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 j^M^M  DAILY EDITION   BY MAIL  FIVE DOLLARS A YEAR  WEEKLY EDITION BY MAIL  TWO DOLLARS A YEAR  tlGHTH YEAB.  NELSON:  FBtDAY MORNING OCTOBER 26  1900  PRICE FIVE CENTS  TO PENETRATE THE HUMAN FRAME  A Thoroughly Equipped Roentjen Ray Machine is Now  in Operation in Nelson.  AN INTERESTING  DESCRIPTION OF ITS POSSIBILITIES  -The latest addition to tho agen-  .���it\s possessed by the medienl fraternity in Nelson for successfully  overcoming disease is a Roentgen  nr X-ray machine recently set\ up  in the office of Dr. D. LaBau. The  invention of X-rays has revolutionized ; tlie treatment of certain  i.htsses of eases and afforded the  physiqian a means by which he can  examine the bones of a patient as  . readily as he can read the symptoms discernable on the cuticle,  and during recent years the discovery lias been widely adopted,  with splendid success in the practice of surgery. Tlie introduction  iif  the  machine   into   Nelson   has  ��� created great interest' and among  others several patients from the  general hospital have been treated  by nieans of the X-rays.  Dr. LaBaii's.machine is known as  tlie Static machine. The electrical  current is generated by sixteen insulated plate glass disks enclosed in  m. glass-case. Eight of these disks,  each 27 inches in diameter, revolve  on an axle, the power for this purpose being obtained from an electric motor. The remaining eight  disks, each 30 inches in diameter,  are stationary- The interior of the  cabinet is kept free of moisture and  a cushion of dry air lies between  the disks. When these are set in  mor'nu tbs eflect is to produce a  dfrSfeatTof' electricity of 2,500,000  volts. The��� current thus developed  is carried through heavily insulated  wires to the Crookes tube, - which  .is-the final stage of the operation.  The tube has a four or five inch  globe from which all air has been  excluded in raanifaefcure and contains platinum wires leading from  either   end to disks of the same  , metal. The disks are several  inches apart and the X-ray  is produced by using a current of  sufficient voltage to pass from one  platinum disk to the other through  ���die intervening vacuum. When  this is accomplished the glass globe  of the tube becomes incandescent,  presenting the appearance of a ball  of olive "green light. The machine  is placed in a dark room and can be  used directly or for the purpose of  photography. An essential to the  use of the X-ray for direct examination is\ the fluoroscope. This is  a pyramidal box open at the apex  and closed at the base with a sheet  Mining Records.  Yesteiday's mining records were:  Locations���The Caledonia, ten miles  west of Nelson and two and a half  miles north of Kootenay river, by  Weldram Moore; the Ashland, same  location, by J. O. Hooker; the Great  East, same location, by C. P. Coon;  the A, four and a half miles southeast of Nelson on the east side of  the N.'.'& F. S. road; the Princess  Fraction, on the north fork of  Beaver creek, by Joseph Caron; the  Black Prince and British Chief,  same location, by Joseph Caron; the  Standard, on Yellowstone mountain by H. McAlpin; the Venus  Fraction, on Hall creek, by Frank  Lassley; the Copper Chief, on Nine-  mile creek, eight miles from Kootenay. lake, by II. C. Stewart; the  May A., three miles north of Deer  Park, by William Parker.  Certificates of work���To Roderick McLeod on the Invincible and  Major, to O. A. Lovell on the Good-  enough Fraction, to Alfred Bunker  on the Royal Charter, to E. D.  R.iuear on the Cracker Jack..  Found Dead.  Indianapolis, October 25.���Leole  Wilhelm Avan found murdered today on the west bank of White  river, in the heart of the city.  Apparently she had been strangled  and robbed. John Wilhelm, bus's band of the ffomauj' John Maladay  and Felix Bobbins have been arrested.   Union Men Walk Out.  Quebec, October 25.���There is  trouble on again between the Quebec shoe manufacturers and the  *nen.   It .grew out of the refusal of  of pasteboard covered with barinm-  platino-cyanide. If a hand, for instance, is to be examined it is  placed about ten inches from the  Crookes tube, the fluoroscope is  held before the eyes with the hand  between the tube and the instrument. The bones of the hand can  then be seen as distinctly as would  be the case if the bonas were denuded of every particle of tissue  and exposed to the eyetmder ordinary circumstances. Should there  be a ring on the hand or any body  opaque to the ray, such as metal,  etc., it stands out prominently and  can be located accurately.  The second method of utilizing  tho X-ray is by photography. This  is done by means of an ordiuary  photographic plate within a wooden  plateholder. The portion of the  body to be photographed is placed  on the plate and the tube adjusted  at a proper distance above. The  exposures range in duration from a  fraction of a moment to an 'hour  according to the thickness of the  portion of the body to be photographed. The photographic plate  is more sensitive than the eye and  will record impressions. .which  would otherwise escape observation.  The apparatus without the  Crookes tube is used extensively  for therapeutic purposes. The current is under the absolute ��� control  of the operator and in any' event  would not be fatal even at full  strength.  Since installing the X-ray machine Dr. LaBau has conducted a number of interesting experiments. The  penetrating power of the ray is,.almost beyond belief, as will be realized when it is stated that on one occasion a wooden case two inches  thick, containing surgical instruments, was used' for experiment.  Between the".ease and, the fluoroscope was placed a book four inches  thick and three inches of oak.  Viewed through the fluoroscope,  book oak and-case became invisible,  nothing being in sight save the  metal instruments within the box.  In one instance a miner consulted  Dr. LaBau with regard to a chip  from a wedgeLwhich had lodged in  his leg some years ago and could  not be located. An application of  the X-ray rendered the splinter visible arid it was extracted without  trouble, tin examining fractures,  etc., the condition of the bones is  revealed as plainly as though the  flesh was taken away.  a union man to work for-weekly  wages instead of piece work. He  was discharged and a. non-union  man engaged. As a result all the  men in the factory went out. The  raaniifacturers' committee thereupon decided to shut down until a  better understanding is obtained.  About thirty factories and a thousand men are involved.  Fixed a Wage Scale.  Pittsburg, October 25.-���The National Association of Bridge and  Structural Iron' Workers, in session  here today, adopted a universal  wage scale, fixing the rate of wages  at 50 cents an hour, with eight  hours a day's work. The scale will  go into effect next May. It was  also decided to send an organizer to  South Africa and Egypt to organize structural iron workers in those  countries.   Preacher Went Wrong.  Delhi, New Yoik, October 25.���  Lyman S. Brown of Liberty, formerly a Methodist preacher, was  found dead this afternoon in his  room at the Central Hotel. He had  evidently taken laudanum. There  was a complaint against him for  forgery before the grand jury now  in session, and it is supposed he  feared an indictment by the grand  jury. , . .   -���  Takes a Pessimistic View.  London, October 20.���Sir Robert  Hart, director-general of the Chinese imperial maritime customs, in  an article in the November number  of the Fornightly Review, takes a  pessimistic view of the Chinese situation. He frankly declares his  opinion to be that the Boxer move  ment is national and patriotic, haa  taken hold of the Chinese imagina  tion and will spread like wildfire  throughout the length and breadth  of the empire. "There is not the  slightest doubt," he says, "that  fifty years hence there will be millions of Boxers in serried ranks and  war's panoply at the call of the  Chinese government."       '  Discussing the alternative course  open to the powers, sir Robert sees  a very real "yellow peril" ahead  and no hope of a permanent solution.  The morning papers, dealing editorially: with sir Robert Hart.'s  article, admit its importanee, but  considers that his views are too  gloomy and that his ideas of the  Boxer movement are a phantasm  of a too sensitive imagination.  Got Double Price.  Copenhagen, Denmark, October 25.���Dr. Hanzen. who was  a member of the, Estrup cabinet  in which he heldTthe portfolio of  war, is now being sharply attacked  by the Liberal and Radical papers  because while minister he obtained  140,000 kroners .'from the national  invalid fund by mortgaging his  estate which has recently been sold  for only 70,000 kroners.  IT IS STILL IN ABEYANCE  COULDN'T LOSE THE COUNT  EXCITING   SCENE ;0>T   STEAMER  LEAVING  NEW   YORK.  A   French-Italian   Nobleman    Didn't  Want His Wife to Escape Him .  and Swam After Her.  JUDGE  WALKEM  RESERVES  HIS  DECISION.  Case of McKay vs Phillips,- in Which  '   Much Interest Has Been Taken  By Mining Men.  The case of McKay vs. Phillips  was closed at. the courthouse last  night, Mr. justice Walkem reserving his decision. Another interesting feature of mining law was  evolved during the sittings which  cropped up for the first time in a  Nelson, court. ..AVhen the --.session  resumed yesterday" morning ' his  honor announced that after considering the objections raised by R.  W. Hannington, counsel for the defence, he had.decided to uphold the  defendant's contentions generally  and that relating to lack of proofs  of measurements in particular. The  plaintiff was therefore non-suited.  Under the former procedure this  would have settled the matter  finally, the defendant's title being  regarded as established through  the failure of the plaintiff's case.  Recent amendments to the Mineral  Act, however, place tho onus of  establishing his own title upon the  defendant in addition to defeating  tho attack made by the plaintiff.  Evidence was submitted during the  day to establish Philips' title, and  the judgment on this point will be  handed down later.  i-==-=The__-Surprise_i:_mineral?&claini_=infe  volved in the suit is regarded as a  valuable location. It was one of a  group in which Nelson men are interested, bonded to a syndicate at  $10,000. The deal is understood to  be hanging fire pending the result  of the litigation.  Deserved Promotion.  The friends of lieutenant V. L.  Beer, R. G.-.A., at Victoria, will be  glad to hear of his recent promotion to the rank of captain, and  also of his selection for colonial  employment to fill the appointment  of commandant of the permanent  garrison at Albany, West Australia,  made vacant by the death of captain H. G. Moor, R. A., who was  killed in action in- South Africa,  whilst employed with the West  Australian contingent. Captain  Beer graduated from the Royal  Military College of Canada in 1894,  and was posted to this station last  year. . '  Shipping Disasters.  