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,j--v •t-'-JJ"
7 7^15
-'- T   f
■ --■**-   *4
' Remains Unsettled.
Washington,   August   30.—The
Uuited States government, having
acted upon the Russian proposition
as to the withdrawal of troops from
Pekin, is now quietly Avaiting for
responses to the notes which have
been sent to its various representatives abroad for presentation to the
powers.     Judging by the rate of
progress made in the pending negotiations, several days, and perhaps a week, may pass before all
the replies are received.   According to their formal expressions all
of the powers are agreed upon this
ono point.    They do not desire to
, cuter   upon   a   formal   war   with
China.   The United States government is trying to bring about this
result.    For the moment, it finds
itself side   by   side with Russia,
whose earnestness cannot be questioned  at this time.     The object
now in  view is to  bring about a
situation in  Chiua that will admit
of the beginning   of   negotiations
looking to the  re-establishment of
order and the cessation  of hostilities, the assurance of protection to
foreign life aud   property.    After
that  the  negotiations  may touch
upon other questions  that  remain
to be settled.
It is with this object that Russia
has suggested the withdrawal from
Pekiu, in order that the Chinese
government may resume the reins
of power, for the Chinese are not
apt to yield fealty to a government
now in possession of its own capital.
The United States government
has been championing the cause of
Li Hung Chang from precisely
similar motives, namely, a desire to
speedily rehabilitate the Chinese
government in order that it may
carry out its expressed desire to
settle the difficulties whicli have
arisen.- This has been the object of
the negotiations of the -last few
days, and the Russian note to the
Uuited States' response was but
part of the general plan
more progressive of the Chinese
officials. Tt was also stated that
the conditions seemed to be improving.
Orders have been issued directing tho return of the United States
troops from China, or their removal
from Pekin to Tien-Tsin, or to any
point on the sea coast. It is still
the policy of tho United States, as
expressed iu the note of July 3rd,
to secure order in China.
uoifi* as it did,
to the Russian
-the United 'States
government availed itself of the
opportunity of directly inviting the
remaining powers to express their
desires in the matter of a settlement, or rather, to indicate how, in
their judgement, peace negotiations
could be thus instituted. This note
is calculated- to secure a full disclosure of the intentions of the
powers if the inquiry is met by
them in the frank spirit in which it
was conceived by the United States
government. The difficulty apprehended now in reaching a settlement lies in the intentional delay
on the part of any power which is
concealing its true purpose and
does not desire to avoid a formal
war. The state department is already embarrassed by delay's experienced in securing responses toits
note challenging the production of
appears that much confusion exists
at Taku as to what actually had
been decided upon respecting the
treatment of Li Hung Chang, should
he arrive at that place en route to
Pekin. The report of the naval
commanders to their governments
rather increased the confusion in an
international sense. Admiral
Remey found it difficult to sifb out
the facts at Taku. Now the state
department finds the replies so far
received from Europe vague and
unsatisfactory, for the reason that
the various governments appear to
have different understandings as to
the exact conditions at Taku.     '
It could not be learned from whom
the replies were received and which
were missing, but it can be stated
that at present the question as to
the acceptability of earl Li as an
envoy and liis freedom from interference, remains unsettled. The
advance of the Russian proposition
may reduce the force of the other
questions, for which the return of
the Chinese government to Pekin,
the smaller matters of the personalities of the envoys and the
sufficiency of credentials could be
speedily adjusted. Altogether, the
opinion among the members of the
administration here is that the
Russian government has made
directly for an earlier settlement of
the Chinese difficulties than seemed
possible a few days ago.
Secretary Root, in speaking today
of the statement, in the Conger dispatch saying that prince Chang was
coming to Pekin, said that it was a
favorable indication. Prince Chang
has   been  known   as   friendly  to
foreigners and has been among the
Russians in New-Chwang.
Washington, August 30.—If
there should appear in Pekin members of the Chinese government,
who were duly authorized to organize a government and could do
so with the prospects of restoring
order throughout the empire, it
would be considered as a movement
on the part of the Chinese government towards carrying out tho demands of the United States. The
United States government might
then consider the advisability of
withdrawing troops from the capital, especially if this action would
tend toward the pacification of
The action of the Japanese government in withdrawing from"
Amoy the troops or marines which
have aroused the suspicion of the
European powers has done'much to
clarify the situation. By this dis-.
claimer of a purpose to seize Chinese territory, Japan has avoided
entering a wedge which might
result in the splitting up of the
Chinese empire among the powers.
It now remains for Russia to take
similar action as to the Russian
forces "at New-Chwang, and from
the private intimations that have
been conveyed to the state department Russia has assured the United
States that this occupation has
been purely temporary. It was
necessary, it was represented, in
view of tho interruption ' of, the
Russian railroad in the upper peninsula to seize upon New-Chwang
to supply by sea the Russian forces
to the-northward-but -within their,
own territory.   -
The state department today received a telegram from its special
commissioner to investigate and report upon conditions in China, W.
W. Rockhill, dated at Shang-Hai
today, saying he was about to leave
for Pekin.
Short messages descriptive of the
situations in Amoy and Shang-Hai
were received from the consuls at
those points, but were devoid of
interest and were not published.
St. Petersburg, August 30.—
Dispatches received here under today's date report that general
Rehnenkampf's flying column is
pushing rapidly towards Tsi Tsi
Hai. The telegraph is working-
from Agiuni to Mergen. The Russian losses during the advance were
three officers and twenty-two men
nine men wounded.
Hong Kong, August 30.—The
British cruiser Isis landed sixty
marines at the British possessions
at Amoy today. The transport
Formosa will proceed to Taku,
though general Gaselee, commander
of the British forces at Pekin, wires
that he does not require any more
troops except cavalry.
Paid and Discharged.
Norfolk, Virginia, August 30.—
Acting British consul R. F. Baldwin today investigated charges of
cruelty against captain A. Ham- J
mond of the British government
chartered collier Channiug made by
sixteen members of the ship's crew
who desired their discharges. The
Channing is now at Lambeit's point,
loading for the British government
upwards of 4000 tons of coal which
is destined for South Africa. Attorney P. J. Morris, representing
the sixteen men who desired their
discharge from the Channing,
threatened to libel the vessel if
Hammond would not come to terms,
and the sixteen men were paid off
and discharged.
To Claim a Fortune.
San Francisco, August 29.—Em-
mett Burdock of Honolulu with his
father, John Burdock of Sacramento, California, has arrived on
the steamer China, en route to England, to claim an inheritance of $1,
700,000 which they have been advised is awaiting them there.
The fortune consists of a landed
estate near London and personal
property, being the Diester family
Incendiarism at Trail.
A special   from Trail says:
attempt  was  made to burn
was made to ourn the
Crown Point hotel at an early hour
yesterday morning, and the destruction of the property, as well as loss
of life was avoided by the fortunate awakening of Henry Boss,
who extinguished the flames and
gave the alarm.
It was about 4.30 a. m. when Mr.
Boss, who occupied one of the rooms
off the back parlor, was awakened
by   the   light    and   smoke.     He
quickly opened his door and found
that somebody had made a deliberate attempt to burn the building.
There, in the centre of the floor, he
found a pile of shavings which had
been made by whittling a piece of
wood.   They were in a blaze.   To
make the work more perfect one of
the      portieres       between      the
parlors   had    been    set   on   fire.
Mr. Boss pulled this down and extinguished the flames, and with the
other he smothered the. fire which
was burning on the floor.     In this
work   he   was   assisted   by P.' T.
Sharp, an alderman of Greenwood,
who was a guest at the house.   Mr.
and Mrs. Peterson, and the other
occupants of the hotel were aroused.
Thus far no clue to the incendiary
has been obtained.     The entrance
door of the hotel was   opened in
order to assist the incendiary   to
make a speedy escape.   The Crown
Point hotel is the oldest in Trail,
and is valued at about $10,000. The
authorities are now working on the
case. ° *    -
A Clever Exhibition.
New York, August 30.—The long
promised and long looked for meeting between James J. Corbett and
Charles McCoy took place under the
auspices of the Twentieth Century
Club at Madison Square Garden tonight and finished in five rounds.
Corbett proved to be the better
man. It was the cleverest exhibition ever witnessed in the ring.
Up to the moment that the men
stepped into the squared circle
opinions" as to their respective
ability were widely divergent. Many
claimed, and rightly too, that Corbett would prove to be the stronger
as well as the cleverer, and it was
through his . superior fighting and
heavy slugging that he put McCoy
down and out.
McCoy's- friends all along have
claimed that he- was equally as
clever with his hands and feet as
the former champion, and in addition to this they said the Kid
could hit harder than Corbett.
Tonight, however, while McCoy
landed some stinging blows he did
not_cut~Corbett's~~skin, nor did he
land a single heavy right hand
blow during, the contest. On the
other hand, Corbett, when he
dropped science and began to slug,
landed hard rights and lefts, which
simply took McCoy's guards away.
And Avhen Corbett found a vulnerable spot in the region of McCoy's
heart, two lefts, divided by a right,
ended the battle. Both men entered
the ring in superb condition.
In the opening round McCoy
showed up to much better advantage than Corbett. McCoy seemed
very confident though careful while
Corbett was nervous.
Presbytery of Kootenav.
Greenwood, August 30.—The
fourth half-yearly meeting of the
Kootenay presbytery was opened
at Greenwood on Wednesday, August 29th. Previous meetings were
held at Rossland, Nelson and Kaslo
successively. There are 21" ordained
ministers on the roll and of these
17 were present at the Greenwood
meeting, as under: Revs. D. McG.
Gandier, B.A., Rossland; A. D. Men-
zies, B.A., Kaslo; John Munro, B.A.,
Trail; M. D. McKee, B.A., Slocan;
J. A. Ferguson, B.A., Sandon;
Henry Young, M.A., Ymir; J. R.
Robertson, B.A., Grand Forks; W.
A. Alexander, B.A., Columbia; D.
Campbell, B. A., Greenwood;
Alex. Dunn, B.A., Moyie; W.
