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The Tribune Feb 9, 1899

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Has Mines that are Paying Dividends and Hundreds of Properties that can be Made
Dividend Paying Mines.
a   Mineral   Output   of Upwards   of  One
Million    Dollars    Every    Month
In   The  Year
It Will Break Out In the Spring.
Tlie Henne-sey boys, whose names are
inseparably associated with the mineral
development of the Slocan, are at present
nursing a new mining excitement, which
they expect to have ready for the mining
public sometime this summer.
The new district which they are now
working in they have called the Cariboo
Hump country. It is about 12 miles back
from the west shore of Kootenay lake,
about opposite Sanea, and as a gold producer they expect it will rival the best of
the gold camps in Kootenay. Aside from
the work which they have done themselves, nothing save assessment work has
been done upon any of the properties, but
there are several very line showings, and
the only hindrance to development is the
present difficulty of access.
Four or five years ago W". M., J. J., and
D.  B. Hennessey located the  Wisconsin
£'«£'       and Lucky Strike claims on what they
* called the Hennessey  mountain.    They
kept the claims alive for two or three
years by doing assessment work, and in
order to ward off a lawsuit purchased a
jumper's title to their own ground for
$($00. A year ago they commenced development work in earnest and spent something over $4000 in opening up the property. In the absence of a trail from Kootenay lake they make Ymir their outfitting
point, which necessitated the crossing of a
divide to reach their claims.
The work done upon the claims consists of 125 feet of a tunnel, of which
70 feet is a cross-cut through granite.
Where the ledge was struck it was
found to be over 20 feet wide,
and after crosscutting it the tunnel was
run along it for the remainder of the 125
feet. The vein is in the contact between
(juurlzite and granite, the granite forming the footwall. The vein at its narrowest point is 20 feet wide and assays from
the same indicate an average value of $25
in gold, with small values in silver and
some copper. Much higher assays have
been secured and there is every reason to.
believe that much better copper values
will be secured when depth is attained.
At present the greatest depth secured by
.othe,J25a-|pot„tunueJJsr(|0D feet, but „in -nm.-,
mf.ichsinore^cj'UickJy:;^.".: ^:y0"»f'lsi* ?*•■* »„°. «C"*
»^«/T_ia«Henifesseys "liave'IfouKmouths' sufe
erection of a concentrator much better results may be expected, a.s there is a large
quantity of concentrating ore which has
been taken out in course of development,
which only requires milling to re'.urn a
good profit to the company.
It is also likely that the Minnesota Silver Company, which is operating the
Ivanhoe property, will enter the Ivauhne.
on the list of permanent shippers this
spring. For the past four or five years
the eompauy has proceeded quietly'with
the development of the Ivanhoe. Last
year upwards of $10,000 were spent in
opening up the property. The result lias
been that so soon as the tramway is put
in the company is in a position to make
regular shipments.
The Noble Five Consolidated is also developing well. There are several fine
showings of ore in the property, and the
demand for Noble Five stock is on the increase. The company has sufficient money
in the treasury to thoroughly develop the
property without depending upon the
proceeds of ore shipments, and for this
reason there is not much likelihood of
resuming shipments until there is enough
ore blocked out to keep the concenvrator
going for a year or more.
Business is good iu Sandon for most
ventures, but the newspaper men are not
securing much of a corner on the wealth
of the district. Mr. Atherton says that
there is a rumor current that John M.
Harris, the owner of the greatest portion
of the city, has been forced to take over
one of the local papers. He further says
that it is a libel on Sandon to say that the
city is without water for domestic purposes. Sandon has always had sufficient
water for domestic purposes, aud has not
fared badly for electric lignt.
f^pl^ies^a fc» th e. p^
<s=">edure a'*trai 1 Ironic Kootenays lake^ if pVto;
- ^tlie.;. headwaterso, or:jTe>ry/ creek-," a„nd it
"this." is dtineiVthe "JleiMdes¥ey_JwillHiav,e*a<f
i, trial * shipmel] trot,; 100 tops« ready loivthe.
" "lirJjttpaoker^
.able„\|rau .packers s\vil!yiiiove thej, preptq^
°- Kbbteua"y^ I a kel" aM_b°m e th'i n-g}, "»"un"d'ern« ° $ 1 pu
pev ton, -qut asothe, Henuesseys pawas.
higli "as*M0%eii£brl|fppf..h,k»t»a°ckln;g,b'f''*tli'e'
not. Ji:ightened:afethe>prospect;or paying a?;
look, fpr«tbb!|.alr^
they'are46nnry^nxjbusB.p;getj'-„a first" ships
'meiit^o„£>ip0:,t(p^ Once
filiisIs1done,(<and "pltb1ic{a*tt'€i]?(;ip'n;u_li't'neJctedii
toytjhe^distrijct;i$hj_y ?arer.'asshfi_^;t°_ialf itlie"
-dnn|i'g^re8^ll'tin^ f^pl^i'de^elo'piin&.i.i} wijf
"ehh1r^es»n.]tranN,ponEfcatinn,, fae|lititi_s wlhich
will ap!nVitpf a^h^ndsSme profit; for the
mining of ^$25;rpcsk,
WijhYUiejftrfiil "in; frb'f»a Koptenay lake
Nelson v^phld8 becoine :tBe hipst tpnveii-
■*"Jen^btitHnttibg ppMt'fpr the section.   The
Nditjtauce from tife»lake tdi the headwaters
ftjo'f "Teri-y creek is about 10 miles,  but it
"*wonii!4   serve  several   claims   which are
^aMprj^i^w i£h_d i fh^^^
the perfbriuancQ of the required assessment wprk. Among these may be men?
tioned the great Strike, EaiiClair, and
Little Giant which adjoin the Hennessey
property, the Lake View and Northern
further up the creek, and the Cariboo
Hump group, made up of the Cariboo
Head, Saluatpr aiid Express. These properties have all good showings and the
possibilities for the development are
Will Add to the Fame of Their District
Their Shlpmonts This Year.
Hon. K It. Atherton, ppstmaster-gen-
eral, city councilor and merchant prince
of Sandon, left Nelson for Sandon this
niPruing, after spending a couple of days
iu this city looking after his real estate
To a Trihuke representative Mr. Atherton said that the mines of the Slocan
were keeping up their reputations as fortune makers. Just at present the Last
Chance mine is looked upon as the great
bonaD/.a property. The shipments from
the mine average one carload of ore per
day, and a sufficient force is employed to
keep the development considerably ahead
of the stopers. The ore from the Last
Chance nets the owners a profit of $75 a
ton over all charge?, so that it is easy to
see that the profits of the company are
large, although very little is heard of the
same in the newspapers. Men who secure
work at the Last Chance regard themselves as fortunate. The board at the
mine is regarded as the best in the Slocan,
and more attention is paid to the comfort
of the miners than in most of the other
mines. Men in the mine are paid $3.50
per day, and ail outside men receive $4.
At the Ruth mines development is proceeding satisfactorily, and it is now definitely understood that the company will
put in its concentrator this spring. This
company paid a handsome dividend upon
the past season's working, and with the
A Farwell  Organ Libels an  Official Appointed
by the Late Turner Government.
The Miner this morning publishes what
is alleged  to be a telegram from Donald,
in  which the action of returning officer
Griffith is described as the most barefaced
political scandal ever perpetrated in Canada,  and as a trick eminating from government circles aud ins'pired by one in the
government versed in political trickery.
The Miner by publishing such an article
vsliLo»w.sAtJiat^for»\the:sake„" oKsecuring^a'
, gy m pa.thie^s ^arpv^ l t,h „^the -;, leader; "0 if^the
* feesen tippppsi tid^
ynrfyl. h"avef.madft;a|hijst|k^«' tiie"7^Iiuer
/.would; Ji'athei'j^eHev^'U
4an«"ultetiPr, uaEptTyfe,\4hah;:.°tliat. d.;" wasl
^6ne   «6£*„ ^hpse»*«;ac(!iclehsts: °8^ylli'6h^*'n&t"
"Hadpthe„MinervdeSired «tp.."«pubrish>tli*e
(facts ;p/f ^tlip; cfee^withotl.^raii^. undue;
nco1or^^^n|j;ittcputi|d»Iiav"e4eciiredjthetn fr"3in i
..Alexalitler 5Eitc:a"s;; theu*Cb„u>erxativeprgan;«
izer; \^lio*was ih? the" city .yestertlayV and:
who wa_ inDonaldjat'th". Itlime the .dlffi*
culty pcciu-red; " When If i^ -§".|ite"d fliat
Mr? Lucas is {the maiii whps was jslioijeh to
-perfect theprgaliizast'0" pf th". Cbhserva-;
tive. Xhrpi/glfdut" the. prpy-ihce",, for the
purp6Jse of tpnducjtlnfetlXe next provincial"
election cpn'test dppiv^art^ lines, lie will
stiarcely; be   considered   1i§;   Bin, linduly
ftfypi'able   witiiess  for  the   defence   of
attorhey-genofal Ala'rtl'n.
Mr. Ljicas.says th$h the:r^tui'hihgpfficer
al-riyed at the blace set fbr the ,nomiha-
tion at Dpnald about four mihute§ niter
tlie time set fpr the closjng of the ;ho,nin-
Golden seventeen miles over the old
"tote" rdadj part of the way pn
foot, He brought with „ him the writ
for the election and the npiuinatipii
papers pf government candidate Wells.
Due probably to the fact that he was late,
the returning officer was very greatly
flustered. He (shell proceeded tp redd the
writ, and afterward, drew the papers
nominating Wells from hispockets, whom
he declared elected by acclamation.
In order that the election should not gp
by default, th. supporters of the present
Ppposition party had arranged to bring
oiitThomas Forest, a Donald hotel-kepper,
and the papers nominating him, tPjgether
with the necessary cash deposit, were tern
dered to the deputy returning officer at
Donald* This officer in the absence Pf the
returning officer by law becomes the returning officer, but as he had not the Writ
for the election he said he could not receive the nomination papers. After re-
tuuning officer Griffith arrived the papers
nominating Forest were tendered to him,
but for some unaccountable reason he refused to accept the same. Mr. Lucas expressed the opinion that while the whole
thing was clearly illegal, it was
idle to say that there was any design in
the action of the returning officer. Mr.
Lucas attributed the whole trouble to tue
fact that the returning officer was very
much flustered and did not appreciate the
effect of his action in declining to receive
the nomination papers of candidate
Returning officer Griffith resided in
Donald for about ten years, and removed
to Golden when the government office
was transferred from Donald to
that place. He has always been held in
high esteem by the people of Donald. He
is a brother-in-law of H. E. Beasley, superintendent of the Canadian Pacific branch
Hues at Nelson.   ,
Loss Greater Than First Reported.
