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Has Mines; that are Payirtg iJividerids arid Hundreds of Properties that cdn be Made
Dividend Paying Mines.
a   Mineral   Output   of Upward!-, of
Million    Dollars    Every    Month
In   The Year
. •ttTBEfeLY  BDiTIO-Sf:
Ctty Council Proceedings.
The members of tire city council struck
a generous gait lit last evening's meeting,
nnd gave tire sisters hospital scheme a
leg-np in an i-.Tort to secure a cash bonu«
oi' $0000, and a block of land in Nelson,
from the provincial government. The
recommending of this assistance to (he
sisters hospital scheme, and the considei-
ing of the finance committee's recommendation to increase the tux upon wholesale
houses doing business in the city, was the
chief business transacted at the meeting.
Reports Prom Finance Committee.
The finance committee had two reports
before the council. In the first it recommended that the local brewing companies
—Iteisterer <fe Co. and Gosnell & Co.—be
required to take out" wholesale liquor
licenses, .instead of wholesale traders
licenses. Tire, wholesale traders license
costs $20 per year, and the wholesale
liquor license $100.   This was agreed to.
The next suggestion was that a tax
of $25 every six months be imposed upon
all express companies or loan and investment companies doing business in the
city. This was agreed to but if the agents
of the loan companies object they will not
be called upon to pay the tax.
The third recommendation was that the
tax imposed upon wholesale houses doing
business in the city be increased from $10
for every six months to $25 for~ every six
months.. This requires an amendment to
the trades license by-law and while the
suggestion was not opposed in the report
it will be opposed when the move is made
to amend tire by-law.
The last clause in the first reoort of the
committee reads as follows: "Your committee find that the published statements
of receipts and expenditures for the past
year are incorrect and misleading, and in
order that the books of the city may be
put right and kept in a business-like
manner, they recommended that an audit
be made of the city's book of accounts for
the year ending December 31st, 1898.",
This clause.;was adopted in solemn silence.
The second report set but that the t _-,y
had no power.to grantl any. assistance Jit
"\the_ "ihariiiev ^suggestedXtoj;the/i;sau_plirig"i
"" pany;;-&% als/> .°fixed» the. reductiqnssin/the'
.'""follows:. iTw^
;;£ tion3be Tse'ttled^ h> on thlybin .futuref:. This,
fydF;c6h rs etdp es""n b"t a ffect^tb e^city^payroll.n
£deblcEeSbYAn4" "J?-?^ Xf. ^"-•~^.h«J((". ■_*.*">■ «£&
pital tees collected by the company from
the men Mr. Campbell said that the expenditures of the company upon hospital
account exceeded the amount received irr
There  was also a letter from John A.
Turner, government agent, in which liein-
timated   that in the case of the burial of
piupers,   if  lire city   authorities   could
show him that tire provincial government
was responsible for the same lie would defray the expenses.
Alderman. Hillyer resented   the inference of Mr. Campbell that the remarks
made by alderman Thomson and himself
were based upon ignorance.   He thought
that if the city was to  be called upon to
bury  miners from  the Silver King  one
after another as it had  in  the past,  the
city should request the provincial authorities to send a health officer to the mine
and make a thorough examination of the
same.   If  the city   was   to   be held  responsible for the  burial of the miners it
should   see that the  place was at  least
The communications were received and
filed and the -city .clerk'was...ordered, to
present the bill for the burial of the two
miners from the Silver King mine, to the
government agent at Nelson. ,
Thecity solicitor will also take the matter up with the provincial government so
that the city may  be spared  the burden
of- burying all   the paupers of   the surrounding district who die in  the Nelson
hospitals. ________
Adolphe LaPointe's Liquor License.
Adoljilro, LnPointe had a communication bnfore the council in which he asked
whether, it,would be wise for him "to.put
in an application for a saloon or hotel
license. He said that he was promised a
license last year and that he had expended $000 ou account of the same and then
didnot get the license.
The clerk was authorized to notify Mr.
LaPointe that there were no vacant licenses at present and thatthe couucil was
not in favor of increasing -he.nurnber.
Health- Report-Referred to Committee.
The report of the medical health  officer
■was referred to; a comuiittee com prised of
alderman Fletcher, Beer, and Kirkpatrick.
It  contains  several suggestions for the
iaiprovement of the saniuiry condition of _
»thejeity,fe .vhi('Ii"th^
pected to .consider.and reporcupon/ to "the-.
be made to vote the solicitors  salary of
$1000 over and above tire cost of litigation.
To Secure an Auditor.
At the tail end of the meeting aldermaiv
Beer moved a resolution authorizing the
mayor- to secure 1 he. services of an auditor
for- the purpo*o of having the books of the
ci'y audited. ■ Ir, was atrreed to without
debate aud'the council then adjourned.
the  Legislative
«W"C "»■" „'..,\".S"-*.. .V. ,'«:-' *h .."".v.,., _V -.1i\i:A"5,'",.1.*.
f~;^cationebefqrei the.(10110011^6^1^^^1^^:11,6.
i_pr;bposed °T aide nd ineh i^td") \h^»jp$'„Me\y'
_ ^meh°d-oen%"^^
^'the^at^ntiolaof .fhegdverhmerit'Srid'that*
»^f l?e?am^end„t2^
V, ;oatibn>\^^.s$|^ " %"" }
" '■°"^V°<i'."*l™*Macdqnald.&„'Jofin|on's«BliL:.  ••'; :.:"" "'■'
.;■ ^.Macdonald^J.QhnsQn;^      inspecting
/ till? "p_vyrifentlbf (the) rj^ccount^i' or■"" seiwk.es
JreVderedttbe's corpora t3pnlJi'^">€be'hia>.tntii-ir..o'_;
'. fthei'li tlga tiph io":qu£is_- [ the - electric, ligh t
lolanj .^yilaVv,,""THe.b'.cifey!.c;lSrk: explained ;
thafcihe'accouh sent down °tb
=_4^i"c%oriais6"=|ha t^i ^cquld^it-berihcorjrpprat-^
ed ill "tlie c'osts .taxed agaihst the plain tiff
in the action, bjitas the corporation had
not;recovered,any costs the city would
probablf httve'tb pay the bill. The coun-
cil decided *to pay the accountand a check
for the saboe will be issued.
. Taxing of Billot's Costs.
Another communication from Mricdou-
ald&J^blinson stated, that they had proceeded up £6 a (jertain point with the taxation of John Elliot's bill of costs as rendered to the city, when circumstances
ardse which nece-isitated an adjonrntnerrt.
They Considered that the taxation was
only a matter of detail which could be
proceeded with by the city solicitor froju
the point at which they stopped, and they
stated that they would he pleased to turn
the papers over to thecity solicitor. They
were notified'so to do.
Gamble & O'Reilly's Bill.
Gamble & O'lteilly had a communication
before the council, tin which they asked
for the settlement of^an alleged, claim
against the city for $60. The city clerk
explained that the item was a charge for
a report by Mr. Gamble upon the flow of
water in Iiootenay river, prepared in com
nection with the plans for the city seweiv
age system; The clerk further explained
tnat payment of the account had been
refused by the former council because the
report was not what was required. A
second report was promised liy the engineer but it had never been presented.
The matter, was referred to the finance
committee. .
The Hall Mines' Dead.
J. J. Campbell of the Hall Mines had a
communication before the council in
which he took exception to the remarks
made by aldermen Thomson and Hillyer
upon the responsibility of the Hall Mines
in the matter of the burial of miners who
died paupers. He said that the remarks
of aldermen Thomson and Hillyer appeared to be based upon ignorance of the
circumstances.    With respect to the hot-
es'X.'i.y ..^Squabble:Overft_ie*Water..Fronts">.{s.°;"_.s0,
i'w-'W.'■ ■'■#•" -'*V^1'n" (X!-^i"*"'t'*'wp"° -''V--.;' ^ is-.'?00,."' v'.^.^".-.,^   -''D ''!
'.izfng the'depa^tf^
i the conseutofsthe city:epuhcrl toall apph:."
.cati ohfef or";' Sytes,- alqn g ..Dtlhe%:;.wate£s»"f ronj.:"
j,McEean^& GShrpan^had;^
;^vit;h t3he Cianadiah^apil-ic.-^Silwi'y^Com"'.*.
> rjahy/.-oyer^
*wes t'side.otrJosephine,0'streets aud;:made
^parj.heiilfad taketi"ini ;thKa.mart.tei'i!»Arder=
*dq°ii\g. busing
,suc;h£as -McLean,, &„■ Compa;ny» «..wJerieiconJr
IsiB.0ve(d\tbvBe^-->.| ^ ■>■;«;,■ 4/1 \: '--y^k ."."*■""
%The commujiclatioji?wasllaidj q'veituntik
|he_iiext'me'etjhg^ °". ■",:, -y }d, Sd°*\_».;!"_ir'.-Vv.».'
■ ..„.»„     ■ =Tife°Scliopl»fbr tlieiBast*End-.a° .',""" ""■"
Wheq the ^et|tiqn.,i'or;addjtidnal 'scgopl'
faciffties ;for filie1 eastern _lfalf of: tho city
u       u" ™. u -     r,    uff D    " ■   oft       **   n^   ^n   °     o '    V        *     n        ■_   [i        *y o iT
was brought up. "aldernlan, Fletcher said
that, th^e matter cquld»be {jresented io^tlie
departtijent qfiedticatiori hiore'cl^aijly in
=aJett6r-thah=by^|n inte^yriew^^Herihoved=
that the petitiqti asking for p. school in
the east end be eirdoised and that, the
minister of educationibe asked" to secure""a.
site "for the same and erect th'e school.
This, was assented to by the councih
To Establish Front Street (3-rade.
Frank GibbS and P. J. Itussell appeared
before the council for the purpose of
urging lhat the c6uncil establish the
grade of "Front street wibhotlfc delay.
They wei'e representing tlie Braclciiran &
'lief and the Parsons Prod nee Coin panics,
and could not. proceed with their warehouses until the grade was esfcablisjied.
The public works, committee and the city
engineer were authorized to establish the
grade today.
Sisters' Hospital  Bonus.
Alderman Hillyer mOved a resolution
recommending to the provincial government the granting to the sisterhood of
the Roman Catholic church of the whole
of block 40 in the original townsite and of
$0000 in cash, in return for which the
sisters are to erect a $15,000 hospital in
Nelson, and maintain for one year free of
charge all the pauner patients of Nelson
riding outside of the city of Nelson.
This resolution was seconded by alderman Kirkpatrick and was warmly supported by alderman Fletcher.
Alderman Beer was opposed to the
adoption of the resolution. He thought
that at least the matter should be laid
over for one week in order that some information could be secured with respect
to the Kcotenay Lake General Hospital
Alderman Hillyer pressed for a vote
arid the resolution was adopted, alderman
Beer alone voting in the negative.
