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 DAILY EDITION   BY MAIL  FIVE   DOLLARS A YEAR  tine  WEEKLY EDITION  BY MAlL  TWO DOLLARS A YEAR  EIGHTH YEAR  NELSOTST:  SATUKDAY MORNIffG \TITNE 2  1900.  PRICE FIVE CENTS  JOHN   HOUSTON   DEFINES  His Position Politically.  Johu Houston, candidate of tho  Provincial Parfcy, attended the  VIetcher meeting at the opera house  in Nelson on Thursday night, and  the speech that he made on the  occasion is given in full below:  .Mr.'Houston said : Air. Chairman  and Electors of Nelsou Riding���  If you vote the way you cheer,  I do nofc know what either  of these other two candidates  doing here (laughter); I think  U  h,&  are  they had better go home. (Renewed  laughter).    But  seeing   thafc   they  are in the field, and presumably in  the field  to stay, I will ask you to  listen  to  the few remarks  that T  have to make;    Gentlemen, I am the  willing candidate of the Provincial  Parfcy (cheers.)   I was uot forced to  take a nomination from any association, or of auy meeting of any party  line politicians. I announced myself  as a candidate who was willing to go  before a convention of men selected  fr >ni each product iu the riding by  fie    men     who     in   support;   the  l'ro\incial Party; and, gentlemen.  I received the nomination of fchat  c invention unanimously (applause).  That is why I am a candidate.    Air.  Fletcher  has stated to you that I  li'ive been mayor of the city of Nelson  twice, that 1 am now serving  my third term, and thafc I receive a  good salary for beiug mayor.    AA^ell  gentlemen,   I can  say that 1 have  always     advocated    good    wages  (laughter).       Bufc    what    is     Air.  Fletchei's     position?     While    he  Mas      a      member    of    the    city  c iiincil     Lasfc   year,    he    cut    the  mayor's salary very near in halves,  and    as    a    result     I    am    only  getting  $100  per month,  whereas  formerly   I got $1()0.<50 (laughter).  I   am  like    a   great   many   other  nun who   receive   small    salaries,  J    probably  earn what  1 get  and  no      more      (renewed     laughter).  I hit gentlemen, speaking seriously,  1 contend thafc -when a man serves  t he people he should be paid i'or his  her vices; no man should be asked  to servo tho state -without compen-  <-a*iqfi.  Dr. Hall, 1 notice, has seen fit to  ,inpugn  my  motives  iu  regard to  my position  wifch respect to wages  and  the hours  of labor.    Ho  said  that 1 have npt placed myself on  'ocord  in fche city council on fche  r matter of t'ie nine-hour day.    To  j love this, Dr. HaU, who is a member of the ^ city council,  has  read  yon   au  extract  from  the  minute  book.    He has endeavored to show  1 hat T was lacking in interest in the  cause of  labor  in  that my name  does not appear in connection with  1 iie motion  referred  fco;  that the  resolution  in  question  was  introduced by Dr. Arthur, and seconded  by   alderman   AIcKillop.     Now.   I  merely  desire  lo  say  this   in  reply ;    if    Dr.   Hall     had   desired  to deal fairly, he would have stated  to you fchat the mayor is not in a  jpo-itiou to   move ov second   auy  i esolutiou   afc    a council   meeting  (applause.)_ No_matter_how_much 1.  might favor any question, my position as mayor prevents my intro-  <hieing a resolution or motion upon  it; and, gentlemen, no man knows  this  better than Dr. Hall (cheers).  Further    than    this,    I    do     nofc  nofc consider that ifc is necessary for  me to defend my attitude towards  labor iu fche city of Nelson.   I believe that my record as a man afc  all times willing to pay good wages  to men whom J employ is known  to fche  majority of the  men who  compose this   meeting (cheers),    1  do nofc intend to get up hero and  make piofessions of friendship i'or  laboring men,'  I   believe the laboring men know I have been friendly  to them ever since I have been in  Nelson and Kootenay; that,"gentlemen,  is over twelve years (cheers).  I might also say in this connection  ihafc    though  I    have  shown   my  friendship for laboring men for over  twelve years, t was never a candidate for    public: office until   four  years ago.    This shows that I was  nofc the friend of the laboring men  jor the  purpose of catching their  vofces ,(cheers); ifc was because I believed in the principle  of fair pay.  1    believe   that   every   man   who  -works for   wages,   should   receive  Mifficient pay fco enable him to save  sufficient, if he is economical,   to  keep him in his old age Avithout being    compelled   to   work.     If   he  spends his wages foolislily that is  iui own Jookout;  ho should have  the same privileges in that direction  a-3 are claimed by  the more fortunate man who is not compelled to  work for a living (cheers). If that is  t lie talk of the demagogue, then I  am a rank demagogue (cheers), bufc  Conservatives,  were merely  ti%'es  (renewed  I do not believe that it is. I believe it is a principle which every  honest man iu this house will support, whether he be a laboring man  or an employer of labor.  POLITICAL, IMIOFESSIONS.  Now, gentlemen, as to the professions  of the party politicians.    Air.  Fletcher has claimed that he is the  candidate of a party that has 38  candidates in the field, or, in other  words that the Conservative party  has  candidates in  every constituency in the province. . But he did  nob tell you what kind of Conservatives  they were (laughter).    He  did  not   tell you    whether    they  were AVilson-Conservatives, whether  they    were   Turner-Conservatives,  whether    they   were   Alackintosh-  or    whether   they  Fletcher-Conserva-  laughfcer).     If   he  had  he would have been compelled  to admit that in this so-called Conservative   party,   somehow   there  were  three  or  four wings   which  did not pull together   aiid   there  were others who were not Conservatives  at all   (cheers).     You   all  know,    that     a    party    to     win  anything    must    be    united   (applause), aud split as it is iu so^many  factions I claim that the so-called  Conservative party has no chance  of winning against the candidates  of the Provincial Party and their  labor allies, who in Vancouver and  other constituencies are making a  common fight against the Conservatives aud the Alartiuifces  (cheers).  Personally, I know of three or four  stalwart  Liberals in the ranks of  that party which Air. Fletcher has  referred   to as   the   Conservative  party.    There are doubtless others,  but   it   would   be   tedious   to   go  through the whole list.    Why does  Air. Fletcher class Irving of Cassiar  as a Conservative ?   Captain John  is known throughout the province  as an outspoken Liberal (cheers).  What can Air. Fletcher say wifch respect to .1. P. Booth, the ex-speaker  of the legislature ?   He is known to  bo even as stalwart a Liberal as our  friend  Dr.  Hall   (laughter).    Then  there is Dick Hall of Victoria.   He  is a Literal if there ever was one.  lie1 is one of a family in Victoria  who maintain that the entire Liberal'  patronage   of   the   province  should be doled oufc by themselves  aud    by   nobody    else    (renewed  laughter).     Yet Air,   Fletcher has  lumped  these  men  in and   called  them Conservatives.   Why? Alerely  to make it appear that the Conservative   party has   candidates    in  every constituency in the province.  Coming nearer home we have another example of the division among  the Conservatives.     Cranbrook is  not very far away, and hy the way  I  havo  a   letter  from   Cranbrook  (laughter).    Here it is what ifc says:  Ckasiikooiv, Maj 30tli.  Kim on Ni.i son Tkikune : My attention has  beon called to the tiie publication in the Xelson  7VI inci- of inj nomiiKiUon fi*> it Conservative cmi-  (iKiuie. Tins id .1 campaign lio industriously  wt-culaloil by the I'orfc fatceio PiospecLor in the  face of my published plntfoim, aud in spite of my  repeated rk-cUralions to the < ontniry upon e\ eiy  platform I. oui riluoh I ha\o spoken during the  vnmpaitfn. - JOHN li. OOSriOAN.  There is another of Mr. Fletcher's  thirty-eight who flies the track  (laughter), and the chances are  there wiirbe a great many more fly  the track before the house meets  (renewed laughter).  THK  I3IQHT-HOUR LAW.  Now with respect to the eight-  hour law. Air. Fletcher says lie is  iu favor of fche eight-hour law and  thafc wc should nofc question his  word He says he never stated  that he was opposed to * the  eight-hour law (laughter)- I will  accept what Air. Fletcher says in  regard to that; that he has favored  the eight-hour law from-tho start;  in fact I will eveu go so far as to believe that he lielped Jim Wilks  got that law through the legislature on the quiet one night (uproarious laughter); but, gentlemen,  you generally judge a man by tho  company lie keeps (cheers). How  many of Air. Fletcher's prominent  ���supporters would vote to maintain  the eight-hour law as a statute?  In a straight issue I do not  think one of,them would, (cheers).  Had they a chance tomorrow they  "would repeal the law. (cheers),  T do not. say thafc Air. Fletcher  would not stand up for his  platform. I believe that he would,  because he is pretty stiff-necked at  fcimes ; but you know the influence  that a man's friends and supporters  have. If a man is elected to office  by a certain element, and fchat certain element desires something  carried out, fche candidate must be  stiff-necked indeed to stand upto the  rack and opposetheir wishes (cheers).  I do not think that any of you present question my position on the  issue in question (cheers). J will say  that if lam elected, to the legislature,  no matter what parfcy is in power my  yote .will be cast to keep the law as  it is at present (cheers); not that I  advocated the passage of the law,  but because I believe that the law,  now   that    it   is   a   statute,   had  had   better   remain one  (cheers).  I believe when the law is given a  fair trial you will not hear anyone  opposing     ifc.      That    has    been  the result iu other countries, where  similar laws have been tried, and in  countries where the   mine-owners  objected to it just as  strongly as  the mine-owners have objected to  it in British   Columbia.     I   have  stated time and again in the paper  of which lam the editor that before laws were repealed they should  be   given a .fair trial   (applause).  That trial has not been given because several of the  mine-owners  have been opposed to giving the  measure a trial.    (Applause.)   It is  time �� enough   to     repeal   a   law  when  it is  proven to   be  hurtful  <to ' the 'country!''   The   eight-hour  law lias not been so proven (cheers).  I will go further and predict that  should the  eight-hour law be repealed at the coming session of the  legislature, the fight through which  we  have  passed  will  have  to  be  fought over again (cheers);   and I  do not believe that the great majority of the people of Kootenay,  no matter what their first opinions  of the eight-hour law  were, are in  favor of having any such fight renewed (applause.)     The   retention  of the eight-hour law is the one  thing whicli, I" coqtend, will bring  peace to  the   country, aud those  who favor peace should see to ifc  that in casting their ballots  they  mark them for the candidate who  will best champion the retention of  the law as it now stands (cheers).  AVhen we have peace," gentlemen,  prosperty will surely  follow (applause.)    I may be using Air. Fletcher's battle-cry, but I might be  allowed to say here that candidate  Fletcher stole it from me (laughter.)  The position which I have taken on  the question of the eight-hour law  , remaining as it is, was taken by me  uot as a candidate seeking for tho  votes of. the electors.   Alonths before I became a candidate I made  it cleir through the"columns of The  Tribune   that there eould be no  prosperity without peace^ind that  tiie only way to secure peace was  to retain the eight-hour law as ifc  stands.   (Applause.)  .BRITISH FAIR PLAY. >  ,  There is one other thing. In order  to enjoy peaceand prosperity every  man who is entitled to cast a vote  should be accorded that privilege  (cheers).    No   set of men   in any  community should be allowed the  privilege of saying who should vote  and who should- nofc vote (cheers).  