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 DAILY EDITION   BY  MAIL  FIVE  DOLLARS A YEAR  WEEKLY EDITION  BY MAIL'  TWO  DOLLARS A YEAR  EIGHTH YEAR  NELSOK:  FRIDAY MOOTING   JUNE 8 J900.  PRICE FIVE  CENTS  f  INTERVIEW WITH OOM PAUL  '.>t    Safe in a Railway Car.  London, Juno 7.���The executive  oflicers of the Transvaal government are in a railway carj shunted  on a switch at Machador station.  President Kruger caused the interior of the coach to be reconstructed  Eomc time ago with a view to contingencies that might arrive. The  correspondent of the Daily Express  who went from Lorenzo Marquez;  to see president Kruger was received yesterday. The president  sat smoking a pipe. He looked  worried, but his bearing was quiet  and-determined. He did not make  Hie least objection to an interview.  r / Tiie correspondent was equipped  *-������ for the interview by cable from  London.  '���Fes," said president Kruger, "it  is quite true that the British have  occupied Pretoria. This, however,  does not end the war. The burghers are fully determined to fight  to the last. They will never surrender so long a^> 500 armed men  leinain. 1 feel deeply encouraged  by the fine work president Steyn  and general Dewet aro doing in the  Free State."  The correspondent suggested  that the war a\u& over, inasmuch as  the capital was takeu.  "The capital." exclaimed Kruger,  Avith energy, "what is a capital? It  dot-s not consist of any particular  collection of bricks and mortar, any  fool can make a capital of bricks  itnd mortar. The, capital of the  lepublic, the seat of the government, is here in this car. There is  no magic about auy special site.  Our country is invaded, it is true,  but it is not conquered. The government is still effective."  deferring to the reasons why he  left Pretoria, president Kruger said;  "I was not foolish enough to be  taken prisoner. I provided this  means of locomotion for ��� the same  reason as" our" burghers supply  themselves with horses when they  take the field. -It is necessary 1  should be able to move quickly  from place to place, that is all. By  And'by this car will take me back  to, Pretoria. For the present it  enables me to keep away fiom Pretoria, where I could bo of no service, and where I could only play  iuto the hands of my enemies."  "They say, Mr. Kruger," remarked  tho correspondent, "'that you have  1)fought with you gold valued at  ��e^000,000."  '���It is not true,'' replied tho president. "Whatever monetary resources I may havo with me are  simply those which we require for  st ite purposes. Atthe same time,  I" am not going to tell where our  treasure is. Let lord Roberts find  it, if ho can."  ���'Thoy say that you will take refuge iu ' a Dutch man-of-war at  Lorenzo Marquez."  '���That again is a lie," retorted the  president. "'JL know of no Dutch  man-of-war. I iim not going to  t?ike~refuge any"place. Fsha.ll not"  leave my country, there is no need  of my doing so."  The correspondent then sajd:  '���There is much surprise at you  having left Mrs. Kruger behind."  "Mrs. Kruger is quite safe in Pre-  toiia. She would only be put to  p-jrsonal inconvenience here. All  communication between us is stopped, of course, but sho will await  my return with calmness aud courage. She is a brave woman. lam  here waiting further information.  We are surrounded by faithful  burghers and are quite calm. You  may depend on it, the war is not  over."  "Guerrilla warfare will continue,"  remarked "secretary Reitz, "we intend tp fight to the bitter end and  shall probably retire on Lydenburg  where we can hold out for many  months."  '���Yes," observed Kruger, "it is  only now that the real struggle  has begun. I fear there will be  much bloodshed, but tho fault is  that of the British government."  Then, raising his voice to an almost passionate height, Kruger exclaimed :  "The time has passed for us to  talk. We have done plenty of  that, but it has done us no good.  There is nothing left for us to do  but keep on fighting."'  The correspondent who secured  flic interview telegraphed it from  Machadorp station where the wires  were working as usual to Lorenzo  Marquez.  The Daily Express, in commenting on the interview refers to the  nabated defiance of the chief of  hundred  prisoners arrived Tuesday at Nooit-  gedacht. They are penned in a  barbed Avire enclosure of four acres  ou the open veldt.  According to a dispatch from Lorenzo Marquez, dated yesterday,  lord Roberts is reported to have intercepted two trains leaving the  vicinity of Pretoria. Telegrams  from the British side say that Mrs.  Kruger is still occupying the presidency, and that a number of engines and cars have been secured.  The British captured a. machine  gun and caused the Boers heavy  loss. The British casualties Avere  slight.  Boor officials removed ��300 in  gold from the National- bank on  Jnne 4th, .but did not touch the  cash holdings of the other banks.  Some of the Boers are surrendering  voluntarily and the townspeople of  Pretoria are described as showing  considerable enthusiasm over the  British arrival.  The British officers at Daaspoort  refused to leave their quarters and  made the Boer commandant a prisoner, releasing him at midnight, on  condition that he Avould cancel the  order for removal of prisoners. The  Pretoria forts were found without  guns. All the artillery had been  got away.  A dispatch says : "Sixteen hundred British prisoners were removed. After the government had  taken aAvay most of the stores, the  burghers Avere given a free hand to  help themselves. All the British  found Avas a few hundred bags of  coffee and sugar."  CHINESE SOLDIERS AFRAID f  British Land a Strong Force.  London, June 8.���A special dispatch from Shanghai dated 7:30  p.m. today says the dowager empress has ordered general Neih Si  Chong with 3000 men to protect the  railroad at Pekin. A severe fight,  it is added, had occurred with the  Boxers Avhose ranks include many  soldiers from other general commanders. When the battle was  ended -200 dead were left on the  field. The dispatch goes on to say  ISO British, marines Avith a machine  gunare about to force a passage  from Tien Tsin to Pekin. Altogether about 900 British have been  landed' from the fleet, a greater  number than have lauded from the  combined vessels of the other  powers. This evidence of Great  Britain's intention to assert her  position strongly gives great satisfaction here.  Kruger's New Home.  Elmira, NeAV York, June 7.���It is  reported by the Canton, Pennsylvania, Sentinel that president  Kruger, if he succeeds in evading  the British, will locate in or near  BroAvnlee, Pennsylvania. Henry  Malle, who is a relative of Kruger,  lives in Brownlee, and he wrote  Kruger at the breaking out of the  AArar inviting him to locate there in  ease eventualities made it necessary  for him to leave the Transvaal.  Malle recently received a letter  from Kruger accepting the invitation, _and representatives of the  Transvaal have made inquiries concerning the prices of farms ia the  vicinity of Brownlee, which has  large number of Dutch residents.  Kefuse to Tight.  London,   June   7.���Telegraphing  from Tien Tsin, under date of June  Oth, a correspondent says :  "I left Tien Tsin by the rail route  for Pekin, accompanied by general  Nieha, supposed to be one of the  best Chinese generals; with sixty  troops.   'We proceeded to Iofa, a  distance of 31 miles. We found the  platelayers' cabins  in flames   and  telegraph poles cut and men engaged in destroying others in villages near: the railway, where the  flags Ayere seen bearing the inscripr  tion :   ������.-���''.���      _��� ���  " 'Kill all foreigners.'  "I'"saw   smoke,   evidently   from  burning houses, in the distance, but  general -Nieha refused to proceed  further, being in mortal fear of the  Boxers,,   though     the     foreigners  tried to persuade him to disentrain  his   troops,   who   are firmly   convinced that it is useless to fight the  Boxers, as other Chinese say they  have seen Boxers  hit Avith  bullets  rise and run away.  "There seems little prospect of a  resumption of traffic to Pekin, unless the foreign powers assume control of the railway, until the Chinese government proves itself capable of making communication  with its capital."  Neav York, June 7.���Senator Depew, in an intervieAv concerning  the position of the United States  toward China, says in the World  today:  "The European nations may encounter acute diplomatic conditions in China, growing out of Russia furnishing an army.toput down  the present revolution, if it may be  called such, in China because the  Russian army never leaves any  place where it once seizes a foothold. The United States is^iot interested, excepting iu so iar as the  pi'otection of its missionaries and  merchants is concerned. ' It is .immaterial to us whether Russia or  Great Britain or Germany, or all  thi ee with ourselves, put doAvn this  effort to drive out foreigners and  thus isolate China'. Thfe . understanding which we have with all  European nations secures us all we  desire, which is not territory, but  the open door."  vaal from Southampton on Saturday. Cannot a public notification  be issued warning the people  against a premature return here ?  They will be delayed at Cape ports  and will only increase the numbers  supported by charity. It must be  a couple of months at least before  the bulk of'those now in the colony  and Natal can be alloAved to return  or work generally can be resumed."  RUMORS FROM SEAT OF WAR  SPORTS ON DOMINION DAY  LeRoi Compressor Plant.  Rossland,   June   7.---Before  compressor has  a  Town Wiped Out hf Fire.  Duxutii, Minn., June 7.���A fire,  Avhich started in the Moon & Kerr  Lumber Company's mill at Virginia, Minnesota, at noon today,  spread rapidly and it was reported  at 2 p.m. that the town had been  entirely burned out. Virginia Avas  a settlement on the Mesaba Iron  range., The business portion which  was entirely destroyed before the  Avires failed consisted of eight  blocks of substantial brick buildings. All communication Avith the  place has been cut off by the destruction of the telegraph office,  and it is impossible to 'say whether  any liveb have beon lost.  German Marines for Tien Tsin.  Ber rjn, June 7.���The officer commanding the German squadron at  Chet'oo has been directed by cable  to send a detachment of sailors and  marines to Tien Tsin, and, after  conferring with tbe German minister at Pekin, to arrange with the  commanders of the other squadrons  regarding further measures to be  taken for the protection of Europeans.    u  lhe  Transvaalers.     Nine  Congress Adjourns.  Washington, June 7.