Gold Properties Showing Up Well. /_ "\y.
The success which is attending the work;
of the Duncan Mines Limited on the gold
properties acquired by the company^-im4.
mediately east and west of the'Pdbr'manV
point to the establishment of another,
sound mining compauy with business di'-'
rectly tributary to Nelson, and a business
which will be of sufficient importance to
warrant the employment in the ,imme-;
diate future, of from 150 to 200 men ,in
mining and milling operations.
At the Granite mine the development so
far as it has progressed is most errcourag:f
ing.   In the No. 1 level north, some 30 feet|
have been driven iu a rich chute of .ore?"
which averages over $70 to the ton,' and'
an upraise is being made to connect with;'
what is known as  the  Swedberg  shaft,1;
120 feet north of the.main or Diumniohd.
shaft.   'In the No. 2  level the  working's
have got into what is apparently"., undisturbed ground, and a line ledge, is beiug.
followed on a regular course with good;
walls.   A north level at the No.. 2 station;
and the sinking of the main shaft is beingi
pushed'forward rapidly with steam drills.;
; At the Royal Canadian group  which is
being  developed  by the   Duuc.au. Mines"
three levels are driven on the ledge,  and;
cross trenching on the southern end of the
Royal Canadian, and ou the Roy, a northern extension of the Royal Canadian, are
being made to develops the ledge over a-
length of 2000 feet.   Sever-al fine specimen,
showing visible gold ore are being fouud inj
the No. 3 level.   So soon as the supw goes;
the Eldorado and Nevada ledges; east and-
west of tlie Royal Canadian are to be
opened up. >
The company hasconipleted all prepara-.
tiorrslVir the construction: of the fltrme'.
froni Sandy.crt'ek in4hedeai. y.sprijVgj arid
The  Bill   as  Introduced    in
The following is the text of the bill introduced in the legislative assembly by
the finance minister:
1. This Act may be cited as the "Mineral Act Amendment Act, 1889."
2. Sections. 4 and 5 of chapter 135 of the
Revised Statutes of British Columbia are
hereby repealed and the following substituted therefor:
l "4. A free miner's certificate shall run
from the date thereof and shall expire at
midnight.on the 31st day of May next
after its date, or some subsequent 31st
day qf-May. Only one person or joint,
stock company; shall be named in such
certificate. Tlie fee payable therefor:
shall be as provided in the schedule of
_fees to this Act. Free.miner's certificates
may be issued by any gold commissioner
or mining recorder." .        -
. "5. A free miner's certificate shall be in
the following form: ;
"Free Miner's CERTrFiCATE.
(Not Transferable.)
' ■.•■-'-ANo.'-":'.■'
"This is to certify that . of  ;
is entitled to all the rights^and  privileges
of a free miner from midnight on the*
.              daypf '•■'":A/D.'''"''.'■■,.
until midnight on the 31st day of May,--
one thousand eight aud      '.''■" "(A.D.       )
"Issued at— — " j
The Olty Solicitor's Salary.
City solicitor W. A. Galliher wanted
the council to determine how he should be
paid for his services. The council did not
feel equal to the task however, and the
matter was deferred until Wednesday
afternoon.   It is likely that an eil'ort will
.compauy's1-engineer ;estiuiatesi thatched
.companies ^yaterpovver^w^
■ alVq."tp^cypera|;.%^V?oV^re°-^
!;t lie^G^a ujlefgl^upj^'^
.Aviiifranged .%*T^
_11GSQ ;feejHn|ele°vati„6n,Y.ub_lf/
lwi\ U S",be;.""ac~oiii pi isli'edV^'.bySau .""'"lieri'iCfc
'••' .** «!%«"is"" $$." ^^^^IrlP^Vg'pR^A?^^""1'"**" ■ ?*'°'
^ExtoheqRe.r°madeta visr.t*tq. the^Lxchecluer]
ihjthe^sli&f tKnd '%u*Miiue,ls!rs:thetl-Veifc^in',"!ti-:*e«.'
;.cbursekol"fthe.. prtf perfcy^ /aev^eiopmlinfc'.
"The'^0. api>n^ap^n^f f#vjSSSWf&£i ■'
„Xu%'he "l.e'd^e; n qt-fph'ly VihcrseajseS;" yi?" wjd^h.
ibpt in varies. In .the^diufbj'rorn.^tlie. era. s>>
'cuttiinnel".he.tndre.liberal miner.aliziafcjoh
ot\tlie" Oi;e "chu t"elwhich.".U
to ta'ft.anU:"-.'-ie^i'-id'icatibus.ia''iii3„-5trhat the
high.grade or.e;w.ilkbe.enqquuter.ed; before
'it iva's?. expeqtgdi yyyy   :J '"" „;      :■■'■■■''•■.•"■ °.
" . " r_ainifag.Rn^cprds.
Tfie transfer of the following niinferal
claims \yeue recordedi.today* at, the Nelson
office : Copper. Clown, situate 7 miles f coin
*Nel.sonv=on-Cplumbia=<SvTKbqteri ay-rail \yay;
—John Perkins to Joseph Sturgeon of
Nfelsou, one third iii terest; NelsOn, 1 mile
south Of Neltson^ijohir Campbell to Joseph
Certificat.esof improveniei..ts were issued
from the Nelsbn ollice, today, for the following mineral claims : Blue Eyed Nellie,
to the Blue Eyed Nellie Mining Company;
Yello\y Dog, to A. L. Keller.
Will Operate In the North*
[liokleii -tliiKii. Fobriiaiy l/th.]
Captaip ArnisLrotrg, after a brief visit,
to Golden j. left here last Saturday en
route to Atlin. Ills firsSt Stopping .place
will be Lake Bennett, Wher'e he .will build
a steamboat for captain Irving, late
manager for the C. P. N. Company, Victoria, and the boat will ply froin Bennett
City to Tako City, on an arm of Tuigish
Lake. It is anticipated thatthe principal transportation for the Atlin district
will pass over this route, the commencement of the Same being from Skagway
by the White Pass and Yukon railway,
which is expected to reach Bennett City
in the spring. Captain Armstrong left
Victoria yesterday by the Tees for Skagway,, and should be at his destination by
the end of the month. He takes iwith him
some of his old employees also.
"(Signature of officer issuing same.)"
• 3. -A person may at any time prior
thereto, and not later than the first day
of May, or if the first day of May is a holiday then on thenext day which is not a
holiday, obtain from the proper officer,
on payment of the proper fee, a free
miner's licence, ruuning from midnight on
the thirty-first day of May in any year
Sto midnight of the thirty-first day of May
iriext thereafter, or any subsequent thirty-
;first day of May.'
_;;. 4. In case any person should allow his
free miner's certificate to expire lie.-, may
-obtain from the proper officer, upon payment of a fee of twenty-five dollars, a
'special free ^miner's certificate. Such
special certificate shall have the effect of
sreyi'viug',;-„the. fitie ofl%the^ person, to iwhotn"-'
ip^is.;igs.ue"d tp^all■^-nijrineran;_lai_^''"^l-iic'h',
' sueh^pi|rsq
:p°ar;t|iat the:tim^q^
tier ceVti ficate,^excep Svsuch^as, »u ndeR- the
:, provisions". o|.„^thl_.°AcVt„h^^
..imb;j'ofJthefisstiei' bf..suchspecial?certifif
°;nii peris a.c*ert ificat^
l^st^day 'of »"May"rn ex*t!a!fter' i t§*:issue>;Si?chj
''1&& "^j^Bj^isH;.%£l^Mi^
a^jpaid_me>.the. jsum^pffltw^enty^hy^eldolr*
iiars*a hd?=is°erit;i"t-ed."_t!.^°a.lli^^heV"I?ights!jLand9
pnvrleges ot a free miner- from   midnight
fephe*^:-".."/-. -^y-bf-. ".;''■>; ^.;""",»s"A?d^.; r
■"until";hiidhigjft;bf%hes30tfdaybf:" "*'      '
^myi v^v^iv^rn.*.-^ .■*"_>-.■'■.--'*
- ,i"Issued'"at:."..... =" »,■"„.«;." .»".i«...i »■...
chapter 135, as enacted by section 9 of
said chapi'-i 38. is hereby amended by inserting after the word "action," in the
fifteenth line thereof, the words "(iiuless
such time shall be extei ded by special
order of the Court upou cause 'being
13. Section 127 of said chapter 135, as enacted by section 10 of chapter 33 of the
Statutes of 1898," is hereby amended by
striking out the words "one year" in the
second line thereof, and substituting
therefor the words "two years," and by
striking out the figures "1899 'in the fourth
line thereof and substituting therefor the
figures "1900."
14. Section 143 of said chapter is hereby
amended by striking out the words "and
may also make regulations for relieviug
against forfeitures arising under section
9 of this Act," in the. fifth, sixth, and
seventh lines thereof.
15. Section 145 of said chapter 135 is
hereby amended by striking out the word
"to," in the fourteebthline thereof; and
also by striking out the words "gold commissioner, mining recorder or," in the
thirty-fourth line thereof. V; . »
16. The schedule of fees to be charged
as provided in said chapter 135 is hereby
amended as follows : ;
"For every free miner's certificate for a
period for less than a year, a prdportionr
atepart of the fee charged for a certificate
for a year.   ,
.'■ "For recording every abandonment, including the memorandum to be written
in the record, ten dollars instead of two
dollars and fifty cents. ;       "
"For a crown grant, ten dollars instead
of five dollars.
■i "For1 abstracts and other certificates,
such fees as the mining recorder may consider fair, subject to appeal to the minister
of mines." '
17; The Minister of Mines may provide
for keeping a register of all free miuers'
certificates issued in the proviuce, and for
aP persons issuing the same to makere-
turns to him for that purpose. Such
register shallshbw number of certificate;;
date of issue, and time for which same
was.ih force, and shalh be/properly indexed. Auy person shall; be-entitled to
search same rrpon paynieht of a feeVof;25
cents foreachname, atidytb. receiye a ceivi
tifica,te as to any name"under tliehahd of"
■ the deputy minister pf mines; or*aiiy per-:
son appointed b^the^mihiste^
'for. that purpose. ;°upbn?.ii3ay
of p0;eep"ps".^y^:2yy^yy 'p£}(y^y. '!P^.>.:«J_>:«^\ -^
: v418/. Grown grants bf mineral olaims strait
.resp[eRt..of any„sii.K.^
.in tere$C^^f°;^^t(];s^
*■ ?20.;"This. act'shal i cbme"°i"nt6:f breeJoii^ther:
:first.d^ot3tf:^x^:^^i899^a:^fe|iy -J
. Appropriations for West Kootenay.
