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]:J«'.V 9ft'/.l
Has Mines that are Paying Dividends and Hundreds of Properties that can be Made
Dividend Paying Mines.
Has   a   Mineral   Output   of Upwards   ot  One
Million    Dollars    Every    Month
In   The Year
Fire Insurance Agents win.
The chief business transacted at the
meeting of the city council last evening
was the retreat which the members of
the council executed in the matter of imposing Ho tax upon the fire insurance
companies doihg business in this city.
There were half a dozen local agents of the
tire insurance companies present at the
meeting. They said that they were averse
to paying taxes and the council very considerately decide to suspend the collection
of the same.	
Finance Committee's Report.        c
The finance committee reported on a
number of accounts 'recommending the
same for payment.   The report  was  re-'
or p
ana i
ceived and adopted.
Took the Proper Stand.
J. Fred Hume had a communication before the council requesting the use of the
fire hall for the purpose of holding political meetings during the present campaign,
iu which he offered to reimburse the city
for that privilege.
Alderman Hillyer opposed the granting
of the application. He held that, the fire
hall should not be used for any other
than city purposes. The old council had
refused the use of the hall to charitable
.societies as well as churches,' and he did
not think that politicinas should receive
any more consideration. He moved that
the communication be received and filed,
and the motion was agreed to.
The Government Wharf.
C. W. West & Co. had a communication'
before the council calling attention to the
dangerous state of the city wharf. This
started a discussion as to whether the
corporation had jurisdiction over the
„ Alderman Thomson said that the state
of the wharf was disgraceful. He thought
that something should by done by the
council to secure control of the .same.
The city solicitor explained that he had
had some communication's from  the dep-
„utyv ?attoiiuey-^eneral .: of? isthe^, prpyuice^
/i»"pVce r hTnjr^
* udenied^any. respdnsibiI i ty.-.p'n;:%he- pari; ot
.rfife7gp„v„errfni°^ '   „*
n.^_ii^eKm_frif.Tli°pm§p+hnatkea; whether fbHe
city "-solieiMr " wpuidf construe, from, the
answer Pf the dej5u%V*ttprney-ge;neral
th*at the'*wn°Krf*^as^ " *     *""..'
Thje'cijby^spliciilidrjrfe^lied that,"; it* was a
(juestionvasto wlietlier the Wharf could'
be regarded as a continuation of the,
street. In such abase i t'might be regard_d
as city-property.    .   ■    ■     .
Aldepm^h sHHJyer was opposed to taking over'the wharf as he considered that
it would cost the city about" $8000 to put
th ti same in gp;od repair, If the matter
wtts left; in. ableyarice the government
would Dn^akf} vthe repairs and the city
Would save thaiamputet. The communication was received and filed.
The report of Dr. D. LaBau, medical
health "officer, was read, in which a number of recommendations were made with
respect' to the health of the elty« The report was received and laid; over.
In this connection aldermau Hillyer
moved, seconded by alderman Kirkpatrick,
that the mayor, medical health officer,
and city engineer wait upon Hon. J. Fred
Hume and impress upon him the desirability of securing some alterations in the
regulations of the provincial board of
health, so that the city would have the
lake.   The motion was agreed to.
The Library Grant Goes Over.
The city solicitor in reply to alderman
Thomson said he did not consider that a
grant to a reading library could be considered as a charity and would therefore
be inclined to think that it would be
necessary to pass a bylaw in order to
grant the money. The council decided to
lay the matter over until the solicitor
could look into it.
being new arrivals, and in some cases
(he total of their premiums would not
amount to $200 per year. Tho premiums
collected on fire insurance in Nelson
amounted to about $30,000 of which $5000
.was outsite business, which was carried
by companies who could not bo reached
by a tax. There therefore remained a
business for the local agents of $25,000,
and if the proposed tax was collected
from the 24 companies it would amount
to $4800 or 20 per cent of the whole income
from fire iusurance. If the tax was imposed it would not reach ontside companies and they would escape to the detriment of the local agents who, were
charged a Jpersonal tax of $25 per year,
which should entitle them  to protection.
The matter was then generally discussed, and in the end alderman Thomson
moved a resolution that in view of the
suggested reduction in fire insurance
rates that the resolution of the previous
meeting, enforcing the collection of the
$200 tax be rescinded aud that the same
be brought up for discussiou six months
This was seconded by alderman Beer
and agreed to, alderman Hillyer and
Kirkpatrick voting iu the negative. This
leaves the matter just where it was when
the present council took up the tax. The
tax of $200 remains but continues to remain uncollected.
The Tax Comes Off.
The local insurance agents were on hand
for the purpose of protesting against any
tax being imposed upon their companies.
Alexander Stewart was 'spokesman for
the delegation. He said that the insurance companies Opppyed the imposition of
the tax, because there were but two cities
hi, the province where such a tax was
imposed. Jn Victoria a tax of $200 was
collected, and in Vancouver the tax was
$100, but these cities were the general
agencies for nearly all the companies
doing business in the province.
He said, however, that-the companies
reimbursed themselves by extra charges,
addiug the tax to the iusurance premiums.
The second argument advanced in opposition to the tax was that the fire insurance
rates in Rossland were much higher than
those of Nelson, and in Rossland no tax
.was imposed upon fire companies. As
matters stood he said it was difficult to
persuade many companies to write insurance in Nelson, and the effect of the tax
would be that several companies already
doing business in Nelson would be driven
out. The disadvantage of this could be
understood wheu it was explained that
none of the companies would carry more
than a limited amount of insurance in
each block in the city, and if the merchants of the city were to have the advantage of fire insurance it .would be
necessary to have several companies in
the city, so that the amount in excess
which one company would take, be reinsured in some other company. At present there are twenty-four fire insurance j selling pri_e for miners and
: companies doing businessin thecity, many I quoted lead at $4*30 at the close.
The New Fire Wardens.
Alderman Hillyer called the attention
of the council to the fact that there were
at present several violationsof thefireliui-
its by-law and he thought that the city
should take some action in the matter.
Alderman Fletcher, W. J. Thompson,
chief of the fire brigade, and alderman
Thomson were appointed fire wardens for
the current year aud will look into the
matters complained of.
A Charity Vote of $25.
The council decided to contribute $25 to
the fund which is being raised to get
Louis Rouzerot back to Paris. Tlie
Frenchman is a little off but not sufficiently insane to secure admissionto the
provincial asylums. He has been a
charge upon thecity for some time, and
the members of the council thought that
the city _would be getting rid of the
Frenchman chJe.aD1at%$25. „ - - n -
,".".'.'      '" ;'„' A"New-.Jdb;5for'iBli_3\ ■:'
Afdermaii'Beer callfecj" iitt0°utio;iin„tp;nthe;
fact thatf^auies,jNIdp0ee^whovw,asFtlie itiV
"apeetpr„olf*l^ „ Was; alsp
.the only .persjim -who"". :diq> Muj'i'ug in", the
- pwri work:  -Alderman Beerst<hoii£ht' that
it^ypiddbe a-.bettei;: arrangement if Mr.
Biiss.'oithe electric; jrght station could be ,
Secured to inspect tire wiring.    No action
was taken in the>„mktter.
To Inspect. Public Buildings.
Alderman Hillyer moved that the, city
engineer jbS appointed building inspector
and, that he send in a report to the council at the next (meeting on the publie
buildings now being erected. As the corL
poration is in a measure responsible for
public buildings alderman Hilly el* thought
it well that the council should have all
possible information respecting the durability of the buildings. The motion was
agreed to;	
Chief Thompson Gets a New Job.
Mayor Neelands suggested that the
council shPuld take some action with respect to the appointment of a sanitary
inspector. He thought . that the
duties of the inspector could bej'dis-
and that the council might in consideration of the increased work vote the chief
an increase of $10 per month in his salary.
A motion.was moved to this effect by alderman Kirkpatrick, seconded by alderman Hillyer and agreed to.
Must Revise the Constitution.
London, Feb. 7.—The French republic
still manages to postpone day by day its
crucial test. There is no longer any doubt
that the foundations of the republic must
be rebuilt, liven the best friends of republican institutions now admit that tlie
present structure is inadequate for the
demands made upon it by a series of
crises which have paralyzed national confidence and prosperity. So revision of the
constitution is now the cry, with more
power in the hands of central civil authority, especially the president. This
seems to be the most available programme
to offset the movements of pretenders or
military dictators. There are some indications that M. Deschamel, president of
the chamber, may become the leader of
the movement for the- revision of
the constitution. He is a strong
advocate of the American system.
Meantime, the action of the cabinetin deciding to present a .bill referring the
Dreyfus case to the full court of cassation
for final decision seems a sign of weakness
as well as being a distinct violation of the
principle which forbids retroactive legislation. It amounts, of course, to placing
a direct stigma on the criminal branch of
the court, practically endorses Beaure-
paire's silly charges, and adds a fresh element of delay and confusion to the now
hopeless situation.	
Silver Shows a Slight Advance.
New York, Feb. 7.—Yesterday's quotation for silver showed an advance of two-
eights of a cent over that of Saturday,
the price being Sfljc. Lead also advanced
the broker's price going up to $4,624 and
$4.07A an advance of over 30 cents over
Saturday's prices.   The firm that fixes the
ft .
Washing-ton, Feb. 7.—-The war department today recieved
the following- despatch from general Otis : Manila, Feb. 7. : To
the adjuant-general at Washington.—The insurgent army concen-
trated around Manila from the Luzon provinces, numbering over
20,000 men and possessing several quick firing and Krupp field
guns. A good portion of the enemy was armed with Mausers of
the latest pattern. Two Krupp,, guns and a great many of the
rifles were captured. Quite a number of former Spanish soldiers
are with the
The  insurgents   constructed
intrenchments   near our
lines, mostly in bamboo thickets.    These our men charged, killing
and capturing many of the enemy.     Our casualties  wi
aggregate 250.    Will send full reports today.
%:&i:&&g£Sgeg-:S-:&&&--:--:&S&--:s-:SS-:fe&S-:S5-:&:&& «:333S333:-3:-3:533S33:-33:-3*
u ually prefer to own one piece of valuable hand wrought lace to having yards
of the machine made article.
