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 .:l^~  -/uWos-^i ive**?=��urjor. j^  -^���''-*v  B; J^i23l2>"; ���n?ti!wcPKtt��B!��fa?tKeKri .���;=:  x~  KOOTENAY  Has Mines that are Paying Dividends and Hundreds of Properties that can be Made  Dividend Paying Mines.  xxhnnc  KOOTENAY  Has   a   Mineral   Output   of  Upwards   ot   One  Million    Dollars    Every    Month  In   The  Year  DAILY   EDITION:  nm  WRST YEAR-NO. 11.  ^  ovy.  J>o,)  J  NELSON,  BRITISH   COLUMBIA, SATURDAY, .JANUARY   14,  18911,  j ABB   JOHNSON   GETS   THE   LICENSE.  Mayor Neolaiula ana Police Magistrate Ignore  the Objections of Commissioner Turner.  At the meeting of the board of license  commissioners held this afternoon a  resolution was moved by police magistrate Crease and seconded by chairman  Neelands, renewing all the saloon and  hotel licenses which expire tomorrow.  The question of the granting of the  saloon license to Abe Johnson for I he  premises on Baker street was the first  matter taken up.  Mayor Neelands asked the clerk of the  board to read the minutes of the last  meeting, the clerk accordingly read the  minutes of the special meeting of the commissioners held on Dec. 27th, at which the  resolutions passed at the previous meeting  on December 1-lth, dealing with the transfer of Mrs". Maletfce's license to Abe  Johnson were rescinded.  When the minutes had been read chairman Neelands moved that the minutes of  the special meeting so far as they dealt  with the minutes and resolutions of the  meeting of December Mth be rescinded  and that the minutes and resolutions of  the meeting of December 1-Ith be restored  as they were originally.  Police'magistrate-Crease said that he  supported the Johnson application when  it came before the board in the first instance, and that he had taken no -part in  the rescinding of the resolutions of December 1-lth. He said he won Id support the  motion of the chair that the resolutions  rescinded on Dec. 27th be restored.  Commissioner Turner asked what efl'ect  the passing of the resolution made by the  chairman would have.  Mayor Neeland replied that Johnson  had been -promised a license.  .,.." Commissioner Turner���In moving the  resolution to rescind that part of the  minutes of the previous meeting dealing  with the transfer of the license, I was  acting under the highest legal advice I  could get, and this advice was to the  ,"��� ^'effect thatthe grantiu^of-'bthe^,'t.ran^fer-pJ'-^  �����V��"��s;a"me*.pet'iti'on^^^  --.��� sCH*$fo'.:qFVnTj^  ""~Tsa3r\that"'i^  .��;fJi;e;.attolu'ey"���,gen!er,aljn:t��ild n*6hat.,*lle^"lias/  '' ^i^en;fjjg^ii5i:iViuo]J M^tfe fitect^a^tjJe, 'I  hotel license, and u...mneeted with the  transfer of the saloon  license.    He contended   that the only application   for a  license  which  was regularly  before  the  board was that of U. K, Lemon.  _ Commissioner Turner said that  he considered   I liar, the   Lemon application was  not before the board,    lie said that when  the time came he would oppose Lemon or  any   one   else   securing  a   license.       He  would oppose the contemplated   transfer  because   it  was  not   in  the  interests of  the     public   and   secondly    because   it  was. in the opinion of the attorney-general, illegal,    lie said  that  he could  not  .understand Mr..Crease saying one thing  as   a   police   magistrate and an   entirely  different   thing  as a  commissioner.,   He  had   been   informed    by   the  deputy-attorney-general that the license, if granted to Johnson under under   the   present  circumstances, would   be   clearly   illegal  and    of   no   effect/that   Johnson, if he  sold liquor under it, would be liable for  selling liquor without a  license.   If  the  members  of  the  board  wanted  to   put  Mr. Johsnon in that position they should  support the resolution of the  chairman.  Magistrate Crease said  that   while  he  was opposed   to  grauting   a   license on  Baker street, yet it seemed  to him  that  there werespecial circumstances connected  with the case which made itonly just and  fair that Johnson should get the license.  Commissioner' Turner said that he objected to.going into the merits of the case  at all.:   The question for the board to decide   was. whether    the    contemplated  action of the board was,legal or not.  After some further talk the chairman  put the motion. Magistrate, and the  chairman voted aye and commissioner  Turner nay, and so the minutes of the  meeting of December Mth were restored.  The usual resolution reviewing the  existing business was then passed Mrs.  Malette being entered as holding an hotel  license and Abe Johnson as the holder of  asaloon license. Commissioner Turner was  asked to second this resolution but declined..  ���The application of R. E. Lemon was  then disposed of. 'There'being no vacant  license the cleric was instructed to return  him his money, and notify him according-  WEEKLY   EDITION  SE\rENTH  YEAR-NO. %  STEADY"   WORKMEN'S   REWARDS.  |iitilt3jy:;;evirdiug"'���.t>.lfe; ^flVisibufs Tdfi "flw  ttatutfeto, ��rajlt",���a"tr;airs4'e"^ \  ." tibn fotic accojii pTiuyed ���*t:li,enjsain;fei'. ���,-*������" "���"-."!  " "phaii\mah jSfeelands skid^bii&t h e.did,"u61  ���ihiu;k.'tJjil-Mie ��:bl6,|;k. D.ii>�� question s|i,dul;dr  'Ii&ve^an'"v^fet'Srebeei *'. Thei;|j ivvef'fcMi"ot"els;;  'ih.^tj'i^ijlbloi'k^  / . .   .-.  "J" ���'""���*".   -."    *V  '!Co"iuinftsffdi]"e;.r TimnJOV���ThAt"���is "nob tlfe  spirit./ %o\y "have", no" Mght.'"."tpY#'afiVsA!  transfer of preiaisesrwithout a "pefiitipu."  I claim* that without- a petition Johnstm  has, ���h"o���}righ"| to a licenso "anjl that CJIef  board haSTho rjghtttpgive.hiui ai.license^ .  8. S. Taylor/who itppeared before.the  board ill thd interest of :R��.IS. Lemon,"Unci  W. A- Gallihe^ who appeared for jobtv  son, each addressed the-board, at IfcngthY  S. S. TiVylor asked "the1 chairman wlii-t  effect he would attacji bp the.passage pf  the resolution. '"Do yem wish to decide,  by this mbtiou that-the transfer is authoi -  ized to Johnson, and that the petition of  R, E^LemOn will unt__be_ consideved���?   Do  p.bedst hat .^ughy wasslliis,i  pjice:  rhe'ehau'man  ^intention.**'* - ^  I�� .Cquj uiigsiouer .JTu^uei'M'epyed'.i-.hat. mthe  "d b j ecfcVfh al'^  Itiou^vas^/thatj^fe's^in'glit^^  pthe.�����req^.iest\A:;o|3;^thet-Suepitty-at^^^  ���g^ueVa^V^;wIip/;."l^a^rii"d^M?��ed tf��"Jii.irxir "tp.  ., nptjf y?Jijjnt��in.f"i'as(5; "a/'licenVp"^?^ "i/siied;  ���*j.vi'tihbli,Ct"B^hseg.iiir6d: petjtld,u.   aJ,.���.1';-' \\,  ',j'T-hje^o"^r^tlifiij;!^ m'btipjvo'f�� j  ilia'gistra'lg Oretisef  Frequent Pay-Days Lead To Extravagance and  Dissipation.  Nothing interferes so much with a working man's   prosperity as  what is mildly  called "unsteadiness."    Unsteady  workmen  are  their own   worst, enemies.    On  their " idle days " they doubly squander  their means, losing what they might earn  on those days, and spending what they  have earned on other days.    Very oftc i  when they go back  to work  they are in  such a condition as to be unfit for it, and  so, if they are paid according to what they  do, they are losers again.   The wives and  families of such   men   have   a   sad   life.  PoA'erty is always  with  them,  and they  have often to endure ill-usage also.   The.  employers, too, have to suffer for the unsteadiness of  workmen.    Work is interrupted,  hindered   and  delayed, through  the absence of men who ought to be carrying it on,aud when they return after their  ' spree," the work is not done as quickly  or as well as it ought to be done.   In some  of the great works in the old country and  the United States, this unsteadiness is a  serious hindrance.    The very uncertainty  of the preseuce of the workers throws affairs out of gear.   Employers have to calculate and  try to strike an  average of  probable absenteeism when they are considering  how.much, work   they  can  get  done in a given time.    If suflicieut allowance be  not made,   contracts cannot be  executed up to time.   It is only a section  of the workmen, and that section happily  a   diminishing   minority,    who   are   unsteady;    but   they   are   still    numerous  enough to be a ..source of trouble and of  harm  at the  work  where they are employed.    We are not at all sure thatthe  system of fortnightly pay does not tend  to   produce   unsteadiness..    It  has   been  said   that  if  the "workmen   'were   paid  ofteher they would  be idle oftener: but I  that, we think, is a  mistake.   If pay-day  be a ''great day," coming comparatively  ��^seJdomB;aud"btungjn^;wIth?it a* lar^e.��sum,���  "��ftlIV��ap:t��toibe  SUGGESTIONS   FROM   ENGLAND  mm  ^fc  Morning Papers Insist on  Americans Keeping  the Islands.  -London, Jan. !���!.���Most of the morning  papers comment today upon the situation  in the Philippines, drawing the inference  that senator  Foraker's   remarks   in   the  senate chamber yesterday were made by  him as the spokesman  of the president,  and expressing disappointment and their  disapproval of a possible relinquishment  of the I'hillippines by the  United States.  The Times says that thesenatorappears  to leave the subject in an  unpleasantly!  ambiguous state.   It is in the Phillipines  that the new system of government would  be brought to a test,  and  no resolutions  passed in the senate can solve the problem.   The claims of the insurgents to national recognition can hardly hold water,  but there is no power in the world  that  would be so much embarrassed by the  raising of a question  of this sort as the  United States.  "To announce that the occupation of  the Philippines is only temporary would  be scarcely prudent. Although some precedents are furnished in our own policy  during the last 20 years, the results are  unsatisfactory. All the governments of  the continent have acquiesced, willingly  or' unwillingly, in the fact that the  islands, with all advantages and responsibilities, are American acquisitions, and  they are bound to hold aloof except in  the conceivable event of the failure of the  American government."  The Standard says: "It is a little startling to find the liberators of Cuba engaged  in suppressing a youthful republic which  claims the sacred right of self-government.  Yet to withdraw would create another  Cuba off the coast of Asia, for which naval  nations would scrambled'  The Daily Chronicle says: "We believe  that, so soon as can safely, be doue, the  United States will give the Filipinos  virtual home rule under responsible government.''     <: -  r 're  covers, and  place the  powder in the inside one, having first placed dry sawdust  or iufusorial earth, or line dry sand in i he  bottom of it, to absorb any oil  from the  cartridges.   This should  never be placed  on the fire, but filled with hot water and  protected so as to retain the heat as long  as possible, and to avoid having to empty  and refill it too often.   