St. Johns, Newfoundland, October 25.���The British steamer Ala-  raanea, captain Anderson, from  Philadelphia and bound to Glasgow  laden with grain, put in here this  afternoon with leaky decks. The  vessel will be delayed about 24  hours repairing. <  Four vessels from Oporto, laden  with salt for the local fish trade,  have been reported as lost, having  been out over 00 days.  Fell on a Lamp.  Elmira, New York, October 25.���  Mrs. George Abbey of Wood hull,  aged 55, fell upon a lighted lamp  which she was carrying last night  and was burned to a crisp.  New   York,   October    25.���The  passengers on the'Hamburg-American line steamship Kaiser Friedrich,  which sailed today for Cherbourg  and   Hamburg,   witnessed   an exciting scene just'after the steamer  had put out 'from   her dock.     A  woman with  .at maid  had" hi red a  stateroom on the vessel and they  were on board when she sailed.   As  the ship left the.dock this woman  was seen to niake signals to a man  who was standing at the end of the  pier.    As soon a'S'tbe man observed  the signals he'boarded  a  tugboat  which was lying on the' other side  of the doek.Tvith steam up, and  ordered    the     captain     to     follow  the      steamer,     remarking-    that  he    would    pay.   him    well    for  his trouble.   The., tugboat put out  at once in pursuit of , the steamer,  which was now,, in  midstream, and  soon rangediip alongside "her.   As  soon as it had done so .the woman  who had made the signals and her  maid came down a rope ladder and  were received aboard .the tug. They  had hardly-reached the tug when a  man jumped i'overboard ��� from' the.  .steamer and landed on.the deck7' of  the tugboat. 'C This man was count  Michonoy, a "French Italian. ._ He  said that thewoman was his wife  and that she ..was. trying to escape  from him.    It'Avas learned from-the  woman's   brother-in-law, the man  who-followed the - steamer. on the  tug, that"'th'e ��� count and countess  Michonoy were, married in Hacken-  sackthree monthsago against the  .wishes-of dfe^oman's-iamily...; ., ���  Ever since nTrrJmarriage,''"accord-"  ing to the brother-in-law,. she had  to support her husband. . When the  count landed on the tugboat the  captain of the vessel threatened to  throw him overboard, whereupon  the count drew a revolver and" dared  the captain to carry out his threat.  Finally, the captain steered for. the  New York shore and landed. Here  the sergeant at the' harbor police  station was called upon and he, .it  is said, compelled the count to leave  the tugboat. The boat then put  back to Hoboken; ....  The brother-in-law stated that  the countess would'institute proceedings to-secure a divorce.  SENT A SPECIAL BLESSING  Mgr. Franconio's Visit.  ^���The-visit-oC .morisejgneur^Fijin-^  conio to Nelson yesterday was an  event of very special interest to  every member of the"-. Roman  Catholic faith. His excellency  spent the entire'day here, met  many of the members of his church  and departed leaving a very pleasant impression behind. The apostolic delegate traveled without  ostentation. He was attended only  by his seeretary.father Fisher, aud  was accompanied by bishop Donten-  will who remains ��� with him until  tho limits of the bishopric of British  Columbia are reached. The distinguished visitor was met at the  depot by fathers Ferlaml and Cote.  During his stay he was a guest at  the parsonage where a number of  citizens called to pay their respects.  Yesterday afternoon Mgr. Falconio  was taken over the Hall Mines  smelter with father Ferland aud R.  Kerr. Tlie party was piloted by J.  J. Campbell who explained the process of smelting at length.  Last night a most interesting  service took place at the, church of  'Mary Immaculate. After the usual  benediction .a delegation consisting  of T. J. Scanlan,-R.Kerr, Martin  O'Reilly and J. O. Patenaude presented an address to his excellency,  assuring him on behalf of the Catholics of Nelson of the honor his visit  conferred and of their love and  reverence for the head of tho  church, pope Leo. Tho hope was  also expressed that his holiness  might speedily become reinstated  in his rightful position as temporal  ruler of the holy city. Mgr. Fal-  conio's response was received by  the congregation standing.   He re-1  fferred eloquently to the unity of  the Catholic church throughout the  world, and after enlarging.on this  idea at some length* gave expression to the great pleasure  it afforded him to see Nelson's  handsome church and the convent  now in course, of erection. These  facts assured him that the Catholics of Nelson were doing all in  their power to follow the directions  of the church and to rear their children in the love of God and country. His holiness pope Leo appreciated the devotion of .Canadian  Catholics, and had sent them a special blessing. Mgr. Falconio then  dispensed the papal blessing, a ceremony of marked solemnity.,  Sharkey Won't Fight. _  New York, October 25.���Tom  Sharkey today made a public answer to Tom O'Rourke's challenge  in behalf of Joe Walcott. Sharkey  declines to meet Walcott."  THE GBEAT STRIKE ENDED AT LAST  President Mitchell Declares It Off and  Instructs  the,  Men to Resume Work.  A FEW OF THE CORPORATIONS ARE STILL OBSTINATE  To Go to Ireland.  Dublin, October 25.���The Evening Herald revives the report,  which it i9 asserted is well founded,  that the duke of Marlborough will  succeed earl Cadogaii as lord lieutenant of Ireland.  A CHEERFUL PROCLAMATION  "RIP   THEM   OPEN  AND   DISEMBOWEL  THEM."    _  Such Is the Edict Issued by tlie Boxer  Leaders to Their Fanatical Followers in Lien Cliu.  Canton, October 25.���The Chinese officials have, placarded the  Shetom "district, offering several  hundred dollars' reward" for the  heads of four foreigners who are  supposed to be leading the rebels.  The rice crop hasfailedinKwang,  Si province and robbers' are .pillaging. ��� -Rebellion and' famine ''there,  are certain";" ;'t"r/'^ 'vi.-.*..-^--~  To Drive Out Foreign Devils.  Hono Kong, October 25.���Advices from .Lien Chu on the north  river say that the American mission  property there is threatened with  destruction by Boxers, who have  posted the following. proclamation:  "We have organized to protect our  property and our homes and we  rely upon one another to support  the order to drive out the foreign  devils. They are mad, their folly  passes description. They are the  usurpers' of our land. They disturb'  our borders. In all the provinces  and prefectures chapels have, been  opened and our people are deceived,-  while the foreigners grow fat on  the revenues of China, insulting  our officials and. merchants and  seizing our temples and palaces.  Rip them open and disembowel  them^-  "The emperor is indulgent and  permits this. Who can fortell the  intentions of the foreign devils.  Day by day, they act more outrageously. When we behold the  present condition of affairs, our  hearts are bruised with grief.  Therefore we have organized our  strength to destroy the devouring  wolf throughout the empire."  The Boxers took the American  Presbyterian mission buildings, but  have not destroyed them. The  rebellion is spreading along the  PJast and North rivers in the province of Kwang Si. It is supposed  to be aimed at the overthrow of  tlie Manchu dynasty, but the reports are so contradictory that it is  next to impossible to tell what is  intended. In Canton the Chinese  officials are taking tho insurgents  so lightly that the foreigners believe it will bo very difficult to  suppress.  Has Occupied the Town. .  Lonoon, October 25.���The following dispatch from general  Gaseloe, commander of the Indian  troops at Pao Ting Fu, has been received by the secretary of state for  India, lord George Hamilton: "Pao  Ting Fu, October 20.���The allied  troops under my command arrived  here yesterday. British, Gorman,  French and Italian guards have  been posted at the gates. Today  all the generals with small escorts  went through the town, after  which they arranged for the allotment of quarters for occupation.  I shall keep most of the British in  camp for the present. Am awaiting orders from Walderseo regarding their future disposition."  IlAzioi.TON, Pennsylvania, October  25.���The mine workers strike has  been declared off against all companies which have agreed to the  miners' demands.  IlAZEi/roN, Pennsylvania, October  25.���The following statement was  given out for publication by president Mitchell, of the United Mine  Workers: Temporary headquarters, United Mine Workers of America, Hazelton, Pennsylvania, October 25.���To the miners and mine  workers of the anthracite region���  Gentlemen: After carefully canvassing the entire strike situation,  wo, your officers, district and national, have concluded that your  victory is so nearly complete that  no good end can be served by continuing tho strike longer. The'con-  test has been in progress for thirty-  nine days and the companies employing you, have, with few exceptions, signified their willingness to  pay the scale of w^gos formulated  by the Scranton convention of October 12th and 13th. We are aware  that some disappointment aud dissatisfaction has been caused by the  failure of the operators in district 1  and 7 to separate the reduction in  the price of powder from the advance in wages, but after careful  inquiry, we are satisfied that each  mine employee will actually receive  an advance of 10 per cent on the  wages formerly paid. -  In the SchuylKill and Lehigh regions the largest companies have  agreed that the sliding scale should  be "suspended;-"! .and' thatvsvagep)  should rernaiu stationary at 10 per  cent until April 1st,1901, thus removing one of the iniquities of  which you have complained for  many years.  -   While it is true that you  have  not secured redress for   all   your  '*     -" -.i-*'__l  wrongs, while it is true that the in-~^P  crease in your   earnings will not~';,��L  fully compensate you for* the ardu- ?'$%l  ous labor you are compelled to per- :>fj'|  form in the mines, you have e3-"il  tablished a powerful organization, {'_��  which if maintained and co'nductiedS^  on business principles will enable}-^  you to regulate many of your Joeal f<?__  grievances and "make your employ-..-i%|  ment less hazardous aud more pro'-'^-JjT  fi table than before the strike began'.^^l  Tlie companies   agree' in"- their^'jM  notices to take up with their.' own'���-��._'  employees all grievances complained'i-i^\  of.     