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 i>  KOOTENAY  rlas Mines that are Paying Dividends and Hundreds of Properties that can be Made  Dividend Paying Mines.  DAILY   EDITION:  FIRST YEAR-NO. 28.  NELSON,  BRITISH  COLUMBIA, SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 4, 1899  KOOTENAY  Has   a   Mineral   Output   of  Upwards   ot   One,  Million    Dollars    Every    Month  In   The  Year  WEEKLY   EDITION:  SEVENTH YEAR-NO  9.  I  v  ,-t  r.  ,t  ,'r  V  A  [I ���  -��'  I ft  V,.  l  &_  M '<  THE MINES AND SHELTERS  A Lardo.Duncan Company.  The report of J. M. Anderson, Kootenay  manager, to the executive committee of  the Gold  Hills  Exploration   & Development Company, of operations of the season of 1S9S in the Duucan-Lardo district,  lias  beeu  received  at   Kaslo and   forms  very interesting reading.   The company  owns in all 49 mineral  locations.     The  assessment work of 20 of these was done,  by permission, on trails giving easier access  to the properties ; on fourteen the  assessment was done in actual mining.  Eleven were relocated, and one or two of  the claims were abandoned.   Seven new  claims were located  during the last season,     making      the     total      holdings  of     the     company     at      the    present  time 52.   The Howser  townsite also   belongs to the company.   It is situated on  Howser "creek, about one mile from its  mouth, and inclusive of Howser falls, in  the centre, forms'in'Mr. Anderson's opinion, one of the most valuable assets of the  company.   It is on the line of the extension of the Kaslo & Slocan railway, which  cuts one corner of the site.   Mr. Anderson  sums up the advantages of the Duncan-  Lardo    district    over   other   camps   iu  Kootenay in n  somewhat glowing form.  They are good   transportation   facilities  by water, which will prevent exorbitant  railway   rates;   easy grades for railway  construction; unlimited water powers for  concentrators and  other machine work;  locations   withiu   easy   reach of valleys  where main highways are located; timber  in sufficiently large quantities for all purpose-; and the comparatively few snow-  slides.  Under the heads of treatment, miuing  and supplies, a great deal of information  is given to the company, and goes to show  that Mr. Anderson has made a close study  of the country in which he has been operating, and of the advantages likely to  accrue from proper development.  : The Alice Mine Changes Owners.  The George Alexander syndicate has  purchased the Alice mine on Goat river,  the first location -made in that section.  About 400 feet of work has been done ou  the Alice, the lowest workings being 90  feet from the surface.' There'- is considerable ore on the dump and iu sight.' ,The  ore is galena and is of fairly good grade.  Two of the owners (Jap King and Ben  Anderson) sell their "entire interests, the  other owner (captain Hay ward) retains  his interest (one-fourth). - The price paid  is not given. ������         The Tax on Output of Mines."  It appears from a return produced in  ./.the house by the minister of finance, iu  response to a'question-asked by MacPher-  son of Vancouver, .that -the amount of  taxes collected on minerals since the act  camp into force in 1897 amounts to a total  of $77,000. The mineral thus taxed comes  from mines iu Ainsworth. Trail, Nelson,  Slocan-and Goat River mining divisions of  West Kootenay.   Will-Ship to Hall Mines Smelter.  The Queen Bess Mining Company's contract for the shipment of its output to the  Everett smelter-will expire in the course  of a few days, when the arrangement for  tJieVshipmerit o% flie entire olutir|ut to .the  Hall Mines: smelter swill- go into effect.  The mine is uow^shipping abotyt JjlOO tbng_  =per"raont;n^bu^  for the mining of the sattie which are expected, the output vyilt be considerably  increased^ The present arrangement with  the Hall Mines calls for the delivery of  the entire output for the next 'three  months. ' _  Bought an Interest.  A circular has been issued in London,  England, to the sharehoulders of the  West Australian Gold Fields Company in  \Vhieh the directors State tliafc they have  just-completed the purchase oh vei*y favorable terms of a one-fourth interest in  the Ymir gold mines, while the right of  taking a further one-quarter share on the  same terms within a period of three  months from the starting of the mill has  also been secured.  every reason to believe that in this instance the press is ahead of the people,  and in the opinion of Mr. Bostock there  will l)e no radical reform in the senate  until the people are ready for it.  Mr. Bo��toek will return to this city in  time to speak at the public meeting which  has been called for Monday evening in  the Hume hotel.  BILL p TO   AMEND   THE   HEALTH   ACT.  X  Hewitt Bostock Interviewed.  Hewitt Bostock left this morning for  Yihir, where he goes to ascertain the requirements of the residents of that portion of his constituency. To a;. Trihunb  representative this morning Mr. Bostock  admitted that, the interval between the  sessions of parliament was not sufficiently  lengthy to enable him to visit the whole  of his constituency, even though he kept  oh the road the whole of the time. Naturally he considers the district too large,  but when asked if he thought it would be  subdivided he merely replied that he  would do what he could to secure such a  division.  _ Mr.  Bostock does not think  that the  ?.nluler Pr����ramme for senate reform  will be pushed very strongly during the  approaching session. He considers that  before any successful attempt can be  made to reform the senate the conviction  must be forced upon the people that there  is some necessity for such reform. As  matters stand at present he says that  there is a considerable number of people  in the dominion who do not know that  they have a senate, there is a still larger  number who know that there is an upper  chamber, and who think that it is working well enough to let it alone. The matter of senate reform has received much  attention from  the  press, but there    i  12i Section 36 of said chapter is hereby  amended by striking out the words "for  the provincial board, subject to the consent and approval of the lieutenant-governor in council," in the 4th, 5th and 0th  lines thereof. r->  13. Section 59 pf said chapter is hereby  amended by striking out all the words in  sub-section (1) thereof, after the word  ''same" in the lO'fch line thereof.  Queen's Victoria's Real Name.  The queen's legal name, were she to become a simple commoner, would be "Mrs.  Wettin," by virtue of her marriage with  prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha,  whose name, stripped of territorial and  other garnishings, was plain "Albert  Wettin." Wettin is the patronymic of  king Leopold of Belgium, of king Albert  of Saxony, of prince Ferdinand of Bulgaria,  of the dukepf Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, of the  duke of Saxe-Weimar, of the duke of  Saxe-Meiningen, as well as of the prince  of Wales and his brothers, and of prince  Charles of Portugal. Wettin, who died  iu 1150. was a descendant of one Witti-  kihd, who was a contemporary of the  great Charlemagne. The majority  of the reigning princes of Europe  claim to be descended from Wittikind,  among them being king Christian of Denmark, king George of Greece, Peter grand  duke of Oldenburg, and the czar of Russia.  The patronymic of these four rulers is  Oldenburg, the emneror of Russia being  neither a Romanoff nor yet a Holstein-  Gottor, as has been stated. The queen,  prior to her marriage, was entitled to the  patronymic of Azon���she was Miss Axon,  in fact. Of the same name are the reigning prince Liechtenstein and the duke of  Cumberland, or king of Saxe-Coburg-  Gotha, as he is now. The founder of the  house of Azpn died in the year 9(51, and  was Margrave or marquis of Este. It is  for this reason that the royal house of  Great Britain has sometimes made use of  the name d'Este, notably in the case of  the duke of Sussex, a younger son of king  George III, who gave the name of d'Este,  after marriage, to his morganatic wife..-  Introduced by Dr. McKechnle, President of the  Council.  Her majesty, by and with the advice  and consent of the legislative assembly of  the province of British Columbia, enacts  as follows:  1. Section 3 of chapter 91 of the Revised  Statutes of British Columbia is hereby  repealed and the following substituted  therefor:  "3. The lieutenant-governor in council  shall be "The Provincial Board of Health"  under the provisions of this Act."  2. Sections 4, 7, 8, 11, 14, 15 and 25 of said  chapter 91 are hereby repealed.  3. Section 5 of said chapter is hereby  repealed and the following substituted  therefor:  "5. The lieutenant-governor in council  may appoint a competent and suitable  person as secretary of the provincial  board of health, at such salary as may be  determined upon."  4. Section 9 of said chapter is hereby  amended by striking out the words "with  the approval of the minister of the department under which the board is for  the time being acting," in the 23rd, 24th  and 25th lines thereof.  5. Said chapter is hereby amended by  striking out the words "subject to the approval and consent of the lieutenant-governor in council," and the words "subject  to the approval of the lieutenant-governor in council" whenever they occur  therein.  