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 --:--.->r��f|  DAILY EDITION   BY  MAIL  FIVE   DOLLARS A YEAR  WEEKLY EDITION BY MAIL  TWO, DOLLARS A YEAR  EIGHTH  YEAR  NELSON:  SATURDAY MORNING   MAY 19  J 900.  PRICE FIVE  CENTS  HE METROPOLIS WENT MAD  Scenes in Theatres and Streets.  London, May  19.���1  a.m.���Loudon's millions spent half  tho time  in the street today, and at ~> o'clock  i his  morning  groups of   men   are  .singing and cheering and there are  crowds  in   front  of   the   Mansion  House,   Marlborough    House,    the  clubs  ou  Pall  Mall,  and  the  war  office   and   iu  Parliament   Square,  waving flags and joining in national  airs.   This sustained bellowing and  uproar  of hundreds  of  thousands  amazes the Englishman, who ceases  for a moment to be an actor and  becomes merely an observer.  Sober  phlegmatic London is besides itself  with   emotion.      Gusts    of   patriotism     have     set       the       town  quivering  twice, or   thrice before,  ( u ing    the    Avar,    but    nothing  J as quite equalled  tonight's  hundred squares and   miles  of almost  fii'ious demonstration.     It was  a  i ui'ious thing for the onlookers  to  see   solemn   grey-haired men  toss  their opera hats iuto the air  aud  'join in the hurrah and cheers when  a wreath crowned banner with the  portrait   of   colonel  Baden-Powell  passed   along   the  street.     Smart  women in broughams waved union  jacks out of the windows,  conventional family parties trooped about  1 lie corners to take part in singing  God Save the Queen.     Everywhere  was abundant good feeling and an  astonishing roar of human voices.  Jt was all brought about by a  twenty word telegram from Pretoria that '"Mafeking had been relieved, although the government not a word aud although nothing confirmatory has yet been received from any African sources except Pretoiia, nobody apparently  questions the news.  Arthur J. Balfour speaking from  i he   government* bench   late   last  ~ evening, said:  *"TJii}: only news I havc is through  , the courtesy of the press. ,We  have no information at the war  ��� >lfiee:iior would we have it as soon  a-i it would arrive through other  channels. Therefore, the fact that  wc have not received it neither  j troves nor disproves the accuracy  of the information. 1 need hardly  *.iy that we trust aud have good  i oason to think that it is probably  Irtie."     '    .  .Mr. George Wyndham, parliamentary iiiider-secrefcary for war,  replying to several members of the  house who had privately interrogated him, said: "Although" the  government has heard nothing, I  :iiu disposed to believe the Boer  bulletin. It may be tomorrow, aud  pcihaps even Monday before the  government would get dispatches  J'rom our military commanders,  even if tho siege were raised two  days ago, as the news would need  io be conveyed over a very Jong  -d.stance by-messenger-on horseback, whereas the enemy would  probably be able to avail themselves of telegraphic eommuuica-  ii..n."  Colonel   Baden-Powell's   brother  in Loudon has received a cablegram  ,1'iom a  Dutch friend in Pretoria,  ������lying   that   .Mafeking   had   been  relieved. '     s  The performances in the London  music halls and the theatres lusfc  (veiling had little for stage  business or for the lines of their  pieces. The audiences which  nowded tho Allnunbra, Empire,  Go vent Garden and tho theatres  hu'd no desire to attend to a stage  performance. The first sight of a  biograph scene in tiie Transvaal or  the first glimpse of a military or  naval costume on the stage was  sufficient to creat au uproar. A  leading actor iu one' of the Strand  theatres said, "I did not attempt to  icad my lines last evening. It was  of no use. , The public had no interest in me beyond the fact that 1  wore a military uniform."  At Her Majesty's theatre, the  G.irrick, where "Saza" is being  played, and at the other - houses  where legitimate plays hold the  boards, the occupants of boxes,  stalls and galleries sang in chorus  '���God Save the Queen," and "Soldiers of the Queen," between acts  in order to give vent to their enthusiasm although they settled  down to the program afterwards,  i At tho music halls, however, no one  pretended to take interest; in any-  Ihing not having military color.  Tho princess of Wales, the duke  \ nnd da-chess of York, and the Por  tuguese minister occupied a box at  Covent Garden, where "Lohengrin"  was being presented, and, when the  relief of Mafeking was announced,  they joined heartily in the applause.  The London fire insurance laws  make fireworks impossible, and the  city lacked the blaze of illumination   characteristic   of   any  other  city during a similar rejoicing. The  Britisher,   therefore,   relies    upon  lung power, and from   St.  Paul's  Cathedral,    Westminster    Abbey,  and up through Piccadilly to Hyde  Park there was a Niagara like roar,  incessant, rising and falling hour  after hour, as the .masses   passed  through   London's    thoroughfares  like the processions ou the eve of a  presidential election in the  United  States.   There was a lack of pyrotechnic glare, but every cabby aud  every  busman in   London   had   a  Union   Jack   fluttering    from   his  whip, and   the   stars   and stripes  were by no means lacking.     Patrons of four   wheelers   were   not  content to ride inside the vehicles,  and the tops were crowded with  flag  waving,  cheering enthusiasts.  At Carlton Hotel, which is filfed  with Americans, the bands played  "Marching Through Georgia" which  has been   adapted   to  an English  song,   eutitled  "Marching to  Pretoria."    "Dixie" and other American airs were played. Ten thousand  people stood in front of Mrs. Baden-  Powell's house in St. George's Place  cheering and singing, and a score of  cabs brought congratulations.  Miss  Baden-Powell, the .colonel's sister,  said:     "The   same   tale has been  brought us many times during the  last anxious month.   The war office  has promised us the  earliest information.    We only hope it is true."  Later in the evening colonel Baden-  Powell's mother sent word that she  had retired, aud .'.'that if any telegram came she was not to be disturbed until morning.  The boys of the Charter House  school, where Baden-Powell was  educated, were aroused from sleep  by the news, and the institution  quickly became a veritable pandemonium of noise and joy. As soon  as the information of the relief was  i eceived, the lord mayor sent the  following dispatch to colonel Baden-"  Powell:  "The citizens of London to the  relieved: They rejoice hrthe good  news received. Your gallant defense will Jong live in British annals. Cable what money is needed  for the garrison and inhabitants  after the long privations."  Li unrestrained jubilation the  provinces are not behind the metropolis. Although London had the  start by a few minutes, the great  industrial centres and surrounding  towns suddenly burst into patriotic demonstrations. Bells clashed  in their steeples/ "village bands  turned out and the people gathered  in the squares to chant fervently  "God Save the Queen." Prom all  parts of the empire comes the same  story." Bombay, Hong Kong and  the Australian cities are rejoicing.  Continental cities, as the press telegrams abundantly testified, received the uews~gladly;  Under the head of "How the  News was received" the Daily  Chi oniole, says:  "The telegram to the Associated  Press from Pretoria, the historic  dispatch announcing the relief of  Mafeking, was sent from the capital  of the Transvaal at 11:35 a.m., May  18th. When ib reached the London  office at 9:10 p.m., it was instantly  disp'itchcd to every quarter of the  globe. By 10:30 p.m. had come a  response from far olf Toronto describing ihe reception of the news  there. This is not surprising in  view of the fact that, four minutes"  after the receipt of the telegram, it  was in the Associated Press oflice  in iVcv York, - whence it Avas forwarded to the furthest limits of the  North American continent."  The relief of Mafeking has had  the effect of suspending for a moment interest in the operations elsewhere in the field of warfare.  Nevertheless yesterday brought important _, official announcements.  Lord Methiien entered Hoopstadt  on Thursday. He is now 70 miles  from Kroonstadt and 50 miles from  Bothaville. Goneral Buller entered  Newcastle on Thursday evening.  Lord Roberts is not idle. While  waiting for stores at Kroonstadt he  is using his mounted men to search  a wide track of country. Colonel  Broadwood occupied Lindley ou  Thursday, and the same day general  Hutton captured one of the Bothas,  30 miles from Kroonstadt. General  Rundle on Thursday encamped at  Clocoland. British successes are  thus reported at every point from  which news came yesterday.  LONDON'S CHEERING CROWDS  Joy Over the Belief.  London,   May   18.-9:18   p.m.���  Mafeking has been relieved.  9:10 p.m.���The dispatches of the  Associated   Press   announcing the  relief of Mafeking were posted outside   the Mansion  House and the  news  spread rapidly and a large  crowd collected.   At this hour all  the streets in the neighborhood are  resounding with cheers.   The war  office at 9 o'clock announced that no  news had been received, and at 9:40  the lord mayor, A. J. Newton, in  his official robes of oflice, announced  the joyful news to the crowd outside.   The masses of people outside  the Mansion House soon grew to  such   dimensions   that   the  police  were compelled to divert all traffic,  omnibuses,  etc., through the side  streets.  The cheering is now incessant.  The lord mayor was accompanied  by the lady mayoress to the front  of the Mansion House where an immense portrait of colonel Baden-  Powell was displayed, bearing the  words "Mafeking Relieved." While  the attendants were waving Union  Jacks the lord mayor addressed the  crowd saying :  "I wish your cheers could reach  Mafeking."  Here the speech was interrupted  by redoubled cheering aud singing  of Rule Brittania, after whicli the  lord mayor remarked "We never  doubted what the end would be, or  that pluck or courage would not  conquer at last."  The lord mayor then led the  crowd in singing "God Save the  Queen" and "Soldiers of the Queen,"  and, with renewed cheering, and  the waving of flags by the assembled multitudes and the singing of  "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow,"  the mayor and his party retired.  Later.���The special editions of  the newspapers appeared and the  tickers announced the news in all  the resorts. In tJie West End,  leading thoroughfares were eventually impeded by a constant stream  of people cheering themselves  hoarse and singing "God Save the  Queen" and "Soldiers of the Queen."  The enthusiasm as this dispatch is  sent promises to outrival the scenes  attending the relief of Ladysmith.  A reporter of the Associated  Press inquired at the foreign oflice,  and the resident clerk said nothing  had heen received there yet in confirmation of the news from Pretoria  of the relief of Mafeking.  The dispatch of the Associated  Press containing the news of the  relief of the long besieged place was  sent to the house of parliament.  There it created a great deal of excitement in the press gallery and  lobbies, and soon began to be circulated among' the members of the  house of commons. Mr. Thomas  Chadderwick, advanced .Liberal  member of the Wick district, amid  considerable excitement, said he understood that news of the relief of  Mafeking had been -received. Was  that so? No minister made any  reply, and the debate was killed.  