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 *m  m  "-���H.-  KOOTENAY  Has Mines that are Paying Dividends and Hundreds of Properties that can be Made  Dividend Paying Mines.  tme  KOOTENAY  *$����* *���<*-/  **��-���  Ha:  Mineral  Million  Output  Dollars  In   The \  of.  Upwards   ot  Every    Month  Year  DAILY  EDITION:  FIRST YEAE-XO./flp  NELSON,  BRITTSH   COLUMBIA', SATURDAY, JANUARY 7, 1899.  HERB   THEY   ABE.  If.'. ;. .'.  |5'-~  [i  It ;r'���'���"������"���'.���.���  ��� i -  It: ..���.  it,-.  ��� �����  lis  Supporters of the Present Council Brine Out a  Pull Aldermcinic Slate.  Last evening 1 lie supporters of the present city council held meetings in'the  Kast and West wards of the city for the  purpose of nominating candidates in support of the candidature of Mayor Houston. The meetings were enthusiastic, but  lack of Mrice prevents Tiik TmirnxK  from publishing a full account of tho proceedings at the West Ward meeting. The  "men whom the supporters of the present  council have named are too well known  to the people of Nelson to require extended    notice.    JOour    of    them     have  ; already had experience upon ;tJie  "council board, and the other two���-  Thomas M. Ward and William Irvine���are  well known to all who have been in Nelson long.enough to vote. The six men  who comprise this ticket may be set.down:  as those.who will compose the next board  of aldermen for the city of Nelson.  The ineetiug of the electors of the  ISast  Ward   who are - supporting   the-present  civic administration, was held in  the dining room oi'~the Queen's hotel, the call for  the hieetitigliaving been issued   by alderman- James A. Gilker,  chairman  of  the  East Ward campaign' committee.    There  ',. were present; over 50 representative electors and. throughout the meeting was harmonious and enthusiastic.  ���.    The -'meeting was' organized about 8.30  .o'clock,! R. F. Lemon  being  voted to  the  ��� jehairaridS. S;'Taylor, Q.O., being elected  'secretary.    Following this a   motion  was  made and  carried  that- the   meeting be  .held with closed doors.  The chairman then read the notice calling the meeting, drawing attention to the  ���:���- fact was a meeting of-the support-  - ers of the candidacy of John Houston for  mayor, and that the chief object of the  meeting was the selection of three suitable men: to represent the East Ward as  aldermen inthe next municipal council.  Before proceeding with the nominations  aldermanTeefzel addressed the meeting.  He said that he thought it would simplify the work of nominating ii those present  ...weregiven'to understand that both  him-  V-self and alderinan'Gilkei- had decided not  ^ito-agaiu'seek.the suffrages of the electors.  ��,J��Wit^re^pe^c^i^':Jvi.n^e'lf,'* atul he under-  ��fvstbocl*U^ aider man  $-���&ilkei^-Jiis^pi.uvat^^ the e'nsu-  j%^',j n'gv��ear ^^ nuicli ot his time  ��:. f �� ha^J]i(��^^ to devote-that  ��:��,"��� Hti?entii^nltbliu"uhicipal Vuatters which the  ^\g��eWed*-^^^m1Tch,t-hat:nie could tiofs'ee  ^��"Sislway:fcleatA6^ain^illow his name to  "5"be plactidahtiftmn^ijplf, as many of those  WEEKLY   EDITION:  'SEVENTH   YEAR -NO.  desire of the meeting that he should. So  far as he was concerned the matter rested  entirely with the meeting.  The chairman then asked if anyone else j  desired to address the meeting, and meeting   with  no  response he said  that the  meeting would proceed  with  the nominations.  The lirst name to be received in nomination wits that of Charles Hillyer, who  was proposed by Chas. A. Waterman, and  seconded by Jacob Dover and several  others.'. The mention of alderman Hillyer's  name was received with a generous round  of applause. ''������    "  Thomas M. Ward was placed in nomination by J. H. Mutheson, seconded by  Itobort Reisterer.  John J. Malone was nominated by W.  F. Teet/.el, seconded by Captain Pater-  son and several others, J  W.-H. Grant was,nominated by Charles  Hillyer, but immediately iipou his name  being meutione'd he rose and declined the  nomination with thanks, as he could not  devote the necessary time. ��.  .���There .was a wait of a few minutes after  Mr. Grant'declined- to accept a= nomination. The chairman asked if there were  no other'hominations but received no response.     ...������/'���'" if--'  A resolution that the nominations close  was then put and Carried, and the chair-  mauthen announced that Charles Hillyer,  Thomas M: Ward and John J. Malone  were the tinanimous choice of the supporters of the "present administration as the.  representatives of the East Ward in the  next city^ council.The announcement  was received with cheers.       -  .Alderman Hillyery in rising to -thank  the electors for the nomination which he  had reeeived,said that he was pleased to  be in the field again. When-he and his  colleagues were first honored by the citizens of Nelson some 20 odd months ago,  they had assumed the task bfi converting  Nelson from a towu; which had bee'n neglected for several years by the provincial' authorities into a city which would  be second; to hone in the province. With  this end in view the successive cou'uciIs  had undertaken several largeenterprises,  and so far as the councils had progressed  their accomplishments spoke tor themselves. He was pleased to know that  Mayor Houston was again a candidate,  since to,his administrative ability was  due the present satisfactory condition ot  the city's affairs. * With respect to the decision ot alderman Teetzel and alderman  Gilker ifoC to"seek"reelection lie said that  he was sorry that they'were unable to  consent to give the city the advantage "of  their services lor another year.. Each had  -^^��2��a3^-3��SS3-5S5-23S^333S?&3^����frfS*f&&fr&S&&Sfr&Stef frffrSfrS^  4ft-  ^w^jj^^^fj^f:|;f:^n'|ga"ce;bf victory at   the  ��>f":,p"6ll'.t:��*.s,uti'ct"���to."-thc  policy wh 1 ch  Cli.  and  hav'Qg'>thOi"OUgniy *i&&  ii  ���  \. ^loti.TpcQ^  ;..sDmrpVh:ta,iSt">'a". everything,   which;  "     iili"cr"ijee^und*ertiiken" was carried through  :- "tot & I sTt ceejsl ifflf- Mw-   ���i?e^So"n ally it ga ye  .-I.iitifcv^e.fcijfv much".pleasure indeed, to. see  "that*ghe;:b6'licjyi'olf the ��ou"neil wits,sb gen.-  ">'���^rA1l���y^e'lUic5i!,sedWn4,. that "the electors of  Hhe'Eals'i-Wkrd"burked1 Out in shell num-  " ��*befsLfor:��tBe'purpose of selecting .men to  - aepreWntVtheni in the Me.xt council who  :wd;ftid;c?ontiti"ue Che policy which had been  , " Jiiiaugiuvif.ted by the two previous councils  Mand perfect the details of the work which  had'Heeh" advanced to the present stage.  With"the business Of  a corporation,   as  ==^with*the=biisiness^of-a-priA'ate-indiv-idual,=  ! much depended upon the manner m which  its afftlirs were started, and in reviewing  the work of the first and second councils of  Nelson he thought he could without being  accused of possessing too much vanity  ��say,: that the people of Nelson had been  peculiarly fortunate in the men which  they bad, secured for, the carrying on of  the business of the city. The present  meeting had been called l!0r the purpose  of selecting men who would represent tile  East' Ward ill the next council, and  .although lie could not consent to Allow  his own name to be put in nomination he  would assure such as received the nomination his hearty support.  Alderman Gilker followed the chairman  of? tjhe finance committee and briefly  announced that he would not again be a  candidate. As intimated by Alderman  Teetzal he said that he had decided upon  this course for purely business reasons,  He htul beeivvt��meiliber of the two municipal comic;!;? to which the people of  Nelson had entrusted the management of  the city's affairs, and while he appreciated  the honor which had been conferred upon  him, lie would hot seek their snfferages  for another term. With such a representative meeting there would be no difficulty  in securing three nominees who would be  a credit to the ward and to the city. The  nominees of the meeting would receive his  support. ,,  Alderman Malone said that he did not  come before the meeting as an aspirant  for a nomination. The object of the meeting was that the electors should get together artd'select those men whom they  thought would best serve the city's interests, . He did not wish to impose any restrictions upon the choice of the electors  present. He did not desire to be a candidate unless it was the wish of the meeting  'that he should be. There were a great  many men resident in the EastWard who  could serve ihe city on the council board,  and it was his wish that the meeting in  making its selection should have an entirely free hand.  Alderman Hillyer voiced the sentiment  of alderman Malone. He said that he  would be a candidate provided it was the  t<  i��  i��  <t>  m  m  1>  <n  /n  m  m  *  ?>  '����  '����  t��  /f��  f��  i��  <n  n\  'i��  f��  i��  i��  f��  t>  i��  <n  i��  <����  m  t��  i>  'n  ��n  t>  ?>  i>  <n  i��  it  m  <p  m  1��  n\  A CHALLENGE!  THE TRIBUNE challenges the opponents of the  city council to state one' single instance where the  best interests of the people! of the City of Nelson "have  been sacrificed in the letting of contracts or in the  purchase of material or supplies, or where public work  has been done that beheJELted any member of the  council specially as against' the general benefit, or  where a dollar has been paid any member of the coun  cil, directly or indirectly,, for an official' ^action  met,  the  present  city  council  is made up of "boodlers"  This  or the' men who say-  up  challenge must either be  present  city  should hold their peace. :   i ,  ''   i' '  To make the above challenge binding, if any> one of  the -above charges 'can  be* substantiated   in '"court,  FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS  will be paid "over  to  the directors of the Public Library and FIVE HUN-  DRED   DOLLARS -to   the \ trustees v> of  the   Public  'r   >  .  School, One Thousand D6ll%rs'having .been deposited  r    j( -  in the Bank of MontrealTas an earnest of the good  faith of The Tribune.*      *�� L"*       ' ���.  ^  f&t^&^tft^frft&frffr^f&tti&ffrffr|fr(a5;3^��a^^^^^^^a^��^^f��^^i^^^^^  i>  <��t  /n  <p  <it  T  n  m  it  i��  i*  i��  it  *  f��  tt  m  <��t  <n  f��  it  'it  *rt  4��  <n  t��  <n  m  *  m  a��  '!��  1��  f��  in  *  <n  i��i  1��  ��l��  m  <n  i��  <n  t>  it  i>  *  it  *  m  f>  in  in  Baker in reply cited the case of ex-librarian Gosnell, but the attorney-general replied promptly that no appoiutmont had  been made. -~    . ~ ,  The opposition made an a (Fort to secure  an adjournment of the hoube, owing to  the death of W. G. Neilson, but the government refused to grant the same, as it was  generally understood that' it <was a move  to gain time uutil ex-premier Turner could  be present.           ��   (  THE   GUN   EXPLODED.  