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 DAILY  EDITION   BY  MAIL  FIVE   DOLLARS A YEAR  WEEKLY EDITION  BY MAIL  TWO  DOLLARS A YEAR  EIGHTH YEAR.  NELSON:  SATURpAY MORNING   MAY 12 J 900.  PRICE FIVE  CENTS  DISTRIBUTION   OF   RELIEF  Able Measures Taken.  John 'Hamilton,   trainmaster   of  tho Kootenay division of the C.P.R.,  roturned  last night  from Sandon,  where he spent the week in looking  after the company's interests there  and placing  things  in shape to do  business   on   a proper basis   once  more.     The bridge   gang   was  in  Sandon at the time of the fii-e, aud  for several days one of their cars  ���    wtis  used as  a freight,  passenger  and telegraph oflice.    A temporary  station was erected ou the  site"of  the   old   building,   iu   which .the  ollices will be located .pending':the  erection of more pretentious buildings.    The 0. P. It. lost its  passenger and freight depots,  with  three  cars of freight consigned to Sandon  merchants.       A   passenger    traiu  would have been burned too, but it  was turned loose on the  grade and  ran   through   the   flames    to   the  bridge, where it was safe.  Mr. Hamilton arrived in  Sandon  on the day after the lire.    At that  time all the residents had to be supplied from the New Denver hotel,  and  it  was  no easy task to get a  satisfactory meal.    Mayor Pitts organized a relief bureau, whicli  has  its   offices   opposite   the  C.  P. li.  depot.       Three large  tents   were  elected for a storehouse, cookhouse  and dining rooms.  Meals are served  here  for   two  bits, and  deserving  'persons are furnished with  tickets  by the relief committee  which  call  -for'ii.free meal. ��� All who are able  pay   for    these    meals,   and    the  funds  are   turned  into  the   relief  committee's   accounts   to   be   dis-  ti ibuted   elsewhere where needed.  A number of the  houses  oh  Cody  crock     have     been     utilized    for  restaurants and good   meals can be  procured at  these points.    Shacks  are springing up all over the town-  si/.-A-,  but no step  has been   made  yet in the, direction of permanent  i cbuildiug. ���* Hunter Brothers  are  doing business at their  warehouse  jthich escaped the flames, and E. R.  Atherton has  a temporary shelter  ,<-locked with goods from his fire  proof cellar.-*  The sporting clement pulled out  of" town to a great extent immediately after the fire. Since  then a few parties have como into  town with no apparent object iu  view or desire to work. Three special  j jo! icemen are on the look out and a  number-of hoboes have been run  o a of town.  The relief measures Adopted by  the various towns and in Nelson  w.i-5 timely and judicious. Sandon-  'iles were particularly pleased with  the supplies of clothing for ladies  and children sent from Xelson. The  garments were new and while inexpensive were modern in cut and  iK-at in appearance. A ladies' committee took charge of this department aud distributed the goods  where needed.  There is no necessity of San-  donites going thirsty-for-withiu the  just few days eight or ton saloons  have opened for business. Several  til? these joints were suppressed but  the balance can handle the business  without trouble.  JEFFRIES STILL CHAMPION  Hard, Qame Contest.  SKAsrnis Athletic Clur, Coney  Inland, May 11.���Jim Jeffries is  still the heavyweight champion of  I he world, Ho downed Jim Corbett  in the 23rd round of their fight  with a decisive knockout blow. The  finishing blow came as a sudden  and startling surprise. Corbett  had been making a wonderful battle.  Jlis defence was absolutely perfect  wriU. while he was lacking in  strength, he had more than held his  own, and stood an excellent chance  of winning the fight had it gone  the limit, ne had not been badly  punished aud had managed to mark  Jiis man very severely. The winning  punch was a short left arm jolt 'to  iho jaw. Corbett dropped like a  weight and *ya~ clean out.  Jeffries showed ability to take a  punching, go any distance and  punch bar I He was clearly out-  boxed, and at times was made to  look like a novice. The crowd,  which numbered fully 8000, was a  Corbett crowd, and his defeat fell  upon a silent audience. There were  cheers for him when he revived  nnd left the ring, and he was generally tppated with more consideration than p)ie victor. Corbett is  Siili a factor i^t fchp pugilistic game.  He has renewed much of hi.s old-  time form. The battle was clean,  and it is doubtful if there was a  single infraction of the rules. The  crowd was most orderly.  The fight by rounds is as follows:  Round 1.���Light sparring, then a  clinch. Corbett gets the first blow  ou the cheek with his left. Corbett  breaks away aud lauds his left on  ear. Jeff counters heavily on the  chest, Corbett lands on neck. Jeff  chases Corbett to ropes. They  clinch. On the breakaway Corbett  lands his left on _aw. ��  Round 2.���Opens with Corbett  landing left on the head, aud again  Jeffries nearly knocks Corbett  through the ropes with a left hook.  Sparring, Jeff lands a light left and  Corbett counters on the ear. Jeff  lands lightly on the arm. Corbett  counters on the jaw with left, and  does it again. Corbett rushes Jeff  to rope.8, clinching. Jeff lands a  hard right on chest. Corbett lands  oh jaw. Corbett rushes to ropes as  Jeff lifted Corbetfcoff the ground  with a left. Corbett lands loffc.and  right on the side of the head. Corbett is cheered to the echo as he  takes his corner.  Round 3.���Corbett backs sparring. Corbett is running away with  Jeff unable to' reach him. Jeff  rushes Corbett to ropes and smashes  him .'hard with right and left on  body. Jeff gets right to head. Jeff  rushes him to the ropes. Corbett  lands lightly on his head. Corbett  rushes to clinch. Sparring Corbett  lands a left and gets right and left  in return. Jeff knocks Corbett  against the ropes and Corbett lands  a right.   Jeff's round.  Round 4.���Corbett rushes to a  clinch and Jeff hooked a left on  head. Corbett tried a right to  body, but fell short. Jeff sent his  right to head. They sparred for a  spell with Corbett breaking ground,  and then Jeff forced Corbett to the  ropes sending his left to body. A  moment later he repeated the blow  and Corbett looked worried. At  close quarters Jeff put his righ t to  f lead and they broke. Then a right  and left from , Jeff jarred Corbett.  Jeff followed with another terrific  left on the, neck and Corbett was  very tired when the bell rang.  Round -5.���Jeff backs away and  Corbett goes to clinch. Jeff lands  right on jaw and they clinch. Jeff  chases Corbett to the ropes and  lands'right aud lefc on jaw.  ' Round 6.���Corbett side steps  Jeff and lands a vicious left on neck.  Jell" lands a light left on Corbett's  chest and at the end of the sixth  round honors were even.  Round 7.���They started with a  rush, Corbett hooking left to wind,  theu ducking Jeff's left and crossing with the right to good effect.  Jeff puts a left to Corbett's wind  that made him clinch and -they  sparred. Corbett got in a -right  and left to head.  Round S.���Jeff lands a left on  chest. Corbett lands right on jaw.  Corbett lands right. to ribs. This  was a Corbett round.  Round 9,���Jeff fiddled for an  opening, but Corbett hooked left to  jaw and-followed witha-cross. He  followed up his advantage and put  right and left all over fche champion. Jeff did not know what to  do. Corbett landed at will and did  so with a strength that stood the  champion up beautifully.  Round 10.���Corbett advanced  confidently. Corbett lands left on  Jeff's jaw and clinches, Corbett  lands on jaw twice. They clinch.  Jeff leads with left, but misses.  Jeff lands hard on jaw and gets a  return on jaw. They both strike  in clinches. Corbett is hitting the  champion at ease. Corbett lands a  left on jaw nnd ducks the return.  Jeff lauds right on chest and they  clinch. Corbett ducks left and  they clinch. Jeff lands right on  chest. Jeff lands left on ribs. This  was Corbett's round. He did all  the leading.  Round 11.���Corbett advances to  centre confidently. Corbett lands  left on ribs. Jeff rushes him to the  ropes. Jeff lands on ear, Corbett  lands left on jaw and they clinch.  Corbett lands a left on mouth and  ducks return. Jeff is bleeding furiously. Corbett lands on -mouth  and repeats. Corbett ducks vicious  left and misses left swing. Corbett  puts hard one to mouth and gets a  hard one from Jeff on jaw. Jeff  rushes Corbett to the ropes and  bell sounds. Tiie betting is now  even money.  Round 12,���Corbett was fresh at  the gong, but Jeff was blowing  hard. Corbett came to close quarters and hooked left and right to  head following with right to body.  Jeff started with a left which Corbett blacked without trouble. They f  covered himself all over with his  own blood. The champion again  tried to gain wind by resting on  Corbett and doing nothing.  Round 13.���They wero a trifle  slow in getting together Jeff being  very' tired. Corbett jollied the  champion along when he tried to  land a right uppercut. Jeff got his  left to Corbett's chest and then  hooked left to body twice in rapid  succession. Corbett ducked left  and right but was hurt when Jeff  jabbed the left to the pit of his  stomach. They hugged in the  centre and Jeff sent.a left hook to  the jaw.'. In the breakaway Jeff  rushed Corbett to the ropes and  roughed him there until he sprang  out of reach. Jeff- had got his  second wind aiid was coming into  form again.  Round 14.���Both were fast in  answering the "gong, each leading  the left, but they failed to land and  a clinch followed. In a breakaway  Corbett tried to send left to head,  but Jeff dodged it, then Corbett  sent two straight lefts to mouth,  and Jeff responded with a hard left  to the body. Jeff sent a back hand  left smash ��� on Corbett's face, and  Corbett retaliated with a straight  left; Jeff bled copiously from the  hose, and Corbett sent two more  lefts to that organ. Corbett had  the call at the end of the round.  Round 15.���Corbett was the aggressor, sending left twice to the  face. Jeff rushed, driving a pile  driver right for the body which  Corbett blocked cleverly. Then  Corbett hooked left to the neck  while Jeff tried three wild swings  for the head. Jeff bored in but  Corbett ducked beautifully. At  close' quarters. Corbett tried to  evade a lef t andslipped,butalthough  the blow landed he recovered quickly and stood upright when it looked  as if he should have gone to tha  floor. Corbett's work was wonderful and" Jeff looked worried.  Round 16.���Corbett was up on  his toes at the call of time and sent  left to Jeff's body. Jle hooked a  light left to Jeff's face but Corbett  jumped around as lively a& a cricket-.  He landed left and right on Jeff's  face. In the break away Jeff put  right to ear but Corbett returned  on boely. At close quartersCorbefct  put a left to head. ��� The men clinched as the bell went.  Round 17.���Corbett put Jeffs  down with a swing. Corbett was  fast as the round opened. They exchanged lefts and rights, and Jeff  tried rough tactics Corbett gave  him tbe right and landed on face.  He then sent his left three' times to  the jaw. Corbett blocked Jeff's  right and came to close quarters.  The crowd hooted Jeff for his unfair fighting in the clinches. Corbett dodged into a left hand upper-  cut, Jeff swung the left and slapped and ducked quickly but without  harm.  Round 18.���Jeff rushed Corbett  and lands light left on jaw and  evades return. He lands on jaw  and Jeff sends a light to ribs. Corbett lands right on jaw and clinches.  Jeff sends a light left to ribs._ Jeff  backs"Corbett to ropes,"where"they  clinch. Corbett lands left on jaw.  