G. Section 22 of said chapter is hereby  amended by striking out the words "and  to report the same to the minister of the  department to which the provincial board  is attached," in the 4th and 5th lines of  sub-section (2) thereof. -    - 'j  '  7. Section 27 of said, chapter is hereby  amended by striking out the words "upon  the recommeudatiou of the provincial  board." in the 5th and flth-iines thereof.  -8. Section 31 of said .chapter" is hereby  amended by striking out the words "upon  the recommendation of the provincial  bnaed," in the 2nd and 3rd lines thereof.  "9. Section 33 of said chapter is hereby  amendea" by striking" out the words "as  the lieutenant-governor in council may'  sanction,V in the 5th and Gth Hues thereof.  .. 10. Sub-section (1) of section 34 of said  chapter is hereby repealed and the following substituted therefor:  ' "(1.) In case that it. appears .that on  account of the presence in any municipal-  ityof an epidemic or contagious disease  it would be' dangerous' to * hold an  election in - such municipality, the  lieutenant-governor in council may issue  a proclamation postponing tlie holding of  any intended municipal or school election  in such municipality for-a period not exceeding three months, and from time to  time in the same mariner further postpone  such election."   ���  11. Section 35 of said chapter is hereby  repealed and the following substituted  therefor:  . "35; There shall; "be a Local Board of  Health, in each .municipality, and such  board shall consist ot the council of each  municipality r'1  AND THERE ARE OTHERS.  ��  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft.  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft.  ft  ft  ft  ft  �����  Candidate Farwell's newspaper organs are very unfair in all  their references to gold commissioner Turner, who happens to be  a Liberal in politics. Mr. Turner has not been an offensive partisan in the present contest,   notwithstanding the charges of The  :''���'���..       ���.''���������-       '���   ij':������".��� ..       . ���''*���' -  Miner and The Economist.    These charges are made  to discredit  an official who is filling an important office, in the hope that it will  cause prospectors and miners to vote against the government who  appointed   him.        The  government  overlooked  the failings   of  Mr.   Turner's predecessor in office for months,   and they merely  performed a duty they owed the people, when  they asked for his  resignation.    Even if the charges made against gold commissioner :  Turner were true, is  he the  only  provincial   official   stationed at  Nelson who is taking an active part in the present contest?    How  about mining recorder Tolmie ?    Has he not been  an active   political agent ever since first coming to Nelson from Victoria ?    Was  he not, to all intents and  purposes,   A.   S.   Farwell's   sponsor in  July last, and is he not candidate Farwell's strongest  aide  in the  present campaign ?  ^_-S-S&&_-_-_-fr&&&e-&--e-��---'&--S:--S-&S'��-S-e-5S: -S'*****'*******************.**^*  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  <l>  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  tnents, one for dry goods and tho other  tor groceries ami liquors-', with general  and private offices at the rear. The  second floor will be used for dressmaking  find millinery, carpets, crockery, glassware and general storage. The basement  and the first story will be built ot stone  and the second story of brick. It was  originally intended to erect a three-story  building, but the plans have been  changed. An estimate of the probable  cost is now being made by local contractors, and work will be commenced early  in the spring.  AROUND   AMONG/   THE   POLITICIANS.  #  FROM THE JJITY OF KASLO  ".-      Ore Shipments. ,  The ore receipts at the Kaslo station of  the Kootenay Railway and Navigation  Company's railroad division lor thej week  ending February 2nd were as follows :  r Pounds  P.iyno Mine ?..'  300.000  La-t Chance -. ...  210,000  Whitewater  '.:  102,000  Jackson Mine* .' : '. -.  11.000  Sovui-iRn .'  10,000  Riunblor-CiU'iboo.'.  HU.000  Total....'. .,...., '.., 813,000,  Of,these shipments, the Payne sends to  Omaha', the Last Chance to San Francisco,  the Rambler-Cariboo to Tacoma, and the  Sovereigu to Omaha. The,other ores are  passed .through the sampler of the Kaslo  Ore Company.    _j   -   ��� Miscellaneous News Items.  J." E. Mitchell of the Charleston miue is  confined to his room at the hotel Slocan  suffering from a severe attack of inflammation of the' bowels. He has been quite  ill for several days.  Crowds are nightly taking advantage  of the really tine skating at the rink.  The ice is in splendid condition so that it  offers splendid opportunity for enjoyment by skaters. There was a large attendance at the fancy dress carnival last  night.  An iutensely cold wave is passing over  the Slocan country, if indeed it is upt  tarrying by the way. At Sandon on yesterday morning the mercurial thermpme-  ter=shovved^2^degrees=below"z;erorat=M"c-^)  Guigan 21 below, and at Whitewater IS  below. In Kaslp at sunset on yesterday  the mercury stood at S degrees below  znro. It is by considerable the coldest  spell of the season.  Amongst other appliances recommended for purchase by tile city are a fire  alarm bell, and an additional hose reel  with necessary hose. The enlargement  Of the present fire hall and the cohstrnc-  tion of another smaller hall oh the hill in  the western part of the city are also proposed. ,   LOOAL   NEWS   AND   GOSSIP.  The Kootenay hotel is supplying the  bulk of the passenger traffic on Kootenay  lake at present. On her last trip, the  steamer Moyie carried SO passengers from  this hotel, and 75 more are awaiting the  next trip.  The Kootenaiart of Kaslo has not improved under the new management. It  continues to be asinine.  A chimney fire at a house on East Baker street gave the members of the fire brigade a run this morning about 3 o'clock.  Last night was the coldest of the year,  the thermometer dropping to seven degrees below zero. This is two degrees-  lower than any previous reading given by  A. H. Holdich^   A Storyette.  The Rev. Ottiwell Wood, a celebrated  English preacher, had to appear as a witness in a North Country assize court, and  was asked and gave his name in due  course. "What?" asked the judge, peevishly, being rather deaf. Mr. Wood repeated his answer. "Can't hear you;  spell it out," snapped the judge. "O,  double t, i, double u, e, double I, double n,  double o, d." The judge threw down his  pen in despair. This is even a more remarkable name than that of the late Admiral W. W. Wood, which the cadets of  the Aunapolis Naval Academy, when he  was an instructor in mathematics there,  always wrote "W cube, o square, d."  THE HUDSON'S BAY RAILWAY  Ontario Will Bonus It.  Toronto,  Feb. 4.���It is almost certain  the Ontario government will grant a subsidy at this' session in aid of a railroad  from Missanabie to James Bay.   Missuna-  bie is a station on the Canadian Pacific,  Tlie subsidy will be in the form of a laud  grant and cash bonus.   The charter for a  railway over this route is held by the  :Sault Ste Marie <fc Hudson's Bay Com-  .pany, -which is at this session seeking to  Change-its naractothe Ontario & North-  . Western Railway Company.  He May Resign.  Quebec, Feb. 4.���Dansereau, postmaster  of Montreal, who was" reported yesterday as haviug resigned his position as  postmaster "to accept the editorship of  La Presse of Montreal, is in this city. In  reply to a question, he said "The report  is probably true, but I will have to see  sir Wilfred Laurier respecting my resignation."    Bought a Railway.  Ottawa, Feb. 4.���Alex. Gibson has purchased the Canada Eastern railway and is  applying to the government to approve  the sale.           Live Like the Patriarchs of Old.  The Hungarian aristocracy have the  largest estates of any nobility in Europe.  =The=manner^Ot���living^of=thesengi'5;'Tde=  seigneurs is Strongly patriarchal. Their  cpiinfcry chateaux are comfortable but tin-  pretentions, and are lordly in nothing but  the hospitality of their owners. The  stranger and the native are alike made  welcome withiu the doors of these old  manor-housesj and invited to sit'down, at  table like friends of the family. If a  stranger drives up to the entrance door pf  an Hungarian chateau, immediately and  before any questions are asked concerning the visitor's business, before the  master of the house has made  his appearance, a legion pf servants rush  forward and carry the visitor's baggage  to one of the Ji'alf-ddzen rooms always  ready to receive guests, invited or otherwise. When the Hungarians wish particularly to honor a guest, lo or 20 courses  are served at dinner; but as the Magyars  have in everything the utmost respect for  individual liberty, no guest is ever pressed  to eat or drink. "You are at home; do as  you would at home," says the master of  the house, as he greets you on your  arrival. Living a.s they do, away  from court and court life, these j  proud Magyar aristocrats ask nothing !  and expect nothing from the sovereigu,  and maintain in consequence their pride,  dignity and independence of character!  