instead  ria-:  ofy  ' ft!  and a low rate of taxation,  money bonuses. *"  (4.) That all public ^improvements^!  should be made at general*expense,' arTd*]  not by the levy of special assessments, "'�����  =.THE  Marcus" JDaiy  OLD   FIOHT   BBNEWBD  and ^WV A. Clarke --Affain :Lock  i,  ^"Horns Over a Senatorship  themselves with the  work their absence  would certaiuly be missed.      , a  In reviewing the work of the pas,<^two  councils Alderman Hillyer said *chati the  chiot objection which had been raised to  their work was"that there was too' much'  harmony and no, disturbances at their  meetings. This he consideied a vei y e.\-  traoidinary objection to take to any  council. A-3 he understood it the mayor  and members of the city council were  ejected lb d,i$fcharge the- business ���.o.E��� the  city "fri Suoh'V,maimer as their judgment  deemed "best." They were not returned for  tlie purpose pff furnishing eTi;ter,tarin,mieJij'ti  for such oftliecitiKensasi'.eyellediniStiuabr  bleS a*fc4h%; icouhcii meeting and jvlio ���can-  iijdt uhderstii'nd^how" itJs;possible lor^aset^  of seven iiie;nD to di,SlYopse Of "business  matters \yithoXit reeriuiinations:, The  fact that; the ^majority of the present,  council "had heldi onice for over .20 months  and the onlyv charge which' could be  brought against them was that they did  not furnish a sVvfficient number of scraps  at the Cjpuucil? ttiejs'tings was the best pos-  ,sible_.e_vIi;deuce^that^the^people^of==NeisOn^  "cpuld have that the management of their  auairs was entrusted to competent men,  Thanks to the energy and ability of  Mayor Houston the council had been able  to accomplish much, and he thought that  the members of the retiring council dould  congratulate themselves upon the showing  they had made. With respect to the  prospects foiv the next council he >vas  pleased to know that the East Ward  would return two of the old members,  and as new timber a man whose ability  and integrity had never been questioned.  While he regretted that Aldermen Teet/.el  and Gilker had declined a nomination  from the meeting he was pleased that So  good a substitute had beeu chosen in  Thomas M. Ward. He desired to congratulate the uew member as there cotdd  not be any question biit that the nomination Of so influential a meeting was equal  to election.  Alderman Malone made a brief speech  thanking the electors for their nomination. He had endeavored during the  whole of the tiiiie that he had served the  electors of the city to discharge the duties  which fell to him to the best of bis ability,  and he regarded the nomination which he  had just received at the hands of the  electors of the East Ward, as a most satisfactory endorsation of his stewardship.  The following resolution was then  moved by J. H. Mathesou, seconded by A.  J. Marks and carried unanimously :  Whereas, the affairs of the city of  Nel��on have for the last year been conducted in a business-like way; therefore  be it  Resolved that the present city council  are entitled to the thanks of the people of  Nelson; and be it further resolved  (1.) That we favor municipal ownership of water and light plants, and th��  control of all franchises that in any was  require the use of the public streets.  r?(2.) That we do not favor the issue of  debentures for any purpose other than  ,'public works that produce revenue.  ,'/-(3.) That Nelson should be placed in  'such a possition that she could offer  industrial enterprises inducements in the  way of cheap water, light, and   power,  should only beJ<m.adogfrom5th&>'6rd.u1<  -rrjAnsnTre���^A-^-aixw e^ajfi������^<,'";'^'*r"i"^':5t?''  borrowed money bearing interekfc:' " ,.^  A resolution endorsing the candidature'  of John Houston for mayor was then m-  tioduied and carried by a stauding vote,  with much applause.  A motion was put and carried constituting the electors present a general committee, after which the meeting took up  confmittee work ot the campaign.  is. rrtTt was loaded witli'a charge of  Jnds of powder anrUa 300-pound  For This  Reason the Ariny Men Are   Not   So  Sweet On the Invention.  New York, Jan. 0.'��� One of DivGatliug's  new steel.guns, which General Miles re-  gaided as likely to levohit'iOnize coast  artillery for defense, burst last night at  the Sandy Hook proving ground:  It was an S-iuch gun, constructed Jn  accordance with the inventor's latest  theories,  140 poui  projectile.^ -4 ' '  , Government officials aief cautious1 in  testing new ordnance and all interested  in the test were concealed in'a bomb-proof  shelter. >      ,;  - The gun was discharged by,' means of an  electric, button. Pieces of the gun flew1 in  every'direction and about the wall's shelter, but no one was iujured.vj  Major Ehipps, the superintendent of the  Sandy Hook proving grounds,  aud chief  ordnance officer,   declined.^tO"���give" any-  opinion last night when aVked if the test'  demonstrated that the Gatling gun  was  not superior to "the guns now in use.  - "I am not permitted," said^he,  "to discuss the mattert Yoirmay draw your own  inferences."   '"���>���"- *j.  -.Advices from Washington say that the  rgun was being tested with various charges  and that it burst on the tiring of the last  charge. -    ,  It will be remembered 'that the cast  steel Gatling gun was tested several weeks  ago "in1 the presence of General Miles,  when the general expressed" himself as  much pleased with the results obtained of  the gun.     -    >_  -   ���    Mrs  Esterbrooke ;Dead  ...    ,  Cornftyall, Man.   7.���Mrs.'   Esterbrooke,  'mother'of Esterbrooke of pen fame.-l'New,  Tnr "* .Ji i�� _j.   i    i *r\ Ci ii  Haven,  island.  died'at her home  on   Cornwall  , Took ��� tHe Rope  ^/Milton, Ont��� Jaii.^  ���Line.  VTest   "Ward Meeting  The meeting in the West Ward was held  in the South Kootenay board ot trade  rooms and was largely attended. Fred  Irvine, was called to the chair and Hubert  Good acted as secretary.  The first nomination received was that  ot Thomas Madden, his name being placed  in nomination by E. J. Curran and seconded by Michael Sculley.  K. P. Whalley was nominated by C. J.  Wil��on and seconded by T. J. Scaulan.  William Irvine was nominated by John  A. Kirkpatrick, seconded by J. O. Paten-  ande. ,   ,      ...   Short speeches werejnadeJ)y_A_ldermeii_  Whalley    and   Madden    and   by   T.   J.  Scanlan. *.-,',."'  The meeting eudorsed the  cahdidature|  of John Houston for mayor, and after^  wards   proceeded   with   the   committee  work.   William Irvine Cannot Qualify. i  Since allowing his name to go in iio.iuiii:  atiou William Irvine has ascertained  that lie cannot qualify, and has requested  the supporters of the present council :iii  the West Ward to substitute another  name for his burn. In view or this  likely that Another meeting of the electors  of the West Ward will be held this  evening when the aldermahie ticket tyill  be completed,        ^___  Judgment  under Mechanics Lien Act.  Judge Fofin yesterday delivered judgment in the case of Holden et al vs. The  Bright Prospects mining company, which  was tried on Dec. 22nd. The judgment  was in favor of the plaintiffs, holding  that the mechanics lien act applied to  mines and miners. Taylor and Hanning-  ton, solicitors for the defendants, have  given notice of appeal to the supreme  court, the ease to be heard at Victoria oh  Mar. (J. The case is a Very important one,  and the decision (will be  awaited   with  interest. ,  That Federal Surplus Again.  Toronto, Jan. 0.���At the Monument  Nationale meeting held in Montreal on  Tuesday evening, Hon. Mr. Fielding, the  minister of finance, in the course of a  'brief speech, announced that the accounts  "for the year had just been closed, and he  was glad to be able to announce a surplus  even greater than recently announced,  namely, $1,500,000. The expenditure for  the fiscal year, closing June 80th last, and  chargeable to consolidated account, was  $88,8:32,525,70. For the first time in the  history of Canada the revenue had passed  that figure, having reached the sum of  $40,555,23S.02 for the fiscal year named  and he could officially announce the surplus as $1,722,712.33.  w.<ji   be"*" takerf  j Clarke, "the many-milhonaiie mine owner,  j coffee planter and coffee growei, is nn-  ' doubtedly in the lead ana  a  remarkable  feature ot the contest is that the opposi  tion  has not even yet centered upon a  candidate.  Marcus Daly, who hates Clarke fervidly  and who has doubtless declared ,that lie  will never be senator, -was originally presumed to be a conditional candidate, but  die will not have votes enough, it now  transpnes, to force the election of either  himself or a direct representative, and his  forces are now said to be casting about  for a caudidate who can muster enough  strength ot his own to beat Clark. That  candidate has not yet been hit upon, although many believe Clarke has not a-  majority ot the votes himself. Mr. Daly  was in the east recently and was not expected to return until January 15, but he  came west by special train two days ago  and it is now siad that he will be here in  person in a few days.  ���His coming will be more than ordinarily  significant, because after the capital fight,  in which Daly earnestly sought tp hiiVe  the.capltal renibyed from Helena, tb his  own, town pi? AnSconda, and after, during  a celebration of.theHelena victory, Daly  waS carried in effigy in a coffin by some  irresponsible ratifiers, Daly vowed that  be would never set foot in Helena again.  The aiihounceinent that lie is coming is  taken to mean that Clarke is this year a  nioi'e formidable candidate than he has  ever been before.  ';      PROVINCIAL  PARLIAMENT,  /romffiisjfat he^j'-Xvlien"  had been married to a  sometime.  Otfrtwipglit,"1;  ^-%fMher'^  ,��*cetvjsdi'  r'a-fa'lgaFgTrPfoF'  FOR   THE   SENATE   REFORM-  - f -     ^ ��"^v;i  ->-#  *��Zt��r  ;\..  ������%.<  What Laurler May Do When tne Senate Again  Acts Ugly, With the Commons.  Toronto, Jan. 0.   The announcement of  Premier Laurier's plan for curtailing the  powers of the senate have cteated consi't-  eiable inteiesl.   The  necesaity for a inform of some sort has long been geneial' v  admitted,   but    the    pronouncement   ��� c  Lam ler at the liberal bnuqueton Tiii��il>' v ; ��     /* __ i"**.i*  evening was ihe first move made towai> sf*"' /.^' i&.-i'  its actual accomplishment.        - v ��^^ ^-^^  The following is  the text of preiiiinr  ^'" ^'^"''ft  Lauriei's iemark-> upou'^enate reloi m :    "5- -"*���*,.'"'���.V,-***/1  v   " But what the hou-e of louJf- could noc^-J,' %.-'J'-.^ i^  do the senate of Canada ha^ done.   Tl e,^"'--,C'H^^i.  Senate of Canada," as constiinjed,/cai�� ig?c^f ^Sj~ t-xLtS'  hore all bodies in the state and cannot be] ^   ^ "  obliged to submit to popular will, except;  by,compulsion, and we wantno revolution  hvthis country:" Our;only'couri-e tJien""*i#  to Teform the'senate by limiting its'pow  ers and subjectingit"tosomeic6utrpl."