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 DAILY EDITION   BY MAIL  FIVE DOLLARS A YEAR  tine  WEEKLY EDITION BY MAIL  TWO DOLLARS A YEAR  EIGHTH  YEAK.  NELSON:   SATURDAY MORNING DECEMBER 8  1900  PRICE FIVE CENTS  THE FIRE DEPARTMENT WRAMLE  The  Suspended  Fire  Chief Before   the   Investigating  Committee   of   the   Council.  HE ADMITS HIS INEXPERIENCE BUT FINDS SYMPATHIZERS  The committee appointed to enquire into the charges preferred by  < mayor Houston against W. J.  Thompson, tlie suspended chief of  the fire department, spent .about an  hour yesterday afternoon in examining different members of tho bri-  *4. gade as to the manner in which it  was conducted.  W. A. Macdonald appeared for  Mr. Thompson, and before the  charge of certifying to incorrect  . payrolls was taken up, asked for a  definite charge. He asked that the  mayor specify some one payroll,  but this the mayor declined to do.  He said he would put in certain  payrolls and the committee could  ascertain whether they were irregular or not.  There was quite au argument upon this point, in the course of which  the mayor again explained the  charge really amounted to the contention that the city did not get  value for its fire department payrolls, in short, tliat men were allowed to go upon the payroll for  practice drills who did not attend  the practice, but who merely helped  to wash up in the fire hall after the  regular drills.  Alderman Arthur expressed  the  j opinion that the quickest way out  ���of the difficulty would be to let the  - investigation   proceed, aloug    tlie  lines suggested by the mayor.  .W. .T. Thompson was then called,  but, Mr. Macdonald raised an objection to his giving evidence before he knew of "what'particular  offence he was charged. Tq this objection lie was sustained b}* all the  members of the committee.  Thomas Li llio, who has been a  member of the brigade for over  two years, was then called. The*  chief point iu his evidence was that  he had never had any dispute with  the members of the mess over his  check for services in the brigade,  lie said it was never intimated to  him that he was not entitled to  pay for certain practices and that  he should turn it in to the others  to help pay the cook's wages. To'  Mr. Macdonald he said lie was  entitled to all the moneys he had  received for drills or practices.  J. J. Chambers was the second  witness. lie did not know of any  members-of the brigade who weie  allowed to go upon the payroll as  entitled to practice-pay who simply helped to wash .up in the fire  ==^^hall.===The^only==instaiice_,he=could-  recollect where a man came in late  was after a run to a stove-pipe fire  at the Club hotel. Ou this occasion  Jake Porter came into the fire  hall and asked where the fire  was. He was told that he had been  goose-egged, whicli he understood  to mean that Porter was top late to  go upon the payroll. The witness  was asked whether or not it was  the practice to allow tho; names of  men who did not attend ;tho practices to go upon the payroll for  washing up around the fire hall.  Although he was pressed ou this  .point for adefinite answer, he replied  that he could not say' one way or  the other; but ho emphatically  denied that he had told anyone that  such was the practice. Personally,  he said he had earned every dollar  that he had drawn for practices.  "William Pfeiffer, who was a member of the volunteer brigade and  later one of the paid men, was the  next witness. He had been discharged by the chief. He said he  did not know the reason but the  chief said it- was for refusing to  obey.orders. .As far as he could  make out it-was captain Steele who  discharged" him, as the chief discharged him after Steele told him  to do so. On the night that Jeffs  broke his leg he had been told by  the chief that there would be no  practice that night. He then left  the hall for dinner aud returned  about 7:30. When he came back  . captain Steele told him to hitch  up for practice. He replied that  there was to be no practice, but  when the call, which had been  arranged for, came from the  ��� Queen's hotel he hitched np and  ^Jrove    slowly    down    Josephine  street, as the street was dangerous  because of its being a sheet of ice.  The chief asked him why he came  so slowly, and he replied that it  was necessary because he. had no  brake on the ladder truck. This at  the time seemed satisfactory. The  chief then gave him some other orders when captain .Steele came up  and said that if he was chief he  would discharge any wan who  would not obey orders. Then the  chief told him to get off the truck  and took his place, and in driving  the truck the chief had a couple of  collisions and an upset, and fireman  Jeffs had his leg broken. This was  all he knew about his dismissal.  With respect to the practices, he  said the men, always tried to do  their best. When the brigade first  secured the ladder truck and horses  they were drilled by the. chief, but  afterwards the captains had charge,  lie knew little of the way the payrolls were made up, and he did not  get practice pay for simply washing up^at the fire hall.  Mr. Thompson was then called  and Mr. Macdonald waived his  right to object to his being called  without some specific charge. He  said that previous to joining the  Nelson brigade his only experience  consisted of three or four years'  service as a member of a volunteer  firo company at Lethbridge, iu  whicli the men were not paid. He  said he had instructed the men of  the Nelson brigade in their duties.  He denied that members of the  brigade were allowed practice pay  for simply washing-up in the hall.  He was positive upon this point.  With respect to the proxies, he said  that wheu members of the brigade  left the city they got proxies to  serve during their absence and the  practices were allowed to the men  who were away provided their sub-  stitutesauswered the call. Thesesub-  stitutes were not members of the  brigade, lie considered this a good  system. In connection with his  owu appointment, he said he was  chosen by the members of the  brigade as chief and approved of  by tlie council.  Cyril Archibald was called by the  committee. He said he did not  know of any men who were allowed  practice pay for merely working up  in the fire hall. When he was away  he got a man to act as a substitute.  The substitute was not a member  of the,volunteer brigade.  George W. Steele, who is senior  .captain in the brigade, gave some  .evidence^^as^jtcxJ'he^procedui'e^at  practice drills. After the run and  clean up of the apparatus the  roll was called, and from  this the names of the  men were put on the  roll. He had no knowledge of any  other names going upon the pay  roll. In cases of fire or where  there was a lot of hose laid in practices, practices were allowed in addition for the necessary work of  cleaning up afterwards. Practices  were also allowed for doing special  work at tlie fire hall. As an instance, men were allowed a practice  for taking one of the hose carts  apart, which took about two  hours' time. For work of this  nature the alarm was not sounded.  He believed that all the roll calls  were correct, but he had never  compared them Avith tho piy rolls.  He further said that he was not a  member of the mess and that he  knew nothing about how it was  managed.  P. J. Bradley was called to answer what fuel was used by the  mess, He said it was city fuel, but  they used it openly. He also said  he had never belonged to any other  fire department in which a mess  waa run, but his opinion was that  it was a good thiug for the city.  Asked if it was not as reasonable  for the city to supply the mess  with groceries as with fuel, he replied that the cost of the mess came  higher to the individuals in it than  if they boarded at hotels. It cost  them $25 a month, and one month  their pro rata was .$32.  Thompson said he had never been  brought to task but once by the  mayor for drinking in saloons when  on duty, and his counsel (Mr, Mac  donald) said he (Thompson) had as  much right to be drinking in a  saloon when on duty as the mayor  had.  The chairman declared tho investigation closed, and the committee adjourned.  Will the C. P. R. Build?  W. F. Tye, superintendent of construction on the 0. P. R. system,  has been in the city for a day or  two closing up the arrangements  for taking over the Balfour extension and consulting with the resident engineer, John G. Sullivan of  Trail, and "A. F. Procter of Nelson,  in regard to other matters. Mr.  Tye is reticent about the company's  program for building in this province next spring; but states that  lines are being surveyed at various  points. The C.P.Ml. crew which  was surveying in the Lardo country west of Trout Lake has finished  the line. It is reported that the  company will build their dock at  L��ardo this winter while .the lake is  at low water.  KOOTENAY'S GRAND OLD MAN  IS WHAT  JAMES  WILKS   CALLS  CHRIS.   rOLEY.  The Nelson Labor Leader Talks of tho  Election  and  the  Fart  His  '. Party   Took   In   It.  CONGRATULATIONS GALORE  For W. A. Galliher.  The following congratulatory  telegrams have been received by  the successful Liberal candidate:.  ~ NrcoiiA-LAKE, December fl.���W. A. Galliher.:  Ileavty congratulations. "Slay success attend  your ell'orts l.o further' the future"prosperity of'  the greatest constituency on earth. . . _   ���  A. H. HOWSK.  Kiioi.t, DecPinher (I.���W. A. Galliher: Con-  grutulauoiiB old man, didn't, do as well here as  hoped, but did our level best.  J. S. PATTERSON.  Slogan City ��� necemlier IS.���W. A. Galliher;  Shako hands, old hoy, we are happy over general  results. .1. (!. MeCALLUM.  Slocan City, December li.���W. A. (JalKher  We Liberals congratulate you.  D. S. MoVAtfNKUj,  President Liberal Association.  Silvereon, December tt.���W*. A; Galliher: The  Noble Six offer you their heartfelt congratulations.   J. A. McKINNON. for the Noble Six.  Kamloovs, Peceiuber 7.���W. A. Galliher: It  was hot, bur. it was all right. Heartiest congratulations. P*. J. DEANK.  Sandon, December  gratulatluns.  -W  U  A. Galliher:    Con-  L. TKIMMHKTT.  VANrouvKK,  December  7 ���VV.  A.   Galliher;  Heartiest congratula'ions on your election.  V.. P. DA VIS.  Clinton,    December" 7.���W. - A. '  Galliher:  .Twelve places in Hast. Llllooet and Cariboo to  hear from.which will give you over one hundred  ma'oi ity as against Foley.   Congratulations.  JA11KSD. L1CIQI1TON.  WiNNU'Kt!,; December  Hearty- congratn lations.  -*tt  .   A.   Galliher  A. FflSTON.  WiNNn*ECi. December li.���W. A. Gal'ilier:  Your old friends-here and Liberals generally  greatly rejoice at j our well earned victory.  A. .1. MAG URN*.  ToitON'ro, December 7 ���W. A. Galliher: Congratulations l.o' you and Cariboo on yesterday's  selection. ClIAKLKS MILLAR.  Ottawa, December 7 ���:\V. A. Galliher: Reports iiidicitu your eleel ion. Accept my hearty  i-onuratnlalioas. CLIFFORIJ SIFTON.  Con-  Rossland, December (I.���W. A. Galliher  grauilntioii-*.   Kast Yale proved all *'��l*l.  J. JM. .ALAtvJ 1-^.  Rosslani),  December  Hearty congratulations.  -W.  C.  A.   Galliher  K. GliaLAN.  Rossland. December (J.���W. A. Galliher: We  oiler you our most hearty congratulations on  your eleel ion. .1. B. AlcAKTH U R.  \    Rossland, December li.���W. A. Galliher: Accept most sincere congratulations.  .1. E. SAUCIER.  "Rossland, December li���W. A. Galliher:  Warmest, congratulations; sorry we could not do  better-here.-    ; BOUL'i'BEE.^  Kaslo. December li.���W  gratulations.  Shake.   A. W  Kaslo, December G.���W.  old boy ! G.  A. Gall'lie-:   Con-  . GOODKNOUGH.  A. Galliher:   Good,  O. BUCHANAN.  AsiicitOKT. December (!.���W. A. Galliher:  WhataboutOnelluud'Cdand Fifty-Mile House'(  Wire total. STUART HENDIORSON.  Salmon Aum, December G.���W. A. Galliher:  Salmon Arm district Liberal Association gave  you 71 majority over Foley, and 57 over MclCane.  Association's congratulations.  A. J. PALMRR, Presidont.  Si'oi-AN'i*, December 7.���W. A. Galliher: Congratulations, unclo William  HARRY   WRIGHT.  Kkvklstokk, December (i.--W. A. Galliher:  Thoy said lot hor go, aud you did. May the  majority grow still bigger.   Shako, old boy.  ALKX  Mf'KAK.  CiitKi'KWooi), IDcoombcr (!,���W.  A. Galliher:  Hooray!   Congratulations, lilllic Gallihei'. M. P.  A. M. WHITES I UK.  -'Iki'I'KWDod,  Poroinbor li.���W. A. Galliher:  Congratulations.   Wo did our best.  W. S. KEITH,  .1. II. BROWN,  O.K. MILLER.  December (!.���W  Wo each want  A. Galliher:  a mine or a  Ghand l-'ouics,  Congratulations.  portfolio.  DICKSON, EriCSTElX, MACDONALD. REA,  WOOL ASTON, GRANT. CLARK, SINCLAIR, SWKKNUY, COOPER, WKSI-  WOOD, LILJEGRAN.  Hot .on Dewet's Trail.  London, December 7.���A dispatch  from general -'Kitchener, dated  Bloemfontein, December 7th, confirming the news from Aliwal North  that general Dewet's main force  was hard pressed, adds that general  Kuox captured the Krupp gun  which- Dewet abandoned near the  Caledon river and continued in pursuit of Dewet. The dispatch also  says that while the British were  handing over women at the request  of the Boers under a flag of truce  at Belfast yesterday, December 5th,  a force of one hundred Boers unsuccessfully attacked'a neighboring  infantry post.  The'- Independent Labor party  men of Nelson are not by any means  despondent over the results of the  election. Their candidate's showing at the polls was suilicient to indicate that in "a liieasure the  strength of the "party and the  Labor men believe the campaign  will prove invaluable as an object lesson. James Wilks,_ who is  recognized as the head push of the  Labor party in Nelson, voices the  sentiments of the rank and. file in  an interview as follows:  "We are naturally disappointed  at the defeat of our candidate,* bub  console ourselves on-having fulfilled  the undertaking -to give_ the professional politicians a surprise party  on election day." Although defeated,  Lbelieve that Christopher Foley is  today-the most popular and prominent and the strongest man in the  Southern British Columbia political  arena. ire has ": made what 1  believe is admitted''to be the  most remarkable c.lmpaign in provincial -politics,--;*- opposing on  the one hand candidate Galliher  backed by*the power and prestige  of the great Liberal' party in power  and fresh-"from their triumph of  November* 7,--while on the other  hand the efforts of candidate McKane's friends were stimulated by  the presencejn the constituency of  sir Charles " Tupper, Hon. Clark  "Wallace, E. G. Prior, Nicholas Flood  Davin and other" leading "lights of  the Conservative party, to say  nothing of the strenuous efforts and  frantic appeal-" oi* that matchless  champion of - the Couservati.ye cause  in Kootenay, mayor Goodeve'of  Rossland. 1 think Foley's friends  may well feel proud of the wonderful fight he put nil. -  "What militated against our  chances of winning was the- difficulty experienced in' getting our,  voters to the polls owing to the  clause iu the Franchise Act which  prevents registered voters from  casting their ballots iu any other  riding other than the one in whicli  they are registered. To show how  this worked I may say we had fully  170 solid Foley votes on the Nelson  list who were residing in the Slocan, Kast Kootenay or the Boundary and could not be brought into  Nelson to vote. Had these men  been able to vote where they were  working throughout the constituency of Yale-Cariboo, instead of  being restricted to one riding,  J^pley would probably have re-  "c^ivTdTTTiiTtjtji'i fc^i_r^tlre"nmini��Tg=  districts so large as to shut out  McKane and Galliher completely.  The most significant feature of the  whole contest was the strength developed by Foley in the mining  districts where the influence of  organized labor was active and  asserted itself. The whys and  wherefores, causes and cures of  this peculiar aspect of the struggle  will be food for thought and reflection on the part of the leaders of  the great parties.  "That Mr. Foley's friends stood  loyally by him during the fight is  self-evident and had he the time  and opportunity to properly stump  the northern and western parts of  the constituency, the returning  officer would have a different story  to tell on declaration day. Apparent defeats are not always real  defeats. The splendid support  accorded Mr. Foley in the fight  which closed on Thursday will do  more to promote and popularize the  principles he has so eloquently and  ably advocated and to stimulate  his friends and fellow, workmen to  further efforts in contests of a  similar character in the future than  could be accomplished by any other  means..  "We all lake off our hats to  Christopher Foley. He made a  great fight for a great cause and is  now no longer Rossland'.s but  Kootenay\s grand old man."  Why Kruger Was Turned Down  Bicrun, December 7.���-lu the  reichstag today, answering Herr  Rossicker's interpellation regarding  the reason Mr. Kruger had not been  received, but had been turned away  from the gates of Germany out of  regard for another power, contrary  to tlie feelings of the nation, the  minister for the interior replied  that it was comparatively easy for  irresponsible deputies to give expression to certain popular currents  of opinion, but a man occupying  the responsible position of chancellor of the German empire, who  was answerable not only for the  peace of- Germany, but also under  certain circumstances for the peace  of the world, could not allow himself to be influenced by such people  and continental waves of opinion.  For him there was but one course���  to preserve the peace, safety, welfare and interests of the fatherland.  NEWS fl! THE MM IMSTBIES  Back From Vernon District���The Bachelor Group Looks;  Well���Wagon Road to Alice Mine.  Krugror Disheartened.  London, December 7.���Mr. Kruger  has abandoned all the proposed  journeys to other capitals, says the  Brussels correspondent of the  Standard, and all further diplomacy  offers. He will retire and await at  The Hague developments from the  seat of war.   WHOLESALE MEN STILL BUSY  An Excellent Week's Business.  The report from the wholesale  trade for the week is favorable.  While no special advances are reported business holds good and tlie  wholesalers are all busy and satisfied, which is the best possible indication of prosperity. Appended  is the list of shipments reported  yesterday: - ,  Turner, Jieeton & Co., liquors and  dry goods.���Ainsworth, Slocan City,  Kaslo, Salmo, Erie, Trout Lake, Silverton, Ymir, Enterprise and Three  Forks.  - A. Macdonald & Co., wholesale  grocers.���Fernie, Cascade, Kaslo,  Creston, Sandon, Krie, New Denver,  Slocan City, ymir, Greenwood and  Lemon Creek.  John Cholditch & Co., wholesale  grocers.���Midwajr, Anaconda, Robson, Greenwood, Lemon Creek, Ymir,  ���Kaslo, Whitewater, Sandon, Grand  JFoir-ks, Silverton, Slocan City, Fernie, Cranbrook,-. Kimberley. -and  Fort S.teele.. ' '  Kootenay Electric . Supply and  Construction Company, electrical  supplies.���Grand Forks, Ainsworth,  Ymir, Lemon Creek, Kaslo, Cranbrook aud Silverton.  Stai'key <S_ -Co., commission merchants.���Rossland, New Denver,  Kaslo, Greenwood, Thompson's  Landing, Whitewater,'Ymir. It*holt,  Lemon Creek, Sloean City, Moyie,  Cascade City and Revelstoke.   .   -  If. .T. Evans & Co., commission,  merchants.���Grand Forks, Silver-  ton, Ainsworth, New Denver, Robson Ymir and Sandon.  AV. F. Teetzel & Co., assayers'  supplies. ��� Rossland, Slocan City,  Salmo, .Moyie, Woodbury Creek,  Fernie, Silverton,'.' Sandon and  Ymir.  Kootenay Supply Company, Limited, wholesale grocers. ���Robson,  l*-asTo^SaiidonT^Ynurr=Porto-==Rico=  Kitchener, Silverton, Kimberley,  Sirdar,-Lake Points. Moyie.  California Wine Company, liquors  aud cigars.���Kaslo, Sandon, Columbia, Ferguson, Trout Lake, Thompson's Landing," Sloean City, New  Denver, Silverton, Ymir, Trail and  Whitewater.  Nelson Saw & Planing Mills, Limited.���Robson, Erie and Okanagan  Lake.  Thorpe & Co., mineral and aerated  waters.���Creston and Ymir.  .T. Y. Griffin & Co., provisions and  produce. ��� Kaslo, Trail, Nakusp,  Grand Forks, Greenwood, Ymir,  Salmo, Anaconda, Phconix, Whitewater, Silverton, Fernie and Rossland.  Brackniau it Ker Milling Company, Limited, flour and feed.���  Phoenix, Lemon Creek, Granite, .Six-  mile, Robson, Arrowhead, Lardo,  Erie and Kaslo.  OLD PROPERTY IN NELSON GAMP WILL WORK AGAIN  Special  Gono to the Boneyaru.  Rossland, December 7.���|  to The Tribune.]���The Eveliiug  Record, published by William K.  Esling, ceased publication today.  It was established February 18,  1895, and was the oldest daily iu  Suspension is due to  the paper took during  troubles of last spring,  a boycott, from  never  recovered.  Charles     W.    Riley   arid    Fred  Williamson have returned from a  three weeks' trip through the Vernon mining district.   In the course  of their trip they covered 200 miles  by horse, foot and water, examining  most of the mining properties worth  looking at. They brought back over  75 pounds of specimens, and Mr.  Riley has bonds and options on a  number of the choicest properties  in     the     district.      Among     the  points   visited   was   the   Morning  Glory mine, which was stocked by  Salvation   Army   people   and   the  shares   floated   to    the    tune   'of  .$130,000 among the members of tho  army in the east. After the shares  were exploited $30,000 was spent in  improvements and plant, but the  property was shut down a year ago  when litigation arose, and there is  no indication that work  will be resumed at any time in tlie near future.   Mining men  who have examined the Morning  Glm*y are of  opinion that with intelligent management the property could be put  on a  paying  basis.    A number  of  the showings  examined were promising, and with capital to demonstrate the merits of the claims it is  probable   several   good t properties  will be developed.  Fred Williamson is an old Nelson  man and was among the first  to get into the Kettle River  country two years ago. lie' is part  owner of the townsite of Wauchoep  and the discoverer of the Morgan  ���gronpon Monashee mountain, which  is said to be among the -best show-  -ings in the.district. The Morgan is  a gold proposition. The-principal  vein has three^ feet of arsenical iron  carrying free gold. Assays have  been had from $3 to-.'j'OvSO, and it is  thought that $o0 is not too great  an average of the whole vein. A  sample just brought in was assayed  yesterday and went $I0S.-10 in gold  and 23 ounces silver.  Kootenay.  the stand  the  labor  This   resulted  in  which the Record  To Command in Canada.  