G. W. Fortune, B.A., Cranbrook;
A. O. Macrae, Ph. D., Whitewater;
J. ,G. Colquhoun, B.A., Rossland
mines; H. Mackenzie, B. A.,
Eholt; D. McK. Reid, B. A., Fort
Steele; G. Sutherland, M. A.,
Phoenix; and R. P. Murray, B.A.,
Midway; also K. W. Barton, student
missionary, of Cascade. Rev. D.
McG. Gandier is,,moderator of the
Presbytery and *! lev. A. D. Menzies,
clerk. The whole of the day was
occupied in business. At the close
of the afternoon session the ladies
of the Greenwood Presbyterian
church entertained the ministers at
tea. The evening session was congregational, the business relating
strictly to matters of especial interest ta the Greenwood church. It
is expected that tho presbytery will
conclude its business today. This
evening Rev. H. Mackay of Eholt
will be iicensed and ordained at a
public service, and tomorrow the
ministers will leave for their res-
Doings of the Legislature.
Victoria, August 30.—[Special to
The Tribune].—Prorogation has
been fixed for tomorrow at 3 o'clock,
and a few informal invitations are
out, as the decision ht>,s been
hurriedly arrived at by the government. The house has been sitting
since ten this morning, and desperate efforts are being made to wind
up things by a late sitting tonight,
but unless more rapid progress is
made a good deal" of business will
have to be slaughtered. It was
wearisome Japanese and Chinese
talk most of the afternoon.
Helmcken's bill -to provide an
educational test for workmen employed on construction of works
authorized under a provincial charter was enlarged to make it apply
to workmen employed on operating
the works after construction, and
in this form it passed. Tatlow of
Vancouver introduced his bill which
seeks to keep, orientals out of the
province„altogether by applying an
educational test" as reported in
previous despatches. In effect the
bill gives power to the government
to apply an educational test to any
one coming • to the province, and
really might be applied to illiterate
whites. A section was adopted in
committee making it inapplicable to - immigration already
dealt with by Dominion statute.
This was'done so as to avoid conflicting with the sections of the
British North America -Act, which
provides that the provinces can
only deal with immigration that is
not already legislated upon by the
Dominion. As the Dominion has
fixed an entrance tax on Chinese of
$100, Tatlow's bill, can only apply
to Japanese as far as orientals are
concerned, and so is in great part
nullified. In any case it is likely to
be disallowed, even if the lieutenant-governor assents to it, about
which there is some doubt. However, the bill passed amid a good
deal of applause. Many more petitions were presented from the
Kootenays against having a mining
■Houston's bill, amending the
Water Clauses Act, placing
cities onthe same footing as^
"power companies in acquiring
water rights, was read a third
time today and passed. The bill
amending the Municipal" Clauses
Act, which raises peddlers' licenses
to $150 and transient traders to
$500 for every six months will pass
tonight. So far the member for
Nelson has got everything he has
fought for. City treasurer Wasson
and treasurer MeLeod of the Stewart Construction Company, are doing Victoria. The house will be
prorogued tomorrow.
Will Withdraw Marines.
Washington, August 30.—A telegram has been received from the
Japanese legation to the effect that
having been informed by the Japanese consul at Amoy that he has
been assured by the Chinese authorities of their readiness to afford
full protection to the foreign residents and the property at that port,
the Japanese government have already ordered the withdrawal of
the marines detailed to protect the
Japanese property in the native
town, and are prepared to withdraw
the rest of the, marines as soon as
they are satisfied that the peace
and order of the port are assured.
Worse Than Big Guns.
Mafeking, British South Africa,
August 30.—A cyclone visited Mafeking last eveniug and did more
damage than the seven months'
bombardment. It blew down or
unroofed buildings and levelled the
military camp hospital, causing
much suffering among the sick and
wounded. One person was killed
and two injured, and there were
many narrow escapes.
On the Pacific Division.
The    Nelson   members   of    the
United  Brotherhood   of   Railroad
Trainmen  are anxiously awaiting
the result of the visit of their grand
lodge   officers   to Montreal where
tliey are placing the men's grievances before ihe general manager.
The trainmen on the Pacific division
apparently have a most reasonable
ground for redress, particularly in
regard to their wage scale.   A C.
P. R. brakeman running out of Nelson is about the most poorly paid
man in the community.   His daily
wage for a standard day of ten
hours   or   a hundred mile run is
something   under   $2.25  per   day,
while the conductor who shoulders
the responsibility of the train draws
about $3.25 for the same day's work.
When the trainmen of this section brought the matter to the attention of R. Marpole, before the
situation assumed its present aspect,
a statement was submitted showing the wages paid to skilled labor
of every description in Nelson and
district.     Mr. Marpole declined, it
is stated, to  consider  the subject
from    this    standpoint,   advising
the   men   who   did not like  the
wages to quit the company's service
and go into one of the trades which
were,   according   to   the schedule,
better paid.
The Brotherhood has other grievances but none are of such importance to the crews running out of
Nelson as the. wages question.
The men believe, that the force of
their claim for increased pay will
impress itself upon the management
without extreme measures being
'  Felicitations Exchanged.
New York, August 30.—Direct
telegraphic communication between
the United States and Germany
was opened today through the new
German cable in' conjunction with
the Commercial Cable Company's
system from New York to Fayal
and thence to Emden, Germany.
The following felicitous messages
weie exchanged between the German emperor and president McKiniey :
" To the president of the United
States, Washington. At today's
opening of the new cable, which
brings Germany in closest telegraphic connection with the United
States, I am glad to express to your
excellency my satisfaction at the
accomplishment of this significant
work of peace. I know your excellency will agree with me in the
wish and hope that the cable connection may promote, the general
prosperity and contribute to the
maintaining and cementing of
friendly relations between the two
nations.    (Signed) Wilhelm II."
President McKiniey responded as
follows: "Washington, August 30.
—To his royal _ma.jesty, TWilhelm
II, Berlin. I read with great satisfaction your majesty's message of
felicitation upon the opening of the
cable completing the chain of closer
communication between this country and the German empire. In
this age of progress every tie that
brings nations nearer in their commercial relations and friendly intercourse works for their common
good and cannot fail to strengthen
their cordiality and promote their
mutual advancement in the paths
of peace. (Signed,) William McKiniey." .	
Rich Gravel Struck.
Victoria, August 30.—News
comes from Dawson that rich
gravel has been found ou Dornix
creek in the Stewart River country.
Men are taking out $1.50 to the
Fought to a Draw.
Buffalo, August 30.-^Frank
Erne of Buffalo and Tom Couhig of
Dundirk fought six rounds to a
draw at the Olympic Club here tonight. The men met at catch
weights. In the first round Erne's
lightning left hand jabs brought the
blood from Couhig's nose and
mouth, but the latter landed a
couple of fair lefts on Erne's face.
In the next two rounds Erne landed
several light lefts on the face and
body, Couhig putting a hard left on
Erne's face at the close of the third
round. The fourth round saw a
terrible mixup, Erne sending a
fusilade of stiff rights and lefts to
face and jaAV, Couhig countering
hard on nose and mouth. Couhig was
groggy at the close of the round,
while Erne seemed very tired. The
fifth round was tame, Erne con
tenting himself ,with blocking
Couhig's leads and putting light
lefts on the nose. In the sixth and
last round Couhig landed a hard
right on the head, Erne coming
back with left jabs on the face.
The round closed with both men
strong and willing. Referee Mc-
Bride's decision was received with
disfavor, the opinion being general
that Erne should have been declared the winner.
In the Chinese Capital.
Pekin, August 14.—By post via
Tien-Tsin.—A medal will be struck
commemorating the siege of Pekin.
It will bear the motto: "Men, not
walls, make a city." In the grounds
of the British legation, where a
handful of men withstood the millions of the Chinese capital for 56
days, a memorable celebration is in
progress tonight in vindication of
that principle.
Missionaries assembled about tbe
bell tower are singing the doxology.
Rockets are blazing. Soldiers and
others are fraternizing. The women
are applauding the sound. of the
cannon that are smashing the
yellow roofs of the forbidden city.
The tired Sikhs are planting their
tents on the lawn and the American
and Russian contingents are, lighting camp fires along the stretch of
turf/extending beyond the Tartar
Through the ruins of the foreign
settlement an eager cosmopolitan
crowd is jostling, Indians, Cossacks,
legation ladies, diplomatists, and
Frenchmen from Saigon, who kept
discreetly to the rear while fighting
was in progress, but came conspicuously to the front when looting
began. Only the Japanese ;-who
have earned first place are absent.
The resident foreigners welcome
the luxury of walking about and
immunity- from bullets.
Would Dictate to the Powers.
London, August 30.—The  Russian-American " surprise," as it is'
called, is the chief feature of the4
morning   papers.    While Russia's
part in the proposal is regarded'
with considerable suspicion, it is'
generally recognized that the flight
of the empress dowager and the'
emperor renders- the situation e_-„ ■
tremely difficult, and therefore that..
it   might   be   wise   to   adopt the 7
Russo-American program   as ' the:-'
best solution of the problem!       i -  -*-
The Daily^Graphic says: "The";
United States are almost morbidly' -.
anxious to wash their hands of tho -;
Chinese embarrassment. This has
long   been   apparent.      But it
+■ r
.-"-   -77/
is   :-;*■*•
rather surprising to hear that their -: %'M.
anxiety is shared by Russia. With;"';/...",
the possible exception of Germany, t"7"j£§|
there is probably no other power-»-*"*fif
that would seriously object to' the ?"'""
evacuation of Pekin."  - 77';
The Daily Mail observes: "Russia,_l*
with the assistance c of the United--
States and France hopes to* dictate'-/
to the other powers a policy insur-V"-'
ing the accomplishment of Russian ^WJ
designs^ which would, be greatly>r '^"
facilitated by the acceptance, of, Li; °S
For the Lipton Cup.
New York, .August 30.—On
August 28th the New* York Yacht
Club sent to sir' ThomasTLipton an
invitation, to : be; the guest-of. the
club at the races for the-Lipton cup
on September 13th. The following
is a copy of the invitation and sir
Thomas Lipton's reply, which was
received . today.- " New York,
August 28.—To sir Thomas Lipton,
Finsbury Park, London, England.
As announced by the commodore on
August Oth, races will take place at
Sandy Hook on September 13th for
the Lipton cup for seventy-footers.