Jeff lands left and right. Corbett  lands left on jaw and Jeff lands  light left on wind. Corbett lands  left and right on jaw. Jeff hits in  clinch as the bell rings. This was  Corbett's round.  Round 10. ��� Jeff rushes to a  clinch. He leads with left,  but misses aud lands left  on jaw. He lands left again, clinch.  Corbett lands left swing on jaw and  gets light left in return. Jeff lands  two lefts on ribs. Corbett is now  getting rushed. Jeff knocks Corbett  down wifch left swing on the jaw.  Ho gets right up. Corbett leads  but misses. Jeff lands right and  left on jaw. Jeff lands left on ribs.  Jeff is forcing the fighting at a  terrific pace. Jeff lands twice ou  the back in a clinch and is hissed.  This was Jeff's round.  Round 20.���Jeff rushes out of his  corner on the run and they clinch.  Corbefcc lands left on neck and Jeff  lands on neck. Every time Jeff  leads Corbett springs out of striking distance. Corbett lands left on  neck. He is tired, Corbett is  hissed for running away from the  champion. A light exchange follows and Corbett is evidently  afraid of a knockout blow. He is  evidently trying to tire Jeff. Jeff  lauds left on jaw. Jeff lands light  light left on jaw and clinches, This  is another Jeffs round.  Round 21.���Corbett rushed to  corner Jeff and lands two lefts on  jaw. Jeff lands left on ribs and  Corbett clinches. Jeff lands left on  wind and Corbett lands ou _aw  lightly.   Jeff lands left on ribs and  a hard left on jaw and sends left to  ribs. Corbett sends,right to jaw  and receives left on ribs. Jeff lands  left on ear and flight and left on  jaw. . Corbett .jtiodges a direct-  swing. Jeff lands left on ribs and  jaw. Corbett: "sends right to jaw  and rciives left on ribs. Corbett  ducks a left, swing. Jeff chases  Corbet 1 around the ring. ..-',_  Round* 22.���Jeff rushes and  knocks Corbett to ropes. Jeff lands  left on ribs and clinches. Corbett  ducks a furious left. Corbett lands  on ribs and gets a return. Corbett  sends a hard lef t to:jaw. Jeff lands  two lefts on ribs and right and left  on jaw. Jeff lands two lefts on*  ribs and right .and. left on jaw.  Corbett ..dodges_-"-' .yicious���.-'swing.  Jeff lands lef t on ribs and jaw, and  again on'ribs.    Corbett clinches.  Round 23.���Jeffries rushes again  and clinches. He lands lightly  with left on ribs. Jeffries ��� sends  right to jaw and Corbett puts left  to neck. Corbett sends lefb to  mouth. Corbett lands left on jaw  but his blows are weak.. Corbett is  down and out. Jeffries put him  out with a lef ton the jaw. He is  now conscious and stands up, supported by his seconds. He walks  very weak. He starts to walk over  to Jeffries' corner, but is too weak  to walk alone., He finally walks  over and shakes hands and smiles,  but is sb weak he can't stand up  alone. The round lasted 2.11 minutes.  GREAT SPEECH BY COTTON  Martin's Bubbles Burst.  I  Vancouver, May 11���[Special to  The Tribune].���A largely attended  meeting, held iu the interests of  the Provincial Party, took place in  Vancouver tonight,1 the principal  speakers being F. Carter-Cotton  and Thomas Kidd. In the language  of Mr. Cotton, that gentleman  "burst, one after another, the bubbles Martin had blown for  the ad-  i*      j  miration of his supporters." ' He  showed the great effort the Semlin  government, had made to prevent  the Crow's Nest Jap.d ..grant beiug  executed and he refuted Martin's  statement that no royalty had been  charged on Crow's Nest coal by  reading the latters patent imposing  a royalty of five cents per ton.  He showed that tiie New Vancouver Coal Company's land grant  was legally executed for the. purpose of demonstrating the province's right to land claimed by the  Dominion. He proved it was better to give the Columbia & Western  money grant and take* back the  land granted, than that people in  thafc district should suffer for want  of the land formerly controlled by  the railway, and wound up a two  hour's speech by placing before the  audience the good record of the  Semlin government and the high  standing ifc has obtained, abroad.  Mr. Cotton gob a splendid hearing  and made a very favorable impression.���   GETTING NEARER MAFEKING  rand- was overwhelming. Subse  riuently the enemy moved their  line towards our positions, bombarding them with such effect thab  the burghers were compelled to retire, which they did in regular  order. Today a forward movement  of the British was checked by a  Boer force who drove them back in  places.'  "A telegram from Pretoria, dated  Tuesday, in the Standard and Diggers' News says: 'The British,, in  their passage along the Stelland  border; towards Mafeking, were engaged by commandant Bischel near  Taungs with great success. Hundreds of British troopers met a  watery grave while attempting to  cross the Vaal river. A second advance was made upon" Taungs on  Sunday morning by. 1500 British  troops and six guns. Communication with Taungs was cut on Sunday afternoon.' "  - I that a British force of 3000. men is  advancing along the Bechuanaland  railway by forced marches, night  and day. It reached Vryburg yesterday." ���      ��  ALL BUSINESS KEEPS G000  Welland Canal Explosion.  Nkw York, May 11.���John Murray, chief inspector of the criminal  investigation department of the  province of Ontario, was in the  city today for the purpose of getting evidence against the three men  arrested recently upon the charge  of conspiracy in blowing the Welland canal up. Mr. Murray, when  asked about the ease, said: "I  think we have the right persons in  custody, and I don't" believe that  there will be any further arrests  made." -?:     '  RELIEF COLUMN IS CLOSE  .   Gone to Florida.  Captain George P. Hayward and  his family have left Nelson to take  up their home at New Smyrna,  Florida. ��� Captain Hayward pioneered this country^ being the oldest steamboatman on Kootenay  lake. As far as his means went he  did much to help prospect and develop mineral claims in Ainsworth,  Goat River and Slocan districts,  and, while he drew few prizes, he  envied none who were, luckier than  himself. Sn the early days, when  the old steamer Galena was the palace steamship afloat on the river  and lake, no man was better knoAvn  between Bonner's Ferry aiid lake  points, than captain Hayward and  none more "popular. The Tribune  wishes him long life and prosperity  in the land where snow never falls  and where oranges and pineapples  are a staple crop.  sparred at fche  centre wliile Jeff I receives a, light return.   Jeff lands  Taungs Occupied.  London, May 11,-The Lorenzo  Marquez correspondent of the Daily  Mail, in a dispatch dated Fiiday,  May 11th. says : "The Boer papers  report severe fighting on tho wet-  em border. Tho facts are very  much confused, probably by design to conceal the truth from tho  burgers, bufc there is enough to  show that the Boors admit a British  occupation afc Taungs. A special  dispatch from Christiana (Transvaal) published Wednesday, by the  Standard and Diggers News says:  s,,|'Six hundred British cavalry  crossed the Vaal Friday at Kaln-  berg, about 18 miles below Fourteen Streams and went to Taungs  followed by commandoes. A second  detachment of British crossed at  the same place on Saturday. The  Griqualanders under general Anz-  wegen, after being reinforced, repulsed the British and forced them  in the direction of Taungs,  "'General Aimvegen was killed.  The other Boer casualties were  seven wounded. The British loss  was     heavy. Everything   was  brought away from the laagers ox-  copt a few tents left to attract tiie  enemy's sliolls. Taungs is occupied by 500 Boers.'  "Atelegram from Pretoria, dated  Monday, in tiie same paper records  the British seizure of Fourteen  Streams on Sunday afternoon, it  says:  'The British force afc Wil-  Square Deal at Last.  Ottawa, May 11.���[Special to  The Tribune.]���Bona fide settlers  on Dominion lands in ,the province  of British Columbia have been  complaining that they were compelled to- pay $1 per acre for all  lands entered for under the provisions of the Homestead Act. Such  a charge was shown by those con-  ���rerned to be irksome and burdensome, and Morrison, M. P., has been  strongly pressing upon fche government to have this charge done  away with. An order-in-couueil  has now been passed acceding, to  his request and settlers will in future be granted title to their homesteads on the same conditions as  provided by the Dominion Lands  Act in Manitoba and fche Northwest.  Proceedings in the House.  Ottawa, May 11.���[Special to  The Tribune.]���The house devoted  the greater part of tho day to  government bills. Late in the evening R. L. Borden brought np the  Broekville and other election cases  on a motion to go into supply. He  moved that they be referred to the  committee on privileges and operations regarding certain evidence  broughiTout last year." The minister of marine moved an adjournment of the debate and the house  adjourned afc midnight.  Blartinites Claim Victoria,  May   II.  Victoria  [Special to  Tlio Tribune.]--The Martini tea  claimed Victoria at a meeting of  the Liberal Association tonight.  Their candidates for president, vice-  piofcident ami secretary being  elected by narrow majorities.  George Riley, the veteran president,  was (lofeated by W. H. Hanna, a  .strong Martin man. The meeting  was not largely attended.  Have Turned Up Safe.  Ottawa, May 11.- -[Special to  The Tribune.]���The militia department received a cable today stating  that privates Allan, Moorehonse,  Nilant and Delislc, who were reported missing since .'30th April,  have all turned up.  Rushing Business at Ottawa.  Ottawa, May 10.���J Special to The  Tribune.]���The government today-  took Mondays for government business for the balance of the session,  and will try and rush things, now  having all the days of the week.  Time Extended.  Ottawa, May 11.--[Special to  -The time under  stock can be imported under the San Jose scale  bill has been extended from the 1st  of May to the loth of May.  Beached Vryburg..  London, May 12,���A cable from  Pretoria   says:   "Ifc  is   announced  The    Tribune.]  which  nursery  Horsemen Push On.  London, May 12���4:30 a. m.���A  British column 3000 strong has arrived at Vryburg, 100 miles from  Mafeking. It reached there on  Thursday, and, though harassed by  the Boers, is pushing swiftly forward. Forty miles south of there,  at Taungs, is general Hunter's main  body, moving slowly and contending with considerable forces. 'The  pick of the mounted men are the  3000, who are -going without  wheeled transports, and at a rate  that may possibly bring them to  Mafeking on Monday or Tuesday  next.  Lord Roberts' narrative closes  with Thursday evening, but he is  continuing his march towards  Kroonstadt, 20 miles distant, and  by this time tomorrow he must  know whether the Boers intend to  fight there or not. Winston  Churchill says there was only 2000  Boers who opposed the British at  Zand river. Another estimate is  that 6000 Boers with six guns made  a rear guard, acting as such while  many other thousands with= the  convoys retired without firing a  shofc. . ,. '.'  _ President Steyn aud ajcounci^of  the t leaders of several thousand  Free Staters in the Ladybrand and  Ilicksburg districts, determining to  submit to the men>-the question of  continuing the war or not afc a  great open air meeting, the fighting  meu decided to go on. Steyn  appears to be in active command,  began to advance towards the  British and came into contact on  Thursday witli Campbell's brigade  and Biabanfc's Horse, twenty miles  northeast of Thaba N'chu. A sharp  engagement ensued, with no positive  success ejecepfc thafc the Boers advance was stopped.