London, December 7. The Westminster Gazette say-S' that general  sir Charles 'Warren, at one time  commissioner of the Metropolitan  police, has been nominated commander of British troops in Canada,  Work at the Bachelor.  . Randolph E. Kishburn, mining  engineer of Nelson, is working the  Bachelor group on Twelve-mile  creek, three miles back from the  lake, on a bond, and the reports  from the propei ty are very favorable. The Bachelor is a gold proposition .and is owned by Thomas  Lake and other Sloaui City parties.  Sometime ago it was bonded at  $00,000, but the parties interested  disagreed over an extension of  time .and=the=deal=fell=throughr=Mr^  Fishburn took over the property  two months ago and started work  a month later by closing a contract  with T. Lake for 100 feet of tunneling on tho vein. The values are  found in a vein of quartz 2-V feet  wide carrying free gold and concentrates. High assays have been  obtained at various points, but it is  estimated that an averago of the  whole vein will be $30. Reports  are to hand of a very favorable  nature, and the showing is improving consistently,  Adjoining the Bachelor is the  Get There Eli property owned by  Sandon parties. On this property pockets havo been struck  assaying as high as $S000. Work  was suspended recently for the  winter, but the understanding is  that the owners will proceed with  the work-in the spring.  Will Work Again in Spring.  A report is current that work  will be resumed on the' Starlight  property in the spring. The Starlight is one of the oldest properties  in the Nelson camp and with development will probably prove a  valuable asset. It is located on  Giveout creek, about a mile south  of the Athabasca, and is a gold and  copper proposition with a small  percentage of silver. The vein is a  strong ledge of quartz, a fine  sample of which can bo seen at the  office of the Exchequer Gold Alining  company on Baker street. Specimens from the Starlight have  assayed as high as 25 per cent copper and $10 in gold. The owners  believe tlie vein will average 10 per  cent copper, whieh in  itself  would  make   the   claim    very    valuable.  Some   .00   feet of work has been  done   on   tho  property up  to the  present, and this is to be added ' to ,  considerably next year.  The Alice Wagon Road.  Work  has  been   commenced  on  tlie wagon road  between  Creston"  and the Alice mine under bond to_  the York & Manchester Syndicate,  represented in British Columbia byf  T. G. Procter.    The Alice is  a  rich  lead and silver property on   which  development has been conducted in  au energetic manner for the  past,  few months.   A great drawback' to '  advanced   development   was    the'*-  lack   of   transportation    facilities-,  and this is now being overcome by  the building of* the road,  toward*  which   the   government has   contributed $500.   The shipping ore is*  so heavy   that an   average pack-  horse   could    barely   negotiate    a,"  single    sack,   but   with   the   road..  through ore can and  probably will  be shipped this winter. l.  TORONTO STOCK EXCHANGE.  wm  M-  '    l-'RIDAY'S   QUOTATION'S.  ,"���4*  stook.  AakPd.  Bid.  .S   5 75  ? \ 80  *.  31-  oa  V  **     _'  32-  ���J  ,1  ���  4  ���  J  Iii.  Ciiiitidian Ooldflelds Syndicate:.  8.  ^   'i  ��� y  64  .-      1 4.  s     3u  -1  i\.  .      1 J5 -  1  it  . -  SI CO  5B CO  ."i  '"J-"  j *  '4-*  J   24.  - _i  7  ���fi -  ^--j-g-  Hi  <**���  " W'  J'  - 1  0!  OlaiiU ..._, .-   :i ���<  -*-      *2 .  M  '^16-*  .  ���         li  - ��� 4  ���*���   7*  J-nou Hill.'.......: J. ....*..-.'.  fl  -     4_ '.  ,-DoneJ?liie.9m-priH0 Consolidated.  S  '\  -   .* .  s  .IS  1  :i  '   a*--  *_���/  . "~*i  i  it r  ���**  *lj .  9i  "*1  4.  '���ii  * li  _.         "-  711  _    io  "      ,  '1  .   13i  Is  .4  70  '  1 ~  1  Raiiibli-r-Cnriboo CuiiH-liriu'^d ..  '..  ,    2d S  ..'1  i-   TO  -*G  ?**  ,'-\  1 Oil'  ���I'l  *"  !  T ��  ���*���'  '���_  S.  4  . -  .  SA lalCS.  t  C 2_  *          O.T  7  ll.'iUI ''".���lirviuw   ....  04;  I  ol>  i ]  "'a*  - 3  ,  Ki  ' I     ll  4  Government's Program.  Lon'don, December 7.���In tho  commons today Mv: Chamberlain,  replying to criticisms on South  African affairs, said ho had suggested to sir Alfred Milner Ibl o  issue of proclamations in English  Tfnd^jTTOir=Mttih*^foTtir~"the~gov~  ernment's intentions, whicli were  animated by no vindictiveuess  against the men inarms. The government thought it possible that  reasonable men should ask it to  iianie a day when a settled government could be granted. The government had laid down three objects: First, to end the guerrilla,  warfare. Ifc would - not surprise  him if tho Boers had destroyed  more farms than the English.  Never in history had a war been  waged with so much humanity.  Tho women had.svAy. been deportei  for their protection. The farm.  burning was greatly exaggerated.  Lord Roberts had only sanctioned  tho burning of farms as punishment for acts of complicity in rebellion or damage to the railroads.  The government sustained lord  Roberts absolutely. The government was bound to leave a large  discretion to the military. The  second object was that wheu pacification was accomplished a crown  government would be instituted.  The third object was ultimate self  government.  Tor the Canada Cup.  Chicago, December 7.���AVith the  exception of the dates the details  of next summer's international  yacht race on Lake Michigan for  the Canada cup have been, settled  without the special committee of  the Royal Canadian Yacht Club  coming here to confer with the  Chicago Yacht Club's special committee. Over the dates of the contest there may be some telegraph*  ing, but no serious disagreement ig  anticipated. fi  THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON B. C  SATURDAY DECEMBER 8 1900  1  I*/  :1  ti/  1  ifc  i&  K  ti  .  ti  i>  ti  *���_  ti  i.  ti  \\t  1  ti  ti  *  \h  ,  ti  ti  ti  ^  ti  P-  ti  .  ti  ,"  ti  V  ti  $  ti  J  ti  ti  \  iti  tf  ti  ft  to  --,  to  r  to  y  to  to  :  to  -T*l.  n  I**  |i'*-  I?'  \. ���  ^���__L___&,��;&:&S_liAZ:&��:��:*-        .-^���aUS**^:*:^^:**:*^^-^.!  ^���^���^^^^^^^^-���Sr^^^ 7^-^^^5^SS.^5^_J.3.^5^_5r5'-'_!^y  ON'S BAY  COMPANY  t    !  INCORPORATED 1670.  FEW DAYS ONE OF OUR  Mi  ti  ti  ti  ti  ti  ti  ti  ti  ti  i��  ti  \i>  ti  ti  ti  ti IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE WITHIN THE NEXTti  ti  ito  ti  ti  \b  ti  \ti  ti  ti  to  to  to  to  to  to  4\ DON'T THINK YOU HAVE BEEN NEGLECTED fa  to ���*_&&**Si_t999ZZt.t!.\PS.fr.*&*.**.G to  m Your name has been overlooked unintentially in the��i  -^Nelson Directory, that's the reason. But there is no/|\  I^K reason why you should not have one. We have lotsff\  to to spare, and they are yours for the asking.- to  jfi +*_i_i_i*_izr**izz*z&e*izez* Ay  f((\ OUR   XMAS   HAMPERS   ARE   WINNERS^  Hamper  Lists  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  n__  PRICES, $5.00  and  $10.00.  :*_-a___��_-_'9__e*ees*-fcft-5'  Hudson's Bay Co.  TELEPHONE   13  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  <��*_��-. __./_*���!_.   ���__���!___��� ___ ______ ____-*������_:;_.��� ._d'2A'��IAAd,��a'^4l'i-7  '' -V tf* fl?. ��f. C- ^- SS- ^- ^- ���aS*^'5?' *��������        ff-^-9'9'S��'��'Si'SS)'^'Z>'pSiu9  -r*r*cirxr:xr-:iiirijrr*'xrix_t-rir--cixxixi_tii��ixi*r*t_ci-'  NOTICE TO SUBSCRIBERS.  From and after Oetober 1st, all  subscribers to tho Daily Tribune  who are served hy carrier will  be required to pay their subscriptions weekly to the earrier.  SUBSCRIPTION RATES.  Weekly, by carrier'.       .       . .$25  Monthly, by carrier     .       .       . 1 00  Three Months, by carrier        . .2 50  Six Months, by carrier   .             . 5 00  One Year, by carrier      .       . . 10 00  XXTXXXX*tXXX*EX_XXXXXXXXXX_X-XXX*U  ;. In the provincial election Iioss-  5 land polled 1103 votes to Nelson's  1H0." In the election on Thursday  Rossland polled 1003 and Nelson  only 853. Did 150 Conservatives,  disgusted at the antics of the self-  appointed newspaper organ of the  Ti_^C'onsei*vative_partyrstay"at���home-  and refuse to vote; or did the Con-  .* servatives and the Liberals .and the  Laborers scatter in order to make  showings afc such places as Kuskonook and Wardner and Moyie?  Tjjr poor old disgruntled Evening  'Miner is disgusted and in  sore distress.     It   was distrusted  by the  Conservatives,     ignored    by    the  faiberals, and shunned by  the   fn-  ���..depeiidei .-^Labo!*--**'**rty* - - J t did not  get a dollar out of  the  campaign,  although it had hoped  to  rehabilitate its exchequer  through  drafts  on   the   treasurers   of   all   three  \     parties.    The   Conservative party  ,     had no funds and fought for glory.  iThe "Liberal  party was  poor and  ;"    fought for the  future.    The  Independent' Labor party was without  funds and fought for principles.,  lb  is sad to hear   the plaintive wails  that go up from the poor old derelict) when no one is even willing to J  throw it a clothes line to help keep  ifc from drifting into oblivion.  The Record, a paper whose first  two issues were printed at Colville,  Washington, in March, 1895, and  whose subsequent issues have been  printed at Rossland, is no more.  For over a year past the Record  has been printed as an afternoon  daily, but it opposed tlie eight-hour  day in metalliferous mines and it  ���jvas   boycotted  by the   men  who  work in the mines. The boycott  probably did not kill it, but only  hastened' the end. The truth if**,  there is no money in running daily  newspapers in -Kootonay, and the  owner of the Record did not happen to have a large bank account in  Montana on which to draw. Rossland has a morning paper that  covers the news field of the country  tributary to that town, and covers  it well. If it gets all the support  and all the patronage than can  possibly bo given it, the return will  only be a fair one on the capital invested. There is no room in any  town in Kootenay for two d.iily  papers. To keep two alive . is too  great a tax on the business men of  the towns.  Tin*-  ~es~  investigation     into     the  "preferred against- W."  ".IT  Thompson, the suspended chief of  the fire department,  showed  two  things .   clearly.     One���that     the  members of' the   committee   weie  not in sympathy with the  effort  that is being  made to show  that  Thompson had neglected his duties,  that lie was incompetent, and  tliat  ho had no control over the members  of the fire brigade    Tho other was  that members of the brigade who  had ropcatedly in private declared  that man were drawing pay and not  earning it, could swallow all  these  declarations when  placed  on  oath  on tlie  witness-stand.     Thompson  admitted that the city was in grave  danger if a fire  should  break  out  when the reservoir was empty, but  claimed that as the reservoir was a  block or two outside the city limits  it was not a part of his duties as  water commissioner to pay any attention to it whatever.     As fire inspector he is required to see that no  stovepipesarealiowed tornnthrongh  roofs, 3ret he admitted  to knowing  that stovepipes are allowed to'run  through roofs of many buildings in  some of the most dangerous blocks  iu  the  city.    As   to   other   blocks  where the same state of affair** exist, he quibbled, and said as they  Avere on  tho railway right-of-way  or to the north of it, they were not  in the city limits.    