No three men in- any community  should be allowed the right to say  to 500 odd British   subjects that  they should be denied the exercise  of their privileges as British subjects (c'heei'S).    In  this  riding  489  men who are just as fairly entitled  fco vote as is Air. Fletcher have had  their names objected to, and' so far  have been kept off the list of voters  through the efforts of the meu who  have brought Air. Fletcher oufc as a  candidate" (tremendous- cheering).  I do not for one moment say that  candidate Fletcher personally took  any part in this action; but remember this, candidate Fletcher is the  one man in this contest who will  profit by it if the attempt which  has been made succeeds (cheers). Tn  this riding three irresponsible men  have objected to the names of 489  men going   upon   the voters' list,  and so far the names have been  kept off the list.    But this is  nofc  all.   When the collector of votes  decided that tli8 objections taken  were invalid, and the lawyers in"  the   interest   of the  Conservative  party candidate  had appealed  to  a judge of fche supreme court for a  writ of prohibition, the Conservative   party   managers   designated  some twenty persons oufc of the 489  objected to, whoijby their gracious  permission, would "be allowed to exercise their franchise (cheers).    Is  that British fair-play? (cries of. no!  and cheers).   We are nofc in South  Africa today!     Who   gave   these  men fche right or the power to censor  the voters" list (criesof no one! cheers)  Yet, gentlemen, now many members  of the Conservative association in  this city have come out openly and  denounced what is a gross outrage.  (Cries of not one! and cheers).  Yet  these men claim to be good Conservatives (laughter).    They know,  however, that the next federal election is almost sure to be taken upon  the voters' list as  revised for the  present election (applause);  yefc to  gain a mere temporary advantage  in a provincial election they have  attempted to deprive hundreds of  just as good Conservatives as them  selves of the privilege of voting for  their party's candidates in the next  federal election (applause). Is that  the way for good Conservatives to  strengthen their party ? (cheers). I  do not think that it is ; and, gentlemen, I am afraid that in the next  federal contest the Conservative  party will not poll the full strength  of the party in. Nelson riding  (cheers).  a  WHAT WILL BE THE RESULT ?  As to the general result of the  provincial elections, it must be admitted by. every impartial observer  that there will probably bo five or  six   distinct   parties iu  the   next  legislature, neither of which in itself  will   be   able to j command a  working majority ;   but;I maintain  that the Provincial Party will have  as many members in tiie next-house  as any, one of the other parties or  factions (cheers).      Anil I maintain  further,   that   the men  who   are  running as candidates of the Provincial Party, all of whom I believe  .will be elected,.which is more than  can be said for the majority of the  Conservative candidates, are just as  able as any other candidates to succeed in the formation of a govern-,  ment (applause).    They are the men  who desire first of all,a stable government    without   regard   to   the  success   of    this  or that political  ���party   (cheers).      The   Provincial  Party has in its ranks just as able  men as any of those who are identified with the other parties.     They  are safe men to follow, even though  they do nofc shout about agitation,  devastation and  (cheers).    Air.  Fletcher Avhere   is   that   card   of  yours so that I can see what  the  other words are ? (Laughter).  Air. Fletcher replied that he did  not have the card, and had not read  ifc. This was received wifch renewed  laughter.  Air. Houston, continuing, said:    I  do not   believe   that the   province  will go to the devil even if Joseph  Alartin, along wifch Dr. Hall, is  returned (laughter).   I believe that  the people of British Columbia are  able and desirous to keep moving  along wifch the   rest of the   world.  They-are not going to come to a  standstill simply because this  man  or that man is elected ��fcos office; but  I believe that the majority " of the  people of the, province are opposed  to   the   present premier   and   the  present    lieutenant-governor     because of their official acts while in  office, and that at the polls on  fche  ninth day of June they will say so  in no uncertain terms, and that af-  ter June 9fch neither premier Martin nor lieutenant-governor Alclunes  will rule the province thirty * days  (eheei's).   If I am elected, however,  I will nofc be like   candidate  Hall.  On the morning fchafc he announced  himself as a candidate, he  stated  definitely in his semi-official organ,  the organ  thafc has since sold  him  three   columns   of space,   that   he  would not support Joseph Alai-tin  in' or out   of  the   house (ehceis).  Is that consistent   with the   statement that he has   made here   tonight? (cheers).   I do not believe  that ifc is (cheers).   How can a man  say one day_that Jie would not support Alartin   and a few "days "later"  say that he would give Alartin his  vote to see whether or nofc he would  carry oufc his principles? (cheers).   1  am   afraid    thafc    the    doctor   is  somewhat of a sfcraddler (laughter),  He     has     tried      to     ride      the  Alartin     horse     in     Ymir      and  the  Archie  Johnson-Dr.   Arfchur-  anti-Marfcin  horse   in   Nelson   (renewed laughter).   1 do not think  the people of Xelson desire as their  reprenontative either a sfcraddler or  a wobbler  (laughter).   They want  a man who knows where he at till  the time (cheers), and 1 believe that  I am that candidate (laughter).  MUST   UIO   JUDGED    BY   THEIR   PERFORMANCES.  As to fche respective parties that  are before the people, we must  judge them by tlieir performances."  The Conservative party, - under  different names, has been in  power many years. It was known  variously as the Robson-Davie-  Turner government. How fair  have they acted in matters which  are issues today? One issue is fair  representation in the legislature.  Then- system was to give one section of the province a representative for each 150 or 200 voters,  while in other sections 1500 or 2000  were given but one member. WJia fc  did the Conservative government  do to bring about a change? Ifc  gave the two Lillooefcs*, with less  than 400 voters, two members,  while West Kootenay wifch 4000  voters w;ih put off with one additional member, making two in all.  That was the Conservative idea of a  fair redistribution bill worked out  in practice^, (cheers).    One of the  first   acts of the   next   legislature  should be the passage of an equitable measure of redistribution, and  the party of which I am a   candidate stands pledged for that performance. A partial measure of this  nature was defeated in   the  last  legislature through the treachery  of Joseph Alartin, D. AV. Higgins and  J.   D.   Prentice    (Applause.)     All  three of these men are  running in  their respective constituencies, and  what better can you expect of them  should thoy be re-elected ?    One of  the three, D. AV. Higgins, is running  in Esquimalt   as   a Conservative  (cheers and cries of No!)   Well, I  am quoting   froni   the Vancouver  World,   premier    Alartin's   official  organ.    It ;classes Mr. Higgins  as a  Conservative   and   Dr.   Hall  "as a  Alartinite, and   you   see it   came  nearer to sizing Dr. Hall up right  than most of the doctor's supporters  in Nelsou, (laughter.)     The doctor  has made a statement on the platform tonight and you can now possibly   make   up your mind as to  where he is at.    I cannot say that  that I can (laughter.) With respect  to Air. Higgins, the chances are that  he is 8, Conservative if he can get a  portfolio, and something else if he  doesn't get one  (laughter.)     I  am  afraid  that is  the   way   a   great  many   of   the    Conservatives   are  (laughter);    but    the    Provincial  Party  men   are Provincial   Party  men in or out of the government.  GOVERNMENT   OWNERSHIP OF RAILWAYS.  Both candidate Hall and candidate  Fletcher forgot one thing���  that is  to  state where they stand  on the railway policies of their respective parties.     Candidate Hall  said nothing about premier Alartin's  scheme to build a   railway from  Vancouver to Kootenay.    This is  the scheme which Joseph hatched  to catch the farmer vote in  Chilliwack; and in order to catch  the  same vote for their candidate, the  AVilson Conservatives have adopted  the     same    platform.     Candidate  Fletcher did not touch , thafc plank  in   his   party's   platform.     What  would be the result if either one of  these leaders secured control of the  legislature   and .carried   out   this  principle  or  idea?  Jn  what  way  would it  affect Nelson?   Ifc would  simply destroy that for which we  have contended, and for which we  have fought for the last ten years���  the making of Nelson the commercial metropolis  of the  interior  of  the province (cheers).   Are you willing to send men to Victoria who  would do their utmost to destroy  thafc   which    we    have    tried    so  many years to build up? (cheers).  I do not believe that yon are in  favor of any such idea, or that you  will support any buch candidates  with your votes (applause).    1 have  done ail thafc I could as au  individual to make Nelson what ifc is today (cheers); and no acfc of mine, in  or out of the  legislature, will  be  such as can be construed as tending  fco destroy thafc which I have helped,  to upbuild (cheers).    I believe that  government    ownership    of    rail-  ways_is_ajivc_is&ue,_ and_ one  that  will have to be taken up by either  of the political parties of Canada, if  not at the next; election, then at the  succeeding one (cheers).    As to  the  issue       in       this       province    , I  contend   that   if   the government  desires   fco   experiment   with  government ownership of railways, the  experiment should be made iu  the  northern portion  of fche  province,  that is  now wholly without railways,   ancl   which  is   no   more   a  wilderness    today   than   was   the  southern portion  of   the  province  when the Canadian Pacific railway  was constructed through"ifc, largely  at government expense.    If a railway has aided to build  up prosperous towns and .communities  in  the southern half of British Columbia, what is to prevent a like result  from the building of railways in the  northern half ?   And if built,- such  railways    would    not   have    competitors and the government would  have   free    scope   to   prove    that  government ownership of railways  is a practical business  proposition.  (Applause).  ADVERTISING THE I��HOVlNf13.  Ah'. Fletcher has said that he  would be in favor of making known  the wauti of the province in England. I would be willing to make  known the resources of the province, first in Canada, 1 believe today that tiie best mining companies  thafc we have operating in this  province are Canadian companies,  managed by Canadians (applause).  I would nofc do anything to debar  in the slightest auy old country  company from purchasing mines  and developing  them;   but I   con-  I tend that it is a great deal better  to have our mines operated by men  who are in sympathy with our ideas  of government, and it takes, so it  has been said, the average old  countryman about ten years in  wliich to make up his mind that  Canada is a good country to live iu.  (Applause).  ALL ARE WORKWOMEN'S CANDIDATES  Dr. Hall has claimed that he is  the candidate. of the workingmen,  more especially of the working  miners, simply because he is  the doctor at some of the  mines. That     is     all     right.  No    doubt   there   is   a   bond   of  'sympathy, between the doctor and  those who pay him one dollar per  month for his services; but I think  the doctor has the long end of the  sympathy.     Personally,   I do not  stand before you tonight   as   the  candidate of the workingmen anymore than as the candidate of the  business men of Nelson  (applause).  I have worked as hard in ray time  probably as any man in this room,  and I am sorry to admit that I have  to do it today.   