Winnipeg, Feb. 9.—-The scene of Wed.;
nesday morning's fire was visited by
thousands of citizens yesterday. The
ruin is complete. The loss is now estimated at $800,000.
ft •>,
1j3;3.;_:'3*-9:-3.-3.-_:-33.1.3335-3.:3aa333 *-3:-.334*-93 &f«ee-:6-:&&6&fe&e6f:66feefefef«eetr:tt*^
howling" storm
Boston, Massachusetts, Feb. 9.—A
the   bay  ancl  along  the   coast.      An   unknown   three-masted
schooner is wrecked off Nantasket Beach.
New York, Feb. 9.—A big snowstorm raged here for the past
24 hours. Railroad traffic is delayed and suburban lines completely blocked by snow.
New York, Feb. 9.—-A fire started in a   bag factory on Front
...      *•
street today. The whole block of ;buildings is threatened. One
fireman was killed and several wounded. The loss will reach a
million.    The fire is. still raging.
Utica, New York, Feb. 9.—Forestport, a town in this county,
is on fire.    Details are meagre on account of interruption to wires.
Nashville, Tennessee, Feb. 9.—The steamer P. D. Staggs
was wrecked in passing under the drawbridge at Johnsonville.
The boat drifted away from the bridge after the shock and has not
since been heard from. Several clung to the piers of the bridge
and were saved ; the rest of the passengers are  believed   to  have
met watery graves.
Chicago, Illinois,
Feb. 9.—The coldest weather  since   1842.
instructing (he city solicitor to draw up
an   amendment   10   the  Municipal  Act,
friving the city power to grant aid to free
ibraries as well as Mechanics' Institutes
and forward sumo to the attorney-general,
with a request that it be adopted at the
present session of tho legislature. The
council then went into committee of the
whole, with alderman Fletcher in the
chair, to consider the report of the special
committee appointed to represent the
council iu effecting a settlement with Dr,
Arthur re his attempt to quash Electric
Light Loan By-Law, No. 31. At this
stage, reporters were requested to leave
the council chamber.
They 1 e-
disagn e-
: men!
One man in an intoxicated state was frozen to death last night. A
number were taken to the hospital today badly frostbitten. Over
25 below.
■:-■'■ ti       .    ...
Washington, D. C, Feb. 9.—A cable from   Otis  at   Manila
states that the total casualties  resulting  from   engagements
^ the»„outbreakJaggi;e"gat^
:"*i \ M'dnVvtfiU Kebi" ^^K'^as^dfefeoYe/ei ^hii0d"ofpr\&
$|;„ M$."$<2y, aff^r:rii# Df:»L^rg{ili.; x^Jiire".q'i?»°t°he^^vaj;;°hpjtlYfe°^oji^'S'at'tit*^
dav:"evefiYin#lby fh'e-ice %o^d, -drove") nto-A ilolfe ijiear^iKfOria :bridge
affd ^as. ciro*yii-d ;alohg wiftlt hisJtMm,
]\|6hIreal;, Fi-b, .'§\*-^A private !ca"Ble^r|l]at*^Tioni«iC?d'*.'.oa'll^ 'the
death of Adolphe Roy in Paris. H"£ -was bne of the "best JkrioJwn
business tijen jn, this city. -
Nashville;, TeniJessee,   Feb. 9.-
the  steaiiier  Staggs  were  rescued,
river.    Tlie clerk and; six roustabouts werehdrowned
was burned to the water's edge.
^Sixty passSrigte S>h boatd
tljt different point? along tjhe
The ST .a tiler
•^f:e6^6C&*¥eSfr**fe*****:e^:6feefe.6&*: 35«^S^33S3!3333iia*33i3*^3a-S$«3^»;
The MacPherson  Bill That Will Hurt O. P
Building: Contractors.
The Canadian Pacific Rail way Company
has all its buildings of any size built by a
contractor named Tompkins, whose place
of residence is Brockville, Ontario. Tompkins never employs a skilled workman
who lives in this province if he dan get
one to come from the east. The reason
for this is that skilled workmen iu British
Columbia are paid 50 per cent higher
wages than like workmen around Brockville and other towns in Ontario. The
skilled workers of Vancouver^ have been
deprived of work time and again by this
man Tompkins's imported workmen. To
remedy the evil, Mr. Macphersoii of Vancouver has introduced the following bill
in the legislative assembly:
Her majesty, by and with the advice
and consent of the legislative assembly of
the province of British Columbia, enacts
as follows: ,,
1. This Act may*", be- cited as the
"Master and Servant Amendment Act,
1S99." . ■■        "
2. "The Master*and Servant Amendment Act, IS9S," is hereby repealed.
3. Any agreement or bargain, verbal or
written, express or implied,-which  may
be made   between any person and any
other, person not a resident of British Columbia, for the performance of labor or
service, or having reference to the performance of labor or service by such ptheiv
"h'ia-?" andfinade^as^alprefaid,,:previous^.tq.«
it he migrittibioi'coiiTilig^iiTtO. »Bri tislr '(3p'k
lumbia;Qtnsuch;other spet'son. whosetlaboiv
•;engaging:under ".cSntract^AOi^agreemei
offices  of
being .sent oub from the
assessor and collector informing owners of utiWorked crown
granted claims of the acreage tax now
due «.itfl payable upon tlieir -properties.
As the district embraces nearly the whole
of West Kootenay, the labor involved is
It has been developed that alderman
Kane is the member of the city- council
whose seat is to be attacked. The grounds
upon which disqualification will be asked
are various, but among them will ho that
of inducing persons to vote.knowing.-them
to be disqualified and having some Sort of
contract with the city. The petition is
addressed to one of the judges of the
supreme court*
Florence II. Banting has recorded the
location of a fractional mineral claim
near Whitewater station, and lying between the Vancouver, Pauper's. Dream,
Kaslo and Ha eel mineral claims. Tlie locality is an excellent one.
With the advent of milder weather
there is a decided Increase in the quantity
of ore shipped over the 'Kaslo <fc Slocan
railway. Yesterday's train had more
than the usual number of ore cars attached. The contents were divided
amongst different properties.
Crap games, which were being run in
two or three establishments in the city,
have been closed by order ot the mayor.
Other games scarcely less dangerous are
still allowed with no interference on the
part of the his worship.
Colonel Sam Wharton is away off in his
statement to The ThiiiUiVio that Kaslo
has not a drop of water for domestic purposes. There has not been a moment this
winter when the city was without its full
supply for every purpose for which it was
intended. Individuals may have suffered
from frozen" up service pipes but there
has been no diminution of quantity.
There has been some curtailment in the
electric light service, but the city was
only a few days without the usual supply.
Everything is now all right.
W, J. Tretbeway has just returned from
an inspection of the Dardanelles, of which
he is the manager. Ho reports that at a
depth of -'187 feet they are in.abodyof
high grade ore, Avhich looks very promising. Ore is being shipped from which
good returns ate confidently expected.
The property never looked better than at
preseijt, Jack Ryan is in charge at the
Hul'sted. wiiter pipes were giving the
plumbers' lots of occupation On Wednesday, and while their countenances were
beaming, a different sort of expression
was upon the faces of the unfortunate
sufferers. The water commissioner was
giving his attention to the hydrants
which are kept always ready for use.
The bill for costs in the matter of the
resolution of the city council to set aside
the action of the police commissioners
was presented at the meeting on Wednesday evening. It amounted to $50, and
was approved by the city solicitors.
The ladies who have the free reading
room in charge are not quite satisfied
with the room assigned them in the new
city building. They say that their application was made when the building
was first projected, and they should have
been provided with better accommodation in the planing of the structure.
They have not taken possession of the
room allotted them.'
Special Meeting of the City Council.
At a special meeting of the city council
held this afternoon a letter was received,
from W. A. Galliher, city solicitor, giving
as his opinion that the council had no
power to grant money in aid of the free
library and reading room. A discussion
as to the best means of overcoming the
difficulty.' followed, and on motion of
alderman Thompson seconded by alderman McKillop, a resolution was passed
 .....»pi -., „, .,»„-.-,•,,..--. -- j. ...
atV|-njesen"t;»°0!f tajq'l jifjijlci -;i risBJ:itislr°"GpIu,i'f:f-.
tea> "or "j^Jind/is1 try 'tit? ipi^eleilt-^e^iiab^.
the- [industry; c'ahhtit" .bl-'bthersjVisejrdp/i"
: -1«in'etl-^VAfpi-r/wljaUSthjif; |&yi_iSifS" ^ojFs tti'is
. .siectioj^.ja'pply."]% p -.-%icli eTs-,,. ;))r6°f6!gSiojiail:
' a^tbA,^rti_t^iifleetj.u.%f..o!r:lxbigerHls,
\\?ajgesTdf hjs"VQrkm§n pi; ^eryants any
%nhi to":pro*y-ifle"-a XiijlcT "fQ# paying;, fbr"
medical^ittencuince;;j.ipoun- Such \\;prkmen
ofc sefvahts;":i"t js.ht8.ll. lbe* t:he duty, of the
master ftp keSffku>LacCojra'| by itself of all
mpTOyf.&p'dgdl'.te^ lip-,
poinded fty It ptafority pf such, .Workfuen»
pr servants" shall Ivavj) the: right lit any
time.to iii.sp^ct and iiutlit said aceduiit-
~i. Tlie master shall ii6t liiive the rig=ht
to pay out said ifund'y pr any povtiQh
thereof,, to any medicaj pS'afctjtioner or
otlier .-perspi? until tlie appointment of
to perform services for which he is to be
paid o\i,t of said fuftd shall have bfc'&U ap-
jjioved by a in'ajouity of the workmen,
either present or represented by 'proxy,
at a special meeting called lor .t'hatpur-
(J. A master wj'jo shall refuse to allow
tho cojifiuittee to inspect and audit said
account, or Who shall, pay out any moneys
therefrom ty a person not approved by
by id coin mi t tee, shall be liable for eaoh
olfence, ifjion suinmary coivvictioy before
a justice- of the peace, pojiuo -magistrate,
or stipendiary magistrate, to a fine ftf
fifty dollars.
7. Tlie expression "master" sliaU include a body of persoijs, corporate or tin-
DisKustod and Disheartened.
Kdward McIIugli, the English labor agitator, who came here in iW~> as the agent
of tho National Dock Workers Union of
Great "Britain to organize tlie American
longshoremen and form an international
union, has been unsuccessful. Disgusted
and disheartened, all his plans knocked
on the head, and practically legislated
out of office as the head of the organization he founded here, he has sailed for
England. M.cl!ugh. seemed to meet with
success at first when he came to New
York and organized the American 'Long-
.shormeu's Union with a dozen brandies in
New York, Brooklyn, Hoboken, Baltimore
and Philadelphia, and had a paper membership of li>,000. A feeling arose against
the union having the representative of ah
English organization, who was not a United States citizen, at its head. The feeling
became stronger until meetings, were
held and the union reorganized without
any reference to'McHugh's plans, and decided that each branch should manage its,
own business and finances. This left
president. McHugh without anything to
do and he returned to England.