He claimed-that  he could not get a copy of tlie fire  bylaw, but admitted that the  bylaw after passage and adoption  had been amended to meet lus  views. He admitted that all his  experience as a lire lighter before  joining the Nelson department Avas  gained avIumi a member of a volunteer fire company in the town of  l_etli bridge, Alberta. He claimed  that allowing members of the brigade to draw pay Avheh represented  at practices by proxies who Avere  not members of the brigade aviis a  good thing for,tho dep.'irtment. It  was admitted that at practice  drills tho captains and not the  chief instructed the men, and that  men wore dismissed on the order of  these captains. It ..was also admitted that there was no regular  Avay in Avhich payment was "made  for practices; that for performing  different duties at the fire hall,  for which regular alarms had not  been sent in, some of the men were  paid the same as if they had attended regular practice-. Jfc Avas  also admitted that the little "family  compact" that had been formed in  the department and0 Avhich mess in  the fire hall used the city's fuel for  carrying on their private boarding-house. Tho suspended chief  is a member of this mess,  as are a number of men  who are carrying on regular business pursuits in the city. And.notwithstanding all this, there are  members of the council who believe that mayor Houston has disgraced the eity by suspending from  office and preferring charges against  the late chief of the' Tire"clepart-  ment. What do the people think  about it? They are almost unanimously in favor of a paid department in charge of an experienced  and capable fireman. Nelson is' ho  longer a village, and it is absurd, to  expect that good results, either in  fighting fire or in the purchase of  fire-fighting apparatus and supplies,  can be obtained from a fire department in charge, of a village fireman.  SERVICES   In the Nl.thodist Cluircl'  Sunday, December 9th  (lev.  Conducted by  G. H. Morden, of Rossland,  First Pastor of the  Congregation.  HIGH TEA.  [Turkey, Ham, Jellies, Salids, Hot Biscuits,  Bread, Cakes and Pies-Home Cocking.]  will be served by the  Ladies'Monday evening, from 5 till 8 p.  m., in the dwelling on  Josephine street, immediately'opposite to*  the parsonage  CONCERT  Njonday Evening, in the Church  Good programme of  music and addresses  by the clergymen of  the city.  Admission  to Tea and Concert 50c  Weddings  Yce, Wedding-', and iiiiiln a few. Oh, wliul  shall I give them t Do hoi, worry over llio  mutter, but. conic In and see us ul. once. AVe  will give yon just. I Ik: right thing and al,  Ill-iocs that will sui! civoryime.  PATENAUDE BROS  Jewelers and Watchmakers  BAKER     STREET,      NELSON  Contracting Pain tors, Decorators, Paperuangers.  Full lint* of wall paper, mouldings, etc,   ICalso-  to  to  to  ��� 00-00-  " 00 ��� 00 ��� 00 '��� 00 ' 00 ��� 0* -00 -00- 00>  >��*s ��� X��>s ���*��_. ���>�������*_����*'*��_. **��v ���*����**. ���**��. -*��������*. ���<*_. ���^���^���Xl* ���*_.-*�������<  \   Holiday  I  Novelties  Arriving Daily.  xx_r::irr*.x*--xirxxir*:rxisxxriixx3.  RVINE & CO.  U.I.U_^-tl-l_aA.->_aXaLi.n"n:~^'a*t.Dl.n  I The new Straight H  \ Front Corset.. We J  jj have them. jj  .'xxxxj-xxixxxiiiisxixixmxxxixxxxl  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  Merchandise has its place in the preparations for the Xmas season.   The attractiveness  of the goods to be found in ail our departments will make brisk selling for the next three weeks.  CHRISTMAS   DOLLS  Our new line of dolls is now  on display. While the quality  is of the hig'hest, the price is  so modestly low that you-will  be surprised .it the size of the  doll you can get for a dollar or  l\vo. Jointed dolls, kid-bodied  dolls, new French-shape dolls,  blonde dolls, brunette dolls, q  <o 27 inches ; 35c lo $8.56  SILK WAISTS  Nolhino* but the finest taf-  fcta, liberty satins and liberty  silks, from      $3.50 to $15  FURS  The great demand for furs  this season was recognized by  us very early���in time to make  selections Avhen they ��� were'at  their best. Whatever there is  for ladies to wear, made of fur,  will be found in this department at very low prices.   -��*"-  HANDKERCHIEFS  You lose .most of your handkerchiefs, the laundries Aveai-  out the rest", and your handkerchief case needs constant filling. We have them from 5c  to",'$7.50 each.  WINTER GLOVES  and Mittens in great variety.  The very latest sfyle in gloves  is the suede, castor and mocha.  These gloves are nice for cold  .weathers, as they are much  warmer than dressed kid. We  carry these lines in black, mole,  tans and greys,     $1.25 lo $2  EIDERDOWN COMFORTS  The cold snap which we  have just experienced suggests  what* we may expect when the  winter sets in in earnest, so  get your comforts now and be  ready.      Prices, $1.50 to $25  fl\  *zx!xxxxxxzxxxz:xxxxx:rx-:xxx:rxixx]  i Sole agents jj  |j for Butterick jj  |.Pattern��- jj  Ix-ixirxxxxiixrxxi-'xxiirsixi-tiixxxl  FRED IRVINE & CO.  ^���^g**.^* ___ ,*7__f.:* __f *'$___*��� __"*��� ���/*_'���'��� l___\*__***_?���__*' ___*���__*��� __*���*_*��� ^ ��� ��� ^��-* ~**g-��* "**������������ ��� '-!*�����>���%��___>.^ ��� ___*.-2_*-���J__*'.^' S>'|g- ��� ^B-- ^'_3^ _%*��  * **k�� ^ ..>*_��- .^. <��_* .^. ^ ������aSj"- ^ ���*��S?^ ���2^'J^^ *-2r-'3_r^ **5-**��5 ��� "-is        ��� **���' 00* ^ ��� 00' 001' ^' 00' 00' 00' 00\ 00' 0*' **' 0*' 0* ��� *-*'0*'  iixxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx;*  M H  f] Special care taken jj  j; in filling all   mail \  1       1 a  orders. '   ,   ���  .���r  IxxxxxxxxxxxxrxxiTxxxxxxxxrxixxxxrl  to  to  to  to  321 lo .���m Baker.Street, Nclf-on**  American aqd'European Plant*.  MEALS  25  CENTS  ROOMS lalGHTRD BY ELECTRICITY  AND HKATKD JBY/STKAM  25 CKNTS TO 91  QUEEN'S HOTEL  BAKER STREET. NELSON.  Lighted by Electricity and Heated with Hot Air.  Large comfortable bedrooms and  flrsb-olaas  dlniug-room. Sample rooms (or commercial men.  RATES $2 PER DAY  SAW &  NELSON  PLANING  MILLS  Limited.  IV]rs. E. G. Clarke, Prop.  LATE OB* THB ROYAL HOTEti, OAIiO-RV  Madden House '"^  Baker and Ward  Nelson  The onlj hotel in Nelson that has remained  under one management) slnoe 1800.  The bed-rooms are well tarnished and lighted  by electricity.  The bar is always stocked by the best dom s-  tic and imported liquors and olgars.  THOMAS MADDEN, Proprietor.  SLOGAN JUNCTION HOTEL  J. II. McMANUS, Managor  We are prepared to Furnish  by Rail, Barge or Teams  DIMENSION LUMBER  ROUGH and DRESSED LUMBER  LOCAL and COAST CEILING  LOCAL and COAST FLOORING  DOUBLE DRESSED COAST CEDAR  RUSTIC, SHIPLAP, STEPPING  PINE and CEDAR CASINGS  DOOR JAMBS, WINDOW STILES  TURNED WORK, BAND-SAWING    n  BRACKETS, NEWEL POSTS  TURNED VERANDA POSTS  STORE FRONTS  DOORS, WINDOWS and GLASS.  Get Our Prices before  purchasing: elsewhere.    GOFFICE: CORNER  HALL AND FRONT STREETS.  FACTORY: HALL STREET, C. P. R. CROSSING.   MILLS: HALL STREET WHARF  P. Burns & Co.  Wholesale and Retail  Dealers in Meats  Head Oppiok at  NELSON, B. 0.  Bar fitockod with bOBt brands of wines, liquors,  and Cigars. Boor on draught. l_trge oou(oi'l)-  ahln rooms.   Klroh-nlBBa bahln board.  KOOTENAY COFFEE CO.  BAKER STREET, NELSON.  Coffee Roasters and  Dealers in  Tea and Coffee.  mining and Tinting  EtjtlmatOH /urnlshotTi  Strictly llrst-olass  work.  Resldenoo Mill Street,   Vfp*T CAM    __   C  Opposite School House   1N-.-.OU-*!, D�� \j.  ENQINEERSi  OIIAULES PAEKER���Mining and milling engineer.  Tuiner-IloeokbBlock, Balw.trooti,  N��lsoa,  Fresh roasted i-oireo of the best (|uality at  tlio following,prices:  .lava and Arabian Mocha, per pound S    40  Java and Aloclia illond, It pounds .........   1 (10  Kino Santos,- 4 pounds.. .' I (K)  K.antos lilend, r> pounils. '.' '...   1 00  Our Special lilend, li pounds     1 0i��  Our Hico KoaHt, I! pounds;  '.:     1 1X1  A trial', order s olleited. * Salesroom two doors  cuhI. of Oddfellows'-block, AVesi; Baker strea-t.  ~ .V- NOtTceT ;������~  . ItoHHland, B, C., November'9th, 1900,  TO F. B. SALI3BURV :  Notice Is hereby given that I, William Griffltha,  intend to claim .the interests in the folio-wing  named mineral claims formerly held-by F. B.  S.ilisbury, on which he has neglected to pny.liis  share of the expenses of .the annual assessment  work.. To wit: ., .   ���     ���  A one-half (J-) interest'in the "BunUer..inil"  mineral claim. -....������  A one half (J) interestintho "Sullivan"mineral  claim.  Aoue half (1) Interest.In the "Fidelity" mineral  Olll'lll.  All the ailjoining clainw, ituated on tho west  fork of the norlli fork of Salmon river, in the  Nelson Mining Division,  This action is taken under Section 11 of Chapter 4.*>, of the statutes of 1.S99 und amendments of  11X10. WUiLTAM U. 1 OWNSEND,  Agent, for Willlain (Jrlftltlis.  architects! -  EWART &  CARRIE-Archa'a-scts.    Rooms 7  and 8 Aberdeen block. Baker street), Nelaou. ���  Marketa at  Nolson,  Rossland,   Trail,  Kaslo, Ymir,  Sandon,  Silverton, Ne-f  , Denver, Revelstoko, Ferguson Grand Forks, Greenwood, Cascade Cityr Mid  way, and Vancouver.  Mail Orders Promptly Forwarded  West Kootenay Butcher Go.  AlaL K1ND3 OF  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOIaESAIaB AND RETAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  Bake, Street, Nelson ��#   Q.   TRAVES,   Manager  , nRm-RI) TBV MATT, RTnCUnraTW nAt-*Hr,|PTJTa AH11 PWMP"* *T*l'Vt_rTTOW  FOR FALL PLANTING O. W. West & Co.  irom'e-groAyn-FHiitaiidOrna- COAL!      WOOD!  mental Trees,! Roses, Shrubs,  Vines and Bulbs���80,00.0 to select from.   Address  "M. J. HENBY. Vatnconver, B; C.  H. a  ASHGRtOFT  Hard Coal  Anthracite  S9.65I  Crow's Nest  Coal  BLACKSMITHING  AND-EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  Wagon repairing .promptly attended to by a  flrstj-oTnEa *rvlioelwrl|*hti.  Special attention glvou to all binds of" repairing and onstom work from outside pol its.  Shoot   Hall 8ti..bfitiww"n Bukfir and Vnrnnn.  b^reisterefT&co.  BRBWEIUI AND BOTTLlSRa OB*  FINE LAGER BEER, ALE  AND PORTER  Prompt and re  deliver/ to ti  inlar  ie trad*  Bi-aweify*. jfotesii)  $6.15  DELIV-aBBD  AGENTS IMPRHIAL OIL COMPANY, .I/i'D.  No order ean lie aecoptod nnlo.iH accoinpinied  by cash. ���    .. .  Ofllce':   Corner of Hall '  and linker Streelis..  TELEPHONE 33.  Lethbridge Gait Coal  The beat vaHie for tiie money In tin) rnarketi  for all purpose.  tkkms o_au     W. P. Tikbnky. General Agent  Tolauhonn 147.    Offing wltih O. ]>. J. ChrtsMa.  bToTbxprbss  and Transfer Co.  Itaggago and oxpross moved to any part of the  City,   iipecial attention grlven to ht avy teaminR.  Olllco with tl��c Niilson Wine Co., Bakor street,  OKO. F. MOTION, Manager.  Telephone 93.  WHOLESALE TRADE  DERATED AND MINERAL WATERS.  TIIOllPE & CO., IilMlTKD.-Corner Vornon  and Cedar streets, Nelson, manufacturers.  of nnd wholesale dealers in tenited valors and  fruit syrups. Solo agents for Halcyon Spi-lni***  mineral water.   Telephone 00.  ASSAYERS'   SUPPLIES.  WF. TKKTZKL & CO.-Corner Bakor and  ��� Joscphlno streets, Nelson, wholesale dealors In assayers supplies. Agents for Denver  K*lro Clay Co. of Denver, Colorado.  COMMISSION MERCHANTS.  HJ. KVANS &  CO.