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The Nelson Tribune Jul 11, 1900

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Array DAILY EDITION   BY MAIL  FIVE  DOLLARS A YEAR  xmz  WEEKLY EDITION  BY MAIL  TWO DOLLARS A YEAR  EIGHTH  YEAR,  NELSON:  WEDNESDAY MORNING JULY 11  1900  PRICE FIVE CENTS  THE  FINANCIAL CONDITION  Of tlio  City of Nelson.  The city  council  is   asking   the  ratepayers to approve the  issue  of  debentures to the amount of $76,-  000,   for   the   following purposes:  Waterworks- construction $15,000,  electric light construction $15,000,  sower  construction   $20,000,  street  improvements  $20,000, and  street  making plant $0000.    The  present  debenture indebtedness of the  city  i.s $175,000, the  $15,000  voted  last  December not having been  issued,  and they will be cancelled. The present debt bears  five per cent in-  V teresfc, t.he $70,000 asked  for  now  Shears   4   per cent.   Below will be  "   found a detailed statement  of  the  city's financial   condition.     Every  ratepayer should read it carefully,  ���'Tor "it "shows  how  every dollar of  tlio   money   received by  the   city  since it was incorporated  in  April,  ]8!)7,  has  been  expended and the  .source from whicli it was  received.  ���.   The city has reached a'stage when  ���' a beginning must be made in  making    permanent    street   improve-  't  incuts, and if the beginning is made  1 liis  year  the mouey must be bor-.  ].���.> wed, as a good share of this year's  gener.'i'- revenue was  expended  by  htht y'e-ir's council.  Electric Light Works.  The city has issued debentures of  the par value of $55,000 on account  of the -"lectric light works, and the  council is now asking that an  additional  $15,000  be   issued,  which  '���would make ���  total  debenture  indebtedness   of   $70,000,   against  a  .  plant on  which  $08,254.48  has already been expended.   This would  leave    the    council   a   balance  of  , $1745.52 to be expended ou construc-  .-' tion account this  year.    The  city  lias operated the plant a j*ear and  eleven months.  The receipts in that  time have been $2S,5SG, and the expenditures for maintenance, interest  aud sinking fund  total  $15,493.01,  .which shows that the city has made  ��� an^ actual  profit of   $13,092.99  in  operating the plant  since August  1st, 1S9S, which is 10  per  cent per  annum on  $08,254.48.    Tho figures  in detail are as follows :  edness against the water works will  be $88,159.32, which will leave a  balance of only $511.30 for the  council to spend during the remainder of the year.  STILL NO AUTHENTIC NEWS  ...��3fi,430 20  ... 24,(iU 55  ...    7,20!) 73  CONSTRUCTION.  Kxpondod in ISfiS j   "Uxpundcd in IS!)!)   Expended in I'm   Total .......;...............:. .$fiS,251 18  OI-JCKATION AND MAINTENANCE1.  Kx,*cndcd in "S!H.. ..S2,07S 12  Kxp-mlcdin 1��!)!)   Kxpcndcd in 11)00   2.722 78  .  2,U1 81  .S(',UI3 01  INTEREST AND SINKING FUND.  I nterest on 18!)S debentures...............Si.000 00  J nlerost on IS!)!) debentures      750 (K)  Sinking fund' 1898 debentures  3.200 00  Sinking fund I'M) debentures............     liOO 00  Total.. :.,............ $S,5f)0 00  REVENUE.  Rates collected Ave months in 1898..... .S'5,158 00  RitJRcollected in 18!)!)..."..' '.". 13.105 84  Rates collected six months in 1900  10.322 07  Total.  .S28.580 00  =Water=Works..  Iu May, 1897, the city took over  the water works at a cost of $5000.  That year the city issued public  works debentures to the amount of  $50,000, of which $33,159.32 were  expended on the water works. In  1898 debentures to the amount of  $10,000 more were issued, and $13,-  343.34 were expended in extending  1 he system. In 1899, $30,000 in debentures were issued, and $35,239.62  Cxpended. So far this year $5905.08  have beeu expended in extending  the system. The revenue from  May 1st, 1897, to December 31st,  1897, was $2738.35; for 1898,  $7420.25; for 1899, $9748.23; and for  this year to June 30th, $0775.10.  The figures in detail are:  CONSTRUCTION.  J'aidoutin 1807  .....$33,150 32  1'ii'cl out in 18!)8   13,313 34  Paid out in 1899  35.239 62  1'aid out so far in 1900     5,905 68  Total ?97,047 96  MAINTENANCE.  For the year 1898 S 1.0G4 08  For the year 1S99.     3.402 38  .Sj far this year       310 12  Total ;.' ....$ 4,776 58  INTEREST AND  SINKING  FUND.  Interest on S33.159.32....".  I �� 4,973 89  Interest on 1898 debentures     1,000 00  Interest on 1899 debentures     1,200 00  ���Sinking fund $33 159.32  ......    3,979 11  Sinking fund 1898 debentures       800 00  Kinking fund 1899 debentures     1,200 00  Total ��13,153 00  ���   ���.   .    REVENUE.  Rales collcctc'd eight months in 1897....? 2,738 35  Rates collected in 1898   Rates collected in 189!)   Rules collected to June 30th,  .42fi 25       9,748 23  1900     6,775 10  93  "V  Total ��26,687  From the above it will be seen  that the water works has earned  $8758.35 over and above the cost of  maintenance and the interest and  sinking fund charges. If the people vote the $15,000 now asked for,  the outstanding debenture indebt-  Sewer System.  In 1S97 the city expended $9682.09  on sewers, which came from the  proceeds of the sale of $50,000 public works debentures. In 1898 a  further expenditure of $8,370.34  was made; iu 1S99, $17,227.61; and  so far this year $5,353.45 have been  expended, or a total of $40,634.09.  The debenture indebtedness incurred for sewer construction  amounts to $34,082.69, and the $20,-  000 now asked for will bring the  total up to $54,682.69, which will  allow a further expenditure this  year of $14,048.60. "The cost of  maintaining the. sewers'has been  merely nominal, a total of $531.96  having been so expended. The  revenue from sewer rates has not  yet amounted to much, the total  $690.46 is $158.50 more than the  cost of maintenance. .The l-ates  this year are estimated at $1500.  Public Buildings and Grounds.  Against a debenture indebtedness  of $12,157.99 tho city has a cemetery ground of 40 acres and four  lots at the corner of Victoria and  Josephine streets, with the buildings thereon. This property brings  in a revenue through the granting  of burial permits and sale of cemetery lots. So far, $871.47 have been  collected from this source.  Streets and Sidewalks.  The eity lias expended since  April 15th, 1897, to June 30tb, 1900,  the following amounts on streets  and sidewalks:  STREETS.     22,515 70  SIDEWALKS.'    <*  Total .��� -__._._.������_���.-:-���������:���:���-���_���'���"��� ���'���--��� ���;?18^7��:03:  This shows a total expenditure  of $67,809.34 on streets and sidewalks. This has been made from  geueral revenue, and the council is  asking the ratepayers' approval to  issue $20,000 in debentures to complete the macadamizing of Baker  street and $6000 to pay for the  road making plant now in use. It  is estimated that $15,000 will be  required to complete the work laid  out. If this sum is expended the  city will have a total expenditure  of $S2,809.34 as against a debenture  indebtedness of $26,000.  Revenue and Disbursements.  Iu addition to the revenue and  disbursements uuder the foregoing  headings, the city has, since incorporation, collected general revenue  as follows:  Real estate taxes  $22,898 07  Licenses  36,526 00  ^Miscellaneous and police.court fines... .__\1J____-._  -Road~ta*e�����-���.     4,597 00  Dogtaxes  ...;.    1,00100  Scavenger department    4,490 90  Weigh scales '. :       145 10  Electric light supplios sold ���       437 80  Sundries....       152 50  Total '.. .$88,071 83  General disbursements since incorporation:  Sundries ".   Fire department   Police department.   Health and scavenger department..  Legal expenses   I'rintii:  nting and stationery   Weigh scales..".'   Electric light supplies   Salaries   Quarantines   (iranti to hospitals and sister towns.  Miscellaneous    Total .........;   ...$ 1,872 15  ... 12.484 89  ... 10.209 4ti  ... 9,180 07  ... 4,618 31  ... 4,519 26  ... 278 15  348 38  ... 15.439 81  ... 1.9H9 43  ... 4,250 00  ...    5,675 58  ...971,31549  From the above it will  that the total receipts of  have been as follows:  General revenue   Electric light rates   Water rates....'.   Sewer rates   Cemetery lots, etc .  be  the  seen  city   $ 88,071 83       2858600       26,687 03           690 46           871 47  Debentures (par value ��175,000)  177,225 00  Total $322,132 69  Overdraft at Bank of Montreal     54,781 75  Grand total ..$376,814 44  The total expenditures were:u  General disbursements '. .$ 71.345 49  Waterworks construction  87,647 96  Electric light works construction  68.254 48  Sewers construction  34,682 69  Public buildings and grounds  12.157 99  Waterworks maintenance  4,776 58  Electric light maintenance  6,943 01  Sewer maintenance  531 96  Streets '. ,.  49,534 31  Sidewalks  '". '. ���. 18,275 03  Interest.....  16,111 96  Sinkingfund  6,552 98  Total $376,814 44  Legations Safe Exeept Germany's.  Washington, July 10.���The following official dispatch was received  here tonight from China: "Che-  Foo, Shang Tuug.���The governor  wires that he has reports that on  the 4th of July all the legations in  Pekin were safe except the German.  (Signed) Fowler, consul."  Fierce Fight at Tien:Tsin.  London, July 11.���4:15 a.in.���"No  authentic news from Pekin," is still  the burden of the dispatches from  the far east, and, although, the disposition is to believe the optimistic  reports from Chinese sources, no  real confidence is possible until the  legations, if they are still in existence, are permitted to communicate with, their governments. If,  as alleged, the Boxer movement is  losing ground iu Pekin, it might  have been supposed that the Boxers  would have endeavored to send up  reinforcements from Tien-Tsin, but  instead of that they are still in  great force in the neighborhood of  the latter place, and are assisted by  the imperial Chinese troops with  ample and efficient artillery.  According to a special Che-Foo  dispatch, the fighting around Tien-  Tsin on the third and fourth was  the severest yet experienced.. The  British loss alone was thirty killed  or wounded. The Chinese had 75,-  000 men attacking simultaneously  from the west; north and east, and  made excellent practice with over  100 guns. The defenders numbered  14,000, with scant supplies, and it  was only the presence of the newly,  arrived Japanese and Russian guns  that prevented a disaster. One  Russian company of infantry numbering 120 men had 15 killed or  wounded. The German contingent  also suffered heavily.  By the evening of the fourth the  situation was very critical. The  allies narrowly escaped total defeat. Providentially, when things  were at their worst, a% torrential  rainfall compelled the- Chinese to  retire. On July 6th, the ;rain having somewhat abated, .the Chinese  renewed the attack,' opening lire on  Tien-Tsin with two batteries of  four-inch guns, but the allies, aided  by two of H. M.S. Terrible's 4.7  guns, succeeded in silencing the  .Chinese.artillery after eight hours  of fighting.  At Shang-Hai it seems now to be  the general belief that the date of  the dispatch of July 3rd, asserting  that two legations were still standing, was an error, either accidental  or intentional. The couriers miist  have left Pekin at least five days  earlier, making the real date of the  message June 28th, while the alleged massacres are said to have  taken place on June 30th. Until  this point can be clearly understood the greatest anxiety will be  felt as to the fate of the Europeans.  According to the Shang-Hai correspondent of the Express' it is war  to the knife between the dowager  empress and prince Tuan. The  latter in his recent edict boldly discards his mask and signs himself as  emperor. He warmly commends  the prowess of his faithful Boxers,  =and=in=flowery=language"appealjfW  their cupidity and fanaticism. In  the same decree prince Tuan appoints prince Tsuan, the "iron  capped" prince Tsai Shan, his imperial clansman, and Kang Yi to  command the three chief wings of  the Boxer army.  