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'_ '■ V:
Mills of the Eastern  Portion   Have Been Remarkably
Busy the Past Season.
Within a few weeks the lumbering firms of the Kootenays will be
i 1 the midst of the season of 1901,
l.iie present, season having closed so
i'.ir as active business is concerned.
Tlie mills are operatiug on their
stock of timber cut last winter and
the rush of, business is over until
next spring's demand commences.
Generally speaking it may be stated
that business has been livelier all
over tho country than last year. In
"West Kootenay the demand was
hardly up to tho record of the previous season, but in East Kootenay
tlie mills did a considerably larger
trade than in any former year, thus
bringing up the_ aggregate output
to a high standard.
'The Nelson Saw <fe Planing Mills,
..united, have imported a Jarge'
iimouiit of.timber from Bonner's
Kerry and have also cut logs on
Corn creek in the Goat River district. J. A. Say ward fc Co. have
taken about half their raw material
from Idaho and tho balance was
<_.it in the Goat River country. P.
Genetic & Co., now affiliated with
the Yale-Columbia Lumber Co.,
operated mills at Robson and
Nakusp, securing their logs from
tho Genelle timber limits ou the
Columbia river and from dominion
lands as well.
In East Kootenay the industry
lias been better than ever before.
The biggest output was turned out
from the Cranbrook Lumber Company's ' mills" at Cranbrook and
Palmer's Bar, the latter . mill hav-
ingVi contract for'"75,000"""ti'es'for
the'Lethbridge narrow gauge road.
Ilobinson & Mackenzie's mill at
Cranbrook was also run to its full
capacity, while Leask  & Slater of
Cranbrook ran for a considerable
portion of the season on lumber for
the four miles of flume to the St.
Eugene Consolidated mill at Moyie.
At Fernie the Fernie Lumber Company had a splendid season. The
great boom in East Kootenay resulted from the unprecedented demand for lumber in the Northwest
Territories. It is estimated that
not . less than three million feet
were exported across the divide
during the season to be used by the
settlers and in railroad work.
The construction of the Crow's
Nest road give3 easy access to the
Territories, where no timber grows,
from the Kootenays, and has materially stimulated the lumber business.
During the year tho demand for
timber limits has been active. In
the-Trout-Lake district 5000 acres
have been taken up, through the
Nelson government office; ;,In Lardo
west at'the head of Kootenay lake
fully 4000 acres have been reserved
and on Elk river in East Kootenay
the timber limits taken up during
the year aggregate 7000 acres. All
the big firms' operating in the
country now have considerable
timber reserved for use when the
supply from Idaho, now utilized-
wherever transportation by water
can be had, is depleted. In addition
to these mentioned other areas have
been taken up here and there"
throughout the Kootenays.
Within a month logging will be
under way and an unusually large
cut is looked for because of the expectation that the demand for export lumber will be„quite as' large
as dtfring the season-just closing:
and also that considerably more
building will- be done in West
Kootenay than has been the case
this year.    »
plained his aims and emphasized
the indespensible necessity of a
strong and united government in
order to carry out the domestic
policy whieh the country demands
and requires.
Well-Known Sport in Trouble.
Montreal, October 21.—Henry
Phillips, well-known to sporting
men all over the United States, once
a backer of John L. Sullivan, was
arrested tonight on a charge of uttering forged paper knowing it to
be forged.' He was admitted to
bail. The arrest arises out of the
theft of a $1500 check from a
drunken farmer by _ two saloon
Grand Forks and Kettle River Rail-
.   road   .Project .Likely  to   Be
Shelved   Indefinitely.
Roberta Denies It.
London, October 24.—Lord Roberts has sent the following dispatch
to the war office: "Pretoria, October 21.—Referring to your telegram
of October 9th, no orders have been
placed by colonel Girouard in America. I believe Weiner, Beit ifc'Co.,
acting for. various mining firms
have, owing .to the inability of
English houses to complete orders
on time, placed a portion of, their
orders in America.""
All It Needs Is Capital.
• "TheSt. Marysdistricfcisacoming
mining section.   Its  characteristics
are big, solid ledges of medium   or
low grade ore in an unbrokeji   formation and the conditions are such
iAi&t with the introduction of capital the country should.come to tho
t'ronVrapidly."   These words   sum
up the observations of J. C.Drewry,
.manager of the Canadian Goldfields
•;,.yudicate, who was in Nelson   yes-
/,. ^ ddle through the.country drained
'..6y the St. Marys   river.    He   went
in by Crawford Bay,   visitiug   the
•   Commonwealth group   on   Hooker
r.reek under bond to his   syndicate,
rode over the divide   via   Sawyer's
pass aud continued along the . river
to Mark creek, thence toKimberley
where the North Star spur   of   the
Crow's Nest road was reached.   At
the   Commonwealth   Mr.    Drewry
Avas .well satisfied  with   the   work
in progress and tho showing of   ore
• on the property.   The crew   is   to
be increased shortly and operations
will be continued on,a   large   scale
all winter.    During his   five   day's
.ride down the St. Mary's he   examined a number   of   prospects.    The
- ore is silver-lead and copper and-
the storng feature of the claims
throughout the district is the large
ore bodies encountered. It is understood the   Canadian   Goldfields
-examined some of the properties
with an eye to business, but Mi".
Drewry states that   his   syndicate
•will not take up any new properties this winter.
En route irom Kimberley Mr.
Drewry spent a couple of days at
the St. Eugene mine.  The property
- is being operated at full force and
the 400-ton concentrator is working
..." to its full capacity of 100 tons of
concentrates per diem. Theoutput
is being exported at present to fill
•ah order for 2500 tons for the
Guggenheim smelter at Autofogasti,
•Chili. The timber and tool tram is
not completed yet but will be in
operation   about   the first of the
The Canadian Goldfields' strike
on the Sunset group in the Slocan
continues to hold good. The crew
is drifting   on ' the   lead and  ore
carrying from 700 to 1000 ounces of
silver is being taken out and sacked
for shipment as soon as' rawhiding
can be accomplished.- The ore
carries large chunks of fine grey
copper also. The force has been increased to 23 men and a large building for sorting "ore and other purposes is under way.
M. S. Logan of Rossland spent
yesterday at the Juno mine with
Charles Parker, the company's engineer. The latter, in referring to
the property, says: "The Juno is
looking as well as we expected.
The tunnel is in twelve feet, and
we have a solid foot of ore gradu-
allyincreasingin- width;—l-oxp?et-
that we will shortly be in ore for
the full width of the lead."
Must Maintain Treaties.
Berlin, October 24.—At a meeting today of the' representatives of
thecommerce and industry of Berlin,
a resolution was adopted in favor of
summoning a national meeting with
a view of undertaking' a' vigorous
agitation in favor of maintaining
commercial treaties as a safeguard
of commercial interests.
Worked Under an Alias in Nelson Undetected Several Months—Wanted
for Embezzlement.
The following were the quotations of British Columbia mining
stocks on the Toronto Stock Exchange yesterday:
8 G .10
Si 5 ft)
U. O. QolilFUilUa....	
Bit? Three	
Klack Tail	
Butte & Boston	
.._ '4
Canadian Goldfleldu Syndicate..
Cariboo (McKlnney 1	
Cariboo Hydraulic.	
1 4o
1 20
Centre Star 	
1 M
1 40
Crow's N'efit Pass Coal	
S7 00
47 00
California ;	
Dardanelles ,'	
1 leer Trail Consolidated	
KvenInt. Star	
Fair view Corporal ion	
Golden Slur	
'      Hi.
namniond Reef	
Iron Mask	
Jim Blaine	
Knob Hill	
11 .
Monte Christo Consolidated.—
Montreal Gold Fields	
Montreal & London	
Morning Glory	
Mountain Lion	
Noble Five	
North Star	
Old Ironsides	
91 .V
'    88
Princess Mauri	
Rambler-Cariboo Consolidated..
.      73A
Slocan Sovereign	
Virtue —
■       38i
War Kagle Consolldalad —,. —
1 08
1 02V
Waterloo ;	
White Bear	
Sales.—Novelty, 1000 at 13; Rambler-Cariboo
1000 at 21!.; Virtue, 1000 at 381; Golden Star, 1000
at 2; Lone Pine-Surprise, 3000 at 8-i.
Announced His Policy.
Berlin, October 24.—Count von
Buelow, the new imperial chancellor, while presiding yesterday at
the ministry of state, made a
lengthy speech   in   which   he   ex-
Esroer Wallace, alias J. A. Skeets,
was committed for trial yesterday
on the charge.of theft from the Dominion Express Company. A. M.
Johnson appeared for the company
and the defendant was represented
by P. E. Wilson. The case has an
unusual feature, inasmuch as an instance is given of how circumstances will sometimes allow a man
wanted by the police to be within
easy reach for a considerable period
and escape detection.
Wallace was in charge as relieving agent of Crow's Nest station on
the Crow's Nest railroad
from June the 8tli   to ther22nd.
During that time three C. O. D.
parcels were sent to his agency and
two others for $12.75 and $41.30,
the last two being from J. Dover's
establishment in Nelson. A money
order for $15.20 was also sold at
the office. No return was ever
made of the respective transactions
and the company allege that Wallace appropriated the funds. On
July 1st or 2nd the traveling auditor, G. W. Lawson, detected the
discrepancy and :his report to the
head office lead- to an information
against Wallace'who had not been
seen since June 22nd. It seems,
however, that lie went to various
points and finally came to Nelson
securing a position at the C. P. R.
depot. His shift was during the
night when no trains arrive or depart and tho public is rarely or
ever about, lie passed under the
name of J. A. Skeets and did his
work so well that when it became
necessary to send a relieving
agent to Slocan Junction, he
was chosen for the position. This
proved to be Skeets' undoing, it
was part of his duties to meet passing trains at the; junction with running orders, and the express agent
on the first train going, through recognized him as Wallace, the
alleged defaulter. The police were
notified, and a constable went to
Sloean Junction, found his man and
executed' the warrant. < AVallace
pleaded not guilty on being arraigned, and will probably take,a
speedy trial at an early date.
An Additional Week.
Paris, October 21.—The government has decided to prolong the
exposition for an additional week.
It will close Sunday, November 11th.
One day will bedevoted to the poor
with free admission.
