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'<"".": ji\.
Pleasant Smoking Concert at Opera House Last Night-
Returned Volunteer Spoke.
The smoker was ar-
give Lee a   chance to
The smoker at tlie opera house
last night in honor of private Alexander S. Lee was successful in many
respects. About 400 citizens turned
out to honor the returned volunteer and they were enthusiastic
whenever tlie khaki-clad figure was
iii evidence. -The entertainment
was .arranged on a few hours'
notice and the audience seemed
willing to put up with delays
whieh would not have been tolerated had the facts been other than
they were
ranged to give J-iee a
meet old acquaintances and relate
a portion of his adventures under
the British flag. This he did and
the,audieiieo was satisfied.'-'Refreshments were served and the proceedings lasted until a late hour.
Mayor Houston took the chair in
opening. He welcomed private Lee
home on behalf of the citizens and
referred , amid applause to the
manly way in whicli the Canadian
volunteers, particularly those of
tho lirst contingent, had upheld the
honor of .Canada while fighting for
the Empire in South Africa. Their
deeds, he said, had reflected credit
on themselves, and upon the colony
which sent them forth. He introduced private Lee who received a
splendid reception. Rev. William
Munroe, pastor of the Congregational church, followed with a neat
,  speech, in the course of   which he
paid   a   glowing   tribute   to   the
'  Canadian vblunteers-^and^-the  Em*
- pi re >for-which they Kad-fought."   -•
Private    Lee    contributed   "two
speeches   during  the evening.   Iu
the first he devoted himself to" de-
... ...scribing the movements of thejDan-
- adian contingent after it left Cape
Town to the point where they
reached Pretoria, when he left with
captain, now major Hodgins to
work on the railroad division. The
second address dealt with some of
tho incidents along the line of
march, such as the emergency
ration episodes, water supply, etc.,
most of which h.ave already been
touched on in Thfj Tribunr. Hearty
cheers were accorded Lee at the
conclusion of each speech and this
was repeated during the singing of
"Soldiers of the Queen," when he
stood at attention on the stage.
The balance of the program was
contributed by Messrs. Dick Slugg,
Albert-Steele, C. Hislop, Winter,
/Smith, R. Thompson and others.
— How^DewetHTook="Bevenge.	
in running over his' experiences
in Africa private Leo gives several
incidents of further interest. Among
these is the story of the Boer gon-
ei-al De wet's revenge, ft was currently reported among the British
troops that Dewet's continued persistence was not because ho hoped
to secure any special successes
against the British, but morely to
gratify his private revenge. The
British had burned Dewet's farmhouse, and when tho Boer general
learned of this he said: "I'll destroy a million pounds worth of
English property to even up." He
started ,in and how well he succeeded is known to all who have
followed the newspaper reports of
the recent course of events. One
of Dewet's acts which the troops
felt more than anything else, was
his burning of the mail train at tho
point where the railroad from De
Afi' to Johannesburg crosses the
Vaal river. It was the first mail
sent north after the troops left
Bloemfontein for Johannesburg and
contained four months' letters and
papers for 70,000 men. Dewet
wrecked the train and, set fire to
the whole outfit. Private Lee came
back over this road and states that
for two square miles arouud the
bridge the ground is covered with
half charred papers. It is estimated
that several hundred thousand
letters and papers were burned in
pure watonness as the Boers made
no attempt to read the letters or
profit by any of the correspondence.
This hurt tho soldiers feelings worse
than a good licking.
According to Lee, modern war
fare must lack all the picturesque
features of the conflicts of early
days. He has been under constant
fire for three days and never saw a
Boer during that period. In fact
the first Boer Lee set eyes on was
one who came into camp to surrender. He says the regiment would
march into a" position, lie down and,
receive instructions to fire at the
skyline of a kopje a mile distant.
Furthermore they never knew how
many men wero engaged on either
side. The    British   army   was
dogged by spies, and they were so
adept at securing information that
nothing was divulged save what
was absolutely necessary and that
at the last moment. Thus it was
that the Canadians would go into
an engagement not knowing
whether there wero 1000 or 100,000
more British in the same fight.
Two° regiments might march
along the veldt within two
miles of each other and each
be profund ly ignorant of the other's
location for a week. There were no
grand stand plays, and if the men
had enough to eat aud drink, with
sufficient time to sleep, they were
satisfied to let well enough alone.
The people in Nelson were much
better informed as to the general
course of events than were the
members of the contingent. In
fact the latter were profoundly ignorant of all that was transpiring
outside their immediate vicinity.
Judging from private Lee's experience there is nothing very terrible about a modern battlefield.
He was under fire many times but
-never saw, a man, Briton or Boer,
killed, nor did he ever to his
knowledge fire a bullet which
killed a Boer, although his Lee-
Enfield rifle was practically worn
out by use. The lirst dead man he
saw in the campaign was at Paardeburg when he happened across two
dead Boers in a trench. Lee says
the lyddite used by the British had
a terrible effect. On one occasion a
shell was exploded over a Boor
position and the defenders driven
out. When the British entered
they found 00 Boers had been
killed by the lyddite and it was
presumed that as many more
wounded were carried off.
Russia Has Money to Burn. -'
Wasiji*votox, November 0.—M.
Bouttowski, finance secretary of the
Russian, embassy, has returned
from St. Petersburg, where he had
an opportunity to confer with the
Russian    minister   of  finance,   M.
_Dewitt,_and_ to learn_from_the
authorities the satisfactory condition of Russian finances. On his
return Mr. Bouttowski was somewhat surprised to see it reported
that Russia was seeking to place
loans in the United States and advised the most responsible American financiers in New York that no
such investment was contemplated.
The rumors continued to circulate,
however, so Mr. Bouttowski gave
the Associated Press tho following
official communication which he received from the imperial minister
of finance of Russia: "in view of
the rumors which began to circulate again in tho foreign press
about the suggested negotiations
by 'the Russian government of a
loan, the ministry of France considers it necessary to declare once
more that the Imperial Russian
government is neither contemplating nor disposed to negotiate loans
of any kind, the ordinary revenues
and the free cash reserves of the
treasury being more than sufficient
to meet all expenses, not only ordinary but also the extraordinary,
necessitated,by events  in the far
east."    .      ' 	
France Would Have Acted Early.
Paris, November .9.—The Chinese
yellow book which was distributed
in parliament today shows that
early in March M. Delcasse, the
French minister of foreign affairs,
urging a combined naval demonstration in view of the agitation in
China, was opposed by a majority
of the powers, lord Salisbury saying that in view of the uncertainty
it was preferable to let the situation ripen, pointing out that the
government of the United States
had already declared it would not
participate in a * naval demonstration, which was contrary to its
Count von Buelow, German minister of foreign affairs, under date
of April- 4th, also thought the
trouble in Shan Tung province had
completely calmed down.
M. Jules Cambon, the French ambassador   at   Washington,   under
date of April  nth,  replying to M.
Delcasse's enquiry as to one American vessel with a British and  German ship being sent to the gulf of
Pechili    said     the. -   Washington
government     thought    that    the
growing   agitation   of   the   secret
socities justified precautions which
ought to take the character of a
joint demonstration of tho powers,
as minister Conger requested.   Secretary Hay thought the fears manifested in  China were exaggerated.
M. Cambon on June 8th  reported
a conversation with secretary Hay,
who said minister Conger wns only
.instructed to do what was essential
to protect American interests.   Mr.
Conger did not desire to amalgamate his action with that of the
united powers.
Typhoid in Montreal.
Montreal, November 9.—An ou t-
break of typhoid fever in two convents situated in this city has been
traced to the milk supply obtained
from a farmer named Choquette of
Beloeil. There are twenty cases so
far in the two institutions." An
examination showed that one of
Choquette's help had typhoid in his
family and that one of the man's
men had actually milked cows while,
suffering from a mild attack of the
disease. An example is to be made
of Choquette.
Is a Real Estate and Mining Broker
and Well-Known in
. Nelaon.
Was Offered Several Safe Seats, But
. * - ,     Would Consider None,
of Them.
Montreal, November 9. — Sir
Charles Tupper today announced
his retirement from public life. He
arrived in town this morning from
Halifax and met a number of prominent Conservatives. Sir. Charles
had offers of half a dozen safe seats,
but declared that his defeat iii Cape
Breton afforded him an excellent
chance of retiring and he intended
spending the:remainder of his days
in his own family. Sir Charles expressed, the hope that Hon. George
E. Foster would secure a seat in
parliament without great delay.
The choice of his successor will be
made by Conservative members.
The names most prominently mentioned are Hon. George E. Foster,
sir-C.-II.-Tupper and-AIr.—CasgraiiiT-
Sir C. H. Tupper came up from the
Maritime provinces with his father
and left later for the Pacific coast.
He attributed the' Conservative
losses in the lower provinces to the
fact that the Acadian, vote went
soldidly for Laurier.
Engineer Instantly Killed.
. RosEiaURft, Oregon, November 8.
—This .morning two miles south of
Roseburg, by a head-end collision
between two freight trains on the
Southern Pacific,. Sam Hendricks,
engineer, was killed outright and
fireman Riddle lost a foot and was
otherwise bruised. Engineer Walter Drennan was fatally injured
and fireman Wilhound was killed.
A Cent a Pound Raise.
Chicago, November 9.—The
Chronicle tomorrow will s<ay: "A
flat iucrease of one cent a pound
was put upon beef, pork arid mutton today by'the Chicago packers."
Bulgaria is a great country for
t'he distillation of attar , of roses,
which is used in so many ways by
perfumers and soapriiakers. It is a
precious product that costs about
£5 per ounce. -
Experiments have been conducted
in New York with electric vehicles
for collecting mail from street
boxes. It was found that fifteen
minutes was saved per trip.
The Argentine Republic exported
only 205,105 bales of wool last year,
as against 287,4,79 in 189S.
Germany received one-third
(about $4,000,000 worth) of the exports of Ecuador last year.
Grand Forks, November 9.—
Gharles'Cummings, real estate.and
mining broker, -svas arrested- tonight by provincial -constable Dins-*
more on a charge of "forging a telegram. Dirismorp,- who swore out
the*information*,, acted on instruc-
tions from .the/attorney-general's
department. The warrant was
issued by J.  R.\"Henderson, J. P.
The prisoner was admitted to bail
on a personal bond for fivo hundred
dollars, and sureties of two hundred
and fifty each were furnished, by
Frank Sears and' Jeff Davis. The
hearing of the case was "fixed for
Friday next. H» G." S,, Heis'terman
represents the>; attorney-general
and E. Miller has been, retained for
the defence. .    ■.'■ '"
The causes that^led up to the. arrest itlate back about" a month. Mi\
Cummlngs, it. appears, owned a
quarter interest-in^.the. North Fork
of Kettle River'Iraprovem'ent Company. It is alleged that after he
had been notified,by the provincial
government of £he cancellation of
the franchise, he'showed E.;Sprag-
gett, lumber merchant, a, telegram
purporting to have been received
from C. C. Young of Boston and in
which Young offered five hundred
dollars for Cummings quarter interest in the franchise. Mr. Sprag-
gett, being unaware of the circumstances and being' interested as a
sawmill owner on~the_Kettle river,
was offered the quarter interest for
the same figure.^; He .accepted the
terms .and;- \\\ ":^i_^^^ym^{itx_t\^ j
alleged, Jassumed-aii '"obligation of
Mr. Cummings'"amounting to one
hundred and twenty-nine dollars.
