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 _M9_i_m��tii$imi>i&&!!tt_$_ii^^ >��� - - -  _wr*mi_-**���_rHil���  &;i���&iv^*wn^*n_*fi��_^____.._L**,>r.&.e^^_MvrM&*^.l**-*-_*_^  m_wm6umm_w_ms_*0___tmMmm*m____m'00*00i0^^  yaswi ���&(}!%&_$**___&��;$��� r(* 'lift 71 i.i  BJJJ-WII?11 H.i.J-1  . Q  DAILY  EDITION   BY  MAIL  FIVE  DOLLARS A YEAR  WEEKLY EDITION BY MAIL  TWO DOLLARS A YEAR  EIGHTH YEAR  NELSOST:   MONDAY MORNING JULY  16  1900  PRICE FIVE CENTS  LAST FIGHT AGAINST ODDS  it  The  Lady.  '���***,  Americans Protest.  London, July  1.0.���1:30 a. in  steins impossible to entertain any  longer the least doubt as to the fate  of the Europeans in Pekin.  Associated Press learns that  Hart, wife of sir Kobert Hart, director of Chinese imperial maritime  customs, on July 5 received the following telegram from her husband :  "Our people, including the women,  aie in the legations, prepare to hear  l he worst."  , The European governments havo  received from the representatives  at Shang-Hai a dispatch from the  governor of Shang Tung, dated July  ���'i. reporting the European troops  made a sortie from Pekin and killed  p'100 of-general Tung Fuh Siang's  ���^- forces and that the Boxers were  mounting guns to make a breach in  llie defences.  Under date of July 12th the  governor of Shang Tung wires as  follows: "Native soldiers and  Boxers have been attacking the  legations for some hours but'have  not yet effected'an entrance.; They  are now bombarding with large  cannon to" make a breach for a  heavy onslaught. I fear that all  tlio ministers, and the government  as well, are in great danger. - The  government is intensely anxious."  Finally came the news from  Shang-Hai that a breach had beeu  made and the foreigners killed. All  the dates probably refer to a much  cat Her period, but the presumption  ,is that the successive dispatches  give an outline of what has happened. The Europeans, having  reached the end of their resource?,  mule a desperate sortie and then  bravely met tlieir fate. The details  of the horrible story will probably  never be known.  Admiral Seymour's despatches  give'the latest uews regarding the  situation at Tien-Tsin. Telegrams  to tlio Associated Press show that  tlio operations on July 11 were a  brilliant success. The Japanese  cavalry aud a mobile mounted bat-  tei-y did splendid work. Four hundred -Chinese were killed and.six  gnus captured. At noon the settlements were again vigorously shelled  from the native city, aud the hosjii-  tiils and other buildings wero repeatedly hit. The moral effect of  the success of the allied forces upon  the Chinese is believed to be A'ery  " great.  The following is the text of an  appeal of Amcricaus in China,  assembled in mass meeting in  Shang-Hai, to their fellow citizens  at home:  "Urge the government tosendadequate forces to act effectively in  concert with .the other poweis. At  present the American forces are  quite disproportionate to the interest involved. Our commercial  interests in the northern provinces  are paramount, aud we consider it  a humiliating policy to entrust to  other powers the chief task, that of  protecting Americans,  "ATvti-foreigli outrages are raulti-  plying daily. Officials and'missiou-  aries are being massacred. The  fate of the ministers and their  families in Pekin is not known, but  a general massacre i.s apprehended.  AVholesalc massacres of native  Christians continue. The whole  country is terrorized. "Trade is  \f paralysed/- The speedy restoration  ^ if order and retribution are duties  .pressing upon all civilized powers.  ' The consequences of delay will be  disastrous. Not only are foreigu  lives and property placed in jeopardy but the loss of influence will  be incalculable."  The Shang-Hai correspondent of  t he Daily Mail says :  ���*l can assert positively that the  Chinese authorities had the dreadful news from Pekin a week ago,  and that Sheng knew that all the  foreigners in Pekin were dead when  he asked the American consul to  cable to Washington a proposal to  deliver the foreigners in safety ��at  Tieu-Tsin on condition that the  powers would suspend their operations to the north of Pekin."  The correspondent adds certain  details of affairs at Pekin after  June 25th. According to his story  tlio members of the legations made  daily sorties, sometimes by night,  and so successfully as to compel  The Chinese to retreat from the iin-  Hi '.cliate vicinity. These reverses  ha I a disheartening effect upon the  Cainese, and there soon began to be  oLJen signs of disaffection, followed  by desertions to prince Ching's  army, which was endeavoring to  c --operate with the besieged.  Ultimately Prince Tuan decided  to make a night attack in three  powerful columns.  rN  "At 6 o'clock on the evening of  July Oth," says the correspondent,  "fire was opened with artillery upon the British legation where the  foreigners were concentrated. For  two hours the wall were battered  with shot and shell, and huge  breaches were made in them. Then  a general advance was ordered, and  tho Chinese infantry, volleying constantly, moved toward the gaps.  The fire of the defenders, however,  was so accurate and steady that  the hordes of Chinese soldiers and  Boxers broke and lied in confusion  leaving laige numbers of dead and  wounded around the legation. They  could-not be rallied until they were  out of rifle range of the foreigners.  "Then prince Tuan, makiug a desperate appeal, induced them to  stand and return to the attack.  Artillery fire was then resumed and  at the middle watch a second attack was attempted.  "Unfortunately many of prince  Ching's troops deserted to prince  Tuan; Prince Ching fell and was  supposed to have been killed, but as  the search for his body was unsuccessful it is now believed he was  only wounded, and was carried off  and secreted by his faithful retainers.  "General Wang AVen Shao, although gray haired and 70 years of  age, valiantly led his troops in  person. He was killed and his  force, which was completely outnumbered, was routed.  "Throughout the night eperated  attacks were made on the legation,  but these were invariably repulsed  with heavy losses. ' Toward the  end of the third .watch, about 5  a. in., the allies had practically defeated the besiegers, who were  wavering and gradually withdrawing, but just then general Tung Fu  Siang arrived from the vicinity of  Tien-Tsin with a large force. By  this time the walls of the "legation  had been battered down and most  of the buildings were in ruins.  Many of the allies had fallen at  their posts, and the small band that  was left took refuge iu the wrecked  buildings, :which they endeavored  hastily to.fortify. -  "  . ';Upon.these.the fire of the Chinese,  artillery was how directed. Towards sunrise it was evident that  the ammunition of the allies was  running out, and at 7 o'clock, as the  advances of the Chinese force failed  to draw a response, a rush was determined upon.  "Thus, standing together, as the  sun rose the little remaining band,  all Europeans,.. met death stubbornly. There was a desperate  haud to hand encounter. ; The  Chinese lost heavily, but as one  man fell others advanced, and,  finally overcome by overwhelming  odds, every, one of the Europeans  remaining was put to the sword in  the most atrocious manner."  ATTEMPT MADE TO COERCE  Merchants in Nelson.  Last March^THE^TRiHKNE-  .had.  occasion to refer to the West  Ivooteuay Power & Light Company  of Rossland in a way that was not  at all satisfactory to the company's  managor. That company had been,  and still is, making persistent efforts to gain an entrance into Nelson, so as to be in a position to  compete witli the eity in sup2:*lying  electricity for power and light.  Tijr Tkihunk is opposed to this  scheme, as it believes that municipalities, wheu engaged in the business of supplying Avater and light  to the people Avithin the municipality, should not bo required to  enter into competition Avith pri-  Arate companies. This position is  not at all to the liking of the management of the West Kootenay  PoAver & Light Company of Rossland and the feAV in Nelson who  are opposed to municipal oAvner-  ship of public utilities, and attempts  have been made to coerce business  men in Nelson. Business men Avho  patronize The Tribune were told  that unless they made The Tribune apologize for its statements  regarding the West Kootenay  Power & Light Company of Rossland that the company would withdraw all its patronage from the  merchants of Nelson. The merchants so approached made it plain  to the man who approached them  that they AA'ould not do as requested. Since then the merchants  so approached are on the company's  black list. Yet there^ are men in  Nelson avIio Avill vote on Wednesday next against the city and in  favor of a company that has its  headquarters at Rossland. These  men are not numerous, it is true;  but the people of Nelson should  know who their friends are.  STANFORD BEATEN EASILY  Notes on Athletics.  Tho Stanford baseball team  proved comparatively easyr> victims  for the Nelson nine on Saturday.  It Avas a ragged game, however,  only in part redeemed by heavy  hitting. Waters pitched a splendid game, but got poor support,  Eacritt being the only man on the  infield avIio did not figure in the  error column. Eacritt had just five  chances and he accepted all of  them. He covered a great deal of  ground, and by fast work shut out  two promising.hits. .Nine-hits were  charged up against Waters, but as  an offset to this he gathered in no  less than tAvelve of the Stanford  at the plate. ���...-.  Cryderman, Avho occupied the box  for the visitors, was a mark, and  the "former heavy hitters of the  Nelson team, Avho have, been off  color for the past "two weeks, fattened up their batting averages,  Rockenfield getting more hits in  Saturday's game than he has made  this season on the home grounds.  The visitors' infield played very  ���good ball, but after McKeown got  hurt in the sixth inning, and the  ���outfield   was changed,  the  errors  came   thick   ant  fast.  The  score"  folloAvs:  'N'RLSON.             A.I!.  it.   ii.H.  sn. r.o  .   A.  K.  Houston C   fl  3-    2  1)     10  3  .*  Partridge, lb 4  :���     i  0    12  0  I  AAraters. p  f!  :i     2  0       1  3  1  Rockenfield, ss 4  4       3  0       1  1  3  Mills, c f  ti  1       3  0       0  0  1  Eacritt, 2b li  0       2  0       1  1  0  AVorth..3b  .">  0       1  1       0  0  1  Phair, l.f  .  1      2  0      0  0  .   0  Blackwood, rf  3  1      1  0      1  0  0  Total 40  10     18  1    !2G  11  8  'Kane out through being hit with batted ball.  STANKOItl)          A.H.  H.   ��.H.  sir. l'.o  A.  K  Edwards, ss 5  1       2  l)      2  (i  ���)  Loughced, c  it  . 1       1*  0      8  1  0  Kane, lb 5  2      3  0     13  1  1  Quigley, 2 b .>  1       1  0      2  1  0  Connor, 3 b 3  1      0  0      2  _  I)  McKeown, If    3-  0      0  0      0  0  0  Marsh, rf *. 2  0      0  0      0  0  0  Cryderman, p  __  2   -   0  0   .  0  3  0  Hanover, rf and cf. 4  1       1  0      0  0  2  Hannifin, cf and If 4  1-    1"  I      ,0  0  3  Total 41  10       9  1     27  11  8  SCOKE BY INNINGS  Nelson 0  14   0  0   fl   0 v  3   3-  -10  Stanford 0  3   2   0  0   0   1  4   0-  -10  Summary���Stolon bases���Houston. Pocken-  .fle'd (4),-Edwards, Quigley and Cryderman.' Two-  ���base hits���Partridge, Hanover. Three-base;hlt8  '���Hons'on, AVaters. Home run���Kane. Double  '���plays--Kane to Quigley and Edwards to Kane.  ��� Base on balls���off AAratcrs 2. Connor (2); off Cry-  " dor man 3, Itockenflcld ti), Houston. Passed bn'ls  '���Houston 2. Struck out���by Wators 12; fcd-  ��� wards, I.ougheed (3), Kane, Connor.'.McKeown  '���(���>), Marsh, Cryderman, Hanover, Hannifin; by  Cryderman 8; Partridge (2), Waters Mills,  iEacritt, Worth (2). Blackwood.   ..>,.::....'.  Umpire���Frank V. Moore.  The Nelson football club has heard  nothing further in regard to the  suggested tournament at Slocan  City today. So far as can be learned  all the teams invited declining-to  participate. Correspondence is under way'with" a view to securing a  game here with Kaslo on Saturday  next. . The management will probably not pull off the game until a  Aveek later as the baseball club has  announced a game here with Spokane on that day.      '  Dr. Hall carried of the honors at  the ranges on Saturday with a  -score=of=7-2i=^The"other=scores"were':=  H. E. Macdonnell 83, J. T. McKay  S2, F. W. Peters 70.   c  The Stanford team went down to  defeat again yesterday, when they  Avere badly beaten by the Rossland  ball tossers. At the close of the  match the score stood 9 to 3 in  favor of the home team.  League Games.  Montreal 0, Toronto 9.  Syracuse 0, Rochester 5.  Buffals 0, Minneapolis 0, (six innings, rain.)  Cincinnati 10, St. Louis 9.  Milwaukee 8; Indianapolis 2.  Chicago 5, Pittsburg 3.  Providence 3, Hartford 3.  Australia's Governor-General.  London, July 15.���The appointment of lord Hopetoun to be governor-general of Australia, is probably the best that coiild have been  made, although the queen Avill be  forced to find a new eliamberlain,  Avhich is not an easy master. The  duke of Argyle may have received  the offer of the. Australian post,  but he could 'not have gone out  Avithout the Princess Louise, and  she could hardly be persuaded to  visit the antipodes Avhen the queen  was in advanced age. Some of lord  Rosebery's foolish friends, from  Avhom he should seek deliverance,  nominated him-for governor-general  of Australia, as they have for every  other great post, when a vacancy has  occurred, but there Avas nothing in  it. Lord Hopetoun is a statesman of  ability and tact, and his Avife is  handsome and clever and has charm  of manner. There are rumors that  the duke of Marlborough may become  lord  chamberlain,   but the  chief official of the court is never  selected hastily and the queeu's  wishes invariably prevail, although  it i3 a poli'. ical appointment. The  duchess of Marlborough is persona  grata both Avith the queen aud the  princess of Wales.  GLOOMY WEEKJUST CLOSED  Situation in China.  London, July 15���A gloomy week  has closed with the silence of tho  Pekin unbroken, find Avith the war  in South Africa;; dragging on at  heavy cost in blood and treasure.  The Britishconsul^-eneral at Shang-  Hai, repeating the message of the  governor of Shantung.province, has  expressed the Opinion that tli ere  can be little doubt respecting the  fate of the foreigners in the capital.  This is the closest/approach to news  from Pekin which', has been made  here within twenty-four hours.  There is belated information from  .Tien-Tsin describing in detail the  earlier stages of p the Chinese attack upon the foreign quarter, and  the effective Chinese artillery practice against the. Russians and  French during a .heavy rainstorm.  There are also tAvb' dispatches of a  later date from' Russian sources,  stating that the telegraph service  with Taku had. beeii restored, that  the railway was. under repair, and  that the allied forces Avere fortifying Tien-Tsin and.,, strengthening  their line of communication with  the seaboard.  The fact of paramount importance  was the silence of, the ministers.  Their last message" was sent twenty  days ago. There has been a slight  improvement in the situation at  Tien-Tsin; but there is no prospect  of an advauce , movement for a  month or six 'Weeks).until reinforcements have been received on a large  scale. These additional forces will  include nearly. 50,000 troops from  India, France and -Italy. Russian  troops are already in motion, but  there is no<officiAl.��.tatement'_of the  strength" of "the army which will be  employed. It Avill be the largest  combined European contingent eArer  in the field.  Japan has arranged to send 32,-  000 troops, and ��� possibly will increase her. force to 50,000 or 00,000.  There will be over 100,000 European  and Japan soldiers in China before  the end of September, and this  number may be increased to 150,000.  Retribution AA'ill be their mission.  There can not be any possible means  of securing adequate reparation for  the slaughter of the iministersand  from 700 to 900 foreigners, except  the partition of the empire after  the campaign, which will bo arduous and costly. This is the natural  sequence to a crime against all  modern nations.  ANSWER TO WU'S TELEGRAM  VIA TIEN-TSIN AND JAPAN  Accounts of the Fighting.  Washington, July 15.���The Japanese legation here today received  the following telegram from the  Japanese foreign office under date  of Tokio, July Oth, transmitting advices received from Che-Foo under  date of July 7th :  "A Tien-Tsin telegram of July  Oth reported that a Chinese army  of 10,000 men, Avith artillery, under  goneral Ma made its appearance  near Tien-Tsin on July 4th; ancl the  arsenal taken by the allies a Aveek  ago Avas recaptured by them. The  Chinese city of Tien-Tsin has been  fortified by the Chinese soldiers.  From tho north the .report comes  that more Chinese forces are moving and the condition at Tien-Tsin  is considered critical. Communication Avith Tong-Ku is threatened,  Avhence, on July Oth, by the steamer  Sakuramura, the Japanese residents  left for Taku."  Another telegram received at the  Japanese legation, Avithout the  sender's name but supposed to be  forwarded by the Japanese consul  general at Shang-Hai, reported that  Sheng, theShang-IIaitaotai,received  a telegram from Yuen Sih Kai,  governor of Shantung, stating that  a courier had arrived at Tsi Man  Fu bringing the folloAving Pekin  news: Two legations stood up till  July 3rd against the attacks of the  Chinese. The legation guards killed  about 2000 Chinese soldiers and  Boxers in the several engagements.  If their provisions and ammunition  last they AviII be able to hold out,  as the Chinese troops and Boxers  seem to be tired of attacking.  was of undoubted authenticity. It  represented the situation of the  legationers as desperate and implored help. The last Avord from  minister Conger came to the state  department from Pekin under date  of June 18th. At that time he  asked that Seymour's international  relief column, Avhich avus even then  doomed to fail, should signal its  approach Avhen near Pekin.  That AA'as just ono month and  three days ago and it would bo an  unprecedented defence for such au  inadequate and ill-fitted and provisioned force as Avas at the command of tho foreign ministers to  hold out foi1 that length of time.  Mr. Wu's cablegram from Sheng,  above given, did not begin as an  answer to the cipher message he  forwarded . fit secretary Hay's request to China in an effort to get it  through to minister Conger. That  message was to Youan Shi Kai", the  governor of the province of Shan  Tung. That official has replied informally that he has no news, himself but it is assumed that ho will  take prompt steps to forward the  cipher message. His status at this  critical juncture is unfortunately  not beyond suspicion, although Mr.  Wu retains full confidence in him.  Secretary Long: had two cablegrams from China, but he Avas inclined to set a negative A'alue upon  them because they made no mention  of a massacre of the legationers in  Pekin. He reasoned that admiral  Remey Avas in a good position to  get as early news as any one of  such an event. The admiral's message Avas from Che-Foo of today's  date, though as he is supposed to  be himself at Taku, it is assumed  Whole Truth Withheld.  Washington, July 15���Such news  as came to Washington today from  Chiua was distinctly bad. It consisted of a cablegram to Minister  Wu from Sheng, the imperial director of posts and telegraphs at  Shang-Hai, and, according to the  minister, was in reply to the urgent  message he himself had sent yesterday to that official asking him to  try and secure some neAvs from the  Chinese'capital. This cablegram,  Minister Wu regarded of sufficient  importance to carry in person  directly to Secretary Hay, who was  Avaitiug at his home for news. The  message as received from cipher,  was as folio a vs:  . The Pekin Noavs of July 7th says  that general Tuan Fuh Siang, in  disobedience of imperial orders, Avas  about to use guns; and the legations  and goA'ernment will be imperilled.  This news is corroborative of that  contained in consul-general 'Good-  now's recent cable from Shang-Hai,  although the consul-general's dispatch gave his Pekin news the date  of the sixth, saying the final attack upou the legations with guns  AAras about to begin on the seventh  of July.  It is surmised here that Mr. Good -  now got his news from Sheng, who  is certainly in a position to secure  the first news from Pekin. Aside  from the gloomy forecast given of  the end of the terrible struggle of  ,the legations against the inevitable,  the significant feature of the message is that of the coupling of the  fate of the imperial goA'ernment  Avith that of the foreign ministers.  Officials have derived some satisfaction from this portion of the despatch, as it sustains them in the  position they haA'e held from the  first that the Chinese government  is not at Avar Avith Christendom, but  is confronted Avith a formidable in-  surrection._ t__   ��� " .   .!'  There still remains a suspicion  that, Avhile Mr. Wu is undoubtedly  acting with perfect sincerity, Sheng,  who is represented to be a clever  and adroit man, may know more of  the actual happenings at Pekin  than he is willing to reveal at once.  It is feared that he is trying to  prepare the way for the disclosure  of terrible neAvs, hoping that by  letting it come out gradually the  blow Avill not fall with such  severity, and perhaps with such  disastrous results to his oavu people  as might be the case if the whole  story Avere imparted to the world  at once.  This news, it may be noted,  comes entirely from Chinese  sources. It is now 21 days since a  Avord has come directly from any  of the unfortunates besieged in the  legations at Pekin. The last message from there Avas from sir Rob-  "ert^HaTt^tl^En^illrmah^in^harge"  of the.Chinese customs service, and  that it was sent from that place  yesterday.  The Admiral stated that he had  ordered the Buffalo to Taku. She  Avas coming out to the Orient by  way of Suez, and was to report for  orders at Singapore where she was  to be directed to proceed to Manila,  or be directed to north China. She  is carrying a cargo of coal and a  number of sailors to recruit the  American volunteers.  The second despatch came from  Captain Bowman of the gunboat  Castine which is stationed at Shang-  Hai, and also was dated today. It  was purely on departmental business.  BOERS USE CLEVER TACTICS  LAST SHOT FOR THE WOMEN  Pekin's Awful Holocaust.  London, July 161���The correspondent at Shang-Hai of the Daily  Express, on the authority of. couriers who brought the story, gives a  very sensational account of the  slaughter of the Europeans in  Pekin. He says: "Maddened with  hunger, after Inwing been Avithout  food for many days, the members  of the legation and the guards  made a sortie on the night  of Juue 30th and -killed 200  Chinese in an unexpected attack.  o "General Tung Fuh Siang, enraged over the loss of so many men,  brought up heavy guns and prince  Tuan gave orders that eA'ery foreigner must be destroyed. His  Avords Avere: 'Destroy every,foreign vestige, and make Chiua a  sealed book to all western powers.'  "Prince Tuan had previously discovered that Prince Ching was supplying the foreigners with ammunition. He therefore ordered general  Tuug c Fu Siang to fire on Prince  Ching's troops and it is reported,  that Ching was killed or seriously  wounded.  "In the final attempt to cut their  Avay through, the legationers formed a square with the Avomen/inthe  center, and when the Boxersj-ealizr  ed that they. Averebeirig:; attacked,'  they became like Avild beasts and  shot each other in the dark.  "The foreigners Avent mad and  killed their ' Avomen and children'  with revolvers.  "Heavy guns bombarded all night  until the buildings Avere demolished  and in flames, and many foreigners  were roasted in the ruins. The  Boxers rushed upon them, and  hacked and stabbed both dead and  AA'ouuded, cutting off their heads  and carrying these through the  streets on their rifles shouting  fiercely. They then attacked the  native Christian quarters,' massacring all Avho refused to join them,  outraging the women and braining  the children. Hundreds of mission  buildings Avere burned."  ALIENS IN WIEN CHOW SAFE  More Catholic Missionaries.  Neav York, July 15.���Isaac N.  Ford cabled the Tribune from London at six o'clock this morning,  giving the latest Chinese news received at that hour. It is as follows : "There is still no neAvs from  Pekiu. An official statement Avas,  however, issued early this'morning  to the effect that the foreign office  had received information that the  Avhole foreign community from  Wien CIioav had been safely landed  at Shang-Hai. Private letters dispatched from Pekin on June 10th  describe the situation in the Chinese capital then as being serious  but not dangerous.  Missionaries from distant parts of  the city had come to the British  legation, as also had the Avomen  from the Imperial customs. Complete arrangements had been made  for the defence of the legation and  confidence Avas expressed that the  place could hold out until relief  came.  A Central News telegram from  Rome states that news of the mission massacres in China has not  stopped, and the Vatican is making  arrangements for a fresh influx of  Roman Catholic missionaries into  the Chinese provinces.  For $10,000 a Side.  Nkw York, July 15.���Jimmy  Michael and Floyd MacFarlaud  have been matched for another race  to determine the middle distance  championship. They met yesterday after the conclusion ot their  race, and after a long argument  made a match for $10,000 a side and  the gate receipts.  Lord Boberts Criticized.  London, July 15.���Botha's bold  manoeuvres   in the Transvaal and  the evidence   that   Lord Roberts'  campaign   is  dragging   in   consequence of the sheer weight of the  military mechanism required   for -  occupying large districts  of a hostile and impoverished country, are  at times almost disheartening. Lord  Roberts'first measure after entering Pretoria was the clearance of  the western Transvaal so that the  ground would be safe behind him  when he followed Botha eastward.  His next step was the concentration of forces in the" north eastern  corner of the Free State in order to -  crush   and   disperse Dewet's commandoes,   and   to accomplish this  purpose he Avas compelled to Aveak-  en the army of occupation at Pretoria and to remain on the defensive  there.  Botha seized the opportunity for  a brilliant and harassing counter-  stroke by which the Avestern Transvaal might be menaced and the-  concentric movement against Dewet  paralyzed. ; Rustenburg AA'as not'  captured and three other attacks  were foiled, but Nitral's Nek Avas a  success beginning Avith a well-  planned surprise; and ending like  Nicholson's Nek.  It is not yet clear whether DeAvet's  commandoes can be dispersed in the  Free State Avithout a prolongation  of guerrilla warfare for weeks or  even months, nor is it certain that'  lord Roberts can assume offensi\*e ^  operations against Botha and prevent a repetition of the attacks  upon isolated posts.  Criticism of Roberts is now  heard for the first time, aud there '-  is a disposition in military circles -  to censure him for alloAving the  small force at Nitral's Nek to be/  isolated ��� and, overwhelmed. Criticism is natural when the Avest end  is divided into cliques, Avith griev-  ances of pet generals to redress, but  it is not reasonable. Lord Roberts,  not being able to offer the Boers  any terms short of unconditional  surrender, is compelled to conquer  the country districts, and gradually  to narroAV the field of operations.  There must be many isolated posts,  aud the mobile Boer commandoes  are enabled .here and there to  swoop doAvn upon them.  The American civil Avar might  have beeu prolonged indefinitely if  Lee and Johnson, instead of surrendering when the contest Avas  hopeless, had divided their forces  into small bands and adopted guerrilla tactics. Botha and Dewet aro  brilliant leaders, and they are making a hopeless fight Avith obstinate  courage, but 10,000 Boers must  ^finally^yield^Avhen-there-are-200,000-���  against them, enormous as are the  difficulties of transport on the  British side.  Miscellaneous Mining News.  J. Mallinson Williams, manager  of the Chapleau, has received the  plans for the Chapleau mill, and  Avork ou the framework of the mill  Avill be started at once. The plant,  Avhich consists of a 10-stamp mill  and two Wilficj' table?, is being  supplied by Fraser ifc Chalmers of  Chicago.  The Anaconda Company and the  mines controlled by Marcus Daly at  Butte have definitely refused to  grant the request of the miners for  an eight-hour day, a request Avhich  Avas acceded to by the other great  Butte companies. From the latest  Butte exchange it looks as if a labor  Avar might supervene.  Bernard Macdonald, of the Le  Roi mine, Avas intervieAved on his  return to Rossland on Saturday  night as to the rumor regarding the  purchase of the War Eagle and  Centre Star mines by the B. A. C.  He denied the report iu the most  emphatic and unqualified manner.  The Trebelli Concert.  The advauce sale of seats for the  Trebelli concert ou Monday night  gives assurance of a big and fashionable audience. There are still  many seats left, hoAvever, and those  AA'ho have put off purchasing until  today Avill not be disappointed.  The program to be rendered by  Mile. Trebelli Avill be the same as  that given at Victoria, where the  concert was under the patronage of  lieutenant-governor Joly, and where  Mile. Trebelli took her audience by'  storm.  7 y -_  *____m��*,'x* THE TRIBUNE: NELSON B. C MONDAY JULY 16  1900  HUDSON'S BAY  COMPANY.  INCORPORATED 1670.  ^  _t:  lltons  xminsters  B mussels  Tapestries  Take your choice, select your  pattern, show us the floor, you  have no more worry.  Prices and quality always satisfactory We sew and lay all  carpets t-ee of charge.  Blinds  We carry a good assortment  of opaquos and can fill orders  for any <-ize blinds and will be  glad to quote prices for special  sizes.  i  Bay Stores  On the Oth day of Juue last, the  people in Kootenay aud Yale declared that they wanted peace and  prosperity. Tho nine members  elected to the legislature from the  ridings in these great inland districts Avill obey to the letter the  will.of the people as expressed at  the polls. They believe that majorities should rule, and a large major- __rst, letter reads like the lament of  ity of the people of Yale and 'East   a man soured by repeated defeats  of the association. I f this scheme  works, Iioav easy it will then be for  the Mine Owners' Association to get  e\'erything it \A*auts iu the way of  rulings and legislation? But the  Mine Owners' Association will not  get what it wants. The government Avill consider the Avishes of  ten members of the legislative assembly elected from constituencies  iu which mining is either the chief  or an important industry, and these  tin members are pledged to the hilt  for Peace and Prosperity.  Tiik statement in the Miner that  property oAvned by mayor Houston  abuts on theimproA'ementsmadeon  Josephine street is not true, and  the man avIio made the statement  knew he Avas Avriting a falsehood  when he wrote it, and the editor of  the newspaper that published the  statement kncAV that it Avas false  when lie permitted it to be printed;  but then the man Avho wrote it and  the paper that printed it are both  noted for one thing only, that is,  unscrupulous lying.  Tub Miner says the city should  sell its electric lighting plant, it. is  presumed, to the compauy that  is operating the electric lighting system at Rossland. There is  no |reason given, therefor, other  than that the City of Nelson has a  man for mayor aa'Iio happens to be  managing a newspaper that is a  business rival of the Miner. The  average man Avill not accept this as  a sound reason why the city should  take a step backward. There are  three cities in the province operating electric lighting plants,  nameljr, NeAV Westminster, Kamloops and Nelson, and there are  nine other cities Avhose people are  sorry that they do not own their  own plants. But these are not  reasons that should have any  weight as against t.he opinions of  the amiable .old man Avho dishes up  editorial "hog-wash" daily for a  newspaper that panders to outside  corporations like the West Kootenay Power & Light Company of  Rossland.'_.   In England a century or more  ago, a Avriter who concealed his  identity under the signature of  "Junius" attacked all the public  ' characters connected with the government of the day, a popular  neAVSpaper publishing the letters.  "Junius" is now in Nelson, but his  aud West Kootenay honestly believe thnt further tinkering with  what is now known  as the   eight-  hour laAV will only result in starting  aueAv tbe   bickerings and contentions that were so harmful during  the year 1890.    The men Avho made  this declaration at the polls on June  .   9th are British subjects Avhose interests are  all in the  province of  British  Columbia, where  they  re-  ���side.���-The-Avishes-of-thcRC-men-Avill-  be respected.    No government can  afford to overlook or ignore them.  But the wishes  of the  people are  not to the liking of an association  Avhose membership is largely made  up of.men avIio arejeither.aliens or  aliens in t heir sympathies regarding  Canada and   Canadians.     The association   referred to  is known  as  the Mine Owners' Association.   The  association as an  organization has  taken a hand in politics and been  Avorsted in every encounter.    It is  now  trying to  obtain by indirect  methods what could not be obtained by direct methods.   The makeup of the government is  not to its  liking.    The minister of mines, it is  feared, will  not do the  bidding of  the    association.     So     the    government is to be made believe that  a     deputy     minister      is     absolutely, required, in order that the  department of mines shall not be  second "in importance to either the  department over which the attorney  general presides or the one haviug  for its head the commissioner, of -,  lands and Avorks. Hon. Richard McBride of Dewdney is to have a deputy, and that deputy is to,be either  Mr. John Keen, defeated candidate  of the Mine Owners' Association in  the Slocan riding of West Kootenay district,  or Mr. Roderick Fin-  lays on Tolmie of Seattle, Washington, who is at present the secretary  at the polls; and even if the letter  had merit, the writer is unfortunate  in  selecting   the  most'   unpopular  neAVSpaper in the province in Avhich  to publish it.  ��� ��� ���  The Moyie Leader says that the  payroll of that town amounted to  $24,000 for the month of June.    If  this rate is maintained Moyie "will  ha\Te peace and prosperity.  ���The-West-Kootenay-PoAver"ifc"  Light Company of Rossland has  boycotted merchants in Nelson because they refused to coerce The  Tiuhune. This is the company that  is supporting the Miner in its unscrupulous fight against the money  by-laAvs that the ratepayers of  Nelson will vote for on Wednesday  next. Ratepayers of Nelson should  sIioav by their A'otes that they resent the interference of this outside  corporation in their civic affairs and  that they, condemn the editorial  utterances of a venal newspapers.  