• Grand Forks," .October 24.—A
private dispatch received here today conveyed the intelligence that
the" • Dominiop, „ government ' will
shortly, announce-ine • disallowance
of an act passed by'the British Columbia legislature at' its last session
incorporating the Grand Forks &
Kettle River Railroad Company.
This would be following the precedent establishedjiearly ten years
ago when" the federal authorities
vetoed a measure of the Manitoba
legislature authorizing the extension of the Northern Pacific railroad into Manitoba...
The ground taken by the Dominion government! iu declaring tlie
Manitoba r--legislation . unconstitutional was that' the British North
America Act, an imperial measure
creating' the Dominion confederation," expressly reserved to the fed-
eral'parliament tlie right to incorporate railways "connecting~ with
extra territorial.railways. Provincial parliaments, however, are
authorized,to grant charters for
railways .which.shall hot cross railways chartered'" by the Dominion
parliament, and .which shall not
connect with foreign railways. The
veto power on-provincial legislation
is conferred-diifithe federal authorities by virtue .of the British North
America Act. ■   '"'
The Grand Forks and Kettle
River Railroad .Company purposed
to connect at' the international
boundary with an American railway projected^).run north from
Republic, -■;Washington. - ■' Its pro-,
ton and T. P. Coffee of Toronto.
In McKay vs. Phillips.
When the court resumed. yesterday morning the list of civil actions
set down for trial was commenced.
The first suit was- that of McKay
vs. Phillips in which a number of
points of unusual interest arose.
W. A. Macdonald appeared for
plaintiff and R. W. "Hannington
conducted the defence. The plaintiff's case was concluded last night,
and the defence.will submit its testimony this morning.
- The story of the case is that at
an early hour on the morning  of
August 20th, 1S99, Steve McKay
and Arthur Phillips, plaintiff and
defendant respectively, started out
to locate the same piece of gi'ound
on the St. Marys river. A previous
claim staked on the same ground
had expired at midnight, of which
fact both men were aware. McKay
staked the Northern Light claim
and Phillips located the Surprise.
The actionfesolves into a question
as to which man can prove the
priority of his location. The ground
is regarded - as a very promising
prospect- and. sufficient work has
been done to crown grant it.
When the evidence for the plaintiff was taken Mr. Hannington applied for a non-suit on a long list of
reasons'. His objections wero that
no proof had been submitted to
substantiate the following essentials:
First, that the Northern Light
claim was situated on waste lands
of the crown.
Second, that legal posts had been
erected to mark the boundaries of
the claim.
Third, that the location line followed the lead of mineral as nearly
as practicable, as laid down in the
Mineral Act.
Fourth, that the location line
had been blazed in such a. manner,
as to be distinctly seen.
Fifth, that a location affidavit
had ever been filed with the mining
recorder for the district.
Sixth, that the mining recorder
had been furnished with the particulars placed on the location
Seventh, that the ground mentioned in the records is tho same
ground as that plaintiff located.
Eighth, that the ground plaintiff
claims is the same as defendant
Ninth, that the ground had even
been measured.
Tenth,that an adverie survey
was made and signed by a provincial land surveyor.
Eleventh, that the plaintiff's
claim was in the Fort Steele division', where it was recorded.
His honor remarked that some of
these objections were brought to
his attention for the flrsttime during his experience on the bench.
He held with Mr. Hannington on a
number of points and granted the
plaintiff leave to reopen the case
and prove the various points.
" Yukon Elections.
Victoria, October 24.—Dispatches brought froni Dawson by
the Danube dated October 17th,
give particulars of the elections for
seats in the Yukon council. The
tight was a closely contested one.
T. W. O'Brien and A. Noel represented upholders of the administration and Arthur Wilson and Alex.
Prudhomme the reform party. At
9 p. m. on the date of election, when
the dispatch' was sent, the reformers believed they had succeeded in
returning . both . candidates. • The
election of Wilson is conceded, but
there being still twenty polling
places to hear from, O'Brien might
make a/close race with Prudhomme,
with chances iu favor of the latter.
The total votes of the entire' territory less the twenty polling places
referred to, were Arthur Wilson
490, Alex. Prudhomme 401, Thomas
W. O'Brien 359, Auguste Noel 254.
American Interests to Be Advanced in
Korea—Why Japan Will Keep
Her Army in China.
; "Victoria; B. C/Oc1;bber' 24.—The
steamer Kinshumars, arriving this
afternoon, has advices that late
engagements resulting in the occupation of Petang and Lu Tai forts and
other actions have been made independently and show that the alliance of nations lias dissolved.
Russia, Germany and France alone
attacked Petang and Lu Tai, giving no notice, but simply communicating the result to the commanders of the other powers.
Advices from Chemulpo say Mr.
Sands, American adviser to the
Korean court, and Messrs. Bostwick
and Collbran have induced a number of pro-American ministers to
assist them in an advancement of
American interests. Conferences
were~held~with~thc emperor regard"
ing borrowing a five million loan
from America on security of customs
revenue, but there was a hitch and
the scheme seemed to be unsuccessful.
R. M. Collins, war correspondent
at Hong Kong from Pekiu, had his
loot and arms confiscated.
The Pekin correspondent of the
Kobe Chronicle says the object of
Japan keeping the 5th nrmy division
in China was because of the failure
of Russia to abide by tho proposal
to withdraw from Pekin. He praises
the stand taken . by the United
States and says no one can accuse
her of self glory or gain. In taking
the punishment of rebels into their
own hands, the powers destroy any
semblance of authority remaining
in the Chinese government. Kven
if the emperor withdraws from tho
influence of the empress dowager
he would fall an easy prey to the
stronger minds. Tlie correspondent
fears that the powers, viewing each
other with suspicion, will, be unable
to agree on so difficult a matter.
Caused by a Blunder.
.Victoria, October 24.—Roliable
partie.s who arrived today from
Omineca confirm the report that
parties working on the Dawson
telegraph line failed to connect on
account of an error in surveying,
and that it would be impossible to
complete the work before next
Resigned His Seat.
Caprtoavn, October 23.—Thellon.
P. Schreiner, former premier of
Cape Colony, has resigned his seat
in parliament owing to the persistent opposition of Afrikander extremists.
President Mitchell of the Union  Will Make a  Statement Tomorrow.
Hazklton, Pennsylvania, October
24.—President Mitchell tonight announced that he would tomorrow,
probably late in the afternoon or
evening, issue a statement defining the position of the United
Mine Workers in the present situation of the strike. He also said
that his .statement would in all
likelihood indicate whether the
strike would be immediately declared off or whether it would be
The announcement was made as a
result of today's conference between the national and district officers of the United Mine Workers.
The impression . around headquarters tonight is that - the statement
will contain practically a declaration that the strike is ended. Tlie
coal companies controlling about
75 per .cent, of the anthracite coal
produce it is learned have issued
notices, but president Mitchell will
not say that all of them "comply
with the terms • of the Scranton
The big companies iu. this district that have not - .posted the
notices are the Lehigh Coal &
Navigation Company, G. .B. Markle
& Co., and Cox Bros. & Co. " The
Markles have granted no increase
in wages of any kind. Today's conference was in session three hours
and was adjourned/till tomorrow
morning. President Mitchell at the
conclusion announced that the situation was partly canvassed and the",
remainder would be completed to-'v-^
morrow. The conference discussed Vs;;!
plans as to what should be" done in. /.J'h.
the event of oub-or more of. the :P:'{y
companies declining to-grant the;'?^;
demand of the miners as-set' forth''^^
in the resolution adopted "at the*."*"
Scranton convention. - 'No definite
conclusion was,-however, arrived at.
Mr. Mitchell declined to say whether -
the statement of the United Mine
Workers that no man will be" per-- \^>,
mitted to return to work unless,
they all go in together holds good.-
The notice posted by several of-,
the larger companies in the Lacka-,
wanna and Wyoming regions today';
which   announced   that the mine;
workers will be given 2i- cents oil-,
every car or ton in order to make
up 10 per ■ cent came in for^ much,
consideration. at   the  < conference."--
When   the   conference   adjourned;
this evening the matter was still
under discussion. r *^* \{',
Scranton, Pennsylvania, October -'';"''".
24.'—In expectation of the strike be-/';ff.
ing settled tomorrow representa-.- „£_
tives of the coal carrying companies '. *;<£
and the independent coal- operators"-'' '■;•j?
are to confer in Philadelijhia to ar-'*;;?■$
rive at some understanding,, in* "the >-.~-ti
matter of freight rates. The inde- '",'..* (
pendent "operators for i years 'havev ', %
been demanding 05 per cent o£&:';f^
the tidewater "price for their, .pro-l"/".^
duct instead of 00, per cent-.:as' al--\"":X
lowed them. Now when the action^ir^
of the ,big companies-forces them to'- J^
increasev their-expense of-mining,.1. ^;.
about 4 per, cent,^they insist ronf-';||
their long standing^ claitni b'eirigv-^
•granted."       -■-+'.       -        ; •  _ '
"- ""cl
_,.    ■ Doubt^Li'a .Authority., _,_.   -
- Berlin, October 24.—Discussing
the present stage of the relations
between the Chinese government
and the powers, a high official of
the German foreign office made the
following statement today: "Before Li Hung Chang can be accepted
as negotiator by the powers his
credentials must of course be examined. So far earl Li on various occasions has refused to exhihit
them. When Dr. Mumm von
Schwartzenstein was in Shang-Hai
he requested earl Li to show them.
Tiie Chinese . statesman replied
evasively. However, Germany will
not raise difficulties. If earl Li's
credentials will suffice for the
"United States they will for Germany. Furthermore, all tho legations must jointly agree upon the
precise wording of the demands to
be addressed to-the Chinese government as a preliminary to actual
peace negotiations.
"These demands will be framed in
accordance with the German and
first French circular notes. It is
another question whether earl Li
will have power to enforce these
conditions in case they are agreed
to. All the powers earnestly desire
to show all possible advances making toward the conclusion of peace."
Must Be a Free Trade Country.
London, October 24.—The chancellor of the exchequer, sir Michael
Hicks-Beach, in the course of'an address before the Liverpool Chamber
of Commerce yesterday advocated
closer commercial union between
the different countries and the empire and greater organization for
the empire's common interests.
He said, with regard to the former,
that it was impossible for Great
Britain to be other than a free
trade country and that he sympathized with sir Wilfrid Laurier, the
Dominion premier, in his opinion
that an imperial zolvereign was unattainable without free trade with
the empire. So far as imperial organization is concerned, he said he
•did not think there was any immediate danger of war and he expressed the hope that the principles
of the Anglo-German agreement
would be universally accepted.
