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 DAILY  EDITION   BY  MAIL  FIVE  DOLLARS A YEAR  WEEKLY EDITION BY MAIL  TWO  DOLLARS A YEAR  EIGHTH YEAR  NELSOIST:  WEDNESDAY MORNING  MAY 16 J 900.  PEICE FIVE CENTS  CANDIDATES TALK AT YMIR  Great Houstonite Success.  Ymik, May  15.���[Special  to The  Tribune.]��� All three candidates for  tlio honor  of representing  Nelson  riding iu  the  legislative  assembly  arrived here ou the morning train,  and   soon   afterwards  ib   was   announced   that   a    public    meeting  would be held ab the Miners' Union  hall at 2 o'clock, tit whicli all three  e.�� ndidates would be allowed equal  time.      The meeting was in control  of 'the Provincial Party, and John  Dewar, one of the best known and  most   respected  miners  and  prospectors in Ymir district,  occupied  tho chair.    Ab,ou$ .75  people  were  present, and all  speakers were lis-  lened to with close attention. Candid ite Houston opened and spoke in  a general   way   for  about   thirty  minutes.  He explained why he was  ;i. supporter of the Provincial Party,  and showed clearly that that party  had just as good a prospect of securing control of the government as  either of the other parties that had  candidates in the field.  He was   followed   by  candidate  Fletcher, who claimed that  he was  opposed to the repeal or alteration  of the eight-hour law; that he had  helped to shape mining  legislation  in the iiast, and that if elected he  would do his utmost to promote the  mining industry.    He disclaimed all  connection   with   the  attempt   to  keep  off- tho  voters' list   the. 489  names that are now hung up in the  riding.    This disclaimer A\-as in answer to questions from Alfred Parr,  secretary of the Ymir Miners' Union.  Mr. Parr  asked  candidate Flet-  chcr point blank whether  the Conservative Association of Nelson was  nol, responsible for the  attempt at  striking the names oil' the list.    To  this  Mr.  Fletcher, replied  that he  was not personally aware Lthat  the,  attempt   was   to   be made.    This  a "'_wcr was not satisfactory to Mr.  Purr.    ]le then .repeated the  question, but  Mr, Fletcher  declined to  ' answer for tho association and contented himself with repeating that  he personally had no knowledge of  l lie scheme to disfranchise so many  voters.  Candidate Hall followed, and bo-  fore   he   got   through he did  not  know where he was at.- He claimed  .Iirst of all that the speakers -thai  > i-.une  before  him    had   stolon  his  ideas,   and   that   to   repeat  them  Avould be tiring  to  the   audience.  11'o then  claimed  that he  was  au  unwilling candidate; that  he only  f ifyred himself at the solicitation of  hi.s   fi lends   and    the   miners   for  Avhom -he   Avas   the   doctor.     He  {���1'iimed that   he had not been a  candidate before any of the  meetings held by the Liberal As&ocia-  i \ m of Nelson,   lie then impugned  Cotton's personal honesty and said  Unit candidate  Houston   had  not  supported Hume at the last elec-  _tion,_ Ho .oven _Avent_ f*irfcher_and  f.tid bhat it Avas because of the four  ( r  iivo  telegrams  that  he    (Hall)  sent lo Victoria bhat Hume secured  the portfolio of minister of mines.  Candidate Houston was then called  Km   to   reply,  in  the   course of  deli he scored candidate Hall for  misrepresentations.     Ho challenged Hall's statement that he had  boon  brought out by tho miners.  Tiie   facts of  the case were that  Hall had  been   brought out by a  small faction oi." tho Liberal  Association  of   Xelson Avhich  Avas  opposed to the eight-hour huv and to  tlio  men   who   supported   ib.    Mr.  Houston also challenged the  truth  of J fall's statement that ho had secured the  portfolio of minister of  mines for J.  Fred Hume upou the  .strength of some telegrams to Vie-  ioria.     The  truth of this matter  Avas that while Hall AA'as in  Nelson  he (Houston) Avas in Victoria, Avorking in the interest of Mr. Hume as  a candidate for the portfolio. . Mr.  JI foiiston also denied the statement  oi' Mr. Hall that during  the last  elections he (Houston) had not supported   the   candidature    of    Mr.  Hume.   In refuting this falsehood  Hi:  Houston  stated  that ho  supported   the   candidature    of    Mr.  ] fume in the columns of The Tiii-  /M'nb, and contributed his time and  juonfty as  Avell, facts  Avhich  Avere  yrell known throughout the.riding.  Alfred   Parr,   secretary   of    the  Yntir minors' union, made a few remarks   Ho confined himself clpefjy  to the platform of Mr. Cotton, and  out a  few questions to candidate  Jfousfcon, which Avere answered in a  straightforward manner.  ��. H. Taylor, Q. C, was then  called upon by tha chair and occn-  jM'etl 25 ��)tmites.     IJe tfeali, Avith  "1  wl  -his  the record and policy of the Pro-  A'incial Party, and in this connection pointed out that candidate  Hall, if elected, Avould have neither  a leader nor a folloAver in the legislature unless he meant to follow  premier Martin. Mr. Taylor then  asked candidate Hall straight out  Avhether he was a follower of Martin. Hall tried to evade the question and replied that he Avould  support the Martin platform. Mr.  Taylor repeated the question, asking candidate Hall whether he  would support the man, but the  doctor, refused to face the issue,  and repeated that he wo.uld support the platform. Mr. Taylor said  that the only inference which could  be taken from candidate Hall's  reply was that he was ashamed of  his leader, and Avith respect to the  platforms of the different parties,  so far as they affected the pro-  A'ince they were all very much  alike.  Candidate Hall's refusal to publicly recognize Martin had a very  damaging effect upou his Ymir'f 61-  loAving and Avill undoubtedly turn  most of his would be supporters to  the other candidates.  Mr. Taylor then dealt with the  criticism which was being directed  agaiust candidate  Houston  as  an  independent.       He   reminded   his  hearers that Mr. Houston  was  the  candidate chosen at a representative  convention of-"the "'Provincial Party,  the party which,  while in  power,  had passed the legislation so much  desired by organized labor,  Avhich  had championed the cause of labor  against  all   the   influences ��� which  could be brought to bear against it,  and Avhich Avent doAvn to defeat in  the cause of labor.   In addition to  being the candidate of the Provincial   Party,   candidate   Houston  Avas furthermore a man  Avho personally had championed the cause  of labor from the first in the face  of adverse  criticism,  a system  of  boycotting   and   pecuniary losses.  He Avas a candidate avIxo had  been  tried   in   their   interest   and   iiis  candidature would put Uiem-to the  test whether they Avere willing to  turn down' the party and the man  who had fought in their interest, or  whether from mere gratitude, if for  nothing else, they Avould acknowledge tho services rendered.  With respect to the candidature  of Mr. Hail, the speaker said he was  running  in  opposition' to  the  expressed Avish of the Liberal Association of Nelson, the officers of Avhieh  association   and   the" majority   of  Avhose   members  'were supporting  the candidature   of Mr. Houston,  Mr. JIall Avas not the candidate of  the Liberal Association, but of a  faction.   His name went before a  representative meeting of the association as a*candidate but he Avas  turned   down.   Mr. Hall   had   en-  deavored   to   deny   this,   but  Mr.  Taylor said he could recite the circumstances, and he defied Mr. Hall  or Mr. Parr. Avho were at the moot-*  ing in question, to deny the truth  of his assertion.   The question of  .Mr-Hall's candidature-camo-up at  the close of the last annual meeting  of the Liberal Association.   It Avas  in trodueed by A. M. Johnson, Avho  prefaced his motion Avitfa  the remark that the members had all attended   wibh   one chief object in  ���view, and that they   were  about  going away Avithout attending to  ib.    lie then moved that tbe Liberal   Association    pub    a    candidate   iu    tho    field    to    contest  tho Nelson  riding, and mentioned  Dr. Hall as tho man  above all men  who could successfully run in  the  district.   This motion, Mr. Taylor  said.   Avas   discussed,   and    nearly  every person speaking upon it mentioned  Dr. Hall's name.   When it  came to a vote Dr. Hall asked to be  excused from voting, as ho Avas an  interested party, and the motion  Avas' defeated on a vote of 35 to 50.  in   view   of    those    facts,   Avhich  neither Dr. Hall nor Mr. Parr could  dispute, Mr. Taylpr said he could  not understand how candidate Hall  could say that his name Avas not  before the Liberal Association of  Nelson as a prospective candidate.  At the close of the meeting candidate Fletcher moved a vote of  thanks to the chairman, which AAras  seconded by candidate Houston and  carried unanimously.  BOER   DELEGATES   ARRIVE  of that city  to them, and  carriages for  Gallery Play Starts.  New York, May 15.���The peace  envoys from South Africa to the  United States, Abraham Fischer, J.  M. A.  Wolmarans and C. H. Wessels arrived here on the  steamer  Maasdam  today.   They Avere met  by a committee Avhich. went down  the bay to greet them and later they  Avere greeted  by a body of Boer  sympathizers gathered on the pier  at Hoboken, where the Maasdam  docked.    The mayor  extended a welcome  the party then took  the Hotel , Manhattan, where the  envoys will lodge during their stay  in this city.   When the committee  boarded   the. Maasdam down the  bay, former judge Von Nossen delivered an address of Avelcome to  the envoys.  Mr. Fisher responded as follows:  "I thank, you most heartily for this.  Avelcome which you have just extended to us. The Avarmth of a  welcome does not lie in the length  of words-used but in deeds. We  believe the American, people-will  also extend to us a hearty Avelcome'.  For ours is a cause .that is dear to  their hearts. We are fighting for  our country. As soon as they come  to understand our' case, they will, I  believe, echo the welcome you have  just given us."  The envoys were eager to hear  /the latest news from... the AA'ar.  When told at the Hotel Manhattan  of the reverse to their arms and  the advance made by lord Roberts  they shrugged their shoulders.  "Such neAvs," said Mr. Fischer,  "does not disconcert us in the least.  We read these dispatches betAveen  the lines, but what difference does  one or a dozen reverses make to us.  We promise neve/' to stop until Ave  have gained what we are fighting  for, our independence."  The delegates were, reticent regarding their plans. "We cannot  say anything Avhich^may hinder  our eaiise.'' said Mr> Fischer. ''We  should like to' ha\re the government  arbitrate with. England, and undoubtedly we shall go to Washing  the United States has authority to  submit important propositions to  the American government. I have  the highest authority for making  the statement that rather than see  thoir country conquered by England, the commissioners aro empowered to ask the United States to  assume a protectorate over the republics, this protectorate to tend, if  desired, toward eventual annexation as territories or states.  