With broad ideas and liberal instincts  they iiave nothing in common with the i  narrow-minded, petty, and egotistical |  German aristocrats. They belong, in great  majority, to the Liberal party now in  power, and are loyal to the emperor  Francis Joseph and the house of Haps-'  burg. -   The Hudson's Bay Block.  N. F. McLeod, manager of the Nelson  branch of the Hudson's Bay Company, received today, from Winnipeg the plans  for the company's new storelto be erected  at the southeast corner of Baker and  Stanley streets. ..The building will have  a frontage of 00 feet on Baker, street aud  "90 feet on Stanley street; and will be two  stories high with -basement. The first  floor . will   be. divided into two  depart-  Some of. the Amusing Incidents and Stories of  the Campaign.  "I won't vote for any government of  which Joe Martin is a member," said a  prominent Orangeman last night in the  office of the Hume hotel. A friend standing near, who had known the p. o. in the  east, reminded him thatatthe last Dominion general election, he voted with the  Liberal party on account of the Conservative's party's opposition to Joseph Martin's Manitoba School Act, and at that  time he was a great admirer of the attorney-general.           The local Liberal association gave  Hewitt Bostock, M. P., a reception last  night, and "intelligence was depicted on  the countenance of every man there " is  the way a stalwart Grit put it today  when trying to convince the writer that  the Grits were'a. power in the laud.  Up to the hour that The Tiinjuxj. went  to press this afternoon Hugh R. Cameron  was still reported'as supporting' the can  didatur.e of A. S. Farwell.  The managers of standing-caudidate  Farwell's campaign are banking a great  deal on the vote ot the Hall Mines' employees at the Silver King miue. In the  last contest there were but 20 votes cast,  of which J. Fred Hume received 7. This  time there are" not more "than 25 voters  employed around the mine, so that if the,  increase represented hone but Farwell  Voters, there could not be much change  in the general result.  - .To list of provincial governmentofficials  "who are showing active partisanship'in'  the present election contest may.be added  George Holbrook, public L executioner.-  Like most of the clerks in the mining re-,  corder's office he is an active Farwell  worker.     ��� .  Candidate Farwell's campaign committee are lightning calculators. . Last night  they calculated their candidate's majority  in Nelson at 72.  The City Clerk to be Bounced.  There is likely to be trouble at the next  meeting of the city council. At the previous meeting a ballot was taken for the  purpose of filling the position of assistant  city clerk. Among the applicants were  Murdoch McKay and W. E. Wasson. On  the first ballot Wasson received four  votes to three for MaKay, and as four represented a majority of the council,  =mayor���Neelands��� declared-Wasson np~  pointed and the salary was fixed at $75  per month.  After the council meeting it came out  that some of the aldermen had not voted  in the manner in which their talk indicated. It was also reported that it had  bqeh prearranged that the position should  go tp McKay, and thatthe salary should  be $100 per month, the failure pf some of  the aldermen to ..vote lis they talked prevented those who made the contract from  delivering the goods.  As soon as McKay gets the-run of the  office, city-Clerk Strachan is to be let out.  It is now 'said that one of the Wasson  voters has been talked over to the side of  McKay, and that the question will be reopened at Monday evening's session of  the city council, when a motion wjll be  made to reconsider the council's action at  the previous meeting.  New Process for Treating Gold Ores.  Considerable attention is at present  being attracted to a new process bromo-  ehlOrine mill which is being built for the  Golconda mine, near Baker City, Oregon.  If the process proves a success it will  make a great difference in the mining  operations of the  northwest.   A force of  stonemasons and mechanics is constructing this'iniM for the owners of the Golconda, J. G. and J. T. English of Daus-  ville, Illinois. The mill is on the slope of  a mountain of ore, and covers 170x300  feet, already having required 000,000 feet  of lumber and heavy timbers in its construction. The story goes that the Illinois  capitalists secured for $5000 the secret of  the n6w bromo-chlorine process from a  poor inventor of Colorado, who had not  the means to test his plan by erecting a  large plant. The easterners are so sure  that they will reap a golden harvest that  thev are developing the mine, delving out  vast lots of quartz and erecting this  bromine-chlorine plant, at a cost very  close to $100,000. The mill is expected-to  treat 100 tons of ore per day, and to save  a greater percentage of the gold than can  be saved by any other known process. It  is expected the mill will be completed by  April 1st. If the process is a success there  will be a revolution in milling such ores as  require chemical treatment.  TELEGRAPHIC NEWS BY WIRE  Proceedings of Parliament.  -Victoria, Feb. 4.���Messrs. Turner, Hall  and McPhillips took their seats,yesterday  in the house. The galleries were crowded,  there being quite au ovation when the  members were escorted to the speaker by  their sponsors. A bouquet of fiowers had  been placed on the ex-premier's desk, and  every member of the opposition wore a  boutonniere as an evidence of victory.  The principal business done was committee work on government measutes,  one of which, to amend the Constitution  Act, is rather important. It provides for  the creation of a sixth portfolio, minister  of mines and provincial secretary's offices  being separated. Only five members are  to receive salaries, the president of th��  council, as formerly, being without salary. It is generally expected that Hig-  gins, the .member for E-qmmalt, will be  made provincial secretary, Hume of Nelson remaining minister of mines.  Ralph Smith and James Dunsmuir had  a little set-to in the lobby of the house  yesterday afternoon. Dunsmuir assailed  Smith for supporting the anti-Japane.-e  legislation, calling him an agitator.  Smith retorted in kind, telling Dunsmuir  it needed agitators to stand off the op-'  pressing of capitalistic tyrants like himself. It looked for a few moments as  though the matter would not end there,  but Smith withdrew when Dunsmuir appeared to be losing control of his tern per.  Much interest is taken here in the eltjc-'  tions at Nelson and Golden. It is conceded on both sides that the result of i he  Victoria election will have little effect at  either place, as the people of Kootenay  do not take their cue from tho people of  Victoria.  A special dispatch received here from  Oolawa is to the effect that the Alien Exclusion measure is well received in che  east. Clarke' Wallace, a Conservative  member of parliament, made aspeechlast  night, in which he said the Laurier government would not dare disallow the A"f,  and was heartily cheered.    -  ���'Discourage Wild bating.  Vancouver, Feb. 4.���Messrs. Gooderham  .and Blackstock arrived here last night  from Toronto and they went over to Victoria today.   From'Victoria they will go  . to Rossland.   They were interviewed and.  are reported.as saying  that British Columbia mines are  attracting considerable  attention' in  the east just  now, and if r  wildcat schemes are kept oJT the market/  monby  will  be freely offered^'or investment in'mines.   Conductor French Dead.  Winnipeg, Feb. 4.���Conductor French,  df-the freight train derailed at  Medicine  Hat on Thursday, died of his injuries to- ���  'day,--making1 three deaths as"the'result of  that accident.     _J   Australian Mutton in Demand.      ' L-   -   *  Vancouver, Feb. 4.���Out of 3000 carcases  of dressed  mutton  brought over in cold  storage from Australia, 1200 were~ sent to   .  Seattle.   Prices of meat are very high in,  Seattle, and this is the first consignment  of  dressed   meats  ever   taken    to   that   -  market from Australia.  Lead Keeps Up.  New York, Feb. -1.���Yesterday's quotations for silver bars was r59jc, a drop of  one-fourth cent from the quotations of the  previous day. The exchange price for  lead remained tho same, $4.70 and $4.75.  The firm that fixes the selling price for  miners and smelters quotes lead at $-J.o0  at the close, or five cents lower than was  q ho ted on the previous' day. The S^in  }<Vaiicisco quotation for silver bars'wils  50|c. a drop of one-reightli Ceuti frbm the  previous day.       ^__  Wlreleis. .    "."  Colonel Prior of Victoria was married  this morning to Mrs\ Kennedy of Vancouver. They went south to. spend their,  honeymoon.  A fire broke out yesterday iu Vicar &  Co.'s dry goods store at Barrier Ontario,  and before it was got under control the,  loss was $50,000.  William Higgs, a brakesman, was picked up yesterday on the railway track, at  Lindsay, Ontario, dead. Supposed to  have fallen from moving train,  Mrs. Von Webeneau and her nephew  were arrested at Berlin, Ontario, yesterday at the instance of the Merchants Insurance Company, for setting fire to their  house, which was burned down on Tuesday. '   ��    Grits, Wha' Hae !     -  The friends and supporters .of Hewitt  Bostock, M. P., held a reception last night  at the Hume hotel, under the auspices of  the Nelson Liberal Association.   John A.  Turner, vice-president of the association,  acted as chairman, aiid in his opening .remarks drew the attention of Mr. Bostock  to tlie requirements of the district, which  included a Dominion government building  at    Nelson,    improved     mail    facilities  throughout Kootenay, division of the district,   etc.   Mr. Boctock  briefly, replied,  promising to use his influence  with the  government during the coming session to  meet   the  wishes of. his constituents in  this part of the district.   A public meeting will be held, on Monday evening in the  Hume hotel  hall, to discuss the political  situation.   Addresses will be delivered by  Hewitt Bostock, M. P., Hon. F. W. Peters  and E. V. Bod well. THE  TRIBUNE:   NELSON B.C.   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S. JOHNSON, B.A.Sc.  ���     ���Mining   Engineers   and   Analytical   Chemists,  Slocan City, B. C.  LODGE   MEETINGS.  TO THE  ELECTORS  OF THE NELSON RIDING OF WEST KOOTENAY.  Gentlemen: Having been compelled to resign my seat  in the legislative assembly, owing to un infraction of the  "Constitution Act," I again have the honor of oil-ring;  myself as a candidate to represent you in the legislative  assembly.  It will bo my aim to further, as far as in me lies, tho  best interests of the Nelson riding and the provinco generally.  I very much appreciate the valuable services of those  who labored so actively and successfully in the .luly campaign and would ask a continuance of that support, being now in a position where I can render good service to  Kootenay.  My time being so fully occupied, it will bo impossible  to see all the electors before election day, but will visit  as many places.in the district as possible.  I have tho honor to be, gentlemen, yours, etc.  J. FRED HUME.  Nelson, February 1st, 1S99.  Gostello's Express  Trunks and valises delivered to any part of  the city.  All kinds of draying done at reasonable  rates.    Moving furniture a specialty. 0  Stand at corner Baker ancl Josephine Sts.  The Tremont Hotel  WjALONE & TREGILLUS  PROPRIETORS  Headquarters for Miners and Prospectors  THE BEST BRANDS OP  Liquors and Cigars  ALWAYS ON HAND  W. A. COSTELLO, PROPRIETOR  EXPRESS and DRAYING  Having purchased the express and draying  business of .1. \V. Cowan, we aro prepared  to do nil kinds of work in this line, and solicit the patronage of the people of Nelson.  Orders loft at D. McArthur & Go's store,  northwest corner Baker and Ward streets,  will receive prompt attention.   Telephone 25  One of the best and most popular hotels in Nelson.  QUEER'S HOTEL  BAKER STREET. NELSON.  Heated with Hot Air and  Lighted by Electricity  Large  comfortable  bedrooms and   first-class dining  room.   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". ��     -���  ���  ...       ..   ���������"  .���      "''     '  NELSON LODGE, NO. 23, A. F. & A. M. Meets  second Wednesday in each month. Sojourning  brethren invitod.  KNIGHTS   OF PYTHIAS���Nelson   Lodge,  No,   25,  Knights of Pythias, meets in Castle hall, lWacdon-  ald block, corner of Josephine and Vernon streets, every  second and fourth Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock.   All  visiting Knights are cordially invited to attend.  It. G. Jor, C. C.    '       George Ross, K. of R. & S.  ��he @frtbxxnz+  SATURDAY .FEBRUARYr 4, 1893  Candidate; Farwell's supporters  claim that if lie is elected, the Turner  party will be in a position to overthrow  the Semlin government. This is on a par  with other claims. It is mere claptrap.  The Semlin government has, without the  two seats thatare vacant in ttieKootenays,  speaker Forster in the chair and 19 supporters on the floor of the house. The  opposition could not count but 18 noses if  they won both seats in Kootenay. The  government members are: Cotton, Deane,  Forster, Green, Hegleson, Henderson,  Iliggins, Kellie, Kidd, Kinchant, Mac-  pherson, Martin (Rossland), Martin (Vancouver), McKechnie, Munro, Neill, Prentice, Semlin, Smith and Tisdall. The opposition members are Baker, Booth, Clifford, Dryden, Dunsmuir, Eberts, Ellison,  Hall, Helmcken, Irying, McBride, McPhil-  lips, Pooley, Robertson and Turner. The  two that will be elected in Kootenay,  namely,  Hume, in  the Nelson  riding'of  .^���':';.'.'-,:']W"est'.'Kbptenayi''and Wells, in the north  ;   :  ridiag of East Kootenay, will increase the  - i    government to 22 as against 10 for the op-  ' '���''^''s^positip.h.^'aj%-'-iy<        _--"'���     -       "   ���  V^^^^"^i!^^I��i^Cll��f-,0PPosed" -the =pas.sage of  *>^tlie&ilienTExclusion Act, arid at; the time  S"s��:i.g^Ye\itsl*reasons therefor. The reasoiis  S&'re^feas gbra'today as, they were.when1  'r-li^hebU^aSibemg considered by thelegis-  ^"'ila1ii^ej,asseumb)^��g The Tribune is riot an  ��t^3^orgab|V^h^ref6reit does not give blind  y.;V^atf(^ to any governr  "\/^��meflfengjtfS^enVfehe government in which-  /��|;��I<Jff;Fre&��Hu^me*ho'ld^U:po^^  f - - - A'Econpm is t ,\���wi th*? wh ichw;i|U incorporated";  !e*.i:>;a^"poster^. in^hi'ch^iberal'Muota'tionssare'  ;?!,/ made|:j:rpm editorjials.. tha^t^appear.ed, .in  :��^"**��The;"T^Jrp"n "the" Qa"mp1aFgn""C)f'  ���.;��ai8R_,^witicli���"r^s���utted  iS^iecttoi*pf��"J'i;^  '_^Senji;Ge^ 'tl^^f^-"'  %^, ?;1 ess'tttp^ay"*he"y are'm^re,. r."eacla^)l|Hhan ^  'ffl/'knyi^lngthatwais ever wr|tteh>.by.i)avio!"  j;���j,:^:M.airks; ;Carley;  fji* "*-\: - WtU GiVe *&e Pf opje- an Object Lesson.  "V   yA\re*preSeniiative of the Niational Lvqupr  '������ Vj^eagjue^is in Akron, Ohio, and the liquor  M^^nietf-pBfe dre^ver-y=reticent=*as-to-the object of "his visit; hut a strange story is  tpld of the movement which he ia said to  be at the head of. It is no more than, the  clPsjng up of every saloon in the city for  i a period pf two years. Members of the  Akron Liquor Leag:ue make this statement in all seriousness orid claim the project is entirely feasible. The nianner of  doing this is by the following method:  The National Liquor League, covering 34  states, is Strong etiPiigh to, p&y the pro-  "    prietoi-s  pf  the  local    Saloohs   revenue  " ".eripugh tb keeri thein out of thd busirie^,  and will dp so in order to give the popple  of Akron and of all other cities an object  lessOji on the suff.rings which will be entailed Pn the municipality by clojsing  these places. The Dow tax, paid by the  saloons, amounts in Akron to a yery large  sum, the most of which goes to the police  and poor funds, and the loss of this, the  liquor dealers figure, will seriPusly era-  barass the finances of the city. Akron  has been selected as the city for this obr  ject lesson because of the recent agitation  by the ministers here against the saloons  of the city.   Mackenzie Bowell Sued.  A writ has been issued in the high court  of justice at Ottawa against sir Mackenzie  Bowell for $1141, the amount of the floral  wreath supplied at the funeral of sir John  Thompson with interest. The wreath was  valued at $900 and $231 is charged for interest. Sir John Thompson died at Windsor Castle, December 12th, 1891.   His remains were brought to Halifax by a man-  of war and were interred there.   It was a  state funeral.   Among the many tributes  to   the dead statesman  paid  for at the  public   expense and  which  were in evidence in the procession to the grave, was  one  from   his  "devoted colleagues," the  inscription on it was as follows : "A tribute of affection from his devoted colleagues,  Mackenzie Bowell,   John Curran, Frank  Smith, A.  P.  Curon, T.  M. Daly, J,  G.  Haggart, A. R. Angers, and W. B, Ives."  It comprised a floral wreath supplied by  W. B. Davidson, florist of Montreal, since  SS wiiok The ftction is now takeD by 1 Office and Mills Corner Hall and Front Streets, Nelson  iA.^l^.A.&J!.&JL<='-&^.&JLC=>-^l<A.  mmm^m  OUR ANNUAL SALE  ZS   STILL   OZNT  B  B  W  B  PRICES REDUCED     HEMMING FREE  BUT IN ADDITION TO THIS WE ARE OPENING  B  GALL FOR  BARGAINS  GALL FOR  BARGAINS  ��  m  Such as Ginghams in nice soft colorings  of pink, blue, green, etc, in checks and stripes.  All good washing colors.  White Pique in fine, medium, and wide  cords. The new Crepon Stripe in these goods  will be the proper thing for the coming season.  Now is the time to get them before the stock  is picked over.  B  B  Irvine & Go.  ^  Victoria   Block,   Baker   Street,  INJel-soii, B.C.  iS^.i  &���&  ^ ^^&B^&&&'&&&  :(3Zi!SL-��Z.  *fB?BfBfBfBfB-fBfB^^$��'^^:&^^^:'&-^-<s  .pl.&.CZI.i  "fak  M  ft:  PtircBased aiid  payment made as soon after receipt of ore as  samples; can   be  assayed,    (^dotations  g-iven upon the receipt  _6J__s.am:  THE HALL MINES, Limited, Nelson,  dust received a consignment  of Harris home made tweeds  from Talbot Harris, Scotland.  The supply is limited, so call  early and examine this stock  Fred J. Squire.  BAKtiR STREET  NKLSON  hfjake sure H\a.{  you are getting  Gabtet, Drop IfeM  and S0wen  DfPrW"is^fllillTei=irBlrok  Walnut and  which is not surpassed  in the market.  CLiiJ^aii^ Gafe  ^ad^rf^^pawer  is finished in  Oak has Rotary Shuttle  and Ball Bearing.  M  7-Drawer furnished in Quartered Oak and Walnut.  resl? Oyst^rj  BY PUKCHASING AT  TROPICAL FRUIT STORE  THR CHEAPEST PLACE IF THK CITY FOR FRUITS OF ALL KINDS.  MILLS & LOTT, Cop. Baker and Ward Sts., Nelson.  