We   would   therefore -advise,-T  that when work is resumed, coih- V  mittees be selected by   the mirieCS,  employees and that they wait upon-^i  the'superintendents of   the com-VVKI  panies and present their grievances'^^.I  in a businesslike- manner arid^ ask!^J��|  that they be corrected. 'V;*''''^-'*?04&|  After calling the miners' atteu-T-^'l  tion to the state law providing vfor^" f||  semi-monthly payment of wages^'f1  and the benefits derived from or-^-^  ganization, the statement continues:"^ j^i  As there are some few companie9^5y  who have not-posted, notified nor^-^l  signified in any manner their wil-;^l  lingness to pay the 10 per cent advance in wages and suspend ithe/C;'|  sliding scale, we would advise that^7|  unless the men employed by such^ j^rl  companies receive'- notice,, before'..?--;  Monday that the advance "wiir'be;-^t  paid, they remain away from'?the^?-  mines and continue on- strike -vimtilf^  the- ^companies ' employing ^"tliem*  agree'to the conditions offered ^b~yM|  the othe,r, companies,' and .'the' .em^"^  ployeeao^the companies" who haye.,}~|  offered tlifPadvance of,10 .per"'cehtr%  and abolished-the' sliding scale are ^  .hereby authorized to resume work .fe  Monday morning, OctOpjr 20th7and .,  to be prepared if called on to con-,/  tribute a reasonable amount - of r  their.earnings for the maintenance r^J  of those who may be compelled ;to"%i|  continue on strike.      -   - .'        -*fel  JoriN Mitchem., President. ^  Desperato Strikers.  VArxEYPiEi-D, Quebec, October  25.���A couple of hundred men employed by the Montreal Cotton  Company, on the foundations of a.  new mill went out on strike yesterday, demanding an increase of 25  cents a day in their pay. The company refused to deal with their  union. Yesterday the strikers prevented the company from shipping  goods and today held up the company's coal pile. Tho local police  are powarless. The company had  to_have_ooal_ or shut down, conse-  queiitly a message was sent to  Montreal asking for military assistance. It arrived at 4:30 this afternoon and consisted of two companies of the Royal Scots. The  embargo on the coal pile was  promptly removed. At dusk a big  crowd gathered and there was every  evidence of trouble. About 8:30 a  crowd of strikers aud sympathizers  gathered at the Empire mill and  stoned tho windows. Troops charged  the mob with fixed bayonets. They  were driven back. Eight men were  wounded, two of them seriously.  The strikers had 15 men injured,  one fatally. Reinforcements have  been asked for from Montreal and  word has been received that 300  men and medical assistance would  arrive at 2 a.m. The condition of  affairs is very serious.  Want a Public Building.  .Grand Forks, October 25.���At a  public   and  non-political    meeting  held this evening, mayor Lloyd A.  Manley     presiding,     a   resolution  strongly    urging     tho    Dominion  government to erect a government  building for post office and custom  house purposes in Grand Forks was  unanimously adopted.    The resolution recites that Grand Forks is tlie  commercial aikl financial centre  of  the   Boundary   country,   that  the  population is growing, that the output of the Granby smelter will  exceed $1,500,000 per annum, that the  customs duties collected here during  the  past  fifteen  months  exceeded  $120,000,   that   the postal   money  order business has increased 85 per  cent, or to $04,000 as compared with  last   year,  that stamp sales have  doubled   during the  same period,  and that the present post office and ^|  custom house buildings are unsuit- a-n  able and, being unprovided with ^  safe?, offer no security for the safety -'Z  of valuable packages. ,,��� ��� -  " 'S*  Smallpox Scare at Butte.  Butte, Montana,   October 24.��� ffi\  Health   officer   Alexander has in-���  structed  the  police of the city to ���-  enforce the compulsory vaccination  and arrest of all persons who. fail"  to   show   the   proper   certificates.-  The chief of police will  not  recog-_<  ni/.e the order, and the matter is to ,  be referred^to-tlieTcity-couiicil=at~  the meeting tomorrow night. There  are now between 40 and'4.5 cases at -  the pesthouse, and the health' officer states  that the epidemic will  equal that of last season if stringent measures are not taken.  Another Railroad Project.  Greenwood, October 25.���At a  formal gathering of the citizens today Hon J. II. Turner, minister of  finance, who is touring the Boundary district, stated that it was not  likely that the government would  build the Victoria, Vancouver &  Eastern railway, and that instead  they were considering the building  of a road from the Boundary west  to Penticton. When this is completed a"fast line of steamers would  be put on Okanogan lake, thus connecting the new road with the  Shuswap -it Okanogan branch,  thereby lessening the time between the Boundary towns and the  Coast by one clay and effecting a  large saving in passenger and  freight rates.   Boer Oflicials Arrive.  Naples, October 25.���Tho Transvaal foreign secretary, postmaster  general and treasurer have arrived  hero on board the German steamer  Herzog. They proceeded to Ham*,  burg.   Will Be Sent to New York.  London, October 25.���The remains of sir Roderick Cameron of,  Staten Island/New York, who died  at Hyde Park Hotel hero October  19th, have been embalmed and will  bo forwarded to New York Saturday next.  ^;_V..'X--i-N*  ���--'<>'.���,mvs THE TOTBTTNE. NELSON B. C FRIDAY OCTOBER SC 1900'  HUDS&WS BA��  COMPANY,  e  INCORPORATED 1670.  Don't wait  until you catch  cold from wet  feet.  the money that has been subscribed'  for campaign purposes. Evidently  they have-not considered it best to  pay any of it out for advertising  space iu a paper that has done as  much as the Miner has iu the last  six months to discredit the Conser--  vative party in Nelson;  It is cheaper to buy rubbers  than pay doctor's bills."  All Sizes  MEN'S  LADIES'  CHILDREN'S  nTrTT-krTrTTTtTTTTr_TTvirTYTYTrri__raTTTTrTTTrer__rrnT__D  NOTICE TO SUBSCRIBERS. :     I  If the St. Eugene Consolidated  Mining Company of Moyie, in East  Kootenay, keeps up its present rate  of ore and concentrate shipments,  it will take' rank as one of the  largest producers of silver and lead  on the Pacific coast, its mill, which  Ah said to be one of the most complete-that has ever been erected; in  .America, is turning out one hundred tons of concentrates every  day, ivnd besides the concentrates  much clean ore is shipped. This i^  a record that if kepi, up for a year  moans that the mines at Moyie will  ship ore and concentrates of the  value of $2,500,000.  Thru.', will be no sitting of the"  royal commission on Oriental immigration till after the general elections." D. J. 'Miinn, who was" appointed to look after the interests  of the Chinese and Japanese employing firms, is now on his honeymoon trip to England; Ralph  Smith has his hands full in his  election fight with William Wallace  Bruce Mclnnes, the boy orator," and  captain Clive Phillips-Woolley, the  big game hunter and poet; and Mr.  Clute, the third member of the  commission, is also busy in Ontario.  The result is that one verytrouble-  some" problem for the politicians is  disposed" of for the j)resent at least.  allowed to feed at the government  trough; so that it was easy for him  to 'pay'his yearly taxes of $50; now,  however, other horses and other  men are at the trough, and John-  Black is reduced to the extremity  of paying his taxes and feeding his  horses without government assistance. Small wonder that the demand for the removal of; the attorney-general is growing; though in  fairness to him it must be conceded  that were all taxpayers to follow  the lead of Mi'. Black, the -position  of the average representative  would bo extremely trying.  WRITTEN    BY    CONSERVATIVES.  | run T-JIBUne has placed a pari, of one column  at, llii; (lis)iosul oft.he Conservatives, whose views  will ho expressed therein from time to tiiiu. during I lie ..ampaitjn. Alike lirivilt.ei; is ucui.ulecl  the Labor putty and the Liberals.!  From and after October-1st, all  subscribers to the Daily-Tribune  who- are served by carrier -will  be required to pay their subscriptions weekly to the carrier.'  SUBSCRIPTION RATES.  Weekly, by carrier ".'   -.      ���  Monthly, by carrier     .       ���       ���  Three Months, by carrier"  Six Months,-by carrier  .  One Year, by carrier  &    n  1 00  2 SO  S 00  10 00  tti-_ii-_---X-_a_---i--iifiTtTTTirnx-_x-_cii-_tii-_iiixnCTi-ri_t  The 'Similkameen Star "is out;  with a tip to the three candidates:  in Yale-Cariboo. lb says that'there'  are some sixty odd'votfis at Prince-'  ton, and that they will go for the  first" candidate upon" the' ground, as  all three are at present unknown.  With the present division of forces  voters in bunches of sixty are  worth looking after.  It is not-likely that the city  council will entertain any proposition" for lighting the streets front  the tramway company or any  other corporation. The council  may entertain a proposition for  furnishing power from any one  that has power to sell. But dual  ownership in electric lighting in  Nelson will not for one instant bo  entertained.  Just.at what time the Evening  Miner became a recognized  Conservative paper, history revealeth not.  TherO lias been a suspicion,  however; in these parts for  some time,  ' that the Miner was the recognized:  organ of any party or clique  who  had a dollar, and the "price"  may  be considered exorbitant when the  ��� value'of the services  rendered  is  taken into account.  ������-"The Evening Miner of Nelson  says it is the only recognized Conservative paper in Yale-Cariboo  district that is not carrying in its  advertising columns the card of the  Conservative candidate. It is just  possible [that tho Conservatives do  not recognize the Miner'as'an organ  of their party; and it is just possible,  besides, that the managers of the  campaign know best how to spend  The city council should not forget  one thing,- that is, the people of Nelson do not- want to be mixed' up  with" the' tramway company- and  the"Bonniugton'Falls power company in its ownership- of the electric lighting plant. If the tramway  company'can sell "power that is generated" by 'the" Bonnington" Falls  power compjtny, then' why does1 it  not collect "the monthly "sum that  P. Burns- & Co. pay for power?  /The truth of the matter is, the tramway company lias' an" agreement  ���with the'Bonnington Falls power  companythat is so one-sided that  it is no agreement at all. The city  should steer'clear of the whole out--  a .1  Bt.'    The Evening Miner is trying to  create dissensions in the Conservative ranks. If it were not an accepted legend that the Miner could  not be purchased,- the impression  might go abroad that'some- designing Liberal had" been- "seeing"the  amateur editor of that publication.1  The'young man is too honorable  for that sort of thing. - Indeed,' it  is unnecessary to mention this i'aet,:  for does he not say that the Miner  "has done its duty, and that,'too,  __-<as-__it__has_always__-done.