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 DAILY  EDITION   BY  MAIL  FIVE  DOLLARS A YEAR  %n&  WEEKLY EDITION  BY MAIL  TWO DOLLARS A YEAR  EIGHTH  YEAR,  I\T  ' l_��_b  ON':   WEDNESDAY  ItfOElsrP7'0  i.u sr:.  SEPTEMBER V.J  1900  PRTCE FIVE CENTS  ALLIES" ARE_IN_N0 HORRY  To Negotiate Peace Terras.  'Washington,   September    IS.���  Tliii ilnsiro uf China to actually be-  1 gin tho negotiations I'or peace was  evidenced today in a dispatch from  " prince Ching, delivered by minister  'Wu to tin; statu department. Tlio  dispatch was dated at, Pekin September Sth."iiui.1 in it prince Ching  states that he has boon clothed  .wilh full authority with Li Hung  Chang to negotiate for peace, lie  expresses a desire to proceed in the  matter :i.nd asks minister'Wu'. to  submit a request to tho secretary  ni' state to semd instructions to  minister Conger to baf<in the negotiations at once. It is improbable  that an immediate response to.tho  request for instructions to minister  Conger can be given, as prince  Ching's request will have to be laid  '���''���boforo the president and time given  for the consideration of his creden-  Via Is," as well as the desirability of  proceeding  at  once.     Moreover, it  7 is. likely that minister Conger's  Tiinlgment  as   to ' when. tho. actual  '. negotiations should open will govern to considerable extent.  Whether prince Ching's request  has been made to other powers as  well as to the United States is not  known here, but in view of the'.do-"'  sire to 'have Mr. Conger proceed at  ��� 'once, it is probable that the Chinese  : ; officials are ready to negotiate with  '������ the powers individually or with  : them as a  whole  through the me-  '-.':;���dium of a commission".    Among the  7names bei ng mentioned umbilicial 1 y  "as available in case a commission is  determined upon to carry forward  /7thb; 7 negotiations aro president.  7.Solnirman of Cornellabiiversity,  7lbhuBarrofcb, lateminister to Siam,  i ;ahd Dr. Hill, theprcscntlirst assist-  :> ant secretary.of state. 7 ty.���::;,.    ������7.'::  ��� '7. General Chaffee's telegram spenk-  7;;jhgaof^theCRussiaiv:: ruilroii^ : eon7  Jastruction isregarded .as.^iighly..;ii��i.:  ;7=p6rtaht in view of the disclosure ofa  7 !the pui'poseof ;tlie/_lussian govern-:  t   moiib to  reconstruct; the.railroad:  "from Taku to Tien-Tsin and thence  7/;to Pokin/showing,   it   is' believed,  ;thc expectation of the Russian gov-  ! eriimenb that, at least some of the'  ;7Ii,ussian force will be maintained at  Pekinthrough fche.winter.        " ��� '  ;/ Through admiral Remey the state  departuveht has been advised of the  arrival' "of   special 7 commissioner  /:B.ockliill7 at:   Taku;   today    from  /''������'Shang-Hai.     7"  '!!''-"������������;���'��� '."'..  ' M. Thiebaut. the French; charge  d'aif'aires, called on Mr.Adee "today  .-. and  the  status  of Chinese affairs  'was  gone  over.     Ib  appears that  Lprince Ching's request thab minister  Conger be  instructed  to   proceed  ���:' with - the   negotiations    has   been  communicated to the other powers,  ".������'oach being requested to authorize  tlieir   several   ministers  to go on  ; with the  negotiations  afc leastcin  llie preliminary stages.     This may  make necessary some discussion between the powers as  to  tho  desir-  iibi I ib v_of_acccdfn gJ_3__Mi__-_^c<.u.ORfc,-  nlbhougli there appears to be a  rather general idea that there will  bo   no   immediate   instructions  to  go on.      _____________  ���HIGH/ ISLAND': DESTROYED  About 1000 Lives Lost.  "Dallas, Texas, September .18.���  News reached Dallas today that  High .Island, a seaside resort 30  miles northeast of Galveston, near  the Gulf shore, and in the southwestern corner of JeH'erson county,  Texas, was entirely destroyed in  the recent storm. The place had  about ono thousand residents, many  of them visitors. Nob a houso is  left standing, and more than 100  dead bodies were found yesterday  by relief and exploring parties.  In a Hurry for Peace.  Washington, September IS.���  Tlio Chinese minister has received  ���'a dispatch from prince Ching, dated  Pekin,.September S, stating that ho  has been Clothed with full authority,  together with Li Hung Chang, to  negotiate peace aud requesting  minister Wu to request the state  department to instruct minister  Conger to open negotiations at once.  Minister Wa has taken the dispatch  to the state department.  Thinks Strike Cannot Last.  Nkw Yohk, September IS.���R.  M. Oliphant, president of tho Delaware & Hudson Coal company, said  today of tho coal strike:   "I do not  believe that tho strike can lust, or  that it will permanently affect tho  price of eoal. There are 110,000  men who go down to work in tho  mines of the anthracite coal region,  in their recent statement tho labor  agitators declared that they bad  $71,000 in their treasury. This  would mean that they can pay each  of our men who go oub at their  order tho sum of 50 cents for one  day. This will not support a great  "strike very long."  sTiMEes gather; forge  Loaders Are Confident.  Ha/Elton, Pennsylvania., September IS.���The following is a  statement issued by president  Mitchell, on behalf of the striking  mine workers: Reports received at  our oflice 'from districts No. 1, 7 and  9 of the anthracite . coal region,  show that there have been great  accessions to the ranks of the  strikers today. In districb No. 7-  (Hazelton region), nob less than  1500 mino workers who mined yesterday, failed to ������.���report for  work this morning,"thus increasing  the total number of strikers from  10,000 to 11.500; today. In district  No. 0 (Schiiylkijl), out forces have  been augmented by -1500 mine,  worker's';'--in addition to the 30,000  reportedI yesterday. The situation  i nd is trie. No. 1 (Dackawana, Wyoin-"  ing, is practically the same as the  first day of the strike, only 200  ���'men remaining at .work.7 The 'total;  number of men idle is J.IS.OOO.  From every section ; of the; an--  thracite region,1 reports indicate  nuich'dissafcisf action prevails/among  those who have up to this time,:  Tai Jed. to participate.. i n the stri Ice.���':  and we confidently expect that the  number at work will grow; less  With each succeeding day//until:  ���'.t-h'e;iiiin'es;-s!  S����'  OOP  1  BEFALLEN;  ���; 'Boers/ :Sufio_edr "(Jrcat;lj0SS.';77-  ; LoNrjoN,;:; September 719; ���-Th'e  Daily Telegraph publishes the folr  lowing-'.".���.from Lorenzo Marque/.,,'  d ated yes terday: "A pitched bat tie  lias been fought between Kaap  JVfuiden and Hectorspruit^ resulting  111 heavy Boer losses. : The Boers  .have removed and now- threaten to  destroy the cogwheels of the loco-  mofciv.es.,. used -between Watorval  Ijoven and Wafcervalonder, without  which the railway, can nob bo  worked. They have blocked and  damaged-the railway for six miles  on the Crocodilepoort section, have  destroyed.the culverts and lEector-  sprnit bridge, and looted and burned  Koniatipoorfc. The British are now  afc-Komatipoorfc and heavy figluing  is proceeding. It is rumored that  Mr. Steyn has arrived here."  Brandon & Golden Crown ������Meeting..  Gu run woo n, September .IS.���The  fourth annual meeting of the  Brandon &' Golden Crown Mining  Company was field today. t)f 0110  million and a half shares, over ono  million three hundred thousand  wero represented. The business  transacted included tho election of  officers aud a, statement of the  financial condition of the .company  which was satisfactory. The mino  manager's report gave the total of  tho ore shipments todate as eighteen  hundred and seventy-six tons. Tho  mine is developed to a. depth of  three hundred foot. The officers  elected were: Hon. T. IWayno Haly.  president; AV. J. Porter, vice-president ; AV. L. Ordo, secretary ; and  George IL Collins, managing  director.      Fatal Collision at Sea.  LiVPmPOQL, September IS.���The  Stormarn cub tho Gordon Castle in  twain today in a dense fog. The  Gordon Castle sank immediately,  her boiler exploding. The Stormarn  lloatcd for an hour. Her boats  savtd a few of the Gordon Castle's  passengers who were transferred to  the steamer Borregard and taken to  Pembrey.   Will.Receive No Delegations.  Cliovkland, September IS.���A  special to the Evening' Plaindoaler  from Canton says: It has been definitely decided that president McKiniey will not receive delegations  during this campaign on account of  the situation in the Orient. Delegations who were coming to Canton  iiavc been notified accordingly.  .DEMANDS BLOOD FOR BLOOD  Boxer Leaders Mast Suffer.  Bkullv, September IS.��� The text  of the German government's telegraphic note on the peace negotiations in China is as follows : ''The  government of the emperor hold?,  as preliminary to entering upou  diplomatic relations with the  Chinese government,' that thrive  persons must be delivered up who  havo beon proved to be the original  and real instigators of bhe outrages  against international law which  have occurred at Pekin. Tho number of those who wero merely instrumental in carrying out the  outrages is too great. Wholesale'  executions would be contrary to the  civilized conscience, and the. circumstances of such a group of leaders  canuofc be completely a��certaincd,  but a few whoso guilt is not  known should be delivered up and  punished. The . representatives of  the powers ab Pekin are in a position to give or bring forward convincing evidence. Less importance  attaches toi the number punished  than to thei r character as chief instigators, or leaders. The government, believes it can count, on the  unanimity of all the .cabinets in  regard to this, poilit,'iiisoniuch as  indifference to; the ;idea. of .just  ���atonement would- be equivalent to  : indifference' fco a' repetition of crime.  Tiie govern ment proposes therefore,  that tho cabinets concerned'shall  instruct their representatives -at  Pekin to; indicate those leading  Chinese personages, from Avhose  guilb in instigatiugv or perpetrating  outrages all doubt; is excluded.'"  (Signed) Von Buelow."!  -The note; has been;, sent to the  German embassies ,afc AVasbingfcon,  London i Paris, S b. ; ��� Pe tors burg,  .Rome; Vienna and Tokio.  Berlin, Soptemljer lS.--Thc pub--  ; 1 ica ti o'ia-vbf l/'.'.