11  probably
There was a report current on the
streets on Monday afternoon that the
qualification of one of the recently elected
aldermen was to be attacked in the
supreme court upon grounds that were
mooted during the municipal campaign.
Au effort is to be made to have sir
Charles Hibbert Tupper deliver au address upon the Canadian political situation before the Kaslo .Liberal-Conservative Association.
The revereud H.  Beer held  services in
the English church Sunday morning and
eveniug.    He   was   formerly   located   at
Juneau, and leaving there was slated.'for
tthe, Kasjo.mission.   „He,preferred„h„pjv„e£er/
.0tiWnMliaugPii'nuU'inliMotfe" ,;Tnere,s"rlortv.'
earlier destination.. *„.""'"    " °„°."."
John "Kee^Vrecehtlya'pppjnjted registrar;
Of the county cpufct $.t? Kaslo, h&sn. Vvrit-
, feed- hi'S;h&rio^\[,,|u5ge.'»K0';pV' thafe-j£hl7 «"&puivt»
■r.d&^f^CW^ajdja"^ n&M 4iOi.ii-,
pTeted, and aVkihg him, liow they should
be furnished.
The cold, Weather is interfeiiugto some
extent with traffic upon, the K., & S. railway. Sunday's train came in with only
a combination coach attaciied to the, engine. 5
During the past two pr three days, the
water commissioner has been giving particular attention to*he hydrants thrpugh-
out" the city. Hehas .utilized a portable
engine to thaw them out most thoroughly, and now thinks he has th.m iu first
class condition.
The Electric Light Company is having
trouble with its water power. In spite
of strenuous efforts to keep the intake'
clear of ice the power supply is limited,
only half the usual number of lights are
supplied, and the streets are almost in
complete darkness.
After landing her passengers this fore-
Balfour to assist the steamer Nelson to
bring down the big barge with 15 cars of
freight from Kootenay landing. The departure of the Kokanee for Kaslo will be
delayed until 7 o'clock this evening.
P. J. Russell, Kootenay manager for
the Parsons Produce Company, left this
morning in company with E. A. Rogers,
general manager of the company's business at Winnipeg, for a trip through the
Boundary district. Branches will be established at Green wood* Grand Forks and
Cascade, the business of which will be under the control of the Nelson office.
Grand Porks Mining Dispute.
The session of the supreme court was
occupied today with the trial of the case
of Seattle vs McCallum, a dispute arising
out of the sale of a mineral claim on the
Kettle river. Tho history of the case is
as follows: In 1897, Robert Clarke of
Grand Forks, sold the Seattle mineral
claim to Hay & McCallum of Grand Forks.
Subsequently Cummings and Manly of
the same Dlace induced Clark to sell the
property to them. Hay & McCallum
brought suit to sustain their purchase
and were successful. Now Cummings &
Manly, who are represented by the
Seattle Mining Company, are endeavoring
in this suit to obtain whatever interest
Clark may have in the claim after Hay
& McCallum are satisfied. A large number of witnesses have been subpoenaed to
give evidence and the case will likely last
over tomorrow. Tupper, Peters and W.
A. Macdonald appear for the plaintiffs,
and E. V. Bod wed for the defendant.
Rossland Ore Shipments.
Shipments of ore from the mines of
the Rossland camp for the week ending
Febuary 4th were very.light owing to the
shutting down of the Le Roi and were as
Lo Roi  •
War Eagle.....   .....	
Deer Park ...;....	
,'■■ Total ...,:..y..... .........,;
' Kaslo, Feb. G.—J. R. Lindsay who has
for a considerable period being doing development work on the Alice and Juno in
Spring creek basin, came down from those
properties on Saturday. He reports a
promising outlook and will continue work
as soon as possible in the spring. There
is a great depth of snow on the trail between Sproul's and the basin. The difficulty of getting in supplies will render
necessary the suspension of work on the
Texas, which has been worked for some
months under lease from the owners to J.
M. Getson. The claim is reported as very
promising and will ship, it is expected, at
an early day.
R.  E.  L.  Brown and J.   R. Stephens,
ejities,,. aife npw.at .Whitewater, Miia.kmg^a?
. tfiPi:ougiiiinspeet,iPn.»'pf°,"t;hnpse,= properties:!'
: Mr."B„i5ci\yn.hasjgiveh;o^utt.hatnPfi'urthelv
:,dev;e]opu)ei,nt<wOrkn wuube "douieAyntil'late,".
,ih'tlfe.'Sp"ri'iigia..„. ". "n  \". ■->   "'..°'™°°^-C^'-0*tp^''.I.
*#'PClinefeter0>G l;ftssr""of"""!S.j3oka
feared  to I): Mk  Linriarci of Rossland' k
"onfeeiglibh interest in the Garfhoo. North
Slope, :South Slppe a;nd Moilte Carlo, situated a,t the Ifead of Woodbury creek. The;
consideration meu'tip'ned is, §>7'5,0. ■
For the Sum of one dollar and other
good and valuable considerations Charles
Sampspn lias, conveyed to Neil F. McKay
an jndivicfnal phe-h>ilf interest in the Bisv
mark, situated On the south fork of Kaslo
cr«ek. .Sampson also conveys to McKay
by the same instrument a pne-half interest in the option of the property previa
ously given to T. P. Sherwoodof SpOkanp.
A considerable amount Of work has been
dpne upon this property, and a, part of
the group to which it belPngs has been
the subjeGt pf litigation.
Matt. Oledo has mortgaged to James
Matheson, his interests in the Itokanee1 on
Bear creek, Duncan river.-' and the Sailor,
Empy and .Mackay in Whitewater basins
Dick Shea has retired from the inanage-
inentottlie-Rambler-Cariboo Consolidated-
Gold and Silver Mining Company and the
position is now filled by W. 11. Adams,
formerly the acting secretary Of the company in Kaslo. 'Mr. Adams returned cm
Saturday evening from Rossland where
he had been in consultation with the
president J. B. McArthlir. Development
will be actively prosecuted and shipments
continued under the direction of W. K.
A certificate of improvements has beeil
issued to William II. Mitchell for - the
mineral claim Vigilant in tlie Hot Springs
Dr. D. LaBau  Calls Attention to the Necessity
for Sewers and Water Main..
In his report as medical health  officer
which   Dr. D.   LaBau  presented   to the
couucil  last evening he impressed upon
the members of the council the necessity
for extending the sewer system of the
city.   He considers that immediate steps
^should   be taken to place laterals in all
the streets south of Baker street aiid east
of Ward street.   This at  present, is the
most populous  portion of the city and it
is practically without sewer connection.
Both sewer and water mains should be
constructed npStanleystreet. Therearehe
states about 40 families within one block
of Stanley street above  the  terminus of
the water main whoare wholly dependent
upou creeks and springs for their water
supply.   Two cases of typhoid fever developed in this district during the last 10
days, due no doubt to the soft  weather
during January, carrying infection into
the creeks and springs used for drinking.
The health   oflieer  also   recommended
that all houses used as private hospitals
should be connected with the sewer,   or
when   not   near a sewer that a suitable
cesspool should be built, and every house-
owner on streets where sewers have been
laid should be compelled to connect with
the same within a reasonable time.
The health officer expresses the opiniou
that the methods employed by the present scavangers are a greater menace to
the health of the town than the matter
which they are required"to remove. He
recommended that the city take over the
control of the scavenging work.
He also recommended the purchase of a
lot and the erection of a suitable building
for the treatment of infectious diseases
such as diphtheria and smallpox.-
Lace and Lace Making.
In the beginning all lace was "real"
lace. Then came imitations and all lace
could be divided into "real" (made by
hand) laces and their imitations (made by
machine). Now there are still the "real,"
or hand made laces, and the imitations of
hand made lace, that are made by machinery, and also machinery made laces which
do not imitate anything.
. The most valuable laces are the exquisite hand made creations of times long
since past, when each lace maker wrought
her own fine fancies into her handiwork,
and every piece of lace was an original
and exclusive design. Modern hand made
laces are duplicated many times save in
the rare cases where a special piece is
ordered for royalty or a multi-millionaire's bridal gift. Modern hand made
lace is costly, but it is iu the market, and
any one can buy it or order it of the manufacturers who can afford to do so. The
notable laces of past generations are
mainly in museums and private collections, and are practically priceless, only
occasionally changing hands at private
sales of personal effects, etc. Modern
machines produce many lovely laces, and
people of moderate means, or those who
do not desire above all else to wear what
no one else can possibly copy, may secure
charming dress effects by the use of laces
that are really inexpensive in proportion
    to their beauty.   However, women who
.....i,w4 i appreciate the ultra refinements of dress
The Alien  Legislation of British   Columbia
Now Regarded With Favor in the East.
„'MOttawa,jnFVb. T.-v-The^ eabiue.t.nmiktgrs,"
.returned ;todays .trom^^csewia orji-":*Aj
'.p(rpufi|hneputa :s,u pgPr$e|'
' M a teff -ton i gh S« th at
fafitory> natui'e.in .the. way- of/a treatyAis;
.obtained,.s rromb»;thevAuij;ed S.tates>much
§ryeo\t *havp to^^be^giyen" tpthe* .alien] ex^
-clusfdil; bill" of- British Golumljiar Which
had tixe effect of shp^'ing, the Americans
that panada Was well able tP get along
W it ho u 11h e in.
There is a grdvviflg feeling her. against
any more pandering,'to the "_Tni£e"d States.,
}ind everybody will, be glad to see the
Ca;hafdiau,coinniissionerSfret.uriT'to OttaWfj;"
without any treaty. Britis.1i CPlumbia's
progressive goveriVinent: lias giv«Sn a
lesson to the poiuinion and fpr the first
time in the1 history 6)i thp province
the affairs of the Pacific ar_ bPiiig dis^
cussed iiitelligently by the J-astern
public. _,. . .
He Swindled in Eleven Countries.
Paris, Feb. 7.—-The Pui'is police have arrested a new variety of bank swindler,
whose victims are scattered throughout
Europe. He is a Greek Of the name pf
Etienne Apostoulos, and was accustomed,
to figure as a French Jew of the name of
Jacques Levy. He has Scopped in a million francs~by means "ofingeuious forgexl
conj)ons since October. Many minor
bunks on the continent and in England,
received instructions from Jacques Levy
at a Paris address, to pay slira5 varying
from 500 to 1000 francs to a person stated
to be visiting in their locality. The letter
contained coupons generally of the Egyptian Unified debt to cover the payment.