Subsequently he learned that the
franchise was valueless- and that
the seller had been so notified by
the provincial government prior to
Spraggett's purchase', - Acting upon
the advice of It.- A. Dickson, his
counsel, Mr. .Spraggett demanded
and obtained restitution. Mr. Spraggett, who had been handed the
alleged dispatch .from Young to
Cummings, submitted it to the
local agent of the Spokane Northern
Company, who pronounced it a
forgery. .The telegram, it appears,
was typewritten on a blank form
of that company. The facts having
been brought to the attorney-general's attention the -present. proceedings were ordered .to be instituted.
Japanese Way in Battle.
fire from the walls of Tien-Tsin,
and to show an inch of- head'meant
death, occurred a striking incident,
says Harper's Weekly. The Japanese held a row of huts along a canal
leading to the south gate of the
city, about half a mile away. An
interval of 250 yards between two
rows of these houses was.a. zone of
death, and the Japanese forces
occupied both sides of i t. No one
knows how many thousand Chinese
rifles covered this area. A Japanese officer galloped up to.the shelter of the nearest house and started
a soldier with a verbal order
across the open zone. Within .30
yards he fell dead. Another soldier, without an instant's hesitation, dashed out with the repeated
message, and his body fell at his
companion's feet. Instantly, like
clockwork, as if tho whole Japanese
army were available to be slaughtered, the officer sent forward another white-uniformed, brown-vis-
aged messenger. To the relief of
the onlookers he got safely through.
Sugar Prices Reduced.
Montreal, November 9.—Refined
sugar prices here were reduced 15
cents per hundred today. The reduction is due to a decline in New
York prices. Granulated is now
quoted at $4.85.
and in protecting the convoys and
infantry from these attacks on the
return march. The Canadians gallantly stopped a charge of 200
mounted Boers who had come
within seventy yards of their rear
guard. '	
High Tides at Coney Island.
New York-, November 9.—-Tho
gale today caused high tides at
Coney Island; said to be the highest ever known there. The entire
meadows in the rear of the island
were one sheet of water, which
reached to the old Gravesend road,
fully one mile - from Coney Island.
The shell road between - Coney
Island and Gravesend was four feet
dee'p in water. * The spray dashed
high over the strong bulkhead in
front of the • B righton Beach hotel,
but no great damoge ;was done
there. Sheepshead Bay * was also
Lord Salisbury Makes a Stirring Address at the-feuildll
hall Banquet Last Night. St
Want to Petition Congress. -
Chicago, November 8.—P. L'outer
Wessels, a former officer in the Boor
army and a brother to1 one of the
Boer   envoys to this country, addressed ah audience in this city last
evening on affairs in' South Africa
and the -present conditions of his
countrym'eri.   lie asserted that the
„Boer cause is .far'from hopeless, and
that, it is iu as favorable condition
as- "three    months    ago. An
effort will be made to secure thousands of signatures to petitions' to
be presented to congress asking the
intervention of -the American
nation.,*- -       -1 who built the city hall
of Denver is now selling cigars and
tobacco at a stand in the corridor
of the building.
Count Now About Half Complete in
- St. Johns, .but.Results Will  <
Not Change.
Honor for the Canadians.
Cape Town, November 10.—General Knox gives credit to the determination of colonel Le Gallais
never to lose touch of the Boers.
He also acknowledges the valuable
work of the Canadians in frustrating the Boers' efforts to retake the
captured position on Koniati  river
St. Johns, Newfoundland, November 9.—Official returns as to
yesterday's general election's have
been received from eight districts.
Of these tho Bond government, or
Liberal party, won seven; the Reid
Morine, or Tory party, securing
only one. In the Carbonear district Mr. Maddock. Liberal, defeated
Mr. Powell, Tory, who is Mr. Reid's
surveyor, increasing the Liberal
majority from 45 to 189.
In the Ferryland district, winch
returns two members to the legislature, Messrs. "Cashin and Ryan,
Liberals, defeated Messrs. McGul-
lock and Cleary, Tories, and Mr.
Condon" independent^
plurality of 790.     In
securing a
11 arborman
district, which also returns two
members, Messrs. Morris and St.
John (Liberals) defeated Messrs.
Toole and Fitzgibbons, Tories, and
Mr. Lewis, . Independent, with a
plurality of 872. In the Bay de
Verde., district, formerly Tory by
250 majority, Messrs. Woolis and
Knight, Liberals, defeated Messrs.
Mercer and Rogerson, Tories, securing an aggregate majority of 00.
The count is now about half completed in St. Johns. In the eastern
division Messrs. Dyer, Kin-long and
Murphy,- Liberals, are known to
have received more than 1000 votes
each as against 300 cast for each of
the three Tory candidates, Messrs.
White, Ryan and Parson. In the
western division of the city, Messrs.
Morris, Anderson and Scott, Liberals, are known to have received
about 1200 votes as against 500 cast
for each of the three Tory candidates, Messrs. Ryan, Collier and
Mullany.       -
Tho election of these six Liberals
is certain. In the Harbour Grace
district, which returns three members, surveyor-general Daw and
Messrs. Harvey and Oke, Liberals,
defeated Messrs. Charlow, Munn
and Ross. The returns thus far received therefore show the election
of 1.6 Liberals and 1 Tory.
Recognized Him.
Mrs. Casey (reading war news)—
soldjer wor morthal wounded, an'
his lasht words wor "Gimme
Mrs. Dolan (whose husband is at
the front)—Hivin hilp nie fatherless
childer; thot wor Pat.—Harper's
London, November 9.— What is
possibly the most brilliant of all
public functions in -England, the
lord mayor's banquet, took place'
this evening.   It was a memorable'
event to Americans by reason of
the following remarkable utterance
of lord Salisbury, who in the presence of 900 guests, including United
States    ambassador    Choate,    the
-members of the-British cabinet and
many of the leading men of England spoke as follows of the American elections:     "We believe that
the cause which has been won is
the cause of civilization and commercial  honor.    We believe their
principles to be at  the root of all'
prosperity   and' progress    in   the'
world.    Therefore,  we claim that
we have as much'right to rejoice in-
wlmt has' taken - place as the   distinguished "gentleman (referring to
Mr.-Choate):. who sits at my side."
This waS'followed by loud and prolonged cheering whicli   made the.
golden plate on the oaken shelves
shiver.     •   - .
Lord Salisbury's, "incursion into
the internal politics of the- United-
States was preceded by an apology,
in the course - of which ho said:
"One of the circumstances which
gratifies me most .during the last
year is the very hearty friendly
feeling < displayed between this
country and - the United. States.
I hope Mr. Choate will forgive nie-
if there is any irregularity in the.
expr.ession.-c;.„„.-,^J.jj^£.-£J. _j:
"It is quite .wrong for a'secretary
of state to make any observations
in respect' to the. internal' politics
of another country, but I am* soon
to give up my office, and in view of
this abandonment, which is close at
hand, I hope Mr. Choate will forgive me for expressing tho supreme
satisfaction with which all of us
have heard of what has recently
taken place in the United States."
Mr. Choate replying a fewminutes
later to the toast of the diplomatic
corps, declared that lord Salisbury
had stated with such truth, simplicity and earnestness, the result ot
the election that lie (Choate) woulcj
not attempt to add to it, although
he would venture to congratulate
the.noble lord upon the fact that
his remarks, had been made after
instead of before the election.
(Laughter.) Except in its reference
to the United States, the speech of
the premier cast an extraordinary
gloom over the gorgeous banquet.
Following directly the colonel
commanding tho City' Imperial
Volunteers, lord Salisbury startled
his hearers, who caught tho drift
of his remarks, by satirizing the
Avar fever, although praising the
courage of tho soldiers and declaring that the passionate admiration
of military valor evidenced by tho
populace must produce a. change of
attitude on the part of the outside
world when viewing English chai-
Then with lowered voice and
almost trembling accents he went
on to speak of the price of victory
and the ravages of death, dealing
especially with the queen's bereavement in the loss of prince Christian
Victor. Finally, with bent head
and hands .clasped he uttered a
hope, almost a prayer, that lord
Roberts might be spared the sorrow now hanging over him by
reason of the critical condition of
his daughter. Tears sprang to the
eyes of. the women and the men
moved uncomfortably in their
Tho premier then reviewed tlie
events of the last twelve months.
Mr. Kruger and the empress of
China, ho went on to say, had
forced war upon Great Britain. He
maintained that tlie British war
oflico deserved great credit for tiie
way in which it had handled these
emergencies. "Despite nebulous
and fictitious attacks, we should be
glad to improve all the defects of
tho war office and our utmost efforts
will be devoted to that task, but 1
should rather deprecate any unnecessary examination into what
has occurred.    You will not add to
the enthusiasm of our troops by-so"i
doing."'      * -" '  •    r ,     ;;..v'^f
_ He dilated-upon the strengthened*
ties between ,the mother ..counti^
"and the colonies" during-the',-year?
and poked fun at the delay ~corise$
qiieht upon the European'-concern-
when dealing with China.',yit was*
not   appropriate   for - him/ he de?
clared, to comment upon negotia-?
tions while in progress, but he" said?
he would make an exception Jin tfiet
case of-the Anglo-German compact^
"This," ho remarked' ."represents*""
the feelings of most if notralli'tliel
powers allied.   It is impossibleVJ't6fl
lay-too much emphasis upon;' "thel1
integrity-of   China- and. the open?
door and I think it is'as matter**qf|
great ad vantage,', th'at' the.*- powers||
should have expressed- themselves'1
in favor, of the;fundamental^ .prin^.
cipies, for, if they are achieved'-the?
issue of the China problem-needs
not concernus very anxiously." "if-ig
He maintained.that *"the**idea :bf;
invading China' witlr "oiir>. scanty*!
force"   or    "of; approaching ,-'the?
stupendous task of.leaving; ittvto^be|
governed by the Chinese" was^mosfct
dangerous. •'_ .   j ;.%vZ!^^.-JS£
Relapsing into -- pes'si'mismi^loiwll
Salisbury admitted ttiat"ttte"^nd;ol£
recent' events' has almost?-^pui"^mt
end to the hopes of theHRussuuif
.emperor and others who ^tbok^fparM
in., the*- peace conference*;1 at^Tfiel
Hague.' .,-'-.-•- , y'|y*^B
' * His speech'- closed with'a'\
appeal_to the people of Englandfi"^
maintain-their--defence, in- suchVaf
-Pre£-?§£*-.c9ndition that.,?we shall not)
be exposed to any suddenfihterrjapjl
tion qf;the peace,,uponV wli*"*^''""'"^
The^supr-eme'cbndi tion, exclaimedy|
-the premier, is that' no "refoW, rio^ of the slightest im-2
portance unless security-against ex-^
ternal interference is obtained cby|
putting our .defences in"suchyppsi{|
tion that no accident^may.' happen:'
beyond our borders" that shall make'*
our security doubtful. ' ". yy«
The majority of lord Salisbury's^
hearers believed that this warhing|,
referred to the danger of French-
antagonism. '     "   "; '*-' *   rt
What the Papers Say.j".'. \'\"-f-.
London,' November 10." — TheJ
Standard and Daily" Telegraph^
dilate editorially upon -the'" impdrt-J
ance of -Mr.- Choate's assurances re-^
garding Anglo-American amity atr>
tho Guildhall banquet last' nights
Tho   Daily Telegraph,thinks ..thaj
American ambassador's tone was'
quite significant and regards his
glowing eulogy of lord Salisbury as
perhaps the most remarkable
feature of the banquet. " •
The Times says: "A Guildhall
audience always-looks to the American ambassador to contribute to
the enjoyment of; the evening and
it very rarely looks in'vain.
"Mr. Choate fully maintained the|
reputation established by his predecessors. He managed tof relieve
a, seriousness which threatened sto
become too marked for a convivial
occasion by turning aside into the
paths of politics. LordSalisbury ventured upon the;unpardonable irregularity of expressing the universal feeling of this country regarding the presidential election. HadJ
its issue been different we" should
not have abandoned our faith in.
the ability of the American people
to avert many of the evil results
that might have been inferred from
Mr. Bryan's electoral speeches, bub
since things turned out so happily ,
there is no indiscretion in .expressing our satisfaction at the striking'; [
triumph of political common sense
and commercial honor."
