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 DAILY EDITION   BY MAIL'  FIVE  DOLLARS A YEAR  WEEKLY EDITION BY MAIL  TWOIDOLLARS A YEAR  EIGHTH YEAR.  NELSON:  THURSDAY MORNING  MAY 24 J900.  PRICE FIYE CENTS  MAFEKING JS_ EXULTANT  o   last Great Fiflht.  Makekino, May 23.���-Tho whole  town is animated with a keen  sense.of exultation over yesterday's  * victory wliich was completely decisive and far reaching. Tho ' military position shortly'after sunrise  was extraordinary. All the outlying works of the town were intact, the British had lost hardly  any men and yet three bodies of  federals, right inside the British  lines, had been surrounded, cut off  find given an opportunity to surrender, which they had declined.  Commandant Sard Eloff did not  ..'- realize that his supports had been  driven back and ho dispatched a  messenger that the town was at  his mercy. Toward noon there was  a lull in tho fighting. Everybody  at headquarters went to breakfast,  and the commissary was. requisitioned for horse sausage, bread aud  water for the men in the fighting  line. There was no thought of  half, rations, everyone got all they  could eat.  The British in the Staat, moving  from rock to rock, gradually drew  in their circle round the federals,1  whom they corralled like cattle. in  tt pound.,.' Shortly after 4:30 p. m. a  white flag was hoisted by the  enemy and then, amid ringing  cheers, the batch of Boers was dis:  ������'armed and sent to town. Tho erstwhile besiegers furnished an inspiring spectacle to the townsfolk,  .. .-.themselves so long cooped up. As  \ , the hungry, dirty, battle-stained  Boers, marched between the gleaming bayonet^ of the British, the  Btiti&h population received them  i espectfully, but tho Kaffirs gave  full rein to their enthusiasm iu  hoots, yells and similar expressions  of delight. The prisoners seemed  glad that the light was over.  As the afternoon advanced the  crackle of musketry began again,  continuing until nearly 7 p. m.,  ~\vto��u captain Singleton shouted:  "CeabO fire." A message had come  lojheftdquarfccrs to the effect that  Eloff, iiis officers and men, had sur->  i endured and had laid down their  arms unconditionally to colonel  ifore, who, with a handful of mon,  had been a piisoner of Eloff during  most of tho day. Shortly boforo  this a iu&ilade was heard. Ifc was  Kloif aud tho men who stood by  him, firing on their own deserters,  eighty of whom fled.  As tho news spread by telephone  to the garrisons of tho forts cheer  upon cheer le&ounded. Sn the  town some ono started "God Save  tho Queen," and the strains of the  national anthem mingled for a few  minutes with fche hoarse shouting  ot fche natives. Soon captain Singleton and colonel Hore approached,  accompanied by commandant Eloff  and hib officers. The meeting between colonel Baden-Powell and  tho Boer commander was not dra-  ���matic. ���         - -  ���  '���This is commandant Eloff. sir,"  siid captain Singleton.  "Good   evening,    commandant,"  said colouel Baden-Powell,  " won't  you come and havo some dinner ?"  As the British had already captured 120 prisoners, about all thoy  could handle, colonel Baden-Powell  sent  word   to lord  Charles   Bentinek to open the way nnd allow the  scattered remnants of the federals  Lo be driven from  the staafc.    In  half an hour everything was over,  and in tho mess room  at headquarters tho three Boer' officers  were  dining.   Nearly every mess in town  , raked up a hidden bottle of champagne in one place, a flask of wliis-  \ key in another*.   The  town joined  tho jubilation  singing "God Save  ,the   Queen," - and   other   patriotic-  songs all night long.  The rank and  file of the Boer  - prisoners were  lodged at Masonic  hall...  Most of them aro Johaunes-  * burgers.   Thoy seemed in excellent  spirits, scrambled for the blankets,  wrote letters fco their friends anil  grumbled afc general Snyman.  ble ear-splitting din was not lessened by numerous explosions of dynamite and C. P. R. locomotive  whistles. Tho citizens of Phoenix  sent ten barrels of Phoenix beer to  the workmen immediately after the  completion. This marks a new era  here and its effect has already been  felt, about fourteen lots having been  sold in the three townsites' in the  last two weeks.  NEARER TO THE TRANSVAAL  RHENOSTER RIVER GROSSED  Only Success to Report.  .London, May 23.���The war office  this evening published the following from lord Roberts:  "South Bank of the Rhenoster  River, May 23rd, 1:30 p. ra.-We  found on arrival here this morning  that that the enemy had fled during the night. They had occupied  a strong position on the north bank  of the river, which had been carefully entrenched, but they did nofc  think it advisable to defend it  when they, hearn that. Ian Hamilton's force was at Heilbron and  that our cavalry, which had crossed  the Rhenoster some miles down the  stream, were threatening tlieir  right and rear.0 The bridge over  the Rhenoster river arid culverts  and some miles of railroad were destroyed.; -:   .      ������ '   - ���'-"-'.'���;-"���":  -" Ian Hamilton's force drovie the  Boers under Dewet. before them  from Lindley. .to Heilbron. The passage of the Rhenoster was stoutly  disputed and our loss might have  been heavy, but for a well concerted plan which brought Smith-Dor-  rien's brigade on the enemy's flanks  just at the right moment.  " The officer in command at Boshof reports that upwards _ of 350  Free Staters have surrendered during the last few days, and that they  have given up 300 rifles, one hundred horses aud a large amount of  ammunition.  "Kelly-Kennyreports that three  companies of ^Yeomanry who were  sent to fche head of the line to clear  the country between Bloemfontein  and Boshof, have returned to  Bloemfontein, having performed  the duty exceedingly well."  OITY   LOCAL  NEWS.  Last Spike Driven.  Phoenix, May 23. ��� Amid the  shrieking of steam whistles and the  cheers of assembled miners and other citizens of Phoenix, and wifch the  ore bunkers gaily decorated with  /lags, the lasfc piece of steel was laid  fco the Old Ironsides ore bins afc  noon today. Immediately after fche  last; spike was driven fche deep bas-  ko profundo whistle of the Ironsides shaft; house heralded the welcome news, qiiickly followed by tJie  Knob Hill, and in turn taken up by  ihe War Eagle, Gold Drop, Golden  Crown ami other jnines.  Hank Noll, the X'orto Reco hotel-  kei per, is loading shot tiy foi Cape Nonio, .mil is  dupoMiiff of Iii-. business lntciostbin this tlibtnct.  D. R. Ker and wife of Victoria  ,iio (unong ihe guests at the Hotel Hume. Mr  Ki>r is fjencnil minagor of the Blackmail &. Kor  Milling Co., Limited, and is visiting the flim'h  NcNon btanch afloi a tour among their mills m  KdmonLon and elaw here  The gun club shoot thisaffcernoon  open > nt 1 o'clock, und will bopiactitally tho only  loe.il athnchon Tho mnjoritvof the members  ttillicmdtn at home and tho shooting will be  closclj cunte-led. A nuinbci of sweepstakes aie  on the pi oki am  The next session of the cifcy police torn I \\ ill be held in new qiim less, tho olHro  ha\ing doom moicd fiom the Odd Fellows block  to the old I'huir hotel samplo ioom1, utljoimntr V.  ) nradl'-yi'k. Co's btoie on Josephino stieet. The  new piuiuscs me J.ugei nnd otherwise belter  suited to police coutt pui poses.  Charles Plowman left last night  for Kiv-lo v liu li he w ill make hit, headquarters  An some lime  Di. Ewing has .struck a rich vein  ~bf molybdenum On u claim of his on Fortj Nine  cieek With a little moie woik he expects to  h.ncn \uluulile propcrt).  .7. A. Grudge, chief clerk afc fche C.  I'. 1{ freight ofllce has been appointed to the position of agont at Sandon, and leuvcs this morn-  int? to n.s-iume his new post. Mr. Crudeo came  to Xolrton somo iiioiilIih ago and has mado many  friends hero who will bo pleiiaod to learn of ills  doHorvert promotion.  Wanted���by  young   clergyman,  furiiNied 'room, with or without board, in private family. Apply stating tonus to Wm. 51.,  Trllmna ollice.  Queen's Birthday in Kaslo,  Kaslo, May 23, [Special to The  Tribune]-���The eve of the queen's  birthday ilnds Kaslo gaily decorated and beginning to be alive with  visitor?', wlio tomorrow will give  outward and visible expression to  tho intouso loyal by fchafc animates  thorn,' especially in this time of war.  W.-.7. Davenport, secretary of the  celebration ��� committee, states' that  the big program has been finally  arranged, and that there were numerous entries for the $1500 in  prize money, medals and challenge  cups. Most of the competitors are  either local or,entered from Nelson  and Sandon, but Trail is sending a  football team and Banners Ferry  will have lier baseball boys here fco  represent the United States. Given  fine weather the celebration of the  queen's birthday will be a record  breaker.  Aati-Ganteen Bill.  Washington, May 23.���The anti-  canteen bill, which has attracted  widespread attention and agaiust  which the military authorities recently reported, was ordered favorably reported by the house committee on military affairs today  with an amendment which will exclude liquor from fche capitol and  TJhe terri-1 other public buildings.  Happenings in Pretoria,  London, May 24.-4:30 a. m.-r  Lord Roberts is drawing near to the  frontier of the Transvaal, his infantry masses are 33 miles north of  Kroonstadt at the Rhenoster; river.  Some thousands of cavalry are  already across the river. The  Boers are retiring towards the Vaal  wifch their heavy baggage. They  are reported from Pretoria as  already across that river. Twelve  thousand men and fourteen guns  compose the retreating array.  Trains continue to run from  Vereeniging at the Vaal to Pretoria.  Foreign engineers . are of the  opinion that Pretoria is able to  stand a year's siege. According to  advices from Lorenzo Marquez, the  Pretoria fortifications are described?  as complete, but Johannesburg0has  not yet been placed entirely in a  state of defence. The Transvaal  government papers and the war  chest have been removed to Lyden-  burg.  Foreigners continue to leave the  republic. The Dutch cruiser Fries-  land is afc Delagoa Bay, so it is reported, to f urnishan asylum to the  fleeing Hollanders and a passage to  Europe.        .        ���-/.'..','.���' ;������,':.-.::;���:' -.''-'  ���The   Boer    forces    pontiriue   to  dwindle. ,". Some of the correspondents say that only 35,000 of the  hardiest   fighters yet  remain,   al- j  though there are . detached parties j  in various parts of the Transvaal.   ,  ���One of the curious pieces of gossip sent froni Lorenzo Marquez is  that several women tried to sjambok president Kruger, who was rescued by .his bodyguard.   He rarely  leaves" the    presidency  now,   but  works incessantly holding councils  at daybreak and during the night.  It was announced at Pretoria on  Saturday that the government proposed   removing the British prisoners from Pretoria.  