BEGIN NEW DEPOT AT ONCE  BOERS ASSAULT MAFEKING  They Claim .'-Victory.  London, May 15.���A-dispatch to  the Daily Mail from ^Lorenzo Marquez, dated Tuesday,'says: "There  is now no doubt that there was  fighting at Mafeking on Saturday,  but it is believed to have gone in  favor of the garrison. All that  can be ascertained of a reliable  character follows: 'The Boers,  using artillery, attacked the: town  oh.Saturday.. Very soon the Kaffirs'  location was in flames. Some say  as a result Of the fight, others as a  result of treachery. "Fighting at  close quarters became general, and  in the midst of the .confusion the  Boers gained jaossession- of the  Kaffirs'location, from...-which point  of vantage they brought their guns  to bear on the towff at close range.  " 'By an adroit move the garrison.  ,       New Fire By-law at Hull.  Ottawa, May 15.���[Special to The  Tribune.]���A fire by-laAV affecting  the entire city ,of Hull lias been  adopted by Hull council. By its  regulations all dwellings, stores,  factories, etc., erected in the transpontine city in the future must be  fire proof. All sheds, stables, outbuildings, etc., if built Avithin 80  feet of a street, must also be made  X>roof against fire.  ton and try to  have an audience  with   president  McKiniey.   If Ave  cannot induce the government to  do what Ave like we shall try to1  arouse the people so, that they Avill  compel the government to recognize us in that Avay."  <���   When asked as to the truth of  the report that some of the Red  Cross men Avere fighting iu the Boer  army, Mr. Fischer said:    "Of this I  knoAV nothing, though some may  haA'e joined our forces when they  kueAv the truth.     Some attaches,  who have gone down there to see  us fight, have, Avhen  they paw us  fight aud kneAV the reasons for the  war, said to us:    'Give us guns, for  we Avant to fight with you.'"    Mr.  Fischer said their future plans Avere  still undecided and~tlu.it they would  be largely guided by events as they  happened.   As it is   bhe reception  coinmittee.have recehred invitations  for the delegates from the mayor*  of sixty towns and cities in the  United States,  and  ifc is probable  that they will visit many places before sailing again for the continent.  According to the Evening World,  Mr.   Fischer,   late this   afternoon,  made the following statement:  "Our intention iioav is to apply to  bhe government for aid. Failing in  that, we shall appeal to tho people  that they may give ns" practical  aid. I bear an official message to  .president McKiniey, but I cannot  speak of it before it is delivered.  We will visit Washington and  transact our business. We are entrusted Avith the greatest authority, and anything we may do, will  be upheld by the South African  countries. I cannot speak of an  American protectorate. If we arc  unsuccessful in securing mediation  or other intervention, there are  seA'eral other contingent steps that  Ave shall try."  "The subject of a protectorate  has been much discussed in Pretoria. If Ave fail in the United  States, I may say that we will seek  .Russian aid. If America should  take action she Avould be upheld by  the powers of Europe. But Ave  look to America because it is a republic. ,We Avould rather have  American aid than help from any  other country. As a friend, 1 think  she Avould be more influential.  Surely there is some way to secure  peace without loss of prestige to  England or independence to us."  New York, May 15.���The Herald's Pretoria correspondent says;  The commission which has gone to  despite its Attenuated numbers,  succeeded in surrounding the party  of Boers Avho had? - captured the  Kaffirs' location. Severe fighting  followed, but, according to the  latest reports, the Boers still hold  the location in which they arc  probably surrounded.'  "The truth is, I believe, that the  Pretoria authorities, knoAviug of  the progress of the relief column,  gave orders to general Synman to  storm the place. As soon as the  location was in flames, Boer bullc-*  tins of victory Avere "/lying about  everywhere to enconra'gc the Aveak-  kneed burghers. Boers' avJio came  down heie yesterday from Pretoria  "produce for the edification of incredulous Britishers two telegrams  ��� by officials, one of Avhich was signed  by Synman and said: 'I-Avas lucky  enough to capture Baden-Powell  Avith nine hundred this morning.'  "There is no doubt about the  heavy fighting. A telegram from  the Portuguese consul to the governor-general here confirms this.  and* there is little doubt of the occupation of the Kaffirs' location,  but similar telegrams were published at Pretoria about Ladysmith, and quite recently about  Wepener, just before colonel Dalgety was relieved.'"  0. P. E. in New Watcom.  Nkw  Watcom, May   IS.���It is  announced today thab the Canadian  Pacific railroad lias made a traffic  agreement "u-ifch   tJTe    BellingliaTu  Bay & British Columbia railroad,  by Avliich the former is enabled to  secure   entrance   into . this   city.  Northern Pacific officials have been  in conference with  president Cornwall   of   the   Buy road   for  three  days, wibh the A'lew of purchasing  the road, which, hud tlio deal been  consummated, would have shut the  Canadian Pacific out of American  territory    west   of    tho   Rockies,  President   Cornwall   today   made  the    following     .statement:   "Tiie  Bellingham      Bay      <fc       British  Columbia road has not been sold to  the   Northern   Pacific,     We  havo  concluded a close traffic agreement  Avith the Canadian Pacific, Avhercby  the passenger coaches of that road  Avill soon bo run into this eity over  our road.   1 am not apprised as to  whether or nofc the Canadian Pacific  Avill discontinue its present traffic  agreement Avith the Seattle <fc International,   OA'er   Avhich    ifc   now  enters Seattle."    The present traffic  arrangements between theCanadian  Pacific and the Seattle International  soon    expire,   and    the   Northern  Pacific, which iioav controls the last  named road, is said  to haA'e given  the   Canadian Pacific  road  notice  that it Avould nofc be renewed.  Contradictory Rumors.  LOKKN'iiO Marqckz, May 13.���  Telegrams received here report  very heavy fighting at Mafeking.  Pretoria reports that Mafeking has  fallen, and the Netherlands Railroad Company has issued a statement that Baden-Powell ha.s captured a large force of Boers. A Avar  bulletin posted at Pretoria on Muy  13fch announced   that   the  British  Avere  advancing  Mafeking.  to   the relief of  Railway Company's Flans.  The Canadian Pacific railroad  Avill proceed without further delay  to erect new buildings in Nelson  and rearrange its yards at an oufc-  lay_ of $70,000 to $100,000. This  decision is the direct outcome of  general manager McNieholl's visit  to the city and his conference here  Avith general superintendent Marpole and superintendent Troup.  The matter has been under consideration for many months, bnt it  Avas not until yesterday that a final  conclusion Avas reached.  To quote captain J. W. Troup's  words, "Mr. McNicoll's parting instructions are, 'get to work without  an unnecessary hour's delay. There  is now nothing to prevent the  work being carried through as  rabidly as it can be done.' "  The program consists briefly in  the erection of a new passenger depot, a freight shed, a round house  and machine shop and the rearrangement of the tracks. It -will  be. a matter of ten days or two  Aveeks before the details will be  sufficiently complete to enable the  company to break ground, and the  Avork Avill nofc be finished until the  snow flies, although the passenger  and freight depot will be in use before that time. . Superintendent  Marpole states that Nelson's facilities, when his company's program  is completed, will be second. to no  point in British Columbia saAre  Vancouver. ��  A representative of The Tribune  Avent through the plans for the  work with captain Troiip last night.  The neAV passenger depot will be  located at the foot of Baker street  on the ground now used by the  Chinese colony as truck gardens. In  order to make the depot easy of  access Baker sbreet will be graded  for some distant below fche point  Avhere Raihvay streeb leads into the  present yards. AnatheiMiiteresting  feature of the Avork is that Cofcton-  AA'ood creek Avill be diverted from >  its present channel so " that it '-.will  run immediately under the, bluff at  the foot o'f Bakor street, where a  wide bridge will be constructed.  Diverting the course of the stream  gives tho company a large area Lof  clear ground to u^e as described  hereafter. The tramway company  Avill also extend its line to the rear  of the depot, so that passengers  may alight from trains afc one side  and step into fche street cars at the  rear. When Baker street is continued into the new'yards the pas-  seuger depot avi!1 be located ou the  north or lake side of the road and  the freight depot on tho opposite or  south side. Between the two'  buildings -will be a large open space  into Avhicli carriages, 'busses and  freight teams* can drive Avithout  confusion or delay.  Kelson's new passenger depot will  be generous in its dimensions, and  afctractivein design., The_plans_  "call for a building 100 by 31 feet,  two stories iu height, the general  appearance of fche front ele\ration  being a large gable rising in the  centre, flanked by long Avings, The  foundation, and possibly a portion  of the first story, AvilLbc of stone,  tho balance of wood, handsomely  finished. The first flat includes a  general Availing room ��0 feet square,  a ladies' Availing room 15 feet  square, a .smoking room M by 25,  an office for tiie agent, ticket, baggage and express office*, lavatories,  etc. Tho mjcoih! fiat avi'IF bo devoted to offices for tiie superintendent and staff, trainmaster, 'dispatchers, port captain, port steward  and engineering staff. The-building Avill be lit by eloctiic light aud  heated by steam. Jn* this connection it i.s worthy of mention that  the plans drawn ;nl the company's  head office for the passenger only  contemplated a building 88 by 31  feet, and that Messrs. Marpole and  Troup Avere able to convince Mr.  McNicholl that larger premises  Avere essential, which the general  manager gracefully conceded.  Tiie freight sheds will bo 250 feet  in length and -will be arranged to  handle the constantly growing  business at this point. Mr. Drew,  tho local agent, will be provided  Avith commodious and AA-ell appointed offices.  Tin; roundhouse is to be erected  on the north side of the tracks and  will be equipped Avith a machine  shop for handling repairs. The  building will be furnished with a  modern turntable.  One of the mosfc important features of the programme is fche rearrangement; of tho tracks.^ The  appropriation for this portion is  large and  the work Aviil occupy a  considerable length of time. It is  proposed to take up all the present  tracks and lay them at a higher  grade, besides adding other tracks  to meet the extra requirements.  Passengers and teams requiring to  call afc the depot or freight sheds  will have no tracks to cross.  A portion of the Avork is to be let  by tender, and the balance Avill be  built by tiie company.  ��New Jewelry House.  T. H. Brown, Avho has purchased  the   Canada   Drug   & Book Company's stock of silverware, cut glass  ware and souvenirs, will  open  for  business on Thursday, at 178 Baker  sVreet, opposite the LaAvreuce Hard-.;  ware    Company's    premises.   Mr.  Brown has had an extensive experience in the jewelry business, hav-  been iu the   employ of Ryrie Bros,  of Toronto for several years, in addition  to  other experience in the  leading    eastern     Canadian    and  United States-cities.   The Canada  Book & Drug Company's stock was  purchased merely with a view to  removing a competitor in business  and during the first two  Aveeks Mr.  BroAvn Avill utilize thife stock for  the purpose of becoming acquainted  Avith the people of Nelson.     The  stock was purchased at a discount  and will be offered/at a sacrifice.  These sacrifice prices  will  not apply to the neAV stock of goods which  Mr. Brown has  received from  the  east.   This stock  will be made up  of the very latest designs  from the  leading makers, aiid will not include  anything   but   first    class,   goods.  They were purchased., for cash aud  can be sold in competition with any  any other house in Nelson.      A  MAFEKING'SFATE UNKNOWN  General Advance Continues.  London.   May   16���4:30 a.   m.���  "Food will last until  about June  lOfch"   is   the  latest official   word  from   colonel    Baden-Powell,    the  Brockville and West Huron Cases.  Ottaava,   May   15.���[Special    to  The Tribune.]���Sir   Louis    Davies  today replied to Borden's motion to  refer    the   Brockville    and   West  Huron election eases to  the privileges    and    elections     committee.  Davies. took   the   stand   thafc ��� no  .prima facie case had been made out  as to the Brockville case and  the  taking in of West Huron to it made  .it compulsory  to  A'ote-down both.  The motion could not.be amended.  There Avere ample means tinder the  Controverted Elections and Corrupt  Practices afc Elections Enquiry Act,  passed in 1880, to afford a thorough  investigation into all matters complained  of.     On   that account he  took the staud�� that the case should  not go  to  the  committee. 'Powell  in reply read an affidavit from  one  Pritchetfc-saying  he  Avas  brought  into the constituencies to teach the  deputies how fco substitute ballots.  Britton in answering said fchafc the  Conservative  organizer,   Baker of  Hamilton, AA'as paid for getting this  affidavit, which Avas  mado  in  tbe  state   of   Michigan.     Bennett   answered Britton.  Coast Politics.  Vrtokia, May 15.���-[Special to  The Tribune.]���The local Liberal  organ, the Times, has selected four  candidates from���fche-eight -in the  field iu this city, and au vises Liberals fco support them. The Times*  candidates are Helmcken and "Hall  of the Opposition ticket, and Yates  and BroAvn of the Martin ticket.  They drop Turner because thoy are  opposed to Turnerisin, McPhillipps  because he favors parfcy lines. Martin on personal grounds, and Beck-  Avith because they prefer Helmek-  cn's Conservatism to Beekwith's.  The friends of Stoddarfc and Prentice in Kast Lillooet have decided  that Prentice should oppose Robert  Graham, tlio Martin candidate.  Electric Railway Responsible.  Toronto, May 15.���[Special to  Tho Tribune.]���The jury empan-  neled to enquire into the death of  Joseph Boldiic, a child killed by the  electric railway, found that fche*  company Avas criminally responsible  for the death of the child in as  much as fche car Avas not provided  Avith a fender, and owing to tbe  fact thafc there was only ono car in  the line, the mofcorman Avas forced to  run the car at too groat rate of  speed in order fco comply Avith the  company's time table, and, moreover, the car AA'as considered unsafe  for use on a public street Avhen  running at a high rate of speed. The  verdict contained a rider exonerating motorman X. Sparks.  A Very Sudden Death.  Ottawa, May 15.���[Special to  The Tribune.] -Andrew T. White.  M. L.A. for North Renfrew and  brother of Hon, Peter White, died  suddenly this morning. lie Avas  peeling an orange afc the breakfast  table AA'hen death came. Ho had  been ailing for some months, but no  one expeeted death so soon or so  suddenly.  British commander at Mafeking,  sent to lord Roberts under date of  May 7th. Five days later the Boers  attemptedito storm the town, and  it is possible that they succeeded,  although nothing is known of the  attack or of its results, except  through Pretoria sources, - Avhich  'Have" no countenance here. The  British relief column is due there  now. '  Ten days ago general Synman  was having difficulty iu keeping  the burghers together, owing to  the approach of the British, and,  Avhen the last Associated Press dispatch leffc Mafeking on May 7th,  the Boers had killed on the previous day one of the horse guards  and captured seA'eral -of colonel  Baden-Powell's few remaining  horses.  The Transvaal army has taken a  position at Baluawashdorp, pass  near Heilbron road station, 50  miles north of Kroonstadt. Its  rear guard is still holding the hills  north of the Vaalsch river Avhile  the Boer scouts are in touch Avith  the British reconnoitering parties  20, miles north of Kroonstadt. The  Boers have held a council of AA'ar at  Dingley, and the British spies haA'e "  learned that the Boers haA'e decided to hold Harrismith as long as  possible. Lord Roberts' infantry  are still at Kroonstadb. The railway laborers are at work aud the  engineers hope to have the line repaired AA'ithin three days.  The Free Staters are surrendering in larger numbers than after  the occupation -of Bloemfontein.  One officer'of the Transvaal artillery says: "There Avill be r.o serious  fighting this side of Pretoria, as .  Beringcu on the Vaal is indefensible. Heavy . guns are being  mounted ab Pretoria, bufc generals  Botha and Litnineii are agreed thafc -  ultimate success is impossible.''President Kruger is obstinate and" a��majority of the Transvaalers hold  firmly Avith him."  It is  estimated   that  the Trans-'  vaalers can still muster 30,000 men  on the fighting line.  General Buller's advance, as hi*  telegrams indicate, was obeying instructions .of lord Roberts, and it  Avill cease or go forward" as lord  Roberts may direct. Certain com-'  mentafcors, affiliated "to the war  office, say that general Buller's orders to keop^ tho Boers employed  have been supplemented hy au order to driA'e them completely out  of Natal anil then to move -on Har- -  risniith.  General Rundle and general Brabant are taking possession of the  Avide section around Ladybrand almost. _wifchoufc_ opposition They - -  find   tho   country still plentifully  supplied Avifeh cattle, feed and flour.  Rebuilding Has Started.  II. 13. Haines, of tlio Bank of  British Columbia hero, was in town  yesterday on a flying trip from  Sandon, where he is assisting in  straightening out the affairs of the  bank there. , Tho money and tho  most important books wero ��av<>d,  bufc the staff as yefc have to sleep  on fche floor of the^ oflice. Mr.  Haines say.s thafc the Avork of ro-  buildingMs going on, sonic twelve  or fifteen buildings being in process  of erection. The townsite has not  been resurveyed a:- yet, and fche  proposal to widen the streets is  meeting with difficulties, as ifc entails the compensation of several  property owners, Avho Avould lose  portions of their lot s.  Outrage by Germans.  London, May 15.���;Lionel Decla,  Avho is conducting a Cape-to-Cairo  expedition, fitted "out by fche London Daily Telegraph, .scuds by Avire  and steamer from UviSa, norfch'of  Lake Tanganyika, the folloAving:  "The situation here is critical. The-  Germans havc forcibly seized all  the Congo Free Stole territory up  to Hw/./.i riA-or, occupying 3000  ���square miles of Congo territory  wifch 1000 soldiers, 13 officers and  cannon. The Belgian 'officer Avith-  dreAV from his position under threat ���  of instant attack. The Germans  burned fche station. Their officers  acted on instructions trom  BerKn.*'  Brabant's Movements.  Maseru, Basutoland, May 15.���  A portion of Brabant's Horse occupied Ladybrand today and another  portion, ir, pushing on to Cloeol&tuL  " -'.Si  if______^_v_\s__^iT THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON B. C WEDNESDAY, MAY 16 1900  10 Dozen New BLOUSES just to hand  with Tailor Collars. All the very newest  See them and have first choice.  ��Jt�� ^rttmro*  Kerr & Co.  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The  second has been luke-warin in his  support  of the measure from the  first, and even as a candidate has  not the courage   to jeopardize   a  single vote by a clean-cut declaration in favor of the eight-hour law  as it stands.   The third candidate  was the first man in the affected  districts  to   champion   the   eight-  hour law, and since the first has remained and uncompromising advocate of the measure as it is.   There  is another matter worthy of consideration.     Which   of the   three  men is the more to be relied upon  to make a fight for the eight-hour  law should it be necessary to make  a fight for its retention ?  , Dr. Haix, in Nelsou, announces  himself opposed to premier Martin ;  but in Ymir that faction which admires premier Joe professes to have  proof that Dr. Hallis a Martin man,  his platform and denials to the contrary notwithstanding. It matters  little whether the doctor is a follower or opponent of Martin, but it  is rather 'uncomplimentary on the  part of his Ymir supporters that  they should spread broadcast the  story thafc thoir candidate-is nofc  what-Jie professes to be.  It has occasioned much comment  that   candidate   Fletcher did  not  niake.it convenient-to voice his approval of the eight-hour law until  he became a candidate for the suffrages of the ��� electors of the Kelson  riding,    Ifc has also occasioned some  comment,  that the candidate of a  Conservative    faction,     which   is  bitterly opposed to the eight-hour  law, should make such au admission.     The   position   of   candidate  Fletcher is the   more remarkable  however by reason of the action  which the local  Conservative machine took to discredit the professions of the candidate.    While the  candidate was drafting his bid for  the support of the sympathizers of  the eight-hour law, the executive of  his campaign committee was taking  steps to disfrauchise the very men  with whom the candidate was endeavoring to curry favor.   The men  who    aro    supporting    candidate  Fletcher   will promise   the   wage-  earners of the riding anything, bufc  they will not allow them fco vote if  they can prevent it.  iif        ^_li_"___^^^__^y__^"__^   '_"'   _^    ~^*%t  xit  xi,  XI  xi  xit  Xi  XI  XI  Xi  Xi  XI  XI  Xi  Xli  XI  36   Baker  Street  Annual Spring Sale House Furnishings, Carpets, Oilcloths,  Linoleums, Window Shades, Lace Curtains, Portieres, Poles  Now is the time for Spring House Cleaning and replenishing new for old.  We will offer special reduction in this department for the next ten days.  xli  Xli  Tapestry Carpet from  Brussels Carpet from    .  