I contend that you  should   sent   to    Victoria   a_ man  broadminded   enough   to legislate  for both the workingman and the  business man (applause).     If you  consider    that    either    candidate  Fletcher or candidate Hall is  more  broadminded than myself, and better fitted by education and experience to represent you in Victoria,  then   do   not   cast   a single vote  for    me;     because     I     maintain  that  the    Nelson    riding   should  be represented  in   the   legislature  by    a    man     who     would      be  able to hold his own with any man  on the floor of the  house  (cheers)  Nelson and Kootenay should  play  second fiddle to no set of men or  section of the   province.    That is  what'I maintain is your first duty.  OTHER ISSUES.  There are many other issues in  the different platforms of the different candidates. In fact, in my  own platform I have fourteen or'  fifteen distinct planks, and I must  say that I have some difficulty in  keeping all fche planks of ray own  platform 'in my head (laughter.);  but apparently I am ,no worse oft"  than my.opponents.  -  NEWSPAPER- SUPPORT.  Another matter worth  mentioning is the fact that candidate Hall  has complained of having no newspaper.    Well, 1 have one.    Ifc devotes about half a column each day  to efforts to secure my election; but  candidate   Ball-has   a newspaper  which devotes three columns per  day to promote his election  (laughter.) ' Candidate Fletcher has also  a   paper   which   devotes    a   column     or    two     to     the     abuse  L6f      one      of      the     candidates  who is opposing Fletcher (laughter);  bufc it seems to overlook the fact  that Air. Fletcher is a candidate.  Is  it because the newspaper is ashamed  of candidate Fletcher   or because  the   candidate   will   not   potlatch  enough (laughter).    My' experience  Vith candidate Fletcher has  been  that he is> a m&n who is willing to  pay a good piice for a good article  of advertising or_job printing;_then  why    should   his   newspaper   be  ashamed to own him (laughter).   I  do not   know whether his   newspaper deal should  be classed as job  printing or advertising (laughter),  probably it should be classed as job  printing because the job appeal's to  be   very   poorly   done   (laughter).  Candidate Fletcher has also an  organ  at  Ymir,  that stronghold  of  candidate  Hal), where the  miners  and Liberals are said to have unanimously endorsed the doctor as a  candidate   (laughter).    As   things  are,   1   happen   to   be   the    only  candidate     who     should      make  any  roar   about   lack   of  support  from  tho press, as The Tribune  only supports me to the extent of a  half column per day.    But I believe  thafc fche average elector in the Nelson "riding is just as intelligent as  the average editor of a   paper   in  Nelson (applause); therefore  I  appeal directly to the elector and not  to the-elector through a newspaper.  I maintain that that is the proper  way to convince   the   electors   of  your sincerity   ami of your worth.  If a man has lived in a community  for eight or ten years, the average  man is able to size him up for what  he is worth,  notwithstanding any  strictures or abuse whicli   newspapers may heap upon him (applause)  J  have  been   in   the   district   for  twelve years and I can safely say-  that   no other man has   beeu   so  roundly abused as myself  in a portion     of      the      press      (cheers).  Yet     every     time,   except    once,  thafc     I     have     "offered      myself  as a candidate for public office, tho  people have sized me up and said  "John!   you are. all right."   (Tremendous cheering).   The one time  that they went back on me was  when Bill Galliher and two or three  of the boys got switched off on the  wrong track (laughter), but they  are back now, and on the ninth day  of June we will show the other  candidates that we are the people  (cheers).     The   candidate    of the  Provincial Party is not appealing  for your votes upon auy grounds of  sympathy.     He   stands flatfooted  upon the merits of his party and  himself (cheers)   The candidate has  been in the riding for many years,  and with the   party,   during the  whole of that time, he has done what  he      could       to      advance     the  interests   of the riding.     As the  candidate of the Provincial Party,  you can depend upon it, that if~  elected, to the legislature, every ef-  fort that I make will be with a-  view to advancing the interests of  the.riding and of the province as a"  whole (cheers.)  I believe I have takeh up more  than ray 30 minutes, and as there,  is a more eloquent man to follow  me than either of three candidates  I will give way and permit him to  address you.  The applause which marked the  termination of candidate Houston's  speech was as marked as that which  greeted his first appearance.  WHOLESALE TRADE REPORT  Yesterday's Shipments.  The report from' the wholesale  trade this week indicates a good  average week's business iu all lines,  with no unusual features. Yesterday's shipments were- as follows:  H. Byers & Co., hardware aud  mining supplies.���Hall Siding, Slocan City, Deer Park, Aloyie, Ainsworth, Bosun Landing, Silverton,  Sandon, Fort Steele, Lardo and'  Kaslo.  Kootenay Cigar Co.���Vancouver,  Kaslo and Kimberley.  Thorpe & Co., aerated and mineral waters.���Ymir, Enterprise,  Robson, Slocan City and Rossland.  John Cholditclr & Co., wholesale  grocers.���Cascacle.Troufc Lake, Sandon, Whitewater,-Kaslo, Silverton,  Slocan City, Enterprise, New Denver, Rossland, Aloyie, Trail and  Ymir.  Nelson Saw & Planing ' Alills',  ���Limited, sash and doors.���New Denver, Ontario Powder Work* and  Erie.  "A Alaedonald & Co., wholesale  grocers.���Fire Valley, Deer Park,  Grand Forks, Slocan Cifcy, AVest  Robson, Ferguson, Ymir, Silverton, T  New Denver, Hall Siding and  Slocan Junction.  J, Y. Griffin & Co., produce and  provisions.���Sandon, Grand Forks;  Erie and Ymir.  -Kootenay Supply Company,  wholesale grocers. ��� Grand - Forks,  Ymir, Eholt and Hall Siding.  Turner, BeetonJ��fc Co., dry goods  and liquors.���Ymir, Salmo, Slocan  _Gifcy, Itobson. Rossland,. Eholt and_  Rosebery.  W.  F. Teetzel & Co.,  assayers' ,  supplies.���Rossland,    Hall    Siding, '  Granite   Siding,    Cranbrook   and  Grand Forks-.  Lawrence Hardware Company.���  Slocan City, Kaslo, Pilot; Bay,  Forty-nine creek, Fire Valley,  Grand Forks, Thompson's Landing,  Procter, AVoodbury Creek, Salmo,  Ainsworth, Ymir, Lemon Creek,  Granite Siding and Lardo.  ��� II. J. Evans & Co., commission  merchants.���Lake Points, Vmir,  Silverton, Aloyie, New Denver, Erie,  Bounington Falls. Slocan City and  Waneta.  Vancouver Hardware Company.���  Nakusp, Greenwood, Slocan City,  Ymir and Creston.  i  1  - ii  m  '���'- fc I  h  Argument Not Concluded.  Vancouver, June L���[Special to  Tribune.]���The appeal in the Nelson  Voters' List case was heard before  the full court all day. The argument was not concluded tonight,  and will probably occupy all tomorrow forenoon, The whole discussion was on technical law points"  based on rules of election procedure. The principal feature was the  dispute between Alessrs. Alaedonald  aud Taylor as to v, hat had occurred  at Nelson in fche various adjournments before Air. Justice Drake and  what wero the undertakings then  given. E. P. Davis, appearing wifch  Alaedonald on behalf of the respondents, applied for an adjournment,  which would have defeated the end  of Taylor's appeal, in order to have  the judge's notes brought from Nelson, but this was refused.  I^^^^^^s^^^gi^^i^^g^ro^iges THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON B. C SATURDAY, JUNE 3  1900  There is no store where good clothing can  be  bought to  better  advantage than here  For Men, Boys, and Children  A most beautiful collectiorf in plain and fancy worsteds, in  neat checks, stripes, clays and serges made in single and double  breasted sack style.  A big assortment of hats, shoes, ties, shirts, underwear,  hosiery, etc.   Prices the lowest.  BROWN    &    CO.   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Candidate Fletcher sayh he is  making the   run   as   �� party-lino , .  Conservative, and as au eight-hour j Smith, who has declared  war on  man. lie also identities himself  with ex-premier Turner, who, on  behalf of fche Turnerites, is pledged  against party lines, and is opposed to  the eight-hour law. This is what  premier Joe would term an unholy  alliance.  Candida��� Hall stated in the  opera house on Thursday evening  thafc if premier Martin required his  vote on an even division he would  have ifc. This is the doctor's way  of admitting that he is a Martin  candidate. At the same time he  persists in saying that his candidature has the endorsation of Ralph  Martin aud his government. Candidate Hall's conception of false  pretences must be somewhat vague.  Candidate    Hall    denied     on  Thursday   evening   that   he   had  been turned  down  at  the  annual  meeting    of   the    Nelson    Liberal  Association.     He  denied  that  his  name was before the association as  a candidate, or that any such motion was voted down by the association.    The men who were present  at  the meeting, and  opposed  Dr.  Hall's   candidature,   say   that  the  doctor   is  quibbling.       His  name,  though not included in tiie formal  resolution,  was  mentioned by the  mover of it in his introductory remarks ; every member  who  spoke  iipon the resolution and the amendment offered to ifc mentioned  the  doctor's name; when it came to a  vote the doctor asked to be excused  on account of his connection wifch  the question;   and eventually the  amendment and the main question  were voted down.    This is not the  version which, candidate Hall gave  to his audience on Thursday evening.   The doctor has made the same  statement on three  different  occasions,   aud, although he has been  flatly   contradicted,   he   continues  reiterating what is now known to  be a misstatement of fact.  _-f_t^^'^'^'1m'^'^'^'^'^'^'^'^'^'^'^''a___' '^'^'w��'^'^'^'^'^'^'^'^'^'^'^'\_'x_t,>t\  ���fc^*^^ S?^-^-^ ���^���^���^���^������w** ^.^.^.^. -^-00^ ^00 00^-00-__0-00 ^'00-00-00-00-00^.^  w  Xit  Xit  Candidate Hall is now the same  in every portion of the riding. If  Martin requires liis vote the doctor  says he will have it; and if Martin  doesn't want it lie will endeavor to  dispose of it to someone else.  Dominion Day Celebration.  Subscriptions towards the Dominion Day celebration continue to  be received, and lists are now open  at the four banks and This Tribune  and Miner oifices where all donations from 50 cents up will be  received and acknowledged. The  legatfca seems sure to be a great  success, and the Wiuuipeggers havc  been wired to come as they will  find competitors. A. II. Buchanan  received a letter from Vancouver  yesterday saying that a four would  be sent, and one is likely also to  come from Victoria. Visitors from  Spokane may also be expected, as  drains will be run from '-there to  Nelson on June 1st, 2nd, '3rd and  4th afc single fare for the round  trip-    At the Recorder's Office.  The entries made afc the mining  recorder's office yesterday were:  The Cut Diamond claim afc Five-  mile, Point transferred to G. L.  Lennox by Robert Perry 111 consideration of $10. Certificates of work  were issued to George Davis iii respect to the Iron, Sih-cr and Silver  Queen claims; to .lack Wilson on  Great Falls claim; to A. E. McDougall on Sfc. Anthony claim, and to  D. E. Grobe on Commodore, Beau  Revoir, Sunrise and Scotch Thistle  claims: locations recorded, Grand  Trunk mineral claim ou Beaver  creek by J. II. Nolan aud Sunrise  claim on headwaters' of Beaver  creek by Katherine McEvoy,  Fairview Park Open.  The park afc Fairview owned by  the street railway company will be  op_ened_to_the inibHc_totKy, the ex^  tension of the tramcar line being  now finished. A number of citizens went down yesterday by invitation to visit the new park. Ifc is  situated on the edge of the lake,  with seats, band" stand and swings  for the children. It should become  a favorite resort, especially for picnics. Ifc is also understood that a  bathing shed will shortly be erected  there. This should be am additional attraction, as the shelving, sandy  beach is particularly suitable for  fchat form of amusement.  