-'cd u n tl 1: von t -l B uel o\v' s  circular note,! iwhich; was made  th 'roil gh the Nord Neu tse he Zei tu 11 g,  Iwas decided upon;;because it; was  deemed best::to,;-lafc the^ world sec  'that'Gerinany'liad iibtliirig'totijidi;);  regarding Ivev, real alms in China.  Tiie -diplomatic -corps - here  so interpretc fit. TThG note  shows also, -that count yon  Buelow'ssober aud moderate ������views;;  regard ing the Chi neee ro udd 1 e an (I  its solution, have now triumphed  over emperor���' .-William's more ex-  'lia-u'sive plans. The-leading Gorman papers approve the note. Th'p  Prcsinnige Zeitung calls particular  attention to the" passage declaring  that wholesale'executioilis would be  contrary to the civilised conscience,  and,says: "This is in striking contrast -.with emperor William's instructions to the departing "troops  to spare no one and to Jiiake no  prisoners."  Print Workers: on . Strike.  IvOW^LL, M^assaclmsetts, September JS.��� Aboub ���:!00  print  Avorkcrs  were ordered oub from  the  Merri-  _niac_niills_-today,JX-^e-_f-ir,cc_=a^de^f  nuvnd for time aud. a quarter for  overtime. As soon as the strikers  had disappeared a gang of Greeks  began to file in to take their places,  and 200 new hands were distributed  in the various departments. ' Later  in the day a riot occurred in tho  vicinity of tlio Merrimuo mills, in  which a, number of Greeks were  stoned by tho strikers or their .sympathizers. Tho Greeks used knives,  but wore finally put to llighb and  pursued by an angry mob' of 2000  people. Al! is quiet at the Hamilton mills, whore nearly 300 print  workers aro oub as a protest against  the overtime system.  Loss of Life iu Newfoundland.  St. .Ioiin.s, Newfoundland, September IS.���Reports of marine disasters during last week's galo continue to" pour in from remote  localities. Today's advices show  17 more vessels ashore and 13 lives  lost. Considerable damage was  done to property along tho sear  board. Mope for the safety of four  other vessels with crows aggregating 25. is almost abandoned.  Operator Admits His'Guilt.  VioTOiMA, September' IS.���At the  c kroner's inquest today Paul Duggan, operator at Ladysmith, admitted that Saturday's Avreck on  tho Esquimalt ifc Nanaimo railway,  in which four persons were killed,  was due to his carelessness, lie reported No. 1 engine in the yard before she arrived, and sent No. 10 out.  American Missionaries Safe.  St. PETi-aisiiPno, September IS.���  The American missionaries who es-  cap d from Kalgan. iu tho northern  part of the province of Pochili-,  have arrived here. 'According to  the lists furnished by tin- American  missionary board. Kov.'Mark AVilliams, who wa.s born in Now London. Ohio, ltev. Will ia.;: p. and  Mrs. V'hittei (Ib'own) S;.'rague of  Xew York, and Raw J.-iiucs II. Honoris of Hartford, CuniKK-ueiit, wore  tho American missionaries at Kalgan at the outbreak of the Boxers.  REVOLUTIONiStS   ON   TOP  .  Central Cuba's Convention.  11Avana, September IS.���Tlio results of the election of delegates to  the forthcoming constitutional con-  vention"are being freely discussed  b3r the Havana delegates and other  prominent Cubans. The conclusion  reached is that the convention will  be.controlled by the revolutionary  element." V  Senor Alfredo ftayas, nationalist  delegate, .-'said' today : ��� t: The convention will not allow itself to be  influenced by any representative  of the United States. ���". It wil 1 adopt  and follow an independent policy  throughout in my opinion, refusing'  to. decide as to the relations /which  shall -'hereafter exist between' Cuba  audi the United Sfcates7; This is a  matter fchab-'should.' be left to a  ������special.commission."  Mayor llddrigues expressed "the  'same, opinion, aiid other trepresen-  tativo delegates,in various; parts of  the islan d a do pt the: "same a tti ti-ide.  In the main,.'-"..the delegates: are  capable men, and mosb of them.it  is said, are iu; -favor of immed iafce-  aiidabsolute indepcjidence, without  the intervention -of a protectorate.  ^The defeated; Bopublicahs land;  Eusidnisfcs hei'e;haveraised the cry  of fraud, and have aii'eady held a  hiass meetiiig to protect; against al-  legcd idegalj:!_aetices717. ;71j7 ;���;  pORT-iOl^iSfittE  ;    Kruger's ^Health is ;ppor... ,;;;  ;7 Nrwl Ydu:k,'SoptSmfiev\Ilg.^1 fcv is-  rumoi'ed in Johannesburg that general Christian De Wet, the Boer  "gi'ierrilla,..was.killed on .tho 7th instant near Potchefstroom, says tlio  London correspondent of the Ti i-:  bune. '.;  ;;:-, -���������"-;'        '..'���:...'. " "'���.'-'  -��� Alldoubts of Mr. Kruger's inten--  tions of proceedings to Europe are  now at j-esb. In reply to a:telegram  sent by the Express' fche Transvaal  consul-general stated that the object of Ivfr. Kruger's proposed European trip Was personal, not political. The voyage was to be made  for the sake of his health. Mr.  Kruger declined to say whether the  moment -was opportune for a statement of a political character.  PiiKTORiA, September IS.���General Pole-Carew has occupied Kaap  Muiden, about twenty miles east of  ^ftis |i):!uitp==Vr4iero=4io=Gapbured==a=  number of locomotives and a considerable quantity of rolling stock.  Nelson Man Married in Victoria.  Vii.TOuf A.September IS.���[Special  to The Tribune.]���Bow E. G. Miller,  rector of Sb. Barnabas church, this  morning united in marriage William  Howard BulIook-AYebster of Nelson,  and Miss Mario Enimeline DoBou of  Vancouver. The wedding was private. Only the relatives and intimate friends of the contracting  parties being present. The bride  wa.s given away by P..S. Hus.sey,  and the bridegroom was supported  by N. B. Vandorgucht. Mr. and  Mrs. Bullock-Webster loft this  morning for Seattle, where they  will spend their honeymoon, after  which they will make their residence in Nelson.  Germans Knock Out Boxers.  Brklin, September IS.���An official dispatch from Shang-Hai says  a German naval battalion, accompanied by 40 Bengal lancers, captured and burned tho town of  Liang September 11 th. A hundred  Boxers wore killed. The Chinese  regular troops occupying the place  had previously Jlcd. The Gorman  loss was ono man killed and five  .'wounded.   Second Cable to China.  AVasiii.\(;ton, September IS.���  The war department has boon notified that the Great Northern Cable  Company announces the opening  of the Chcli'o-Taku-Port Arthur  cable, and connections with AVei*  Hai Woi. This puts two linos into  China.  BRITAfM GeEATLV PLEASED  With. Germany's Policy.  London*. 'September '19.���As  might have been expected, coincident wilh'fcho arrival of count von  Waldersee in China, comes the most  important declaration of policy yet  issued by any of tho allies. As the  Daily News remarks, Germany's  circular note has turned the tables  (in Russia, whose evacuation proposal had put G'erninhy into au awkward corner. Now . if ������ Russia  assents to the German note she will  ��be unable to continue to pose as  China's lenient and forgiving  friend, whiic if sho dissents Russia  will lay herself open to the charge  of reducing the punitive expedition  to a farce. ,._  TJie Londo-n morning papers have  little but praise for  what is called  Germany's   admirable   note.     The  Ti mes' goes so -far. as   to   wish "that  the credib-for'niaking suclr'a  proposal  belonged to   Great   Britaiu.  The MorninglPost, alone, in a cogent  and well reasoned, editorial,  points  out a grave objection, namely: That  if the real authors  and  instigators  of the'uprising   should   prove to  be   identical with   the   personnel  0.'   the    Chinese    government,    it  can hardly bo  expected  that' they1  will deliver themselves up, and that,  if the  Chinese  government  should  be. designated as gni I ty, i b would he  under tho ban of the powers, a condition of things only���.terminable hy  the.conquest of;China, or au rqvolu-  ition producing a lic.w-/.government."  Therefore, says the; Mornihg ��� Post,  the powors should- carefully  wreigh-  fcho ���'matter'     before    committing,  themselves."/ 7.7  -.' There is no confirmation in .-'any  other quarter of lord Salisbury's  alleged telegram to Li Hung .Chang  referred to by; the Shang-Hal correspondent pf the Daily Express.  llliONPOK, September;-19;-���Joseph  Ghambei'laiu, secretary of state for"  the bblonies, in/a letter to aUnionist  candidate for parliamcnb, says r/^In,  my.opinion the, issues  of  the;-;general eleetidn are" tiie: merits lof tlio  vwa;r/'in SoutlrAfrica-and tlio nathi 0/  of 'the settlenien t wliich is to itisare  us against any recurrence  of any  danger to our possessions'" in Soutli  Africa.":   ������.������..'-;-"������':���������������;.���������';'; I!;---.     !: '  Guesses at Election Date..  MlONTKBAL, September 1S.��� There;  are three rumors  going  as  to  the  date of the elections.     All purport-  to 1 bo   based    on   strictly   inside  straight   tips,  so  that   the  public  who pays its  money  can  take  its  choice. One is that the nominations  Will take place on October 22nd and  the   elections    a   week    later, ;on  October 29th.     Another, circulated  first in Ottawa, places the  date  of  the elections in the second Aveek in  November.    Still another, which'is  receiving     considerable    'credence  hero,  status   that   the  government  Jias decided nob to  have  tho elections this fail, but that parliaincnt  will be dissolved and that thej.-iarty_  ^ifiT;'TrtTrb'lTeTsoTfuX^^  "Induential Liberals who are in the  secrets    of    tho   government"  aro  credited   with   making  this statement.'   Raising Teachers' Standard.  Toronto, September 18.���It is  very probable that within the next  six months tho education department will lengthen the normal  school teachers course from one to  two sessions of three months each.  A.t present certificates aro granted  to successful students at tho cm\ of  a three months' session, but under  the proposed change six months  will be icquiivd. Tho change is  along tho lino of the department's  efforts to relievo the congestion iu  the ranks of the leaching profession,  to raise tho standard of teachers in  tho province.  Manufacturers Will Take No Part  Month kal, Soptombor IS.