be done  evenly. Two artificial ponds afford fair  skating, however. One of these, a great  gathering place for the English colony, is  in the Jussupoff garden, and the other,  where the aristocracy "cut the outer  edge" and make "figures of eight," is in  the Tauride garden, which once on a time  belonged to Potemkin, empress Catherine'-?   lover.   Of winter  sports here,   ice-  Are now prepared to issue  Drafts and Letters of Credit on  Dawson City, Yukon District.  hilling is the best, and at the Tauride  Garden, at the Riverside Yacht Club, at  Krestoffski, and at other places, there are  ice hills���artificial towers with icy chutes  leading down to a level, where a track of  ice stretches away in the distance. The  sleds are tiny contrivances of steel, the  runners of which must be sharp, smooth  and perfectly true. The top is a heavy  plush cushion several inches thick, and  they go like the wind. This sport is exciting and experts may sometimes be  seen standing erect as they plunge down  on the tiny sledges. '  BABIES PROM THE CLOUDS.  Capital, Paid Up  Reserve  $2,000,000  1,200,000  HEAD  OFFICE, TORONTO  D.  R. WILKIE, General Manager  The Arrival of Two Infants In the Basket of a  Runaway Balloon.  William Harvey and his sister, Miss  Mary, living about six miles east of Rich-  view, Illinois, tell a very interesting story  of themselves, which happened a number  of years ago. -  They were quite small,  the boy being  about five and his sister seven years old.  During the year 1858, while the State fair  was being held at Central  City, Illinois,  "an aeronaut of Chicago made an ascension  in a balloon at the State fair on Saturday  moruing.aud his balloon came down about  six miles east of here,  near the country  residence of William Harvey,. Sr.     The  owner of   the   balloon,   feeling   chilled,  went into the farmhouse  to warm,  and  tied his balloon to a rail fence near the  barn.      Little   Willie  and   Mary   were  .playing  near  the   barn.     They  noticed  the balloon tied to the fence, and, as they  had never seen a balloon, they walked up  to take a look at it.   Seeing that it would  go up  a few feet   and then   back again,  they thought it would be fun to get in the  basket and ride.   Mary helped her little  brother in and then she got in.   The balloon went upand'down a while; then all  at once it gave a lunge and pulled itself  loose from the fence.    Up and up it went,  with the   little Harvey  children in   the  basket.   The, mother was looking.put qf  a window,;and seeing the  balloon .going  up'told. the aeronaut thathis balloon had  got  away from, the  fence, and they, all  went  out to   see it;-   The  mother canie,  and, as she watched the balloon going up,  she noticed.some one in the.basket.     Not  once did she think it was her two little  children, nor could she believe it to be her  two children when.her husband told her  the children were nowhere to be found.-7  "   A search -was made all over the farm for.  the missing  ones',   without   result.,   The  father at'once drove to Rome, aVshort distance from his farm, and told  the story.  At once people followed after the balloon.  It   went .north   about   five   miles,   then  turned -west,7 going, over  Central City.  Everyone at the fair,.thinking- the aero,  uaufc was marking, his return, cheered and  cheered as the balloon, went oyer.' Soon a  telegram  was' received at Central- City,  stating that   the   balloon contained the  two little children of Mr. and Mrs. William'Harvey and to keep a lookout for it.  But it was growing late -aud  the balloon  was travelling fast..  Soon -it. was impossible to see it.   It   went  south,   passed  through Centralia, 111., then turned west  again and went over Mascoutah, III., and  then turned and went over East St. Louisi.  The little  boy  began  to get  cold and  commenced    to    cry.     Mary    tied    her  apron around Willie's head, and he went  -to-sleep���in���her���lap���About���7���o'clock-  tile next morning the balloon came down  in, a lai'ge tree on a farm southeast of  Mount Vernon, 111..   