THE. UNION'S   REPLY.  To the Editor���In your issue of  the l'l'th inst., Messrs. Leicester &  Kerr hove a lengthy card to the  public, Avhich, if they had adhered  to the truth, might have passed uunnoticed by anyone acquainted witli  the firm and its way of doing business.  I might .state here that Messrs.  Leicester & Kerr were placed on  the unfair list after the arbitration  committee of the Trades and Labor  Council had exhausted all the means  in its power to affect an amicable  settlement between the firm and  the Carpenters' Union. At that  time Mr. Kerr stated that it would  be quite satisfactory to them, if  they were placed on the unfair list,  Avhy do they object so soon ?  I should like to mention now,  what led to this trouble. In the  first place, when the union avas  organized it had no bylaws or constitution, but a statement was made ���  of the terms Avanted, and a committee met the contractors and  came to an agreement Avith them  on certain conditions, whicli agreement Avas signed by the contractors  present. Mr. Leicester's name is  near the top of the list. I. am  pleased to say that the other contractors have lived up to their  agreement. Had Messrs. Leicester  & Kerr done the same there would  be uo trouble today.  One of the condition? agreed upon  was that the contractors Avould engage union men only, but instead  of doing so, Messrs. Leicester <fc  Kerr sent east for non-union men  and got those Avhom they kneAV  would not join the union. They  stated the fact (before these conscientious men arrived) that they  expected trouble before long, as  they had sent away for men who  would not join the union. They  also hired non-union nieu in preference to union men and tried to persuade them uot to join the union,  promising them steady Avork, etc.  They claim they pay their imported  men more than union wages.. Well,  the union did not force them to  pay those men more than they are  AA*orth.  I believe that Mr. Leicester is as  conversant with the by-laws of the  various unions in the building  trades as any man in Nelson. The  arbitration committee found him  able to quote any clause that would  suit his side of the argument, or if  there was a question unanswerable  he knew it. So that in going contrary to the by-laAvs he must haA'e  known that unless several hundred  intelligent union men, AA'ere to giA'e  up their rights and allow one firm  to dictate to them there Avould be  trouble. But perhaps they take  this step for advertising purposes.  If so it may answer the purpose.  They further say that conscientious scruples of the men they imported prevent their joining the  union. Now, I understand that  both of these men have been members of carpenters' unions. If so,  perhaps they gave their Avord of  honor to live up to the constitutions ;and by-laAvs of the orders.  Where Avere their conscientious  scruples AA'hen they betrayed their  obligations and broke their AA'ord?  Messrs. Leicester & 'Kerr accuse  the unions of using them unfairly  and of lying. They do not state  where the unions have lied to them,  aud, I think, the so-called unfair  usage is the reilcction of their own  actions. I AA'ould rather be a little  more lenient with them, and say  they are mistaken or have forgotten some of the thiugs they said  before writing their statement to  the paper. The unions do not Avish  to deal unfairly Avith anyone, since  nothing is gained by unfair dealing.  But they Avill not be dictated to by.  two unreasonable men. Will they  please tell us Avhat they know of  the parties who aie advertising in  the east for men, non-union men  preferred, in nearly all lines of the  building trades to come to Nelson.  C. J. CLAYTON.  Nelson, July H.  Measures to Crush Dewet.  London, July 15.���-Lord -Roberts'���  dispatch of yesterday contained  one.statement Avhich seemed to indicate progress in the clearance of  the Orange River Colony and in  bringing the South African Avar to  an end. This Avas the fact that  troops were moving up Van Reen-  en-'s-passr-T-H���this-^pass���has^fallen-  into the hands of sir RedversBulIer's  forces, Harrismith -will speedily  be occupied and transport difficulties for retaining the operations in  that quarter Avil} be diminished.  Not only is Harrismith the terminus of the railway leading to Ladysmith, but it lies behind Bethlehem,  _.&^&&___t&&A&^&&&&&&&&&&&&&��kg;��_:<;_l  ^���^^'^���^'^������^���^���^���^���^'^���^���^������^���^-^���^'^-^-S-J__>-^-^-i_.-__f-^^-,  ^^^���^^.^^^^���^^^^^fr^^^-S^^^^^^*^^* ^^^^^^^^^9^^S^^_9^^^_9^<__i^^^^^^__i^^^_^  Uf  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  iv  v;.'  \&?  IRVINE &. CO.  Special sale of Dress Goods, Millinery, Muslin, Prints,'. Lawns, Percales, Sateens, and Dimities  We will offer our entire stock of Summer Goods at special prices below cost. Sunshades half  price.    Carpets, Window Shades,  Curtains,  Oilcloths,  ancl Linoleums at cut-down prices.  FRED  IRVINE &  CO.  ffl  iti  iti  to  to  to  iti  iti  iti  to  iti  iti  iti  iti  to  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  ��/  ^V>'*>-a*a^'>-*&-^"a,a"&,a,a,S'^'^,&'-S'i&,^,-S,i8"5[,<S,-S'-S  l��-_C''K-1__'__'-_S-_Z'_Z"_Z-'��"_Z-__'-��-��-_i-<'^-^-^-^-^-^-^^-^-^-0-fe;-  ���^!__r__iyi5?S-0-0-0-0-0.0'0-0-0-0-0'0'0''m'rs-**'-':0 0-0-0-0  '^-^-'^'<S.^.'^.^.^.<^.tS.^.^.S_.K..^'^S-9r-9'-9'-^-9"-9'-^-9-9-9'-^:  close to the mountains. Its occupation by the British Avill complete  the envelopment of DeAvet's forces,  AA'hich are among the hills near  Fouriesburg close to the Basuto  frontier. With general Buller's  Ladysmith reserves in Van Keen-  en's pass, general DeAA'et's forces  will be shut out from their only  line of retreat, and,their surrender  may be brought about more speedily than had been expected.  Alex Stewart  Room 3, Turner & Boeeh Block.  NELSON.  Wholesale  Houses  NELSON  B.C.  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Correspondence solicited.  Phone 26. *   FRESH AND SALT MEATS.  P'��� BURNS &   CO.���Baker   street,   Nelson,  ��� , wholesale dealers in fresh and cured meats.  Cold storage.- .   GROCERIES.  A   MACDONALD & CO.���Corner Front and  ��� ��� Ball    streots,     wholesalo   grocers   and  ��� jobbers in blankets, gloves, mitts, boots, rubbers,  ��� mackinaws and miners' sundries.   KOOTENAY SUPPLY   COMPANY,   LIMI-  .   TED���Vernon   street,  Nelson,   wholesale'  grocers..         i ; "  JOHN CHOLDITCH & CO.-Front street, Nel-  ;      . son, wholesale- grocers.'        -   .  F. R. STEWART &' CO.���Warehouses on C. P.  ���   R. track, foot-of Stanley street,  Nolson,  wholesale  dealers in provisions,. produce   and  . fruits... Cold storage. . Agents Armour & Co.'s.  bacon. hamH. lard and other products. ���   JY. GRIFFIN & CO.-Front street. 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P.  NOTARY PUBLIC ��  Office with 6. W. West & Co., corner Hall and  ; City office of the Nelson Soda water Factory.  A. R. BARROW^ A.M.LC.E.  PROVINCIAL  LAND SURVEYOR  Corner Vlotorla and Kootenay Streets.  P. O. Box fifi")..: TELEPHONE NO. AS  Notice to Union Men.  , The grievance committee of  the Trades and Labor Council  have declared the Contractors  Lister and Kerr to be on the  unfair list, and all union men  and sympathizers are.requested  to bear this in mind.  By Order of the Committee. -..,  ��  We have sold 75 per cent of all the  Portland Cement  Fire Brick Fire Clay  and Sewer Pipe  USED IN KOOTENAY  Just received carload Dominion Ale and Porter  (PINTS AND QUARTS)  Dominion White Label Ale (pints and quarts).   This is  the finest Ale brewed in Canada.  Dominion Bulk Ale (15 gallon kegs)  Teacher's Scotch Whiskey is still the best.  %'  ^k- ���  H. J. EVANS & CO.  isa.  ** ��&�����$* ��  tgc  m  ;.m  wi  m  TRADES   UNIONS.  NELSON MINERS' UNION NO. 96, W. F. of  M.���Meets in miners' union rooms, north-  oast corner Victoria and Kootenay streets, every  ���' Saturday evening at 8 o'clock. Visiting nicm-  ��� hers welcome. M. R. Mowatt. President. .Tames  Wilkes,. Secretary. Uxro.s* Scale of Wages  kor Nelson District��� Per shift, ���machine  men, ��.V>0: hammcrsmen miners, $3.2o; muckers,  carmpii. shovelers and other underground lahor-  crs. 8X00. ���  TRADES AND LABOR COUNCIL.-The regular meetings of tho Nelson Trades and Labor  Council will bo hold in the "miners' union hall,  corner of Victoria and Kootonay streets, on tlio  first and third Thursday of each month, at  7.30 p. m. G. J. Thorpo, Prosidont. J. H. Matho-  Bon, Beorotary.   rpHE regular meetings of tho Carpenters' Union  �������� are held on Wcanesday evening of each  week, at 7 o'clock, in the Minors' Union hall cornor victoria and Kootonay streets. R. Robin-  son. President.' James Colling, Secretary. ���  BARBKRS' UNION.-Nolson Un'on, No. l!*i. of  tho International Journeymen Harbor's Union of America, meets ovory first and third Monday of each month in Minor's Union Hall, corner  of Victoria and Kootonay streets, at 8:.'I0 p.m.  sharp. Visiting brothers cordially invited to  attend.' J. H. Matheson, President. W. S. Bol-  villo, Seoretary.   BRICKLAYERS AND MASONS' UNION.  The Bricklayers and Masons' International  Union No. 3 of Nelson meets second and fourth  Tuesdays in each month at Minors Union hall.  J. W. Etcher, president; Joseph Clark, recording  and corresponding secretary.   COAL!      COAL!  GREAT REDUCTION  Hard Coal  Anthracite  TELEPHONE  33  $9,651  Crow's Nc6t  Coal  $6.15  DELIVERED  0. W. West & Co.  LABORERS' UNION.���Nelson Laborers' Protective Union, No. 8121, A. F. of L., meets in  Fraternity Hall, Oddfellow's block, cornor of Baker and Kootenay streots, every Monday evening  at 8 p.m. sharp. Visiting members of tho American Federation cordially invited to attend. A. W.  McFoe. President." Percy Shackelton. Secretary.  NELSON PAINTERS' UNION���The regular  meeting of tho Paintors' Union is held  the first,and third Fridays in each month at Miners' Union hall at 7:30 sharp. T.O. Skatbo, Presi-  dent; Will J. Hatch. .Secretary. ���  THE NELSON PLUMBERS, GAS AND  STEAM FITTERS UNION meets every seo  ond and fourth Friday at the Miners' Union hall  at 8 P.m.   B. Weeks, Seoretary pro tern.  To  Mine  Managers and  Ore  Shippers.  W. Pellow Harvey, F. C. S., nssayer in charge  of the provincial government assay office, will  act as shippers' representative at any Coast  6melter, to receive, weigh, sample and check  pulps and to gonernlly look after the interests of  the miners. Terms made on the basis of tonnage j  handled. Apply for particulars to him at  Vancouver. B. C. I  Lethbridge Cal* Coal  The best valuo for tho monoy in the market  for all purposes.  TKKM8 cash     W. P. Tikhnkt. Goneral Agont  Telephone 147.    Offlco with C. D. J. Chrlstlo.  DR. ALEX  FORIN  Office:  Houston Block.  ARCHITECTS.  TjiWART  &   CARRIE���Architects.    Rooms 7  J-'   and 8 Aberdeen block, Bakor stroet, Nelson.  ENGINEERS.      ~~     ~  riHARLES PARKER���Mining and milling en^  ^   gineer.   West Baker street, Nelson.  FRATERNAL   SOCIETIES.  _t     NELSON LODGE. NO. 23, A. F. & A. M.  __w-M_et_ second Wednesday in each month.  /^f\ Sojourning brethren invited.  KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS-: Nolson Lodgo, No,  25, Knights of Pythias, meets in I. O. O. F,  Hall, corner Baker and Kootenay streets, every  Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock. Visiting Knights  cordially invited-to attend. R. G. Joy, K. of R.  & 3.   Leonard Scott. C. C.   NELSON L. O. L., No. 1692, meets in I. O. O. F.  Hall, corner Baker and Kootenay streets,  1st and 3rd Friday of each month. Visiting-  brethern oordlally invitod. R. Robinson, W. M.  W. Crawford. Recording-Secretary.          "VTELSON iERJE, Number 22, Fraternal Order  ���������'   of Eagles, meets every second and fourth;  Wednesday ineach month  in Fraternity Hall,  Visiting brethren welcome.  