���It is  stated horo this morning that the  manufacturers will take no part iir  the coming genoral elections; that  too much money was spout by them  last election, and resulting as it did  in electing a party which has ��� upheld tho national policy, they havo  no reason now to interest themselves.           Official Stenographer Appointed.  Vancoi'vki:, September IS~-|Spc-  cial to The Tribune].���George A.  Stewart I'otts of Nelson has been  appointed official stenographer for  the Kootenay judicial district.  Took Part in the Riots.  CilK'Aia), Soptombor   IS. Policeman lieutenant Edwin J. Steele died  early today. Lieutenant Steele w7as  the man who led the police up Des-  plaines street to tli5 scene of the  Haymarket riot, hi.s company being  at tho head of tlio column that advanced to disperse the anarchists  who were making the speeches, lie  wa.s prostrated by the force of tho  bomb explosion nnd had ono of liis  wrists broken. Nine out of _-f of  hi.s company wore .seriously injured.  GER1WANW0TEJS RECEIVE.  Ey AVashington Authorities.  Washington, September IS.���A  copy of the German note, demanding the punishment of the leaders  of the rebellion in China, was presented to acting secretary Adee, at  the state dopartmenfc today, from  the German embassy. Thof.'erman  charge d'affaires, baron von Sternberg, being temporarily absent  from the city, there could be no  attempt at discussion of this most  important communication. The  baron is expected to return tomorrow, when the subject may be  taken up with him. Meanwhile the  note itself will receive the earnest  attention of the president and such  members of the cabinet as are in  ���Washington tomorrow. Tho state  department has been all along directing its efforts to the speedy  .opening of negotiations for a final  settlement with the Chinese government, and has so far not been  heard from relative to the ma.tter  of punishments beyond the indirect  references contained iu tho notes  that have defined the government's  purposes. The question is now  presented plainly, whether or not  the negotiations shall be proceeded  'with';' without a decision on this  point.           SALISBURYMEAMS BUSINESS  Pointed Telegram to Li.  London, September 19.���'-On the  evening of Li Hung Chang's departure," says tlio Shang-Hai correspondent of the Daily Express,  '"'Jib:��� received a strongly wnrdod  cablegram from lord Salisbury, declaring that the British governmonfc  would; insist upon tho return of  emperor Kwang Su to J'ekin, as an  absolutely essential condition of  peace negotiations, without which  the dissolution of the Chinese empire was inevitable. Lord Salisbury  informed earl Li that the allies  desired to prcsoz've China, but that  nothing would divert them from  thoir irrevocable intention of punishing tho^e responsible for the  outrages, whom thoy would, if  necessary, pursue over all China."  Telegraphers Elect Officers.  St. Patl, Minnesota, September  IS.���Tho Old-time Telegraphers'  Association opened its meeting in  this city today. Montreal was  -choseiH'oi'-the ncxt-placo uf-moofingr-  Tho following officers wore elected :  L. B. MncKarlane. superintendent  of the Bell Telephone Company of  Canada, president; J. K. Hutchinson, superintendent of tho Ottawa  electric railway, vice-president:  John Brantof New Vorlc. secretary-  treasurer. Following immediately  after the old-timers eamo tho mooting of the l'nited Slates Military  Telegraph Corp��.  Toronto's Telephone Service.  Toiionto, September IS.���The  inunieip'il telephone committee is  now considering the matter of the  cost of installing a system. The  engineers' estimate is $(i7.">,000 for a  (i(l(')O phono system and $1,200,-  000 for a 10,000 phono system.  A statement is also being prepared  showing the number of telephones  now in use by'the Bell Telephone  Company in Toronto. So far it is  learned thafc the proportion of business phones to house phones is 2 to  'P. The committee will make definite recommendations to the  council.   Dissolution Date Fixed.  Am-ufoKiON, September IS.���At  the meeting of tho council at J3al-  moral j'osterday it was decided that  tho dissolution of parliament is to  tako place September 2."ith. The  queen afterward signed the proclamation of dissolution. A writ  will be issued September 2."th summoning tin; new parliament, to  assemble November 1st. The first,  nominations and the unopposed returns will occur September 20th.  The first pollings will take place  October 1st.  COAL ADVANCES IN PRICE  Owm�� to the Strike.  o  J^iiLAOKLi'niA.Pennsylvania,September IS.���The leader of thostriko  says that at the end of the second  day 11S.O0O of tlio 111,000 mino"  workers in tlio anthracite coal fields  are idle. No representative of the  mine operators makes t 'statement  for their side of tho u titter, but  individual mine owners dispute the  strikers figures, saying that there  are more men afc work than the  union leaders -will admit.  The first advauce in the price  of-  coal, as a result of the  strike,  was  mado by the Philadelphia & R.jid-_'  ing company, 25 cents per ton being"'  added.  This advance was promptly  mefc by the local  dealers  who-increased tho price  to consumers" 50-  cents per ton.  A cloud appears on the otherwise  peaceful horizon in the  shape of a "  report from Harrisburg that a bit-  tor feeling  is  developing between .  tho  union  and   non-union men   in .'  the Lykons district, located in ;the  upper end of Dauphin county, and,  involving about 2:100 mine workers.'  A   concession    was    voluntarily-  granted the oOOO employees of  the  Lohigh   Coal   &   Navigation  G<?m- -  pany in the region west of Mauch?  Chunk,  who  will   hereafter   work;  ton hours a day with a  consequent  increase  in  earnings.    These   men  were unorgani/.ed and had nofc presented any grievances.  True to  their  declaration  made  before the strike was  ordered,   the";  Philadelphia and Reading company V  today brought its mules to tlieT-ur-',  face in two mines afcShamokiu that',  had been closed by the  strike, and  announced   thafc   they    were   per- .  manently abandoned.    This  action,  makes it necessary for  the  miners :  who   formerly   worked    in    these  colleiies to seek Avork elsewhere.  -J.-T  Tho  action  of 400  or more"0111--;  ployees of the AA'est End Coal Company "at* Macau qua,  near  Wilke's-  barre,   in   sticking   to  their works;.  stands out prominently as tho biisy^  feature of an otherwise  idle  terri-/  tory.     They    say.  they   havo   no"  grievances,  have   always   received  Icindly   treatment  from   tlieir   employers, and therefore resist  every,  effort  to   induce   them   to  strike.  Eatl'ier Philipps the Catholic priest  who has been an interesting figure "  in the last strike, both  before and'  after,   mado   a   statement   to  the  public tonight   presenting   an  ar-  gumenb in behalf of arbitration and  urging bobh sides to get together.     ���'  THE  VENUS   GOLD   BRICK.  Valued at $1200.  Dr. Doolittle came down from the  Yenus mine yesterday wibh a $1200  gold brick, the lasfc cleanup from  tho mill as ifc stands now. He confirmed the report that the rotary  mill had proved a failure, and  would~l)c abandoned! The manufacturers guaranteed ifc to give  satisfaction, so that tho failure  does  not  involve  any loss  to the  company outside of the valuablo  time waited in experimenting. No  pains wero neglected in giving the  mill a thorough test, bufc tlio results wero not nearly up to the  standard demanded.  .\ meeting of tho shareholders of  the company will be held here  shortly to consider various matters  of busines��, ul'tcr which Dr. Doolittle expects to go east, lie thinks  that the directors of the company  will decide on putting in a ten-  stamp battery without delay. In  tho meantime development "work  on the property will be continued.  AVhen fche mill building was erected  provision was made for installing  stamps, and the cost of the change  will be confined largely to outlay  for machinery.  Severe Storm at Nome.  Skattlk, AArashington,September  IS.���The steamer Valencia arrived  from Nome this afternoon with a  large passenger list and $500,000 in  gold, consigned by the trading  companies to two local banks. The  Valencia brings news that a terrible galo raged at Nome from September I to 5, but that only three  deaths had been verified.  Freight Rates Advance.  Montiiral, September IS.���Different steamship lines running to  Montreal today notified shippers of  an advance of ten por cent in freight  rates on account of tho increased  cost of coal and other ships stores,  :.��&''.  '< ;*!i ^xvr^'B  .-; 7 _vi': ���< ,j;a &����� f> \ c*> a r��� ��*n f TOE TRTBUNE:  NELSON B. C WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER. 10 1000  f  Telephones  AND REPUBLIC  Reduction in Long Distance Rates. Use the  Kootenay Lake Company's Lines.  OTHER   RATES   PROPORTIONATELY   LOW.  SON'S BAY  COMPANY.  .INCORPORATED 1670.  We are busy  opening.  up our fall stock  which  we will have  ready  for inspection  in a couple of days  See our  values of blouses  Sateen from $1.50 to $2  Cashmere from $3 to $4.50  Silk from $6 to $8  t  _  Bay Stores  fi? the general election is pulled  off in October or.carly in November,  it is safe to predict that the winner  in Yale-Cariboo constituency will  represent the political party that is  tho stronger, for neither candidate '  Galliher nor candidate MacNeill lias  a large personal following. Candidate MacNeill will poll more than  liis party's strength in Rossland,  and candidate Galliher will do likewise in Nelson ; but outside these  two towns each will poll his party's  strength. There is no data on  which to base an estimate of the  strength of cither of the two  parties, other than tho predictions  of enthusiastic party men, and an  accurate estimate cannot be made  on any such predictions. Tin-;  Trihuxe is of opinion that the  two parties aro pretty evenly  matched," and that tho candidate  who secures the independent vote  will be elected.  forced to confess that its ell'oof has  not been ruinous; that from tho  boundary to the 'Slocan thn* country  is prosperous ; and that Kootonay  is on tho eve of bolter times than  it has ever lenown. Tho erstwhile  calamity howler is evidently  anxious to bo of some political service in tho present emergency.  