The habit of thawing powder in a sack on top of a toiler or in  a blacksmith shop or mine office, is a custom which is fruitful of accidents  to life  and  a great cause of fire.   Placing  the  powder iu hot water or in steam is equally dangerous, as it is sure to cause the oil  to exude.   Many of the powder companies  sell proper, thawing boxes or kettles made  of zinc, and recommend their use  to consumers, so that there is no excuse for the  mine manager  or owner  who does  not  provide such an appliance and see that it  is used.  THE   SPOILS   GO   TO   THE   VICTORS.  Mayor  ROYAL   ALIASES.  "THE "'ALIEN   BILL.'  r  . <��.,.  "you wish to close the whole tiring by one  motion?"  The chairman replied in effect that the  passing of the resolution would mean that  Johnson would get the lic'ensth  S. Si Taylor asked the chairmiin if he  knew that there was a petition in against  the granting of h saloon in the Johuson  lirehijses.  "The chairman replied that he did but  it would be possible to get up a petition  for anything. t  S. S. Taylor-Tlien you don't intend to  consider the petition ?  feftThe chairman'��� N'oJ I; do not intend to  consider it.  Police hnigisti'nte Create explained with  regard to his owft action that hfi was  guided by the 'equities iii the case. In  seconding the .motion of the chairman lie  Said that ho was but adhering to his  original position,  S. S. Taylor reminded the board of f lie  decision which had been rendered by the  police magistrate at the trial of John-spii  for seiltiig liquor without a license. At  the trial of the case the magistrate held  that there had been no transfer of a  license to Johuson. In seconding the  motiou   he   was   practically   taking   the  gosition that there had been a transfer,  oth positions could not be right.  Magistrate Crease said that he was in  two different positions.  S. S. Taylor replied that it was not his  desire to criticise the actions of the commissioner but the action of the police  magistrate was inconsistent. The position  which the magistrate took could not be  understood. If there had-been a transfer  as the magistrate now" seemed to assume,  the fine which the magistrate had imposed upon Johnson was improperly  imposed. In concluding he contended  that there had beeu no transfer from Mrs.  Malette to Johnson and without that the  board could not in any event make the  tranfer.  Chairman Neelands replied that the  board had an application for a transfer  from Mrs. Malette.  S. S. Taylor denied that the*document  referred to was a transfer and further  said that even if it were it had been signed  by Mrs. Malette under a misapprehension. She could not read English and  signed the paper thiuking that it was  some necrssarj' paper connected with the  "Provisions" Wlilcfr" W^li Ae Maheitp;SbuS,-Alien*!  ��. ��� M*,"��?".. ��put���qf^Plac;er. Diggings?-. ..'���''��"  , The folio vying" is' the fulLtext, of *the  ^Suggested changei in th^Jbiacer^Vm'liiug  ac{b,* as" intt'pdutfigcj by. I-fo(i. ."Mr.- Hujme;  "ininister b:f mines: i*     "    - - " ...���'.  j. That e^e'r.y- perspn who is not less  than IS yearss'pt';a'ge. and is a British sub-^  ject shall be entitled to all the rights and  , privileges of a free rjiiner under .this act,  and Khali be considei'ed "a. free mirier under this act, upon taking out a free  miner's certincatej as long as such certifl-  'caten'emainsnn'foi'.cerr; J  2. No joint stock coVnjiany or corporation shall be entitled to take out a free  minerii' certificate unless the same has  been incorporated and notsiiliply licensed  or registered under the laws of this province, and unless such company or corporation is authorized to, take Out a  miner's license by the lieutenant-gover-  npr-in-cpuucil. The word "person" in this  sectibn shall include only such Compauies  or corporations as aforesaid.  ���X A miners? license, taken out by any  person .nop authorized so to do by tliis  section shall be null and void.  ���I. This .section shall not effect .free  inhiergf certificated, issued before the  comih"g-��iiit"o force o| this section, and in,  case "any person or corporation not allowed under this section to take out a  free ininei's* license has prior to the coining into force of this section acquired any  interest 6,r any claim uuder the .provisions of the placer mining act, such license  may be renewed from time to time, but  sueii renewed license shall not entitle the  holder thereof to hold or acquire any interest in any claim under said placer mining act, except such interest so acquired  prior to the coming into force of this section. -��  5. No free miner after the coming into  force of this section, shall hold any claim  under said placer mining act, or any interest therein as trustee or otherwise for  any person who is not a British subject,  or for any corporation not authorized to  take out a free miners' certificate as above  provided.   Hiram Walker Dead.  Detroit, Jan. 1:3.��� Hiram Walker, the  capitalist, founder of Walkerville, Out.,  and head of the great distillery which  bears his name, died yesterday of paralysis, aged 82.     A Tug Sent After a Gold Brick.  Vancouver,   Jan.  14.���A tug left here  this morning to bring down'agold brick  from the Dothory Morton mine on Texada  Island.   The brick is valued at $8,000.  Winnipeg has Another Fire.  Winuipeg, Jan.  14.���A fire on Portage  avenue yesterday gutted the stores occupied by Nolan, a paper-hanger, and Cur-  rie, an auctioneer.  ,?;  1|^ifcjb'eiyc^  "jW.mild^,notjsft.fi^  !tiQn^int^"uidlevday.#^^^ .������.���....���-.,��� ������.,. .,���  ;q.ie>:cM>ni^  :i^Wn,:that,;e"m"p^^ tj'.1"��� *-<- "���* -  Juc"'.ulfe"���re^ji'Ja-ij1 \|drk.fs���5'��I!ue -.jj1a��n"^tIIa:t".;S.itft J";;  John .13rftnn��eu^,*QfJJ-'Cj\I'^d6JiM|e%w Enflaiitl,  has ^r4ed-;fp|'D;m;anyty ,  -��iv"ith exiirlaordfriaiw^lu^c'ess" tnigift well be'  Adopted"by-��qtheV;iarge^em ' It jskai;  '.';y.e/y'.s,i\uy"]j^^Vast��e"m"'fof- rjjyards'-ltp': \VpKk.-��  meu"-fbr��^sfeadi1i%sg.\  -; In J'a,"��sppieuch" lib:  Manchester" - recently   ��ir ��� Jphn ��Beuu-  ii;er- described   the   system, , and ��� told  exactly" how it-had workeds-  lie saidthat  JiOtue 18 years-ago, he- induced,  his col-s  leagues in*tiie management ,pF the  business ^o offer to every steady maiiriii their  ,seifVjiee a week'shbjidayand a week's,pay,  "the .standard fpi- a-steady man being-.tliat  he should not. ��pe abspuc from  \Vdrk ten  days in tile year preceding without a good j  excuse.   At   that   time, and;  tinder that  standard, 43. per cent were'adjudged to be  steady, and received their week's holiday  wjth the week s; pay.   Of every lflQ me"u  57 were unsteady, to the extent of being  LofLwprk^teu^days^oiUtnoi^^in^tlie-li  months* But at  the end of 17 years���  meaning the year 1S��7��� the men had improved so much in their attendance, in  their regularity and   sobriety,  that the  proportion of steady men had  risen to OS  per cent, and that in spite Of the fact that  the  standard   had   been  raised   several  times until now a steady man  was one  who did not lose more than three days in  the yeiii\ instead of ten as formerly.   In  other words, of every 100 men only two  were unsteady to the extent of being off  work forjnore than  three days in the. 12  niontlis^The cliarige is very reiiiarkable. ���!  Sir JohB^Bruuuer might well coinmend hjs  sys'tein to every employer of labor on a  large scale; He said he cotild assure "hi m,  although the expense would come toabotit  two per cent, of the wages* whit'h was a  large expense, he would find that the improvement in the regularity and attendance of men would more than recoup him  for the outlay; and he woiildalso havetbe  satisfaction of knowing that the homos of  the men were very much improved by tho  increased amount of-niouey which would  be going in, and by the much better  manner in which that money was spent.  As this is the teaching of experience,  employers who havetrouble withunsteady  men should not be afraid to try-the plan.  If it had been so successful in one case it  ought to be equally successful in others.  It combines business improvement with  social reform, and is of advantage to both  parties. The employer has the double  satisfaction of getting better work .and  making better men. Intelligent workmen  would see at once the merit of the system,  and the pick of them would seek employment at the works where it was in operation.  AsNew.tEngib;?;^  ���:>^nd6u?���1&  ��� gio^i! "f&^ nig! t|m $t ^tb e^Br llfifr adf*  "* '��be"eii"j.prfeparJfu*g,��^Hn^^^  Names Under Whicli Kings and Queens Travel  When ''Incognito."  Strange as it may seem, even kings and  queens sometimes get tired of their titles  and try to escape observation  by  using  what in the case of more ordinary persons  would be called an alias.    Of course, it is  difficult, if not impossible, for a free and  independent citizen who lives perpetually  in hail of the screaming and defiant eagle,  to imagine how anyone could become tired  of beiug a "ryle" persbuage.   But so it is,  and this article is written for the information of anyone who may meet'the'royal-  persons when  they are traveling incognito. Queen Victoria, as everybody knows  or      should       know,     travels       under  the name of countess of Balmoral;  Queen  Auialie of Portugal uses the title ot marquise of Villacosa.   Ex-queen  Isabella of  Spain was the countess of Toledo  when I  she   travelled,   and under the   name of  countess of Lihgen you may find empress  Frederich.   If j'ou should  meet a gentleman who calls himself the count of Ilav-  enstein, call him "pour majesty," for lie is  that dear, wicked old  boy, king of Belgium;   The king of Portugal  travels as  cpunti Barfiellos.i .iThe..sprincK.sAf^'-^ales?  a ny;:  ir prtifc--  n  -S%"edeh"iSlkub^  <*coiiVi"ts..��nf'4fK''n r-i c b"e^gS"a n^dC- p"5^;:~a' ��� -��� * ~ -:  tn.e^ti.tle>"-ipf  'eou'h t"-.S;6f;3I?ar 1 suo"e^gS"au"dvB"p r i"ii ce"sVti c to i\  ���       "   " j, _��   ���      &������   ���ft      '   ������ U.ll,u n     ,.'J        - nTJK       ^^rnii "mn^r      ;-t"nrVr     '"tl-   "  pbunt-.jVlqn-"'  fWapd.lebtf-feused  "caliyfi"  -;.%;n  '��,u,'  l;Hockega:f  sintiierkstiug^  the,'Ory.stal.JRink.". -��?���-������;' ,��  and��excitiiigD\ gaine*<oti  -"��   " -   "    ^ t.��. ����^ti     nnf^n  n-U^"^"l-"u���  N eel and t-' Henchmen   Demanding the  o Fruits  of  Victory.  The spoils sysu-m is to be adopted in its  entirety  by  the recently elected  mayor  and his supporters in the council.    Every  one of the present city officials are to have  their heads dioped  off sooner or  late-.  The entire system of conducting thu bit-���  ness of the city is to  be chinge I.    Tl--i  ante-election- profes-ious  that  ihe cit.V <.  business was .well conducted were in ear r/v  for nothing more  than soft soap f����; tJi-V;  doubtful electors.    Not a single oiie'-ftl e. ;  solid five will  now make a stand fur  thing but a ii entire change.    Thei  sions weie mem claptrap..  