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A boarding and day school conducted by the  Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace. It is situated at  the corner of Mill and Josephine streots in one of  the bebt residential portions of Nelson, and is  easily accessible from all parts of the city.  Tho course of study includes tho fundamental  and higher branches of thorough English, education: Business course���bookkeeping, 8tei>9K<  rftphy aud typewriting. Science course���snusic;  vqcjiI ami instrumental, drawing, oto. Plain art  and needlework, oto.  For terms and particulars apply to the Sister  Superior.     ..       ���  Kootenay Steam Laundry  fieison Saw &  Planing l/|ills, Limited  Are prepared to furnish by rail, barge or teams  Dimension Lumber, Rough and Dressed  Lumber, Local and Coast Ceiling, Local and  Coast Flooring, Double Dressed Coast Cedar,  Rustic, Shiplap, Stepping, Door Jambs, Pine  and Cedar Casings, Window Stiles, Turne*  Work, Band-sawing, Brackets, Newel Posts,  Turned Veranda Posts, Store Fronts, Doors,  Windows and Glass.  Get prices before purchasing elsewhere  Office Corner lfa.II aqd Front Streets  Factory Hall Street Crossing C. P. R. Track  Mills Hall Street Wharf  Customs Sale by Auction  FKOl'ltlRTORS  The only steam  laundry in Nelson employing union labor  E.  P. Whalley,  NOTARY PUBLIC  General agents for iVIirror Lako Ice Company.  Ico delivered in any part of the city. Office at  Grand Central Hotel, Vernon and Ward ttroets  i'lionoM&   P.O. box 133.  Oillce with C. W. Wcst& Co,, corner Hall and  ifiikerhtreets.  City ollleo of the NeUon Sodawator F.ictory.  Corporation cf ihe CHy of Kelson  COURT   OF   REVISION.  Notice i��> hereby Kivon that the Court of Revision of the City of Nelson, for the purpose of  luarinpr all complaints against the ahseshment  for the j car 1!XM will be held in the city hall, Nel-  60n, on Monday, Juno ilii. HW, at Wo'clock a.m.  W. K. WASSON.  Acting Clerk,  Nelson, May lnt, 1900  A. LAHSQN9 Manager  H7"D7~ASI^ROFf  BLACKSMITHING  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  Wagon repairing promptly attended to by a  nr8ti-c!ias wheelwright.  Special attention given to all klcda of repair-  log and custom work from osiMdo points.  Shop;  Hall St.. between Baker and Vernon   -To be-sold by-public-auction under theprovisions"  of the  Customs Act at  Nelson, B. C, in front of"  Customs House, on Thursday, May 17th, 1900, at 2.  p. m., the following goods which have been forfeited  or which are in default for payment of duties under-  the Customs Laws, viz:   Packages of general* merchandise, <��sc, &c, to the number of 57 more or less,.  and other articles as per list, on file, and to be seen at  Customs House, Nelson, B. C.   .    - ���  TERMS   GASH.���Sale  subject  to continuance>  next day and until completed.  GEORGE JOHNSTONE, Collector of Customs;  Dated at Nelson, B. C, 8th clay of May, 1900.    ,  CHAS. A. WATERMAN & CO., Auctioneers  ATTENTION,   MINERS!  Drilling contest,-one down hole, for purse of  one hundred and fifty dollars, Kaslo, May Sif h,  ���(entries close May 17th. Kor particulars, address,  W. J. DAVKNI'OItT,  Secretary Celebration Committee.  NOTICR  Notice is hereby given that the differences existing between J\ J. Bradley & Co, and the Nelson Painters* Union have been witiBfactorily ad  jimted. J. H. MATHESON.  Secretary Nelson Trades and Jjabor Council.  Head Office at  NELSOW, B. O.  e an  ealers  eafo  Markets at   Nelson,  Itossland,  Trail,  Kaslo, Ymir,  Sandon,  Silverton  New  Denve^Revelstoke, Ferguson, Grand Forts, Greenwood, Cascade TCity^ Midl^  way, and Vancouver.  Mail Orders Promptly Forwarded  ALLi KINDS OF  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOWCSALE AND RETAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  Baker Street, Nelson ^   &   TRAVES,   Manager  ORDJSES BY MAIL RECEIVE OAKEFUX, AND PROMPT ATTENTION.  "J\ THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON B. C, WEDNESDAY; MAY 16, 1900  3  BANK OF I0NTBEAL  CAPITAL, all paid np..$12,000,000  REST     6.000,000  Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal ...President  "Ton. George A. Drummond Vice-President  K. S. Clouston General Manager  NKLSON BRANCH  Corner Baker and Kootenay Streets.  Branches iu London (England) Nkw Yoiuc,  (.'iiliuuo, and all tho principal cities in Canada.  THE BANK OF  BRITISH  COLUMBIA  NELSON  Imperial Bank of Canada  HEAD   OFFICE, TORONTO.  Buy and sell Sterling Exchange and Cablo  Transfers.  (.���rant Commercial and Travelers' Credits,  .available in any part of the world.  Drafts Issued, Collections Made, Etc.  Savings Bank Branch  CUKKi:XT KATi: OK I.N'TKKKST PAID.  LOCATING   RAILWAY   STATIONS.  One of llie most important amendments to the railway act proposed  in Mr. Blair's bill is the clause giving  the railway committee of the  privy pcoimcil power to determine  l.lie location of stations on railways  subject to Dominion  authority or  subsidized in money or land by the  Dominion   parliament.     This   is a  provision shown by experience to  he necessary in the public interest.  IL deals with a method of railway  operation recently brought to the  attention  of the Dominion by the  case of the town of Moyie, British  Columbia.      The   railway   wanted  certain concessions which the municipality refused to grant, .and as a  punishment the company established   its station   about  three   miles  from the town, thus preventing tho  natural growth of the place, making property valueless aud compelling  of  tho  people  to move   their  houses and effects to the new location.    The matter was brought to  1 lie   attention   of parliament  last  year, and a bill was introduced to  cover all such cases.    Owing to the  ���opposition of the railway interests,  which developed into a form of obstruction by sir Charles Tapper aud  liis  followers in the railway committee of the  house of  Commons,  lhe bill was withdrawn.    Tho mini-tor of railways has again  incorporated its provisions in a proposed  amendment to the railway act, and  I he same forces are arrayed against  it.     Mr.  Ilaggart,   ex-minister   of  railways.- and colouel Tisdale  are  the most active and persistent op-  p'���nents   of   the i measure   in   the  house.    The   experience of   Moyie  shows  that   tiie* existing   system  j nits the towns and cities, especially  in   th'e   prairie   and   mountainous  ���country, absolutely at the mercy of  the  raihvays.     The  moving   of a  station a few miles'necessitates the  moving of the town.    Hotels must  be built near the new station, and  i he old ones mtit-fc be abandoned.  Stores must follow, and ihe people  ���whose industry4ias built up a town  are   compelled   to   build   another.  Tho town that dares to lesist the  demands of a railway can be simply  obliterated.  The outcry already raised a gainst  lhe exercise of this power shows  that it has been abused by the railways, and thafc it is a power with  which   no   groat   corporation   can  safely be trusted.    One of the influences that lead to the improper  use of this power is the real estate  ���-peculation that takes place wherever there is a rapid development  of population.    Railway magnates  7md their" frionds~are"often "deeply"  interested in such speculations, and  tempting opportunities are afforded  by the power of locating a town at  any  point desired.    It is a simple  matter to secure land adjacent to a  nourishing    aud    promising   town  and to Compel all ifs leading inter-  c-ts  to move  in  the direction  of  such holdings by establishing the  I'-ailwny station in a now quarter.  3\Jen  in the confidence of railway  just lingers and knowing in advance  ., " such intentions can secure large,  ilroh^   ,ifc   *'10 e^l501?80   ��f   those  whose  Xijjfie    railway   there  vnplaints regarding  informa-  ;.-Is now prepared to issue Drafts arid  Letters of Credit on Skaguay, U. S.,  Atlin, B. C, and Dawson City, N. W. T.  c  ever, that when Mr. Puttee, the  labor candidate, put up with success  at the last Dominion election in  Winnipeg, he found a strong opponent in Mr. E. D. Martin, who in  his turn, had no stronger supporter  than his brother Joseph, then and  now of 'Vancouver, formerly of  Winnipeg, Circumstances alter  cases���decidedly. Mr. Martin travelled specially to Winnipeg to oppose Mr. Puttee, but he failed. So  he has, after being cold-shouldered,  by Dunsmuir the "capitalist," decided on mature deliberation, that  he is now and ever will be the  friend of labor���for a consideration  and on an emergency.  Weir's Conviction Illegal.  According to sir Edward Clarke,  formerly solicitor-general of England,  William  Weir,  president of  tho Banque Ville Marie, now undergoing  sentence  of two  years   for-  presenting a false statement to the  government, was wrongly condemned.    Donald MacMaster, Q. C, having applied to the attorney-general  of Quebec for leave to appeal from  the decision of judge Wurtele, sent  a copy of the printed case, now before the attorney-general, to sir Edward  Clarke  for  an  opinion.    Sir  Edward has just replied that he is  clearly   of   the   opinion   that   the  judge  presiding  at   the   trial was  wrong iu his decision with respect  to tho indictment.    As that indictment originally stood, some words  having  apparently   been accidentally omitted, it did not allege auy  offence at all.    It alleged that the  defendants had made a monthly report, but it contained no statement  that the report was false or deceptive, and although it contained the  words,   "a   wilfully false and  deceptive statement," it did not allege  that the defendants made any such  statement.    It, therefore, was clearly   bad,    and   should    have   been  quashed ; or, by leave of the court  and upon proper terms of postponement, amended.   The   amendment  proposed tiy the prosecution would,  in his,opinion, have still leff the indictment bad.  inasmuch, as it' did'  not  specify  the statement   whichs  the defendants wore alleged to have  falsely made,  and "the defendants  wero entitled not only to particulars of such alleged falsehood, but  to  its  specification  iu  the  indictment," in   order   that' the  record  should show, of what offence the  defendants were acquitted or convicted.   But this amendment,  insufficient  as* it  would  have  been,  was refused by the court.   These  and other   questions, sir   Edward  says, are so serious that he cannot  understand the refusal to state a  reserved ease.  Capital Authorized  Capital Paid up  Rest  $2,500,000  $2,391,863  $1,554,710  D. R. Wilkie, General Manager.  E. Hay, Inspecter.  Nelson Branch���Burns Block, 221 Baker Street  J. M. LAY, -Manager.  Mr. Webster Davis, the former  United States assistant secretary of  the interior, who recently visited  South Africa.  ADDRESS AND PLATFORM  ��*     lib       LrUU    WXpuneu     <���>!.      