���Congress  adjourned sine dio at 5 o'clock this  afternoon. The conclusion of the  work of the senate was quiet and  perfunctory, and was attended by  no exciting scenes such as are often  incident to the close of a session  when the gavel fell.  its  second 40-drill compressor has all  arrived from Sherbrooke the LeRoi  Mining Company is calling for tenders for a third compressor of the  same    capacity,   which    will   be  needed as soon as the contract can  be let and the machine built and  installed.   There are  now in   use  one dO-drill and one 12-drill compressor,   and   the   second   40-drill  machine   is   now   on' the ^ ground  being installed.   Two carloads of it  haA7e not arrived, but as they include   the   parts   which    will   be  needed last, they Avill not delay the  work of installation. "When tho now  compressor is in   operation   there  will_ be   capacity    for    92    drills  but it is proposed  to .then lay off  the   12-drill   machine,    except   in  emergencies, on account of the high  cost of operating it compared with  the   larger   machines.      This Avill  leave SO drills which will be about  enough to operate tho Le Roi mine  to its full capacity when the new  hoist is in operation  and at the  same time to carry on the development of the Josio No.  1" and the  Nickel Plate.    It Avill not be very  long before all three of these mines  are sufficiently developed to  Avar-  rant their  beginning   to   produce  ore;   in fact  they could produce  now    if    they    had   the   proper  railroad    connections.   Additional  power for drills Avill then be needed  in the stopes   of the   three   mines.  ���Forty more drills  Avill not be   too  many if the Le Roi is to be kept up  to its full producing capacity and a  safe reserve of poAver is to be provided.   The   B. A.  C.   mines   avi'II  then   have   compressors   for    120  drills, leaving out of consideration  the 12-drill machine, which Avill be  held in reserve.   The neAV machine  Avill give the B. A.   0. the   largest  air   compressing plant   in   Canada  and there will be feAV larger in the  United States.  Provisional Program.  The   general committee   of.the  Dominion    Day _  .celebration    had  ���several complaints.before them at  their yesterday afternoon's session  from parties whose special sports  had received no appropriation. The  committee   decided   that    if   the  organizations referred to will raise  some extra money themselves, the  committee will help them out,, if  they have to dig up themselves.  The Nelson Rifle company is doing  this, and will contribute $80, and  this amount Avill be supplemented  -by the committee so that both the  Rossland and Kaslo companies may  be   entertained.      The  committee  hopes that when all the money is  in, there Avill bo plenty to go round.  The general program of the celebration Avas also provisionally decided upon.    The Iirst event Avill he  the baseball game at the r.eereation  ground at 11   o'clock ou Monday  morning.   The regatta will begin  at 2 p. m., when all aquatic events  will be pulled off except the finals  of the local fours and the Vancouver-Victoria-Winnipeg   race.       In  the evening at  7 o'clock the hose  reel race and Avet test will take  place, and after that,  at 8:30, the  ilium inated trades ^procession.  On Tuesday morning will be the  bicycle races and Caledonian sports,,  and at 2 p. in. the remaining Jboat  races will be rowed. The next  event will be bhe final ball game  for the championship of the Kootenays at 3:30, and at 7:30' there Avill  be a tug-of-war. The celebration  closes the same evening with a  grand Avater carnival, with illuminated boats, fireworks, etc.. a sight  Avhich will be even lovelier than  last year's.  No provision has, apparently, yet  been made for a drilling contest'.  This has been a feature of all former celebration*, and one in wliich  many take great interest, especially  the miners. It is to be hoped that  room Avill yet be found foi\this  eA'ent.  Wolseley and Lansdowne.  London, June 7.���In the absence  of anything from Biitish sources  regarding the Boer statement that  general Buller requested a three  days' armistice, the military experts here are inclined to believe  that a revised version of the story  will show that general Buller summoned the federals to surrender or  evacuate their positions within  three days, failing Avhich he would  attack them.    ,.'.'.,'.  According'to a dispatch from Lorenzo Marquez, under date today,  the Boers under -General Botha are  recohceutrating in the neighborhood of Hatherly, 15 miles eastward  of Pretoria.  Prom the same source it is reported that the British prisoners  are being removed to Nooitgedacht,  an unhealthy spot in Langs Valley.  About 300 men arrived there June  5th, and 700 reached the place June  Oth. These probably constitute the  portion of prisoners, Avhich lord  Roberts reports, had been shifted  from Watervaal.  The strained relations between  the secretary of state for war, the  marquis of Lansdowne, and the  British commander-in-chief, lord  Wolseley, appear to haA'e reached  such a pitch that, but for the exigencies of the situation, lord  Wolseley would haA'e resigned. It  seems that lord Lansdowne attempted to usurp authority always  heretofore held by the commander-  in-chief, and tho latter is iioav said  to have laid the whole matter before lord Salisbury.  The Birmingham Post, the organ  of Joseph Chamberlain, the secretary of state for the colonies, says  it hears from an official source at  The Hague that a serious question concerning president Kruger  is now before the Netherlands ministry. The paper adds that the  president, up to last Friday, had  decided to seek refuge-on board the  cruiser Frieslaud, now off Lorenzo  Marquez, and asserts that beyond  doubt there if. good reason to be-  lieA'e that instructions anent thereto  have been cabled to the commander  of the Avarship.  Martin was the only Moses capable  of leading the country out of the  difficulty. He believed the Semlin-  Cotton government Avere just as  earnest in their desire to get rid of  tho Mongolians. The Semlin government had a Avritten promise  from sir Wilfrid Laurier that he  would introduce in the Dominion  parliament an act similar to the  Natal Act which will exclude many  Chinese and Japanese from this  province. There is.; $250 put up  here by one man that Green will  win,   There are no takers.  LATEST CAMPAIGN STORY  No Work in South Africa:  London, June 7. ���The following  dispatch has been received at the  colonial office from the British high  commissioner in South Africa, sir  Alfred Milner: "Capetown, June 7.  ���It is reported by telegram that a  large number of miners and others  are about to start   for the  Trans-  Yesterday's Mining Entries.  Yesterday's entries at the office  of the mining recorder were as follows : Transfers, a half interest in  the Frankfort claim, located between Bear and Sheep creeks, from  H. McAlpin of Salmo to Frank Unfiled of the same place, consideration nominal. Locations, the  .Woodtick claim,_betAA'een .Quartz  and Boulder creeks, by Edward  Peters, T'red A. Pollok and R. W.  Bacon; the Ethel, ou Tulip creek,  by Jerry McBride; the Pearl fraction, on the east side of Sandy  creek, by W. F. Hornshoe; the Dacota, 2 miles from Hall Siding, adjoining the Last Chance, by Charles  Hanna and Charles Rollin. ~ Assessments, to Gilbert Pellent on Gol-  gonda, to George Ellis on Home-  stake, to Charles Hanna on Last  Chance, Standard, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Wisconsin Extension  claims.         Mr. J. H. WJnte Arrives.  Rev, J. IL White-, the recently  appointed pastor of the Methodist  church, reached Nelson yesterday  afternoon from ChilliAvack. He Avas  met at the station by a deputation  representing the officials of the  church and driven to the parsonage where the Uidies' Aid Society  had prepared a reception. Mr. and  Mrs. White Avere presented to a  number of the members of the congregation who united in extending  them a hearty welcome. Mr. AVhite  occupies the pulpit of the church  for the iirst time on Sunday morning.    Corea Quarrels With Japan.  Yokohama, June 7.���Reports  from Seoul state that the action of  the Japanese minister to Corea  Avith reference to the alleged case  of torture of prisoners has awakened the resentment of the government, Avhich declines to grant him  an audience Avith the king and lias  also addressed a telegram on the  subject direct to the Japanese government.  All Loyal But,One. -  Ottawa, June 7.���[Special to The  Tribune.]���There Avas a scene in the  house'of   commons   today.   When  the house met Laurier moA'ed an  address to her majesty, the queen,  congratulating   her  majesty  upon  the early termination of the Avar in  South   Africa.     The   premier1,   m  moving this address, made  a' very  eloquent speech, in which he spoke  of the justice of the* Avar, and the  bravery of the British and colonial  troops. If ever there Avas a righteous  Avar this Avas one, in  the opinion  oi" the  premier.    Ho  hoped,  however, that before the queen died  she wonld see the Dutch residents ���  of South Africa loyal and  devoted  Britibh subjects.-Sir "Charles Tup-  per seconded the address  in an eloquent   and  patriotic speech.      He  .said   that   all   that   Laurier   said  about the troops Avas true, and predicted that there avouIq  soon  be a  loyal   and    united    population   in  South Africa.   Boura&sa dissented  from   botli   speakers.       He    said  that     Britain     could     not' claim  one   ounce   of   glory   for   a    Avar  against a Sew  peasants  in   South  Africa.     There   AA'as   hissing   and  cries of ''shame*' from all  over  the  house.   Bourassa held that the Avar  Avas forced  upon  tho   queen   and  that it was brought about by some  ambitious   men   and   financiers in  South   Africa, who  wanted  larger  dividends, (renewed yells of shame).  John Charlton  administered  a  severe castigabion  to Bourassa,  and  sir Wilfred  repudiated  the  vieAvs  enunciated by him,   The   address  Avas adopted, there   being only one  A'ote raised against it.  Campaign in the Slocan.  Kaslo, June 7.���[Special to The  Tribune.]���George Kane is a wise  man. lie can't speak Avell himself  so Jimmy MeGroer of Vancouver  and F. C. Potts of Fernie are doing  all his oratory this election. They  Avere present last night with Kane  at the meeting here. Green and  Keen Avere also on the platform.  Green was loudly cheered and  noted thai Potts tried to make out  that Joe Martin had a monopoly in  his love for tho working man and in  his hatred for the Chinese and  Japanese. They all kncAV that the  Chinese and Japanese A\-ere a  menace to British Columbia, but,  he, Green, failed   to  see that  Mr.  Chinese Situation Unchanged.  London, June 8.