Three hundred European refugees  from Tien-Tsin have arrived at  Shang-Hai in a state of destitution  after terrible sufferings.  The Chinese version of the origin  of the outbreak, as published in  Shang-Hai, is that baron von Kettler  was hated by the Pekiners, who,  taking advantage of the disturbances, shot him for revenge, thereby  causing a conflict between the  Chinese troops and the Germans,  the latter of whom destroyed the  tsung li yamen. The infuriated  soldiers under, prince Tuan then  gained complete control over the  dowager empress.  The Daily News' Tien-Tsin correspondent says the allies have decided to bombard the native city,  which they have hitherto hesitated  to attack owing^ to the heavy commercial interests involved.  I Germany has been effected at last.  Secretary Hay and the German ambassador have subscribed to. the  convention, and the president will  issue his proclamation putting the  new duties in force in the course of  a few days. The arrangement is  generally similar in terms to the  first arrangementmade with France,  and abates duties on still wines,  argols, paintings aiid statuary from  Germany entering the United States.  It does not require the approval of  the senate, being drawn under section 4 of the Dingley Act.  No Trouble in Foo. Kien.  Paris, July 10.���The French consul at Foo Chow telegraphs under  date of July 10th: "The town is  calm. The viceroy and the Tartar  marshall have issued a proclamation  in favor of foreigners and asking  that warships should not come to  Foo Chow. They propose in return  to take such steps as will avert  trouble in the Foo Kien province."  German-American Reciprocity.  Washington, July 10.���The long  arrangement  States  and  CRAZY DEPUTIES DO RAVE  French Chamber Adjourn.  Paris, July 10.4-The senate and  chamber of deputies today concluded the debate on the budget  and were prorogued1 until autumn.  The session of the chamber of  deputies had been unusually tumultuous, and it preserved this character  to the last, today's sitting being  marked by one : or two noisy  incidents. The first of these arose  over the government's supplementary list -of decorations  in connection with, tho exposition.  M. Berry '(Conservative) declared  that M. Millerand, -the .minister of  commerce, chose, the jurors from  among his political friends. The  members to the left protested  against this statement, whereupon  Berry stigmatized, them as "the  servile majority of the government." An uproar ensued, and M.  Berry was censured for his expressions by M. Desehanel, president of  the chamber. ���  Later, another Conservative, M.  de Baudry d'Asson, indulged in anc  unparliamentary observation and  was called to order. This annoyed  him and ho continued .a series of  interruptions of the speaker who  followed until" M. Deschaner.said :  "You are making me tired,. M. de  Baudry d'Asson';" At these words  the latter lost* his temper, and,  springing./up, i-uslied at, M. Desehanel, who clinched, fists, shouting,.  ���"You little "blackguard." Before he  could mount the steps of the presidential tribune, he was seized by  several ushers' who were friends of  M. de Baudry d'Asson". and who  .dragged him from the chamber into  the streets, he all the while struggling and railing at M. Desehanel at  the top of his voice, like a mad bull.  His friends were obliged to put their  hands over his mouth.  M. de Baudry d'Asson's rage was  so ridiculous that M. Desehanel  himself was unable to refrain from  laughter, and he decided to take no  official notice of M. de Baudry's  conduct.  The 'remainder of the session  passed off calmly, aiid nothing  much was heard of M. de Baudry  d'Asson until premier Waldeck-  Rousseau read the decree of dissolution, which was ; greeted with  cries of "Vive Republique," when  M. de Baudry^d'AsspnJired^a part-  expected  between  reciprocity  the   United  ing shot, shouting,  king."  "Long live the  * Japan May Do the Dirty Work.  ��� Berlin, July 10.���The foreign  office today informed the Associated Press that all the powers had  consented to Japan's landing a  large force in China, but the stipulation was made beforehand that  no power could derive any advantage territorially from the fact of  its having more troops in China  than the other powers.  Bad Water at Tien-Tsin.  Shang-Hai, July 10.���The chief  difficulty of the allied forces at  Tien-Tsin is the absence of an adequate water supply. The condition of the river is pestilent. The  panic among the Chinese in the  southern provinces is completely  stopping trade, and most of the  native cotton mills are closed.  New Governor of Cape Colony.  London, July 11.���The Daily  Telegraph says' it understands that  at the termination of the war in  South Africa the right honorable  sir George Goldie will be appointed  governor of Cape Colony, sir Alfred  Milner, who now holds both the  governorship and the high commis-  sionership of South Africa, simply  retaining the latter office.  Another Cholera Outbreak.  Simla, July 10.���Cholera has appeared in severe epidemic form at  Kohat, 25 miles south of Peshawur.  Two hundred and seven cases and  77 deaths occurred among the camp  followers between July 3rd and  July 9th. The prospects for the  monsoon are slightly more favorable.  ANOTHER CAPITAL IS TAKEN  Casualties Were Few.  London, July 10.���Lord Roberts  has sent the following dispatch to  the war office: "Pretoria, July 10.  ���Clements' and Paget's forces entered Bethlehem on July 7th. The  former on nearing the town sent in  a flag of truce demanding its surrender, which was refused by Dewet,  wheu Paget, making a wide turning movement, succeeded in getting  hold of the enemy's most important  position covering cthe town.  "This was carried out before dark  by the Munster Fusileers and the  Yorkshire Light. Infantry. The  following morning the attack was  cbutinued and by noon the town  was in our possession.  ���;. "Our casualties were four officers  and 32 men of the Munsters  wounded, and one missing. Captains  MacPherson and Weakes and lieutenant Conway severely and lieutenant Boyd Rochefort, Scotti-m  Rifles, slightly wounded. Seven  men of the Yorkshires . were  wounded and one killed. Two of  the. Imperial Yeomanry were  wounded.  "Baden-Powell reached Rusten-  burg during the evening of July  Sth without opposition. He found  all quiet there aud public confidence  satisfactory, thanks to the prompt  and bold grasp of the situation  taken by major Hanbury-Tracey.  "The district west of^this is somewhat unsettled owing to the small  force which attacked Rustenburg  being still in that neighborhood.  Measures are being taken to meet  this.  "Further information regarding  the capture of Bethlehem has now  been received from Clements. He  states that the country there is  broken. Consequently his and  Paget's cavalry were unable to  make any wide turning movements.  Clements attacked one position  while Paget attacked another. The  position assailed .by Clements, was  'gallantly captured by ��� the Royal  Yeomanry, who captured a gun of  ;the 77th battery lost at Storm-  iberg. The list of casualties has  not yet been received, but Clements states they are few, considering the strength of the position  assaulted.  "Hunter's cavalry under Broadwood reached Bethlehem on ...July  Sth. Hunter with his main force  was within nine miles of the town  when Clements- dispatched his reports."        Miscellaneous Mining News.  A neAV pinion to replace the broken one which caused" the temporary shut down of the Venus mill  arrived from Spokane last night,  and will be fitted today,, when the  mill, will start up again. Tho  forged steel balls which have been  ordered from New York, are being  commonly known as the Cariboo  mine, says it is worth just $135,000.  It is the result of about 60 days'  work. The outlook for another big  brick this fall is of the best, and  the net result of the season's work  should not be less than $335,000.  brought for purposes of experiment,  "the=nfanarge"imWt"na^t=^Kin=g^^et=  quite satisfied as to what kind will  best withstand the friction.  Yesterday's mining records were:  Transfers���L. A. Snyder of Ymir to  Gilbert Peone of Ymir, an eighth  interest in the Crested Butte between Hidden and Porcupine  creeks, the Dark Day, the Midnight,  a half interest in the Sunrise and  two-thirds of the Lucky Jim,  Thomas P. Morau to Alex Carrie  the Irish mineral claim on Falls  creek: Locations���The Still Water  on Rover creek by George McFar-  land: Certificates of work���To  E. C. Rose on the Belmont; to P.  Burns on the Drum Lunimon; to  J. W. Lawprey on the Marble ; to  C. A. Owen on tho Martha Washington.  The dam at the Athabasca mine  which burst on Saturday and allowed a quantity of valuable tailings to escape is being prepared  and strengthened. The loss was  not nearly as large as was feared  at first.  The plant of the old British Columbia Smelting Company, which  for years stood near Vancouver as  a monument to the folly of the  shareholders who paid for it, has  been moved to the Van Anda mine  at Van Anda. The furnace has a  capacity of 75 tons per day and at  Van Anda there is plenty of ore to  smelt.          A Record Gold Brick.  Ashcroft, July 10.���Parker's  Cariboo stage line brought down  today what is said to be the largest  gold brick that has ever been mado.  It is the first cleanup of the season  from the Consolidated Cariboo  mines. J. B. Hobson, manager of  tho   Quesnelle   Forks   mine,  more  Chinese Emperor's Appeal.  London, July 11.-3:30 a.m.���The  Shang-Hai   correspondent   of   the  Daily Mail, telegraphing yesterday,  says:   "A message has arrived here  from  emperor   Kwang-Hsu   dated  July by courier from ��� Pekin, to the  viceroy of Nankinj who. forwarded  it here.   It is addressed to the Russian, English and Japanese governments.   It deplores the recent occurrences   and    solemnly    affirms  that the Chinese government was  protecting the Boxers against the  Christians.    The emperor further  implores their aid in suppressing  the  'rebellion   and   upholding the  existing government. In aseparate  dispatch to the Japanese government, Kwang Hsu expresses deep  regret for the murder of the legation  chancellor   Sugyama.     These  dispatches are taken   to   indicate  that the emperor is in seclusion and  is in ignorance of the, seriousness of  events."    ''  Yang Tse Ports Quiet.  Shang-Hai, July 10.���It is difficult to get news here as the consuls  are dependent on Taotai Sheng for  Pekin news. He and other officials  have large landed interests, and  therefore it is supposed he will do  his best to assist the foreigners in  keeping peace. A large number of  rowdies are enlisting at the arsenals which may thus get out of hand.  The officials have turned all their  attention to the defense of the Yang  Tse Kiang and have guaranteed to  protect foreigners ��� at Yang Tse  ports provided the foreigners established there remain, quiet. No  warships are allowed to land forces  and single Avarships only are allowed to pass the fortifications.  Sheug's proposal to form. a; Chinese  volunteer corps' has' b'ee'ri^rejected.  Big Japanese Army.  London, July 11.���The Che-Foo  correspondent of the Express telegraphs yesterday (Tuesday): "The  Japanese force is equipped * with 36  heavy mortars and 120 field guns  aud have pontoons and balloons.  It is expected that either marshall  Nodzu or marshal Oyina will take  command. The plan of campaign  contemplates operations extending  tw<3 or three years. A further  force of 13,000 men will bo landed  at Taku a week hence and ah additional 10,000 soon .afterwards.. Before the rainy season is well advanced Japan hopes to have 63,000  troops iu China.  