?.Nrbv  what will this eoutrol be'?-Itia a que^tio";.  "of the'gteateat  delicacv and   difliuiilfyi.  Shall weniakethesenatet-l^etive? lamhut?  -in favor of thatsysteni<v^\V[ehavebutotiie5,  electoral   bo'dy  in this<cou.itry"and iE'^i^-'S''  represented  by  rhe  Iioum-, of common  An elective senate  would" simply   nieaj  doubling the'po^rt��ir of 1 liu electoral body  The reform'������� -hould make will'leaye the",,,  senatois the same in.number'as ihey arelii  today, namely 81, and the mode-of njs-f^  poiutments the same."  The   leloim   we j  propose is this.   When there ii a .��c��i|0iofc*~��<;^a&,'j^''  .between   the    senate  and   thti -pupular'' "V*C?^'*''  house, then theie should  b> < v"iit vote5-^w^f'^v  and  the majority  should cant.    That,J^^r^x%  gentlemen, is the reform we 'liate,to pvo&& <��*?'Z^' ~-J  pose to the people ot Canada.       .,     ' V ��-.'*,JV"-^.'  J. G. Bourinot, the pailiamentaiy jfiulfc^^^-^^  ority of-the Dominion,"in di>-cns*in'g Laur-   -  ier's plan says that in the ca<-e ot Cituada'  a dissolution ot the elected hou-e"< oCtdm- X  moos under gi ave circ urustaut eS iu-a poh- "  tieal crisis, would meet all conditions and :^ , ,  adjoint sitting could then bejitfibely had to * _A^S.'4^'  adjust the difficulty after the^evpiession^I^��"^ $��<*  of popular will.   It  the veidict was, nd-'' "t^JPT  --*-J iV ,  I*-**  f**=i_ "*"TmLiJ  creation largely ot the party-long in power.   Such a system as woiksjidiiurably in,  Denmark, has it advantages and that is a.  The Semlih Government has a Majority of  'six upon  a^DlVlsioh.  Victoria, Jan. 7.���The government took  the opposition completely by surprise  yesterday by the commencement of  evening sessions.., Premiei' Se'rulin and  Attorney General Martin announce themselves as determined ko hasteii the dispatch of pllblie business.  The debate upon the addreSsin'reply to  the speech from the throne was Opened by  Ralph Smith, the Nanaimo labor leader.  He made a splendid speech in which he  dealt with the employment of Japanese  in. mines and the hardships inflicted upon  prospectors in theE-quimaltand Nanaimo  belt. His most attentive auditor was  James Diinsmuir, the man against whose  interests his attack was directed.  McPhillips of Victoria offered an amend-  went to the bill introduced by attorney-  general Martin, the object of which is to  make safe the seats of Prentice and Dean  during the term of the present session.  The amendment was defeated on a division of 10 to 13. The second reading of the  bill was secured upon the same division.  Col. Baker, as the present leader of the  opposition, made an attack upon the  government for having introduced tho  spoils system. He said that employees in  the civil service had been discharged to  make room for government favorites.  Attorney-general Marteu replied, and  challenged Col. Baker to name a single instance in which this had been done.   Col.  The Commissioner's   Report Received.  Ottawa, Jan. 7.���Commissionei R. C.  Clute, of the Crow's Nest Pass investigation presented his first report to the government today.  The Ophir  Mine.  Winnipeg, Man., Jan.7.���RobertGerrie,  of this city has received an offer of $50,-  000 for his interest in the Ophir gold mine  at the Lake ot the Woods.  Atlantic Steamer Overdue.  Halifax, Jan.  7.���Great anxiety is felt  here in regard to the steamer Da?fitf|ra, of  the   Furness  line,   bound ^for tipf*port,  which is now 22 days out ffbrn ^Sfrpool.  /   . .   Fire at Hartney. ,.,,,     ��  ,��. *������  _IIartney,_Man., Jan._7.=Fire yestetday_  morning did damage   to the   extent  of  ��� twelve thousand dollars;, vTiie,drug,store  was destroyed andSthe vppS$:ptlice badly  "scorched.  " A Contractor Killed.  St. John,. N. B., Jaii. 7,���Cornelius  McGourty, an extensive;building contractor was blown to pieces.yesjterday by the  explosion of a bag Of dyhaniite.-  Shutting Down on Bazars,  Montreal, Jan. 0. .p- ���Archbishop  Bruchesi's usual New''uS"eal,'s pastoral  letter is of fair greater importance thiiii  ilsual. After mature consideration, his  Grace Hays that he has decided toltliter"  diet all bay/a rs for any purpose whatever.  To Examine a Murderer.  Ottawa, Jan. (i,���Hon, David Mills has  Appointed Dr. Lett, o^the Guelph lie-  treat, and Dr. Burgess* of the Protestant  Asylum, of Montreal, to go to Winnipeg  and inquire into the mental Condition ot  .Paul Brown, sentenced to be banged for  murder, and who is said to be insane.  Big Copper Mining Company Formed.  Milwaukee, Wis., Jan.7.,���A special from  Houghton, Mich., says : The Wyandotte  Mining Company has been organized to  ' work the Wyandotte, Escanaba and Valley mines, with a combined area of 1040  acres. The new company is composed  mainly of local capitalists, with a capitalization of $2,500,000. The property adjoins  the Winona mine.  Still Trying To Release Mx-s. Maybrlck.  Washington, D. C, Jan. 7.���It is rumored that the new ambassador of the United  States to the court of St. James will be  instructed to do what he can toward  securing the release of Mrs. Florence May-  brick, and her friends hope that, while all  such efforts have heretofore failed, a pardon may now be secured because of the  increased cordiality  the two countries.   W$P  Senate.partly elected and  partly nomin;,��l/i^?*��fe'-  ated. -Universities; cities and legislatures*"*&'^^"'I  might in Canada have the c'hone ofrce��r?>_y�� l^hk  _taiu members for the,Upi er House^u One^s*^-^|^j  ^thipg is quite certain, theljpper'jlouse'*"-"'* ���^Re-i���-"  an absolute ne^esbitvlimthe^PorpiiiioBiTJ"  .ensure  safe legislation^and 'jnxe^pQ&e  ";baiTier'aigaius.t&asfcgpvjerjimen.t>  more representtttT^'"ana-TnT^^iie.  possible touch with the sentiment^of -~~��V.  most conservative and thiuigh&iul' classes4?)  in this country,  wheie-influences of de-  mociacy are inci easing.  v>s&  By Some Othercompany  Ottawa, Jan. 0 - Dt Milne, ol Victoria,  left for home tonight. He says that the  prospects of the Vancouver, Victoria and  Eastern railway, bfctfjMfcbuilt horn the  Boundary distnct wPnhe coast, aie  brighter than evei  A Set-Back for Revision.  Paris, Jan. 0.���The anti-Dreyfus parti-j  sanb claim that a great victory has been  scored by their side in the piesence of  Geneial Chanoine, the ioimei n-inisiet of  war, in the court of cassation duiing the  examination ot the teciet dossier. This  they say, virtually makes theaimy a part  of the couit, and is a hut her check on re-  "visiohT  .;>:������ .La Orippe in Montreal  lMohti-eal, Jaii. .7.���La grippe is now  epideiiHc. in this city. For the past 10  days "the city has been prostrated with  the pest. The doctors aie all putting in  overtirhe. The present is the first visita- ���  tion-of La grippe since the epidemic of  JSflO*.  \  To Command ibe Cup Chair^Jlgar  IjohdLpu, Jan. (i.���Sir Thomas Lipton in*  forms the Associated Press that he has  sjighfed agreements with Captain Aichie  ilogarth, formerly oi the Isolde, and Robert "VVliflge, to cottinuind the American  cup, challenger, Sh&mrock. Wtinge suc-  qeded Captain Sycamore in command of  the Ailsa. ^ '.. :   . _ ;���'��� ���   ��� ���  Edward Farrar On the Commission.  Mohtre:ai, Jan. 7,���lidward Farrar, who  has been irt Washington durihg the  greater part of the session of the Quebec  commission, in an interview today ex?  pressed the opinion that there was no  possible chance for the Canadian commissioners to secure an acceptable treaty  from the United States.  of  feeling between  They Have Still a Slight Hope.  Washington, Jan. O.���The Canadian  joint high commission resinned its session  here yesterday after the holiday recess.  The only absentees on the American side  were representatives Dingley and J< hn  W. Foster, both of w honi are sick. All  the Canadians were present except Sir  Wilfrid Laniier, Sir James Winter and  Mr. Charlton. It was decided that the  several committees should continue their  work, thus indicating a hope that some  results will come from the eommi-siot;*  labor. The joint session was followed hy  a meetilig of the sub-committee ou the  Bearing, sea negotiations. Beyond tins  no statement was made by the mcuibeis  on either side.  - >- *  \";  \S^  *r��  to  |B^I  :M  \  ?*J?- ^  / " ?t.  aaas*fe*^^  HI!iasl����a*6s��aS;  saaffffi^aiivm  "���Wtiii^^^^.^.;;..; VjJ -  ^f  9  THUS TRIBUNE:   URLS0N, B.C.   SATCRDAY, .fANIJAllY T, lit!.!!.-  There's iw) poom, on top....  I AM THERE WITH THE  ewing Machines Made  By buying from me your machine costs you just  One-Half what you pay for other makes  Your home is not completely furnished  without one of these machines  Not only a beautiful Holiday present  to your wife but a daily necessity ;  The Best  WHEELER <& WILSON  NEW    RAYMOND  DOMESTIC and WHITE  fiet One  NEEDLES AND OIL  Holiday Purchases Engraved Free  JA��OB  DOVER  PUBLISHERS' NOTICE.  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S-O'clock.^All!  visiting knights are cordially," invited touattend.���i".^W;4ia"  - ��� - GeorgkRoss, K��6f Rf&"S4  ��������._ Rra.Jbj'vq.-c. n *  The other half hold that it has been about  as bad as it could be. The cirenmstaut.e ���  that they are not all of one mind is owing  to the fact that the opponents of Mayor  Houston could not in Nelson make up a  complete slate of eligible men to oppose  him. The men who are running on the  Houston ticket tell the electors just what  their policy will be. The men who are on  the other ticket cannot agioe even as to  their head.       Police Magistrate Crease held a" revision of thecity voters list this forenoon in  the city hall when about a dozen names  were added to the list. Those so added  were in the majority of cases assessed  owners, who at the time when the list was  made up had not paid their taxes, and  were therefore not. eligible. The police  magistrate's construction of the clause in  the municipal act dealing with the qualification of.voters was, that so long as the  taxes were paid before the holdjyug��� of tlie  1'evision bV-hfuis��elf^sucnl��as  Yver'���e;eligible]^  which the names of assessed owners were  .thusladded}to:" the "si fst,:���tnhel;usolici,t0rs4Ty htf  ���appear '""*" "'"  ���ttiif'"  jg��^'  "Si  ed-iojfstheni!were.A!orced��t"f6.admits-  Oyvners of bona fide mineral claims, the  surface of which belongs'to''this Company,  who desire to acquire title to. such surface,  should make application for same tit onc-e,  as the Company is now receiving numerous  applications for the purchase of land in the  vicinity of Kossland, and along the line of  the Nelson & Fort Sheppard Railway, and  it is the desire of the Company to give the  owners of bona fide mineral claims the first  privilege of purchasing the surface of such  claim.  ffalson & Fort Sheppard Railway Co.  Shoes  to fit your feet'at  ���$?