xit  Xii  Xii  Xli  Xli  Xit  Xit  \fc  Xli  Xit  Xit  Yourself and Friends are Invited by  The Home Art Society of  Decorative Needle  Work  of New York, to view an Exhibition of Silk Art Needle Work and  to arrange for a series of lessons, from May 28th to June 13th.  Hours from 10 to 12, and 2 to 4; in Hume Hotel parlors.  xli  Xli  Hi  Art Lectures, Mondays, Wednesdays aiid Fridays.  Lessons and Lectures Free of Charge.  Mrs. Kenly, Artist and Teacher.  Xli  xit  xit  xli  xit  Xli  xit  xit  Xit  Hi  Xit  xit  Xit  Xit  Xit  Xit  The teacher will inform each lady joining the class where the silks and  linens can be obtained. Belding's Art Silks* and Linens used exclusively in  these classes. "n  With ihe Compliments of Fred Irvine & Co.  Xli  Xit  xit  *^��^___i___^ ____\____\ 'm_^''__^''!___\'___*���' aS'*^5k '^�����'*��5* *^Sl*a&*il��& *<^^ ~*^^ ' 0*? �� 0*0* . tk* ' 09* ' *_f ��� ___\- f^f ��� *^ ' 0* ��� *S_* '0k* ' ____'-0**' ' 0k* '0k* ' 0** '**.4^  %00' 00 .-00. 00 .00. 0_0 ' j_0' ^0'00' 00 ' 00' 00 ' 0-0'^_0* ^_0 ' 00'0^* ^_\. . ^^ *^fe, ��� ^��k '^k* ^^ *5^* ^^T*5^�� ^^ *5k* ^^ * 5^�� ^^ *^f*^^ ***^"  Customs Returns for Mav.  The returns from the customs office for May arc appended:  fMI'OJilb.  Dutiable, value .        ... ,?3,0870  PRETORIA SOON MAY FALL  It Will Long.  London, June 1.���With Johannesburg added to the list of British  towns, the nation now eagerly  awaits a similar transformation at  Pretoria. Doubtless lord Roberts  ere this has started for the Transvaal capital. The measure of resistance which he will encounter during  the thirty miles which separates the  Gold Rand city from the former seat  of government is still a matter of  conjecture, though most critics  agree in believing it will not be sufficiently strong to delay the occupation of Pretoria longer than tomorrow. ��� Once there, the recuperation of the forces will probably occur, while flyijag columns will be  scut in various directions to stamp  out opposition, establish garrisons  and occupy important railway  points.  The only development reported  from the seat - oi war, as this dispatch was sent, is the statement  from Cape Town that a number of  colonial rebels recently surprised a  small body of British at Douglas,  killing sixteen of them, including  their commander, colonel Spence.  So far there is no official confirmation of this dispatch and tho statement must be received with caution.   Why the Mines Were Saved  London, May 31. ���The -Daily Express says: <rAIr. Kruger's agent  has invested ��140,000 of the president's money in land and mines.  This took place before the war broke  oufc and to this fact may be ascribed  the failure of the Transvaal author-  ities_to blow_up.fche mines.!!   Palace IVJeat Njar^et  Headquarters  for all kinds of  Fresh and Cured  Meats.  KlC'J, MllllO.  Total .  IMiiy collected  Other ictouucb  Total  '>,'**>  S-lt.fiSi  $10,.-).'B) 58  lft'i 18  ..liWMllti  Inland Revenue Collectrons.  The   inland   revenues    collected  hero hy F. "W. Swannell during May  are as follows:  Spirit1,.  Malt ..    ,  TolmcuO  H.\\\ !i'��f tobacco  Cjkui-..  .... $2513 75  .'>>') 00  7f>7 ���>'>  .  ..     ,       (.!) 20  ,'JIS 00    $4I��i3 20  Steamer Trail Burned.  The steamer Trail was discovered  ou firo at Robson at midnight last  night, and  was  burned  almost to  the  water's  edge.     The   steamer  Rossland fortunately had not left,  and her crew rendered what assistance they could.   Further particulars of the disaster wero not   obtainable last night.  Reform in Havana.  Havana, June 1.���Cock-fighting,  which has for centuries been one of  the chief sports* of the island, is to  be prohibited after today. Many  professional sporting men made  their living by breeding and lighting the birds.  Kruger Reported, II!.  London, June 1.���A belated dispatch from Kroonstadt, dated May  20fch, reports that president Kruger  is very ill and adds that the station-  master at Kroonstadt says the  president is dead, but this was not  credited.  PisMng Season of 190  We are selling the fishing tackle* which entices  the fish. We have the  most complete line of flies  and trolling baits.  See our fishing rod complete with line, leader,  reel, and flies for $5.  A feature will be made of the poultry and  game trade. They will always be on hand during their season.  J. L. PORTER, Prop.  169 Josephine St., between Baker and Vernon.  Telephone 159.  Contracting Painters, Decorators, Paperhangers.  Full hue of wall paper, mouldings, etc,   Kalso  mining and Tinting.   Strictly first-class work.  E8timateb furnished]   Residence Mill Street,   f_T?T CAM    D    p  Opposite School House   JJmLiOUJW, D. Kf,  W. Starmer Sn)ith & Go.  PAPER HANGER, GLAZIER,  PAINTER, ETC.  CHIMNEY SWEEPING  Office Ward Streeb Opposite Opera HonoC  Fruit and Ornamental Trees  Rhododeiidrops, Roses, Fancy .Evergreens  Magnolas, Bulbs, nev crop tested seeds, for spring  planting. Lamest and moat complete stock in  Western Canada. Call and make your selections  or send for catalogue. Address at the nursery  grounds and greenhouse.  M. J. HENRY.  SOOfi Westminster Rood. Vancouver. B. C. o  St. JOSEPH'S SCHOOL  NELSON. B. C.  A boarding and day school conducted by the  Sisters of St. Jospph of Peace. -= It is situated at  the corner of Mill and Josephine streets in one of  the best residential portions of Nelson, and is  easily accessible from all parts of the eity.  The course of study includes the fundamental  and higher branches of thorough English education* Business course���bookkeeping, stenography and typewriting. Science coursw���music;  vocal and instrumental, drawing, eto. Plain art  and uoediework, etc.  For terms and particulars apply to tho Sister  Superior.  5,_a_.A8HOROET-  BLACKSMITHING  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING   '  Wagon repairing promptiy attended bo by a  flrat-class wheelwright.  Special attention given to al) kinds of repairing and custom work from outside points.  Shop:  Hall St.. between Baker and Vernon  E. P. Whalley, J. P.  NOTARY PUBLIC  Saw*  B/| ills, Limited  Are prepared to furnish by rail, barge or teams  Dimension Lumber, Rough and Dressed  Lumber, Local and Coast Ceiling, Local and  Coast Flooring, Double Dressed Coast Cedaiv  Rustic, Shiplap, Stepping, Door Jambs, Pine  and Cedar Casings, Window, Stiles, Turned  Work, Rand-sawing, Rrackets, Newel Posts,  Turned Veranda Posts, Store Fronts, Doors,  Windows and Glass.  Get prices before purchasing elsewhere  Office Corner Ijall arjd Front Streets  Factory Hall Street Crossing C. P. R. Track  Mills Hall Street Wharf  P. Burns & Co.  Wholesale and Retail  Dealers in Meats  Head Ojppioe at  KELSON, B. 0.  Markets at   Nelson,   Rossland,   Trail,  Kaslo, Ymir,  Sandon,   Silverton, New  Denver, Revelstoke, Ferguson, Grand Forks, Greenwood, Cascade Cifcy, Mid-  ���way, and^Yancouver. ���, ~  Mail Orders Promptly Forwarded  u  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  Office with C. XV. West S_ Co., coruar Hall and  Baker streets.  City offlco of tho Noli��>n Soda water Factory.  Corporation of the OHy ��f Melson  COUBT   Of  BEYIBIOff.  Notice is hereby given that the Court of He-  vision of (ho City of Kelbou, for tho purpose of  " ~  '" ... ..-        .       ..      issessmdnt  ��� hall, Nel-  lie.uiiig all compluinte against tho assessment  tor the iear 1H00 will beheld in th�� city hall, Nelson, on Monday, June ItS, 1800, at 10 0 clock a.m.  Canada Grog & Book Go,  NELSON  NOTICE.  All plaxlcrcriiniercijucHted (o meet in the KI-  Hot block al So'dock on Thnrsdaj evening, the  Slfit iriHtunt, when business of importance will be  tiansartcd. .Uy oirterof (ho Committee.  Nelson. May lijt. 1900  xv. a. WASsotf,  '  ' Acting Cleik.  Nelson  Ice Company  ���WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN,  Ala, BINDS OV  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  Baker Street, Nelson  ORDERS BY MAIL RECEIVE CAREFUL AND PROMPT ATTENTION.  E. C. TRAVES, Manager  Kootenay Steal Laundry  FKOPRIBTORS  The only steam laundry in Nelson employing union labor  A, LARSON, Mana^ep  ?"  General agents for Mirror Lake la Company.  Ico delH ered in any part of the city. OfBee at  Grand Central Hotel, Vornon and ward streets  Phone H8.  P.O. box 139.  ��AND NOTICE.  Nofico is hereby given, that after one inonth I  will make application to tho Chief Commibsioner  of Lands and Works to pmchako ono hundred  and sixty acres of land i��s the Distnot of Wost  Kootenaj, m tho Province of British Columbia,  situated on tiie west olde of Kootonay lake, on  Bouldor crook, about two miles s.outh of Balfour'  Commencing at Initial Po'it marked "John Burk.  N: E. Corner," fhoneo west sixty-four chains,  thence honth tncntj-flvo chains, thence east  sixty-four chains, thence north twenty-fivo chains  to the Iniitttl Post.  JOHN BURK.  Dated at Nolson this 7th day of April, 1900.  Hard Coal  Anthracite  GRJSAT REDUCTION  $9.6��jg��f8Nest   $8.15  DSiLIVBHED  TKLEPHONIB  33  S  CLEANING  AND  REPAIRING  YOUR OWN GOODS MADE UP  OLD CLOTHES MADE GOOD AS NEW  ARTHUR GEE  Opposite Clarke Hotel. MERCHANT TAILOB  a mmzm  Of Fred J. Squire, merchant  tailor, Nelson, I intend to  continue the business, so as  to keep, the ��� patronage of all  Mr: Squire's old patrons and  get a share of-the genera!  trade. I am now prepared  to show the latest styles in  all lines of spring goods, A  special line on hand at $25  per suit. All other lines at  low rates. None but Union  labor employed,  E. Skinner  Neelands' Building, Baker Street,  FRED J. SQUIRE, Manager. THE TRIBUNE: KELSON B. C, SATUBDAY; JUNE 2, 1900  BANE OP MONTREAL  CAPITAL, all paid up..$12,000,000  BEST     7,000,000  Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal ...President  Hon. George A. Drummond Vice-President  E. S. Clouslon General Manager  NELSON BRANCH  Corner Baker and Kootenay Streets.  Branches in London' (England) Nkw York,  Chicago, and all the principal cities in Canada.  Buy and  Transfers. ���  (���rant   Commercial  sell Sterling  Kxehango and Cablo  and   Travelers'   Credits,  ,'uilahlo in any part of the world.  In-ufLs Issued, Collections Mado, Eto.  THE BANK OF  BRITISH* COLUMBIA  NELSON  Savings Bank Branch  CUKKRXT KATK OK IXTKRK8T PAID.  y.  NO NEWS FROM PRETORIA  Boers May Stand Siege.  London, June 2.���3:45 a.m.���Lord  Huberts continues silent regarding  Pretoria, probably because he cannot wire of events from his knowledge.    Lorenzo   Marquez,    where  all.the news from  the Boer side is  reliandled,,cables that comniunica-.  t ion with Pretoria is now suspended.  Some messages by  courier  reached'  Lorenzo Marquez  but none of later  date than Wednesday.    These  assert that the burghers are in a state  ..of panic, and that Pretoria is  controlled by the vigilance committee.  Lorenzo Marquez again  sends , the  report that president Kruger  has  been  captured.    This   news  blank-  gives rise to a suspicion  that' the  committee at Pretoria may not have  been able to carry but their''. plans  for securing the peaceful  entry of  lord Roberts, and  sparing the  city  the horrors of a siege.  The peace party appeared to be  in the ascendant, and, as soon as  pi esident Kruger and his cabinet  lefb Pretoria to organize a new  capital, the citizens' committee persuaded the commandants of the  forts to withdraw some of the  troops from the defences, perhaps  w ith the view of keeping order in  the town. If messengers had been  ���-ent to the British, or if the British  wero two hours' march from Prc-  to/ia on AVednesday, aud entered it  t lion or at any time prior to Friday  oioou, lord Boberts would <-crtaiuly  have telegraphed this fact. - Hence  il looks as though there were a  Boer force between Pretoria and  Johannesburg.     ��� ' t  These  soldiers, falliug  back   toward Pretoria, some of them ficsli  'Jiom  the   fight with   general   Ian  Hamilton,  would   have   brought a  v element into the situation, and  Is now prepared to issue Drafts and  Letters of Credit .on Skaguay, U. S.,  Atlin, B. C, and Dawson City, N. W. T.  acting as newspaper correspondents.  Although consul Hay's cable does  not mention the conditions prevailing at Pretoria, there is a disposition here to regard in it some measure as a kind of semi-official endorsement of the statements made  in lord Roslyn's dispatch to the  Daily Mail of London, announcing  the imminent surrender of Pretoria  to the British.  imperial Bank of Canada  HEAD  OFFICE. TORONTO.  