*  How Kruger Was Turned Down.  London, May 12.���The Lorenzo  Marquez correspondent of the  Times, telegraphing Friday, says:  "The diacussion in fche volksraad  concerning the ale of undermining  -rights���caused-an- exciting scene.  President Kruger said the money  was wanted for the purposes of  war. The members retorted that  this statement conflicted with the  declaration in the presidential  speech that there were ample funds  for prosecuting the war, and they  accused the government of squandering money. Finally Mr. Kruger  quitted the chamber in a fit; of passion, declaring chafe he had done  his best and that bo washed his  hands of the business."  in  were   as  Sentry Shot Him,  Jamestown, St. Helena, May 11.  ���On Tuesday nighfc one of fche  guards shot a Boer prisoner who  was trying to escape, over the  boundary fort. The sentry challenged thrice but received no reply,  and then fired at him.*' The matter  is being investigated by a court  martial.       Kumassie Well Provisioned,  London, May 11 .���Correspondence  between the,colonial oSice and the  chamber of commerce at Cape Coast  Castle has been published showing  thafc Kumassie is well provisioned.  In the opinion of the colonial office,  the rumors that the town has fallen  or is in great peril, are o-vaggerated.  Kx user's Hysterics.  Cape Town, May 11.���At the  closing of the volksraad on Monday  president Kruger cried out: "God  of the volksraad, shall this be the  final act ? No, ifc shall not be. God  will be merciful and strengthen the  right. Ours is the right." The  presidentadded he had documentary  proof of a conspiracy to annihilate  the republics*  Wholesalers' Beport.  The Nelson wholesalers  report a  good week's business.   The statements of the various houses  indicate that the favorable average of  the past few weeks has been sustained, and while there are not as a  rule any phenomenal advances reported, it is a fact that none of the  firms report retrogression.   An exception is said to prove the rule,  and in this connection it will be interesting   to   note   an    expression  passed in a leading wholesale grocer's     office    yesterday   morning,  when  the manager  remarked: "If  our trade next week is up to the  standard of the'last three weeks we  will have done the largest business  since the  firm  was established  Nelson."  ��� Yesterday's shipments  below: '    - "  Thorpe & Co., mineral and aerated waters.���Green wood, Trail.and  Rossland.  Turner, Beeton & Co., dry goods  and liquors.���Enterprise, Ymirj  Erie, Slocan City and Kaslo.  Kootenay Supply Company, Limited, grocers.���Kaslo, New Denver,  Pilot Bay, Slocan" City, Cascade,  Salmo and Creston. _~ ";. <  California Wine Company, wines '-  and cigars.���Silverton, Trout Lake,  Wesfcbridge, Greenwood and Pilot  Bay.  J. Y. Griffin & Co., produce and  provisions. ��� Greenwood, . Grand  Forks, Slocan City, Rossland, Nakusp, Salmo, Ymir, Pilot Bay,  Kaslo and Cranbrook.  The   Brackman   &   Ker   Milling ���-  Company,   Limited.���Fire    Valley,  Creston, Ainsworth,  Lardo,  Slocan,  Junction, New Denver, Kaslo, Bal-'  four and Deer Park.   _ *.  H. J. Evans & Co., commission  merchants.���Lake  Points, Sandon,.  Erie, Kaslo, Kitchener, Slocan lake,���  Waneta, Grand Forks-,  Greenwood"  and Midway.  Vancouver Hardware Company,  hardware and mining supplies���Sirdar, Sandon, Creston, Lake Points,  Slocan and Nakusp.  Nelson   Saw   -&    Planing   Mills, i  Limited,   sash  and doors���Kuskanook, Sandon and Salmo.    *  Lawrence   Hardware   Company,  hardware   and   mining   supplies���  Ymir, Salmo,   Slocan City,   Cranbrook, Cdryellc,  Porto Rico, Ains-  .worth and Concentrator Point,  Kootenay Cigar Company���Fernie, Sloean City and New Denver.  W.  F.   Teefc/.ei & Co., a&payers'  supplies���Waneta, Itossland, Trail,'  Sandon, New    Denver    and   Hair  Siding.  A. Macdonald &, Co., .wholesale,  grocers���Trail,GIadstone, Kitchener,  Waneta, Grand Forks. Rossland,  Ymir, Wauehope, Fire Valley, Ferguson, Itobson and Slocan Junction.  H. Byers & Co., hardware and  mining -supplies���Moyie,-'Sandon,  Ymir, MeGuigan, Silverton, Enterprise and Ainsworth.  Johu Cholditeh & Co., wholesale  grocers���Cascade, Cory el le, Entcr-  piise, Fernie, Cranbrook, Grand  Forks, Phoenix, Sandon, New Denver, Silverton, Moyie and Slot-itn  City.  Nelson Soda Water Works���Erie,  Salmo, Ymir and Trail.  RIVALS   IN  THE   SLOCAN  Have Issued Addresses.  Kaslo, May 11.���[Special to The  Tribune.]���There has been much  talk today iu town as to fche merits  of fche respective political addresses  of John Keen and It, F. Grc��-n��  Many of the lattoi's warmest Supporters are rather alarmed afc  Keen's baits to catch workingmen's  votes, while Green's friends, on the  other hand, only laugh at Keen's  baits, as they feel sure that no  large number of mine workers will  vote for any other candidate than  "Bob " Green, who has shown himself worthy of trust by sticking to  his and their principles although  personally suffering in his business  by so doing. Green and James M.  Martin of Rossland accompanied  Thomas Forster to Sandon yesterday, where they supported him in  his appearance before electors  there. Forster left this morning  for fche Coast, as he had been  advised by Cotton thafc George  Kennedy is coming out as the  Martin candidate in Delta constituency. 2
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human nature.
Kerr & Co.
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The corporation and citizens of
Kaslo contributed $17(>1.S0 towards
the Sandon relief fund a few hours
after the news of the conflagration
was announced. This is generosity
characteristic of the West. Ifc is
safe to say that there is no city in
the East, treble the size of Kaslo in
population and wealth, which would
Have responded so liberally upon
such brief notice.
BROWN   &    CO.   Hall Block, 296 Baker St.
•e-'.(zi.(S>.i=3.ts>.(zz'.tz?.i&.£l'^.^'     -i_-^i
ife have sold 75 per cent of all the
■>•*■-=■*.•*_a-■*=■*>•__5a,._'s-*»•____;_ *
W. C. Wells, ex-M.P.P., will be an
independent anti-Martin candidate
in North East Kootenay. He was
presented with a requisition bearing about .800 names, two-thirds of
all the names on the list. Francis
P. Armstrong is the Conservative
candidate, and there is not likely to
be a Martinite in the field.
Poptland Cement $
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Fire Clay %
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Turn Vancouver -World is endeavoring to make its readers believe
that premier Martin's trip through
fche Kootenays was a triumphal
procession. Ifc devotes about a column to what ifc describes as *'The
swing of victory," in which John
A. Turner, government agent," is
described as the successful Martin
candidate in fche Nelson riding;
while in the Slocan, some unknown,
person by the name of Cain is represented as snatching a Martin
victory from G. O. Buchanan, who
is described as a straight Conservative, and Bob Green an independent
Conservative, Ifc is in this way
that the Martinites work out their
majority in the next legislature.
In all the names mentioned by the
World there is bufc one man who is
_a _candidate~Bob_ Green— and- he
will be the next representative for
the Slocan riding. r
It is said thafc efforts are being
made by the Coast politicians looking towards the withdrawal of
Frank Fletcher from tho race in
this riding, as it is suicidal to run
two candidates against the Provincial Party, Mr. Fletcher is not
likely to withdraw, for he is both
btiff-necked and independent, and
has no particular love for either tho
Coast politicians or the local men
who were instrumental in bringing
out candidate Hall. Hall and his
backers helped defeat Fletcher
when he made fche race for mayor
last winter, and Fletcher does not
forget little things like that in a
Canadians are noted for their
independence, a characteristic that
seems to be strongly in evidence in
Nelson, seeing that threats of boycotting and blacklisting are being
freely made. The men that make
such threats do not seem to under-
stand thafc every elector h free and
equal when in the polling booths.
OlD-TJAIJ3RS in British Columbia
cannot be made to believe that the
salvation of the province depends
on the offices being filled by the
adherents of one or the other of the
political parties fchafc are striving j
Mooney is Acquitted.
Quebec, May 10.—The jury, after
half an hour's deliberations last
night, returned a verdict of not
guilty in the case of Mrs. Thomas
Mooney, charged with having been
an accomplice of David Dube in
murdering her husband, Thomas
Mooney, at Lake Beauporfc.
Fishing Season of 1900
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Corporation of the City of Nelson
Genor.il agents for Mirror Lake Ice Company.
Ice deiii ered, in juiy part of tho citv. Office at
Grand Central Hotel, Vernon and Ward fclrcets
Phono 1*18.   P. O. box 139,
Notice iHheiebygh on that (lie Com I of Revision of the City of Nelson, for tho purpose of
hearing all <oniplainii ngmnst the usso-smeiit
foi the year ISXX) will be hold iu tho city- hall, Nelbon, on Monday, June lib. 1BO0, at 10 oclock a.m.
Acting Cleric.
Nelson, May l&t, I'M
A feature will bo made of tho poultry and
game trade. They will always be on hand during their season.
J. L. PORTER, Prop.
1C9 Josephine St., between Baker and Vernon,
Telephone 159.
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W. Starmer Srqith & Co.
Office Ward Street) Opposite Opera Honso
Costumes for all occasions furnished at short notice.
mrs. Mclaughlin
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Fruit and Ornamental Trees
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M. J. HENRY.      _
 300(5 WaatminHter Roadr Vancouver. B. C.
A boarding and day school conducted by tho
Sistcisof St. Jo-ioph of Peace. It is situated afc
tho corner of Mill and Josephine btreetsin one of
the befat lrsidential portions of Nelson, and is
easily acccsjible fiom all parts of the cily,
Tho course of study includes the fundamental
and higher branches of thorough English education: Business course—bookkeeping, stenography and typewriting. Science course—music;
vocal and instrumental, drawing, etc. Plain art
and needlework, etc.
For terms and particulars apply to tho Slstor
Kootenay Steam Laundry
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Planing H/|ills, Limited
Are prepared to furnish by rail, barge or teams
Dimension Lumber, Rough and Dressed
Lumber, Local and Coast Ceiling, Local and
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Mills Hall Street Wharf
■*-*■•■*•--^-a* ■*i>-*a'!_*.-_»-_s-_i> •>_»•._». •■_;___■,>__»
%t    TOWN
«r- £;_\£:£ie_£i £zg_\<g__ S_iSL-__
«r> «?• ~r- ~i. at. cr.-;. ~r. cr.«_ •^•vcf:
The only steam laundry in Nelson employing union labor
A, LARSON9 Manag'eF,
/f\ OF
ii 20 Miles east of the City of Nelson, and Terminus jL
j_\ of the_ Nelson-BaIfoiir_ section of jL-
& the Crow's Nest Pass Railway.               m
m  —                              M
/*i Business and Residential Lots ranging at prices           i&i
2J from $76 to $150 each.                                Ji
™" Terms: One-third cash; balance 6 and 12 months.         wj
W This townsite is held jointly by the Canadian  Pacific Railway ".
f£X Company and T. G. Procter. ($
fl Apply ia FRANK FLETCHER, Land Agent G. P. R„ Nelson. %
jjp. or tc T, Q. PROCTER, Ga^r Street, jfefson. j}|
&'_<'-0l.ie?.0,'»*>'i>*'a0'i0'm>.m»''**-0'. ■*»-a>'__i-_>>-!_>._M»a-ai-s>'_».'JS'
Head Office at
Wholesale and Retail
Dealers in Meats
Wagom ropaixInK promptly attended to by a
first-class "Wheelwright,
Special attention given to all kinds of repairing and onstom work: from outside points.