The house no longer took any interest in it,-and the members went  into the lobbies to discuss the great  event.  each of these countries  part of the capital expended  been in commerce and banking,,  real estate and plantations being  apparently deemed next in profitable importance, while the interest  in industry and trade is comparatively slight. iv  POSTS'I STOCK EXPERTS IN NEISON  SUCCESSES ON ALI  oiDES  Official Dispatches  London, 3Iay 18.���Foi wing is  the text of lord Roberts' dispatch  to the war office; 1  "Kroonstadt, May 18.���Methuen  entered Hoopstadt yesterday unopposed. Generals Duprey and Daniels and 40 men have surrendered.  "Broadwood occupied Lindley  yesterday after slight opposition.  Only two of the men were wounded.  Steyn was not there, and his government officials had left last  Sunday.  "Hutton's mounted infantry yesterday surprised and captured,  about thirty miles northwest of  this place, commandant Botha,  field cornet Gassore, five Johannesburg policemen and seventeen  Boers. There were no casualties on  our side. '-  "Buller reports that several Natal  farmers are handing in arms."  London, May 18.���4.14,p.m.���It  has just been officially announced  . that general Methuen entered Hoopstadt yesterday tfnopposed, that  generals Duprey and Daniels and  40 men have surrendered and that  Broadwood occupied Lindley yesterday.  It is further announced that Hutton's mounted" infantry yesterday  surprised and captured commandant Botha and 23 others, 30 miles  northwest of Kroonstadt.  German Money in South Africa.  Washington, May 18.���In view  of the recent Monroe doctrine  speech of secretary Root aud senator Lodge, particular interest attaches to the forthcoming bulletin  from the Bureau of American republics, because of a page treating  of the extent of the Gorman interests in the Americas. This article was prepared some time before public attention had been attracted to the matter "by the  speeches referred, so that the publication is rather through coincidence than by design. The fact is  established, however, that the German interests in the Americas  reach the enormous total of five  billions of marks, and that this  statement is official appears clearly  from the fact that the article is  based upon a translation from a  statement prepared by the imperial  German minister of marine and published in the "Kolniche Zeitung," a  semi-official paper. Senator Lodge's  utterances have specified what he  believed to be German eueroa element in Argentine, Bra/.il and  Southern Chili. The figures on this  point also are of prime interest.  According to the statement, about  six hundred million marks have  been invested in the Argentine Republic, three hundred and fifty  million marks in Brazil, and three  hundred million marks in Chile. In  CONFIRMATION   OF  RELIEF  Boers Admit It.  Pretoria, May 18.���It was officially announced tod&y that when  the laagers and forts around Mafe-  kiug'had been severely bombarded,  the siege was abandoned.   "  London, May IS.���A- special dispatch from Amsterdam says a telegram from a" Boer source announces  that Mafeking was relieved Tuesday. The recipient of the telegram  is credited with having heard of  the relief of Ladysmith before it  was announced.  London, May 18.���A special dispatch from Lorenxo Marquez, dated  yesterday, says ihe last 500 refugees who arrived there agree in  stating that Mafeking had been relieved.  The end of the war is anticipated  by the queen's birthday. It is  stated at the war office that no  news as to the relief of Mafeking  had been received up to 8 o'clock  this morning.  News no Time to Come.  London, May 17.���Replying to a  question in the house of commons  -this afternoon, the-parliamen fcary  secretary of the war office, George  Wyndham, said he regretted that  he was not able to give any information in regard to Mafeking. He  reminded' the house that, oven if  the deaired relief of Mafeking has  occurred, intelligence of the event  could not arrive in England before  two, and perhaps three days*. The  latter part of Mr. Wyndluun's reply  is generally accepted as an intimation that the government expected  the relief of colonel Baden-Powell  and* his garrison would occur tit  about? this time.  Canadian Bank Clearings.  Niiw Yohk, May 18.���The bank  clearings for Canada were: Montreal, 815,208,193, a decrease of 3.9  per cent; Toronto, $10,395,935, an  increase of 19.3 percent; Winnipeg,  $2,409,411, an increase of 58.1 per  cent; Halifax, $1,333,111, an increase of 8.1 per cent; Hamilton,  $804,800, an increase of 18.5 per  cent; St. John, $593,90(5. a decrease  of 11.7 per cent; Vancouver, $850,-  240, an increase of 9.7 per cent:  Victoria, $702,130, an increase of  32.2 per cent.   The English Volunteers.  London, May 18.���in the house  of lords today the secretary of  state for war, the marquis of Lansdowne, introduced a bill to extend  the powers of the Volunteering  Act hy providing thafc volunteers  may be mobilized in tmy emergency  instead of only to repel actual invasion, and also to enable volunteers  to enter into an agreement making  them liable to be called on at any  time for home or foreign service.  Their Mission Here.  Frederick W. Hodson, Dominion  live stock commissioner, and Dr.  Duncan McEachran, chief veterinary inspector of the Dominion department of agriculture, are in the  city today. They will spend the  day here and then proceed on their  journey. Mr. Hodson to the Coast  and Dr. McEachran to the Boundary.  Mr. Hodson is known from one  side of the continent to the other  through his connection with the  live stock interests of the country.  For a number of years he was secretary of fche Dominion Live Stock  Breeders' Association, and in that  capacity had charge of the winter  fat stock show, an exhibition which  has grown from a small beginning  to dimensions making it one of the  leading affairs of the kind on this  side of the Atlantic. Quite recently Mr. Hodson was appointed  Dominion commissioner, the idea  being that he should do for Dominion cattle interests what he had  accomplished in Ontario. His visit  to British Columbia -will be brief on  this occasion, as the live stock  breeders of the maritime provinces  are clamoring for his assistance in  straightening out matters there.  The Atlantic breeders who were  raising pork for the packers there  struck an economical method of  feeding and gave tlieir hogs unlimited quantities of fish. The result  was pork absolutely valueless to  any one and calculated to ruin the  reputation of the packing houses.  Iu Manitoba and the Territories  Mr. Hodson'has organized a chain  of Farmers' Institutes, which have  been found invaluable in improving methods of agriculture and  stock raising in Ontario. Later he  hopes to extend this work iuto  British Columbia. Mr. Hodson's  mission is to ascertain wherein the  stock raising in this province can  be encouraged and assisted through  his department. - He is of opinion  thafc many parts of the province  could raise meat much superior to  the range cattle brought in several  hundred miles by rail, and that one  of the difficulties experienced up  to date has been the trouble in getting first-class bulls. He will not  go into these matters minutely this  trip but expects to return in September and spend a couple of  months hcie.  "Dr. McEachran is in the province  with a special commission. It has  been reported to the department of  agriculture thafc the stock iu this  district are infected with disease  aud he is to make a thorough inspection. Before returning east he  will go into the state of Washington. ' *  the    country    to  garrison at Ligao.  ceeded    across  strengthen the  They found numerous entrenchments manned by insurgents between fche town and were two days  on their way. Tlieir only loss was  three horses. The officers report  that they killed forty insurgents,  but the natives declare eighty were  killed.         HOW NELSON CELEBRATED  Belief of Mafeking.  The loyal citizens of Nelson celebrated the relief of Mafeking right  royally last night.   The arrival of  the relieving forces at Ladysmith  was the signal for au unprecedented  outburst of enthusiasm,  but   last  night's   celebration .established   a  new high water mark. For a couple  of hours the city rang with rounds  of cheers, the rattle of firecrackers  and the resounding boom of giant  bombs,   it seemed as though every  resident of the eity   was on the  c streets and that all the male portion at least was   cheering   with  might and main.  When the joyful news reached  the eity, W. A. Galliher, Charles  Hillyer, G. V. Holt, and A. G.  Gamble formed themselves into an  impromptu demonstration committee. They started out to raise  funds and in about an hour almost  $150 wjis raised in the business  portion of the city. The assistance  of the citizens' and municipal bands,  the fire brigade and the Nelson  rifle company was requisitioned  and cheerfully granted, a liberal  store of pyrotechnical supplies was  purchased and all arrangements  made for a hot time.  About 7 o'clock the citizens  started for the center of the city  and an hour ��� later Baker  street was uncomfortably jammed.  The bands arrived on the  scene and i gave a brief  entertainment, while the small boys  amused themselves, with firecrackers   and   infernal contrivances   of  Strike on the Butcher t Boy.  A big strike has been made on  the Butcher Boy mine, in Dead-  wood camp, says the Greenwood  Miner, John Mack, the general  manager of the-Butcher-Boy Gold  aud Copper Mining Company, returned to the city today from the  miwvand told a Times representative that the whole face of the  drift at the lOG-foofc level is iu solid  ore. Mr. Mack brought samples  down wifch him to have assayed. The  ore is typical Deadwood camp ore  that cannot be distinguished from  that of the Mother Lode, near  which property the Butcher Boy is  situated. There is a 100-foot shaft  on tJie property and from the bottom of the shaft a drift has been  run 30 feet west before fche oi e body  wa.s encountered. This drift will  be continued to cut through the oro  vein. The showing afc the Butcher  Boy is so encouraging that arrangements aro being made for the purchase of a hoist and pump of sufficient capacity to develop the property to the 1000-foot level.        t   ���  Fighting in the Philippines.  .Manila, .May 18.���In the Caterna  fight on the island of Samar on  May 1st about seven hundred of  fche enemy attacked the men of the  ���13rd infantry. The Americans  killed two hundred of the rebels  ;md by actual count only two  Americans were wounded. .Major  John Gilmore and a hundred men  of the 43rd regiment were - ambushed on May 6th near Pambugan,  Samar. Seventy-five    of     the  enemy wero killed, and there  were no American casualties.  The transport Lennox has returned  hcie after landing four troops of  the Eleventh cavalry to reinforce  colonel J. Franklin Bell. The troops,  major Hugh Sims commanding,  ���were landed  afc Legaspi aud  pro-  various descriptions. Afc 8:30 a  procession was formed afc fche corner of Baker and Ward sfcieefcs and  headed west. The rifle company  led, under the command of lieutenant Beer, followed by the Municipal  band. Then came the hose wagon,  surmounted by two large flags and  manned by the members of tJie department in their neat uniforms.  