The owners of  the  farm, seeing the balloon in* their tfee, ��he  lady of the house cried to her husband:.  "Oh, John, Cod has sent lis some "children in a basket," .       '    .  John got the child out of the tree, took  them into the house aiid after thoy were  warm asked Mary who her parents were.  She told them and the farmer took them  home.  Jilany o|��� the visitol'l of. tlie State fair  iii"-.$;".8 will remember the aboye story iind  may be pleased to know that the little  children who made this trip are now liv--  ing and delight-in tellitTg it.  HOW   DR-3~"~tJS   IS    GUARDED.  All Possible Precautions Have Been Taken to  Secure His Safe" Keeping.  However much the emotions are stirred  over the Dreyfus affair, no anxiety need  be wasted over the prisoner himself.  He still lives,' his' personality is not  lost, and, whatever may happen,  his existence will not, from all appearances, be blotted out forever. In  consequence of certain fears' expressed  over the possibility of his escape, not  only has the ex-Captain's cabin been surrounded by a high board fence, inside of  which the prisoner takes his daily Walk,  but at night are taken the most rigid precautions known to military science. His  hut has been divided into two rooms, separated by an iron grating reaching from  floor to ceiling. In the inner room, provided with neither door nor window,  sleeps the unfortunate officer; in the other  room lies a guard, armed with a brace of  l-evolvers. At nightfall the door is bolted  upon them both from the outside, and a  second guard lies across the. doorway to  keep watch over the inner guard. Up to  tbe present time it. has been . considered  unnecessary to place a watch upon these  two by a'..third sentinel.   ,.  All possible precautions have been  taken to assure the safe-keeping of the  prisoner.   The government of France will  NELSON BRANCH  A general banking business transacted.  Savings bank department.  ' Deposits ot $1. and upwards received and interest  allowed.  J. M. LAY, Manager.  not be caught napping by bribable agents  or careless servants. It has gone even  further: Dreyfus, being only mortal,  might some day or other fall in the sore  hattle of life and be mustered out by the  Lord of hosts. Then, what if the government be accused of having simulated his  death and of having buried some other  body, which in life had never borne the  name of Dreyfus? To forestall any.such  embarrassing consequences, the minister  for the colonies, a little over a year ago,  shipped to Devil's Island all the drugs and  apparatus necessary for the embalming of  the body of the ex-captain of artillery,  the whole lugubrious outfit enclosedin���  the coffin destined to bring back to  France, for the edification of political adversaries, the remains of the lonely prisoner and much-wronged man. No government could be more prudent; kindly-  foresight could hardly go farther.  QUEER   HAPPENINGS.  An Indianapolis woman wants a divorce  set aside on the ground that there was no  ground, as her husband, a drummer,  kissed her 500 times on the last day he was  at home.  A Pennsylvania coal miner was frozen  to death last week standing up in a snowdrift with his dinner pail in hishaud.  The pride of the life of the late Mrs.  Elizabeth Skeats of London was that she  was the mother of six policemen.  The Tremont Hotel  "ALONE & TRECILLUS  PROPRIETORS  Headquarters for Miners and-Prospectors  THK BEST BRANDS-OF  Liquorsana Cigars  ALWAYS ON HA.ND-  One of the best and most popular, hotels in Nelson.  ���8 HOTEL  BAKER STREET, NELSON.  Heatedwith-Hot-Airand���  Lighted by Electricity  Large  comfortable  bedrooms and   first-class  (lillittg  room.   Sampli. 1'ooms for cam in6rci.il men.  -R__^.a:]E!s S2 i?!e__r _D^sr  Mrs.  E.  C,   CLARKE,  Prop.  Late of tlio Royal Hotel, Cnlfeftiy,  r\. D. HUME, Manager,  Tho finest hotel in the interior.  Largo sample rooms.   Steam heat and electric light.  CORNER OF WARD AND VERNON STS.. NELSON  Madden House  BAKER AND WARD STREETS, NELSON  The only hotel in Nelson that has remained under one  management since lSDO. .   ,��� >.   -i i..  The hed-rooms are  well furnished and   lighted b>  electricity. , , .    ...    .  The dining-room is not second to nny in Kootenay.  The bar is always stocked by the best domestic and  imported liquors and citcars. _���..  ,_       . _  THOMAS MADDEN, Proprietor.  Large and well lighted Heated by hot air  Reasonable rates bamplc rooms  Electric bolls and light in every room  :   Renovated and refurnished throughout  HOTEL  VICTORIA  J. V.. PERKS, Proprietor :  Free bus meets alltrains  Hourly street cur to station  Revelstoke, B. C.  A Chicago magistrate recently fined a  man Sj.25 fur being a liar. -  ���The authorities of Wellington, Kansas,  proposed to give the name of the first  prisoner confined in the new jail to that  institution, and it was called Horton Jail,  because Mrs. JlorIon was the first. She  proved to beinnocentand nowsheissuing  the county for damages on account of the  jail's name.} p  An old clock given to a Warren, Illinois,  academy to be used before the class in  physics to demonstrate the laws of the  pendulum, refused to run, and when the  teacher got into its works he found a roll  of bills, amounting to ,$242, clogging the  machinery.  A lot of Bourbon county, Kentucky,  cattle went into a tobacco barn for shelter during the last snow storm and twenty  of them died from eating the tobacco.  A Pineville, Kentucky,  barber has this  sign displayed:   "If you don't  come  in  and let me shave you, I am going to close ���  my shop and go to hoeing corn."  A Massachusetts farmer is being sued  for sneezing so loud on the public high-  Way as to cause the plaintiffs horse to  run away. '  A farmer near Noblesville, Indiana, 52  years of age, has never had teeth, and all  four of his children are toothless.  Three young women in various parts of  the country had all the hair burned off  their^heads last week by the accidental  ignition of the celluloid combs they wore.  A Michigan legislator proposes to make  liquor di'inkers pay a license of $5 a year  for the privilege of drinking.  A St. Louis man committed suicide last  week by putting a  rubber tube into a  barrel of whiskey and fllliugvhiniself be-.-  yond the limit. ,'���..'���  A Kentucky farmer noticing a tree on  his place filled with something that looked  like black fruit, inspected it mbre'"elo.sely  and discovered, that hundreds of blackbirds were frozen to the limbs.  Mr. Daggett, member of the Wisconsin  legislature from Bear Creek, has introduced a joint resolution to appoint a commission to draft laws preventing women  from tight lacing. .  Charles Kraus of Cincinnati is suing for  divorce on the ground that his wife never  let him know she had a glass eye until  after they were married.  A New England coal miner was troubled  with a pain in his back, and one day last  week he went to a doctor about' it. The  doctor looked over him and took four inches of knife blade out of him. He had  been stabbed in the back eight years before and the blade had been broken off.  At a Topeka dining table, one day this  week, a member of the Kansas house  made the remark that a certain member  must have been drunk when he made the  motion to strike out the enacting clause  of a bill which was being discussed by the  diners. "I examinedithe enacting clause  carefully," he����said,V, "and^fpuudj^that it  !did not'difre_\*in}?a^  enacting clause/of'.ahy^othe^^  then he wondeted^hy,^  .... Over Three^^dh^��^phBfd^ayj^'^i    '*  .Work in tbelGoaTMine^-X^  steadier duringi.the3Jajj.ter:Cp]|Vbi(5of^the  month, and the^iilfpjuS-f|.sho_^inK.'���afa*niini-  provement. forV^he^fir.^  "fault"-was "struck;"���iV0n^W;edri'gsday of  this week  the.ibti|p\i^  tons," aud by tHeTelidfof^ is  expected to .reafcch��;H$l^af^  'considering tHe��'extehtft_i���;whi^h:%e workings were" affeefeclj-b^ ;%e.i i'4faiijfe"iyi"^  CAMDIAfflpliiffilfllY  - AnBv^^^L1N]E>> '������;=;" ���  Fast and  Sh^pJrF^ufe  KootenaYf^ftynt^; -;���^     ���  First-class and.^'o'uris.^Sleepers Operated, frorii  "  PAciifidjo-H'fc^TiG: ��.. .  