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i -.   ■ _______________
Situation is Complicated.
^-London, July 31.—A member of
the Chinese legation gave au extended interview to the Associated
Press today, in which ho said: "1
am exceedingly glad that your official dispatches today have borne
out our repeated assurances, which
I knew from the first were sincerely meant. I knew that while
the Chinese emperor could avoid
making a statement of facts, such
facts as he stated and states, must
be true.
"I hope that tho recommendation
made by Li Hung Chang that the
ministers should either be sent to
.Tien-Tsin or be placed in telegraphic
communication with their governments will obtain. I am a great
friend of sir Robert Hart, and I
knew that he was still alive, but I
wanted to convince his friends in
this country, and I tried hard to
get a cipher telegram from him. Ac
last being told that the legations
were surrounded, and that it Avas
impossible to get in or out without
" the permission of the throne. I
immediately applied'to the throne
and hope to get permission in a few
days. Consequently you may soon
hope to hear direct from the
"It must be borne iu mind that
besides the Boxers, there is a large
force of irregular troops in Pekin,
neither regular or. rebels, but very
dangerous to the imperial government.
C'S see much talk of vengeance
upon the Chinese. If you could
, secure those who arc actually responsible for the Boxer movement
I would say nothing, but is it possible for the allies to make the
selection? .        . / "      -    '
"Li Hung Chang's statement that
the lives of. the ministers would be
• endangered by such an advance,-is
not* a piece of diplomacy, but .a
- serious prediction of the consequences of such an action.
"General Lung Fu Siang is known
to. be anti-foreign in his sentiments,
but;'we cannot dispense with his,
services, and, having,a>-large^nurarr
■'ber of soldiers under' him," he might
•-Ordelf.a European massacre which
, the emperor and empress .would be
unable to prevent.
"My object now is to advise the
allies not to do au act of vengeance,
but. to restore peace and secure
guarantees for the future. This
can be done by co-operating with
Li Hung Chang. If you push on
to Pekin; I believe you ,will provoke
a general rising throughout the
empire, the result of which will be
tho destruction of the lives and
property of foreigners everywhere."
An Hystencal Female.
New York, July 31.—Several
hundred persons jeered and followed Miss Ernesta Gravelle, the young
woman who professes to be an anarchist, when at noon today she left
the silk .mills   in Patterson,_New_
Jersey, where slie worked (for home
for lunch. She reached home breath-
\-_. and badly frightened. Policemen dispersed her tormeuters. She
said afterwards of king Humbert's
assassination and .his slayer, " "I
feel like Bressi" 'who did what ,he
did because he thought of others,
not himself. Now that the king is
dead they say he was a great, good
man.. He was not good. He
treated the poor badly. 1 belong
to that group. To say that we
talk of killing the president or any
one else is not true. We do not
plot to kill kings. When a brother
kills a king The plans it himself.
What good would it do to kill McKiniey?" _______
Will Mot Take Cipher Messages.
Brussels, August 1.—The minister of foreign affairs, M. de Fav-
reau, has received the following
from M; de Gartier de Marchienne,
secretary of the Belgian legation in
China, but now in Shang-Hai,
dated July 31st: On July 22nd the
consul general of the United States
telegraphed the United States minister in Pekin through the "intermediary of the local authorities,
Sheng, the taoti, has informed him
ithat the tsung li yamen refused
to transmit messages, in cipher to
the minister and requires that all
dispatches be in ordinary language.
German Official Opinion.
Berlin, July 81.—Hope regarding the security of the foreigners in
Pekin now runs high. The German
foreign office no longer doubts,that
1 all the ministers, except baron von
Ketteler,  are alive.     The papers j
take the same view and urge that
there be no delay in the advance
upon Pekin. The foreign office is
mortified at the failure 7.to
agree, .upon a commander-
in-chief of , the allied forces.
The Chinese' minister, Li Hai Huan,
received today a dispatch purporting to come from the Pekin government, saying the foreign legationers would be sent to Tien-Tsin
whenever the preparations for their
safe escort "were completed and
open hostilities ceased. This dispatch .was transmitted to the German foreign office.
Appeal From Fekin."
Washington, July 31.—Adjutant-general Corbin today received
the following' dispatch from lieu-
enant-colonel Coolidge, commanding the Ninth Infantry at Tien-
Tsin.   It came by way of Che-Foo.
Tien-Tsin, July 27.—The following letter from lieutenant-colonel
Shiba, military attache at the Japanese legation at Pekin, dated July
23rd, arrived at Tien-Tsin the 25th
at 9 o'clock in the evening.
"Pekin, July 23.—Evening.—We
are all"awaiting impatiently• the
arrival of reinforcements. When
are yuo coming ?* All the legations
have been blockaded since the 13th
of last month, and since the 20th
we have been attacked continually
night and day by the ' Chinese soldiers from more than ten encampments. -   - -   •
"By a supreme effort we are still
defending. We are daily awaiting
with the greatest anxiety the arrival of reinforcements, and if you
can't reach here in less than' a
week's time it is probable that we
will-be unable to hold out' any
longer! * ■
"The emperor and empress dowager appear ,to, be still at Pekin.
Were our reinforcements to arrive
it is very propable that they would
flee to *Wah Shoshan., The "killed
wounded up to date are eight killed,
one a captain of infantry, and an
ambassador's" attache; seven seriously wounded, the first secretary
of .the,,, ^legation Jbeing^ -o'ne'-.qf _$lie_
twenty slightly wounded."'"" ThV
number of Europeans killed is sixty
in all"' (Signed)   Coolidge. "   ;
\ • "   — -   - ,
Provisions but no Ammunition.
Washington, July • 31.—The war
department this evening received
two.cablegrams from China. The
first" read: "Che-Foo (undated) to
Corbin, Washington. Tien-Tsin,
July 27.—A message has just been
received from Conger saying that
since the 16th there-has been by
agreement .no firing. We have
provisions for several weeks, but
no ammunition. All are safe and
well. I beg to report that tthe
allied forces will soon advance.
There has been practically no i looting by Americans, and no unnecessary killing. The Indiana arrived
on the 26th. (Signed) Dagett."
The second reads ;»"Che-Foo to Cor-
biu, Washington. Tien-Tsin, July
30.—The Flintshire arrived on the
27th with 257 Ninth Infantry and
ten doctors."
Six Hundred Hostages.
Rome, August 1.—A dispatch received here says: "The Chinese government is detaining 600 Europeans
as hostages including the ministers
and their families as well as the
members of the legations." It is
believed here that when the war is
officially declared, these will be
ordered to leave Pekin within
twenty-four hours. They will then
bo at the jmercy of the Boxers.
China, it is thought, will consider
that war has been declared as soon
as the allies begin ...to march on
Pekin. |(
Swear Allegiance to; King Victor.
] Rome,; July 31.—All the Italian
troops took the oath1! of allegiance
to the new king today amid the applause, of the people? Perfect tranquility reigns throughout the country. A deputation of senators and
deputies had.arranged to meet king
Victor but a/V in conforming with
court etiquette, the journey of his
majesty to Monsea wasu^strictly
private, the idea7was--=-abaridoned.
For si similar reason the ministers
decided not to go to Naples.
Vandal in London.
London, July 31.:—An unknown
vandal has wrenched the head
from the queen's statue in Elswick
park, Newcastle. The police think
it was the work of a crank who has
been unsettled by the assassination of king Humbert.
No Tinkering With Mineral Act.
- Victoria, July 31.—[Special to
The Tribune."]—The elaborate ar-
ran gem ants for the reception of the
governor general have been called
off on account of the death of the
duke of Edinborough. The.. War-
spite, with a party on board, left
Vancouver before the receipt of the
news, but H.M.S. Virago overtook
the big ship and signalled the sad
intelligence. Upon the governor's
arrival he was met by the civic,
provincial, naval and military
authorities and,escorted to Mount
Baker hotel where he will spend the
week quietly, leaving on Monday
next for Skagway. Upon his return*' he will be tendered a civic
After the prayers in the legislature a resolution of condolence and
sympathy was passed and the house
adjourned.   ' ^
A committee is to be appointed
to inquire into the sending of troops
Steveston during the" fishermen's
At the recent government caucus
a committee was appointed to look
into the Chinese labor question,   \
The mining committee will report tomorrow, recommending .that
the mining commission to revise'the"
mining, act, mentioned in the speech
from the throne, be not appointed.
Must Save Ministers First.
London, July 31.—United States
, ambassador Choate saw the prime
minister, this, evening, and  ascer-,
tained his views with regard'tothe.
changes in''the. Chinese   situation
brought^abqut- by?the direct dis-
patehes^-from'^Pekinr -Lordo Salis-
-bury assured Mr. Choate that Great
Britain had no intention' of delaying the advance on'.Pekin^nor, so
far  as   he. knew, had_any other
power.    "Lord/,,Salisbury' entirely
acquiesced in ** secretary' Hay's de-;
sirelthat ithe i advanced be-£under-'
taken as" speedily as possible.   He
had   no   intention   of   bargaining
with China in any way, shape or
form, until the ministers were safe
under theirown military escort.
The Associated Press correspondent here understands tnat
China is making, strenuous efforts
to come to. some agreement with
the powers' previous to • handing
over the ministers, but this will not
be considered for, a moment. Once
Pekin has been > reached ■ and the
ministers have, regained their
liberty, the powers have agreed
that aggression will-cease and reparation will become a matter of
Lord Salisbury believes' it-may
still be proved that the* Chinese
government is not responsible for
the attacks on the legations, except
in-so^far-as—all - governments-are-
responsible for the maintenance of
It is expected that within a few
day*"! free communication will be
established: with the . ministers in
from the commissioner of customs
at Che-Foo, v* the shape of a Pekin
dispatch not'dated, but believed to
have been written on July 21st to
the following effect: "Staff ancl
family still safe." Signed by both
sir Robert Hart, inspector-general
of customs,* and Robert Bredon,
deputy inspector-general. This has
been confirmed by the commissioner
of customs in Shang-Hai who telegraphed last evening: "Authentic,
inspector-general safe 22nd."
V       ______________ i
Military," Situation in China.
London, August 1.—4 a.m.—A
sensational Shang-Hai correspondent still<hin$& that the Chinese are
juggling wita*the mails, but in the
face of the* constantly accumulating evidence that the ministers
were safe" bn^ July 22nd, and despite the omission from all the dispatches of the anxiously desired information regarding the veal situation political and otherwise at Pekin,
there are very few in London who
do not believe the dispatches are
genuine and reliable.
The allies. how confront a most
difficult and'Vdangerous problem.
Without doubt, the ministers are
held, by the Chinese as hostages,
and .the outcome of the advance on
_Pekin; which m all'probability has
begun, will be awaited with anxietv.