Hollis Not Recalled.  Washington,    July    10.���It  is  learned that the announcement from Lorenzo Marquez  that Mr. Hollis, the American  ^c.ons.ul=there,==has==Jbeen==xeealledJ  is erroneous. Mr. Hollis has  not been discreet, in the judgment  of the department, in such expressions of his sympathy as becomes a  United States officer charged with  such delicate duties as have devolved upon the consul at Lorenzo  Marquez. lt is believed that the  department has been obliged to remind him of this fact, but it has  not recalled him nor has it any present intention of doing so.  Advertising Swindler Surrenders.  New York, July 10.���Samuel A.  Phillips, the advertising agent of  this city who was five times indicted on charges of grand larceny  a year ago on accusations of having  swindled two newspapers and the  Jarrios Diamond Company out of  about $50,000, surrendered himself  today to detectives in the district  attorney's oflice. He was arraigned  before recorder Goff. His counsel  vouched for his appearance in court  tomorrow and Goff released him on  his old bail of $4000. The chief  witness in the case is from Europe  and the case is to go to immediate  trial on this account.  Governor of Gold Coast Safe.  London, July 10.���The Daily  Mail's Accra correspondent, telegraphing on July 10th, says: "Sir  Frederick Mitchell Hodgson, governor of the Gold Coast colony, and  his wife arrived at Cape Coast Castle today. The remainder of the  party is expected tomorrow."  Another Kruger Bulletin.  London, July 11.���A special dispatch from Lorenzo Marquez says a  Boer bulletin has beeu issued asserting that the Boers have recaptured  WatervaaU  HIGH PRAISE FOR TREBELLI  Victoria Times' Opinion.        s  Mademoiselle Trebelli took Victoria by storm in a recent concert  there as the following from the  Times of the 7th will testify:  "This city is not advantageously  situated as far as a tour of a noted  can tat rice or musician is concerned,"  and   perhaps   to   this might   be  attributed the fact that it is only  at extended intervals that Victoria  lovers of music are charmed by the  magic ability of stellar attractions  in the   musical   world.      Madame  Albani, heralded by a fame that  has   permeated   two   hemispheres,  came here in full  splendor several  years ago and conquered.     Nevada  sang to a delighted audience in the  Victoria theatre but recently, and  last evening Mile Trebelli took captive the hearts of those present in  the Institute hall from the moment  when her glorious voice was heard  revelling in the beauties of Verdi's  gem,  "Ah fors    E'Lui," until the  final notes of the famous laughing  solo terminated the concert.     Albani, Nevada and Trebelli constitute   a   delightful   triumvirate in  the   affections   of Victorians, and'  there are many who, in spite of the  glamour of renown surrounding the'  former two, in spite of the imperial  rank accorded Albani in the musical world, place the artiste of last '  evening's triumph in the first posi-'  tion."  One more chance is given Nelson  to hear this noted artiste, as she  sings at the opera house next Mon-"  day evening.  Debates in the House.  Ottawa, July 10���[Special to The'  Tribune].���There were two  discus- J  sions in the house today.   One was  on a motion of Davin's giving  Mu-"  lock's postoffice bill a  six  months'- '  hoist, which was defeatedjby 27 for_  tiie amendment and 7?T foi- the bill,"  a majority of 52j the other was an.  amendment to supply by Foster, in  which he recited in a long report  all the charges he had against  the  government in regard to their failure to carry out their  pre-election  pledges.    This was about the same  as he did last year.    Fielding also  replied pretty much along the same  lines as last year.    People, he said,  were getting good  value  for  their  money.     He charged against the  Conservatives   that   $150,000   was  lost  to the  treasury by  allowing  the British American  Bank Note  Company in their contract to substitute inferior  material.    The  defence of the contractor was that  the government let him do it.  Wells Tours the District.  Kaslo, July 10.���[Special to The  Tribune.]���The Hon. W.C.Wells,'  chief commissioner of lands and  ^orks^arrLved-here-today-and-had-^  a long talk with R. F. Green, M.P.P.,  regarding the wants of the district.  He was also interviewed by Percy  Dickinson, who represents New  York capital operating in Camp  Mansfield. Dickinson gave Wells  some idea of the feeling of the mine  owners on the eight-hour law.  Wells goes from here to Nelson and  from thence to Rossland, in which  latter place some questions of title  have arisen which may require  legislation to settle.  The Belle Island Strike.  St. John's, July 10.���The Belle  Island strikers succeeded today in  preventing a schooner from unloading coal or any other work beiug  done at the mines. The managers  of the mines have applied to the  supreme,court and the government  for protection. The available police  force of the colony will proceed to  the scene at day light to protect  the workings and the gang.  Terrible Casualty List.  London, July 10.���The war office  has issued another casualty list  from South Africa showing that  during the week ending July 7th  there were killed, wounded or captured 15 officers, 180 men, accidental deaths, 2 men; died of disease, 4  officers and 105 men; invalided  home, 72 officers aud 1305 men,  with total casualties as a result of  the war of 48,200 officers and men.  Heir of Bavaria Married.  Munich, July 10.���Prince Ru-  precht, heir apparent to the Bavarian throne, was married here  today to the duchess Marie Gabriel  of Bavaria. Emperor William was  represented at the ceremony by  prince Joachim Albrechtof Prussia,  ��� -. lA  >. &���_  &$&> 2  THE TBIBUNE: KELSON B. C WEDNESDAY JULY 11 1900  a0 ' fEL-'-Z?.'*  ���00 ���_*-00-00._*  00 . 00 .00 . 00 '00.0 . 0 ���  gfe-K &_*"��0 t__*-igr&~^  0- 0-00- 00- 00- 00  00' 00'' 00- <_0 ��� 00  'inn!'' __\^ * S* "-^Bfr '_^S^ *^S*_'S^ Luq��*  ' ' 00' 00- 00 ��� 00' ^) ' 00.  ��� 00 ' 00' *m* ' 00- 00 ' 00- 00'00'00 C9.-^}.  &  w  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  SPECIAL ATTRACTIONS IN DRY GOODS, MEN'S FURNISHINGS, MILLINERY AND HOUSE FURNISHINGS.  We Will Offer  ZFOIEi   TWO   DA.1TS   01sTL"Y  Specials In  Our entire stock today and  tomorrow at last week'd  special sale prices, with a large  sale of remnants and ends accumulating from our sale.  Ladies' Dress Shirts       A Large lot  Carpets  From $2 up.   Shirt and Blouse  Waists, 50 cents.  Of Children's Straw Hats from  50 cents each up. All Ladies'  Trimmed Hats at half price.  Floor  Oilcloths and Linoleum  at cost prices.  Special Reduction  In Sunshades,  Umbrellas and  Parasols.  Ladies' Corsets from 40c. up.  Night Dresses from 50c. up.  Embroidery Trimmed Drawers  from 25c. up. Corset Covers  from 15c. up. White shirts  from 75c. up.  ?&�� ss-f sss sss ees ess ess sesssfe fees esse^  xii  xti  Xti  Xti  Xti  Xti  xti  \_9^2?^0** *^5 *^^ *^5^00^00 ��� '00^00������ 00 ��� 00'00-. ���00*'.^���'00'00'001-���*0*'00'0*'  0_0l  ^*K ��� ^ ' >*"��^ ���'W. ���r****k. ��� ^ '^ ��� ^ ���'.^ ��� ^ ��� ^ ��� .**, ���*���* ��� ^ ��� .>*���* ��� >S ��� ^fc ��� ^ ��� .^ ��� ^ ��� ***K ��� ^ ��� ***��> ��� ^ *'^ ��� >^"  i&  s*  re  . - -i  |E;*i ���  w  m  Iff  r  ���i* .i  ���__t-e=>'t=>.&_^(.  ���_-_\SL  rm  &&  mmm  W <������ ~  ffl We have sold 75 per cent of all the  ffl Portland Cement  $ Fire Briek Fire Clay  ffl and Sewer Pipe  w  ���ffl  ffl  ffl  USED IN KOOTENAY  dust received carload Dominion Ale and Porter  (PINTS AND QUARTS)  Dominion White Label Ale (pints and quarts).   This  the finest Ale brewed in Canada.  Dominion Bulk Ale (15 gallon kegs)  Teacher's Scotch Whiskey is still the best.  is  titt  H. J. EVANS & CO.  ;S-'-  m  M  HUDSON'S BAY  COMPANY.  INCORPORATED 1670.  Wiltons  Axminsters  Brussels  Take your choice, select your  pattern, show us the floor, you  have no more worry.  Prices and quality always satisfactory. We sew and lay all  carpets free of charge.  We carry a good assortment  of opaques and can fill orders  for any size blinds and will be  glad to quote prices for special  sizes..  ��He ��ritame*  The Miner insinuates that John  Houston as mayor is not the saint  that he was just before lie was  elected mayor. John Houston stated  that if elected mayor he would close  all robbing gambling games then  running wide open in Nelson. That  is the only promise that he made,  and he has kept it -to the letter.  John Houston as mayor will not  permit the Sabbatarians to dictate  to people who are not Sabbatarians  how they shall spend their leisure  hours on Sunday or. any other day  of the week, and the chances are,  the saints, as well as the sinners,  are well aware that he means exactly what he says.  While the Transvaal war was at"  its height some of the leading  religious publications of the Dominion were preaching against  what they termed the threatened  militarism of Canada. It will be  interesting to note whether the  same publications. will see similar  dangers in the .event of Canadian  volunteers being called upou for  service in China.  immigration question. Is the World  framing a mission for Fighting Joe?  The suggestion that the Laurier  government should people the Great  West with penitent Boers has not  been well received. JBy most people  it is held that the settlement of  Boers in the West would result in  nothing but the breeding of tramps.  A FULL LINE OF  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local and coast.  Flooring  local and coast.  Newel Posts  Stair Rail  Mouldings  Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  o( all kinds.  IF. WHAT YOU WANT IS NOT IN STOCK  WE WILL MAKK IT FOK YOU  .    CALL AND GET PRICES.  Alex Stewart  Room 3, Turner & Boeeh Block.  NELSON.  Mines  Real Estate  Insurance  Loans  FOR SALE  3500 Athabasca Shares  8400 Exchequer Shares  4000 Big Horn Scares  Wholesale  Houses  NELSON  B. C.  $450 will buy Ijouse aqd lot on  Fails Street and Mines Road, block  21, Addition A.  J. A. Sayward  IIALL AXD LAKE STREETS, NELSON  Porto Rico LumberCo.  (LIMITED)  CORNER OP  HENDRYX AND VERNON STREETS-  Ward Bros.  REAL ESTATE AND  INSURANCE AGENTS  CRATED AND MINERAL WATERS.  THORPE & CO., LIMITED.���Corner Vernon  and Cedar streets, Nelson, manufacturers  of and wholesale dealers in aerated waters' and  fruit syrups. Sole agents,(or Halcyon Springe  mineral water.   Telephone 60.     ��� r  ��� '       ��� .'���' .  ASSAYERS'   SUPPLIES.  WF. TEETZEL & CO.���Corner Baker and  ��� Josephine streets, Nelson, wholosale dealers in asaayors supplies. Agents for Denver  Fire Clay Co. of Denver, Colorado.  CIGARS. ~      "  KOOTENAY   CIGAR   MANUFACTURING  CO.���Corner: Baker and Hall streets, Nel -  son, manufacturers of "Royal Seal" and "Koote  nay Belle" brands of cigars. -  COMMISSION MERCHANTS.  HJ. EVANS Sc CO.���Baker streot, Nelson  ���   wholesale    dealers   in   liquors, ��� .'��� cigars,  cement. Are brick and fire clay, water, pipe.and.  steel rails, and general commission merchants.  ELECTRICAL   SUPPLIES.  KOOTENAY ELECTRIC SUPPLY & CONSTRUCTION COMPANY���Wholesale dealers in telephones, annunciators, bolls, batteries,  fixtures, etc., Houston block. Nelson.  FLOUR AND FEED.  BRACKMAN-KER MILLING COMPANY  ���Cereals, Flour, Grain, Hay. Straight or  mixed cars shipped to all .Kootenay Points.  Grain elevators at all principal points on Calgary-  Edmonton 11. R. Mills at Victoria, New west-  minster, and Edmonton, Alberta.  TAYLOR FEED & PRODUCE CO.���Baker  street, Nelson (Gcoi-go V. Motion's old  stand). Flour, Feed, Grain, Hay and Produce.  Car lots a specialty. Correspondence solicited.  