#  toj;i^tS^puif;pdej^ej  BOOpANDlSHOiiHttPI  ^n^VEESDN  GROCERIES!       GROCERIES!       GROCERIES!  '      o '     C ���  A Full and Complete Stock of the  CHOICEST GROCERIES  IN  THE   MARKET  OIT'T    FOBG-ET    OUE  Crockery  and  Glassware  Department  Up Stairs Over Grocery Store  Prices  Right  Quality  Unequalled  Kjrkpatriek & Wilson  Canadian General Electric Company, Ltd  Capital $1,500,000.    Head Offices Toronto, Ontario.  All types of electrically operated mining- and power apparatus  Sole agents for complete Victor Blasting Machines  We also sell the genuine Bell Telephones  !  British Columbia Branch Offices  Gnuirillc Slrcot-VANCOUVER  Kootcnav District���NELSON  "F,"B^."ISr"*C   "D-A."R:LI"N"Gr,   ICooteiiuy Agent  AREN'T h'OIt WIKE HOPE AND UKN'KHAL MACHI.NKKY  P. BURNS & GO.  MEAT MERCHANTS  NELSON, B. G.  BRANCH MARKETS      Rossland and Trail, in Trail Creek District  three Forks and Sandon, in Slocan District  Kaslo in Ainsworth District  lOrdera: ffy mail^arefulIy^M  OEfCITypl^lEl^OH:  SATUItDfiS  Sp.MK of the so-ealleclliudepari^eDtlelefc-^  tors are sorelvidi^appb8iQ*fi^��.*"beck'use"st"hS''J  snppot'ters $ajgihqi��Houston *-iov"^u^ayqvi  did not see-fit to Vrid^Vse;*��tfhe^srtjSalle1S��  Citizens' Ticket forAi4erm%n^*y[^"'Mr.<  oustori ���, yupporter^.wece^not^cpifsulteds;  in selecting-the so-(.'alle'd;?ei^i^  i'or -aldermen, the'y^ee^n^*?^6^a'^Sfp^��'  twhy they should be^YfeV-^^p^riVf^^^?'  'supporting-them,     i' :'\'i'#fti  >'   TiiRRE arevsbme^p^^!e^iii;^elsp^^  ^EANOB-- JS.ND> BUSSIA-  1 advance the at,Kui^a^^a���i,7t^re<-''.caT]^ jpl?,  _'no honesty in the feM^cPunci&amie'sg' Itii  -members ol it are coiMnn*a|^|v^rahg]ing  the  ling  , - among: themselves over thef'rB^nner In  ' which the business of the* ci% is cohr  ducted. Because ��� the members oi?, the  present council have been able to dispone  ot' business matter's in a bu,sin;eSs;Dway, trie;  advocates of discord ask that-they be.  defeated.and that a council of ��� \vranglers  electe^n their'stead.    " ' .;  "    Trui   Miner  of  Kelson"  contin.ues it.s  policy of misrepresentation.   Last night  '    B\^o enthusiastic   meetings df   the sup-  '^  rjorters of   ftfayof  Houston  >vere   held*  ;-. whpnajdel'manjc candidates were nomin-  .^>;abe(J^ 4n  the^  two meetings  there   were  ")?yser "one hundred voters who were free to  .^ iibiriinate such candidates as they chpse.  wTJiey made  their chqiqe, atid���.iu.apnpitiK3-  ip'K ittlie iMiiiev saya4th:at iMayor*rjoiistpn.  after; vyprkiiig   from enrfy;:i>iorning till-  late at" "night*  secured   six   alder-riianic  candidates.   There are orie" h'u'iyb^r^iHeii  in  Nelson  Who of their omi0$i$$$0%&.[  i��ould convict the Miner of ���iyiiig^iii|T^s  (natter,  but this departure of tKt'Miriei'  lost its novelty long since.  TriKiiis are now two alderma'&ic tickets  in the field, and the electors of the city  irtay make their choice.   One ticket represents those of the electors who. are satisfied witli .the manner in  Which  the civic  affairs have 'been/administered during; the  past, year, and the piomise which the men  who are miming upon it make is  that, if  elected, they will endeavor to carry out  the same policy during ,1899.   The other  ticket is  composed  of  men who at the  putsetaio violently opposed to each other.  One half of them  hold  the opinion  that  the   administration   of   mayor   Houston  during: thepasfc year has been satisfactory.  Blt'bi' Iftsfdp Histpry^qf "theu'<I?qrm!ngfqV"The��r��  ^en;t)'|ot;/���UijerTi|i|e.s;^M".;/^^^  Iuigt;e��y^n;r^  %:enjhi"ifi|iifen;pe","durm  th^Ecahc^Itussjari,^���treafcy#n^goEmtions"  , .....    ��effirst- Article" of" tliet draltVMreaty -  K4^^1an^it.h*mficihad:nbVfor ftsobiecft arty  ^mMfficati/^  status qnd. . jMirH'a'nb��ba.iiX"--re"frtHecl "to  " cpuutersign ..sjuuli a tfeeatyJvexciaiaiing':  ' ���" Why,n ic is,a repetition'Pf rh'e�� l^rankhn t  ���treaty.' Ccilint Murayieif.reapobded: 'You  will ueverindnce the czar, tosigua revenge  treaty.', ��� "   -    '  ''Neither M. Hahotaux nor.Cpunt Mura-  ^Ydeff would yield.   :The. pMblem ..seemed,   when ��� Cpunt^Myravjeff jiad a  conference, with" ;F>:e|idbu*t=^aure.   who  yielded, adlliitiing" jbhac Miile it was un-  pesirable to have such an article, on tire  "other hand it wOtiiti b;e impossible "for him  toieturn t��4;EcauciEi \vil]i6ut;"a treaty,  . "Accordingly t.hH treaty; was   signed,  Count  Miiravieff 'haying   declared  that  ll.jnpdrer Nicholas w.ould  not hesitate to  tight ibr"France if slie wei'e eve^r iin|u,stly  aitflcked by anybody, bur, not inteifvefu?'  in a mere war of reveng^.1'  Another Piece Railway Work Iset.  It is reported from ftIoiitte*l>^that  Messi'li'; MftBWfcKpley and Lailsen>4j"ftV^se-  eured from the 0. J'. II. company a cpii-  ��� tract "tor 15 milespf railway from Midway  tq Ilock Creek. Itis stated that the-sub-  con tract .for'this will, be a warded at an  early date,aiid will be convplete&^^ttofe-  saine tune as the ilobsoh^oLiudai#Creek;  rpad. This road is be^&poi"  tipn of the line which the C. P, Il^cbm'  pany are surveying along the Kettle-riveK  ^jA��BEB:t)K;)Cy^ljLppK,�� nAKEiygTRKKTi;  ha.iiit,'iilJnfl\Jtures"{:biTiieutjcaih6i:c^vilJh>���wW  .fi'OBt,-"jin'dcrl^i)ciialt^ilot^.\c'^ ".fe>"V.^ s- N  iaiJ'hes.vvastp^aiise(l^bjsiwater"lioirig "allowed tojiumall"  ;n)ghji.lo;i)i;evenfepipos".freezing"?euriiiotxbc aHowccl.-.alul!1;  ^ttii}"* Person ifoimitriillo\vlngl.fWjVter>*'fr6ni";. hi.ssf��eif,viilO!,t'o  -;co lUnni QUjSlySuTn V"in��".b& ^^^^  j'.aiKrtlfe SBrvicd,will'bo��at��bii(co;ciit"6ir.""Bis��6rd6b��^'u"u��',"��  .1  F.;��"4 ^,tl,HOJVir^#M::\yAUb;AW.At:ci,'po^ih ���j  - - Nclsnqn���4B. GV.'De.Qember.lOthVl^lS:?".�� v     . .  ���'"^Btlgg  pKFj^jo \yiTif,".eiftvlii/K.s.A. i\*rafe"iA.\-^:cp:  whcrciovdei-s will Lbq received." " f ��"  CHfRbES^SiKBSRIE|4t^fit  _MiptpAttehdecJ  ��� �� ��� ���      .   _" ��� ��� ���". *>'���"       .��','"    !;  ���SfeciaJ'-ajKentjgn^wjMip all ��� Kinds/of repairing  and; custom worlvfrprn ou-tside points  SHOP;   (lor. Baker aqd Hall St^ Nelsoni  %!n Tpandrjr^m European uom.tsvii^CiinatliahaiidAniori-:,  ��.can���ln(es:>"Applyj;foff,,sailinBMatcss).-fatesi} "UCkctV and|.  ���full .lnrormatiohto aiiy.Caiiiidian'l'acific.rail^vay agentor  rtWlpLTAMi?STITT.�� GeneraLS.J^Si-Afjeri'l,, AVjiiniiJeg.  JfMM?^aG: SoR> Sl^l  BELOW IDIDST.  0. W. West & Co. have been  appointed ag-brits for *H. W.  MdNeill & Conipain^;: and  aire now ready to receive  orders for tire delivery of Anthracite Goal afr Nelson or at  any point in the S16can;' Terms  are cash before delivery.  ��� "lOnc tiig rtboilt 40 feetrlbngbj' 7 feet, beam.frahie.of  "���riatuvaljoalc.or.ogks, double, framed'and jjut, togdtliorat^  ^thp^dastriPlankedarid^hislied-at^JCaslb'TOUrspuciariir-  timbei;;. Has'oiie water tube boiler of 20 II..]'., tested to  28(Fpojuul& Qs^y. T- fttstened throughout with galvahr  ized iron; two double reciprocating reveivible engines;  one special .JlaiVh gt6ain piimpf bnS double tube" iiietrb-  gplitijii.ifijedfor; brass Side light's; bnieb steering wheel,,  etc. Fitted"andfliii^hed throughout and within in flrst-  clafes order  The FollbWihg: Mabhiiiery at a Bargain..  .Ono^tcel'Upright, boiler with fltthigS ebifiplotc, 1'2 H.  P.! but littlbuijed; oiiedoublerecifirbcnting.squai'cpistriii  .^ittibiiary engili.Ci 7-10 .11. P.. triininihgs e0niplule;lly  "jvheiil, l>-2 by (]J, roVolutibils 21" x !u", but little used; see-  sure  you afefpJinf  IMIiLiffltt  THE CHEAPEST PLACI&Ti!' THE GIJY KOR FRUITS OF AlitKINyS.  MILLS & LdOT, OoPi Bakei? andWa^Ste, kelson,  ���   HAMILTOf) BYERS,  Kaslo,  SAqdori, Nelson,  B.  C."  LICENSE AUTHORlZINGi-AN EXTRA-PROVINCIAL COMPANY TO CARRY ON     '  BUSINESS.  AttCTipOSfElilES  *.(JOM��>ASIfiS" k&T. 18!)-.'  C. W. WE^T 5c CO  BaJ��E^,��to��t,iNete()n; British Columbia.  and West Fork".  BAKEE?OTEET  l'i'o\inco of JWtlHli Columbia,.Nelson,  to wit,:  SHERIFF'S SALE. i  West Kootenijy,  By virtue of a warrant of exoution issued out of the  supreme; court of British Columbia at the suit of Brin-  nle.v M. XVultoii, plamtiir and to me directed against the  goods and cbattels of The American Devclopinenr, Com-  pany, defendants, I have seized and taken in execution  nil the shares in or of the capital stock of the Minnesota  .Silver company, limited liability, of the American Development company, the above named defendants, to recover the sum ol #118.8 :iS, amount of said executions, besides costs, interest,, shcritr.s poundago and all other  lottaj incidental expenses, said to be 15,000 shares; all of  which [shall expose for sale, or sufficient thereof to sat ���  isfv -aid judgment, debts and costs, at the froift of my  olllcc. next to the court house in the city of Nelson. B.C.. ,  011 the 12th day of January, A. 1)., 18911, at the hour of  eleven o clock in th�� forenoon. ,  -Vote:   Intending purchasers will satisfy themselves as !  to interest and title of said defendants.   Terms cash.        J  n / , t ,vyi,I^?AM p' ROBINSON, Sheriff.  Dated January Srd. lRflfl.  Having secured the more commodious arid convenient quarters of. the above hotel, Mrs. E. C.  Clarke takes this opportunity of thanking her  former patrons at the Clarke Hotel for their  patronage m the past, and for soliciting a continuance of the same, ..        =  Rates $2 per Day  E.  C.  Clarke, Proprietor.  JHE TREMONT      *NTE3IffSC>*[Sr  MALONE & THKGIIiLrjS. Proprietors,  Is one of the beat hotels in Toad Moantain district, and  Is the headquarters "or prospectors and minor*.  Canada :���'.���'.������     .1  Pk&VINCU OR UltlTISir CpiJUMIIIA.,/      .  qnilisas TO CKItTIFY that thp "London &��� British  ���*��� ��� Columbia,Goidlield-i Limited.",is. authorised and licensed to carry on business within the Province of British  ''qlumbin, aird to carry out or ofl'eetall or-ariy of the objects hereinaftersct forth to which the logical ive author-  ���ty of the legislature of'British Cohimbia extends.  The head office of the-'Company "is-t situate" at 3 Laiu-  ence, Poutney Hill. England. .'-.;.'<-.  Tho amount of the capital of the Company, is ��200,0fl0,  divided into 200,000 shares of,one, pound each;--  s" ���  Tho head office of tho Company in this'-Provinee is  situate- iii Nelson, and J. Roderick Robertson, inan-  iger of companies, \vhose address is ��Nelsoilaforesaid, is  the attorney for the Company. ?v;-, ,  , T.he objects for which the Company hagbeen established are set out iii the certificate of registr.Htibn' of the  company dated the 20th day of October,-1898; and which  was published in tho British Columbia, Gazette of tho  Sth October, I8JM>. '���",-' j.b*j  Given under my hand and seal of office aii-SVictoria,  ���-"rovince of British Columbia, this 3rd dav of December,  ��� me thousand eight hundred any ninctv-eight.     '  ���tt.s.] S. \v. WOOTTON,,..,.  Registrar of Joint Stock Companies-.--  BAKER STREET, NjELSGN  =-Wte=  Lumfeer!   