It can bo stated on authority  that tho Labor Unions of Nelson  Avill not lend any assistance to tho  movement, that is said to lurvo  boon started at Itossland, to bring  out a Labor candidate for this constituency.  Foil several days past the organ  of the gang of so-called Conservatives that attempted to deprive  -ISO cit.iy.ens of Nelson riding of the  right to poll a A'ote at the coming  Dominion election has favored tho  people with all sorts of unfavorable  opinions regarding a public utility  owned by tho city. Yesterday's  edition had a very favorable article  regarding tlio same public utility.  When the city engineer made a report of the estimated cost of repairing the old electric light dam  and one favoring building a new  dam further up the stream at twice  the cost, the Miner said either expenditure would be money wasted.  .Vow, when one of the ablest  hydraulic engineers on the Pacific  coast makes a report that tho old  dam should be repaired and tho  debris excavated from the reservoir,  the Miner says everything is lovely.  Wurcx the Nelson Minor succeeds  in squaring itself Avith the friends  of tho eight-hour laAV, it should  take up that little difference Avhich  it has witli those ISO electors whom  its sponsors sought to disfranchise  during tho recent'provincial election. The men Avho hatched the  plot are no more blameworthy than  the noAvspaper that defended thorn.  "WirRisr receiving a monthly subsidy from the Mine Owners' Association, the Miner of Nelson Avas  bitter in its opposition to the eight-  hour laAV.. and roundly denounced  CArery public man avIio favored it.  Noav that the reputed author of  that laAV has accepted a nomination  for high office, the Miner fawns at  tho feet of the candidate, and pro-  J. E. ANNABLE, Manager.  0_ST_i!   WEEK  COMMENCING SEPT. 17  MR. R. E. FRENCH  PRESENTS  Russell  & Drew's  Theatre Co.  1'3ST   EEPEETOIEE  Now that the elections are on the  Nelson   Miner   is   endeavoring   to  square itself with the friends of the  eight-hour law.   While there was  a prospect of securing the repeal of  the law the Miner  worked  itself  into a frenzy in its systematic attempts to prove that the   enactment   of   such   legislation   meant  nothing short of the ruination of  the mining industry.   Having done  all ifc could to secure the repeal of  phe eight-hour law the Miner is liow  CHANGE   OF   PLAY NIGHTLY  POPULAR    PRICES  FOR SALE  FOUR   LOTS   AND   COTTAGE  120 feci frontage to Stanloy Street.  claims loudl3' that ho should be  elected because ho was the author  of a law that it for months denounced. That venal sheet is evidently trying for another  subsidy.  Selling Adulterated Milk.  | j,To TIMO ]_l>IT01l  Of.' TIIK  TlUISb'NK:  Please inform milk users and readers  of Tiik Trim-nk thafc a rank substitute   for  milk  is  being  used in  Nelson, and I   would say that any  unscrupulous dealer avIio so adulterates such a necessary article of food  to   the extent  that tho  health of  strong   people,  lot  alone  tho   sick  ones, is  seriously affected by it is  an unmitigated rascal.    Mr. Editor,  .1   know  of  people here,  including  myself, who, acting upon the advice  of physicians, have boon compelled  to adopt a milk diet, with tho most  injurious "results.    I amjiofc speaking of watered milk, I speak of milk  that is not milk in any sense of the  word.    Why does the health officer  allow  such a condition of  affairs?  I.s there no milk inspector here?    I  believe there is- only one  man in  town avIio supplies puro milk, but J  couldn't buy his milk ; ho said he  had ' bnroly   enough   for  liis   customers.   A man Avho sells you puro,  wholesome milk is a-public benefactor, but the man avIio .swindles you  with an injurious substitute when,"  perhaps,  you  depend  solely  upon  that nourishment to restore 3'onr.  health, should bo confined in a penitentiary.    What am 1 going to do?  I   am compelled <to live on a milk  diet for several weeks, ' and T haA'e  tho choice of remaining  in Nelson  and    poisoning   my   system   with  doped milk or of leaving the town  to recover my health on pure milk  that 1 cannot procure here.  Joux P. Scanlax.  ��� Nelson, September 17th.  Possible Candidates in Victoria.  This Colon M.  Conjecture is rife as to the names  of possible candidates Avho may bo  chosen by the Liberals to contest  Victoria constituency along with  .Mr. George Riley at the approaching federal elections. Among the  names mentioned are those of L. P.  Duff, SI. L. Drury, Major John  Nicholles, A. C. McCandlcss and Dr.  Powell. I't is understood that Mr.  McCaudless has signified his unwil-  lingness to be a candidate, and in  all probability the choice will fall  upon major Nicholles.  Famine Prices in Johannesburg.  JoiiANXESHUiU), September 17.���  Provisions are selling at famine  prices here, sugar being two. shillings   aud   sixpenco a  pound, and  r\nimatograpr]  and Musical  Entertainment  .   ^.-0 0-0  Xif  ^T   __L5i_rS_-/&> ci_-i tj__m  ~^��   ui__3^m___- '  &__U&&SmU&3_l:Si_GL&G_;G__:&<:��;�� ->->-^-S--S^S,^'_5'^,^-^,^'-&,^,^>--,^^,^,^,^'^,4_��,^,-_-^,-S>-l  ^^^spsB^^ss^sr^^s^^c -^^^19^99191919^191919191919191919191919191919199^^  iti  to  to  iti  to  iti  iti  iti  to  iti  iti  to  to  to  to  to  ffl  ���w.  ED  IRVINE &  CO  NEW FALL GOODS ARRIVING DAILY  LADIES' GOLF CAPES INoALL THE LEADING PLAIDS  NEW DRESS MATERIAL SUITINGS IN ALL THE LATEST SHADES  FLANNEL AND CASHMERE BLOUSE WAISTS  DRESSING JACKETS, WOOL SHAWLS, UNDERSKIRTS, ETC.  LADIES' AND CHILDREN'S FALL AND WINTER JACKETS AND FELT HATS  FRED  IRVINE & CO.  ^���-'_H'a,S'T}'S'���'-'-''^'-'S,��f���'a,^'���'^,>'>'>i>'>'>',>    __'-^-0-0'i_^-i_^.l_.-0-0-0-0-i_--0-i-*-0-l^'0-0-0-0-<i^-0'-0'-<^-^-0'-MTi  \\t  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  to  to  iti  iti  iti  2?  pork the same price, while matches  are sohUat one shilling per box.  Other staple ..articles arc proportionately, de.'vr, Avhile many necessities aro;: not obtainable at any  price.        '.'"'.  Alimony Application Adjonrno'd.  Nkw Yon ic, September 17.��� The  application for alimony and counsel fee by Mrs. McCoy, Avife of 1 -id  McCoy, ponding tho trial of suits  and counter suits for divorce botween herself and her husband, was  continued today in the supreme  court before justice BischolT and  adjourned until next 1'Yiday.  Whaler Returns With Bone.  Sax Francisco, September .17.���  Tho schooner Louise Kenney has  arr'iA'ed from Behring sea. She left,  Point Hope 17 days ago, and at that  time whalers Avere just preparing  to .enter the ice. All hands in tho  Avhaling Meet arc Avell. The Kenney  brought 1100 pounds of bone.  Wholesale  Houses  NELSON  B. C.  -ERATED AND MINERAL WATERS.  rpnORPK & CO., LIMTTER.-Coriicr Vernon  ���*��� and Cedar streets, Nolson, manufacturers  of and wholcsnla dealers in wrated waters aud  fruit syrups. Solo agents for Halcyon. Springs  mineral water.   Telephone ft).  ASSAYERS*   SUPPLIES.  TTT  F. TEKTZEL & CO.-Cornor Baker and  vv ���   Josephine streets, Nelson, wholesalo deal-  era in   assayors  supplies.   Agents for Denver  Firo Clay Co. of Denver, Colorado.  KOOTENAY  CO.���Corner Bakor  D. J. Dewap, J. P.  Notary Public���Conveyancer.  FOR SALE.  Six lot,?, corner Hull and Observatory streets,  faciei; tlie lake. Will sell in blook or separately, ��:!00 each. These are good lots and  Soiid value.  l-'ivc-room cottage, full plumbing���new house,  011 Minos road; near Stanley street. $IiViO,  easy terms.  Large wnll furnished houso on Carbonate strco1-.  ��-_':iUll, easy terms.  (.food houso and Joo in Hume Addition. ��200  cash.   Balance $������!'> per month.  Lofc.Kix-l'JO, Mill street, facing lake. $2;'>0  Lot.Wx120, corner Hull and Vernon, SjIS.'iOO,  List, your properly wilh me for prompt, pay  sales.  Office in  Madden Block  D. J. DEWAR  A grand concert will be held at Ihe Opera  House on Wednesday, ��epleiuhcr _filh, I'.kTu, in  aid of Lhe Ocncrnl Hospital.  Paul's Famous  /\nimatograpl]  AVILL  HE HI TOAVN  l-'Oll THK  IN OANAHA.  Fill ST TIME  ANIMATED  PHOTOGRAPHS  NAVAL,  MILITARY.    OOMTO,    SPORTING  AND   DRAMATIC.  TO   LET  FURNISHED  Temperance   Hotel  ON   VERNON  STREET  CIGARS.  CIGAR MANUFACTURING  and Hall streets, Nel  son, manufacturers of "Royal Seal" and "Kooto  nay Bollo" brands of cigars.  -COMMISSION MERCHANTS.  TT J. EVANS &  CO.-Baker stroet, Nelson  ���*-'-���   wholesale    dealers   in   liquors,    cigars,  comeut, fire brick and tiro clay, water pipe.and  steel rails, and genoral com mission merchants.  ELECTEICAL  SUPPLIES.  KOOTENAY ELECTRIC! SUPPLY & CONSTRUCTION COM PAN V-AVholftsModoal-  ers in telephones, annunciators, bells, batteries,  llxt.urcs, etc., Houston block, Nelson.  FLOUR AND FEED.  BRACKMAN - KER MILLING COMPANY  ���Cereals, Flour, Grain, liny. Straight or  mixed, cars shipped to all Kootenay Points.  Grain elevators at all principal poinl.sou Calgary  Edmonton it. It. Mills at. Victoria, New AVest  minster, and'Edmonton. Alberta.  TAYLOR FKE-D & PRODUOlfl CO.���Raker  street, Nelson (George !���'. Motion's old  stand), Flour, Food, Grain, Hay and J'roduco.  Car lots a specialty.   Correspondence solicited.  Phono 2G.--.--���.������  FRESH AND SALT MEATS.  BURNS &   CO.���Baker   streot,   Nelson,  wholesalo doalers in fresh and cured moats.  Cold storage.  P.  GROCERIES.  MACDONALD & CO.-Corncr Front and  Hall stroets, wholesalo grocers and  ''obbers in blankets, gloves, mitts, boots, rubbers,  iuackinaws and miners' sundries.  A.  KOOTENAY  SUPPLY   COMPANY,   LIMITED���Vernon   street, Nelson,   wholesalo  grocers.  TOHN CHOLDITCH & CO.-  **    son, Avholesale grocers.  ���Front street, Nol-  FR. STEWART & CO.���Warehouses on O. P.  ��� K. track, foot of Stanley streot. Nelson,  wholosalo dealers in provisions, produce and  fruits. Cold storage. Agents Armour Sc Co.'s  bacon, hams, lard and other produota.   JY. GRIFFIN & CO.-Front street, Nelson,  ���   wholosale   dealors   iu   provisions,   cured  moats, butter and eggs.  A Large Selection of Transvaal  War Pictures, Including; Scenes of  General Cron.ie on tho march lo Canelowu  under escort of City Imperial A'olnntoors.  Arrival In London of Naval Brigade from  Ladysmith, captain Lninliton leading.  Secnos on tho Modder River.  Tri ii in|ilin I entry into Bloom font ci ii, etc.,etc.  Wednesday, Sept. 26th.  