Tickets issifd"dlthr.onu"gli,a.id","bafegnnge"  checkcdefcQ"dcs.tinati6ri_      J  co-^.N'-Jiog!i~Ks:  Rossland, frail arid RQbs��~.  Leave.                             DAlf# Arrive.  U:_0p.m .^ELSON." ..10:30 p.m.  P.Bmrm<&Co.  WHOLESALE   AND   RETAIL  Main Lirje and Intermediate Pdirjts via Slocan take.  Leavo. DAILY Arrive.  0:80 a. m ,.,..,.,.... NELSON , .&30 p, im  Kootenay Lake-Kaslo "riute^Sfearrjer Kokanee.  Leave.                i.ailj'" Kxefept Sunday Arrive  .:00ip.- m- ��� ��� NELSON....... j  .11:00 a. in-.  K,ooten,ay River Route-Steamer Moyie.  _v_ou., Wcd.s,Fri.         -       ,._    , Tiitjs.. Tliiirs., Sat.  8:00 a! ,i*n. Leavfe.,.��.... .NELSON, ��..Arrive C:$0 p. hi.  Makes coiiileCtion at Pilot Raj,1 Villi stQainor Ivokanoo  in J-bth'directions. ���.,,.,  Steaineri* on ihcir respective routes call, at principal  landflifcs: in bbfti directions, and lit other poii.(,s wlipu  sigiiiilted.     .  ��� _      ,  _        ,,      ,       t,  Ascertain tinted and Full information by adjlrpAsiug  ijiSarCytlocal'agent oil  C. E, BE/\SLEY, City TipKet Agent, )   j,^   fl   c  R. % DREW, Agent. /  W. F.AjS-oiiKSON-, Traveling Passengoi: Agent, Ndlspfi.  M. J. Coy..*.; Dis't I'asspligcr Agent-, Vancouver.  Spokane Falls & loriera,  Nelson & Fort Sheppard,  Red Mountain Bail ways.  Tlie only all rail route without change of cars  between Nelson arid Rossland, ar-d  Spokane ar)d Rosslarjd.  DAILY   TRAINS.      .  Leave Arrive  ���B:40 a. m NELSON o:30 p.m.  11:55 a. m  ROSSLAND 3:10 p. ni.  8:30 a.m.. , SPOKANE fi:.0p.m.  The train that leaves Nelson at (1:20 a. ni.. makes close  connections at fapokane with trains for all Pacific Coiist  points. , ���       ,       _     .  Passengers for Kettle River and Boundary Creek Con  nect at Marcus with sUKedail.;.^^^^ g_ r & ^ ^  H'-Ai.QU,.-.Ti-iiS, March  1st, 1S!)3.  NELSON   COMPANY  KOOTENAY   RIFLES.  The company will parade on Tuesdays and Saturdays  aUff Armory .^fflftifo gffiSi.^  ATLANTIC   Sm>M!SHIP~TlCKETS.     ;  ...To and from European points via Canadian and American linos.   Apply for sailing dates, rates, tickets, and  full information to any Canadian Pacific railway agont or  C. P. It. City Agent. Nelson.  WILLIAM STITT, Qoaeral S. S. Agont, Wlnnlpog.  Meat Mepehants  Wholesale Markets at kelson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.  RETAIL  STORES AT  Nelson,   Trail,  Ymir, Kaslo,  Nevv Denver,  Sandon, Silverton, Cascade  City,  Grand Forks,   Midway, Greenwood and Sirdar.  ORDERS BY MAIL  PROMPTLY FORWARDED  Head Office, Nelson, B.C.  West Kootenay Butcher Go.  ALL KINDS OF FRESH AND.SALTED MEATS-  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  James McPhee  Baker Street, Nelson   E. C- TRAVES, Manager  ORDERS BY MAIL RECEIVE CAREFUL AND PROMPT ATTENTION.  PRACTICAL  ELECTRICIAN  Will contract to supply and install any l^ind of electrical machinery  V  Will -wire buildings for electric lighting, electric bcHs, I Will contract lo install fire alarm systems in towns an  electric burglar alarms, electric annunciators. |       cities.   Full stock ot wire and natures on hand.  WFJITE F0F( PRJCES.    Office and Storeroom:   Josephine Street, f.elson.  LONDON AND BRITISH COLUMBIA GOLDFIELDS, Ltd.  HEAD  OFFICE,   LONDON,   ENGLAND.  All communications relating to British Columbia  business to be addressed  to P.O. Drawer   ''  505, Nelson, British Columbia  0. RODERICK ROBERTSON, General Manager i   Klr-,   r>_-\M     o   r\  S. S FOWLER, E.M., Mining Engineer .      \  INtLoUlN,'   D. O.  Goat River Lumber Company  CEESTOJ-T, , B: O.        ���   "��� -  Situate on  the Crow's  Nest Railway is prepared to  deliver, lurn-^  ber  of any  description in   any quantity  at  any  place  within the,  district  of Kootenay-.    "  Tenders Solicited  GOAT RIVER  LUMBER  COMPANY,  G..-A.   BIGELOW,  Manager  Nelson  Planmg  Mills  FLOORING, LINING, MOULDINGS, DOORS,  AND SASHES IN STOCK.  ~EVERY"DESCRIPTION"0F_J0INERYrD00RS_AND WINDOWS  MADE TO ORDER.  