Below will be found the appropriations
for the several mining divisions of Wesit
Kootenay for the year' ending June 30r.h,
1900, as well as the several amounts that
go to make up the deficits for the year
ending June 30th, 1899.   It will be seen
that no separate appropriations are made
for the public school teachers, aside froiu
the several small amounts to   make up
deficits   for   this   year.   There   is   also
no     appropriation  for   hospitals;   biiti
instead,y -^ hospitals 0  are     each   ^giveri "
$500 and 50 cents a day for each- patient v
treated.   The  appropriations for roads. •
trails, bridges and ■wharves are;: $15,000
for Nelspn riding, $15,000 for Slocan riding,f.'iv
and $15,000for Rossland riding.   .No separate appropriation has been made for a
land .registry office, arid it is not likely
that such an office will be established aay- =
where in Kootenay.   The specific appro-
.priations total $115,000;jso it cannot be ;
•said that West Kootenay. has not been
"fairly, treated. ■■-■-■■:■;'--y :y.y'y '"':y?y.[y:
NEr-SON MINING DIVISION. ":"•"..■_;     '■        .. V /
Govcrnrhont agent...-.-.:;.....V;...;.:;;.:...:.v.^..$'i80o;  -:
Clerk...........,-...................;..................    900:;
Clerk..:......;:....:..;..v..... .......:...;.;.,:,....    g_o ,,'
Janitor......;... ..;.... ..w;..v....;..„     000 : •
Mining recorder....................."..........'.'..... ..'■:. iaoo    ;
Clork.,.;. :■:.;•.■;. —............................;. ::•:;.*  8.0 ■•" •
Reg-istrarsupreme and county-courts. . ... .   1200 -'•'
Deputy registrar.......:.;..............;.......;....-.    ygo   r
Warden provincial jail.........'.;.....    1200
Gaoler.... .J....;.............:........ ...... ^12L   -
Gaoler;..............,....,........,. , .;..,'.;■" gio
Gaoler.............;.-.,;.;'...;.;'..;...;;......... .'..-. ._■.   jjjo    '
Convict guard.. _'. -■;... ..-...•.............. ..'.'.'.......    810    ~
Repairs togdvornhient buildings:.,.....;.....;....      '500 "'.''"'■
Repairs to provincial jail........;...............; ...■•-,:' 250
-'"iro department.............. ................... ;   150
Public school buildint; (supplementary) ....,:.....:  ^658 ■••'"''■
Court house (in addition to $1000 voted)... :.......,.• 5000   *
Gmtuity to 0."G: Dennis, retired from office......;.'   300i   ■;
Public school, Xelson, construction and furniture..   2000'
Public school (addition)......................;.......      50 - :;
Gaol at Nelson, back debt:.......;.;.........,; ..... ■.'■".:. >•>   :"
.:. $22,482 J
," ■   < S. '1«^ ■ * ■■."""*s
■Will Disfranchise Colored Men.
Au amendment to the constitution of
North Carolina, limiting the suffrage has
been, adopted by both branches of the
general assembly. It passed the house
yesterday by a vote of 27 to 21 and the
senate today by a vote of 41 to 0. It will
be submitted to a vote of the people in
August, 1901, at the same time that state
officers are elected. The avowed object of
the amendment is to eliminate the ignorant negro vote. To do this, education,
property and poll tax qualifications are
prescribed. Rut this is made .ineffective
as to white people by the further provision that any person can vote who was
entitled to vote on January 1st, 1867, or
any time prior thereto, or whose ancestors were so entitled to vote.
■ ™°   ^Sigtfa'tuMpfoffi^er!i^suilfg safiae.)"
°   -"'   d1?*    D'n-,      ■       0    nH    i°" n    nS       _D| V"        0°" S^" ^Wn    XD '    '^      U°    n
5; jS'ecJ;iqn*9"pf. said cliap|eM3ois. Hereby
amVnded ;by ^stiji-clng'.dnb^alli the.words.
afj^er;^'j'issued""-in .the tvyentiyiliSsfc; line
theteqf... ' „ ."."." °. »° :. °, '> . - ■
0. Sections 8,.lO.aud.ll qf said chapter
135 are lifereby iepeaTed.
" 7s As soon as afree miner hasdqne and
re_fo_.dedw_y_j._kLup^n_^_minbral claim. aH_
provided in section 21 of said .chaRtel• 135,
tq the extent of $500, or has paid the sum
of $500 and recorded the sainej as provided by section 25 of said chapter 135, or
has made up said sffm of $500 partly in
one way and partly in another* and has
applied for a certificate of improvement-.-*
as provided by section 30 ot' s'aid chapter
135j it shall not be necessary to do any
more work or" pay any more money in
connection with .such mirier'al" clairn, as
provided by sections 21 and 25, as long as
siich c6rtificate of improvents remains in
.8. All the powers conferred upon gold
commissioners by said chapter 135 may
be performed by mining recorders, with
regard: to mineral claims within the territory for which they have respectively
been appointed.
9. Section 10 of said chapter 135 is hereby repealed, and the following substituted therefbr:
"10. The holder of a mineral claim for
which a certificate of improvements has
been granted and recorded, shall make
application to the minister of urines, en-
Closing his certificate of improvements,
the crown grant fee of ten dollars, the
mining recorder's certificate, form I, the
field-notes and plat, and the affidavit,
form G, within three months from the
date of such certificate of improvements,
and in default of such application having
been made within such time, such certificate of improvements shall lapse and become absolutely void. Such crown grant
shall specify the interest of each grantee
10. Any person who has performed
work or paid money in connection with a
mineral claim as provided by section 24 of
said chapter 135, shall be entitled to recover from a co-owner, by suit in any
court of competent jurisdiction, for the
proportionate part of said work or money
which should have beeu done or paid by
such co-owner.
11. Section 32 of said chapter 135 is hereby amended by adding thereto as subsection (2) the followiug:
"(2). A fee of ten dollars shall be paid
for such permission."
12. Sub-section (2) of section 37 of said
^"paTri tTe'rVIs"" d _ad®
■ ..VY"*J^"rs..l'***" ■_--_«i:i.:'-./'"'.:57.*.TM.-r .-j-.™
>. .Don .Carlos 1 orbidsahis^partisans. taking
"thiir""4ats:.m"iMcorfe'.f" "***"-V«^. ^>""■>:
- I'he*Iweuch'."armyihas."made?such ,pro-i
gr;ess'xhat, 11 is: rep.qrted ln*Ber 1 m miiitary;
..G"er.nah>'_lrrny'4   ..'" /'-'-".yy&-™°- "\yy_°* yL'l " "°y
• Seyen^nrden8!have;been j*e'|5„fiiie°d"jrrettV;''I?drJ,t}
JJo^at I'ro*ni„t'he> wrecked.'.steamer 5JL;_w??"
rence.   The; °me?n  liad  shifered "»t_rribly:s
Ther'eare.Jfbur.teeu mep"still missing.*".     .
The Ilarnburg-Atnoriiean line intends tp
put ohf sev0n ships." to ply .bet^veen Ham:,
burg" and: Ualitax   between Apfif  arid
cia'ns and Hungarians.
French troops are being concentrated
at Tunis, and increased activity prevails
ih the naval yards at Toulon, in anticipation that France will be at war with
Great Britain within two years, this idea
being persistently preached in official circles,
The supreme military court will communicate to the chainbers its decision
that aduliral Cervera and Captain Di'aS.
Mqrea; formerly comruanclgc of the Spanish i-ruiser Cristqbal C'oloq, have no.right
to sit in the Spanish parliament, they
bSihg iinvolved ih tire military proceedings
resulting from the loss of the Spanish
squadron at Santiago.
One of the notable national exhibits at
the Paris exposition in 1900 is to be that of
Holland. A Dutch colonial enthusiast has
given about $ll,v0O0, to be used in embellishing tire colonial exhibit of his country*
Another Hollander has presented hi* government with $1200 to be devoted to the
agricultural section Of the country's exhibit. ____■       .     ■'
McOune TJp For Bribery.
A. W> McCune, one of the owners of the
Payne mine, in the Slocan, is endeavoring
to be elected United States senator for
the state of Utah. He is charged with
attempting to bribe a member of the legislature to vote for him, as he only lacked
three or four votes of having enough to
elect. The following dispatch explains
what is being done: "The legislative
bribery investigating committee has addressed a letter to representative Law,
asking him to make a written statement
of his bribery charges and furnish a copy
to Mr, McCune. and also to present the
charges in writing to the committee at 9
o'clock tomorrow. Mr. |McCune has also
been notified to appear before the committee at the same time and present his
defense to the charges. Both sides are
allowed counsel. It is understood that
Mr. McCune has engaged as his attorneys
ex-senator Brown, judge Dixon aud Van,
cptt Thurman. David Evans of Ogden
will be one of the attorneys for representative Law."
Assessor and Collector.............:,......
Clerk-............v.:'..-.-.-.-.-.; :r .'.'v;.-'..:; V;:
Clerk....."..;......,;...,..:;..,.%..... ......
''Registrar;county court..;•..;;.i.:.';.'.;.;■..':".•.
Kiro deparlniont, Kaslo...:.;... ;•;■'.■_..;..,..
Recorder's ofllce, Kaslo (old: dpbt).. .V.:.'..
:"':" ':Total..V.:.; .V;..;.';.V.'.'.%.'':?;...*:;'.^.
yyyyy^,[yy.yBLOCAXMimxo div-isions.;-:;■;;.;':s. „jv?;?_.
.Repairstotgubho.buildings (Slocan^ riding).;..;...1^500
- Fire dopiartr-i__tg.--i-idoii..... -.i.....,,-.. ,..."..;; .v:.... ;;.i(xi;
Selidoltda_h^:s»ij^i::h^C.V;°.;;..v;^.:.v.;. ;...vx ' .40:
. Publip schoolivSIocteiCity;. c&nstrt-cti6-i and filrni-': - >■ .
-..y '.tui?e.i:r.'i;','VTS;V- >"'- iV';-;..-;'?.,;v,'V'.'.".,.'; .".•.'^.y...'-2000"
■Public school;-Sandoii, construction and furniture.^ 2000
Public sch.ooU,>Jew Pe»V.er:"."....".;;...".....,;.."".:.-•.;.; ._> 3(K)
.Mining;:rccbrdM,Nl)w Denver. •.'.;.:;";:,.,... ..-..*,..--'--. 'nnrt
Jlliiiiilg recorder, Slocan Cityv...'v.:"..;.;
^Mining recordor:; Nakusp:
.'eOlICttp'r.'Wakuspr'-       ' "
S^6tal".-.°.S ."£
'.Jb: Z".V.' .