Shop:  Hall St.. between Baker and Vernon
Drilling contest; one down hole, for purse of
one hundiccl and fifly dollar-, Ka&lo, May 24th.
JEnti ics. close May 17th. For particulars, address,
Secietary Colcluution Ooninnttee.
Markets at Nelson, Kossland, Trail, Kaslo, Ymir, Sandon, Silverton, New
Denver, Revelstoke, Ferguson, Grand Forks, Greenwood, Cascade City, Midway, and Vancouver.
Mail Orders Promptly Forwarded
Notice ia hereby khen that tlio differences cx-
ihtiriK between F.J. Iiiadlcy& Co. and tho Nel-
fion Paiiitort)' Union havo been butiRfactorily ad-
ju-itod. 3. H. MATHl-SJON,
Secretary Nelson Trades and Labor Council.
Baker Street, Nelson &   £j#   TRAVES,   Manager
Blank Books Manufactured and Books and Magazines bound
and re-bound at The Tribune Book Bindery, Burns Block. THE TRIBUNE:  WELSON B. C, SATURDAY, MAY 12, 1900  BANK OF MONTREAL  CAPITAL, all paid up..$12,000,000  .- REST     6,000,000  Ijird Strathcona and Mount Royal ...President  II in. Gcorgo A. Drummond Vice-President  K. S. Clouston Genoral Manager  NELSON BRANCH  Corner Baker and Kootenay Streets.  Itranchcs in London (England) Nkw Yohk,  CiilCAl'n, and all the principal cities in Canada.  THE BANK OF  BRITISH   COLUMBIA  NELSON  Imperial Bank of Canada  HEAD  OFFICE, TORONTO.  Capital Authorized  Capital Paid up  Rest  $2,500,000  $2,391,863  $1,654,710  Is now prepared to issue Drafts and  Letters of Credit on Skaguay, U. S.,  Atlin, B. C, and Dawson City, N.W. T.  Buy and  . Transfers.  (.���rant   Commercial  sell Sterling Exc_.ui.go and Cable  and   Travelors'   Credits,  , iiilablo in any part of tho world.  Drafts Issued, Collections Mado, Etc.  Saving's Bank Branch  CU_.KI_.NT KATI* OK l.N"l MIKST l'AID.  STORY   FROM   THE   NORTH.  The steiimor Danube, Avhich  reached Victoria on Wednesday  from the north, brought fuller details of tho reported murder of a  miner aud the lynching of the inur-  j'durer at Lituya Bay iu Southern  l-Alaska.  The story told is wild and weird  plough to suit tho most ardent ad-  Tiiirer of the wild west style of mining stories.    It reads like something  stranger than a dime novel, that a  man   -should  deliberately  sentence  ���himself   to death,  and  it is  even  more startling to be told that the  miners in the camp soberly decided  j.tliat it was the best thing to do and  w ent ou and hanged him.  ,'    I.   II.    Nelson,  manager   of   the  l.ljituya Bay Gold Mining Company  I'tclls the story, the details of whicli  'pads  credibility, but must still be  incepted.    All   the parties  to the  case were employed by his company.  Sioveitz, the murderer, was a bad  Ijuan and a gambler, and had gone  on   a   big   spree,   ending   in beiug  broke.  To. continue his gambling he attempted to rob another miner Steve  Fedigo. The latter resisted and  Sievertz shot him dead. The other  miners rushed from all parts of the  ['camp and caught Sievert/. with the  .smoking pistol in his hand. Nels  ��� Christenson, who headed the mob,  I'jJ'eil stunned by another bullet.  I'Tlien the desperate man was overpowered and tied hand aud foot.  An hour later the company's  |,store held an oxcited throng of  '.stern, ltsugh men, two flickering oil  ���lamps giving light to the deliberations of a typical miners' meeting  [.To determine the procedure-with regard to tho deliverance of Sievcrte  into the hands of justice. He with  i oped hands was an interested but  s-ilont spectator.  After listening to tho discussion  I'I he miners held and the difficulties  they foresaw iu hnudinghim to the,  authorities Sievertz asked leave to  j.."-peak and he delivered himself as  iJolIows: ,  "You ,sce it's this-way," lie said.  '."I shot the man'and all you 'tins  IJknowit.    I'm not trying to crawl,"  jaiid I don't want to put yon to any  iniore expense and bother than tho  fi.iw allows.   I don't say I'd have  |?j-]iofc him if I hadn't been running  ||\\ iId a bit myself, but that's neither  .there nor theie. and that's gob noth-  siiig to do with the case now.   If I  iwas one of you chaps I'd feel the  |sAiue as you, and want to dispone of  ||the thing.    That suits me.    I don't  i-wtuit any  lugging me around the  Ifcountry to hang mo with a sheriff  [It.nd all the_trimmin5s. _Just hitch  ^your little rope over the nearest  t*tree you can find, and it'll suit mo."  *.    The miners were literally knocked cold by the coolness of tho prop-  o-jiLion but they coincided with its  arguments.    They decided to adopt  (y it and merely asked him to sign a  statement, admitting the attempted  (jobbery, the murder and acknowledging the justice of his punish-  l .ment.   Then as the self-condemned  t*j)i isoner said he did not see the use  Uo.  any further   preliminaries,  the  j��party went out into the moonlight  and hanged him by the neek.    He  never weakened from the iirst.    Ho  ;:agreed ifc was the right thing to-do  Pnnd the declaration he had signed  [iSvould  be enough for the lawyers  ��aud courts of Juneau.   Such is the  ;>tory of stern justice in the wild  Sjj.orthem mining camp.  to consider when they have been  naturalized in America aiid have  steadily voted for low tariff's and  free trade. If their share in the industrial prosperity of the United  Kingdom bo smaller than it ought  to be, ifc is mainly because they  have been forced back upou the  land when agriculture has been  ruined by free trade, and because  they have lacked a large and effective range of manufactures. I do  not perceive that the Nationalist  inventory of grievauces*ueeding to  be redressed includes this important entry of diversification of industries and employments, without  which the island, whether with or  without a parliament on College  Green, will be shut out from the  full enjoyment of a proportionate  share in British prosperity.  '���It is evident, however, that with  the    subsidence   of   political   and  agrarian agitation such manufacing  industries as there are  have been  extended, and thafc certain branches  of agriculture, notably stock raising and dairy farming, have become  more   profitable.    The   purchasing  power  of the island  has  been increased, as is shown by the revenue  returns,   and   the   savings   of   all  classes, in town and country alike,  have been multiplied, as the post-  office  statistics  bear   record.    The  war in South Africa, against which  Irish   politicians   have   inveighed,  has been particularly helpful to the  island on account of the immense  shipments  of   horses,   forage   aud  agricultural supplies at high prices.  If Dublin today is a wideawake, enterprising and thrifty-looking city  iu place of the faded, desolate capital which strangers expect to see, it  is because the island back of it has  come out of the Slough of Despond  and is blessed with increased prosperity.  D. R. Wilkie, Genoral Manager.  E. Hay, Inspector.  Nelson Branch���Burns Block, 221 Baker Street  J. M. LAY, Manager.  native mission preacher and his  flock rushed out to see what was  happening, and the spy had only,  time to get in a word of warning to  the preacher not to give him away,  when the Boers- arrived on the  scene. The real, preacher. grasped  the situation at once and, handing  over the books to the new assistant,  asked him to take the service. To  the relief of the assistant, the Boers,  after warning him not to be wandering about, returned to his post.  No doubt, had they waited for the  service, their suspicions might have  been justified. The new mission  helper simply says that he took the  the service."  ARE BRITISH OFFICERS STUPID?  Says it is a Fake.  Professor J. Rendelharris, paleolo-  grapher of Cambridge university,  Euglaifil, and who is considered one  of the greatest authorities in the  world on biblical manuscripts and  inscriptions, who is,in Philadelphia  on a visit to Haveiford college, ridicules the story of fche alleged newly-  discovered correspondence between  Jesus Christ and Agrippa and ancient monarchs, said to have-been  inscribed on the Avails of au old  palace afc .Ephesus. Professor Rendelharris in an interview, said:  "The whole subject is a' fraud.  Such hoaxes are nofc at all uncommon. There is something suspicious  about the whole report, and I shall  continue to believe it unfounded  until 1 am persuaded by absolute  proof to believe its genuineness."  Bamboozled the Boers.  "The following story," writes a  Ladysmith correspondent, "is told  by one of our native spies: On Sunday, February 4th, while coming  from the Drakensberg to Ladysmith, he observed two Boers following him. Not wishing to attract iitteufcion_ hy_ ijuining,_ he  walked quickly on to a jcraal near  by, which, luckily for him, boasted  a small Zulu mission church. Ifc  was Sunday and the thought struck  him thafc his only chance to escape  would be to play the role of mission  preacher; so, soissing the bell  rope, he rang vigorously.   The real  "I told you so," was the remark  of the arm-chair strategists directly  lord Roberts' remarks on certain of  his subordinates were published,  "British officers are a stupid set."  If they are stupid today then they  have always been so, and it is just  as well to note, before jumping to  hasty conclusions, that the same  charge has generally been hurled at  the heads of the officers serving in  the most successful armies the  world has ever seen.  For instance, "Wellington made a  very censorious illusion to general  Spencer's attempt to quell the  mutiny among fche Spanish troops  during the Peninsular war,,and also  for neglect of golden opportunities,  iu a most sarcastic dispatch: "General Spencer should have struck an  important blow at the French, but  only made demonstration of landing, and having thus materially  aided the insurrection, returned to  Cadiz. _ * I have placed him under  arrest."  