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 DAILY EDITION   BY MAIL  FIVE  DOLLARS A YEAR  WEEKLY EDITION BY MAIL  TWO DOLLARS A YEAR  EIGHTH YEAE.  NELSON:   SATURDAY MORNING   JUNE 9 J900.  PRICE FIVE CENTS  THE CANDIDATES'LAST SHOT  The  paigtt was held in the  tfc  Hall Still Wobbling.  last meeting   of   tho   catn-  opnra  house  last evening.    It was called by candidate 1 fall's committee, and lasted  about nn hour  and a  half,   during  t ho greater part of which time candidate Hall labored to convince his  hearers that he was uot  a. Martin  man.    It can hardly be regarded as  complimentary, either to  a candidates   sincerity   or   his ' integrity,  that at the close of a campaign  he  , .should find himself in the  position  which Dr.  HaU  occupied.    It  told  .   heavily against .candidate   in   the  meeting and will no doubt. operate  in tiie same way at the polls today.  Wheu a candidate cannot be placed  in a straight contest,  it  is  idle  to  attempt to place him  in the varied  issues which   he   might   be  called  itpori to face in the legislature.  Candidate   Hall   was    the    first  speaker.    He referred to. the uncertain nature of his candidature, and  sign in endeavored to explain where  ho  stood.    He said that while  he  was absent from the  city  false reports had  been  circulated  regarding him, and he desired to reiterate  his position as an independent Liberal.    In  proof of this he quoted  from an interview published in the  Miner   before   the  doctor   flopped  over to Martin, in which he was represented as  stating  that  he  was  opposed to .Toe Martin as a leader,  bub that he would go to Victoria to  build up and not to tear down.  Dr."  Hull endeavored to make his hearers   believe  that his  position  was  uuchunged on  the  subject  of Mr.  Martin.    But  it is   different  with  the doctor iu  Ymir.    Ho  then  endeavored  to  explain  why,  in   his  opinion,  an   independent member,  single-handed,    could     accomplish  more than a party man in thelegis-  lasure.      There   were   rumors,   he  phhI, that ho had formed a combine  with Mr. Fletcher to split the labor,  vote   and    defeat    Mr.    Houston,  There never was a combine of a'ny  "description, and he was in the fight  co stay. Referring lo the 489 voters,  who   were  objected   to,   Dr.  Hnll  accused Mr. Fletcher aiid Ids .party  of   bqing   at   the  bottom  of   the  scheme,- which he denounced as contemptible,   and   worthy   only   of  . severe    reprimand.      St   is  worth  noting that the doctor had  no  interest in the said 489 electors until'  candidate   Houston    succeeded   in  having thoir names replaced upon  thu voters' list.  The speaker devoted some attention to..Mr. Fletcher's   candidacy.  Mr. Fletcher, ite said, was,  running  in the Conservative iuterest, which  could not possibly tetania working party to  the legislature  and  would bo forced to coalesce with  the Turnerites, whoso record in the  matter of land grants to railroads  he attacked vigorously.   The Conservatives, he added, were divided  among   themselves.     Turning    to  Houston, the   speaker stated that  _the_Provineial -Party-had -but-ten-  candidates  in the running, and a  fair       estimate       would        place  their    successful     candidates    at  one-half      this     number.      With  .so      few      representatives      the  Provincial Party would be practically helpless.   The doctor failed to  explain why candidate Fletcher and  candidate   Houston   could   accomplish nothing with small parties,  while he could accomplish everything  single handed.    The doctor  read his platform over, commenting  on the various planks at more or  le** length.     His  solution  of the  Oriental labor question was* that a  commission from Ottawa should be  brought into the country for some  months in order that they might  grasp the situation thoroughly.   In  tegard to the public ownership of  railroads he stated that the subject  was one requiring deep study, and  that he was not now prepared to  go further  than  to  commend the  principle in a general way. '  Candidate Flether was then introduced and announced himself as  a straight Conservative candidate,  and the nominee in convention. In  referring to his opponents, Mr.  Flethchor remarked that the community had a strong suspicion that  Hon. Smith Curtis did not come  into the riding to secure moral support or for his health, but to advance Dr. Hall's interests. Knowing Dr. Hall to bo a man of his  woi'd, however, he was prepared to  accept Dr. Hall's statements. Ho  put forth the claim that the Conservatives were tho only party  which could secure a working ma-  jot ity, despite what had been said  to the eautrary by Dr. Hall.    The  eight-hour law was one of the vital  questions of the day, and on this he  took the stand that the law should  be left on the statute book. His  position on the Oriental labor question was that the matter could be  got at in a square, straightforward  manner by going to the proper authorities.  After the   Municipal   band   had  contributed   a   spirited    selection,  candidate Houston was introduced  and   was accorded   a right   royal  welcome.    His speech was liberally  applauded,   and though   the Hall  minority caused an interruption, it  was most evident that the Houston  element was in the majority.   "The  difference between   Dr.   Hall   and  myself," said Mr. Houston, "is that  he started the, campaign  with one  plank, a/nd wound up with 14 or 15.  His one plank in the start was  opposition to Martin in and out   of  the house.   You all know where he  is at now.    In Nelson he does Jiot  know Martin, but in ^Ymir he is a  solid Martin  man.    I  started into  this campaign*with 14 planks, but  wind up with one, and on this plank  niy ''.supporters'     stand     solidly.  It is that tomorrow, when the ballots are counted, John Houston will  have more votes than both of his  opponents combined.  (Cheers). We  went into this campaign determined  to send a man  to Victoria backed  up by the large majority of the  electors Of this, the most important  constituency, so that when-, he got  up oh the'floor of the house at Vic-"  toria he could state that he represented the whole of the electors of  Nelson riding, and not a faction.  (Applause').    I do not propose  to  make an extended reference to the  issues of the contest, believing that  the electors are aboutas well posted  as  the candidates  are   (laughter),  but I will refer instead to a few of  the local issues.    Dr. Hall has taken  to himself all the credit for legislation benefitting laboring men since  he entered the city council; but  1 leave it with you to say what he  did in this  direction -..before  entering the council (laughter.)   Did he  ever   try  to   discourage    Chinese  labor?   The men who weie herein  1891  remember that   the Chinese  question,was a.-live issue at that  time.    Who then took  part in the  fight against Chinese labor ? (cries  of Houston.)    Well it was certainly  nofc Dr. Hall.    S was not at that  time au aspirant for public office,  so that it cannot be Said 1  was actuated by1 any motive other than  that'of principle (applause.)    J believed then, and I Jbelieve now, that  the best way to rid this country of  Chinese and Japanese is not  to employ them (cheers.)   So far, as- my  position ou  tho  eight-hour law i.s  concerned I dojiofc think  there is a  man in^ this audience who doubts  for a moment where I stand.   It is  a point for the electors to pass upon,  and I have ,no doubt as to their  verdict.     (Applause).     It   will be  for   the man  who   stood  for the  eight-hour law from start to finish.  (Cheers).   My advice to the electors  is simpl$ that you should go  home  and consider seriously which of the  candidates-will prove to be the best  representative.    If you believe Dr.  Hall is a better man  than myself,  send him to Victoria.     If yon  believe Mr. Fletcher to be a better  man than either of  as, vote for  him.    Sn concluding I will express  the opinion that none of the parties  in the contest will be strong enough  to form a government singleha tided.  A coalition   must   be formed and  1 wish to state that the party with  which I am identified is composed  of men of   principle and that not  one of thorn will sacrifice a single  principle   even   to   obtain   office."  (Applause aud cheers).  Dr. Hall concluded the speaking  briefly. He remarked that if Mr.  Fletcher said Hon. Mr. Curtis came  to Nelson in the interests of the  speaker, Mr. Fletcher had slated an  untruth. The only possible ground  for such a statement was that Mr.  Curtis had advised the voters to  cast their ballots for Hall, an independent candidate, rather than for  Houston or Fletcher, whose parties  were opposed to the government.  If returned his policy, would be to  support such legislation as he  felt was in the interest of the  people generally. After denying  the statement that he was a Martin  candidate, Dr. Hall remarked that  he had done much for the working  men prior to hi.s election to the  council, as a result of which he said  he owed bills at various hotels,  where working men had been cared  fo��', and which he would never recover, lie wonnd-np by appealing  for the suffrages of his hearers and  expressed the hope that every vestige of feeling would vanish after  election day.  BULLER HEARD FROM AGAIN  Trying to Secure Laing's Net.  London, June 8.���General Buller  has cabled the war office that lie  hopes he has obtained a position  from which he can render Laing's  Nek. untenable.  London, June 8.���The war office  has received the following dispatch  from general Buller:   "Yellowboom  Farm, June 8th���On June Oth general Talbot Coke, with the Tenth  Brigade and  South African -Light  Horse, siezed Van Wyck Hill.   The  The enemy made some resistance,  and a good deal of sniping occurred.  Our casualties   were   4 killed,   13  wounded. "  During the   day, and  following, we got two 4.7 and two  12-poimd naval guns to Van Wyck  hill, and two five-inch guns on to  the southwestern spur of Inkewelo.  Under cover of their fire general  Hildyard   today assaulted   all the  spurs betAveen Botha and Inkewelo,  The attack was planned by Hildyard, and carried out with immense  dash by the troops, for whom no  mountains  were too steep.   They  outflanked the enemy . who   were  forced to retire from a very strong;  position^ '���-'.'   :, "���'.���- '.������"���' ';,"���  ��� i  THEY MADE A PLUCKY STAND  And Won Oufc  Washington, June 8.���Perhaps  the most thrilling incident of the  entire Philippine war occurred at  Gotubig, on the island of Samar,  where on April 15th last a party of  thirty-one enlisted men, of company H, 43rd infantry volunteers,  held at bay a force of six hundred  insurgents during four days of  fighting, reinforcements arriving  just in time. The war department  has received? reports from captain  If. M._,Day, of the' 43rd volunteers,  and first lieutenant J. T. Sweeny of  that regiment, who commanded  the rescue party,'giving all the details of.. the attack, the" s\ege and"  the relief.  According to these reports the  attack of the garrison at Gatubig  began without, warning on April  lath, from the hills on all sides, and  from every vantage point in towu.  