No Change in Silver Quotations.
"New York, Feb.0-.— There wasno change
in   the price of  silver yesterday.   New
York and San Francisco quotations were
the same, standing at 59gc.
From Victoria.
Victoria,  Feb. !).—The Nichol libel cm
is now in hands of the jurj'.
tired shortly before   noon.   A
ment is expected.
The house-is eugaged on committ-'e
work. The British Columbia's Tile-
phones bill reported complete; (he
Queen's Counsel bill also.
The young Englishman who shot himself iu the Victoria hotel last night died
eiirly this morning. He was well connected, but expected remittances failing
to arrive he became despondent.
Attempted Suicide.
Victoria, Feb. fl.—Arthur Lely, a brother of one of-the owners of the Badminton hotel in Vancouver, attempted to
commit suicide in the hotel Victoria last
night by shooting himself in the head.
He will probably die. Scarcity of funds
is the supposed cause of the act.
,   An Empress Arrives.
Vancouver,   Feb.  0.~The   Empress  of
Chhnvarrived at noon yesterday.    Prince
Henry of Prussia was conducted  through
the Empress at Hong Kong by the captain, and complimeuted him on  the fine
appearance and euqipment of the ve^nl.
Several English officers who have been on °
service in India were aboard en  route to
England. _________
Ontario's Public Accounts.
Toronto, Feb. !).—The.public accounts
and estimates were placed on the table of
the legislature today. They show a very-
favorable state of affairs, though the expenditure is somewhat in excess of the
receipts. - ,-. ■'
Will be Made a Club House.
Montreal, Feb. 9.—The residence of the
late  sir John  Abbott  was  bought by a
syndicate yesterday for $10,000.   It will
be used as'a club house.
No Cause'For the Howl.
- V .„ V.   „ Victoh(a, February 0th, ISO!).
^TotheEditoFJof The Tribune: I noticed
?uliM!olV'i^h1e^isijti Weekly Miner of
^auuary;=28th^: .under    the    heading of
&}^enj"a^bgielBegis^ Mr. \
lBIa;eiSliei%ori\s.=IbI-H^an)ending the Master    .
fthat^article^ ignorunt of ]' '
thejebnipnts$f^-fe^11 or "is wilfully try-
:u^t"^mj|l„i^djl^ He sa'ys there    ;
^i^Jb^6l&t|j.j^^yun^hat .can be said.in
:15^P^,i3^1,VJ^^",:il'tllrowi 'c 's  viciou«in^
;|"°^J^tfeiicl"e^;Sy-r"^_^f|^°STSsP'1 ti-ti.i-i-   to   public   '"  v
. jfelifiyi^Sn^^lt^l-sS^tl1 neons ti Cutiona].   He
i'^t^^^Si^il^ffj^^kjBftys?:   '-'If this bijl
•s^ji;wld„Jjecpine^ way,- construction
'.e^i;y*w,lie(^>*y^bh|lVout    the    province '
\yould« be ^paralyzVdj^contractors  would ' -. '
■ hoV:6e''a'lldwe^»'fqj<^ . %, iSi
"..to'.elnplby hie"in,A-"o\k-./M'>2^ifi:^
I h{\v&£eiid th:e,6biirc«urefnlly," ^fld..there..;"."»4,V
"i^a,b!li0ru(;6l^ ■ii'oJpri'!1fg:|u„" i t»tbtcalise^.;uc'IiJas! ;:K"ab
howJli'onr^e--MinjeK, ^TIj^bilfiisS:piily|Ih«„ $■£
' 'fended; tp .p;peBv^u'jb-e;innplo^erX Xi;pim]pvnfB;h. :s°.5."
ingpepplc htta "thjfs prbvince^iinderwcon-5
tract, anil convpellj'ng:".th"ein"tp^infil^fchotfo° " "'-
contracts  wjiel-liffr" thne,y A\dshyt.ox.oii"H„pt.»
Whiba-ehat Aet ,is-.ih 1'brce" allsiiqhivCbn-
tracts will: be tfoid ^I'm4 a,s" fcli^ejtt[plpyeues        *
areCoijCerned'* except in  certjija fcjfises,re.
skilled \*orkMnen, kiid thefe l^fl-prpvisfosni
=the-bill—wh i .Ji=sny fjir^^oth i tfg^-i n;=th.i3,==^==
ste.tjon Shall be so construed as ia prevent
any person ffoiii engaging jnidfli" (.-pniwip't
or agreement,, skilled   waCk'mei}, h.ot resi?
dent in this province, tf> perfbCjn  Ijtboi' iii
or npQU any new I-ndusff-y noC.estabTished
in Bfitish  Col'iinibla, or any infUistry (it
present established, if skilled  labor fp|'
the   purpose of the  industry cannot 'bfc
Otherwise obtajned."    Yours truly,   '
A. C. E\VA«.t.
Cams to aft tlnhatJlsy End.       0
Colonel   San  .Martiri,   of   tlie  Spanish
ai»my, has indeed Come   to   (in   unh.'ippy
end.   Allien   general   Miles    arrived   at
J'oiice,  in  Porto Tlico,  Sail Martin   commanded    a    force    of    1000    meij      ill
the    town,     but    was     so     surprised:
that    he    uiaile     bo    attempt    at    re-
.sistanci!,   anil    fell    back     through    the
island  to San  .'Juan.    When  he reached
the  Porto Rican  capital  he   was court-
martialed,  by   order   of  captain-general
Macias, and condemned to  be shot.   The
unfortunate colonel begged that he might
die in  Spain.   This request,  in  view of
the fact that he had  won six  medals by
bravery  in  battle, was granted.   Meanwhile, general Brooke and  other Americans who had, been engaged  in  the campaign petitioned forclemency, showing the
Spanish    authorities   that    colonel   San
Martin   could   not    possibly   have  done
otherwise  than retire.   Despite the tact
that he did the" best he could under the
circumstances,  the Spanish  war department has sentenced him for life to a penal
Mail Service at Last.
Beginning on Monday next two mails- a
week will leave Nelson for points on the
Crow's Nest Pass railway, The days of,
departure will be Mondays and Fridays;
the days of arrival Tuesdays and Saturdays. ' The tollowiugare the names of the
p6'sto_lices;on the west end of the route:
Moyiej Swansea, Cranbrook and Fort
Steele; ' Creston is not yet a postoffice.
but a private sack will be dispatched for
, that place. THE  TKIBUNE:   NELSON B.C.   THUBSDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 1899  PUBLISHERS' NOTICE.  THE DAILY Till BUN K i* published every aflcrnoon  (except Sunlay). and will he delivered by carrier in  any town in Kootenay for twenty-tlve cents a week;  or will bo mailed to subscribers for IIvo dollars a year.  THE WEEKLY TRIBUNE is published every Wednesday and Saturday, and will be mailed lo subscribers  for two dollars a year.  REGULAR ADVERTISEMENTS printed in both tho  daily and weekly editions for S3 per inch per month.  Twelve lines solid nonpariol to be counted as ono inch.  LOCAL OR READING MATTER NOTICES 20 cents a  lino for each insertion.  JOB PRINTING at fair rates. All accounts for job  printing and advertising payable on tho first of  every month; subscriptions payable in advance.  ADDRESS all communications to  THE TRIBUNE. Nelson. B. C.  PROFESSIONAL   CARDS.  A.  H.  HOLDICH���Analytical Chemist and Aon��yor.  Victoria street, Nelson.  T   C GWILLIM, B.A.Sc. & W. S. JOHNSON, B.A.Sc.  "���     -Mining   I"  "  Slocan City, B. C.  -Mining   Engineers   and   Analytical   Chemists,  LODGE   MEETINGS.  NELSON LODGE, NO. 23, A. K. & A. M. Moots  second Wednesday in each month. Sojourning  brethren invited.  KNIGHTS  OF PYTHIAS���Nelson   Lodge,  No.  25,  Knights of Pythias, meets in Castle hall. Macdonald block, corner of Josephine and Vernon streets, every  second and fourth Tuesday evening at 8 o'elock.   All  visiting Knights are cordially invited to attend.  R. G. Joy, C. C. Georgk Ross, K. of R. & S.  ��he f&vxbxxm.  THURSDAY , FEBRUARY 9, 1893  Vote for Farwell and 9ave the Constitution I" is the latest battle cry. When the  campaign first commenced, the battle cry  was, "Vote for Farwell and save Kootenay !" We suggest a new cry, namely,  "Vote for Farwell and save Farwell !"  The Economist of Nelson and the Colonist of Victoria claim that the one issue  in this campaign is the saving of the constitution. Yet, iu Victoria the following  was the appeal that turned the day. It  wus printed on cards and handed every  voter as he entered the polling place:  "Vote for Martin, the C. P. Ii. and Vancouver. Martin's candidates are: Gregory,  Paterson and Stewart."  Trains have been running on the  Crow's Nest Pass railway for a considerable length of time. The service is every  other day, that is, a train comes west one  day and returns east the next day. The  people along the line of railway asked the  postoflice department for a mail service  over the road. After a time the people  from Cranbrook east were given two  mails a week. A like service has been  ordered from Cran brook west. This is in  keeping with everything done in Koote-  lmycby tlieipostqtti.e department.;:���-There;  is ;one -fchin.gf.that if the Dpmiinon/govern-.:  merit* dbesiuidt^  peoj)le^" oblvopteiia^y are^h-qfc-:aHpwfed.to  for"gt{t^"that *:sthe^  tribute���,their?share.^ofc":taxatipn.*"For..all  ,,,*.:  " oPwhtcliVth e^^imjl d; be^liatvk f yl^&ffi *"  Vdctorif^Colon^  a Ktimeg. -s ��I.t Says tiiatVfch e. return i ng��� otM:  i-ei^at^onaldde.lar.ed.Mr>"Wells electedi  by acclamation"WhiIefthe.oppositioni"ean.%  ,dulate;"3. ���E.JSG;rilhth,. wjal5>pnvhis.t\v8iy.:tOiJ  take part in the nomination proceedings.  If.theJColonistj. isasD badly. *mixed; upron;  the��^coins;fcit}ifcipn,'4tJiere is*-no Jtdpefpf��itjf  -, 'b'eingjAved'^."' '  "��� ,]"       "-\ ������ ����%�� "���   "'     '-  . | J.t\^|eJJ^ "if W$uid - .n^.beV^s  . = gopd}tlui^  - [o]A^ifh^,pyiJiti����!tp' j)u*y,er.; n"7"T^il|"Jiss -k  cpnfnil3"iis|_iise. ��tullriis,sipn, Tdhe- Tjirner  I)kr,nCy!r��hpweti; thefr- iiieA))a_it;y Width Ah-  oflic^iCnciit wpjijij beubjVj.sC! fqr the.ej^c-  ';Jtor.^���pf* _lji\ riding to eieet a man who  ^ptild;by liis Vfo&s .fceliurii them toprtvyer-.  (gtndidate Ffrwell, if elected, would: su'u  nH n  n       nPs   n  jjort the Tiiriier |)arty, .)'