Office and Hills Garner Hall and FrontkStreets, Mfedm  ���i    ���     ���������- -M : ���"��� u���-'_������     n    ���������"���"*' u   ������'���UJu    l    u     u   iu ���"������ ���   _"   (iu           l)"'   -���-���-��� ���"tt   y'      u ���������������    ���n   -"n ��� ������__��� "Bjr--' u -ni- "g-g^  Hum ber   Lu mb@r   lii*mtef  Koptenay Lake Sawmill;, G. O. Buchanan^ F?p6.jS..  First   class   lumber   at   right  prides     Also   a   full   line  of   Saj.fi,  Doors, Turned Work, etc., constantly pn .Hand.  Yard:   Foot Hendryx Street.       JOHN RAE, Agetit.  Si  For Miners, Pit Sihkesr, Quarrymen and Contraetors  ONTARIO POWDER WORKS, Kingston, Ont.  MA.VUFjVOTDHKHS j\jVD dkat.kks in  ing Apparatus, Fuse,  ���W-EITE   POE   JP-RIC.E   LISTS  Kootenay Bailway & Navigation Co.  STR. INTKI-N'ATIONAI-  Daily except Sundiiy.      Paoino sUindnnl time  KASLO TO NKLSON  Sou Hi      Ilond   . "cad      North  bound     down , ���.J"P        I'ound  Leave    fi:30 a.m    lvnslo  ..S:'M p.m. Arrive  Due        ":*'0    it     Ainfiworth 7:10    <> Due  Due       8:ii()    m   ......   I'iloti iJny   0::��    >r        ��ue  Due       8:15    ii  -..-.. Halfour 0:00    ��� Duo  Due':V'::!I:1").: n   .. ..nve-niile Point....5:10    n Duo  Arrive 10..H)    i. ......... Nelson ...-...'..4:110    n      Loavo  Connects with N; & Kt. S. Ry. train for Spokane leav-.  ItiK Five-mile Point at 10:05 a.m.  Steamers loavo Kaslo city wharf at foot ot Third stroot  ROBERT IRVING. Manager.  K^aslo & Slocan Railway  GOING  WKST  Ijcave    8.00 n. m.  Arrivo 10.40    "  DAILY  Kiuslo  Sandon  CODY   BRANCH.  Leave    11.00 a.m.  Arrivo   11.15     ��  Sandon  Gody  GOING EAST  Arrive 3.55 p. m.  Leave-1.15    ��  Arrivo 11.40 n.-ti-  Leavo 11.25    "  G. F; COPELAND, Superintendent.  W1I.T, HUV  OLD  . HAGS  THE TRIBUNE  Vt'II.1. SELL  01.0  ���PAPERS  Olllce:  Vernon street, Nelson, B, C. __ TPJBUNE  NELSON, B. C, MONDAY, MARCH (��, 1890.  TT7"E carry the most complete line  of drug sundries in Kootenay  and the quality of our goods is the  best that money can buy. Our prices  are no higher than our competitors  charge for  NO   NEW   PACTS   ELICITED.  The  Steamboat  inferior goods.  See that your  prescriptions are  filled by us.  We use none but. the .best quality of drugs and chemicals  Special attention given to tlieir compounding  W. F. Teetzel & Co.  : CORNER BAKER AND .JOSEPHINE STREETS, NELSON  Just  arrived,  a  stock  of  the  celebrated  Box Calf,  Heavy Goodyear Welt,  Chrome Tanned,  Leather Lined  Shoes  Our price. $4.50  Regular price, $5.00  Captain of the Foundered  Gives His Testimony.  Captain Allan Lean, who was master of  the steamer Ainswortb. wheu the steamer  sank and nine men lost their lives, told  bis version of the disaster this afternoon  at the enquiry held by captain Gaudin of  the marine and fisheries department.  There was nothing new in the recital.  Captain Lean said that he had but three  minutes to do anything after he knew the  vessel was iu danger. The vessel was  making water rapidly, although both  syphons were working. He called the  members of the crew who were oil' watch,  and showed the passengers where the life  preservers were kept. He did uot  see the small life-boat launched, but  assisted iu the launching of the metallic  boat. He was in the boat when she was  launched, but the rush of the men into  the boat capsized it, and he was thrown  into the water. The life-boat was bailed  out and a trip made to the shore. It was  an hour before the return trip to the  steamer was made, but there was no  danger for the men on board, as the  steamer was floating on her side. Captain  Lane said that every effort was made the  following day to save whatever there was  on the steamer which could be got off.  Gas Company Wants a Charter.  