Phone 20. .    '     .  Agents for J. & J. TAYLOR SAFES  The Hutton-Hughes episode has  been completely swallo^d up iu  "tiie-Transvaal war. Events have  shown that both colonels can fight  Boers as cheerfully as they fought  each other in Ottawa. Each fought  to prevent the other from securing  a command, but failed, and both  are now distinguishing themselves  in the field.  The Vancouver World professes  to be in search for a man who, from  his seat in the houso of commons,  could fire his auditors with some  appreciation of the importance to  British. Columbia   of   the  Chinese  Rough and  Dressed  Lumber  Shingles  Mouldings  A-1  AND AMATEUR  PHOTOGRAPHERS'  SUPPLIES OF  ALL KINDS.  White Pine Lumber Always in  StocK-  We carry a complete stock of  Coast Flooring, Ceiling, Inside Finish, Turned Work, Sash and Doors.  Special order work will receive  prompt attention.  Porto Rico LumberCo. Ltd.  Contractors and Builders  WILL DO WELL TO  Buy Their Lumber  AT  G. 0. Buchanan's  Bogustown)   Fairview   Addition.  APING STOCKS  BOUGHT AND SOLD  Referendum Treasury Stock  Exchequer, 1000  Dig Horn, (WOO  Peoria, 5000-nOO  Richelieu, 1000 .  WANTED  Rambler-Cariboo and Giant  For salo���0-room house, Hume addition, 8850.  M-room houso, cheap; teims easy; close in.  CALL ON  H. A. Prosser  FRESH, AND SALT MEATS.  BURNS &   CO.���Bakor  street,   Nelson,  wholesale dealers in fresh and cured incats.  Cold storage.  P.  fieison Saw &  Planing IVjills, Limited  Are prepared to furnish by rail, barge or teams  Dimension Lumber, Rough and Dressed  Lumber, Local and Coast Ceiling, Local and  Coast Flooring, Double Dressed Coast Cedar,  Rustic, Shiplap, Stepping, Door Jambs, Pine  and Cedar Casings, Window Stiles, Turned  Work, Band-sawing, Brackets, Newel Posts,  Turned Veranda Posts, Store Fronts, Doors,  Windows and Glass.  Get prices before purchasing elsewhere  Office Corner lfa.ll aqd Front Streets  Factory Hall Street Crossing C. P. R. Track  Mills Hail Street Wharf  =BROKERrWAUD=STREET=  GROCERIES.  A MACDONALD & CO.-Corner Front and  ��� Hall- streets, wholesalo grocers and  jobbers in blankets, gloves, mitts, boots, rubbers,  mackinawa and miners' sundries.    -   .XrOOTENAY SUPPLY COMPANY' LIMI-  *V TED���Vernon street, Nelson, wholesale  grocers. ..  . TOHN CHOLDITCH & CO.-Fiout street, Nel-  ** . son, wholcale grocers.  "Ri R. STEWART & CO.���Warehouses on C. P.  ��������� ��� R.. track, foot of Stanley street. Nelson,  wholesalo dealers in provisions, produce and  fruits. Cold storage. Agents Armour & Co.'s  bacon,- hams, lard and other products. -  JY. GRIFFIN-Sc "CO.���Front street, Nelson,  ���   wholesale ' dealers   in   provisions,   cured:  moate. butter, and eggs. - * ���      .   '     ���'  HARDWARE AND MINING SUPPLIES.  H BYERS & CO.���Cornor Baker and Josephine  ��� streets, "Nelson, wholosale "dealers in hardware and mining supplies. Agents for Giant  Powder Co. ���  LAWRENCE  _^__^._k__or__Stn  J. E.ANN ABLE  GENERAL BROKER  (MMJM  IflOOECO.  A largo stock of first-class dry material on  hand, also a full line of sash, doors, mouldings,  turned work, eto.  Factory Work a Specialty  Yardt   Foot of Hendryx street), Nelson  Telephone. 91    Jol^   1]^   _\gB[.t  H. D.  ASHCROFT  BLACKSMITHING  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  Wagon repairing promptly attended to by a  flrst-ciiHS whoelwright.  Speoial attention given to all klndn ot repairing and custom work from outside polnta.  Shop:   Hall St.. between Baker and Verno  Contracting Painters, Decorators, Paperhangcrs.  Full line of wall paper, mouldings, etc,   Kalso-  mining and Tinting.   Strictly first-class  work.  Estimates furnished.  Three dwelling houses for sale on easy terms.  Ono lot  on  Stanley  street, opposite Royal  hotel, for sale at a bargain.  One seven-roomed house and one three-room  house for rent.  See ANNABLE  Charles St. Barbe  Stock and Share Broker  General Agent  E. P. Whalley, J. P.  NOTARY PUBLIC  HARDWARE    COMPANY-    _    .^Nelson',���wholesalo=dealor8=in=  hardware and mining supplies,' and water and  plumbers' supplies.  LIQUORS AND DRY GOODS.  TURNER, BEETON & CO.-Corner Vernon  and Josephine streets, Nelson, wholesale  dealers in liquors, cigars and dry goods. Agents  for Pabst Brewing Co. of Milwaukee and Calgary Brewing Co. of Calgary.-  DR. ALEX  FORIN  Office:  Houston Block.  O/llco with C. W. West & Co., cornor HaU and  Baker streets. .-.-���������  City ofllce of tho Nelson Soda water Factory.  A. R. BARROW, A.M.I.C.E.  PROVINCIAL  LAND SURVEYOR  Corner Victoria and Kootenay Streets.  P. O. Box S6S. TELRPKOVIC NTO. 95  MONEY TO LOAN  ON  AT 7 PER CENT  BUSINESS PROPERTY  NELSON, B. C.  Residence Mill Street,   Mp-rCftW   R   fi   '    ^fflc0��)  OpposlteSchoolHouBO   llilJuOUiij O* v��     phone 192.  Apply G. L. LENNOX, Solicitor. Nelson B. C  COSTELLO'S EXPRESS  AND TRANSFER  Baggage and express moved to any part of tho  city.   Special attention given to heavy teaming.  Office corner Victoria and Ward streets.   Teler  W. A. COSTELLO. Manager.  .    POWDER, CAPS AND FUSE.  TTAMILTON POWDER COMPANY-Baker  ���*-*��� street, Nelson, manufacturers of dynamite,  sporting, stumping and black blasting powders,  wholesalo dealers in'caps and fuso, and'olectrio  blasting apparatus.  SASH AND DOORS.  NELSON 8AW AND' PLANING MILLS,  LIMITED���Corner Front and Hall streets,  Nelson, manufacturers of and wholesalo dealers  in'sash and doors; all kinds of factory work made  to order.  .   ���TENTS   AND   AWNINGS:  NELSON TENT AND AWNING FACTORY-  Baker streot, Nelson. Manufacturers of aU  kinds of tents, awnings, and canvas goods.  P. O. Box 76.   Theo. Madson, proprietor.  WINES AND CIGARS.  CALIFORNIA WINE COMPANY, LIMITED���Corner Front and Hall streets, Nelson, wholesale dealers In wines (case and bulk,  and domestic and imported cigars.  J. M. LUDWIG  Manufacturers of and  dealers. in Harnoss, Pack  and Stock Saddles, Apara-  jocR, Collars, Bridles and  Whips.  Nelson Harness Shop  Hall Street, Nelson.  Kootenay Steam laundry  BL0MBERC & SWEDBErjC  PROPRIETORS  The only steam  laundry In Nelson employing union labor  FRATERNAL   SOCIETIES.  _\ NELSON LODGE, NO. 23, A. V. Sc A. M.  ���__* Meets second Wednesday in eaoh month.  /^^s. Sojourning brethren Invited.  KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS- Nelson Lodge, No,  25, Knights of Pythias, meets in I; O. O. F.  Hall, cornor Baker and Kootenay streets, every  Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock. Visiting Knights  . cordially invited to attend. R. G. Joy, K. of R.  :&:S.   Leonard Scott, C. C.  ! ���VTELSON L. O. L., No. 1692, moots in I. O. O. F.  ������*���* Hall, corner Bakor and Kootenay streets,  ,1st and 3rd  Friday of each month.   Visiting  brethern cordially invited.   R. Robinson, W. M.  W. Crawford. Recording-Secretary.  "VTELSON -ffilRIE, Number 22, Fraternal Order  :x'   of Eagles, nioets overy second and fourth  uWednesday=inea��h=month-ln=Fraternity^Hall.=  ; Visiting brethren welcome.  W. Gosnell, Presl  denb.   Charles Prosser, Secretary.  TRADES   UNIONS.  ���M-ELSON MINERS' UNION NO. 90, W. F. of  ** ' M.���Meets in miners' union rooms, northeast corner Victoria'and Kootenay streets, every  Saturday evening at 8 o'clock.. Visiting members welcome. M. R. Mowatt, President. James  Wilkes; Secretary. Union -Scale of Wacies  ���kor Nelson .District���Por shift, machine  men, $.'t.50: hammersmen miners. $:t.'_r>; muckers,  carmen, shovelera and othor underground labor-  ers. $3.00   TIRADES AND LABOR COUNCIL.-Tho rcgu-  ���*��� lar meetings of tho Nelson Trades and Labor  Council will beheld in the miners' union hall,  corner of Victoria and Kootenay streets; on tiie  first and third Thursday of each month, at  7.30 p.m. G. J. Thorpo. President. J.H.Matho-  son. Secretary.                '   rpHE regular meetings of tho Carpenters' Union  ���*��� are field on Wednesday evening of each  week, at 7 o'clock, in the Minors' Union haU cornor Victoria aud Kootenay streets.  -���-������- - ifli     -  son, Presidont.  ,      R. Robin-  .Tan'os Colling, Secretary.  A. LARSON, Manager  ���DARBEUS' UNION.-Nolson Union, No. l!Xi. of  J-' . the International Journeymen Barber's Union of America, moots every Iirst and third Monday of each inonth in Miner's Union Hall, corner  of Victoria and Kootenay streets, at 8:30. p.m.  sharp. Visiting brothers cordially invited to  attend. J. H. Matheson, President. W. S. Bel-  ville, Secretary.  "DRICKLAYERS AND MASONS' UNION.  J-f The Bricklayers and Masons' International  Union No.-3 of Nelson meets second' and fourth  Tuesdays in each month at Minors Union hall.  J. W. Etcher, president; Joseph Clark, recording  and corresponding secretary. ���  T ABORERS' UNION;���Nelson Laborers' Pro-  -*-1 tectivo Union, No. 8121, A. F. of L��� meets in  Fraternity Hall, Oddfellow's block, corner of Baker and Kootenay streets, every Monday evening  at 8 p.m. sharp. Visiting members of the Amori-  can Federation cordially invited to attend. A. W.  McFco, President. Percy Shackelton, Secretary.  ���M-ELSON PAINTERS' UNION-Tho regular  x~ ��� meeting of the Painters' Union is held  tho first and third Fridays in each month at Miners' Union hall at 7:30 sharp. T. O. Skatbo, President; Will J. Hatch, Secretary.  THE NELSON PLUMBERS, GAS AND  STEAM FITTERS UNION meets every sec  ond and fourth Friday at the Miners' Union hall  at 8 p.m.   B. Woaks, Secretary Pro tem.  ARCHITECTS.  TfiWAR.T & CARRIE-Architects. Rooms 7  J-J   and 8 Aberdeen block. Baker street, Nelson.  Having Purchased  the Business  Of Fred J. Squire, merchant  tailor, Nelson, I intend to  continue the business so as  to keep the patronage of all  Mr. Squire's old patrons and  get a share of the general  trade. I am now prepared  to show the latest styles in  all lines of spring goods. A  =speciaI=line=on=hand=at=$25=  per suit. All other lines at  low rates. None but Union  labor employed.  E. Skinner  Neelands' Building, Baker Street.  FRED J. SQUIRE. Manager.  Arthur Gee  MERCHANT  TAILOR  Romovcd to Bakor Streot, opposite tho Queen's  COAL!      GOAL!  GREAT REDUCTION  $9.65|^ar'aNo8t   $6.15  DELIVERED  Hard Coal  Anthracite  TELEPHONE  33  G.W. West&Go.  ENGINEERS.  CHARLES PARKER-Mining and milling  gineer.  West Baker street. Nelson.  en-  Lethbridge Gait Goal  The best value for the money In the market  for all purposes.  terms cash     W. P. TiKBNET, General Agent  Telephone 147.    Office with C. D. J. ChriHtie.  NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given that I intend to apply at  the flist meeting of the board of license commissioners for tho city of Nelson held thirty days  after tho date hereof, for leave to transfer tho  license now held by mo for an hotel known as  tho Nelson House, Mtuate on lot 10 block 1, to A.  H. Clements and Robert Roisterer.  S. WHITE  Dated this 2nd day of June. 1900. nrvTTr-rtm-lWT'li m mittttam  THE TRD3UNE: NELSON B; 0., WEDNESDAY; JULY 11, 1900  BANK OF MONTREAL  CAPITAL, nil paid up....512,000,000.00  REST    7.000,000.00  UNDIVIDED PROFITS       427,180 80  Lord Strathcona anil Mount Royal ...President  Hon. George A. Drummond Vice-President  K. S. Clou.ston Genoral Manager  NELSON BRANCH  Corner Baker and Kootenay Streets.  A. H. BUCHANAN, Manager.  THE BANK OF  BRITISH   COLUMBIA  NELSON  Brnnohc8 in London (England) New York,  Chicago, and all the principal cities in Canada.  o ____________  Buy and soil Sterling' Exchange and Cable  Transfers.  Grant Commercial and Travelers'. Credits,  available in any part of)tho world. ��� .    ���  Drafts Issued. Collections Made, Etc.  Savings Bank Branch  CURRENT RATE OK INTEREST PAID.  BRITAIN'S   NATIONAL   DEBT.  ii'  n*"  .Most people are aware of the  magnitude' of the national debt of  Great Britain,'yet few are acquaint-,  ed with the story of its origin, or  know that the first item it is  charged with is an amount for  .vhich was compounded a royal robbery committed by a profligate  K:iglish king.  