Why _not take a run over and
receive the welcome that always
awaits you ? (Signed) Oddie, secretary." Lipton'sreply read as follows:
"Queenstown, August 30.—Oddie,
New York Yacht Club, New York.
A thousand thanks. I greatly appreciate your kind invitation.
Nothing would give' me greatei
pleasure, but I cannot possibly be
over for the 13th. I am visiting
of Ireland. I would have very
much liked to witness the contest.
I am sure it will be most interesting, and trust you will have plenty
of wind and no fog. May the best
boat lift the cup. (Signed) Thomas
J. Lipton, on board Erin, Royal
Yacht Club, Queenstown, Ireland."
A Style of Their Own.
Toronto, August 30.—The showing of the New Westminster lacrosse
team who defeated the Shamrocks
yesterday with a score of 0 to 2, on
their present trip to Eastern
Canada, has surprised the natives
of Montreal and other Eastern cities
who have seen their senior lacrosse
teams mowed down by the wanderers from the Wild and Woolly
West. The New Westminsters have
a style which is peculiarly their
own, and which is remarkably effective and seems to give good ground
for their claim of having the
best twelve in the world. Toronto will be in good shape for the
game in Rosedale with the tourists
on Monday next.
An Elaborate Ceremony.
Berlin, August 30.—The flag
consecration today was a much
more elaborate ceremony than
usual, owing to the fact that the
flags for the China regiments were
Last Fight Under Horton Law.
•New York, Angust 30.—The last
fight under the Horton Law will
take place at the Broadway Athletic Club tomorrow night. Dal
Hawkins of California and Joe
Gans of Baltimore, a negro, will be
the combatants.
.  "-V3.
. '-77-S.
; ,.. ^a_W?.i .,
-7?i*tf5g   I
■'■'&$. ■
'** -s-ffl-i
1 _$'J
Hung Chang as a plenipotentiary.
The powers should refuse to accept
any -intermediary or to; evacuate
Pekin, which would only be interpreted as a sign of weakness."-     .  ,-
The   Standard   says: "It   is riot
easy to overrate the importance.of
the decision of the United States.."
The desire of both Washington and*'
St.   Petersburg to withdraw fromi
Pekin is very intelligible.   . Public ;
opinion in   America is adverse -to,;
foreign complications, while Russia
has discovered that conditions..are '
not propitious for' her schemes'of 7
conquest." ■ ■ . -...vr*
The Daily News says:    "ConsidA*
ering   that   the   empress dowager-:-:
openly   discouraged   the-'1 attacksx
upon the foreigners, the suggestibrih^'lj^
that ,the imperial personages ^kre}^'"
about to return to Pekin- is rather-
startling; ."and  the "latest develop- \
ment of Russian diplomacy requires
explanation at least." -
jg-The   Daily Telegraph observes:
"Acceptance of Li Hung Chang is
almost the only thing the allies can
do.     His  intervention   would un- .
doubted ly make for peace.     It. is..
pretty clear that unless statesmen
can   do something to   relieve" the *
tension   of   affairs, so- far as  the'
military   can deal with them we
have arrived at a deadlock."
The   Times makes no comment-
upon the Russian proposals.
According to the Pekin corres-J
pondent of the Daily Mail, wiring
on August 15th, wheu the tsung li
yamen asked an interview with the '
besieged, four of the ministers
offered, and seven favored complying with the request. The Chinese
ministers did not come.  _
During"tlie~"siege every scrap of
metal, including candlesticks and
ornaments, was converted into
ammunition. A gun was made,
from a fire extinguisher. Ten
thousand sand bags ware made of
silk brocade material, valued at $5
per bag.
Sir Claude MacDonald, the British
minister, sent a message recommending the water gate for the
entry of the troops.
From Che-Foo it is announced
that tho telegraph offices are overwhelmed with work and that a
number of dispatches are awaiting
Solitary Confinement'
Nkw York, August 30.—A cablegram from Milan says the sentence
passed upon Bresci, the assassin of
king Humbert, means one year of
solitary confinement in a secret cell
six feet long by three wide, dark,
with a plank for a bed, and bread
and water once every twenty-four
hours as a diet. Absolute silence is
enforced rigorously. If he breaks
the rule he is placed in a straight
jacket, in irons or in the "straight
bed." The year must be spent also
without work, books, writing materials or tobacco. Few prisoners
complete the year ; they either go
mad or die. Should Bresci live and
retain his reason he will be placed
at work in the prison.
.Russia Makes Suggestions.
London, August 30.—An official
of the foreign office informed a representative of the Associated Press
today that Russia had'made certain
suggestions relative to China, but
that they were unwilling to consent
to their publication at present.
• __&. ���pyg��m>anfc._*ajjrxffc.-.ir*_  THE TRIBUNE: OTILSON B. C FBTDAY AUGUST  31 1900  III  fe_  .**  li  ��  S  ill-  lag  Ism.  fill^  ��|;  SBS*.' '  gyt��: -  jpfs.;  life  li-  p _���������������  fc  ifil  ill  P  __:"������  l_g  \m  IS'.*';  If:  1  te  la -  I  8V  fl  i:.  TO SPOKANE  AND REPUBLIC  Reduction in Long Distance Bates. Use the  Kootenay Lake Company's Lines.  OTHER   BATES   PBOPOBTIONATELY   LOW.  ffl  B  B  KEMP'S PATENT STEAM CEREAL COOKER  M     B  A simple, inexpensive kitchen convenience, useful in one hundred ways. So many  people >>ay they cannot eat oatmeal, but Kemp's Steam Cereal Cooker helps over tho  difllculiy. In cereals cooked by this method, the kernels are expanded by tho ttcam  circulating over them, making them tender, delicate, delicious and readily digestible.  Nono nficd deny themselves these nutritious foods if they have them properly cooked  hy steam.   B  B  B  B  B  B  0k,  WEST BAKER STREET,  Nelson, British Columbia.  McLaehlan  Brothers  Successors to the Vancouver Hardwaro Company.  M  ceived in a small gully beside one  of the trestles what appeared to  him in the uncertain light to be a  large dog. On closer inspection,  however, the illusion regarding the  dog was dispelled, and in order to  discover the nature of the animal  the rancher picked up a stone and  threw it at him. This caused him  to move somewhat faster underneath the trestle in the direction of  the water. Just as he was directly  below the trestle the rancher, in  order to further investigate his  nature, lit a match and dropped it  on Bruin (for such he proved to be).  Upon this Bruin, somewhat nettled  at the treatment meted out to him,  and probably inhaling the odor of  theprovisions,began rapidly ascending the hill in the rancher's  direction, whereupon the prospective victim, deeming discretion the  better part of valor, and not being  anxious for a closer acquaintance,  rapidly pursued his way in the  direction of his ranch.  HUDSON'S BAY  COMPANY.  INCORPORATED 1670.  IF YOU WANT  Pure  Groceries  at Honest  Prices  TRY   THE  s  Bay  The arbitration which is going  on at present between the Canadian Pacific Railway Company and  the Beer brothers, with respect to  the ��� value   of   the   right-of-way  through the Perry pre-emption, has  created considerable interest.    The  -  land over which the dispute as to  value has arisen comprises some six  and a half  acres, but there is a  very wide difference between what  the railway company is willing to j  pay for it and what the owners are  willing   to   accept.     The railway  company's offer is $25 per acre, or  $162.50 in all, but the owners are  holding   out   for   something   over  $2000. The work of the arbitrators  is to fix a valuation somewhere between these  two  figures.    Aside  -from counsel fees, witness fees and  other expenses, the arbitration costs  just fifteen dollars an hour, so that  it is not improbable, in view of the  time consumed, that the arbitrators  will get more out of the arbitration  than anyone else.  During the present session of  the legislature the usual number of  resolutions have been passed reciting the opinion of the members  ��� upon different questions. In an-  .other week they will all be forgotten, but when the next session  comes round* the members will in  all seriousness again take*up the  same questions and resolve accordingly: This has been going on in  British Columbia since Confederation, but the legislators never.tire  of it; and though barren in results  the resolutions help many of the  members out with their constituents. Resolutions, by the way, are  about the only clean cut pronouncements that emanate from the legislature. They are framed merely  to be read, and the government does not as a rule consider it  necessary to emasculate theni.  In'the bill which is now, before  the legislature to amend the Municipal Act some very material amend-  : ments are proposed. The mercantile class seems to have received due  consideration in the amendments to  the license clauses. The maximum  tax upon hawkers and peddlers in  the amending bill is placed at - $150  for every six months, and the tax  upon transient traders who are  knoAvn as slaughter salesmen can  be put at $500 for every six months.  If these provisions become law the  merchants of Nelson will not have  much cause for complaint- under  this head.  At the Recorder's Offlce.  Yesterday's mining records were:  Transfers���The Touch-me-notclaim,  seven miles east of the Columbia  river in the Trail creek mining division, by John Cromie of, Spokane  to Clarence B. Etnier of Spokane.  Locations���The Thistle and Buck  Brush at the head of Fifteen-mile  creek by A. E. Churches.   '  Certificates of work���To T. M.  Rixon on the Probisher, and Cook  Fraction claims.  %  //���x*��P5?:,^��^'5.'8r' _*.^.^.S".^.^.^._;.^.'ff,.'S. _r.^.^._^._*.3f.^.i5:is-iv y-?-?-_^-?-?.y-_^-^._t-^-^.^-^-^_i.^.^.^._t.^_ ^���^^^.^���S'.^y-v<i /,  Xif  ffl  ffl  ffl  to  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  W.L  FRED  IRVINE &  OO.  NEW FALL GOODS ARRIVING DAILY  LADIES' GOLF CAPES IN ALL THE LEADING PLAIDS  NEW DRESS MATERIAL SUITINGS IN ALL THE LATEST SHADES  FLANNEL AND CASHMERE BLOUSE WAISTS  DRESSING JACKETS, WOOL SHAWLS, UNDERSKIRTS, ETC.  LADIES' AND CHILDREN'S FALL AND WINTER JACKETS AND FELT HATS  FRED  IRVINE <& CO.  ffl  iti  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl.  ffl  ffl  ffl  iti  ffl  iti  ffl  ffl  ffl  iti  ffl  ffl  ffl  Died in Quebec.  Clinton, Massachusetts, August  30.���The collapse of the Lancaster  national bank and the Lancaster  savings bank of this town, following  the flight of president William McNeil, who lef t behind him a shortage  of $200,000, on December 30th,  1885, was recalled today by the  announcement of his death iii the  little Quebec village of Hatley. McNeil has resided in Hatley since the  bank troubles. He went into farming extensively in Quebec and was  said to be a large owner of real  estate there. One son and two  daughters survive him.  W. REINHARD, M. D.  General Practice.  SPECIALTY:   Eye,   Ear  and   Nose.  D.J.DEWAR,J.P.  Notary Public���Conveyancer.  FOB SALE.  S200 cash, lot on Mill street, 50 by 120.  S1100 cash, six lots corner of Observatory and  Hall streets.  31800, easy terms, buys 7-room house with lot 75  by 75.  $1550, easy terms, buys cottage on Mines Road,  good location and new house.  $2700 buys house and lot on Carbonate street,  near Josephine street.  91000 buys cottago on Josephine and Mill street,  good value.  ��3500 for 50 by 120 corner Hall and    Vernon  streets.  S2100 buys 7-room house and largo lot. in Hume  Addition, only $200 cash asked.  This houso  cost $2000 to build.  Exchequer Stock at a  Bargain.  I have purchased the insurance and real estate  business of Mr. Alex Stewart and will bo glad to  meet his former clients.  Wholesale  Houses  NELSON  B.C.  Office in  Madden Block  D. J. DEWAR  HUGH   _.   CAMERON  Office:   Baker Street,  Telephone No. 41.  noar  Fraternity Hall.  DEBENTURES  FOR SALE  TnE fair wage clause is to be incorporated in the" Municipal Act.  It will provide that jnalljnnnicipal.  contracts provision shall be made  for the payment by the contractors  of the current wage for competent  workmen. This system was inaugurated, by -mayor Houston during  : his first term of office, and the present intention of the legislature is  to make it general throughout the  incorporated municipalities of the  province;  A Kancher and a Bear.  A rancher had a peculiar experience with a bear on the railroad  track about 3 o'clock yesterday  morning. He was returning to his  ranch, loaded down with provisions,  at about that hour when he per-  Cameras  The City of Nelson, British Columbia, has authorized the issue of debentures for the following  purposes:  $15,000 for extending the Water-  Works System.  $15,000 for extending the Electric Light System.  $20,000 for extending the Sewer  System.  $20,000 for Street Improvements.  $6,000 fora Road Making Plant.  These debentures nro dated October 1st, 1900,  run for twenty years, bear four per cent interest  (payable semi-annually), and.will bo issued in  denominations of one thousand dollars. Interest  and principal payable at the Bank of Montreal,  Nolson. The assessed value of real estate in  Nelson is 81,247,000, and of improvements S818.000;  total $2,0G5,000. The population is 6000. Tenders  for these debentures will be received by tho undersigned up .to 12 o'clock noon on Saturday,  September 15th, 1900.  JOHN HOUSTON, Mayor.  Nelson. B. C, Jnlv 24th. 1900.  Notice to Union Men.  The grievance committee of  the Trades and Labor Council  have declared the Contractors  Lister and Kerr to be on the  unfair list, and all union men  and sympathizers are requested  to bear this in mind.  By Order of the Committee.  Calgary Bottled Beer  Second to none on tho market.   For saloby tho  single bottle, the dozen or tho barrel.  TO   LET  Furnished house with five rooms, $30 per month.  _3RATED AND MINERAL WATERS.  THORPE & CO., LIMITED.���Corner Vernon  and Cedar stroets, Nelson, manufacturers  of and wholesale dealers in aerated waters and  fruit syrups. Solo agents for Halcyon Springs  mineral water.  Telephono 60.  ASSAYERS*   SUPPLIES.  TEETZEL & CO Corner Baker and  Josephino Btreet 8, Nelson, wholesale dealers in assayers supplies. Agents for Denver  Fire Clay Co. of Denver, Colorado.  CIGAR&  KOOTENAY CIGAR MANUFACTURING  CO.���Corner Bakor and Hall streeta, Nel  son, manufacturers of "Royal Seal" and "Koote  nay Belle" brands of cigars.  w.\  COMMISSION MERCHANTS.  .EVANS & CO.���Baker street. Nelson  wholesale dealers in liquors, olgars,  cement, fire brick and fire clay, water pipe<and  steel rails, and general commission merchants.  H.J  LIFE  AND  FIRE  INSURANCE  Money to loan on tho installment plan.  Great West Life Assurance Company.  5000 Shares Molly Gibson Stock for Sale  H. R. CAMERON  Baker Street, Nelson. Agent and Appraiser.  Ward Bros,  REAL ESTATE AND  INSURANCE AGENTS  ELECTRICAL   SUPPLIES.  KOOTENAY ELECTRIC SUPPLY & CONSTRUCTION COMPANY- Wholesalo dealers in telephones, annunciators, bolls, batteries,  fixtures, etc., Houston block, Nolson.  FLOUR AND FEED.  BRACKMAN - KER MILLING COMPANY  ���Cereals, Flour, Grain, Hay. Straight or  mixed cars shipped to all Kootenay Points.  Grain elevators at all principal points on Calgary-  Kdmonton R. R. "Mills at Victoria, New Westminster, and Edmonton; Alberta.  TAYLOR FEED & PRODUCE CO.-Bakor  street. Nelson (George F. Motion's old  stand), Flour,-Feed, Grain, Hay and Produce.  Car lots:a specialty. Correspondence solicited.  Phone 20.  FRESH AND SALT MEATS.  P    BURNS Sc   CO.���Baker  street,   Nelson,  ���   wholesale dealers in fresh and oured meats.  Cold storage. - -  GROCERIES. ,  A MACDONALD & CO.-Corner Front and  ��� Hall streets, wholesale grocers and  *obbers in blankets, gloves, mitts, boots, rubbers,  mackinaws and miners'sundries.  KOOTENAY SUPPLY   COMPANY,   LIMITED���Vernon   street, Nelson,   wholesale  grocers.  JOHN CHOLDITCH & CO.-Front street. Nelson. whnlfiualR trroenrn. ���  '   son, wholesale grocers.  PR. STEWART Sc CO Warehouses onC. P.  ��� R. track, foot of Stanley street. Nelson,  wholesale doalers in provisions, produce and  fruits. Cold-storage. Agents Armour &'Co.'s  bacon, hams, lard and other products.  Agents for J. & J. TAYLOR SAFES  -i ���������^������_  Bogustown)   Fairview   Addition.  ALEX STEWART  Y. GRIFFIN & CO.���Front stroet, Nelson  wholesale   dealer  meats, butter and eggs,  " ���   wholesale   dealors   In  provisions,   cured  HARDWARE AND MINING SUPPLIES.  H BYERS & CO.���Corner Baker and Josephine  ��� streets,' Nelson, wholesale dealers in hardware and mining supplies. -Agents for Giant  Powder Co.  LAWRENCE  Baker St.,  HARDWARE    COMPAN Y���  . Nelson, wholesale'. dealers in  hardware.and mining supplies, and water, and  plumbers' supplies.' ���   LIQUORS AND DRY GOODS. .,  TURNER, BEETON & CO.-Corner Vornon  and ��� Josephine streets, ��� Nelson, wholesale'  dealers in liquors, cigars and dry goods. .Agents  for ~Pabst~Bre wing Co. of Milwaukee and r,~' "~  gary Brewing Co. of Calgary. *  - -. ������'  Cal-  JVelson Saw &  Planing IVJills, Limited  Are prepared to furnish by rail, barge or teams  Dimension Lumber, Rough and Dressed  Lumber, Local and Coast Ceiling, Local and  Coast Flooring, Double Dressed Coast Cedar,  Rustic, Shiplap, Stepping, Door Jambs, Pine  and Cedar Casings, Window Stiles, Turned  Work, Band-sawing, Brackets, Newel Posts,  Turned Veranda Posts, Store Fronts, Doors,  Windows and Glass.  Get prices before purchasing elsewhere  Office Corner ({all ar|d Front Streets  Factory Hall Street Crossing G. P. R. track  Mills Hall Street Wharf  Kootenay Steam Laundry  BLOMBERG & SWEDBEfyi  PROPRIETORS  The only steam laundry in Nelson employing union labor  A. LARSON, Manager  J. M. LUDWIG  Manufacturers of   and  dealers in- Harness, Pack  . and Stock Saddles. Apara-  joes, Collars, Bridles and  Whips.  Nelson Harness Shop  HaU Street, Nelson.  G. W. West & Co.  COAL.!      WOOD!  Exchequer stock for sale  at a Bargain.  Nelson Wine Company.  Telophono !B.     Frank A. Tamiii.vn, Managor.  AND AMATEUR  PHOTOGRAPHERS'  SUPPLIES OF *  ALL KINDS.  JUST   ARRIVED  A Car Load of  Allen's Apple Gider.  THORPE & CO.  ll.iiniriiim<iimii;iimiTiiiiTiiTiiiiiii.uii.T^  k BOOK GO.  NELSON. B. C.  R. REISTERER & CO.  BREWERS AND BOTTLERS OF  FINE LAGER BEER, ALE  AND PORTER  ALEX STEWART  IVIINING STOCKS  BOUGHT AND SOLD  Roforcndum Treasury Stock  Richelieu, 1000  FOR SALE.  Six-room house, Hume Addition, $850.  A complete set of tinner's tools.  A good shack,  CALL ON  H. A. Prosser  BROKER, WARP STREET  J. E. ANNABLE  GENERAL BROKER  Houses and lots for salo in all parts of the city.  "Victoria-Montreal Fire'Insurance Company.  Ontario Mutual Life Insurance Company.  RENTS   COLLECTED.  POWDER, CAPS AND FUSE.  HAMILTON POWDER COMPANY-Baker  streot, Nelson, manufacturers of dynamite,  sporting, stumping and black blasting powders,  wholesale dealers in caps and fuse, and electrio  blasting apparatus.   SASH AND DOORS.  