���The situation  in China, as measured by abundant  unofficial telegrams, continues full  of interesting possibilities, but apparently it has not grown  worse  during the last 24  hours, although  the faA'orite adjectives of London  and     continental     commentators  are      "perilous,"      ''grave"     and  "dangerous."       The    naval   commanders     in       Chinese      waters  have received identical instructions  as to their procedure,'the question  of an emergency being left to their  discretion.    No fear is entertained  of the safety of the legations at  Pekin.   European residents,   however, are escaping from the capital  to the coast.   Pekin is still under  control.    Six hundred  international troops are at Tien Tsin with six  guns.   ��  Says Smith Will Win.  R. B.  Kerr of   Phoenix   passed  through Nelson yesterday  on his  way home, after campaigning   in  Southeast Kootenay in the interest  of E. C. Smith.   Mr. Kerr says that  J. R. Costigan is out of the  contest  and that the race will be between  Mr. Smith and Mr. Fernie  with the  chances in favor of the former.  Mr.  Kerr is an old campaigner in Kootenay, and  in   1894  put  up a good  fight on the stump against the late  chief justice Davie.    Mr. Kerr says  that   candidate   Smith   is   not   so  much a Martin man as he is an  opponent of Turnerism.     He also  stands Avell with the" miners and  the people of Fort Steele,    In the  southern   portion   of    tho - Nelson  riding, along the Crow's Nest railway, Mr. Kerr says that candidates  Fletcher and Hall are practically  unknown and  Avithout supporters.  Irish Yeomanry Losses.  London, June. ��� The 'list of  casualties now coming through indicates that there ,Avas severe fighting before the Thirteenth Yeomanry  surrendered. Already the names of  19 men killed, and 18 Avounded  have been issued. The killed in-  ' elude sir John Elliott, and sir Cecil  PoAver, and among the wounded is  the earl of Longford. Four Irish  judges had sons in the battalion of  the 18th Yeomanry Avhich was captured at Lindley. Miv A. M. Porter,  son of the right Hon. Andrew Porter, the Irish master of the Rolls,  Avas killed, and'Mr. W. H. Holmes,  sou of the right Hon. Hughes  Holmes, lord justice of appeals, Avas  severely Avounded.  Houseboat for Tourists.  A seventy-foot houseboat is in  course of construction at the C, P.  R. shipyards here, and will shortly  be added to the company's fleet.  The idea is that the craft will be  utilized by tourists avIio may desire  to spend a few days or a week on  the river or lake instead of passing  through hurriedly as is the rule at  present. The houseboat -will be  fitted Avith every convenience. Tho  scheme is not new, but this is its  introduction into British Columbia.  An Unexpected Visit.  London, June 8. ���The Lorenzo  Marquez . correspondent of the  Times, telegraphing yesterday, says:  "United States consul Hollis returned today from tho Transvaal  by a special train. The object of  his unexpected visit arouses curiosity. One hundred Dutch refugees  ha\re found accommodations ou  board the Netherlands cruiser  Friesland."   Cycle Factory Burnt.  Richmond, Virginia, June 7.���  The factory and stock of the Virginia ��fc North Carolina Wheel Company, located a short distance  below here, Avas totally destroyed  by firo this morning. The loss Avill  be $175,000 and tho insurance  $140,000. About 275 men Avill be  thrown out of employment.  The Venus Mill.  Dr. Doolittle expected to land the  machinery for the Venus mill at  the site yesterday. The log superstructure of the mill is nearly completed, and the mill should be in  ojienition by July 1st.  Martin Denies It.  Vancouver, June 7.���[Special to  The Tribune.]���A political sensation  was sprung today iu  the publication by local papers of an affidavit  declaring that premier Martin is receiving $50,000 of campaign'money  from the Great Northern railway.  The transaction is alleged to have  beeu put through by.R. A. Dickson,  lawyer of Grand Forks, the affidavit  . being made by a personal friend of  Dickson's,   Edwin   A.   Gardner of  Seattle.    Gardner states that Dickson,   Avho   visited   Seattle   a   feAv  weeks ago, told him that he  was  entrusted   by    Martin    to     raise  funds for the campaign.   This was  on May 4th.   Dickson stated that  he had already raised a few thousand dollars, but that this was not  nearly enough.    He  said  that he  (Dickson) had letters froui Martin.'  to   president   Hill   of    the    Great  Northern railway and Mr. Kendrick  of the   Northern   Pacific, both of  Avhich letters   affiant   read.     The  letters Avere   worded  very nearly  alike and Avere   addressed  to  the",  gentlemen named above and stated  that the bearer came to them on  matters of importance to the  province which he Avould explain, and  were signed by Joseph Martin.  Mr.  Dickson explained   that he  was authorized by  Mr.  Martin  to  enter into an  agreement Avith  Mr.  Hill or Mr. Kendrick by which they  or their company should be granted  valuable franchises in  British  Columbia, and that in the event of his  succeeding in the coming  election,  Mr.-Martin would  cause a  proA'in-  cial.bond to issue and  Avould build  a line of raihvay from a point in  British  Columbia  near  the  international boundary near the town of ,  Republic to VancouA'er, Avhich after  completion  Avould be leased  foi- a  long period of years Avithout charge  or compensation, and in return for  the advance of the money received,  which * sum Dickson stated would  be $100,000 or more.    ���  The .affiant adv-ised Dickson to  shoAA' the letters of introduction referred to above to E.  E. Hughes, of  Seattle.    Sir. Hughes  replied that  he did not think the Northern Pacific railway company would entertain the matter, but did not know  Avhat the Great Northern  raihvay  Avould do.    Dickson left Seattle for  St. Paul May 5th 1900.    He returned to Seattle about  May 14th and  called on affiint and stated that he  had been successful  in raising  the  money   required,    the     president,  J.     J.    Hill,       had >   met      thCm    ,  cordially   aud   had    already   sent _,  $23,000 forwaid, and would send  another  $25,000 as  soon as it was  requested, and if more was necessary he AA-ould furnish that.  He stated that it avus nofc necessary to see the Northern Pacific ���  people as Mr, Hill was ready.to���  meet all requirements. Mr. Dickson stated to affiant that Mr. Hill  had ^vohihtarily~snggested���that he  (Mr. Dickson) should have transportation over the Great Northern  system, and iu proof Mr. Dickson  took from his pocket aud handed  to affiant an annual pass.  Premier Martin Avas seen today  just before leaA'ing for Victoria,  and denied that there Avas anything  in the story. He said he only Avish-  ed it Avere true that lie had got  $25,000, and said he was prepared  to accept auy campaign funds so  long as no strings Avero attached.  D. G. McDonnell and premier  Martin had a falling out today on  the Deadman's Island question,  Martin refused to remove the injunction against the mill Avork being started, and amid high Avords  McDonnell declared that he" Avould  transfer his support to the local  candidates.  Victoria, June 1.���[Special to  The Tribune.]-���A political sensation has been caused by affidavits ,  that Martin received a campaign  fund of $25,000 from J. J. Hill,  Martin in return to arrange to build  a road from Vancouver to Republic  to be leased to him.  Vancouver, June 7.���[Special to  The Tribune.]���TJie News-Advertiser has received the following  telegram from Grand Forks:  ���'Deny the Piovince article absolutely. E. A. Gardner is a disappointed American detective who  has served time. I never got money  for election purposes from either  the Great Northern or the Northern Pacific, and I never said I had.  This is a malicious, libelous and  blackmailing scheme on Gardner's  part.   (Signed).  11. A. Dickson.  I  f^ff^f^gjl^JfflM^^I  rfffi.7i:^ THE TRTBTOE:  KELSON B. C FRIDAY, JUNE S 1900  There is no store where good  clothing  can  be   bought  to   better  advantage than here  For Men, Boys, and Children  A most beautiful collection in plain and fancy worsteds, in  neat checks, stripes, clays and serges made in single and double  breasted  sack style.  A big assortment of hats, shoes, ties, shirts, underwear,  hosiery,  etc.    Prices the  lowest.  BROWN    &    CO.   Hall Block, 269, Baker St.  m  *��?  (^&&^&m&&m&^m  \fjj> We have sold 75 per cent of all the  f- Portland Cement  I Fipe Bpick Fire Clay  W- and Sewer Pipe  j^1  #.  %  m  USED IN KOOTENAY  Ale and Porter.  This is  Just received carload Dominion  (PINTS AND ObURTS)  Dominion White Label Ale (pints and quarts)  the finest Ale brewed in Canada.  Dominion Bulk Ale (15 gallon kegs)  Teacher's Scotch Whiskey is still the best  ercise their franchise tomorrow.  Had thoy been alloAved to vote  without question, some of them  might haA'e A'oted for candidate  Fletcher.  Editor Loweby of the New  DeiiA'er Ledge is the first outside  man to publish reliable neAvs of the  contest in the Nelson riding. He  gives candidate Houston a majority  of 100. This means that candidate  Houston Avill have 100 votes more  than his tAvo opponents combined.  Editor LoAvery called the turn in  the last municipal election in  Nelson.  H. J. EVANS & CO.  m  .*?_,.___', ^'Szs'S&'^'-^'J^.^^'  T&-e=>^__S-c_i-c=>"C3-c3-cZ>-c=>'  mmmm  mi  mi  .t___^__t\  .<=2.C=*.t3'lk  mm  'c_^-_zi-e_i'  ?*��__1��gr3 ���(___!���  I*^<  ?���<=?���.  ft  ft  t  m  W  Oft  'M:  HI,  ^  HUDSON'S BAY  COMPANY.  m  m  m  INCORPORATED 1670.  We can suit  You with  What you  Require iu  Shoes  Rubbers  w  -m  carry full lines  B men's, built bj the best makers on the  B continent, and will guarantee price and  jj quality to be satisfactory.  From one end of the province to  the   other   candidate    Houston   is  looked upon as the champion of the  eight-hour Ia\v.    His defeat Avould  be taken as a A-erdiefc against this  legislation, and this is  one reason  why ho will receive  fche  undivided  support of the men avIio do not desire to see a renewal of the conflict  between labor and capital.  An effort is being made to induce the trades and labor organizations of the ei ty to take hold of  the trades procession idea in connection  celebration. If each of the local  trades unions Avould agree to be  represented in the procession it  would mean much in the Avay of  making the procession the most  successful affair of the kind ever  held in the province.  Iv tub chief Avorkers of the rival  candidates are to be believed there  I are three confident candidates in  I the race in tha Nelson riding today.  TomorroAV night ifc will be different.  