Tuesday morning haudfuls of burning hemp' were thrown into the  barracks by insurgents in a church,  and soon the soldiers' refuge was  on fire. All efforts to subdue the  fire failed, and finally the little  band made a daslr for the river  bank. Some were killed before the  bank was reached, others fell down  in a boat, in which they were attempting to make the opposite  shore, and when a trench was  finally dug with bayonets, there  were but 18 of the 31 men' left to  man it. Here, for two days more,  corporal Carson handling his men  with      the      judgment      of      a  veteran, held     _out___ under _   a_  terrible fire until Sweeny's command, which had been ordered to  supply fche garrison at Gotubig, and  was on its way up the river on the  Laouwig, arrived. Not until within  a quarter of a mile of Gotubig, says  lieutenant Sweeny, in hit. report,  did they hear the noise of the engagement. Then he realized that  he and his men were sorely needed,  and ordered the captain of the  steamer to run his boat at top  speed. The steamer came to Gotubig under a rain of bullets front  both shores. The small, boats were  lowered, a landing effected, and the  rescuers fought their way through  the open to their beseiged comrades  in the trenches, buried the dead  within reach, brought back the beseiged party, numbering only 13  men, and then steamed down the  river.  Act be put in force,.to keep out the  Japanese. 3;  Premier Laurier replied that the  government would introduce a bill  on Monday dealing with this matter.  He said, however, that he could not  understand the position taken by  colonel Prior on the matter. If the  Natal Act was adopted there was  no need of an increase in per capita  tax because the Natal Act would  keep put Chinese and Japs. If the  present relations ; of Britain and  Japan were not to.be disturbed, and  it was not desirable that they should  when Britain wasfen gaged in war,  he would ask, if it'Was wise to do  anything that might injure the harmony that prevailed and when the  friendly i^sistahce' of Japan was  looked for. He didjuot want to say  anything about tli(i bill until it was  introduced.-  .'^4  ���-  CANADIANS POORLY TREATED  o  Strathcona Fixes Matters Up.  London, June 8.-*-Harold G. Parsons,-federation delegate from West  Australia, writes to the morning  'papers to protest against the treatment giventho wounded Canadians.  He says :^ "The iiivalid "Canadians  at Shorheycliff camp; who have returned'from . the 'front, complain  that they are baldly fed, unhealthy  crowded, and refused a furlough.  This seems a curious return to make  for their conspicuous services, voluntarily rendered, jj.1 have it on un-  disputable ^authority, and that  it is" 'the practice of the  war office to administer  the British volunteers, and, for all  I - know, the regular army, by  means of regulations drafted and  issued in great part on no better  authority than that of the promoted second-class clerks, a body of  gentlemen, no doubt of irreproachable * characters, but men by no  means adapted by their intelligence  or education to bo^trnsted with so  great   a   responsibility.      Such .a  CANADA'S GROWING TRADE  Fielding's Surplus Grows.  Ottawa, June 8.���[Special to The  Tribune.]���The   statement   of   the  revenue  and   expenditure  of   the  Dominion for the eleven months,  ending May 30th last,  shows the  revenue to   be $45,107,144, an increase of nearly $4,000,000 over the  same period last year.   There was  an increase for May alone of a quarter of a million dollars.    The expenditure was $32,575,000, or one  million   increase   Oyer  the  corresponding eleven months.     The difference   between   the expenditure  and revenue, on ordinary, account,  shows a surplus  of $12,531^568,  so  that Hon. W. S.  Fielding's prediction of having a surplus of $7,500,000  at the end of this month, when the  financial year closes,  will  be fully  realized.     There are  considerable  accounts yet to come in.   The capital expenditure was $7,288,000, a  decrease of $600,000 over last year.  Another Filipino Captured.  Manila, June S.���General Price  de Pilar, the Filipino leader, has  been captured near Manila.  DULLER MAY MEET BOTHA  a  delegation. of authority, which is  unconstitutional as well as unbusinesslike in itself,-ought to show  that the whole war office, from top  to bottom, must be reformed if not  reconstructed after the" war."  The Daiiy^Chronicle, referring to  the protest of Harold G. (Parsons  against the treatment given the  wounded. Canadian's says: '"Lord  Strathcona has 'investigated the  complaint of the men, and the matter has been settled satisfactorily,  the^desired furlough being granted.  BRITISH IwiNISTETsCORED  LAURIER PROMISES REL  From Oriental Immigration.  Ottawa, June 8.���In the house  today, on motion to go into supply,  Belcourt of Ottawa, brought up,  once again, the Pacific cable scheme.  Postmaster-general Mulock pointed  but that the government had no  information from the imperial authorities of anything being done  that would prove fatal to the  scheme, and he thought if anything  had been done, the Canadian government would be advised of it.  Colonel Prior of Victoria brought  up the question of Chinese immigration, suggesting that the Chinese poll tax be increased to $500, j  Is He a Lightweight ?  London, June 8.���The Spectator,  commenting on the Chinese difficulty, says it .considers that if the  situation becomes acute, the only  alternative to a European concert,  which would be effective only in  thepry,jwouId_be_for_ Bnglond_and.  Russia to act together iti a definite  agreement. The paper adds: "Thoy  alone possess physical power, near  enough to the scene, to be of immediate use. England could, Mn  this case, use her Indian troops."  Continuing, the Spectator strongly  opposes any partition of China, and  thinks it unsafe to assume that the  Chinese soldiers cannot fight.  Tho morning papers linger over  the Chinese situation, publishing  long editorial reviews and conjectures. The Daily Express contends  that sir Claude Macdonald is charming personally, but, lacks initiative  and strength of character sufficient  for the difficult po^t of British minister at Pekin. Jn its news columns ifc tells how sir Claude  claimed a British diplomatic victory when the legation ladies,  escorted by lady MacDonald, visited  the empress dowager, who afterwards, ifc'is alleged, sent this telegram to all the provinces: "As  you are aware, these foreign devils  have been very troublesome to me  lately. Their actions have been  very offensive to me. Being a  woman, I could not make the ministers come and explain, but today I  sent and compelled their women to  come and kow tow." The Daily  Press, suggests thafc 20,000 Indian  troops be dispatched to China to  restore order.  and that something like the Natal  Bay of Quinte Conference.  I'our Hoi'K, Ontario, June 8.���  The seventeenth annual session of  the Bay of Quinte Methodist conference, opened here yesterday, and  elected lie v. W, J. Crowthers, D.D.,  as president.  Troops Now Resting.  London, June 9.���0:10 a. m.���."  General Buller has at length taken  the offensive, and by. manoeuver-  has secured a position west of  Laing's Nek, by which he believes  he can make the Boer position untenable. Presumably he will im-  -mediately follow up his success.  Lord Roberts has communicated  nothing for three days, nor permitted   the   correspondents   to   wire  what is going'on. London's inference is that he is resting, although  he is possibly disposing his army  for a race after commandant general Botha. A blockade of tho  'wires, owing to the rush of official  correspondence, may account for  the scanty press dispatches. Some  telegrams filed a week ago, are only  just now arriving. Among these  are descriptions of the fighting at  Elandsfontein. According to one  of them, the streets were filled with  women and children. Rifle shots  could be heard everywhere. The  British soldiers would stop firing  and join in the chase after chickens. The burghers surrendered to  anyone. Kaffirs^ went about looting fche Jewish stores, and mounted  infantry galloped hither and  thither.  The Daily Express has the'following from Pretoria, dated Wednesday: The one thousand prisoners  who were deported from Waterval  were told that they were aboufc" to  be given up to lord Roberts. They  cheered, and were conveyed to  Noitgedeche instead of Pretoiia.  General Louis Botha��_with a-rear-  guard of 2000, leffc Pretoiia during  the night, the British advance  guard entering on the very heels of  tho retiring Boers.  General Botha lias sworn to carry  on the war in the mountains, Afc  Lorenzo Marquez station, a crowd  waited all Thursday night to see  president Kruger, as it was reported that ho would arrive by  special train to gain an asylum on  board the Netherlands cruiser Fries-  land.  Middleburg is said to be full of  Boor refugees and wounded men.  The railway still delivers goods at  Bronkhorst Spruit, 10 miles east of  Pretoria. A Britibh column is at  Brcmensdorp. Eleven      British  prisoners have been taken to Middleburg. The British at Biera are  moving into the* interior in detachments of 200.  to put down the disturbance alone.  The Tien Tsin correspondent of  the Daily Mail, telegraphing June  7th says; "For the last three days,  the whole community of Tien Tsin  has been preparing to defend itself  against an expected attack by tho  Boxers, and there is a continual influx of refugees from the surrounding country, who are now crowding  the city. This increases the excitement. Nearly all the villages  surrounding Tien Tsin are joining  the Boxers movement, which is  taking more and more a fanatical  character.  Gieu Nien seems bent upon acting with energy and dealing out  heavy blows to the rebels, recognizing the necessity of destroying  the prestige of the Boxers, which  has begun to demoralize this army.  Secret orders from Peking for the  protection of the rebels, has paralyzed military action, and raised  the status of the Boxers in the eyes  of the ignorant masses. Although  the Boxers declare their first object is the annihilation of Catholic  converts, the wire pullers evidently  wish to propagate hatred among  the country people against foreigners, and foreign things in general. ' .-;'-  London, June 0.���The Pekin" correspondent., of the TKmes, telegraphing June 8th, says: "The American  missionary conference today sent a  dispatch to president McKiniey,  appealing for protection^ and asserting that the missionaries at Pao  TingiFu and other places are in extreme danger; that theVTung Chan  mission station has been abandoned,  'that chapels have everywhere been  burned, and that hundreds of native Christians have been massacred."  CHINA AND HER TROUBLES  The Boxers Revolt.  London, June 9.���Definite returns  regarding the severe fighting between vhe Chinese troops and the  Boxers, that was going on Thursday between Tien Tsin and Pekin,  had nofc been received at Tien Tsin  when the latest telegrams to reach  London were filed. The Chinese  troops, however, h-id killed many  Boxers, accoiding fco some reports,  while another account had the government soldiers defeated in an engagement near Pao Ting Fu. The  representatives of the powers aro  still acting in perfect concert, which  appears for the present to give tho  Chinese government ample chance  Temperance Congress  Meets Monday.  