NELSON SAW AND PLANING MILLS,  LIMITED-Corner Front and Hall streets,  Nolson, manufacturers of and wholesale dealers  in sash and doors; all kinds of factory work mode  to order.         ���   ���  WINES AND CIGARS.  CALIFORNIA WINE COMPANY, LIMITED���Corner Front and Hall streets, Nelson, wholosale dealers In wines (case and bulk,  and domestlo and imported cigars.  "E P. Whalley, J.P.  NOTARY PUBLIC  Office with C. W. West & Co., cornor Hall and  Baker streots.  City offlce of the Nelson Soda-water Factory.  A. R. BARROW, A.M.I.C.E.  PROVINCIAL  LAND SURVEYOR  Corner Viotoria and Kootenay Streets.  P.O.. Box 569. TELEPHONE NO, 95  ARCHITECTS.  EWART & CARRIE���Architects.   Rooms 7  and 8 Aberdeen block, Baker street, Nelson.  ~    ~ ENGINEERS.  CHARLES PARKER���Mining and milling en-  orineor. ��� *" ~      * " -   ��� ���  Hard Coal  Anthracite  S9.65|gSST'sNea6  DELIVERED  $6.15  ESTATE   OF   JAMES   KELL��7  In tho matter of tho estato of James Kelly, Into;  of tho Citv of Nolson, in tho county of Kootenay,  province of British Columbia, livery stablo  keeper, deceased.  Notico is horoby given pursuant to the "Trustees and Executors _ct" of tho Revised Statutes  of the Provinco of British Columbia, 1897, Chapter 187, (hat all creditors and others having  claims against tho estate of tho said James Kelly,  who died on or about the 18th day of October.  18!)!), are required, on or before the 1st day of T'c-  vomber, 1900, to send by post prepaid or deliver  to Messrs. Taylor & Hannington. of tho City of  Nelson, aforesaid, solicitors of Richard . W. Day,  of tho City of Nelson aforesaid, tho administia-  tor of the real and personal effects of the said deceased, or to said Richard XV. Day, their Chris-  tianand surnames, addresses nnd descriptions,  the full particulars of'their claims, the state,  ment of their accounts and tho nature of the- securities, if any, held by them.  And further take notico that after such last  mentioned datb tho said administrator will proceed to distribute the assets of tho deceased  among the parties entitled thereto, having regard only to tho claims which he shall then havo'  notice, and the said administrator will not bo  liable for tho said assets or any part thoroof to  any person or persons of whoso claims notico  shall not havo been received by him at tho timo  of such distribution.  TAYLOR & HANNINGTON,  Solicitors for Richard W. Day, administrator  for James Kelly, deceased.  Dated the Uth day of August, 1900.  _NOTICE,  AGENTS IMPERIAL OIL-COMPANY, Ltd,  ��� No order can bo accepted unless accompanied  by cash.  Ofllce:  Corner of Hall  and Bakor Streets.  TELEPHONE 33.  COSTELLO'S EXPRESS  AND TRANSFER  phone 1927  W. A. COSTELLO. Manager.  Lethbridge Gait Goal  The best value for the money In the market  for all purposes.  terms cash     W. P. Tikrnev, General Agent  Tolephone 147.    Offloe with C. D. J. Christie.  gineer,  Nelson.  Turnor-Boeckh Block, Baker street.  Prompt and  delivery to  F&a,    Brewery at Wekcnj  Madden Block,  Ward Street.  .See /pABLE  MONEY TO LOAN  ON  AT 7 PER CENT  BUSINESS PROPERTY  Apply 0. L. LENNOX, Solicitor. Nelson a C I  NOTICE   OF   DISSOLUTION.  Notice is hereby given that the ��� partnership  formerly existing between Gus Nelson and John  Lindblad, lessees of the "Glue Pot" siloon. Nelson, has this day been dissolved. All claims  against tho said firm must be sent to Mr. Nelson,  who will continue to carry on the business.  Witness: JOHN LINDBLAD.  R. S. LE.VNTE. GUS NELSON.  Dated at Nelson this Oth day of August,  A. D.. 1900. _____________  POUNDKEEPEB/S   NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given that I have caused to  be impounded one grey horse, aged, 14_ hands.  Owner can have same by payibir charges.  -A..   _S__TST'__3___.3D-  Contracting Painters, Decorators, Paperhangers.  ilill line of wall paper, mouldings, eto,   Kalso-  mtoing and Tinting.   Striotly first-class work.  Estimates furnished.  Residence Mill Street,  Opposite School House  NELSON, B.C.  The matter of. the co-partnership of Kelly &  Steeper of Nelson. B. C, liverymen.  All persons having claims against the co-part-'  norship of Kelly & Steeper ahovo named or tho  said lively stable businpss as carried on under  the name of-Kelly & Steeper aro requested to  hand forthwith to Richard W. Day, their names  and full particulars of their sflid claims.  TAYLOR & HANNINGTON.  Solicitors for Richard W. Day. Administrator.  TRADES   UNIONS.  NELSON MINERS' UNION NO. 90, W. F. o.  M.���Meets in miners' union rooms, northeast corner Viotoria and Kootenay streets, overy  Saturday evening at 8 o'olock. Visiting mem-  bors welcome. M. R. Mowatt, President. .Tame ,-  Wilkes, Seoretary. Union Soai.k of'Waokb  kor Nelson District���Per shift, machine  men, $3.50: hammorsmon minors, $3.25; muckers,  carmen, shovolers and othor underground labor*  01*8, 33.00.  HADES AND LABOR COUNCIL.���Tho regu-  . lar meetings of tho Nolson Trades nnd Labor  Council will be held in tho miners' union hall,  corner of Viotoria and Kootonay streets, on the  first and third Thursday of oach month, at  7.30 p.m. G. J. Thorpo, President J. H. Matheson, Seoretary.  THE regular meetings of the Carpenters' Union  are held on Wednesday ovening of each  week, at 7 o'clook, in the Miners' Union hall corner Viotoria and Kootonay streets. R. Robin-  son, President.  James Colling, Secretary. -  BARBERS' UNION.-Nolson Union, No. 106, of  the International Journeymen Barber's Union of America, meets every first and third Mon-  daypf each month in Miner's Union Hall, corner  of Victoria and Kootenay streets,'at. 8:30 p.m.*  sharp.: Visiting brothers cordially invited��� to "  attend. J. H. Matheson, President. W. S. Bel-  ville, Seoretary.    n  ��  i  &  FRATERNAL   SOCIETIES.  NELSON LODGE. NO. 23, A. V. Sc A. M.  Meets second Wednesday In eaoh month.  Sojourning brethren-invited.  KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS��� Nelson Lodge, No,  25, Knights of Pythias, meets in I. O. O. F.  Hall, oorner Baker and Kootenay streets, every  Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock, visitintr: Knights  cordially invited to attend. F. J. Bradley, C. C;  J. A. Paquette. K. cf R. & S.      .  NELSON L. O. L., No. 1692. meets in I. O. O. F.  Hall, corner Baker and Kootenay streets,  1st and 3rd Friday of each month. Visiting  brethern cordially invited. R. Robinson, W. M.  WsOrawford. Recording-Secretary.   NELSON _CRIE, Number 22, Fraternal Order  of Eagles, meets every second and fourth  Wednesday ineaoh month In Fraternity Hall.  Visiting brethren welcome. W. GosaelL Presl  dent. Charles Prosser, Secretary.  BRICKLAYERS AND MASONS' UNION.  The Bricklayers and Masons' International  Union No. 3 of Nelson meets second and fourth  Tuesdays in each month at Miners Union ha_;  J. W. Etcher, president; Joseph Clark, recording  and corresponding seoretary.      ,������.  LABORERS' UNION.-Nelson Laborers' Pro  teotive Union, No. 8121, A. F. of L., meets in  Fraternity Hall, Oddfellow's block, corner of Baker and Kootenay streets.^very Monday evening  at 7:30 p.m. sharp. Visiting members of the American Federation cordially invited to attend. A. W.  McFee. President. Percy Shackelton. Secretary.  regular      _.        is held  the first and third Fridays in each month at Miners' Union hall at 7:30 sharp. T. O. Skatbo, Presl-  dent; Will J. Hatch. Secretary.   PLASTERERS' UNTON-The O. P. I. A. No.  172, meets every Wednesday evening in the  Elliot block, corner Baker and Stanley streets, at  8o'clock. J. D. Mover, president; Donald Mc-  Lean, secretary  XTELSON PAINTERS' UNION-Tho  ���*���'   meeting_ pf_ the. Painters'. Union  Sw i*JW)jii'��f' ^^___t��^^^( J^^^^ea^ u  **-gC*,_*���('i' V^J_  ����V-r��'~^^  *';v,iw��*'N-*_ti Vr,-7vj*l  .y-.��]  i*f'=l  - '-.������*���  THE TRIBUNE: NELSON B. C, FRIDAY;, AUGUST 31, 1900  t.ni  0*'00'i  k'tm**<t__m'_  w  xa  xa  tii  ��� ^m��0   ��� ^m\_W   m ^_\\W m 0_mW   *^^_P  �� 0B^   * 0_\0   _ ^mmr    t  *^_t___.   * ^__  *^__a   *  _____>  *  ��� ___t__1* _  AUCTION   SALE  :'t-t\  iti  iti  OF.  iti  ...IMPROVED   REAL   ESTATE...  tii  tii  Xii  Xif  tii  Xit  xa  tit  Xii  xa  tii  Acting- under instructions, Messrs. Charles A. Waterman & Oo. will offer for Sale by  Public Auction, on the premises, on '  SATURDAY,  AT   11   O'OLOCK   A. M.  xa  xa  tii  xa  xa  xa  xa  xa  xa  xii  xa  iii  tii  %  c ���  That very desirable parcel of improved real estate, being lot 12, block 2, situate on the  corner of Baker and Josephine streets, having; a frontage on Baker street of 50 feet, and  known as the Houston block. This property is the most desirable business property in  Nelson, and has a present rental value of $350 per month.  The property will be offered for sale subject to a reserved bid.   Further particulars  as to terms and conditions of sale can be obtained on application to  ilti  iti  xa  xa  tii  til  tii  tii  tii  xa  til  til  tii  til  tif  til  xii:  tii  tit  tii  .?<���-  ,���������* i  y'.i  ������W,i?i_  ������*;?. SI  tii  17^1  ���.'���"���nsstl  '��� .-*���&* I  .yym  ���yy$\  . -" >'.*'V 1  .*V*^SI  "���"-.Ml  ������tm  '���.���tf'ij'L  ,1, *- J.  ..vs-r  CHARLES   A.   WATERMAN   &   CO.,   Auctioneers  Nelson, B.C., August 21st, 1900.  tii  tii  tii  _. ___ _r " -�� "vr,   _  \ \lfell  :VtfT"  -���M  - \mi'.t*'i%Si  '������''&"  ". ;* *J_ij I  . /���'���_. ��>l  BANK OF MONTREAL  CAPITAL, all paid up....