W. Gosnell, Presl  dent.  Charles Prosser, Seoretary.  P^f^**;^-:^''-^'" |^tefoVit^S>ftS^'i&^  ������_'..<y^~f:^-_?^t^m^(/___*^K_\^"  rear g^ayg-asjaaaayaatf ��sgi^ija��T3-a��K-itt^fe=*-a-^^  ���>**i#M5Wi*fiMiM1'  THE!'-'TRIBinrariKmSQN,-':R-:0.l MONDAY; JULY Ifif 19G0  '?:X  BANK OF MONTREAL  CAPITAL, all paid up.. ..$12,000,000.00  BEST  UNDIVIDED PROFITS       427,180 80  Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal ...President  J Ton. George A. Drummond Vice-President  E. S. Clouston General Manager  NET-SON BRANCH  Corner Baker and Kootenav Streot'.  A. H. HUGH AN AN, Manager.  THE BANK OF  BRITISH   COLUMBIA  NELSON  Branches in Lo.vdon (England) Nkw Yohk,  Chicago, and all tho principal cities in Canada.  Buy and soil Storling Exchango and Cablo  T.'.'insfcrs.  Grant Commercial and Trnvolors' Credits,  available in any part of tlio world.  Drafts Issued, Collections Mado, Eto.  Savings Bank Branch  OURRK.VT ItATK OK IN'TKRKST PAID.  A   BOXER'S   VIEW   OF   IT.  By way of reply to the continuous repetition in the journals of  Europe and of America that the invasion of China by the powers i.s  ,-jusbiiied by the fact that the invaders will carry to the people of  that country a higher civilization  than they now possess, a Chinese  merchant doing business in England  has presented to the London Ex-  pi-ess the Chinese view of the situation. Mo claims to be a member of  tho "Boxer" society, aud therefore  assorts a right to speak with  authority.  liis first declaration is that China  lias   had  a   civilization  similar   to  that now existing iu the Western  ���world and has passed from it to a  better one.    He says:    "There was  a time when we had your struggle  for existence, the race for wealth,  the ambition for power, and all the  haste,  the  hurry  and   the  worry.  We had also many clever inventions,  gunpowder,  printing and the rest,  but  in  the end we found that all  these things are unnecessary.    We  had our periods of religious dissensions and fanaticism.    \Ve had our  y        reformers  and    our  martyrs,   and  then   we  reached   toleration.    AVe  have  outgrown   all   these   strifes.  AVe   have   learned   wisdom.     Our  pissions  and  our   ambitions have  settled  down  to  a calm desire for  happiness in this world; our religion  i- reduced to a philosoijhy of.liFe.  AVe believe .that the best thing to  pursue in this world is happiness,  and  we   teach  our-  children  that  ^       'their happiness can be secured only  j      by the performance of duty.    We  I'olieve in making tho best of this  ��� life, wliich is the only one we know  anything about for certain."  Having laid down that inuch by  way of statiug the condition of  Chinese civilization and religions, he  went on to discuss tho present situation. "You propose," he said, *'fco  revive in China the worry, the disturbance aud the strife of the old  times. You wish to introduce ao  new religion concerning another  life in another world, about Svhich  you' cannot agree among yourselves.  You invite us to build railways, for  wliich we have uo use.. You wish  us to build factories so as to debase  our-beaiitiful arts and handicrafts,  and produce maehiu'e-made finery  in place of our delicate textures and  hues. Againsjb all that we protest.  We wish to be. let alone. AVe wish  to be free toen^oy our calm life and  the fruits of. our centuries, of experience. AVe do not wish to be tor-  ' -merited by quarrels about another  ~==^\:o.dd^yJioruoiiikdiit-yiis=to.beihappy=  in this one. AVhen we ask you to  .'������', go away you refuse, and you even  "'- threaten us with subjugation.if we  do uot give you our harbors, our  harbors, our towns and our land.  Now, having carefully considered  1 lie matter, we of the so-called  'Boxer society' have decided that  lhe only way to get rid of you is to  p kill you. AVe are not bloodthirsty.  We are not robbers. But when  persuasion, arguments and appeals  to your sense of justice are of no  avail, we find ourselves face to face  with the fact that our only recourse  i.s to put you out of existence."  Such is the A'iew of the situation  taken by the Boxers. It is another  illustration of the impossibility of  getting harmony between two widely different civilizations. That the  aggressions of Europe upon China  have been unjust is not to be denied.  Out of the injustice done to them  the Chinese have themselves become unjust, and their rage now  falls upon the innocent. Western  civilization must protect the traders  aud the missionaries who under  t reaties of peace have gone to China,  and war has become inevitable.  Nevertheless, the statements of the  JJoxer to the Express make very  pertinent reading, and men of impartial minds will admit the truth  of much of what lie has stated.  Is now prepared to issue Drafts and  Letters of Credit on Skaguay, U. S.,  Atlin, B. C, and Dawson Oity, N. W. T.  have come from a "high family or a  humble one. She is the second wife  of the emperor, and because she  bore him a son and the first wife  did not, she takes precedence. Her  beauty is said to have been remarkable in her early years, and has not  wholly faded now. As to education  she has received the best China can  give. A native wit and cleverness  supplies what she may lack in book  knowledge. Being, a Manchu woman, she is one of the prevailing  dynasty of China, and therefore  most secure in her position. She  has always been opposed to the  presence of foreigners in China, and  she.is said to-havo encouraged the  "Boxer" outbreaks in her provinces.  BRITAIN'S   QBE AT   NAVY.  According to a recently prepared  table of statistics, the United Kingdom has on hand a program  of expenditure in naval construction involving -$42,000,000 a year .for three  years.    Germany comes next in the  matter of  annual  expenditure for  this object, namely, with  $17,000,-  000 ; then comes France and Russia  with $1:3,000,000 each, and next the  United   States    with    $12,000,000.  Japan is spending $10,000,000  annually.    All the  other  nations are  under five   millions,  Italy  leading  the list.    In total  annual  expenditure for naval purposes the  United  Kingdom heads the list, as a matter  of course,   but   not   many   people  know that she  spends  more than  twice as much as any other power.  The   figures  are:      Great Britain,  $129,000,000;   France,  $02,000,000;  United   States,   $-19,000,000;    Germany, $48,000,00*0; Russia; $45,000,-  000; Italy, $21,000,000 ; Japan, $14,-  000.    Of men, the United Kingdom  has nearly as many as any other  -three nations.    Iu tonnage of war  vessels     built .  since     1890,     we  have     more      than      any     other  three  powers.    The total  tonnage  of our battleships, built and building, is more than that of any three  other nations.    In armored cruisers  .we are a little .behind  France  and  Russia   combined,    but   have, far  more thau any three other nations,  exclusive of ��� France.   In coast and  harbor defence ships  we  head  the  list, with France a good second and  the United States  third.    The  latter, country is the only one that is  building A'essels of- this  class. ." In  protected cruisers, we have more  than, any five  other   nations.    In  .unprotected cruisers and dispatch  "boats, we are first on the list, with  France a good second and Germany  third.   In torpedo boat destroyers,  "we'have'more than all the other  nations of the world put  together.  France,   Russia   and   the    United  States-have   each    more   torpedo  boats   than   we   have,   and   they  stand in the order given.    In naval  vessels .of all classes we have more  than any other three nations, the  others   following    in   order   thus:  France, Russia,  Germany .aiid tbe  United States. - In the-above 'com-  pari sons-thel basis ^is^bhe^toniiage,^  Imperial Bank of Ganada  HEAD  OFFICE, TORONTO.  Capital Authorized  Capital Paid up  Rest  $2,500,000  $2,458,603  $1,700,000  , R. Wllkie, General Manager.  E. Hay, Inspector.  Nelson Branch���Burns Block, 221 Baker Street  J. M. LAY, Manager.  To take the ground that I should  propose to use for my experiments,  the district round Brighton, I believe that I could, if 1 could get  them, effectually employ without  confusion, 100,000 armed cyclists.  To illustrate the method of working   these   cycilst   detachments   I  should propose on the August Bank  Holiday, and for the Saturday and  Sunday before it, to   call for  as  many men of the cyclist sections of  the   metropolitan   corps   as   could  give the three days to the work-for  the occupation of the roads leading  directly   from   the   metropolis   to  Brighton.    I should   propose   further to ask as many of the provincial cyclist sections as could join hi  the time to come in on the lines  east and west of Brighton.  '   I should like in the first instance  to assemble the C. O's. of the metropolitan corps that have cyclist sections or companies, propound the  general outlines of the scheme to  them and ascertain how many men  theyjjo'uld get together for August.  The experience gained from them  would probably enable a fair estimate to be made of the number of  cyclists who could be obtained from  other corps.    As regards expense, I  believe it would be sufficient if the  government allowed the ordinary  pay as for volunteers encamped. ���  I think that it would be necessary  as soon as possible,to let it be publicly known that some such scheme  was in contemplation, so as to prevent volunteers from making other  arrangements for'the August Bank  Holiday."  : The proposal has received the approval of the. secretary of state, and  will doubtless, therefore, be tried  next month.          A   TWO-PACED   REFORMER.  The Empress Dowager.  The empress dowager of China is  the one woman in the world who  defies all Europe. She is now about  sixty years old, and for the last  forty years has exerted an all-powerful influence in directing the affairs of China. She was born in  Peking, and is variously   said  to  not numbers.   WAR  CYCLIST  MANOEUVRES.  Under the heading "Cycle Scheme,  June, 1000," a paper written by  major-general Maurice has been  issued from" the Headquarter Office,  Woolwich, giving the outline of. a  proposal to demonstrate the use of  cycles in time of war. ���  "It means," he- says, "that 'the  special facilities, presented by .England for the utilization of a large  body of rifle cyclists for defensive  purposes should be effectively  brought home to the people, and 1  do not think that this could" be  dono except by a practical. illustration. '���'.'"  ���"..  I do not think at present it would  be possible to utilize any but the  organized   cyclists    companies   of|  battalions of volunteers, and these'  represent .a   comparatively   small  number of men.    My idea would,  however, fail to effect its purpose if'  this were regarded as more than a  means of leading up to the utilization of the general cyclists clubs of  the country, if they could be induced to associate a certain amount of  rifle jiractice with their cycling.  The distance from the cqastto  London is very short. "An enemy;  who meant to do any ������ serious mis-;  chief would come with the intention  of striking for London in the shortest possible time. I believe that  from the very large number of  roads available for cycles, and from  the fact that an enemy would be  nearly restricted to roads for movement a check could be more rapidly  placed on his advance by a proper  use of cyclists than by auy other  means.  