Candidate IIai.!. is the most unhappy of the three candidates. He  has tried to please all parties, and  iioav realizes that he has pleased  none, not even himself. Candidate  Hall is conceded to be against  premier Martin personally, but he  showed'himself ready to sAvallow  anything in the hoiDe of Avinning.  Ar/nioi'GM the voting has not  commenced the Conservatives are  talking of protesting the election in  the Nelson riding. This is a rather  hopeless outlook for the self-styled  party of peace and prosperity.  Premier Martin- will receive  notice of dismissal tomorroAV.  British Columbia Avill not tolerate  his repudiation or intimidation.  Development on Bosun.  New Denver Ledge.  The developments at the Bosun  are turning out in a very  satisfactory manner.   The new No. 5 tunnel has run into two feet of clean  shipping ore, Avhere the same chute  has been encountered in the face of  No 4 tunnel below.    These tunnels  are   both   in the Fidelity claims.  The different drives and stopes in  the Bosun continue to produce ore  in  sufficient quantity to keep up  the steady shipments, for Avhieh this  mine has been noted from the start.  The Avagon road has been  continued from the main camp up  to. the  neAV ore house at No.  4.   The new  boarding   house   is iioav  occupied,  and is a most comfortable and commodious building, while, the   new  offices at the mino are a credit to  the   company. ,   They   consist   of.  manager's surveyor's and   general  offices.   There   is" also a bedroom  attached       for       the      use       of  j any of the,officials avIio may have  to   stay   all   nighc   at   the   mine.  The directors in London have just  issued   a   circular to their shareholders, containing several reports  from W. H. Sandiford, showing the  progress which the mine has made  since the termination of the labor  .trouble.   The Jul shaves of the company are quoted Jtt 30 shillings on  the   London stock   exchange,  but  with   none   on  the market.     Mr.  Sandiford is  determined that the  Bosun  shall bo a model mine, all  work being done in first-class style.  ' " Lacrosse Boys Need Grant.-  The lacrosse ohib met last night  at the fire hall. A letter from the  Greenwood team requesting a game  on fche 29fch inst. Avas read and the  qlub decided to accept the invitation if satisfactory arrangements  can be made. Tiie Greenwood team  are Avilling to come to Nolson dur-  ing-theDominion-Day- celebration  and tho local club is anxious to arrange the game. A deputation  consisting of Frank Tamblyn, J.  Vanstone and J. McPhee .Avas appointed to interview the celebration committee to solicit a grant  suiticieut to cover the expenses of  the Greenwood players. Tho meeting adjourned till tonight when tho  deputation Avill present their report and further steps will be  taken. Tonight's meeting is called  for S:!{() o'clock, prior to Avhich all  members are requested to turn out  for practice on the recreation  grounds.    ______      '  Improvements Stopped.  /The active prosecution of the  C. P. It. program of improvements  to their station property has been  unexpectedly blocked by the action  of tho government in refusing to  issue the crown grants to blocks 88  and 89, Avhich under the agreement  ratified by the bylaw passed in  December last, wore to have been  conveyed to the C. P. R. Tho-government had agreed to make the  necessary grants and uo reason can  be giveu for their latest nsove, the  intimation of Avhich Avas convej'ed  briefly in a telegraphic message to  P. E. Wilson, city solicitor. The  new depot is located in block 88,  and fche C. P. 11. Avill naturally defer building operations until thoy  secure a clear title to the site.  ^'0*.^ .** .** .A**.** .___*.&> .___*. 0_P .___*.___*. __*.___* .___*   ___* ���**_'-_-'-m_'m_._-_>_-^~--.>-_>--.>--.~-_^-���      -_  \'f__r-*^_,^_.���Btr_~-^_\im_ S  a S ^^ Vq[ !��.K'fc * S * 5V iSf * m?*! aL * imi!1* mil 'otSvSS' * m!"^ * 3^ 3^' ���fr* ^ * ^ *^  Xii  Xit  Xit  Xit  Xli  Xit  Xli  xli  Xit  Yourself and Friends are Invited by  The Home Art Society of  Decorative Needle  Work  of New York, to view an Exhibition of Silk Art Needle Work and  to arrange for a series of lessons, from May 28th to June 13th.  Hours from 10 to 12, and 2 to 4; in Hume Hotel parlors.  Xit  Xk  xit  \ii  Xii  Xli  Art Lectures, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  Lessons and Lectures Free of Charge.  Mrs. Kenly, Artist and Teacher.  The teacher will inform each lady joining the class where the silks and  linens can be obtained. Belding's Art Silks and Linens used exclusively in  these classes.  With the Compliments of Fred Irvine * Co.  xit  Hi  Xit  xli  xii  Xli  xli  Xit  Xit  Xit  xli  attributable.to the  creative fancy  of the human mind.    I am  assured  that the following   version is   the  correct one regarding the queen's  decision to A'isit  Ireland.   Early in  March her majesty and her granddaughter, ���   princess   Victoria     of  Schleswig-Holstein, were   seated in  one of the drawing rooms at Windsor, Avhen the queen, who had-been  thoughtful arid silent for some minutes, suddenly said:    ''I have the  wildest   idea."    The   princess   expressed   her curiositj*.    ,:You will  think,".   answered     her    majesty,  "that   there    never  was    such   a  Avild   idea.     I ���   should     like     to  Ireland,    but     I    much      afraid  that    they    Avill    never    let   me  do it." By "they" the queen meant,  of   course, her   constitutional  advisers.   "Let us talk to aunt Beatrice about it," suggested  princess  Victoria;   aud   princess  Henry of  Battenberg coming in, the idea was  placed before her.    She warmly approved, and it was thereupon decided among the three illustrious  ladies that the queen should go to  Ireland   if  her ministers  did  not  offer any serious objection.   They  offered none; on the contrary, they  expressed pleasure that the. sovereign had decided to visit the sister  kingdom, their only anxiety being  lest she should find the experience  too fatiguing.   "T do not mind tho  fatigue," her majesty is reported to.  have said, Avhen this consideration  was put before her. *  (VIINING STOCKS  BOUGHT :AND SOLD  Itufcrcmlutn Treasury Stock  Kxchcquer, 1000  Big Horn, ,j��(l<l  Peoiia, jCWIMO'  Richelieu, 1000  WANTED  Rambler CariUoo~~alid Ciatit- ~~  Vor sale-0-rooai hoiiho. Hume addition, ��850.  11-room houso, cheap; tenns cafey; close in.  CALL OX  H. A. Prosser  BROKER, AVARD STREET  ���ZXXZZ_Z_Z_7___\_XZZX___ZZZ_Z___ZX_-ZZ_Z_-X_Z__Z-Z  \ - JUST   ARRIVED  Palace fVjeat fVJar^et  Headquarters  for all kinds of  Fresh and Cured Meats.  A Car Load of  j Allen's Apple Cider, j  j THORPE & CO.  ixixz-z_z_z_zzzzzzzzixzzz_zzz_-_z__zzzx-xzx_zz_z_x~zi  DR. ALEX  FORIN  OrrioE; 'Houston Hj.ock.  Jt is safe to say that the major  ity  of those i89   electors,   Avhose  ._,   ._-��� -_  _.-      votes AA'ere objected to by the local  with the   JJominiou   Day'] Conservative Association, will ex-  The Queen's I$ea.  Pittsburg Po&t.  Many pretty .stories are told in  Ijondon about Queen . Victoria,  some of them fcrue, some of them  s St. 6  Share  I  A feature will be mado of tho poultry and  game trado. They will always bo on hand during their, season.  J. L.  PORTER, Prop.  169 Josephino S t., between Baker and Vernon.  Telephone 159.  -A.-   JB3SrST^E.A^5L  ' Contracting Painters, Decorators, Paperhangers.  Full lino of wall paper, mouldings, ens,   Kalso-  niining and Tinting.   Strictly flrst-class work.  Estimates furnished^   Residence Mill Street,   ltfPT QOM    R   T  Opposite School Houso   A^XiljOVWlj D. %j.  W, Starmer Srnith & Go.  PAPER HANGER, GLAZIER,  PAINTER, ETC.  CHIMNEY SWEEPING  Office AVard Street! Opposite Opera House  Fruit and Ornamental Trees  j Rhododendrons, Roses, Fancy Evergreens  Magnolas, Bulbs, new crop tested seeds, for spring  planting. Largest and most complete stock in  Western Canada. Call and make your selections  or send for catalogue., Address at the nursery  grounds and greenhouse.  M. J. HENRY.  3000 AVnstminstar Koad. Vancouver. B. C.  St JOSEPH'S SCHOOL  NKLSON. B. C. -  A boarding and day school conducted by the  Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace. It is situated at  the corner of Mill and Josephine streets in one of  the best residential portions of Nelson, and is  easily accessible from nil parts of the city.  The course of study includes the fundamental  and higher branches of thorough English education: Business course���bookkeeping, stenography and typewriting. Science course���music;  vocal and instrumental, drawing, etc. Plain art  and needlework, etc.  For terms aud particulars apply to tho Sister  Superior.  hTd^ _A8JiOROFf  BLACKSMITHING  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  Wagon repairing promptly attended to by a  flrstMiiuss wheelwright.  Special attention given to all kinds of repair-  ing and tmstom work from outside points.  Shop:  Hall St., between Baker and Vornon  E. P. Whaliey, J. P.  NOTARY PUBLIC  fieison Saw &  Planing IVJills, Limited  Are prepared to furnish by rail, barge or teams  Dimension Lumber, Rough and Dressed  Lumber, Local and Coast Ceiling, Local and  Coast Flooring, Double Dressed Coast Cedar,  Rustic, Shiplap, Stepping, Door Jambs, Pine  and Cedar Casings, Window Stiles, Turned  Work, Band-sawing, Brackets, Newel Posts,  Turned Veranda Posts, Store Fronts, Doors,  Windows and Glass.  Get prices before purchasing elsewhere  Office Corner l|all and Front Streets  Factory Hall Street Grossing C. P. R. Track  Mills Hall Street Wharf  P. Burns & Co.  Head Office at  NELSON, B.  C.  Wholesale and Retail  Dealers in Meats  Markets at   Nelson,   Rossland,   Trail,   Kaslo, Ymir,   Sandon,   Silverton, New  Denver, Revelstoke, Ferguson, Grand Forks, Greenwood, Cascade City, Mid-  ^Vancouver.   .corner Hall juul  Oflleo with C. W. West & Co.,  Baker street?.  City offlco of the Nolsoa Sodiawater Factory.  WHOLKSALK AUD KKr.UI^ DKALKKS IN  Mail Orders Promptly Forwarded  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  ALL KINDS OF  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  Baker Street, Nelson  ORDKR8 BY HAIL RECEIVE CAREFUL AND PROMPT ATTENTION.  i  AA TMY���?SA���Ianager  AND TRANSFER  JiagfOLKC and express moved to any part of the  ( Hy.   special attaiifioii given to henV> tenming'.  Oflleo corner Vietom ami Ward streots. Tole-  )jh��no m. W. A. COSTELLO, Manager.  a. rTbarrowTa.m. i7c.el  PROVINCIAL  LAND SURVEYOR  ���    Comer Vtotori* trad Kootenay Streets.  P. O. BOX SSB. TELEPHONE NO, 85  General agents for Mirror Lake Ice Company.  