.' Frecl Hume is  ii member of [he Hemliti government, a  ���government that in just the reverse of  what the Turner government was.  SpiSNBS   IN   MANILLA.  Many Handsome ReMiclences Surrojinaed fcy  BeA.utt.lful Orounds,  A Vplipiteer army officer, talking to a  iVevv Fork j;cporler recently thus graphifcr  ally ifecrjbed whltt he had seen, in Manila  whence lie hild j'tiSt returned :  UTAW city is nither nice appearing.  Most pf the houses ar& on. Ut0tyf bqt  tb-rearea -number of handsome 'build-in^,,  including the palace^ and some fine private  Residences with belititifui grounds. What  did we .U'l.'r A man never iisks that in  Manilhi, for if he did he would never eat.  He'd starve. That is��. an American would.  "A lot of us dined one day at a restaurants We were hungry. Tlie proprietor  told us he made the host ragdut in Manila.  We ordered it and riced fruits. We dined  generously. It was the very best stew or  ragou11 ever ate. We were liberal in our  tips to the landlord; we covered him with  t'oiif-plirirent. and promised to make him  frecpient visits. Alasf how our dreams  are sometimes shattered.  "Wo sipped our coffee and smoked our  Mail It cigars. Cigars are so plentiful  that the cafes and restaurant's keep quantities i f them on the table, free of charge,  for their guests. We sauntered out into  the moonlit street and into the garden  adj.lining the restaurant. We saw, as we  thought, evidences of a cemetery. Anns,  JHgs, skulls glistened there in the moonlight. We all had queer thoughts. I  spoke up.  " 'Boys, it, looks as if we had been eating   babies,'   I   said.    All   turned  white.  The shock  was   terrible.   We stopped a  passer-by.  " 'In tliis a cemetery?' one of us asked.  " 'No, _ir/  "'What aie those head., arms, legs?'  "He laughed and said 'monkeys.'  "Well, that was uot so bad as Filipino  babies, but it was next to it. We wan*  dered home sadder but wiser men. After  that we ate fish, of which th.re are many  varieties, and water ox, a peculiar looking animal with long horns that lives, as  much as possible in the water up to its  neck.  "The people are good-uatured, kindly,  lazy, but quite intelligent, and can be  made good, self-supportingcitizens. Under  Spanish rule they were cowed and cheated.  For instance, the firemen were paid off  by one of our paymasters. One of the  Filipino firemen got $22. He kept $8 and  placed the other $1-1 back on the table.  "'What do you mean by that?' asked  the paymaster.  " 'I never get but $8,' answered the  Filipine. 'The chief firemen get $5, the  assistant chief gets $5, the mayor gets $1  and I get $8.'  "'Vouare under A-mericans now, and  you get $22 for yourself,' said the paymaster.  "The Filipino looked surprised, took  the money, marched over toward some of  his friends aud explained matters. They  hugged and kissed each other, aud looked  thoroughly happy and mystified. American honor, as yet, was almost beyond  comprehension.  "The Spaniards are cunning financiers.  They knew how to increase their revenues  iu the Philippines. All the servants and  laborers were obliged to pay tribute. As  soon as men or women reached the age to  work or serve as servants they were  obliged to get a cedula or written permission or passport from the authorities iu  their city or village, aud to pay a certain  fee to it. In this way great sums of money were collected. It was far from fair,  for character depended mostly on the  kindness or uukiudness of the employer.  Certain fines were given for a bad character, so even if au employe were everything he should be, the enmity of his employer might not only prevent him from  securing a better place, but might also  subject him to excessive fines. Thanks to  Americau valor, the character passport is  dead and the Filipino can breathe freer.  "Yea, I saw many marks of cruelty, but  one of the saddest scenes I witnessed was  on the day the political prisoners were released from their chains. Some 300 Filipinos were in the political prison in  chains, for offences, or so-called offence-',  against the Spanish government. The  prison was not over presentable and every  prisoner manacled.. The irons on his  wrists were fastened together and a few  were chained to the walls or posts. Au  American officer had the honor to free  them from these revolting punishments.  He first told them that their cases would  be carefully looked into and they should  have full justice and an honest hearing  and be dealt with fairly according to  their crimes, if crimes had been committed. >  .?;���'���,'You^-wilhmever,.wear cha.ias:fagain,;  ibiifc* ���U_^Itreated^Ksi; Americansyaj-e'^dealt  -with.frhe.said. _. , ,..,������������  .������, _ _ ���..���r..  C^;'?Th.,e^^blac��k.s*rai-h��^)<nQ���_k���ec|.^o^t[^tJre'  fivet"9,}.*t6o^  .eVrie^.li way; tfe  'fr.eef��v��Thek]^  Volumes:>in.l^e^  ;.ehaih<?d,S  o"rtSi,A".fi'"ii"*._,;_-p:lfrill "�����".^��"   '" s    ."���"���'"       a'-*y-"'��� ���"*���"���"  ��?'.' D'II"0\y��lon g" haveiybu.beeh: .he're^cliain-.  'ed:??'he.^vas;ji|ke"d:;J -J *C" \ ���"<*  u .".'��� �����*<$����  "f- ^'TvveIve:��aH:.^ -i..^"; * ; ���;��� T��!'=j h* v  y: 'fUlWppssiblhl'","{ siWhat- nvei^ ��?jr,pu "^.so  L'harfa'hlyrdeSltwIfcVfor^ . ^-.v .V".."'.'" -'.��--,��.  .t��v^V.lie"nl"U'^vvat?."eigh;tr.yeai^sroW-;��a-r1itfi  s.tackeilgonie.SpaniShspldiersi.was.arre.s.ted  ^aiid/piaced^hereiPie'said^^H  t1daiigerous;or.havd! been- great^ciowards." to;  "have.punished'ine iso!��terribly, -.thenvhjB'  �� brok^dowirahll^wept sbftteV!yt *He> V*:��  "cei"\?_dfhis.��freeSbrif 611 .the .Spbt san(IJ5\yoas  selected*as ii'servajjt^by,qde^pf. the pfI^cser..<>,',.  "who"?fihds" "him."fperfectlv t��ruifijVpr|Ii,3H"'  Sucl^happ>e^  pilsbiiei'S.difpfaj^ecl;   Ifi" the futuufQ:'tJi.eys*  \villsbe.\vell^t��Tl^_i^''cRre;i5ru* .���}  "��� "��� ,  "(jjadj fp��� ge$-Jyippip?   I" gi>.e��' $0.   "ReViei  I'aw-aify���"  coast" *w.h  ihgliomei   Yet I'd go   ..  0iir boys ���lia*ve j)erf(irmt'"d stiper.b Service  put in tlije Phili|")pities--better WQi'k than  ls=gimera 11 y^^k tiowMv.===\Ve=ean-ci v il i ze  those  people in s|uirt order.   Every man  out there is an expansionist, for he sees  for himself, what great advantages those  islands possess. We won that territory  and it is ours. That's the way the soldiers and sailors feel. Oh, about Dewey.  He is the greatest favorite in Manila���  modest, gallant gentleman that he is.  Disraeli's Political Morality.  The publication of Sir Robert Peel's  correspondence has thrown strong light  on the late Benjamin Disraeli's political  morality. It has beeu pointed out that  seldom has the lie direct been brought  home so conclusively. The letters show  Disraeli abjectly imploring sir Robert  Peel for office in 1SI1 and he also got his  wife to write him iu the same straiu, but  without success. Soon after Disraeli  turned on Peel and hurled all kinds of  sattire aud abuse at him. Peei replying  to this virtulent attack expressed surprise  that Disraeli should have wanted to join  his ministry, whereupon Disraeli with unblushing effrontery arose and said: "I  can assure the house that nothing of the  kind has occurred. I never asked a favor  of the government, and with respect to  my being solicitous for office, it is entirely  unfounded." Sir Robert Peel, it further  appears, with wonderful self-restraint  and respect for the good name of the  house, refrained from producing the letters showing that Disraeli did not tell the  truth, but the letters now published  prove Disraeli's dishonesty.  TO THE  ELECTORS  OF THE NELSON RIDING OF WEST KO0TENA.Y.   ^%ta,.t_v.  '���$S:<��r- 5-?��:^ &��:��: &��:& f^ih&S:^ 6^��  i'e3.^.c3.cz).e3.fi=J.p3,p3.G3.  %,  '%  W  OUR ANNUAL SALE  ZS   STILL   (Dlsf  B  #  PRICES REDUCED     HEMMING FREE  BUT IN ADDITION TO THIS WE ABE OPENING  GALL FOR  .ARMIES  GALL FOR  BARGAINS  w  Gentlemen: Having been compelled to resign my seat  in the legislative assembly, owing to an infraction of the  "Constitution Act," I again liavo the honor of ollering  myself as a candidate to represent you in the legislative  assembly.  It will bo my aim to further, as far as in mo lies, tho  best interests of the Nelson riding and the province gen-  0  orally.  I very much appreciate the valuable services of those  who labored so actively and successfully in the July campaign and would ask a continuance of lhat support, being now in a position where I can render good service to  Kootenay.  My time being so fully occupied, it will be Impossible  to see nil the electors before election day, but, will visit  as many places in the district as po-sible.  1 have tho honor to be, gentlemen, yours, etc.  .!. FKEI) IfUMK.  |g Such as Ginghams in nice soft colorings  I of pink, blue, green, etc., in checks and stripes.  S All good washing colors.  M White Pique in fine, medium, and "wide  g cords. The new Crepon Stripe in these goods  I will be the proper thing for the coming season.  I Now is the time to get them before the stock  is picked over.  