A parallel case to that of lieutenant-colonel Thorneycroft is  given by Napier of a subordinate  officer taking unwarrantable authority upon himself with dire  results.  At Sierra the French were in a  tight corner, aud just at a juncture  when they were wavering. "Quartermaster-general 'Donkin sent orders to withdraw 1 the troops engaged. Suchet; thus relieved at a  most critical rhoment, immediately  occupied a-position across the defile with his flanks on fche heights.  . . . Nothing could have been  more discreditable than the stupidity wifch which Suchet was permitted to withdraw troops already  sufficiently,beaten to have secured  a decisive victory to a commander  who should have seen aud seized  such an opportunity."  Generally speaking, Wellington  in his dispatches hardly ever had a'  good word for anyone but Picfcon,  and he sent three colonels home in  one batch after his great victories  in fche Pyrenees.  Napoleon's letters, too, are full of  strong criticism of his officers. He  always averred that they were "all  fools except Soult."  Perhaps a century-ago, even more  so than at the_presenfc day, nothing  pleased an officer more than to be  mentioned favorably in a dispatch,  and nothing was dreaded so much  as censure. Bonaparte was well  aware of this and never lost an  opportunity of bestowing praise or  blame.  In one letter he called his chief  uction  IRELAND   OF   TODAY.  ���4   Writing on the subject of his observations in Ireland, a correspondent of an American contemporary  :';|nys he found the pathos of poverty  3 hero as he also found it iu English  yynd Scotch cities aud rural districts/  ��j_mt he also found signs thafc Ireland  lias had its share in the largest of  .the marvellous prosperity  of  the  Cnited Kingdom during a decade  Of good times.  "My own couvictions, based upon  the impressions of a previous journey in Ireland, and upon careful  study of its economic history, is  that the misfortunes of the island  H re largely due to the lack of urban  industries when the people were  inipoveiished by unprofitable agriculture. That is a point which  Irishmen have never been willing  To be sold by public auction under the provisions  of the Customs Act at Nelson, B. C, in front of  Customs House, on Thursday, May 17th, 1900, at 2  p. m., the following goods which have been forfeited  or which are in default for payment of duties under  the Customs Laws, viz: Packages of general merchandise, &c., &c, to the number of 57 more or less,  and other articles as per list on file and to be seen at  Customs House, Nelson, B. C.  TERMS CASH.���Sale subject to continuance  next day and until completed.  GEORGE JOHNSTONE, Collector of Customs.  Dated at Nelson,'B. C, 8th day of May, 1900.  CHAS. A. WATERMAN & CO., Auctioneers.  Headqnartars for Portland Cement, Fire Brieks,  Fire Clay, American Cumberland Coal [Blacksmiths]  B. P. BITHET & CO., Ltd., Victoria  Spooial quotations given for carload lota  "   " GRAY, P. 0. box 621. Nelson, B. C.  A, 11.  Kootenay Ageut  equerry, general Vieogne, a "good-  for:nothing rascal." and even went  so far in venting his displeasure on  the unfortunate officer as to strike  the equerry a severe blow on the  head with a riding whip. Napoleon  disliked literary men, and it is  safe to say that" the war correspondents of our own day would  have had a very hard time  with linn. M. de Chateaubriand, a  noted literateui- of the early part  of the nineteenth century, provoked  tho emperor's iro considerably by  his outspokenness auont the Peninsular war, and came near spending  the rest of his life in a dungeon. To  quote Bonaparte himself, " If  Chateaubriand goes on this way I  will have him sabred on the steps  of the Tuileries."  If British oflicers are stupid, they  are at least iu good company. Ono  of the best German military critics  has written that " Blucher understood nothing whatever of the conduct of war," and that "tho stall'  history of the 1870-71 campaign  shows innumerable blunders on  the part of the officers of every  grade."       AN   INDIAN   ELOPEMENT.  Moo-jo Jaw Times.  This week  our   readers   will be  startled to hear of an attempted  elopement in high  life, which  took  place last Saturday and was only  averted by the aged father of the  young  girl  pursuing  her and her  young lover and shooting the horse  on which she  was  trying to make  her escape from parental authority.  The Times has been able to obtain  but   few particulars   of  the case.  It appears that while the family  was living in North Dakota some  years ago the young daughter and  a   playmate formed   a strong attachment    for   each  other.       As  they    were    mere    children     the  parents    thought   but    little    of  the   matter.     On  leaving Dakota  there was a mutual understanding  between the  two that   when the  young man became of age he should  come to Moose Jaw and claim her  as his bride.   The time was fulfilled  some months ago, and as soon as  the weather permitted the young  man started on his long but pleasant journey, full of hope aud anticipation.   He arrived last week and  in due course presented his claim.  His sweetheart had remained true,  but he met with a flat refusal from  her parents.    It was the same old  story of love finding a way.    They  made up their minds to elope to the  States.     He  procured a couple of  saddle horses, and off they started  on Saturday.    The father had his  suspicions and   was   prepared  for  emergencies.    Shouldering his rifle  and mounting his horse he gave  chase.   He overtook them several  miles   out of  town  on  the Wood  Mountain  trail, and  after shooting  the horse ou which the young man  rode, he compelled his daughter to  return to town.    For several reasons   wo   are   unable   to   give the  names of the parties interested, but  tho   girl    is   tho    sixteen-year-old  papoose of "Bow" the Indian, and  her lover a young Sioux from Dakota.   The matter was ventilated  before   tho    magistrate   and   was  settled by '"Bow" giving a pony for  the one he had shot.    "Bow" says  that the young brave may have hi.s  daughter, but he must  wait until  she is eighteen,  j  A FULL' LINE OF  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local and coast.  Flooring  local and roast.  Newel Posts  Stair Rail  Mouldings  Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  of all kinds.  IF WHAT YOU'WANT IS NOT IN BTOCK  WK WILL MAKE IT KOR YOU  CALL AND GET PRICKS.  AMERICAN  AND  EUROPEAN  PLANS  Wholesale  Houses  NELSON  B. C.  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Notice is hereby gi\eii, ilia! after one mouth I  will make application to the Chief Commissioner  of Lands .Hid Works to pm chase one hundred  and sift) neies of land in lhe- Distiid of West.  Kootenay, in Uu.i'iovmca of Hntish Cohirnbia,  situated on tiie wiest side of Kootenaj Like, on  Boulder crock, about two milch soui h of Bulfom -  Commencing atjmliai Posl m.u ked "John Hurk.  N: E. Cornti-," thence wcsX M\t}-foui* ch.UriH.  thence south t\��cnty five chains, thence ea��l.  sixty-four chains, thence noitli twenty-live chains  to tiie Initial Post,  JOHN BURK.  Dated at Nelson this 7th day of April, 1900.  FOR   SALE.  Lot  Lot  Lot  Lot  Block 1  Block 5  Block 6  Block 7  Cash Olfer  For  Four  W. F.  ADDKKSS  Teetzel,  Nelson.  EY TO LOAN  AT 7 PER CENT  ON BUSINESS PROPERTY  Apply G. L. LENNOX. Solicitor, Nelson B. C  NOTICE.  Noticed hciob*, sjuen Ih.itl intend to apply at  the (list tnccliiiKof I lie Jiodrd of 1 mouse Com  nnssioncfsfui the City of Nelson h�� Id thim d.4jh  aftei !h(> date hc-icof, foi 1< .iri to transfer the  license now held In* mt fm* a wtonn kno.wi as  the Ath.ihisr.L vilunn. mIimU ok the -oullicist  foniM- nf Baku- and ivuotcn.it *<titet-.. JSrUon,  1! (' , bc-intf on Int 1, blii'k i'. in NUsOn afore  said, tci Putin k J. liiiKscll in lu-Ht for thoAtlm-  basca Hotel Coniiutii.), 1_i.iiiU_<I  \Vitiies.s, P, K. wn-MW.        Jas. NkkW'NDH.  DaUti this lltli daj of April, MOO.  Large comfortable bedrooms and  flrst-olass  dining-room. Sample rooms for commercial men.  RATES $2 PER DAY  J. A. Sayward  HALL AND LAKE STREETS, KELSON  Porto Rico Lumber Go.  (LIMITED)  TRY   ONE;   OH,   MY  The only Good   Beer in  Nelson  CLUB HOTEL  tyadden House  Baker and Ward  Streots, Nelson  The only hotel in Nelson that has remained  undor ono management since 1890.  The bed-rooms are well furnished and lighted  by electricity.  The bar is alwavs stocked by the best dom s-  tlo and imported liquors and cigars.  THOMAS MADDEN. Proprietor.  B. G. HOTEL   erie, b. c.  Fir8t-c!a<_'? in every respect. Choicest wines,  liquors and cigars. Every comfort for transient  and resident guests.  HEADQUARTERS FOB UNION MEN.  'JOSEPH CAMPBELL, Proprietor. +  MemaalWteldsJi  WAM^i/m  Vernon Street, Nelson.  SMOKE"  ROYAL SEAL  AND  KOOTENAY BELLE  - - CIGARS   Kootenay Cigar Mfg. Go.  MKI_SOW, BRITISH OOI.UMUU  B. REKTERElf & CO'  BKKWKRS AND BOTTIjKRa OF  FINE LAGER BEER, ALE  AND PORTER  L>SvVynfortr{uU>     Brewery at Hel-*,-  Nelson   Wine   Oo.  CHOICE WINES km UIUORS  Special attention given to family trade  "Telephone 03 FS1&M&  k  IK"***  nl-i-nnf. ��� BftRn     Si.  Baker direct,  Nelson, 11. C,  MANAGEU  Corporation City of Nelsou  * TENDERS WAHTED.  ."������kwied (cndcis for siippl) ing the City of Nelson  ���witli lumber for the remainder of the >e,ir 1900  Mill *��5 i-ec-uitcd by tlio undersigned up to noon  on Monday*. May "tli. I'M).  W. K. WASSO.V, Acting City ���lerk.  Nelson, April SHh, liKJu.  land" notice!  Notice 'm hereby given that after one month I  it ill make application to tin) Chief Commissioner  -of Landsiiriii Woiknto purchase forty naies of  land in tl_�� slL-tiict of West Kootonay in (lie  pro\ince of Hrltish Columbia,'-situated on tho  uastMrto of Kootenay lake, bettveon Lockliait  and Lafrancc creeks ab follows*: Comiiicncinic  at a i o-t on the bctcli maiked "Initial 1'oi.t John  Ijftidl.iw's X. \\\ Coniei," thence MMitherlynloiiK  the l.iko .'O chain-*, llienc-c ea**terlj 20 ehnim*.  