London, June 8.���The world's  temperance congress will open here  next Monday, under the presidency  of the most Rev. Frederick Temple,  archbishop of Canterbury, who will  deliver an address, and who, on the  following Tuesday, will entertain  the members of the congress' at a  garden party at Lambeth palace.  The lord mayor will .give a _reeep-  tion to the delegafces-rriexfc-week.  A leading feature of the program  will be a grand cosmopolitan temperance meeting, over which ���earl  Carlisle will preside.  ' Helping Out Canada's Sojers.  London, June' 8.���A cafe chan-  tant was held afc the Carlton hotel  this afternoon, organized by Mrs.  Norton, in*aid of the Canadian contingent, which lias suffered from  the war. Lady Randolph Churchill,  the earl and countess of Chester,  the'earl and countess of Yarbor-  ough, Miss Muriel Wilson, Madame  Albani, Miss Edna May, Mrs. Lang-  try, Mrs. Leslie Carter, and a host  of prominent; actresses and musicians assisted in various ways to  make the event a great success.  Canada Will Remember It.  London, June 8.���Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal, high eom-  jnissidner" for ~~Cahada7 when communicating to the lord mayor a  telegram from the chairman of the  relief committee at Ottawa, giving  thanks for tho British .subscription  in aid of ihe victims of the fire, expressed, on behalf of the poople of  Canada, profound gratitude for the  generous and spontaneous help of  Great Britain, which, he said, would  never be forgotten by Ottawa, or  by any other part of the Dominion.  Instructed for Bryan.  Watkkhuhv, Connecticut, June  8.���The Connecticut state democratic convention ' has adopted a  platform naming William J. Bryan  as ics candidate for president and  instructing delegates to vote for  him. It also pledges support to  the platform of fche Kansas City  convention.  Plague at Rio Janeiro.  New York, June 8.���A dispatch  fco the Herald from Rio Janeiro  says: Ifc is announced that during  the last 24 hours there have been  eight new cases of plague. An official bulletin says that since the  plague appeared there have been  84 cases, in which 2(5 have been  fatal.           The London Conference.  St. Mary's, Ontario, June 8.���  The London Methodist conference  in session here has elected Rev. W.  G. Henderson, pastor of Sfc. Mary's  Methodist church of this place, president.  Sharkey's Easy  Nkw   York,   Juno  won in the first round  wifch Yank Kenny.  Win.  8.���Sharkey  of his fight  AN IMPORTANT MINING CASE  An Appeal Sustained.  Messrs.    Taylor   &   Hannington  have received the full text of the  judgment of the full court in the  celebrated case of Grutchfield vs.  Harbottle.     This case has an especial    interest   for   mining   men.  The   facts are   that a free miner  named Beadles of Salmo staked the  May Day mineral claim near Ymir,  on May 1st, 1897, and on the Oth  day. of    the   same     month     he  gave     a    bill     of"   sale     to    J.  H. .Harbottle of. Nelson who   neglected to  register  the same until  April 1898.    In the interval, namely. July 1897, Beadles allowed his  free   miners'   certificate   to   lapse,  and Harbottle, riot having registered his bill of sale, the ground was  relocated by William Grutchfield in  October 1897 as the Equalizer.  Section 9 of the Mineral Act provides that if a free miner allows his  certificate to lapse his mineral claim  becomes forfeited to the crown, but  if he has a co-owner it is not forfeited, but the whole claim goes to  the co-owner, provided the co-owner  keeps his certificate alive, which in  this instance Harbottle did.  Section 49 of the Mineral Act also  lias a bearing upon the case in that -  it states that while a bill of sale unregistered   is   good   between   the  parties, yet it is not good as to third  parties.     Section  50   of' the   Act  further provides that a bill of sale  is not enforceable until it is registered.   S. S. Taylor, who conducted  the case for Harbottle at the trial,  contended that (1) Grutchfield was  not a third-party, because unless he  could lawfully locate the ground he -  could not get the standing of   a  third party in law; (2) thatGrtitch-'  field could uot lawfully locate the  ground because Harbottle was a co-  owner, and in fact 'the May. Day  never became waste land   of the  crown, aud under section 0 of the  act Grutchfield could not locate the  ground  or get any standing until  such happened.    \  At the trial of the action Mr. justice Martin held for the plaintiff '  Grutchfield ; holding that Grutchfield was a third party, and fchat  while Harbottle,5 was a co-owner  under section 9/yefc all his" rights of  co-ownership were postponed to  Grutchfiold's rights .because liar-.  bottle had nofc registered his bill of  sale in the meantime. The case wis  appealed to the full court at Victoria, and-the unanimous judgment  of the court reversed the judgment  of Mr. justice Martin, and as given  by chief justice McCall is in the  following words:  ''The facts are fully stated in the  judgment of Mr. justice Martin.  '���There i^, apparently a conflict  between sections 10 and 50 of tho  act. The former provides thafc an  assignment, though not reeoided  within a time limit, shall be valid  as between-the parties; -and fche  latter that it shall not be enforceable between them until after having been recorded.  "In my opinion the failure to record did nofc result in the claim becoming waste lands of the crown,  open to location.  "Au assignment is ordinarily enforceable against an unwilling party  only by some legal process, aud I  think that section .10 could and  ought to bu construed a�� meaning  merely that the court should not  afford relief before record of assignment ; thus giving effect to both  sections. , I think the reason for  this is to be found in the provision  for payment of a fee for each record.  "The appeal is allowed with  costs."  The  property involved   in   this  case is  now a very valuable one.*  Some $2000 worth of work has been  done upon ifc and ifc is said to be  worth something like $30,000.  Martin's Case Hopeless.  VicTOJtiA, June 8.���Tomorrow is  election day, and tonight is the  quietest eve of an election fchafc Victoria has seen. Jfc is difficult to  forecast the results, bufc the chances  are fchat the opposition will elect  three, if not four, here, the general  opinion is th.it Martin will not get  more than ten seats in tho province.    The Time Extended.  Washington, D. C\, June 8.���  Secretary Hay nnd loid Pauncefote  today signed a protocol extending  uutil March 4th, next, fcheporiod of  time allowed for fche ratification of  the reciprocity treaty wifch Barba-  does.  ll  WWW5S?KS35f^^^^^^^S^^^��^��p3^!5I^K^^^^^^ o  THE TRIBUTE:  NELSON B. C SATURDAY, JUNE 9  1900  The Very Best Suits  There is no store where good clothing can  be  bought to  better  " advantage than here  For Men, Boys, and Children  A most beautiful collection in plain and fancy worsteds, in  neat checks, stripes, clays and serges made in single and double  breasted sack style.  A big assortment of hats, shoes, ties, shirts, underwear,  hosiery, etc.   Prices the lowest.  BROWN    &    CO.   Hall Block, 269 Baker St.  mm&m  mm mm:  m  '(_..(=>'(  i��) We have sold 75 per cent of all the  Portland Cement  Fire Brick Fire Clay  and Sewer Pipe  M  ib  m  USED IN KOOTENAY  Just received carload Dominion Ale and Porter  (PINTS AND QUARTS) '  Dominion White Label Ale (pints and quarts).   This is  the finest Ale brewed in Canada.  Dominion Bulk Ale (15 gallon kegs)  Teacher's Scotch Whiskey is still the best.  railway policy. This is the railway policy which all, save Martin  men, agree would crippla Nelson as  a commercial center. Candidate  Hall has not the nerve to commend  the scheme to Nelson men; but at  Ymir it is different.  Before the campaigu closes The  Tjuijuxe desires to compliment  caudidate Fletcher upon the manner  in which he has conducted his personal end of the campaign. Since  the campaign opened it has never  been charged against him that he  took advantage of the absence of  his opponents to wilfully misrepresent them. With candidate  Hall it has been different. In the  absence of liis opponents he has  shown himself to be both unfair  and untruthful.  &  H. J. EVANS & CO.  9'c_..��_>'  ��� (_D.isi.e_i.  mmmm  *'_2'C  i&  M  /_Zz6~t'6_l't=:''_  .c_d.__i.__i. czf.e?. c,  5* c_i'e3'__i.'__!'��_.'(_?���  i'(-.'t  hi  i  W  ,#  HUDSON'S BAY  COMPANY.  w  Candidate HaMj found himself  in an awkward position at the  opera house last night. To satisfy  his hearers on the night of the  eighth day of June that he was not  a Martin candidate, he quoted from  The Trihune's report of a meeting  held at Ymir on May 15th, in Avhich  it was reported that he had declined to state where he stood. This  is as convincing as any of candidate  Hall's campaign statements.  0  w  Xit  ^^^&&'&'f!_\'$_i'^m&1m'^'^'&'&'^''_Z'' ���_��'2__>-^'Z__i-^-____i'___��'2__-' ___y'l__K' _9*-__*.��*. ^.>>m..>m_.i__.  ^  Xii  Xit  Xit  Xii  Xit  Xit  Xii  Yourself and Friends are Inyited by  The Home Art Society of  Decorative Needle  Work  of New York, to view an Exhibition of Silk Art Needle Work and  to arrange for a series of lessons, from May 28th to June 13th.  Hours from 10 to 12, and 2 to 4; in Hume Hotel parlors.  Xit  Xii  w  vit  Xli  INCORPORATED 1670.  B  We can suit  You with  What you  Require in  Boots, Shoes  and Rubbers  The music at the opera house  last evening, by the Municipal  band, was appropriate. At the  conclusion of candidate Fletcher's  speech the band struck up "I  Dreamt That I Dwelt in Marble  Halls," and upon tho completion of  the number was vigorously  applauded.  The ballots will today decide who  will represent Nelson riding iu the  legislative assembly. The Tkthune  is of opinion that when the result is  known John Houston will have a  majority over both his opponents,  This is as it should be.  Xit  Xii  Xli  Xli  Xli  Art Lectures, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  Lessons and Lectures Free of Charge.  Mrs. Kenly, Artist and Teacher.  Xit  Xit  Xit  Xii  xit  Xli  m  Xit  Xli  The teacher will inform each lady joining the class where the silks and  linens can be obtained. Belding's Art Silks and Linens used exclusively in  these classes.        *  With the Compliments of Fred Irvine & Co.  xit  Xit  xli  M  of the Napanee bank crooks, and  afterwards acquitted, was this  morning found guilty of entering  the home of Mr. Donney, a cigar  dealer of this city, and holding up  the proprietor and relieving him  of one hundred dollars.  Ii-1 the editor of the Nelson Miner  thought 'there was any truth in his  fiction about mayor Houston being  a citizen of the United States, lie  would not have Avaited till within a  few hours of the polling to make  the announcement.  Settlers Quit Anticosti.  Montreal, June 8.���The last act  of the pathetic dramti in which the  Fox Bay settlers of Anticosti have  been prominent figures for some  time, will close within a week. The  settlers have agreed to settle in the  Winnipegosis district of Manitoba,  aud will pass through this eity this  evening en route to tlieir new  homes.  