Nelson  Planing Mills  FLOORING, LINING, MOULDINGS, DOORS,  AND SASHES IN STOCK.  EVERY DESCRIPTION OF JOINERY, DOORS AND WINDOWS  MADE TO ORDER.  If you are thinking about buying a machine call and see them and be  convinced that I mean what I say.  There is no necessity for sending* out of Nelson when you can see what  you are buying* and get it for the same money. �����  Itf St"  The Jeweler  BOX   34z  The Jeweler  BOX   34  3  AT 8:30 P. M. IN THE  HUME HOTEL HALL  6  TO  BE ADDRESSED  BY  LADIES ARE  INVITED  Hewitt Bostock, M.P. THE TRIBUNE:   NELSOJN, B.C. SATURDAY FEBRUARY  i, 1899.  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WILKIE, General Manager  ��� A Story of the  Zouaves, Tranelatad From the  French.  One of my deskomtes in the office at the  ministry of war was an ex-non-commissioned officer, Henri Vidal.   He had lost  'ibis left arm in the Italian campaign, but  with his = remaining hand be executed  marveld of caligraphy���down to drawing  with one pen-stroke a bird in the flourish  of his signature.  A good fellow, Vidal ; the type of the  upright old soldier, hardly forty, with a  sprinkling of gray in his blonde imperial  ���he;had been in the Zouaves. We all  called<himPere Vidal, more respectfully  than familiarly, for we all knew his life  of honor and devotion. He lived in a  cheap little lodging at Grenelle, whereon the nioney of his cross, his pension and  his salary���he managed to support his  widowed sister and her three children.  Three thousand francs for five people !  No matter, his redingote; the empty left  sleeve caught to the third button, was  always brushed as if for parade ; and so  seriously did he take his red ribbon, invariably fresh, that he took it out of his  buttonhole whenever-he carried a ^pair of:  anyicbm mbari  8wentz  s|��boots pr^trpuset^dr  ^",p1ace;erranM:,��i\v*11��\V  >-A��-As:at tbat.timeti,too,"iw^asJivingTin;the,  �� Wontlier n���subur;b df^aris/Jk; often;BwaIked.  *;$honie*w,ithfPe^  iFhimjtelKiot���"his.���oampaigus-as.- vvefpassed!  '��� *near ithe.m iu taisy. school jon eetin g.a t every.  *����step^it vvas,atsthe close. "M��thes:empire^,  L'<�� - -_^ - - ^sk^L^Pl6^1"".'"^  W " jr'*;'";g��a^r(d,;gre^  Pk    -" '.*��� ���j.;;the dar.Krfnd-magniticeiif artillery "officers;;  "/������ a'cosjiume��wqrth ���v^hiles*getting^ikillednn."  "JSpmeiimesT^  '. *- cbui panion;tb5��absi n tlie" 3 out -��� of x'Scbnom y  ;:*be never :drank��*>p QnAthes.e ?occasipns;;the  n'px-soldierp;who\nad ���becomeJwa>ppet! !patec5^  ^f4"iuiH^^au%��had;"4bst,^  "parrot," !w^ulaJri^fejfroni^he" itable^vvith; a  !?t p^ch* of fb ero^  5 ."au^th^rest^pfitHWfway ^I^waS'^lta^fe'c'erf  tain���tp;lieaf JpmYt^l!fe���P4w9'i,���"  ^*\Ghn&"ev;en:ing^r^b^lievelth.at"^E^  ��� liad^had^twp"glasse8)ypf,3bs^  ��� .\yalkediBalong7^h  " Grenelle,* hei"stopp;ed* ."sjfdaenly: be^fpre a,  m*ilii"ary%Sbld-cl6tbe8; *"_Bbp-^ther:el:y��te;  ��nn    ������"    *   "^    'nl-l       oDB   W.i.'U*"   *     I'll   J-5   d^   ��"'"'��%r_,.i       'm     pn       Hi".     ���  . %,   o   t  .many like* it in that quarter-^a dirty,  sinister dSn," "sbo^ing in, its windows  rusted; pistols, bdwlsfull Of buttons";'find  .aruished���epaulfetites;nifl &ont wef^ hung,  amid sbrdid rags, a;fe"wopJd pflicers' uniforms, (rain?rot;ted andsufi-burnpd; with  the slbpeTiS -at .he w,aif|" and'tbe padded  ^shduldersff th'ey%had^k^n=almpst==human=  aspect.* ". '  Vidal, seizing my arm with 'his right  hand and turning his slightly tipsy gaze  on me, raised his stump to point out one  of the uniforms, ab African.officer's tunic,  with the kilted skirt aiid the three gold  braids making a figure eight .on the  sleeve,  "Lopkf' he said; "that's the uniform of  my old corps, ii captain's tiinic."  ��rawiiig nearer, be made out the number engraved pn the buttons, and went on  with enthusiasm:  "My regiment!   The First Zouaves!"  Suddenly bis hand shook, his face darkened; dropping his eyes, lie murmured, in  a horror-stricken voice:  "Mon Dieu, what if it were his!"  Then brusquely turning the coat about,  he showed me in the middle of the back a  little round hole, bordered by a black rim  ���blood/ of course���it ulade one shudder,  like the sight of a wound.  "A hasty scar,",I said to Pere Vidal,  who had dropped the garment and was  hastening away. And foreseeing a tale,  I added to spur him on: "It's not usually  in the back that bullets strike captains of  the.Zouaves."  He apparently did not hear me; be  mumblecf to bijiaself':. "How could it get  there?. It's a long way from the battlefield of Melegnauo to the Boulevard of  Grenelle I Oh, yes, I know���the carrion  crows, that follow the army; 'the strippers of the dead! But why just there,  two steps from the military school where  the other fellow's regiment is stationed?  He must have passed; be must bave recognized it.    What a ghost!"  "See here, Pere Vidal," said I, violently  interested, "stop your muttering, and tell  me what the riddled tunic recalls to you."  Except for the two absinthes, I doubt  if he would have spoken, for he looked at  me timidly, almost suspiciously. Suddenly, with a great effort, be began :  "Well then, here goes for the story ; I  can trust you; you will tell me frankly,  on your honor, if you think my conduct  ,      excusable.    Where shall I begin?   Ah, I  .; can't give you the other man's surname,  j^ v;     ;.y for he is still living, but I will him by the  name he went under in the regiment���  Dry-Jean���and he deserved it, with his  . .' ��_-i'if'  ,8war  twelve drinks at the stroke of noon.  "He was sergeant in the Fourth of the  Second, my regiment, a good fighter, but  fond of quarrel and drink���all the bad  habits of the African soldier; brave as a  bayonet, with cold, steel-blue eyes and a  rough red beard on his tanned cheeks.  When I entered the regiment Dry-Jean  had just re-enlisted. He drew his pay  and went on a three days' spree. He and  two companions of the same kidney rolled  through the low quarters of Algiers in a  cab, flying a tricolor bearing the words  'Ic won't last forever.' It did wind up  with a knock-down fight at a Moorish  woman's dive. She got a kick that did  her up, Dry-Jean a cut on the head from  a tringlo that nearly finished him, a fortnight in the guard-room and the loss of  his stripes���the second time he had lost  them.  "Of well-to-do parents and with some  education, he would have risen to be an  officer long before if it bad not been for  his conduct.   Eighteen months later he  got his stripes back again, thanks to the  indulgence of   the  old  African  captain  who had seen him under fire in Kabylie.  Hereupon our old captain  is   promoted  chief of battalion, aud they send us out a  captain of twenty-eight, a Corsican named  Gentili, just out of school, a cold, ambitious, clever fellow, very exacting, hard  on bis men, giving eight days for a speck  of rust on your gun or a button off your  gaiters; moreover, never having served in  Algeria, not   tolerating  fautasia  or the  slightest   waut  of  discipline.   The   two  took a hatred to each other from the first;  result, the guard-room for Dry-Jean after  every drinking bout.    When the captain,  a blackkavised little fellOw, as stiff as a  bristle, with the mustaches of an augry  cat,   flung  his.puuishment at Dry Jean's  head,   adding  curtly,   'I know   you, my  man, and I'll  bring you to order!'   Dry-  Jean answered never a word and walked  away quietly to pack-drill.   But all the  same the captain might have come off his  high horse a bit had he seen the rage that  reddened the sergeant's face as soon as be  turned. his   headland.;%the. hatred,that';  'flashed^thrpugh^m^  ?"^>HerejVpp^  aWainstShe-AifSp^  off to? Itstly^&���But" iet^meAcpme;. atV*b_icei"��to���'  ?l;_,*^.j��   *fl*.r" fl rV-ft   f�� ��' i.'i,J ��� ^"i' D-n Vi.1 flnu^,ni.��fl" -sr   T"-^ ^.^ ^n V a;  , -the'dayflbeioie-the battle ot.;Melegnano!li-=  *��whei,e"I-leit;my|arm.ypu1"knowA.ORrfflbat��1;  Itaillionwa^'.'cam'pediju^^ittle'^  beforei fbreakingfcthe; - ranks, ��the�� captain-  ;had;maB&uS""a;:"speech^nghU  to-remind8 us ftbat>ve ^ere^inla-. rriendlys  cpuntr.yj" ands���f|hat.f.the ���.slightest; injury-;  ^idou'e^to^the'Sinbabitanis.-.w  ^��    '1   ."D���j      .    "-D^-fon-ofl      "��u     "     ^fl"^l��fl      nflAflflflfl^pfl^fl   >�� �����fl  ��    a  p.^,'.   PflS^Vfl... .flflft.J  .ashednns,lauiexemplar,yS vvay.-. \Dur,ing�� tbe��  .speech, Dry-Jeanj^a,-.little..shaky.^on."his"  >   ^flfl.    "I!.,..;     rfl^.S.    %    H*   .    u.nr.-    n*' ^jT k .flB^J   ��ifl ,.   nn "   . nD  .., * ��� ''"B . , fl "* un ^ .". ^ ..M ��    (  pins  that morning, aud  tor the   best of  n^flnUflflfl^n *"     fl',;   <n��f^    *        " ".   . ^ M .    ., 1,.,�� "    ^h , ."   ,   ..   r, ���      ���     fl.       ,��. n   ",..',*.      "  {reaspiisH^shrugged.bis^shpulderssjshghtly;.  ";Lu"Hkily^t'hacapta  1"'iAfcuiianifcfit*^.nbisea^ g  r4r6]mf m^\fi;eaj�� rO"f: ��4trayvjiin"tp:" $h& ��Sffir m-  yarB,^and in .jthe^mbo^nlight^X'sa;wi a Jgi'dup  pfcbmr^des Jaihd' pfeasautsB wi'estihR frjb.ui  "Tbh e" ;a"r ms?bf. *Dry���-Jeatf,;'.r��a|ti_ii^;'like��_^4i'b.fcrj  a- Handspme" .^eb"cl^��dishej^eled and. "half-  ���drjsssedi.���^vho: was^callin|*slPudry^dn'ithe  Madbnna |bi^an^ll,iHi^-;a;iQ tV.