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Has Mines that are Paying Dividends and Hundreds of Properties that can be Made
Dividend Paying Mines.
Has   a   Mineral   Output   of Upwards   of  On.
Million    Dollars   Every    Month
In  The Year .
From Ottawa.
Ottawa, Feb.  15.—The Free Press, the
Liberal organ, foreshadows the failure of
negotiations at Washington, and suggests
to   the   Canadian    ministers    that  they
should, come home.
Assistant city   engineer  Perrault  was
dismissed today for alleged irregularities.
Sir Henri Joly, minister of inland revenue,   is  sending   samples  of    Canadian
grown tobacco to Europe to see if it can
be utilized there.
The Nelson & Bedlington Railway Company is asking the railway committee for
permission to run over the Crow's Nest
Pass railway.•■"If the permission is given
it will save the construction of ten miles
of road. _________
From Winnipeg:.
Winnipeg, Feb. 15.—T. A. Bell, managing editor and director of the Winnipeg
Telegram, announced his retirement iu
the issue of last evening. The electric
power necessary to run the Telegram
presses and type-setting machinery was
cutoff today.     •
Judge Killam will be promoted to the
chief justiceship of Manitoba, vice sir
Thomas Taylor, resigned. '
The Dominion Bank has bought the
corner opposite the postoffice and will
erect,a $50,000 block in the summer.
There was a fire in the business portion
of Hat Portage last night. The loss is
Premier Greenway announced the Liberal policy in Manitoba in an address before the Liberal Club tonight. ■<>
At Calgary today judge Rouleau gave
judgment allowing the disputed ballots
in the Banff election case, thus electing
Brett over Sifton by 4 votes.
rie^ must be established—one from Point
an Basque to Cape Breton, aud  the other
across the strait of Canso.   One's first, impulse in contemplating this proposal is to
ask- 'Why has such a simple thing never
yet been accomplished ?'   Aird the answer
is sufficiently obvious.  It is 'Because Cair-
adaand Newfoundland are not partsofthe
United States, but the possessions of an
alien power.'   If destiny  was not sometimes so deliberate in its movements—if
every   part  of  this   country   had   been
united all these years under the stars and
stripes—the Newfoundland route placing
America within three  days  of   Europe
would now bf* a common place.'   To which
the Toronto Mail and Empire rightly and
emphatically  answers   that there is  no
reason for such a belief.-     When tho time
is ripe for the adoption of such a scheme,
Canadian enterprise will  be easily sufficient for the purpose, aud the British fhrg
will, on the Atlantic,  as it does  on  the
Pacific, continue to fly over the best and
fastest ships.
.   "'. From Toronto.\
Toronto,    Feb.   15.—The  rumors, that
Hon. J. M.  Gibson would resign from the
Ontario cabinet was denied in the local
house thisPafterhoon.■"'.
Sii\Frank Smith is very ill ovvihg to the
•w    ^ deathlof his daughter, Mrs.vHarrisoh^lasc
°'i?"Pf»•'■*»>°*^^'^°%?^K°i'',0°l«w"ant»a-BubsicijG"-'^""".:"" •' ••""°P"'
£■ t... s1 {. J-$-Vancouver,;: Feb«lo;T~A:s„deputation of
S- „;?.".*'.'■" merchan ts,Vent fdd wnltoj Victoria" yes ter-sj
ft*i „."Aday"to interview;* tire ^government, on»the
X$?W. "^iestipu;^f;-grantingiat^ubsidy_5t6>tbft;
*ra°S:" "tion bfi'wholesaler.'coyerinVKtne* business*
"!. soniwasyfeno wnXbu |si^e;fitelegriEi;in;s^cori/
gratulatiug J. Fred Hume began coming
from all parts of the proviuce, which goes
f to showSthat'moireJthan lqeai|mterest»,was;
poll told the people of the provruce that
Charles A. Semlin and his colleagues-had
the conbdence ot a large majorrty of the
ei-ctbrKpf"^ - The"speb|3l,e of
WestKooteqay'haye been"true to themselves. I°niwQ^ptieyeYectM^M., Kellie
a_/&gairistva iauppprfter. of ithVRobsAnjgjJV^
ernment.   Jn 1891, they, fleeted X "Fred
Hume^s:against a «;upppr„ter of the Davie
gQVerxiioept. In 1890, they elected a solid
delegation as against the candidates who
i'a^bred\ttej„reteritipn pf the Turner gov^
erhmentsrn.ppxver. That solid delegation
is the back bone of tlie Senrlin government, foi; iiv'ithout it My. Semlin would be
sitting on .theoppjositiou benches tudajr.
L'ist night the men who helped bring
.about theiestjlt of yesteVdky jollified in a
wrty that^wa>5. not bjf^nsiv. to the men
wll(nii ,t;hey_ha.U .defeatecl.
Mr. Hume" \vili leave for Victoria to-
^niprrow inprniirgi
CongratTija.qry telegrams were receive
ed from the(followingnamed:
C. W. McCann, A. Carney, and M. V.
Adams*, Kaslo.
The Prospector^ Fort Steele..
Cornell & Abel, 111-MUe Horise, Cariboo.
Ian Coltarr, Victoria.
A. Hi McNeill, Rossland.
A. C. Sinclair, Rossland.
McLennan & Murphy, Sirdar.
„E> V. Bod well, Rossland.
*';_>; R. Athertbrr. Sandon.
F:. Carter-Cotlbh, Victoria.
Thomas Batehian, Victoria.
Joseph Martin, Victoria.
Gething & Henderson and El Chesley,
Slocan City. '       •
S. P. Tuck, Kaslo. ,_..-   ;
W. C. Nichol, Vancouver.
J. C. Morrison, Ymir.
William C. Martin and B. R. Macdonald, Rosslknd*
0. A. Senitin, Victoria.      ■/. \
T. W. Gray, Proctor's Landfin^
Canada* Shortest Tranaatlantic Route.
The plan ^jy which the sea trip to Ireland wouldJ^Be reduced to a run of 1500
miles, by making Green Bay, Newfound-
laud, the terminal point, has attracted
the attention of the New York Journal,
which says : "Ic needs very little labor to
complete a route by which the man from
Montreal or the man from Chicago or the
man from New York may be whisked to
Green Bay on a Pullman car without
changing. Fifty miles of railway must
be constructed to connect Green Bay with
the Reid railway system, and two car fer-
Impresslon  of  One   Who   Met   the   Insurgent
Chief Two Years Ago.
"I saw Aguinaldo in Hong Kong in the
early part of 1997," saidaE.  B.  Cunningham  of   Liverpool,   who is one of this
year's carnival visitors at New Orleans.
I was representing an English firm at the
time and was arranging a deal for some
Manila hemp with Emile Chargan, a resident factor.  -Oiie day I called atCargan's
office and'fouud him in conversation with
a swarthy young Filipino who was introduced to me as Aguinaldo.   I had heard a
good deal of the insurgent chief, so I looked at him with decided curiosity.     What
impressed me most strongly about him
was his extremely youthful appearance.
He did hot look over 22 a. the outside and
his air of juvenility was borne out by his
stooping shoulders and narrow chest.   He
seemed like a. fragile, unformed boy.   His
features were distinctly Mongolian.    His
cheek bones high,  his eyes oblique,  his
nose short and blunt and his lips rather
thick.   He had no sign of beaid on his
face, but his hair was coarse, black and
very thick. 'His skin, I remember,  was
..;badnlyg.;pittedn,~;possibly; frbm^^smallpox,^
;Etbc|kr^articii 1 arfnPte^'of /his^hantisi and?
eyen °"f brs/a""- Ei li pi no". °3;He/wbrei3: women's-
Hbu^Kpn g", ■ a nd- had|*a? 1 ar ge^:*1pl "i/^f i^g,"- oh'
^his^}lef t ^harid^ A^'uina
.werls curipusly/„he"r;Ypus^
Thejf ace^ofjaVgr.a t - m
•\yere»siigh fcl y""-twis fed. «tb".;Pbn fe"| sid e^-ahd^'
nfarkedw th"e^:peculiaWtWau^Ag°uinald°ar
Af^er^e'^eft^^d^Halrg^rr :tha:."ti1ei:^
which,"" is>»sp^
:picntureaT-eniains^uite*yi:yBid°.»'»-'}'$■{'"(;''■'*f °. K° ji
'.■■*'.".'' ,."""»\"^gh^;^ltK^oiy^es^n"S;^^^^^^^ y  *,
i   J »" :'E?-.°i'y^g"t0,^^!PP19'ninsfcT.Fcbua^ °°°0  ■•'"""'
fi^in:the^brthBlast" ni'g|i*t;|Jfou^^ere ^ajv-
sbnit^s    ^hd.p.haye"! ju".t"° r^bsled    tfife
trail.. i0nb:Napbleph.Vdeu^
Dawspri  ;Pn; Jabuary- 7th7/" and " he, like
found travel easy, despite «the reports" to
the contrary of the, trails being inipass-
able on account of deep snpw. The cold=-
est weather experienced vv-as at Big Sal-
moiii where 51 degr&ggbf frost,was found.
Napoleon Vieu; worked Pri -Dominion near
discovery but .s^aidhe was not in a position
to give a statement aS to the gold output.
John J. Abbott pf Lynn, Massachusetts,
anil a French-Canadian gbiug back to
Montreal were two other arrivals, The
former left Dawson on- January; Sth and
says he" biilpngedto the, vsLjght" Brigade"
pai'ty, the ssix Pther members of ivhich
lireceded him on the City pf Seattle on
Thursday. The party came out light and
passed a large number Pn the trail.
Near tho rapids they overtook Joe
Fedloff", John J. Abbott, R. W.
Smith, Dr. Max and a few
others, who told of a terrible battle they
had with a drove of the bloodthirsty ani-
nials. The men were fpllowing the trail
tp the upper lakes, when they saw approaching them from the rear half a
dozen beasts that they thought at first
were Alaskan dogs. - Dr. Max was a short
distance behind the others of the party,
and was made at by the leader of the
wolves, an animal that he excitedly explained later weighed at least 250 pounds.
Then ensued a running fight with the
wolves, and it was several minutes before
the men beat off their assailants with
clubs.   They killed one of the animals.
Returns of the Election.
The following are the returns of the
election held yesterday. All places except
Erie and Salmo were heard from last
night. Erie was heard from at 3 o'clock
this afternoon and Salmo about an hour
., , ' Hum.   Harwell
Nelson 370 235
Toad Mountain  id
Holl Siding...    4
Ymir.  to
Salmo.    3
A Very Popular Mode of Entertaining at Small
There never has been a season in phi-
cago, says the Chicago Tribune, when the
chafing dish and all the fun pertaining to
the service thereof has been as popular as
this winter. It is .really becoming a
"fad" and a happy one it is.