He—I asked your father's consent
by telephone.
She—What was his answer?
He—He said : "I don't know who
you are, but it's all right."
A now island has been formed out
at sea, about ten miles from tho
mouth of the Rhone.
A woman in Topeka, Kansas; who I
is suing for a divorce, petitions t'op^t
the custody of the fnmily'cow. 2  THE TRJBOTE-i  KELSON :B: C SATURDAY KOVEMBEfclO. 1900  'SMrVt  INCORPORATED 1670.  LADIES  that  the   cold   spell  around   we   would  attention     to    the  that our.  Now  come  your  has  call  :fact  TAILOR MADE SUITS  are just the pure stuff to wear  ��� during the-frosty weather.    We  have  NOW IN STOCK  .Navy and-Black Serge,  Taffeta Silk Trimmings  Tweed. Mixtures, also with  Taffeta Silk Trimmings  party, of which sir Wilfrid Laurier  is the head, none can say that he  has belittled either his position or  the Dominion of Canada in the last  four years. Several of the premiers  of Canada have been members of  the Catholic church. The late sir  John-Thompson,was agood member ofy that church. He was a good  Conservative and a good premier.  The people of British Columbia are  tolerant; they do not care what  section of Canada a man comes  from,.and they care nothing as to  his church affiliations, so long as he  is as tolerant as they are. There  should be no room in this province  for either political or religious  bigotry, and all attempts to stir up  race hatreds or church jealousies  should be frowned on.  SEE TttEM  at the  NELSON, B.C.  jimtnauiniHnmmin  NOTICE TO SUBSCRIBERS.        I  From and after October-1st,- all  subscribers to. the - Daily Tritaune  who are" served -by-carrier will  be required to pay their gubserlp-  tions weekly to the carrier.  SUBSCRIPTION: RATES.  Weekly, by carrier .  Monthly, by.oarrier  Three Months, by carrier  Six Months, by carrier '..'".  One Year, by carrier      .  .$   ,��5  1 00  .   2*0  5,00-9  .10.00  Tf aTTIiry-TTTrmtTEI-rTTTITTTTTtr IIIlLffTTMIinllftt  Wkre all theabominable editorial  slush that appeared in the news-  . paper org.ans of Vancouver ; and  Victoria during the-campaign'-reprinted, what. reading it ��� would  make! Tlie,men who wrote ifc, even,  would be ashamed of themselves.  - yViiERR_was"tlie~Rossland^Miner-  when the. merchants of Rossland  publicly "declared that they >would  not sell men working in the -mines  at Rossland goods on-credit on and  after a certain date, for fear the  men would strike for the same .rate  of wages that mino workers were  getting in other camps in Kootonay? "Did it declare the action of  the merchants cowardly aud timeserving? Not much. Yet today it  is shouting itself.hoarse inpraiseof  tho candidate of the Independent  Labor party. When the working  miners of Rossland were fighting  for their bread and butter, ..the  Heiuze kite was toohighin the auto notice them. When- they are  playing at politics, the kite; allows  ���all .the boys achauce at flying it.  The poor old Evening ��� Miner of  Nelson has blundered .again,.as was  expected.     Ifcrfeels -very sore because the province of .Quebec voted  to retain a son. of thot province at  the heed of the government bf Canada, and abuses people for.being  French-Canadians -and members of  the Catholic church.    Why; should  French-Canadians not be proud of -  sir   Wilftid   Laurier?     He is the  first French-Canadian whohas.been  premier   of   Canada.     He did :-not  win   that   high   position   without  long service to his party.     He won  it on his merits, for he is a leader  of men.    While many will differ  with   the  political   vjews   of  the  Tin-*   Canadian    Pacific   railway  I handled. 84,000. tons, of-ore from the  mines of Kootenay and, .Boundary  camps, during ��� the month of. October.    The bulk   of   this   ore   was  hauled . to .the smelters at , Grand  Forks,   Trail   .and  Nelson.    If i the  one,railway-system, alone ishand-  ling so large a tonnage now, jvhat  will thetonnage of the country-be  when the.mines are fully developed?  It is;safe to say that the output of  the mines of southeastern British  Columbia will, within five years, be  greater than that of, the mines of  Montana    or   of   Colorado.     And  every ton of the ore will be smelted  in British Columbia if-only the provincial government has the courage  to,act on common sense lines.  Help  -thoso -that help .you.   By helping  = the smelters in British  Columbia,  ^British  Columbia will be  helping  itself.           NELSON'S WHOLESALE TRADE  Business Still. Improves.  Tho Nelson wholesalers-report an  excellent.week's business. If trade  ,keeps r steady it. is probable - that  November - of this r year will be  far ahead of-the same month last  .year. Yesterday's shipments -are  appended and ��� tho list affords a  striking.evidence of .the extent of  territory covered -by..the -local  wholesalers. -With -the-increased  transportation-facilities opening up  ���throughout,the country it Is safe to  yenture-the opinion-that.the list .of  points - supplied , from Nelson will  materially lengthen -at- a. comparatively early date. Following ' are  ���the shipments reported yesterday:  W. F.   Teetzel  & Co., assayers'  supplies.���Moyie,   Sandon,   Slocan.  City,. Erie and.Kimberley.  F. . Starkey ��� &   Co.,  commission  merchants. ��� Revelstoke, ��� , Green-  A FULL LINE OF  Front. Doors  . Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows   -Inside-iFinish   wood, Rossland, .Kaslo, -Sandon,  Slocan City, Eholt,.Cranbrook, Trail,  Grand-Forks and New Denver.  Turner, Bceton <fc Co., liquors and  dry goods.���Slocan City, Porto  Rico, Ainsworth, Kaslo, Crawford  Bay, Robson, Nakusp and Three  Forks.  Kootenay Supply Co., wholesale  grocers.���Sloean City, Moyie, Erie,  Kaslo, Kimberley, Sih*erton, Creston, Robson, Sirdar, Cranbrook,  Cascade City, Sandon, Gladstone,  Whitewater and Procter.  Thorpe & Co., mineral and aerated water.���Grand Forks, Greenwood and Phoenix.  John Cholditch & Co., wholesale  grocers.���Ferguson, Robson, Kaslo,  Sandon, Whitewater and Slocan  City.  Nelson Saw & Planing Mills, Limited, sash and doors.���Granite Siding, Robson, Slocan City, Six-mile  Point and Erie. -      "-.  A. "Macdonald ,sifc Co., wholesale  grocers.���Ferguson, Cascade.;City,  Hock Creek, Sandon, Rrie, Alamo,  Ymir, Rossland, Robson, Sloean  City, Cody, Fire Valley, Creston  and Ainsworth.  California Wine Co., wines ; and  cigars.���Slocan City, Moyie, Greenwood,-Silverton, Ymir and Phoenix.  J. Y. Griffin & Co., provisions and  produce.���Slocan City, 'Sandon,  Greenwood, Grand Forks, Kaslo,  Whitewater, Three Forks, New  Denver, Ymir, and Erie.     .  Brackman & Ker Milling Company, Ltd., flour and feed.���Granite,  Ymir, Erie, Porto Rico, Pilot Bay,  Kaslo, Coryelle, Phoenix and Creston.  II. .T. Evans & Co., commission  merchants.���Grand Forks, Ymir,  Kitchener, Silverton, Waneta, Ainsworth and Moyie.  Kootenay Electric Supply . and  Construction Company, electrical  supplies.���Greenwood, Slocan, City,  .Sandon, Cranbrook, Ymir, Grand  Porks, Moyie, Kaslo, Rossland,  ���Salmo and Whitewater.  SOU'S  ds5  RATINE -& GO  *Vi*^:  to  to  .-v-  f''.jt;_%-'''������'���>��� :,:' ."^  i>'   mMv :"is*-"������.������'  ^��M  '���BBSs*'  ���Po'Rr.WBfe  &  ������ Siieeiully-rccoriinicnded.  for dyspepsia,   losa, or!  appetite,   sleeplessness,  indigestion,    weakness  from , whatever;, cause,  nervousness,      : fevers,  consumption,    malaria  andKenei-iilrtehility.  Women  complain   of ��� a  tired,, fooling.   Wilson's In-  -valid's -Port is immediate-  and ofllcacjous, leaving no  ,.navmful olfeots.  Menwill find it particularly valuable as a ircstora-  - tivo and a. strengthener of  the body and nerve-system  Wo recommend this tonic  CANADA'DRUG  AND BOOK  COMPANY  Kelson, B,C.  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  m  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  Men's Furnishings  to  to  L,��dies'  Department,  Speci��'il sale of ladies',and children's wool:vests,*-drawers,  and.= combination   suits,   flannelette  night dresses,  drawers and skirts.  '.-���:  ..'''���  .    ���<>���������     ���������            ���.-<.-  Ladies'  flannelette,   cashmere, nlpacia,   silk,  sating and  French flannel, blouse waists.  --Ladies' mantles, jackets, and tailor-made suits  makers at exceedingly low prices.  Ladies'   ready-made dress skirts,' from $2.00 each up.  Ladies' "R & G," "PVD, V- and "DA" corsets from 75  cents up.  Children's coats, reefers, and jackets, from 1 to 10 years  of age.  Ladies' golf capes, at all prices.  Millinery   Department,  We are now showing the balance of our imported pattern  hats at cost prices; also a large stock of ladies'  ready-to-wear hats .it low prices.  Men?.s   Depantment.  to  to  to  We are offerine men's fleece-lined underwear, in sizes 34  to 44, from 65 .cents each up. e  Men's Cartright ;& Warner's national wool and cashmere  /���-���"shirts and drawers, from $1.50 each up.  - Men's flannel, cotton flannelette, cashmere and silk night   jft\  shirts.    Men's pajamas in all wights    -Tiu^h-na^h-   ���*���  Bl��ick cash-  mere sox 25 cents per pair,  Latest novelties in neckwear, collars, cuffs, regatta negligee and fllannel shirts.  House HUraishing  Department.  White lace curtains, from 75c per pair ; chenile and tapestry portieres, from $3.50 per pair; chenile and  tapestry table covers from 75 cents.  Tapestry carpets, from 45c per yard up ; Brusscl carpets,  from $r.oo per yard up; .Wiltons from $1.25 per  yard up.; Axminsters, from $1.25 per yard.up.  Floor oilcloth, from 35 cents per yard up.  White bed spreads in all qualities ; Wool comfortables  from $r.25 up ; Wool'blankets (grey) from $2.50 up;  wool blanket (white) from .$3.50 up.  All    Carpets   Sewn    nnd    "Unlcl    "Free    of . dri arise.  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  Surpassing-  Display in  Fall Suiting's  ��� 321 to nhl Baker Street, Nelson.  local and. coast.  Flooring  localf and coast).  Newel :Posts  ��� Stair. Rail  Mouldings  Shingles  . Rough?;and  Dressed .Lumber  of all kinds.  ir WHAT YOU .WANT. IR.NOT IN STOCK  WK WILTa MAKK IT FOR YOU  CALL AND GET PRICKS.  j. A. Sayward  HALL AND lIkK. STREETS. NELSON  Porto Rico Lumber Co.  (LIMITED)  CORNER OF  HENDRYX:AND .VERNON; STREETS  Raugh and  Dressed  Lumber  3h ingles  Mouldings  A-teWhite Pine Lumber Always in  Stocl<.  We carry a complete stock of  Gcast "Flooring, Ceiling, Inside Finish, Turned Work, Sash; and Doors.  ���Special order work -will receive  prompt attention.  