The New Yacht.
;. Nkw York, October 24.—The
Journal and Advertiser tomorrow
will say: "The next defender of the
America's Cup to meet Shamrock
II. in August next will be built by
a syndicate composed of about ten
of the best known members of the
New York Yacht Club.   This syn
dicate,   it   is   said,,,, is . headed* by""^
Lewis Cass'Ledyard,.commodore of   -
the New York' Yacht Club./ Asso-,
ciated  with him  are  vice-conimo- ,
dore August Belmont, rear-eommo-,.
dore C.  L. F.. Robinson, Cornelius^ '
Vanderbilt, John   P.  Duncan- and,. "
ex-commodore E. M. Brown.    W.-B. - "
Duncan, junior, will be asked, to". -
take charge of the boat.   At, the - -
next  meeting   of   the   New York
Yacht Club a full list of the mem-  ;
bers of the syndicate will be made    -
public."       ■      .      . ;"
Picquart Wins His Suit..
Paris, October 24.'—Colonel Pic- ~
quart's suit for libel against. Le • -
Journal arising from the Dreyfus
pqleniics was decided in his favor
today. The court condemned the
manager of tho paper, M. Pouch, to
pay a fine of 2000 francs, and M.
Ppwein aud Galli, the writers of
"the article, were sentenced-to six
months' and a month's imprisonment respectively, and all three
were sentenced to pay 30,000 francs
Suits the Diplomats.
- Berlin, October 24.—Baron von
Richthofen's appointment as minister of foreign affairs in succession
to count von Buelow, the new imperial chancellor, has been hailed
with satisfaction by the entire
diplomatic corps. The United
States embassy is particularly
gratified, lie is how. 53 years of
age, very accessible, straightforward and thoroughly businesslike
in his 'methods. He is* considered
Anglophobile in his tendencies, and
on this account tho Agrarian press
expressed distrust concerning the
results of his policy. '   •
The Deutsche Tage Zeitung says:
"Baron .von Richtofens is the representative of the policy which we
term 'Aenglaonderei' and deplore."
round Dead.
Miodlrtown, New York, October
24.—Mrs. Henrietta Schmidt was
found dead in her bedroom. tonight. Tho body was discovered
by tlie police and the coroner
forced an entrance to the house.
Several bugs containing money
were found concealed around the
woman's body. She owned valuable real estate and had money in
the bank. .    ,
"J* L
> -'set
Red Cross Heroine 111.
Galveston, Texas, October 24.— >
Clara Barton is dangerously ill at
her apartments at the Tremont
Hotel. Her illness is the result of
overwork. Nervous prostration is
the physician's diagnosis. THE TKTBUNE-. NELSON B.C THURSDAY OCTOBER 25 1900  HUDSON'S BAY  COMPANY. *  INCORPORATED 1670.  Don't wait  until you catch  cold from wet  feet.  of some 213 members, at present  divided between Liberals and Conservatives. The Tribune does not  say that they must ultimately fail;  but it suggests that even in event-  of their ultimate success the fruits  of their labors will be gathered by  their children's children. This is a  condition which concerns the'Labor  party alone. Its members are  within their right in so electing;  but the strain of suspended sentence  running through it, no doubt  accounts for tin. presence of so  many labor men at the meetings of  the two old time parties m tho  Yale-Cariboo constituency.  WEITTEN   BY   LABOBEKS.  It is cheaper to buy. rubbers  than pay doctor's bills.  All Sizes  MEN'S  LADIES'  CHILDREN'S  TtTTTTTTTTTTTT_TTTTITTfTTTTTtT.rT^TTrmtTttrTY  NOTICE TO SUBSCRIBERS/       1  [Tiik Tiiint'.N'K litis placed a part of one column  at. Lhc disposal of the Independent. Laborers,  whose views will be expressed therein from  l.lmc lo time during the campaign. A like privilege is accorded the Conservative-. ' ami tlie  Liberals.    Workingmen's attention is called  to the following ten reasons why  they should vote for Foley:. /  1. .Because he is a workingman  himself and is thoroughly acquainted with the needs of his fellow-  workers.  2. 13ecau.se lie is not pledged to  either of the old parties and will  be" entirely free to act for the benefit of his1 constituents.  f5. Because there are already in  parliament too many lawyers for  the country's good.  4. Because the welfare of the  country requires beneficial legislation for the masses and not for the  classes:  f>. Becausehe will strenuously  oppose all monoplies.  (J. Because he did not seek the  office but the office has sought him.  7. Because wage- earners, the  backbone of the country, ought' to  be more fully represented in parliament,  8. Because he is thoroughly callable or defending and promoting  the cause of organized labor.  !). Because many of the- privileges jrou now enjoy are the results  of the action of organized -labor and  it is necessary to have a properly  {infllified representative to support'  and extend tliem.  10. Because you have the majority of voters and if united- are  bound to succeed.-  WRITTEN    BY . CONSERVATIVES.  ITiik TmnuNi: has placed a part of one column  .it, the disposal ot the Conservatives, whose views  will be expressed Ihi.roin from time to time (luring the cainpaignr Alike privilege-is accorded  the Labor party and the Libcrals.l  panion, ridden by Reiff. The New  Nursery Plate of 800 sovereigns was  won by lord Ellesmere's Encombe,  ridden by Sloan.  Run Down by an Engine.  IlosSTiANO, October 24.���H. A.  MacDonald, a prospector, was run  over by an engine that was being  shunted iu the G. P. B. yards at a  late hour last night and both feet  were so badly mashed that they  were amputated this morning below  the knees. MacDonald is very deaf  from injuries sustained from being  thrown from a hoist two years  since, and on this accouut lie did  not hear the engine wheu it approached him. MacDonald has resided hero since 1S05 and owns several prospects on Sophie mountain.  He was resting easy late this: evening, and the physicians think that  he will pull through, as he has a  splendid constitution.  Unfortunate Mistake.  Nkw Yoiiic, October 24.���John  Sollenson, a young Swede, was shot  and killed last night by pne of the  sentinels on guard at Fort Hancock.  Tho Swede was' walking along the  beach near the fort and was mistaken for a private who had escaped  from the fort. The Swede was  challenged by the sentry the second  time, but refused to h��vlt and was  shot down.  Chris Foley at Moyie.  Mo vim, October 21-���[Special to  Tlie Tribune].���Chris Foley, the  labor candidate, arrived here this  afternoon, intending to speak tonight, but the Alba Hey wood company is a counter attraction and  Foley gave way.  St. Eugene's Big Run.  Moyie, October 24���[Special to  The Tribune].���The St. Eugene  company expect to make a record  run this month. The-mill is turning out one hundred Ions of concentrates a day.  Mining Records.  Yesteiday's mining records were:  Locations���The Julia threo miles  north of Deer Park formerly the  Marie by William Parker; the Mary  A, same location, by "William  Parker.  Certificates of work���To "William  Murphy, agent for recorded owners,  on the Ocean Wave, to B. C. Pellett  on the Eldorado Fractional, Esper-  air/a, Chihuahua, Eldorado, Car-  mencita, Parathos and Atlas.  I,?-_*.;���-_  00. 00 ��� 00'"-00. '00' 00':':00' 00 ���  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  ^___^_____^ ^____y 4___^ ^B^-tav 4_E^__*' ^B-_-_r' fl___B^^ 4B_^ fl__H^ 4-^h-��^ ^i_________f 4____p* 2B___r mUt^r ^----ll-^-f ^_____________r ^B___ *_���___  ^ ��� ^ ��^ ��� ^ ��^ ��� ^ -^ ��� ^, ��^��. ��� ^fc. ���^k>-. -^��^_. ��� ^*��, ��� w ��� ^* * N'tf^r  m  to  to  .sXjfCJ.  to  to  to  Carpets and Men's Furnishings  to  From- and1 after October >lst,-all-  ��� subscribers to the Daily-Tribune-  who are , served"by carrier: will"  be required to' pay their subscriptions weekly to the' carrier;  SUBSCRIPTION RATES.  Weekly, by carrier .      .  Monthly, by carrier'    .      .  Three Months, by carrier  Six-Months,-by carrier .     .      ,  One Year,' by carrier      .     ���. '  lZXXX__IZ-_-_---Z__XC  .$  95  i  00   E  SO  00  10 00l F  3ti_;i__ni  ��� A great.deal is being written in  the party press ' at present about  pre-election' promises; in fact"  the broken pledges of the Liberal'  party appear to be set out as one of  -^"-Hihe-niain-issues-in-the-present- contest.- The cause for this condition  is not far to seek. The" average  elector is prone to regard his own  views upon public questions as the  only tenable views; and the average aspirant for political honors is  so fearful of losing the vote of the  before mentioned elector that he  does-not hesitate at pledging anything. Few of these pledges are  carried out; and it is probably just  as well that the political road-  agents who exact pledges from candidates are in this manner circumvented. It is just possible that preelection pledges are given in view  of their effect upon the voting. It  does not follow that ���public policy  demands compliance with the political exigencies of the politicians  on the stump.  The.men   who are   behind  the  Independent Labor movement probably do not realize the magnitude  of the- task which they have set  their fellows.    In  creating an Independent Labor party theypre-  sumably cut loose from the two old  time-parties.    They have therefore  to build up a party which at least  must maintain the balance of power  between the two great parties of  the Dominion.     As  there are but  two or three straight Labor mem-  ,'bers in the house of commons, this  means that the newly-born Labor  party must strive for  recognition,  as an independent party, iu a body  It must be refreshing to the Labor  party to be informed that Chris  Foley will poll more votes in ,the-  Slbcanthan the combined opposition candidates. That party, however, is blind to the fact that every  "horny-handed son of toil" is not  necessarily a "labor man." There  are hundreds of them who arc good  old honest Conservatives, and who  are going to vote for Arthur MaeNeill.    