Ulliwe  30 i^'ope.rty mustbe abaudon-  Y)imii'^ the construction of the  Canadian    1  wore many  Ci  the use made oi   pi'lva^c  lion  regarding  the   proposed location of lines and statio.ns'  was of little consequent  But that  ^ tipmpared  with the abandoning or ij_^uVlll# oi  Lowns already established. -*���  main purpose of a railway is to eon"  necfc centres of imputation. It -*s  i'or this they are subsidized wit. *  money and land; and the people  who pay the subsidies should be iu  a position to defend themselves  from the manipulations of railway  managers. At present a town may  contribute largely in taxation toward a railway subsidy, and be rewarded by seeing the station locat-  two or three miles away, where  person has secured  l'  Big St. Eugene Shipments.  Since the starting up of the St.  Eugene concentrator 4 5 ear loads or  ovei 1000 tons of concentrates have  been shipped to the smelter. The  mill is running steadily and will  continue to do so from now ou. In  order" thatthoro" wiil"be_an���ample  supply of water for the concentrator a flume is to be .built from  JJridge creek which empties into  the Movie river atthe foot of Moyie  lake. The flume will be about two  and a half miles in length aud will  be of equal sisse of the one from  Bark Shanty creek, which is now  being used. A wagon road will be  built up Bridge creek from Moyellc  to the proposed head of the flume,  a distance of over two miles, over  which the bulk of the lumber will  bo limited. It is the intention to  have the flume finished within  "sixty days. -  Fire at Paris Exhibition.  , Paris, May ls>.���The news of fche  fire at the exhibition ground spread  quickly through Paris and aroused  considerable anxiety owing to the  recent severe criticism of the inadequate arrangements to cope  with a conflagration. The firo was  due to the fusing of wires which  ignited the scaffolding underneath  the   chateau.       Great   excitement  The Metal Markets.  Nkw York, May. 15.���Copper  very dull; brokers' $162, exchange  $10|; lead easy, brokers' $3.80, exchange $3.97i @ $4.02.',; tin easy;  Straits $28.35 @ $28.50; plates  quiet; spelter very dull; domestic  $4.50 @ $4.55.  BUSINESS   MENTION.  Gardening���Employment wanted  by a practical man. Residential groundslaidout,  etc.   Address, AV. AV. Wilson, Nelson  Wanted���Position as stenographer and typewriter by lady of experience���References. Mo objections to going out of city. Address Stenographer, Tribune.  For sale���Black Minorca eggs for  hatching, $2.00 per sitting.   Box 083. Nelson.  Cellar   to   rent,   neAvly   floored,  under Merchants Bank of Halifax.   Apply in the  bank.  A first-class millinery business  for sale in one of the best Kootenay mining  towns. New goods. Good leasons for selling.  Address Millinery, this oflice.  Harry Haley has applied for a  divorce, and legal proceedings will shortly be instituted.  Hack   calls left at   the   Pacific  Transfer barn on Vernon street. Telephone  call 35.  For Sale.���One-third interest in  Mineral Claim near Ymir, for $100, money to bo  expended in development. Apply to Alex  Stewart, Turner & Bocckh block, Nolson.  For sale���the north half of block  100, Nelson.   Address P. O. Box 572, Nelson.  Spot cash paid for second-hand  goods of all kinds at the Nelson Bazaar, Malone  & Tregillus block.  Houses furnished with new and  second-hand furniture, or mixed new end secondhand furniture, on the installment plan, by the  Nelson Bazaar, Malono & Tregillus block.  Having Purchased  the Business  Of Fred J. Squire, merchant  > tailor, Nelson, J intend tok  continue the business so as  to keep the patronage of all  Mr. Squire's old patrons and  get a share of the general  trade. I am now prepared  to show the latest styles in  all lines of spring goods. A  special line on hand at $25  per suit. All other lines at  low rates. None but Union  labor employed.  To the Klectors of Nelson Riding, AVest Kootenay District:  Gkntlemen���In request to numerously signed  requisitions asking me to be a candidate for the  Provincial Legislature at the forthcoming election I have consented to enter the contest as an  .Independent. Liberal. I have the honor, therefore,  to solicit your votes and influence, unci if elected I  shall do my utmost to secure for the province  honest, economical and progressive government.  A brief outline of sonic ot tho principles which  I think should be ombodied in legislative acts is  given below.   I have the honor to be, gentlemen,c  your obedient servant,  GEORGE A. ll. HALL.  1. Tho principle of eight hours constituting a  " ay's work should bi  enforced.  . legal day's work should bo recognized and strictly  2. Steps should immediately be taken through  the proper channel to prevent the immigrat on  into this country of Chinese and Japanese  laborei s.  3. Two dollars and fifty cents per day should be  the .minimum wage of unskilled labor throughout tho province on nil government works.  4. "A lair wage" bill should be introduced lc-  quiring the payment of standard wages on ,ill  works to which the pro's incc contributes subsidies  or aid in any form.  5. The establishment of a labor bureau under  the direction of a minister of tho crow n whose  duty it shall be, among other things, to collect  labor statistics, and to act as a mediator between  employers and workmen in .ill cases of all actual  or threatened strikes with powei to call ami examine witnesses, and compel disclosure ot all  material facts in connection with such disputes.  0. I believe that trunk loads should bo built  and maintained by the governmont, and encour-  ageiient given to mineis to extend tho��o roads.  Such works should be directed by couipotcnt  govcrnmentengineers. AVhcietruils.ue required  to single or small gioups of claims, the cost ot  such trails, if built by the claim owners on the  approval and under the direction of a go\ eminent inspector or engineer, shall apply as assessment upon the claims.  1. Government ownership of all' telegraph  sjstomn and railways, wheie practicable, by construction or purchase.  8. The establishment of technical schools for  metalliferous inincis, in connection with smelters, at different points in the province,  !). To dr.iw the attention of capitalists anil investors to British Columbia as a desir.iblo centre  for profitable mining operations, by suitable advertisement and by the appointment of special  agents at London and clsew here, whose sci vices  shall be free and equally available for all o\\ nors  of British Columbia property.  10. To encourage the establishment .it difl'ercnt  points in British Columbia of (a) steel and iron  works, (b) ship building jaids, (c) additional  smelters and refineries.  11. The retaining ot the resources of the province as an asset tor the benelit of the people and  taking effective measures to pre\ent the alienation of the public domain excepting to actual  settlers or tor bona fide business or industrial  purposes, thus putting nn encj to the practice of  speculating in the same.  12. The taking of active moasiiros for tho ays.  tcmatic exploration of tho province, including a  government survey of tho province bj sections  and the preparation of accu<atc and cheap maps  in accordance with such survey.  13. Tho interests, of the province can bo best  served by permanent civil service, appointments  to which should be made by reason of merit and  not of political influence.  11. All unoccupied lands in the province should  be open to bona fide settlers at fair prices, which  shall be decided upon by government land agent  or valuator and better facilities should be given  for acquiring small ureas for the establishment  of market gardens and homesteads.  13. Where mincial claims aro held by joint  owners and where ono or more of such ov\ ncrs  refuse to contribute towards the annual assessment work provision should be made in the  Mincial Act for the sale of the interest ot such  delinquent owners.  Ki. The abolition of the depesit by candidates  for the legislature.  17. Redistribution of the constituencies on an  equitable basis. '  A FULL LINE OF  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local and coast.  Flooring  local and coast,  Newel Posts  Stair Rail  Mouldings  Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  of all kinds.  if wir vr you want is not in stock  AVK WILL MAKE IT FOlt YOU  CALL AND GET PRICKS.  J. A. Sayward  n.\LL AND LAKE 8TREKTS, NEUON  Porto Rico Lumber Go.  (LIMITED)  Successors" to  A. DEWAR & 00.  Rough and  Dressed  Lumber  Shingles  Mouldings  A-1 White Pine Lumber Always in  Stocl^.  We carry a complete stock of  Coast Flooring, Ceiling, Inside Finish, Turned Work, Sash and Doors.  Special order work will receive  prompt attention.  Neelands' Building, Baker Street.  FRED J, SQUIRE, Manager.  MOYIE    LOTS  FOR   SALE.  Stylish Checks.  Young men who study  the styles at all will tell  you it is a toss .between  blue serges and decided  checks for first place this  Porto Rico Lumber Go. Ltd.  Contractors and Builders  WILL DO WELL TO  Buy Their Lumber  AT  G. 0. Buchanan's  A largo stock of ttrst-class dry material on  hand, also a Hull line of sash, doors, mouldings,  turned work, etc.  Factory Work a Specialty  Yard)  Foot) of Hendryx street, Kelson  Telephone. Si  John Rae, Agent  Lot  9  Block 1 ids  Lot-  9  Block-5-  ���  Lot  11  Biock 6  Lot  7  Block 7i  A  Cash Oft'ep  Fop  . Four  ADDRESS  W. F. Teetzel, Nelson.  M. LUDWIO  Manufacturers of and  dualeiy iu Harness. Pack  and Stoek Saddles. Apara-  .ioo-\ Collars, Bridles and  Whips.  Nelson Harness Shop  Hall Street, Xelson.  ((  home favored  he land.  Martin's Professed Friendship.  The Province.  Premie)' Martin says Unit he is  I 'ic best friend oi' labor, in wliich  i a paeity he will yield neither to  young Mr. Wood nor to tlio veteran  alderman McQueen.    Strange, how-  m availed among  th '*y flocked   io  the  the  and  The  visitors  scene,  f ore %11 electric section in which the  Unitfc '1 Wtates has an Important exhibit w.'*H filled with smoke, but beyond the blackening of the ceiling  and the w.^Hs no damage was done.  The workmen in ihe basement had  a narrow escape. Three were  rescued in a half asphyxiated condition.  Repudiate Webster Davis.  London, May 14.-���The correspondent of the Router Telegraph  Company at Capetown says the  American residents are taking  steps to repudiate the statement of  LAND NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given, that after one month I  will make application to the Chief Commissioner  of Lands and Works to puichaso one hundred  and sixty acres of land us tho District of We*t  Kootenay, in the Province of Hntish Columbia,  situated on tlio west sido of Kootenay lake, on  Boulder creek, about two miles wm h of Balfour;  Commencing atlnitial Post marked "John Rurk.  N: B. Corner," thence vvo-,t sixty-four chains,  thence south tvvent}-flvo chaiim, thence east  sixty-four chains, thence north twenty-live chains  to the Initial Post.  JOHN BUttK,  Dated at Nelson this 7th day of April. 1900.  Notice of Application for a  Certificate of Improvements.  Bno'vEN* Hill Minkhai. Claim, feiruA'n; i,v im:  AiNfnvoimr   Mivi.vo   Division    ov   Wi.sr  KOOlIi.NAV   DlS'lHICT,   AND   J.Of\TK��   AIIOUT  ���1 WO MIl.i:S SObi'IIWKtiT OK   AlNbWOKHI, ADJOINING uu: Arkansas, United and Union  Mini:ka[, Claims.  Take notice that I, R. E. Young, (acting  as  agent for E, J. Roberts, fiee miner'n certificate  bpccial No. OSI, and   Anna   C.  Buckley,   free  miner's certificate No. B. 133!)