Palace IVJeat IVJar^et  Headquarters  for all kinds of  Fresh and Cured Meats.  Saw&  A featuro will bo mado of tho poultry and  imo trade.   They will always bo ou hand dur-  gamo  ing their season  The Provincial .Party 'is the only  one in the present contest which  does not suggest that Nelson  should play second fiddle to Rossland. Fletcher has his Mackintosh  and Hall has liis Curtis.  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  We carry full lines from infants' to B  B  men's, built by the best makers on the B  -M~ B  B continents, and will guarantee price and B  B quality to be satisfactory. S  ~ ��� B  B  oresg  A vote for candidate Hall is a  vote for Joe Martin and his railway  scheme, which is designed to cripple Nelson,first and the rest; of the  province afterwards.  One of the candidates is already  out of the race. The Miner yesterday dropped candidate Hall, The  electors today will, drop candidate  Fletcher.  The arrangements for taking the  vote in tho City of Nelson  were  completed lasfc   eveniiig by   A. B.  Sinekworth, lefcurning of/icer, and  they are such that   although the  polls will be open for two and a half  hours longer than heretofore the result of the voting will be ascertained almost as quickly.    The voting  will take place in the building on I  Vernon   street,    occupied   by   the  Houston supporters as a committee  room, and instead of one returning  officer there will   be a   returning  officer and four deputies, making  virtually    five    separate     polling  booths.    The first compartment will  be reserved for voters whose names  come in between A and E inclusive,  the second for F and J, the third  for K and M, the fourth for Mc and  P, and the fifth for  Q and Z.    A  .special constable will be at the door?  to direct electors to their respective  compartments, and as each deputy  returning officer will have less than  2,10 ballots   to   count the returns  should be available half an  hour  after the poll closes.   At tho meeting in the opera house  ia.sfc evening candidate Hall straddled on the question of his leader's  Mining Transfers.  The mining records yesterday  were as follows: Transfers, Elie  Levallee���of���Christina���to- Joseph  Bernaid, a half interest in the Hal-  la es and a. quarter in the Copper  King on the north fork of the Salmon river; the Origional claim, one  and one-half miles northeast of  Erie, from Joseph B. Dabney to C,  D. Mackenzie, consideration JjiJO, ���  000.. Mackenzie transferred tiie  claini to the Hastings (British Columbia) Kxploratjon Syndicate,  Limited. Certificates of work, to  W. C, McCotnb on the Annie  Ro'oney, to K. M, Green >and Joseph  Dcmard on tlio ilomestake and  Copper King, to Thomas Hylatid on  the Copper Plate, to F. J. Squire on  the Pilgrim. Locations:, Champion, on Granite mountain, by F, ,1.  Donaldson , and - C. M. Moore;  Achillea, ou Rover creek, by Ficd  Jacobs; Iloyston.on Morning mountain, by .1. L. Stamford.  Fishing Season of 1900  We are selling the fishing tackle which entices  the fish. We have the  most complete line of flies  and trolling baits.  See our fishing rod complete with line, leader,  reel, and flies for $5.  J. L. PORTER, Prop.  169 Josophino St., between Baker and Vernon.  Telephone 159.  .A.-   ���EJSTSTJE.A.JX  Contracting Painters, Decorators, Paperhangors.  Full line of wall paper, mouldings, ore,   Kulso-  mining and Tinting.   Strictly first-class work.  Kstlmates furnished^ -  Residence Hill Street,  Opposite School House  NELSON, B. C.  Canada Drag & Book Go.  NKLSON  IVIINfNC STOCKS  BOUGHT AND SOLD      -  Referendum Treasury Stock  K\clicciucr, 1000  Uig Horn, j000  Peoria, jCXXI 800  Richelieu, 1000  WASTED  Rambler CmH)oo"and"Giant c  Foi sale���15-room houso, Hume addition, $J?50,  It-room houso, cheap; tonus easy; close in.  CALL O.V  H. A. Prosser  BROKER, WARD STRKKT  W. Starmer Srqith & Go.  PAPER HANGER, .GLAZIER,  . PAINTER, ETC.  ^ \CHININEY SWEEPING  Office Ward Street) Opposite,. Opera Honso  Fruit and Ornamental Trees  Rhododendrons; Roses, Fancy Evergreens  Magnolas, Bulbs, new crop tested seeds, for spring  planting. Largest und most complete stock in  Western Canada. Call and make your selections  or send for catalogue. Address at tho nursery  grounds and greenhouse.  -     M. .T. HENRY.  800B Westminster Road. Vancouver. B. C.  RZZZX3._-ZZZ&XXZXZ_-_1l_Z_ZZ__Z__ZXZZXZ%ZX-XZZZZZtZ-ZZZl  S      '    UUST   ARRIVED  A Car r.oad of  Allen's Apple Cider.  Vancouver Man's Splendid Showing1  By somu peculiar process omission was made by the score keeper  at Saturday'.s league rifle matches  of the splendid showing of Kred.  Richardbou, who led not only the  local cracks, but the whole Dominion, his ftcorc being .'34 at 200 3-ards  range, 3J at the intermediate distance, and 34 ugain at the long  range, or S19 out of a possible J OH in  tho total. 311". Richardson, who  formerly shot with Vancouver will  this year be shooting wibh the Vancouver battalion team.  Roach Caught Ecd-Handed.  Moa'Treat,, June 8.���Jack Roach,  the notorious burglar who was alleged to have been the accomplice  \\ THORPE & CO. \  a :  Ktzzz__zi-xzxxxxz_zzxxxzz__xzxxx_z_z_zxxxx_zxx_z%__i_i.  St. JOSEPH'S SCHOOL  NELSON. B. C.  A boarding and day school conducted by the  Sistejsof St. Joseph of Peace. It is situated afc  tho corner of Mill and Josephine streets in one of  the best residential portions oft Nelson, and is.  easily access! Me from all parts of the city.  The cotirse of study includes the fundamental  and higher branches of thorough Kngiibh education: Business course���bookkeeping, stenography and typewriting. Science course-music;  vocal and instrumental, drawing, etc. Plain art  and needlework, etc.   "  For tonus and particulars apply to the Sister  Superior.  - BLACKSMITHING  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  Wagon repairing promptly attended to by a  flrstroiaaa wheelwright,  Special attention given to all kinds of repairing atsd custom work from outside points.  Shop:   Ball St. between Baker and Vcrooa  fieison  Planing H/|ills, Limited  Are prepared to furnish by rail, barge or teams  Dimension Lumber, Rough and Dressed  Lumber, Local and Coast Ceiling, Local and  Coast Flooring, Double Dressed Coast Cedar,  Rustic, Shiplap, Stepping, Door Jambs, Pine  and Cedar Casings, Window Stiles, Turned  Work, Band-sawing, Brackets,, Newel Posts,  Turned Veranda Posts, Store Fronts, Doors,  Windows and Glass.  Get prices before purchasing elsewhere  Office Corner (fall arid Front Streets  Factory Hall Street Crossing G. P. R. Track  Mills Hall Street Wharf  P. Burns & Co.  Wholesale and Retail  Dealers in Meats  Head Office at  NELSON, B. O.  Markets afc   Nelson,   Rossland,   Trail,   Kaslo, Yaair,  Sandon,  Silverton, New  Denver, Revelstoke, Ferguson, Grand Forks, Greenwood, Cascade Oity, Mid- -  _ way,       ' ���*'  _and_ V ancou ver. _  Mail Orders Promptly Forwarded  DR. ALEX FORIN  Offick:  Houston Block.  aries  are  P. Whalley,  NOTARY PUBLIC  Oflleo with C. XV. West ft Co., cornor HaU. and  IJaker Htret-ts.  City oflleo of tho Nelson Sodawaicr Fiustory.  Kelson  Ice  Company  wisor.naAi.E and ketaji, dk.u.rrs in  General agents for Mirror Lake Ico Company.  Ice delivered in any part of tho city. OHlce ivb  Grand Central Hotel, Vernon add Ward streets  PlionoUS.   P. O. box 13��.  AND TRANSFER  HiggnKonml cvpiost moved to-nny paitof the  cily.   Special attention given to heavy teaming.  Oflice coi ner Vict on % und Ward sti enta. Tele-  phono li'.'. XV. A. COSTELLO, Managci.  PROVINCIAL  LAND SURVEYOR  Comer Victoria sad Kootenay Streets.  P. O. Bex SS% TELEPHONE NO. 93  LAND NOTICE.  Notice H hereby given, that after one month I  will make application to the Chief Commissioner  of Lands and Works to pui chase one hundred  and sixty acres of lnnd in the District of West  Kootenai','in the Province of British Columbia,  tituated on tho west oide of Kootenay lake, on  Boulder crook, ooout two miles souih of Balfour;  Commencing atlnitial Post markcd*'John fiurk.  N: ��. Corner," thenco west sixty-four chains,  thence south twenty-flve chains, thenco oast  sixty-four chains, thence north twenty-five chains  to tiio Initial Poat.  JOHN BUttK.  Dated at Nelson this 7th day of April. 1900.  NOTICE   TO   CONTEACTOES.  Sc.iled tenders will be received until 12 o'clock  noun Monday, June IHh next, hy tha undersigned fi.r the election of a three story brick  block for Kirkpatrick & Wilson and A. II. Cle-  iiients. A depohit in tho form of a marked  cheque payable to the order Of tho owners for the  sunt of 5 per cent of tho amount of tender muht  accompany each tender to insure considotation,  ol herwise it will not ho entertained.  'i'lielowebtor any tender not nceessaiily accepted.        KWABT & CAltlUK, Architects.  Eooais 7 nnd 8 Aberdeen Block. ,  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  ft m m-W}m^ mp:'-mt::?:y_m- mm&tww^ ^<^-k ?&*.$&*&?f_  ^^^fWt^^^^^^_M  ooteaay Steal Laundry  PROPBIETOBS  The only steam laundry in Nelson employing union labor  ,  |^;;^^i^pi^||ig^ii^  Having Purchased  uamess  Hard Coal  Anthracite  GHBAT REDUCTION  $9.85|g^r'flNcs6   S6.1S  DELIVERED  TELEPHONE  33  MERCHANT  TAILOR  Removed to Baker Street, opposite the Queen's  Of Fred J. Squire, merchant  tailor, Nelson, I intend to  continue the business so as  to keep the patronage of all  Mr. Squire's old patrons and  get a share of the general  trade. I am now prepared  to show the latest styles in  all lines of spring goods. A  special line on hand at $25  per suit. All other lines at  low rates. None but Union  labor employed.  E. Skinner  Neelands' Building, Baker Street  FRED J. SQUIRK, Manager.  /* THE TRIBUTE: NELSON B. C, SATURDAY, JUNE 9, 1900  o  II  BANK OF MONTREAL  CAPITAL, all paid up..$12,000,000  REST     7.000,000  Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal ...President  lion. Goorgo A. Drummond Vice-President  E. S. Clouslon Goneral Manager  NELSON BRANCH  Corner Baker and Kootenay Streets.  Branches in London (England) New York,  Chicago, and all tlio principal cities in Canada.  Buy and sell Sterling Exehango and Cablo  Transfer^.  (3rant Commercial and. Travelers Credits,  available in any part of the world.  Drafts Issued, Collections Mado, Eto.  THE BANK OF  BRITISH   COLUMBIA  NELSON  Savings Bank Branch  CURRENT HATH OK INTERKST PAID.  NOME'S   BEACH   DIGGINGS  Now Being Worked.  . Walter C. Kuic-tss,...formerly of  Victoria, and 'Norman B. Smith,  the mineral surveyor of Cape Nome,  have returned by the steamer Bertha, bringing news from the faraway district to March SG. They  y  made the trip in 2S days.''.  Mr. Kurtz; reports that about  twelve miles of beach claims were  being worked when he left. He  expected the yield during the coming summer to amount to millions  of dollars. About '100 miners worked .on tho beach, of wliich 15 per  cunt worked continuously, the others only as they pleased. On March  MS, the date the men lef t Nome,  there were between 1700 and 2000  miners at work on the beach.  ^Regarding the general conditions  in Nome itself, Mr. Smith reports  that since the latest advices received on the outside there have  been no" outbreaks, lawlessness or  crime, further than what would  naturally result with gambling aiid  its' various associate evils going on.  