Kang Yu Wei, the Chinese Reformer, who lately visited British  Columbia, here posed as friendly to  ourselves and to peaceful foreign  residents in China, and here as elsewhere, gladly accepted British protection. If, however, a long passage given in the "North China  Herald," as a translation of part of  ���a book recently written by Kang,  be a correct rendering, there is  more than a little truth in the view  of British officialdom iu north  China, that Kang Yu AVei is really  . a bitter enemy of western men and  western influences. The following  is what Kang Yu Wei has to say  according to the "Herald":  "AVe shall all be driven out of  China. ��� Russia has ejected, the  Jews, 160,000 being driven forth.  Twenty-four hours were allowed  them to get beyond the Russian  boundaries. They could sell neither their lands nor houses, and  could take with them only  a .. little ready money. Not  being allowed to avail themselves  either of train or steamboat, their  aged and their little ones had to be  carried by the strong, and were iii  great fear. Moreover, when ejected  from Russia ^fjiey^Jiad^-gj^jiatiye^  lancTt0 which  Palestine had  fatherland to which to turn. Wo  might attempt to enter some other  country, but its people would eject  us. Even if they admitted us  -among them their rulers would  tax us...  Our race will be destroyed. See  how Russia' has treated Poland.  The Russians banished all the able-  bodied men and allowed only the  old men to remain in the country.  Therefore the Polish race has been  exterminated. At present the women of India are married to foreigners. Everybody knows that  the races of India aro in danger of  being exterminated. . Today the  white races dominate almost the  entire globe. Among the yellow  races, the Chinese only wield any  political influence and rule their  own country.     *  If our country should be conquered and its government controlled by  foreigners, they would assuredly  treat us as they have treated the  Poles.. and ��� the Hindus. AVe, our  children, and our great grandchildren, would be altogether exterminated. Japan fprsees this calamity,  and she therefore retroceded to  China ten of the captured battleships. She fears that our annihilation would jeopardise her independence. China and Japan hold the.  same close relationship to each other  as do the lips to the teeth.  The Chinese race is vast, and our  country is extensiA-e. AVe are 400,-  000,000, and China is larger than the  10 countries of Europe. The precious metals in our mines haAre no  equal in the world. Yet though we  are so numerous, we are despised,  insulted and murdered by other  people. . The Chinese avIio live beyond the seas, numbering at -least  5,000,000, are also daily abused and  insulted by those among' Avhom  they live. Their-'government cannot protect them.  But Avho are the goA'ernment?  China, has no parliament. The  poAver is all vested in one * person.  During the past thirty years, England, France, Russia and Germany,  have all extended their boundaries  and increased tlieir power. China  alone has retrograded. Who has  done this ?  This is all the doing ef the empress���the Avork of one woman who  has profligately, and disgracefully  clung to the old ways." .  A FULL LINE OF  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen' Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local and coast.  Flooring  local and coast).  Newel Posts  "Stair Rail  Mouldings  .   Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  of all kinds.  IF WIIAT YOU WANT IS NOT IN STOCK  WE Willi, make'it KOR YOD  CALL AND GET PRICES.  An Essay on Boys.  At a recent school examination  for girls, was handed in by a girl of  12 : "The boy is not an animal, yet  he can be heard a considerable distance. When a boy hollers- he  opens his big mouth like a frog;  but girls hold their tongue till they  are spoken to, and then they answer  respectable and tell just Iioav ifc was.  A boy thinks himself clever because  he can wade Avhere the Avater is  deep. When the boy grows up he  is called a husband, and then he  stops wading and stays out nights,  but the grown up girl is a widow  and keeps house."   A Tale with an End in View.  About the time of the collapse of  the Confederacy, ex-senator Wig-  fall was crossing the Mississippi,  making his Avay to Texas. He  assumed the character of an ultra-  Union man. On the ferry-boat  with him was a _ Federal officer,  with whom WigfaU got into conversation. The officer confided  to him that he was chasing Wig-  fall. "If I fall in with the traitor,  I'll hang hiin to the first tree."  "Yes," vehemently remarked Wig-  fall, "and I will be pulling at one  end."  ������;  H. D.  ASHCROFT  BLACKSMITHING  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  Wagon repairing promptly attended, bo by a  flrsfrciaga wheelwright. -.-  Special attention given to all kinds of repairing and custom work from outside points.  Shoe:   Hall Sb.. between Baker and Verno  Kootenay   Coffee   Co.  NBLSON.RO.  AMERICAN  AND  EUROPEAN  PLANS  MEALS  25  CENTS  -���I  ROOMS LIGHTED BY ELECTRICITY  AND HEATED BY STEAM  25 CENTS TO $1  321 to 331 Baker Street, Nelson.  QUEEN'S HOTEL  BAKER STREET. NELSON.  Lighted by Electricity and Heated with Hot Air.  Large comfortable bedrooms and  first-class  dining-room. Sample rooms for commercial men.  RATES $2 PER DAY  IVJrs. E. 0. Clarke, Prop.  tATE OF THE ROYAL HOTEL, CALGARY  Bakor and Ward  Streets, Nelson  Ityadden House  Tbe only hotel In Nolson that has remained  nnder ono management since 1890.  The bed-rooms are well furnished and lighted  by eloctriclty.  The bar is always stocked by tho beBt dom s-  tlo and imported liquors and cigars.  THOMAS MADDEN. Proprietor.  SLOGAN JUNCTION HOTEL  J. H. McMANUS, Manager.  to turn. Long ago  been parcelled out  among its powerful neighbors.  ��� So, h�� our country were conquered, and Ave were driven forth  to live among foreigners, we, too,  like   the   Jews,   should   have    no  Having Purchased  the Business  Of Fred J. Squire, merchant  tailor, Nelson, I intend to  continue the business so as  to keep the patronage of all  Mr. Squire's old patrons and  get a share of the general  trade. I am now prepared  to show the latest style's in  - all lines of spring goods. A  special line on hand at $25  per suit.    All other lines at  . low rates. None but Union  labor employed.  E. Skinner  Neelands' Building, Baker Street.  FRED J. SQUIRE. Manager.  Arthur Gee  MERCHANT  TAILOR  Removed to Baker Street, opposite the Queen's  J. A. Sayward  JBAH^AND^AKK^STREETS^NELSON^  Porto Rico Lumber Go.  (LIMITED)  COKNKIt OF  HENDRYX AND VERNON STREETS  Rough and  Dressed  Lumber  Shingles  Mouldings  A-1 White Pine Lumber Always in  Stocl\.  We carry a complete stock of  Coast Flooring, Ceiling, Inside Finish, Turned Work, Sash and Doors.  Special order work will receive  prompt attention.  Porto Rico LumberCo. Ltd.  Contractors and Builders  WILL DO WELL TO  Buy Their Lumber  .   AT  G. 0. Buchanan's  A large stock of Brat-class dry material on  hand, also a full line of sash, doors, mouldings,  turned work, eto.  Factory Work a Specialty  Yard 1   Foot of Hendryx street). Nolson  Telephone. 91   dof|ll  RaCj  Ageilt  Bar stocked with best brands of wines, liquors,  and Cigars. Beer on draught. Largo comfortable rooms.   First-class table board.  RESTAURANT  OPEN DAY AND NIGHT  Cor. Baker and Hull Sts.  First-class table  R. tycRJlE, Prop.  EVERY   DAY  AT   THE  Club Hotel  BIG   SCHOONER  Boor or Half-and-half only  FRESH  10c  COOL  The only good Hoor in Nelson  E. J. CURRAN, Prop.  Corner Stanley and Silica Streets.  [XXXUUXXUIIXJIXXZXZXIXXXIXZXIXZXXXZXXXXXZXXXXXZXf  JUST   ARRIVED  A Car Load of  Allen's Apple Cider.  THORPE  & CO.  Nelson   Wine   Co.  CHOICE WINES AND LIQUORS  Special attention given to family trade  ^Bafer^et.        FRANK A.  TAMBLYN  Nolson. B. C.  MANAGER  R. REISTERER & CO.  BRBWBRS AND BOTTLERS OF  FINE LAGER BEER, ALE  AND PORTER  Coffee roasters and dealers In Tea and Coffee.  Offer fresh roasted coffee of beat) quality as  follows: .  Java and Arabian M&oha, per pound $  i.  Java and Mocha J.'lend, 3 pounds  1 00  Fine Santos,* pounds  1 00  Santos Blend, 5 pounda  1 00  Our Special Blend. 6 pounds  1 00  Our Rio Roast, 8 pounds  I 00  A dual order solicited. Salosroom 2 doors east  ot Oddfellows block. West Bakor street.  St. JOSEPH'S SCHOOL  NELSON. ���B.C.  A boarding and day school conducted by the  Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace. It is situated at  tho corner of Mill and Josephine streets in one of  the best residential portions of Nelson, and is  easily accessible from aU parts of the city.  The course of study includes the fundamental  and higher branches of thorough English -luca-  tion: Business _��� course���bookkeeping, stenography and typewriting. Science course���music;  vocal and instrumental, drawing, etc. Plain art  and needlework, etc.   .  For terms and particulars apply to' the Sister  Superior.      . c  Corporation of the City of Nelson  -_--_t-Xj_-_.-w nsro. es  A By-law to raise $15,000.00 to extend the Waterworks System.  Whereas, a petition.has been presented to the  Municipal Council of the Corporation of the City  of Nelson, signed by the owners of at least one-  tenth of tho value of the real property of the said  City, as shown by the last revised assessment  roll requesting tne said Council to introduce a  By-law to raise the sum of fifteen thousand dollars 015,000.00). for the purpose of extending the  Waterworks System of tho said City.  And, whereas, it is deemed necessary and expedient to extend the Waterworks System of tho  City of Nelson for the convenience of the citizens  and for fire proteciion.  And, whereas, it is expedient to borrow the  said sum of fifteen thousand dollars ($15,000.00)  for the purpose aforesaid.   ��� ,  And, whereas, the whole amount of the rateable land of the said City, accoiding to the last  revised nsse.s.-nient roll, is ono million .two hundred and forty-seven; thousand dollars ($1,247,-  000.00):.-���; .;". ...  And, whereas, it will be necessary to raise annually borate the stun;of eleven hundred and  seventy-eight dollars > and seventy-two cents  ($1178.72) for paying ithe said debtand interest.."  Now, thorefore, the Municipal Council of tho  Corporation of the Cityof .Nelson in Council assembled enacts as follows:?,  1. It shall and may be lawful for the Mayor of ���  the Corporation rf the City of Nelson to borrow, upon the ereditof the said Corporation by way of the  Debentures hereinafter mentioned, from any person or persons, body or bodies corporate, who  may be willing to advance the same as a loan,  a sum of money not exceeding in the whole the  sum of fifteen thousand dollars ($15,000.00), and to  cause all such sums so raised or received; to-be.  paid into tho hands of the Treasurer of the said  Corporation for ihc purposes and with thcob���  jects hcroinfore recited.; . -wj^ ;;*.-.  2.'It shall be lawful for the Mayor of the said  Corporation to cause any number of-Debentures;  to be made, executed and issued for such sum or  sums as may be required for the purposo and 6b- ���  jectaforesaid,not exceeding, however, the sum.  of fifteen thousand dollars ($15,000.00), each o�� the  said Debentures being of the denomination;of  one thousand dollars ($1,000.00). and all such Debentures shall bo sealed with the seal of the Corporation and signed by the Mayor, thereof.;  .   3. The said Debentures shall boar date the first.  day: of October, A. D.  1000, and shall be made  payable iu twenty years from the, said date, in  lawful money of Canada, at t";e office of the Bank  pne thousand dollars ($1,000.00). and all such debentures shall be sealed with the seal of the Corporation and signed by the mayor thereof.  , 3. The said debentures shall bear date the 1st  day of October. A. D. 1900, and shall bo mado  payable in twenty years from the said date, in  lawful money of Canada, at the office of the  Bank of Montreal in Nelson aforesaid, which  said place of payment shall bo designated by tho  said debentures, and shall have attached to them  coupons for the payment of ioterest, and the signatures to tho interest coupons may be either  written, stamped, printed or lithographed.  