Tlie person named was never found, and
the bank would then write and ask Levy
what to do with the coupons. He always
repll-d to sell the coupons and send the
amount by check.
Levy thus cashed valueless paper for
hard cash, but; the other day a Berlin
bank, struck by the peculiar nature of the
business, asked its Paris representatives
to inquire into ib. They found that the
'Coupons were forgeries. Levy was arrested, lie was astonished, he said, because he studied the French Code and
found that it did not include fcaiuls committed outside of France. This proved'
true,. but lie was hold, because eleven
foreign countries demanded his. extradition. • ,
Senkler Takes Office.
The record offices in Dawson were
thrown open to the public on January 1st.
The new gold commissioner, E. C. Senkler,
has made a decided change in the conduct
of affairs. Immediately on taking gold
commissioner Fawcett's place he announced that the books of the o IT Lee would
be free to all who wanted to see them.
But there are some matters which will be
settled by the old commissioner—disputes
arising out of claims for locations. He
has to hear all these cases, since he is more
familiar with them than is the nevv conir
missioner. Fawcett is to become the
crown surveyor. He took that position
immediately upou leaving the office of
gold commissioner. Tho people of Dawson
expect now that there will be much more
competent administration of. public
affairs, for the claim of every miner will
be protected aud every new district will
be opeu to persons who choose to investigate.
Vancouver's News Budget, ^
Vancouver, Feb. 7.—Word came from
Nanaimo by boat yesterday morning that
William Allison of the Bank of British
Columbia, formerly accountant at New
Westminster and later at Kaslo,. had
hacked and stabbed a printer named
Forbes into mince meat. Later a telegram
was received which stated that the Allison case was only a common assault, supposed to be the result of a drunken row.
W. T. R. Preston, late Liberal organizer, now superintendent of Dominion immigration agencies in Europe, is in tlie
city. He is making a tour of the west,
familiarizing himself with the condition
of* Canada from (he Atlantic to the Pacific
before entering upon his new duties.
John J. Blake, Vancouver's first .city
solicitor, died yesterday morning. Ho
came to Vzincouver in ISS5 and remained
here ever since.
rThe steamer Cutch sailed for Skagway
yesterday afternoon with a very large
freight and a considerable number of passengers. 	
:> Have Permission to Sell.
Vancouver, Feb. 7. — News has been
received here from Ottawa to the effect
that.a Dominion order-in-council has been
passed granting permission to the owners
of timber berths within the railway belt
of British Columbia to sell timber to mill
Think the Trouble is Over.
Washington, Feb. 0.—Tonight the belief at the White House is that hostilities
around Manila have ceased, and they do
not look for a renewal. A Manila dispatch received at 7 o'clock, this evening
reports that the flagship Olympia steamed across the bay ou Sunday while the
fighting was in progress. She took up a
position near the German cruiser Irene.
The British cruiser Narcissus was off the
mole, and is still there.
Burned to Death by a Lamp.
Toronto, Feb.  7.—Mary Hare, a young
woman  employed  as a domestic in  the/
hous^ of. J[phu Bayley,   272-'Sherbonrne ■'
»»s't^ffetj>*ivl3|et<)sifa lighted lamp whielr '-et
"Jfir^t^:JieI'!d]pthing yesterday. She receiv-
■?edaSjdp;e|j%yh"ich caused'her death in a
.;_ew"'hpliyg|^sj;, ''*-. /."
;.""„„ ..Wlj"."*-ii$T%&ising tho "Siege in Spain.
£?£»*lBfJfioff^l?^ 7.—-Thequeen'rpgent will   •
= sigfea decree-tomorrow raising,the state
si0gen throiVghbut S])ain.
° ' .   „'. '   v"'
.ReetorJs Daughter Shoots to Kill.
-Biddeiidei&£"Kent, Out., Feb. 7.—Bertha
Peterson, dXughter of the rector of this
parish, Pn  Sunday shot and. killed John
" Wibjey,.a teapher in the church .Sunday
> school.   The.jshooting took   place in the
' Snudaj? spH^Pisi'oom just after the regular
church Serviced during which Miss Peter-
sPn played;t|ie organ and also  took com-
mtt'Uiori.     The"  shooting   is supposed to .
have been  the result of a quarrel  with
Wibley,"*,w:lip^had been attentive to the
girl.   Tlie" affair has caused an extraordi-
"The."Tonnage Increased."
It will bevpbserved that while five coun:
trieSj the United States notably.'show a
decrease, the preponderance of the empire
has increased. One reason given for the
present stiniulus  to shipbuilding  is the
..cheapenhlg—pJL steel plates,   which   has	
caused a rush to substitute steel  for iron
ships.   £,ast year excels any other in the
annals of British ship construction.   The
total   Value  Of   mercantile   shipbuilding1/,,
was $100,000,000and the value of warships»„ '
WHS 5? 100,000,000 more. The aggregate tpif"
nage last yedr exceeded  all recPi'ds—°y"et  ;
the present year promises  to "siirpasslt..^;:
Already British sliipy4r4s have neXrly"2/.■ ■■'..
000,000 tons pp hand, au increase of halfj i%   $
million tons,   Compared   with"   tlie   Saftie' ■"
period last year,, aivil fpui* IShjioJS' a"s° "Utusl-.'V
as all the cither shipyards pf the, world"  .
tfiriled out, in the, whole of I$<J7.   This bills,.
caused great activity in the engiljeerifjg,
electrical, iron, steel and all oKlMr relHed'
industries.    In hint, the great mee^aivical   ";
industries are so rrjshed with lip me Work
that foreign orders   have hud  to  be re-*
fiUed with serious; loss to  the  British ex-    '
port trade.   The overwhelming marati/lue
supremacy of tlie British .empire is* shown
in the following statement of the tonnage
of the merchant navies in 1SSG and l'S9'7:
lSSll. 1837.
HrlliKh Hmi.H-o  ,..'  WlT.OOft   !0,j)(!,0p0
Russia ■ •     lf'7,.000        i>77.0()0
Germany., ■■
United States..	
Totals •
..     51*000
.,.   I.51S.O0.
..     '-M!),000
..     270,000
..     HiS.OflO
..   niw.ooo
..   ooa.uoo
..  1..152,000
Minei'al Claims Transferred.
The   following    transfers    of   minoral
claims were recorded today at the Nelson
office :   Ida, Salmon Star, on Wild Horse
creek —John   Bergman   to   Charles   W.
Anderson, one-third interest,  consideration §7(50.    Grand Butte, oil Sheep creek—
S. Lefebvre to Louis Levy of Rossland,
one-half interest.   Evening Star on Sheep
creek—3. C. Cox to Louis Levy, one-half
interest.   Grand Butte and Evening Star,
on Sheep creek, Louis Levy to E. S. Lar-
sen, one-half interest.   Ten a, Mary Bell,
On Seven Mile creek—Alex.  Kennedy of
Nelson,   to Louis K. Larseu and U. A.
Prosser of Nelson. THE  TRIBUNE:   KELSON B.C.   TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 7, 1899.  PUBLISHERS' NOTICE.  THK DAILY TK1BUNW i�� published every afternoon  (except Sunday), and will do delivered by currier in  any town in Kootenay for twenty-live cenl.s a week;  or will be mailed to subscribers for live dollars a year.  THK WEEKLY TRIHUNE is published every Wednesday and Saturday, and will bo mailed to subscribers  for. two dollars a year.  REGULAR ADVERTISEMENTS printed in both the  daily and weekly editions for $3 per inch per month.  Twelve lines solid nonpariel to bo counted as one inch.  LOCAL OR READING MATTER NOTICES 20 cents a  lino for each insertion.  JOB PRINTING at fair rates. All accounts for job  printing and advertising payable on the first of  ovory month; subscriptions payable in advance.  ADDRESS all communications to  THE TRIBUNE, Nolson, B. C.  PROFESSIONAL   CARDS.  AH.  HOLD ICH���Analytical Chemist and Ansitycr.  ���     Victoria street, Nelson.  T C. GWILLIM, B.A.Sc. & W. S. JOHNSON, B.A.Sc.  ��J ��� ��� Mining Engineers and' Analytical Chomists,  Slocan City, a. C.  LODGE   MEETINGS.  NELSON LODGE, NO. 23, A. K. & A. M. Meets  second Wednesday in each mouth. Sojourning  brethren Invited.  -NIGHTS. Ob' PYTHIAS���Nelson   Lodge,   No,   25,  -   Knights of Pythias, meets in Castle hall, Macdonald block, corner of Josephine and Vernon streets, every  second and fourth Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock.   All  visiting Knights are cordially invited to attend.  R. G. Joy, C. C. Gkokgk Ross, IC. of It. & S.  M\xz Mvxbxxn$+  K?  TUESDAY.     FEBRUARY 7, 1899  }?.'S-ja  The local insurance agents secured all  they asked from the city council last  eveniug. Two weeks ago when alderman  Beer proposed to reduce the tax upon fire  insurance companies from $200 per annum  ��� to $50, aldermen Fletcher and Thomson  took-issue'with him. They were in favor  of collecting the full amount, and as a  result alderman Beer's recommendation  that the tax be reduced to $50 was rejected. Last night the men who two  weeks ago considered $50 too small a tax,  voted for a resolution which practically  relieves the fire insurance companies from  all taxes whatever. Aldermen Hillyer  and Kirkpatrick were the only members  of the council, who by their votes maintained, that the companies who derive  ^tie most benefit from the expenditures  .upon the fire department, should contribute a portion of the expense.  With respect to the agitation, for the  division upon Dominion party lines of the  contending forces in provincial politics, it  issiguificaut that those who are in office  at present are not in favor of any such  :;. arrangement, while those who are out of  torrice,,and hoiie.to attain thei��sa.me, by the  ���assis.tance".pi*poIit!cal^  j"fesE��ijv.$h^  !%>Tlie"pplftiical"Bbjss'es "who^are &.ut"pf".a job,  "s^Lv^wouldUikethe'rpedplfe of\British'Columbia  j,^f^?t&Vstia^ in  ;Ci^:;>."