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 ZX5-K-.)WAi��Mi  ".TCWtwiBJK  T  .AssssaasassssswHBiwmrtwDwnK^^  l'( 1  it V  V  KOOTENAY  Has Mines that are Paying Dividends and Hundreds of Properties that can be Made  Dividend Paying Mines.  Has  KOOTENAY  a   Mineral   Oulput   of  Upwards   ot   One  Million    Dollars    Every    Month  In   The Year  M  DAILY   EDITION:  FIRST YEAR-NO. 20.  NELSON,  BRITISH  COLUMBIA, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 25, 1899.  WEEKLY   EDITION:  SEVENTH   YEAR-NO  8  <;v  ft  1-7  I'i  NELSON CURLERS OUTPLAYED  The Rossland Carnival,  Rossland, January 25.-1:15 p.m.���[Special to The Tribune over the Vernon &  Nelson telephone wires.]���The carnival at  Rossland is in lull swing, aud in the first  rounds the curling teams from Nelson  have been unsuccessful, except the one of  which W. H. Grant is skip. In the first  round for the challenge cup offered by the.  New York Life Iusurance Company?-the  following was the result:  ( Nelson���Grant, skip.......  19  \ Kevolstokc���Brown, skip.. '... .V.....;; i  t ltossland���Cranston; skip  ....15  \ Nelson���Uussoll. skip  .... M  ltossland���-Smith, skip ...: ...., -...-. 17  sison���Uussoll, skip  I ltossland���Smitl  \ Nulson���Tamblyn, skip  (i  ...'-9  .... 7  ... 12  ... (i  ...20  ... (i  / ltossland���Boiunish, skip  1 Nelson���Peters, skip.    / Rossland���Mo-till, pkip ...  1.Sandon���Giminott, skip...  I Ivnslo���Wiiugh, skip .... .  \ ltossland���Carlylc, skip ..  A Rossland team, with Fraser skip, and  and a Saudon team, with Hord skip, have  yet to play.  First round of the All Comers match  will be plaj'ed this afternoon.  Believes He is Alive.  .[Vancouver Province, January 23rd.]  Is Sir Arthur Curtis, the English baronet reported lost on the Ashcroft. trail  last year, still alive ? G. W. Cole, an old  miner at present iu this city, a guest at  the Western hotel, believes that he is.  Mr. Cole claims to have known Sir Arthur  intimately on the Ashcroft trail. He  .traveled with the party for miles and  says it was simply an impossibility for  the baronet to lose himself unwittiugly  on the trail or in the forest. There had  been a good deal of friction in the party  and Sir."..Cole thinks that sir At'thur, who,  he claims, supplied all the funds, got tired  of them, deliberately quit them and made  his way north alone. Mr. Cole had ; avertible trip over the Ashcroft trail, but experiences  similar   to .--his  have, been ��� re-  .��; ported .so pf/,e���n that they willhardly^ bear  s^iiep'etltiQt^^^  ���*��� cu"i!ena*��n6l:aims;n 'O^'OMer;^ciienekX��;He':'sayss  >41iat4thes���newKliggings"^vJUrJprove.0,vlery���  " tele'graphMlf^^^^  shops, or having them made to order on  lasts the shape of a man's last. Certainly  the shoes of the two sexes differ very  little in outward appearance, although  the difference in size is great. Even this  last distinction may be obviated if women  go on wearing larger shoes from year to  year. Women who five years ago wore a  four now wear a number five and own up  to it without the slightest regret.  Racingto Dawson.  A  race  against  time from  Seattle to  Dawson for $2000 a side, .with a side bet of  $1000 on the time from  Seattle to Skag-  way, is ou between Joe Barrett and Dick  Butler, . two   well-knOwn   and   wealthy  Klondikers now in Seattle preparing for  the ".-journey -north.   Barrett bets Butler  $2000 that the latter cannot make the trip  from Seattle to Dawson iu 25 days or less,  and $1000 more that he "cannot make the  trip   from   Skagway    to    Dawson     in  20    days   or   less.     The   money,    $0000  in gold,   was put   up   when   the    bets  were   made    in     the '.' grill     room    of  the  Butler   hotel,   H.   Coleman,   also  a  Klondiker, becoming the stakeholder.   A  little party  of  Klondike   pioneers were  diuing    together     when     the     subject  of record-breaking trips come up.   Butler  mentioned his own achievement when, in  December, 1S97. he made the trip out in  company with James McAuley of Victoria  in ISA days.   Barrett laughingly said that  the time could not be made again,  and  Butler quickly came to the front with a  bet.   Barrett stood his ground   and the  money went into the stakeholder's hands.  Butler will be accompauied on the trip by  his brother James.   They left Seattle ou  the steamer City of Seattle at 12 o'clock  last Sunday night, so the Seattle's speed,  is also involved in the bet.     .  r:6*:*��f:fc  "����l%cifieI#lailwa��y.*GbihpSny,^a'd�� oeeu.'ap  pointed sg^nei-al^suRpIuntendentiql^.the;"  ^esiei'ri * Id iy ision. ."with" "*^'eao!q\Va^ tgrsSak  ."��� Winnipeg, -������ Jl^cW^iy te .was*seeu: Friday*  yno.iming^b^  .-^'^e^��'a'S'^tn6siil.Ve^i3nf;tiBh -of t^us, rgpoii&_. "��"sJ^e;  r.epl i edB: "���" ' 'There" ���'Imgi *��be��fr ��� miicli V tajl k  iiljQut changes in? th��s.V^fPJi'Wfc/pnt^a've'  lizard "no'thinj? of* therapiiointnieht0"��then-  tipiiedjn ��tli|=dispa;t"ch.n - It "may.".be"toue;  but if it-is, 1 have ."bad '.ho, official'ihotifica-  tioirOf it." Mr. Whyte', furthe/ stated  that he wight hot bie'iri.-'^fpositi'on.tbs.Sa'y.  anything re;gjirclipg,'Sh3^mait?c"eL\nnut-iL''|ifi;er  a visit to M&nt'reial, wjliich he would shortly make. ...  Bluffed a General.-  The Ne\y York Journal lias picked up  the club in favor of general Miles, and  has nn mercifully scored general Eagan.  =lii"s  Pauper Wives. ���  It is a difficult matter to answer 'what  proportion of the husband's income should  his wife receive in any general terms. It  will be fair to say, however, that after  the family expenses are paid, the wife  should;Jbne.entitled to���ah equal suhv .with  yocotcJaman.iin tha'maisriage'.co^par  S'er|!il"jj?,,$He^vjfe3����f;a*;am  ,!fduB":ihnto*��the^vdr.ld|^to^battle\Brf6i^"��n  ��,but t-he,*!part:which>iibris .her duty to peiS,  tbriu, in!be^nug/aund;.rearrng.thCcmldr;en^  ;lt|nigmajn^  u';p*di(tlh &-��t'haj.i i;h' isUsA ii��� i bs kBe'a t;iu g^BHl. th:"e V  ��progresslot the human.race;p~-\Th6ret��is%no.  WILL HAVE A DEPRESSING EFFECT.  Captain Hay ward, "of the steamer International, who has excellent opportunities for ascertaining the drift of public sentiment,  is of the opinion that the Alien Exclusion bill, which  was recently  adopted by the provincial legislature, will have a depressing effect  upon the development of. the" Slocan.    While it is well   understood  that the measure as it passed the legislature deals exclusively with  placer mining, there is nevertheless a general feeling of uneasiness  on the part of the American mining men that sooner, or later simi-  lar provisions will be framed to .apply to quartz mining.    As the  result of many conversations with well-known mining men  operating in the Slocan who travel .on/the  steamers, captain Hay ward  is of the opinion that as a-result of the  passage of the exclusion  bill there will be much less development done in the Slocan  this  coming summer than  there would otherwise have been.    As the  bulk of this work has been; done .by Americans in the past, their  withdrawal will'have a noticeable effect upon the mining industry'  of the Slocan, more particularly ;ih view of the fact"' that Ganadians  or Englishmen will not take the., chances  which Americans take,  and which it is necessary that some one should take in order that  the worth of prospects may be determined.  ..': -������'"���/   /���',.;.::" -  .  %  ft  ft  ft  ���ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft.  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  tunnel, and is not therefore of much value  towards proving the ground.  In the crosscut, what is presumably  the north vein, is intersected. The vein  at this point is split up by intrusive bands  of , country rock, some of the quartz  stringers being as much as 10 feet apart.  I took hand samples from different  points which yielded the following results  in gold:  Selected samples from north tunnel,  $120. Various samples from cuts and  trenches as follows : No. 1, a trace; No. 2,  none; No. 3. $2; No. 1, $4; No. 5, $100; So. 0,  $120.40.  Samples taken in this way are of slight  value only, they indicate, however, that  in places good gold values are to be found,  and the continuity of the vein affords  ground for expecting that development  will prove the existence of ore chutes that  can be profitably worked.  The conditions are favorable for opening  the vein by means of tunnels, and as the  property is near Nelson and the established means of communication, only  small amounts need be expended on preliminary, expenses.  Sufficient timber is on the ground to  supply the mine during the early stages.  The trustees of the company are W. F.  Teetzel, H. G. Neelands, R. S. Lennie, A.  