^was^fiafete"^  ;ingl*tp lielp^wberi?capt"ain"G  Wif h!!f6n;e lbok^M*(_" little !Obrsic��nflhad a  jpararysing. way-^he covye,d the terrified  sefcgeablf thdn reassuring ^be" Bombard  girl" b"y a few words .in Italian^ he: he held  rfpa trembling finger before the scoundrel  and said": .  " ��� .  '^'Dpgls�� Jike ybu-deserve to have their  -bfainS-blowri=out;Tas spon=as==tcan=see4thef=  colonel, you loses your stripes again, this  time for good.   There's going to  be fighting tomorrow; try to get killed.'  "Sure enough, at dawn the canhOnade  awoke us* The column formed, and Dry-  J,ean--never had his cursed blue eyes  glittered more ominously���placed himself  beside me. The battalion moved forward ; we were to ^dislodge the white  c_>at_, who, with their cannon, occupied  Melegnano. Forward, mairch! At the  second kilometer tile Augtrians' grape-  shot cut down 15 of our company's men.  Then our officers, waiting for the order tP  charge, made us lie dbwu in the grain  field, sharp-shootervvise ; they remained  standing naturally, and our .captain  wasn't the least straight Of the lot. Kneeling in the rye, we kept firing at the battery, which lay within range. Suddenly  someone jogged my elbow. I turned and  saw Dry-Jean, who was looking at me, the  corner of his lips raised leeringly, lifting  his gun.  "'Do you see the captain?' he said,  nodding in that direction.  " 'Yes, what of it?' said I, glancing at  the officer, 20 paces off.  " 'He was foolish to speak to me as he  did last night.'  "With a swift, precise gesture, be  shouldered his arm and fired. I saw the  captain���his body bent backward, bis  head thrown up, bis hands beating the  air for an instant���drop his sword and fall  heavily on his back.  " 'Murderer!' I cried, seizing the sergeant's arm. But he struck me with the  butt of bis rifle, rolling me over, and exclaiming :  " 'Fool! prove that I did it.'  "I rose iu a rage, just as all the sharpshooters rose likewise. Our colonel, bareheaded, on his smoking horse, pointed bis  sabre at the Austrian battery, and  shouted : _  "'Forward, Zouaves! Out with your  bayonets!'  "Could 1 do otherwise than charge with  the others? What a famous charge it  was, too! Have yeu ever seen a high sea  dash on a rock ? Each company rushed  up like a breaker on a reef. Thrice the  battery was covered with blue coats and  red trousers, and thrice we savvtheearth-  NELSON BRANCH  A general banking business transacted.  Savings bank department.  Deposits of il and upwards received and interest  allowed.  J. ft/I. LAY, Manager.  work re-appear   with   its  cannon jaws,  impassible.  "But our company, the Fourth, was to  snatch the prize. In 20 leaps I reached  the redoubt; helping myself with my  rifle-butt I crossed the talus. I had only  time to seeajbloude mustache, a bluecap,  and a carbine barrel almost touching me.  Then I thought my arm flew off. I dropped my gun, fell dizzily on my side near  a gun-carriage wheel, and lost consciousness.  "When I opened my eyes nothing was  to be heard but distant musketry. The  Zouaves, forming a disordered half-circle,  were shouting, 'Vive 1' Empereur !' and  braudishing their riflns.  Au old general followed by his staff  galloped up. He pulled up his horse,  waved his gilded betulet gayly, and  cried :  " 'Bravo, Zouaves 1 You are the first  soldiers in the world !'  "I found myself sittiug near the wheel,  supporting my poor broken paw, when  suddenly I remembered Dry-Jean's awful  crime. At that very instant he stepped  out of the ranks toward the general. He  had lost his fez, and from a big gash on  bis cloee-shaveu head ran a trickle of  blood. Leaning on bis gun with one band,  with the other he held out an Austrian  flag, tattered and dyed red���a flag he had  taken. The general gazed at him admir-  ihgly.  " 'Hey there, Bricourt!' turning to one  of his staff; 'look at that, if you please.  What men !'  "Whereupon Dry-Jean, in his canaille  voice, spoke up :  " 'Quite so, my general.   But you know  ���the  First   Zouaves ��� there   are   only  enough left for once more!'  ��� '.' 'I would; like to hug   you for that!'  . crjed. tbe-.jgeneral.L.Jyjpii'll" - get, *the��; cross,.;  flflfl.fl.fln.Afl*   ,   �� ;". * t* V. " ��" i" "   " ..'rt^A *"    jLL-fl" ���fl,J,iflJlfl^ flV.*��.'D  "n^oujknpw.";;""*and-.stul .repeating;-^vYhat/  ��ihehflfl?.��Bbfe"/sa'idA^  !" tbjng, I/dfdn"t uhderst^  Hy'putMlpj^  ^'.Wp;rtbys"bf;M^  .^"Ajrtihjit^ve^  1 niucb'f or}.m��e!iauddrnSaint4d.5" YduMFnbw'  pbe." rests :AjfveVhaveS*^fcen":ttoldf��js��you���  ��,^fl��u.i..     -     _,.",     Afl.nfl.Ojfl...    "fl.   fl��n ��    ."fl^nflAfl^inlW      5?������       ..A" ?fiu a^a"        "    * Bnfl*   .    ?M! " n, ��J  mow."* they, asavved - -oif*   my.w - arm�� Tancr  ,�� |?n*::7 " ���    fl-f ",j>.���"���u"Kj"    o .fl%rfljnDlr'��     flT*.   ^ *    8 . * 3  B  fl fl fl��" '*jft  fl,    a  ..how? .-   I    . dragged:"    .along ;   in-";*jde~  ,,    ,'.'*n   i      ..^       r,lVl n      . n^An     a   \P Fltf^ .An    %,��.,n   .    rtn _      .** .n^^^fl,''0      T'nn  yirmmjjptit^p.mpnfchSflinithe. hospital."|ti;.���  ^iiby:'sJnee"pli_sf";h"purs'J:ji  5it��i.wa��;.niy��-.cliity: "Id.^a'gcJLls'J ^Di^-J'tfailSiTuli.- *  |HjbalKy.;"*Butltlpuld'jj pi'pye.ii?���  An'd,���\!heii  ���Iif.aid:. ^He^a4ls��coundrel^:butihe^^  Ke "kiljea bapjfcaiii"JGe*u;tili, bulti ;h"e- tboK-a  "fla_g-.;.��f i'^mjthe len'��i&y:'' .J-Finairy.^.'inV.m'y'  i "cohyalesdeYi^  "f 015 his. cpura'gSfl Dlt:y-Jea4��h  into "the, "ZpuSyiesvOf"^ had:  been deeorateclf   "Ah ! at> first it> "gfCyenhe  ��a disgust   at.;iny��� own   cross  Which, .the  > ^     i'flmfln.l".l     ^nT����     .^a     "fl^      T,p ^n.nflfli'AB.-       ^0   ?   ,    n     n        ..A "ft . fi   .    . .   V*     ,"  colonel bad'pinnedxpu.meinthe.hpspitals  : Yet pry-Jean "deseryea""his^tbp; piily: h%  legibh 61 hohbr o"ught"lt:p nave .serived "as;  theDbull's" eye fpr" the squad detailed;to  piit him put of ne_sui,s-tennt3e;-'  "It's all far away; now\ I never saw him  again; be;Remained in the .service and I  became a .good civilian. But lust now,  when I saw that uniform with its bullet-  hole���God knows hpw it got there���^hanging a stone's throw from the barracks;  =whereflithe=tuurder.er=is,-it=seemed=.to-me^  thatthe captain, the crime still unpunished, was clamoring for justice."  I did ray utmost to quiet Pere Vidal, assuring hini he had acted for the bast.  Five days later, on reaching the office,  Vidal handed me a paper folded at a certain paragraph, and murmured gravely:  "What did I tell you ?"   I read:  "Another victim of intemperance.���  Yesterday afternoon, oti the Boulevard  de Grenelle, a certain Jean Mallet, known  as Dry-Jean, sergeaut in the Zouaves of  the imperial guard, who with two companions had been drinking freely, was  seized with delirium tremens while look-*  ing at some old Uniforms hanging in a  second-hand shop. He drew his bayonet  ancl dashed down the street to the terror  of all passers by. The two privates with  hita bad the utmost difficulty in securing  the madman, who shouted ceaselessly: *'I  am not a murderer, I took an Austrian  flag at Melegnano!' It seems that the  latter statement is true. Mallet was decorated for this feat; his addiction to  drink has alone prevented him from rising in the ranks. Mallet was conducted  to the military hospital at Gros-'Caiilon,  whence he will soon be transferred to  Charenton, for it is doubtful if he can recover his reason."  As I returned the paper to Vidal', he  looked at me meaningly and concluded:  "Captain Gentili was a Corsican���he  has avenged hiiusell!"  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  'to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  rto&  .'-'^'^���S'a'^'a'S'^,S'S'iii'i'-^'i?,VS'a,^'S'>'^,a'?'.^'a'^'^'^'^ *  Bap Glassware...  We are now carrying a most complete line of Bar Supplies, including  all the latest styles of Whisky, Wine  and Beer glasses. Our prices are low  and the quality the best procurable  W. F. TEETZEL & CO  jfef.jf.^.ig- ^���^���<g"^-is^-t!' gZiOiSL __.���__.''__.''tf'tf'^'tf'-t'C'__.���-!_���-_������-_.���'__���''__.���-��"-_���' &��;iS_;��;Sl:&: ��;&��; 'SL.'Zj.Zj- ���^a-^,-^s>-fe:  �� ?.S-^^^^^^^'^;��^^^*^,^*^,'^'^^'*��,^**,'^'^��,^^^^^��-��'^^^^^^^ '^���^���^^T  ti  ti  %  Hi  Hi  ti  ���V"  W  ti  ti  Hi  ti  Hi  Hi  ti  ti  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  ti  Hi  ti  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  ti  Hi  ti  ti  Hi  Hint  ti  Hi  Hi  ti  ti  Hi  ti  Hi  AH cpi^munfcatiqris.Arelating ."tq���DBrih'sh.DSGQlurpbia.*J3iisines  5Q5, kelson, British .Cpjurnbia   ..    o    .     .., ���    . .       ....    ,u  jCANJVpiAN,PpiFIC RAILWAY  "fiASt*.  1and^p(Sj5,o^��n^n_ite  to and  ��"ij���\ K6dt"enayJ|Qou ntry.  From  .Fir^t^class/a'iid^'quriijtfSieepcrs Operated from   -  "������b" ;"y- "'V^civM-imffrjjA^Tic ' -  ���j,   ."Ticketsjissjied jthrpugi) and baggage  ���  -   ^ . . > ��Ssu,,ciiecfc_ia :tb" "destination.  . R0DEf?ICK ROBERTSON, .General Maiiia��ger,/   Ki"c?i   c>/-\Ki.   ;r4   r\  ;. S FPWLERV&M:, MiningEngineer      " 1 IN trLbllN,   p. O.  MORTGAGE SALE.  