��s,iti^ dis-  ?^Aa!p'bi_i��ued'j^:/���:��,^;.n����.. ."������   ���= "'  0^?^^,f'-'t4^ty'(l���������: >������>.:��� ..'.v'.-.- ,   ���.���".  \t'H:^:":.THB  ^^jtli&ib-���^ re-  sf��� |^S,jl)^i3��i��nmenD�� ;���who' cqtmppfe ��� tile*'present  ^"^".lj|i^p"vincial;administration do not gi v'e' any  :*?*??'{r^^Ai^1^.^^6*^"6^'-"^iu -*'l���>*1Pattpr of  ^:��|tll��e"xthrea^  ^I^^^MliMW1'^^ '-"(p^ ' ^ie afnti-dhinese  ^���^^"w-'^il^^3-6^6^]^"*'''^''" J"hiy Hpe not  S.Ijjsudli/nlen* aX{#pukl sacrifice 'tihe*-iri^6nrests  *j^��^0^h^y:hstfe_"IabonrerJs to an, unrestrained  ::"=".S���0^.1?fAwion*"witfi Chinese alid .Japanese  ��;^*^|ni^re|y]tP;fetirry favor \vith the gbvern-  "���%l"s��meJnt���!a.fc.i.O."t;fa:wa. They contend that so  J]Br>��far"a.s>the province-has gone with its re-  fjj^strjj-tio^  ?"fyAs. within; its rights, and they do not piir-  *"��s"��f "ll/ose. to be ftajoled or bluffed into any  ��," ���:change Of base to please the authorities  ,,,-* - at Ottawa. - -  *  ��� OPENED   ON   DE0OES.  ,A-..V><  long bouts at draw  with heavy-playing  friends.  "In this particular game McGregor was  'way loser after the first couple of hours���  nearly $1000 in the hole. He wasn't  bothered a little bit over this, for he was  a thoroughbred loser, and besides, the receipts from his rooms frequently netted  him $8000 or $10,000 on niglits of big play  at the cases. But he didn't like the way  the cards were running, and he finally  pushed his chair back, remarking:  "'This isn't one of my nights. Make it  a triumvirate, you three. I think I'll stay  out.'  " 'Better hang on a bit, McGregor,  and get some of it back, so you won't  have to smoke a pipe,' said one of the  players, demurring. 'Stay in awhile,  anyhow. Such easy ones as you don't  come our way very often.'  " 'Oh, well, we'll play a final jackpot,'  said McGregor. 'But, win or lose, I've  got chilblains so far as continuing play  tonight, is concerned.   One more jack.'  "McGregor dealt the hand himself, and  I was behind him as he did so. The best  he gave himself was a pair of deuces. It  was a $100 jack, and the $400 was in the  center of the baize in gold. It passed  around, aud none of the three opened it.  "'Well,, if I've got to smoke a pipe, I  see my way clear for $400 worth of smoking tobacco, anyhow," said McGregor,  when it was up to him.    'She's open.'  "I couldn't believe that he'd do a thing  like that, and maybe McGregor heard me  gasp behind him, for, upon the pretence  of coughing, he turned his head around  and screwed up his left eye at mo.  "The three of 'em stayed along and  drew to their hands. They all filled, too.  McGregor drew two cards to his pair of  deuces and the eight spot he held up, and  he caught another deuce and another  eight���a comfortable looking full house,  deuces atop of eights. When it came to  betting McGregor poked them to a standstill, and the three of "em had finally to  look at each other and say:  "'If anybody in the crowd's got'em it  must be McGregor.' ;..'.''  "Aud so they called him. He showed  down his full hand and scooped in $5800.  Then he yawned, put on his topcoat and  stuffed his winnings into the pockets  thereof aud left. The three others played  on for au hour or so, and then the game  broke up and they went dowu to the  lobby of the hotel. When they made  their appearance the night clerk of the  hotel called them. He had three envelopes in his hand, one to each of the three  players with whom McGregor- had been  pokerizing.  " 'Mr. McGregor left these for you gentlemen before he went out a while ago  with instructions that they were handed  to you when you came down,' said the  clerk, handing the envelopes to the gentlemen addressed.  "I_sich   of  the   envelops    contained   a  Costello's Express  Trunks and valises delivered to any part of  the city.  All kinds of draying done ill re.'isonable  rates.    Moving furniture a specialty.  Stand tit corner J3;tkei- and Josephine Sts.  check signed by Byron McGregor for the  amount each of the players had involved  in the phony jackpot together with a  note reading:  " 'I didn't want to get shot to pieces, so  I employ this method of stating that  deuce-opened jackpots are vicious in principle and dangerous to the peace of society, especially in these parts. Never  mention a tobacco pipe to a loser. It vitiates his sense ot squareness. Check enclosed.    New Brunswick Elections.  St. John, N. B., Feb. 7.���Notwithstanding that the nominations take place on  the Uth and the polling on the 18th, both  sides are yet unable to announce with  any definiteness the names of their candidates iu the various counties. The government starts out with one decided advantage; its preparations for the short  campaign are more advanced than the  opposition arrangements. The Opposition, too, is finding it difficult owing  to complications that have arisen,  to secure candidates iu some of the  constituencies. This is especially so in  Northumberland, where L. J. Tvredie,  John H. Bur-hell, John O'Brien and  Charles E. Fish will be the government  candidates. The ticket has the strong  support of Mr. Robinson, Conservative M.  P. The opposition selected a ticket, but  some of the men declined to run, and it is  doubtful if there will be any opposition in  this county. Iu Madawaska county the  opposition candidates wili not. likely  offer. However, conventions are now in  order, and calls have been sent by both  sides for party meetings to choose candidates. By Tuesday next all will probably be announced. George E. Foster has  reached Fredericton to take part in the  campaign on behalf of the opposition and  it is expected A. G. Blair will pay a visit  to New Brunswick to help the government side.      '    Silvex'-Lead Shipments.  Last year Denver; Colorado, obtained  from British Columbia and Mexico 1S,S&V  125 pounds of silver-lead ore, worth $214,-  502. During 1897 Denver's similar iimportation f were 200,000,000 pounds, valued at  $200,000. During the last half of 1898 Mich  importations fell olfbecau.se of the great  increase of silver-lead ores received by  the Denver smelters from Colorado, Idaho  and Utah.  TO THE ELECTORS  OF THE NELSON RIDINCOF WEST KOOTENAY.  W  OUR ANNUAL SALE  IS  STIXiILi  ojsr  B  B  B  B  B  fa  B  W  #  W  PRICES REDUCED     HEMMING FREE    1  BUT IN ADDITION TO THIS WE ARE OPENING  GALL FOR  BAHGAE^IS  GALL FOR  BARGAINS  B  B  W. A. COSTELLO, PROPRIETOR  Wilson & Harsfiaw  DRAYING and  EXPRESS  i,"__:Jack Sot Won fay a Risky Game and After-  t" vrard Restored.  fftrom.tjio Wuphiiigtori Kv.it.ing Star.]  f'4he, man \ylio opelis a jackpot without  'holding" the openers takes about the  longest _hance possible in card gambling,"  said['"it Colorado man who lias seen some  historic doings in the American game of  draw. "It's risky work. It means bullets  in a good many sections of this country,  and even in peaceable communities the)  man who's caught at it has a heap of  trouble in squaring himself, whether he  has actually made a mistake or not. I  only recall the case of one man getting  away with that kind of a proposition, and  he was pn the level and made good afterward.  "This -nan was Byron McGregor, who,  back in the swirling days of Colorado,  ran the swellest establishment for money  hazarding purposes in Denver. McGregor  was a finely educated and . polished man,  and he was in a game with three of the  most prqmiuent citizens in Denver, one of  whdrn afterwards became a-.United States  senator. The game was served out in the  private parlor of one ot the players, and  I was one ol half a dozin witnesses of it.  There Wasn't a high grade man with a liking for draw poker out that way who  wasn't content to sit into agameiu which  Byron McGregor was one of the players..  All in all, McGregor was about the  nio-t  gerfecbly honest man I ever met up with,  [e could beat any magician I ever saw at  card tricks, but when it came to inserting  any of 'em into a legitimate game,  McGregor wasn't tlmv. He played a  magnificent game of poker, of coursr,  although he wan often a big loser after  Bus meets  all   trains and boats.  Special  attention;   given  the  transfer of ba^s*a|fe.    Office and stables1  on   VlrfforP"Istfeet,   dppolite   Tlie7  Tribune office.    Telephone No. 35.  EXPRESS and DRAYING  Gentlemen: Having been compelled to resign my seat  in the legislative assembly, owing to an infraction of the  "Constitution .Act," I again have the honor of ollcring  myself a-f a candidate to represent yon in the legislative  assembly.  It will be my aim to further, as far as in me lie?, the  best interests of the Nelson riding and the province generally,  I very much appreciate the valuable services of those  who labored so actively and successfully in the J uly campaign and would rsk a continuance of that support, being now in a position where I can render good service to  Kootenay.  My time being so fully occupied, it will be impossible  to see ail the electors before election day, but will visit  as many places in the district as possible.  T have the honor to be, gentlemen, yours, etc.  .7. KRED HUJIK.  Nelson, February 1st, 1899.  g Such as Ginghams in nice soft colorings  | of pink, blue, green, etc, in checks and stripes.  f All good "washing colors.  m "White Pique in fine, medium, and wide  g cords. The new Grepon Stripe in these goods  | "will be the proper thing for the coming season.  