/) free miner's certificate No. li. 13.HG, intend., sivty days from the  date hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for  a, certificaie of improvements, foi the pin pose o  obtaining u crown f?rant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under sec  tion 37, muht be commenced before the issuance  of such certificate of improvements.  Dated thit,> 21th day of Apiil, A, B., IflOO,  11. K. YOUNG, P.L.S.  " lN^oF~LAE6RE^n5^i^N7~  At the regular meeting of the Nelson laborers'  Protective Union, held on Monday evening. May  7th, it was decided tolea^e the initiation fee for  members at one dollar foi another thirty day*,.  The teamsters, brickjard laliorf n> and mill men  of tho city arc respectfully invited to affiliate  with the union, P. C. SHACKLKTON,  Secretary.  season.  The new styles are very  strong on checks, and the  young chaps that cannot  be^perfectiy sui tec! in"th esc"  goods are few indeed.  * Those who do not favor  checks will find my range  of summer serges the most  complete in the city.  H.  M, VINCENT  Baker Street.  Portland, Oregon, Postoffice Box 4-84  Advises about mines, mining  property and its workings. Companies organized. Capital furnished. Ali information and correspondence confidential. Demand for silver-lead proposi'  tions. Copper properties bought  outright.  Flowers aqd  Plaryts  Palms si\- feet hinh. .VKI roses, pot grower in  20 varieties'. A choice collection of house and  bedding plant-i. Thousands !o se'ect from. Cut  flow ers and designs, Inspection invited. Tho  Nolson Ciccu Houso, Front fltr<;e(, two blocks  caHt of wharf: I). McCltKATH.  Orders bj mail proijipilv filled.  INuirsery    -Stock:  From tho 12th to the loth instant  I expect to receive from the celebrated Northern Nursery of J. C.  Stock well. S_s_, Diuiville, province  of Quebec, a consignment of 350  three-year old apple trees of the  following varieties: "Duchess,"  "Alexander," "Yellow Transparent," "Fameuse" or snow apple,  "Wealthy," "Scotts Winter,"  "Lonfiekl," "OstrakofT" and  "Martha," (one of the largest and  best crabs.) Also about- 50 dozen  of the best varieties of Gooseberries,  Currants, (white, black and red,)  Urtspberries, (rail and red,) &e., <&c,  They are shipped here direct with a  car of dairy cows and are sure to  arrive in good order and give satisfaction.- Trees-are all--dormant,"  warranted alive and to leave out  well or to be replaced gratis.'in the  fn 11.     ,  A pule trees <:i ye.us old I      fior. c.ich.    ��'i.00 Do/..  hmnll fruits      ... . ,3<]c.   " 3,(W   "  Orders will be filled in the order  received.  AJJIJIiKas ,  A. McCALLUM, Kaslo, B.C.  Hard Coal  Anthrauito  GREAT REDUCTION  DELIVERED  TKMSI'IIONK  33   -  Kootenay   vuuCC   w��  NKLSON-, Ti. C.  Coffoo roastera and dealers in Toa and Coffee.  Oifer frehh roasted coffee of boat quality as  follows :  Java and Arabian Macha, por pound. $  40  Java and Aloclia Blend, 3 pounds.......... 1 00  Kino Santos, 4 pound? ,   100  Santos Blend, S pounda   1 00  Our Special Blond, 6 pounds  1 00  Our Rio Roost, 6 pounds  1 00  A trial ordor ftolleited.   Saleroom 2 doors oust  of Oddfellows Work. West Baker street,  AT 7 PER CENT  ON BUSINESS PROPERTY  Apply G. I,. LKXNOX. Solicitor, Nelson B. C  NOTICE.  Notice is hereby f?n on that I mlend to apply at  tho first jitccliriK of lhe lln.ird of I.icophe C'oin-  missioiicisfoi thoC'iU of Xul-onhulilthirtj duji  ���ifltr llie (Into Iteieof,fur lt.m) to n.insfer the  license now held l>\ uu Uir a s.ilonn known iw  the Alh.ibnsdi ^iloon, Mtualo on the southeast  cornet of lj.i!vi r nnd Kiinluiiuy stiuut.s. Xelson,  11. C, beuiK' on lot 1. block Vi. in Nekcn ufoie-  saul, to I'.itiick J. IIusmjII. in tru^t for the Atlia-  b,iM'a Hotel Cuiuitmij, Limited.  Wiiiiexx, I'. K. \Vii,m��N. Jas, Nkk&akds.  Dated this 11thd.ii' of Apiil, MOO.  AMERICAN  AND  EUROPEAN  PLANS  Wholesale  Houses  NELSON  B.C.  MEALS  25  CENTS  ROOMS LIGHTED BY ELECTRICITY  AND HEATED BY STEAM  25 CENTS TO ll  321 to 331 Baker Street, Nelson.  QUEEN'S HOTEL  BAKER STREET. NELSON.  Lighted by Electricity and Heated with Hot Air.  CRATED AND MINERAL WAtERS.  rPHORPE & CO., LIMITED.���Corner Vernoii  * and Cedar streets, Nelson, manufacturers  of and wholesale dealers in eerated waters and  fnut syrups. Sole agents for Halcyon SprinRs  mineral water.   Telephone GO.  ASSAYERS'   SUPPLIES.  TXT F. TEETZEL & CO.-Corner Baker and  " ���   Josephine streets, Nelson, wholesale dealers in   as3ayers supplies.   Agonts for Denver  Hre Clay Co. of Denver. Colorado.  "~ CIGARS. ~~'  TTOOTENAY CIGAR MANUFACTURING  ���"��� CO.-Corner Baker and Hall-streets. Nelson, manufacturers of "Royal Seal" and "Kootc-  nay Belle" brands of cigars.   COMMISSION MERCHANTS.  TT J. EVANS & CO.-Baker street, Nelson,  ���*-��������   wholesale    dealers   in   liquors,    cigars,  cement, Are brick and fire clay, water pipe and  steel rails, and general commission merchants.  ELECTRICAL   SUPPLIES.  TTOOTKVAY ELECTRIC SUJ'I'LY & COX-  **���. STRUCTIOX COM ['AMY- Wholesale dcalors in telephones, annunciators, bells, batteries,  fixtures, etc., Houston block, XoNon.  Large comfortable bedl-ooma and  flrst-olasa  dining-room. Sample rooms for commercial men.  RATES $2 PER DAY  N|rs. E. C. Clarke, Prop.  LATE OF TIIE KOVAI, HOTEL, CALGARY  DID   YOU   SEE  Curran's New  lOc  Schooners  FRESH  COOL  TRY   ONE;   OH,   MY!  The  only Good   Beer in  Nelson  CLUB HOTEL  WJadden House  Baker and Ward  Streets, Nelson  The only hotel In Nelson thab has remained  nnder one management since 1890.  The bed-rooms are well furnished and lighted  by electricity.  The bar is always stocked by tbe best dom s-  tlo and Imported liquors and cigars.  THOMAS MADDEN. Proprietor.  B. C. HOTEL   eeie, b. c.  First-class In every respect. Choicest wines.  liquors and cigars. i>yery comfort for transient  and resident guests.  HEADQUARTERS FOR UNION MEN.  , JOSEPH CAMPBELU-Proprietor.  x^HteialWkli  Vernon Street, Nelson.  SMOKE  ROYAL SEAL  AND  KOOTENAY BELLE   CEGARS   UNION MADE  kootenay Gigar Nlfg. Go.  NKLSON, BIUTISR COLUMBIA  R. REISTERER & CO"  I1KKWKK3 ANI> BOTTLKHS OF  FINE LAGER BEER, ALE  AND PORTER  Prompt and regular  delivery to the trade  Brewery at Nolsan  Nelson   Wine  GHOICE WINES AND  Special attention given to family trade  Telephone !U fMM   k  Baker street, riWHft  �����  KethOii, B.C. MANAGES  Corporation City of Nelson  TENDERS WANTED.  Sealed tenders for Minplylne tho City of Nelron  mth lumber for tho remainder of the year 1900  will bo received by the tindor��igncd uv to noon  on Monuuv, Muj 7th, 1*100.  W. K. WASSON, Acting City Clerk.  Nelson, April 2tith, 1!W0.  Yand"^tice!  Notice is hciebj $i ven tint after one month I  V ill miiku application to the Chief Coinrniviioricr  of l.nn<ls iiml Woiks in purchase foil) acre* of  land 3ii the distnrt of We it Knot may i" tho  province of Hntish Columbia, sitiiatul on the  east side of Kootenaj' lake, between I.orMiart  And Lafr,incu ereekv as follow.: ( oinuiencing  at n rost on the bu.ic-h marked "initi.il 1'oit John  LuiiH.itt's X. W. Comer," thence southerly along  the hike 31 cliaiiw. thciK-c easterlj "*) chain'.,  thence noitherly 2<l clutiis,  thence ne-teilj _*)  hains to the place nf beginning.  AW".  Apiii,  Dated at Nelson, B. C, thi't 3id du> of  I'm  notice" of meeting.  The Nelson plumbers, gas ,md Hteam fitters,'  union meelnevery second and fourth Friday at  the Mmerb' Union liall at 8 p.m.  U. WKKKS, Secretly pro tern.  FLOUR AND FEED.  ���RRACKMAN - KKR MILLING COMPANY  ���*���' ���Cereals, Flour, Grain, Hay. Straight or  inived cars shipped to all Kootenay 1'oinU.  Gram elcv.\toi<at all principal polnUon Calgarj-  Edmonton It. It. MilU at Victoria, New YVcHt-  minstcr, and Kdinonton, Alberta.   rPAYLOR FEED & PRODUCE CO.-Baker  ���*��� bti-ect, Nolson (George F. Motion's old  stand), Flour, Kecd, Grain, Hay and Produce.  Car lots a specialty. Correspondence solicited.  Phone 20.   FRESH AND SALT MEATS.  P    BURNS Sc   CO.-Baker   street,   Nelson,  ���*��� ���   wholesale dealers in fresh and cured meat*.  Cold storage.  GROCERIES.  A    MACDONALD & CO.-Corner ��ont and  f^-m   Hull    streets,     wholesale   grocers   and  jobbers in blankets, gloves, mitts, boots, rubbers, ,  mackinaws and miners' sundries.  ���ErOOTEXAY SUPPLY COMPANY, LIMI-  x*�� TED���Vernon street, Nolson, wholesale  grocers.  fOHN CHOLDITCH & CO.���Front street, Nel-  u    son, wholesale grocers.  Tp  R. STEWART & CO.���Warehouses on C. P.  ��������� ���   R.  track, foot of Stanley street.  Nelson. -  wholesale doalers in provisions, produce  and  fruits.   Cold storage.   Agents Armour & Co.'s  bacon, hams, lard and other products.  T   Y. GRIFFIN & CO.-Front street, Nelson. ,  u ���   wholesale   dealers   in   provisions,   cured  meats, butter and eggs.  HARDWARE AND MINING SUPPLIES.  XT BYERS & CO.-Corner Baker and Josephine  J-J-�� streets. Nelson, wholesale dealers in hardware and mining supplies. Agents for Giant  Powder Co.  LAWRENCE  Bakor St.,  HARDWARE    COMPANY���         Nelson,  ivholcsalo   dealers in  hardware and mining supplies, and water and  plumbers' supplies.   VANCOUVER HARDWARE COMPANY  LIMITED-Baker streot. Nelson, wholesale  dealers in hardware and mining supplies, plumbers and tinsmiths' supplies. Agnnts Ontario  Works.   LIQUORS AND DRY GOODS.  TURNER,  BEETON & CO.-Corner Vernon ���  and  Josephine  streets,  Nelson,  wholesale  dealers in liquors, cigars and dry good**.   Agents  for Pabst Brewing Co. of Milwaukee and Cal-  gary Brewing Co. of Calgary.    PAINTS   AND   OILS.  NELSON HARDWARE COMPANY-Baker  "��� Street���Wholosale dealers in paints, oils,  and brashes of all kinds. Largest stock in  Kootenay; "->   POWDER, CAPS ANPJFUSK  rTAMLTON POWDER COMPANY-Baker  ~- dtreul, Nelbun, manufacturers of dynamite,  sporting, otumping and black blasting powders,  wholesale dealers in capo and fuse, and electric  blasting apparatus. ��� ���  AND DOORS.       ^     ~'  . __.        AND  PLANING   MILLS,  LIMITED���Cornor. Front aud Hall streets,  Nelson, manufacturers of and wholesale dealers  in sash and doors; all kinds of factory work made  to order. ' ,  TENTS   AND   AWNINGS.  "M-ELSOX TENT AND AWXIXG FACTORY���  *���; Baker Street, Xelson. Manufacturers of nil  kinds of teilty, awnings, and canvas goods,  P. O. Box. 70.   Thco. Madson, proprietor.   WINES AND CIGARS.  CALIFORNIA WINE COMPANY, ��� LIMITED���Corner Front and Hall streets. Nelson, wholesale dealers in winoa {case aud bulk)  and domestic and imported cignrs.  engineers! ���  CHARLES PARKICR���Mining and milling engineer.   West Baker stieet, Xelson.  SASH  JTELSQNLSA'W:  7V^  FRATERNAL   SOCIETIES. ,    ,  NELSON LODGE, NO. 23, A. K. & A. M.  Moots Boeond Wednesday la each month,  Sojourning brethren Invited.  T7"NlGHTa  JQk.  as. Rnit  OF PYTHIAS-Nelbon Lodge, No,   jhtti ot Pythias, meets In I. O. O. V. -  Hall, cornor Baker and .Kootenay htreeta, every  Tuesday evening at S o'clock, visiting Knights  cordially InvitM to attend. R. G, Joy, K. of R.  8. S,   Lconatd Scott, C. C _      NELSON L, O. L., No. 1092, meets in I. O. O. F.-  Hftll. corner Baker and Kootenay streets.  Friday  of each  month.   Vis-itim  brothern cordially invited.   R. Robnison, W.'M  1st and 3rd  ..herncor   _..       _.. _.  W. Crawford, Recording-tiecielaiy.   