Liiinfeei-!   Lumibei,I  -r  Kootenay Lake Sawmill, G. O. Bachanan, Prop.  First  class   lumber  at   right   prices  Doors, T11 rned Work, etc.,  Yard:  Foot Hendryx Street.  Also  a  full  line   of  constantly on hand.  Sash,  JOHN RAI, Agent.  J  Notice of Application for Liquor License.  Notice is hereby given that tho undersigned \&U;'ogp]y  ro the board ef licensing cominisRionors of the' eftyo'fr  Velsqn at their next sitting for a license to sell liquor at  retail at her hotel, known as tho Kootenav hotel, situate  on the west 1 of lot 5, and the east i of lot 4, In blonk 1; on  Vernon street, in the ���5ty of Nelson.  ^ 1 j \ ��r ,       J-J^SP^l MARY MALLETTB.  Dated at Nelson, B. C, October 14th, 1898.  When Requiring Thoroughly Seasoned Lumber  Call   and  Inspect   Stock.  Tn stock flooring, lining, mouldings, doors, and sashes.   Jivery description of joinery, doors and  windows   made   to   order.  OFFICE AND MILLS CORNER HALL and FRONT ST.  f    v< *   ">. *i* '"I  THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B.G. BATUJIDAY JANLLUiY  I, WW.  >>*j��  '1  rl  .  . , - ,*���:?  Wr*"'  Capital,  Rest,  all paid  up.  $12,000,000  6,000,000  THE ZB^ISTIK:  OP  BRITISH COLUMBIA  NELSON  LOUD STHATIICONA AND  lion. GEO. A. DUUMMOND,  K   S. CKOUSTON..:   MT.  ROYAli, President  ... P. Vico-Prcsidont   General Manager  NELSON   BiR-A-ICTOEC  N. W. Cor. Baker and Stanley Streets.   1IKANOHE8 IN       LONDON (England), NEW YORK. CHICAGO  and in the principal cities in Canada.  liny and sell Sterling Exchange and Cable Transfers  (5KANT COMMERCIAL AN1�� TRAVELLERS' CREDITS,  available in any part of the world.  DRAFTS ISSUED    COLLECTIONS MARK; KTO.  Are now prepared to issue  Drafts and Letters of Credit on  Dawson City, Yukon District.  SAVINGS BANK.BRANCH.  CURIUCNT RATE OP INTEREST PAID  CORPORATION  OF THE CITY OF NELSON  NOTICE  Public notice is hereby given to the elector-, ot I he  municipiilily of the City of Nelson that I rec|iiii-o the  presence ot the said electors at the lire hall on Josephine  street in tho s.iid City of Nelson on the ninth day of  .lanuarv, IS!)!), at, Vi o'clock noon, for the purpose of electing pcrsoiin to represent them in the municipal council as  ��� mavor anil iildcrnu'ii. . ,  The mode of nominal ion of candidates shall be as tol-  lows :  The candidates shall be nominated in writing; the  writing shall be subscribed by two voters of the niuiiiei-  p.ilitv, us proposer and seconder, and .shall be delivered  lo I his returning olllcer at any time between the date of  the not ice and 2 p. in. of the day of the nomination, and  in I he event of n poll being necessary, such poll will be  opened on the twelfth day of January. 18UII, tit the following places, namely:  Per the ICust Ward of the said city, at the Fire Hall on  Josephine street.    Kor the West Ward, at the west store in the Hank ot  lirltish Columbia building on  linker  street  Of which every person is hereby required totake notice  and govern hiniseff accordingly.  The persons qiiulilied lo be nominated fur and elected  as innvor mus.t be male llritish subjects of the full age of  twenty-one years and not disqualified under any jaw,  and have been for the six months next preceding the  dav of nomination the registered owner in the'land  registry olllcc of land or real property in the city of the  assessed value on the last municipal assessment roll of  one thousand dollars or more operand above any registered incumbrance or charge and who are otherwise  dulv i>unlillcd as municipal voters.  Tlie persons iiualiliod to be nominated for and elected  as aldermen shall be such persons as are male British  subjects of the full age of twenty-one years, and not disqualified under any law. and have been for the six  months next preceding the day of nomination the registered owner in I he,laud registry ofllce of land or real  proput'tv in the citv of the assessed value on the last  municipal assessment roll of five hundred dollars or more  over mid above anv registered incumbrance or charge  and who are otherwise qualified as municipal voters.  .-. NOTICE  IS  ALSO JIEKKBY  GIVEN that in  tho  jCvent of a poll being necessary such poll will be opened  ' on the 12th day of Januarv, 18W, from 8 o'clock a. m. and  kept open unt ii I o'clock p. m. at the Kire Hall on Josephine street in the said city for the KA.ST WARD, and in  . tho west store of the Hank of Uritish Columbia building  Vn Haker street, in the said city, for the WJCST WARD  thereof.  Civou iindermy hand at.the City of Nelson the 29th  .jlav of December, ISilS , ' -  j -\-       , :" " J.1C. STItACIIAX,���Itcfrnnrmg-Omccr:>#-.  CORPORATION  OF THE  CITY OF NELSON  -votieirs5 list.  .\-(>.  1  is'  ai  .'in  ��i  :*  31,  85,  M  :t:  ss  :t<i  :iU.  II  it  13  11  ���1.1  Hi  17  18'  111  m  st  ;a  Xi  of  ��  ;"i(i  i>7  (">8  oil  m  hi  l!2  (i.'t  til  lis  iu;  ���17  (18  0!)  70  71  72  7;i  "I  75  7(i  77  78  7!)  80  81  82  8.'!  81  8��  Sfi  87  88  8!)  90  91  92  911  91  EAST   WARD.  NAME.  Ashcrofl, Henry I)  Anderson, .lames Lindsay  Avery. Hono' H  "ArlluuV Edward C  Arthur, Iwibel  Askew, Walter  Andrews. l-'leteherS  -'Jlcor.'tieoi'gc Prank  lleer, William \V  Jlniton. George W  Unrto'ii. .1 M  lloeckh, Charles W  illonlbcrg. John  llarton, llcnry Alc.Mindcr  Rnrnard, Frank .S  Hums, Patrick  Hull, llusil W  lliirton, Ii S  Henley, Robert John  Haxendnle, Richard  Hruwn, Laura  Howes, Joseph Helhriiiglon  Bcri;y, Charles  Bulwer.H  Huchannh", Ghibrgft O  HruJSe, Henry              -���  -,l3ulloCKf..liliues���t   Burton, Si'isitiv E-"        - -.   . -. ��� ���  Harrow, Arth'ur'It II    ' ":  -Beer, George SlnllWrd  Hrcwcr, K A0   ��� '  Myers,- Hamilton    ''-���'���'"'���������  1 But'kloy, Misif  Bradley, Frederick John  Beck, I furry Diivid  Burns, Joseph  Bfinuisler, .John  Uo.niiilllioj Torniice u  jlaiiks, Tto.hci'd  Ojei'ildnts; jV'stiu Henry  Chincron,.!' McLeod  ClBlaiid. Judson.A  Clements. Klifcnbot 1'  Cljarriiigtoii H  Qnmpbell, Jblin  Craddbek. Bruce  Cjluieroii, Roderick  Coxhcad, Jonas  Col well, Abbio !���'  Ghvpp, Hannah O  Gunnell, William  Carrie, Aloxniider  t'liandloiv Frederick 0  Cluiuis, Alexander  Oroasdnile, Henry K  dimpling, George IIJ  Caiiipboll. Aliivy H  Carloy, DaVid Mul��k  CUD on.'Margaret;  Chase, Cltu'ciico K  Craig, Leoniird " .  Caltlwell. Wlllliim  Clnrkfc', Elizabeth C:  Cowan, John W  Chodbourile, Francis M  Cameron, Hugh It  Campbell, Archibald  Clark, Andrew  Griddle, Percy  Campbblli Jolui-Ronald  Cameron. James Pickering  Carruthors, John Clement  Campbell, Archibald  Croft, John  Campbell, Allan  Carley, Hobert Henry  Christ io, Charles David John  Church, Georgo.B    .  Dover, Jacob.  Dunne, Charles AY  Dolmage, Nellie  Donald, T H  Day, Richard \Y  Dow, Alexander  Darough, Duncan  Dixon, George  Dotlogh, Charles R -  Drew, liichnrd \V        ���  Drake, H R T  Donnelly. Hugh P      : v  Demurs, J  DesBrisay, Merrill  Davis, Gomcr  Dcsell, Peter  I �����"  OLWLU-'lCATJOX  assessed owner  license  assessed owner  license  liouseholiler  lissefised owner  license  householder  license  assessed owner  95 Elliot, John  90 Kwai't,.Alexander Charles  97 Evans, Hilda Mary  98 Rvans, Henry ,T  license  householder  assessed owner  99 lOskriggc, A 10      -  KHi I'ivan-Tlioiims. Owen ti  101 Ellis, John  102 Esuoiif, Richard Benjamin  Kl.'t I'iiiimn. || H  101 Flnhitr. Edward  10.'> Foriii, John Andrew  100 Furgiisoii', Edward  107 Fletcher, Prank  108 Kerland, Arthur  109 Ford, Aitlmr  110 Floury, Albert  111 Fronk. CI M  112 Fisher, A 1)  ll.'i   Flanagan, Henry  Iff    Flctclicr, John Uwenswnrth  ll.*> (iilllii, Tcrrence H  111! Gibljnas. Hurry J  117 Gilker, James Arthur  IIS Graham. Kim ill; G  119 Graham, Enoch' c  120 (iralutm. Jesse  121 Gilbert. Jessie  122 Grant. William Hume  1211 Gordon, John G  121 Gore, J C  12.) fjioiilon, Robert  I2(i Galloway. S E  127 Grav, Thomas W  128 (lraucM.ll  12!) Green," Frank C  i:��l Gallon, Thomas  Kit Gamble, Arthur Gordon  J.T2 Good, Hubert Ernest  133 Gray, Robert Scott  Kit Giay, George Washington  135 Gravel, Frank  130 Grant, Alexander  137 Godfrey, Richard  l.'tS Galloway, Abraham  139 Hume. .1 Fred  110 Hillyer, Charles  111 Houston, John  112 llodgins, Arthur 10  113 Hall, George A 11  111 Hoskins. Charles  li.-> Hull, WR  111! Hancock, William  117 Hoi brook, George  118 llnrshaw. Henry  119 Hay ward, George F  150 Hatch, W J  1.31   Ilurrv. Robert  152 Harvey, Robert G  153 Hull, John Ii  151 Hardy, John  155 Hughes. Mitchell  15<i Huston, Thomas Wylie  157 Harper, Frank B  158 Hanningloii. Robert Wet more  159 Humphreys, Thomas W  100 luce, Robert  101 Irving. John A  102 limes. F C  103 Irving. James (train  llil Irvin, Fred L  105   Irvine, Fred  Kill Jetl'ries. Thomas F  107 .lowett, William Austin  1(W Jis/.kowicz, Charles  109 Jnmicson, John  170 Jacobson, J F -  ,  171 Johnson, Archibald M     .  172 Jones. Sylvester P  173 Johnson, George Taylor  17-1 Jell's, Alfred  175 Jamioson, John West  170 Jarvis.'Freril William "  -177.��Kerr, J.lobi't-t-Ajldi'e}vr,  ^i7Ssacnudsan;.iohu--vC .".-"J -:  179   Kirkpatrick, John A  ISO   Ivilby, Ernest  181 Iviiiipling, Alice  182 Kydd, George,     , --���   *  ISi' Kecley, Michael  . Lund, Olaf  Lou, Albert E  Levcsqu'e, Louis  J.cmiic, Robert Scott  Lys, PrangU Brian  Jjiimont, Peter  .Lang. F W  Leicester, C II  Lindsay, George  Logan, A  Lewis. C Al  Lal'ointe. John  Labbe, Joseph  Lennox, Georirc Luther  ]>illie, Thomas Lester  Jjillie, William Graham  Lemon, Robert E  Loudin. Frederick L  Loudiii. Clifford P  Langridge, John Jesse  JIallettc, iMary  Million, T F  Afahon, Ross  Madden, Thomas  Mara, Alice Telford  Marks, Alfred John  Mills, Thomas Alfred  MatheSoiiV Joint H  May, Thbmas.H.  IVIillor, CharlesuKugcne  =Ma,i'shall,4rhoiiias-Ei   M^orrison. Chris  assessed owner  householder  r,  assessed owner  license  ii  householder  assessed o\\ ner  householder  householder  iissessed owner  1S1  IS5  lWi  187  188  1WI  1!)0  191  1<I2  193  191  195  190  197  198  199  200  201  202  203  201  205  200  207  208  20!)  210'  211  IJ]J)  213  -211=  215  210  217  21S  21!)  220  221  <hh>  223  221  225  221!  227  228  22!)  si)  231  ��'3U  233  ,231  W  2.'��i  2:i7  2.*W  aiu  210  211  212  213  211  215  210  217  248  219  250  251  252  253  251  255  250  257  2S8  259  2<i0  ���201  202  20.3  201  205  200  207  208  2fi!)  270  271  272  273  271  275  270  277  278  27!)  280  281  282  2S3  householder  H  license  ,i  assessed owner  H  II  II  license  assessed owner  ii  license f  "Ti -'  householder  assessed owner^  ~S--S^.:' .. - -4r. .13  license'^ 7  householder ���  assessed owner'  .287 Perdue, AVilliam  288 I'atcrson. John , .  28!) Peebles. Jennie Jl  2!Ki Peel, T Leo  2!)1 Patterson.