There is no man, woman or child  with,
out faith that he or she knows something
of the gracious art of cooking.   If they
only have a chance to sprinkle the red
pepper  into   the  delicious   viands  it   is
enough.to say ..that they have had a finger
in the pie.   A number of women this wiu-
ter have been   reading  that immensely
clever  book called the "Women of" the
French Salon," in which so much space is I
given to the delights of the "Bel Esprit."
The serving of something dainty from
the chafing dish is bound  to call out not
oulya fund of good humo rbut numerous
quotations and general good fellowship
that most all dinner parties lack.  Ic seems
to be more of a fad for the north side
set, although rnauy delightful affairs may
be mentioned during Sunday evenings in
other parts of the city, and possibly especial mention should  be given to Mrs..
George Pullman and Mrs.  H. L.  Stone,
whose charming after musicals, together
with the well-fed inner man, are most delightful memories of years to come.   The
word ■"chafing dish, suggests; the actual
doing away with all formalities;  sometimes they are extremely elaborate  affairs, costing the hostess a great deal  of
money, but just as enjoyable an evening
may be had at. a small.expense, and  iis
often   happens   the   coterie surrounding
these last affairs are likely-to be exceedingly clever. .'-.._.-'.
There is an interesting little apartment
on the north side, where almost any Sunday evening milady presides over a stoam-.
ing chafing dish, while in a corner nearby stands a dainty tabourette:-on which
repose a large cut glass bottle with the refreshments for such men as ; believe that
life and hope lastlongest in the devotion
to the siphon bottle and old Scotch;    '
:   No woman .with an ugly- pair of hands
or. an jungracef ul arm should ■■consider' the;
• cha.f ing .dish; fpri;a| second,, but: °f or! thq|ej,
!;„whb °"; a"re^°d°_ypte"es^
s'erable jeT\Ve„l^the*^h
"rien Ely." a "pl£ce*f 6rUheirHpr"esiding.:f/^*{£ 1
;k n bw n "hbrh e.(* The."'.ca rd%:eads »'i nfbb mafe-
a la^Bphemiai: .".The.tablejvas ajhandsome^
sb'bwl/flarike"d'; on*feiihlerfsidb"°bv".{tw6 cPlcl:;
fbf l the'tXBl ehwefe^t\^
|in"the%othe|^lobsut^r ajmax^wburg."™■*%■& .\>'
"""rsTwb.-.large^lPay^^Pfl",!"^ "^vi'th;
;sprae. srn^a|l"/a£ches.spries?vin;:j;h^"way^
Ipielflesretci-," mfdithV-tri-uu !wa_ j"cbmpl_t"e|.;
4,t"vvas"H"fea^ffbT"Ji?he*«^ "' "". "■" '
3Iiss»°Helen"LSrriith,^daufehter.of Drs,-Julia
-Holmes Smith,..ls^a-^particulaiuy;,gi;aqetu 1^
lit.ie »hbstess", i"and^h8erSchafing" „ d ish'fniusi?»|
eales»areTextremely*dainty„ a_r.air0s.% ttpue-
has^tfy-'inchnationtb" talk^ has","auy co%i"
versatipnal^ability .wBatever,  these" hP
"^Mrs,; Chancellor ^opdjpf JjieYPla^a is" a
y^ell k?nPwi\ pbtertaluer. with her ehAhpg.
dish, as well asiier brilliantconversatipnal;
In New York the plau^and H hstppy pne
hostesses %lio form little chafing dish
cPteries, taking their turns in being at
home Pn Sundaiy evenings which always
brings the same clever crowd together.
One chiirmiug woman, herself so popular
that nb dinner oi" luncheon ampng her
The Diamond Fields of South   Africa Made an
Irishman Rich.
The first diamond discovered in South
Africa was purchased in 1807 by a trader
named John O'Reilly.   While returning
from the interior with his cattle he stayed
for a few days, in order to recuperate, at
a large farm on the banks of the Orange
river, owned by aBber named Schalk van
Nickerk.     A    peculiar   stone  had   been
picked   up some time   previously  by  a
Bushmau.boy.   O'Reilly bought it for a
trifle out of curiosity, not knowing himself what it was, and look it  with'him to
a town called Colesburg and handed it to
the resident civil commissioner,  who in
turn forwarded it to Dr. Atherstone in
Graham's Town, Cape Colony.   This gentleman   after  careful examination,  pro;
nounced it a veritable diamond,21i carats
in weight, and worth £5000.   It was subsequently purchased for this price by the
governor "of the colony, Sir P. Wodehouse.
When the find became known a search
for diamonds was instituted throughout
the Hope Town district, but it was not
until    1S09     that    the     existence     of
diamonds in paying quantities was proved
beyond a doubt.   Then a great rush of
diggers from all parts of the globe; was
made to the Orange river and its vicinity.
'. In the latter part of 1870 a lot of miners"
who had  gained  valuable experience in
California  and  Australia   discovered   a
mine about 100 miles" due north of Hope
Town, nearly 1000 miles from Cape Town,
which they uamed after the then British
colonial secretary, the Earl of Kimberley.
The yield of diamonds from 'this big excavation since the opening of the mine in
1S71 probably exceeds eight tons  weight
of precious stones, in value about £45,000,-
000.   The finest diamond  ever found in
South   Africa   was   th«   famous  Porter
Rhodes^   discovered   near the -centre of
Kimberleymiue, on February 12th,c 18S0.
It is a pure white octahodrou,  vveighing
150 caratsandyalued at £50,000.   A splendid; yellow  betahodron   was  found ; on
March, 27th,'188., at the east end of the
mine.:; It/weighed 302carats;:;.Thelargest
derg"o    imprisbnurent    with    hard     labor     for     a       term       not     exceeding
ten years.  The receiver or illicit diamond
buyer upon conviction received  a  maximum sentence of 15  years' imprisonment
at hard labor, the first one-fifth of the
term   to   be  spent in   isolation   and   in
chains, and he was also liable to a fine not
exceeding 3000 dollars as well as confiscation   of  all real and   personal  property
which he held at the time of his arrest
within   the diamond  mining area.   The
prisoner was herded with about 50 others,
consisting of Kaffirs and Bushmen, in a
large dormity cell about 100 feet long by
15 feet wide, was obliged to work 12 hours
a day in the hot sun in a stone quarry,
and had chains weighing from seven to 18
pounds   rivited   on his   legs.     This   law
checked to a certain extent illicit diamond
buying, but it must be remembered that
the inducement to commit the crime was
enormous, many fortunes have been made
in this traffic, and the buyers have slipped
from the colony in the nick of time on the
eve of being trapped.
'diajm,ond»eyet" fpund°in jthis mine "was, dis-;
'co>; e r ed; n ea r° it h e"° w es t^en d;of^ thb" 'Wi h e'" op*;
;SepteW0er:29ih,aSS5SMtlVas"a; large v'ir^;
regirlaf-octahodior)?, sltghtly^ spotted,^pt>
ibearl y^™th"reeipunc
^February ^previous^^
& 352 "^car fits r".w&sT^f o*ii ud"°k n ear t»the«; east.
?g$jdi^f£^e~y; mine^-'^Th.e^f or ni er?;tof*
■dia mond-"lhe" world 'h ao-ev.e&prod uced:- ex-i
"^_„i°:^-_.S,*».._j_„_*i--..._;".-?\"._ Ji »_ -\lif:^.'*j!"3-;>.-"- 'Vnn-
Proctor's Landing..
Hume's Majority :	
.Spoiled ballot*—Humo 16, Farwell 6, blanks 2.
friends is complete without-, and who is in
moderate circumstances, does all her entertaining during the winter season with
her chafing dish. The expense is extremely
moderate and as she expressed it naively
herself, "They all seem to have such a
good time." _
The University Extension System.
It. E. Gos.uell, secretary University
Association," arrived in the city last everr-
iug for the purpose of organizing a local
reading centre and generally introducing'
the system tP the attention of the people
of Nelson. So far, Vancouver* Kamloops,
Vernon and Revelstoke have been visited,
and.in each place the movement has been
received most favorably, more especially
iu Revelstoke. The system, ifc may be explained, is an adaptation of university
extension in Great Britain which has
been so successful, the difference being
that the instruction is furnished in the
form of a pouibo syllabus, issued
monthly to members, twelve numbers constituting a year's course.
The courses so far arranged are universal
history, universal literature, religion and
theology, political economy, astronomy
and geology, with others to follow. The
subjects are so treated by the professors,
who are recognized authorities, as to provide the student with a libera! and comprehensive knowledge without burdening
him with useless and unimportant details;.
and in addition a large number of the
best and standard authorities are quoted
to supplement the text of the lessons,
thus practically providing a. library of
reference. Each course is complete in
The Metal Market.
New York, Feb. 15.—Bar silver was
quoted yesterday at 59§c. The San Francisco quotation was the same. Lead was
quoted at $4.50. The firm that fixes the
selling price for miners and smelters
quotes lead at $4.20 at the close.
siv.e^progress:*onS:"its banks..VThese.'mines;
Tare;geueraliy= ternied^
jpied^cjtf an, *pay#his "jnpM
.Osj^to" fife* .government
fsioneKand gp»tP work>p;.TheZorrly*mining
rmplement. necessary tor his undertakrng
r are"a»pick"andfeshoyteJ;,;a.-m
**all y*pb tain edl By. s^vfin g^'ah^ale^.barr^i:in'
hlilf; -h'iid-a"sprpv'i.sjpnal."...&'ftliey"°So\l_,dr,& on,,
as-weilaS" a rSrge; pailj"|h
th.g water for warning t|resan"dj-f;r5m "th^
gri£voel fri" tjhe tli.b.tf; "As*a.»rule" pVe*of .these
prospectors, a"cijprdii/g to/hisViueansi 'hires
■two"-or three Kaffiir.laborers at about £1 a
AY,eek and .keep* the ration, being regur
more laborious wprk in the gun, the prps-
peptpr limiting himself to th.e actual washing and sorting. The digging is purely surface, as at a depth of about two feet a
solid rock is met. Men have expended
their Ikst copper, endured all kinds of
hardships, and never found anything.
Oh the other' hand, men, aftei' a few
weeks' work, found stones to the value, of
£'1000. A marl went to the river to try
his luck. He employed several natives
and topk pnt a li<;erise jbr thr0e; clainrs.
He worked uriceasingly lor about two
months, without ever finding a single
Stone, Then he abandoned his claims
and retttred broke to Kimberley, A week
or two after his departure a Scotchman
named Cameron staked oil! one claim in
the centre of where the former three had
been, hired one Kaffir, and started to
work. On the fourth day, when he was
washing up, ho found p pure white
octahodrou of 47-t carats, which he sold
to a visiting broker on the spot for £0000.