The Citizens' band "brought up fche  rear, followed by a volunteer corps  of raxoo musicians. __. A piper  marched behind tho hose wagOn  and blew lustily along the line of  march. The procession returned  on Baker street, marched north on  Ward to Vernon, and thence fco the  recreation grounds, where the balance of the program was carried  out.  While the processionists were  filling up fche seats in the grand  stand a miniature bombardment  jwith dynamite was-kejit up supplemented with a quantity of fire  crackers and bombs. An immense  bonfire was tlien touched off, and  in the glare of the fire the crowd  listened to patriotic speeches interlarded wifch appropriate selections  from the Municipal band.  Mayor Houston started the  speechmaking, in the course of  which he paid a neat tribute to the  valor of the British arms and especially to the share which the  Canadians had taken in upholding  the same.  J. Roderick Robertson, W, A.  Macdonald and W. A. Galliher followed in short speeches. At fche  close of the speechmaking cheers  wero given for the'queen, colonel  Baden-Powell and lord Roberts,  after which the assemblage dispersed.   '  ;   Japanese Immigration.  Washington, May 18.���In re-  pan sc to the senate resolution of  the 10th the secretary of the  treasury today sent the senate a  statement, from the commissioner  general of immigrafciou to the  United Sfcates of Japanese laborers.  From this statement ifc appears  thafc 2230 of these laborers arrived  in 1898, 3305 in 1899, and for ten  months during 1800. 7181. These  figures indicate only those who  have come direct to the United  Sfcates from Japan, but do not em-  brace these reaching this country  via Canada. How many there are  coming in this way the department  does nofc know, bufc the commi&iiou-  er expressed fche opinion thafc the  number is large. The opinion is  expressed that there will be a large  increase in the coming year.  CHINESE MARRIAGE TODAY  Talk With the Groom.  Quong Kay yesterday took out a  marriage license permitting him to  marry Ah Gee, and a Triijune representative went down to Chinatown to find out when the ceremony  was to take place, a Chinese wedding beiug an unique occurrence  in this district. Kwong Wing  Chung, the leading Chinese merchant was out, but a lounger in his  store vouchsafed the information  that they did not visit the parties  in question, but Wo Kee, the rival  merchant,~'might-know something ���  about it.  Mr. Kee was most affable, and  took the reporter round to where  the bride was, bidding the reporter  remain outside. Kee said something  and went away. Immediately  afterwards the lady poked out her  head and then shut the door most  emphatically in the face of the reporter. The glimpse showed that  she was a decided brunette, bufc  that her toilette was hardly in  shape to receive visitors.  Soon afterwards Kwong Kay  came out of the store. He is a tall,  well built, intelligent looking  Chinaman, and has been working  for the past six months as cook on  the Moyie. He said that his lady -  love was born in China, but came  from Victoria" last December.  There are three China women in  Nelson.  Asked where he was going to get-  married, he said in Church, but did  not know which. He also said he had  never married the lady in question  before.  Afterwards when he was drawn  aside, he became more communicative and intimated he was afraid of  a charivari.    He said :  "No wautee other Chinamen to  know. Makec too muchee noise."  He then confessed ���he had commissioned a friend to see the Rev.  H. S. Akehurst thio morning afc  9:30, to arrange for the marriage  ceremony some time'this morning.  "Me Olistian Chinaman," proudly  said Quong Kay, who seemed in a  suppressed state of high glee and  excitement over his new_and daring  venture in life.  Ottawa Jubilant. -   ,  Ottawa, May 18-���[Special to  The Tribune].���There was general  jubilation in the cifcy tonight, and  fche bells rang oufc joyfully when  the-news of Uie relief of .Mafeking  was confirmed. The city hall bell,  used to sound alarms of fire, started  first, and soqn most of the church  bells in the ci*,y were clanging.  One of fche city bugle bands turned  out, and, headed by the British ensign, paraded fche main streets accompanied by a cheering crowd,  and afterwards proceeded 'to Parliament Hill, where fche great crowd  cheered 'until they were hoarse.  Baden-Powell ha�� thousands of ad-<  mirers jn Ottawa.  -Increased Custom's Ee turns.  Ottawa,   May   18.���'[Special  to  The Tribune.]���Trade figures of the  Dominion for fche ten months ending April 30th April last were prepared by fche custom', department  today. They show an aggregate  trade of $2997,032,000, and increase  of $42,875,000 over tlio same time  last year. The imports were increased by over $24,000,000 and exports by over $18,000,000. Tho  duty was $21,030,000, an increase of  $3,211,000.   Election Frauds Commission.  Ottawa. May IS���[Special to The  Tribune].���The houso only sat for  the afternoon today. There is general satisfaction that the premier  should have announced n judicial  commission to enquire into all election frauds and scandals.  Amendment Lost,  Ottawa, May 17.���-[Special to The  Tribune.]��� Borden's amendment for  submitting the election frauds to a  committee of fche house was lost by  43 to 80 against, a majority of 43  for the government. The house adjourned at 0:20 a.m.  Athabasca Mill Bun.  Following are the official  of the Athabasca mill run  month of April:  figures  for the  V.ilw of bullion  Vnliio of toiieoiitiaiOb ,  57.712 5<)  1,07.2 ��2  Tolti] MllllC .    <-  VHliiusicomorcii pui ton cursbed  Iifijb mil. 28, 2IJ houi'i.   Tons criKlicU .'1S3.  8'VtJM ,->i  n 19  League Games.  Cleveland 10, Kansas Cifcy 8.  Sfc. Louis 13, New York 5.  Pittsburg 11. Philadelphia 4.  .tm,  n*4il THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON B. C SATURDAY,  MAY 19  1900  ew Dry Goods Store  10 Dozen New BLOUSES just to hand  with Tailor Collars. All the very newest  See them and have first choice.  K.&rr & Co  S ''ANDARD PATTERNS  KEPT IN STOCK.  Madden Block, Baker Street  The Very Best Suits  Taere is no store.where good  clothing  can  be   bought  to   better  advantage than here.  For Men, Boys, and Children  A most beautiful collection in plain and fa'ncy worsteds, in  neat checks, stripes, clays and serges made in single and double  breasted  sack style.  A big* assortment of hats, shoes, ties, shirts, underwear,  hosiery,  etc. �� Prices the  lowest.  BROWN    &    CO.   Hall Block, 269 Baker St.  w  HSf  Mi  w  ' &*" S?' C5' ��?* &* C> ��?* C=  .&.''  ..(_..  ^-&'f=>'  m^m  We have sold 75 per cent of all the  Portland Cement  Fipe Brick and  Fire Clay  %  ^d  Used in Kootenay.  We also handle  Steel Mining Rails,  Blacksmith's Goal, Sewer Pipe, Etc.  %  H. J. EVANS & CO.  NELSON, B. C.  ?'e_<?&T&'i��>'e2'eJ-c=>'c2"  ��� l2).^.(_,.C_>.e  '(_t_  w  fS  *^  m  m  Oto  W  Young  Man  ��� ��� ���  We do not want you to get the impression that  our Ties are loud enough to talk, but the fact  remains that their values speak for themselves,  and we would advise you to drop in and listen  to their special whisper on Saturday, when the  following prices will tell the story:       .  W  #  HUDSON'S BAY  COMPANY.  INCORPORATED 1670.  Derbys (flowing- ends) Regular price 65c,  Saturday    "   40c.  Lombards    -   -   -  Kerchiefs  Regular price 40c,  Saturday    4S   30c.  Knots  Neck Scarfs  Bows  Regular' price 35c,  Saturday    "   25c.  Regular price, 50c,  Saturday    "   35c.  Regular price 50c,  Saturday    "   45c.  Regular price 30c,  Saturday    "   20c.  S  %  m  m  Special prices Ladies Neckwear. Stock Collars,- with  flowing ends, regular price 75c and 85c, Saturday price 45c. Regular 35c, 40c and 50c Collars  at 30c on Saturday.  m  David Higgixs, -\\iio has spent  many years in the provincial legislature, is again a candidate for reelection in Esquimalt, and to assist  in securing his election has issued a  platform embodying the principles  which lie says he would strive to  attain should he be again elected.  David Higgins has had ample opportunity to secure the very reforms which he refers to in his address, but his career within the last  decade has not been marked with a  single effort made on behalf of any-  oue save "Dave Higgins." The advancement of himself has been his  only care. When the Turner government refused to recognize his  claims he conspired to overthrow  it, and it fell. When the Semlin  government likewise refused to advance him he joined forces with  ".Toe" Martin and contributed to  its defeat. In all fairness David  should either materially amend his  platform or retire from the contest.  Phkmirr Martin is a man of resource. He is the only politician  in British Columbia who has so arranged matters that himself aud  his secretaries can travel on C.P.R.  passes from point to point, and  lambaste the railway company as a  greedy monopoly from every platform in the province.  Tub dream of the Wilson Conservatives of forming a Conservative  government lias been shattered.  To accomplish this the Wilson faction required the co-operation of  the Turnerites, but the latter have  pledged themselves first to oppose  premier Martin and secondly to  primarily oppose the formation of  any purely Liberal or purely Conservative government. There are,  therefore, but two recognized parties in the field, the Martin (government) party and the Provincial  Party which went into opposition  upon the defeat of the Semlin government.  The  meu   who have set themselves up as the political dictators  of the province are. now  beginning  to count the cost.    It was comparatively easy for Charles Wilson of  Vancouver to read out of the Conservative party all who refused to  recognize his leadership: but when  this was done there was  little left  of   the   party.     Ifc was  easy   for  Joseph Martin to declare that British   Columbia    Liberalism    should  bear . the   Martin   brand;   bu fc  he  found ifc much more difficult to secure the consent of the Liberals to  be thus branded.    The policies of  Charles Wilson and Joseph Alartin  wer# dictated by personal ambition.  Bach imagined himself greater than  his party and presumed too much  upon his supposed hold upon the  parfcy.    The result has been that the  rank   and   file    of    both    parties  have by common  consent decided  that their Iirst mission-shall_be_to'  rid themselves of their   supposed  leaders.   There are in grates iu all  communities, but whole communities are seldom ungrateful.   Where  men have served their constituency  Avell in fche legislature, and at personal sacrifice, the tendency of the  majority of the community is to  recognize such service.     Thej'  do  not   take   kindly   to    instructions  from   headquarters  to  turn  down  such men simply because they -will  not agree  fco put thu aggrandisement of self-appointed leaders before the general welfare of the province.    A. truce has been called in  the" party-line   movement.   Before  committing themselves to the new  condition the people  require that  the field be cleared of Charles Wilson, Q. C, of Vancouver and Joseph  Martin of the same ciby.  R^'.^V'^-'^.'W. ���>��*.���**. ���>*> ���^��.-^��, ���>��* ���^���\av ���^���>fc. ���^���^?^^T ' '00'00^^^_a0^__^ ' 0*^��> ��� 00- !S ^__0^S ^_^^S ^.