The Liberal-Conservative party  will be restored- to power next  month,- not on account of any  c'apriciousness on the part of) the  electors   of   Canada,   but because  ���they know that thepolicy of- that  party in the past is the true reason' j  of   the   splendid    progress   made  -within-the-last-twenty-yearsin-this  Canada of ours ; and further, they  realise that disorganization on the  one hand and false promises on the  other were alone the causes' that  led to the election of the Liberal  party in 1S90.  The electors of the Pacific slope  will do well to  bear in mind'that  what we need at Ottawa is a government that will give ear to our  wants.    We require an administration that will show no parsimony  in voting sufficient funds for public  works that come within the federal  works   department;   we want no  flippant opposition to railway development, nor  oily smoothness of  argument against lake   and  river  improvements; and locally we want  that postolllce which Mr.  Galliher  brought    back    with    him    from  Ottawa���on paper���last year. Four  years have given  the electors   of  Tale-Cariboo     unmistakable    evidence that they can hope for very  little fronrthe present administra^-  tion; it takes the sagacity and foresight of the Conservative party to,  grasp the necessities incidental to a  new and undeveloped constituency  such as the one of whichwe form a  park1 _____________     ���-'  ! Racing, in England.  London, Oetober 24.���At Vthe  second day- of the- Newmarket  Houghton meeting today the race  for the Cambridgeshire stakes of  500 sovereigns, was won by J. C.  Sullivan's Bedrill (20 to 1 shot) in  1:54, which constitutes a record. M.  Ephrussi's Codoman, ridden by Tod  Sloan, was second, winning 100 sovereigns. The Wednesday welter  handicap of .300 sovereigns was won  by   lord   Harewood's   Free    Com-  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  Ladies'   Department.  Special sale of ladies' and children's wool vests, drawers,  and combination suits, flannelette night dresses,  drawers and skirts.  Ladies' flannelette, cashmere, alpacia, silk, satin, and  French flannel blouse waists.  Ladies' mantles, jackets, and tailor-made suits from best  makers at exceedingly low prices.  Ladies'  ready-made dress skirts, from $2.00 each up.  Ladies' "R*& G," "P D," and "D A" corsets from 75  cents up.  Children's coats, reefers, and jackets, from 1 to 10 years  of age.  Ladies' golf capes, at all prices.  Men's   Department.  Millinery   Department.  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Vote for Niekerson  to repair your watch. He was  born in the watch business.  His platform is first-class workmanship. Baker Street, opposite Queen's hotel.  C. W. West & CO.  COAL!      WOOD!  VOTEt FOR . . . ,  A.  H.  321 to S31 HaUer.Street, Nelson,  American ai\d European Plans.  MEALS  25;  CENTS  ROOMS LIGHTED BY KliKCTmCITY   -ANB-HEATEDiBY .STEAM,   25 OENT8 TO,$l  BAKER STREET. NELSON.  Lighted by Electricity and Heated with Hot Air.  Large ��� comfortable bedrooms and '��� flrsb-class  dining-room. Sample'rooms for oommerolal men.'  RATES $2 PER DAY  MacNEILL  of Rossland  Candidate of the LiberaUConscrvative Party for Member  of the House of Commons for- Yale-Cariboo..  Hard Coal  Authrac I to  $9.65  Crow's Neat)  Coal  X3EXiI-VEiaa-H3I_>  J.15  AGENTS  IMPERIAL- OIL COMPANY, Ltd.  No order can be accepted unless accompanlod  by cash.    Offlco:   Corner of Hall  and Baker Streets.  TELEPHONE 33.  Lethbridge Gait Goal  The boat) value for the1 money In the market  for all purpose;!,  TEnMB cash '   W. P. TiKRNEY. Oenoral Agent  TnloDhmiB 147..   OHloa with 0.1). J. Ohrlntln.  Co.  Kootenay   Coffee  NELSON. H. O.  Coffee roasters and dealers in Toa and Cofltee.  Olfor fresh roasted coffee of bead quality as  follows),  Java and Arabian Maoha, per pound.'.��..$  40  .Java aud Mocha Illoud, 3 pounds  1 00  Flue Santos, i pounds  1 00  Santos Blond, 6 pounds __. 1 00  Our Spoclal Blend. 6 pounds  1 00  Our Rio Roast, 0 pounds... .--. _-. 1 00  A taial order sollolbed.. Salesroom 1 doors east'  of Oddfnllnwn block. Went Bakor sfcrftet.  W|rs. E. G. Clarke, Prop.  LATK OV THKROTAl- HOTEI* OAM.ARY  EVERY-DAY  AT  THH  Ii'  BIG   SCHOONER  Boor or Half-and-half only.  FRESH   J f ICi.   COOL  The only stood Beer In Nelaon  PLATFORM1  Adopted by the Liberal-Conservative-Party in Convention  at Revelstoke, September 15th, 1900  . We, the delegates of the Liberal-Conservative party of Yale-Cariboo  constituency, in convention assembled, reaffirm the principles' of the  party, and more particularly that cardinal principle, protection.to home  industries, and that that principle-be carried out so. that all sections of  the country shall equally share its benefits.   .   -  The one industry on which the prosperity of this constituency is  almost wholly dependent is mining; and we believe that our mining industries are as fairly entitled to protection, as the manufacturing industries of Eastern Canada ; therefore, we advocate that the duties on lead  "andrlead*products"bo"increased7S(vthatthey-shallTbeas-liigh as-those-now-  imposed by the'United Stateson the same articles.  That the output of the precious metal, mines is largely increasing,  therefore we favor the .establishment of a mint, so that the specie in circulation shall be that of our own instead of that of a foreign country.  We advocate the restriction of the immigration of Chinese and Japanese, and all classes who cannot, become good citizens of the Dominion  of Canada, and suggest the adoption of the principles of the Natal Act.  British Columbia lias not now the representation in the federal parliament that, she is entitled to: therefore we advocate that when the  redistribution-of-seats is made that this constituency shall be given representation according to its population.  That it augurs, well for.the success of the party that Hugh John  Macdonald has decidethto leave tho field of provincial politics to take-  part) in the* larger one that, affects the people of the whole of Canada,-  -.---���-..  WHOLESALE TRADE  jERATED AND MINERAL WATERS.  rpHORPK & CO.. I-IMITED.-Corner Vernon  ���*��� andcCedar slreeb., .Nelson,, manufacturers  of and wholesale dealers in n.rated waters and  fruit syrups.- Solo agents-for Halcyon Springs  mineral -water.  Telephone (10.  ASSAYERS'   SUPPLIES.  WF. TRKTZEL & CO.-Corner Baker and  ��� Josephine street s, Nelson, -wholesalo dealers, in -assayers supplies. Agents for Denver  Fire Clay Co. of Denver, Colorado.'  COMMISSION MERCHANTS.  HJ. EVANS Sc CO.-Baker street, Nelson  ��� wholesale dealers in liquors, cigars  cement, fire brick and Are clay, water pipe.and  steel rails, and general commission merchant-..  ELECTRICAL   SUPPLIES.  KOOTENAY ELECTRIC SUPPLY & CON-.  STRUCTION COMPAN Y-Wholcsalcdeal-'"  ers in telephones, annunciators, bells, batteries,  fixtures, etc., Houston block, Nolson.  FLOUR'AND FEED..  BRACKMAN. KER MILLING COMPANY  ���Cereals, Flour, Grain, Hay. Straight or  mixed cars shipped- to all Kootenay. Points.  Grain elevators at all principal points on Calgary:  Edmonton R. IIT"-Vlius at Victorui, Now west-  minster, and Edmonton, Alberta.  TAYLOR  street,  FKKD-& PRODUCE CO.-Baker  uu, Nolson (George V. Motion's old  stand), Flour, Feed, Grain, Hay and Produce.  Car lota a specialty. Correspondence solicited.  P1UHU.2G.  FRESH AND SALT MEATS.  BURNS &   CO.-Baker. street,   NoIrod,  wholesale dealers lu fresh and ourod meats.  Cold storage.   -  P.  CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE ROOMS IN NELSON  Houston Block, Corner of Baker and Josephine Streets.  E. J. CURRAN, Prop.  Corner Stanley aud Silica Streets.  MUSIC.  Mrs. I). U. Murray, grailual.o in vocal and instrumental music, is now prepared to receive  pupils for Instruction In voice culture, Italian  inothod. also piano and organ.'  For terms and further particulars applyroom  0. A. Macdonald bni'.diug. corner .lo_tepl_iue and  Vernon street.  IVJadden House  Baker and Ward.  Streets, Nelson  The only hotel In Nelson that) has remained  under, one management slnoe 1890.  The bed-rooms are well furnished and lighted  by electricity.  The bar is always stocked by the best dom 8-  tlo and Imported liquors and cigars.  THOMAS MADDEN, Proprietor.  SLOCAN JUNCTION HOTEL  J. H. McMANUS, Manager  Head Ofpioe AT  r-JNT-BLSONi. B..C.  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BUCHANAN, Manager.  ���,',-   branches In London (England) Nkw York,  ..'v.Chicaoo, and all the principal cities iu Canada.  . ;_tuy and sell Sterling Exchange and Cable  Transfers.  Grant- Commercial  and  Travolers'   Credits,  available in any part of tho world.  I irafts Issued, Collections Mado, Eto.  Savings Bank Branch  OUKRKNT UATR OK INTBBK8T PAID.  A VICTIM OF THE WAR.  THE BANK OF  BRITISH   COLUMBIA  NELSON  Is now prepared to issue Drafts and  Letters of Credit on Skaguay, U. S.,  Atlin, B. C, and Dawson City, N. W.T.  Imperial Bank of Canada  HEAD  OFFICE. TORONTO.  Established in Nelson in 1890.  Wholesale and Retail  The  was  In a letter to the Rochdale Ob-  R-rver''- trooper Harvey Rigg, a  lsiember of the Duke of Lancaster's  Own Yeomanry, thus describes an  incident which occurred during the  iiilvance of sir Charles Warren's  v. '11111111 through Griqualaud West.  A Dutch girl, about 20 years old,  was leaving her house a. short-dis--  i a nee 'from -where a picket was  posted. In a pitch dark night,  amid the rain and. thunder and  lightning, the sentry could just discern some human form. Irarae-  tliately.he challenged, "Halt! Who  goes' there?" . But the girl was  scared and ran away. Twice after  in quick succession came the challenge, but tlie girl ran on.  only result that could follow  for the sentry to level his rifle and  fire. He did so, and most unfortunately brought down his victim.  