The city government is fully competent to handle the crowd of  rough?, who, with a lax system of  protection might have developed a  siege of terror and crime.  "People on the outside can hardly  realize the extent of or richness of  the valleys, beach, tundra and  mountains included in what is generally known as the Nome district.  3a the first place the aiea of the  country in which rich strikes have  been made extends ,70 miles back  from the beach tit Nome, aiul how  much further is only guess woik at  piesent.,and for 270 miles east and  Most. (iold has> been found in lum-  dicds of creeks prospected this  spring northward clear to Cape  .Prince of Wales. Fully -WOO men  f-pent the entire winter in prospecting and locating claims.  "A rich strike on Ungalaltblik,  going SO,cents to tho pan, was reported in February. This is east of  the Norton Bay country. The two  ciccks which have been opened so  tis to give a fair idea of their real  ehaiacter are Bryant and McKiniey,  between Golofnin Bay" and Norton  Bay. It is said and believed to be  ji conservative enough estimate that  .tho.-o creeks will prove to be the  j ichest proper! ies in the whole district. Other rich strikes and locations have been made in the Anaconda district.      "Rich old Russian workings havo.  been found iu the Golden Gate dis-  tiict, A Russian started the excitement. His name was Joe  Scli'eschick. It was reported that  from all appearances at some former  period the discovery had been  ^ivoiked by Russian prospectors. At  1 Ovist the indications were that such  "^ wtis the case. Tho ground is said  to be very rich. 11 is thought that  theie aro mimbeisof these old Russian diggings in the country, which  Jtavo been deserted for some reason  or other, and that when they are  found they will prove to be very  lieli. Jt is, well known that Russian prospectors- were in the country  yoai"-i aud years ago, and that considerable gold was taken out, but  in the course of time they either  died off or left and made their way  back to their homes, and the loca-  1 ions of the diggings eventually disappeared.  "Rich-quartz has been found on  the Kusrikue. I have brought  some of the samples out with me,  and they assay $800 to the ton. The  Kusrikue is a tributary of the Ani-  imiiu river. Jiowing into Graneley  Harbor, in the Port Clarence district.  "Port Safety promises to become  one of the biggest little towns in  the country. Just before 1 left lots  in the town were selling for $2000,  and in good demand at that. K very-  thing is booming, and the prospect  of a railway to Nome pleases  everybody. It is conceded that  Port Safety will soon be the salt  water entianee into the Cape Nome  country.  "Last year there was an inconceivable amount of goods lost or  Is now prepared to issue Drafts and  Letters of Credit on Skaguay, TT. S.,  Atlin, B. C, and Dawson City, N". W. T.  destroyed    through    lightering   it  ashore to the beach at Nome.   At  the best it is a tiresome and costly  job.   Of course, most of the stuff  this year will have to be  lightered  to shore from the vessels out in the  bay, but just as soon as the tracks  of the railroad are down and the  rolling stock in running order there  will be   no    more    of    it.      Then  wharves  will  be  erected  at   Port  Safety   and   goods    loaded   direct  from the steamer to the cars alongside.    The survey for this  railroad  has been completed, and as I understand that the material  has  already been  shipped from  Seattle,  Avork will undoubtedly commence  at once, as soon as the material can  be takenashore.  "Lumber when I leffc Nome was  selling at $500 a thousand, and  even at those figures there was a  great demand for the article. There  is no doubt but that prices will be  greatly reduced as soon as the  many cargoes now on the way up  arrive, but still the shippers will  undoubtedly realize handsome profits on their ventures.  "Rich quartz strikes have been  made all the-way from Norton Bay  to Cape Prince of Wales. On both  sides of the mountains, ledges carrying rich metal'have beeu found.  Until, the Ararious locations are  more fully opened up this summer  there is hardly any use of telling  much about them, but there is no  question but that the future of the  Nbine' district has an excellent  backing in its quartz deposits."  Imperial Bank of Canada  HEAD  OFFICE. TORONTO.  Capital Authorized  Capital Paid up  Rest  $2,500,000  $2,391,863  $1,554,710  D. It. Wilkie, General Manager.  E. Hay. Inspector.  BLACKS    IN    THE    TRANSVAAL.  M. Villorais, a Frenchman, who  has lived- many years in South  Africa, writes about the attitude of  the Boers towards the blacks. He  says: "The constitution of the  Transvaal declares that there cannot exist or be admitted any  equality in church or state between  whites and those who have among  their anccstois, even the fourth  generation, one who was not white.  "Ou Augu,st 20th, 1898, the volksraad rejected a motion to release  native pastors and teachers fiom  wearing on thoir arm a metal badge  (which the native |dwellers in cities  must carry) to show that they are  in the service of the white man ; in  default of which the black is imprisoned for vagabondage.  "The black has no legal rights.  The magistrate is at liberty to admit or reject the complaint or testimony of a native as he sees best.  This explains why, in the month of,  June last, apropos of a discussion  upon a Ibav on the deprivation of  civil rights, the attorney-general  spoke thus of the murder of aljlack;  "Not every sentence for murder is  degrading. Supposing, for instance,  a Man is condemned to prison for  six months for haying beaten his  native servant to death, it is evident ou the face of it that that  would bo no reason for depriving  him of his rights as a citizen and  voter.5  ^'TheJ}]ack_can. jirither_rent__nor  own land. At his good pleasure  the Boer allows the native to live  in a corner of liis farm, in return for  which the native must render such  service tis his master demands.  '"A", in ot der to escape such servitude, the blacks rush to the  mines and missions, the 'plakker-  swefc' was adopted. This law limits to five the number of native  families allowed on the same estate  or holding.  * "Tho natives who do not work in  mines and who are not apprenticed  to Boors are confined on lands from  whicli they can at any time be expelled after three months' warning."  The Boer, we are told, who owns  uo farms pays but $2 a year tax;  the owners of a farm but 90 cents ;  whereas tho black who can be  nothing but a laborer is taxed $13.  Last year the natives of certain  districts were called upon to pay  $30 a head���tiie taxes of the current  year, as well as for preceding famine  years during which it had not been  posoiblcto squeeze anything out of  them,   M. Villerais continues t  "The state commissioners who receive salaries varying from $1500  to $2000 plus 5 per cent of the  taxes taken by them, do a flourishing business. Taeir modus operand is as follows: When a black  can not pay his tax he is sent to  work in the mines. Recently a  band of 100 Mich was conducted by  the police to Johannesburg. Now  the companies which are short of  help pay from ��1 to ��2 per head to  the recruiter who brings them  workmen. The commissioner acts  as recruiting sergeant, and pockets  Nelson Branch���Burns Block, 221 Baker Street  J. M. LAY, Manager.  the bonus. During the session of  September 25th, 1899, a member of  the volksraad declared that he was  acquainted with a commissioner  who made $50,000 a year in this way.  . "When a semi-independent tribe,  pushed to the wall, refuses to pay,  it is attacked, its villages burned,  and harvest and cattle carried off;  the men of the tribe being shared  among the 'braves' who made the  campaign, whom they must serve  for five years without payment. If  they ishow any signs of thinking of  flight, they are killed without meres'.  This was done in 1894 in the south  of Zoutpansberg, and in 1898 in the  north of that district.  "Such is the legislation and such  has been the practice of the Boers,  There is but one name for such a  regime���feudalism. The comparison is perfect. The owners of the  land are the lords; the blacks are  serfs attached to the soil, not allowed to hold land; taxable and exposed to forced labor at the whim  of their masters. The commissioners are the bailiffs who used to oppose and crush the people in the  name of the sovereign."  Better Ouftook for Missionaries.  New Yohk, June 8."��� The anxiety  which lias been felt in regard to  missionaries in China was partially  allayed today by the receipt of a  cable from Dr. J. W. Hendy, one of  the board's oldest missionaries in  China. The board cabled Tuesday for information, and. the  reply, which came today,  reads: "Still"danger." This is  taken to indicate that no serious  depredations have been made as  yet by the Boxers. The Presbyterian board has 58 American missionaries in tiie Shang. Tung province. The American board has  also received a cable stating that  all American missionaries are well,  but that the government is do-  moralized, and advising that help  be requested from the state department. -   ���  NELSON   RIDING  TO '! UK Ki EdOKS OK 1HK N'EI.SOX KlIHXG:  Gentlemen���As the unanimous choice of .v duly  constituted convention of tho mpportois of the  J'lovmcial Puitj in the Nelson nding, I am be  foiu)oit.is .vcandidate foriopiosontah\eof the  Nelson ruling in the uovt proviiici.il lcgislatuie.  In this connection I dcsiic to solicit jour votes  and influence in ni) behalf. IJchewng that  o\ ery limn aspu'uig for iiicmbeiship should place  imuseif on lecouion thohi.un issues I take tins  oppoi lunity of stating that 1 am in favor of legislation upou the following lines: ,  1. .Representation in the legislative assembly  should be based on population, ivith such modifications as %\i)I give spa.r-.el) bottled distnetspro-  poitionateh laigerrcpi dentation than pities and  thick!) settled fui wing districts,  2. All legislation should bo geneial, ai>d not  special. A beginning ha? been made in this  direction by" tiie enactment of laws under wtiicli  cities cut be lricoipoiated, companies fanned,  and water records obtained. Thcho should be  added to by tho passage of a general ifcilvuiy incorporation act, and one giving municipalities  the tximo powers to acquire water retoids as aio  now accorded private eorpomtions.   '  S. PubhcUnda should bo kept for actual settlement, midland subsidiesshould not be granted  to aid the building of railwujs that i\hen built  wo owned b) corporations.  1. Government ownership of r.uhvajs 13,110  moio a theory than municipal owneislnp of  public utilities, Botli have been tried and found  to �� ork for the public good v. hen capably and  holiest!) managed ; but in making a commencement in govei nment ownership of lailw.ijs in  tine oioviuce. �� section should bo selected in  which the government w ould have a freo hand,  and not in sections wheie competition would be  met.��� "  5, Pievontmn of the landing m tins prownco  of Chinese and Japanese laborois, and the dis'-  couiugemcnt of the emploj ment of those alicady  here bj every fail means possible.  