^^^^^Lfi^AX  yZ_^^ ^^     ' r ^^ r ^^     ^^     ^^     ^^    ^^     *       ^^* mW  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  xti  36   Baker   Street  iti  iti  xti  iti  iti  iti  Annual Spriqg Sale House Furnishings, Carpets, Oilcloths,  Linoleums, Window Shades, Lace Curtains, Portieres, Poles  Now is the time for Spring House Cleaning and replenishing new for old.  We will offer special reduction in this department for the next ten days.  \li  xli  Xit  xit  xli  Xit  Tapestry Carpet from  Brussels Carpet from    .  Axminster Carpet from  English Wilton from  Ingrain Carpet from   .'.  50c up  $1.20 up  $1.25 up  $1.50 up  50c up  Floor Oilcloth from  Window Shades from  Curtain Poles from  Lace Curtains from  25c  40c  40c  75C  up  up  up  up  Art Rugs1 and Squares at all prices  All Carpets sewed and bid free of charge  xit  Xli  Xit  Hi  Xit  Xli  xli  Xit  Xit  Xit  Xit  Xit  xit  xli  ^^fc> jft'^S" S^'-^,^'^l'^'S"^,iS,^,:S"S"<g,'^,3^^*.^ .fi_0.fi_0 v*^;  '**0' 0*' 0*' 0*' 0*' 0*'0*' 00'0*- 00'0*' 00'0*'fi*'0**0*'0*        ^?^"5S^-SI-^>^.^:^":'S��.^.<3��.^.<2S^.^:SC*  Alex Stewart  Room 3, Turner & Boeeh Block.  NELSON.  Mines  Real Estate  Insurance  Loans  Notary Public and Conveyancer.  Rents Collected on Commission.  CLEANING  AND  REPAIRING  HOUSES FOR SALE.  House and four nice lots, under cultivation,  Hume Addition.   Money in this.  Cottage, with modern improvements, corner  of Victoria and Hall sticets.  Residence and lots on Carbonate streets.  Some flno large residences, with nice grounds,  on Lake sticet.  S'H) per month will rent furnished house on  Front street.    LOTS FOR SALE.  ?2<W) will buy house and t lots  b2()0 will \s\\y lot on CaTbonnt est reel  81.200 will buy lot on Baker Mrcct  ��1000 will purchase 3 nice lots, Mill street corner, easy teims.  Lots in various pai ls[ of the town.  Money to lend at 7 per cent ov. central business proper)ica with easy payments.  Owners, list your properties, I have pmchnsors.  All jflrst-cl.iss miningr_.locks bought, and sold.  Ward Bros.  REAL ESTATE AND  INSURANCE AGENTS  Fine Tailoring  YOUR OWN GOODS MADE UP  OLD CLOTHES MADE GOOD AS NEW  ARTHUR GEE  Opposite Clarke Hotel.  MERCHANT TAILOR  Palace IV|eat IV|ar^et  Headquarters  for all kinds of  Fresh and Cured  Meats.  Saw &  A feature will bo made of tho poultry and  game trado. They will always be on hand during their season.  J. L.  PORTER, Prop.  169 Josephine St., between Baker and Vornon.  Telephone 159.  .A..   iE35DTST^3^IBr  Contracting Painters, Decorators, Paporbangors.  Full lino of wall paper, mouldings, etc,  Kateo-  niinmg and Tinting.   Strictly first-das* work.  Estimates furnished.   Residence Mill Street,   \lT?T OflXT    D    f  Opposite School House  JNAIjOV/JN, IS. \j,  W. Starmer Srijith & Go;  PAPER HANGER, GLAZIER,  PAINTER, ETC.  CHIMNEY SWEEPING  Office Ward Street)     "    Opposite Opera Honne  Agents for J. & J. TAYLOR SAFES  Bogustown)   Fairview   Addition.  A. R. SHERWOOD  REAL ESTATE  INSURANCE AND"  GENERAL AGENT  Dressmaking  IN ALL  THE LATESTJ  STYLES  First door west  of Bank of British  Columbia building.  Baker Street  Charles D. J, Christie  GENERAL BROKER  i doors west of Dominion Express ofllce.  P. O. Box 623,   Phonos; Office 117, Houbo 152  FOlTJRENT  Three, (.ix and ��wven room houses  VOR SALK AT A KARCiAItf  ."> room houhc and 2 lots   ,  fi ioom house, furnished, and a corner lots  Also several good lot��.  INSURANCE.  LOANS.  m  We  have  just  opened  a nice  assortment  of  Childrens' Underwear.  W. J. Andiikws, of Slocan Oity,  desires The Titihunk to state that  he is not a prospective Martin candidate, and that he does not intend  to become one. lie further adds  that in Jlis opinion the story that  he is a candidate, is being circulated for the purpose of injuring  him in his business.   Steyn in Pretoria.  Pretoria,   May   IS.���President  Steyn arrived here last night and is  now hi  close conference with the  Transvaal government.  mrs. Mclaughlin  Josephine street, near Brtker,  Fruit and Ornamental trees  Rhododendrons, Roses, Fancy Evergreens  Magnolas, Bulbs, new crop l-eijtcd seeds, for spring  planting. Largest and most complete stock in  Western Canada. Call and make jour selections  or send for catalogue. Address at the nursery  grounds and greenhouse.  M. J. HENRY.   SOflfi Wostminstor Road. Vancouver. B. C._  St. JOSEPH'S SCHOOL  NELSON. B. C.  A boarding and day school conducted by the  Sistera of St. Joseph of Peace. It is situated at  the corner of Mill and Josephine streets in one of  the best residential portions of Nelson, and is  eanily accessiblo from nil parte of tho city.  The course of Htudy Includes tho f undaniental  and higher branches of thorough English education: Business courbo���bookkeeping, stenography and typewriting. Science course���music;  vocal and instrumental, drawing, oto. Plain art  and needlework, ofc.  For terms and particulars apply to tho Sister  Supouor.  Kootenay sTeam Laundry  fieison  Planing N|ills, Limited  Are prepared to furnish by rail, barge or teams  Dimension Lumber, Rough and Dressed  Lumber, Local and Coast Ceiling, Local and  Coast Flooring, Double Dressed Coast Cedar,  Rustic, Shiplap, Stepping, Door Jambs, Pine  and Cedar Casings, Window .Stiles, Turnedt  Work, Rand-sawing, Rrackets, Newel Posts,,  Turned Veranda Posts, Store Fronts, Doors/  Windows and Glass.  Get prices before purchasing elsewhere  Office Corner ({all aijd Front Streets  Factory Hall Street Crossing C. P. R. Track  Mills Hall Street Wharf  _________________ i   ��� i ���������__���    .i        ���  m      .j.      ,., ���.,i i ���������������i. j  (I) fix  I Bargains in Jewelry     t  For the next two weeks we will offer at sacrifice prices iii  the stock of .silverware, cut glassware and novelties wliich /$\  we purchabed from the Canada Drug &  Book Company. ".  m  m  m  fix  fix  m  1'ItOl'KIElORS  GENERAL BROKER  Three dwelling houses for sale otveasy terms.  Ono lot  on   Stanley  streot,  opposite Royal  hotel, for sale at a bargain.  Ono seven-roomed houso and one three-room  house for rent.  Sse ANNABLE  E. P. Whalley, J. P.  NOTARY PUBLIC  Offico with C. W. West & Co., corner Hall and  Baker streets.  City ollice of the Nelson Sodawatcr Factory.  Corporation of the CIfy of Nelson  COURT   OF   REVISION,  Notice iq hereby Klven that the Court of Revision of the City of Nolson. for the purpose of  hearing all complaints ngninat the assessment  for tho j oar 1!"00 v, ill ho hold in tho city hall, Nelson, on Monday, June Ith. J!)0Q, nt 10 oclock a,m.  XV. K. WASSON,  Acting Clerk,  Nelson, May 1st, 1900  The only steam laundry in Nelson employing union labor  A. LARSON9 Manager  H. D.  A  BLACKSMITHING  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  Wagon repairing promptly attended fco by a  first-class wheelwright.  Special attention given to all kinds of repairing and one torn work from outside points.  Shop:   Hall St.. between Baker and Vernon  ATTENTION,   MINERS!  Drilling contest: one down hole, for riirse of  one hnmlicdiinrt lifty dollars., Kaslo, May 21th.  Kntriob clobc May 371 li. For particulars, address,  W. J. DAVJSNPOKT,  Secretary Coleljiation Committee.  notioe!  ;iven that the differences cx-  . Bradley & Co. and the Nel-  T. H. BROWN  178 Baker  Street  fix  fit\  91  Opposite the Lawrence Hardware Building.       (IX  'f^ _��_����_  ���'*�����'���������  i9T.t  ���0'0V__.'0'0.  Jih  vJ__--*Z_l.'_��*r  %JL_jl. JLJLi  Hkad Office at  NELSON, B. O.  esase  "eaiers  Voi ice U hereby given that the differences ox-  ting between F. X.  hon Painters' Union have been hatisfactorily ad  Markets at Nelson, Rossland, Trail, Kaslo, Ymir, Sandon, Silverton, Nev?  Denver, Revelstoke, Perguson, Grand Forks, Greenwood, Cascade City, Mid*  way, and Vancouver.  Mail Orders Promptly Forwarded"  justed. J. H. MATJKKSOtf,  Secretary Nelson Trades and I<ai��or Council.  ALL KINDS OF  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  Baker Street, Nelson &   g.   TRAVES,   Manager'  ORDERS BY MAIL RECEIVE CAREFUL AND PROMPT ATTENTION.  /* i THE TUTBUKEi NELSON B.C, SATURDAY, MAY 19, 1900  0  ��� >  BANK OF MONTBEAL  CAPITAL, all paid up..$12,000,000  REST     6.000,000  Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal ...President  Hon. George A. Driiinmund Vice-President  ]���;. S. Clouston General Manager  NKLSON BRANCH  Corner Baker and Kootenay Streets.  Branches in London (England) Nkw York,  Chicago, and all the principal cities in Canada.  liny and sell Sterling Exchange and Cable  Transfers.  Grant Commercial and Travelors' Credits,  .available in any part of tho world.  Drafts Issued, Collections Made, Ktc.  THE BANK OF  BRITISH   COLUMBIA  NELSON  Savings Bank Branch  CUKKKN'T KATE OV INTEREST PAID.  BUSINESS IS FAIRLY GOOD  Relief Stopped Sales.  The week's business among the  Nelson wholesalers has been a fair  average, with no features of unusual; interest. Business would  have been stimulated strongly by  the Sandon fire had it not been for  the great quantities of supplies  shipped in by relief committees at  various points in the district. It is  estimated that the Sandon merchants whose establishments escaped the fire have not aggregated  a hundred dollars worth of sales  hi nee the fire, so abundant were the  relief supplies.     At any  rate  the  ��� local wholesalers' orders have been  neither frequent nor extensive,  though an improvement in this  d irection is expected at once. Yesterday's shipments were as follows :  W. P. Teetzel. assayers' supplies.  ���Ymir, Hall Siding, Moyie and  :SIocan City.  Thorpe & Co., mineral and aer-  :ated waters.���Slocan   City,   Trout  ��� .Like, Rosebery and Ferguson.  John Cholditch & Co., wholesale  grocers.���Enterprise, Coryelle, Slogan City, Saudou, Wauehope, Ross-  "l.i nd, Trail, Revelstoke, Grand  Forks, New Denver, Kaslo aud  I'Y'rnie.  California Wine Company, Limi-  1ud, wines and cigars.���Greenwood.  Comaplix, Trout Lake, Selkirk,  ���Ferguson, Nakusp, Thompson's  "Landing, Arrowhead, Kaslo and  ^Hloeaii City.  J.'Y. Griffin & Co., provisions and  pi oduce.��� Cranbrook, Ferine, Moyie,  'lisroe Forks, Trail and Nalcusp.    ��� .  XmJfaou Saw & Planing Mills,  Limited, sash and and doors.���.Bal-  iour and Lake Points.  A. Macdonald ��Sr Co., wholesale  grocers.���Ymir, Slocan Junction,  Three Fork?, Sandon, Slocan City,  Silverton, Gody, Robson, New Den-  \ er, Nakusp and Fire Valley.  Brackman ��fc Ker Milling Company, Limited, flour and feed.���  Pilot Bay, Ainsworth, Laido. Kaslo,  Porto Rico, Hall's Siding, Slocan  .1 unction, Paik Siding, Iiosbland  and Waneta.  Turner, Beeton & Co., liquors and  dry goods.���Slocan City. New Denver, Lake 1'oints, Sandon, Ymir  and Robson.  JI. By ers '& Co., hardware <and  mining supplies.���Moyie, Enter-  in ise, Slocan Cits'", Sandon, Kaslo,  I]i ie and Ymir,  IT. J. Kvans & Co., commission  merchants.'���Silverton, Lake Point?,  Kaslo, Fernie aud Robson.  Vancouver 1 Tardware Company,  ~ hardware Imd   mihiiTg~"sTipplies.::::r  Slocan City, Erie, Trail, Greenwood,  Giaud Forks, Rossland and Cascade.  Lawrence Ilaidware Company,  hardware and mining supplies.���  Alamo concentrator. Granite,  Lemon Creek, Saln'io, A his worth,  Pilot Bay, Greenwood and Porto  Rico.  Nelson Soda Water Factory.���  Ymir, Greenwood, Grand Forks,  Jjiocau City, New Denver, Kaslo  nnd Fernie.  Is now prepared to issue Drafts and  Letters of Credit on Skaguay, U. S.,  Atlin, B. C, and Dawson City, IT. W, T.  committee, left their hotel for the  ferry and crossed to Jersey City to  take the train for Washington.  There was no crowd to see them off  and no demonstration.  