--without.  "price,"providing, of course,"nothiug  in this choice sentenco may betaken  as' referring to dealings with' the  Hall committee during the provincial campaign.  Tub Conservatives "will-not'have  anything to do withthe'newspaper  that was the organ of the Mine  Owners'"Association. The Liberals  will not touch it. The Independent  Labor party cannot patronize it  because ' it called the members of  tho party anarchists and thugs.  Tiie newspaper referred to is the  Evening Miner of Nelson; a newspaper that never supports a candidate for high office without demanding tribute. For once, the  candidates of all -the political parties refused to have anything to do  with it, and the editor of the venal  sheet laments the :fact in a column  editorial,-then abuses the editor of.  The Economist and the'-;editor of  The Tims.;nk for having the hardi-  .hood to exercise their political  rights without first receiving permission from the Miner.  If there is one thing more than  another that has characterizeil the  policy of the Liberal-Conservative  party, it has been their ability to  conceive and carry out great ideas.  The splendid foresight and sagacity  displayed by the late sir John Mac-'  donald and his colleagues, are in  the light of the tremendous developments that have taken place  in Western Canada since the inception of the C. P. R., truly wonderful. There are many who admire  Cecil Rhodes and see in him the  foremost imperialistic mind of the  day, in his immense ideas regarding  the development' of Africa, but  great as they are iu territorial expansion, they will hardly compare  with those that culminated in the  binding together "of scattered provinces by a three thousand-mile railroad projected into what was then  an absolute wilderness, having no  natural productiveness and across  a sea of mountains where the cost  was brought to no mean item per  foot. And this same Liberal-Conservative party which went boldly  ahead some twenty years ago on  this great enterprise is the one for  which those who are wise and wish  to see a masterly, active, western  policy pursued will vote for at the  coming contest.  Tt is to be hoped that all those  who wish to have a clear and' concise statement of the reason why A.  IT. MaeNeill should be elected next  month will attend- this evening at  the opera house, where they will  hear -speeches by the candidate,  mayor Goodeve of Rossland and  others. , Judging by theviews given  in the'recent issues of this paper of  the'Liberal'and Labor'platforms, a  cordial'invitation-mny well-be extended to those who coutemplate'  voting for either 'W. A. Galliher or  Chris Foley, so that the'.cobwebs  that are at present' clouding their  minds may be dusted'away.  ���^���^���*__v ��>-__*. *^. ���^���^..���^���W"^'^  '��  ERMINE & GO  ets and Men's Furnishings  .Ladies*  Department;  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  'S  mm  u  ^Bl0���^.-v.-|  ���BRACING;^  ftoCvj, 'Amii- '2X,A-  Wilson  I Diva  Port  Specially roeomtnended  lor  dyspepsia,"  loss 'ot  appetite,   (.lceplf-ssneart,  indlgoition,    weakness  r       from 'whatever 'cause,  '  nervousness,"      fever..,  .      consumption,    malaria  :i*   and general debility.-  Women complain of a  tircrl feeling. ' Wilson'*. Invalid's Port, is iimuodiatc  and _clllcaeiou-i, leaving no  Harmful Directs.���        ~~  jMcn will Unci It particularly valuable as a restora-  'live. and a strong! honor of  the body ami net v. system  WeTueommenil this tonic  CANADA DRUG  ANDBOOK  COMPANY  Nelson; B, C.  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  Special sale of ladies' and children's wool vests, drawers,  ��� and . combination    suits,   flannelette   night  dresses,  x  drawers and skirts.  Ladies' flannelette,   cashmere,   alpacia,   silk,  satin, and  French flannel blouse waists.  ��� Ladies' man ties, jackets, and tailor-made suils from best  makers at exceedingly low prices.  Ladies'   ready-made dress skirts, from $2.00 each up.  Ladies' "R & G," "P D," and "D A" corsets from 75  cents up. &  Children's coats, reefers, and jackets, from 1 to 10 years  of age.  Ladies' golf capes, at all prices.  Men's   Department,  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  Millinery   Department,  We are now showing the balance of our imported pattern  hats at" "cost prices; also a large stock of ladies'  ready-to-wear hats at low prices.  We are offering men's fleece-lined underwear, in si'/es 34  to 4.4, from 65 cents each up.  Men's Cartright & Warner's national wool and cashmere  shirts and drawers, from ��$r.50 each up.  Men's flannel, cotton flannelette, cashmere and silk night  shirts. Men's pajamas in all wights. Black cashmere sox 25 cents per pair.  Latest novelties in neckwear, collars, cuffs, regatta negligee and fllannel shirts.  House   .Furnishing  Department.  White lace curtains, from-7.5c per pair; chenile and tapestry portieres, -from $3.50 per pair; chenile and  tapestry table covers from 75 cents.  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American m\A European -Plan's.-  VOTE  FOR . . ;  A.  H  MacNEILL  of Rossland  Candidate of the Liberal-Conservative Party for Member  of the House of Commons for Yale-Cariboo.  MEALS  25  CENTS  ROOMS LIGHTED'BY TSI/RCTRICITY    AND HEATKH BY .STEAM  ������ 25~CENTS T<r��l^"~  $  Kootenay   Coffee   Co.  NELSON. B.C.  Coffee roasters and dealers In Tea and Coffeo,  Offer fresh roaated coffee of beat quality aa  follows 1  Java and Arabian Macha, per ]  Java and Mocha Ttlend, S pom-  Flue Santos, 4 pounda ; ,  Santos Blend, 5 pounds   Our Special Blend..C pounds...,  Our Rio Roast, 6 pounds   A ttial order solicited.  tound.._...$  tO  Is....  1 00   .-.- 1 00    100    1 00  ..-...-.._-,  1 00  Salesroom'2 doors east  of OtldfellnwR hlonk. Wfinti Baker HlirBe-L  C.WvWest&Co.  COAL!      WOOD!  BAKER'STIiBET; ^NELSON.-  Lighted by Electrlcity'iand1 Heated withHot^Airi  Large comfortable' bedrooins and- flrst-blass.  dlnlnfit-room.-Sample rooms for commerolal men.  RATES S2? PER DAY  IVIrs. E; 0. CIS��?Kei Prop.  LATE OF THE ROYAL HOTEL, CALGARY  EVERY   DAY  AT   THD ���;��� ��� ,  PLATFORM  Adopted by tlie Liberal-Conservative Parly in Convention  at Revelstoke,-September 15th, 1900  We, the delegates of tho Liberal-Conservative party of Yale-Cariboo  constituency, -iu cbmrention assembled,������reaffirm tho principles of the  party,-and more particularly-that cardinal principle, protection-to home  iudustrieH.and: that-that principle he carried out so that all sections of  the country-shall equally-share its.benefits.'  The one industry on 'which the prosperity of this constituency is  almost Avholly-dependent is mining; anil we believe that our mining'in-  dustries are as fairly entitled' to protection as the manufacturing industries of Eastern" Canada ; therefore, we advocate that the "duties on-lead  "and^lcadTprodiicts-b"oinci,eased7's?rt-iat"t}re^  imposed by the United Stateson the .same articles.  That the output of the-precious metal mines-is largely increasing,  .therefore we favor the establishment of a mint; so that the specie in circulation shall bo that of pur own instead-of that of a foreign country.  We advocate the restriction of the immigration of Chinese and Japanese, and all. classes who cannot-become good citizens of the Dominion  of Canada, and suggest tlie adoption of the principles of tlie Natal Act.  British Columbia has not now. the representation in the federal parliament that"she\is,entitled to ^therefore we advocate that when the  redistribution of;seats'is;ini^e.that this constituency shall-be given representation acccirding.to its population.  That it augnrs well lor the ^success of the party that Hugh. John  Macdonald has1 decidedto lekve the field of provincial politics to take  part'in the larger;one thataffects the people of the whole of Canada. :  WHOLESALE TRADE  DERATED AND MINERAL WATERS.  THORPK & CO., IJAllTED.-Conier Vernon  and .Cedar streets, Nelson, iiiaiiufacturet-i  of and wholesale dealers in aruted waters and  fruit syrups. -Sold agents for Halcyon Springs  mineral water.  Telephones CO.  ASSAYERS'. SUPPLIES.  TTT. F. TKRTZEL & CO.-Corner Baker and  ���� . - Josophine streets, Nelson,-wholesalo deal-  em In  asinyers. supplies.-Agentti. for'Denver  five Clay Co. of Denver, Colorado.   ' '  COMMISSION MERCHANTS.  HJ. KVANS &-CO.���Baker street, Nelson  ��� - wholesale .��� dealers. in liquors, cigars  cement, fire brick and firo clay, water pipe.and  steel rails, and gouoral 'commission inerchaiits,  ELECTRICAL   SUPPLIES.  KOOTENAY ELECTRIC SUPPLV Si'CONSTRUCTION COMPANY-W holesaledeal-  era in telephones, annunciators, bolls, -batteries,  fixtures, etc., Ilouaton block,- Nelson,  FLOUR AND FEED.  BltACKMAN - KER, MILLING COMPANY  ���Cereals, Flour, Grain, Hay. Straight or  mixed cars-shipped lo all Kootenay Point.-..  Grain elevators at all principal point-ion Calgary--  Kduiontoti It. It. Mills at Victoria, New west-  minster, and Edmonton, Alberta,  rpAYLOR  J-    stre  FEED'fc PRODUCE CO.-Riiker  street. Nelson (Gcorgo K Motion's old  standi, Flour, -Feed, Grain, Hay and Produce.  Car lot-, a specialty. Correspondence solicited.  Phone 211.  FRESH AND SALT MEATS.  P    BURNS ft   CO.���Baker, street, .Nolson,  ���   wholesale dealers In fresh'and curod meats.  Cold BtoraKO.  A.  BIG   SCHOONER  Boer or Half-and-half only .  FRESH  COOL  The only good Beer In Nelson  Hard Coal  Anthrucite  $9.65 i^r'a Ne8b  -D-E^I'V'-E-R-EID  $6.15  Attornrv-Grnrrai. -Ebrrts is in  fresh difficulties: So far he has ut  terly failed'to find emiMoyment upon government work for every idle  mail and idle horse in his constituency. John Black, one of his constituents, makes 'known7-his grievances iii the press: "'In fornior'years  not only his horses but himself were  AGENTS IMPERrAIi OIL COMPANY, Ltd."  No otilcr caii bo accepted unless accompanied  by cash,   ���   Olllce:   Corner of Hall,  and Raker .Streets.  TELEPHONE 33.  Lethbridge Gait Goal  Tho host) valuo for the money In the market  for all parposou.'  terms oabh   ; W. P. TiKHNBT, General Agent  Telephone 147.    OHlne with O. D. J. Christie.  ENGHNEEBS.1  CHARLES'PARKB-U-^-Mlningr aitd imUllnit on-  Rlneer,   Tiiinei'-BoeeUhBlack, llxkvtauaet,  Nel.on,  E. J. CURRANT Prop.  Corner Stanley and Silica Stroeti:  IVladden House  Baker and Ward  .��� Streets,- Nelson  Tho only hotel In Nolson. that has - remained  nnder one management since 1890.  The bed-rooms are well fdrnishod and lighted  by oleotrlolty.' ��� ���  The bar Is always stocked by the best dom a-  Uo and Imported liquors and cigars."  