AU commodities of life are very expensive, owing to the great difficulty
of transportation. For a can of condensed milk, is; for a loaf of bread, 2s (3d.;
for a pound of sugar, Is; and for a glass of
whiskey, 3s. The only food which is cheap
is goat's meat, which must be consumed a
few hours after slaughter, owing to the
hot African sun and the utter absence of
ice., This meat can be purchased as live
stock from the constantly traveling Kaffir-
herds for about lid a pound. The climate
is fairly healthy for Europeans, and especially beneficial for pulmonary weaknesses. Female society is out of the question, as far as white women are concerned. From the discovery of diamonds
in South Africa until the present day one
great obstacle the diggers have had always to contend with has been the enormous loss annually of rough diamonds
stolen by the native Kaffir laborers while
at work in the claims or on the depositing
floors. These_ thefts reached such enormous proportions and the diamonds found
such ready market among, the unscrupulous element of the white population,
that it became necessary to enact special
laws to cope with the evil. Upon conviction the maximum sentence for a Kaffir
thief was fifty lashes upon the bare back
with  the   cat-of-niue-tails   and   to   un-
- The Cost of Living:.
The cost of feeding the prisoners in the
Toronto jail is returned as five and a half
cents a day. The low cost of living in the
jails of the country is a reminder that
the question.of life after all a mere bagatelle. Human beings can subsist on a
trifle and maintain a fine standard of
health. The London (Ontario) Free Press,
commenting on this point, declares that a
doctor in Philadelphia some years ago experimented upon his family of young
daughters, with the result that they continued in good health upon seven cents a
day, being one and a half cents' worth of
luxuries more than are given to Toronto
jail birds.
Max O'Rell in a late essay breaks out in
a mild fury.over a sample of hotel feeding
of which he was a  witness.   The diner
stopped during his meal to  partake of
rum  sherbet.    "Why do you do-that?"
asked Max.   "To help me to go on,"  was
the reply:   To go on'feeding.to &; beastly
excesses !!  Not only should all false, unholy stimulants to gluttony be  banished
= frbni;the^table,vbut the viands-be restrict-
■■edsto^he Spartan simplicity which made
|G^ec|;grM&ti \The waste from rich men's
[itaglesTwouldfeed the poor of every eonr-
'^'^n^ffey.'O.'^bt'-pnly so, but people in mod-
^^te^irchnistffhees might live on the best
latibnelhalf idjstVif they could bring them-
■JselyeS;.o^it,]But in many cases pride steps
;;in*-'ipi;preyeht  tlie  exercise  of a   wise
.ec(m^u^:4^•,, --.:..., _' .:- -.- . "
^tFK^Cin.inhati-.- recehtly./tan'^observer
nbticed!f a5'gr.pup - of young" girls from a
ffjfshignab^e.sehool, note boolc in hand, as
sj.fed.lb^-l'a^'^ea^bpV they consulted,butchers
:andt.fish#mqngers and- vegetable dealers,
stu.dyi^ cuts and the seasonable
b>iq"du."e™0^UI£tell  you," said.:>one butcher,
yfrjankly,j".wirat;? the poor classes will not
%e"ai);lth"alt°:;-lmleaft at 50 cents a pound is no
'nfo^e^ittrlljiTquI   than some   at 15  cents,
/in"d,!p.r4pper°fy<».cooked, the cheaper is just-
a"|j°rbal)ffable, v»It is the poor people' of Cin-
"eihn^tiK\yhpl.buy the highest priced-meats
^4"iVdKvJ"getabJes."     Another   marketman
fsayisthat^h-ipnee asked a seamstress-who.
^fabituftJl^^bpWght tenderloin-1 steak why-
pshfe^l^did^hJptfr^take   the.  round'," which
°;vvsis j»iW*uch;..e.heaper.   She   reolied    in-J
/dignArftly^-^w^o   you    suppose   thatbe-
caus^e'Jfdp/nO|i"cpme here in my carriage
"tlia'tf'-.B* "dpfVnot   want   just   as   good
Wei-„asfrichV"iplks have?" and she could
"riot becgnvinced that the cheaper parts
>vere^ just as itlholesome.   Marketology, as
the Cincinnati Bboarding-lrouse girls call
tJiei^r^new.Hourse of construction, is an es-
~sen~tial part of women's education.   She
should know grains and Ilour by size and
color;  the   opening  and   waning  of the
season for tjhe rnauy varieties of "meat,
fish, game, vegetables and fruit; what articles must never be bought in cans; and
what color"! and mixtures suggest adult-
eration,   She/should also know how to
supply 'her family with food which shall
most perfectly nourish the body; to recr-
ul'a.0, as One ^enthusiastic mother insists
she can, "Jack's tern per, make Will a football half back, and prepare Margaret for
her final-examinations."
Dreaded Old Agre.
Since the death of empress Elizabeth of ;
Austria many stories have beeu told of
her eccentric taste.- and deeds. Like
the great Elizabeth of England she 'was,
sensitive about her personal appearance,
and regretted the ravages of time to more
than the Ordinary degree. Her passion
for violent riding, and long, very quick
walks was connected with her great
dread of becoming stout. She had
brought on her recent ill-health by the
rigidity with which she dieted herself in
order to avoid adding to her weight. Although she Was rather tall, she made it a
point of weighing less than seven stone,
and would practically starve herself for
some time if she turned the scales of the
weighing machine, that always stood in
her bedroom, at anything beyond that
figure. This, in her case, had produced
the anaemia that was the direct cause of
the disorder of the heart for which she
had lately been treated. The warning
should be taken to heart; while exercise
and judicious, careful diet can do a great
deal towards keeping down superfluous
flesh, the starving treatment is very dangerous, and any sort of dieting should
only be undertaken with medical supervision, not in tho first place, but throughout its course.
The Winnipeg Bonspiel.
Winnipeg, Feb. 15.-—AU the bonspiel
finals were concluded yesterday, except
the Walkerville event, which is left for
three Wiunipeg skips to arbitrate. R.
Dunbar of Winnipeg takes the points
prize with 45. •
The Princess Lead Improving.
"Bob" Nelson, who is running a 50-foot
drift from the main tunnel on the Princess
for mayor Neelands, has completed one-
half of tho work.   Some very high assays
have been had from the cropprngs on the
Princess, and a former owner ran a tunnel in 190 feet to get depth on a very good
surface showing.   The tunnel was swung
away from the showing,  however, and
where it cut the lead it  was comparatively barren.   The work that Nelson ha9
in hand is the running of a drift on the
lead from the point of intersection in the
tunnel for the purpose of getting under
the surface showing.,  This it is expected
to do in at least 50 feet, which will give a
depth of 100 feet.   In the 25 feet which
have been driven so far a considerable
improvement  has   been   noticed   in   tlie
lead, considerable bunches of ore coming
in.   The Princess ore carries copper and
cold values, assay returns of $70 having
been secured from the croppings.
Developing the King of Forty-Nine.
"Jeff"  Steele,,, who is   developing  the
ledge   on   the   King    of  Forty-nine,  on
Forty-nine creek, is meeting with every
encouragement.   He is sinking a 50-foot
shaft on what he considers the hanging    -
wall pf a; 12-foot ledge, which crops out
on the'.claim. • There is' a stringer of ore
on the hanging wall about 20 inches wide
and the rest of the shaft is full of ledge
matter which is very ■ much  broken up.
Steele is of the opinion that' by- the time
he sinks 50 feetjhe will catch the foofcwall
and that the ledge is in place and  that it   .
will be filled with quartz which crops out
in several places on the claim.   The ledge -
matter taken from the shaft assays well. -
A mill test ou 30 pounds gave a return of
$ld.20, of which $3.70 was" gold and the
rest copper.      - 	
The Homestake Development.
Across the creek from tlie.Kingof Forty-
nine, J. Porter is sinking a shaft on the
Homestake   and   Boomer   claims.     This
shaft is now down .15. feet,  and is eight-
feet square. Porter is timbering the shaft ■
and will install a steam hoist so that the
sinking can'be done more expeditiously.
The shaft is full<of ledge matter,  assays
from whichhave given $J0 in free gold.
-  Good Copper Prospects at Hall Siding. "
J. L/Vanstone, who was at Hall Siding
yesterday as  returning officer;" brought
some fine  copper  specimens- from   Hall ■ > ■
Siding lust evening.   Ouesneciman which
he secured was close upou (50.per cent cop-   !
per.    It was taken from the croppings of
a ledge upon which  very little "work has    J"
been done.   Vanstone says that there are
several   good - copper* prospects' in   the '
vicinity of the Siding, and that consider-. -
'able development in 'a small way will be
done upon tlre'claims.in the spring.   '
Shor.handed at:the Silver King.
The Hall .Mines", company 'was on the
lookout for   miners yesterday.1   During-
-the' .past  few   weeks   several  men have  '
come down from the hill, many-of whom '
were  ill,  and ■ these absentees, .together
with  the opening at the mine-i'or additional  men, has created   places  for upwards of thirty men.n     "       ■ '
Game in Atlin.
Shotguns are a nuisance.- -Most of the
.game-Consists_oLsqurrrel,-grouse,-ptarma— _^
gan and snowshoe -or kangaroo rabbits.
A22riflle is the lightest, cheapest and
best. The'birds when flushed take to a
tree and one can pick them off with a 22
as they can the squirrel. The rabbit is
the only thing besides the duck, of which
there are very few, that one can use the
gun for", and 1 have seen more rabbits shot
with a rifle than with a shotgun. Then
the weight oi a shotgun, to say nothing
of tho price, is an enormous consideration,
not. only on the trail, but in the mountain
climbiug. Oneough. to have creepers with
them and colored glasses for the spring.
If you have only one size moceasins they
should be large so as to allow" for .Wrappings inside thdm; which, according to t
the therriioriieter, must be increased pi' decreased. It would be well to have two
sizes; one medium arid one large. The
former for above zero and the latter for
bel'QW. Then the wet shrinks them and
they wear out very quickly. Rubber
boots should be large enough to allow
two pair-of socks for the winter, and by
all means take in a parke to keep the
wind off the body and the snow out of
one's neck going through the timber.
Archibald Lampinao.
Iu the death of Archibald  Lampmau,
Canada loses one of her most gifted sbns.
While there was little in  his poems of a
national strain  he nevertheless drew his
inspiration from the fields and skies of his
native land.   Mr. Lampman was the Canadian Cowper.   His work was marked by
the   most delicate light aud shade,  and
wa«. above all, true to nature. Anyone who
reads "Among the   Millet"   will seet the
colors    in   the    sunset,   hear   the   birds
among the trees,  feel  the breath of the;
morning air and the running brooky-see
creekingcartstoiling along the dusty road,
and almost touch the waving grasses ancl
feathery ferns.   Beauty not strength wtf&.