Today's dispaiches show'that the
allies,, nbtabljr-^the Japanese, have
beeii'-'T pushing^ their preparations
with; feverish^ haste", organizing, a
service^ of pack carts, trains and
junks.'-    '_. ,'.£,
'It is' reported', from Berlin that
lieutenant-general von Lessel, commanding the|"( German forces in
China, whom:,emperor, William has
ijust promoted:'to the rank of general commanding an army corps,
has been selected1"as commander-in-
chief of the .allied-forces.        \ ,_ ,
The Chinese*,,are strongly-, en-
;trenchedi'at.5)Waug Tsun, from
,which position^ however, it is believed they can be''ejected without
great difficulty.'. The, danger is
that if defeated- :there the • Chinese
will retire qn^Pekin and.put the remainder -of/th%tEurp^eans <to .death..
_*  ',        i
Join Forces Against -Boxers.
Washington, July 31—Doubt has
has given way to a feeling akin to
certainty that the legations at Pekin and the gallant marines who
managed to reach the Chinese capital just in the nick of time, were
not only alive on July 22nd, but in
all probability are still alive and
likely to remain so until they.are
released from their stage of siege.
The, officials here, while anxious
that the movement on Pekin should
begin at once, do not attach credence to the -rumor mentioned by
general Chafee that the forward
march was to begin today.
A rather startling proposition
was advanced _ today, which,'' if
adopted, tnightputatonce to the test
the Chinese profession that the
Boxers c and not the Chinese government are responsible for "what
has happened in Pekiu. This was to,
the effect that the Chinese govern-'
ment should be informed that the
international forces were prepared
to take that government at its
word, and to join forces with it in
crushing out the insurrection. The
kernel of just such a proposition is
to be found in the last condition
laid' down ay the president in his
reply to the appeal of the emperor
Hsu, and there may be a development in that direction speedily.
It is' also ■ possible''. that the * ad
vance of .the allies will be the signal,
for the Chinese authorities to compel all foreigners to rtjuit the capital, in which * event '"they will become the prey of the Boxers.
' The feeling of the newspapers
here is that nothing whatever
should now delay the advance, and
that no negotiations of any kind
should be countenanced until the
allied troops reach Pekin and assure
themselves regarding the fate of
the foreigners:
Another Race Trouble.
Tampico,   Mexico,   July   30.
Anti-British in Martinique.
Kingston, Jamaica, July 31.—
Advices have been received here today from. Martinique to the effect
that a large number of young Mar-
tiniquans have memorialized the
president ofthe French republic, M.
Loubet, asking him to furnish arms
and passage to enable them to proceed
to South Africa to help the Boers.
The anti-British feeling is strong in
the French Antilles.    .
Kusso-American Arbitration.
St. Petersburg;-July 31.—The
secretary of the United States embassy here, Herbert H.D. Pierce,
has been appointed to represent
the United States in the arbitration
of the Russian seizures of American
fishers in the Behring sea. The
case will be heard at The Hague.
Princess Cantacusene Has a Son.   -
St. Petersburg, July 31.—Princess Cantacusene (granddaughter
of the late president Grant and
daughter of brigadier-general Frederick Dent Grant, U. S. A.) gave
birth to a son on July 27th.
Good News Confirmed.
London,' August 1.—-Important
additional confirmation of the
safety of the legations was received
in London last night by Duncan
Campbell, representative in Europe
of   the  Chinese    customs service,
Don Acecitda,»a suburb of Tampico,
58 Bahama negroes, contract laborers on the Mexican Central road,
started a riot today over one of
their number being arrested.
of their countrymen, severely
beating a policeman. The
Mexican populace took sides with
the policemen, a pitched battle ensuing. The negroes took refuge in
cabins and opened fire with pistols.
Two negroes were mortally and 20
seriously wounded. A company of
infantry stationed here was called
out to quell the riot. Only two
Mexicans were wounded, one being
fatally stabbed,    j.
King Humbert's Assassin.
Geneva, July 31.—In spite of all
their efforts the police have not
succeeded in identifying the assassin of king .Humbert as the man
Bressi who was watched here in
1898.. The authorities -are only
able to affirm one thing, namely
that the Geneva anarchists, who
are mostly Italians, are in regular
correspondence with their countrymen in Paterson, New Jersey, from
which point all orders come. In
view of the attitude of Luccheni,
when questioned about Bressi and
the Paterson group, the police are
assured that the crimes of recent
years have been the successive
phases of a plot.
League Games.
Chicago 1, Indianapolis. 0.
■'■  Syracuse 3, Hartford 6.
Rochester *8,i Worcester 7.'
Milwaukee 5. Detroit 7.
Boston 11, Cincinnati 9.
Brooklyn 1; Pittsburg 17.
Philadelphia 4, St. Louis 11.
Chicago 4, New York 9.
Kansas Gity 0, Cleveland 5.
Minneapolis 10, Buffalo 0.
Toronto 4, Providence 5.
Kwang Hsu Wires Again.
London, August 1.—4 a.m.—It is
reported from an unofficial but
reliable source that the Chinese
minister'at St. Petersburg wired to
Li Hung Chang intimating the
possibility' of "obtaining favorable
terms of settlement- from Russia'if
■China would adopt a conciliatory
attitude, and compel a cessation of
the attacks on the legation. Thereupon, according to this information. Li Hung Chang memorialized
the throneyepresenting'that he was
i 11 and, ^unable-, to, come; to Pekin,'
but urging that every endeavor be'
made to send the ministers to Tien-
Tsin, and to ensure the safety of
foreigners and missionaries.
The latest advices from Tien-Tsin
announce the Russians and Japanese are scouting in the direction of
Vetan. The, governor of Shan
Tung says the British consul's message was sent to sir Claude MacDonald, whose reply was handed to
the tsung li yamen on July 25th.
A special dispatch from Tien-Tsin
says the missionaries report that all
the Americans in Pekin and Tung
Chau are safe, but their property
has been destroyed.
The Tokio correspondent of the
Daily Telegraph, wiring yesterday,
says : "Kwang Hsu is reported to
have sent a second dispatch to emperor Nicholas admitting that a
-state"tof^war"exist¥~at— Tien-TsinT
but the Russians are fully protected at open ports. The Chinese emperor adds that the disturbances in
Manchuria were caused by a rebellious general in Amur, that he has
instructed the Chinese generals to
refrain from hostilities and that he
desires the czar to reciprocate his
.The Shang-Hai correspondent of
the Times says: -.''The general aspect of the situation confirms the
opinion that the Manchu party,
fearing the effect of further violent
measures, rely ou Li Hung Chang's
negotiations to prevail upon the
powers to forego: vengeance in return for tho release of the survivors."
Tien-Tsin wires that general sir
Alfred Gaselee and staff, with large
foreign reinforcements, arrived
there on July 28th.
Labor Troubles in Martinique.
Kingston. Jamaica, July 31—The
relations between capital and labor
in Martinique are severely strained.
A new journal has been established
there exclusively in the interests of
the proletariat. Trouble is feared
as the people are very excitable.
Corbett to Fight McCoy.
New York, July 31.—Jim Corbett and Kid McCoy are matched
to fight a 25-round bout at Madison Square Gardeijkon the evening,
of August SOttJi.; ■ Charley White
will be refereei
Sunday. Queen Margherita desires
to accompany the remains. Emperor
William has notified' the government of his intention to attend the
funeral. A dispatch of condolence
has been received from Li Hung
Chang. Bressi was born in Prato
in 1869. He was denounced in 1805
as a dangerous rioter and was deported to the* island of Pantellaria.
In 1896 he was liberated under the
amnesty after the battle of Adowa,
and in 1897 he went to the United
States.    ^ -
■       ■-       i t
Bussian Official Beports.
St. Petersburg, July 31.—Official reports have been received here
that that the Chinese, bombarded
Blagovetchensk,    capital    of   the
Amur   government, on July 26th
and July 28th.   The '"Russian guns
replied  and' reinforcements   were
then approaching.   On July 28th a
steamer arrived at Lu Cha Su towing three boats from Harbin, with
1500 refugees,   including  120 sick
and  wounded.     A Russian force
crossed the frontier at: Abagitu on
July 26th.   Work, on the railway
has been resumed there.
The Russians have burned some
villages and expelled a Chinese garrison of 2000 men from the fortress
at Brijantun, capturing five Krupp
guns which had not. I yet been
The Russian consul, at' Kuddja
sends the, following under date of
July/ 27th: -"The -'governor- -of
Kuddja received orders from the
empress to exterminate the Russians and the Chinese were preparing to execute the command, but
since the arrival of Russian troops
for the protection of the consulate,
matters have been quiet;"  • '       ,'
The Russian^ consul, at Kashgar
reports'an alarming state'of-affairs
there owing ^. to ^the<7 excitement
among the Chinese troops.
* - - - t.-C    r
,   "   Associated Boards < of Trade. ■■'-.-
' The second annual convention of
the?associated; boards*"of; trade of
eastern, BritishJ)fColumbia* opens
here on Thursday! morning in Fra-'
ternity-liall'JjlThe.firet '"session conTi
venes'at 11 a.^'inland -the-' convent*1
tion will sit until the business
brought before it is dispatched*.
The - executive committee of the
association meets, tonight, the
members being J. S. C. Fraser of
Rossland, president; J. Roderick
Robertson, : vice-president; ' G. O.
Buchanan of Kaslo, vice-president;
H. W. C. Jackson of Rossland, secretary, and Duncan Ross of Greenwood, J. A. Harvey of Fort Steele,
Hon. T. Mayne Daly of Rossland,
Colonel E. S. Topping of Trail, T. L.
Haig of Revelstoke and -Hon. Smith
Curtis of Grand Forks. The executive will prepare the order sheet
for the convention.