H. Kelly and E. N. Fell of Nelson, and AV.  H. Taylor of Spokane. The capital is one  million shares of the par value of $1.  PROMINENT   PEOPLE.  A  CONFIDENTIAL   OLER^.  Stole  Twenty  tTfi6^sandjDollars'  ���Life*, ofjkiislwf ifef *���!  to" Save  tlie  sfcouis fSHiir^,,iormerlyl'c6ntfdentii&l'.ol^f'k��'  Tt seeius flirrgelieT^nSagirti^hlis-lSsff  the    Joiirnal's  to  bring   suit  M.  temper in considering  methods, and threatened  aeraihst that publication for high treason  When the Journal learned of this tact it  invited Eagan to push his suit forthwith,  and offered to furnish Eagan the; money  with which to* defray the expenses of  proi3ecittioiV�� demandihg as a return only  that Eagah sh0illd ��6 upon the stand and  submit himself I'or citoss'-exji'nihiltion. Of  courstS Eagan -refuses to accept the challenge, and Iia.fi beeii cj3n)p4tjed to beat an  igDominious retreat so far as the Jbui'iial  is conceriied.  An Alaskan Lake Drained.  The same indomitable spirit that iu  California changed the course of rivers  and overturned mountains is still iu evidence. In Alaska, some California hydraulic miners have drained a lake 3000  feet long, 2000 feet wide and 150 feet deep  ^-Gold lake, in Paii.de basin, near Sitka���  in the belief that in its bottom would be  found gold-bearing gravel. Six months of  tunneling resulted in drawing off the  waters of the lake last week, und the enterprising prospectors hope to recoup  sufficient to pay for the effort and expense.  Victoria's New Evening Papex\  Dr. G. L. Milne, captain John Irving,  Richard Hall, Gordon Hunter, and C. A.  Gregg have been appointed directors of  the newly incorporated Globe Publishing  Company, Limited, for the ensuing year.  Gordon Hunter is president, Richard Hall  secretary-treasurer, andC. A.Greggtnanag-  ing director of the company.  A King Temporarily Retires.  Although the health of king Oscar of  Sweden continues to improve, his physicians have ordered him to take complete  rest. Therefore his majesty has entrusted  the government provisionally to the  crown prince Gustaf and has gone to  Saltoja, Baden.  Feet Like Clementine's.  It has been whispered for sometime  that so great was the desire of some ladies  of fashion to have very comfortable, very  heavy shoes that they were buying their  shoes in   the boys' departments of shoe I  nyite "SO^mucli> as jjf- "she^ wej-e^ii "jpauper,.  Her pohtijirisoiithe"tam11y���:moTQ,ey*j%oultl  ; bj/tilbsoUit"^ Hers.  JSShclon "Tqwnsite in IJisptijte."  " A motion made*byi K&bert Cassidy  /p^Sa'fui-dayat Victpria, On behalf of "G.=  M�� Spfehce.r .of Sandou; is of" rather an  IntejL'eVting hiifure.as it hinges on the  qxies^ioii of tlie*ownership of the towhSite  of Sandon. J. Si. Harris toolc up a mineral, claim that covers a good portion of  the tpwftgite.'of Sandon. (S. Bl. Spencer  Squatted on this laud- tiud afterwards  agreed to pay Harris rent. The question  subsequently came up as to the ownership of the land, and the case was taken  int&tlie courts, Tlie.resulLof_tliis snitJsi  not decided, judgment being not yet  given. Iu the meiintime Harris levied  distress against Spencer, though Robert  Cassidy litis applied to Mr. justice Drake  to restrain the sheriff from seizing or disposing of the good's... An injunction was  giahted restraining the sheriff from selling until February 10th, and in the meantime should Spencer put $225 for security,  he may regain possession from the sheriff..  The Hockey Olub Snioker.  The smoking Concert, given by tlie  members of the Nelson Hockey Club iu.  the fire hall last evening, was well  attended. Alderman Charles Hillyer Was  master of ceremonies, and he proceeded  to put the programme under way shortly  after S o'clock. The entertainment consisted of song's by Messrs. Baker, Stutter  and Honeyman, boxing contests by  Messrs. Jeffs aud Thompson and Partridge  and Chambers, a recitation by Mr. Davidson, an exhibition of Sandow's performances by John R. Campbell, some trapeze  walk by Mr. Donns. club swinging by Mr.  Poster, guitar solos by Mr. Shaw and  literary selections by D. Blackwood. Ihe  members of the club desire to thank all  who contributed to the success of the  smoker.   A Prosperous Fraternal Society.  The following officers of the Nelson  lodge Knights of Pythias were installed  last evening by Bro. Dr. Porin, Deputy  Grand Chancellor : Bro. French C.C.. Bro.  Riley V. C, Bro. Lillie P., Bro. Ross K. of  R. & S., Bro. Hillyer M. of F., Bro. Malone  M. of E., and Bro. Scott, M. of A. The  lodge is in a prosperous condition and has  leased the new hall now being erected by  the Odd Fellows, which they will furnish  and sublet" to the Odd Fellows and other  fraternal organizations. The K. of P.  lodge meets every Tuesday evening and  visiting brethren are always welcome. At  the opening of the new lodge a suitable  eutertainment will be given by the members of the lodge to their friends.  Molly Gibson Stock on the Market.  The company that owns the Mollie Gibson has placed the first block of stock on  the market at 20 cents a share.   There are  2,000,000 shares, par value $1.  j;ing'1vi;|;h^ )Ki lil&Kif ?yqu ug/ sy ife^*�� Sliej waS;  V&reatehe^  for-Jigr, *so=i;!>- appear"s,rtn.afe;Shure stphv  fl'e.f'tdoI&^Her 'Itff" En^land;: jCrplarnd*"-. audi  France}" He/ Scoured lhe\ floritineht iii *  Search >pt some ".place jyhere the: climate:-  and sui'l'ohndihgs woiilfi help ?his�� wife to  overcome, her dreaded malady, She did  not improve, Desperate, Shurej who is  only��S7 years old, faced danger and re-  turhedto New ��0rk. Detectives heard  of his arrivals and he vyas arrested. He  confessed to taking the ryoney. He had-  done it for his wife's Sake,, be said. His  wife has grown rapidly wor.se and  is hot: expected to live twenty-  four hours. His salary had been  only $15 a; week, and fOr two years  previous to his flight he had, been spending, stolen money on his wife in endeavor-  =i n ,g==,to=.-h.ea.dLo.f��=thja,rayageSiOi\ cousuui p_^  tion. He had Spent all of tlie $207000 on  her, and today he has none left. The discovery of Snure's defalcations occurred iii  a curious way. Last March a policeman  found On the street a check for $220 on  the Pacific bank, drawn by Maudel,  Hursoh & Weiiier. He returned it to the  hrm. j\lr. Hursch was unable to find a  stub corresponding to the check, but iu  every respect it appeared g6nuine8 Snure  was not suspected for a moment. He had  the entire confidence of his employers*  "It's funny," he said; 'Til go Out and look  the matter up." He puton liisliat, walked  out of the office aiid never returned.  Afterward the firm ascertained that by  means ot excellent forgeries Snure had  secured $20,000.    Sunday Observance Zealots.  The attention Of 'tlie Anglicau Synod,  now in session in Montreal, has largely  been taken up with discussion on Sabbath  observance, occasioned by the representation of the annual report on that subject.  The report deplores the growing tendency  to desecrate the Lord's day, aud denounced in particular.Sunday excursions,  amusements and diversions of all kinds.  It drew attention to the manner in which  the laws regarding the Sabbath were  violated at lake and seaside resorts, and  earnestly urged upon the clergy and  members of the church the duty of non-  participation in any form of Sunday  amusement. It was decided to send a  memorial to the Canadian Pacific railway  and Grand Trunk railway systems, and to  the Riehilieu & Ontario Navigation Company.  ;   Estimated at Thirty Millions.  P. II. Hebb, who is part owner of 40  Klondike claims, has arrived at Tacoma  from Dawson. He brings news that Dominion creek has jumped into prominence  as a gold producer of the first rank, excelling Bonanza and equalling Eldorado.  Its claims are not as rich as a limited  number on Eldorado, but its length is  greater. Dominion and Eldorado together will produce from $10,000,000 to  $12,000,000 at the spring clean-up. A conservative estimate places the winter output of the Klondike at $30,000,000, doubling the output of last winter.  TLB   PROSPECTUS  ISSUED.  Gold Mining  Oompany;*���rTb.at  Office at Nelson.  , v -,     ...�� .   ..,.,     ...  Has Its  Head  %vifq.se��he^  L*|ivp'r,'o%D^  (tlieje^'m^p^  ���.tjon"usuallyexpected by-people who^take*  .-"Myersgau-miiiing-.s.tocfe  Jialso 'contains"reportsxmadeV by>mining^  ifeh^iheers^rvE.. "r,Js^|sOn" ^"Eell?��a'n(if'"ILfJV  .Bellamy.    �� Mr. FelPsfr'epOrtllslasJfote  "   Thave! .Ytsit(��d'^e^Ex��Ghe'g\ienisSgrouupj6$  , dlaimsi" *ebngistiiig;-.of * the? ��ExQ"heqliBer ah"d*  (ffeopatra;   The ^lVppatlV%'ontaihs>4!l!S7r?  IpOiicres- ajid" the" ]%chequer *-M   59-100��  acres.   Tlfe   acreage is  according to the  official   surveys.      