Cameras  Kodaks  AND AMATEUR  PHOTOGRAPHERS'  SUPPLIES OF  ALL KINDS.  HUGH   R.   CAMERON  Baker Street. Nelson.   Agent and Appraiser.  Ward BrosT  REAL ESTATE AND  INSURANCE AGENTS  Agents for J. & J. TAYLOR SAFES  HARDWARE AND MINING SUPPLIES.  H BYERS & CO.-Corner Baker and Josophino  ���   streots, Nolson, wholesalo dcalors in hard-  and mining supplies.    Agents for Giant  ware  Powder Co.  LAWRENCE  Baker St.,  HARDWARE    COMPANY���  ,  Nolson,  wholosale   doalers in  hardwaro and mining supplies, and water and  plumbers'supplies.  LIQUORS AND DRY GOODS.  TURNER, BEKTON & CO.-Cornor Vornon  and Josephine streots, Nolson, wholesale  doalers in liquors, oigars and dry goeds. Agents  for Pabst Browing Co. of Milwaukee and Cal-  gary Brewing Co. of Calgary.         .  POWDER, CAPS AND FUSE.  HSMILTON-POWDKR~COMPANY-Baker  stroet, Nelson, manufacturers of dynamite,  sporting, stumping and black blasting powders,  wholesale dealers in caps and fuso, aud oloctrio  blasting apparatus.   SASH  JTELSON  SAW  CHARLES   ST. BARBE,  Agent  CANADA MB  & BOOK CO.  Bogustown)   Fairview   Addition.  pING STOCKS  BOUGHT AND SOLD  Richelieu, 1000  FOR SALE.  Six-room houso, Humo Addition, $850.  A completo set of tinner's tools.  Team, harness and wagon, ��1.10.  " CALL ON  H. A. Prosser  BROKER. AVARD STREET  J. E. ANNABLE  GENERAL BROKER  Houses and lota for sale in all parts of the city.  Victoria-Montreal firo Insurance Company.  Ontario Mutual Life Insurance Company.  AND DOORS.  AND PLANING MILLS,  LIMITED���Cornor Front aud Hall streets,  Nelson, manufacturers of and wholesale dealers  in sash aud doorf; all kinds of factory work mado  to order.   WINES AND CIGARS.  CALIFORNIA AVINE COMPANY, LIMITED���Corner Front aud Hall streots, Nelson, wholosalo doalors In wines (caso and bulk,  and domestic and imported oigars.  E. P. Whalley, J. P.  NOTARY PUBLIC  Oflico with C. AV. AVoBt & Co., corner Hall and  Bakor streots.  City oflleo of tho Nolson Sodawator Faotory.  A. R. BARROW, A.M.I.C.E.  PROVINCIAL  LAND SURVEYOR  Corner Viotoria and Kootenay Streets.  P. O. Box 5ffl). TELKPHONB NO, 35  ~ ARCHITECTS.  EVVART &  CARRIE���Architects.    Rooms 7  and 8 Ahordeen blook. Bakor streot, Nelson.  Planing K|ills, Limited  Are prepared to furnish by rail, barge or teams  Dimension Lumber, Rough and Dressed  Lumber, Local and Coast Ceiling, Local and  Coast Flooring, Double Dressed Coast Cedar,  Rustic, Shiplap, Stepping, Door Jambs, Pine  and Cedar Casings, Window Stiles, Turned  Work, Band-sawing, Brackets, Newel Posts,  Turned Veranda Posts, Store Fronts, Doors,  Windows and Glass.  Get prices before purchasing elsewhere  Office Corner Hall at)d Front Streets  Factory Hall Street Crossing G. P. R. Track  Mills Hall Street Wharf  s  of   and  'iicss. Pack  Saddles, Apara-  ��� ���   Bridles and  Nelson Harness Shop  Hall Street, Nelson.  C. W. West & Co.  COAL!      WOOD!  $6.15  Hard Coal  Anthracite  $9.65!  Crow's Nest  Coal  DELIVERED  AGENTS IMPERIAL OrL COMPANY, Ltd.  No order can he accepted unless accompanied  by cash. ��� ������-     ���______";"  Oflice:   Corner of Hall.  and Raker Streets.  TELEPHONE 33.  ENGINEERS.  CHARLES PARKER���Mining and millins: engineer.   Turner-BoeekhRlock, Baker Btreet,  Nelson.  COSTELLO'S EXPRESS  AND TRANSFER  Raggage and express moved to any part of the  _city. _Spocial_attention.Kivcn-to_hcavyLteaming.^  Ofllce comer Victoria and~VVard stroets.   Telephone KB. XV. A. COSTELLO. Manager.  Lethbridge Gait Goal  The best) value for tho monoy In the market  for all purposos.  terms cash     W. P. Tikknet, Goneral Agent  ToleDhono 147.    Oflloe with O. D. J. Christie.  _A_.   _E3__SrSTJ��3_A.X_).  ESTATE   OF   JAMES   KELLY.  In (h'o ma tier of tho estate of James Kelly, late  of the Cily of Nelson, in the county of Kootenay,  province of British Columbia, livery stable  keeper, deceased.  Notice is hereby given pursuant, to the "TimirI,-  oesund Executors Act" of lhe Revised Statutes  cf tin; Province of Bi-ilisli Columbia, 18A7. Chapter 1ST. that, all creditors and others having  claims against the estate of t lie said .'James Kelly,  who died on or about the ISI.h day, of October.  IS'.)!), are required, on or before the 1st day of Vc  vcniher. I!KW, to send by post; prepaid or dolivei  lo Messrs. Taylor Sc Unnninglon. of tho ���Citv nl  Nelson, aforesaid, solicitors of Iticliard W. Ouy,  of the City of Nelson aforesaid, the administin-  tor of the real and perional ollVr.ts of the said deceased, or to said Richard \\". Day, their Christian and surnames, addresses and descriptions,  the full particulars of their claims, the. state  mentof their accounts and tho nature of the securities, if any, held by t hern.  And further take -nolice that after such last  mentioned dato the said administrator ���will proceed to distribute tlio assets of the deceased  among the parties entitled thereto, having le-  gard only to the claims which he shall then have  notice, and the "said administrator-will not bo  liable for the said assets or any part thoroof to  any person or persons of whoso claims notico  shall not.havo boon received by him at tho timo  of such distribution.  TAYLOR & HANNINGTON,  Solicitors for Richard XV. Day, administrator'  for .lames Kelly, deceased. 7  Dated the lltli day of August. 1900. ,  NOTICE.  ___��li(_matteC-of_ztliO-co:partnorsliip-ot=Kcl]y^&=  Steeper of Nelson, R. C, livery men.  All persons having claims against tho co-partnership of Kelly & Steeper above named or tho  ���saidliveiystablo business as carried on under  the namo of 'Kelly & Steeper aro requested lo  hand forthwith to Richard VV. Day, their names  and full particulars of thoir said claims.  TAYLOR & HANNINGTON.  Solicitors for Riuhard XV. Day, Administrator.  Contracting Palnlors, Decorators, Paporhangors.  Full lino of wall paper, mouldings, etc,   Kalso-  mlning and Tinting.   Strictly first-class work.  Estimates furnished.  Rosidcnoo Mill Stroet,   MT7F CftM    R    f!  Opposite School Houso   AlJ&LiOU-M, !>��� V.  FRATERNAL   SOCIETIES.  JL     NELSON LODGE, NO. 33, A. V. Sc A. M.  _w_f Moots second Wednosday in each month.  /^\ Sojourning brethren invited.  KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS- Nelson Lodge, No,  25, Knights of Pythias, meots in I. O. O. V.  Hall, corner Baker and Kootonay stroets, evory  Tuesday evening at 8 o'olock. visitinsr Knights  cordially Invited to attend. V. J. Rradloy, C. C;  J. A. Pnquetto. K. of R. & S.  TRADES   UNIONS.  NELSON I_ O. L., No. 1692, moets in I. O. O. F.  Hall, corner Baker and Kootenay stroets,  1st and 3rd Friday of each month. Visiting  brethorn cordially invited. R. Robinson, W. M.  \V. Crawford, Recording-Secretary.  RENTS   COLLECTED. ^  _*_See ARABLE  ATnddon Block,  Ward Street.  MONEY TO LOAN  ON  AT 7 PER CENT  BUSINESS PROPERTY  NELSON, B. C. | Applr O. U IjENNOX, BoUcltor, Nelson B. O  To" Mine  Managers and  Oro  Shippers.  XV. Pellew Harvey, F. C. S., assayer in charge  of tho provincial government assay oflico, will  aet as shippers' representative at any Coast  smelter, to receive, weigh, sample ana check  pulps and to generally look after the interests of  tho miners. Terms mado on tho basis of tonnage  handled. Apply for particulars to him at  Vancouvor. 11. C.  NOTICE   OF   DISSOLUTION.  Notice is hereby givon that tho partnership  formerly existing between Gus Nelson and John  l.indblad, lessees of tho "Glue Pot" saloon, Nelson, has this day beon dissolved. All claims  against tho said Arm must he sent to Mr. Nclt-on,  wuio will continue to carry on the business.  Witness: JOHN LINDBLAD.  R.S.LENNTE. GUS NELSON.  Dated at Nelson this Oth day of August,  A, I)., 1900.  NELSON _ERIE, Number 22, Fraternal Order  of Eagles, meets every second and fourth  Wednesday ineaoh month In Fraternity Hall.  Visiting brothron welcome. W. Gosnell, Presl  dent.   Charles Prosser. Seoretary.  Notice to Union Men.  The grievance committee of  the Trades and Labor Council  have declared the Contractors  Lister and Kerr to be on the  unfair list, and all union men  and sympathizers are requested  to bear this in mind.  By Order of the Committee.  ATELSON MINERS' UNION NO. 9G, XV. F. o  it* M.���Meets in miners' union rooms, north-  oast oorner Victoria and Kootonay streets, evory  Saturday evening at 8 o'clock. Visiting mom-  bors weleomo. M. R. Mowatt, President. .Tamo  Wilkes. Secretary. Umo.v-Suai.k of Wauka .  kok Nnr.so.v District'���Per shift, machino  men, $:i.iii): hammorsmen miners, ��:!.'_','>; muckers,  carmen, Bhovoloi'S and other underground laborers, 83.00.  TRADES AND LABOR COUNCIL.-Tho rogii-  lar meotings of tho Nelson Trndos and Labor  Council will bo held in the miners' union hall,  corner of Victoria and Kootenay streets, on tho  first and third Thursday of oach inonth, at  7.80 p. w. G. J. Thorpe, President. J. H.Matho-  son, Secretary.  rriHE regular meotings of tho Carpenters' Union  ���*��� are hold on Wednesday ovening of oach  week, at 7 o'clock, in tho Miners' Union hnll corner viotoria and Kootonay streets. R. Robinson, President.   James Colling, Secretary.  BARBERS' UNION.-Nolson Union, No. lflfi, of  the International Journeymen Barber's Union of America, moets evory Iirst and third Monday of each month in Miner's Union Hall, corner  of viotoria and Kootenay streets, at 8:30 p.m.  sharp.    Visitinr   "---"���-   --����������   attend.   J,  villo, Secretary.  TDRICKLAYERS AND MASONS'-'UNION.  JJ The Bricklayers and Masons' International  Union No. 3 of Nolson meets second and fourth  Tuesdays in ench month at Miners Union hail.  J. XV. Etcher, president; Joseph Clark, recording  and corresponding socretary.      .    '  LABORERS' UNION.���Nelson Laborers* Pro  tective Union, No. 8121, A. V. of L., meets In  Fraternity Hall, Oddfellow's block, corner of Ba-.  ker and Kootenay streets, every Monday evening  at7:30p.m. sharp. Visiting members of the American Federation cordially invited to attend. A. XV.  McFco. Prosideut. Percy Shackelton. Secretory.  regular  _.. -������            is held  tho first and third Fridays in each month at Miners' Union hall at 7:30 sharp. T. O. Skatbo, President; Will J. Hatch, Socretary.   siting   brothors cordially invited to  H. Matheson, President.  AV. S. Bel-  NELSON PAINTERS' UNION���Tho  meeting of the  Painters'  Union  PLASTERERS' UNION-The O. P. I. A. No.  ���*��� 172, meets every Monday ovening in the  Elliot block, corner Baker and Stanley streets, ab  8o'clook. J. D. Moyer, president; Donald Mo  Lean, secretary/  *.,< ���.��ftNtf��...^.-J  ������*:.: Wm  THE TEIBUNE: NELSON B. C.  WEDNESDAY; SEPTEMBER la, 1900  ^.^^^.^.^.^���^���^.^^^���^���^���^^���^���^���^���^���^���^���^���^���^���^���^���^���^*^ '**'^'0*'0*'0*'0*   A_**'0*-^-^'00'0M0'0_*-<m0-0*'0_0..^..^*f_0  ���___k ���___�� ���___�����_�� ���-___ ���  '0_*'00'00>'0S>  w  xli  xli  Hi  Hi  xli  xli  Hi  DRINK  tii  tii  tit  Xit  xa  xa  xa  xii  tii  xii  Xit  xa  tii  tit  tii  xii  tit  Xii  tii  ��� ^_____" '  xii  tii  xii  tii  Xii  tii  tii  Xit  Xii  Xii  Xii  Xii  iii  tit  tii  tii  Hit  tii  tii  Xit  xa  xa  til  xa  tii  xa  tii  tii  tii  xii  ���--<_ _& I  :."vy?.  1 -7s.K|  -..' -riSl  -��.-��l  \:--V.|  .-.-W*  ���*".M  ������ -���'��� '-tim  ty&ei I  ���7'>i?t  fWl  BANK OF MONTREAL  CAPITAL, all paid up....$12,000,000.00  REST    7.000,000.00  UNDIVIDED PROFITS       427,180.80  Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal ...President  Hon. Georgo A. Drummond Vice-President  K. S. Clouston General Managor  NELSON BRANCH *  Cornor Bakor and Kootenay Streets.  A. H. BUCHANAN, Managor.  Ilranohes in London (England) Nkw York,  Chicago, and all tho principal cities in Canada.  Huy and sell Sterling Exchange and Cable  Tniusfers. _, .   ���    ...  Grant Commercial and Travelers' Credits,  available in any part of the world.  Drafts Issued, Collections Mado, Eto.  Savings Bank Branch  OUBRKNT KATK OF INTERKST PAID.  "PREDICTS     A    TOBY     VICTORY.  The North-West Review, published fit Winnipeg with the approval  oi' archbishop Lmigevin, and edited  hy Rev. Father (.licrrior, whose  name appears at the head, is now  out after the Sif ton machine, and  its article this week is significant of  the well-thought-out views of the  Catholic leaders in the wost.  Tho Review, in the course of its  article, says the near approach of  the elections finds tho Liberal party  in Manitoba split up into waning  factions, and with leaders who lost  not only tho confidence of tho  poople, but even tho respect of  many who at ono time were their  dsyoted followers. The Conservative party, in this respect, presents  a striking contrast to their opponents, thoroughly organized, fresh  from the victory of last December,  and with a leader of whom they  are all proud, they present a solid  phalanx, which in itself guarantees  success.  The signs of the times, then, certainly point to a sweeping Conservative victory in the province, and  'nowhere-more so than in the Brandon district, where, besides the general conditions which will contribute to tho result, the personality  of the candidates will prove an important factor. It is a fight between tho most powerful public  man in Canada and the weakest  member of a mediocre cabinet, between the most popular citizen of  Manitoba and the most unpopular,  between a statesman who has the  reputation of sterling: honesty and  THE BANK OF  BRITISH   COLUMBIA  NELSON  Is now prepared to issue Drafts and  Letters of Credit on Skaguay, U. S.,  Atlin, B. C, and Dawson City, N. W. T.  straightforwardness and a politician whose career is summed up in  the popular mind by the one malodorous word "Siftonism."  And in such a fight, wlio can  doubt the result ? The hundreds  of independent electors in the con-  stitueucy, men we mean whojiavo-  no party affiliations, will naturally  be attracted by tho sunny ways  and admirable <|ualities of the ono  candidate, and repelled by the tin-  amiable demeanor and alleged  "slick" propensities of the other,  and they will vote accordingly.  Hugh John is after Sif ton, and the  lattor's -'Waterloo" is in sight.  The Review adds that tho Liberals in Brandon seem to be utterly  disheartened aud without hope, and  that feeling can easily be understood.          Corbett Carried Away a Fortune.  After tho revelations made in  affidavits by tho wives of the two  pugilists, corroborated by others  concerned in the deal, no one can  well refuse to believe that a gigantic swindle was perpetrated on the  public by James J. Corbett and  Norman Selby ("Kid" McCoy) when  they had their recent encounter in  Madison Square Garden, New York  city. What purported to be a prize  fight, it seems, was nothing more  than a carefully rehearsed imitation. More than $73,000 was taken  in at the gates, and a much larger  sum was realized as a result of  wagers made in a manner that  amounted to sheer robbery.  These facts, which havo been  more than surmised since the fight,  are set forth in affidavits mado by  the wives of tho two pugilists, each  of whom has brought suit against  her husband for divorce.  When McCoy, referring to Mrs.  Corbett, quoted, "Hell hath no fury  like a woman scorned," he might  also have had his own wife in mind.  Imperial Bank of Canada  BRAD  OEFICE. TORONTO.  Capital Authorized  Capital Paid up  Rest  $2,500,000  $2,468,603  $1,700,000  D. R. Wilkie, General Managor.  K. Hay, Inspector.  Nelson Branch���Burns Block, 221 liakor Street  J. M. LAY, Manager.  McCoy last week served papers on  his wife for divorce. Now he is in  hiding to escape service in a counter  suit. The charges made against  him are of a sensational nature.  Divorce is demanded on statutory  grounds.  Mrs. Selby concludes her petition  with-a-decla"ratioTT~tlIat7her hus-  baud bargained to forfeit the fight  with Corbett for a price, and that  he posted $10,000 to guarantee that  ho would keep faith with his co-  con spirators.  When he left New York Corbett  took with him more money than he  was supposed to possess. ITe had  in his pockot twenty-one thousand  dollar bills. Me took with him also  a letter of credit drawn on Parr's  Bank (Limited) of London calling  for $100,000, and a second letter of  credit drawn on a Paris bank for  $50,000. It is asserted that he and  the young singor, whoso departure  was coincident with his own, were  booked on the Campania as "Mr.  and Mrs. Martin." Thoy aro said  to have been assigned to stateroom  No. 3. The young woman's mother  occupied stateroom No. 1, while  George Considine occupied stateroom No. 5.  Mrs. Corbett is left with a good-  St. JOSEPH'S SCHOOL  NELSON. B. C.  A boarding and day school conducted by the  Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace. It is situated at  the corner of Mill and Josephine streets in ono of  tho best residential portions of Nelson, and is  easily accessible from all parts of the city.  The course of study includes the fundamental  and higher branches of thorough English -iuca-  tion: Business: course���bookkeeping, stenography and typewriting. Science courso���music;  vocal and instrumental, drawing, eto. Plain art  and needlework, etc.  Next term commonces Soptombor .trd.  For terms and particulars apply to the Sister  Superior.  Private    School  And Kindergarten.  Thorough English, Colisthenlcfl, Music, German and French if required. Fall term commences 3rd September.  For particulars apply to  MISS PALMER, Josephine Street.  sized bank account, but Mrs. Selby  is'penniless.  Burns Nelson Secures Bail.  Wi-LLS Rivrk, Vermont, September 17.���Burns Nelson, charged  with manslaughter,, in having  caused the death of Charles Bostock at this place on September  Sth, was held in $3000 bail for tho  grand jury. Bonds were furnished.  Bostock was found dead in bed in  Nelson's room with-' a gunshot  wound in his head, after he and  Nelson had spent an evening drinking together.  A Good Payroll.  Moyio Leader.  Thc_JAugnst payroll of the St.  Eugeno Consolidated Mining Company was the largest sum yet paid  out by that company to its employees in a single month. The  amount Mas $27,323, distributed  amongst 2(50 men. With the various smaller payrolls about town, it  is safe to estimate that during the  month of August at least $30,000  was paid out.  Palace IVjeat IV|ar^et  Headquarters  for all kinds of  Fresh and Cured Meats.  A feature will bo mado of tho poultry and  gamo trade.  Thoy will always bo on hand dur-  lg tlieir season.  J. L.  PORTER, Prop.  169 Josephino St.. botween Bakor and Vernon  Telephone 159. '  Kootenay   Coffee   Co.  NELSON. B. O.  Coffee roasters and dealers In Tea and Coffee.  Offer fresh roasted coffoo of best quality as  follows i �� .,  Java and Arabian Macha, per pound $ '0  Java and Mooha J .'lend, 3 pounds  1 00  Fine Santos, . pounds  1 00  Santos Blend, 5 pounds ...__. 1 00  Our Speoial Blend. C pounds  1 00  Our Rio Roast, 6 pounds ���. 1 00  A tual order solicited.   Salesroom 2 doors east  of Oddfellows blook. Wnsti :Baksr street.  B. REISTERER & CO.  BREW-US AND BOTTLERS Or  FINE LAGER BEER, ALE  AND PORTER  ^?^W<5U     BreiwryatMetaon  A FULL LINE OF  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  loeal aud coast.  Flooring  i local and coast.  Newel Posts  Stair Rail  . vMouldings  Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  of all kinds.    IF WHAT VOU WANT IS NOT IN BTOCK  WK WILL MARK IT KOR YOU  CALL AND GET PRICKS.  J. A. Sayward  ITAT.T. AND I.AKK STBKKT8, NELSON  Porto Rico LumberCo.  (LIMITED)  CORNKR OF  ITRNDRYX ANJ) Vlill-NON STREKTS  Rough and  Dressed  Lumber  Shingles  Mouldings  A-l White Pine Lumber Always in  Stock,.  Wo carry a complete stock of  Coast Flooring, Ceiling, Inside Finish, Turned Work, Sash and Doors.  Special order work will receive  prompt attention.  Porto Rico LumberCo. Ltd.  KHoT^hiOROFT  BLACKSMITHING  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  Wagon repairing promptly attended to by ��  flr8t-c!*sa wnoolwrlght. ....  Speoial attention (riven to all kind, of repairing and custom work from outside Points.  Shop:  HaU St.. between Baker and Vemon.;  Having Purchased  the Business  Of Fred J. Squire, merchant  tailor, Nelson, I intend to  continue the business^so as  to keep* the patronage of aL  Mr. Squire's old patrons and  get a share of the general  tiade. I am now prepared  to show the latest styles in  all lines of spring goods. A  special line on hand at $25  ���persuit.���All-other^lihes^af  low rates. None but Union  labor employed.  E. Skinner  NcolanuV Building, Baker Street.  FRKD J. .SQUIRE. Manager.  ARTHUR   GEE  MERCHANT TAILOR.  OI'l'OSlTK   THE   QUKKN'S   HOTEL.  