B  B  B  B  fa  i; to gej jipine/   1 guess so.   t* e���ver  ^tllifil?,- al'Beaufil'til a,f JjliH; Bkbltii>~l  hen. .Jiihfeai caught .sight of it ftom-;.  iei   Yet I'd go hgalri'in a minute."  IV|ass  W. A. C0STELL0, PROPRIETOR  ':="'"mmM^0f&rxd ���'  ttctihij and boats;  g'iviBii the   trans-  Bus Bidets all  ���eial .attention  lifer &f bsgg$g��.    Office and stables  Lan===Mei:nQ0^stnee,t,=opposite=^Che=  Tribune office.    Telephone H'Q. 35.  EXPilESS and DBAYING  Nicest^s^lmv^as isame?:iea��*xa^feta^neid��M_tv0aiiadst!  Of the Electors of Nelson Riding  THURSDAY, 9th  Irishfnt,  at 8 p. m.  HALL  SPEAKERS  Hon. 3. Kred llumo, K. V. llqdwjell and o(,|iej��.  Mr. Farwell and his Supporters are Invited.  H. D, Ashcroft  BLACKSMITHING  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  Having flprelulsed lljo express, and drying  bilWlncss of tl, \V, 'Co'xmui,, Wo are liroiiareii  tQ do ifll kiijds of wprlc li| thls.lliiq, nud mi-  licit the patronage of the iieople pf Nelson,  Qi'ders loft lit J>, MCArj,lHir '& Co'.iS store,  irnri.htt'est corner liaker nuil W'urd xtrvcK  >vlll rccelvij )iroliipt, at(,eilt.oii.  1'e!eJ)honfl Rl  Waifon repairing promptly alter dell to by a (irst-clasH  wheelwright.  Special attention kIvi> to a'l kinds of repairing and  custom work from outside points.  SHOP:   H^H Street, between Baker and Vornon, Nelson  R. REISTERER & CO.  t.-  BIIK.WERS AND HOTTLKRS OF  Fine Lager Beer  Ale and Porter  /"Saw E1S?i��_.v   Breweiy at Nelson.  GOIVIER DAVIS & Op.  G. W. West & Go.  GENERAL TEAMSTERS  ACKNTS KOlt  The Imperial Oil Co.    Standard Oil Co.  Washington Brick ai|d Lirne Co.  The H. W. rVJcNiell Co., Ltd., Canadian An.th.ra>  cite Coal (Hard)  m& Seven  Br&wetf Is Inlshed ia Black  Walnut and  which Is rot sw  in the market.  i&ifiete Mmv"ialbkefi  iiteary 0aHinet  and 7-Brawer  is finisjied in  Oak has Rotary Shuttle  and Ball Bearing;  WHITE  Z1NITH  Dealers in  STOVEWOOD  7-Drawer fumished in Quartered Oak and Walnut.  If you are thinking, about buying- a machine call and see them and be  convinced that I mean what I say.  There is no necessity for sending* out of Nelson when you can see what  you are buying* and get it for the same money.  C. F.JETTER  CoaJ and  Wood Dealer  BEST DRY WOOD  Delivered to any part of the city.  Full measurement guaranteed.  The Jeweler     JACOB    DOVER  The Jeweler  BOX   34  Office at Corner Baker and Ward Streets,  Notice  of Applieation   for  Certificate   of  Improvements.  BEUI,IN I. 3251 O. 1. KUKKKA T, 325,5 0. 1, O. V. O. KBAC1TON  L 3251 G. 1, I1UITANNIA L3253 fi. 1, GKAND I,. 1810 G. 1, MAO  .KKACT10N    I, 325G   G. 1,  MINERAL  CI-AIJIS,  SITUATK IN  tiik ^'^:I-so^f .minini; division ok west kootenay  D1HTHI.T, ANIJ LOCATED ON TOAD MOUNTAIN, ADJOINING THE HAM. JUNES.  Take notice'tlmt I, John liinsch, as agent for tho Hall  Mines Company, Limited, free miner* certificate No.  2551a, intend, sixty days from the date hereof, to apply  to the mining recorder for a certificate of improvements,  for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above  claims'. And further take notico that action, under soc-  tion 37. must bo commenced before the issuance of such  certificate of improvements. JOHN HIBSCH.  Dated this 20tb day ot November, 1898. {Jan 25]  Notiee  of   Applieation   for  Certifieate  of  Improvements.  EVENING STAR AND HAI'I^Y JACK MINKKAI. CLAIMS,  SITUATE IN THE NELSON MINING DIVISION OF WKST  1COOTENAV DISTRICT, AND LOCATED HKTWKKN SANDV  AND KAOLE CRKKKS, AHOUT FIVE JULES WEST I'KOM  NE1J50N.  Take notice that I. Arthur S. Farwell. acting as agent  for Geortfc A. Kirk, free miner's certificate No. 88385, and  John A. Turner, free miner's certificate No. 19fi_.��. intend,  sixty days from the dale hereof, to apply to tho mining  recorder for certificates of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining crown grants of the above claims. And  further take notice that action, under section 37, must  be commenced before tuo issuance of such certificate of  'XKW Tribune,will. buy. Old Rags  Reward!   $50!  ��� To the persons giving information lending- to' the discovery of the whereabouts of KOBEKT S. QUACKEN-  BUS\H, will be paid the above reward. Hobprt S. Quackenbush left this vicinity March, IfSti, going to tho Pacific  coast; and has not been heard from since February, 1890.  He has money here due nim which will bo paid to him at  once, when found. The parties are anxious to hear from  him very scon. Ho is 29 years old. H e formerly lived at  Pine Hill, town of Manchester. Jackson County, Wisconsin. Address G. M. PERRY, Black River Falls,  Wisconsin. . . THE TRIBUNE:   NBLSOJN, B. C. THURSDAY FEBRUARY  S, 1899.  S  H  K^  j  u.  all paid  )      up,     -  Best,  $12,000,000  6,000,000  THEE B^NISZ  OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA  NELSON  LOUI) STRATHCONA AND  MT. ROYAL, President  lion. GEO. A. DRUMMOND Vice-President  K   8. CLOUSTON Goneral Manager  _sr__3i_so_sr _3_a___3sro_3:  N. W. Cor. Baker and Stanley Streets.  .     BRANCHES IN       LONDON  (England),   NBW YORK,   CHICAGO  and in the principal cities In Canada.  Ray and soil Sterling Exchange and Cablo Transfers  QKANT COMMERCIAL AND TRAVKLLKR8' CBRDIT8,  available in any part of the world.  DRAFTS ISSUED    COLLECTIONS MADE; ETC.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CURRENT RATE OF INTEREST PAID  SMUGGLER'S   CLEJVBR, JTRIOKS.  ?Vc *-��.i  Some   of the Remarkable Successes That Annoy Old Country Officials.  That the good old days of saiiiggling:  are oyer is on the face of it a fact, but the  good young days are sufficiently in evidence to cause the eicise officials of the  old country considerable annoyance and  supply them with plenty of work. Cases  of suspiciously stout dock laborers aud  others of the same class who walk with a  distinct limp are of frequent occurrence.  Only a few months ago a very stout  laborer endeavored to pass the gatekeeper at the docks, but so fat was he  that ah examination, and not a medical  one, was deemed absolutely necessary;  before the authorities had finished with  him the man was relieved of six pound.  of tobacco, which he had attempted to  conceal, and double the ordinary duty  that Britain expects every man to pay.  The wily Chinee makes valiant attempts to deprive this country of the  duty due on tobacco imported. Early  this year, a customs officer noticed some  copper wire hanging down the casing of  the funnel of the steamship Antonor, and  investigation proved that 23 lbs. ot cigars  were dangling at the other end, the owner  of yvhjch was. a certain JVfong .'Sharif who,  .K.onment.v.-.Underterred^by*"the: iate��.:or.  "S^1bng'V.."a7^ell6^co.uati:ym^ii,^on>Aib,,.  ^endeavored av!uon;tlHO>rt?wb>la,K6ri;tb^}iia'3sP  Mp&i'i'a^of tt-otisersAt theriihiep liie^iniier'  w~pai"r;-ti'ghtly?titjcl*at3rtl]e��: ankles;, .wliere* 2l  filbs\;of"choiceXManilaV,cigar���s^rep()sedv";ror*  . Iwhiclw liepiad* eVetttfuaj!ly=rf|p;PDa*y.^&2j7jS.=- Od ���"."  ";VJSow-"Ho';__.[.���.:Sa"\j>y���e*t! a"no"ther jiatiye -p.it  : fflthe-icelestial"In nil.',* ijeal I :yUel ��t* t~ial�� he cpjald.  Buolf I,o6��t��_j��6d,So6p|HbrXun'i.l?if ��fsli-'fo;,ft,t"VtCirtii ng =tflt  ^dfshojiestfp^  ,_^ilntsirire5"6ifter_dj#Itli& nWen��5lhdja��d6_kV  "^lastiJtU^ hel"congtrticted;tjils^���st|  /^ing;fro>uUhd maimdeck^  /'"under'w-ii cllihej naileaitobaccO^t^vblplngs;  . "ihK/hiy;_yitfdi^drj|*hyi.th" estu^^Sj he.addfed"  "a- jpliee^'O^oi'd'yarpe-tHiiftTrifafe-i with wSter  ���ito^giye "��� tlre��:arjpea*rs��nce;s"Qf 'haying (been  "lused"^  . eridjit "was sS .Vtfuch'ihSenuityv nlsttd trien-  ^tipitM^mk'iiOd}"Cwhicii"liejhad:to^/ynn  h\nDe_, Vtti^tedj* .  it ��f0yrj%- weeks agp ��a; Prenlchmari; waTS  ^charged"��-a.Jersey iyith attempting to  Smuggle,tdba(?c6ninto lS'nglabp in  bkrrels  ot^'a^pfe%jtana'^yJleo?t���hffi^oufi*tJ��had:_imHhefl  Wi.h��hii& the cliargfe" aiiilounted to ��100.  But fcj'r iuf!��tiiiifcy commend us to those  geniuses   who  packed   loOO   contraband  =cig��iri=ih=a^orrpedd=tiibe-Of=oue=ofLher-  majelty's-ships Of war that returned  to  Portsmouth Iftijt summer.  A year last September a certain steamer  of 1500 toh^ hailitiig from Ilam burg, was  suddenly raided on entering Melbourne  by detective*, who were rewarded by  find i ng a vast n urn bet* of excisable articles  hidden behind fklae pstieis, bulkheads,  and by the aid of false bottoms. Even  the pen, rite, and sugar bins in the cook's  galley had false bottoms* and contained  cigars and, tobacco, while behind the  luirrdrx. and in clothes-presses furthet'  .tores of dutiable articles were round? the  .ship, which was seized as security for  the payment of the enormous fines, was  specially constructed to? smugglihg.  i But smuggling is not confined to these  kIioi es.: Some months ago an American  .policeman was considerably startled wlie^;  tin exhausted pigeon almost fell into his  hands, but was even more astounded  when examination discovered to him a  number of diatuouds secured to the legs,  neck, and tail of the poor bird. As the  duty on diamonds is very high in the  States,..it is more likely that the bird  adorned in the manner described was  thrown into the air from some steamer  entering the harbor.  