-Baker stroet. Nelson  ���    wholesalo    dealers   in    liquors,    ciKars  cement, Are brick and lii-o clay, water pipe-.und ���  steel rails, and general coiiiuiisnioii inorchauts.  ELECTRICAL   SUPPLIES.  KOOTRNAV RT.KCTRIO SUPPliY & CON-  SI RUCTION COMPAN *>*'���\.'holosAlodoal-  ers in telephones, aiinuuciators, bells, batleries,  llxl.urert, etc., Uousloii block. Nelson.  FLOUR AND FEED.  BRACKMAN- KKll AHLLINO COMPANY-  ���Cereals, Flour, Grain, Hay. Straight or  mixed cars shipped to all Kootonay Points,  Grain elevators at all pi'liicinal points ou Calgary-  Kdmontcu R. 11. Mills at Victoria, New west-  minster, and Kdiuonlon, Alberta.  rpAYLOll FKK1) & PRODUCK CO.���Iiaker  -1- street, Nelson (Goorgo K. Motion's old  stand). Flour, Feed, Grain, Hay and Produce,  Car lots a specialty. Correspondence solicited.  Phono 20.  FRESH AND SALT MEATS.  P    BURNS &   CO.-Baker   stroet.   Nelson,  .   wholesale dealers iu fresh and cured moats.  Cold storage.  GROCERIES.  AMACDONATal) & CO.���Cornel* Front and  ��� Hall streets, wholesale grocers and  Jobbers in blankets, gloves, mitts, boots, rubbers,-  inackinawB and miners' sundrlos.   KOOTENAY SUPPLY   COMPANY,   LIMITED���Vernon * street, Nelson,  wholesale  grocers.   -Front stroot,-Nol*-  ���TOEN CHOLDITCH & CO.  **   eon, wholesale grocers.  JY. GRIFFIN & CO.���Front street, Nelson.  ���   wholesale   dealors   lu  provisions,   oured  meats, butter and oggs.  HARDWARE AND MINING SUPPLIES.  HBYBRS & CO.���Corner Bakor and Josephine  ���   streets, Nelson, wholesale dealors in hard  ware and mining supplies.  Powder Co.  ���  Agouts for Giant  LAWRENCE   HARDWARE    COMPANY  Baker St., Nelson, wholesale   dealors In  hardwaro and mining supplies, and water and  plumbers' supplios.  LIQUORS AND DRY GOODS.  rpURNER, BRETON & CO.���Cornor Vornon  �������� aud Josephine streets, Nolson, wholosale  dealers lu liquors, olgars and dry goods. Agents  for Pabst Browing Co. of. Milwaukee and Cal  gary Brewing Co. of Calgary,  POWDER, CAPS AND FUSE.  tTAMILTON POWDER COMPAN Y-Baker  �����->- street, Nelson, manufacturers of dynamite,  sporting, stumping and black blasting powders,  wholosale dealers in caps and fuse, and elootrio  blasting apparatus. ���  SASH AND DOORS.  ���NTEIaSON SAW AND PLANING MILLS,  XM LIMITED���Corner Front and Hall stroets,  Nelson, manufacturers of and wholosale dealers  in sash and doors; all kinds of factory work made  to order.          ,   WINES AND CIGARS.  riAUFORNIA    WINK  COMPANY, ; LIMI-  \0   TED^-Corner Front aiid .HaU streets, Nolson, wholesale. dealers In' wines.(case, and bnlk.  and dnrnnnMo nnd Inannrtnil alirarn. ���'  LAND  NOTICE.  -en, that alsl.  A ate I intend to apply to the gold commissioner  Notice la hereby given, that alsty davs after  *te I intend to apply to the gold commissioner  for a lease on crown lands, situate in West Kootenay district, about ten miles- from tho city at  Kaslo, In a northerly direction, consisting of lflt)  acres of unoccupied crown lands,-conunenoimr at  a post marked C. P. Ia., thence north on the lake  front 8*1 chains, thence west'JJ chains, thence  south 80 chains, thence east 20 chains to place  ���md post of commencement.  '      C. P. LOUD1N.  DR. ALEXANDER FORIN  OFFICR AND RKSinENOH  Silica   street, betweeu Ward and  ���Togephiue streets,  elephone 12ft, THE TBTBUNE: NELSON B. C SATURDAY; DECEMBER 8 1900  o  CJ  BANK OP MONTREAL  1-'ii-Af-ITAl* all paid up;...$12,000,000.00  imai-  v.ooo.ooo.oii  UNDIVI*DB1I> FnOFITS       -127.180.00.  Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal ...Prosident  Hon. George A. Drumnioud Vice-President  K. S. Cloiiiiton General Managor  NKLSON HKANCn  Comer Iiaker and Kootenay Stroets.  A. H. BUCHANAN, Managor.  THE BANK OF  BRITISH   COLUMBIA  NELSON  Branches In Lontpon (England) Nkw Yokk,  CuiUAHO, anil all the principal cities In Canada.  ��'''������  liny and sell Sterling Kxchange aud Cablo  | Transfers.  Grant  Commercial   and   Traveler-*'   Credits,  available in any part of tho world. o  Drafts Issued, Collections Made, Etc  Savings Bank Branch  CUKRKNT HATK OK INTKRKRT PAID.  ON   MUNICIPAL   POLITICS  An Open Letter to Laboring Men.  Dear Dan:    Tn the prolonged  ex-  (���itoinent of u long-drawn ont   Dominion election  contest, there  hits  lieen a disposition on j'onr  part  to  lose sight of the  proximity oi'  tlio  municipal   elections,    and   oi"   the  more important local interests that  -��(   ��re staked upon the result of the  '-'municipal polling.   The  time is a  critical one iu our city's formation.  Foundations for its future are being  laid, and  if   the narrow, self-  seeking,  orthodox   element   is   allowed to  control  our  civic affairs  for even one year, we shall be thrust  deeply into the mire of conservatism that is clogging the  wheels  of  progress in the east.    We  have, as  yet, no precedent of prejudice  lo  overcome, and may therefore make  > for ourselves what manner of local  government we will.  There is a man in Nelson���possibly two of them���who believes  tliat God meant yon to spend your  energies in arduous toil for the en-  richmentof his elect self and family,  and if you suffer that man to stand  in the place of godfather to this  . precocious infant city of ours, you  must siifl'er the consequences in a  hereafter that is not as distant as  hell by a long -ways. But, if you  want municipal.ownership of pub-  X'c .utilities, tho abolition of the  contract system of doing public  works, the protection of labor and*  the elevation of the laboring man,  or* any other good tiling, present or  to come, you may secure them now,  without** revolution or - resistance,"  by placing at tho head of civ.'c  affairs men who are public-spirited  and progrsssive, men of conviction  and courage, men of brains, and  brawn, men of genius if you can,  bat men of common sense and a  sense of justice anyway. Wo need  a man���not a figure-head���at the  helm. An odd putty-head around  tlie table matters little if it be  moulded aright by the strong hand  that wields the veto. If our present  mayor refuses re-election, can yon  put your fin gov on the man who  will bring to a successful conclusion  the affairs, troublous and otherwise, that are now occupying the  civic mind? Jf you can, Dan, it is  time you clapped your digit upon  that significant being.  Do you-know the location of tho  brains, the courage,-.the selflessness  necessary to evolve and execute  plans for tlie permanent: improve-  m.eu.t_ofJ-heJiome^cityJ*    1 f you _do  Is now prepared to issue Drafts and  Letters of Credit on Skaguay, U. S.,  Atliu, B. 0., and Dawson City, N. W. T.  Imperial Bank of Canada  *  '       HEAD  OFFICii*, TORONTO.  Capital Authorized  Capital Paid up  Rest  $2,600,000  82,458,603  $1,700,000  but for those pains on the joints  and down tho small of your back it  is a sure cure.  These aro tho sentiments of  Georgo L. Hart, an enthusiastic  member of tho "Worcester (ftJassa-  chussetts) County Beekeepers' As-  s )ciation. Mr. Hart does not speak  from ;hearsay or belief, and not  from*''the brief experience of a few  months or even a year. Tho testimonial of a man who has tried two  bottles and thinks his mixture the  best that ever was palls besido the  test which Mr. If art lias mado and  the.cahn assurance with which ho  makes claim for his beloved bees.  Speaking to a  reporter, ho  said:  "I know what J am   fcalkiug about  when I say that there  is  no  medicine on earth  like tlio sting  of a  bee. This is no fad with mo, lightly  picked up and ranted about for a  time, to be exchanged for some new  whim when the lit strikes rae, as is  the case witli the patent medicine  fiend.   It is more than twenty-five  years since I found out what a blessing to suffering mankind the bee  sting can be, and for twenty-five  years I have been au almost constant patient of my little physicians.  "It took me in the wrist one day,  and though I was in pain  i went  from home and visited a man  who  had   a couple  of   colonies   on his  place.    It was swarming  time  and  the little follows wero not in the  best of humor.    I  was  a stranger  and they received my presence in a  way T shall never forget.    My  face  was covered; but when one  fellow  got on my hand the others came in  a cluster and they dug in hard and  deep.    1 was d pretty  sight.    Both  hands swelled up   to   twice their  size, but when the pain of the bees'  sting died away I noticed that the  rheumatism was   gone.    It   didn't  come back for .a good  time, and  it  .at last struck me that perhaps  the  bees had something to do with it.  " 1 thought it was worth the experiment, and the next time 1 had  a bad attack of rheumatism 1 Avent  over to my neighbor's and allowed  myself to bo stung in the same way*  again. When the thing worked  a second timo I labeled it in my  mind a cure. J bought a colony for  myself, and from that day to this  I have never been without thera. J  use the greatest care wheu I take  my medicine. I cover my face up  with tho ordinary beekeeper's veil.  D.lt. Wilkic,General Manager.  K. Hay, Inspector.  Nelson llranch���Burns Block, 221 Bakor Street  J. M. LAY. Manag..  It i? n ��t that I would object ti a  sting ihcre any more than 1 would  on any other part of the body, but  I wc nld not care to bo stung on the  lips and have a swollen mouth, and  a sting in tho eye might blind me,  while one immediately near would,  I suppose, swell mo up so that for a  time I couldn't see. So 1 take the  siiugs always on my lunds, where  the swelling is little and the discomfort and inconvenience are  nothing.  "I not only have lhe proof that  be_3' stings have done me good, but  f have the absolute proof that they  are necessary to me to keep mo  from   rheumatism.     1   tested  this.  Some years   ago   1   begun to put  some belief in tho talk of my neighbors, that perhaps   I   was   doing  something unnecessary, and that I  might be taking my medicine and  having a cure all to myself when  there was not a tracs of rheumatism   in   me.       Everything  went  a'ong all right for a year, but in  the second the old.twinges caire  back,    T   paid   little   attentfon  to  this till  I was laid  up once more  and began to suffer as I had in the  years before I made my discovery]  "There was only one thing to c'o  and I did it.   T tried the old cm e  and it fixed me up in a short time,  just as it did before.   You may depend upon it that I have never neglected   my   bees and bee   stings  since."  Surpassing*  Display in  Fall Suitings  it is time you staked your claim  and got it recorded in the minds of  the people.  The man who will best serve  your interest, either as mayor or  councillor, is probably not on the  still hunt for office; he will need to  be sought out, brought out and  elected. Are you doing anything  towards the desired end, or are you  leaving the destiny of this city of  opportunities to bo worked out by  the ward politician and the lean  horse who desires a chance to feed  at tho public crib '<*  If you aro too busy spending the  two dollars and a half a\day ensured to you by the conditions of  life in a country of undeveloped re:  sources to make a single effort  towards tho permanent establishment of yourself as a man and a  citizen, you, perhaps, deserve the  decree of destitute old age that  is written in the stars for every  son of toil who is content, with less  than justice for himself and his  brethren.  