$12,000,000.00  BEST    7.000,000.00  UNDIVIDED PROFITS       427,180.80  Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal ...President  Hon. Georgo A. Drummond Vice-President  E. 9. Clouston General Manager  NELSON BRANCH  Corner Baker and Kootenay Streets.  A. H. BUCHANAN, Manager.  THE BANK OF  BRITISH   COLUMBIA  NELSON  Branches in London (England) New York,  Curasao, and all the principal cities in Canada.  Buy and sell Sterling Exchange and Cable  Transfors.  Grant Commercial and Travelers' Credits,  available in any part of the world;  Drafts Issued, Collections Mado, Eto.  Saving's Bank Branch  _=====O0KRENT=BATE_O_.INTEREST-PAID. W_=  A   TERRIBLE   EXPERIENCE.  ..��   Toronto Globe. _;.  In a letter to her brother, P. M.  Bell-Smith of Toronto, Mrs. J. Go-  forth, wife of Rev. J. Gofortb, gives  , the following account of the attack  npon the party* of Canadians who  were escaping southward from  Chuwang to Hankow:  ..'.;.. For some days the attitude of  the people had been becoming more  and more unfriendly, and when we  . reached Hsintien Mr. Jamieson said  lie would leave us and go on ten  miles further to the large country  town, to see the official in person,  and if possible get a larger escort.  The gentlemen gave their consent  to this as being the best thing to  do. We did not feel very easy, but  there was no other way. So here  we were; a party of foreigners,  absolutely at the mercy of an anti-  foreign city. As soon as I could  get the children settled I threw  myself down beside baby and was  asleep in a moment and knew nothing of any trouble till about  midnight, when I was aroused by  Mr. Goforth telling me to get up,  as they expected the inn to be  attacked. I found none had gone  to rest, and that the carts were  arranged so as to form a barrier at  the gateway. All night we waited  anxiously. In the meantime a  messenger had been sent on to Mr.  Jamieson, telling him of the situation and asking for military protection; also one to the official. No  attack was made that night, but  something about the manner of the  Chinese aroused our suspicions that  all was not right.  Is now prepared to issue Drafts and  Letters of Credit on Skaguay, U. S.,  Atlin, B. C, and Dawson City, N. W. T.  In the early morning our messengers returned, saying the official'refused protection. Mr. Jauieison had  utterly failed, and the attitude of  the people at the eity was such  that he and party, though arriving  at 11 p. m., left at 3 a.m. the next  "moi'ning'. WeTcannotrblaine them  forgoing ahead, for their intention  originally was to have waited for  us, but cisciimstances forced them  ahead, otherwise they might themselves have been destroyed.  To return to ourselves. Here we  were well on in the morning, our  carters terrified so that they refused to go. Finally they could  only be persuaded to venture out  by our gentlemen promising to pay  for every loss either to horses, carts,  goods; etc. Before we got into our  carts we knelt together and each of  the gentlemen in turn committed  us into pur Father's keeping.  As we issued from the gate there  was a strange silence, the roads on  either side were densely packed, and  as we reached the gate of the city  we could see even the wall of the  city black with people. Yet no  sigu of disturbance. I had just  remarked to Mr. G. how well we  were getting on when we passed the  city gate. Here, too, dense crowds  were gathered. Ahead of us, separated from the rest, was a band of  about six hundred men. When Mr.  G. saw them, and that they had  swords, guns, stones, bricks, etc., he  said in a very low voice, "Rose,  there is trouble ahead." He had  scarcely uttered the words when  we had got just opposite, and as  quick as a clap of thunder a tremendous shower of stones and  bricks poured down upon us. I  begged Mr. G. not to get off the  nart, but he jumped down ; by this  time hundreds of armed men were  upon us. I heard Mr. G. calling  again and again," Take everything,  but don't strike."  The only answer he received was  Imperial Bank of Ganada  HEAD   OFFICE. TORONTO.  Capital Authorized $2,500,000  Capital Paid up $2,458,603  Rest  $1,700,000  D. R. Wilkie, General Manager. ,  E. Hay, Inspector.  Nelson Branch���Burns Block, 221 Baker Street  J. M. LAY, Manager.  a thrust from a sword or a blow  from a stone. Twice I saw him fall  and rise again, covered with blood.  Again and again I heard him calling, pleading for the lives of all. I  covered myself and baby with a  coverlet and saved us from many  stones.���Four_armed_men"camerto~  the cart; one aimed at baby's head,  but*by God's mercy I dragged him  away and the blow fell on the coverlet Helen was thrown into my  cart, then Paul.' But the villains  dragged them out, throwing them  on the ground. One man aimed  with a sword at me from the back  of the cart, but could not reach me.  His face had the most intense hatred  in it. While hesitating to know  what to do, Mr. Goforth came up  to the cart, almost sinking from loss  of blood. He told me to get down,  which I did. He took the baby,  Helen and Paul clinging to him. I  tried to get on my shoes, but they  were snatched from me. Mr. Go-  forth said we had better try and  get away, as he felt he was almost  done for. ���  As we tried to move off a number  began following us. Some cried  "Kill," and one man was coming towards me with his. sword raised  when another man, who seemed to  St. JOSEPH'S SCHOOL  NELSON, B. C.  A boarding and day school conducted by the  Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace. It is situated at  the corner of Mill and Josephine streets in one of  the bost residential portions of Nelson, and is  easily accessible from all parts of the city.  The course of study includes the fundamental  and higher branches of thorough English -education: Business course���bookkeeping, stenography and typewriting. Science course���music;  vocal and instrumental, drawing, eto. Plain art  and needlework, etc  Next term commences September 3rd.  For terms and particulars apply in tne Sister  Superior.  Private    School  And Kindergarten. .  Thorough English, Calisthenics, Music, Gorman and French if required. Fall term commences 3rd September.  For particulars apply to  MISS PALMER, Josephino Street.  have authority, pulled him back,  saying: "You've killed the man;  let them go." As we tried to get  off across the fields we could see  the others still struggling with the  wretches. Again and again Mr.  Goforth would have gone back, but  I saw he was almost sinking, and  gradually dragged him along. We  were stopped several times, but  everyone seemed too eager to see  what was going on with the others  to take much interest in us, and  God enabled us to'" escape out of  their hands.  Contractors and Builders  ��� WILL DO WELL TO.   Buy Their Lumber  C. 0. Buchanan's  A large stock of nrsb-class dry material on  hand, also a fall line of sash, doors, mouldings,  turned work, eto.  Factory Work a Specialty  Yard:  Foot of Hendryx street, Nelson  Telephone, ei John Rae. Agent  Palace IVJeat K|ark;et  Headquarters  for all kinds of  Fresh and Cured Meats.  A feature will be made.of tho poultry and  game trade. They will always bo on hand during their season.  J. L. PORTER, Prop.  169 Josephine St., between Baker and Vernon  Telephone 159.  H. D.  ASHCROFT  BLACKSMITHING  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  Wagon repairing promptly attended to by a  flrst-elaRB wheelwright.  Special attention givon to all kinds of repairing and custom work from outside points.  Shoo:  Hall St.. behweon Baker and Vernon.  DISSOLUTION   OF  PARTNEBSHIP.  Notice is hereby given that the partnership  heretofore existing between Kdward C. Cordingly* and A. W. Purdy, carrying on business as  Furniture Dealers, in tho City of Nolson, under  the name, style and firm of tho Nelson Furniture  Company, has this day been dissolved by mutual  consent. Richard W. Day of Nolson, li. C, accountant, has been appointed receive." to wind  up tho affairs of the Ilrm, to whom all accounts  duo tho Arm must be paid, and all claims against  the firm should bo sent.  Witness: K. C. CORDINGLY,  W. A. GALLIHER. A. W. PURDY.  Dated this first day of August, A. D. 1900, at  the City of Nolson.  A FULL LINE OF  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local and coast.  Flooring  local and coast.  Newel Posts  Stair Rail  Mouldings  Shingles  Rough and  __Dressed_Lumber-^   of all kinds.  IF WHAT YOU WANT IS NOT IN STOCK  WE WILL MAKE IT FOB YOU  CALL AND GET PRICES,  J. A. Sayward  BALL AND LAKK STREETS, NELSON  Porto Rico Lumber Go.  (LIMITED)  CORNER OF  HENDRYX AND VERNON STREETS  Rough and  Dressed  Lumber  Shingles  Mouldings  A-1 White Pine Lumber Always in  StocK-  We carry a complete stock of  Ccast Flooring, Ceiling, Inside Finish, Turned Work, Sash and Doors.  Special order work will receive  prompt attention.  Porto Rico LumberCo. Ltd.  Tenders Wanted.  hundred tons, more or less, of milling machinery  from Lemon Creek Siding on tho Slocan branch  of the C. P. It. to tho Chapleau millsito. a distance of sonio seven and a half miles. Tenders  will be received addressed to .T. JI. Williams,  Slocan Citj\ up to noon on Monday, August 27th,  1300. Kor further particulars apply to the ohice  of tho Chapleau mine, Nolson, or at Slocan City.  