In the reign of Charles the First,  the Royal Mint, then situated in the  Tower'of London, wa.s used as a  placo of security for the deposit of  the surplus cash of the bankers and  merchants of theBritish metropolis,  when that monarch, on being re-  ,fused a loan by the city of London,  seized the money thus lodged for  ,s;it'ety. It was in amount one  million dollars���a large sum'iu those  ,' -vys���and> the owners, many of  whom were ruined by the event,  were compelled, by royal authority,  to ���{���ousidSi1 it as a loan. The sum  was, however, repaid after a few  mouths.  But, notwithstanding this repayment, the nefarious act led the  moneyed classes to seek a safer  'place of deposit fur such portiou of  their floating capital as was not re-  ' .aired in their ordinary transac-  .lions ; and after the restoration the  exchequer was chosen for such purpose, the bankers withdrawing their  money from it once a week to enable them to meet the demands of  ;tlieir customers.  ^One day, at the close of 1071,  Charles the Second being much distressed for money, and despairing  of obtaining any from the house of  Is now prepared to issue Drafts and  Letters of Credit on Skaguay, U. S.,  Atlin, B. 0., and Dawson City, N. W. T.  commons, declared in a private  meeting with his ministers, that, if  any of them could invent a method  of raising about a million aud a half  pounds (seven and a half million  dollars) without a parliament, he  should .have the "White Staff," or,  in . other words, the ollice of lord  treasurer. On the following day  lord Ashley told sir Thomas Clifford,  in confidence that tho bankers had  a million anda half pounds in the  royal exchequer which the king  could seize by closing the exchequer  aud refusing payment.  The king readily agreed to the  project; and at a privy council, held  on January 2nd, 1072, his majesty  being present, sir Thomas Clifford  proposed, "that as-the king must  have money to carry on the war  against Holland, in which his honor  was engaged, he knew of no other  means at present than shutting up  the exchequer. He desired that  none would speak against it without proposing some method more  certain and expeditious."  The king, after many apologies  for his bold step, declared that "it  should only be for the space of one  year."  Iu accordance with this proposition, Charles suspended all payments to the bankers out of the exchequer, which was considered one.  of the worst acts of the profligate  monarch's reign ; and the result was  more disastrous than the act of his  father, al read y. recorded.  Sir Thomas Clifford, for his services in the affair, was, .according  to the promise of the king made  lord high treasurer and peer.  In course of.time, the king stated  in a private declaration, "that, although contrary to his inclination,  he had been obliged to cause a stop  to be made as to the principal  money, he would punctually pay it  hereafter, and in the meantime  would allow six per cent interest  for the money"; and.a public declaration was "subsequently issued  to the effect that letters patent had  Imperial Bank of Canada  HEAD  OFFICE. TOTtONTO.  Capital Authorized $2,500,000  Capital Paid up $2;458,603  Rest $1,700,000  D. It. Wilkie, General Manager.  E. Hay, Inspector.  Nelson Branch���Burns Block, 221 Baker Street  J. M. LAY, Manager.  been granted, assigning a part of  the revenue to the satisfaction of  the debt owing to the bankers and  their creditors, and the payment of  interest quarterly.  The interest was paid for a few  years and then suspended; when,  after vainly attempting to influence  parliament in their behalf, the unfortunate creditors . were at. last  obliged, to maintain their right before the court of exchequer. The  suit was protracted for above  twelve years, when, in the year  1697, judgment was obtained  against the crown. An appeal was  made against this decision by the  attorney-general of the day, to the  celebrated lord chancellor Somers,  who set it aside, although ten out  of the twelve judges whom he had  called to his assistance were of a  different opinion.  The cause was at last carried by  appeal to the house, of lords, by  whom the decree of the chancellor  was reversed; aud the patentees  would have received the amount of  their accumulated interest, had not  an act passed in 1699, by which, in  lieu thereof, it was enacted that,  after December 5th, 1705, the hereditary revenues of the excise should  stand charged with the annual  payment of three per cent - of the  principal sum contained in the letters patent���subject, however, to  be redeemed upon the payment of  a moiety thereof, or -��064,263.  The reader will naturally be anxious to know the amount of the  loss which- the bankers ultimately  sustained in consequence of these  proceedings.- The original sum  stopped in the Exchequer in 1672  was -61,328,526, to which must be  added 25 years' interest at six per  cent, ��1,992,787, making a total of  ��3,321,313. Deducting from this  sum the demand of the bankers, as  fixed by the above act, it follows  that tlieir loss amounted -��2,667,050,  nearly thirteen and a half million  dollars.  The above sum  of ��664,263  ap  pears under the name of "king's  debt," as" the first item -->in the  national debt of Great Britain.  a=>.. c_? ._-?���' <^'C=:>' SJ-'S'��� 'Sj-tS?*' SL:  .-  LIGHTING   C.   P.   B. - TRAINS.  Electricity is working its way to  favor on the great trunk roads.  The old time lamp and the match  have to give place to the incandescent bulb and the button switch.  Not only in the passenger coaches  will the change take place, but-also  on the locomotive with its cab and  head lights.  The C. P. R. has used the incandescent lamp in a few of its passenger coaches for some time, the service being so satisfactory that the  company is equipping all its sleeping' cars with electrical apparatus,  about sixteen cars being already  fitted.- A test is.now being made  by the C.P.R. as to the advisability  of introducing the electric lighting  system on locomotives. If the trial  proves satisfactory, it is understood  that all the mountain engines will  be equipped in this way.,;  The method of "generating the  current is by a dynamo placed beneath the coach floor and connected  with the car axle/ A series of  storage batteries are also thrown in  circuit at times, the current being  drawn from them when the train  makes stoppages.   Unsportsmanlike Tactics.  Greenwood Times.  To the Editor:   The Greenwood  boys who visited Nelson to take  part in the sports there on the 2nd  and 3rd instant, complain bitterly  of the treatment accorded   them.  Ross and  MeLeod,  the drill team  which won here on June 29 th, desired to enter at Nelson, and inquired  of the   committee if they  would be allowed to do so.   They  asked for a definite answer before  fche train left for Republic, as they  intended going there in case they  were barred competing.   The committee told them to remain in town,  and assured them they would be  allowed to enter the contest provided they present papers showing  them to be bona fide miners.   The  necessary    credentials   were    telegraphed.for and duly presented to  the committee the following morning ; but imagine how surprised the  team were to hear from the lips of  a committeeman:    "I'm very sorry,  gentlemen,   but   you. can't   drill."  No reason was  given for  this decision, and when it became noised  abroad a great deal of dissatisfaction was expressed,  so the judges  decided to give the Greenwood team  a special prize if they could beat  the   winners  of the  first contest.  This they accomplished quite easily.  But the unfair tactics employed  by the Nelsonites did not end with  the drillers, as the Greenwood hose  team soon learned to their sorrow.  At a meeting of representatives ^of  the three teams, held prior to tiie  hub-and-hub race, it was decided  that the starting signal should be a  pistol, shot;  but when  the teams  lined up at the scratch the starter,  either ignorantly or intentionally,  used  a  flag  instead.     The Nelson  team was evidently aware of the  change, and secured a quicker start,  which gave them a lead the Green-,  wood team was unable to overcome.  In  the wet test, the starter,  who  was  supposed to give the time of  starting to the time-keepers at the  other end of the course by dropping  =a=fiagrkeld-his-llag=until-the=Nelson=  team has passed.under it, thus giving, an unjust advantage.of at least  two seconds.    Nelson furnished two  of the four time-keepers, and these  two disappeared quite mysteriously  just as the race was finishing, but  came back shortly after with both  their watches showing exactly the  same time to a fraction of a second,  and that time very  fast.   Nelson  had but one turn on the hydrant,  where the rules called for two, and  the  nozzle was screwed   on fully  after   the    water   was   shut    off.  These errors should have added tAvo  seconds more to tho Nelson's team  time, but the judges ruled in their  favor and turned a deaf ear to the  protests of  the Greenwood   timekeeper.  The second prize in the wet test,  Notice of Application for a  Certificate of Improvements.  Brokkn Him. Minbrai. Claim, situate in the  Ainsworth Mining Division ok Wkst  Kootenav District,- and i.ocatkd about  two mii.es southwest ok Ainsworth, adjoining the Arkansas, United and Union  Mineral Claims.  Take notico that I, it. K. Young, (acting as  agent for E. J. Roberts, free miner's certificate  special No. 681, and Anna C. Buckley, free  miner's certificate No. 11.11397) free miner's cer  tillcato No. B. 13,110, intend, sixty days from the  date hereof, to apply to tho mining recorder for  a certificate of improvements, for the purpose o  obtaining a crown grant of the above claim.  And further take notico that nction, under sec  tion-37, must bo commenced before the. issuance  of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 21th day of April, A. D.. WOO.  It E. YOUNG, P.L.S.  NOTICE OF MEETING OF STOCKHOLDERS,  Notice is hereby given that upon the 23rd day  of July, A. D., 15)00, at 10 o'clock a. in. at the company's office in Nelson, U. C. there will bo held a  meeting of the stockholders of the Ooldcndalc  Alining Company, a corporation, for the purpose  of considering a proposition to sell tho Golden-  dale and Young Dominion mineral claims (crown  granted), situate aboii t four miles south of Nelson,  British Columbia in West Kootenay Mining District, British Columbia, to pay tho outstanding  indebtedness of said company.  GOLDENDALE WINING COMPANY.  By K. D. Idk, Secretary.  Dated this 11th day of Juno, A. D. 1300.  $75, was won by Greenwood ; but  Steele, the captain of the Nelson  fire department, seemed to think  Grand Forks should be rewarded  for their trouble in going over, so  he generously donated them $25 of  Greenwood's prize money. When  objection was made to this by a  member of the Greenwood team,  Steele attempted to silence him by  striking him a blow on the head.  Such actions on the part of the  Nelsonites will hurt their celebrations very much in the future and"  aro grertly to be deplored, as tending to lower what should be clean,  manly sport to contemptibly low  plane. . Fair Play*.  Fitz to Fight Ruhlin and Sharkey.  Nkw York, July 10.���Immediately after the siguiug of the Fitz-  simmons-Ruhlin agreement articles  were signed by Fitz and Sharkey  to fight on August 25th. Should  Fitz incur any injury in his fight  Avith Ruhlin the fight will be for 25  rounds, and the agreement is similar to that of the Fitz-Ruhlin fight.  SMOKE  ROYAL SEAL  AND  KOOTENAY BELLE  CIGARS  UNION MADE  AMERICAN  AND  EUROPEAN  PLANS  MEALS  25  CENTS  BOOMS LIGHTED BY ELECTRICITY  AND HEATED BY STEAM  25 CENTS TO ?1  321 to 331 Baker Street, Nelson.  