Between France, Belgium and Germany  great quantities of tobacco are smuggled,  for the simple reason that 25 kilogrammes  of the weed, worth 50 francs in Germany,  attain a value of 200 francs when brought  into France. The smugglers have various  ways of effecting an entrance; one is for  a party of horsemen loaded with tobacco  and armed with clubs to charge down upon the douaniers and overcome all objects  by the impetus of their steeds. Carts  drawn by horses, the harness of which is  provided with sharp knives like the  chariot wheels of Boadicea's time, are  also called into requisition, while the  smugglers are armed with pepper, stones  and acid sub.��*tnnce�� wherewith to check  the onslaught of the officials. Quite recently the douaniers got wind of the approach of a certain well-known smuggler  in a carriage filled with tobacco, and prepared a pleasant reception for him by  stre tching a rope across the road to trip  Are now prepared to issue  Drafts and Letters of Credit on  Dawson City, Yukon District.  up the horse. The plan was successful,  the horse and carriage were upset, and  the smuggler shot as he lay helpless on  the ground, which his brother, in lodging  a complaint with the local public prosecutor, justly remarked was unnecessary.  When examined the carriage was found  to contain 900 pounds of Belgium tobacco.  This is but one of the many frontier tra-  gadies. Another frontier incident, though  not so tragic, occurred about a year ago  when some unfeeling French customs officials arrested a funeral procession coming  from Belgium, and having deprived the  pall-bearers of their mournful burden,  proceeded to open the coffin, which alas 1  contained a quantity of fine lace in place  of a corpse. The "mourners" did not wait  to proceed with the burial, but took to  their heels, leaving the departed one  behind.  To cheat the octroi duties the schemes  of smugglers are almost numberless.  Dugs are wrapped round and round with  lace and sewn up in the skius of bigger  dogs; other dogs are trained tp dart between the legs of the officials and carry  the goods they bear to certain places  where they can be received with safety.  The cycle, too, has been found very useful by smugglers; sometimes the tubing is  made extra thick, in which case the  chances are in favor of the interior being  used as a reservoir for alcohol, which is  drawn off by a small tap placed in the  bottom bracket. Alcohol, however, is  not the only article introduced iu this  manner, for only a year ago last Augusta  butcher boy, a cyclist, was arrested on  the Belgian frontier and taken to Lille,  the tubes of whose machine were, filled  with peppercorns. The machine was confiscated, the rider imprisoned for six  mouths and a fine of ��10 imposed. Just  previous to this capture the wily customs  officials at Lille seized a locomotive. The  engine in question was a Belgian one, and  conveyed a train from Tournai into  France; the officials had for a long time  had their suspicions of it, and these suspicions were verified when they examined it and found ten thousand cigars and  a like number of matches, eleven pounds  of coffee and a heap of tobacco stowed  away in the .tender and the bunkers^ o The ���  d|iyer*and���*stoker:|vere^alsdfeaW  n��-i'din"^afiti^^  *\t' ario��u��> pursuits.���-? j-J^Mcjm tty^.% $jj$$$^h]  liwhi.tisa*^ "dr"un*kfo^  ms'l eepjwhose.l egs; antf armsiW^reibound*?  ������ dr<3\y "��� upr-tos "tlie^gates. s qf>J.^aris��^,l|en*  -aAva'kened^tl^  5%pair"Xde:_fari"nfe."that;he Jhad*"been!��b6und5  *aiKl robbed-otdns/pur^erAyh;ile)ttipsy^hi|  i-ca r t�� w?as?u 11 eel ���h 1 g lit w 1 th y�� i a r k e ti ���gard en',  !iprx)d���uee,<t\vhi<:h." liaqv*oj3y4.ou^Iy��.;nQ'C'ft-beet)!j  s.bleiill.T-jiughiliV'heai'tily  ^ire>::;Qf ���|hq-(5l^dio!eard^'tlie^fficiHls ;al-  '$16wed'hiiii to"shufflefoJlvjWitiiduli:".rurther  CexalminationJ'butonce^round. the^corneL'  ,tha"b;ris1tut"<dIdycouue-yi^^^^^  ��'his\na^and8tr_ad0ogood ��h\ss escape;  ^hree"  0cRsksiot^exeeHenfcnobrandy- lurked?beneath  *    u��      U"1   r, ���   uu   n      d ,"uU   rfftia"   ft", n  .jn   .   #   n1 "n" nn n�� ' [f    H" ai% u 6n a   n rt  " n     n d> '  "those jgreens^vyhich ^were jnot- m|Sre v��ij-  "dant-thanf tlfe Officials wh"d"had passed  them souususpiQicjiisly.  IMPERIAL BANK  OF CANADA  />��� **��� **��� **��� ^-**'**',*��� **���*���*'**���**��� !*���*���**���**��� ^���**'?9^-**-7i'T^ ,*!?9^.'S;5^;5:?5  Capital, Paid Up  Reserve  $2,000,000  1,200,000  HEAD  OFFICE, TORONTO  D.   R.  WILKIE, General Manager  NELSON BRANCH  A general bnnkiiiK business transacted.  Savings bunk duiNirtniuiil.  Deposits of  fl  and  upwards  received  and interest  allowed.  J. M. LAY, Manager.  Tk Tremont Hotel  Glassware...  IVIALOflE & TREGILLUS  PROPRIETORS  Headquarters for Miners and Prospectors  THK BKST HR'ANDS OF  Liquors and Cigars  AliVVAYS ON HAND  One of the best and most pop-  ular hotels in Nelson.  QUEER'S HOTEL  RAKER STREET, NELSON.  Heated with Hot Air and  Lighted by Electricity  Large  comfortable  bedrooms, and   first-class  dining  room.   Sample rooms for commercial men.  _BATBS   $2 d FBR n JO.A,^r ���  }&  jBlssessrheat Ap^aha/Provincial sH-venu- T&x Act  WEST KOOTENAY "DISIRICt, NELSON;' DIVISION.  Nbtiijfc, is hereby givon in aceprdanijp with the statutes,  tliiiC provincial' revenue tax. and.all taxes levied under  the Assessiiicnt Act, are iiow" illip for the year ,18'J!). All  -tlm=!ibovy-ftnirie<j=layes^coll'ectablD=WiChin=tlie=\Vfest^  ICoot.ciiiiy disti'iot, Nelsfth division, arc payable at niy  office, Kaslo;  Asses.-nJent taxes are collectable at the following  rates, Vis*.:  If paid on or before June 30th, 1899.  Tj��r_.-flfl.hs, of one per ceiit on. real prppcrty.  Two and one-half per cent on assessed valtfo of wild  land.  Qnc-hajf of one per cent on porsonal property:  On no "much on the. in-omo of any person as exccoilH  one tliou-nrtd dollars, tjio following rates, nanloly: npQti  such pxcgiSS Of ingome vvfien thy same:W npt more than  tort liiousoiKi dollars, ono ))ei* eejit; When .^uoh o^cegs i*i  over tun -th.usaw- ilollur* ancl Hot ihpre than twenty  tho\isnnd dolliirs, one and ono-f|Ujirt~r of Otic (ier cent;  when such excess Is over tweilty thousand dollars, one  and oiie-lutlf of one per cent. ���  If paid on or after 1st July, 1899,  Four-lifths Of oilo per cent on real property.  Three per cent on the assessed value of wild land.  Tin.--fourths of ono per cent on personal property.  On so much on the income of any person as exceeds ono  thousand dollars, tlie followingratest natiioly: upon such  excess when the same is not more than ten thousand  dollars, ono and one-quarter of one per cent; when  such excess is over ten thousand dollars and not more  than twenty thousand dollars, one and one half of one  per cent; when such excess is over twenty thousand dollars, one and three-quarters of one per cent.  Provincial revenue tax, S3 per capita.  JOHN KEEN, Assessor and Collector.  Kaslo, B. C, 23rd January, 1393.    Horse Impounded.  Taken up on Baker street, one cream colored horse,  about S years old, now impounded at city pound. Owner  can have same by paying expenses.    ^  WILLIAM GORTON, Poundkceper.  Dated at Nelson, February 7th, 1809.  Kootenay Bailway & Navigation Co.  LAKE AND   RIVER  DIVISION  STR. INTERNATIONAL  Daily except Sunday.      Pacific standard time  ���H��� D.lHUMI:, Mapagfer.  TjuS'linofit. hotel'- in the"��in"|eribri     ���  Largo sahiplb. r66;ils. "Steam JfciVfeniftl "el.efctric ligUfc-."  CORNKR, &"' \VA}U>, AN!?. VHRNO^ ^T>S.,���^;KnLS6N;  open d�� ^_�� mm!  KASLO TO NKLSON  South  Read  bound  down  Leave  0:30 a.m.  1>U0  7:30    ii  Due  8:00'   n  Duo  8:15    i.  Duo  9:45.   ii  Arrive  10:30    ii  ... Kaslo .....  . Ainsworth ....  . Pilot Bay ...   Balfour    Five-mile Point.    Nelson    Connects"witli N. & Ft. S. Ry. train for Spokane, leav  inir Five-milo Point at 10:05 cum.  Steamers leave Kaslo city wW at toot of Third street  ROBERT IRVING. Manager.  Read  up  ..8:30 p.m.  ...7:10    w  ...0:30    ���  ...0:00    ���  ...5:10    ���  ..4:30  North  bou nd  Arrive  Due  Due  Due  Due  Leave  The onl)> restaurant  in   the city  employing' only white cooks.  o'clock,  25 cents.     Dinner from 5  to 8.    Short orders   at   all   hours.  Madden House  HAKKIt AND WARD STItlOOTS, KI-JLSON  'I'lie only hotel in Nelson that has remained under ono  maimjfeiOTiiUlfiys I8ilfl. ,    , ,     , ,  Tho bud-rgom. are well f uiMiislird and lnjhted" by  electricity. ���  'I'liedltiinK'i'bojii is hot second to any in Ivopj/ciiny.  Tlioljar is ulvv'itys.sldeked by the Jjcst doniestie and  imported li��|iiors and eiKars. .......  TlIOiMAS MAnniON, I'ropKetor.  The Victoria  EEVBLSTOKB  Renovated aiid decorated throiigliout. Frst-class sample  rooms. Free bus meets all trains". The Revelstoke  Street Car Company run hourly street car service  between Victor a hotel and station.  