Ex-mayor Houston was paid $2,000  year, ami he f��arbed."it.',sMayor Neelands  is to be imid $1,000 a.year to he a figurehead. The old council, was divided iu.b  two committees��� public works unci  finance. The new. is to be divided-into  half a. ch-/.en, thechairni.in of-each to b's  paid. Alderman Fletcher is to be chairman of the public'.works atid G. Eraiik  Beer chairman of the finance committer-,  the chairman-hip of i he other committees  has not yet bpeit decided on.  City clerk St radian is .m be  kept  for a";  month or tun,   in  order, to keep thiugs>-  running straight, then   his  head   is_>o>gn  into   the  basket.   ,Hiigh':-'R'.;':.Game'ir��.iii   is ������'''...  slated to be his successor. ; !      : -  City   engineer .McCulloch is  tn u i at}0^  once.    His successor will  be A.. VI    Ilbd-;  gins, although David Morris  is an a|i|��li- ������}���  cant for the position. ,'   " ^:  There are half a dozen applic i��its 'for c  the position of city collector. It'.u'ill'gb.-io <  either J. E. Amiable or C; D: J. Christie."'���:A  There is a fight over the ciiv���-"..srili.'-icrVr-.-j--'-;  ship.    W; A;  Galliher,  R. M:  Macdonald.  and W. A. JIac:do^iald.are'''al|''.'.sai��i-;:'U)':-he:-'''i;:.;  a f ter i t.    W. A. -G a 1 liher wi 11, get it. -= >;,:' -::}-y  ���;i Although the 'office of chief; of police; is' -:-f-',  not within the gift of the council, -Roliert^  luce and -It.  Aylmer Wiheails::are;after23  the job. ; The latter������.wi||.get:icV::2K^.;iSu::^i:!  -The chief ^of^the^fire/deprtrtin  iiot;begn���s^lccted,';a;Ttl;it is, untylikelS'' tliat^r  ^hefwfsl^sioljthe^pembers of thelbngade:^  ^il'f^lia^^a^yX^yejg'hc>withV?the; cbuncihf^:  ' "'TlV4:citycple1:'.lcyk|tp';:Ui!^y e -.a^n "asj-istan t;��|v  |heal|b GIJiyeKsIt:?hou"ld'be given  to"the"7  ���Mi  m  m  ^)?crimen*|s sh6'^ 'tlnit.aMh"a^g^ftfep]^^^^ ^^h^}%^-f  ppunds.fpf ".corfjite il "aufticiejitStp;^^  pro,iQctile."0���r  So.Q .pounpstj ���a"Ad,ista|5c'e; .-.of  1.0-000"yards, whet/eas";^ /ex-iVBhg'^ihch!  guns need ��a- charge or^ypjpoi.iuds/gf^ppw,-*  nde"r fp';',fir"e��. n- ��� jji'^jb"0t"il>l��:��w^i"g4iinig,d' Zll"  pounds the same distance. .".":'"     -     ��  The ���new;. giih   hits also; a,greater $&���  strrtctive capacity, it having", been  fbuhd  that, its- projectile, "will   pe|i"etrate"  21.1]  inches bf'Jvrought iron.at a> distance of  1700 yards, wiiil6 the' penetrating power  of the ordinary feiheh gun, at the sanie  distance is 19:1 inches.    At shorter distances the difference i"H the destructive  capacity is much  inore pr^fiounced, the  muzzlo'perforatian^^  '���iS.ii inches of iron, as it gainst 20.7 inches  in  the same case, of the type of weapon  with   which   the   British   liavy   is   now  eqn'  Canada's Portion Was ��29.738,200.  San Francisco, Jan. II.���John J* Valentine, president of WelLs-Fargo ct Coni-  jjany's PJxpi'ess has issued tjle usual ail-  nital statement P.f the production of precious inetals iu the states and territories  west of the Missouri rivet'j including British Colllnlbia and Northwest TerritorieSs  fpr the year IS08. The aggregate valuations are shown as follows:  Gold, ��78.401.2025 silver. $.mO|(i,r)(il; epp-  per, $1(S.20;001S; lead, $l��,;-{-M,'25l: total  gross, $177,022,(i(i(i. Thfe cbmmcrciai A'altje  at wdiich the several metals named have  been estimated is: Silver, ~)B cents per  ounce; copper, 12 cents per pound, and  lead, $:l(if> per ewt.  The gold production of British Columbia and the Northwest Territories is given  as SSI 1,070,000, and the value of the.other  mineral products" at )|5l7,OG;i200v^  A Bank Clerk. Arrested.  Montreal, Jan. 11.-���Clerk Musser, of the  Merchant's bank, accused of embezzlement of funds, was placed under arrest  this morning. It is generally believed  that the amount involved is upwards of  $50,000.  A Merchant Murdered.  Albany, Oregon, Jan. 14.���J. C. Lyons, a  merchant in Lyons, a small village near  here, was murdered in his store last  night. He was shot by an assassin while  sitting near a window.  Barnato's Wealth G-oes to Charity.  London, Jan. 14���One hundred and  twenty-five thousand dollars11 was this  week distributed among a hundred various charitable institutions iu London and  vicinity in accordance with the bequests  of the late Woolf. Joel, nephew and heir  of Barney Barnato, and who was murdered in Johannesburg, South Africa, a  year ago.  The sums wete distributed by the firm  of Barnato Brothers, who, in order that  the beneficiaries might receive the bequests iu full, themselves paid to the government the 10 per cent legacy duty.  Tne bequests ranged in sums from  $10,000 to $250. The institutions receiving  aid include homes .for the afflicted, poor  and friendless, without discrimination as  to nationality or religious beliefs.  How to Thaw Giant Powder.  The proper and safe way of thawing  giant powder, says the Virginia (Nevada)  Enterprise, is to have a kettle with hot  water outside of an inner and smaller  kettle, on the plan of a carpenter's glue  pot or a farina kettle, with tight closing  , XrciiifkW^ 'Ppi^TA;. J^ffs^v^r-.-pplnt;:  pA,.. Pe.rrier. J. -]f��� Tlfom pspn,"J&. HenHersdn-.  ^"Hsnre.for^'arllS:0" ."'.��� l.;--,-a".".-"-"'''"* Jv '  " :N^lsV>n%oe^yl$yn: "M  -I)j.ine&.u"; "point; Thp.St" "pilucah", -.covelr  poi'ijt: J.".\Vethir)r"e;,��T,;C6"wati,;;IL Jacl'scFnj  C. BeMley, ���fbr'Wards." "/ !"  jL' Carley acted  as. reM-ee arid "\V. Iii"  MacLean aiid W; W. Beeton a;s 1tunpir"esl;  There" wa# & large^attendahcK.of spehta-  tors and  the ice  was   in   splendid   con*  dition,   TheN game   front the, s,tftr"�� was  wqll coittested, but at almost 6ver'y point  =t''h,e=fi r^=bpr-i'g.ade^  opponents, their superior c'pmbinatipn  team play showing to good advantage.  The brigade is considering the q'uestion of  sending a team to the Rossland carnival  to compete in theliockey events, independent of the Nelson hockey club.  Little of interest From Victoria.  Victoria, Jab. I J.���There is not much, of  interest to report from hefe today. The  'Placer Mining Amendment Act, lbokijlg  to the exclusion of ijliens- from tl\e jiljicor  mi ties of the province; .passed the second  reail'ihtf yesterday. The only objector  being Clifford, One of the inenvbtirs from  Cassiar. Some members of the opposition  favored the extension of the principle of  the bill to quftrt/. mining as well as placer.  The Attorney-general introduced a niejis-  tire to decrease the .number of grAtuI  jurors pauels Iroui 2r4o l;5. Another  measure introduced by the government is  to amend the Small Debts Act, but no important change is contemplated, Mc-  Phillips Of Victoria has resigned, owing to  the fact that his partner accepted a brief  from the late government and was paid  since election. There is every likelihood  that his seat as well as Hall's will be contested.  ^^S^ >a   ?^*5;u��^e^thfty?wi|l���rbe3lis,'  ,. -:tl>pMiiU;ed."   The .���s^pp'prte.t'V^-pf .4thef! dld^"-"  I tfpttridjE.are;itsft jj& ���^.^R^tft-^h^^J^liTaf*-^'-  tha"tt;lie pi ty s bu^ineSjs.wKsWel Tc^nd uct'ed A"1  ,tod,a"yas_t|tey_^ere^ before" the^ection^^  ���ft)i'd=tflrey=wi 1 lwt'bTrcw^^f^K  are  wrong   by  sj)oils system.  the inaWgiiratiJ  A Terrific Gale-at Vancouvex1.  Vancouver, Jan. il.-^-A terrific gale  raged here this forenoon. A house at  Mount Pleasant was blown down, injuring two men, one so seriously that he Had  to be taken to the hospital One of the  injured is contractor Mowat, who is not  expected to live.  * EigrrtTedtALiives Lost.  Tacoma, Washington, JailR* ,14.���-The  British bark Angelina, which arrived  from Chini^*last uighr, while anchored in  the harbor awaiting the arrival of a tug,  was capsized by a squall at 3 o'clock this  morning. The captain and crew of 18  ^perished.          Terrific Windstorm in Ohio.  Portsmouth, Ohio, Jan. 14,���A terrific  windstorm here this foeenbon destroyed  two large steel buildings, wrecked the art  hall at the fair grounds, and blew many  dwellings from -their foundations. Two  of the men injure^will die,  dXwill  A Rurhpr^  . It is mniorod that the, Neelanj  wi'1,1 either contract to t'Ouiplete  .now.Jjitilding"ftt th.e fS,MmQiist;"or  the work altogether.   *��o*b%:ijfj  their professions,   the -wol'k" i  at-iaiifloned:   for did the o|d",���c  anything" right?   Tire city is*air  $ri.O0O loser through  the  i'lKd-idt. ���  t'ion of the men \Vho oleJ'fccfAfr; NeglandS>.  mAyt'ir, andjf ahotlier ^2,000 i,s addedl<to�����  the $A0(H>, what's the cfljlciJeuce?     "T    -  The TJew1 Mothocl,  Tlia Neehuids' cpnncil today" iyet inldrln-  ally at the city Office, and for Hifc ffrst  time since iS'clsoii has had respond]pie,  government were people virtually ordered  to leave u building that lias a placard oh  its door Informing tlio public that the  hours for the transaction of business were"  from S.IJ0 a.m. tr. (5 p.m. The old council  always transacted business openly; but  then the old councirs methods must b'$  changed.  m  :3  Ymlr's Water Works System.  I). C. Cumtnings has just secured the  contract to place a water system at Ymir.  Proposals are out for the nfecassary jnatef-  ial in the construction and wprk vvill gp  forward as soon as the sub-cOntracts are  let.        ���'"   A New Time Card.  The Kaslo & Slocan railway has  adopted a change in the time of the  arrival and departure of* its passenger  trains. 1 lereafteV trains will leave Kaslo  at 8 a.m. and arrive at JJoS p.m. Trains  will arrive at Sandon at 10.40 a.m. and  leave at 1.15 p.m. Igt>   '    .  .   Mining  Transfers.  The following transfers of mining properties were recorded at the Nelson ottije  today.  Silver King, located on Sheep creek ���  ^V. K. Beadles to li. McAlpin.  Kentucky Star, Sampson, Kattie H ���  Richard Diamond to "  '���B* THE  TRIBUNE:   NELSON B.C.   SATURDAY, JANUARY H, 1899.
it *
Buy Spoons
'' Silver Plate that Wears.''
knives, forks, etc., buy reliable brands,
even if they do cost a little more. Tliey
are worth the difference. The prefix
'' 1847" on any spoon orfork insures the
genuine Rogers quality, famous for wear.
Full trade-mark,
1847 Rogers Bros.
I take this opportunity of thanking* my customers and the public
for their liberal patronage during1
the past year, and hope for a continuance during* 1899, for which I
will be better prepared with a
larger-stock-.of the newest goods
direct from the manufacturers.
JACOB DOVER, The Jeweler.
A Full and Complete Stock of the
Crockery  and
assware  Department
Up Stairs Over Grocery Store
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3,1 and 5, Bigolow block. Nelson,  Telephone 42.
DR.  J.   A.  ARMSTRONG—Government Veterinary
Inspector.   Treats diseases of all domestic animals.
All stock inspected at Nelson.   Nelson, B. C.
WJ.-Hs HOLMES, nC.E.rrProvincial Land Surveyor...
• 'P."„0.-.box-82/Kas^^^ , ■'%•», r%7j . .^
AH*. HOEDICH-Aimlytical iQlfefefeind. .X&Aycr.,.*
•    ^y4^toj:iaysBtre''b%tfNeulsqn."/ i;:.'|.'/"-i ■_> **        "l""*
~ T   C. ■& WIL?Em^B?a!Sc.""^
" •     —MiningVKngincerS5. and*."Analytical: "Chemists,
Slocan :jgity:;B^r,y^g:.-:r-aj5,,^^ i*"";,"„; ■*■ -l; „„„"   , n.