The poor girl fell to his bullet,  being shot through the abdomen.  Of. course, the darkness of the  night and the awful weather contributed greatly to the accident,  because if the sentry could have  >">uen that it was a woman I don't  f.hink he would.have fired.  This happened on Saturday, the  night we arrived, and on. the Monday afternoon sir Charley Warren  ordered all troops to attend her  funeral. It was a most impressive  wight to see. hundreds of soldiers,  with heads bent.and arms reversed,  ..howing their- sorrow.for the victim of this most unfortunate accident. Sir Charles Warren, avIio  was accompanied by the- whole-of  his staff, expressed his sorrow to  tlie bereaved parents at the graveside���the grave was dug in the  grounds attached to tho farmhouse  ���and hardly a man- in the whole-  ii'ssopj'bly but what was touched- to  tl.c><piickr    ���     --*- -   -  The Fight in Canada,  New York Tribune.  The Canadian-contest this year is  a straight party fight between the  Liberals and the Conservatives, between the Ins and the Outs. There  are no issues of race or religion.  There are no party schisms. Louis  Itiel's rebellion, the Manitoba  schools and all such -matters are  shelved. It is a contest between  the Liberals, who are^in power and  who are led in entire harmony by.  men so widely differing- in repre--  sentative capacity as. sir Wilfrid  Laurier, sir Richard Cartwriglit  ,'ind Mr, J. Israel Tarte, and the-  Conservatives'who are out of power  for the first time in many years  and are led by such aggressive  loaders as sir Charles and sir Hib-  bert Tupper, father and   son,   and  -tliat-promising���son���of���a- famous-  father,   Mr. "Hugh. J. 'Macdonald.  :.. With such leaders, and with followers worthy of them, as lively a  three weeks' carapaignis to be expected as any outside of Donny-  biook could reasonably wish.  We have said it is a straight party  fight. But the principles are mixed  in a way that might well cause  Macdonald and Mackenzie to turn  in their graves. The Liberals are  traditional Fre Traders. Vet they  have ipaintained a stiff protective  tariff against all the world save the  Mother country, to which they have  been granting that most hateful of  all things to the true Cobdenite, a  preferential tariff. They are traditionally anti-imperialist. Yet, despite the obstreperous objections of  Mr. Tarte, they have been sending  khaki-clad legions to Soutli Africa  and vaunting themselves upon their  loyalty to the empire. On the other  hand, the Conservatives, who have  hitherto been loyalists and iniper-  ialists^to the centre of the spinal  marrow,, are now carping at the  ���Liberal policy because it so closely  identifies the dominion with, the  affairs and interests of the United  Kingdom! It is right about face  on both sides.  The result seems likely to be close.  .Canada is probably naturally. Conservative. The Conservativeftliave  won live of the seven general elections in the history of the Domin-.  ion. We may therefore scarcely  expect the Liberal majority of four  years ago to be repeated, and it  may be entirely wiped out. Yet  the Liberals are good fighters, and  they have the enormous advantage  of patronage with which to aid  their cause, such patronage as  neither the United Kingdom nor  Capital Authorized  Capital Paid up  Rest  $2,600,000  $2,468,603  $1,700,000  D. R. Wllkle, General Manager.  E, Hay, Inspector.  Nelson Branch���Burns Block, 221 Baker Street  J. M. LAY, Manager.  the United States knows.* In Great  Britain patronage amounts to little  or nothing in elections. In the  United States it is far less influential than is commonly supposed.  But in "Canada, with pra.otically the  whole railroad system of the country as a political machine, it is a  vital and potent reality. We may  therefore look for a vigorous fight  by the Liberals for a renewal of  their lease of power, and we may  confidently expect that, whichever  party wins, the attitude of the  Dominion towards the United States  will remain practically unchanged.  The Ohio to Beat All.  The Union Iron Works of San  Francisco, keeps to the fore. The  eastern papers are making a great  ado over the exploits of the new  battleship "Wisconsin," turned out  a few days ago from the Union  yards. The contract required that  she should develop a speed of sixteen kuots an hour, whereas in this  trial, in comparatively rough water,  she made a maximum of 18.54 knots  and nn average, for the whole run  of 17.25 knots, This beats even,the  "Oregon," and leaves all the eastern  battleships in the lurch. The remark of the Mail and Express is  that "the construction of these two  magnificeut vessels by a single firm,  each surpassing all standards for  craft of their type,. is one of the  most brilliant achievements in  the annals.. of American  shipbuilding." By the way, the  "Ohio" is nearing completion at the  sameshipyards, and-wo' think by  the preparations being made the  "Ohio" is going to surpass all the  achievements .of the "Wisconsin"  and* the-'-'Oregon;'- and, going, to., be  the most formidable and swiftest  battleship that ever went to sea.  Suspect Li Hung Chang.  Paris, October 21.���There is considerable mystery about the health  of the French minister at Pekin, M.  Pichon. The- French government  has. received- through the Chinese  minister, here a cable message.from.  Li Hung Chang, saying that M.  Pichon is sick, and suggesting that  the French government appoint  another     plenipotentiary. The  French, minister of. foreign affairs,  M. Delcasso,. having received the  same day a dispatch from M.  Pichon which did not refer to his  health, it is thought that Li Hung  Chang's suggestion.is open to suspicion, and he cabled to M. Pichon  on the subject.' The latter's reply  has not yet been received.  tn  DEPENDS ON HOW YOU BUY  Wholesale and Retail  ft  QUB  STOGK  OP  GOODS  BOUGHT  THIS  NO  EQUAL  IN B. C.  YEAR  HAS  For quality and price, you can buy the latest  up-to-date goods from me and save 25 per cent on  every dollar.  My goods are purchased direct from New York,  England, France, Germany and Austria, and consist of lines that are not shown any where else in  J Vr. .    ;�����(.)      .;.v  this Province.  Everyone is welcome to call and inspect them  whether they buy or not.  PIANOS  ONYX TABLES  JARDINIERE  STANDS  LAMPS  VASES  MIRRORS  FIRE SETS  TENDERS  Diamonds Loose and Set  Jewelry.of every description.  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They have caught no salmon  this season, their potato crop has  failed and their stock has been  drowned by the floods. Recent  heavy rains have caused the Harrison river to overflow its banks,  and the whole country is said to be  flooded. Conditions are said to be  worse now than during the disastrous floods of 1894, when the district was under six feet of water.  Supplies are being rushed from  Vancouver to the starving Indians.  Strike Continues.  London,   October   24.���The employers of the striking  lightermen  today   declined   the   men's  conditional offer to resume work.     The:  strike, therefore, continues.  Pointed Paragraphs.  About one quarter of the United  States pensions goes to widows.  The cinchona tree, from which  we get quinine, only grows at an  elevation of 7000 to 10,000 feet in  tlie Andes.  It is said that this year's cotton  crop will pay for the cost of production and enrich the south with  a profit of $200,000,000.  There are three princiiml religions.in China���Buddhism, Taoism  and Confucianism. The latter is  almost without forma and ceremonies.  ARTHUR   GEE  MERCHANT  TAILOR.  OPrOSITE   THE   QUEEN'S   HOTEL.  Largo stock of high-class -imported goods. A  specialty- of the square shoulder���the latest  fashion in coats.--  Special Sale  For   balance- of week.     Millinery and Millinery Novelties,  Corsets,  Gloves, Lace   Veiling-  and Children's Headwear.  Trimmings free of charge.  MBS.  MCLAUGHLIN,  Josephine   St.  MRS.   ENFIELD'S  . . . for fine.-. .  hall block, NELSON-  CORPORATION OF THE CITY OF NELSON  NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given that under the provisions of Hy-law No. 80, "Pound and Dog Tax Bylaw," it is unlawful for/any person to suffer any  horse, mule, bull ox, cow, sheep, goat, pig, or  other cattle orpoultry to run at large within tho  limits of tho City of Nelson.  Every ow ner of a dog in tho City of Nolson is  requited to pay annually a tax of. two dollars for  each dog owned hy hint.  No porson shall suffer or pormlt his dog to run  at largo In the City of Nolson for which such  person has not, paid the tax required of him, and  unless such dog shall' have around his neck a  collai or strap lo which chall be attached u  metallic plato to be supplied by the city on payment of the said lax. the said metallic plate having ralsod or mumped thereon the letters O. T. P.  (oliy tax paid.) ��� "  Warning is hereby given I hat any person guilty  of an infraction or violation of any of the provisions of the'abovonamed By-law is in addition  to the fees and charges set forth therein, liable  upon summary conviction to a penalty of One  Hundred Dollars and the costs of prosecution,  and in default of payment to imprisonment for a  term not exceeding two months., lly order,  .1. K. STRACIIAN. City Clerk.  Nelson, B. C. October 23rd, 1900.  CORPORATION OF THE CITY OF NELSON  MUNICIPAL  VOTER'S  LIST.  Notice is hereby given that. Section fl of the  Mun'eipul Elections Act provides that only tho  names of those persons who have paid on or before the FIRST DAY OF NOVEMBER, ALL  MUNICIPAL RATES, TAXES, ASSESS-  M HINTS AND LICENSE FEES (if any) Faynble  by them, shall be entitled to have their names  placed on the voters'Hat of the Municipality.  