Larnprnan's characteristic.    His compositions were all delightful descriptions and
pictures from life.   A quiet, simple soul,
Lampmau was one of nature's children,
and it is something of a national loss that
one of the foremost of our too few Canadian poets should pass away before he
,had reached his prime; 2  THE TRIBUNE:   NELSON B. C.   WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 1899  &',';-  refer <  lb*'  FUBJ-ISHERS' NOTICE.  THE DAILY TRIBUNE is published every afternoon  (except Sunday), and will be delivered by carrier in  any town in Kootenay for twenty-live cents u week;  or will be mailed to subscribers for live dollars a year.  THE WEEKLY TRIHUNE is published every Wednesday and Saturday, and will be mailed to subscribers  for two dollars a year.  REGULAR ADVERTISEMENTS printed in both the  daily aud weekly editions for ?:i per inch per month.  Twelve lines solid uonpariel to be counted as one inch.  LOCAL OR READING MATTER NOTICES 20 cents a  lino for each insertion.  JOB PRINTING at fair rates. All accounts for job  printing and advertising payable on tho first of  every month; subscriptions payable in advance.  ADDRESS all communications to  THE TRIBUNE. Nelson, B. C.  PROFESSIONAL   OABDS.  JACK-POT   TRAGEDY.-  H.  HOLDTCH���Analytical Chemist and A-wycr.  Victoria street, Nelson.  B.A.Sc. & W. S. JOHNSON, B.A.Sc.  Engineers   and   Analytical  Chemists,  T    C. GWILLIM  *J .     ���Mining   E  B.C.  -Minim  Slocan City  LODGE   MEETINGS.  K  NELSON LODGE, NO. 23, A. V. & A. M. Meets  second Wednesday in each month. Sojourning  brethren invited. "  NIGHTS  OF PYTHIAS���Nelson   Lodge,   No,  25,  Knights of Pythias, meets in Castle hall, Macdonald block, corner of Josephine and Vornon streets, every  second and fourth Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock.   All  visiting Knights are cordially invited to attend.  It. G. Joy, C. C. Gkorge Ross, K. of R. & S.  ��tte f&vxbnttB.  TUESDAY.  . FEBRUARY 1     1893  If the result of, the election yesterday  means anything, it means that the people  of this section of Kootenay do not want  to see the old Turner crowd returned to  power ; and the people of this section of  the district but voice the opinions of the  people of other sections of Kootenay.  The prestige of holding a portfolio counted  for something in the contest, but apart  from that was the fact that principles  were at stake���the principles that the  peoole of Kootenay have been fighting  for i'or close on to ten years. The government of which Mr. Hume is a member  .tands pledged to'these principles, and  that they will be inserted in the laws of  the province is not to be doubted. The  personality of the candidates had, little,  in fact nothing, to do with bringing about  the result. Roth were well known to the  old time element, but were alike strangers  to three-fourths of the people who have  come to the riding in the last two years.  The result of yesterday's election is  very satisfactory to the people irr Nelson.  They believe that the Semlin government  should be given a fair trial. . The defeat-.  fed candidate has, just as many personal  friends as he had before the election, and  "the successful candidate has a few more.  A Young Man Who Took a Fatal Chance In a  Game of Poker.  "1 was dealing a game out of the box in  Kansas City in '84 when a man killed hini-  felf in tho upstairs part of the establishment," sard a man with short gray hair  and a pair of piercing eyes. "I was the  first man upstairs after the shot was  fired, and when I looked the man over I  remembered him as a young chap of  rather dissolute habits who had struck  Kansas City with apparently plenty of  money only a few weeks before. There  were five or six four-handed poker games  running in the room. I asked the three  men���cattlemen from Kansas, they were  ���what had ailed their table-mate. They  passed it up.  " 'He just hauls out his gun sudden and  does the Dutch act,' said one of them.  'Maybe he was a hard loser. I believe  we're into him for a few hundreds.'  " 'Didn't he say anything at all before  plugging himself ?' I asked.  " 'Nary a say,' was the reply. 'Just  scanned his hand���pretty fair-sized jackpot, which he had opened himself���then  he reaches behind and brings out that  silver-mounted pop-gun, which don't look  like it's built to kill a full grown man at  that. Then he puts it behind his right  ear���we just looking at him thinking he's  fooling���and off it goes, and there he is  too dead to skin. It's a queer enough  game to get me going.'  " 'A jack-pot, you say ?' I inquired.  Who won?'  " 'The men looked at one another.  They didn't know. The young fellow had  put the ball in his head before the pot  was decided. They looked at their hands  that they had thrown down when the  young man had shot himself. One of  them had tens up on nines, that he had  had on the go-in. Another had  a pair of queens, also on the  go-in,     and    the    last    of    the    three  Wilson & Harshaw  DRAYING and  EXPRESS  had drawn to an ace and failed to connect. Theu I turned over the suicide's  cards, that he had laid down neatly before reaching for his gun. Tnere were a  pair of sixes, an eight, a tray and a king.  I showed the cards to the three men.  They understood.  " 'The ombrey needn't have killed himself over it,' said one of them. 'He might  have got thrown out of the window and  his pile confiscated, but he wouldn't have  got killed.'  "The young fellow had taken a big win-  out chance in a moment of desperation by  opening a jack-pot without holding the  openers, and when it failed to go through  he was afraid of the consequences or  crazy or something, aud so he just let gaslight into his head, which, for all the men  who had been playing with him said^  would unquestionably have happened to  him when they discovered that he had  opened the jack without openers.  Patronize Home Industry  SMOKE UNION MADE CIGARS  OUR SPECIALTY  "MAI SEAL" CMS  MANUFACTURED BY THE  Kootenay Cigar  Manufacturing Co.  Nelson  Bus meets all trains and boats.  Special attention given the transfer of bacro;ao;e. Office and stables  on Vernon street, opposite The  Tribune office.    Telephone No. 35��.  R. REISTERER & CO.  BREWERS AND BOTTLERS OF  Fine Lager Beer  Ale and Porter  w  w  ���-5?��^ ^^@? ���?@@r g^��? ��^��S^  THE FIRST  SHIPMENT OF  THESE  GOODS HAVE JUST  ARRIVED  _n��:g: @^st e^s: f^sh^e* e?��:i_?fe��?  ?6��  _Sr_5?&fe��^e> e=r f  ?e^^&��e^  m  ens  JlLHXS  fa  B  fa  B  Wo  Prompt and regular  delivery to tho trade.  Brewery at Nelson.  One of the newest things is Light Fawn  with Brown Band and Edge, in Fedora  shape. This style we have in the famous  Stetson Hat.  We are also showing Derby Hats in  Brown and Black, also Fedoras in Black  and Fawn with wide brim. Buy them  early and get the start.  ��  _��  Assessment Act and Provincial r^everjue Tax Act  WEST KOOTENAY DISTRICT, fJELSON DIVISION.  ;��5,t?|KooTBNAY .should.assert herself in the  i/!;;H,Jegislative'..aspeujbly. The'. Sernlin party  ^^has^l meuibers on the floor of the house.  **",^30f the 21 five are\.,ro,m,.Kootenay. Ohe-  jfejf^fo'urth of tlie fighting .strength of" the  Ssft-^party shoulc'i be made to "count for all it  i^s-worth. No legislation inimical to the.  ;��^s��jfo���iniug industry should - be allowed to  jl^vpass, hbr none that tends to destroy  f-^.�����Rroperty values in one section of the pro-'  '?;."!i>y.fncG in'order to'enhance values in ah-/  ��V���:|ther section.. Victoria should not be de-  ^^Ippiled in order to enrich Vancouver.  "f"���r;fKbotenay* ha�� brought a measure of  k"'z ?.W.9speri tytp tire eiii ti re province;* lerV her,  fcT.-ym^lier^  ��:*'iha.^_te^  i^;^_?le|isl|t^^t^ ig^lfbt.tjlejwh^^  &!:ll3}^v)nc��e^lJ_ient;:' tlieru : sho>y/" ^emsetyeK  ':��C^y6rffi^ :.-   ���'  '^"���li'J^fjsf'ip^ j&iiBwekeB "Victoria >e-ite"r1_ay;  &" ^_^hevea%itaj of "the Kootenay. plainly told  ���"..%"^li"e"capital ofJVancbu'ver Island tiiat the  =T^f9M*rne^  at4naua-ging tlie affairs of the province of  "British CoJumbia.  The powerful influence wielded by the  Qaiia'dian Pacific's trusted oflioialS was  felt in yesterday's election. Had there  ��b���een fff'ew more bf the company's trusted  bfli.ials working for Farwell, he would  have; lost his deposit.  "ITKvym* Bbs'TooiY, member ot'.parlia:-  nienfj; for this district, was in Moyie last  week. i_e\yas dumped off a freight train  at a station two and one-half mild-? from  Moyie, and compelled to trudge afopfc tp'  the town. This i_ art object lesson that  every metfiber of parliament should have.  It would show them just how rn.an a big  corporation can b_ when dealing vVit'll the  common people.  It is understood that the Liberal leaders of Nelson are so elated over the result  of the election yesterday that they are  determined to have a newspaper organ.  They  claim  that   there is   not a  single  iiewspaper    in   Kootenay   that    can   be  classed as an out-and-out supporter of the  Liberal  party.   The Miner is  the  paper  they are   counting   on   getting.    It   has  changed   its    principles  so   often,   that I  another flop would not be noticed.    Then,  it is managed by men who were, born and  bred in the Liberal faith, and that counts  for something.   John Ay ton  Gibson will  be the business manager of the new venture, if it comes to ahead, and William  Austin Jowett ia slated  for tlie political  editorship.   Premier Semlin should feel flattered  over the result of the election  yesterday  - in Nelson riding.   The result shows clearly that the people of one of the  most important ridings in the interior have faith  in the lender of the government.  