NEbSON 8tOD"GK;>NOj.23j, A." l^&^M^Mee&S
second. Wedhesdayj,jin.;each"'inohthsf "Sojourning
rUrothreri, incited:*,/-#^-A"«a^l „•/«' ■"*"""•"" 7 ••"".*•'
nli! block, cdrrier,
second |
n   n j: * %t "• % -■'■—•■ E- . , p
'.„„.,. ;.....". .-J.",|ANUA'll:Y  If. l&M
THi'^^f^fatipjis Art; &Bj Hfelm^lCen.
iu tlie^pivo^inyial?[l%isJattti,0.""h|tJye elicited
from t°h§.»^eniiiI'iflVadmS'piSti!£tution the ad- !
*   missioh^tliat; tile; it'Sdefiil" authorities are
' bringia^ptlesistite td ".bear upon the government 6f *"t|Irb pfpv;iuce" with a view to
,   securing *the   repeal   Of   all   legislatiioil, :
whether cqn*tain;ecl„ in  public or private
acts .wliii-M' places ivny   restrictidn upon
this provint:e. * So f'iir the doluiuiOn au-
tliorities have merely requested that the
provincial legislature reiiiove the obnoxious euaetiMeutS.   Whether in the 'event
of the provincial   legislature refusing to
comply  with the request, the dominion
would undertake to disallow such legislar
tion, i:s a matter bf speculation atnonft the
politicians.    In any event the people of
the province are brought face to face with
a very gfftive issuer   1'iVt in  a  few words
the   legislature of   the   province is   now
asked   t6 sacrifice the  vvhite laborers of
•the province to the killing competition of
Asiatics.    If this is done the great body
ofwage earners will gradually give place
to Chinese and Japanese,   The working-
men oi' this province will therefore watch
with interest the development of this portion  of the  Semlin government's policy.
If it develops that the  members of the
present government have not sufficient
backbone to stand up for  British  Columbia's rights against all  comers, whether
inside or outside of the domirtion.it  will
be the duty Of the white wage earners of
the province to return as their representatives at Victoria, men who have.
this province to consent to. There is not
much difference between ceding the province to China or Japan, or in so altering
the conditions of the labor market that
Anglo-Saxons cannot make a living in the
province. The people of Kootenay have
a direct interest in this matter, since,
should the government of the province
recede one step from the position which
it has taken with respect to the employment of Chinese or Japanese, it will be
bnt a question of time until another agitator from China or Japan secures the repeal of that section of the mineral act
which precludes the employment of Chinese or Japanese in the nietaliferqus mines
of Kootenay.
~As  was   predicted   by  Tiih Thibunk,
when the agitation to exclude aliens from
s!£°at.te.d; „tIie°»a£oyeift^,if^^
^p/y/ittuth^^ "like*"
S,vise,. exx-luded."troru.„„lhe; pgivueges^'at;,
gua;i'tzlml)iers:   SO* far notliihg; hasx-otue
of th"*t?4fi bs|. quefi ti la 6 a i an d" that al\&n:s- be -
igxefudeti .altogether, but the action, bj^tfif¥-
g6ve^rnment.iri passing, theibilf ti>exfciude
J   «s „"»   .«„»..„«»,«   !«(Ji,,i.,,,..*.»o.'1.-.n   j „--"* ..Il.-i''-i!"'   F»'-'
.k°e"epihg'alive;the"lagi^atron^.foi;. tlreti^exr;«
^cruiipiiUfrom"all.Drig^hts;a^ lfr.ee minefesi"' It
;.the„ qivestion, were Left* t>Q° tlibSe - who ai'e
directfly"i*htere"steci.in hiinlng.th.epf .\yould,
tteh\\° point.      The: "d'anger "ji'eS -in  the
circumstance that the  uieijchsihts ol' the
coa¥fc   cities^   itre   keen   for«. retaliation
ftgjiinst the lherfchatit^ of the Spund citijis
foi? their-hostile aption in connedtioh wiih
t?he outtittiug trade of the Klbhdyke, and
Owing,   to   the   preponderance  of   their
vepi'esentatiion over "the mining districts,
might be lible to seriously embara,«s  the
government should tihey insist upon Such
a course when the,Mineral Act domes before the house.   Throughout the quartz
mining' districts the feeling is   that the
better   for   the   district,   aud  that any
legislation   which   in   effect   lessens  the
forth thatthe complainant organized an
expedition last spring for the purpose of
locating a line for a railway in Alaska to
extend from Norton sound to the mouth
of t he Kaikuk river, a distance of about
105 miles. Judge Grosscup granted a temporary injunction restraining the defendants from disposing of the papers, and
the hearing of the case was set for next
Had to Buy Him Off.
Loudon. Jan. M.—The queen will grant
an annuity of i£:-i,o00 to former lord justice Henry Eawkins, who recently resigned from the exchequer division of the
high court of judicature, and has since
been elevated to the peerage. The annuity is regarded in the nature of an.induce-,
inent to lord Henry Hawkins to leave the
bench where he had lingered years after
the bar thought he should give way to a
younger man.
to Jb^ej^h:Hi. J3illon-G^pegg,"4b ehtible liim.
to njarrty Mary GVeggj/fjild;;a':t; f?he.;sa;nie „
tinie°sa%e i"hefofetune (3f "$2OO;O0,O, |Ve:q^ueath^ "
° edto, herby aftreC(;euiitKu( liindle on" t'ojiHi?
tio*ivt*hafc .she retain the." hatiie Of Gregg
tiiroiigh. life.   'Tlie   uncle, intehde'd, his
1     "      *      »;'Dreyfus is.Seriously 111..       .       ' ."
.Xondoff;:Jan. 12.— The°Daily- Telefera'ph,
thj^ mor.iiin'g publisher a digptitch.. fi'pin
»^aJyehpe>..ca:pi tkl^-of. l^e^yh^iui^ni^'St/utjti
Prices   Right  *
Quality   Unequalled
Kirkpatrick, & Wilson
Ganadian General Electric Company, Ltd
Capital $1,500,000.    Head Offices Toronto, Ontario.
. All types of electrically operated mining1 and power apparatus
Sole agents for complete Victor Blasting Machines
We also sell the genuine Bell Telephones
British Columbia Branch Offices
Gmnvillo Street—VANCOUVKll
Kootenav JUistriet—NELSON
^R-A-DCTIC   ID^KLinSTG-,   Kooteimv. Agent
BRANCH MARKETS   .   .   .    .   V
Rossland and Trail, in Trail Creek District
Three Forks and Sandon, in Slocan District
■ ■■" wjal,'. rKasld^in>^inswpiJth: District;:'.*...; %'^av-^^ra^'
;Prep;a|eS: to. supply ^
number of-prospectors is'prejudicial  to
the interests of the district/
.Another member of the provincial
legWai tire has resigned. This time it is
A, 12. M< X'hillips of Victoria. The resignation leaves? two of the Victoria scats
vacant. The reason for this resignation
is that the member's law partner acted
as crown prosecutor at an assi/.e held' one
week bofote the elections, but the payment f 9/ the same was made subsequently.
As Mcf'hillips was the weakest man upon
the Turner "party's ticket at the general
elections he will doubtless have a hard
fight to regain his seat. McPhillips' vote
in the generifl*elections wa* but 1,228 as*
against 1,H5) cast for colonel Gregory.
Americas .'Sfayi'ftg that-"forhie'is". Gaptaih
Ijreyf lis," °nd;\y. oh Be"v:il'sl^.land,."h;as liada
sggous .attack of dySetiteryyahria,'.p'hy^i1-
ciah has:.been summdned frbui.;Gayen;neD|to
attend hyu. ..„■'■„   ' ■ •
Vanoouvec Police Make, a Rapture.
Va'n^ouver, Jan, 14i—At four O'clock
thus morning the police suticeeded.ju ciV)3-
turinK tlie augei1 thief ^'hb, for some
weeks pflst has plied his midnight trade
without molestation. He is a Chinaman
and was caught in ,the act of fbrcifigan
ebtranfce by the iKe of an auger.
Vancouver Has a V^lnd Storm1.
It   is  a   fortunate   thing   for   British
C.ilumbia, at the present time,  when "an
effort is being made to sacrifice the white
wage   earners  of the piovince,   for the
purpose   of  securing    a   better    understanding   between   the   governments of
( Great Britain and Japan and China, that
the government of the province is made
up of men   who  may be reasonably expected to stared up for the rights of the
province.     It is riot likely, that to secure
a better.understanding with the governments of either of these countries, Great
Britain would consent to cede the province of British  Columbia  to them.    Vet
this in effect is what the Laurier government    at    Ottawa,    iu    its     haste     to
make   favor     with     the     imperialists,
'»««        asked      the        legislature       of
ON and after Monday next, John
Houston will be editor and business
manager of This Thi'ROnk. His salary
will be $1 fib*.(50 a month.
Pauncefote Will Remain.
New york, Jajm 14.—Sir. Julian Pauncefote, the British ambassador, will remain
accredited to the United States for another year, beginning in April. This unusual action on the part of the British government flrises from its deep interest in
the negotiations for the abrogation of the
Clayton-Bulwer treaty and guaranteeing
the neutrality of<|iie^iroposed NJcaraguan
canal^iwith whicnSir Julian is so familiar. <Jir Julian would naturally have
been retired last spring.
visited yesterday by the most disastrous
wind storm which has occurred since that
■of J8!)2. Much destruction to property
resulted. Several buildings iii the course
of erection were demolished and seven
men were injured.
Congressman Dlhgley Dead.
Washington, Jan. 14. —' Oorigres-jman
DyigJey, tne father of tlie Dingley tariffs
who has been lingering between life and
deAth for the past few days died last
night at 10.80o'clock.
Wagon  Repairing  Promptly Attended  to
by- a Ftrsl-Glass Wheelwrjghi
Special attention given to alii Kinds of repairing
and custom wor!^ from ossicle points
iylicris, o'wlei's, will he received.
SHOP:   Mr, Bak^r aqd HallI Sts> Kelson.
Heinze  Has a. Railway Scheme.
Chicago, Jan. 14.—A scheme to establish
an extensive railway system  in the Klondike region in revealed in a bill, for injunction   filed   in   the  United States   circuit
court  by  the Anglo-Alaskan   syndicate, j
limited, against Paul, Herman and August )
Heinze and Bernard J. Prank.    The court
is asked  to restrain  the defendants from :
disputing of certain pfai)s, held notes and j
profiles of the Ala/kan country.   The bill.I
of complaint filed'fn the federal court sets 1
I't'OvlnuuoT KrilUh Colutiihiii, Nelson,  West  Ivoolcrmy'
^(i wit:
tiy virtue of a Wnrruht of exuciilioi) Issued otiifof the
KiipKumu court, of lii'ilislt C'oUmibin at tlie .suit of 1). Mc-
Arllitir & Co., liliiiiitill'itml to me (lirocted u^'i'ist the
Xoods tvud (dmtlels of Kdwurtl ConliilKl.v. flefenditnt. I
imve seized mid taken iu exeeuLion u qiiiiiitily of st'i-
tji-i'iur household fiiniitui'c. comprising piifout' suite,
fuiiej" i-.lliiirs. dining room furniture, carpets, oilcloths,
units, bedroom siVIs, nuiltresses, springs, child's carriole,
erockerj', cilrtiiiils and other articles, and by virtue of
the said execution and a certain order of the supreme
coiirt of British Columbia, mrttlo by his honor Mr. .lust.ic'e
I"oriiu^»al ju(lg« in chambers, dated the "th day of No-
vemb*f, A.D., IbllS. and entered iii the said court, in the
interpleader proceedings in the above cause, wherein
Georgina Cordingly is claimant, I shall expose forsale all
said goods and chattels, or siillicient thereof-to satisfy
said .iudftnienl, debts and costs, at the front of my ofllce,
next to the court house in the city of Nelson. H.C., nn the
eighteenth of .January, A. D., 18IKI, at the hour of eleven
o'clock in the forenoon.