THOMAS ���MADDKN. -Proprietor.  CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE ROOMS IN NELSON  Houston Block, Corner of Baker and Josephine Streets.  P. Btoas & Co.  GROCERIES.  MACDONALD & CO.-Corner Front and  Hall'* streets, - wholesale grocers -and  Jobbers In blankets, gloves, mitts, boots, rubbers,  mackinaws and miners' sundries.  KOOTENAY SUPPLY   COMPANY,   LIMITED���Vornon- street, Nolson,  wholesale  grocers.              ���  _^  TOHN CHOLDITCH ft CO.  "   son, wholesale erocers.  -Front street, Nel-  Y. GRIFFIN. & CO.-Front stroet, Nolson,  wholesale   dealers   In  provisions,   oured  meats, butter and eggs. ���  J.  HARDWARE AND MINING SUPPLIES.  HB YERS & CO.���Corner Baker and Josephine'  ���   streets,.Nelson,.wholesale dealers in nard-  IIrao Office at  NELSON", B. a  Wholesale and Retail  lers in Meats  SLOCAN JUNCTION HOTEL  J. H. MoMANUS, Manager  Bar stocked with best brands of wlnes.'llquors,  and Cigars. Beer on draught. Xaartre comfort'  able roomn,  (irslHdass tenia board.  Markets at Nelson, Rossland, Trail, Kaslo, Ymir, Sandon, Silvertonj Nev  Denver, Revelstoke, Ferguson Grand Forks, Greenwood, Cascade- City,' Mid .  way, and Vancouraf.  Mail Orders Promptly Forwarded  Kootenay Butcher  ALL KINDS OF  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLES ALB AND RETAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  Baker Street, Nelson E.  C.   TRAVES^ ManagCF I  OlUiKRS IIYpUAUi ^BOKIVB ���ARBFUI- AMI) PUOMPX ATTHHTION  ware and mining supplies.  Powder Co,  . Agents for Giant  LAWRENCE   HARDWARE    COMPANY  .   Baker .St., Nelson,.--.wholesale..dealers In  hardware and mining supplies,, and water'ami  plumbers' supplies.���������  LIQUORS AND^RY GOODS.-  TURNER, ..BEETON & CO.-Corner Vernon  and Josephine streets, Nelson, wholesale  dealers in liquors, cigars and dry goods. Agonts  for Pabsfc Brewing Co. of Milwaukee and Calgary Brewing Co. of Calgary." /  POWDER, CAPS AND FUSE.  HAMILTON POWDER COliPANY-Baker  stroet. Nelson, mauufaoturers of dynamite,  sporting, stumping and black* blasting powders,  wholesale, dealerslu caps and fuse.and ��loctrlo  blasting apparatus.  SASH AND DOORS.  NEL80N SAW AND PLANING MILLS,  LIMITED���Corner Front and'Hall /streets.  Nelson, manufacturers of and-wholesale dealers  In sash and-doors; all kinds of factory work mado  to order.  i  WINES AND CIGARS;.  CALIFORNIA   WINE. COMPANY,'   LIML  TED^Corneu-Front and Halliatreets, Nel-  son.-.whole-j-Ue. dealers la wines ^oaae and bulk,  hi  if  *,!^w*^**<3W*^^ >:h.��I  THE: T^^t[NE|(OT 0  FRIDAY;: OCTOBER'26'4900  S  &��l  oi  CAPITAL, all paid up....$12,000,000.00  REST  UNDIVIDED PROFITS       427,180.80  Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal ...Prosident  Hon. Geome A. Dnimmoiul Viee-Presidont  K. S. Cloi}"'-ton .General Mauagor  NKLSON BRANCH  Corner Baker and Kootenay Streets.  A. H. BUCHANAN, Alanager.  Branches In London (England) New York,  Ciiioaqo, and all the principal cities In Cauada.  Buy and sell Sterling Exchange and Cable  Trmsfors.  Grant';Commercial -and Travelers' Credits,  available in any part of tho world.  Drafts Issued, Collections Made, Kto.  Saving's Bank Branch  CURRKNT RATK OK .INVKKKHT* PAID.'  WRITTEN   BV   LABORERS.  THEaBANK 01  BRITISH   COLUMBIA  NELSON  Gii>0ds t-ha^ Sell  Must  be  Up-to-Date  SUPERIOR, IN, QUALITY,   AND   REASONABLE   IN   PRICE.  Is now .prepared to issue Drafts and  Letters of Credit on Skaguay, U. S.,  Atlin���B. C, and Dawson City, N. W. T.  Imperial Bank of Canada  HEAD  OFFICIO. TORONTO.  Capital Authorized  Capital Paid up  Rest  $2,600,000  $2,458,603  $1,700,000  , R. Wilkin, General Manager.  K. Hay. Inspector.  SOLDIERS   PAID   THE   PRICE.  Lieutenant E.'-W. B. Morrison,  the well-known Canadian newspaperman, now serving with the-  Canadian troops in South Africa,  does not hesitate to denounce the  emergency rations scandal' of the  Laurier government. In a letteiy  to a friend in Ottawa, lieutenant  .Morrison says:  "It is very sad about young:Uor-  den ; he was a gallant .officer, and  would have been mentioned in dispatches if he had lived. As you  sasr, the event will soften the feeling .against the minister on the,  emergency rations scandal, but it  was a disgraceful thing for all that.  To give a soldier a useless emergency ration is like throwing a useless life-preserver-to a sinking man.  The ration is never, opened, except  in cases of great extremity, such as  the 2oth of July,.when: we made a  forced march of 21 miles to Balmoral in bitter cold. We had  started before daylight with liard-  | Tub Tribune has placed a part of one column  mi r.lie: disposal -of the Independent...LibomH,  v hose views will he expressed therein from  r me to time dnrlug I he campaign, A like prl-  . vil ge is accorded the Conservatives and the  l.itiKrala.   ,  Tlie workinginen of British Columbia are pleased to acknowledge  tlio friendly expression of their Conservative friends "that is is refresh-  ing for them; to believe; that' they  will poll a good majority above  I heir opponents in the Slocan district" and beg to assure both- Liberals and_;Conservatives - that they  iii* end to do so. ���  The statement that "every horny,  handed son of toil" is not necessarily a "labor man" is such a palpable absurdity that it is only surprising that the writer was sufficiently educatedto be able to spell  the words correctly, although that  was probably owing to the  expert assistance of the compositor.  We can assure our friends of both  parties that. the workers of our  western province are possessed of  such keen intelligence that they are  thoroughly ..capable. of estimating  the value of each-of the old parties.  They know how to value the  smiling acquiescence and political  sympathy expressed-for their welfare, which, when iu power, usually  ends in a contemptuous indifference  and total disregard of their previous  promises, and the, sturdy.-meii of  our western unions are determined  ~ to show their brethren in the. east  that they will be united in a solid  phalanx to obtainrthe proper.repre-  sentation in their house-of legislation that will cause their grievances  to be^mlressed and their ,rights to  be established.-  Now, fellow workers, you have  ' tlie chance of showing your power  and letting the world know that  you are alive to the importance of  .raking .advantage of the opportunity. In this province, you are  "thoroughly organized,, your- labor  associations are a credit tothe-com-  uiunily, your leaders are manly  and straightforward, and you have  selected a candidate who has no nxe  to grind and is wholly unselfish in  Ids wish to1 ameliorate'the conditions of his co-workers and to insist  upon their rights being . legally  established.  Tho intelligent -worker, in the  election,; will, treat .with- contempt  the gushing effusions of- the.' fawning political hacks of either party  and will rally round the banner of  freedom aud equality. We are  bound to acknowledge -with shame  that boodling, corruption and every  conceivable form .of misgovernment  is not restricted to either ��� party,  -and���every���honest^workor���must-  exercise all his influence to elect his  own candidate in order to counteract the political evils which are unfortunately becoming so prevalent.  Now is the time,, citizens,: mechanics, miners, laborers, :all must unite  not to merely oppose those whose  interests are prejudicial to yours,  but to have your .own.,representative in the house, ever on. the alert  to champion your cause. All paltry dissensions must be discontinued, every selfish consideration'  must vanish, and in, order to secure  your aim let your watchword,  "Unity and Fraternity," be carried  out to its.fullest extent.  May you succeed.  Nelson Hranch���Burns Block, 321 Baker Street)  J. M..LAY, Manager.  HA-VETHE^ GOODS AND- WILL  GUARANTEE THEM FOR QUALITY, STYLE AND PRICE.  STERLING   NOVELTIES,   Manicure  Sets, Bisque Toilet Sets.  LAMPS, Piano  Enameled.  and Table, in Metal  ly any breakfast, and   got in at  -du.sk in a pouring cold rain.  "The transport convoy got mired  in a spruit some miles out, and the  whole army had nothing to eat except its emergency ration. We had  none, as we had found the Canadian  lot was completely useless, and left  the boxes unpacked at De Aar. An  officer and five men in our division  died from exposure that night, and  I don't know how many more  throughout-tlie array. None of our  battery died,;but seven are in the  'hospital..at' Pretoria from the effects  of that; night. The < whole ration,  even to the box and label, was so  cheap and nasty that we thought  it had been given to the contingent  by some firm as a cheap ad. We  never imagined it was a government affair until we saw the row in  the papers."  Historical Errors.  Spokesman-Re vie w.  "In 1S90," says . the Brooklyn  Eagle, "the people voted on the  personality of Mr. Bryan, on 10 to  to 1, on.government.by injunction,  on tlie independence of the judiciary  and on the paramouritcy of national  law. Exactly the same subjects  are before the-people again. In 1898  the beginning of expansion were  brought-befbre-thc people., There  was opposition to it then, but-the  president of the United States put  it before the people in a series of  remarkable addresses. The people ���  elected a congress in favor .of it,  thus anticipating the only issue.be-.  fore us in 1900 that was not -.before *  usinlS90."  After   citing   historical contests,  wherin-the-people'refused to reverse their, political judgment, the:  Brooklyn paper says :    "Those who.  suppose that in 1900 tho people will,  reverse - their   verdict  of  189U  on  issues - they   then   decided   should  remember that this people -never  reversed a national verdict- in . all  their history.     They have invariably repeated every verdict that  has been challenged."   .  This is a shallow, reading of .history. The American people have  again and again reversed their  political..verdicts. Four years ago  they reversed their immemorial  verdict for the- double standard;  and-elected to try the single gold  standard. In 1884, when they defeated, Blaine, they reversed their  verdict in support of a high tariff.  In 1888 they elected Harrison and  reversed their verdict for low tar-  iff;aud in 1892 they swung back to  OleA'eland.and "tariff reform."  They have reversed their verdict  on .the   "bloody   shirt",   and   the  VASES, Metal HandrPainted, in Different Colors.  ^CANDELABRAS, in Silver, Brass and  Enameled.  FERN POTS and JARDINIERES, in  Clay, Brass, Bisque, etc.  THE NOVELTIES YOU FIND AT MY  STORE CANNOT BE PROCURED  ELSEWHERE.  ��� *-"l  ONYX   TABLES   and   JARDINIERE  Stands.  CUT GLASS, in White and Colors.  TEA SETS, in, Sterling and Plate.,  TOAST RACKS, Water Pitchers, Car}  ving Sets, etc.  