Imperial Bank of Canada  HEAD   OFFICE, TORONTO.  Capital Authorized  Capital Paid up  Rest  $2,500,000  $2,391,863  $1,554,710  D.  It. Wilkie, General Manager.  E. Hay, Inspector.  Nelson Branch���Burns Block, 221 Baker Street  J. M. LAY, Manager.  A    SIGNIFICANT    DECLARATION.  News Advertiser.  A  striking moral victory, to be  followed, Ave trust, by an equally  striking  election  triumph for  the-  Provincial Party's policy, has been  gained at Victoria,  where Messrs.  Turner, McPhillips, Helmcken and  Hall���the  last of whom only is a  Liberal���have   all   pledged   themselves, if returned, to desist from  any attempt to form a provincial  government upon Dominion party  lines.    On this policy they will receive a very large amount of Liberal support, in fact, the support of  all the best Liberals as well as the  solid Conservative vote of .Victoria,  where   consequently   their   return  should be well assured, by reason,  not of past policy, but  of the present pledge to oppose in  toto the  self-regarding schemes of Mr. Martin, our provincial premier pro tern.,  by the grace of the Hon. T. R. Mclnnes^  Even Mr. McPhillips,'who first  hoped and intended to run as a  Conservative party-line line man,  and   thus   adopt   the   position   of  Mr. Wilson and his followers,  has' now become persuaded that the  cause of provincial good government  can best be assured by the united  action of all who oppose Mr. Martin, knowing the man and his more  than dubious political record. Under such circumstances the decision  just made at Victoria is exceptionally significant and of good omen.  And as we suggested at the outset of our remarks, the declaration  of present political, faith thus made,  strikingly A'indicates the position  adopted from the first by the Provincial Party.  Calgary Cow Punchers Win.  Two Montana cowboys, named  Limias and Austin, arrived in Gal-  gary the other day with a bunch oi"  100 horses, and made a bet of $100  that thoy could produce a broncho  that nobody iu Alberta could ride.  The bot was promptly taken and  the time fixed for Monday evening  at 7 o'clock in the race track. In  .order to furnish more entertainment for the public it was arranged  SLOCAN  RIDING  that the cowboys were to ride six  horses out of the Montana bunch.  Six   vicious   buckers   were selected    and    the    men     from     the  south     pronounced      them      the  worst of  their  kind ��� in  Montana.  One of the number, an outlaw, was  put forward as the man killer on  whom the $100 bet was to be decided, and the Yanks were confident no Canuck rider could stay on  his   back and live.    Lee Marshall  tackled him, rode him to a finish  and won the bet after a splendid  display of  western horsemanship.  During the outlaw's efforts to  dislodge his rider he threw himself  badly,  but without injuring  Marshal].       The Montana   riders- admitted that they had  fairly lost  their bet, and will go back with a  better opinion of Alberta broncho  twisters than they brought in with  them.  Cronje Enjoys Life.  General Cronje greatly enjoyed  his day's outing yesterday, says a  St. Helena dispatch.     He started  from Kent Cottage at 8  o'clock in  the morning, and drove round the  country, accompanied. by his \yife  and grandson, to Deadwood Camp,  where   service was conducted; by  the   Rev.  Mr. Albertyn, a Dutch  minister, who came as a passenger  with general Cronje from-the Cape.  The weather was very fine.   I travelled with the party as one of the  guard, .which was composed of two  mounted    St.    Helena   Volunteer  sharpshooters. :   General'-   Cronje  expressed   his    delight    at    each  change in the scenery on the way.  While he was passing the Dead-  wood Camp the prisoners lined the  fence and saluted him, raising their  hats   and   cheering.       Inside   the  gate everyone who had been captured   with   him   at    Paardeberg  gathered round to speak with him.  On the home journey after the ser  vice he called upon Mrs. Albertyn,  the minister's wife, and the party  had tea together, aud his residence  was reached at four in the afternoon. This was the first occasion  on which he had been outside the  grounds of Kent Cottage. His secretary and adjutant visited Mr. Albertyn on Saturday.  The Party Liner's Hymn.  First declare that Tumor's dead, be sure of that;  Then declare the time lias come for party lines;  Then repeat that Turner's dead, and his party  put to bed;  To believe���no good Conservative decline?!  Thon choose your candidates with tact and care ;  If thoy should inclino to Turner, well���be mum!  For Turner's dead, you know���mind you keep on  saying so;  Strict party men obey, nnd don't look glum!  Oh Charley. Charley Wilson, you're nn eminent  Q. C,  But in politics, unpractical, as any man can be !  Garden,   Tatlow.   pou and  Bowser!   Hu,   ha.  Turner's dead���that's dat!  Why, bless you, Charley Wilson, any child can  see .through that!  Wo remember Tatlow as a Davie man,  AVe remember Garden's "Citizen's" disguise,  Wc know which way you voted, and to -whom  you've been dovoted,  So you really can't throw dust into our eyes;  And as for Turnerism being dead,  A\rhy all the Turner party, earring ono.  Are each working for election in his own provincial section, ���  All pretty lively for the dead aud gone !  Oh Charley, Charley AVilson, you're an eminent  Q. C,  But in politics, unpractical, as any man can lie!  Garden,   Tatlow, you  and Bowser!   Ha,   ha.  Turner's dead���that's flat!'  AVhy, bless you; Charley Wilson, any child can  see through that!  The Kaslo Smelter.  J. D. Cai'lyle is. in Tacoma with  his wife says the Kootenaian. He  came from the old country a short  time since. In Minneapolis he met  H. McElroy, who is now in town.  The latter says that Mr. Carlyle's  intentions are to have the dirt flying at the smelter within thirty  days. It is to be hoped that the  intention will not. be lost sight of.  Clarke's Successor.  Helena* Montana, May 18.���Governor; Smith this afternoon appointed Martin Maginnis United  States senator tpj'sucee'd senator  Clarke.  A FULL LINE OF  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local and coast.  Flooring  local and coast.  Newel Posts  Stair Rail  Mouldings  Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  of all kinds.  IV WHAT VOU WANT IS NOT IN STOCK  WE WILL MAKE IT KOR YOU  CALL AND GET PRICES.  AMERICAN  AND  EUROPEAN  PLANS  Wholesale  Houses  NELSON  B. C.  J. A. Sayward  .     HALL AND LAKE STREETS. NELSON  Porto Rico Lumber Go.  (LIMITED)  Successors to  J. A. DEWAR & CO.  MEALS  25  CENTS  ROOMS LIGHTED BY ELECTRICITY  AND HEATED BY STEAM  25 CENTS TO 91  321 to 331 Baker Street, Nelson.  QUEEN'S HOTEL  ��''  BAKER STREET. NELSON.  Lighted by Electricity and Heated with Hot Air.  CRATED AND MINERAL WATERS. .  rpHORPE & CO., LIMITED.-Corner Vernoh  ���*��� and Cedar streets, Nelson, manufacturers  of and wholesale dealers In aerated waters ana  fruit syrups. Solo agents for Halcyon Springs  mineral water.   Telephone GO.  ASSAYERS'   SUPPLIES.  WF. TEETZEL & CO.-Corner Baker and  > Josephino streets, Nelson, wholesale dealers in assayers supplies. Agents for Denrer  Fire Clay Co. of Denver, Colorado.  CIGARS.  "EfOOTENAY   CIGAR   MANUFACTURING  **���  CO.-43orner Baker and Hall streets. Nel  son, manufacturers of "Royal Seal" and  nay Belle" brands of cigars.  'Koote-  C0MMISSI0N  MERCHANTS.  TT J. EVANS & CO.���Bakor street,  ���*-*������   wholesale    dealers   in   liquors,  Rough and  Dressed  Lumber  Shingles  Mouldings  A-1 White Pin3 Lumber Always  StocK-  We carry ai complete, stock of  <3oast Flooring, Ceiling, Inside Finish, Turned ysrprk,. Sash and Doors.  Special order work will receive  prompt attention.  Large comfortable bedrooms and  flrst-class  dining-room. Sample rooms for commercial men.  RATES $2 PER DAY  in  Newcastle Occupied,  London, Miiy 18.���0'cneral Buller  in a dispatch to the war oilice, dated  -Newcastle, May ISth, says: "Newcastle was occupied last night and  today the whole, second division  svui the third cavalry division will,  .be concentrated there. I have sent  the mounted force'through Nuta'to  f.xpel a small, force of the enemy  and reassure the natives. The enemy  have burned the chapel, broken  much glass, plundered many houses  n nd ttiken cash from the banks but  otherwise have done nothing much.  The raihvay is badly damaged,' the  Ingaent and Kader bridges are destroyed, as are many pumping  Nations and waterworks. Of the  7000 men flying before us, about  1000 seem to have gone lo Wakker-  stroom and some by Miller's pass to  tine Free State. The remainder,  who are described as a "disorganized  rabble"' have gone  north and  say  they   intend  .Lning's Nek."  to make a stand at  Got No Sendoff.  New York, May 18.���Shortly  ttf tei* two o'clock the visiting Boers,  accompanied by  the  Washington  To theKloctois of tbo Slociu; Riding:  Urs ru.MKK���With the dissolution of the legislative .isscinblv, tlio duty again devolves upon  the clectoisof thoSloinn riding to choose amem-  bci to lepicacnt them in the provincial legis-  I.Utne.  it is my intention to become a candidate at the  foi tl'comuig election and with full confidence in  thcicsult 1 ngain icspcctfully solicit the suf-  li.igci of Ihfi eleelois of the nding.  While I m.iy point iwth pardonable satisfaction  Iodic iii.innir-ui'which I have conserved the m-  teiests of the tiding and sought to meet locol re  (]uirenieiils so f.ii'as piueticab'e.l ha\ c earnestly  ondcavoi ed io forwaidlegislation in the interests;  of Iho uhole prouwo, and such ,is would tend  toward its matoi development.  Constant m the sessions, of the  IcgisUtiuc I h.n e been watchful that nt vole of  mine should be wanting forani nieasuie benc- to ni} constituents 01 the proiince us a  whole, not havo Ibicn neglectful of the interests of Ihc wage eiiincr, but havo,-in ^omo do- least, been instrumental in. placing their  fair demands auioncst the principle-, to be advocated bj a gic.itpolitical party. It, is. well pci-  hapi that 1 should In icily state some of the principles which Ili.iictuhoiaitcdand shall continue  toudi oi .it e until they arc incorporated in pio* in-  cml legislation.  (1) 1 urn in favor of an equitable redistribution  of the seals in the legislative assembly, based  Bcnonillj upon population, but -with due icgard  to the inteicsts and eiicumstnncus of outlying  and bparslev seltlrd districts.  (.') I slmllndvonitc thu government, ownership  of iiuluays nnd other public franchises so far a-,  may be piacliciblc, and a general enactment  by whirh eumpniiles tlcsiiinjf to coii'-tiuot rail-  vv'aj s jiniy bu incoipoialcd withoi.t special legislation, and thai railvvajs bemused bj tho province anj bo under government contiol a*- to  their iales and subject  to purchase nt govern-  llHMltUpllOII.  (.t) I chilli do all in my power to as?isl nnd sup  pint the advancement and development of the  ii.1'iing interests ot the piovince. upon which Its  pinspcrit) N bo miilciiaily dependent.  (1) 1 believe in I lie principle of the eight-hour  law- and bluill permit no interference' with tho  law as it stands, and ,-.h,i!I In.sibt upon tho ruttm-  tion of the penalty clause.  (,j) 1 shall advocate a liberal expenditure upon  trunk romtnaiul trails in the various districts of  the province,, believing thnfr upon siich> expondi-  lui'c Ihe development of tho vas-t resources of  the country materially dcpcndfi. ���  (li) I shall advocate, and if elected assist in,  the enactment of lawn for tho proper ad jiiKlment  of disputes between labor and capital, by a well  digested 'and equitably arranged .syctcin of compulsory arbitration.  ("I 1 believe that'Asiatic and other cheap  labor is dot rimcntiil 1o the best interest* of British Columbia. I shall therefore advocate,its restriction ro far as it may be intra vires of provin- -  cial legit-liitioii, and shall assist in bringing .such  pressure to bear upon the federal government as  may induce that government to assist in the  work, and will most emphatically insist that no  such class of labor shall be employed upon any  public works undertaken by the pro\ ince or upon  such w-ork.s as, are subsidized by, or in any way  subject to the control of tho government.  (S) 1 believe that thcediicational system of the  province may be materially improved and nhall  frivo my heartiest assistance in bringing it to the  ligliest state of efficiency by the establishment of  normal schools an4 other instrumentalities that  may lend to the accomplishment of that object,  (flj I shall mlso advocate and assist in the development of the agricultural resources of the  province.  (lfi) I believe thai the moneys of the province  should bu e\.i>onded upon some broad and general  system which would ensure the greatest amount  ol bcnelit fiom hiich expenditure. In this riding  1 have endeavored to inaugurate such a.system  by hav ing the work upon roads and trails placed  under a responsible head, sn tlm( the nppropria.  tion, nriMixKtirily imidoquate undor oxi,sting cir-  uumslanous, might bu huncllumlly and economically expended, Tourw rospodtfully,  R. F, GREEN.  Kaalo, H. C, May 10th, WOO.  Having Purchased  the Business  Of-Fred J. Squire, merchant  tailor, Nelson, I intend to  continue the business so as  to keep the patronage of all  Mr. Squire's old patrons and  get a share of the general  trade. I am now prepared  to show the latest styles in  all lines of spring goods. A  special line on hand at $25  per suit. All other lines at  , low rates. .None but Union  labor employed.  E. Skinner  Neelands' Building, Baker Street.   FRKO J. SQUIRE. Manager.      MOYIE    LOTS  FOR   SALE.  Stylish Checks.  Lot  Lot  Lot  Lot  Block 1  Block 6  Block 6  Block 7  [CashOfFep  Fop  All Four  ADDRESS  W. F. Teetzel, Nelson.  Young men who study  the styles at all will tell  you it is a toss between  .blue serges and decided  checks for first place this  season.  The new styles are very  strong on checks, and the  young chaps that cannot  be perfectly suited in these  goods are few indeed.  Those who do not favor  checks will find my range  of summer serges the most  complete in the city.  Porto Rico Lumber Co. Ltd.  Contractors and Builders  WILL DO WELL TO  Buy Their Lumber  AT  G. 0. Buchanan's  W|rs. E- G. ClarKe, Prop.  LATE OP TIIE BOYAL HOTEI,, CALGARY  DID   YOU   SEE  Curran's New  FRESH  COOL  Schooners  TRY   ONE;   OH,   MY!  The only Good   Beer, jn Nelgbfl  CLUB HOTEL  N|adden House  Baker and Ward  Streets, Nelson  Nelson,      _..   _, .    cigars,  cement, Are briek and firo clay, water plpe.and  steel rails, and genoral commission merchants.  ELECTRICAL  SUPPLIED  KOOTENAY KLECTUIC ��� SUPPLY & COK-  STIt UCTION COM PAN Y-Wholesalcdeal-  ers in telephones, annunciators, bells, batteries,  fixtures, do., Houston block. Nelson.  FLOUR AND FEED.  BRACKMAN-KER MILLING COMPANY  ���Cereals,. Flour, Grain, Hay. Straight or  mixed cars shipped to all Kootenay Point*.  Grain elevators at all principal points on Calgary-  Edmonton 11. It. Mills at Victoria, New Westminster, and Edmonton, Alberta.    EKED & PRODUCE CO.-Baker  . Nelson fGcorge V. Motion's old  stand). Flour, Feed, Grain, Hay and Produce.  Car lots a specialty. Correspondence solicited.  Phone 20.    FRESH AND SALT MEATS.  BURNS &   CO.���Baker  street,   Nelson,  wholesale dealers in fresh and cured meats.  Cold storage. ���  ~��� GROCERIES.  A MACDONALD $ CO.���Corner Front and  ��� Hall streets, wholesale 'grocers and  jobbers in blankets, gloves, mitts, boots, rubbers,  mackinaws and miners' sundries.  OOTENAY SUPPLY   COMPANY,   LHp-  TED���V.erflon   street, Nelson,  wholesale  grocers.  TOHN CHOLDITCH $ CO.-Frpnt street, Nel-  V,   son, wjiolesajle grocers.  PR. STEWART & CO.���Warehouses on C. p.  . R. track, foot of Stanley street. Nelson,  wholesalo doalers tn provisions, produce and  fruits. Cold storage. Agents Armour & Co.^s  bacon, hams, lard and other products.  TAYLOR  street.  P.  T   Y. GRIFFIN & CO.  " ���   wholesale   dealers  meats, butter and eggs.  -Front street, Nelson,  in   provisions, ; cured,  i  H.  M. VINCENT  Baker Btreet.  Manufacttnesh of and  dealers in 'Ilnrncus, I'^ck  and Stock Saddles?Apara-  joes, Collars, Uridius and  Whips.'  Nelson Harness Shop  Hall Street, Nelson.-  LAND NOTICE.  Notice is? hereby given, that after <-no month I  will make application to tho Chiof Commissioner  of Lands and Works to pui chas* one hundred  and sixfy atires of land in tho District of West  Kootenay, in the Province of British Columbia,  situated on the west side of Kootenay lake, on  Boulder oreok, about two miles, soui.U of Balfour:  Commencing at Initial Post marked "John Burk.  N: E. Corner," thonco west sixty-four chains,  thence south twenty-flvo chains, thonco east  sixty-four chains, thence north twenty-five chains  to the Initial Post.  JOHN BURK.  Dated at Nelson this 7th day of April, 1300.  Notice of Application for a  Certificate of Improvements.  BKOKBK Hli.l. MlXKllAI. Cr��UM, SITUATKI.V TIIK  Ai.VRWOitTii Division op West  Kootknav District, and i.ocatkd ahout  two milks sourmvisrr or Ajnhwokth, ai>-  .iniN-iNi; thi: Arkansas,. Unitkd and Union  Miniiuai, Claims.  Take notice that 1, R. E, Young, (acting as  asent for E. J. Roberts, free miner's certificate  special No, (181, and Anna C. Buckley, free  miner's certificate No. B. 11S0T) free miner's certificate No. 11. 13.JUR, intend, sixty days from the  date hereof, to apply to tho mining recorder for  a cortiflcatc of improvements, for the pui pose o  obtaining u orown grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under sec  tion 37, must be commenced before the issuance  of such certificate of improvements,  Dated this 24th day of April, A. Ti., IfKK).  It. E. YOUNG, l'.L,S.  OTTO ffl. ROSENDALE  Portland, Oregon, Posto. Bca Host 484  nes, mining  ings. Com-  Japltal fur-  ffm and cor-  Advises about mi.  property and its work  panies organized. <  nished. Alt informati  respondence confidei iftial. Demand for silver-lead. . propositions. Copper proper ties bought  outright.  ind  Palm* cix feet high. 500 �� orcs, pot- -grower  SO varieties. A choice coll' KSilon of amuse ��  bedding plnnls. Thousand' ,-to sekcti'xnii. Cut  Hovers and dcxigns. Iiisi ;e��tion invittej. Tho  Nolson Green House, Vu tDx Ktvcct, l;w�� blocka  east of wharf. i>. McCfiEATH.  Orders by mail promptly - {Hied.  Nelson  Ice.   Company  WHOLESALE  ,\NI)    HETAJt, DKAI.r.KS   IX  i_ Vwjjo Btock of first-class dry material on  band, also a full line of sash, doors, mouldings,  itmrnofi work, etc.  Factory Work a Specialty  "Yards  Foot of Hendryx street, Nelson  Telephone. 91  John Rae, Agent  JNur\ser;y    Stock:  From the 12fch to the 15tli instant  J expect to receive fvom the celebrated Northern Nursery of J. O.1  StoekweU, Esq., Danville, province  of Quebec, a consignment of 350  three-year old apple trees- of the  following varieties: "Duchess,"  "'Alexander," "Yellow Transparent." "Faiueuse" or snow apple,  "'Wealthy," "Scotts Winter,"  "Lonfield," "Obtrakoff"        and  "Martha," (one of the largest and.  laest crabs.) Also about 50 dozen  of the best varieties of Gooseberries,  Currants, (white, black and red,)  .Raspberries, (red and red,) &c, &c,  They are shipped here direct with a  car of dairy cows and are sure to  arrive in good order and give satisfaction. Trees are all "dormant,"  "warraiiteiralive anil" to leave "out-  -well or to be replaced gratis iu the  fall.  A pple trees (i j e<ii *> old)      Wc, uich.    ��(i.00 Do/.  .Small f r mU> , Wo.   " :i 00   "  Orders will be filled in the order  received.  Ai7i7itKbs  A^cCALLUM, Kaslo, J3.J!.  COAL!      COAL!  GREAT REDUCTION  $Sa65I^r'sNefii'   $6.15  The only hotel In Nelson that has remained  under one management since 1890.  The bed-rooms are well tarnished and lighted  by electricity.  The bar Is alwars stocked by the best dom s-  tlo and imported liquors and cigars.  THOMAS MADDEN, Proprietor.  B. C. HOTEL   bus. b. c  Kirst-elais in every respect Choicest wines,  liquors and cigars. Every oomfort for transient  and resident guests.        j  HEADQUARTERS FOR UNION MEN.  JOSEPH CAMPBELL, Proprietor. *  ^TttedalWteias,  *      *.  Vernon Street, Nelson.  HARDWARE AND MINING SUPPLIES.  H BYERS &.CO.���Corper Balder and Jbsenhino  ���   streets, Nelson, wholesale dealers in hard  ware and mining supplies.  Powder Co. /.-���'  'Agents l|pr Giant  LAWRENCE  Baker. St.,  VANCOUVER  LIMITED-  SMOKE  ROYAL ����AL  AND  KOOTENAY BELLE  CIGARS  Hard Conl  AuUirnclto  I Coal  DELIVERED  Kootenay   Cpfifee^ Co.  1   _      '_     NELSON,. B.C.  Coffee roasters and dcalors in Tea'and Coffee.  Offer fresh roadted coffee of beBt quality, as  follows:  Java and Arabian Macha, por pound %  10'  Java and Mocha Blond, 3 pounds  1 00  Fine Santos, i pounds  1 00  8antos Blond, 5 pounds....,....,...,  1 00  Our Special Blend, 6 pounds..,  1 00  Our Rio Roast, S pounds  1 00  A trial order solicited.   Salesroom 2 doors east  of Oddfellows block, West Baker street.  EV TO LOAN  AT 7 PER CENT  ON BUSINESS PROPERTY  Apply  L. LENNOX, Solicitor. Nelson B. C  ICE  General nuciitJS ^or Mirror .Luke Ic�� Compnny.  joe dehivjred in svny j>art of Jho city, ofli cc at  Grand Otmtral -Hotel, Vernon- ^.I'.d \Va��l si tud"  i'hfiiic V48.   P. ly.lnxWX  NOTICE.  Notice Miercby given that I intend to apply at  the tint meeting of the Uonrd of License Com-  missloneiMfor the Cily of Nelson held tinny d.iyn  sifter the dale iH-rcuf, for leave to tr.msfiji- the  liceiiM-now hold hj me for a -iloon Itimwii a��  tlie AllmhaMM ^.iIihpii, -itimie nn thu ���.oiilheiiM,  i-cirtliii or Uaker and Ivootetiay; Mrerti. Nelson,  '1 ('., Ihjitik on lot 1. bloek 1'-'. m Ni-Imxi afore-  .s,tid', io Patrick J. Htihut'll. in I rust foi IhoAtlia-  iiUM-a Hotol Company. Litnitod.  WllllOSS P- E- ��'"-'��'N'- jA3. NKKLAKIiS.  n&lcd t!ii< 11th day of Ajirll, 1!W0.  Kootenay Cigar Mfg. Go.  NKf��ON, JHUTUUX OOLUMUIA  R. REISTERER & CO"  BI1KWICK8 AKD SOlTIJStBS Or  FINE LAGER BEER, ALE  AND PORTER  ^U't^e'uU     Bowery at M.lmn  Nelson   Wine   Co.  CHOICE W8WES AWB Ll^liOfiS  Special attention given to family trade  Telephone 93 FBANK  A  Bukor street, -        rliKHft  n,  Nelson, 11. C. manaokk  Corporation City of NelsoE  TEN DEES WAJJTED.  Sealed tenders for supplying the City of Nelson  with lumber for the remainder of tlio 1900  will be received hy the undersigned up to noon  o�� atondnv. May 7th, l!l0f>.;        _  \V. K. WASSON, Acting City Clerk.  Nelson, April 2tith. 1000-  LAND   NOTICE.  Notice U hereby given that after one month I  will make application totlie Chief Coinmi^sionor  ���of Lands and Workh to purchase forty acres of  land in the district, of West Kootonay in the  iirovince of British Columbia, .situated on the  ���easiRido of Kootonay lake, between LoeJchart  Aiul Lnfrancu creeks as follows: Commencing  at a. i'os-t on the beach marked "initial I'Ost John  Laidlaw's X, \V. Corner." thentv southerly along  the lake '-'0 chains. Ihenco easterly -li ohitiliK,  thence northerly ai ehaiw. thence westerly -'u  ^, W tho place of begnmin^ liAIDW w#  Dated at Nelson, B.C., this 3rd day of April.  