G.W,West&Co.  GENERAL TEAMSTERS   /  'agents for  The Imperial Oil Co.   Standard Oil Co.  Washington Brick an,d Lirqe Co.   .^.  The H. W. IVlcNiell Co., Ltd., Canadian Aqtljra-  - cite.. Coal, (Hard),   .r  Dealers in.  STOVEWOOD  '. ; Trunks/and Valises, delivered to afiy gsirtjbfp  p'tilie^i'ty." ."���"'�� " (       ' .   "�� *   ..  All .kinds" 'of' dr-ayirig dqn<e at  reasonable,  rates.-  ��Mbvirlg|unrmt"ure a specialty!  Stand at corner Bakei; and Josephine ,Stsl  W. A. COSTELLO, PROPRIETOR  C.  F.  ETT  Coal &'rid  BEST DRY WOOD  Delivered tp any part 6f the city.  Full measurement guaranteed.  Office at Corner Baker aiid Ward Streets.  EXPRESS and DRAYING  Having purchased the express ftud di-ayitlg  business Of J. W. Cowan, we arc prepared  to do all kinds of Work in this lino, and solicit the patronage of the people of Nelson.  Orders left lit I). McArthur & Go's store,  northwest corner liiikc-r and Ward streets  will rcceivo prompt attention.   Telephone 85  Notice is hereby given in accordance with the statutes,  that provincial revenue tax and all taxes levied under  the Assessment Act, are now due for the year 1S99. All  the above-named taxes collectable within the West  ���Kootenay district, Nelson division, jiro- payable at my  office, Kaslo. j = ,'   ���"   -   ���. . ',  .Assessment taxes are  collectable1' atE the  following  rates, viz.! - ","., ~-T  If paid on or before June 30th, 1899.  Three-fifths of one per cent on real property.- ���  Two and one-half .per cent on assessed value-of wild  ���land. j~ _   -     ,-" -, -���;        .-;.-' ; \:   ���  -One-half of one per cent on personal property,  r;  On so much, on- the. income of any personas exceeds  one thousand dollars, thc:following i-ate<,-nanioly: tipon  such excess of income when' the same is not "more than  ten thousand dollars, one per cent; when such excess is",  over, ten thousand dollar.-* and not more than twenty  thousand.dollars.'.ono and one-quarter bf one per cent;  "when such excess is over twenty thouband dollars," one  and one-half of one per cent.-.   -.'----  .      If paid on or after 1st July, 1899;',  .V Four-fifths of one per cent on real property.  =- Three per cent on the assessed "value of wild land.  .'_   Three-fourths of one per cent on personal property.  , ,On so much on the income of any person as exceeds one  thousand dollars, the following rates, namely: upon such  excess when, tho sameis.not more than'ten thousand  ���'dollars;* one. and%piie:qjiarter, of,.on&.-Dcr. jceut; avh.cn  ''suchjexQesS'iSf over tennn.=tjipusandj4dngijanr3lan^ not' Iiioro"  HIidnywenty7tlTou^a!ia��. do^afsfLon_;'ali"^��o0i!ey,ha'lf'..o*��^.ne,'  ;��^,e\^cent!I";^whJen"Sudlf^e^    $s o\;ern twnepf y�� thojisan'd dol~  'fl'l'Pi^Yi^Q^.rBS^v^'t^J^.vonc^vit!^'  !^��"i" ���"    ��� ���;     3pjiij!< KEEN,"Xsses.or,and; eollectoi:.'  ." Kaslo," "$. d, ,23ydJanuary', lg9&.��  ' ��    ���   "       Mu6ST(iAQl; SAEEi  "    Under anil by virtue" cif the ppwersrdf'salb contain6d in  ja certain,pip^fgage,jyhij^  B  ih'n  Mi  Viotori-i   Block:,   Baker   Street,  B.C.  fa:-  ISSs^SS  ^���&:rSSiT&^��>'cz> �����=>_  fs ^fS^^e^fes^sne^^^s^��^ e^c^o^ ^iq^��'s^s^��^ $^ssfe fec=:e=c sr-=:fefe  �� 6^^^;^^^ @��:^ @@:^ ^^��: ^^^ g^^e^,^  ^���^;  <_=>.,c=��.i:  ��� i��C.  :$&��� '  =^-.ri  Prices as low as same feaii be obtained in Canada  GOMER DAVIS & Co.  H. D. Ashcroft  BLACKSMITHING  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  \\ragon repairing promptly attcrded to by a (lrst;class  wheelwright,.  Special atlention givon to. all kinds of repairing and  custom work from outside points. .  df^al_rthtei-e"Will"be otl'eredby pjfi.lic auctionTby CharlcsT  __, Waternian & (J6.,auctiSiieers, ;at their ofllce, West  t Baker street. Nelson. B. C, oii Tuesday, 21st day of T-'eb-  ' ruitry. A.3>. 189!), at th&'Ho.ur of 2 o'clock; in tKc aftet;npon,  ahefoll"ow;ingpr0"pcrty?;vi���:    That certain parcel or tract of land and premises situate, b ing and being in tho town, of 'Slocan, City, and being described as" lot .number ^three-cy in bldck twenty-  four (21) as shown on a map or plan of sub-divisioftof  lot 292,"group 1, West Kooteiiay district, deposited in tke  laiid registry oflicc aj. Victoria as? plan 496 jt^ aniended'.  Ontlie property"!, erected a two-story friinio building.  Terms ot Sale: 1'cii per cent (U�� of the purchase  money lb be puid lo the vendors or t,heir agents at the  time of sale, and the balance, without interest, to be paid  within thirjyCJO) days tlroreafter".  Further terms, aiid conditions ,p�� sale will he made  known- on day of salcor on applicAtion to Alacdouell,  McMaster .&"Geory, 51 ypnitu street,,Toronto, solicitors  for the Vendd^o^ ^ Watkuma>> & QQ  Auctioneer^, Nelson, li. C.  Notice  of Application  fop  Ceptiflcate  of  ImprQv^mesnts.  HKHUX h M2.il O. i, KV.HKKAT. 3-55 C. 1, p. V.   (I.  I-'HAOTION  j. a_a. a. ,1, ��ii_tann'ia i;:i253 g�� 1, tnuya u 1810 o. 1, mac  KXlACTiflN I. 325B Q. 1, WlNKHAI, CI.Al.MS, SITtSATK IN  TIIK NKESO.V M1N1NO DIVISION Oif WKST KOOTKNAY  UISTUtCT. ANI> %f1U,\?&il OX 'I'OAU MOUNTAIN, AIWOIN-  ING THK 11AIJI, MlNES.  Take notice thitt'I, John Ilirsch. its agent for the Hall  Mines Company, Taiiniled, free miners certilicato No.  i>o51A, intend, sixty days from the tlute hereof, to apply-  to the mining recorder for a certificate of improvement..,  for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above  claims. And further take notico that action, under section 37. must be commenced before the issuance of such  certificate of improvements. JOHN 111ItSCH.  Dated this 2(ith day of November, 1S.98. [Jan 25]  Notice   of   Application- for   Certificate   of  Improvements.  EVFNXNO STAK AND IIAl'l'V JACIf MINKTIAI. CUI.M8,  SITUATE IN TIIK NKI-SON MINING DIVISION OF WKST,  KOOTENAY DISTKICT, AN)) LOCATED BETWEEN SANDV  AND 1CAGI.E CKEEKS, ABOUT KIVK MII.KS WEST KKOM  Take notice that I. Arthur S. Farwell. acting as agent,  for George A. Kirk, free miner's certificate No. SS385. awl  John A. Turner, frOe miner's certilicatc No. 1SKMA, intend,  sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the mining  recorder for certificates of improvement*, for the purpose of obtaining crown grants of the above claims. And  further take notice that action, under section 37, must  be commenced before tho issuance of such certificate of  improvements. ���*-��� S. JAIcwMjIj.  IJatcd this 20th day of December, 18!I8. [Dec. 2tJ  Reward!   $50!  iGiatoet; $rw Bern  Drawer Is -Milled in  Walntit atid  which is not sarpassed  in the market.  4  liilrary ���J.ibihB|  Brop   Headband JfeJDraweiL  is finished in  has Botary Shuttle  and Ball Bearing.  THE DQIIESTm WHITE MM ZEMITH  7-Drawer furnished in Quartered Oak aiid Walnut,  j��  If you  are  convinced that  SHOP;   Hall Street, between. Baker and Varnon, Nolwrn  To the persons giving information icrttling to the discovery of the whereabouts of ltOHKItl b. QUAOIvkN-  BUSH,  cnbu'  coast,  He  once.  Pine*Hill"'town of Maiiou-stor. Jackson County, \Vis-  conSn. Address G. M. PERItY, Black River Falls,  Wisconsin. -    . ,  very of the whereabouts ot kuhiw... ci. ^u^uiv^iN-  ISH will be iiaid the'nbove reward. BohprtS. Qunck-  bush left this vicinity March. lf8G,_going to the I'aeifip  ust and has not been Inward from since 1< ebruary, 1890.  ��� 'has money here due nini which will bo paid to him at  cc, when found. The parties are anxious to hear from  n very sf on.   Ho is 29 years old.   le formerly lived at  thinking,  about buying-  I mean what I say-  There is  no necessity for sendins, out of Nelson when  you are buying* and .get it for the same mon^y.  a machine call and see them and be  you can see- what  The Jew^elep  330-.C   34,  The Jeweler  ���  330__C   3-i  ---G'Ei-sra? _j"0_e.  DARLING BROS., Montreal,  Elevators ancl Machine Specialties.  DRUMM0ND, McCALL CO., Montreal.  Bar Iron, Tool Steel, ancl Water Works Supplies.  SADDLER & HAW0RTH, Montreal,  High-grade Leather Belting.  J. A. ROEBLING'S SONS CO., San Francisco,  Wire. Rope.  OAKLAND IRON WORKS, Oakland, California,  Ice Machinery and. TutthiJI Water Wheels/  .  v  S_?_i50I___LTI__3S = .:���: ;...*.,���������   .:.  Hydraulic  Steel   Pipe v        :  Flexible   Steel   Hose   Armour  FRANK  General IV|anufaGtures' Agent  Write for Catalogues and Prices.     VANCOUVER, B.C. THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B. Cr^WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY   15, 1899.  ���<*  ;M  [X  BamofMontbeal  Capital,  Rest,  all paid  up,  $12,000,000  6,000,000  LOUD STRATHCOXA AND  MT. ROYAL, President  Hon. GKO. A. DRUMMOND Vice-President  K   S. OLOUSTON General Manager  _sr_33i.so_sr _3_=.____src___  N. W. Cop. Baker and Stanley Streets.       HKANCHE8 IN .    LONDON (England),   NEW YORK,   CHICAGO  and In tho principal citios in Canada.  T-HUE jb^ntzi  OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA  NELSON  Buy and sell Sterling Exchange and Cable Transfers  GKANT COMMERCIAL AND TRAVELLERS' 0REDIT8,  availabio in any part of the world. L  :  DRAKT8 ISSUED    COLLECTIONS MADE; ETC.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CURRKNT RATE OF INTEREST PAID  HOW   THE   TRAMP   SAVED   THB   BABY  Back of the bit of a log house ��� the  house in the picture���rose a dense grove  of native timber. Before it stretched,  high, rustling, and of tawny gold in the  September sunshine, a field of corn.  