Capital Authorized  Capital Paid up  Rest  $2,500,000  $2,391,863  $1,554,710  D. It. Wilkie, General Manager.  E. Haj\ Inspector.  w'ould probably overrule the" peace  , committee^ taking the diiection of  a flairs out of their hand?. If this  h is happened, the British may, as  tho Daily Chronicle says, ''see-some  hard fighting before the British Hag  flies over Pretoria, for even if the  Uoei's, held only tho three forts  Fitauding cJose together on the hills  n ��uth of the town, they would be  in a position to stand a siege."  Warren Has a Hard Fight.  Capetown,   May  31. ��� General  Warren with seven hundred  men  occupied a strong defensive position  ��xf I^ibersput on May 29.   At dawn  he found  that he  was  surrounded  und was fiercely attacked by  10()0  rebels.���Thehorses -werestampeded"  luic the force concentrated and the  Itoera were repulsed. A small party  in a garden continued to iight tenaciously, but evacuated as the charge  liegan, leaving a number of wonnd-  '. <��d.   The British   lost fifteen killed,  < including colonel Spence, and thirty  '��-- wounded.  Late War Items.  London, June 2.- The Boers, ac-  ' cording to a special   dispatch  from  Lorenzo Marquez, have  re-entered  iho northeastern territory of tho  -     Free State and  are engaged with  f.lie Biitish near  Vciitersburg and  Ifiirrisinith.  It is reported from Amsterdam  that the best rooms at Net Hassje,  one of the principal hotels there,  havo been engaged for president  K niter's occupancy from June 25th.  <;endt>al   Buller  is  moving   slowly  against tho Boer Hanks.  ^ ,       ,   Boers Fight Pluckily.  WirNBURtt, May 31.���After considerable fighting the Boers with  1 wo guns and several Maxim guns  itre making a plucky stand eight  jNiIef* 'ea^t of Senekal. General  Rundle succeeded in driving off the  federals, thus permitting the British to occupy the town of Lindley  .unopposed.  News From Pretoria.  .London, June l.~ In reply to an  enquiry, the United States consul,  Adelbert V. Hay, h&$ cabled to the  {Taited.Statcs ambassador that lord  Roslyn was liberated Wednesday,  but was allowed to remain in Pretoria. Lord Cecil Manners, he adds,  tvas also liberated. They were both  Kumassi Reported Believed.  London, June 2:��� 7:45 p. m.���The  colonial office has" received a dispatch from Cape Coast Castle dated  May 31st, saying it is believed there  that   captain   Hall  with   a   relief  party' "entered   Kumassi   on   May  20th.       The   governor,   sir   F.  M.  Hodgson, with the sick, wounded  and refugees was  expected to arrive at Fumsu on May 30th. Troops  have beeji concentrated at Fumsu  to overcome *iny possible resistance  by the rebels who are reported to  be   north   of   there.       If   the report   of   the   relief   of   Kumassi  is    correct,    it   greatly   improves  the      military      situation,      but,  notwithstanding     the    optimistic  tone   of the   dispatch   from   Cape  Coast Castle, it reveals a somewhat  serious  situation  of   affairs,   inasmuch as apart from the  possibility  of governor Hodgson's  party being  cut oil"by the enemy north qjp Fumsu,   it   practically   announces   the  evacuation of Kumassi, which will  be interpreted by the hostile tribes  as a British retreat, and thus  tend  to  spread the   rising.    The   rainy  season is now in full  swing aud no  punitive expedition can be  successfully undertaken until the autumn  Fatalities on the Lardo.        t  Kaslo. June 1.���[Special to The  Tribune.]���In addition to the two  fatalities reported today in the  Lardo-Duncan, three more names  havc been added to the list of missing miners. L. A. Lemon, well  known here, went Up Kootenay  lake the other day and an upturned  boat, supposed to bo his, was passed  yesterday by the steamer Argenta:  There are also rumors round town  that Oalles Freeman' and - Ralph'  Kenyon have been drowned, but it  is hoped there is no foundation for  the reports. They took a row boat  on Monday for Salisbury' creek, 14  miles up Kootenay lake, where they  were going to do work on the Copper Star group for a local syndicate. Freeman is interested ia the  famous Legal Tender   mine   with  Nelson Branch���Burns Block, 221 Baker Streot  J. M. LAY, Manager.  ROSEBERY'S CREED SET OUT  May Be Leader Again.  London, June 1.���In connection  with the rumors current of lord  Rosebery's willingness to resume  the leadership of tho Liberal party,  if Bhe majority of the party desired  it, he is regarded as having embodied his principles in the following  letter sent tonight to the Plymouth  Mercury, a Liberal organ, on the  occasion of its fourth anniversary.  After formally- congratulating the"  paper, lord Rosebery proceeds:  "This anniversary comes at a remarkable moment.   It finds faction  annihilated -by the war, in which  the great mass of the nation desires  to stand shoulder to shoulder for  the  war.   With all its curses, it  may ultimately bring a blessing. It  may brace up the nation.   It may  .mould a nation.   It may unite a  nation. It must make a nation take  stock of itself, and examine its deficiencies.    Under   these    circumstances the function of the press always important, has supreme value  at   such    a_ " juncture.    It    jnust  be   sincere; ��� it   must   divest   its-  self   of   the   mere    catch   words  and impulses of the party.   It must  be     prepared     to    discard     the  obsolete     shibboleths    to    search  out abuses, to disregard persons, to  be insistent in pressing for necessary   reforms,   social,    educational  and administrative and, if need be,  constitutional, and, moreover with  a regard to a sane appreciation of  the destinies and responsibilities of  the empire.    We stand at the parting   of   the   ways.     Will Britain  flinch or falter in her world-wide  task? How is she best to pursue  it ? What new forces and inspiration will it need? What changes  does it involve ? These are questions requiring clear sight, cool  courage and freedom from formula.  It is because I believe the Mercury  is facing this crisis in our fortunes  in a bold, liberal spirit, that I send  a message of hearty good will."  Insurance Companies Suffer.  London, June 1.���By the judgment of justice Mathews in the  Queen's Bench division of the high  court of justice today insurance  companies will have to pay their  policies on gold requisitioned by  the Transvaal just prior to the  outbreak of the war. Two claims  each for $500,000, have been decided in favor of plaintiffs, the  mining companies, the judge holding that ho state of war existed at  the time of seizure of the gold.  SLOOAN  RIDING  To the Electors of the Slocan Hiding:  Gbntlemeit���With the dissolution of the legislative assemble, the duty again devolves upon  the electors of the Slocan riding to choose a mem  ber to represent them in the provincial legislature. T  It is my intention to become a candidate at the  forthcoming election and with full confidence in  the result I again respectfully solicit the suffrages of the electors of tho riding.  . while I may point with pardonable satisfaction  to the manner in which I have conserved the interests of tho riding and sought to meet local requirements so far as praeticao'e,! have earnestly  endeavored to for ward legislation in the intercity  of the whole province, and such as w ould tend  toward its material development.  Constant in attendance ai the sessions of the  legislature. I have been watchful that no vote of  mine should be wanting for any measure beneficial to my constituents, or tho prownce ,is a  whole; nor have I been neglectful of the interests .of the wage earner, but have, in some de-  f;ree at least, been instrumental in placing their  air demands amongst the principles to be advo-  pofltical party.   It is well per-  A FULL LINE OF  Front Doors  Inside Doors  ' Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local and coast.  Flooring  local and coast.  Newel Posts  Stair Rail  Mouldings  Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  of all kinds.  IF WHAT YOU WANT IS NOT IN STOCK  WE WILL MAKE IT FOB VOU  CALL AND GET PRICES.  AMERICAN  AND  EUROPEAN  ; ! PLANS  Wholesale  Houses  NELSON  B.C.  MEALS   25    CENTS  ROOMS LIGHTED BY ELECTRICITY  AND HEATED BY STEAM  25 CENTS TO ��1  CRATED AND MINERAL WATERS.  rpHORPE & CO., LIMITED.-Corner Vernon  _ and Cedar streets. Nelson, manufacturers  of and wholesale dealers in aerated waters and  fruit syrups. Sole-agents for Halcyon Springs  mineral water.  Telephone 60.  ASSAYERS'   SUPPLIES.  TEETZEL & CO.-Corner Baker and  Josephine streets, Nelson, wholesale dealers in assayers supplies. Agents for Denver  Fire Clay Co. of Denver, Colorado.  CIGARS. "  CIGAR   MANUFACTURING  _ -��� and Hall streets. Nelson, manufacturers of "Royal Seal" and "Kootenay Bello" brands of cigars.  w.\  T7"OOTENAY  **���  CO.-Corner Baker  COMMISSION MERCHANTS.  321 to 331 Baker Street, Nelson.  J. A. Sayward  IIALL AND LAKE STREETS, NELSON  Porto Rico Lumber Go.  j.  (LIMITED) *���'.  ��� r,      ;   ,  Successors to  A. DEWAR & CO.  QUEEN'S HOTEL  BAKER STREET. NELSON.  Lighted by Electricity and Heated with Hot��Air.  haps that 1 should briefly state some of the principles which I liave advocated and shall continue  to advocate until they are incorporated in pro\ in  superintendent     Wilson     of  O. P. SI. Telegraph Company. ^  the  China Plays a Double Game.  London, June 2,���The Standard  publishes %he following from Tien  Tsin, dated .April 19: "As a sample  of the Chinese government's treatment of the Boxers, I give the text  of it secret order sent to the governor of Yuan, in Shang Tung: "In  reply to the governor of Shang  Tung, who reports that he has  found it necessary to repress the  patriot Boxers society with a strong  amHidiVvy hand, we remark that it  cannot be expected that such simple  people can know that they have done  anything amiss. If a strong hand  is manifest, will there not be a permanent grudge agaiust the governor. Wo assure the governor  that if futuro trouble arises, he  himself must bear the consequences.  Let the good people be dealt with  in a merciful and generous way to  the bouoflt of all."  Martin Bribes Kaslo.  Kaslo, June 1.���[Special to The  Tribune.]���This town is to have  what it has long looked for, a local  registry office of .the supreme court.  Smith Curtis, minister of mines,  has notified the authorities to the  effect, and Donald Kurtz* mining  recorder, has been appointed registrar without extra salary. By  some people this is regarded as a  sort of anti-election bribe on the  part of the Martin ministry.  Appointments for Canadians.      ,  Ottawa, June 1.���[Special to The  Tribune.]���The secretary of state  for the colonies has offered ten appointments in West African constabularies as assistant inspector to  officers of the Canadian militia.  The pay is ��300 per year with ��2.>  rise each year until JB350 is reached.  Applicants should be unmarried  men and between 22 and  25 years.  League Games.  Springfield 5, Hartford 1.  Worcester 9, Providence 7.  New York 0, Pittsburg 4.  Ifoston 9, Cincinnati 2.  Chicago 7, Philadelphia 2.  Brooklyn 8, St. Louis 11.  NELSON   RIDING  To run Electors ok mi Nei son Kibi.yo:  Gentlemen���As the unanimous choice of a duly  comt iff ted convention of the suppoitors of the  Pfovinual Paity in (he Nelson nding, I am befoie you as a candidate for representative of tho  Nelson riding in the ncci provincial legislature.  In tliib connection I desue to solicit >oiir votes  and influence in my behalf. Believing that'  e\orj mun Aspiiinjf for membership should place  himself on lecoid on the mam i-sucs! take this  oppoi lunity of stating that I am in fat or of Icgi^  l.ltion upon I he following lyics.  , 1. Representation in the legislative assembly  should be b<ssed on population, with such modifications as willgi\e bparsolj settled distiicts propei tionately larger representation than eities ancl  thickly settled fanning districts.  2. All legislation should be general, and not  special. A beginning has been made in. this  direction by the enletrnent ot laws under which  cities can be incoipoiated, companies fanned,  and wator records obtained. These should bo  added to by the passage of a general lailway incorporation act, and ono giving jiiuniupilifcios  the same powers to aoqusio water records as me  now accorded. pu\ ite eorpoiations.  