Dundee Concentrator Gone.  vv ' ~_,
.   A disastrous forest fire has raged >^
about the* town of Ymir for,two;jjj£|
days and at last reports was spread- '^
ing rapidly before a steady' breeze. 7])
The most serious item in the* list of "7|
damages is the destruction of the7f||
mill at the Dundee mine which'was v/#i|
abandoned to the names last night.7j.;M
The mine buildings are located sbme'l'^I
distance  up  the hill and it was7r7"
thought they might be saved.
the Sweet ranch/ several miles .'be-,
low Ymir, .where, the owner'was>fj^
clearing ground and burning the¥M
cut timber. -' A fire lighted for 'this': :'M
purpose, it is said, got beyond the^1
control of the ranchers' and' started? $%j_
through the bush toward the town'^f^
On Monday night it was feared the>$3|
town of Ymir would be destroyedM^
and the residents of the town wefe/ffl
up all night preparing to; fight'.-theS^
flames. *JU8t as the situation'was#l
assuming a most alarming aspect^'M-ll
change of wind set in and the flameraw
headed off at a right angle., -. <-'J^W
The change of wind relieved'-!fhe»l
-situation-at Ymir", but it was fatal|*f|
for the Dundee mine. _. The nfty-tonfKli
^concentrator put inabout eighteen^!
months ago, wasin theTlineVdf CtheM?l
'fire and  all efforts to "divert the*MI
flames failed.   4       '■.*-,.,.-«»■■    -7#1H
- Charles Dundee,* one of the * own^»
ers, is registered at the Phair hote«i
and was kept posted as to the pro4«|
gress of the fire. , Yesterday aff»r^W|
noon  Superintendent .Carr 7 wired*SMi|
fron^Ymir that every, means/was*gl
being taken.to save the 'buUdings.SpIl
About 8 o'clock last night, howevei-V€Mi
Can- wired that.the mill was"dobm^#|
ed but that he hoped to save'"theW*
^buildings   at the-mine.- TheJmilfJS
was,sitnatedin adrawvaiid"themineflll
buildings' are ~'a\ cohsiderableydis-^r
tance further up the hMWyf^ffi'iM
■  , Arrivals'-from * YmirMaVtfnightM
four, to^five milesVWide^andfs
vancing ' steadily. - The£blaW^i8\*
moving in the general directi3n\"off.?,
'the Ymir mine, though<still>ik>'or$lf
change of wind would-divert its'Cv#|
course and no special danger was*   Jj
feared there last night, particularly>'-%J
as the timber had been "cleared off.7%1
for some distance - about; the Ymir > fM\
mill buildings.      ,     ' y        "r,,i" t'.%
' The tremendous clouds of < smoke ^ ^|
Bressi's Pa,8t History.
Ro.mb, July 31.-^Late this evenimj
it is reported that the body of king
Humbert will be brought here OB1
Fraudulent Solicitor.
London, July 31.—Thomas Boul-
ton Sigmay, solicitor, was coin-
emitted for-trial in the Marlborough
street police court today on Aye
charges of conspiracy to defraud
clients. Sismey is a partner of
Julian T. B. Arnold, who, is now
contesting extradition at San Francisco. The magistrate placed Sis-,
mey's bail at £10,000, which is considered prohibitive...
Bressi in Jail
Monsea, July 31.—-The assassin
Bressi has been - removed from the
local police station to the jail. Sig-
nor Saracio, the premier, on his arrival at the royal villa to tender
his condolences to the queen, had an
impressive audience for half an
hour. All the royal princes, the
queen of Portugal and the duke of
Oporto have arrived here.
Legations Eagerly Awaiting Belief;
j. Rome, July 31.—The commander,
of the Italian cruiser Elba at;; Tien-
Tsin ; received the following telegram Ttoday from the Japanese
military attache at* Pekin, dated;
July 22nd: "The legations are
eagerly awaiting relief; Cannot
hold out long. Sixty Europeans
killed." ■" *
Anarchists Arrested.
Rome, July 31.—A Tuscan named
Giusta, who lives in the house of
Remala in Milan, and other suspects, havo been arrested there.
The assassin speaks English, French
and Spanish.
Kelson Beat Michaels.
7 Boston, July 31.—John Nelson
defeated Jimmiy Michaels by five
^rds in 33:03 >5 in the 20-mile
paced race at Charles river park tonight.    '      :7 vt'.';
rising from the "fire could be dis-"v's-P
yesterday ^jf-j
tinctly seen in   Nelson
over Cottonwood creek gulch.'
Mining Becords. I     " "i   ;;   ^
Yesterday's'mining records were:^   *__
Options—By > John Blomberg/Mike -"H
Johnson and .Oscar Johnson toT.'   4\
J. Hampton, Los Angeles, California,* \?
a three months', option on the Star''
mineral claim on Eagle creek, consideration $27,500payable $1250 in
forty-five days, the balance in nine- .
ty days, Hampton agreeing to do '   '"
-sinking-on-main-shaftrof th~eTpropi1~7r
erty and instal pumps, engine and   ]j
other necessary machinery. .    ''"
Transfers—Otto Stelling to D. A. ,-
McDonald, an eighth interest in the v
Kiney mineral claim on Hall creek, •
a half mile west of Fern mill; Otto     ,
Stelling to Dan A. McDonald, hie-.^,
interest in the North Star, Morning
Star and Alterato on Fern mountain.
\1Loci!ition8—TheGetlong on Forty-    :
nine creek by M. C. Monaghan; the7
Mary A on the divide between east-
fork of Cottonwood creek and Anderson creek, by H. Martlett and O.
Conture; the Viking on the north
bank   of   Sheep    creek,   by  Axel
Chindgren;   the Dolly  Varden on -
Sheep creek, by Axel Chindgren;
the Golden Key on Morning mountain, by W.J. MeLeod ; the Amherst
one mile east of Deer creek by Norman MeLeod.
Certificates of work—To August •
Johnson on the Josephine; to Jast
StussPon the Bull Horn; to H. F. .
Arnold on the Mammoth.
Boers Preparing to Betreat.
London, August 1.—The Lorenzo
Marquez correspondent of the Daily
Express says: "The Boers are preparing to retreat from Watervaal-
boven. Frank Pettigrew, son ofc,> -
United States senator Pettig
has arrived there and ha*?,,
commandant-general BothrtvSfiiifl^^^r'j
Ponununication Restored
Berne, July 31.—Communication between Che-Foo and Shang-
Hai has been re-established, and a
dispatch from Che-Foo, dated July
29th, confirms the report that the
Russians captured the forts at
New-Chwang on July 26th,
.■'i'.'^i.^;'.:* (lO  .THE .TEIBUIvrEi KELSON B. C WEDNESDAY ATJGTJBT 1 1900  Where Do You  Buy Your Shoes?  Are you satisfied with the quality and fit and  price? If you are perfectly satisfied we can  offer you nothing better. But if not let us try  to serve you. We think we can do it to your decided advantage.  THE SHOEISTS  LILLIE BROTHERS  Telephones  TO SPOKANE     II  AND BEPUBLIC ||  Beduction in Long Distance Rates. Use the  Kootenay Lake Company's Lines.  OTHER  RATES   PROPORTIONATELY  LOW.  HUDSON'S BAY  COMPANY,  i-.x.-J.-ii ;m '  :_Vi  /  -*is.  ^xminsters  Brussels  Tapestries  ;"- Take your choice, select your  pattern, show us the floor, you  have no more worry.  ,\ Prices and quality always sat-  17 isfactory, ��� We sew  and   lay all  v carpets free of charge.  institutions of the kind it is a sanitarium in name only. Those who  are seeking its removal say that it  is nothing but a consumptives'  boarding house, and incidentally a  hold-up. It cost a great deal in the  way of subscriptions to establish it,  and now that it is established its  promoter refuses to stay his hand  in works1 of mercy unless it is lined  with1 an additional $1000.  . The circumstance* that ,Hewitt  Bostock did not find favor with the'  Toronto Telegram while representing Yale-Cariboo in the house of  commons does not necessarily mean  that Hewitt Bostock was a failure."  The Telegram's idea of a Canadian  .statesman is someone who' will  stand at the railway crossing and  throw, stones through the windows  of Canadian Pacific'railway coaches.  . When the federal government's  organs are enlarging upon the importance of having the voters' lists  revised it may safely be* assumed  that the ��� general elections' are not.  far off.  mise  sur-  corre-  Blinds  We carry a good assortment  of opaques and can fill orders  for any size blinds and' will be  glad to quote prices for special  sizes.  S  Bay Stores  ��he @Erttmn��*  o,  ���������  The good   people of  Kamloops  should congratulate themselves up-  ���  on ��� their failure, to establish,  consumptive hospitals   in their   city.  Had   they succeeded., they would  .probably   find themselves���.',in   the  |-7 same position as the people of Toronto.  Ontario's capital was unlucky  It is to be hoped -that the  of The Tribune's  spondent is true, that. the mining  committee of the legislature will  today report against any further  tampering with the mining. legislation of the province. If the committee so1 reports the probabilities  AND AMATEUR  PHOTOGRAPHERS'  SUPPLIES OF  ALL KINDS.  Canada mm  & BOOK CO.  NELSON, B. C.  are that nothing further will be  heard of the commission for investigating into the operation=of the  eight-hour law, which was suggested in a veiled manner in the  speech from the throne. The present mining committee seemingly  realizes that it can do the mining  industry no better servieo than to  leave the mining laws'as they are.  CHEAP  SMELTING  RATES.  The smeiter rate of the Granby  company's big plant at Grand Forks  has been given out and it is so low  that almost any property in the district that has ore at all can have its  product treated at a profit.  Jay P. Graves stated that the  operators of almost every property  of note in the district had requested  a statement of the proposed charges  for the reduction of their ore and in  each case a rate ranging between  $3.50 and $4.50 per ton for freight  and treatment had been quoted.  This low rate is made possible by  the good arrangements made between the smelter company and the  C.'P. R. and it is expected that with'  the enlargement and improvement  of the plant a rate perhaps even  lower than that quoted can be made.  Mr. Miner lias stated that the  mines of his syndicate at Phoenix  would alone ship 1000 tons of ore  per day when fully [operating and  that the company expected to  eventually be able to treat $5 ore  at a profit.  Canadian News Briefs.  The will of Charles F. Macdonald,  former U. S. consul at Hamilton,  leaves to the widow an estate of  $50,000, of which $33,000 is in  Ontario.  