^Tlionms  292 I'ittoek. Charles E  293 I'ogue, Levi  291 Pressor, H A  295 Parr, S Y  290 Peters, Lawrence  297 Pierre. .Samuel D  298 Porter, Jny Charles  299 I'ittoek, John W  300 Partridge, George  301 Rolfe. William N  302 Roberts. Til  .303 Ren wick. Robert A  .'SOI Rucks. Fred  305 Roberts, Samuel  300 Robinson. William George  307 Rowley. John Richard lu-edcrlck  308 Roisterer Robert  309 Robinson. Martha  310 Ranger, Napoleon  311 Ross, George Oliver  312 Reynolds. W A  313 Riordan. I) 10  311   Rulheiford. William  315 Sherran. I lurry  310 .S'elous, Harold  317 Spinks. W Ward  318 Scott, II J  31!) Smith. Mary  320 Stone, Fred  321 Steele, George W  322 Squire, Frederick .1  323 Steed George  321   Sanderson, Robert  325   Shaw, May  32li   Shaw, William llisiiiark  327 Shaw, Angus G  328 Swanncll, Frederick William  329 Sinythe, Annie  330 Stephenson. George  331 Stewart, Alexander  332 Storey, Albert Edward  333 Simpson, Susan  331   .Smith. Mollie  335   Scully, Michael  330   Scot I, Leonard  337   Kto'-ks, John Lang  .138   Spear, John  339 Smith, James W  310 Steele. Daniel J  311 Salisbury, William  312 .Sianion, Michael  313 Sprott, William Miller  3(1 Steele, Reginald James  315 Turner. John .V  310 Thompson, Henry B  317 Traves. Edmund Cornelius  318 Teetzel, William F  319 Taylor, Sidney Stockton  350 Turner, William A  351 Tim mi ��s, Lclia  352 Tierney, William ,,_,"  353 Tamhlyn, A M  351 Tackaocry, George K  355 Tregillus, Albert  35G Tuzo, J A  357 Thompson, Scott  358 Tunstall, George C  359 Tamblyn, Francis Art bur  300 Thompson, Joseph  301 Thurinnn, William A  302 Tuttle, James Baldwin  .'��i3 Thompson, William J  :t01 Thorpe, Gabriel Josepli  305 Taylor, George I fcrbert  300 Toye, John  307 Vernon, Forbes G  308 VimNess, Charles  309 Vanstone, J H  370 Van1*! one, John L  assessed owner  license  householder  assessed owner  license  householder  assessed owner  license  householder  H  assessed owner  Maguiisbn; Annie   ,  Morrison, \Villiihii Johil  Mansoh. Alfred  Martin, William ��  Aralono, John J  Malone, Lydia  Mrtlone, JUiiios  Maglio, Cnciiiinc  Martin, George O  .Malhoson, Gebi'ge  ."Vlasloiikit. Albert  Aladson, Theodore  Mul'mstrorif,, A L  M ightoii, Snmuol J  M^agitnson, Ciirl  Miiltby, Charles  Moll'ai, Jaiifes W  TVIuhroj Charles  JililUi Srtnforil  MilK 11 A  Miltiro, Jbhn  Murphy, Edwui'd   N  Miiglib, Dotninle  Mills, Alfred Lincoln  McLean, William C  MeLcod, R  MelCay, G G  McGillivraj', Donald  McHeath, David  McKay. Mrs G G  McCmidlish, Margaret E  McCulloch, Andrew L  McArthur* Duncan  Macdonuld. Williilm A  McCreath; David  Mcintosh, Malcolm  McCourt, May  Mophce, Mary  MeDougall, William  McDonald, James  McKenzie, Hector  McLeod, Jane  MoLeod.John "M  McPheo, James  McLaughlin, Elizabeth  McMillan, Lyle  McDonald, Samuel  MeFiirlane, Duncan A  McLean, AVilliam lioss  McGhie, James B  McColl, Peter  ' McVicar, Daniel W  McVean, Hugh  McBeath, Duncan A  McDonald. Charles Robert  McLeod, Murdock D  M'cLeau, AVilliam Alexander  Norris. C H  Noll, John  Newling, Onslow  Nelson, Sorcn  Normandy John  Newton, Robert Algernon  Newitt, Thomas Henry  Nelson, Charles  Nathorst, Wilnicr  Norcross, Jalin  Nickerson, J Harry  liccjtsc  holisehblder  assessed oVv'iier  license  householder  householder  281   Olds, John B  285   O'Shca, James  288  O'Brien, Michael  assessed owner  license  householder  license  assessed owner  .i  householder  371  372  373  371  375  370  377  378  37!),  3S0  381  3S2  3S3  381  385  .380  387  388  3S<!  300  ;39r  _:i!)2  303'  Winkler, Fred Charles  AVhite, Stephen  AVard, Thomas M  A\7est, Agues  Waterman, Charles A  West. Charles William  Waldie. AVilliam  Wilson, AVilliam John  Wilson, Peter Edmund  Ward, Harryll  WiNoii, Charles James  AVnllace, James H  i-Wiiiticld. Harry   -  AVil?on, William'  Wulbev, Rertieltobcrt C/'ecil  Whalley, Edwgrd'P  Ward, William A  Widiniier, Charles A  Weir, John Franklin  -"West, .William  Westaway, Fiuiiklui  -Wilson, John   ,-       ��� -..;  -  -*-"��� ��� '   '���  t'SiJ!>'��v '  Young. Allen fidward,. .  ~"     "'.:.-   "AYEST"AVARD.  assessed owner  it  license  householder  assessed owner  NO. ���     NAMK. ' :-  1 jAthcrton, Edwin R  2 Arthur, Edward C  3 Applewhaife, Edward II II  4 Aithiir. Isabel  5 Allen, Stephen  0 Allen, Mabel  7 Allan. James  8 Amiable, John Edward  9 Asiley, 'Lizzie Ida  10 Astley, AVilloughby John  11 Andren, Charles J  12 Allan, Christopher  i3 Anderson. AVilliam Fergus  11 Barnard, Frank S  15 Beer, G Frank  10 Beer, AVilliam W  17 Bealey, Robert John  IS Brown, James Stevenson  I!) Buchanan, Arthur Hamilton  20 Bowes, Joseph Hethrington -  21 Boyd. T H  ���ii Burns, Patrick  23 Beckingsale, Richard  21 Bunker, Alfred  25 Brougham, Wilfred F  20 Barrett, Mylos  27 Birch. Godfrey  28 Barnct, H  29 Bell, John  30 Ball, AVilliam     .  _MI_lleasley,_ITrtvry^Exnlcr 1���  32 Bradshaw, Josepli  33 Cameron^ R M^cLeod  31 Clements, Elizabeth  35 Carrie, Archibald  30 Clciiicii'tSi Aus'tinTI  37 Crawford, Jennie  ���3S Corlelt', Robert -.   .  3!) Crpusdaile, Henry E  10 Ghrisienseii, Nels  ���11 Crawford, Alexaudef  12 CroiiSdailc, Ella  43 Chambers, R  ,41 Cuwley, JOdu'ard  15 Coiikson, VVilfred  10 Crickmay, Agnes Bertha  17 Cricknia>', Florence Hester  ���IS Cumin, Edward John  49 ' Crease. Edward A  50 Costello, AV a  51 Campbell, Stuart G  52 Chosloy, .Edward  53 CuinerOm James J .  51 Chambers, Joseph J  55 Dick,-Douglas D  5(1 Duy, Richard W  57 Doimnt/o, Nellie  58 Digby, 10 A  59 Diincaiii Tlmmns J  (K) Dow, Alnxaudur  01 Dawesi lleniy L  02 Drlscoll, Mary Rbss  113 Denial ne. Mrs George  01 Deacon, Frank  05 Dervin. J J  IMS Darling, Frank  07 Doyle, Gebrge  (!8 Klllot-t John  09 Ktter, Charles F  70 Kinory, Arthur Dunham  71 Emerson, P E  72 Firman, H B  73 Finucane, F. J  71 Fulton, J  75 Fletcher, Frank  70 French, Charles  77 Eraser, John  78 Forrest, Frank L  79 Farwell, Arthur Stanhope  80 Fox, A G  SI Forin, Alexander  82 Godsall, AV  83 Galliher, William A  81 Gibson, John Ayton  85 Graham. Thomas H .  .80 Graves, Charles  87 Guichon, Denis  88 Goepcl. William John  S!) GoddcsyFrank Gerald  90 GrahatB, John Robert  91 Hickl!.'ig, Arthur  92 Hume, J Fred  !)3 Hiinir, Horace D  94 Hull, ,1 R  !)5 Tleh'.lon, Bernard S  90 Hebden, Frank C  97 Hodgins, Arthur E  98 Hippcrson, Arthur John  99 Harrop, ffirnest  100 Hodge, George Ondenbend  .   , license-  "' i  << i  ..- householder  -   .      ,i   -     '- f  J.        -���=    .��i  liouseholder  euAi.rii'CATio.v  assessed owner  householder  assessed owner..  householder  assessed ovvner  license  ii  ii  houselioldcr  ii  ii  assessed owner  license  householder  assessed owner  license -���  householder  assessed owner  householder  licence  assessed owner  householder  assessed owner  assessed owner  licenso  householder  assessed owner  101 Houston, John  102 Houston. William H  103 Hodgins, Rose M  101 Hamilton, John  105 Holt, Cran'gorVL-^  KWi Hardy, AVilliain  07 Harvey, Robert G  108 Hummel, John  10!) Hcnshaw, Julia AV  110 Hampson, DM  111 Horton, Caroline Louisa  112 Humphreys, Thomns Stanley  113 Heenaii, John  114 Hir.sch.John  115 Hedley. Robert R  110. Herring, William John  117 Ingram, FC!  118 luncs, PC  119 Irvine, AVilliam  120 Irvine, Thomas Herbert  121 Johnson. Andrew  122 Jowctt, AVilliam A  123 Johnston. R C Campbell  121 Jones, Ellen C  . 125   Jackmaii, John  120   Jcll'ries. Albert  127 Ivirby. W H  128 Kirkpatrick, John A  129 Kinuhui), Hetty  -  130 Kelly. James  131 Kelly, Matthew  132 Keener, Charles  133 Kellog, Frank D  131 Loll, Albert E..  135 Lawrence, James  KHI LaBau, David  137 Longtoti, John  138 Lund berg, Charles J  139 Larson, Emil  140 Lai'sen, George  141 Labbe, Joseph  142 I^abbe, Marguret  113 Long, Alexunder  144 Mara, John Andrew  115 Maedonald, Alexander  140 Muir, Jennie  147 Madden, Thomas  148 Milbournc, Charles K  149 Maedonald, Reginald Murniy  15(1 Macdoncll, Henry Edward  151 Maedonald. Archie  152 Marberg, Eric  153 Munro, Alexander AAr  151 Murphy, AV J  155  Madden, Martha  150 Morrison, Frank E  157 Mallette, CE  158 Miller, Alfred James'  159 Mills, Edward James  Kit) Moore. Herbert AV li  101 Motion, George Fortune  102 McKillop, Alexander Lawson  103 McGillivray, Donald  104 McLean, \\ illiam C  105 McDonald, Duncan  106 McLeod, Margaret  107 McCulloch, Andrew L  103 McMorris. Daniel C  169 McAlman, Eliza  17fl McKiiinon, John        ��  171 M^cRae, Sarah  172 McCuaig, Finlay Alexander  173 McLennan, John A  174 McFarland, George  175 McMartin. John  170 McCully, Albert Fred  177 McKinnon, Alexander F  178 McKay, John  179 Xeelands, Hamilton George  180 Nelson, Sarah  181 'Newton, Robert Algernon  182" Nugerson, August  183   Neelands, Samuel  181   Nipon, Paul  185  Noxon, Alfred Ferguson '  ISO  Nixon, Hugh  IS7   Neelands, James  i  188 'Oakes, Addie May  189 Owen, George 1CV  ISO   Oakes, Mrs AV H  191 Oliver, Sidney  192 O'Reilly, Martin  193 Plows, Jessie  191 Peters, Francis AVhite *  ]!)5 Patterson, George  19ti Pollock, Ferguson  197 Proctor, Thomas G  198 Phair, Edwin E '-  199 Patenaudc, Joboph O   _ '  Sim Phair, Henry. Jasper .          ,  *<ll -Paquette, 'Joseph A  ��y*��� -,       ���'V'' * -�� '  liiirgrosB,'^fol!epli'-H~S'S!t--s->^-ci;. i  2��t   Rolfe; ,W illiam N     '  201   Roberts. Mrs LV    -'  205   Russell, l'atrick John - ������  200 Robinson", Martha    -        '   '  207 Russell. Edmund C  208 Robertson, Barbara A  209 Robertson, J Roderick  210 Roper, Edward .  211" Robinson, William P  212'Richards, SO  213 Reilly, Margaret Ann  ,214 Richardson, Alexander ���  215 Richardson, AVilliam  21(1 Reed, AY TL  217 Richardson, Hillynrd J  218 Rutherford, David Watson  21!) Rippin, Henry  220 Selous, Harold  221 Steeper, Herbert T  222 Seanlan, Thomas J  223 Shcrling, J A  224 Stanley, Gilbert  225 Stanley,- Eliza Jane  220 Sturgeon, Mary A  227 Symonds, George Henry Hamilton  228 Stead, George  22!) Shannon, Alexander B  230 Simpkins, Edward Thomas Higley  231 Shiell, Robert  232 Sherwood, Arthur R  233 Sillitoe, Violet E  234 Smyth, Edwin G  ,235 Strachan,, James K  230 Sti'achiihj Margaret  237 StiiichanVErnc^tlC  238 Strachan, Harold J  -23iH.StokesrRobei't-T=="= ���  240 Swedberg, Jons Pearson  241 Sorelle, G M  212 Stewart, Norman D  243 Scully, Michael -.  244 Sturgeon, Joseph  245 Sutciifl'e.J01i  210 Sproat, Thomas  217 Sprbat; Jitmcs  248 Stftrkey, Fred  249 Simpsoiii AArilliam  250 Stanley, Edward Ilnll  251 Spencer, AVilliain Giimour  252 Swansborough, Thomas John  253, St Bnrbb, Charles  251 Tallow, R G  255 Tbwc, William  2.50 Troup, J AY  257 Thompson, Jos:ias  258 Tlioinuri, Owen-0-.EVan  2i)9 Tiiylbr, David Tt'  200  'l'helin, John C  assessed owner  TMPERIAL  BANK  OF CANADA  Capital Paid-up, $2,000,000 Rest, $1,200,000  ,  householder  assessed owner  houscholdi'i'  assessed owner  assessed owner  license  assessed owner  H.  S.  DIRECTORS:  HOWLAND, President, T. R.  MERRITT, Vice-President, St.  WILLIAM  RAMSAY. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Hl'GH   RYAN,  T.   