8. Publlo lands fchould be kept for actual settlo-  n.bnt, and land subsidies should not be giatittd  to aid the building of raihvajs that when built  aie owned by corporal ions.  4. Govei nment ownership of railways is* no  moro iv thcoiy than municipal ownership of  public utilities. Bolh have been tned and found  to work for the public good when capably and  honestly managed ,Tbut in making a commencement in go\einment owneislnp of lailwuys in  this piovince. a section should be selected in  which the govei nment would have a free hand,  and not iu sections wheie competition would be  Uiet.  5. Prevention of the landing in this province  of Chinese and Japanese laboiers, and the <lis-  couuigemenfc of lhe emploj ment of those already  here by c^ crj fair means possible.  8. Positive, not negative, laws should only ho  passed. It tho principle of a law is good, tbe  law should be clFectivc. The eight-hom day for  mon workingundergioundinmctallifcious mines  _is nOvvgeneially accepted as legislation in Lhe  right-direction, I w ould oppose any legislation  that would repeal the penally claube, or in any  ollier way impair tho (utocti tones* of the lav. ��w  it now stands.  7. To jyivo immediate effect, b> legislation, to  a resolution similar to that known as the Muloch  resolution, rccentlj passed by the Dominion  Hon'e of Commons, winch jirov ides fdi the paj-  ment of fair wagoj on public woiks or woiks  aided hj government subsidies. All conti actors  donijr work for cither the piovince or for municipalities should be i cquired to paj laboi (he rate  of wagcb ruling in tho municipality or neighborhood m which the woik is to lie done, tho number of hours to constitute a d.i) on all such w ork  to bo fixed bj statute.  8, Courtis have been established in which individuals and corporations aio compelled to  settle disputes, however tihial, disputes that  hQldoni have uny beiuing on tho genonU prospei  Hi of tho community in whteli the (Uspiil.inl�� reside; and couits should be established for the  compulsory huttlotnont of disputes between the  representatives of capital i\nd" labor, disputes  that too often ure far roai hmg In 1 liei; da.iinging  etlect8 on the gencial piospeHty of whole com-  muuitius and districts.  !). Mining for tho precious motals is the one industry which is benefiting, directly or Iwliiectlv,  ever} coiiiniuuiti in the jirov nice, and legislation  atrccting lhe industry, Ji the way of Uvilion.  should be based on the treatment and mamifac-  tuie within tho proiincswf the prodint of the  mines, rathei than"onjUie output of tha mme<5 as  at present.  10. The establishment of a btu can,, with headquarters in British Columbia and not sn Great  Britain, to systematicaUy advertise all the  natiual lesourccs and. scenic attiactions of the  province.  11. Orgnnucd~muiuoipa!Hies should be given  tho oontrol of thuir public suhooR leaving to tho  provinco tho case of public schoojs hj unoigan-  uod disti icts and the maintenance of noimal and  technical schools.  12. Ti mik roaJs and tiails should be bmU and  maintained at public expense, and tho cost of  roads and trails to isolated minus and communities should be borne in part by the province.  13. General hospitals should be undei government control, and tho govoEiiinent should help  'maintain physicians m bpaiselj bottled sections  of tho piovlnco.  11. The government in power should make  official announcement, for a reasonable time before the legislative assembly meeth, of all pio-  Eosed legislation. Were this done there would  e fewer hastily ymssed laws, laws which aie too  Often against the public interest.  All of which is respectfully submitted for jour  consideration.  JOHN  HOUSTON  aT^TaRROW, A.M.LC.B.  PROVINCIAL  LAND SURVEYOR  Corner Victoria Mid Kootenay Streeta,  P. 0. Sox 559. TELEPHONE NO, %  cial legislation.  . (1) lam in favor of ian ecjiiitablo redistribution  '.of tho seats in the legislative assembly, based  genorally upon population, but with duo regard  to the interests and circumstances of outlying  and Bparsley settled districts.  (2) I shall advocate tho government ownership  of railways and other public franchises so far as  may be practicable,-and a general enactment  by which companies desiring to construct railways may bo incorporated without special legislation, and that railways bonuscd by the piovince may be under government control as to  their urates and subject to purchase at government option.  (3) I shall do all in my power toas'istand support the advancement and development oftiio  mining interests of the province, upon which its  prosperity is so materially dependent. ,  (4) I believe in the principle of the eight-hom  law and shall permit no interference with the  law as it stands, and shall insist upon tho rctcn  tion of the penalty clause  (5) I shall advocate a liberal expenditure upon  trunk roads and tiailsinthe vaiious districts of  tho province, belicv ing that upon such expcndi  turo the development of tho vast lesourccs of  , the count rj materially depends.  (6) I shall advocate, and if elected assist in,  the enactment of laws foi the propei adjustment  of disputes between labor and capital, bj a well  digested and equitably arranged s>j stem of compulsory arbitration. .,  (7) I believe that Asiatic and other cheap  laboi isdetiimcntal to tho best interests of Uut-  ish Coluinoii. 1 '-hall thercfoie advocate its re  stiiction so far as it may bo mtia vuesot piovm-  C'allegi-labon, and shall assist in bunging such  pressuie tolbear upon the federal gov eminent as  may induce that gov eminent to assist in the  work, and will most emphatically insist that no  suchclaasof laboi shall beemplojed upon any  public wortsundeitakcn bj the piovmce or upon  such works As are subsidized 1j},ob in anj way  subject to the control of tho govei nment  (8) 1 believe that thecdnuilional sj stem of the  provinco may be matcially mipiovcd and shall  give m,\ heartiest assistance 1,1 bunging it to the  highest state otefticiPncy bj tho establishment of  noimal schools and other instrumentalities that  may tend to the accomplishment oi that objtet.  (')) I shall also advocate and assist in the do-  vflopment of the agficultuial lesouices of Ihe  province.  (10) I boliove that the monovs of the piovince  should oe o\pondc d upon somebroad and.general  sjstem which would ensuic the greatest amount  of benefit from such expenditure. In thisiiding  I have endeavoiedto liiauguiatosuch asj^tem  by having the work upon loads and tiails placed  under a responsible head, so that the appropna  tion, necessanly inadequate under existing cir  cumstances, tnightbe benctlcially and economi  callj expended. Vours rcspectfullj',  R. F. GREEN.  Kaslo, B. 0., May 10th, 1900.  Alex Stewart  Room 3, Turner & Boeeh Block.   NELSON.  Rough and  Dressed  Lumber  . Shingles  Mouldings  A-1 White Pine Lumber Always in  StocK-  We carry a complete stock of  Coast Flooring, Ceiling, Inside Finish, Turned Work, Sash and Doors.  Special order work will receive  prompt attention.  Large comfortable bedrooms and  flrstKilass  dining-room. 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LUDWIG  jr.uraffictureis of and  dealers in Harness, pack  and Stock Saddles. Apaia*  ,100, Collars, Bridles, und  Whips  Nelson Harness Shop  H.lll Street, Nelson.  REAL ESTATE AND  INSURANCE AGENTS  Agents for J. & J. TAYLOR SAFES  Bogustown)   Fairview   Addition.  NOTICE^  All quarry men arc horobynotifiotl that llio fol-  lovunt? scale ot wages has been adopted lij the  Laborers' I'i elective Union, Xo. SI2I, A. V. of L.  J rand drillers, 83,23 for 8 hourft  Quarry laborers, $.'{.<X) for 9 hour'i.  JOHN MULLEN. President  P. O. SUACICLRTO.V, Seuot-aiy.  This scale of wiRCs has been agreed to bi 1 lie  following; William Shackleton, .1. 13 Met.Inc.  W. II. Webb, Iv. Otaincll, .Joseph Bums, T. \.  Stevenson,'W. Martin, K. I'ulnuiuifit, .John Kiln,  Charles Hillyer;1 Tom Wilson, John Onghton, S.  Kdlund& Co."������"^"..���v-:'-'-������'-.   ���  Notice of Application for &_Ceptift  eate of Improvements.  Uroki'n IIu r. Mimusu. Ci..uu, feiiirvTBiv mn  .AIN&^OltlJi    AllVI.NG    iJlWSIO.N      OF    \Vl.SI"  Koon.s.,11 Disiwcr, ami JocAruj aiioli  i \\t> Mi) r.-> bot'iiiwiaj* or AiNswoitru, aij-  ioinjm. llflTAUKA'.NSUS, UVillil) ANJ) Uvion  MlM ItAI, ( Lir.Ms.  Inko notice that I. 18. E. Yownff. kictinB as  ajfonl, foi K. .1. Koboils, ftce miner's certificate  special Xo. (fil, and Anna ('. Huckley, free  miner')) certificate No. 1). IIJ'IT) fiee miner's cor  tilluHlo N'o.ll i:i,4l(i, inlend, siily-days fiom Iho  date heieof, to apply (o lhe mining iccordts for  a ccilfflcalc of impiovcmcnts fos the pmposco  ubt,i!nlnir u un��n tfiant of iho aboit claim.  And further tnkc notice that action, tinder sec  tion ,1", must bo commenced before tho issuance  of such cetdnciituuf Improvements.  Dated this'ilthd.i,y of Annl. A. I)., I'M.  It. K, YOUNG. P.L.S.  LAND   NOTICE.  Nol ice faltcichy given that after ono month I  ���will inukcapijliiaiiuii tot!tc( Ivef Commissioner  of Lands and Woikxto pun huso forty acres of  land m the dish let of West Ivoutonay in lhe  piownccof JIutHi Columbia, situated on the  east side of Kootenay lake, between Lockhaib  iimlLafriwcc creeks as follow*. C'omiiiencsntc  (���In. lost on thebe.uh marked "Initial Post .John  I^Udl.iw's N. W. Coi nei,' thciuu houthorly iiIoiik  the luko _ll clianw. thenfo easloily 2U chains,  (hence noitlicrly ^0 clianw, thence westerly 20  chains to the place of beKinniiiK.  JOIN LAIDLAW.  Oatcd at Xckon, B. C, this 8id day of Apn\  1900.  Three dwelling houses for sale on easy terms.  One lot  on   Stanley  street,  opposite Royal  hotel, for sale at a bargain.  One seven-roomed house and one three-room  house for rent.  See ANNABLE  Lethbridge Gait Goal  The best value for the money In the market  for all purposes  tbbmb cash     W. P. Tibiumcy, General Agent  Telephone li7.    Office with O. D. J. Christie.  SMOKE ~~  ROYAL SEAL  AND   KOOTENAYBELLE   CIGARS  UNION MADE  Kootenay   Coffee   Oo.  NELSON, B. C.  Coffee roasters and doalers in Tea arid Coffee.  Offer frosh roasted coffee of best! quality as  follows:  Java and Arabian Macha, por pound......$  if)  Java and Mocha Blend, 3 pounds  1 00  Flao Santos, 4 pounds  100  Santo1? Blend, 5 pounds  1 00  Our Spscfal Blend, 8 pounds..  1 00  Our Rio ftoast, 6 pounds....  I 00  A trial order solicited.   Salesroom 2 doors cast  of Oddfellows block. West Baker street  MONEY TO LOAN  AT 7 PER CENT  ON BUSINESS PROPERTY  Kootenay Gigar Mfg. Go.  KKtSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA  r.1[eistereF&c6-  BKEWRRS AMD BOTTLERS T)T  FINE LAGER BEER, ALE  AND PORTER  Prompt and rogular  delivery to the trade  son   wine  smm wines km  Tel  Special attention given to family trade  ;����t,   fbahk h. ikmin  Nelson. B. C. manager  Portland, Oregon, Postoffice Bos 484  Holders of HaU Mines, Limited,  stock, either preferred or common,  will plcuse communicate with me,  as I am instructed to buy up same  in tiny quantities. Wire me at my  expense. O. M. Hosendale, P. O.  box Wi, Portland, Oregon.  Apply G. L. LENNOX. Solicitor, Nelson B. C  NOTICE   OF   MEETING.  Tho Nelson plumbers, (.Ms and steam filter*)'  union mcclttewo second and fouiih Kiiday ut  the Minors' Union hall ai 8 p m.  IJ. \VKEKS, aocrofary pro tem.  Flowers arjd  Plaqts  Palms sis feet htuh. Suo rosei. pot grower in  20 \aneties. A choice collection nf houf-o and  bcilriiiiK plants, Thouhiimls to select from. Cut  (lovsors and dciKiin. Inspection innted. Tho  Nelson Orucu House, Kroitt street, two blocks  cost of wli.iif. I). McCUKATH.  Orders !>y mail prosuptly tilled.  FRESH AND SALT MEATS.  BURNS &   CO.���Baker  street.   Nelson,  wholesale dealers in fresh and cured meats.  Cold storage.  ~    GROCERIES.  A MACDONALD & CO.-Corner Front and  ���f^�� Hall streets, wholesale grocers and  jobbers in blankots, gloves, mitts, boots, rubbers,  mackinaws and miners' sundries.   KOOTENAY SUPPLY   COMPANY,   LEWI-  TED���Vernon   street, Nelson,   wholesale  grocers.   TOHN CHOLDITCH & CO.-Front street, Nel-  **    son, wholesale grocers.   "Ci R. STEWART & CO.���Warehouses on C. P.  ���*��� ��� R. track, foot of Stanley street, Nelson,  wholesale doalers in provisions, produce and  fruits. Cold storage. Agents Armour & Co.'s  bacon, hams, lard and other products. ._  -Front street. Nelson,  in   provisions,   cured  T   Y. GRIFFIN & CO.  u ���   wholesale   dealers  meate. butter and eggs.  Baker and Ward  Streets, Nelson  HARDWARE AND MINING SUPPLIES.  