fi. Positive, not negative, law a should only bo  passed. If tlio pi luaiple of a law is good, the  law should be eilcitne. The eight-lioui day for  men woi king underground in iiiciallifviousinines  is now generally accepted us legislation in tho  right, Uiiectioi!. I would oppo.o any legislation  that would repeal tlio penalty clause, or in any  other way impair the ctroclivcness of the law as  it now standi  7. To gil'o imiuodiatu cftecf, by legislation, lo  a resolution similar to tliatknow n us tho Aluloch  i (.solution, recently ptlR-cd by the Dominion  Iloui-iiof Comutoiih, which nrowdes for the payment of fair wages on public works or winks  aided by government subsidies. All tonti actors'  doing woik fur cither the prownce or-for mimici-  imhtics should bu rcriuiied to pay labortho into  of wage* iiiling in the iiiuiiieipulHy oru&glibui-  liood iii which tho woik is to lie done, the mim-  bei Of hours to constitute a d.i) on .iii finch v\oik  jo be iKodb) statute.  8 I'ourts have been established in ttluch in-  diiidtuils and i-oiporuiious fire compelled to  settle disputes, howoier trivial, disputes thut  scli'om have any bearing on ihe general pi ospei-  ity of the coramunitj in which (hedisputants se-  side, and courts should bo ustublished i'or the  coinpulsoiy settlement of disputes between lhe  icpi'escntativea of capital and laboi. disputes  that too often aie far reaching in their damaging  eitccts on the general piospei ity of whole communities and districts.  I. Mining foi tho precious nielulsis the one industry which is benefiting, duectly or iiulneetiy,  evory commumt) in the piovince, aj>d legislation  aflecting the mqusti), in the way of ta\ation,  ��� liould be based on the treatmc.it and mnniifac  ture within the province of the product of the  mines, i.uher than cn the output of the mines as  at present.  10. The establishment of a bureau, w ith head  quarters m Biitish Columbia and not m Gieat  Uuluin, to systematical!) advertise all the  natural icsonroes and scenic attiactions of the  province.  II. Oigani/cd municipalities should bo gnen  the (.ontrol of thoir public schools, leaving to the  province the cam of public schools in unoignn  y._d disliicl'SAnd the maintenance of iioiiual and  technical schools. ....  12. Trunk ioadsand tiails should be" (milt aim  .maintained at public expense, and the cost of  roads and tiails to isolated mines and communities should be homo in part by the province.  13. Gcncinl hospitals should bo under gov em  ment control, and the government hiiould help  ni'imtain physicians m bpaiscly settled sections  of the province. .  14. Tho government m power should make  official announcement, for a icasoiiable time befoie the legislative .is-omblj meets, of all pio  posed legislation. Were this done theie would  bo fewer hastily passi d l.iwa, l.'nvs whicli aie too  often against tlio public intercut.  All or whloh is respectfully submitted for) our  cotisulciatioii.  JOHN HOUSTON  ORE   MOVING   AGAIN.  The Trail smelter this week closed  a long contract for tho ore from  the Enterprise mine on Slocan lake,  the largest shipper in the Slocan,  also with the Ymir mine in the Nelson district.  Heavy shipments from the Payne,  which commenced this week, are arriving daily at the smelter.  The Queen Bess, at Three Forks,  has about 1000 tons ready for shipment. This would have been shipped before but for the bad roads.  The road now being fixed, this will  be forwarded at once, and stetidy  shipment? continued.  Considerable ore was also received  this week from the Hewitt, Molly  Gibson, Ajax Fraction and American Boy in the Slocan, and from the  Sullivan .group in Hast Kootenay.  Other shippers were the Wakefield,  Bosun, B. C, Brandon & Golden  Crown, Winnipeg and Cariboo.  While it is not yet definitely settled, it is expected that work on  another lead furnace at the Trail  smelter will commence shortly to  handle the immense shipments now  arriving. _  Some Heavy Sentences.  St. Louis, June 8.���-Annie Sweze,  Annie lilazek and Mary Tritiua, the  three girls, who on May 30th participated in the assault on Miss  Pauline Henzel, and tore her clothes  off because she had ridden on a  street car, were each sentenced to  two years' imprisonment in the reform school by judge Clark,; of the  court of criminal correction, today.  A warrant has been issued for the  arrest of saloon-keeper Schur-  macher, who, it is charged, refused  Miss Ilenzel refuge from the mob.  Warrants have been; issued for the  arrest of Thomas/-Root,' Frank  Worth, George Hill, George Rossett  and William Francis, charged with  conspiracy to interfere with United  States mails. , -_,  He Defends MethueD.  Ottawa, June S.���In- an interview today major Drummond, who  has just returned from South Africa, who was at the battle of -Magersfontein, said lord Methuen  could do nothing else but make a  frontal attack on the enemy, owiug  to the smallness of his force, which  did not permit of a flanking movement.  Mrs. S&erman's Funeral.  Mansfiem), Ohio, Juuo 7.���The  funeral of Mrs. Sherman, wife of  ex-senator John Sherman, occurred  at tho family residence today. -Business houses closed and the post  office suspended foi' two hours as a  mark of "respect.      Price of Copper.  NHxv   York,   Juno   7. ��� Copper,  dull, brokers'$10i; exchange $10^.  SLOCAN  RIDING  To the Elcctois of the Slocan (tiding:  Okniikmln���Witn the dissolution of thclcgis-  lalnc assembly, tho duty again devohes upou  the electors of the Slocan l uling to choose a mem  ber to lepiescnt them in llio piownual legis  Inture.  It is my intention to become a candidate at the  foilhcomuig election and wilh fall confidence jn  tho result; I ngivin lespectfully solicit 'lie suffrages of thri electors of the nding.  While 1 may point wiLhp.ndon.ible satisfaction'  to Lhe minim r m w Inch I have conserved the in  teicsts of the riding amlsoiiglitto meet local i��-  qmrement*so fai as piacticao'c,l hav o earnestly  endear oied to foi wind legislation in tho inteiests  of the-whole province, and such as would tei.d  towaid its material deiclopiiient.  Constant in attendance at Ihe session's of the  IcKisIaiutc. I have been watthfiu Unit no \otc of  mlnc'houlcl be wanting foi any jueasuie beneficial to til) constituents, or the piovince as <i  whole: nor li.ue Ibccsi neglectful of the inteiests ot tho wngecarnci, but have, in some degree at least, bemi uistruim nl.il m placing their  fair demands amongst (hcpiutcipliis to be advocated b) ti gieat political p.iuy. IL is well perhaps that 1 hiiould bnc(I) MaLe some ot the pi in  ciples which I have advocated and sluilcont.'iiie  tQAdvotrtto until they aie incorporated in pio\ in  cial legislation.  (1) I am in favor of .inequitable ledistnbution  of the seats in the legislative a��setubl), based  generally upon population, but with due leg.ud  to the inteiests and eiieiimstaiiees of outlying  and spai sic) set! led dis! i u t s.  I.) I shall advocate the government owner-hip  of railwa)s andotliei public fiAnchfcosso far a-,  ma) be liincticiblOi and a gencial enactment  by which companies dealing to constant w.I  waysmaybo incorpouiled witliouL spec i.il legislation, and that nulwa)s bonusod by tho piovince nu) be mulct gyvcimnent contiol a-> l<��  their iales and subject lo puiciuiic at goveiu-  mont option.  t.i) I shall do nil m my powi p to a'-oiht and support the adiuuc'ciilciil and development of tbe  miningi.itcieslH oi tho iiiovnue, upon which its  piospeiity ih bo inaicriall} duncndeiiL.  (I)   I bellev e in Uic pjincipfo of the eight-hom  law and shall pel nut  no inlei'ferciuo with the  Iiiw usiLslumls. and -.ball insist upon the ictun  tion of the pen.ill) ^ l.uw.  (o) I sh.il! advocated hbeialcxpenditfiio upon  dunk roads and tiailt.ni Llie wti ions districts of  tho prov nice, believing that upon such expenditure the development of Iho va-t lCMjnrecs of  thu counts) matciiall) depends.  (I,) I flliall advocate, and if ejected n-,Ms( in,  the enactment of laws foi the pi opcr adjustment  ol dispi.tes between labor nnd capital, F>j a well  digested and cquitabl) ���uiiingcd system of torn  puiioiy arbitration.  <7) I believe thit Asiatic .and other cheip  UliorisdcUiment.il to thu best nit wests of Biitish Coliimbi4. I sh'ill therefore advocate its restriction so far as il in i) beinfia vircftof pioviu  cial legislation, and shall assist in niiuging Mich  pressure to bear upon thefedcia! gov eminent as  may mduee th.it government to a-.si-,t in Ihe  -work, and willmo't cmpliatic.ill) wwst that no  such class of laboi shall be cmplojcd upon *ui)  public woiks undei taken by t he prov nu o or upon  such -work->ns arcsiibsidi/eil b),or in an) way  subject to the contiol uf the government  (8) I believe that Diec<lii<uLional S)ntem of the  province may be material!) impiovcd and "hill  give my heartiest assistance in bunging it to (he  highest ntaleof eilkienc) b) the establishment of  normal schools and othei'instrumentalities that  may tend to the accomplishment of rliat obicct.  (0) I shall nl-o advocate and usmsI mi the dc-  -velopmont of the agncultiual icsouices of the  prov nice.  (SO) I believe that the morojs of tlio mov inre  should be expended upon some broad andgurierul  S)stem which wouldcnsiiio thogieate.t amount  of benu'Itfrom such expenditure. In this nding  I havo endeavored lo inaugurate such h.jmuii  b) having the woik upon roads and tiails pl.uid  under a rf"spoiii.iblo head, -o that the appiopruv-  tion, nccessai 11^ Inadequate undei eusfing eir  otiinstances, migiithe beneficial]) and uconomi  call) expended. i ours i espeetfull),  R. F. GREEN.  Kaslo. H. C��� Alay 10th, 1000,  A FULL LINE OF  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  liwml and coast.  Flooring  local and coast).  Newel Posts  Stair Rail  Mouldings  Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  ----: of all kinds.  IF WHAT YOU WANT IS NOT IN STOCK  WK AVILL MAKE IT KOR YOU  CALL AND GKT PRICES.  AMERICAN  AND  european  :plans  Wholesale  Houses  NELSON  B. C.  J. A. Sayward  HALL AND LARS STREETS, NKLSON  Porto Rico Lumber Go.  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Agents  for Pabst Brewing Uo. of Milwaukee and Calgary Brewing Co. of Calgary.  PAINTS~AND~OILS. "  NELSON  HARDWARE  COMPANY-Baker  Stroot���Wholosale dealers in paints, oils,  and   brushes  Kootenay.  of all kinds.    Latgost stock  in  POWDER, CAPS AND FUSE.  HAMILTON POWDER COMPANY-Baker  street, Nelson, mamifaciurcra of dynamite,  sporting, stumping and black blasting powders,  wholesale dealers in caps and fuse, and electric  blanling apparatus.  SASH  ���M-ELSON;__SAW  AND DOORS.  AND PLANING MILLS,  LIMITED���Corner Front and HaU streets,  Nolson, manufacturer of aud wholesale dealers  iu sash and doors; ail kindd of factory work made  to order. "   ,     TENTS   AND   AWNINGS.  NELSON TKNT AND AWNING FACTORY���  Baker street, Nelson, Manufacturers of all  kinds of tents, awnings, and cuuvtis goods.  P. O. Box 70.   Theo. M.idson, propnuloi.   WINES AND CIGARS.  CALIFORNIA WINE COMPANY, LIMITED���Corner Fiont and Hall stroels, Nolson, wholesale dealers In wines (case and bulk?  nM dnmBwHn and inmortnd p(gnr��.         ENOTNEERST  CHARLES PARKKU-Mim.igand milling engineer.   West Baker street. Nelson.  