CLOCKS,   a  Most...Complete .Assortment. ...  DIAMONDS, Loose and Set,  25 percent Saved on their Cost.  A-  v ..  Surpassing  Display in  Fall Suiting's  All the fashionable creations  in Fall and Winter wear are  included.in my last consignment _of Scotch and -Irish  Serges.-Tweeds and Worsteds; and  Fancy Trouserings;  a.  -'/>-*��  "force bill."    In ISHO  they  refused  to   reverse- -their   verdict   on   the.*  issues leading up to the ..civil. war,-  but   in  ISOOothey; changed ,their  minds and elected Lincoln.  In 1792 .they voted against the.  "personality of John .Adams;".;four,  years later they elected-Adams. In  1792 and again in, 1790 n.Tefferson  was a candidate and was defeated.;  In the third contest in 1S00 he was,  elected.  In 1824 Jackson was defeated; in  182S he was elected.  It is straining history for the  Ragle to say that the people voted  for expansion in 1898. In that contest we were emerging from a successful war, with Spain, and the issues of expansion, "imperialism";  and "militarism" hadscarcely been;  broached. In that contest the Democracy made the fight on the raalr.  administration of the war department, and the verdict was so close  that the republicans earned the  house of representatives by the  narrow margin of 13."-  What tho American people may  have done in one election is a poor  criterion of what they will do in  the next.  Vote for Nickerson  to repair your watch. He was  born in tho Swatch business.-  ���His'platform is first-class workmanship. Baker Street, opposite Queen's hotel.  MUSIC.  Mrs. P. 13. Murray, graduate in vocal and Instrumental music, is now prepared to receive  pupils for instruction.in voice culture, Italian  method, also piano and organ.  For terms and further particulars apply room  5. A. Macdonald building, corner Josephine and  Vernon street.  E. Skinner  Neelanda'.Bulldlng, Baker Street. _  FRED J. SQUIRE, Manager.    -  ARTHUR   GEE  MERCHANT TAILOR- -.  OPPOSITE   THE.-QUEKN'S   HOTEL.  . Large .stock of, hlgh-olass Imported goods,  specialty of the square..,shoulder���tho  fashion in coats. ' . " "   "  A  latest  Special Sale  For   balance  of week.     Millinery aud Millinery Novelties,  Corsets,, Gloves, _,Lace   Veiling  and Children's Headwear.  ��  Trimmings free of charge.  MBS. jMcLAUGHLIN,- Josephine, St.  MRS.  ENFIELD'S  for line  HALL   BLOCK,   NELSON.    ,  CORPORATION OF THE CITY OF NELSON  NOTICE.  A FULL LINE OF  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local and coast.  Flooring  local'and coast.  Newel Posts  Stair Rail  Mouldings  Shingles ,  Roughj:and  Dressed,Lumber -  of all kinds.  ir WnAT YOU WANT IS NOT IN STOCK  WK WILT, MARK IT FOK TOD  CALIi AND GET PRICKS.  J. A. Sayward  HAT.L AND LAKE STRUM'S, KBTBON  Porto Rico Lumber Co.  ; (LIMITED)  'corner of.  hendryx and vernon streets -  Rough and  Dressed  Lumber  . Shingles  Mouldings  A-1 White Pine Lurnbor Always in  Stoc^.  We  carry a cowploto   stock of  Coast Flooring, Ceiling, Iuside Fin'  ish, Turned Work, Sash and Doors.  Special order work will receive  prompt attention.  Not'cc is hereby: given 1 hat under the provisions of By-law No. Si), "Pou nd and Dog; Tax Bylaw,!' it is unlawful for any person to suffer any  horse, mule, bull ox, cow, sheep, goat, pig, or  other cattle or poultry to run at large within tho  limits of the City of Nelson.  Every owner of a dog In tho City of Nelson is  required to pay annually u tax of two dollars for  each dog owned by him;-.  No person shall suffer or permit his dog to run  at large In tho City of Nelson for which such  person has not paid the tax required of him, and  unless such dog shall have around his neck a  collar or strap to which shall bo attached a  metallic plate to be supplied by the city on payment of tho said tax, the said metallic plate having raised or stamped thereon the letters C. T. 1*.  (city tax paid.)  Warning Is hereby given thatany person guilty  of an infraction or violation of any of the provisions of the above named By-law is in addition  to the fees and charges, set forth therein, liable  upon Buinmary'eonvictioii to a penalty of. One  Hundred Dollars and the oosts of prosecution,  and in'dcfault of payment to imprisonment for a  term not exceeding two months.: By order, v  J. J��. STRACHAN, City Clerk.  Nelson, B. C, October 23rd, 1900.  CORPORATION OF THE CITY OF NELSON  MUNICIPAL VOTER'S LIST.  Notice is hereby given that Sect ion 0 of the  Municipal Election's Act provide', that only the  names of those persons who have paid on or before the FIRST DAY'OF NOVEMBER, ALL  MUNICIPAL RATES,. TAXES, ASSESSMENTS AND LICENSE FEES (if any) payable  by them, shall be entitled to have their names  placed.on the voters'list of the Municipality.  And notice is hereby also given that the names  of all persons who have not paid by. the first day  of November next all rates, taxes, assessments  and license fees (if nny) payable by them, will ho  omitted from said voters'Hsr.   By order,  J. K. STRACHAN, City Clerk.  Nelson, B. C��� October :!3rd, HMO.  TOWN LOTS      ~  FOR SALE  Two good business lots in the town of Phoenix,  50 feet frontage. Original cost $1,000. Will sell  for the same figure on the following terras: One-  third cash: balance in six aud twelve months.  Address, F. B. H��� post office box 108, Nelson, B.C.  Porto Rico LumberCo. Ltd.  Contractors and Builders  WILL DO WELL TO  Buy ThciriLumber  AT  CO. Buchanan's  A large stock of flrst-oloas dry material on  hand, also a (all lino of Bash, doors, mouldings,  turned work, eto.  Factory Work a Specialty  Yard i  Foot oi Hendryr street, Nelson  Telephone. 1)1    Jo(||1 '.RftBj   Age fit  NELSON LOTS FOR SALK  Good building lots for sal&.-'Corner' and one  adjoining, MlxluO; $32;">.. Two' inside-lots fiOxlSO,  $-2;S0.  All on Mill street.   Title clear.   Apply to  Sl.rnchan .Brothers, opposite,the postofiloo.  :  ���- ���*< *- -       '       NOTICE.  I have impounded-ono, grhy.ii-nle,-aged, 11  hand high, owner unknown, The same will lie  offered for sale on 03tobcr2f>.  W; n. JAUVIS, Pound Keeper.  COSTELLO'S EXPRESS  AND TRANSFER  Baggage and express moved to nny part of tho  city.   Special attention given lo heavy teaming.  Office corner .'Victoria aud Ward streeta. Telephone 1M,       '   W. A. COHTKf-LO, Manager.  FOR   SALE  ON  EASY TERMS  TI1K PI-Ori-llTY  KNOWN AS  The Florence Park Hotel  or Roberts' Ranch  113 acres more or less. A first-class going business, with So acres of flrstAclass land under cultivation. 380 fruit trees, a large proportion bearing  fruit; 1000 small fruits���raspberries;blackberries  and currants.  One mile cast of the lerminous of the electric  tramway.  Eor particulars apply to  HUGH R. CAMERON  Insurance Agent  BAKER,STREET NELSON  D. J. Dewap, J. P.  Notary Public���Conveyancer.  von SALK "'"  -Cottage on jrircs road. 7 room*,-full plumbing,  beautiful location, $lft_fl, S500 cash.  "7-room house on Carhonafn street,' two stories,  double stairway, $'2,1)00. easy terms.  2 nice building lots '.Latimer street, 100x120, SC00..  House in Iliimeaddition, 82.100: SL'OO'ciish, 82.J.00  ,_ permonth pays'the bnlanco.intereEtand pun  ripal. This houie has full plumbing,' stone  foundation, nod lot.-15x1.10.  Nice, liousie and lot neai   VVard street, on  llio  south side of Silica, ��2,2S0 ; rents for $:w, and  only a block from Hid peal, nfllcc.'  TO-ltKr-'T.  l-rooin cottflge in rem-of my liouso on Victoria  street, ��12.   This'cottage is comforfalile and  most convenient to town.  7-room house on i\l ines road, $2:'.  OHIcc in  iMaddcn Block  ^Leading Scotch Whisky  D. J. DEWAR  REAL ESTATE AND  INSURANCE AGENTS  R. P. RITHET & CO., Ltd.  VIOTORIA.  Agents for British Columbia.  A. B. GRAY, Box 521, Nelson  Kootenay Representative.  Agents for J. & J. TAYLOR SAFES  Bogustown)   Fairview   Addition.  CAIVJBLE & O'PLLY  Baker Street  REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE  AGENTS  FOrt RENT  (iroomed house and bntli, together with Icilchon  riuii{c, complete.with hot. anil cold water. Oh-  servnt.ory street. iiutKiilliccnl. view; rent, including water rule, $35 per month.  -S-roomcd house, corner Cedar and Carbonate  streets; $20 per month.'  /.-roomed house, Hume Addition ; $lf> per month.  l-roomcd cottage, tiore street $I2.;">0 per month.  !)-roomed house, corner of I.II11 and Hall streets;  S'M per month, from 1st November.  I ten ts collected.   Loans made.  Agents for British Columbia Permanent Loan  & Savings Company.  MINING STOCKS  BOUGHT AND SOLD  Richoliou, 1000  FOIl SALE.  jxiHujiiixiCTini-ini-iriMixixiriiLiiiiTiHrixrMr  JUST   ARRIVED  A Car Load ot  Allen's Apple Cider.  THORPE & CO.  irr-iiiri.iririjrnriiiiiilllilltiililiiii.rltiiniil)  R. REISTERER & CO.  Ill.KWKlU- AND BOTTLERS Of  FINE LAGER BEER, ALE  AND PORTER  Prompt and regular  delivery to the tirada  Brewery at Nelson  Large hotel, furnished complete throughout,  in a-good ItviMowrt ; reasonable tL-nns.  A complete.eet of tlnner't. tools.  ���     CALL ON  MA. Prosser  HROTCJClt. WATtO STRKKT  FOR SALE^OHEAr  Six lots corner Observatory and  Hall streets,  drained and cleared for liuildiiit;.  Charles St. Barbe, Agent  .A.!.  EISTSTEAD.  Contracting Painters, Decorators, Paporhanffors.  Full line of wall paper, mouldings, eto,   Kalso-  miniug and TintliiK.   Strictly drat-class  work.  Estimates furniuhed.  nesidenco Mill 8treot,   Mti'T COM    R   f.  OppoBltoSchool House   lNfcJUOUW, D�� \j.  HrDT^SHOROFT  BLACKSMITHING  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  Wagon repairing promptly attended to  first c!��H-i wheelwrt��hli.  by a  Special attention given to all kinds of repair-  lug and custom worlc from outalde points.  Shnoi   Hall Sti.. b��tiw<��.n Baker Rnd Vernon.  ON  AT 7 PER CENT  BUSINESS PROPERTY  Apply Q. U LENNOX, floUoltior, NUaon M. O  fa  TRATERNAL   SOCIETIES.  NKr^ON LODGB. NO." 23, A. K. tr. A. M.  Meets second Wednesday In oach month.  Sojourning brethren invited.  KNIGHTS OV PYTHIAS��� Nelson I-Odffe, No,  25, Knights of Pythias, meets in T. O. O. K.  Uttll,  MML liO-   i_N*__\,l     u.iu  --_w,ku.,aj     nu.vuvi,    tiYQTf  Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock. Visitin* Knights  cordially Invited to attend. K. J. Hradley.C.C;  J. A. Paquetle, If. of It. & S.  NELSON L. O. L., No. 1092, meets In I. O. O. F.  Hall, corner Baker and Kootenay streets,  1st and Hrd Friday of oach month/ Vlsltlui  bret horn cordially Invited. K. Hobinson, W,  \V. Crawford, Ueoording-SooretAry.  NKIiSON .aiKIE, Number 22, Fraternal Order  of Kagles, meets evory socond and fourth  Wednesday ineach month In Fraternity Hall,  Visiting brethren welcome. W. Qoanell, Preal  daab,  Obdrles Pro��*r, H��ar��Uu ?.  ���a  E. P. Whalley, J. P.  NOTARY, PUBLIC  Offloe with C. W. West & Co., corner Hall and  Baker streets.  