Giveoiife   creell    runs  through the property,, separating"Toad  mountain  on    the  easj; ,1'rom'Mornihg  mountain on the west.   Along the margins of the creek the surface is covered  vvifeli wash, consequently "little evidence  of mineralSation is yisible on the Gleopa>  tra exceptiug towards the eaSternline of  the clai���m adjoining  the Exchequer;  at  this point the ground rises^abrnptly, and  at a distance of about 350 feet from the  east  line of  the Exchequer  attains an  altitude of ahout 9001'eet above the creek.  1    ^In'cohSeqimnce-of'this-iTatifraP^^  ation of the ground, most of theoutcrops  are visible on the Exchequer, and all the  work ofimportance done has  been done  On this; claim.  The formation consists of the porphy-  rite, well known in this section, aud  granito. The contact of the two cuts  across both claims iu an easterly-westerly  direction with a southerly dip, and the  curve of this contact on the surface is due  to the erosion of the creek.  Of the width of this belt of porphyrite  I am not informed, but it is evidently the  same formation which runs across the  valley into the Athabasca claims* and  which on the west Side of the creek has  been proved to be a favorable formation  and contains rich veins.  The principal work done ou the Exchequer consists of one tunnel on the  south vein 50 feet long, one tunnel on the  north vein Go feet long, and one crosscut  tunnel which intersects a vein (presumably the north vein) at a distance of about  150 feet from the mouth. The vein or  veins have been traced over the summit  of the mountain by ��small cuts and  trenches to the eastern boundary of the  claim, where a small tunnel has been  driven. At this point the lead appears  to be heading directly for the dump on  the California claim below, from which  shipments of ore have lately been made.  The work done, therefore, demonstrates  that at least one vein and probably more  than one runs through the mountain continuously.  In the tunnel on the south lead the vein  at the mouth is prominent, consisting of  quartz from three to five feet wide slightly mineralised along the walls. In the  face the quartz is about nine inches wide  with accompanying stringers of quartz  and quartzite, the whole being about 20  inches wide, the mineral (chiefly iron pyrites and galena) being more plentiful.  Along the course of the tunnel the vein  varies in width with a general average  width of about 20 inches.  In the tunnel on the north lead the vein  at the mouth is not so large as the south  vein, being with accompanying bands and  mineralized matter about 24 inches wide.  Its appearance at this point is satisfactory,  the mineralization is heavy and the values are good. This tunnel has been carefully driven and swings to the north,  leaving the vein on the south side of the  Mr. Justice Hawkins will now be known  as baron Hawkins of Hitchin.  On his own statement, the professional  fees of the late sir William Jenner  amounted to ��13,000 a year.  The empress Eugenie will start at the  end of the month for a trip in the Mediterranean on the steam yacht Thistle.  President McKinley has had more public money placed at his disposal without  restriction as to its use than any president "since the foundation of the government.  "��' ^elix^Faiire, president of the French  jrepublic^grpws more and more like those  ^b^ditfthe^pnrple. Hislatest assumption  :bTit"E||��)iianuersi of royalty is to refuse to  Yshakre'-hahtfS"with.all.thpse who are not  the.personal.representatives ot the coun-  'triesyrepresentea-m Paris.  ^^rsn.3;Glaastpbe*fi.liiC3i?sf celebrated her  Wtl#binr61idayJat)Hti;wardeu castle.; - There  was ;hp,\qhe ��� present outside the' family  ��c1or$e.v^She!i��ad^^^^ quite ill lately from  ���a .severe: tclolaY ! Mrs.��^Glaclstone received  gram";from  Wales:" V" ;=  cjiii gr"a 11 il a t i d 11S7  ^th^j- .prince  iucludihg a telo-  ;;and   princess of  ^e1a^rpfp^|htu*Ji. Turner, tlie  ord.te��st��J".inember" "of*" the*��faculty of the  IHiuois :Stitte Wiivjersity,; who died the  other day, had continued teaching, though  904yeariS,old, .ujitil'hejWas taken ill. lie  had;beenr"tyifeh"the university since 1S33,  '��� wHeri 'he iyas graduated from Yale.  MarciO Garcia, a son of the late general  Calixio Garcia, has entered Union college  at Schenectady, New York. He is the  first "Cuban to_ take advantage of the  GuBan .Educational Society, which was  organized for the purpose of giving free  education to Cubans in American colleges.  William A. Stone, just inaugurated  =gWv^riror^f"Pennsylvania'rgoes"into-oiTice"  with a creditable record as a soldier, with  ripe experience in statesmanship, and  with a reputation for intellectual force  and public,and private integrity that is  unquestioned.  Harry FuriiisS, the artist, has started a  memorial for a testimonial to sir Jlenry  Irving, in appreciation of his services to  dramatic art, and suggests the giving of a  Site fpr a theatre, to be called Irving  theatre.  A pleasant story has reached London  from India of the Christmas eiitertaiti-  uient given by lady CurzOn to the children on board ship en route. She decorated a huge Christmas tree and distributed gifts to the youngsters. She also  invited all the children to tea.  A Biow Aimed at Poker.  Poker players will be grieved to hear  that poker has been declared a game of  chance by high judicial authority. Within the last decade poker has become so  well acclimated in Austria-Hungary as to  become a social scandal. A paternal government resolved to suppress this dangerous amusement, and two years ago proceedings were taken against a poker club.  The statute making games of hazard  illegal, however,, dates back to 1074, and  therefore could hardly be expected to include poker, and so the pokerists got tlie  best of it. But the case was ultimately  carried, on appeal, before the supreme  court at Vienna, and that tribunal has  decided that the element of chance so far  predominates in the game over that of  skill as to bring poker within the scope of  the enactment. Indeed, the judges went  so far as to assert that "bluffing" where  intellect comes into play, was the worst  feature in the whole affair.  Work Temporarily Suspended.  Work on the Last Chance mine, on  Toad mountain, operated by the Kootenay British Columbia Mining Syndicate,  was temporarily suspended last week,  owing to the condition of the trail making it impossible to get supplies to the  mine. Development work will be resumed in the spring.  TELEGRAPHIC NEWS BY WIRE  Prom Victoria.  Victoria, Jan. 25.���The prospects of the  government candidates in this city are  increasing daily. A splendid meeting was  held last evening, which was addressed  by the candidates and by Ralph Smith,  M. P. P. There is more enthusiasm at the  government meetings than at the last  election. The opposition had a meet ng  out near Ross Bay last night, and they  will held forth this evening in Mim op -ra  house. Much hard work has hpen done  on both sides and the fight ih likely to  prove a close one.  Price EllNnn'n scrap with attorney-general Ma.r tin was mentioned in the "house  again y eiterdny. but was dropped, as no  committee of investigation was asked lor.  The Tnuens system of land registration  was debated yesterday, but passed a  second reading. The committee stage  will be reached today.  Steamboat Captain Skipped.  Vancouver, Jan. 25.���Captain  Edwaid.s  of the steamer Manueiine got out of the  city in a hurry.    It is stated his shortage  in his accounts will amount to $17,000.  Wants to Swap Artillery Men.  Ottawa, Jan. 25.���The imperial government desires to exchange a detachment of  royal artillery for battery A of the Canadian artillery now stationed at Kingston,  Ontario.  Left Hurriedly.  Ottawa, Jan. 25.���Dominion n-tronomo-  ter King left  hurriedly for  Washington  today  on a  summons by  telegraph from  premier Laurier.   Astonished Stockholders.  Montreal, Jan. 25.���The Sun Life Insurance Company has foreclosed upon the  property of the Cornwall Street Railway  Company. There is much consternation  among the holders of the stock.-  ' May Undertake the Work.  Washington,   Jan.   25.���It   is.   believed  the   Alaskan' boundary   question   is   up  again i'ordiscussion here.    Itjs also officially stated  here by  the'Canadian com-  "missioners that the Laurier cabinet will  shortly consider the question   whether a  ^telegraph line to Dawson  will   be under-/-  Jfcakeu ��S. a fed/H'afl   work.    The estimated' -  Costot the line from*Quesuelle, in British  Columbia, is $700,000.  Convicts Dissatisfied.  ���  Kingston, Ontario, Jan. 25.���Forty convicts at the penitentiary refused soup at  dinner yesterday; they also refused to  work on account of ,the light food given  them. The ringleaders were arrested aiid  the others found their appetites.  