And notice Is hereby also given that the names  of all persons who have not paid by the first day  of November next all"rates, taxes,' assessments  and license fees (if any) payable by them, will be  o m itted from said voters' liar.   By order,  J. K. STUACHAN, City Clerk.  Nelson, B. C, October L'3rd, 1900.  "     TOWN LOTS  FOR SALE  Two good business lots in the town of Phoenix,  :e.  gun .   _  third cash; balanco In six and twelve months.  boo  50 feet frontage. ��� . .  for the same figure on the following terms: One-  or_a -uw_ in iiio luwii ui j-itueuiA,  Original cost $ 1,000.     Will sell  A FULL LINE OF  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local and coast.  Flooring  local and coast.  Newel Posts  Stair Bail  Mouldings  Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  of all kinds.  if  -WHAT YOU WANT IS NOT IN STOCK  WK WILL MAKB IT FOK YOU  CALL AND GET PRICES.  J. A. Sayward  HALL AND LAKES, STREETS, NELSON  Porto Rico Lumber Co.  (LIMITED)  CORNER OF        ."     '  HENDRYX- AND VERNON STREETS  Address, ii*. B. H.', post ottoe box 108, Ne Ism., B.C.  Rough and  Dressed  Lumber  Shingles  Mouldings  A-1 White Pine'Lumber Always in  StocK-  ���We-cairy-����� complete���stock-of-  Coast Flooring, Ceiling, Inside Finish, Turned Work, Sash and Doors,  Special order work, will: receive  prompt attention.  Porto Rico Lumber Co. Ltd.  Contractors and Builders  WTUi DO WKLIi TO;  Buy Their lumber  G. Q. Buchanan's  A largo stock of first-class dry material on  hand, also a full line of sash, doors, monldlnBs,  turned work, eto.  Factory Work a Specialty  Yard!   Foot of Hondryx street, Nelson  Telephone. 01    JO^f!   Ra6,   Ag6llt  NELSON LOTS FOR SALE.  Good building lots"for sale. Corner and one  adjoining,' 5(1x150; ?:_2a. Two inside lots .10x120,  $250. All on Mill street. Title clear. Apply to  St.rachan Urothers, opposite tlie post office.  NOTICE.  ���I.liavo: impounded, one gray mule. aged. 11  hand high, owner unknown, The same will lie  offered for sain on Oatober 2.1.  W. R. .7AIIV IS, Pound Keopor.  COSTELLO'S EXPRESS  AND TRANSFER  Baggage and express moved to any part of tho  city.  Bpeclal attention given to heavy teaming.  Office corner Victoria and Ward streets. Tele-  phonam     .     W. A. OOfiTRU/O, Manager.  FOR   SALE  ON   EASY TERMS  TUB  PROPF.nTY  KNOWN AS  The Florence Park Hotel  or Roberts' Ranch  1 i:i acres more or less. A first-class going business, with :.."> acres of first-class land under cultivation, .ISO fruit troes, a large proportion bearing  fruit; 1000small fruits���raspberries, blackberries  and currants.  One mile cast of the tennlnous of the electric  tramway.  For particulars apply to  HUGH R. CAMERON  Insurance Agent  BAKER STREET NELSON  D. J. Dewar, J. Pi  . Notary Public���Conveyancer.  VOIt RALE  ��� Collage oh Mirics' ro.id.'7'rboiii*. 'full' plumbing,  beautiful location, $l(!Ml. 3500 cash.  7-room house on Carbonate street, two stories,  double stairway. ��2,000. cosy terms.'  2 nice building lot". Latimer street, 100x120, $fiOO.  House in Humeuddit ion, $2,100: S200cash, $2->.00  t_ permonth pays the balance, interest and prlii  cipal.  This house has full plumbing, stone  foundation, and lot iSxWV).  Nice house and lot ncui'Ward street, on the  south side of Silica. ��2,2.V); rents for. ��:��). and.  only a block from the post olllce.  TO RENT.  4-room cottage in rear of my bouso on Victoria  street, ��12.   This cottage is comfoitable and  most convenient to town.  7-room house on Alines road, ��2."  Office in  Madden Block  D. J. DEWAR  Ward Bros  REAL ESTATE AND  INSURANCE AGENTS  Agents^for-J.&sUTAYLOR SAFES  Bogustown)   Fairview   Addition.  GAMBLE & O'REILLY  Baker Street  REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE  AGENTS  .VOU-KENT  11-roomed bouse and bath, together with kitchen  range, complete" with''hot'and cold water, Ob-  - sorvatory street,  magnificent view; rent, including water rate, ��2.. per .month.  A-roomcd house, corner Ccdnr and  Carbonate  streets: 820 per month.  .1-roomed bouse, Hume Addition ; $15 per month.  l-roomcd cottage, Uoro street $12._iO per montli.  -.���roomed house, corner of -Mill and Hall streets;  $110 per month, from 1st NovemDer.  itents collected.   Loans made.  Agents for British Columbia Permanent Loan  & Savings Company.  MINING STOCKS  BOUGHT AND SOLD  nichelleu, 10OO  VOlt SALIC.  Largo hotel, furnished complete throughout,  In a good lKe town ; reasonable terms.  A complete set of tinner's tools.  CALL ON  H. A. Prosser  BltOICKR. WARD STREKT  FOR SALE-OHEAT  Six loin corner Observatory and   Hall.streets,  drained and cleared for building.  Charles St. Barbe, Agent  I^NIEY TO LOAN  AT 7 PER CENT  ON BUSINESS PROPERTY  Apply U. U LKNNOX. Holloltor. N6l��m U. C  Tle Leading Scotch Whisky  R.P.RITHET&GO.,Ltd.  VICTORIA.  Agents for British Columbia.  A. B. GRAY, Box 521, Nelson  Kootenay Representative.  JUST   ARRIVED  A Car Load of  rams  Allen's Apple Cider.  THORPE & CO.  R. REISTERER & CO.  BREWERS AND BOTTL-ERfl Ot  FINE LAGER BEER, ALE  AND PORTER  Prompt) and regular  . dnllvary to tihn trade  Brewery at Nelson  _A._   JBHSrSTE^LlD.  , Decorators, Paporhangors.  )or, mouldings, eto,   Kalso-  Contractlng Painters,  Full lino 0/ wall paper, , ,  mining and Tinting.   Striotly llrst-elass work.  Ksllmatos furnished.  Rosldence Mill Street,  Opposite School House  NELSON, B. C.  H. D.  ASHCROFT  BLACKSMITHING  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  Wagon repairing promptly attended bo by a  drab-class wheelwright.  Special attention given to all kinds of repairing and custom work from onbslde points.  Shorn   Hall 8ti��� bntvwnw>n Haknr and Vnmnn.  &  FRATERNAL   SOCIETIES,  NKLSON LODQK, NO. 33, A. V. St A. M.  Meets second Wednesday in each month.  8ojourning brethren lnvitod.  K  NIGHTS OK PYTHIAS��� Nelson l_ocl  _o.Uf<3, No,  I. O. O. F.  25, Knights ot Pythias, moots lu  r Baker and Kootenay Htrcu-o, u.^w  Visiting Knights  Hall, corner "Baker and Kootenay streets, evory  Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock. Visiting Knights  cordially invited to attend. F. J. llrailley, C. C;  J. A. Paquetle, K. of It. & S.    NELSON Ij. O. L., No. 1092, meets In I. O. O. F.  Hall, corner Baker and Kootenay streots,  lsb and 3rd  Friday  of each  brothern cordially lnvltod.   11. Hoi  W. Crawford, Recording-Secretary  month." Visiting  W.  NKLSON .aCRIK.,' Number 22, Fraternal Order  of Bagles, moots every socond and fourth  Wednesday lneach month lu Fraternity Hall.  VisltiUig brethren wolooma. W. Oosnell, Presl  rt��ntu  1: tuu-laa l*rntu��r, 8oor��___.nr.  villo; Secretary.  BRICKLAYERS AND MASONS' UNION.  The Bricklayers and Masons' International  Union No. 3 of Nelson meets second and fourth  Tuesdays in each month at Miners Union hall.  J. W. Etcher, president; Josoph Clark, recording  and corresponding secretary.  LABORERS' UNION.-Nclson Laborers' Pro  tectlve Union, No. 8121, A. F. of L., meoU in  Fraternity-Hall, Oddfellow's block, corner of Ba-  - Ko "'     "  .....    . m. sharp. Visitinpi  can Federation cordially invited to attend. A. W.  kor and  at7:H0p.m. sharp.  ootcnay streets, every Monday evening  mombers of tne Amerl  Visitinc  rdially Ii  . .  McFce, Prosident. Poroy Shackelton, Secrotary.  NKLSON PAINTERS' UNION���The  mooting of  the   Painters'  Union  regular      is held  tho first and third Fridays In each month at Minors' Union hall at 7:30 sharp. J. If. Mdlward,  ProBldont; Will J. Hatoh, Socrotary.  PLASTKRKHS'  UNION-Tho O. P. I,  172, meets ovory Monday evening In  Elliot block, corner Urikor and Stanloy atri  8 o'clock.   J. I). Mover, president; 1  Tj_wn. <M-nrflt��rv'  SHERIFF'S SALE.  No.  the  streets, at  nald Mo  --<$  >ll  .-   >)_  J" I  E P. Whalley, J. P.  NOTARY PUBLIC  Oftico with C. W. West & Co., cornor Hall and  Itakor streets.  ' City office of t he Nelson Soda water Factory.  A. R. BARROW, A.M.I.C.E.  PROVINCIAL-  LAND SURVEYOR  Corner Victoria and Kootonay Streeta.  P. O. Bar M9. TELEPHONE NO. 96  DR.  ALEXANDER  FORIN ,_:  OFFICR AND-RESIDENCE [- ),  Silica   street, between Ward ,aiul;  Josephine streets.  Telephone 120. j *  engineers: '  CHARLES PARKER-Mlnlng and milling on-"'  Klnoer.   Turncr-Boeckh Block, Baker street,  NnlRon. . ���,   ,���__  ��� j  ARCHITECTS.  THWART &  CARRIE���Architects.    Rooms 7-  ^-J   and 8 Aberdeen block, Bakor stroot. Nelson.  TRAPES   UNIONS.  XTELSON MINERS' UNION NO. 90, W. F. o  ���*-'   M.���Meets in miners' union rooms, north-  cast corner, Victoria and Kootenay streets, every  Saturday evening at 8 o'clock.   Visiting mem  bers welcome. M. R. Mo watt, President Jame  Wilkes,   Secretary.     Union Scali: of Wages"  kor-. Nelson    District���Per   shift,    machino  men, $3.50: hammersmen miners, $3.25; muckers,  carmen, shovelers and other underground labor- ���  ers, $3.00.  TRADES AND LABOR COUNCIL.-Tho regular meetings of the Nelson Trades and Labor  Council-will be held in the miners' union hall,  corner of .Victoria and Kootenay streets, on the  lirst .and third Thursday of each month, at  7.30 p. m. , G. J. Thorpo, Prosident. J. H. Mathe-  son, Secrotary.  THE regular meetings of tho Carpenters' Union  are.held on Wednesday evening of each  week, at 7 o'clock, in tho Minors' Union hall corner. Victoria and Kootenay streets. R. Robinson, President.   Jam 08 Colling, Secretary.  BARBERS' UNION.-Nclson Union, No. 190. of  the International Journeymen Barber's Union of America, meets every lirst and third Monday of each month in Miner's Union Hall, corner  of Victoria and Kootenay'streets, at 8:30 p.m.  sharp. . Visiting brothers cordially invited to  aUend.-J.-^H.--Mathc80ii,-Probidenl.