t Now is the time to get them before the stock  U is picked over.  B  B  fa  fa  B  B  fa  B  B  B  B  e & Go.  Victoria   Block,   Baker   Street,  Nelson,  B.C.  SEWING   MACHINES!  Prices as low as same ean be obtained iii Canada  Assessment Act and Provincial fjever|ue Tax Act  Having purchased the express and draying  btisinfcs"s rif .1. \V. Cowan, we are prepared:  to do all kinds pf work in this" lino, and solicit the patronage of, the people rif !sTolso,ii.  Orders  lett at, l'��. McArthur &  (Jo's store.  norl hwos], corner Haker iind Ward streets  pi, atteiltioii.   Telephone 25  will icceiA'e promr  WEST KOOTENAY DISTRICT, NELSON DIVISION.  GOMER DAVIS & Co.  0. W. West & Go.  GENERAL TEAMSTERS  AGENTS KOK.  The Imperial Oil Go.   Standard Oil Co.  Washington Brick ami Lirrje Go.  The H. W. IVlcNiell Co., Ltd., Canadian An.th.ra-  cite Coal (Hard)  Dealers in,  STOVEWOOD  C. F. JEXTER  Coal and  Wood Dealer  BEST DRY WOOD  delivered to any part of tho city.  Full measurement guaranteed.  Office at Comer Baker and Ward Streets*  ^���Nrotice is horoby:given in accordance wiUyjie-statiiitos.^  that provincial revenue lax and all taxes levied under  the Assessment .Act, are now due for the year IS9II. All  the above-named taxes collectable within tho West'  ,I_ootenay district, Nelson division, are payable at my  office, Kaslo.  Assessment taxes are collectable at the following  rates, via.:  If paid on or b of ore June 30th, 1899.  Three-fifths Of oilc por edit oh real property.  Two and ouo-hulf per cent 6n assessed value Of wild  land.  One-half of one per cent ou personal properly,.  t)l) so much on tho income of any person; as exceeds  dnelliou;-.a��tt dollars, the following fate's, namely: Upon  such excess of, income when the same is n&l inore lljmi  ten thousand dollars, one pcSr cent; when sifcli excess U  over ten IhOusiind doilars and not niorO than twenty  thousand dollars* one and one-quarter of pno per cent;  When suefi excess is ovol- twenty thousand dollar.^ one  nnd qne-lialf of one per cent.  If paid on or after 1st July, 1890.  Four-fifths of ono por cciil on real property.  Three |ier cent on the assessed value of wild land.  Three-fourths of oho per cent on personal property.  On so much on the income of any person as exceeds one  thousand dollars, the following rates, namely: upon sueh  excess when the same is hot niorO than ten thousand  dollars, one and one-o.uarter of one per cent; when  such excess is over ten thousand dollars and not more  than twenty 'thousand dollars, one and ono half of one  per cent; when such excess is over twenty thousand dollars, one and three-quarters of one per cent.  Provincial revenue tax, ��3 per capita.  JOHN KEEN, Assessor and Collector.  Kaslo, B. C, 23rd January, 180.').           MORTGAGE SALE.  Under and by virtue of the powers of sale contained in  a certain mortgage, which will bo produced at the time  of sale, there will be offered by public auction by Charles  A. Waterman fc Co., auctioneers, at their oflicc. West  Baker street, Nelson, B. C��� on Tuesday, 21st day of February, A. D. 18911, at the hour of 2 o'clock in the afternoon,  Hie following property, viz:  That certain parcel or tract of land and promises situ-  at", h ing and being in the town of Slocan City, and being described as lot number three (3) in block twenty-  four (Silas shown on a map or plan of sub-division of  lol 292, group 1. West Knofonay district, deposited in tke  land rogistrv oflicc at Victoria as plan JOG as amended.  On the property is erected a two-story frame building.  Terms of sale: Ten por cent (10%) of tho purchase  money to bo paid to the vendors or their agents at the  time of sale, and the balanc, without interest, to bo paid  within thirl y (30) days thorcaftor.  Further terms and conditions of sale will be made  known on day of sale or on application to Macdonell,  McMastcr & Geory, 51 Yoiucc street, Toronto, solicitors  for tho v^or^or^^ ^ WAT &  Auctioneer*, Nelson, B.C.  The RAY  Cabinet, Drop Head  and Seven  l)r^eiU��^finished4n=.BIack  Walnut and  which is not surpassed  in the market.  WHEELER & WILSON  Cabinet, Mirror Cabinet,  Library Cabinet  Drop���$ead^and���7-Drawer  is finished in  has Rotary Shuttle  and Ball Bearing.  THE DQIESTIC, WHITE MBJMMfTE  7-Drawer furnished in Quartered Oak and Walnut.  If you are thinking' about buying- a machine call and see them and be  convinced that I mean what I say.  There is no necessity for sending* out of Nelson when you can see what  you are buying1 and get it for the same nioney.  The Jeweler  _30_5C   34:  The Jeweler  BO__C   34  Notice  of  Applieation   for   Certifieate  of  Improvements.  BERLIN' I. 3251 d. 1. KL'HKKA L 3255 G. 1, 0. V. G. KKACTION  I, 3251 G. 1. Hliir.lNN'lA t, 3253 O. 1,,'GKAND L. TS-iO G. 1, MAC  KIlACTrON 1. 325(5 G. 1, MINKKAL CLAIMS, SITUATK IN  TIIK NKLSON MINING DIVISION OK WKST .KOOTEXAY  OISTKIOT. AND LOOATKD ON TOAD MOUNTAIN, ADJOINING THE HALL MINKS.  Take notice that I, John ilirsch, as afcent, for tho Hall  Minos Company, Limited, free miner's certifieate No.  2551a, intend, sixty days from tho date hereof, to apply  to the mininir recorder for a certificate of improvements,  for tho purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above  eliiiiii". And further take notice that action, under section 37. must bo commenced before tho issuance of such  certificate of improvements, JOHX HIRSCH.  D&teA Mb 26th fay ot November, 1898, [Jan 25]  Notice   of  Applieation   for  Certifieate  of  Improvements.  KVKNIXG STAIl AND HAPPY JACK MINERAL CLAIMS,  SITUATE IN THE NELSON MINING DIVISION OE WKST  KOOTENAY DISTRICT, AND LOCATED HETWEEN SANDY  AND EAGLE CHEEKS, AHOUT EIVK MILES WEST VHOM  NELSON.  Take notice that I. Arthur S. Farwell. acting as agent  for George A. Kirk, free miner's cert ilicnte No. 8S385, and  John A. Turner, free miner'-i certificate No. 19*!4 v, intend,  sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to tho mining  recorder for certificates of-improvements, fm' the purpose of obtaining crown grants of the above claims. And  further take notice that action, under section 37, must  bo commenced boforo the issuance of such rorlifloate of  improvements. A. S. KAKWEJ-L.  Dated this 20th day ot December, 1838, {Dec, U\ '  Reward!   $50!  To the persons giving information leading to tho discovery of tho whereabouts of ltOHEUT S. QUACKKN-  HtTr-H, Wi]i bo paid the .-ibovn reward. Kobprt S, Quackenbush left this vicinity March, lVStf, going to the Pacific  coast, and has not been heard from since February, 1.S9U  He has money here due iiim which will bo paid to*him at  once, when found. '1 he parties are anxious to hear from  him very sron. He is 29 years old. Uc formerly lived at  Pino Hill, town of Muncheslfr, Jackson County. Wisconsin. Address G: M. PEIIUY. Ulack River Falls  Wisconsin. . '  ri.  Y  The Tribune will buy Old Rags THE TRIBUNE:  tfELSOJN, B. 0. TUESDAY FEBRUARY 7, 1899.  3  r, '���-������  '*,  r  IJ  1  if  V  ^  ,��tv  BankofMontbeal  Capital,  Rest,  all paid  up.     -  $12,000,000  6,000,000  TEGE B^_-_N"_KI  OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA  NELSON  LORD STRATHCONA AND  MT. ROYAL, President  lion. GEO. A. DRUMMOND Vice-President  K   S. CI.OUSTON Goneral Managor  N  _sr_3i_soiT B_=.__wisro_=_:  W. Cop. Baker and Stanley Streets.       URANCIIKR IN       LONDON  (England).  NEW YORK,   CHICAGO  and in tho principal cities In Canada.  Iluy and soil Sterling Exchange and Cablo Transfers  GKANT COMMERCIAL AND TRAVELX.KRS' OKKDIT8,  availnblo in any part of the world.  DRAKTS ISSUED    COLLECTIONS MADE; KTO.  Are now prepared to issue  Drafts and Letters of Credit on  Dawson City, Yukon District.  IMPE  RIAL BANK  OF GANADA  Capital, Paid Up  Reserve  $2,000,000  1,200,000  HEAD  OFFICE, TORONTO  D.  R.  WILKIE, General Manager  SAVINGS BANK BRANGH.  CURRENT RATE OF INTEREST PAID  ABIG-FOOT.   THE ��� PLAYHOUSE   BEAR.  (Seine distance after Kipling.)  Whenever I go to tho playhouse I sit in tho ondmosr.  chair.  So little I reek of the rubber neck, or the girl with tho  Eili'el hair,  Rut, oh! at each fall of the curtain, ordained by some  law accurst, ��  A portly wretch on the quarter stretch is soizod with a  raging thirst;  Ho walks all over my Trilby's; he jumps on my cherished corn :.  His lumbering tread  would arouse the dead far better  than Gabriel's horn.  By. his shoes   will you know  the  monster,  box-toed,  brutal, and square,  And make ye no truce with Abig-foot, the man that  walks like a man !  I'd rather be  hit  by  the  trolley,   tho'  it rended mo  limb from limb, _  Yea!  let bo caught 'neath the Juggernaut, but  keep  me away from him.  Ono niglit at the fall of  the  curtain,   ho  took  me by  surpriso ;'  I  was  reading   ads   in   the   program; I did   not lift  initio eyes.  Near   and   nearer   he  tottered;  ho  hoisted   his  hoof  and then--  I have   not  waltzed   with  women; I  probably. won't  again.  So   mark,   when   the   orchestra  tootcth;   then   is  tho  time to beware!  Take ye no chance on Abig-foot, the man  that walks  like a bear ! -   One of the Secrets of Dressing:.  There are a lot of women as well as men  who dp not understand that one of the  secrets of dressing well is to pay very  careful attention to the many little details of one's clothing. This is especially  true iu the- matter of-boots and shoes.  