Ice delivered in any part of Uio city. Office at  Grand Central Hotel, Vernon and Ward fctresta  Phone 118,   P.O. box 139,  LAND "NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given, that after one month I  will niako application to the Chief Commissioner  of Lands ana Works to pui chase one hundred  nnd sixty acics of lund In the District of WeaL  Kootenay, in the Province of British Columbia,  Utun ted on the west side of Kootenay lake, on  Boulder creek, about two miles south of Balfour,"  Commencing atlnitia! Pott marked "John Bnrk,  N: K. Corner," thenco west sixty-four chains,  thence .south twenty-flve chains, thence cast  sisty-fourchains, thence north twenty-five chains  to the Initial Post,  JOHN BURK.  Dated at Nclfioii this 7th day of April. 1900.  NOTICE   TO   CONTRACTORS.  Scaled temlcrR will be received until 12o'clock  noon Mondaj, Juno IHh next, by the undersigned f.>r tlio election of a three story brick  block for Kirkpal rick & Wilson und A. H. Clements. A dejioxit in Iho foim of a marked  ohequo payable to tho order of the owners for the  Hiuii of 5 per cent of the amount of tender iriust  aceompany each tender to insure consideration.  Otherwise it will nob be entertained.  The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.        EWART & CARMK, Architects,  Rooms 7 and 3 Aberdeen iilock.  ay steam urn  BLOHBEBG & SWEDCEfjfi  PROPMErons  The only steam laundry in Nelson employing union labor  '$_ffi_xffi-_&&*&lt*'  as  the Business  !     COAL!  ��REAT RKDUOTIOH  Hard Coal  Anthracite  TELEPHONE  33  DELIVERED  $6.15  0. W. West & Go.  Arthur Gee  MERCHANT  TAILOR  Removed to Baker Street, opposite the Queen's  Of Fred J. Squire, merchant  tailor, Nelson, I intend to  continue the business so as  to keep the patronage of all  Mr. Squire's old patrons and  ' get a share of the general  trade. I am now prepared  to show the latest styles in  all lines of spring goods. A  special line on hand at $25  per suit. All other lines at  low rates. None but Union  labor employed.  E. Skinner  Neelands' Building, Baker Street.  FKKD J. SQUIRE, Manager.  ^ THE TKIBUFE: NELSON B.C., FRIDAY, JOTE'S. 1900  BANK OF MONTREAL  CAPITAL, all paid up..$12,000,000  BEST      7,000,000  Lord Strathcona and Mount Boj.il.   Piesidcnt  H in. George A. Drummond Vico-Pievident  K. a. Clouston        General Manager  NKLSON BRANCH  Corner Baker and Kooteiuj   Streets.  H.-anclKV) in LovnoN (England) New York,  Ciucigo, and all the principal cities m Canada.  THE BANK OF  BRITISH   COLUMBIA  NELSON  Imperial Bank of Canada  HEAD  OFFICE. TORONTO.  Buy and sell Steiling  Tr.ui-fci*.  Cj..iiiI   (Joiiinicici.il   and   Travelers'  a\a lahle in any part of tlio world.  Dr.iflb Issued, Collections Made, Eto,  E\chniigo and Cable  Credits,  Savings Bank Branch  cumiKxr rati: ov intj;ki:st paid.  EIOH   JOHANNESBURG.  \  Johannesburg has sprung up  aviMi that tremendous rapidity  which Americans know so well in  tlio history of their own gold and  silver distiicts. As a consequence  oF the importauce of the town from  a purely monetary standpoint, it  was natural that tho Boers should  hive used much cash and ingenuity  ^iu fortifying the place, but now at  iho crucial moment they have  abandoned it. The principal fort is  a mighty piece of military engiu-  ceiing, and has been held by the  IJocr^ to be practically impregnable.  On this fortification searchlights of  great power were mounted to guard  against auy surpii&e in the night.  The auriferous tract of country  of which Johannesburg stands as  the centre is known as the Wit-  watersrand. This range is about  ."5000 feet above bea level. The city,  at the lti-L census iu IS9G, had a  population of 100.000 within a three-  mile radius. The population was  about equally divided between  whites and blacks. The distance to  Kimberley is 298 miles, aud to  Ladysmith ^50 miles.  Considering the fact that the city  is only a dozen years old, it possesses  some really fine buildings. The  chamber of mines has been char-  actetized as the best specimen of  architecture in the town. The  Jlank of Africa is also a striking  structure, a& are the buildings of  tiie ltobinson Banking Corporation.  Commencing at "The Springs,"  thirty miles to the east of Johannesburg, there is a succession of  enormously valuable mining properties as one returns to bhe city.  First there are the Railway Colliery,  the Cassel and the Clydesdale.  Tlion, in a sort of detached district,  is the1'plant of tho Rand Central  Electrical Works.  A little "west of "Boksburg, the  next station on the "tram" line of  the Nethei'land railroad, are the  mines of tho East Rand Proprietory  gioup. These are live properties  connected with that association, the  Angclo, the Dreifontein, tho New  Comet, the Agues Munro aud the  Cinderella, extendingovermore than  four miles of outcrop, in 1898 the  Augelo, with forty stamps, turned  out piofits in three mouths of  ijioOjOOO, The Ginsberg mine iu the  "���ainc year, wifch forty stamps, made  SjWO.OOO to $35,000 a month, >'ear  by, are Knight's, the Glencairn,  filon Deep and Rose Deep. The  Rose Deep was one of the mines  commandeered by the Boer government after the commencement of  hostilities.  The Simmer and Jack is one of  _tho largest mines_on the_Rand. _Jt_  has 280 stamps in operation. The  (jeldcuhuis estate in 1808 produced  for its owners $180,000 a month. In  this district are the Geldeuhuis  Deep, the Xew Ileriot, the Henry  NOnrse, the JSTourse Deep, the Bonanza, the Johannesburg Pioneer,  the George, Coeb, the Wolhuter,  ihe Bezuidenville, the Meyer aud  and Charlton and the Gity and Suburban. The Jubilee, Salisbury,  and Wemmei1 are all mines of great  i iclmepf.. The Perriera mine, also  one of those commandeered by the  JJoerrf, showed iu 1S08 profits of  $150,000 monthly. Kaud'sPremier,  South Reef and Main Reef Leader  are in this belt. The Champ d'Or  and llandsfonteiu are close to the  cily. ^  It is worthy of note that among  the mining machinery in uso on the  Rand, Chicago-made machines have  ;t large place. The mine owners in  the gold bearing district have found  that Chicago ingenuity has brought  foi th apparatus for the saving of  gold that is better than anything  that can be boiyjht on the continent.  Ifc is interesting, also, to know  thafc an American was the first to  iel! the Rand miucrs how to save  the gold they dug out of the earth.  ji'or a long time hundreds of thousands of dollars went to waste in  the tailings. An American came  along and showed the miners what  was known as the cyanide process  of gold extraction. Since then the  proprietors have been getting much  larger profits.  Some idea of fche tremendous  value of tho mining properties  which, from tiie outset; fii the war,  Is now prepared to issue Drafts and  Letters of Credit on Skaguay, IT. S.,  Atlin, B. C, and Dawson City, N. W. T.  the Boers threatened to destroy in  the event of Johannesburg being  invested by the British, may be obtained from the statement that as  far back as 185)8 the gold-bearing  Held was putting out $0,000,000 a  month and more, and the value of  the produce for that year was fully  $7o,000,000. In the year intervening between that time and the outbreak of the war the facilities for  production were largely increased.  Of course the Boers were powerless  to destroy the gold-bearing reef,  but the threat to Avreck the shafts  and tunnels and hoisting and reduction works gave a shiver to all  financially interested in England.  The chief fortification of Johannesburg is the great fort completed  in 1897 as a consequence of the  Jameson raid. The fort is rectangular iu form, with two bastions at  opposing corners. On each bastion  is mounted a 23-centimeter, quick-  firing gun, with two flanking Maxims for enfilade fire. On the side  looking toward Barnato park are  four small quick-firers. On the  opposite side toward Johannesburg  is the entrance which traverses the  rampart tit au angle of 45 degrees.  Right and left of this, within the  fort, arc stables. Under the bastion on the right are barracks and  a magazine, the corresponding position beneath the other bastion  being occupied by officers' quarters  and another magazine.  Capital Authorized  Capital Paid up  Rest  $2,500,000  $2,391,863  $1,554,710  D. R. Wilkio, General Manager.  E. Hay. Inspecter.  Nelson Branch���BuriiH Block, 221 Baker Streot  J. M. LAY, ManaKor.  with the leading prisoners, through  mud and rain, to retrace our steps  to Victoria west. A string of dead  horses, mules, and sheep skins mark  our trail all the way. Our horses  arrived here in poor condition, but  are going to have a few days rest.  I would have killed a couple of wild  ostriches one day while scouting on  fche flanks, but did nofc care to alarm  our main body, as we wei e then on  the way in. Every ten or twenty  miles on fche Karoo are to be found  wells, with flocks of Angora goats  or South African sheep.  "On the way oufc to Cape Town I  was instructor in musketry, and am  now one of the senior corporals of  the battalion."  THE METHODIST   ITINERACY.  ACROSS   THE   KAROO   RIVER.  Corporal Thomas Brown of Troop  3, D squadron, 2nd battalion, CM.  R., writes a very good description  of the pilgrimage across the Karoo  desert in South Africa. The letter  is to his father, Mr, James Brown,  1038 St. Lawrence street. Corporal  Brown is very well qualified as a  soldier, lie has Ijecn a battalion  sergeant-major of engineers, and  holds two first-class certificates of  engineering from the Royal' Military 'college, and one first from Sfc.  Johns school. Prior to going to  South Aft'ioa he was drill instructor'  in Xelson, B. C.1, company. He  writes:  Victoria West, Cape Colony,  April ]9bh,, 1900.���Upon our arrival  afc Cape Town the guns were booming their salutes for the relief of  Ladysmith and ' the capture of  Cronje. 'We stayed a week at  Greenpoint, when a rebellion broke  out' in the north of Cape Colony.  We came up by train to this place,  and, with a Heavy transport, started on our long inarch of over 230  miles across the Karoo desert. We  numbered aboufc (500, including six  twelve-pounder Canadian field artillery, two maxims and a couple of  troops of Xew 'Zealand mounted infantry. For a -week we toiled  across the Karoo sands; parched and  hungry, for our meat and biscuit  soon gave out. Then came the  winter rains,- which delayed us for  three days and nights at a time,  while, without tents or shelter of  any kind, we cooked our bread and  muttoLi-Over tiny_bush,fires or_used  the dried sheep's manure. My overcoat must have weighed aboufc 100  pounds after the big storm, so you  can imagine standing up and walking three days and nights in ifc.  "The weather broke a little, and  we were oft" again, half pushing on  while the remainder continued in  camp. Squadron D, to which I am  attached, pushed on wifch three  guns, two field guns and a maxim.  