City office of the Nelson Soda water Factory.  A. R. BARROW, A.M.I.C.E.  PROVINCIAL  LAND SURVEYOR  "���--ij,r  Comer "Vlotoria and Kootenay Streeta.  TELEPHONE NO.tBft  P. O. Box 469.  DR.  ALEXANDER  FORIN^  OFFICE AND RBSIDBNCB    ���  Silica   street, between Ward and  Josephine streets.  Telephone 120. , ' .- '  ..  ARCHITECTS.  ���piWAHT  &  CARRIE���Architects.    Rooms 7  J-J  and 8 Abet doen block. Baker street. Nelson.  TRADES   UNIONS. ,1 "V ;. .  ���M-ELSON MINERS' JJNION NO. 90, .W. F. o  x* M.���Meets In'miners' union rooms, northeast corner Victoria and Kootenay streets, erory  Saturday evening at 8 o'clock. Visiting mem  bors welcome. AT R. Mowatt, President. .Tame  Wilkes, Sooretary. Union Soai.k of Wjoks  pok Nki-sont Oistihct���Per shift, maohino  men, $3.50: hnmmersmen miners, $.i.25; muckers,  enrmen. shoveliii's and' othor-underfcround laborers, $3.(KV ���   -. ���" ^-   ^  TIRADES AND LABOR COUNCrL.���Tho regu-  ��������� lar meotinga of tho Nelson Trades and Labor  Council will he held in tho miners' union hall,  cornor of Victoria and Kootenay streets, on the  first and third Thursday of each month,"-at  7.30 p. in. G. J. Thorpe. Prcaldont. J. H. Mathto-  son, Secretary. - '  ' 'til  - i3a  ',-^1  rpHli! regular meetings of tho Carpenters' Union  ���*��� are'held-on' Wednesday evening of each  week, at 7 o'clock, In the Miners' Union hall corner Vlotoria and Kootenay st roots. R. Robin-  HonfProHldontr James Colling, Secretary.  BARBERS' UNION.���Nelson Union, No. 19C. of  the International Journeymen Barber's Union of America, meets every first and third Monday of each month in Miner's Union Hall, corner  of victoria and Kootenay  streets  sharp.    Visiting  brothers cordial..,  attend.  J. IL MaUioaon, President.   W. 9. Bel'  vlllo. Secretary.  .   �����..���,.��. at- 8:30 p.m.  Visiting  brothors_ cordially Invited to  BRICKLAYERS AND MASONS'  UNION.  Tho Bricklayers and Masons'International  Union No. 3^of Nelson! inoets secondhand;-fourth  Tuesdays lirdacli niortthTa't^tuierlTTJnloiriinlir'  J.'W. Ktcher, president;'Joseph Clark", rocordinu  and corresponding secretary.  LABORERS' UNION.-Nelson Laborers' Pro  tective Union, No. 8121, A. F. of L��� meets lu  Fraternity 'Hall,1 Oddfellow's block, corner of Baker and Kootenay streets, every Monday evening  at 7:30 p.m. sharp. Visiting members of tneAinerl-  can Federation cordially invited to attend. A. W.  McFee, President. Percy Shackelton, Secretary.  NELSON PAINTERS' UNION-The  meeting of tho   Painters'  Union  regular   is held  the first and third Fridays in each month at Minors' Union hall at 7:30 6harp. J. 11. Milhvaid,  Prosident; Will J. Hatoh,-Secretary.  PLA8T1CRERS' UNION-The O. P. J,  172. meets every Monday evenin  Elliot block, cornor Baker and Stnuloy  8 o'clock.   J. I), Mover,' prosident: I>  l>nftn. urmrritArv''  A. No.  g iu the  r Btreots, at  >onald,Mo  SHERIFFS SALE.  Province of British Coltimbin, Nelson, in Wcs  Kootenay, to wit: '-  Ily virtue of a writ of tlcri-facias. issued out of  the Supremo Court of Britith Columbia;at tho  suit of the Bank of Montreal, plaintiffs, and to  inc   directed,   against   the   goods   and 'chat  tela   of   tho   Two    Friends    Mine, ��� Limited  Liability,   defendants.    I    have    seized    aud  taken in execution all the right, title and interest;  of the said defendants. Two Friends Jttno Limited Liability, in the mineral claim known as  and called "Two Friends."situated on the divide  between Lemon aud Springer creeks, on the'enst.  slopo of Lemon creek, located on the 31stday of  July, A'.'-D. 18!I5,and'recorded-in the ofllce'.pf th��  iniiiiiiK recorder for the Slocnn CiiyjMInlng'Dir-  Islon of IhO Wept Koofnny DlstrioN on the'lOth  day of August, A. 1). 1S9.'.: and also all the right  title and interest of the said defendants.Two  Friends Mine, LImit.;d Liability, in sixty (GO) tons  of ore, more or less, mined from the mineral  claim "Two Friends." and   now upon the' property :   To recover the sum of two thousand and  eitrhty-ninc dollars and eighty-live cents'($2,089-  .83) together with interest on two .thousand and  eighty-six dollars nod thirty-five cents (S20SC35)  at. six per centum per annum, from the 20th day  of Soptemhor, lttuO, until payment, besides sheriff's poundage, officer's fees, and all other legal  Incidental expenses:   All of which I shall expose  for salcorsuflleiont thereof to satisfy said judgment, debt, and costa, attho front of my office  uoxtto the courthouse, in tho city of Nolson, B.  C. on Friday the aitlrdny of October, A. D., 1900'  at the hour of cloven o'clock .in the forenoon.:  Noti.;.���Intending purchaserawill'satisfy them-  selves as to intercsfand title of tho said' defendants.  ' Dated at Slocan' City the 12th day of October,  liWO.  H. P. TUCK. Sherifl'ot South Kootenay  The above sale is postponed until Monday, the  "tith day of November, 1900, at the same place  and hour, S. P. TUCK,  E hariff of South Kootenay, THE TRIBUNE:. -jm^ON.i C., FRIDAY OCTOBER 26 1900  Queen Victoria Chocolates  THE  BEST   OUST  THE   MAEKET  SOLD   OlSTL-S"   JBT  50   OB33STT   BOXEM  W. F. Teetzel & Co.  CORNER BAKER AND JOSEPHINE STREETS.  EVERYTHING tyUST CO  Tremendous Sacrifice Prices of il\e FURNITURE and CARPETS purchased by  The OLD CURIOSITY SHOP  PROM THE NELSON FURNITURE COMPANY.  Five-foot Curtain Poles, complete   ���    35c  Window Shades.. ���      .......     25c  Lace Curtains, 3 1-2 yards long, per pair........   ���    . .$1.00  Brussels Carpets, per yard..  .45c  Tapestry Carpets, per'yard......     65c  Body Brussels, per yard...       .$1.00  Velvet Carpet, per yard.......; .        ... $1.10  The above prices for Carpets include sewing, laying and papering.  Kitchen Chairs.............           ;.'.    50c  Dining-room Chairs...     ........75c, $1.00, $1.25  Rocking Chairs; .....................  $1.75 to $2.50  Besides the above the stock includes everything in the furniture  and carpet line. Ofoods on display in the Applewhaite building, corner  Baker and Kootenay streets.  Special Sales Daily until Stock is Run Off  Hoi - For Fall Clothing - Ho!  See our celebrated Fit Reform Clothing, also our magnificent lines of fancy vests. The very latest in style  and   pattern.   Our  stock   is   complete   in  all   lines.  The Nelson  Clothing House  217 AND 210.BAKER STREET. NELSON.  STOVES!       STOVES!  We are sole agents for the celebrated  COLE'S HOT BLAST HEATERS  .  Will burn anything.   Results unequalled  in any line of heaters.  LAWRENCE HARDWARE COMPANY  /=��. (=>.(=>.,!  ��:��?:����  TO  Contractors n���a  Builders  W? Having disposed of our business to Mr. Ernest Mansfield, we  0j$ bespeak for him a continuance of- that liberal share-or patronage  OTl which has been extended us during our career in Nelson. We can  jjrh only say that those traits which have built up for us and maintained  ^ our reputation for reliable, dealings will be continued throughout  by the new firm. We therefore take great pleasure in recommending him to all our old customers, and also to any new ones who  ^may^hnnni'.4hlm=wU>i-fholP-palTnnnp|'fi  m  m  Thanking you for past favors,  The West Kootenay Brick & Lime Co., Ltd.  T. G.  PROCTER,  Late Managing Director  Nelson, B. C, 5th Octobor, 1900.  To the Public...  m  m  m  m  Having taken over the business of the West Kootenay Brick & (m  Lime Company, Limited, of Nelson, I beg to ask for a continuance jjr&  of the patronage which you have heretofore extended them. My ^6.  aim will be at all times to supply you with our products at lowest *W  possible prices. Being In a position to manufacture goods in larger ^  quantities than before, we shall be able to supply the trade at a ^  lower figure. M  It is our intention to install machinery to manufacture our JjJJl  marble products, and next season we shall be in a position to supply fm  these products at reasonable rates. jjk  We shall also keep on hand a stock of Fire Brick, Fire Clay, (fa  Tiles and Cement. jrm  Our Bricks and Lime Rock have taken.the First Prizes at tho (fa  Spokane Industrial Exposition in 1899 and also this year.. We also jru  secured prizes last year and this year for Ornamental and Building x��  We are prepared to offer special rates to Contractors  and zk  Builders. W1  ERNEST MANSFIELD, #  for The Mansfield Manufacturing Company. ($  1 Successors to ' 0(/]A  The West Kootenay Brick (����� Lime Co., Ltd. ^  B. C, 5th October, 1900.  Nelson,  3  Kooteiiay Electric Supply & Construction Co., Ltd.  Electric Fixtures Electric Fans  Medical Batteries  Nelson, B. C.J  CITY LQCW NEWS  Real estate in Nelson, either improved 01; unimproved, is worth  more than like property in Vancouver.  Tin? TninuNE contains a greater  number of advertisements than any  daily paper in the province, not  counting the dailies printed in Victoria and Vancouver.  .Tames Cfilker, George Steele, Fred  Bradley and Charles Griffin have  returned-, from a shooting trip to  Kootenay Landing. They had  fairly,good sport, but tho weather  was erratic, and several days were  practically lost because of heavy  wind. '���?:  David Mark Cfirley, will occupy  the chair at the opera house tonight,  which is a guarantee that all the  orators will receive fair" treatment.  It is expected that both candidates  MaeNeill and Galliher will speak.  Candidate Foley is in Fast Kootenay and cannot be present.  One-third of the advertisements  that appear in the New Denver  Ledge are of merchants doing busi-  nessin Nelson. This is an indication that the business men of Nelson are rustlers, and, also, that they  know a good advertising medium  when they see it.  Weather permitting, the gun  club will shoot two matches; this  afternoon and wind up the trap  shooting season. The fate of the  three badges presented to tho club  some time ago for competition will  be decided, and the event will probably attract a large turnout of  members. If the weather is unfavorable a further postponement  will be made.  - The many friends of Mrs. 15. R  McDermid and Mrs. S. D. Lester of  this city will regret to hear of the  death of their father, Mr. A. P.  Coddington, which occurred at his  home in Tecumseh, Michigan, on  Tuesday evening. The sad "news  was quite unexpected. Although  Mr. Coddington had not been well  of late, his illness was not considered serious.  At yesterday's sitting of the  assi'/e court J. H. Bowes applied to  the court to quash the conviction  of John Bulko, aged nine years,  sentenced to two years in the reformatory for the theft of several  ducks at Slocan City, on the ground  that theconvicting justices of the  peace exceeded their powers. The  motion was granted and the Bulko  lad was set at liberty.  An observing man visiting Moyie  would notice that the tramway that  is working so successfully at the St.  