Under and by virtue of the powers of sale contained in  a certain mortgage, which will be produced at the time  of sale, there willbo oircrcd by public auction, by Charles  A. Waterman & Co., auctioneers, at their olllce,'West  Baker street, Nelson, 11. C, on Tuesday, 21st day of February, A. D. ISO!), at the hour of 2 o'clock in the afternoon,  tho following property, viz:  That certain parcel or tract of land and premises situate, lying and being in the town of Slocan City, and being described as lot number three (3) in block twenty-  four (24) as shown on a map or plan of sub-division of  lot Wi, group 1, West Kootenay district, deposited in tke  land registry olllce at Victoria as plan .1111! as nmended.  On the property is erected a two-story frame building.  Tonus of sale: Ten per cent (10%) of tho purchase  money to bo paid to the vendors or their agents at the  time of sale, and the balance, without interest, to bo paid  within thirty (30) days thereafter.  Further terms and conditions of sale will be made  known on day of sale or on application to Macdouell,"  McMastcr & Gcory, 51 Yonge street, Toronto, solicitors  for tho vendors, or to  CIIAKLES A. WATERMAN & CO..  Auctioneers, Nelson, B. C. .  Lumber I   Lumber I   Lumber 1  Kootenay Lake Sawmill, G. O. Buchanan, Prop.  First   class   lumber   at   rigfrit  prices  Doors,  Turned Work,  etc.,  Yard:  Foot Hendryx Street.  Also  a  full  constantly on  JOHN  line   of  hand.  Sash,  Agent*  Assessment Act and Provincial Revenue Tax Act  WEST KObTEN/^Y DISTRICT, flELSON DIVISION.  Notice is hereby gi veil in accordiihco with tho statutes,  that provincial revenue tax and all taxes levied under  the Assessment Act, are now due for this year 189!). All  the above-nanfed taxes collectable Within tho West  ivootenay district, Nelson division, are payable at my  ollico, Kaslo.  Assessment taxes are Collectable at tho following  rates, viz.:  If paid on or before June 30th, 1899.  Three-fifths of one per cent on real property.  Two and one-half per ecne on assessed value of wild  land.  One-half of one percent on porsonal property.  On st> much on tho income of any person as exceeds  ono thousand dollars, the following rates, namely: upoii  such excess of income when the same is not more than  ten thousand dollars, one por cent; when such excess is  over ten thousand dollars and not more than twonty  thousand dollars, one and one-quarter of one per cent;  when such excess is over twenty thousand dollars, one  and one-half of one per cent.  If paid.on or after 1st July, 1899...  Four-fifths of one per cent on real property.  Thrco por cent on the assessed value of wild land.  Three-fourths 6f ono per cent on porsonal property.  On so much on the income of any person as exceeds one  thousand dollars, the following rates, namely: upon such  excess -when the same is not more than ten thousand  dollars, one and onc-<|uarter of one. per cent; when  such excess is over ten thousand dollars and not more  than twenty thousand dollars, one and one half of one  per cent; when such excess is over twenty thousand dollars, one and three-quarters of one per cent.  Provincialrevenue tax, S3 per capita.  JOHN KKKN, Assessor and Collector,  Kaslo, JVC.., 2,'lrd January, 180!)." .     !     -.;  The Tribune will buy Old Rags  Notice   of  Applieation   for   Certificate  of  Improveriients.  KViijs'INR STAK ASH 'U.tl'l.'V JACIC atr.VE.ltA_, OJ.Al.MS,  SH'tJA'tK IS 'TIIK Jfl'flfiSON Ml.VINO MlV(SIO.V OF WKST  KOOTKN'iA'V"DlSTIttUTj AND l.0t;,v;i,'l:P HHTWKK.V SANDY'  AM) jJACSlJ': (3HKKICS, AllOUT Kt\'K #Ifj_��"WKBT l*lK>_!.  NKIiSO.V.  Take notice: that J. Arthur & Farwell. acting as agent  for Gi!6rgo A, Kirk, free miner's curtitlcate N'o. SSIJS."), and  John A. Turner, free miner's eortillcale No. 1!W!Ia, intend,  sixty .days from I lie date hereof, tp apply to the mining  recorder for certificates of improvenieuts; fpr the purpose pf 6btaii|ingcroWii grants of the above claims. And  further take notice that action, under section ',VT, must  be commenced befoi'e the issuance of such certificate of  Improvements. A. S�� FAK\VKI,r,.  Dated this 20th day of December, 1S!|8. [Dec. tit J  Notice   of  Application   for   Certifieate   of  Improvements.  1IKUI.IN 1,3251 Ci. 1. KUltMKA 1.3253 G. 1, O. v. r;, KlUtJTtON  1,3251 i:. l.HltlTAN'VIA 1.3253 0. 1, CJI{A.\I)L. 181(1 c. l.MAC  KHACTfON' I. 3250 O.l, JIINHKAL CLAIMS,,.SITUATK IX  TIIK NKI.SO.V MI.VI.VO DIVISION OK WKST' KOOTKNAV  DISTRICT, AND I.OCATBD ON TOAD MOUNTAIN, ADJOINING TIIK I1AI.I, MINKS.  Take notice that I, John Hirsch, as agent for the Hall  Mines Company, Limited, free miner's certificate No.  2551a, intend, sixty days from the date hereof, to apply  to the mining recorder for a certificate of improvements,  for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above  claims. And further take notice that'action, under section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such  certificate of improvements.  JOHN   IIIltSGir.  Dated this 2fitb day of November, 18!)8. [Jan 251  Kootenay Railway & Navigation Co.  LAKE  AND   RIVER  DIVISION  Daily  STK. TNTFRN.ATJONAL  except .Sunday.       Pacific standard time  KASI.O TO NKLSON  South      llend  bound      down  Leave : 0:30 a.m.....���   Kaslo   ..  Due      .7:30    n     Ailiswortb  Due       8:ii0    ��      Pilot. Hay  Duo     . 8:15    n    Jiulfottr  Due        !):45  Head .  ��I>  .8:30 p.m.  .7:10    ..  .G:30    ���  .0:00    n  North  bound  Arrive  Due  Duo  Due  Due  Leave I  ���. <30i?faSJ:^3C3?IO_-T_3  %" it,;  Trail'  ,������:*.  and  J^ea\*ec  ��:!Q'l).jn.si..  Rossland,  -    ^   ^       n"   n n^�� -��.n-UP   U      n     ttn^nV0"  .,,.,.^,.-M.:mmoif  Robson,.  Arrive.   10:30 p. in.  Mainline' ant! Intermediate Points via.Slocan Lake.  Leave; . .   J....DA1LX   ��.  ��   . ; .    -. M'rrive:  0;30,a. in...�����.......,��.A."N'ELSpN7....:.\.s,ft.j.. ,S:30"i)":;nl.'  Kootenay' -iaker-^aslo'. ^oiite-;-Steatrie*i>i Kokanee;  -Leave   J:0�� p. in..  'haHyi^y;xcdp1^Siin.aitv--i-��_^���__j<ff Iwi.-!  .., Z.^NKLSON,,.i,,..t^.}:..U:0��atnu <  ^boterjay Uiver\Rotite--Stearnor' Moyie.    '    " *  Tuca, ,J?hurs.,"��.-vi.'  .���NELSON.���..,....Arr^'e 0:^0 pfm.  Motij, Wed., Fri.;  8:00a. in. Leave...  Makes con nedtlbn at PilgtJMy with steiimer ICokaneC  iirbothcjinlcticiits.  Steamers .bit their respective routes call at, principal  landings in both directions,, and at.other points wJiiSiV  signivllcd. .  Ascertain Hatps And fill], inforniatiqij by addres^ijjg���  ncilrest Jocal agent Or  C. E. BEftSLEY, dity ticRet Agent, \  ��� , a       n   #  R. W. DREW, Agent. J '  W,T^; AxftKnao.v, Travelipg j^nssengcr Ag(5nt,,uNQlson.,  M J. Oovi.K. DisJ't" HaKStinger Agent, Vafl'c-ftVui8.   -  Spokane Palls & Northern,  Nelson & Fort Sheppard,  Bed Mountain  Tr(e only all rail route without change of cars  between Nelson an,d Rossland, arm"  Spokane ar\d Rosslar(d.  DAILY    TRAINS.  I^eavo  0:20 a.m..  1'J.05 a. m  8:30 a.m..  Arrive  .. .5:M5 lijiii.  ..12:20 p.m.  ...3:10 p.m.   ...NELSOJJ    ROSSLAND.......  .........SPOKANK..   The train that leaves Nelson at G:20 a. m��� makes elosc  connections at Spokane with trains fqr all Pacific Coast  lioi i its.  Passengers for JvCttle Rivci'and Boundary Creek con  nect at Marcus with stage daily.  C. O. DIXON. G. P. & T. A.  I^aslo & Slocan Railway  OOING WKST  Leave    8.fX) a. in.  "          S.32 "  "          D.30 '"   '  "          11.15 ��  "           D.S5 "  "        10.12 ��  ���"        10.25 "  io.;�� ��  Arrive 10.40 '<  Leave  Arrive  11.00 a. m.  11.15    "  DAIl.V  Kaslo  South Fork  Sproule's  W'liitowater  Hear Jjakc  McGuigun  Bailey's  Cody Junction  Sandon  CODY   BnANCH,  Sandon  Cody  noiya I:ast  Arrive 3.55 p. m.  ���" 3.20 ."  " 2.25 "  " 2.10 "  "2 00 "  ���' 1.15 ���"  " 1.34"  " 123  Leave  1.15  'it,-  Arrive 11.40 it. m  Leave 11.23    "  G. F. COPKLAND, Superintendent.  ATLANTIC   STEAMSHIP   TICKETS.  .Five-mile Point....5:10  Arrive 10:30    i.     Nelson  4:30      Connects with N. & Vt. S. Uy. train for Spokane, lciw-    can lines  ing Fivo-milo Point at 10:05 a.m. Ifullinfor  iity wharf at foot of Third stro  ROBERT IRVING, Manager,  Steamers leavo Kaslo city wharf at foot of Third street I  To and from European points via Canadian and Amcri-  _ui lines. Apply for sailing dates, rates, tickets, and  full information to any Canadian Pacific railway agent or  C. 1*. II. City Agont. Nelson.  WILLIAM STITT, General 8. S. Agent, Winnipeg. THE TRIBUNE:   NELSON B.C.   SATURDAY, FEBPJIABY 4, 1899.
Liberal Association, Nelson—Political Meeting.
Jacob Dover. Nelson—Cliango of advertisement.
The date of M. Holdieh's lecture on
"Fire" has been  changed  from Tue«da5r,
the 7th, to Thursday, the 9th hist. The
lecture, which is to be illustrated by experiments-, will be held in the mission
room of St. Saviour's church, and to those
who know the lecturer, it need hardly be
said that a thoroughly interesting as well
as instructive talk may confidently be expected.
The Gait Coal Company will shortly put
a cheaper grade of domestic coal on the
local market. For domestic purposes t his
second grade coal will give equal satisfaction with the first grade article, the only
difference being that there will be no
large lumps in it. This coal the Gait company will sell delivered for $6 per ton.
A certificate of improvement was issued
today for the Princess Ida mineral claim,
situate on Toad mountain, to B. R. Wal-
bey, William H. Bamburyand Michael
Egan, all of Nelson.
W.J. Kirby and R. Helm e, travelling
auditors of the Dominion Express Company, are in town checking over the business of the Nelson office.