Mafeking dispatches continue to  pour into London relating the  events' immediately preceding the  relief of the besieged troops. The  correspondents agree that the Canadian artillery, Major Endon's  .seven guns, did splendid work.  Some of them assert that the Canadians did "absolutely essential  work iu the fighting."  About seven in the evening of the  day befor the relief, colonel Mahon  and colonel Plumer had defeated  fche Boor? nine miles from Mafeking,  and major Davies and nine scouts  entered the town* The Boers were  then retreating. At four in fche  morning, 1000 men, including the  Canadians, arrived. With tbem  were twenty wagon*loads of food,  which were received wifch wild  demonstrations. The armored train  and a detaehmenfc then pushed  forward to Gametree fort, the scene  of the unsuccessful sortie in  December. The Boers had evacuated ifc on the east. They were  pursued, and the correspondent  telegraphing these facts on -Thursday afternoon, closed thus:  "We caught up with the retreating Boers and have them now  surrounded."  Lady Sarah Wilson has managed  to get through a message from  Mafeking dated Thursday, announcing the entry of the relief column.  Sho says:  "The fighting before fche relief  was very hard. A severe struggle  proceeded yesterday (May 10) from  2 p.vin. until dusk. Tho Boors were  forced.slowly to retreat, contesting  every .inch. ��� Afc sunset; they still  held tho lasfc position. Colonel-Ma-  lion entered the town in the brilliant moonlight. The Boers were  as tired out as wo were, and tliey  never guessed that an attempt  would be made to force an entry  before morning, therefore their surprise was complete. They deserted  their laagers,. leaving a lot of food  which was divided up among the  people of Mafeking." ���  A Daily Telegraph correspondent  describing the march of the relief  J small quantities,of rice and coffee  irregularly. The proposed Amazon  corps, according to Air. Milne, mot  with little support.  column says: "On the morning  before the little force started from  Kimberley, general Hunter wrote  to colonel Mahan 'this is the most  dashing exploit of the war. Every  man in the column has been specially selected. I wish you God  speed.'  ���'The action opened at 1 p. m.  Wednesday with Maxim fire, and  this soon told upon the enemy who  surrounded us, but who had not  hindered fche forward march. The  value of Boer methods of warfare  when used in a flat country may be  estimated by this action. LifcfcJe  cover was afforded fche enemy, wifch  the result thafc they fled as soon as  our guns were turned upon them.  ' Fischer's Excellent Advice.  Cape Town; May 23,-���Ifc is reported here that' president Kruger  has received a communication from  Mr. Fischer, one, of the Boer dele-'  gates now in tho United States,  advising him to surrender on the  on the best terms obtainable from  lord Roberts. It is also understood  that when lord Roberts crosses the  Vaal river lie will issue a proclamation announcing thafc if the  burghers return to their farms their  property and stock will be  respected.  Mafeking Wild With Joy.  London, Muy 23.���8:14 p. m.���A  dispatch from Mafeking dated May  17, tho first message, except colonel  Baden-Powell's dispatch, forwarded  since the relief of the town, tersely  says the place was wild wifch joy,  thafc many people cried ns they  greeted their deliverers and thafc  the scene as tho troops traversed  the streets baffled description.  The fight raged most fiercely on  the left, but our guns soon silenced  the enemy, who were soon flying  in     all     directions.       Those     on  the     left    flank,     finding     that  their   comrades"i iu    front     had  abandoned their, position, ran bolter skelter.   Then.ensued the finest  Boer hunting witnessed during the  war.   The dismounted British plied  the enemy with rifle fire, while the  pom-poms hustled them until not a  single Boer.> was left in front of us.  The Canadians kept busy on  the  right, .replying 'with their   seven-  pounders tOithe etiemy'sjbiggest gun  until darkness"fell upon the scene."  The ensnaring of "the squadron of  Bethuen's Horsel-appears to  have  been quite as bad-as was afcfirstreported!, . General; Bethuen, thinking  that there, were !no Boers at Vry-  heid, deterininedifto go that way  toward Newcastlii, as a short, cut.  The advance squadron whs. hurrying to make Vryheid before dark,  and it lef t; the main body behind  iand trotted into the ambush.   The  Boers had Maxinis", and the British,  seeing that they had no chance to  retire, dashed forward to a point  ; within twenty yards of the Boer  rifles.   Five   officers  and   03   men  were killed or wounded.   Bethuen  ordered his front squadron to retire.  The damage to Laing's Nek tunnel  is capable  of prompt Yepair.   The  strength of the Boers afc that poinfc  is nOfc known. ��� Probably they have  from 5,000 to G,00Q> -  Dr. Leyds, according to a Brussels  correspondent of the Daily Express,  has quarrelled ;with the Transvaal  government.. ��� A representative . of  president Kruger is alleged to have  demanded -an', account ^respecting  ��500,000 that has'passed through  Dr. Leyds' hands. Dr. Leyds is  said to have replied that the money  had all been expended, and to have  expressed indignation when asked  for an itemized statement. President Kruger's emissary is described  as showing Dr. Leyds certain antiwar letters in which Germany and  France said they would intervene,  and Dr. Leyds, according to this>  account, grabbed the documents  and threw them' in fco -the fire,vt having a bodily struggle wifch the  emissary. These alleged incidents  are cited to to�� explain fche recent  reticence of Dr. Leyds.  -  James Milne, fche Renter correspondent who was captured on  April 7th near Wepener and whs  taken to Pretoria, wheie he was  eventually released, in a despatch  from Lor enzo Marque/, dated May  22, pays a tribute to the kind treatment he received from fche Boers.  "The journey toward* Pretoria  was difficult travelling. The food  was tough and uncertain, as neai ly  all the transports had been done  away with, the federals attributing  general Cronje's disaster fco his  heavy transport. There were .many  isolated commands, forming motley  crowds among whom the somberly  clad preachers circulated exhorting  them with scriptural texts breath-  fire and slaughter,"  ��� After Mr.-Milne had been in Pretoria six weeks he was escorted to  Coomatipooit, where he was released, having been inforirfed that  if Pretoria weie attacked the government intended to take the British officers with them to Lyden-  burg, leaving the sick behind. The  fate of the other prisoners had nofc  been decided upon. Mr. Milne says  that while the sick were well supplied wifch luxuries by British residents, tha ordinary pris*oncrs were  on scanty .rations, consisting of a  pound of bread and three-quarters  of a pound of. meat per day   and  BADEN-POWELL'S ACCOUNT  Boers Driven Off.  London, May 23���11:50 a, in.���  The war office issues a dispatch  from lord Roberts, under date of  Honings Spruit, May 22nd, announcing tho receipt by him of the following message from major-general  Baden-Powell:  "Mafeking, May 17.���I am happy  to inform y/ni that Mafeking was  successfully relieved today.  "The northern and southern columns joined hands, on 'May 15th  and attacked the enemy yesterday,:  and after a small engagement entirely defeated them with loss. The  British casualties were three killed  and 22 wounded.  "The relieving force marched into  Mafeking at nine this morning and"  the relief and - defense forces combined moved but and attacked the  enemy's hiead laager. We shelled  them out aiid nearly captured Snyman and took one gun, a, flag and a  large amount of ammunition,  stores, etc. Five dead and 15  wounded Boers were found. The  enemy appears to be retreating in  all directions, except one commando, which is lying low, possibly  to cover the retreat of the remainder.  " Captain MacLaren and corporal  Murray were found in the Boer hospital. They are' doing well. The  town people and the garrison of  Mafeking are heartily grateful for  their relief."  Lord Roberts' dispatch further  says :  " Ian Hamilton reached . Heilbron  this morning after a series of engagements with a Boer force under  Dewet, who is retiring before him.  Bioadwood has captured fifteen  Boer wagons. There have been  s-eventy-five casualties in Hamilton's forces "to yesteiday evening.  Wc marched here this morning."  on Hidden creek, miles from Nelson  by C. O. Robson; Atlantic on Tennessee mountain, near Ymir, by  Chris Creamer; the Pacific, same  location, by A. E^Raud; Viking  junior fractional "oh'west-slope of  Gold Hill on Eagle creek, by Fred  Burnett; Alhambra fraction, same  location by L. L. Merrifield. Willy  Blair of Ymir, transferred the Blair  fractional mineral claim to John  Philbert and Oliver Blair. The  claim is located on the north fork  of Wild Horse creek.  Children's Sports Today.  * Although there will be no official  celebration in Nelson today, the  occasion will nofc pass unob&erved.  TJie queen's birthday, by >tacit consent is celebrated by Nels6uites in  ofcher towns of Kootenay, but there  aie sports for the youngsters who  cannot get away. A program for  the youngsters has been prepared  ami puises subscribed for, and  those who stay afc home will see  just as much genuine sporfcas those  who go away, though the times  may not be so good. E. Brisbois is  manager of fche sports, and inayoi  Houston will officiate as referee.  The sports will take place ou Silica  street;, and the program is as follows : Girl's lace under 12, prize  $2; 100 yards boys' race under 15,  prize $2; 250 yaids bicycle race,  boys under lo, prize $1 ; running  high jump, prize $J ; running  broad jump, prize $1; pofcafcoe race,  100 yardfe, prize $1; sack race, 50  yards, pri/e $1 ;-bhiee-fegged race,-  50 yards, prize $2; Egg race, 50  yards, prize 50 cents, A similar  program was held lasfc year, and  those who stayed at home .seemed  to have had just as much'fun as  those who went to outside celebrations.  Declared a Second Dividend.  The London und British Columbia  Goldfields have declared a second  dividend of 15 per cent.- The company's interest in Canada'at present'  comprise large holdings in, the  Ymir, Whitewater and Ruth mines,  and in tlio Yukon Goldfields, limited;  fche Alma group, Norfolk and "Now  York claims Owned outright; the  Cymric and Mountain Belle groups,  under option, and,' the Cascade  water power and light franohisti.  During the past ten months'the'  company made a profit of ��27,250,  of which over ��20,000 - was earned  in the Ymir mine. ,Amongst the_  assets of the company their interests  in the Ymir and Enterprise are perhaps fche most valuable. Jn the  latter mine ifc is estimated that  there is now ore in sight worth  $'145,000,   Assessments and Locations.  