The Irish are Disappointed,  St. John, Jan. 25.���The Irish Catholics-  of New Brunswick are disappointed over  the appointment of Sinclair to the vacant  senatorship. They considered ic , was  their turn, and now they claim that they  were unfairly dealt with.  Yestorday's Silver Quotations.  New y"ork, Jan. 25.���Yesterday's quotations for bar silver was   59,3c.   The San  -Francisco quotation-for���silver���bars -was -  OO^c.. ^  Went Through the" Ice.  Port Hope, .Tan. 25.���When theiCe forms  on Barrett's Pond it is acustom Of some of  the schoolboys to take a short Cut oVer it  on the way home. To-day at noon .soniQOf  the boys landed Safely, when "BrowniV  Walker, son of janies Walker, started  across, but he had not proceeded fju:  when lie went through. With great  difficulty lis was rescued.  Daw!son,'s Banks.  In the midst of foreigners and United  States enterprise, it is no Small pleasure"  to notice Occasionally something that is,  Canadian or British. The Bank of Commerce and the Bank of British North  America are performing a., magnificent  service Eor the Klondike. Gold dust is received on deposit Or in payment Of drafts.  It is accepted at $14 an ouuee subject to  assay, aud the'miuer is permitted to draw  checks against it at that rate.. If it is  clear dust the assay value is generally between $10 and $17, but the gold of different creeks varies in value. After accounts have beeu corrected according to  the assay, the gold is melted into bricks  and shipped in the custody of the Mounted Police to "the Outside." Both banks  have erected costly log premises. The  Commerce building cost in the vicinity of  $20,000.   The Browns Get to the Front.  D. E. Brown, general superintendent  of the Canadian Pacific Railway Company's business in China, India aud  Japan, is reported at St. Paul on his way  west. Mr. Brown has spent the last two  months in the east visiting friends. It is  not so long since "Davey" Jirown was just  a common rustling freight and passenger  agent at Vancouver, now he looks after  the Canadian Pacific's business in the  whole of Asia. Another of the Brown  family is climbing the ladder. George  McL. Brown has beeu promoted to the  position of executive agent of the entire  Canadian Pacific system. The Browns  aregetting to the front; but the chances  are their native ability is doing it, not  their pull. 2  THE TRIBUNE!   NELSON B.C.   WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 25, 1899.  I   .- Q V  PUBLISHERS' NOTICE.  THK DAILY-TIUHUNiC i* published every iifternoon  (ONcopt Sun -ay), and will bo delivered by mrrier in  tinv town in Kootensiy for I wcnty-livo cenls a week;  or'will bo mailed to subscribers for live dollars a, year.  THE WKKiCLY TIMIIl'N'K is published every Wednesday and Salurday, and will lie mailed lo subscribers  for two dollars a year.  HKG'ULAH AlIVKIJTIsrc.MKNTS piinU'd iu bolli Hie  daily and weoklv editions for S.'S per inch per nionlIi.  Twelve lines solid nonpariel to beeounledasoiicineli.  LOCAL OR READING JIATTKH NOTICES 20 cents a  lino for each insertion.  .101* PRINTING at fair rates. All accounts for job  printing and advertising payable on tho first of  ovory month: subscriptions, ) nytiblc in advance.  ADDRESS all communications in  THE TltlKUNK, Nelson, B.C.  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The  province should be divided into health  districts, each district to have a separate  board of health, the chairmen of'which to  constitute the provincial board of health.  The filling in of Ward street, between  Baker aud Victoria streets, was one of  the improvements that would have been  made had the old city council been retained in office. The condition of that  part of the street is unsightly. But  it is said work will not be done by  the present city council, the mayor and  the chairman of the public works committee not beiugiu favor of it.  = The Rossland  Record tsays there is  nothing but good feeling existing between  jthe people of the towns of Rossland and  *Nelson,v, ^ej^Jbhis g^'qeiieeliubgt"al.>xa;XS;;ex^  ;Jlsts" jusjfo^^^^  l.somel��oV,",?hjus^  ���;ot batl;Dfej;]n|g.:r.eeqmmencesf:  iELeris ���at'raid>theS righ.tS!tliei"Pro|.estahtef  r-now enioyan thetp.rovinee'ot-aj^uebec.-are  fc"*."-"^ .iK.i*,.ft,iisV'''",:,'''*'i��~" "> �����' d-T *�� "*���  "* in"ieopardy.*"lf,the*preachers��and'priests  > would-only attend?��tQ; their ca]Iings,>and'  Mllow;jtherpeople/^  ^faftertfi^^^^  ^tfeel���ing;th^ Canad^wqiddk  :"RITtlALISM". .DENOUNGED.  ^"ifvtiie; CHurjiB; Does r^ot���"P.urse Itself the people  i^ttVK^ ���"'.-"" ". ���-  "Itei^stJaBlegr.am from! London says sir  >.:.Wi'IliamlJarcb.nrtihas crgatea a Sensaj-ion  "^i h, eh/iMh pir<eje���s by'his scathing deniinci^  .;^tiqiir6f*"ahaponymons elerieal" writer iii  j:fT|ie"dh"hrch Times who upholds theiuti d-  jSduptipii0" "o"f .the confessidnal among chil-  "' clrenyxSf the Auglican church. Says sir  .^William :  ^These^chddreii^arejcalled up,.like_raw'  "recruiits at d?ili practicing the goosestep,  t"6' confess sins of which they probably  "never heard till they were suggested to  them from the confessional. Are the  bishops the ouly living souls who are  igriOrant that this sort of thing is going  on with impunity? What have they  dp.n.e-^-what are they about to', dps���to pitt  au end to practices? \yhich inspire the  j.?rotestant laity of England with sentiment^ of the deepest disgust and tho  most intense indignation ? They will not,  ���satisfy the .fust denials of tlie honest  ehui-chmeii by the feeble, half-hearted,  apologetic, namby-pamby style in which  prei.atfeSs like the bishop of Salisbury  have hitherto dealt with the insidious  and poisonous disorder. The tone of  vulgar coarseness of the worst ecclesiastical and thoroughly mediaeval type with  Which this delicate subject is handled by  this anonymous confessor is a sufficient  rjroof of his gross unfitness for the office  he unworthily (ills. Some measure must  be taken to rid the Church of such men,  or the bishops will soon find that the  people will get rid of the Church. The  iProtestantlaity will notallow the children  of their parish schools or of their families  and homes to be brought up in children's  masses and children's confessionals���to be  seduced, trained up and dragooned by  such men and such teaching. If the  bishbps.are incompetent to put down the  Confessional the confessional .will put  down the bishops."  THREE   PARAGRAPHS   ABOUT  "WOMEN.  World's Fair, which bas since received  her support. Inspired by such encouragement, the women stenographers have  undertaken to open a Busiuess Wotnau's  Club, where she who works may find comfort and pleasure. There will be a little  of everything from a tearoom to a well-  pquipped gymnasium.  In an outlying district in Haddingtonshire, Scotland, a 10-year-old girl acts as  mail carrier. Her daily route is nearly  twenty miles long, andshe covers it a foot.  Every morning at 9.30, after sorting the  mails she starts out. She wears a short  skirt and the stoutest of boots and  leggings, and on very stormy days a  waterproof uniform. provided by the  authorities. About I p.m. she returns,  and after sorting the afternoon mails, delivers telegrams in the village. She was  only 12 or 13 when she began letter carrying. Her route leads through such scattered farmsteads and through so many  brooks and braes and hedges that a  bicycle or a horse would be of little use to  her.   Advised to Quit.  Hon. J. I. Tarte has given notice to sir  John Bourinot, the clerk of the house of  commons, to quit, because the latter criti-:  cised adversely sir Wilfrid Laurier's plan  for senate reform. In au editorial article  published in La Patrie, Mr. Tarte's paper,  and evidently written by T-irte himself,  La Patrie says that notwithstanding all  that has been said, it has no hesitation in '  declaring that in its opinion, and in the  opinion of the whole Liberal party, sir  John Bourinot's action is a strange piece  of impertinence. It says further that he  has no richt to express an opinion on questions in active politics. "If sir John Bourinot," adds La Patrie, "desires to meddle  with politics, we have no objection, but  let him resign his position. We. may,  however, assure him and those who think  like him that the Liberal party will never  tolerate any such intervention as that  which he has just shown. If Bourinot desires to make a common cause with sir  Charles Tupper let him find a constituency and take a seat on tlie benches of  parliament."  The Old Country all Right.  Notwithstanding that the coal strike in  South   Wales   caused   a   direct  loss of  $0,000,000 to Wales and many times that  to   the   country,   the prosperity  of the.  