I-irgo slock of high-class imported goods. A  specialty of Die nqtiuro shoulder���tlio latest  fashion incoatH.  SMOKE  ROYAL SEAL  AND  KOOTENAY BELLE  CIGARS  UNION MADE  Kootenay Cigar Mfg. Co.  NKLBOW. BRITIBH OOIUMBI/.  Ityadden House  Baker and-Ward  Street*, Nelson.  The only hotel In Nelson that baa remained  under one management) slnoe 18B0.'  The bed-rooms are well furnished and lighted  by electricity. ________  The bar In always stocked by the ben dom ��-  tlo and Imported liquors and cigars.  THOMAS MADDEN. Proprietor.  SLOGAN JUNCTIOJI HOTEL  J. n. MoMANUS, Managor  AMERICAN  AND  EUROPEAN  PLANS  MEALS   25    CENTS  ROOMS I.IOHTKD BY KLKCTRICITY  AND HEATED BY STEAM  25 CENTS TO $1  32!-to 33M3aker StreetrNeisonr  QUEEN'S HOTEL  BAKER STREET. NELSON.  Lighted by Electricity and Heated with Hot Air.  Large oomfortable bedrooms and  flrst-olass  dining-room. Sample rooms for oommeroial men.  RATES $2 PER DAY           *  W|rs. E. C. Clarke, Prop.  I.ATK or THK ROYAL HOTEL, CALGARY  EVERY   DAY  AT  THE-  Club Hotel  BIG   SCHOONER  Beer or Half-and-half only  FRESH  lOe  COOL  The only good Beer in Nolson  Bar stocked with beat brands of wines, liquors,  and Cigars. Beer on draught. Largo comfortable rooms.  First-elan table baud.  y.'-i |  W-'Hfl  E. J. CURRAN, Prop.  Corner Stanley and Silica Streets.  DISSOLUTION   OF  PARTNERSHIP,  Notico is hereby givon that tho partnership  heretofore.existing between.Edward C Cordingly nnd A. XV. l'urily, carrying on business n*  Furnituro Dealers, in the City of Nelson, under  tho imine. stylo ami flnn of tho Nelson Kin-nil uru  Company, has this day been dissolved by unit ual  consent. Richard AV.'Day of Nelson, 1). C, accountant, has beon appointed rcceivo," to wind  up tho affairs of tlio firm, to whom all account*  due the firm must be paid, and all claims again .1  tho firm should bo soul.  Witness: K. C. CORDINO LY  XV. A. (JALI.lHKIl. "A. W. I'URDY.  Dated this first day of August, A. V, 1.00, at  the City��* Nets��*,  '��� ���*?����.  :'_,;tea-.*-^Kra'1  �� THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B. (1,   WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 19   L900  Queen Vlotorla ^Choeolatei  ii��_r"rT.n��T,a tip :_<r��_i n-r. -n v ���--���  THE  EST   COsT   THE  E3T  sold O-sri-rsT _3-__-  3l  _?TTT   XT^   I3ST   25   -��_t>t:D  50   CEJ3STT   EO..CE;;  CORNER BAKER AND  lag  y   CO,  ���JOSEPH! N E STR EETS.  GITY LOCAL i^EWS  See our celebrated Fit Reform Clothing, n!so oiir magnificent lines of fancy vests. The very latest in style  and   pattern.    Our   stock   is   complete   in   all   lines.  km  I1QP  V  217 AM) Slii TlAKKlt STRKKT. NI.T.S0".  W. e_r. 0 ��� ** ,f**.0.0 ��� 0 ��� /& ��� 0 - f" ���  /&**���' '-��������������������� ���  Ur .^^eo^Es'tablis-hed in Kelson���1890  \��i   -   t3=-E- ���'..-��� " ":���   ���:  ffl:.  ffl  to  to  iti  iti  to  to  to  ffl"  tffly  to  to  ffl  to*-  to  to  toy  fg_^y.--y,'-^_iiyi__^.-y^  'g^^-~:��-_i-ii-_i:r.-^y  yi-w:y^^_^^'^:'^^'-^y^^^  L^pi  CUT'3  iiili^^Siiiii^abS  SIZE IS-  ffl  V^ri'Our Sterlih  'ris-a ection.   You can feei sure;tha.t priced ancl quality will  7777777^7777^ :������:���:  7"  We are .prepared to; sell-goods this season cheaper: 7  7 7        7;thah: last."   Call and inspect; the goods j  id  ^pfMMI^yV^^^W^^^^,  W/ '���-.��� :"77='7''-'Our watchjfin'd jowoiiT/departinqnts'riro-iiiinnagcil by 7_.il!eil. workmen'.-."  vii    t^tVonxixko and repair 'everything in our line.    Mail orders receive prompt; attention  '��� V. 0 , 0 ,0.0. 0 .0 i  ^ ^.<j^ �������-���<_-*a^��_~  05*t_T' 5ST- "ST- ST- *��:��� >*��� ���  0 , �� *^ ��� **>^ ��� *"^ ��� ^*\  &&*- *���& --��_5 ^e_> -a_*  - 0 ��� tai ��� a* ��� f&  ���0./**.fi# .f& . _~t. 0.0./W/.0. 1*.0.J,  _  -��*-��� <a*�� .fi^ J**- ��*- _��- JS"OW _*��- ?S��- <*��- fi**."  \?��  iti  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl:  iti  'ffl  ���ffl  -ffl  M-  :ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl.  :to-  to  M:  M  to  ���ffl:  :ffl:..  ���ffl"  :ffl  rffl''  W:  to  t\ti:  Thursctay Eveningj September. 20th.  Concert   Co:  Will appear  _JL_. m_l-^.^____r  IN A SPLENDID  PROGRAMME   OF  POPULAR  SONGS   AND   BALLADS.  5X1 OO.  THE LATEST  IN  ^  e  CANNED  MEATS    IS  LATEST  Jj^ZE1  A rtipofl; is curront tlint t,ht)  'Wiirnor .Miller syiKl.c;...: has taken  ti bond cm Liic P.hu-k 1'iincc property on .Springe.!" cie.'k. sovon :ni��l  oiu:-!i:i]i: milos from Sloc.ui City.  Thn iiite'ligence is o. .;on.-.ulei'iibIo  importuncc. to sovei".il Nolsouitos  wiio tiro largely interested in adjoining properties.  Mrs. G. _W. Annablo of Jloose .faw,  .Assiniboin, i.s visiting her sister,  Mrs. Charles D. J. Christie, Silica,  streeb.  The practices for the Mikado will  bo.held for this week tomorrow .ami  Saturday nights in St. Saviour's  schoollioiise.'���" 'NextAveek the prac-  tiees are to be held in the opVra  ���house. :  ��� . W. A. McLean,'superintendent of  roads and trails for Nelson riding,  has spent.a week in looking; over  the n'jeds of G'oat river milling  division and that part'of Nelson  division over on Eagle and Forty-  Nine creeks. It is sa fe to. say that  tiie government will get a dollar's  worth of work for every doiJar  expended under Mr. I\icLean's  direction. r  A. iiiari-iage license was ' issued  yesterday .-t6.',:'E. R^Crawfoid and  Miss E. Walker. The;'parties:IJwill,  bo married this inorning b'y'; Ilcv. J".;.  White, pastor .of, the Methodist  ehurci). aud will reside, on Cedar  street after a trip to the coast..    .  ���.'J. Fred Ritchie of Rossland Avas  ���in the city yesterday after at i'i p  to the Lardo where he-surveyed,  tl .e Black Bear grou p ojiertited by  Lawrence Depew, a brother of the  Nevy Yoi'k rtulroad hiagnate, and  other Detroitcapitalists. TDevelbp-  irierit:-..,is  being: carried���?pivtsteadilyV  esults.,  gn_7;for.  Crawford Ray to su r yey; the N-R ay,  'groiip77"'f ;77r' ;7'.:;:':7���; .7'V".:.:[':';:::77;  A party of railroad nien left last  :.'night/ for  the  east,  a,moug   theni:  beingi   Angus'   OStcvvart,     Martin  Welch, A. G.MclLugh:  and,, Angus  Kerr.-7AU have ; had /con tracts;, on  ���the -Balfour   extension^and;   will  probably be'interested in  tho  lOt)  111 i 1 e section of the Can ad a Nor thorn  which "J. W.  Stewart  is to  build/  Seveti cars of outfit and five cars of  live stock have been .shipped'1 east,  al ready.    .Charles Olson v.'ill repre-  seiit Mr.  Stewart: in  Nelson  until  tiie work betweeu' here and  Five-  mile is completed.  The   board  of   trade' meets   to-  night7 :.-7\-"    ���  Another attempt will be made to  revive the athletic association pro--  jeet. The present executive is  anxious to resign and allow othei's  ,to'tako'.up the work.. Sn civeiit of.  this failing the funds 'now deposited  with the treasurer will'be' returned.  The     Mansfield     Manufacturing  .Company will exhibit a number  of  line specimens of marble from their  Kaslo quarry at'the; Spokane  fruit  -f ai r 7=41=] 1 e-=bl o ek-s=v.-i 1 l=sh o wHvh e  aiid witli most satisfactory res  Mr;7Ritcliie- left   last ;ni&livj:  menced this morning. An oxctiv-  nticm AvilX be linido to the level of  the test pits sunk and from there  thfe crib work* will be started. The  first course of timbers will ������������ be  puddled with clay, above which the  .-iii) will bo loaded with rock. An  important feature of the plan is  the excavation of -100'.) or ;'J00() yards  of material, from the reservoir to  ineretise the storage capacity.  A special meeting of the ladies'  hospital aid will bo held this morning at ! 1 o'clock in the vestry of  St. Paul's fhurch. A full attendance of the members i.s requt'Sted.  An excellent performance of "The  Silver .King" wa.s given at tlio  opera liou.se   hist   night    before  a  ESTABLISHED 1S92  _-%__. _K_k��  fESX_SSSSS_____3S___7S___f____S_.^^  Garden, Mil!  Steam and  Suction  Mose.  Crucible   Cast   Steel   Wire  Rope  5-16 to 1-ir.. in  stock.  i-in. in  Leather and   Rubber  //���/���  arge audience.    Tonit  ht 'jjusb Be-  fore Dawn'1 will be produced with  a full caste ami special scenic,  effects. Tiie company is giving  great satisfaction and merits a  crowded house.  It Will Elect the'Conservative.  Ui>s..a.Hl .Winei".  Tiie determination of the labor  ..unions, as "given expression to at  the meeting last evening, to nominate- a candidate for this consti-  tueijey, will, com plicate the political  sirttatiou hero to a very eonsider-  ,able degree, aiid cannot fail to^be a  matter for nuich satisfaction to the  Conservatives. It is.-beyond dis-  puto that, other th.ings beitig equal,  the leaningsof a decided majority  of the members of organized Jabor  .���ire with -the Liberal party and.thafc  'in a straight party figlit the Liberal  'candidate,.'as a general rule,, receives'  'no small percentage, of his support  from this direction. This is  markedly so in tho Yale-Cariboo  ���'riding." It is possible then that in  nominating a candidate of their  .own the.labor party will succeed.in  ;defeatiiig" tlio Liberal; candidate.  They wi 11 ace'ompl ish this too wi thou tg.-iiniiig anything themselves,  because they cannot hope to win in  a, three cornered light, a fact which  is conceded by their own leaders.  By thej reaction then it; is iiossible  that an opponent of Die government  will be sent to Ottawa and the cou-  sbitueney will suffer to the extent  that.it is in opposition. ;:  7; Yesterday's Mining; Eecprds.  : Yesterch^  Transfers; vtheCraigellachie claim  on -MorhlngJ ihotintaiu.by--.������W.-- Bv  ;Dri"sc6]rtd;,David;Wodds.7;:;yr :;;:v7.;  '.���'.>:Cer;tifi;ca.'i:es.otV'in]pr6\re'nieiit^  the Guiuberlahd;Gold Mining"Gom-  pa 11 y, Limited,, of ?N el son, on the  B}S.on7 Copper: Cape andTtiidden  Tie up re claims. ;,���':' i^y.'.J-'y '^:  ';���, Locations:7Thei Alta o;i.: Porett-  _pinc. creek byGvidPotiliii, the Hazel between Lost and Sheep creeks  by. Di'inoftn McArthur,.the 'Bella' D.  betv.'eenSheey and l^ost creeks by  Maude McDonald, tiie South Fork  at mouth of .Lost creek '"by- .1 ohn  IMcEvoy, the South Foi-k No. 1 011  Lost;creek by W. Ferney, the Aurora Fractional on Whisky creek by  Josepl 1 -McFaiiane, tiie flappy Ilome  Belting.  Sheet, Square and Round Rubber  Flax and Gru'ioc.k Packing-  Pipe Fittings, Brass Goods, Rails  Black and Galvanized Sheet iron  Soft Sisel Plates  1-0, 3-18 and 1-4 x 72, 96 and 120  Agents���Truav Oro ('urn, Cimil. I'ov.Ylor, anil Jfc  ropiiliUiii l-'usti, etc.  