At the mining recorder's office  yesterday certificates of work were  issued as follows: Alex. Constantino on AVhite Rose, Keystone aud  Rossland claims: Oliver Blair on  Blair fractional; Ned Roy on Joint;,  Double and Joint; H. Mansfield on  Rover; Sitt'roie Lef'ebore on Grand  Junction. Locations were recorded  as follows: Agnes on Grohman  creek by (A AV. AVhitmore, Ella on  same crook by Thomas Rendall;  Agnes Xo. 2, same location by L, 11.  Carlson; Blue Jay, 2\ miles south of  Kric, by John McEvoy; Myrtle It.  WILL STUMP THE COUNTRY  Plans of Boer Delegates.       .���  .   AVashington, D. C��� May 23.���Mr.  Fischer, one of the Boer  envoys,  spoke freely with a'representative  of the Associated Press today as to  their general plans for the future.  He said that their purpose was.to  visit ten or tw;elve of the principal  cifcies of the United States and explain to the people whatever fchey  might wish to know of. the Boer  cause.   They were, he said, particularly   anxious   to   avoid even the  semblance of taking any part in  American politics.   They came to  plead   with   the  whole   American  people for "sympathy and ��� support.  The cities-which, they would visit  have   not   yet    been    determined  upon, and, in making their selections, they will be guided by friends  of the Boer cause in AVashington  and different parts of the country.  It is probable, however, that they  will reach San Francisco,  stopping  en route at Chicago and Cincinnati.  They hope to have completed their  tour in two months  and be  ready  then  to leave for Europe,    They  have   planned    to    do   important  work.  Mr. Fischer said thej'- did not  contemplate making' any set addresses iri the cities fco be visited,  but would give the people plain  talks, the subjects of wliieh would  depend entiiely on what particular  phase of the question at issue' the  people desired to be informed upon.  He wanted it distinctly understood  that he and his friends particularly  wished to avoid any parfcy demonstrations that miglit be construed  to mean that their sympathies wifch  one political party in tho United  States were stionger than with another. The time for their departure from AVashington has not yet  been fixed.  Famine Prices in Pretoria.  AVashington, May 23.��� Latest  reports to the .state department  from Pretoria show that prices are  soaring in that capital. Cab hire  ranges from $2,50 per hour upwards, andean scsweel3r be had at  any figure. Economy is universally observed from fche highest; officials down. The foreign representatives at the capital find that their  salaries-are-totaliy insufficient to  meet the ordinary expenses of  living, A feverish activity prevails. The United States consulate  is overtaxed. Seven thousand letters were received in one week to  be forwarded." Many small gums of  money 3iad to bo disbursed among  the British prisoners of war, and  altogether, fche United .States con-  ��ul with his single assistant is fully  employed. '  In a Hurry to Oet Away. "  London, May 24.���-The Daily  Telegraph has tho following from  Newcastle^ dated .Monday, May 21:  "When the Boers passed Newcastle their wagons raced over the  veldt fifteen abreast in their hurry  to get, away. A Boer remarked:  'If we shoot one British soldier, one  hundred pop up to take his place.'  Several, rebels were starting to-  trek when the British patrol arrested them. They had plenty of  money."'       ,   ,   .   Bough Eider Killed.  Nkw York, May 23.���Another  accident occurred this morning afc  Morris Park, which resulted in the  death of a man and a horse. Otto  Maiden was schooling Ting Bon  over fche jumps when he bolted,  crashed through fche fence at tho  head of fche stretch and fell heavily.  The man was so badly hurt fchafc he  died shortly afterwards and the  horse had to be shot.  Reported Mining Explosion.  AsnEvir.r.K, North Carolina, May  22.���lb is reported here afc midnight  that an explosion occurred in fche  Ournmock mines near Charlotte -tonight. The news comes that between 50 and 00 miners were killed,  but this is nofc contlrta��d.  POLITICIANS AT  CRESTON  Spellbinders on the Stump.  Ckeston,   May   22.���[Special to  The Tribune.]���Candidate Fletcher,  spellbinder Macdonald and advance  agent Burt arrived here yesterday  and held a meeting at the town  hall, with Fred Little iu the chair.  The   weather   was   bad,   aud  the  crowd   was small  although fairly  representative.     Mr. Fletcher got  his cut and dried speech off pretty  well, and was apparently sincere,  but he did not go into local politics  quite as much as he should have"  done,   consequently    his   remarks  called   forth   nothing enthusiastic  in the way of a demonstration, except from advance agent Burt.   A.  McLean followed on behalf of candidate Houston, and in a few remarks   scored    Fletcher . and   his  party, and it was evident from the  way in which his speech was received that the Houston men were  cutting quite a swath in ^ this locality.    His reference to local requirements elicited applause, more  especially when he dealt with the  shady transaction in which, all of .  the available laud in the Kootenay  valley-  was   gobbled   up by companies.  ' AV.   A.   Macdonald   then  spoke, and in his usual. fluent way '  gave his reasons for supporting Mr.  Fletcher.   He was frequently interrupted in a good-natured  way, but  kept on with his  theme nevertheless until he hod "said his say."  At  the close of his speech he was accorded hearty applause.  1     Following Mr. AV. A. Macdonald,  AVilliam J. Dow addressed the meeting and kept the house in a roar from  the beginning.     He dealt mainly  with   monopolies,  the alien   labor  and eight-hour laws, and laid par-",  ticular stress upon the plan of operation whereby the Kootenay recla-"  matron company obtained an extension of eleven years on their option.    The audience was decidedly  of opinion that no attempt would  be made to dyke or reclaim this  land.   What has already been at^  tempted iu this direction has proved  a miserable fiasco���the money lias  been spent, the company have got  their crown grant; bufc the laud remains today^ in worse shape  than  when they commenced  operations.  Nothing has been accomplished.  Mr. Fletcher pi oposed a vote of  thanks to fche chairman, after which  the meeting dispersed in a very orderly manner.  Took a Working Bond,  Mr. A, E. Vernon, representing at  syndicate of English and eastern  capitalists, accompanied by Neil  Cochrane, superintendent aud engineer of the Oro Denoio mine, last  week examined the Big Four group"  of claims on Porcupine creek, and  as a result *Mr. Vernon has token a  working bond on the property on  behalf of his  syndicate,  says fchea -  Ymir-Miner,    The Big Four group^   lies on the summit of "the-noiifch  range of Porcupine creek. Ifc is  traversed by an immense bed of ,  calcite, in many places over 100 feet  wide, and interspersed withdesposits  of rich galena ore. A large amount of  surface work has been done on fche ..  group, by means of open cuts and  shafts, and in each instance a fine  showing of ore lias been obtained,  gomo of ifc running as high as $33.'  On the Hercules claim a shaft has  been sunk on a vein of arsenical  iron pyrites, rcvqaliilg about 18  inches of solid ore, A force of meu  have already been sent up and are  now employed Jn erecting cabins  and-other camp buildings. As soon  as the camp has been got into shape -  ���it is proposed to commence development- by means of a itunncl to be  driven in on the contact between  fche calcite and country rock, where  it is expected the richer deposits  will be found.  Saved the Deeds.   ,  An interesting little story is told  in connection with tho .Sandonfire.  Hendryx, of the Last Chance mine,.  had placed the crown grants to the  property iu the Bank of British  Columbia's safe for safekeeping,  but the safe was not fire proof.  The documents wore in a tin deed  box and when this was taken from  tho ruins the papers were charred  to a crisp. The writing was legible,  however, and Mr, Hendryx posted  off to Aricfcorift wifch the outfit. Afc  tho land office the cover was removed and copies made of tho deeds  as they lay. AVhen fche documents  were taken out one by one they  immediately loll to pieces, bufc the  copies having already been made  fche Last Chance company was  saved vexatious delay and possible  complications. THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON B. C THURSDAY,  MAY 24  1900  eu/  Kerr & Co.  STORE CLOSED TODAY  24th MAY  To celebrate the birth of Her Most Gracious Majesty  Long may She Reign  KERR  <&  CO.  S rANl>ARD PATTERNS  ICKI'T IN STOCK.  Madden Block, Baker Street  The Very Best Suits  There is no store where good  clothing  can   be  bought  to   better  advantage than here  For Men, Boys, and Children  A'most beautiful collection in plain and fancy worsteds, in  neat checks, stripes, clays and serges made in single and double  breasted  sack style.  A big assortment of hats, shoes, ties, shirts, underwear,  hosiery, etc.   Prices ,the  lowest.  BROWN   &    CO.   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They arc not prepared to admit that labor's   repre-  seittatives   should   have   either   a  voice or a vote in determining  the  laws  under  which  they shall live.  This explains why the  Miner  applauds the attempt to disfranchise  ���ISO electors without a hearing, and  also explains the gross insult which  it   tendered   to  Ralph Smith, the  labor  leader,  in  yesterday's issue,  lt is "safe to  say  that  there is no  man  in  British   Columbia  who  is  held in higher esteem by the wage  earners of the province than Ralph  Smith.   Yet the editor of the Miner  has the  presumption  to  say that  Ralph Smith's endeavor to organize  an independent labor party  in  the  next   legislature  would   result   in  placing the legislature of  the  province under the control of Edward  Boyce of Montana.     The  insinuation of the Miner was communicated  to Ralph Smith at Revelstoke yesterday, and his reply is appended :  Kevei.stoke, May 23rd.  To the  Emtou  01.'  the  Thibune:���In  iny  opinion there is more danger of American interference in British Columbia politics if Martin is  returned than if there wero thirty labor men in  the house.   I admire .Mr. Houston's straightforward stand against Martin, which is the only  guarantee of our position and cause.  RALPH SMITH.  Pertinent Questions Answered.  A subscriber of The Trihunb at  Kitchener asks the following questions, and as they are of more or  less interest to '1S9 residents of the  riding, they are answered as fully  as possible:  1. Can you tell me the names of  residents of Kitchener taken off the  voters' list? Answer.���No names  were taken off the list. Objection  wa.s made to placing the following  residents of Kitchener on the list,  namely, John D. Eldridge, Kenneth  Morrison, Robert Dixon, Archie  Matthews, John A. Currie, and  Andrew Oman. The question of  whether they shall go on the list  will be ' decided by the supreme  court at Vancouver ou May 28th.  Good lawyers at both' Nelson and  Rossland are of opinion that/ the  court .will order the names placed  on the list.  ������ 2. Why were the Kitchener  men objected to? Answer.���Because they were supposed to bo  supporters of John Houston, the  Provincial Party, nominee for  member of the legislative assembly.  3. Who caused the objections to  be made to the - Kitchener men ?  Answer.���The men who are supporting Frank Fletcher, the" nominee of the Conservative association  at Nelson for member of the legislative assembly, appeared in court  on "behalf of the objectors, and it is  only reasonable to suppose that  they were concerned, in the conspiracy. Xo member ' of the  association lias' publicly declared  that the action.wns an outrage.  4. Who is making the fight in  the supreme court on behalf of the  men objected to? Answer.���The  supporters of the Provincial Party  candidate, have -employed-S S.Taylor, Q. C, to appear on their  behalf and have given a bond for  costs. The costs of fighting  ease will amount to $1000.  * 0g0 * figjtf ��� 0/0 * ^0* 0L0 * 00* ^_\0 * ^0* ^0 * 00* ^_\0 * 0& * _^_0 * _^_0* _^_0 * _&0  Xli  Xit  36   Baker   Street  Xit  Xit  Xit  Xii  Xli  Xii  Xit  Xli  Xii  Xit  Xit  Xli  xli  xli  '^__-  Annual Spring Sale House Furnishings, Carpets, Oilcloths,  linoleums, Window Shades, Lace Curtains, Portieres, Poles  Now is the time for Spring House Cleaning and replenishing new for old.  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London, May 23. ��� Enquiries  made by the representatives of the  Associated Press today confirm the  exclusive announcement of the As-.  soeiated Press yesterday that no  peace proposals or communication  of any kind from president Kruger  have been received as reported in  the press dispatches hei e.  League Games.  Toron to 9, Worcester S. "  Montreal 7, Hartford 0.    .  Buffalo 5. Kansas City 11.  Providence 2, Rochester IJ.  Ghicago 5, Philadelphia 10.  Syracuse 7, Springfield 1.  .   Detroit 7, Milwaukee 7.  Pittsburg 8, Brooklyn 5.  Public Holidays  Government agent .lohn A. Turner lias been notified by wire'that  Thursday and Fiiday are both  declared to be public holidays, and  that the provincial government  offices at Nelson are io remain closed  both days.  Palace IV|eat Wjar^et  Headquarters  for all kinds of  Fresh and Cured Meats.  Saw &  A featuro will bo mado of tho poultry and  game trade. They will always bu on hand during their season.  J. L.  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C,  care E. Mallend'aine.  [If the above named Gordon  Cameron has not been notified of  his dismissal from the position of  health inspector, then the jiostal  facilities between Nelson and  Uykerts are at fault; but as he has  been dismissed, and for cause, The  TrihuxI'; is nofc disposed to devote  further ftpace to discussing his dismissal.���Editor Tribune.I  Mines  Real Estate  Insurance  Loans   Notary Pftblie and Conveyancer.  Rents Collected on Commission.  S200 c.isli foi lot On CurbonfU c hi root,  SU7WI w ill buj I lots nnd residence Hume addition  SKXXHcixy lornH will buy flho corner on linker  stieet, Rood hotel bite.  $!(K)0 (easy terms) will buy flue corner on Vernon  sheet, good hotel site.  ?1 AH) (easy terms) will Imy lot on Dakar street  none Khcrlirouk it'nisc,  .?(V) (hnlf cash) will buy a lol*. in IJOKUstown.  ^iiO lo ?L?75 apiece for choice lots on C'.trboimtc  Mi uct,  $.'.": per month will iciil 8-i-oom<:d house, Immediate po-Mixsion.  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The   compulsory  labor  disputes  in  arbitration  of  effect   in   New  Zealand has been  investigated  by  Marry D. Lloyd, who is well known  to the public through his  exposure  of the  Standard  Oil  company   in  "Wealth Against Commonwealth."  I ti   an interview published in  the  Sew  York  Herald  Mr.  Lloyd  describes New Zealand  as  ft  country  without strikes, and is unstinted in  his praise of the  system  of intervention by conciliation boards and  .���in arbitration  court.    The  system  is still regarded as  in  the experimental stage,  both  by its  author  and the public, but its  work has  been so far satisfactory as to  Avar-  ranfc the arbitration court in gradual fy extending  its authority.    The  ;   ohief aim is the settlement  of disputes by the intervention  of conciliation boards, aud it is only after  such'have proved unsuccessful that  an   appear can   be   taken  to  the  arbitration' court.    The  only   disputes  recognized  are    those   with  trades unions registered  under the  a':l", and a conciliation   board  does  ��� nob intervene unless appealed  to      by    'one      or      both      the  ��� parties!. There is a board of  icuueiljiaiion foj.- each industrial district, the division of the island into  iNiitricts being a matter for the  governor-general in council, and  but one arbitration court for the  avhole country. If one party to a  dispute appeals to a board of conciliation the other party is cited to  ��� appear and must obey the snimnons.  \lothen becomes a punishable offence ,for the workmen to quit  work or the employer to shut down  1ilL,v'ae  matter  is  decided.     Both  -must keep on until the board or  court has rendered a,final .decision.  Iu the event of failure by ihe board  ' ot conciliation the dispute is taken  before the arbitration court, which  is composed  of throe persons, one  -appointed by the governor-general  from nominees by workmen and  i.nefrom nominees hy employers,  :uid the third being a judge of  i lie supreme court. It is a court  with  ordinary and " extraordinary  ' powers, it can summon any party  ;<> a dispute which is before it, and,  if he refuses to appear, ca,n proceed  without him. It can enter  ,-iiid investigate any premises  and question* *��� any persons'  there without warrant, ' It  tan permit any party who might  appear to have a common inteicst  in the. matter to be joined in the  proceedings. It can receive such  evidence as ib sees fit, "whether  strictly legal evidence or not." 'It  ���has-the power of-other-magistrates"  to take evidence at a distance.  None of its awards can be set abide  i'i��r an informality; it is required  time they be not framed in a technical manner., They cannot be  "challenged, appealed agaiust, re-  ���\ iewed, quashed or called in ques-  tion by any court of judicature on  any account whatsoever." The  decisions of the court are more than  advisory, and public opinion is by  no means the only force employed  * io secure compliance wilh them.  An award settles wages or other  conditions for two years, if it does  nob specify a shorter time. Any  workman may stop work or any  employer, may shut down during  arbitration or after an award1 if he  ran show the court a good reason,  'but if he wants to resume during  the life of the award lie can-do so  only by obeying its terms.  A violation of the award is not  l.eccessarily an offence. St As left  to tho court to decide whether it  shall bo punished or not, but the  court does make such disobedience  punishable   offense,  and  trifling  with its decisions is likely to prove  expensive. A penalty of $2,500 may  i ie imposed for violation of an award.  Xo additional penalty can be laid  mi any party, and no greater  a mount can be exacted under any  award from all tho parties to it;  bub should a business men's association, trust or monopoly, or a great  Uade�� union attempt to secure permanent immunity for a continued  violation of an award of the court,  it could be brought up before the  court again and again subjected to  a s many awards as necessary to enforce obedience. Such fines can be  ollected ia other courts as judg-  Is now prepared to issue Drafts and  Letters of Credit on Skaguay, U. S.,  Atlin, B. C, and Dawson City, N. W. T.  monts, and if the property of a  trade union or association or association of employers is not sufficient  to pay the fine, individual members  are liable, but only to the amount  of the fine.  Mr.   Lloyd   recounts    many advantageous  ��� results      whicli     he  attributes to the New Zealand system.    There has not been a strike  by organized labor,  with one insignificant exception, since the law  came iuto force.   It lias harmonized  all the labor troubles brought under  its   cognizance.    The   courts   have  been      constantly     strengthening  themselves and the act by their administration of it.    Capital has nob  fled, but, on  the  contrary,  industries of all kinds have been flourishing as  never   before.    There have  been a few attempts to evade or  disregard   the    decisions    of    the  courts;   these   the    judges    have  proved   themselves   fully   able   to  control and punish.    Although the  decisions have almost all been in.  favor of the ; men, because it is a  time of prosperity and their demands have been made on a rising  market,       the     employers     have  found no serious i embarassment in  complying wibh them, and some of  the employers    are- the strongest  supporters of  the law.    This is a  favorable showing   for   a   system  that has   been   iu -force   for   five  years, but there may, be room for a  difference of opinion as to how far  the system of conciliation and arbitration has   contributed toward  the   industrial   conditions   of   the|  island.    New   Zealand   has    made  other     and     more       momentous  changes iu laws regarding industrial and economic conditions.    She  has grappled with problems which  other colonies and nations scarcely  mention above a whisper.    The forces of competition, are so directed  that there is not always a residue  of population seeking leave to work  and   unable1 to  obfcaiu   it."  Wages  are not affected by, a   continuous  downward   tendency   toward   the  point of  bare subsistence.   Intervention iii industrial disputes is but  one of many experiences in legislation that tend to equalize distribution and lessen economic evils in  -Yew Zealand.  Imperial Bank of Canada  HEAD  OFFICE, TORONTO.  Capital Authorized  Capital Paid up  Rest  WAE   PARAGRAPHS.  Military authorities consider thafc  dog scouts, such as are trained in  the German army, would have rendered invaluable service to the  British troops in South Africa.  They point out that had colonel  Broadwood been in possession of a  pack of trained war dogs he would  never have met wifch the disaster  he did at Korn Spruit, as fche  animals would have discovered the  proximity of "the Boers and thus'  warned our soldiers of fche ambush.  An Irish officer, addressing his  men, who had just returned from a  somewhat fruitless expedition, said :  "Fou were, no doubt, disappointed  because the campaign gave you uo  opporbunifcyto fight;_b��t_if there  had been any fighting there would  have been many absent faces here  today."  