Porto Rico LumberCo. Ltd.  Al I the fash ionable creations  "i FTFal Ramd ^ WmtirWkW^W���  included in my last consignment of Scotch and Irish  Serges, Tweeds- and���'��� Worsteds, and  Fancy Trouserings  E.Skinner  Neolands' Building, Bakor 8tree'.  FRED J. SQUIRE. Manager.  American -a'i*d. European Plans.  GENTS  MEALS  ROOMS.HGHTKD BYUlaKOTRICWir  ======;^ANBiHEATBD BY STEAM  25 CENTS5 TOT*l������=*===-=  QUEEN'S HOTEL  ���- BAKER .STBKKT. NELBOK.  Lighted-by Electrieity and: Heat- i!  ea-with'-Hot-'Air.  LMga:.comfortablo -bedraome. aud. flwb-olaa*  dining-room. 8araple rooma (or commenclal mad.  RATESS2 PER DAY  MERCHANT TAILOR.  OPPOSITE   THE   QUEEN'S  IIOTEL.  Larf-e stock of high-class imported goods.   A  ial  specialty of  the square   slioulder���tlie -latesb  '   ' '     in      '  fashion In ooaty  id go  -the  Kootenay   Coffee   Co.  NEIaSON.B. O.  Coffoo roasters and. dealers. in Tea and. Coffee.  Offer fresh roasted coffee of bent) QuallLy as  f OllOWH I  .Java and;ArablanMaoha, per.pound..u..aJ  40  . Java and Mocha' Tf lend, 3 ponnds  I 00  Fine Santos,4 pounds  _1 00  SantoSjBloud. 6 pounds  1 00  Our Special Blend: 6 pounds _  1 00  Our lltoRoasti, 6 pounds ~. _.. 1 00  A tn ial order, solloibed..; Salesroom.2 doors easb  of OddfollowB hlook.Wflflti Baknrdta-neli.  Musia  Mrs. 1). II.-Murray, graduate In vocal and instrumental music, in now prepared to rcceivo  pupils for instruction in voice culturo, Italian  method, also.piano and organ.  Kor terms.and further.particulars apply room  5, A. Macdonald building, corner.Iosepliiuo and  Vernon street.  " STORE TO RENT."  Good opening for a baker. Brick  oven and utensils. Bent Reasonable.  Apply Box H.. Sloean, B. C.  Bjris.! E. C/!CIapKe, Prop.;  I.ATE OF THK.ROTAL HOTEX, OAlaGABY  ��������� :���-: :r���: "���"! :���~ " '���"-.  ^LECTORS  Ilurinp* the.heat'of the electlon.s  VOTE  FOR ....  A.  H. MacNEILL  of^Rossland  Candidate of the Liberal-Conservative Party for Member  of the House of Commons for Yale-Cariboo.  PLATFORM  Adopted by-, the-Liberal-Conservative Party in Convention  at. Revelstoke,* September 15th, 1900 *  We, the, delegates of the Liberal-Conservative party of ,Yale-Oariboo'  '{constituency, in convention assembled,-reaffirm the principles :ot* the  party, and more particularly that cardinal principle, protection to home  industries, and that that -principle be- carried out so that all,sections bf  the country shall equally share its benefits.  The one industry on which the prosperity of this -constituency is  almost wholly dependent is mining ; and Ave believe ��� that our mining industries are as'fairly entitled to protection as the manufacturing industries of: Eastern Canada ; therefore, we advocate that the duties ion lead  ^and4ead^prodnctsgbeJncueased,,Sj^that_they^shall:be_asIhiKhas those now,,  imposed by the United.States on the.same articles.  That the output of -the -precious metal -mines is largely increasing,.  therefore, we.favor the establishment of a mint, so .that the. specie in circulation shall be:that of our own.instead-pf that.of a foreign country.  We advocate.the-restriction of ithe-immigration.of.Chinese and Japanese, and all.classes who.cannot-become .good citizens of the Dominion  of .Canada, and siiggest the adoption, of .the-principles.of. the Natal, Act..  British Columbia has not now the-representation in the federal;parliament that; she-is -entitled -. to: therefore 5 wo ;;advocate .-that j when. the  - redistribution of'seats-is'-iiiado that this constituency, shall be given representation- accordiri g to its -population.  That it augurs well for the success of the^party thatiltugh John  Macdonald has decided to leave the' field of provincial ��� politics;to take  part in the larger-one that affects the people of the whole of Canada.  WHOIESMJE TRADE  ^SRATEDaAND MINERAL WATERS.  THOR.WC &;CO.', IjIMITEn.-Cotnoi1 Vornon  and Cedar streets. Nelson, manufacturers  of and wholesale dealors lu ceratcd waters and.  fruit syrups...'Solovagents for,Halcyon Springs  mineral water.' Telephone GO.  ASSAYERS*   SUPPLIES.  TXT F. TEKTZEL & CO.���Corner Baker and  " ��� ,Josephlno streets, Nelson, wholesale dealers in  assayers supplies.".f Agents 'for Denver  Fire Clay Co. of Denver, Colorado.  COMMISSION MERCHANTS.  H.J. EVANS & CO.���Baker street, Nelson  ��� wholesale dealers -in liquors, cigars  cement, lire briok. and fire; clay, water plpo;and  .steeli rails,-, and goneral commission merchants.  ,   ELECTRICAL  SUPPLIES.  KOOTENAY ELECTRIC SUPPLY & CON- ,  STKUCTION COMPANY���Wholesale deal- |  ers in telephones, annunciatora, hells, batteries,  fixtures, etc.,-Hou8ton block. Nelson.  -     FLOUR AND FEED.  BRACKMAN-KEK  MILLING. -COMPANY ,  ���Cereals,--Flour,  Grain,.Hay. ;--SU'fl  mixed vcars.slujjped to all   Kootenay^  Grain elevator's at all principal points on Calgary-  a,EdmontoniIt.Jl.jJdilla-atiiv'ictoria..New_Woslr I  minster, and Edmonton, Alberta.  TAYLOR FEED aSc PRODUCE CO.-Baker]  ��� street,'--Nelson ~(George: F. .Motion's old]  stand),. Slour, iFoed, Grain, Hay and Produce. I  Car lota a specialty. -Correspondence solicited.]  -Phono 26.  FRESH AND, SALT MEATS.  P    BURNS..&. CO.���Baker  street),   Nolson, I  ���   wholesalo doalors in froah and-cured meatu.|  : Cold storage. ,  10c  VOTE  for tho  BIG   SGHOONER  Beer or Half-and-half at, I hn  10c  1*3,  /Alwaysrfresli,  The only good; Nelaon  E. J. X3UMIAN, Prop,  Corner Stanley and-Silica Streetfl.  Hidden House  r;Baker and Wandt  Streets, Nelsaiu  The only hotel, In, Nelaon .that, has romalnoti- management since 1890.  .The bed-rooms are well furnished and llgbtotb  by-electrlolty.  Tho bar Is always stooked by the best dom' at-  tlo- and 'imported; liquors and .cigars.  THOMAS.MADDEN. Proprietor.. '  SLOCAN JUNCTION HOTEL  J. H. MoMANUS, Manager  CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE. ROOMS IN NELSON  Houston Block, Corner, of Baker and Josephine Streets.  I>.��TO1IS  Head Office at  NELSON, B.O.  Wholesale and Retail  Dealers in Meats  :Markets at  Nelson,  Rossland,  Trail,  Kaslo, Ymir, Sandon, SilvOTton,:JJev*  Denver; Ilwelsfcoke, Ferguson Grand Forks, Qreen*wood, Cascade Uty.-Mid  Mail Orders Promptly Forwarded  way,  and Vancouver.  r.stocked with best brands of wines, llquorav. i\  Cigars. -Beer on-draught.'-Large conifoi'lV ~\  rooaau,  Firflthclass toblo board.  Bar.fltockod  and  aMe  West kootenay Butcher  ALL KINDS OF  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLESALE AND, RETAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  BakervStreet,, Nelson &  ��  KtM/l!S,^Manager  OBDBBS BY MAIL aBCMVB OAROTUIi AMD KBQMPT ATiaKXiON  -GROCERIES.  A. MACDONALD & CO.-Corner Front andl  ��� Ball utroots, wholpwlo grocers and!  ���obbers in,blankotsr gloves, liiitts, boots, rubborsj  mackinawH and minors' sundries.   EOOTENAY  SUPPLY   COMPANY,   LIMI.  TED���Vornon   street, Nolson,   wholesale]  grocers.   TOHN CHOLDITCH & CO.-Front street, Nell  **   son, ..wholesale, grocers. I  Y. GRIFFIN & CO.-Front street, Nelson I  ���   wholesale. dealers   in  provisions,   curetl  meats, batter and.ogrgs.  HARDWARE AND.MINING SUPPLIES,!  HBYEKS & CO.-Corner Baker and Josephin-f  ���-��� streets, Nolson,.wholesale.dealers in liardl  ware and mining, supplies. Agents for Gianf  Powder Co. ���   ���  LAWRENCE   HARDWARE    COMPANY .  ��� Baker :St., Nelson, wholesale   dealers l|  hardware and mining supplies,,and water an  plumbers'supplies,-  LIQUORS ANJD DRY GOODS.  TURNER, BEETON. & CO.-Corner Vernrl  and. Josephine: streets,- Nelson, wholesa'l  - dealors in llquore,.oiga,rs and dry goods. Agon I  for Pabst Brewing Co. of Milwaukee and Cs]  gary Brewing Co. of Calgary.  POWDER, CAPS AND:FUSE.  HAMILTON. POWDER", COMPANY���BakS  .. street), Nelson,, manufacturers of dynamitl  sporting, blasting powilo)J  wholesale, dealers In.caps aud fuse, ana eleotif  . blasting apparatus.  SASH AND DOORS.  ���M-JELSON ,SAW AND PLANING MILL1!  -" LIMITED���Corner Front and Hall street|  Nelson, manufaoturers of and wholesale doale'l  In sash and doors; all kinds of factory work mac]  to order.   WINES, AND CIGARS.  CALIFORNIA WINE COMPANY, LIMl  TED���Comer-Front. and-Hall s troete, Ntl  son, wholeeale .dealers In wines (case and bait]  l~d domeaao aud Imported olgaj-n. BOBB  4*  THE:-.<nBEBtHJE: KELSON B. 0  SATURDAY; HOVEMBE1". 10 1908  3 ���:'.:���  OMONIM  OAPITAIa, aU paid.up....$13,000,000.00  REST     V.OOO.OOO.OO  UNDIVIDED PROFITS      ,427,130.80  Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal ...Presidont  ��� Hon. Geoi-go A. Drummond Vice-President  E. S. Clonatou General Manager  NELSON-BRANCH  Cornor Baker and Kootenay Streeta.  , A.- H.-BUCHANAN, Manager.  Branchos In London (England) New York,  Chicago, and all the principal cities in.Canada..  Buy and sell Sterling Exchange and Cable  Transfers.  ;' " Gittnt  Commercial-;and; Travelers'   Credits,  available in any part of tho world.  Drafts Issued, Collections Made, Eto.  Saving's Bank Branch  CURRENT RATE OV INTEREST PAID.  -Wliat - Shall-We Do ?  Victoria Times.  Some of the  people of Victoria  are   peculiar.   From   the   position  they take on every question affecting the welfare of tho city it really  sisoms as if they had made up their  minds that we shall always-remain  as we are now.   Let any individual  or set of individuals propose anything :to-place us in the line of progress and we are met with the argument that somebody will close  up his place of business or that the  wrath of some corporation will  be  visited upon our poor,unfortunate  isolated heads.  Surely we have not  yet reached the limit of pur growth;  surely, our commerce is destined to  expand yet a little more.  We hope,,  and certain men with money to invest seem to believe' that by open-  up a new route they will add to  their own wealth and  increase the  resources  of   the   city.    That  the  time will come when we  shall  receive the connection  they  propose  to give us is beyond doubt; and the  only question for tho ratepayers to  consider is whetlieritwould be worth  their-while to contribute something  to hasten-tho consummation which  we believe the  great  majority  of  them desire, and would be benefited  by,  while they  yet live.   At the  meeting Saturday night Mr. Rodwell  drew a very glowing picture of some  of-the possibilities of the future for  ' the commerce of the Pacific coast.  