At the special meeting of the city council this afternoon the application of  Harry V. Inskip for a franchise for a gas  company was considered. The applicant  stated that his chief desire was to ascertain upon what terms such a charter  could be secured. The members of the  council decided to offer Mr. Inskip the  same terms as were offered H. J. Evans a  year ago. He was further given one  month, within which to write to his principals in London, and ascertain whether  they were willing to accept the franchise  upon the terms offered. If they accept  they, .will then be required to deposit with  the Bank of British Columbia, either in  London or in this city, [aUlOO to be placed  to the credit of the city, and if at the end  of two months: the company does not  complete its agreement with the city and  go ahead with the work, the city will have  the right to reimburse itself out of the  trust funds for any expenditure incurred  on account of the charter.  TREATMENT    OP    LEAD   ORES.  The Trail Smelter Deducts Duty to the United  States on Lead  Contents of Ore.  The following is a communication written by Heatly & Co. at the Londou office  of the'Bosun mine, and published in the  British Columbia Mining Review, regarding the treatment of lead ores by the  Trail smelter, arid explains itself;  '���We have noticed references in your  issues at different times as to the desirability of the lead ores produced iu the  Kootenay being smelted in British Coir  umbia, with a view to saving the duty of  $'35 per ton on the lead contents of the ore  to be smelted in the United States.  Anything that is good for the country  we should be glad to see : aud we, too,  had thought that tlie idea was that ben-  fits were to arise from the creation of a  local smelting industry and from the advantage which the mining industry  would obtain by the saving of the above  heavy American duty. However, we  find, somewhat to our surprise, that  this later is not contemplated; at least  we have just received a letter from our  manager at the Bosun mine enclosing the  terms on which the Trail smelter will  treat our ores. They are as follows:  $20.n0 per ton for freight and treatment,  and li cents per lb. on 100 per cent of the  lead contents, or an amount of deduction  equivalent to the United States duty on  lead contained in ore."  The  ��� Business Mention.  Tribune   will   print  ,18; and 20, Baker Street,  V^ V XPostdfl-iee^Store) jNelson,   .  ::#��ft-4 Branch^ StpvR'ktMlWin^  James A. Gilker  By^BU^TNpiY.eiuR watch from   -   - , '  eliffipst stock in  ," ���_���,ft:lfn aa<%���� o ^P'-^^^afl"   ' i . . -.���.���.-'_  ^^^^S^:^JJ:^_fta"iSP^rfand 'Nic-kelr-'Case's  Sfty>S^|^^^|f fr9m;7-toJ 21 Jewels  A  ..guaranteed:   Be paining a specialty  iSSIKyeri;; The: Jeweler  Aiir, Wrsns 'bv  CANVASS GOODS       TENTS AND AWNINGS  .     HORSE AND WAGON COVERS  !Ebc��cl   m^zdsoz&t  _p_Etoap;RiEa?o:R  VBaker ,s'i,r(>eU PPIipsilp the jips.olllce,  NKLSON, I..C.  *W___-GOr.lE!Si^.31.IB  -A._N-._->   EElTAIL  Write for"..UQUvtloius on car lots. __**T_EJ-_-_SO:N'-   _B_ C.  An Interesting Case Prom Kaslo.  There are but three cases on the new  list for the session of the county court  which opens tomorrow, but as there are  still ten cases on the adjourned list, the  lawyers should be able to get in a fair  day's work. Of the newcases, that of.  Carsell vs.* Cockle is=the most; interesting;.  It comes from Kaslo, and at the outset involved" the sum of two dollars. The  plaintiff in the action.is- a cook, and was  employed at the defendant's ho.tel in  Kaslo. The." cook and her. employers did  not agree,.and the cook-quit work. She  remained at the hotel a-short'time after  she ceased to be employed as cook and a  charge" of tAvb-dollars was levied.against  her trunks. The trunks were replevied  .by the sheriff,and the matter of the two  dollars will be decided tomorrow by judge1  Forin,. two lawyers and-a*special jury".  .The parties- in" the case are spending $100  to find out who shall pay $2.  ���-   .'    The Athabasca'Clean-Up. . "  -The Bank, of-Montreal this morning= exported to the United States assay office at  Helena two gold bricks, valued- at $0900.  The bricks represented the gold recovered  from '122 tous of Athabasca ore in the  company's stamp mill during February.  It is estimated that the concentrates from  this ore-;carry- a. value of $1450, which  would give the-value of the Athabasca  ore milled during February at $20 per ton.  