Private AV. Savage, now serving  in the 1st Coldstream Guards, and  formerly in the Norwich police  force, writes fco his sister afc Caws-  ton thus: "Ifc was a treat to see  old Cronje and his better half come  in. Our people brought them in a  cart almost similar to a hansom  cab. She looked rather rough* at a  distance. I was about 200 yards  away, so I could not get a good look  at them. 1 saw all the other prisoners. They looked a rough lot. I  should think old Cronje picked his  men, and he could not have picked  a better-looking lot if he had tried. I  had a good chat with some of them,  and one of them said it was not a  fair fight, as we got them in a hole  and would nofc let them come out.  It was a clever move on lot d Roberts' part .when we took Bloemfontein. The Boers did not fchink  we would come the way we did.  There are two forts round the place,  and they thought we would go that  way. That was their front way,  but lord Roberts is not a proud man,  so he went round to the back way."  According to a letter received  from South Africa by Mr. Pafcer of  Aldershot, sergeant Greener, formerly of the balloon department,  Aldershot, who was captured fighting for the Boers, was shot after trial  by court martial. The writer, who  was present at fche execution, says:  "After the finding of the court martial, two pioneers proceeded, with.  the sanction of the commanding of--  ficer, to dig a grave. After a brief  lapse of time the condemned maim  took his stand by the side of the  $2,500,000  $2,391,863      $1,554,710  D. R. Wilkie, General Manager.  E. Hay, Inspector.  ���Nelson Branch���Bums Block, 221 Baker Street  J. M. LAY, Manager.  open grave. In the meantime the  color sergeant had taken out  twelve men from various regiments,  and proceeded to load the weapons  of the firing party. Eight were  loaded with ball and' four with  blank cartridges. These were then  handed to the men, but none knew  who had the ball or blank, and  thus none knew who fired the fatal  shot. When all was ready and the  men were at the present, the sergeant let fall-a handkerchief and  there were twelve bangs. The brigade surgeon went up and examined the body, and had there been  a spark of life remaining the brigade major was ready, revolver in  hand, to have stepped up and blown  out the brains. The body was at  once put in the grave, covered up,  and that was the last of Greener,  the traitor."  Corporal F. Greihslade, of the 1st  Devon regiment, writes from Ladysmith on 10th March to his brother;  and sister at Blaina. In the course  of his letter he says: "I expect you  two have been'wondering how we  are getting On in Ladysmith. T  need not tell you we have had a  a rough time of it for four'months,,  but I am glad to say that we are  relieved at last. The first of the  relief- were vbwo squadrons of_ cavalry. Theycaine in on the lastday  of the month about seven;p."inland we did give them a cheer, arid'  the troops have been coming in for  days now with stores and provisions  and I Can tell you we wanted them.  We have been living on ground  Indian corn and horse flesh; and we  look very thin against the troops  that relieved us. Wer have had a  very hard struggle to hold Ladysmith, but British pluck can still  hold its own, as I expect you saw  by the fight we had on Oth January  and we had a very hard fight on 9th  November, when the royal salute  was fired on the battlefield. The  Boers are a , plucky lofc of fellows, and they fight bravely,  They have kept us pretty  well . shelled in here with,  their big guns. ���' The worst of ali  was-'Long Tom,' on a very high  hill, and the shells were 95 pounds  each.    I have seen as many as .18  killed and wounded with one shell,  so you can guess it would make you  shake every, time it was fired. We  had to sleep iu the trenches by day  and work building the fortifications  by night. I have plenty of food  now and I feel liko a new man.  The worst thing, I think, was the  want of tobacco. We had to smoke  the bark and leaves of trees. I  suppose you have seen by the  papers that the Devons have done  good work out here, and so has our  2nd battalion. All the generals  are proud of our regiment. You  mnst excuse a poor letter from me,  as the things I have to say are  stale to you. I have not seen a  paper since the 2nd November until  now. /I have not received any  letters yet, but I am expecting  them daily. I don't know whether  we go on or stay where we are yet,  but I am glad to be able to walk  about in peace, and I am also glad  to tell you I have been promoted  corporal, and jumped five senior to  me, so you see T am getting on as  well as lean."  Young men' who study  the styles at all will tell  you it is a toss between  blue serges and decided  checks for first place this  season.  The new styles are very  strong on checks, and the  young chaps that cannot  be perfectly suited in these  goods are few indeed.  Those who do not favor  ���checks will find my range  of summer serges the most  ���complete in the city*  M. VINCENT  Bakes* Street.  Kootenay Steam Laundry  BLOMBERG & SMBEIjG  PliOPRIBtWJta  The on!y steam laundry "m Nelson employing union labor  ,A. L&.RS0N, Mamig-er  Stopped to Drink Bum.  London, May 23.���A dispatch  from Vredefortweg, without date,  via Lorenzo Marquez, May 23 says:  "Some American scouts, before  leaving Kroonstadt set fire to the  goods sheds after . having had  trouble with the British residents.  Hazell's American scouts have suffered more heavily than any other,  corps during the war. In the past  six weeks out of 100 strong, they  have lost thirty-seven in killed,  wounded or captured. Their storming of the British position at Toba-  berg was grand. They captured  captain Cheyne "and six men.  Melan's cavalry added to their  laurels last week^but lost heavily  in proportion to the burghers. It  is believed that Blake's Irish corps,  captured at Kroonstadt were ordered to retreat, but remained  drinking the rum left by the commissariat." -  Having Purchased  the Business  Of Fred J. Squire, merchant  tailor,  Nelson,   I  intend  to  , continue the business so, as  to keep the patronage, of all  Mr. Squire's old patrons and  get a  share" bf~ the general  ' i trade. * I am now - prepared  to show the latest styles in  * all lines of spring goods. A  special line on hand at $25  per,suit All other lines at  low rates. None but Union  labor employed.  E. Skinner  Neelands' Building, Baker Street.  FRED J. SQUIRE. Manager.  Under th'j immediate patronage of their EM'cI-  leuofaa the Uovcrnor-Uenei.il anil Countess  of Minto.  KOR THE CANADIAN  PATRIOTIC  FUND   HEROES OK THE HOUR   LORD ROBERTS GENERAL BULLER  CANADA'S IlltAVK SON'S  On the perfect moving pictuies of the  BIOGRAPH  War scenes in South Africa.  Parades and   departure of   Canadian' contingents,  All the great generals and crack  regiments of the British army.  Her   majesty the queen  saying  good bye lo the household troop*.  II. 11. 11. tho Prince of Wales.  The world famed views of Pope  Leo XIII.  .Through tho Rockies on ti C. P.  H. engine.  All the groat events and personages of the day.  MR. OWKX A. SAIILV  Canada's greatest elocutionist and liuinonut al  Nelson Opera  House  MONDAY  TUESDAY  WKDNKSDAY  and THURSDAY  May 21st, 22nd, 23rd, and 2Ith,  (Queen's Birthday)  Reserved seats COe, admission 3."5c  Plan now open at the usual place.  Doors open at 7:13 p. in., performance at HMO.  ins Tailoring  CLEANING  AND  REPAIRING  YOUR OWN GOODS MADE UP  OLD CLOTHES MADE GOOD AS NKW  ARTHUR GEE  Opposite Clarke Hotel.  MKRCHANT TAILOR  A FULL LINE OF  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local and coast.  Flooring"  local and coast. "  Newel Posts  Stair Rail  Mouldings  Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  of all kinds.  IF WITAT YOU WANT IS NOT IN STOCK  WE WILL MAKK IT FOR YOU  CALL AND GET PRICES.  Wholesale  Houses  NELSON  B.C.  AMERICAN  AND  EUROPEAN  PLANS  M  EALS   25    CENTS  J. A. Sayward  HALL AND LAKK STREETS, NELSON  Porto Rico Lumber Co.  (LIMITED)  , Successors to  J. A. DEWAR & CO.  ROOMS LIGHTED BY ELECTRICITY  AND HEATED BY STEAM  25 CENTS TO ft  321 to 331 Baker Street, Nelson.  QUEEN'S HOTEL  V        BAKER STREET. NELSON.  Lighted by Electricity and Heated with Hot Air.  Rough and  Dressed  Lumber  Shingles  Mouldings  A-1 White Pine Lumber Always in  Stocl^.  We carry a complete stock of  Coast Flooring, Ceiling, Inside Finish, Turned Work, Sash and Doors.  Special order work will receive  prompt attention.  Porto Rico Lumber Co. Ltd.  Contractors and Builders  WILL DO WELL TO  Buy Their Lumber  G. 0. Buchanan's  Large comfortable bedrooms and  flrst-clasa  dining-room. Sample rooms for oommerclal men.  RATES $2 PER DAY  flf|rs. E. 0. Clarke, Prop;  LATE OF THE ROYAL HOTEL, CALGARY  DID   YOU   SEE  Guppan'sNew  B  FRESH  COOL  Schooners  TRY  ONE;   OH,   MY!  A large stock of flrsfc-olass dry material on  hand, atom full line ot sash, doors, mouldings,  turned work, etc.   -  Factory, Work a Specialty  Yards  Foot of Hendryx streeb, Nelson       ''  Telephone. SI    Joljfl   RaG;   A^tlt  The only Good   Beer in' Nelson  CLUB HOTEL  fyadden House ^"Kss1  The only hotel in Nelson that has remained  under one management since 1880.  The bed-rooms are well furnished, and lighted  by electricity. 0  The bar is always stocked by the best dom s-  tlo and Imported liquors and cigars.  THOMAS MADDEN, Proprietor.  B. C. HOTEL . EKiE, b. c.  First-class in every respect. Choicest! wines.  liquors and cigars. Every comfort for transient  and resident guests.  HEADQUARTERS FOR UNION MEN.  JOSEPH CAMPBELL. Proprietor.  MOYIE    LOTS  FOR   SALE.  Lot 9 Block 1,  Lot 9 Blocks  Lot 11 Block 6  Lot 7 Blocks  Cash Offer  Fop  AH Four  ADDRES3  ,  W. F. Teetzel, Nelson.  ���j^DW|jj  Manufacturers of and  dealers In Harness, Pack  and Stock Saddles. Apara-  jocs. Collars, Bridles and  WUi,w.  Nelson Harness Shop  Hnll Street, NeUon.  Notice of Application for" a  Certificate of Improvements.  HltOKR*.   Hll.l. MlMtlC W, Cl.lIM, sf'i IMTi: IN TIIK  AlNHWOIMH    MtNIV.     DIMUION      OK     WlJST  Ktmn.NAv  DiM-itrcr, ani> iocvit.d Atioi'T  TWO  MIMM S01"l !JWI'��r 01'   Al.VSH OKI li, All-  .loi.viNC 1111: Auka.nsii, UNin:i> ami Union  Mi.vr.K ti. Claims.  Take notice that 1, 11. E. Young, meting as  agent for IC. .1. KohMts, freo miner'* cortillcitt��  special Xo. MSI, awl Anna C. Duckloy. free  uiinur'b ci-rtiliciiiu No. U. Il!i')71 two miner's our-  tiliualc No. li. i:i,ll<i, iiitaid, si\ly days from the  diifo IicreoMo ti)iply lo the mining; rccoider for  ii ucrllllcute of iiriiirovunients.foi* tlio pnijiose o  obtaining n novvn want of the above claim.  Ami fiirtlior take nitlirc Limit m>tiun< under see  tion^i. miihiliocoiiiiiiciicucl licfoie the issuance  of such ccrtlii'Mtu of imjiioveilienU.  Dated this 2ltli day of A owl. A. I)., li**).  -    K. K. YOUNG. i'.L.S.  LAliD   NOTICE.  Notice in hereby given Hint nf lor ono month I  will make application to tlio Chief Cornmliwioiior  of Lawls and Works lo purchase fortj acres of  land in Iho liihlriet of Weil Kootenny in the  province of Hritlnh Columbia, iltuated on the  eiihlMdo nt ICuolqnny lake, between i.orkhart  and Lufraiice creeks ��h followh: CoinmoncltiK  nia rest on the beach m.irki'd "Initial Post John  i^iidliivv's .V, W. Corner," tlmncc southerly along  the lake 20 chains, theneo eastedy 'JO chainH,  llicEice northeily 'M chiini*^ thence westerly 20  chains to tho [ijaco of beginning.  .lOllX hAIDLAW.  Dated at Xclton, B. C, this' 3id day of April,  IBOO.   ICootenay   Coffee ' Co.  NKLSON, B. C.  Coffee roauters and dealers In Tea and Coffee.  Offer fresh roasted ooffoo of best Quality es  follows:  Java and Arabian Macta, per pound. 9   10  Java and Mocha Blond, S pounds  1 00  Fine Santos, 4 pounds ��� 1 OG  Santos Blond, 6 pounds...................... I 00  Our Special Blend, 8 pounds  1 00  Our Rio Roost, 6 pounds  t 00  A trial order solicited. Salefiroom 2 doors eapfc  of OddfollowH block. Want Bakor BtreeU  MONEY Td"LOAN  AT 7 PER CENT  ON BUSINESS PROPERTY  Apply G. h. liKNXOX, Sohcitor.Nelson^ B^  NOTICE   OP   MEETING.  Tho Nulion plumber'., giw and Mown litters'  union imtrtHOi cry second and fourth > riday at  thoMlnere'UiiicnlijUUUpjn.  H. WKKKS, Secretary pro tern.  f��al��>  SPAHM/M  Vernon Street, Nelson,  SMOKE"  ROYAL SEAL   AND   KOOTENAY BELLE  CIGARS  Kootenay Cigar Mfg. Go.  kkibox, lmrrigH coLOMiirA '  R. REISTERER & CO'  BRKWKRS AND BOTTLBRS Off  FJNE LAGER BEER, ALE  AND PORTER  '^y W&do     Brewery at Kelson  Nelson   Wine   Go.  ���     CHOICE WW��S AMIS liqUMS   ���  Special attention ffivon to family trade  T��rHUV     FRAHKA TAT  Nolson. B. C. MANAOXB  Portland, Oregon, Postoffice Box 484  Holders of Hall Alines, Limited,  Ktock, either preferred or common,  will please communicate with me,  as J am instructed to buy "P same  in any quantities. Wire me at my  expense. O. AI. Rosendale, P. O.  box ifl4, Portland, Oregon.  Flowers arjd  Plants  Palms' fix foot high. .W tokcm, pot grower in  ���JO varieties. A choieo collection of houso and  bedding plantM. Thousands to no!oct from. Ont  flowerh and dorficni. .Inspection invited. The  Nelson Uroon IIouhc Front Hlroct, two blocks  ea��t of wharf. 15. MoOUKATH.  Ordere by snail ptxinipUr filled.  DERATED AND MINERAL WATERS.  rpHORPE & CO., LIMITBD.-Corner Vernon  * and Cedar streets. Nelson, manufacturers  of and wholesale doalers in aerated Waters and  fruit syrups. Sole agents (or Halcyon Sprin(?8  mineral water.   Telephone 60.  7 ASSAYERS'   SUPPLIES*  WF. TEETZKIi & CO.-Corner Biker anfl  ��� Josephine streets, Nelson, wholesale dealers in as say ers supplies. Agents for Denvor  Fire Clay Co. of Denver, Colorado.  ~ CIGARS.  XTOOTENAY CIGAR MANUFACTURING  *^ CO.���Corner Baker and Hall streets. Nelson, manufacturers of "Royal Seal" and "Kootenay Bello" brands of cigars.  COMMISSION MERCHANTS.       "  HJ. EVANS & CO.-Baker street. Nelson,  ��� wholesale dealers in liquors, cigars,  cement, fire brick and Ore clay, water pipe and  steel rails, and general commission merchants.  ELECTRICAL   SUPPLIES.  KOOTENAY ELECTRIC SUPPLY & CONSTRUCTION COMPANY���Wholesale dealers in telephones, annunciators, bells, batteries,  fixtures, etc., Houston block. Nelson.    ���  FLOUR AND FEED.  RACKMAN-KER MILLING COMPANY  1 ���Cereals, Flour, Grain, Hay. .< Straight or  mixed cars shipped to all Kootonay Points.  Grain elevators at all principal points on Calgarj -  Edmonton R. R. Mills at Victoria, New West-,  minster, and Edmonton. Alberta.  .  TAYLOR FEED & PRODUCE CO.-Baker  street, Nolson (George V. Motion's old  stand), Flour, Feed, Grain, Hay and Produce.  Car lots a specialty. Correspondence solicited.  Phono 26.  '    FRESH AND SALT MEATS.  P    BURNS &   CO.���Baker  street,   Nelson,  ���   wholesale dealers in freehand cured meats.  Cold storage.  . GROCERIES.  A MACDONALD & CO.-Corner Front and  ��� Hall streets, wholesale grocers and  jobbers in blankets, glovos, mitts, boots, rubbers,  mackinaws and miners' sundries.  OOTENAY SUPPLY   COMPANY,   LIMI-  TED���Vernon   street, Nelson,   wholesale  grocers.   . ������ ���-.l.-.'..-      -. -V.v,.';  TOHN CHOLDITCH & CO.-Front street, Nel-  "    son, wholesalo grocers. f  PR. STEWART & CO.���Warehouses on C. P.  ��� R. track, foot of Stanley street, Nelson,  wholesale dealers in provisions, produce and  fruits. Cold storage. Agents Armour & Co.'s  bacon, hams, lard and other products.  Y. GRIFFIN & CO.-Front street. Nelson. -  ��� wholesale   dealers   in   provisions,   cured  meats, butter and eggs. ������ ���      HARDWARE AND MINING SUPPLIES.  H BYERS & CO.���Corner Baker and Josephine  ��� streets, Nelson, wholesalo dealers in hardware and mining supplies. Agents for Giant  Powder Co.    LAWRENCE HARDWARE COMPANY-  Baker St, Nelson, wholesalo dealers in  hardware and mining supplies, and water and  plumbers'supplies.     '_.. .     VANCOUVER   HARDWARE    COMPANY -  LIMITED���Baker street. Nelson; wholosale  dealers in hardware and mining Bupplios. plumbers and tinsmiths' supplies.   Agnnts Ontario  Works.   LIQUORS AND DRY GOODS.  rpURNER, BEETON & CO.-Corner Vernon  ;  A   and Josephino streets.  Nelson,  wholesale  dealers in liquors, cigars and dry goods.  Agents  for Pabst Brewing Co. of Milwaukee and Cal-  gary Brewing Co. of Calgary.   PAINTS   AND   OILS.  NELSON HARDWARE COMPANY-Baker  Street���Wholesale dealers in paints, oils,  and brashes of all kinds. Largest stock in  Kootonay.   H^  POWDER, CAPS AND FUSE.  ���AMILTON POWDER COMPANY-Baker  ��� street, NolHon, manufaotureis of dynamite,  spotting, stumping and black blasting powders,  wholesale dealers In caps and fuse, and electric  blasting apparatus,   SASH AUD DOORS.  NELSON SAW AND PLANING MILLS,  LIMITED���Corner Front and Hall streets.  Nelson, manufacturers of and wholesale dealers  in saflh and doors; all kinds ot factory work made  to order.  >    _    TENTS-AND   AWNINGS.  NELSON TENT AND AWNING FACTORY-  Bakcr street. Nelson. Manufacturers of all  kinds of tents, awnings, and canvas goods.  P, Q. Vox 76.   Thco. Madaqn, proprietor.  WINES AND CIGARS.  CALIFORNIA WINE COMPANY, LIMI-  TKD���Corner Front and Hall streets. Nelson, wholesale dealers tn wines (case and bulk)  and domestic and imported cigars.  . ENGINEERS.*  f^HAR&KS PARKER���Mining and milling en-  *-/   giticor.   West Baker btreol^Nclaon.  " '"fbatebnal societies^  NELSON LODGE. NO. 7$. A. F. & A- K.  Meets second Wednesday In each month.  Sojourning brethren invited. >  "A  KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS- NcIboji Lodge, No,  a5, Kulghta of Pythias, meets in I. O. O, F.  Hall, oorner Baker and Kootenay streets, every  Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock. \ isiting Knights  cordially Invited to attend. R. G. Joy, K. of R.  & 8.   Leonard Scott, C. C.  NELSON L. 0. L., No. 1692, meets in I. 0. O. F.  Hall, corner Bakor and Kootenay streets,  lab and 3rd Friday of each month. Visiting  brothorn cordially invltod. It Robinson, W. M.  W, Crawford, Recording-Secretary.  TSJKLSGN ^KRIB, Number 22, fraternal Order  <L^> of Eagles, meets every hecond and fourth  Wednesday luoaob month in Krai-ertiltv HalL  Visiting brothran welcome. W. Gosnoll, Preel  dent.   Charles Pro����cr, Secretary.  TRAMS ~UNZQNff      ~  NEU30N MINERS' UNION NO. ��$. W. F. of  M.���MeotA in miners' union rooms, northeast cornor Victoria and Kootonay streets, ovory  Saturday evening nl R o'clock. ViwiUng members wofcome. M. It MowaU, Proi-ident. James  Wilkes, Secretary.   NELSON PAINTERS' UNION-Tho regular  meeting of,tho Painters' Union is held  ovory Wediiei-day evening nt 7.SO, in the iJftin-  tors' Union hnll. behind tho 'Jlarke hotel. T. O.  Skatbo. president.   Alfred Turner, i.ecrctan.  TRADES AND LABOR COUNCIL.-Thc regular meetings of tho Nelson Trades and Ijilxir  Council will he hold in the miner*' union hall,  corner of Victoria and Kootoiiay iitrcets, on tho  first and third Thursday of each month, at  7.30 p. in. G. J. Thorpe, President. J. H. Mat ho-  aon. Secretary.  THE regular meetings of the Carpenters' Union  aro held on Wednesday evening of each  week, at 7 o'clock, in tho Minors* Union hall cornor victoria and Kootenny street*. It Robin-  son. President.   Jaine�� Colling, Secretary.  BARBERS' UNION'.--Nelson Union. No. Ul.ot  tho International Journeymen Harlxsrs Union of America, fiiootK every first and third Monday of each month in Miner's Union Rail, corner  of Victoria and Kootonay streots. at 8:30 p.ui.  sharp. Visiting brothon' cordially invited to  attend. J. H- Matlioson, President. W. &. ilel-  ville. Secretary.  CIGAR MAKERS' UNION meets l.-t Tuesday  in every month in tho W. V. M. hull,    Kmjo  utivo board meets every Saturday.  B" HicKLAYKKS AND MASONS* UNION.  The Bricklayers and Mus-ons' International  Union No. 3 of Nelson meets .second and fourth  Tuesdays in each month at Miners' Union hall  J. W. Ktcber, president; Joseph Clark, recoidiug  and eornwponciing srprntnry.   LABORIOUS' UNION.���Nelbon Laborers' Protective Union, No. 8131, A. V, of L., nteetbin  Minors' Union Hnll, northeast cornor of Viotoria  and Kootonay stroct��, every Monday evening  at 8 li.ui. sharp. VtmUiig members of the Aiuen-  can Federation cordially invited to attend. John  MuIVbb, President, Percy Shackelton.Sewetaspy.  s-i>s.B $  THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, Ii C, THURSDAY MAY 24  1900  Rubber Gloves  FOR WOMEN AND MEN  The proper thing for spring house-  cleaning and gardening  Furniture Polish  To make your Furniture look as good  as new, try our ��  "FRENCH FURNITURE POLISH."  W. F. Teetzel & Co.  Victoria Bbck, Corner Baker and Josephine Streets  DRUGS AND ASSAYERS' SUPPLIES  /^-.���^���^.���^���^���^���^ "*�����*�� ���^^�����% -0-_9-0-0^^.0.^.^.0.0^^  5f?e...  Uf  xit  iti  iti  xti  Hi  Hi  Ui  ��� ��� ���  Wfe_\d\T)<^  Bells  \ti  ���jii-zy.zxzxz_-ixi_Tz.zi ilXXXZIXXZIZXZTZXZXXIXXZ'.l-IZ:  xti  xti     _    .  m of Jur)e  u/ill  xti  iti  Ui  iti  iti  xti  iti  xti  iti  Ui  xti  iti  Hi  xti  soot) be  r\T)(^iT)^ .  tixxxi: :iKxxxrnxxnxri2rxsnmxxrixx-.{xxr:xxx zizxr.  This will mean an increased demand for high-class jewelry, and  we have prepared for it.  We are offering the best  values in Kootenay in suitable Wedding Presents.  Jacob Dover  Hi  iti  Ui  Hi  iti  iti  Ui  Ui  iti  Hi  Hi  xti  Ui  iti  xti  Ui  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  xti  iti  xti  iti  Ui  iti  Ui  Ui  xti  Ui  iti  iti  jjf Nelson, b. c. The Jeweler %  ^���-S'-S'-S'-aA'-S'^'-S'ia'-S'-a      <_t-_t-_t"_x-'_x-'_t-'_x-is!-<-<-^'-i*'4^  ���^s-0^W^i9.0^S-0-0-0-0-0-0 C'<C.<C.<C-C'<5-'CCr-'5-CS?.5��-  Our Clearance  of Dry Goods  Sale  is still on and will be continued until ali is sold. Linen for skirts  at 10, 15$ and 20 cents per yard ; White Dress Duck, regular 20c  goods, sale price 124c per, yard; regular 25c goods, sale price 15c;  White Pique at 15, 20 and 25 cents. A large range Of Underskirts from $1 up.   Ali other dry goods sold at proportionate prices.  A. FERLAND &; CO.  ELLIOT BLOCK, BAKER STREET.  SPECIAL HOLIDAY GOODS  We are mindful of yonr many holiday needs and have  many striking" novel creations in Blouses, Ties, and" Tailor-  mades, which we think are specially good for the coming holiday,  May 24th.  We would like you lo compare our Silk Blouse values  at $4-50, $5.50, $7, $10, $12, and $15.  Our leader in Tucked Taffetta Silk is very special value  at $10.  , Our assortment of Percale, Pique, Muslin and Gingham,  Shirt Waists-is- the   largest���ever- shown_in���NeIson7~_When~  you come note these:  Our new Muslin Blouse at $r.  Our Fancy Tucked Blouse at $2.  Our special   Percale  Blouse with y Fancy Yoke at $1.25.  MARTIN O'REILLY & OO.  Houston Block, Baker Street  IT  That wf itrc (lie i-Clokiii/ucI Iciwlerw in di rylf'ff Uic choicohl  mut besi gnuluH ol Tout nml Coilue-i. Tins fact ha* boon  I lioroiiKlily pio veil by tlio public apjucciaf ion uf the hiitiic,  uhull has caused our salo, to incrcas-o in .bv- above Hiioh  fiillj HI j)ti icnl. To UiohC wdo Innc nut litod 0'ir loufloi*  , m��j uio .itwuvs pUiim il to M'lbmit sainplet, after vihiutiyoii  londifj mo lliul jniilift)ubC(,n im> i/i(j tlio same for uiihHjoIo  whicli f ould not fur u momuit bpcompiiicd witli it, Woiuu  suro to please yon, as oiir*<tock in complete and the best thai  >F)OllOJ  Ctll bi!}'. uiiw.mii  The Western Mercantile Compaqy, limited.  BAKKK STttKKT, XKI.SON. B. O.  A large consignment of the latest  styles of hats, union and custom  made.   Clothing  for bargains  at  GITY LOCAL NEWS  Magistrate Crease held a  session  of the small dobls court yesterday at which  twelve cases came up for..disposition. The  actions wore, as usual, of no public interest.  Mrs. AVhite, wife of Siev, J. Colter  White, JI. A., has arrived in Nelson with her  family and is comfortably settled in tlieir home  on the Hall Mines road, recently vacated bv J. J.  Campbell.  The 1200  feet  of Paragon hose,  recently purchased by the city for the lire department, was shipped by the manufacturers on  the 12th instant, and is expected bore daily.  R. S. Lennie and R. M. Macdonald  leave tonight for Victoria to attend the full court  of-British Columbia. S. S. Tat lor, who has a  number of appeals to argue baforo the court,  leaves for llie coast tomorrow. \  The contract for the  erection of  G. L. Lennox's now houso on lots 3 and I. hlork  JO. has been let by architect Curtis to W. G.  ffillctt.   The contract price was ��2,020.  The     meanest    man     in      the  ICootennys was in Nelson yesterday. lie went  out on the Nelson & Fort Sheppard track and saw  a can' e belonging to a poverty sti icken Sitva-h  named Jack. The mean man robbed the canoo  of all its paltry contents, including Jack's  blanket, camp outfit and extra overalls. Tho  Si wash will take tho thief s scalp on sight.  "With   favorable weather   today  the number of Nclsonites who take in the celebration at Kaslo will be very large. The  steamers Moyie and International leave about 8  o'clock and will carry tho Knights of l'ylhias,  Oddfellows, the Rifle company and tho ball club.  Together with tho citj hands and citizens genpi-  allv. it is believed that o\ ei 100)people will take  in tho trip.  J. A. Stewart, who has the con-  li.ict forlhc .Vclson-Piciclci road, says that tho  ti.ick is icady for the steel in niant places. In  thiec oi lour weeks ti ne all the ties wi 1 bo got  out and tho io id will be lendj lot the company  totukootci.  The news  of the death of Dan  Mctiillviaj, the wrllknmtn contiactoi. was con-  tinned testeiday by a prn.ito message. He died  of sm.illpo\.it Sault Sic. Mane, and the news  li.isbioughtgie.it sorrow lohisniimcioiwfriends  in Nelson.  The Rifle company had a splendid  dull 1-it.t/night and aie in (list class condition for  toda>'s tup lo Kaslo. Tlio coiupanv foimed up  at the ,1111100 and m.uchert to Ihc lecie.ition  grounds headed by the municipal band, which  plated the militiamen back agun in good sr.tle.  Befoie the parade was dismissed the following  oideis were lead. To bo coipoial from date,  private James Wadds; to be lance coipoi.il, pii-  vato D. Porter.  A larger audience   greeted   the  biograph show last night.md the entertainment  von lonnd aftei round ot applause. Owen  Siiuly was in good form and amused the audience clot cilj. ThebiOijiaph will exhibit for the  last time tonight. The in.itinee testeidat afternoon was great lj eniotedb.t a huge ntimbei of  children ns well as adults.  J. E. Lackey states that his pocket  was picked of S7 at the opcia hotise last night.  He has no idea as to the identity of the light-  fViufOicdgcmlcin.nl   '  Tho mechanical stafi' at the C. P.  P. roundhouse < oiiulinled tho iofltling of llie big  s'eam shovel last night.and toduj the apparatus  will be sent out past the junction md sot upon  tlio face of the bluff which is to be let oiled.  The "WestKootenay Butcher company deliver} tv agon came to grief jestoidaj.  Tho hoi so took flight at tho steam lollui on Stan-  Icy s'lectaml i.in at top speed to llie coiner of  W'nwl and Vernon sheets, wheie it i.tn mlon h>-  drant. Tlio harness was loin topicces, the ���stngon  biokcn and choice roasts filled the .urfora tew  seconds, but the animal was iimniuied. The hy-  diant ciacked and a lively mreamof witcr cs-  (aped |  The baseball team goes to Kaslo  fotUj. The m.ittcl was notconcludid unul yos-  toidayafloriioon, and about noon the announce-.,  mont was made that tho K\s]o coniiinlteo had  withdiawii its oiler. A < ouple of hours; latei  manager Wateiman reccn ed a, message oifeiing  ,l purou of STfl for a game, w bu li he nu ep*od.  Accoidingiy tho ball pl.ijoi-. itiil go with the  crowd this morning. Tjic team ih as follows-  Houston, Waters, 'So��|iin(K Fbair, Stills, Kinoi-  Hon, Kacritt, Kockenfield, MeLeod and Qateilo}.  i'atsy Gilcliiist is the mascot.  Dr. Armstrong has received an  appiopnation of SoOO fiom the Dominion gotern-  ment for thoestablishtnenr in Xelson of a <iu.ir-  atitino station for stock of all kinds. ,-The doctor  lias not i el decided whether he will erect his  quaiiiniintmo barns aflthe mountain station or  at   the Nelson & Volt fehepjiard depot,  HOTgL ABBIVALS.  Ar mr. Pn,\lit--.T. P'led Ritchie, Rossland; A.  J. I)ro��rv, ItoBsland: Ij. A. Campbell.-Kosslind;  "T, Hilli.inl, Ten Mile; K. V. Hums .Martin  Weicli, 1'rocloi; A Logan. Xlonlicnl; John Lan-  ',on, San Kiimcisco. W. U London,  I'oiUniid, Or.  Ai 'ml lit mi .-il. A. hmall, Vunoouvei. 11  HiiiIk k. 13 Blue roiut; Alev. Fraser, London,  Kngluid,-\. Moskey, Nakusp, II. i|. Slonc. II.  Hatfield, Spokane, (.'. 1"). Hunter. .Sandon, J. i>.  Conklin, K. If. Lewis, J.M. Woi th, K ('. Dickson,  Hov, J. Alunro, W. �� Scilli, Tnul; .1. Trotter,  McLean's Tiitmcl; W. It. Woom, Hobson.  ... TffEO MAOSON'S  BAKER  STREET,  NELSON.  CLOTHING   HOUSE.  BUSINESS   MENTIOST.  To Lot���N"ew five room cottage.  Hot i..;id colli watei, bath ioom, nnd Mswor ton-  mction. Kitoinitiiili'i from pusf ofllce. Kent  $2V per month    K. T. II. hiinpkln!>. Coin t House.  Wanted���a yoniif? giil  for light  hoiisework. Apjily coiner Onlionnto and Cedar  Mleols. (  To   rent���live-roomed   furnished  Itonw, with piano, on Mill street, Ihioc Iiounoh  west  of Cedar.   Apply at  Ihc pi onuses in tlio  morning.  AVanted���position   ns     a     wire  jiplluor, Understand* the ciro of tiaiintnttj.  .Mile io Kko full cuiiiof iiamwajsaiid iikki. (Jn.  dorstjindhall kinds of iigKing w'oik. .\pply lo V.  W. Jtrcx k, lo< Ic box ",\ (icin, Idalio.  A good opportuniby for man and  wife. Home and good piying business. Capital  i)c<ess.ii} $.W8.   Appl} ��. Kn-h, I'ostoflh c.  Man and wife wants  to  manage,  icut, oi Ioauehotel or liis.ii'diiig house an} where.  Fully competent and icitable. Addresfa ilib.  Hadlc}, I'ost Ofhce.  Gardening���lOmploymen t wanted  by a praellcal man. Residential yioundslaidoul,  etc.   Addroitii, W, W. WiJsoti, Nelnon  Wanted���Position as stenographer and t} pew riter by Jidj of oxporicnrc���He-  feroncos.. No ob|cctmni to going out of city. Addi en Stenographer, Ti ibunu.  For sale���Black Minorca eggs for  hutching, $2"0i) per sitting.   I3o\ i>S.i. .Volson.  Hack   calls  left at   the   Pacific  Transfer bam on Vernon stieet. Telephone  cal! &>.  ��� Por Sale.���One-third interest in  Mineral Claim near Ymir, for $100, monoy to bo  expended m develojimont. Apply In AIck  Stewart, Turner St lioeckh block, ^o3s()1l.  For sale���the north half of block  100, Xelson.   Address P. O. Box Tt_, Xelson.  Spot cash paid for second-hand  foods of all kinds at llio Xelson Ba/^iar, Malone  ��� Tregillus block.  Houses furnished with new and  Rccond-hatid furniture, or mixed new and secondhand jfu.-niUimJ. on the installment plan, by the  Xe|Hon Hazaar, MuIone& TjckjIIsjh block.  SLOGAN RIDING  To the Electors of the Slocan Biding:  Gbxti.kme.v-With the dissolution of the legislative assemblv, the duty again devolves upou  the electors of the Slocan riding to choose a mem  ber to represent thorn in llie provincial legislature.  It is my intention to become a candidate at the  forthcoming election and' with full confidence in  1 tie result I again respectfully solicit the suffrages of th�� electors of tho riding.  While I may point with pardonable satisfaction  to the manner in which I have conserved the interests of the riding and sought to meet, local requirements so faras practicab'e, I have earnestly  endeavored to forward legislation in the interests  of the whole province, and such as would tend  toward its material development.  Constant in attendance at the sessions of tho  legislature. 1 have been watchful that no vote of  mine should bo wanting for any measure beneficial to my constituents-, or the provinco as a  whole; nor have I been neglectful of the interests of the wage earner, but havo, in sonio degree at least, been instrumental in placing their  fair demands amongst the principles to be advocated by a great ijolitical party, Jt is well perhaps that 1 should briefly stato some of tho principles which I have advocated and shall continuo  to advocate until they are incorporated in provincial legislation.  (1) lam in favor of an equitable redistribution  of the scats in the legislative assembly, based  gonorally upon population, but with duo regard  to tiie interests and circumstances of outlying  and sparsiey settled districts.  {���.) 1 shall advocate tho government ownership  of railways and other public franchises so far as  may be practicable, and a'gencal enactment  by whicli companies desiring to construct railways may be incorporated without special legislation,, and that railways bonused by the province may be under government control as to  their, rates and subject lo purchase ait government option. ;  (3) I shall do all in my power to assist and support the advancement and development of ti.o  mining interests of tho province, upon tvliich its  prosperity is so malerially dependent.  (I) 1 believe in tho principle of the eight-hour  law and shall permit no interference with the  law as ir, stands, aiid s\-ill insist upon the retention of the penalty clause.  (;)) I shall advocate a liberal expenditure upon  trunk roads and trails in the various districts of  the province, believing that upon such expenditure tho development of the vast resources of  the country materially depends.  (ti) I shall advocate, and if elected assist in,  the enactment of laws for the proper adjustment  of disputes between labor and capital, by a well  digested and equitably arranged system of eom-  piusory arbitration.  (7) 1 believe that Asiatic and other cheap  labor is detrimental to the best interests of British Columbia I shall therefore advocate its restriction so far as it mat bo intia viresof piotin-  cial lcgi-I.ition, and shall assist m bunging such  pressiuc lo bear upon the fedeial government as  may induce that government to assist in the  work and will most emphatically insistlh.it no  sin h class ot laboi shall be cmplo} cd upon any  public tt oiks undertaken by the piovince oi upon  such woiks as arc subsidized bt,or in an} tvay  suh)ccl to the contiol of the government  (S) I behcte that the educational 8} stem of the  ptotince may be matenalJy liupiotcdnnd shall  give in} heaitiest assistance in bringing it to the  highest stnloof ofllcH'iicy by the establishment of  noimal H.hools and olhei instrumentalities that  may lend to the accomplishment of that object.  (')) I shall also advocate and asbist m llie de-  tclopmcnt of the agiicullui.il icsomccs of the  piot nice.  (Ifi) I believe that the monovs of the piovince  should be expended upon some broad and gencial  system whicli would ensure the greatest amount  ol benefil from such c\pendituio. In thisnding  I hate cndc.it oi cd lo lnangtu.ite such a s}slem  b} having the it ork upon roads and trails placed  umlci a lesjionsible head, so that Ihc appiopnation, nicossanly inadequate under existing circumstances, might be bciicliciall.t and economical!} expended. Yours respectfully,  *     R. F. GREEN.  Kaslo, R. C., Mil} 10th. I'WO.  Ward Bros.  REAL ESTATE AND  INSURANCE AGENTS  Agents for J. & J: TAYLOR SAFES  Bogustown)   Fairview   Addition.  Charles D. J. Christie  GENERAL BROKER  4 doors west of Dominion Kxpross ofllce.  P. O. Boxr 523.   Phones: Office 147, House 152  FOR ItRNT  Tlnoe, sly and seven room houses  VOR SAL.K AT A BARGAIN1  5 room house and 2 lots  ? room house, furnished, and 2 corner lota  Also set oral good lots.  INSURANCE.  LOANS.  G. A. PROULX  BEfflfflAL MERCHANT  LARDO, B. O.  Hating built a new stoic and received a now  stock of goods. I ani in a position to outfit all  piOspectoisgoingii.totheL.irdo Duncan coui.fry  as cheap iw any merchant iu Kaf-lo or Kelson,  JJi ly Haley isalwa,\r.at Lardo wiHi animals, aud  ihiuudy to undertake any fi'QighI!uglhatiJia> he  oil'eicd him.   Give moa trial.  NOTICE.  All (iti.i!I,v men uic hciobv notified that (he following i-calc of wage* hat, been odopied by Die  Lfiliurci-i' I'tot-eciito Union. N'o. $IU, A. V, oM..  Hand dnllei s. SX'A") for S hours.  yunri'} lnborei 4. $'.no foi fUiourc.  JOHV MUf.kKN, I'loMdcnl.  I'. ('. SIIACKI.KTO.V, Secretary.  TbN scale of wages has been ag'-cod lo by the  following: William Shackleton, .). 1) Mcflhie,  \V. II. U'ebb, K, C.iiiik'IIi Joseph Uiiins, T. .V.  Stevenson. W. Mai (in, H. l'nlimini-,1, John KSlis,  ChafloH 11(11}<ii, Tom Wilson, John Oughton, fe.  ICillinid Sc Oo.  ESTABLISHED 1892  H.  BYERS  &  CO.  ESTABLISHED 1892  HARDWARE  Garden, Mill, Steam and Suction  Hose.  Crucible  Cast  Steel   Wire Rope  5-16 to T-in. in stock.  Leather and  Rubber Belting.  Sheet, Square and Round Rubber  Flax and Garlock Packing  Pipe Fittings, Brass Goods, Rails  NELSON   RIDING  TO TIIE Kl.KCTOHS OK TIIK NELSON KlDIXO :  Gentlemen���As the unanimous choice of a duly  constituted convention of the supporters of tho  Provincial Party in tho Nelson riding, I am before you as a candidate for representative of the  Nelson riding in the next, provincial legislature.  In this connection I desire to solicit your votes  and inlliience in my behalf. Believing that  every man aspiring for membership should place  himself on record on tho main issues I take this  opportunity of stating that 1 am in favor of legislation upon llie following lines :  1. Representation in the legislative assembly  should be based on population, tvith such modifications as will give sparsely settled districts proportionately larger representation than cities and  thickly settled farm ing districts.  2. All legislation should be general, and not  special. A beginning lias been made in this  direction by the enactment' of laws, under which  cities can be incorporated, companies'formed,  and water records obtained. These should be  added to by the passage of a geueral railway incorporation act, and one giving municipalities,  the same powers to acquire water records as are  now accorded private corporations.  3. Public lands should be kept foractual settlement, and land subsidies should not be granted  to aid the building of railways that When built  aro owned by corporations.  ��� i. Government ownership of railways is no  more a theory than municipal ownership of  public utilities. Both have been tried and found  io tt ork foi the public good when capably and  honest 1} managed ; but m making a commencement in got eminent ownership of lailtvajs in  tins province, a section should be selected in  it Inch tho government would havo a free hand,  and not in sections wheie competition would be  met.  5. Pi ot ention of the landing in this piovince  o! (JhinchC and Japanese laboreis, and the discouragement of the cmplo.i merit of those ah cady  hcie b} every fair means possible.  B Positive, not negatite, laws should only be  passed. If the principle of a Ia\t is good, the  law should be ellecnve. The cight-houi day for  men tt ork' ng undci gi omul in metalliferous mines  is now geneially accepted as legislation in the  right ducction. I it ould oppose any legislation  that wouldiepe.il the penalty clause, oi m any  othci way impair the eilectiveness of the law as  it now stands.  7. To git e immediate eflect, bv legislation, to  a icsolution similar to I hat known as the Muloch  resolution, reccull} passed by the Dominion  lionise of Commons, w Inch proi ides for the p.i}-  inunt of fair wages on public ivoiks or works  aided b} government subsidies. All contiactors  doing tt oi k for cither t he pi ovmcc or foi municipalities should be icquned to pa,\ labor the into  of wages ruling in the municipality or neighborhood in which the work is to be done, the nuin-  bei of hourt. to constitute a da.t on all such w oi k  lo be fixed bt statute.  8. loitits have been established in which in-  dit iduals and coipoialions nic compelled lo  settle disputes, howcvoi tntial. disputes that,  seldom have an} bearing ou the gencial prosper-'  iby of the cominiinit} in which the du��putanU> resile : and couils should bo established for tho  coinjJii'soiy settlement of disputus between tho  iepi(Jsuitatiios of capital i.i.d lalior, disputes  Hint too oftim ate far rciiuhiug in I lieu damaging  eflects on tlio gencial prosperity of whole communities and districts,  !), Mi.iing foi the precious incl.ils is the one industry it liicii is benefiting, diteotly or induectly,  every community in the piot nice, nnd legislation  iiflectmg the inditsiti}, m thettay of taxation,  should be based on the treatment and manufacture within the pionnccof the pidilui-t of the  nuiies. rather than on the outp.it of fbc mines as  at present.  10. The establishment of a buicau, tilth hend-  qunitcis inliiitish Columbia andnotiiiGre.it  Jintiun, lo systematically adieitise all the  iiatuial icsouices and scenic attinclions of the  pioiinuc."  11. OiganiiScd municipalities should be given  the contiol of their public schools, leaving to tho  province the cue of pubiie schools m unuiQnn-  ls-ed districts and the maintenance of noimal and  technical schools.  12. Ti link loads and Wvuls should be built and  maintained at-public expense, and the cost of  loads and ii ails to isolated minos and conununi  'ies should be boi.ie in pait by the firot incc.  vl."{ (Jeneinl hospital* should be under government contiol, and tho government hhould help  maintain physicians in bp.usely settled sectioio  of the pi ounce.  U. The government in power Should wake  official announcement, fora reasonable time be  foie the legislative assembl} meets, of all pio-  nosed legislation. Weie lhis done tliQio would  be few cr hastil} passed laws, laws which .lie too  olteii against the public miciortt.  All ol which is ies|j(>clfuU} Wilaillttofl for j our  consideration.  JOHN HOUSTON  Black and Galvanized Sheet Iron  i  Soft Steel Plates  1-8, 3-16 and 1-4 x 72, 96 and 120  Agents���Truax Oro Cars, Giant Powder, and Metropolitan Fuse, elc.  H. BYERS & CO.  NKLSON  KASLO SAXDON  Refrigerators  Prices from $10 to $30 ..  LAWRENCE HARDWARE COMPANY'  185 Baker Street.  Telephone 10.  Fishiflg^Season of 1900  We are selling the fishing tackle which entices  the fish. We have the  most complete line of flies  and trolling baits,  See our fishing rod complete with - line, leader,  reel, and flies for $5. s  Canada Drag & Book Co,  NKLSON  Opposite Postoffice  STRACHAN BROS,  GET YOUR  GHANDEUERS  WIRED FOR  NO MATCHES REQUIRED, ALWAYS READY  Xoclsi-jay Electric $nppfy&  Construction Go.  JOSEPHINE STREET NELSON  Headprters fop Portland Cement, Fire Brieks,  Fire Clay, American Cumberland Coal [Blacksmiths]  Special quotations given for carload lots  A. 11, GRA Y, P. O. box 521. Nclaoa, P. C.  Kootenay Agent  B. P. BITMET & m., UL, Yiotoria  uf  Hi  xti.  it KIRKPATRICK  & WILSON.  Hi  xti    xti  xti  Ui  iti  iti  Ui  iti  xti  iti  xti  xti  iti  We have removed our place of business  for the next few months to the old Burns  shop, next to the Nelson Hotel, where we  hope to see all our old customers and many  new ones.   Give us a call.  V  xti  Ui  xti  xti  Hi  xti  Hi  Ui  xti  KIRKPATRICK & WILSON  185 Baker Street  iti   Telephone 10  SSL  l;^Si5s^ft^^6^S-at^a^^^2s^a <-t_'��_:l-_\_-_\--_^_?j._Z_tL-t-\SL.  **^&'0'0^m-0-0.0>0'0-0-0 ��r:5'.4P-'3;-��?<C.'C-'5MC-'����>  ili  \*  xti  xti  xti  xti  iti  W  ?m^   *  ��Jg5  -<-r-  Some Plain Facts  About Clothing  #-  We are iiow showing the finest stock of Spring  and Summer Suits in Nelson. There are several  points of merit in our Suits. They are, all of the  latest cut and are lined all through with the best  linings. They are tailored Tbetter than Suits oifer-  ed elsewhere at much higher prices. The fahrics  are the best in the market. We lead all others  for values m  Gents' Furnishings  Hats and Caps  Boots and Shoes  % We know that our values cannot be equalled by #  ^ any other house in Nelson.   We are so sure of f��  this that we will give money back if it cannot be  217 and 219 Baker Street.  ^f^-^'&'(Sj.(=,.^'S:''^'(-_'&..^-_ti_t  We have just received a fresh   consignment  of Christie's famous  Fancy Biscuits and Cream Sodas.  Also McCormick & Company's Jersey Cream Sodas.  P. O. BOX 176.  HOUSTON BLOCK.  Telephone 1C5.  D. M. Ferry fc Company'? Scefe  Froah Erks Kcceived Daily  John i\. lrvii\gi. Qg  Lethbridge Gait Goal  The best valuo for tha money Is the market  for all purposes.  tkkms case     W. P TiHKNEy, General Ageat  Telephone Ul.   Offloo with G, J>. J. Ciaistfe.  A. R. BARROW, A.M.I.C.E.  PROVINCIAL  LAND SURVEYOR  ���    Cornea.- Victoria and Kootenay Streets,  P. O. Box iB9. TBLSPHONB NO, 9.3


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