«.«'■."   4 "..";._I._SBOSS_,A.NJ»..JtININO';I)I'VISION.K*«
Clerk"! ."% »"^.."-u" " *S"-"*.!8 ■.^'■■^"'■l^-^iu±.,tf.
.^Mining r.cbordcrf.?..y3's.fi>.Y.i:°.i°y^
.Registroriiiprenieand'countpcour-sw..._.'; A
ffDepu t%eg.|tiarr.-" .,>.p". ^.yyfJfTtyxy^.xC;. S f;
vFir.O'acpurtnieiii).,1.-*..*".""." >.C.W....°"\w.."...."hi
•"Sisters'..Hospital%■'■ i'.-.^Y.C„.;."*.'...:^-T...AfZ
..Scho'bl^Jieiicrj Braoklyn^..,"';.>.&*<$.;.'.flf. *..;
°°srncidont,aI expensesscliOolf.BrboIUyniI?.:".1..""?;
sJa'nit'Or.pjiljlio'schobl;'Rossland':>i>.i.:r'.";"A':.".K .l>'
£.780 =
1,200 i
3,000 .
\ -150'."«
500 .
V"."."" .di."Jj^|;ftKVEI>STOip:IrSl.g<ING..HiyiSIpN,
-MinisSfe'Recorder."I_cvels|p'k4 ..**."S"...i^fis..
■lroi)rtir..°to*'pu .lift'buiiaingsfe.^."..„;^.>!.":..».""..""yr.
For>rbsd., "streets., Dbnd}{es;a_d sjylH.KVC-. s. ."."ft".
Rbjid m}FSrc^hMy,,y:ifr<:fy.J.,,.... j»." ..;»yy.
,'Jyiro de'p.artmontj .I{eveIgtpko.;.s^:"y\.. i». .».°.^i
liub!i,c!iicIio6]^i.dv.els£okne."?>.":>";«4_.'..."..".j .*.°fc.n...
.Pub.iii;. sdijooij. 'r.rput:f "&k&d..: .".*.... ;*"".."". ..*".*"..",
:. l'li'blfij, sclio"f)lsJt(.Y,elAbke;.>.".w.» a *-.■_.■;„«». «s„;_ .-
Rrptegtitfii riv'er Ba'rtkatIJtevelstokeS..,.%.»/,5.1.
Coti'r.t house, at Rb\"*8l_fioke"". s*."".-..^?."". »„•„,. ,=.".."-.. ,-
".....300 .
:...■ 900'A-
•'^itflO ":.■
1    »I30X
^0,(RK)."-. ,
•4 h-i«
Reported, as; an Able Speech:    m
Victoria, Ueb. 21.---It isigenqraHy cou.-
ceded that fln:an<_e-:mhijs};e„i..^t^n,'s|:.bud?„
get speech Was a masterly effort. It
occupied tvyo hqurs in deli very.. He yip-
orou&ly ebnibatted; the stateu);qnti .tjiafc
o'fli'Cia'ls had been disnrissed-bH Pq'iticaJ
.grounds. The only pase that" 6di.Id be so
donstrrred was that of government aj?ent
Sibbald at lleyglstoke,. Wlrqpe" appoint-
rniMt was an rrhpc)}lnla1r <>he. lie
announced that thp D/ji-iiriion government had signified ii■. ivillingness. tb
r-etnrrr to the urqyince one-half the tibst
of the work to be done on the river bank
at Revelstoke. Tlie expected increase irr
land reyefiue ($23,000) was,to come from
leases of lands, water rights and timber
royalties. Hotel lidenses in goui-,try,-dj.'si
tricts were to be increased from $i)0 to!. 100.
The mineral tax was to be increased fP 2;
per cent, on the ground that mine
owners are how getting very favorable
freight and treatment rates on ore.
The speech is very favorably commented
on; but rumors are in circulation of discontent among government supporters
because of the small appropriations and
of the reductions in salaries   of officials.
W. J. Devitt, provincial constable at
Trail, returned home last night after a
two-days' visit to NelsOn. He brought
over TV.. D. Brewster, late railway agent
at Trail, who is now in the provincial jail
awaiting trial on a Charge of embezzling
$1500 of the company's funds. At)-the
preliminary trial in Trail, Brewiter -
pleaded "not guilty," but was committed
for trial.
Captain Duncan of the Duncan Mines
Limited, is on his way home from London* and is expected to arrive here about
March 1st.
There is fine ice at the skating rink on
the corner of Stanley and Houston streets
—the finest of the season. THE TRIBUTE:   KELSON B.C.   TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 1S99.  PUBLISHERS' NOTICE.  THE DAILY TRIBUNE is published every afternoon  (except SuiHlay), and will be delivered by carrier in  any town in Kootenay for twenty-five cents a week;  or will be mailed to subscribers for live dollars a year.  THK WEEKLY Tl.IBl.iVE is published every Wednesday and Saturday, and will be mailed to subscribers  for two dollars a year.  REGULAR ADVKRTISKMKXTS printed in both the  daily and weekly editions for $3 per inch per month.  Twelve linos solid nonpariel to be counted a.s one inch.  LOCAL OR READING MATTER NOTICES _U cents a  line for each insertion.  JOB PRINTING at fair rates. All accounts for job  printing and advertising payable on tho first of  ovory month; subscriptions payable in advance.  ADDRESS all communications to  THE TRIBUNE, Nelson, B. C.  n PROFESSIONAL   CARDS.  A.  H.  HOLD ICH���Analytical Chemist and Aasuyor.  Victoria street, Nelson.  T    C. GWILLI-Vl, B.A.SC. & W. S. JOHNSON. B.A.Sc.  �����     ���Mining   Engineers   and   Analytical   Chemists,  B. C.  Slocan City,  LODGE!   MEETINGS.  NELSON LODGE, NO. 23, A. K. & A. M. Meets  second Wednesday in each month. Sojourning  brethren invited.  KNIGHTS  OF PYTHIAS���Nelson   Lodge,  No,  25,  Knights of Pythias, meets in Castle hall, Macdon  ald block, corner of Josephine and Vernon streets, over;  second and fourth Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock.   A  visiting Knights are cordially invited to attend.  R. G. Joy, C. C. Geohgk Ross, K. of R. & S.  ^ _____________���__���__���_������_������������___���________________-_______-____-_:  TUESDAY..  ..FEBRUARY 21, 1899  In making an appropriation to pay a  school teacher at Moyie, in East Kootenay, did the government take into consideration the fact that such an  appropriation would not meet with the  approval of the officials of the Canadian  Pacific? Have these officials not told the  government that Moyie was to be wiped  off the map?  The finance committee of the present  city council recommends that the tax on  vvholesale dealers be increased from $20 a  ye ir to $50 a year. This, if done, will not  work to the benefit of Nelson. The establishment of wholesale houses iu Nelson  should be encouraged, but increasing  their taxes is not the way to do it. But,  then, what better need be expected from  a council, the majority of whom were selected by W. A. Macdonald and J. Roderick Robertson ?  ���';."."���: THE^attorney-generalhas introduced a  bill to amend tlie Municipal Clauses Act.  A number of the amendments are in the  right direction. But there is one amendment not made that should be made, and  that is in regard to the qualifications of  voters. As the act is...at present, a nonresident who nray.'happen to own a fifty-  ^bllar lot; ���!ph.whichjthe.mun  "are fifty cen'tsf hasit-j^  fselection ora\npay,pj;-indjeq.anci'h;as'sha9��at|I.  president; wh"^  ���t taxes," andl-if ihe%h��appph^id^.6fwn\^MiyS'  1 ^ '"ih' n" ".''��� ''."���__ "...%S'^.'na'f."feE. rf. . ��^y��?  ..".""s   5*"��   " ��' ^.��" Jj  -.*. ^..�� %  ^dollar. lot-rnJ;each.|Wa^  I thanthe^'e-id^ntpayihgaih"  in taxes.. who:happenti/to. have allhis prop-.;  :xertyanfqne?ward."f^"gaiC  quality as a householder in one ward aud  ;.a3,the..holder1ot"a license;m^another,B which  "��_ gives:."su'clilpeS'sqn siwi ce^fInvoice giveni  ^another person, w^iq:,haRP.ens ytpf do .;biisii  >*ness^.m3he;sam e ^aj^diid^wl-iijC'hV^ielfllve^  *jrhe"re sliould^be.^  _��������� ..'^'"v^fi!��'r. K?'�� "���".">s;,."..1*.5.-> s.,1.? ':��� *Ai."."'"i.'uoS}"���^_.':  *a'v���oter. at*itiuuicipaKel.eutlonsS;and.:that  *shqu^df.be."that="the*..person^Japplylngj."tori  _.�������_��*."*,& ��ij:^ ;-V'.,;.- :.fw^^t%v*"��'s*"i_;^"^"*_."��_;.n   ^."fi  registration is a British subiect ol the lull  age ot twenty-one years, and has  resided  *within the'_nunidipality.fbr.,orie".��fyear8*."im-"  f mediately-prior to.theTday ��Onrf"_whichj.\the"  ^apD.liMcation.gs?made|lo^^^^^^  "sthatjallwtakes; ;"ands��:ra"^es; .*RkyabIe":'fqv1bh_^  ;municipallty "Igotf ��the "feuiirent vyetCrl" hay^::  _j-��ee)i^ should^tie^  fallqwed'lq.be^hra'deuip t(> 6. o'cifobk"qn" .tlie  ^s#day/4f;tfi.^year.   If a muuLcipajity is  ..divided "���in|o^ w_j_ds, J_he_aRplicah fcs___fbr  yM^is|ratibr?sl-quld'pe registered as voters  " only jh" the ward in which they sleep.   If  " sifchFwerethe qualification, every rGsidenfc  who contributes revenue to the municipality would have an equal voice in the  .selection of'a mayor and council, and they  alqAeShojuld have that powers  . The Bill an Introduced.  1. This Actmay be cited as the ";Munici-  pal Qiauses Jj^xt Amendment Act, 1899."  .t2, S-Cectjqri |8 of chaoter 14*1.of .the Re'-  _n;sed"S|atu};es ol Brrtish Columbia, As enacted qy Sectiqn ^ of chapter Sp bf the  Statutes of, J8fJ��, is: hereby amended by in- |  sertingaftfei- the word "homesteader," in  the seventh oird fOirrteenth line,. tH-Jreof,  the words "lessee from the CrOwn.".  3. Section oO of said Chapter 144 i_T-.ere��  by amended by adding thereto the following subjections:  "(105.) For impb-sing: an annual tax not  exceeding two dollars on all bicycles  or other vehicles used in the uiunici-  pality:  "(160.) For prohibiting or regulating the  construction and use of buildings for  laundries, and for ordering the removal of laundries from any particular  localitv when in the opinion of the  council such laundries are a nuisance  or eyeu ve to such locality:  '*(107) For the prevention of sales or exposing for sale, Or the purchase of any  goods, chattels or other personal property  whatsoever, except milk, drugs and medicine on Sunday :  "(108) For prohibiting the keeping open  of barber shops, on Sunday:  "(109) For the expenditure of money in  connection with any inquiry into railway  or harbor imorovements."  4. Section 02 of said chapter 144 is hereby  repealed, and the following substituted  therefor:  "02. In city municipalities the council  may, each year, publish in city pamphlet  form for the information of ratepayers, a  statement of the receipts and expenditures of the city for the year ending on  the 31st day of December, giving as full  particulars as possible, to enable the  financial position of the corporation to be  understood."  