On.February Sth the Bank of Montreal  exported ail AthkbaStia gold.brick valued  kt���,$1500,"which represented: part of the  value of tlie ore milled during the month  _3____Zanjjary_'===-.���   2000 cards,  same as an itiuerant traveler oilers to furnish, for ��!),  ivliicli ��� will .��� permit the .party ordering same to use  tho whole of the card for his own advertisements.  Pianos tuned and violin bows re-haired.  Leave orders at Art & Music Company, Baker stroot,  Nelson.  Herr F. Steiner receives pupils in vocal  culture, piano and cello.. Address Art & Music Company, Baker street, Nelson,  SITUATION   WANTED. '" ~  WANTED��� By Canadian lady, situation as useful  companion, housekeeper,-or governess to small  children; musical; experienced. 'Highest references. Address C, care postmaster, Nakusp, li. C.  NELSON, B. G.  KASLO, B. C.  SANDON, B. C.  DEALERS IN  helf and Heavy Hardware  SOLE AGENTS FOR  Giant Powder  TRUAX  ORE  CARS  Canton Drill Steel  CARRY IN STOCK  Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal  Pipes, and Fittings  Giant, Caps and Fuse  Tools, Cutlery, Tin  and Woodenware  ,   Stoves, Ranges,  Iron,  Steel,   Sheet  Iron, T-Rails  Paints, Oils, Glass  ,<��?  f^r  Contractors  and Others  NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:  Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.  LAWRENCE HARDWARE CO.  Will   be found  in- their  new  premises  on  with  a complete stock  of  il  Baker  Street  Shelf and  Heavy  Heavy  and Shelf  ALL KINDS OF MINING SUPPLIES  Who. vise   picks, /shovels, .etc.)  should, hot -fail-to. look at" our line  of' goods, which, for qualities, aiid  "material, cannot be beat. "   . "  Vancouver Hardware Co., [M  Importers- of Shelf iind Heavy Hardware.  MARA. &. BARNARD -.LOCK, BAKER ST.' NKLSON  Vienna Restaurant  Baker Street, between Josephine and  -   Hall streets, Nelson.  You, will find, it" io yonr-advantage" to"'consult us  ..-before, placing your-orders   ' -'        "  "'  Titismitliing' arid Plun]bitjg a.Specialty  " "Estimates Cheerfully Furnisfjed  5  ETC.  daife A. Waterman & Co,  CUSTOMS BROKERS  AUCTIONEERS  fiEAL ESTATE and fflTEHAL AGENTS  Baker Street, Nelson  o  o  as.  <c  o  I-  z  E  FIRST DOOR WEST BANK B. C. BUILDING.  R. REISTERER & CO,  BREWERS AND BOTTLERS OF  Fine Lager Beer5  Ale and Porter  o  _c  H  a*  ,2  o  *��  c.  e.  z  tn  Prompt and regular  delivery to'tho trade.  Brewery at Nelson.  CANADA   LIFE ASSURANCE  CO.  FOE   SALE  l-Room House, Mines Road S ISO  1 Room,House aiid 2 Lots, "Victoria St I'M  ���FOE,   ���BEl_-fT'-l-l  Three and Four Room Houses  C. J. D.  CHRISTIE  GENERAL BROKER  Oflicc in Aberdeen block, Baker St., Nelson  FIRE INSURANCE, REAL ESTATE  Residence Lots for Sale!  Business corner on Vernon street . . ��4000  House and two lots oh Mill street (snap) 1100  House and two lots on Vernon street  House and lot on Victoria street . . ,  House and lot on Victoria street . . .  House and lot on Victoria street . ;. .  House, and two lots on Carbonate St.  Dairy Hunch, on Kootenay Lake near  Nelson,.oilers received..  ALEX   STEWART,  Oflleo:  1600  2100  1650  1900  1800  Aliens to be Naturalized.  At the session of the county court tomorrow morning the naturalization papers  oi half a dozen aliens will be read. The  first on the list is Otto 51. Roseridajle of  this city. The others are: Isaac, Erick-  sbt_v5felson ; Charles F. Olson, Ore-, ton;  Igadore Cagt.e5 Nakusp; .t'viigust O. Astery,  Tllree Forks ; aud Dan Angus McGrillivray  of 'Rossland.,      ^__  Transfers of Mlne_*a,l Claims.  The fcratisfer of thp fpllovviug mineral  clainig were recorded toduyat the Nelson  office'; tVelljUgtou, on Wild Horse creek  ���Walter Blanchfield to Ronald C. Ferguson; Sirdar, on Sheep creek, six miles  from Salmo���P. T. llouth and Edward  Lebruil to Fred Migtrins of ltossland, one-  third interest, consideration $50.  ��� High Grade Shipment from Ainswortii.  . Frank Heap made a fancy shipment  last week from the Pontiac claim, near  Ainstvprth. The shipment consisted of  816 sacks of ore aggregating 22 tons. The  ore was entered in the customs as carrying 70 ounces silver and 65 per cent lead,  the value of the shipment being $2253.  