SCTHERLA.VII  STAYNER. ELIAS   ROGERS,  HIELAJD   OFFICE,   TORONTO.  ESSEX.  FERGUS  HALT  1NGERSOLL  WINNIPEG, .Max  CALGARY. Ai.iikuta  .AIONTREAL. Ori:ni:c  D.  R.  WILKIE, General Manager    E.   HAY,  Inspector.  BRANCHES  IN  ONTARIO:  SAlV./."V.i:\ nJA.'vH? !       TORONTO. :<l AVellingKiii St. E. ST.  CMTHAHIXES  , !;A'l<-lp^RlTli<G,l^,������   :   ���*���  ^-v...* .iyr��� .- *$^���^  S.VCLT STE.   MARIE ''��>        <-'or.  A nnge nnd Bloor    ..    WOODSTOCK  Branches In Quehpc, Manitoba, Norlh-Wcst Territories and British Columbia:  [-PORTAGE LA  PRAIRIE, Man.  !   PRINCE ALBERT. .Sask.  I    VANCOUVER, H. V.  NELSON, B. C. -REVELSTOKE,  URANBON. MAN  EDMONTON, Aliita.  SOUTH  EDMONTON, Ai.hta.  I J. V.  ' jS'I  "Jul  3srEr.so3sr   Bs^.isrcia:  householder  assessed owner  accuse  householder  assessed owner  householder  license  assessed owner  u  ��� I  license  householder  houselioldcr  ���isscssed owner  ,��  <���  householder  assessed owner  license  householder  "assessed owner  householder  assessed owner  license  householder  2lil   Vincent, Henry MftiiVillc  AVilson. CliiirlOsJiunes  AVnfd, Thomas M  AVatson, John  AVnttins, A\MI  AValley, Albert���,'T  AV*arucr, C L  AVoolrich, Edward  A\niillloy, Edith Mary  AVhalloy, Edwanl P  Wilson, Wjlliam  AYilson, AVilliam John  AYalker, J J  Wasson, AVilliam Ernest  Wiiierttls, Robert Aylmer  AYoOds, David  202  2(��  201  -1.1S  *m  2��7  208  209  '270  271  272  273  271  275  270  assessed owner  householder  licence  assessed owner  'Young, Rabcy  licence  householder  householder  The aliovo named pci-sons are qualified to vote at  jxt. Municipal Election for the City of Nelson.  next.  Certified correct,  John- Houston, Mayor  Nelson, B.C.. December 19th, 1898  the  J. K. STRACHAN  City Clork  JJelson Division, West Kootenay District.  A court of Revision and appeal under tho Assessment  Act, 1897, (R. S.,) and its amending acts, will be held at  the court house, Nelson, B. C. on Tuesday, tho 10 day of  January, 1899, at 10 o'clock in ilu. forenoon.  JOHN A. TURNER,  Jud��o of the Court of Revision and Appeal.  Nelson, B. C, 21th December, 1898.  Notice of Application for Liquor License  Notice is hereby given that thirty days after date 1 Intend to apply to tho stipendiary_ magistrate of ^west  Kootenay distr" '   " '       " "  SAA'INGS BANK DEPARTMENT-Dcposits of $1  and upwards received and interest allowed.  LETTERS OF CREDIT Issued on Alaska Commercial Company payable at St. Michaels, Alaska mid  Dawson City.  DRAFTS SOLD, available at all |Kiim-> in Canada,  United Slates ftlid Europe.  AGENTS IN GREAT PIMTAIN-Lloyd's Bank. I 'il.  72 Lombard St., I ondon, with wh"iu moncv nun bi  deposited for transfer by letter or cable to an'- of  the above branches.  MONEY ORDERS issued payable at nnv Paul in  Canada. Itale.s- Under S10. He; $10 to $20, Ilk;: a20  lo&M), 12c; !��:��) lo Jfll), lie.  J.  M.   LAY,  Manager.  Special Attention  * ^ ..   ..=.��� t ���ii^;���  Just received a consignment  of Harris home made tweeds  from Talbof*Harris, Scotland.  The supplyis limited, so call  early and examine this stock  Fred J. Squire,  BAKER STREET  NELSON  LONDON AND BRITISH COLUMBIA GOLDFIELDS, Ltd.  HEAD  OFFICE,  LONDON,   ENGLAND.  '   .".iKl( -.j#f; V,  ���-.:��� ."Wi---pl-t,"J.3|  trict, for a licenso to sell liquor by retail at  hotel'at Sirdar, B. C. AUOUST JACKSON.  B. C. OeocmborSHh. IR!��.  wy  Sirdar.  All communications relating to British Columbia business to be addressed to P. O. Drawer  505, Nelson, British Columbia  J. RODERICK ROBERTSON, General Manager;' K,|-,   o/"vki     d   r\  S. S FOWLER, E.M., Mining Engineer I   INfc.L.OUIN,   D. L��.  Spokane Falls & Northern,  Nelson & Fort Sheppard,  Red Mountain Railways.  Tr|e only all rail route without change of cars  between Nelson arjd Rossland, an.d  Spokaqe and Rosslaqd.  DAILY   TRAINS, *'-  Leave *' - - Arrive  G:2U a. in NELSON...' -'��� o:to p.m.  12.05a. m  UOSSLAND 12:20 p.m.  8:30 a.m .'..SPOKANE..' 3:10 p. m^  " The train that leaves Nelson nt''o:20 n. m.imakcs close  connections at Spoknne with trniji�� for all (Pacific Coast-  noints"   '"   ���������^   "t- ^v^��-��?i��;-.^&-.iti,_,.-,-,���.  Passengers lor Kettle River and Bounds/ry Creek con  neot at Marcus with stage daily^^^ ^ ^ ^ ^  Notice  of Application   for  Certificate  of  improvements. ,    ,  I1I.UK IIEI/L MINKKAI. CLAIM,   SITUATK   IN   T1IK   XEI.SON  JIINIXfi  UIVISOIN OK KOOTi:.NAY    1>ISTHICT, AND   1.0-  1      CATLIJ  HI5TWKKN  I'OHCL'IMSi: AND  HEAR (JKEKKS  Take notice that 1, J. A. Kirk. ncUn�� as agent for  John Dean, free miiicr'n ccrtiflctite No. 1872a,,administrator for (he estate ot the late Silas I". Uollinswortli,  free miner's certificate No. :m,078a, intend -sixty days  from the date hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for  a certificate of improvements, for the of obtain  injc n crown grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under pcction Jj,  must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improveinentn. J. A. KIItK.  Dated this 11th day of November, 18!)8. fNov. 2(ith]  Notice of  Application   for ��� Certificate  of  Improvements.  HLMJK DIAMOND MINBKAI. CLAIM, SITUATK I.V TIIK W.I.-  SON JII.VI.VO DIVISION OF KOOTENAY JJISTKICT. AND  LOCATED NEAK TUB DU.VI>i:i: MIXE.  Take notice that f, .1. A. Kirk, acting as agent for  John Dean, free miner's certificate No. 1872a, and John  J. ilcAndrews, free-, miner's certificate No. 13,020a,  intend sixty days, from the date hereof, to apply  to the mining recorder for a cerlilicato of improvements,  _for_the piii,poHe_nf_obtaining_a_erovni_grant of_the above.  claim.  And further take notice that action, under seel ion J;,  must, he commenced before the issuance of htich_ certificate of improvements. , J. A. KIKK.  Dated this loth day of \ovembcr, 1808. [Nov. 201 hI  Notice  of  Application i'or  Geptifieate  of  improvements.  IILO'E EYED NKLLIli MfXEKAI. '-'LAI.-kli SITUATE J.V THE  NKIWO>- MfNINO tilVISlO.V Oj-' WEST iKOOTKX.AY )>l-^'  TIUCT. AND LOCAfED OX i'OItt'Ui'INE lilfKEIC. AH()WT  TWO"JIII.BS Ij'UOM TIllC XEIiiOX A .N't) FtlltT ��llkl'l'AKU  uailw.vy, xoiiTii qe A.\i> ^y'^:AI{ the .luiuf.ElS Mtx-  EHAL .CLAIM,.  !l'nkc notice that I, A�� Si KitrAvellj, acting as agent for  the"IWiio Kycd Nellie Mining (i'oinpifiiy, Llhiilcd Liability,' free miner's certilicato So. '2W.t.\, (lilleinl, sixty days  from the date hereof, tp ilpplyto the mining recorder for  a certificate ^f improveiiiehls,���for the .purpose Of oliUiliv  i'ng a erbwifgraiit of I lie aboYo claihi. A ltd further take  notice that action. Under sgetion :i7. inusf lie cdinincicul'd  bvfpi:e the isjtiutiice of such cerUllcnfo of ,lnipi'(ivc,iiu.'i|ts,  Datiid tills J'.lili day'_of Oclohtir, l��W.''''    fNov. ^'^I  Notice--of  Application   for  Certificate   of  improvernehfs,  IIKfCLIX l..'|2fil !���'. I. Kt.'ICEKA I. .'<2,Vl (1. I, O. V. (I, FHACTIO.V  I,:i2fllu. l,IHtlTAX>'IALit2')ilil. I.flHAXI) L. 18HI il. I, SI AC  FUACTION 1. ���fi'W ('. I. .StIXEKAL fl.AI.M8, SI'fL'ATK IN  THE NELSON 'JtlSI.Vti DIVISION OF WEST KOOTKXAY  DHTKKrr. ANJV LOCATED O.N T<f.\|> .MOt'XTAIN, AD.IOI.V-  IXO THE HALL MINK*.  Take notice that I. John Jllrsch, as agelit for the Hall  Mines Company, Limited, free miners certificate No.  25.71 a, 'iiitdnd, sixty days froni the date liercof, to apply  to tho. mining recorder for a certillcatu of iiiiprovciucnis,  for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant'of the above  claims. And further take notice that action, under section 87, must be commenced before the Issuance of such  certificate of improvements.,  JOHN   IIIKSCH.  Dated this 2<ith .dny of November, ISIS; |I)cc 10]  Notice   or  Application   for  Certificate  of  Improvements.  HVKNIXO STAH AND IIAI'I'Y .IACIC MiXICHAI. CLAIMS",  SITUATE IK TIIK NKI.SON MIXINO DIVISIOX OF W'KW  KOOTEN'AY D.tSTIilCT, AND LOCATED HETWEEX SAXDV  AXI) EAC1LE OUEEK-S, AHOUT 1'IVE MILES WEST KItOM'  XEl^iOX.  Tako notice that I, Arthur S. Harwell, acting as agent  for George A. Kirk, free miner's certificate No. SSHSf), and  John A. Turner, free miner's certificate No. HKiU, intend,  sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the mining  recorder for ct-rtillcates of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining crown grants of the above claims. And  further take notice that action, under section 37, must  be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of  improvements. A. S. FAUWKLL.  Dated this 20th day of December, t8!)8. (Dec. 21]  Application for Liquor License.  Notico is hereby given the undersigned intonds to  apply before tho government agont at Nolson for a  license for a hotel at No. 8 Siding, Crow's Nest Pass  Railway. C. J. CAMPBKLL.  Decendser 10th. IK*.  In all the  world  no trip like  this...  Between Duluth and Buffalo  via the magnificent passenger  ���/.   steamships   " North   West;".).'--  ���. - -and ,,,.,Nontb_Land."   .- ^ .,��;-.  - - r ���v- r���~-^!a  ' Touching   en   route:     i^'THEr-  Soo,"- Mackinac Island,  Dk- :i  '    troit, and Cleveland: 1 ���.'  M  ''St|  Connecting'at Buffalo for New  York   and" Boston.     Also , at  "r   lake ports.for all -points East  and South. '  , ��� Two d.'iily Gresit Nortlieni Lraiiis-^^agtcrn  Railway of ]^Iinne.soia),, from St,' lHpf|aiHl  JMinneapolis connect with steamers at Duluth.  Before deciding on your loute to-the East  call on agents of Great Northern Railway,  oi' write.  F. I. WHITNEY, G.P. & T.A., St. Paul  (Handhomcly Illustrative descriptivo matter *  M'lil on request.)  CANi\uiAN PflGiriC RAILWAY  AND SOO LINE  Fast and Short Route W and   Frorri  Koptenay Gpuntry.  t'irst-clnss itnd foiirist $leepe;il.i'(Jperjijed 'fro'til  PAOIr-IC TO A'I'LA>-i;iC  Ticket^ issnicd tii.rong|i nnd biiggifge  ���'    clicekt'd t"0 dQStihation.  "4- Z  ,=-��ss^*a  Leave.  (J;I(J1>. m....  Rossland  and   Main, Line  Points.  'DAILY  ..VKLSON.  Arrive,  . tu.-:��i p. |ih  Slocan  City,   Slocan Lake Points and Sandon,  'Leiivoi  !l;O0 n. III.  Daily  Kxccjit Hmiduy  . N'KLrfUN  ,rrl'ivc��  .'-'r-f! I>. hi.  Kootenay Lake-Kaslo Route-Steamer Kokanee.  Luiive.                 Daily Kxfept. Suivihi.V .Vi'i'Ke.  !:(��/ p. in.  X KLHON 11:'��) ��u iif,  Kooten,ay River Route-Steamer Moyie.  Mon.. wed.. Fri,                                I'uer!,. Thills. '.S'm,  8:(Xmi. in, Leave. .NBLSOX Arrive lisSi p. in.  Makes connecUonnt Pilot Hiiy-with steamer Kokitiiee  in hotli directions.  SieiunerS on iheir fcsprciive romes call at principsl  lnndiiiKs in botli directions, and at other points when  signalled.  Ascertain Hates and rull information by addressing  nearest local agent or  E' L ^Sr^ V��Kf Ag6nt* 1 Nelson, B. C.  J. HAMILTON, Agent, j���   a       '  Nelson.  W. F. Asduhso.v. TravcliiiB PaSsenKcr Agent, Xols  E. J. Covi.i:, Dis't I'wsseiigei" Agent. Vaiiconver.  