HvBYERS&CO.  NKLSUM  KASLO  SANDON  George j).   Boll,  on  Porcupine  on-Shpcp creek by  the Wldortulo  No.  creek by IT. A. Tiatlield, the Pembroke on Salmon river by W. B.  'Wright.  -.Certificates of work: To G. W.  Greenlee on the U. S., tn W. McArthur on the First Belief, to W. P.  Baker on the Iron .Horse, to, R. W.  Day, P. Chapman and D. McArthur  on the Transvaal, to the Canadian  Paci ftc Exploration Com pany, Lim -  ited. on.fche Republic, to R. Elliott  on the Mammoth, to Nels Everson  .011 the'Black Hawk, to 11. -R. Bellamy on the Royal Oak, to R. G.  MeLeod on the Entrance and  Nypson. '   ;;.  Criminal Docket for the Assize!  Tlse  s  ub[)(.  .mias are being  issued  for the fall assh.es, which open here  01.1 the Kith ultimo. The ���'criminal  docket at present consists of the  following   cases:   Regina vs.  Albi,  UJbiJNUlJM!  _  UrWVtt_tHlrt>J  :*~^r*J3^'^^_s_^jn^_a_.t_rbian-,-_ ��.��-������  In all Lines of Fishing Tackle,  Rifles, and Ammunition  Guns,  J ti h ___ _ a \_7 _\z_  ���B.**fc WIT __._����*!  v .��*$__���&���__* .0 �����?'���'&_* -'.  fcj<^'%r. <%r- %r.<gr.>gr,!g:^. ^ ?_? ^.  Xif   .  - Season  w  ^sP7^!  k3  "uits  attempt to   kill;   Jit.  vs.   Albo,  accessory to former; Regma vs.  Bullick, tlief'f; Regina:vs. Maslouka.,  thefi: ilegina vs.. Ciieiioweth, iiiiti',-  dei". : The defendants Mttslonka and  CheiiLnvefli are undei" ten. years of  age. Ac the present time .'three  prisoners,'.,:.":Beck, and M'itcht'll for  theft from the person, and Becking  for bigamy  trials. -  tire    waiting^   speedy  Sx-fSaliiatx_rJ^_^^_-SS^aJ_��JaBSSSWS^  :*%?.  marble in the  rough,  smooth  and  polished conditions.  The -work on the  repairs  to  the  electric light power dam was com-  ���Expressmen-Reward.".  ITS   DELICIOUS.    TRY  IT.  SEND   US  Y0UII   OUDKR   |."01t   FRUIT  AND   KRUIT  .7AI1S.  THE WESTERN FiflERCANTlLE CQIPAKY, Ltd.  Baker Street.  GROCERS.  Nelson, B. C  #  mmmm:  (=>-c=>-_  ?_c=>.&.c_>.c='.c,  I3TT~2"  HUME ADDITION  GAME3LE & O'REILLY, Agents  %  .Arown.nl of.flvo dnllars will ho paid to Uio  driver of iho \vn.cjon who .stood on thu lower sido  of Hiikci" strcnl; iind siltr)'i(.c(I a oliock fur Uio  ���Irmisfcror iriiMk-froin ('". I'.-Hi dopol. lo Knsln  bi>:iL(in or u!)oiil..liinu 1 I'll. Infonn.'ilioii lliat  will loud (o it's ruoovary forward to  KK. H.AIlTir,  Miners' I Intel. Sandon, I.. C. '  saw.tfji,lS-  ..JEWELER. ���',.; ���'���..,."  "P  ;   Plague .Spreading in Glasgow.  GriASG0w,. September 1S.'���-l^ive  additional eases of ;the. bttbonic  'phigiie -have, hecnrepoited; here,  four of the stric-keu pei'sons being  members of thefamed'tunily.  ;'\ :'  j;;.;i.77;^E0TBL;-;:ARRIVALS.;^  .'''���l',._JA-J.C.:~'.T.' .ir.'Totitl; Crahbrooi;: D. G.: Joliii'-.-  son, 'J'lvorott.AViishinsion; i\. .K. Fninklio.  ��� Heath, Idaho: ;1. O. Uruwry. Holland; .1. I>: JIo-  AvUmr. Itossland: ITonry Koy, Ilos'=!and; ,J. lj'rod  lliU'liio, KoiKlaial; It. ��".. . Yoiiii},', norland:' (!:������  AV. IliiKho.f. Alnuio; K. .1. O'ltoilly, fe'ilvori.on; 10.  Floyd. ��>il'vurlon.   .   ������'  -.1. t'IMW.��� U.'lyicC-Hirc, jMolly.OibVon .-'mine: A.  Ouacion. Voiluwsiono niino: ,1. IC. jVidson, Walla  Walla, Washiotclon: RaoiU. Grooii, ICaslo: .!. T.  I"leut.-il, ICaslo; P. Sinnoll, Sitroi'l.on: li. .1. Han-  iiah.v.Tovonl.o: A. K Mills','Toronto: ' W.. O."  O'l-onslilin, Wimiipofr: \\r. A. :\KOuul\', TToutrli-  l-.on. Michigan:' 11. L. Kd ward.^,.ITcuightbii. Miolii-  fran: A. A.. Hook and family, Viuicouvor: Miv.  K. II. l-'islilnirn. Chici<cro; -IX i). Birku, Lanio; I;.  'Ilcgliorn; Mnnt.ro.il; .!. H. "JIorris. .Mont.cil: I".  I Joss; Hamilton; It. JI. Uravlin, 'Toronlo.  - QUKH'.N'rf.-���l.\V. <5rillin. silverton: ;|n!mUcr-  tvum, Vmir; .1. O. AV'inlor. Spokane; A. Jlowanl,  Wiiinipotr: 10. Poster, Winnincjf.'"'.'������������'���  ik  ffl  to  I  m  in supply-'  of   fruits.  I  V:?  ffl  ffl'  ffl  ���ffl.'-  ffl-'  ffl-  ffl.  %.:  ffl:  ffl..  ���ffl:--.  W_-.,..:...i  y-:,y-yy-:,yy ���,.;���.  0��*.* i-v * fStf * /#*,��� t& ��� &,* ^ * & *fiut * pet ��� #& ��� fjtjf  ���_wmmm  JECsi  Our pletisure is  ing the best  Place your order with ns,  and you '-are'.'..sure to bo  satisfied.     Ripe,    luseious"  ill;  Si-  ess  env'y; of others' olTerings-  bceanse we ourselves have  the best. . -'" ''-::..  'ffl  '������ffl  .ffl:.  \ti  ffl  iti  to  'ffl-:  to  ffl::^  xti  ffl  Xti  is/  ::^  Teleplidn:0HO;'. y '-:yyy  iti  to  "ffl  :ffl.  '4  - il  iS5.i;I_3ak��r,:;:Stre.et-.'  gr# t)t_f ."ft* , jfr#> . v����� , Jf_J;-'^_r   ' ���* ;''-��.  ;^ - _^ . - 'JJ,��j *  ���BUSINESS' .MENTION.  ��IM  Have you seen our line of  | finger rings..lately.'. We have:  ' received some new and beau-  H tiful designs ranging in price  I from $9 to S30.  s     There  are   some   beauiifu!  com.binations of diamonds ancl  | opals.  ;jn_i-_____i_r_iii______!rx__:_z_ri_ri-i----__-i_iii:f)  | JUST   ARRIVED  [j A Car Load of  | Allen's Apple CMer.  __:  THORPE  & CO.  xx-r7--r-_---x:_--riij-iiiT-H-i-ii_i____i_jir_ix_:.  STANLEY PIANOS  ITS Baker Streot Nelson,  Lost���-A.brindle..'bull terrier pup,  about, Ihreo month.; old. ���'.I.otuni-'to I'. JC. AVilson  and get reward.  ..;: Lost���A poeket. book containing  .a:. Kri'C Minor's. IA censo and other papurs. Uot urn  to Van-lotieVdrtiK store and bo rowardod.  . ForV s:ile7-shot gun. 12.; bore,  noa.r'y now, mado I13- (Iroenor; Slfl'i cash, ivoi-th  ?'J0O.   Apply box No. 10, Ti-iijiino ollleo;  Dressmaking���experieneed dress-  makoi'from iioKl.on. Work done by the day or  at thn" liome if (losirod. Address postoiliec  ��� boxfioO. .���.'.'.���'.:  Nicely Furnished Kooms  Vernon and C'cdar street...  Just ro _c_i_^_.d_<'it---.K0-l-3Qn_-jGafo���-  ^Meii E ve ;B tole ���th:e:--:Ep'iiitV;  L.-^z_t__i  _mu���; ts- �������� -  Sbc didn I. lircscrvo-il;. aiid it i.s roonnlod that when wintcr'c.aino and -Adain  found no nrqservos in tho cupboard: be "raised Cain." Tho Adnms of nowadays sond their Jive; to us lor thoir fruit. :.Wo receive it. daily from Spokane '  ^���vs^0___t__^K_____t���rLs^_z_7_:  Jouslon Block.  1 elephohe 16  P.O. Box 176.  ootenay-fciectriay  EIeetpie Fixtures   .;:    Electric Fans  Sxcal-:Batteaies-; <':': : ;v;-;;: ;  HOUSTON7 -IlLOr.lv...'.  COK.\'.t'.lt .'BaICKH ANI. JOSKl'inNi! STKETCTJ..  els6h;:; ���. B.rC\]  W_v ss-. <2T- ^. & �����:  its.-  ^���i_.1_zi'  -corner  Contpaetops end Builders  "Trocli supply of Olynipia aud Knstorn oyster?.  For Kent���Well Furnished rooms,  bath, eleotno lights, hot air. _\lr��.Ogilvio, north  side Curbonato street betweeu .losephine and  Ward.  To rent���No. 29.'.   Victoria street,  a six-roomed hou.e. Aiifly to F. .1. Bradley  Sc Uo.  Foi* stile���law library.'low 'price.  Call and inspect. Alex. Stewart,Tiirn.cr_joccl.li  block.  Large   furnished   rooms'  to   let.  Apply Macdonald buil.linc,', coiner of Josephine  ami Vernon streets.  Hack calls left at tho Pacific  Traupfor barn on Vornon streot. Tolophono  call:.��.  ii We have sold 75 per cent of'all the   ��� ^-^B032tiaxi���iX^  t  NELSON TENT AND  AWI  m  XVlLh DO WKIiL TO  ������mmmmm  ''!_���, ��� ."S^i '.S& _Sv '5a v2> >SN vSv ���  ���e=i-t=)-c=>'c2-e3'��3-(=3'(=>-  kelson Furqiture  orr|pany?s Sale  my \m\r Lumner  AT  0. 0. Buchanan's  A largo gtcck of llriiti-class dry irmtorl.il ori  liaud, also a full lino of sa_h, doors, mouldinKH,  turned work, etc.  Factory Work a Specialty  The best equipped establishment in   British  Columbia   for  turning   out  ' all kinds of canvas goods.  HSi  id  W  i$  W  Av-ta> > ^^ ��� Vji ��� "5s  Vr.. "=i> ���  ���,_S-��'73tci'__^._->-  ."'gj'.  J^ire lirieic Fire  an  Pi  Clay  USED  IH'KOOTENAY  .pe  Just received carload Dominion Ale and Porter  '_.    ������ (PI NTH ANO QUARTS)  Dominion White Label Ale (pints and quarts).   This is  the finest Ale brev/ed in Canada.       ���  Dominion Bulk Ale (15 gallon kegs)  Teacher's Scotch Whiskey is still the best.  H. J. EVANS: & CO.  m  tin  w  ���w  (_^-at>-(=>���(=>-&.��;>  ptl^&^&.^yi^S_\'eS>.c_Z_c_p  ��� 5_C'��_.  m  OUR  AttK  FILTERS  FILTICKS  IT COSTS BUT ONE CENT  | OUR CLOSKSTS  AKK N0ISKLKSS  To drop us .1 post enrd that wo maj' o:ill and kivo cstiiiiiilc.=.  Never   liave  mi J*  plumbing  done  until  you  have  Keen  our  Tt saves many dollars,  goods  and  our prices.  OPPOSITB  POSTOFFICE.  STRACHAN BROTHERS, Plumbers.  TKN'ni.TtS aro enlloil for on I be stool, of (lie  above (.'ompany.f  foaled lenders adilresscd Tt. XV. Day, liquidator. ��� Nol-on, and irnri'lced " 'i'ondor.. I'or  Furniture Sloek."  Toiulors will be opened iat t_ noon, Thursday.  Sept��nilier2"lh.  Highest or any tender not nocess.iiily aiv  c. tiled.  ToririK: 2-5 peroonl cash, balance l.!>. II and I  lnonllis on approved security at.S poreent.  List of stoek tobosocu al. It. \V. Hay's oflico,  ovei .Hank of Halifax.  K. AV. DAY, Liquidator,  .Nelson, 11, C.  i'ardt   Foot) of Hoadi-yx sucoti, Nelson  Toteohone._81_iJO.Fjn   R<k8*   kgQtlt  Millinepy  TWrs. Knliolii hai: Ihe finest and  eheapost, V.iit^-  lisli ami American hats over olloivd in lhe wesi.  Nice re.idy-lo-wear lial.s for !KI cents.  THEO WjADSO^, Proprietor.  Baker Street, Nelson.  W..REINHARD, M. B.  General Practice.  SPF.CIAT.TY:   10yo,   Far   and   N0..0.  B!li!AD  OpFICf.  AT  NELSON, B. 0.  k_?        ^__tf^S_0 T^ttf i_P O  olesaie and Retail  Dealers in-.Meats?!  Markets at   Nolson,-  Itossland,   Trail,   Kaslo, Ymir,   Sandon,   Silverton, Nev-j[L  Denver, Bevelstoke, Ferguson, Grand Forks, Greenwood,'Cascade City, Midi 1  ���way, and Vancouver.  Oflico:   F.akor Street,  near   Fraternity Hall.  Telephone No. II.  THE   CALEDONIAN  noAitn ami i.oii&'ixfi no us io.  HALL BLOCK  NELSON.  Mai! Orders Promptly Forwardecj'j  Ttrx  !"<3  her Co,  EATS  OPPOSITE STKATvI T.AUNDUY.-  GOOD ACCOMMODATION. REASONABLE RATES.  IW"   AA.WWVAAM/J     *J>W.U  ALL KINDS OF  FRESH AND SALTED  WHOLES ALB A NIT HRTAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  Baker Street, Nelson  OBDBK3 BY MAIL KKC/SIVK CAREFUL AND PROMPT ATTENTION  I '_____  E. G. TRAVES, Maiiafferi!  . CAREFUI, AN!) PRn��_riyr ATTin-MTTnui       **    '     J  I  _^ll____?_pffi&#%?^  ^#iss^itjS__^  ^Vr':^?:^^i^^t_i>^iYVaV_ii;.  JI


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