5. Section 83 of said chapterl44 is hereby  repealed, and the following substituted  therefor :  "S3. Every by-law passed by the council  shail be reconsidered not less than  one day after the original passage thereof, and if adopted by  the Council or confirmed by the municipal  electors as herein provided, and signed by  the Mayor or Reeve shall, upon being so  signed, come into effect and be binding  upon all persons unless the date bf its  coming iuto effect is postponed in the  by-law."  0. Sections 85 and SO of said chapter 144  is hereby repealed.  7. Section 113 of said chapter 144 is hereby repealed, and the following substituted  therefor:  "113. For the purpose of taxation  land and inprovements shall be estimated  at their value, the measure of which a.s'to  land shall be the actual cash value, as to  improvements shall be the cost of placing  at the time of assessment such improvements on the land, having regard to their  then condition." ,.  8. Sub-section (0) of section 135 of said  chapter 144 is hereby amended by adding  after the word "from," in the seventh  line thereof, the words "or at the sitting  of the full court next following the pro:  nouncing of said judgment, and for which  notice of appeal can be given under the  rules of said court."  9. Sections 137 and 13S of said chapter  144 are hereby repealed, and the following  substituted therefor:  "137. The council may, in each and  every year, pass a by-law or by-laws for  levying a rate or rates on all the land and  improvements as assessed (provided that  the rate on improvements shall not be  levied on more, aud may, in the discretion  of the council, be on less, than fifty per  cent of the assessed val/ie thereof, or such  improvements may be exempted altogether), to provide for all sums,which may  be required for the lawful purposes of the  municipality for such year: Provided,  always, that the rate so levied shall not  exceed one and one-half cents on the dollar, in addition to what is required for  board of health and hospital purposes,  and for school purposes, and for payment  of interest and sinking fund on any debt  of the municipality.  "Provided that wild land may be taxed  at a rate not to exceed.two and one-half  per cent of its assessed value'.  "(138.) The council may, in each and  every year, pass a by-law or by-laws for  levying a special rate of not more than  one mill on the dollar for Board of Health  and hospital purposes, and if?not more  than two mills on the dollar for school  purposes."  10. Section 139 of said chapter 144 is  hereby repealed.  11. The abatement provided for. by sec-  ^tidn|;148>hd;149;6f\s#id *ch ap.ter.S"144:fsh"alP  ^not-apply'tq-ro^  sfpr b yAdedfi or .irr'ah y* by:,ra*w"u nd eEtwhfclf  ,a*.debt*is.!incurred!xor;money;tborrowed. "*\  ^2:.Sec��ibffCl��_.^^  f,ehacted?bytsebtionCl4��bf^said^chapter,. 35.^  as,hereby�� amended, by. inserting>attei% the'  ^wldr.a..?;'proper.ty,^ih^  .���"the..;word-in. "rCgissered two ".mqnths.��.pre.  i=,vlqu.V.tq;;tlie;.dat.fco|^  "'tibri45ija..fe��nac���ed;by;  jcha jd ter^3pH did\n  ^ ri ;BbKn|e tiquJSw'itfis .sa le\bT. 1^  |p��rqvideol,^fqtV|o��rf'Caffi  !:lawfa��S"it"WasJpriorjto?'thelp^  section   14,  previous to the coming into  ,.i;prce"qt,.said?,se^tion,|l,4.-.���..;:y*    . ***�����.*^  ?��i'l4. f:Seotio��n "I53f'pi ^said;;i"charr3t,er;/l44>^a"s.  /enacte^^|_yjet:tipn;10/q$s^  fflTereby^a"^  tKe".^ehd"^thereqf, .the;.^fqllq*V'ing ?wora.:,  *"A|;f:th;e:Arequeitf^^  #hu;m ber'bf; lbcs-orJ.piet'es;  ���.be.]i,ncluded^in.c^,e"'deed.'       ���    .  . .���'���:���"?".  -^^qr^^tio^^pi^of^.-iaid "chapter M4>; a"��  eMcte.d\by;-et5tioh"37 qf said chaptfe,rt3^jsis*'  tferJbyU^gien^ed-'lo^ ..bu^^t'-le"-  'wpr���d'.S/''|8p^ciall,rat;es;��anci i'n^ujpafaJr-tJ-l''Q^i8V,.',  lu"*.WiefS.ix:t-i'��=Hne[Jherfeof," and spbs))itutihg  thereforrtheCwbras ''audispecial rates."- ��  yao. Section" 175 of said chapter J_44 i��  hereby: amended; by striking out the  wqfd. "(or assqcia.tion of persons ih tqwn?-  '-fhl'prfJr^distric^tr^'Uriieip  muniqi.  clubs)," in the.first and second lines thereof jsand by striking out the words "Or it,"  in*the fifth line thereof.   .  17. Section 178 of said chapter 144 is  hereby repealed,  18. Subrsection (a) of section; 180 of said  chapter 144: is hereby repealed, and the  following substituted thferefor:  "(a.) In city "municipaiitie- the mayor  and two persons appqinted annually by  the lieutenant-gpveirnor in council, one of  whom niust.be.aj-uerhbef of the council of  such city. The term of office ot such conir  missiohers so appointed shall expire at  the same time as that of the aldermen for  shch city, and the alderman so appointed  must be a member of the council for the  period for which he is appointed. In case  of the absence or inability to act of the  mayor, the council may appoint an alderman to act in his place as such commissioner during such absence or inability.  Any two members of such board shall  constitute a quorum."  19. Section 181 of said chapter 144 is  hereby amended by striking out the word  "house," in the fifth line thereof, and substituting therefor the words "property,  or being the mortgagee of such property,  or having any claim upon or interest in  such property."  20. Sub-section (a) of section 183 of said  chapter 144 is hereby amended by striking  J.  out all the words therein after the word  "improvement." in the seventh line thereof.  21. In cases where a police magistrate  has been appointed for any city with a  salary, it shall be lawful for 1 he lieutenant-governor in council to appoint another  person as police magistrate for such city  without salary; who shall only act in the  absence or during the illness of the salaried police magistrate.  22. Section 223 of said chapter 144 is  hereby repealed, and the following substituted therefore:  "223. In every city there shall be a  board of commissioners of police, which  shall coneist of the mayor and two persons appointed annually by the lieutenant-governor in council, one of whom must  be a member of the council of such city.  The term of office of such commissioners  so appoirrted shall expire at the same tin e  as that of the aldermen for such city, and  the alderman so appointed must be a  member of the council for the period for  which ho is appointed. In case of the  absence or inability to act of the mayor,  the council may appoint an alderman to  act in his place as such commissioner during such absence or inability. Any two  members of such board shall constitute a  quorum."  23. The couucil of the city of Victoria  shall have power by bylaw, which need  not be submitted to a vote for the assent  of the electors, to contribute any amount  hot exceeding one-third of the cost of the  improvements mentioned in the Broad  Street Local Improvement Assessment  Bylaw, 1S92, by repaying such proportion  to the persons who have made payments  under said bylaw, or their personal representatives, and by deducting such proportion from the instalments remaining to be  paid under said bylaw.  24. Nothing in this act contained shall  effect anything done or suffered, or any  right, title or interest acquired or accrued  before the corning into force of this act,  or any legal proceeding or remedy in respect of any such thing, right, title or  interest.  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We shall begin with a reference to  this supplemental chapter and then pass  to certain incidents which, according to  our author, have been imperfectly  described or misinterpreted.  The fact is recalled by Col. Mackenzie  on page 210 that it was some carabineers  belonging to his:regiment, the Third Bengal Light Cavalry, which started the revolt at Meerut. They set authority at  defiance by refusing to use the cartridges  ���i'suspectedthe grea^efiised^in^lubricatingr  .."sthem^to^have..been icomposed��ofsihogsf  ��"s_arnd".? iiWe are-assured���-.hati,��t__is;.���pretext  \?^as,��pntthe race;of��'it,j���apsurd,.sjince,tfaS".a|;  l:*m-it-er^bfc;fa-t," .Ii'th"-i\cartridg_s."liad"s;beeha  "n^made regrmentallyrandn^all^the *meiu pjBih,  ��?if get Ijf/well.kne^^  ^b_eh%__d��as;a;4ftb  ��,-however,%been, ija^s^d^throughoufe she,  M.qnestionstnetest'^  >���$&shor t tinre��bef ore^"stheltnVi'tinyjsmy^ter^  =ftjou|���eupi3atees,.pr>n^  _" meri"t>;,^Tl_e^_ue1_^  v$_iass$Be_y,_^  " ������l__ngiishjmen"^but^,h^  defistbbd by the Sepoys^bf wiruing*" tb'be?  ��� i n- read i rfess 'f"pry eh rn i hjgsteven ts.��s�� f*���_;, o,.i.:" ����� .-���  .^,The, cpiu"rb.t|ider^  alrK. ColilR^ .a^'specr  ial:parV4e_nb'K|^p^iL��24^rl8o7,��'V^t&  ot\* testings-the^. ^il).inj0e^3yopthe^v'&1di^  neers ^fjthe^egi^  - ges.^ ��;Aftei^s:a_i��� "explatfatbry  speecB,,9;ih;  . Avhidh:he)"poib.0d"bu^  bfii-heir fears,^ be, oraeped :-.t|re trieu tbuse  thecabtridges: ]Eighty.-tive'^bf"them, how-  ��� ever, refused* to dpiso.  