thoncu northerly ��l cl.an->, thence ttustcily '."J  -chains to the place of beKitiiilnir.  JOli  Dated at Xelson, B.  1900.  X LAWLAW,  this 3rd day of April,  OF  MEETING.  git* and htcani  NOTICE  Tho Nelson plumbers, giu, and htcam fitters'  ������union uieel*-eter> second and fourth Friday at  , ,'ibe Miners' Union hall at 8 p.m.  H. WKEICS, BecroUrj* pro tern.  N|rs. E. G. GlarKe, Prop.  LATH OK TIIE ROYAL IIOTEL, CALGARY*  DID   YOU   SEE  Curran's New     %  FRESH     XC^G        C00L  Schooners  jfflRATED AND MINERAL WATERS.  rpHOUPE & CO., LIMITED.���Corner Vernon  ���*��� and Cedar streets, Nelson, manufacturers  of and wholesalo dealers in asrated waters and  fruit syrups. Sole agents for Halcyon Springs  mineral water.   Telephone GO.  ASSAYERS'   SUPPLIES.  TEETZEL & CO.-Corner Baker and  Josephine streets, Nelson, wholesale deal-  ors in   as&iycrs  supplies.   Agents for Denver  Kiro Clay Co. of Denver, Colorado.  _____  CIGAR   MANUFACTURING  and Hall streets, Nolson, manufacturers of "Royal Seal" and "Koote-  nay Belle" brands of cigars.   COMMISSION MERCHANTS.  HJ. EVANS & CO.-Baker stroet. Nelson,  ��� wholesale dealers in liquors, cigars,  cement, tiro brick and fire clay, water pipe and  steel rails, and general commission merchants...  ELECTRICAL   SUPPLIES.  KOOTEVAY ELECTRIC SUPPLY & COX-  STKUCTIO.VCOMI'ANY-W'holesiledcil-  ers in telephones, anuiinciiilois. hulls, batteries,  tlxtuius, etc., Houston block, Xclwn.  FLOUR AND FEED.  BRACKMAN-KER MILLING COMPANY  ���CeicalH, Flour. Giain, Hay. Straight or  nii.\ed cats shipped to nil Kootenay J'oint-*.  Grain elctatoi hat all principal points on Calgurj-  Kdmontonlt.lt. Mills at Victoiia. Now Westminster, anil Edmonton, Alberta.   FEED &   PRODUCE  CO.-Haker  NeUon    (George    V.   Motion'b old  stand).   Flour, Feed, Grain, Hay and Produce.  Car lots a specialty.   Coi rcspondenco solicited.  Phone 20.   FRESH AND SALT MEATS.  BURNS &   CO.���Baker  street.   Nelson,  wholosalo doalers in fresh and cured meats.  Cold storage.  TAYLOR  hticct.  P.  GROCERIES.  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Nelbon,  wholesalo   dealers in  hardware and mining supplies, and water and  plumbers' supplies.   VANCOUVER HARDWARE COMPANY  LIMITED���Baker street, Nelson, wholosalo  dealers in hardware and mining supplies, plumbers and tinsmiths' supplies. Agnuts Ontaiio  Works.   LIQUORS AND DRY GOODS.  rpURNER,  BEETON & CO.-Corner Vernon  *���   and Josephine, streets,  Nelson,  wholesale  dealers ia liquors, cigars and dry goods,  '     Pabst Brewing Co.    -���**������-   ������  _. . ��� Agents  for*Pabst Brewing Co. of Milwaukee and Cal-  gary Brewing Co. of Calgary.    ���        PAINTS   AND   OILS.,  NELSON HARDWARE COMPANY-Baker  Btreet���Wholesale dealers In paints, oils,  and brushes of all kinds. Largest stock in  Kootenay^ J  POWDER, CAPS  rjAMILTON   POWDER  AND FUSE.  COjMPAXY���Bakor  street, Nelson, manufacturers of dynamite,  Bpoiting, Btumpuig and black blasting powders,  wholesalo dealers in caps and fuse, and electric  blasting apparatus.   AND DOORS.  AND  PLANING    MILLS,  LIMITED-Corncr Fiont and Hall stroeta,  SASH  NELSON  SAAV  LIMITED-C    __      .  Nelson, manufactures of and wholesale dealers  in sash and doors; all kinds of factor} work made  to order. ���   TENTS   AND   AWNINGS.  NEL&ON TENT AND AWNING FACTORY���  Baker street, Nelson. Manufactureis-of all  kinds of tents, awnings, and i.iisvas "goods,  P. Q. Box 111.   Thco. Madson. propi litor.   WINES AND CIGARS.  CALIFORNIA WINE COMPANY, LIMITED���Corner Front and Hall streets, Nelson, wholesalo dealers In wines (case aud bulk)  and domestic and imported clgare.  ENGINEEESr  CHARLES PjVRKKR���Mining and milling engineer.   West Bakei blicet, Xelson.  &  FRATERNAL   SOCIETIES,  NELSON LODGE'NO. 23, A, V. & A. M.  Meets second Wednesday in each iBOnUi.  Sojourning brethren invited.  PYTHIAS*- Nelson Lodge, No.  " Pythias, meets in I. O. O. F.  and Kootenay streets, every  at 8 o'clock.   Viiiting Knights  to'attond.    R. G. Joy. K. or R.    LconaidJ=cot.f. C. C,   ���KTELSON L. O. Ly No. tm, meets In I. O. O. V.  J-x    Hall, corner Baker and Kootenay streets.  Tuesday evening at;  cordially invited to'attond,  _ S.   ' ' - '  of each month.  VlUltiUH  w.j.��  lbb and 3rd   Friday  brethern cordially invited.   H. Robinsoc  W. Crawford, Rocoiding Socr< tjn*>   XTELSON jSCRIE, Number 22, Fraternal Order  ���*���' of Eagles, moots every second and fourth  Wednesday Inoach month in FraUirnHv Hall.  Visiting brethren welcome, W. Gusiiell. Piesl  dent    Charles Protf-ei, Hocrntary.  TRADES ~UNro"NS," ~~"  ���fSJELSON MINERS' UNION X0. 06, W, F. of  A* M.���Mcei.fi in miners* union rooms, niorth-  Oastcorncr Victoria and Kooletsay si i cuts, every  Saturday evening at 8 o'clock. Visiting members welcome. M. H. Mt        %Vilkes, Secretary.  , Mow alt, Prctideiit. Junius  NEIjSON PAINTERS1 I'NIOX-TIip  meeting of  the   PvinU-rs'   Ciuon  every Wednesday evening at 7..X in tho  teis* Union hall, behmel tluf flarke holel  Skatbo. piesjilent.  regular  is  in>ld  I'liin-  T. O.  iMfit'd Turner. m-chLii}.  rpRADES AND LABOR COUNCIL.-'!"**) iegu-  ���*��� lar meetings ot the Nelson Trades and l_abor  Council will be held in tho miners' union hall,  corner of Victoria and Kootenaj 6trcets, on tho  fli-bt and third Thuisd.iy of each month, at  7.30 p. in. G. J, Thunie. ITcbident. J. II. Mathc-  hon, Socrotwv.   THE regular meetings of the Carpenters' Union  are held on Wedi-esd.iy etening of each  week, at 7 o'clock, in the Jltnei's' Union hall car-  nor Victoria and Kootenay streets. R. Robin-  bOii, President.   Jiuncs Colling, Secretary.  BARBEliS' UNION - Nelson Union, Xo. Mi. of  the Intarnatlanal Join net men B.ubci s t'n-  lon of America, meets ct cry IlCst nnd thud Monday of each month m Jlint-i s Union If.ill. coiner  of Victoria and Kootetiat streets, at b.V) pm.  sharp. Visiting brothui-s (.oidiall) invited to  attend. J, U. Matlicfcon. Pies-idem. W. S. Bul-  \ille, Sccielary.  LAROIUjRS' UVIOX.-Xelson Laborers.* Pio  tictite Union. N'o. 81i!I, A. F. of L , incut*-- in  Slinots' I mon Hall, norflieast cinui of Victoiia  and Kootenaj -ticuUs, ��n the Ihot and llimlMonday of each month, a! S pm sluip. Visiting  menibcisof the Aiucucnij hedi-iatioii cordially^  united to attend John Million, President,  j'oicy rihiikeUon, S^tireuiu^.   C~ IGSAR MAKER.S  UNION meets j,i Tuesday  lii eterj month m the W, F.M. hall.    K\cc  utivo boatd meets otcrj* Satnrduy.  KICKLAYl.RS AND MASONS' UNION.  'Iho BitekUjers and M.isons' International  Union No, Jof Nelson meets second and fourth  Tucdajsui each month at Mineis' Union hall  J. W. Etcher, pict-ident; Joseph Clark, lcoording  and corr-c-nwwuing secretary. i  THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B. 0., SATURDAY MAY 12 ' 1900  Rubber Gloves  The  FOR WOMEN AND MEN  proper thing for spring house-  cleaning and gardening  Furniture Polish  To make your Furniture look as good  as new, try our  "FRENCH FURNITURE POLISH."  W. F. Teetzel & Go.  Victoria Block, Corner Baker and Josephine Streets  DRUGS AND ASSAYERS' SUPPLIES  Hi  Ui  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  Hi  Hi  iti  Hi  Ui  0* ���___:_��_�������_:����� __[�����_��������_____[�����_.      ���a.-a'S'^g,5''^,~fr'S"S"-S''T8"^  ^ ^-��~ ��P-*���*�������������������� ���*S_��'-��~5r-��~��~5?T ���0-0-0-0-0'0"0-0.0"0-0-_Z.-^l  Watches  Chains  Cuff Links  Scarf Pins  Broaches  Barrings  Bracelets  Rings  Set with all kinds of Precious Stones.  9-  % JACOB DOVER  The Leading  Jeweler of  Nelson  h  h_  hi  h  Xti  Xti  Hi  iti  iti  iti  Ui  iti  iti  xti  iti  xti  Ui  xti  xti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  "KoBCi***' Uioh. 1817  I'lat W.iie:  CarwiiK Sets  Kith Sets  Cake Sets  Tea Sets, full line  Coffee SoU  Hake Dibhcs  (.ike Baskets  Emit Dishes  Tino ���rt.itili lc'iiauint' a spec  inltj.   All woik Ki.ar.intceil.  Mail onleisiecencmj piompt  attention.  .SIoiling Sihrr Novell io-,*  JMamciiic Sets  Hi nshes  ('omlM  JMmois  Toilet Hottle-*  Povdei Boxes  A\ hisks  Hi  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  xti  iti  Ui  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  Ui  iti  iti  iti  iti  CITY LOCAL NEWS  The Famous Kara Pianos  Austrian Art Ware and Brass Goods  The Celebrated Sterns Bicycles  Six Different Makes of Sewing Machines  xti  iti  xti  Hi  iti  xti  Ui  iti  iti  Ui  ESTABLISHED   189-0  ^_-V--_a-a,s--s,l3^a,~s,^,-a,a*,a       ^"S-iS,'S-i^"C'__\'_t"__\'__\:_X-ri-^'  ���0J>-0-0-0'0'_9.0-0"0.0'0'0 ~^~t.~t^ "_:��� ~^*��v.*���>��������� "!���������.��������?���������������.���  m ��� m  m Yes we have made ^  H         rather a <$  ��        Big Hole J  9 in our $12,000 Stock of Dry Goods    ���  |J               biit we still have great 2  9                     bargains to offer #  Goods  delayed in transit are now arriving  and are marked at-cost to clear.  NEW LINES JUST OPENED OUT  White Check Muslins, regular 10c; reduced to Ic,  White Check Muslins, regular 15c,' reduced to 10c  See our Colored Dress Muslins now offered at 6c.  White Piques reduced to 15c, 20c and 25c.  Crash Goods for Skirts at 10c and 15c  See our 50c and 75c Blouses.  This  is  a  Genuine Clearing Sale as we  going out of the Dry Goods line.  are  A. FERLAND & CO.  ELLIOT BLOCK, BAKER STREET.  IT IS WELL KNOWN  Tlmt ��.(��� ,ue Ihe iceojKni/cd Iciuleis in uniting (lie c-.ioicef-i  .ind licsl f(imltrh of Train and Colibes. Thi* fuel has l.oon  lliorouKldv pioven liy ilm puldli-rnppijseialloii of llio mime,  ^Isk'U luib*iitiiseil mil w-.lori tf> im-ioiti-e in the iil-ove lines  fullt .Vl pm li ul 'in tlionis itlio Juno not Ixi<-�� 1 otn lemlul-.  