In the light of the history, of tho  last  few years   it   was  not. overdrawn. Now that the great nations  have obtained a foothold  in  China  we-may look for an unprecedented  era. of expansioirand we should bo  prepared to take full: advantage of  .it.   "We know that we have nothing  -to thank the O..P. R*. for.- rZDhat* it  discriminates against Victoria-.was -  made clear by the intimation  that  its cars may be taken to any part  of- the island where there  fire rails  laid except Victoria.    That it is an.  ������> -ndvantage to a place to have freight  brought into it without  breaking  bulk  is  proved by  the  fact  that  loaded cars are delivered at every  place     along    the    Esquiraalt    Si  Nanaimo lino except Victoria.    We  do   not   think   Victorians . should  allow such a state of things to exist,  aud  we believe that at the first  opportunity: they - have ' they will  take effective-measures- to-put- an  end to it.    We-alUwant to :see . the..  C. P. N. Company flourish.     It dias  been a usefuMnstitutiou to" Victoria  in the past and it will be-still more  useful in the future. - There will be  plenty   of   business   for 'all even  when �� competition becomes - much  keener than it is at present, and; the'  record   of this   pioneer* company  proves that it will be more - than  --able^to^hold^its^.owriTtagainsteallT  comers. -  Dressmaking. Degraded.  A pessimistic '.'''Parisian'--; prophet  has-declared:that the Atogue. of{the  tailor-made gown has degraded the  art of...dressmaking.until there  longer ambition enough left in .its  high priests to inspire them to  noble efforts. The great men of  the^past, such, as Worth, Felix and  the first Doucet, in the opinion of  this discouraged observer, will find  HO successors. For one of the conditions precedent to a successful  tailor-made Is that it be the handiwork of a man, and usually of one  who has had experience in making  the clothes of his own sex. Earlier  masters of the craft never had to  impart the slightest suggestion of  masculinity to the gowns they  made. The writer attributes this  state of affairs as muph to the  moral influence of the tailor-made  as to its present vogue all over the  world. It is a cheaper kind of  ..gown than well. dressed women  ever wore before t and it has made  -them economical in their expenditures. It can be worn almost any-  . where outside of a ballroom, and  tlie" majority of women have . be-  poine indifferent as to the little  proprieties of dress which they for*  merly observed so carefully. Nowadays they; take thei r afternoon  drive in a 'tailor-made, and in the  -same attire pay formal calls. The  elaborate costumes for afternoon  wear have therefore disappeared almost entirely before the triumphant march of this new garment,  which is crushing out by its utility  all the graces and beauty of dress  that used to interest women and  'TiHE^MKOF  BRITISH   COLUMBIA  NELSON  Is-now prepared to issue Drafts and  Letters of Credit on Skaguay, U. S.,  Atlin, B. C.,,and Dawson City, N.-.W. T.  Imperial Bank of Canada  HEAD  OFFICE. TORONTO.  Established in Nelson in 1890.  Capital. Authorized  Capital Paid up  Rest  32,600.000  $2,458,603  $1,700,000  D. I*, Wilkle, General Manager.  E. Hay. Inspector.  Nolson Branch���Burns Block, 221 :Baker Street  J. M. LAY. Manager.  inspire the dressmakers to designing  .gowns.that really- entitle them to  be ranked among the artists of their  day. Duchesses and shop girls look  alike nowadays to a degree they  never did before, as the tailor-made  cau be brought within the reaclrof  almost any purse, whereas the  gowns made by the. former masters  in the profession could not. 'Its influence, declares: this French-writer,  has reduced to half a dozen: the  number of women in Paris who  spend twenty thousand dollars a  year on their dressing, and-;that is  crime enough in the eyes of the  great dressmakers to put the tailor-  made under a ban forever.  ���     ���  ALL .MODS SOLD 25 PER CENT CHEAPER THAN ANY OTHER  HOUSE IN NELSON.  Latest Up-to-Date Stock. Purchased Direct from the . Manufacturers.  The Ogden Gateway.  Salt Lako Tribune.  From Omaha come the; usual  rumors thnt the Oregon gateway is  to be closed. The story has been  repeated each month since July,  IS97, but the business has been increasing to such a great extent that  the ��� owners of the Oregon Short  Line-have no doubt .seen for themselves the advantages of an -open  gateway policy, advantages which  would- be immediately lost if the  gateway were closed. But taking  it -for granted that the Omaha  rumor has some this1  time; for sake of argument that  there is some talk of the gateway  being closed an excellent counter  argument is a situation that has  arisen in the last few months, The  Burlington has -very recently completed an all-rail short. line ��� from,  Denver to the Black Hills of Dakota ; also to Billings, Montana. At  the Iatte��' point it has effected  through freight arid passenger ��� service in connection'with tlie Northern Pacific for Butte, Helena, Spokane, Portland, Seattle, Tacoma,  Alaska, Nome and the - Orient.  Therefore, the Oregon Short Line is  not the only northwest road which  can be used by the middle routes.  If- the Ogden gateway were closed  today -the Burlington tomorrow  could ;. offer at Denver direct connections for the Pacific Northwest.  ���Its offer��� could and would be accepted by .the Santa Fe, Rock  Island, Missouri Pacific, Colorado <fc Southern, Denver  <fe - Rio : Grande and Colorado  Midland. This would throw the  Coloradofreightandpassenger traffic  ' between that state and the Pacific  Northwest to the Burlington. Thousands of. passengers and tons of  freight would be turned from Utah  and the. Oregon Short Line, but the  Union-Pabiflc   would   not be.the  ���gainer ofcone passenger or one ton  ��� of freight. .That is the new  BRONZES of All Kinds  ���MANICURES AND MANICURE SETS  -With Stones, and Without  CUT GLASS, in-White and Colors  LADIES'.CHATELAINE BAGS '"  SILVER TEA  SETS,  They are Beauties  -MUSIC ROLLS -*  It is impossible to describe  all the Goods I have in stock,  but your inspection of them  is. solicited.  Our Watch and Jewelry department has no equal in the  .Kootenay.  ALL  GOODS  IN MY  STOCK  WERE  MADE  IN  WOO:  -viTl  .-il  ROSSL.AIND   KINQUVEBRIING   WORKS  cunliffb & McMillan  Founders and  Machinists, Specialty of- 0ro> Cars, Oro-Bin  Doors and General Mining Machinery.  List of second-hand niacliinci-y on hand, and all in first-class condition:  1 0x12 Horizontal Slide-Valve Engine, ccinplole.  1 5-foot Pelton Wheel, with 'WO l'cet S In. to l(i in. Spiral-Rivetted Pipe.   Now, never been used.  1 Ingersoll-Sargeanc, and 1 Rand Rook Drill.   Thoroughly overhauled and worn parts replaced.  1 No. 2 Knowles Feed Pump, in" first class condition.  1-Goulds Hand-Force Pump.   Sloping Burs, Blacksmiths' 13--Hows, etc.  Watch till;) advertisement for further lists,'or wile us before you buy for complete Hal.   We  may have just what you waul.-  Agents for Northey Pump-i.   Stock carried.  THIRD  AVENUE,   ROSSLAND.  P.  O.  Box  198.  tion made'possible by the Burlington building its Brush-Alliance line.  When-the Cody 'line is ^  will have its own route to the Yellowstone National park. These are  the new ���, reasons why the ; Union  Pacific   will  not close the Ogden  gateway.   Magnificent Revenge.  A few years ago, while Robert  Stewart wa9 governor of Missouri,  a steamboat man was brought in  from the penitentiary as an applicant for a pardon. He was a large,  powerful fellow, and, when the  governor looked at him, ho seemed  strangely affected. He scrutinized  him long and closely. Finally, he  signed the document that restored  the prisoner to liberty. Before he  handed it to him, he said: "Yon  will commit some other crime and  be in the penitentiary again, I fear.'  The man solemnly promised that  he would not.  The governor looked doubtful,  mused a few minutes aud said:  ���'You will go back on the river  and be a mate again, I suppose?"  The man replied that he would.  "Welly I want you to promise me  one thing," resumed the governor.  "I want you to pledge yonr word  that when you are mate a'gain you  will never take a billet of wood in  your hand and drive a sick boy out  of n; bunk to help you load your  boat on a stormy night." The:  steamboat man said he would not,  and inquired what tho governor  meant by asking him such a question.  The governor replied:   "Because,,  some day, that boy may become a  governor, and you may want him  to pardon you  for a crime.     One ,  dark, stormy night, many years  ago, you stopped your boat on the  Mississippi river to take on a load  of wood. There was a.boy on bonrd  who was working his passage from  New Orleans to St. Louis, but he  was very sick of fever and was  lying in a. bunk. You had plenty  of men to do tho work,, but you  ���went,to that boy witli a-stick of  -wood in your hand-and drove -him  with blows and curses outinto the  wretched, night, and kept him toiling like a slave.until the load was  completed, i ��� was.- that boy. 1 fere  is your pardon. Never again be  guilty of such brutality."  The man, cowering,. and hiding  his face, went out without a word.  What a noble revenge that was,  and what a lesson to a bully!  Nelson Opera House  THEM*C0Y...  HIGH GLASS  COMEDY CO.  it  is Better to Give  .... than to-Receive  especially in a (rood cause, and that N why we  delight in giving our customers, such i perfect  laundry work when they favor us with their  patronage.  We nor,only give them perfect satisfaction in  tho color nnd-llnfah of their linen, hut. we give  them twice I he-wear that they would get if  their garments were dmlo by inferior met hods.  3-  Commencing  Monday,   November  -3  12th.  The KOOTENAY STEAM LAUNDRY  Telephone 128  NELSON TENT AND  4WNINC  FACTORY  The best equipped establishment in British Columbia for turning out  all kinds of canvas goods.  THEOMADSOJ,, Proprietor.  . Baker Street, Nelson.  A change of program each night  opening with  A Circus Girl  PRICES,  50c  and   75c.  C.W.West&Go.  COAL!     WOOD I.  Hard Coal  Anthracite  $9.B5|8o��7'flNest  r>Ejrji*vr'ki*B*Hir>  $6.15  AGENTS IMPERIAL OIL COMPANY, Ltd.  No order can be accepted unless accompanied  by cash,    Office:  Corner of Hall  ���. and Baker Streeta.  TELEPHONE 33.  Lethbridge Gait Coal  Tho best value for the-money In the market  for all purposes.  terms cash     W. P. Tierney, General Agent  Tnleohnnn 1*7.    Offlna wlhh O. I). J. OhrinHe.  ��� NOTICE.  