Good-bye, Danny; 1 leave the  municipal issues for 1901 in your  hands. /They are hardened with  labor; do not let your brain soften  with desuetude'.    Yours,  ���     NAMOW.  A FULL LINE OF  Front "Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local and coast).  Flooring .  local and coast).  Newel Posts ;j  Stair Rail  Mouldings  Shingles        ,  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  of all kinds,  IF WnAT YOU WANT 18 NOT IN STOCK  WK WILL MAKE IT FOR YOU  CALL AND GET PRICKS,  All the fashionable creations  in.Fall and Winter wear are  included in my. last consignment of Scotch and Irish  Serges, Tweeds and Worsteds, arid Fancy Trouserings  E. Skinner  Neolands' Building, Laker Streot,  FRED J. SQUIRE, Manager.  ARTHUR ^EE  MERCHANT TAILOR.  OPPOSITE   THE   QUEEN'S   HOTEL.  Largo stock of high-class imported poods,  specialty  of  tho square   shoulder���the  fashion in coats.  A  latout  J. A. Say ward  HALL AND LAKB 8TRKRTB, NELSON  Porto Rico Lumber Go.  (LIMITED)  CORNER OF  nKNDRYX AND VERNON STREETS  NOVEL CURF, FOR RHEUMATTSM.  Thero is all.inexpensive, cure for  rheumatism-"which is rarely ivied  and will never be popular. Ifc is  the sting of theJbee, that flits from  flower to flower in the 'summer and  packs honey on its limbs and iu its  tiny ducts, working like a Trojan  .every day of its life. The sting of  the bee is not pleasant, and it is a  "tiling which children never cry for;  Rough and  Dressed  Lumber  Shingles  Mouldings  A-1 White Pine Luir-bor Always in  StocK-  Wa carry a complete stock of  Oeast Flooriug, Ceiling, Inside Finish, Turned Work, Sash and Doors.  Special order work will receive  prompt attention.  Porto Rico LumherCo. Ltd,  TEACHER   WANTED.  For Ymir Public. School.   Duties to commence  on tho 2nd January, 11)01.   .Applications lo be ad  dressed lo W. I). FOURKSTKR,  Secretary Ymir School Board, Ymir, II. 0,  Ymir. B. ft, December Alb, 1900.  D. J. Dewar, j. p.  Notary Public, Conveyancer.  FOR SAIaK  A nice 7-room bouse, with nil modern couven  ieneos, on Silicia street, near Stanley. This  is a good opportunity for anyone wanting a  nice non-c! near business center.   Only $2100.  7-rooin houso, now, with all modern oonvenien-  cos, good location on Hi 1103 road. "  Lnrgo"houFe on Carbonate street, near Josephine,  ��2000, easy terms. ~    .  Good house and lot, in Iliimo Addition. $2000,  ������-oaay-ternis=  2 nice building lots, 100x120, Mill street. SHOO.  Loans straight at 8% or monthly payments. No  lines. No forfeiture. No commission. No  delay.  _  TO LET. -  Nice house on Mines road, bath, ��25, with water,  li room house, with bath. Hume Addition. $20  5-1-00111 cottage, end of Baker street, $21.50.  Largo lodging house, good location, cheap.  Offlco In  Madden Block  D. J. DEWAR  Ward Bros.  REAL ESTATE AND  INSURANCE AGENTS  Agents for J. & J. TAYLOR SAFES  Bogusfown)   Fairview   Addition.  GAMBLE & O'PLLY  Baker Streot  HEAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE  AGENTS  FOR RENT  C roomed house and bath, together with kitchen  range,'Complete with hot and cold water, Observatory street, magnificent view; rent, including water rate, $25 per month.  5-roomed house, corner Cedar and Carbonate  Etreeta; $20 per month.  fi-roomed house, Hume Addition ; ?15per month.  4-roomed cottage, Gore street $12.50 per month.  '(���roomed house, corner of Mill and Hall streets;  830 per month, from 1st Novemoer.  Rents collected.   Loans made.  Agents for British Columbia. Permanent Loan  Si. Savings Company.  MONEYTQ.LOAN  AT 7 PER CENT  ON BUSINESS PROPERTY  Ajpply 0. lia LENNOX, Bollolior, N_iaoa ��. 9  ..ii  m-  ���    ��� ...--.���    ��    9    ���  IS DUE TO THE BROAD PLAN OF GIVING GOOD VALUES ALL THE  YEAR THROUGH, WITH NO INTENT OF MAKING BIG PROFITS, OR  EXPECTATION OF MAKING MY CUSTOMERS THINK THEY ARE  GETTING MORE THAN IS ACTUALLY GIVEN.  ..    3-__3__:___feefee&fe��ffe  gUSINESS has not drifted, my way blindly. I have not tried to get  the dollar in sight at the cost of the loss of confidence a customer has in the quality of my goods and methods. Catchpenny methods of the day may attract trade, but they do not  create permanent customers, and that is what we are after.  In our seasons holiday lines, never before were varieties so  great, styles so fresh and attractive^ and quality up to so high  a standard. We are ready night and day for any demands  you may make upon me.  4 __'___'_. 3 __>&&*. ��.-**_<  JACOB   DOVER,   The  Jeweler  rsEL^sorv,  b. c  Our Watcli Making Department has no Equal in B. C. All Goods Bouglit Here Engraved Free of Charge  ��-*"***���. (��"**" o c^> o ��_*-. ��-_-"-., ��_--��� . /_*****  V ���&"*>��� OC"*:  <R_^  S-^S?*"*  *c^��-c-_,<  ��**���"��� .��"--��� .��3<  ��  "*���**-*>-*-__-  ��  CZ3. C-? ��� C-? . ��-"**-'. (J*****- ���  ��?=*��� %_> S-*-* %\> SS>  ^-_i �� *c***�� ���*��_-*�� �� t_, ��^---*_ '  Q> Q> c^ S> g__y &***��� S>grkf=: i>  *-c_�� -*=**�� ��^=*�� o^. <**-_> ���^^^^'***-v"'-v*"-v  ELEGTRIGAL MACHINERY  Transformers  Telephones, Bells.  Annunciators, Lamps  GAS AND ELECTRIC FIXTURES  HOT WIRE ARC LAMPS  FOR INCANDESCENT CIRCUITS.  CLING  SURFACE BELT DRESSING  ELECTRIC SUPPLIES.  KOOTENAY ELECTRIC  SUPPLY & CONSTRUCTION CO.  Nelson, B. C.  THE  IVtansfieki Manufacturing Go.  NELSON,  B. C.  To-^=r  Builders and  Contractors  Hfivlng* taken over tho business of tho West Kootenay Brick &  Lime Company, Limited, of Nelson, I beg* to ask for a continuance  of the patronage which you have heretofore extended them. My  aim will bo at all times to supply you with our produets at lowest  possible prices. Being in a position to manufacture goods in larger  quantities than before, we shall bo able to supply the trade at a  lower figure.  It is our Intention to install machinery to manufacture our  marble products, and next season wo shall be In a position to supply  these products at reasonable rates.  We shall also keep on hand, a stock of Fire Brick, Fire Clay,.  Tiles and Cement. ���  Our Bricks and Lime Rock have taken'the First Prizes at the'  Spokane Industrial Exposition in 1899 and also this year. We also  secured prizes last year and this year for Ornamental and Building  Stone.  We are prepared to offer special rates to Contractors and  Builders.  ERNEST MANSFIELD,  for The Mansfield Manufacturing Company.  Successors to  The West Kootenay Brick & Lime Co., Ltd.  'Wilson's  Eravalids'  Port  Speciiilly reeoiniiiomled  for  iljS|ioii.sia,    lass o��  appetite,   sleoplussnoss,  iiidi���oHtion, - weakness  from  whatever  cause,  nervousness,       fevers,  consumption,    multirin,  and general debility.  ��� "Women  complain    of   a  tired fcelini*-.   Wilson's Invalid's .Port  is  immediate  and ellloacious, leaving no  Harmful elfcots.  Men will find it particularly valuable as a restorative and a sti-onf-thener of  the body, and nervi�� Hyslem  We recommend thin tonic  CANADA DRUG  AND BOOK  COMPANY  Nelson, B, C.  LADIES' HAliBOTG PARLOR  iNVfMIaOS  <P&TlT WINE  f   sw>w.*__  ���*-**���"-" ,1-MlC  "Wi.  Mr.i. Fred Knapp Iihk opened a ladies' hnir  dressing, shampooing and hineinirpui'lora Jnsiuol.  tage on fictoria utreet, opposite Plialr Hotel,  LADIES' TRIfpED  H/\TS  Endless Variety  And Prices to Suit.  mrs. e. Mclaughlin,   JOSEPHINE STREET.  MRS. A. HALT0N.  FINE  DRESSMAKING ft   SPECIALTY  MADDEN  BLOCK.  E P. Whalley, J.P.  NOTARY PUBLIC  Olllco with O. W. West St'lJo., cornrr ITall and  Baker streets.  City olllco of tho Nelson Soda water fwAary.  A. R. BARROW, A.flU.C.E.  PROVINCIAL  LAND SURVEYOR  Cornor Vlotoria and JKootouav Sir Bets.  I.A), lia. _5S. -rRI.HU'HON'XI NO, ttJ  NELSON LICENCE'DISTRICT.  N'olii'S is hereby given that t'red IVi-hcv, of  Kitchener, has made applied ion. under lhe  provisions of llio '"Lliinoi* Licence Acl, IfKKi,"  for an hotel licence, at l-ilcheuor. and that  a meeting of the Hoard of Licence Commissioners will lie hold to consider lln's and other  applications ul. the court house, at the city  of Nel.-uii, on Saturday, Hut llfteenlh i\:\y ot December, IIKKJ, at the liour of ten o'clock in the forenoon.  \v. ii. iii;i,i,*M*if-wKn.srKR. ���  Chief Licence Inspector.  ' fhief CnnilablcVi Ofllce,  Nelson, H. U., :'(ilh Noveniber. I'.KXI.  TRADES   UNIONS.  TyTELSON MINEIIS' UNION NO. 9G, *W. F. o-  x^. M.���Mceta In miners' union rooms, north-  Wilkes,   Secretary.     Ut> roN Scalk of "W���gk_ *  for Nk-.so.v_   District���Per   shift,    machine *  men, 83.50: ha/nmersmen miners. $3.25; muckers,-  carmen, shovelcrs and other undercrround laborers, $3.00. , -,  ���  mKADES AND LABOR COUNCIL.-The rogu-  ���**-   lar meetings of the Nelson Trades and Labor,  Council will bo held in the mincts' union hall,*  corner of Victoria and Kootenay stroets, on the ,  first  and   third  Thuralfly  of each month,  at)  7.30 p. in.   G. J. Thorpe.president.   J. H.*JMatho- _.  son, Seorotary. A"-^  u  Vl.u   a uwul&, an uiu aaaaii.lu   cjuiuu otlll cor-  totorla and Kootonay streob*.   R. Robin,  son, President.   James Colfin_, Secretary.  ���;* ������'���**'/,  HURRAH OK I-UOVINOIAla IN'KORMATION  In order that the Ooverninont, tuny bo in possession of delinite information with which lo  supply those i-eokinf-- iiiventiiieii's in this Province, 1 am instructed lo invite particulars from  thee who have properties for sale, and who may  feel disponed to I'cru-aril such particulars to this  olllce for the purpose in (|iiesl ion.  ,  In view of the proposed early reorKanizjition  of the Agciit-licneral's Olllce in London, Kn_-  land, tho desirability of haviiiK on llio a list of  farms and other properties for sale, with full and  accurate details is obvious. I'ropeities sub-  -ihit.ted--iiiayliiicludo-farmsand=fariivlandsriiidiisi=  trial or'conimercial concerns, timber limits,  water powoas, or other enterprises ad'ording  oiiportunities for legitimate inveslment.  It is not proposed to recommenl properties to  intendiiiK investors, but to all'ord the fullest  access to the classilled lists and oil available Informal ion connected therewith, and to place in-  (���uircrs in communication with the owners.  The fullest particulars arc desired not only of  the properties themselves, but of the localities in  which they are situated, and the conditions  allectiiiK them. Kor this puriiose printed  schedules will, upon apnlicafion. he forwarded  to those desirous of inakiiiK sales.  ��� II.  ,K.  COSNKlali.  Secretary Uiireau of Provincial Inforination,  Victoria, H. C N'ovember 1111 h, ilKXI.        '  Sealed Tenders addressed to lhe ii'ulcrsi|,'iied,  and endorsed "Tender'for Nelson Post Olllce,"  will bo received at I his olllce until Saturday,  January jith, li**)!, Inclusively, for lhe erection of  a Post olllce at Nelson, H. t:., according to the  plans and specillcations to he seen al. the present.  Posl.Ulllce, Nelson, and at the Department of  Public Works, Ottawa.  Persons tendering are notillcd that lenders  will not be considered unless made on tho form  supplied and signed with their actual signatures  Kadi tender must he accompanied hy an accepted cheiino on a chartered bank made payable to tho order of the honorable the "Minister of  Public Works, e<|ii'��l to ten per cent {W/J of the  amount of tho tender, which will be forfeited if  tho party declino to enter into a contract when  called upon to do so, or if ho fail to complete the  work contracted for. If the tender bo not ao  cepted Iho cheo.uo will be returned.  