We had a gay time hauling our  baggage through the flooded parts  of the country ; one place in particular���over a mile and a half���where  we stood all day up to our waists in  mud and water helping the transport through. We came to Van  Wyk's Vlei, whore the rebels had  broken up the telegraph and government offices, bufc no sign of them  was to be had. Then, ou we pressed to Kenhardt". As we approached  the town,' a number of rebels gave  themselves up with their arms.  We entered without opposition, and  made many more prisoners and  took over sixty rifles with about  eighteen thousand rounds of ammunition.  "On the strength of information  gathered 'from spies and loyalists,  we gathered in all the leading rebel  farmers for forty miles around, I  happened to he in charge of the  guard on tho general's quarters,  and handled all the prisoners, many  of whom are to be tried for high  treason; some for poisoning the  wells, which we discovered in time  to prevent injurious consequences.  We burnt down his farm houses  for him.  "As soon as the other column  from the north arrived we started,  Australian War Preparations.  Another contingent of Australian  bushmen, several hundred strong,  has   just   left   Sydney   for  South  Africa, and within the next   few  days the contingents from the other  colonies will be on their way thither,  says an Australian  dispatch.    The  total   strength    of   the    Imperial  Bushmen's Regiments will be over  2500, which could easily have been  increased to 10,000.   In fact, a reserve force of nearly 2000 men has  been   formed    from   the   mass  of  disappointed      volunteers.       The  troops     will     land      at     Beira,  and,   under   the   command  of  sir  Frederick Carrington, form a kind  of armed police on the northern  and northwestern borders of the  Transvaal.   Most of the officers are  Australian born, many being well-  to-do professional men, and not a  few celebrities in the colonial world  of sport. All are good bushmen and  excellent riders.   The rapidity with  which   they   become  transformed  into    a   regular    military    force  constitutes   another   argument   in  favor   of  a    citizen   soldier    system.     The   khaki    uniforms    are  of      a      darker      shade       than  those   of  previous    contingencies,  and consequently less conspicuous^  at a distance.    Ifc look& as if ifc were  destined to seal the fate of scarlet  and other brilliantly colored uniforms, save for official or - parade  purposes, a change which lias taken  the imperial authorities over a century to effect. ' The growth of the  military * spirit   in   Australia   has  largely affected fche national sports,  many    of   the     leading     colonial  turfmen,       cricketers,   ���   football  players -and     experts     afc     ofch-  er   sporfcs   being    now  in    South  Africa.   There has, however, been  a largo increase in fche number of  rifle clubs, and ifc is estimated that  by the 'end of the year the number  of men capable of bearing arms in  the seven   colonies   will   be   over  100,000, exclusive of school cadets.  The   experiment of   training   the  senior cadefcs as mounted infantry  has proved successful, and it is proposed, after the return of the various   colonial   troops from   South  Africa, to have periodical exercises  in fche art of defending hills, mountain passes and other natural obstacles to the inland advance of an  invader. ""  Alien Labor Law Enforced.  Commissioner Powderly of the  United States immigration bureau,  has no consideration for fche feelings  of the apologists of the Laurier government. In spifce of the earnest  and of fc-repeated assertion fchafc the  United States alien contract labor  law is nol enforced against Canadians, commissioner Powderly refuses to believe it. Perhaps ho is  under the impression that he knows  the business of his department  better than others know. Here is  an extract from his latest utterance on this matter: The truth is  that our inspectors along the Canadian line are spurred to renewed  diligence by instructions issued  from this office, and tha laws are  more strictly enforced today, and  have been during the recent labor  troubles than ever before. I challenge anyone to show thafc the  strict letter of the law has been  violated. We are keeping a close  watch to prevent contract laborers  coming over from Ganada, but, on  the other hand, we are powerless to  prevent laborers going from this  side into Canada. If the officials  of the Ottawa goA'ernment are nofc  enforcing their laws, we are nofc responsible.    Lotteries Stopped.  Washington, June (5.���The posfc-  mastev-general has issued an order  ordering oufcof the mails "'TheCredit  General du Canada" of Montreal  and "The Credit de rEpargne" of  Paris, France. Ifc is alleged that  both concerns are conducting lotteries.  One of the distinctive features of  the  Methodist church  system  has  been the itinerant ministry.   Time  has disclosed weaknesses as well as  advantages in   fche   itineracy.    In  the early, simpler days of Methodism the weaknesses wore not conspicuous,    for    there    were    few  wealthy churches and not such wido  diversities   in   talents and attainments among the ministers.     As  wealth   accumulated   and   concentrated     and     culture     increased,  wealthy and cultured congregations  grew more fastidious, and demanded preachers  of a different   type  from   the   old-time   circuit-riders,  who, rich as they may have been in  spiritual  endowments,   lacked the  graces of culture and refinement.  It is natural that the members of a  church which pays a higher stipend  than others will claim the right to  have some voice in the appointment  of a pastor; and thus the exclusive,  arbitrary power of the stationing  committee has been gradually undermined, and the, "call" system has  been introduced and is now common.  In the states the new conditions  operated some years ago to extend  the length of the Methodist pastorate from three to  five years.   In  Canada the time was recently extended to four or five years, under  certain conditions.  But even the five-year limit has  proved irksome to Methodists in the  states, and a movement was recently started for its abolition. This  movement has been practically successful. The Methodist general  conference, iu session at Coicago,  abolished the five-year limit and  fixed the time limit of- a pastorate  at one year; but the-new rule is  that if pastor and people are satisfied to continue their relations, they  may do so from year to year for an  indefinite period.  This will probably be generally  accepted as a wise and satisfactory  compromise. If a church is dissatisfied with its pastor all it has to do  to get rid of him is to refuse to reengage him afc the end of the year.  By this plan a great deal of trouble  and bitterness will be avoided, and  pastors will be saved the humiliation of being forced upon congregations which do not want them.  But the - new rule practically  abolishes the time-honored' Methodist itineracy system". Methodism  throve under it, for "it was well  suited to the conditions of tho first  half of the century; but church  conditions, as well as all other  things here below, undergo change,  and ifc is always'prudent to take  note of changes and adapt institutions to new conditions. The probability is that the Methodist itiner-* Lot  acy in Canada will nofc long survive Lot  the abolition of the system in the Lot  states. Lot  A FULL LINE OF  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local and coast.  Flooring  local and coast.  Newel Posts  Stair Rail  Mouldings  Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  of all kinds.  IP WHAT YOU WANT 18 NOT IN STOCK  WE WILL MAKE IT FOB TOO  CALL AND GET PRICKS,  Successors to  A. DEWAR & CO.  Rough and  Dressed  Lumber  Shingles  Mouldings  A-1 White Pine Lumber Always in  '  StocK-  We carry a complete stock of  Coast Flooring, Ceiling, Inside Finish, Turned Work, Sash and Doors.  Special order work will receive  prompt attention.  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O.V.  siting Knighta  R. G. Jo}, K.ot_i.  Tuesday evening at S o'clock.  cordially invited tn attend.  &S.   Lconaid Scott, C. C.   NELSON L. O. L., No. 1692, meets in I. O. (J. F.  Hall, cornor Baker and Kootenay streets,  lsfe and 3rd Friday of each month. Vinliing  brothemcordially invited. II, ltobinson, W. M.  XV. Crawford, Recording-Secu'tap.         NELSON MR1K. Number 22, Fraternal Order  of Ea��les, nioolUj every second and fourth  Wednesday ineach month tn Fraternity Hall,  Visiting brethren welcome. W. Gosiiell, Pros!  denfc.   Charlcrt Pross-er, Secretary.  TR^ES'lorNIONS."'  NELSON MINERS' UNION NO. 06, AV, F. Ot  M.���Moots in nuncrf* union rooms, northeast corner Victoria and Kootenay stieeta, s\ cry  Saturday evening at Si o'clock. Visiting members welcome. M.R. Mowstl, President, J antra  Wilkes, BecrcUtry.   rpilADES AND LABOR COUNCIL.-The regu-  -����� lar meetings of tho Nelson Trades and Labor  Council will behold in Uic miners' uiuon hall,  corner of Victoria asd Kootenay streets, on ! ho  first and third Thursday of each month, at  7.30 p. m. G. J. Thorpe, President. J. H.Malho-  Bpn, Secretary.          THE regular meetings of the Carpenters' Union  are neid on  Wednesday evening of each  week, at 7 o'clock, in the Miners' Union hall corner victoria and Kootenny streets.   R.  Robin-"'  son. President.   Jan>os Colling, Secretary.  BARBERS' UNION.���NtNon Union. No. 1!W, of  the International Journeymen Buibor's- Union of America, meets every first and third Monday of each month in Minor's Union Hall, cornor  of Victor'a and Kooteiin> streeU., at _ liu p.m.  sharp. Visiting brothers coiriially invited to  attend. J. II. Matheson, President, AV. S. U_l-  villo, Secretary.  BRICKLAYERS AND MASONS' 1/NION.  The BricMti}ers ��md Masons' International  Union No 3 of Nelson meets second mid fourth  TuCsdnj s In each month at Miners' Union hnll  J. AV. Etcher, president; Joseph Clink, rucoidmg  aml_correyrai^iiKj^cretat2JL_ ^   LABORER5?' UNION". -Nelson Laborers' Protective Union. No. S121, A. V. of L.. meets In  Miners' Union Hall, northeast corner of Victoiia  and Kootenaj streets, every Monday evening  at 8 p.m. shaip. Vi-uing mcinbcru of tho American I'edoiation coidi.illy invited to attend. John  Mullen. President. Perc} Shackelton, Secretary.  NELSON PAINTERS* UNK)N--The~ro(<nlar  meeting of the Painters' Union Is held  the first and third Fudajt. in cuoh month at Minors' Union hall at I'M sh.vrp.  T. (). Skntbo. President.  Will J.HaUsU, Secretary,  s-.ll  j*\,   n?> i- �����  2^^^!^^^^  Tc Jil^JS 4  THE TBIBUNE: NELSON, B. 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O.i Satuidn)  tlu- coinpiossed uu line fiom tho Gianite niinu  will be coupled up and tested '1 lie coinpanj lias  a diamond dull at the Gianite to be utilized m  piObpoct woik Tha mines closed down jeslor-  day to enable tho men to attend the funeral of  the late Andicw Ch.istopheis.  "Woi k was started yesterday on  thccuibingfoi the south side of Bakei street  The stone foi the curb lias been dcln cicd cast of  Josephine sticet b) the conti.irlou-.  The Nelson <fc Fort Sheppard road  is now running on thoir new schedule b) which  the morning traiu le.ucs tho citj depot at !) SO  and the uppei stntion.it 10 Io o'clock while the  evening tiain armesat the mountain depot at  7 Ki and the low er station .it 8 o clock.  A   circus-,   traveling   under   the  name of the \mem in Jfnglisli sjn^icato is expected to exhibit in Nolson about the __ntl instant. Tim circus appeals lit Northport, Green  wood and Kossland befoie coming hcie.  The motion for a writ of prohibition toprolul.it tho county mdgcfioiii ti)ing  the suit of Benmish u Whitewater Mines, an  action to iecover $2000 undei thcKniplojers'Lia,  bllitj Act wasuigued before the full supieine  com t at Vancom er on Wednesday and the suit  transferred to the supreme com t as applied foi  m the motion.  Bom at Knoxford, New Brunswick, on May 2<)th. to the wife of J. Kied Hume  of Nelson, a daughter.  A special meeting of the Cai'-  pentcis' union will be hold this e\ening at 7  o'clock foi the piupo'e of makjr g airangcments  foi the cclcbiation of Dominion Day. It is not  unlikely that an eiloit will be made to induce the  iiicmboisof the union to take paitm the tiades  pi occasion.  W. F. Tye, chief engineer of the  C P. K. constiuclion depaitinent, lsiegistoredat  the Hotel I'liair Mr. Tje is p.i.wnglns Hist visit  to the pro\ incc binco assuming his new r.tllco ,it  Montreal. Hocamc in b\ci thcC'row sNcstrot'd  and walked o\ei a poilion of the work on the  Balfour extension with ,I. D. Sullivan, engineer  6f the Pacific dn ision. and A. F. Proctor, distnct  engineci.   Mr. 1 jo y ill go on to Ti.ul toda>.  The Rifle Association meets tonight at the annorj to choose the teams foi the  Canadian Military Rifle Association match to  moirow. The facilities at the Hinges will be mi  pro\ed, and tho fln,t team will make a s'long  ettoit to mipio\e on their bcoie of la=t Sttmday.  J. Fred Hume, minister of mines  in the Semlin government, aimed in Nelson last  night from the Coast.  A. Si. Buckworth, returning officer  for the NclsOn riding, loturncA from Kitchener  last evening. He has been disiubuting the ballot  boxesi in that section. At Kitchener he appointed  John A. Cuuie deputy returning oflieer, with  Chailes Heath as poll clerk. K. N. Sluiph) hah  been appointed deputy returning o/Hcer at Kus  Iconook. '  George 8. Beer has disposed of his  interest in the Noli-on Haidware Company to  Charles MeHanly, who haw boon with the firm  NOTICE.  YMin, B. C. M.u SGth, 1100.  In puisunnce with section 13') and l')0, chapter  :>'. oi Die Election Act, I hereb> Lciiif) that the  following agents h.ive oecn appointed by I hoi e-  speclivc cand dates, who wero nominated on the  2(>th day of May, MOO- William Waldie, agei-t  for Dr G. A. 1). Hall, whose addicss is Xelson,  Sl.CS M Bijdgos, agent foi Frank Flotchci.  who^o address ia Xelson, B.C.. Alexander McDonald, agent foi .lolin Houston, whose address  js Nolson, li. G.  A.  BKRNAKI) JJUCKWOItTH  Itciuining Officer,,  BROWN  There is always a best way  to do everything, be it to  to boil an egg_^ Thesame  applies to watch repairing  and we have the best way.  When we put a watch in  order we put it in the condition it was when it left the  factory, and we guarantee it  to keep time.  ~BROWN~  JEWELER  178 liukui SI reel  NeKon, H. C.  for some time, and John Hunter of the Vancouver Hardware Company's establishment. The  deal takes elleet on the Slth instant, when Mr.  Beer severs his connection with the business,  which will bo carried on under tho same name.  James Crowley, a vagrant,  was  sent to the provincial goal by Magistrate Crease  yesterday to Serve four months. Crowley i�� in a  pitiable condition, and an effort was made to secure his admission to tho old men's home at  Kamloops. The effort was futile, however, as  ho has only been in the province thirteen years.  The work which Porter Bros.  have at Nino-Mile point is a trestle bridge, not  a slip a�� was inadvertently stated in Tiik Tri-  iiunk. Tho trestle in question is to be fiOO feet in  length with an average height of about 20 feet.  With the exception of two :iO-foot trestles this is  the only bridge on the whole 20-milc section.  The condition of Edward Russell  s'lll lemains extremely tntical.   Since the oper  at ion on Wednesday lie  has  not lo*t   ground,  which i-,considcicdas afaioiable indication.  The council of the board of trade  has decided that tho now constitution shall Uko  cllcctfoithuitli. so that in fntuio the organization will tiancact business ns the Nelson Board  of Trade. The meeting night is the second  Wulni'sd.i) in each month nnd the next session  take- plat e on the 1.4th inst.  On Sunday a new time card goes  mtocflcct on the C. P, It, the local changes being (hicflj as follows: The mm mug tram now  lca\nu?at 810 for Hob-on, < onnccting for lioss-  Innd, the Doundaix und the noith, willdcpaitin  futuieat710a m , the e\eiung train now leading at (1 10 and making similar connections, will  dcpait uf .1 10 o'clock, the Slocan City tiam will  lea^eat7 VI a in. instead of at 9 oclock and tho  tiain fiom Slocan Citj will armc heic iit7 .'(Op.  ni. the c\ cmiiG: ham fiom Kossland will arrive  at (, 10 instead of 1010 oclock, the steameis  Mojieand Nelson will lea\chore dailj at 10 30  p. in. and arm c at 2 .'10 a. in.  HOTEL, AERIVALS.  A i l in Pu uu��� W. V. T\c, Winnipeg; J. S.  Sullnnn, Trail. 1>. Buina, Calgaij, Charles of  Wlntewatei Mis. Webber and family, Montreal,  F Flojd, Ferguson, 1 hos .Tones, Winnipeg,  Charles Songster, Rossland: G. W. Kllerton,  Ka��lo, P. 11. J'oitei, Giand Forks,]?. Nelson  Fell. Athabasca .7. P. Mctntjie, Winnipeg.  A i nn Hi: mi:��� 0. H. Bamhart antl wife,  Ymn, It. Mctiinre. Moll\ Gibson mine: .7. R.  French. Kaslo; 0. Robertson, Robson: .I.L. John  son. Vancoinei, XV. A. Meliaien, I)oiini"gton  Falls, It P. JCeir, l'htenix, .7. .lohnston. i . aie;  D W. Mooie, Trail; U.i nk Noll and wife, I'oi to  Rico; J. H. Fieoman, Victoria, .. II. CInik,  Butte, MonUn.i, .7. Ross, Toronto; .1. M. Knll-  meyer, Toronto, J. Adams, Revelstoke; F. W.  Godfioy, Toionto, F. Williamson, Wauehope.  An Impressive Funeral.  The remains of Andrew Christo-  pheis, late day foreman at the  Granite mine, wei e laid to rest yesterday afternoon in the cemetery.  The funeral 'took place at 2:30  o'clock from the undertaking parlors on Vernon street, where a delegation from the miners' union  numbering S5 gathered and escorted the body to St. Paul's Presbyterian church. Rev. Mr. Sutherland conducted an impressive service, after which the cortege resumed its march to the cemetery.  The Presbyterian buiial service  was read at the grave by Rev. Mr.  Sutherland; and James Wilks, sec-  SLOGAN RIDING  To the Electors of the Slocan Riding:  Gf.MthML.v-With the dissolution of the legis  latne assemblv, the dut> Again devolves upon  tho electors of the Sloeaii nding to choose a mom  ber to icprcscnfc them in the provincial legislature.  It is mj intention lo become a eandidote at the  forthcoming election and with full confidence jn  the result I again .lcspectf till j solicit the suffrages of the electors of the riding.  While I may point with pardonable jahsfaclion  to theinimnpr in which I have conseived the interests of the nding and sought to meet local ro  qun omenta so faras prachcab p, I ha\ e earnestly  cnJea\ orcd to foi ward legislation in the interests  of the whole proiince, and nuchas would tend  toward Its material development,  in ath  Constant :  the  'cudflace at the sessions of the  Jcgislatuie. I ha\ e been watchful thafc no vote of  iiune should be wanting foi any mcasmo beneficial to my constituents, oi tl\p ptomiicp as a  whole: nor havc I been neglecttiil of the interests of the wage chinei, but ha\e, in some degree at least, been instrumental in placing their  rair demands amgncfet tho principles to be advocated by, i great political party. It is well perhaps that 3 should briefly state .some of the prin  cipjei whicli I h��u e ad^ ocatcd and shall continue  to advocate until they are incorporated ns pTOyip  cii>1 legislation,  (1) lam In favoi of an equllablo rodisti ibution  of tho seats in the legislative a-sembli, based  generally upon population, but w ith due regard  to the mioiest* and cncuipstance? of outlying  and sparsloy nettled districts,  (2) I s,hall advocat e tho p-ovei nment ownership  of railways and othci public franchises so far as  may be practicable,' <and a general enaetmprfc  by which companies desiring to construct lail-  w ays may bo incorporated without special legislation, and that raihyajs bonuscd by the piovince may be'under government control as to  their latcs and subiect to purcha'f- afc go\ern-  mentoption.  Hi I shall do all it; my nownr (o as-'isr and sup-  pott the advancement and development af tne  liiininflrintoicsts of tho province, upon which its  piospeiitj it, bo nifiionally dependent.  (4) I boliovo in tho pimpiplo of the eight-hour  law nnd shall permit no lutorferonoc villi tho_  l.iw as it Ktands, and shall Insist upon the totcn-  tioii of the penalty clause.  (5) I.shali advocate a libeial ovpenditme upon  trunk roads and trails in tho various distnels of  the province, beh��\ ing that upon such expenditure the developmont of the vast resources of  t he country niatci lally depends.  (fi) I shall advocate, and if elected fiseibt in,  the eu.vetment of laws for thojiropei adjustment  ESTABLISHED 1892  H.   BYERS  &  HARDWARE  CO.  ESTABLISHED 1892  Garden, Mill,  Steam  Hose.  Crucible   Cast  Steel  5-16 to1-in. in  and Suction  Wire  stock.  Rope  Leather and  Rubber Belting.  Sheet, Square and Round Rubber  Flax and Garlock Packing  Pipe Fittings, Brass Goods, Rails  Black and Galvanized Sheet Iron  Soft Steel Plates  1-8, 3-16 and 1-4 x 72, 96 and, 120  Agcnts-Trua\ Oro Cars, Giant Powder, and Metropolitan Fuse, etc.  H. BYERS & OO.  NELSON  KASLO  SANDON  retary of the local organization,  conducted the service of the miners'  union. The pall bearers weie T.  Slaggett, George Cowling, Tom  Goldsworthy, Robert Larsen, Ed.  Pollard and John McPherson, miners  at the Granite and Poorman mines.  J, Laing-Stocks represented the  Duncan Mines, Limited, at the  funeral.  BUSINESS   MENTION.  To Rent���House and two lots on  Carbonate stieet, next door to mavoi Houston.  Seven looms and bathroom, hot and cold water,  baths, etc. It has just been repaued and kal  somincd. Thntj dollais pel month. Tajlor&  Hannington.  