F^TEENAiT~SOCliTiE"s.  jfc     NELSON LODGE, NO. 23, A. F, & A, M.  "_*_? Meets second Wednesday in each month.  /^^\ Sojourning brethren invited.  cordially Invited to attend.  & 8.   Leonard Scott, C. C.  G. JOJ.K.OIR.  ���MTELSON L. O. L.,  *''    HaU, comer  O, O, F.  BlrCKtS,  Visiting  Hob/n-on. W. M.  No. 1KB. meets in I.  Baker ana Kootenay  1st and 3rd  Friday  of  each  month  brothern cordially Invited.   It,  XV. Crawford, Itocmdiiig.Seeiuiai}.        __  f^KJ^SON^RIK, Number 22, Fraternal Order  -�����' of Kaglito, moew ovory second (md fourth  Wodnenday ineach month In Fraternity Hall.  Visiting bnithron wolcoino. W. Go-niill, Prpsl  dout.   Charles I'roN-cr, Soorotniy,  trades" UNION s7  NELSON MINERS' UNION NO. __. W. F. Of  M.���Meets in minors' union iooiiih. north-  eafltcoruer Victoria and Kootcnu> street��, e^Dry  Saturday ovenlng at 8 o'clock. Visiting members welcome. M. It. Movi j,tl, l*rerident. Jiunej  WllkcH, Secretary,   OlRADES AND LABOR COU.VC1L.-Thou'gu-  ���*��� lar meetings of the Nelson Trades ami Labor  Council will be held in the minerb' union h.'ill,  corner of Victoria and Kootenaj streets, on Tho  flrsfc and third Thuisciay of each inon'h, at  7.30 p. m. G. J. Thorpe, President. J. H, ii.ithe-  Eon, Sccrctap. ____���__   THE regular meetings of the Cirpcnteis' Union  are held on Wedne-daj c%emiig of each  week, at 7 o'clock, in the Miners' Union hall corner Victoria and Kootonay streets. R. Huliin-  wn, Presidonk   J.une.s Cotlyig, Secretary.  TJAUfiKRS' UNION. -Vrlsou Union. No V\,.ol  ���*-* tho Internallonnl Jomnej men H.ubci s Union of America, nicots c\ory llr^t ami third Mon-  dftl of each month m Minei s Union Hull, comer  of Victoria and Kuoluiia\ sliei'th. at SJ) v in.  sharp. Visiting biutlicis lordi.illi nmtol to  attend. J IL Muthesoti, President. W, b. Bel-  illle, Scciet.iry.  B~*iir('kJrvYnRsr \M> MASONS' UNION.  Tln�� Bnckl.1) ci-.md Jln-ons.' Inteln.irioiml  UnionNo. 8of ^el-C'M niectl setoml and fourth  Tucdm-s in each month al aimers' Union hall  J. W. K'tchcr, ijusident, Jo-oph Clark, recotding  nding -<^ci()tJir>.  ^   Nel-on I.ihorLts' i'ro-  " of L . iiicel- in  Miner-' Union Hull, noilhea-t cai mi of Virton.i  nnd Kootcmi) sucnts. t-^eij Jlondnj c\enii!g  at S t> ai sluvip Vi-iling iiiLinbois of the Aiueti-  cuii l-'tdtnil ton coidialb united to attend. John  Mullen. President. Pere} Mi.u-kcltoii, St'crotnry.  NELSON PAINTERS' UNION���The regular  meeting of the Paintort,' Union i- held  tl o lli-tan<i tin I'd Knda>- iu each month at Min-  t-is' Union hall nt"..fJ sharp.  T. O. hkntbo President.  \\ ill J. Hatch, siccrctaiy*  ����nd_coi_ri!sPon   T ABOIU:itS   UNION-  ���*->   tectnc Union   No. Sl-'l, A   r.  .vt���k.'**ww*iw��^|ii,.flS5��j"j;Trir **���  ,#��� -T^w^OTawacaflBiBBwa^aiaawwii^^ 4.  THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON", B, C, SATURDAY JUNK �� 1900  JI  I'M  I* I''  If  hi:  lu  li  Rubber Gloves  The  FOR WOMEN AND MEN  proper thing for spring house-  cleaning and gardening  Furniture Polish  To make your Furniture look as good  as new, try our  "FRENCH FURNITURE POLISH."  W. F. Teetzel & Co.  Victoria Block, Corner Baker and Josephine Streets  DRUGS AND ASSAYERS'SUPPLIES  m    uf  ul-   iti  Ml-  to  1;-   iti  w i..    to  U'     to  ?H     to  %i    ii  m:   a  1     - i*  Mi     to  m-    to  il ���:������   to  il-- '--iti  Wl'M  ||..:':.:.'\i/  ffhv-\l/  lr-\-0/.  'M v-.,'. ti/  ir-- \*>  ��K;-\*/  *  i*/  \l>  ifc  vi/  to  to  i*      to  , .&: ���<___, ^_i  ��5^ ��S^ ��?��� ^ ��� ��T^ ^ Sr ST ^ 3?  ,m0-0f-^>._ai7__i.0_i.t0.00,__i.f_-l_*,_..^l  to  tot  Customers  OF THE KOOTENAYS  Call and se3 our up-to-Me stock. Oup stock  is now more complete tlian ever. -Mr. Dover  is now in (he east and we are now recieving  daily shipments of the latest up to date goods  manufactured. Oup watch repairing and jewelry manufacturing department has no equal  in British Columbia.   All work guaranteed.  JACOB  to  iti  iti  to  iti  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  iti  iti  to  to  to  to  to  to  to The Leading Jeweler  to  to  to  to  to  to  DOVER  Baker Street, Nelson to  to  to  to  to  '^���___ ~��-S'2_ S'm-f-f^'^'^'^'^ e?.i-*.t-*.ii'-0*'*-*'*?-i*-t��*'0-*'^'J*iL.  -^->m'^&".im.^-0_t'_-"_*-_-t-_-��-i_1-__< <C>^"S- 'ST- C'^.'S-fir.'S-'C-'��f-<5s  Oup Clearance  of Dry Goods  Sale  is still on and will be continued until all is sold. Linen for skirts  at 10, 15, and 20 cents per yard ; White Dress Duck, regular 20c  goods, sale price 12ic per yard; regular 25c goods, sale price 15c;  White Pique, at 15, "20 and1 25 cents. A large range of Underskirts from $1 up.   All other dry goods sold at proportionate prices.  A. FERLAND & CO.  1 ELLIOT BLOCK, BAKER STREET. .   ,  THERE IS ONLY ONE FIRM OF  CITY LOCAL NEWS  Word   lias   been   received  from  Vancouver liy Messrs. Taylor & Hanninglun  that the full court at Vancouver refused anv  Ktuy of procccdiiiKS in tho matter of the prohibition appeal on account of the iillceed intention of  the objectors to the labor vole in Xelson to carry  their appeal to tho supremo court of Canada.  The Cull court also grunted all tho costs against  Cacoi'Ko lt. V. O'Driscoll, Robert Corlett and  Charles II. Palmer.  The Steiner orchestra will give a  concert nt tho W'avcrly hotel on Sunday night  during dinner.  I'n'gold C. Schermerhorn, local  manager for .1. A. Sayward & Co.. leaves today  for Dawson City where he will Uike charge nf  tho company's business in the Yukon. It is understood that jUr. Archibald will assume the  local management.  The  charge  in  the-C. P. U. timer  card necessitates a revision of the hours for making up nnd distributing moils at the post ollice?  Mails will bo distributed immediately on the arrival of the trains on the new schedule aud will  be made ii]) according to lhe new hours of departure. Two clerks will be on shift at the pnst-  oftico during the night instead of ono as formerly.  John Worley, who left Nelson as  acting corporal in charge of the recruits for Iho  cont'iiKunt to join the Ksciuinialt garrison, has  met with great success in the profession of arms,  On arriving nt Victoria lie was confirmed in thu  ranks of corporal and advanced by rapid steps  until he is now one of the senior non-commis-  sioneil ollicei s of I he (orp-i.  The Congregational  Church ser-  ^ ices will be held in the opeia house on Sundaj.  Re\. William Munioe will pi each at 11 a in. on  the subicct "Hen en's Joy,' aud at 7:30 p. in. on  "Is the World Glow ing ilettor." At tho evening  bcrwee theie will be special music. The N'cKon  male quartette will lender "S'e.uer Atj God to  Thee, and Heir fcteincr will lender A^c Alarm  (Gounod)  Harry Parkin,  W. II. Seaman, D.  D.in ough and N. Dounej have been appointed  speci il constables foi duij at Ihe polling station  today.  GROCERS  IN THIS TOWN FOR US  THAT IS  7f]e Western Mer antile Company, Limited.  BAKER STRKKT,  UKOCKKS  NKLSON, B. C.  JustReceived  A large consignment of the latest  styles of hats, union and custom  made.   Clothing for bargains  at  a �� i  BAKER STREET, NELSON.  THEO MADSON  CLOTHING   HOUSE.  BISCUITS  We have just received a fresh   consignment   of  Christie's famous  Fancy Biscuits and  Cream Sodas.  Also McCormick ��k Company's Jersey Cream Sodas*.  p. o. nox no.  IfOUSTO.V BLOCK.  Telephone Mil.  D. II. Terry & Company's Pceds.  Flesh ftge;s Reootvcd Daily  John r\. Irvirig & Oo  S  Lots oftiiem in the eity wate*\   Get one of our Alters  on trial.   Prices 40 cents, $1,25 and $1.75.  OPPOSJTK J'OKTOFI 'ICK.  STRACHAN   BROTHERS.  es  GENERAL BROKER  i doors west of Dominion .Express office.  , O. Boi 523.   Phones: Office U7, iioune 152  Thiee ��ix room hewes foi icnt.  Real esUM in all pa�� U of (lie citj for hale  The proposal to hold the Dominion Dnj liadesijiocossion.it night does nol meet  with uni\eifr,il ,ippio\.iI. fccvei.il of thewholc-  ixile hi ins weie picpaicd to expend consideiahlc  amount*, in prcpiuinjj floats, believing th.it as an  nd\cilisciiicnl the outl.ij would be recouped.  Thc-e maintain that at night Iheii floats would  not show up lo adwintafjo, and .11 e unanimous 111  expiensmg the hope thai tho committee vullie  mso the piogram s>o.is to bung the pioccs=ion on  duiing the morning or aftei noon ct the iiibt 01  second day.  The Coast papers are giving some  attention to a ch.illenge^issued by Johnston of  Vancouver, olloiing to low Hackett of Seattle  for?5()fl a bide. .Johnston names Rurraid Inlet as  the coiiisc for the matt h, but could doubtless be  induced to change his point of m'cw on this  point. A contest between the men would undoubtedly be a genuine l.icc, and the cclebiatirn  committee might do worse than to pull lhcc\en(  oil hcie on Dominion B.ij.  Lieutenant G. S. Beer has received  a note fiom J. Abbott, O squndrqn, Stiatl'conn.  lloisc. mitten on May uth, while the regiment  was I111 gat Cape Town awaiting marching orders Soi the fioni Abbott fetaled that the outfit  was wc.ny of tho long soa vojnge and fnuh  spoihiitf for a smell of powder.  At the meeting of tlio lacrosse  club jostciday the deputation appointed to inter-  Mew the ceiobi at ion committee with a mow to  mcwir.gagrant foi a game on Dominion Day,  reportedh.i\ing mteiUriwod the subcommittee  on land sports and obtained a tacit promise of  sufficient funds to to\er the expenses of a \isit-  ingte.tin. Ai-coidingly, the invitation extended  bv tho Gieenwood team will be aci cpted for the  2<!Lh mslant, and CJfCcfiwood will bo se<surcd for  a game hose on one of the dajs of thecelcbiaiion.  The building used as committee  100111s hy the snppoiteis of John Houston has  been fitted up for tho citj polling booth, tho premises being much more convenient for this purpose than the com t lioiisc, wh'oh'has been utilized heietcfore. Ihc inlciior bus been divided  inlo fho sections, each of whicli will be used by  a depu! v retui mpg oflicoi ��pd his poll clprk.  The head   office   of   the   Crow's  Neht Coal Company is to be ie��io\cd from  Fcjnie to Xelson. James, Johnston, general  nmnagor of tho company, has Iejt-'-efl t]ie Mc-  l.nicn properly acioss tho Jaki for tho summer,  aiul is looking about lor suitable office premises  A   letter   received   in this   city  fiom captain Biancrhaid pf Victoria states that  when "A" company of (lie fi 1st Canadian contin-  ��t!ii1/IerLB!ocmfoulein IB men weie left behind  ��ho ware unlit lom.irch^ Fifteen i\eio in lios-  pifal Iheio, 10 m hn��}iil<il elsewheie, 7 had been  bunt lo Kngland. which, with I) dead, wade quite  a hole in the oiiginnl company of 12". This was  April 20th,  "In   Ijittle   and   in   Much"  and  "Victoij" will bo Ihc subiccls at the H.iplist  cUiii'lIloii Snnilay. ���  HOTEL AERIVALS.  ACJEN'T VOU S. S. KIMBAIL'3 SAVRS  JNSURANCE.  LOANS.  REAL ESTATE  INSURANCE AND  GENERAL AGENT  First door west  ot Bank ot British  Coltsmbi.fi building.  Baker Street  Ai i'hi. I'liuit.���0. J. Keltjlc, lva��!o. W, J.  Twi-u., ICaslo. (,', bulgier. Itossland, J. Callu-  linti, Vancouver, U. !', Tolniie, Sandon: L. M.  Ituo, hnallle: 0. II. Al.islei, Itossland: John  "\\'ien, bpokane; Alex Hough, Alonticiii: T, 11,  Alooje, KuskotiMik.  Ar nn; lit Ml.. -J. 31. Coombs, Winnipeg: J.  Ha <ly, Vuiicninur; It, McLean, Kaslo: H*. C.  