iw me uIm.ijs phiisLiI to submit dimples, urtcr vihk-hjou  iuui|l*. mi* th il ><'** litiM- lic-ciiimjiiiK IliosiiJiiofoi-JiniirtiLle  Mlih !> M.nlil *io' foi 11 __n.it.cnt iH-<uinp.iu-(l Willi it. Wonnt  ��nii- to |)lciiSi> \ on. jw oni .stuck is uimplele nnd Shc-bcil Hint  lllulll') run Ihij.  A large consignment of the latest  styles of hats, union and custom  ing  for bargains  at  d/��  BAKER  STREET,   NELSON.  CLOTHING   HOUSE.  !e Want Your Job of Plumbing  STRACHAN BROS. J  Opposite Postoffice  Tho iniuiagomeiifc of the Bunker  Hill iiime on SiNlui-n Jhlo eicok. ulio\e Wanotn,  will Iihmj a clcm-m* fiom its ten stamp mill  within the ncM few d.ijs. Tlioioinp.inj- lias ,ip-  patently pluntj of oic. which -five-, lice (jold  Milucs of $l(i. und nn inci'i-iiso In Iho iiiimhci of  Rt.imps isl<ill_ul of. The opeiution of the Bunker  Hill mine lias kichIIj implored the local (lemiinil  foi fiuin piodncc and the i.incheisaround Waneta nie re.ipinK the boiiolil.  Tlio mutters entered at the  nrin-  inii iccoidci'-. ollice jeslcidii) t\cie as follows:  .lens Olsen of Ymir li.in-fuiied .i half inleu-st in  the Nightingale claim on Jubilee mountnin to  W. V. Hull ol \ mir. coiisidciaUon nominal, K.  T. It. Sini]ikinsiiiid K s. Lciinio Iruiiblcnul the  Mngpiu claim on Toad mountain lo JI (J. JN'eo-  lands.  Ktvoug AVing CJiong has applied  for mi injunction lo icsti.un i.al'oinle iSc Croft  fiom iiiiuiiif.u turiiiK buck on tlio unopened por  tion of.loicpliinc siictt, on the Kiomid that lus  piopeitj adioimiiK is damaged and that the yard  is.i nuisance. The application was filed ut- Ihc  couit house jcsteid.iy b> Taj lor & ir.innu_Bt.o__.  Touy Soccomorman,  an  Italian,  t\,is senL up fiom Kossland testord.iy to tUind  his tual hcie foi aison. The grand jury having  been disclmiguil, hovcer, it will be nccossaiy  to postpone the lii.il.  The Teople's United Church  mis-  ftion on Ifall sticet will be foi malls opened and  dediiatcd on yundaj morning at JI oclock Fm-  thi-i* scivices v.ill be held at 3 p.m. and 7 80  o'clock, the olllciating clcigymen being I Jets. .1.  S. 'lajloi* and W. K. lJipci. The building in  which tin* scivices v.ill take place has been  liansfoimcd into a < omt01 table meeting house  cipablc of aciommoilaliiiga congiegation of 200  poisons The intonor is c\ccssi\ely plain, but  the pastoin hope to have this icmodicd eielong.  An organ will be installed ne\t week.  The teams to be entered  by the  Nelson Rifle Association 111 the Dominion Hide  Association''! annual matches will ho chosen  after today's scores aio complete. In the Do  mimon Rifle Association bones teams compete  fiom eiery partol ihe Dominion, some of the ic  gmiciits in the large centres entering as high as  ten teams. The matches .ue held eveiy othei  fcuturdaj after June 1st, and the hooics have to  be aflunied by amilitia o/licerand foiw.udcd to  the militia depaitmcnt. A magnificent trophy  lsawaidcd to the team scoung the highest ag-  giegate.  John Daly, who has been in the  Slocan since the dav s of the first pack tiain, was  at the Phair j cstculaj.  J. Fred Hume, who was minister  of mines in (he Semlin government, and who  ._-. should know* something of 1 lie political situation  \t_f in Victoiia, S113S that the Turner ticket will be  _? elected in Victoria. In the other Island con-  \fj fitituenoies things aie badly mixed. Mr. Hume  will again make his home in Nelson.  John Hamilton of tho C. P. R. has  retui ned from a tveck's stay in Sandon, tv here he  tvas engaged in helping bti,lighten out the coin-  pan j'b business which tvos disarranged bj the  tue. He leports the company prepared to tian-  sact business 111 the usual way.  The lad Kelly, who was  charged  with the abduction of a gill undoi sixteen, tvas  foumiguilti jcstcrday afternoon ana benlenceii  to six months' imprisonment hi ju-sdec Diakc.  The mrj eonsi-ted of the follow ihg_ 14. W.  Day, foiommi, J. T. Fife, P. M. Chadbourn, V. It.  G. Jieer, V. fctaikO), It. J. Uradley. V. 11. Gibbs,  Pi-heimeihoin, W. Waldie, J. K.ie, J. A. Dcw.ir  and John Kiui-cr. ���  Charles Griffin of- the Ontario  Powder Work*, loft last night for Kootenay  Landing w'lu re he will mci<G Wis. Griffin, who is  coining en-Jfc from Kingston, Oinauo. to leside in  Nelson.  A. II:  Graeey, who left for the  east seveial tteeks ago in the interest of the Imperial Development Sjndic.ito, is expected ooine  tonight Tne lCsult othis cilortn is satisfacfoiy  to the local members of (he syndicate and steps  are to bo taken 111 the immediate f uturi' to proceed with the woik mapped out 111 tho orgtmi/..*.-  trnii's prospectifs. Several properties are under  consideration hj (he sjiidicafc.  At  the Ontario Powder Works  careful tabs hare been kept on tlio rise of the  ���water in the iako, which shows that lhe use began on March 2nd, since tvhen the tvntei had  risen l'.'O inches up to Finlay night. The level is  now 5 (cot 6 ruches bciow lastjeav's ettrerne  high water level v, Inch was reached between the  1st and nth of lasf July.  The ball game on Sunday promise? to be a lively game Itosslanu is said to  have a strong nine but I herr plaj'crs lack prac  tiee and the Nolson boys arc gonerallj" regarded  as more (h.111 tho visitors' tqilnl. The home  team will include Itockonficld and MeLeod, bat-  feiy, Waters, Houston, Kmcison, EaciiK, Phair  and Par fridge. The game will be called sharp at  2 o'clock.  Citizens who have not visited the  lako front since the recent lapul rise in the Jake  will be surprised nl the height attained bj the.  water.- The steamei International used lo make  her landing al the tee on the citj wharf, but now  sho comes 10 the upper end of the tv hai t and her  prow almost iouches the footof Hall stroet. On  the (la's tvheie the gun Uub has heo-i shooting  drj land has vanished, and the maiksmcn havc  made shift to hold on a week or two lonjjer by  throwing tho ula*. buds out *>vpi- tho lagoon. Tiie  edge of the lake is now but 11 few fcetfioro J. W.  .Stewart's warohoui-e,ami Hint gentleman is bc-  (jniiring to wear an anxious look. At th'e railwa}  camp op Nutc-imlfi Point, a n'se of a eoupie ol  foot will nccossitate sudden uh.uigiM uf location  among IliOcaiiipms,  The Nelson firemen have deferral  thoir piai-lice to Monday night Thu team for  tho Kaslo demonsll.ition will include, Gcoige  ���ntot-li*, 1 aptaiii. Pied .1. J.i.ulloy, J. Foote, w.  Lillie. Gooigo Xunti. JoeTIioniiisim, J. I'atnpbull,  il. Aichib.iltt, .!. J. Chuiiibei'Mr I lurry Ilouston  and A, Pnlclmii!.  A man named Gray was fined $25  and costs or thi oh months ul')ustud.i)'_t police  coin ton thuchiiigoof Indecent .>\posi_i<..  The Chinaman named Kong, who  wu sin rested for insanity, wan arraigned at yes  teidaj'h police court. Ite Hceined to have ic-  cnvcieil his monUil bu lance, but vvasm ill heallh.  Mar Sum und otIierSjelchtialhvoliiiileercd lolobk  after him and see that he was treated by tho  Chine fc doctor. Accordingly the magistrate  01 dei ed that Kong be released.  The   acoustic   qualities   of   the  Xelson com t houso aie not all that they should  bo, Vesleiday the noise of persons moving at  the icaiof tin- court house tins reechoed so  stulngly thai Mr. justice Drake oidercd a countable to take up a postal the bottom of the slops  and prevent all pei��ons ouUldc of those mtoi-  ested in tho case b_.ing heard from entering. An  amusi-ig feature was developed when a twtness  tvho had been locked up m the witness room to  jiiovent his healing of the etidcncu in (he case  on which he was to testify, nnnounccd that the  pieccding tvitnesses could distinctly be heard  Uiionj^li the partition.  The regular monthly meeting of  the Nelson boaid Of trade will be held rn tho  board of ti ado rooms net t Monday evening at 8  o'clock  The  Palace   Confectionery's   ice  cream pallors m the basement of the Madden  block oo H ard street are now open to Ihe public.  Thej will accomodate about.'iO persons.  Procter & Dowsing, agents for  the Kootenay V.Jlcj s Company, report the sale  of 5-M acios* of iiind in LoiCtt's Uotlom, situated  about 1() miles south of Foit Steele on tin- east  bank of Kootenay river. TItomncl.a.seris Arthur  JJ. Ken wick, who owns n ranch adjoining.  The iirst money received for and  dihtribuied among the su-Tercru from Ihe Ottawa  lire was fl250 cabled by the Alliunu. AflHurance ,  Company of London, Kngland, who were them  selves hit by the tire to the tune of 5150,000, Ward  Urother-s are the Nelson agents of this company.  Charles H. Mackintosh, candidate  in the Itossland riding of tho boys who do not  know where they are at on any political question,���  passed through Nelson yesterday from a trip to  Kastern Canada. ���  There  was more  interest  mani-  sested on the streets yesterday over the result of  the Corbett-.Iclfrios prizo fight than there was  over candidate Hall'sattempt to ride two political  horses going in opposite directions.  The landing waiters at the port of  Nid^oii have gone on strike for an increase of  pay for overtime. They are paid thirty cents an  hour and want fifty cents���which i.s littleonoiigh.  J. W. Dow  of Creston  is at the  Queen's. Ho reports his section of country fairly  prosperous, but that tho Alexander company s  "reclaimed ' land is sbill suhiccl to ovei How.  ESTABLISHED 1892  H.   BYERS   &   CO.  HARDWARE  ESTABLISHED 1892  Garden, Mill,  HOTEL ARRIVALS.  Ai mi: Pn.viu.���L. bhuw. Ainswoith; O. .Vr-  chibald, Mojiu; T. .lackson, Koit .Steele; .1. han-  deison, Winnipeg; .I. A. I*inehej, Washington,  1>.:<\; J. V. Wclili, Kossland: C. K. Ingersoll,  Trail, T. S. Arinsliong, bpences Undgc.  A i i in: Qlei n's.���p o'Kcefe, Stnithroy, J.  Dow, Cieston; A. J. McCibbon, Powder Point.  Ai nn. Git.vNi) I'KMiivi..