Notice   of  Application   for   Certificate  ol  Improvements.  X'1'MHKK TWO MINKKAI. CLAIM, SITUATE IN  THE  XKLSON  ���     MINING DIVISION- OK WKST KOOTB.V.W  DISTRICT, A.SD  LOCATED   OIM'OSITK   KORTV-Nl.VK   M1I.E   CHEEK.   TWO  AND A  HALF   MILES   DISTANT   KKOM   KOOTKNAV'A.VD  COLUMBIA   11AILWAV.  KOHMEKLY   tHE  .fEKSEV   LILY  Take notieo that l.GeorKcft G. O'Driscoll, for myself  and as iiBcnt for Kdilmnd V. Traves, free miner secrtin-  eato No. 11151a, and George II. II. Symonds, free miners  Certificate No. ".'170a. free miner's certificate No. 2/54'A.  intend sixtv duvu from the dnie liet-tjofs to apply  to the mining recorder for a certificate of improvements;  for tho purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above  And further tako notice that action, under section  37, must be commonced beforo tho issuance of sueli  certifleate of improvement^rqe r q 0,Dfti8COhJk  Dated this 24lh day of November, 1838. IN.ov. Sfith.  ���"    *��S"/tl  '��  r ***  w  TdJfl- TRiliUiSJSi   KELSON,  B. 0.   SATURDAY, JANUARY ;, l��Hfl.  ew  COAL  oves  COAL  Stoves  CCLA-ll  We take this opportunity of extending to all our patrons  the compliments of the season; and of wishing for them  A BRIGHT AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR.  FRED IRVINE & CO.  LOCAL   NEWS   AND   GOSSIP.  The   regular  monthly "meeting of the  -.'Ladies' Hospital Aid society will  be held  in  the school  room of the Presbyterian  �� church bii Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock.  A meeting will be held on Monday  -at'ternoon at Rev. R. Frew's residence for  the purpose of re-organizing the Women's  Missionary Society.  .The' annual general meeting of the  South Kootenay board of trade will be  held on Monday evening for the eleetiou  of officers for the ensuing year.  The furnaces at the public school have  been repaired and  the board of trustees  "state  that five rooms will  be opened for  pupils on Monday.  A telegram was received this morning  by Rev. Father Ferland informing him  that the bishop of the Catholic church  will arrive in Nelson this evening and  will conduct the services tomorrow.  ^;.The Crow's Nest section of the C.P.R.  -telegraph system has been placed on the  same rate card as prevails from coast  points to other parts of the.'Kootenay.  "Rey. J.  Robson,   who has recently re-  : covered from an attack of typhoid fever,  vAvill occupy his pulpit in the Methodist  :church tomorrow.? ;;  '^j-Tfie Canadian Pacific Railway company  ^ha^ ari-a^ged Jsp .that sub-contrac;t>i'��� be  let^  ^aib^buce ^'?jjKy'�� ^^&nn^��^e^^ft^^ii^  ���Larinn,; the: maincoutWctors��fopfthe^R<)b-$  ;>;s���on-Pueotictp|i|^  lEbolt-SuhY^^^  Stance bF3}), mi^  ���fn ;iuen'(Ve,d.; afroneel- %"$j$��.. :k-^Z-M^ls-r&���%s^  THERE WILL  BE AN  ECONOMY  THIS WINTER  IN THE :'  USE OF  OdAL  AS FUEL   V  THOSE  WHO DECIDE  TO USE  COAL SHOULD  SEETHE.  LATEST  DESIGNS IN  COAL  BURNING  STOVES  THIS CAN  BE DONE BY  CALLING  AT THE  LAWRENCE  -HARDWARE  COMPANY^  i^EW?ST<DRE  Coal heaters suitable for home, office op hotel use.  A new line of cooking* stoves and ranges  to burn either coal   or  wood.  Also a complete stock of fancy heaters for wood only.  We carry the best.  Come in and examine our goods and get our prices.  We handle Anthracite coal.  & Co  SANDON, B. C  he changes  *"-''-a ,mr '*"' "'At1-D wi   ���"���" i*  Thejname ��ot,  :'��:,.--.'.t-.:��'��i::l'V?'=,v  Gia"nd;S3P��>rfe|>/theJ  Boundary.  Vn'   f     IIJ.V      "V^o '  iMtofcjthec  young  Creek  ����� &'^nun try^Bri ti ahi|Cp;lu.mbiavi^s1j6tf4o!;  m  #'  'htis^'a'r'is'ffri -with" theiptownSof "the;  |^'&$*��^^^^ �� coto  �����$?   "Ml,$ jpany.s,tra���fnc>rp<:eipjts fori;the4week\endlng  C'S/:P-��'-:S"%sa^^ 1897,nI;they  ". " &s .**" X A masquerade*carnivaLwiIl;���be held; on  '"�����* "'^���&?"ytt,Tujssda^e.v^inng7l��'nt''!th^e' Nelson skating  ^r^'&^-hi dHri'P^i zes>w;il lSBe5;given;^..:thevbesc,''  ^n  lift1'".      ^  'jn     J*��*W   k��"P"     J' * fj"     Sf"    *"'    "J^V  nfc   fl S �� ^   rt ���      n-^D   Orj'.n-,     (,,'������.   u uLU  .r|ffe^f^fc dressed iHdy^ana. and for the;  s��. !3,(gff'f���;; mpst.cpmlCacharacter/,'...     .. s? .��  ^i'���vi%';fe^Tfr^  ���. ��� ^,*:^^".r.*a|iD5.many'^members; fads; ;;pb8sible> at? .the,  "***/' ".'/ "* th^Ktfmlbops dl^^ric^has beentaken&Hip  *S V ",." "���".    .?'"��� ���WrT^"'"-5"'"'-/--"! ..������ii"-'' J. *���� j��"-"<'S-     J   "  "���    ���"  "���   ^i.-^. ''u  ' ���.,...' ���ft>w*H??.i;f v^s' ��� "���������      1        '  ^^'ii'MS^J.^R^^i'^penfiefd^l^  .' " "   B"beeh[ appointed as'-'istarit   post office in-  ^spectGi*"-for   the   mainland    of   British  '''"���   ���   "Columbia and has eptered on his duties.  " In connection with the Rossland winter  carnival to commence on January 25th,  ihe C;P.R. has arranged for a single fare  r. . rate for .the round trip, the selling dates  . being trOru the 2ith to th0 27th inclusive,  tfickets. good to return by to the 29th. It  isj'pos^ible that a apec'ial service vj'ill be ar-  rangfd to get the Nelson, Sandon and  Kaslo.curlers, hpckeyi^ts to tfijeir friends  to Ro^lalid early on the evening of January 2'1,  Public School; Inspector Burns was a  passenger on the .steamer Kokanee from  AinSvVorth today, and will leave tomorrow  'morning for Revelstoke.  Ilamilton ByerS returned this afternoon  from a business visit to Kaslo and Sandon.  Fred Irvine will not leave for the eant  until the end of next" week.  D. W. Moore, ore buyer for the Trail  smelter, arrived in the city yesterday afternoon from up the lake points.  Brastus Wyman on Annexation.  Toronto, Jan. 7.���A special from London  gives an outline of ah interview had with  Erastus Wyman, the well known annexationist and commercial unionist of former  days. Wyman says that he now considers  the annexation of Canada to  the United  States itnpossible and commercial union  as highly improbable^owing to the close  trade relations existing between the Dominion and Great Britain.     In  this connection   lie   points    out   that    Canada's  foreign trade is one-seventh of the United  States, whereas the population ot Canada  is but one-fourteenth.   He further points  out that the coal of Nova Scotia is necessary for the  manufacturers of the New  England states and that the coal of-British  Columbia is required by the Pacific states,  and that sooner or later the United States  will be obliged-to make trade conditions  with Canada.  ^WBEW����HfflDlfifflE^C0^"J**l*ir,i^fcia%!*''i'1"',O!*-  Fop  the  New  Year, don't  overlook  the  advantages which  attend  the   purchasing*  of your  groceries  at  a  first-class  establishment.  or the coming year  Will be to keep everything pertaining to the grocery business and  give our patrons the advantage of close prices in the best markets.  ; The  Aberdeen  Block  jBalk'eib^jT'^et^fNelson,   B.C.  * v 'i;��i '. if, .'���;.'".{'  Brisay & Co.  -/i"i  - -        w.     *:,     .^.   ���   ?��''*"*j*       J*  rapisKrf ���." m&fti$$ffik  Family 0rtifet*3 % Spedigtlty * And? Free Pafily Delivery  M^if^d Telephone Orders  J^OThp^tIy Attended to  p"'.flcthihgwil! belter pleaserycur best girl  ���,--*" ��� l'ur ;i Christinas lii'csunL than a bux of ��onrr  ^i;  �����������*;  Wv) lmvo tilvfi best tire world' jjr.od'uc'es.  W. F. Teetzel & Go.,  ��!  ���*.'A*'  &,WWl  7 Backer Street West ;..'  Opposite^New^Oddfellows   BIogk=  Will buy the lot on the northeast corner of Baker  and Josephine Streets. Size 50 by 120 feet. This  lot is one block east of the lot recently purchased  by the Bank of Montreal at: 3,300 a front foot.  Apply to Ward Bros.* ^geal Estate brokers, Nelson.  IOK   CAUSING   TROUBliB.  Steamer Kokanee  Forces  Her Way Throuffh  and Lands Her Passengers in Nelson.  The  steamer   Kokanee,    with, an ice  breaking barge, arrived at the city vvbart'  at 1:30 today, being only half an hour behind time. Prom the outlet the steamer  had considerable difficulty with ice, but  succeeded in forcing a way through. In  some places the ice was five inches thick.  The passengers from the steamer were  landed on the ice1 a few yards from the  wharf. The steamer International, which  was delayed at Five Mile point since yesterday succeeded in clearing today and  will reach Kaslo this evening.  The officials of the different navigation  companies are doing their utmost to keep  traffic moving on the lake, but should the  present cold snap continue for a few days  louger the steamers may be forced to stop  at the outlet.   ��  Split In the Liberal Party.  Victoria, Jan. (5. ��� Something in the  nature of a split in the Liberal party of  the capital has developed during the past  few days. The attention of the public  was called to the matter bjr the publication of a letter in the Colonist, signed by  Baker Street  Are offering special bargains in  Fine Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums  C. A. (.ii', who whs formerly connected with the Times, in which a  bitter attack was made upon senator  'Teit.iplen.iati iu which the senator's claim  to the leadership of the liberal party in  thecnpiVal is disputed. As an outcome  -''of-the letter it is announced that a meeting of those' who are dissatisfied with  senator Templeman, and the push of the  libetal machine, will be held when a  .separate organization will be formed. It  is said thai, Guidou Hunter will take a  hand in the direction of the affairs of the  new party. -_  United ��� Mine Worker's Convention.  Columbus, O., Jan. 7.���More than 100  delegates are in attendance on the state  convention of the united mine workers of  America, -which will be in session here for  the next-.three or four days. The all-  important ques ion of the wage scale will  be considered, as usual,-and the convention will also discuss and decide upon the  course to be taken by the Ohio delegates  at the national convention in Pittsburg  next week. T. L. Lewis, state secretary-  treasurer, reports that the organization  was never iu better condition in Ohio and  that a considerable improvement in work  has lately been noted in several districts.  Is something jriew, stylish* and strict*  ly tip to date for fall wear. Every  Hat guaranteed.  J. A- Gilker, Postoffice Store:  No. 18 ai\d 20 Baker Street, Nelson.  When the fingers were used for conveying food to the mouth, but at present it is scarcely  considered good form. Now that the season of home entertainment has fairly set in, it  will be necessary to have an extra supply of  This department of our hardware business is fully equipped .find we sire showing a very handsome  line of Carving Sets, Steels, Ivory, Celluloid and Bone handled Table Knives and Forks,  Silver Plated Knives, Forks and Spoons, Etc.  KVKRYTIIIKG  IN TIIK  II Attn WAR \i  LINE  DOVER HARDWARE CO.  Cordova Street,  Vancouver.  Bako'r Street,  Nelson.


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