Will Cost $150,000.  The city engineer of Rossland estimates  that it will cost $100,000 to bring water to  that town and $50,000 more to build a  reservoir to store it. What about the  cost of the distributing mains from the  reservoir?       LOCAL   NEWS   AND   GOSSIP.  MEALS AT ALL IIOU1.S, BAY OR N.ttHT  ?��� " BAKERY IN' CONNEC'd'-ON .  FAMILY ANnD ;P_VSTftY COOKING A SPECIALTY  ONLY WHIT.-) HELP _--.Il5LOYj_i)  As the. snow is .fast "leaving and spring is at hand,'-a-little-'adyice..on"  the question" of buying your outfits may be.of. advantage. It "will! pay  you to see the .quality"-of .Lour goods and get our.'.quotations- before  purchasing elsewhere. We wish to inform" families coming to Nelson  that our chief aim is to keep up our well established family trade,  which is now'the largest in the city.. When a family once deals-with'-  us they remain   our  customers   ancl   advise   their   friends to   deal with  OPEN DAY AND NIGHT  The 'O'flly restaurant  jii   the, city  employing only white cooks.  Merchants' lunch  from   12   to  2,  from 5  hours.  o'clock,  25 cents.     Dinner  to S.    Short orders   at  all  BAKER STREET WEST, NELSON,  B. JC.  THAT YOU ARE USING TEA THAT DOESN'T SUIT YOU?  Mining   Broker.  'Tumor & J.oeckli block, Diikor mill  Ward utreoU. NcIkoii.  John D, Ingram, chief of the Rossland  police force, arrived in Nelson Saturday  evening with J.J. Heunecker, of Rossland,  who has been committed for trial on a revolting charge.  A meeting of the council of the South  Kootenay board of trade-will be held this  evening for the purpose of getting the  business in shape for the next meeting of  the board,  Does the Eastern Tailor  SPEJJD his Money i/. jNelso-n?  No; tlicn buy your clollics from n Nelson tailor  ���\\-hb does. Wo bept lo .-111110111100 that, wo havo  cut our prices so close tlii.. season lluit. you will  find no diflcrotico between (hem and any reputable house in iho east:. Then, all being equal,  surely you will favor homo industry. Our cloth-  iiiir is made in Nejson. All wo ask is a trial.  '   _.AK_.l- STIIKI-T WEST., NE1_S0N, 11. C.  WE I.AVJ. NO j\Cl!N'TS  H. M. VINCENT  MERCHANT TAILOR  LOTS OF MEN...  never have a moment to spare. Others never  think of ordoriiif. clothes until thoy actually  need them. Don't put it oil*. Take a look  at my new samples. If you can't call yourself send a mosscngor boy to rooms 5 and (i,  in the Clement block, or drop a line to P. O.  box .391, and receive samples, and have your  measure taken at your house or oflicc. Got  your black suit made now. Our samples for.  this suit are '. Knglish bell, warps. Fit and  'workmanship guaranteed;  Steveqs, Tl]e Tailor  j.  deed wo feci Sony for you when wo .know perfectly well wo cuil suit you in any  line of 'J,\..-. it inat'tol's not ^'luit kind, Green, lil.'ick, Youiig Ilysoiiy Gunpowder, etc., etc.  -We liuvo the largest and best ���u'.soi'ted stock of tests i_i Nelson.  The very best indications tlunt our teas are 'giving: satisfaction is the fact that our  sales are increasing daily.  Kindly boar in mind when we sell you a pound of tea we sell it to give satisfaction  and if it doesn't suit you ^clon't keep it, for we are satisfied we can please you. We have  pleased the most fastidious.  Our stock of groceries is the largest in the city���always buying iii car lots.  ABERDEEN BLOCK  NELSON, B. C;  John A. Irving ft Co.  HAVE jfUST 'K1.CKIVKD A COXSIGN.MI.NT O.F  YANKEE HILL'S PURE MAPLE SYRUP  IN GALLON AND ONE-HALF GALLON TINS AND HOITLKS  Family orders a specialty and free daily delivery (  Mail and telephone orders promptly attended to  Baker Street West, opposite Oddfellows' Block  TRY IT AND BE CONVINCED  THE FINK'S'-' ON THE MARKET  JUST THE THING FOR HOT CAKES  Have just received a consignment of Plarris homo  made tweeds from Talbot Hurr.'s, Scotland.  SPECIAL ATTENTION.. PBED j. squiBEi m.sL.mi  The supply is limited, 60 call early and examine this stock.


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