���W. S. Bol-^-  "/il  1--     ���*%���  - -, jj  s��l  Province ot British Columbia, Nelson, in Wen  Kooluuny, to wit:  Hy virtue of a writ of fiori-facias, issued out of  tho Supremo Court of llritilh Columbia, at tho  suit of the Bank of Montreal, plaintiffs, and lo  mi; directed, agniust the goods and chat;  tola of the Two Friends Mine, Limited  Liability, defendant*, I have seized and  tnkeu In execution all tho right, title and Interest  of the said defendants, Two Friends Mine Limited Liability, In the mineral claim known as  and called "Two Fi*icnri.->."aitun_ed on the divide  between Lemon and Springer creeks, on the east,  slope of Lemon creek, located 011 the 31st day of  July. A. D. I89S. and recorded lu the office of the  milling recorder for the Slocnn Clfy Mining Division oft he Weft Koofnay Olslnct, on the 10th  day of Annual., A. D. ISM: and also all the right:  title anil interest of the said defendants. Two  Friends .Aline, Limited Liability,in sixty (GO) torn  of ore. more or less, mined from the mineral  claim "Two Friends," and now upon the property: To recover tho sum of two thousand and  eighty-nine dollars and eighty-five cents ($2,089-  .83)'together with interest on two.thousand and  eighty-six dollars and tblrty-tlve cents (S20SQ33)  at six per centum per.annum. from the 'Mlh day  of September, 1000, until payment, besides sheriffs poundage, ollieer's fees, and all other, legal  incidental expenses: All of which I shall expose  for sale, or sn.lloieiit thereof tosatisfy said judgment, debt, and costs, at the front of mv ofllco  next to tho court house, in the city ot Nelson.'B.  C. on Friday the 20th day of October, A. D.. 19001  at the hour of eloven o'clock In the forenoon.  Notk.���Intending purchasers will satisfy then*  selves as to interest and title of the said defendants.  Dated at Slocan City the 12th' day of October,  1900.  S. P. TUCK, Slu-riff at South Kodtenay  >;%ir  :.'.-"  .V''i,:''"��.:.._M��  '"'.'.'' V.V.*-"''.'h'V__^  ^2______>___i___:   ' TFE THIBOTE: NJGLSON.B. C, .THURSDAY OCTOBM 25 1900  Queen Victoria Chocolates  THE  BEST   OIsT  THE   MAEKET  SOLD   0-I5Tr_-_r   -BTT  .ptxt t_t:i? irtsr 25__vasrr>  50   OB-NTT   _BO_2CEai  W. F. Teetzel & Co.  CORNER BAKER AND JOSEPHINE STREETS.  EVERYTHINCJVjUST GO  Tremendous Sacrifice Prices oHh.e FURNITURE and C/\RPETS purchased by  The OLD CURIOSITY SHOP  FROM THE NELSON FURNITURE COMPANY.  Five-foot Curtain Poles, complete         35c  Window Shades       ���     25c  Lace Curtains, 3 1-2 yards long, per pair $1.00  Brussels Carpets, per yard      45c  Tapestry Carpets, per yard       .      ...... 65c  Body Brussels, per yard  -            ���'��� $1.00  Velvet Carpet, per yard   $1.10  The above prices for Carpets include sewing, laying and papering.  Kitchen Chairs     50c  Dining-room Chairs  75c, $1.00, $1.25  Rocking Chairs   $1.75 to $2.50     .  Resides the above the stock hiehtdes everything in the furniture  and carpet line. Goods on display in the Applewhait.fi building, corner  Raker and Kootenay streets. ;  Special Sales Daily until Stock is Run Off  Ho! -For Fall Clothing - Ho!  ��-_____M-l______M~--l-------M__^_______.____M---V--l______H  See our celebrated Fit Reform Clothing, also our magnificent lines of,fancy vests.   The.very latest in style:  and   pattern.   Our  stock   is   complete   in  all   lines.  The Nelson  Clothing House  217 AND 219 BAKER STREET. NELSON.  STOVES!       STOVES!  We are sole agents for the celebrated  COLE'S HOT BLAST HEATERS  Will burn anything.    Results unequalled  'in any line of.heaters.  LAWRENCE HARDWARE COMPANY  m  $m  :^i$  '���?!  TO  W  Contractors and  Builders  m  m  Having disposed of our business to Mr. Ernest Mansfield, we  bespeak fop him a continuance of that liberal share of patronage  which has been extended us during our career in Nelson. We can  only say that those traits which have built up for us and maintained  our reputation for reliable dealings will be continued throughout  by the new firm. We therefore take great pleasure in r^eommend-  in_r him to all our old customers, and also to any new ones who  may honor him with their patronage.   Thanking-yoirforpast-favors, =  The West Kootenay Brick & lime Co., Md.  T. G. PROCTER,  Late Managing Director  Nelson, B. C, 5th October, 1900.  �� To the Public...  w  m  m  Having taken over the business of the West Kootenay Brick & OT^  Lime Company, Limited, of Nelson, I beg'to ask for a continuance ��A'  of .tho patronage which you have heretofore extended them. My &.  aim will be at all times to supply you with our products at lowest W  possible prices. Being In a position to manufacture goods In larger ^  quantities than before, wo shall be able to supply the trade at a !J}t_  lower figure. jm  . It Is our intention to Install machinery to manufacture our /$.  marble products, and next season we shall be In a position to supply gti  these products at reasonable rates. jjk\  P$\ We shall also keep on hand a stock of Fire Brick, Fire Clay, (jfa  >jm Tiles and Cement. jra  /j?fi Our Bricks and Lime Rock have taken the First Prizes at the (fy  im Spokane Industrial Exposition in 1890 and also this year.   We also jri  i��  secured prizes last year and this year for Ornamental and Building Jvk  Mstmo' ��� '      ' m  xt We are prepared to offer special rates to Contractors  and ^u  4$ Builders. W  ERNEST MANSFIELD, t��  for The Mansfield Manufacturing Company. ($  Successors to *K/Jl  The West Kootenay Brick & Lime Co., Ltd. (^  Nelson, B. C, 5tn October, 1900. > J$\  m  Kootenay Electric Supply & Construction Co,, Ltd.  Electric Fixtures Electric Fans  Medical Batteries  Nelson, B. C.  HOUSTON MOOR,  CORNKR BAKER AND JOSEPHINE STUKKTS.  CITY LOCAL NEWS  The Winnipeg Commercial of this  week's issue contains a lengthy illustrated sketch of Nelson ami its  immediate, vicinity.  Tho management of tlie Nelson  Operatic Society desire all members  of the Mikado company holding  costumes to return them at once to  the opera house.  Rev. .1. 0. Colter While leaves  next week for I>thl.ridg��?, AHa,  where he will reside in the future.  Mr. Whites mission is to form a  Baptist church at Lethbridge whicli  seems to be growing rapidly.  Provincial constables Devitt of  Trail and Wilson of Creston, left,  last night for the coast with William Ii. Albi, ]"<Yed Howard and W.  It. Hocking, who are to serve sen-  teneesin the provincial penitentiary.  The members of the BaptisL  church having received an invitation to attend tlie sessions of the  Presbyterian Sunday school convention, there will be no prayer  meeting in the Baptist church this  morning.  The steamer Marion came into  port yesterday several hours ahead  of time having been unable to cross  the lake from Balfour to Pilot Bay  because of the heavy sea and wind.  The storm is said to have been the  worst of the year.  Alex Stewart, who for the past  two years carried on an insurance  and real estate business in Nelson,  left for Toronto this morning,  where he will engage in a general  brokerage business. Mr. Stewart  will be remembered in Nelson as  one of the greatest real estate rustlers that the city has known,  Jacob DoA'er yesterday received  a new consignment of manicure sets  and chatelaine bags. This completes the $GO,000 stock which_ he  has secured for the approaching  holiday trade. All the goods are  purchased by Mr. Dover personally  from the manufacturers and he says  that as a result he can sell 25 per  cent cheaper than his competitors  and then make 50 per cent.  A. H. MaeNeill, the Conservative  candidate, and mayor Goodeve of  Rossland will address a meeting in  the opera house on Friday evening.  The chief object of the meeting is  to afford candidate MaeNeill an  opportunity for becoming acquainted with the electors of Nelson, and secretary Starkey says  that the number whom the candidate will have to address will tax  the seating capacity of the largest  auditorium in the city.  The Methodist church officials  who took up theofl'eringon Thanksgiving day for the general hospital  fund were surprised to find among  the coins in tho plates an English  penny. Tlie coin was kept until  yesterday-when it was claimed by  -aJady^who-said=it=wa.S--=a=-S-aluecL  pocket piece and had been placed  on the plate in mistake for a four-  bit piece. She handed in the fifty  cents and secured the copper coin  in returned.  The funeral of tlie late Mrs. John  Scoley took place yesterday afternoon to St. Saviour's church, thence  to the Union cemetery. Rev. IT. S,  Akehurst conducted services at the  church, which was filled with sorrowing friends. The Oddfellows  and Sons of England, of which the  bereaved husband is a well known  member, were represented by large  delegations. The pall bearers were  A. H. Clements, E. C. Traves, Fred  Irvine, W. Glover, P. .1. Squire and.  John Watson.  Bishop Dontenwill of Victoria  who accompanies mgr. Falconio on  his visit to Nelson, has just returned from a visit to Rome. At  the time of bishop Dontenwill's arrival in the holy city, the great jubilee pilgrimages were under way  and over 200 bishops were in the  city. After waiting several weeks  he obtained an audience with the  pope and took occasion to present  his holiness with the souvenir  spoon sent from Nelson. The gift  was graciously received and examined with interest.  ciation of this fact H. Allenberg,  manager of the company has presented Mr. -Ellis with a handsome  gold watch. Vice-president G. A.  Tarbell also forwarded him a fine  leather wallet as a further evidence  of the esteem in: which he is held at  the head office.  Services Appreciated.  W. E. Ellis, general agent of east-"  ern British Columbia of the Equitable Life Assurance Society of the  United States with headquarters at  Nelson, has made a record for hi in-  self. During the first nine months  of the present year he has written  more business than any other agent  representing the Equitable Life in  the'province.   As a mark of appro;  Attended Paria Exposition..  