Hon. R. R. Dobell leaves Ottawa  for England this month, where he  intends making another effort to  secure a fast Atlantic steamship  service.  Though a lawyer and a man possessing an estate, real and personal, ���  of fully $100,000, the late Robert  Bird, .Q.Q.', of Woodstockj did not  leave a will.  ��� The old Victoria coal mine in  Nova Scotia is to be re-opened,  owing to a scarcity- of coal.  Sir Alphonse Pelletler, speaker of  the senate j is recovering so rapidly  that he will be able" to leave his  room in a few days.  Having Purchased  the Business  Of Fred J.. Squire, merchant  tailor, Nelson, I intend to  continue the business so as  >to.keep the patronage of all  Mr. Squire's old patrons and  get a share of the general  trade. I am now prepared  to show the latest styles in  all lines of spring goods. A  special line on hand at $25  per suit. All other lines at  low rates. None but Union  labor employed.  Xif  ffl  iti  to  to  to  to  to  iti  to  to  to  to  to  to  xti  FRED  IRVINE <&  GO.  Special sale of Dress Goods, Millinery, Muslin, Prints, Lawns, Percales, Sateens, and Dimities  We will offer our entire stock of Summer Goods at special prices below cost. Sunshades half  price.    Carpets, Window Shades, Curtains, Oilcloths, and Linoleums at cut-down prices.  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ^���S'2>,&''-T>'^'8*'--Sr'  'tS.9-9-0'9-9-0-  FRED  IRVINE <&  OO.  Tl'^'^'S'^'l'S'S'^'S'S  %'__\'Xx'-Z'__\'-_,'__\'&-_\'&&'^'_\'^-^-<_-'^-*"^'*"^-^'*-^-*'_Z'_V^  Wi  iti  iti  to  iti  to  iti  to  to  iti  fflti.  ffl  ffl  ffl  to  to  to  to  to  to  iti  iti  Alex Stewart  Room 3, Turner & Boech Block.  NELSON.  Mines  Real Estate  Insurance  Loans  FOR   SALE   CHEAP.  Thrco inside residence lots and houso on Vcr  non street.  $225, $25 cash rest on time, will buy lot, in block  70. -  $150, $50 cash rest on time, will buy choice lot  in Bogustown, on car lino.       - >  Molly Gibson and Exchequer shares for sale.  Wholesale  Houses  NELSON  B. C.  Five-roomed house to rent on Hendryx street,  812.50 por month.  Wanted,���Athabasca, Tamarac and Noble Five  shares. '   Alex Stewart  Room3, Turner-BoeckhBlock/'  MOM TO LOAN  AT  ALL  TIMES  ON    IMPROVED    PROPERTY.  CRATED AND MINERAL WATERS.  THORPE & CO., LIMITED.���Corner Vernon  and Cedar streots, Nolson, manufacturers  of and wholesale dealers in aerated waters and  fruit syrups. Sole agents for Halcyon Springs  mineral water.   Telephone GO.  ASSAYERS'   SUPPLIES.  WF. TEETZEL & CO.-Corner Bakor and  ��� Josephino streets, Nelson, wholosale dealers in assayers supplies. Agents for Denver  Fire Clay Co. of Denver, Colorado.  CIGARS.  KOOTENAY CIGAR MANUFACTURING  CO.-Corner Baker and Hall streets, Nel  son, manufacturers of "Royal Seal" and "Koote  nay Belle" brands of cigars.   COMMISSION MERCHANTS.  TT J. EVANS Sc CO.���Baker street, Nelson  ���*-��������� wholesale dealers in liquors, cigars,  cement, Are brick and fire clay, water pipe^ana  steel rails, and genoral commission merchants.  STRAIGHT LOANS  .At 8 per cent, interest payable semi-annually.  INSTALLMENT PLAN L0/\NS  To pay off a loan of 81000 with- . ���  interest and principal, for' a  period of five years '$20.90 per month  Feven years     16 75    "      "  Ten years  12 10 o"      "  Fifteen years     10 35    "      *'  H. R. CAMERON  Baker Stroet;-Nelson. Agent and Appraiser.  Ward Bros.  E. Skinner  COSTELLO'S EXPRESS  AND TRANSFER  Boggago and express moved to any part of the  city.   Special attention given to heavy teaming.  Office corner Victoria and Ward'streets. Telephone 192. W. A. COSTELLO. Manager.  i&-  endufirhtf> have among its citizens  �����fi  - severa^  '/.  iffiadies with unexpended bal-  DISSOLUTION   OF    PARTNERSHIP  Notico is horeby given thnt tho partnership  heretofore subsisting between Frank Campbell Sc  George William Bartlett. in the business of the  Clark Hotel on Josephine street, Nelson, is dissolved from this date., All accounts due to the  firm aie to be paid to George William Bartlett,  who will pay all debts and carry on the business  as heretofore.; Dated 19th July 1900.   ances of pl-ilanthrophy. They con-  ce_v_&_\r_,��'tihe idea of [establishing a  sanifcaritttn for consumptives, and in  due time such an institution made  its appeanmce at Moore Park. A  few months' experience has shown  that inste-id of being a publicbene-  fit the sanitarium has become a  public nuisance.   Like most other  to  Mine  Managers .and Ore  Shippers.  W. Pollew Harvey, F. C S., assayer in charge  of the provincial government assay, office^ wul  act as  shippers'  r ' "~"~ "  smelter, to receive,  pulps aiid to generally  Terms made on the basis of tonnages  the miners,  handled.    -Appl^  Vancouver,  for   particulars   to  him  at  POUNDSEEPER/S   NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given that I have caused '__"'  bo impounded one grey horse, aged, Mi hands.  Owner can have same by paying charges.  Neolands' Building, Baker Street.  FRED J. SQUIRE. Manager.      Q  Arthur Gee  MERCHANT  TAILOR  ���Removed to Bakor Streot. opposite tho Queen's  H. D.  ASHCROFT  BLACKSMITHING  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  Wagon repairing promptly attended tn by a  flrRtMsIass wheelwright.  Special attention given to all kinds of repairing and onstom work from outside points.  Shop:  Hall St., between Baker and Verno  Kootenay   Coffee   Co.  NELSON, B. C.  Coffee roasters and dealers In Tea and Coffee.  - Offer fresh roasted ooiTee of best quality as  fOllOWSt  Java and Arabian Maoha, per pound %  40  Java and Mocha T.'lcnd, 3 pounds  1 00  Fine Santos, i pounds  1 00  Santos Blend, 5 pounds...;  1 00  Our Special Blend. 6 pounds  1 00  Our Bio Roast, 6 pounds..  1 00  A trial order solicited. Salesroom 2 doors east  of Oddfellows blook. West Baker street.  SMOKE  ROYAL SEAL  AND  KOOTENAY BELLE  CIGARS  flUNIONlMADg  REAL ESTATE.AND  INSURANCE AGENTS  _j -j] -  Agents for J. & J. TAYLOR SAFES  B  ELECTRICAL   SUPPLIES.  KOOTENAY ELECTRIC SUPPLY & CONSTRUCTION COMPANY���Wholesalo dealers in telephones, annunciators, bells, batteries,  fixtures, etc., Houston block. Nelson.   FLOUR AND FEED.  RACKMAN-KER MILLING COMPANY  1 ���Cereals, Flour, Grain, Hay. Straight or  mixed cars shipped to all Kootenay Points.  Grain elevators at all principal points on Calgary-  Edmonton R. R. Mills at victoria, Now Wcst-  minster, and Edmonton, Alberto. -  TAYLOR FEED & PRODUCE CO.-Bakor  street. Nelson (George F. Motion's old  stand), Flour, Feed, Grain, Hay and Produce.  Car lots a specialty. Correspondence solicited.  Phone 20.    FRESH AND SALT MEATS.  BURNS &   CO.���Baker  street,   Nelson,  wholesale dealers in fresh and oured meats.  Cold storage.  P.  GROCERIES.  A MACDONALD & CO.���Corner Front and  ���. Hall streets, wholesale grocers and  jobbers in blankets, gloves, mitte, boots, rubbers,  macklnaws and'miners' sundries. -   KOOTENAY  SUPPLY   COMPANY,   LIMITED���Vernon, street, Nelson,   wholesale  grocers. -    JOHN CHOLDITCH & CO.���Frontstreet, Nel-  son, wholesale grocers.  fruits.  Cold storage.  Agents Armour Sc Co.'s  bacon, hams, lard and other products.  JY. GRIFFIN & CO.-Front street, Nelson.  ���   wholesale   dealers   in  provisions,   oured  meats, butter and eggs.  HARDWARE AND MINING SUPPLIES.  H BYERS & CO.���Cornor Baker and Josephine  ��� streets, Nelson, wholesale dealers in hardware and mining supplies. * Agents for Giant  Powder Co.   .  '���"���fl.  Ifobtenay Cipir Mfg. Co.  IWIAJON, BBITISH COLOMBIA  Bogustown)   Fairview   Addition.  MINING STOCKS  BOUGHT AND SOLD  Referendum Treasury Stock ���  Richelieu, 1000  FOR SALE.  Six-room houso, Hume Addition, f8n0.  A comploto sot of tinnor's tools.  A good shack.  7       CALL ON  H. A. Prosser  BROKER, WARD.STREET  J. E. ANNABLE  GENERAL BROKER  Three dwelling houses       sale on easy terms.  Ono lot on Stanley street, opposite Royal  hotel, for sale at a bargain.  One seven-roomed house and one threo-room  house for rent. ..-���'���      _ ��������� ��� . __    ���  See ANNABLE  MONEY TO LOAN  AT 7 PER CENT  ON BUSINESS PROPERTY  Apply G. li. LENNOX. Solicitor. Nelson B. C  Notice to Union Men.  The grievance committee of  the Trades and Labor Council  have declared the Contractors  Lister and Kerr to be on the  unfair list, and all union men  and sympathizers are requested  to bear this in mind;  By Order of the Committee.  LAWRENCE HARDWARE COMPANY-  Baker St,, Nelson, wholesale dealers In  hardware and mining supplies, and water and  plumbers' supplies. . .  LIQUORS AND DRY* GOODS; .  TURNER, BEETON Sc CO.-Corner Vernon  and Josephine streots, Nelson, wholesale  dealers in liquors, cigars and dry goods. Agents  for Pabst Brewing Co. of Milwaukee and Cal-  gary Brewing Co. of Calgary. ���   POWDER, CAPS AND FUSE.  HAMILTONTOWDER" COMPANY-Baker"  street, Nelson, manufacturers of dynamite,  sporting, stumping and black blasting powders,  wholesale dealers in caps and fuse, and electric  blasting apparatus... ...,..-..-..  SASH AND DOORS.  NELSON SAW AND PLANING MILLS,  LIMITED���Corner Front aud HaU streets,  Nelson, manufacturers of and wholesale dealers  In Bash and doors; all kinds of faotory work made  to order.      .   . , . . ,.  TENTS   AND   AWNINGS.  NELSON TENT AND AWNING FACTORY-  Bakor streot, Nelson. Manufacturers of all  kinds of tents, awnings, and canvas goods.  P. O. Box 76.  Theo. Madson, proprietor.   WINES AND CIGARS.  CALIFORNIA WINE COMPANY, LIMI-  TED���Corner Front and Hall streets, Nelson, wholesale dealers tn wines (case and bulk,  and domoatio and Imported oigars.,  Charles St. Barbe  Stock and Share Broker  General Agent  E. P. Wheilley, J.P.  NOTARY PUBLIC  Offlce with C. W. West & Co., corner Hall and  Baker streets. ���-. >  City offlce of the Nelson Sodawater Factory.  A. R. BARROW, A.M.I.C.E.  