A. L. Davidson for the past two years
operator at the Spokane & Northern telegraph,office in Nelson has severed his connection with the company and gone to
Spokane. F. W. Blaney, who has been in
the office for the past two years as mess-
gei:, has been appointed assistant operator.
The city engineer is having considerable
difficulty in keeping the waterworks
flume, between the dam on Anderson's
creek and the reservoir, clear of ice. Last
night a force of nine men were engaged
in cutting away the ice and today the
men working on the electric light flume
were brought in to assist in the work.
The steamer Miuto did not get through
to Robson last evening. She may "succeed
in doing so today, but if the cold snap
continues the railway company will
abandon the Columbia river route for
freight until the winter breaks. Should
this be decided on, the freight for all
southern points will bebroughtinover the
Slocan River branch.
?  The bro Miuing  & Milling Company,
which   is   operating the Golden   Wedge
group, received  a large consignment of
?: iron pipe for the plant at Oro.   The pipe
-     will   be   freighted   in  oyer  the Six-mile
"   -wagon'road.
■■-.:.-. ^ ? Athabasea?stock is climbing up in Lon-
'*n;Jdo"n*as2vvell*as elsewhere.. Early this week
'■K'ia"°1bibclS*df^20()0 shares were sold at 47
)i$;$eTit$t&-P&t% - '_'. , . - . , -" _-".;.
.^^FfMfzF^ey' returned to Nelson last
^%^enirig»from Ironton, Ohio,, where he
^■S^enfcfafter'disposing of iiis.interests here.
^.&e^6pntemp]&tes,taking up his residence
^>'"lnri;Sp^kVn"e.t =       \-~ '■ '*- .,    "     -;'""-=
»|a°.„ ffJrv^Armltrong is at' present entertain-
KVdngJj!li'8ifk'|jJ_e(j•, whom he had not seen for
^."°4'^X'far^>.u._t-ii the old gentleman arrived
,^s:^esferday^:;from Edmonton.' The doctor
^s^will^s^rJ^WAh'is" visitor some, mining proper-
.'ii*^ti.^Sjl^\V'h"j.<?h'r he - is interested  before he
;.;-'„liMp.^i,*J?i Brougham will not sing at
fe^ti hi eKa goZtwhlii? „Reys ^Robertt.sErewtfi'rst."'
s^spqkeqt^giv.itf&a lecture;- MrSijBrpugbam'"
' |lsl^o^l'en,teid?taY'Onji^ibuin€>'.ytp"-;the ;iiilisica 1;"
t^":pJkr*fc|of ;thi| programrfl§.''JIil|lGes_,"J_i.ow^,v.e_:f',
;- rj"iii,ehst^k"ii^w■/itbTat"^!^'." Brougham: iyas ill
rY\?ao3^.bii'i^no;t-be abje'tpapp"^ar,'6iit witib.
I'^^^h^wmau's persistency, the press eSa-
$'.'fepb\i§c$pi4n&® pf the lectdre and concert
^;«..1jptib6ijy.v|e"; pp. sfe't'out that there will be a
USM$ l^ek'i'n gypecf pumance=whenf=there-wiIH
?^npt>b'e. JTlie effect of thus- advertising
"Ijthe entertainmeiit may be that people
-f-S^hq, vvpuld not go to hear "Europe(Res'- iyiGsitecl".i_ii'g'ht go to hear Mrs. Brougham
*, sijng, Mid a^ Mrs. Brougham will not sing
\""tbey vyill bedisappoihted.
„      R.   A.   Rogers  of   Winnipeg,   general
"„ •'xp&nhg&r tif  the- Parsohs Produce Company, arrived in Nelson last night.   Pi J.
Russell, ulariager of tih_ Nelson  branch,
' )'0t Jigre a few* days ago   to meet Mr:
„' '        •"■-■■ siTIJATION   WANTED.
Rogers in East Kootenay, to make arrangements for establishing branches
along the line of the Crow's Nest Pass
railway, but through some accident they
missed each other and Mr. Russell is expected back in Nelson tonight. Mr.
Rogers while here will arrange for the
erection of a warehouse and office, and
Nelson will hereafter be the headquarters
for the company's business in East and
West Kootenay and Southern Yale.
Our weather here is uncertain and
you should always be ready for cold
snaps. We have a full.line of coal
stoves and heaters on hand and invite an inspection of our\stock.
Fine Lager Beer
Ale and Porter
Prompt and regular RrpU/Pri/ at NpklM
delivery to the trade. Drewery 0.1 il-ISOII.
Steinway and Nordheimer lead
the world. Art & Music Co.,
agents, Baker street, Nelson.
Charles A. Waterman & Co.
Baker Street, Nelson
Application for Liquor License.
Notice is hereby given that I will, thirty days from the
dnteof this notice, apply to the government a^ent at
Nelson for a license to sell liquor at retail at my hotel,
known as the h'lorence Hotel, situate three miles east of
Nelson, oi'i the oull't of Kootenay lake, in West Kootenay district, DritUli Columbia.
Dated February 3rd, IS!)!).
After the Excitement...
Shelf and Heavy Hardware
Company, Ltd.
Patronize Home Industry
Of the holiday season and the elections
Keep warm
and preserve health
by wearing"
Kootenay Cigar
Manufacturing Co.
ern 'Canadian),'    , „..._..
pjy at Mrs. ,A.VH. jClcnieitt.s, Victoria streets next door
A situation as general Vcrvaitt by ariJSast^
ern Ciinadiai^ijirlj who knows how to w ork.   Ai»-
' - Remember you can" get them from  ."
Aberdeen Block, NcLsoni B. C. .
Resid§nee ;Lots;
' *" ■''T^&^J^'\'0^^^^- '■■■■.!*'':„■■
(Daiiiy, .I&mchf oii-i^pStehay IJike .ilear
;"Srelsoii^„V .W ." jU°:.;%-^-~.y. .....'"•...-'^OOQ:,
"fiou^ an4 lbj „on:."Silica iirefifc . . .". H$Q°°,
,House .and.t/WQi lols 6"ri>" "\fnei;abii street WOQ,.
tfoii$e hm\d lot on, A^ietoi'ia stfeet". -. .2 J 00°
Hduse jtfiicl" lQ"t 'on. Victoria s'tjre.et ., . . It3!50\
House, and lot on Victoria street . . . 1900! t.
House ?titd two lots on Carbonate St.   1.800 s
Chamois Vests and
Chest and lung - Protectors
lUarge .stock: just   received
W. F. Teetzel & Co.
Giant Powder
Canton Drill Steel
-. s r ■
Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal
Pipes, and Fittings
Giant, Caps and Fuse f
Tools, Cutlery, Tiri
and Woodenware
Stoves, Ranges; I
WOODEN    m    Iron' Steel,  Sheet
INAATER^L   %.      Iron, T-Rails   .,
ivia itmAL     W3, Paint    0il    Q.lags
NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:   Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.
NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharfi-j-y
Will   be  found  in  their  new  premises  on   Baker Street
with  a complete  stock  of
Shelf and
and Shelf
You will find it to 3'our advantage to consult us
before placing your orders
Tinsmithing- aqd Plumbing a Specialty
Estimates Cheerfully Furnished
Is something; new, stylish,
and strictly up to date.
Every Hat is
"A'tEX   STEWART,   Mining   Broker.
Office:   Turner & Bocckh block, B;ikcr and
VViird streets Nclsorn
Business and
Residential Lots
EOK SALE iu the original townsite on easy
terms. Also lots for sale ii\ Grand Forks
,«tnd Cascade City.
J. A- G i
^n"  u  . m   ° "IP    D   "_   1
Wholesale Markets at JJelson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.
Qnce a cuflipmer always a, customer,
and a triafc||der will convince^ you that
the quality pf pur goods is unexcelled
and:@ur jiric^s reasonable. A large
S«|||^ni^a|1 of canned goods, eonsist-
'ftS^ J^^s* etc., just received.
Mail Orders
Promptly Attended to
Baker Street, Nelson,  B.O.
Nelson,   Trail,  Yrriir, Kaslo?  New Denver,  Sandoii, SilYertan, Cascade
City,  Grand Forks,   Midway, Greenwood and Sirdar.
Wilson & Harshaw
Bus meets all trains and boats.
Special attention given the transfer of baggage. Office and stables
on Vernon street, opposite The
Tribune office.    Telephone No. 35.
H. D. Ashcroft
Land Agent,
Corner Bilker, nnd Kootcmiy Street*),      Nelson, J3.C.
Gei]eral Broker
Real Estate and
Insurance Ageift
To let for three months, ,1-room cottage, with bath;
nicely furnished.
Office:   Aberdeen Block, Baker Street. Nelson.
Head Office, Nelson, B.C.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Will enable you to eat and digest that piece of tough steak
is a good sauce, ready mixed and well seasoned.
M~. DesBrisay & Go,
Baker Street, Nelson  £ C. TRAVES, Manager
WiHfon repairing promptly atterded to by a first-class
Special attention gh-Pii to a'l kinds of repuiring and
custom work from outside points.
SHOP:  Jjall Street, between Baker and Vernon, Nelson
Coal and
Wood  Dealer
CEESTO-T,   33. O
J. A. Irving & G6l
Family orders u specialty and free daily delivery
Mail and telephone orders promptly attended to
Raker Street West, opposite Oddfellows' Flock'
Delivered to any part of tho city.
Full measurement guaranteed.
Office at Corner Baker and Ward Streets, j
Situate on the Crow's Nest Railway is prepared to deliver lumber of any description in any quantity at any place within the
district of Kootenay. !    -    ..   .
Tenders Solicited
James McPhee
contract to supply and install any l^ind of electrical machinery
WiII„V'LrtC'1),(i,(li"5's f<?r electric lighting,'electric bells, I Will contract to install flro alarm systems in towns and'
electnc:.burglar alarms,, electric annunciators. |  .    cities. .Full stock ot wire mid fixture, on hand.
J?   WJJITE FOfJ PRICES.   Office and Storeroom:   Josephine Street, Nelson,


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