Note: Intending purchasers will satisfy themselves as
to interest oml title of said defendants.   Terms cash.
WlliUttJl  P. KUK1NSON. Sheriff.
Dated January !lth, IS!)!).
Notice   of  Applieatioiv for   Certificate   ol
•   .-     Improvements.
Take notice that 1, George It G. O'Driscoll, for myself
and as agent for Kdmund U Traves, free miner's certificate No. 1(151 a, and George H. II. Symonds, free miner's
certilicato No. 2170a, free miner's cortiilcate No. 2751a,
intend sixty days from the dale hereof, to apply
to the mining recorder for a certificate of improvements,
for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above
And further take notice that action, under section
37, must ho commenced before the issuance of such
certificate of improvements.
nated this 21th day of November. 1&98. (Nov. 2fith|
Notice of Application for Liquor License
Notice is hereby given that thirty days after date I intend lo apply to the stipendiary magistrate of West
Kootemiy district, for a license to sell liquor by rctuil at
uiy hotel at Sirdar, B. C. AUGUST JACKSON.
Sirdar. R. C. December Both. 1898.
0. W. West & Co. have been
appointed agents for H. W.
McNeill & Company, and
are now ready to receive
orders for the delivery of Anthracite Goal at Nelson or at
any point in the Slocan. Terms
are cash before delijpy.
lyjake sup0 W^at
you are "getting
MILLS & LOTT, Cqi*. Baker and Ward Sts., Nelson.
Baker Street, Nelson, British Columbia.
Charles A. Waterman & Co.
Having secured the more commodious and convenient quarters of the above hotel, airs. E. C.
Clarke takes this opportunity of thanking her
former patrons at the Clarke Hotel for their
.patronage in the past, and for soliciting a continuance of the same.
Rates $2 per Day
E.  C.  Clarke, Proprietor.
Province of Hritish Columbia, Nelson, West Kootenay,
to wit:
Hy virtue of a warrant of execution issued out of the
county court of Kootenay at Nelson at tlie suit of Nayine
Sim n. plaintiU'and to mo directed against the goods and
chattels ofCaudias Ileaudoin, defendant, I have seized
and laken in execution all tlie right, title, and interest of
Gaudias lleaudoin in the following mineral claim: in
Nelson mining division, "(lignntie" on Wild Horse creek
adjoining " Little Dandy": "Gianfon Wild House, half
mile from water tank on N. & ,H\ S. K'v. (now Vmir):
-"York" on west fork of Hall creek, one mile from water
tank on N. S: K. S. It'y., niljuius " Little llandv" on north.
In the Trail creek division, "Yellowstone'. "Heaver
Hill". " l crby", " Oolden Grove" mid "Green slope"
mineral claims, situated on tlie middle branch of Jlurphy
creok, between Murphy ami .Sheep creeks, all of which I
shall expose for sale, or suftloient .thereof lo sntlsfv said
judgment, debt and costs, nt the front of mv olllcc*. next
to the court house in the ell v of Nelson. H. i\, on tho Hill
clay of .lanua y. A. I)., ISiW. at flic hour of eleven o'clock
in the forenoon.
Note:   Intending purchasers will satisfy themselves as
to interest and title of said defendants.
Dated. Nflluon, H. C, Don. Slut, 1898.
Lumber!   Lumber!   Lumber!
Kootenay Lake Sawmill, G. O. Buchanan, Prop.
•   .First   class   lumber   at ■right   prices     Also   a  full   line   of   Sash,
Doors,  Turned Work,  etc.,  constantly on band.
Yard:  Foot Hendryx Street.       JOHN RAE, Agent.
Nelson  Planing Mills
When Requiring Thoroughly Seasoned Lumber   Call   and
Inspect   Stock.
In slock tlooning, lining, mouldings, doors, and sashes,   livery description of joinery, doors and
windows   made   to   order.
OFFICE AND MILLS CORNER HALL and FRONT ST. jR? « K.S£*Z&F^vJ*x&t&X}zattui8xxr^i
*-.<   S
•i    i
Capital, aUupPald-
Best,   -   -".
l.OItl) STIIATHCONA AND   51T.  ROYAL, Presidont
Hon. GEO. A. rmUMMONI) Vice-President
K   S. OLOUSTON General Manager
rrsrELsonsr bea-noh:
N. W. Cop. Baker and Stanley Streets.
     MtANOIIES IN    	
and in the principal cities In Canada.
Huy and soil Sterling Exchango and Cable Transfers
available in any part of tho world.
Are now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit on
Dawson City, Yukon District.
Jerry  Tells a Story of  a  Remarkable
Heat Which He Lost.
"Las' wintaire we have race on de hice.
I liave horse dafc trots ver' fas', but I nob
be go to dem race yet.   One day J  go in
de Hotel Ohien Blanc an' I tek  tree four
wiskee blanc.    Dere be some peop' dere
an' one of dem say:
" T not see you h'at de race yet, Jerry.'
"Anoder he say:   'How dat?'You  not
come to de race no more, Jerry?'
"Den Kelix Leblanc say: 'Mon Dieu !
dey be too fas', 'dem race, Jerry not got
fas' horse uo more.'
" 'Wat dat?' I say.    '1 got no fas' horse?
Sacre! I got de tuos' fas' horse on dat hice.'
"Den Felix say, 'Jerry,  you drink too
much wiskee blanc.  It go;your'end.   You
not got so fas' horse dan me.'
" 'Well,' J  say,  'mebbe so; mais, 1 bet
lift' dollar my horse more fas' dan yours."
." 'i tek dat bet,'  Felix say.    'Who  we
place dat money wit'?'
"Jacques Bernard, dat keep de Hotel
Chien Blanc, say, 'Francois Savard here
be ver'good man. Von place dat money
\vjfc('Jijm..'„ n „ „."„».'•'..•. n .; ,'j,..'-.. ,«;.-"'"»'' .*r. *
■ ""'tw'eAtf&fi'hksaf^^
:"be^amrighK}';:: '■;<■■" \ W """"1 "^ff.C
"   „*!\Ye°.gi\V§lie^^
■ Sa^ara-andl.'Ny^ !fix "fp>" .UfttVjifiM-lwttrfW
Siit'dSy." .$art>'bclt£y X";t.e^ myli'br'se! .oil" "elf"1
pJi(ice>"S,ii'',']|'elix""".tek- jiis'°°Hqr^e on' ■,th& lyce.-,
- lyafce'b.epleilty j)V:op*de:re.   All iiiy:fi:i&tiJ:;
d'ey/.c^Tife^  "allf l^ejix   fr.ieh'. dey "coiiie;"
eyeryjjody that hear 'boilt^dau. befeg; ifacse/;
^hVcojtie)io;Q.!;J!)ey'!?ieli»J?pTen"6y"''"ttl'fk:" d"0'l
' iiVak'J&"pfejuii>y",=b.et.s   Some" say- P win, siirgf i
some ssjty t?'elix"win"'sure,..and everyone be
ver'  nVu6h ii'excite''bout  dat beeg racei
"B'y' by s\& xu$k  for start..   Vtye scone
for .w'hij.e,  tien  de> JongS , .jjny °'G<>!' ali' djj
n;eop' ;dey Jhjiil shont.'Dey's; .hofli!,'. Jge :c.omse
£6 the nUiirtairS au'^ we. j5^ ri^eck itn'-nteck.
JMn iriyhbr^e,he~gprek.de win!: niiiip, F6-
lixhorse, he-go ltjfc de wip," too.*   YVVcoiue
to'alf an'We be iipcik an'neck:   Deii. my1
horsfe he flyf mais Felix horse he jly, toO:
au'den we Jro ver'fas,'    We go fek dat.
Den l<"cli"x be lacjfla bit 'head.   I b&iipn de
hiriside. an, Felix he hon de hontside. Den
de like met clack! clack! and Felix horse
be hih.de wataire.   I finish deb race.
''Alld.e peop" run for try save Felix
horse, ;but Felix horse be dro\Vu- IgO td
to Felix an' I sSay:
"I be ver'sorry Felix for your horSe be
rirwon, but I win dat race. I tek dat huud'
"Scare!' he say; 'you not win  dab race;
fault my horse be drown.'
"'Baptenie!' I say,'dat not my fault,
too!' "    •
"Felix talk an' I talk and all our frieh'
talk, an' den I say ' Felix, we leave all dat
Francois Savare. S'pose he say I win,
dat be c'rect. S'pose he say you win, dat
be c'rect. too.'
"'Bien!' he say ; 'we leave dat Francois
Cavard.    Wat he say be good.'
"We fin' Francois Savard an' I say,
'M'sieu Savard, I Win dab race an' I want
dat hund' dollar!'
"But Felix say. 'Me not win dab rac6
an' you not be pay Jerry dat hund'
"Deu we talk some more an' all our
frien' dey talk some .more. Den I say,
'M'sieu Savard, we 'gree for let" all dat for
yOu.    Wat you say be c'rect.'
'Francois Savard say, 'How dat, Felix,
dat you say'Jerry not win de race? He
come in firs',   Hh nuts' win de race.'
"Felix say, 'Well, my horse be "head
w'eu de hice she brek an' uiy horse be
drown. Dat not my fault de hice brek.'
"Francois Savard say, "Sure! dat not
be your fault. Felix an' Jerry you boih
'gree for let"' dat to me. Wat I say be
'"Oui,' I say, 'dat be c'rect wat you
"Felix say ' Oui! dat be c'rect.'
"Francois Savard say,  'Felix horse be
drown.   Den dat race is dead heat.   I kep'
dat money till she be trotovaire 'gain.'
In anticipation of trouble, the United
Stales consul, General Osborne, and the
British con-ul. General IMax«e, had given
notice that the person of the chief justice
and his family and his private residence,
as well as the supreme courr, are under
the protection of the American and British fin*?«. and that tiny attack on them
would be considered an attack on the flag.
The natives were coming in to Apia by
thousands while the Mariposa lay there.
Mataafahasa following of about 10,000
carriers, while Malietoa has only about
5,000. They were all killing pigs and laying in stores of provisions as well as fixing
up their weapons and getting ready for a
fight. The British man-of-war Ringdove,
and the Gin-man gunboat Buzzard, were
in port'and ready for any emergency.
When the Mariposa left, it looked very
much as though there would be fighting
over the kingship before it was all over.
THE   C.   P.   R.   HOLDS' THE   RECORD.
Recent Performance of American Roads Does
Not Approach the Feat of 1891.
During the last few days many of the
large papers across the line have devoted
much space and more lavish eulogy to the.
great feat recently'aeconiplished of transporting mails from New York to San
Francisco, a distance of 3,347 miles, in 1.07
hours and 10 minutes, in accomplishing
which over 12 hours was clipped from the
theu existing record for mail trains. A
Chicago paper, commenting on this rapid
run, remarks: "the Canadian Pacific has
been anxious to get the 'plum but cannot
make the time." The plum referred to is
the carrying of the transcontinental
Iu disputing the claim of the American
roads for superiority over the Canadian
Pacific, Robert Kerr of Winnipeg cites the
instance of the famous rim  m.ajde by the.
:«jlSRMin^0l s^heU^t%|>rm^a^ Aju^fst.