Having Purchased  the Business  Of Fred J. Squire, merchant  tailor, Nelson, I intend to  continue the business so as  to keep the patronage of ah  Mr. Squire's old patrons and  get a share of the general  trade. I am now prepared  to show the latest styles in  all lines of spring goods.   A   special_Iine-on-hand-at-$_5-  per suit. All other lines at  low rates. None but Union  labor employed.  E. Skinner  Neelands' Building, Baker Streetk   FRKD J. SQUIRE, Manager.  ARTHUR   GEE  MERCHANT TAILOR.  OPPOSITE   THE  QUEEN'S   HOTEL.  AMERICAN  AND  EUROPEAN  PLANS  MEALS   2g,    CENTS  ROOMS LIGHTED BY ELECTRICITY  AND HEATED BY 8TEA_t  35 CENTS TO 91  321 to 331 Baker Street, Nelson.  Largo Rtock of high-class Imported goods. A  specialty of tho square shoulder���the latest  fashion In coats.  SMOKE  ROYAL SEAL  AND  KOOTENAY BELLE  CIGARS  UNION MADE  Kootenay Cigar Mfg. Co.  NKLBON. BBITISH OOLUMBI,.  IVJadden House  QUEEN'S HOTEL  BAKER STREET. NELSON.  Lighted by Electricity and Heated with Hot Air.  Larse oo���tortebla bedroom* and flrst-olass  dining-room. 8ample rooms for oommeroUl moo,  RATES $2 PER DAY  Baker and -Ward  Streets, Nelson  The only hotel In Nelson that has remained  under one management since 1890.  The bod-rooms are well furnished and lighted  by electricity.  The bar Is always stocked by the best dom a-  tlo and Imported liquors and olgars.   THOMAS MADDEN. Proprietor.  SLOGAN JUNCTION HOTEL  J. H. McMANUS, Manager  Bar stocked -with bost brands of wines, liquors,'  and Cigars, Boer on draught. Large comfort-i  able rooms.  First-class table board.  N|ns. E. C. ClarKe, Prop.  I_TK Or TIIK ROrAt, HOTEI, CALGARY  EVERY   DAY  AT  THE  Club Hotel  BIG   SCHOONER  Beer or Half-and-half only  FRESH    11J(T_   COOL  The only good Beer in Nelson  E. J. CURRAN, Prop.  Corner Stanley and Silica Streets.  To  Mine Managers and Ore  Shippers.  W. Pellew Harvey, F. C. S��� assayer in charge  of tho provincial government assay ofllce, will  act as shippers' representative) at any Coasb  smelter, to. receive, weigh, sample and check  pulps and to genorally look after the interests of  the miners. Terms made on the basis of tonnage  handled. Apply for particulars to him at)  .Vancouver. B. Cf.  NOTICE. 7  The NeUon Tinners' Union having   secured  tho support of thoir employers have agrcod to  adopt the nine hour day, commencing August 1, ~  All Union tinners will please acoept this notice  (Sgd.        WM. PARIS, Sec.  ���i*��S-&. -_ THE TMBUNE: NELSON, B. CM FRIDAY AUGUST 81  1900  i I.  \%  ?!  l*Z    ..  li. ;  IM  !-��  II  _���;  &���������  ISP"  la---  '���&-  _"���'  'l-\.-  Ifr.  l.*Vi,i  'i  ift  ii-i'  wm?,'  If,  Si  III  lm:-:-  I  IVr-  \ffl'  tsi;..  i_$'  IK-  1 'r,(-  1.-!'  I��  I?- -  tr  p  Queen Victoria Chocolates  T_E_C_E   BEST   OIST   T_EEC_ED   3V_t_A-_R_E^:__I]T  SOLID   OKTLT   _3_T  W. F. Teetzel & Co.  _?X_T_C   TT&   I3ST   25   __2STJD  50   OEJ3STO?   BOXES  CORNER BAKER. AND JOSEPHINE STREETS.  HATS! HATS!  We have just received a large consignment of Stetson hats in all the latest shapes and styles, also hats from  some of the best English makers, includings Christy's celebrated hard hats, which we are selling at prices to suit  everybody.    The Nelson  Clothing House  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ���__________________      ���a,S'-*'Sr,_>,S'S'^,->'  :i_5^:55:_r:^��^:<?:^��r- '0-0.0'0'0'0-0'0'0'  Established in Nelson in 1890.  FOR LAMPS  %  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  to  iti  to  to  iti  iti  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  w.  *__  Bronze Statues, Piano Lamps, Onyx Tables, ty  Vases, Jardiniere Tables, Umbrella Stands, ty  Five o'clock Tea Kettles, Letter Racks, Call ffl  Bells, Ink Stands, Oandelabras ffl  ffl  O-^LILi   OJ<r ffl  ffl  ffl  Jacob Dover f  Xti  Nelson  The Jeweler.  Xti  ffl  - Our watch making and jewelry depart- jg  ment is. attended by expert workmen. H?  Mail  and   express   orders   receive   our  ffl  prompt attention. ffl  ffl  ���a* _���"���_? _t,_t't_\'m_'__\'\_\'__.'mm'__\:%_\'\_\'_.'^'  OUR TEAS AND COFFEE  Are well known all over and have achieved for themselves a reputation which will stand, as their quality cannot be surpafsed.  THE WESTERN MERCANTILE COMPANY, Ltd.  GROCERS. Nelson, B. C  Bakep Street.  'ffl-   ��^*p3*__^.��  '<A.$  _BT_H_T  B  HUME ADDITION  LOTS  ii    GAMBLE & O'REILLY, Agents  B  M  0  oun  ARK  FILTERS  KILTERS  IT COSTS BUT ONE CENT  OUR CLOSKSTS  ARE NOISELESS  To drop us a poat card that wo may cull and ��Ivo ostimatcp.   It saves many dollars.  Never   havc any plumbing done  until  you  havo seen our goods and our prices.  OPPOSITE  POSTOFFICE.  STRACHAN BROTHERS, Plumbers.  CITY LOCAL NEWS  Ernest Mansfield Roes to Kaslo  tomorrow to inspect his mining  properties there and arrange for  the active resumption of work.  W. T.Doyle and H. O. Keefer are  applying to the provincial authorities for a license at the Chapleau  hotel, Lemon creek.  Thomas Howell has disposed of  his residence on Hall street between  Mill and Carbonate, to C. H. Brown  of the Kootenay Steam Laundry.  A party of Rosslanders will spend  Labor Day in Nelson. The cricketers who played here a couple of  -months  ago,   will  play a return  pa&teh on the recreation grounds,.  duties as cashier in the divisional  offices. At the Hotel Phair last  night Mr. Wilgress was entertained  by a number of his friends.  Kane Brothers, general merchants of Erie, have disposed of  their business to H. T. Beadles,  merchant of Salmo, who will conduct both stores in future.  In the tennis tournament yesterday Dickson and Miss Crickmay defeated Wetmore aud Miss Bensusan, C-4, 8-0. In the gentlemen's  doubles Criddle and Baker defeated  Wetmore and St. Barbe in the  match not finished on the previous  day, and also defeated Macrae and  Selous 0-0, 1-0, 6-1.  The Grand Forks football club  will not visit Nelson on Labor day.  They wished to play a game here  and leave for home on the afternoon  train, which was considered impracticable.  The smelter made its first shipment of matte yesterday. The bullion weighed 30 tons and was consigned to Newark refiners.  Assistant engineer Dill spent yesterday in preparing sketches for  the proposed new power dam at a  point from 200 to 1500 feet up.  Cottonwood gulch from the present  dam. There is in the vicinity  selected a natural site for a reservoir which with little trouble  could be made equal in capacity to  the old reservoir and increased at  will to very much greater capacity.  A strong point in favor of the new  location is that the dam could be  anchored on each side and on the  bottom to solid rock.  The submission of evidence in the  arbitration of Beer vs. C. P. R., will  be completed today. The arbitrators will visit the ground in dispute  at Five-mile point before preparing  their award.         ���  Scored Another Success.  The Australian Comedy Company  scored another success at the opera  house last night in "Caste."' The  vehicle differed radically from the  bill of the previous evening, and  the company demonstrated that  they were fully as capable in  comedy-drama as in the heavier  class of work called for, by plays of  the "Sapho" class. Mr. Cochrane  took the leading role, in which he  was natural and manly to a degree whicli won warm applause.  Next to Mr. Cochrane the honors  fell to Mr. Townsend who essayed  a difficult role and achieved a decided hit. In opening his part  "aroused a feeling of antagonism,  but in the finale he won all hearts  and left the stage amid hearty applause. Herbert Jones also scored  a hit in a comedy part and Mr.  Ward interpolated a spice of humor  into the play with a splendidly  interpreted comedy part. Tonight  the company will give "His Night  Out," a farce-comedy pure and  simple. They promise a first-class  entertainment, and as the company's  promises have been kept to the  letter up to the present.. therelis_no_  reason to doubt that "His Night  Out" will prove a genuine treat.  The Australians have proved themselves to be a clever aggregation of  artists, and theatregoers. should  accord them bumper houses on the.  two remaining nights of their stay.  RACINC TO LOCATE GROUND  On Briggs Creek.  Kaslo, August 30.���[Special to  The Tribune.]���The south fork of  Kaslo creek was- the scene of a  rush on Tuesday night when several parties went up to relocate  Robinson Brigg's claim, the Trail.  The claim is situated on Briggs  creek, to be exact, and it i_ within  three-quarters of a mile of the now  famous Cork. Its vicinity to that  claim caused the rush. Briggs held  a two-thirds interest in the claim  and W. J. Davenport the remaining  one-third. They failed to do their  assessme'nt work and several parties  were on the lookout to relocate, but  Briggs gave a bill of sale to A. McQueen, so that the latter had the  right to hold the property until  midnight on the 28tb, and could  keep anybody- off the ground till  that hour, when, the land reverted  to the crown.  Mr. McQueen left here in the  afternoon on a cay use which proved  to be a trifle frisky, but he arrived  at the-claim before dusk, without  serious accident. Exactly, at midnight McQueen says he started to  relocate. "There were no new  stakes'up when I started," he said,  "and not until 20 minutes later did  other parties appear on the ground."  