All persona having accounts or claims against  the Chapleau Consolidated Cold Mining Company, Limited, aro requested to forward same to  CI. L. 11. Weyl of. Nelson. B. C, without delay in  order.that they mayTccelve prompt attention,  Dated November 8th, 1P00.  ELLIOT & LENNIE,  Solicitors for the Couipiuy,  Special Sale  ��� During the-entire-week.   Millinery and Millinery Novelties,  Corsets,  filoves,  Lace   Veiling  and Children's Headwear.  MBS.  McLAUGHLIN,  Josephine   St.  MRS.  ENFIELD'S  . ..Tor fine . . .  HALL   BLOCK,   NELSON.  Vote for Nickerson  to repair your watch. He was  born in the watch business.  His platform is first-class work-  . manship. Iiaker Street, opposite Queen's hotel.  FOR FALL PLANTING  Home-grownFruit and Ornamental Trees, Moses, Shrubs,  Vines and Hulbs���S0,000 to select from.   Address  ,;;���." ;M.. J. HENRY. Vancouver, B. C.  TOWN LOTS  FOR SALE  Two good business lots in tho town of Phoenix,  50 feet frontage. Original cost $1,000. Will sell  for the saino figure on the following terms: One-  third cash; balanco in six and twolvo months.  Address. F. 11. H.,post office box 198. Nelson. B.C.  JNELSON LOTSIOR SAlI  Good building lots for sale. Corner and ono  adjoining. fiOxluO; 8.12.-.. Two insido lots fiOxllM.  tiuQ. All on Mill street. Title clear. Anplj* to  Strachan Urothera, opposite the post officu.  REAL ESTATE AND  INSURANCE AGENTS  Agents for J. & J. TAYLOR SAFES  Bogustown)   Fairview   Addition.  HUGH R. CAMERON  Real Estate and  Insurance Agent  The only office in the city- which  issues its own policies.  AGENT FOR ,     .  Norwich Union Insurance Co.  Connecticut Fire Insurance Co.  /Etna Insurance Co.  Commercial Union Insurance.Co., Ltd.  MONEY TO  LOAN AT 8%  ON  STRAIGHT  MORTGAGE.  BAKER STREET  NELSON  CAtyBLE & 0'1-p.LY  Baker Street  INSURANCE  REAL ESTATE AND  AGENTS  R.REISTERER & CO.  LKKWKKS AND BOTTLERS OV  FINE LAGER BEER, ALE  AND PORTER  Prompt) and regular  delivery ho the trade  Brewery at Nelaon  FOR.RENT  li-roomed house and bath, together with kitchen  range, complete -with hot. and cold water, Conservatory .street,  magnlllccnt view; rent, including water rate. $2.'i per month.  :5-roomed-house, ;corner: Cedar., and. Carbonate  -r 6trcets ; $20 per month.  li-roomed house; I-Tiime Addition ; Slu.pcr month.  l-roomed cottage-Gore street $12.50 per month.  9-roomed house, corner of Mill and Hall streets;  : lErtftjHMMiinpi-hi frpm 1al N"rfmnpi-.  Rents collected.   Loans made.  Agents for British Columbia Permanent Loan  & Savings Company.  D. J. Dewap, J. P.  Notary Public���Conveyancer.  FOR SALE  llakcr stroot property al, a bargain; liO feet on  'Vornon street, nonr Hall, with.houses routing  for StU.per month : only ���f-.'.SOl).  7-room hoicc, .Stanley street and "Mines road,  beautiful location ; SI.'/VO, ��300 cash.  Fino largo house and lot. on Carbonate street for  $-2,000, ensy terms, H/. interest.  House and two lots.Ward unil Houston street,  $l,(i7li, oasy torms.  2 nice ImildliiK lots, Mill street, SHOO.  TO itrci-'T.  Xlccly situated hoarding house.  7-rooin bouse, with bath, Stanley street. $2;i.0o.  7-room house in Humo addition, $-20. Tins houso  has full inode.'ii conveniences.  OIHeo in  Madden Block  D. J. DEWAR  HHUNG STOCKS  BOUGHT AND SOLD  Richelieu, 1000  FOR SALK.  Large hotel, fnri.ishod complete IhrrjUKhout,  In a good live town ; .reasonable term:!.  A. complete eet of tinner's tools.  CALL ON  H. A. Prosser  BKOKKll, WAKD. STKEKT  Six lots cornor Observatory and   Hall strec'-T,  drained.and cleared for building.  Charles St. Barbe, Agent  AT 7 PER CENT  ON BUSINESS PROPERTY  Applr O. Ij. laKNNOJC, Solicitor, Neluon U, CI  xtiritiiiTiicniiiTga'iixixiixiiitiiixrorrixiiiiixiJL.  JUST   ARRIVED  A Car Load of  Allen's Apple Gider. |  THORPE & CO.  TrnxixTxxiixixTxijx-cixrtxrixixixixxxiiiiixxrixinx:  j����.   EJ-TSTEAD.  Contracting Painters, Decorators, Paporhangers.  Full lino of wall paper, mouldings, etc,   Kalso-  mining and Tinting. ...Strictly flrst-class work,  Estimates furnished.  Kesidonco Mill Streot,   *JkJ*C*T CftM    R   f!  OppositoSchool Houso   aWfiJUOUW,  Dm "U.-  H. D.  ASHCROFT  BLACKSMITHING  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  Wagon repairing promptly attended to-by a  flrst-clafls wheelwright).  Speolal attention given to all kinds of repairing and ouBbom work from outsldo points.  - Shorn   Hall Bit., botiwimn Baker and Vornon.  E. P. Whalley, J.R  NOTARY PUBLIC  Ofllco with C. "W. West & Co., cornor Hall and  Baker streets.  =Citykofflce.otthe.Nelson.Sodawater=Faotory.=  A. R. BARROW, A. M. I. C. E.  PROVINCIAL  LAND SURVEYOR  Corner Victoria and Kootonay Streets.  P. O. Bo-a; ��fi9. TELKPHONK VO.  96  DR.  ALEXANDER  FORIN  ORFIOK AND KRSinRNCR  Silica   street, between Ward and  Josephine streets'.  Telephone l'JO.  AECHITE0TS.  EWAR.T  &  CAKMK���Architects.    Rooms 7  and 8 Aberdeen blook. Baker street, Nolson.'  NOTICE  OF  ASSIGNMENT.  Pursuant to tho "Creditors' Trust Deeds Act"  and Amending Acts.  ��� Notice U hereby given that Charles Trumbull  and Alexander .lahn McDonald, la'ely carrying  ' on business as Tobacco and Cljtar Merchants In  the City of Kaslo. British Columbia, in partnership under the firm name aud stjle of Trumbull  & McDonald, by deed of assignment for tho benefit of creditors, ncaring da'o the'iOrd day of October, A. D. 1900, have assigned all their, and each  of I heir personal estate, credits and ell'cct.s which  may bei Heixcd and sold under execution and all  their and each ot their real oflUitc unto Robert.  'McLean, of the said city of Kaslo, mill manager,  in trust, lo pay and satlfl'y ratably or proportionately and without preference or priority all the  creditors ot them, the said Charles Trumbull and  Alexander John McDonald, or of either of them,  their just debts, according lo law.  The said deed ot assignment was executed by  1 be said Alexander .lohn McDonald on the 23rd  day of October. A. II. 1900, and by the said  Charles Trumbull on tho 2.'ilb day of October. A.  J), 1(100, and by tlie said Itobcil. McLean on the  271 h day of October. A. D. iflCtl.  All persons having claims against the said  Charles Trumbull and -Alexander John McDonald or against either of them are i-ci|iiired on or  beforo the .'!0th day of November, 1000, lo deliver  to the trustee vouchers and particulars bf the  earn , toaether with particulars ot any security  which may be held by them therefor.  And notleo is horeby given that after the said  :iOth day of November, 1000, the Irustco will pro-  coed to distribute the assets among those parties  who arc entitled thereto, having ranird only to  the claims of which he shall thou have bad due  notice.  A meeting of tho creditors will beheld at the  ofllce of McAnn & McKay, Front street,, in the  said oily of Kaslo, on Thursday, the 15th day of  November, 1900, at tho hour of three o'clock in  the afternoon.  Dated at Kaslo the 27th day of Octobor. A. D.,  1000. McANN & AlcKAV  Solicitor*) for the Trustee,  TRADES   UNIONS.  ...   .'})  NKLSON MINERS' UNION NO. 90. W. F. o-V* ���  M.���Moots in miners' union rooms, north- "t'l  east comer Victoria and Kootonay atreets, every ttVI  Saturday evening at 8 o'clock. Visiting menr '\.l  bars welcome. M. H. Mowatt, President. Jamo '& I  Wilkos, Socrotary. Uniom Scale of WAGKav.i'l  for NKr-soN- District���Per shift, machine~<'-b f  men, $3.50: hnmmersnien miners. $3.2o; ���muckers/.'i I  carmen, shovclcrs and othor underground labor-  ere, 5J3.00. . >���>  , I -:>- .Ti I  SU-  rpKADKS AND LABOR COUNCIL.���Tho rei  x - lar meetings of tho NelBon Trades and Labor  Council will beheld in tho miners' union hall,,,  cornor.of ."Victoria and Kootenay streets, on.the" *?  first and third Thursday-, of'each month,' ab:'-��  7.30 p. m. G. J. Thorpo. President. J. H; Matho- y.  son, Secretary. ��� *  *      -_  .- '?*  rpHE regular mcotings of tho Carpenters' Union'-j<l  x , are bold.on Wednesday ovening of each- :;|  week, at 7 o'clock, in the Miners' Union hall cor- ,-'-��� ���  nor vlotoria.and Kootenay btreota. R."Robiij''  son, President.   James Colling, Secretary.  * riyi  -f-.^-I  S.m.>-  -to-  Bel-^l  BARBERS' UNION.-Nelson Union'.No. lfKi, of "5* I  tho International Journoyuien Barbers Un-'r,i|  ion of America, meets ovory-flrst and third Mon-''.,-f I  day of each month in-Miner's Union Hall, corner'"  of Victoria and Kootenay streets, at 8:30  sharp. -Visiting ..brothers, cordially, invitei  attond. J. H; "wlatlieson.-'President." W. S.  villo. Secretary. ' "    -  ORICKLAYERS AND..MASONS'- UNION/ '  ���"-�� -The Bricklayers and Masons' International if I  Union No. 3 of-Nelson meets second-'and fourth'".'Si  Tuesdays in each month at Minors  Union hall.v.  J. W. Etcher, president; Joseph Clark, recording ���"  responding secretary. - -���*  and correspon  LABORERS' UNION.-Nclson laborers' Pro \t-  tectivo Union, No. 8121, A. F. of L.'. meets in '-  Fratornltj' Hall, Oddfellow's block, corner of Ba---V-  ker and Kootenay streeta, every Monday evening' *,_'|  at7:30p,m. sharp. Visiting members of the Amer!-'-^!  can" Federation   cordially  invited  to attend.  James Mathew, President.   John Roberts,'re-'  cording secretary. . .        ���  ,:   . I_ n'l  NELSON PAINTERS* UNION-The  meeting of_ the   Painters'  Union  regular-;  _   _.   .   .          is held'5  the first and third Fridays in each month at Min-'  ere' Union hall at 7:30 sharp.   J. H. Mdlward.C-* I  President; Will J. Hatch. Secretary. '  pLASTERRRS' UNION-The O. E. I. A. No. "'  ���"- 172,. meets every Monday evening in the -  Elliot block, cornor Baker and Stanley streets, at" -  8o'clock.   J. D. Mover, president: Donald Mc-  T.AAT1   o����rotArv  ^  FJBATliKJNlAia   ovVitoXltMB.  NELSON LODGE. NO. 53, A. F. tc A. M."  Moots second Wednesday in eaoh month.  Sojourning brethren.Invited.  KNIGHTS OK PYTHIAS- Nelson Lodge, No,  25,.Knights otPythias, meets In -I. O. O.Tf.  Hall, corner 1  akor and Kootenay streets, every  Tuesday evoning at 8 o'clock,  cordially Invited to. attend.  =J.=A.^Paquette.-K.-cf--Rr&-Si=  isiting Knights    ,  F.J. Bradley, C.C.; ~\\  ���M-ELSON L. O. L., No. 1692. meets lnL O.O. F.  +���* Hall, cornor Baker and Kootenay streets,  lsb..and:.8rd Friday of each month. Visiting  bretherri oordlally invited. R. RoblnBOn, W. M,  W. Crawford, Recording-Secretary.  SHERIFF'S SALE. ~~  Province of British Columbia, Nolson, in Wea  Kootenay. to wit:- _.  