QUEEN'S HOTEL  BAKER STREET. NELSON.  Lighted by Electricity and Heated with Hot Air.  Kootenay Cigar Mfg. Go.  NKLSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA  St. JOSEPH'S SCHOOL  NELSON. B. C.  A boarding and day school conducted by the  Sisters ot St. Joseph of Peace. It is situated at  the corner of Mill and Josephine streets in one ot  the best residential portions of Nelson, and is  easily accessible from all parte of the city.  The course of study includes the fundamental  and higher branches of thorough English ���luca-  tion: Business course���bookkeeping, stenography and typewriting. Science course���music:  vocal and instrumental, drawing, etc"' Plain art  and needlework, etc.  For terms and particulars apply to the Sister  Superior.  To  Mine  Managers .and  Ore  Shippers.  W. Pellew Harvey, F. C. S., assayer in charge  of the provincial government assay oflice, will  act as shippers' representative at any Coast  smelter, to receive,' weigh, ���sample and check  pulps and to generally look after the interests of  the miners. Terms made on the basis of tonnage  handled. Apply for particulars to him at  Vancouver, B.C.  Corporation of the City of Nelson  _-_-sr--z_---.-w __T.O. 68  Large comfortable bedrooms and  flrst-class  dining-room. Sample rooms for commercial men,  RATES $2 PER DAY  Kirs. E. G. Clarke, Prop.  LATE OF -WE  ROYAL HOTEL, CALGARY  Baker and Ward  Streots, Nelson  IV|adden House  The only hotel In Nolson that has remained  under one management since 1800.  The bed-rooma are well furnished and lighted  by electricity.  Tho bar is always stocked by the best) dom s-  tlc and imported liquors and cigars.  THOMAS MADDEN. Proprietor.  SLOGAN JUNCTION HOTEL  J. n. McMANUS, Manager.  Bar stocked with best brands of wines, liquors,  and Cigars. Beer on draught. Large comfortable rooms.   First-class table board.  B.C. HOTEL   erie,b.c.  .'      _____���__���_  First-class In every respect. Cholcost wines,  liquors and cigars. Evory comfort for transient  and resident guests.  HEADQUARTERS FOR UNION MEN.  JOSEPH CAMPBELL. Proprietor.  RESTAURANT  OPEN DAY AND NIGHT  Cor. Baker and Hall SLs.  First-class tablo  R. NlcR/\E, Prop.  EVERY   DAY  AT  THE      ^  Club Hotel  BIG   SCHOONER  Beer or Half-and-half only  lOe  A By-law to raise ��15,000.00 to extend the Waterworks System. ;   '  Whereas, a petition has been presented td the  Municipal Council of the Corporation of tho City  of Nelson, signed by the owners of at least one-  tenth of the value of the real property of the said  City, as shown by the last revised assessment  roll requesting the said Council to introduce a  By-law to raise the sum of fifteen thousand dollars (��15,000.00), for the purpose of extending the  Waterworks System of the said City. ;  And, whereas, it is deemed necessary and expedient to extend the Waterworks System of the  City of Nelson for the"convcnicnce or the citizens  and for fire protection.  And, whereas, it. is expedient to borrow the  said sum of fifteen thousand dollars ($15,000.00)  for the purpose aforesaid. ...  And; whereas, the whole amount of the rateable land of the said.City, accoiding to the last  revised asses-ment roll, is one million two hundred and forty-seven thousand dollars ($1,247,-  000.00):  :  And, whereas, it will bo necessary to raise annually by rate the sum of eleven hundred and  seventy-eight dollars and seventy-two ��� cents  ($1178.72) for paying the said debt and interest.  Now, therefore, the Municipal Council of the  Corporation of the City of Nelson in Councilas-  sernhled enacts as follows:  1. It shall and may. be lawful for tho Mayor of  the Corporation of the City of Nelson to borrow, up-  ��� on the ereditof tho said Corporation by way of the  Debentures hereinafter mentioned, from any person or persons, body or bodies corporate, who  maybe willing to advance the same as. a loan,  a sum of money not exceeding in the whole the  sum of fifteen thousand dollars (815.000.00), and to  cause all such sums so raised or received to bo  paid into the hands of the Treasurer of the said  Corporation for the purposes and with the objects hercinfore recited.  2. It shall be lawful for the Mayor of tho said  Corporation to cause any number of Debentures  to bo made, executed and issued for such sum or  sums as may be required for tho purpose and object aforesaid, not exceeding, however, the sum  of fifteen thousand dollars ($15,000.00), each of the  said Debentures being of the denomination of  ono thousand dollars ($1 000.00), and all such Debentures shall be sealed .with the seal of the Corporation and signed by the Mayor thereof.  3. The said Debentures shall boar date the first  day of October, A.D. WOO, and shall be made  payable in twenty years from tho said duto.'in  lawful money of Canada,at t^oofllce of the Bank  of Montreal in Nelson aforesaid, which said place  of payment shall be designated by. the said Debentures, aiid fhall have attached to them coupons for the payment of: interest, and the signatures to the interest coupons, may be either  written, stamped, printed or lithographed.  1. The said Debentures shall bear interest atthe rato of four per centum per annum from the  date thereof, which interest shall be payable  semi-annually at said ofrlec of the Bank of Montreal in Nelson aforesaid, in lawful money of Canada, on tho 1st day of April and the 1st day of  October respectively, in each year during the  rurroncy thereof, and it shall be expressed in said  Debentures and coupons to be so payable.  5. Itshall be lawful for the Mayor of said Corporation to negotiate and sell the said Debentures or any of them for less than par; but in no  case shall Uic said Debentures or any of them be  negotiated or sold for less than ninetv-fivc per  centum of their face value, including the cost of  negotiating and sale, brokerage and all other incidental expenses.*  (i. There shall be raised and levied in each year  during the currency of said Debentures the sum  of six hundred dollars ($600.00) for the payment  of interest- and the sum of flvo hundred and  .seventy-eight dollars and seventy-two cents  ($578 72) for the payment of the debt due  under the said Debentures by a rate sufficient  therefore on all the rateable land in tho said  Municipality.  7. It shall be lawful for tho said Municipal  eouncil=to-reipurcliaso"any=of=the"8aid=Deben==  tures upon such terms ns may be agreed upon  with the legal holder or holders thereof, or nny  part thereof, cither at the time of sale or any subsequent time or times, and all Debentures so repurchased shall forthwith be cancelled and destroyed, and no ro-lssue of Debentures shall be  made in consequence of such re-purchase.  8. Thia Bylaw shall take effect on tho thirty-  first day of July, A.D. 1900.  NOTICE.  FRESH   |yg   COOL  Tho only good Beer in Nelson  E. J. CURRAN, Prop.  Corner Stanley and Silica SLreots.  [fxzxzxxxxuxxxxzxxxxxxxxxxzxxxrxxxxmxxxxxxxzzxzxxx^  JUST   ARRIVED  A Car Load of  jj Allen's Apple Cider.  THORPE  &  CO.  Nelson   Wine   Oo.  CHOICE WINES AND LIQUORS  Special attention, given to family trade  Telephone 03. FRAN|(   ft.   TAMBLYN  MANAGER  opn  Baker street,  Nelson, B. C.  R. REISTERER & CO.  BRKWKRS AND BOTTiKRS OK  FINE LAGER BEER, ALE  AND PORTER  PdeiivoryntoXJtSdo     Brewery at Nelson  Take notice, that the above is a true copy of  the proposed bylaw upon which the vote of tlio  municipality will bo taken for tho Kast ward at  the City Police Courtroom on Josephino street:  for the West ward at the ofllce of the Kxchequor  Cold Mining Company on the north side of Baker  street, between .Stanley and Kootenay streets,  on Wednesday, the 18th day of July at 8 o'clock  in tho forenoon. XV. K. WASSON,  Acting City Clerk.  Nelson, B. C, July 4th, 1900.  Corporation of the City of flelsor)  _3~_r-Xj-__rw   __TO. 69.  A By-Law to rai"o $'5,000.00 to extend and improve tho Klectric Light System.  "Whereas a petition has been presented to the  Municipal Council of the Corporation of the City  of Nelson, signed by the owners of nt least one-  tenth of the value of tho real property in tho said  City, as shown by the last revised assessment  roll, requesting the said Council to introduce a  By-Law to raise the sum of fifteen thousand  dollars ($15,000.00) for the purposo of extending  and improving the electric light system and  plant in the City of Nelson.  And whereas, it is deemed expedient to borrow  the said sum of fifteen thousand dollars ($15,000.-  00) for the purposes aforesaid.  And whereas, tho wholeainonntof tho rateable  land of the said City, accoiding to the last revised assessment roll, is one million-two hundred  and forty-seven thousand dollars ($1,247,000):  And whereas, it will be necessary to raise annually by rato the sum of eleven hundred and  seventy-eight dollars and seventy-two cents  ($1178.72) for paying the said debtand interest.  Now tliereforo, the Municipal Council of tho  Corporation of the City of Nelson in council  assembled, enacts ns follows:  1. Itshall and may be lawful for tho mayor of  the Corporation of the City of Nelson to borrow,  upon tho credit of tho said Corporation, by way  ot the debentures hereinafter mentioned, from  any person or persons, body or bodies corporate,  wlio may be willing to advance tlio same as a  loan, a sum of money not exceeding on the  whole tho sum of fifteen thousand dollars ($15,-  000.00), and to cause all such sums so raised or  received to be paid into the hands of the treasurer of die said corporation, for the purpose and  with tho object hereinbefore recited.  2. Itshall be lawful for the mayor of the said  Corporation to cause any number of debentures  to be mado. oxocuted and issued for such sum or  sums as may be required for tho purpose and object aforesaid, not exceeding, however, tho sum  of fifteen thousand dollars ($15,000.00): each of  the said debentures being of the denomination of  one thousand dollars ($1,000.00). and all such debentures shall be sealed with the seal of the Corporation and signed hy the mavor thereof.  3. The said debentures shall bear date tho Ut  day pf October, A. I). 1900, and shall be mado  payable in twenty years from tho said date, in  lawful money of Canada, at the office of the  Bank of Montreal in Nelson aforesaid, which  said place of payment shall be designated by the  said debentures, and shall havc attached to them  coupons for tho payment of interest, and the signatures to the interest coupons may be cither  written, stamped, printed or lithographed.  -4. The said debentures shall bear interest at  the rate of 4 per centum por annum from the  date thereof, wliich interest shall be payable  semi-annually at said office of the Bank of Montreal in Nelson aforesaid, in lawful money of  Canada, on tho 1st day of April and the 1st day  of October respectively, in each year during the  currency thoroof, and shall be expressed In said  debentures and coupons to bo so payable.  5. It shall be lawful for tho mayor of said Corporation to negotiate and sell the said debentures or any of them for less than par: but in no  case shall the said debentures or any of them lie  negotiated or sold for less than ninety-five por  centum of their face value, including the cost of  negotiating and sale, brokerage and other incidental expenses.  G. There shall be raised and levied in each year  during the ourrencv of said debentures the sum  of six hundred dollars-($600.00) for the pavm*nt  of interest and the sum of five hundred and  seventy-eight, dollars and seventy-two cents  ($578.72) for the payment of the debt duo under  tho said debentures by a rato sufficient therefor  on all the rateable land in tho said Municipality.  