TT BYERS & CO.-Corner Baker and Josephine  ���*-���������   streots. Nelson, wholesale dealers in hard  ware and mining supplies,  Powder Co.  Agents for Giant  LAWRENCE  Baker St.,  HARDWARE    COMPANY���  . ..  Nelson,  wholosale   dealers in  hardware and mining supplies, and water and  plumbers' supplies.   VANCOUVER HARDWARE COMPANY  LIMITED-Baker street. Nelson, wholesale  dealers in hardware and mining supplies, plumbers and tinsmiths' supplies. Agnnts Ontario  Works.   LIQUORS AND DRY GOODS.  rpURNER, BEKTON & CO.-Corner Vernon  * and Josephine" streets, Nelson, wholesale  dealers in liquors, cigars ana dry goods. Agent*  ior Pabst Brewing Co. of Milwaukee and Cal-  gary Blowing Co. of Calgary.   PAINTS   AND" OILS.  NELSON HARDWABE COMPANY-Baker  Street���Wholesale dealers in paints, oils,  and brashes of all kinds. Largest, stock in  Kootenay.   POWDER, CAPS AND FUSE.  HAMILTON POWDER COMFAXY-Bakor  street. Nelson, manufacturers of d}namite,  eportuig, stumping- and black blasting powders,  wholesale dealers in caps and fuse, and eleclrio  bKs tin g apparatus.   SASH AND DOORS.  NELSON SAW AND PLANING MILLS,  LIMITED-Corner Front and Hall streets.  Nelson, manufacturers of and wholosale dealers  In sash and doors; all kinds of factory work made  to order.   ,.     TENTS   AND   AWNINGS.  NELSON TENT AND AWNING FACTORY-  Bakcr btreet, Nelson. Manufacturers of all  kinds of tents, awnings, and canvas goods.  P. Q. Box 'b.  Theo. Maoson, proprietor.   WINES AND CIGARS.  IALIFORNIA WINE COMPANY, LIMI-  ' TED���Corner Front and Hall streets, Nelson, wholesale dealers in wines (case and bulk)  and donnpgtip and imports oIcrtb.   IJNOINEBRa!  CHARLES PARKBR-Miningnnd milling engineer.   West Baker street. Nelson.  FBATEBNAL   SOCIETIES"  JL     NKLSON LODGED NO. 23, A, *\ & A. M.  _^_f Meets second Wednesday in each month.  ^^v Sojourning brethren invited.  KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS^Nelson Lodge, No.  25, Knights of Pythias, meets m I. O. O. V.  G*  Hall, corner Baker and Kootonay streets, every  Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock. Visiting Knights  cordially invited to attend.    ��� ~   -      ���    -���  &S,   LoonardScott.C.C.  R. G. Joy, K. of Ii.  NELSON L. O. L., No. 1692, meets in I. O. O. V.  Hall, oorner Baker and Kootenay streets,  1st and 3rd Friday of each month. Vifiitirg  bretborn cordially invited. IL Robinson, W. M.  XV. Crawford, KocOrdmg-aocrctaiy.   TtJELSON JKtWS, Number 22, Fraternal Order  A~ of Eagles, moots every second and fourth  Wednesday inonali inonth In Fraternity Hall.  Visiting brethren welcome, W. Gosiiell, Preel  dent).   Charles Pro*,or, Socretrtrj'.  " ~~ trades" umosa.  NELSON MINERS' UNION NO. 96, \V. F. of  M.���Sleets in miners' union looms, northeast corner Victoria and Kooloniiy utieets, oery  Saturday evuning at 8 o'clock. Visiting members welcome. M. H. Mowatt, President, Jaincs  Wilkes, Secretary.   TRADES AND LABOR COUNCIL.-The rei{u-  lar muutinfc's of tho Nelson Tiades and Labor  Council will bo held in the rujnoiV union hall,  corner of Victoria and Kootenay streets, on the  first and third ThurMlay of each month, at  7.30 p. m. G, J. Thorpe, I'i ofeidenL J. H, Matno  son, Secretary,    THK regular meetings of the Carpenters' Union  are Field on Wednesday evening of csch  week, at 7 o'clock, in the Minerh' Union hall corner Victoria and Kootenaj sheets,   R.  Robin  son, President.   .Tiiiikw Culling, Secretary.  ARBKRS' UNION.- Nelson Union. No 1%. of  tho International Journeymen^ BsOrbcr t. Union of America, meets every Hit.) and I bird Mon  day of each month in Miner's Union Hull, corner  ot Victoria and Kootonay streets, at S .*) p.m.  sharp. VisituiK brothers cortliiill} im itcd to  attend, J. H. Matheson, President. XV. b. Bo!  villo, Secretary,  OIGAll MAKERb' UVION meets Nt Tuesday  In every month in the W. V. M. hnll.    k,-ico,  utnc board meets ever} Saturday.  B~HICKLAY"KK5TaXD MASON'S I,MON.  Ihe Bncklftjcm and ^fneons' Into;national  Union No. Jof Nelson meets second and fourth  Tuesdajsin each month at Minors' Luion hall  J. W. htchcr. President, Joseph Clark, recording  and^ojTXisijwiquii^sceretarj.   LABORKRS' UNION. -Nelt.011 Laborern' Protective Ujifon, No. 8121. A. V. of L . meets in  Mmeis' Union Hall, noitheii-,t corner of Victoiia  nnd Kootenay streets, c^ory Jlotiday e^enir)f{  at 8 p in. sharp. Vimtiug members of tho AniLri-  can rcdcr<itwu coi duilly In 1 itcd to attend. John  Mullen, President. I'ercj Shackelton, Secietary.  N"- KI.SON PAINTERS' 0NlO.\-~ThiT regular  moeling of tho Painter*' Union \a held  1 he (IrHt ami third Krldaj s in each iiionth at Mm  ei* Union hall it7.J^!<hnrp.  T. O. rikatbo, President.  Will J. Hatch, Secretary. THE TBTBITNE:   NELSON. B. C, SATURDAY JUNE 2   1900  I  Rubber Gloves  FOR WOMEN AND MEN  The proper thing for spring house-  cleaning and gardening  Furniture Polish  To make your Furniture look as good  as new, try our  "FRENCH FURNITURE POLISH."  W. F. Teetzel & Co.  Victoria Block, Corner Baker and Josephine Streets  DRUGS AND ASSAYERS'SUPPLIES  ���W-  iti   ��� "Silver Plate  fy     that Wears."  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  _Zi_-\i_z 'eL___\ieL_  5r- ��?��� sr; ��r-sr ��6T-  No. 030.  Black Cgffec.  Sil^eFwar��  Styles  are constantly changing. Some Ataltn  are always behind in their selections.  Others buy undesirable and out-of-date  patterns, because they can be bought at  their own price. They will try to make  you think they arc the correct thing.  Such goods are never cheap, except in  price. Let us show you our line of  Meriden ware. Our word for it���the  patterns are the latest, the quality the  best, and price we will make you will  be the lowest consistent with the best  that is made in plate.  I Jacob Dover  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  The Jeweler;  Nelson, B. C.  ���**-7?._-.-mr._9-iZ���/*<+*��� 0*'0*'^ ,/��.X>  xti  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  In Silverware  Ve beep the Meriden Britannia Company's goods. "Silver Plate That  Wears." Nut Bowls, Tea Ware, Bake  Dishes, etc, and  "1847Rogers Bros!'  Knives, Forks, Spoons, etc., are guaranteed by both us and them to be the best  that's made in plate.  The Meriden Britannia Co., by over  fifty years of continuous manufacturing,  have made a reputation in this line none  can touch. Come in and see some of their  late productions, ig  Our Clearance  of Dry Goods  Sale  is still on and .will be continued until all is sold, Linen for skirts  at 10, 15, and 20 cents per yard ; White Dress- Duck, regular 20c  goods, sale price Vl_z per yard; regular 25c goods, sale price 15c;  White, Pique at 15,^20'and 25 cents. A large range'of Underskirts from $1 up.   All other dry, goods sold at proportionate prices.  A. FERLAND & CO.  ELLIOT BLOCK, BAKER STREET. * , '  Something New  FLAKED FOODS  A  NOURISHING,   DELICIOUS, AND   DAJNTY  D!SH.   CAN   BE  COOKED IN THREE MINUTES  FOR SALE AT  Tip'Western Mercantile Company, Limited.  BAKER STREET,  GROCERS  NKLSON, B. C.  ��     ���     ��  A large consignment of the latest  styles of hats, union and custom  made.   Clothing   for bargains  at  BAKER  STREET,   NELSON.  .. THEO MADSON  CLOTHING   HOUSE.  BISCUITS  We have just received a fresh   consignment   of  Christie's,famous  Fancy Biscuits and  Cream Sodas.  - Also McCormick & Company's Jersey Cream Sodas.  P. O, BOX 170. -  HOUSTON J SLOCK.  Telephone Kir.  IX M. Kerry & f'ompaiij N Secchs.  Ji'rchli Kkch Received Itaily  John J\. Irviqg & Go  re Want Your  Opposite Postoffice  STRACHAN BROS.  OhaHi  Christie  GENERAL BROKER  ' i doors woab of Dominion Express office.  P. O. Box 523.   Phones: Office 1*7, House 152  Three six room houRd foi rent.  Heat estate in all pai 1* of the city for s.ile  AGENT FOR S.'S. KIMBALL'S SAfr'KS  INSURANCE.  REAL ESTATE  INSURANCE AND  GENERAL AGENT  CITY LOCAL NEWS  'Hew G. J. (J. White at  the  Bap-  list, church on Sunday morniiiK will prrnoli on  "Tills do in ruiiiembi'iiiiuo of me," nnd in llie eve-  nini; llio x'liltji'ct will lm, "Thu supremo sin-  failure to love."  During   May   a    total     of   1000  miners' licenses wore issued ut the government  olliees. The total revenue in the mining recorder's department for the month  was $!ISU7.()"2.  Yesterday   afternoon   the    men  tcnidk'K Stanley street broke a connection in a  wilier main at the corner of Vernon street and  fora <iuarter of an hour a column of water shot  :;u or 1(1 feet in the air.  Kirby Douglas has joined the fire  department and will run with the racing team  on Dominion Day. He has been working for  V. J. Rnvlley �� Co. for several months since  coming to the city from the Coast. Douirlas is a  fust sprinlcrand wnsa in.;mher of the Arancou-  ver hose team in '0IS when they won the Pacific  Coast championship. He practiced with tho  local team last nigliG and is a strong addition to  the racers.  The   rifle    association   met   last  night and selected the- following members to  shoot, in the CM. li. A. matches today: First  team, H. Bird, captain; N. T. MeLeod, A.  Cirant, J. Jla-Kenzic, L. Gohey, O. liurdeau, J.  Mnckay. -A. Oairio, II. A. Langford and TL E  Macdonnoll. Second team. H. T. Macleod, Dr.  Symonds, S. P. Shaw, K. \V. Day, G. N. Phillips,  C. K Hea-.lcj, .1. W'udd-,, l'"red Iieer, Judge Korin,  Sid Konter and Victor CoKhead. Shooting he-  gmsat 10 o'clock this morning when inostol the  lirit team will be at the ranges.  A motion was enteied  yesterday  in the action brought b\ liobeil A. Itcauiish  against tho \\ hitewatcr mines to recover SiliW  under the employers liability tut for a writ of  prohibition to piohibit the count) indge from  trying the case, on the ground that a county  judge has no luiisdicnon in action-, liivohinga  inmufo\cr ��1U0(). The motion will be aigued  bj Macdonald & .Johnson, solicitors for the  Whitewater luincb, at Victoria on thejth inst,  before ,i supreme comt judge in chambers.  The  tug  Procter left last night  for Kootenay Landing with one of tho big 15 car  barges in tow. The tup ii by way of experiment  to deteimine whether or not the new craft has  sullicipnt power lo handle the 1 ugc bmyes. This  work has been done hugely by the Ymir heiclo-  fore, tho Ymir being tho onlj craft in the fleet  which can take the larger barges through the  nairowsat Balfour without assistance.  The auxiliary hose station authorized by the city council near tho Nelson Saw &  I'laning mills is to be located at the northeast  corner of Front and Hall sticets within a few  jaids of the hjdrant. Thice members of the Him  department. .1. .1. Chamber1!, Barney Archibald  and Harry Houston aie emplojcd in the immediate vicinity and theproposil is to scouie five  or six others fiom the distii<-t who will be drillei  sufficiently to handle ihc hose without delay in  case of tire.  Chief   Bullock   Webster   of   tho  Pi o\incial police force hnfe gone to Ferine tor  several da>o on busiuess.  The registrar of the supreme court  issued letters of administration jc-loidayin the  estate of Uielate Morris A. Buck, w ho was kiMcd  last winter in Manumit. Charles 1). MoKcn/ioof  ISelson and Neil ot McKay ol Kaslo are named  as administrators.   The estate is v.ilueji at 3UO00.  Congregational church services  will be in Id In the op��r.t house at 11 a. nu and  7:30 p. ni. llcv. Win. Muntoe will pieach at, both  services. The morning subject is "Tho Voice  Fi om the Wilderness, and in the evening "A  Ktruuifo Notion."  Andrew Christophers, a carpenter employed on the new bunk house house at  the Pooiman mine iell from the huilding jester-  daj and sustained a .severe concussion of Lhe  biaiil. He was walking up a ladder with a kpg  ol nails on his shoulder and overbalanced himself,  The ATelson baseball team should  ha^c not less than 300 supporters to accompany  the nine to Itossland tomorrow. When Itossland  visited Nolson about 200 rooters came along, and  tho Queen city of Hip Kootenajs should beat this  iccord if the ctj's reputation is not to suitor.  The train leaves al 7:l.'itomorrow moimngand the  rctui n fai e is only ��.510, just half the regular tantl'.  The e\cui��iomsts will he in Nelson afc 10,10 p. in.  and it is to bo hoped the trip will be well patronized.    LOOKING BACKWARD A YEAR  First door west  , n.Mn      of Bank of British  LUANO. I Columbia building.  An Object Lesson.  Kaslo, June 1.���It i^  just one  year ago today that the eight-hour  law came into effect  in the  mines  of British^ J^hunbia.   