liy virtue of a writ of (leri-facias. issued out of  the Supreme Court of Urltith.Columbia, at tho  suit of the Jlanlc of Montreal, plaintiffs, and to  mo directed, ngalnat the goodi and chat  tols of tho Two Friends' Mino. Limited  Liability, defendant-, I have seized and  tnkon. In execution all the right, title and interest)  of tho said defendants. Two Friends Mino Limited Liability, in tho mineral claim known as  nr.d called "Two Friends."sltnnted oii tho divide  botwoen Lemon and Springer creeks, on tho easL  slopo of Lemon creek, located on tho .'list day of  July, A. D. I8!l��. nnd recorded In the ollloo of the  mining recorder for the.Slocan Clly Mining Division of the Wet Kootnnay District, on tho 10th  day of August, A. D. 1893; and also all the right  title and intorest of tho said defendants. Two  Friends Mino, Limited Liability, in sixty (00) tons  of ore, more or less, mined from the mineral  claim "Two Friends," and. now upon the property : To recover the suni of two thousand and  eighty-nino dollars and eighty-llvo cents (82,089-  .85) together with interest on two thousand and  eighty-six dollars and thirty-live,cents (82080 3.'))  at six per centum per annum, from tho 20th day  of September. 1900, until payment, besides slier  ill's poundage, olllcer's fees, and all other legal  Incidental expenses: All of whieh I shall expose,  for sale, or sufficient thereof to satisfy said jndg- ji  ment, debt, and ousts, at lhe. front of my ollleu  next to the court house, in the city ot Nelson, B.  C, on Friday the 2-lth day of Octobor. A. D��� I9U0'  at the bom- of eloven o'clock In the forenoon.  Note.���Intending purchasers'will satisfy themselves H3 In interest and title of the said defendants.  Dated at Slocan City tho 12th day of October,  1900.  S. P. TUCK, Shorlfl'of South Kootonay-  Thc above sale Is postponed until Monday, the  2Gth day of November, KWO, at tho same place  and hour. S. P. TUCK,  SherifTof South Kootenay.  CITY- POUNDKEEPER'S KQTICE.  l.hnvo impounded a certain borfe, to wit: One  sorrel pack horse, white fuce, seven years o'd.  1 will otl'er the Fdmo for silo by public auction  on Thursday, the 8th day of November, 1900- at  the I'iiciflc Transfer Stables on Vornon street  Nolson at 10 o'clock in tho forenoon unless the  said hnrec has in the meantime been redeemed.       w. a JARVIS.  ENGINEERS. '  fJHARLES PARKER-Mlnlng and milling an.  Y  Kinesr.  Tiirner-Boeckh,fllo<Uc Baker utroeti  NttlHoni  UodV THE TRIBUNE;  tfELSOtf, B. C, SATURDAY NOVEMBER 10 1900  ��� 5  Queen Victoria. Chocolates  THE   BEST   OUST   THE   M^lBKET  sold oifcrr/s*- ib-st  W. F.  PTJT   "CX***?   I3ST   25   -A.3STX3  50 oBasra? boxes  Teetzel & Co.  CORNER BAKER AND JOSEPHINE STREETS.  Ho!-For Fall Clothing-Ho!  Sec our celebrated Fit Reform Clothing, also our magnificent lines of fancy vests. The very latest in style  and   pattern.   Our   stock   is   complete   in   all   lines.  The  Nelson  Clothing House  21" AN'Il 21!) BAKKlt STUKKT. NKLSON.  STOVES!       STOVES!  We are sole agents for the celebrated  COLE'S HOT BLAST HEATERS  Will burn anything.    Results unequalled  in any line of heaters.  LAWRENCE HARDWARE COMPANY  .^jja.^^;*^ Jk ���JS'S'ail-aa-aS ^"{f "aa "Sf "g'tf'g'-S'tf "S "St' **r/  m  to  to  to  to  to  s?  >��  Ready for Winter ...���. . ...��  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  Don't delay about putting  up your stoves, and don't de  lay about buying them.  to  to  to  You need one of our Flor- (()  ence Hot Blasts. * It's a per- to  feet gem. A slow fire with a to  slight heat "when you want to  that kind, or a large volume to  of heat by opening the draft. (|\  to  See it, and let us tell you fi\  about it. h\  MLACHLAN BROS.   I  m TO  mm&&m&&m  w  m  to  to  to  to  'to  Contractors and       gj  Builders '$  Having- disposed of our business to Mr. Ernest Mansfield, we to  bespeak for him a continuance of that liberal share of patronage to  which has been extended us during our career in Nelson. We can |7(JQ  only say that those traits which have built up for us and maintained jjfo  our reputation for reliable dealings will be continued throughout ;&  by the new firm. We therefore take great pleasure in recommend- to  Ing him to all our old customers, ��ind also to any new ones who to  may honor him with their patronage. to  ..Thanking you for past favors,  to  The West Kootenay Brick &Lim7Co., Ltd.      ||  7'.  O.  PROCTER, to  Late Managing Director  Nelson, B. C, 5th October, 1900.  To the Public...  to  to  _m Having taken over the business of the West Kootenay Brick & ^  rtTv Lime Company, Limited, of Nelson, I beg to ask for a continuance |jm  to of the patronage which you hjvve heretofore extended, them. My jjL  to aim will be at all times to supply you with our products at lowest to  to possible prices. Being in a position to manufacture goods in larger to  fife quantities than before, we shall be able to supply the trade at a to  j_n\ lower figure. (^  (Kh It is our intention to install machinery to manufacture our (Jf$  jjm marble products, and next season we shall be in a position to supply (m  [jL. these products at reasonable rates. jjrk  (m We shall 'also keep on hand a stock of Fire Brick, Fire Clay, fife  jr& Tiles and Cement. -TO  ijm Our Bricks and Lime Rock have taken the First Prizes at the fife  gk Spokane Industrial Exposition in 1899 and .also this ye��ar. We also jri  ^secured prizes last year and this year for Ornamental and Building jjk  st.  Stone. jryri  ty& We are prepared to offer special rates to Contractors  and ^  /$.-Builders, to  ERNEST MANSFIELD, to  for The Mansfield Manufacturing Company, to  Successors to to  The West Kootenay Brick <�� Lime Co., Ltd. fife  Nelson, B. C, 5th October, 1900. j*&  to  to  to  m$  ���*-=\-  NO   MORE   TIGHT   BELTS .��������-��*>  OLrllNQ   SURFACE  a preservative and filler for belts.. lb is tho only material that will  permanently prevent belts from clipping and allow them to bo run slack.  It produces a smooth clinging surface, perfectly preserving the belt, but  does not cause it to stretch.   For leather, cotton rope or rubber belts. ^  CITY LOCAL NEWS  The young men of the Congregational church an* starting a reading  room.  Died on Friday, .Tossio I'"., infant  daughter of .T. .1. '1'aangridge, of tho  Queen's hotel.  ,. Rev. W. P. Ronald of Banff, will  conduct the services at the Baptist  church again on Sunday.  1"). .1. De war has disposed of lot H,  block 10, to II. Ross, the consideration being $1000. There is a cottage on the property.  A. R. Sherwood, who sprained an  ankle in jumping from an omnibus  at Greenwood some two weeks ago,  is ablb to be around again.  Tho dam at the electric light reservoir is nearly completed. There  has been more or less leakage, biifc  it is believed that a substantial  piece of work has been done.  "Wanted a Man" will be the subject of Rev. "Williain Munroe's sermon on Sunday night in ,tlie opera  house. Good music���vocal and instrumental. A cordial invitation is  extended to all.  Campbell ��fc Patterson will "start  work in a few days on an extensive  program of repairs and alterations  to the Clarke hotel. The building  is to be remodeled and brought' up  to date in all particulars.  A .Timid Suggestion: The next  smoker should be held on the Hall  street recreation ground, instead,  of in the opera house. The ground  is fenced in, which insures "gate"  receipts, and it is almost as ..habitable on a cold, night as the opera  house.  S. S. Taylor, Q. C, leaves today  to join A. L. Sifton, M. L. A., of  Calgary, on a stumping tour through  East Kootenay in the interests of  candidate Galliher. Mr. Galliher is  oii a tour through the north of the  constituency with Frank Oliver, M.  P. for Alberta. ��� .     '  The police have a growing collection of catapults at headquarters.  The small boys of the city went in  for these weapons oii a large scale  this fall and the officers have confiscated them right and- left,  statutes particularly forbid  carrying of catapults.  Candidate Galliher spoke at Slocan City on Thursday night and  the report received here was that  his meeting was unusually well attended and the audience enthusiastic. Yesterday afternoon he addressed a meeting at Silverton and  in the evening spoke at New Denver.  The Ladies' Aid Society of the  Baptist church will give a church  social on Monday evening. The  proceeds of the social will be used  to defray the expenses of the settlement of the new pastor, Rev. Mr.  Morgan of Nova .Scotia, who will be  in Nelson for the first Sunday in  December.  The  the  Spokane for.-Rossland, where he  will do what little training is necessary for him to enter the ring in  good condition. King never dissipates and always keeps himself in  condition.  HE CAVE, AWAY THE SNAP  And Instruments Were Becovered.  A drayload of band instruments  was driven away from sheriff  Tuck's office yesterday. The natural inference would be that the  sheriff had prepared to celebrate a  big Conservative victory, but this  was not tho case. Tho horns and  cornets were the result of a haul  made under a writ of replevin, and  thereby hangs an interesting story.  -The fact that the trouble had  arisen over the band instruments  purchased bj' the old smelter band,  used by tiie citizens' band last summer and then claimed by the re-or-  gani/.ed smelter band is well known.  The new smelter band retained  Galliher & Wilson to secure the instruments for.them, the remaining  members of the citizens' band having' declined to hand the outfit  over. A-writ of replevy was secured and placed in the hands of  -the sheriff, who executed the document, lie only succeeded in recovering, a couple of drums, some  uniform caps aud music. Thebal-  aiice of the outfit had disappeared  and the sheriff could not locate  them, so.lie made a report to this  effect.  The - instruments might never  have been discovered had not one  of themembers of the late citizens'  band celebrated the Liberal victory  ��� too.freely. In his enthusiasm he  could not refrain from telling some  acquaintances how. he had fooled  the sheriff by burying the instruments beneath the floor in the old  practice room where they would  never be found. An inkling of this  came to "the-ears of sheriff Tuck,  who visited the band room yesterday morning with an axe, tore up a  raised. portion of the floor and unearthed the whole outfit. Now the  smelter band will commence regular  practices.  - -  Takes Exception to a Report.  Nelson, November 0th.