1900,   ^  "notice" of meeting.  Tho Nelson plumbers, gnu and steam fitters'  union mect�� every second and fourth Friday at  tho Miners' Union hall at S  B. WEEKS. Secretary pro tem.  HARDWARE    COMPANY���  Nelson,  wholesale   dealers in  hardware and mining supplies, and water and  plumbers' supplies.   HARDWARE COMPANY  -Baker street. Nelson, wholesalo  dealers in hardware and mining supplies, plumbers and tinsmiths' supplies. Agnnts Ontario  Works.   LIQUORS AND DRY GOODS.  TURNER, BEETON & CO.-Corner Vernon  and Josophino streets. Nelson, wholesale  dealers in liquors, cigars and dry goods. Agents  for Pabst Blew ing Co. of Milwaukee and Cal-  gary Brewing Co. of Calgary.   PAINTS   AND   OILS.  NELSON HARDWARE COMPANY-Baker  Street���Wholesale dealers in paints, oils,  and brashes of all kinds. Largest stock in  Kootenay.     ; '___  POWDER, CAPS AND FUSE.  HAMILTON POWDER COMPANY-Baker  stroet, Nelson, manufacturers bf djnarnito,  sporting, stumping and black blasting powdots,  wholesale dealers in caps and fuse, and' etojtrto  blasting apparatus.   SASH AND DOORS. l    "    "  NELSON SAW AND PLANlis'O MH^LS,  LIMITED���Corner Front and Hall streets.  Nelson, manufacturers of and wholesale dealers  in sash and doors; all kinds of factory work  to ordor. '___ -    '   <>"  TENTS   AND -AWNINGjS. ?f  VTELSON TENT AND AWNING FACTORY-  Baker street, Nelson.  !a of   tci  . O. Boj. Tli.  kinds of   tents,  awnings,  arid   canvas goodi,  "   Tt.oo. Madbon,  M.mufacturei S of all  rid   canvas  proprietor.  WINES AND CIGARS.  CALIFORNIA TtflNE COMPANY, LIMITED���Corner Front and Hatl streets, Nelson, wholesale dealers in wines {case and bulk)  and domestic and Imported cigars.     " *  CHARLES PARKER��� Mfmug and milling engineer.   West Bilker sticet. Nelson.    ��   i  ^  FEATERNAL   SOCIETIES.  NELSON LODGE. NO. 23, A. F. & Ai M.  Moots second Wednesday in each month.  Sojourning brethren invited.  ���JT-NIGHTS OF PYTHIAS��� Nelson Lodge, No,  ���"��� 25, Knights of Pythias, meeta in L O. 0. K.  Hall, cornor Baker and Kootenay streets, every  Tuosday evening at 8 o'clock. Visiting Knights  cordially Invited to attend  &8.   Lconnul Scott, C. C.  R.G. Joj.K. of R.  NELSON L. O. L., No. 1(592, meets In I. O, O. F.  Hall, comer Baker and Xooteuay strQets,  l8t and 3rd Friday of each month, Visiting  brethorn cordially invited. It. Robinson. W. M.  XV. CrawfonMtotoiklm^-iSccseJ.iijij   ���RJELSON .*:RIE, Number 22, Fraternal Order  -" of Eiiglos, moeth every becond and fourth  Wednesday Ineach month in Fraternity Hall.  Visiting brethren wolcomo. W, Gosjiell. PresI  done.   Cliarle* Prow or, Secretary.  TRADES   UNIONS.  NELSON MINERS' UNION XO. X, W, F. of  M.���Moot* iu miners' uiiluii rooms, northeast cornor Victoria and Kootonay xtreeUs, every  Saturday evening at 8 o'clock. Visiting members weleomo. M, It. Monuil. president. James  Wilkes, Socict.try.   NELSON PAINTERS' UNION-The -regular  meeting of the  Painters'   Union  is held -  every Wednesday evening nl ".*>, in tlio Pit inters' Union hall, behind the Clarke hotel.   T. O.  Skatbo. president.   Alfred Turner, secretary.  TRADES AND LABOR COUNC!L.-The regular meetings of tho Nelson Trades and Labor  Council will ba held tn the miners' union hall,  comer of Victoria and Kootenay streets, on tho  first and third Thurtiday of each month, at  ,7.30 p. in. G. J. Thorpe'. President. J. H.Muthe-  bon, Secretary. .   THE regular meetings of the Carpenters' Union  are hold on Wednesday evening of cuch  woek, at "i o'clock, in the Miners' Union hall corner Victoria and Kootenay streets. It. Robin-  ,son, President.   James Colling, Secretary.  ARBERS' UNION. -Nelson Union, No. V.M. of  the International Journcymcu Barber's Union of Aniorlca, nieets every liivt and third Mon-  *--   ' ���  '��� -'" ���"' '��� Union Hull, corner  dny of each mouth in Miner  of Victoria and  Kootenay stioctt-, at  S.-.10  g   brothers  cordially L  (lathoouu, President.   W. S. Bel'  sharp.    Visitiu  attend.   J. II. Matho��uu, President.  Vlllc, Secretary  p.m.  iii% iteit to  LABORERS' UNION.-Nelson Laborers Protect iio Union, No. RI2I, A. V. of L.. iheuts j/i  Miners' Union Hall, iiortlieiw>t corner of Victoria  and Kootoimv streets, ou the tli-stand lliiitl Monday of each month, al 8 p.m. sharp. Visiting  invmbcrn of tho American Federation cordially  invited to attend. John Mullen, President.  Percy gjmkcll on. Secretary. ���____  O'TgAR MAKERS' UNION mcot.slst Tuesday  In e\cry uionlli in theXV. V. M. hall.    Exec,  utive board meets e\ cry Saturday.  BRICKLAYERS AND  MASONS'   UNION.  The Bricklayers and Masons' International  Union No. 3 uf Nelson meets second and fourth  Tuesday*, in each month at Miners' Union hall  J. W, Etcher, president; Joseph Clark, recording  i aud corresponding secretary.  _j,       _. THE TRIBUNE: NELSON, B. C, SATURDAY MAY 10 1900  Rubber Gloves  FOR WOMEN AND MEN  The proper thing for spring house-  cleaning and gardening  Furniture Polish  To make your Furniture look as good  > as new, try our  "FRENCH FURNITURE POLISH."  W. F. Teetzel & Co.  Victoria Block, Corner Baker and Josephine Streets  DRUGS AND ASSAYERS* SUPPLIES  --<��&����:&&�����;&&&&.&����_        ^v2sv2vSi&^&'J&^s^&vS^S-^ <  $ Why are we so Busy %  \ti at the present time?  Hi  iti  'it-  ik  U>  Hi  Hi  xti  xti  Ui  xti  xti  Ui  Ui  iti  iti  Ui  Ui  Ui  Hi  Ui  iti  Ui  Ui  xti  iti  Ui  iti  B  E  C  A  U  S  E  We always have  Something' New  Something' Original  Something Attractive  Good Sellers and  Well Displayed  We invite one and all to come and inspect our stock of latest goods.  All work done in the latest style and guaranteed.       -   -  Our Watchmaking' and Jewelry Departments are unequalled in B.C.  c.  jjj  Nelson, B,  -i��-0"0'-0--0?S-0-~t-0-**-0-0'  Jacob Dover  The Jeweler  Hi  Ui  Hi  Ui  xti  iti  Hi  iti  iti  Hi  iti  Ui  iti  xti  iti  iti  Ui  Hi  Ui  iti  Ui  xti  xti  iti  iti  Hi  Ui  iti  Ui  Ui  iti  Xti  ���^-^-^'_i-___^-__[-__\-__\-^-_*_^.  Our Clearance  of Dry Goods  Sale  is stiil on and will be continued until all Is sojd. Linen for skirts  at 10, 15,-and 20 cents per yard ; White Dress Duck, regular 20c  goods, sale price 124c per yard; regular 25c goods, sale, price 15c;  -White Pique'at 15, 20 and 25 cents. A large range of Underskirts from $1 up.   All other dry goods sold at proportionate prices.  A. FERLAND & CO.  ELLIOT BLOCK, BAKES STREET.  O'REILLY'S  PRIZE CONTEST  We will give, a Ladies' Tailor-made Suit, valued at $15, to the  first person answering the following problem'correctlyt by letter:  A procession extending from O'REILLY'S STORE to the  Public School House, th'e distance being one-half mile, are traveling south up the Hall Mines Road. Our Messenger Boy starts  simultaneously with Ihe rear of the procession to deliver a message to the head of the procession. On returning he meets the  rear _of_the procession���exactly-at the- public-school- house^and  returns back to O'REILLY'S. How far did he travel to and fro  and how much faster did he travel than the procession.,  !t is easy.   Figure it out and get^a suit'free.  MARTIN O'REILLY & CO.  Houston Block       Dry Goods Merchants       Baker Street  CITY LOCAL NEWS  Uorn, j'ostcrday. to the wife of  It. J. lluinilum of this cily, ;i sun : weight ten  pounds.  It. L. Patterson of Toronto, who  looks after the CfUiiuliun interests of Miller S:  ICichnrd, wa.s in Kaslo yesterday. Ho will return to Xelson today.  Rev. Mi-. "White will  preach   at  the morning service of the Hnptisl church: In  the evening Hew Win. Aluiiicc will occupy the  pulpit.  The contract for the erection of  .1. A. Honeyinun's now residence in Kairviow has  been let to Mark Madden.  The   full   court   of  .13. C.  before  which a number of appeals against decisions lit  eases tried,hern are to be argued, has been adjourned from the 21st to tho _8lh instant.  County court opens here on Monday before .judge Koriii. The docket is not  lengthy, nor are the act ions of any particular interest to the public.  The public library will move to  its new quarters on Victoria street opposite the  Hotel l'hair next week. The change will be a decided improvement.  The records entered at tha mining recorder's otliee yesterday were: Transfers,  J. ft. Hae of Itossland to Stanley .Hue, twn-sixths  nf the Kingston claim and one-sixth in the Greenback claim, to John Stinson of Kossland, one-  sixth in Ihe Kingston and one-third in the Greenback, both claims being located on Cayuso creek.  Doer Park mountain; certificates of work were  issued to G. YV. Chisholm in respect to the Big  Duluth claim, to J. D. Andrews on the Mabee  claim and to W. A. Ward on Tiger Fraction ;  claims recorded, G. A. Johnson. Peer Park;  Charles Shannon and J. D. Gunn, Deer Park.  Rev. W. Munroe is making arrangements with the Central school trustees to  hold services in the school building for a timeun-  til action is taken in the direction of erecting a  Congregational ct-urch on the lots at the corner  of Stanley and Silica streets which are now the  property of the denomination:   ���        -  The C. P.  R. offices in  the old  Bank of Montreal building are being ilttcd up,  and will be occupied by the company after next  week. . -    " \  The uniforms worn by the members of the rifle company who joined tho garrison  ''detachment at Victoria have been returned to  the company stores. The outfits arrived in tho  nick of time as the recently joined members require uniforms for the Kaslo trip. A large consignment of ball cartridges for target practice  �����.is also leceivcd. The company parades on  Mond.ij, Tuesday and Wednesday mgliK lo  brush up \.irioiis nmiiosut'icb for the lioliday  diill.  Rev. John Robson has returned  from tho annual session of the Methodist conference at New Westminster. Jlc lea\ es for his  new chatgc in Vancouver about June 4th, which  gi\cs him thiee more Sundays in Nelson, 'lhe  new pastor, Row Mr. AVhite of Chilliwack, comes  bete about the same time.  W. H, Dowsing1 received a cable  yesterday trom T. G. Procter sta'mg (hat he  would sail tor this country on the :iO(h, and also  thu'. the whole of London was, oclebrat n�� the  relief of^M.tfeKiiig. .  Colonel   K  S.  Topping,   nn old  timer of Nelson Ji��d the f��titer of Trail, is in  town, having just returned from a tup lo Sump-  toi .ind Baker Gitv, where he had a severe attack  of pnuuiit jni.t.   lie is now quite well ng.iin.  The regular meeting of the Nelson  Mines Union will be held in the Mineis' Cnion  hnll this, voonjng. A�� business of importance  will come befoie tlio meeting all members ate  itigcuti) requested toutlcnd.  Magistrate Crease holds  a'small'  debts- com ton Wednesday ne\t at 11 n.m. There  .h o fifteen ciftf on I he docket j "  It. M. Macdonald has moved- his  legal otlico (o the quarters over the old Impel  Hank premises.  It is reported that the tinhorn  Mports \\ ho left .Sandon ut'l er I he big fire have i c  turned lo their old stamping giouitd in full force,  and that black rack, stud poker and the rest of  tho games nre-npun in fulli-wing. Thasportshave  elected tents.   The lick of hole! accommodation  BUSINESS   MENTION.  is now being felt and more than one party proposed to turn John Harris' big stable into a hotel.  The price asked for the property. $10,000, prevented a sale. Before building operations are  recommenced it is proposed to re-survey the  townsite and make the main street 70 feet wide.  