4. The said debentures shall bear interest at  the rato of 4 per centum per annum from the  date thereof, which interest shall be payable  semi-annually at said office of the Bank of Montreal in Nelson aforesaid, in lawful money of  Canada, on the 1st day of April and the 1st day  of October respectively, in each year during Iho  currency thoroof, and shall bo expressed in said  debentures and coupons to be so payablo.  5. Itshall bo lawful for tho mayor of said Corporation to negotiate and sell tho said debentures or any of them for less than par: but in no  case shall tho said debentures or any of them bo  negotiated or sold for less than nincty-flvo per  centum of thoir face value, including tho cost of  negotiating and sale, brokerage and other incidental expenses.  (i. There shall be raised and levied in each year  during the currency of said debentures tho sum  of six hundred dollars ($000.00) for tho payment,  of interest and the sum of Ave hundred and  seventy-eight dollurs and seventy-two cents  ($578.72) for the payment of the dobt duo under  tho said debentures by a rate suflicient thorofor  on all the rateable land in the said Municipality.  7. It shall be lawful for the said Municipal  Council to repurchase any of the said debentures upon such terms as may be agreed upou  with the legal holder or holders thereof, or any  part thereof, either at tlio timo of sale or any  subsequent timo or times, and all debentures so  repurchased shall forthwith bo cancelled and destroyed, and uo re-issue of debentures so re-pur  chased shall be made in consequence of such repurchase.  8. This by-law sliall tako effect on' the thirty-  first day of July, A. D., 1900.  NOTICE.  of Montreal in Nelson aforesaid, which said place  of payment shall be designated by the said De-;  ben tures, nnd f hall have attached to them cou  pons for the payment of interest, and the-signa  tures to the interest  coupons   may; be "either,  written, stamped, printed or lithographed.  4. The said Debentures shall Bear interest at  the rate of four per centum per annum from the  date thereof, which interest shall bo payable  semi-annually at said oflice of the Bank of Montreal in Nelson aforesaid, in lawful money of Canada, on the 1st day of April and the 1st" day% of  October respectively, in each year during the  currency thereof, and itshall be expressed in said  Debentures and coupons to be sopayable.  5/ Jt shall be lawful for the Mayor of said .Corporation to negotiate and sell thn said. Debentures or any of them for less than par; but in no  case shall the said: Debentures or any of them be  negotiated or sold for less than ninetv-five per  centum of their face value, including the cost of  negotiating and sale, brokerage and all other incidental expenses..    (i. There shall be raised and levied in each year  during the currency of said Dobantnres the sum  of six hundred dollars (8600.00) for the payment  of interest and tho sum of five hundred and  seventy-eight dollars and seventy-two cents  ($578.72) for tlio payment of the debt duo  under the said Debentures by a rate suflicient  therefore on all tho rateable land in the said  Municipality.  7. It shall be lawful for the said Municipal  Council to re-purchase any of the said: Dobcn-  JUires_up_on^ch^terrns^s^niaj^o^groe^urjon=  "witli-! lie l'cgiirhold'er or holders thereof, or any  part thereof, eithor at tho time of sale or any subsequent time or times, and all Debentures so repurchased shall forthwith be cancelled and destroyed, and no re-issue of Debentures shall be  made in consequence of such re-purchase.  8. Thi3 Bylaw shall take effect on the thirty-  first day of July, A.D. 1900.  Take notice that-the above is a true copy of the  proposed By-Law upon which the vote of tho  municipality will-be taken, for the East ward at  the City Police Court Room on Josephine street; for  tho -West ward at the ollice of the Exchequer  Gold Mining Company, on the north side of Baker  street, between Stanley and Kootenay streets, on  Wednesday, the 18th day of July, at 8 ��� o'clock u  the forenoon. W. E. WASSON,  Acting City Clerk.  Nelson, B. C, July ith, 1900.  Corporation of the City of Nelson,.  33-_r-Tj._-.-W  __TO.   TO.  NOTICE.  Take notice, that tho above is a truo copy of  the proposed bylaw upon which the vote of the  municipality will bo token for tho East ward at  the City Pofico Court room on Josephine streot;  for the West ward at tho office of tho Exchequer  Gold Mining Company on the north side of Baker  street, between Stanley and Kootenny streets,  on Wednesday, the 18th day of July at 8 o'clock  in the forenoon. W. E. WASSON.  Acting City Clerk.  Nolson, B. C, July 4th, 1000.  Corporation of the City of Jfalson.  _3S--Xj^_.-W    3STO-   e&.  Prompt and regular  delivery to the trade  Brewery ai Melson  A By-Law to rai"0 $15,000.00 to extend and improve the Electric Light System.  Whereas a petition has been .presented to the  Municipal Councilof tho Corporation of tho City  of Nelson, signed by tho owners of at least one-  tenth of the value of the real property in the said  City, us shown by the last revised assessment  roll, requesting the said Council to introduce a  By-Law to raise tho sum of fifteen-thousand  dollars ($15,000.00) for. the purpose of extending  and improving tho electric light system and  plant in the City of Nelson.  And whereas, it is deemed expedient to borrow  the said sum of fifteen thousand dollars ($15,000.-  00) for tho purposes aforesaid.  And whereas, the wholo amount of tho rateable  land of tho said City, according to the last revised assessment roll, is ono million two hundred  and forty-seven thousand dollars ($1,247,000):  And whereas, it will bo necessary to raise annually by rate the sum of eleven hundred and  seventy-eight dollars and soventy-two cents  ($1178.72) for paying the said debtand interest.  Now therefore, tho Municipal Council of the  Corporation of tho City of Nelson in council  assembled, enacts as follows:  1. Itshall and may bo lawful for tho mayor of  the Corporation of tho City of Nelson to borrow,  upon tho credit of tho said Corporation, by way  of the debentures hereinafter mentioned, from  any person or persons, body or bodies corporate,  who may be willing to advance tho same as a  loan, a sum of monoy not exceeding on the  whole tho sum of fifteen thousand dollars ($15,-  000.00), and to cause all such sums so raised or  received to bo paid into the hands of the treasurer of the said corporation, for the purposo and  with the object hereinbefore recited.  2. Itshall bo lawful for tho mayor of tho said  Corporation to causo any number of debentures  to bo made, executed and issued for such sum or  sums as may be required for the purpose and object aforesaid, not exceeding, however, tho sum  of fifteen thousand dollars ($15,000.00): each of  the said debentures being of th. denomination of  A by-law to raise $20,000.00 to extend tho sewage,  system.  Whereas; a petition has been presented lo tho,  Municipal Council of the Corporation of tho  City of Nelson, signed by the owners of at least*,  one-tenth of tho value of tho re.il property of the -  said citv; as shown by the last revised. assessment roll, requesting the said; Council to introduce a By-law toraiso the sum of twenty-thousand'dollars ($20,000 00) for the purposo of ox-  tending the sewage system of the said City.  : And whereas:it is7deemed ncccsary and ex- ,  pedicnt to.extend the sewage system of the City  of Nelson for the convenience of tho cit bens.  . And whereas, it is expedient to borrow the ,  said sum of twenty thousand dollars ($20,000.00) ,  for the purposes aforesaid.    ���And whereas the whole amount of the rateable '  land.of the said: City, according to the last revised.,  assessment   rolls^ is   ono  million   two  hundredacdforty-sovon thousand dollars($1,-  247,000.00).-  . ;And whereas it will be necessary to raise an-��  nually by rate the sum of Fifteen Hundred and  Seventy-one./-^dollars  . und:;   sixty-three    cents  ($1571.03) for paying the said debtand interest. ,  Now therefore, the Municipal Council of the,.  Corporation of, tho City; of 'Nelson'in Council^  assembled enacts'as follows:*'; vvft'Uiy, ' <  '���-* 1.   It shall and may be lawful for tho Mayor of-*  tho Corporation of the City of Nelson "to borrow, ,.-  upon the ereditof the said Corporal Ion, hy way of ���>  the Debentures hereinafter,mentioned,fromany '  person or persons.body or bodius corporate, who "*���  may be willing ;to'advance the same a* a loan,  a sum of money not exceeding, in the whole tho>  sum of twenty thousand;dollars ($20,000.00), and-  to cause all such sums so raised or received to  bepaid into the hands "of the Treasurer of tho  said Corporation for the purposes and with tho  objects hereinbefore recited.: -    .  2. It shall be lawful for the mayor of tho said  Corporation to cause any number of debentures ,  to bo made, executed and issued for such sum or  sums as may be required for the purpose and object aforesaid, not exceeding, however, the sum  of twenty; thousand dollars, ($20,000.00)/ each of  the said Debentures being of thotdenomination  of ono thousand- dollars (j*l,000.00(,:.and.all such  Dcbcntuies8haU he rcalcd with the seal of tho .  Corporation and signed by the Mayor, thereof.  3. The said Debentures shall bear date tho 1st  day of Oct., A. D.. 1UO0, and shall bo made payable in twenty years from the fnid date, in lawful  money of Canada, at tbe oflice of the Bank of  Montreal in Nelson aforesaid, which said plnco  of payment shall be designated by the said Debentures, and shall have attached to them coupons for the payment of interest, and tho signatures to the   interest coupons may be cither  ; written, stamped, printed or lithographed.  4. The said Debentures shall bear interest at  the rate of four per centum ppr-annum from  tlio date thereof, which interest shall be payable  semi-annually at said office of tho Bank of Montreal in Nelson aforesaid, inlawful money of  Canada, on the 1-t day of April, and the l6t day of  October, respectively, in ench year during tho  currency thereof and itshall booxpresspd in Mild  Dobentures and coupons to be so payable.  5. Itshall bo lawful, for tho Mayorof theseid  Corporation to negotiate and sell the said Debentures or any of them for le=s than par: but in  no case shall the said debentures,or any of them  bo negotiated or sold for less than ninety-live per  cent of their face value, including the cost of negotiating and sale, brokerage and nil other inci-  dentaUcxpcnscs. ���..__.-   0. There shall bo raised and levied in each  year during the currency of said Debentures tho  sum of cighthundrcd dollars ($800.00) for the payment of interest, and the sum of seven hundred  j*  j-I  and seventy-one dollars and   sixty-three    *      *  ibt  ly a  on all the ratcablo land in the said Municipality.  ($771.03) for tho payment of the de  the said Debentures b  cents  ..   . t due under  a rate sulllcicnt thoiofor  .. Itshall be lawful for tho said Municipal  Council to re-purchase any of the said Debentures upon such terms as may bo agreed upon  with the leaal holder or holdors thereof, or any  part thereof, either at tho timo of salo or any  subsequent time or times, and all Debentures so  re-purchased shall forthwith be cancelled and  destroyed, and no re-lssuo of Debentures so repurchased shall bo mado in consequence of mich  re-purchase.  8. This By-Law shall tako effect on the thirty-  first day of July, A. D. 1900.  NOTICE.  is a truo copy of  the vote of tho  Tako not ire. That the nbovo  the proposed By-Lnw upon whlel. _ _  Municipality will bo taken for tho East Ward at  tho City Police Court Iloom on Josephine stieet;  for tho West Ward at the ollleo of the Exchequer Gold Mining Co., on tho north sido of Baker  street betwoon Stanley and Kootenay streets, on  Wednesday, the 18th day of July, at 8 o'clock iu  the forenoon.  