Probably it has occured to many readers  ������ tliat;tber;^fe far  as;;appearance*���goes^ between .a: pair, pt  .shBpsfatjt-wo'Boljars andjafhalf and ;a"���pair^  :�����at'lthrice' ftMfprjicei'" puch! ped$|e'sh6nlH:!  n<5t Jay \ati_r suc-h ;flatter���ing3 unction.to  - their.>;spul^:   One - of the\ch ief��� d ifferencesj,  between _)ieap 'shoes "and, good* slioeS: is  ��� that^lie.Iatter fib closely-tp"tlie�� instfe'p,  whei'eas cheap sftoes*are  made in such a  w-ay'.f hat"- there-is tpo  mucji: rqofca.irTthe  shoe where,; tfpjpraf is -not wanted.    aChe  ^niafeer:. of - cheap;Dshoes "never. cbo,siclers  .that"J��'i-.^a. "shoe" is'Ajto-   be ! .siuart, ���."<si_n  Should*'"fit" cfpsfily'   into 5the " curve" of'  the   foot,   ini'd   so   there   is   always   a  .slir3Tshpd";aijpefarance ,abOii"t   the. goods..  �� OimoTisIy\enqugh"!h"e is/*oft_n  niggardly"  \Vjth= his leather at"the very ��� place .where  Balf-ari" inch would be/ i^ally useful.     It  ���wi���ll gengjt'ally  be found that a   pair of  cheap shoes  won't adiiiit of their being  laced up so that the two sides join in tlie  t!eiitre..  ..Shoes   that .ate  not  laced  .up'-  stightly give"6ne a very slovenly Appearance."  The leave; oile takes pf one's clothes is  rtnpther little "thing which has -much to do  with, appearance. Well dressed people  are of twoliinds: those who take care of  their clothes���^and others; The person  who does not take care of his or her"  clothes is necessarily extravagant as  otherwise he or she could not exist. To  =be=careles.s^w-it.h=oiie's=clothes=lind--yots  always look Well dres.=ed is to spend three  times more money in a year than is otherwise necessary. The smartness of the  person who takes fare of clothes is a much  better kind of smartness than that of the  person who depends upon newness for  the effect. The well preserved suit or  dress is to the new Suit or dress what the  person of good family is to the parveuu.  A suit should be well-bred as well as well-  made. ,,     _  It Pays to Advertise.  Those who have tested it^-and they  number hundreds Of thousands���assert,  and that in the most unequivocal terms,  that no investment in which they have  ever placed money yields such satisfactory returns as advertising does. John  Wauamaker, the merchant prince of Philadelphia and New York, is possibly the  largest single individual advertiser in the  United States--if not in the world. He  utilizes the columns of the Philadelphia  and Nevv York press very extensively,  sometinjes whole pages being occupied  with his announcements. He keeps a  staff of men, whose whole and sole duty  it is to write advertisements, and these,  to the general reader of' newspapers, as  well as tlie people of New York and Philadelphia, are about as interesting reading  as any portion of the newspapers published there.' Mr. Wanamaker has stated  that his balance sheet for the year just  ended shows that his net profits for the  Philadelphia store slightly exceeded  $1,750,000, and those for the New York  establishment within a few thousand of  the same figures. He says that the Saturday before Christmas the receipts of the  New York store exceeded the enormous  sum of $500,000, and that the New York  establishment, which formerly was the  property of the great A. T. Stewart, and  afterwards managed by his executors-���  and which resulted in failure because it  was run by incompetent men���has paid  him from the day he opened it. He assigns  his whole reason for this success to skilful  and extensive advertising. His limit for  advertising in Philadelphia newspapers  and magazines, annually is $:J50,000, and  aboul the same for New York. Ic will  thus be seen that Mr. Wanamaker by no  means hides his light under a bushel.  Woman Walked From Dawson.  Mrs. Porp of Stockton, California has  just returned  from  the   Klondike.   Her  northern experience cost her $5000. When  starting out she was intent upon entering  the restaurant  business in Dawson. She  took with her  what  would furnish and  stock a restaurant,  and  looked forward  to doing a lucrative  business.   The first  misfortune came at   St.  Michael, something happened the river steamer carrying the freight up the Yukon.   The voyage was long and tedious,  and Mrs. Porr  found von   arrival at   Dawson that her  plans had  been  upset; that her freight  had been in part lost, and that the golden  city of the north was not  what she had  dreamed to find it. Some time afterwards  she went to live   with   some  Califiornia  friends and remained   with   them   until  the 7th of last December,  when despite  their entreaties and  the severe cold, she  determined   on   crossing   the  trails.     It  was  then   00   below  zero.     A party of  four   men   with   a   dog   team   of   nine  were   coming   out   at   the   same  time,  and'Mrs. Poor took   advantage of  this.  She   paid    $300   for   the   passage,   and,  though having the   privilege of riding,  found that walking was  preferable. Consequently   of the 000   miles of trail   she  walked  400   miles.   Neariug Tagish the  cold was felt severest; and one day for  three miles she  walked through water,  walking for  20   miles afterwards.   This  was  the  hardest, of   the   whole   tramp.  There was a cutting wind  blowing and  from being in the water the woman's toes  were  frozen.   Her   eyelashes   were   like  icicles; her forehead and several parts of  her face were frost bitten.   At Tagish the  mounted police compelled  the leader of.  the party to renew  his  dog  team, but  these poor  beasts proved  to be of little  use and the members of the party had  themselves to break the trail   Mrs. Porr  "hasia. different :iru,^r'essidni'ot',��JjfiE|>in!'ii)aW.i��  ,"|on".to.{niany:. >yh"d;,ha".ye 1fc^_e;ntfyl._rE��Lv^fii  froniifcHerfe. V Sh^  .-Who" will' never", be. wejlivsnoughlto cleave  -the country. .They ar�� dyihg^i'omacfual  ���want;? #hd the.bodies of "scofes "are, to be  foilrJd.f4boutLnear]y/e^er��y..hospital, Svv'rapVi  ped;in sa(:ks:butn6t;inlbrred�� the b'eh.evO-  len't sacietfeH" halving insufficient nSoney  at their disposal to give tji.eui proper burial:. A short���time.sbefor.e she left Dawson  a piioslpecjf6r was.fpunti"deadin his cabin  ol^Bpnanz.a.��cr_ek, a lifft.e" bejng found on  his person whicii;to��ld . a'r.sa.cl;Vtor-y Of his  wretched struggle for life."  To. Get. Mprp Wdtier-Tor-Cities.  -Representative Callyert of - VVhatcom  has introduced a bill in thje'legisiature in  the state Of Washington which is intended to give cities additional powers in  securing water supplies.   The bill amends  ,:the existing laws ��by��adjdihg the following  provisions.:      '���������������'..  "It shall be;lawful for any city or town  "in said state to take "and appropriate  waiter from any public or navigable lake  or watercourse, within the state, and by-  nieanii of aqueducts or pipe lines conduct  the same to said city or town; and such  city or town Is hereby authorized and empowered to erect and, build dams or Other  \vorksacross_or_at the outlet of any lake  NELSON BRANCH  A general banking business transacted.  Savings bank department.  Peposits of ��1  nnd  upwards received  and interest,  allowed.  J. M. LAY, Manager.  The Tremont Hotel  A/iAUP & TRECiLLUS  PROPRIKTOltS  THE BKST BRANDS OF  Liquors and Cigars  ALWAYS ON HAND  One of the best and most popular hotels in Nelson.  QUEER'S HOTEL  ''-    BAKKR S.TltKRT. NKLSON.  Heated with Hot Air and  Lighted by Electricity  or watercourse in said state, for the pur  pOse. of storing and retaining water therein up to and above high water mark; and  for all the purposes of erecting such aqueducts, pipe lines, dams, water works or  other necessary structures, and storing  and retaining water as above provided,  such city or town shall have the right to  occupy and use the beds end shores up to  high water rniu'k of any such watercourse  or ljtke; Provided, That no such dam or  other structure shall impede, obstruct, or  in any Way interfere With public* navigation,'or other llublic tisps of shQh lake or  watercourse; Provided, Tliat should  private property be necessary for any  such purpose, or for storing water above  high water ihiirk, such city or town'may  condemn and purchase, or purchase anil  acquire such private property."  Large  comfortable  bedrooms  and   first-class  dining  .room. .Sampjcropins for commercial, men. -    ..    .  . �� - ,.aB-4l3PEs �� ss �����_=>,^_=t�� :_pj__.'��z=,j >;. "���  Mrs, EC.  .Late."of��''tile0"S.qJ���a^l, troteis Calgaix-  r|. D. HUME, Manager.  The finest hotel in the interior.  Large sample rooms.   Steam heat and electric light.-  CORNER, Ob1 WARD AND V1SRN.0N STS.,, NELSON  OPEN DAY AND NIGHT  __Ch,e__Qn.L)_=i:es:ea.u.Ka,n!t_=i n_-the__c.i:t)_  employ ing" only white cooks,  Merchants' lunch from 12 to 2  o'clock, 25 cents. Dinner from 5  to 8.    Short orders   at   all   hours.  H. D.  BLAOKSMITHING  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  Wagon repairing promptly atterded to by a first-class  wheelwright.  Special attention given to all kinds of repairing and  custom work from outside points.  SHOP:    Hal' Street, between. Baker and Vornon, Nelson  R. REISTERER & CO.  BREWERS AND BOTTLERS OF  Fine Lager Beer  Ale and Porter  Prompt and regular  delivery to the trade.  Brewery at Nelson.  HA'lvfcft AXJ) 'WAR!) STJIKKTS, Nl'ILSON  The oilly hotel in Nelson that has ramained tmdol' One  management. miiCJo IS!)').  