One of the matters which has engrossed the attention of the council of the board  of trade during the past week is that of securing  government act ion ia tho direction of improving  the Kire Valley trail. During tho winter the  trail has got into bad shape between Killarney,  the port of call on Kootenay'lake, while from the  Vernon side the road is in good condition. The  settlors between Killarney and Mbnashcc took  the initiative, and the Nelson board strongly  backed tlieir petition for a wagon road, on the  ground that easy access to tbe Kettle Kiver district meant many dollars to Nelson's wholesalers.  It is thought that the prospect of immediate action isexco lent.  At the Methodist conference  which closed this week at Now Westminster, tho  clergymen accepted iin invitation to meet in  Nelson next year. The conference brings together annually upwards of 100 ministers and  laymen from every part of the province and the  decision to hold the conference inland is something of an innovation. Tho action of tho conference i.s a tribute to Nelson's growing reputation as the hub of the district.  The Houston committee  room in  the Hume building ou Vernon street is the  headquarters of all Provincial Party men while  in the city.   The crowd is largo nightly.  The biograph entertainment   in  the opera house will no doubt prove a drawing  card during the Iirst four evenings of next week.  The performance is given under the auspices of  the governor.goneral, and has given great satisfaction, giving ns it does a two hours' visit to the  troops in rioutli Africa and glimpses of the most-  celebrated oflicers.  ESTABLISHED 1892  H.   BYERS   &  HARDWARE  CO.  ESTABLISHED 1892  .  Garden, Mill,  Stearrf  Hose. "  and  Suction  Crucible   Cast   Steel   Wire  Rope  5-16 to 1-in. in  stock.  Leather and  Rubber Belting.  Sheet, Square and Round Rubber  Flax and Garlock Packing  Pipe Fittings, Brass Goods, Rails  Black and Galvanized Sheet Iron  Soft Steel Plates  1-8, 3-16 and 1-4 x 72, 96 and 120  Agents���Truax Oro Cars, Giant Powdor.'and Metropolitan Kuse, etc.  H. BYERS & CO.  NELSON  KASLO  SANDON  HOTEL ARRIVALS.  At the Hums.��� XV. Prydson, Toronto: It. J.  Hatchings, Calgary; J. \y..Pautiill. Spokane; A.  W. Smith. St. JeronicT O. JHeKachrnn, Montreal;  V. W. Hodson, Ottawa; .1. Ueveridge, Vancouver;  H. A. Stewart, Silverion; AV. T. Runt, Bonning-  ton Falls.  AT tiik Pn.Mit���M. Crowe, Rossland; It. T.  Hilcy, Winnipeg; H. Bennett, Brockville; 11. G.  Kdwards-Lcckie, Republic; J. Johnstone, Fernie;  A Marpole, A. Purvis, K. J. Coyle, Vancouver;  W. V. Mclnnes, "Winnipeg; J. A. Kirk, Itossland;  T.Bennett, s-alino; Mrs. jfcnncll, Salmo; W. 11.  Ramsdell, Bossburg; Mrs. "Webb, Itossland.  Ar tiik Quke.v's.���IS. MoC'ormnck, A. L. Steel,  Greenwood: A. H. Collins, Toronto; C.C. Brown,  Rossland; V. G. Pcckwell, Lethbridge; V. MeLeod, Vmir; A. McPhail, iMnilc: J. P. Vance,  Rossland; Mrs. L. II. Fraser, J. McBurney,  Kaslo.  atthe Gka.vd Ce.vtuai..��� Mrs. E. Gardiner,  J. P. O'Koui'ke, Brandon; A. Richardson, Ninc-  niile point; E. A, Pyke, M. McCarthy, Calgary;  H. H. Colbert. J. H. McLean. Spokane.  At the Waveumsv.���S. K. Rogers, Baker  City; .7. G. Devlin, Nakusp; Helen D. Ester,  Hazel Bancroft, Wiiliam Woods, Loroy H. Johnstone, William. Cliff, William Ho worth, J. G.  Stutz, Opera Company; J. C. Shooks, Slocan  (ity; John Bertram Ymir; W. Drummond,  Procter: J. W. MeLeod. St. John, N. B.; K. G.  Hasioll, Grand Forks; William Pitch, Auturn,  California; J. B. Cameron, City.  IT  ELL KNO  That wc aio the lecogm/ed Uadu-t in catr\ ing the choicest  ami besi giades of Te.L-i and Codec. This fact has been  thoioughly pi la On by the public appreciation of the same,  which has caused our sale, to Increase tn the above Hues  fullj .'if) per cent, To those ulm have not tried our lenders  Muwe.ilvwijs plousrd to submit -.Li.ipU'-.. after whicli jou  icadfly m-c that j on havc been paying lhes,.me f or an article  which could mil foi a moment u�� compared with it. We arc  sine to ph'itMi Miu, .is oui stock is complete and the best that  moncj can buj.  BAKER STREET; XELSON,  A large consignment of the latest  styles of hats, union and custom  made.   Clothing  for bargains at  A good opportunity for man aud  uifc. Home and good pajing business. Capital  necessary.33(10.   Apply W. Rn-h, Pnstolllce.  Mn 11 and wife wants to manage,  ien', or ieaw hotel or hoarding house am wheie.  Fiillj competent and reliable. Addi'tss Mrs.  Hadloy, Post Ollice.  Gardening���'Employment wanted  by a man. Residential groundslaidoul,  ��)tc.  Address', W. XV. Wilson, Aelson  _ -Wanted- Position- ns -stenogra-  phci nnd typewriter bv lady of cvpciicncc���References, Wo objections to going out ot city. Ad-  dic-s Stenographer, Ti lbnne.  For gale���Black Minorca eggs for  hatching, $2.00 per sitting.   Box (HVNelson.  A   first-blabs   millinery   business  for sale in one of the best ICootcnay intuitu;  towns. New goods. Good teutons for selling.  Address MillinOty, this oliicc.  Hack- calls  left at   the   Pacific  Ti.insfor burn on Vcinoti street. Telephone  cull:��.  For Sale.���OnO'third interest in  Mineral Claim near Vmir,- for $I<X>, money to bo  expended in development. Apply to Ales  Stowarl, Tinner & Bouckh lilacif, Nelson.  For sale���the north half of block  100, Nelson.   Address P. O. Ho* 372. Ne]-o��.  Spot cash  paid  for second-hand  goods of all kinds at the Nelson Ua/aar, ATuloue  & Ti ogilliiH block.  Houses furnished wibh new and  second-hand furniture, or mixed new mid secondhand furniture, on thu installment plan, bj tho  Nolson Rasauir, Malone & Tiugillns block.  India Famine Belief Fund.  New Yobk, May IS.���The executive committee of the committee of  one hundred on the India famine  relief met today at the chamber of  commerce. It was learned that  .$20,21(i is on deposit, the receipt of  /subscriptions. Newspapers in vari-  4/ons parts of the country have  agreed to accept subscriptions, as  have a number of banks, trust companies and banking companies. An  appeal to 10,000 churches in all  sections of the country and Canada  has been sent out. The Postal  Telegraph'Company has agreed to  send and receive cable and telegraph messages-free of .charge, and  express companies will be asked to  make arrangements for the sending  of supplios free of charge.  Nelson Opera House  ONE NIGHT ONLY  SaWay, 19  J. G. Stutt's  Theatre  Company  A BABY INSTANTLY KILLED  Father Went Insane.  At 7:20 o'clock last night an infant daughter of A. Maslonka, the  Hall street shoemaker, was almost  instantly killed. A heavy wagon  box fell on the child's head crushing the skull in such ii manner that  death ensued within a few moments.  Maslonka's two eldest children  were playing at the rear of the  house and the baby was in their  charge. A heavy wagon box,  standing on a packing case, had  been used by the children as a  playhouse for weeks and no  danger was apprehended. Last  night the wagon box became overbalanced and fell  to the. ground. The infant was just  beneath and the falling box crushed  her head. She died before medical  assistance could be summoned.  When Maslouka heard of the fatality he became temporarily insane.  Rushing out he struck one of the  children a heavy blow aud used  threatening language. Chief Jarvis  was apprised of the accident and  immediately proceeded to Maslom  ka's home, where he succeeded in  pacifying the distracted parent.  The coroner was notified and  placed in possession of the facts,  lie deemed an inquest unnecessary.  Refrigerators  Prices from $10 to $30  LAWRENCE HARDWARE COMPANY  KIRKPATRICK  & WILSON.  Under the immediate palronago of their Excellencies lhe Governor-General and Countess  of Minto.  TOR THK  CANADIAN PATRIOTIC FUXD~  HKROES OK THK JlOUIt  1.0HD rfOBKltTK     '       GENSIl.VIi Ht'l.LEH  CANADA'S UltAVJS SONS   -"  On the perfect moving; pictures of the  BIOGRAPH  War scenes in South Africa,  Parades and departure of Canadian contingents. _  /Vll the great generals and crack  regiments of the British army.  Her majesty tne queen saying  good bye to the household troops.  H. It. II. the Prince of Wales.  The world famed views of Pope  Leo XSSI.  Through the Rockies on a C. P.  R. engine.  All the great events and person-  tig-es of the dajr.  _ ���ti:_X,"^_\''S."_t"S.-'_t''_i-'_i"_t"_T ���'_?���  Ui   185 Baker Street.  xti  iti  iti  Ui  iti  Hi  iti  iti  iti  Ui  xti  Ui  xti  xti  Ui  xti  iti  iti  iti  xsi  ���0-0-9- 0-0^9- 0-0^0' 0-0-/_A  Telephone 10.   xti  xti  iti  Ui  Ui  xti  iti  Ui  xti  We have removed our place of business  for the next few months to the old Burns  shop, next to the Nelson Hotel, where we   ^  hope to see all our old customers and many   iti  new ones.   Give us a call.  KIRKPATRICK & WILSON  Telephone 10  185 Baker Street  xti  Hi  xti  iti  iti  iti  Ms  '^���_-^-^_--_- s,S"i8"fi"��fr'T>'S'^&      ij~'_X''!i,'_t''_t''_x,i^'t&''_t''M^''__'jm'^'  '0"0'0'0.0'0.0'0-0-0-0-0 ^C''��' ���"5f:��5,'��t*���l,fl5'^'*5,��-��'  m  w  ?'<Z>'t  IS!  ��  Some Plain Facts  About Clothing  wim;play  Fishing Season of 1900  iPAKgB  STREET,  a   a  NELSON*  We are selling the fishing tackle which entices  the fish. We have the  most complete line of flies  and trolling baits.  See our fishing rod complete with line, leader,  reel, and flies for $5.  BITTER  ATONEMENT  Prices 8��e, 50e? 75c.  Ticket* on. *i!o al usual place     ,  MR. OWEN A. SMILY  Canada's gi cutest elocutionist and humorist at  Nelson Opera  House  MONDAY'  TUESDAY  WRDNGSDAr -  and THURSDAY     -  May 21st, 22nd. 23rd, and 24tht  (Queen's JJirthday)  $ We are now showing the finest stock of Spring  _B and Summer Suits in Nelson. There .are several  {j*J points of merit in our Suits. They are all of the  ^ latest cut and are lined all through with the best  # linings. They are tailored better than Suits offer-  W ed elsewhere at much higher prices. The fabrics  !$'are the best in the market. We lead all others  i$ for values in  m  tie  ��  #  Gents' Furnishings  Hats and Caps  Boots and Shoes  Reserved seats 50o, admission 85e  Plan now open at the usual place.  Doors open at '7:45 p. m., performance at H:'i0.  DR.  Oi rrt'i;  ALEX FORJN  :  Tfouvrox Block.  We know that our values cannot be equalled !?y 8$  any other house ,in Nelson. We are so sure of jj$  this that we will give money back if it cannot be ^  proven, ' #  Opposite Postoffice  CLOTBINO  Ma Brag & Book Oo.  wsumn  GET YOUR  CHANDELIERS  WIRED FOR  NO MA.TCHK3 REQUIRED. ALWAYS READY  Kooteqay Electric Snpply &  Construction Oo.  J03EPHINM STREET NELSON  Headprtnrs ftp Portland Cement, Fire Bricks,  Fire Clay, American Cumberland Coal [Blacksmiths}  E. P. HITHET & 00., Iti., Vietopla  Special quolftfioiin srtvei�� for carload lots  A. Ii. GRAY, I'._0. box 621, Nelson, B. C.  BISCUITS  We have jusl received a fresh  consignment  of Ghrisife's famous  Fancy Biscuits and Cream Sodas.  Also McCormick & Company's Jersey Cream Soefas,  P. O. BOX 176.  HOUSTON BLOCK.  Telephone IG1.  D. M. Ferry & Company's Seeds.  Vrc&h UgBS Received Daily  John f\, Irving & Ca  Kootenay Ageut  Lethbridge Gait Goa  The best value tor the money in tbe maiket  for all purposes.  T8SMS cash     W. P. Tierney, General Agent  Teiepbone W.   Office with C. D. J. Chrlhi  A. E. BARROW, A.M.LCE.  PROVIiNCtAL  LAND SURVEYOR  ... ��<,2?ner Victoria ana Kooteuay Streets.  P.O. Bex mi, TKUCPHONiB WO; S3'  A


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