NELSON JS.1UE, Number 22, Fraternal Order  of Eagles, meets every becond and fourth  Wodnebday inoach month In Fraternity Halt  Visiting brethren welcome. W. Gc-nc)!, Presl  dent.   Chariec Prosser, Secretary.  TRADES   UNIONS.  NKLSON MIXERS' UNION XO. !W, W. V. of  M,���Moota In miners' union rooms, northeast corner Victoria oml Kootenay streets every  Saturday evening at 8 o'clock. Visiting meni-  berc welcome. M. It. Mowatt, Prebident, James  Wjikcri, Bccrctitry.           NELSON PAINTERS- l'NIOX-'rho*reglilnr  meeting of the Painters' Union w held  every Wednesday owning at 7..'W, in the I'niii-  ten*' Union hull, behind the'JIiukc hotel. T, O.  Skatbo, ptcsldciit.   Alfred Turner, ������ecrclary,   TRADES AX1) LABOR COUNCIL.-The regular meeting'' of tho NeKon Trade* ai>d L ibor  Council will be injld in the miners' union hall,  corner of Victoria and KoGtcnay&liccts, on the  first and third Thursday 'of each month, at  7.30 p. m. G. J. Thorpe, President. 3. H. Mat he-  hpn, Secretary.   rpHE regular meetings of the Can pentoses' Union  ���*��� aro held on Wednesday evening of each  week, at 7 o'clock, in the MutcrV Union hall cornor Victoria and Kootenay streets. R. Rubin-  -son, President.   Jamon Colling, Secretary.  BARBERS* UXIOX. -Xelson Union. Xo. 1!X5. of  theIntcination.il Jouri)c>men IUrbei'sUn-  ioaof America, liieeli over) fli^t and Ihtid Monday of each month in Mlnci'* Union H.\U. corner  of Vii toris. hml Kootenaj street-, at R.-i<> p.m.  sharp. Veiling biotlifr-i cordially invited to  attend, ,J. IL Mnthegon, Prc-idenU W. S, Bel-  vllle. Secretary.  LABORERS' UXIOX.-XeNon laborers' Protective Union. Xo.Ml'l.A. F. of L., meet- in  Miners' Union Hall, uoithcnst corner of Victoria  and lvoolcnaj -troets. on the flist and lliiid Monday of e.ieh month, at 8 p.m. sharp. Visiting"  member- of the Atneiicmi Federation cordially  invited to attend. John Mullen, President,  l'eioj bhakellon, Secretary.   OIQAIl MAKER.S' UXIOX meets 1-t Tuesday  in every month in the W. V. M. hall.    Exco,  utivo board meets e.ery Satiuday.  BRICKLAYERS AST) MASOVS' UXIOX.  "J lie Bricklajers and Masons' Internationa!  Union Xo. :i of Nelson meets second and fourth  Tuesdays in cicli month at Miners' l'nion hall  J. W. Etcher, prt'ttfdcnt; Joseph Clark, recording  ;md corresponding secretary.  x._ THE TRIBUNE J NELSON, B. C, WEDNESDAY MAY 16 1900  it*  I?/  I*?  In  13 \  Rubber Gloves  FOR WOMEN AND MEN  The proper thing for spring house-  cleaning and gardening  Furniture Polish  To make your Furniture look as good  as new, try our  "FRENCH FURNITURE POLISH."  W. F. Teetzel & Co.  Victoria Block, Corner Baker and Josephine Streets  DRUGS AND ASSAYERS' SUPPLIES  Xi/  Watches  Chains  Cuff Links  Scarf Pins  xlt  iti  iti  iti  ' 0- 0- 0- 0 -0-0I- 0-0--0I- 0- 0^0?^  Broaches   iti  Earrings  Bracelets  Rings  Set with all kinds of Precious Stones.  Xti  Hi  xti  iti  xti  Hi  j| JACOB DOVER  xti The Leading-  iti  iti  iti  iti  Hi  iti  iti  Jeweler of  Nelson  Hf  xti  xti  Ui  Uf  xti  iti  Fine watch repairing a specialty.   All work guaranteed.  Mail oulcrsieccivcm> prompt  ���attention.  "Rogeis' Brc  Flat W.uo:  diving Sets  Fisli Sets  C.ike Sets  Tea Sets, full lino  Coffee Sets  Hake Dishes  ( akc B.iskets  Fruit Dishes  1817  ���Sidling Silver Novelties:  Manicure Sets  Brushes  Combs  Mirrors  Toilet Bottles  Powder Boxes  Whisks  The Famous Kara Pianos  Austrian Art "Ware and Brass Goods  The Celebrated Sterns Bicycles  Six Different Makes of Sewing Machines  ESTABLISHED   1890  xit  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  Ui  iti  iti  Hi  iti  Ui  iti  iti  Hi  iti  Ui  iti  iti  iti  Hi  xti  Ui  Ui  xti  Hi  Hi  xti  xti  Ui  iti  iti  Ms  CITY LOCAL NEWS  '~'0"0-0-0TS-0.0-0.0'0'0      ?���'?"?��� <?-��k<9-'S.cr.^-?<3r.��^-  Sale  Oup Clearance  of Dry Goods  is still on and will be continued until all is sold. Linen for skirts  at 10, 15, and 20 cents per yard; White Dress Duck, regular 20c  goods, sale price 12ic per yard; regular 25c goods, sale price 15c;  White Pique at 15,"20 and 25* cents. "A large range of Under-1  skirts from $1 up.   All other dry goods sold at proportionate prices.  A. FERLAND & CO.  *  *��� ELLIOT BLOCK, BAKER STREET.  O'REILLY'S  PRIZE CONTEST  We-will give a Ladies' Tailor-made Suit, valued at $15, to the  first person answering the following problem correctly, by letter  \ A procession extending from O'REILLY'S STORE to the  Public School House, the distance being one-haif mile, are traveling south' up the Hall Mines Road. Our Messenger Boy starts  simultaneously with the rear of the procession to deliver a mes-  _sage to thejiead of_the_procession.- On- returning���he meets-the  rear of the procession exactly at the public school house, and  returns back to O'REILLY'S. How far did he travel to and fro  and how much faster did he travel than the procession.  It is easy.    Figure it out and get a suit free.  MARTIN O'REILLY & GO.  Houston Block       Dry Goods Merchants      Baker Street  IT  That we .ire the rccogni/i'd loadeis in earning tho choicest  nnd besi guulos or Teis and Collect.. This fact has been  Ihoionghly pioveli by the public ,ijipiecialioii of the same,  which liiiscaiiMid our vile-, to incicaMiin the abmo lines  fully .Vi percent. To (ho-u ulio]i.ivc not tried otji leiideis  v.t .nc.il��,i>sf)lcnsed lo submit sample-*, ufu-i which jou  iculih sec lji.it jou h.ue been nitj ing tlies,imo foi iiniiiticlo  which could not foi it moment bo computed Hit hit. Wciuc  Nine to pic.tse jou, ns our stock is complete find the best that  jiionu} cin buj.  BAKER STREhT, NELSON", b. c.  A large consignment of the latest  styles of hats, union and custom  made.   Clothing  for bargains  at  The steamer Nelson will take the  ttiK Yiuir's run to Kootenny Lauding und return  with barges in tow for a few daj's while the Ymir  U lied up undorKOiiiK repairs. Tho Nelson took  hor llr.st barfje out last: night.  J. P. Vance, of the C. P. R. engineering stall', went over the line between Nelson  and Itobson yesterday to lav out the work for W.  ]'. Tiornc\ & Co., who h ive ,1 S4>,'>H0 < ontiuct for  the election of lol.iinmg u.ills, etc. The contractors will cmploj .)0 men.  Charles Donato,  who  ran  a gro-  (crj- stoi e on Josephine street until a few months  ago, is now tliepiopnelorof a fi nit stand on the  exposition grounds m l'ans, Kiancc.  Judge Forin  holds county  court  here on the L'lsl instant. The next session of the  court is set for September .lid.  The local sprinters are getting in  sliapeforthelnals.it Iv.islo. Gooijjc Nuiiii and  Joe Thompson uic preparing foi the events, and  are running ucll up to their last jears standard.  Defoe, a new man, is pnu Using nighlly at the  recreation grounds, and is sml to be sprinting in  good stjle.  At the mining recorder's office  yesteiday V. Biadley ot Ymir filed the transfer  of his nilere-ts m the Yellow Jacket, Little Joe,  I. X. Li and I. X. L. fraction mineral claims,  located on the louitli south foikof Poieupine  eieek to.iohn W. Falls of Ymir, i onsideration  nominal  The remains of the late Alexander b. I'nttie, who died on Monday at New  Demor. were hioughL to Nelson yesterday af lei -  noon The funeral tokes place this afternoon at  2..10 oclock from the Knights of Pythias hall,  corner Baker and Kootenay streets, and the order mentioned will havo chaige of the obsequies.  IMembers ot the K. P. arc lequested to meet at  the hall at 2 o'clock. The Nelson Minei s' Union  w ill also attend the funeral m a bodj. The members will meet at Union hall at 1.20 o'clock shaip.  "William  Henderson of Victoria,  the resident architect in this pi o\ incc for the dc-  paitnicnt of public woiks at Ottawa, w.is in the  citv j est crday in connection wi'h the new post-  office building. He surveyed Ihe site of the new  ollice on the corner of Wind and Vernon streets,  took the levels of the propei tjr and had a couple  of test pits sunk on the ground to determine the  nature of tiie soil, w Inch proved to be giavcl and  clay. Jlr. llondeison will prepare ground plans  from his measurements, and states that the  building will be pioceeded with immediately on  the completion of the plans foi the oflicos.  The officers of tho miners' union  ha\ e in\ ited all members of trades unions in the  city to 7oin them in attending Ihe funei.il of the  late A. S. Prcttio this afternoon.  J. H. Gervan of  Ottawa, Ontario,  fatherof tlio late Hairy-A. (Jcrv.in, lias wntten  lieutenant Beer of the Nelson BifiPs loconvcj  the thanks of himself and fnmilj- to the members  of the corps and olhei Nelson fi iends for kindnesses at the time of their son's death. Mr. Gervan suffered severely Ihrough the lccent fiic.it  the capital, the Baldwin lion & Steel ( ompany,  of winch he was president, losing its two foundries.  A. J. Marks is   back from   tho  Slocan, wlieie hepufca fou'C of '13 men to work  ou the California, on winch a 27i foot crosscut is  being driven to tap the vein at depth. The tunnel  has another 130 feet to run. He saj's that the  mine is looking ^ cry w ell.  A meeting of till the supporters  of the Provincial P.irtyis called for tin-, e\ ening  at 7 o'eiock in the cotumittco looms at. the coiner  of Ward and Vornon stiecls. Tiie eiccutive is  especially asked lo attend.  A meeting of the baseball club  took place la=( night, at which various important  matlci-s were dealt with. W. It.' McLean le-  siRtied his position as president, but the (Inb declined to accept ins resignation, and insisted on  Mr. McLean letaining tlio post, .fames Neelands  retired fiom tho manage! ship and \�� as succeeded  by 0. A. Wa'crman. j 11. Rockenfield wag appointed field contain, his duties being to coach  the team and in other ways to act as the playing  head of the nine. Regular practices will be held  for'ho balance of tlio season on 'I aesday and  Thursday night-., Tho club, as reorganised,  staitsm withiencwi'd entbusiasm, and the admirers of the nine piedict foi it arecord-bieakmg  season.  General  manager   MclVicolI and  partj- will leave this morning on (lie Mctapedia,  Mr MoNieoll's private ear, for a run over the  Columbia &: Western and Boundary roads. ,T. W.  Troup, V. W. Peters, V. P. Uuteluis and T. IL  Wilgrcss of the district stuU'w ill accompany the  paity. .Limes Osborne, general -superintendent  of (he western division, who accompanied the  general managci as far as Kelson returned at  once io Winnipeg.  The application for a revision of  the s��i\cy on whuh the flume addition w laid  oui will come heroic judge Drake in chambers  tins moiiitiig. Macdonald & Johnson will appear for the lownsite company ant] T^jlor &  Hannington will lepresont the owneis who object ton new Miirvej', 'I ho eouit-is expected to  gi\on decision on the list of piolesta ngainut  votei'sduriiig Lhuda\. The case ot McMilJnn &  Sundilands will ho opened, and this eoncludUH  thens=i/cs. Judge Drake opens the spring assises in itossland on Mondaj-.  