The depart ment does not bind itself to accept  the lowest or any tender.  Hy order,  JUS. II. UOV,  Acting Hc-uretary.  Deparl iiH'nt of Public Works, 1  Oltuwa, November 201 li. l9ofl .  Newspapers inserting this advertisement with  out authority fiorn the department, will not be  paid for it.  MUSIC.  Mr*. 1). B. Murray, graduate In voenl and Instrumental music. Is now prepared to receive  pupils for Instruction in voice culture, Italian  method, also piano and organ.  Por terms and further paiticuhiis apply room  5, A. Alacdonald building, corner Josopliiuu and  Vernon strceU  NOTICE  Anybody knowing the whereabouta- of ltic.liard  Alnrlon will confer u favor upon his anxious nnd  cniiiiiring relatives hy communicating the same  lothe undersigned who is In direct coiiiiiiuui-  ratiou with them.  .IAMRH WILKS,  J-ecretarj* Nelson Mineru' Union  ���jDARHERS* UNION.-Nelson Union. No. ISB, of <  *-*   tho International Journe) men Bathers Un-"���!  Ion of America, meets every lirst and thud Mon--*  day of each month in Miners Union Hall, cornor _v  of Victoria and Kootenay 6tiects, al S.S0 p.m. *.  ���  sharp.    Visitintr   brothers cordially lnvlta-d to.  attend.   R. IMcMahon, presidnul , J. H. Mathe- "   *  son,seereliiiy-lrcasurer; .1.C.fiaidnci,iccordlnir"  socreUiry. - .  ���DRICKLAYERS AND  MASONS*  UNION.    "^  *-**   Tho Bricklayers nnd Masons' International   _'  Union No. 3 of Nolson meets second and fourth' "* ,  Tuesdays in each month at Miners  Union hall.,    -  J. W. Etchor, president; Joseph Clark, iocordin_ '  and corresponding secretary.                            ��� - ,  ���. ' ,  T ARORERS* UNION.���Nelson Laborers* Pro  ���H tnctive Union, No. 81?i. A. V. of la., meets in  * ratcrnit-/ Hall, Oddfellow's block, comer of Baker and Kootenay streets, evory M ond.vy evening  at 7:30 p.m. sharp. Visitingruomben of the American Federation cordially invited to attend. *  James "Mathovr, President. John Robeits, ie-  cording .secret-iry.  ���KT'eLSON PAL\TER-5* UNION-Tho  regular    '  *'   inocting of tho   Painteis'  Union  is held  tho first and third Kridays in each month at Miners' Union hall at 7:.'{0 shaip.   J. II. M.U-vd.id.      v  President; Will J. Raich, Kecietary.  t?.  PLASTERERS'   UNION���The O. P. I. A.  -1-    172, meet3-*_very Monday evening In  Elliot block, corner ltaker and SLanley stroet  So'cloek.   J. W Mover, piosideut; Donald  fann.ii. pna'.rnlAryl  /^Otll-.-1 AND WAITEItV UN'ION-Regular  v-' ineelings on lhe spcond nnd fouith Thuis-  days of each month, at S o'< lock iu Miners' Union  hull. Visl ing brothcrn cordially in\ iled. C. !���.-  Hell, president; J. P. Poieslell, secietaiy  I rcasurer.    *  FRATERNAL   SOCIETIES.  A_ NEIaSON IaODGE, NO. 23, A. Y. tt'A. M.  *jK3f Moots second Wodnosday in each mouth.  HV\ Sojourning brothron Invited.  id Kootenay streets, every  ��� at 8 o'clock.   Vlsltini- Knlghtu  oordlally Invited to nl.tend.   F. J. Hiadloy, C.C.:  J. A. Paquetto, K. of R. & S.  Tuesday ovonini  lly  fSjELSON L. O. L., No. 1692 meets In I. O. O. P.  -���������J���Hall, corncr-Bakor-and Kootouay-BtreoW,-  lst)  and 3rd  Priday  of  oach  month.   Visiting  brethem cordially Invited.   R. Robinson, W. M.  W. Crawford, Rocording-Sccietaiy.  SHERIFFS SALE.  Province of British Columbia, Nelson, in Wen  Kootenay, to wit:  Hy virtue of a writ of fioi i f icias, issued out of  tho Supremo Court of Britilh Columbia, nttho  suit of the Bank of Monlicnl, nlainlitls. and lai  me directed,, against the goods and chat  tels of the Two Kricnds Mine, Limited  Liability, defendnnta, I hue sel/cd and  taken in execution nil tho tight title<tnd iiilpie-<ti  of the said defendant.s, Two Ki lends Mine Limited Liability-, in lhe mineral claim Known as  and culled "Two l''rieiidH,"mtii'ilt*d on IhoriiWdti  between Lemon aud Sprlngoi rirckt, on thup'Wt,  slope of laomon creek, located on Iho.llstday of  July, A. D. lS!'->, nnd recorded iu the ofllce of llm  mining recorder for the Slocin Clly Mining Division of tho West Kootainay Dlstiict. on the 101 h  day of Aligns!., A. D. mil.; and al.-o all the light,  lillc and interest of the said ilc'lenilniilJ*. Two  Pricnds .Mine, Limited Liability, in sixty (dO) tons  of ore. moro or less, mimd fiom the mineral  claim "Two Friends," and now upon tho pio  pnrly : To recover tho sum of two thousand and  eiehty-nino dollars and eightj-the cents I^JKN-  .S;-|) together with interest on two thousand and  eighty-six dollars and thirty tlvo cents ($-'0S<> .!��>)  at six per centum per annum, fiom the JOlh day  of Septombor, 11109, until pijmonl. besides slier  ill's poundage, ollicer's fees, and ail other legnl  incidental expenses: All of which I shall expose  for sale, or sulllcient thereof to satisfy s.ild lodgment, debt, nnd costs, nt the front of my otllco  next to the court house, in the ettj of Nelson, it.  C. on Kriday tho 20th day of Ool oboi, A 1) . l'XXl'  at tho hour of cloven o'clock in the forenoon.  Notk.���Intoiialng ]Mircliiisa>i> will sitisf> themselves as to interest and title of I lie said defendants.  Dated at Slocan City the 12th d ly of Octobor,  I'.Xki.  S. P. TUCK. Shorlll of South Kootenay-  The above eaie Is postponed until Monday, the  2GI.li iliij* of Nuvemher, l'JOO, at the S'ltue place  und horn*. �� P. TUCK,  Sherlfl' of Pouth Kootenay.  The aliove sale id further postponed until  Fildny the '-'let. day of Decembci, 1900, at tha  smile! iduce and hour,  <"*   P  TUCK,  aiiDi-lli'ni South Kootenay.  'COMPANIE.S ACT 1897.  Nolii;c is hereby given that, the appointment of  John Mnlltaiit Williams as attorney of ''Tho  I'liupleati (.'ousolidaled Oold Mining Company,  Limited," and of his .substitute, Charles \v.  (imliam Urownlng. has been revoked, and fhab  (labiiol Lucien ltooert Weyl, accountant Of Nelson, U. H., has been appointed as the new attorney of tha said company, and tho registered  olllco of the company has been changeulo Observatory street. N'ailson, R. C.  ELLIOT & LRNNIE,  Solicilors for tho Company.  llaled ihis 20th day of Novembor, A. D��� UWO. THE TRTBUtfE: NELSON, B. C, SATURDAY DECEMBER 8 1900  o  U*  Received Direct from theWSa^ers  HOUSEHOLD SYRINGES  FOUNTAIN SYRINGES  COMBINATION  SYRINGES  HOT WATER BOTTLES  and all classes of Rubber Goods.  W. F. TEETZEL & CO.  Wholesale and Retail Druggists  and Dealers in Assayers' Supplies.  VICTORIA  BLOCK,   NELSON.________  a- FifrReform .Clothing-..  LEADS  IN   PUBLIC  FAVOR.  Keep this in mind when buying your Winter Suit. We  are now carrying a complete stock of Fit-Reform makes  and can ensure satisfaction. See our magnificent lines  of fancy vests.   The very  latest in  style and pattern.  The Nelson Clothing House  NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given that in virtue of the Act of  the Dominion Parliament, 63 and 64" Victoria, Chapter  103 and Chapter 104, the name of ;;  THE MERCHANTS' BANK OF HALIFAX  will be changed to  ftbe'lRoyal JBank of Canada  \\M  from and after  Second day of January,  1901.  Halifax, 1st November, 1900.  E.  L.  PEASE,  General Manager.  217 AND 219 BAKER STREKT. NELSON.  <  IT  STOVES!       STOVES!  We are sole agents for the celebrated  COLE'S HOT BLAST HEATERS  Will burn anything.   Results unequalled  in any line of heaters.  LAWRENCE HARDWARE COMPANY  w  w  m   *$  ��  m$  %  THE LECTURE  }  \B  1  'X '  #  %  ��� i&  p.    ���  1$  h  - Ob  m  li  w  1  w  $)  Given Monday evening was a decided ^  success, so many husbands have decided*  to hand their pocketbook over ,-  TO THEIR WIVES  We would suggest, wives, that you turn gg  over a new leaf in the way of spending, ��  ���  - ���%  and see how much you can save  over g  and above what your husbands used to. \\_-  to  To do this you must _m  CITY LOCAL NEWS  Adjutant McGil], of the Salvation Army, returned to Nelson yesterday in search of health. A reception will be tendered him at tlie  barracks tin** evening.  Charles E. Beasley and It. J.  Steel have formed a partnership  under the firm name of Steel <fe  Beasley to conduct a collection and  agency business. They have offices  in J. H. Love's premises on Baker  street.  While P. J. Russell was posting  election returns at the Athabasca  on Thursday night, some enterprising rustler rustled his overcoat,  and now Pat does not know whether  his enterprise in giving the people  tlie latest returns by wire resulted  iu a loss or a gain. The., overcoat"  cost him .$50.  The Congregational bazaar in the  K-W-C block is meeting withn success, the .attendance being excellent  and the sales extensive. " Today  hot lunch will be served from 12 to  2 o'clock and dinner from fi to S  o'clock. Tlie goods unsold will be  disposed of by auction, the sale to  commence at 8 o'clock sharp.  The steamers Kaslo and Kokanee  had another brush on Wednesday  evening on.the run from Woodbury  creek to Kaslo. On this occasion  tho Kaslo boat carried off the  honors, beating the Kokanee four  minutes on the run. The crew, of  the Kaslo say- their boat is faster  thau anything else on the lake,  whieh-they are ready to demonstrate whenever occasion offers,  '  to  to  to  to  to  FIRST  Select the grocer who will give you the  best value for the least money. We  would recommend  WM.   HUNTER   &   CO.  to  Groceries, Crockery.  to  W  ABERDEEN  BLOCK,   BAKER  STREET.  .NELSON  M  mz  ^*  Election Returns.  The latest returns give Galliher  2785, Foley 20-12, and McKane 2153.  Kimberley, in East Kootenay, gave  Galliher -I, Foley (51, 'McKane 3.  Kuskonook gave McKane 31, Galliher 2, and Foley 3.        ��  An Epidemic at Kaslo.  The public schools at Kaslo have  been closed for a week because of  an epidemic resembling scarlet  fever or diphtheria whicli has been  prevalent among the children of  the town for several weeks. Three  children succumbed to the* disease-  and seven houses are quarantined  to prevent its further spread.- The  trouble is fast abating and the  schools are to reopen on Monday.  HONDI   CEYLON   TEA  We have just  celebrated Ilondi  easily the  guarantee.  received it large consignment of tho  tea, direct from the gardens.     It is  best tea in the market and is sold with a  Money refunded if not found satisfactory.  Houston Block.  Telephone 181.  P. O. Box 176.  JOHN A. IRVING & CO.  ROSSUAIND   eiNQIINEIBRirsfaWORKS  cuNLiPFi- & McMillan  Founder.,  nnd  Mflohlnlsts, Spoolfllly  of  Ore  Cars, Oro-Biii  Doors and Canon*' Mining Maohinory.  List of Eecond-hand machinery on hand, which has been thoroughly overhauled and Id at* good  as new :.'.'���'.  1 **"-H P Locomotive-type boiler, with engine attached and all llttinge, ready to turn ou steam.  1 uj"x8" Double-Cylinder Friction Dralii-Iluist, built by Ingeisoll Co.  1 Sinking Pump, No. o Cameron, New l ork.  l SinkioK Pump, 10"x5"xl3", outside packed plunger pattern.  Watch this advertisement for further lists/or write m heforo you buy for complete 11-1.   We  may have just what you want.  -AcentH for Northcy Pumps.   Stock carried.  P.  O.  Box  198. THIRD  AVENUE,  ROSSLAND.  OUR  FILTERS  FILTERS  I IT COSTS BUT ONE CENT  OUR CLOSKSTS  AUK NOISBLKS3  To drop uh a post card that we may call and give estimates.   It saves many dollars.  Never   have any  plumbing dono  until  you  ha  nave seen our goody and our pricea.  The Marian Sold.  ���Sheriff���Tuck���disposed���--of���the  steamer Marian yesterday morning  by public auction to satisfy judgments secured against the Lode  Star Mining company. The steamer  was bought in by captain Campbell,  whose bid was $500. In addition  to the purchase price captain Campbell had to put up .$90 royalties  due the lands and. works department for timber nnd .$s>S.15 sheriff's  qosts. Tlie machinery lying at tlio  sampling works was bought in by  captain C. W. Husk of Kokanee  creek at $150.  Wreck on New Route.  The first wreck on the new route  to Spokane occurred on Wednesday evening between Creston and  Kuskonook. Tlie afternoon train  was speeding along at thirty miles  an hour when the engineer saw a  rockslide ahead. He applied the  air and jumped, sustaining a scalp  wound, while the fireman, who also  leaped, escaped with a bad shaking  up. :.. Tlie slide covered the track  for 150. feet and was only about 100  feet ahead of the train when the  brakes were . set. When the train  struck the jiasseugers were jolted  about, but no one was injured. The  locomotive went over the side of  the gulch, but the couplings lield*  and the engine hung pilot-down  into the canyon. A freight van  was run out to bring in the passengers, aud a crew of forty men put  to work clearing the line.  Northern. Y>. MeLeod, purchasing  agent, is now dosing out Mr. Stewart's business and winding up matters arising out of the work on the  Halfour extension. Much of the  plant has been shipped east and  the balance will be forwarded in  the next week or two to Handette  on the Manitoba & South Eastern  road, the nearest station to the  point where the Stewart outfit is  now working.  COUNTY COURT ON MONDAY  Docket Not Lengthy.  County court opens on Monday  before his honor judge Forin. The  list of cases originally promised to  be very, lengthy because of the fact  that-the supreme coiirt sitting interfered with the November sitting,  but many of the cases origiually  entered for trial have been withdrawn or settled, and the docket is  down to or below ordinary length.  The list is as follows:  Janet Crawford vs. John Croft-,  -judgment " summons.' Taylor <fc  Uanniugtoa for. plaintiff.  John Hirsch vs. G. R. G. O'Dris-  coll, judgment summons. Macdonald & Johnson for plaintiff.;  W. A. Costello vs. W. Lee,.replevy. R.- M. Macdonald for defendant. -.      ,  Brackinan & Ker Milling Company ve.-.W. A. Costello. and Tier-  ney &-Mel'hail, garnishees. Taylor  & Hannington for plaintiffs, Macdonald it Johnson for garnishees.  George .Bell <fc Company vs. W.  A. Costello and W. R. Tierney, garnishee. ,  R. W. McParlaue vs. Oriel Mining it Milling * Company. F. G.  Burnc for plaintiff, C. R. Hamilton  for defendants...,  J. Blanchard vs. J. Ryan. Taylor & Hannington for plaintiff,  Galliher & Wilson for defendant.  E. C. Smith et al vs. H. ,T. Stewart et al. Macdonald <fc .Tohnson  for plaintiffs.   ,'  L. Hanna et al vs; G. O. Buchanan. Taylor <fc Hannington for  ���plaintiff, McAnn & McKay for defendant.      >..'..  L. V. Roberts vs..T. W. Stewart.  Taylor & Hannington for plaintiff,  Bowes & Ward for defendant.  A. .Tohnson vs. E.  P.  Glassford,  replevy.     Galliher & Wilson   for  plaintiff ,_Macdonald_&_.T_ohnsp_n_fp_r_  defendant.   .  C. Plowman vs. D. J. Beaton and  W. W. Beaton. Taylor & Hannington for plaintiff, Macdonald & Johnson for defendants.  W. MeLeod et al vs: G. R. G.  O'Driscoll. Galliher & Wilson for  plaintiff. -  maw-  n. _B^~:E3_e,s sc oo.  _sr__!XaSO_sr  KASLO  s^*__sr*DO_sr  i  I  i  STOVES!   STOVES!    STOVES!  HEATING STOVES, COOKING STOVES, AND STEEL RANGES  Sole Agents for % Original Cole's Hot Blast Coal Heaters  SEE OUR GUNS AND RIFLES  HEADQUARTERS FOR ALL KINDS OF AMMUNITION  TKlalOIHlONK 27  Store, Coi-msr llalair and .lonephlno HI rea  denced by the fact, that he has just  received and is likely to accept a  cordial and unanimous invitation  to tho Queen's Avenue church at  New Westminster.  Special music will be rendered at,  the Sunday services by the recently  reorganized choir of the church.  Tho collections will be for the  Twentieth Century Million Dollar  fund .and contributors may, if they  desire, have their offerings applied  to the extinguishing of the small  debt on tlie church.  On Monday afternoon and evening the Ladies' Aid Society of the  church announce a high tea to be  given in the residence opposite the  parsonage. Tho menu for the occasion consists of substantial and  delicacies and promises to be largely attended. Following the dinner  is an entertainment at the church,  which is of considerable interest.  It Counts in Results  How Indians Kill Deer.  A mining man who has just come  in from the Okanagan lake district  is the authority for a typical story  of the manner in which' Indians  slaughter deer. He states that a  number of Indians pitched camp on  Cherry creek where the country is  rolling, well grassed and not covered  with snow yet. Deer were remarkably plenty and in a fortnight the  band had slaughtered 200 deer, pre-.'  serving tho skins and jerking a  portion of the. meat. . The matter  was reported to the government  officials at Vernon who undertook  to send in an officer and stop the  slaughter.    PERSONAL.  W. Fernie of Fernie is a guest at  the Hotel 11 nine.  J.   It.  Smith   and   P.. IT,.  Burr of  Holland uris :iL the Treniout, hotel.  E. Forrest - of Cranbrook nnd  Mark Manley of Slocan City are l-pu-istored -at  the QncciiV.  C, Pluminer   Hill   of   Port   Hill,  Idaho. U in the (.���ity today.   Mr. Hill  hiiM spftul.  several months this year iu Dawson.  -T. J. Lendruni of the Bosun mine  returncl yesterday from a leiiKtliy trip lo  England.   He ii? re-jiHtereil at the Hotel l'hair.  BUSINESS   MENTION.  The particular housewife wants  the best materials for her cooking:  Nice Sweet Butter  Good Fresh Eggs  are our specialties. They ensure a delightful freshness in  all you cook, and attractive  daintiness when it is served  on your table.  KIRKPATRICK & WILSON  The Leading Grocers.  Telephone 10 ������������ 185 Baker Street  $5 Silks for $3.50..  m  to  to  m  to  -Apply Merchants  sell any-  Cellar to Rent-  Hank" of Halifax.  If you want to buy  or  lliing go to llio "Old Curiosity Shop.'  Pound���Silver napkin ring.    The  o��*ner can have same by applying at T-IIjuho  olllce.'  Hack   calls left at   the   Pacific  Tranafor   barn  on Vernon street.    Telephone  call 35.  For     Rent���Store   in   Tremont  Hotel   block.   Apply  to   Malone & Tregillus,  Tremont hotel.  Wanted���"Position as bookkeeper  nr any clpriual posit ion.  Clooil references. Apply  'I'. 11. C, Tribune olllce.  Wanted���Girl for housework.best  wages  paid.      Apply  (o   "Mrs.  Scherinerhorn.  Water street, near U'-Tcill's grocery.  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  Here is your opportunity to secure a ball dress-  at cost. Our stock of evening dress silks is the  largest in Nelson. In fact it is much larger than  wc can afford to carry. ,We need money more"  than we.do the goods, and for this, reason are  prepared to make a sweeping cut in prices. For  1he present week we will ofter any silk dress  length in the house at cost. Here are some of  our sample prices: $5 silks at $3.50; S3.G0  silks at $2.25 ;  and $3 silks at $1.90.  to  to  to  to  Martin O'Reilly & Co.  HOUSTON   BLOCK,  NELSON.  f'&.*S3__&'(3_'<3'(^.&.S_\Ci-^_ei. ���*a-J&,AvSa_ai^,>-*ai-S*s,5arSaa^a5a5ii  **.^<��:l_*:&&g*:&&*��:*^*!-       ^f0^^^^*^^^B^%3^B^?>  to  m  Moving Plant East.  J. W. Stewart's railroad construction headquarters  will  shortly be  removed from Nelson to Ontario,  opprwiTB  F06T0FFIC_).  STRACHAN BROTHERS, Plumbers   | where he is working on the Canada  Court Notes.  G. A. Stewart Potts, official stenographer, returned yesterday from  Rossland, where tho supreme court  has been in' session for almost a  mouth before. _Ir. Justice Walkem.  The appeal in the case of Rossland vs. Morley, in which the manager of the local branch of the  Thomson Stationery Company is interested, was set over by arrangement.       ���    .           THE ANNIVERSARY SERVICES  At the Methodist Church.  Tomorrow and Monday will be  red letter days in the history of the  Methodist church. The congregation will inaugurate the custom,  time-honored in the denomination,  of celebrating the anniversary of  the church with special services,  At the church tomorrow'Rev. G. H.  Morden of "Rossland, will preach  morning and evening. Mr. Morden  was the first and one of, the most  popular pastors of the Methodists  in Nelson and his return after many  years' absence is regarded-:as an  event of more than ordinary interest. The standing_to which the ex-  Nelson divine has attained in the  British Columbia conference is evi-  Good unfurnished rooms for rent  cheap,  front and back doors, -with  woodshed.  Apply Mrs. Knapp, opposite Phair Hold.  For Sale���A new house, very convenient, modern improvements, easy terms. Apply A. H!. Clarke, Stanley and Carbonate streets  Wanted���Position in store, grocery or (jent's fiirnishiiiKs, by young man, live  years' experience. Good references. I. ]*>!., Tii-  Ininc ofllce.  Miss Von Der Worth���Clairvoyant, palmist and card reading. Gives advice  on commercial business and miniiw; renni us  unhappy lovers and brokiin-up families. Koom  J, over Thomson Stationary Company.  ______  All memliers of Iho N'el-on -Miners' Union N"V).  !lj, \V. I-'. HI., arc mnonlly recine.stort to attend  the next regular tncut.lni*', wliion takes place this  (Saturday) evening al. "::'() o'clock sharp. 1'liisi-  iiofs of importance will cumo before the meeting  and a full attendance isromieHt'd.  .lAJMES  WllaKS,  Soc.retii.ry.  iXIJII  -_xxixx_t__xx__ii___ix_ix_z_i:xi_s.  :z__x2_x_cxxxxxxxxz_x_2Xxxixi_ixxr_i���*-rjzir'_mr  Don't Ask for Your Size  Ask to Be Fitted.  ���  ���  ��� i  ���It's-the-shape-of-your-footj-not-its-lengthjthat-is-most-to-be-  considered.   The Shoes in this store were not made from one  |  last, but each last was modeled from nature to fit a certain type  of foot.  Show your foot, we'll find a shoe that will give you comfort,  ease and elegance.  Aek Your Grocer_____���n>.%  for New ���  sweeT cider  . . for Mince Pies.  CIDER VINEGAR  THORPE & CO., ltd.  ��� ������HiWirnl  NEELAND'S SHOE COMPANY  BAKER   STREET,   NELSON.  :lixxir_xxixxixixxxixixxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxi:ciixxixxxixxxxxxr*_xi_i3xxxxxxrxxxxxcixxxtxxxixxxxxx)_i_t;  <������  THE  BEST-  READY FOR WINTER  ���    Just received a lni*g*e  eonslgnijient of  Englisf] Underwear  UNSHRINKABLE.  THEO.   MADSON  BAKER STREET.  DRINK  .���������-  BEER.  Anheuser Biisch  ST.-LOUIS LAGER  REILEY & BENOV  SUCCESSORS  TO  H. 1). ASIICKOFT)  BLACKSMITHS   AND    WOOD   WORKERS  EXPERT HQRSESHOEINC.  To be had wholesale at Nelson,  !*{. P. Rithet & Co., Ltd.  VICTORIA,   B. C.  A, B.  GRAY,  Baker  Street,   Nelson  Kootenay Agent. ���  .Special aUenli-ii Riven to all kinds of repalilnu  and o'lstom work from outside poiala. Heavy  boll-* made to order on'shovt noliee."   ���  P. J. RUSSELL  Buyer and Exporter of  RAW   FURS  High eat Prices -  Prompt Returns  Fair Auaorttnent  Ship, by Repress.   NELSON, B. O.  FOR   SALE.  A good hotel and conLeiita for sale.   For _uc:-  1 iculara address Box 261, Kaslo, Britifih CplumWa ���  "ansfe-tftsasjo-;


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