W. V,. WASSON.  Acting City Clerk.  Nelson, B. C, July 1th, l'JOO.   Corporation of the City of Nelson  NOTICE.  Public Notico is hereby given that the votes  the electors will bo taken on the following By  Laws, viz:  By-Law No. <!8.   A By-Law to raiso $15,000.00 to  extend the waterworks system.  By-Law No. (it).   A By-Law to rafce Slo.OOO.ro to  extend nnd improve the Electric Light System.  By-Law No. iO.  A By-Law to raise $20,000.00 to  extond the Sewage Sy-tem.    By-Law No. 71.   A By-Law to raise $20,000.00 to  improve the streets. _  By-Law No. 72.   A By-Law to raise $0,000.00 to  purchase a road making plant.  On Thursday, the IStli day of  July, 1900, between tho hours of S o'clock a.m. and 4 o clock  p.m.  The votes of tho electors for the East Ward  will betaken nt tho city police court room on  Josephino street, anil the votes of tho electors for  the West Ward at tho office of tho Exchequer "  Gold Mining Company, on tho north side of Baker  street between Stanley streot and Kootenay  street.  Any male or fcmalo being of the full ago of  twenty-one years who is tho assessed owner of  land or real property within tho municipality  shall have a voto either confirming or negativing  the Raid By-Laws in each ward in which ho or she  may bo assessed for land or property. By ordor  XV. K. WASSON,  Acting City Clork and Returning Officer.  Nelson, a C, July 4th, 1900.  ,zjm THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, __.. C., MONDAY JULY 1G 1900  I��3  ic-  *:  !.'  ti  %  I  i  ii;  Assayers9 Supplier  In these goods we keep a full supply and are able to fill the largest orders without delay,  a glance at our window and see the largest assortment of assayers' supplies in Canada.  W. F. Teetzel & Co.  Take  Victoria Block, Corner Baker and Josephine Streets.  NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  HATS! HATS!  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Calbick, Cedar street,  gave birth to a son on Saturday.  E. J. Hudson, purser of the C. P. R.  steamer Kootenay, is at the general  hospital with typhoid fever.  Ensign Stagers is temporarily in  charge of the local Salvation Army  corps. The permanent command  rwill be taken over shortly by adjutant and Mrs. MeGill whose last  station was at Dawson City.  Nurse McKeen returns to her  duties at the general hospital today  after an absence on leave for several weeks.  On Saturday night six chickens  were stolen from the Queen's hotel.  James Askin will be charged with  the theft of the birds at the police  court today.  During the session of court before  judge Forin-at Rossland, J. A. Macdonald, Q.G.,entered a nolle prosequi  in the case of Albo, a prisoner  awaiting trial in the provincial'jail  here. Albo will be held to the next  assize on the charge of being-an  accessory to murder..  Mademoiselle Trebelli-Dolores  and M. Eugene Berns arrived in  Nelson yesterday evening. They  are staying at the Iiotel Phair.  The funeral of the late Thomas  O'Brien took place yesterday morning from Fraternity hall to the  union cemetery, the services being  conducted by the Independent  Order of Oddfellows.; _At the grave  John A. McRae, noble grand, and  George Colwell, chaplain, performed  the last rites.  , R. T. Lowery, of the New Denver  Ledge, spent yesterday in tho city.  George Bell of the Imperial bank  staff leaves today for AVinnipeg on  his vacation. T.B.Baker of the  Edmonton staff is tho relieving  clerk.  Dr. F. J. Ewiiyj has abandoned  hi.s railroad hospital at Nine-mile  point, and the outfit has been  brought into the city.  R. A. Kimptou of Windermere,  East Kootenay, has gone to Donald  taking with him P. Critchley, J. O.  EH is and Tom Shields. . They will  puM down Mr. Kimptmi's houso at  tl-ct place and ship the same to  AA* -derntere, where ic will be re-  er- r'::ed. j:  A young man named Hayward  was brought to the general hospital  Saturday night with a badly  mangled hand, the result of a saw  mill accident. Two fingers were  amputated by Dr. Symouds.  The Methodist Sunday school will  picnic at Balfour on the 24th inst.  Disaster Officially Confirmed.  Shang-Hai, July 15.��� (morning).  ���An official telegram from the  governor of Shantung states a  breach was made in the wall of the  British legation after a gallant  defense, and that all the foreigners  were killed. .,     ' .������  '  HOTEL  ARRIVALS.  PIIiIR.-M.ir. Cowan, Spokane: C. P, Hill'  Port Hill. Idaho; S. W.Gebo, Red Lodge. Mon-  tnn��; Charles Kstmere. Kimberley; K. Nelson  Fell, Athabasca; T. B. Baker, Kdmonton; Mile.'  Trebelli-Dolores, Mile. Vardone, M. Beriis," F.  Vert, New York.' ���*' '       . '    v  :    ..    ���  ��� ���  HUMK.-Mr,and Mrs. Smith, Lnndon/.Kng-  land; Q. V. Kit hot, Victoria; J. . a; RitlieC. /Victoria; McKeown and son, Missoula, Montana;  -W. M Manning. Bossburg, Wash.  (JL'KISVS.���John Clark.-London, .England; M.  Vincberg, Montreal;' W.'.J. ..Miisfen. Fernie; C.  A. Brown,-Ymir; I). McLennan, Procter; S. A.  Hartman, Rossland.  ESTABLISHED 1892  H.   BYERS   &  HARDWARE  CO.  ESTABLISHED 1892  Garden, Mill,  Steam and  Hose.  Suction  Crucible  Cast  Steel  5-16 to 1-in. in  Wire  Rope  stock.  Leather and  Rubber Belting.  Sheet, Square and Round Rubber  Flax and Garlock Packing  Pipe Fittings, Brass Goods, Rails  Black and Galvanized Sheet Iron.  Soft Steel Plates  1-8, 3-16 and 1-4 x 72, 96 and 120  Agents���Truax Oro Cars, Giant Powder, and Metropolitan Fuso, etc.  H. BYERS & CO.  NELSON  KASLO  SANDON  BUSINESS   MENTION.  Lost���By junior baseball   team  outside main entrance a baseball bat with two  mitts attached. Return to Vanstono's drugstore.  Wauted���A competent millwright. Apply by letter to J. M. Williams',  Nelson.  Room wanted���Young man wants  room in privato house, with or without breakfast.   Address H. L. 11., cai e Tribune.  "Wanted*��� Dining-room   girl   at  Hotel Phair.  Young lady would like to exchange work for board and room. Apply K. M. !_.,  Tribune Ofllce.  Wanted���Situation for a strong  girl of 15. of no homo. $10 per month. Apply  Mrs. Fergusson, Silica streot.  Lady Help���English lady requires  re-cngagement. Country preferred. Gold cook.  Musical.   Miss James, Okotoks, Alberta.  Furnished Rooms���$8 per month;  or board with room if dosired at %. per week.  Cedar street, between Baker and Vernon streets.  W. V. Stone. ;  . -  Furnished Rooms with   Bath���  Two doots cast City Hall, Victoria street.  Furnished rooms   to let���Apply  Carney block, one door east of Oddfellow's hall.  Hack   calls left at   the   Pacific  Transfer barn on Vernon street. Telephone  call 35.  For Rent���Dwelling on Carbonate  street, next to ex-mayor Neelands, possession  July 1st ;rent ��25.   Enquire Mrs. Robinson.  ~~~ NOTICE. ~  The co-partnership heretofore existing between  Charles S. Rashdall and A. E. Fauquior, doing  business as mining brokers at New Denver, British Columbia, under the firm name of Rashdall  & Fauquier, is dissolved. The business will be  continued by thu unde-signed.  CHARLES S. RASHDALL.  New Denver, July 11th, 1900.  Refrigerators  Prices from $10 to $30  LAWRENCE HARDWARE COMPANY  _ -<_r��_:SL&&&&__\:&.&��_&        ^S^S-^-^-^-^-^-^-^^^'-b-.  Uf  ffl  ffl  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  iti  185 Baker Street.  Telephone IO.  KIRKPATRICK  &  WILSON.  We have removed our place of business  for the next few months to the old Burns  shop, next to the Nelson Hotel, where wd  Mi  ffl  ffl  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  ��������=��������  =*&����  *���%-�����*  ���G2jlc=)'C3'&  mm  __Bi  W  Wj  30  WAR.  IflJ  -^^VS-^^^S'^-^va-^'Av&'A S__\-__:^___:___\___.___i___i___i___i0'���__}�����  ���19^-0 -0-0 ^9^9-0-0^9^9^9        C".;^. -fr ST. ^. ^. C <f. -5-. ^. ^. SC-  WHICH I WILL COMMENCE ON  AGAINST PRICES WILL BE THE FEATURE OF THE  GENUINE  CLEARANCE  ��)  ffl   hope to see all our old customers and many   ffl  w   new ones.   Give us a call.  ffl    xti  xti  to  ffl  to   Telephone 10  Vtt.  -^'^A'd'd'A'^dv&'A-A'^*-^  KIRKPATRICK & WILSON  185 Baker Street  xti  to  to  iti  ffl  ffl  ffl  to  ARE  What the public pronounces to be the Leading Grocers  of Nelson, where the BestGoods can be" had at Lowest  Prices. .Try us and be convinced, what everybody says  must be true.  �����  AT NELSON OPERA HOUSE  HflffiMlEYEMN&rJUIrl 16thrl900  ADMISSION $1  PLAN OPENS FRIDAY  P. Burns & Co.  Wholesale and Retail  Dealers in Meats  Head Office at  NELSON, B. 0.  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Lots of them in the city water.  Get one of oup filters  on triaL   Prices 40 cents, $1.26 and $1.75.  OPPOSITE POSTOFFICE.  STRACHAN  BROTHERS.  W  300 Pairs of Miners'Shoes at Cost.    Men's Furnishings, Fine Shoes,  Hats and Caps.   400 Pairs of Odd Pants  EVERY ARTICLE IN THE STORE OFFERED AT  From 20 to 50 per Cent Discount  Theo. Madson  BAKER STREET.   LOOK OUT FOR THE BIG CANVAS SIGN  W  W  W  Wi  w  THE ATHABASCA GOLD MINE, LIMITED  (In Liquidation.)  SHARE   CAPITAL   ��200,000.  Wi  W)  Wi  M  mmm&m  mm mm&&m&mm&m&m  To thi: Canadian SiiAKEiioLDKita:  Spociul roHolutioiis for liquidation nnd reconstruction wore passed nt nn Kxtrnordinnry Gcu-  ornl McotiiiR, hold on tho 181 li of May last, and  confirmed nl a further mooting on tho .Oth Juno  last, and in conformity therewith, a now company has boon registered undor iho namo of Tho  Athabasca Gold Mine, Limited, having a capital  of ��100,000 in ordinary shares of ��1 riich.  I Kivo notice that Iho nKrociiiont for tho trans-  forof tho assets of (lie old company to tho new  company, whicli was submitted to and approved  by tho said Extraordinary Goneral Mooting, has  now been executed and is dated the' lRt~.li Juno,  liKXI. Holders of shares in the old company aro  entitled to claim as of right, an allotment of one  share in the new company, with lis. per share  credited as having been paid up thereon, for  every two shares held by thorn or to which thoy  were entitled in tho old company, providing they  a?rec to pay up tho balance of 3s. per share on  each of such new shares.  Shareholders registered on the books of the old  company have received blanks or forms' on  which to make application for the shares to  which they are entitled to apply for, and which  must bo received horo and bo in my hands, together with the Is. per Bharo payable on application not later than 18th August, 1900. Shareholders who do not make application by thisdato will  lose all their interest in the company. Holders  of dollar shares of the Athabasca Gold Mining  Company, Limited Liability/who have not converted their script into ��1 sterling shares of the  Athabasca Gold Mine, Limited, which is now in  liquidation, are advised to send these promptly  to this office for conversion, thattheymay receive  the necessary blanks in time to comply with (lie  above notice and so retain their interest in tho  property. E. KELSON RELL, Manager.  .. M. LIIDWIG  Manufacturers of and  dealers in Harness, Pack  and Stock Saddles, Apara-  joes, Collars, Bridles and  Whips.  Nelson Harness Shop  HaU Street, Xelson.  SMOKE  ROYAL SEAL  AND  KOOTENAY BELLE  CIGARS  UNION MADE  <i$\  \  Kootenay Cigar Mfg. Co.  NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA  Palace IVJeat IVJarl^et  Headquarters  for all kinds of  Fresh and Cured Meats.  A feature will be made of the poultry and  game trade. They will always be on band during their season. ,  J. L.  PORTER, Prop.  169 Josephine St., between Baker and Vernon.  Telephone 159. .    -  Kootenay Steam Laundry  BLOMBERO & SWEDBEI*G  PROPRIETORS  The only steam laundry in Nelson employing union labor  A. LARSON, Manager


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