PROVINCIAL  LAND SURVEYOR  fieison Saw &  Planing K|ills, Limited  Are prepared to furnish by rail, barge or teams  Dimension Lumber, Rough and Dressed  Lumber, Local and Coast Ceiling, Local and  Coast Flooring, Double Dressed Coast Cedar,  Rustic, Shiplap, Stepping, Door Jambs, Pine  and Cedar Casings, Window Stiles, Turned  Work, Band-sawing, Brackets, Newel Posts;  Turned Veranda Posts, Store Fronts, Doors,  Windows and Glass.  Get prices before purchasing elsewhere  Office Corner Hall arid Front Streets  Factory Hall Street Crossing G. P. R. Track  Mills Hall Street Wharf  Kootenay Steam Lanndry  BLOMBERC & SWEDBEtyi  PROPRIETORS  The only steam laundry in Nelson employing union labor .  A. LARSON, Manager  J. M. LUDWIG  Manufacturers of and  dealers in Harness, Pack  and Stock Saddles. Apara-  joes. Collars, Bridles and  Whips.  Nelson Harness Shop  Hall Streot, Nelson.  C. W. West & Co.  COAL!      WOOD! "-"  THE ATHABASCA GOLD MINE, LIMITED  (In Liquidation.)  SHARE   CAPITAL  ��200,000.  Bard Coal  Anthracite  S9.651 gssr*s NestI  X5BLIVE3RE13D  $6.15  TELEPHONE 33.  AGENTS IMPERIAL OIL> COMPANY, Ltd.  , No order can bo accepted unless accompanied  by cash. -   -   Offlce:  Corner of Hall  and Bakor Streets.  Lethbridge Gait Goal  Tho boat valuo for the money tn the markot  for all purposes.  terms oabh   ��� W. P. TiKRNKT. General Agon*  Telephone M7. ��� Office with C. D. J. Christie.  -A.-   T��S3vq-STJ��3^JD.  Contracting Painters, Decorators, Paperhangors.  Full line of wall paper, mouldings, eto,  Kalso-  painlng and Tinting.  Strictly first-class work.  Estimates furnished.  Residence Mill 8treet," MT7T C/YKT   D   f '  Opposite School House   iNiiLiOUJN, JO. I/.  jfc  FRATERNAL   SOCIETIES.  NELSON LODGE. NO. 23,A, F. & A. M.  Meets second Wednesday' in eaoh month.  Sojourning brethren Invited.  Corner Vlotorla and Kootenay Streets.  P.O. Box 659. TELEPHONE NO.  95  DR. ALEX FORIN  Office:  Houston Block.  AECHITEOTS.  EWART &  CARRIE���Architects.    Rooms 7  ' and S Aberdeen blocks Baker street, Nelson.  ENGINEERS. _"'  CHARLES PARKER���Mining and milling engineer.  West Baker Btreet, Nelson.  ���, _ .���iay tniL-_.b___._Lji  Tuesday ovenlng'at 8 o'olock. Visiting Knights  cordially invited to: attend. R. G. Joy, K. of R.  Sc B.  Leonard Scott, C. O.  NELSON L. O. L.. No. 1692, meets in I. O. O. F.  HaU, corner Baker and Kootenay streets,  1st and 3rd Friday of each. month. Visiting'  brorhern cordially invited. R. Robinson, W. M.  W. Crawford. RnoorrUng-Senretary.  To the Canadian Shareholders:  Special resolutions for. liquidation and "reconstruction were passed at an Extraordinary General Meeting, held on the lStli of May last, nnd  confirmed at a further meeting on the 5th Juno  Inst, and in conformity therewith, a new company has been registered undor tho name of The  .Athabasca Gold Mine, Limited, having a capital  of ��100,000 in ordinary shares of ��1 oach.  I gi^o notice that the agroement for the transfer of the assets of the old company to the now  company, wliich was submitted to and approved  hy the said Extraordinary General Meeting, hns  noVv been executed and: is dated the 18th Juno,  ���1!)00. ��� Holders of shares in tho old company nre  entitled to claim as of right, ah allotment of ono  share in the now company, with 17s. per shnro  credited as having been paid up thereon, for  every,two shares held by them or to which they .  ���wero'entitled in the old company, providing thoy  ngree to pay up the balanco of 3s.-per share on  each of such new shares.:  . Shareholders registered on the books of tho old  company have received blanks ��� or forms on  ���which to .make application: for the shares to  .���which they are entitled to apply for, and which  must.be received hero and bo in,my hands, together, with the.Is. per.'-sharp payable on application not"later~thannSth-August7l!)00.���Slmrehold--^  ers who do not make application by thisdnte will  lose all thoir interest in tho company. Holders  of dollar shares of tho Athabasca Gold-Mining i  Company, Limited Liability, who have not converted their script into ��1 sterling shares of tho  Athabasca Gold Mine, Limited; which is now in  liquidation, aro advised to send these promptly  to thisofllcefor conversion, thattheynmy receive  tlio necessary blanks in timo to comply witli tho  . above notico and po retain thoir intorest in tho  property. E, NELSON FELL, Manager.  TRADES   UNIONS.  NELSON MINERS' UNION NO. 96. XV. F. of  M.���Meets in miners' union rooms, northeast oorner Viotoria and Kootonay streets,'ovory  Saturday ovening at 8 o'olock. Visiting monitors wolcomo. M. It. Mowatt, President. James  Wilkes, Secretary. Union Si;ai.e ok-AVaokb  Kon NRI.80N District���I'or shift, niaohino  men, $3.50: hamtnorsmon minors. ?3,'i>; muckers,  carmen, shovelers und othor underground labor-  ors. 83.00.      '  ���TIRADES AND LABOR COUNCIL.���Tho rogu-  -*��� lar moetlngH of tho Nelson Trades and Labor  Council will bo hold in the miners' union hall,  corner ot Victoria and Kootenay streets, on tho .  flrat and third Thursday of each month, at  7.30 p.m. G. J. Thorpe, President. J. H. Matheson, Seoretary.  rpHE regular mootingu of tho Carpenters' Union  ���*��� are held on Wednesday evoning of each  ���week, at 7 o'olock, in the Minors' Union hall corner Viotoria and Kootenay streots. R. Robin-  Bon, President.   James Colling, Secretary.  BARBERS' UNION.���Nolson Union, No. WC, of  the International Journeymen Barber's Union of America, meets every first andjnird Mon-  iloTT fxt Aa/lh   lTH"lTli"ri   it.   "MlMAn'n       ~  dayxrf each month in Miner's Union Hull, corner  Victoria and Kootenay streets, at 8:30 p.]  Visiting  brothers cordially invited to  of Victoria and Kootenay streets, at 8:30 p.m.  sharp. Visiting brothers cordially invited to  attend. J. H. Matheson, President. W. S. Bcl-  ville, Seoretary. .         P.RICKLAYERS AND MASONS' UNION.  ��J The Bricklayers and Masons' International  Union No. 3 of Nolson meets second and fourth  Tuesdays in each month at Miners Union hall.  J. W. Etcher, president; Joseph Clark, recording  and corresponding secretary.    ABORERS' UNION.-Nelson Laborers' Pro-'  NELSON ^RIE, Number 22, Fraternal Order     ~ ftMSveJJn110"*1ii01*1812J- & F,* of J--' meets in  of Eagles, meets every second and fourth * Fraternity Hall, Oddfellow's block, corner ofBa-  Txr~A���.~aA~~ ��HAn^i.   ���~*.4.h    i���   Eu.^.iu. TT.ii ���. ',   KP.rB.na Koot^Tlf-Yal-.vn.p.tft. f\.nr.Mnnnn.. R-nrtlntr  Wednesday ineaoh month'in Fraternity HaU\  Visiting brethren welcome. W. Gosnell, Preal  dent, ; Charles Prosser, Secretary.  NOTICE.  The co-partnership heretofore existing between  Charles 8. Rashdall and A. E. Fauquier, doing  business as mining brokers at New Denver, British Columbia, under tho firm name of Rashdall  & Fauquier, is dissolved. The business will be  continued by the undersigned.  CHARLES 8. RASHDALL.  New Denver. July Uth, 1S09.  ker and Kootenay streets, ovory Monday evening  at7:30p.m. sharp. Visiting members of the Amori-  can Federation cordially invited to attend. A. W.  i McFee, President. Percy Shackelton, Secretary.  ELSON PAINTERS' UNION���The regular  meeting ��� of the   Painters'  Union is hold'  the first and third Fridays in each month at Miners' Union hall at 7:30 sharp.   T. O. Skatbo, Presi-  dont; Will J. Hatch. Secretary.   rpHE   NELSON    PLUMBERS,    GAS   AND  -L   STEAM FITTERS UNION meets every seo  ond and fourth Friday at the Miners' Union hall.'  At 8 pjn.   B. Weeks, Seoretary protean.  safe*?*ct ������?,/> -      �� * /  ,_&'ry.t*}vo JttJ��iV*^>��;"*s'"v^''--'*,'��-?.-,^v,;--:'--'---;-- ��� .-.������ . -. ���������  ___iB__9J-_1__&_&-__9!&__^^ '.���-.-������;���>���  WC>*.")si! u  >m_\m_mm____rm%t___m_____\ ��� Mil I |||_  THE TRlBTJlSrE: XBLSOK K O., WEDOT-SDAY; AUGUST 1   1900  ��� - - -J "' r -       '        ��� '��� ' ��� '- ' . ,     ' ,  if  iti  iti  '*>-.��� ^ ��� ^ ���j5sr�� ^������JST-  ��� 0kW0 * J  %0mW ��� t_Z__Z   *0  pA  nA  fr1  #  V  l*___L*mW_L'  fm ____n_t ��� __%___f ,  rg m'-^  m"'^'?'^''  Hi  iii  %  tit  iii  iii  iii  iii  DRINK  at  Xii  xa  xii  tit  tit  tit  xa  ia  ia  xa  ia  iii  ia  xa  xa  xa  r\.  '''<:*f^f  7,fln��  V  V  - ^s^1  t ��� ______0��  yjiyyi  ���\-..'fc��*-i'*  *'* * li'J> j*Jf-'  .,v--���"���,'**..ii.,-v* : .*jfe-.,',i58r��fe*Ka  BAM OP MONTBEAL  CAPITAL, all paid up....$12,000,000.00  REST  UNDIVIDED PROFITS       427,180 80  Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal.. .President  Hon. George A. Drummond Vice-President  E. S. Clouston General Manager  THE BANK OF  BRITISH   COLUMBIA  NELSON  NELSON BRANCH  Cornor Baker and Kootenay Streets,  o A, H. BUCHANAN, Manager.  Branches in London (England) Nkw York,  Chicago, and all the principal cities in Canada.  Buy and sell Sterling Exchange and Cable  Transfers.  Grant - Commercial and Travelers' Credits,  available in any part of tho world.  Drafts Issued, Collections Made, Eto.  Savings Bank Branch  CURRENT RATE OV INTEREST PAID.  Is now prepared to issue Drafts and  Letters of Credit on Skaguay, U. S.,  Atlin, B. C, and Dawson City, N. W. T.  Imperial Bank of Canada  HEAD  OFFICE. TORONTO.  Capital Authorized $2,500,000  Capital Paid up $2,468,603  Rest  $1,700,000  D. R. Wilkie, General Manager.  E. Hay, Inspector.  "���-7A~WAB~0rriCE^SECBETr^~  Cornhill Magazine.  "Walliugford   shoot?" said   sergeant'Harding.    "Of course he can.  A man on the staff at Iiythe has a  rifle in his hand all day and every  day.   Even you could shoot under  such���well, perhaps   not you,   i'or  you never know what you can't do  until   you   try.   Do   I   know   the  school of musketry?   I do know it  ���lock, stock, barrel and cleaning  rod, or, I should say, in these Lee-  Metford clays, clearing rod, for the  cleaning rod's   as  dead  as   queen  Auue or the pigtails for which the  Welsh Fusiliers still wear the '/lash,'  though the powder and pomatum  from which the 'flash* protected the  coatee has been  gone for the best  part of a century.  "Now, you all know why foreign  military attaches are in England.  They are here to see the rights of  all improvements in the army���in  men, in tools, in the handling of  either. They notice a new explosive  or a new drill movement, and if the  Horse Guards gave me a commission I reckon they would notice  that, and would tell their respective  war offices that they had better  look out now. Our military attaches  are abroad for the same purpose.  They're just spies in peace time.  Why, I remember when cordite  came out how one of the continental war offices sent a gunner officer  over here���they said to learn English. I know the man at Woolwich  who gave him the cordite, and how  much he got for it. I know the  Englishman who found the man at  Woolwich who wou'.'d do the job.  I  know how much moro he got for it.  But would I breathe the name of  that continental power to make international complications ? Not me.  T know better what's due ��� to my  country. " All which leads'up'-to  this..  When I was at Hythe qualifying  for two guns and a crown over my  three stripes   there   was   a   great  -myster-y-aboi!t-the-Maxim;-in-fact,-  we who were undergoing instructions were never shown the mechanism of the block.    The instructor  of the Hythe staff used always to  take that out of the gun and hold  it behind him while he explained  the   other   parts.    And  that was  what made me curious to see the  block.    T was working very hard in  the evenings; yet for my health's  sake I had to walk now and then  into Polkstone and along tho Leas.  And there I met a young foreign  person,  who   told me   she   was a  lady's maid.     How did I make her  acquaintance ?   If you do not know  a simple little thing like that, you  ought to.   We learn in the army  the art of mixing gracefully in female society.  And the young foreign person,  who spoke English beautifully, said  to me one evening, as we were sitting in a quiet spot away from other  people and away from gas lamps :  "I do love to hear about all that  concerns you. Tell me all about  what you do at the school of musketry."  " 'Oh, it's all very simple, Mam-  selle," said I. Then just to show  her what a clever fellow I was, I  began to give her a full account of  all the difficult things we had to do.  And, of course, among other things  I spoke of the machine guns.'  " 'Those are the horrid things that  go crk-crk-crk-crk, are ��� they not ?"  asked she, as she imitated perfectly  the venomous spit of the beasts.  " 'That's it.'  " 'Tell me about them.   I thhik'  the   are   wonderfully   interesting.  How well educated a soldier has to I  Nelson Branch���Burns Block, 221 Baker Street  - J. M. LAY, Manager.  be nowadays to understand such  things!'  " [It's quite true that a first-class  certificate of education, which a  sergeant is now bound to have, is  not for the asking.' Then I went  on to tell her the mechanism of the  Maxim.  , " 'But the funniest thing about it  all is that they won't let us see the  -worksof-the-block, although-we are-  to qualify for musketry instructors.'  " 'And  of the  most   important  part of the gun you know nothing?'  " 'I have a general idea.'  " 'A man who is as clever as you  in   mechanics    and    mathematics  ought to know all about it. I should  be curious to know if I wore you.'  " 'I could easily find out all about  it if I cared to take the trouble.'  " 'Trouble!   What is trouble to a  scientific man?    If I were you I  should think nothing of any little  trouble.   Now, I will spur you for  your own good and to advance you  in the service.     I am curious, for  your sake, to know about the gun.  I'll bet you what you like you don't  explain the mechanism of the block  to me within a month.     Your explanations    make   even   dry   old  figures interesting.'  i* 'And I can name the "stakes ?'  " 'Certainly.'  " 'A kiss, then.'  " 'I can't befc you that.'  " 'But I was to name the stakes.'  " 'Oh, I couldn't think of it.'  " 'There's   no   need   for you to  think of it, Mamselle.   You've only  to do it.    I have your word, you  know.   If you are honorable���'  " 'Sir!'     *  "'Then the bet is off?'  " 'No.   I gave you my word.    It  is annoying.    But I will keep my  word.'  " 'And I can give you my word  that I shall win. So, perhaps, in  case you change your mind, I had  better have the kiss now.'  "The rest of the evening has nothing to do with the story.  "Now, I had been working hard  at the mechanics of guns before I  went to the school of musketry, so  that 1 might do well.;  And I had a  natural taste for such things in the  blood,, probably because my aunt  married a smith, to whom I was to  have been bound apprentice, only I  would none of him and his smithy.  So you only had to show me the  cocoanut   in    gunnery   mechanics  , and I. tumbled to what kind of milk  was inside.   The next Maxim day  we were   gathered round the instructor, who was reeling out his  Maxim yarn.   He   had taken out  the block, and was holding it in his  fingers behind-liis back.    I had my  notebook in my hand, and I slipped  behind him.   In a very few moments I had a sketch of all that appeared on the surface, and a very  good idea of what was beneath it.  "That-evening-1    was    sitting"  among a lot of other men who were  swotting for the exam.   I had a  sheet   of   foolscap and was   busy  making a sketch of the action in  India ink.  - " 'Hallo, young man,' said the instructor, who had been looking  over my shoulder unbeknown to  me, 'what have you got -there?'  " 'You ought to know as well as,  if not better than 1, sergeant-instructor.'  " I do know.    But where did you  get'ib?'  " 'That's my business.'  " 'Weill you must give it up.'  " 'Oh, no, I shan't.*  " But you must.'' -  " 'It's mine, and you can't take it  away from me.'  " 'We'll see what lieutenant  Brown says about that.'  " 'If lieutenant Brown says I  must give it up I will. But not  unless.'  " 'Come along then to his quarters.'  " 'This is sergeant Harding, Duke  of Cornwall's Light Infantry, sir,-  said the sergeant-instructor, when  he reached lieutenant Brown's  room. 'He has a sketch of the  Maxim secret action, and refuses to  give it up.'  " 'How's this sergeant Harding?'  asked lieutenant Brown.  " 'The sketch is my own, sir. I  refused to give it to the sergeant-  instructor, but said I would give it  up at once, if you ordered me. But  I have made one sketch, and, if you  take that away from me, I. have  the action in my mind, and can always make another sketch.' j  '"That's quite true. Yet such  things had better not be knocking  about. You will destroy the sketch  sergeant Harding ?'  ,' 'Yes,' thought I, 'when  I have  I have shown it and won my bet.'  " 'And how did you get hold of  it?'  "'Must I tell you, sir?'  " 'Yes.'  " 'I took it down in my notebook  while the sergeant-instructor held  the block behind his back.'  "The sergeant-instructor looked  foolish, and lieutenant Brown  drawled :  " 'I think, sergeant-instructor,  you had better have settled this  little matter without appealing to  me.    Good night, both.'  "The sergeant instructor was too  upset to want to see the, sketch de-  stroyed. Host very little time in  strolling down to that quiet spot  where I might chance to light on  Mam'selle. Not that, in view of  what is to come, I wish in any way  to say, or to hint, or to imply that  she was French. Far from it. I  used the name 'Mam'selle' as meaning a young, foreign person, as a  sailor uses 'Dutchman' to mean a  foreign sailor, usually a Norwegian  or a Swede.   She was there.  " 'Good evening, Mam'selle, said I.  'Had you any idea of going on the  pier this evening, or do you prefer  to stop quietly here ?"  " 'To stop here, 1 think; that is,'  she said hurriedly���I wonder why���  'if you're going to behave yourself  properly.'  " Well,' said I, 'as I've won my  bet, I think I may as well collect  the stakes.!  " You've won ?     You   know   all  about the Maxim ?' asked  she, so  excitedly that her  words  tumbled  one over the other.   ���  " *I have told you so.'  " 'Yes; but you are sure ?'  " 'Quite.     I have an India ink  sketch of it on me.'  " 'Let me see it���let me see it,'  she replied.   And her eyes gleamed.  " 'Quite so,' said I.    'Seeing's believing���but I should like to collect  my stakes.'  "No longer coy, she flung her arms  around my neck and kissed me till I  had no breath with which to repay  her kisses. But she herself had  breath enough to gasp :  " 'Give me the paper.'  "1 put my hand in the breast  pocket of my serge, which I always  used to wear under my greatcoat.  I began to pull out the drawing.  Just then I heard the drawling  voice of lieutenant' Brown come  from the darkness���for we were in  a very quiet and cosey corner.  " 'I thought as much, Sergeant  Harding. You are under arrest.  Follow me to quarters.'  "I turned toward the voice; and  then toward Mam'selle���or toward  where she had been, for,, she was  gone.  "I rose aud saluted.  " 'May I ask you, sir��� ?'  " 'You're a lucky man tnat I had  a suspicion of   the facts.    You're  fool enough to do a lot of harm,  but too big a fool to know you're  doing it.    You Cornish chough, do  you   believe one of  the prettiest  women in Folkestone and one of  _the_cleverest_women_inthe-world-is=  in love with you?   You were just  on the point of giving a drawing of  the secret action to the smartest  unofficial    military    attache���and  that is a spy���of '   "  "Shall I name the country which  he named to me? Not I. No"  strained relations, no wars and rumors of wars shall come upon England through me. I want no secret  dossier���whatever that may be.  