United Kingdom was so great for the nine  months ending December"31st, 1898,  that  the   revenue showed  a   net   increase of  $4,000,000.   This is all the more gratifying  because^the, growth opciu:red4inii���sijit.e/)f a.  'h'ea^y^d^fc^  ih"^iaTge'fparfcl��Sto:fe  tobacco ^d u tie(s; - E very - "E u rppea n -po jyeis��  excfep��:".Grekt*Bri%ain;Ki.s"; adding;;tojsits:  :rfha"tibn&.Hvd^  "Vedhcirigrfhers: iD���uling5t  fendihg>Ma1'ch^^^  sHyl^pjM^  ^n.b��^.f)UiVrV*e%intr^;*may /0^mpjare��;"...\vit,li8.  - th^.firidte^fe^  .V= ..���������" : "*' �� .BA"����Gerrymander,"Opming."   _,.. .... ..". ./  \ ��^fp ^puld?%e*,easy;enqtigli"t'oiiltueLIberals  "tbl4ra^t%:fair."���red^ bill.and^tp  .c^rryit.��tnrb"ugff  "jjjufc .the *chatfcev6f asuch.- a /th^asure* tp "ge.t  through..". the - senate." is 'reiho^e". XJjider  'thes.e circum s.tan'ces wphTd It. nqt be" \yi��e  fyr "parliament ��t% r.emit.thequestiou of ar-  raiiging, the boiihdarles, of the cousitltueiir  eies tci; a bench of' judges? That would  "dbyia't0 a'ny danger Of, tlie "Liberals ob-��  talniiig sin unfair advantage, for mos't of  th;e, judged were Conservative politicians  before their appointment to the bench.  The Liberals have no right to ask more  than fair play, but they should be satisfied  with nothing less. If the senate should  veto a proposal to'submit this matter to  an impartial tribunal, the incident would  supply one more argument for the abolition of the senate.  Suppression of the Smoke Nuisance.  Mechanical engineers look with favor  on the proposed substitution of mechanical draught in the place of chimney  draft for furnaces. The former can be  accomplished either by forcing the air  into a closed ash pit and maintaining  therein a pressure in excess of the atmosphere, or by exhausting the air aud gases  from the flue or uptake, thereby creating  a partial vacuum, causing a constauc onward air flow to the combustion chamber,  the first method being a forced, the latter  an induced draught, centrifugal fans  being used in both eases. Two main advantages are claimed���independence of  weather conditions and adaptabilit3r.  Economically there is also something to  be said in favor of the proposition, and  from a health point of view���the suppression of smoke���the advantage is manifest.  The chimney is an ancient device that in  large plants to be built will begin to disappear. ���  - Good Law,  [Toronto Telegram, January 19th.]  It is a pity that British Columbia  should be misrepresented. by journals  which entirely mistake the purpose of the  bill just introduced for the purpose of:  preventing the enforcement of labor contracts made outside the province. The  thoroughly commendable bill which Mr.  McPhersou of Vancouver is pressing to a-  fiual reading this week is intended to prevent laborers from being victimised by  the enforcement of contracts which they  sign in complete ignorance of the;sort of  work they have to do and the rate of  wages prevailing in the province. The'  McPhersou bill is not to be regarded as a  blow at Canadian unity by any Canadian  who remembers how the victims of the  Canadian Pacific railway were kept in the  Crow's Nest Pass road by threats of imprisonment for breaking .contracts, which  they ignorantly signed.  Fighting for the British Sailor. .  Clark Russell,-the well known writer of  sea romances, is in receipt of hundreds of  letters daily in support of his agitation"  for legislative action looking to the prevention of an increase in the number off  4&:ei gn<,sea the n .era pjpyed ;��� i nilt he ..B.ritijSX  !."m e'rea iMl e marffi  ^tli.atja" 1 aw:,b,e".passed, to, makent^imperaT.  ��� ti;f e %1/"Bil;ti|h;^.fhi;p/ma^  *l"e^'sj;:4ij':fiei,^af^"..|j^e^0ied? ;piiq��pb��r��6^f)[nnfi:o{J  B^mtisli^seameli". .oh: -their* 'vq-yagest"���."^!!,,  'C���ham%e.rlkinY; ���tq. "'{'ivlibiii" "the"^u'ggesDtj;qiih  '\ia��s\'adAress��ed, fails to ^eeliqw tilie- :ginev:-'  ance��%y.oul��d�� -be i'eJiledleda,b��y tlieoadqptiq'V  of ."this course,^" aud* acfds thatD j| rpight"  ef'ejr;,i^ak.e*...-,m'Attnhr�� .'w'qr.se"-"\Ty "dausiiig  ."ships;tp be transferred to rpreignfflags;"  ���_  .The^Shamroek "\yiil Ibelrish." " fl  The��aunouncje.iiieht; that the Sharin��pcfe,-i  whichfs to contest fbr the Amerieai- GiipV  will-beLtlsh in name only proves ^sbjne*-  wha�� errbuebus: Sir .Thbmii^ Liptorl  makes" the positive statement that the  new. yacht will receive all of its fittings in  Belfast-, although she "will be biiilt, a"s  previously announced, at Thorneycroft.  Si"r"l,%omay adds that"the chief object in  challenging" for the cup was to "ileal the  breach caused by past,events. "���'    '  w  & &&&��� &&&��� &&&  gj.fzj.cz.  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DRAFTS ISSUED    COLLECTIONS MADE; ETC.  BRITISH COLUMBIA  NELSON  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CURRENT HATE OF INTEREST PAID  ANNEXATION    IS   DEAD.  A    Former  Apostle   of    Commercial   Union  Changes His Views.  '; A correspondent of the Toronto News  has been interviewing Brastus Wiman.  The lirst subject that' was broached was  the annexation of Canada to the United  States. Mr. Wiman is very emphatic in  his remarks on tlie subject. "The annexation ol' Canada," said Mr. Wiman,  "to the United States, whatever  in the past might have' been its  probability, is now simply an impossibility. When it is realized that Canada  forms no less a proportion than <10 per  cent of. the area of the British empire;  that it is not only the largest but the  nearest colony to Great Britain; that the  integrity of the British empire is now  - more essential than ever; and that, fur-'  '* ther, in every relation that a motherland  can hold to a national offspring, there is  complete satisfaction and unity, with an"  ���.appreciative loyalty_on the part of the  Canadian people which nothing can ex---  ceed, it is simply folly to let the question  , of annexation have any standing whatever in the discussion of the relations be-  tween��th& two coimti'ies.^ .No, commercial  e.v'poucyvhoweyerjdGastie, onthe.part/off.the"  ' ^sWiTi1t����i>$fcates,;:n^^^^^  1 \tcnbminTtti'icatioirn" ibyi ��� Tejpe&jL'/ofAhpndjxi^:  , ��. rpj5yilege^"Vp.^I��.Qt,h,nel\:^li,m itati)|ns;^ao^4'tfn'e^  -  /Clin���cha1fget'thT&se^  ��   pebpleuhSlieir &fcta\jhnien1^:^ea^ Brii-"'  . �� rtih.* "They'iare Stead'tetl.yS'-loyal ftbj:their.  " pi^enj}';p0li|ic^lj;eoSftli;tiin^^ '>" /;. ���"    ^ ;;  �������nQri��being Ssjced.how td accoun��t��f,oi?.the"  entire disayppa.i'anceQr theu|eiimiiVQitb;iu  favor o��f."aiihexat;ioii  of  Canada tQ/the:  ��� Uhfted Stotek; Mt( W|tfeh ^plie^ ''XW.-  ��� i@ahadii4r'p��;;t,odau.y:fs vkstl^-jdjif^iient -frohi;-"  tlj'a.Canacla of "ISsJif wheiVthp^ reciprocity;  treaty jbf=!tliat year^wafi .fn^ughrajteds ��� If  a6";the�� re^eid of tlianfe%^kfe3^jridS^(|"parniltlU'  c6urd:st.an91jhe febhif at ttve hands pf thp���  United:* St��tte& ghe theh lhe.t: with, she��is  much more conipefent t'o stand ajone.to-  day. Mor.e;,.thaii this,, the spirit, of her,  people has "beetl roused to a resoluiiiqu of  "ihJdt3pendeuce--not an ihdependeuce, .of  Great Britain, which perhaps at one time  was possible* but an jLudependehce of the  United States,, resulting'from tlie 'Unnecessary and uuj.ustifieable exactions  finding "their severest illustrations in the  agricultural sections of the jVCoIJinJey and  Diugley tariffs.  "Not only,   therefore;" continued  Mr.  AViinan,  "miist the question of aunexa-   tion :be en ti r el y. remoyed_f root thejijs;cug-_  sion, but the question of even a commercial union   as  complete  as   that  which  Are now prepared to issue  Drafts and Letters of Credit on  Dawson City, Yukon District.  lived the enmity of a portion of the Liberals aud the Nou-Conformists it was more  than likely that he would, from thenceforth, dictate the government's African  policy. This "policy" by the way is interesting���and in a measure flattering���to  the average American. For it is not often  in discussing the question of Great  Britain's government of her colonies that  she ever thinks of taking a leaf out of the  United States' book. England dearly  loves to play her own bat���as the cricketing phrase has it���and therefore it is the  more surprising to read these sentiments  from the lips of one of London's best informed men on South African matters.  In speaking of the recent outbreak, he  said:  "The logic of events is driving England  toward interference iu the Transvaal even  more strongly than the United States was  driven to intervene in Cuba. President  Kruger has become very friendly to England since he lost his brief hope of German support, kindled by emperor  William's'telegram. He is probably  an honest fanatic, but he is in the hands  of a ring, all rich, whose object is to  squeeze as much as possible out of the  foreigners."    - ���  .'  The threatened creation of a "Jameson  day" proved to' be a flash iu the pan. And  Johaunesberg did not witness the spectacle of the gallant doctor being burned  in. effigy. Since Jameson returned to  South Africa he has grown to be very  popular .with all classes of the people, and  it is scarcely probable that he will jeopardise the reputation by repeating the  "Jameson raid." He is perfectly well  aware that the same frothy agitators who  played at rebellion three years, ago, who  implored Jameson to come to their aid,  and then fled Johannesberg when lighting  seemed imminent, are behind the present  agitation. . Thist lesson he learned then  at their hands seems hardly'; like to need |  to be ..impressed: upon him again in this,  the year of our Lord 1S99. '���:  ^Iri/thejT.ip^  sTcm" "o veiv^Sput'lii": Ai;ri'cah'i/aff aii\^sev,fer.y-  thlug4ates:jtroni.."tsjiejraid;J��; ^Th&jib^d.^h-  ^h^gliia'e^��6t';iJaWes^n^*"iadd:��;nnis''������e6^nipani6ris  arousedfalleelin^  IMPERIAL BANK  OF CANADA  Capital,  Reserve  Paid Up  $2,000,000  1,200,000  HEAD  OFFICE,. TORONTO  D.   R.oWILKIE, General Manager  NELSON BRANCH  A general banking business transacted.  Savings bank department. ���     .  Deposits of ��1  and upwards  received  and interest  allowed.  J. M. LAY, Manager.  army is an admirably equipped and  effective force of 45,000 men. These are  things that cannot-'be brushed aside.  They are quite as important and ever  present problem as the dodging of hansoms in the Strand. Like the sandwich  men they are always with us���that is, if  we are interested in the South.African  question. ���  The available English force of troops  in South Africa consists of 30,000 men and  they can be mobilized on the Transvaal  border in three days. It is well known that  the English colonists and their ss'mpath-  izers still have in their possession the  30,000 rifles which were bought by them  before "the Raid" and this in spite of tlie  fact that the president offered a reward  of $100,000 for information as to their  whereabouts.  There is little likelihood that in the  closing years of president Kruger's life  he will ever have more difficult problems  of state to face than the adjustment of  some such air affair as the trouble  occasioned by his recent edict against  piano playing and the washing of pet dogs  on Sunday, which aroused the women of  Johannesburg into a frenzy. But after  his .death���then those 30,000 rifles are  likely to come out of hiding; and hundreds of England's mothers will be  mourning for their sons lying dead, out  under the Southern Cross.  The Treraont Hotel  exists between the States would not seem  to be remote."  Mr. Wimaii, when asked how he would  propose to improve the permanency of the  loyalty of Canadians, replied: "Not only  has a widespread revolution occurred in  Canada, but in Great Britain the growth  of the imperial idea respecting the colonies, has completely change^ the sentimental relation to,them. Perhaps, because of  the isolation of Cireat Britain from other  powers, and the "necessity fOr strengthening the bonds that unite distant portions  of the empire inore closely; perhaps from  a desire to increase the .stippli.es of food,  having never more than a month's supply  on hand, and bring bread-producing areas  more under her own control from various  causes and influences; and the result has  been that never before in history, has  been witnessed a closer union in sentiment than now exists between the mighty  empire of Great Britain occupying so  large a portion of the earth's surface."  THE   BOERS   AND   THE   BRITISH.  In Case of an Outbreak Johannesburg Would  be Razed to the Ground.  Peace, calm, gentle peace, finds little  favor either among the colonial correspondents of the big London dailies or in  the heart of the great British public.  They both dearly love a "shindy"���both  are equally desirous of England's being a  militant force among the world's nations.  And, it must be admitted, they go into  any scheme that tends to keep Britannia's  flag fluttering in the wind with all the  force of your average Britisher, whether  it be waxing wroth over the extravagant  price he has to pay for a bottle of "Baws"  m some out of the way hole on the continent, or the deep interest he has been recently taking in the threatened  outbreaks against the English colonists in the Transvaal. Recent events  in the Boer country began to look  promising, from the point of view of England militant, when the cables announced  that Cecil Rhodes had sailed for "home."  Militant England's "little war" seemed  averted.  At the same cime the editorial writers  began to point out that as Rhodes had  ;volcanIc?li lfeV sBffrs ting \ f of'th i'Ksfnte'd idrin  the last. weekSspt-IJeceinher^Tyith-a. lurid  f1ig.h:Hi!iil'^  ufqrld,! toward* the. "Cape, "of;- Gocxl Hope.  'Bprjesi.c?ent/;";Iiilu^er^as.".jah�� o\d -..maris- "��J^b"��iis  : ;\vMli*loiie]j,^ding��;t6aJ ^hdraye;rage^lSu*gli;:sh  "'^$at*e���BiiiaW ��];ouok?S"fO'rwaftd' Nto; "'whjit. --niay  ^jaiipjehai^  flas^h "fii*oiu��,th"eI.volcano ��wll light up his  ��� ��� leriall tpg^well^ ";  ���,  ..".,'"-    ---   ...    ���  l"TIie��i-Wyot^  ;by ��a ��BoueniV��pbllc;em"ann >t&$�� Johannesburg",  .the- subs:eqiie:iit ��� iudighatjou nie&ting; at  Nvhich'sDOO cdlouists glith'el'ed to hieinor-  iallze"the queen, the coiloiliatory attitude  of tliaBoer "fepii.blie,, notwithstanding the.  hostiletattitude of th'e-gaveru'hierft organ,  the Rand Post, Sll combined to" draw at-  tehtioh'to the cliaiigeS. that have tliken  placd al'Oiitid Johannes'burg in the thuee  ye'ai'S; that have elapsdd since "tlie  raid." And,,      after       'hearing'     of-  these changes, it is easy to understand"  what the Boer hewspaper iueaut when,  hi discussing the prospect of a war with  Great Britain, it said grimly: "That on  the first British act of war the women and  =ehildren=at^Johannesburg���be=given=-24=  Jiours to leave, and that the whole place  'be then razed and that the perpetrators  of these turbulent proceedings, if caught,  should be thrown into the deep shafts of  their mines, with the debris of their machinery for costly shrouds, and the whole  of Johannesburg will exult if the Afrikander Ward is converted into a gigantic  rubbish heap, as a mighty tombstone for  the shot-down authors of the monstrous  deed," ���       '  ���That the military forces Of the Boer  'government are capable of razing the  town of Johannesburg is perfectly apparent to those who have watched the progress of events iu the three years that  have elapsed since Janieson's raid. No  Indian Sepoy bound to a cannon's mouth  was ever more certain of a most horrible  death than are the residents at Johannesburg at the moment war against them is  declared. They may not, it is true, be  bound to the cannon's month. But they  might as well be, for they are penned in  by Boer fortresses as so many rats in a  trap.  With that tireiessenergy and continual  plodding, which has ever been a characteristic of the race, the Boers have  erected, just outside the city and commanding it completely, a large fortress.  It is a remarkable structure, considering  that it has been erected in three years  and is fortified with no fewer than 100 of  the most modern types of rifled cannon.  The fortress stands on a hill and has one  feature .that marks it as singular among  fortresses the world over. Instead  of its guns being pointed away from  the city' they all bear directly  upon the town. Aud that is why  the editor of the Rand Post can speak  with so much accuracy when he alludes  to "razing the town." The fortress was  built to command the city���not defend it.  it is all very well for conservative  Britains to pooh-pooh the idea of the  Boers rising against the British colonies  on the ground that they have neither an  army or a supply of arms iu the event of  a force being raised. The fact remains  that the Boer fortress at Johannesburg is  well fortified and garrisoned as any force  of English troops would find to their cost  if they attempted to atorm it. Pretoria,  the capital, winch is 25 miles north of  Johannesburg, is so fortified as to be  practically  impregnable  and  the   Boer  IVlALOfJE & TRECILLUS  J.'ROPKIETOUS  Headquarters for Miners and Prospectors  THE fiKST BRANDS OK  and  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  B&&&&$&&&&&&&&^^  Bar Glasswape...  We are now carrying a most complete line of Bar Supplies, including1  all the latest styles of Whisky, Wine  and Beer glasses. Our prices are low  and the quality the best procurable  W. F. TEETZEL & CO  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^$i^^^^^^^^^^a^^  <M  ti  Hi  ti  ti  ti  Hi  ti  if/  Hi  ti  ito  ti  ti  Hi  Hi  ti  ti  iti  ti  ti  iii  viz  i^ii  Hi  ti  ti  ti  ti  ti  ti  ti  ti  ti  ti  Hi  Hi  ti  Hi  ti  ti  ti  >?