A cpurtof inquiry  was  subsequently;.'liejcl,"  followed   by a  =COurt-3mavtial.;==Only-One^lihding-was=pOs^  sible and tli^ senteucei pvbTtipunced 011 all  of the culprits was\o"ne qt'"ten ypaiis' im-  pfisonhienti ; Thivf'iti the case of some of  the younger'sbldiers/was reduced to five  year.! by the confirming officer, ��fen. Hew*  itt, cormrian.ding tlie Meerut division. Qn  the mOriiing of May i), the. whole garrison  at Meeftit paraded" tohear the sentence  read, out, after' whieh each convict was  fitted with a pair Of leg irons, adjusted  there and then to his ankles by blacksmiths. We are fpld that*the degrading  pujrislinient was \Vitnessed in sullen si*  lence liy two natjye infanfy regiments,  the j-)leyenth and Twentieth, as well a&  by the Third Light Cttvairy, which was  dismounted oh that occasion. It would  have been madness for them at that time  to have attempted a rescue, for they  would have beenl:swept off the face of  the earth by the guns Of the artillery and  the rifles of Her Majesty's Sixtieth Foot,  not to speak of the swords of the Sixth  Dragoon Guards, all of whom were provided with services-ammunition, and had  been so placed as to have the native regiments at their mercy. For more  than an hour the troops- stood motionless, their nervesat the;highesttension,  while the shackles were being methodically  and slowly hammered on the ankles of  the criminals, each of whom, in turn,  called loudly on his comrades for help,  and reviled in fierce language, now their  colonel, now their officers who composed  the court-martial, and now the government. No response came from the ranks.  The ceremony being finished, the prisoners were taken charge of by the authorities of the jail, and the troops were  marched back to quarters. For upward  bf a day and a half all. was quiet. The  snake of insubordination had been, to all  appearance, killed. A rude disillusion,  however, was in store for the British  officers. On the evening of the next day,  May 10th, 1857, occurred the concerted  rising of the Sepoys, which the local  British commander proved unable to  suppress. The opinion is expressed by  colonel Mackenzie, on page 242, that the  European troops, 1500 strong, were paralyzed by the irresolution oi: their chief.  Are now prepared to issue  Drafts and Letters of Credit on  Dawson City, Yukon District.  He deems it safe to say that, had Hearsey  or Sidney Cotton occupied Hewitt's place  at Meerut, few of the mutineers would  have succeeded in reaching Delhi, The  shrapnel of the artillery and the swords  of the carabineers would have annihilated  them. It is true that general Hewitt aud  jjeneral Archdale Wilson, late in the evening, moved the British troops over the  open plain of the infantry parade grounds,  and caused a few rounds to. be-tired in the  dark at some belated .stragglers of the  cavalry, but the general in command, instead of detaching the carabineers and a  battery of horse artillery in pursuit of  the flying mutineers, acted on tire advice  of the brigadier-general, and withdrew  the whole force to the European lines* In  our aut hor's judgmetrt,!tro greater mistake  from any point of view was ever committed.  RIAL BANK  OF CANADA  Capital,  Reserve  Paid Up  $2,000,000  1,200,000  HEAD  OFFICE, TORONTO  D.   R.  WILKIE, General Manager  . Colonel Vibart was a.voting subaltern  in one of the native infantry regiments  stationed at Delhi when the mutinous  soldiery from Meerut reached that city.  At that time the titular throne of the  Moghuls was occupied 'by the octogenarian, Buhadur Shah. Here, within the  walls of a palace surpassing in grandeur  the Kremlin at Moscow, dwelt the nominal emperor, surrounded by debauched  and unscrupulous courtiers, and accustomed to spend upon his harem the  greater part of the pension of $000,000 per  annum paid to him by the British government. The garrison of the city at that  time comprised the Thirty-eighth, Fifty-  fourth and Seventy-fourth regiments'of  native infantry, together with a battery  of native artillery. On the arrival of the  mutineers from Meerut, a large part of  the garrison, including the whole of the  Fifty-fourth regiment, revolted and killed  many of the British officers. The .other  native regiments eventually took part  with their countrymen, and a massacre  of the Europeans ensued. Tlie author of  tlie present book was a member of the  small party .that escaped and that was ultimately rescued by the British troops  who had remained in* their cantonments  at Meerut.   It appears that a letter writ? ���  >__:|eeru t ;"w.as td^  nnyaa_*��ilbtingt"/^  Xthe^oMc'ie-is'""^^^^  n.barraQkS; y;vj ws I'ead�����";that--D^'.'as-^'sp^pii;;  :��dsr^'i t.iSi\:cp|tfcSn ts*-^"jhadi. ^  jdter^th^tk ble.;^nd|i t'S^a^co^nlid.reHihp'rie-!  Pje^toVsujBji^  'sclpsel^pro.xlinity.:2tp;^  rtbtrf^n;{"hVwe^.��r.Idie^  fpflilie :'rnes^agp;��� ar.i.d'Jfe.ei fflg^th"at|��^^pn,!ln^-i��,  '".arrdJeh^ildren/shbblds-uoirtbetolef��?*tb:���" tiheir  f1tate^a:mop^th,eFE��be!s5���withojtfa  ''at-l'ea.i^'gein^  ;^ue|t^d#;tlie.f.gerieral's^^^^  /out'.wiitlidphis" m^njapd  zJhst {a^P-theyi&fpiie*- htar^ingifpi: ^Me.efub,  ;"tMe"i|0 were 30TnPd����J}^s;M^  "qlilentlyLi^0^',:^^  ;hav��ingjbee;ii informed ^tha^Ma^ckenzie ;h"ad  'l^qlunteeiiJBd .fpr:��tl]i^^dangemus"mit3rr; fci0-  t.rniin.dfb accPmpah^himoh an "e  iwhich^theyt'oyli^tp"^!?^��-^!^^ feel.w.puld;  ��p^Qb^^b^y^'b&^���th*el$l_lgf;-��� Tiie-SSifchpr of this  'ttddkjp hot", unnattui'ally " "co^nsiders |hat  "ambng/ttepraisCwOrt^  during themutiriy/iterhaps tewiare rirpre  ^brtliy of toruniendation "than the, self-  sacrificing devotion of these twp officers,"  ii rs  NELSON BRANCH  A general bnnking businoss trunsuctcd.  Sivvinijrf bank (Icpm-tmcnt.  DcposiU of 51  and  njiwanls  rccoived  and inlci'cst'  allowed. --  J. M. LAY, Manager.  his own hands on this occasion has beeui  the subject of  much adverse comment,!  and, pei sonally, I cannot but agree withi  those who have condemned it as a most;  injudicious act.   Some days later I was;  present when two  more princes of the;  royal house  were shot by a platoon of  European soldiers "on   the  sandbank in  front   of the   piiace; their   bodies   were  afterward thrown into the river.   Indeed,:  for several weeks subsequent to the capture of the city, wholesale executions of  mutineers and other rebels were carried  out almost daily."    As for the emperor;  himself our author recounts that he had"  the   curiosity  one  day to pay his late  imperial majesty a visit in the wretched.  little hou*e in which he was confined. "At  the door stood a European seutry,  but I  had no difficulty in gaining admittance,  and there I saw, sitting cross-legged on a  native bedstead, on which he was rocking  himself to and fro, asmall and attenuated  old man, apparently between 80 and 90  years of age, wilh a long,  white beard,:  and almost totally blind.  .He was repeating to himself, in a low but audible murmur, some verses.of the Koran, or it may  be of one of his own poetical compositions  ���for be had aspired to be a poet���and he  certainly looked an object of compassion."  Questioned by a British officer as to the  cause of the dreadful atrocities committed  at Delhi during the mutiny, the old man  replied:   "I don't know; I suppose my  people gave themselves up to the devil."  On January  27th,   185S,  the ex-emperor  was   tried   upon   charges   of   rebellion,  treason and murder by a court-martial of  five British officers, each under the rank!  of   colonel;     Fouud   guilty  upon every  charge, he was transported to Bahgoon,  in British Burmah, where he did not long  survive captivity. :      "    . ';  There is no doubt that Delhi offeredj  tempting,;opportunities;/o��..pillage,; and,v  .atter^its^t'ecaptur^fform-^S^a  ;_��suen(i����tj3j-^^  'trvthe^s-se^rch^sfbr. hrndPii'"ji^eajur^.^^(_)urs  ^-{'ittlfbf/'.wK's qPe'H^��^mallv,parbyjwfhidtit  ={^u';a;Uthoi-Iately=topk=parrih^tlfe'lieir  of Delhi, and it is interestiugto learn that  he witnessed a daring recounoisance made  by Hodson, thebi'ave arid enfevgetic lead*  8r of a body of Sikh horsemen recently  raised by himself, as well sis the head of  the intelligencedepartment at the Delhi  camp. "We first saw him descend a rid go  accompanied by three of his sowars (all  on foot) and then disappear in a ravine  which ran along its base, presently a  solitary .figure, whom we at once recognized as Hodson, emerged froni tire nullah  a little lower down and cautiously Crept  on the open grOund beyond it on all four's.  It was exciting to see him crawling along  on his hftnds and knee��, especially when  i. was observed that LndlO.v castlo was  crowded with Sepoys, who, having caught  a ght of him, could be distinctly seen  through a telesco]re craning their necks  and intently watching his movements.  Hxlson had, meanwhile, gained the cover  of a hedge, and going, through this was  lost to view. The rebels were now literally swarming in-the veranda of Ludlow  Castle, and presented such a tempting target that we tried to persuade the artillery  officer in charge of two field guns to let  fly at them with a shell, but he thought  the distance too far. We all began to  think Hodson would get cut off, as he was  a long way in advance of our line of pic-  quets and within only a few hundred  yards of the enemy. After a short interval, however, we saw the entire party retiring, and our excitement came to an  end." Our author testifies that there  were few-bolder men'than Hodson in  camp, aud that there was none more to be  depended on to carry out successfully a  dangerous duty.  