The  fire  department's practices  foi tho ivnslo competitions have no! been as  successful ni might be desiied, and it is not  among the impossibilities thut Xelson may not  face ihe starter on (lie queen>> blrlhd.iy. The  rules lcquirc thai tho loam shall comprise I'i  men and this is Uu sliikei The Inigadc here  only has H mombeisaiid of theie Alf Jells is not  sufllcionlly recovered fiom Ins broken leg lot un,  Fred Bradley's lungs are si ill in bad tbtpn-tiom  hiHtijing ccpciicticc at the Burns block llie,  and ll.trnoj Aiclubalrf is unablo lo leaye busi-  nohS. Unices Kuslo consents to a couple of out-  skIcisrunning with the team, whicli is most improbable, it looks su> thougb Nelson would bo  forced our of (bo riinjijtij,'.  The   remains   oj!   tho late P. J.  -Annett will ho shipped to W.it/ord, Ont.ulo, this  morning fos liitciiiient, telogiaphie insliuotious  to 1 hi*. elifcCt havingftrrivodlrom his lathoi,  "Work  ou   the improvements to  the cjelc path has been delayed through unfor-  socn cireiimstanccs. in building tlieir Miirvicw  o\ten-ioii the ti.,mwaj coinpanj oblitoiulcd tho  path, but as the company has to replace the  wagon ioiuI .tlbn^sidc their liaek tins can bo  ulili/ed wilh.l good cn.it of gravel, pm tieiilAi >y  as the load is used coiiip,uutlv elj little for teaming-  A   carponter   named   Southern,  omplojed on the new bunkhoUHo at tho Poor-  man nunc fell fiom the loft of the building j.es-  tetdaj and bioke two litis, Ihvllose reduced  the fiactures.  A. B. Goodredc, who was committed toiail foi an examination into his ment.il  condition, has been piouonueed insane and will  be taken to thcnsjlum at New  Westminster fo-  tion between Nelson'anil Five-mile Point, might  be looked for in a couple of weeks.  The   Nelson   Amateur   Operatic  Society held a meeting j-esterday afternoon, at  wliich (he by-laws drawn up by tbe committee  were adopted. Tliat relating to membership  provides that intending-members should send  their names and $1 to the committee, which has  the power of rejecting applications.  HOTEL ARRIVALS,  Ar  It tiik Qukkx's.���J. McNeil, Granite Siding;  K. Thomas. Winnipeg; A. McPhail, Nine-mile  Point; W. H. Orris and wife, Slocan Citj-; B.J.  McKeown. Kaslo; A. Jt. Bnckworth, Ymir; C. Ti.  Crandall, G. H. Bokor, Spokane.  At tiik IIu.Mi;.���J. Christenson, Vancouver;  K. V. Dickson, Winnipeg; AY. Davidson, Montreal; A. McKillop. .St. Hyaciiithe, Ont.; G. W.  Lawson, Toronto.  AT tiik Gijaxp C'kntuai..���D. McDougall,  .Sydney. N. S.; A. J. Creelc. Toronto, Ont.; C. K.  A vis, Macleod, Alta.; JL H. Campbell, Boston,  Mass.  At tiik Tmk.mont.-K. B. Harper, Greenwood;  .1. It. McPherson, Poorman Mine; ,1. Sicilia, J. T.  Downey, City.  At tiik Phaih.���Mrs, Webb and daughter,  Spokane; A. A. Nipger, Grand Forks; JL V.  Frost, Winnipeg; G. T. J'olly. Vancouver; P.  Burns, Calgary; Jt. F. Tolmie, Itossland; A.  Cameron, Salmo; W. Hargreaves, Winnipeg: It.  Harrow and wife. San Francisco: F. C. Jrving.  'Joronto: i{. W. TesKcj, Vancouver.  AI iiik W'avehi.i.v.���George Maxwell, Spokane; Alex Henderson, Fiodoucton, N. B.; II. C.  .Sutherland, city. Thomas Todd. New Westminster. S. (j. Campbell, oil j; Hugh Jones, Piocter;  J. B. Cameron, Itobson.  ESTABLISHED 1892  H.   BYERS  &  HARDWARE  CO.  ESTABLISHED 1892  Garden, Mill,  Steam  Hose.  and Suction  Kimberley Mail  The board of trade  next meeting take up  of   improved   postal  Trouble.  will at their  the question  facilities  for  Nelson, and one of the features to  be discussed is regarding the service  to  Kimberley.      Until  the   North  Star   branch of   the C. P. R.   was  built to  Kimberley the  mail  was  driven over by a .stage driver from  Cranbrook, who received  the princely remuneration  of six  bits  per  trip, but made a living out of passengers.    When the railroad was  opened passengers no longer used  the stage and the driver stopped  carrying the   mail.     Residents of  Kimberley then had the mail sacks  brought in  by the C. P. R.  trainmen, subscribing toward the cost of  this.    The railroad had no contract  or agreement with the postoffice department   to carry  the  mail  and  when a registered letter bag went  astray for a couple of weeks the  railroad management threatened its  trainmen   with discharge if   they  carried another lot of mail aboard  the train.    To cap  the  climax the  postmaster at Cranbrook refused to  hand out any letters at his office  addressed to Kimberley, and a pretty  kettle of fish is the result.     Residents of Kimberley are fighting for  some   arrangement  whereby they  cau get mail, and'in the meantime  are having their letters addressed  to Cranbrook and* sending twenty  miles  for   them   while  their own  postoffice is desej-ted.  Bigelow Got Judgment.  The case of Bigelow vs. LaBau  was finished yesterday, a verdict  being given in favor of'the plaintiff.  The plaintiffs claim, with interest,  amounted to $1175, and of this sum  he secured a judgment against the  defendant personally for $800, and  a judgment against him as executor of the Willis estate for the  balance. Elliot & Lennie appeared  for the plain tiff and Galliher &  Wilson for the defendant.  To Let���For three months furnished cottage. 'Five looms. Piano^* Modern  conveniences, Apply montutgs on the premises,  Mill streot, three doois west of Ccdav.      " 1  Crucible   Cast  Steel   Wire Rope  5-16 to 1-in. in  stock.  Leather and Rubber Belting.  Sheet, Square and Round Rubber  Flax and Garlock Packing  Pipe Fittings, Brass Goods, Rails  Black and Galvanized Sheet Iron  1-8,  Soft Steel Plates  3-16 and 1-4 x 72, 96 and  120  Ageiits���Trnax Ore Cars, Giant Powder/and Metropolitan Fuse, etc.  H. BYERS & CO.  NELSON  KASLO  SANDON,  REV. J. ROBSON WILL LEAVE  His Successor Appointed.  Nelhon is to lose one of her popular pastors iu  the person of Rev.  John Robson, B. A., of the  Methodist   church.   The   annual conference now in session has concluded  to place Mr. Robson in charge of  the  Princess  street    church,  Vancouver,   and   to move   Rev. J. H.  White   of   Chilliwack   to   Nelson.  While the change will be distinctly  to Mr. Robson's   personal   advantage, a   large   proportion   of   the  Methodist congregation in Nelson  will learn of the conference's action  with extreme regret.    The departing pastor has  resided   here two  years and was cordially invited  to  remain in the city for a third year,  which invitation he accepted.    The  exigencies of the itinerancy necessitated  a  series   of   changes in  the  Kootenay district and  Mr. Robson  interposed no objection when  the  conference proposed to move him  to the coast.  During his pastorate in Nelson  the Methodist church has made  great strides. The membership of  the church has more than doubled,  a parsonage excelled by none in the  province has been erected, and the  debt on church property reduced to  a comparatively insignificant sum.  The auxiliary branches of church  work are also in a most flourishing  condition.  Rev. J. H. White, who comes to  Nelson from Chilliwack, ia < au  earnest and eloquent preacher.  Under his pastorate the Nelsou  church-will undoubtedly continue  to prosxier.  Rev. Mr. Robson returns from  New Westminster toward the end  of the week an'd will immediately  proceed to make his preparations  for removing to his new charge.  All Well at Mafeking. ,  London, May 10.���The war office  has received the following from  lord Roberts, dated Kroonstadt,  May 15th, 1 p. m.: "Baden-Powell  reports under date of May 7th 'All  moving well. Fever is decreasing.  The garrison is cheerful, and the  food will last till about June 10th.'"  Refrigerators  Prices from $10 to $30  LAWRENCE HARDWARE COMPANY  KIRKPATRICK  &  WILSON.  \if  Hi   185 Baker Street.  xti  iti  iti  iti  xti  Ui  iti  iti  Ui  Ui  iti  -0-iS,T_>-^-0^-0.0-0-0-0-^'_yS  y_f  Telephone 10.   iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  xti  iti  xti  iti  Ui  iti  xti  We have removed our place of business  for the next few months to the old Burns  shop, next to the Nelson Hotel, where we   ^  hope to see all our old customers and many   iti  new ones.   Give us a call. $  xti    iti  iti  KIRKPATRICK & WILSON  iti   Telephone 10  '����� ���0-0-0-m-w-0._9-0i-0>-0-**  185 Baker Street  ss^ *r ^ ��p sp ��? *��: *sr^ s*^  xti  iti  Ms  #  i&i^:  ���fS*"P  ^m  mmn  ��  tSome Plain Pacts  | About (plotting  m  _. ���__*���_*'}__��� __.-__.-'g_-'S��"'2_.-_-_-_      ^���'_t-i_t"S_\''_Z''_i"!i''_f''m'"e^-*f"m'-  ���^^<W._Z'0-mt-r_\'0"ijS'0'0-0-0 ^^���^���^���'^���^���'^���^���fr'^'.St-.^SJ''  (I)  m  tn  fix  fix  m  m  m  m  Remember  m  m  w  flX_  Tomorrow is the Opening Day for*  fIX  the New Jewelry House. $  178 Baker  Street 9  We are now showing the finest stock of Spring  and Summer Suits in Nelson. There are several  points of merit in our Suits. They are all of the  latest cut and are lined all through with the, best  linings. They are tailored better than Suits offered elsewhere at much higher prices. The fabrics  are the best in the market. We lead all others  for values in  ��  #  W  m  Gents' Furnishings  Hats and Caps  Boots and Shoes  m  BAKER STREET,  NELSON.  CLOTHING   HOUSE.  night, (ioodruric itfu-,osto cat,'���.S.onfJrus'-icrtinK  tli.it tlio policoliiuo jomtd the uoiispir.ici uitli  tbe pohrioi.iiis to jjptinni out of the Vrtiy. It is  l>clic\o<t that amid new surroundings lie will  li.ivo tirtter oppoitumtj to rcco\cr bu, mental  (iqililibl'iuni.  Mi', and Mrs. E. Titswortli mourn  the loss of an infant son, atfPrt one day. Interment ntis made j G3iord<i.v afternoon.  While  in the   city Jt. .Marpole,  Kenor.il superintendent of Uic C i\ It for tho  PacificdivlHioii, stated that tiaiiin ut>uld he run  oier the JtalCour extension Unco months hence,  and that the initial shipment of rails for the  branch nonld he torn aided as soon as he ic-  tnriied to the Coast. The rails for the road aie  (hose bc'mu taken flora tho main lino and re-  placed ivitli XU-iiomid miK Following the sumo  line, Sir. JWarpoJcremarked that a settlement of  the negotiations between the C. P. R. and tue  Xelson & Fort Shcjqiard road regarding Uio ��ee-  f}x      Opposite the Lawrence Hardware Building.  fj(X  .*.0.0.  ��� ����� <K�� 5? ����� ����� ��*��� ��T< 'ST- ��T-  ���^_'^Jb'^&'J&^-^-^iCk  "0'0r0'0?S_.'_&'0?45l   J&?0l?P  Opposite Postoffice  % We know that our values cannot foe equalled by tjfl  �� any other house in Nelson.   We are, so sure of &  flg this that we will give money back if it cannot be  # proven.  BakFrf* Street  m  GET YOUR  CHANDELIERS  WIRED FOR  NO MATCHES RKQU1RED, ALWAYS READY  Kooter,ay Electric Snppiy I  Corjstruciion Co,  JOSEPHINE STREET NELSON  Headquarters for Portland Cement, lire Bricks,  Fire Clay, American Cumberland Coal [Blacksmiths}  B. P. BITHET & CO., Ltd., VietOFia  rnr**  L &'  We have just received a f>esh  consignment  of Christie's famous  ** ^Fanc-y. B'scuits and Cream Sodas.  Also McCormick  & Compan/s Jersey Cream Sodas.  P. O. BOX 176.  HOUSTON BLOCK.  ��.  TolcphOne   101.  M. Ferry & Coin pany's Seeds.  Fresh Efas;s Kece ived Daily  John ^ Irving & Go  Special quotations given for carload lots  "   B. GRAY. P. O. box 52J, Nclaon, B. C.  A  Kootenay Agent  Lethbridge Calt Coal  Tho bast value far tho  for all purposes,  TeleDhoae Ul.   Or.oa with c/��. J. Cfarto  money In the maxknt  A. R. BARROW, A.M.I.C.E.  PROVINCIAL  LAND SURVEYOR  Corner Victoria and Kootenai  , ft), Box 669. TKI,EPl  Btreets.  ;ONK NO, 95  Wrt^KJSSSJS;'


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