James Connacher arrived in the  city last night after a pleasant trip  to England and the continent.  When iu France Mr. Connacher  naturally took in the exposition,  which was then, "during August,  drawing to the close. He spent  some time in the Canadian exhibit,  which he describes as very comprehensive and well arranged, though,  in his opinion, the building suffered  somewhat in comparison with the  structures erected by. other countries. As to the exposition generally, Mr. Connacher says he found  more pleasure in visiting the historical spots about Paris- than wax-  to be had within the exhibition  grounds.   WILL ATTACH THE PROPERTY  Commence Proceedings Today.  Ernest Mansfield promises to fire  the first gun in' the legal battle  arising out of his arrest and imprisonment in the provincial jail  today by instructing his Nelson  solicitors, Taylor <fc Haunington, to  file liens against the Camp Mansfield properties to insure the recovery of $14,000, the -sum Mr. Mansfield states is due him for advances  to cover wages and supplies during  this and last year. Only a four-  fifth interest in the claims will bo  filed on, the.balanc'e being the personal property of Mr. Mansfield, as  hih commission for putting through  the deals by which the syndicate  became interested in the district.  It is extremely probable that Mansfield will sever his connection with  the present syndicate because of  the trouble that has arisen. It is  understood that as engineer for  this outfit he drew the comfortable  stipend of ��1000 per annum, travelling and general, expenses over  actual cost of living, a quarter interest in all properties taken up,  and a month's vacation annually,  with ��100 for traveling expenses  during the holiday. The agree-  riient setting .forth the above  conditions is ' now in the  hands of Taylor & Hannington. ' Within;the.p_ist few clays tho  syndicate formed the Mansfield  Gold Mines of 13. C. Limited Company, with a capitalization of a  million dollars and a working capital of $200,000. TJiis company is to  work several properties in Camp  Mansfield. As to'- his threatened  action for damages!'Mansfield states  that he will go into the matter on  his arrival in England, whence he  sails from New York per tlie steamer  Campania a fortnight hence. His  present intention is to sue for  ��10,000, aud it would seem as'  though he had an ������ excellent prima  facie case for damages. " .." _  In connection with the arrest of  Mr. Mansfield at the instance.of his  miners, it may be said that an interesting object lesson has been  taught. Few representatives of  foreign syndicates will care to incur financial obligations in future  =withoutrhs.ving=ithe^cash=actually-  in hand when delay in remitting  may land them in the unpleasant  predicament from 'which Mansfield  has just emerged. !  KOOTENAY SUNDAY SCHOOLS  Convention Proceedings.  The opening .session of tho first  Sunday school convention for the  presbyteries of Kamloops and  Kootenay nndjii; JLjie ;��� direction of  the synod of British Columbia took  place last night at. St. Paul's Presbyterian church. The proceedings  were of an interesting nature and  the convention promises to be most  instructive for Sabbath school  workers. The church, was well  filled, among the visiting delegates  being llevs. MeKee and wife of  Sloean City, Fortune of Cranbrook,  Gordon of Fernie, Reid of Fort  Steele, Menzies and wife of Kaslo,  Ferguson of- Sandon and Young of  Ymir, Mesdames Binn of Trail and  Hay of Rossland rind Messrs. Murray of Midway and Kenshaw of  Fort Steele. A number of additional delegates from outside points  are expected to arrive today.  In opening-rev;M_D. McKee of  Sandon was appointed provisional  president with rev. Mr. Ferguson of  Sandon as secretary-treasurer. A  nominating committee was drafted  to prepare a list of permanent of-  gcers who will be elected later.  The program for the evening was  commenced with the reading by  Mr. McKee of a- clever paper on  "Some phases ofv Sunday school  work/' prepared by rev. J. A, Lo-  ���mbf  S  cfe   CO.  ISTELSO-ISr  KASLO  S-A.-N-_DO._sr  STOVES!   STOVES!    STOVES!  HEATING STOVES, COOKING STOVES, AND STEEL RANGES  ��� j.  Sole Agents for the Original Cole's Hot Blast Goal Heaters  SEE OUR GUNS AND RIFLES  HEADQUARTERS FOR ALL KINDS OF AMMUNITION  Storo, Corner linker nml Josephine Slreo  Tli-LKI'HONE i.7  gnu of Rossland who was unable to  be present at tho session. Rev.  Robert Frew of St. Paul's followed  with an exceptionally bright address on "The Bible class and how  to teach it." Tho ideas brought  forward were original and tho information was discussed in a manner calculated to leave a lasting impression.  The convention resumes this  morning at 0 o.clock and again at 5  o'clock. At 7.30 a mass meeting  takes place at which addresses wjll  be given by revs. 13. L. Gordon of  Fernie and W. G. W. Fortune of  Cranbrook. Sunday school workers from various denomination-,  will be present in force.  PERSONAL.  G. IT. Barnhart, superintendent of  lhe Ymir mine, is in the cil.y on bii-siness.  Rev. A. 1). Menzies  and  wife of  ICa^lo, (ivo rcf>N( crcil ��.'��� the Queen's Hotel.  W. F. Robertson, of Victoria, provincial liiincralologisl, is registered at the llotol  Hume.  Captain   .T.  W. Troup returned  last night after u couple of days visit lo (he Hoss-  land district.  II. W. Kent, general manager of  the lfootenay Lake Telephone Compnny, was in  tin. city yesterday.  Viscount do Dusinet is registered  at (he Hotel Phair. M. de Dnsmct. came in yt'rf-  terday from the Chaplcau mine.  BUSINESS   MENTION.  Cellar to Rent���Apply -Merchants  Hank of Halifax.  Hack   calls left at   the   Pacific  Transfor barn oh Vernon stroet. Telephono  call 35.  For     Rent���Store   in   Tremont  Hotel block. Apply to Malone & TreglUus,  Tremont hotel.  Mining stock for sale���1250shares  of reliable etock to be sold. Owner leaving city.  Apply box 107, city.  Large well furnished   rooms to  let. - Apply rooms 1 and 5 -Macdonald building,  corner Josephine aud Vernon streets.  To Let���Furnished room at reas-  ablc figure; private board next door. Fourth  house above city hall, Victoria street.^  For   Sale���A    well    established  boarding house business. Apply after 5:31) p.m.  Carbonate street, two doors east of Josephine.  For Rent���Unfurnished six-room.  cottage. Water, electric light and sewerage.  Apply lo Mrs. Croasdaile, Observatory street.  For Rent���Well Furnished rooms,  bath, electric li��hts, hot air. Mrs. Ogilvie, north  aide Carbonate street between Josephine and  Ward.  Lost���On Stanley street, between  Silica and Latimer, on Sunday afternoon, a  mink-skin. Mrs, Akeburst will be glad if the  finder will return same to her.  EflRFTLTPLANTING  Home-grown Fruit and Orna-  1 mental Trees, Roses, Shrubs,  ,, Vines and Bulbs���80,000 to se-  "  leet from.   Address  M. J. HENRY, Vancouver, B. C.  No Deception  Watch nnd. Jewelryjicfiajjj  ing is a feature of our bus-  _;___*fi��:��;SL:&2&��_."^*        ;:iSft'  Something New  MORRELL'S  CELEBRATED  HAMS and B^CON  MORRELL'S  CELEBRATED  HAMS and BACON  %  il/  0/  il/  i*  it/  Direct Irom Iowa's world tamed Corn Belt. Sv  Iowa's Pride Ham,  22c Iowa's Pride Bacon, 25c    \|/  185 Baker Street  jjj  il/  it/  il/  iki  to  it)  it/  il>  it/  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  t KIRKPATRICK & WILSON  $   Telephone 10  JUST ARRIVED���ANOTHER SHIPMEnFlW^  VEAL LOAF  APPLES,   WE HAVE   THEM IN  THE  CHOICEST  VARIETY, EATING AND COOKING.  Wm. Hunter & Co.  SUCCESSORS. TO ::  THE WESTERN MERCANTILE CO., Limited.  NELSON  SAW & PLANING MILLS  Limited.  Wo are prepared to Furnish  by Rail, Barge or Teams  mess.  DIMENSION L UMBER  ROUGH and DRESSED LUMBER  LOCAL and COAST CEILING  LOCAL and COAST FLOORING  DOUBLE DRESSED COAST CEDAR  RUSTIC, SHIPLAP, STEPPING  PINE and CEDAR CASINGS  DOOR JAMBS, WINDOW STILES-  TURNED WORK, BAND-SAWING  BRACKETS, NEWEL POSTS  TURNED VERANDA POSTS  STORE FRONTS  ^DOORSrWINDOWS-and^GLASSr  Get Our Prices before  purchasing elsewhere.  We keep the 11 nest watches made  in the world, and therefore must  have workmen of the highest attainments to attend to such repairs.  Consequently our success is 1111-  equaled.  OEFICE: CORNER HALL AND FRONT STREETS.  FACTORY ; HALL STREET, C. P. R. CROSSING.   MILLS : HALL STREET WHARF  ISTew FaU Goods  New Dress Goods in Tweed, Costume Cloth, Homespun  and Black Goods.  Shirt Waists in Corduroy Flannel Mercerised Sateen  and Flannelette.  A large range of. Black Dress Skirts.   Underskirts from $1.25 to  $7.00.   Latest styles in Ladies' and Children's Jackets.  Children's Flannelette Underwear.  Our Clothing,  Gents' Furnishings, and  Boot and  Shoe Stock is  complete.   We have the celebrated Carss' Mackinaw  Jackets and Pants.  A full line of Rubber Goods.  *s  WATCHMAKERS.  NELSON TENT AND  AWNING  FACTORY  The best equipped establishment ;in British Columbia for- turning out  all kinds of canvas goods.  THEO WJADSOjl, Proprietor.  .    Baker Street, Nolson.  Private    School  And Kindergarten.  Thorough English, Calisthenics,  Music, German and Kronen if required.   Fall term commences 3rd September.  ' Kor particulars apply to  MISS PAf.MER, Josephine Street.  A.FERLAND & CD.  Maple Syrup  and Honey  We have just received a large consignment of Old .Settlers' Maple Syrup, the best  on the market; also some pure Ontario While Clover Honey.   Try it.  Houston.Block.  Telephone 161.  P. O. Box 176.  JOHN A. IRVING & CO.  2$ aamiiT costs but one oENTigsftgmk i  To drop us a post card that wo may call and erlve estimates.  It saves many dollars.  Never  have any plumbing done until you have seen our goods and our prices.  icmr&K.     STRACHAN BROTHERS, Plumbersr  $?^5^^*^^ ;>;.'.;-    --7- -,.-,���������--'   ������-_.-. ���"���


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