After a siege which had lasted three  and a half mouth", Delhi was recaptured,  and by the 20th of September u-as entirely  cleiredof mutineers. Our author chronicles the well-known fact that oir September 21st the aged emperor of Delhi was  captured at Haymayoon's Tomb, a few  miles from the city, by a daring act on  the part of Hodson, aud that on the following day his three sous and grandsons  were seized and shot by the same officer.  ''Hodson's action in taking the law into  cfai_�������. bfburie-^pljpi'^  a^ail in ^AUi\cM<voormot anSnop/Lin^aftstEeet  Jead i'nfpDDrou m, orv!th,e^so;:ca J iedo�� Chanel area**  rG;r:ovxky"o^4S.treet^  evidentlys-been: %qurte* recently&plastered*  ���u-py and jtheotrea^jire.seeker.s^afe". onfie ��setf.  Jto���"work��Jto,pulRi���tjltlo\vn.;:A. tew ���strokes*  ���;frpju a.pipk^poji.exptised.^.jbhesgititei'ior^Qi^,  : the>wair��i'b5view,:ai^  r ment,avey:oundrtspm,e_chir���teenrpr,1rpurteen  "wbpllen^boxSHlredrwit li -alii kibld-!j6f;:gPld"���  and;;, sil���ygrv.���article^,8lcoiri.s; ^aud^ipreoiojiis n  "Stbn��e"s���bf^hj;ore;,(!rr'ess/^a'^  .a,;lI>tl!e"bplx��ens!.u"fco^bie t'a:ke1l^"a;tn\b"nge"tP'on".; j3ff:  the membefep-5:t;hp��mpriz��*co"mmit'tee,"who/  to recompense4i%i'pr.our ttpublej saidiWne=  might ;pach select aj"fe\y" 1 i.ftIe,**things'?"_t<��l  ,s keesp .a^.n-���[rii^',t0^b-?.Qu.c'"h;a.i5|-," Seeiirg-one"  lafrge'bbx. filled to" the" britfi" with-some  splendid;carbnhfije*. I pulled out. for iajr  self a. ha'iidftilb|ahyut;aidpz>niairly��la'rge  stph^sj whitjii I ef erftrially"took home with  iire to Ehg;h\nd.."   Pur��fiithpr adfjs that  this was thpiOuly.��*''lbp"tiM"o| kny sort that  he ever appt'opriated during the whole  course of the riijitiny campaign.  Colonel Vibart aCGornpahied' theaveng-  __ng arniy under_sir_Golii^_��iampbell..whjic.li,  effected the, final reco.nquest Of Lticknow.  As he looks back upon the campaign his  approval of it is not unqualified. "I  think I am.not WrOtvg in saying1 that it  was generally considered that the wholesale escape of the rebels on'this occasion,  when thoy might haVe been so easily circumvented aud destroyed had sir Colin,-  CtlmpbeU so willed it," was the one blot oil  the otherwise masterly tactic'S by which  the captitre of the fortified city of Luck-  now defended by upward of J00,000 men,  of whom it is com pitted nearly 30,000 were  trained Sepoys, besides 7000 cavalry, was  effected." Indeed, competent critics have  averred that had it not been for this error  the campaign a gainst the rebels would  practically have tel'iuintited there and  theu, aiid the further operations of an extended nature, such as had to be conducted iu Oudh and Western Behar for more  than twelve months afterward, would  have beerr avoided.  Kootenay Railway & Navigation Co.  LAKE  AND   RIVER   DIVISION  S PR. INTERNATIONAL  Daily except Sunday.      Pacific standard time  South  bound  l.eavo  Duo  Duo  Duo  Dub  .Arrive  KASLO  Read  down  (i:30 a. m   Kaslo      7:30    ii     Ainsworl.i ...  S:!)0    t,       Pilot Day ...  8:15    ���    JJalfour .:....  0:45'   ii    Kivo-milo Point.  10:30    n  Nelson  Connects "with N. & Ft. S. liy  ing Five-mile Point at 10:05 a.in.  I'O NKLSON  Read North  up bound  ..8:30 p.m. Arrive  ..7:10    ii Due  ..OtfO    ,i Duo  ..0:00    ��� Due  ..5:10    ii Due  1:30    ii Leave  train for Spokane, leav-  teamers leave Kaslo city wharf at foot of Third struct  KOBErtT IRVING, Manager.  Reward!   $50!  To I lie persons giving information leading to the discovery of tho whereabouts of liOUI.RT S. QUACKENBUSH, will be paid the abovo reward. Robprt S. Quackenbush left this vicinity March, IPSO, going to-the Pacific  coast, and has not booh heard from since February, 1890.  lie lias money hero due nini which will be paid to him at  once, when found. The parties are anxious to hear from  him very soon. Ho is 29 years old. He formerly lived at  Pine Hill, town of Manchester. Jackson County, Wisconsin. Addreaa Q. M. PERRY, Black River Falls,  Wisconsin.  ���ffl  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to^  r^S*S33333i53333333^3^^��33:-S333333S33i5S*S33^%v  Bar Glassware...  We are now carrying a most complete line of Bar Supplies, including  all the latest styles of Whisky, Wine  and Beer glasses. Our prices are low  and the quality the best procurable  W. F. TEETZIL & CO  '���*&$"'!  \-%^:$  ^&&&&&&&-&&&&��Z& ^^^'^^^^CS&^&'eSid^&\ti&sLi^eL^^i _____ _��______^. *�����.'���*.*���'. -'���^���^V'^.i:  ti  ib  ib  Hi  Hi  ib  ti  Hi  ti  ib  ti  ib  Hi  ib  ib  ib  Hi  ib  ti  Hi  ib  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  ti  ib  Hi  ib  ib  ib  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  ib  ib  Hi  ib  Hi  ib  ib  Hi  ti  ib  ti  ib  ti  Hi  ib  Hi  ti  )��  AND SOO LINE  ,-.Swo���.,���.   Kqotenav "Country-.-" -*fr^^ ���  p"First-crass; and:��Tonuri��|j iSleep^ers. Operated" from  ���"." f^WPA^ifl^O'AiB^flQ^-K^''- "���  Tickets'Jissub-l; tnrougli andsb'aggago ���    ���  *���  '" checked.terdestiriation."    "  PRACTICAL  -3LECTRICIAN  yfillJfcpnS of - electrical macfiinery.; -     .  ��� ^0__>r,--9:iE<3,Si;��risrs".  Arriyc:  .10:30,p. hi.  v "������" "RossJanfl; Trail and .Robsqrj.  rjeare. "        ��   "��    :DAli_y:.    -������"."  G':-0fp: fiii,.........,,.,... ........NEIjSOS. >"��� ���,,. ���."..".  �� Main Line and Intermediate Poiqts via Slocan Lake.  lieaye..                             n DAILY Arrive.  0:304. ip-.-'... = ,��� ��� KELSON"..,.....,., ���8:3Q p.m.  Kootenay Lake--t\aslo Fjoute-Stearner Kokanee.  Leave, Daily Except "Sunday AiTive  _:00 p. ni-..,. >.. ��� ���....... ��� .NELSON.. ��.,,.. .11:00 a. m.   KbotBqay-tt|ver^Route"S��aartier=Mpyier==��^^"=7^  Mon., We_.-���3Jri; ���     .*        TuDs., Thurs., Sat.  8:00 a. in. Leave..; .NELSON........Arjiyo (J:50 p. m.  Makes connection at Pilot Bay with stcarhCr Kbkarice  in both directions.  St darners on their; respective routes call at principal  landings in both directions, and at other points when  signalled.  Ascertain Rates and full Information by addressing  ilcarcst local Jvgent or  C. E. BE/\SLEY, City Tick,et Agentj  R. W. DREW, Agen.1  %Y..V. Andersox, Traveling Pitssentrer Agent, NfclsoTi.  K. .1. Coyi.k,,Dis?t HvsseiigQi* Agetit, Vancouver.  "}  Nelson, B. C.  Spokane Falls & Nopthera,  Nelson & Fopt Sheppard,  Bed Mountain Bailways.  T(]e only all rail route without change of cars  between Nelson ar|d Rossland, and  Spokane aqd Rosslan.d.  stiillflre alarm systems in towns and'  IX  slock ot wire and tlxturcs on hund.  Will .vviijcffftnljliiig%"./^ to in  "  - clcr(jtri<^b^^l--^al^ii|i_;_ ^cclrig<��,a^nuii'butj^O-:��.^s'^-'�� ^V(o��^\j5itl*j-i!;**__rull sloi  _,.-.. ��� -ILs ^?tTE:5��fe ^MfSl^Mjf^iW^fM^^M^0^?^ Sheei, f<elson.  :HE^Dy@$Fiyg,, I^IDdN;./ENGLAND.    . =  All communications relating to British  Colurjibja  business to be addressed  to P.O.  565, NejSQrii British Columbia   Drawer  J. RODERICK ROBERTSON, General Manager  S. S FCVVLER, E.M., Mining Engineer  { NEiLSQN, B.C.  Situate  ber of  district  on  the  Crow's  Nest Railway is pre  any  description in  any quantity at any  Kootenay.   of  to  deliver lum-  placp within the  Leave  IlM'iia. in.  li:o..a. m  8:H0a.m.  ...NELSON ...  . ROSSLAND .  .SPOKANE..  DAILY   TRAINS.  Arrivo   ..:R0p.in.   ..lOp.in.   ...6:10 p.m.  The train that loaves Nelson at G:20a. in., makes close  connections at bpokanc with trains for all Pacillc Coast  points.  Passengers for Kettle River and Boundary Creek con  nect at Marcus with stafje daily.  C. G. DIXON, G. P. & T. A.  I^aslo & Slocan Railway  ���1  OOING WEST  Leavo    8.00 n. in.  8.32 "  !).:.0 '���  0.4.. "  "         H.5.. "  "     _ 10.12 "  11        10.25 "  10.33 ��  Arrive 10.10 "  T>eavo  Arrive  11.00 a.  11.15  G.  DAII.V  Kaslo  South Fork  Sproulc's  Whitewater  Hear Lake  McGuigan  Hailcy's  Cody Junction  Sandon  CODY   BRANCH.  Sandon  Cody  ... QOINO  KAST  Arrive 3.5.. p. in.  " 3.20 "  �� 2.25 >>  " 2.10 ��  �� 2 00 "  " 1.15 "  " 1.31 "  �� 1 23 '���  Ixiavc 1.15 "  Arrive 11.10 a. in  Leave 11.25    "  F. COPELAND, Superintendent.  ATLANTIC   STEAMSHIP   TICKETS.  To and from European points via Canadian and Amcri  "Tor sailing datos, ralCH, tickets, anc  any Canadian Pacific railway agento)  C. P. R. City AsentNi-lson.  T, General S. 8. Agent, Winnipeg.  can lines.   Apply for sailing datos,  full information to  WILLIAM 8TITT,  Tenders  GOAT RIVER  LUMBER  COMPANY,  G. A.  BIGELOW,  MANAGER  FLOORING, LINING, MOULDINGS, DOORS,  AND SASHES IN SHOCK.  EVERY DESCRIPTION OF JOINERY, DOORS AND WINDOWS  MADE TO ORDER.  Office and Mills Corner Hall and Front Streets, Nelson  Lumber . Lumber   Lumber  Kootenay Lake Sawmill, G. O. Buchanan, Prop.  First   class   lumber   at   right   prices  Doors, Turned Work, etc.,  Yard:  Foot Hendryx Street.  Also  a  full   line   of   Sash,  constantly on hand.  JOHN ME, Agent -:  THE TRIBUNE:   KELSON B.C.   TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 1899.  After the Excitement...  Of the holiday season ancl the elections  Keep warm.  LOCAL   NEWS   AND   GOSSIP.  ��� ��  and preserve health  by wearing-  Chamois Vests and  Chest and Lung Protectors  1  _L<argfe stock: just  received  W. F. Teetzel & Co.  