���II. ltichaidson,  Scatile; il. Watson, .Slocan; J. Walker, Kitchener; T. Wills, Winnipeg; T. McGuigan, Perth,  On'.; W..I. O'Connor, Pel th. Out.; It. Grilliths.  Cnlg.irj, .1. A. Uackshavv, Athabasca Mine; JI.  C. Jli Cuaig, Hall.  Ar i in- Wvvi hi i v.���Jliss Chambers, Winnipeg, S. Andcison, W. Jones, Yellowstone  mine, James Hustis, Glasgow, Scotland.  Ar rite Hutu..���James Jlevendge, Vancouver;  Itobeit W. Kicmester, Milwaukee; C'liailcs G.  Gnllin, Ontario Powder Woiks; T. H. Hill, Vancouver; iUarv L. Gray, New Westminster; James  Johnstone, I-ernic, If V. Jackson, .-spokanc; W.  H. Carter, Yellowstone Mine, J. Itanton, Wm  nipeg; H. Wavne, Montreal; W. A. ltichaidson,  Toionto; G. W. Lawson, Toronto.  A't'iifi:'li<f moni.-IJ. II. Chambers. Wawnn-  esca. JMamtoba: *-j. Duigess, Uoisswuin, Manitoba;  H. liarland. Winnipeg, J. Hawkins, W. Uanott,  Nelson.  A i i lie JIvDnrs*.���John Sherman, Sandon;  Thomas Carson, City.  The Count Completed.  The remainder of the ballots cast  at the Pi-ovincial Party primary  election on Thursday were counted  yesterday, and the delegates elected  will receive their credentials today,  duly signed by David McBeath,  chairman, and Fred Starkey, secretary. The counting of the ballots  occupied over four hours yesterday.  Waverley Mines Will Resume.  After consideration of numerous  schemes the shareholders of tho  companies ' organized by Grant-  Govan hope that they have hit upon  a plan whereby they may get back  the money they have invested in  these concerns. Some few years  back Mr. Grant-Govan came out to  British Columbia and organized the  Goldfields of British Columbia, Limited, which had a nominal capital  of ��371,042 in fully paid shares of  ��1 each. The company acquired  several claims in the neighborhood  of Re\elstoke, as well as several in  the Shoal Bay district on the Coast.  It also purchased the townsite at  Shoal Bay.   A considerable amount  Steam  Hose.  and Suction  Crucible   Cast  5-16 to 1-  Wire  stock.  Rope  Steel  ���in. in  Leather and  Rubber Belting.  Sheet, Square and Round Rubber  Flax and Garlock Packing  Pipe Fittings, Brass Goods, Rails  Black and Galvanized Sheet Iron  Soft Steel Plates  1-8, 3-16 and 1-4 x 72, 96 and  120  Agents���Truax Oro Cars, Giant Powder.Iand .Metropolitan 1'uso, etc.  H. BYERS & CO.  NKLSON  KASLO  SANDON  Having Purchased  the Business  r  Of Fred J. Squire, merchant  tailor, Nelson, I intend to  continue the business so as  to keep the patronage of all  Mr. Squire's old patrons and  get a share of the general  trade. I am now prepared  to show the latest styles in  all lines of. spring goods. A  special line on hand at $25  per suit. AlLother lines at  low rates. None but Union  labor employed.   E,-Skinnep  Neelands' liuildiiig, Baker Street,,  FKED J. SQ.UIUB, .Manager.  of work  was done on the Tangier  and Waverley claims in the lievel-  stoke distiict and subsidiary companies were formed to acquire and  develop these properties.    None of  the  companies, however, have had  a   very successful  career and for  some time past all work has beon  suspended on all the properties.   On  Monday last the shareholders of the  three companies held meetings and  after considerable discussion agreed  to amalgamate the various concerns  under the title of the Empire Gold-  fields, Limited.   The remaining sum  of 5s per share in the Tangier and  Waverley companies will be called  up and this, with other assets, will,  it is thought, provide ample capital  for the development of the various  properties.  BUSINESS   MENTION.  Gardening���Employment wanted  by a practical man. Hesidcntialgronndslaidont,  etc.   Address, W. W. Wilson, Nelson  Wanted���Position   as   stenogra-  phei and t}pei\ritcr bv lady of e\pei lonee���Ite-  leiences.   Mo objections to going out of city. Addicts Stonogi.ipher, Tiibnne.  For sale���Black Minorca eggs for  hatching-, J2.00 per sitting.   Box CSS, Nelson.  Cellar   to   rent,   newly   floored,  undci Jlcieli.mts Bank of Halifax. Apply in the  bank.  A first-class millinery business  for .sale in one of the best Kootenay mining  towns. Now good-., (jood lcasonsj for belling.  Addicss Millinery, this ofllce.  For large, airy furnished rooms,  very control, apply room I, A. Macdonald blork.  Harry Haley has applied for a  di voice, and lcg^l pioceedings will shoitly be instituted.  Hack   calls  left at   the   Pacific  Ticinsfer barn on Vernon street. Telephone  call 35.  For Sale.���One-third interest in  Mineral Claim near Ymir, for $100, money to bo  expended m development. Apply to Alex  Stewart, Tinner & Bocckh block, Nelson.  For sale���the north half of block  100, Nelson.   Address P. O. Box J72, Nelson.  Spot cash paid for second-hand  goods of all kinds at the Nelson Ba/aar, Malone  & Tregillus block. -  Houses . furnished with new and  second-hand furniture, or mixed new ond secondhand furniture, on the installment plan, by the  Nolson Ba_saar, Malone & Tiegillus block.  Notice of Application for a ' Certificate of Improvements!  b.ioktn Him, Mini imi. C'JjIim, sru'jui:^ ihk  ���Ainsworth Mining I)i\ision or Wl sr  Kuon.Nvt   Disriuci, ami *i ocati p aiioui-  1 WO MILES SOU I'll WhSJ   OK   jilNSAN OK1H, j*i��-  lOI.M.W TIlKAttKAXSAb, U.VITUJ jVNI) UNIOV  MinuhUj Clams,  Take notice that I, It. B. Young, (acting as  agent for E. J. Roberts, freo miner's certi.ic*ite  special No. 681, and Anna C. Buckley, free  minor's certificate No-13. ILW) free miner's cer  tifleate No. B. 13,-116, intend, sKty days from the  date hereof, to apply to the mining recoidcr for  a certificate ot improvement-*, for the pm pose o  obtaining a crov.ii grant ot the above okmii.  Apd firlhcr take notice that action, wider sec  tion 37, must be commenced bolore tho issuance  of such certificate of impiovomont-_.  Dated this 24tli day of Acril, A. Th, IflOG.  K. E. YOUNG, P.L.S.  NELSON   LABOBERS'   UNION.  At the icgulai meeting of the Nelson laborers'  Protective Union, held on Monday evening, May  7th. it was decided to lca\ e tho initiation foe for  mcmboi s at ono dollar foi another thirty days.  The tcamstcrn, brickjaid iaboins and mill wen  of the city are respectfully invited to affiliate  wilh the union, P. C. SHACKLETON,  Secretary.  Refrigerators  Prices from $10 to $30  LAWRENCE HARDWARE COMPANY  KIRKPATRICK  &  WILSON.  . ���^-���_-_-Si-'_-_T,"!g"g;-i_-i_-'_f-'ff'-  .fe>'^^^"^,^:^-^:���,��f-'*f:5,-'2"-  \ti   185 Baker Street.  xti  iti  Ui  iti  iti  Ui  xti  iti  iti  Hi  Hi  Hi  iti  '-^'^l_mt_-mi'^_m_i-mmi'^__l'^A''S_i'^-1  ���0-0-0'0>-0^^Z9-0-0-0-0-^.^  Telephone 10.   iti  iti  xti  place of business  to the old Bufris  Hotel, where we  xti  Xti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  xti  xti  Ui  xti  We have removed our  for the next few months  shop; next to the Nelson  hope to see all our old customers and many   iti  new ones.   Give us a call. $  xti    iti  iti  Ui  iti  iti  iti  KIRKPATRICK & WILSON  Telephone 10  185 Baker Street  ^���S>��3>-a'-*a[',aa''S''i_tL'_S''S''i_2'i_8l''-a 0-0-m'-m!.&.0'& ���&���<*���& >a_*-'*��*ik_^  ���*^-*9-0'0-9-0.0'^9:0_^-0'rm''rS ���?.*S'--8.-*15;-*Sr'^.'*^����5:-*t-**5-"st����^'  W  m  m^mm^  $��mmmmmmmm  m  Some Plain Facts  About Clothing  NOTICE.  All persons ure hereby notified that Charles A.  Prosser is np lonter connected with the Waverley Hotel Company, and has no authority to con-  ti act any indebtedness or collect any monies on  their behalf,  WAVERUCY HOTEL COMPANY.  We've Planned  ���^wTMMi^-rawiwMWtwMiBBiiL uut 11���g_w_.   \b. \ii_m*\iw__^r*iMinn\mimimMiwwvm0mK_ma_��___wi^minmMnimm'__we__-_wi_-m__m  For big selling- this week in Hosiery, Corsets and Underwear.    Some of the many gfood values to be had from us are:  Hosiery  Fast Black Cotton Hose, German Dyed, sizes 8.], 9, dh���S pairs for 50c  Ilcrmsdorf Fast Flac-k Cotton Hose in Ladies' and Children's, sizes 4 to Th  ���Our prices this week 20e.   Sizes 8 to Oi���Our price this week 25c.  LLsle Thread Hose���Special value at 50e.  No. 300 Corset���O'Reilly's Special at 50c.  Surmnorette Corset���See our leader at 75c.  A complete assortment of D & A Corsets at $1, $1.25, $1.50, $2, $2.50, $5.  25 dozen undcrvests, Ladies' and misses��� Your choice at 5c each.  5 dozen cotton vests, fancy trimming���Special at 25c.  5 dozen balbriggan vests���To clear at 75e.  Wc have the Reuben Underwear���See it.  Houston Block, Baker Street  NKLHON-, B.C.  GET YOUR  CHANDELIERS  WIRED FOR  NO MATCHES RfiQUlItED, ALWAYS RFaDY  lectric Supplies  Kooteqay Electric Snpply &  Construction Co.  JOSEPHINE STREET NE.LSON  $6 We are now showing the finest stock of Spring J|  tfjj and Summer Suits in Nelson. There are several jjjjj  ^ points of merit in our Suits., They are all of the g  ffii latest cut and are lined all through with the best ^  ^ linings. They are tailored better than Suits offer- tijjj  || ed elsewhere at much higner prices. The fabrics Jg  tfft are the best in the market. We lead all others ^  for values in ��  - Gents' Furnishings   |  Hats and Caps I  Boots and Shoes      |  We know that our values cannot be equalled by #  any other house in Nelson. We are so sure of j��  this that we will give money back if it cannot be ^  proven. #  T.  We have just received a fresh   consignment  of Christie's famous  Fancy Biscuits and Cream Sodas.  Also McCormick & Company's Jersey Cream Sodas.  P. O. BOX 170.  HOUSTON BLOCK.  Telephone 161.  D. M. Ferry & Company's Seeds.  Fresh Ekw Ucceived Daily  John r\, !rvif]g & Co  Lethbridge Gait Goai  The best value for the money ia the market  for aU purposes.  tkrms cash     W. P. TiKRNK*?, General Agent  Telephone 147,   Office with G. D. Jf. Chx-UUe.  A. EL BARROW, A.M.I.C.E.  _  PROVINCIAL Ji  LAND SURVEYOR  Corner Vlotoria and Kootenaj  P. O, Box BIO. TKLEPS  ' Streets.  .ONE KO, _$


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