But so long as I live it shall be a  secret for which War Office Mam'  selle was collecting information.  "Her profession was bad; but her  kisses I���ah, they were good."  imk^  AMERICAN  AND  EUROPEAN  PLANS  MM\  ���*.:'' 11  MEALS   25    CENTS  ROOMS LIGHTED BY ELECTRICITY'  AND HEATED BY STEAM  25 CENTS TO fl  ^'��  7 't'f.1  321 to 331 Baker Street, Nelson.  PenOotel  BAKER BTREET. NKLSOK.  Lighted by Electricity and Heated with Hot Air.  I*rge oomfortable bedrooms and  flnthefan  dining-room. Sample room* for eoXSertalaiSS!  RATES $2 PER DAY  Bakor and Ward  Streets, NeUon  IVjadden House  The only hotel In Nelson that has nmalnaA  nu&r2_? management slnee MBO.       remM,loa  by^feo'SfolSr8 m We" ftm,U,hed ������* "���**��*  -?hA^j_%^���A\$��� *- -   THOMAS MADDEN. Proprietor.  SLOCAN JUNCTION HOTEL  J. H. McMANUS, Manager  tyrs. L G. ClarKe, Prop.  LATK OV TBM ROTAL HOTEL, OALSABT  ��^ar.?!f!ckodJ!vlth be8t b��")ds of wines, liquors,  -kL S8or8' &ecr ��,n draught. Large comfort  able rooms.   FirBt-olass table board.     ""' "  EVERY   DAY  AT  THE  ClubHote:  BIG   SCHOONER  Beer or Half-and-half only  FRESH   IOC   COOL  Tho only good Beer in Nelson  RESTAURANT  OPEN DAY AND NIGHT  E. J. CURRAN, Prop.  Corner Stanley and Silica Streets.  Cor. Bakor and Hall Sts.  First-class tablo  fR. ftJcRAE, Prop.  NOTICE.  The Nelson Tinners' Union having;   secured  the support of their employers have agreed to  adopt the nine hour day, commencing August 1.  All Union tiunws wlU please accept this notice.  (SgdJ WM. PARIS. Sec '  St JOSEPH'S SCHOOL  NKLSON. B. C.  A boarding and day school conducted by the  Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace. It is situated ab  the corner of Mill and Josephine streets In one of  the best residential portions of Nelson, and is*  easily accessible from all parts ot tho city.  The course of study includes the fundamental  and higher branohes of thorough Knglisi* -iuca-  tlon: Business courso-bookSeeping, stenography ond typewriting. Scionoe conrsWnTnsio:  vooal aiid instrumental, drawing, etc. Plain art  and needlework, eto. ^"'  g^ftennsandpartloulara apply to the Slater  ��� ���'/'t'l_  :_.^^_^i_wSB_m THi TfeiBtrO: ^TELSOlSr, B: a^���^DN^PAT.-iAtf&tS'P'.l. 1900;  ?eep a full supply and are able to fill the largest orders without delay.   Take  ind see the largest assortment of assayers'supplies in Canada.  F, Teetzel  ���     Jm.; ,9  Baker and Josephine Streets.  Sc Co*  NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  S! HATS!  Just received a large consignment of Stet-  i the latest shapes and styles, also hats from  jst English makers, includings Christy's cele-  lats, which we are selling at prices to suit  elson   Clothing  ���__,________________����� fcfi_: -      -a'-g'S'S'-B'  '.aT^^W?^-?-^ '0'0'*9'0'0'  ^.t  '������/  dust to Remind You  '-A  ffl  ffl  .ffl  ��� iti  iffl"  Ziffle  &ffli  ffl  ffl  to  ffl  ���The  Karn  Famous  Piano  Steam's Bicycles  The Zenith, White,  Raymond,  Standard, Domestic  Wheeler & Wilson  Sew>ng Machines  Lamps, Vases  Diamonds   and   all  kinds  precious stones  Watches  from  size  18 to size 0  Rings,   Scarf   Pins,  Bracelets, Earrings,  Lockets, Chains,  and Brooches  ��i   it  ll)  JACOB DOVER, JEWELER  Jardiniers, Onyx Tables, Clay Goods, Brass Ware,  Clocks, Carving Sets, Pearl Handled Fish  -and Fruit Sets.   A complete line of Rogers' 1847 Flatware  fe  to  sfflf  ffl,  ffl  &L  All the  leading  *   up-to-date'7  fl_wp*'.' ^' ~ J��^elery >..'  IjWV'My Watch,-and  liffl>j\tv jewelry . '*-  #-J��rvA Department"*  4?al(1r' , has^nb; '-.".  S3S? equal in-British  t Columbia' '  P guarantee',  " quality  ��ffln  pffl/  A   full' line   of  ,' Sterling  ..Silver,  Novelties  and  Orders by Mail  - and Express  orders receive  ' my  prompt  attention  ffl  to  to  to  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  to  The Jeweler \t  ���___. ��� ___\_*_  YOUEf   tUNGH    BASKET  *_______m______wm___mmmm_m_______________________mk___________  *,,    ' -LIs a mostr important item when making arrangements for your  -summer outing.' -VWe have special delicacies suitable for- picnics and  ~ excursion*', and invite you to examine our extensive stock in that line.  "Our, stock is fresh and first-class in every respect.  ^DO NOT FAIL TO;PLACE YOUR ORDERS WITH US.  THE WESTERN MERCANTILE COMPANY, Ltd.  Bakep Street. GROCERS. Nelson, B. C  THIRTY DMS WAR  Look Out for Big Canvas Sign  Baker Street, Nelson  Against prices will be the feature of the genuine clearance  sale, which I will commence on Saturday morning to make  room for my fall,stock of clothing, gent's furnishings, etc.  'i* ",Two hundred and fifty suite of clothing at cost. Three hundred pairs of miners'shoes at cost.  ��- Men's fiirnlfhines, fine shoes, bats and caps. Four hundred pair of odd pants. Every article in the  9 'r store offered at from 20 to 50 per cent discount.  ' Baker Street, Nelson  Look Out for Big Canvas Sign.  THeo Madson  Don't Imbibe Snakes  Lots of them In the eity water.  Get one of oup filters  on trlaL   Prices 40 cents, $1.25 and $1.76.  OPPOSITE POSTOFFICE.  STRACHAN  BROTHERS.  CITY LOCAL NEWS  George P. Fournier has purchased  " the - Central   hotel   at  Ainsworth  from Robert Madden.and Thomas  Garvin.    A good fall is expected in  ' Ainsworth in connection with the  * operation-- of the Duncan mines in  addition    to   ' companies    already  working.  There was a report on the streets  yesterday that . Ymir had been  burned down; '.' This is incorrect.  There is a big forest fire near ��� the  town, but yesterday: evening it was  travelling south, passing near the  Dundee mine, but without, however, doing any damage. The town  of Ymir is in no danger whatever.  The connection between the Nelson & Fort Sheppard track and the  C. P. 11. has been completed, though  traffic   over   it   has not yet commenced.   The local authorities expect notice any day that all arrangements have   been completed  and then through traffic will begin.  A. B. Buckworth, mining recorder  at Ymir, was married recently at  Spoiftane to Miss Lily Crow.  ��� The city authorities are sending  out notices .to citizens who -have  failed to comply with the provisions, of: the by-law requiring connections to be made with sewers  wherever sewers are laid.   The bylaw is to be strictly enforced.  The Kamloops Agricultural Exhibition will be held this year on  Wednesday, Thursday arid Friday,  September 26th, 27th and 28th.  Lieutenant-governor Joly will open  the  exhibition.      Numerous    and j  substantial prizes will be awarded,  aud an attractive programme of  snorts is being arranged for' each  day. Intending exhibitors should  apply to J. T. Robinson, of Kamloops, secretary of the exhibition,  from whom all particulars may be  obtained.  . The final matches in the tennis  club's tournament will be played at  the courts this afternoon. In the  ladies' doubles Misses Bensusan and  Hammond will play Mesdames  Pollok and Stewart. In the men's  singles G. R. Williamson and F. M.  Macrae will contest for championship honors.  , Charles Broad of-Great Malvern,  Worcestershire, England, is registered at the Hotel Hume. Mr.  Broad is an extensive manufacturer  and   is  visiting    the  province  on  private business,  J. J. Campbell has been appointed  agent of the Hall Mines, Limited,  for British Columbia, the duties  resembling in most respects those of  general manager. Chris Johnston  has been appointed blast foreman  at the smelter and the remaining  foremanship has been allotted to  Thomas Cleary.    .  J. J. Malone received a telegram  yesterday from Fortf William from  his partner, Al Tregillus, who' has  been making a trip round the world,  leaving Nelson last December. Mr.  Tregillus will be in Nelson tomorrow.  John S. Sullivan of Trail was in  the city yesterday making arrangements for the commencement of  tracklaying.ori the' Balfour extension, which he states will be started  on Friday or Saturday. The work  will be done by the company under  the direction of A. F. -Proctor,  engineer in charge, and will take  six weeks to complete. The steel  laying outfit will be brought to  Procter this week and the material  yard will be located there.  A meeting of the lacrosse club is  called at the firehall. tonight at 8  o'clock. The selection of a team,  election of a field captain and other  matters in connection with the  Medicine Hat game on Saturday  will be arranged.  Colonel E. S. Topping, the father  of Trail, is, in Nelson in connection  with the approaching session here  of the associated boards of trade of  southern British Columbia.  The members of the Independent  Order of Foresters will attend service at St. Paul's church on Sunday  next., The Rev. Alex. McGillivray,  P. H. C. R. and editor of the Forester, will preach. All Foresters  and visiting brethren are requested  to attend.  E. C. Cordingly is still in jail, not  having been able to furnish ��� the  necessary bail. He succeeded in,  obtaining one'bondsman but, up to  a late hour last night, had not'been  able to get a second.  James    N.   MeCracken,   late   of  -Moyieris"under^arrest-at���Republic,-  Washington, on a charge of theft  laid by Stan Honson before magistrate Crease a few days ago. Hen-  son alleges that he left MeCracken  in charge of a produce business at  Moyie, to find on his return that  MeCracken had disposed of the  business and skipped with proceeds  claimed to be between $1000 and  DEBENTURES  FOR SALE  The Cil v of Nelson, British Columbia, hui authorized the issue of ilebent ures for tho following  purposes:  $15,000 for extending the Water-  Works System.  $15,000 for extending the Electric Light System.  $20,000 for extending the Sewer  System.  $20,000 for Street Improvements.  $6,000 fora Road Making Plant.  