House to Let���Furnished Or Unfurnished���Three bedrooms, dining room, drawing room, writing room, hall and kitchen For  fnll particulars applj to. I. L. Vanstone, broker.  Lost���A Honiton lace handkerchief, ltowaid Lakcv lew hotel, corner Vernon  and Hall sticets.  For sale���Stock and  the  Nelson  Bazaar amounting  Refrigerators  Prices from $10 to $30  LAWRENCE HARDWARE COMPANY  V  . ^'g'Cg'frgl'frgf'g'g'if-g1  185 Baker Street.  hundred dollars.  Lost���From  fixtures of  to about four  the  the  of disputes bptwrriiiiibor  " -';d and oqultaufy hit  lb0Y  digested  he  Election Bay   Pinner  Saturday Evening', June 9th.  hOi i:  Oxtail and Cons��r\atl\o.  I ISlf.  Small Diled IIcrrlnf,H, Fletcher 81) Io  noir.i i).  Mutton, Vo Sauce.  Ueof Joints, Jluic Woikois' Suice.  Koahl Jhiof, Houston &.uice.  I'oilv, Provincial Stile I..nub, Part) banco.  I MKM t-.  Irihh Stew, Ifooten.i) St) le.  Scotch Haggis, iVeison Sl)lc.  Fritters,  iintlsh Stjlo  MjCiUlAUU K  Mashed itnd PJiun Potatoes.      .Stung Beans.  Tonmloew,  Df MBKIll'.  Ktiglish Plum Pudding, John BullSaufie,  l'ro\ jiu ial Pm ty Pudding, 4SJ��Siitice.  Diicd Apjilo Pie, Liberal.  Club Hotel, comer Stanley .wet Silica Streets.  tlW .  p.ihory arhtti atiou,  (i) 1 bohe\e that Asiatic and olhor ohoap  labor is detrlmonUil to tho hosfclntoieslsof IJiit-  ixh Colniiibl >. I hhali thoroforo advocate its ic-  Btrletion t,o far as it may be intra vii cr of provincial legislation, and shall assist m bringing such  procure (o bear upon the federal gov o> nment as  may induce that goraiMietit to assist m tho  work, aiul will most emphatically insii��Mli��l |io  stuih class of labor shall Ijo oinpioyoj] iipph utty  ntiblip woiks i|ndpr(t{Jten hy flip prO> <nro or upon  such waiLhit? arobiihHidl'Oa hy, or inatii woy  Hubjeol lolbpcontrol of UiegO^ernmopf,  (S) 1 believo th(il t ho eduml loimJ systpm of the  pravlnpo muy l��p *iif*torJ��iJy linprov ed and tthall  give my hear! loat ft-.jlstinicp iti brining it to the  highest staU;of cfllcioney b> the ostaWi-iliiiteiit of  not null sohouls and other iimnuuiontallHOfc that  may tend to the accomplishment of that objeot,  (ii) I shall also advoeato and assist hi the do  \olopm'int of the agricultural resourcoa of tho  prov Inco.  (10) I believe that tho mono) ft of tho province  should bo expended upon some broad and general  system -which would ensure the greatest amount  of benefit from such expenditure. In thihr'dinB  I havo en��!ea\oied to inaugurate s��Pll awtjtom  by !nu mg the woi ^ upon roa��|s und i rails plaf ed  under a responsibly head^o that the appropriation, iiccps-^arily m.ulcnuato i^ndci exnting cir-  f u'lititanfics. might be ben<>flcially and economically expended. Yourg respectf ujty,  R. F, QREEN.  Kaslo, 1). C, May Wlh. 1900.  hallway in  Shcibiookc hotel, a \ ahsc with blankets strapped  to it. No questions will be abked an)ono return  ing t-amo to Clai ke hotel���Af. ,1. Croteau.  Furnished  rooms   to let���Apply  Carno) block, one door cast of Oddfellow's hall.  For   sale.���Furnished   hotel   for  sale cheap. Apply at Cabinet Cigarstorc, Nelson.  Wanted���A good general servant  Kul. Mis. S. S. Tajloi, corner Carbonate and  Waidstieets.  Wanted���position   as     a    wire  splicer. Understands the caic of tramwius.  Able to take full care of tramw a) s and men. h n  dorstands all kinds of rigging work. Apply to V.  W. Brock, lock box 28, Gem, Idaho.  Gardening���Employment wanted  by a piactical man. Residential groundslaidout,  etc.   Addicss, XV. W. Wilson, Nelson  Wanted���Position as stenographer and t) pew riter by lad) of oxperienco���Ro  ferenccs. No objections to going out of city. Ad-  dro s Stenographer, Ti lbune.  Hack   calls left at   the   Pacific  Transfer barn on Vornon street. Telophouo  call 35.  NELSON   RIDING  To inn Electors of iih.Nkh.son Hiding :  Gentlemen���As the unanimous choice of a duly  constituted convention of the supporters of the  PioMiioial Party in the Nelson tiding, I am bo-  foiP)onas a candidate for representative of tho  Nelson nding in the next- prownunl legislature.  In this connection I dos|so to solicit >our votes  and Influence in jsiy Uehalf, Believing tnat  c\ ery mnn aspiring for membership should place  himself oi< record on tiie main issues I take fhis  oppoi tiiintj of stating that I am in favor of legislation upon the following lines:  1. Representation in the legislntho assembly  should be based on population, w ith such mottiu-  cations as will gn e sparely settled distiicts pro-  poi tionatel) larger i cpresentation than oities and  thickl) settled fanning distqetS.  2. All legislation should he general, and not  special. A begijurng li^s been \na_e m this  collection by theenastmeiit of lav��sunder which  oities can be inco!pointed, comjiames formed,  and water records obtained. These should bo  added to by the passago of a general railway m-  coiporatioji act, and one giving municipalities  the same powers to acquire water recordb as are  now accorded pmatc corpoiations,  3 Pubhclands should be kept foractual sottlc-  ment, and land subsidies should not be granted  to aid the building of'iailways that when built  aie owned by corporations.  i. Government ownership of railway* Is no  more a theory than mmupipft) ownotship of  public utilities. Bo(.h hftvo linen tiled and found  to worfofoy tho public j;ood when capably and  HQiioslly managed ; but m making a oonintonco-  nienl in eovornniciit ownership of i ail ways in  tins }tro\inco, a seetioi' should bo soleoted m  which the government would have a free hand,  and hot In Motions whose competition w ould bo  not.  fi. Pievention of the landingJu this province  of Chinese and Japanese laborers, and the discouragement of the cmplo) ment ot those already  hcie by e\eiy fair means possible.  (t. Positive, not negative, laws should only he  passed. If the pnnciple of a law is KOtwl, the  law should be clfoctlve. The eight houi day for  men woi king undes^rpunri hi utotalliforousmines  is how generally aeooptacl .is legislation in the  jlglitdiieohon. 1 would oppose any legislation  that would ropoal tlio penalty clause, or in anj  othor wny Impair tho oHcctiveness of the law as  It now stands.  7. To gh o immediate eftect, b) legislation, to  a resolution similar to that know n as the Miitoch  rcholution, recently passed by tho Dominion  House of Commons, which provides f^i the po,j-  meiit of fail wages ap puhhe woiks or  xti  to  to  to  to  to  to  ���^^-^���^���^_^_^'^_i'^'^^^..  Telephone 10.   to  to  KIRKPATRICK  &  WILSON. $  xti  to  We have removed our  for the next few months  shop, next to the Nelson  place of business  to the old Burns  Hotel, where we  xti  iti  to  to   hope to see all our old customers and many   to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  new ones.   Give us a call.  KIRKPATRICK & WILSON  Telephone 10  185 Baker Street  ���v^iSi^ijfc^^itiafe^^^a^^ft      ___:<___���  i^u9'_^'t-0;i9-i9'00'ist.^i'fSi.lBi^_9 fl^Sp:  xti  to  to  to  to  :g#$*   ^&m  mi  j��HI^  w  Some Plain Facts  About Clothing  $  GEIERAL IEBCHAN  LARDO, B. C.  H.n ing built a now stoic and received a now  slock of goods, I am ift a position tp Qi]tft[ a}l  pi as.po(,tpr^ going into Uip I^rdo Duncan ��.Q|intry  as aheap ns an) mo chant in jivapio or Nolsoq.  HI ly Haley is alwn) sat Iwirdo wi(h animals, and  inroad) to undertake any frolghUne that may bo  piferwHiim,  Give men trial. .,.��.-  works  , ���..��� ...,, .,      AH contractors  rtojptr woyK for pithtir ihg province or for mumci-  pi\ljtltis sh(iu|d bo lequircd'to par labor tho into  of wagebiiililigin tho tnimlciiiality oi'lietghbots  hood in which the woik is to Uo done, tho number of lifniri lo (-onai.itute a da> on nil suoh woi-k  to lip fi^od In sUttiie,  8. ComU havo boon ostabllshod In which In-  dividnnlis and ooiiioititlon�� are cotnprlied to  settle rtlsputOd, Uowovor triiial. disputes that  seldom have any boiU'ing on tho general pi 01 parity of the community in which tlic disputants reside! and oom'ts should bo established for the  oompu'sory settlement of disputes between iho  l-opiesentathes of capital and laboy, disputes  that too often aie far reaching in thotl damaging  cllects on the general pros|)pi'{ty 0$ whole communities and distn'Cts,  0. HJmii,gfiiy tho precious laclalsls tho one hi-  dustyy WMoh is bonpfltmg, duceCly or indiveoU)-,  evory community in the pio^iiitse, ftnd legislation  aftepting the irtdvstrj, intlloXvtvy of taxation,  should be based or tfo tr^tniept and manufae-  ture witldnthji pip>,nooof the product of tie  m}n(M, n(if fior tfiarv on tho. output of tho minos as  at present.  10.  The establishment of r bureau, with head-  #  B  B  We are now showing the finest stock of Spring  and Summer Suits in Nelson. There are several  points of merit1 in our Suits. They are all of the  latest cut and are lined all through with the best  linings. They are tailored better than Suits offered elsewhere at much higher prices. Ilia fabrics  are the best in the market. We lead all others  for values in  Gents' Furnishings  Hats and Gaps  Boots and Shoes  W  W  B  B  B  We know that our values cannot be equalled hy  any other house in Nelson. We are so sure of  this that we will give money back if it cannot be  proven.  B  hP  B  quarjers 111 British Co jamb ja and not in Great  yr|t(np, lp systematically advertise all the  |i(tt|ir4l lesourccs and ��cenic attractions of the  province. ��� '  11. Organlzod municipalities should bo given  the control Qf thpir public Bohoolst leaving to the  province tliopaip of public sohools in unoigan-  ixcd districts and Iho maintenance of normal and  technical schools,  12. Trunk voads and trails should be built and  HMiiitAlnod at public ccponws, and the cost of  roads and tiails to isolated mines and communities should be boi ne 111 part by I he ppo visice.  13. Gencial hospitals should be under government control, and tho government thould holp  maintain phjsicians m sparsely Bottled sections  of the nro\incc,  J4. The gOYOinnvwt in power should make  nfftplft) announcement, foi ��, misoiwblo time before Mie lugi��Wi> o assembly meets, of all pio-  posed legislftt'on. Wore ilus done thoio would  bo fewer haniily passed laws, laws whioh are too  often against the public inteicst.  All of which is rchpoctfull) submitted for jour  consideration.  JOHN HOUSTON  get nun  WIRED FOR  NO MATCHES REQUIRED, ALWAYS READY  Kooterjay Electric Snpply &  Gorjstruciion Go.  JOSEPHINE STREET NELSON  JUST ARRIVED  m"^0TTl! i   ����*S,illSj Xnrtiiding bulk and case Seagram, 2,  J* Tl ~UJ JU-f 8w�� ^/ JL ^ and 7 ) ear old, tJases-Club rj c, flas  CARLOAD  CANADIAN WHISKIES  M  R. P. RiTHET & CO., Ltd.      a. b.  . 1.  ._.   . . . ._          . _, Jasks  rje, Gooderham & Worts (ordinal') and  white -wiieat whisky.  GEAY, Baker St., Kootenay Itejirescntutivo  V*G_��  ���:**:'


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