Tanner, Toi onto; A M. John-Ion, Voiu owver,  K H. Sniilei', Vaiuomer: O. J. lbiikur, Vaneosi-  vei; T. A. Isiggiiit. (Ji'cenwood, C JI. liou'tn.in,  Varcomci; V��� S. I'liim, (Jieenwood.  A 1 nn: \V\M ui i'i -J. _\. Campbell. Stlvei-  Imi! W. P. W'ulker. Spnkano; P. Tleiidcrson,  Tiail: it. K, Davidson, Spokane," W. A. Johnson,  Wiunlpeg, W. iCdwinds, city.  Ai iin;(lin\ii Ci.mi.m. -(I. ICicasosj, Rpo-  kano: C. McLaughlin, Sandon; Ii. Kletolioj,  Jtoo>]iind, Thomas Italph. 1'ooiiiiaii Miue  Al- llllJ ^t'Kl'NH. A. Deillnsiy, VlclOriu; K.  A. Heap, Ainsvroith; J. iMi'Mi'lan, IJ. Homev,  W. I'attoison. .1. C. Holden, A. Mi'l'hnil, Xin'o-  mile; V. ,1. (IhaniiMii, Uieenwood; M. Campbell,  Kossland; A. W. Mfiek. I'luclui; T. II Wihoii,  (Ji.uid Folks: \V. Hennell, Cicenwood.  A'l 'I Uic M.W)UK.v.���II. Ueitnoiy, D. I!, frou-  neij', Kpulcone, V.T. Cl.ukc, IL W. MrKuIune,  it UHlion, Ymir, J. A. ComcII, Uinwl l-'oiks,  \V. Slcwaii, Ainsuoith; IJ. McC.litj. Slocan; It  Khieldf, J. Shields, Ymi.; C. !'. DiuimoihI, Moyie,  Green Will Wia in Slocan.  Kaslo, Jtmo 8.���[Special to The  Tribune.]���The eve of bhe election  finds   Robert    F,   Green   anjl   his  i'rionds coniirlenfc of victory.    The  Provincial Party candidate held Jbia  final   meeting   here   tonight,   and  both *,he and Keen got a good  reception.     Green's   supporters   declare that their  man  will  have a  bigger majority than when he beat  Ratallack by 100 votes.   They believe that Green will  poll as many  i votes as Kane and Keen  together.  This is a rather sanguine view to  take.    Of cour&e there is hardly a  shadow of doubt that Green will be  elected, but George Kane has made  quite a number of friends of late  and he has a better   chance   now  than on nomination day.   tie will  certainly save his deposit. That  much could not be said of him two  weeks ago. John Keen has neither  gone forward nor backward. Thei'e  are a certain number of votes  which will be polled for him in any  event and they are enough to put  him in second place. The betting  is iu favor of Green,  A Successful Bank.  Toronto, June 8.���The annual  report of the Canadian Bank of  Commerce, for the past year, gives  a remarkable record of earnings.  The net profits for the year are  $700,582, and the dividend $420,000,  being seven per cent on six millions.  The big balance will be used to add  a quarter of a million to the rest  fund, and $100,000 to clear off the  dept upon the bank premises. The  rest will now be $1,250,000'!  Forest Fire in'Quebec.  Queuec, June 8.���Word comes  from Tadousac that the firo which  started at St. Etienne, on Tuesday  afternoon, is stilX raging in the forest. There are 07 families homeless.  ;.. ";;'   ;    - J--".'' "   "  '���.  ':���'  A Necessary.Inspection.  . Montreal,. June 8.���James Kent,  C. 1'. R. telegraph manager, left  this morning for British Columbia  on a tour of inspection of the company's telegraph system.  PRIZES  UP FOR DRILLING  Terms of tho Contest.  The Dominion Day celebration  will not be without a drilling contest, the London & B. C. Goldfields,  Limited, having subscribed $250  for this feature, which is a splendid  test ' of endurance and skill and  attracts great interest. The donors  stipulate that <two cash prizes of  $100 and $50 respectively shall .be  offered for the successful contestants as first and second prizes.  The balance, $100, is to be devoted  to the purchase of a suitable trophy, which will be held for one  year by the mine represented by  the winners, and competed for year  by year on Dominion Day.  The rules governing tho .contest  aie as follows : , The contest will be  open to teams from auy mine iu  Kootenay, the members of the  teams to have been-working iu the  mine from which they enter at  least thirty days prior to ,the contest, and to bp chosen by a voto of  the men working in the mine. Entries must be made to the secretary  of the carnival committee, K. C.  Beaton, on or before June 28th;  and on the day of the competition  the various teams must bring with  them credentials signed by the  superintendent of the mine from  which they enter. Only' one team  will be allowed to Renter from any  one mine. The trophy will be of  silver aud will be inscribed each  year with the names of the winners.  BROWN  There is always a best way  to do everything, be it to  to boil an egg. The same  applies to���watch" repairing  and we have the best way.  When we put a watch in  order we put it in the condition it was when it left the  factory, and we guarantee it  to keep time.  BROWN  JEWELER  17S Hakor SUeot Nelson, H. C.  ESTABLISHED 1892  H.   BYERS   &  HARDWARE  CO.  ESTABLISHED 1892  Garden, Mill, Steam and Suction  Hose.  Crucible   Cast  Steel  5-16 to 1-in. in  Wire  Rope  stock.  Leather and   Rubber Belting.  Sheet, Square and Round Rubber  Flax and Garlock Packing  Pipe Fittings, Brass Goods, Rails  Black and Galvanized Sheet Iron  Soft Steel Plates  1-8, 3-16 and 1-4 x 72, 96 and 120  Agents���Trims Ore Cars, (iiant Powder, and JIcl.-  ropolilnn l''uso, file.  H. BYERS & CO.  NELSON  KASLO  SANDON.  Election Day   Dinner  Saturday Evening, June 9th.  hOl'V.  0\Uiil and Conscrvatii c.  i isir.  Sawll Bncd Herrings FMohcr Sljhs  iioru'.D. .  jriitton, No Ssuico.  Hoof Joints, Mmo Workers' S.i'.ice.  Uoust Jteef, Houston S.iuce.  Poik, Provincial St.lo. Lamb, Pinly .Sauce.  i snu:v,s,  Irish Stew, Kootcn.ij SLj le,  Soolcii Haggis, Nelion Stjle.  Fritter-., IlntiBli Stj lo  VI Ul.rAIM.I.8.  Mashed and Pl.nn Potatoes.      String Beans.  Tomatoes.  1)1 S��.l(l'.  JCiiKlisli Pliiiii Pudding, John Bull S.vnce,  Provincial Pmrlj Puddin(?,488y&uc��.  ilriod Apple Pie, Liberal.  Club Hotel, corner Stanley nna Silica Streeto.  NELSON'S TRADE IS NORMAL  Yesterday's Shipments.  The reports from the wholesale  trade for the week indicate a very  fair volume of business. In one or  two quarters trade has been particularly lively, but the majority of  the houses report an average week  with a favorable outlook. Yesterday's shipments are appended :  Thorpe & Co., jerated and mineral  waters.���Thompson's Landing, Comaplix, Trout Lake City, Ferguson,  Nakusp and Columbia.   "      ���  Kootenay Supply, Company,  wholesale grocers.���Eholt, Kaslo,  Moyie, Erie, Grand Forks, Ymir,  Cascade, Slocan City, New Denver  and Sandon. *  Turner, Beeton & Co., liquors and  dry goods.���Cascade City, Greenwood. Phceuix, Eholt, Thompson's  Landing, Trout Lake City, Ymir  and 3Io3rie.  II. Byers & Co., hardware and  mining supplies.���Kaslo, Pilot Bay,  Erie, Moyie, Cranbrook, Mirror,  Gianite, Sandon, Woodbury, Athabasca, Lake Points, New Denver  and Slocan City,  H. J. Evans & Co., commission  merchants.���Kaslo, Sandon, Robsou,  Slocan City, Slocan Lake, Ymir and  Lake Points.  Lawrence Hardware Company.���  Ymir, Ainsworth, Porto Rico, Granite Siding, Slocan City and Burton  City.  Vancouver Hardware Company.  ���Fire Valley, Slocan City, Nakusp,  Kaslo and Ymir.  Brackman & Ker Milling Company, Limited, flour and feed.���  Creston, Robsou, Kaslo, Slocan City,  Deer Park, Fiie Valley, Caryelle  and Porto Rico.  J. Y. Griffin & Co., provisions and  produce.���Slocan City, Giand Foi ks,  Rossland, Pilot Bay, Kaslo, Cascade  City, Ymir, Trail, Fort Steele and  Salmo,  Californa Wine Co., wines and  cigars.���Fort Steele, Midway, Kaslo, Sandon, Ymir and Silvei'ton.  A. Macdonald & Co., wholesalo  grocers.���Erie. Sirdar, Ferguson,  West Robson, Slocan City, Waneta,  Ymir, Coryelle and Slocan City. -  Nelson Saw & Planing Mills, Limited.��� Sandon, Venus mine and lake  points.  Sohn Cholditcli & Co., wholesale  grocers.���Sandon, Kaslo, Cascade,  Whitewater, Cranbrook, New Denver, Grand Forks, Silverton, Trail,  Ymir, Ferguson, Slocan City, Midway, Anaconda, Greenwood and  Moyie.1  W. F. Teetzel & Co., assay or "s  supplies.���Rosslaiid, Moyie. Cascade. Greenwood and'Cranbrook.--  Kootenay Electric Supply and  Construction Coinpany. ��� Electric  supplies���Kaslo, Cranbrook, Grand  Forks, Moyie, Kimberley, Gieenwood, Ymir and Sandon.  In the above list will be found a  new shipping point���Mirror���located three miles this side of Kaslo.  Locomotive Struck by Lightning.  Tokonto, Julie 8.���Engine 524,  while running near Roekford, ou  the Owen Sound branch of the  C. P. It., was struck by lightning  today. No damage was done,  though engineer Johnson will remember the shock.  BUSINESS   MEHTIOST.  To Rent���House and two lots on  Carbonate street, ne.\t door to mayor Hoiiiton.  Seven looms and bathroom, hot and. cold water,  bathi, cU. It ban fust been repa'red and kal-  sonnned. Thhtydoilais vor inonth. Taylor &  JIannington.  House to Let���Furnished or un-  furnislicd���Three bedrooms, dining room, drawing room, writing room, hall and kitohen. For  fnll pai tieulars applj- to J. L, Vaiibtone. broker.  For salo���Stock and   fixtures of  the Nelson Bazaar amounting to about four  bundled dollais.  Furnished rooms  to let���Apply  Carney block, one door east ot Oddfellow's hall.  Hack   calls left at   the   Pacific  Transfer bam on Vernon itreet. Telephone  call 33.  NOTICE.  YMIR. 13. C. May 2()th, 1900.  In pursuance iv ith section l.f) and I'M, chapter  oi. of tho Election Act, I hereby ccitify that the  following agents have been appointed by the ic-  hpcetn e candidates, \Oio wore nominated on tha  ��>lh day of M.ij.lDOO: William Waldie. ngout  foi Dr. G. A. li, Hail, uhoeo address is Nelson.  11. ('., S. Al, Jlrjdges, agent for Frank Fletcher,  whoso addrew is Xelson, 11. O.: Alexander McDonald, agent foi John Houston, whose addicss  is .Nelson, P. C.  A.  BKKNAKD  BUCKWOItTH  Itcturnlng OiHccr.  Refrigerators  Prices from $10 to $30  LAWRENCE HARDWARE COMPANY  ii  to  iti  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  iti  ^���_ti&_^.SLifL&iS_\iS_i ^&v5A^AA^vS^S��^^&'4&  185 Baker Street.  Telephone 10.  KIRKPATRICK  & WILSON.  %  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  We have removed our place of business  for the next few months to the old Burns  shop, next to the Nelson Hotel, where we  to   hope to see all our old customers and many   (6  new ones.   Give us a call.  xti  to  to  to  to  to  KIRKPATRICK & WILSON  Telephone 10  185 Baker Street  to  to  to  to  to  to  iti  w  mmx  mx  xm   n^mm^mi  =?&  Some Plain Facts  About Clothing  w  'a&  $ We are now showing the finest stock of Spring  H and Summer Suits in Nelson. There are several  g points of merit in our Suits. They are all of the  $j latest cut and are lined all through with the best  m linings. They are tailored better than Suits offer-  H ed elsewhere at much higher prices. The fabrics  i$ are the best in the market. We lea'd all others  W for values in  B   B  Gents-Furnishings  Hats and Caps  Boots and Shoes  m  B  B  B  B  B  B  We know that our values cannot be equalled by ij$  any other house in Nelson.   We are so sure of B  this that we will give money back if it cannot be jgj  proven.  GET YOUR  GHAHDELSEftS  FOR  NO MATCHES REQUIRED, ALWAYS READY  Kooterjay Electric Snppfy &  Construction Go.  JOSEPHINE STREET NKLSON  JUST ARRIVED  IN NELSON  R, P. RJTHET & CO., Ltd.  CARLOAD  CANADIAN WHISKIES  Including bulk nnd caso Sragrnm, 2,  and; j ear old.  (.'.irck���Clubi>c. fliislts  t\c, Gooderham & Worts SpecmJ' () bz  W. ordinary���Whito Wheat Whisky.  B. GRAY, Baker St., Kootenay Representative


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