Around it was grassless patch of baked  prairie sod. It seems ridiculous to state  that the house was in the town of Bubble,  or in any town for that matter. The railroad had just been built through southern  Nebraska, and the new towns that sprung  up along its line were absurdly indefinite  places. The" depot had been erected in  the midst of a cleared cornfield. The  lumber piled in the street had been hauled  30 miles to build the general store. The  hotel was a barn, where flapping canvas,  in lieu of partitions of lath aud plaster  separated the sleeping places of guests.  The bank had found a local habitation on  the spot where a wilderness of sunflowers  had for '-uncounted- years stubbornly  flourished. So the little log house that  had been raised in the time when blankets  were hung over windows in the winter  - nights to hide the betraying light from  bands of roving and: relentless Indians,  ,* >f��i\ ddenl y;s fou u d,;-A tsel f j dh cor por a ted^i n-. *3a&  ���' '^towh^th&'town^bE^ ��>7~4?l ��"��.'  ; %���>a��Themouse \vas*Thompsou'sa!The family,'  .xVjConsisted��oi thejfatherJimotheivand child--  ?T< reu^gpod^ness4,* knpw^s^how>many.�� jLtttla  <.fBare;iegged;-> brown-skinned8,!"*Tbllickitfe  I;-"youngsters' they, iwjarptfi-phan ��"JbherLe>was;  ��^'*"tl^e V^log"." t/^jrch^rV^h  ^/Ishdulaer-ed^^^  "������.j- b"east:��>e 3fti^t?\Vjhk"t": pecriljai^bi-eedjlie^af,?;'  ��fe;wKri_5afree".t��y7distiiiguisried^him," ��wlja^  s��-"-pedigrees rurgh-<>hrtyJ6��jbJe_nv_IairriecrV for  ^ >"^lnSf_uat? eved.y "I tzis" ltd ybe" "do;uB���fed:|tl) /ti  s "^he*childre*mcWuld*have**lov��e  .^.iinderauycombination^OK-eulogistic'ad-*"  >���-/j:eetive.s;tlia^vmigh;t"b"e:cm  V^ajijilfedf^  ^^on^lfairiyssprinfe.rii  ." /\>'lBstwar;d.:* The'^ogfliadi" bjaen: adptf.ed'  "tfry?".'thef���"����� T&piiipson's:,^ vfcijfl�����least"H-tjeys  �� "*thdugli"t>"��"they "had adopted hi_uV"BIn truth,  /^h'e.ihad^.adopted" ;,them,:whichjwas-" reallyi  ���sTu��f6rne^ flaftj_.riiig�� if-th!pyj,p"nly*!kn"e^?it^ ��� "For��  '-" fih1_^djj_:*iia)d���;delicatelyy^uiite^ ��Kis:;w^y;  &pasI��L���si x:s.:di iTereh t^  ^dp"mici](e^ lapp^pyjal r.bij.  m��T^btnpsdp?s^itr"etcshiri|f his>0huge bpdy  pnftthe"*back�� pbrchijji^erhaffs t:nejrea.p*n of  ��� "his'-prref erence"' ��Sva. ^ thatAthere "he fpuhd  the "greatest niimbef of- children^  Tcamp*lp'ved childi'en: "*|... ���",  a Whathe had Been called when he "was  only a nicfei sbftv(:,tu8iy ball of a pup, neh  =^tlier=ihehor theylfca^dr^They^called'hihi"  Tramp b^cJiirse he had so uncereitrorii-  ously reckoned upon theii- hospitality.  He had been 17 months with the .Thornp-  sonsk He was treated "with bdyish tyranny by the elderflads; and was alternately hugged^and struck with fat "and .ineffectual little fista by ithe youuger children. The . baby of 3, who persisted in  treating him with ah aggressive imperti-  heuce and familiarity was the object of  his most lenient regard. He permitted  her to climb ��>n Jris broad back, to strarrgle  him with her fat, brown arms, to even  take a bone fi'om under his Sensitive  nose.  So it may be seen thab he loved her.  Indeed, everyone loved Veve, and if  Tramp had not done so he would have  been a decided exception. She was a  roiuid, fat, blue-eyed little thing, with  tangled, yellow hair, and a laugh that was  like the rippling of the creek over the  heap of stones the boys had piled in its  bed before the rain followed the drought.  Then she had a pretty trick of bestowing  wet and repentant kisses on the hand of  One whom her wilfulness had grieved  when the moment of her naughtiness has  paf-sed.  "Better get rjd o' that dog o' yourh!"  the town assessor had counseled. "We're  goin' to pass a dog tax���leastways the  council is."  Thompson gritted the short pipe between his teeth."  "Reckon I can pay the levy," he answered.   "My wife likes him."  "He's got a bad streak, that stray dog  o' yourn," the  blacksmith said, casting  .   the eye of a connoisseur���an envious eye,  by the way���on Tramp.    "I'd   sell   him  cheap if I was you."  "But you ain't me, you see." the farmer  returned placidly. "I don't want to sell  him.   The children like him."  "Why don't you git rid ot that ole ani-  n'rile and trade for one o' the pointer pups  down to the liv'ry?" asked a friend who  got a commission on every pointer pup he  sold.  To which Thompson, slightly exasperated, replied: "The baby likes him !"  That settled it;   ,  It was September. The intensely blue  Nebraska sky arched over the parched  prairie.   In and around the town of Bub-  and(he  Are now prepared to issue  Drafts and Letters of Credit on  Dawson City, Yukon District.  ble the corn ^cracked���a sound that was  like groaning. The sunflowers curled up  their dusty leaves. The dusky carmine  of the Sumac was veiled by a pale powder. In the timber back of the little  house there was no sound. Not a leaf  stirred, not a blade whispered, not a blossom uodded ! A spell seemed upon the  world that hot, breathless, suffocating  September afternoon.  Suddenly the quiet was broken.  "Got a revolver?"  The cry was  wildly hurled across the  hot hu��h.  Mrs. Thompson heard it���came out.  "Got a revolver?"  Haifa dozen men were scrambling over  the rude fence, and others were skirting  the corn in the foreground.  "Yes.   Why?"  "Give it to us, quick. There's a mad  dog hereabouts. We lost sight of him in  the timber. He's bit half the dogs in  Bubble. They've got sight of him now!"  excitedly. "Hurry up with that revolver!" ; .  The woman ran indoors.  "Make haste!" a voice screamed after  him.    "It's coming this way!"  There ifc was���a gaunt, lank, half-famished looking thing. It was coming onward with the direct, bounding speed,  the foam-dripping jaws, and bloodshot  eyes of madness!"  "My God!" rang out the shrill voice of  the woman, who had just handed the revolver to the man who had asked for "it.  "Look there! My little girl!. My baby!"  There, beside the old log farmhouse, in  the centre of the back yard, played a lit:  tie child���only 3 that spring. Her short  gown of blue gingham flapped around her  bare, brown, dimpled knees. Her sun-  bonnet dangled on her neck. She was  twisting her little tanned arms around  Tramp, 'forcing a handful of wild plums  into his niouth���and laughing! ..."-'��� ,  Frpzen,'-rigid, helpless with horror, the  pursuing: men, the scurrying crowd  from  the town, a-nd the miserable mot her stood  still;  looked.1 ������N���o��� one., dared   interfere.  ^Wiliat ^l^��#i^^dp?^lre^y1-h^ mad  ?doTgL-liati\boiind^  a.;reaq.y,^iut had partlyxrayersed���the"= short."  1slj5tfce",_enRftVa1;i:iigi Ik f rorir" .$hq...*child:��:J";fA%%  ^rert'dy.ai-^wijk^  "'!~ .?T-lierg'*wK$/a��: q'lijSk^'KBkf-el'erycfia;'' cry; -  ^tha��b'wa��8)<Uke\a%.tu"effi  ^fcr^m.o^eto^t-wp'or^all/^sl.'"^ .yS--^ s>.-...^,*21:  f".v"^tl d|ad.ly...sjr_nc,eifp|jp^  !*>�����MenV��lield-"="theif'sVbreath_.> *Gtin_ivwere;  Saifr/ed^ilrVpp^d^HtWiip'-d'al^dr^sh'Sot^^^  ^ffe^ d6^r^:he''^}y ld^_.^e1i?ST)^  smotheristaggered.f on ward^-rf el U  ^^There were*&rilyi:t:he 'mad".do)  ?%-Sb/;TheVe/^s^Trim"p;."'"s.".":'."s"i v,V* ���". '  ���a �� Me ** cmuqhed ���% tor^a^ sunn ex ^Hi s^h ufee  ��bodyy-Wayed&;-!Eb^  * j���a;W*ss ���o f ^hisrinnf uicii^_gd>",b.rb^t_i��er'||^ut'lji3d  ."the%unbphu"e"t.^6rir.t_i"_."."batby'.s "head!"lie  bounped^as.ri ,shpt through- the��air,��%iua  , pi:eciprtated:Phimselfcupou hirir.   ������." ���  ;c Then; theriej^as. a..comba,t !*. It warmed  ;tlie bJopd-.pf"|���He]���pnJbbker-s;���"It"se.!"hekrts  andkpul^enf"BeSd|i)i;&"i,ai'sntler.. /It rph|ed: tp  cpnst^ipusiiess vtHe��4p.i^sT|r^te=:i_rnpt_ier;i " ft ���  * kihd redchegksi aiid set eyres}flashiiigi   ��  ;Pp^a"gai"nst dpg!�� j0uneMiadioahd lonp---  -the" o'utcajt't",   alien;  tunb'ltpoded;;.yagr*ant;  which"gav���e":bat��tle���in sdefe"nse of��a little  child���refost- superbly sane!  - Beaten, the mad;" dp!g fled^pnly to^ be  crushed to" death iinddr the" wheels of a  passing train._ _��� -, .. _,   ���"Tlie^childhad riot beeii tmiched.  And Tramp? Bitten and bleeding lay  there. Men gathered around iu honor  and admiration, while the, father of the  little one, tears half bliriding his sight,  riddled him with bullets !  England's Future. Queen.  Queen Victoria recently admitted that  pf all the members of her royal family,  excepting only her youngest daughter,  the princess Beatrix, she has most love  for her probable successor^ the princess  of Wales.  Alexandra, the next queen of England,  will enjoy in a way all the power wielded  by her husband, and will have the full  social prestige now belonging to her  mother-in-law.  The princess of Wales has never concerned herself with state matters, although she must know what is going on.  She has always been absolutely indifferent to such things, unless swerved to one  side or the other by personal favoritism.  She admires Asquith, who married  "Dodo," and corrid have secured for him  almost any position, but she was either  too indifferent or too careless to ask, and  the viceroyship, which might have  been filled by him. to-day, belongs to another. The queen, who knows  every line of the possibilities of her  statesmen, has ever been a politician,  looking for improved service, civil and  military, but Alexandra has never worked  along, political lines, and never will; she  ���is not that kind of a woman.  Alexandra has her little weaknesses-  all womanly ones. She is fond of novels,  a thing the queen despises, unless of the  classic sort. She dislikes famous people,  such as authors and artists, for she is  timid in the face of geuius, while, the  queen will have nothing to do with any  other. Alexandra loves fancy work, and  can outline a worsted dog to perfection,  while the queen never takes a stitch.  Alexandra notes the hang of the skirt  and the cut of the sleeves. Victoria is  calmly oblivious to everything except  court dress. Alexandra has been preserving herself to have her royal "fling," and  she is woman enough'to insist upon it.  