Yuails if rol!n^S\°:°S.yI§,'mpre''l"s1» ofe/Japaus ; itfe
Mataafa Would Have the Best of the Contest
in a Resort To Arms.
San Francisco, Jan. M.—The officers of
the steamer Mariposa, which has just
arrived from Australia, say that when
the steamer left Aspia there was every
prospect of a small si/.ed civil war in
Saroo. The trouble is over the rival
claims of two chiefs for the throne of
Samo and the chief justice was to pass
judgment upon the same a day or two
after the steamer left.
Whichever way the decision went
trouble was expected as the followers of
each candidate vowed that they would
fight if the other chief was made king.
\yhel;e" ..■a;°. "Ne w^'ork - Oe„htr#LD flyer ..took6
the)ij:bn boarcl' af ;0:&j;p, ;m;,, Sept., 1st-.""The;
"Jo3 miles to/NewJisY'ork£"wel'e covered;»at ■
.the^rat&Qt^ntty-iQJir. wiles an :hc>ur.in^six .
1 °:ho\i rk»hua lif by-tigli't *m in uf gs.? rh ti k in g„'t*h e"'
total,    for ".the""   transcontinental     trip
exactly e'fgh.tyrfoutv hoirrs<and,seven min-
ai&i, "or*t\yehty-bhree  iiours and .tl^ree
'mYnute^qiliekeiFtbaubhetrip  usade over
■the :C-;S:iiio;ad's."v   'V*        -       „■"''"■ ".-•'" ;
""TheygTeat^i'utfbyShe C P. "B, wasvirfade
p.h".thJ3 .,occa»s,ijC»Q when" mails were parried
i.rO'uj° Yokohama to' JCjondon in jtist 20
days. Dettei's ^viittjeh in .Yokohania on
August 19 left the same day on the steam-
shipi Empress of. Japan. Viatoria r was
reached in 0 days" alnd^lll houi's, and Vancouver on t.|ie following morning. August
29, New *Y"QiJk Ayas. reached at -1:33 a. m.
September 2', vvit'hin IT minutes of the
time the In man lijier Oify of New York
was due to sail. The mails were hastily
transferred to wagons and at 5:07 a^m.
th6 Inman pier was'reac.hed and the.transfer consumed 13 minute's more. It was
5:20. a.m., when the City of New York
backed out into the stream Jfyr a record^
=bre:aMTi^rTuT^f'OW_6'l^^V''fcla^t:iu. Fast-
nett point was passed iu 5 days, 22 hours
and 30 minutes and the mails reached
London well Within 21 days from the time
Yokohama was left.. This feat has never
since been equalled. It. involved the
breaking of three records, that across the
Pacific, .that across the continent and also
the Trans-Atlantic record of that time.
In addition to the mails, a German
passenger went right through from Yokohama to London and he was humorously
dubbed the "Flying Dutchman." Upon
the arrival of the express at the Grand
Central depot, New York, this gentleman
was jostled into a wagon along with the
mail bags and by the time the ship was
reached he was so joltfed and shaken that
lie was heard to express himself as quite
satisfied with record makiug trips and
that in future lie would be content to jog
along at a comfortable distance behind
any records that might exist. He would
let others break them if they liked.
Political Predictions.
It is easy for Sir Wilfrid Laurier to
open a gold cine institute for the reform
of the senate, but the trouble is to get
that venerable body to come into* the
scheme and be reformed.
These negotiations at Washington may
culminate in a regular Yukon deal with
Sir Wilfrid Laurier taking Clifford Sif-
ton's part and Uncle Sam in the Mackenzie-Mann role as receiver of everything in
sight.  ■
The Frer c'amen Were to Blame.
London, Jan. 13.-The admiralty court
today found that the steamer, La Bour-
gogne of the French line was alone to
blame for the collision with the British
ship Cromartyshire, July 4 last, near
Sable island off the coast ot Nova Scotia,
resulting in the sinking of the steamer
and loss of over 500 lives.
Scheme Whereby a Nervy Drummer Is Earning Money in the West.
Felix Carr, a Chicago drummer, has
been working out a new idea, He has
been working it with success all the way
from St. Paul to Spokane; he is now testing it on the folks between Spokane and
Puget Sound. From Spokane he sent homo
a report of $I;">,000 in commissions earned
in less than 10 weeks, with a four months'
tour of triumph yet to come.
His plan was big. It had to be. to meet
the new conditions. Instead of working
for one concern, this 20th century drummer proposed to represent three or four.
Tiistead of acouple of samphj-trunks, he
proposed a couple of baggage cars fitted
up as salesrooms. Instead of a circular
letter mailed a month ahead to his customers, he proposed a secretary, who
would attendto the correspondence while
en route, and instead of a slow way-train
from town to town he proposed a special
train to stop and go on as directed.
Such a scheme, at first thought, was
somewhat of a stagger to many of Chicago's big wholesale merchants. TJiey
were conservative and the old way was
good enough. They looked upon the
plans of Felix Carr (as too gigantic for
hasty acceptance. It might do for some
lines, but not theirs. It was like selling
goods on the circus plan. A band and
gilt wagon would be the next proposition.
Besides, the expenses—who was going to
pay for all this special train and secretary
and fitting up of coaches and cars?
Mr. Carr let them reach this point without comment. Theu he silenced them with
the quiet/remark: "I will pay all expenses.
All I ask of you is to furnish samples of
your goods and pay me a commission on
my sales."
After that there was not much difficulty. Mr. Carr went to work to organize
his travelling staff and prepare his special
train. A Wagner coach was placed at
his disposal for a consideration. The
sleeping rooms at either end were left intact, but the central portion of the car
was transformed into an office. The" seats
were removed and in their place were put
a couple of roll-top desks, one for Mr.
Carr and one for the secretary,. Iu„ the
IP B;$ered^t"ab^
■li'nck t'he"°?dliiIy';"n"ewsp°3,per:"S":swerfe'j.tO'llie1*
Another Andree Searching Party.
London, Jan. 14.---Captain Daniel Brunn,
of Copenhagen, will next summer head an
Andree search expedition in whalers
from Iceland, going to the island of San
Mayer, about 300 miles east of Greenland,
where the Austrians have a supply depot
and thence go inland.
fout^di ' ,S^v!eni^1Je&Jif^^
:ov0erdoat°s"\yer^;jjut tip;«th''^«^hole^3ligli,tedi
.-\v?itl>"ej'e;c cil c;^la in"ps.^
°Lai/^pne;,-°en1'fcei,<i„n|f,ii]. this" stthiptifous"""c&ajchTj
woukfliejieVe 5h'af/&e\\va^1ir^
^le'tiistKi^V-bJ.'v^^a^o." '.Aj.ext^cam^Vthe.''
fitting up'bf th'e baggage, gars. - One^waJj
to be a .Stilesrooin |orm the' .display, .of-°the.
threeor lour ''lines''that Mr.  Carrhadi
for sale; .clothing, dry- .gp.pqiSs "geh.tl^em^nJs
furnishings." and .liats; "caps ikiidAgiotieB?,
This   was   easily/ accpm.plishedxat' sm'all
cost. The; third;, part .of this""c*bin pact sppu-
ial train" wag the most iinitjug alid the
most carefully atteudgdof the, eiitire.oiit-
fib.   It was the kitcheijjdinihg rOOm.and
sleeping" place for .the-" hired. lielp." "
Carr did not propose to-ruin his temper
and hi,s digestion, both sadly detrimental
to businessaciimeu, byrelyingori country
hotels for his screature comforts1. A neat
and tasty dining room was arranged at
one end of the car, vvith a compact little
kitchen attached. At the other end''was
the sleeping rooni of the cook and?his assistant.
With his stock of goods, his office, his
secretary and typewriter, Jjis cook and^
=h is-larder^wel Pfj ttedRfor'a™rong>tOui'7_Mi\_
Carr left Chicago November 1, 1S9S, for
the northwest. His arrangements for
transportation were all made with the
railroad companies and his route was laid
out with exactness. It was to begin really
at St. Paul and from thence clear across
the continent to Seattle and back over
another route. It was to occupy six
months' time.
From St. Paul the train went to Fargo,
N. D., where operations began.
Mr. Carr, in fact, wasexpeeted. He had
sent to every merchant of note in the
place a letter announcing his arrival on a
certain date and informing them that he
would be pleased to meet them in his
office at the depot aud show them a
choice assortment of goods, etc. At Fargo
the special train was side-tracked after
being detached from the regular through
passenger train alid Mr. Carr and his secretary did business with the same comfort and ease as though in their home
The novelty of the thing attracted the
attention of the merchants and they responded to the invitation to visit the
office and salesroom of Mr. Carr with
alacrity." Sales were made of flattering
proportions, and if some buyer needed
special urging, then Mr. Carr called at the
store and put in a few more convincing
arguments. From Fargo the route was
to Bismarck, and on to Great Falls, Helena, Moi.it.,. Colfax, Spokane, . Walla
Walla, Tacoma and Seattle. Of course
many other towns of more or less importance were visited between these points,
and great was the curiosity to see the
special train at all points.
The last news from this up-to-date
drummer was that he had reached Spokane and the trip had been "a winner"
from the start. In this connection it may
be interesting to give a few figures, not
the absolute ones, but approximately.
The expectation of Mr. Carr in his novel
enterprise was that in the six months'
trip he would make sales aggregating
ijj250,000. His commission would be 10 per
cent or $25,000. Out of this his expenses,
roughly estimated at $10,000, would come,
leaving him the comfortable sum of
$15,000 for his labors. As a matter of fact
it is likely that his profit from this big
undertaking will greatly exceed the original estimate.   After being a little over
two months "on the road" more than
$150,000 worth of goods have been sold, so
that a conservative estimate of the remainder of the trip should place the sales
beyond the $300,000 mark.
French Rights in Newfoundland.
The opinion  in London  is that Great
Britain and France  will easily settle all
differences   with  respect to Madagascar
and   Newfoundland.     As   regards   Newfoundland,    French   opinion   already   is
reconciling itself to the inevital abandonment   of   the    last    remnant   of  North
American empire, France having been at
last led to realize that unless she leaves
Newfoundland now, on equitable terms
of    compensation,   Newfoundland,   as a
self-governing British colony, has means,
and will use them,   with  the support of
British    public    opinion,    for    reducing
French treaty rights to a practical nullity.
Hence some remarkable statements from
Paris, whTch can hardly be made without
official inspiration.   French rear admiral
ReveiJIere declares:     "Contrary to assertions    which   have   obtained  .too   much
currency,  I   affirm   positively,   with  the
certainty of nob being gainsaid  by any
officers   who   know   our   Newfoundland
station,   that  the  French shore has no
kind of   value for Our navy." - Admiral
Reveillere goes on to urge the exchange of
French rights for "something of equivalent value."
Marc; Landry, the well known publicist,
declares in Figaro :—" The French shore
is nob worth the blood of a single French
sailor. We should be well advised in accepting compensation in exchange for this
part of our coast." The whole tone of the
Parisian press is similar, and it would now
seem only necessary for; Salisbury and
Cam bon to d iscuss terms of com perisatidn.
Territorial compensation Great Britain
will presumably refuse, and France has
no territorial rights on the treaty shore
to barter, and as the French cod fishery
produces less than $40,000 annually, and
employs a mere handful of Frencemen,
the suggestion is made in authoritative
quarters that $500,000 would be a liberal
compensation to terminate once lor all
every French right on the Newfoundland
coast. •'.■■"..'■•' ■-■■■-■ ■■
Harry the Valet.
"Harry,   the   Valet," who   last   week
pleaded guilty in Loudon to the charge of
stealing the Duchess of Sutherland's jewels, which were stolen while the duchess
was on her way from Paris to Loudon in
October .last, proves;tb.bedtanAextraor.din-.,
i ary ■ chaj^ctei^**-«The".: j lid ge ha sf post poned*
sentence,"in-order to4enabIe."the.«.'prisoner.".