Thu bl'd-rooms  are  well furnished  and   lighted by  elUctficity.  The diniiig'roOm is not seeoiid to any in IvoOtonuy.  The bar is always slocked  by the best doiuestie and  imported liiiuyi's mid eignrs.  TJIUMAS JfA'DP'MNv Proprietor.  The Victoria Hotel  _=. _3 "V25. LS TO __CE!  Renovated and decorated throughout. Frst-class sample  rooms. I'Vee bus meets all trains. The Revelstoke  Street Car Company run hourly street car service  between Victor'a hotel and station.  J. V. WORKS, Proprietor.  Application for Liquor License.  Notice is hereby given that I will, thirty days from the  dale of this notice, apply to the government agent at  Nelson for a licenso to sell liquor lit retail at my hotel,  known as the Florence Hotel, situate three miles east, of  Nelson, on the outlet of Kootenay lake, in West Kootenay district, British Columbia.  WILLIAM ROBERTS.  Dated February 3rd, 180!).  Kootenay Railway & Navigation Co.  LAKE  AND   RIVER  ���6"  DIVISION  STR. INTERNATIONAL  Daily except Sunday.      Pacific standard time  Read  down  0:30 a.m...  7:3(1    ���   ..  8:00    ���   ..  S:tS    i,   ..  0:45.   n    ..  Arrive 10:30    ��   -\  Connects with N  South  bound  Leave  Due  Due  Due  Due  KASLO TO NELSON  Read      North  up        bound  .....   Kaslo    8:30 p.m. Arrive  .. Ainsworlh 7:10    .. Due  .... Pilot Tiny  fi:30    ., Due   Balfour.... (i:00    ,, Due  Kive-mile Point....;):10    ii Due    Nelson  ... .1:30 ���.,,'���  Leave  & Ft. S. Ry. train for Spokane, leav  ing Five-mile Point at 10:05 a.m..  Steamers leavo Kaslo city wharf at foot of Third street  ROBERT IRVING, Manager.  Headquarters for Miners and Prospectors  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  Glassware...  ������*�����#���������������  We are now carrying a most complete line of Bar Supplies, including  all the latest styles of Whisky, Wine  and Beer glasses. Our prices are low  and the quality the best procurable  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  b *_i_^*  W. F. TEETZEL & CO.  \\(  ti  ti  ti  ti  Hi  ti  ti  Hi  ti  Hi  ti  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  ti  Hi  Hi  Hi  ti  ti  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  ti  ti  ti  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi,  ti  ti  ti  ti  Hi  Hi  ti  Hi  ti  ti  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  AND SOQ LINE  Fast  and  Short  Route  to.and  kootenay Country.  From  Firijt-class iind Tourist Sleepers Operated from  PAOJFIC TO ATLANTIC  Tickets issued through and baggage  checked to destination.  Jin^s McPhee  PRACTICAL  ELECTRICIAN  Will contract to supply and install any l^ind of electrical macliinery  oo_^3sr__3C3a?-:o_sr_3  Leave.  0:JO p. iii  DAILY  ...NELSON.......  Rossland,  Trail '.and' Robson,,  Arrive.  ...10:30 p. in.  Main Lin,e and Intermediate Points via Slocan Lake.  Leave. DAILY ��� Arrive.  "" .....8:30 p. ill.  0:30 a. m.  . NKLSON  Kootenay Lake--Kaslo  Lcfive. Daily  1:00 p. m ,.,��������..  ^bute-Steairjer Kokanee.  Arrive.  ...11:00 a.m.  Except Sunday  NELSON  K,ooten,ay IJiver Route-Steamer Moyie,  JVI.ii., Wed., Fri. Tiies.. Thurs:, Sat.  ��100 a. in. Leave NELSON.,..,... .Arrive ,0:30 p. in.  Makes connection at Pilot Bay With steamer Kokaneo  in both directions.  Steamers on their respective routes call at principal  landings in both directions, and at other points when  signalled.  Ascertain Rates and full information by addressing  nearest local agent Or  C. E, BE/vSLEY, City Ticket Agent,  R. W. DREW* Agent.  W. F. A.ndhhson, Trlivcling passenger Agent, Nelson,  >:. J. C.'OYi;U, Dis't Passenger Agent, Vancouver.  ''}  Nelson, B. C.  YVilJ wire buildiiigg for electric lighting, electric bells,  doctf'io burglar alarms, electric annunciators.  Will contract to install fire alarm.syslems in towns and  cities.   Full stock ot wire and "fixtures oirhand. .   ".  Wr{ITE F0FJ PRICES.    Office and Storeroom:    Josephine Street, fJelson.  LONDON AND BRITISH COLUMBIA GOLDFIELDS, Ltd.  HEAD  OFFICE,   LONDON,   ENGLAND.  All  communications relating to British  Columbia  business to be addressed  to P. O. Drawer  J. RODERICK ROBERTSON, General Manager  S. S FOWLER, E.M., Mining, Engineer  { NELSON, B.O.  Spokane Falls & Northern,  Nelson & Fort Sheppard,  Bed Mountain Railways, j  Trje only all rail route without change of cars  between Nelson arjd Rossland, an,d  Spokane arid Rosslarid.  DAILY    TRAINS.  Leave Arrive  ll:3�� a. m NKLSON 5:.'I5 p.m.  I..05.a. m  ROSSLAND. 12:20 p. m.  S::J.0 a. m SPOKANK, 3:10 p. m.  The train that leaves Nelson at 0:20 a. in., makes close  connections at Spokane with trains: for all Pacific Coast  points.  Passengers for Kettle River and Boundary Creek con  nect at Marcus with stage daily.  C. G. DIXON, G. P. & T. A..  E^aslo & Slocan Railway  CBHSTO^   _B, G.  (iOrNG WEST  Leave    8.00 a. in.  a:i2 "  "      ���    il.30 "  "          fl.Ia "  "           SLSS ��  ��         10.12 "  ".       10.25 ><  '���      io.:j:i ii  Arrive 10.10 "  Leave  Arrive  11.00 a.  11.15  DAILV  ICasio  South Pork  Sproule's  Whitewater  Rear Lake  iVIcGuigan  Uailey's  Cody Junction  Sandon  CODY   BRANCH.  Sandon  Cody  fioi.vr;  Arrive 3.5.5  "      3.20  K.\ST  ]i. in.  Leave  2.10  2 00  1 15  1..-II  1 2."l  1.15  Arrive 11.101  Leave 11.25  G. V. COPKLAND, Superintendent..  ATLANTIC   STEAMSHIP   TICKETS.  To and from Kuropean points via Canadian and American linos.   Apply for sailing dates, rates, tickets, and  I full information to any Canadian Pacific railway agentor  C. P. R. City Agent, Nclflon.  WILLIAM 8T.TT, Generals. 8..Agent, Winnipeg.  Situate ori the Crow's  ber of any description  district  of Kootenay.  Tenders Solicited  Nest Railway is prepared to deliver lum-  any quantity  at  any  place within the  in  GOAT  RIVER   LUMBER  COMPANY,  G.  A.   BIGELOW,  MANAGER  FLOORING, LINING, MOULDINGS, DOORS,  AND SASHES IN STOCK.  EVERY DESCRIPTION OF JOINERY, DOORS AND WINDOWS  MADE TO ORDER.  Office and Mills Corner Hall and Front Streets, Nelson  Lumber!   Lumber!   Lumber!  Kootenay Lake Sawmill, G9O. Buchanan, Prop.  First  Sash,  class   lumber  at. right   prices    Also   a  full  line   of  Doors, Turned Work, etc., constantly on hand.  Yard:  Foot Hendryx Street.       JOHN RAE, Agent. THE TRIBUNE:   NELSON B.C.  TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 7, 1899.  TODAYS   NEW   ADVERTISEMENTS.  Fred Irvine & Co.���Hoy Wanted.  Poundkeeper'. notice���-Horse imi'ounded,  LOCAL   NEWS   AND   GOSSIP.  D. W. King, late of tlie Kaslo Kooten-  iaan but now ore buyer for a Montana  smelter, is in the hospital at li.velstoke.  Woodcutters want $1.75 a cord for sawing wood at Revelstoke.  Louis Rougerot, the Frenchman, who  was examined last week as to his .sanity  by Dr. LtiHau and Dr. Arthur and said to  be weak minded, will be sent back to his  friends in France. Paul Nipou and A.  Lapoiute interested themselves iu the  case and collected by private subscription  in Nelson the sum of $02.75, which with  the $25 voted by the city council, will be  sufficient to send him to Marsailles,  France.  A game of lacrosse on skates was played  last night at the Crystal rink between  two picked local teams. The game was a  live one from start to finish and was  greatly enjoyed by the spectators.  The location of the mineral claims  Myrtle, on Copper mountain by D. M.  Clark and D. A. McLennan, and the Chihuahua, on the east side of the south fork  of Porcupine creek, formerly Fidalgo, by  John Brean and Frank Grantham, were  recorded today.  The Canadian Pacific Railway Company  has let the contract for the construction  of the plank walks along the sides of the  new transfer wharf at Nelson.  Captain Robertson, of the steamer Illecillewaet, plying between Robson and  Brooklyn, is in Nelson today. He reports  that the ice on the Columbia river between these two points is over seven inches thick. The Illecillewaet is kept busy  keeping the river clear of ice for the  transfer of passengers at Robson.  BOSTOCK   MAKES   A   TALK  On Federal Matters Which Concern the People  of the Pacific Province.  Hewitt  Bostock,   M.   P.,   addressed   a  -      meeting of his constituents iu the Hume  hotel hall last night.   Dr. Forin acted as  chairman; and on the platform were Fred  Peters   and E.  V. Bod well   of  Victoria,  '    Johu A. Turner and S. S. Taylor.  Mr. Bostock was well  received.   He explained that his visit to Nelson had no  connection  with  the  provincial-; election  :      now  being  held.     During the recess of  ,    parliament he had visited as many parts;  . of his constituency as possible in orclerGto  ��� ^j^^ojbtjaiu; ini;pi\n_atior_ i^egrtii^din^vtbejr^ciiii.J*^"��,  iV��mknts"->f/��fe  ^.^e^i6Klinvl��t^^^^f^hi^n> cMi  ���pr.-ConservautiM.e��: ��t���o;��5��ay>���that; the  Liberal  ;��� i;K; co'n tftify^^  ���H"��� ;th0y|Eadltakeu Jioidl;pir'lhdy 'liad'a* gpbd  % ;CgifcSp'%MjiieVI?'o^ ' 0ii .t'lie;  n.^��t|i,n)_:;^fi vyp"toghr/(ed. ��� that;-.ex-"  ����*^bi��trLe^(S.?|iiea^uni';^i would*be injurious to the  "V^bu&inq^ jftnd  t-^i a^dpted a" "pftliayfof "gradtialjy tSlimiuating  "v\4��tlte"eleihent_: pf%proflection;" and feducihg  fest*he/duty;s"a\Y^ "tlie  requirements of  ;!}>jtheTi:eV^ A preferen-  ^"^/'tlal^J^^H^^i1"^"*'1^66^ introduced for the  ii^:Pui;po����!; o^ih^lpihg. the trjade between  iy^GMpAdJff"&nd".-Great; Brjtjiiru The effect  �����/;^QtVpiis"'h"ad/Been,"to bring the relations be-  ^rt.wee'd^hg'diffeiierit parts of the British  il'a:.]