IMPERIAL BANK  OF CANADA  Capital, Paid Up  Reserve  $2,000,000  1,200,000  HEAD  OFFICE, TORONTO  D.  R. WILKIE, General Manager  NELSON BRANCH  A general banking business transacted.  Savings bank department.<  Deposits of Jl  and upwards received  and interest  allowed. ,,,  J. M. LAY, Manager.  The Tremont Hotel  IVIALONE & TREGILLUS  PROPRIETORS  Headquarters for Miners and Prospectors  THK BEST BRANDS'OF  Liquors and Cigars  ALWAYS ON HAND  One of the best arid most pop-  ular hotels in Nelson.  QUEENS HOTEL  BAKER STliKET, NELSON.  Heated with Hot Air and  Lighted- by Electricity  - Large ^comfortable  bedrooms and   first-class-dining  room.   Sample'rooms for commercial men.- " -=  ,5^S_^2___^^  :.t:$";u��'  l^j3|j^-^  % Di ^UIYIE, Mariageri  Thcn fliiji^fe hotel, ih,,l.lic interior;, ,  ;Ea"rgc��� sample rooms.   Steam "heat* and electric light.  ���^D^VERN'ON STS|*"NKLSON  ^iSpRXER^bF^iV^LR'D'  OPEN DAY MB NIGHT  city  The only restaurant  in   the  enrplqying only white cooks.  Merchants' lunch from 12 to 2  o'clock, 25 cents. Dinner from 5  to 8.    Short orders   at   all   hours.,  Madden House  BAKER AND WARD STREETS,; NELSON   :'  The only hotel in Nelson that liasremained under one  management pince !8!K);  The bed^rooiii. are   Well furliishrd  and   lighted by  electricity.  The dining-room is not second to any in Kootenay.  The bar is always stocked ,l)y the' best domestic and  imported liquors and cigars.  'THOMAS MADDEN, Proprietor.  _=.__3-v_i3i_e.a?o_-___]  Renovated and decorated throughout. Frst-class sample  rooms. Free bits meets all trains. The Revelstoke  Street Car Gompuny run hourly street car service  between Victor a hotel and station. .  J. V. PERKS, Proprietor.  Kootenay Bailway & Navigation Co.  .       LAKE  AND   RIVER   DIVISION  STK. INTERNATIONAL  Daily except Sunday.      Pacific standard lime  K.  A.SLO TO NELSON  South  Read  Read  North  bound  down  up  bound  Leave  0:30 am...  Arrive  Due  7:30    ......  7:10. ���  Due  Due  8:i!0    ���    .I,  Duo  Due  8:1.5    ���    ...  Balfour   .0:00. i,  Due  Duo  .H.-IS    ���    ....  .8:10    n  Due  Arrive 10:30    ���  Leave  Connects with N.  &Ft. S. Ry. train for Spokane, leav-  ing Fivo-milo Point at 10:05 a.m.  Steamers leave Kaslo city wharf at foi  ot of Third street  ROBE11T IRVING, Manager.  Application for Liquor License.  Notice is hereby given that I will, thirty days from the  date of this notice, apply to the government agent at  Nelson for a licenso to sell liquor at retail at my hotel,  known as the Florence Hotel, situate three miles oast of  Nelson, on the outlet of Kootenay lake, ih West Kootenay district, British Columbia.  WILLIAM ROBERTS.  . Dated February 3rd, 1890.   , -     ,..-;.,.  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  m  m  m  ^^^^3m��Hmi^^mmm$^  Glassware...  We are now carrying a most complete line of Bar Supplies, including  all the latest styles of Whisky, Wine  and Beer glasses. Our prices are low  and the quality the best procurable  W. F. TEETZEL & CO.  ^S^����S ����& ������^��S��^  ti  Hi  Hi  ti  Hi  ti  Hi  Hi  Ht  Hi  ti  ti  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  ti  Hi  ti  Hi  Hi  ti  ti  Hi  ti  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  \i>  ti  Hi  ti  Hi  Hi  ti  Hi  Hi  ti  Hi  ti  Hi  ti  ti  ti  ti  ti  ti  ti  iA^PiSJQqiEJi^E^  Past1  ��� ���]l''h"&f;SJib^^^  "^ -s,- ",K<3���Q.t��nay *.Cj?Unjtcy^\J /  fir|t-cla!|s and Tourist Sleepbrs. Operated from  KkCIFlC TO ATBAST|C^"    ..-"'.  Tickets;j^sued through and" baggage    ���  checked to dfestinatidii.,  "���'  PRACTICAL  ELECTRICIAN  /.Wi)rJ;qjonfr^t{ttis supply and install any l^ihd of electrical macf|inery  iWiEsilWcPhee  oo_^_^ec^_:oit._3'  Rossland, Trail and Robsoq,  Leave., .D.vitjY  G:10i.p. hi.  .NELSQN.   Mainline and Intermediate Points via Slocan take.  Lea-vc.                               DAILV'. Arrive.  0:30a. m.s  .... NtEL_0NT�� ...,..,.,8:30p.m.  ��� Arrive.  .10:ii0p. iii.  Nelson, B. C.  "Kootenay Llke--Ka.(or'B,oufeT-Steanier Kokanee.  Leave.                Daily Except Sunday Arrive.  1:00p. m.,...., = .NELSON.,.. .....11:00 a. m.  Kooteqay R,iwer Route-Steamer Moyie.  Molt., Wed., Fri.                          .          Tues., f hurs., Sat,  S:00 a. m. Leave........ NELSON Arrive C:o0 p. m,  Makes cpnhcction at Pilot Bay with stcaiiicr Kokanee  in both directions.  Steaniers on their1 respective routes call atprjnpipal  landings in both directions, and at other points when  signalled.  Ascertain Rates and full information by addressing  neai-est local agent or  C, E. BE/VSLEY, City TicKet A^ent; \  R. W. DREW, Agent. /  W, F. A.N'l>,i:u.oSSr, TraYCliilg Ptfsscngcr Agent, poison.  Ei S. Oovi.k, Dis't Passenger Ageiii,, Vnitcouror.  Spokane Falls & Noptiiern,  Nelson & Fort Sheppard, .  Bed Mountain Hallways.  J\\e only all rail route without change of Gars  between Nelson an,d Rossland, and  Spokane aqd Rosslarjd.  DAILY   TRAINS.  Leave Arrive  0:2n a. m NELSON  .5:35 p.m.  12.05 a. in ROSSLAND 12:20 p. m.  8:110 a. m SPOKANK  3:10 p. m.  The train that leaves Nelson at C:20a. in., makes close  connections at Spokane with trains for all Pacific Coast  points.  Passengers for Kettle River and Boundary Greek con  nect at Marcus with stage daily.  C. G. DIXON, G. P. & T. A.  S^aslo & Slocan Railway  ^Viir-vv;ff-e>,binia"ii1gs .for. .elCctric lighting, electric bells  electric 1/urglaii alarifis, ;elpotno animnciators.  Will contract to insl��ll fire alarm svslenia in towns and-  citics.   Kull stock ol wire and l!>lures on hand.  .' ��� -��.:  ���; ; WRITE" F0 R*g PR IG ES.    Office and Storeroom:    Josephine Street, Nelson.  LONDON AND BRITISH COLUMBIA GOLDFIELDS, Ltd.  HEAD  OFFICE,   LONDON,   ENGLAND.  All communications ������elating to  British  Columbia business to be addre.sed  to P. 0S Dr:awj��r  505, Nelson^ British Columbia  J;  RODERICK ROSERTSDN, General Manager\i   N,lC-.,   _>y-M^i     o   rS  S FiDWLER, E.iyi., Mining Engineer "X   IMtLb.UIN,    D. X*.  CEESTOH  3  Situate on the Crow's Nest Railway is prepared to deliver lumber of any description in any quantity at any place within the  district  of Kootenay.        rcoi.VG  Leave  WKST .  8.00 a.  8.32 '  . "         9.30 '  ��         9.15 ���  "         9.55 ���'  "         10.12 '  "        10.25 '  "        10.33 '  Arrive 10.10 ���  Leave  Arrive  11.00 a. m,  11.15    "  DAILV  Kaslo  South Fork  Sproule's  Whitewater  Bear Lake  McGuigan  Railey's  Cody .Junction  Sandon  CODY   BKANCII.  Sniidon  Cody  noi.N-�� K  Arrive 3.55 p.  " 3.20  2.25  ��' .2.10  " 2 00  " 1 15  " 1.31  1 23-  1.15  ,VST  111.  Leave  Arrive 11.10 a.  . Leave 11.25  G. K. COPKLAND, Superintendent.  ATLANTIC   STEAMSHIP   TICKETS.  To and from Kuropean points via Canadian and American lines. Apply for sailing dales, rates, tickets, and  full information to any Canadian Pacific railway ageiitor  C. P. It. City Agent, Nelson.  WILLIAM STITT, General S. S. Agent, Winnipeg.  Tenders Solicited  GOAT RIVER  LUMBER COMPANY,  G.  A.   BIGELOW,  MANAGER  Nelson  Planing Mills  FLOORING, LINING, MOULDINGS, DOORS,  AND SASHES IN STOCK.  EVERY DESCRIPTION OF JOINERY, DOORS AND WINDOWS  MADE TO ORDER.  Office and Mills Corner Hall and Front Streets, Nelson  Lumber   Lumber   Lumber  Kootenay Lake Sawmill, G. O. Buchanan^ Prop.  First   class   lumber   at   right   prices  ./;~V;_-;'Doors, Turned Worlc, etc,  Yard:  Foot Hendryx Street.  line-, of  hand.  Sash,  Also   a   full  constantly on  JOHN RAE, Agent I'}  I1''.  fi_F_  TRIBUNE:   NELSON B.C.;WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 1899  LOCAL   NEWS   AND   GOSSIP.  In addition to tlie pri/,H li*t for the  fancy dress car-nival, to be held tonight  at the Crystal r-itik runlet- the nnspic es oi"  the Ladies' Hospital Aid Society, as published in yesterday afternoon's Tribune,  a prize of a handsome silver1 watch will  be given for a one mile .-killing- race.  Free busses will run during the evening  from the corner- of Biker1 and Stanley  streets.  A curling match took place last night  at the Crystal rink between two rinks  from the Lawrence Hardware Company.  The office rink was composed of J. Watson, L. Lawrence, H. G. Goodeve, James  Lawrence (skip), and the .store was represented by J. Shaw, A. J. Hipp.r.on, D.  Porter, Geo. Steele (skip). Twelve ends  were played, the score being 11 to S, in  favor of the store employees.  II. G. Goodeve of the Lawrence Hardware Company will leave tomorrow  morning for a business trip to the Boundary Creek district, in the interests of the  firm.  George Doyle,   who lias  been in  Ymir  for the past few  weeks managing J.  A  Gilker's branch store there, is back in Nelson looking after the sales in the parent  store.  P. J. Russell, manager- of the Kootenay  business of the Parson's Produce Company, returned last night from a business  trip through the Boundary district.  Branch stores have been established at  Cascade, Greenwood and Grand Forks,  under control of the Nelson office.  Alex Lucas, Conservative organizer for  the province of British Columbia, left this  morning for a visit along the line of the  Crow's Nest Pass railway iu the interests  of the party.  The sittings of the .supreme court will  be resumed at Nelson on Mouday next by  Mr. justice Martin, who is now holding  court at ltossland.  The transfer of the following mineral  claims were received today at the Nelson  office : Aberdeen, on the north fork of  the Salmon river���Henry F. llarrocks, of  London, England, to Edwin Lindsay  . Phillips of London, England, one-half  interest; Happy Jack, on the south slope  of lied mountain, oi miles west of Hall  Siding���Henry Price to Charles Linder-  man of Hall Siding, two-third interest;  Miney, ou south side of Hall creek���  Thomas Livingstone aud Henry Price to  Charles Linderman, one-half interest.  