,V".J-"'ru'."f^ ."*,'.JS.js!>.j>'r"   '**■■« "Z'-s\". ",;, l"^~■" ."iV'<u,»»
:\vorth," ""oui- of- ^25;0l)Q\contalnVd. - Jh>t3M«
ji wife. :*'».:;«,.» r„,v .Hi'rtWw.*"'. -s. •$?&ysp£%Miw:
.•i-',wrv ■ ■■."V-p" "-".• .f» ".^".'.■vsii»".v,"s"r.:"€-An-A-,-«3"j:.j^,rj.
he;owp.uld,jnot "splits .on his .pals.'-eKen^ it
"hejfg°8t> a life seiitje nee. "Me", apJJea|s/\"p "be:
■One of theniost iiptOrXduSfcri'm
gejieration, )'§ of:"*genteel""|fp"pe"arance nand
-liaS' a" gralid .ai'r? andha- 'frank,." e^hgagiiig
."IdJk* = Tlie prisoner tbp'a\ts^he.*;h^
"tweii ty bigger "hauIV thlaivin bhe icSse of
"the'Sntoerlahd jewels, and cjalmS' Ire ha??
reduced robbery to .4 science, making it
jhi's business'to know everybodypf"wealth
and consfquence in Burppe.; H^ fhr.thei'
stiys that he.rarely made a mistake, ovy"-
..ing to hiScautionS JDreliminailes; and declared that the only seifions. mistake of
his career was when, he robbed the duchess of Devonshire, some time ago, of a
jewel case, and found to his disgust that
lie had taken paste. Harry, the Yajec,
was known to the police as a heavy and
very unlucky gambler, his known losses
aggregating many thousand pounds. He
was nob suspected by the police of the
Suthgijand jeweL robberyi^untiLhe^^was..
betrayed by his mistress who lived with
him at a stylish west end hotel.
From the Cape to Cairo.
Unostentatiously, without flourish of
trumpet or drum-beat, a British expedition is forcing its way the full length of
Africa, from Cape Town to Cairo. Major
Gibbon is its leader, the route projected
being via the Zambesi, Lake Tanganyika,
and the Nile. It is now on the Upper
Zambesi river, and is reported to be much
obstructed by low water.
C. P. R. Earnings on the Increasu.
Montreal, Jan. 12.— The Canadian Pacific Railway Company's traffic receipts
for the week ending January 7th were
$112*000; for the same week of last year
they were $101,000.
Rest, $1,200,000
Capital Paid-up, $2,000,000
H.  S.  HOWLAND, President,
T.   srTIIKItl.AM)
T.  R.   MERRITT, Vice-President, St. Catharines.
i;ohki:t .iakfisay. mroii isya.v
R.   WILKIE, Gennral Mnnager
HAY,  Inspector.
NIAdAliA   KAI.I-S Tillloxrit, ;«| W'ulliiiittiui M. i:. ST.  ('ATI! A1MXK-:
uNvntivM<£K ■'"      f»r.v....Ko,....! y...H-„        sr Tin,M"\B "  "
SAI 'I.T STK.   .MAIIIK 'l» l'1"'-   VtiiiKi- .mil IIIihii- WIMllisTI K'K
Brnnchos in Quebec, Manitoba, North.West Territories and British Columbia:
WhV.VII'KCI, MAS'. !   I'OItTAOK I.A   I'KAIKIK,  JIan.        '   HIJAN'PdN.  JlAX
CAI.(iAI!\, Al.lti:iU'A l   I'ltl.S'CC:  AUiKKT. k<ask. I    KDMONTO.V. Ai.uta
MONTI tIC A U Ql 'Kltlc I   VANClRVKIi. H. t". I   aol.'TII   KMMONTO.V.   \i.m-,
AGKNT.S IN CfHKAT HK1TA IN-IJoytlh Jlntik, ht.l.
ri I.oinbiii'(l.St., London, wilh whom inonuv nmy ho
ilcpimiti'd for ti-iin-foi- hy lutti'i- or nible to anv i.f
the nbovo ur.uii'lu'r..
M<INKY OKIiKKS isMied piiyublc ut nny Punk l:i
Canadn. Itntcs—Under $10. Kc: S10 to Sit). 10c: >:U
m.?.10. Vic; $;i0lo*V). lie.
mid upwards received ami interci>t allowed.
I.KTfKIlS OF CltKIHT Ksucd on Alaska Coiimier-
i.-ial Company payable at St. Michael-, Alaska and
Daw.son t.'ity.
DltAFT.S SOLD, available at all points in Canada.
I'nited States and Kurope.
J.   M.   LAY,   Manager
Special Attention
Just received a consignment
of Harris home made tweeds
from Talbot Harris, Scotland.
The suppjy is limited, so call
early and examine this stock
Fred J. Squire,
'     NK1..SON
All communications relating to  British  Columbia  business to be addressed  to P. O. Drawer
505, Nelson, British Columbia
d. RODERICK ROBERTSON, General Manager,;
S. S FOWLER, E.M., Mining Engineer I
Spokane Falls & Northern,
Nelson & Fort Sheppard,
s-..:^^iM Mountain Railways.
tTKes6nlv|afl* riil|:route without change of cars
^*j* "«between :NeIsorr»and Rossland, an.d
£?&% ■ss™ .«?".* -Spokane ■ and Rossland.
■Leave. „"n^ • °
°t;:2<iia."inv."i J J
?. .-.SPOKANE....
55fl'liq,,trSin»tlfat']sa5'e^Nel>>on at fi:20 a. m.,-makes clo
contiQCtidiiRlrtt bpblciihe wylh liainj. for all Pacillc Con
 3:HS p.m.'
...12:20 p.m.
.3:10 p.m.
'C'O.MI'AN'IKS' ACT,  1807.'
PnoviNCE "ok 13Krn.snCoi.u.MHf.
NO. 1'.".'.
THIS IS TO CERTIFY thai Mio "London & Hritish
Columbia Goldllcldi Limited." is authorised and licensed to curry on bimine-is within the Province of British
(iolumbia, and to carry out or clFeet. all or any of tho objects hereinaftcrset forth to which the legi.-lative authority of the lcgi-dntifru of British Columbia extends.
The head olllce of the Company is situate at H Laurence, I'outnoy Hill, England.
The amount of tho capital of the Company is £200,000,
divided into 200,000 shares of one pound each.   .
The head ottice of the Company in this Province is
situate in Nelson, and J. Roderick Robertson, manager of companies, whose address is Nelson aforesaid, is
tho attorney for the Company.
The objects for which the Company has been established are set out in the certificate of registration of the
company dated the 20l.li day of October, 18IKI, and which
was published in the British Columbia Gazette of the
29th October, USDG.
Given under my hand and seal of olllce at Victoria,
Province of Hritish Columbia, this ,'trd day of December,
one thousand eight hundred any ninety-eight.
|'l,.s.] S. Y. WOOTTON",
Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.
"*■ 3STEHL.S03ST
MALONK & TRKG1LLUS, Proprietors.
Is one of tho boat hotels in Toad Mountain district, and
1r the headquarters  or prospectors and minora.
Passferigerp, for Kettle Kiver and Boundary Creek con
ncctat Mai:eu8*\vith stagkdaily.
,'.    .   "'«3   :."*.'. ;uw. G. UIXON, G. P. & T. A.
Notice \6't ^Application   for   Certificate  of
'C'AttoT*it|5f\\'.EEX« KOBCl'I'INn AN1> lll'.AK L'UICKK.S.
Tiike "notice tliiit 1,, .L A. Ivirk, acting as agent for
.1 oliii ^Deam free mijibi'Js .perlifleute No. 1872a. adurini'.-
trftt^ffdr the-eijtiite" "bf-thc lata Sila-, l<". Collinsworth,
free luinqrls tfertiilcitte "No. :'I,(I7S,\, inrend nsly day-.
fro"in„thS "date,|icrcfof, td ap]lly to the mining recorder for
iiVce"rti(i'Qiito*of1ifiiSi'jij:.ei'iidfl'N, for the purpose of obtain
iiigii'Ci'S'wiYgraii't'p.f I lies abuvn cliiim.
And further tnkd lYo.ticc that aclinn, under section .'17.
iiiust Oc cpiiiihciice'l HcforiS the issuance of such certill-
c"at.e of'imnrdvcnieiitsj J. A. KIRK.
Illil'ed this 11th day of ■November, 180S. [Nov. 20th)
Notice of  Application   for   Certificate   of
niiAPK wiamOn'W'Mixekal claim, snuATi: in tim: ni:i.-
Take notice that I, •'. A. Kirk, acting as agr>nt, for
Jol)ii"Dc&.l, free nlfuer's certificate No. 1S72.V. and John
J. JIcAndrews, free miner's certificate No. 13,020a,
intend sixty days from, the dale hereof, to apply
to the mining rccordcYfbr a ccrtillcute of improvement^,
for the purpose of Obtaining a crown grant of the above
claim. , , .
And further take not too that action, under section :t/,
must b(3.commenced before the isMiunce of Mich_ certificate of improvements. J. A. KIRK.
Dated this 10th day of November, 1S08. [Nov. 2iitli]
Notice   of  Application   for   Certificate   of
Elt.Vt; CLAIM. ,
Take noticethal "I, A. S. larweil. acting as ngiSiit for
theUlilu Eyed Nellie ."Mining Com()uny, Limited Liability, free minor's certificate No. 2.W.1A, intend, sixty days;
from the uate hereof, to apply to the mining recorder fur
a certificate of improvements, for tllo purpose Of obtaining a crown grant Of the above clntin. And further take
notice thataction, under section :I7, must, be cOmmi'lioed
before the issuance of such certillcato of iintiruVViilents.
Fast and'Short   Route .to and   From
f   = /Kootenay Country.
I-Mr-l-clii-* and Tourisl Slceiiers Operated from
v       Tickets iFsucd through and baggage
checked to destination.
JJatud this lllh day Of October, 189S.
(Nov. 5th, OS]
Notice   of Application   for  Certificate   of
IIEULIN I. ;i2.'ll «. 1. ECUKKA h'.fiu'l CI. I, O. V. II. KHACTION
I.:J,2.>I O. 1, mtlTANNlA LiW.Vft.. l.fiKANDl.. 181(10. I,.MAC
Take notice that I. John Hirsch, as agent for the Hall
Mines Coilipanv, Limited, free ininni's ceriillcate No.
2r>.ii\, intend, sixtv days from the date hereof, lo apply
to I he mining recorder for a certilk-ate of improvements.,
for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above
claims. And further take notice that aciion, under section 117, must be commenced before the issuance of such,
certificate of improvements. }ms   ^^
Hated this 2«th day of November, ,1898. (Dec 101
Notice   of  Application   for   Certificate  of
Take notice lluil 1. Arthur S. Parwcll. acting as agent
for George A. Kirk, free miner's ceriillcate No. KSH8S. and
John A. Turner, free miner'- certificate No. l'Jfil \, intbnd,
sixty days from tho date hereof, to ajjply to the mining
recorder* forc-rtillcntes of imprnvenients, for the pur-
poso of obtaining crown grants of the above claims. And
further take notice that action, under section :i", must
be commenced before the issuance of such cei'tihYale of
improvements. A. S. KAKWELL.
tinted this 20th day of December, 1SH8. IDcc. 21|
Application for Liquor License.
Notice is hereby given the undersigned intends to
apply before the government agent at Nelson for a
license for a hotel at No. 9 .Siding, Crow's: Nest. Pass
Railway. U. J. CAMPURLL.