���To the  Editor of The: Tribune: I see by a  report. in' .your paper that ��� the  "Angerona" sunk at the city wharf  fos.want;of someone to look after  her.. I beg to. contradict that statement. She-was tied up about the  end of last April, and do you suppose she remained there since and  then 'sank, from no cause.' I am in  a position "to state that the afternoon before she sunk she was in  good condition and showed no signs  of sinking.; The party who furnished you with the information  that the water entered through the  syphon holes, lays himself open_ to  the supposition that he was the one  who broke open. her engine-room  (which was locked) and stole the  wrenches -. and lanterns, as . ho  evidently must have been aboard  of her to: see where the water  entered; I may state that the  cause of her sinking is being inquired into;? as it is known that she  did not sink from ordinary leakage.  ���������     ���       C. C. Kurtz.  J. Keith Reid has staked the  water in the river at Kootenay  bridge on behalf of the Nelsou  Power Company, Limited, of which  he is described as provisional managing director. The company  claims to desire the water for the  purpose of furnishing power for a  sampling and reduction works.  The case of P. W. Medhurst has  not licon disposed of as yet. Before  the preliminary examination at  Cranbrook on Thursday, Medhurst  was taken ill and sent to tho St.  lOugene hospital on the order of Dr.  King of Cranbrook. When the case  was called magistrate Crease adjourned the hearing to tho 15th  instant.       The Sein Subscription.  The following subscriptions for  the benefit of of John Sein, the Nelson & Fort Sheppard newsboy who  lost a leg in an accident near Nelson, have been recevied at this office. The money is to be used for  the purchase of an artificial leg:  R. A Laird $ 100  J. Roderick Robertson  Ill (Ml  Mrs.-AiiBUst Thomas    2 00  Pugs Will Tussle at Eossland.  Donald Guthrie, the chief of the  fire department of Rossland, has  matched Andy King of Spokane  to fight Jack'O'Brien, a lightweight  pugilist from Chicago, at Rossland  on November 15th. O'Brien fights  at 120 pounds and King at 119.  .Twenty-five per cent of the receipts  will go to the club under whose  auspices the fight will be held and  the remainder will be divided between the boxers, 75 per cent to go  to the winner and 25 per cent to"f  the   loser.     -Andy. -King. has.left.  TORONTO STOCK EXCHANGE.  FRIDAY'S QUOTATIONS.  Asked.      Bid.  :i  '-'J  1.1  ���i  :i  x  711  ���Ifl  �����:  -,o  :<  :iV  !l  STOCK.  Athabasca   11. O. Cold Fields   Rig Three   Black Tail   Brandon & Golden Crown   Butte & Boston.1 '   Canadian Goldfields Syndicate.  Cariboo (McKiuney) .'  Cariboo Hydraulic   Centre Star ..;   Crow's Neat Puss Coal.....'   California ���   llocr Trail Consolidated   ICvening Star '.   Kalrviow Corporal'on   CioMcn Star    Ciianl   Hammond Kccf   Iron Mask   .Mm ltlalno....;....'.   Kintf  .ii  Knoli Hill ;.-         ���... Pine-SiiriiriHcConriolidiited..        In  Atonic Chrinto ConROlitlat��d      :<  Montreal Gold Fields  II  Montreal & London .'  7  Morning Glory  II  Morrison ������ 2j  .Mountain I.ion        -15  Noble Five.-.. ...r......'...'.'.'..."..;-. '        !>  North Star...'.         !H  Novelty...'.... i; ���  '.'.J  Old IronsidCB...         7ll  Olive.. '.' ;..        IS  Payne         SI  Princess Maud.'...'  :i  Rambler-Cariboo Consolidated ... 2">i  Rcpubllq.......... I..* -.'         .VJ  Slocan SovereiK" ���    '      '���'  Virtue.; ...V         3(1  War. Kagle Consolidated      1 CHS  Waterloo............  3}  White Bear '.  -'J  Winnipeg.. .��� .'.'  Ii  .       SALES.  fiOCK) Fairview.;   lfiOO Hammond Reef.   iiOO Hammond Rect   flOOO White Bear,'. ;1. v. ,  100 White Hmr   1000 Republic   500 Rcpubllo..i...: .....:   2o00 Cariboo....;.'......   WOO Canadian Gold Fields Syndicate   $  i in  OI  in  71  GO  1 '.'1  I  131  II fill  :i  ��� t  5  r,  x,  \:  !5  <;  a?  i  o:i  u  ���:��  10  77  1  21.'  50'  I  :��  1 02  '-'3  'Si  1'  Si  ''��  :'l  ai-{  ���W  HI.   BTBES  &   GO.  ���jsrELsposr KASLO  s^rsnoo-N*  STOVES!   STOVES!   STOVES!  HEATING STOVES, COOKING STOVES, AND STEEL RANGES  Sole Agents for % Original Cole's Hot Blast Coal Hsaters  SEE OUR GUNS AND RIFLES  HEADQUARTERS FOR ALL KINDS OF AMMUNITION  TELEPHONE 27  Store, Corner Baker and Josephine Slreo  Kaslo Custom House Returns.  Collector McTntosh did considerable business during the month- of  October. Dutiable goods of the  value of $1170 were imported, and  the duty collected amounted to  $:1022.*11). The exports of ore were  of the value of $292,108 and of coal  $5127. The coal exported was from  the mines at Fernie, and the shipments were made' to the United  States over the Nelson & Redling-  ton and Kootenay Valley railways.  PERSONAL.  11. E. T. Hani tain of tho Yellow-  alone mine is in the oily today.  11. Jl. Sprnnt, P. C. Crowley and  .lames Crowley are ad the Madden house.'  George Lawcliffe of Kelowna and  M. P. Gordon of ICamloops aro registered at the  Uiunc.  J. ,T. Binns of Sandon  and  .7.  .7.  JleColl of Jtossland are registered at the Oueeu's  hotel.  V. C. Sewell of Forty-Nine Greek  and.I. A. Waters of Winnipeg wero at the Tremont hotel yesterday.  Among the guests *at the Hotel  Phair ore .lohn W. and llrnce It. Warden of  Rossland and It. M. Parks of Spokane.  . F. P. Gutelius, resident district  engineer- of the C. P. !(., returned lust, nieht  after spending several days in the Houndary  .country.    BUSINESS   MENTION.  Cellar to Rent���Apply Merchants  Rank of Halifax.  Everything must go at the Nelson Furniture Store heforo November 15i.1i.  To Let���Five  room  house;   $10  per month.   Apply third door in rear of firo hall.  Hack   calls left at   the   Pacific  Transfer barn on Vernon streot; Telephone  call 35.  Don't forget the Nelson Furniture  Store has Rood .values in lace curtains, $1.00  a pair.  For     Rent���Store   in   Tremont  Hotel block. Apply to Malone & Tregillns,  Tremont hotel.  Two furnished rooms to let, corner of Stanley and Carbonate streets, thrco doors  above Royal Hotel.  There are Still lots of good bargains in carpets at The Nelson Kurnitiire .Store.  40 cents pcryard nnd up.  Large well   furnished   rooms to  let. Apply rooms 1 a-rt !> Ulnc-donald building,  corner Josephine and S'ernon ttreels.  Found���pockctbook . on     Raker  streeL h'riday. Owner can have same by proving  property and paying expenses, by calliiiR at the  Tremont hotel.  To Let���S-roomed house on   Arer-  noiiali-cot., west. Hot,aud cold water; all modern improvements: beautiful view and only a  minute "s wnlk from business pari, Apply P.O.  box Tl.'i, city.  NOTICE.  Financial Crossroads.  "We had a dreadful time over  the $92 Ave made at our bazar."  "How so?"  ".Half the women wanted to pay  it on our church debt, and the other  half wanted to buy our clergyman  a^wheel."���Indianapolis, jlournal,'.   .  All persons are hereby warned Hgnintl dealing  with or negotiating Share ��'ertilii'.ate No. 931 of  the .Molly (.iibsin Mining Company, Limited, for  one thousand (lOOOI-shares of the Capital Stock of  said company.. Paid Share Certiflcaie was issued  in the name of George Kydd, and wan endorsed  in blank, and was lost or stolen In Nelson, B. C,  about the month of October, lflou.  Dated this 7th day of November, A. n. 1000.  riKOKQK ICY no,  "Merchants P.ank of Halifax, Nelson.  LAND   NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given, that sixty days after  _ilale_r_i!ileiiil_|iLapp_ly_tn _lhe _gold_ commissioner,  for a lease on crown lands, situate in West Kbot-  cnav district, About ten miles from the city of  Kaslo, in a northerly direction, consisting of ltiO  acres of unoccupied crown lands, commencing ul  a post marked (.:. P. I,. thence north on the lake  front 8(1 chains, thoncc west 20 chnins, thence  south 80chains, thence cast 2D chains lo place  and post of commencement.  C. P. LOU DIN.  B. C. EXPRESS  and Transfer Co.  Baggage and oxpross moved to any part of the  city.   Special attention given to heavy teaming.  Olllce wilh tho Nelson Wine Co., linker street.  OKO. T. MOTION, Manager.  Telephone 93.  A Hard  Headache  Is often the result of straining the oyes. Tho  only way lo prevent the headache is lo remove  (he cause.  Have the eyes lilted with glasses that will  prevent, eye-straining. Our fitting will enable  you to read and; work with oase to your ojes.  |{j Something New  to  tit  to  to  to  to  to  tit  to  tii  tit  to  to  tit  to  tit  tit  to  *-**iaH'T^.  MORRELL'S  CELEBRATED  HAMS ami B^CON  MORRELL'S  CELEBRATED  HAMS and BACON  Direct from Iowa's world tamed Corn Belt.  Iowa's Pride Ham, 22c . Iowa's Pride Bacon, 25c  KIRKPATRICK & WILSON  Telephone 1Q 185 Baker Street  :*y^--a&*^'-ar^*js*a*a'as',a'-a,a'       g>-g��.<��*<g.aafr.^.g..<^.^.^.>ii^:  Cream of Wheat  for Breakfast is not only one of the most delicate  and delicious breakfast foods ever offered, but also  one of the most nutritious and healthy foods known.   TRY   IT ... .  Wm, Hunter & Co.  NELSdN    ^~~~  SAW & PLANING MILtS  Limited.  We are prepared to Furnish  by Rail, Barge or Teams  DIMENSION LUMBER  ROUGH and DRESSED LUMBER  LOCAL and COAST CEILING  LOCAL and COAST FLOORING  DOUBLE DRESSED COAST CEDAR  RUSTIC, SHIPLAP, STEPPING.  PINE and CEDAR CASINGS  DOOR JAMBS, WINDOW STILES  TURNED WORK, BAND-SAWING  BRACKETS, NEWEL POSTS  TURNED VERANDA POSTS  STORE FRONTS  DOORS. .WINDOWS and GLASS.,  Get Our Prices before  purchasing- elsewhere.  OEFICE: CORNER  HALL AND FRONT STREETS.  FACTORY: HALL STREET, C. P. R. CROSSING.   MILLS: HALL STREET WHABFl  New Fall Goods  New Dress Goods in Tweed, Costume Cloth, Homespun  and Black Goods.  Shirt Waists in Corduroy Flannel Mercerised Sateen  and Flannelette.  A large range of Black  Dress Skirts.   Underskirts from $1.25 tc  $7.00.    Latest styles in Ladies' and Children's Jackets.  Children's Flannelette Underwear.  Our  Clothing,  Gents'  Furnishings, and  Boot and  Shoe Stock is  complete.   We have the celebrated Carss' Mackinaw  Jackets and Pants.  A full line of Rubber Goods.  Patenaude Bros.  A. FERLAND & CO.  ONTARIO .APPLES'  Northern Spys, Greenings, Ben Davis, Baldwins, Seek!  ...BY   BARREL  OR   BOX... j  JOHN A. IRVING & CO  Houston Block.  Telephone 161.  P. O. Box 176.  I IT COSTS BUT ONE CENTI  OUR  AUK  FILTERS  FIlaTKKS  OUR CLOSKSTSl  ARE NOISBLKS  To drop us a post card that we may call and  Never   have any plumbing done until you  ���ive estimates.  It saves many dollars.  iavo Been our goods and our prices.  _. .-OPTICIANS,  OPPOSITE  P08TOFFICD.  STRACHAN BROTHERS, Plumber*


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