Special this Weel^  The membfirs of the Nelson branch of  the National Council of Women will serve  afternoon tea at, :". o'clock tomorrow, at  ��� the conclusion of Miss -Livingstone's lecture. The lecture will be free and everybody attending will have an opportunity  of sampling Miss Livingstone's soup, and  aie requested to bring their own t-poons.  The hall over S. Neeland's shoe store lias  been secured for the course of lectures.  H. Ii. Bellamy went to Ainsworth yesterday to examine and report on the  Kootenny group for English capitalists.  M. Kinselle, advance agent for" the  Metropolitan Opera Company, which will  play at the Nelsorr opera house on Friday  and Saturday evenings, is is town making  arrangements for the appearance of the  company.  A. II. Holdich received this morning a  letter from his brother, colonel sii'Tho-iim  ITungerford Holdich of London, England,  announcing the appointment of the latter  as one of the arbitrators in the disputp  between Chili and the Argentine Republic: in South America. Col. Holdich is  especially fitted for the position having  spent over thirty years in India and has  during that time; had charge of the survey of the Afghanistan .boundary frontier.  Just  arrived,  a  stock  of  the  celebrated  Box Calf,  Heavy Goodyear Welt,  Chrome Tanned,  Leather Lined Shoes  HELP   WANTED.  s  CirOOL TEACIIElt WANTJ-D���Apply to Secretary  Hoard of Trustees, Jloyie, 13 C.  BOY wanted to learn Hie printing: Initio.  _t!nst be over  1G year�� of age.   Call at The Tribune o.l!ce, Vernon  street.  POR   SALE.  CORNER LOT���Northeast corner Raker and Josephine  streets Ncl��on. 50 by l'iu. wish nil improvements.  Price $10,-00 cash.   Apply lo John Hous'on  l_n  PAPERS���in  bundles of  100 at 50c; per bundle  Call at The Tribune oflicc, "Vernon street.  NELSON, B. C.  KASLO, B. C.  SANDON, B. C.  ><m^  Our weather here is uncertain and  you should always bo .ready for cold  snaps. We have a full line of coal  stoves and heaters on hand and invite an inspection of our stock.  Vancouver  Hardware  Company, Ltd.  DEALERS IN  Shelf and Heavy Hardware  MARA & _._ ARNARI) UI_()CIC,  BAKER ST., .\l_l.��O.V  o  Oup price, $4.50  Regular price, $5.00  ' FURNISHED   ROOMS.  NICE, ncwlv furnished  rooms  for  rent,   with  bath,  elcctrir. light, and furnace heat.   Apply on Silica  street, opposite English church.  P  ft  'ii  8  Branch Store at YMIR.  18 and 20, Baker Street,  (Postoffice Store) Nelson  James A. Gilker  P. Burns c�� Co;  WHOLESALE   AND   RETAIL"  Meat Merchants  FLOWEB SEEDS  GARDEN  FIELD and  Fresh  The Nelson fjardware Co.  Having purchased the stock and business  of the above company, we are selling of.' the  goods on hand at the lowest prices to make  room for oui' complete spring stock of Shelf  and Household Hardware, "Wood .and Coal  Cook Stoves below cost.  The firm name will remain unchanged.  Geo. S.  13i_i-H.  E. G. Smyth.  '.Nelson, February 9th,  1S99.  SOLE AGENTS FOR  Giant Powder  TRUAX  ORE  OARS  Canton Drill Steel  CARRY IN STOCK  Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal  Pipes, and Fittings  Giant, Caps and Fuse  Tools, Cutlery, Tin  and Wooden ware  |W     Stoves, Ranges,  Iron, Steel,  Sheet  \\^      Iron, T-Rails  W Paints, Oils, Glass  In bulk and packages.  We sell af eastern   ^ '  -catalogue prices.  Canada Drag and Book Co.,  Wholesale Markets at /.elson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.  RETAIL  STORES AT  Nelson, "Trail, Ymir,'Kaslo, New Denver,'- Sandon,'Silverton, Cascade  City,  Grand Forks,  Midway, Greenwood and=Sirdar.  ORDERS BY MAIL  PROMPTLY FORWARDED  Head Office, Nelson, B.C.  i!'-  _!���  1 >  III.  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  ALL KINDS OF FRESH ANJLSALT.ED__MEATS���  LI-D/tlT-EG-D-  C. D. J. CHRISTIE  GENERAL BROKER  T take tin's opportunity of thanking my  numerous friends for their past i>.itrona.ge.  All outstanding accounts must he paid to  Mr. Hobert "Wilson at the office of the  Nelson Hardwire Co. within ten days.  ���William W. Howe.  _-Ne1sorv February 9th, 1S99.       '    , "  Residence Lots  C     FOB   S-A.X--EG-'- '  Dairy Ranch, on "Kootenay Lake near  Nelson   .,....,........'... ^5000  House and two lots on Mill street (snap) 1100  House and two lots on Vernon street 1G00  . House and lot on Victoria street .'. .* 2100  House and lot on "Victoria street ... 1650  House and lot on Victoria street . . . 1900  House and two lots "on'Carbonate St. 1800  ALEX   STEWART,   Mining   Broker/  NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:  Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.  THE LAWRENCE HARDWARE Go.  Will  be found  in  their new premises on   Baker Street  with  a complete stock of  Shelf and  Heavy  RDWARE  Heavy  and Shelf  ALL KINDS OF MINING SUPPLIES  You  will find it io your advantage to consult us  before placing your orders     _ ������ _  Tinsmith ing arid Plum.bin.g' a Specialty  Estimates Cheerfully Furnished .  TO   LET  4-Itroom Cottage $20  4-l.ooMi House   ." ���"     8  -ETO-E-   S-A.-__._-__  House and lot, Victoria, street ��1100  House and lot, Silica street  WOO  Ilouse _nd lot, Silica btrcet  2800  House and lot, Mines road   750  Comer lot,-Vernon street  2700  Two lots, Silica street  S00  MONEY   TO   LOAN.  Office:  Turner & Uoeckh block. Baker ���nd  Ward streets Nelson.  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  er  E ���,  )   |. wjwv.tr        lfcfg     Aifl        ____r__f|.Wj|  O^ttteBS BY MAIL nKGJ-IVK'C-VI-KKGl. AND PROMPT ATTENTION  er  Office in the Aberdeen Block, Nelson  C. W.West& Go!  GENERAL TEAMSTERS  AGKXTSFOU  The Imperial Oil Co.   Standard Oil Co.  Washington Brick arjd Lirrje Co.  The H. W. jyicNiell Co., Ltd., Canadian Anthracite Coal (Hard)  Charles A; Waterman & Co.  CUSTOMS BROKERS  AUCTIONEERS  m  BEAL ESTATE and GENERAL AGENTS  Baker Street, Nelson  Dealers i  2 STOVE WOOD  I  Prices as low af same can be obtained In Cuiiadu.  TJ1I. RAtfiVtOND WUKEhKK & WILSON  Cabinet, Drop llead'and Seven 'Cabinet. Mirror Cabinet, I-ibr.i-  Drawer is  llnishcd in  Black rj' Cabinet, Drop Head'   and  Walnut, and   which   is   not 7*DMUyer. is finished iii Oak,  surpassed in the market. KotUry Shuttle, Ball Hearing  Tj-IK DOMESTIC, WHITE A"St> ZENITH  "-Drawer, furnished in Quartered Oak and Walnut  If you are thinkiiiij about buying ii machine call and see  them and be .convinced that T mean what J say.  There is no necessity ot sending out, of Nelson when you can  can .sec what you are buying aiid get it for the same money.  THE  JEWELER  THE  ���JEWELER  Opes Purchased  COPPER ORE, DRY ORE, LEAD ORE  Purchased and payment made as soon after receipt of ore as  samples can be assayed/ Quotations given upon the receipt  of samples. ���  THE HALL MINES, Limited, Nelson.  Wilson & Harshaw  DRAYING and  EXPRESS  Bus meets all trains and boats.  Special attention given the transfer of ba^p-ap-e. Office and stables  on "Vernon street, opposite The  Tribune office.   . Telephone No. 35.  FIRST DOOIl WKST HANK H. C. I-UTLDING.  *  Nelson Real Estate  Business and  Residential Lots  JFO1- SALE in. tl 16 original townsite Oil ejisy  terms.    Also Jots for- sale in Gr'and Forks  '   Si-id"1 Cascade City.  .Appto .  FRANK  FLETCHER,  P.L.S,,  Land Agpirfc,  Corner Baker and1 Kootenay Streets,      _NTeI.SOri, B.C.  EXPRESS and DRAYING  Simcoe's Lynn Valley Canned  Rhubarb in 3-pound tins. Groet-  zen Union Canning- Company's  Sweet Potatoes in 2 1-2 pound  tins. The first lot of these goods  ever seen in Nelson.   Try them.  l^irkpatricK & Wilson  Mail Orders  Promptly Attended to  Baker Street, Nelson,   B.C.  FIRST A REPUTATION  and if a good one it is sure to be fdllowel!  Having purchased the express and drayinK  business of J. VVr. Cowan, wo are prepared  to do all kinds of Work in this lino, and sor  linit l.lio patronage of the people of Nelson.  Orders left at I). McArthur & Go's store,  norl Invest corner Baker and Ward streets  will receive prompt attention.   Telephone 85  It is needless therefore to say that our success is due largely to the reputation we  have built up. Not only among our city Customers who have their eyes continually upon  US, but among our many, friend's, at a distance who. trust uss tyj|;h tlieir order's hy mail  and feel just as well satisfied ��� as jf they were ori the premises personally THAT IS A  REPUTATION GAINED. FRESH  LAID  EGGS ALWAYS ON  HAND  GOMER DAVIS & Co.  Nelson   Opera   House  TWO NIGHTS ONLY  ABERDEEN BLOCK  NELSON, B. O.  S  Friday and Saturday,  February 24th, 25th.  Metropolitan Opera Co.  The best company ever visiting Nelson.    Thirty people.  Special scenery, good singing,  new costumes,  pretty faces.  Special matinee Saturday afternoon.  Seats on sale at the Canada Drug and Book Company's store.  J. A. Irving & Co.  GROCERS AND PROVISION MERCHANTS  Family orders ii specially and free doily delivery     '   .  Mail and telephone order, promptly attended to  -Bukcr Street West,, opposite Oddfellows' Plook - I  NELSON, B. C.  SPECIAL ATTENTION  lirl  n  The supply Is limited, so call early and examine this stock.  Have just received a consignment of Harris homo !  made tweeds from Talbot Harr's, Scotland. !  FEED J. S8UIBB, Baker St. Jofsoo     ��':  ^iWrr^fllh ^ *fc"*J-


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