December lOl.h, 1898.
-^   ooi-rasrasaTioiEj-s
~ Rossland "and  Maiq Line  Points.
Lca\c.                                DAILY '    Arrive.
il:10 p. m ._..'......   NKLSON.^ .- 10:30p. in.
- Slocan City,'  Slocan' Lake Pbi-vts and Sandoq
Leave.                   Dailv lCxccpl, Snndav Arrive.
0:00 a. m NKLSONt..... '■ 2:20 p.m.
Kootenay Lakt---K.aslo :f5oute«Steamer Kokanee.
Leave.-        ^        Dailv Except Sunday Arrive.
1:00 p. m ."..NBLSON  i..  .. ..11:00 n. in.
Kooteijay River Route-Steamer Moyie/
Moil, Wed.. Kri. " Tues.. Tlnii-s.. .Sat.1
S:00a. in. Leave NELSON \rri\e ll.-flO p. in.
.Makescoiinection.it Pilot May wilh steamer Kokanee
iu both direction1-. •       , '
ri' earner- oik ' heir rospecfive routes call at principal
landings iu both direction'-, and at other points when
signal led.
A-certain .Pales and full information by addressing
nearct local agent or
E. E. BEASLEY, City TicKet Agent; \ '   _   c
J. HAMILTON, Ageqt, J   Nels?n<.B- «"
W. V. Andehson. Traveling Passenger Agent, Nelson.
IC. .1. Coyi.e, I>is'ti'as.senger Agent, Vnncouver.
In all the
*» • "■
no trip
Between DuLU'rir/
via the  niag'nifipl.j.y
and " North Land."
T6ucl.iin,g en rdute: UTHE
Soo," MackiN'ac Island, De-
TRorr, and Cleveland.
Connecting at Buffalo for New
York and" .Boston* Also at
lake ports for all points East
and South.
Two daily Great Northern intiny (Eastern
JtfHihvay of/ .Minnesota), from St. Paul find
Minneapolis connect with .steamers at Puluth.
Before deciding On your route to the East
call on agents of Great Northern ftaihvay,
or write.
F. I. WHITNEY, G.P. & T.A., St. Paul
(Handsomely Illustrative descriplivo matter
sent, on request.)
Owners of bona fide mineral claims, the
surface of which belongs to tins Company,
who desire to acquire title' to such surface,
should make application for same at once,
as the. Company is now receiving numeious
applications for the purchase of land in the
vicinity of Hossland, and along the line of
the Nelson k Fort Sheppard "Railway, and
it is the desire of the Company to givft the
owners of bona fide mineral claims the fust
privilege of purchasing the surface of such
claim. '. :;
jtelson & Fort Sheppard Railway Co, V
This is a new department with us and
you will find a complete assortment at
prices lower than those of our competitors
Stoves   Stoves   Stoves 1
The regular annual meeting of the
Ladies' Hospital Aid Society will be held
in the lecture room of t h" Pt-p'-'iyterian
A'liureh-on Aloudaj: al'umouu at -j o'clock,
when officers tor the ensuing year will be
David Bremner, of Silverton, who is at
present in Nelson, has resigned the management of the Wakefield mine, and will
start iu a few days for Atlin lake.
A curliDg match was played last night
at the'Crystal rink between rinks composed of F. W. Peters, (*kip). James Lawrence, Ni F." Macleod, \V. Richardson: J.
Rae (skip), Frank Tamblyn, Judge Forin,
B. Walley. At the end of the twelfth
end, the score stood II points to 2 in favor
of Peters' rink. The ice was ill good condition.
Captain J. AV. Troup left this morning
for Rosebery to superintend the launching of the new tug Saiulon, which takes
place this afternoon. The tug will be put
into service at once and will be used in
towing barges between Rosebery and
Slocan City;
: A meeting of the  Nelson  hockey club
will  be   held   tomorrow" afternoon at -1
■ 'i^^lcl.'^by/Jj,'p^blie^k&cjfiOri* J"nf$rqnt °'ofVh*it°
„.„"HalIf ;cre;e:k:;*Welrowstouej': B8afeeK *Hil...
I sw|.^u^cifa>?nerr4r|^i'h gv||jps| 4j|ciir,|jfep it: J
it^°^^^B^E^&0r-^p. iVgenexal -agent" lop
sfi^;.t|ihei"i&a].t^r§oal j'Cd'm.pa.ily,- 'will 'bring' his
r*54%tnijy;t&.N^llsphiifVom Avnprior* 0ot.
^85sS*/^^-'®»^°^^*^®^n?^^^l'1;U,nne" 'iP' 'the. ISloea-n i»
%^s^^pmp^jirlg^b."of,pre">pe.r day.apd; the
Cv'^Vnk|iftfr^4^»^exnpeut in a few  \Veeks to
V^lif&ffipj&J^ day.
|^y^r^v^'Jff^ijcli^ Prgsbyteria;n ,missidnai-y
v^Va|^Ymj^ the' .pulpit' of .the
f^XPf^^y^©^'^^1  = F^re' 6°m<3rr6\V.
:">f!"5j|li"za"betB Pwcfe of Robson-appeared be^
!:}}B Jgi-f/^JFi Crptise, stipendiary magistrate,
.'%«»":"th\Hj aftlynoon ^charged  with selling in^
P^^tpxicat i ng-1 icjiror-witlloiTeTTlicenise.    T He"
;>"   cliafge, \yas  proven and a fine of §160 and
"•„ costs was imposed.
i£v .^Roderick llobertsoiii manager of I lie
[&>■;'■'"• ^.Z'^ouHon apd Blitish Columbia Gold Fields,
k''.i^f^'^"'ret\,\Vned today from a visit to the Whitewater  mine.    He reports  that the mill is
.working satisfactory and that the 'output,
.for. Jjriitary' will'be greatly in excess of
.""th'a^of last tponth-
''■". a Fred Ii'viiie 'left this moi'ning for A, visit
"^to" bis. .fol-nier home iu St, ./ohij, New
, *Bbinswiak.n W. Irvine, .another pf tlie
" %m,. will join him there early next month,
..and; together tliey  will visit 'jVew'YWIt,
^JBopton and other wholesale centres oti ti
"piirchafiing tour.
jarue^ Neelands, who has-been laid up
for the past fesv weeks with an attack of
typhoid t'eyer, is rapidly recovering and
expects to be out again in a few days.
in this nidrninpr's Miner is a cock-and-
bull, story of a brutal assault on a bal-
tender named Joseph Corwin. The truth
is Corwiu got full, and fell down an out
side stairway leading to rooms over Abe
Johnson's late cigar store.
Rev. Father Ferland left this afternoon
for Kaslo, where he will conduct services
Geo. Weiltwoi'th., of Calgary, a well
known horse racing man in the west, who
lias been spending the past few days in
Nelson, left for home today.
r*$i :"»AT ffl^HEte»? l-^
Coal heaters suitable for home, office op- hotel use.
A new line of cooking stoves and ranges
to burn either coal   or  wood.
Also a complete stock of fancy heaters for wood only.
We carry the best.
Come in and examine our goods and get our prices.
We handle Anthracite coal.
<& Co.
W^hen pinning1 in the changes
Fop  the   New   Year, don't   overlook  the  advantag-es which   attend
the   purchasing1  of your  groceries  at  a  first-class  establishment.
Our aim for the eoriiing year
Will be to keep everything pertaining to the grocery business and
g-ive our patrons the advantage of close prices in the best markets.
,   Dn1n        fi^   -   $*
—ff— ^rr-v—F&rr-
F0^$mmm;- 'W^^&pXb
Family Orders a Specialty And Free ©aily Delivery
Mail and Telephone. Orders
Promptly Attended to      \__^^
Baker Street West
Opposite New   Oddfellows'   Bl0Ck
Nelson,  B.C..
,"■  ■TJ'.,". '"tj
■$f\i' ji ■Clii'is^iniirf-r pill^sfenfc-= 't]ijtn-*.Ji .'bi-iJC" o°| g'lo/l
\Yd, jfaVS: M"i.e'frt.si; 'tlift, world' pifioctivdes:
Hi F. "Eeetzel & Go.,
Are Not Sincere.
Had ex-mayor Houston sanctioned the
transfer of Mrs. Maiotte's saloon premises
from Vernon street to Abe Johnson's
premises on Baker street, what a howl
would have gone up from the very people
who during the recent election denounced
him for not authorizing the transfer.
These shouters for moral reform are a*
insincere as they are inconsistent.
In the Field to Stay.
; The Dailv ThiijUxk is in the field to
stay.     It will have the best news service
that can be procured, and its circulation
will not be coaiine J to the limits of JVel-
son.    It will ju« what Kootenay should
Will buy the lot on the northeast corner of Baker
and Josephine Streets. Size 50 by 120 feet. This
lot is one block east of the lot recently purchased
by the Bank of Montreal at $300 a front foot
Apply to Ward Bros., Real Estate brokers, Nelson.
have, a daily   newspaper   that   will   be | tf""*<MB_   ^^ _^
thoroughly representative of Kootenay. j K^QQrjS
Have Started on the Good Wbi'k. ...   , ,        ~,    „.«....-.   x«-_i.   _ j.
m, P       ,    l. Xt . to fit your feet at
The party ot moral reform in Nelson j
have already begun their good work by
granting a license to Abe Johnson to run
a .saloon on Baker street. There is no
telling what the church element will do
when they get on top.
Eakef Street
Are offering special bargains in
Fine Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums
King Hat
Pro\ iyce of Hrftish Columbia. Nelson,  West Kootenay,
to wit:
By virtue of wnrrnnls of excutioi] issued out of the
.sii|)rume cuut'l of Itrit.isli Columbia (it the suit of JJrin-
sley M. Walton, plninl ill* and to me directed against the
goods mid chattels of The American Development Company, defendants, I have seined and taken in n.vcuiilinn
nil the shares in or of the capital stock of the Minnesota
.Silver company, limited lialiility, of the American Development company, the above named defendants, to recover tho sum of *1 IS.S .'IS, amount of said executions, l>e-
siflosi costs, interest, slierill's poundage and all other
li.val Incidental expenses, said to he la.OIH) shares; all of
which f shall expose for sale, or suIHeiont thereof to satisfy >-nid .judgment, debts and costs, at the front of my
olrice, next, to I he court house in the city of Nelson, Ji.C,
on tlie 112th day of January, A. D., 18IKI. at the hour of
eleven o'clock in the forenoon.
Dated January ;ird. 181)9.
The above mile Iuu> been adjourned to Saturday. January 21st, 38IW. ni the sime .hour nnd place.
to suit your pocket
Is some thing new, stylish, and strict- fej
Iy up to date for fall wear.   Every
Hat guaranteed.
J. ^Gilker, Postoffice Store.
No. 18 an,d 20 Baker Street, Nelson.
Lillie Bros.
'I'h and from Kuropean points via Canadian and American lines. Apply for sailing dates, rates, tickets, and
full information to any Canadian 1'aeiIIc railway auditor
C. P. K. City Agent, Nelson.
WH.LTAM STITT, General S. S. Agent. Winnipeg.
rpHEEB   "W^-S   -&-   TIDVCE
len  tlie   fingers were used for conveying food to the mouth, but .at present it is .scarcely     ^
.sider'ed  ijood "form.    jSTow   that  the  season   of  home  entertainment  has, fairly set in, it    i&
will lie neee.ssarv to have nn extra supply of
I ^pscj«
Tliis department of our hardware business is fully equipped and we fire showing a very handsome
line of Carving Sets, Steels, Ivory, Celluloid and Bone handled Table Knives find Forks,
Silver Plated Knives, Forks and Spoons, Etc.
Cordova Street,
-Bakor Street,


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