7. It shall bo lawful for tho said Municipal  .Council to re-purchase "any of the said deben- _  tures upon such terms as'*rnay he agreed upon  with the legal holder or holders thereof, or any  part thereof, either at the time of sale or any  subsequent time or times, and all debentures so  repurchased shall forthwith be cancelled and destroyed, and no re-issue of debentures so ro-pur- ���  chased shall be made in consequence of such repurchase.  8. This by-law shall take effect on the thirty- *  first day of July, A. D., 1900.  NOTICE.  ' Take notice that the above is a true copy of Iho  proposed By-Law upon which the vote of tho  municipality- will be taken, for the Kast ward at  theCity Police CourtRoomon Josephine street;for  the We-t ward at the ofllce of the Exchequer  Gold Mining Company, on the north sido of Baker  street; between Stanley and Kootenav streets, on  Wednesday, the 18th day of July, at 8 o'clock iu  the forenoon. W. K. WASSON,  Acting City Clerk.  Nelson, B. C, July 4th, 1900.  Corporation of the City of Kelson,.  _3-__--Xj___TW  35TO-   70.'  A by-law to raise $20,000.00 to extend the sewage  svstem.  Whereas; a petition has been presented to the   -'  Municipal  Council   of the Corporation of tho  City of Nolson, signed by the owners of at least   '  one-tenth of tho value of the re.il property of the  said citv, as shown  by the last revised assess- '   '  ment roll, requesting the said Council to introduce a By-law to raise the sum of twenty-thousand dollars ($20,010 00) for the purpose of extending the sewage system of tho said City.  And whereas it ia deemed ncccsary and expedient to extend the sewage system of tho City  of Nelson for the convenience of the citizens.  And whereaa, it is  expedient to borrow tho  said sum of twenty thousand dollars ($20,000.00)     _  for tho purposes aforesaid.  And whereas the whole amount of the rateable  land of the said City,  according to the last revised     assessment   rolls   is    one  million   two  hundred a.jd forty-seven'thousand dollars (31,- ������  247,000.00). ���>  And whereas it will be necessary to raiso annually by rate Lhe sum of Fifteen Hundred and  'Sevontyrono dollars and sixty-three cents  ($1571.63) for paying the said debt and interest.  Now therefore, the Municipal Council of tho .    ,  Corporation of the City ot Nelson'in Council '"  assembled enacts as follows:       ��� - ��� ;  1.: It shall and may be lawful for the Mayor of  tho'Corporation of the City of Nelson to borrow. 'q~>  upoii the ereditof the said Corporation, by way of Aj  the Debentures hereinafter mentioned, from any  person or persons, body or bodies corporate, who. '* ,  may bo willing to advance the same a* a loan,  a sum of money not exceeding in the wholo the  sum of twenty thousand ��� dollars ($20,000.00), and .  to cause all such sums so raised or rereived to.  bo paid into the hands of the Treasurer of tho *  said Corporation for the purposes and with tho' "  objects hereinbefore n-citcd.  2. It shall be lawful for the mayor of the said  Corporation to caut.e any number of debentures  to bo made, executed and issued for such sum or  sums'as may be required for the purpose and object aforesaid, not exceeding, however, the sum  of twenty thousand dollars ($20,000.00), each of  the said Debentures being of the denomination  of one thousand dollars ��1,000.00(, and all such  Dcbcntuics shall be fealed with the seal of the  Corporation and signed by the Mayor thereof. *  3. The said Debentures .shall bear date the 1st  day of Oct., A. D.. 1900, and shall be mado payable in twenty years from the sniddate, in lawful  money of Canada, at the, office of the Bank of  Montreal in Nelson aforesaid, which said plnco  of payment shall be designated by the said Debentures, and shall have attached to ihcm coupons for the payment of interest," and the signatures to the interest coupons may be either  written, stamped, printed or lithographed.  4. The said Debentures shall bear interest afc  the rate of four per centum per annum from  the date thereof, which interest shall be payable  semi-annually at said ofllce of the Bank of Montreal in Nelson aforesaid, in lawful money of  Canada, on tho 1-t day of April and the 1st day of  October, respectively, in each year during tho  currency thereof and it shall be expressed in said  Debentures and coupons to be so payable.  5. It shall ho lawful for the Mayor of thos-.id  Corporation to negotiate and sell the said Debentures or any of tliem for lo^s than par: but in  no case shall tho said debentures or any of them  be negotiated or sold for loss than ninety-live per  cent of tlieir face value, including tho cost of lie-  goti atinK_and3ale,,brokeragc_audlalLother_iiici-  "dental expenses.  li. There shall bo raised and levied in each  year during the currency of said Debentures the  sum of cighthundreddol'ars ($800.00) for the payment of interest, and the sum of seven hundred  and seventy-one dollars and sixty-three cents  ($771.63) for the payment of the debt due under  the said Debentures by a rate sufllcient therefor  on all the rateable land in the said Municipality.  7. It shall bo lawful for tho said Municipal  Council to re-purchase any of the said Debentures upon such terms as may be agreed upon  with tho losal holder or holders thereof, or any  part thoroof. either at tho time of sale or any  subsequent time or times, and all Debentures so  re-purchased shall forthwith bo cancelled and  destroyed, and no re-issuo of Debentures so repurchased shall bo made in consequenco of such  rc-purchaso.  8. This By-Law shall take ofrcct on tho thirty-  flivtday of July, A. D. 1900.  NOTICE.  Take nol ice. That tho above I.s a true copy of  the proposed By-Law upon which the vote of tho  MuniciDiility will be taken for tho East Ward at  the City Police Court Koom on Josephine street;  for tho West Ward at the oflleo of the Exche*  qucr Gold Mining Co., on the north side of Baker  street between Stanloy and Kootenay streets, on  Wednesday, the 18th day of July, at 8o'clock iu  the forenoon.  W. E. WASSON.  Acting City Clerk.  Nolson, B. C, July 4th. 1900.  Corporation of the City of Nelson  NOTICE.  Public Notico is hereby given that the votes of  the electors will be taken on the following By-  Laws, viz:  By-Law No. 68. A By-Law to raiso $15,000.00 to  extend the waterworks system.  By-Law No. 69. A By-Law to raise $]o,000.<*0 to  extend and improve the Klectric Light System.  By-Law No. 70. A By-I^iw to raise $20,000.00 to.  extend the Sewage System.  By-Law No. 71. A By-Law to raise $20,000.00 to  improve tho streets.  By-Law No. 72. A By-Law to raiso $6,000.00 to  purchase a road making plant.  On Thursday, tho ISth day of July. 1900. between the hours of 8 o'clock a.m, and 4 o'clock  p.m.  The votes of the electors for the East Warn  will be taken at the city police court room on  Josephine street, and the votes of the electors for  the West Ward at tho oflicc of tho Exchequor  Gold Mining Company, on the north side of Bakor  streot between Stanley street and Kootenay  street.  Any male or female being of the full ago of  twenty-one years who i.s tho assessed owner of  land or real property within tho municipality  shall have a vote cither confirming or negativing-  tho said By-Laws in each ward in which ho orshe  may bo assessed for land or property. By order  XV. E. WASSON.  Acting City Clerk and Returning Officer.  Nelson. B. C, July 4th, 1900,  .;.-.-'r��'V)i*-'Z,  '^__^y^'$___Tf^^\  ���;���::;: ������������~t".W&&W%&i'  . i' a?? J;:^vSf JSsft'5?g ,- Vij. j_& _n_n,-:~K��  THE TRIBUNE: NELSON, B.G-, WEDNESDAY JULY It 1900  ffl  m  3-1'.  I* ft  1 *nM  I "�����������*��,*���* ������  to  it- ***���  ��.-J  u_m  mi  km  m  ml  IsSS  Inf  ill  W  lm  I J1  |;  IS'  ��  I1!  fi  1��:  As^ayers' Supplier  <P->.i��miw i ���  i\\��u��3_mma_m_____ta__t_m^^'mmm._mim____m_a_M-tmmBmmiimmm w'"^Mi^"l��'"l'Biw^ww^B����i*^^"^*^M"^*^^*''^^''^MB,*^*l*^*****MI***,l^''wl'****MIM'****w**^  In these goods we keep a full supply and are able to fill the largest orders without delay.   Take  a glance at our window and see the largest assortment of assayers' supplies in Canada.  W. RTeetzel Sc Co.  Victoria Block, Corner Baker and Josephine Streets.  NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  HATS! HATS!  We have just received a large consignment of Stetson hats in all the latest shapes and styles, also hats from  some of the best English makers, includings Christy's celebrated hard hats, which we are selling at prices to suit  everybo'J y. ____m__^^M_^___m_____m  Tfe' Nelson  Clothing House  uf  to  to  to  to  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  **'���__.   ��>_*���_*'__'���__''.-*'���--'��� J*-*?'.  C___r 1_t____ yap. ^_uu*r 4__t__* ���t____r> ^____0 ^^-w ^k___* *^_\_0 ^_uW0  ��?: <3r ��? ^. ^. ^ �������� at*. ^. >5. ar  ESTABLISHED IN NELSON IN 1890.  o..  JACOB DOVER, JEWELER  \Ve are once more before   you.     We    ure  headquarters  for all  kinds.   of     precious  jewels.    We   arc   up  to   elate   in   designs  and   right   prices.    I  have the goods and I  want you all to know.  I guarantee all goods  bone, .fc from me to compete in price aud quality with the east  and i ho west. Call and inspect our diamonds, pearls, sapphires  aud rubies. They have no equal in British Columbia. I want  your patronage.   All goods bought from us are guaranteed.  to  to  to  JACOB DOVER, The Jeweler |  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  iSL  4^  workmen.  Nelson, British Columbia.  Our watchmaking and repairing depart  ment   is strictly  up to��  date, and we   are * prepared   to   repair   every  and all kinds of watches.  Settings of every description   made.' Every ' description of repairing done by competent  Mail orders receive prompt attention.  Xti  Jacob Dover, Jeweler  Baker  Street,   Nelson.  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  ffl  _2Zl_Zt'^___}-_Z'^__'^_.-m_i^'^ I0.l0.l_t-_?-0���&>(����� 10-__-^'I*-A**-*-  Just Received...  A large consignment of the latest  styles of hats, union and custom  made.   Clothing  for bargains  at  ... THEO MADSON'S  BAKER STREET, NELSON.  CLOTHING HOUSE.  EBEKI  AT NELSON OPERA HOUSE  MONDAY EVENING JULY 16th, 1900  ADMISSION $1  PLAN OPENS FRIDAY  Kootenay   Coffee   Co.  NELSON. B. O.  Coffee roasters and dealers Is Tea and Coffee.  Offer fresh roasted coffee of best quality aa  follows:  Java and Arabian Maoba, per pound......f  40  Java and Mocha J.'leud, 3 pounds  1 00  Fine Santos, i pounds  100  Santos Blend, 5 pounds  1 00  Our Special Blend. 6 pounds  1 00  Our Bio Roost, 6 pounda  1 00  A faial ordir solicited.  Salesroom 2 doors east  of Oddfellow r block, Wast Baker street.  Palace IVjeat NJar^et  Headquarters  for all kinds of  Fresh and Cured Meats.  A feature will be made of the poultry and  game trade. They will always be on hand during; their season.  J. L.  PORTER, Prop.  169 Josephine St.. between Baker and Vernon.    I  Telephono 159.  CITY LOCAL NEWS  Afc tlio mooting of the members  of llie Nelson Laborers'Protective  Union, held on Monday evening the  following officers were elected : A.  W. Me Fee, president; W. Lynch,  vice-president; P. S. Shackleton, recording secretary; George Payne,  financial secretary; and George  Harris, treasurer. Messrs. McFee,  Lynch, Pope and Haslam were appointed delegates to the Trades und  Labor Council.  The quarterly returns of the  births, deaths and marriages in the  Nelson district have been compiled  by mining recorder Wright for  transmission to Victoria. The  figures are: Hirths 38, deaths 50,  marriages 70.  Willia J. Baverstock was badly  hurt in an explosion at the Silver  Hill mine on Crawford creek Monday morning. Jle was brought to  Nelson at an early hour yesterday  and removed to the Crickmay hospital. . Ifc is feared he may lose the  uso of both eyes.  