When   the  history of the labor troubles that  ensued comes to be written it  will  have to be observed that the strike  was one of the best that has taken  place.   The miners considered that  ihe owners had  no right to reduce  the wages from $3.50 to $.'] as they  first   contemplated,     and    though  ninny weary months passed  away  before a compromise at $3.25  was  ofTocted,   the   men, out   of    work  though they were, gave hardly any  trouble whatever.    Much as all re-  grot that labor struggle, it was an  object lesson of how to conduct a  strike should a strike be necessary.  But if the voters only poll aright  on June Oth all that labor trouble  is a thing'of the pait in Kritish Columbia.    It may he almost be said  to be that today as far as the chief  camps are concerned.    Last June  the man- with the drill ceased flora  work in the Slocan: this yeai  the  satiie man is very evident in all the  country.    Politicians want his vote  and ho is being given  all the work  that the law allows.    In the Slocan  the  Payne,  the Last Chance,  the  Whitewater,  the Humbler-Cariboo,  and other mines are shipping.   The  Slocan Star and the  Ruth are  getting ready to join, while the Noble  Five  is shortly  to havo   its   first  clean-up   for   the   year.    Over  on  Slocan lake  the   Enterprise,  Black  Prince and Arlington are sending  out ore, while the Kilo and  other  claims are getting about to follow  suit.    From every point comes news  of increased activity.  For instance one hears from Sandon that men have started work ou ]  the Reco-Goodenough driving an  upraise. The Reciprocity people,  represented by J. A. Whittier of  this town, have let a contract to  run a crosscut of 125 feet to catch  the big Payne ledge. At the Last  Chance they haAre close on 100 men  engaged and are. sending down a  carload of ore per day. New  buildings are beiug erected for the  men of the Last Chance as well as  for those of the  Rambler-Cariboo.  Going over to Slocan Lake it is  learned that the Warner-Miller  Syndicate of New York has bought  from Frank Provost a half interest  in 17 claims on Lemon creek. The  same company is now clearing the  site for the Kilo mill. From the  Kilo it is shipping 20 tous of ore to  Denver, Colorado, to be tested in  order to see just what kind of a  mill would be most suitable - to bo  erected. The Arlington Mines,  Limited, is preparing for a busy  season by finishing the Springer  creek wagon road. It can't ship  until this is. done. The Fairy  Queen group on Tiout creek, at the  head of Slocan lake, has been- purchased outright by A. L, Thurston.  Salt Lake capitalists are working  on the Galena Mines with G. Mc-  Lure in charg��.  These are only a few items of  mining interest all of which go to  show that the industry is getting  on its legs once more. If gnly the  politicians will leave the mining  laws alone for the next few years  British Columbians will be decidedly  thankful. ~  BOB GREEN LOOKS A WINNER  In Slocan District.  Slogan Citv, June 1.���-[Special to  The Tribune.]���Though advertised  as a Keen- assemblage, last night's  political meeting here turned out a  regular winner for Bob Green, notwithstanding the determined efforts  of the Keen heelers to down the  doughty champion of labor's cause  in the Slocan.    Messrs.  Keen  and  Green  arrived together, according  to their mutual agreement,  Avhich  gives each alternate night to lead  and   reply.     When   they   arrived  they found James MeGirr a well-  known Vancouver   stumper   here,  ready to do battle for  Joe  Martin  first and  George Thomas  Kane a  long second.' The music hall was  packed,   many ladies   gracing  the  affair with their presence. ^George  Xichol was  in  the  chair.      Green  enumerated his platform firs-t, and  took occasion to rub it into JLeen  regarding the plot to rob the Slocan  voters' list.     Keen, followed with  liis creed and spoke well, but carried  no weight.    MeGirr confined his remarks   principally   to   Green,   the  chief   trouble, being   that   Green  would not support Martin.    In his  reply Green surprised his friends  and cinched' the meeting for himself.    He had facts and figures for  everything and knocked   MeGirr's  arguments into a cocked hat..   He  also easily disposed of a plot laid  by the Martin-men here to "ensnare  him   regarding   the redistribution  affair.    A more crestfallen and disgusted lot of men it would be hard  to find than the Martinites when  Green got through.    The meeting  closed with a whirl  of cheers for  Green, which swept everything before   it.      Last    night's    meeting  clinched the position here securely  for Green.������ ���  NELSON BOAT CLUB MEET  Officers Elected.  The Nelson Boat Club held its annual general meeting in the rooms  above the Bank of Montreal last  night, and put things in shape for  the ensuing rowing season.  .The following new members were  elected unanimously: Chas. Matthews, W. F. Bevan,J S. G. Campbell, X, T. MeLeod and II. W. R.  Moore. The election of officers was  then proceeded with, with the following result: ' Hon. president, captain J. W, Troup; president, A. H.  Buchanan; .vice-presidents, Dr. La  Bau and II. Salons; secrotary-treas-  urer, C. JJ. winter; boat captain,  Chas. Matthews; viee-captain, J.  McCrae; committee, E. V. Thomson,  J. A. Wetmore, II. W. R. Moore,  G. S. Beer and W. T. Bevau.  The secretary announced that  the club had a balance at the bank  of $89.03. Many improvements being necessary, a discussion of ways  and means ensued, and it was  agreed that it was necessary to recruit as many now members as possible, accordingly for this season  the entrance subscription will be  remitted, and only the regular sulv  bcription of $5 will be charged.  It was moved and seconded that  "in the ensuing Dominion celebration here a four-oared race be held  under the auspices of this club for  which all amateurs will be eligible.  ESTABLISHED 1892  H.   BYERS   &  CO.  HARDWARE  ESTABLISHED 1892  Garden, Mill,  Steam  Hose.  and Suction  Crucible   Cast   Steel   Wire  Rope  5-16 to 1-in. in  stock.  Leather and  Rubber Belting.  Sheet, Square and Round Rubber  Flax and Garlock Packing  Pipe Fittings, Brass Goods, Rails  Black and Galvanized Sheet Iron  1-8,  Soft  3-16 and  Steel Plates  1-4 x 72, 96 and 120  Agents���Tniax Ore Curs, OSiant Powder, ftiul Metropolitan Ktiso, etc.  H. BYERS & CO.  NELSON  KASLO  SANDON  the racing boats being supplied by  the club." The members of the boat  club on tho Dominion celebration  aquatic committee were instructed  to bring this motion before the said  committee.  It was also decided to shingle the  boat house, put in a shower bath  aud have the racing boats overhauled, after which the meeting adjourned and a session of the committee was held.  The meeting was not very well  atteuded, those present including:  H. B. Perks, in the chair; C.B. Winter, secretary; John Fraser, Chap.  Matthews, J. McCrae, George Hale,  E. P. Whalley, G. R. Macfarland,  P. E. Wilsou, J. A. Wetmore. W. T.  Bevan, G. S. Beer, R. W. Day and  II. W. R. Moore.  BUSINESS   MENTION.  Position  sWanted.���A    business  man in good standing w ith large experience and  with lli'bt-class connections in Canada and the  United Slates desires to form partnership with a  gentleman of at least 3700 cash for the purpose of  engaging in the mining business as promoters of  stock companies to woik meritorious properties  in tho L.u'deau. Slocan and Similkameen districts m Bnu-sh Columbia, and the promotion of  mining deals, etc. Address, Mining Man, Tribune Uilico.  Lost���A Iloniton lace handkerchief. Itonard Lakeview hotel, cornor Vornon  aud Hall streets.  For sale���Stock and fixtures of  the Nelson Bazaar amounting to about four  hundred dollars.  Lost���From the  hallway in the  Shcrbrooko hotel, a \ alisci vt ith blankets strapped  to it. No questions will bo asked anyone returning s-aino to Llarke hotel--M. .1. Crotcau.  Furnished rooms   to let���Apply  Carney block, one door east of Oddfellow's hall.  ��� Lost���On Sunday���A pair of  ladj 's glasses. Kinder will be suitably rewarded  by returning same to P. O. Box 134, Nelson.  For sale.���Furnished hotel for  sale cheap. Apply at Cabinet Cigar store. Nelson.  Wanted���A good general servant  gi'l. Mrs. S. S. Taylor, corner Carbonate and  Waul streets.  Wanted���position   as     a^   wire  splicer. Understands tho care of tramwnjs.  Able to take full earn of tiamwajsandmcn. bn-  dorstands all kinds of rigging �� ork. Apply to V.  XV. Block, lock box 2S, Uem, Idaho."  Gardening���Employment wanted  by a practical man. ltesidentinl grounds laid out,  etc.   Address, W. W. Wilson, Nolson r  Wanted���Position   as   stenographer and typewriter by lady of experience���Re-  teronces.   No objections to going out of city. Ad-L  die^s Stcnogiapher, Tribune.  .   Hack .calls  left at   the   Pacific  Transfer barn on Vernon street. Telephone  call 35.    .  For Sale.���One-third interest in  Mineral Claim near "Yirir, for ?100, money to be  expended in development. Apply to Alex  Stewart. Tinner&BoeckSi block. Nelson.  ���iiir_-_zi~i_xzx-itt_zz]3^xxixzxzix_ixiTizi_x:  JUST   ARRIVED  A Car Load of _  Allen's Apple Cider.  L  THORPE & CO.  mzxzzTzzrcxisixziaxxixzzzixsxzxxnxxjrrxxxxnxxxi:  DR.  Ofkick  ALEX FORIN  Housion Block.  G. A. PROULX  ENEBAL MERCHANT  LARDO, B. C.  Having built a new store and received a now  stock of good", I Am in a position to out lit all  prospectors going Into the Lardo-Duncan country  as cheap as any merchant in Kafrlo or Nelson.  Bi ly,Haley is alwaysat Lardo with animals, and  is ready to undertake any freighting that m.iy be  offered him.   Give me a trial..  S OTICE ~TO~ CONTBAOTOES"  Sealed lenders will be received until 12 o'clock  noon Monday, June 11th next, by the under-  Msrnod for the election of a three story brick  block for Kirkpatrick & Wilson and A. H. Cle-  nientB. A deposit in the form of a marked  cheque payable to the older of the ownerh for the  sum of 5 per cent of the amount of lender must  accompany each tender to insure consideration,  otherwise it will not be entertained.  The lowest or any tender not. necessarily accepted. KWAKT & CARRIE, Architects.  Kooms 7 and 8 Aberdeen Block.  Charles Si Sarhe  Stock aqd Share Broker  GQSTELLO'S EXPRESS  AND TRANSFER  laggnfre and express moved to any part of tlio  r.  special atl/Cfil ion given to heavy teaming.  33;i  city  Refrigerators  Prices from $10 to $30  LAWRENCE HARDWARE COMPANY  V,  185 Baker Street.  ���__-^v_9.00.0_,7jS7^.l_��.0r^.im,^s_^  Telephone 10.   xti  to  KIRKPATRICK  &  WILSON. t  to    to  __  , to  We nave removed our place of business   to  for the next few months to the old Burns   to  shop, next to the Nelson Hotel, where we   JJJ  hope to see all our old customers and many   to  new ones.   Give us a call. ty.  to    *  KIRKPATRICK & WILSON \j!  xti  to  to   Telephone 10 185 Baker Street   xti  ^'^���-^���^���-^���a.,a',^,a,a'a,a,a       _^_ti_^_t_\eti:e___t_\e_\:A.&_e��_\_is^-  v������^^���0*^_9rJs>^Si:w-TS^'19        ^^��".Sf.Sf.^'.^.sS. SEPSIS?: st  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  w  ���m*   ^����j  ^���^S''  )���&'  mmmmn^.  Some Plain Facts  About Clothing  w  B  B  B  B  We are now showing the finest stock of Spring  and Summer Suits in Nelson. There are several  points of merit in our Suits. They are all of the  latest cut and are lined all through with the best  linings. They are tailored Jbetter than Suits offered elsewhere at much higher prices. The fabrics  are the best in the market. We lead all others  for values in  Gents-Furnishings  Hats and Caps  Boots and Shoes  We know that our values cannot be equalled by  any other house in Nelson. We are so sure of  this that we will give money back if it cannot be  proven,  r..--"��-pfi  i&  w  H_i  -B-  B  B  B'  CET  CHAHDELSER3  WSRED FOR  NO MATCHES REQUIRED, ALWAYS READY  Kootenay Electric Snppfy &  Construction Oo.  JOSEPHINE STREET NELSON  Ofllce'comer Victoria and Ward atre"ef��.   Telephone MM. XV. A. COSTKLL. Scavenger.  Headquarters for Portland Cement, lire Bricks,  Fire Ciay, American Cumberland Coal [Blacksmiths]  B. P. H1THET & CO., LU., WopJa  Special quotations _i\  A. B. GRAY, P. O. bos 621, Nelson, B. C.  notations given for carload lota  ~��. O. bos 621, Nelst  Kootenay Agent


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