These other parties were. Alex  Linrotli and another. They, aided  by the light of a lantern, also' re-  staked the ground and then returned  to Kaslo. ��� ~ ���  The chief clerk in the mining- recorder's office was proceeding to  breakfast when his services were  urgently asked for. The parties  who had spent the night up the  south fork were,.wery anxious to  get their claim recorded. But the  chief clerk, wanted his breakfast,  and he politely.requested the men  to call round at the office during the  hours named on the door. When  the first hour arrived the parties  were on the doorstep, which one  entered the recording office first  does not really matter. McQueen  paid his fee and recorded the Puritan, Linroth called the claim Patricks. But whether it will' be Pat-*  ricks, or Linroth.'s, or McQueen's or  somebody else's the law courts will  probably decide. It may indeed belong to J. A. Otto and W. Gerrard,  for it seems that they relocated the  claim even before ..McQueen, and  ,they had their watches timed by a  watchmaker, before-. leaving town.  They say that if*McQueen -can show  them that/ he relocated first they  will give a bill of- sale. ��� But they  add, "McQueen can't do it." They  have named the:rclocation Halifax  No. 2.       ___   Adjusting Disputes.  St. John's, Newfoundland, August 30.���The British cruiser Charyb-  dis has arrived here from a short  cruise along the. northeast coast,  where she has gone to adjust disputes between the colonial and  French fish'erinen. On the west  coast other gunboats are 0 treating  the lobster packers harshly. The  French stations ,on the northeast  coast have obtained but a poor  catch of cod, and the season's fishing is how almost over.  Bankruptcy Decision.  Winona, Wisconsin, August 30.���  An_impor.tant-bankruptcy���decision  has been filed here by judge Hoch-  ren, in the case of W. S. Trowbridge,  insolvent. The decision is to the  effect that, under the bankruptcy  act, no creditor can have his claim  allowed until he surrenders to the  trustee any money or property he  NELSON OPERA HOUSE  J..-E. ANNABLE, Manager.  Stupenduous Success  A Tremendous Crowd  A MOST ENTHUSIASTIC AUDIENCE GREETED THE  Australian   Comedy   Company  EVERYONE'S   OPINION  The Best Company that  Has Ever Appeared Here  TO^TIG-HT TOIsTIG-JEECT  "His Night Out"  TO BE FOLLOWED BY ONE ACT BURLESQUE OF SAPHO.  commencing afc 11:30 a.m. A team  of tennis players will play against  a quartette of local men at the  Nelson club's courts.  W. L. Wal3h, Q. C, of Orange-  ville, Ontario, is in the city en  route home on a vacation trip to  the Coast. He is one of the best  known of Ontario's lawyers, and  was the Conservative candidate for  Cardwell in the general elections of  1896.  Mrs. L. Farewell of Toronto arrived in the city yesterday to join  her husband. They will reside on  Water street.  Born, on Wednesday, to the wife  of J. Cummings, Hall Mines smelter,  a daughter.  ing for VancouveTto8 assume his j JP_RIO__0jS   $lj T5n  50   OIEjIN"_FS  ESTABLISHED 1892  H.   BYERS   &  CO.  HARDWARE  ESTABLISHED 1892  Garden, Mill, Steam and Suction  Hose.  Crucible  Cast  Steel   Wire Rope  6-16 to 1-in. in stock.  Leather and  Rubber Belting.  Sheet, Square and Round Rubber  Flax and Garlock Packing  Pipe Fittings, Brass Goods, Rails  Black and Galvanized Sheet Iron  Soft Steel Plates  1-8, 3-16 and 1-4 x 72, 96 and 120,  Agents���Truax Oro Curs, Giant Powdor, and Metropolitan Fuse, oto.  H. BYERS & CO.  NELSON  KASLO  SANDON  may have received from the bankrupt within four months prior to  bankruptcy, without regard to the  creditor's knowledge or ignorance  of the fact that his debtor is in  danger of bankruptcy.  HOTEL   ARRIVALS.  PHAIR.-G. S. Wiglo, Winnipeg; J. C.Drew.  ry, Kossland: G. Simpson nnd wife, Montreal; K.  S. Fiudloy, Vancouver; A. .r. Wliitoiiian, Itossland; R. 11. Porter, Spokane; J. Waugh, Kaslo;  M. K. Abbott, K. J. Grant. KosBland; XV. H.  Hunter, H. H. IteevcR, Silverton; H. M. Billings.  Salmo; K..). Inglit*, Montreal; P. J. Hickoy and  family, Sandon: M. S. Drewry. Now Denver; H.  D. Curtis. Slocan City; H. D. Musson. Athabasca.  HUMK.���T. J. Armstrong, Spokane; A. McAllister. Winnipeg; AV. Lang, H. Hill, Spokane;  T. Solue, Pincher Creek: Hi. P. Bremner, Vancouver; Lee Cochrano, Denver, Colorado. A. B.  Jackson. Spokane; It. C. Green, Kaslo; H. _."  Knapp./Toronto. '  BUSINESS  MENTION.  Lost���Yesterday between Baker  street and Bogustown a leather poeketbook containing papers and a sum of money. Return to  Tribune office for reward. _. ������  For rent���Eight roomed house on  the corner of Vernon and Park streets. Apply  to A. M.Mcintosh. Boyal hotel.  Wanted���-'Two  firemen holding  certificate* for hteh pressure stationary boilers.  Must be of good habits. Men of family preferred. For particulars address XV: F. Little,  manager The H. W. McNeill Co., Ltd., Anthracite, N.W. T.     >  r Large   furnished   rooms  to   let.  Apply Macdonald building, couior of Josephine  and Vernon streets.   -  To let���new well finished house  on Victoria street, Avo rooms, plumbing, bath,  electric light complete. Best part of the town,  near Phair hotel.   Rent ?25.   Apply box 182.  Wanted���Immediately first class  coat maker. Apply by wire, A. David, The  Miners' Tailor, Sandon, B. C.  Nursery Stock���Fruit and Ornamental���over 700 acres. Orders close September  loth for fall delivery. Get your orders in." H. II.  Avery, 221 Carbonato street, Nelson, is our representative for the Kootenays. Stone & Wellington, Toronto, Ontario. �� . ���  Hack   calls left at   the   Pacific  Transfer barn on Vernon streot. Telephone  call 35.  T.H.BROWN  JEWELER.  432,000  This is the number of beats  your watch should make every,  day. Count and see if it is  right. If not it is not keeping  time. The balance wheel, if  running inastraight line, would  travel 27,000 feet in 24 hours.  How long since it was oiled  and cleaned.  T. H. BROWN  JEWELER  178 Baker Street Nelson, B. C.  NELSON TENT AND  AWNING FACTORY  The best equipped establishment in British Columbia for turning out  all kinds of canvas goods.  THEO fyADSO/4, Proprietor.  Baker Streot, Nelson.  Kootenay   Coffee   Co.  NKLSON. B. O.  Coffoe roasters and dealers In Tea and Coffee.  Offer fresh roasted coffee of beat) quality as  follows t  Java and Arabian Macho, per pound 9  40  Java and Mocha Jflend, 3 pounds  1 00  Fine Santos, i pounds  1 00  Santos Blend, 5 pounds*.. ....._.. 1 00  Oar Special Blend. C pounds  1 00  Our Rio Boast, 6 pounds'..?. ~~ 1 00  A tuial order solicited/ Salesroom 2 doors east)  of Oddfellows block. West Baker street).  Bankrupt Stock  FOR SALE BY TENDER.  Sealed tendors will bo recoived for the purchase of the stock in trade and fixtures belonging to the estat-e of Messrs. Vahey & Kerman. of  Grand Forks. B.C, until Saturday, September  lath next, addressed to tho undersigned at Box  936. Winnipeg, Manitoba.  The stock consists ofa genoral assortment of dry  goods, mihinery. carpets, houso furnishings and  wall paper, which together with fixtures amount  to SIG.000 more or less.  As tho whole stook has been purchased within  the past twelve months it is in excellent condition and well assorted.  The stock can be seen in tho shop lately occupied by tho insolvents in Grand Forks.  Tenns���Ono quarter cash and the balaneo at  two, four and six months on approved notes.  The highest or any tender not necossarily accepted.    R.    H.   BRYCE  ASSIGNEE.  GENUINE BARGAINS  In all Lines of Fishing Tackle, Guns,  Rifles and Ammunition   .   .   .   .  ''  !  .'��� i  LAWRENCE HARDWARE COMPANY  _ ^_t_-\\\-_-_\\'^'^'__\'\_\.'\_V______        7^^_S^_^______________s .  ���fc^^^wCP-^'.^iVw-^-^r-^'-       ���0-0.9r9;99-99'99910?&  Uf ^  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  to  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  %  185 Baker Street.  KIRKPATRICK  & WILSON.  Telephone 10.   ffl  ffl  We have removed our place of business  for the next few months to the old Burns  shop, next to the Nelson Hotel, where we  hope to see all our old customers and many  new ones.   Give us a call.  KIRKPATRICK & WILSON  Telephone 10  185 Bakep Street  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  FRUIT  NOW   IS   THE   TIME   TO  PRESERVE  PLUMS,  PEACHES, PEARS .  We Have the Fruit and Also the Jars.  Houston Block.  Telephone 161.  P. O. Box 176.  JOHN A. IRVINO S CO.  Kootenay Electric Supply & Construction Co., ltd.  Electric Fixtures Electric Fans-  Medical Batteaies  Nelson, B. O.  ' HOUSTON BLOCK,  CORNER BAKER AND JOSEPHINE STREETS.  m  w  mmm  We have sold 75 per cent of all the   -���^Portland Cement  ���Wi  Wj  Wj  Wj  Wj  Wj  Fire Bpiek Fipe Clay  and Sewer Pipe  USED IN KOOTENAY  Just received carload Dominion Ale and Porter  (PINTS AND QUARTS)  Dominion White Label Ale (pints and quarts).   This fs  the finest Ale brewed in Canada.  Dominion Bulk Ale (15 gallon kegs)  Teacher's Scotch Whiskey is still the best.  W)  Wj  Wj  Wj.  Wj  <&.,  H. J. EVANS & CO. ��T  P. Burns & Co.  Wholesale and Retail  .*"__����, _. o. Dealers in Meats  Markets at   N'elson,   Rossland,   Trail,   Kaslo, Ymir,  Sandon,  Silverton,TNev  Denver, Revelstoke, Ferguson, Grand Forks, Greenwood, Cascade City, Mid  ���way, and Vancouver.  Mail Orders Promptly Forwarded  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  ALL KINDS OF.'  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  Baker Street, Nelson ��   (J.   TRAVES,   Manager  ORDERS BY HAIL BEC_Tf_ CAREFUL AND PROMPT ATTENTION,  f^^^^!^l^^__i!s__^_^M__-^��  ;.71J_)^^3i&:$_:rJ-iS\��.i


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