The body of an unknown man  ,wus found floating face downward  in the lake off Seven-mile point  yesterday morning. ; Dr. Arthur,  the coroner, was notified of the discovery and directed that the body  should be brought to the city. The  remains aro supposed to be those of  an Italian biit no clue to the dead  man's identity has been found as  yet.  No trace has been found of the  whereabouts of Thomas O'Brien,  ex-foreman at the Molly Gibson  mine, lt was alleged that lie was  seen at Kaslo on Sunday or Monday, but this proved to be incorrect. The report of.the finding of  a body in the lake alarmed Mr.  O'Brien's fiiendsryesterday but the  remains were those of an unknown  man.  Tickets are selling Avell for the  entertainment to be given tonight  at the Methodist church by the  Ladies' Aid of that church. Miss  Lottie Tillotson, the well known  elocutionist, will give an entertainment assisted by local musical  talent, including Mr. and'Mrsi Cald:  well.   The show begins at 8 o'clock.  W. J. Scott, private banker of  Listowel, Ontario, spent yesterday  in the city en route to California.  He spent the day at the Venus mine  in which he is a Large stockholder.  II. L. Brown, of the C. P. R. passenger department, says a Winnipeg dispatch, has been promoted to  the position of city agent here.  The examinations for teachers'  certificates closed at the Central  school yesterday. Edward B. Paul,  M. A., the presiding examiner, returned to Vancouver last night.  The following inscription has  been engraved on the trophy won  by MeLeod & Ringwood of the Slocan Star miue in last week's drilling contest: "Dominion Day cele-  =brationr=drilling-trophy_presented"  by the London & B. C. Goldfields,  ORANGEMEN'S  EXCURSION  TO  SLOCAN OITY  Thursday, July 12  Arrangements have been perfected for a first-class program  of sports, including a football  tournament for the championship of Kootenay in which four  teams will compete.  SPECIAL EXCURSION RATES  OF HALF FARE HAVE BEEN SECURED  Members of the local L. O. L.  1692, will meet at the lodge room  at 6:30 a. m. on the morning of  the 11th and proceed to the C. P.  R. depot, headed by the Citizen's  band.   Everybody welcome.  Limited, to be won twice by same  mine." The names of the winning  team will be displayed on a silver  plate attached to the ebony base.  A rise iu the wholesale price of  Hour amounting to $1.40 per barrel,  caused by an alleged failure of the  wheat crops in Manitoba, Minnesota and Dakota, has occasioned a  sharp advance in bread, which is  now selling at teh cents for single  loaves, fifteen cents for double  loaves and 10 loaves for a dollar.  By special request the Clara  Mathes company is reproducing  "Brown's in Town" tonight. This  is the last night of their engagement here, and no one should miss  seeing them. Last night they  played "The Legion of Honor" to a  good house. The play was deservedly exceedingly well received.  BASEBALL _AM  FOOTBALL  Notes oh Athletics.  The Nelson Junior Baseball Club  is arranging to bring a team of  Sandon youngsters here for a game  within the next few weeks, and are  desirous that citizens should bear  the event in mind as the visitors'  expenses must be defrayed and a  good gate is essential to this end.  The captain and manager of the  junior ball team is Wihnot Stead,  and the battery consists of Homer  McLean, pitcher, and Leslie McBeath, catcher.,' None of the members are over 10 years and they put  up a lively game. Several ot the  lads promise,to, develop iuto first  class players and in a couple of  seasons will undoubtedly be drafted  into the intermediate or senior  nines. The.club, is uniformed, their  colors being similar to those of the  Nelson seniors, "and. the. boys are  quite .as enthusiastic over the sport  as any baseball fans in the city.  The members, of the football club  will shortly form a second eleven.  TJie club has 00 members, tte maf  jority of whom' play more Or less  well. ��� The s.elec.tion:of a team from  this number has been a difficult task  and caused heartburnings in various  quarters, and-it is:, not; among the  impossibilities; that ah eleven,,can  be -!pickedj' which, AA'ith..practice}  can defeat the,..first.,team.,-: In any  event there is., ample material for  another team quite able to hold its  own against most of the clubs in  this district;'* o~-:V<*   ���  ���*. ���'    ���"-..  i -  Football enthusiasts,;vare, now  AA'orking up a (game between married and single,"p.layers. Most of  the regular men are bachelors, but  the benedicts, are satisfied that they'  can pick a team which wiil give a  good account of itself.  The next CM. It. L.--match Avill  be. shot at the, ranges oii the 21st  instant.. The members should  make an effort to get the shooting  oArer earlier in the - day. Last Saturday both . teams lost, points  through, failing light, and with the  first team over the 800 mark, every  point is A'aluable.  *��� , * i_   The,team to represent. Nelson iu  the football.tournament at Slocan  City on the.,J2th instant was se-  lelson-Opera House  RE-ENGAGEMENT  Clara Mathes Company  THREE   NIGHTS.  Ladies  Free   Tonight  BROWN'S  IN TOWN  LAST PERFORMANCE  Ladies free if accompanied by one paid ndmis-  s'on.  Doors open at 8 o'clock. Commence at 8:30  o'clock.  Seals oi) Sale at Opera House Book Store  ESTABLISHED 1892  H.   BYERS   &  CO.  HARDWARE  ESTABLISHED 1892  Garden, Mill, Steam and Suction  Hose.  Crucible   Cast  Steel   Wire Rope  5-16 to 1-in. in  stock.  Leather and  Rubber Belting.  Sheet, Square and Round Rubber  Flax and Garlock Packing  Pipe Fittings, Brass Goods, Rails  Black and Galvanized Sheet Iron  Soft Steel Plates  1-8, 3-16 and 1-4 x 72, 96 and 120  Agonts���Truax Ore Oars, Uiant Powdor, and Metropolitan Fuse, etc.  H. BYERS & CO.  NELSON KASLO SANDON  M  lected yesterday morning as fol-  Ioavs: Goal, Munroe; backs, Dill  (captain) and Fisher; halfbacks,  Montgomery, Worth and Barnes;  forwards, Martin, Duncan, Thompson, McNichol and Crough.  The manager of the Nelson baseball team received a telegram last  night from manager M. B. Bridge-  ford of the Stanford University  team saying that the Californians  will play here next Saturday, the  14th instant. Lovers of the game  Avill see some good ball.  ACceur d'Alene Mine Manager.  A short time ago the management  of the St. Eugene mine in East  Kootenay were having some pipe  laid in their mine. After a few  days' Avork one of the gangs laying  pipe got underground, and at i  o'clock, Avhen the eight-hour shift  ended, the miners told the gang to  quit work. The men demurred,  saying they AArere not miners, but  Avere told that if they did. not an  information would be laid against  them and that they would be fined.  They accordingly quit Avork. Next  morning James Cronyn, the superintendent, fired them, declining absolutely to listen to any explana-.  tion. One of the men has a Avife  and large family to support and is  out of pocket as Avell as his fare  from here to Moyie and back.  Millionaire's. Sudden Death.  Allentoavn, Pennsylvania, July  10.���EdAvard, Trealier, aged 73  years,' a retired millionaire lumber  dealer, AAras struck by, a Philadelphia & Reading freight train aud  killed today while driving home  from his farm near. Emans.  ��. League Games.  Syracuse 2, Toronto 7.  Rochester 1, Montreal 4.  Hartford 13, Providence 3.  Detroit 9, Kansas City 0.  Cincinnati 5, Philadelphia 2.  Springfield 8, Worcester. 5.  Springfield 5, Worcester 8, (second  game). *  Cleveland 7, Milwaukee 0.  Indianapolis ,4, Minneapolis 3.  HOTEL  ARRIVALS.  PHAIR.-.T. AV. Scott and son, Listowel; H. N.  Ring, Frodcricton, N. R; G. M Globe. Portland,  Ore.; T. P. Mclntyre, W inuipeg; H. H. Barker,  Furiiiington, N. H.; A. S. Hayes, Boston, Mass.;  ���J. C. Holden, N'itie-uiilo Point; Geo. Alexander,  Kaslo; II. P. Montgomery Trail.  Hl'MK.���R. Maehin, Victoria; John 'Doucer.  Toronto; C. K. Beckles, G. S. Thonias. Spokane;  II. AV. Schultz, Toronto; AV. II. l.angri 'ge, Revelstoke; Ij. Huncook, Spokane; C. I,. Foiles, Kau  Claire. AA'ls.; C. H. Hand, Sandon. -    -  QUKKN'S.���G. FilMrant. Montreal; C. Do-  horty. Field; AV. G. Scott and wife. Alamo; J.  AVright, Yakimi; AV. Sherratt, Sandon; D. J.  Brown, Nine-Mile Puint.  BUSINESS   MENTION.  -���Wanted Dining-room���girl���at-  Hotel Phair.  Young lady Avould like to exchange work for board and room. Apply K. M. ti..  Tribune Oflloe.  Wanted���Situation for a strong  girl of 15. of no homo. ?10 per month. Apply  Mrs. Fergusson, Silica street.  Lady Help���English lady requires  re-engagement. Country preferred. Good cook.  Musical.   Miss Jamos, Okotoks, Alberta.  Furnished Rooms���$8 .per month;  or board with room if desired at $C per week.  Cedar street, between Baker and Vernon streots.  AV. P. .Stone.  Furnished Rooms with   Bath���  Two doors oast City Hall, Victoiia street.  For sale or rent���the B. C. Hotel,  at Erie, B. C. Terms reasonable. Apply to Joo  Canipboll, Brio, B. C.  Furnished rooms  to let���Apply  Carney block, one door east of Oddfellow's hall.  Hack   calls left at   the   Pacific  Transfer  barn on Vornon street. ,. Telophono  call 35.  For Rent���Dwelling on Carbonate  stroet, noxt to ex-mayor. N.eolands, possession  July 1st; rent "*25.   Enquiro.Mrs. Robinson.  MONEY TO LOAN  AT  ALL TIMES  ON   IMPROVED    PROPERTY.  STRAIGHT LOANS  At 8 per cent, interest payable semi-annually.  INSTALLMENT PLAN LOANS  To pay off a loan of $1000 with  interest and principal, for a  period of live years  $20.90 per mon< h  Seven years     lfi 75    "  Ten years     12 !0    "      "  Fifteen years     10 35    "      '*  Refrigerators  Prices from $10 to $30  LAWRENCE HARDWARE COMPANY  \-&__w^z^l__\-9_\i��l-__\9_\_9__ii__\S_\ *S":S"S"a*'g"a*'S"S"S8''S',S"��t  f/Ji-��'^:'^-*"-^-,��*"��*C"'*5',5''St'-,5"- -0-0.9'0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0'/^^  Uf  to  to  to  to  to  to  185 Baker Street. Telephone 10.  KIRKPATRICK  & WILSON.  xti  to  xti  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  We .have, removed our place of business  for the next few months to the old Burns  shop, next to the Nelson Hotel, where we  ffl   hope to see all our old customers and many ffl  to   new ones.   Give us a call. ffl  ffl ffl  ffl                                   ���:  to  V.        KIRKPATRICK & WILSON to  ffl ffl  to   Telephone IO                185 Baker Street ffl  xtt. m  '���^'l_'^-^'T_t'^'_��-^-2Zt-2Zt'^ :��_���__'  ���0S^S'0-0-0-S0-0-9-0-0-0-0       <s-?-v*9-'7-^-?-'?-^>3r.?.3��  1  WE   ARE  What the public pronounces to be the Leading Grocers  of Nelson, where the Best Goods can be had at LoAvest  Prices. Try us and be convinced, Avhat everybody says  must be true.  The Western Mercantile Company, Limited  GROCERS  BAKKK ST.  NELSON  WHY BUY CANNED FRUITS?  We Have the Strawberries, Sug-ar,  and Fruit Jars.  P. O. BOX 176.  -HOUSTON-BLOCKS  Telephono IG1.  Car Load of Lake ottho_Ayoods_  Flour"Just Received.  John ^irvirjg &Co  P. Burns & Co.  Wholesale and Retail  ���^mSoVkd. Dealers in Meats  Markets at Nelson, Rossland, Trail, Kaslo, Ymir, Sandon, Silverton, New  Denver, Revelstoke, Ferguson, Grand Forks, Greenwood, Cascade City, Midway, and Vancouver.   ,         Mail Orders Promptly Forwarded  West Kootenay Butcher Co)  ALL KINDS OF  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  Baker Street, Nelson E#  Q    TRAVES,   Manager  ORDERS BY MAIL RECEIVE CAREFUL AND PROMPT ATTENTION.  Kootenay Electric Supply & Construction Co., ltd.  Electric Fixtures Electric Fans  Medical Batteaies  HOUSTON BLOCK,  CORNER BAKER AND JOSEPHINE STREETS.  Nelson, B. C.  Don't Imbibe Snakes  ./Wi  H. R. CAMERON OPPOSITEPO_TOFFrC__  Baker Street, Nolson. Agent and Appraiser. I OPPOSITE POSTOFFICE.  Lots of them In the city water.  Get one of oup filters  on trial.   Prices 40 cents, $1.26 and $1.75.  -  STRACHAN BROTHERS.  B"��h.rf���<  ''-_f&_'-��^_^_ts._-iS-.i.:.-:frH'-'t:"^ ;���^;*


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