Eugene mill was built by B. C. Rib-  letof Nelson; that the hardware  and.mining, supplies bear shipping  tags of Nelson hardware merchants;  that the castings are all from  the  the company located a branch yard  at Rossland, which is already handling a large quantity of lumber.  A. Ferland & Co. are issuing invitations to their customers to  attend the classes in fine art needlework which Mrs. W. D. Cranston  will open on Monday morning. Mrs.  Cranston, who is a graduate of the  Ontario School of Decorative Art,  will arrive in Nelson today. Messrs.  Ferland &.. Co. will make an announcement; tomorrow as to the  hours of the classes.  Plans Accepted.  Tlie plans prepared by Kwart ��fc  Carrie for the addition to tho general hospital have been accepted by  the directors and tenders will be  taken when the tracings .are completed. The addition is in the  shape of a neat cottage containing  four large rooms on the ground  floor and two other large apartments on the second floor. It will  be heated with hot air from a  furnace in the basement and lighted  by electricity. The rooms are  arranged to enable the medical  staff to attend to patients with the  maximum degree of expedition! and  conveniences tof various descriptions  are provided. The structure will  cost about $2000 complete.  The Bridge at Robson.  ��� F. J. Cambie of Vancouver, resident engiueer of the Pacific division  of the C. P. R., is in tlie city for a  few days, his mission being to get  the work on. the Columbia river  bridge at Robson under way. He  states that operations will be commenced within a few days, as the  contractor who will build the stonework has his plant on the way to  Robson. The bridge is to bo of  iron and masonry, and while it will  only, be in third-place among the  bridges of the province in point of  length, it will have two 200-foot  spans, which are longer than any  others in British,,Columbia. The  channel at the site of the bridge is  27 feet deep at low water, but only  one central pier will be located at  deep water, the two long spans extending in each direction, toward  the shallower water. The swinging  section to permit of steamers passing is located near the east bank of  the river. When the work is  started an engineer will be located  permanently on the ground until  construction is completed. The  undertaking is a large one and the  work is to be proceeded with as  rapidly as circumstances will  permit. ���   '    "'I1'  MINING   STOCK  QUOTATIONS.  The following wore the quotations of British Columbia mining  stocks on the Toronto Stock Exchange yesterday :  Honey man foundry at Nelson ; and  last, but not least, that the empty  beer kegs all bear the labels, of the  Reisterer brewery of Nelson.  In referring to the lumber interests of Kootenay yesterday mention was omitted of the Porto Rico  Lumber Company, whoso head office is in Nelson. The firm have  had a busy season and their mill at  Porto Rico siding has been cutting  steadily all season/ The logs handled  by the mill are cut on Nelson &  Fort Sheppard h\nd aud the railroad pays tho royalty to tlie government, and the oversight occured  through this fact.   Early this fall  STOCK. '     '     '  Athabasca   H. C. Gold Fields .*'.   Hie Three '. ;'.   Black Tail   Brandon & Golden Crown   BuUc & Boston .-. .:.'i...".   Canadian Goldfields Syndicate..  Cariboo (McKlnney)". '   Cariboo Hydraulic;.... .<r   Centre Star    Crow's Nest Pass Coal .������..- .���":  California ���.   Dardanelles ���:.'.'.   Deer Trail Consolidated   Kvenlng Star   Kairview Corporation   Golden Star ���!....'.   Giant .'   Hammond Reef V   Iron Mask   Jim Ulaino   King .". ;  JCnob Hill.......:.....   ~IS>ne"Piiie"^lifpriseCbnfio'ldatert?  Monte Chriato Consolidated   Montreal Gold Fields.   Montreal & London. A   Morning Glory   Morrison  :.   Moil 11 tain Lion .........: ���  Noble Five   North Star. ...:..   Novelty  -.   Old Ironsides.   Olive   Payne   Princess Maud........r   Rambler-Cariboo Consolidated ...  Hepublic   Slocan Sovereign... r   Virtue...   War Eagle Consolidated ,  Waterloo....;:. rx u.   White Hear..   Winnipeg > ; ���..  Asked.      Bid.  . $ ti 00, 5 5 ��j  :ii  Oi.  -*  10  1  s  '   ����/  m  1 iT)  1'flS  ���m no  :t  U  la  ;*i  2J  ~i  03  1.20  1 "W  4IS0  ���1  U  ���H  -'i  40  10  li  Wl  =111=  2i  ii  ���1  :<  74  10  :i  no  i:  !tt  2i  17  ��:i  i  27  73i  12  :i7l  1 0.'i  :ti  I!!  i  2  fii  7  2  40  :i  13  40  11  85  2  23  70  7  Ml  1 023  1  Siilec-Goldcn Star. .TOO at 2J; Virtue. 500 at  ri7J.��)0. 1000at 37, 2000 at f��A. 600 at 30; 1 X L,  3000 at ll'l; Hammond Hoof. 2fl0 at 2J; Canadian  Goldllolds Syndicate. 3000 at 71; War Eafjle, f>00  atSl.OSJ.  CALL  ��� o ��� IVldM ��� ��� ���  AND   SEE   OUR  NEW  PALL  IN  MEN'S  FOOTWEAR.  STYLES  All the  Leading  Toes.  Heavy  Light  Weights  and  New Fall  Styles in  Tan,  Black and  Patent  Leathers.  HOUSTON BLOCK.  CORNJSH BAKER AND JOSKPHINU! STREETS.  Neeland's Shoe Co.  "imx-  EL.   S1TE1DRS   Ssd   CO.  3STE3LSOIT  KASLO  s_A.:r>r:Do:r>r  STOVES!   STOVES!   STOVES!  HEATING STOVES, COOKING STOVES, AND STEEL RANGES  Sole Agents for t^e Original Cole's Hot Blast Goal Heaters  SEE OUR GUNS AND RIFLES  HEADQUARTERS FOR ALL KINDS OF AMMUNITION  TELEPHONE 27 Store, Corner Baker and Josephine Slrce  �� Bom.  To the wifft of Chris Johnson,  foreman of tho Hall Mines smelter,  a son.  To the wife of captain Sanderson,  Carbonate street, a son.  To the wife of James Ritchie,  Hall Mines road, a son.  PERSONAL.  It. A. Grant of Grand Forks is in  tho city today.  W. E. Boie of Camp Mansfield is  a finest at the Hotel Hume.  J. Fred Ritchie, P. L. S.,  of Rossland, was in the city yesterday.  R. C. Fell brook of Medicine  Hat  is registered at the Queen's Hotel.. '  IT. W.  C. Jackson, secretary, of  the Rossland Liberal Association, was in the c:ity  yesterday,  IT. F. Ceperley, of the Provincial  Firo Underwriters'Association is registered at  tho Hotel Pliair.  business mention;  -Apply .Merchants  Cellar to Rent  llanlr ot Halifax.  Hack calls left at the Pacific  Transfer barn on Vernon street. Telephone  caU35. "  For     Rent���Store   in   Tremont  Hotel block. Apply lo IVIalona & Trcgillus,  Tremont hotel.  For  Sale ��� Thoroughbred  white  leghorn.^ cheap ; also other fowls. Apply at once,  Hox S74 P.O.  Mining stock for sale���12150shares  of reliable Hiocl: to ho sold. Owner leaving city.  Apply box 107, city.   .  Large well   furnished   rooms  to  let. Apply rooms 1 a^rt .!> Mandonald building,  corner Josephine and Vernon streets.  To Let���Furnished room at reas-  ablo figure; private board next door. Fourth  bouse above city hall, Victoria street.  For   Sale���A    well    established  boarding house business. Apply after fl:30 p.m.  Carbonate street, two doors east of Josephine.  For Relit���Unfurnished six-room  cottage. Water, electric light, and sewerage.  Apply lo Mrs. Croasdaile, Observatory street.  For Rent���Well Furnished rooms,  bath, electric ll��hts, hot air. Mrs. Ogilvio, north  sido Carbonate street between Josephine and  Ward.  Position wanted ��� By a bookkeeper, double entry or single; 20 years' .experience, single, aged :t-i. Highest references. Address K.'A. K., Tribune.  Lost--A   silver spear pin,-.with  three silver coins pendant. The finder will be  suitably rewarded on bringing it to the olllce of  The Tribune, Burns'block.  To Let���From and after Nov. 1st,  cottage at the corner of Falls and Hoover Sts.  Four moms and lean-to. .Apply K. P. Whalloy,  box MS, Nelson, H. C.  for fall Anting  Home-grown Fruit and Ornamental Trees, Roses, Shrubs,  Vines and Bulbs���S(),000 to select from.    Address  M..J. HENRY, Vancouver, B. C.  MANY PEOPLE  PUT UP WITH  all manner of inconvenience in  tho hope that some one will  give them a watch for Xmas.  Don't do it. Mr. Dooley wanted  wan year, but he says, " I niver  got what 1 wanted, an' I niver  expect to.    No wan does."  Get our prices and'3'ou'l buy  one for yourself, and get tho  kind you want.  "If Rrowu said so, lis right."  T.H.BROWN  STANLEY  178 Itakcr Street  PIANOS  NclHon, R. C.  NELSON TENT AND  AWNING FACTORY  The best equipped establishment in British Columbia for turning out  all kinds of canvas goods.  THEO tyADSO/4, Proprietor.  Baker Stroet, Nolson.  Private    School  And Kindergarten.  Thorough English, Calisthenics, Muslo, Gorman and French if required. Kail term commences :Siil September.  to Something New  to  MORRELL'S  CELEBRATED  MORRELL'S*  CELEBRATED  HAMS and BACON  to  to  to  to  to  to    HAMS and B/^CON  to  to  to  jh ������-.���:���':       Direct from Iowa's world lamed Corn Belt.  \li'f    Iowa's Pride Ham, 22c Iowa's Pride Bacon, 25c  to  to  to  to  KIREPATRICK & WILSON  Telephone lO     �� 185 Baker Street  YUST~ARRIVED--AN0THER SHIPMENT 0F~  VEAL LOAF  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  Mr  to<"  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  .�����  to  to  APPLES,^  WE HAVE   THEM IN  THE  CHOICEST  VARIETY, EATING AND COOKING.  Wm. Hunter & Co.  SUCCESSORS TO " .  THE WESTERN MERCANTILE  CO., Limited.'  NELSON  SAW & PLANING MILLS  Limited.  We are prepared to Furnish  by Rail, Barge or Teams  DIMENSION LUMBER  ROUGH and DRESSED LUMBER  LOCAL and COAST CEILING  LOCAL and COAST FLOORING  DOUBLE DRESSED COAST CEDAR  RUSTIC, SHIPLAP, STEPPING  PINE and CEDAR CASINGS  DOOR JAMBS, WINDOW. STILES  TURNED WORK, BAND-SAWING  BRACKETS, NEWEL POSTS  TURNED VERANDA POSTS  =^ST0RE^FR0NTS    DOORS, WINDOWS and GLASS.  Get Our Prices before  purchasing elsewhere.  OEFICE: CORNER HALL AND FRONT STREETS.  FACTORY : HALL STREET, C. P. R. CROSSING.   MILLS : HALL STREET WHARF  New Fall Goods  New Dress Goods in Tweed, Costume Cloth, Homespun  �� , and Black Goods.  Shirt Waists in Corduroy Flannel Mercerised Sateen  and Flannelette.  A large range of Black  Dress Skirts.   Underskirts from $1.25 to  $7.00.   Latest styles in Ladies' and Children's Jackets.  Children's Flannelette Underwear.  Our  Clothing,  Gents'  Furnishings, and  Boot and  Shoe  Stock is 1  complete.   We have the celebrated Carss' Mackinaw  Jackets and Pants.  A full line of Rubber Goods.  A. FERLAND & GOi  Maple Syrup  <>"<�� Honey  We have just received a large consignment of Old Settlers' Maple Syrup, tlie besfl  on the market; also some pure'Ontario White Clover Honey.   Try it. [j  JOHN A. IRVING & COI  Houston Block,  Telephone 161.  P. O. Box 176.  OUR  A.RK  FILTERS  KILTERS  IT COSTS BUT ONE CENT  OUR CXOSKSTS]:  ARE NOISKLKSj  Tn ilroii us a noBfc card that we may call and give estimates.   It eaves many dollars.  Never   have any plumbing done until you have seen our goodB and our prices.  For particulars apply to  MIH8 PALMKR, JomphlitA Stresfc.  OPPOSITE  STRACHAN BROTHERS, FlumbeiW


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