|ii)piye0 eldseiy and Carialdaisjooked upon  ��"/'"'���'��& tjie? leader in the movement for Imper-  *;: ��iniKiedaerat.iOn. , ,     &,  ?.��������. - "Ithad been charged against thegovern-  ��^��,nfeht��that the expenditure .had increased  ���>" '^sinee tile present ministers lotik office, but  " Jthj$"\vasO"uite natural since the trade of  ��� ��thd;cpunta'y was? increasing rapidly.   Fur  thfeyear ending Jiuje 30th, 1S0S,  the siir-  ��   Xilus   of  revenue over expenditure   was  ,$l;575,000, and for the six months ending  Decern ber3ist\ 1SQ8, the revenue increased  =^$2jjw,MLy^i:kti^  1S97,.,   The government, he said, was perfectly justified in increasing the expenditurei to a reasonable extent when such in-  fcfeuHe is made for the purpose of developing; the country. The progressive railway  policy of" the government he considered  had' been  of great benefit to Kootenay  district, and also to..Nelson.   With regard  to the construction of tho Crow's Nest  Pass railway,   the   government   after  a  great? deal of deliberation  concluded that  the best way to secure itri construction  was to grantn. subsidy  to the Canadian  Pjfcific Hailway Cbthpanj:.   Clauses were  iiltrpdiiced in the contract  to safeguard  the intere.'its of the  people,  anil   prevent  t|le   corporation from securing absolute  . conti-ol of the Crow's Nest J'ds_.  By these  terms any other railway company, by applying to  the goveiMimeut could  obtain  running rights over the road*  and  compete   for it share of the Kootenay trade.  The government had also reserved  the  right of inquiring' into aud regulatingthe  freight rates on the Crow's Nest Pass railway and had secured substantial   reductions in the rates on the main line.  In regard to the postal service of the  country, the posi master general had done  a great deal in the way of reducing expenditure and providing better postal  facilities. He had hoped that a mail  service would have been established connecting Nelson with E-ist Kootenay  points as soon as the line was opened. On  his arrival in Nelson last we'ek he had  telegraphed to Hon. William Mil lock in  the matter, and received a reply that instructions had been issued to forward  mail over the Crow's Nest Pass railway  line.  Mr. Bostock expressed  himself in favor  of a redistribution of the British Columbia  constituencies, whereby East and West  Kootenay would have a member in the  house of commons and Yale-Cariboo one.  The question of a government building  for Nelson would receive his careful attention, and he hoped to be more successful this session than he was last session,  in securing an appropriation for the purpose. In reply to a question as to his  position in regard to the senate he said  that personally he thougnt that the members of the upper house were perfectly  justified in throwing out the Yukon railway bill or any other bill, which they  considered was not for the advantage of  the country. Before anjrthing could bo  done in the way of senate reform it would  be necewsnry to show to the Imperial parliament that the people of Canada desired  ii change. He did not think the people of  British Columbia cared very much about  the senate.  Fred  Peters, ex-premier of Prince Edward  Island, was the next speaker, and  expressed himself as being stronglv in  favor of party lines being drawn in British Columbia, on the same lines a.s in  Dominion politics. Every man did himself good, his province good and his country good whostudied the public questions  intelligently, and gave his allegiance to  one of the great political parties.  E. "V. Bodwell briefly addressed the  meeting, claiming for the policy of the  Liberal party the credit in a large measure  for the prosperity of the country. He  discussed the Kettle River Valley railway  bill and argued that the people of Eastern  Canada had lost sight of the real issue on  the question and thought that the construction of the road should have the  effect of diverting the trade of the Boundary district to tho -United States. This  was a mistaken idea but the people of the  Eastern provinces were only awakening  to a realization of the great resources and  possibilities of British Columbia.  The meeting closed with the singing of  the national anthem.  After the Excitement...  Of the holiday season ancl the elections  Keep warm...  NELSON, B. C.  KASLO, B. C.  SANDON, B. C.  Our   weather   here   is   uncertain   and  co  Id  coal  you should  always   be ready for  snaps.    We have a   full   line of  stoves and   heaters on   hand   and  in  vite an inspection of our stock.  and  preserve  by  health  wearing-  Chamois Vests and  Chest and Lung Protectors  L,argfe stock just  received  W. F. Teetzel & Co.  Vancouver  Hardware  Company, Ltd.  DEALERS IN  Shelf and Heavy Hardware  SOLE AGENTS FOR  Giant  MARA & ISARNARD BLOCK,  BAICKIt ST.. N'rciViON'  Charles A. Waterman & Co.  CUSTOMS BROKERS  AUCTIONEERS  THE  ASK   TO   SEE  THEM  BEAL ESTATE and GENERAL AGENTS  Baker Street, Nelson  TRUAX  ORB  CARS  Canton Drill Steel  CARRY IN STOCK  Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal  Pipes, and Fittings  G-iant, Caps and Fuse  Tools, - Cutlery, Tin  and Woodenware  Stoves, Ranges,  Iron,  Steel,   Sheet  Iron, T-Rails  Paints, Oils, Glass  NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:   Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.  F1KST POOIt WKST BANK U. C. mjILDlKG.  Residence Lots  FOR   S-A._L._E3  Is something1 new, stylish*  and strtetly w|> to date.  m  Nbs. 18 and 20 Baker Street,  Nelson,  B. 0.  Jl A-  Dairy Ranch, on Kootenay Lake neat  Nelson   House, and lot on Silica street ....  House and two lots on Vernon street  House and lot on Victoria street . . .  House jind lot on Victoria .street;., . .  Holns.' .and lot jsii Vict.orki .sti-ee'b ., ... .  Hp'iise 'icurl two Lots' on. .Csirbdnate  S5000  1100  1600  2100  ifCOO  1900  1:80,0'  THE LA  Will   be found  in  their  new premises  on  with  a  complete  stock  of  Baker Street  Shelf and  Heavy  Heavy  and Shelf  ALL KINDS OF MINING SUPPLIES  .ALEX   STEWART, "Mining  St.  Broker  Ollbj'c:   Turji.r & llooqUli IiIoqIv, Jiak.pi' and,  U'ai-il streets Nulsoii.  Business and  Residential Lots  SALE in the original townsite on easy  terms. Also lots for salts in Grand Porks  and Cascade City.  Apply  FRANK  FLETCHER,   P.L.S.,  Liuid Agent,  Corner Baker aiid Ivoofcciia.v .Streets.     J^OlsOh, 13.G.  C. ��>. J. CHRISTIE  <Yon \vi\\ ."illicit "it  n to ^ypuY^adtai^tiige'rto'.edXisul^ usv  yo.u> piilhfa  ���before"- plaqing  .f^smithing and Plumbing- a Specialty  ,,   . Estimates Cheerfully.jEurnisHedS/ C-��  A Mg &0&tm m  Prices Away -M^6k-  WJIOLK5AI.E   AND   KI.TAII.  ts  Wholesale Markets at JMelson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.  RETAIL  STORES AT  Nelson,  Trail  City,  Ymir, Kaslo,  Grantl  Forks,  New Denver,  Sandon, Silverton, Cascade  Midway, Greenwood and Sirdar.  ORDERS BY MAIL  PROMPTLY FORWARDED  Head Office, Nelson, B.C.  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  ALL KINDS OF FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  General Broker  and  Insurance Age^t  To let for three monllis,. 5-rooin cottiige, with bath:  nicely runiiriliuil.  Olllce:   Aberdeen lilbck, llaker Sl.i-ee|., N.cIkoii.  Patronize Home Industry  UNION MADE CIGARS  A Carload of  arpived and mtist fee sold. Always g��b  hand for public inspection the finest of  family groceries ever opened in Ifclelsohr  l^irkpatricK & Wilson  Baker Street. UelgQj^   B.O.  Mail Orders  Promptly Attended to  UUU SPKCIAI/l'Y  ii  HOYAL SEAL" CIARS  M'ASfUKACtl'IIK'n BV THK  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  E. C.  BaKer Street, flelson  OTIDKRS HY MA I J, KKCKIVK CARKFUL AND PROMPT ATI'KNTrON  S,  er  Kootenay Cigar  Manufacturing Co.  HELP   WANTED.  "DOY WANTTKD���AKootl HtnarL boy to len.rn the dry  ���*-> goods buwiiioSH uml mako himnclf Benenilly ufoful.  Apply to Fred Irvine & Co.  Horse Impounded.  Taken up on Baker Htrcel. one Trunin colored liornc,  about 8 years old, no��' iiliponnded n I city pound. Owner  Cttn Irnve sumo by paying expenses. ���;.  VVlLl-IAM GORTON, Poundkocpcr,  Pated ��fc Nohoa, JTvbruar/7th, W9. .  Ores Purchased  COPPER ORE, DRY ORE, LEAD_ORE  PIANOS  Steinway and Nordheimer lead  the world. Art & Music Co.,  agents, Baker street, Nelson.  THE HALL MINES, Limited, Nelson. J me Tribune win buy ow Bags  Purchased and payment made as soon after receipt of ore as  samples can be assayed. Quotations given upon, the receipt  of samples. -   ' ���'    WHEN YOU REQUIRE  POKER CHIPS  CIGARS  PLAYING CARDS  I (.member you can get them from  S. J. MIGHT0N  Aberdeen Block. Xelson, B. C.  HAVE YOU  TRIED THE NEW  Mustard  ANj)  Will enable you to eat and digest that piece of tough steak  OUR 25 CENT BOTTLE OF PICKLES  is a good sauce, ready mixed and well seasoned.  ABEBDEEISr BLOCK  NELSON, B. O.  DesBrisay & Go.  J. A. Irving' & Co.  GROCERS AND PROVISION MERCHANTS  Family orders n specialty and free daily delivery  Mail and telephone orders promptly attended to  Baker Street West, opposite Oddfellows' Plock  NELSON, B. O.  SPECIAL  Have just received a consignment of Harris home  made tweeds from Talbot Harr s, Scotland.  1 FEED J. SQUIBE, Bakep St. Nelson  The supply is limited, so call curly and cxamino this stock.


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