J. V. I'KRICS, Proprietor.  MORTGAGE SALE.  Under and by virtue of the powers of sale contained iii  a certain mortgage, which will be produced at tho time  of sale, the're will ho otlered by public auction by Charles  A. Waterman & Co.,auctioneers, at their olllce. West  Baker street. Nelson, 15. C, on Tuesday, 21st day of February, A.i). 189!), at the hour of 2 o'clock in the afternoon,  the following property, viz:  That certain parcel or tract of land and promises situate, lj ing ancl being in the town of Slocan City, and being described as lot number three (3) in block twenty-  four (21) as shown on a map or plan of sub-division of  lot 292, group 1, West Kootenay district, deposited in tkc  land registry ollice at Victoria as plan 490 as amended.  On the property is erected a two-story frame building.  Terms of sale: Ten por cent (10%) of the purchase  money to be paid to the vendors or their agents at the  time of sale, and the balance, without interest, to be paid  within thirty (30) days thereafter.  Further terms aiid conditions of sale will be made  known on day of sale or on application to Macdonell,  MoMastcr & Goory, 51 Yongc street, Toronto, solicitors  for the vendors, or to  CHARLES  A. WATERMAN & CO.,  Auctioneers, Nelson, B. C.  Application for Liquor License.  Notice is hereby given that I will, thirty days from the  (bite of this notice, apply to the government agent at,  Nelson for a licenso to sell liquor at retail at my hotel,  known as the Florence Hotel, situate three miles cast of  Nelson, on the outlet of Kootenay lake, in. West Kootenay district, British Columbia,  .    . WILLIAM ROBERTS.  . Dated February 3rd, 1891).^ ���' ���  ���".ftj  "V�����s  ;; iipnte, o-f.;���tftq:��.HoyaF];totenl:i Gaigai;y,x���*_�� S *��� fkj.  *��>j!iwk       " "���"  ��� ^-��� J��� '-"������ *���  to  to  to  to-  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  c  to  to^4  'to&��'*" -"  toiS^-  ?*&��?_>} _l#ij^__��g?!eW ���~_^r*^l��&*j_i!*_?^0)��~^ *^y".'ig:.Vl"g^: W-  :��f:S-^:^-^^:^-^,,r~^:~:~**:^'~^:-'^^  _^_fe^ _JBJ_5_!_SSi _2 __&__& _&' "^__S^_��  ���0"-**-/- ���0^-tm-^�� ���TBi-TZ-j? ���7.7 'JS^-U  We are now carrying a most complete line of Bar Supplies, including  all the latest styles of Whisky, Wine  and Beer glasses. Our prices are low  and the quality the best procurable  W. F. TEETZEL & CO.  ;���"���-/ji��T��� .^a = ."MS/si* *7��^  ,*' D__^,   _^" n"_i ~S.'^Q'^a- ^* .^_^-'-  1 0  % .v'a ��� , n'..,nfl     n >  liK*S*.:;>?!  ti  ti  ti  ti  Hi  ti  Hi  ti  Hi  Hi  ti  ti  ti  ti  \fc  Hi  Hi  0/  Hi  Hi  ti  Hi  w  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  \fc  Hi  Hi  Hf  iti  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  m-  m&  w?  (iast" anS/Sh^rt^ *B6ute:"tp" afrfiT/Efitonj-  ,".?  ��      �� fK"o'bfe-ha"v'��b'i-Kfry,". ���!"��� ".-    .  pa. p        p p p      p     ���      ,      u   a      up^ up #u Dw p ��� u     M p  .First-clnss .iiiHt'Coiirist. Sldcjigrs;SOperatct1������Cromn ���  PACIFIC TO' ATLANTIC  Tickets issued, through and;; b.agTciigc  Checked t��Dd.estiijation."  p@0��j_sr__]p3a33ip_srs.  Rossland; Trail and Rb.sbn,.  fj.eaVe.                             DAILV ^ Ari'iVc.  (!:Jo p., 11.1  NELSON.,....,.��, ,,10:30p.mi.,  Main Lin,e antJ Intermediate; Poinds via Slocan Lake.  Leave.             .               ..DAtLV Arrive.  (j:3jj it. in., ,... NELSON .8:30 p. m.  Kootenay Lake-;Ka?!�� Route-t'-Steanier Kokanee.  Leave.                Daily Except Sunday Arrive.  1:6()p. m .....,,.NELSON .11:00 a. jli.  ====i=_J^.-Oi_e���nvayjiY-juR^  M!on-��� Wed.. 1,'ri. , tiies., Tliu.rs., Sat.  8:00 a. iii. Leave., NELSON. ��� ��� ��� ���,.. .Arrive 0:o0 p. m.  Makes connection at Pilot Ray with steamer Kokanee  in both directions:  Steamers oh their respective routes call at principal  landings in both directions, and at other points when  signalled-.  Ascertain Rates and full information by addressing  nearest local nJjeiH or  C, E. BE/\SLEY, City TicKet Agent,  R. W. DREW, Agent.  W. P. iVvpKiwoy, Traveling Passenfti>r Agent, Nels'oh,  ;E, J. Covlj:, Dis't I'lisseiigw Aciliu, Vancouver.  .Willf contract: =to; suppl\C anci:! ifista:II^any^kirid/Epfr^electricall;mkchinery  HEAD OFFICE,  L0MDON,  E.Np%^SK :'?^ V :V ;  M  Nelson, B. C.  Spokane Falls & Northern,  Nelson & Fort Sheppard,  Bed Mountain Hallways;  Trie only all rail route without change of cars  between Nelson arid Rossland, an.d  Spokane and Rbsslaqd.  DAILY   TRAINS.  Leave Arrive  0:20 a. m ...NELSON 5:35 p.m.  12.05 a. m  ItOSSLAND 12:20 p.m.  8:30 a. m SPOKANE 3:10 p.m.  The train that leaves Nelson at 0:20 a. ni��� makes close  connections at bpokane with trains for all Pacific Coast  points.  PassoiiKers for Kettle River and Boundary Creek con  neot at Marcus with stage daily.  C. G. DIXON. G. P. & T, A.  All communications relating  to  British  Golumbla  business tebj. aclflfessed  to P. O. Drawer  605, Melspn, British ColuoTb^ig  .    . RODERICK ROBERTSON, General Manager/  ��.rir-i   or\Ki     o   r\  ;. S FOWLER, E.M., Mining Engineer tlNCLoUINj   D, V.  f^aslo & Slocan  Railway  OOING  WKST                              DAILY  f;OI.VO  KAST  Leavo    8.00 a. 111.          Kaslo  Arrive 3.5a \>. m.  "         S.32     "             South Fork  "      3.20     "  . "         0.30    ��             Snroule's  "       2.25     ��  "         9.45     "              Whitewater  ���>    ��� 2.10     ��  "         0.55    ��             Hoar Lake  "       2 00     "  ��        10.12    '��             McGuigan  "        10.25     "              Hailcy's    ���  "       1.15     "  >>       1.31     ��  "        10.33     "             Codv Junction  "       1 23     "  Arrive 10.40  . "             Sandon  Leave  1.15    ���'  CODY   BRANCH.  Leave    11.00 a.m.          Sandon  Arrive 11.10 a. m  Arrive .11.13    "             Cody  Leave 11.25    ��  . G. V. COPELAND, Supe  ���intendont.  ATLANTIC   STEAMSHIP  TICKETS.  nd from European points via Canadian and Ameri-  iCs.   Apply for sailing dates, rates, tickets; and  To am  can lines.   ���,...., ���      .,  full information to any Canadian Pacific railway agent or  C. P. R. City Agent. Nelson.  WILLIAM 8TITT, General 8, 8. Agent, Winnlpes.  Goat River Lumber Oompatf  ci^-SS'i'O-sr, ZE3. o.  Situate on the Crow's Nest Railway is prepared to deliver luhr  ber of any description in any quantity at any place Within the  district of Kootenay.    y  Tenders Solicited  GOAT  RIVER   LUMBER  COMPANY,  G.  A.   BIGELOW,  MANAGER  Nelson  Planing  Mills  FLOORING, LINING, MOULDINGS, DOORS,  AND SASHES IN STOCK.  EVERY DESCRIPTION OF JOINERY, DOORS AND WINDOWS  MADE TO ORDER.  Office and Mills Corner Hall and Front Streets, Nelson  Lumber I   Lumber I   Lumber I  Kootenay Lake Sawmill, G. O. Buchanan, Prop.  First   class   lumber   at   right   prices     Also  a   full   line   of   Sash,  Doors, Turned Work, etc., constantly on hand.  Yard:  Foot Hendryx Street.       JOHN RAE, Agent. TtfE TRIBUNE:   NELSON B.C.   THUJRSDAY, FEBRUARYS 1899.  TODAY'S   NEW   ADVERTISEMENTS.  Nelson Hardware Company, Nelson���Aniioiuict'inent.  Kootenay-Lake Sawmill, Kaslo���Lumber ami all kinds  of buildinjjniaterhil.  LOCAL   NEWS   AND   GOSSIP.  The Nelson opera house will be opened  on Monday evening by the All Star English Specialty Company, who will give  entertainments every night for a week.  Although the new building is not yet  completed, the proprietors hope to have  work on it sufficiently advanced so that it  can be made comfortable.  II. T. Irvine, of the firm of Fred Irvine  <fc Co., requested Tnio Tkiiju'XI- early this  morning to withdraw the firm's advertisement tor a boy, which appeared first  in Tuesday evening's issue. I_ irly Wednesday morning chere was a string of  applicants for the position and they kept  coming all day. The firm had no difficulty  in securing a good boy, but there is no  further desire to stand another siege of  applicants.  A. II. Holdich will give a lecture this  evening in the mission room of St. Saviour's church. The subject of the lecture  will be "Fire," and itis understood that he  will deal with it in its literal and realistic  sense.  Staff-captain Turner of Spokane will  speak at the Salvation Array barracks tonight.  It is just a trifle early to talk of spring  hats, but that is just what Fred Irvine &  Co. will talk about in tornorrow'sTruHUNE.  Mr. justice Irving will tomorrow hear  the case, Merchants Bank of Halifax  versus John Houston and Thomas Martin-  dale Ward. The bank will be represented  by counsel, so will the other side.  W. F. Thompson, in his official capacity  . of sanitary inspector, is after three ice-  cutters. Their offence is the cutting of  ice around the outlets of the two city  sewers. They should be given penitentiary sentences.  