The funeral of AVilliam Berkleman, who  died suddenly, at the Silver King Jrotel  . yesterday morning, took place from the  Oddfellows hall this afternoon.' It.was  attended by. aimi ruber of the local Odd-  . fellows as well a..many personal friends  of the deceased. :..   .-_  ..Born���To the. wife of William'J. Hatch,  . today, a son."     -     ':'.-'-'        - -  y  J ' J. B. Ker of Toronto, who was formerly'  ' connected with the News-Advertiser and  Telegram   .of' Vancouver; has  beeu  appointed editor of the Rossland Miner.     ."  ', All ladies, interested in .the physical  culture classes to be started by professor  Foster are requested to meet, at- the fire  hall on Friday, evening .evening' at ��� 8  . o'clock. .-";.- .-'���'-*  ' J. G. and W. C. McLean, who have a  contract on.the Nelson "& Bedlington railway, came up .from Rykerts last .nighty  Tlie work on the new road is not progressing very. List, for reasons best known \o  - the company'sengineers.  ,_   Every man who marked his  ballot for  Hume yesterday could be marked on the  streets today.    His face  gave him away.  There arc epicures in Nelson who do not-  know the difl'eience between a roasted  jiduckand a broiled hell_diver.  5-s,Gfteqr_;��.Pti'ttiy. pf Three Forks, one of th.6  owners of tlie Monitor mine'attliat town,  wa& in Nelson today. He says that there  is no direct mail .ervi.ce between Three  Forks and Nelson, after all the years that  we have been kicking. Mr. Petty reports  that thesiiiiue owners in bis section halve  no coniplaiiit to make other than that  they do hotknb\v" what the Mineral Act  ���will'be from ope year to another.  Tlie   Western   Union   telegraph  Corrl-  , ��pany,'s jbig cut in-rates went intoieffeet tor  "dafjrs The r��at6 to Cuba from all dKtie.  ;eas> of th�� Mississippi to Havana, is reduced to _!5 cents instead of 40 cents as  formerly. The rate to tlie saine point  from Brrtisii Columbia is fixed at 15 cents  instead of 00 cents There are corresponding' reductions in the rates to other  points in Cuba.  The   wife  of  Robert Thomas  Stokes,  ��� road master on the C P.  1..,  died  at the  Crickmay hospital last evening of phen-  HKLP   WANTED.  C��CtfOQ_. TEACIfKU WANTKD-Apply to Secretary  *���*��� Hoard of Trustees, Moyie, H. C.  WHEN YOU REQUIRE  POKER CHIPS  CIGARS  PLAYING CARDS  Remember you can get them from  S. J. MIGHTON  Aberdeen Rloek, Nelson, H. C.  monia. Tlie deceased left a family of  sevpn chi dren, tho youngest being but  r,wo week-e'old.': Yesterday one of the  children, a lad named Wellington Stokes^  tnge! licr wit h Jolrri Belland Alexander McDonald, came across a can of powder in  the rear of Harry Conan's residence, and  applied a match to tlie same. Irr the explosion which followed all the bos's were  more or-less injured, but in the case of  the lad Stokes he was so badly burned  that he may lose the rrse of his eyes.  After the Excitement...  Of the holiday season ancl the elections  Keep warm...  and  preserve  by  health  wearing-  fl=si  Chamois Vests and  Chest and Lung Protectors  Large stock: just  received  W. F. Teetzel & Go.  THE  Our weather here  you .should always  snaps.    We have a  is   uncertain   and  be - ready for* cold  full   line of  coal  stoves and   heaters on   hand   and  invite an inspection of our stock.  Vancouver  Hardware  Company, Ltd.  MARA & BARNARD RUJCK,  BAKIOIt ST., NKIV-UN  K,ing Hat  ASK   TO   SEE  THEM  Is something" new, stylish,  and strictly up to date.  Every Hat is guaranteed.  Nos. 18 and 20 Baker Street,  ;  Nelson,. B..C.  ,.  J. A.  ___4^  WHOLESALE-"AND   RETAIL  The Nelson hardware Go.  Having purchased the stock and business  of the above company, we are selling off the  goods on hand at the lowest prices to make  room for our complete spring stock of Shelf  and Household Hardware, "Wood and Coal  Cook Stoves below cost.  The firm name will remain unchanged.  Ceo. W.  Beisr.  E. G. Smyth.  Nelson, February 9th,  1899.  1! take this opportunity of thanking my  numerous friends for their past patronage.  All outstanding- accounts must he paid to  Mr. Robert- Wilson; at the oflicc - of=. the  Nelson .Hardware. Co." within ,ton ..days. ..= '  "'" '_"':..-_ ''"'-' . _ -��� WlLMAM _W.;JHo\vh. :  : Nelson, February ,9tli/lS99.'. ''.'"   .'  CUSTOMS BROKERS.  AUCTIONEERS  Meat  Wholesale Markets at flelson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.  Nelson,   Trail,  Ymir, Kaslo,  City,  Grand Forks,  ORDERS BY MAIL  PROMPTLY_FJBWAR-PEJ.____.__. _,__  RETAIL  STORES AT  New. Denver,  Sandon, Silverton, Cascade  Midway, Greenwood and Sirdar.  Head Office, Nelson, B.C.  BEAL ESTATE and GENERAL AGENTS  - -     . -    -   .    ���>-,(-,"'"'-f" =  Baker Street, Nelson  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  ALL KINDS OF FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  ���~ ^ ^^ RETAIL ~^~ "  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  FIRST 1)0011 WKST BANK B. C. BUILDING.  Residence Lots  _?OK  S-__J__EJ  Dairy Ranch, on Kootenay Lake near-  Nelson     ..... $5000  House and lot orr Silica street....    1100  Houseiand__u_voJots__on^y_eriiori stre__b^l_300_  JJbuse ahd lob on Victoria'.street; . . . ,2100  House arrd lot on Victoria street , . ,. 1650  House and lot On Victoria- -street . . . 1900  House .and. two lots on Carbonate St.   1800  ALEX   STEWART,  Olllce;  Mining   Broker.  1'urnor & Jjocckh block, Ltakor and  VVavd, streets, Nelson.  BaKer Street, Kelson  ��. G.  OltDKItS BV MAIL HKCKiVK GABKKUL AN:D PJIOMPT ATTENTION  COPPER��� ORE^ORYORE, LEAD ORE  Purchased and payment made as soon after receipt of ore as  samples can be assayed. Quotations given upon the receipt  of samples.   THE  HALL MINES, Limited, Nelson.  Business and  Residenti;al Lots  tfOll SALE irr the original toyfnsiie on e.-rsy  terms. Also lots for side in (J nurd Foiiks  and Cascade City.  Apply ,  FRANK  FLETCHER,  P.L.S.,  Land Agent,  Comer Baker ami Kootenay Streets,      Nelson, B.C.  C. D. J. CHRISTIE  GENERAL BROKER  NELSON, B,;-G_.  KASLO, B. C.  SANDON, B. C.  DEALERS IN  Shelf and Heavy Hardware  SOLE AGENTS FOR  Giant Powder  TRUAX  ORB  GARS  Canton Drill Steel  CARRY IN STOCK  Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal  Pipes, and Fittings  Giant, Caps and Fuse  Tools, Cutlery, Tin  and Woodenware  Stoves, Ranges,  Iron,  Steel,  Sheet  Iron, T-Rails  Paints, Oils, Glass  NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:   Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.  THE LAWRENCE HARDWARE Go.  Will   be found   in  their  new  premises  on  with  a  complete stock  of  Baker Street  Shelf and  Heavy  HARDWARE  Heavy  and Shelf  ALL KINDS OF MINING SUPPLIES  You will find-it" io your-advantage to cbnsult/us  -. ~t-- - -. ���:     before" * placing '.your orders" _'.-'  . Tiqsmithing-/and Plurnbiqg a. Specialty  Estimates Cheerfully Furnished   .   '-  in  Ganried  Simcoe's Lynn /Valley  Rhubarb in 3-pound, tins. Goet-  zen Ilniop^ Canning- Gonipany?s  Sweet Potatoes iii 2 1-2 poulid  tins, THe first lot of these g-oods  ever seen in Nelson.   Try them.  Mail Orders  Promptly Attended to  Baker Street, ^^ggjjfc $0.  FIRST A RlPIIfAfi��H  and if a good oiie it is sure to be followed  PIANOS  Steinway and Nordheimer lead  the world. Art & Music Co.,  agents, Baker street, Nelson,  15 PEOPLE  TO   LET  4-Ilroom Cottage.  ���1-Hoora House  ..  ..20  FOB   S-_______]  House and lot, Victoria streut ��ir00  House and lot, Silica street  1300  House niul lot, Silica street ....  2800  House and lot, Mines road  730  Corner lot, Vernon street ,  2700  Two lots, Silica street.  800  MONEY   TO   LOAN.  ALL STAR ENGLISH SPECIALTY CO.  The greatest aggregation of Star Specialty Artists.  One solid week commencing on  MONDAY, FEBBUABP lM  It is needless therefore to say that our- success is due largely to tire reputation we  have built up. Not only among our city customers wl.ro have their eyes Continually upon  us, but itmong our many friends at a distance who trust us with their orders by mail  and feel just as well satisfied as if. they were on the premises 'personally THAT JS A  11EPUTATION- GAINED. FRESH   LAID  EGGS ALWAYS  ON   HAND  ABERDEEN BLOCK  NELSON, B. G.  M. DesBrisay & Go.  Office in the Aberdeen Block, Nelson  ��� Dissolution of Partnership.  Notice is hereby given that the partnership heretofore  subsisting- between us. the undersigned, as hotelkeepers,  at the Grove Hotel, Nolson City, UriUsh Columbia, has  this day been dissolved by mutual consent. Tho busines.  will be carried on by Alfred Manson, and all debts owine  to the said partnership aro to be paid to him; and all  claims against the said partnership are to be presented  to tho said Alfred Manson, by whom tho same will be  settled. ..;'���'   .,;':  ���Dated at Nelson. Uritish Columbia, thisTih day of 1< eb-  ruary, 189��. '    ' FKKIJ HARMON,   -  ruary, .o.A ALKUED MANSON.  Witness:  W, A. GAi^rriEB, j  J. A. Irving 8c Go.  :    GROCERS AND PROVISION MERCHANTS  Family orders a spccialtyv.5jnd; free daily delivery  Alail and telephone orders promptly attonded to  Uaker Street West, opposite Oddfellows* Flock  NELSON, B. a  I     Have just received a consignment of Harris home  made tweeds from Talbot Harris, Scotland.  PEED J. SQUIBB, Baker St. Nelson  The supply is limited, bo call early and examine this stock.  >,J  _>


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