/  ALWAYS 0Jf HAttD-  One of the best and most popular hotels in Nelson.  .BAKISJt STRtfET, NELSON.  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The Kevelstokc  Street Car Company run hourly street car service  between Victor'a hotel and station.  H. PERKS, Proprietor.  ft EAETOFFICErtPN DONpEN G LrAN Dr  All communications relating to  o  British  Columbia  business to  505, Nelson, British Columbia  be acklroesed to P. O. Drawer  J. RODERICK ROBERTSON, General Manager  S. S FOVVLER, E.M., Mining Engineer  { NELSON, B, O.  Lumber!   Lumber!   Lumber!  Kootenay Lake Sawmill, G. O. Buchanan, Prop.  First   class   lumber   at   rigfht  Doors,  Turned  ���s1  Worl  prices  ,  etc.,  line   of  hand.  Sash,  Yard:  Foot Hendryx Street.  Also   a   full  constantly on  JOHN RAE, Agent.  Fast  and  Short  Route  to' and  Kootenay Country.  From'  First-class and Tourist Sleepers Operated from  PACIFIC TO ATLANTIC   '  Tickets issued through and ba^KaKC  checked to destination.   "  CONNECTIONS  Rossland,  J.CIIVC.  (!:I0 ]>. in.  Trail  and  DAILY  NKLSON*..  Robson,.  Arrive.  .. .10:150 j). in.  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Certificate   of  KVKNINO STAIt AND HAI'I'V JACK MIXKHAL CLAIMS,  SITUATE' IN THE NELSON MINING DIVISION Oh' WKS'I'  KOOTKNAY DISTKICT, AND LOCATED HK'I'WEEN SANDY  AND EACil.E UHEEICS, ABOUT FIVE JULES WEST KKO.M  NELSON.  Take notice that I. Arthur S. Karwell. acting as agent  for George A. Kirk, free miner's certificate No. 88385, and  .John A. Turner, free miner's certificate No. IIISIA, intend,  sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the mining  recorder for certificates of improvements, for tho purpose o�� obtaining crown grants of the above claims. And  further take notice that action, under section 37. must,  be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of  improvements. A. S. FAKWKLL.  Dated this 20th day of December, 18!)8. [Dec. '1\]  Notice   of  Application   for  Improvements.  Certificate  ot  XUMnKllTWOJIlNKRAt. CLAIM, SITUATE IN THE NELSON  MIXING) DIVISION OK WEST KOOTKNAY DISTKICT, AND  LOCATED OI'l'OSITE KOKTY-NINE MILE CKKEK. TWO  AND A IIAI.K MILES DISTANT PKOM KOOTKNAY AND  COI.UM11IA UAILWAY. EOKMEHLV THE .IEKSEY LILY  Ci HOUND.  Take notice that. T, George U. G. O'Driscoll. for myself  and as agent for Edmund C. Traves, free minor's certificate No. 1051a, and George IT. II. Symonds, free miner's  certificate No. 2170a, free minor's certilicato No. 2751a,  intend sixty days from the date hereof, to apply  to the mining recorder for a certificate of improvements,  for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above  claim.  And further take notice that, action, under section  37, must bo commenced before the issuance of such  certificate of improvements.  GKOitGK It. G. O'DIUSCOLL.  Dated this 21th day of November, 1898. [Nov. 20lhl  Notice   of  Application   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.    .  I1EKLIN L 3251 C. I. EUKEKA h 3255 ri,"j, O. V. (j. KHACTION  1.3251 O. l.BUITANNIA L 3253 0. 1. OKAND L. ISIIH:. 1. MAO  FRACTION L 325G G. 1, MINKKAI. CLAIMS. SITUATE IN  THE NELSON MININC DIVISION OF WEST KOOtENAV  DISTRICT, AND LOCATED ON TOAD MOUNTAIN, ADJOINING THE HALL MINES.  Take notico that I, John Ilirsch, as agent for the Hall  Mines Company, Limited, free miners certilicato No.  2551a, intend, sixty days from the date hereof, to apply  lo t be mining recorder for a certificate of improvements,  for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above  claims. And further tako notice that action, under suction 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such  certificate of improvements.  JOHN   IIIKSCH,  Dated this 26th day of November, 1S1JS. [Dec 10]  Kootenay 'Railway & Navigation Co.  LAKE  AND   RIVER   DIVISION  STH. INTKHNATTONAL  Daily except Sunday.       Pacific standard time  KASLO  Head  down  0:30 a.m...  7:30    ���   ..  8:00    ���   ..  8:15    ���   ..  9:15    ���   ..  Arrive 10:30    ..   ..  Connects with N  South  bound  Leave  Duo  Due  Due  Due  TO NKLSON      Kaslo      ... A ins worth ...  ...   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NeNmi    Kluonical supplies.  ('. D. J. Christie. Nrl-mi-   .Vimiiiii ioI lasjo In let.  John A. lrviiw Jt I'".. NcNon    limcorios and provisions.  LOCAL   NEWS   AND   GOSSIP.  "���I  ���������������i';.--'  ���f ���:���',-  'W;:]Wi\  The Thihi/nk is in receipt of two  letter*: One from the secretary of the  Public Library Association, tendering the  thanks of the'<Iirectors of i hat institution  for the copy of the daily TitiliUNE left at  the library reading room; the other from  the .secretary of ,'i bu.sines-; house on Arer-  non street, conveying a warning that if  The Titimuxk is left ac his door again  he would set his dog on the carrier. ]t is  hard to please everybody.  The Lawrence Hardware Company  stands at the head of the list as employers of labor in Nelson with 20 names on  their payroll; The Tribune Association,  Limited, comes second, with 15. The  Canadian Pacific Railway Company and  the Hall Miues, Limited, are not reckoned.  Alderman Fletcher returned to Nelson  from Revelstoke last night. While in  Revelstoke he came upon Hewitt Bostock  in the work of repairing his political  fences. Mr. Bostock has arranged to hold  meetings in Ros.slaud ancl in this city, but  the dates for the same have not yet been  fixed.  A carload of poultry from Ontario, consigned to P. Burns & Co. of this city,  arrived here today.  If John A. Donley, who was ou the  Aiusworth when she was wrecked, will  write to his mother at Wyandotte, Michigan, he will hear of something to his advantage.  Charles Munro has completed a cabin  ou his claims, .which are situated about a  mile up the Nelson & Fort Sheppard railway from Mountain Siding, and has put  c four men on development work. Five  pack horses were sent out this morning  loaded with supplies for the men.  E. E. Phair, proprietor of the Phair hotel, left this morning on a business trip to  Vancouver.  Chief of police McKinnon is full of mystery today in his efforts to ascertain who  the jokers' were who attached a bathhouse sign to the Baptist church.  ;John  L.   Retallack,   who  is   suffering;  from the after effects of an attack of typhoid -fever,  has arrived in San Pedro,  California;'  Ha is .still.obliged, to iu.bv.ft,  r.abpu^on fi^utj^  ifM'T^e-sfteViue^  Mr. Ileavis is a writer of ability, and Mr.  Barker is a printer who takes pride in his  work. Both were recently in British Columbia, the one as editor and part owner  of the Rossland Miner, and the other as  foreman of the mechanical department of  tlie same paper. May they be successful  in the venture is the worst luck The  Tkimuxe can wish them.  WOMAN   MAKES   THE   MAN.  w^6ecasfbVCd\b"y^h��DBi^  f^/^Lei^h^ae)i^-oh^llen^y,&!o^de\^iCpy^  ^.e|K^isoh.lt^:ay.>fpiifat Mp "to .tile ���did'  s*.* %cpnntry,, :'gpuTg���.nrst tq Ireland.! .He^ex-  "~ipee^&iiut^thrdhgh 'Seyeral .��miHing.-and  Hall Oalne Declares Her  the  Most  Important  Factor In Civilization.  Hall Caine, the English novelist, is in  Chicago. During his stay in the western  metropolis it is his purpose to study some  of the phases of slum life and the condition of the working girl there.  In a newspaper interview the other day  he said: "The fate of a nation rests upon  the women. . She gives to the child most  of its color; more of her is breathed into  thefuture'citizen than thereisofthe man;  she is the inward inspiration of man's  being. How important then, that work  for the improvement of her condition  should progress.  "I found in New York that the conditions under which the working girl lives  are much the same as they are in England. I intend to find out what they are  in Chicago. I find this question of the  conditions surrounding emp'uyed women  the thing-in which I take th- most interest at the present time. You see these  women by aud by are to be married; they  are to be mothers; they are to give us  children that are to develop into women  and men. The men will be citizens.  They will take part iu government.  Their intelligence should be of the highest order. This is only to be brought  about by beginning with the mother-to-  be. She must have her conditions improved, be better protected, better cared  for, given more to live for, insured that  care and upholding that will euable the  best in her to come out.  "In Chicago's slum life I want to see the  many phases of life to be found there.  Yet I find that large cities differ little  from each other. What I saw in Paris���  the men asleep in the parks, the young  girls asleep there���I found in London, aud  what I saw in London I saw in New Fork.  