The Bank of Montreal yesterday exported a gold brick from the Athabasca  mine. The brick was consigned to the  United States assay office at Helena, Montana, and was valued at $4500 Pity Canada had not the .punk'to coin the output  of its own gold and silver mines. If it  had gold bullion would not be shipped  from Nelson to Helena, Montana.  At the mass meeting to be held tonight  iu the Hume hotel hall addresses will be  delivered by candidates J. Fred Humeand  : A. S. Farwell. E. V. Bod well, W. A.  Galliher and S. S. Taylor will speak for  'Mr. Hume and W. A. Macdonald and  Frank Fletcher for Mr. Farwell,  priced ho one with a knowledge of the  Island's manner of working aud voting; it  is a case of life or political death, which  they fully realize as is shown by the wild  "blue ruin" cry raised by the Colonist, It  is a case of the Island, first, last and  for  ever, and need cause no apprehension.  Mr. Hume stands for just representation  and equal justice to all parts of the province, not to one hallowed spot, consecrated to the Turner faction.  J. C. Morrison.  After the Excitement...  Of the holiday season and the elections  Keep warm...  and preserve health  by wearing-  Chamois Vests and  Chest and Lung Protectors  Large stock: just  received  W. F. Teetzel & Co.  Our weather here is uncertain anil  yi��u should always he ready fur cold  .snap:. We have a full lines of coal  .stoves and heaters on hand and invite an inspection of our stock.  THE  ASK   TO   SEE  THEM  Vancouver  Hardware  Company, Ltd.  MARA & H.VKNAW) BLOCK,  HA KICK SI', NKI/tON  .  ���"/-."'S'ffy "-*����">  -t^^thT^di^.Aft''.ThetJS^&ah^K^MF^  ..;;seemsrtq'IueAs^me���imb-appi.ehen4sioupn>the'  ���;-'mi_fds^�� of^yote'rs fwi-tli".t*egar"ffit^fcbel��t?rue?  emeaningfOi*theDsA!ieii Act�����as.passedjby;  !the5Rreseni.gpv^  . that/tne^Amermennl ���������__inei s ,are. good:jho-':  Sneers* in^a #p^  ""not/the^  .Vl^pivoiifro^  * e��thh"ateflbwaV"^  .l^'asfc'asea.SiOu.i'i* tuJJ'y;��^;se^veiy|8-rgh^thsVpXy<ihf*  ;��aniBjjnti4wasSB:taicehp"ati  .fo^at^i^&Vs?!^  Vfitfcinj| -qK��fe  won-, the. Sound-and Dfc>��n  Fran.cisqp.   The  ,��ctfn��r:ol^qi^  ;#ixyns^jXpfg-Lthe"haiidj: of:*tlie ^i'i;tIsh":Col:��  i^dfflbi^ g^verh)ii.e)rt^^P^^'^.lieh; ^t)i;e|A;tl i n��i  I* s;tri k*je5s\wei;eJlYad ethe\go veriimeht^lJovvedi  jjpfotpun^^o^ij^tise, \ylj ejr- they "Jpl 16wed'-  ���;tlie"Jfead\o!|��bhe: Anierieah n|jovernpjeh�� in'!  liprphibitiiT^.alieijs frqifii; taking the wetilfch i  Zd$J?1Shp"��"^f6nKtvy   out   -o��   it.   borilekl.  >Ifc.heyer \vas;C;he1jitentiofi pf the preheat  igpyivninentsto sh^tput aliens from tjie  ^quai'tK inin.i'pg disttic&# j.ali'zing as  they  Up,- thitquartzftiiniug is not fi temporary  ihiit^a^penmaue"t=inai:lstryp=and=that=-if=  necessary, a large amount of capital rnuSfc  be expended hi the development of properties,, therefore Ca pi tal fro in, any q uar ter  is welcomed.   The; candidate representing  .he   present   gpveruinent, J. Fred Hume,  as ii cabinet minister, can speak as one  having   authority,   being    in   the   inner  circle, sd that the voter's of jS'eil.oii  riding  jfVill  aqt   fot?   iheii'  owp   best interests,  'wjfie.h Qi) the Mth pf February they return  Itirn fcp his seat,  vacated but for" a short  The   elections  at   Victoria  Is something* new, stylish,  and strictly up to date.  Every Hat is guaranteed.  ...,-i-.2:  _tfo��5"*i8|and"^  id   U~^Gtf * _nfl    n    #<?* a  n or-,        "      m nnfln    ��� *nD      _n   .  mo,  n a        on n o    g  The Nelson fjardware Co.  Having purchased the stock and business  of the above company, we are selling off the  goods on hand at the lowest prices to make  room for our con^lete spring stock of Shelf  and'.Household- Hardware, Wood and Coal  Cook Stoves below cost.  r The "'linn name will-remain unchanged.  G-KO.   S.   1'JlCKU.  ,.E. G. Smyth.  kelson, February 9th,  IS!)9.  I take this opportunity ..of' thanking my  numerous friends for tlieir past patronage.  All outstanding accounts must he paid to  Mr. Kobert -Wilson at the oflicc of the  Nelson Hardware Co. within ten days.  t/,f!% i"��to^j���"-��T;**' '��� " William W.", IIowk.v "���  ^S^oi^e^rtiary'.'Stii,' 1899. ;''';""' _  , -  Bajke*r ��� Sfr'egt^ NeIs'on;  WHdlesdle^Marl^ets at kelson j Rossland ^aoaoii^"nid:"G'l;^e.hypiflpn..  BETftiL SitO^ES���,/%Tr  JN^lson,: Trail, ^mii:, I^aslOj Me\\r��ejiY.gr; Sa'titlonf Silverton, Cascaele  '    . Cjty^  ��rand Fprks,  Midway,"^reeiiAviQojI and1 SifeciHr.;  ORDERS BY MAIL  PROMPTLY FORWARDED  H,fcad Office, Kelson, B.k  season.  snr-  HELP   WAti'VED,  B'Oy wniittjy lo Igai'ii the pn'lHliii? frail.. 'S.liisl. b_o:vi;r  Il> ytSiirA*bt ago.   Cjijl at Tiro. TrlbOii. olllc., V'oriHuf  Bj,It��*l*  Patronize Home industry  SMOKE UNION MADE CICARS  Jm''" WHOLESALE AN1D RETML  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  ���tflitSfT DQOIJ WESi'E IJ^Nlv iii 'C. JJtlllSlI'NG.  BaRer Street, fJelson   E. C.  oun sPkoialtv  "BOTAL SEAL" CI&ABS  MANUFAGTUllKD BY THE'  Kootenay Cigar  Manufacturing Co.  WHEN YOU REQUIRE  POKER CHIPS  CIGARS  PLAYING CARDS  Kcmembcr you can get 'them from  S. J. MIGHTON  ^bcrrieeji Block, Nelson, 1&,G,  OlMlKUH IlV MAM- It'lHiKlVK CAnKKU'L AN I) I'ltdlHt't A*| ���I'KN'I'IO.V.  er  ^iiij-f' Ilaijcli, tjii E,0ptfin.f��y Lafc. near  iSTelsoii   . > ., . ., ."; . ,"...,,.. fyOOO  J-I'ouse, and lot; -on .Silica sti'efcfc . ...     110Q  H'ouiie jliid  two lots on V'lprnon, .street, 1600  ' 3;iVnlse a'lltl Jot on Victoria street .  . ,  2100  Mouse and. lot on Victoria street ��� . .  1(500  ^ouse^andJot-on^ietori^sf.reO^^i^^l-POO^  l;l.yuse and  two lots on Carbonate S'ti   li>00  ALEX   STEWART,    Mining   Broker.  Ollkiu:   fui'iiei: & liouuklf block,, linker ami  H'nnl sjiroois Nelson.  COPPER ORE, DRY ORE, LEAD ORE  ��� Purchased and payment made as soon after receipt of ore as  samples can be assayed. Quotations given upon the receipt  of samples.  THE  HALL MINES, Limited, Nelson.  Business and  Residential Lots  FOR SAl<iE in tlie ori.gin.iiil townsite on easy  terms. Also lots tor sale in Grand Forks  and Cascade City.  Apply .    .  FRANK  FLETCHER,  P.L.S.,  Land Agent,  Corner Baker and Kootenay Street.**,      Nelson, IJ.C.  C. D. J. CHRISTIE  GENERAL BROKER  NELSQN, B. C.  KASLO, B. C,  SANDON, B. C.  DEALERS IN  Shelf and Heavy Hardware  SOLE AGENTS FOR  Giant Powder Jm  TRUAX  ORB  OARS  N_��I   IS   ^'�����:_i_��__g_!Cavil-d>  Canton Drill Steel# material  CARRY IN STOCK  Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal  Pipes, and Fittings  Giant, Caps and Fuse  Tools, Cutlery, Tin  ^-'x   and Woodenware  Stoves, Ranges,  Iron, Steel,  Sheet  Iron, T-Rails  Paints, Oils, Glass  NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:   Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.  TI)E LAWRENCE HARDWARE Go.  Vtfill .be  found  in  their new  premises  on   Baker Street    ~  with  a complete stock  of  Shelf and  Heavy  Heavy  and Shelf  ALL KINDS OF MINING SUPPLIES  Y.otK will find, it to your; ad vantage-.to consult us  before placing your orders       ".",'  Tiqsmithing an,d Plumbing a Specialty  Estimates' Cheerfully Furnished.  ."*��":J,n "s��" ���  "      .    " ��� > Ji ��  '    n n       P d'D n *      "if-'    Wt>��       o   IP �� o a 3*       n   ���   n     'rf    J.   B    *������   0*   ��� ��na n n f��  fa^Lnd ft>p puSKe iMsp^^tion, the :fl.iteM/��f-  jfamily ^poeePi^s aver opeli^d in K^l^ptfil  Mail Orders  Promptly Attended to  atric^ & Wilson  Baker Street, ^elBOlJ,   B.C.  TO   LET  15 PEOPLE  ALL STAR ENGLISH SPECIALTY CO.  The greatest aggregation of Star Specialty Artists.  One solid week commencing on      M0NMYf   FEBBUABY 13t_l  1-Rroom Cottngc.  l-ltoouv House   ..   .��20  .,     S  3?OR   S-S-L-il  ITouso and lot, Viotorin struufc .....  $1100  House and lol., Silica street  KI00  House -ml lot, iSiliea street ....  2800  House and lot, Minos roarl   750  Corner lot. Vernon street.  2700  Two lots, Silica street.  800  A REPUTATION  and if a good one it is sure to be followed  ���MV3--  ;lt is nnedlfiAs tlicrefore   to  s'ay that our success  is duo  largely to the  reputation \ve  have built up.    Not only among our city customers who have tlieir eyes continually upon.  us, but among our   many friends at  a  distance who   trust us with   their order,   by mail  and feel just as well   satisfied   as   if   they were ou the   premises  personally THAT IS A  REPUTATION GAINED. FRESH   LAID  EGGS ALWAYS ON  HAND  ABERDEEN" BLOCK  NELSON, B. O.  DesBrisay & Co.  MONEY   TO   LOAN.  Office in the Aberdeen Block, Nelson  Tpianos  Steinway and Nordheimer lead  the world. Art & Music Co.,  agents. Baker street, Nelson.  The Tribune will buy Old Rags  J. A. Irving & Co.  GROCERS AND PROVISION MERCHANTS  Family orders a specialty and free daily delivery   j  Mail and telephone order, promptly attended to;-  Hak-r SI reel. West, opposite Oddfellb.Ws' Flock  NELSON, B. C.  SPECIAL ATTENTION  Have just l-cceivcd a consignment of Harris home  made tweeds from Talbot Harr's, Scotland.  Mm J. SPIBE, Baker St. Nelson  Tbe-finpplrto limited; so cnHcarJ}- and examine this etock.


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