These debentures ure dated October 1st, 1900,  run for twenty years, bear four per cent interest  (mi} able scini-annually), und will bu issued in  denominations of one thousand dollurs. Interest  und principal payable at Lho Bunk of Montreal,  Nelson. The iihsch.sud value of real estate in  Nelson is 81,847,000. und of improvement-* ��818,000;  toUU $2.0(if),000. Tho population is 0000. Tenders  for these debentures will be received by the iin-  dorsigned-up to 1H o'clock  noon on  Saturday,  September 15th, 1<J00.  rTnm��� ���,  ... JOHN HOUSTON, Mayor.  Nelson, B. C, July 24th, 1900.  '  TENDERS WANTED.  Tenders required for 75 feet of shaftinor and a  200 foot tunnel at tho Birdseye mine on Morninjr  mountain. Bids to be in by Saturday, August  4th.   I'ull particulars on application to  ERNEST <J. WILSON. Birdseye Mine.  $1500. Henson came to Nelson  and swore out information charging MeCracken with theft. The  warrant was placed in the hands of  Alan Forrester, provincial constable at Robson, who was in  charge of the district '���during the  absence of Chief Bullock-Webster.  MeCracken had lived at the Lake-  view hotel for several days after  leaving Moyie and left instructions  to have his mail forwarded to Republic, Washington. His description was forwarded to Republic and  the arrest followed. MeCracken  waived extradition and is now on  his way to Xelson in charge of an  officer.  The last payment but one has  been made on the Juno group, and  the final payment is due at the end  of next month. The scheme of development work will be decided  upon shortly.  The semi-annual installation of  officers of Nelson Lodge No. 25 of  the Knights of Pythias was held  yesterday evening in Fraternity  hall. The following officers were  installed: F. J. Bradley; C. C; H.  M. Vincent, V. C; R. E. Thompson,  P.. Leonard Scott, M. of W.-, J. A.  Paquette, K.; of R. and S.; J. H.  Vanstone, M. of E.; T. G. Nelson, M.  of F.: W. Lynch, T. G.: G. A. Mac-  Dorman, O. G.  STUDYING THE  WANTS OF THE TIMES  Or rather the time keepers  we find it is seldom two time  pieces run exactly alike. We  have made a study of time  pieces for 15 years and understand their weak points. We  can make your "watch run  correctly.  WE HAVE STANLEY PIANOS.  BROWN  JEWELER  178 Baker Street  Nelson, B.C.  Contractors and Builders  WILL DO WELL TO  Buy Their Lumber  Q. 0. Buchanan's  A large stock of first-class dry material on  hand, also a full line ot sash-doors, mouldings,  turned work, eto. t.:  j *** *  Factory Work aj Specialty  Yardt  Foot) of Hendryx street, Nelson  Telephone. 91    Jq\\_\   REG,   AjgBtlt  ��  ���*.  Nelson   Wine   Go.  . CHOICE WINES AND LIQUORS  Special attention given to family trade  FRANK; A. TAMBLYN  MANAGER  Telephone 93  Baker street,  Nelson. B. C.  iumimimuguiumnnnmninntinmm  JUST   ARRIVED  A Car Load of  Allen's Apple Cider.  THORPE & CO.  ..TIIH.TrTTTTTTrrf.rTTrr.......n.TTTItlmiTrTTIT��  R. REISTERER & CO.  BREWERS AND BOTTMCR8 OF  FINE LAGER BEER, ALE  AND PORTER  Prompt and regular  delivery to the trade  Brewery at Nelson  Palace !V|eat WJarl^et  Headquarters.  for all kinds of  Fresh and Cured Meats.  A feature will bo mado of the poultry and  game trade.  They will always be on hand dur-  lg their season.  J. L.  PORTER, Prop.  169 Josophino St,hetweon Baker and Vernon  Telephone 109.  Fop   Sale  Chatham Wagons, 3 double tires ......���'.. :.��70 00,  Sleighs, 8 runners *.,  20 00  Harness ���.....':....  10 00  Aperajocs complete  15 00  Pucksaddlcs     3 60  The abovo although second-hand are in flrst-  class condition.     ________  APPLY���  T. fl. GR/\Hr\M, Albert Canyon, B.C.  ESTABLISHED 1892  H.   BYERS   &  HARD"V^ARE  COt  ESTABLISHED 1892  Garden, Mill,  Steam and  Hose.  Suction  Crucible   Cast  Steel  6-16 to 1-in. in  Wire Rope  stock.  Leather and  Rubber Belting.  Sheet, Square and Round Rubber  Flax and Garlock Packing  Pipe Fittings,' Brass Goods, Rails  Black and Galvanized Sheet Iron  Soft Steel Plates  1-8, 3-16 and 1-4 x 72, 96 and 120  Agents���Truax Oro Cars, Uiant Powder, and Mofc^ ���.  ropolitan Fuso, etc. "*������'  H. BYERS & CO.  NKLSON  KASLO  SANDON  Dixon Broke His Arm.  '��� New York, July 81.���George  Dixon," in a fight with Tommy Sullivan before the Seaside Sporting  Club at Coney Island tonight, was  obliged to quit at the end of the  seventh round, having sustained a  compound fracture of the left arm.  HO TEL  ABBIVALS.  PHAIR.���-T. l.yman. D. Lyman, Brooklino,  Mass ; Frank Oliver, H. Af. ltumball, N. B. H.  Britton, Rossland: J. A. Whittior, Sandon; G. O.  Buchanan, Kaslo; G. nermann,- Fan Francisco;  G. V. Polly. Barclay Bonthsono, Vancouver; S.  Sullivan. E. S. Topping. Trail: H. Smith, Calgary; F. J. Louis, Portland, Ore : T. a. Armstrong. Trail; F. Fairwcathor. San Francisco; R.  A. Forbes, "Winnipeg; Joseph Tasse. Montreal;  P. J. Hickey. Sandon; E. Charles, Rossland; O.  G. Orose. Chicago.  HUME.���C. (J. Brood, Great Malvern, Ens.;  W. A. Preston, Mine Center; W. Brydson.  '' oronto; D. W. Moore, Trail; R. McLean, J.  Rae, Kaslo; F. Elwcll, .7. W. Hurvie, V. Pullon,*  Bonninorton Falls; J. R. Gilford, Hall Mines: E.  L. Lightfoot, Vancouver: G. W. Christie, Mrs.  G. B. Smith, Amherst, N. S.: H. Humphrey.  A. B. Jackson, Spokane; L. H. Allison, Athabasca.  QUEEVS.���Alan Forrester, Robson; L. E.  Nauer, Winnipeg; Mark Manley, Slocan.  BUSINESS   MENTION.,  Servant   AVanted���By    Mrs.   G.  Alexander, Kaslo.   Must be good cook; to com-  Jiotent person, wages ?25.,   Washing sent out.  ieply to box 122, Kaslo. B. C.  Piano for sale or exchange���An ���  A 1 piano, your choice of a New "York, Behr or  'Heintzman, for sale or will be given in exchange  for real estate.- Apply,Wallace-Miller Company,  Limited. ���  Lost���A brown paper parcel and  a canvas satchel. A reward of $3 will be paid  for tho return of same to the Sherbrooke House.  To Rent���Large furnished rooms  ���Apply McDonald Building.    ,  Cottage to Rent���Furnished' cottage to ront near corner of Mill and Stanloy,-  Apply to M. M. Fraser, C.P.R. freight shed.  Lost���Black. cocker spaniel, answering the name of Jack. George A. Stewart  Potts, Wallace-Miller block.  For Rent���Small furnished.house  for one month, from about August 10th. Cheap;  near citj". , Apply Box 182, Post oflleo. -.    - -  Furnished' rooms, to let���Apply  Carney block, ono door east of Oddfellow's hall.  Hack   calls left at   the   Pacific  Transfer barn on Vernon street. Telephone  call 33.  -I For Rent���Dwelling on Carbonate  street, next to ex-mayor Neelands. possession  July 1st; rent $25.   Enquire Mrs. Robinson.  A FULL LINE OF  Front, Doors  Inside Doors ��  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local and coast.  Flooring  ' local and coast!. "  -  Newel, Posts  Stair Rail*  ,   Mouldings  Shingles  Bough and  Dressed Lumber  of all kinds.  IF WHAT TOU WANT IB NOT IN STOCK  WE WILL MAKE IT FOR YOU  CALL AND GET PRICES.  J. A. Sayward  BALL AND LAKE STREETS, NELBON  Porto Rico Lumber Go.  (LIMITED)  CORNER OF  HENDRYX AND VERNON STREETS  Rough and  Dressed  Lumber  Shingles  Mouldings  A-l White Pine Lumber Always in  StocK-  We carry a complete stock of  Ooast Flooring, Ceiling, Inside Finish, Turned Work, Sash and Doors.  Special order work will receive  prompt attention.  Porto Rico LumberCo. Ltd.  INDEPENDENT ORDER OF FORESTERS  SPECIAL  NOTICE.  A special mcetine of . Court Kootenay, No.  3138, will be held in Fraternity Hall on Saturday,  August ith to meet tho Rev. Alex McGillivray,'  R.rl.O.R. ���.  Tho members of this cnuit will attend divine  servioo in the Presbytorian Church on Sunday  morning, August oth. All Foresters resident or  visiting in the city are urgently requested to  meet with the brethren of Court Kootenay at  10 a.m. in Fraternity Hall, and oa ail themselves  of this opportunity to hear brother McGllvray.  JOHX A; IRVING. CR.  P. R. FLEMING, R, S.  Refrigerators  Prices from $10 to $30  LAWRENCE HARDWARE COMPANY  ffl  ffl  ffl  185 Baker Street.  -0-0.-9-9"0-9-9-0-0-0-9^.^  Telephone 10.  KIRKPATRICK  & WILSON.  ffl  ffl  ffl  to We have removed our place of business  ffl for the next few months to the old Burns  'ty rshop, next to the.Nelson Hotel, where we  il/ hope to see all our old customers and many  ffl new ones.   Give us a call.  ffl   KIRKPATRICK & WILSON  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl   Telephone IO  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  185 Bakep Street   ffl  Car Load of Lake of the  Woods-Flour Has dust  Been Received.  Cheapest Place in Nelson to Outfit  Houston Block.  Telephone 161.  P. O. Box 176.  JOHN A. IRVING & CO.  Kootenay Electric Supply & Construction Cov ttd.  Electric Fixtures Electric Fans  Medical Batteaies  Nelson, B. C.  HOUSTON BLOCK, '    .  CORNiCR BAKKR AND JOSEPHINE STREETS.  t$ We have sold 75 per cent of all the  ___^__Hontland_Cement  Wj  Wj.  -mmmmmmmmmmmmm  Wj  Wj  Wj  Wj  Wj  Wj  Fire Briek Fipe Clay  and Sewer Pipe  USED IN KOOTENAY  Wi  Wj  Just received carload Dominion Ale and  (PINTS AND .QUARTS)  Dominion White Label Ale (pints and quarts),  the finest Ale brewed in,Canada.  Dominion Bulk Ale (15 gallon kegs)  Teacher's Scotch Whiskey is still the best.  Porter  This is  Wi  '*   H. J. EVANS & CO.  P. Burns & Co.  Wholesale and Retail  Dealers in Meats  Hkad Office at  NELSON, B. 0.  Markets at   Nelson,   Rossland,   Trafl,  Kaslo, Ymir,   Sandon,   Silverton, NeV  Denver, Revelstoke, Ferguson, Grand Forks, Greenwood, Cascade City, Mid  way, and Vancouver.    Mail Orders Promptly Forwarded*  West Kootenaj Butcher Co.  "���    ��� ' :'      AI<Ii KINDS OF  FRESH AND SAL.TED MEATS  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON 7  Baker Street, Nelson ��   ��   TRAVES/ Manager  ORDERS BY MAIL RECEIVE CAREFUL AND PROMPT Ar TENTION.  fffl-^ij&iii.  w  ���$��Es  _WmmMy  n      ���*. ��� ���


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