It really come to this, that humanity is  about the same the world over."  \j. Nelson Mining Transfers.!    .-.'.���.  The following transfers of mineral  claims were recorded today:  Chantal, three quarters of a mile east of  Grohman creek and l-.V miles from' Koote-'  s slia;i i;>n"erualflMeM  REPUBLIC STOCKS  ILTOIR,   S-A-IILZE  1000  1000  1000  ���2000  and No wall  Wryaii  Monroe . . . .  Little Cariboo  Toledo   4 c  500 Standard . . .  1000 Maxwell ' . .  3000 Utica,  Ymir  lie  . 5c  2c  ,  Ac  AL.EX    STEWART,  Oilico:  Mining    Broker.  Turner & Hocekh block, linker nnd  Ward streets Nelson.  WHEN YOU REQUIRE  POKER CHIPS  CIGARS  PLAYING CARDS  Remember you can get them front  S. J. MIGHT0N  Aberdeen Block,' Nelson, 13. C. '".",���  Oostello's Express  Trunks and valises delivered to any part of  the city.  All kinds of d raying  done .at  reasonable  rates.    Moving furniture a specialty, j.  Stand at corner Baker and Josephine Sts,  NELSON, B. C.  KASLO, B. C.  SANDON, B. C.  DEALERS IN  Vancouver  Hardware  Company, Ltd.  IMPORTERS OF  Jis.;-*'-?%2  ���TdV .ya.'.n  ,7*B.n.'^  V  %  nse on  iiybraneMpf tlie  ^���v ���" .��anad fan w^Pa"ci|itf frillyv:ax "%J-T%V3$��' ��a"�� tfe ���.  ���5v*'th*ik1mnbrhi:hg..*."���Tb��fe�����ne\v' "locoliiotivew.as  ^X;.ye.i:y^:mughfneeded, as,.the" f(Jtir- Jocoju'o-  \Tr,fci^.es^��fbt���nierl'y e'thftloyed -bn-the' "branch  ��^/,w,ere^kg"pt''.*}!&;bii^y.'that"'thejy syeve /never  '^s"fgi^h.��ii efoti}e;e to^et cool.  "        "       '.  %^f;/^''T^u6.)bl,aSt,p�� Wrnace -at the Kali Mhies  t"^.snl'e.lter >yill "Ve blown,out today and will  [\ .pbe^.blo.\yn"*uih,faga;in ;in about a week. '  '".��� ���f-s'Th.e^'s't'&tivabv Iiytton which lias been  ��� "Kr^nniiig beEweeh Waterloo and Trail has  ^"'jgbne'.oiiftof commission^  �� *.;���*' JIhenpeopje of Kaslo had the first glim pse  -.j ."bf ;t}ie CatTadiah Pacific railway cars on  �� "Tuesday, when the company dispatched  ^^foii>(L'ars-on-t.he=small=bHi'ge=to-be=loacled=  ^ Ivith ice1 for the com]3any's use.  Joe Downg, who gave the trapeze  performance at the hockey club smoker last  �� night, has probably had a more varied ex-  Jjerienee than  many  of  those w4ho wit-  hessed^his performance dreamed of.   For  ������ yea.rahemadea living and a mark as a  .    professional   slafik-wire    perfornJer   and  . baloonist; later lie drifted into theatrical  scene painting, and eight or nine months  ago  he  appeared,  in  Nelson as  a  sign  ���   .\yiiter.  ���> " H. D. Ashcroft has about completed the  truss rods and other iron work for the  theatre which is being built on the corner  of Ward aud Victoria streets.  On a week from tonight there will be a  carnival at the Crystal skating rink, corner of Stanley and Houston streets.  While the programme maynot include as  nuiny events as* there are challenge cups  at the Rossland carnival, it will be such a  one as will give an interesting time.  Mining Around Nelson.  The Mollie Gibson company is employing some 17  men in development work  upon its Kokanee creek property.   The  tunnel is now in S00 feet.    Only such ore  as is encountered in development is taken  out.   No attempt is being made at shipping, but there are 100 sacks of ore which  have been moved as far as it can  be raw-  hided.   Before any regular shipments can  be made the company will be obliged to  construct   a   10-mile wagon  road   to   a  point on the Outlet, 12 miles from Nelson.  On  the Joker property, over the divfde  from the Mollie Gibson, the owners have  sunk a shaft 70 feet.   They report having  a 2-i'oot  body of ore all  the way,   which  gives an average assay value of $00 in  gold.    The Republic Miner.  John Ii. Reavis and Fred Barker have  got out tlie first number of The Republic  Miner at the town of Republic, state of  Washington. As is usual with first numbers, it is largely historical. It gives evidence, however, of being to Republic  what the iirst newspaper actually  printed in Rossland has been to ltossland.  ;'way^N!."Ai"��Riy.er"s/:'tbiG rdebn "��Ma hbVi  :��'��\S���t^jQbn,"'p,nf%Gt^luites .moiiiltaiu,,. adjioiu;-,  fTn^tui'et^ptl^^^  ^Jbhii'JJe.si're^oi^iron behalfinterest.. ��.��� -.���  W. A. C0STELL0, PROPRIETOR  25  ART   AND  Second Hand PIANOS  FROM $50 UP  Payments $4 per W|on,th  MUSIC   STORE.  BUILDERS' HARDWARE  SHELF GOODS, Etc.  A full assortment always on hand.   Conic and see us  and get our prices,  MAIIA& BAKNAKD BLOCK, BAKER ST��� NKLSON  H. D. Ashcroft  BLACKSMITHING  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  Shelf and Heavy Hardware  SOLE AGENTS FOR  Giant Powder  TRUAX  ORE  CARS  Canton Drill Steel  CARRY IN STOCK  Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal  Pipes, and Fittings  Giant, Caps and Fuse  Tools, Cutlery, Tin  and Woodenware  Stoves, Ranges,  Iron,  Steel,   Sheet  Iron, T-Rails  Paints, Oils, Glass  NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:   Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.  Wagon repairing promptly atterded to by a, lirst-class  wheelwright.  Special attention given to all kinds of repairing and  custom work from outside points.  SHOP:   Kail Street, between. Baker and Vernon, Nelson  The Tribune Will Buy Old Rags  ��� tt  n n'fl nu" yP   & H , u jfrPt) q^J^ji.  l^pjfl \A*$fi��. ;tffe h��$) juvy ^se^sp i\ ��� a n cb ,th e ;��� e I Get i o n s���-  Bu^lniessi /knd:: >  ^��K^S^JjE6lii��%]V^"pi-i^niKU tfl^nsi;ti5:cTn;��ai3y=  " tcrfliss    Mh&, lain, fpv S&ify iii G-.i-aftd' f pi'lcs  and Cilsc.'ide Oitv. '"'���:.-���  ���FRA:NK FLETGHHRy  P.L.S;,  ��� .'.JLaHiTAgeiit,  Corner Baker and-lvQOtenay Streels.     kelson, B.C.  Broker  ajil  insurance Agerjt  To let for  tlii'ee months, 5-room cottage, with  bath;  nicely furnished.  OIHoq:   Aherdcen Mock, Baker Street. Nelson.  R. REISTERER & CO.  BltlCW'lCItS AND BOTTJjEUS QP  THE LAWRENCE HARDWARE Co.  o  Will   be found  in  their  new  premises  on  with  a complete  stock  of  Baker Street  Shelf and  Heavy  Heavy  and Shelf  AL.L KINDS OF MINING SUPPL^^  You will find;it to  your..'iidvniitage to consult us.  l.?(ffcn7cTnl];\c^lf!|���*\;��oui^Dbi'cle?^^^^  Tiijsmithing arjd t PJurtib^rigf a Specialty.,  J; "*''��Est@ates,1iC h.eeijf u IJy; ;Fu rn \s\\&is s 1 '^i  Chest and liiMg  F.  ASK   TO   SEE  THEM  -  ���   fi<P   to  ���       >     ���. m-n     nQ   o   D  �� n n    D    n      ��� n ���       .m n      "   ' ���'% mn" ��      ����     ��� �� ��V u "      ��� n ���        D        n "     -   u  0gi^gtiim0ni ol 6?|^��^ g?0ofer ^oiMfeto-  m&9 jai4r&,  er  Ale and Porter  J'rOnipt and regular  delivery to the trade.  Brewery at Nelson.  C. F.JETTER  Coal  and  Wood  Dealer  BEST DRY WOOD  Delivered to any part of the city.  Full measurement guaranteed.  Is something' new, stylish,  and strictly up to date.  Every Hat is guaranteed.  Nos. 18 and 20 Baker Street,  Nelson,  B. C,  J. A-  l^irkpatrici  Baker Street, IsTelsOn,   B.C.  Mail Orders  Prornptly Attended to  BOX   98  Jp:H:o:tsr:E s  Office at Corner Baker and Ward Streets.  EXCUBSION  RATE TO  ROSSLAND  AND RETURN  J, A. Irving & Co.  GROCERS AND PROVISION MERCHANTS  OB LIVE TO BAT  JT matters not to us, we are in a position to supply you  with the proper material, which will enable you to live  and save money. All we ask of you is one trial order, we  know after that you will be listed with the many as one of  our customers. We carry the largest and best assorted stock  ABERDEEN BLOCK  NELSON, B. O.  M. DesBrisay & Co.  P. Burns cfr Co.  WHOLESALE   AND   RETAIL  The Nelson & Kort Slioppard Hallway will sell tickets  at$;U!;) for the round, trip from Nelson Io Rossland on  January 21, ��5, ���JO, and 27, good to return until .January 20.  Trains leave Nelson station at !):IOa.m., and Mountain  Siding at IOiJTi a.m. and arrive at Hossland at .1:10 p.m.  G. K. TACKAIJUUY, Agent. Ncjson.  Family orders a specialty and free daily delivery  Mail and telephone orders promptly attended to  Baker Street West, opposite OddfclloWH'Ploek  NELSON, B. C.  James JMcPhee  Will contract to supply and install any l^ind of electrical machinery  PRACTICAL  ELECTRICIAN  Will wire buildings  for electric lighting, electric bells,  electric burglar alarms, elecLric aniiuncialors.  WRITE FOR PRICES.  cities.  Office and Storeroom:  Will contract to install lire alarm systems in towns and  Full stock ot wire and fixtures on hand.  Meat Merchants  Wholesale Markets at Jlelson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.  RETAIL  STORES AT  Nelson,  Trai  City,  1,  Ymir, Kaslo, New Denver, Sandon, Silverton, Cascade  Grand Forks,   Midway, Greenwood and Sirdar.  Josephine Street, fJelson.  ORDERS BY MAIL  PROMPTLY FORWARDED  Head Office, Nelson, B.C.


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